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Fluidically patents


This page is updated frequently with new Fluidically-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fluidically-related patents
 Method and system for pre-cooling patent thumbnailMethod and system for pre-cooling
Methods and systems are provided for pre-cooling. The cooling system includes a condenser including a condenser inlet and a condenser outlet.

 Apparatus and  purging a gas turbomachine nozzle patent thumbnailApparatus and purging a gas turbomachine nozzle
A gas turbomachine includes a compressor portion, a turbine portion operatively connected to the compressor portion, and a combustor assembly fluidically connected to the turbine portion. The combustor assembly includes at least one nozzle including at least one fuel gas injector portion and at least one water injector portion.

 Fluid-operated drive patent thumbnailFluid-operated drive
In a fluid-operated drive for a field device, the drive being designed to set a control valve of the field device, a fluidically operated basic drive is provided with a basic working chamber loaded fluidically and delimited by a basic drive housing part and by a basic actuating piston guided in the basic drive housing part. At least one supplementary drive is provided with a supplementary working chamber loaded fluidically and delimited by a supplementary drive housing part.

 Control device for selectively fluidically connecting and disconnecting fluid connection points patent thumbnailControl device for selectively fluidically connecting and disconnecting fluid connection points
The invention relates to a control device for selectively fluidically connecting and disconnecting fluid connection points (a, p, t) by means of a valve apparatus (1, 5), which controls fluid-conducting connection channels (55, 57, 59) extending between the connection points (a, p, t), which connection channels are arranged in a control block (3), into which the valve apparatus (1, 5) is at least partially inserted. The control device is characterized in that, proceeding from the respective fluid connection points (a, p, t), the connection channels (55, 59, 57) respectively connected to the fluid connection points extend in parallel to each other until the connection channels lead into a respective associated control chamber (49; 53, 51) of the valve apparatus (1, 5) and that the valve apparatus (1, 5) is retained in a receptacle (39), which separates at least two adjacently arranged control chambers (49, 51) from each other..

 Gas turbine power plant made flexible patent thumbnailGas turbine power plant made flexible
A gas turbine power plant includes a gas turbine having a compressor, combustion chamber, and expander and is rotationally mechanically coupled to an energisation unit designed for motor operation of the compressor and for electricity-generating generator operation of the gas turbine. The power plant includes a recuperator, thermally connected to an exhaust-gas discharge line of the turbine such that heat is transferred from the exhaust-gas flow in the exhaust-gas discharge line to a fluid flow in a fluid line during operation, which fluid flow is fed to the combustion chamber.

 Methods and apparatuses for dynamically tunable wafer-edge electroplating patent thumbnailMethods and apparatuses for dynamically tunable wafer-edge electroplating
Disclosed herein are methods of electroplating which may include placing a substrate, an anode, and an electroplating solution in an electroplating cell such that the substrate and the anode are located on opposite sides of a fluidically-permeable plate, setting the configuration of one or more seals which, when in their sealing configuration, substantially seal pores of the fluidically-permeable plate, and applying an electrical potential between the anode and the first substrate sufficient to cause electroplating on the first substrate such that the rate of electroplating in an edge region of the first substrate is affected by the configuration of the one or more seals. Also disclosed herein are apparatuses for electroplating which may include one or more seals for substantially sealing a subset of the pores in a fluidically-permeable plate whose sealing configuration affects a rate of electroplating in an edge region of the substrate..

 Coupling point and coupling station for a pneumatic conveyance system for conveying bulk material patent thumbnailCoupling point and coupling station for a pneumatic conveyance system for conveying bulk material
The invention relates to a coupling point serving to form a coupling station between at least two senders and at least one receiver of a pneumatic conveyance system for conveying bulk material. The bulk material is directed by sender tubes and receiver tubes, which fluidically connect the sender and the receiver to the coupling station (6).

 Master brake cylinder assembly of a motor vehicle brake system having a filter element, and fluid reservoir and insert element therefor patent thumbnailMaster brake cylinder assembly of a motor vehicle brake system having a filter element, and fluid reservoir and insert element therefor
A master brake cylinder assembly of a motor vehicle brake system includes a fluid reservoir and a master brake cylinder. The fluid reservoir and the master brake cylinder are fluidically coupled to each other by means of at least one fluid channel.

 Rodable pressure coupling patent thumbnailRodable pressure coupling
A pressure transmitter coupling for coupling a pressure transmitter to a process fluid includes a process coupling face having a process coupling port configured to couple to impulse piping. A pressure transmitter coupling face is arranged at an angle to the process coupling face, the pressure transmitter coupling face including a pressure transmitter coupling port configured to fluidically couple to the pressure transmitter.

 Paint recirculation and dispenser valve unit with cartridge patent thumbnailPaint recirculation and dispenser valve unit with cartridge
A fluid recirculation and dispenser valve unit of a fluid comprises a fluid recirculation and dispenser valve and a cartridge in which an axial valve seat is made which at least partially houses said valve. Said valve comprises a valve body and a valve rod which extends partially in said valve body and which is axially movable between a closed rearward position of the valve and an open forward position of the valve.


Device for introducing a liquid sample into a microfluidic system

A device for introducing a liquid sample into a microfluidic system includes an adapter component that is configured to be fluidically coupled to the microfluidic system via at least one channel. The adapter component has a receiving section that is configured to guide and accommodate a sample container.


Aerosolization device

An aerosol transfer device for medical aerosol generators comprises a body, fluidically coupled to a nebulizer and to a patient interface. An ambient air intake is formed into a lower body.


Precision hydrostatic level and flatness measuring device, system and method

A hydrostatic level-measuring system and related apparatus and method for measuring with precision, a level normal to gravitation of a physical surface, comprising: a plurality of n water-holding cups containing water and fluidically interconnected with one another and resting upon the physical surface, where n is greater than or equal to 2; each of the water-holding cups of comprising a cup height hn thereof from a bottom to a top of the cup which cup height hn is known a priori within acceptable measurement errors; and a micrometer system for measuring on an absolute or relative scale, a distance dn between the top of each the cup and the top surface of the water wherein a meniscus visible to a user is formed when the contact occurs and the meniscus is used to guide the measurement precision.. .


Distillation system and a operating the same

A distillation system includes a first liquid inlet, a first liquid outlet, and a first membrane coupled to the first liquid inlet and the first liquid outlet, the first membrane being impermeable to a first liquid mixture and permeable to a gas. The distillation system further includes a first gas inlet and a first gas outlet fluidically coupled to the first gas inlet via the first membrane..
General Electric Company


Open plasma lamp for forming a light-sustained plasma

An open plasma lamp includes a cavity section. A gas input and gas output of the cavity section are arranged to flow gas through the cavity section.
Kla-tencor Corporation


Lubrication system for power transfer unit having externally-mounted electric oil pump

The present disclosure relates to an on demand lubrication system for use in torque transfer mechanisms of the type associated with power transfer systems in motor vehicles. The on-demand lubrication system includes an externally-mounted electric motor/pump assembly adapted to draw lubricant from a sump located within the dosed housing of the torque transfer mechanism and supply pressurized lubricant to one or more remote locations within the housing.
Magna Powertrain Of America, Inc.


Integrated vascular delivery system

An integrated vascular delivery system having a frame configured to receive a catheter insertable in a patient to deliver fluid at an insertion site. The frame includes a first hub, a second hub, and a pair of flexible lateral members extending between the hubs and including a tubular lateral member.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Breath-actuated nebulizer for medicine inhalation

Breath-actuated nebulizers for delivering medicine are provided, including an outlet port; an opening; and a medicine cup coupled to the opening through a venturi tube. The medicine cup receives a medicine to be delivered through the outlet port, and is coupled to the outlet port.
Carefusion 2200, Inc.


Devices and methods for cleaning contaminated body cavities

An apparatus includes a housing, a first cannula, and a second cannula. The housing defines an inner volume having a first portion in fluid communication with a first set of openings, and a second portion in fluid communication with a second set of openings and fluidically isolated from the first portion.


Steam device and operating a steam device

A steam device is provided, including a clean water supplying arrangement, a steam generator which is fluidically connected to the clean water supplying arrangement, a cleaning agent supplying arrangement, a mixing arrangement for clean water and cleaning agent that is fluidically connected to the clean water supplying arrangement and the cleaning agent supplying arrangement, a discharge arrangement for fluid and a control arrangement by which operating modes of the steam device are settable, wherein, by means of the discharge arrangement, steam is dischargeable in a steam mode and a mixture of clean water and cleaning agent is dischargeable in a cleaning agent mode, and wherein the control arrangement has a rinsing unit which, once the cleaning agent mode is at an end, operates a rinsing mode in which the discharge arrangement is rinsed with clean water.. .
Alfred Kärcher Gmbh & Co. Kg


Pressure indicating device

The invention relates to a pressure indicating device for indicating a pressure in a first fluid system, said pressure indicating device including a first port via which it is fluidically connected to the first system, which pressure indicating device furthermore comprises a cylinder with a preloaded piston that can be displaced therein in an axial direction, during which movement fluid contained in the first system can act on the piston surface. The invention is characterized in that said piston has an opening in its piston surface, which opening can be made to communicate with a second system via a second port, said piston comprising a diaphragm which is impermeable to a first fluid but permeable to a second fluid, said diaphragm separating the first port from the second port..
Samson Ag


Planetary gear set and supplying oil to tooth engagement regions and bearings of a planetary gear set of said type

The invention relates to a planetary gear set (1) comprising a housing (2), a sun gear shaft (3) which is mounted rotatably in the housing (2) and which can be driven by means of a motor, a sun gear (6) which is held rotationally conjointly on the sun gear shaft (3), a planet gear carrier (7) which is mounted rotatably in the housing (2) and on which rotatably mounted planet gears (8) are held, wherein the planet gears (8) engage with the sun gear (6), an internal gear (11) which is arranged in positionally fixed fashion in the housing (2) and which has an internal toothing and which engages with the planet gears (8), a drive output flange which is operatively connected to the planet gear carrier (7) and which is mounted rotatably on the housing (2), and at least one oil supply which is designed to deliver oil to tooth engagement regions and/or bearings, wherein the oil supply comprises a sun gear shaft bore (20) which extends in the longitudinal direction of the sun gear shaft (3), a gap seal bushing (21) which is fluidically connected to the sun gear shaft bore (20), a planet gear carrier distributor (22) which is fluidically connected to the gap seal bushing (21) and which is provided on the planet gear carrier (7), and oil-conducting lines (23, 24) which are arranged on the planet gear carrier (7) and which are fluidically connected to the planet gear carrier distributor (22) and which lead to tooth engagement regions and/or bearings.. .
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Cross-flow filtration system for viticulture

A cross-flow filtration system for filtering a suspension, such as but not limited to a viniculture suspension, may include a plurality of hollow fibre modules for retaining a retentate of the suspension. A circulation pump may be fluidically connected to the hollow fibre modules for facilitating a mechanical flow of the suspension.
Mahle International Gmbh


Connector for transferring at least one fluid

A connector (1) for transferring a fluid or for applying a pneumatic pressure from an inlet conduit (2) to an outlet conduit (3) that may rotate with respect to the inlet conduit (2), in which the connector (1) comprises a rotating shaft (17) defining the outlet conduit (3) therein, which has an inlet opening (70), said rotating shaft (17) defining a rotational axis (s-s) and comprising a sealing disc (19) extending radially from said rotating shaft; an insertion chamber (5) to which said inlet conduit (2) is sealingly securable, said chamber leading towards said inlet opening (70) of the outlet conduit (3); at least one first cylinder-piston unit (100) comprising a cylinder (9) and a piston (21) slidable in said cylinder (9), said piston (21) having a sealing surface (22) facing the sealing disc (19), and said cylinder (9) being fluidically connected or connectable to said insertion chamber (5); said piston (21) being configured to be selectively actuated between a sealing position in which the sealing surface (22) is at a minimum distance or in contact with the sealing disc (19), in which a fluidic seal is carried out between said insertion chamber (5) and said inlet opening (70) of the outlet conduit (3) of the rotating shaft (17), and a non-sealing position in which the sealing surface (19) is moved away from the sealing disc (19), in which a fluidic seal is absent between said insertion chamber (5) and said inlet opening (70) of the rotating shaft of the outlet conduit (3) of the rotating shaft (17).. .
Ankol Eood


Methods and systems for treatment of subterranean formations

Improved methods and systems for treating subterranean formations using a sub-surface mixing system are disclosed. The disclosed system includes a well head and a first flow line that directs a blender fluid from a blender to the well head.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Toilet system for a lavatory of a vehicle, lavatory of a vehicle, and aircraft with such a lavatory

A toilet system for a lavatory of a vehicle comprises a toilet bowl, a cladding assembly for cladding the toilet bowl, forming a hollow space between the toilet bowl and cladding assembly, and a ventilation device with at least one suction line for extracting air. The cladding assembly extends from an exterior side of the toilet bowl over an edge of the toilet bowl, and thereby partially encases the edge.
Airbus Operations Gmbh


Modular platform for multi-tissue integrated cell culture

The systems and methods disclosed herein are generally related to a cell culture system. More particularly, the systems and methods enable the culturing and interconnecting of a plurality of tissue types in a biomimetic environment.
The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Method and system for a dual loop coolant system

Methods and systems are provided for a dual loop coolant system used to control an engine transmission oil temperature. In one example, a high temperature coolant loop comprises a first heat exchanger and a control valve positioned upstream of the first heat exchanger whose coolant flow is separate from a second, low temperature coolant loop containing a second heat exchanger.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Fuel pump

A fuel pump is disclosed wherein a substantially cylindrical plunger bore is provided with an annular drain groove fluidically coupled to a drain duct. A pump plunger is driven by a drive system located in a separate mechanical compartment that holds a reservoir of lubricating oil.
Cummins Inc.


Pumping apparatus with outlet coupled to different spatial positions within the pumping chamber

Disclosed is a pumping apparatus (200) configured for delivering a fluid. The pumping apparatus (200) comprises a pumping chamber (220) configured for receiving one or more fluids (310, 320) in defined proportions and for further delivering the received fluids, an outlet (240), fluidically coupling to a first position (350) in the pumping chamber (220), for outleting the fluid to be delivered, and a channel (410).
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Tubing pressure insensitive surface controlled subsurface safety valve

Method and systems for opening and closing a subsurface valve are disclosed. A rod piston forms a first piston chamber, a second piston chamber and a third piston chamber within a housing.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Urethra cuff including tube

An artificial urinary sphincter (aus) system that includes a reservoir to hold a fluid, a cuff that includes a pre-shaped spiral tube to be wrapped around a urethra, and a control device to be fluidically coupled to the reservoir and the cuff. The control device regulates transfer of the fluid between the reservoir and the cuff.
Coloplast A/s


Flow indicators for surgical instrument reprocessing, and related systems and methods

A surgical instrument flow indicator comprises a body defining a flow passage comprising an inlet and an outlet, wherein the inlet is configured to be fluidically coupled to a fluid supply source and wherein the outlet is configured to be fluidically coupled to the surgical instrument. The flow indicator further comprises a flow indication mechanism in flow communication with the flow passage, the flow indication mechanism being configured to transition from a first state to a second state in response to a threshold force exerted on the flow indication mechanism, wherein in the second state, the flow indication mechanism has an arrangement indicating to an observer that the flow indication mechanism transitioned from the first state to the second state..
Intuitive Surgical Operations, Inc.


Syringe-based fluid diversion mechanism for bodily fluid sampling

A syringe-based device includes a housing, a pre-sample reservoir, and an actuator. The housing defines an inner volume between a substantially open proximal end portion and a distal end portion that includes a port couplable to a lumen-defining device.
Magnolia Medical Technologies, Inc.


Nozzle tip with slit valve for fluid dispenser

An outlet valve assembly for a fluid dispenser of a type having a pump fluidically coupled to a fluid reservoir includes an outlet nipple having a proximal end configured to be fluidically coupled to the pump and a distal end opposite the proximal end. The outlet nipple defines a conduit extending in a flow direction and has an annular protrusion extending radially inwardly intermediate the proximal end and the distal end.


Liquid filter, function module, connecting part, filter element, and filter module of a liquid filter

A liquid filter for liquid, a function module, a connecting part, a filter element, and a filter module of a liquid filter are described. The liquid filter includes at least one fluid passage, in particular at least one inlet for liquid to be filtered and/or at least one outlet for filtered liquid and/or at least one separation medium outlet for any medium separated from the liquid.
Mann+hummel Gmbh


Turbomachine including a tranistion piece to turbine portion variable purge flow seal member

A turbomachine includes a compressor portion, and a turbine portion operatively connected to the compressor portion. The turbine portion includes a compressor discharge portion, a hot gas path and a first stage nozzle arranged at the hot gas path.
General Electric Company


Fluid ejection apparatuses including a substrate with a bulk layer and a epitaxial layer

Examples of fluid ejection apparatuses and methods for making fluid ejection apparatuses are described. An example method may include forming a fluid feed slot in a bulk layer of a substrate, forming a plurality of ink feed channels in at least an epitaxial layer of the substrate, each of the ink feed channels fluidically coupled to the fluid feed slot, and forming a plurality of drop generators over the substrate such that the epitaxial layer of the substrate is between the plurality of drop generators and the bulk layer and such that the each of the drop generators is fluidically coupled to the fluid feed slot by at least one of the ink feed channels..
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Control valve system for coolant

A control valve system for a coolant includes an inlet through which a coolant flows into a water chamber. A plurality of outlets discharges the coolant outside the water chamber.
Hyundai Motor Company


Compartmented beverage bottle

A compartmented bottle has a primary compartment and at least one secondary compartment. The primary compartment has an exhaust aperture and an inlet aperture, and the secondary compartment has a secondary exhaust aperture.


Device for dispensing a fluid to a patient

A device (1) for dispensing a fluid, in particular to a patient, comprising a container (15), in particular an at least partly collapsible container, with an interior (17) for receiving the fluid. The container (15) comprises a closure piece (20) which is rigidly arranged in the container (15) in particular and on which a dispensing opening (24) is formed, wherein the fluid can be dispensed out of the interior (17) through the dispensing opening.
Weibel Cds Ag


Air-conditioning unit

An air-conditioning unit for air-conditioning an air flow may include a multipart housing including a first housing part and a second housing part arranged on top of the first housing part. The housing may further include an air-conditioning segment and a blower segment defining an axis of rotation.
Mahle International Gmbh


Variable displacement lubricant pump

A lubricant pump comprises a shiftable control ring, a pump rotor rotating in the control ring, a pump outlet, and a pressure control system. The pressure control system comprises a pressure control chamber which pushes the control ring into a high pumping volume direction, an engine pressure input port connected to an engine pressure output port of an engine, a pilot chamber connected to the engine pressure input port which pushes the control ring into a low pumping volume direction, and a pressure control valve which controls a pressure in the pressure control chamber.
Pierburg Pump Technology Gmbh


System and process for removing nitrogen compounds and odors from wastewater and wastewater treatment system

A wastewater treatment system includes a wastewater collection system, at least one aeration subsystem aerating the aerobic portion, and at least one filtration subsystem. The wastewater collection system has an anoxic portion, an aerobic portion downstream of the anoxic portion, an anaerobic portion downstream of the aerobic portion.
Biofilter Systems, Llc


Fluid diversion mechanism for bodily-fluid sampling

A device includes a pre-sample reservoir, an actuator mechanism, and a diverter. The pre-sample reservoir can be fluidically coupled to a delivery member to receive and isolate a predetermined volume of bodily-fluid withdrawn from a patient.
Magnolia Medical Technologies, Inc.


Lithium ion cell for a secondary battery

Known lithium-ion cells for a secondary battery including an electrode have an active material layer containing active material particles in contact with a non-aqueous electrolyte and a particulate, porous additive. Using this as a basis, it is desired to achieve an improvement in the lithium-ion cells in respect of their gravimetric and volumetric energy density and in respect of inexpensive and reproducible production, and in particular to ensure that the desired properties of the active material layer are not changed, or are not changed to an unacceptable degree, by compression during calendering.


Prevention of cooling flow blockage

A fluid cooled cold plate includes a main coolant passage with a first cross-sectional area taken laterally in a direction perpendicular to the flow direction and a finned coolant passage having a second cross-sectional area taken laterally in a direction perpendicular to the flow direction, with the second area smaller than the first area. Fluidly connecting the main coolant passage with the finned coolant passage is a branch oriented such that a fluid is turned 90° or more when passing into the branch from the main coolant passage.


Method and system for multi-purpose cooling

A multi-purpose cooling method and system is disclosed that includes a temperature sensor configured to sense a wet bulb temperature of atmospheric air at a cooling tower. The system also includes a first valve fluidically coupled to a first load center and the cooling tower, and a second valve fluidically coupled to a second load center and a chiller.


Rolling element bearing with cage

A rolling element bearing (1) that includes a plurality of balls (4) as rolling elements guided in a cage (5). A lubricant channel (19) is formed in snap-in pockets (8) in a region between a lateral ring section (6) and the central ball (4) track, between the ball (4) and the adjoining web section (7) and/or the adjoining lateral ring section (6), which fluidically connects the radial outer side and the radial inner side of the cage (5).


Hydraulic fracturing system and method

A hydraulic fracturing system and method are disclosed. The system can include a manifold having a first fluid outlet, a second fluid outlet, and a plurality of fluid inlets.


Shower head with rotatable control disk

A shower head jet disk (4) has inlet and outlet openings (8, 9) on opposite sides, with a passage duct (10a, 10b) fluidically connecting each outlet to at least one inlet. An upstream control disk (2) is rotatable relative to the jet disk and has a control slot pattern (131, 134) opening the inlets depending on the rotational position of the control disk.


Stretch valve balloon catheter and methods for producing and using same

A safety catheter for draining a given fluid includes a hollow stretch valve and a flexible, multi-lumen, balloon drainage catheter having a proximal catheter end, a balloon defining a balloon interior to be inflated with an inflation fluid, a drain lumen. And a balloon drainage port fluidically connecting the balloon interior to the drain lumen.


Apparatus and methods for drug delivery using multiple reservoirs

A cartridge, including a first member that defines an inner volume and a second member disposed therein, is disposed in a housing. A first reservoir is disposed in the inner volume in a position distal to the second member.


Suction device and operating a suction device

A suction device, including a suction unit, a suction line arrangement that is fluidically connected to the suction unit, a fluid supplying arrangement, a discharge arrangement for fluid, which is fluidically connected to the fluid supplying arrangement, and a guide element that is couplable to the discharge arrangement and the suction line arrangement and that guides fluid from the discharge arrangement into the suction line arrangement, for cleaning the suction line arrangement.. .


Variable precharge accumulator for agricultural header

A harvesting header for use with a crop harvesting machine has a feederhouse interface and a header frame providing structural support for the harvesting header. A pivotable connection between the feederhouse interface and the header frame enable the header frame to pivot with respect to the feederhouse interface.


Integrated orifice plate assembly

An orifice plate assembly for use with a process variable transmitter for measuring flow of a process fluid includes a single piece body having a circumferential support ring. A first face of the circumferential support ring is configured to be sealingly coupled to a first flange of a first process pipe.


A thermodynamic machine

A thermodynamic machine, comprising: a rotor, configured to rotate about a rotor axis, a working fluid circulation path and a coolant fluid path formed within the rotor, the coolant fluid path fluidically isolated from the working fluid circulation path, the working fluid circulation path spanning radially from the rotor axis to close to the periphery of the rotor; a working fluid circulation drive configured to drive the circulation of a working fluid about the working fluid circulation path; at least one working fluid cooler heat exchanger formed as part of the working fluid circulation path and the coolant fluid path, in use coolant fluid passing through the working fluid cooler heat exchanger to transfer heat from the working fluid to the coolant fluid, and; a working fluid heater in the working fluid circulation path configured to heat a working fluid circulating around the working fluid circulation path.. .


A rotor assembly for an open cycle engine, and an open cycle engine

A rotor assembly for an engine, comprising: a rotor, supported on bearings for axial rotation, a rotor portion forming a compression passage extending outwards from the axis, gases entering the rotor through inlets at the axis and flowing outwards through the compression passage; a combustion chamber supported within the compression passage near the maximum radius of the rotor having a closed outer end and combustion chamber gases inlets through which gases enter the combustion chamber, each combustion chamber having a fuel inlet, and; one or more expansion passages in fluidic connection with and extending radially inwards from the combustion chamber within a compression passage and fluidically connecting at or near the rotor axis to a combustion gas outlet tube that extends along the rotor axis, combustion gases created by combustion of fuel with inlet gases within the combustion chamber expanding as they flow inwards through the expansion passage.. .


Thermosiphon systems for electronic devices

A thermosiphon system includes a condenser, an evaporator, and a condensate line fluidically coupling the condenser to the evaporator. The condensate line can be a tube with parallel passages can be used to carry the liquid condensate from the condenser to the evaporator and to carry the vapor from the evaporator to the condenser.
Google Inc.


Supply assembly for a turbine of a solar thermodynamic system and solar thermodynamic system comprising said assembly

Supply assembly for a turbine of a solar thermodynamic system provided with plural multiple parabolic mirrors for heating a first thermal carrier fluid contained in a tank to a first temperature, comprising a column structure provided at the upper part with an exit. The column structure comprises: a lower portion provided with two inlets connected to the tank to be supplied with the first thermal carrier fluid, the lower portion comprising first and second heat exchangers supplied with a second thermal carrier fluid respectively to an overheated temperature and re-overheating temperature; an upper portion fluidically connected with the lower portion, the upper portion comprising a boiler to bring the second fluid from a pre-heating temperature to a boiling temperature, and a cylindrical body arranged on the boiler; a pre-heating and supplying structure for heating the second thermal carrier fluid to the pre-heating temperature and supply it to the column structure..
Alfa Laval Corporate Ab


Molded fluid flow structure with saw cut channel

In an embodiment, a fluid flow structure includes a micro device embedded in a molding. A fluid feed hole is formed through the micro device, and a saw defined fluid channel is cut through the molding to fluidically couple the fluid feed hole with the channel..
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Adapter, inhalation device, and atomizer

An inhalation device includes: a chamber for intermediate storage of an aerosol, a first connection for a nebuliser that produces the aerosol, a second connection on a patient side for delivering the aerosol, and a third connection for breathable air, where the chamber is fluidically connected in a valve-free manner on an inlet side to the first connection when the nebuliser is attached, and the chamber is connected to the third connection in parallel on the inlet side via an inlet valve so that the breathable air from the third connection flows into the chamber.. .
Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh


Medical catheter for hypothermic treatment, treatment system with such a catheter, and production method

The application relates to a medical catheter for hypothermic treatment, with a catheter tube (10), which has at least one through-channel (11) and at least two temperature control channels (12, 13), and with at least one heat exchange element (14), in particular an expandable balloon, which is arranged in a distal catheter portion (15) of the catheter tube (10) and is fluidically connected to the temperature control channels (12, 13) in such a way that a temperature control circuit is formed. The application is characterized in that the catheter tube (10) has a smaller external diameter in the distal catheter portion (16) than in a proximal catheter portion (15)..
Acandis Gmbh & Co. Kg


Single channel cartridge device for coagulation assays in fluid samples

The present invention relates to analytical testing devices comprising a single channel with micro-environment sensors and methods for assaying coagulation in a fluid sample applied to the micro-environment sensors, and in particular, to performing coagulation assays using a single channel with micro-environment sensors in a point of care test cartridge. For example, the present invention may be directed to a sample analysis cartridge including an inlet chamber configured to receive a biological sample and a conduit fluidically connected to the inlet chamber.
Abbott Point Of Care Inc.


Microfabricated device with micro-environment sensors for assaying coagulation in fluid samples

The present invention relates to sample analysis cartridges comprising micro-environment sensors and methods for assaying coagulation in a fluid sample applied to the micro-environment sensors, and in particular, to performing coagulation assays using micro-environment sensors in a point of care sample analysis cartridge. For example, the present invention may be directed to a sample analysis cartridge including an inlet chamber configured to receive a biological sample, and a conduit fluidically connected to the inlet chamber and configured to receive the biological sample from the inlet chamber.
Abbott Point Of Care Inc.


System and measuring the pressure of a fluid system within a patient

A pressure sensing apparatus has a pressure sensor component that includes a pressure sensing port, a pressure sensor for sensing a pressure of a fluid in the pressure sensing port, and a digital processor communicating with the pressure sensor for performing calculations involving fluid pressures sensed. The pressure sensing apparatus further includes a first chamber in fluid contact with the pressure sensing port, a second chamber fluidically connectable with a patient's cerebrospinal fluid system, and a membrane located between the first and second chambers so as to transmit fluid pressure from the second chamber to the first chamber..
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.


Adjustable gas-pressure spring, height-adjustable pillar having a gas-pressure spring and furniture piece having a height-adjustable pillar

An adjustable gas pressure spring (9) comprises a gas pressure spring portion (91, 92), a gas reservoir (96) and a connecting means (94) fluidically connecting the gas reservoir (96) and the gas pressure spring portion (91, 92) with each other. The spring force of the gas pressure spring portion.
KessebÖhmer Produktions Gmbh & Co Kg


Adsorptive heat transformation arrangement

An adsorptive heat transformation arrangement includes at least two adsorbers which are connected to at least one pump, an evaporator, and a condenser, a heat store comprising a plurality of horizontal loading and unloading devices for simultaneously stratifying and/or withdrawing a heat transfer fluid, and two or more supply lines fluidically coupled to one another and fluidically coupled to at least one adsorption module. Each horizontal loading and unloading device can be supplied with heat transfer fluid via at least one of the two or more supply lines..
Karlsruher Institut Fuer Technologie


Slot-to-slot circulation in a fluid ejection device

In an embodiment, a fluid ejection device includes a die substrate having first and second fluid slots along opposite substrate sides and separated by a substrate central region. First and second internal columns of closed chambers are associated with the first and second slots, respectively, and the internal columns are separated by the central region.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


Apparatus for continuous casting

Apparatus for continuous casting comprising a support structure provided with a containing casing configured to support inside it a mold equipped with a plurality of longitudinal passage channels for the passage of a cooling liquid. The containing casing and the mold together define an introduction chamber and a discharge chamber for the cooling liquid, and the introduction chamber and the discharge chamber are fluidically connected by the passage channels.
Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche Spa


Implantable penile prosthesis inflation apparatus

An implantable penile prosthesis inflation apparatus includes a manual pump, and a pressure amplifier. The pressure amplifier includes a first sub-amplifier having a first chamber and a piston assembly contained in the first chamber.
Ams Research, Llc


On-line wet chemistry analyzer

A wet chemistry analyzer is provided. The wet chemistry analyzer comprises a reaction chamber configured to receive a reactant solution from a sample inlet and facilitate a process reaction.
Rosemount Analytical Inc.


Heat exchanger

A gas-cooled heat exchanger, in particular a direct intercooler, for cooling of a fluid which flows through the heat exchanger, with a heat transfer block featuring a plurality of flow channels, with a first collection chamber and a second collection chamber. The collection chambers are fluidically connected with one another via the flow channels and the outside of the heat transfer block can be perfused by gas.
Mahle International Gmbh


Changer device for coating media and coating system for coating objects

A changer device for coating media having a housing, which has a delivery port which can be connected to an application device. At least one change unit is provided which includes at least a first and second inlet port, at least one outlet port and a valve device which may connect the first inlet port or the second inlet port to the outlet port, or which may block the flow channel to the outlet port.
Eisenmann Se


Filter element for a filter device for gas filtration

A filter element for a filter device for gas filtration has at least two individual filters which are disposed adjacent to each other and through which the gas to be purified can flow orthogonally to the filter plane. On at least two sides, the individual filters delimit a gas collection chamber that is open on the edge side and that is fluidically connected to the clean sides of the individual filters and used to accommodate the purified gas..
Mann+hummel Gmbh


Drug coated balloon catheter and manufacture thereof

A drug coated balloon (dcb) catheter (4) has a connector (8), a shaft (20) extending from a proximal end (24) to a distal end (28) along an axial direction (x-x) and has a guidewire lumen (32) and an inflation lumen (36), the shaft being connected to the connector (8) on said proximal end (24), wherein the shaft (20) being provided with an inflatable balloon (48), fluidically connected with said inflation lumen (36) in order to be selectively inflated and/or deflated. Advantageously, the balloon (48) is coated with a drug to be delivered on a target lesion, an external wall (52) of the shaft (20), opposite to said lumens (32,36), is covered with a lubricant, and said guidewire lumen (32) is internally covered with a lubricant..
Pine Medical Limited


On-site medical gas production plant and associated operating method

The invention relates to an on-site medical gas production plant (100) comprising a unit (50) for purifying gas, such as air, a first compartment (a) for storing purified gas, and a main gas line (10) fluidically connecting the gas purification unit (50) to the said first storage compartment (a). It furthermore comprises an actuated valve (304) arranged on the main gas line (10) upstream of the first storage compartment (a), and furthermore connected to the secondary purifying device (306), as well as an operating device (4) which controls at least the actuated valve (304), and at least a gas analysis device (d2) in fluid communication with the main line (10), and which is in communication with said operating device (4)..
Vitalaire Canada Inc.


Turbine system

A turbine system including a compressor (3), a combustor arrangement having several combustors (4) fluidicallys connected to receive air from the compressor (3), and a turbine (5) fluidically connected to the combustors (4). Each combustor (4) has an air inlet ring chamber (7) with a flow cross-section defined by an inner tube (10) and an outer tube (11; 17) around the inner tube.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Camshaft phaser

A camshaft phaser having a vane-type phaser having a central-position locking device having locking pins lockable in a locking slot stationary with respect to the stator and locking in the locking slot from different directions. A locking pin has a blocking portion and a flow-through pressure medium conduit, by which a fluid connection between two working chambers of different directions of action can be established or blocked in the different positions of the first locking pin.
Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co. Kg


Camshaft phaser

A camshaft phaser has a central-position locking device for locking the rotor in a central locking position relative to the stator. One or more of the vanes altogether have at least two pressure medium conduits each fluidically connect two working chambers of different directions of action.
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg


Cleaning device for containers for human waste

A cleaning device for cleaning items to be cleaned is proposed. The cleaning device includes at least one nozzle system for acting on the items to be cleaned with at least one cleaning fluid.
Meiko Maschinenbau Gmbh & Co. Kg


System and device for measuring the rate of flow of an exhaled or inhaled airflow

A system for measuring the flow rate of an airflow exhaled or inhaled by a person includes a measuring apparatus and a device. The device includes a tubular pipe for guiding the airflow and a structure with a plurality of ducts configured to separate the airflow.
Fim Medical


Flow device and methods of creating different pressure drops based on a direction of flow

A flow device includes a flow-through region comprising at least one stage having a pocket configured to create a first pressure drop across the flow-through region in response to flow through the flow-through region in a first direction and a second pressure drop in response to flow through the flow-through region in a second direction. The first pressure drop is less than the second pressure drop under the same flow rates.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Shut-off device and gate valve with a shut-off device

The invention relates to a shut-off device for valve systems of industrial plants, in particular of chemical and petrochemical plants, with a disc (12) to shut off an opening for a fluid flow and with a seal seat (13a). The invention is characterised in that the disc (12) is arranged between the seal seat and a pressing means (26) to subject the disc (12) to a pressing force and can be pressed by the pressing means (26) against the seal seat (13a), wherein the pressing means (26) has in a housing (10) a plurality of pistons (48) and a transmission element for transmitting the pressing force to the disc (12), the transmission element being arranged between the pistons (48) and the disc (12) and extending along the disc circumference, and wherein the pistons (48) are fluidically connected by a feed line (49) for hydraulic fluid..
Z & J Technologies Gmbh


Valve for a cold gas generator and airbag system

A valve for a cold gas generator for an airbag in a vehicle includes: a valve chamber; a control chamber; a control piston; an overflow channel; a retaining element; and a shutoff element. The valve chamber includes an inlet from the cold gas generator and an outlet to the airbag.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Cooling system, motor vehicle and cooling same

A cooling system (10) for a motor vehicle has an air system that fluidically connects a plurality of coolers (12) for supplying the coolers (12) with cooling air (16). An air fan is arranged fluidically in the air system for conveying the cooling air (16) to the coolers (12).
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft


Water separation system

A water separation system for separating water from fuel is provided with a water separator with a separator housing provided with a water collecting chamber; a water separating element arranged in the separator housing and fluidically connected with the water collecting chamber; and a water discharge valve connected to the water collecting chamber. A suction and pressure fuel pump feeds fuel to the water separating element.
Mann+hummel Gmbh


Malleable cannula

A malleable cannula for fluidically coupling with an anatomical structure includes a flexible cannula body wall having a proximal end, a distal end, and a lumen extending longitudinally between the proximal end and the distal end. The proximal end defines a first opening to the lumen and the distal end defining a second opening to the lumen.
Circulite, Inc.


Nozzle having an orifice plug for a gas turbomachine

A gas turbomachine nozzle includes a base portion having a first fluid inlet and a second fluid inlet, and an outlet portion having one or more outlets. A connection section fluidically connects the base portion and the outlet portion.
General Electric Company


Lubricant vane pump

A lubricant vane pump for providing a pressurized lubricant for an internal combustion engine includes a pump housing, a pump chamber, a shiftable control ring comprising a pressure-relief-valve, a pump rotor, a pretensioning element which pushes the control ring into a high pumping volume position, a control chamber, and a pump outlet cavity fluidically connected to the control chamber. The pump chamber comprises pump compartments which rotate from a charge to discharge zone.
Pierburg Pump Technology Gmbh


Protective tube device for protecting a temperature sensor against contact with a fluid

A protective tube device can protect a temperature sensor against contact with a fluid, and has a distal end containing the temperature sensor and has an outer wall provided for contact with the fluid, and a proximal end which is connected to the temperature sensor by electric lines and is intended for arrangement outside the fluid, wherein, on the outer wall of the distal end, an elastic membrane closes off a resultantly defined pressure transmission fluid reservoir in a fluid-impermeable manner, the pressure transmission fluid reservoir being connected fluidically by a fluid channel running within the protective tube device to a pressure sensor arranged in the proximal end.. .
Abb Technology Ag


Injection device for an internal combustion engine

The invention relates to an injection device for the injecting of fuel into a combustion chamber, wherein the injection device comprises; a housing which is rigidly connected to the combustion chamber, an injection part which is rotatably connected to the housing and which is drivable by means of an actuator in order to rotate with respect to the housing about a central axis, a supply conduit which is fluidically connected to the combustion chamber for the pressurized introduction of a fuel into the combustion chamber and which comprises a fluid-tight coupling between the housing and the injection part; an injection nozzle which is rigidly connected to the injection part and which comprises an atomizer having an atomizer opening which is fluidically connected to the supply conduit for the introduction of fuel into the combustion chamber, whereas the injection nozzle rotates, the injection device further comprising at least one further supply conduit for the pressurized introduction of a fluid into the combustion chamber.. .
Tdc Products B.v.


Turbomachine system including an inlet bleed heat system and operating a turbomachine at part load

A turbomachine system includes a compressor portion having at least one compressor extraction, a turbine portion operatively connected to the compressor portion, and a combustor assembly including at least one combustor fluidically connected to the compressor portion and the turbine portion. A heat recovery steam generator (hrsg) is fluidically connected to the turbine portion, and an air inlet system is fluidically connected to the compressor portion.
General Electric Company


Thermal power plant with a steam turbine

A thermal power plant has a primary heat supply, a steam generator, a steam turbine and an auxiliary gas turbine, wherein the primary heat supply is fluidically connected to the steam generator, wherein the auxiliary gas turbine is fluidically connected to the steam generator and is set up to keep the steam generator at a predefined minimum temperature when the primary heat supply is off-line, wherein a fan is encompassed, which fan is fluidically connected to the steam generator. A method is for the variable-power operation of such a thermal power plant, wherein the auxiliary gas turbine is brought on-line in dependence on an operating state of the primary heat supply, which is defined by the power to be provided by the latter..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Fluid dispensing device

A fluid dispensing device is provided. The fluid dispensing device includes a dispensing cylinder and a first inlet and a second inlet configured to facilitate intake of one of or more fluids into the dispensing cylinder.


Self-boosting expandable seal with cantilevered seal arm

A downhole seal assembly includes a body extending from an uphole end to a downhole end. The body includes a first sealing surface and an opposing, second sealing surface that is angled relative to the first sealing surface.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Azimuthal mixer

An azimuthal mixer component that may be plumbed in-line with a showerhead stem tube of a semiconductor processing apparatus is provided. The azimuthal mixer may include a main passage that is coaxial with the stem tube, and one or more plenums that partially or wholly encircle the main passage.
Lam Research Corporation

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