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Fluidically patents

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Draining a power plant

Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Draining a power plant

Regulator flow damping


Regulator flow damping

Regulator flow damping

Dräger Medical

Respirator and method for determining a fresh gas flow

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fluidically-related patents
 Spinning unit of an air jet spinning machine and its operation patent thumbnailSpinning unit of an air jet spinning machine and its operation
The invention refers to a spinning unit of an air jet spinning machine with a spinning nozzle (1) used to manufacture yarn (2) from a fiber strand (3) fed to the spinning nozzle (1), in which case the spinning nozzle (1) has an inlet (4) for the fiber strand (3), a swirl chamber (5) located inside, a yarn forming element (6) protruding into the swirl chamber (5) and a exhaust duct (24) for the yarn (2) as well as an outlet (7) for the yarn (2) produced in the interior of the spinning nozzle (1). According to the invention, it is suggested that an additive supply (8) be assigned to the spinning nozzle (1) designed so the spinning nozzle (1) is supplied with an additive, in which case the yarn forming element (6) has at least one additive duct (10) that ends in the swirl chamber (5) or exhaust duct (24), and in which case the additive supply (8) encompasses at least one additive supply line (14) connected fluidically to the additive duct (10) so that an additive introduced into the additive duct (10) via the additive supply line (14) can be introduced into the exhaust duct (24) and/or swirl chamber (5).
Maschinenfabrik Rieter Ag

 Draining a power plant patent thumbnailDraining a power plant
A power plant, particularly a coupled gas and steam power plant, including a plurality of first drainage lines that are fluidically connected on the upstream side to a water-steam circuit and are fluidically connected on the downstream side to an overpressure vessel, is provided. Additionally, at least one steam-conducting supply line, via which steam can be fed back to the water-steam circuit, is fluidically connected to the overpressure vessel.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Regulator flow damping patent thumbnailRegulator flow damping
The subject matter of this specification can be embodied in, among other things, a method that includes providing a fluid at a fluid inlet fluidically connected to an input fluid path, providing a fluid outlet fluidically connected to an outlet fluid path, fluidically connecting the inlet fluid path to the outlet fluid path through a valve, fluidically connecting the inlet fluid and the outlet fluid through a bypass fluid path in parallel with the valve, flowing the fluid from the inlet fluid path to the outlet fluid path through the valve and the bypass fluid path at a regulated fluid flow rate, restricting fluid flow in the bypass fluid path with a first orifice, restricting fluid flow in one of the fluid inlet path or the fluid outlet path with a second orifice, and providing the fluid at the fluid outlet at an outlet fluid flow rate.. .
Woodward, Inc.

 Respirator and  determining a fresh gas flow patent thumbnailRespirator and determining a fresh gas flow
A respirator (1) includes a fresh gas port (23, 25, 27) for connecting a fresh gas supply, a gas outlet (3) for connecting a supply line for a patient, an absolute pressure sensor (21) and a data processor (37). The gas outlet and the fresh gas port are fluidically connected via an inhalation branch (17) that is connected to the absolute pressure sensor.
Dräger Medical Gmbh

 Main body and system having multiple  nozzles for cleaning a medical product patent thumbnailMain body and system having multiple nozzles for cleaning a medical product
A base body for cleaning or disinfecting a medical product includes a plurality of nozzles for releasing a cleaning medium. The base body is of a disc-based construction consisting of a plurality of plates arranged in succession.
Hysolena Gmbh

 Master brake cylinder arrangement with actuation detection for a motor vehicle brake system patent thumbnailMaster brake cylinder arrangement with actuation detection for a motor vehicle brake system
The invention relates to a master brake cylinder arrangement with actuation detection for a motor vehicle braking system, having at least one piston arrangement with a piston, which is movably guided in a cylinder bore in a cylinder housing, said piston with the cylinder bore defining a pressure chamber which is fluidically coupled to a hydraulic brake circuit. During a forward stroke, the piston can be moved from a start position into a possible actuation piston along a movement axis, which coincides essentially with a longitudinal axis of the cylinder bore, and during a return stroke, said piston is moved from an actuation position into a start position.
Lucas Automotive Gmbh

 Generation of a pulsed jet by jet vectoring through a nozzle with multiple outlets patent thumbnailGeneration of a pulsed jet by jet vectoring through a nozzle with multiple outlets
A method of producing a pulsatile jet flow from a substantially constant flow primary jet in a way that is mechanically efficient, easy to implement, and allows direct control over pulse duration and pulsing frequency is disclosed herein. The invention includes at least two components: (a) a constant flow fluid jet produced by any normal method (e.g., propeller) that can be directionally vectored fluidically, mechanically, or electromagnetically and (b) a nozzle with multiple outlets (orifices) through which the vectored jet may be directed.
Southern Methodist University

 High-speed vehicle power and thermal management system and methods of use therefor patent thumbnailHigh-speed vehicle power and thermal management system and methods of use therefor
A thermal management and power generation system for a hypersonic vehicle. The thermal management and power generation system comprising a fluid supply having a volatile fluid and a fuel supply having an endothermic fuel.
Government Of The United States As Represented By The Secretary Of The Air Force

 Heat engine patent thumbnailHeat engine
A heat engine has a first heat exchanger which is configured as a heater, has a second heat exchanger which is configured as a cooler, has a turbine which is arranged between the first and the second heat exchanger, and has a line system which has a working medium, is configured as a circuit and connects the components to one another in a fluidically conducting manner. If the first heat exchanger, the turbine and the second heat exchanger are arranged so as to follow one another in the vertical direction in the installed position, the heat engine can be designed as a particularly compact structural unit..

 Fluid circulation patent thumbnailFluid circulation
Among other things, an apparatus for use in fluid jetting is described. The apparatus includes a printhead including a flow path and a nozzle in communication with the flow path that has a first end and a second end.
Fujifilm Dimatix, Inc.


Frequency-based filtering of mechanical actuation using fluidic device

A mechanical input to a fluidic filter network can be actuated. The fluidic filter network can include respective branches fluidically coupling the mechanical input to respective deformable mechanical outputs.


Oxidative coupling of methane implementations for olefin production

The present disclosure provides oxidative coupling of methane (ocm) systems for small scale and world scale production of olefins. An ocm system may comprise an ocm subsystem that generates a product stream comprising c2+ compounds and non-c2+ impurities from methane and an oxidizing agent.
Siluria Technologies, Inc.


System for applying a coating to a workpiece

An applicator head for a vacuum coating system includes a manifold shell having opposing shell plates, each including a conduit attachment coupled to a shell aperture. An applicator manifold is affixed to each shell plate.
Armstrong World Indusries, Inc.


Implantable penile prosthesis

A penile prosthesis includes an inflatable cylinder, a fluid connector and a pump. The inflatable cylinder includes an inflatable volume extending within a front tip, and a reservoir within a rear tip.
Ams Research Corporation


Fluid dispensing and recirculation valve

A fluid recirculation and dispenser valve unit of a fluid comprises a fluid recirculation and dispenser valve and a cartridge in which an axial valve seat is made which at least partially houses said valve. Said valve comprises a valve body and a valve rod which extends partially in said valve body and which is axially movable between a closed rearward position of the valve and an open forward position of the valve.
Corob S.p.a


Damper for a vehicle having a flange for connecting an external module tube

A shock absorber having a shock absorber tube (10) is disclosed and has an external module tube (11) which is connected to the shock absorber tube (10) via a flange (12), wherein the flange (12) has one or more fluid ducts (13, 14) which fluidically couple the module tube (11) to the shock absorber tube (10). The flange (12) has at least one metallic support cage (15) which forms a retentive connection between the shock absorber tube (10) and the module tube (11), and the flange (12) has a plastics body (16) in which the fluid duct (13, 14) for the fluidic coupling of the module tube (11) to the shock absorber tube (10) is formed..
Thyssenkrupp Bilstein Gmbh


Preheating device for a fuel injection system

A preheating device for an internal combustion engine may include an inlet connection for connecting a distributor rail of a fuel injection system and an outlet connection for connecting a fuel injector of the fuel injection system. A preheating chamber may be fluidically connected with the inlet connection and the outlet connection and be flowable through by a fuel flow.
Mahle International Gmbh


Tubular flow control apparatus and packing particulates using a slurry

A tubular flow control apparatus includes, a first screen surrounding a first tubular defining a first annular space therebetween, a second screen surrounding a second tubular defining a second annular space therebetween, and a third tubular positioned longitudinally between the first tubular and the second tubular having at least one passageway fluidically connecting the first annular space with the second annular space, the third tubular having at least one opening fluidically connecting the at least one passageway to a third space located radially outwardly of the third tubular.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Multi-chambered cell culture device to model organ microphysiology

A cell culture device can include: a top wall; a bottom wall; one or more perimeter walls coupled with and extending between the top wall and bottom wall; and at least 3 distinct chambers between the top wall, bottom wall. The one or more perimeter walls can include: an internal chamber defined by at least one porous internal wall and having an internal chamber inlet and an internal chamber outlet; one or more boundary layer chambers having at least an inner boundary layer chamber defined by the at least one porous internal wall and at least one porous inner boundary layer wall, the at least one porous internal wall having a plurality of pores fluidically coupling the central internal chamber to the one or more boundary layer chamber; and an outer chamber defined by an outer porous boundary layer wall of the at least one porous boundary layer walls and the one or more perimeter walls and having an outer chamber inlet and an outer chamber outlet, the outer porous boundary layer wall having a plurality of pores that fluidically couple the outer chamber with the one or more boundary layer chambers.
Cfd Research Corporation


Devices and methods for heating fluid dispensers, hoses, and nozzles

Various exemplary devices and methods for heating fluid dispensers, hoses, and nozzles are provided. In general, the devices and methods for heating fluid dispensers, hoses, and nozzles can be configured to heat fluid dispensable by a user into a fuel tank or other type of container.
Wayne Fueling Systems Llc


Multi-chamber nucleic acid amplification and detection device

A nucleic acid amplification and detection device includes an amplification cartridge with a plurality of reaction chambers for containing an amplification reagent and a visual detection reagent, and a plurality of optically transparent view ports for viewing inside the reaction chambers. The cartridge also includes a sample receiving port which is adapted to receive a fluid sample and fluidically connected to distribute the fluid sample to the reaction chamber, and in one embodiment, a plunger is carried by the cartridge for occluding fluidic communication to the reaction chambers.


Microfluidic cartridge for processing and detecting nucleic acids

A microfluidic cartridge, configured to facilitate processing and detection of nucleic acids, comprising: a top layer comprising a set of cartridge-aligning indentations, a set of sample port-reagent port pairs, a shared fluid port, a vent region, a heating region, and a set of detection chambers; an intermediate substrate, coupled to the top layer comprising a waste chamber; an elastomeric layer, partially situated on the intermediate substrate; and a set of fluidic pathways, each formed by at least a portion of the top layer and a portion of the elastomeric layer, wherein each fluidic pathway is fluidically coupled to a sample port-reagent port pair, the shared fluid port, and a detection chamber, comprises a turnabout portion passing through the heating region, and is configured to be occluded upon deformation of the elastomeric layer, to transfer a waste fluid to the waste chamber, and to pass through the vent region.. .
Neumodx Molecular, Inc.


Mixing nozzle

A mixing nozzle includes at least two individual mixing channels dimensioned to create a turbulent flow effect to facilitate dispersion of the components of a medical agent, such as a liquid embolic composition, during delivery, e.g., to vasculature of a subject. In some examples, the mixing nozzle is configured to be mechanically and fluidically connected to a syringe, a catheter, or both the syringe and the catheter..
Covidien Lp


Cooling arrangement for components disposed in an interior of a switch cabinet

The invention relates to a switch cabinet with a cooling apparatus which has a first closed coolant circuit and a second closed coolant circuit separated fluidically from the first coolant circuit, the first coolant circuit having a refrigerating machine or a cold water set and the second coolant circuit having a heat pipe arrangement.. .


Online gas chromatograph operation with reduced usage of calibration gas

An online gas chromatograph is provided. The online gas chromatograph includes a sample inlet and at least one chromatographic column operably coupled to the sample inlet.


Downhole chemical injection system having a density barrier

A downhole chemical injection system for positioning in a well. The system includes a generally tubular mandrel having an axially extending internal passageway and an exterior.


Apparatuses, systems, and methods for filling a container with a liquid drug

In one embodiment, a method of filling a container with a liquid drug from a drug reservoir may include: a) connecting a container and a drug reservoir with a cannula such that the drug reservoir and the container fluidically communicate with each other via the cannula, while being hermetically sealed; b) reducing a first volume contained within the container to displace a gaseous medium from the first volume of the container via the cannula into a second volume contained within the drug reservoir; c) increasing the first volume of the container to displace the liquid drug from the second volume of the drug reservoir into the first volume of the container to fill the container; and d) disconnecting the container and the drug reservoir. Before performing action d), action b) and action c) can be successively performed more than once to stepwise increase an amount of liquid drug displaced..


Flow casing for an oil valve

A flow casing for an oil valve includes a supporting housing comprising a supporting bore. A valve housing is arranged in the supporting bore.


Dual check valve and controlling flow through the same

A dual check valve includes, a housing having a cavity fluidically connecting three ports, a movable member movably engaged within the cavity from at least a first position occluding a first port of the three ports, a second position occluding a second port of the three ports, and a third position allowing flow between both the first port, the second port and a third port of the three ports.. .


Battery cooling device and associated operating method

A battery cooling device may include a refrigeration circuit configured to communicate a refrigerant in a flow direction. The refrigeration circuit may include a plurality of refrigerant paths configured to be flowed through in parallel by the refrigerant along the flow direction.


Jet ventilation catheter, in particular for ventilating a patient

The present invention relates to a catheter for ventilating a patient, with a ventilation channel for alternately delivering and removing air and/or oxygen to and from the patient's airways, the catheter having a maximum external diameter of at most 6 mm, preferably 2 to 5 mm, and the ventilation channel having an open end, and a connector end for connection to a gas flow reversing element. According to the invention, the catheter is provided with means or elements for measuring the pressure outside the ventilation channel near the open end.


Illuminating balloon catheter and using the catheter

To perform pelvic surgery, a directionally illuminating balloon catheter enters a bladder. The catheter has a multi-lumen shaft.


Open plasma lamp for forming a light-sustained plasma

An open plasma lamp includes a cavity section. A gas input and gas output of the cavity section are arranged to flow gas through the cavity section.
Kla-tencor Corporation


Housing of a centrifugal blower

A housing of a centrifugal blower for use in an air conditioner is provided that includes a rotatably supported fan wheel, an inlet opening disposed in the axial direction of the fan wheel and an outlet opening disposed in the radial direction of the fan wheel. A widening diffuser is disposed downstream from the outlet opening in the flow direction, and the fan wheel is disposed in an inner volume of the housing.
Mahle International Gmbh


Device for receiving an electronic device, in particular for use in an explosion-prone area

A device arrangement for receiving an electronic device may include a casing enclosing at least partially a casing interior. A resilient partition wall may be disposed in the casing and divide the casing interior into a first sub-chamber and a second sub-chamber fluidically separated from the first sub-chamber.
Ecom Instruments Gmbh


Articulated conduit systems and uses thereof for fluid transfer between two vessels

According to some aspects, a tug and barge arrangement is provided that is configured with an articulated conduit system for transferring fluid between the tug and the barge. In some embodiments, an articulated conduit system is provided that comprises a plurality of conduits fluidically interconnected by rotatable joints configured to permit positional alterations of the fluid conduits that result from differential movement between a tug and barge..
Moran Towing Corporation


Fluid application device having a nozzle with individually metered orifice or orifices

A fluid application device and method of controlling the dispensing of the from the fluid delivery device are provided. The fluid application device includes a metering device configured to receive the fluid and has one or more metering pumps configured to meter the fluid flowing through each pump, a discrete fluid delivery conduit extending from each metering pump, the fluid delivery conduit configured to receive the metered fluid, and a nozzle assembly fluidically connected to the metering device.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Microfluidic device and analyzing a sample of biological material

A microfluidic device is configured to analyze a sample of biological material. The microfluidic device includes a fluid guide structure constructed in order to divide a sample introduced into the microfluidic device into a plurality of subquantities.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Flexible electrical isolation device

An electrical isolator includes a flexible non-electrically conductive membrane and an inelastic flexible dielectric member journalled in the membrane and extending from the first end of the membrane to the second end of the membrane. First and second coupling members are anchored to the ends of the dielectric member.
Quanta Associates, Lp


Pressure reducing valve

A pressure reducing valve includes main and pilot valves. The pilot valve is configured to regulate a pilot pressure, and includes pilot, drain, and first control-oil ports, a first opening cross section between the first control-oil and pilot ports, a second opening cross section between the pilot and drain ports; and a pilot part.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Motor-pump unit

A motor pump unit with a multipart housing comprises a reversible internal gear machine and an electric motor with a rotor and a stator, which is coupled to the internal gear machine via a shaft rotatably mounted in the housing. One shaft end extends from the internal gear machine axially through the rotor that is carried by the shaft.
Eckerle Industrie-elektronik Gmbh


Catalyzed hot gas heating system for pipes

A heating system for heating a fluid pipe in an industrial process system includes at least one gas tank fluidically connected to a first catalyst via a gas supply pipe. A first pipe heating zone is fluidically connected to the first catalyst via a first hot gas pipe.
Solarreserve Technology, Llc


Low strain pneumatic networks for soft robots

An actuator includes a plurality of chambers comprised of an extensible material, the chambers having interior side walls and exterior walls, wherein at least a portion of the interior side wall is separated from an interior side wall of an adjacent chamber; and a strain limiting base; and a channel that fluidically interconnects the plurality of chambers, wherein the interior walls are configured to be more compliant than the exterior walls.. .
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Shut-off valve

A shut-off valve to fill a tank with a gaseous medium. The shut-off valve includes a valve housing, a piston arranged in the valve housing for displacement in an axial direction and having an axially continuous bore, a first end piece having an outlet opening which is fluidically-connected to the axially continuous bore of the piston; and a second end piece having an inlet opening which is fluidically-connected to the axially continuous bore of the piston.
Magna Steyr Engineering Ag & Co Kg


Wheel for motor vehicle

The wheel for a motor vehicle is composed essentially of a fiber composite material, wherein the spokes of the wheel are each formed with a longitudinally extending cavity and said cavity is fluidically connected to a rim well or to a tire-rim space formed by the rim well and a mounted tire via an air passage opening, with the result that both monitoring of the hollow spokes for damage and in the case of tire damage is possible by a tire pressure monitoring device arranged in the wheel.. .
Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft


Cooled strand guide roller mounted at more than one location

A cooled strand guide roller (1) mounted at more than one location for guiding a metal strand (s) in a continuous casting machine, and a method for cooling a strand guide roller (1) mounted at more than one location. An internally cooled strand guide roller (1) is mounted at more than one location.
Primetals Technologies Austria Gmbhß


Microfluidic devices, sample preparation and analysis

The present disclosure provides microfluidic devices, systems and methods for sample preparation and/or analysis. A microfluidic device can include a first channel having a sequence of (n) chambers each having a first volume (v).
Genapsys, Inc.


Fluid diversion mechanism for bodily-fluid sampling

An apparatus includes a housing, a fluid reservoir, a flow control mechanism, and an actuator. The housing defines an inner volume and has an inlet port that can be fluidically coupled to a patient and an outlet port.
Magnolia Medical Technologies, Inc.


Methods and selectively occluding the lumen of a needle

A fluid transfer device for parenterally transferring fluid to and/or from a patient includes a housing, a needle, and an occlusion mechanism. The housing defines a fluid flow path and is couplable to a fluid reservoir.
Magnolia Medical Technologies, Inc.


Tangential flow perfusion system

The invention discloses a system for perfusion culture of cells which comprises: a bioreactor; a filter unit with a retentate inlet end, a retentate outlet end and a permeate outlet port; a reciprocating pump fluidically connected to the retentate inlet end, with the retentate inlet end fluidically connected to the bioreactor via an inlet check valve arranged to allow flow in the direction from the bioreactor to the retentate inlet end and to block flow in the reverse direction, and where the retentate outlet end is fluidically connected to the bioreactor via an outlet check valve arranged to allow flow in the direction from the retentate outlet end to the bioreactor and to block flow in the reverse direction; and where the inlet and outlet check valves are each fluidically connected to a tubing branch point, which is further connected to the bioreactor via a length of tubing. In an alternative embodiment, each of said inlet and outlet check valves is fluidically connected to the bioreactor via separate lengths of tubing.
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab


Apparatus and methods for disinfection of a specimen container

An apparatus includes a transfer adapter, a puncture member, a disinfection member, and a fluid reservoir. The transfer adapter has a proximal end portion and a distal end portion, and defines an inner volume configured to receive the puncture member.
Magnolia Medical Technologies, Inc.


Pressure cuff or garment

A pressure cuff or garment for prophylactic treatment of deep vein thrombosis includes a series of three chambers arranged in series and coupled fluidically to one another by bleed tubes or chokes. The chambers are otherwise sealed to the environment, save for the first chamber which also provides an inlet/outlet for coupling to a fluid pump.
Huntleigh Technology Limited


Funnel-pipe arrangement

An arrangement (6) of a pipe (5) on a funnel (4) has a pipe interior space (8) fluidically connected with a funnel interior space (9). The funnel has an integral connection piece (10) with two axial openings (12) in the circumferential direction (11).
Eberspächer Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg


Stretch valve balloon catheter and methods for producing and using same

A method for manufacturing a safety catheter includes a flexible, multi-lumen shaft having a drain lumen draining fluid adjacent a distal tip of the shaft out a proximal drain end of the shaft and an inflation lumen. A hollow balloon portion has an inflation port fluidically connecting the inflation lumen to the balloon interior to inflate the balloon outwardly larger than a diameter of the shaft.
Mayser, Llc


Connecting device for the fluidic connection of a fluid pipe section to a further fluid pipe section

The invention relates to a connecting device (10) for connecting two pipe end sections (12, 13) in a fluidically sealed manner. The connecting device (10) has retaining element which can be fitted to a first pipe end section (12) by means of a bayonet connection.
Mann+hummel Gmbh


Disc valve

A disc valve, in particular a multi-way control valve, is provided which has a housing that has an inlet connection and an outlet connection as connections for a liquid and/or gaseous medium. The connections end in respectively different chambers of the housing, at least one valve disc, in particular a ceramic valve disc, which is provided with at least one first through-flow opening and is arranged rotatably mounted in the housing in order to fluidically connect and separate from each other the different chambers depending on its rotational position by means of the through-flow opening, and a control shaft, which is connected torque-proof to the valve disc in the housing.
Mack & Schneider Gmbh


Disc valve

A multiway control valve is provided having a housing that has an inlet connection and an outlet connection for a liquid and/or gaseous medium, a rotatably mounted ceramic valve disc, which is arranged with a first through-flow opening and rotatably mounted in the housing to fluidically connect and disconnect from each other the connections depending on its rotational position. The valve disc rests flatly on a ceramic sealing disc, arranged in a torque-proof manner and having two second through-flow openings, and a sealing element, which is arranged between the sealing disc and an intermediate floor of the housing and is elastically deformable.
Mack & Schneider Gmbh


Intake manifold with integrated charge air cooler with two circuits

An intake device is provide for drawing in fresh gas and feeding the same to an internal combustion engine with internal combustion, wherein the intake device is suited for the formation of a fresh gas vortex in a combustion chamber of the internal combustion engine. The intake device includes a first manifold section, from which all first parts of fresh gas line groups branch off to a fresh gas outlet end, and a second manifold section, from which all second parts of the fresh gas line groups branch off to the fresh gas outlet end, which are fluidically separated from each other from the separation point to the fresh gas outlet end.
Röchling Automotive Se & Co. Kg


Mixture-charged gas engine and compensating for volumetric efficiency deviations in a mixture-charged gas engine

A mixture-charged gas engine includes at least one cylinder. A combustion chamber delimited by a cylinder head, a cylinder wall, and a piston, which can be moved in the cylinder, is arranged in the at least one cylinder, and the combustion chamber is divided into a main combustion chamber and at least one pre-chamber fluidically connected to the main combustion chamber via at least one firing channel.
Mtu Friedrichshafen Gmbh


Pressure control valve with integrated pressure compensation function and check valve function

A pneumatic pressure control valve for a brake control system of a rail vehicle having at least three pressure chambers supplied with compressed air and are disposed in a housing of the pressure control valve, a first pressure chamber sealed by a piston and by a valve seat arranged on a tappet, subjected to a braking pressure and fluidically connected to a second pressure chamber via a conduit in the tappet to relieve pressure, a further third pressure chamber supplied with a supply pressure, arranged between the two pressure chambers and the sealing between the third pressure chamber and the second pressure chamber is achieved by a flat membrane arranged in the third pressure chamber and which enables the tappet to be axially displaced, the flat membrane has a circular opening arranged substantially centrally to provide a check function and through which the tappet extends in the axial direction.. .
Knorr-bremse Systeme FÜr Schienenfahrzeuge Gmbh


Stretch valve balloon catheter and methods for producing and using same

A safety balloon catheter includes a flexible, multi-lumen balloon catheter having a hollow stretch valve. The catheter has a balloon, a hollow inflation lumen extending to the balloon interior and conveying inflation fluid to and from the balloon interior, a hollow second lumen, and a balloon drainage port fluidically connecting the balloon interior to the second lumen.
Mayser, Llc


Closure container for single dose disposable pharmaceutical delivery system

Provided herein is a single dose disposable pharmaceutical delivery apparatus and methods of use and manufacture thereof. One aspect provides a single dose disposable pharmaceutical delivery apparatus that includes a needle hub seal attached to a needle hub and a bladder that can contain a pharmaceutical composition.
Seratouch, Llc


Medication injection site and data collection system

A medication delivery apparatus for use with a medication container includes a housing, a fluid conduit at least partially extending within the housing and configured to deliver medication within the medication container to a patient, a medication port extending from the housing and configured to be coupled to a fluid outlet of the medication container, the medication port being fluidically coupled to the fluid conduit, and at least one sensor disposed within the housing to generate information characterizing administration of the medication for processing by a remote data collection system. The housing can have a size and shape that enables it to be supported by a first hand of a user while the user administers the medication from the medication container via the medication port using a second hand of the user.
Crisi Medical Systems, Inc.


Thermostatic mixer valve

A thermostatic valve for mixer taps comprising a body provided with a chamber for mixing water, is described. Inflowing side openings for separately inflowing hot water and cold water to the mixing chamber are provided at different heights of the body.
Artis S.r.l.


Cross-car structural support with integrated hvac floor duct

A cross-car structure integrates an hvac duct with a structural beam. An upper steel beam has opposing ends attached to opposite body sides.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Multi-port connection and multi-port multiple outlet manifold

A manifold for use with an intermittent compression device garment, said manifold comprising: a plurality of outlet ports, where each of said outlet ports is fluidically connected to a chamber within a fluid fillable garments; and an inlet port fluidically connected to a fluid pump.. .


System and storing and leak testing a radioactive materials storage canister

A system for storing radioactive materials includes a canister having a first hermetically sealed vessel having a first cavity, a second hermetically sealed vessel having a second cavity, the first vessel positioned in the second cavity, an interstitial space between the first and second vessels, and a test port through the second vessel in fluidic communication with the interstitial space. A conduit has a first end fluidically coupled to the test port, and a removable seal is operably coupled to a second end of the conduit..
Holtec International, Inc.


Oxidative coupling of methane implementations for olefin production

The present disclosure provides oxidative coupling of methane (ocm) systems for small scale and world scale production of olefins. An ocm system may comprise an ocm subsystem that generates a product stream comprising c2+ compounds and non-c2+ impurities from methane and an oxidizing agent.
Siluria Technologies, Inc.


Biomolecular detection test strip design

Described here are a device and a method for detecting the presence of a biomarker using the device, wherein the device comprises (a) a substrate comprising a plurality of electrodes; (b) a plurality of nanowire field-effect transistor sensors integrated or assembled on the substrate and connected to the electrodes; and (c) a microfluidic component disposed on the substrate and adapted to communicate fluidically with the nwfet sensors.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California


Fluidic valve with selectivly switchable storage paths

A sample separation apparatus (100, 200) for separating a fluidic sample (104), the sample separation apparatus (100, 200) comprising: a first separation unit (102) for separating the fluidic sample (104); a first fluid drive (106) configured for generating a fluid flow for conducting the fluidic sample (104) to be separated through the first separation unit (102); a second separation unit (110), arranged downstream of the first separation unit (102), for further separating the fluidic sample (104) after treatment by the first separation unit (102); a second fluid drive (112) configured for generating a fluid flow for conducting the fluidic sample (104) or at least parts thereof, after treatment by the first separation unit (102), through the second separation unit (110); a fluidic valve (114) having a first inlet (116) fluidically coupled to one of the first fluid drive (106) and the second fluid drive (112); the fluidic valve (114) having a second inlet (118) fluidically coupled to the other of the first fluid drive (106) and the second fluid drive (112); the fluidic valve (114) comprising at least two different sets (131, 133) of storage paths, wherein each set of storage paths comprises a first storage path (128); and wherein the first storage path (128) of a first set (131) of said at least two sets of storage paths has a first volume and the first storage path (132) of a second set (133) of said at least two sets of storage paths has a second volume different from the first volume; the fluidic valve (114) being configured for selectively switching one set of said least two sets of storage paths to the first inlet (116) and the second inlet (118).. .
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Directional control valve for fluid and device for in-situ reconstitution and administering

A directional control valve for fluid comprising an axial chamber connected to first and second radial inlet/outlet ports and to a radial outlet port for administering said solution, a rotary crank pin housed in said chamber and through which there pass connecting ducts which are connected to axial third and fourth inlet/outlet ports intended to be connected to said second reservoir, said connecting ducts being designed to connect said first, second, third, fourth inlet/outlet ports and said administering port selectively and fluidically according to the angular position of said crank pin with respect to said body.. .


Multi-fuel engine system

Various methods and systems are provided for an intake manifold for an engine. In one example, an insert comprises an annular body having a top surface, bottom surface, inner surface, and outer surface.
General Electric Company


Subtractive three dimensional fabrication of an inkjet plate

A fluidic structure formed in a film, including a particle filter formed at a bottom surface of the film having a depth less than a thickness of the film, a cavity fluidically connected to the particle filter extending from a top of the particle filter to a top surface of the film, an inlet fluidically connected to and positioned adjacent to the cavity, the inlet having a depth less than or equal to a thickness of the film and extending to the top surface of the film, and a body port extending from the top surface of the film into some depth of the film , the body port fluidically connected to the inlet.. .
Xerox Corporation


Fluid application device having a modular contact nozzle with a fluidic oscillator

A fluid application device having a contact nozzle assembly with a fluidic oscillator is provided. The fluid application device includes an applicator head and a nozzle assembly.
Illinois Took Works Inc.


Separation and concentration of particles

Described are devices, methods, and kits for controlled incremental filtration (cif), as well as methods of designing cif devices. For example, a method for cif may modulate a concentration of particles of a desired size in a fluid.
The Administrators Of The Tulane Educational Fund


Ventilation device for ventilation of rooms in buildings

A ventilation device for ventilating rooms, comprising a first air routing device for routing a first flow of air, said routing device having a first room-side outlet, a first flow space in which at least one first fan capable of bidirectional operation is arranged, and a first outside outlet; a second air routing device for routing a second flow of air, which is fluidically completely separate from the first air routing device and has a second room-side outlet, a second flow space in which at least one second fan capable of bidirectional operation is arranged, and a second outside outlet; an integral gas-solid heat exchanger adapted to route the first flow of air and the second flow of air in a respective set of passageways, in a fluidically separated but thermally coupled manner, wherein the solid in the first and the second air routing device additionally forms a respective regenerator.. .
Lunos Luftungstechnik Gmbh Fur Raumluftsysteme


Micro-fluidic device

Embodiments described herein provide micro-fluidic systems and devices for use in performing various diagnostic and analytical tests. According to one embodiment, the micro-fluidic device includes a sample chamber for receiving a sample, and a reaction chamber for performing a chemical reaction.
Incube Labs, Llc


Led light bulb with removable led portion

Provided is an led light bulb with separable top and bottom portions. The top portion comprises led lamps and the bottom portion comprises a power electronics circuit for powering the led lamps.


Method and removing hydrate plugs

A method for removing hydrate plugs in a hydrocarbon production station, the method comprising: fluidically isolating the production station; diverting production flow to a bypass line; and adjusting the pressure in the production station to a level sufficient to melt the hydrate plugs.. .
Framo Engineering As


Printed circuit board designs for laminated microfluidic devices

A microfluidic device is disclosed including a printed circuit board (pcb) and a microfluidic layer attached to the pcb. The microfluidic layer may include a microfluidic feature.
Canon U.s. Life Sciences, Inc.


Electrohydraulic generator systems and methods

A system includes a generator configured to be coupled to a power input of an uninterruptible power supply (ups), an engine, a hydraulic motor and a mechanical coupling mechanism configured to selectively couple the engine and the hydraulic motor to the generator. The system further includes a hydraulic accumulator and a valve configured to fluidically couple the hydraulic accumulator to the hydraulic motor.
Eaton Corporation


Heat exchanger and manufacturing the same

Disclosed are a heat exchanger and a method of manufacturing a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger may include a plurality of three-step tubes, each having a three-layered section and each having a liquid passage at a middle portion and module insertion spaces at opposite sides of the liquid passage, a plurality of thermoelectric modules inserted into the module insertion spaces, a plurality of cooling fins coupled to an outer surface of each of the three-step tubes, and an upper tank and a lower tank coupled to an upper side and a lower side of the three-step tubes to be fluidically communicated with the liquid passages of the three-step tubes.
Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.


Inflatable packaging and realizing thereof

An inflatable packaging includes a flexible laminar element having at least one pair of reciprocally superimposed layers divided into a plurality of chambers adapted to be filled with a filling fluid and elements fluidically connecting the chambers with each other, at least one chamber being provided with a inlet adapted to be connected to external lines feeding the filling fluid and allowing the inflation of all the chambers through the inlet. A method of producing the above packaging is also disclosed..


Brake master cylinder for a motor vehicle brake system with profiled pressure piston

A brake master cylinder arrangement includes a housing with a cylindrical recess, a pressure piston moveable in the cylindrical recess along a longitudinal axis and guided in a sealing manner, and a reservoir for storing brake fluid that is fluidically connected via a fluid channel to the housing. The pressure piston and the housing enclose a pressure chamber that is connected to a fluid circuit of the brake system.
Lucas Automotive Gmbh


Drug refill applicator system and use

Embodiments of the present invention involve a refill apparatus comprising at least one pump, a plurality of reservoirs, a plurality of reservoir fluid channels each associated with one of the reservoirs, a plurality of valves, each having a cracking pressure, for fluidically sealing the reservoir fluid channels and the outlet fluid channel, an outlet fluid channel fluidically connected to the reservoir fluid channels, and a needle having a lumen in fluid communication with the outlet fluid channel. A parameter such as a pressure level is monitored, and one or more pumps and various ones of the valves are actuated in accordance with a protocol comprising a sequence of steps whereby fluidic pathways are opened between different ones of the reservoirs and the needle in a washing and filling sequence, each of the steps being associated with an expected pressure level..


Gas turbine process with updraft power plant

A power plant having at least one gas turbine and at least one tower that is equipped with a power generation unit and is used for generating electricity from an aerodynamic updraft in the tower is provided herein. The gas turbine is fluidically coupled to the tower in such a way that at least some of the exhaust gas from the gas turbine can flow through the tower during operation, the gas turbine being fluidically coupled to the tower at least in part by a duct that has a duct section via which fresh air can be fed to the exhaust gas so as to mix therewith before and/or while the mixture is conducted into the tower..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Co-extrusion print head with edge bead reduction

A co-extrusion print head has at least one channel, and a set of orifices fluidically connected to the channel, wherein the set of orifices has at least one orifice at each edge of the set has a smaller vertical extent than the other orifices.. .
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated


Filter for fluids and an additive container for a filter

A filter (10) for liquid has a filter housing (14) with at least one hollow filter element (12). The filter element at least partially surrounded by a liquid guidance region (54).
Mann+hummel Gmbh


Heat exchanger for cooling a switch cabinet and corresponding cooling arrangement

The invention relates to a heat exchanger for cooling a switch cabinet, with a first line system for a first coolant and with a second line system, separated fluidically from the first line system, for a second coolant, in which the first and the second line system are coupled thermally to one another, and to a corresponding switch cabinet.. .
Rittal Gmbh & Co. Kg


Thermographic inspection techniques

A system may include a fluid source fluidically coupled to a plenum; a thermal camera; at least one flow meter; and a computing device communicatively connected to the at least one flow meter and the thermal camera. The computing device may be configured to receive flow rate values from the at least one flow meter relating to flow testing of a first component fluidically coupled to the plenum; receive thermographic image data captured by the thermal camera during flowing thermographic testing of a second component fluidically coupled to the plenum; and associate the flow rate values with the thermographic image data to produce quantitative flowing thermographic image data..
Rolls Royce Corporation


Devices and methods for manipulating components in a fluid sample

Devices for sorting components (e.g., cells) contained in a liquid sample are provided. In certain aspects, the devices include a magnetic separation device and an acoustic concentrator device fluidically coupled to magnetic separation device.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Heat dissipation system for aircraft drive wheel drive assembly

A system is provided for dissipating heat in an onboard non-engine powered aircraft wheel drive assembly with drive means that power one or more aircraft wheels to drive the aircraft autonomously on the ground without directly using the aircraft engines. The heat dissipation system is integral with a wheel drive assembly mounted substantially completely within a nose or main landing gear wheel.
Borealis Technical Limited


Mobile vessel or carrier for the manufacturing production, purification and sterile fill and finish of biologics

A mobile biologics production system can include a mobile carrier configured to be trailered to a biologics production location. The mobile carrier defines an interior volume configured to provide an aseptic environment for manufacturing, production, and purification of biologics.
Biocapacity On Demand, Llc


Single jet fluidic design for high packing density in inkjet print heads

A jet stack has a set of plates forming an array of body chambers, the set of plates including a nozzle plate having an array of jets wherein each jet corresponds to a body chamber, each body chamber having an inlet to allow fluid to flow into the body chamber and an outlet to allow fluid to flow out of the body chamber, the outlet fluidically coupled to a jet in the array of jets, wherein the inlet and outlets are concentric.. .
Xerox Corporation


Microfluidic devices having isolation pens and methods of testing biological micro-objects with same

A microfluidic device can comprise at least one swept region that is fluidically connected to unswept regions. The fluidic connections between the swept region and the unswept regions can enable diffusion but substantially no flow of media between the swept region and the unswept regions.
Berkeley Lights, Inc.


Aeration diffuser for pressurized liquid treatment module and operating same

An aeration diffuser (12) for a pressurized liquid treatment module includes a base having a gas passageway (32) and a liquid passageway (50) fluidically separated from the gas passageway. Liquid is injectable into the liquid passageway of the base of the diffuser.


Integrated vascular delivery system

An integrated vascular delivery system having a frame configured to receive a catheter insertable in a patient to deliver fluid at an insertion site. The frame includes a first hub, a second hub, and a pair of flexible lateral members extending between the hubs and including a tubular lateral member.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

Fluidically topics: Fluidically, Thrombocyte, Control Unit, Distributed, Gas Turbine, Device Control, Circulation, Hydraulic Lift, Transmitter, Extensible, Liquid Cooling, Rotor Shaft, Heat Exchanger, Magnetic Field, Downstream

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