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Fluidically patents


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 Exposure apparatus and device fabrication method patent thumbnailExposure apparatus and device fabrication method
An exposure apparatus includes a projection system, a liquid supply system having a supply opening via which liquid is supplied to a space under the projection system, a liquid recovery system having a recovery opening via which the supplied liquid is collected, a supply flow meter fluidically connected to the supply opening, a stage system having a movable stage apparatus on which a substrate is held, and a measurement system which measures a wavefront aberration and has a light receiving part which receives a light from the projection system through a light-transmissive member provided at the movable stage apparatus and the liquid between the projection system and the light-transmissive member. A liquid immersion area, through which the substrate is exposed, is formed on a portion of an upper surface of the substrate while performing liquid supply via the supply opening and liquid collection via the recovery opening..
Nikon Corporation

 Air cycle machine compressor housing patent thumbnailAir cycle machine compressor housing
An air cycle machine (acm) compressor housing includes a body including an exterior surface and an interior portion. An inlet is integrally formed with the body.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

 Device for detachable fastening of a drying agent cartridge to a housing section of a compressed-air treatment installation of a vehicle patent thumbnailDevice for detachable fastening of a drying agent cartridge to a housing section of a compressed-air treatment installation of a vehicle
A device is provided for detachably fastening a drying agent cartridge to a housing section of a compressed-air treatment installation of a vehicle. The drying agent cartridge has a cartridge housing with a cover and a carrier element, which, in an installed position, is detachably fastened to the housing section.
Man Truck & Bus Ag

 Chromatography systems and methods using them patent thumbnailChromatography systems and methods using them
Certain embodiments described herein are directed to chromatography systems that include a microfluidic device. The microfluidic device can be fluidically coupled to a switching valve to provide for selective control of fluid flow in the chromatography system.
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

 Led module with liquid cooled reflector patent thumbnailLed module with liquid cooled reflector
A light emitting diode (led) module includes a first end cap, a second end cap and a reflector portion. The reflector portion extends longitudinally between the first end cap and the second end cap.
Air Motion Systems, Inc.

 Camshaft adjusting device patent thumbnailCamshaft adjusting device
A camshaft adjusting device, wherein said camshaft adjusting device has a lubricant supply unit, wherein the lubricant supply unit has a filter device for filtering the lubricant, wherein the filter device has at least one lubricant inlet, at least one lubricant outlet and at least one filter path, wherein the lubricant inlet and the lubricant outlet are fluidically connected to each other by way of the filter path, and wherein an output shaft of the camshaft adjusting device has two wall sections, wherein the at least one filter path is configured in a filter volume between the two wall sections, and wherein the lubricant inlet is at a smaller distance from the axis of rotation than the lubricant outlet, and the filter path extends at least in sections in the radial direction with respect to the axis of rotation.. .
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

 Cleaning and/or disinfecting device patent thumbnailCleaning and/or disinfecting device
A device for cleaning and/or disinfecting medical equipment. The device including: a storage container in which a liquid cleaning agent is provided; a metering pump coupled fluidically to the storage container, wherein the metering pump is configured for delivering cleaning agent from the storage container to provide cleaning and/or rinsing liquid for cleaning and/or disinfecting the medical equipment; and a calibrating device is fluidically coupled to the metering pump, the calibrating device comprises a measuring column, wherein the measuring column provides a calibration volume for calibrating a delivery rate of the metering pump..
Olympus Winter & Ibe Gmbh

 Flange for connecting a vibration damper tube to a module tube of a vibration damper patent thumbnailFlange for connecting a vibration damper tube to a module tube of a vibration damper
A flange for connecting a vibration damper tube to a module tube of a vibration damper may include one or more fluid ducts, by which the module tube is fluidically coupled to the vibration damper tube. The flange may further include a plastic body in which the fluid duct for the fluidic coupling is formed and wherein connection elements are provided that extend between the vibration damper tube and the module tube.
Thyssenkrupp Ag

 Microfluidic devices,  sample preparation and analysis patent thumbnailMicrofluidic devices, sample preparation and analysis
The present disclosure provides microfluidic devices, systems and methods for sample preparation and/or analysis. A microfluidic device can include a first channel having a sequence of (n) chambers each having a first volume (v).
Genapsys, Inc.

 Rotatable cartridge with a metering chamber for analyzing a biological sample patent thumbnailRotatable cartridge with a metering chamber for analyzing a biological sample
An automatic analyzer cartridge, spinnable around a rotational axis, has aliquoting and metering chambers, a connecting duct there between, and a vent connected to the metering chamber and nearer to the rotational axis than the metering chamber. The metering chamber has side walls that taper away from a central region.
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

Beverage preparation device and operating method

A beverage preparation device, in particular a coffee maker, comprising at least one water pump for supplying water to a first continuous-flow heater (17), which is embodied for generating hot water, and to a second continuous-flow heater (18), which is also embodied for generating hot water and/or for generating steam, and comprising a control unit for controlling the at least one pump as well as the continuous-flow heaters (17, 18) for realizing different operating modes. According to the invention, provision is made for the first continuous-flow heater (17) to be connected to a first inlet (3) of a manifold valve (21) via a first connecting line (20) and for the second continuous-flow heater (18) to be connected to a second inlet (1) of the same manifold valve (21) via a second connecting line (22), and for the manifold valve (21) to be embodied in such a manner that the first inlet (3) and the second inlet (1) are fluidically connected to separate outlets in a first switch position and that the first inlet (3) as well as the second inlet (1) are fluidically connected to a common outlet in a second switch position..
Eugster/frismag Ag

Mini steam generator for cooking food, modular cooking appliance, and modular food preparation station

A mini steam generator for preparing or cooking various different types of food through means of a steaming process is disclosed. The mini steam generator is compact in size and is fluidically coupled to one or more cooking chambers for preparing or cooking the desired food products.

Pressure transmitter with overpressure protection

A process fluid pressure transmitter is provided. The process fluid pressure transmitter includes a pressure sensor having an electrical characteristic that changes in response to a deformation of the pressure sensor in response to pressure.
Rosemount Inc.

Electromagnet for a hydraulic system

An electromagnetic valve for a hydraulic system for an automatic transmission of a vehicle. An armature chamber is filled with hydraulic medium and fluidically connected to hydraulic lines of the hydraulic system.
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

Electromagnet for a hydraulic system

An electromagnet for a hydraulic system, such as an automatic transmission of a motor vehicle. The electromagnet may include an armature chamber filled with hydraulic medium, which may be fluidically connected to hydraulic lines of the hydraulic system, and may have an armature mounted therein.
Volkswagen Aktiengesellschaft

Exhaust line with a reagent injector

The exhaust line comprises an injection segment including at least one cup having a large upstream face directly sprayed with the exhaust gases and dividing a circulation passage into an upstream space and a downstream space. The injection segment comprises at least one circumferential conduit fluidically connecting the upstream space to the downstream space.
Faurecia Systemes D 'echappement

Camshaft adjusting device

A camshaft adjusting device including—a vane cell adjuster and—a central locking device (26) for locking the rotor (17) with respect to the stator (16), wherein—at least one first valve functional pin (46) is provided in the rotor hub (30), and the working chambers (20, 21, 22, 23) with different directions of action can be fluidically connected to one another via said valve functional pin,—in a first switch position, the first valve functional pin (46) fluidically connects at least two first working chambers (20, 21) with different directions of action to each other via a non-return valve (9, 10) during a movement from the direction “early” or “late” into the central locking position,—in a second switch position, the first valve function pin (46) fluidically separates the at least two first working chambers (20, 21) with different directions of action,—a bridging line (50) is provided for a fluid-free connection of the two first working chambers (20, 21), and—the bridging line (50) can be switched by a valve pin (45).. .
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

Bank for heating element and a heating element comprising such a bank

The invention relates to a tube register (rr) for a heat exchanger (wt), in particular a heating element or cooling element, through which a heat transfer fluid may flow, and which has two distributor lines (1, 2), between which a plurality of connecting tubes (3) extend which fluidically connect the first distributor line, also referred to as the supply distributor (1), to the second distributor line, also referred to as the return distributor (2), the tube register having a linear supply distributor (1) and a linear return distributor (2) running in parallel thereto, between which a plurality of connecting tubes (3), situated in a plane, extend, the first ends (3a) of the connecting tubes (3) in each case being fluidically connected to the supply distributor (1), and the second ends (3b) of the connecting tubes (3) in each case being fluidically connected to the return distributor (2), characterized in that the connecting sites (p1) between the supply distributor (1) and the connecting tubes (3) are situated eccentrically, relative to the center axis (m1) of the supply distributor (1), on the supply distributor (1), and the connecting sites (p2) between the return distributor (2) and the connecting tubes (3) are situated eccentrically, relative to the center axis (m2) of the return distributor (2), on the return distributor (2).. .
Zehnder Group International Ag

Gas delivery devices and associated systems and methods

Systems, devices, and methods for the delivery of gas bubbles to liquids are generally described. The devices can include a primary conduit (102) comprising a plurality of openings (104) fluidically connecting an internal flow pathway (106) of the primary conduit to an environment outside the primary conduit.
North Carolina State University

Apparatus, performing automated centrifugal separation

Systems, methods and devices are provided for the automated centrifugal processing of samples. In some embodiments, an integrated fluidic processing cartridge is provided, in which a centrifugation chamber is fluidically interfaced, through a lateral surface thereof, with a microfluidic device, and wherein the integrated fluidic processing cartridge is configured to be inserted into a centrifuge for centrifugation.
Qvella Corporation

Filter system and filter element having a glass fiber filter medium and a sintered body

A filter system for filtering a fluid is provided with a filter housing and a filter element arranged in the filter housing. The filter element has a glass fiber filter medium.
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Urinary collection system and procedure for decreasing catheter-associated bacteriuria

Systems and methods suitable for decreasing catheter-associated bacteriuria in a catheterized patient include a urinary collection system having a collection bag, a drain tube fluidically connected to the collection bag to enable emptying urine collected in the collection bag, and a flexible continuous tube formed as an integral one-piece component and fluidically connected to the collection bag to enable urine to flow into the collection bag from a patient's bladder. Catheter-associated bacteriuria may be decreased in the system by instilling a sterile acetic acid solution into the collection bag via the continuous tube, dispersing the solution in the collection bag, draining the solution from the collection bag via the drain tube, and then allowing urine to flow from the catheterized patient through the continuous tube and into the collection bag..

Cooling system of engine

A cooling system of an engine may include a cylinder liner formed in a hollow cylindrical shape and pressed against an inside of a cylinder of the engine, a block coolant jacket positioned in an outer side of the cylinder liner in a radial direction to cool a cylinder block, the cylinder block provided with the cylinder liner and the block coolant jacket therein, and a cylinder head engaged on the cylinder block, including an exhaust port and an intake port fluidically-communicated with a combustion chamber and respectively formed at an exhaust side and an intake side, and provided with a head coolant jacket inside, in which the block coolant jacket includes an upper coolant jacket and a lower coolant jacket and a division wall is disposed between the upper coolant jacket and the lower coolant jacket to block fluid flow therebetween.. .
Hyundai Motor Company

Connector subsea blowout preventer

According to one aspect, an apparatus is adapted to be operably coupled to a subsea blowout preventer and includes a first tubular member defining an internal passage, and a second tubular member extending within the internal passage. A sealing assembly is disposed radially between the first and second tubular members, and includes a sealing element.
Seaboard International, Inc.

Multi-temperature contact applicator

An applicator for applying two materials to a substrate includes a central module configured to receive a first material, a tee block configured to receive a second material, a pair of outer modules spaced from and disposed on opposite sides of the central module, each outer module fluidically connected to and configured to receive the second material from the tee block, and a slot die assembly disposed in fluid communication with the central module and the pair of outer modules, the slot die assembly configured to receive the first and second materials from the central and outer modules, respectively, and discharge the first material over a first width and the second material over a second width greater than the first width.. .
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Nozzle for a vacuum pump or truck

A vacuum nozzle for a vacuum pump or truck, the vacuum nozzle comprising: a vacuum conduit configured to be connected to a vacuum source; a primary inlet fluidically connected to the vacuum conduit for receiving flow under suction; and a secondary inlet fluidically connected to the vacuum conduit for receiving flow under suction, the secondary inlet being positioned upstream of the primary inlet so as to allow flow to bypass the primary inlet, thereby preventing the primary inlet from sealing against a surface under suction.. .
Hydro International Plc

Die mounted contact applicator

A slot die assembly for applying at least one material onto a substrate includes an adapter having a passive heat transfer device, a shim package fluidically connected to the adapter, the shim package having a first material discharge slot and a second material discharge slot, and a die plate having a one or more fluid channels fluidically connected to the shim package. The assembly also includes one or more mounting studs extending from the adapter, the mounting studs configured to engage a parent machine..
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Sleeve-fit respirator cartridge

A respirator apparatus includes a respirator body, a filter cartridge receiver integral with and extending from the respirator body, and a filter cartridge. The filter cartridge includes a nozzle element being integral with the filter cartridge.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Module with a fluid energy machine

A module with a module housing which is at least partly filled with a thermofluid, the thermofluid being designed in particular for an operating temperature range of 200° c. To 400° c.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Exhaust gas system for a motor vehicle

An exhaust gas system for a motor vehicle may include an exhaust gas aftertreatment device communicating fluidically with an exhaust gas evaporation device. The exhaust gas aftertreatment device and the exhaust gas evaporation device may be arranged in one or more housings.
Mahle Behr Gmbh & Co. Kg

Coating coating objects

A coating system for coating objects with a coating material includes at least one material source for a coating material which can be fluidically connected to an application device. A feed system can be used for feeding coating material back to its material source in a feeding-back direction over a feed path.
Eisenmann Se

Exhaust system having variable exhaust gas paths

An exhaust system for internal combustion engines has an exhaust tract, which has at least one first flow path and a second flow path for an exhaust gas stream. The first and the second flow path extend fluidically separated from each other from a pre-silencer to at least one end silencer.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Container assembly

Examples of a container assembly are disclosed herein. An example of the container assembly includes a first body to supply printing composition and a second body to store reserve printing composition.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Container assembly

Examples of a container assembly are disclosed herein. An example of the container assembly includes a regulated tank to supply printing composition and a free tank to supply reserve printing composition to the regulated tank.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Article of footwear having a flexible fluid-filled chamber

An article of footwear may include an upper forming a void within the footwear, a sole structure secured to the upper, and a chamber that encloses a pressurized fluid. The sole structure includes a depression.
Nike, Inc.

Metal-air battery

A metal-air battery may include a housing, at least one cathode disposed in the housing between an air space and an electrolyte space, and at least one metal anode disposed in the electrolyte space. The battery may also include an air path leading through the housing from an air inlet to an air outlet of the housing, both of which may be fluidically connected to the air space, and an air supply device for generating an air flow which may follow the air path and act upon the cathode.
Mahle International Gmbh

Cooling circuit

A cooling circuit for controlling the temperature of at least two heat sources is provided that includes a heat exchanger for cooling a coolant, at least one thermostat, a first cooling branch, and a second cooling branch. The first heat source and the heat exchanger are arranged in the first cooling branch, and the second heat source is arranged in the second cooling branch.
Mahle International Gmbh

Bag assembly for cultivation of cells

The invention discloses a flexible bag assembly for cultivation of cells, comprising one or more bags forming a plurality of cultivation compartments, wherein a drain port in at least a first cultivation compartment is adapted to be fluidically connected with a second cultivation compartment upon opening of a valve means. It also discloses a bioreactor with the bag assembly mounted on a rocking tray and a method of cultivating cells in the assembly..
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

Horizontal vibration device for a vehicle seat

The invention relates to a horizontal vibration device for a vehicle seat, comprising a damper module which damps horizontal vibrations between a seat-side upper part and a body-side lower part in the longitudinal direction of the vehicle and/or in the width direction of the vehicle, and comprising a regulating/control module for regulating and/or controlling the damper module, said damper module being arranged in an interspace between the seat-side upper part and the body-side lower part. The horizontal vibration device is further characterized in that the damper module comprises at least one hydraulic vibration damper, said at least one hydraulic vibration damper being fluidically connected to a volume equalising module..
Grammer Ag

Air-suspended seat surfaces with flow control valves

A vehicle seat includes a cushion having a compressible edge bladder and a compressible inflation bladder positioned aft of the edge bladder. An inflation line fluidically connects the edge bladder and the inflation bladder, and a check valve therein is openable toward the edge bladder under a fluid pressure from the inflation bladder.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Liquid solid separator

A liquid solids separator includes a liquid receiving tank, a cascade tank, and a settling tank fluidically connected in series. Wastewater is recycled through the tanks beginning with the liquid receiving tank and contacted with hot gas in the cascade tank to concentrate the wastewater and remove solids that settle in the settling tank..
Ravan Holdings, Llc

Flexible electrical isolation device

An electrical isolator includes a flexible non-electrically conductive membrane and an inelastic flexible dielectric member journalled in the membrane and extending from the first end of the membrane to the second end of the membrane. First and second coupling members are anchored to the ends of the dielectric member.
Quanta Associates, Lp

Exposure apparatus, producing device, and controlling exposure apparatus

A liquid immersion exposure apparatus includes a projection system, a liquid supply inlet, a liquid collection outlet, a separator fluidically connected to the liquid collection outlet, the separator separating one of liquid and gas, which have been collected via the liquid collection outlet, from the other, a first flow-meter which measures an amount of the liquid collected via the liquid collection outlet, and a second flow-meter which measures an amount of liquid to be supplied via the liquid supply inlet.. .
Nikon Corporation

Quench system, system having quench system, and superheating steam

A quench system includes a housing having a longitudinal axis, a gas path for a gas within the housing, a steam input and output, and a dip tube within the housing. The dip tube includes tubing arranged to form a wall.
General Electric Company

Gravel pack sealing assembly

A completion method and assembly includes a packer extending along a pipe that is positioned in a wellbore to create an annulus between the pipe and the wellbore, the packer having a sealing element with first and second ends. A shunt tube is positioned adjacent the sealing element and extends from at least the first end to the second end of the sealing element to form a bypass through which a volume of proppant can flow.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Filter for hydraulic fluids for hydraulic circuits and process of making the same

A filter for hydraulic fluids including a container defining inside a housing compartment fluidically communicating with an inlet and an outlet associated with and a filtering cartridge, and partitioning the compartment in first and second chambers. The cartridge is configured and positioned for determining the filtering of the hydraulic fluid from the inlet which flows from the first to the second chambers.
Mp Filtri S.p.a.

Braking system for vehicles, in particular for cycles and motorcycles, and actuation a braking system for vehicles

A braking system for vehicles comprising a pilot pump provided with a manual actuation means, the pilot pump being fluidically connected to a hydraulic actuator device in turn operatively connected to a braking device associated with a wheel of said vehicle, wherein the hydraulic actuator device delimits a first and a second actuation chamber fluidically separated by a movable septum along an axial direction x-x, the first actuation chamber containing fluid pressurised by the pilot pump, the second actuation chamber being filled with fluid under pressure and being provided with a delivery duct fluidically connected to said braking device. Advantageously, the hydraulic actuator device comprises a by-pass, offset axially with respect to said delivery duct and fluidically connected with the latter, the movable septum being connected to motor means in order to translate axially, independently of the braking action imposed through the manual actuation means of the pilot pump, the system comprising a processing unit and control operatively connected with the motor means and programmed so as to pass from a condition of standard operation or deactivation of the motor means, in which the movable septum connects the first actuation chamber with the by-pass and with the second actuation chamber, to a braking correction condition in which the motor means are activated to move the movable septum so that the first actuation chamber is fluidically separated from the by-pass and the second actuation chamber.
Freni Brembo S.p.a

Bipolar plate and fuel cell comprising same

A bipolar plate for a fuel cell, including a profiled anode plate and a profiled cathode plate each having an active region and two distributor regions with an anode gas main port for feeding and discharging fuel, a cathode gas main port for feeding and discharging oxidation agents, and a coolant main port for feeding and discharging coolant, these being arranged along a side edge. The bipolar plate includes channels connecting the operator media main ports to the active region, and the distributor regions including at least one overlap section in which the channels intersect one another in a non-fluidically connecting manner.
Volkswagen Ag

Multi-column separation apparatus and method

The invention provides an apparatus and system for the separation and optional analysis of the components of a sample of material, the apparatus and system comprising a cartridge comprising: at least one sample inlet port, at least one resin inlet port and a multiplicity of reagent and purge fluid input ports which are fluidically connected via a multiplicity of control valves to a multiplicity of chromatographic columns which are fluidically connected together in series; and a multiplicity of outlet ports wherein each outlet port additionally comprises an outlet valve which is adapted to control the flow of fluid through said outlet ports; wherein each of said multiplicity of chromatographic columns is aligned with one of said multiplicity of outlet ports so as to allow for fluid flow from said column through said outlet port. The system optionally additionally facilitates the analysis of the components.
National Nuclear Laboratory Limited

Amplification and detection of nucleic acids

The present disclosure relates to a sample assessment device. By way of example, the sample assessment device may include a substrate including a sample application region; an amplification region comprising a plurality of amplification reagents; a waste region comprising an entrance fluidically coupled to the amplification region and extending away from the amplification region; and a detection region spaced apart from the amplification region.
University Of Washington

Fluid mixing hub for semiconductor processing tool

A mixing hub for use in semiconductor processing tools is provided. The hub may include a plurality of ports arranged about an axis, a mixing chamber, and a plurality of flow paths.
Lam Research Corporation

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