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Change-tolerant method for generating identifier for collection of assets in computing environment using…

Irdeto B.v.

Change-tolerant method for generating identifier for collection of assets in computing environment using…

Controllable signal processing in a biometric device


Controllable signal processing in a biometric device

Controllable signal processing in a biometric device


Representative document selection for a set of duplicate documents

Date/App# patent app List of recent Finger-related patents
 Device reputation management patent thumbnailnew patent Device reputation management
A device reputation server recognizes malicious devices used in prior attacks and prevents further attacks by the malicious devices. Server computers require a digital fingerprint of any client devices prior to providing any service to such client devices.
Uniloc Luxembourg S.a.
 Media fingerprinting for social networking patent thumbnailnew patent Media fingerprinting for social networking
Audio fingerprinting and other media matching technologies can be used to identify media, such as movies, television shows, and radio broadcasts. A user device can record image, audio, and/or video information and upload information to a matching service that is able to use matching technology to identify the media and provide supplemental content or information to the user.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
 Systems, methods, and computer program products providing change logging in a deduplication process patent thumbnailnew patent Systems, methods, and computer program products providing change logging in a deduplication process
A method performed in a network storage system, the method including receiving a plurality of data blocks at a secondary storage subsystem from a primary storage subsystem, generating a first log that includes a first plurality of entries, one entry for each of the data blocks, in which each entry of the first plurality of entries includes a name for a respective data block and a fingerprint of the respective data block, receiving metadata at the secondary storage subsystem from the primary storage subsystem, the metadata describing relationships between the plurality of blocks and a plurality of files, generating a second log that includes a second plurality of entries, and merging the first log with the second log to generate a change log.. .
Netapp, Inc.
 Deltacasting for overlapping requests patent thumbnailnew patent Deltacasting for overlapping requests
Methods, apparatuses, and systems are provided for improving utilization of a communications system (e.g., a satellite communications system) when handling overlapping content requests. Embodiments use various techniques (e.g., dictionary coding techniques) to create fingerprints of content traversing the links of the communications system.
Viasat, Inc.
 Representative document selection for a set of duplicate documents patent thumbnailnew patent Representative document selection for a set of duplicate documents
Systems and methods are provided for obtaining a plurality of documents. A respective document in the plurality of documents is associated with a score and each document in the plurality of documents is from a different data structure in a plurality of data structures.
Google Inc.
 Geofences based on rf fingerprints patent thumbnailnew patent Geofences based on rf fingerprints
Systems, apparatus and methods in a mobile device for creating and/or using a geofence are presented. When creating a geofence, a mobile device collects at least one rf fingerprint.
Qualcomm Incorporated
 Femtocell fingerprinting patent thumbnailnew patent Femtocell fingerprinting
User equipment (ue) includes an architecture for handling femtocell fingerprints. The architecture may, as examples, maintain the validity and reliability of fingerprints and coordinate enhancement to existing fingerprints.
Broadcom Corporation
 Cell selection techniques for femtocell measurements patent thumbnailnew patent Cell selection techniques for femtocell measurements
User equipment (ue) includes an architecture for handling femtocell fingerprints, and searching for femtocells. The architecture may control the frequencies for which the femtocell search is performed in various manners.
Broadcom Corporation
 Analysis of genetic biomarkers for forensic analysis and fingerprinting patent thumbnailnew patent Analysis of genetic biomarkers for forensic analysis and fingerprinting
The present invention relates generally to methods of determining base compositions for pcr products (e.g., rt pcr products, (rt) rt-pcr products, etc.). In particular, the present invention provides base-composition determination of pcr products containing up to five different nucleobases (e.g., a, c, g, t, u) and/or significant levels of non-templated adenylation..
Ibis Biosciences, Inc.
 Authorizing the use of a biometric card patent thumbnailnew patent Authorizing the use of a biometric card
Embodiments of the present invention provide a system and method for authorizing the use of a biometric transaction card. Specifically, embodiments of the present invention provide a biometric card having a biometric sensor to determine whether the biometric information (fingerprint) is from human skin.
new patent

Controllable signal processing in a biometric device

A processing channel is operatively connected to a biometric device. The processing channel includes an analog-to-digital converter (adc) connected to at least one of an amplifier and an offset circuit.
Apple Inc.
new patent

Communicating rf fingerprint-based geofences

Systems, apparatus and methods for communicating and using a geofence while maintaining privacy are presented. A geofence is based on at least one rf fingerprint.
Qualcomm Incorporated
new patent

Change-tolerant generating identifier for collection of assets in computing environment using error-correction code scheme

A secure and change-tolerant method for obtaining an identifier for a collection of assets associated with a computing environment. Each asset has an asset parameter and the computing environment has a fingerprint based on an original collection of assets and on a codeword generation algorithm on the original collection of assets.
Irdeto B.v.
new patent

Optical fingerprint recognition apparatus

In accordance with an embodiment, the prism is made slimly to correct the distortion of the fingerprint image such as trapezoidal distortion or the like. Therefore, it is possible to manufacture the optical fingerprint recognition apparatus of a compact size.
Suprema Inc.

Account login method, apparatus and system, and network server

The examples of the present disclosure provide an account login method, device and system and a network server, which relate to computer communications. The method includes: obtaining current fingerprint information sent from a terminal; determining whether the current fingerprint information is the same with pre-stored initial fingerprint information; and allowing the terminal to log in to an account which is associated with a piece of the pre-stored initial fingerprint information when the current fingerprint information is the same with the piece of the pre-stored initial fingerprint information.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Method and system for adding an identifier

A computer-implemented method of automatically adding an identifier related to a content item to a communication in a multi-user communication network such as a social network. The method comprising obtaining a robust fingerprint of the content item, retrieving the identifier from a database using the robust fingerprint, and adding the identifier formatted in a format suitable for the multi-user communication network to the communication.
Civolution B.v.

Collaborative social system for building and sharing a vast robust database of interactive media content

A method is provided for building and sharing an electronic database of interactive media content among a community of users. An electronic submission that corresponds to an audio and/or visual media asset is received from a user.
Optinera Inc.

Providing history-based data processing

Providing data processing methods is disclosed, including: receiving a request to provide a plurality of data processing methods to a user; obtaining historical data associated with a plurality of historical user selections associated with the plurality of data processing methods, wherein the plurality of historical user selections is associated with the user; determining a plurality of data processing fingerprint aggregate scores corresponding to respective ones of the plurality of data processing methods based at least in part on the historical data; and providing the plurality of data processing methods based at least in part on the plurality of data processing fingerprint aggregate scores.. .
Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Apparatus and accurate cun self measurements

An apparatus and method for self calibration of ‘cun’ measurements comprising, a rubber tubing or other tubing with elastic properties, a set of concave shaped beads fixed on the two ends of the rubber tubing to act as hand grips, a set of four colored beads that move freely along the rubber tubing, placing the widest portion of the thumb between the blue and green colored beads to calibrate the 1 ‘cun’ measurement, placing the index finger and the middle finger between the green and yellow beads to calibrate the 1.5 ‘cun’ measurement and placing all four fingers between the yellow and orange beads to calibrate the 3 ‘cun’ measurement. The self calibrated apparatus can be placed on any part of the body to locate acupuncture points for treatment with acupuncture needles, patches, or other forms of stimulation such as heat therapy, laser therapy, acupressure and electrical stimulation..

Monomer architecture of tal nuclease or zinc finger nuclease for dna modification

The present invention provides compositions and methods for targeted cleavage of cellular chromatin in a region of interest and/or homologous recombination at a predetermined site in cells. Compositions include fusion polypeptides comprising a tal effector binding or a zinc finger domain and an i-tevi homing endonuclease cleavage domain as well as nucleic acid sequence encoding the same.
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc

Media recognition and synchronisation to a motion signal

The present document describes a device and method for synchronizing a motion signal corresponding to a media content with a media signal for the media content, the motion signal being for controlling a motion feedback system. The method comprises: receiving a portion of the media signal; obtaining a fingerprint corresponding to the received portion of the media signal; from reference fingerprints associated with time positions of at least one reference media content, identifying a reference time position of the media content corresponding to the obtained fingerprint; obtaining the motion signal associated with the identified reference time position of the media content; and outputting the motion signal synchronized with the media signal using the identified reference time position of the media content for controlling the motion feedback system..
D-box Technologies Inc.

Method and recognizing fingerprints

A fingerprint recognition method and apparatus are provided for quickly and accurately authenticating a user using a direction of a fingerprint. The fingerprint recognition method includes sensing a fingerprint input from a user; creating fingerprint data including a direction angle of the fingerprint input; and authenticating the user based on the fingerprint data..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Optical film assembly, display apparatus having the same and manufacturing the same

An optical film assembly includes an anti-reflection film including a plurality of stacked anti-reflection layers, a side surface of the anti-reflection film being inclined with respect to an upper surface of a display panel, the anti-reflection layers having different thicknesses and different refractivities, and an anti-fingerprint film on the anti-reflection film, the anti-fingerprint film being integral with the anti-reflection film, the anti-fingerprint film being hydrophobic.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Electronic device and controlling image capturing

An electronic device includes a camera device for capturing images and a fingerprint identification unit for receiving signals of fingerprints. The electronic device detects a signal received from the fingerprint identification unit, and controls the camera device to focus a specified scene of the camera device and capturing an image of the specified scene, when the detected signal is a press signal..
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.

Fingerprint sensing system and method

The present invention relates to a fingerprint sensing system comprising a sensor array with a plurality of sensing structures and read-out circuitry connectable to each of the sensing structures, and power supply circuitry arranged to provide to the read-out circuitry a substantially constant supply voltage being a difference between a high potential and a low potential. The fingerprint sensing system is configured in such a way that the low potential and the high potential are variable while substantially maintaining the supply voltage, and the read-out circuitry is connectable to each of the sensing structures in such a way that a variation in the low potential and the high potential while substantially maintaining the supply voltage results in a change of the charge carried by a sensing structure connected to the read-out circuitry.
Fingerprint Cards Ab

Shaver head mechanism

A shaver includes a shaver head casing, floating cutter holders disposed in the shaver head casing, and two or three circular rotary blade assemblies respectively configured in the central circular holes of the floating cutter holders from below via a rabbet structure; the floating cutter holder is made of a hard rubber material disposed inside and a soft rubber material covering the outside, and is in a fingernail shape, with a circular-arc-shaped outside and an inside opening that is flat or at an angle of 120 degrees; the two or three floating cutter holders are mutually connected via a strip-shaped thin soft rubber layer by means of the opening that is flat or at an angle of 120 degrees, the thickness of the strip-shaped thin soft rubber layer being 0.05-0.15 mm. The floating cutter holder is a soft and flexible integrated structure..
Shanghai Povos Electric Works Co., Ltd.

Method and system for analyzing noise in an electrophysiology study

A method for analyzing noise in an electronic signal monitoring study includes selecting a study signal for analysis, removing a study subject's physiological signal from the study signal, and performing a quantitative analysis on the study signal. A fingerprint of any noise present in the study signal is then created..
General Electric Company

Evaluation and improvement of nuclease cleavage specificity

Engineered nucleases (e.g., zinc finger nucleases (zfns), transcriptional activator-like effector nucleases (talens), and others) are promising tools for genome manipulation and determining off-target cleavage sites of these enzymes is of great interest. We developed an in vitro selection method that interrogates 1011 dna sequences for their ability to be cleaved by active, dimeric nulceases, e.g., zfns and talens.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Systems and methods for signature computation in a content locality based cache

The present disclosure relates to methods and circuits for signature computation in a content locality cache. A method can include dividing a received block into shingles, where each shingle represents a subset of the received block.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.

In-situ fingerprinting for electrochemical deposition and/or electrochemical etching

The invention relates to an electrochemical analysis method for monitoring and controlling the quality of electrochemical deposition and/or plating processes whereby the electrochemical analysis method uses a fingerprinting analysis method of an output signal to have an indicator of whether the chemistry and/or process is operating in the normally expected range, whereby the method utilizes one or more substrates as working electrode(s) and a) whereby the potential between the one or more working electrodes and one or more reference electrodes being analyzed to provide an output signal fingerprint which is represented as potential difference as a function of time or b) the input power of a process power supply to provide input energy in the form of current and/or potential between the working electrode(s) and a counter-electrode whereby the method utilizes the potential between the one or more working electrode(s) and at least one of: one or more reference electrodes; or one or more counter-electrodes; to provide an output signal fingerprint. The invention also relates to an electrochemical system (fig.

Solid state drive physical uncloneable function erase verification device and method

A method is provided to verify that a memory device has been erased and that the device is the originally intended item. Physically uncloneable features of the memory are revealed after erase and form the data for a fingerprint that verifies that the memory has not been exchanged for another memory.

Flexible fingerprint for detection of malware

System and method for analyzing a target object for similarity to classes of reference objects. A first and a second set of attributes of the target object is identified composed respectively of attributes having values that are common, and variable, among a class of similar objects.
Kaspersky Lab Zao

Managing device driver cross ring accesses

Technologies managing cross ring memory accesses by a device driver on a computing device includes configuring a memory page table associated with the device driver to disable cross ring memory accesses by the device driver, trapping attempted cross ring memory accesses by the device driver, and denying the attempted cross ring memory access if the device driver is determined to be malicious. If the device driver is determined not to be malicious, the memory page table is updated to allow the attempted cross ring memory access.
Intel Corporation

Method and frame accurate advertisement insertion

A method and an apparatus for inserting content into a transmitted video stream without modifying the original content are suggested. The transmission of videos stream is performed by broadcasting or multicasting.
Thomson Licensing

System and authenticating public keys

A method and system for authenticating a public key of a server digital certificate of a third party online entity is disclosed. The method includes establishing a secure, independent connection between an aggregation server and a mobile device, over which a request to authenticate a public key of the server digital certificate is received from the mobile device.
Entersekt (pty) Ltd.

Device fingerprinting

Systems and methods for detecting fraud are described. The methods include collecting identifying information regarding a user device, creating a device identifier (id) based on the identifying information, generating a session key that is associated with a transaction, associating the session key with the device id, storing the session key with the device id, receiving the session key from a merchant, retrieving the device id, determining a number of users associated with the device id, and based on the number, assessing a risk of fraud for the transaction..

Physiologic audio fingerprinting

Audio sounds are captured from a subject's body, e.g., using a smartphone or a worn array of microphones. Plural features are derived from the captured audio, and serve as fingerprint information.
Digimarc Corporation

Method and providing secure and anonymous cash-out and cash-in values in a gaming system

A method, apparatus, article of manufacture, and a memory structure for providing a payout to a player is disclosed. An atm or atm-like device is used to cash out of and cash into gaming devices with the player's fingerprint used to securely transfer the cash-in or cash-out data between the gaming device and the atm.

Method and positioning using quasi-fingerprinting

According to certain aspects, the invention provides a method of achieving near-fingerprinting accuracy without fingerprinting database costs, via parametric representation of training data. In embodiments, this is achieved by using a parametric representation for the training data and limiting the region of applicability of the parametric model in order to mimic fingerprinting.
Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited

Fingerprinting a mobile device through near field communication

Some embodiments include a method of operating an identity receiver of a security system to process an authentication request. The method can include detecting an energy signal from a mobile device at the identity receiver using a first communication protocol; generating a handover message at the identity receiver to request a unique characteristic of the mobile device using the first communication protocol, the unique characteristic associated with a second communication protocol; receiving the unique characteristic from the mobile device at the identity receiver; and authorizing access through the security system by matching the unique characteristic to an authorized identity stored in the identity receiver..
Nexkey, Inc.

Detection of exposure to chemical warfare nerve agents with lateral flow assays

Rapid, point-of-care assays and methods detect clinically relevant organophosphate (op) poisoning after low-level exposure to sarin, soman, tabun, or vx chemical nerve agents. In some preferred embodiments, the assays are direct sandwich assays or direct correlation inhibition assays.
Rapid Pathogen Screening, Inc.

Method and device for generating and detecting fingerprints for synchronizing audio and video

This invention relates to a device and a method of generating a first and a second fingerprint (102,104) usable for synchronisation of at least two signals (101,103) and corresponding method and device for synchronising two or more signals. A fingerprint pair is generated on the basis of a segment of a first signal e.g.
Gracenote, Inc.

Advertisement detection system and method based on fingerprints

An advertisement detection system based on fingerprints, including a content stream storage unit storing broadcast content in real time, a section selection unit selecting a reference section and a test section from broadcast content stored by the storage unit, a fingerprint extraction unit extracting fingerprints from the reference section and test section selected by the selection unit, a fingerprint matching unit comparing fingerprints from the test section and reference section, extracted by the extraction unit, with each other and then performing matching between the fingerprints, an advertisement section determination unit determining advertisement segments from the test section based on results of the matching performed by the matching unit, an advertisement db management unit storing segment information about the advertisement segments determined by the determination unit in an advertisement db and managing the db, and a section update unit changing the reference section and test section selected by the selection unit.. .
Enswers Co., Ltd.

Digital video content fingerprinting based on scale invariant interest region detection with an array of anisotropic filters

Video sequence processing is described with various filtering rules applied to extract dominant features for content based video sequence identification. Active regions are determined in video frames of a video sequence.
Zeitera, Llc

Method of manufacturing fingerprint recognition home key having offset structure of decorative part and structure of fingerprint recognition home key

Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a fingerprint recognition home key having an offset structure of a decorative part. The method includes: (a) preparing an injection molded product having a shape of a home key and provided with a fingerprint recognition sensor, (b) applying a bonding material or an adhesive to an upper side of a film of the fingerprint recognition sensor, (c) bonding an external member to the upper side of the film of the fingerprint recognition sensor to which the bonding material or the adhesive is applied, and (d) assembling the decorative part to have a height difference from to the external member..
Dreamtech Co., Ltd

Method of manufacturing fingerprint recognition home key for improving attachment precision of fingerprint recognition sensor

A method of manufacturing a fingerprint recognition home key for improving an attachment precision of a fingerprint recognition sensor in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention comprising the steps of an injection step in which a transparent injection molding product equipping a receiving groove, on which a fingerprint recognition sensor is placed, is molded, coating a uv curable bond on the transparent injection molding product, and adjoining the transparent injection molding product and a fingerprint recognition sensor using the uv curable bond is provided.. .
Dreamtech Co., Ltd

Container identification mark

A bottle or jar identification device comprising a multi-layer token that produces a permanent image when pressure is applied to a writing surface. The token may be affixed to the cap or cover or to the bottle or jar itself.

Nail clippers

Nail clippers comprise two legs extending in longitudinal direction, which are connected to one another with their one ends and the free ends of which form inner cutting edges, so as to cut through a fingernail or a toenail between both cutting edges. Both legs including the connecting area are of a metallic glass or an amorphous metal in one piece.
Zwilling J.a. Henckels Ag

Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device

An electronic device with a display and a fingerprint sensor may authenticate a user for a respective function. While access to one or more resources of the device is restricted, the device displays an irregular arrangement of shapes on the touch-sensitive display.
Apple Inc.

Implementation a multifunctional mcu and such multifunctional mcu

A method comprises steps of: acquiring a function operation instruction input by a user; and scanning a fingerprint of the user and performing identity authentication on the user according to the fingerprint, if an operation corresponding to the function operation instruction is authentication; storing data information into a preset storage space, if an operation corresponding to the function operation instruction is data information storage; charging a preset device, if an operation corresponding to the function operation instruction is charging. The multifunctional mcu comprises an acquisition module, an authentication module, a storing module and a charging module..
Golden Vast Macao Commercial Offshore Limited

Transcriptional repression leading to parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease is caused by the preferential loss of substantia nigra dopamine neurons. A parkin interacting substrate, paris (znf746) is identified.
Valted, Llc

Method and system for wireless in-situ sampling of a reservoir fluid

It is described a method and a system for wireless in-situ sampling of a reservoir fluid from a hydrocarbon reservoir comprising obtaining a number of local samples of the reservoir fluid from different zones of the reservoir at given times. Local characterization of production fluid is obtained based on identifying chemical fingerprints of each of the number of local samples.
Sinvent As

System for synchronising content with live television

A computer system in which augmentation content can be provided to a client device. A receiver is provided in a server for receiving a live television signal.

Media processing methods and arrangements

The disclosure includes methods of accessing audio-visual content from various sources. One combination includes a method employing a portable device including a processor, microphone and an interface to receive user inputs, the portable device also including a display screen, the method also utilizing a remote computer system comprising a database, the method comprising: receiving a first user request, through the interface, for processing audio content captured with the microphone; processing the audio to yield fingerprint data; communicating the fingerprint data and portable device or user information to the remote computer system; in response to said communicating, receiving source information to enable the portable device access to audio-visual content from a particular source which is remote from the remote computer system, in which the database includes source rules, in which the remote computer system utilizes the portable device or user information to identify user preferences or profile data, and uses identified user preferences or profile data and the source rules to choose the particular source.
Digimarc Corporation

Methods and data restore and recovery from a remote data store

Methods, apparatus, and computer-accessible storage media for restoring data from a snapshot to a data volume. The blocks in the volume may be treated as an implicit tree structure, for example a binary tree; each local block corresponds to a block on the snapshot.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.

Method and system for signal fingerprinting geographic location of a person or object

A method for geographic fingerprinting for monitoring of home services interactions between a provider of a home service and a patient. The method and system are directed to presence determination (who is at a specific location at a specific time) rather than gps location services (pinpointing that location).

Systems, devices and methods for in situ calibration of implantable sensors

The systems, methods, and devices described herein generally involve monitoring and/or quantification of various analyte levels in a biological fluid using one or more implantable sensors. In various aspects, systems, methods, and devices described herein can provide for the in situ calibration and/or cleaning of such sensors when implanted in the patient.

Method of nucleic acid amplification

A nucleic acid molecule can be annealed to an appropriate immobilized primer. The primer can then be extended and the molecule and the primer can be separated from one another.
Illumina, Inc.

Anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint coating composition, film comprising the same, coating the same and article coated with the same

Disclosed is an anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint coating composition for forming a multi-functional coating layer having both anti-bacterial functions and anti-fingerprint functions on surfaces of touchscreens provided in portable terminals such as cellular phones, of panels or the like, provided in display devices such as liquid crystal displays (lcds) or plasma display panels (pdps), by a dry deposition method.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Methods and compositions for targeted cleavage and recombination

Disclosed herein are methods and compositions for targeted cleavage of a genomic sequence, targeted alteration of a genomic sequence, and targeted recombination between a genomic region and an exogenous polynucleotide homologous to the genomic region. The compositions include fusion proteins comprising a cleavage domain (or cleavage half-domain) and an engineered zinc finger domain and polynucleotides encoding same.
Sangamo Biosciences, Inc.

System and capturing and producing biometric-matching quality fingerprints and other types of dactylographic images with a mobile device

An optical module includes a housing with a lighting mechanism, an aperture formed therein, and a window that frames a transparent surface adapted to contact a skin surface of a person, for example, a fingertip. The lighting mechanism provides light to illuminate the skin surface placed upon the transparent surface.
Aware, Inc.

Finger sensing structure for capacitive fingerprint recognition ic

A finger sensing structure for a capacitive fingerprint recognition ic is provided here. The structure comprises a finger sensing metal layer with fish bone shape.
Image Match Design Inc.

Using biometric verification to grant access to redacted content

Some embodiments provide an electronic device with a novel content redaction engine. The content redaction engine of some embodiments determines whether to redact content for output based on whether a user is biometrically verified.

Data processing

A data processing method is provided, which includes: performing a fingerprint calculation for each data element of a set of data elements to obtain fingerprint information of the data elements; grouping the data elements into data groups in accordance with the fingerprint information, including by grouping data elements with the same fingerprint information into a same data group; and selecting a particular data element from each of the data groups for modeling calculation. A corresponding device is described.

System and multi-scale navigation of data

A system configured to generate a macro-fingerprint from at least one predefined set of summaries is provided. The system includes data storage storing a first predefined set of summaries associated with a first region of data, each member of the first predefined set of summaries characterizing data within the first region of data; and at least one processor coupled to the data storage and configured to: read the first predefined set of summaries; select at least one first member from the first predefined set of summaries based on a value of the at least one first member; and store the at least one first member within a first macro-fingerprint.

Mobile phone or portable pc with a camera

A mobile phone or portable pc is proposed, which includes a camera with an optical axis, where a transparent cover is arranged movable relative to the camera, in such a way that the camera and the transparent cover can be brought into a first relative position and into a second relative position. In the first relative position, the transparent cover lies on the optical axis and the camera and the transparent cover form together an optical fingerprint sensor, which may be used for optical fingerprint imaging or an optical reader for reading graphical data codes, such that, in the second relative position, the transparent cover lies off the optical axis, so that the camera may be used for taking pictures or recording video, where the mobile phone or portable pc may additionally include, amongst others, a guiding element that helps user to place his finger at substantially the position for different readings..

A generating interleaving digits to match fingerprints

A method for searching a database comprising data related to a plurality of fingerprints. Two or more feature points in an image of an unknown fingerprint are identified.

Hand-held device for biometric identification

A portable, hand-held biometric identification device includes a processor and a memory coupled to the processor. The memory stores user interface software for operating the device and a local data base of biometric data.

Method of manufacturing fingerprint recognition home key

Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a fingerprint recognition home key. In this method, an external member having a high dielectric constant is bonded to a film of a fingerprint recognition sensor, thereby increasing a fingerprint recognition rate, reducing manufacturing time, and providing a pleasant outer appearance.

Portable storage device using fingerprint recognition, and control method thereof

Disclosed is a portable storage device including a fingerprint sensor, a fingerprint data processing unit, a data repository, a data processing unit and the like. The fingerprint data processing unit outputs a fingerprint matching signal when fingerprint information received from the fingerprint sensor matches authentication fingerprint information of the fingerprint data repository.

User authentication biometrics in mobile devices

An authentication process may involve presenting an image on a display device, such as an icon associated with an application, indicating an area for a user to touch. At least partial fingerprint data may be obtained during one or more finger taps or touches in the area.

Multi-layered sensing with multiple resolutions

A display component (108) displays multiple icons that a user can touch. A multi-layered sensing component (104) includes at least a high resolution sensing component (204) and a low resolution sensing component (202).

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