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Universal medical gas delivery system

Method of separating excess lens forming material from a molded ophthalmic lens, in particular a contact lens

Date/App# patent app List of recent Flush-related patents
 Consistent bookmark patent thumbnailConsistent bookmark
A request to generate a snapshot of the master file system for replication is received. The master file system is frozen and a freeze callback function is invoked to generate a consistent point in time.
 Universal medical gas delivery system patent thumbnailUniversal medical gas delivery system
A first source of medical gas has a generally cylindrical male outlet with a cylindrical bore and a threaded outer cylindrical surface. A flexible cylindrical elastomeric medical gas tubing has an input end with a bushing making a flush abutment with the male outlet at the output orifice.
 Physical therapy device and methods for use thereof patent thumbnailPhysical therapy device and methods for use thereof
The present application relates to a physical therapy device to strengthen and prevent atrophy in muscles for use while seated in a chair or a wheelchair or while lying in a bed. The physical therapy device includes a back rest; right and left upper arm rests coupled to the back rest by a first connector; and right and left lower arm rests coupled to the right and left upper arm rests, respectively, by a second connector.
 Method of separating excess lens forming material from a molded ophthalmic lens, in particular a contact lens patent thumbnailMethod of separating excess lens forming material from a molded ophthalmic lens, in particular a contact lens
There is described a method of separating excess lens forming material from a molded ophthalmic lens, in particular a contact lens. After polymerization and/or cross-linking of a lens forming material (p) within a mold cavity (4) of a mold (1) comprising female and male mold halves (2, 3) to form an ophthalmic lens non-polymerized and/or non-cross-linked lens forming material is flushed away from the mold halves (2, 3) with a jet of a fluid flushing medium, such as, e.g., water or a solvent or an inert gas.
 Diaphragm pump with muffler-mounted sensor patent thumbnailDiaphragm pump with muffler-mounted sensor
Illustrative embodiments of diaphragm pumps including a muffler-mounted sensor are disclosed. In one illustrative embodiment, a diaphragm pump includes a shaft coupled to at least one diaphragm, an exhaust chamber configured to receive a motive fluid that has driven reciprocation of the at least one diaphragm and the shaft, a muffler disposed at least partially within the exhaust chamber, the muffler having a sensor mounting chamber defined therein, and a proximity sensor disposed in the sensor mounting chamber, a sensing end of the proximity sensor being flush with an end of the sensor mounting chamber nearest the shaft..
 Bolt-hole cap for bolt hole in linear rail patent thumbnailBolt-hole cap for bolt hole in linear rail
A bolt-hole cap for sealing the bolt hole of a rail includes a top face and a bottom face from which multiple protrusions extend. Each protrusion extends radially from inner portion toward outer portion of the bolt-hole cap.
 Magnetic drive apparatus patent thumbnailMagnetic drive apparatus
A primary disc and the secondary discs are each fitted with magnetic means, typically in the form of permanent magnets of the same polarity, located along a radial line from the centre point of the discs, and arranged generally transverse to the axis of rotation of the respective disc. These magnets are also located at or adjacent to the periphery of the disc(s).
 Apparatus and method for controlling a greenhouse environment patent thumbnailApparatus and method for controlling a greenhouse environment
Apparatus for controlling an environment in a green-house, the apparatus comprising: first and second heat exchangers, each comprising a radiator and a fan system for driving air through the radiator; a first refrigerant circulation system that circulates a refrigerant fluid between and through the radiators; a heater controllable to heat the refrigerant; a controller that controls the apparatus to operate selectively in a maintenance mode or a flush mode, wherein in the maintenance mode the heater heats the refrigerant and the first and second fan systems drive air from outside to inside the greenhouse and through the radiators to acquire heat from the refrigerant, and in the flush mode the first fan system vents air from inside to outside the greenhouse through its respective radiator to deposit heat in the refrigerant and the second fan system drives air from outside to inside the greenhouse and through its respective radiator to acquire the heat deposited in the refrigerant.. .
 Reductant aqueous solution mixing device and exhaust aftertreatment device provided with the same patent thumbnailReductant aqueous solution mixing device and exhaust aftertreatment device provided with the same
A mixing device includes: an elbow pipe attached to an outlet pipe of a filter device; a straight pipe connected to a downstream side of the elbow pipe; and an injector attached to the elbow pipe and injecting a reductant aqueous solution into an inside of the elbow pipe toward the straight pipe. The elbow pipe is provided with an injector attachment to which the injector is attached with a bolt.
 Method for preparing a ready-to-eat food tray patent thumbnailMethod for preparing a ready-to-eat food tray
A method for preparing a sterilised ready-meal package, including providing a main container defining a main volume intended to accommodate a main food product, and having a first opening at the upper part surrounded by a first planar edge. At least one secondary container defining a secondary volume is included and has a second opening at the upper part surrounded by a second planar edge.
Apparatus and method for mounting covers and devices co-planar with walls and other building surfaces
A flush-mount wall plate system for mounting in a building surface includes a wall flange extrusion assembly with a mounting flange portion and an extrusion member portion. The extrusion member portion has a frame defining an aperture, with a front edge of the frame extending away from a front surface of the mounting flange portion by a pre-determined distance.
Grade level enclosure conversion assembly
A grade level enclosure conversion assembly adapted for converting a pedestal housing between a flush-to-grade and an above-ground pedestal installation. The base of the pedestal housing carries a plug removably mounted to a swing-arm in the grade level enclosure.
Accelerated cache rinse when preparing a power state transition
Methods, integrated circuit devices, and fabrication processes relating to power management transitions of a compute unit comprising a cache are presented. One method includes, responsive to an indication that the compute unit is attempting to enter a low power state, detecting at least one line of the cache differing from the corresponding line in memory, writing differing data from the at least one differing line to the memory, flushing at least one remaining differing line of the cache, and permitting the compute unit to enter the low power state, wherein the detecting and the writing are performed at a first frequency prior to the indication and at a second frequency subsequent the indication, and the second frequency is higher than the first frequency..
Flush engine
Techniques are disclosed related to flushing one or more data caches. In one embodiment an apparatus includes a processing element, a first cache associated with the processing element, and a circuit configured to copy modified data from the first cache to a second cache in response to determining an activity level of the processing element.
Instantaneous save/restore of virtual machines with persistent memory
A computer implemented method creates a snapshot of a logical volume of a computer. The computer stores a system state of the computer in persistent memory.
Instantaneous save/restore of virtual machines with persistent memory
A computer implemented method creates a snapshot of a logical volume of a computer. The computer stores a system state of the computer in persistent memory.
Persistent memory management
Apparatuses, systems, methods, and computer program products are disclosed for persistent memory management. Persistent memory management may include providing a persistent data structure stored at least partially in volatile memory configured to ensure persistence of the data structure in a non-volatile memory medium.
System and method for determining flushing frequency for dead end mains
A system for determining a flushing frequency of a dead end main includes a user terminal in communication with a server. The server further includes memory and a processor in communication with the memory.
Battery module
A battery module includes: battery blocks which are connected to each other and each of which includes cells. Each of the cells has an opening through which a gas generated in the cell is released to an outside.
Heat sealed remanufactured toner cartridge
A remanufactured toner cartridge includes a wall defining a fill hole that is used to refill the cartridge with toner. A patch covers the fill hole, and a heat activated adhesive non-removably attaches the patch to the wall.
System for efficient recovery of node-b buffered data following mac layer reset
A method and system for the ue and rnc to reduce transmission latency and potentially prevent loss of pdus upon a mac-hs layer reset. The rnc generates a radio resource control (rrc) message with a mac-hs reset indication.
System and method for providing fast and efficient flushing of a forwarding database in a network processor
Aspects of the disclosure pertain to a system and method for providing fast and efficient flushing of a forwarding database in a network processor. The present disclosure provides a deterministic mechanism to implement a flush operation for flushing the forwarding database.
Local interconnect structure and fabrication method
Local interconnect structures and fabrication methods are provided. A dielectric layer can be formed on a semiconductor substrate.
Combination baking sheet and cooling rack
A device will incorporate a baking sheet with an attached cooling rack. The user places the cooling rack onto the provided grooves in the baking sheet using the cooling rack's fixed handles, creating a flush surface, before placing food items to be baked onto the baking sheet.
Cleaning device for medical instrument and method of use
A cleaning device for a medical instrument including a flushing chamber, the flushing chamber having a lumen sized and configured to accept a distal end portion of the medical instrument during a cleaning process. The flushing chamber has an inlet port and an outlet port.
Drain pipe cleaning deivce and method
A drain cleaner for cleaning entangled obstructions such as a clog from a drain pipe such as a sink, tub or shower. A rod extending into the drain pipe is formed of a material which is either metal or plastic but stiff enough that it will not buckle but flexible enough to bend around curves.
Hydraulic circuit, and combination valve used in same hydraulic circuit
A composite valve is used in a hydraulic circuit. The composite valve is interposed between a stack valve and a hydraulic power supplier and between the stack valve and a multifunction valve coupled to a hydraulic device.
Flushable moist wipe or hygiene tissue and a method for making it
A flushable moist wipe or hygiene tissue including a hydraulically entangled nonwoven material impregnated with a wetting composition is provided. The nonwoven material contains at least 70%, by fibre weight, pulp fibres and at least 5%, by fibre weight, poly(lactic acid) fibres having a length between 8 and 20 mm and a fineness between 0.5 and 3 dtex.
Apparatus and method for tracking tlb flushes on a per thread basis
A method is described that includes recognizing that tlb information of one or more hardware threads is to be invalidated. The method also includes determining which ones of the one or more hardware threads are in a state in which tlb information is flushed.
Snap for integration with a garment
The present invention relates generally to a thin, low thickness snap for use, for example, in a heart rate monitor belt. The snap can be integrated or built directly in to a heart rate monitor belt.
Ballistic arrow
A hunting arrow having an arrow shaft with a front end and a back end. The hunting arrow has at least one arrow blade attached to the arrow shaft, and has a closed position and at least one open position.
Invertible sports mound
An invertible mound assembly for a game field, to convert the game field between activities such as baseball that require a raised mound and other activities such as soccer or football that require a continuous flat field surface. An invertible mound body having a raised surface on one side and a flat surface on the other is supported on a base structure in a recess in the game field.
Flush joint pipe
A pipe has a tubular body with a male end and a female end. The male end has an external surface with a first engagement groove.
Display device
A display device according to this technique includes a slanting surface provided at a lower section of a housing accommodating a display panel and slanted in a depth direction; a receiving light guide member located at the slanting surface and having an incident surface exposed from a front surface of the housing, an emitting surface for emitting light to a light receiving sensor, and a reflective surface provided between the incident surface and the emitting surface; and an emitting light guide member, located at the slanting surface and having a front emitting surface slanted so as to be substantially flush with the slanting surface, for guiding light from a light emitting diode to the front surface of the housing.. .
Display panel and display panel manufacturing method
A display panel comprises a first substrate, a second substrate arranged opposite the first substrate, electroluminescence elements disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate, and a sealing member provided between the first substrate and the second substrate, sealing the electroluminescence elements. The sealing member includes a rectangular frame formed along a perimeter of the electroluminescence elements and a reinforced portion protruding outward from a corner portion of the rectangular frame, the reinforced portion includes a first side face cut so as to be flush with at least one corner side face of the first substrate, and a second side face cut so as to be flush with a corresponding corner side face of the second substrate..
Flush joint pipe
A pipe has a tubular body with a male end and a female end. The male end has an external surface with a first engagement groove.
Semiconductor device including passivation layer encapsulant
A method of fabricating a semiconductor device includes forming a passivation layer on a least one capping layer of the semiconductor device, and forming an encapsulant layer on the passivation layer. The method further includes patterning the encapsulant layer to expose a portion of the passivation layer and forming a final via opening in the passivation layer.
Valve actuator device, in particular for a heating or cooling system valve
A valve actuator device (1) is shown, in particular for a heating or cooling system valve (2), said device (1) comprising a motor (10) and control means (11), said motor (10) driving actuating means (8) provided for actuating a valve element (6), said control means (11) comprising presetting means (14) for performing a presetting function. The operation possibilities of such a valve actuator device should be increased.
Roof rack leg
A leg is described to attach a roof rack crossbar to a vehicle rail. The leg is particularly suited to fitting a roof rack to a flush rail on a vehicle although may be used on other rail types.
Flush joint pipe
A pipe has a tubular body with a male end and a female end. The male end has an external surface with a first engagement groove.
Condensate management system and methods
A drainage system for a drain is provided. The drainage system includes a fluid flow path between the inlet and the outlet; a flushing system disposed with the fluid flow path; and a reservoir.
Flushing tool and method of flushing perforated tubing
A flushing tool for a perforated tubing in a production tubing string is described. The flushing tool includes a chamber that is sealed at a pressure at or below atmospheric pressure when the flushing tool is in its sealed configuration, the chamber arranged to receive wellbore fluids when the flushing tool is in its activated configuration.
Method of monitoring wear in a diaphragm valve using pressure detection
A flush valve for a waste water system comprises a valve including a fluid inlet, a fluid outlet and a main valve element adapted for movement to allow fluid flow between the fluid inlet and the fluid outlet based on a pressure differential across a portion of the main valve element. The valve also includes a vent system comprising a control chamber in flow communication with the fluid inlet of the valve and a vent outlet in flow communication with the fluid outlet of the valve, and a solenoid for venting fluid venting fluid from the control chamber to the fluid outlet.
Novel enclosures for automatic bathroom flushers
A bathroom flusher includes a flusher body, a valve assembly, an electronic control system, and a flusher cover. The flusher body includes an inlet and an outlet, and is designed to accommodate the valve assembly that controls water flow between the inlet and the outlet.
Authenticating using cloud authentication
An authentication mechanism in a local area network may use a cloud authentication mechanism to allow or deny authentication requests. A user may gain access within a local area network by entering a cloud identification and password, which may be verified by a cloud authentication mechanism.
Supporting runtime d3 and buffer flush and fill for a peripheral component interconnect device
Particular embodiments described herein provide for an apparatus that includes a means for determining a power state for a device connected to a system, a means for determining that the device should change power states, and means for sending a signal to the device to put the device in a d3-cold state while the system is a go/so state. In an embodiment, the device is a peripheral component interconnect (pci) device.
Dynamic write port re-arbitration
Within a processing pipeline 14, issue control circuitry 12 serves to arbitrate write port availability when floating point multiplication instructions are issued into a floating point pipeline 14. If not operating in a flush-to-zero mode, then depending upon the output operands generated denormal handling may or may not be required.
Priority-based garbage collection for data storage systems
Priority-based garbage collection utilizes attributes of data stored in the non-volatile memory array in order to improve efficiency of garbage collection and of the overall data storage system. A set of low priority data can be selectively evicted from a non-volatile memory array.
Method and system for shutting down active core based caches
A system and method are presented. Some embodiments include a processing unit, at least one memory coupled to the processing unit, and at least one cache coupled to the processing unit and divided into a series of blocks, wherein at least one of the series of cache blocks includes data identified as being in a modified state.
System, method and computer-readable medium for spool cache management
A system, method, and computer-readable medium that facilitate efficient use of cache memory in a massively parallel processing system are provided. A residency time of a data block to be stored in cache memory or a disk drive is estimated.
Synchronous management of disk flush requests
In a process for migrating a virtual machine's storage from a source disk to a destination disk, a virtual machine monitor (vmm) records a source-generation count representing contents on the source disk, a writes-mirrored value representing a number of writes replicated from the source disk to the destination disk at a time contents of the disks were equal, a flush-request value representing the source-generation count at a time a flush is requested by a guest operating system of the virtual machine, and a writes-flushed value representing the writes-mirrored value at a time of a last flush of the destination disk. Upon identification of a steady state, the vmm sets the writes-mirrored value to the recorded source-generation count.
Method and apparatus to implement lazy flush in a virtually tagged cache memory
A processor includes a processor core including an execution unit to execute instructions, and a cache memory. The cache memory includes a controller to update each of a plurality of stale indicators in response to a lazy flush instruction.
Lightweight synchronization of mirrored disks
In a process for migrating a virtual machine's storage from a source disk to a destination disk, during a steady state (i.e., wherein the contents of the virtual machine stored on the source disk and the destination disk are equal), a virtual machine monitor receives a set of write requests from a guest operating system (“guest”) of the virtual machine, provides confirmation of the completion of the set of writes to the source disk, and asynchronously replicates the set of write requests to the destination disk. Upon receipt of a flush request from the guest, the virtual machine monitor confirms completion of the flushing of the destination disk following replication of the write requests to the destination disk.
Multi-lumen central access vena cava filter apparatus and method of using same
A combined multi-lumen central access catheter and an embolic filter including ports proximal and distal the filter for fluid infusion and/or pressure sensing and infusion ports in the catheter to permit infusion of bioactive agents, flushing agents and/or contrast agents. The embolic filter may be removably coupled to the multi-lumen catheter for temporary placement and retrieval under recommended indications..
Systems and methods for flushing an assessment catheter
Devices systems and methods are disclosed for removing secretions from the lumen of a functional assessment catheter for the lungs. The system comprises a flushing unit configured to deliver a clearing fluid to the lumen of the pulmonary catheter to remove debris, secretions, or moisture from the lumen or sensors..
System and method for flush-triggered imaging
The invention generally relates to intravascular imaging and methods of improved image quality by triggering image operations with a vessel flush. The invention provides systems and methods for intravascular imaging in which a flush such as the influx of clear saline or radiopaque dye triggers the imaging operation.
Soft enclosing membrane for camera
An imaging device can include: an imaging module; a lens associated with the imaging module; and an optically transmissive inflatable member surrounding the lens. The inflation tube can be fluidly coupled with the inflatable member.

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