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 Camera  generating image signal for viewfinder patent thumbnailnew patent Camera generating image signal for viewfinder
There is provided a camera apparatus including: a display signal generation unit that generates an index display signal for displaying an index indicative of a current focal position based on focal position information; and a combination unit that acquires an image signal for a viewfinder by combining a captured image signal with the index display signal.. .
Sony Corporation

 Remote scanning and detection apparatus and method patent thumbnailnew patent Remote scanning and detection apparatus and method
A surface scanning apparatus attached to a movable highway vehicle, mobile equipment or a drone (collectively, “platform”) that passes over a substrate, at least some of the features of which are to be sensed and characterized. The apparatus includes a variously adaptable, complete, and ready to operate packaged kit including configured sensor suites with components selected from the group consisting of a visual scanning sensor; an infra-red scanning sensor; a ground-penetrating radar unit; a laser range finder for sensing elevation of the apparatus above the substrate; a distance sensor for measuring displacement of the apparatus from a point of origin; a position sensing unit for determining a position of the apparatus; a simultaneous trigger mechanism; a structural boom assembly attached to the platform; and a processor for digitally processing measurements and signals collected by one or more of the group of components..
Gse Technologies, Llc

 Mounting mechanism patent thumbnailnew patent Mounting mechanism
The invention relates to a mounting mechanism for mounting an auxiliary device, such as a rangefinder, to a mobile device. The mounting mechanism includes an interface surface with formations to engage with a surface of the mobile device to maintain a desired orientation between the mobile device and the auxiliary device.
Ikegps Group Limited

 Lens barrel, imaging element support structure, electronic view finder, and imaging device patent thumbnailnew patent Lens barrel, imaging element support structure, electronic view finder, and imaging device
When a plurality of opening units is provided for each lens unit in order to adjust the inclination and eccentricity of a lens unit, the design of an imaging device may be constrained and the size of an imaging device may increase. In order to prevent this constraint, provided are a lens barrel, an imaging element support structure, and an electronic viewfinder that may adjust the inclination and eccentricity of a lens unit by using an insertion unit including an eccentric cylinder unit and a frame support unit including a through hole including a plurality of openings having different opening widths..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Provision of target specific information patent thumbnailProvision of target specific information
The invention concerns an electronic device (10) for providing information (pub_info, person1_info) concerning one or more targets (pub, person1), relative to which target the device is to be aligned in a set manner, and in connection with which device are arranged—at least one source (gps, bm, comp, ts, mem) of first information (x, y, alt, odevice, imsi_10.0), including at least a source of position and orientation information, in order to define the position of the device and the target, or for positioning the target and—aiming means (cam, disp) for aligning the target relative to the device in a set manner, and in connection with which device, second information relating to the target can be arranged, which second information is arranged, in connection with the application of the aiming means, to be brought to the attention of the user by means of the device. The aiming means consist camera and viewfinder means (cam, disp)..
Nokia Technologies Oy

 Packaging box as inbuilt virtual reality display patent thumbnailPackaging box as inbuilt virtual reality display
A packaging box with a virtual reality (vr) display is disclosed. The packaging box with a vr display includes an outer case designed to have a nose holder and at least one strap slit, and a holder case adapted to fit inside the outer case for holding a video display device.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 System and  determination of distance between two points in 3-dimensional space patent thumbnailSystem and determination of distance between two points in 3-dimensional space
A device for determining the distance between two points on a surface or surfaces in 3-dimensional space, regardless of the orientation of the points relative to the device, provided an unobstructed line-of-sight between the device and both points. The device includes two distance measuring range finders that are joined by a hinge.

 Target locating device and methods patent thumbnailTarget locating device and methods
A target location device has a video camera, a range finder, a self location module and an inertial measurement unit. The device provides a video display including video output of the camera and an object marker such as a cross-hair overlayed on the video output for aiming the camera on a reference point or on a target in the video output.
L-3 Communications Corporation

 Vehicle finder patent thumbnailVehicle finder
A system for guiding a person to a vehicle. The system includes a vehicle control unit configured to generate vehicle position data identifying the vehicle's location and transmit the vehicle position data with a transmitter.
Denso Corporation

 Devices,  sighting patent thumbnailDevices, sighting
The disclosed apparatus, systems and methods relate to improved sighting for sporting goods, such as bows, for use in hunting and target shooting. The sight may have a pendulum level.

Intelligent cell swapping based on ceiling determination, floor determination, and cell attribute weighting criteria

Embodiments of the inventive concept include a computer-implemented method for intelligently swapping circuit cells and an associated intelligent cell swapper logic section. The technique can include receiving, by an intelligent cell swapper logic section, a synthesized gate level netlist including cells each having an initial cell class.

Automatic placeholder finder-filler

Methods and processes are disclosed for ios based systems and mobile devices that permit a user to securely inject passwords and related information into environments that are traditionally impossible to control, along with preserving the security of confidential information against third party attacks be they intrusive or already embedded. The methods and processes utilize a locally installed proxy securely communicating with a remote server that permit injecting a secret into the code on devices that otherwise would not have the option of doing so.
Mcafee, Inc.

Low cost electronic key finder

A system for identifying a key to a lock. The system uses a simple scanner.

Armband for holding a rangefinder

Apparatuses, systems, and methods are disclosed for securing a rangefinder to a user's arm. In one embodiment, an armband is sized to encircle a user's arm.

Video signal processing device, video signal processing method, and camera device

The present technology allows for easily checking whether a moving part is in focus. A video signal at a first frame rate is acquired from a captured video signal at a second frame rate n times higher than the first frame rate.
Sony Corporation

Digital viewfinder user interface for multiple cameras

An electronic device has multiple cameras and displays a digital viewfinder user interface for previewing visual information provided by the cameras. The multiple cameras may have different properties such as focal lengths.
Apple Inc.

Display control device and display apparatus

A short delay time from imaging of an imaging element to displaying on a view finder is realized using a simple circuit configuration. An evf controller includes a serial i/f that receives a command including the number of valid lines of one frame, a counter that counts the number of lines of which an image signal becomes valid, a data input unit that inputs a valid image signal based on a data enable signal, a data output unit that outputs the input valid image signal to an evf, and a timing generation unit that compares a count value of the counter with the number of valid lines, detects an end of the input of the valid image signal in the frame based on a comparison result, and then starts a process for preparation for a next frame..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Observation device with a range finder

The invention describes an observation device, having two tubular observation parts, wherein the longitudinal axes of the observation parts in the region of the ocular sides are spaced apart by a distance of at least 54 mm. At least one observation part has a flared portion on an external side, wherein the flared portion is located inside a subsection of between 20% and 80% of an overall length of the observation part.
Swarovski-optik Kg.

Apparatus for determining concentric mounting of a tire on a wheel

An apparatus for determining concentric mounting of a tire on a wheel is provided. In one embodiment, an apparatus for determining concentric mounting of a tire on a wheel is provided, the apparatus comprising: a head portion including a viewfinder; a body portion including at least one index member; and a neck portion connecting the head portion to the body portion..
Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, Llc

System for sacroiliac joint fusion

A system for preparing the sacroiliac (si) joint for an si joint fusion, and optionally delivering an implant to the si joint, is described herein. The implant is inserted via an inferior inlet approach.
Camber Spine Technologies, Llc

Passive optical electronic camera viewfinder apparatus

A digital camera includes an optical assembly and image sensor for capturing still and/or video images and displaying the images on a rear display screen. The camera includes a magnifying viewfinder that is coupled to the housing and is movable between a stowed position out of the way of the display screen and an active position for viewing a subset of display screen pixels with magnification..
Mperpetuo, Inc.

Pictures using voice commands and automatic upload

A system and method is disclosed for enabling user friendly interaction with a camera system. Specifically, the inventive system and method has several aspects to improve the interaction with a camera system, including voice recognition, gaze tracking, touch sensitive inputs and others.
Cutting Edge Vision Llc

Dual camera autofocus

Exemplary embodiments are directed to dual camera autofocusing in digital cameras with error detection. An auxiliary lens and image sensor shares a housing with a main lens and image sensor which together act as a range finder to determine the distance to a scene.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Scanning environments and tracking unmanned aerial vehicles

Systems and methods for scanning environments and tracking unmanned aerial vehicles within the scanned environments are disclosed. A method in accordance with a particular embodiment includes using a rangefinder off-board an unmanned air vehicle (uav) to identify points in a region.
Prenav, Inc.

Scanning environments and tracking unmanned aerial vehicles

Systems and methods for scanning environments and tracking unmanned aerial vehicles within the scanned environments are disclosed. A method in accordance with a particular embodiment includes using a rangefinder off-board an unmanned air vehicle (uav) to identify points in a region.
Prenav, Inc.

Aimer for barcode scanning

When imaging with a smartphone, a user typically uses the smartphone's display as a viewfinder. The user aligns the smartphone's camera with a target by focusing on the display rather than the target.
Hand Held Products, Inc.

System, method, and program for storing and analysing a data graph

A system includes: a data storage apparatus to store a data graph comprising: data nodes each representing a data item; labeled data-data links each linking a pair of data nodes and representing a relationship between data items; functional nodes each representing a procedure modifying a data item; data-function links each linking a data node to a functional node and representing the procedure of the functional node, and modifying the data item represented by the data node. The mapper, receiving a process description including indications of a process start entity and end entity, to map the start entity indication to a first data node from the data nodes, and to map the end entity indication to a second data node from the data nodes; and a path finder, to find the shortest path from the first to the second data node along data-function links..
Fujitsu Limited

Scanning environments and tracking unmanned aerial vehicles

Systems and methods for scanning environments and tracking unmanned aerial vehicles within the scanned environments are disclosed. A method in accordance with a particular embodiment includes using a rangefinder off-board an unmanned air vehicle (uav) to identify points in a region.
Prenav, Inc.

Encoded driving pulses for a range finder

An acoustic tool, system, and method for performing down-hole measurements. An encoded pulse sequence is transmitted from an acoustic tool.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Rifle scope targeting display adapter

This disclosure describes a compact and lightweight rifle scope display adapter configured to be affixed in front of the objective lens of a rifle scope. The display adapter includes a receptacle that enables the adapter to be electrically connected to a ballistic computer, rangefinder or other targeting mechanism.
Cubic Corporation

Apparatus for observing cornea for transplantation and observation system having the same

A finder function of an imaging unit for taking an entire image including a cornea for transplantation displays a high-quality image. There are provided a support table for supporting an observation container containing a cornea for transplantation as an observed target, a specular optical system that includes a first light source and a first imaging unit, and includes an illuminating optical system and an imaging optical system for acquiring and observing a magnified image of a cornea for transplantation from above or below the observation container in the vertical direction by specular reflection, a second imaging unit for taking an entire image including a region in which the cornea for transplantation is contained from above or below the observation container in the vertical direction, and a switch for selectively switching between the first imaging unit and the second imaging unit to acquire the magnified image and the entire image..
Konan Medical, Inc.

Inclination detection method, inclination detection apparatus, and equipment for detecting inclination

An inclination detection apparatus detects the inclination of a mobile body with three marker rods having different inclinations with respect to one another. The mobile body is provided with a laser range finder irradiating surrounding objects with a laser beam to light a point on each of the three marker rods as a reflection point from which the laser beam is reflected back.
Hitachi, Ltd.


A fishfinder has: a transducer capable of transmitting an ultrasonic wave underwater and receiving a reflected wave of the ultrasonic wave; a display part that time-sequentially arranges a detection image based on a reception signal, caused by receiving the reflected wave with the transducer; a first depth calculation part that calculates a first depth as a depth of the bottom; a recognition part that performs recognition on an object as a fish school; a second depth calculation part that calculates a second depth as a depth of a position of the object; a distance calculation part that calculates a distance from the bottom to the position of the object; and a distance display part that displays the distance calculated with the distance calculation part, in correspondence with the position of the object in the detection image displayed on the display part, on the display part.. .
Honda Electronics Co., Ltd.

Optical distance measurement device

Optical range finders are configured to transmit optical bursts toward a target and detect a corresponding received burst. Dc offset in the received burst due to square law detection can be offset based on a difference between high pass and low pass filtered portions of the received burst.
Garmin Switzerland Gmbh

Rotating optical range finder

A rotating optical range finder includes a stationary base, a rotating base, an optical sensor, a transmitting circuit, a receiving circuit, a first induction coil, and a second induction coil. The rotating base s disposed on the stationary base.
Arima Lasers Corp.

Multiple-beam triangulation-based range finder and method

A multiple-beam triangulation-based range finder can direct multiple beams onto a sample from different orientations. The range finder can use a quadrant detector to detect light from the multiple beams that is reflected from the sample.
Raytheon Company

Payment card ocr with relaxed alignment

Extracting financial card information with relaxed alignment comprises a method to receive an image of a card, determine one or more edge finder zones in locations of the image, and identify lines in the one or more edge finder zones. The method further identifies one or more quadrilaterals formed by intersections of extrapolations of the identified lines, determines an aspect ratio of the one or more quadrilateral, and compares the determined aspect ratios of the quadrilateral to an expected aspect ratio.
Google Inc.

Determining a return laser signal associated with a target in laser range finders

A laser range finder (lrf) and an automated method for determining a return laser signal associated with a target thereof are disclosed. In one example embodiment, the lrf includes a laser beam emitter to emit a laser beam towards a target.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

Imaging apparatus, control method, and storage medium storing program

The present invention is provided to maintain a photographable display state so as not to miss a photo opportunity when a photographer performs preparation work before shooting or confirmation work after shooting, and also smoothly switch to a display state in which the photographer can perform the confirmation work after shooting whenever necessary. A live view image is displayed on a first display screen when an eye contact state is detected at the eyepiece viewfinder, and a captured image is displayed on a second display screen when a non-eye-contact state is detected after receiving an image shooting instruction.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Reflective golf flag for range finding target

Various embodiments, aspects and features of the present invention encompass a golf flag comprising retroreflective material. Certain embodiments may also comprise fluorescent materials useful for being easily seen from a distance.

Method and apparatus to correct digital video to counteract effect of camera shake

The effect of camera shake in digital video is corrected using signal processing techniques. The digital video is a sequence of digital images.

Photo and document integration

Technologies are generally described for a integrating pictures and documents. In some examples, a user device may receive a request for inserting a future picture into a document; determine an area within the document in which to insert the future picture; and display a camera view-finder in the determined area..
Empire Technology Development Llc

Visual target acquisition scope system

In a visual target acquisition scope system for an adjustable connection is provided between a unity magnification scope producing 1× magnification image viewed by one eye of the user and a photographic lens/viewfinder of a photographic camera viewed by another eye of the user. According to the system, while the user is looking at an object through the unity magnification scope with one eye and looking at the object through the photographic camera lens with the second eye, the target visible with the first eye is also visible with the second eye..

Projection transformations for depth estimation

An active rangefinder system disclosed herein parameterizes a set of transformations predicting different possible appearances of a projection feature projected into a three-dimensional scene. A matching module matches an image of the projected projection feature with one of the transformations, and a depth estimation module estimates a distance to an object reflecting the projection feature based on the transformation identified by the matching module..
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Mud sensing hole finder

A mud sensing hole finder comprising: a front steering wheel assembly, a rear wheel assembly, a sensor package, a corrosion package, a ported housing, and a tapered spring joint; wherein the mud sensing hole finder is capable of attachment to a wireline logging tool-string.. .

Fiber optic based laser range finder

Laser rangefinders and methods of using laser rangefinders are disclosed. One embodiment of a laser rangefinder includes a first dds (direct digital synthesizer) outputting a first reference signal, an isolated laser source that receives the first signal and outputs an optical signal, a collimating lens coupled to the isolated laser source adapted to direct the optical signal to free space, a collecting lens positioned adjacent to the collimating lens adapted to receive a modulated optical signal from free space, a pin diode detector coupled to collecting lens, a second dds outputting a second reference signal, and a computing device adapted to receive the first reference signal, the second reference signal, and the received modulated optical signal and calculate a distance..
Associated Universities, Inc.

Lighting systems and methods providing active glare control

A light fixture includes a dimmable light source that emits light downwardly, and a downward-looking rangefinder proximate and operatively coupled with the light source. When the rangefinder detects an object at a measured height that exceeds a first threshold, the light source dims according to the measured height.
Ge Lighting Solutions, Lcc

Methods, systems, and multi-sensory stereo vision for robotics

Embodiments of the present invention include multi-sensory stereo vision sensors suitable for use in robotics, navigation, machine vision, manufacturing, and other applications. In some cases, a sensor includes a stereo camera that produces image data for use in generating disparity maps to determine the positions of objects in the scene and/or the position of the sensor itself.
Uber Technologies, Inc.

In-time registration of temporally separated image acquisition

Embodiments facilitate in-time registration of temporally separated image acquisition sessions to obtain highly comparable images without physical restraint of the camera and/or subject. For example, while displaying a live view being acquired of a subject in real time in a viewfinder window of an image acquisition system, a live position of the system can be measured, a real-time offset can be computed between the live position and a guide position (corresponding to a position from which a prior image of the subject was acquired at a prior acquisition time), and a guide can be overlaid on the viewfinder window to indicate a real-time positional offset between the live view and the prior image according to the real-time offset.

Display control apparatus, controlling the same, and storage medium

A display control apparatus includes a viewfinder including an eye contacting portion and an internal display unit, an eye approaching detection unit, a mode switching unit which selects one of a plurality of operation modes including first and second operation modes, and a control unit which performs control such that an on state of the internal display unit is changed to an off state based on detection, by the eye approaching detection unit, of an object which moves away from the eye contacting portion to a position at or further than a first distance from the eye contacting portion in the first operation mode, and the on state is changed to the off state based on detection, by the eye approaching detection unit, of an object which moves away from the eye contacting portion to a position at or further than a second distance, which is larger than the first distance, from the eye contacting portion in the second operation mode.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

System to determine events in a space

A system (100) and a method for detecting events in a predetermined space is provided. The system consists of one or more of an imager (101), a range-finder (103) and a sound capturing device (115), as well as a calibration factor and a processer (104).
Caduceus Wireless, Inc.

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