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This page is updated frequently with new Flatten-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Flatten-related patents
 System and  analyzing tire tread parameters patent thumbnailSystem and analyzing tire tread parameters
Systems and methods for analyzing tire tread data to assess tire tread parameters, such as irregular wear characteristics of a tire tread, are provided. More particularly, an automated and robust flattening process c be performed to transform tire tread data, such as a tread surface map, into flattened tire tread data.

 Flattened heat pipe and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailFlattened heat pipe and manufacturing method thereof
The invention provides a flattened heat pipe whose vapor flowing passage is not clogged and which has an excellent capillary force. The flattened heat pipe has a closed container formed by flattening a tubular container, a plurality of wick structures arrayed within the container in a longitudinal direction so as to form an acute-angled portion where a capillary force is large at least partially within the container, a hollow portion formed of an outer peripheral surface of the wick structure and an inner wall surface of the container and a working fluid sealed into the container..
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

 Heat exchanger for air-cooled chiller patent thumbnailHeat exchanger for air-cooled chiller
An air-cooled chiller system includes a heat exchanger including a first tube bank including at least a first and a second flattened tube segments extending longitudinally in spaced parallel relationship; a second tube bank including at least a first and a second flattened tube segments extending longitudinally in spaced parallel relationship, the second tube bank disposed behind the first tube bank with a leading edge of the second tube bank spaced from a trailing edge of the first tube bank; a fan creating an airflow across the first heat exchanger, the airflow flowing over the first tube bank prior to flowing over the second tube bank, wherein refrigerant flows in the heat exchanger in a cross-counterflow direction opposite that of the airflow direction.. .
Carrier Corporation

 Device for training of face, lip and throat muscles patent thumbnailDevice for training of face, lip and throat muscles
A device for therapeutic includes a rigid screen (1) that is insertable behind the upper and lower lips of a user's mouth, the screen having a compound curvature and in a horizontal plane generally u-shaped profile, and in a vertical plane a convexo-concave cross-sectional profile that is gradually flattening from a central mid region towards the left and right ends (12, 13) thereof, the ends extended to reach at least past the premolar teeth on each side in the upper and lower jaws of the user when applied. A handle is attached to extend forward from a central mid region in the convex front face of the screen, the handle including a rigid stem (2) projecting from the front face at a neutral angle with respect to upper (5) and lower (6) halves of the screen (1), diverging from the stem in the vertical view..
Myoroface Ab

 Controlled deformation catheters patent thumbnailControlled deformation catheters
Catheters are provided which have a high capacity of axial (pushability) and rotational (torquability) movement with relative maximum flexibility and which, at the same time have the ability to adapt to at least partial variations of diameter under the thrust of other catheters or dilators travelling though the lumen or so as to flatten itself at least partially to travel through the lumen of other catheters, such as for example feed catheters.. .

 Storage bag patent thumbnailStorage bag
A method of making a storage bag comprising the following steps performed in any order: (a) forming a composite tube having an inner surface comprising a higher melting polymer, an outer surface comprising a lower melting polymer, two ends, and a diameter; (b) flattening the tube in a direction perpendicular to the diameter; (c) forming a joint at one of the ends at a temperature between respective melting points of the higher melting polymer and the lower melting polymer; (d) providing a composite sheet having a first side comprising a higher melting polymer and a second side comprising a lower melting polymer; and (e) disposing the composite sheet over the joint such that the first side comprising a lower melting polymer engages the joint and forming a lap seam over the joint at a temperature between respective melting points of the higher melting polymer and the lower melting polymer, and a storage bag made by such method.. .
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

 Solid-state image pickup device and camera module patent thumbnailSolid-state image pickup device and camera module
According to an embodiment, a solid-state image pickup device is provided. The solid-state image pickup device includes a sensor substrate, microlenses, and a flattened layer.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

 Synthetic diamond optical elements patent thumbnailSynthetic diamond optical elements
An optical element comprising: synthetic diamond material; and a flattened lens surface structure in the form of a zone plate, fresnel lens, or a spherical lens formed directly in at least one surface of the synthetic diamond material, wherein the synthetic diamond material has an absorption coefficient measured at room temperature of ≦0.5 cm−1 at a wavelength of 10.6 μm, and wherein the synthetic diamond material has a laser induced damage threshold meeting one or both of the following characteristics: the laser induced damage threshold is at least 30 jcm−2 measured using a pulsed laser at a wavelength of 10.6 μm with a pulse duration of 100 ns and a pulse repetition frequency in a range 1 to 10 hz; and the laser induced damage threshold is at least 1 mw/cm2 measured using a continuous wave laser at a wavelength of 10.6 μm.. .
Element Six N.v.

 Resueable polyurethane projectile patent thumbnailResueable polyurethane projectile
Improvements in a reusable polyurethane projectile are presented. The reusable polyurethane projectile performs like a bullet or projectile because the projectile is essentially the same size and shape of a bullet and can be fed through a normal bullet clip into the breach of a gun, fired and ejected.

 Intravascular devices, systems, and methods having a core wire with multiple flattened sections patent thumbnailIntravascular devices, systems, and methods having a core wire with multiple flattened sections
The present disclosure is directed to intravascular devices, systems, and methods having a core wire with multiple flattened sections. In one aspect, a sensing guide wire is provided.
Volcano Corporation


Applicator heads for handheld treatment modifying keratinous surfaces

An applicator head is releasably connectable to an outer housing of an apparatus for treating human skin includes a body having a housing connector end having a releasable connecting feature configured to connect to the outer housing and a skin engaging end having an opening therethrough for delivering a skin treatment composition through an opening in the applicator head onto human skin. A pair of skin engagement members is arranged and configured to flatten a surface of the skin..
The Procter & Gamble Company


Applicator heads for handheld treatment modifying keratinous surfaces

An applicator head is releasably connectable to an outer housing of an apparatus for treating human skin includes a body having a housing connector end having a releasable connecting feature configured to connect to the outer housing and a skin engaging end having an opening therethrough for delivering a skin treatment composition through an opening in the applicator head onto human skin. A pair of skin engagement members is arranged and configured to flatten a surface of the skin..
The Procter & Gamble Company


Cotton harvester

A cotton harvester includes plant cutting apparatus to sever cotton plants from a ground surface, plant conveyor apparatus to convey the severed plants into and through a picking chamber, and cotton picking apparatus including picker spindles that move upwardly into the picking chamber through a floor of the chamber to pick cotton filaments from bolls of the plants conveyed as a flattened mat therethrough and carry the cotton downwardly through the floor to doffers that remove the cotton from the spindles. Cotton conveyor apparatus also below the floor conveys the cotton to a receiver, while the plant residue passes from the chamber..
Cnh Industrial America Llc


Display device

A display device is provided that inhibits color mixture between adjacent subpixels and allows for obtaining a high-quality image. The display device includes a display area on which a light-blocking metal layer, a black matrix, and a plurality of subpixels are arranged, wherein the plurality of subpixels are arranged adjacent to one another via a black matrix as seen vertically from above, the black matrix and the light-blocking metal layer are arranged to overlap each other as seen vertically from above, and the light-blocking metal layer 130 is arranged on the bank of an organic flattened film..
Japan Display Inc.


Light cover with x-shaped structure

A lighting assembly used in photographing or video recording has a light cover with x-shaped structure, which includes a main body and two elastic supporting rods. The main body has a light holder fitting opening at a center thereof.


Laser correction of metal deformation

Apparatus (20a-c) and a method for determining and correcting a deformation in an article (44). An energy beam (29) such as a laser beam is directed to an area (42a-c) to reverse (46, 72, 74) an existing deformation or to control deformation during additive fabrication (86, 88).
Siemens Energy, Inc.


Subsidence control system

A method of maintaining structural integrity of a subsiding earthen fluid containment structure is disclosed and comprises forming a lined containment infrastructure including a convex bulged crown portion, floor portion and sidewall portions which enclose a municipal waste material within an enclosed volume such that fluid flow from the lined containment compound is restricted. The bulged crown flattens, thickens and diminishes in surface area during subsidence of the municipal waste material as fluid is removed.
Red Leaf Resources, Inc.


Flattened treadmill

Embodiments of this invention disclose flattened treadmills employing at least a medium roller mechanism for transforming rotational speeds of the rollers, so as to make the elevation of motor and the rollers equal to or lower than that of a conveyer belt.. .
Dyaco International Inc


Induction heater coil accessory

An accessory work coil having flattened conductive material, such as flattened wire, for attachment to portable, handheld induction heaters.. .
Sarge Holding Co., Llc


Method and controller optimization of a switching voltage regulator

Control loop coefficients for a digital voltage regulator controller are determined by determining pid (proportional-integral-derivative) coefficients that satisfy gain and phase margin targets for a digital voltage regulator controller, as a function of a plurality of system parameters for the digital voltage regulator controller, and re-determining one or more of the pid coefficients to flatten an output impedance response of the digital voltage regulator controller for frequencies below a bandwidth of the digital voltage regulator controller.. .
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag


Package-on-package structure and methods for forming the same

A method includes coining solder balls of a bottom package, wherein top surfaces of the solder balls are flattened after the step of coining. The solder balls are molded in a molding material.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Flat-flexible cable and apparatus

A cord reel assembly described herein comprises a cord reel including a flat flexible cable that comprises a ribbon of generally parallel power transmission and data transmission wires embedded in a non-conductive polymeric matrix. Each data transmission wire is spaced and insulated from any adjacent wire by the polymeric matrix.
The Morey Corporation


Method of designing a common preform for providing preforms for turbine engine outlet guide vanes of different geometrical profiles and made out of composite material

A method of designing a common preform for providing a plurality of preforms for turbine engine outlet guide vanes of different geometrical profiles and made out of composite material, the method including 3d geometrical modeling of the geometrical profiles of the different outlet guide vane preforms, flattening out each of the geometrical profiles of the different outlet guide vane preforms, superposing the geometrical profiles of the different flattened outlet guide vane preforms, and converging towards a single geometrical profile for an outlet guide vane preform common to all of the outlet guide vane preforms while guaranteeing identical positioning for the top and bottom regions of non-interlinking for all of the outlet guide vane preforms.. .


Method of manufacturing colorless transparent polyimide film having impregnated glass fabric and of flattening surface thereof

Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a colorless transparent polyimide film having impregnated glass fabric, wherein the surface of the polyimide film substrate having impregnated glass fabric is flattened by two flattening steps using a roll-to-roll process, thereby solving problems with an increase in surface roughness of the polyimide substrate when manufacturing the polyimide film having impregnated glass fabric in order to enhance thermal and mechanical properties of a film for use in flexible display substrates and in cover windows for flat panel displays and mobile phones. As the surface roughness of the polyimide film having impregnated glass fabric is flattened to the level of ones of nm from the level ranging of tens of nm to ones of μm, a thin film transistor process can be performed on the polyimide film substrate and the polyimide film is increased in optical transmittance and transparency and can thus be utilized as flexible display substrates and cover windows for flat panel displays and mobile phones..
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology


Cast components and manufacture and use methods

A method comprises: providing a spiral metallic workpiece having a cast structure associated with such spiral; and at least partially flattening the workpiece.. .
United Technologies Corporation


Lumbar cushion having gas bag with fixed air pressure

The present invention relates to products for daily use, and particularly relates to a lumbar cushion having a gas bag with fixed air pressure, the lumbar cushion comprising a flattened enclosure having a lumen formed inside the enclosure, a gas bag arranged and fixed within the lumen, an inner lumen with fixed air pressure arranged on the gas bag; the enclosure further comprising an upper portion forming a neck for connecting snap-fit connectors, and a lower portion forming a connector for connecting to a seat. A small amount of gas is filled into the gas bag, i.e., the gas bag has a fixed air pressure.
Zhejiang Tianhong Auto Accessories Co., Ltd.


Composite active material for lithium secondary batteries and producing same

The purpose of the present invention is to provide: a composite active material for lithium secondary batteries, which is capable of providing a lithium secondary battery that has large charge and discharge capacity, high-speed charge and discharge characteristics and good cycle characteristics at the same time; and a method for producing the composite active material for lithium secondary batteries. The present invention is characterized in that the composite active material for lithium secondary batteries is constituted by flat particles having generally any of a rounded disk shape, a flattened ellipsoidal body shape, or a broad bean-type shape; the flat particles include at least one structure in which particles of a battery active material capable of combining with lithium ions are sandwiched between folds consisting of graphite; the battery active material capable of combining with lithium ions has an average particle diameter of 1 μm or less; some of the folds consisting of graphite are inclined from a vertical axis direction to a flat surface in a cross section vertical to the flat surface of the flat particles, the some of the folds being positioned other than at a vicinity of both ends in the longitudinal direction in the cross section; and the structure in which the particles of the battery active material capable of combining with lithium ions are sandwiched between the folds consisting of graphite has an orientation that is generally parallel with the flat surface..
Connexx System Corporation


Technique for filling holes in a three-dimensional model

A mesh repair engine is configured to repair a hole in a three-dimensional (3d) model by (i) filling the hole with a rough mesh, (ii) refining the rough mesh, (iii) collapsing the refined mesh, (iv) refining the collapsed mesh, (v) flattening the refined, collapsed mesh, and then (vi) deforming the flattened mesh into a 3d surface that smoothly fills the hole in the 3d model. One advantage of the disclosed repair engine and associated hole repair technique is that the mesh repair engine is capable of generating polygons that fill regions of a 3d model that are not defined.
Autodesk, Inc.


Display device and manufacturing method thereof

A provided is a liquid crystal display device with a high definition screen and less color mixture. On an array substrate, a pixel is formed between the adjacent video signal lines, a color filter is formed within the pixel, a flattening film is formed on the color filter, a lower layer is formed on the flattening film, and an upper layer having a slit is formed on the lower layer with an interlayer insulating film interposed therebetween; and on the array substrate, an opposite substrate is arranged with a liquid crystal layer interposed therebetween.
Japan Display Inc.


Multiple tube bank heat exchange unit with manifold assembly

A multiple bank, flattened tube heat exchange unit includes a first tube bank including a plurality of flattened tube segments extending longitudinally in spaced parallel relationship between a first manifold and a second manifold and a second tube bank including a plurality of flattened tube segments extending longitudinally in spaced parallel relationship between a first manifold and a second manifold, the second tube bank disposed behind the first tube bank. The second manifold of the first tube bank and the second manifold of the second tube bank form a manifold assembly wherein an interior volume of the second manifold of the first tube bank and an interior volume of the second manifold of the second tube bank of the manifold assembly are internally connected in fluid communication..
Carrier Corporation


Axial flow pump having a non-circular outlet cross-section

The invention relates to a hydraulic pump (10) comprising a pump shaft (52) and a casing (46) delimiting a liquid circulation duct (44) in which the cross-section of the outlet orifice (12) is flattened and is oriented such that the liquid outlet direction (14) is inclined from a longitudinal axis (22) of the pump shaft passing through the casing, the casing comprising a first segment (100a) in which the inside surface (102a) has a circular cross-section centred on said longitudinal axis (22) and surrounding a pump impeller (60) supported on the pump shaft (52). According to the invention, the first segment (100a) has a downstream end starting from which the cross-section of the casing inside surface becomes flattened..


Leading edge sheath manufacturing method

A method for manufacturing a protective sheath for a fan blade leading edge is described. The method may comprise generating a preform plate from a stock plate wherein the preform plate has a flattened surface and an inclined surface having a spike flanked by a first side and a second side.
United Technologies Corporation


Multiple bank flattened tube heat exchanger

A multiple bank, flattened tube, finned heat exchanger includes a first tube bank including a plurality of flattened heat exchange tube segments extending longitudinally and arrayed in spaced parallel relationship between a first manifold and a second manifold and a second tube bank including a plurality of flattened tube segments extending longitudinally and arrayed in spaced parallel relationship between a first manifold and a second manifold, the second tube bank disposed in spaced relationship with and behind the first tube bank. A folded fin is disposed between each set of adjacent heat exchange tube segments of the first and second tube banks.
Carrier Corporation


Rotatable vehicle seat frame assembly

A rotatable vehicle seat frame assembly has a main frame, at least one first seat frame, at least one second seat frame, and at least one elevatable desk. Each seat frame has a bottom sliding mechanism, a top sliding mechanism, and an angle-adjusting mechanism.


Method and device for vehicle measurement

A method for checking the correct positioning of a vehicle on a measuring station for vehicle measurement includes: a) taking images of at least two tires of the vehicle; b) identifying features, in the images taken, which describe at least one area of the respectively recorded tire; c) fitting a mathematical model to the identified features; d) determining the extent of the flattening of each tire from the fitted mathematical model; e) comparing the flattening of the at least two tires.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Sd-oct flatten coherence length by controlling spatial dispersion

Wherein a reflective or refractive optical element is placed between the dispersive device and the sensor array to transform the spatial chromatic dispersion such that Δli=Δli+j is obtained for each pixel in the sensor array.. .


Wedge and mandrel assembly for slit-tube longerons

An assembly that includes a wedge and mandrel that share an axis of rotation and can be rotated independently or simultaneously to stow or deploy slit-tube longerons. A wedge is crescent shaped, with a height that increases along an outer perimeter as the arc of the crescent is traversed from a first end to a second end.
Composite Technology Development, Inc.


Medical balloon with reduced straightening force

A high pressure balloon uses a shallow helical groove embossed in the balloon wall to decrease the straightening force of the balloon. A filament made from a high tensile strength material with low compliance is wrapped in the embossed groove to prevent internal pressure within the balloon from flattening the groove..


Compression device

The disclosed compression device comprises a sleeve with straps for applying compression to a limb. The sleeve is provided with a plurality of rings in series releasably or fixedly attached by a strap.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Nozzle for hair dryer

A front nozzle for hair dryer, includes at least: one outer surface; one tapered portion extending along an axis; one flattened portion extending perpendicularly to the axis in fluid communication with the tapered portion and having a front slit at one end thereof; one main channel for the passage therethrough of air flow coming from the hair dryer, the main channel including at least one converging portion and at least one diverging portion downstream thereof; one secondary channel including at least one opening at the outside of the nozzle and at least one front opening downstream of the converging portion of the main channel to contact the air flow passing through the secondary channel with the main air flow passing through the main channel, the secondary channel extending between the outer surface and the main channel so as to thermally insulate, at least partially, the outer surface.. .


Garment with integral belly flattening and methods for manufacturing same

A belly-flattening garment includes a legging garment having an upper waistline and an upper portion, an elastic waistband having a lower edge fixed to the waistline and an upper edge above the waistline, a zipper extending from the upper portion to the upper edge, and a elastic girdle insert disposed within the waistband and within the upper portion and having opposing fastening portions releasably securing to one another and free from both the waistband and the upper portion and a securing portion opposite the zipper and having a top edge fixed to the waistband to form the only fixed connection of the girdle insert to either the waistband or the garment. The garment is one of the group consisting of pants, jeans, sports pants, shorts, chinos, slacks, khakis, capris, leggings, jeggings, skorts, jumpsuits, long skirts, and short skirts.


Organic light emitting device manufacturing method using shadow mask and organic light emitting device manufactured thereby

The present inventions relates to an organic light emitting device capable of decreasing a leakage current, and more particularly, to an organic light emitting device manufacturing method and an organic light emitting device using the same, which can decrease a leakage current, by flattening a lower electrode in order to decrease a leakage current of the lower electrode deposited through a shadow mask.. .
Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology


Polishing agent and polishing substrate using the polishing agent

Disclosed is a polishing agent comprising: water; tetravalent metal hydroxide particles; and an additive, wherein the additive contains at least one of a cationic polymer and a cationic polysaccharide. The present invention can provide a polishing agent which is capable of polishing an insulating film at a high speed with less polishing flaws, and having a high polishing rate ratio of a silicon oxide film and a stopper film, in the cmp technology of flattening insulating film.
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.


Accessory for mobile electronic device

Control means of a wearable electronic communication device for control purpose and use thereof are claimed. The wearable electronic communication device comprises a flexible loop being at least partly flattened and comprising non-twistable rigid members; an electronic unit; and push buttons disposed on the rigid members at such a distance from each other so as to avoid possibility of pushing two push buttons simultaneously with one finger, wherein the push surface of each push button does not project beyond the surface of the rigid member bearing the push button, and a control signal is generated only when two push buttons are pushed simultaneously..


Reinforced bag seam and making same

A method for making a film bag with reinforced bag seams includes a film extruder that produces a continuous tube of film. A flattener produces a continuous web of flattened film which has an upper surface and a lower surface.


Tine fixation components for implantable medical devices

A tine portion for an implantable medical device includes a hook segment and a distal segment terminated by a tissue-piercing tip, wherein the distal segment extends from the hook segment to the tip. The hook segment, which is elastically deformable from a pre-set curvature, has one of: a round cross-section and an elliptical cross-section, while the distal segment has a flattened, or approximately rectangular cross-section.
Medtronic, Inc.


Endoprosthesis for the partial replacement of the human pelvic bone

An endoprosthesis for partial replacement of the human pelvic bone (b) in the region of the acetabulum and of the ilium (ii), by means of which a single prosthesis provides a bone replacement and stabilization in the region of the acetabulum and in defective sections of the ilium (ii). The endoprosthesis, is suitable for restoring one single piece, even for serious bone defects in the pelvic region, and for maintaining or reshaping articulation and mobility in this region.
Waldemar Link Gmbh & Co. Kg


A well intervention cable bending restriction for a rigid resilient rod-shaped intervention cable

A bending restrictor for a rigid but resilient rod-shaped intervention cable includes a series of pipe sections and articulation sleeves. Each pipe section includes a straight pipe piece with a spherical sector in either end.
C6 Technologies As


Vibrational spreader bar for spreading unidirectional yarns

A fiber processing system includes a fiber spreader that has a spreader bar that extends in a lengthwise direction between first and second ends. The spreader bar carries at least one radiused surface between the first and second ends.
Barrday Inc.


Spreading unit, container sleeving device and sleeving containers

A spreading unit for a container sleeving device, configured to spread open flattened tubular foil material to form a sleeve, to bring the sleeve in a target tubular shape and to discharge the sleeve towards the container, the spreading unit including a mandrel including: an upstream mandrel element for spreading open the flattened tubular foil material having a substantially constant cross-section in axial direction; a downstream mandrel element having a non-constant cross-section in axial direction; an intermediate mandrel element positioned between the upstream and downstream mandrel elements; wherein the downstream mandrel element comprises flaring sides and tapering sides and the intermediate mandrel element is recessed relative to the upstream mandrel element to allow the upstream part of a sleeve to move radially inward when the downstream part of the sleeve moves along the flaring sides of the downstream mandrel element.. .
Fuji Seal International, Inc.


Flexible grinding product with flattened surface and manufacturing the same

A method of manufacturing a flexible grinding product comprises the steps: a) preparing an open cloth of knitted or woven fabric; b) applying a coating to one surface of the cloth, wherein the coated surface of the cloth has one or more flat portions; c) applying a grinding agent to the coated surface of the cloth. Further, a flexible grinding product has an open cloth, wherein a surface of the cloth is provided with a coating such that the coated surface has one or more flat areas which are at least partially provided with a grinding agent..


Apparatus for fabricating three-dimensional object

An apparatus for fabricating a three-dimensional object includes a fabrication stage and a flattener. A fabrication layer in which powder particles are bound together is formed layer-by-layer on the fabrication stage.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Draw forming method

A draw bead is formed in a plate-shaped material in which a drawn portion is formed, outside the drawn portion, the draw bead being used to adjust an inflow of the plate-shaped material into a drawing die. The drawn portion is drawn in the plate-shaped material by using the draw bead as formed.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Crack and crevice cleaning tools and attachments therefor

A crack and crevice cleaning tool has a portion of circular cross section for attachment to a source of vacuum such as a vacuum cleaner, and a flattened nozzle portion for placement next to a crack or crevice and guide means mounted at the end of the nozzle portion and insertable in the crack or crevice being cleaned to guide the tool.. .


Mounting structure of electronic components provided with heat sink

There is provided a mounting structure of electronic components wherein the heat sink is disposed so as to allow a high heat releasing property to be achieved and ensure that manufacturing is easy. The resin film is provided at the lower surface side of the whole circuit element to which the lead is connected; a molding resin is molded at the upper side from the lower surface of the lead including the side portions of the lead, the circuit element and the connecting portions of the lead and the circuit element; the lead is connected to the electrode of the circuit board so that flattened back surfaces of a plurality of one side resin-molded elements are on the same horizontal plane; and a single heat sink is mounted on the back surfaces of the plurality of one side resin-molded elements..
New Japan Radio Co., Ltd.


Metal ribbon stator and motor comprising same

A stator made from a ribbon of metal having multiple layers of slit metal, and motors made therefrom are described. A ribbon having multiple layers of metal is formed into a stator such as by flattening or pleating the ribbon to form each pole of a stator having a plurality of stator teeth, or poles.


Organic semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

According to one embodiment, an organic semiconductor device includes a supporting substrate, a plurality of organic el light emitting elements, a first barrier layer, a flattening layer, and a second barrier layer. The flattening layer exists sporadically and makes gentle in inclination steep elevation change present in the surface of the first barrier layer.
Japan Display Inc.


Method of flattening a wafer

The wafer bevel etching apparatus of the present invention includes a wafer-protecting mask to cover parts of a wafer. A central region and a wafer bevel region surrounding the central region are defined on the wafer.
United Microelectronics Corp.


Flexible display device

A flexible display device is disclosed which includes: a display unit; a support unit configured to selectively support the display unit; a connection unit configured to attach together one edge of the display unit and one edge of the support unit; and a driving unit connected to the other edge of the display unit and the other edge of the support unit and configured to control a plurality of operations. The plurality of operations includes a first operation, which allows the display unit and the support unit to come in contact with each other and to maintain a relatively flattened state of the display unit, and a second operation which enables the display unit and the support unit to be separated from each other for stowage..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


Three-dimensional bag with affixed seams

A three-dimensional structure composed of pliable elements and having affixed seams is provided. The structure may comprise duffel bags, backpacks, shoe uppers, etc.
Nike, Inc.


Golf swing wrist condition training device

In accordance with the present invention, there is provided various embodiments of a golf swing training device which is uniquely configured to maintain a desirable bent wrist condition through the entirety of the downswing (including golf ball impact) and follow-though or finish of the golf swing. More particularly, the training device constructed in accordance with the present invention allows the wearer/user to start the golf swing with the right wrist in its natural, generally flattened condition at address.
Kyron, Llc


Circuit arrangement and controlling semiconductor switching element

In order to reduce the problems with sharp-edged control voltages of semiconductor switching elements, it is provided that the control terminal (6) of the semiconductor switching element (1) is connected to the output terminal (7) of the semiconductor switching element (1) via a ramp generation unit (5), and the ramp generation unit (5) flattens the sharply ascending and descending edges of the driver control voltage (vs) into the form of a ramp, in order to generate a transistor control voltage (vg) at the output of the ramp generation unit (5).. .
Fronius International Gmbh


Holding of interposers and other microelectronic workpieces in position during assembly and other processing

A workpiece (120) has protruding conductive features (140) at least on a first side. The second side is processed while the workpiece is held from the first side by a holder (220h).
Invensas Corporation


Electromagnetic coil, manufacturing electromagnetic coil, and electromagnetic actuator

An electromagnetic coil includes a conductor winding 12a formed by winding a conductor 12b a plurality of times about a predetermined axis, and a ceramic layer 12c formed through thermal spraying on an axial end surface of the conductor winding 12a, and having a flattened surface. A maximal value t12 of thickness of the ceramic layer 12c is set to three times or less a maximal value t11 of depth of the recesses formed at the surface of turns of the conductor 12b at the axial end surface..
Ckd Corporation


System and adaptive classification and filtering for imaging diffused energy from the earths subsurface

A method for imaging the earth's subsurface includes taking summed recordings of signals acquired by a plurality of seismic sensors disposed above the volume in response to repeated actuations of a seismic energy source. A travel time of seismic energy is determined from a position of the source to a selected image point in the volume and from the image point to each seismic sensor.
Acoustic Zoom, Inc.


A thermal insulation panel

The present invention provides a thermal insulation panel (10) having two outer concaved layers (14, 16) and an inner tension (24) member formed by two substantially parallel panels (26,28). The peripheries of the layers and panels are secured to a thermal barrier (22) extending around the periphery of the panel (10) and a vacuum seal (25) seals the edge.
Oxford Brookes University


Medical balloon assembly and making a medical balloon

A medical balloon includes an outer layer and an inner layer. The outer layer has a surface texture or formation such as a scoring element.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc


Methods and system for manufacturing lead battery plates

Methods and a system for manufacturing a lead or lead alloy plate lattice for a lead-acid battery are described, comprising continuous extrusion of a melt of lead or lead alloy under temperatures lower by 10-100° c. Than the melting point of lead, or the lead alloy, the extrudate being subsequently subjected to a flattening process under a temperature lower by more than at least 230° c.
H. Folke Sandelin Ab


Alignment inspecting system for liquid crystal substrate

The present invention relates to an alignment inspecting system for liquid crystal substrate, which means an aligning system of liquid crystal substrate alignment inspecting apparatus after hva (high resolution vertical alignment) alignment, comprises an alignment mechanism located on corners of the substrate, and the alignment mechanism including a horizontal alignment device for exerting pressure to edges of the substrate, wherein a flattening device for applying longitudinal pressure to the substrate is further included. The present invention can be concluded with the following advantages: this alignment inspecting system for liquid crystal substrate can be used to correct the bending of the substrate during alignment process, so as to reduce the bending and deformation of the substrate which in turn creates poor contact between the probe and the substrate.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.


Foldable paperboard for preparing a paper tube

A paperboard comprises a plurality of folding lines and paper panels. The paperboard is either intact or perforated.


Binding system for recreational board

Binding systems for recreational boards are provided. A binding system is mounted atop a rider-support surface of the board.
Jf Pelchat Inc.


Corewire design and construction for medical devices

A guidewire for use in ear, nose and throat procedures may include an elongate core wire having a proximal region and a distal region. The distal region of the core wire may include a flattened portion adapted to provide preferential flexure along at least one axis of the wire.
Acclarent, Inc.


Re-entry stylet for catheter

A stylet for re-entry into a vessel includes an elongate body including a proximal portion, a middle curved portion, a pointed distal end, and a longitudinal axis extending through the proximal portion, the middle curved portion, and the pointed distal end. The proximal portion and the middle curved portion have substantially circular cross-sections.
Avinger, Inc.


Cable storage under a drawer

An apparatus comprising a wall of a drawer adapted to secure a set of cables at a first end, the set of cables can be housed in a cable housing, the wall coupled to a roller and a flattening appendage. In some implementations, the apparatus can comprise a deck comprising a plate adapted to secure the set of cables at a second end, the plate located at a midpoint of the deck.
Quanta Computer Inc.


Method and system for geophysical modeling of subsurface volumes based on computed vectors

Method and system are described for modeling one or more geophysical properties of a subsurface volume. The method includes computing vector volumes to enhance subsurface modeling and update these vector volumes.


Method of creating and interpreting animated mosaics of multiple seismic surveys

Embodiments of methods of creating and interpreting animated mosaics of multiple seismic surveys are disclosed herein. Volumes from individual seismic surveys may be flattened in each seismic cube.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.


Construction machine with floating function

Disclosed is a construction machine with a floating function for performing soil preparation or the like for flattening the ground or the like using a dozer blade. The construction machine with a floating function according to the present invention comprises: a hydraulic pump and a pilot pump; a dozer cylinder connected to the hydraulic pump so as to move the dozer blade in the vertical direction; a control valve arranged in a channel between the hydraulic pump and the dozer cylinder; a dozer check valve arranged in the channel between the control valve and the dozer cylinder; a return check valve arranged in the channel between the control valve and a hydraulic tank; a solenoid valve for floating arranged in a signal path between the pilot pump and the dozer check valve such that the solenoid valve is capable of opening and closing; a channel for floating, one end of which is connected to the hydraulic tank and the other end of which is connected to the channel interconnecting the control valve and the dozer cylinder; and a check valve arranged in the channel for floating so as to supply working fluid to the dozer cylinder through the channel for floating from the hydraulic tank in a floating mode, and cut off the channel for floating when the floating mode is cancelled..
Volvo Construction Equipment Ab


Controlled contact turf wheel for turf-care vehicle

The present disclosure provides a controlled contact turf wheel for a turf-care vehicle, wherein the controlled contact turf wheel comprises a plurality of annular ground contact ribs, a plurality of annular grass passage channels disposed between the ribs. The controlled contact turf wheel is structured and operable to allow grass to pass through the channels as the controlled contact turf wheel rolls across the ground without flattening, compressing or compacting the grass against the ground, thereby minimizing residual uncut/partially cut wheel lines in the cut path of the turf-care vehicle..
Textron, Inc.


An edible composition comprising resveratrol and flavonoid monoglucoside

Foods or meals high in available carbohydrate such as sucrose or starch increase postprandial blood glucose concentrations. Repeated high post-prandial plasma glucose “spikes” are associated with an increased risk of developing type ii diabetes.
Conopco, Inc., D/b/a Unilever


Optimizing voltage and var on the electric grid using distributed var sources

A plurality of edge of network grid volt ampere reactive (var) sources are provided in a power system in order to effectuate control at a customer level, which in turn effectuates control at a feeder level, which in turn effectuates control of an entire power system or wide area electric grid network. By optimally selecting voltage setpoints and applying such voltage setpoints to the plurality of edge of network grid var sources, the power system can be configured to self-balance, power factor compensation can be determined without the need for measuring load power factor.
Varentec, Inc.


Control flow flattening for code obfuscation where the next block calculation needs run-time information

A method of obscuring software code including a plurality of basic blocks wherein the basic blocks have an associated identifier (id), including: determining, by a processor, for a first basic block first predecessor basic blocks, wherein first predecessor basic blocks jump to the first basic block and the first basic block jumps to a next basic block based upon a next basic block id; producing, by the processor, a mask value based upon the ids of first predecessor basic blocks, wherein the mask value identifies common bits of the ids of the first predecessor basic blocks; and inserting, by the processor, an instruction in the first basic block to determine a next basic block id based upon the mask value and an id of one of the first predecessor basic blocks.. .
Nxp B.v.


Paper money temporary storage device

A banknote temporary storage device includes a pair of coiling tapes configured to clamp banknotes to be temporarily stored, a large coiling block configured to temporarily store the banknotes by accommodating the coiling tapes which clamp the banknotes to be temporarily stored, an upper coiling block component and a lower coiling block component configured to release or roll up the coiling tapes, and a banknotes inlet/outlet. Each of the coiling tapes has one end fixed onto the large coiling block, and another ends of the coiling tapes are respectively fixed onto the upper coiling block component and the lower coiling block component.
Grg Banking Equipment Co., Ltd.


Three-dimensional printer and a three-dimensional printing module thereof

A three-dimensional printing module includes a base seat, a sintering mechanism, a coloring mechanism and a forming mechanism. The base seat is movable relative to a powder layer.
Cal-comp Electronics & Communications Company Limited


Leveler equipment and sheet material flattening method

Leveler equipment includes a leveler body, a first roll cassette for a roller leveler, and a second roll cassette for a tension leveler. The roller leveler is formed when the first roll cassette is attached to the leveler body, and the tension leveler is formed when the second roll cassette is attached to the leveler body..
Jp Steel Plantech Co.


Hair curling apparatus with a flattened curling section

A curling device is disclosed for styling hair. The device includes a flattened curling section configured to create a zig-zag pattern in the hair being treated.


Shaft-hub connection, adapter and geared motor

A shaft, especially a motor shaft, is inserted into an accommodation area of a hub, especially an adapter shaft, and is connected with force locking, especially being clamped. The hub, at least in one axial area, has three flattenings evenly spaced from one another in the circumferential direction.
Sew-eurodrive Gmbh & Co. Kg


Gabion system

A gabion system is disclosed which includes a gabion (1) for use in protecting military or civilian installations from weapons assault or from elemental forces such as flood waters, lava flows, avalanches, soil instability, slope erosion and the like. The gabion (1) comprises opposed side walls (2, 3) connected together at spaced intervals by a plurality of partition walls (4,5,6) such that spaces between neighbouring pairs of partition walls define, together with the side walls (2,3), compartments (7, 8, 9) of the gabion, adjacent side and partition walls being connected to one another by pivotal connections (41) enabling the gabion to be folded between fully flattened and deployed configurations, the pivotal connections allowing the gabion to fold concertina-wise for storage or transport.
Hesco Bastion Limited


Wrench tool and manufacturing method thereof

A wrench tool comprises a tool rod and an operating rod. The tool rod is 7-shaped, and comprises a tool head part and a connecting rod part.
Dahon Technologies, Ltd.


Gripping tires for a wheelchair

The gripping tire for a wheelchair as per the invention has a profile cross-section that is asymmetric and divided up in the radial and axial directions. Axial and radial refer here to the wheel of the wheelchair onto which the gripping tire is coaxially attached.
L&c Verwaltungsgesellschaft Mbh


Medical holding arm

A medical holding arm is described, comprising at least one joint (24, 26, 28, 30, 32) with two joint bodies (40, 42) which are rotatable relative to each other about a rotational axis (d), wherein a first of the joint bodies (40) has a plurality of locking pins (46) and a second of the joint bodies (42) has a plurality of locking recesses (48), the number of locking pins (46) differs from the number of locking recesses (48), the locking pins (46) each have an axially tapered engagement part (66), the locking recesses (48) are respectively formed axially tapered to selectively receive each of the engagement parts (66) for locking the joint (24, 26, 28, 30, 32), and when the joint (24, 26, 28, 30, 32) is locked, at least one of the locking pins (46) is received with its tapered engagement part (66) completely in one of the tapered locking recesses (48), while at least one of the other locking pins (46) is received with its tapered engagement part (66) only partially in one of the other tapered locking recesses (48). The engagement part (66) of the respective locking pin (46) has at least one first flattened contact surface (68), and the respective locking recess (48) has at least one second flattened contact surface (72).
Maquet Gmbh


Methods and devices for forming flattened food products and food products thereby formed

An apparatus includes a press configured to compress at least a portion of a food item to deform the food item and form a flattened food product. The press includes a movable portion and a lift arm pivotally attached to the movable portion, where the lift arm is configured to raise or lower the movable portion.


Method for correcting wafer bow from overlay

Described herein are methods for flattening a substrate, such as a semiconductor wafer, to reduce bowing in such substrates. Methods include treating or bombarding a backside surface of a substrate with particles of varying doses, densities, and spatial locations.


Production high-permeability grain-oriented electrical steel

The invention refers to ferrous metallurgy, in particular, to production of grain-oriented electrical steel deployed in a manufacture of power transformer cores. Ensuring high magnetic permeability of steel and homogeneity of the magnetic properties requires slab casting, slab heating, rough and finishing hot rolling, cooling, pickling, double cold rolling with an intermediary decarburizing annealing, mgo coating application, box annealing and flattening annealing after rolling strips are cooled within the time not exceeding two seconds, the heating for the high-temperature annealing in the temperature range of 400-700° c.


Frequent markup techniques for use in native advertisement placement

Techniques are provided that include obtaining a document object model of an html document, such as a web page of a publisher. Elements of the document object model may be identified that are associated with native advertisement placement candidate containers.


Alignment and flattening material compositions, display device comprising same and process for adjusting display color

An alignment material composition, a flattening material composition, a liquid crystal display device and a process for adjusting the display color of the liquid crystal display device. The alignment material composition or the flattening material composition each includes 0.5-20 wt % of an organic additive, which is one or more of spiropyran compounds, schiff base compounds, and heterocyclic diarylethene compounds.


Catheter for introduction of medications to the tissues of a heart or other organ

A positionable, direct-injection catheter that can access a specific region of the heart or other organ. The catheter is provided with one or two needle shafts, which may be located within respective sheaths that extend axially along the interior of the lumen of a main catheter shaft.


Delivery system for implantable medical device

A delivery system includes an inflatable delivery balloon formed with a plurality of constraining elements which create constrained regions in a body portion of the balloon, interposed between unconstrained regions. The constrained regions create recesses for receiving a medical device or part of a medical device.


Coil element production method

A method for manufacturing a coil element using a transferring mold, includes preparing the mold, on a surface of which an inverted coil element pattern is engraved, the mold having at least a surface part made of metal, forming a center conductive film by electroplating at the mold as a whole so as to have a thickness exceeding a thickness of an area where the pattern is engraved, removing the film from a surface by a predetermined thickness to flatten the surface of the center conductive film, releasing the flattened center conductive film from the mold, coating a protective film at a surface as a whole of the released film on a side where the pattern is formed, etching the film for removal from the side subjected to the flattening so that the side reaches the protective film, and removing the protective film and taking out the center conductive film.. .


Printing apparatus, printing method, and medium

An object of the present invention is to provide an image processing apparatus capable of combining a group element so that a color intended by a user is output ultimately even in the case where flattening is performed on the way of the processing performed on the group.. .


Compressor recirculation into annular volume

To solve the problems of compressor wheel blade flow separation causing surge type noises when a compressor return or recirculation valve is opened or closed, bypass airflow from a compressor recirculation valve is fed into an annular volume, defined between inner and outer walls or shaped as a radially expanded, axially flattened cylindrical space in the compressor inlet, so that the generally unidirectional radial flow from the compressor recirculation valve is re-directed and organized as it is turned from generally radial to generally axial, merging with the general inlet flow and presenting the compressor wheel with airflow of “circumferentially uniform” flow velocity.. .


Reinforcing fiber/resin fiber composite for production of continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin composite material and process for manufacturing same

The present invention provides a technique for impregnating a continuous fiber with a thermoplastic resin having a high melt viscosity in a short time, and thereby enables short-cycle molding of a continuous-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin composite material. The present invention pertains to a reinforcing fiber/resin fiber composite (10) which is to be used for the production of a continuous-fiber-reinforced, thermoplastic resin composite material and which is characterized in that: the composite (10) comprises a continuous fiber bundle (1) and a thermoplastic resin fiber (cover (2)) which covers the periphery of the continuous fiber bundle (1) in such a state that the continuous fiber bundle (1) is not constricted; and the continuous fiber bundle (1) can be flattened.

Flatten topics: Scattering, Golf Club Head, Surgical Instrument, Transverse, Photosensitive Drum, Circuit Board, Disassembly, Notifications, Notification, User Interface, Application Server

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