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Light weight profiling apparatus distinguishes layer 7 (http) distributed denial of service attackers from genuine…

Determination of originality of content

Associating audio tracks of an album with video content

Date/App# patent app List of recent Finger-related patents
 Document classification using multiscale text fingerprints patent thumbnailDocument classification using multiscale text fingerprints
Described systems and methods allow a classification of electronic documents such as email messages and html documents, according to a document-specific text fingerprint. The text fingerprint is calculated for a text block of each target document, and comprises a sequence of characters determined according to a plurality of text tokens of the respective text block.
 Light weight profiling apparatus distinguishes layer 7 (http) distributed denial of service attackers from genuine clients patent thumbnailLight weight profiling apparatus distinguishes layer 7 (http) distributed denial of service attackers from genuine clients
An apparatus discerns clients by the requests made to a web application server through a web application firewall, which injects client side code into the responses with a randomized challenge that needs a unique answer to be returned in the cookie. The client side code generates cookies, which identify a browser to the web application server, or the web application firewall in subsequent requests if made by a normally configured browser and a fail threshold is checked for subsequent requests originating from such a browser.
 Determination of originality of content patent thumbnailDetermination of originality of content
Video content uploaded from a user, and received at a web-based service, is processed to compute fingerprint data. By reference to the fingerprint data, controlled content included within the received content is identified.
 Associating audio tracks of an album with video content patent thumbnailAssociating audio tracks of an album with video content
An example method comprises determining, by a computing device, an indication of video content, determining, by the computing device and based at least in part on the indication, one or more candidate albums, selecting, by the computing device, a particular candidate album of the one or more candidate albums based at least in part on a match between an audio fingerprint of an audio track included in the video content and an audio fingerprint of an audio track included in the particular candidate album, and sending, by the computing device, a message that associates the video content with the particular candidate album.. .
 Device-specific restrictive content delivery patent thumbnailDevice-specific restrictive content delivery
A content control server implements a service similar to the national do-not-call registry for on-line content in which a user of a device can request that advertising content received from an ad server be restricted to one or more types of acceptable content. The types of content that are to be allowed and/or denied delivery to the device are associated with an identifier of the device.
 Determination device, fingerprint input device, determination method and determination program patent thumbnailDetermination device, fingerprint input device, determination method and determination program
A device is not able to detect the forgery of a finger with high accuracy by the comparison of a reflected light image and a transmitted light image that are obtained from the same finger. A determination device is provided with an input means for receiving the reflected light image obtained by photographing a fingerprint of a finger with light reflected from the surface of the finger and the transmitted light image obtained by photographing the fingerprint of the finger with light transmitted through the finger, and a determination means for comparing the reflected light image and the transmitted light image, and outputting a real-forgery determination result of the fingerprint of the finger..
 Latent fingerprint detectors and fingerprint scanners therefrom patent thumbnailLatent fingerprint detectors and fingerprint scanners therefrom
This document relates to systems and method for latent fingerprint detection using specular reflection (glare). An exemplary system may include a light source alignment portion configured to align a light source at an illumination angle relative to a sample surface such that the light source illuminates a sample surface so that the surface produces specular reflection.
 Method and system for reservoir surveillance utilizing a clumped isotope and/or noble gas data patent thumbnailMethod and system for reservoir surveillance utilizing a clumped isotope and/or noble gas data
A method is disclosed for producing hydrocarbons with the use of reservoir surveillance. The method includes interpreting a sample to determine noble gas signatures and clumped isotope signatures for the region of interest.
 Security-enhanced cloud system and security management method thereof patent thumbnailSecurity-enhanced cloud system and security management method thereof
Disclosed is a cloud system for enhancing security of a private virtualized cloud server and a security management method thereof. To this end, the present invention provides a security-enhanced cloud system comprising: a control system for performing user authentication using fingerprint recognition and face recognition or biometric recognition and creating a wake-on command; a mobile terminal for creating fingerprint recognition information and face recognition information or biometric recognition information by recognizing a fingerprint and a face or a body of a user, and, if an authentication request is received from the control system after connecting to the control system, completing the user authentication by transmitting the created fingerprint recognition information and face recognition information or biometric recognition information to the control system in response to the authentication request; a private virtualized cloud server allowing use of first class document data of a high security level and second class document data of a low security level by permitting only connection of a computer of the user after being activated in response to the wake-on command transmitted from the control system, and automatically shut down when the user of the computer requests or two or more users are connected; and the computer using the data in the private virtualized cloud server after acquiring a right to connect to the private virtualized cloud server by permission of the private virtualized cloud server..
 System and method for auto content recognition patent thumbnailSystem and method for auto content recognition
System and method for automatically recognizing media contents comprise steps of capturing media content from the internet and/or devices, extracting fingerprints from captured contents and transferring to the backend servers for identification, and backend servers processing the fingerprints and replying with identified result.. .
Method, apparatus, system, and machine readable storage medium for providing software security
Technologies are provided in example embodiments for determining that a module is to be loaded, the module being associated with module code, determining that the module is a frozen module, the frozen module being associated with frozen module code, determining that a module fingerprint of the module fails to correspond with a frozen module fingerprint of the frozen module, and causing loading of the frozen module code instead of the module code.. .
Health monitoring and diagnostic device and network-based health assessment and medical records maintenance system
A health monitoring and diagnostic device (lifestream cholesterol meter) configured as a self-contained testing and diagnostic unit in a clam-shell type case. One side of the case includes a spring-loaded finger stick and a compartment for carrying one or more packages of disposable items including a test strip, a needle for the finger stick, and an alcohol swipe.
Pedestrian traffic monitoring and analysis
Numerous mobile devices report their respective locations to a server which collects the location reports to provide real-time pedestrian traffic information, e.g., as a map that shows locations of individual mobile devices. Distribution of mobile devices in a geographic area more closely represents overall population locations and densities.
Location analytics employing timed fingerprint location information
The disclosed subject matter provides for employing timed fingerprint location information in location analytics. Timed fingerprint location information can provide a location for a user equipment.
Composition for diagnosis of lung cancer and diagnosis kit of lung cancer
Disclosed is as a biomarker useful in early diagnosis of lung cancer, at least one protein selected from the group including quescin-sulfhydryl oxidase 1, fibrillin-1, isoform a of lamin-a/c, latent-transforming growth factor beta-binding protein 2, galectin-1, highly similar to dickkopf-related protein 3, isoform a1-b of heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein a1, 14-3-3 protein epsilon, stanniocalcin-2, cystatin-c, isoform 1 of connective tissue growth factor, profilin-1, isoform 1 of extracellular matrix protein 1, histone h2b type 2-e, kinesin-like protein kif26a, zinc finger protein 516, and isoform 1 of a-kinase anchor protein 9.. .
Nail-hardening cosmetic composition, use of aldehydes to harden and strengthen nails, and method for applying same
A cosmetic composition for nails containing a concentration less than or equal to 1 wt % of at least one monoaldehyde of the formula (i): r—cho, where r is c5-c12 linear alkyl radical or a c5-c12 alkenyl with an unconjugated double bond to the —cho aldehyde group, as nail hardening agent, and provided in the form of a colored or colorless fingernail polish, a polish undercoat, a peelable polish, a beauty oil, an emulsion or an aqueous solution, or a gel. Also the use of aldehydes of the formula (i) for hardening and strengthening nails and to a method for applying same..
Method and apparatus for securing computer video and audio subsystems
In general, embodiments of the invention include methods and apparatuses for securing otherwise unsecured computer audio and video subsystems. Embodiments of the invention perform watermarking of video and/or audio data streams output by a computer system.
Nanostructure-initiator mass spectrometry biometrics
Several embodiments described herein are drawn to methods of identifying an analyte on a subject's skin, methods of generating a fingerprint, methods of determining a physiological change in a subject, methods of diagnosing health status of a subject, and assay systems for detecting an analyte and generating a fingerprint, by nanostructure-initiator mass spectrometry (nims).. .
Illuminative artificial nail
The illuminated artificial fingernail is made up of a power source in the form of two 1.55 volt mini batteries, that electrify a micro circuit chip that in turn causes the light source, in the form of an led, to light up intermittently (flash), giving the artificial fingernail an attractive appearance and also attracts attention to the hand of the wearer.. .
Systems and methods for media recognition
Certain embodiments described herein provide methods and systems for media recognition. One exemplary embodiment involves recognizing a piece of media in two steps.
Method and system for matching unknown software component to known software component
A computer system or method identifies components. A component fingerprint storage is configured to memorize known fingerprints of known components.
Holistic customer record linkage via profile fingerprints
The present disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for linking customer profiles in a customer profile database. Customer profile data are transformed from text data to large, sparse bit sets.
E-commerce transaction verification system and method
An e-commerce transaction verification system creates documentary verifications of e-commerce transactions between merchants and customers. The system is implemented on a host server cooperating with a program module on the merchant's e-commerce server.
Customer universe exploration
The present disclosure extends to methods, systems, and computer program products for identifying attributes associated with potential customers. Attribute data contained in a potential customer database are transformed into bit sets or binary fingerprints.
Volatile compound fingerprint atlas-spectrum model used for early gastric cancer diagnosis/ warning
Volatile organic compounds emitted from gastric cancer cell metabolite is separated and detected using hs-spme/gc-ms. A volatile compounds fingerprint atlas-spectrum model are disclosed for early gastric cancer diagnosis/warning volatiles 3-octanone and 2-butanone as indicators of gastric cancer cells which are not contained in the headspace of gastric mucosal cells ges-1.
Methods and products related to genotyping and dna analysis
The invention encompasses methods and products related to genotyping. The method of genotyping of the invention is based on the use of single nucleotide polymorphisms (snps) to perform high throughput genome scans.
Method for identifying cells based on dna replication domain timing profiles
Methods for identifying and/or distinguishing a homogeneous population of cells based on their replication domain timing profile using high resolution genomic arrays or sequencing procedures are provided. These methods may be used to compare the replication timing profile for a population of cells to another replication timing profile(s), a replication timing fingerprint, and/or one or more informative segments of a replication timing fingerprint, which may be simultaneously or previously determined and/or contained in a database, to determine whether there is a match between them.
Composition having a reduced exotherm in actinic curing of urethane (meth)acrylate oligomers on fingernails
A nail coating composition having a reduced exotherm during actinic curing of the coating on a nail. The composition may include a curable resin, a monomer, a photoinitiator, a chemical filter capable of absorbing ultraviolet (uv) light and reducing exotherm, and an additive..
Method and apparatus for processing biometric images
A method and apparatus for applying gradient edge detection to detect features in a biometric, such as a fingerprint, based on data representing an image of at least a portion of the biometric. The image is modeled as a function of the features.
Apparatus and method for capturing a vital vascular fingerprint
A method using optical coherence tomography to capture the microvascular network of the superficial layer of the finger skin for the purpose of fingerprint authentication and liveness detection. At the dermal papilla region, the vascular pattern follows the same pattern of the fingerprint and this vascular pattern forms a live vascular fingerprint.
Integrated finger print sensor
A fingerprint sensor and fingerprint sensor system especially for integration in a device having an overlay made of an insulating material comprises a plurality of sensing elements positioned on a first side of the overlay; a plurality of probes positioned in a predetermined pattern defining a fingerprint sensing area on a second side of the overlay, the plurality of probes extending from the first side of the overlay at least partially through the overlay; a plurality of conductor leads on the first side of the overlay interconnecting the plurality of probes with the plurality of sensing elements; a plurality of amplifiers connected to the plurality of sensing elements, the number of amplifiers being less than the number of sensing elements; and an activation circuit connected to the plurality of sensing elements, the activation circuit being adapted to output at least one activation signal.. .
Method, system and computer program for cancelling uplink interference in a wireless network
The method comprising measuring by an interfered base station (bs2) the uplink interference and when said uplink interference exceeds a given threshold performing a cancellation process by: discovering and identifying a serving base station (bs1) to which an interfering user device (ue1) is wirelessly connected; requesting to the serving (bs1) the rf fingerprints of the one or more interfering user devices served thereby and using the same frequency resource blocks (rb) of said interfered (bs2); receiving the rf fingerprint of said interfering user device (ue1); consulting said received rf fingerprint in a register; selecting the rf fingerprint more similar to the received one and taking the information of level of interference associated thereto; and using said taken level of interference information for performing said cancelling of said uplink interference.. .
Portable curing device for fingernails
There is provided a portable curing device for fingernails that dries and cures a curable material painted on fingernails or toenails by emitting ultraviolet rays to the fingernails or toenails. In a conventional ultraviolet curing device, since a volume of the ultraviolet lamps is large, it is not easy to carry, and since a size of a space into which the finger is inserted is constant, the conventional ultraviolet curing device is not variously used.
Method and system for detecting data modification within computing device
A method and apparatus for detecting data modification in a layered operating system is disclosed. Outbound content indicators at different layers are compared to detect potential outbound data modifications.
Video fingerprinting
A query fingerprint of a set of frames of video content captured at a client device may be generated. Multiple patches of the set of frames of video content may be selected and a value calculated for each of the selected multiple patches.
Media identification system with fingerprint database balanced according to search loads
A media identification system generates reference fingerprints for known media samples and stores the reference fingerprints in a reference database. The media identification system uses the reference fingerprints to match a fingerprint generated from an unknown media sample to identify that unknown sample.
Fingernail drill
A fingernail drill has a drill bit and a tip which is capable of drilling through a thickness of a fingernail. The tip extends longitudinally outwards from an abutment integrally formed with the drill bit, and the drill cannot drill past the abutment.
Modulation of stem cells using zinc finger proteins
Methods and compositions for modifying stem cells using one or more zfps are disclosed. Such methods and compositions are useful for facilitating processes such as, for example, dedifferentiating cells, differentiating stem cells into the desired phenotype, propagating stem cells and/or facilitating cloning..
Evaluation and improvement of nuclease cleavage specificity
Engineered nucleases (e.g., zinc finger nucleases (zfns), transcriptional activator-like effector nucleases (talens), and others) are promising tools for genome manipulation and determining off-target cleavage sites of these enzymes is of great interest. We developed an in vitro selection method that interrogates 1011 dna sequences for their ability to be cleaved by active, dimeric nulceases, e.g., zfns and talens.
Method of matching, biometric matching apparatus, and computer program
A method of matching fingerprints is disclosed. The method comprises, for a first minutia point, being assigned as a planet minutia point a) determining pairs including the planet minutia point and a satellite minutia point, respectively, such that a cluster is formed; b) comparing the clusters of the respective sets and excluding nonmatching satellites; c) counting links in the cluster formed by remaining pairs; and d) for remaining satellite minutia points, performing steps a) to c) with respective satellite minutia point assigned as planet minutia point to form a supercluster by iterating steps a) to d) and superadding the clusters; calculating a score of the supercluster based on the aggregate counted links; and comparing the score with a threshold.
Device for evaluation of fluids using electromagnetic energy
A portable, tabletop fluid sampling device simplifies spectral analysis to produce an accurate but inexpensive chromatic fingerprint for fluid samples. In one embodiment, the sampling device uses an array of variable wavelength led emitters and photodiode detectors to measure rayleigh scattering of electromagnetic energy from the fluid sample contained in a cuvette.
Mobile wireless hand-held biometric capture, processing and communication system and method for biometric identification
A mobile, wireless biometric identification system includes a biometric capture device, associated software and processes which enable a commercially available wireless communication device, such as a smartphone, using a commercially established wireless communication networks, to capture a digital image of a human biometric (iris, fingerprint, etc.) for transmission via a secure connection to a central server. The capture device is designed to focus on the difficult task of capturing the highest possible quality image for encoding and comparison, while the overall system is designed to leverage the existing cellular communication network.
Card with integrated fingerprint authentication
A card, such as a credit or identification card, including an authenticating element for authenticating the card with a service provider, a fingerprint reader integral with the card for reading a fingerprint provided by a user of the card, and a processing element for comparing the fingerprint provided by the user to a fingerprint of an owner of the card to confirm that the user is the owner. In one variation, there is also provided a means for determining whether an object presented to the fingerprint reader is a finger of the user presenting the card..
Nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) fingerprinting
Apparatus, methods, and other embodiments associated with nmr fingerprinting are described. One example nmr apparatus includes an nmr logic configured to repetitively and variably sample a (k, t, e) space associated with an object to acquire a set of nmr signals.
Method for improving the resistance of plants to viruses
A method for improving the resistance of a plant to viruses, includes modifying the genome of the plant so as to at least partially inhibit the activity of a csn5 protein of the plant. The modification of the genome of the plant can involve mutating a gene of the plant that encodes the csn5 protein, or can be selected so as to cause the overexpression of a mini zinc finger (mif) protein..
Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device
This invention is directed to an electronic device with an embedded authentication system for restricting access to device resources. The authentication system may include one or more sensors operative to detect biometric information of a user.
Trusted and secure techniques for item delivery and execution
Documents and other items can be delivered electronically from sender to recipient with a level of trustedness approaching or exceeding that provided by a personal document courier. A trusted electronic go-between can validate, witness and/or archive transactions while, in some cases, actively participating in or directing the transaction.
Multifunction multimedia device
A method for interpreting messages, user-defined alert conditions, voice commands and performing an action in response is described. A method for annotating media content is described.
Methods for identifying and monitoring drug side effects
The present invention relates generally to methods for identifying drug side effects by detecting perturbations in organ-specific molecular blood fingerprints. The invention further relates to methods for identifying drug-specific organ-specific molecular blood fingerprints.
Fingerprint imaging and quality characterization
A fingerprint processing system comprises a fingerprint sensor configured to generate an image of a fingerprint, and a processor configured to process the fingerprint image. The processor is operable to generate a ridge flow map comprising ridge flow vectors characterizing the fingerprint, and a multi-layer decomposition based on the ridge flow vectors.
Fingerprinting apparatus, system, and method
An apparatus, system and method for biometric acquisition are disclosed. In one embodiment, a sensor is configured to detect a biometric signature of a subject.
Power supply device for door handle
A power supply device for a door handle is provided. A rotation shaft of the door handle is provided with a drive gear, a first speed-change gear, a second speed-change gear, and a generator.
Apparatus and method for identifying similarity via dynamic decimation of token sequence n-grams
An apparatus for identifying related code variants or text samples includes processing circuitry configured to execute instructions for receiving query binary code, processing the query binary code to generate one or more query code fingerprints comprising compressed representations of respective functional components of the query binary code, generating token sequence n-grams of the fingerprints, hashing the n-grams, partitioning samples by length to compare selected samples based on length, and identifying similarity via dynamic decimation of token sequence n-grams.. .
Network client software and system validation
A method for validating a client system is disclosed. A trust broker system receives a request to connect to a server system from a previously authorized client system, wherein the client system has an associated user agent.
Method for authenticating key information between terminals of a communication link
With the help of a key management protocol, the transmitted key information is authenticated by at least one certificate signed by the terminals, and at least one fingerprint of the public keys or certificate, which were used for authenticating the key information, is added to the useful part of an sip message. The identity information present in the header of an sip message is additionally copied into a region of the header or the useful part, and a signature is produced by way of the fingerprint, the datum information presented in the header of an sip message, the copied identity information, and optionally the certificate reference information, and is inserted into a further region of the header of the sip message.
Image-related methods and arrangements
A user captures an image of a retail product with a smartphone. Product recommendations associated with the retail product are provided to the smartphone.
Pen/pencil grip
The present disclose describes and teaches a pen/pencil grip and a product combining the pen/pencil grip with a pen/pencil. The pen/pencil grip may include a head section, a middle section, and a tail section forming a continuous and smoothly connected body.
Apparatus and method for fingerprinting sensing
A biometric sensor apparatus and method are disclosed, which may comprise a flexible substrate comprising a first side surface and a second side surface opposing the first side surface; a biometric sensor portion comprising biometric image sensing elements formed on the second side surface forming at least part of a biometric sensor array sensing capacitively induced changes induced by a biometric in the vicinity of the biometric image sensing elements; a biometric sensor controller integrated circuit mounted to the flexible substrate on one of the first side surface and the second side surface of the flexible substrate; an edge surface of the flexible substrate including at least one conductively plated perforation in the flexible substrate; and an electro-static discharge element formed on or as part of the flexible substrate and electrically connected to the at least one conductively plated perforation.. .
Method for identifying an individual and corresponding device
A method for identifying an individual having at least one physical print that includes at least one fingerprint. The method includes a print marking step by which at least one physical print is marked at at least one minutia.
Biometric sensing device for three dimensional imaging of subcutaneous structures embedded within finger tissue
A system, apparatus and method for obtaining biometric data from characteristics of a fingerprint and obtaining characteristics of subcutaneous structures that are embedded within finger tissue and located in relation to the fingerprint.. .
Intelligent matcher based on situational or spatial orientation
Predicting likely fingerprint information (most likely finger, orientation, or otherwise), responsive to situational information or spatial orientation, for matching with a function button. The device determines first, second, and further likely choices.
Systems and methods for generating bookmark video fingerprints
Systems and methods for replacing original media bookmarks of at least a portion of a digital media file with replacement bookmarks is described. A media fingerprint engine detects the location of the original fingerprints associated with the portion of the digital media file and a region analysis algorithm characterizes regions of media file spanning the location of the original bookmarks by data class types.
Capacitive sensing array modulation
A capacitive fingerprint sensor that may be formed of an array of sensing elements. Each capacitive sensing element of the array may register a voltage that varies with the capacitance of a capacitive coupling.
Method and apparatuses of transparent fingerprint imager integrated with touch display device
The present invention describes a transparent fingerprint imaging apparatus wherein said apparatus comprises, a plurality of column lines, a plurality of scan lines, a plurality of data lines, and a plurality of fingerprint capacitance sensing cells wherein a fingerprint capacitance sensing cell further comprises, a fingerprint capacitor comprising a transparent capacitance detecting electrode and a transparent capacitance-detecting dielectric layer, a transparent reference capacitor coupled with said fingerprint capacitor with one electrode connecting to the fingerprint capacitor, and an amplification transparent tft (thin-film transistor) wherein the gate electrode of the amplification transparent tft connects to the transparent capacitance detecting electrode, one terminal of said amplification transparent tft connects to a data line and the other terminal connects to a scan line.. .
Operating method and electronic device
An operating method of an electronic device having a fingerprint sensor unit is provided. In the operating method, a touch action of an input device is sensed and a touch signal is generated by the fingerprint sensor unit.
Capacitive sensor packaging
An apparatus comprises a fingerprint sensor having a set of capacitive elements configured for capacitively coupling to a user fingerprint. The fingerprint sensor may be disposed under a control button or display element of an electronic device, for example one or more of a control button and a display component.
Method and device for data transmissions using rdma
Method and device for data transmissions using rdma. The present invention is implemented between a first entity using a first data structure type and a second entity using a second data structure type over a third entity.
Active catalog
Paper catalog pages can be optically scanned to produce “fingerprints” identifying those pages. Database records for products featured on those pages can be mapped to the pages' fingerprints.
Thermochromic coloring pad
A children's coloring pad may incorporate thermochromic pigments that are specially formulated to develop color and clear color by respective applications of cold and hot temperatures. The pad may be used in a similar manner as with respect to finger painting, but without the residual mess..
Survey techniques for generating location fingerprint data
Surveying techniques for generating location fingerprint data are described. A mobile device can survey a venue by measuring, at multiple locations at the venue, signals from one or more signal sources.
Tiered delivery of location data
Techniques of delivering location data are described. A location server can receive, from a mobile device, a request for location data for determining a location of the mobile device at a venue.
Reducing location search space
Methods, program products, and systems for reducing a location search space are described. A mobile device, when arriving at a venue, can determine a location of the mobile device using signals from one or more signal sources associated with the venue.

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