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Splicing tape for continuous roll change and method of manufacture

3m Innovative Properties

Splicing tape for continuous roll change and method of manufacture

Parking caliper assembly

Freni Brembo S.p.a.

Parking caliper assembly

Parking caliper assembly


Multiple tube bank heat exchanger assembly and fabrication method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Flatten-related patents
 Automated options trading system that generates a flattened trading spread patent thumbnailnew patent Automated options trading system that generates a flattened trading spread
Disclosed herein are system, method, and computer program product embodiments for generating a flattened trading spread. An embodiment operates by receiving one or more inputs indicating criteria for a potential trade including a stock, a predicted direction for the stock, a predicted duration for the predicted direction, a tolerable probability of success, and a tolerable percentage of potential loss from an account.
Td Ameritrade Ip Company, Inc.
 Splicing tape for continuous roll change and  manufacture patent thumbnailnew patent Splicing tape for continuous roll change and manufacture
The present invention relates to a splicing tape (1) for continuous roll change, the splicing tape comprising: a) a first tape component including a first backing layer (2) and a first adhesive layer (3) on a first surface of the first backing layer (2); b) a second tape component including a second backing layer (4) and a second adhesive layer (5) on a first surface of the second backing layer (4); and c) a splitting layer (6) joining the first backing layer (2) and the second backing layer (4) together, such that the first and second adhesive layers (3,5) are facing away from the splitting layer (6), wherein the splitting layer (6) comprises a continuous and uninterrupted middle area (7) extending in the longitudinal direction of the splicing tape (1) and provided with repeating tapered protrusions (2) with flattened tips projecting from the middle area (7) towards both longitudinal edges of the splicing tape and to a method for manufacturing and using such a splicing tape.. .
3m Innovative Properties Company
 System for applying patterned crust segments to dough patent thumbnailnew patent System for applying patterned crust segments to dough
A device and method to create additional segments of crust and topping zones on baked products such as pizza. The device is a base with a top surface and a bottom surface opposing the top surface and at least one pattern that protrudes from the surface of the base.
 Parking caliper assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Parking caliper assembly
An assembly comprising a caliper body (2) of a caliper assembly for parking disc brake, said caliper body (2) comprising a channel (14), said axial channel (14) being defined by at least one wall having at least one flattened length forming at least one guide surface (15; 16); at least one portion of caliper body (10) projecting towards the disc or above the disc (3), said portion of caliper body (10) comprising a surface facing the disc (11) or at least the friction material (12) of said pad (8), and wherein said surface facing the disc (11) has a flattened length forming at least one abutment surface (12; 13) and wherein said at least one guide surface (15; 16) is oriented differently with respect to said at least one abutment surface (12; 13) so as to avoid that they are mutually coplanar; said guide surface (15; 16) is suitable to face an opposite guide surface (25; 26) provided for on an associable supporting plate (21, 22) of an associable pad (8) in order to allow the positioning and sliding thereof against the caliper body (2) and wherein, in said abutment surface (12, 13), it is suitable to face an opposite abutment surface (27, 28) provided for on the supporting plate (21, 22) of at least one associable pad (8) so as to allow the pad to abut and slide against said abutment surface (12; 13).. .
Freni Brembo S.p.a.
 Multiple tube bank heat exchanger assembly and fabrication method patent thumbnailnew patent Multiple tube bank heat exchanger assembly and fabrication method
A multiple tube flattened heat exchange tube assembly includes a first flattened tube segment, a second flattened tube segment and a web member interconnecting the trailing edge of the first flattened tube segment and the leading edge of the second flattened tube segment. The web member may be provided with one or more retained water drainage openings.
Carrier Corporation
 Heat exchanger and refrigeration device patent thumbnailnew patent Heat exchanger and refrigeration device
A heat exchanger includes a plurality of flattened pipes, a header collection pipe, and a plurality of fins joined to the flattened pipes. The flattened pipes are joined to the header collection pipe.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.
 Method of treating surface of mold and mold having surface treated by said method patent thumbnailMethod of treating surface of mold and mold having surface treated by said method
Provided is a method of treating a surface of a mold to achieve good demoldability and capable of preventing wearing of the mold by avoiding load concentration on one part of the surface of the mold. After a first blasting is performed on the surface of the mold to remove a hardened layer produced on the surface and/or to adjust the surface roughness, a second blasting is performed to create fine irregularities on the surface.
Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
 Wet scrubber nozzle system and  use for cleaning a process gas patent thumbnailWet scrubber nozzle system and use for cleaning a process gas
A wet scrubber (10) useful for cleaning a process gas (f) comprising at least a first spray level system (40) and a second spray level system (48) arranged compactly vertically above the first spray level system (40) in a wet scrubber tower (14). Each spray level system (40, 48) is equipped with a plurality of atomizing flattened relatively wide spray angle nozzles (56) for atomizing an absorption liquid (al) supplied thereto for contact and intermixing with the process gas (f) for removal of environmental pollutants therefrom..
Alstom Technology Ltd
 Bolometer and preparation method thereof patent thumbnailBolometer and preparation method thereof
A bolometer and a preparation method thereof. The bolometer includes: an infrared detection element (1) and a readout circuit (2), wherein the infrared detection element (1) is formed on one side of a first substrate (100), and an edge of the infrared detection element (1) is provided with an electrode hole (9), and the readout circuit (2) is formed on one side of a second substrate (200) and the readout circuit (2) has an electrode, the first substrate (100) is formed thereon with a silicon via (8) passing through the first substrate (100) and filed with a conductive material, the electrode hole (9) of the infrared detection element (1) is electrically connected to the electrode of the readout circuit (2) via the conductive material filled in the silicon via (8).
 Method for manufacturing bonded soi wafer patent thumbnailMethod for manufacturing bonded soi wafer
The present invention is directed to a method for manufacturing an soi wafer in which the bonded soi wafer after the delamination by the ion implantation delamination method is subjected to a rapid thermal oxidation process such that an oxide film is formed on a surface of the soi layer, the oxide film is removed, the bonded soi wafer is then subjected to a flattening heat treatment to flatten the surface of the soi layer, the flattening heat treatment causing migration of silicon atoms of the surface of the soi layer, and the bonded soi wafer is then subjected to a sacrificial oxidation process to adjust a film thickness of the soi layer. The method enables efficient manufacture of a high quality soi wafer having an soi layer with sufficiently reduced surface roughness of the soi layer surface and fewer deep pits in the soi layer surface..
Shine-etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.

Autostereoscopic 3d image display device for flattening viewing zone and minimizing dynamic crosstalk

The present invention relates to a 3d image display device and includes an image display panel for displaying a 3d image, a control unit for controlling a viewpoint image, and a viewer position tracking system for determining the position of a viewer's pupil and transmitting positional information to the control unit, wherein the image display panel provides multiple viewpoints such as four or more viewpoints, and the intersection of the viewing zone for any one of the multiple viewpoints with the field of view of an adjacent viewpoint is at least 85% of the maximum brightness of one viewpoint.. .
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology

Process and printing assembled absorbent articles with custom graphics

The present disclosure relates to methods and apparatuses for printing graphics on absorbent articles. Printing systems according to the present disclosure may include a carrier apparatus that transports individual absorbent articles past a printing station, which prints a custom graphic on the absorbent articles.
The Procter & Gamble Company

Fast multi-touch post processing

In a low-latency touch-sensitive device, post-processing is performed to convert a two-dimensional map of signal strengths into usable touch events. Four such post-processing procedures are disclosed: field flattening, touch point detection, interpolation and touch point matching between frames.
Tactual Labs Co.

Tire construction with flattened summit and circumferential reinforcement

A tire constructed with a plurality of reinforcement belts is provided. At least one of the reinforcement belts extends along the axial width of the tire summit and is constructed according to an equilibrium curve that is flat throughout the summit.
Compagnie Generale Des Etablissements Michelin

Roller leveler and sheet-material flattening method

A roller leveler for flattening sheet material includes: a leveling roll unit that has a plurality of leveling rolls configured to rotate so as to pass the sheet material while sandwiching and pressing the sheet material interposed therebetween; pushing cylinders configured to press the sheet material via the leveling rolls and provided on each of an entrance side and a discharge side of the leveling roll unit, on which the sheet material enters and is discharged into and from the leveling roll unit, respectively; and a driving mechanism configured to rotate the leveling rolls to pass the sheet material, wherein the plurality of leveling rolls are designed so that a diameter thereof satisfies a relation, 0.5<d/p<0.9, in relation to a roll pitch p of the leveling rolls that is determined from a maximum requirement yield stress and a maximum requirement sheet-material thickness of the sheet material to be flattened.. .
Jp Steel Plantech Co.

Hinge assembly for lid of container

A hinge assembly for pivotally connecting a lid to a receptacle of a container, comprises a first hinge half including a convex edge portion, and a second hinge half pivotally connected to the first hinge half for pivotable movement between a flattened position and a folded position of the hinge assembly. The second hinge half includes a concave nesting depression nestably engaging the convex edge portion of the first hinge half in the folded position of the hinge assembly..

Medical implantable lead and manufacture thereof

A medical implantable lead comprising a core formed of a bare conductive wire formed from a biocompatible, corrosion-resistant conductive material, loosely wrapped in a fibrous material formed of shaped flattened ribbon filaments of a valve metal, and surrounded by a biocompatible insulation material.. .
Composite Materials Technology, Inc.

Mounting systems for power, communication and fiber optic cables

An assembly includes: a foundation structure; first and second cables having a flattened profile; and a mounting member engaging the first and second cables such that the first and second cables are arranged in stacked relationship and are mounted to the foundation structure.. .
Andrew Llc

Can lid and drink can

In a panel (400), a protrusion (nipple) (420) is formed, which is flattened when a tab is secured to the panel (400) and functions as a rivet. The protrusion (420) is provided at a section of the panel (400) which is surrounded by a first score line (430) and which is located on a top part (433a) side relative to one end (431) or the other end (432) of the first score line (430).
Showa Aluminum Can Corporation

Vector graphic conversion into fonts

Techniques are described to convert vector graphics into fonts. In one or more implementations, web content is received that includes one or more vector graphics.
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Dental rentention systems

Dental retention systems which facilitate the adjustment or removal of an oral appliance, e.g., a crown or bridge, from a reconfigurable abutment assembly are described. The adjustable abutment assembly may be secured to an anchoring implant bored into the bones within the mouth.
Rodo Medical, Inc.

Manufacturing electro-optic device substrate, electro-optic device substrate, electro-optic device, and electronic device

A manufacturing method of a microlens array substrate, which is a manufacturing method of electro-optic device substrate, includes a step of forming concave portions, each of which corresponds to each of a plurality of pixels, by etching a first surface of a light transmitting substrate, a step of forming a lens layer including microlenses formed by filling at least the concave portions with a lens material having a refractive index greater than that of the substrate, a step of flattening a second surface of the lens layer opposite to a surface in which the microlenses are formed, a step of forming a light shielding film that surrounds a display area, in which each of the plurality of pixels is arranged, on the flattened second surface, and a step of forming a light transmitting path layer that covers the second surface on which the light shielding film is formed.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Method for fabricating flattened tube finned heat exchanger

A method is disclosed for assembling a flattened tube multiple tube bank heat exchanger that includes a first tube bank and a second tube bank, each bank including a plurality tube segments extending longitudinally in spaced parallel relationship. A spacer clip is installed on a longitudinally extending edge of each heat exchange tube segment arrayed in a first layer of tube segments.
Carrier Corporation

Article of footwear including full length composite plate

A full length composite plate to be used as part of an outsole assembly in an article of footwear is disclosed. The full length composite plate comprises a composite material that has a certain percent elongation.
Nike, Inc.

Water aerobic cover for the hair

The waterproof water aerobic cover for the hair, unlike a swimming cap or hair wrap that confines the hair to the scalp causing the wearer to lose their coiffure and its volume, is uniquely design with the best waterproof fabrics and designs to solve a long time problem that has prevented many females for many years to stay away from any water activities, and that is retaining their coiffure. The present invention is especially designed to effectively prevent the hair from flattening and to replace the typical way of protecting the hair against water splashes and moisture when doing water aerobic or water sports.

Apparatus for manufacture of a polymer film, which is oriented under an angle to its longitudinal direction

Flexible tubular film (10) is helically cut into a flat strip by unwinding the tubular film in flattened form by a tumbling unwinder (1), advancing the flat film tube to a tube expansion zone (17) in which the flat tube is expanded into a circular cylindrical tube and is passed axially over a hollow mandrel (14) slightly lower in external diameter than the diameter of the expanded tube to be cut by knife (18) helically while on the mandrel into a flat strip that is removed at an angle to the mandrel axis. The flat tube is longitudinally stretched by stretching rollers (107-112), which tumble with the tumbling unwinder.

Holsters for concealed carry of a handgun

A concealed carry holster for a small handgun is formed from a web of woven stretchable material in which one end is wrapped back around the web to form a flattened roughly conical pocket for receiving the handgun. A loop is formed at the other web end for holding the holster on a garment.

Flattened container comprising an arched bottom with square seat

.. .

Electric-wire protecting pipe and wire harness

It is an object of the exemplary embodiments to obtain a long electric-wire protection pipe having a flat outer shape, using a simple press working process, while reducing or even preventing warping problems. An electric-wire protection pipe is a metal pipe that surrounds an electric wire, and has a reinforced section (11) and a flat pipe section.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Method of connecting jewelry components

Two plates, corresponding to the diameter of a length of riveting material being used, act as gauges and are placed separately on the top and bottom of at least one components to be made into a jewelry item. The length of material, such as a wire or tubing, is passed through holes in all the components, and the holes of the plates.

Drug-eluting sheath

A drug-eluting sheath (des) comprises an inner elastic layer, an outer elastic layer, and at least a therapeutic agent layer; said therapeutic agent layer is sandwiched partly between said inner layer and said outer layer. Said outer layer has several splittable structures on its outer surface.
Jung-tang Huang

Surgical instrument adapter with highly secure locking shaft mechanism

A highly secure instrument adapter includes a handle with an internal locking and release mechanism which does not use a pushing release and which requires little physical effort to lock and release, yet provides a stable and secure connection between an instrument and the handle. The locking mechanism is comprised an ergometric handle having an open handle cavity, a receiver having an internal threaded tubular body and a plurality of locking apertures, and a rotating collar having a limited range of rotation, a plurality of fingers that project outward from the flattened surface on a spacer structure, and a plurality of circular apertures placed alternately between said fingers..

Apparatus and simultaneous imprinting and piercing of dough

An apparatus and method are disclosed for concurrently imprinting and piercing of dough consisting of flour, water and yeast to produce loaves imprinted with an image that represents coptic religious symbols including coptic letters, crosses, circles and squares. The imprinting is accomplished using embossed patterns engraved onto an upper plate that is pressed onto a lower plate containing the dough placed inside depressions disposed below the surface of the lower plate.

Flattened nacelle of a turbojet engine

A nacelle includes an outer structure provided with a thrust reverser and a front frame, a movable cowl, and an inner structure covering a downstream section of a turbojet engine. The outer structure and the inner structure define a flow stream of an air flow.

Diffuser pipe for a gas turbine engine and manufacturing same

A diffuser pipe for a gas turbine engine comprises a hollow pipe body including a first end, a second end fluidly connected to the first end, and at least one flattened area proximate to the second end. A ring is connected to the second end.
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

Ramp guard to prevent wrong-way driving

Ramp-guard for placement on roadways preventing wrong-way travel. Includes a base having a center cutout, and screw holes utilized to attach base to concrete frame.

Light-emitting device containing flattened anisotropic colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals and processes for manufacturing such devices

A device that emits light in response to an electrical or optical excitation, such as leds, displays, e-readers, device includes at least one anisotropic flat colloidal semiconductor nanocrystal whose smallest dimension, namely the thickness, is smaller than the other two by a factor of at least 1.5, the emitted light having an intensity and a polarization that vary according to the angle formed by the light emitting direction and the normal to the largest surface of the flat nanocrystal. The device allows to realize a light-emitting device exhibiting simultaneously a high emission spectral finesse and allows proper control of the wavelength, the directivity and/or polarization of the emitted light, and thus increases the brightness and color gamut of displays composed of such a device.

Rod belt for a rod belt conveyor for agricultural machinery

Rod belt for rod belt conveyors for agricultural machinery, having rods arranged transversely with respect to the running direction and parallel to one another. Rods at their ends are each connected to a fastening piece which has a flattened and perforated support area with which fastening piece rests on tensile stress-resistant, elastic, continuous belts extending in parallel and is connected by rivets or similar fastening elements which pass through support area and belts, and support area is formed in one piece with a fastening area for rod ends.
Arnold Jager Holding Gmbh

Rod belt for a rod belt conveyor for agricultural machinery

Rod belt for rod belt conveyors for agricultural machinery includes rods arranged transversely with respect to the running direction and parallel to one another. At least one of the rods has flattened and perforated end areas with which it rests on tensile stress-resistant, elastic, continuous belts which revolve in parallel to one another, and is connected by rivets or similar fastening elements which pass through the end areas and the belts.
Arnold Jager Holding Gmbh

Acoustic generator, acoustic generation device, and electronic device

An object is to flatten a frequency characteristic. For achieving the object, an acoustic generator according to an embodiment includes a piezoelectric element (exciter) and a film (film-like vibrating body).
Kyocera Corporation

Outdoor convertible garment

A convertible garment for outdoor usage is disclosed. The garment basically comprises a quilted jacket-like upper member having a hood and a quilted zip-off skirt member.

Mapping in a storage system

A system and method for maintaining a mapping table in a data storage subsystem. A data storage subsystem supports multiple mapping tables.

Dynamic definition for concurrent computing environments

Exemplary embodiments allow a user to create configurations for use in distributed computing environments. Configurations can be arranged in hierarchies in which elements of the hierarchy can inherit characteristics from elements in other layers of the hierarchy.

Electrophysiology/ablation catheter having lariat configuration of variable radius

A remotely deflectable electrophysiology/ablation catheter of the type intended for placing into an interior passage of the heart. The distal end of the catheter has a pair of tension/compression members each with a flattened end portion connected to the distal electrode and extending through the catheter casing and attached to an actuator for effecting the tension/compression thereon for remotely curling the distal end of the catheter.

Tri-fold plastic bag roll, making same

A plastic or other film bag is formed from a continuous extruded tube. The tube is flattened and sealed across its width at intervals to form bag bottoms.

Method of preparing yttria solution for buffer layer of substrate

Disclosed herein is a method of preparing a yttria solution for a buffer layer of a substrate, including the steps of: (a) mixing yttrium acetate tetrahydrate with methanol to form a mixture and then stirring the mixture; (b) injecting diethanolamine as a chelating agent into the mixture of the step (a) and then stirring the mixture to synthesize a composite; and (c) filtering the composite synthesized in the step (b) using a filter to obtain a sol. The method is advantageous in that the yttria solution prepared in this method is applied onto a substrate to flatten the substrate, and is used to form a diffusion barrier serving as a buffer layer for preventing the diffusion of a substrate material..

Systems and methods for a vacuum insulated panel

A vacuum insulated panel is disclosed herein. According to an embodiment, the vacuum insulated panel may include a frame having a first side and a second side.

Cosmetic application instrument

A cosmetic application tool is provided which includes an applying portion attached and integrated with a leading end portion of a brush shaft. The applying portion includes a flat, plate-shaped portion surrounded by a hollow, skirt-shaped portion at its distal end.

Bags, making bags and use thereof for enveloping rectangular bales

A continuous web of closed, preformed end-to-end bags for enclosing bales of material are made by forming an elongate sheet into a helix tube, flattening the tube into first and second elongate bag walls and securing the bag walls at closure seams located along the flattened helix tube. The helix tube is formed by nesting the elongate sheet side edges into u-shapes and sewing.

Method for controlling the planting of olive trees for the continuous mechanical harvesting of the olives

A method for controlling the planting of olive trees for the continuous mechanical harvesting of the olives using harvesting machines, the method having the following steps: planting parallel rows of olive tree saplings with a spacing between the tree trunks and a spacing between the rows; placing trellising on each row; placing divergent supports for each tree; attaching two divergent branches of each tree, which are arranged in a single vertical plane and in the vertical plane of the row to which said tree belongs, onto a pair of supports; removing other branches of said tree; adapting the shape of the foliage of the trees so as to impart a configuration flattened in alignment with the rows thereto; maintaining said configuration by periodically pruning the trees until the latter reach maturity and bear fruit; and removing the supports and the trellising when the trees are fully grown.. .

Distal phalangergonic finger device

A finger weight that is functional. A normal sized, weighted sphere is attached to an end of a cylinder-shaped body.

Flattened optical frequency-locked multi-carrier generation by one dml and one phase modulator

The disclosure relates to a method for optical frequency-locked multi-carrier generation based on one directly-modulated laser (dml) and one phase modulator (pm) in cascade driven by sinusoidal waveform (at the same or different frequency). When the dml and pm is driven by the same frequency rf signal at 12.5 ghz, adopting this method, 16 optical subcarriers with 12.5-ghz frequency spacing are generated with power difference less than 3 db.

Led luminaire having high power led drive circuit

An led luminaire according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes a rectifier outputting a first rectified voltage generated by rectifying ac voltage and flattening the rectified voltage, a power factor correction unit receiving the first rectified voltage output from the rectifier and generating and outputting a drive voltage, an led light emitting unit including first to m-th light emitting groups each including at least one led, the led light emitting unit sequentially driven by receiving the drive voltage input from the power factor correction unit, and an led drive ic determining a voltage level of the drive voltage upon receiving the drive voltage input from the power factor correction unit, and controlling sequential driving of the first to m-th light emitting groups according to the determined voltage level of the drive voltage.. .

Inflatable seat apparatus with padded seat topper, floor base and relief valve

An inflatable seat features an inflatable body having a cylindrical shape when inflated so as to visually approximate the shape of a drink can, and a seat topper situated atop the inflatable body. The seat topper features a padding layer disposed atop a base, which is of greater hardness and rigidity than the padding layer and has a flat undersurface in order to flatten out an underlying area of the top end of the inflatable to eliminate bulging of the top end of the inflatable and thereby better approximate the shape of a drink can.

Hydro-form bonded bolster

A vehicle front end load bearing bolster is provided with improved structural performance and a lower component weight, while also minimizing material, tooling, and production costs. The front end assembly is formed with a hydro-formed cross car reinforcement tube secured or bonded with mechanical fasteners and room temperature adhesive to a bolster, thereby improving stress distribution and increasing cross car system stiffness.

Portable water backpack

The present invention provides in some embodiments, the first for purpose designed, low cost, easy to transport, ergonomically correct, water transport backpack and storage device for the least developed countries of the world. The backpack includes a carrier bag and a food-safe liner configured to be disposed within the carrier bag.

Seal plate for membrane separation device

A membrane separation unit can include a cartridge, at least one membrane disposed within the cartridge, at least one seal plate, and a sealing ring seated in an outer groove of the seal plate. The at least one seal plate can seal one end of the cartridge.

Assembly for transporting liquid via pipes and associated floating structure

The invention relates to an assembly that includes a pipe for transporting liquid, deformable between an internal circular cross-section and a flattened internal cross-section that can be null and that can be folded on itself longitudinally, and a device for installing the pipe. The device includes a rotating turret about which the pipe is wound and flattened, presentation means for presenting one opposite the other in a commonly conformed state, two pipe sections, assembly means for a water-tight link between said sections, optional tensioning means for transmitting an axial tension to the elongated pipe, and means for attaching ballast to the elongated pipe..

Paper coffin

A paper coffin is an architecture made of corrugated cardboards, including a main body, a lid and two flat-panels. The structure of main body and lid are both identical, formed by folding a large cardboard and placing with two each long and short paperboards.

Medical image processing apparatus and medical image processing method

A medical image processing apparatus includes, an unit (12) extracting a blood vessel wall region from the image in a range including an aneurysm in an object, an unit (13) calculating the blood vessel diameter change rates of the neck portions of the aneurysm, blood vessel curvature, and blood vessel flattening ratio at each of discrete points on a blood vessel region based on the extracted blood vessel region, an unit (14) extracting, from discrete points, feature points at each of which at least one of a blood vessel diameter change rate, blood vessel curvature, and blood vessel flattening ratio exceeds a corresponding one of thresholds and decide a range for the indwelling of a stent graft in accordance with the extracted feature points, and a display unit (19) superimposing and display unrecommended ranges on a stored image.. .

Temperature probe for a temperature control unit

A temperature probe comprises a thermocouple with a cross-section having flattened sides and rounded ends, and a method of manufacturing a thermocouple for a temperature probe comprising the step of flattening a round thermocouple wire.. .

Apparatus for and imaging targets with a hybrid imaging lens assembly

An imaging lens assembly captures return light from a target, and projects the captured light onto a solid-state imager during electro-optical reading of the target. One plastic lens and one glass lens, together having a relatively low negative optical power, are situated at one side of an aperture stop.

Implantable medical electrical lead conductors and construction methods

A coiled continuous conductor wire of an implantable medical electrical lead includes a first, electrode length and a second, insulated length, wherein the insulated length of the wire has a radial cross-section defined by a round profile, while the electrode length of the wire has a radial cross-section defined by a flattened profile, a long axis edge of which defines an outer diameter surface of the electrode length. The radial cross-section profile, along the electrode length of wire, is preferably flattened after an entire length of the wire has been coiled..

Electrosurgical instrument & system

An electrosurgical instrument includes an instrument shaft, and a suction tube extending along the shaft, the suction tube being formed of an electrically-conductive material and including a way or portion by which it can be connected to a source of electrosurgical energy. A blade-like tissue treatment electrode extends from the shaft, the blade-like tissue treatment electrode being integrally formed by the distal end of the suction tube.

Paper particulate pellet

A pellet made from paper particulate extruded and cut into pellets, the pellet comprising an elongated form having opposite flattened surfaces separated by a pellet thickness. Also a process for producing paper particulate pellets comprising: extruding processed paper particulate into pellets having an elongated form; and flattening the extruded paper particulate such that the pellets have opposite flattened surfaces..

Mammography-apparatus, paddle and measuring a contact area between a breast and the mammography-apparatus

Mammography-apparatus for detecting malignant cells in a breast, comprising an x-ray source and an x-ray detector that cooperates with the x-ray source for providing an x-ray image of said breast, and further comprising a paddle for flattening the breast by pressing it against said x-ray detector, and comprising a contact area measuring device for measuring a contact area between the breast and the paddle, wherein the contact area measuring device is embodied with at least a first laminate of an electrically insulating material and an electrically low resistance material, which first laminate is provided on a side of the paddle facing the breast, and wherein the electrically low resistance material is sandwiched between the paddle and the insulating material.. .

Marine geophysical equipment cleaner

Techniques are disclosed relating to an apparatus with scraping members for cleaning a geophysical equipment (e.g., a streamer) being towed behind a survey vessel. The apparatus may, in one embodiment, include a housing and a plurality of scraping members that are disposed at least partially outside of the housing.

Single belt omni directional treadmill

A treadmill having a belt assembly allows a user to walk or run in any direction. A single helically wound belt over a flattened torus is powered by two independent drive systems.

Method for forming a resist under layer film and patterning process

The present invention provides a method for forming a resist under layer film used in a lithography process, comprising: a process for applying a composition for forming a resist under layer film containing an organic compound having an aromatic unit on a substrate; and a process for heat-treating the resist under layer film applied in an atmosphere whose oxygen concentration is 10% or more at 150° c. To 600° c.

Method of making flat edible using a compact apparatus

A method of using compact apparatus for automatically making a plurality of flat edibles includes a storage and dispensing limit that makes it unnecessary for a user to pre-measure ingredients. The apparatus also includes a mixing and kneading unit for making dough of optimal consistency.

Device and machining anode plate for electrolysis

An apparatus and method for processing anode plate for electrolysis, the apparatus includes a transverse transmission device (3) for transmitting the anode plate in a transverse direction; a plate-flattening and thickness-measuring device (4) for flattening the anode plate and measuring a thickness of the anode plate; a hanger bottom milling device (5) configured to mill a bottom surface of a hanger of the anode plate, disposed at a first side of the transverse transmission device (3) and positioned downstream of the plate-flattening and thickness- measuring device (4) in the transverse direction; and a hanger side milling device (6) configured to mill a side surface of the hanger of the anode plate, disposed at a second side of the transverse transmission device (3) and positioned downstream of the plate-flattening and thickness-measuring device (4) in the transverse direction.. .

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