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Zonal input device

Logitech Europe S.a.

Zonal input device

Networked air quality monitoring

Networked air quality monitoring

Networked air quality monitoring

Samsung Electronics

Method for recognizing fingerprint and electronic device thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Finger-related patents
 Location based sharing of a network access credential patent thumbnailnew patent Location based sharing of a network access credential
A network access credential can be shared among devices based on location information for a device. Location information can include timed fingerprint location information.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.
 K-nearest neighbor-based method and system to provide multi-variate analysis on tool process data patent thumbnailnew patent K-nearest neighbor-based method and system to provide multi-variate analysis on tool process data
A server computer system creates a reference fingerprint for a first tool running a recipe. The server computer system uses reference data that pertains to the first tool performing within parameters to create the reference fingerprint.
Applied Materials, Inc.
 Compositions, systems, and methods for detecting a dna sequence patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions, systems, and methods for detecting a dna sequence
Provided are compositions, systems, and methods that employ one or more fusion protein pairs, wherein each fusion protein within a fusion protein pair comprises a sequence-specific nucleic acid binding protein, such as sequence-specific cas9 protein (e.g., a crispr), a sequence specific transcription activator-like enhancer (“tale”) protein, a sequence specific homing endonuclease (“he”; a/k/a meganuclease), a three prime exonuclease (“trex”), and/or a sequence specific zinc finger (“zf”) protein, which sequence-specific nucleic acid binding protein is operably linked to one half of a split-reporter molecule, such as a split-fluorescent reporter molecule, a split-luminescent reporter molecule, a förster resonance energy transfer (fret) reporter molecule, or a bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (bret) reporter molecule.. .
 Learning systems and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Learning systems and methods
A sequence of images depicting an object is captured, e.g., by a camera at a point-of-sale terminal in a retail store. The object is identified, such as by a barcode or watermark that is detected from one or more of the images.
Digimarc Corporation
 Method for recognizing fingerprint and electronic device thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Method for recognizing fingerprint and electronic device thereof
Provided are an electronic device and method for recognizing a fingerprint. The fingerprint recognition method includes deactivating touch recognition using a touch panel based on first touch information on a fingerprint sensor, and performing fingerprint recognition based on second touch information on the fingerprint sensor..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Method and system for operating a keyboard with multi functional keys, using fingerprints recognition patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for operating a keyboard with multi functional keys, using fingerprints recognition
The present invention provides an interface application enabling multi-functionality of a specific area part of an interface in a computerized device. The interface comprised of: at least one touch enabled surface, where in at least partial area surface is integrated with at least one fingerprint sensor for capturing at least part of distinguishing ridges and valleys of the touching fingertip touching a specific area, a processing module arranged to analyze said distinguishing ridges and valleys of the touching fingertip, for identifying characteristic of the specific touching finger differentiating said finger from other fingers of the same user (either from the same of both hands), and an activation module for determining the functionality of said specified area based on the identified touching finger(s)..
 Zonal input device patent thumbnailnew patent Zonal input device
In certain embodiments, a computer mouse includes a chassis to provide support for a user's hand, where the chassis includes a knuckle support region, a palm support region, a first side region having a first ledge to support a thumb, a second side region having a second ledge to support one or more of a pinky or ring finger, and a button region having one or more buttons to support one or more of a tip of an index finger or middle finger. Each region can be physically separated from one another on the surface of the chassis by a gap.
Logitech Europe S.a.
 Networked air quality monitoring patent thumbnailnew patent Networked air quality monitoring
Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable media for continuously monitoring residential air quality and providing a trend based analysis regarding various air pollutants are presented herein. The system comprises an air quality monitor located in a residential house, wherein the air quality monitor is configured to measure the level of an air pollutant.
 Interface for multi-functional communication devices and  operating patent thumbnailInterface for multi-functional communication devices and operating
A smart-phone interface including an arrangement of icons for opening applications arranged around perimeter of display screen leaving an empty central workspace, and a method of activating the smart-phone of consisting of touching the touch screen of the smart-phone with a finger having a fingerprint recognizable by the smart-phone and dragging the finger in a g shape.. .
 Zno-sio2 nanopowder for the development of latent fingerprints patent thumbnailZno-sio2 nanopowder for the development of latent fingerprints
A nanopower composition consisting of zinc oxide and silicon oxide used to develop latent fingerprints on a non-porous surface with a high degree of clarity. The nanopowder composition contains 40-50 percent zinc and 10-20 percent silicon..

Method of dynamic spectroscopy under physiological conditions

The present invention relates to the field of dynamic spectroscopy and more precisely to a method involving dynamic molecules spectroscopy technology designed to determine transitional changes in molecules conformation and assemblies both in physiologic and pathologic conditions. The method comprises in vitro fingerprints of a sample taken under highly controlled temperature in order to obtain precise images of either one or an ensemble of molecular dynamics.
Inoviem Scientific

Medical device for the measurement and processing of a health parameter of a patient

The medical device includes a device for the measurement of a health parameter of a patient, a device for capturing a fingerprint identifying the patient, a device for communicating with a remote server and a controller. When the controller is activated by a single action of the patient, the controller activates the device for the measurement of a health parameter of the patient and obtains a measured parameter in return, activates the fingerprint capture device and obtains a fingerprint in return, and then provides the measured parameter and the captured fingerprint to the communication device in order to transmit the measured parameter and the captured fingerprint to the remote server..
Welcoop Pharma

Mobile device and controlling therefor

The present specification relates to a mobile device and a method of controlling therefor, and more particularly, to a mobile device providing a user interface of a different security level according to a fingerprint verification and a touch input trajectory and a method of controlling therefor.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Identifying peers by their interpersonal relationships

According to this disclosure, a user is identified (and selectively granted access to protected resources) by using information that describes the user's interpersonal relationships. This information typically is stored in a datastore, such as a digital address book, an online profile page, or the like.
Wallrust, Inc.

Method and system for autocompletion for languages having ideographs and phonetic characters

A set of ordered predicted completion strings including strings of ideographs are presented to a user as the user enters text in a text entry box (e.g., a browser or a toolbar). The user entered text may include zero or more ideographs followed by one or more phonetic characters, or the entered text may be one or more.
Google Inc.

Fingerprints datastore and stale fingerprint removal in de-duplication environments

A storage server is coupled to a storage device that stores blocks of data, and generates a fingerprint for each data block stored on the storage device. The storage server creates a fingerprints datastore that is divided into a primary datastore and a secondary datastore.
Netapp, Inc.

Processes and methods for client-side fingerprint caching to improve deduplication system backup performance

A system and method for caching fingerprints in a client cache is provided. A data object that comprises a set of data segments and describes a backup process is identified.
Symantec Corporation

Secured point of sale transaction using fingerprint recognition

A method for operating a computerized system for processing cashless and cardless financial transactions, the method comprising the steps of: registering a user's fingerprint with an entity, by using the user's fingerprint to create a first image of the user's fingerprint and then storing the first image of the user's fingerprint in a digital database of the entity; associating the first image of the user's fingerprint, now registered, with at least one debit or credit account of the user; receiving, through a transaction device, a request to authorize a financial transaction, wherein said request comprises a second image of the user's fingerprint taken by the transaction device at the time the request to authorize the financial transaction is made; and, authenticating the request to authorize the financial transaction, by comparing in real time, through a computer network, the second image with the first image of the user's fingerprint.. .

Fingerstall oximeter

Disclosed is a fingerstall oximeter comprising an upper housing (11), a middle housing (12), a lower housing (13) and a detection unit. The upper housing (11), the middle housing (12) and the lower housing (13) are connected in turn.
Beijing Choice Electronic Technology Co.,ltd.

Selection of a radio access technology resource based on radio access technology resource historical information

The disclosed subject matter provides for selecting a radio access technology resource based on historical data related to the radio access technology resource. Location information can be employed to determine a radio access technology resource.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Multi-layer optical coating structure having an antibacterial coating layer

An optical coating structure includes a substrate, an anti-reflective coating layer, a base coating layer, an antibacterial coating layer, and a protective coating layer. The anti-reflective coating layer is disposed on the substrate.
Don Co., Ltd.

Cleaving thin layer from bulk material and apparatus including cleaved thin layer

Embodiments relate to use of a particle accelerator beam to form thin layers of material from a bulk substrate. In particular embodiments, a bulk substrate (e.g.
Silicon Genesis Corporation

Mobile media, devices, and signaling

Consumer uses of mobile devices and electronic media are changing. Mobile devices include increased computational capabilities, mobile broadband access, better integrated sensors, and higher resolution screens.
Digimarc Corporation

Method for observing and recording the identity, position and movement of one or more vessels in specific waters or sailing line

A method for automatic and continuous surveillance based on central and/or distributed surveillance of presence, positions, movements and movement pattern of one or more vessels (1) in narrow waters, a sailing lane or where danger of collision with other vessels or other fixed or floating collision risks exist. The vessel emits a sweeping signal (4) that repeatedly hits one or more detectors (5.n) detecting the character of the sweeping signal and the time intervals between the signal hits on the respective detector.

Engineered landing pads for gene targeting in plants

A method for producing a transgenic plant includes providing a nucleic acid molecule comprising at least two regions of nucleic acid sequence that lack sequence homology with genomic dna of the plant cell, and at least two zinc finger nuclease recognition sites, wherein the at least two regions of nucleic acid sequence that lack sequence homology with genomic dna of the plant cell flank the at least two zinc finger nuclease recognition sites. A plant cell or tissue having the nucleic acid molecule stably integrated into the genome of the plant cell is transformed.
Dow Agrosciences Llc

System and removing overlapping ranges from a flat sorted data structure

A system and method efficiently removes ranges of entries from a flat sorted data structure, such as a fingerprint database, of a storage system. The ranges of entries represent fingerprints that have become stale, i.e., are not representative of current states of corresponding blocks in the file system, due to various file system operations such as, e.g., deletion of a data block without overwriting its contents.
Netapp, Inc.

Accelerated deduplication

Mechanisms are provided for accelerated data deduplication. A data stream is received an input interface and maintained in memory.
Dell Products L.p.

Biometrics for rapid and enhanced service and hospitality and quantification thereof

The present invention provides a computer-implemented system and method for enhanced service and hospitality by a facility, such as a restaurant, using biometric identifiers, such as facial recognition, fingerprint identification, palm print identification, iris recognition, retina recognition and voice recognition, and a computer-implemented means for quantifying the rapidity of service to enrolled customers in the program compared to customers not enrolled in the program. Customers enroll in the program and provide specific biometric identifiers as well their one or more preferences related to one or more foods, drinks and/or services provided by the facility..

Vibration condition monitoring system and methods

In one embodiment, a diagnostics system is provided. The diagnostics system include a detection system configured to capture acoustic information and contextual information related to a machine component defect.
General Electric Company

Geographic redundancy determination for time based location information in a wireless radio network

Determining levels of geographic redundancy among radios of a wireless radio network is disclosed. The level of geographic redundancy for a radio can affect the determination of location information for a user equipment (ue) on the wireless radio network.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Fingerprint sensing assemblies and methods of making

A fingerprint sensing module includes a sensor substrate having a sensing side and a circuit side, an image sensor including conductive traces on the circuit side of the sensor substrate, and a sensor circuit including at least one integrated circuit mounted on the circuit side of the sensor substrate and electrically connected to the image sensor. The sensor substrate may be a flexible substrate.
Synaptics Incorporated

Method for registering fingerprint image

A method for registering a fingerprint image is provided. The method comprises steps of: establishing an orientation field template base according to m training fingerprints, wherein m is a positive integer larger than one; receiving a fingerprint image to be registered; obtaining an initial orientation field of the fingerprint image; obtaining an estimated position and an estimated direction of the fingerprint image according to the initial orientation field and the orientation field template base; and registering the fingerprint image according to a preset position, a preset direction, the estimated position and the estimated direction..
Tsighua University

Fingerprint sensor in an electronic device

A fingerprint sensor is incorporated in a display stack in an electronic device. A single fingerprint can be captured at one time at a single pre-defined fixed location on a display.
Apple Inc.

Nail polish remover

Nail polish remover strips are pre-sized for toe or fingernails and applied to a painted or artificial nail and left thereon for a predetermined period of time to dissolve the nail polish and/or nail bonding agent. Preferably a color change occurs to depict the appropriate dwelling time to dissolve the nail polish.

Electronic device and controlling the electronic device via fingerprint recognition

An electronic device includes a fingerprint sensor used for controlling the electronic device to perform predetermined functions. A plurality of reference fingerprints and a plurality of functions corresponding to the reference fingerprints are set, where each reference fingerprint corresponds to a function.
Ye Xin Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.

Securely recovering a computing device

A method and an apparatus for establishing an operating environment by certifying a code image received from a host over a communication link are described. The code image may be digitally signed through a central authority server.
Apple Inc.

Dynamic tardos traitor tracing schemes

A fingerprinting method. For each round in a series of rounds: providing to each receiver in a set of receivers a version of a source item of content, the source item of content corresponding to the round.
Irdeto B.v.

Transferring differences between chunks during replication

Techniques and mechanisms described herein facilitate the replication of data between storage nodes. According to various embodiments, a request to provide a data chunk to a target storage node may be received at a source data storage node.
Dell Products L.p.

Correlative anticipatory deltacasting

Methods, apparatuses, and systems for improving utilization of a communications system (e.g., a satellite communications system) are provided through techniques referred to herein as “deltacasting.” some embodiments use a server-side optimizer to intercept and create fingerprints of byte-level content data traversing links of the communications system. The content fingerprints are used to transparently identify communications patterns (e.g., repetitious downloads of the same content, correlations between users, etc.), which may then be used in exploiting multicasting and/or other opportunities for increased utilization of the communication links..
Viasat, Inc.

Systems and methods for spam interception

Systems and methods are provided for intercepting spam messages. For example, a message including one or more first characters is received, the one or more first characters not being associated with predetermined formats; the one or more first characters are converted to one or more second characters associated with the predetermined formats; the one or more second characters are determined as a feature fingerprint of message; and in response to the feature fingerprint of the message being included in a database of sample feature fingerprints, the message is determined as a spam message and the message is intercepted..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Mirna fingerprint in the diagnosis of wilms' tumour

Micrornas (mirna) are a recently discovered class of small non-coding rnas (17-14 nucleotides). Due to their function as regulators of gene expression they play a critical role both in physiological and in pathological processes, such as cancer.
Comprehensive Biomarker Center Gmbh

Modulating the interaction between zo-2/tjp2 and a snail zinc finger transcription factor family member

There is provided a method of identifying candidate agents capable of modulating interaction between a first polypeptide and a second polypeptide, wherein the first polypeptide is zo-2/tjp2 or a functional variant thereof and the second polypeptide is a snail zinc finger transcription factor family member or a functional variant thereof.. .
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

Apparatus for collecting fingerprints and buccal swabs

Disclosed are devices and methods for collection, labeling and matching biological samples containing nucleic acid in conjunction with collecting at least one ridge and valley signature such as a fingerprint or footprint of an individual. Such devices and methods are used in forensic, human identification, paternity, tissue typing, and screening technologies to rapidly process an individual's identity, determine the identity of an individual along with the genotype profile of the individual..
Life Technologies Corporation

Matte film and manufacturing the same

Provided is matte film including: a film layer that is formed in a nano-web shape by electrospinning a polymer material; an ink layer that is coated on one surface of the film layer: and an adhesive layer that is laminated on the other surface of the film layer through electrospinning. Since the film layer is formed in a nano-web shape so that fiber strands are accumulated, the matte film can be thinly produced and have a non-glossy function of performing scattered reflection of light and a fingerprint-preventive function of making fingerprints imprinted.
Amogreentech Co., Ltd.

Device reputation management

A device reputation server recognizes malicious devices used in prior attacks and prevents further attacks by the malicious devices. Server computers require a digital fingerprint of any client devices prior to providing any service to such client devices.
Uniloc Luxembourg S.a.

Media fingerprinting for social networking

Audio fingerprinting and other media matching technologies can be used to identify media, such as movies, television shows, and radio broadcasts. A user device can record image, audio, and/or video information and upload information to a matching service that is able to use matching technology to identify the media and provide supplemental content or information to the user.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

Systems, methods, and computer program products providing change logging in a deduplication process

A method performed in a network storage system, the method including receiving a plurality of data blocks at a secondary storage subsystem from a primary storage subsystem, generating a first log that includes a first plurality of entries, one entry for each of the data blocks, in which each entry of the first plurality of entries includes a name for a respective data block and a fingerprint of the respective data block, receiving metadata at the secondary storage subsystem from the primary storage subsystem, the metadata describing relationships between the plurality of blocks and a plurality of files, generating a second log that includes a second plurality of entries, and merging the first log with the second log to generate a change log.. .
Netapp, Inc.

Deltacasting for overlapping requests

Methods, apparatuses, and systems are provided for improving utilization of a communications system (e.g., a satellite communications system) when handling overlapping content requests. Embodiments use various techniques (e.g., dictionary coding techniques) to create fingerprints of content traversing the links of the communications system.
Viasat, Inc.

Representative document selection for a set of duplicate documents

Systems and methods are provided for obtaining a plurality of documents. A respective document in the plurality of documents is associated with a score and each document in the plurality of documents is from a different data structure in a plurality of data structures.
Google Inc.

Geofences based on rf fingerprints

Systems, apparatus and methods in a mobile device for creating and/or using a geofence are presented. When creating a geofence, a mobile device collects at least one rf fingerprint.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Femtocell fingerprinting

User equipment (ue) includes an architecture for handling femtocell fingerprints. The architecture may, as examples, maintain the validity and reliability of fingerprints and coordinate enhancement to existing fingerprints.
Broadcom Corporation

Cell selection techniques for femtocell measurements

User equipment (ue) includes an architecture for handling femtocell fingerprints, and searching for femtocells. The architecture may control the frequencies for which the femtocell search is performed in various manners.
Broadcom Corporation

Analysis of genetic biomarkers for forensic analysis and fingerprinting

The present invention relates generally to methods of determining base compositions for pcr products (e.g., rt pcr products, (rt) rt-pcr products, etc.). In particular, the present invention provides base-composition determination of pcr products containing up to five different nucleobases (e.g., a, c, g, t, u) and/or significant levels of non-templated adenylation..
Ibis Biosciences, Inc.

Authorizing the use of a biometric card

Embodiments of the present invention provide a system and method for authorizing the use of a biometric transaction card. Specifically, embodiments of the present invention provide a biometric card having a biometric sensor to determine whether the biometric information (fingerprint) is from human skin.

Controllable signal processing in a biometric device

A processing channel is operatively connected to a biometric device. The processing channel includes an analog-to-digital converter (adc) connected to at least one of an amplifier and an offset circuit.
Apple Inc.

Communicating rf fingerprint-based geofences

Systems, apparatus and methods for communicating and using a geofence while maintaining privacy are presented. A geofence is based on at least one rf fingerprint.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Change-tolerant generating identifier for collection of assets in computing environment using error-correction code scheme

A secure and change-tolerant method for obtaining an identifier for a collection of assets associated with a computing environment. Each asset has an asset parameter and the computing environment has a fingerprint based on an original collection of assets and on a codeword generation algorithm on the original collection of assets.
Irdeto B.v.

Optical fingerprint recognition apparatus

In accordance with an embodiment, the prism is made slimly to correct the distortion of the fingerprint image such as trapezoidal distortion or the like. Therefore, it is possible to manufacture the optical fingerprint recognition apparatus of a compact size.
Suprema Inc.

Account login method, apparatus and system, and network server

The examples of the present disclosure provide an account login method, device and system and a network server, which relate to computer communications. The method includes: obtaining current fingerprint information sent from a terminal; determining whether the current fingerprint information is the same with pre-stored initial fingerprint information; and allowing the terminal to log in to an account which is associated with a piece of the pre-stored initial fingerprint information when the current fingerprint information is the same with the piece of the pre-stored initial fingerprint information.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Method and system for adding an identifier

A computer-implemented method of automatically adding an identifier related to a content item to a communication in a multi-user communication network such as a social network. The method comprising obtaining a robust fingerprint of the content item, retrieving the identifier from a database using the robust fingerprint, and adding the identifier formatted in a format suitable for the multi-user communication network to the communication.
Civolution B.v.

Collaborative social system for building and sharing a vast robust database of interactive media content

A method is provided for building and sharing an electronic database of interactive media content among a community of users. An electronic submission that corresponds to an audio and/or visual media asset is received from a user.
Optinera Inc.

Providing history-based data processing

Providing data processing methods is disclosed, including: receiving a request to provide a plurality of data processing methods to a user; obtaining historical data associated with a plurality of historical user selections associated with the plurality of data processing methods, wherein the plurality of historical user selections is associated with the user; determining a plurality of data processing fingerprint aggregate scores corresponding to respective ones of the plurality of data processing methods based at least in part on the historical data; and providing the plurality of data processing methods based at least in part on the plurality of data processing fingerprint aggregate scores.. .
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Apparatus and accurate cun self measurements

An apparatus and method for self calibration of ‘cun’ measurements comprising, a rubber tubing or other tubing with elastic properties, a set of concave shaped beads fixed on the two ends of the rubber tubing to act as hand grips, a set of four colored beads that move freely along the rubber tubing, placing the widest portion of the thumb between the blue and green colored beads to calibrate the 1 ‘cun’ measurement, placing the index finger and the middle finger between the green and yellow beads to calibrate the 1.5 ‘cun’ measurement and placing all four fingers between the yellow and orange beads to calibrate the 3 ‘cun’ measurement. The self calibrated apparatus can be placed on any part of the body to locate acupuncture points for treatment with acupuncture needles, patches, or other forms of stimulation such as heat therapy, laser therapy, acupressure and electrical stimulation..

Monomer architecture of tal nuclease or zinc finger nuclease for dna modification

The present invention provides compositions and methods for targeted cleavage of cellular chromatin in a region of interest and/or homologous recombination at a predetermined site in cells. Compositions include fusion polypeptides comprising a tal effector binding or a zinc finger domain and an i-tevi homing endonuclease cleavage domain as well as nucleic acid sequence encoding the same.
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc

Media recognition and synchronisation to a motion signal

The present document describes a device and method for synchronizing a motion signal corresponding to a media content with a media signal for the media content, the motion signal being for controlling a motion feedback system. The method comprises: receiving a portion of the media signal; obtaining a fingerprint corresponding to the received portion of the media signal; from reference fingerprints associated with time positions of at least one reference media content, identifying a reference time position of the media content corresponding to the obtained fingerprint; obtaining the motion signal associated with the identified reference time position of the media content; and outputting the motion signal synchronized with the media signal using the identified reference time position of the media content for controlling the motion feedback system..
D-box Technologies Inc.

Method and recognizing fingerprints

A fingerprint recognition method and apparatus are provided for quickly and accurately authenticating a user using a direction of a fingerprint. The fingerprint recognition method includes sensing a fingerprint input from a user; creating fingerprint data including a direction angle of the fingerprint input; and authenticating the user based on the fingerprint data..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Optical film assembly, display apparatus having the same and manufacturing the same

An optical film assembly includes an anti-reflection film including a plurality of stacked anti-reflection layers, a side surface of the anti-reflection film being inclined with respect to an upper surface of a display panel, the anti-reflection layers having different thicknesses and different refractivities, and an anti-fingerprint film on the anti-reflection film, the anti-fingerprint film being integral with the anti-reflection film, the anti-fingerprint film being hydrophobic.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Electronic device and controlling image capturing

An electronic device includes a camera device for capturing images and a fingerprint identification unit for receiving signals of fingerprints. The electronic device detects a signal received from the fingerprint identification unit, and controls the camera device to focus a specified scene of the camera device and capturing an image of the specified scene, when the detected signal is a press signal..
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

Fingerprint sensing system and method

The present invention relates to a fingerprint sensing system comprising a sensor array with a plurality of sensing structures and read-out circuitry connectable to each of the sensing structures, and power supply circuitry arranged to provide to the read-out circuitry a substantially constant supply voltage being a difference between a high potential and a low potential. The fingerprint sensing system is configured in such a way that the low potential and the high potential are variable while substantially maintaining the supply voltage, and the read-out circuitry is connectable to each of the sensing structures in such a way that a variation in the low potential and the high potential while substantially maintaining the supply voltage results in a change of the charge carried by a sensing structure connected to the read-out circuitry.
Fingerprint Cards Ab

Shaver head mechanism

A shaver includes a shaver head casing, floating cutter holders disposed in the shaver head casing, and two or three circular rotary blade assemblies respectively configured in the central circular holes of the floating cutter holders from below via a rabbet structure; the floating cutter holder is made of a hard rubber material disposed inside and a soft rubber material covering the outside, and is in a fingernail shape, with a circular-arc-shaped outside and an inside opening that is flat or at an angle of 120 degrees; the two or three floating cutter holders are mutually connected via a strip-shaped thin soft rubber layer by means of the opening that is flat or at an angle of 120 degrees, the thickness of the strip-shaped thin soft rubber layer being 0.05-0.15 mm. The floating cutter holder is a soft and flexible integrated structure..
Shanghai Povos Electric Works Co., Ltd.

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