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Flatten patents


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 Dynamic definition for concurrent computing environments patent thumbnailDynamic definition for concurrent computing environments
Exemplary embodiments allow a user to create configurations for use in distributed computing environments. Configurations can be arranged in hierarchies in which elements of the hierarchy can inherit characteristics from elements in other layers of the hierarchy.
The Mathworks, Inc.

 Raster image processor methods and systems patent thumbnailRaster image processor methods and systems
Methods, systems, and computer program products for improving the performance of a raster image processor. Smaller objects are identified among a group of larger objects with respect to a job processed via a raster image processor.
Xerox Corporation

 Tube-and-fin assembly with improved removal feature and  making thereof patent thumbnailTube-and-fin assembly with improved removal feature and making thereof
A tube-and-fin assembly with improved removal feature is provided. The tube-and-fin assembly includes a tube including an elongated body having flattened sides, a cylindrical top end and a cylindrical bottom end for attachment to a coolant manifold, and a plurality of fins which are disposed as a unitary part of a corrugated sheet affixed to either side of the tube, where the bottom end includes a bottom bead and a top bead..
Caterpillar Inc.

 Multi-layer gasket assembly patent thumbnailMulti-layer gasket assembly
The multi-layer gasket assembly includes a plurality of metal gasket layers which have at least one set of axially aligned openings. The plurality of gasket layers includes at least two functional layers which are arranged in a stacked relationship with one another.
Federal-mogul Corporation

 Apparatus and  manufacturing graphene film patent thumbnailApparatus and manufacturing graphene film
Disclosed is an apparatus and method of manufacturing a graphene film, wherein the apparatus includes a wrinkle flattening device configured to flatten wrinkles in a lamination structure including a base substrate and a graphene film laminated on the base substrate; and a first lamination apparatus configured to laminate a first substrate on the graphene film, wherein the wrinkle flattening device applies a vacuum to the base substrate when the wrinkle flattening device is in contact with the base substrate.. .
Graphene Square, Inc.

 Checkpress patent thumbnailCheckpress
A flattening device for bank checks and other small documents, made of two transparent sheets of material that are rotatable at a common hinge point and attracted together with sufficient force to flatten creased or crumpled checks inserted between them to allow for easier viewing and photographing.. .

 Operating a pipeline flattener in order to track instructions for complex breakpoints patent thumbnailOperating a pipeline flattener in order to track instructions for complex breakpoints
A semiconductor device comprising a processor having a pipelined architecture and a pipeline flattener and a method for operating a pipeline flattener in a semiconductor device are provided. The processor comprises a pipeline having a plurality of pipeline stages and a plurality of pipeline registers that are coupled between the pipeline stages.
Texas Instruments Deutschland Gmbh

 Device for connecting two furniture parts patent thumbnailDevice for connecting two furniture parts
A device for connecting two furniture parts, wherein the device comprises a housing arrangeable on a first furniture part and an eccentric element rotatably mounted in the housing. The housing is on one wall side flattened, and the flattened wall side of the housing has a continuous opening.
Grass Gmbh

 Reinforcing element having a flattened cross-section patent thumbnailReinforcing element having a flattened cross-section
The reinforcing element (34) has a cross-section with a flattened overall shape having an aspect ratio greater than or equal to 5 and extending in a main direction (z1). It comprises a lateral edge (46) made of a polymeric composition comprising a thermoplastic polymer, the lateral edge (46) extending in a general direction substantially parallel to the main direction.
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

 Device and  decorating plastic parts patent thumbnailDevice and decorating plastic parts
There is described an apparatus for performing the in-mold decoration method with an injection tool (1). The injection tool (1) has a first tool portion (11) having a first mold recess (13) and a second tool portion (12) having a second mold recess (15) corresponding to the first mold recess.
Leonhard Kurz Stiftung & Co. Kg

Sea cucumber processing apparatus and method

An improved apparatus for processing sea cucumbers having stages for orienting/aligning, cutting, splitting, flattening, eviscerating and cleaning the sea cucumber, and for collecting the eviscerated innards. A method for the automated splitting and evisceration of sea cucumbers using the apparatus of the present disclosure.
Memorial University Of Newfoundland

Tool blades and their manufacture

There is provided a tool blade, comprising a backing strip particles of abrasive material and a binder layer of binding material which binds the abrasive particles along an edge of the backing strip, wherein the edge of the backing strip is pre-formed with teeth, on which the abrasive particles are bound by the binding material. A profiled cutting portion extends beyond the pre-formed teeth.
C4 Carbides Limited

Conformable support system

Conformable support systems for conforming to a body are described in which a support assembly may be provided to support particular regions of the body where pressure ulcers tend to form. The conforming support may generally comprise a central portion, a first side portion attached to the central portion, and a second side portion attached to the central portion opposite to the first side portion.
Prs Medical Technologies, Inc.

Curved nail file

Described is a curved nail file. The curved nail file is formed of a curved material (e.g., plastic) having an outside convex surface and an inside concave surface.

Light emitting element having protective layer

A light emitting element for flip-chip mounting having a flat mounting surface which allows a decrease in the width of the streets of a wafer. In the light emitting element, the insulating member filling around the bumps and flattening the upper surface is formed with a margin of a region with a width which is equal to or larger than the width of the streets on the dividing lines, so that at the time of dividing the wafer along the dividing lines, the insulating member is not processed, which allows designing of the streets with a small width..
Nichia Corporation

Surface treatment of a semiconductor light emitting device

A semiconductor light-emitting device includes a semiconductor structure having a light-emitting region. A surface of the semiconductor structure has flattened peaks..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Design the manufacture of an article

A method of generating a topographic map of a region of a body for the manufacture of a body fitting article to be fitted to the region of the body. The method allows for the resultant topographical map of the body feature to be coupled to an anatomical and functional datum on the body.
Bae Systems Plc

Polishing agent and polishing substrate using the polishing agent

Disclosed is a polishing agent comprising: water; tetravalent metal hydroxide particles; and an additive, wherein the additive contains at least one of a cationic polymer and a cationic polysaccharide. The present invention can provide a polishing agent which is capable of polishing an insulating film at a high speed with less polishing flaws, and having a high polishing rate ratio of a silicon oxide film and a stopper film, in the cmp technology of flattening insulating film.
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.

Skateboard deck

A skateboard deck comprising an elongate, fibre-reinforced thermoplastic injection moulded body having top and bottom surfaces and including: a pair of spaced truck attachment bases integrally formed on the bottom surface and each associated with a respective end of said body; a substantially closed-loop, integral torsion member formed on the bottom surface of the body in a space between said truck attachment bases; and a pair of longitudinal stiffening ribs each formed integrally with the body, said truck attachment bases and said torsion member, said stiffening ribs and body being positively cambered whereby the body substantially flattens out under load in use.. .
Absolute International Pty Ltd

Article divider device

A divider device and method for placement of the device upon a surface to divide a pair of different articles, the divider device includes an extension beam having proximal and distal ends, also having first and second ends, in addition a flexible flange extending outward from the proximal end omni-directionally about the entire beam first and second ends with the flange terminating in a periphery, further the flange having an elongated concave trough surface opposite the extension beam. Operationally the concave trough surface is pressed into direct contact with the surface, thus nearly flattening the concave shape as against the surface to form a substantially fluid tight removable engagement with the surface thus separating the pair of different articles in relation to the surface and the divider device to help prevent communication as between the pair of different articles on the surface..

Apparatus for trapping insects

An apparatus for trapping insects comprising a foldable trap body having a flattened configuration and a folded, usable configuration, the foldable trap body configured to fold from the flattened configuration into the folded configuration thereby forming at least one top channel having at least two opposed openings, said at least one top channel forming a top flow path through which air may freely flow, wherein the foldable trap body comprises at least one opening configured as a bottom channel arranged transverse to the top channel, said bottom channel forming a bottom flow path through which air may freely flow, wherein the foldable trap body is configured to be operatively connected to at least one container, the at least one container configured to hold a bait for insects, and having at least one container opening configured to engage with the at least one opening of the foldable trap body such that the at least one container is in fluid communication with the top flow path.. .
Combined Distributors, Inc.

Semiconductor device and a manufacturing the same

A technique which improves the reliability in coupling between a bump electrode of a semiconductor chip and wiring of a mounting substrate, more particularly a technique which guarantees the flatness of a bump electrode even when wiring lies in a top wiring layer under the bump electrode, thereby improving the reliability in coupling between the bump electrode and the wiring formed on a glass substrate. Wiring, comprised of a power line or signal line, and a dummy pattern are formed in a top wiring layer beneath a non-overlap region of a bump electrode.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Helix type vertical axis turbine blades and continuously making same

A sheet metal blank is formed into a helical turbine blade by stretching an outer portion of the blank by creating indents and detents thereon. Then the stretched side is flattened and the stretched structure is formed into a helical shape..

Process for treating a reinforcing element having a flattened cross-section

A reinforcing element, having a cross section with a flattened overall shape and extending in a main direction and comprising at least one lateral edge made of a polymeric composition comprising a thermoplastic polymer, the lateral edge extending in a general direction substantially parallel to the main direction is treated by heating at least a part of the lateral edge, during which at least a part of the lateral edge is subjected to a plasma flow so as to raise the temperature of the part of the lateral edge above the melting point of the thermoplastic polymer.. .
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

Card with embedded tools

A tool storage and carrying system for storing and carrying a variety of small flattened hand tools used for working with herbs and similar food or plant material includes a thin rigid sheet with specially configured recesses on a surface of the sheet for accommodating the placement of individual tools, the tools being removably held in the recesses in a variety of different ways including magnetic attachment, pressure fit and sliding engagement. The sheet can be optionally extended to include a grinding area formed by a plurality of grooves, and also can include an optional removable cover..

Lens assembly

One lens is provided with a functional film formed of a fine uneven structure film throughout an entire region including an edge portion of a lens surface facing the other lens, and a portion of the fine uneven structure film formed in the edge portion is filled with a flattening member and is thus flattened. The lens is disposed so as to be in contact with the other lens in the edge portion in which the flattening member is formed, thereby assembling a lens assembly..
Fujifilm Corporation

Vaporizer apparatus

Vaporizers apparatuses, including cartridges and vaporizers having elongate and flattened (anti-roll) bodies as well as fluid-level windows formed between the cartridge and the vaporizer in which the cartridge is mechanically coupled to the vaporizer.. .

Jaw spreader for removing fishing tackle

A jaw spreader device is adapted to spread apart the jaws of a fish to facilitate removal of a hook or lure from the fish. The device has a spring biased tong-like configuration wherein in the normal configuration; the distal ends are spread apart.
Acme United Corporation

Method to strip a portion of an insulated wire

According to the method of stripping a portion of a wire of the invention, the insulated wire including the wire core are first flattened before the insulation is stripped away. The flattening eases the stripping as the insulation is partially cracked and dissociated of the wire core, and the stripping is more efficiently applied on a flat surface.
Hid Global Gmbh

Rechargeable battery

An exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure provides a rechargeable battery including: an electrode assembly that includes a first electrode, a second electrode, and a separator interposed between the first electrode and the second electrode; a case that accommodates the electrode assembly, in one lateral surface of which a hole is formed, and that includes an opening formed in another lateral surface facing the one lateral surface; a sealing portion that is connected to the hole and seals the hole so that a lateral surface of the case is flattened; a cap plate combined with the opening; and a second terminal that is connected to the second electrode and is protruded outside the case while passing through the cap plate, wherein the hole may have a shape recessed toward the electrode assembly with respect to a surface of the case.. .
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd.

Medical image processing apparatus and medical image processing method

A medical image processing apparatus includes, an unit (12) extracting a blood vessel wall region from the image in a range including an aneurysm in an object, an unit (13) calculating the blood vessel diameter change rates of the neck portions of the aneurysm, blood vessel curvature, and blood vessel flattening ratio at each of discrete points on a blood vessel region based on the extracted blood vessel region, an unit (14) extracting, from discrete points, feature points at each of which at least one of a blood vessel diameter change rate, blood vessel curvature, and blood vessel flattening ratio exceeds a corresponding one of thresholds and decide a range for the indwelling of a stent graft in accordance with the extracted feature points, and a display unit (19) superimposing and display unrecommended ranges on a stored image.. .
Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Multidirectional fiber-reinforced tape/film articles and the making the same

High tenacity, high elongation multi-filament polymeric tapes as well as ballistic resistant fabrics, composites and articles made therefrom. The tapes are fabricated from multi-filament fibers/yarns that are twisted together, bonded together, compressed and flattened..
Honeywell International Inc.

Substrate processing apparatus

A substrate processing apparatus has a labyrinth around a processing liquid nozzle above a nozzle gap, and a seal gas is supplied to the labyrinth to seal the nozzle gap from an external space. Consequently, the entry of the atmosphere of the external space into a processing space through the nozzle gap can be suppressed.
Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.

Potentate: a cryptography-obfuscating, self-policing, pervasive distribution system for digital content

A system and method for self-policed, authenticated, offline/online, viral marketing and distribution of content such as software, text, and multimedia with effective copyright and license enforcement and secure selling. The system is based on key and cryptography hiding techniques, using source-to-source transformation for efficient, holistic steganography that systematically inflates and hides critical code by: computation interleaving; flattening procedure calls and obfuscating stack by de-stacking arguments; obfuscating memory management; and encoding scalars as pointers to managed structures that may be distributed and migrated all over the heap using garbage collection.

Methods and arrangements for identifying objects

In some arrangements, product packaging is digitally watermarked over most of its extent to facilitate high-throughput item identification at retail checkouts. Imagery captured by conventional or plenoptic cameras can be processed (e.g., by gpus) to derive several different perspective-transformed views—further minimizing the need to manually reposition items for identification.
Digimarc Corporation

Apparatus for fabricating three-dimensional object

A three-dimensional fabrication apparatus includes a fabrication chamber, a supply chamber, a flattening unit, and a powder collector. The powder collector is disposed forward from the flattening unit in a transfer direction of the flattening unit.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Molded member and manufacturing the same

A molded member includes a base member including fibers, a flattening layer having a flat surface and disposed on one surface of the base member, and a molded part welded on the flat surface of the flattening layer.. .
Toyota Boshoku Kabushiki Kaisha

Graft-port hemodialysis systems, devices, and methods

The present invention relates to subcutaneously implanted graft-port systems, devices and methods for establishing access to the vascular system of a patient requiring multiple blood treatments over an extended period of time. The systems, devices and methods disclosed herein reduce miscannulation, promote intra-session hemostasis, and decrease the incidence of bacteremia and sepsis among other improvements and advantages.
Proviflo, Llc

Asset catalog layered image support

Systems and methods are disclosed for authoring, deploying, and executing layer stack images for applications directed to a plurality of target devices. Resources to implement the layer stack images are compiled into an asset catalog database for each image in each layer stack image for each target device.
Apple Inc.

Multi-purpose conference terminal

The invention discloses a multi-purpose conference terminal. The multi-purpose conference terminal comprises: a display device and a bending structure provided on the display device, the display device comprising a first display area and a second display area, the bending structure being connected between the first display area and the second display area so that the first display area can be bent or flattened relative to the second display area.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Matting paste composition

The invention is directed to a matting paste composition comprising: a) thermoplastic non-hydroxy-functional acrylic resin; b) hindered amine light stabilizer; c) uv absorber; d) amorphous, untreated fumed silica, flattener; and e) one or more organic solvents.. .
Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.

Baffle assembly for a reactor

A mixer reactor apparatus comprising a plurality of baffles positioned within the reactor, the baffle comprising a hollow cylindrical structure with a substantially flattened baffle section between an upper section and a lower section. The apparatus further comprises a lever formed by a portion of the upper section bent at a perpendicular angle, the lever is configured to adjust an impact of the baffle by adjusting a position of the baffle member relative to an interior wall of the reactor..

Active drives for robotic catheter manipulators

An instrument driver comprises opposing rotatable gripping pads. Each of the gripping pads includes an outer circular rim and a center hub.
Hansen Medical, Inc.

Catheter assemblies and methods for stabilizing a catheter assembly within a subintimal space

Catheter assemblies include a stabilization mechanism disposed at a distal end of the catheter assembly for stabilizing the catheter assembly within a subintimal space. The stabilization mechanism includes a self-expanding support structure that is slidably positionable within an inflatable balloon.
Invatec S.p.a.

Shaped baked goods

Methods are disclosed for producing a shaped baked good with a rounded shape. In one embodiment, the methods can include providing a dough comprising a high melting point fat and a granular sugar at a weight ratio of about 1:1 to form a rounded cookie piece that minimizes flattening during baking.
Mars, Incorporated

Connection device

A connection device includes a first flexible substrate having a convex first surface and a concave second surface, a plurality of first terminals provided on the second surface and arranged in the bending direction of the second surface, a second flexible substrate having a convex third surface and a concave fourth surface, and a plurality of second terminals provided on the third surface and arranged in the bending direction of the third surface, and connects the plurality of first terminals and the plurality of second terminals to each other with the second surface and the fourth surface opposed to each other. When the second surface and the third surface are flattened, the pitch of two of the plurality of first terminals is larger than the pitch of two of the plurality of second terminals that are connected to the two first terminals..
Alps Electric Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor structure

A semiconductor process includes the following steps. A dielectric layer is formed on a substrate, where the dielectric layer has at least a dishing from a first top surface.
United Microelectronics Corp.

Systems and methods for shape analysis using landmark-driven quasiconformal mapping

Methods, systems, and computer-readable media that can perform novel and effective flattening of an image are provided. The flattening can be based on quasiconformal mapping.
The Florida International University Board Of Trustees

Axilinear shaped charge array

This invention is a unique arrangement of shaped charge devices in an array to produce a patterned or arranged explosive pattern in a target area. The axilinear design, in a plural array configuration, solves the limitations of a smooth walled circular linear liner by having opposing corrugations or flutes that have sufficient curvature to converge the liner material so as to obtain ductile munroe jetting, longer jets, and higher velocities.
Innovative Defense, Llc

Method of film laminating and device thereof

A method of film laminating begins with a drying step for drying a plastic composition. A heating step melts the plastic composition to form a gelatinized combination.
Dingzing Chemical Corporation

Method of film printing and device thereof

A method of film printing includes an initial drying step for drying a plastic composition. Then, in a heating step, the plastic combination is melted to provide a gelatinized combination.
Dingzing Chemical Corporation

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