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Tube and heat exchanger provided with tube


Tube and heat exchanger provided with tube

Flexible shoe sole

Flexible shoe sole

Date/App# patent app List of recent Flatten-related patents
 Methods and systems for merging and analyzing healthcare data patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems for merging and analyzing healthcare data
Methods, apparatuses, and systems are provided according to example embodiments of the present invention to provide for extracting and standardizing data from dictated notes systems to provide a manageable format for search and analysis in clinical research and monitoring applications. Further embodiments provide for classifying data extracted from distinct dictated notes systems and identifying contextual relationships between the multiple datasets to generate a superset of data for research and clinical applications.
The Charlotte-mecklenburg Hospital Authority D/b/a Carolinas Healthcare System
 Connector patent thumbnailnew patent Connector
A front portion of a terminal is provided with a flattened-rectangular tube-shaped box part for receiving a male tab terminal so as to establish contact and conduction thereto. Then, lock holes are provided at three parts of the center in the width direction of the box part and vicinities of both ends in the width direction.
Yazaki Corporation
 Bottle and accessories carrier patent thumbnailnew patent Bottle and accessories carrier
A bottle and accessories carrier generally includes a bottle carrier with preferable accessory storage. One version includes a holster portion for retaining at least one bottle or container; straps or other means attaching the holster portion onto a user's body or other article; a preferably flattened bottle; and an accessory storage area for carrying items.
Amphipod, Inc.
 Tube and heat exchanger provided with tube patent thumbnailnew patent Tube and heat exchanger provided with tube
A tube used in a heat exchanger, wherein a tube body includes a curved end portion, a pair of parallel portions, a pair of inclination portions, and a fixed portion in which a long end part extending from one of the pair of inclination portions is bent to hold therebetween a short end part extending from the other of the pair of inclination portions, and the tube is a pipe member having a flattened shape in cross-section. Poor brazing is reduced by making the inclination angle of at least part of the other inclination portion with respect to the flat plate portion larger than that of the one inclination portion..
Denso Corporation
 Flexible shoe sole patent thumbnailnew patent Flexible shoe sole
There is a shoe sole that has a continuous and uniform sole body. The sole body is configured to have a continuous curve so that both the toe region and the heel region flex upwards away from the mid-foot region and has a downward curving or a flat end region, allowing the mid-foot region of sole to flex toward a surface whereto the sole is placed.
 Method of forming a fuel cell sheet patent thumbnailMethod of forming a fuel cell sheet
An example method of forming a fuel cell sheet includes flattening a screen to form a sheet that has a plurality of apertures operative to communicate a fluid within a fuel cell.. .
Ballard Power Systems Inc.
 Foldable mat patent thumbnailFoldable mat
A foldable, rectangular mat having two sides, a front end, and a rear end is provided with seams, panels, hook and loop fasteners, snap fasteners, and through holes. The mat is configured to fold into a bag for carrying effects or thereafter unfold into a flattened one for allowing person(s) to sit or lie on..
 Dynamic lumbar support for a chair patent thumbnailDynamic lumbar support for a chair
A dynamic lumbar support located within the back of an office or home chair to enable a user to be seated close to a work surface (e.g., a desk or a table). The chair back rocks back and forth when the user shins his weight backwards and forwards.
 Method for mounting a chip and chip package patent thumbnailMethod for mounting a chip and chip package
Provided is a method of mounting a chip. The method includes: forming a bump at one surface of a cavity formed concavely in an inner direction of a substrate; performing a coining process to flatten a surface of the bump; coating a solder material on the bump subjected to the coining process; and bonding a chip and the bump by melting the solder material, wherein an electrode portion or a metal portion is formed on a bottom of the chip.
Point Engineering Co., Ltd.
 Metal plate reinforcement method patent thumbnailMetal plate reinforcement method
A metal plate reinforcement method includes: (a) providing a metal plate, in which the metal plate has a first surface and a second surface opposite to each other; (b) stamping the metal plate to form a plurality of first protruding portions protruding from the first surface; (c) respectively stamping the first protruding portions so as to respectively form a plurality of second protruding portions protruding at the second surface; and (d) flattening the second protruding portions to restore the metal plate.. .
Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

Refrigerant distributing device and heat exchanger including the same

A header that has a configuration in which the header is connected to one end of each of a plurality of flattened pipes of a heat exchanger that flows a refrigerant in parallel to the plurality of flattened pipes disposed in parallel and an interior of the header is divided by one or more division plates in a parallel direction in which the plurality of heat-transfer pipes are disposed in parallel, the header being mounted so as to stand in an up-down direction, and a distributor configured to distribute the refrigerant to each chamber within the header divided by the division plates, are provided.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Fire extinguishing nozzle and fire extinguishing method using the same

The present invention relates to a technique of emitting fire extinguishing sand on an upper surface of a fire extinguishing object such as an assembled battery housed in a rack in a multistage manner by means of gas pressure to extinguish fire. In the present invention, a tip end portion of a flattened nozzle main body 12 is provided with a deflecting plate 16, and by spraying the fire extinguishing sand obliquely downward and letting the fire extinguishing sand bound, the fire extinguishing sand is dispersed on the entire upper surface uniformly..
Ngk Insulators, Ltd.

Device for mangling laundry items

Belt mangles, in which a revolvingly driven mangle belt runs along on the outside of the mangle body which is curved in a trough-like manner, convey in an entrained manner laundry items to be mangled along a smooth flattening face of the mangle body. Slippage between the mangle belt and the laundry items, which causes the quality of mangling to suffer, can occur.
Herbert Kannegiesser Gmbh

Anti-burr fastener

A fastener includes a cylindrical shaft located between a head and a tapered point, threads integrally extending from the shaft and extending along a portion of a length thereof, and a burr cutoff area near the tapered point and including flank surfaces therein forming an angle greater than 90° therebetween. A flattened area can be located between the flank surfaces..
Sfs Intec Holding Ag

Ceramic element inlaid with at least one ceramic decoration

E) flattening said second ceramic material so that said second ceramic material remains only in the hollow of said at least one recess.. .

Apparatus for high bandwidth current sensing

A device for measuring electrical current in a line may include, among other things, a hall effect sensor wherein a first response is generated by electrical current in the line; a current transformer disposed with the line extending axially therethrough and connected in series to the hall effect sensor wherein a second response is generated by the electrical current in the line. An equalizer may be connected to the hall effect sensor and to the current transformer and may be configured to flatten the first and second responses relative to each other.
Ge Aviation Systems Llc

Goods feeding device

The functionality and effectiveness of a goods feeding device for a front carton of a plurality of cartons or goods trays of a shelf-ready packaging system arranged one behind the other on a shelf of a display and storage rack, with goods or goods packaging stored therein, is further improved. The goods feeding device has a pusher plate for the goods on a slide housing which allows a manual rack-loading of deep commercial racks with narrow shelf spacings and a plurality of cartons or goods trays stored one behind the other is made substantially easier.
Pos Tuning Udo Vosshenrich Gmbh & Co. Kg

Catheter assembly including a multi-lumen configuration

A catheter assembly for use in accessing a vasculature of a patient is disclosed. In one embodiment, the catheter assembly includes a catheter body that includes a flattened oval outer surface and defines first and second lumens.
C. R. Bard, Inc.

Biopsy system

In the biopsy system according to one embodiment, the needle tube of the treatment tool has the minor axis of the flattened portion and the bending plane of the bending portion parallel to each other. Accordingly, the needle tube is easily bent in the bending direction of the bending portion, and even in an endoscope that has few bendable directions and is bendable, for example, in only two directions (e.g., up and down), the bending operation of the bending portion is not easily hindered.
Olympus Medical Systems Corp.

Method and forming containers

A system is claimed for forming a container from a tubular blank comprising a plurality of panels and flaps interconnected to provide a generally flattened tubular configuration. A first and second panels are provided with the second panel being rotatable relative to the first panel.

Cmos structures and methods for improving yield

A simple, effective and economical method to improved the yield of cmos devices using contact etching stopper liner, including, single neutral stressed liner, single stressed liner and dual stress liner (dsl), technology is provided. In order to improve the chip yield, the present invention provides a method in which a sputter etching process is employed to smooth/flatten (i.e., thin) the top surface of the contact etch stopper liners.
International Business Machines Corporation

Apparatus and a generating a flattening x-ray radiation field

An apparatus and a method are for generating a flattening x-ray radiation field. The apparatus includes: plurality of electron accelerators for generating high-energy electron beam current; and a common target unit including a vacuum target chamber, a target and plurality of input connectors.
Tsinghua University

Method for producing image pickup producing semiconductor apparatus

A method for producing an image pickup apparatus includes: a process of cutting an image pickup chip substrate where electrode pads are formed around each of the light receiving sections to fabricate image pickup chips; a process of bonding image pickup chips determined as non-defective products to a glass wafer to fabricate a joined wafer; a process of filling a sealing member among the image pickup chips on the joined wafer; a machining process including a thinning a thickness of the joined wafer to flatten a machining surface and a forming through-hole interconnections, each of which is connected to each of the electrode pads; a process of forming a plurality of external connection electrodes, each of which is connected to each of the electrode pads via each of the through-hole interconnections; and a process of cutting the joined wafer.. .
Olympus Corporation

Flattened light reflection for telepresence

Embodiments include a telepresence system operative to carry out a teleconference, a lighting arrangement for a telepresence system operative to carry out a teleconference, and a planar panel having a reflective front surface that includes indentations having variable depth operative such that that when the reflective surface is illuminated by a light source, light is directed towards one or more participants in a telepresence system that is operative to carry out a teleconference.. .
Cisco Technology Inc.

Apparatus and manufacturing pressure compensator type drip irrigation tubes with desired molecular orientation and tubes obtained thereby

A method for manufacturing high speed pressure compensator-type drip irrigation tubes and the tubes obtained thereby having absolute radial orientation of molecular chains, the orientation imparting strength as well as flexibility to the tube material. The said method comprises extruding a tube using a plurality of extruders; blowing up the extruded tube by introducing a pressure inside the tube relatively higher than the pressure outside the tube; drawing the blown tube simultaneously to the blowing of tube; flattening the blown tube by heat welding the collapsed halves together and forming a tape immediately, subsequent to the process of blowing and drawing the tube; extrusion of a bonding polymer on one border of the tape; printing flow channels into the hot and viscous bonding polymer; and forming a tube by lengthwise folding the tape and heat welding the overlapping borders together using the bonding polymer..

Sub-urethral sling delivery device

Technologies are generally provided for a trans-urethral sling delivery device for deploying a sub-urethral sling to support a urethra to treat urinary incontinence. The delivery device may include a conical-shaped cap attached to a distal end of the sling, the cap configured to puncture the urethra to provide access to an area surrounding the urethra.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Automatic rotary machine for the production of empanadas

The invention relates to an automatic rotary machine for the production of empanaclas, comprising a circular rotary plate on which the empanadas are produced, actuated by a motor reducer and with pneumatic, hydraulic or other type means in the different production phases, such as dough metering, flattening, filling metering, molding, flattening and cutting. The invention includes a dough flattening disk and a folding system comprising two retractable half-moons actuated by pivot levers..
Emma Eugenia Mesa Areas Maquiempanadas Sas

Adjustable spiral antenna for portable use

A spiral, helical antenna is configured to produce a generally circular polarized radiation pattern covering a range of frequencies, over a ground plane. The antenna is comprised of a spring-like spiral conductor that may be held in compression by a size and shape regulating outer nonconductive membrane.

Jogging stroller frame with a front wheel automatic flattening folding mechanism

A jogging stroller frame with a front wheel automatic flattening folding mechanism is provided with a jogging stroller frame which can be folded into a substantially flattened configuration for compact storage by an associating of a linking rod. When the foldable jogging stroller frame is folded into the substantially flattened configuration, the seat support rack shall pull the front wheel set to rotate backward about a horizontal axis to the pair of rear struts through the linking rod, thereby converting the foldable jogging stroller frame into a successively smaller size for more compact storage..
Lerado (zhong Shan) Industrial Co., Ltd.

Jogging stroller frame with a wheels automatic flattening folding mechanism

A jogging stroller frame with a wheels automatic flattening folding mechanism is disclosed, which includes a foldable frame, a front wheel set, a pair of rear wheel sets and a driving mechanism. The driving mechanism is associated with the foldable frame for pivoting the front and rear wheels about 90 degrees away from the longitudinal direction automatically during the jogging stroller frame is converting into its folded configuration for storage..
Lerado (zhong Shan) Industrial Co., Ltd.

Formation of cementitious board with lightweight aggregate background

A process for the formation of highly durable cementitious board using lightweight aggregate is disclosed. The process comprises pouring a core mix onto a conveyor, wherein the core mix is comprised of one or more lightweight aggregate filler in the amount of 0.5 to 5 weight percent of the core mix, one or more binders in the amount of 35 to 75 weight percent of the core mix, rheological admixture in the amount of about 0.5 to 5 weight percent of the core mix, surfactant in the amount of 0 to 0.1 weight percent of the core mix, one or more normal weight aggregate filler in the amount of 5 to 50 weight percent of the core mix, and water in the amount of 5 to 20 weight percent of the core mix.
National Gypsum Company

Method for manufacturing a single crystal diamond

A method for manufacturing a single crystal diamond in which vapor phase synthetic single crystal diamond is additionally deposited on a single crystal diamond seed substrate obtained by vapor phase synthesis, includes a step of measuring flatness of the seed substrate, a step of determining whether or not to flatten the seed substrate based on the measurement result of the flatness, and any one of the following two steps of a step of additionally depositing the vapor phase synthetic single crystal diamond after flattening the seed substrate for which the flattening is necessary based on the determination and a step of additionally depositing the vapor phase synthetic single crystal diamond without flattening the seed substrate for which the flattening is not necessary based on the determination.. .
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.

Self opening bag pack, apparatus and making same

An apparatus for making a self-opening bag pack includes a supply of film material. An extruder forms a continuous tube of film.

Flap door mechamism and electronic device therewith

A flap door mechanism with closable function includes a door member, a resilient member and a spring arm member. The door member is pivoted to a casing.
Wistron Corporation

Exothermic cutting blade

An improved sacrificial exothermic cutting blade to be coupled to a standard oxygen exothermic cutting torch to cut material on land and under water. The improved cutting rod includes a semi-flattened outer tube and a plurality of consumable fuel rods or wires running longitudinally through the outer tube.

Polishing method, polishing apparatus and polishing tool

A polishing method and a polishing apparatus finish a surface of a substrate of a compound semiconductor containing an element such as ga or the like to a desired level of flatness, so that the surface can be flattened with high surface accuracy within a practical processing time. In the presence of water, such as weak acid water, water with air dissolved therein, or electrolytic ion water, the surface of the substrate made of a compound semiconductor containing either one of ga, al, and in and a surface of a polishing pad having an electrically conductive member in an area of the surface which is held in contact with the substrate) are relatively moved while being held in contact with each other, thereby polishing the surface of the substrate..
Ebara Corporation

Tyre and manufacturing a tyre triangulation belt

A crown reinforcement of a tyre includes at least one crown triangulation belt having a given width value (r). The belt essentially includes elementary widths each having a given width value (b).
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

Device for closing bags or the like, having improved tactile and sound effects, resultant bag, and production method

The present invention relates to a device for closing bags or the like, including two complementary profile members (a, b), characterized in that each of the two complementary profile members includes at least two profiled attachment elements (112, 114, 116, 118) for which form a multiple closure, in that said profiled elements for attachment have flattened portions (300) distributed over the length thereof, and in that said profiled attachment elements are supported by at least one respective support mat (102, 104) on which said profiled attachment elements are integrally formed, wherein the support mat is to be attached onto a support wall (500) and has a width (l4) that is greater than the total width (l3) of the profiled attachment elements.. .
S2f Flexico

Inflatable, retractable light diffuser, shading and thermal insulation system

A system and method for controlling light shading and thermal insulation in a light transmissive structure is disclosed. An array of adjacently-positioned, inflatable first tubes is provided, each of the first tubes being inflatable to abut an inflated adjacent first tube.

Organic el display device

In an organic el display device configured in which an acrylic resin layer is disposed under a barrier layer that protects an oled for flattening the barrier layer, floating the barrier layer caused by penetration of moisture into the acrylic resin can be prevented. A side surface of a bank formed in a boundary of pixels is formed into a cliff part having an inclination angle of 90° or larger in most portions of a circumstance of each pixel part, and formed into a gently sloped part having the inclination angle smaller than 90° in a part of the circumference.
Japan Display Inc.

Reactor plate assembly and brush anvil for use in conjunction therewith

A reactor plate assembly for a fastener dispensing device includes a metal reactor plate mounted onto the distal end of a fixed support arm for the device, the reactor plate including a flattened top surface shaped to define a pair of elliptical, needle-receiving holes. The reactor plate assembly additionally includes a brush anvil removably secured to the underside of the support arm.
Avery Dennison Retail Information Services, Llc

Deformable container and dispensing machine

A deformable container for single serving of a viscous or semi-solid product from an associated dispensing machine, the deformable container having a cylindrical or conical shape with two opposing end walls and at least one collapsible side wall connecting the first and second end walls, wherein one end wall is provided an opening with a cover through which the product is dispensed from the container. The collapsible side wall may have a cylindrical shape with a plurality of pleats arranged in an accordion-like shape, and be configured to collapse on itself into a substantially flattened position while maintaining a vertical alignment of each pleat.
Container Innovations Llc

Deformable container and dispensing machine

A deformable container for single serving of a viscous or semi-solid product from an associated dispensing machine, the deformable container having a cylindrical or conical shape with two opposing end walls and at least one collapsible side wall connecting the first and second end walls, wherein one end wall is provided an opening with a cover through which the product is dispensed from the container. The collapsible side wall may have a cylindrical shape with a plurality of pleats arranged in an accordion-like shape, and be configured to collapse on itself into a substantially flattened position while maintaining a vertical alignment of each pleat.
Container Innovations Llc

Disposable splash shield for use when plunging a toilet

A transparent, biodegradable, disposable splash shield sized to fit on a toilet bowl rim to prevent splashing of water from the bowl when a plunger is used to free an obstruction in the toilet. The shield is dome shaped and has an upstanding projection on its top that can be gripped to pull the shield from the plunger handle following use.

Over-running clutch

An over-running clutch couples a motor driven shaft to a driven element in which the element can freely rotate when the motor is switched off. The driven shaft of the clutch includes a flattened portion with two flat surfaces.
Forest Group Nederland B.v.

Rigid flexible pcb and manufacturing the same

Disclosed herein is a rigid flexible printed circuit board (pcb) including: a flexible area having a flexible copper foil laminate in which circuit layers are formed on an insulating material, and cover lays formed on the laminate; and rigid areas having insulating layers and copper layers built-up on both sides of the flexible area, and flattening materials to flatten outer surfaces of the insulating layers.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Radiator and manufacturing radiator

A radiator includes a tube that has a flattened-shape, the tube including an internal flow channel that allows a coolant to flow through the internal flow channel; and a tank that includes an insertion port into which a joint end portion of the tube is inserted so that the tank and the tube are joined to each other, wherein the tube includes an outer-peripheral-wall extending in a direction perpendicular to a thickness direction of the tube, and bend depressions that are bent toward the internal flow channel in a concave shape are formed in at least a region of the outer-peripheral-wall adjacent to the joint end portion, the bend depressions extending along the internal flow channel, and the bend depressions are deformed in a width direction of the tube so that the width of the joint end portion is the same as the width of the insertion port.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Device for measuring pressure and controlling a flow

The invention relates to a system for measuring cell turgor pressure (dendroturgometer), which can also operate as a firmometer. The system can also be used as an automatic dripper, wherein in this embodiment it is kept pressed by means of a flattening plate (1) against the organ (4), as well as by employing a brace (6) provided with a spring (5) that applies stable force of a magnitude higher than the product between the water pressure, regulated by a pressure adjuster (10) and the fluid layer (2) under the membrane (3), on which the plant exerts compression and obstructs the water flow.
Empresa Brasileira De Pesquisa Agropecuaria - Embrapa

Vehicular interior member manufacturing method and airbag rupturing groove manufacturing method

Provided are a vehicular interior member manufacturing method and an airbag rupturing groove manufacturing method which can form an airbag rupturing groove excellent in invisibility even in a vehicular interior member having a hard substrate layer, while performing a proper control of the thickness of the remainder of the airbag rupturing groove to be formed. The vehicular interior member manufacturing method is characterized by protruding a metal blade having an edge flattened at least partially against a forming face of the rupturing groove, from a back side of the vehicular interior member and partially into the skin layer wherein a thickness of the skin layer into which the metal blade has not protruded corresponds to a remaining thickness of the skin layer, and confirming whether or not the metal blade is detected at a second detecting position while the metal blade is not detected at a first detecting position..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Conformable support system

Conformable support systems for conforming to a body are described in which a support assembly may be provided to support particular regions of the body where pressure ulcers tend to form. The conforming support may generally comprise a central portion, a first side portion attached to the central portion, and a second side portion attached to the central portion opposite to the first side portion.
Prs Medical Technologies, Inc.

Noise-making assembly

Noise-making assemblies are presented including: a self-recovering stretchable element; and at least one noise-making element mechanically coupled with and along the self-recovering stretchable element at a number of attachment points, where the at least one noise-making element forms slack portions between the number of attachment points when the self-recovering stretchable element is in a relaxed position, where the slack portions are flattened when the self-recovering stretchable element is in an extended position, and where when the self-recovering stretchable element extends from the relaxed position to the extended position, the at least one noise-making elements emits a noise.. .

Reinforced bag seam, making same

An apparatus for making a film bag with reinforced bag seams includes a film extruder that produces a continuous tube of film. A flattener produces a continuous web of flattened film which has an upper surface and a lower surface.

Device and providing a continuous tubular foil

Method and device for forming a continuous tubular foil (106, 308). Foil (106, 308) is supplied and buffered.
Fuji Seal International, Inc.

Laser cladding fabrication method

A fabrication method is provided for use in making a component. The fabrication method may include generating a laser beam at a first orientation relative to a wear surface of the component to produce a first laser beam spot having a first characteristic, and feeding a cladding material into the first laser beam spot to produce a cladding layer on the wear surface.
Caterpillar Inc.

Tool and adjusting a hinge

Tools for grasping and aligning a number of knuckles of a hinge are presented, the tool including: a tube having a bore and a slotted opening in a side of the tube connecting with the bore and parallel thereto, where the bore extends from one end of she tube to another end of the tube, and where the bore includes a diameter sufficient to permit telescoping the tube onto the number of knuckles; a stop located along one end of the tube and perpendicular thereto; sad a pair of flattened surfaces formed along an outside surface of the tube and opposite one another, where the pair of flattened surfaces are configured to receive a leveraging tool, in some embodiments, the flattened surfaces include: a raised flattened surface and an indented flattened surface.. .

Delivery needle with elevator/paddle for micronized allograft tissue

Techniques, kits and a delivery instrument for providing a material at a defect repair site. The instrument is a combined delivery needle/elevator/paddle that includes a delivery needle and a paddle/elevator tip attached to the end of the needle and around the most distal opening of the needle.
Arthrex, Inc.

Method for determining elements in relief on the surface of a tyre

A method of determining relief elements on a tyre surface includes capturing a three-dimensional image of the surface and assigning to each pixel (i, j) of the image a grey-level value proportional to a topographic elevation of a point corresponding to the pixel, so as to obtain a starting image (f). The method also includes transforming the starting image (f) by a first top-hat operation, with aid of a first structuring element, so as to obtain an image (f1) flattened by differencing, (f1=f−γ31,150(f)).
Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

Collapsible wheelbarrow

A collapsible wheelbarrow has a barrow formed of a plurality of panels that are hinged together to transition between an erected state in which the panels are configured to define the operative barrow and a collapsed state in which most or all of the panels are not folded together and the barrow is relatively flattened out extending over a greater ground area than when in the erected state so that the barrow in the collapsed, flattened state can function as a ground sheet, having an enlarged surface area. For a gardener this makes it much better for collecting leaves, grass or other garden cuttings or materials, which may be swept or raked directly onto the flattened but floor area-expanded barrow before then raising/erecting the barrow to its operative wheelbarrow state to be wheeled off to a compost heap or other location..

High load plastic pallet

A pallet having a unique runner system where each runner opens into the upper deck of the pallet or opens away from the upper deck, and each runner is formed of a construction of z girts back to back resulting in a flattened “v” or “u”. Each runner may optionally include an elongated notch on its bottom surface or an opening to allow forklift tines to slide into for easy transport of the pallet.

Flat bar and making same

A method of forming a flat bar is provided. A tube is provided having an inside surface and an outside surface.
Ass Wsi Llc

Systems and methods for vertebral disc replacement

The present invention provides artificial disc prostheses, methods and instrumentation for implantation and revision thereof. Each prosthesis may comprise superior and inferior end plates and a nucleus positioned between articular surfaces of the end plates.
Synergy Disc Replacement, Inc.

Fixation for implantable medical devices

A tine portion for an implantable medical device includes a hook segment and a distal segment terminated by a tissue-piercing tip, wherein the distal segment extends from the hook segment to the tip. The hook segment, which is elastically deformable from a pre-set curvature, has one of: a round cross-section and an elliptical cross-section, while the distal segment has a flattened, or approximately rectangular cross-section.
Medtronic, Inc.

Semiconductor element producing method

A semiconductor element producing method is disclosed. In the method, a surface protective tape including a base layer and an adhesive layer (including an intermediate layer) is attached to the front surface of a wafer that has unevenness caused by a polyimide passivation.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Conductive hard carbon film and forming the same

A film is formed under vacuum by a step of purifying and/or flattening the base material (13) by irradiating the base material (13) with a gas cluster ion beam (4a); by a step of forming an intermediate layer film by evaporating/vaporizing an intermediate layer film forming material, allowing the evaporated/vaporized material to adhere to the surface of the base material (13), and irradiating the intermediate layer film forming material with a gas cluster ion beam (4a); and by evaporating/vaporizing a carbon film forming material containing a carbonaceous material containing substantially no hydrogen, and a boron material, allowing the evaporated/vaporized material to adhere to the surface of the intermediate layer film, and irradiating the carbon film forming material with a gas cluster ion beam (4a).. .
Nomura Plating Co., Ltd.

Heat-reflective adhesive product having high abrasion-resistance

Disclosed is an adhesive product useful to protect elongate material, for example, leads and cable harnesses, from ambient heat. The adhesive product has the form generally of a tube when expanded, or of a tape when flattened.
Tesa Se

Method of processing graphics with limited memory

A method for combining layers of an image represented using an intermediate format receives at least two layers from the plurality of layers to be combined and estimates resources required to combine the received layers using a first combining operation. The first combining operation comprises at least rasterising data of the received layers.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Carrying aid

A carrying aid for t-shirt bags (aka plastic grocery bags) and other similar bags is disclosed. When carried without the use of some assistive device, the weight of the bags can cause an unpleasant cutting sensation across the user's fingers.

Automated options trading system that generates a flattened trading spread

Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for generating a flattened trading spread. An embodiment operates by receiving one or more inputs indicating criteria for a potential trade including a stock, a predicted direction for the stock, a predicted duration for the predicted direction, a tolerable probability of success, and a tolerable percentage of potential loss from an account.
Td Ameritrade Ip Company, Inc.

Splicing tape for continuous roll change and manufacture

The present invention relates to a splicing tape (1) for continuous roll change, the splicing tape comprising: a) a first tape component including a first backing layer (2) and a first adhesive layer (3) on a first surface of the first backing layer (2); b) a second tape component including a second backing layer (4) and a second adhesive layer (5) on a first surface of the second backing layer (4); and c) a splitting layer (6) joining the first backing layer (2) and the second backing layer (4) together, such that the first and second adhesive layers (3,5) are facing away from the splitting layer (6), wherein the splitting layer (6) comprises a continuous and uninterrupted middle area (7) extending in the longitudinal direction of the splicing tape (1) and provided with repeating tapered protrusions (2) with flattened tips projecting from the middle area (7) towards both longitudinal edges of the splicing tape and to a method for manufacturing and using such a splicing tape.. .
3m Innovative Properties Company

System for applying patterned crust segments to dough

A device and method to create additional segments of crust and topping zones on baked products such as pizza. The device is a base with a top surface and a bottom surface opposing the top surface and at least one pattern that protrudes from the surface of the base.

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Flatten for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Flatten with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.



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