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 Selection of a radio access technology resource based on radio access technology resource historical information patent thumbnailSelection of a radio access technology resource based on radio access technology resource historical information
The disclosed subject matter provides for selecting a radio access technology resource based on historical data related to the radio access technology resource. Location information can be employed to determine a radio access technology resource.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

 Identification of captured videos patent thumbnailIdentification of captured videos
An identification system receives a request from a user device to identify a video captured in a video stream. The identification system identifies a display area captured in the video stream in which the video is displayed.
Google Inc.

 Security 3 lockbox (aka s3 lockbox) patent thumbnailSecurity 3 lockbox (aka s3 lockbox)
Fingerprint (thumbprint) (include retina scan & voice recognition & whole hand scan) secured electronic lockbox for real estate (professional & personal use) with tracking & reporting technology, is disclosed. This device offers 100% verifiable id of who is opening the lockbox.

 Method and  managing operation of a driver's mobile telephone patent thumbnailMethod and managing operation of a driver's mobile telephone
A motor vehicle controls operation of a mobile electronic device and includes a fingerprint sensor which scans a driver's fingerprint and produces a first electronic representation of the driver's fingerprint. A wireless transceiver receives from the mobile electronic device a first air-borne signal including a second electronic representation of the driver's fingerprint.
Panasonic Automotive Systems Company Of America, Division Of Panasonic Corporation Of North America

 Notary and fingerprinting request  satisfying notary and fingerprinting requests patent thumbnailNotary and fingerprinting request satisfying notary and fingerprinting requests
A system and a process are disclosed for fulfilling notary and fingerprinting requests. In fulfilling notary and fingerprinting requests, a customer is connected to an agent who can fulfill one of a notary request from the customer and a fingerprinting request from the customer.

 Method of controlling mobile terminal using fingerprint recognition and mobile terminal using the same patent thumbnailMethod of controlling mobile terminal using fingerprint recognition and mobile terminal using the same
Provided are a method and an apparatus for providing an efficient user interface(ui) to a user by using fingerprint recognition. A method of controlling a mobile terminal includes: registering a plurality of fingerprint signatures for a fingerprint data-basic; generating fingerprint image data by using a fingerprint recognition module included in the mobile terminal; determining a fingerprint signature that corresponds to the fingerprint image data, from among the plurality of fingerprint signatures; and executing a process corresponding to the determined fingerprint signature..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

 A decoder and encoder for a digital fingerprint code patent thumbnailA decoder and encoder for a digital fingerprint code
A method to encode and decode a digital fingerprint code by an identification encoder and an identification decoder wherein the digital fingerprint code includes a plurality of n-bit data embedded on a set of curves by changed thicknesses in the curves.. .
Agfa Graphics Nv

 Fingerprint sensing unit and fingerprint sensing module patent thumbnailFingerprint sensing unit and fingerprint sensing module
A fingerprint sensing unit includes a carrier substrate, a fingerprint sensing chip on an upper surface of the carrier substrate, a molding layer, a light-pervious cover layer on the molding layer, and an adhesive layer between the light-pervious cover layer and the molding layer. The fingerprint sensing chip is electrically connected to the carrier substrate.
J-metrics Technology Co., Ltd.

 Device and  the direct optical recording of live skin areas patent thumbnailDevice and the direct optical recording of live skin areas
A device and method for direct optical recording of live skin areas, particularly of fingerprints or handprints, is disclosed. A novel possibility for direct optical recording of human skin prints with forensic quality where interference through ambient light is excluded is achieved in that, from a skin area to be recorded, image data of a calibration image generated under homogeneous illumination from an areal source and ambient light that may be present are read out from the sensor array, an adapted illumination pattern is calculated by means of the stored calibration image such that, through application of the adapted illumination pattern, a two-dimensionally structured illumination pattern is generated to minimize the influence of the ambient light and to homogenize the illumination at least of the deposited skin print, wherein an illumination array is controlled in individual light-emitting elements or in groups of light-emitting elements with the calculated illumination pattern..
Jenetric Gmbh

 Fingerprint enrollment and matching with orientation sensor input patent thumbnailFingerprint enrollment and matching with orientation sensor input
Techniques for associating environmental information with fingerprint images for fingerprint enrollment and matching are presented. The techniques may include capturing, using a fingerprint sensor of a mobile device, one or more images of a fingerprint.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Fingerprint sensor

A fingerprint sensor for reinforcing an electric field and preventing electric interference between adjacent electrodes. The fingerprint sensor includes a plurality of sensor electrodes provided on a substrate, an insulating layer, and a discontinuous grid formed in the insulating layer.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Fingerprint sensor pattern

An example sensor array includes a first electrode disposed in a first layer, multiple second electrodes disposed in a second layer, and multiple third electrodes disposed outside of the first layer. The second electrodes are galvanically isolated from the first electrode and the third electrodes.
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

Method and system for processing input fingerprint information, and mobile terminal thereof

The present disclosure discloses a method and system for processing input fingerprint information, and a mobile terminal thereof. The method includes the following steps: a fingerprint information identification step: when it is scanned that fingerprint information is input, identifying whether a fingerprint template matching with the input fingerprint information is present in a fingerprint database, wherein the fingerprint database includes a plurality of pre-registered fingerprint templates, each fingerprint template being associated with an application operation; and an operation execution step: if it is identified that a fingerprint template matching with the input fingerprint information is present in the fingerprint database, performing the application operation associated with the identified fingerprint template.
Shenzhen Huiding Technology Co., Ltd.

Terminal device based on fingerprint identification, and logging into terminal device in standby state

The present invention discloses a method for logging in to a terminal device based on fingerprint identification in a standby state. The method includes the following steps: a fingerprint scanning and identification step: in the standby state, scanning and identifying fingerprint information input by a user; an awaking step: if the fingerprint information is successfully identified, awaking a control chip, and sending acknowledgement information indicative of successful fingerprint identification to the control chip; and an unlocking step: upon receiving the acknowledgement information indicative of successful fingerprint identification, unlocking, by the control chip, the terminal device, such that the user successfully logs in to the terminal device..
Shenzhen Huiding Technology Co., Ltd.

Gradual power wake-up mechanism

Apparatuses and methods of a gradual power wake-up mechanism are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of activating a device based on detection of a fingerprint image may include monitoring a first metric level of a first set of regions of the fingerprint image, determining a second metric level of a second set of regions of the fingerprint image in response to the first metric level exceeding a first threshold, and activating the device based on the second metric level of the second set of regions of the fingerprint image..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method of and formulating multicomponent drug

Provided are a method of and an apparatus for formulating a multicomponent drug capable of surely making a multicomponent drug meeting criteria for productization with high accuracy into a product. The method and apparatus obtain a chromatogram from an extract or a base of a multicomponent drug, evaluate whether the base meets the criteria for productization based on the obtained chromatogram with high accuracy, and subject the base determined in the high-accuracy evaluating as an accepted one meeting the criteria to dosage form processing, to produce a formulated drug having a given dosage form.
Tsumura & Co.

Transparent tinted coating for appliance exterior panels to allow for tinted surface patterns and a process for application of coating

An exterior panel for a kitchen appliance includes a metallic substrate having a predetermined surface pattern on at least one side of the metallic substrate, wherein the metallic substrate is formed to include a predetermined contour. A coating layer is an organic paint coating composition on the at least one side of the metallic substrate, the coating layer including a predetermined color and a fingerprint resistive surface, wherein the coating layer is at least partially translucent such that the predetermined surface pattern is visible with the naked eye through the coating layer, and wherein the predetermined surface pattern is modified by the coating layer to reflect the combination of the predetermined surface pattern and the predetermined color of the coating layer..
Whirlpool Corporation

Personal portable device for cleaning and polishing fingernails by chadwick

A nail care device is disclosed. In one embodiment, a portable nail care device for cleaning and polishing comprising; a housing cavity open on one end, a finger stopper, an open at one end hallow bristle case with bristles enclosed in housing, a motor disposed in the housing cavity, ball barring ring for smoother movement of bristle case disposed in housing cavity, a power source providing power to motor, and a power button..

Commercial detection based on audio fingerprinting

A commercial detection system generates a probe audio fingerprint of an audio signal associated with a media stream on a broadcast channel and determines whether the media stream has commercial content based on analysis of the probe audio fingerprint. The commercial detection system determines whether a same match between the probe audio fingerprint and a reference audio fingerprint is observed across multiple broadcast channels.
Facebook, Inc.

System and detecting and responding to a threat in or around a facility

A system for detecting and mitigating a threat in or around a facility is disclosed. In one embodiment, the system comprises a sensor or receiver configured to detect a biometric marker, such as an iris scan, fingerprint, voice pattern, or facial pattern, and comparing those markers to a database of biometric markers to determine if a match exists.
Mele Associates, Inc..

Multiphase fingerprint sensor layout and construction

A capacitive fingerprint sensor includes a set of capacitive sensor electrodes in a sensing area. The set of capacitive sensor electrodes includes a set of transmit (tx) sensor electrodes, a set of receive (rx) sensor electrodes, and a set of compensation electrodes.
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

Active baseline signal cancellation in fingerprint sensors

In one aspect, a fingerprint sensor chip includes an array of senor pixels. At least one of the sensor pixels is designated as a reference sensor pixel and remaining sensor pixels in the array are designated to contribute to fingerprint data, the sensor chip includes a signal processing unit including amplifier circuitry to cancel out baseline signals from output signals of remaining sensor pixels based at least on an output signal of the reference sensor pixel..
Shenzhen Huiding Technology Co., Ltd.

Integrated finger print sensor

A fingerprint sensor and fingerprint sensor system especially for integration in a device having an overlay made of an insulating material comprises a plurality of sensing elements positioned on a first side of the overlay; a plurality of probes positioned in a predetermined pattern defining a fingerprint sensing area on a second side of the overlay, the plurality of probes extending from the first side of the overlay at least partially through the overlay; a plurality of conductor leads on the first side of the overlay interconnecting the plurality of probes with the plurality of sensing elements; a plurality of amplifiers connected to the plurality of sensing elements, the number of amplifiers being less than the number of sensing elements; and an activation circuit connected to the plurality of sensing elements, the activation circuit being adapted to output at least one activation signal.. .
Idex Asa

Half-bridge fingeprint sensing method

Fingerprint detection circuits with common mode noise rejection are described. The fingerprint detection circuit includes a half-bridge circuit coupled to a receive (rx) electrode of an array of fingerprint detection electrodes and to a buried capacitance that is unalterable by the presence of a conductive object on the array.
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation

Media fingerprinting and identification system

The overall architecture and details of a scalable video fingerprinting and identification system that is robust with respect to many classes of video distortions is described. In this system, a fingerprint for a piece of multimedia content is composed of a number of compact signatures, along with traversal hash signatures and associated metadata.
Gracenote, Inc.

Touch display apparatus capable of fingerprint recognition and fingerprint recognition module

A touch display apparatus capable of fingerprint recognition includes a display panel, a cover plate, a touch sensing electrode set and a fingerprint recognition electrode set. The display panel includes a first surface.
Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.

Modular modifiable computer keyboard

A computer keyboard is designed to accommodate a variety of security features that may be installed in the keyboard during manufacturing, whereby various combinations of devices that impart selected security features or other functions may be assembled. The keyboard assembly includes a base extension for accommodating the security devices, and a number of interchangeable modular tops supporting various discreet input technologies.

Light guide mechanism of fingerprint recognition plate

A light guide mechanism of a fingerprint recognition plate includes a frame, a light guide plate, first electrodes, second electrodes and light emitting diodes. The frame has a hollow portion and receiving troughs.
Concraft Holding Co., Ltd.

Method and cross device automatic calibration

The disclosure relates to automatic calibration for cross devices in wi-fi fingerprint based areas. In an exemplary embodiment, an online device scans and obtains multiple signal strength value (rssioi) from local access points.
Lntel Corporation

Gene expression based biomarker system for irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) diagnosis

We have identified a suite of genes in a limited number of human colonic tissue samples with expression patterns that correlate with whether an individual is experiencing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) (fig. 2).
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

Method and authentication based on fingerprint recognition

A fingerprint recognition based authentication method and apparatus is disclosed. The authentication apparatus may obtain an input fingerprint from a touch input of a user, determine an input number corresponding to the input fingerprint using preregistered fingerprint-number mapping information, and authenticate the user based on whether an input number sequence corresponding to an input fingerprint sequence is identical to a reference number sequence..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Secure protocol for chip authentication

This application discloses a supply chain security technique that enrolls an integrated circuit with a security server and subsequently utilizes the enrollment to authenticate the integrated circuit. The integrated circuit can include security circuitry to enroll the integrated circuit with the security server by generating an enrollment message—including a fingerprint code having an encoded version of a private value generated by the security circuitry—for transmission to the security server.
Mentor Graphics Corporation

Secure digital signature apparatus and methods

The invention is a secure digital signature device which generates digital signature key pairs using a hardware random number generator. It transmits public keys to one or more smart devices and signs bit strings at the request of smart devices without exposing private keys.

Cryptographic key visualization

This invention regards a method of key-fingerprint visualization that is unique, reproducible, and nearly impossible to forge which aims to improve the usability of crypto-systems by creating a visual representation of the key-fingerprint as a face. This makes the process of key verification faster, more reliable, and natural to the user.

Multi-view fingerprint matching

A method and a device are provided for performing a recognition process. The recognition process compares an individual fingerprint view to a fingerprint enrollment template in order to determine whether a match has been found.
Synaptics Incorporated

Capacitive fingerprint sensing apparatus and capacitive fingerprint sensing method

A capacitive fingerprint sensing apparatus includes sensing electrodes, a sensing driver, and a processing module. In a self-capacitive sensing mode, the sensing driver performs self-capacitive sensing on at least one sensing electrode to obtain a first fingerprint sensing signal.
Raydium Semiconductor Corporation

Fingerprint sensor under thin face-sheet with aperture layer

An input device for fingerprint sensing and proximity sensing includes a cover layer, where a top surface of the cover layer is configured to provide an input surface for a finger, a substrate having a cavity disposed below the cover layer, and a fingerprint sensor disposed below the cover layer and in the cavity of the substrate. A first adhesive layer is disposed between a top surface of the fingerprint sensor and a bottom surface of the cover layer in a fingerprint sensing area.
Synaptics Incorporated

Method and fingerprint recognition and mobile terminal

A method for fingerprint recognition may include: acquiring a current charging state of the mobile terminal; updating setting of a fingerprint recognition threshold value according to the current charging state of the mobile terminal; acquiring a fingerprint image, and extracting feature information of the fingerprint image; and conducting a fingerprint recognition according to the extracted feature information and the fingerprint recognition threshold value. In embodiments of the present disclosure, the current charging state of the mobile terminal is acquired and setting of the fingerprint recognition threshold value is thus updated according to the current charging state of the mobile terminal, such that the mobile terminal can acquire the same fingerprint recognition rate regardless of different charging states..
Xiaomi Inc.

Fingerprint authentication

Systems and methods of an electronic device include an imaging device and a button. The electronic device also has circuitry configured to acquire a first fingerprint image captured by the imaging device in which the button is not engaged; extract first fingerprint features from the first fingerprint image; store the first fingerprint features as a registered fingerprint image; acquire a second fingerprint image captured by the imaging device in which the button is engaged; extract second fingerprint features from the second fingerprint image; compare the first fingerprint features of the registered fingerprint image and the second fingerprint features extracted from the second fingerprint image; and calculate and store an amount of distortion of the second fingerprint image based on a result of the comparing..
Sony Mobile Communications Inc.

Display apparatus with fingerprint identification function

A display apparatus which is also able to receive and identify fingerprints comprises a first substrate, a second substrate, a liquid crystal layer, a plurality of dummy pixel units located in a non-display region, a fingerprint identification module, and a plurality of data extending lines. Each of the dummy units comprises first and second auxiliary electrodes.
General Interface Solution Limited

Sensor for detecting fingerprint and manufacturing the same

Disclosed are sensors for detecting a fingerprint and methods of manufacturing the sensor. The sensor for detecting a fingerprint includes a substrate, first conductor lines formed on a surface of the substrate, an insulating layer formed on the first conductor lines, and second conductor lines formed on the insulating layer.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Electronic apparatus, recording medium, and operating electronic apparatus

An electronic apparatus, a recording medium, and an operating method of an electronic apparatus are disclosed. In one embodiment, an electronic apparatus comprises a case, a first hardware button located in one of a right side surface and a left side surface of the case, a fingerprint sensor configured to detect a fingerprint of a finger being in contact with the first hardware button, an operation button, and at least one processor.
Kyocera Corportion

Fingerprint sensing device and electronic device including the same

A fingerprint sensing device includes a sensing circuit configured to extract sensing data from nodes included in each of sampling regions of a sensor array. The fingerprint sensing device also includes a control circuit configured to calculate a number of the nodes based on the extracted sensing data to produce sensing data distributions for each of the sampling regions and compare the sensing data distributions with reference distributions, configured to determine that the sampling regions from which the sensing data distributions corresponding to the reference distributions are extracted are effective contact regions, and configured to generate fingerprint information from the sensor array when the number of effective contact regions is greater than or equal to a threshold..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Method and system for content retrieval based on rate-coverage optimization

A content retrieval method including: extracting a plurality of fingerprints including a plurality of video fingerprints and audio fingerprints from contents stored in a content database; determining representative video fingerprints of the video frames and representative audio fingerprints of the audio sequences; determining a data rate indicating a storage limitation and a coverage indicating a number of searching results to be returned; storing selected representative video fingerprints and representative audio fingerprints based on the storage limitation indicated by the data rate in a fingerprint database; receiving a query containing at least one of video data and audio data submitted by a user; extracting at least one query fingerprint representing the query; determining a number of fingerprints most matching the query fingerprint based on the coverage to generate search results indicating matching contents represented by the number of most matching fingerprints; and returning the search results to the user.. .
Tcl Research America Inc.

Information processing method and electronic device

An embodiment of the present disclosure discloses an information processing method and an electronic device. The method comprises: a fingerprint service entering a stage of verifying the fingerprint, when an electronic device enters a stage of inputting a fingerprint, so that a fingerprint texture collected by a collecting region in an input surface of a key of the electronic device is capable of being verified; the fingerprint service setting a flag bit; a keystroke service obtaining the flag bit when the key is pressed; disabling a corresponding operation instruction by the keystroke service in response to the pressing of the key based on the flag bit; collecting the fingerprint texture by the collection region in the input surface of the key when the key is pressed, and the fingerprint service verifying the fingerprint based on the fingerprint texture..
Lenovo (beijing) Limited

Pixel receiver with capacitance cancellation for ultrasonic imaging apparatus

An apparatus, such as a pixel sensor for an ultrasonic imaging apparatus, is disclosed. The apparatus includes a first metallization layer coupled to a piezoelectric layer, wherein a first voltage is formed at the first metallization layer in response to an ultrasonic wave reflecting off an item-to-be-imaged (e.g., a user's fingerprint) and propagating through the piezoelectric layer, and wherein the first metallization layer is situated above a substrate; a second metallization layer situated between the first metallization layer and the substrate; and a device configured to apply a second voltage to the second metallization layer to reduce a parasitic capacitance between the first metallization layer and the substrate..
Qualcomm Incorporated

Gun grip with finger placement and holstering features

A device designed to replace or supplement the factory grip of a firearm, said device improving accuracy by allowing better placement of the user's trigger finger upon the trigger of the firearm, said device also providing an attachment point for carry of the firearm about the user's person when the firearm is not in use.. .

Compositions for targeted dna methylation and their use

The present invention provides an in vitro directed evolution selection system to create modified methyltransferases which improve methyltransferase specificity and use it to optimize and provide fusion proteins comprising a zinc finger methyltransferase derived from m.sssi. The resulting fusion proteins show increased target methylation specificity and greatly decreased non-target methylation compared to wild-type enzyme activity.
The Johns Hopkins University

Vehicle operations based on biometric fingerprint analysis

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and system for enacting various driving profiles based on identifying the age and gender of the user. Initially, identifying information is acquired from a user of a vehicle.
International Business Machines Corporation

Vehicle operations based on biometric fingerprint analysis

Embodiments of the present invention provide a method and system for enacting various driving profiles based on identifying the age and gender of the user. Initially, identifying information is acquired from a user of a vehicle.
International Business Machines Corporation

Beauty product displays

Devices and methods for displaying beauty and other visual products are disclosed. A display system can comprise a frame and a sample portion.
One Source Industries, Llc

Geometric fingerprinting for localization of a device

Systems, apparatuses, and methods are provided for developing a fingerprint database for and determining the geographic location of an end-user device (e.g., vehicle, mobile phone, smart watch, etc.) with the database. A fingerprint database may be developed by receiving a depth map for a location in a path network, and then identifying physical structures within the depth map.
Here Global B.v.

Positioning mobile terminal based on electromagnetic signals

Example positioning techniques include: generating an initial particle set, randomly allocating different moving step lengths for each particle in the initial particle set, updating position information of each particle at a previous moment to obtain a current particle set, rating usability of each particle according to position information of each particle in the current particle set and a signal fingerprint received at a current moment, acquiring a moving step length of each particle having a rating higher than a first predetermined threshold in the current particle set, and updating a moving step length of each particle having a rating lower than the first predetermined threshold according to the acquired moving step length. The techniques of the present disclosure obtain a moving step length closest to the actual step length of a person, and update the moving step length in time with the change of the step length of the person..
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Content distribution including advertisements

Methods, devices, and computer program products are provided to enhance viewing of an entertainment content in the presence of advertisements. At a compliant device, at least a portion of an entertainment content is received and content policy information associated with the received entertainment content is obtained.
Verance Corporation

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