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 Computer-implemented  designing a manufacturable garment patent thumbnailComputer-implemented designing a manufacturable garment
A computer-implemented method for designing a manufacturable garment provides a three-dimensional shape representing a garment segmented into a set of three-dimensional panels (3dp). Next the method computes for each three-dimensional panel, a corresponding flattened pattern (fp).
Dassault Systemes

 Multiple circuit cable patent thumbnailMultiple circuit cable
A multiple circuit cable includes an inside transfer body that transfers a first signal or a first power, an inside insulator that covers an outer circumference of the inside transfer body, an outside transfer body that is disposed on an outside of the inside insulator and transfers a second signal or a second power, and an outside insulator that covers an outer circumference of the outside transfer body. The outside transfer body is configured with a plurality of conductive fibers having conductivity.
Yazaki Corporation

 Food container with integral condiment cup patent thumbnailFood container with integral condiment cup
A container for a single serving of ready-to-eat food includes opposing side walls, an open top and a cup integral with at least one of the side walls and protruding into the interior of the container. The cup is used to dispense a condiment to accompany the food.
Gallimore Products (usa) Inc.

 Method for manufacturing vehicle structural member patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing vehicle structural member
A method for manufacturing a vehicle structure member by using a hollow extruded material that has a pair of side plates and a plurality of connecting plates connecting the side plates together and that has a quadrilateral closed section and a longitudinal shape, such that a width dimension of the vehicle structure member, which is a distance between the side plates, varies in a longitudinal direction of the vehicle structure member, the method including: an extrusion molding step of producing the hollow extruded material with the connecting plates each having a bent shape by extrusion molding; and a widening step of increasing the width dimension by increasing the distance between the side plates partially in the longitudinal direction so as to flatten the connecting plates having the bent shape.. .
Toyoda Iron Works Co., Ltd.

 Grip alignment training aid patent thumbnailGrip alignment training aid
A training device for use with sporting equipment, such as bats and clubs, is provided. The device can include a main body defined by a perimeter sidewall and can include two openings defined through the body.
Re-peat Sports, Llc

 Dual-mode high-waist foldover disposable absorbent pant patent thumbnailDual-mode high-waist foldover disposable absorbent pant
A dual-mode high-waist disposable absorbent pant with foldover waist features is disclosed. The pant may include a laterally extending folding region disposed longitudinally between the waist opening edge and the front and/or rear ends of an absorbent core structure; the folding region may include a first web structure.
The Procter & Gamble Company

 Hanging device with disposable beverage filter bag patent thumbnailHanging device with disposable beverage filter bag
A hanging device with a disposable beverage filter bag includes a filter bag and a hanging ring. The filter bag is made of a filter fabric or filter paper to form a flattened single-opening bag.

 Manufacturing  electro-optic device substrate, electro-optic device substrate, electro-optic device, and electronic device patent thumbnailManufacturing electro-optic device substrate, electro-optic device substrate, electro-optic device, and electronic device
A manufacturing method of an electro-optic device substrate, including forming a concave portion, which corresponds to a pixel, by etching a first surface of a light transmitting substrate, forming a lens layer including a micro lens formed by filling the concave portion with a lens material having a refractive index greater than that of the substrate, flattening a second surface of the lens layer opposite to a surface in which the microlens is formed, forming a light shielding film that surrounds a display area, in which the pixel is arranged, on the flattened second surface, and forming a light transmitting path layer that covers the second surface on which the light shielding film is formed.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Blow molding mold patent thumbnailBlow molding mold
A blow molding mold is adapted to be mounted to a blow molding device and having a cavity surface. The blow molding device has a pressurized liquid supply function of supplying a pressurized liquid to stretch the preform toward the cavity surface and also has a head space defining function of defining head space in the container by drawing back a part of the liquid filled into the container through a blow nozzle or by withdrawing a stretching rod from the container filled with the liquid.
Yoshino Kogyosho Co., Ltd.

 Medical tubes for respiratory systems patent thumbnailMedical tubes for respiratory systems
A medical tube comprises a tail to connect an embedded wire to an electrical component. The tail may comprise a flattened portion and an exposed portion to facilitate attachment of the medical tube to an electrical component.
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited

Centering technique for a cutting laser for refractive ophthalmic surgery

According to certain embodiments, a method for laser cutting treatment of a human eye comprises: determining position information of a pupil center of the eye in relation to a point of minimal corneal thickness in an undeformed state of the eye; locating the point of minimal corneal thickness in a flattened state of the eye, in which the eye is deformed by contact with a patient adapter of a laser device; and aligning a pulse firing pattern for laser radiation pulses of the laser device, based on a position of the located point of minimal corneal thickness and the determined position information. In embodiments, the pulse firing pattern represents, for example, a lenticular or doughnut-shaped intracorneal tissue volume which is to be removed from the cornea of the eye..
Novartis Ag

Occlusion bypassing apparatus with a re-entry needle and a distal stabilization balloon

An occlusion bypassing apparatus for re-entering the true lumen of a vessel after subintimally bypassing an occlusion in a vessel. The apparatus includes an outer shaft component, a needle component, and an inflatable balloon.
Medtronic Vascular, Inc.

Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices

Methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device are provided. Methods may include forming first to third regions having densities different from one another on a substrate, covering the first to third regions to form an upper interlayer insulating film including a low step portion and a high step portion higher than the low step portion, forming an organic film on the upper interlayer insulating film, removing a part of the organic film to expose an upper surface of the high step portion, removing the high step portion so that an upper surface of the high step portion is disposed on at least the same line as the organic film disposed on the upper surface of the lower step portion, removing the remaining part of the organic film to expose the upper surface of the upper interlayer insulating film and flattening the upper surface of the upper interlayer insulating film..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing a semiconductor device, pattern generating method and nontransitory computer readable medium storing a pattern generating program

According to one embodiment, stepped structure is formed on a semiconductor substrate, a processing film is formed to cover the stepped structure, a resist film is formed on the processing film in such a manner as to be thinner at a higher portion of the stepped structure than at a lower portion of the same, and the resist film and the processing film are etched to flatten the processing film.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Vacuum storage bag

A vacuum storage bag not requiring the use of an external vacuum source. With a resilient sponge compressible polymeric material mass such as a rectangular sheet or any shape of sufficient thickness that is an integral part of an opposing wall of storage bag, a vacuum can be produced by compressing sponge within this sealable bag.

Coated packaging products, systems and methods

In a method of forming a coated bag for pre-treating an item stored in the bag, a bag is provided, having a sidewall extending from a closed bottom end to an open top end and defining an interior surface of a cavity. The bag is expanded from a flattened condition to an expanded condition.

Fpc flattening jig and fpc flattening method

Disclosure provides a fpc flattening jig and a fpc flattening method. The fpc flattening jig includes a pressurization mechanism and a heating mechanism; a bottom of the pressurization mechanism has a planar base surface which is used to contact a warped fpc to exert pressure thereon; the heating mechanism is used to heat the pressurization mechanism, such that the planar base surface of the pressurization mechanism has a predefined temperature when exerting pressure on the fpc.
Hefei Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Tamper-respondent sensors with formed flexible layer(s)

Methods of fabricating tamper-respondent electronic circuit structures and electronic assembly packages are provided which include, at least in part, a tamper-respondent sensor including one or more formed flexible layers of, for instance, a dielectric material, having opposite first and second sides, and circuit lines defining at least one resistive network. The circuit lines are disposed on at least one of the first side or the second side of the formed flexible layer(s).
International Business Machines Corporation

Tamper-respondent sensors with formed flexible layer(s)

Tamper-respondent electronic circuit structures, electronic assembly packages, and methods of fabrication are provided which include, at least in part, a tamper-respondent sensor. The tamper-respondent sensor includes one or more formed flexible layers of, for instance, a dielectric material, having opposite first and second sides, and circuit lines defining at least one resistive network.
International Business Machines Corporation

Converting complex structure objects into flattened data

Examples are generally directed towards converting complex structure attributes into flattened data. A configuration capture component analyzes a set of objects associated with a set of complex structure attributes.
Emc Corporation

Static gasket and construction thereof

A metal static gasket and method of construction thereof is provided. The gasket includes at least one metal layer.
Federal-mogul Corporation

Thermoplastic forming of cold rolled alloys

The disclosure is directed to methods of forming glassy alloys. A glassy alloy is cold rolled at a temperature less than tg of the glassy alloy to form a flattened glassy alloy.
Apple Inc.

Leg lift dumbbell

The invention is a dumbbell adapted for lifting by the legs. In particular, it is designed to fit in the crook of the knee for exercises such as the kneeling dumbbell leg lift and the fire hydrant leg lift.

Method for producing thin film touch screen panel

A method for fabricating a thin film touch screen panel includes forming an adhesive layer on a convex portion of an arcuate spherical-shaped glass, adhering a base film on the adhesive layer, and forming a transparent electrode laminate on the base file, wherein the convex portion of the glass is flattened by applying heat to the adhesive layer after forming the adhesive layer or adhering the base film, thereby the transparent electrode laminate may be formed on the straight flattened glass and the base film, and the process of forming the transparent electrode laminate may be more precisely and reliably performed.. .
Dongwoo Fine-chem Co., Ltd.

Tapered helically reinforced hose and its manufacture

Flexible tubing or hose is formed from continuously extruded thermoplastic material helically circumferentially wound at a wrapping station around an array of bearing-supported rods that are concurrently but individually turned and are canted relative to an imaginary central axis. The tubing or hose is formed to have a continuous reinforcing rib helically wound therearound and continuously integrally connected thereto.
Schauenburg Hose Technology Gmbh

Deployable root stiffness mechanism for tubular slit booms and increasing the bending and torsional stiffness of a tubular slit boom

A deployable root stiffness mechanism and method increases the bending and torsional stiffness and strength of a tubular slit boom while allowing the slit boom to be flattened and rolled to a compact stowage volume. The slit booms may be flattened and rolled into a compact cylindrical stowage volume and once released, elastically and immediately deploy from the rolled stowed configuration to the final structural tube shape.
Deployable Space Systems, Inc.

Soft magnetic material, rotating electric machine, motor, and generator

The soft magnetic material of embodiments includes flattened magnetic metal particles including at least one magnetic metal selected from iron (fe), cobalt (co) and nickel (ni), each of the flattened magnetic metal particles having a thickness of from 10 nm to 100 μm, an aspect ratio of from 5 to 10,000, and a lattice strain of from 0.01% to 10%, and being oriented with magnetic anisotropy in one direction within aligned flattened surface; and an interposed phase existing between the flattened magnetic metal particles and including at least one of oxygen (o), carbon (c), nitrogen (n) and fluorine (f).. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Axilinear shaped charge liner with parabolic apex

This invention is a shaped explosive device with a liner that has a parabolic apex, which can produce a purely planar symmetric jet. The half pipe liner in the present invention has a parabolic apex or pole toward the aft end, a “v” notch on each side of the concave wings toward the fore end, and liner base end on each wing.
Innovative Defense, Llc


An operating wire has a multi-twisted structure constituted by twisting side strands, each formed by twisting element wires together around a core strand. A side element wire of the side strand faces the outside of the operating wire in the radial direction at a site located on the outer circumference of the operating wire and has a flattened surface where a flat portion provided in a portion of the side element wire in the circumferential direction extends in the x axis direction, the length in the x axis direction of the flattened surface being 4.8-11.0 times the diameter of the side element wire, and the pitch magnification of the side strand being 7.0-12.0 times the diameter..
Hi-lex Corporation

Post with metal cage reinforcement and manufacturing same

Described is a method of manufacturing a metal cage reinforced concrete post using off-the-shelf materials and tools. The reinforcement cage is manufactured using pre-fabricated wire mesh.

Apparatus and flattening and laser engraving skis

The invention relates to an apparatus for flattening the top surface of skis to facilitate laser engraving thereof, to the method of laser engraving of skis employing such apparatus, and to a custom laser-engraved ski production and inventory management system wherein blank skis are manufactured, defects culled, and the blank ski of suitable length etc. Is matched to the customer and laser engraved, preferably using the disclosed flattening apparatus..
Grace Skis

Citrus fruit pressing device and pressing juice from a piece of citrus fruit

Citrus fruit pressing devices, apparatus and methods are disclosed. Several features that can reduce the incidence of rupturing oil pockets in the fruit peel can be employed to improve the taste of the juice pressed from the fruit.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Method for modifying spacer profile

Techniques herein provide a process to reform or flatten asymmetric spacers to form a square profile which creates symmetric spacers for accurate pattern transfer. Initial spacer formation typically results in spacer profiles with a curved or sloped top surfaces.
Tokyo Electron Limited

Coaxial cable with outer conductor adhered to dielectric layer and/or jacket

A coaxial cable includes: an inner conductor; a dielectric layer surrounding the inner conductor; an outer conductor surrounding the dielectric layer and having a plurality of corrugations, wherein each of the corrugations has a root and a crest connected by a transition section; a jacket surrounding the outer conductor; and a first adhesive layer interposed between the dielectric layer and the roots of the corrugations of the outer conductor. Each of the roots has a curved flattened portion that is adhered to the first adhesive layer..
Commscope Technologies Llc

Recuperator burner with auxiliary heat exchanger

To improve the efficiency of recuperator burners, preferably to over 80%, a recuperator burner (10) is equipped with an auxiliary heat exchanger (26) which surrounds the recuperator (22), wherein both the recuperator and the auxiliary heat exchanger are preferably formed as purely counterdirectional-flow heat exchangers, wherein the auxiliary heat exchanger (26) has the air supplied to it on the side facing toward the furnace wall (11). The housing (15) around the auxiliary heat exchanger (26) can be cooled with cool air from the inside.
Ws Wärmeprozesstechnik Gmbh

Liquid containment device and containment of leakage from a liquid reservoir

A liquid containment device and method for containing leakage from a liquid reservoir. The liquid containment device comprises a base and a peripheral wall that comprises flexible resilient folds that allow a portion of the peripheral wall to be flattened against the floor to slide the liquid containment device under the liquid reservoir.
9319-8729 QuÉbec Inc.

Arrangement for coupling two components that can move relative to each other in a switchable valve train component for an internal combustion engine

An arrangement for coupling two components that can move relative to each other in a switchable valve train component for an internal combustion engine is provided, with a coupling element (3) that can be moved for coupling the components with a flattened coupling surface (5) for contacting a corresponding locking contour. The locking contour has recesses (7) in which the coupling element (3) can engage so that it can move in contact with the locking contour for coupling with its coupling surface (5) in a position slightly rotated relative to a predetermined coupling position..
Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co. Kg

Hand paddle

In a hand paddle (1) comprising a plastic element (10) and at least one attachment element (16) used to attach the hand paddle (1) to swimmer's hand, the flat element (10) is fabric (11) padded along a periphery or rim (12) at least at the front (17) and along the sides (18) by a stiffening element (20). In particular, the stiffening element, around the swimmer's hand, is horseshoe-shaped or flattened-arch-shaped..

Elastic orthopedic implant and manufacturing thereof

An orthopedic implant includes a bridge and at least a first leg extending from a first end of the bridge and a second lee extending from the second end of the bridge. The bridge includes a first upper section and a second lower section.
Biomedical Enterprises, Inc.

Adjustable-tilt housing with flattened dome shape, array antenna, and bracket mount

Radio devices for wireless transmission including an integrated adjustable mount allowing mounting to a pole or stand and adjustment of the angle of the device (e.g., the altitude). The device may include a compact array antenna having a high gain configured to operate in, for example, the 5.15 to 5.85 ghz band and/or the 2.40-2.48 ghz band.

Fuel element with multi-smear density fuel

A fuel element has a ratio of area of fissionable nuclear fuel in a cross-section of the tubular fuel element perpendicular to the longitudinal axis to total area of the interior volume in the cross-section of the tubular fuel element that varies with position along the longitudinal axis. The ratio can vary with position along the longitudinal axis between a minimum of 0.30 and a maximum of 1.0.
Terrapower, Llc

System and data join and metadata configuration

A method and system of a data join includes capture of metadata information associated with one of semi-structured data and unstructured data. A flattened structure for one of the semi-structured data and the unstructured data is defined, and an entity is extracted from the unstructured data.
Infosys Limited

Marine geophysical equipment cleaner

Techniques are disclosed relating to an apparatus with scraping members for cleaning a geophysical equipment (e.g., a streamer) being towed behind a survey vessel. The apparatus may, in one embodiment, include a housing and a plurality of scraping members that are disposed at least partially outside of the housing.
Pgs Geophysical As

Stirling engine displacer drive

A cryocooler is provided that includes: a regenerator piston; a drive coupler; and a link flexure having a proximal end coupled by a first pin to the drive coupler and having a distal end coupled by a second pin to the regenerator piston, where the link flexure forms a vane having flattened opposing faces that are orthogonal to a longitudinal axis for the first and second pin.. .
Flir Systems, Inc.

Tension end treatment for guardrail safety system

According to a particular embodiment, an end treatment for a guardrail safety system includes a terminal portion of a guardrail beam comprising a downstream end and upstream end, a first tension cable coupled to an upstream end of the terminal portion. An extruder configured to receive at least a portion of the guardrail beam and at least a portion of the first tension cable, and a terminal support post installed adjacent the roadway at an upstream end of the terminal portion of the guardrail beam.
The Texas A&m University System

Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

There are provided a highly reliable semiconductor device capable of suppressing occurrence of cracks as well as securing flatness and a manufacturing method therefor. The semiconductor device includes: a semiconductor substrate; an element region; and a non-element region.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Cartridge for use with a vaporizer device

Cartomizers (cartridges) that have a mouthpiece, a heater/vaporizer (e.g., heating element, wick), and a transparent/translucent tank (fluid reservoir) to hold the vaporizable material (typically a nicotine solution), in which the cartridge is flattened and has a window into the tank through the mouthpiece so that the liquid level is visible; the window can be an opening through the mouthpiece or it can be a notch up into the mouthpiece. A cannula (e.g., tube) runs through the tank, and connects the heater/vaporizer to an opening in the mouthpiece..

Dynamic definition for concurrent computing environments

Exemplary embodiments allow a user to create configurations for use in distributed computing environments. Configurations can be arranged in hierarchies in which elements of the hierarchy can inherit characteristics from elements in other layers of the hierarchy.
The Mathworks, Inc.

Raster image processor methods and systems

Methods, systems, and computer program products for improving the performance of a raster image processor. Smaller objects are identified among a group of larger objects with respect to a job processed via a raster image processor.
Xerox Corporation

Tube-and-fin assembly with improved removal feature and making thereof

A tube-and-fin assembly with improved removal feature is provided. The tube-and-fin assembly includes a tube including an elongated body having flattened sides, a cylindrical top end and a cylindrical bottom end for attachment to a coolant manifold, and a plurality of fins which are disposed as a unitary part of a corrugated sheet affixed to either side of the tube, where the bottom end includes a bottom bead and a top bead..
Caterpillar Inc.

Multi-layer gasket assembly

The multi-layer gasket assembly includes a plurality of metal gasket layers which have at least one set of axially aligned openings. The plurality of gasket layers includes at least two functional layers which are arranged in a stacked relationship with one another.
Federal-mogul Corporation

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