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Flow Control patents


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 Asymmetric power flow controller for a power converter and  operating the same patent thumbnailAsymmetric power flow controller for a power converter and operating the same
A controller for a power converter formed with a plurality of converter stages, and method of operating the same. In one embodiment, the controller includes a power system controller configured to determine an unequal current allocation among the plurality of converter stages based on an operation of the power converter.
Altera Corporation

 Fuel cell regulation using loss recovery systems patent thumbnailFuel cell regulation using loss recovery systems
Systems and methods are provided for regulating fuel cell backpressure or humidity in conjunction with a flow control assembly that recovers energy resulting from the regulation. An exemplary vehicle system includes a fuel cell stack, a flow control valve to regulate a fluid flow exiting the fuel cell stack, and a flow control assembly parallel to the flow control valve to generate electrical energy in response to a bypass portion of the fluid flow that bypasses the flow control valve based on an orientation of the flow control valve with respect to the fluid flow..
Honeywell International Inc.

 Air duct systems and methods of air flow control patent thumbnailAir duct systems and methods of air flow control
An air control system 20 and associated methods including a flexible duct 30 having air exit holes 40, 42 and a flexible liner 50, 60 sheet within the duct 30 and extending longitudinally along the duct, the liner 50 sheet having opposite longitudinal edges 52, 54 connected to the duct 30 along the longitudinal length of the duct 30, the liner 50 sheet being permeable in one aspect and regulating air flow through the exit holes 40, 42 when the sheet is pressed against the portion of the duct having the exit holes. The duct 30 may also have multiple liner sheets 50, 60 arranged end-to-end and/or layered in various duct segments such that the different liners may be independently controlled to regulate the outflow of air from the duct as desired.
Leiterman And Associates, Inc.

 Gas filling method patent thumbnailGas filling method
Provided is a gas filling method capable of accurately determining the initial pressure in a tank while minimizing increase in temperature and pressure regardless of the capacity of the tank. The gas filling method for connecting a supply source to a tank via a piping, and filling the tank with the gas, the method includes: an initial-filling initiation step of opening a flow control valve provided in the piping to start initial filling; a pressure-variation acquisition step of obtaining a pressure variation per unit time at a predetermined detection point downstream of the flow control valve in the piping; an initial-pressure detection step of obtaining a pressure at the detection point at a time specified using the pressure variation, and considering that pressure as the initial pressure in the tank; and a main-filling initiation step of starting main filling using the initial pressure..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

 Metered fluid source connection to downstream functions in pcls systems patent thumbnailMetered fluid source connection to downstream functions in pcls systems
A hydraulic control valve assembly to be integrated into a pressure compensated load sensing system including a fluid source is provided. The hydraulic control valve assembly includes a first working unit to control a first hydraulic function of a machine.
Husco International, Inc.

 Vacuum-driven fluid delivery device with controlled vacuum pressure release patent thumbnailVacuum-driven fluid delivery device with controlled vacuum pressure release
A fluid delivery device includes: a first chamber configured to receive fluid from a fluid reservoir; a second chamber configured generate a vacuum therein to apply pressure to the fluid in the first chamber to enable the fluid in the first chamber to be output from the fluid delivery device; and a flow control member configured to allow the fluid in the first chamber to flow through the flow control member into the fluid reservoir at a predetermined flow rate to decrease the vacuum in the second chamber.. .
Easy Spray Llc

 Hydraulic fluid energy recovery system for work patent thumbnailHydraulic fluid energy recovery system for work
Provided is a hydraulic fluid energy recovery system for a work machine equipped with a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic actuator for driving the work machine, an operating device for operating the hydraulic actuator, and a regenerating device for recovering a return fluid flowing back from the hydraulic actuator. The hydraulic fluid energy recovery system includes: a fluid line for allowing the return fluid from the hydraulic actuator to flow through the line; a section for branching the fluid line into a plurality of fluid lines; a recovery circuit that serves as one of the branch fluid lines and includes the regenerating device; a discharge circuit that serves as the other of the branch fluid lines and discharges the return fluid to a tank; a flow control device disposed in the discharge circuit so as to be able to control a flow rate of the return fluid; an operation amount detector for detecting the operation amount on the operating device; and a control device configured to acquire the operation amount detected by the operation amount detector, calculate a target discharge flow rate of the return fluid flowing through the discharge circuit, and calculate a target regeneration flow rate of the return fluid flowing through the recovery circuit, the control device thereby controlling the flow control device according to the target discharge flow rate and also controlling the regenerating device according to the target regeneration flow rate..
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.

 Microelement patent thumbnailMicroelement
A microelement includes: a base being a body of the microelement, the base including a liquid inlet for a liquid to be introduced, a liquid outlet for the liquid to be discharged, and a groove for the liquid to flow from the liquid inlet toward the liquid outlet; a cover that covers the groove of the base; and a liquid flow controller film segment that is fixed to an inner surface of the cover so as to be opposite to the groove. The liquid flow controller film segment is arc-shaped curved-band-like extending in a direction crossing a flow direction of the liquid and has a radius about a center-corresponding position of the cover corresponding to a center of the liquid outlet of the groove.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Method to optimize regulated pressure to a cyclical air application patent thumbnailMethod to optimize regulated pressure to a cyclical air application
An air flow control assembly moves a pressurized air stream to a cyclical application, such as a molding machine, with air pressure at the cyclical application returned to the air flow control assembly to modulate the rate at which the air stream is delivered to the cyclical application.. .

 Method and  mitigating acute reoxygenation injury during percutaneous coronary intervention patent thumbnailMethod and mitigating acute reoxygenation injury during percutaneous coronary intervention
A system and methods are described for improving the management of ischemic cardiac tissue during acute coronary syndromes. The system combines a catheter-based sub-system which allows for simultaneous balloon dilation of a coronary artery and infusion of a carefully controlled perfusate during percutaneous coronary intervention.
Rheoxtech, Llc

System and biological applications using pre-determined sized nanoparticles

The invention features an apparatus for producing a fluid stream having plurality of nanoparticles in the fluid stream. The apparatus includes a source configured to provide a fluid stream having a first randomly sized distribution of a plurality of nanoparticles; a flow control zone configured to receive the fluid stream from the source and to control the fluid stream to produce a controlled fluid stream having a selected flow rate; a separation zone configured to receive and to separate the selectively controlled fluid stream into at least one separated fluid stream having a non-randomly sized distribution of nanoparticles; and a collection zone capable of receiving the separated fluid stream according to at least one non-random sized distribution of nanoparticles to produce at least one collected stream.
Arkival Technology Corp.

Ran for multimedia delivery

A method is disclosed for delivering a packet data flow across a radio access network (ran), comprising: receiving, at an upstream gateway node, an internet protocol (ip) data flow; sending, from the upstream gateway node, the ip data flow to a ran; receiving, at the upstream gateway node, a congestion control message from the ran based on a request for retransmission of the ip data flow at the ran to a user equipment (ue); and performing, at the upstream gateway node, ip flow control of the ip data flow based on the congestion control message.. .
Parallel Wireless, Inc.

Method and device for processing gr of openflow switch, and openflow controller

Provided are a method and device for processing a graceful restart (gr) of an openflow switch, and an openflow controller. The method includes that: the openflow switch is determined being in a gr state; and the state of the openflow switch is marked as the gr state, wherein marking the state as the gr state includes: keeping a flow table and external connection of the openflow switch before gr still valid, and prohibiting the flow table from being modified.
Zte Corporation

Ring controller for pcie message handling

A system that includes a pcie hierarchy may utilize a ring controller for message handling. Nodes acting as the root complex or as endpoint devices may include such ring controllers, portions of which may be implemented by dedicated circuitry on each node.
Oracle International Corporation

System for optimizing control devices for a space environment

The disclosure reveals a system for optimizing control devices in a clean room environment with intelligent flow curve tools. The system may incorporate a controller and one or more valves for airflow control in a space, connected to the controller.
Honeywell International Inc.

Integrated dehumidification method and system combining boundary layer control with mainstream disturbance enhanced heat exchange

An integrated dehumidification method that combines boundary layer control with mainstream disturbance enhanced heat exchange comprises heat transfer enhancement units; within each unit, a periodic vortex is formed along a extending direction of the flow channel by setting a boundary layer flow control device adjacent to a boundary layer, thus realizing cleaning of the cold and hot side walls, as a result it destroys the boundary layer blocking heat transfer, and helps to rapidly transfer a cold and heat energy generated on the cold and hot side walls to a flow mainstream channel; a mainstream disturbance device is set on the flow mainstream channel to form an axial vortex at the back of the device to cooperate with a stream emanating from the boundary layer, thus rapidly transferring the cold and heat energy from the boundary layer to a whole field to form an even temperature field.. .
Wenling Anneng Energy Efficency Technology Co., Lt D.

Flow control system

A compressed natural gas (cng) refueling station system includes a compressor, a dispenser, and at least one of a valve and an orifice disposed in fluid communication between the compressor and the dispenser.. .
J-w Power Company

Flow control device for rotating flow supply system

This disclosure describes a removable flow control device which may be used in a rotating flow supply system in a gas turbine to optimize coolant flow by improving flow dynamics, reducing leakage of coolant, and reducing pressure loss in the flow supply system. The flow control device may be coupled to a blade and rotor assembly and may include a flow modifier for directing flow through a junction at which cooling channels intersect and are in fluid communication.

Water flow control and supply system

A water control and supply system for a structure including a main water line coupled between a water supply and a structure. A conduit couples the main water line to a fixture.

Vehicle hvac system with auxiliary coolant loop for heating and cooling vehicle interior

A vehicle includes a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (hvac) system for heating and cooling a passenger compartment. The hvac system includes a refrigerant loop operable in a cooling mode and a heating mode, and an auxiliary coolant loop for heating and cooling at least a portion of the passenger compartment.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Vehicle hvac system with auxiliary coolant loop for heating and cooling vehicle interior

A vehicle includes a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (hvac) system for heating and cooling a passenger compartment. The hvac system includes a refrigerant loop and a coolant loop, and an auxiliary coolant loop for heating and cooling at least a portion of the passenger compartment.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Water flow control assembly for hydraulic food cutter

The present disclosure includes a hydraulic food cutter assembly having a pump, a pump discharge line, a cutter assembly a product supply tank, and a fluid transport medium comprising a method and apparatus for increasing the flow of fluid transport medium through the pump while maintaining a preselected velocity for the flow of the fluid transport medium in pump discharge line by using a frustoconical accelerator tube attached to the discharge line of the pump having a plurality of apertures through which the fluid transport medium may flow out of the accelerator tube into fluid tight housing encasing the accelerator and a throttling valve operatively attached to the fluid tight housing discharge line for regulating the pressure of the fluid medium being discharge from the pump so as to maximize fluid medium flow through the pump at a preselected pressure in the discharge line.. .
Southern Field Welding, Llc

Flux and process for repair of single crystal alloys

A flux material that provides a heat outflow control layer of slag (30) on a melt pool (20) that suppresses lateral heat outflow (27) and facilitates uniaxial heat outflow (26a-d) from the melt pool at a rate that causes unidirectional crystallization in the melt pool to match a crystal direction (24) of a substrate (22). The slag may be insulative, and may flow to form a greater slag thickness (t2, t3) at the sides of the melt pool than at the middle (t1).
Siemens Energy, Inc.

Apparatus and mixing solution

According to an embodiment of the disclosure, an apparatus for mixing a solution includes first and second tanks, a sampling element, a flow control element and a mixing assembly is provided. The first tank has a first chamber and a first fluid inlet.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Integrated valve assembly

An integrated valve assembly (10, 110, 210, 310, 410) is provided for pressure-responsive flow control for associated components, such as for nutritional administration to patients. The valve assembly includes a first connector element (12, 112, 212, 312, 412) and a second connector element (14, 114, 214, 314, 414), which are joined to each other, and which respectively define a first, internal flow passage (20, 120, 220, 320, 420) and a second internal flow passage (28, 128, 228, 328, 428).
Aptargroup, Inc.

Injectable valve and other flow control elements

flow control elements can be injectably delivered through a needle (e.g., a fine hypodermic needle) or other tube and deployed into a blood vessel, percutaneously or laparoscopically, to effect the directional blood flow within the vessel. The valve (or other blood flow or occlusion control element) is delivered from outside the blood vessel directly to the chosen site within the blood vessel.
Amsel Medical Corporation

Node, master device, and communication control system, method, and program

A node is included in a communication control system including a plurality of nodes 31, and a master device 30 for performing flow control of multihop communication in a network including the plurality of nodes 31. To the node 31 in use of second service, a time obtained by subtracting, from a frame period of the network, a total one frame transmission time of each node, used for first service is allocated as one frame transmission time used for second service having a priority set lower than that of the first service..
Nec Corporation

Qos in a system with end-to-end flow control and qos aware buffer allocation

The present disclosure is directed to quality of service (qos) and handshake protocols to facilitate endpoint bandwidth allocation among one or more agents in a network on chip (noc) for an endpoint agent. The qos policy and handshake protocols may involve the use of credits for buffer allocation which are sent to agents in the noc to compel the acceptance of data and the allocation of an appropriate buffer.
Netspeed Systems

Network packet flow controller with extended session management

An intermediate node obtains a lead packet of a plurality of packets in a session having a unique session identifier, modifies the lead packet to identify at least the intermediate node and also to identify source and destination port numbers assigned by the intermediate node for a possible forward association, and then forwards the lead packet toward the destination node though an intermediate node electronic output interface to the ip network. The intermediate node also may receive, through an intermediate node electronic input interface in communication with the ip network, a backward message from a next node having a next node identifier.
128 Technology, Inc.

Flow switch, controller and relay apparatus

A flow switch stores a plurality of pairs of a protocol message for a communication protocol used in a data plane communication and an identifier of the protocol message. The flow switch applies any one of the stored protocol messages to the data plane communication, and applies an identifier corresponding to a protocol message of a flow control target in the data plane to a control plane communication for a controller..
Fujitsu Limited

System and base topology selection

A system and method for base topology selection includes a network controller including a control unit and one or more ports coupled to the control unit and configured to couple the network controller to one or more network switching devices of a network. The network controller is configured to receive initiation messages from the network switching devices, receive configuration and status messages from the network switching devices, transmit discovery requests to the network switching devices, receive discovery responses from the network switching devices, determine a network topology of the network based on information associated with the initiation messages, the configuration and status messages, and the discovery responses, apply heuristic rules to the network topology, and select a base topology based on results of the applied heuristic rules.
Dell Products L.p.

Pci-e real-time flow control optimization

For optimizing expansion devices on a computer expansion bus based on real-time flow control data, a system, apparatus, method, and computer program product are disclosed. The apparatus includes a configuration module that initializes a plurality of expansion bus registers, each expansion bus register associated with one of the plurality of expansion bus slots, a packet module that monitors flow control packets on the expansion bus, a flow control module that calculates flow control data from the flow control packets, the flow control data relating to the plurality of expansion devices, and a register module that writes flow control data to the plurality of expansion bus registers.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Method and pressure-based flow measurement in non-critical flow conditions

Methods, systems, and apparatus for pressure-based flow measurement are provided. A processor receives, from the pressure-based mass flow controller (mfc), an upstream pressure value pu.
Mks Instruments, Inc.

Large volume test apparatuses and methods for detection of small defects

The disclosure provides a system for detecting leaks comprising an accumulator, a flow controller in communication with the accumulator, and a flow meter/sensor in communication with the accumulator, the flow controller and a uut. The flow meter is structured to supply gas from the accumulator to the uut and measure a flow rate of the supplied gas, the flow meter providing feedback to the flow controller representing the flow rate, and the flow controller responding to the feedback by supplying flow compensation gas to the accumulator to maintain a desired pressure in the accumulator.
Automatic Tool Control And Management Systems, Inc., D/b/a Atc, Inc.

Turbocharging system with electric motor(s)

An internal combustion engine includes a cylinder block defining a cylinder and a cylinder head mounted to the block. The cylinder head supplies air and fuel to the cylinder for combustion therein.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Systems and methods for controlling production of hydrocarbons

There is provided systems and methods for controlling the inflow of materials into a production well during recovery of hydrocarbons from a hydrocarbon-containing reservoir. The system includes a flow control device configured to limit steam flow and hot water flow from the hydrocarbon-containing reservoir..
Suncor Energy Inc.

Flow control in subterranean wells

A method of controlling flow in a well can include a device introduced into the well being conveyed by flow in the well, and the device having a plurality of fibers extending outwardly from a body, the fibers being retained by a retainer. A well system can include a flow conveyed device conveyed through a tubular string by flow in the tubular string, and the flow conveyed device including a body with a plurality of fibers extending outwardly from the body.
Thru Tubing Solutions, Inc.

Cancelling damping induced by drag in synthetic jets using performance enhancements

An active flow control drag-induced damping reduction apparatus. The apparatus includes a variable frequency signal power supply; a jet generator defining an internal cavity and having pump member, and coupled to the variable frequency signal power supply to receive a control signal; a feedback sensor coupled to the pump member to generate a feedback signal measuring the reciprocating motion of the pump member; a detection circuit that receives the feedback signal and measures a difference compared to the variable frequency generator; and an adjustment circuit that receives the measured difference and tunes the variable frequency signal of the variable frequency signal power supply to maintain the jet generator at an optimum flow..
The Boeing Company

Cleaning apparatus with front flow control

A cleaning apparatus includes a front portion in distal position, which has a fluid dispenser and a vacuum port; a handle portion in proximal position, which is coupled to and in fluid communication with the front portion and is configured to be held by an operator's hand; and a flow control member, which controls flow of the fluid to the fluid dispenser through a flow control valve and is shaped as a rotatable member extending outwardly from an outer surface of the cleaning apparatus. Both the fluid control member and the flow control valve are disposed distally of the position of the operator's hand..
Mytee Products, Inc.

Circle in-line emitter

A fluid flow emitter is provided, which is to be mounted within a fluid distribution tube to control the rate at which fluid is distributed from the tube. The emitter may include a cylindrical body having a pair of raised radially-extending annular portions extending circumferentially around the emitter.

Flow control system for an agricultural metering system

A flow control system for an agricultural metering system includes a control system configured to be communicatively coupled to at least one clutch. The control system is configured to output a respective pulse-width modulation (pwm) signal to the at least one clutch, the pwm signal is configured to induce the at least one clutch to alternately engage to establish a rotatable connection between a respective drive input and a respective rotatable metering device and to disengage to interrupt the rotatable connection between the respective drive input and the respective rotatable metering device, and the control system is configured to adjust a duty cycle of the respective pwm signal to control a rotation rate of the respective rotatable metering device..
Cnh Industrial Canada, Ltd.

Devices and methods for solder flow control in three-dimensional microstructures

Structures, materials, and methods to control the spread of a solder material or other flowable conductive material in electronic and/or electromagnetic devices are provided.. .
Nuvotronics, Inc.

Image display device and blower fan control method

[solution] an image display device (100) includes: a light source (40); an optical system (20) that projects an image formed based on a light beam emitted by the light source (40) onto a projection surface; a plurality of blower fans (fan_1 and fan_2) respectively provided in at least two or more airflow paths that connect to an exhaust part inside a housing; an exhaust fan (fan_3) provided in the exhaust part; and an airflow control unit (200) that controls a driving of the exhaust fan (fan_3) in correspondence with driving control of a blower fan having a great airflow volume from among the plurality of blower fans (fan_1 and fan_2) provided in the airflow paths.. .

Scaled pci express credits

The disclosure provides a pci express scaled port, a computing device and a method of communicating between pci express components. In one embodiment, the pci express scaled port includes: (1) an interface configured to communicate flow control negotiating packets with another pci express port and (2) a fcc controller configured to generate the flow control negotiating packets, wherein the flow control negotiating packets include a flow control credit for pci express packets and a scaling factor for the flow control credit..
Nvidia Corporation

Method and gas flow control

A method and apparatus for self-calibrating control of gas flow. The gas flow rate is initially set by controlling, to a high degree of precision, the amount of opening of a flow restriction, where the design of the apparatus containing the flow restriction lends itself to achieving high precision.
Pivotal Systems Corporation

Flow control valve

A flow control valve includes a membrane which has at least one opening for the flow of a fluid and an annular body which has a flow contact surface and at least one flow opening. The flow opening is in flow connection with the at least one opening in the membrane.
Neoperl Gmbh

Gas sensors with structure to resist signal losses due to condensation

Embodiments of the disclosure relate to capillary controlled gas sensors comprising a top cap assembly, wherein the top cap assembly is operable to reduce the effects of condensation and pressure changes on the effectiveness of the gas sensor. The top cap assembly comprises a capillary controlled gas flow path, a bulk flow control assembly, and a raised boss surrounded by a moat..
Honeywell International Inc.

Method for detecting leaks in a fuel circuit of a gas turbine fuel supply system

A method for detecting leakage at a fluid connection for a gas turbine fuel supply system is disclosed herein. The method includes closing a flow control valve at an upstream end of the fuel supply system and pressurizing the fuel supply system with a compressed medium via a compressed medium supply to a target pressure.
General Electric Company

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