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Holding of interposers and other microelectronic workpieces in position during assembly and other processing


Holding of interposers and other microelectronic workpieces in position during assembly and other processing

Electromagnetic coil, method of manufacturing electromagnetic coil, and electromagnetic actuator


Electromagnetic coil, method of manufacturing electromagnetic coil, and electromagnetic actuator

Electromagnetic coil, method of manufacturing electromagnetic coil, and electromagnetic actuator

Acoustic Zoom

System and method for adaptive classification and filtering for imaging diffused energy from the earths subsurface

Date/App# patent app List of recent Flatten-related patents
 Circuit arrangement and  controlling semiconductor switching element patent thumbnailCircuit arrangement and controlling semiconductor switching element
In order to reduce the problems with sharp-edged control voltages of semiconductor switching elements, it is provided that the control terminal (6) of the semiconductor switching element (1) is connected to the output terminal (7) of the semiconductor switching element (1) via a ramp generation unit (5), and the ramp generation unit (5) flattens the sharply ascending and descending edges of the driver control voltage (vs) into the form of a ramp, in order to generate a transistor control voltage (vg) at the output of the ramp generation unit (5).. .
Fronius International Gmbh

 Holding of interposers and other microelectronic workpieces in position during assembly and other processing patent thumbnailHolding of interposers and other microelectronic workpieces in position during assembly and other processing
A workpiece (120) has protruding conductive features (140) at least on a first side. The second side is processed while the workpiece is held from the first side by a holder (220h).
Invensas Corporation

 Electromagnetic coil,  manufacturing electromagnetic coil, and electromagnetic actuator patent thumbnailElectromagnetic coil, manufacturing electromagnetic coil, and electromagnetic actuator
An electromagnetic coil includes a conductor winding 12a formed by winding a conductor 12b a plurality of times about a predetermined axis, and a ceramic layer 12c formed through thermal spraying on an axial end surface of the conductor winding 12a, and having a flattened surface. A maximal value t12 of thickness of the ceramic layer 12c is set to three times or less a maximal value t11 of depth of the recesses formed at the surface of turns of the conductor 12b at the axial end surface..
Ckd Corporation

 System and  adaptive classification and filtering for imaging diffused energy from the earths subsurface patent thumbnailSystem and adaptive classification and filtering for imaging diffused energy from the earths subsurface
A method for imaging the earth's subsurface includes taking summed recordings of signals acquired by a plurality of seismic sensors disposed above the volume in response to repeated actuations of a seismic energy source. A travel time of seismic energy is determined from a position of the source to a selected image point in the volume and from the image point to each seismic sensor.
Acoustic Zoom, Inc.

 A thermal insulation panel patent thumbnailA thermal insulation panel
The present invention provides a thermal insulation panel (10) having two outer concaved layers (14, 16) and an inner tension (24) member formed by two substantially parallel panels (26,28). The peripheries of the layers and panels are secured to a thermal barrier (22) extending around the periphery of the panel (10) and a vacuum seal (25) seals the edge.
Oxford Brookes University

 Medical balloon assembly and  making a medical balloon patent thumbnailMedical balloon assembly and making a medical balloon
A medical balloon includes an outer layer and an inner layer. The outer layer has a surface texture or formation such as a scoring element.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

 Methods and system for manufacturing lead battery plates patent thumbnailMethods and system for manufacturing lead battery plates
Methods and a system for manufacturing a lead or lead alloy plate lattice for a lead-acid battery are described, comprising continuous extrusion of a melt of lead or lead alloy under temperatures lower by 10-100° c. Than the melting point of lead, or the lead alloy, the extrudate being subsequently subjected to a flattening process under a temperature lower by more than at least 230° c.
H. Folke Sandelin Ab

 Alignment inspecting system for liquid crystal substrate patent thumbnailAlignment inspecting system for liquid crystal substrate
The present invention relates to an alignment inspecting system for liquid crystal substrate, which means an aligning system of liquid crystal substrate alignment inspecting apparatus after hva (high resolution vertical alignment) alignment, comprises an alignment mechanism located on corners of the substrate, and the alignment mechanism including a horizontal alignment device for exerting pressure to edges of the substrate, wherein a flattening device for applying longitudinal pressure to the substrate is further included. The present invention can be concluded with the following advantages: this alignment inspecting system for liquid crystal substrate can be used to correct the bending of the substrate during alignment process, so as to reduce the bending and deformation of the substrate which in turn creates poor contact between the probe and the substrate.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

 Foldable paperboard for preparing a paper tube patent thumbnailFoldable paperboard for preparing a paper tube
A paperboard comprises a plurality of folding lines and paper panels. The paperboard is either intact or perforated.

 Binding system for recreational board patent thumbnailBinding system for recreational board
Binding systems for recreational boards are provided. A binding system is mounted atop a rider-support surface of the board.
Jf Pelchat Inc.


Corewire design and construction for medical devices

A guidewire for use in ear, nose and throat procedures may include an elongate core wire having a proximal region and a distal region. The distal region of the core wire may include a flattened portion adapted to provide preferential flexure along at least one axis of the wire.
Acclarent, Inc.


Re-entry stylet for catheter

A stylet for re-entry into a vessel includes an elongate body including a proximal portion, a middle curved portion, a pointed distal end, and a longitudinal axis extending through the proximal portion, the middle curved portion, and the pointed distal end. The proximal portion and the middle curved portion have substantially circular cross-sections.
Avinger, Inc.


Cable storage under a drawer

An apparatus comprising a wall of a drawer adapted to secure a set of cables at a first end, the set of cables can be housed in a cable housing, the wall coupled to a roller and a flattening appendage. In some implementations, the apparatus can comprise a deck comprising a plate adapted to secure the set of cables at a second end, the plate located at a midpoint of the deck.
Quanta Computer Inc.


Method and system for geophysical modeling of subsurface volumes based on computed vectors

Method and system are described for modeling one or more geophysical properties of a subsurface volume. The method includes computing vector volumes to enhance subsurface modeling and update these vector volumes.


Method of creating and interpreting animated mosaics of multiple seismic surveys

Embodiments of methods of creating and interpreting animated mosaics of multiple seismic surveys are disclosed herein. Volumes from individual seismic surveys may be flattened in each seismic cube.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.


Construction machine with floating function

Disclosed is a construction machine with a floating function for performing soil preparation or the like for flattening the ground or the like using a dozer blade. The construction machine with a floating function according to the present invention comprises: a hydraulic pump and a pilot pump; a dozer cylinder connected to the hydraulic pump so as to move the dozer blade in the vertical direction; a control valve arranged in a channel between the hydraulic pump and the dozer cylinder; a dozer check valve arranged in the channel between the control valve and the dozer cylinder; a return check valve arranged in the channel between the control valve and a hydraulic tank; a solenoid valve for floating arranged in a signal path between the pilot pump and the dozer check valve such that the solenoid valve is capable of opening and closing; a channel for floating, one end of which is connected to the hydraulic tank and the other end of which is connected to the channel interconnecting the control valve and the dozer cylinder; and a check valve arranged in the channel for floating so as to supply working fluid to the dozer cylinder through the channel for floating from the hydraulic tank in a floating mode, and cut off the channel for floating when the floating mode is cancelled..
Volvo Construction Equipment Ab


Controlled contact turf wheel for turf-care vehicle

The present disclosure provides a controlled contact turf wheel for a turf-care vehicle, wherein the controlled contact turf wheel comprises a plurality of annular ground contact ribs, a plurality of annular grass passage channels disposed between the ribs. The controlled contact turf wheel is structured and operable to allow grass to pass through the channels as the controlled contact turf wheel rolls across the ground without flattening, compressing or compacting the grass against the ground, thereby minimizing residual uncut/partially cut wheel lines in the cut path of the turf-care vehicle..
Textron, Inc.


An edible composition comprising resveratrol and flavonoid monoglucoside

Foods or meals high in available carbohydrate such as sucrose or starch increase postprandial blood glucose concentrations. Repeated high post-prandial plasma glucose “spikes” are associated with an increased risk of developing type ii diabetes.
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever


Optimizing voltage and var on the electric grid using distributed var sources

A plurality of edge of network grid volt ampere reactive (var) sources are provided in a power system in order to effectuate control at a customer level, which in turn effectuates control at a feeder level, which in turn effectuates control of an entire power system or wide area electric grid network. By optimally selecting voltage setpoints and applying such voltage setpoints to the plurality of edge of network grid var sources, the power system can be configured to self-balance, power factor compensation can be determined without the need for measuring load power factor.
Varentec, Inc.


Control flow flattening for code obfuscation where the next block calculation needs run-time information

A method of obscuring software code including a plurality of basic blocks wherein the basic blocks have an associated identifier (id), including: determining, by a processor, for a first basic block first predecessor basic blocks, wherein first predecessor basic blocks jump to the first basic block and the first basic block jumps to a next basic block based upon a next basic block id; producing, by the processor, a mask value based upon the ids of first predecessor basic blocks, wherein the mask value identifies common bits of the ids of the first predecessor basic blocks; and inserting, by the processor, an instruction in the first basic block to determine a next basic block id based upon the mask value and an id of one of the first predecessor basic blocks.. .
Nxp B.v.


Paper money temporary storage device

A banknote temporary storage device includes a pair of coiling tapes configured to clamp banknotes to be temporarily stored, a large coiling block configured to temporarily store the banknotes by accommodating the coiling tapes which clamp the banknotes to be temporarily stored, an upper coiling block component and a lower coiling block component configured to release or roll up the coiling tapes, and a banknotes inlet/outlet. Each of the coiling tapes has one end fixed onto the large coiling block, and another ends of the coiling tapes are respectively fixed onto the upper coiling block component and the lower coiling block component.
Grg Banking Equipment Co., Ltd.


Three-dimensional printer and a three-dimensional printing module thereof

A three-dimensional printing module includes a base seat, a sintering mechanism, a coloring mechanism and a forming mechanism. The base seat is movable relative to a powder layer.
Cal-comp Electronics & Communications Company Limited


Leveler equipment and sheet material flattening method

Leveler equipment includes a leveler body, a first roll cassette for a roller leveler, and a second roll cassette for a tension leveler. The roller leveler is formed when the first roll cassette is attached to the leveler body, and the tension leveler is formed when the second roll cassette is attached to the leveler body..
Jp Steel Plantech Co.


Hair curling apparatus with a flattened curling section

A curling device is disclosed for styling hair. The device includes a flattened curling section configured to create a zig-zag pattern in the hair being treated.


Shaft-hub connection, adapter and geared motor

A shaft, especially a motor shaft, is inserted into an accommodation area of a hub, especially an adapter shaft, and is connected with force locking, especially being clamped. The hub, at least in one axial area, has three flattenings evenly spaced from one another in the circumferential direction.
Sew-eurodrive Gmbh & Co. Kg


Gabion system

A gabion system is disclosed which includes a gabion (1) for use in protecting military or civilian installations from weapons assault or from elemental forces such as flood waters, lava flows, avalanches, soil instability, slope erosion and the like. The gabion (1) comprises opposed side walls (2, 3) connected together at spaced intervals by a plurality of partition walls (4,5,6) such that spaces between neighbouring pairs of partition walls define, together with the side walls (2,3), compartments (7, 8, 9) of the gabion, adjacent side and partition walls being connected to one another by pivotal connections (41) enabling the gabion to be folded between fully flattened and deployed configurations, the pivotal connections allowing the gabion to fold concertina-wise for storage or transport.
Hesco Bastion Limited


Wrench tool and manufacturing method thereof

A wrench tool comprises a tool rod and an operating rod. The tool rod is 7-shaped, and comprises a tool head part and a connecting rod part.
Dahon Technologies, Ltd.


Gripping tires for a wheelchair

The gripping tire for a wheelchair as per the invention has a profile cross-section that is asymmetric and divided up in the radial and axial directions. Axial and radial refer here to the wheel of the wheelchair onto which the gripping tire is coaxially attached.
L&c Verwaltungsgesellschaft Mbh


Medical holding arm

A medical holding arm is described, comprising at least one joint (24, 26, 28, 30, 32) with two joint bodies (40, 42) which are rotatable relative to each other about a rotational axis (d), wherein a first of the joint bodies (40) has a plurality of locking pins (46) and a second of the joint bodies (42) has a plurality of locking recesses (48), the number of locking pins (46) differs from the number of locking recesses (48), the locking pins (46) each have an axially tapered engagement part (66), the locking recesses (48) are respectively formed axially tapered to selectively receive each of the engagement parts (66) for locking the joint (24, 26, 28, 30, 32), and when the joint (24, 26, 28, 30, 32) is locked, at least one of the locking pins (46) is received with its tapered engagement part (66) completely in one of the tapered locking recesses (48), while at least one of the other locking pins (46) is received with its tapered engagement part (66) only partially in one of the other tapered locking recesses (48). The engagement part (66) of the respective locking pin (46) has at least one first flattened contact surface (68), and the respective locking recess (48) has at least one second flattened contact surface (72).
Maquet Gmbh


Methods and devices for forming flattened food products and food products thereby formed

An apparatus includes a press configured to compress at least a portion of a food item to deform the food item and form a flattened food product. The press includes a movable portion and a lift arm pivotally attached to the movable portion, where the lift arm is configured to raise or lower the movable portion.


Method for correcting wafer bow from overlay

Described herein are methods for flattening a substrate, such as a semiconductor wafer, to reduce bowing in such substrates. Methods include treating or bombarding a backside surface of a substrate with particles of varying doses, densities, and spatial locations.


Production high-permeability grain-oriented electrical steel

The invention refers to ferrous metallurgy, in particular, to production of grain-oriented electrical steel deployed in a manufacture of power transformer cores. Ensuring high magnetic permeability of steel and homogeneity of the magnetic properties requires slab casting, slab heating, rough and finishing hot rolling, cooling, pickling, double cold rolling with an intermediary decarburizing annealing, mgo coating application, box annealing and flattening annealing after rolling strips are cooled within the time not exceeding two seconds, the heating for the high-temperature annealing in the temperature range of 400-700° c.


Frequent markup techniques for use in native advertisement placement

Techniques are provided that include obtaining a document object model of an html document, such as a web page of a publisher. Elements of the document object model may be identified that are associated with native advertisement placement candidate containers.


Alignment and flattening material compositions, display device comprising same and process for adjusting display color

An alignment material composition, a flattening material composition, a liquid crystal display device and a process for adjusting the display color of the liquid crystal display device. The alignment material composition or the flattening material composition each includes 0.5-20 wt % of an organic additive, which is one or more of spiropyran compounds, schiff base compounds, and heterocyclic diarylethene compounds.


Catheter for introduction of medications to the tissues of a heart or other organ

A positionable, direct-injection catheter that can access a specific region of the heart or other organ. The catheter is provided with one or two needle shafts, which may be located within respective sheaths that extend axially along the interior of the lumen of a main catheter shaft.


Delivery system for implantable medical device

A delivery system includes an inflatable delivery balloon formed with a plurality of constraining elements which create constrained regions in a body portion of the balloon, interposed between unconstrained regions. The constrained regions create recesses for receiving a medical device or part of a medical device.


Coil element production method

A method for manufacturing a coil element using a transferring mold, includes preparing the mold, on a surface of which an inverted coil element pattern is engraved, the mold having at least a surface part made of metal, forming a center conductive film by electroplating at the mold as a whole so as to have a thickness exceeding a thickness of an area where the pattern is engraved, removing the film from a surface by a predetermined thickness to flatten the surface of the center conductive film, releasing the flattened center conductive film from the mold, coating a protective film at a surface as a whole of the released film on a side where the pattern is formed, etching the film for removal from the side subjected to the flattening so that the side reaches the protective film, and removing the protective film and taking out the center conductive film.. .


Printing apparatus, printing method, and medium

An object of the present invention is to provide an image processing apparatus capable of combining a group element so that a color intended by a user is output ultimately even in the case where flattening is performed on the way of the processing performed on the group.. .


Compressor recirculation into annular volume

To solve the problems of compressor wheel blade flow separation causing surge type noises when a compressor return or recirculation valve is opened or closed, bypass airflow from a compressor recirculation valve is fed into an annular volume, defined between inner and outer walls or shaped as a radially expanded, axially flattened cylindrical space in the compressor inlet, so that the generally unidirectional radial flow from the compressor recirculation valve is re-directed and organized as it is turned from generally radial to generally axial, merging with the general inlet flow and presenting the compressor wheel with airflow of “circumferentially uniform” flow velocity.. .


Reinforcing fiber/resin fiber composite for production of continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin composite material and process for manufacturing same

The present invention provides a technique for impregnating a continuous fiber with a thermoplastic resin having a high melt viscosity in a short time, and thereby enables short-cycle molding of a continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin composite material. The present invention pertains to a reinforcing fiber/resin fiber composite (10) which is to be used for the production of a continuous-fiber-reinforced, thermoplastic resin composite material and which is characterized in that: the composite (10) comprises a continuous fiber bundle (1) and a thermoplastic resin fiber (cover (2)) which covers the periphery of the continuous fiber bundle (1) in such a state that the continuous fiber bundle (1) is not constricted; and the continuous fiber bundle (1) can be flattened.


Tire and tire manufacturing method

A tire configured from joining together plural tire frame members formed from a thermoplastic material in which sufficient strength of the joint portion is secured. Two tire halves 17a formed from a first thermoplastic material are supported by a tire supporting section 40 so as to be aligned with each other and abutting, while rotating this configuration melted welding thermoplastic material 43 is extruded from a nozzle 46 towards the joining location, and the welding thermoplastic material 43 is pressed by a flattening roller 48.


Belt self-adjustable to the waist

A belt that is self-adjustable to the waist comprises a long flexible strap (1), which constitutes the belt itself, with a cross-section formed by a complete flattened loop with a free gap (2), like a flattened tube, one of the ends of the strap being folded (3) and normally receiving at least one belt loop (4) and a conventional coupling device (5) suitable for providing means for quickly adjusting and coupling or uncoupling the other end of the strap (1); the strap (1) is split into two parts near the fold (3), forming two adjacent ends (6) and (7), inside which an elastic strap (8) and a guide tongue (9) operate and together allow a variable belt diameter to be achieved after the belt is adjusted to the user's body. This effect can also be obtained with other arrangements, i.e.


Domain name system cname record management

A method and apparatus for managing cname records such that cname records at the root domain are supported while complying with the rfc specification (an ip address is returned for any address query for the root record). The authoritative dns infrastructure acts as a dns resolver where if there is a cname at the root record, rather than returning that record directly, a recursive lookup is used to follow the cname chain until an a record is located.
Cloudflare, Inc.



A battery includes a container configured to contain therein an electrolytic solution, belt-like electrodes rolled up into a flattened shape in the longitudinal direction, and contained in the container, current collection tabs intermittently provided in the longitudinal direction in such a manner that a plurality of groups are formed by the rolling up, and extended in a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the electrodes, and a plurality of junction parts at each of which current collection tabs belonging to an identical group of the plurality of groups are joined to each other.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Epitaxial lift off stack having a pre-curved handle and methods thereof

Embodiments of the invention generally relate to epitaxial lift off (elo) thin films and devices and methods used to form such films and devices. In one embodiment, a method for forming an elo thin film is provided which includes depositing an epitaxial material over a sacrificial layer on a substrate, adhering a flattened, pre-curved support handle onto the epitaxial material, and removing the sacrificial layer during an etching process.
Alta Devices, Inc.


Image processor with static hand pose recognition utilizing contour triangulation and flattening

An image processing system comprises an image processor having image processing circuitry and an associated memory. The image processor is configured to implement a gesture recognition system utilizing the image processing circuitry and the memory.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Photo mixer and manufacturing same

Disclosed herein is a photomixer and method of manufacturing the photomixer which can fundamentally solve the existing restrictive factors of a pca and a photomixer which are core parts of a conventional broadband terahertz spectroscopy system. The presented photomixer includes an active layer formed on a top surface of a substrate, the active layer being formed on an area on which light is incident, and a thermal conductive layer formed on the top surface of the substrate, the thermal conductive layer being formed on an area other than the area on which light is incident.
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Apparatus and processing bamboo or vegetable cane

One embodiment provides a cane processing assembly for use with a substantially cylindrical bamboo culm having a longitudinal axis and a plurality of nodes. The assembly comprising a feeder, a perforating station adjacent to the feeder to receive the culm, the perforating station having an annular cutter assembly with cutting blades positioned around an open central area that receives the culm.
Resource Fiber Llc


Three-dimensional structure manufacturing apparatus, manufacturing three-dimensional structure, and three-dimensional structure

A three-dimensional structure manufacturing apparatus, in which the three-dimensional structure is manufactured by laminating layers, includes: a base unit on which a three-dimensional structure is to be formed; a discharge unit which discharges a curable ink onto the base unit; flattening unit which flattens an ink layer composed of the curable ink discharged onto the base unit; and curing unit which cures the ink layer. Here, the ink layer is cured by the curing unit while being flattened by the flattening unit..
Seiko Epson Corporation


Golf club head or other ball striking device having impact-influencing body features

A ball striking device has a face with a striking surface and a body extending rearwardly from the outer periphery of the face. A channel extends across at least a portion of the sole, and includes a trough defined between front and rear edges and extending in a heel-toe direction.
Nike, Inc.


Ventricular cuff

In one general aspect, a cuff for attachment to a heart includes an attachment component configured to engage a blood pump to attach the cuff to the blood pump and a sewing ring for attachment to the heart. The sewing ring is coupled to the attachment component, and the attachment component and the sewing ring each define a central opening configured to admit an inflow cannula of a blood pump.
Thoratec Corporation


Tablecloth with securing means

Disclosed is a disposable tablecloth that can adjustably cover tabletops of various sizes and shapes. In one embodiment, the tablecloth includes a planar sheet of material having a substantially rectangular shape with a defined perimeter having elastic attached thereto, wherein the elastic may be stitched to the perimeter.


Semiconductor device manufacturing method

A first waveguide member is formed, as viewed from above, in an image pickup region and a peripheral region of a semiconductor substrate. A part of the first waveguide member, which part is disposed in the peripheral region, is removed.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


System and computing, applying, and displaying document deltas

Systems and methods are disclosed herein for computing, applying, and displaying document deltas. Snapshots are stored of documents, and the stored snapshots are flattened.
Google, Inc.


Method for manufacturing integrated aluminum alloy bicycle front fork

A method for manufacturing an integrated aluminum alloy bicycle front fork is revealed. Aluminum alloy is extruded to form substrate having three rectangular bars.
Alex Global Technology, Inc.


Collapsible and/or assembled filter housing and filter used therewith

A filter assembly including a rectangular inlet frame having a rectangular inlet opening, a rectangular outlet frame, a housing body being collapsible to have a flattened shipping state and an erect state, the collapsible housing body in the erect state being rectangular and interposed between the rectangular inlet frame and the rectangular outlet frame in an assembled state, and at least one filter having filter media installed in the rectangular inlet opening in generally sealing relation thereto and projecting from the inlet frame toward the outlet frame in the assembled state.. .
Clarcor Air Filtration Products, Inc.


Golf tee gadget and configuration

A golf tee gadget and configuration includes a stem with one end connected to a surface on which a golf ball can be held, and a flat plate connected to the other end of the stem, with the stem being connected to the flat plate at an angle. The flat plate includes one golf ball at each end.


Double loop lasso with single puller wire for bi-directional actuation

The u-shape bend is anchored at a distal end of a deflectable section which is reinforced by at least one washer having at least two holes, each hole axially aligned with a respective lumen in the deflectable section. Each hole is centered with a lumen so that each puller wire portion therethrough is straight and subjected to tensile force only.


Flattened dihedral-shaped device possessing an adapted (maximized or minimized) equivalent radar cross section

A dihedral shaped device is provided, which includes two plates forming between them an angle of [pi]−2[alpha], where 0<[alpha]<[pi]/4. Each plate has a ground plane, at least one dielectric layer and a network of radiating elements.
Cnrs - Centre Nationale De La Recherche Scientifique


Print data processing apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium

A print data processing apparatus includes the following elements. A spot color memory stores a spot color element.
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Image processing for launch parameters measurement of objects in flight

An example embodiment includes a method of measuring launch parameters of an object in flight. The method includes capturing images of an object in flight.
Rapsodo Pte. Ltd.


Method for constructing continuously reinforced concrete pavement using reinforcing steel introducing/fixing equipment

The present invention relates to a method for constructing a continuously reinforced concrete pavement including: the reinforcing steel bar arrangement step of moving reinforcing steel bar introducing/fixing equipment having guide tubes adapted to guide reinforcing steel bars to proper positions thereof and a reinforcing steel bar holding apparatus adapted to apply an instant tensile force to the reinforcing steel bars upon concrete casting to allow the reinforcing steel bars to be located at the proper positions thereof, and longitudinally arranging the reinforcing steel bars; the concrete casting step of casting concrete on top of the reinforcing steel bars arranged in the reinforcing steel bar arrangement step; and the finishing step of flattening the surface of the concrete cast in the concrete casting step by means of a paver.. .
Sam Woo Innovation Maintenance Construction Co., Ltd.


Spectrum flatness control for bandwidth extension

In accordance with an embodiment, a method of decoding an encoded audio bitstream at a decoder includes receiving the audio bitstream, decoding a low band bitstream of the audio bitstream to get low band coefficients in a frequency domain, and copying a plurality of the low band coefficients to a high frequency band location to generate high band coefficients. The method further includes processing the high band coefficients to form processed high band coefficients.
Huawei Technologies Co.,ltd.


Catheter assemblies and methods for stabilizing a catheter assembly within a subintimal space

Catheter assemblies include a stabilization mechanism disposed at a distal end of the catheter assembly for stabilizing the catheter assembly within a subintimal space. The stabilization mechanism includes a self-expanding support structure that is slidably positionable within an inflatable balloon.
Invatec S.p.a.


Method of manufacturing light-emitting device and wiring substrate for light-emitting element

A method of manufacturing a light-emitting device includes flattening top portions of solder bumps disposed on a wiring substrate, disposing a light-emitting element on the solder bumps whose top portions are flattened, and heating the solder bumps to be melt and to be fused so as to provide an adhesive with which the light-emitting element is secured on the wiring substrate.. .
Nichia Corporation


Lighting methods and apparatus

Illumination methods and apparatus are described. In some embodiments a lighting device includes one or more lighting modules.
The Lightco Inc.


Method and system for hardening of cfg flattening

It is provided a method for hardening of control flow graph flattening, wherein each basic block is stored on a slot and jumps to a single function that computes the address of the next basic block, comprising the steps of: each time after executing a basic block, copying the basic block at a start offset selected in an available slot; inserting at least one junk code at least one of before, after and inside the basic block on the basis of a reference image of the basic block; and updating a database including a current address and image of each basic block.. .
Thomson Licensing


Liquid discharge apparatus and medium flattening method

There is provided a transport belt to transport a medium by adhering to an adhesive layer which is on a surface of the transport belt, a liquid discharge section configured to discharge a liquid toward a surface of the transport belt, a sensor configured to detect a presence or absence of floating being generated in the medium on the transport belt, a flattening section configured to carry out an action of flattening with regard to the medium on the transport belt, and a control section configured to control an operation of the flattening section based on detecting information from the sensor.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Electrical machine for adjusting moving parts in a motor vehicle by motor, and also producing the electrical machine

Electrical machine (10), and also method for producing an electrical machine, in particular for adjusting moving parts in a motor vehicle by motor, having a stator (12) into which a rotor (14) can be inserted, wherein the stator (12) has two permanent magnets (18) which are situated opposite one another and which are arranged in a pole housing (16) which forms a magnetic return path, and the pole housing (16) has flattened regions (20) between the two permanent magnets (18), the pole housing wall (26) forming two magnetic follower poles (22), which are situated opposite one another, on the said flattened regions, wherein the maximum dimension (25) of the pole housing (16) between the two flattened regions (20) which are situated opposite one another—axially in the region of the follower poles (22)—forms a width (24) across flats for the installation space of the electrical machine (10) which is equal to a maximum of 35 mm—and in particular a maximum of 30 mm.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Antenna oscillator structure

A flattened antenna oscillator structure has a square frame with an opening in the middle of a lower side. Two vertical oscillator leads parallel to left and right sides are symmetrically arranged inside the frame.
Shenzhen Antop Technology Co., Ltd


Dynamic deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) models and kits

A dynamic dna model and dna model kit that is based on the atomic coordinates of double-stranded dna, but can be easily untwisted to form a flattened 2-d ladder structure. Once untwisted, the two strands of dna can be easily “unzipped” to create single-stranded dna templates that can be used to demonstrate the processes of dna replication and transcription.


Devices applicable to tissue(s) which facilitates confocal microscopy, optical microscopy, spectroscopy and/or imaging

Exemplary embodiments of apparatus and method for facilitating an analysis of a sample(s) can be provided. For example, using a first arrangement(s), it can be possible to receive the sample(s) thereon.
Memorial Sloan-kettering Cancer Center



The invention concerns a recoverable gabion for use in protecting military or civilian installations from weapons assault or from elemental forces, such as flood waters, lava flows, avalanches, soil instability, slope erosion and the like. The gabion comprises opposed side walls comprising a plurality of side wall elements connected together at spaced intervals by a plurality of partition walls such that spaces between neighbouring pairs of partition walls define, together with the side walls, individual compartments of the gabion, adjacent side and partition walls being connected to one another by pivotal connections enabling the gabion to be folded between fully flattened and deployed configurations, wherein at least one of the pivotal connections is a releasable connection which when released allows a side wall element to open with respect to the gabion to allow access from the side of the gabion to any contents of the gabion compartments..
Hesco Bastion Limited


Methods and three-dimensional printed composites based on flattened substrate sheets

A 3d object according to the invention involves substrate layers infiltrated by a hardened material. The 3d object may be fabricated by a method comprising the following steps: flatten a substrate layer.
Impossible Objects Llc


Method and device for cleaning a surface of a twin-roller continuous thin strip casting roller

A method for cleaning a surface of a twin-roller thin-belt continuous casting roller, wherein each casting roller of the twin-roller thin-belt continuous casting machine comprises two brush rollers in an upper and lower arrangement for cleaning the surface thereof, wherein a rotational direction of at least one brush roller is as same as a casting roller, and the linear speed of the casting roller is constant and greater than its rotational speed; and a roller surface cleaning device controls the distance or the pressure between the brush rollers and the casting roller by a position control device fixed on a casting roller bearing seat, and it controls the flattening amount in 1-10 times of the average pit depth on the casting roller face after being brushed, so as to ensure cleaning efficiency. In a process of twin-roller thin-belt continuous casting, the present invention can improve the cleaning efficiency of the thin-belt continuous casting roller, and make the coefficient of thermal conductivity of the roller surface more uniform and increase the quality of belt..
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.


Millimeter wave bands semiconductor package and millimeter wave bands semiconductor device

Certain embodiments provide a millimeter wave bands semiconductor package including a first metal block, a second metal block, and a circuit board. The first metal block includes a first penetration hole and a second penetration hole, each of which has a flattening film on an inner surface thereof.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Elastic band end fastener connecting structure

The present invention relates to an elastic band end fastener connecting structure, including an elastic band and a fastener, wherein the fastener includes a clamping piece and a ring buckle. A section of the said clamping piece has a c-shaped structure.
Z Company


Tamper indicating security bag

A method of manufacturing tamper indicating security bags (e.g. For the transportation of case) from plastic film.
Britton Decoflex Ltd C/o Britton Taco Ltd.


Method of manufacturing dartboard by grass stem

A method of manufacturing a dartboard by grass stem includes the steps of rolling grass stems and removing insect eggs, binding the grass stems into a bundle and then cutting the bundle into grass stem cakes, compressing the grass stem cakes into a target body of the dartboard, fixing a backplane of the target body coated with an adhesive, an insect repellent, and a preservative, and flattening a target surface before performing a printing process and a baking process, so as to prevent the dartboard from being damaged by insects and mildews.. .


Apparatus and cutting tubular members

A method of cutting a continuous hollow tubular member having a fully expanded configuration with an outer diameter d, includes the steps of feeding the continuous hollow tubular member in the fully expanded configuration to a cutting station, cutting the continuous hollow tubular member into a plurality of hollow tubular members, each of which has a first flattened end and expanding the first flattened end of the plurality of hollow tubular members to the fully expanded configuration such that the first end of the plurality of hollow tubular members has an outer diameter d.. .


Assembly a microsurgical instrument, and pivotable retractor

The present invention discloses an assembly method for a microsurgical instrument, which has a proximal handle mechanically connected to a hollow shaft. The shaft is coupled releasably to a tool head via a bayonet connection.


Flexible folding battery cover

Battery covers and methods for producing battery covers are described. One battery cover described herein includes a single sheet of material formed into a substantially rectangular box shape with an opening formed along one side, the rectangular box shape capable of being folded into a flattened shape for transportation and the material including a flexible laminate of at least one layer of synthetic fiber and a polymer film layer.
Carcoustics Techconsult Gmbh


Selective planishing making a semiconductor device

In a method for fabricating semiconductor devices a leadframe pattern is formed from a flat tape of base metal. A plurality of additional metal layers is plated on the patterned tape of base metal.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Tube for regenerating pipeline

The object of the present invention consists in ensuring the desired flattening strength of the tube and inhibiting the tube from the tearing and wrinkling which can be occurred on the tube during the drawing of the tube into the pipe.. .


Method of manufacturing flow-path structure, manufacturing liquid ejecting head, and manufacturing liquid ejecting apparatus

A method of manufacturing a flow-path structure (liquid ejecting head) which includes a first member and a second member, and in which a flow path, through which a liquid is circulated, is formed, the method including: bonding the first member and the second member, in a state in which a pin of the first member is inserted through a through-hole of the second member, by an adhesive; and fixing the first member and the second member to each other by thermal tip-flattening through which the tip portion of the pin is deformed by being heated, before the adhesive is cured.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Perfume dispenser for motor vehicles

A perfume dispenser for motor vehicles includes a support bearing a perfume-dispensing body, wherein the support has a generally circular base provided with slits and an articulated dorsal attachment coupled to a supporting structure of a motor vehicle, and a front arm connected to the base and bent in front of this to form an open receptacle. The perfume-dispensing body consists of a flattened cylindrical casing set in a projecting way within the receptacle and connected in a coaxially rotatable way to the base.
Millefiori S.r.i.


Sea cucumber processing apparatus and method

An improved apparatus for processing sea cucumbers having stages for orienting/aligning, cutting, splitting, flattening, eviscerating and cleaning the sea cucumber, and for collecting the eviscerated innards. A method for the automated splitting and evisceration of sea cucumbers using the apparatus of the present disclosure.
Memorial University Of Newfoundland


Clock-tree transformation in high-speed asic implementation

A method includes providing a first clock tree including a root clock and a plurality of levels of integrated clock gates (icgs) under the root clock. The plurality of levels of icgs in the first clock tree is flattened to generate a second clock tree including a plurality of icgs in a same level under the root clock.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Multifunction wafer and film frame handling system

A multifunction wafer and film frame handling system includes a wafer table assembly having a wafer table providing an ultra-planar wafer table surface configured for carrying a wafer or a film frame, and at least one of: a flattening apparatus configured for automatically applying a downward force to portions of a warped or non-planar wafer in a direction normal to the wafer table surface; a displacement limitation apparatus configured for automatically constraining or preventing uncontrolled lateral motion of a wafer relative to the wafer table surface after cessation of an applied negative pressure and application of a positive pressure to the underside of the wafer via the wafer table; and a rotational misalignment compensation apparatus configured for automatically compensating for a rotational misalignment of a wafer mounted on a film frame.. .
Semiconductor Technologies & Instruments Pte Ltd


Matting paste composition

The invention is directed to a matting paste composition comprising: a) thermoplastic non-hydroxy-functional acrylic resin; b) hindered amine light stabilizer; c) uv absorber; d) amorphous, untreated fumed silica, flattener; and e) one or more organic solvents.. .
Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.


Middle step assembly for a three-wheel motorcycle

A motorcycle including a main-frame, at least three-wheels mounted on the main-frame, and a driver's seat mounted on the main-frame. The motorcycle also includes a forward driver's board, a rearward passenger's board, and a step mounted on the main-frame between the forward driver's board and the rearward passenger's board a middle step assembly includes a flattened u-shaped sub-frame adapted to be connected to the motorcycle main-frame, and a pair of steps, each of which is mounted on a different sub-frame end..


Web and making fluid filled units

A preformed web and a method of producing dunnage units from the preformed web. The web is an elongate flattened thermoplastic tube having an inflation edge and an opposite edge.
Automated Packaging Systems, Inc.


Method of flattening the edges of a swatch of flexible material to be cut

The invention provides a flattening method for flattening the edges of a swatch of flexible material from which pieces are to be cut out. The method comprises: establishing a digital representation of at least a portion of an outline (hc) of the swatch of flexible material (h); establishing a specific flattening direction (di, dj) and distance (vi, vj) for each of the points (pi, pj) of the scanned portion of the outline of the swatch; and for each selected point of the scanned portion of the outline of the swatch, using a presser foot of a cutter tool, to flatten the edges of the swatch along the specific flattening direction and distance established for said point, and along a flattening direction going from within the swatch towards its edges..


Golf bag assembly structure

A golf bag assembly structure includes a bag cloth, a bottom ring, a top ring, at least one annular member and a plurality of bracing rods. The bottom ring and the top ring respectively include a plurality of bottom anchor blades and a plurality of top anchor blades located thereon annularly and anchored with two ends of the bracing rods to form a housing space.
Red Fire International Co.,ltd.


Progressively curved lumbar support for the back of a chair

A progressively curved lumbar support located within the back of an office or home chair to enable a user to be seated close to a work surface (e.g., a desk or a table). The chair back tilts backwards and forwards when the user shifts his weight back and forth.

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