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Syringe with disinfecting tip feature

Intracorporeal gas exchange devices, systems and methods

Date/App# patent app List of recent Flush-related patents
 Dynamic branch hints using branches-to-nowhere conditional branch patent thumbnailDynamic branch hints using branches-to-nowhere conditional branch
A processor includes an execution pipeline having one or more execution units to execution the instructions and a branch prediction unit coupled to the execution units. The branch prediction unit includes a branch history table to store prior branch predictions, a branch predictor, in response to a conditional branch instruction, to predict a branch target address of the conditional branch instruction based on the branch history table, and address match logic to compare the predicted branch target address with an address of a next instruction executed immediately following the conditional branch instruction.
 Syringe with disinfecting tip feature patent thumbnailSyringe with disinfecting tip feature
Syringe assemblies comprising a disinfecting reservoir collar to ensure adherence to aseptic techniques for use in flush procedures for vascular access devices (vad's) are described. The syringe assemblies include a plunger rod, a syringe barrel, and a reservoir collar that permits disinfection of a hub of a vad connector upon connection to the reservoir collar.
 Intracorporeal gas exchange devices, systems and methods patent thumbnailIntracorporeal gas exchange devices, systems and methods
A system for intracorporeal gas exchange includes a flexible, rotatable shaft; a plurality of axially spaced agitation mechanisms positioned on the rotatable shaft, such that the rotatable shaft can flex between the axially spaced agitation mechanisms; a plurality of hollow gas permeable fibers adapted to permit diffusion of gas between intracorporeal fluid and an interior of the hollow fibers. The plurality of hollow fibers is positioned radially outward from the agitation mechanisms.
 Antimicrobial flush solutions patent thumbnailAntimicrobial flush solutions
The present invention provides antimicrobial solutions that comprise at least one alcohol, at least one antimicrobial agent and at least one chelator and/or anticoagulant. Also provided are methods for rapidly reducing a microbe or a virus from surfaces including surfaces of indwelling medical devices and organic surfaces such as skin and sutures, and inorganic surfaces such as hospital equipment, pipelines etc..
 Roller hearth furnace and method for heating workpieces patent thumbnailRoller hearth furnace and method for heating workpieces
The invention relates to a roller hearth furnace for heating workpieces, comprising at least one furnace chamber for receiving the workpieces, the chamber having at least two lateral furnace walls. At least one transport roller for transporting the workpieces through the furnace chamber is arranged inside the furnace chamber, and each of the furnace walls has at least one opening through which the transport roller can be guided.
 Automatic speed bump patent thumbnailAutomatic speed bump
The automatic speed bump is installed in a roadway to discourage motor vehicle travel at excessive speeds. The device includes a box-like structure set into the surface, the box having upper edges flush with the surface.
 Device for adjusting the circumference of smaller cups to rest in larger patent thumbnailDevice for adjusting the circumference of smaller cups to rest in larger
An adapter device that enables smaller drinking cups to fit within larger drinking cups by adjusting the circumference of the smaller cups at or near the small cup rim. Alternately, a sleeve on the smaller cup sidewall allows it to rest nearly flush inside a larger cup for multi-levels of alcohol consumption.
 Adjustable wall enclosure for electrical devices and the like patent thumbnailAdjustable wall enclosure for electrical devices and the like
Electrical wall outlets for switches, sockets and the like are provided with depth adjustability and the capability of providing a flush mounting to a wall or similar structure. The present invention comprises a relatively standard electric box together with a mesh for plaster which is supported by a frame which is slidably insertable into the box to a selectable depth.
 Process and device for simulated moving bed adsorption and separation with a reduced number of control valves patent thumbnailProcess and device for simulated moving bed adsorption and separation with a reduced number of control valves
The present invention relates to a process for simulated moving bed (smb) adsorption and separation with a reduced number of control valves, comprising separating the feedstocks comprising isomers by smb adsorption, said smb comprising m beds of adsorbent, each of which is equipped with grids, each of the grids being equipped with the materials charging and discharging pipeline of the bed, the materials charged into and discharged from smb at least comprising adsorption feedstocks, desorbent, extract, raffinate and the flushing liquids charged from different beds, wherein the to extract is enriched with the target product; there are at least two streams of said flushing liquid selected from any one of the adsorption feedstock, desorbent, extract and raffinate; there are altogether n streams of materials charged to and discharged from the smb, wherein there are s types of materials having the same composition and flow direction; p sets of on-off valves are used to control n streams of materials is charged to and discharged from the beds of adsorbent, wherein at least one group of materials composed of two streams of materials having the composition and flow direction is controlled by one set of valves, with s≦p<n; in the operating process of the smb, the total amount of the on-off valves used to control the charging and discharging of the materials is p×m. Said method can remarkably reduce the number of the on-off valves used in the operating process of smb..
 Method and system for controlling actuation of flush apparatus patent thumbnailMethod and system for controlling actuation of flush apparatus
A method of controlling actuation of a flush apparatus includes the steps of configuring a control module to actuate the flush apparatus for completing a flushing cycle periodically; and after a given unused time period of the flush apparatus, enabling the control module to enter into a sleep mode to stop an actuation of the flush apparatus. Therefore, during the rush hours, the control module is configured to actuate the flush apparatus frequently and during the off rush hours, the control module is configured to actuate the flush apparatus seldom..
Protecting and purging hearing aid devices
Disclosed are various embodiments for purging various hearing aid devices. An enclosure may be used to encapsulate and/or affix a hearing aid device to the enclosure.
Method for operating at least one precombustion chamber-fired internal combustion engine
The invention relates to a method for operating at least one precombustion chamber-fired internal combustion engine, in particular a stationary gas otto cycle engine, having a pilot chamber and a main combustion chamber associated with the precombustion chamber, wherein a gas mixture is fed to the precombustion chamber as flushing gas, wherein a synthesis gas generated in a fuel reformer and a fuel from a fuel source are fed to the flushing gas and wherein a fuel and at least one further substance stream are fed to the fuel reformer for the reforming process, wherein at least one operating parameter of the at least one internal combustion engine is monitored, wherein in accordance with a change in the at least one operating parameter the chemical composition of the flushing gas is modified by changing the mass stream of the at least one further substance stream.. .
Shock hardened initiator and initiator assembly
Embodiments of an initiator support assembly that includes an initiator housing including an initiator cavity system are generally described herein. In some embodiments, a bridge substrate is positioned within the initiator cavity.
Flush control apparatus, flush control method and cache memory apparatus
A flush control apparatus 11 includes: a tag memory unit 14 capable of associating a tag identifier identifying a tag which associates a plurality of cache lines and tag information representing whether or not the tag is valid; a line memory unit 15, a way specification unit 12 and a flush unit 13 which directs to flush the way specified by the way specification unit 12.. .
Selective warm up and wind down strategies in a content delivery framework
Services in a content delivery framework include selective warm-up and wind-down strategies. The warm up strategies include (i) obtaining and preloading a global configuration object; (ii) obtaining and preloading at least some customer data; and (iii) pre-fetching content.
Clot detection based on signal-time history diagnostics
The present disclosure provides a sensor system that includes a blood access device, a flow controller, and an analyte sensor. The system is configured to flush or draw a volume of fluid through the blood access device at least once; determine a signal-time history corresponding to signals received from the sensor; determine a duration of a portion of the signal-time history; determine whether the duration is greater than a predetermined threshold value; and detect the occlusion in the blood access device when the duration is greater than the predetermined threshold value..
A connector includes a flat shaped flexible wiring and a slider having a terminal insert part and an attaching face. A terminal formed in the flat shaped flexible wiring is connected to a mating terminal of a mating connector at the terminal insert part.
Driving substrate and display device
A driving substrate includes: a protective layer including an etching surface; and a film layer including one or more convex portions on a surface thereof. The film layer is in contact with a rear surface of the protective layer.
Dialysis like therapeutic (dlt) device
A dialysis like therapeutic (dlt) device is provided. The dlt device includes at least one source channel connected at least one collection channels by one or more transfer channels.
Periodontal treatment system and method
The specification discloses embodiments and other information concerning methods, systems, and apparatus in accordance with aspects of the subject invention for treating diseased root canals in teeth and other dental condition, such as periodontitis and the like wherein a laser light is pulsed from a laser fiber optic tip into liquid contained in a reservoir or other space within the canal, periodontal sulcus/pocket, or other dental space immersing the area in need of treatment so as to disintegrate, separate, or otherwise neutralize pulp, plaque, calculus, bacteria, and other microbes, thus annihilating and particleizing undesirable material within the liquid in the reservoir by the action of relatively intense, photoacoustic micro-pressure waves propagating throughout the liquid as a result of the laser light pulses emitted into the liquid from the tip, thereby enabling easy removal of the particles by finely dispersing the same in the liquid and then flushing the particle-laden liquid from the area by hydraulic swirling actions associated with the pulsing light and through ensuing antiseptic rinses, all without elevating the temperature of nearby dentin, tooth, bones, gums, and/or other soft/hard adjacent tissues more than about 5° c. So as to avoid or eliminate harmful effects of localized heating of the same..
Cyclonic debris evacuation apparatus and method for a pump
A method for removing a buildup of solid impurities on a barrel using a cyclonic debris evacuation assembly, the method comprising: capturing solid impurities between a cup component of said cyclonic debris evacuation assembly and the barrel in a groove positioned below the cup component; directing the solid impurities in the groove into at least one port; and flushing away the solid impurities.. .
Variable configuration shelving apparatus and methods
A variable configuration shelving apparatus including shelf-supporting reversible beams. In one position, beam top edges are flush with a shelf thereon.
Saturation limited feeder for chemical additions
A chemical feed method and apparatus that uses the solubility limit of a specific chemical to provide a measured dose. The invention includes a container of a specific volume into which a solid chemical is placed and held.
Dewatering system for oil storage tanks
The dewatering system for oil storage tanks includes a dewatering pipe or line extending from the bottom of the oil tank, and a recirculation or return line teed into the dewatering pipe and extending back to the tank. The return line may include multiple branches to the tank, which permit return flow across the bottom of the tank to flush scale, sediment, and/or other residue from the bottom of the tank.
Single-waterway drill bits and systems for using same
Implementations of the present invention include drilling tools having axially-tapered waterways that can increase flushing and bit life, while also decreasing clogging. According to some implementations of the present invention, the drilling tool can have a single notch extending into the cutting face and a plurality of bores extending from the cutting face to an interior space of the drilling tool.
Water drain accelerating device
A water drain accelerating device has a base with a discharge port connected to a flush way assembled inside a water tank. An overflow hole is connected to the discharge port.
System for attaching artificial eyelashes on a tape strip
The present invention relates to artificial eyelashes and, more particularly, to a system and method for attaching, the artificial eyelashes to a tape strip. The system includes an elongated strip having an edge that runs along a length of the elongated strip.
Hideout utility test station and marker
The post system of the present invention is formed from a cap and a base. The cap sits flush with the ground while base system extends into the ground towards the underground hazard.
Condensate management system and methods
A fluid management system for a drain is provided. The fluid management system includes an upstream drainage portion in fluid communication with the drain and a downstream drainage portion; a flushing assembly having an inlet and an outlet, wherein the flushing assembly is in fluid communication with the upstream drainage portion and the downstream drainage portion; a filter assembly disposed with the upstream drainage portion; and a logic panel configured to actuate the flushing assembly between a flushing mode and a standby mode.
Internal combustion engine, in particular a stationary gas engine, comprising a combustion chamber
An internal combustion engine, in particular a stationary gas engine, includes a combustion chamber to which a propellant can be fed from a first propellant source via a combustion chamber pipe, and a pre-combustion chamber to which a flushing gas can be fed via a flushing gas pipe. A flushing gas mixer , in which a propellant to be fed via a propellant pipe from the first propellant source or from a second propellant source, and a synthesis gas to be fed via a synthesis gas pipe, can be mixed is provided.
Tower foundation
A tower foundation (10) has a base slab (11), pillar slabs (12), and a crown stab (13), all of which are made of precast concrete structures. The slabs are all retained in position by steel guide rods (15) that extend upwardly from the base slab.
Method and device for perforating a non-woven fabric by means of hydrodynamic needling
A device (1,3) for perforating a non-woven fabric (22, 26, 28, 34) by means of hydrodynamic needling is proposed, having a first carrier element (12, 40) with a carrier surface (14, 42), wherein the first carrier surface (14, 42) has first elevations and first perforations (4, 4′, 4″) as drainage openings and wherein the non-woven fabric (22, 26, 28, 34) for processing can be placed on the first carrier surface (14, 42) having at least a first nozzle bar (24, 24′, 36, 36′) comprising openings, wherein fibres of the non-woven fabric (22, 26, 28, 34) arranged on the first carrier surface (14, 42) which are arranged on the first elevations of the first carrier surface (14, 42) can be flushed down from the elevations by means of liquid (3) emerging under high pressure from the openings of the first nozzle bar (24, 24′, 36, 36′), such that perforations (4, 4′, 4″) are created in the non-woven fabric (22, 26, 28, 34), and wherein a second carrier element (14, 42) is provided, having second elevations and second perforations (4, 4′, 4″) as drainage openings, wherein the elevations of the second carrier element (12, 40) are spaced in relation to each other and the non-woven fabric (22, 26, 28, 34) provided with the perforations (4, 4′, 4″) can be positioned on the second carrier element (12, 40) such that the elevations of the second carrier element (12, 40) protrude into the perforations (4, 4′, 4″) of the non-woven fabric (22, 26, 28, 34) arranged on the second carrier element (12, 40), wherein at least a second nozzle bar (24, 24′, 36, 36′) is provided by means of which the non-woven fabric (22, 26, 28, 34) is subjected to a liquid (30) emerging under high pressure from the openings of the second nozzle bar (24, 24′, 36, 36′).. .
Flush toilet bowl
A flush toilet bowl capable of satisfactorily cleaning a toilet during a power failure is provided. The flush toilet bowl includes: a toilet bowl main body (10) that includes a bowl (11); a toilet bowl device (30) that is attached to the toilet bowl main body (10) including a human body detection sensor (32a), a local cleaning device (31), a heated toilet seat (21), or the like and is driven using a commercial power source (p) as a power source; and a toilet bowl cleaning device (50) that is driven using a battery (55) as a power source and supplies cleaning water to the bowl (11)..
Cistern assembly
The current invention is directed to a cistern assembly for a flush toilet where the cistern assembly includes a cistern housing including a cistern lid and a cistern base, a cistern member pivotally attached within the cistern housing, and an actuator means associated with the cistern member to pivot the cistern member relative to the cistern housing to discharge the stored water. The cistern member has a base wall that forms a chamber to store the water and a passageway to discharge the water from the chamber, the passageway has an internal inlet and a cistern outlet and is shaped to siphon water through the passageway.
Method of using a buffer within an indexing accelerator during periods of inactivity
A method of using a buffer within an indexing accelerator during periods of inactivity, comprising flushing indexing specific data located in the buffer, disabling a controller within the indexing accelerator, handing control of the buffer over to a higher level cache, and selecting one of a number of operation modes of the buffer. An indexing accelerator, comprising a controller and a buffer communicatively coupled to the controller, in which, during periods of inactivity, the controller is disabled and a buffer operating mode among a number of operating modes is chosen under which the buffer will be used..
Apparatus and method for replacing a diseased cardiac valve
An apparatus for replacing a diseased cardiac valve is movable from a radially collapsed configuration to a radially expanded configuration. The apparatus comprises an expandable support member and a prosthetic valve secured therein.
Urostomy drainage appliance
A urostomy drainage appliance is an apparatus that improves upon existing urostomy bag systems. The urostomy drainage appliance accomplishes this through the user of a convex drainage appliance that directs the flow of excreted urine through a set of a drainage stems.
Marketing n-methylserotonin and related substances for use in treating/ lessening the occurrence of hot flashes related to menopause
Zanthoxylum piperitum (commonly known as japanese pepper) seeds, including its mature seeds, contain the nms precursor n-methylserotonin s-o-6-glucoside (“nms-glucoside”) present in sufficient concentration and are metabolized with sufficient efficiency so as to provide an effective amount of nms for use in amelioration of menopausal symptoms, including hot flashes/flushes. The japanese pepper seeds or japanese pepper seed extracts can also be used to enrich other sources of nms or nms precursors in order to provide a nutraceutical or food supplement for controlling hot flashes.
Thermally activated mattress cover and display
A thermally activated display with a temperature management feature and a cover comprising a thermochromic material generally changes from a first color to a second color. The temperature management feature can be a mattress and has a top surface.
Deployable camera systems
A deployable camera system for a vehicle includes a body defining a cavity therein, and a camera including a housing having an exterior surface. The camera is reversibly transitionable between a stowed position in which the camera is recessed into the cavity and the exterior surface is substantially flush with the body, and a deployed position wherein the camera protrudes from the cavity and the exterior surface is not substantially flush with the body.
Spark plug having firing pad
A spark plug has a shell, an insulator, a center electrode, a ground electrode, and a firing pad. The firing pad is made of a precious metal material and is attached to the ground electrode.
Boom mountable robotic arm
A boom mountable robotic arm for includes a beam pivotally mounted on a boom mounting adaptor, at least two electrically insulated support posts mounted to and spaced apart along the beam, and at least a first rotation coupling and a plurality of second rotation couplings. The first rotation coupling provides pivotal mounting of the beam on the boom mounting adaptor so as to provide selectively controllable rotation of the beam in a substantially vertical plane.
Self-contained, pv-powered domestic toilet and wastewater treatment system
A wastewater treatment system and method for remediating wastewater and human waste that is self-contained and that has no connection to a municipal wastewater system and no connection to an electrical grid. The domestic toilet and wastewater treatment system can be powered by a photovoltaic panel as a source of electricity.
Touch panel support
A touch panel support which has a full flat surface and an outstanding operability is provided. The touch panel support includes a touch panel assembly and a case assembly for supporting the touch panel assembly.
Self-cleaning drain for food preparation apparatus
A drain system for a food preparation machine includes a preparation area drain tray; a rinsing station including a water source; a water collection tray disposed below the rinsing station so as to collect water supplied from the water source; and, a passage from the rinsing station to the preparation area drain tray directing water to flush the preparation area drain tray with water supplied from the water source.. .
Device for pivoting a rotor of a turbomachine from a first position into a second position
A device for pivoting a rotor of a turbomachine from a first—preferably horizontal—position into a second—preferably vertical—position is provided. The rotor includes a plurality of rotor discs held together by at least one tension rod, the device includes two sidewall elements arranged parallel to one another, a bridge element connecting the sidewall elements to one another, and a divisible turning ring for form-fittingly holding an axial section of the rotor to be positioned perpendicularly.
Toilets with improved removability for passenger transport vehicles
Embodiments described herein relate to quick release toilet concepts, which can be useful particularly on-board aircraft and other passenger transport vehicles. Further specific embodiments relate to a quick release rinse valve, a quick release flush valve, an integrated rinse ring, a replaceable toilet bowl, an integrated anti-siphon/rinse valve, and improved flush valve performance..
Automatic flushing system for toilet and electronic bidet having the same
An automatic flushing system for toilet and an electronic bidet toilet having the same are disclosed. The automatic flushing system for toilet has as overflow passage connecting an overflow port of a tank or a vacuum breaker to a toilet bowl.
System and method for efficient paravirtualized os process switching
The exemplary embodiments described herein relate to systems and methods for improved process switching of a paravirtualized guest with a software-based memory management unit (“mmu”). One embodiment relates to a non-transitory computer readable storage medium including a set of instructions executable by a processor, the set of instructions, when executed, resulting in a performance of the following: create a plurality of new processes for each of a plurality of virtual environments, each of the virtual environments assigned one of a plurality of address space identifiers (“asids”) stored in a cache memory, perform a process switch to one of the virtual environments thereby designating the one of the virtual environments as the active virtual environment, determine whether the active virtual environment has exhausted each of the asids, and flush a cache memory when it is determined that the active virtual environment has exhausted each of the asids..
Techniques for achieving crash consistency when performing write-behind caching using a flash storage-based cache
Techniques for achieving crash consistency when performing write-behind caching using a flash storage-based cache are provided. In one embodiment, a computer system receives from a virtual machine a write request that includes data to be written to a virtual disk and caches the data in a flash storage-based cache.
Suction and irrigation apparatus with anti-clogging capability
A handheld tool for providing irrigation and/or suction is provided. In certain embodiments, the tool has a single cannula for providing both suction and irrigation, while in others there are separate suction and irrigation cannulas.
Systems and methods for shunting fluid
Systems and methods are provided herein that generally involve shunting fluid, e.g., shunting cerebrospinal fluid in the treatment of hydrocephalus. Self-cleaning catheters are provided which include split tips configured such that pulsatile flow of fluid in a cavity in which the catheter is inserted can cause the tips to strike one another and thereby clear obstructions.
Single layer bga substrate process
The present disclosure provides semiconductor packaging techniques that form a substrate using metal and insulating materials. The substrate includes a first surface that is bonded to a semiconductor device and a second surface that is bonded to a printed circuit board.
Lens unit and method for manufacturing the same
A holding frame of a lens unit has a frame main body of a cylindrical shape, which corresponds to the shapes of lenses. A protruding part is provided at a front end of the frame main body.
Printing device and printing method
A printing device include a control section that causes the head to execute an ejection operation of forming an image forming dot for printing an image designated as a print target and a flushing dot other than the image forming dot on a printing medium, wherein the control section has an acquiring unit that acquires a prescribed parameter in printing conditions for forming the image forming dot on the printing medium, a determining unit that determines a margin area in which the flushing dot is not formed in an end portion of the printing medium based on the prescribed parameter, and an executing unit that executes the ejection operation so as not to form the flushing dot in the margin area on the printing medium.. .

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