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Fluidically patents


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 Radial lead seal assembly for a generator and method incorporating the same patent thumbnailnew patent Radial lead seal assembly for a generator and method incorporating the same
A radial lead seal assembly of a generator and a method for sealing a radial chamber from an axial chamber of a generator using a radial lead seal assembly are presented. The radial lead seal assembly includes sealing elements disposed around a radial lead to seal an annular space between the radial lead and the radial chamber and thereby seal the axial chamber fluidically from the radial chamber.
Siemens Energy, Inc.

 Heat exchanger, particularly for a motor vehicle patent thumbnailnew patent Heat exchanger, particularly for a motor vehicle
The invention relates to a heat exchanger, particularly for a motor vehicle, comprising a first component with a first duct, a second component with a second duct and a thermoelectric element for generating a heat flow, wherein a first fluid of a first fluid circuit can be caused to flow through the first duct to control the temperature of a first external component, wherein a second fluid of a second fluid circuit can be caused to flow through the second duct, which is fluidically separated from the first duct, to control the temperature of a second external component, and wherein the at least one thermoelectric element is arranged between the first and second components, contacting same thermally.. .
Mahle International Gmbh

 Safety device for installation in a gas-supply system, in particular, an acetylene-supply system patent thumbnailnew patent Safety device for installation in a gas-supply system, in particular, an acetylene-supply system
Relevant specifications in the field of gas supply provide for different safety devices for installation in a gas-supply system, in particular, an acetylene-supply system. To provide such a safety device, which is characterized by a compact structure and a high level of operational reliability, this invention proposes that a valve body (1) incorporates an over-pressure valve (4; 104) of a quick-action shut-off device, a control valve (3; 103) of a pressure-limiting device, and a safety valve (2; 102), whereby the safety valve (2; 102) can be fluidically connected to the over-pressure valve (4; 104) and the control valve (3; 103), and closes either when the over-pressure valve (4; 104) opens due to an inlet pressure that is above the inlet-pressure limit value or when the control valve (3; 103) opens due to an outlet pressure that is above an outlet-pressure limit value..
Spectron Gas Control Systems Gmbh

 Device and  using carbon dioxide originating from a combustion process patent thumbnailnew patent Device and using carbon dioxide originating from a combustion process
A device for using carbon dioxide originating from the combustion of a byproduct has a preparing unit which is connected to a delivery station for fossil fuels, which has a burner for combusting a byproduct that is released when the fuel is delivered, and an exhaust gas line that is connected to the burner. A depositing device is fluidically connected to the preparing unit via the exhaust gas line, for carbon dioxide.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Laminated nozzle with thick plate patent thumbnailnew patent Laminated nozzle with thick plate
A laminated nozzle assembly includes a first end plate having first and second fluid inlets, a second end plate, and a plurality of nozzle plates positioned between the first and second end plates. A first fluid conduit is fluidically connected to the first fluid inlet.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

 Dry chemistry container patent thumbnailnew patent Dry chemistry container
A microfluidic system is presented that includes a cartridge and a container. The cartridge includes a plurality of microfluidic channels coupled to one or more chambers.
Stat-diagnostica & Innovation, S.l.

 Inhaler patent thumbnailnew patent Inhaler
An insert which can be inserted into an inhaler, particularly for a horse has a reservoir for a medicament preparation held under excess pressure and a valve. The insert also has a nebulizer that is held directly on the reservoir and a discharge nozzle, associated with the nebulizer and fluidically connected to the valve, for forming an aerosol with the medicament preparation..
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Gmbh

 System and  inducing hypothermia with control and determination of catheter pressure patent thumbnailSystem and inducing hypothermia with control and determination of catheter pressure
Embodiments of the invention provide a system for temperature control of the human body. The system includes an indwelling catheter with a tip-mounted heat transfer element.
Zoll Circulation, Inc.

 Polymeric remote seal system for single-use containers patent thumbnailPolymeric remote seal system for single-use containers
A polymeric remote seal system is provided for coupling a single-use container to a pressure measurement instrument. The polymeric remote seal system includes a process-side coupling, an instrument-side coupling and a fluidic coupling therebetween.
Rosemount Inc.

 Fluidically actuatable failsafe disk brake system and lifting device comprising said system patent thumbnailFluidically actuatable failsafe disk brake system and lifting device comprising said system
A fluidically actuatable disk brake system includes brake cylinder pairs each including brake cylinders arranged on both sides of a brake disk in at least one brake caliper. Each brake cylinder includes a brake piston and a spring arrangement which applies a spring force toward the brake disk.
Mhwirth Gmbh

Variable fluid flow apparatus with integrated filter

The subject matter of this specification can be embodied in, among other things, a fluid flow trim apparatus includes an outer housing defining a cavity having an interior surface and an end wall having an orifice therethrough, a valve body comprising a first valve portion disposed at least partly within the cavity, the first valve portion and the interior surface defining a first fluid flow path, a second valve portion in contact with the interior surface and defining a second fluid flow path. A third valve portion is disposed at least partly within the cavity between the first and second valve portions.
Woodward, Inc.

Heating and cooling module

A heating and cooling module for controlling the temperature of at least two coolant circuits, having an evaporator region and a condenser region. The evaporator region has a first flow section through which a first coolant can flow, and the condenser region has a second flow section through which a second coolant can flow.
Mahle International Gmbh

Automated bi-casting

Example systems include a vacuum chamber enclosing a pouring cup and a platform configured to support a casting assembly. The casting assembly is configured to hold a plurality of joinable components and a mold defining at least one mating groove configured to join at least two joinable components of the plurality of joinable components when occupied with a metal or an alloy.
Rolls-royce Corporation

Method for producing a casting core and a casting core

A method for the production of a casting core is provided. The method includes preparing a mold which has at least one cavity and at least one filling opening which is fluidically connected to the cavity, introducing a liquid, hardenable salt molding material into the cavity via the filling opening, and at least partial hardening of the salt molding material introduced into the cavity to form a hollow body produced from hardened salt molding material, the hollow body having at least one hollow space of the casting core which is delimited by the hardened salt molding material.
Daimler Ag

Trigger detent mechanism for a fluid applicator

A fluid applicator configured to reduce user fatigue is presented. The applicator comprises an inlet and an outlet fluidically coupled by a fluid path.
Wagner Spray Tech Corporation

Three-dimensional multiple-layer microfluidic micro-droplet arrays for chemical and biochemical microreactors, miniature bioreactors, heat transfer, and other applications

A microfluidic transport system for transporting microdroplets in three spatial dimensions among layers of a layered microfluidic system. In an example arrangement, a first microfluidic layer for transporting microdroplets in two spatial dimensions responsive to electric fields created by electrical operation of electrodes is fluidically connected by one or more conduits to other microfluidic layers.

Gas grill

A gas grill according to one embodiment comprising a structure and a lid, a cooking chamber, a cooking surface in the cooking chamber comprising at least a first area and a second area, at least one heat source below the first area comprising at least one burner, and a gas valve fluidically connected with the burner, the gas valve regulating the rate of the gas flow towards the burner and comprising a highest gas flow rate regulating configuration which allows foods arranged in the first area of the cooking surface to be seared. The gas valve being a thermostatic gas valve which allows automatically regulating a temperature selected for the cooking chamber..
Coprecitec, S.l.

Ion guide or filters with selected gas conductance

Certain embodiments described herein are directed to rod assemblies such as, for example, quadrupole, hexapole and octupole rod assemblies. In some instances, the rod assemblies include at least one pole comprising an integral fluid path configured to fluidically couple an ion volume formed by the assembly to an outer volume of the assembly to remove fluid within the ion volume to the outer volume while containing ions of a selected mass-to-charge range..
Perkinelmer Health Sciences, Inc.

Duct-mounted suction gas filter

A compressor for compressing fluid is provided. The compressor includes a housing having a housing inlet for receiving fluid and a housing outlet for discharging the fluid.
Bitzer Kuehlmaschinenbau Gmbh

System and improving canister purging

Systems and methods are provided for controlling a purging operation of a fuel vapor canister in a boosted engine. One method comprises purging stored fuel vapors from the fuel vapor canister to an inlet of the compressor via an ejector while bypassing a canister purge valve, the ejector being fluidically coupled to the fuel vapor canister by a distinct passage coupled upstream of the canister purge valve, where motive flow through the ejector may be regulated by a shut-off valve.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Improved system for storing a liquid additive

The invention relates to a system (2) for storing a liquid additive to be injected into the exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine of a vehicle, comprising: an additive storage tank (4) comprising means for setting a maximum filling level of the tank, an additive retention capacity which fluidically communicates with the tank (4), said capacity being designed so as to retain the additive coming from the tank, wherein the additive retention capacity and the tank (4) are adjacent and have at least one common wall (8).. .
Plastic Omnium Advanced Innovation And Research

Camshaft adjusting device

A camshaft adjusting device including a vane cell adjuster with a stator which can be connected to a crankshaft of an internal combustion engine and with a rotor which is rotatably mounted in the stator and can be connected to a camshaft. The camshaft adjusting device also includes a central locking device for locking the rotor in a central locking position relative to the stator.
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

Connecting and container system

A connecting system for providing a fluidic connection, preferably between containers, wherein the connecting system has at least two connecting arrangements configured to provide the fluidic connection, namely a first connecting arrangement and a second connecting arrangement, each of which is fluidically sealed in an initial state, wherein the first connecting arrangement has, in particular, a film-shaped, brittle and/or unstable opening region, is deformable outside the opening region and is configured such that deformation causes the first connecting arrangement to open in the opening region.. .
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Gmbh

Slot-to-slot circulation in a fluid ejection device

In an embodiment, a fluid ejection device includes a die substrate having first and second fluid slots along opposite substrate sides and separated by a substrate central region. First and second internal columns of closed chambers are associated with the first and second slots, respectively, and the internal columns are separated by the central region.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Valved cartridge and system

This disclosure provides, among other things, a cartridge comprising: (a) a cartridge body comprising a malleable material and having, disposed on a surface of the body, at least one valve body comprising a valve inlet and a valve outlet, each fluidically connected to a fluidic channel; and (b) a layer comprising a deformable material bonded to a surface of the cartridge body and sealing the at least one valve body at points of attachment, thereby forming at least one valve; wherein the at least one valve body is depressed in the cartridge body relative to the points of attachment and wherein the deformable material covering the at least one valve body retains sufficient elasticity after deformation such that in a ground state the valve is open. Also disclosed is an instrument comprising a cartridge interface and a cartridge as described herein engaged with the cartridge interface, wherein (ii) the cartridge interface comprises: (a) at least one mechanical actuator, each mechanical actuator positioned to actuate a valve; and (b) at least one motor operatively coupled to actuate a mechanical actuator toward or away from a valve..
Integenx Inc.

Evaporator having a fluid distribution sub-assembly

An evaporator comprises a plurality of thermal elements disposed in a shell interior of an evaporator shell. A primary supply line configured to carry a working fluid is disposed in the shell interior.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Hydraulic circuit for valve deactivation

Methods and systems are provided for deactivating a valve actuation mechanism. In one example, a system may include a hydraulic gallery that may deliver a restricted flow of hydraulic fluid from a hydraulic flow restrictor to a pressure relief valve within a valve deactivation oil control valve, and during a second condition may deliver an unrestricted flow of hydraulic fluid from the valve deactivation oil control valve to the hydraulic flow restrictor.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

System and process for removing nitrogen compounds and odors from wastewater and wastewater treatment system

A treatment system for water having contaminants includes a contaminant-removing tank processing the contaminated water, the tank comprising an interior and a floor defining therebelow at least one depression having a conical shape that upwardly expands from a nadir to the floor, a fluidized bed within the at least one depression and defining a lower bed portion, and a manifold fluidically connected to a contaminated water supply and directing the contaminated water towards the nadir of the depression into the lower bed portion of the fluidized bed to act as a bioreactive filter that removes contaminants out from the contaminated water when the contaminated water flows through the fluidized bed and into the interior of the tank.. .
Biofilter Systems, Llc

Devices and methods for syringe-based fluid transfer for bodily-fluid sampling

An apparatus includes a housing, defining an inner volume, and an actuator mechanism movably disposed therein. The actuator mechanism is configured to be transitioned from a first configuration to a second configuration to define a pre-sample reservoir fluidically couplable to receive a pre-sample volume of bodily-fluid via an inlet port of the housing.
Magnolia Medical Technologies, Inc.

Adaptive pressure balancer

Pressure balancing apparatuses and methods disclosed here include embodiments with a waterproof enclosure having walls surrounding an interior chamber, a mounting interface mounted to the enclosure with a port to an outside, and a balancing module, connected to the mounting interface, the balancing module including, a balancing module housing, a valve actuator member inside the balancing module housing, with a receptacle for a pressure source. In certain embodiments the valve actuator member is configured to move in response to changes in differential pressure between a pressure in the enclosure chamber and pressure from the outside, and a module valve, inside the balancing module housing, connected to the valve actuator member, and fluidically separating the enclosure chamber from the port to the outside, wherein the module valve is configured to open and close in response to the movement of the valve actuator member..
Idive, Inc.

Magnetocaloric thermal generator and cooling same

A magnetocaloric thermal generator having a primary circuit fluidically connecting first and second stages of magnetocaloric elements using a heat transfer primary fluid flowing alternately back and forth. The stages being subjected to variable magnetic field of a magnetic system.
Cooltech Applications

Device and controlling the temperature of an electric energy store of a vehicle

A device for controlling a temperature of an electric energy store of a vehicle includes a first flow path which opens into a housing of the electric energy store and has an air conditioning system for air-conditioning a passenger compartment of the vehicle. The air conditioning system includes a heating and/or cooling device and a second flow path which leads from the at least one heating and/or cooling device into the passenger compartment.
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Turbomachine load coupling device having a natural convection ventilation system

A load coupling device includes a housing including an interior portion, an ambient air inlet provided in the housing, and a load coupling guard arranged in the housing. The load coupling guard includes a turbomachine end and a load end and a passage extending therebetween.
General Electric Company

Packaged sensor assembly

A packaged sensor assembly includes: a packaging structure, having at least one opening; a humidity sensor and a pressure sensor, which are housed inside the packaging structure and communicate fluidically with the outside through the opening, and a control circuit, operatively coupled to the humidity sensor and to the pressure sensor; wherein the humidity sensor and the control circuit are integrated in a first chip, and the pressure sensor is integrated in a second chip distinct from the first chip and bonded to the first chip.. .
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

Coating device and coating an outer surface of an item to be coated

Coating device for coating an outer surface of an item to be coated, having a discharge means for providing a continuous or discontinuous flow of coating and having a receiving means for receiving and positioning an item to be coated opposite the discharge means, wherein the discharge means comprises a discharge nozzle and a coating conveying means which is connected in a fluidically communicating manner to the discharge nozzle and is configured for a pressurised conveying of coating to the discharge nozzle, wherein it is provided that the coating conveying means (38) is configured to provide a hydrostatic pressure on the coating and that the discharge nozzles are configured to discharge threads of coating subject to the hydrostatic pressure on the coating.. .
Hinterkopf Gmbh

Apparatus and methods for intravenous gas elimination

A gas elimination apparatus and a method for use in an intravenous delivery system are provided. The apparatus includes a fluid inlet coupling a fluid flow into a liquid chamber, a fluid outlet protruding into the liquid chamber, and a flow diversion member proximal to the fluid outlet.
Vital Signs, Inc.

Apparatus and methods for intravenous gas elimination

A gas elimination apparatus and a method for use in an intravenous delivery system are provided. The apparatus includes a fluid inlet coupling a fluid flow into a liquid chamber, a fluid outlet protruding into the liquid chamber, and a flow diversion member proximal to the fluid outlet.
Vital Signs, Inc.

Method and apparatus to concentrate and detect an analyte in a sample

Devices and methods for detecting the presence or absence and/or one or more characteristics of analytes are disclosed. Embodiments of the disclosed devices include an actuator having a staging reservoir which can be operably connected with an electrophoresis assembly.
Headway Technologies, Inc.

Device for hydraulically actuating a motor vehicle friction clutch

A hydraulic actuation device for a motor vehicle friction clutch has a manually actuatable master cylinder,that has a master pressure chamber which, in a rest position, is fluidically connected to a reservoir. The master cylinder is connected to a slave arrangement that is functionally connected to the motor vehicle friction clutch.
Fte Automotive Gmbh

Brake control device and brake system for vehicles

A brake control device for at least four fluidically actuatable, especially hydraulically actuatable, wheel brakes of a vehicle brake system, which device includes at least one input pressure connection, a wheel-specific output pressure connection for every wheel brake, a pressure regulating valve array for setting wheel-specific brake pressures at the output pressure connections and a pressure source the brake control device having a wheel specific input pressure connection for every wheel brake.. .
Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg

Apparatus for applying indicia on web substrates

A gravure printing system comprising a gravure cylinder having a first plurality of discrete cells disposed upon an outer surface thereof is disclosed. Each cell of said first plurality of discrete cells has a nominal diameter and is capable of receiving a fluid that is a first combination of at least two primary fluids.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Device for producing a cylinder crankcase using the low-pressure or gravity casting method

A device for producing a cylinder crankcase using a low-pressure casting method or a gravity casting method. The device includes an outer casting mold which includes at least one mold part which, in an assembled state, forms a mold cavity that reproduces, for casting purposes, an outer contour of the cylinder crankcase.
Ks Huayu Alutech Gmbh

Uninterrupted fluid flow while modulating fluid

A fluid processing device (10) for processing fluid, wherein the fluid processing device (10) comprises a first fluid drive unit (20) configured for driving a first fluid along a first flow path (85), a second fluid drive unit (20′) configured for driving a second fluid along a second flow path (86), and a fluidic switch (90) fluidically coupled to the first flow path (85) and to the second flow path (86) and configured for being switchable for transferring first fluid from the first flow path (85) into the second flow path (86) without interruption of fluid flow along at least one of the first flow path (85) and the second flow path (86).. .
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Electrochemically actuated pump

An electrochemically actuated pump and an electrochemical actuator for use with a pump. The pump includes one of various stroke volume multiplier configuration with the pressure of a pumping fluid assisting actuation of a driving fluid bellows.
Lynntech, Inc.

Tri-color ink cartridge

A replaceable tri-color ink cartridge, comprising three chambers for different colors ink; a headland having headland slots each fluidically connected to a respective chamber; and a printhead die attached to the headland, the die including (i) nozzle arrays having a length of at least 14.3 millimeters, and (ii) feed slots that fluidically connect the headland slots to the respective nozzle arrays, wherein each headland slot is longer than the corresponding feed slot. .
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

Shower having multi-channel jet outlet units

The invention relates to a spray device having a fluid outlet structure that forms a spray jet, said fluid outlet structure having a plurality of jet outlet units of which at least two are configured as multi-duct jet outlet units having in each case at least one first outlet duct and at least one second outlet duct fluidically separated from the first. Moreover, the spray device has a fluid guide which is designed to conduct a fluid supplied to the spray device selectively to the first outlet ducts or to the second outlet ducts.
Hansgrohe Se

Apparatuses, devices, and methods for measuring fluid pressure variation in an insole

Apparatuses, devices, and methods for measuring pressure are described herein. In some embodiments, a device includes an insole configured to be disposed under a foot of a user during use.
Misfit, Inc.

Device, measurement of pressures in the urinary tract

A catheter for measuring pressure in the urinary tract of a patient includes a catheter body having a proximal and distal end. A plurality of lumens is formed in the catheter body, and an adaptor is coupled to the proximal end of the catheter body.
Incube Labs, Llc

Ophthalmological negative-pressure device and patient interface

The invention relates to a negative-pressure device (1) for affixing a patient interface (2) with a negative-pressure cavity (20) onto a patient eye. The negative-pressure device (1) comprises a negative-pressure generator (10) and a pressure sensor (11) with a device-side pressure sensor interface (14) for coupling the pressure sensor (11) to the negative-pressure cavity in a manner fluidically separate from the negative-pressure interface (13).
Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems Ag

Correcting sample metering inaccuracy due to thermally induced volume change in sample separation apparatus

A sample separation apparatus includes a metering device for metering a predefined amount of fluidic sample to be separated by a sample separation apparatus, a metering path for fluidically coupling the metering device and a sample source providing fluidic sample to be metered, and a control device. The control device is configured for controlling operation of the metering device for at least partially compensating for a deviation between a target value to be metered and an actual value of an amount of fluidic sample that is metered, the deviation resulting from a thermally induced volume change in the sample separation apparatus..
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Appliance for brewing beer

An appliance includes an appliance for the home-brewing of beer that includes a brewing unit including a heating unit, a recirculation pump, a first steeping chamber having an inlet and a flow-controlled outlet, a supply line in fluid communication with the inlet, and a collector in fluid communication with the outlet. The recirculation pump has a draw line in fluid communication with the collector.
Whirlpool Corporation

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