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Fluidically patents


This page is updated frequently with new Fluidically-related patent applications.

new patent Adaptive pressure balancer
Pressure balancing apparatuses and methods disclosed here include embodiments with a waterproof enclosure having walls surrounding an interior chamber, a mounting interface mounted to the enclosure with a port to an outside, and a balancing module, connected to the mounting interface, the balancing module including, a balancing module housing, a valve actuator member inside the balancing module housing, with a receptacle for a pressure source. In certain embodiments the valve actuator member is configured to move in response to changes in differential pressure between a pressure in the enclosure chamber and pressure from the outside, and a module valve, inside the balancing module housing, connected to the valve actuator member, and fluidically separating the enclosure chamber from the port to the outside, wherein the module valve is configured to open and close in response to the movement of the valve actuator member..
Idive, Inc.

new patent Magnetocaloric thermal generator and cooling same
A magnetocaloric thermal generator having a primary circuit fluidically connecting first and second stages of magnetocaloric elements using a heat transfer primary fluid flowing alternately back and forth. The stages being subjected to variable magnetic field of a magnetic system.
Cooltech Applications

Device and controlling the temperature of an electric energy store of a vehicle
A device for controlling a temperature of an electric energy store of a vehicle includes a first flow path which opens into a housing of the electric energy store and has an air conditioning system for air-conditioning a passenger compartment of the vehicle. The air conditioning system includes a heating and/or cooling device and a second flow path which leads from the at least one heating and/or cooling device into the passenger compartment.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Turbomachine load coupling device having a natural convection ventilation system
A load coupling device includes a housing including an interior portion, an ambient air inlet provided in the housing, and a load coupling guard arranged in the housing. The load coupling guard includes a turbomachine end and a load end and a passage extending therebetween.
General Electric Company

Packaged sensor assembly
A packaged sensor assembly includes: a packaging structure, having at least one opening; a humidity sensor and a pressure sensor, which are housed inside the packaging structure and communicate fluidically with the outside through the opening, and a control circuit, operatively coupled to the humidity sensor and to the pressure sensor; wherein the humidity sensor and the control circuit are integrated in a first chip, and the pressure sensor is integrated in a second chip distinct from the first chip and bonded to the first chip.. .
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

Coating device and coating an outer surface of an item to be coated
Coating device for coating an outer surface of an item to be coated, having a discharge means for providing a continuous or discontinuous flow of coating and having a receiving means for receiving and positioning an item to be coated opposite the discharge means, wherein the discharge means comprises a discharge nozzle and a coating conveying means which is connected in a fluidically communicating manner to the discharge nozzle and is configured for a pressurised conveying of coating to the discharge nozzle, wherein it is provided that the coating conveying means (38) is configured to provide a hydrostatic pressure on the coating and that the discharge nozzles are configured to discharge threads of coating subject to the hydrostatic pressure on the coating.. .
Hinterkopf Gmbh

Apparatus and methods for intravenous gas elimination
A gas elimination apparatus and a method for use in an intravenous delivery system are provided. The apparatus includes a fluid inlet coupling a fluid flow into a liquid chamber, a fluid outlet protruding into the liquid chamber, and a flow diversion member proximal to the fluid outlet.
Vital Signs, Inc.

Apparatus and methods for intravenous gas elimination
A gas elimination apparatus and a method for use in an intravenous delivery system are provided. The apparatus includes a fluid inlet coupling a fluid flow into a liquid chamber, a fluid outlet protruding into the liquid chamber, and a flow diversion member proximal to the fluid outlet.
Vital Signs, Inc.

Method and apparatus to concentrate and detect an analyte in a sample
Devices and methods for detecting the presence or absence and/or one or more characteristics of analytes are disclosed. Embodiments of the disclosed devices include an actuator having a staging reservoir which can be operably connected with an electrophoresis assembly.
Headway Technologies, Inc.

Device for hydraulically actuating a motor vehicle friction clutch
A hydraulic actuation device for a motor vehicle friction clutch has a manually actuatable master cylinder,that has a master pressure chamber which, in a rest position, is fluidically connected to a reservoir. The master cylinder is connected to a slave arrangement that is functionally connected to the motor vehicle friction clutch.
Fte Automotive Gmbh

Brake control device and brake system for vehicles

A brake control device for at least four fluidically actuatable, especially hydraulically actuatable, wheel brakes of a vehicle brake system, which device includes at least one input pressure connection, a wheel-specific output pressure connection for every wheel brake, a pressure regulating valve array for setting wheel-specific brake pressures at the output pressure connections and a pressure source the brake control device having a wheel specific input pressure connection for every wheel brake.. .
Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

Apparatus for applying indicia on web substrates

A gravure printing system comprising a gravure cylinder having a first plurality of discrete cells disposed upon an outer surface thereof is disclosed. Each cell of said first plurality of discrete cells has a nominal diameter and is capable of receiving a fluid that is a first combination of at least two primary fluids.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Device for producing a cylinder crankcase using the low-pressure or gravity casting method

A device for producing a cylinder crankcase using a low-pressure casting method or a gravity casting method. The device includes an outer casting mold which includes at least one mold part which, in an assembled state, forms a mold cavity that reproduces, for casting purposes, an outer contour of the cylinder crankcase.
Ks Huayu Alutech Gmbh

Uninterrupted fluid flow while modulating fluid

A fluid processing device (10) for processing fluid, wherein the fluid processing device (10) comprises a first fluid drive unit (20) configured for driving a first fluid along a first flow path (85), a second fluid drive unit (20′) configured for driving a second fluid along a second flow path (86), and a fluidic switch (90) fluidically coupled to the first flow path (85) and to the second flow path (86) and configured for being switchable for transferring first fluid from the first flow path (85) into the second flow path (86) without interruption of fluid flow along at least one of the first flow path (85) and the second flow path (86).. .
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Electrochemically actuated pump

An electrochemically actuated pump and an electrochemical actuator for use with a pump. The pump includes one of various stroke volume multiplier configuration with the pressure of a pumping fluid assisting actuation of a driving fluid bellows.
Lynntech, Inc.

Tri-color ink cartridge

A replaceable tri-color ink cartridge, comprising three chambers for different colors ink; a headland having headland slots each fluidically connected to a respective chamber; and a printhead die attached to the headland, the die including (i) nozzle arrays having a length of at least 14.3 millimeters, and (ii) feed slots that fluidically connect the headland slots to the respective nozzle arrays, wherein each headland slot is longer than the corresponding feed slot. .
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Shower having multi-channel jet outlet units

The invention relates to a spray device having a fluid outlet structure that forms a spray jet, said fluid outlet structure having a plurality of jet outlet units of which at least two are configured as multi-duct jet outlet units having in each case at least one first outlet duct and at least one second outlet duct fluidically separated from the first. Moreover, the spray device has a fluid guide which is designed to conduct a fluid supplied to the spray device selectively to the first outlet ducts or to the second outlet ducts.
Hansgrohe Se

Apparatuses, devices, and methods for measuring fluid pressure variation in an insole

Apparatuses, devices, and methods for measuring pressure are described herein. In some embodiments, a device includes an insole configured to be disposed under a foot of a user during use.
Misfit, Inc.

Device, measurement of pressures in the urinary tract

A catheter for measuring pressure in the urinary tract of a patient includes a catheter body having a proximal and distal end. A plurality of lumens is formed in the catheter body, and an adaptor is coupled to the proximal end of the catheter body.
Incube Labs, Llc

Ophthalmological negative-pressure device and patient interface

The invention relates to a negative-pressure device (1) for affixing a patient interface (2) with a negative-pressure cavity (20) onto a patient eye. The negative-pressure device (1) comprises a negative-pressure generator (10) and a pressure sensor (11) with a device-side pressure sensor interface (14) for coupling the pressure sensor (11) to the negative-pressure cavity in a manner fluidically separate from the negative-pressure interface (13).
Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems Ag

Correcting sample metering inaccuracy due to thermally induced volume change in sample separation apparatus

A sample separation apparatus includes a metering device for metering a predefined amount of fluidic sample to be separated by a sample separation apparatus, a metering path for fluidically coupling the metering device and a sample source providing fluidic sample to be metered, and a control device. The control device is configured for controlling operation of the metering device for at least partially compensating for a deviation between a target value to be metered and an actual value of an amount of fluidic sample that is metered, the deviation resulting from a thermally induced volume change in the sample separation apparatus..
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Appliance for brewing beer

An appliance includes an appliance for the home-brewing of beer that includes a brewing unit including a heating unit, a recirculation pump, a first steeping chamber having an inlet and a flow-controlled outlet, a supply line in fluid communication with the inlet, and a collector in fluid communication with the outlet. The recirculation pump has a draw line in fluid communication with the collector.
Whirlpool Corporation

Replaceable liquid supply having cut outs and latch

Liquid supply or reservoir therefore having multiple compartments, each compartment to hold a distinct liquid, comprising multiple liquid outlets, each fluidically connected to one of the compartments, multiple clearance cut outs disposed at a pitch equal to a pitch of the compartments to accommodate protrusions of a dispenser, and at least one latch protruding outwards from a supply wall.. .
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Device for extracting a volatile component

The present application relates to a device for extracting volatile components from a sample. The device comprises a sample vessel for receiving the sample with a supply line and with a discharge line, wherein the sample vessel is closed in a gas-tight manner, and also a gas reservoir, which is connected to the supply line.
Ctc Analytics Ag

Device for extracting volatile components

The present application relates to a device for extracting volatile components from a sample received in a sample vessel, wherein the sample vessel is closed in a gas-tight manner. The device moreover has a discharge line and a supply line, which protrude into the sample vessel.
Ctc Analytics Ag

Renewable energy creating renewable energy

A renewable energy device includes a wheel rotatably mounted on a base to spin about an axis of rotation and having a plurality of hollow, barbell-shaped fluid subassemblies fixed symmetrically about the axis. The fluid subassemblies each have a longitudinal axis radiating away from the axis of rotation, a hollow outer end defining a circular, ring-shaped, outer travel path when rotated about the axis of rotation, a hollow inner end defining a circular, ring-shaped, travel path disposed within the outer travel path when rotated about the axis of rotation, a hollow conduit fluidically connecting the outer and inner ends to define an interior cavity, and a room-temperature-boiling-point fluid disposed in the interior cavity.

Dosing device and operating a dosing device

A dosing device with a dosing chamber unit receiving dosing fluid and actively ejecting dosing fluid, which includes at least one dosing chamber, an inflow channel which fluidically connects a dosing chamber with an inlet and in an inflow orifice opens into the dosing chamber, and a backflow channel which fluidically connects the or a dosing chamber with a backflow and which in a backflow orifice proceeds from the associated dosing chamber, is able to exactly eject minimum amounts of fluid. Inflow and backflow orifice are spaced from each other.
Buerkert Werke Gmbh

Hydrostatic transmission, traction drive having the transmission, and controlling the transmission

A hydrostatic transmission for a traction drive includes a first hydraulic machine that is coupled to a drive machine and that has an adjustable displacement volume and a second hydraulic machine that is fluidically connected to the first hydraulic machine and that is coupled to a drive output of the traction drive. At the first hydraulic machine, a control pressure acts in the direction of an enlargement of its displacement volume and a working pressure of the second hydraulic machine acts in the opposite direction.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Bearing assembly

A bearing assembly includes a bearing for supporting a first machine part relative to a second machine part, a seal assembly configured to seal a first space in a region of the bearing relative to a second space, a pressure equalization passage fluidically connecting the first space and the second space, a valve configured to open and close the pressure equalization passage, and a controller configured to control the valve.. .
Aktiebolaget Skf

Thermal barrier coating of a turbine blade

A turbine blade or vane having a thermal barrier coating, the thermal barrier coating including an inner layer and an outer layer, which is arranged directly or indirectly on the inner layer, wherein the inner layer has flow ducts which are connected fluidically to one another and which are connected to a cooling fluid supply duct. The outer layer has flow ducts which are connected fluidically to one another and which are connected to a cooling fluid supply duct..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Apparatus for cell cultivation

The invention discloses an apparatus (1;11;31) for cell cultivation, comprising a bioreactor (2;12;32), an acoustic standing wave cell separator (5;15;35) and a filter (7;17;37), wherein an outlet (3;13;33) of the bioreactor is fluidically connected to an inlet (4;14;34) of the acoustic standing wave cell separator and a media outlet (6;16;36) of the acoustic standing wave cell separator is fluidically connected to the filter (7;17;37).. .
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Corp.

Fluid ejection devices with reduced crosstalk

A fluid ejection apparatus includes a plurality of fluid ejectors. Each fluid ejector includes a pumping chamber, and an actuator configured to cause fluid to be ejected from the pumping chamber.
Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc.

Oxygen separator with rapid diagnostic

The invention relates to an oxygen separator for generating a flow of oxygen-enriched gas, said oxygen separator comprising at least two oxygen separation devices arranged to separate oxygen from an oxygen comprising gas, said at least two oxygen separation devices each comprising a first end for receiving the oxygen comprising gas and a second end for delivering an oxygen-enriched gas. The oxygen separator further comprising an equalization duct fluidically coupled to the respective second end of said at least two oxygen separation devices, a first gas sensor is provided in the equalization duct such that the first gas sensor is arranged to monitor at least one component of the oxygen-enriched gas in the equalization duct; and control device arranged to control the oxygen separator based on the monitoring by the first gas sensor..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Device for preparation of gelatin-based products

Methods and systems are provided for preparing a gelatin-based product. In one example, a device for preparing the gelatin-based product includes a mixing chamber, a first liquid reservoir fluidically coupled to the mixing chamber, and a chiller module.
Food & Beverage Innovations, Llc

Fluidicially coupled heat pipes and method therefor

A passive thermal system for use in aerospace vehicles includes a plurality of core-bearing radiator panels having at least one heat pipe embedded therein. The portion of the heat pipe embedded in each panel is fluidically coupled to the portions of the heat pipe in the other core-bearing radiator panels..
Worldvu Satellites Limited

Method and systems for managing condensate

Various methods and systems are provided for managing condensation. In one example, a system comprises an engine; an intercooler positioned in an intake passage downstream of a first turbocharger compressor; an exhaust gas recirculation (egr) system including an egr cooler defining at least a portion of an egr passage and communicating with a mixing region where exhaust gas mixes with the compressed intake air; a condensate collector fluidly coupled to the egr cooler to collect condensate from the egr cooler, the condensate collector positioned within the egr cooler; and a drain line coupled to the condensate collector, the drain line having an outlet fluidically coupled to a turbocharger turbine outlet..
General Electric Company

Gas turbine with a bypass line for improved fuel line flushing, and flushing a gas turbine

A gas turbine with a burner, which gas turbine has at least one fuel feed line and at least one fuel outflow line, wherein a flushing water line is connected fluidically to the fuel feed line, and wherein a leakage oil tank is connected fluidically via a drainage line to the fuel outflow line and the connection of the fuel outflow line and the drainage line is provided at a point downstream of at least one closure valve in the fuel outflow line, wherein a bypass line is connected fluidically to the fuel outflow line upstream of the closure valve, which bypass line connects the fuel outflow line fluidically to the leakage oil tank.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Electro-hydraulic motor vehicle brake the operation thereof

An electro-hydraulic motor vehicle brake system is provided, having a first cylinder-piston device, which can be fluidically coupled to at least one wheel brake of the brake system, for generating hydraulic pressure on the at least one wheel brake, wherein the first cylinder-piston device comprises at least one first piston. The brake system further has a second cylinder-piston device, which comprises at least one second piston, and an electromechanical actuator which acts on the second piston of the second cylinder-piston device.
Lucas Automotive Gmbh

Low pressure spray tip configurations

A spray tip configuration for a low pressure fluid sprayer is presented. The spray tip configuration comprises an inlet orifice configured to receive a fluid and to produce a turbulent flow at a known operating point.
Wagner Spray Tech Corporation

Assay device

The present invention provides an assay device for detecting an analyte in a fluid sample, comprising: a sample receiving member (1), which is fluidically connected to at least two components (2, 3) defining an assay flow path, at least one of which is a detection member (3) comprising an analyte detection zone (31); and a sample detection element (13) adapted to detect fluid at a particular point along the assay flow path. The present invention also provides the use of the assay device of the invention for indicating sample sufficiency when the assay device is exposed to a fluid sample and for indicating to a user after sampling that the device has failed due to insufficient sampling, and a method of alerting a user to the fact that a sufficient sample has been applied to an assay device of the invention..
Spd Swiss Precision Diagnostics Gmbh

Plunger for plumbing fixtures

An improved plunger having a true arch configuration and defining an interior cavity provides a body having a convexly dome shaped upper portion and a rectilinear truncated conic shaped bottom portion that defines a bottom orifice. Axial downward pressure exerted or a handle communicating with a handle attachment carried by the dome shaped upper portion causes the body to collapse to forcefully expel contents of the interior cavity outwardly through the bottom orifice and into a pipe or plumbing fixture.

Activated carbon filter apparatus

An activated carbon filter apparatus has a housing with an interior space with an activated carbon filter arranged therein. The activated carbon filter is divided into a first region and a second region.
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft

Device for transferring dental prosthesis

The present disclosure relates to a device for transferring dental prosthesis. The device includes: a main body having defined therein an elongated inner space opened toward the front; a separation tip coupled to a front end of the main body and having a first through-passage fluidically communicating with the inner space of the main body; a pressure sensitive adhesive means attached to a front end of the separation tip and having a second through-passage fluidically communicating with the first through-passage of the separation tip; a wire disposed within the inner space of the main body and the through-passages; a finger guide mounted on the outer circumference of the main body and configured to forwards and rearwards move the front end of the wire through the manipulation thereof at the outside of the main body; and a separation means configured to separate the separation tip from the main body..
Samwoo Co., Ltd.

Electrical enclosure including an integral exhaust duct and method

An electrical enclosure includes a first wall having an exhaust opening, a second wall, and a third wall. The electrical enclosure also includes at least one circuit breaker compartment, a line compartment arranged between the third wall and the at least one circuit breaker compartment, and an exhaust duct extending through the electrical enclosure between the first wall and the second wall.
General Electric Company

Micromixer system for a turbine system and an associated method thereof

A micromixer system includes a casing having a first side wall and a second side wall. Further, the micromixer system includes a plurality of pipes spaced apart from each other and disposed within the casing.
General Electric Company

Droplet deposition manufacturing the same

A droplet deposition apparatus, such as an inkjet printhead, that includes an integrally-formed manifold component and one or more actuator components; these actuator components provide an first array of fluid chambers, each of which has a piezoelectric actuator element and a nozzle, with this piezoelectric actuator element being able to cause the release in a deposition direction of fluid droplets through the nozzle in response to electrical signals; the first array of fluid chambers extends in an array direction from a first longitudinal end to a second, opposite longitudinal end, this array direction being perpendicular to the deposition direction; in addition, the manifold component is elongate in the array direction and includes a first and second manifold chambers, with these manifold chambers extending side-by-side in the array direction and the first manifold chamber being fluidically connected to the second manifold chamber via each of the fluid chambers in the first array; the cross-sectional area of at least one of these manifold chambers is tapered with distance in the array direction, for example to improve purging of the chambers during start-up; the cross-sectional shape of the integrally-formed manifold component perpendicular to the array direction varies with distance in the array direction such that the centroid of the cross-section remains a substantially constant distance, in said deposition direction, from said array of fluid chambers over the length of the first array of fluid chambers, with the integrally-formed manifold component thus being essentially self-stiffening.. .
Xaar Technology Limited

Microfluidic cartridge for processing and detecting nucleic acids

A microfluidic cartridge, configured to facilitate processing and detection of nucleic acids, comprising: a top layer comprising a set of cartridge-aligning indentations, a set of sample port-reagent port pairs, a shared fluid port, a vent region, a heating region, and a set of detection chambers; an intermediate substrate, coupled to the top layer comprising a waste chamber; an elastomeric layer, partially situated on the intermediate substrate; and a set of fluidic pathways, each formed by at least a portion of the top layer and a portion of the elastomeric layer, wherein each fluidic pathway is fluidically coupled to a sample port-reagent port pair, the shared fluid port, and a detection chamber, comprises a turnabout portion passing through the heating region, and is configured to be occluded upon deformation of the elastomeric layer, to transfer a waste fluid to the waste chamber, and to pass through the vent region.. .
Neumodx Molecular, Inc.

A turbine ventilator system and method

The present invention relates to a turbine ventilator having a fast response to the required inhalation of a subject connected to the ventilator. The turbine ventilator (1000) comprises: a first valve (3) connectable to at least one breathing orifice of the subject; an inspiratory reservoir (6) having an adjustable volume, said inspiratory reservoir being fluidically connectable to said first valve; a turbine unit (1) fluidically connectable to the inspiratory reservoir, said turbine unit being fluidically connectable via said first valve to the at least one breathing orifice of the subject; and a control unit (9) configured to control said first valve for controlling a flow or pressure from the inspiratory reservoir and/or turbine unit to the subject based on setpoints..
Transunit Ab

Wound care system with a mat of capillary membranes

Wound care system comprising a single-layer arrangement of mutually parallel capillary membranes with a porous, semi-permeable wall, a lumen and at least one open end, wherein the capillary membranes have an external diameter in the range of 50 to 500 μm and a wall thickness in the range of 5 to 1000 μm and, with their open end, are fluidically connected to a common supply line with a wall and a lumen, characterized in that the capillary membranes are connected to one another by means of connection elements to form a mat and are held at a distance from one another by the connection elements, in that the capillary membranes are embedded with their open end so fluid-tightly in the wall of the common supply line that a fluid connection is obtained between the lumen of the supply line and the lumen of the capillary membranes, in that the distance of the capillary membranes from one another in the mat is 1 to 10 times the external diameter of the capillary membranes, and in that the distance of the connection elements from one another is in the range of 1 to 50 mm.. .
3m Innovative Properties Company

Corrosion resistant pressure module for process fluid pressure transmitter

A pressure sensor module for a process pressure transmitter is provided. The pressure sensor module includes a first member formed of a metal suitable for exposure to seawater.
Rosemount Inc.

System for measuring temporally resolved through-flow processes of fluids

A system for measuring temporally resolved through-flow processes of a fluid. The system includes an inlet, a main line comprising a line section, an outlet fluidically connected with the inlet via the main line, a displacement device arranged in the main line, a circuitous line which branches off the main line between the inlet and the displacement device and to enter the main line between the displacement device and the outlet, a pressure difference transducer arranged in the circuitous line, an evaluation and control unit which controls the displacement device, and a bypass line comprising a pump and a sensor.
Avl List Gmbh

Ice preventing a gas well

An ice preventing system for a flow passage of a well or pipe line includes a fluid tank holding an ice prohibiting fluid and a pressure inducer positioned in the flow passage. The fluid tank is fluidically connected to the flow passage at an upstream location from the pressure inducer by an inlet pressure line.

Sequencing device and operating a sequencing device

A sequencing device has at least one sequencing channel configured to fluidically connect a first gap with a second gap. The sequencing channel is formed as a cavity in the region of the first gap and is formed as a pore in the region of the second gap.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

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