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Finger patents

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Methods for facilitating improved user authentication using persistent data and devices thereof

F5 Networks

Methods for facilitating improved user authentication using persistent data and devices thereof

Dynamic keyboard and touchscreen biometrics


Dynamic keyboard and touchscreen biometrics

Dynamic keyboard and touchscreen biometrics

Yves Swiss Ag

Artificial fingernail or toe nail with an incorporated transponder

Date/App# patent app List of recent Finger-related patents
 Video observation system patent thumbnailnew patent Video observation system
The present invention provides a video observation apparatus for observing video displayed on the display unit of an information processing terminal, comprising: a bottom portion on which the terminal is placed; a back sheet having a mirror portion on an inner surface of the back sheet opposing the terminal and arranged toward an observer to make an acute angle between the bottom portion and the back sheet; a top sheet arranged parallel to the bottom portion; and a front sheet having a lens portion positioned corresponding to the right and left eyes of the observer; wherein a height of the top sheet is offset downward from a height of the top of the apparatus formed by the back sheet; and wherein the apparatus is held by placing a thumb on the bottom portion, an index finger and/or a middle finger on the top sheet and the remaining fingers on the back sheet.. .
Eyeresh Co., Ltd.

 Latent fingerprint detection patent thumbnailnew patent Latent fingerprint detection
Systems, devices, and methods for detecting a contaminant on a substrate are discussed herein. Variations of such systems, devices, and methods may include one or snore illumination sources that emit illumination at one or more desired wavelength ranges to illuminate one or more areas on the substrate; where the desired wavelength range is one that is absorbed by the contaminant while causing the substrate to fluoresce.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

 Methods for facilitating improved user authentication using persistent data and devices thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for facilitating improved user authentication using persistent data and devices thereof
A method, non-transitory computer readable medium, and access policy management computing device that obtains a first set of attributes based on a login request received from a client device. The first set of attributes includes at least credentials for a user of the client device.
F5 Networks, Inc.

 System and device for authenticating a user patent thumbnailnew patent System and device for authenticating a user
The invention utilize an inventive device being a small, portable, handheld self-contained operating unit for reading your private information (as smart card) and all your private biometric data (as from fingerprints, voice, eye-iris, face shape readers) to help you mixed together with its unique readable production series number to secure a special coded startup of all your private equipment and help you to connect safely to your bank account, your data storage on the clouds, your government files etc. The devise may also provide you with this unique safe series number mixed cryptic verification of your own identity to open your own home, your office, your car, your equipment, your bike, your boat, your mc and all your other digital locks.
Eka A/s

 System and  using task fingerprinting to predict task performance patent thumbnailnew patent System and using task fingerprinting to predict task performance
A novel method of using task fingerprinting to predict outcome measures such quality, errors, and the likelihood of cheating, particularly as applied to crowd sourced tasks. The technique focuses on the way workers work rather than the products they produce.
Carnegie Mellon University

 Artificial fingernail or toe nail with an incorporated transponder patent thumbnailnew patent Artificial fingernail or toe nail with an incorporated transponder
An artificial nail for placing onto a finger or a toe is connected to an integrated transponder chip (2), which is preferably placed on the underside of the artificial nail. The integrated transponder chip measures only a few millimeters in diameter and is ultra-thin.
Yves Swiss Ag

 Fingerprint analysis patent thumbnailnew patent Fingerprint analysis
A method of analysis and comparison of fingerprint images, includes creating a set of data from a first fingerprint image and employing the data for comparison with a set of data obtained from a second fingerprint image, comparing the two sets of data to establish a correspondence of relative positions of at least some minutiae and comparing the numbers of each of one or more different types of minutiae within a prescribed area of each image, the sets of data for the two fingerprint images further including the numbers of each of one or more different types of minutiae lying within a constellation type boundary defined by a plurality of minutiae of identical type and which encircle a core minutia.. .

 Dynamic keyboard and touchscreen biometrics patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamic keyboard and touchscreen biometrics
Embodiments of the present invention are directed toward providing ongoing authentication using biometric data. Fingerprints and/or other biometric data can be captured during the normal use of an electronic device, such as typing on a keyboard, and compared with associated reference biometrics to provide ongoing authentication to an application while the electronic device is being used.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Asynchronous backend global deduplication patent thumbnailnew patent Asynchronous backend global deduplication
A method of performing a global deduplication may include: collecting a data chunk to be written to a backing storage of a storage system at a staging area in the storage system; generating a data fingerprint of the data chunk; sending the data fingerprint in batch along with other data fingerprints corresponding to data chunks collected at different times to a metadata server system in the storage system; receiving an indication, at the staging area, of whether the data fingerprint is unique in the storage system from the metadata server system; and discarding the data chunk when committing a data object containing the data chunk to the backing storage, when the indication indicates that the data chunk is not unique.. .
Netapp, Inc.

 Using cross-matching between users and matching against reference data to facilitate content identification patent thumbnailnew patent Using cross-matching between users and matching against reference data to facilitate content identification
Techniques for identifying video and/or audio content are presented. An identification management component (imc) groups users determined to be at least potentially be watching the same content based on first content fingerprints associated with respective content viewed by the users on communication devices, and a defined matching criterion.
Google Inc.

new patent

Silicon-containing highly branched polymer and curable composition containing the same

There is provided a composition for forming a hard coat layer which has high slippage and is excellent in water/oil repellency and also has antifouling properties such as fingerprint resistance and dirt wiping-off properties, and which is curable through ultraviolet irradiation in a nitrogen atmosphere or an air atmosphere that is generally used. A silicon-containing highly branched polymer obtained by polymerization of a monomer a having two or more radically polymerizable double bonds in a molecule and a monomer b having a polysiloxane chain and at least one radically polymerizable double bond in a molecule in the presence of a polymerization initiator d in an amount of 5 to 200% by mole relative to the number of moles of the monomer a; a curable composition including the highly branched polymer; a cured film obtained from the composition; and a hard coat film obtained by use of the composition..
Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.

new patent

Funerary item with embedded cremains and external etching

A novel method of displaying cremated remains of a human or animal decedent is presented, where a portion of decedent cremains is encased within a transparent device with an etched memento of the decedent on the outside of the device. The memento can be a human fingerprint or the nose print of an animal..


Method and monitoring network device

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method and an apparatus for monitoring a network device, and relate to the field of information network technologies. The method in the present invention includes acquiring basic service set identifiers (bssids) of wireless network devices in a network system managed by a network management system and determining bssids of unauthorized wireless network devices in the acquired bssids of the wireless network devices in the network system by using a fingerprint database of authorized wireless network devices.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Discovery method and apparatuses and system for discovery

The invention relates to methods, apparatuses, systems and computer program products for discovery of nearby devices. To facilitate discovery of nearby, i.e.
Nokia Corporation


User wearable wireless enabled electronic apparatus

User-wearable electronic apparatus configured to enable wireless communications. In one embodiment, the apparatus takes the form of a wrist-worn apparatus (such as wristwatch) which includes a short-range radio frequency interface disposed therein at time of manufacture of the apparatus.
West View Research, Llc


Method for providing control function using fingerprint sensor and electronic device thereof

An apparatus and a method for providing a control function using a fingerprint sensor in an electronic device are provided. The method includes collecting information based on occurrence of an event, detecting a touch input on a fingerprint sensor, and performing a control function for the information based on the touch input on the fingerprint sensor..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and system for detecting data modification within computing device

A method and apparatus for detecting data modification in a layered operating system is disclosed. Outbound content indicators at different layers are compared to detect potential outbound data modifications.
Trend Micro Incorporated


Rules driven pan id metadata routing system and network

Content objects are associated with metadata via content identifiers that are derived from sensed signals captured by requesting mobile devices. In response to a content based query from a mobile device, content fingerprints and extracted digital codes decoded from the sensed signals are issued to a network based router system.
Digimarc Corporation


Music selection and organization using audio fingerprints

A content selection system and method for identifying and organizing moods in content using objectively measured scores for rhythm, texture and pitch (rtp) and clustered into six mood classifications based on an objective analysis of the measured scores. Digitized representations of the content may also be identified and organized based on the content's frequency data, three-dimensional shapes derived from the digitized representations, and colors derived from the frequency data.
Aperture Investments, Llc


Device configuration for multiple users using remote user biometrics

An electronic device receives data associated with at least one biometric detected by a sensor of a remote control device. The biometric may be at least one fingerprint, retinal scan, facial image, and/or any other biometric.
Apple Inc.


Electric vehicle power management systems

A system that enables power flow management for electrical devices, such as electric vehicles. Power flow managers can coordinate charging activities.
Gridpoint, Inc.


Terminal and managing cell information in terminal

The present invention relates to a method for managing cell informations received from neighbor cells for mdt (minimization of drive test) in the 3gpp system and terminal for performing the method, the terminal including a transceiver which receives cell informations transmitted by at least one neighbor base station; a controller which checks at least one cell information for generating location prediction information to check current location of the terminal among the cell informations received by the transceiver; and a memory which stores the at least one cell information for generating the location prediction information as minimization of drive test (mdt) measurement sample for reporting radio environment under the control of the controller. The terminal is capable of logging the neighbor cell measurement information efficiently depending on whether the terminal logs rf fingerprint information in the idle mode..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Detecting distorted audio signals based on audio fingerprinting

An audio identification system generates a probe audio fingerprint of an audio signal and determines amount of pitch shifting in the audio signal based on analysis of correlation between the probe audio fingerprint and a reference audio fingerprint. The audio identification system applies a time-to-frequency domain transform to frames of the audio signal and filters the transformed frames.
Facebook, Inc.


Method for processing input and electronic device thereof

A method for operating an electronic device is provided. The method includes obtaining input information input to a display screen and fingerprint information input to a fingerprint sensor.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Finger print state integration with non-application processor functions for power savings in an electronic device

A system includes a fingerprint sensor, an application processor, and an auxiliary processor. The application processor is operable to arm the fingerprint sensor prior to the application processor entering a low power or sleep mode.
Motorola Mobility Llc


Method for recognizing fingerprint and mobile terminal supporting the same

A method for recognizing a fingerprint in a portable terminal includes, if a touch input is sensed via a fingerprint scanning sensor, determining whether a touch input event is detected on an object displayed on a screen, deactivating a function corresponding to the detected touch input event on the object if the touch input event is sensed, and performing a function corresponding to the sensed touch input via the fingerprint scanning sensor. A portable terminal includes a display unit configured to display at least one object on a screen, a fingerprint scanning sensor configured to sense a touch input, and a processor configured to deactivate a function corresponding to the detected touch input event on the at least one object if the touch input is sensed, and to perform a function corresponding to the sensed touch event via the finger scanning sensor..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


System and creating a core cognitive fingerprint

A system and method for creating a core cognitive fingerprint are provided. A core cognitive fingerprint can be used to capture and summarize the evolution of a system state and potentially respond with a predetermined action if the fingerprint falls within a defined threshold.
Sparkcognition, Inc.


Automated multimedia content recognition

An automated content recognition system accurately and reliably generates content identification information for multimedia content without accessing the multimedia content or a reliable source of the multimedia content. The system receives content-based queries having fingerprints of multimedia content.
Microsoft Corporation


System and performing data management in a collaborative development environment

An object that is not linked to a root object of a data model is identified. A first instruction comprising a fingerprint and a request to delete the object from memory is transmitted to a plurality of user devices.


System for crowd-sourced fingerprinting

A system for crowd-sourced fingerprinting has a positioning database and a mobile wireless device. The positioning database is configured to store information relating wireless local area network access point (ap) signal measurements to points of a geographic positioning grid.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Football training gloves

A glove includes a tubular fabric substrate having an upper end and, in opposed relation to the upper end, at least four defined finger portions, each of the four defined finger portions being generally tubular in shape to engage one of four fingers of one of a user's right and left hands, the four fingers being, in order, the pinky, the ring finger, the middle finger, and the index finger. The upper end defines an upper opening.


Wlan radiomap with access points uniquely identified by combination of bssid and mcc

The application relates to storage and retrieval of information about access points aps of wireless local area networks wlans. It is known to store information about wlan aps, for example fingerprint data, in such a way that the data can be accessed using the bssid of the wl-an ap, i.e.
Nokia Corporation


Method and recognizing indoor location using received signal strength intensity map

An apparatus for recognizing an indoor location using an rssi (received signal strength intensity) map, includes an environment information acquirer configured to acquire indoor environment information and store the acquired indoor environment information on a node basis; a numerical map creator configured to create a numerical map; a field intensity creator configured to create the rssi map; a dead-reckoning sensor configured to locate an area less than several meters within which the environment information acquire is actually located to locate a more accurate location within the area; a path information producer configured to produce path information including movable potential trajectories; and an initializer configured to initialize an initialization location of one or more candidate entities and fingerprint information.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Method and system for remotely controlling consumer electronic devices

A media system replaces content in a first sequence of media content. The media system presents the first sequence of media content to an end-user and generates a fingerprint of the sequence of media content.
Gracenote, Inc.


Fingerprint sensor module-based device-to-device communication

Devices, systems, and techniques are provided for enabling device-to-device communications between a first device equipped with a fingerprint detection module that includes a metal contact and a second device equipped with a capacitive coupling port. In one aspect, a technique for enabling the device-to-device communications includes: positioning the first device and the second device so that the metal contact of the fingerprint detection module of the first device is in capacitive coupling with the capacitive coupling port of the second device; and establishing device-to-device communication between the first device and the second device through electrical signaling between the metal contact of the first device and the capacitive coupling port of the second device.
Shenzhen Huiding Technology Co., Ltd.


Detecting which channel a local stb is displaying using a local tuner

Methods and systems for determining meta-information for a channel being viewed are described. At an inline tv processor with a processor and memory, a first tv signal is received from a first source.


Efficient backup replication

A system for backup replication comprises a processor and a memory. The processor is configured to determine data present in a most recent backup not present in a previous backup; transmit an extent specification; and transmit data segment fingerprints of the one or more data segments.
Emc Corporation


Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device

Described are methods, devices and computer-readable media for displaying, on a touch screen display, a user interface that includes an unlocked element, detecting user inputs that include movement of a finger contact on the unlocked element toward the first location, wherein the first location is in respective direction from the unlocked element. Fingerprint data is obtained based on the finger movement, and based on the obtained fingerprint data, it is determined whether the user inputs meet unlock criteria or not..
Apple Inc.


Decorative laminates having a textured surface exhibiting a fingerprint proof surface

A decorative laminate lay-up used in the manufacture of decorative laminates includes a decorative laminate sheet assembly composed of resin impregnated paper layers and a textured release sheet positioned on a top surface of the decorative laminate sheet assembly. The textured release sheet provides a textured surface to decorative laminates resulting from processing of the decorative laminate sheet assembly, wherein the textured release sheet includes a textured surface exhibiting anti-reflective, hydrophobic and oleophobic characteristics leading to a fingerprint proof surface..
Wilsonart Llc


Electrical device having a fingerprint/scratch preventing structure and a manufacturing the same

An electrical device having a fingerprint/scratching prevention structure in order to prevent the occurrence of fingerprints and scratching on the surface of metal parts of electrical devices such as card sockets or connectors, etc., is disclosed. The electric device has the property of forming concavo-convex irregularities on all or part of the surface of a metal part by embossing, so that fingerprints are not left and scratches do not occur on the surface of the metal part..
Molex Incorporated


Method and device for generating and detecting a fingerprint functioning as a trigger marker in a multimedia signal

A device is configured to perform a method that detects a trigger marker for an action corresponding to a segment of a multimedia signal. A fingerprint is generated based on the segment of the multimedia signal at a trigger time point.
Gracenote, Inc.


Fingerprint sensor and electronic device including the same

There are provided a fingerprint sensor and an electronic device including the same. The fingerprint sensor includes a glass panel; a plurality of transducers arranged on edge regions of the glass panel, the plurality of transducers emitting ultrasonic wave signals toward inner surfaces of the glass panel and receiving the ultrasonic wave signals reflected from the inner surfaces of the glass panel; and a fingerprint sensing unit sensing a fingerprint based on the ultrasonic wave signals received by the plurality of transducers, the fingerprint sensing unit sequentially driving the plurality of transducers..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Identifying and blocking prohibited content items in a content management system

To identify whether a content item is prohibited, a content management system can generate a content item fingerprint for the content item and then compare the generated content item fingerprint to a blacklist of content item fingerprints for prohibited content items. If the generated content item fingerprint matches any of the content item fingerprints included in the blacklist, the content management system can determine that the content item is prohibited.
Dropbox, Inc.


Systems and methods for providing targeted advertisements

A system, machine-readable storage medium storing at least one program, and a computer-implemented method for providing targeted advertisements is provided. In one embodiment, a client device initiates a first game using a first game application and generates a fingerprint indicating user information accessible on the client device.
Zynga Inc.


Method of executing function of electronic device and electronic device using the same

Methods and apparatuses are provided for executing a function of an electronic device using fingerprint verification. A security level of the function to be performed is acquired, if the function requires the fingerprint verification.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Electronic device with a fingerprint reader and operating the same

A method for operating an electronic device is provided, in which the device detects contact with a user's finger, scans its fingerprint and sets the orientation of the electronic device based on the fingerprint (e.g., whether is from the user's left hand or right hand) and on an angle of the fingerprint with respect to the device. This allows the electronic device to determine its orientation with respect to the user rather than with respect to the environment..
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Wearable electronic device having a fingerprint identification display

Particular embodiments described herein provide for a wearable electronic device, such as a bracelet, watch, wristband or armband that includes a circuit board coupled to a plurality of electronic components (which may include any type of components, elements, circuitry, etc.). One particular example implementation of a wearable electronic device may include a strap portion and a first display portion included in the strap portion.


Function fingerprinting

Systems and methods generate and apply identification codes or “fingerprints” with respect to software functions contained in executable files. Utilizing such fingerprinting procedures, the function identification codes for known malicious files and/or known benign can be stored in the database.
Cincinnati Bell, Inc.


Method and system for safe data access

A method for safe data access is to be implemented using a system that may include master and slave processing units and a storage medium. The storage mediummay include a trusted section, a monitored section and a hidden section.


Biometric access system

One or more biometric templates can be stored for a user. The user can access a verification system by scanning biometric data, such as a fingerprint or iris scan, into a biometric reader.
Digit Security, Llc


Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for providing automatic maintenance of a geoposition system

An apparatus for augmenting associations between places and fingerprints includes a processor and memory storing executable computer code causing the apparatus to at least perform operations including detecting fingerprint data from a beacon device(s), as the apparatus traverses one or more physical places. The fingerprint data corresponds to generated summaries of radio information corresponding to the physical places.
Nokia Corporation


Method and time of flight fingerprint and geo-location

The disclosure relates to locating a device in an environment. In one embodiment, the disclosure is directed to a method to determine a device location.


Authorizing devices based on identifying content distributor

Methods and systems to authorize devices and/or perform other actions based on identifying content distributors are described. In some example embodiments, the methods and systems access video content playing at a client device, calculate fingerprints of a portion of the video content, identify a distributor of the video content based on the fingerprints, and perform an action in response to the identification of the distributor of the video content, such as actions to authorize the client device or other associated devices (e.g., second screens) to receive content from the distributor, actions to present sponsored content to the client device or associated devices, and so on..
Gracenote, Inc.


Device and identity authentication

A device for identity authentication is disclosed in the invention, which comprises a client and a background, wherein the client comprises a plurality of terminal units and fingerprint sensors interconnecting with each terminal unit, each fingerprint sensor includes a collection and recognition device for collecting fingerprint information and a memory for storing fingerprint information and user information of the user corresponding to the fingerprint information. The background includes a identity authentication server interconnecting with the terminal units, and multiple application servers interconnecting with the identity authentication server.
Wwtt Technology China


Systems and methods for introducing variation in sub-system output signals to prevent device fingerprinting

A computer-implemented method for introducing variation in sub-system output signals to prevent device fingerprinting may include (1) intercepting, on a computing device, an output signal sent from a sub-system device on a computing device to a software component on the computing device, (2) identifying a margin of error for the output signal, (3), creating a modified output signal by introducing variation into the output signal in such a way that (a) the variation does not exceed the margin of error for the output signal and (b) the modified output signal cannot be used to identify the computing device, and (4) sending the modified output signal to the software component. Various other methods, systems, and computer-readable media are also disclosed..
Symantec Corporation


System and imaging evidence deposited on curved surfaces

Systems and methods are disclosed for capturing images of latent evidence such as a latent fingerprint provided on a curved or irregular surface of an object. According to certain embodiments, a latent fingerprint provided on a curved or irregular surface of an object is illuminated by a uv lamp.
Syntronics, Llc


System for estimating gender from fingerprints

A method for detecting the gender only from a persons fingerprint data in real time. Testing consists of determining if the fingerprint is taken from the right hand or the left hand, taking a core point as reference from a selected fingerprint, analyzing the size of an obtained fingerprint part, drawing a diagonal line, then automatically determining ridge lines crossed by the diagonal line, calculating the ridge counts, determining ridge thicknesses, determining the numbers of black and white pixel from the obtained values, determining average fingerprint ridge counts for men and women, combining these parameters for applying them to intelligent system, preparing the structure of the system, training and testing the system, and performing these processes automatically on a computer or a web-based intelligent system which consists of different modules..


Authentication frequency and challenge type based on environmental and physiological properties

An apparatus and method are disclosed for determining authentication frequency (i.e., the length of time between authenticating and re-authenticating a user) and challenge type (e.g., username/password, fingerprint recognition, voice recognition, etc.) based on one or more environmental properties (e.g., ambient noise level, ambient luminosity, temperature, etc.), or one or more physiological properties of a user (e.g., heart rate, blood pressure, etc.), or both. Advantageously, the illustrative embodiment enables authentication frequency and challenge type to be adjusted based on the likelihood of malicious activity, as inferred from these properties.
Avaya Inc.


Successive data fingerprinting for copy accuracy assurance

Systems and methods are disclosed for checking the data integrity of a data object copied between storage pools in a storage system by comparing data fingerprints of data objects, by scheduling a series of successive copy operations over time for copying a data object from a source data store to a target data store; generating a partial fingerprint of the data object at the source data store using a data fingerprinting operation that creates a fingerprint from a subset of data of the data object; sending the partial fingerprint of the data object to the target data store; sending any new data contents for the data object to the target data store; and creating a partial fingerprint of the data object at the target data store and comparing it to the partial fingerprint sent to the target data store to determine if they differ.. .
Actifio, Inc.


Ambient noise based augmentation of media playback

Ambient noise sampled by a mobile device from a local environment is used to automatically trigger actions associated with content currently playing on the mobile device. In some implementations, subtitles or closed captions associated with the currently playing content are automatically invoked and displayed on a user interface based on a level of ambient noise.
Apple Inc.


Apparatus for sensing touch input in electronic device

A touch screen apparatus having a fingerprint sensing function is provided. The touch screen apparatus includes a color filter layer including a first black matrix line, which is located between each of pixels or each of sub-pixels and is arranged in a first direction, and including a second black matrix line, which is arranged in a second direction that is perpendicular to the first direction.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Spatial frequency spectrometer for and detection of spatial structures in materials

Spatial frequency spectra from periodic, aperiodic and quasi-random structures in materials are shown and used to detect differences among objects via internal coding from the spatial frequencies. The method is applied to different grades of human tissues for a new form of histology and pathology, and to detect art forgeries and coding boxes, money and papers and gems.


Lipase-containing polymeric coatings for the facilitated removal of fingerprints

A substrate or coating is provided that includes a lipase with enzymatic activity toward a component of a fingerprint. Also provided is a process for facilitating the removal of fingerprints is provided wherein an inventive substrate or coating including a lipase is capable of enzymatically degrading of one or more components of the fingerprint to facilitate fingerprint removal from the substrate or said coating.
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota


Motorized nail file

An apparatus comprises a housing having a shape and size suitable for being held in a single hand of a user. A nail file head is coupled to the housing.
Kerathin Llc


Geminivirus replication inhibitor

A replication inhibitor for a virus belonging to the genus mastrevirus of the family geminiviridae, which comprises a zinc finger protein that can specifically bind to full length dna of stem loop region of the virus, or one or more partial dnas selected from the full length dna, and can inhibit formation of a stem loop structure.. .


Sharing timed fingerprint location information

Sharing timed fingerprint location information is disclosed. In an aspect, timed fingerprint location information can be associated with a location of a user equipment.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc


Method, a system and a computer program product for certifying that a destination email server has received an email message sent from a sender to at least one destination adress

The invention relates to a method of certifying that an email message sent through a sender email server from a sender to at least one destination address has been received by a destination email server managing the destination address, the method comprising providing a certification email server, which performs: receiving the email message sent through the sender email server; obtaining an electronic fingerprint of the message; obtaining the destination address from the field of the header of the message relating to the destination address of the message; sending the message to the obtained destination address; receiving from the destination email server a confirmation of the acceptance or refusal of the email message; generating a certification file comprising at least the electronic fingerprint of the email message and the confirmation of the acceptance or refusal of the email message from the destination email server.. .


Distributed audience measurement systems and methods

Systems and methods are disclosed for customizing, distributing and processing audio fingerprint data. An example method includes receiving, at a first device, an activation signal and a first audio fingerprint via first wireless communications between the first device and a communications network, the receiving occurring while the first device is not recording audio via a microphone of the first device; based on the activation signal, recording audio using the microphone during a first time period; generating a second audio fingerprint representative of the recorded audio; determining whether the second audio fingerprint matches the first audio fingerprint; and sending an indication of whether the second audio fingerprint matches the first audio fingerprint to an audience measurement entity via second wireless communications between the first device and the communications network..
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc


Audio fingerprint differences for end-to-end quality of experience measurement

Implementations and techniques for audio fingerprint differences for end-to-end quality of experience measurement are generally disclosed.. .
Empire Technology Development Llc


Audio fingerprinting

A machine may be configured to generate one or more audio fingerprints of one or more segments of audio data. The machine may access audio data to be fingerprinted and divide the audio data into segments.
Gracenote, Inc.


Second screen recipes function

Systems for, and methods of, displaying video information comprising: a second screen device obtaining current play position data of a video being played on a primary screen device (e.g., obtaining from the primary screen device an identification of a current play position of the video, or obtaining information to generate an acoustic fingerprint of the video); determining a current play position of the video playing on the primary screen device based upon the current play position data (e.g., identification of the current play position or the acoustic fingerprint); downloading information (e.g., video map, subtitles, moral principles, objectionable content, memorable content, performers, geographical maps, shopping, plot point, item, ratings, trivia information, and recipe information) over a computer communications network into the memory of the second screen device; and displaying information on the second screen device synchronized with the contemporaneously played video on the primary screen device.. .
Customplay Llc


Method and authenticating biometric scanners

Methods and systems involving image processing extract from an image and estimate unique intrinsic characteristics (scanner pattern) of a biometric scanner, such as area type fingerprint scanner. The scanner pattern is permanent over time, can identify a scanner even among scanners of the same manufacturer and model, and can be used to verify if a scanner acquired an image is the same as the scanner used for biometric enrollment, i.e., to authenticate the scanner and prevent security attacks on it.
The University Of Maryland College Park


Fingerprint preview quality and segmentation

A ridge flow based fingerprint image quality determination can be achieved independent of image resolution, can be processed in real-time and includes segmentation, such as fingertip segmentation, therefore providing image quality assessment for individual fingertips within a four finger flat, dual thumb, or whole hand image. A fingerprint quality module receives from one or more scan devices ridge-flow—containing imagery which can then be assessed for one or more of quality, handedness, historical information analysis and the assignment of bounding boxes..
Aware, Inc.


Fingerprint reading system

A fingerprint reading system includes a camera module, a control module, and a signal processing module. The camera module has a detection unit, an image capture unit, a liquid lens unit, and an illumination unit.
Lustrous Electro-optic Co.,ltd.


Fingerprint sensing system and method

The present invention relates to a method of determining a representation of a fingerprint pattern. The method comprises the steps of acquiring a reference signal indicative of an electric coupling between a hand surface having friction ridges and a reference sensing structure extending across a plurality of the friction ridges; and determining the representation of the fingerprint pattern based on the reference signal and a capacitive coupling between the finger and each of a plurality of sensing elements.
Fingerprint Cards Ab


Fake finger discrimination device and method

A fake finger discrimination device includes a fingerprint sensor and a control processor. The fingerprint sensor senses a rotating finger to obtain fingerprints in a fake finger discrimination mode.
Egis Technology Inc.


Electronic device and logging in application program of the electronic device

A method for logging in to an application program of an electronic device presets a plurality groups of account information of the application program, and presets fingerprints corresponding the plurality of groups of account information in a storage device. When the application program is executed and a user interface of the application program is displayed, the method receives fingerprint data input.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.


Fingerprint enhanced authentication for medical devices in wireless networks

An infusion system to administer fluid is disclosed. The infusion system includes an infusion pump having a pump processor, a pump memory and a pump radio to enable bi-directional communication.
Medtronic Minimed, Inc.


Capturing cognitive fingerprints from keystroke dynamics for active authentication

A method for authenticating identity of a user using keystrokes of the user includes receiving as input the keystrokes made by the user, extracting cognitive typing rhythm from the keystroke to provide features, wherein each of the features is a sequence of digraphs of a specific word, and providing active authentication using the features where the user is a legitimate user. A system for authenticating identity of a user using keystrokes of the user includes a plurality of stored profiles stored on a non-transitory computer readable medium, a sensor module for acquiring the keystrokes of the user to provide biometric data, a feature extraction module to process the biometric data and extract a feature set to represent the biometric data, a matching module to compare feature from the feature set with the stored profiles using a classifier to generate matching scores, a decision module configured to use the matching scores from multiple classifiers to verify a user's identity..
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.


Controlling execution of a software application on an execution platform in a local network

A method for controlling an execution of a software application on an execution platform in a first local network comprises: determining a first environment fingerprint including a first network fingerprint characteristic for the first local network using predetermined rules; generating a license including the first environment fingerprint and defining terms of allowed execution of the software application; and controlling the execution by: determining a second environment fingerprint including a second network fingerprint of a local network in which an execution platform for the software application is included using the predetermined rules; comparing the second environment fingerprint with the first environment fingerprint of the license; allowing execution of the software application according to the terms of the license where the second environment fingerprint complies with the first environment fingerprint, and preventing the execution of the software application where the second environment fingerprint does not comply with the first environment fingerprint.. .
Sfnt Germany Gmbh


Receiver-side data deduplication in data systems

Methods and apparatus for receiving uploaded data from a sender at a receiver. A data deduplication technique is described that may reduce the bandwidth used in uploading data from the sender to the receiver.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Methods and systems for providing hardware security functions using flash memories

Methods and system for providing a security function, such as random number generation, fingerprinting and data hiding, using a flash memory. The methods and systems do not require carefully design specific circuits, can be implemented in all flash memory device.
Cornell University


Electronic device and task configuring electronic device

A task configuring method of an electronic device using fingerprint recognition is provided. The method including displaying a first area including at least one item which a user can select and a second area which displays the selected at least one item, sensing a touch event used to move the at least one item from the first area to the second area, identifying a fingerprint of a finger which generates the touch event, and configuring a task by combining the at least one moved item and the identified fingerprint..
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.


Micromechanical ultrasonic transducers and display

An apparatus may include a one- or two-dimensional array of micromechanical ultrasonic transducer (pmut) elements positioned below, beside, with, on, or above a backplane of a visual display. The backplane may be a thin-film transistor (tft) backplane.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Prediction of a small-for-gestational age (sga) infant

A method of predicting a sga infant in a patient at a pre-symptomatic gestational stage is described. The method comprises a step of assaying a biological sample from the patient for an abundance of a plurality of metabolite biomarkers selected from the 19 metabolite biomarkers of table iv, correlating the abundance of the plurality of metabolite biomarkers with a metabolite fingerprint of sga shown in table iv, and predicting sga based on the level of correlation between the abundance of the plurality of metabolite biomarkers and the metabolite fingerprint of table iv..
University College Cork - National University Of Ireland, Cork


Baseball catcher's protective handwear

Baseball catcher's protective handwear including a catcher's mitt and an improved non-connected inner glove for wearing inside the mitt, the inner glove including (1) a tactile palm-surrounding portion which leaves at least the little finger, ring finger, middle finger and thumb substantially uncovered, (2) a supple index-finger portion that has padding affixed thereto over the phalanges, and (3) padding affixed over the metacarpal region of the palm adjacent to the index finger, thereby to provide continuous protection to the most crucially-vulnerable parts of a baseball player's hand, while simultaneously providing properties of gripping-finger-and-thumb freedom, glove-interior surface feel and in-mitt hand adjustment closely similar to that of a naked hand inside an outer glove.. .


Trigger finger strengthening device

A trigger strengthening device that is made of a plastic, rubber or metal handle with a metal coil spring device molded into the pistol grip handle of the device so the user can exercise and strengthen the trigger finger while holding the device in a pistol grip fashion. This will isolate the exercise to the trigger finger alone, while keeping the rest of the hand gripped firmly on the pistol grip/handle of the device.


Targeted disruption of t cell receptor genes using engineered zinc finger protein nucleases

Disclosed herein are methods and compositions for inactivating tcr genes, using zinc finger nucleases (zfns) comprising a zinc finger protein and a cleavage domain or cleavage half-domain in conditions able to preserve cell viability. Polynucleotides encoding zfns, vectors comprising polynucleotides encoding zfns and cells comprising polynucleotides encoding zfns and/or cells comprising zfns are also provided.
Ospedale San Raffaele Srl


Dynamic network configuration based on passive location analytics

Passive location estimation of mobile devices within a wireless network is provided. The passive location estimation is determined based on one or more measurements that are received from the mobile device and/or from one or more network elements.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Method and detecting and measuring for home node-bs

Methods and apparatus are disclosed for a wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) to detect and perform measurements with respect to home node-bs (hnb) and home evolved node-bs (h(e)nb) (collectively “hnb”). The methods may include generating and transmitting a request for a measurement configuration that may include gap allocations to detect and measure a primary scrambling code or a physical cell identity of a target hnb for at least one frequency or radio access technology (rat).
Interdigital Patent Holdings, Inc.


Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage devices for generating and using a radio-frequency map of an area

A method comprising obtaining, by a system using a processor, a wireless fingerprint corresponding to a mobile communication device and a subject area in which the mobile communication device is or was positioned. The method also includes obtaining, by the system, an area wireless signal distribution map indicating wireless signal strength values corresponding to multiple wireless transmitters positioned in the subject area, and determining, by the system, based on the wireless fingerprint and the area wireless signal distribution map, a location of the mobile communication device..
At&t Mobility Ii Llc


Video display apparatus and operating method thereof

Provided is a operating method of a video display device including a display unit. A receiving unit receiving a broadcasting signal through a tuner; obtaining an uncompressed audio or video (av) content through a receiving unit, wherein the uncompressed av content includes a promotion content; extracting a characteristic information, including at least one of a watermark and a fingerprint, from a part of the uncompressed av content; transmitting a first query to a first server, wherein the first query corresponds to the characteristic information; receiving a first response from the first server, based on the transmitted first query; transmitting a second query to a second server based on the first response; receiving a second response from the second server, based on the transmitted second query; and executing a promotion application based on the second response.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Venue identification using sensor fingerprints

When a mobile device is known to be at a venue, readings from one or more sensors of the device are used to generate a sensor fingerprint of the venue and/or a venue category corresponding to the venue. The sensor fingerprint indicates typical sensor readings for the one or more physical sensors for devices that are located at the venue and/or venues of the same category.
Aro, Inc.


Method for acquiring information of client terminal, server and computer-readable medium

The server disclosed in the present disclosure receives a feature identification transmitted by a feature acquisition device, acquires information of a client terminal corresponding to the feature identification according to the feature identification, and transmits the acquired information of the client terminal to the feature acquisition device. The present disclosure can apply feature identification techniques such as a fingerprint sensor to the social life, thus not only facilitating a client terminal (e.g., a user) to exchange personal information rapidly but also avoiding problems such as information loss or record error..
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

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