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Confirming delivery location using radio fingerprinting

Amazon Technologies

Confirming delivery location using radio fingerprinting

System for verifying an identity of a card holder


System for verifying an identity of a card holder

System for verifying an identity of a card holder


Mobile devices and methods employing haptics

Date/App# patent app List of recent Finger-related patents
 Information handling system docking with cable based power and video management patent thumbnailInformation handling system docking with cable based power and video management
A docking station connects through a docking port and docking cable with an information handling system to support communication between the information handling system and docking station peripherals. The docking cable includes an integrated input device, such as a mechanical button or fingerprint scanner, which accepts an end user input to command a power state transition at the information handling system, such as a transition between an on state and a reduced power state.
Dell Products L.p.
 Confirming delivery location using radio fingerprinting patent thumbnailConfirming delivery location using radio fingerprinting
A system and method for confirming a delivery location. A delivery agent equipped with a device, for example, a mobile device, delivers a package to a location.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.
 System for verifying an identity of a card holder patent thumbnailSystem for verifying an identity of a card holder
A system for verifying an identity of a card holder. The system is designed for obtaining a geographically remote biometric scan of a card holder's fingerprint, and optionally for obtaining other actions from the card holder, as one or more condition(s) for completing performance of a transaction, or for verification of a performance of a transaction, in association with the card.
Sonavation, Inc.
 Mobile devices and methods employing haptics patent thumbnailMobile devices and methods employing haptics
A variety of haptic improvements useful in mobile devices are detailed. In one, a smartphone captures image data from a physical object, and discerns an object identifier from the imagery (e.g., using watermark, barcode, or fingerprint techniques).
Digimarc Corporation
 Fingerprint sensors patent thumbnailFingerprint sensors
A sensor for detecting fingerprints is provided having first and second substrates, a two-dimensional array of sensing elements formed on the first substrate, and a plurality of thin-film transistors or tfts for controlling the sensing elements at pixel location along the array. Each of the sensing elements detects one of electrical signals (e.g., capacitance, resistance, or impedance), temperature, or light via one of the first or second substrates representative of one or more fingerprints.
Cross Match Technologies, Inc.
 Method for determining fingerprint authenticity and device for the same patent thumbnailMethod for determining fingerprint authenticity and device for the same
A method capable of determining fingerprint authenticity is disclosed. The method includes capturing a fingerprint image, performing an analysis program when executed analyzing the fingerprint image using a first color model to obtain a first chromaticity coordinate corresponding to the fingerprint image, performing a conversion program when executed converting the first chromaticity coordinate into a second chromaticity coordinate, performing a verification program when executed determining whether the second chromaticity coordinate satisfies a second predetermined skin color threshold, when the second chromaticity coordinate satisfies the second predetermined skin color threshold confirming the fingerprint image is authentic, and concluding the fingerprint image is forged when the second chromaticity coordinate fails to satisfy the second predetermined skin color threshold..
Gingy Technology Inc.
 User input with fingerprint sensor patent thumbnailUser input with fingerprint sensor
Devices such as tablets, smartphones, media players, and so forth may incorporate a fingerprint sensor to support acquisition of biometric identification data. As described herein, input data from the fingerprint sensor may be used to control one or more functions of the device.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.
 Terminal with fingerprint reader and  processing user input through fingerprint reader patent thumbnailTerminal with fingerprint reader and processing user input through fingerprint reader
In a terminal including a fingerprint reader and a method for processing a user's input through the fingerprint reader, the terminal includes: a fingerprint reader configured to acquire fingerprint data by recognizing a fingerprint or to acquire touch input data including information on positions recognized by touch or movement of a touching device; a signal converter configured to convert touch input data received from the fingerprint reader into an input signal of a mode selected from among input signals of one or more modes; and an execution controller configured to control applications according to the input signal received from the signal converter.. .
Pantech Co., Ltd.
 Multi-touch virtual mouse patent thumbnailMulti-touch virtual mouse
In accordance with some embodiments, a touch input device such as a touch screen or track pad or touch pad may be operated in mouse mode by touching the screen simultaneously with more than one finger. In one embodiment, three fingers may be utilized.
 Determination of originality of content patent thumbnailDetermination of originality of content
This disclosure relates, e.g., to governing distribution of content on a web-based service. One claim recites a system comprising: an input to receive a content object posted to a web-based service, for distribution by the web-based service to the public; a hardware processing unit configured for: determining fingerprint data from a received content object, and by reference to the determined fingerprint data, determining that the received content object includes content that at least partially matches controlled content, and identifying the controlled content; obtaining usage rule data relating to the controlled content, the usage rule data having earlier been established by an owner of the controlled content, wherein application of at least certain of the usage rule data is conditioned on an owner-specified extent of copying between the received content object and the controlled content; determining an extent of copying between the received content object and the controlled content; and governing distribution of the content object based on the usage rule data and on the determined extent of copying; and an interface through which different owners can specify different extent of copying requirements to govern distribution of their respective content.
Attributor Corporation

Methods, systems, devices, and products for authenticating users

Enhanced biometric authentication combines a user's inherent biometric data with the user's password, code, or other secret glyph. For example, the user's finger makes an input on a touchpad.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Application trust-listing security service

Provided are techniques for controlling access to computing resources comprising generating a first fingerprint corresponding to a first executable file; storing the fingerprint in a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium; receiving a request to execute a second executable file on a computing system; generating a second fingerprint corresponding to the second executable file; determining whether or not the first fingerprint matches the second fingerprint; and, in response to determining that the first and second fingerprints match, executing the executable file on the computing system; and, in response to determining that the first and second fingerprints do not match, preventing the executable file from executing on the computing system.. .

Device, method, and graphical user interface for manipulating user interfaces based on fingerprint sensor inputs

An electronic device with a display and a fingerprint sensor displays a fingerprint enrollment interface and detects, on the fingerprint sensor, a plurality of finger gestures performed with a finger. The device collects fingerprint information from the plurality of finger gestures performed with the finger.
Apple Inc.

Method of distributing digital publications incorporating user generated and encrypted content with unique fingerprints

Electronic publications are increasingly replacing physical media, where standards have evolved to mimic these physical media. Accordingly it is beneficial to provide electronic publication software systems and/or software applications to enable new paradigms that provide consumers, authors, publishers, retailers, and others with a method of publishing new electronic content in a manner wherein primary and secondary electronic content may be combined from multiple sources to generate said new electronic content which may be distributed based upon rights embedded within content elements.
Cognilore Inc.

Smartphone-based methods and systems

One arrangement concerns a portable device (e.g., a smartphone) that executes plural recognition agents, such as agents that perform fingerprint-based object recognition, fingerprint-based audio recognition, barcode reading, watermark decoding, etc. Each of the agents reads from and writes to a blackboard data structure, to which camera and microphone sensors also post their data.
Digimarc Corporation

Tryptophan as the fingerprint for distinguishing agressiveness among cancer cell lines using native fluorescence spectroscopy

Tryptophan is used as the key native marker in cells to determine the level of aggressiveness of cancer cell lines using the native fluorescence spectroscopy. A ratio r of the fluorescence from tryptophan at 340 nm to that from the nadh at 440-460 nm is demonstrated to be associated with aggressiveness of the cancer cells.

Delivery system for functional nucleases

Compositions, methods, strategies, kits, and systems for the supercharged protein-mediated delivery of functional effector proteins into cells in vivo, ex vivo, or in vitro are provided. Compositions, methods, strategies, kits, and systems for delivery of funcational effector proteins using cationic lipids and cationic polymers are also provided.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Use of cationic lipids to deliver cas9

Compositions, methods, strategies, kits, and systems for the supercharged protein-mediated delivery of functional effector proteins into cells in vivo, ex vivo, or in vitro are provided. Compositions, methods, strategies, kits, and systems for delivery of functional effector proteins using cationic lipids and cationic polymers are also provided.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Display-to-display data transmission

A display device may include a display, an optical touch system proximate the display and a control system. The control system may be capable of receiving input for initiating a peer-to-peer data transfer and of performing an authentication process for the peer-to-peer data transfer.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Finger detection device and fingerprint recognition integrated circuit

A finger detection device and method of a fingerprint recognition ic is disclosed. The device comprises sensing electrodes, a capacitive sensing layer, a signal processing circuit, a multiplexer module and a signal register.
Image Match Design Inc.

Apparatus and recognizing fingerprint

Disclosed are an apparatus and a method for recognizing a fingerprint, and an electronic device using the same. The electronic device includes: a key button, and a fingerprint recognition sensor unit that is installed at least one portion of the key button, wherein the fingerprint recognition sensor unit includes a circuit board, a fingerprint sensing unit that is installed on a first surface of the circuit board and senses a fingerprint, and a dome switch that is installed on a second surface of the circuit board..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Display-to-display data transmission

A display device may include a display, an optical touch system proximate the display and a control system. The control system may be capable of receiving input for initiating a peer-to-peer data transfer and of performing an authentication process for the peer-to-peer data transfer.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Time domain differential techniques to characterize various stimuli

A method for determining a stimulus is provided. The method includes determining a touch condition based on the rate of change of electrode capacitance, measuring a characteristic of the electrode capacitance in response to the touch condition being met, and evaluating the measured characteristic to determine the touch stimulus.
Alsentis, Llc

Methods for controlling a hand-held electronic device and hand-held electronic device utilizing the same

A hand-held electronic device hand-held electronic device. A sensing surface is adopted to detect fingerprints and a contact of an object on the sensing surface.
Htc Corporation

Capacitive sensing array having electrical isolation

A capacitive fingerprint sensor that may be formed of an array of sensing elements. Each capacitive sensing element of the array may register a voltage that varies with the capacitance of a capacitive coupling.
Apple Inc.

Magnetic resonance fingerprinting exams with optimized sound

Apparatus, methods, and other embodiments associated with optimizing sounds produced during nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) fingerprinting are described. One example nmr apparatus includes an nmr logic to repetitively and variably sample a (k, t, e) space associated with a patient to acquire a set of nmr signals.
Case Western Reserve University

System and performing chemical analysis of fingerprints for providing at least one response

An electronic device includes a fingerprint module for at least receiving fingerprint information and a chemical analysis module for analyzing the fingerprint information for chemical features to derive distinguishing characteristics therefrom used for formulating at least one response. The distinguishing characteristics are identified by selecting a number of molecules and/or organic compounds from the fingerprint information analyzed for the chemical features.

Virus detector controlled backup apparatus and file restoration

A store for virus and malware fingerprints is coupled to a backup server apparatus which receives hashes and file shards from backup clients through a network. A circuit compares hashes received from backup clients to determine matches with file shards previously stored and matches with file shards with virus or malware infections.
Barracuda Networks, Inc.

Syntactical fingerprinting

A method for identifying phishing websites and illustrating the provenance of each website through the structural components that compose the websites. The method includes identifying newly observed phishing websites and using the method as a distance metric for clustering phishing websites.

Apparatus and setting a user-defined pattern for an application

Provided is a terminal with a fingerprint reader and method of operating the same. The terminal includes a fingerprint reader to scan and read a fingerprint of a user and a user verification module.
Pantech Co., Ltd.

Method for displaying content and electronic device thereof

A method and system for extending display content across multiple display devices over a network using fingerprint of a user by registering fingerprints of the user in a master device and allowing the user to perform an action on the master device is provided. The method includes broadcasting, by the master device, a first key to one or more slave devices after authorizing the user and generating the first key based on a polarity of a hand performing the user action on the master device and considering a relative location of the slave device, and extending, by the master device, the display content to one or more identified slave devices within the network after establishing a connection between the master device and one or more slave devices..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Analyzing captured sound and seeking a match based on an acoustic fingerprint for temporal and geographic presentation and navigation of linked cultural, artistic, and historic content

Collections of music and other items, related by time, location, genre, and artist, and that are registered in a data model to provide a foundation for their curatorship, discovery, and procurement are accessed by analyzing captured sound and seeking a match based on an acoustic fingerprint. As a result of said match, a map through the history and culture of music is created for display.
Tunesmap Inc.

Web browser fingerprinting

Systems, methods, and devices are directed towards identifying a web browser by targeting a document parser component in a layout engine of a web browser. Malformed html may be provided to a client device having the web browser.
F5 Networks, Inc.

Data encryption and smartcard storing encrypted data

A data encryption and decryption process, particularly for use in smart cards, in which the data is encrypted using an encryption key derived from a fingerprint template. The fingerprint template is stored, in unencrypted form, in a memory which, apart from the fingerprint template, is filled or substantially filled with random data values thereby to conceal the fingerprint template.
Cylon Global Technology Inc.

Digital fingerprinting track and trace system

Methods and systems for tracking a physical object to identify or authenticate it utilizing digital fingerprints which are based on natural features extracted from a digital image of the object. Digital fingerprints do not require or rely on any labels, tags, integrated materials, unique identification characters, codes or other items that may be added to the object specifically for the purpose of identification.
Raf Technology, Inc.

Method and system for validating rights to digital content using a digital token

A computer implemented method for generating a receipt. The method includes, accessing a universal digital fingerprint associated with an item of content, wherein the fingerprint is invariant across one or more formats of the item of content.
Nbcuniversal Media, Llc

Engineered zinc finger proteins targeting 5-enolpyruvyl shikimate-3-phosphate synthase genes

The present disclosure relates to engineered zinc finger proteins that target 5-enolpyruvyl shikimate-3-phosphate synthase (epsps) genes in plants and methods of using such zinc finger proteins in modulating gene expression, gene inactivation, and targeted gene modification. In particular, the disclosure pertains to zinc finger nucleases for targeted cleavage and alteration of epsps genes..
Sangamo Biosciences, Inc.

Electronic device with fingerprint indentify function

An electronic device comprises a display module for displaying images, an indentify module and a substrate where the display module and the indentify module located on. When an object is pressed against the electronic device, the indentify module obtains a grayscale image of the object pressed against the electronic device to indentify the object.
Ye Xin Technology Consulting Co., Ltd.

Mobile communication terminal, screen adjusting method and storage medium thereof

A mobile communication terminal, a screen adjusting method and a storage medium thereof are provided. The screen adjusting method may include collecting first fingerprint characteristic data and second fingerprint characteristic data.
Huizhou Tcl Mobile Communication Co., Ltd.

Method and system for providing user interaction when capturing content in an electronic device

A method and system for executing an operation in an electronic device using a camera are provided. Each finger action is associated with an operation.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Apparatus and methods for identity verification

An identity verification device comprises a cellular telecommunications modem and a fingerprint scanner coupled to the modem, the verification device being configured for storing first fingerprint data in an enrolment process and being operable, in response to the modem receiving a verification command via a cellular telecommunications network, to perform a verification process in which the fingerprint scanner scans a fingerprint to obtain second fingerprint data, the first and second fingerprint data are compared with each other, and in the event of a match between the first and second fingerprint data, the modem transmits a response signal to a predetermined destination via the telecommunications network. The device may be used in a networked telecommunications system in which the electronic transactions may be initiated by smart cards and other devices..
Cylon Global Technology Inc.

Location based sharing of a network access credential

A network access credential can be shared among devices based on location information for a device. Location information can include timed fingerprint location information.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

K-nearest neighbor-based method and system to provide multi-variate analysis on tool process data

A server computer system creates a reference fingerprint for a first tool running a recipe. The server computer system uses reference data that pertains to the first tool performing within parameters to create the reference fingerprint.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Compositions, systems, and methods for detecting a dna sequence

Provided are compositions, systems, and methods that employ one or more fusion protein pairs, wherein each fusion protein within a fusion protein pair comprises a sequence-specific nucleic acid binding protein, such as sequence-specific cas9 protein (e.g., a crispr), a sequence specific transcription activator-like enhancer (“tale”) protein, a sequence specific homing endonuclease (“he”; a/k/a meganuclease), a three prime exonuclease (“trex”), and/or a sequence specific zinc finger (“zf”) protein, which sequence-specific nucleic acid binding protein is operably linked to one half of a split-reporter molecule, such as a split-fluorescent reporter molecule, a split-luminescent reporter molecule, a förster resonance energy transfer (fret) reporter molecule, or a bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (bret) reporter molecule.. .

Learning systems and methods

A sequence of images depicting an object is captured, e.g., by a camera at a point-of-sale terminal in a retail store. The object is identified, such as by a barcode or watermark that is detected from one or more of the images.
Digimarc Corporation

Method for recognizing fingerprint and electronic device thereof

Provided are an electronic device and method for recognizing a fingerprint. The fingerprint recognition method includes deactivating touch recognition using a touch panel based on first touch information on a fingerprint sensor, and performing fingerprint recognition based on second touch information on the fingerprint sensor..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Method and system for operating a keyboard with multi functional keys, using fingerprints recognition

The present invention provides an interface application enabling multi-functionality of a specific area part of an interface in a computerized device. The interface comprised of: at least one touch enabled surface, where in at least partial area surface is integrated with at least one fingerprint sensor for capturing at least part of distinguishing ridges and valleys of the touching fingertip touching a specific area, a processing module arranged to analyze said distinguishing ridges and valleys of the touching fingertip, for identifying characteristic of the specific touching finger differentiating said finger from other fingers of the same user (either from the same of both hands), and an activation module for determining the functionality of said specified area based on the identified touching finger(s)..

Zonal input device

In certain embodiments, a computer mouse includes a chassis to provide support for a user's hand, where the chassis includes a knuckle support region, a palm support region, a first side region having a first ledge to support a thumb, a second side region having a second ledge to support one or more of a pinky or ring finger, and a button region having one or more buttons to support one or more of a tip of an index finger or middle finger. Each region can be physically separated from one another on the surface of the chassis by a gap.
Logitech Europe S.a.

Networked air quality monitoring

Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable media for continuously monitoring residential air quality and providing a trend based analysis regarding various air pollutants are presented herein. The system comprises an air quality monitor located in a residential house, wherein the air quality monitor is configured to measure the level of an air pollutant.

Interface for multi-functional communication devices and operating

A smart-phone interface including an arrangement of icons for opening applications arranged around perimeter of display screen leaving an empty central workspace, and a method of activating the smart-phone of consisting of touching the touch screen of the smart-phone with a finger having a fingerprint recognizable by the smart-phone and dragging the finger in a g shape.. .

Zno-sio2 nanopowder for the development of latent fingerprints

A nanopower composition consisting of zinc oxide and silicon oxide used to develop latent fingerprints on a non-porous surface with a high degree of clarity. The nanopowder composition contains 40-50 percent zinc and 10-20 percent silicon..

Method of dynamic spectroscopy under physiological conditions

The present invention relates to the field of dynamic spectroscopy and more precisely to a method involving dynamic molecules spectroscopy technology designed to determine transitional changes in molecules conformation and assemblies both in physiologic and pathologic conditions. The method comprises in vitro fingerprints of a sample taken under highly controlled temperature in order to obtain precise images of either one or an ensemble of molecular dynamics.
Inoviem Scientific

Medical device for the measurement and processing of a health parameter of a patient

The medical device includes a device for the measurement of a health parameter of a patient, a device for capturing a fingerprint identifying the patient, a device for communicating with a remote server and a controller. When the controller is activated by a single action of the patient, the controller activates the device for the measurement of a health parameter of the patient and obtains a measured parameter in return, activates the fingerprint capture device and obtains a fingerprint in return, and then provides the measured parameter and the captured fingerprint to the communication device in order to transmit the measured parameter and the captured fingerprint to the remote server..
Welcoop Pharma

Mobile device and controlling therefor

The present specification relates to a mobile device and a method of controlling therefor, and more particularly, to a mobile device providing a user interface of a different security level according to a fingerprint verification and a touch input trajectory and a method of controlling therefor.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Identifying peers by their interpersonal relationships

According to this disclosure, a user is identified (and selectively granted access to protected resources) by using information that describes the user's interpersonal relationships. This information typically is stored in a datastore, such as a digital address book, an online profile page, or the like.
Wallrust, Inc.

Method and system for autocompletion for languages having ideographs and phonetic characters

A set of ordered predicted completion strings including strings of ideographs are presented to a user as the user enters text in a text entry box (e.g., a browser or a toolbar). The user entered text may include zero or more ideographs followed by one or more phonetic characters, or the entered text may be one or more.
Google Inc.

Fingerprints datastore and stale fingerprint removal in de-duplication environments

A storage server is coupled to a storage device that stores blocks of data, and generates a fingerprint for each data block stored on the storage device. The storage server creates a fingerprints datastore that is divided into a primary datastore and a secondary datastore.
Netapp, Inc.

Processes and methods for client-side fingerprint caching to improve deduplication system backup performance

A system and method for caching fingerprints in a client cache is provided. A data object that comprises a set of data segments and describes a backup process is identified.
Symantec Corporation

Secured point of sale transaction using fingerprint recognition

A method for operating a computerized system for processing cashless and cardless financial transactions, the method comprising the steps of: registering a user's fingerprint with an entity, by using the user's fingerprint to create a first image of the user's fingerprint and then storing the first image of the user's fingerprint in a digital database of the entity; associating the first image of the user's fingerprint, now registered, with at least one debit or credit account of the user; receiving, through a transaction device, a request to authorize a financial transaction, wherein said request comprises a second image of the user's fingerprint taken by the transaction device at the time the request to authorize the financial transaction is made; and, authenticating the request to authorize the financial transaction, by comparing in real time, through a computer network, the second image with the first image of the user's fingerprint.. .

Fingerstall oximeter

Disclosed is a fingerstall oximeter comprising an upper housing (11), a middle housing (12), a lower housing (13) and a detection unit. The upper housing (11), the middle housing (12) and the lower housing (13) are connected in turn.
Beijing Choice Electronic Technology Co.,ltd.

Selection of a radio access technology resource based on radio access technology resource historical information

The disclosed subject matter provides for selecting a radio access technology resource based on historical data related to the radio access technology resource. Location information can be employed to determine a radio access technology resource.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Multi-layer optical coating structure having an antibacterial coating layer

An optical coating structure includes a substrate, an anti-reflective coating layer, a base coating layer, an antibacterial coating layer, and a protective coating layer. The anti-reflective coating layer is disposed on the substrate.
Don Co., Ltd.

Cleaving thin layer from bulk material and apparatus including cleaved thin layer

Embodiments relate to use of a particle accelerator beam to form thin layers of material from a bulk substrate. In particular embodiments, a bulk substrate (e.g.
Silicon Genesis Corporation

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