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Fingerprint patents

This page is updated frequently with new Fingerprint-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fingerprint-related patents
 Contactless fingerprint acquisition and processing patent thumbnailnew patent Contactless fingerprint acquisition and processing
A contactless fingerprint acquisition and processing method, includes detecting and acquiring an object image, converting the object image into a fingerprint image and at least one of identifying and verifying the fingerprint image.. .
Advanced Optical Systems, Inc.

 Method and  acquiring biometric image patent thumbnailnew patent Method and acquiring biometric image
A compact and inexpensive method and apparatus for illuminating and acquiring a digital image of a biometric feature such as a fingerprint, palm print, footprint, or some subset or multiple of such features. A source of illumination (11) is introduced into an exposed edge of a transparent optical window (13) that is essentially smooth and generally flat with spaced apart surfaces.

 Fingerprint recognition  thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Fingerprint recognition thereof
A fingerprint recognition method includes the following steps: obtaining a to-be-recognized fingerprint image of a to-be-recognized finger; extracting to-be-recognized data of the to-be-recognized fingerprint image, the to-be-recognized data including a to-be-recognized minutiae data set and a to-be-recognized skeleton; loading a minutiae-skeleton array of a registered finger, the minutiae-skeleton array including a plurality of elements, each of the plurality of elements including a registered minutiae data set and a registered skeleton; performing minutiae-skeleton verification on the to-be-recognized data and the minutiae-skeleton array to generate a verification result.. .
Egis Technology Inc.

 Ring-type mobile terminal patent thumbnailnew patent Ring-type mobile terminal
A ring-type terminal including a main body configured to be placed on and surround a user's finger and including an insertion region in which the finger is inserted; a fingerprint sensor provided on at least one region of an inner circumferential surface of the main body and configured to recognize a fingerprint of the finger; a guide module provided on the inner circumferential surface such that the finger comes in contact with the fingerprint sensing module while the finger is inserted in the insertion region; and a controller configured to execute a function based on the fingerprint sensed by the fingerprint sensing module.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Control  fingerprint recognition apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Control fingerprint recognition apparatus
An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes: a processor; a fingerprint recognition apparatus comprising a plurality of fingerprint sensing cells and a plurality of touch sensing cells; and a housing, wherein the processor is installed inside the housing.
Egis Technology Inc.

 Media fingerprinting and identification system patent thumbnailnew patent Media fingerprinting and identification system
The overall architecture and details of a scalable video fingerprinting and identification system that is robust with respect to many classes of video distortions is described. In this system, a fingerprint for a piece of multimedia content is composed of a number of compact signatures, along with traversal hash signatures and associated metadata.
Gracenote, Inc.

 Method for magnetic resonance fingerprinting patent thumbnailnew patent Method for magnetic resonance fingerprinting
A method for magnetic resonance fingerprinting and to a magnetic resonance device is provided. The method for magnetic resonance fingerprinting includes the following method steps—detecting a magnetic resonance signal waveform of an examination area of an examination object by means of a magnetic resonance fingerprinting method, comparing the detected magnetic resonance signal waveform with a number of signal waveforms stored in a database, wherein a database value of at least one tissue parameter is assigned to each of the database signal waveforms, and determining a value of the at least one tissue parameter on the basis of the signal comparison, wherein an influence of a temperature of the examination object on the magnetic resonance signal waveform is taken into consideration in the further processing of the magnetic resonance signal waveform..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Force-sensitive fingerprint sensing input patent thumbnailnew patent Force-sensitive fingerprint sensing input
An object can depress an input device, such as, for example, a function button in an electronic device. A resistive element having a mechanically resistive force can be disposed to resist the depression or movement of the input device.
Apple Inc.

 Transportation analytics employing timed fingerprint location information patent thumbnailnew patent Transportation analytics employing timed fingerprint location information
The disclosed subject matter provides for traffic analysis employing timed fingerprint location information. In an aspect, tfl information can be associated with location characteristics for a ue.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

 Cover trim for a push bar of an exit device patent thumbnailnew patent Cover trim for a push bar of an exit device
A method of easily installing a preferably antimicrobial cover trim to a push bar of an exit device for a door, as well as a method for increasing fingerprint resistance of metal touch surfaces.. .
Triangle Brass Manufacturing Company, Inc.

new patent

Game joystick

A game joystick adapted for being operated by optical finger navigator includes a body, a main circuit board assembled inside the body, at least one operation interface mounted in the top of the body and exposed through a top face of the body to be substantially flush with the top face of the body, and at least one detective control unit mounted on the main circuit board inside the body and electrically connected to the main circuit board. The operation interface is located over the detective control unit.
Cheng Uei Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Method and identifying fingers in contact with a touch screen

A method and apparatus for identifying fingers in contact with a touch screen is provided herein. During operation, a device will attempt to identify a particular finger pattern in contact with the touch screen by identifying fingers in contact with a touch screen.
Motorola Solutions, Inc


Fingerprint preview quality and segmentation

A ridge flow based fingerprint image quality determination can be achieved independent of image resolution, can be processed in real-time and includes segmentation, such as fingertip segmentation, therefore providing image quality assessment for individual fingertips within a four finger flat, dual thumb, or whole hand image. A fingerprint quality module receives from one or more scan devices ridge-flow--containing imagery which can then be assessed for one or more of quality, handedness, historical information analysis and the assignment of bounding boxes..
Aware, Inc.


Flexible fingerprint sensor materials and processes

A flexible fingerprint sensor laminate comprising: a layer of flexible substrate having a front surface and a back surface, at least a domain of electrically conductive material deposited on the front surface, a protective hard coating layer that covers the domain of electrically conductive material, and a plurality of sensor electrodes deposited preferably on the back surface and related circuitry (e.g. Integrated circuit for driving and sensing).


Latent fingerprint detectors and fingerprint scanners therefrom

This document relates to systems and method for latent fingerprint detection using specular reflection (glare). An exemplary system may include a light source alignment portion configured to align a light source at an illumination angle relative to a sample surface such that the light source illuminates a sample surface so that the surface produces specular reflection.
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Fingerprint sensor and touch device including the same

A fingerprint sensor includes a first substrate, a second substrate on the first substrate, a first electrode and a first chip on the first substrate and a second electrode and a second chip on the second substrate. The first substrate includes a first area and a second area, the second substrate includes a third area and a fourth area, the first electrode is provided on the first area, the first chip is provided on the second area, the second electrode is provided on the third area, and the second chip is provided on the fourth area..
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Driving circuit, driving method, display apparatus and electronic apparatus

An electronic device with a fingerprint sensing function and a method for calling an application are provided. The electronic device includes a fingerprint sensing region, a fingerprint sensing module and a control module.
Focaltech Systems, Ltd.


High-resolution electric field sensor in cover glass

A fingerprint sensor is described that includes a thin protective cover layer on a sensor glass layer with receive circuitry between the thin protective cover layer and the sensor glass layer. In an implementation, a fingerprint sensor assembly includes a controller; a metal layer configured to be electrically coupled to the controller; a transmit layer electrically connected to the metal layer and the controller; a sensor glass layer including at least one through-glass via, where the transmit layer is disposed on a first side of the sensor glass layer, and where the transmit layer is electrically coupled to the at least one through-glass via; a receive layer disposed on a second side of the sensor glass layer, where the receive layer is electrically coupled to the at least one through-glass via; and a protective cover layer disposed on the receive layer..
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.


Finger print sensor and auxiliary processor integration in an electronic device

A system includes a fingerprint sensor and an auxiliary processor. The auxiliary processor is operable to arm the fingerprint sensor prior to the auxiliary processor entering a low power or sleep mode.
Google Technology Holdings Llp


Lookup-based data block alignment for data deduplication

Calculating fingerprints for each one of a multiplicity of alignment combinations of fixed-size deduplication data blocks and comparing each of the fingerprints to stored deduplicated data fingerprints in a lookup database for determining a preferred deduplication data block alignment. A deduplication data block comprises each of the fixed-size deduplication data blocks..
International Business Machines Corporation


System performing data deduplication using a dense tree data structure

In one embodiment, as new blocks of data are written to storage devices of a storage system, fingerprints are generated for those new blocks and inserted as entries into a top level (l0) of a dense tree data structure. When l0 is filled, the contents from l0 may be merged with level 1 (l1).
Netapp, Inc.


Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device

This invention is directed to an electronic device with an embedded authentication system for restricting access to device resources. The authentication system may include one or more sensors operative to detect biometric information of a user.
Apple Inc.


Simultaneous magnetic resonance angiography and perfusion with nuclear magnetic resonance fingerprinting

Embodiments associated with combined magnetic resonance angiography and perfusion (mrap) and nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) fingerprinting are described. One example apparatus repetitively and variably samples a (k, t, e) space associated with an object to acquire a set of nmr signals that are associated with different points in the (k, t, e) space.
Case Western Reserve University


Biometric and proximity sensor compatible protective case for mobile device

A protective case can be used with a mobile device having front and back surfaces and side surfaces extending between the front and back surfaces, including a top side, a bottom side, a right side, and a left side, the mobile device having a screen on the front surface. The protective case can include a shell configured to engage and substantially surround at least three of the surfaces of the mobile device and preferably all or nearly all surfaces of the mobile device while still capable of allowing the user to functionally interact with biometric sensor (such as a fingerprint sensor) and/or not interfere with the intended functionality of the proximity sensors of the mobile device..
Incipio Technologies, Inc.


Survey techniques for generating location fingerprint data

Surveying techniques for generating location fingerprint data are described. A mobile device can survey a venue by measuring, at multiple locations at the venue, signals from one or more signal sources.
Apple Inc.


Reducing location search space

Methods, program products, and systems for reducing a location search space are described. A mobile device, when arriving at a venue, can determine a location of the mobile device using signals from one or more signal sources associated with the venue.
Apple Inc.


Deduplicating location fingerprint data

Methods, systems, and computer program product for deduplicating location fingerprint data for a venue are described. A system including a location server, or a mobile device, or both, can deduplicate the location fingerprint data.
Apple Inc.


A method, a system, a computer system and a computer program product for certifying a procedure of signature of an electronic file relating to an agreement between at least two parties

The invention relates to a method of certifying a procedure of signature of an electronic file relating to an agreement between at least two parties, the method comprising providing an electronic file relating to an agreement between at least two parties; and when acceptance data of the agreement is received from at least one party the method further comprises digitally signing the agreement electronic file by generating an electronic fingerprint of said agreement electronic file; creating a certification file comprising at least the agreement electronic file and the generated electronic fingerprint of said agreement electronic file; processing at least the certification file.. .


Real-time emotion recognition from audio signals

Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media are provided for recognizing emotion in audio signals in real-time. An audio signal is detected and a rapid audio fingerprint is computed on a user's computing device.
Microsoft Corporation


Fingerprint image conversion device, fingerprint image conversion system, fingerprint image conversion method, and fingerprint image conversion program

A fingerprint image conversion device includes image conversion means 13 for acquiring a three-dimensional image of a finger, and converting the three-dimensional image into a two-dimensional image with a fingerprint portion of the finger being spread.. .
Nec Corporation


Identifying multimedia objects based on multimedia fingerprint

Embodiments of identifying multimedia objects based on multimedia fingerprints are provided. Query fingerprints are derived from a multimedia object according to differing fingerprint algorithms.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation


System and instantaneous fingerprint recognition and analysis resulting in a targeted output

A fingerprint analysis device is presented including a chemical analysis mechanism for creating a chemical signature of a subject by identifying a select number of molecules or molecular compounds from an impression of a fingerprint of the subject to derive distinguishing characteristics therefrom and an output mechanism outputting one or more messages based on the chemical signature.. .


Identification recognition device and operating an identification recognition device

An identification recognition device includes a light emission module, a light sensing module, a pulse scanning unit, a fingerprint scanning unit and a controller. The light sensing module is used to generate first light currents and second light currents according to first reflecting light and second reflecting light.
Au Optronics Corp.


Test techniques for assessing ultrasonic fingerprint sensors

Techniques for testing ultrasonic fingerprint sensors include operating a fingerprint impress simulator that may cyclically press a contact pad of the simulator against a platen of an ultrasonic sensor under test. A control electronics arrangement may operate the ultrasonic sensor under test and the fingerprint impress simulator, and may receive ultrasonic image data from the ultrasonic sensor under test.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Fingerprint-based configuration typing and classification

Disclosed are techniques for automating records related to devices coupled to a network, such as servers, clients and memory banks the fingerprint-based configuration typing and classification described herein may identify a fingerprint for a first device located on a network, the first device having a plurality of hardware components and the fingerprint generated based on a combination of at least two hardware components of the first device. The fingerprint is assigned to the first device.
Servicenow, Inc.


Bistable liquid crystal light-modulating device

A bistable liquid crystal spatial light modulating (slm) device (slm) device utilizes the homeotropic and bubble domain texture change of a cholesteric liquid crystal that is responsive to external stimuli, such as electric voltage, light and pressure. The slm device is configured to be switched between the two stable textures of the bubble domain texture or the fingerprint texture.
Kent State University


Location tracking for a mobile device

A method includes determining a radio frequency (rf) fingerprint mapping to an indoor floor plan for an indoor area. The method includes clustering wi-fi access point devices deployed in the indoor area into groups of wi-fi access point devices based on rf fingerprint data received by at least one reference point device.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Sharing timed fingerprint location information

Sharing timed fingerprint location information is disclosed. In an aspect, timed fingerprint location information can be associated with a location of a user equipment.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc


Fingerprint authentication system and a fingerprint authentication method based on nfc

The invention provides a fingerprint authentication system and a fingerprint authentication method based on nfc, and relates to the field of communication technology. The system comprises a fingerprint authentication platform, a near-field communication (nfc) application terminal, and a nfc service terminal for providing an application service for the nfc application terminal.


Mobile terminal and controlling the same

Disclosed is a mobile terminal including: a display unit that is configured in such a manner that screen information relating to operation of the mobile terminal is output on the display unit; a fingerprint recognition unit that is configured in such a manner that when a finger touch is applied to the display unit, the fingerprint recognition unit recognizes a fingerprint of the finger; and a controller that is configured in such a manner that when the fingerprint of the finger is recognized, the controller executes a function linked to the fingerprint of the finger with respect to an information portion that is output to a region in which the fingerprint of the finger is recognized, of screen information that is output to the display unit, and outputs a graphic object associated with the function linked to the fingerprint of the finger to the display unit.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Fluorinated ether compound, fluorinated ether composition, and coating liquid, as well as substrate having surface layer, and its production

To provide a fluorinated ether compound, a fluorinated ether composition and a coating liquid, capable of forming a surface layer which has high initial water/oil repellency and which is excellent in abrasion resistance, fingerprint stain removability, lubricity and uniformity, as well as a substrate having such a surface layer, and a method for its production. A substrate having a surface layer formed of a fluorinated ether compound represented by d1-rf1—o—ch2—(cmf2mo)n-a (d1 is cf3— or cf3—o—; rf1 is a c1-20 fluoroalkylene group containing at least one hydrogen atom, etc.; m is 1 to 6; n is 1 to 200; a is —caf2a—b—cbh2b—silcr3-c; b is —cgh2go—, —chh2ho—c(═o)nh—, etc.; l is a hydrolysable group; r is a monovalent hydrocarbon group, etc.; a is 1 to 5; b is 1 to 10; c is 1 to 3; g is 1 to 5; and h is 1 to 5) or a fluorinated ether composition containing the compound; and a method for its production..
Asahi Glass Company, Limited


Compositions produced using enteric pathogens and methods of use

The present invention provides compositions including polypeptides having the characteristics of polypeptides expressed by a reference microbe such e. Coli or salmonella.
Epitopix, Llc


Systems and methods for identifying a returning web client

Methods and systems are provided for identifying unique devices and/or unique users of a web-based system within constraints of an external application. In some embodiments the process comprises receiving request information from a client device at an application server, using such information to form a device fingerprint, and attempting to match the newly-formed fingerprint with exactly one fingerprint stored in a database of previously-formed fingerprints.
Convertro, Inc.


System, apparatus, and audio fingerprinting and database searching for audio identification

Client device for audio fingerprinting and database searching for audio identification comprises processor; audio fingerprint (“fp”) generator, query fp storage, fp database storage that stores audio fp database, signature generator, searching module, and display device. Audio fp generator receives audio signals recorded by client device, and generate audio fp of the recorded audio signals that is a query fp stored in query fp storage.


Mobile devices and methods employing haptics

A variety of haptic improvements useful in mobile devices are detailed. In one, a smartphone captures image data from a physical object, and discerns an object identifier from the imagery (e.g., using watermark, barcode, or fingerprint techniques).
Digimarc Corporation


Integration of touch screen and fingerprint sensor assembly

Devices, systems, and techniques are provided for integrating a touch screen with a fingerprint detection module as an assembly for a mobile device. The integrated touch screen/fingerprint sensor assembly includes at least two glass layers bonded together to provide overall mechanical strength for the touch screen display.
Goodix Technology Inc.


Integrated fingerprint sensor

This invention relates to a fingerprint sensor especially for integration in a unit having a cover material such as glass being transparent in a certain area, the fingerprint sensor comprising a number of electrodes positioned in a predetermined pattern on or close to the surface of said cover material, each electrode being connected to a conductor lead extending through said cover material, the conductor lead being essentially transparent and being routed on the opposite side from the electrodes to a processing unit being positioned outside said transparent area.. .
Idex Asa


Capacitive sensor packaging

An apparatus comprises a fingerprint sensor having a set of capacitive elements configured for capacitively coupling to a user fingerprint. The fingerprint sensor may be disposed under a control button or display element of an electronic device, for example one or more of a control button and a display component.
Apple Inc.


Transparent body with single substrate and anti-reflection and/or anti-fingerprint coating and manufacturing thereof

A process for manufacturing a transparent body for use in a touch screen panel is provided. The process includes depositing a first transparent layer stack over a first side of a transparent substrate, wherein said first transparent layer stack is selected from the group consisting of: a layer stack, wherein the layer stack includes a first dielectric film with a gradient refractive index from a first refractive index to a second refractive index, and a layer stack, wherein the layer stack includes at least a first dielectric film with a first refractive index and a second dielectric film with a second refractive index different from the first refractive index.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Fluorinated compound, composition for forming hard coat layer, and article having hard coat layer

A fluorinated compound represented by d1-rf1—o—ch2—(cmf2mo)n-a (wherein d1 is cf3— or cf3—o—, rf1 is a c1-20 fluoroalkylene group containing at least one hydrogen atom, a c2-20 fluoroalkylene group containing at least one hydrogen atom and having an etheric oxygen atom between carbon-carbon atoms, etc., m is an integer of from 1 to 6, n is an integer of from 1 to 200, and a is a monovalent organic group having at least one (meth)acryloyl group), which is capable of imparting excellent antifouling properties (oily ink repellency, fingerprint stain removability) and lubricity to e.g. A hard coat layer; a hard coat layer-forming composition which contains such a fluorinated compound; and an article having a hard coat layer formed from such a composition..
Asahi Glass Company, Limited


Systems and methods for efficient detection of fingerprinted data and information

The disclosed embodiments provide systems, methods, and apparatus for efficient detection of fingerprinted content and relate generally to the field of information (or data) leak prevention. Particularly, a compact and efficient repository of fingerprint ingredients is used to analyze content and determine the content's similarity to previously fingerprinted content.
Websense, Inc.


Accurately classifying a computer program interacting with a computer system using questioning and fingerprinting

Methods, systems, and computer program products for online content referral are provided. A computer-implemented method may include issuing a challenge to an application interacting with a computer system to determine whether activity performed by the application is scripted, analyzing data associated with a result of the challenge to determine whether the result is at least partially correct, and computing a reputation score for the application based on the result of the challenge.
Ebay, Inc.


Image resolution recognition device, recognizing image resolution and image resolution recognition program

To accurately show the size of a standard resolution on an image of a fingerprint. A device comprises: a starting point setting unit (12) which, according to a starting point specification instruction that is input on a scale included in a fingerprint image, sets a starting point on a pilot wire that is specified first by the starting point specification instruction out of pilot wires of divisions on the scale; a passage point setting unit (13) which, every time an input line that is drawn along the scale from the starting point passes a pilot wire, sets a passage point on the passed pilot wire; an inter-division distance calculation unit (14) which calculates an inter-division distance on the image using the position of the starting point and the position of the passage point; a standard resolution calculation unit (15) which calculates the size of a standard resolution that corresponds to the image using the inter-division distance and a unit length which is the length of one division in the scale; and a frame display unit (16) which displays a frame on the image so as to match the size in the standard resolution..
Nec Corporation


Method and communication using fingerprint input

A method for communication using a fingerprint input is provided. The method includes detecting a fingerprint information input, changing a communication mode according to the fingerprint information input, detecting a peripheral electronic device operating in a fingerprint mode, if the changed communication mode is the fingerprint mode, and communicating with the detected peripheral electronic device..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and device for locking file

A method for locking a file includes: acquiring biological feature recognition information of a user, the biological feature recognition information including at least one of fingerprint information, voiceprint information, iris information, or face information; and locking a designated file using the biological feature recognition information.. .
Xiaomi Inc.


Electronic device, method, and computer program product

According to one embodiment, an electronic device including: a fingerprint detector; and circuitry configured to execute a first function when a detected fingerprint substantially coincides with a first fingerprint from a plurality of registered fingerprints of a user, and to execute a second function different from the first function when a detected fingerprint substantially coincides with a second fingerprint different from the first fingerprint from a plurality of registered fingerprints of the user.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Secure biometric verification of identity

A high security identification card includes an on-board memory for stored biometric data and an on-board sensor for capturing live biometric data. An on-board processor on the card performs a matching operation to verify that the captured biometric data matches the locally stored biometric data.
Ivi Holdings Ltd.


Activating display and performing user authentication in mobile terminal with one-time user input

Disclosed is a mobile terminal including a touch screen display, a power button and an activation button for turning on the touch screen display. Upon detection of one-time pressing of the activation button while the touch screen display is turned off, the terminal is configured to turn on the touch screen display and perform a fingerprint authentication function in addition to turning on the touch screen display.
Firstface Co., Ltd.


Method for bacterial species identification and strain typing

The present disclosure describes a method for identifying a strain or species of bacteria using a single locus sequence typing technique. The single locus useful in the method is the promoter region of the 16s rrna operon.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Textured glass laminates using low-tg clad layer

Textured glass laminates are described along with methods of making textured glass laminates. The textured glass laminates may be formed via addition of nanoparticles or manipulation of the glass surface.
Corning Incorporated


Anonymous fingerprint generation for mobile communication device

A method for creating an electronic fingerprint for a mobile communication device, that includes receiving at a sensor, a first message from the mobile communication device, the first message comprising a mobile device identifier and a network identifier, sending to the server, a second message that comprises at least a part of the first message, and a sensor identifier, calculating a first fingerprint from the second message, and associating the first fingerprint with the a first unique identifier.. .
Walkbase Ltd


Object identification and inventory management

A method/apparatus for identifying an object based on a pattern of structural features located in a region of interest wherein the pattern of features comprises at least one fingerprint feature. The region may be recognized and used to identify the object.
Raf Technology, Inc.


Fingerprint recognition for low computing power applications

A method and apparatus are provided for improved fingerprint recognition. A fingerprint image associated with an authorized user can be captured with a sensor.
Ivi Holdings Ltd.


Touch panel with function of fingerprint identification

A touch panel includes a substrate, a touch sensing structure and a fingerprint identification module. The touch sensing structure is disposed on the substrate.
Tpk Touch Solutions (xiamen) Inc.


Integrated optical sensor and methods for manufacturing and using the same

An integrated optical sensor and methods for forming and using the same is provided. The integrated optical sensor comprising: a light source; a transparent substrate, having a first surface and a second surface opposite to each other; a first pixel cell array region, located on the first surface and adapted to receiving lights emitted from the light source and reflected by an external object; a second pixel cell array region, located on the first surface and adapted to receiving lights emitted from the light source and reflected by the fingerprint; and a third pixel cell array region, located on the first surface and adapted to receiving visible lights from outside.
Shanghai Oxi Technology Co., Ltd.


Method of processing fingerprint and electronic device thereof

A electronic device and method are disclosed herein. The electronic device includes a display, a fingerprint recognition sensor configured to recognize a fingerprint received through the display, and a processor.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


System and monitoring medical asset by generating fingerprint associated with vibration pattern

Disclosed is a method for executing one or more algorithms for monitoring one or more medical assets within a bluetooth low energy enabled wireless network, wherein the method comprises of identifying and classifying one or more medical assets to be monitored. Further, the method generates fingerprint based on the vibration pattern using a vibration sensor determined for one or more medical assets.
Remote Biomedical Llc


Content creation method, content registration method, devices and corresponding programs

A method for creating one distribution content from one original master content is disclosed where the method comprises first obtaining a set of fingerprint for the original master content and then creating the distribution content, with saving, in a database, a set of transformation of the original master content. Then, when a copy content has to be registered, a method for registering the content to the distribution content is disclosed where a distortion model is obtained by comparing the set of master fingerprints of the original master content with a set of fingerprints of the copy content.
Thomson Licensing


Lens with proximity detection performance improvement layer

It is proposed herein to add a layer to the proximity detector lens of a smart phone. The layer, with beneficial qualities such as high transparency and high refractive index, may be seen to improve proximity sensor performance in the presence of matter deposited on an anti-fingerprint coating of the proximity detector lens..
Blackberry Limited


Methods and systems for authentication of a communication device

A method and system are provided for authenticating a communication device. The method conducted at a remote server includes the steps of: receiving, from a communication device via a first communication channel, a fingerprint identifying the communication device and a value of a parameter of the communication device specific to the communication device and variable over time; determining whether the value is within a predicted range; and if the value is not within the predicted range or the predicted range has not been established, sending an additional authentication request via a second communication channel.


Systems and methods for locally detecting consumed video content

A process provides a user with context-aware information. The process is performed at a client device with one or more processors, a microphone, and memory.
Google Inc.


System and surveying broadcasting ratings

The present invention relates to a system and method for surveying broadcast ratings. The present invention provides a system for surveying broadcast ratings, including: a television (tv) signal reception device configured to receive a broadcast signal, to send the broadcast signal to a tv, and to send an event signal to a rating statistics information server when a predetermined condition occurs; the rating statistics information server configured to send a fingerprint extraction request signal to a previously registered user terminal when receiving the event signal from the tv signal reception device; and the user terminal configured to extract the fingerprint data of an audio signal generated from the tv being watched by a user when receiving the fingerprint extraction request signal from the rating statistics information server, and to send the extracted fingerprint data and user identification information to the rating statistics information server; wherein the rating statistics information server obtains the channel identification information of a tv channel being watched by the user based on the fingerprint data transmitted by the user terminal, and generates rating statistics information based on the obtained channel identification information and the user identification information, and also provides a method using the same..
Enswers Co., Ltd.


Concurrent scalable data content scanning

Through the use of remote actor (5) messaging, the system (10) described herein concurrently scans high volumes of digital information (1) to look for potential content matches using a variety of scan techniques and a variety of types of scanner (6) (e.g., fingerprint scanners, pattern scanners, dictionary scanners, etc.). The scanners (6) are organized into a plurality of scanner worker modules (5).
Global Velocity, Inc.


Managing software deployment

The method includes identifying an instance of software installed. The method further includes determining a fingerprint corresponding to the instance of software installed.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method for checking the integrity of a digital data block

The present invention relates to methods for verifying the integrity of data blocks and for accessing the blocks and relates more particularly to a method for verifying the integrity of a digital data block, the method comprising steps of: searching for a digital fingerprint in a data block of a reference point, calculating a digital fingerprint by applying a fingerprint calculation function to the data block, the fingerprint calculated having a value which depends on each of the bits of the data block excluding the bits of a fingerprint found in the data block, and verifying the fingerprint found in the data block by comparing it with the fingerprint calculated.. .
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique


Reduced bandwidth data uploading in data systems

Methods and apparatus for uploading data from a sender to a receiver. A data deduplication technique is described that may reduce the bandwidth used in uploading data from the sender to the receiver.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for fingerprinting signatures and enhanced signature capturing for charge card transactions on mobile communication devices

A method and a system for fingerprinting signatures and enhanced signature capturing for charge card transactions on mobile communication devices identify and transform a signature into a normalized representation such as a bytestream including coordinate data and combine the normalized representation with some transaction information into combined data. The combined data is further transformed into fixed length data stored for further analyses or uses.
Intuit Inc.


Mobile terminal and controlling the same

The present invention relates to a mobile terminal and a method for controlling the same. The present invention determines whether received touch input is touch input by a finger of a user and, when a function executed by the touch input requires authentication, provides a user interface necessary for authentication differently according to whether the touch input is touch input by the user's finger.
Lg Electronics Inc.


System and fingerprint validation

The invention provides a system and method for rapid validation of identity from tissue using registered two dimensional and optical coherence tomography (oct) scan images. The preferred embodiment provides, for a human fingerprint, validation that the surface fingerprint matches the primary fingerprint.


Touch panel with fingerprint identification

A touch panel with fingerprint identification includes a fingerprint identification module disposed in a through hole of a first substrate. The fingerprint identification module and the first substrate are attached to a second substrate..
Tpk Touch Solutions (xiamen) Inc.


Deduplicating storage with enhanced frequent-block detection

Detecting data duplication includes maintaining a fingerprint directory including one or more entries. Each entry includes a data fingerprint and a data location for a data chunk.
International Business Machines Corporation


Media fingerpriting for social networking

Audio fingerprinting and other media matching technologies can be used to identify media, such as movies, television shows, and radio broadcasts. A user device can record image, audio, and/or video information and upload information to a matching service that is able to use matching technology to identify the media and provide supplemental content or information to the user.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Behavioral authentication system using a biometric fingerprint sensor and user behavior for authentication

A method and a corresponding device for authenticating a user for access to protected information, including at a registration stage, generating a biometric user profile and a behavioral user profile associated with a user to be authenticated, and an authenticating stage, obtaining from the user a biometric user sample and a behavioral user sample, comparing the biometric user sample and the behavioral user sample to the biometric user profile and to the biometric behavioral profile associated with the user, and if the biometric user sample and the behavioral user sample match the biometric user profile and the biometric behavioral profile, respectively, enabling the user to access the protected information.. .
Behaviometrics Ab


Community biometric authentication on a smartphone

Methods and systems are presented for performing biometric authentication of a plurality of users on a user device (e.g., smartphone). In some embodiments, a user may specify in biometric settings certain biometric authentication applications to be used with a group biometric authentication system.
Grandios Technologies, Llc


Smartphone fingerprint pass-through system

Systems and methods are provided for unlocking remote devices using a biometric input that is associated with a code stored on a mobile electronic device. After validating a biometric input that corresponds with a code that locks or unlocks a remote lock, the code may be sent to a remote electronic device in a transmission.
Grandios Technologies, Llc


Integrated piezoelectric microelectromechanical ultrasound transducer (pmut) on integrated circuit (ic) for fingerprint sensing

Microelectromechanical (mems) devices and associated methods are disclosed. Piezoelectric mems transducers (pmuts) suitable for integration with complementary metal oxide semiconductor (cmos) integrated circuit (ic), as well as pmut arrays having high fill factor for fingerprint sensing, are described..
Invensense, Inc.


Smart phones or internet pads supporting mobile payment that includes security based, at least partly, on fingerprint authentication, data encryption, and short physical distance wireless communication

A mobile information apparatus for making mobile payments associated with a credit card, via a near distance radio frequency wireless communication unit, is herein disclosed and enabled. The mobile information apparatus is at least a smart phone or an internet-pad.
Flexiworld Technologies, Inc.


Transparent fingerprint recognizing sensor array

Provided is a transparent fingerprint recognizing sensor array, including: a pixel driving circuit formed on a substrate; an antistatic wiring disposed in an upper part of the pixel driving circuit; and a pixel electrode connected to the pixel driving circuit, wherein the pixel electrode is made of a transparent material or has an open formed in a center part thereof.. .
Silicon Display Technology


Fingerprint reader on a portion of a device for changing the configuration of the device

In one aspect, a device includes a first panel at least bearing a keyboard, a second panel at least bearing a display, and a fingerprint reader on at least a portion of at least one of the first and second panels. The portion is engageable by a user to transition the first panel away from the second panel..
Lenovo (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Continuous monitoring of fingerprint signature on a mobile touchscreen for identity management

A mobile device implements a state machine with full authentication, continuous authentication, and invalidation states. To access the device, the full authentication state requires the user to confirm his or her identity using some robust authentication technique.
International Business Machines Corporation


Search and identification of video content

Methods and systems for searching for and retrieving video content via fingerprint matching are described. In some example embodiments, the methods and systems access an index of reference fingerprints, such as quantized values associated with multiple values calculated from patches of a frame, that are associated with sequential frames of known video content.
Gracenote, Inc.


Method and device for clustering file

In a method and a device for clustering files of the present application, to cluster files to be processed, information fingerprints of the files to be processed are obtained by processing information fingerprints of features of a plurality of information blocks contained in the file to be processed and are compared, and files to be processed with the same information fingerprint are taken as one cluster, so as to realize the clustering of files. The features of the information blocks in the files to be processed are identified by means of information fingerprints in this way, and then clustering is performed according to identifiers.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


System and machine translation

A machine translation system (1) comprises a language analysis module (3) which receives an unknown text (4) and analyses portions of the unknown text (4). The language analysis module (3) identifies language features in the unknown text (4) and provides the linguistic fingerprint to a translation configuration selection module (5).
Qatar Foundation For Education, Science And Community Development


Detecting blade structure abnormalities

To identify abnormal behavior in a turbine blade, a failure detection system generates a “fingerprint” for each blade on a turbine. The fingerprint may be a grouping a dynamic, physical characteristics of the blade such as its mass, strain ratio, damping ratio, and the like.
Vestas Wind Systems A/s


Method for detection of latent fingerprints applied postmortem to a corpse

A method for detection of latent fingerprints applied postmortem to a corpse includes the steps of providing a print developing solution, spraying the print developing solution to a portion of the corpse suspected of harboring a postmortem applied latent fingerprint, and photographing the portion of the corpse to record a detected fingerprint. The print developing solution is a mixture of water, molybdenum disulfide, one or more surfactants and one or more solvents.


Ground and air vehicle electromagnetic signature detection and localization

Systems and methods can support identifying radio transmissions associated with autonomous or remote-controlled vehicles. Radio frequency signals may be received using one or more sensors, wherein the sensors comprise radio receivers.
Bastille Networks, Inc.


Anomalous behavior detection using radio frequency fingerprints and access credentials

Electromagnetic (em)/radio frequency (rf) emissions may be detected and corresponding em personas may be created. One or more em personas may be associated with a super persona corresponding to a particular entity.
Bastille Networks, Inc.


Indoor location survey

Methods, systems, and computer program product for generating location fingerprint data for a venue are described. A sampling device surveying a venue can move inside the venue.
Apple Inc.


Venue data framework

Techniques for storing information representing a venue are described. A venue data provider may upload venue data to a venue data service.
Apple Inc.


System and storing and moving graphical image data sets with reduced data size requirements

A method for reducing data size of digital images is provided. The method includes receiving a joint photographic experts group (jpeg) encoded image, and performing an entropy decode on the image.
Lassofx, Inc.


Detection of spoofing of remote client system information

Digital fingerprint generation logic executed by a client device includes quirk-exposing logic configured to expose behavioral differences between various system configurations of client devices. The digital fingerprint generation logic queries a remote client device for system configuration, and generates a digital fingerprint of the client device that includes a system configuration characteristic reported by the client device in response to the query.
Bluecava, Inc.


Processing piecing together fingerprint based on mobile terminal and mobile terminal

A processing method for piecing together a fingerprint based on a mobile terminal and a mobile terminal are disclosed. The method includes: acquiring fingerprint information of a user via a fingerprint multiplexing button; comparing the fingerprint information of the user with fingerprint information which is stored in advance; unlocking the mobile terminal if the fingerprint information of the user matches the fingerprint information which is stored in advance; and locking the mobile terminal and prompting the current operating user to re-input fingerprint information to unlock the mobile terminal if the fingerprint information of the current operating user is inconsistent with the fingerprint information which is stored in advance.
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd


Conversation branching for more efficient resolution

A method for conversation branching may include storing a plurality of messages communicated in an online conversation and generating a fingerprint for each message. The fingerprint for each message may be stored in a lookup table.
International Business Machines Corporation


Apparatus and transmitting data

An apparatus (10) for transmitting data (d(1)) is proposed. The apparatus (10) comprises a physical structure (11) for providing a physical fingerprint (f), a generation unit (12) for generating an identifier (id) for the apparatus on the basis of the provided physical fingerprint (f) and a transmission unit (13) for transmitting data (d(1)) with a piece of sender-specific information produced on the basis of the generated identifier (id) to a receiver.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

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