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Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same

Portable electronic device

Guide wire with core having welded wire segments

Date/App# patent app List of recent Flatten-related patents
 Apparatus and method for characterizing glass sheets patent thumbnailApparatus and method for characterizing glass sheets
Disclosed is an apparatus and method for characterizing attributes of a moving glass sheet comprising complementary mechanical material handling technologies that progressively stabilize, position, capture, flatten, and release the lower portion of glass sheets traveling past the apparatus while posing minimal constraint on the top section of the sheet. The apparatus includes a pressure-vacuum (pv)-type device comprising distinct regions such that the glass sheets experience a non-contact but gradual increase in constraining force until the point where measurements can be performed, then a gradual decrease in constraining force until the glass sheets are released from the inspection station.
 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent thumbnailSemiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
A semiconductor device includes tfts designed in accordance with characteristics of circuits. In a first structure of the invention, the tft is formed by using a crystalline silicon film made of a unique crystal structure body.
 Portable electronic device patent thumbnailPortable electronic device
Portable electronic devices are provided. A device may include cover glass with a light mask.
 Guide wire with core having welded wire segments patent thumbnailGuide wire with core having welded wire segments
An intravascular guide wire having two core materials joined together without the use of a connector tube or sleeve, the core materials being stainless steel and psuedoelastic metal alloy, nitinol. The core materials are joined to each other through an intermediate transition piece made essentially of nickel, which is welded on either side to the two core materials.
 Grain-oriented electrical steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailGrain-oriented electrical steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof
A silicon steel sheet (1) containing si is cold-rolled. Next, a decarburization annealing (3) of the silicon steel sheet (1) is performed so as to cause a primary recrystallization.
 Process for extraction from lesquerella seeds patent thumbnailProcess for extraction from lesquerella seeds
A method for extraction from lesquerella seeds having an acid value of less than 6 mg koh/g, said method including the following steps: a seed-processing step i) that includes a single operation of flattening the seeds and at least one operation of drying the seeds; and a step ii) of placing the processed seeds into contact with a mixture of light anhydrous alcohol and co-solvent under temperature and time conditions that are sufficient for extracting a raw oil including phospholipids and gums, as well as obtaining a de-oiled cake.. .
 Alphanumeric game system and pieces patent thumbnailAlphanumeric game system and pieces
A system of educational word games and number games that combines, for the first time: (i) mental/alphanumeric skills, with (ii) physical/eye-hand coordination skills that are used in target-and-missile games, with (iii) substantially flattened game tiles that are shaped as squares or as the letters and numbers themselves. The tiles can be used as missiles and/or as targets in various, easy-to-grasp games, and these games can be enjoyed by players of a wide range of ages and physical ability.
 Method of flattening surface of conductive structure and conductive structure with flattened surface patent thumbnailMethod of flattening surface of conductive structure and conductive structure with flattened surface
A method of flattening surface of conductive structure including a substrate, a dielectric layer on the substrate, and a conductive line formed in the dielectric layer is provided. A surface of the conductive line has a recess.
 Screw thread with flattened peaks patent thumbnailScrew thread with flattened peaks
A bone fastener for use in orthopedic surgery for fixing an implant to bone has a threaded or unthreaded shaft configured to engage bone and a head having a thread on an outer surface to engage the implant. The thread on the head of the fastener has a profile in cross section that includes arcuate peaks with a flat on the outer surface of the peak..
 Reduced shock breakaway set screw for use with a surgical construct patent thumbnailReduced shock breakaway set screw for use with a surgical construct
A reduced shock breakaway set screw for use with medical implants and constructs for the spine having improved geometry of the groove area between the upper head portion and lower threaded portion of the set screw. The groove area of the set screw has circular and noncircular portions which in at least one embodiment comprise upper and lower radii separated by a flattened groove bottom.
Flattening film forming composition for hard disk
A flattening film forming composition for a hard disk that can prevent a magnetic material from migrating to the nonmagnetic layer, including a photopolymerizable coating material containing at least one polymer selected from a homopolymer that has a divinyl aromatic compound-derived unit structure and a copolymer having the unit structure or containing a mixture of the polymer and a photopolymerizable compound. The photopolymerizable compound may include an acrylate group, a methacrylate group, or a vinyl group.
Microstructured optical fibre having a large core and a flattened fundamental mode, production method thereof and use of same in laser microfabrication
The fibre comprises a core (2) having an index n and diameter of 10 μm or more, surrounded by a ring (4) having an index n+Δn and thickness Δr, and cladding (6) surrounding the ring and comprising for example air gaps (8). According to the invention: Δn≧10−3 and Δr=α/(Δn)β [1] where: 5×10−4 μm≦α≦5×10−2 μm and 0.5≦β≦1.5.
Flattening method and flattening apparatus
A flattening method, by utilizing the advantages of the care method and making up for the disadvantages, can perform removal processing of a surface of a workpiece at a sufficient processing rate and can provide a processed surface having enhanced flatness without leaving damage in the processed surface. A flattening method comprises at least two surface removal steps and at least two cleaning steps, the final surface removal step being a catalyst-referred etching step comprising immersing a workpiece in a processing solution containing at least one of hydrohalic acid, hydrogen peroxide water and ozone water, and bringing a surface of a catalyst platen into contact with or close proximity to a surface to be processed of the workpiece to process the surface, said catalyst platen having in a surface a catalyst selected from the group consisting of platinum, gold, a ceramic solid catalyst, a transition metal, glass, and an acidic or basic solid catalyst..
Coilable extendible member and methods
The invention provides an extendible member which is configurable between a coiled form and an extended form. The extendible member comprises: a primary member comprising a sheet of material resiliently biased in a slit tube form, wherein the slit tube can be opened out at the slit to assume an open form in which it has a flattened cross section; at least one resilient secondary member having first and second connections to the primary member at respective different circumferential positions on the primary member, wherein in the extended form, the primary member is in its slit tube form and the resiliency of the secondary member causes at least part of the secondary member to displace towards the slit in the primary member to provide torsional and axial stiffness to the primary member, and wherein in the coiled form, the primary member is in its open form and the secondary member conforms to the flattened cross section of the primary member so that primary and secondary member can be co-coiled.
Method of manufacturing light emitting element
A light emitting element for flip-chip mounting having a flat mounting surface which allows a decrease in the width of the streets of a wafer. In the light emitting element, the insulating member filling around the bumps and flattening the upper surface is formed with a margin of a region with a width which is equal to or larger than the width of the streets on the dividing lines, so that at the time of dividing the wafer along the dividing lines, the insulating member is not processed, which allows designing of the streets with a small width..
Eyeglasses and ornamental retainer for use in conjunction therewith
A retainer is releasably secured to a pair of eyeglasses that includes flattened and widened temple members. Each temple member includes a heart-shaped hole at its distal end that serves as the point of attachment for the retainer.
Adjustable-tilt housing with flattened dome shape, array antenna, and bracket mount
Radio devices for wireless transmission including an integrated adjustable mount allowing mounting to a pole or stand and adjustment of the angle of the device (e.g., the altitude). The device may include a compact array antenna having a high gain configured to operate in, for example, the 5.15 to 5.85 ghz band and/or the 2.40-2.48 ghz band.
Organic semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
According to one embodiment, an organic semiconductor device includes a supporting substrate, a plurality of organic el light emitting elements, a first barrier layer, a flattening layer, and a second barrier layer. The flattening layer exists sporadically and makes gentle in inclination steep elevation change present in the surface of the first barrier layer.
Filter mesh assembly for a plastic extruder filter assembly
A filter mesh assembly configured to control particulate material in a filter assembly of a plastic extruder. The filter mesh assembly includes a wire mesh filter having a square weave construction defining a predetermined pore size with the wire mesh filter having flattened surfaces of adjacent wires on the same plane and configured to allow a portion of the scraper to move across the wire mesh filter assembly.
Apparatus for distressing material
An apparatus and method for distressing material, such as a board. The apparatus may include a cutter head supporting a blade, a guide member, and a flattening device.
Method and apparatus for adjusting the fit and appearance of an article of apparel
A method of using a fastening system includes providing at least one wire tie, located a position of a hank of a material to be adjusted, wherein, in the position, upon a gathering of the hank, results in a desired adjustment of the material and wherein the desired adjustment is as a result of the adjustments chosen from the group comprising: a shortening of the material, a waisting of the material, a pinching of the material, a pleating of the material, a folding of the material, a gathering of the material, a bundling of the material, a fastening together of a plurality of pieces of the material, then gathering the hank of the material to cause the desired result, wrapping the tie around the hank, and manipulating the beads so as to bend the opposite ends of the wire and the pair of beads to flatten the hank so as to mask the hank.. .
Method for determining markings in relief on the outer surface of the sidewall of a tyre
A method of determining relief markings on a tyre's sidewall surface includes assigning, to each pixel of a three-dimensional image of the surface, a grey-level value proportional to an elevation point corresponding to the pixel, to obtain a starting image. Using linear structuring elements of successively increasing sizes and oriented circumferentially, a series of successive morphological openings is performed iteratively on the starting surface.
Method and apparatus for generation of frequency- and phase-locked subcarrier
We describe and demonstrate a novel and simple scheme to generate flattened optical subcarriers using only phase modulators driven by single frequency fundamental sinusoidal sources. 160.8 gb/s pm-qpsk experiment over a single subcarrier has been demonstrated..
Process and structure to uncurl embossed thin flex circuits
A method and structure for flattening or straightening a curled flexible printed circuit, such as a flexible printed circuit that has been curled during a contact embossing process. The structure can include a cylindrical opening and a support shaft suspended within the cylindrical opening that prevents buckling of the flexible printed circuit during straightening.
Flattened substrate surface for substrate bonding
Methods for bonding substrate surfaces, bonded substrate assemblies, and design structures for a bonded substrate assembly. Device structures of a product chip are formed using a first surface of a device substrate.
Novel oriented polymer composite article, composition and method of manufacture
The disclosure generally relates to a solid state non-proportional, adjustable, tapered drawing die and an oriented polymer article formed therefrom. More specifically, embodiments relate to a non-proportional draw die used to produce oriented, dimensionally accurate, symmetric or asymmetric polymer composite profiles having simple profiles or complicated profiles with multiple edges.
Storage device for tools comprising a palpable indication element indicating the organization-defining structural elements
A storage device including a storage container that can be brought from a storage position in which a tool stored therein cannot be removed, to a removal position, in which the tool stored therein can be removed, with an indication element indicating the tool, the indication element being distinct from the storage container but firmly attached to the storage container and visible in the storage position. According to the invention, an indication element is provided that can be attached to the storage container in simple manner and is not only visible but also palpable, wherein the indication element is a flattened relief of the tool..
Respiratory apparatus with improved flow-flattening detection
In a respiratory apparatus for treatment of sleep apnea and other disorders associated with an obstruction of a patient's airway and which uses an airflow signal, an obstruction index is generated which detects the flattening of the inspiratory portion of the airflow. The obstruction index is used to differentiate normal and obstructed breathing.
Dental retention systems
Dental retention systems which facilitate the adjustment or removal of an oral appliance, e.g., a crown or bridge, from a reconfigurable abutment assembly are described. The adjustable abutment assembly may be secured to an anchoring implant bored into the bones within the mouth.
Document unbending systems and methods
Embodiments of a processing systems and methods can unbend an image of facing pages of a bound book. An exemplary processing system can comprise an edge-detection unit, a keystone-correction unit, a flattening unit, and a conversion unit.
Fixing system for lighting fixture parts, especially automobile lights
A fixing system for lighting fixture parts, especially the lights of an automobile, includes a thermoplastic outer lens (2), which is installed in a thermoplastic encircling housing (3) by means of a sealing adhesive (4) and secured by fastening elements. The fixing element is a brad pin (1) which is shot through a groove (31) of the encircling housing (3) and a lug (21) of the outer lens (2), with a profile in the shape of a circle flattened at least at two diametrically opposite places, having a longitudinally smooth brad pin shank (14) along its entire length, which is covered by an adhesive (112) to hold the brad pins (1) together..
Mineral composite panel and its production process
The embodiments herein provide a prefabricated mineral composite panel and a method for producing the same for constructing the internal walls, the lateral walls and the corner walls in a building. The method comprising the steps of: preparing and assembling a cast, fixing a mesh in the cast, pouring a prefabricated mineral composite into the cast, smoothening and flattening a top surface of the cast, disassembling the cast to withdraw a semi-dried prefabricated mineral composite panel, placing the semi-dried prefabricated mineral composite panel in a drying room for drying the prefabricated mineral composite, removing the dried prefabricated mineral composite panel from the drying room and packaging the prefabricated mineral composite panel..
Silencing apparatus for a vehicle
A muffler has a flattened cross-sectional shape the width of which is greater than its height. The muffler includes therein a plurality of expansion chambers.
Tube for heat exchanger
A folded tube for a heat exchanger is disclosed. The tube includes first and second ends for connection to first and second headers of the heat exchanger.
Photothermal treatment of soft tissues
An apparatus and a method are provided for the treatment of soft tissue. The apparatus includes a light source and at least two optical assemblies.
Galvannealed layer and steel sheet comprising the same, and method for producing the same
The galvannealed steel sheet wherein a galvannealed layer is formed on a base steel sheet including a high-strength steel having predetermined component composition; the average amount of fe in the galvannealed layer is in a range of 8.0 to 12.0%; and the absolute value Δfe of a difference between the amount of fe in the vicinity of an interface with the base steel sheet (the amount of fe in the vicinity of an internal side) and the amount of fe in the vicinity of the external surface of the plated layer (the amount of fe in the vicinity of an external side) in the plated layer is in a range of 0.0 to 3.0%. Further, in a method for producing the galvannealed steel sheet, intra-plated-layer diffusion treatment for flattening the concentration gradient of fe in the plated layer is performed after finishing hot dip galvanizing and alloying treatment..
Egg yolk separator device and method
An egg yolk separator device comprises uniquely configured structures for selectively grabbing an egg yolk from an egg albumen as supported upon a surface. A suction bulb and a tubular structure coupled to the suction bulb enable a user to selectively provide a suction force directed away from the inlet-outlet orifice toward the suction bulb for directing an egg yolk into the tubular structure.
Heat sealed remanufactured toner cartridge
A remanufactured toner cartridge includes a wall defining a fill hole that is used to refill the cartridge with toner. A patch covers the fill hole, and a heat activated adhesive non-removably attaches the patch to the wall.
Circuit substrate structure and method for manufacturing thereof
The invention provides a circuit substrate structure and a method for manufacturing thereof. The circuit substrate structure includes a substrate, a pixel array layer, a display unit, a peripheral circuit layer, at least one integrated circuit chip, a flexible printed circuit board, at least one flattening material layer and a passivation layer.
Window compatible electrical power device
A device that supplies electrical current to various outdoor locations via through-hole areas of building structures, such as window frames, door openings, etc. Which includes a flatten portion with a male electrical outlet plug coupled to one end and one or more female electrical outlet(s) coupled to the other end.
System and method for patient-specific planar visualization of volumetric mri data
A system and method for providing medical imaging data includes generating t2* maps based on t2* data, registering the t2* maps with 3-d anatomical data reconstructed from the medical imaging data, and segmenting the 3-d anatomical data in a region of interest (roi). The method also includes generating a 3-d anatomic volume of at least the roi, flattening the 3-d anatomic volume into a 2-d flattened image, and displaying the registered t2* maps on the 2-d flattened image..
Double loop lasso with single puller wire for bi-directional actuation
A catheter has a distal assembly with at least one loop, if not two, with ring electrodes. The distal assembly has an elongated support member covered by an extruded form having two lumens, one sized for nonslip tight fit with the support member.
Eyewear and eyewear frames with contoured temples
Eyewear and eyewear frames are described, which may include temples having a contoured profile for a cooperating fit, for example, with circumaural headsets. Eyewear frames according to the examples herein may include a pair of temples coupled to a front portion of a frame, each of the temples having a hinge portion and an arm portion.
Packaged puzzle
Puzzles that are packaged in assembled form and in a generally flat configuration are described herein. The puzzle package includes one or more flattened box components that provide support backing to the assembled puzzle.
Corrugated metal pipe
A metal pipe of single piece construction including a wall formed of a single corrugated metal sheet. The sheet has opposing first and second edges extending longitudinally along the sheet.
Electrode terminal connector producing method
A method is for producing an electrode terminal connector for electrically connecting together a positive and a negative terminal formed of mutually dissimilar metals respectively. The method includes the steps of pressing a thin plate formed of a similar metal to the positive terminal to form a mounting hole in the thin plate, pressing a thick plate formed of a similar metal to the negative terminal to form a metallic member which is smaller in diameter than the mounting hole, and inserting the metallic member into the mounting hole and flattening the metallic member in the mounting hole to widen the mounting hole and join the thin plate and the metallic member together.
Accommodating intraocular lens
A dynamic accommodative intraocular lens is provided in which a central lens portion of the intraocular lens undergoes dynamic change in curvature to adjust focus from distant objects to those nearby in response to natural accommodative actions of the patient's eye. The intraocular lens utilizes fluid movement from flexible fluid reservoirs defined along or adjacent haptic elements of the intraocular lens, which are engaged and compressed by the accommodating movements of the ciliary body of the patient's eye to cause expansion and flattening of the intraocular lens to adjust the optic power of the lens..
Single tool installation/removal of restraint cable with anti-rotation feature
An anti-rotation duct restraint system and methods of using this system for connecting flexible ducts are described. The anti-rotation duct restraint system includes a flexible cable having a swaged cable end and a flattened threaded cable end, wherein the swaged cable end can be aligned with a though-hole in a first flange of a first flexible duct, and the flattened threaded cable end, along with a mating metal bushing, can be aligned with a through-hole in a second flange of a second flexible duct.
Three-dimensional object building apparatus and method for building three-dimensional object
The three-dimensional object building apparatus includes a powder delivering unit that delivers a powder on an object building area, a powder flattening device that flattens the powder delivered from the powder delivering unit to form a powder layer, and a light beam radiating unit that is disposed above the object building area and radiates a light beam on the powder layer to sinter or melt solidify the powder for building an object. The three-dimensional object building apparatus also includes a transferring mechanism that moves the light beam radiating unit in three-dimensional directions, and a shroud that moves integrally with the light beam radiating unit and surrounds a space above an area of the powder layer that is smaller than the object building area around a radiation of the light beam.
Compact valve system for self-inflating tire
A self-inflating tire assembly includes an air passageway in the tire that is operable to be sequentially flattened by the tire footprint in a direction opposite to a tire direction of rotation to pump air from an inlet device through the passageway to an outlet device for direction into the tire cavity. A valve device for a tire is also disclosed.
Compact valve system for self-inflating tire
A self-inflating tire assembly includes an air passageway in the tire that is operable to be sequentially flattened by the tire footprint in a direction opposite to a tire direction of rotation to pump air from a valve device through the passageway to an outlet device for direction into the tire cavity. The valve device has an internal pressure membrane that regulates the inlet flow of the air to the tube pump..
Compact valve system for self-inflating tire
A self-inflating tire assembly includes an air passageway in the tire that is operable to be sequentially flattened by the tire footprint in a direction opposite to a tire direction of rotation to pump air from an inlet device through the passageway to an outlet device for direction into the tire cavity. A valve device for a tire is also disclosed.
Selectable flattening hierarchical file browser
Embodiments of the present invention address deficiencies of the art in respect to hierarchical tree file browsers and provide a method, system and computer program product for selectably flattening a hierarchical tree object structure in a hierarchical tree object browser. In one embodiment of the invention, a method of flattening an object hierarchy in an object browser can be provided.
Debugging method for pre-alignment
The application discloses a debugging method for pre-alignment applicable to an electronic device and the method includes: obtaining a preset voltage value which is an average voltage value of a first voltage value corresponding to a thin wafer placed on a table of the electronic device and a second voltage value corresponding to a thick wafer placed on the table of the electronic device; detecting and acquiring a first operation, and correcting a third voltage value of the electronic device according to the preset voltage value in response to the first operation so that a voltage difference between the third voltage value and the preset voltage value lies in a preset voltage range; detecting location of a flatten edge of the thick wafer on the table of the electronic device to obtain first location information, and detecting location of a flatten edge of the thin wafer on the table of the electronic device to obtain second location information; and detecting and acquiring a second operation, and correcting the second location information according to the first location information in response to the second operation so that an angle difference between the corrected second location information and the first location information lies in a preset angle range.. .
Steaming bag for footwear customization
A footwear customization kit is disclosed. The kit comprises a container including an article of footwear, a stand, a steaming bag and a set of instructions.
High-pressure discharge lamp having a starting aid
A high-pressure discharge lamp having a starting aid and having a discharge vessel is disclosed, wherein the discharge vessel has two ends with seals, in which electrodes and possibly power supply lines are fastened, wherein the starting aid includes a wire system consisting of a core wire and a wrapping wire applied thereto, wherein the wrapping wire is a flat-pressed or flattened wire.. .
Method for producing drip irrigation tubes
In a method for producing drip irrigation tubes, a body is extruded, from which the tube is formed and in which metering elements (10) are attached, which are connected to the body by means of ultrasonic welding. For such drip irrigation tubes, the water enters the metering elements (10) from the inside of the drip irrigation tubes through inlet openings, flows through the metering elements, and exits the drip irrigation tubes through outlet openings in a metered manner.
Method for producing reinforced glass sheet with bent portion and reinforced glass sheet with bent portion
Provided is a method capable of producing a glass sheet with a bent portion with a high form accuracy. A reinforced glass sheet 1 with a flattened portion 11 and bent portions 12a and 13a continued to the flattened portion 11 is produced.
Turbine engines with ceramic vanes and methods for manufacturing the same
A vane assembly includes first and second annular metal rings configured to accept a compressed gas flow therebetween. The first and second annular rings each include a cutout portion.
Organic electroluminescent light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
According to one embodiment, an organic electroluminescent light emitting device includes a transparent substrate, an intermediate layer, a first electrode, an organic light emitting layer, and a second electrode. The intermediate layer includes a plurality of fine particles and a flattened layer.
Skin-hair treatment method and system
A method and system of conditioning human skin and hair using a hand-held skin/hair conditioner having interchangeable interface conductors that are contoured to enhance electrical conductivity between the conditioner and a variety of body areas. Each of the interchangeable interface conductors are preferably formed to maximize surface area contact with a variety of body surfaces such as scalp/hair, body skin, and facial skin.
Cubic display and manufacturing method thereof
A multisided display device includes a flexible substrate configured to have a shape of a polyhedron and including a plurality of flattened portions, a plurality of bending portions, a first surface having a plurality of pixels thereon, and a second surface opposite the first surface, a plurality of rigid substrates corresponding to the plurality of flattened portions and positioned at the second surface of the flexible substrate, a scan driver for supplying a scan signal to the plurality of pixels, and a data driver for supplying a data signal to the plurality of pixels.. .
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
There are provided a highly reliable semiconductor device capable of suppressing occurrence of cracks as well as securing flatness and a manufacturing method therefor. The semiconductor device includes: a semiconductor substrate; an element region; and a non-element region.
Methods of using polished silicon wafer strips for euv homogenizer
The present invention is a light homogenizer or light tunnel with highly reflective sides that enable the focusing of euv illumination. The sides of the homogenizer are cut from a highly polished silicon wafer.
Heat pipe mounting method and heat pipe assembly thereof
A heat pipe mounting method and a heat pipe assembly thereof are disclosed. The method includes the step of providing a heat-transfer block and a plurality of heat pipes.
Heat exchanger for oven
An oven includes a heat exchanger with flattened segments providing low thermal resistance between flue gases being conveyed through the heat exchanger and a peripheral wall of the heat exchanger to increase the efficiency of heating of the peripheral wall of the heat exchanger to facilitate increasing a temperature of heated air that is delivered by a fan, across an outer surface of the peripheral wall of the heat exchanger, and through a cooking volume of the oven.. .
System and method for monitoring an area
A system for monitoring an area is disclosed herein. Specifically, a chemical-based system is disclosed.
Fluid conduit cover installation devices, systems and methods
An embodiment for disposing a sleeve on a fluid conduit includes positioning a sleeve through lead rollers, pressing sleeve edges to flatten the sleeve against its normal geometry, aligning the flattened sleeve with opposing guide channels defined in an passage through a sleeve guide, feeding the sleeve through the passage, and compressing the sleeve in the passage, letting the edges of the sleeve ride against the guide channels to open the sleeve. A length of the compressed sleeve exiting the guide may be cut using a heated device that fuses the sleeve material, leaving the sleeve clear to receive a fluid conduit.
Manufacturing method of thin heat pipe
A manufacturing method of thin heat pipe includes steps of: providing a hollow tubular body and a mesh capillary structure; placing the mesh capillary structure into the tubular body; providing a tool and placing the tool into the mesh capillary structure; sintering the tubular body to make the mesh capillary structure sintered on an inner wall face of the tubular body and then taking out the tool; vacuuming the tubular body and filling a working fluid into the tubular body; sealing the tubular body; and pressing and flattening the tubular body into a flat form by means of mechanical processing. According to the manufacturing method of thin heat pipe, the mesh capillary structure can fully tightly attach to the inner wall face of the tubular body to keep the completeness of the tubular body and the completeness of the vapor-liquid circulation passageways in the heat pipe..
Tie down strap having elastic section
A tie down strap includes one or more inelastic strap section with an elastic section connecting the inelastic sections. An end of a first inelastic strap section includes a buckle or ring.
Door and handle sanitizers and assemblies
A flat or three dimensional body constructed of a sanitary plastic, with an inner surface of the body defining a hollow interior adapted to contact a door hardware surface or projecting knob. The body in one variant exhibits an end face from which projects an undulating and perimeter extending skirt, the design of which providing additional fabric which, upon being grasped and rotated by a user, can be circumferentially deflected and folded over against itself and the underlying surfaces of the rotatable door knob over which the cover is installed, this in order to facilitate additional frictional engaging contact with the door handle.
Disposable berm mop
An absorbent berm mop assembly to contain a liquid spill is provided. The absorbent berm comprises an absorbent material packed within a tube sock of variable length and diameter comprising a berm.

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