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This page is updated frequently with new Finder-related patent applications.

 Image capture apparatus,  controlling image capture apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium patent thumbnailImage capture apparatus, controlling image capture apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable storage medium
An image capture apparatus, comprising, an image capture unit, an attitude detection unit configured to detect an attitude of the image capture apparatus, and a display control unit configured to perform control so as to display an image that was captured by the image capture unit in, among a first area along a first edge in a display unit visible through an eyepiece unit of an eyepiece finder, and a second area differing from the first area and along a second edge opposing the first edge in the display unit, the first area regardless of the attitude detected by the attitude detection unit, and so as to display an information group related to shooting in the display unit with an arrangement that differs according to the attitude detected by the attitude detection unit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Laser ranging calibration method and apparatus using the same patent thumbnailLaser ranging calibration method and apparatus using the same
The disclosure relates to a laser ranging calibration method and a laser range finder including a line laser generation module, an image capturing module and a processing module. The line laser generation module projects a line laser beam to a first direction from a first position.
Msi Computer (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

 External electronic viewfinder for slr camera patent thumbnailExternal electronic viewfinder for slr camera
An external electronic viewfinder includes either the lens assembly of the eye-level zoom-in viewfinder (1, 2) and the miniature camera (5), or the lens assembly of the eye-level zoom-in viewfinder (1, 2), the miniature camera (5) and the movable reflector (3). When electronic view-finding is not needed, the viewfinder is used as an optical eye-level zoom-in viewfinder.

 Detection apparatus, fish finder, and radar patent thumbnailDetection apparatus, fish finder, and radar
A detection apparatus is provided. The detection apparatus includes a hardware processor programmed to at least calculate a first echo intensity of a first reception signal generated from a reception wave reflected on reflection objects, calculate a second echo intensity of a second reception signal generated from a reception wave reflected on the reflection objects, a signal duration of the second reception signal being shorter than that of the first reception signal, generate a first frequency distribution of the first echo intensity, generate a second frequency distribution of the second echo intensity, and extract a density of the reflection objects or an index of density of the reflection objects based on a comparison of the first frequency distribution and the second frequency distribution..
Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.

 Electronic key, vehicle-mounted device, guidance device, and car-finder system patent thumbnailElectronic key, vehicle-mounted device, guidance device, and car-finder system
An electronic key capable of using a simple system configuration to report information pertaining to a vehicle parking or stopping position. An electronic key (300) is an electronic key used to lock and unlock a vehicle (500) and has an electronic-key-side reception unit for receiving, from a vehicle-mounted device (200) mounted in the vehicle (500), vehicle-position information indicating the position at which the vehicle (500) is parked or stopped; an electronic-key-side memory unit for storing the received vehicle-position information; and an electronic-key-side transmission unit for transmitting the vehicle-position information to a guidance device (400) capable of presenting position information..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

 Compact imaging module with range finder patent thumbnailCompact imaging module with range finder
Systems and methods of operation for a machine-readable symbol reader for estimating the distance of a scanned target object or item labeled with indicia, such as a machine-readable symbol. The reader may include an illumination subsystem which projects a light pattern (e.g., line) out from the reader.
Datalogic Ip Tech, S.r.l.

 Methods, systems, and computer readable media for causing a mechanical action based on transient user data patent thumbnailMethods, systems, and computer readable media for causing a mechanical action based on transient user data
A computer system can be configured to cause a mechanical action based on transient data stored on a user's mobile device. In some examples, the system includes a mobile device finder for receiving calendar information from a mobile device within a physical distance from an elevator system.
Mastercard International Incorporated

 Binocular with integrated laser rangefinder patent thumbnailBinocular with integrated laser rangefinder
A binocular with an integrated rangefinder consisting of two tubes with observation channels, the optical systems of which include a schmidt-pechan prism reversion system with at least half-pentagonal prism and a schmidt roof prism is provided. The laser transmitter of the transmitted infrared beam path is arranged in the first tube in parallel with the first observation channel towards the observed object and, furthermore, the display with an illuminated reticle and light beam is accommodated in the first tube, which, after passing through the integration display prism and the second separation layer on the reflective wall of the half-pentagonal prism and through the reversion system, is integrated into the first observation channel of the first tube..
Meopta - Optika, S.r.o.

 Distance measuring apparatus and distance measuring method patent thumbnailDistance measuring apparatus and distance measuring method
A distance measuring apparatus includes a reference member that is installed on a surface of a first metal member; a range finder that measures a distance to the reference member; and a mounting member to which the range finder is placed. The mounting member is installed on a surface of a second metal member coupled to the first metal member via a weld.
The Chugoku Electric Power Co., Inc.

 Analogy finder patent thumbnailAnalogy finder
A user provides a query that includes at least two of a subject, a predicate, and an object. A computer system identifies synonyms of one or more of the subject, predicate, and object, and forms new queries from the identified synonyms.
University Of Massachusetts

Pathway planning system and method

A system and method for planning a pathway through an anatomical luminal network of a patient including memory storing a computer program that is configured to analyze and manipulate ct images, a processor configured to execute the computer program and a display device configured to display a user interface of the computer program. The user interface includes an airway finder window displaying a ct image including a target.
Covidien Lp

Transfer of mobile device camera image to an image-supporting surface

The invention relates to a method and system for a user to use a mobile device camera to place a camera image on one of a series of transparent product overlays to display on the viewfinder window a real-time mock-up of the camera image on the transparent product overlay. The user has the ability to modify the size and location of the camera image on the transparent product overlay.
Rageon, Inc.

Method for detecting floor obstacle using laser range finder

The invention relates to a method of detecting a floor obstacle using a laser range finder comprising the following steps: (a) generating normal floor characteristic data with regard to a flat normal driving surface having no floor obstacle; (b) registering the normal floor characteristic data on a pre-registered one-class classification method; (c) obtaining sensing value of the laser range finder according to the driving of a mobile robot; (d) generating sensing value-floor characteristic data with respect to the sensing value; and (e) determining whether the sensing value indicates a normal driving surface or a floor obstacle by applying the sensing value-floor characteristic data to the one-class classification method. Therefore, an obstacle including a relatively small floor obstacle existing on the driving path of a mobile robot can be detected more effectively using a laser range finder, thereby providing more stably an area where the mobile robot can travel..
Korea University Research And Business Foundation

Finder and imaging apparatus

A finder is a reverse galileo type finder comprising, in order from the object side to the eye point side: an objective lens group having a negative refractive power; and an eyepiece lens group having a positive refractive power. The distance between the objective lens group and the eyepiece lens group is the longest distance from among distances between lenses, as an air converted length, in an observation optical system from the objective lens group to the eyepiece lens group.
Fujifilm Corporation

Image pickup apparatus

There is provided an image pickup apparatus including: a main body provided with an image pickup section; a viewfinder having a main body part and a movable part, the viewfinder being capable of performing state transition in which the movable part moves in a first direction with respect to the main body part, to reach a usage state; and a control section configured to perform processing based on the state transition.. .
Sony Corporation

Method and system for determining a position relative to a digital map

A method of determining a longitudinal position of a vehicle (100) relative to a digital map is disclosed in which real time scan data (200, 202) is determined by scanning a lateral environment around the vehicle using at least one range-finder sensor, said real time scan data comprising one or more depth maps, each depth map representing the measured lateral distance to surfaces in the lateral environment for a plurality of longitudinal positions and elevations. Localisation reference data associated with the digital map for a deemed current longitudinal position of the vehicle (100) in relation to the digital map is retrieved, and compared to the real time scan data (200, 202) by calculating a cross-correlation to determine a longitudinal offset.
Tomtom Global Content B.v.

Vehicle headlight irradiation angle automatic adjustment device

Provided is a device for automatically adjusting an angle of vehicle headlights, comprising: a laser range finder, which is installed in a front of a vehicle or in the vehicle headlights and is operated in response to a signal output from a switch, for detecting a distance from a preceding vehicle and outputting the distance as an electric signal; a controller for receiving a signal from a means for detecting a distance from an obstruction ahead or a preceding vehicle, calculating an inclination angle corresponding to a degree to which the headlights are to be raised or lowered based on the received signal, and outputting a signal for controlling an angle of the headlights; and a headlight angle controller for controlling the angle of the headlights by operating in response to the signal output from the controller.. .

Image pickup apparatus

There is provided an image pickup apparatus including: a main body provided with an image pickup section; a viewfinder capable of performing state transition between a housed state in which the viewfinder is housed in the main body and a usage state in which the viewfinder projects from the main body; a first detection section configured to detect use of the viewfinder unit by a user; and a control section configured to turn on or turn off the first detection section based on the state transition.. .
Sony Corporation

Imaging device

There is provided an imaging device that includes a body and a viewfinder. The viewfinder is movable in two or more directions, between an encased position and a operative position.
Sony Corporation

Digital mobile communication

Digital mobile communications devices and methods for processing, modulation and demodulation, transmission and reception of spread spectrum signals, orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (ofdm) signals and conversion of spread spectrum signals into ofdm signals. Received spread spectrum signals from 3g cellular systems are converted into ofdm signals and transmitted in a wi-fi network.

Interface for planning flight path

A flight path of a physical aircraft vehicle is planned. A virtual three-dimensional model of a physical environment is provided.
Amber Garage, Inc.

Extracting card data from multiple cards

Extracting financial card information with relaxed alignment comprises a method to receive an image of a card, determine one or more edge finder zones in locations of the image, and identify lines in the one or more edge finder zones. The method further identifies one or more quadrilaterals formed by intersections of extrapolations of the identified lines, determines an aspect ratio of the one or more quadrilateral, and compares the determined aspect ratios of the quadrilateral to an expected aspect ratio.
Google Inc.

Camera augmented reality based activity history tracking

Augmented reality can be used to display previously captured images on a viewfinder of a camera as the camera's active position nears a position from which the picture was originally taken. A histogram file may associate the original image with positional information of the camera when the image was captured.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

Imaging device, image processing device, display control device and imaging display apparatus

A short delay time from imaging of an imaging element to displaying on a view finder is realized using a simple circuit configuration. In a live view mode, an image processing circuit performs image processing on imaging data from an image sensor, and generates image data of a display image.
Seiko Epson Corporation

2d image analyzer

A 2d image analyzer includes an image scaler, an image generator and a pattern finder. The image scaler is configured to scale an image according to a scaling factor.
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Foerderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Device and measuring distances on a golf course

A distance measuring device and method are disclosed for use on a golf course. A satellite navigation system receiver determines a user's location.
L1 Technologies, Inc.

Erroneous detection restraining circuit for laser range finder

In a laser range finder, each reflected light reflected by at least one object of pulsed laser light emitted by a light emitting element reaches a light receiving element, and distance information to the at least one object is acquired based on an amount of time from a light emission starting time for the pulsed laser light to an output starting time from the light receiving element. An erroneous detection reducing circuit for the laser range finder includes: a comparator receiving as inputs a threshold and a light-reception output from the light receiving element; a time measuring section measuring time elapsed since the light emission starting time for the pulsed laser light; and a setting changing section changing either one or both of the threshold and an amplification factor of the comparator for the light-reception output in accordance with a time measurement value obtained by the time measuring section..
Optex Co., Ltd.

Imaging device and control method therefor

A finder device can be switched between the ovf mode and an evf mode. A subject display area and an information display area are set in an evflcd.

Apparatus, system, and roadway monitoring

An apparatus, system, and method for monitoring traffic and roadway water conditions. Traffic flow and roadway flooding is monitored concurrently through a wireless sensor network.
King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology

Trainable handheld optical character recognition systems and methods

A handheld scanner incorporates vision software to allow the handheld scanner to be trained for ocr. The handheld scanner can include a user interface to allow a user to associate an image of a mark with electronic data for the mark.

Device for enabling placement of intra-osseous infusion tools in the upper extremity

Survival of patients suffering from many infections diarrheal diseases, including ebola, as well as trauma and post-partum hemorrhage is improved with large-volume, parenteral, fluid replacement. In lieu of ivs, intra-osseous (io) lines are placed with the help of a humerus-finder™, a one-piece guide that identifies the humeral head at the shoulder and allows for easy, safe, placement of an io line.
Iometry, Inc.

Systems and methods for automatically adjusting view angles in video

The present technology is directed to systems and methods for maintaining a position of an objection-of-interest in a predetermined place in a video captured by a sports camera. The method includes positioning an object at a pre-determined location of an image interface of a camera (e.g., a view finder), starting to record a video, and periodically determining whether the object is at the pre-determined location by constantly calculating a view ratio of the object (e.g., a ratio of area that the object occupies to the whole view finder).
Chengdu Ck Technology Co., Ltd.

Imaging low electron yield regions with a charged beam imager

A system that may include a processor, wherein the processor comprise an image waveform finder, a synthetic image generator and an output image generator; wherein the processor is configured to (i) receive or generate multiple images of a region of the object; wherein the region has an electron yield that is below an electron yield threshold; wherein each image is generated by scanning the region with an electron beam; (ii) process the multiple images to generate multiple synthetic images, and (iii) generate an output image of the region in response to the multiple synthetic images; wherein the image waveform finder is configured to process each image of the multiple images to find at least one image waveform that has a peak intensity that exceeds an intensity threshold; wherein the synthetic image generator is configured to replace one or more of the at least one image waveforms by one or more corresponding synthetic waveforms to provide a synthetic image; and wherein the output image generator is configured to generate an output image of the region in response to the multiple synthetic images. .
Applied Materials Israel Ltd.

Golf device with gps and laser rangefinder functionalities

The disclosure herein provides a golf device comprising a gps module, a laser module, and an orientation module that collectively provide functionalities that facilitate the user of the golf device through a game of golf. The golf device further comprises one or more processors configured to communicate with the gps module, the laser module, and the orientation module to determine the location of a visible target selected by a user, and to display the target's location on a plan view map representation of a hole comprising at least one feature such that the target's location relative to the at least one feature of the hole is graphically represented on the plan view map representation of the hole..
Deca System, Inc.

Passenger conveyance way finding beacon system

A wayfinder system includes at least one beacon operable to transmit information that relates a position of the beacon with respect to a predefined destination. A method of directing a user to a passenger conveyance includes receiving information that relates a position of a beacon with respect to a predefined destination and displaying directions to the predefined destination from the information via a mobile device application.
Otis Elevator Company

Vortex finder for a cyclonic separator

A vortex finder (18,27,40) for a cyclonic separator (1) through which air flowing in a helical path ‘d’ about an axis a-a of a cyclone chamber (4) passes to an outlet (6) is disclosed. The vortex finder comprises a plurality of stationary overlapping vanes (13,19) extending in an axial direction and spaced radially around said axis ‘a’, the vanes (13,19) being positioned relative to each other so a helical flow of air about the axis of the cyclone chamber (4) passes over an outer surface (16) of the vanes (13,19) with a portion of the air flow being redirected around a leading edge (14) of each vane (13,19) and through a gap between adjacent vanes (13,19) to the outlet (6).
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Leg length and offset calculation in computer-assisted surgery using rangefinder

A system for measuring a length variation between body portions in computer-assisted surgery between a preoperative condition and intra- or post-operative condition comprises a a rangefinder configured to measure its distance to at least one reference landmark on at least a first body portion of a patient from a known position relative to a second body portion. A support includes joint(s) allowing one or more rotational degree of freedom of movement of the rangefinder to point to the at least one reference landmark.
Orthosoft Inc.

Camera apparatus, and generating view finder image signal

A camera apparatus includes: a display signal generation section configured to generate an indicator display signal for displaying an indicator at a position in accordance with an inclination of a camera body in a predetermined direction; and a combination section configured to combine a captured image signal with the indicator display signal in order to obtain a view finder image signal, wherein the display signal generation section generates the indicator display signal such that a display of the indicator is masked using a mask area having a predetermined width and with a position corresponding to a predetermined inclination of the indicator in a movement direction as center.. .
Sony Corporation

Display device and finder device

This finder display device is provided with a liquid crystal panel, a backlight, and a light source driving section. The backlight has a light guide having a side near which first to sixth light sources are disposed.
Fujifilm Corporation

Method for evaluating type of distance measured by laser range finder and estimating position of mobile robot by using same

A method for evaluating the distance type of the measured distance comprises a sample extracting step for extracting a plurality of preliminary samples around a predicted pose; a reference set calculating step for calculating a reference distance set corresponding to each preliminary sample through applying each preliminary sample to a reference distance calculating algorithm which is previously registered, wherein the reference distance set comprises reference distances corresponding to each of a plurality of distance types; a distance type extracting step for extracting a distance type corresponding to each of the reference distance sets based on a smallest distance error among distance errors between each reference distance which compose the reference distance set and the measured distance; and a distance type evaluating step for evaluating a distance type of the measured distance based on the distance type which is extracted in correspondence with each reference distance set.. .
Korea University Research And Business Foundation

Slope and angle finder

A handheld device for finding the angle of a slope of a surface or verifying whether a surface is level or perpendicular which has a housing with a generally planer configuration, two perpendicularly intersecting straight edges, an arcuate slot of at least 120° up to 180° having a concave and a convex side positioned in said housing said concave side facing and opposed to a long axis of the device, a sealed tubular member filed with liquid and having one gas bubble therein, position along the arcuate slot and visible on at least one side of said housing. The tubular member and a plurality of indicia along said housing adjacent to said slot, indicating degrees between 120° up to 180°..

Digital camera apparatus with dynamically customized focus reticle and automatic focus reticle positioning

An apparatus includes digital camera equipment and a display that provides a viewfinder. A processor that is operatively coupled to the camera equipment, and to the display, controls the camera equipment and the display to provide a custom reticle that defines a region-of-interest having a shape corresponding to an object-of-interest as the object-of-interest appears in the viewfinder.
Motorola Mobility Llc

View finder apparatus and operating the same

A viewfinder apparatus includes a window on which a reference mark is disposed; a photography unit (e.g., an eye imaging camera) configured to photograph eyes of a user via the window; and a controller configured to detect a location where the photography unit has been moved, based on a location of the reference mark included in a first image captured by the photography unit before the photography unit is moved and a location of a reference mark included in a second image captured by the photography unit after the photography unit is moved, wherein the controller tracks the eyes of the user by using the detected location.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

System and locating impacts on an external surface

A method for locating external surface impacts on a body. The steps are: modeling the body in a control unit first database to obtain a virtual body model in a virtual system of reference axes; modeling, in a second database, a plurality of clouds of points in the virtual system, each cloud defining an inspection zone representing an external surface portion; selecting an inspection zone; transfering the coordinates of each point of the first and second databases to a geographic system of reference axes; determining geographic coordinates of an initial position of a range finder equipped flying drone communicating with the processing unit; calculating a drone flight plan to scan the selected inspection zone; creating a 3d meshing of the scanned inspection zone; detecting the impacts by comparing the 3d meshing and the virtual aircraft model and calculating the coordinates of each impact in the geographic and virtual systems..
Airbus Operations Sas

Display indicating aiming point relative to target size indicator

An improved display provides information regarding a projectile trajectory so that a user is informed whether or not there is a clear shot. In some embodiments, an intermediate point in the projectile trajectory is an aiming point and is indicated in relation to the visualized target or target reference.
Evrio, Inc.

Mobile device videography system

A system for mobile device photography and videography comprises a camera-shaped case configured to retain a mobile device. A lens of the case may be configured to direct an image into a camera lens of the mobile device, with the lens and the camera lens of the mobile device arranged substantially perpendicularly to each other.
Super 6 Llc

User interface with view finder for localizing anatomical region

An external control device for use with a medical component implanted within a patient. The device comprises a user interface configured for receiving user input, displaying a first graphical representation of the medical component in the context of a global graphical representation of an anatomical region of the patient, displaying a view finder defining a portion of the global graphical representation, and displaying a second graphical representation of the medical component in the context of a local graphical representation of the portion of the anatomical region portion.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

Optical apparatus

An optical apparatus comprises an optical resonator defining an optical resonator path for an optical resonator beam and an optical beam expander optically coupled to the optical resonator, the optical beam expander defining an optical beam expander path for an optical beam expander beam. The optical resonator path and the optical beam expander path may be configured such that the optical resonator beam and the optical beam expander beam at least partially intersect.
Thales Holdings Uk Plc

Method for providing user interface in user terminal including camera

A user interface providing method in a user terminal including a camera is provided which includes providing a user interface including a viewfinder object displaying an image which the camera takes, to a display unit of the user terminal, selecting one of corners of the user interface based on orientation information obtained from a gravity sensor included in the user terminal, and displaying the photographing object for controlling a shooting operation of the camera around the selected corner.. .

Cookies and anti-ad blocker using deep links in mobile apps

A reflexive deep link is used for multiuser interactions between mobile apps. An instance of an app makes a deep link with an identifier of the app.

Social alarm system with location detection in a dwelling

A social alarm system provides location detection within a dwelling. A personal radio trigger unit is carried by a client and transmits an alarm signal in response to a triggering event, such as by a manual alarm button or an automatic fall detection circuit.
Tunstall Healthcare (uk) Ltd

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