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Anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint coating composition, film comprising the same, method of coating the same and…

Anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint coating composition, film comprising the same, method of coating the same and…

Date/App# patent app List of recent Finger-related patents
 System for synchronising content with live television patent thumbnailnew patent System for synchronising content with live television
A computer system in which augmentation content can be provided to a client device. A receiver is provided in a server for receiving a live television signal.
 Media processing methods and arrangements patent thumbnailnew patent Media processing methods and arrangements
The disclosure includes methods of accessing audio-visual content from various sources. One combination includes a method employing a portable device including a processor, microphone and an interface to receive user inputs, the portable device also including a display screen, the method also utilizing a remote computer system comprising a database, the method comprising: receiving a first user request, through the interface, for processing audio content captured with the microphone; processing the audio to yield fingerprint data; communicating the fingerprint data and portable device or user information to the remote computer system; in response to said communicating, receiving source information to enable the portable device access to audio-visual content from a particular source which is remote from the remote computer system, in which the database includes source rules, in which the remote computer system utilizes the portable device or user information to identify user preferences or profile data, and uses identified user preferences or profile data and the source rules to choose the particular source.
 Methods and apparatus for data restore and recovery from a remote data store patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and apparatus for data restore and recovery from a remote data store
Methods, apparatus, and computer-accessible storage media for restoring data from a snapshot to a data volume. The blocks in the volume may be treated as an implicit tree structure, for example a binary tree; each local block corresponds to a block on the snapshot.
 Method and system for signal fingerprinting geographic location of a person or object patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for signal fingerprinting geographic location of a person or object
A method for geographic fingerprinting for monitoring of home services interactions between a provider of a home service and a patient. The method and system are directed to presence determination (who is at a specific location at a specific time) rather than gps location services (pinpointing that location).
 Systems, devices and methods for in situ calibration of implantable sensors patent thumbnailnew patent Systems, devices and methods for in situ calibration of implantable sensors
The systems, methods, and devices described herein generally involve monitoring and/or quantification of various analyte levels in a biological fluid using one or more implantable sensors. In various aspects, systems, methods, and devices described herein can provide for the in situ calibration and/or cleaning of such sensors when implanted in the patient.
 Method of nucleic acid amplification patent thumbnailnew patent Method of nucleic acid amplification
A nucleic acid molecule can be annealed to an appropriate immobilized primer. The primer can then be extended and the molecule and the primer can be separated from one another.
 Anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint coating composition, film comprising the same, method of coating the same and article coated with the same patent thumbnailnew patent Anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint coating composition, film comprising the same, method of coating the same and article coated with the same
Disclosed is an anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint coating composition for forming a multi-functional coating layer having both anti-bacterial functions and anti-fingerprint functions on surfaces of touchscreens provided in portable terminals such as cellular phones, of panels or the like, provided in display devices such as liquid crystal displays (lcds) or plasma display panels (pdps), by a dry deposition method.. .
 Methods and compositions for targeted cleavage and recombination patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and compositions for targeted cleavage and recombination
Disclosed herein are methods and compositions for targeted cleavage of a genomic sequence, targeted alteration of a genomic sequence, and targeted recombination between a genomic region and an exogenous polynucleotide homologous to the genomic region. The compositions include fusion proteins comprising a cleavage domain (or cleavage half-domain) and an engineered zinc finger domain and polynucleotides encoding same.
 System and method of capturing and producing biometric-matching quality fingerprints and other types of dactylographic images with a mobile device patent thumbnailnew patent System and method of capturing and producing biometric-matching quality fingerprints and other types of dactylographic images with a mobile device
An optical module includes a housing with a lighting mechanism, an aperture formed therein, and a window that frames a transparent surface adapted to contact a skin surface of a person, for example, a fingertip. The lighting mechanism provides light to illuminate the skin surface placed upon the transparent surface.
 Finger sensing structure for capacitive fingerprint recognition ic patent thumbnailnew patent Finger sensing structure for capacitive fingerprint recognition ic
A finger sensing structure for a capacitive fingerprint recognition ic is provided here. The structure comprises a finger sensing metal layer with fish bone shape.
Using biometric verification to grant access to redacted content
Some embodiments provide an electronic device with a novel content redaction engine. The content redaction engine of some embodiments determines whether to redact content for output based on whether a user is biometrically verified.
Data processing method and device
A data processing method is provided, which includes: performing a fingerprint calculation for each data element of a set of data elements to obtain fingerprint information of the data elements; grouping the data elements into data groups in accordance with the fingerprint information, including by grouping data elements with the same fingerprint information into a same data group; and selecting a particular data element from each of the data groups for modeling calculation. A corresponding device is described.
System and method for multi-scale navigation of data
A system configured to generate a macro-fingerprint from at least one predefined set of summaries is provided. The system includes data storage storing a first predefined set of summaries associated with a first region of data, each member of the first predefined set of summaries characterizing data within the first region of data; and at least one processor coupled to the data storage and configured to: read the first predefined set of summaries; select at least one first member from the first predefined set of summaries based on a value of the at least one first member; and store the at least one first member within a first macro-fingerprint.
Mobile phone or portable pc with a camera
A mobile phone or portable pc is proposed, which includes a camera with an optical axis, where a transparent cover is arranged movable relative to the camera, in such a way that the camera and the transparent cover can be brought into a first relative position and into a second relative position. In the first relative position, the transparent cover lies on the optical axis and the camera and the transparent cover form together an optical fingerprint sensor, which may be used for optical fingerprint imaging or an optical reader for reading graphical data codes, such that, in the second relative position, the transparent cover lies off the optical axis, so that the camera may be used for taking pictures or recording video, where the mobile phone or portable pc may additionally include, amongst others, a guiding element that helps user to place his finger at substantially the position for different readings..
A method for generating interleaving digits to match fingerprints
A method for searching a database comprising data related to a plurality of fingerprints. Two or more feature points in an image of an unknown fingerprint are identified.
Hand-held device for biometric identification
A portable, hand-held biometric identification device includes a processor and a memory coupled to the processor. The memory stores user interface software for operating the device and a local data base of biometric data.
Method of manufacturing fingerprint recognition home key
Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a fingerprint recognition home key. In this method, an external member having a high dielectric constant is bonded to a film of a fingerprint recognition sensor, thereby increasing a fingerprint recognition rate, reducing manufacturing time, and providing a pleasant outer appearance.
Portable storage device using fingerprint recognition, and control method thereof
Disclosed is a portable storage device including a fingerprint sensor, a fingerprint data processing unit, a data repository, a data processing unit and the like. The fingerprint data processing unit outputs a fingerprint matching signal when fingerprint information received from the fingerprint sensor matches authentication fingerprint information of the fingerprint data repository.
User authentication biometrics in mobile devices
An authentication process may involve presenting an image on a display device, such as an icon associated with an application, indicating an area for a user to touch. At least partial fingerprint data may be obtained during one or more finger taps or touches in the area.
Multi-layered sensing with multiple resolutions
A display component (108) displays multiple icons that a user can touch. A multi-layered sensing component (104) includes at least a high resolution sensing component (204) and a low resolution sensing component (202).
Periodic ambient waveform analysis for enhanced social functions
In particular embodiments, one or more computer-readable non-transitory storage media embody software that is operable when executed to receive an audio waveform fingerprint and a client-determined location from a client device. The received audio waveform fingerprint may be compared to a database of stored audio waveform fingerprints, each stored audio waveform fingerprint associated with an object in an object database.
Fingernail drill
A fingernail drill has a drill bit and a tip which is capable of drilling through a thickness of a fingernail. The tip extends longitudinally outwards from an abutment integrally formed with the drill bit, and the drill cannot drill past the abutment.
System and method of cytomic vascular health profiling
The present invention relates to a method of determining vascular health in a subject. The method includes the steps of obtaining a biological sample from the subject, obtaining microparticle data based on the level of at least one set of microparticles in the biological sample, obtaining progenitor cell data based on the level of at least one set of progenitor cells in the biological sample, generating a cytometric fingerprint of the biological sample based on the microparticle and progenitor cell data, and determining the vascular health of the subject based on the generated cytometric fingerprint..
Device localization using camera and wireless signal
A source wireless fingerprint is associated with a source image. One or more eligible cataloged wireless fingerprints having a threshold similarity to the source wireless fingerprint are found.
Candidate identification by image fingerprinting and model matching
Candidate identification utilizing fingerprint identification is disclosed. The method includes receiving a candidate image comprising a plurality of constituent elements arranged in a content pattern, compensating for rotation variation in the content pattern of the received candidate, analyzing each of the plurality of constituent elements comprising the content pattern of the received candidate image to define a bounded area about each of the plurality of constituent elements, building a candidate fingerprint representative of the content pattern wherein the candidate fingerprint is based on the defined bounded area, comparing the candidate fingerprint to a plurality of fingerprints wherein each of the plurality of fingerprints represents one of a plurality of exemplars, identifying one of the plurality of fingerprints that corresponds to the candidate fingerprint, and evaluating the candidate and one or more identified exemplars to determine the best match there between, wherein the identified exemplar corresponds to the one of the plurality of fingerprints..
A method for identifying fingerprints through numeric representation
A method for searching a database comprising data related to a plurality of fingerprints. Two or more feature points in an image of an unknown fingerprint are identified.
Identifier investigation
A method of extracting data from a representation of an identifier, such as a fingerprint is provided. The method includes selecting a plurality of features, such as ridge ends or bifurcations, in the representation of an identifier, considering the positions of those features and generating a reference feature, such as a centre, from the positions of the plurality of features.
Fingerprint sensing apparatus
The light refracting device can, for example, be a tft light panel structure or an active matrix organic light emitting diode (amoled) panel structure with reverse current measurement and amplification circuitry, and includes an imaging surface and a viewing plane. Incident light from the light source is projected directly or indirectly onto the imaging surface to create an image of the patterned object from the projected light onto the viewing plane.
Method and apparatus for fingerprint image reconstruction
An apparatus and method for obtaining a biometric image is disclosed, which may comprise: providing a biometric image sensor which may comprise one of a one dimensional swiped sensor array, a two dimensional swiped sensor array and a two dimensional placement sensor array, each of which may comprise a capacitive gap sensor measuring a change in a transmitted signal received as a received signal, based upon changes in the transmitted signal passing through a biometric, the biometric image sensor may be one of mounted on a host device or cooperating with the host device; providing a biometric placement positioning prompt on a display on the host device, which prompt may indicate whether a current positioning of the biometric is proper for initiating biometric imaging by the biometric image sensor, e.g., indicating a current positioning of the biometric and the desired positioning of the biometric.. .
Electronic toll management and vehicle identification
Identifying a vehicle in a toll system includes accessing image data for a first vehicle and obtaining license plate data from the accessed image data for the first vehicle. A set of records is accessed.
Display with peripherally configured ultrasonic biometric sensor
Various techniques and apparatuses are disclosed that provide for pixelated display modules that integrate an ultrasonic fingerprint or biometric sensing capability. In some implementations, the ultrasonic fingerprint sensor and the display components of the display module may share a common backplane.
Adapative sensing component resolution based on touch location authentication
A display component (108) displays multiple icons that a user can touch. A sensing component (104) supports multiple resolution modes, including at least a high resolution mode and a low resolution mode.
Combining navigation and fingerprint sensing
A method, device and machine readable medium are provided. The method comprises: activating a fingerprint sensor while performing a function other than authentication; and performing a security action when fingerprint data matching stored fingerprint data is not captured by the fingerprint sensor after a threshold duration from activation..
Distorsion fingerprinting for em tracking compensation, detection and error correction
A system for accounting for electromagnetic (em) distortion with an em tracking system includes a sensor array (144) configured to sense em energy in a target volume. An em sensing correction module (140) is configured to analyze data from the sensor array to detect em distorters in the target volume.
Dynamic information radio-frequency identification (rfid) card with biometric capabilities
Embodiments of the present invention implement dynamic elements within a rfid card. Specifically, the embodiments update card information dynamically, using a biometric image scanner (e.g., for scanning a fingerprint passively).
Safety deposit compartment with biometric sensor
A personally accessible storage unit includes a support structure, which is configured to house a safety deposit compartment slidably mounted within the support structure. The safety deposit compartment has a bottom surface and a plurality of surrounding side walls defining a storage area for a valuable article.
Plants having enhanced yield-related traits and a method for making the same
The present invention relates generally to the field of molecular biology and concerns a method for increasing various plant yield-related traits by increasing expression in a plant of a nucleic acid sequence encoding a zinc finger (znf) domain-containing a20/an1 (znf a20/an1) polypeptide. The present invention also concerns plants having increased expression of a nucleic acid sequence encoding a znf a20/an1 polypeptide, which plants have increased yield-related traits relative to control plants.
Car+ t cells genetically modified to eliminate expression of t-cell receptor and/or hla
The present invention concerns methods and compositions for immunotherapy employing a modified t cell comprising disrupted t cell receptor and/or hla and comprising a chimeric antigen receptor. In certain embodiments, the compositions are employed allogeneically as universal reagents for “off-the-shelf treatment of medical conditions such as cancer, autoimmunity, and infection.
Device and method for collecting information relating to access points
A device and a method of collecting information about access points in a wireless telecommunication system, for example rss fingerprints in a wi-fi network, are disclosed. Information can be collected automatically along a user's path, using a mobile terminal.
Authorizing system and method of portable electronic device
An authorizing system includes a face recognition module, a first authorizing module, a fingerprint acquiring module, and a second authorizing module. The face recognition module captures an image of a current user and recognizes face features from the image.
Cover trim for a push bar of an exit device
An easily installable and preferably antimicrobial cover trim for a push bar of an exit device for a door, as well as a method for increasing fingerprint resistance of metal touch surfaces.. .
Apparatus and method for enabling fingerprint-based secure access to a user-authenticated operational state of an information handling system
A computer-implemented method provides power to a fingerprint reader while the remaining components of the information handling system are held in a low power, non-operating state. Placement of a finger across the fingerprint reader is detected with the information handling system in the non-operating state.
Constructing a transport stream
A plurality of sets of primary product keys is established or generated, each set containing at least two different primary product keys. One primary product key of each set is made available to each receiver or group of receivers, such that each receiver or group of receivers is provided with a different combination of said primary product keys.
Systems and methods for program identification
Systems and methods are provided for program identification. For example, a first audio fingerprint corresponding to a first audio signal is acquired; whether one or more second audio fingerprints in a predetermined fingerprint database match with the first audio fingerprint is detected, a second audio fingerprint corresponding to a second audio signal; and in response to one of the second audio fingerprints matching with the first audio fingerprint, a program associated with the matching second audio signal is provided as a result for program identification associated with the first audio signal..
Method and apparatus for detecting the onset of hypoglycaemia
A method and apparatus for the detection of the onset of hypoglycaemia is described. A portable sensor worn by a subject is used to detect a physiological tremor signal.
Distributed computing for portable computing devices
This disclosure describes a distributed reader architecture for a mobile computing device such as cellular telephone handset. One claim recites a method for identifying a content item from a host signal captured on a mobile telephone handset, comprising: from the handset, receiving filtered data from the host signal for use in identifying the content item; processing the filtered data to compute a content fingerprints; using the content fingerprints to determine an action associated with the content item, in which said determining utilizes information pertaining to an operating system associated with the mobile telephone handset; and communicating information associated with the action to the mobile telephone handset.
Portable device including a fingerprint scanner and method of controlling therefor
A method of controlling a portable device according to one embodiment of the present specification may be able to selectively activate the functions of a multifunctional control button. The method of controlling the portable device may include the steps of sensing a first control input for a control button configured to perform a fingerprint recognition function and a control input detection function, recognizing a fingerprint of the first control input by activating the fingerprint recognition function, if the fingerprint recognition function is activated, deactivating the control input detection function, and if the activated fingerprint recognition function is terminated, activating the control input detection function..
Utilizing a touch screen as a biometric device
A method, system or computer usable program product for authenticating a fingerprint by aggregating samples on a digital touch screen including capturing multiple data samples of a finger swipe across the touch screen, wherein the touch screen is used both for fingerprint recognition and manipulation of a user interface; utilizing a processor to aggregate the multiple data samples to form a combined sample fingerprint of the finger; and responsive to detecting the combined sample fingerprint matching a predetermined allowed fingerprint, providing a signal indicating the fingerprint is authentic.. .
Method and apparatus for building wi-fi radio map
Specifically, the present invention provides, as methods for estimating position data for ap (200) using wi-fi fingerprints collected by mobile terminals (100), 1) method for estimating position data for ap (200) by linking wi-fi fingerprints and time data for collecting wi-fi signal, or 2) method for estimating position data for ap (200) through user address data comparison between wi-fi fingerprints without linking signal collection time data to wi-fi fingerprints. Accordingly, it has effects of epoch-making economic feasibility compared to prior art that requires huge cost in collecting wi-fi fingerprint like war driving..
Fingerprint analysis for anti-virus scan
Disclosed are systems and methods for fingerprint analysis for anti-virus scanning in an embodiment, a method of scanning for infected data items is disclosed. The method provides identifying a plurality of changed data items on a server machine.
Security and access system based on multi-dimensional location characteristics
An invention is provided for system security and access based on multi-dimensional location characteristics. The invention includes collecting contextual information characterizing a specific location during a first time period utilizing a contextual data collection device (cdcd), wherein the contextual information indicates specific characteristics of the location and is collected at the location.
Subsegmenting for efficient storage, resemblance determination, and transmission
Transmitting or storing subsegments is disclosed. A data stream or a data block is received and broken into a plurality of segments.
Systems, methods, and computer program products for the receipt of transaction offers
In general terms, embodiments of the present invention relate to apparatuses, methods, and computer program products for receiving transaction offers. For example, in some embodiments, a method is provided that includes (a) receiving information associated with a transaction; (b) storing, in a memory device, the information associated with a transaction; (c) receiving authentication information from a user to authenticate the user to enter into the transaction; and (d) enabling the user to enter into the transaction by using at least one of a magnetic swipe card writer, bar code display, or fingerprint reader..
Discovery of music artist and title via companionship between a cellular phone and a broadcast radio receiver
Radio receivers have wireless communication to an associated smart phone, and transmit a copy of the audio output in digital format to an application in the smart phone. The smart phone application detects the beginning of a song, creates an acoustic fingerprint of the song, and obtains the artist and title of the song from an acoustic fingerprinting database of songs.
Discovery of music artist and title for syndicated content played by radio stations
Radio stations broadcasting syndicated content for which the broadcast automation system is not provided with the artist and title of songs has a software application in an associated computer that receives and analyzes the audio stream to detect songs, and creates a digital fingerprint of the songs. Fingerprints are compared against an acoustic fingerprinting song database to obtain the artist and title of the song.
Audio content monitoring and identification of broadcast radio stations
A method and system to monitor and audit the audio output of a broadcaster to determine songs and commercials that are played by the implementation of a computer application at a broadcaster that receives the broadcaster's audio output, determines transitions between audio content, upon detecting a transition, creates an acoustic fingerprint of that content, compares the fingerprint against a database of song fingerprints, and upon finding a match of a fingerprint of an audio item in the database, recording that occurrence in an accounting system with reference to the broadcaster.. .
Therapeutic use of activators of zinc finger protein gl13
The present invention relates to the therapeutic use of activators of the zinc finger protein gli3 in diseases that are associated with reduced hedgehog signaling in hepatocytes, in particular polycystic ovary syndrome, steatosis hepatis, steatohepatit is and/or adipositas. The invention further relates to methods of treating an individual with said activator, a pharmaceutical composition comprising said activator and the use of said activator as food supplement..
Clonotypes as biometric specimen tags
The invention is directed to methods for biometrically identifying or distinguishing biological specimens, such as patient specimens, as being from the same or different individuals by analysis of specimen clonotypes. The invention provides a direct or backup method for determining or confirming specimen identities.
Anti-fingerprint photocatalytic nanostructure for transparent surfaces
Titania-based porous nanoparticle coatings are mechanically robust, with low haze, which exhibit short time scales for decomposition of fingerprint oils under ultraviolet light. The mechanism by which a typical dactylogram is consumed combines wicking of the sebum into the nanoporous titania structure followed by photocatalytic degradation.
Generating and using a location fingerprinting map
A computerized method for building a multisensory location map, the method may include: receiving, by an interface, multiple multisensory data vectors acquired by multiple mobile devices at multiple locations and location estimates indicative of the multiple locations; wherein at least a majority of the multiple locations are located within an area in which a granularity of global positioning system (gps) based navigation is below an allowable threshold; wherein the location estimates are at least partially generated by internal navigation systems of the multiple mobile devices; and calculating, by a map calculator, in response to the multiple multisensory data vectors and the location estimates, a location fingerprinting map that comprises multiple grid points, wherein each grid point comprises a multisensory grid point fingerprint and grid point location information.. .
Discovery of music artist and title by a smart phone provisioned to listen to itself
A smart phone application is configured to connect to and listen to the audio output of the smart phone, and using dsp software, to detect the presence of music, and when a song is detected, to create an acoustic fingerprinting of the song, and compare that fingerprint against song fingerprints in a database. When a match is found, the artist and title of the song is available for display on the smart phone and is stored in a listing..
Apparatus and method for tft fingerprint sensor
A low cost, two-dimensional, fingerprint sensor includes a pixel array, each pixel including a switch and a pixel electrode for forming a capacitance with a fingertip. One or more active transmission electrodes are spaced from a selected row of the pixel array, and transmit a carrier signal into the finger without direct coupling into the selected pixels.
Method for securing an electronic document
The object of this invention is a method for securing an electronic document. In particular, this invention relates to a method that prevents the forging of documents in which an electronic chip is incorporated.
Method and system for authenticating biometric data
A method for authenticating biometric data determines a first set of descriptors of a fingerprint. Each descriptor in the first set represents a region of the fingerprint that includes multiple minutiae.
Unordered matching of audio fingerprints
A method includes receiving an audio fingerprint from a listening device. The method also includes, in response to determining that a portion of a stored audio fingerprint substantially matches a portion of the received audio fingerprint, identifying a longest unordered match between the received audio fingerprint and the stored audio fingerprint that satisfies a similarity threshold.
Apparatus and method for reducing noise in fingerprint sensing circuits
An apparatus for reducing noise in fingerprint sensing circuits is disclosed in one embodiment of the invention as including a fingerprint sensing area onto which a user can apply a fingerprint. An analog front end is coupled to the fingerprint sensing area and is configured to generate an analog response signal.
Transaction automation and archival system using electronic contract disclosure units
A system is provided for controlling, real-time logging, and archiving complex commercial transactions such as the purchase and financing of an automobile. An electronic contract disclosure unit or ecdu includes a digitizing display for imaging documents involved in the transaction and a digitizer for manual interaction with images on the display.
Nanomanipulation coupled nanospray mass spectrometry (nms)
A coupled nanomanipulation and nanospray mass spectrometry (nms) system for single cell, single organelle, and ultra-trace molecular analysis is disclosed herein. The system primarily comprises a bio-workstation coupled to a nms.
Multi-function glove
A multi-function glove that has attached a wrist band, a little finger sheath, a ring finger sheath and a truncated sheath that fits into a middle finger, an index finger and the thumb. The glove has attached a side-hinged viewing flap that covers a paper pad such as a post-it® paper pad.
Protective hand or foot shield
A protective shield for protecting a user's hands or feet from harmful ultraviolet rays when a coating composition applied to the user's fingernails or toenails during a manicure or pedicure is cured by an ultraviolet curing system. The protective shield includes a thin elastomeric or polymeric sheet of material impregnated with an ultraviolet blocking composition.
Regulation of endogenous gene expression in cells using zinc finger proteins
The present invention provides methods for modulating expression of endogenous cellular genes using recombinant zinc finger proteins.. .
Enabling an interactive program associated with a live broadcast on a mobile device
A method of providing an interactive content to a prospective user at a mobile device, the mobile device including a non-transitory computer readable medium including a computer executable program code and a processor for executing the computer executable program code is described. The method includes steps for initiating capture of an audio stream by shaking the mobile device; capturing the audio stream via a microphone in the mobile device; converting the captured audio stream into an audio fingerprint; sending the audio fingerprint to a server; receiving the interactive content from the server if there is a match between audio fingerprints stored on the server, and the audio fingerprint sent by the mobile device; and displaying the interactive content on the mobile device..

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