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Laser generated measuring device

Finder optical system, image pickup apparatus, and image pickup system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Finder-related patents
 Laser scan sensor patent thumbnailnew patent Laser scan sensor
The configuration includes a laser range finder (110), a scan mechanism (120), a distance-data acquiring unit (130), a memory (160), which stores installation state information and detection-area information for each measurement direction, a human-body determining unit (140), a detection area-information updater (140), which updates detection-area information under a predetermined condition, and the alert-output control unit (150). The human-body determining unit (140) extracts a portion that possibly corresponds to a human body in an object that has invaded or moved, which is found out by comparison with the detection-area information based on the acquired distance information, and determines whether or not a rest of the respective extracted portions is a human body based on a movement state of each of the extracted portion in chronological order.
 Imaging device, finder, and display method therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Imaging device, finder, and display method therefor
A display method for a finder includes, when at least one of a blown-out-highlight region and a blocked-up-shadow region is detected in an image signal indicating a subject image, setting a region corresponding to the detected region of a shutter unit placed in an optical path of an optical view finder in a non-light-shielding state, and setting regions other than the detected region in a light-shielding state; and superposing a subject image passing through the shutter unit and a subject image displayed on a display unit based on the image signal each other so that superposed subject images are made visible.. .
 Finder optical system, image pickup apparatus, and image pickup system patent thumbnailnew patent Finder optical system, image pickup apparatus, and image pickup system
A finder optical system 20 includes a focusing glass 21 including a collection surface 21a that collects a light beam and a diffusion surface 21b that diffuses the collected light beam, an eyepiece 23 that receives a part of the diffused light beam, a photometry lens 24 arranged near the eyepiece 23, and a photometry sensor 25 on which an image of another part of the light beam diffused by the diffusion surface 21b is formed via the photometry lens 24, a plurality of micro lenses are arranged on the diffusion surface 21b of the focusing glass 21, at least one micro lens of the plurality of micro lenses has at least two radii of curvature on its cross section in a predetermined direction, and the at least one micro lens satisfies r1<r2 where r1 and r2 are radii of curvature in first and second areas, respectively.. .
 Laser generated measuring device patent thumbnailnew patent Laser generated measuring device
The present invention relates to a laser-based measuring device which can be used to measure geometrical sizes and lines of a plane from a distance away. The device comprises a hand-held or mountable housing unit containing a laser projector, two pivotally fixed mirrors moveable by a first and second motor respectively, and at least one range finder, wherein the laser generates a visible line whose width is determined by the on time of the laser the angle of reflection of the first mirror and the rotational speed of the second mirror.
 Pictures using voice commands and automatic upload patent thumbnailPictures using voice commands and automatic upload
A system and method is disclosed for enabling user friendly interaction with a camera system. Specifically, the inventive system and method has several aspects to improve the interaction with a camera system, including voice recognition, gaze tracking, touch sensitive inputs and others.
 Two words as the same voice command for a camera patent thumbnailTwo words as the same voice command for a camera
A system and method is disclosed for enabling user friendly interaction with a camera system. Specifically, the inventive system and method has several aspects to improve the interaction with a camera system, including voice recognition, gaze tracking, touch sensitive inputs and others.
 Device for locating objects and collecting debris and associated method patent thumbnailDevice for locating objects and collecting debris and associated method
A stud finder in one embodiment includes a first surface configured to be positioned adjacent to an object, a second surface generally opposite the first surface, an orifice opening to the first surface and to the second surface, a stud sensor configured to sense a structure through the object, and a vacuum source configured to draw a first vacuum in the orifice.. .
 Anesthesia cart with keyless entry and automatic re-locking patent thumbnailAnesthesia cart with keyless entry and automatic re-locking
A controlled access anesthesia cart has at least one drawer or compartment for storing general-use anesthesia items, and at least one drawer or compartment for storing controlled substances, e.g., narcotics. A key card reader on the cart is sensitive to an authorization code to unlock the compartments in the cart for access.
 Analogy finder patent thumbnailAnalogy finder
A user provides a query that includes at least two of a subject, a predicate, and an object. A computer system identifies synonyms of one or more of the subject, predicate, and object, and forms new queries from the identified synonyms.
 Binocular telescope having an integrated laser range finder patent thumbnailBinocular telescope having an integrated laser range finder
The first bracket (11) connected to the first telescope tube (1) is arranged behind the second bracket (12) connected to the second telescope tube (2) in the observation direction and the transmitter (26) of the laser rangefinder is arranged on the first bracket (11).. .
Method and apparatus providing omnibus view of online and offline content of various file types and sources
An online service provider (osp) operates online data centers to store members' data objects relating to various online member services of the osp. An aggregated catalog lists members' data objects residing in the online data centers and also those residing in member computers' local storage.
Device and method for determining tilt angle of camera actuator module
A method for determining a tilt angle of a camera actuator module is disclosed. A test device is placed on a precision tilt angle fine-tuning seat.
Imaging terminal operative for decoding
There is set forth herein an imaging terminal operative for decoding of bar codes. In one embodiment the terminal can include a color imaging assembly having a color image sensor array.
Way finder using proximity events
A system adapted to provide a way finder throughout a facility is described. The system includes an array of sensors, each sensor in the array adapted to transmit a wireless beacon signal, the beacon signal including a sensor id associated with the sensor; at least one mobile device adapted to receive the wireless beacon signal from a particular sensor from the array of sensors and generate a request for a route to a destination; and a server adapted to receive the request and generate the route based on a location of the particular sensor and a location of a destination..
Mobile device location finder
Methods and apparatuses for mobile device location finding are disclosed. In one example, an event notification is received at a first device.
Imaging apparatus, imaging method, recording medium, and program
Disclosed herein are an imaging apparatus, an imaging method, a recording medium, and a program which are capable of processing imaging data in a manner similar to that of a normal frame rate. Image data captured by a solid-state imaging element capable of performing imaging at a high resolution and a high frame rate is supplied to a memory control.
Cable connected mobile video, cellular and wi-fi communications
A camera for generating in a first mobile device a video signal, for viewing by a user, on the first mobile device, the camera generated video signal. The first mobile device has a connector and a cable, to connect the first mobile device camera generated video signal, by cable, to a second mobile device or to a television (tv) set, for viewing the first mobile device camera generated video signal on the second mobile device or on a television (tv) set.
Finder optical system and image capturing apparatus
A finder optical system includes, in the order from a display device side to an eye point side, a first lens group to increase a light beam height of a light beam bundle incident from a display device side and to emit the light beam bundle to the eye point side, and a second lens group having an image formation action.. .
Camera viewfinder comprising a projector
A viewfinder is described that is constructed using a projection system contained within the viewfinder housing. The projection system enables the viewfinder to offer a selectable display resolution and configurable aspect ratio.
Digital depth readout adapter for flasher type fish finder
A depth display device for use with a flasher type fish finder system including a primary unit and a transducer assembly. The depth display device includes an enclosure, a microcontroller, a display panel, a transducer port, and an interface cable.
Observation device with range finder
The invention describes a long-range optical device with two observation parts and a first observation beam path and a measurement beam path, in which the two observation parts are arranged essentially parallel next to each other and spaced a predefinable distance apart via at least one connection element. In a plan view of the device 1 with respect to a plane, in which the longitudinal axes of the observation parts are arranged, the sub-regions of the observation parts facing each other lie directly opposite each other over a length aligned parallel to the longitudinal axis of the observation parts of 20% to 90%, preferably 30% to 80% of a length of the observation parts.
Real-time camera view through drawn region for image capture
Apparatuses and methods related to custom view finders are disclosed. In one embodiment, for example, a method is disclosed which includes defining a view finder region within a first image and saving the image with the view finder into a non-transitory computer readable medium.
Process to optically align optical systems on a weapon
A process to optically align optical systems on a weapon is disclosed. Several different embodiments of the system and method are disclosed.
Ekg targeting system
The present invention is a mechanical device used in the hunting and gaming industries. The device is a system called the ekg targeting system, which is comprised of a scope, which, in one embodiment is comprised of a laser rangefinder, an l-shaped sliding mount, a sliding face-mount bracket, a trigger release mounting bracket, bolts and nuts to secure pieces of the system together, a pin sight, a mounting for the pin sight and a trigger release.
Entering information through an ocr-enabled viewfinder
An improved method for entering text or objects into fields is provided. Instead of a keyboard, a viewfinder provides text segmenting, text selecting and text recognizing (optical character recognition—ocr) functionalities.
Map service method and system of providing target contents based on location
Provided is a map service system and method for providing target content based on a location and/or position of a user device. The map service method includes identifying a pointer associated with a user device, the pointer indicating a position of the user device on a map.
Real-image variable-magnification viewfinder and imaging apparatus
A real-image variable-magnification viewfinder substantially consists of, in order from the object side: an objective lens system substantially consisting of a positive first lens, a negative second lens, a positive third lens, and a positive fourth lens; an erect optical system formed by a plurality of optical members; and a positive eyepiece lens system. The first lens and the third lens are fixed relative to the optical axis direction during magnification change, and the second lens and the fourth lens are moved in the optical axis direction during magnification change.
Laser scan sensor
The configuration includes a laser range finder (110), a scan mechanism (120), a distance-data acquiring unit (130), a memory (160), a human-body determining unit (140), which detects an object with possibility to correspond to a human body from acquired distance information, calculates a height and a width of the object based on installation state information stored in the memory (160), determines that the object is a human body when detection of the object continues for a first predetermined time or longer in the case where a calculated object height is a predetermined height or more, and determines that the object is a human body when detection of the object continues for a second predetermined time longer than the first predetermined time or longer in the case where the calculated object height is less than the predetermined height, and an alert-output control unit (150).. .
Solid-state image sensor and range finder using the same
The invention provides a solid-state image sensor including a plurality of pixels, at least one pixel of the plurality of the pixels having a plurality of photoelectric conversion portions and a pupil-dividing member that causes light that passes through an exit pupil and is incident on a region defined by the member itself to be incident on the plurality of the photoelectric conversion portions, wherein potential profiles with respect to electric charge of the plurality of the photoelectric conversion portions change in a perpendicular line direction of the substrate, and wherein a distance between potential centroids in a section perpendicular to the perpendicular line of the plurality of the photoelectric conversion portions is longer on a back side that is a side opposite to a light incidence side than on the light incidence side.. .
Golf push cart rangefinder stabilizing unit
A golf push cart rangefinder stabilizing unit allowing the anchoring, steadying, and adjusting of the position of the rangefinder using a position locking knob and position locking washer on one side of a telescoping tubing base. On the other side of the telescoping tubing base is an anchor positioning gear lock sliding over a center pivot alignment shaft next to an adjustable positioning gear lock.
Mounting system for a fish finding device
There is provided a mounting system for a fish finding device to a watercraft which has a support for supporting a fish finding device on a watercraft. The support has a top, a bottom and a peripheral side wall which form a receptacle housing for a battery.
Directed energy beam power control system and method
According to one embodiment, an apparatus includes a directed energy device configured to direct energy onto a remote target under control of a controller. The receives a distance measurement to the target using a rangefinder, determines whether the target is within an expected range; and modifies a power output of the directed energy device when the target is not within the expected range..
Method and apparatus for radio direction finding
An apparatus for radio direction finding, the apparatus comprising: a receiver configured to receive target signals to be subjected to the direction finding of signal sources, which are acquired by an antenna array; a channel profiler configured to produce profiles of the target signals received through the receiver; a pre-analyzer configured to preemptively process in a narrowband the wideband target signals based on the profiles that are produced by the channel profiler to produce pre-analyzed information for the wideband target signals; and a direction finder configured to perform the direction finding on the signal sources using the pre-analyzed information and the profilers of the target signals.. .
Modulated laser range finder and method
A laser range finder including a laser configured to project a laser beam onto a target object thereby causing a target beam to be reflected from the target object, wherein the laser beam has a frequency, and wherein the frequency is modulated at a known rate, a first beam splitter positioned to split a reference beam from the laser beam, a second beam splitter positioned to receive the target beam and the reference beam, wherein the target beam and the reference beam are coherently combined, the coherently combined beams establishing a difference frequency, and a detector configured to measure the difference frequency.. .
Solid-state image sensor and range finder using the same
The invention provides a solid-state image sensor including a pixel having a plurality of photoelectric conversion portions and at least one waveguide arranged closer to a side of light incidence than the photoelectric conversion portions, wherein the waveguide has a core member and a cladding member formed of a medium having a refractive index lower than that of the core member, and wherein a layer formed of a medium having a refractive index lower than that of the core member of the waveguide is provided between the photoelectric conversion portions and the waveguide.. .
Axial gas-liquid cyclone separator
An axial gas-liquid cyclone separator, comprising a housing having a wet gas inlet and a dry gas outlet aligned along an axis of the housing; an internal wall section in the housing and defining, within the housing, a pre-separation chamber and a main liquid separation chamber; an assembly comprising a static mixer and a swirl generator mounted in a tube and extended through the internal wall section; liquid outlets in at least the main chamber for outlet of liquids separated from the wet gas; and a vortex finder mounted between the tube and the dry gas outlet.. .
Mobile key identification
A key recognition method and apparatus for use on a smartphone or similar. The viewfinder display for the phone's image sensor is provided with a registration mark or icon adapted to help align and register the image of a flat key being viewed through the image sensor.
Real-image zoom viewfinder and imaging apparatus
1.0<f3/f2<5.0  (3).. .
System and method for automatically targeting a weapon
A method and system for automatically calculating a trajectory of a projectile launched from a weapon includes receiving environmental conditions and determining a distance to a potential target. Determining the distance to the potential target may include calculating distance via optics of the weapon in conjunction with a self correcting reticle module or a video target tracking module.
Watch device with event planning elements
A watch of the present invention includes a calendar date finder in the form of two interacting disks rotatable relative to the other thereby providing calendar date information. A first disk has a circular periphery with a numeric indicia printed thereon.
Distance finder apparatus and system
The present invention is a distance finder apparatus and system operable to project a laser beam spread in a line across a plane, and to determine the distance between a lens and objects that points of the spread laser beam contacts. The present invention comprises: a rangefinder incorporating an optical plate operable to cause an invisible laser beam to be spread, and a visible laser beam to be scattered, in a line along a plane, and the rangefinder is operable to measure distances at points where beams contact one or more objects; a visible pointer laser; and one or more display units.
Method for calculating spacing ratio of interferometer array antenna for direction finder
A method for calculating a spacing between antenna elements of an interferometer array antenna includes setting an azimuth of an instantaneous field of view and a distance between phase differences, and obtaining the number of phase difference lines and phase difference vectors with respect to the phase differences of the signals output in a phase comparator of a direction finder, performing a modular arithmetic for the phase difference vectors to obtain phase difference matrixes, obtaining a transformation matrix for linearly transforming the phase difference matrixes and performing the linear transformation using the transformation matrix, calculating a distance between the phase differences on a new axis generated by the linear transformation, and calculating an antenna spacing as an array spacing of the array antenna, the antenna spacing meeting that the distance between the phase differences is greater than a desired distance between phase differences.. .
Compact, rugged, intelligent tracking apparatus and method
In a video recording environment, a compact, rugged, intelligent tracking apparatus and method enables the automation of labor-intensive operating of cameras, lights, microphones and other devices. Auto-framing of a tracked object within the viewfinder of a supported camera is possible.
Length dual measuring device
A measuring device includes a laser rangefinder, a retractable tape measure and a connecting assembly. The laser rangefinder is configured to transmit a light pulse to a target and receive a reflected light pulse from the target for measuring the distance between the rangefinder and the target.
Image detecting apparatus and image detecting method
An image detecting apparatus for detecting a first eyeball is provided. The image detecting apparatus includes an illumination light source, an imaging lens, an image sensing device, a display and a viewfinder.
Multiple focusable fields of view, such as a universal bar code symbol scanner
A device permitting multiple focusable fields of view, such as a universal bar code scanner that can read bar code symbols at both near and far distances for a range of x-dimensions, is described. The scanner uses an adjustable optical imaging system that has at least two different focused fields of view.
Electronically adjusted bowsight
A sight and range finder for a projectile launching device are disclosed. The range finder calculates a range between a target and a projectile launching device, and transmits a signal indicative of the range.
Orientation device including means for detecting that the device is lying flat on a support
The invention relates to an orientation device comprising: a true north finder including a rate-gyroscope-type member, as well as sensors that can be used to measure the inclination of the device in relation to the horizontal, and associated calculation means for determining the orientation of the true north used on information provided by the rate gyroscope-type member and the sensors. According to the invention, the device also includes three feet that are used to support the device when it is placed on a support, at least one of said feet including a built-in sensor that changes state when the device is resting on a support by means of the feet, and means for automatically triggering the determination of the orientation of the north when the device is sufficiently horizontal and when the sensor indicates that it is placed on a support..
Scheduling events on an electronic calendar utilizing fixed-positioned events and a draggable calendar grid
A method for scheduling an event in a calendar application is disclosed wherein the event is held at a fixed position on the screen of a device and a calendar grid is dragged relative to the event. The method is well-suited for touch devices and provides a way for the user to easily create and schedule events directly on a calendar grid without the need to enter event start and end times into a form.
Thread fixing mechanism
A viewfinder fixing device comprises a holder, a ring, a washer, a dowel, and a plurality of inner peripheral concave-convex portions. The holder has a male thread portion.
Location driven appraisal data extraction, past appraisal and value comparison and comparable property finder
A method for location triggered home evaluation for an electronic device that determines a location of the electronic device and identifies a subject property associated with the location. Further, a set of appraisal information for the subject property that includes a listing of comparable properties determined to be appropriate comparable properties for the subject property is requested..
Fraud tracking network
A tax fraud finder network is provided with a device for calculating a score based on information provided to government agencies by using multiple collections of information. An hev algorithm uses mismatches in different sets of collections to arrive at a display and edit score.
Shock-absorbing mechanism for movable mirror of camera
A movable mirror shock-absorbing mechanism of a camera is provided and includes a movable mirror rotatable between a viewfinder light-guiding position and a retracted position, a first shock-absorbing member which comes into contact with, and is pressed and moved by, the movable mirror to absorb shock of the movable mirror when the movable mirror rotates between the viewfinder light-guiding position and the retracted position, and a second shock-absorbing member to absorb shock of the movable mirror when the movable mirror rotates in the opposite.. .
Shock-absorbing mechanism for movable mirror of camera
A movable mirror shock-absorbing mechanism of a camera is provided and includes a movable mirror rotatable between a viewfinder light-guiding position and a retracted position, a first shock-absorbing member which comes into contact with, and is pressed and moved by, the movable mirror when the movable mirror rotates between the retracted position and the viewfinder light-guiding position, and a second shock-absorbing member which supports the first shock-absorbing member in a manner to allow the first shock-absorbing member to move relative to the second shock-absorbing member, and when the movable mirror rotates, firstly the second shock-absorbing member moves the first shock-absorbing member solely in a pressing-moving direction in which the first shock-absorbing member is pressed and moved by the movable mirror, and subsequently the second shock-absorbing member is moved with the first shock-absorbing member in the pressing-moving direction.. .
Automatic image capture
An improved automatic image capture system for an intelligent mobile device having a camera guides a user to position the camera so only a single image needs to be automatically captured. Syntactic features, using a view finder on a display of the intelligent mobile device, are used to guide a user to maximize the occupancy of the view finder with the document so that the document is maximized within the view finder based upon detected corners of the document.
Imaging range finder fabrication
Fabrication of an imaging range finder is disclosed. The range finder can be formed of an imaging lens and an array of emitters and photodetectors in optical communication with the lens.
Self-aligned aiming system and technique for a laser rangefinder incorporating a retroreflector
A self-aligned aiming system and technique for a laser rangefinder incorporating a retroreflector. In operation, a virtual dot perceived in the laser rangefinder viewing window is inherently aligned with a visible beam projected on the target and has zero parallax by design.
Absolute acceleration sensor for use within moving vehicles
A communication system comprises a pointable range finder to calculate a distance between the vehicle and an object, a recorder for recording a status of the vehicle and a control device. The range finder sends a signal to the control device corresponding to the vehicle's distance from the object and the control device operates the recorder in a manner dependent upon the signal from the range finder.
Wireless water regimen detecting device, system and method based on wifi
A wireless water regimen detecting device includes a fish finder module, a data communication module connected to the fish finder module and a wifi module connected to the data communication module. The present invention utilizes the wireless communication way of wifi to make the display terminal of the fish finder module not be limited to the wireless receiving terminal which is especially prepared for it, but can use existing intelligent terminals with a wifi wireless communication function, such as smart phone, tablet pc, notebook computer or other portable mobile devices, to display.
Photographing apparatus and method of photographing image thereof
A photographing apparatus and a method thereof includes acquiring a depth map of an image currently captured by the photographing apparatus, if auto focusing (af) of the photographing apparatus is performed, calculating depth information of an area in which the af has been performed, and outputting a guide audio having a volume adjusted according to the calculated depth information to inform a user of a state of auto focusing with respect to a desired area without checking a viewfinder.. .
Portable distance measuring device with a laser range finder, image sensor(s) and microdisplay(s)
Portable laser rangefinders include an objective lens situated to form an image of a distant object on an image sensor. The image sensor is coupled to a display that produces a corresponding displayed image that can be viewed directly by a user, or viewed using an eye piece.
Wearable object locator and imaging system
An object locator system for locating an object of interest in a scene. The locator system includes: a) a body mounted pedestrian localization unit worn by an operator; b) a hand-held rangefinder configured to be grasped by the operator; c) a pose sensor for estimating relative position and orientation of the hand-held rangefinder relative to the localization device; and d) a computer control system coupled to the pedestrian localization unit, the rangefinder, and the pose sensor, the computer control system being programmed to compute a relative location of the object with respect to the body worn localization unit using range data from the rangefinder and relative pose from the pose sensor, and transform the relative location to a global location using data from the pedestrian localization unit..
Tablet or smart phone compatible fish finder device
A fish finder system, comprising a sonar gadget, which communicates with a display device via digital wireless communication. The system contains a software product, which runs both on the sonar gadget and the display device, wherein the gadget part of the software is preferably adapted to run on an embedded microcontroller system and the user display device part of the software is preferably a downloadable application adapted to run on portable communication devices, such as smart phones, tablet computers, laptops or the like.
Trainable handheld optical character recognition systems and methods
A handheld scanner incorporates vision software to allow the handheld scanner to be trained for ocr. The handheld scanner can include a user interface to allow a user to associate an image of a mark with electronic data for the mark.
Surface cleaning apparatus
A surface cleaning apparatus comprises an air flow path extending from a dirty air inlet to a clean air outlet and includes a suction motor. The surface cleaning apparatus may be battery powered and/or may have a power requirement of 200 watts or less.
Spectrum allocation for base station
Embodiments include processes, systems, and devices that allow a white space base station to request available frequency ranges for white space transmission in a local area. A white space finder service models a primary user device's transmission signal propagation area using terrain data associated with the local area of the primary user device.
In-situ calibration system and method for radiation monitors
By using a scintillation surveymeter with good calibration performance evaluation for a secondary standard radiation field, and a working standard part obtaining an ambient dose equivalent rate, in cooperation with a portable irradiator, and an irradiator lifter, a laser range finder and a laser locator of a relevant radiation source, in-situ calibration is capable of being performed on fixed, or large-scale, or continuous monitoring type radiation monitors to be calibrated stationed in nuclear power plants, nuclear medical departments, and other nuclear facility operating institutions. Moreover, a time-efficient and effective in-situ calibration method is further provided, which can be performed based upon a standard calibration field that is achieved using a portable 137cs radiation source.
System for finding code in a data flow
A code finder system deployed as a software module, a web service or as part of a larger security system, identifies and processes well-formed code sequences. For a data flow that is expected to be free of executable or interpreted code, or free of one or more known styles of executable or interpreted code, the code finder system can protect participants in the communications network.
A label printer prints a qr code on print areas (labels) sequentially arranged along a sheet of paper while maintaining the qr code in a state in which its data can be restored. The label printer determines, in the course of separating the printed label and suspending and resuming movement of the paper and while printing on each label of the paper, whether or not both of two finder patterns aligned along one side of the qr code in a following print area are at a position to be printed when a boundary portion between a leading label that has been printed and the following label reaches a cut position.

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