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This page is updated frequently with new Finder-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Finder-related patents
 Camera having a display member patent thumbnailCamera having a display member
A camera comprises a display member arranged in a finder optical system. The display member is provided in a finder of the camera and is provided with a reflective prism group including a plurality of reflective prisms and a frame line formed to surround the reflective prism group.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Technique for a pulse/phase based laser rangefinder utilizing a single photodiode in conjunction with separate pulse and phase receiver circuits patent thumbnailTechnique for a pulse/phase based laser rangefinder utilizing a single photodiode in conjunction with separate pulse and phase receiver circuits
A technique for a pulse/phase based laser rangefinding instrument utilizing a single photodiode in conjunction with separate pulse and phase receiver circuits. The photodiode receives phase and pulse ranging signals and a capacitor coupled to the photodiode and is operative to provide current through the photodiode to a transimpedance amplifier in a pulse mode of operation and from the photodiode through a tuned circuit to a narrow band amplifier in a phase mode of operation..
Laser Technology, Inc. And Kama-tech (hk) Limited

 Underlying wall structure finder and infrared camera patent thumbnailUnderlying wall structure finder and infrared camera
Tools used to detect underlying structures, such as behind the surface of a wall, can include a first sensor, such as an electromagnetic sensor, configured to generate data indicative of the location of the underlying structure. Tools can include an indicator that provides an indication to a user based on the data.
Fluke Corporation

 Dual-directional laser rangefinder patent thumbnailDual-directional laser rangefinder
A dual-directional laser rangefinder has a housing with two laser modules and one control module mounted therein. The laser modules emit laser beams toward both sides of the housing and receive the reflected laser beams.
Trison Global Company Limited

 Silhouette-based limb finder determination patent thumbnailSilhouette-based limb finder determination
A silhouette-based limb finder may be used to detect limbs from a camera image. This limb determination may be used to control an application, such as a game, or a combination with other image processing.

 Laser rangefinder sensor patent thumbnailLaser rangefinder sensor
The specification discloses a pulsed time-of-flight laser range finding system used to obtain vehicle classification information. The sensor determines a distance range to portions of a vehicle traveling within a sensing zone of the sensor.

 Articulated wireline hole finder patent thumbnailArticulated wireline hole finder
The articulated wireline hole finder is a modular device which attaches to the bottom of a wireline logging tool-string to aid conveyance down irregular shaped and/or deviated boreholes which possess features such as ledges, washouts, and contractions, that might otherwise terminate full descent of the tool-string to the bottom of the borehole and thereby compromise the wireline data acquisition objectives. Elements of the articulated wireline hole finder may include a low friction roller nose assembly and spacer sub, an articulated spring joint, that transfers tool-string weight and directs lateral movement of the roller nose towards hole center, and a pair of five arm centralizers that possess a wide dynamic range..

 Remote steering control with row finder patent thumbnailRemote steering control with row finder
A remote steering control and row finder, used with a tractor towing a vehicle or trailer. The remote steering control that can be retrofit to a conventional tractor and towed vehicle, and includes self-guiding features for finding a row of crops to maintain a center steer.

 Acoustic apparatus and operation patent thumbnailAcoustic apparatus and operation
A portable acoustic warning device which projects a specific acoustic waveform towards a target, creating a narrow beam of sound that is highly selective, minimising exposure to users and bystanders, whilst enabling a controlled dosage of sound to be applied to the target. The design of the device is tailored to this waveform thus achieving a very high degree of directivity.

 Automatic upload of pictures from a camera patent thumbnailAutomatic upload of pictures from a camera
A system and method is disclosed for enabling user friendly interaction with a camera system. Specifically, the inventive system and method has several aspects to improve the interaction with a camera system, including voice recognition, gaze tracking, touch sensitive inputs and others.
Cutting Edge Vision Llc


Camera having optoelectronic range finder

A camera having an optoelectronic rangefinder, a focusable receiving lens and a visually observable display unit for displaying data and/or images, wherein the fact that two electronic image recording modules, which are spaced apart and the optical axes of which are aligned with a common target point, are inserted as a rangefinder into the front panel of the housing of the camera and, in order to determine the phase distance of the images of the object space recorded by the image recording modules and to compare the determined phase distance to the values for the distances assigned for the different phase distances, which are stored in a calibration table, a microprocessor unit is provided in the housing and is connected with the signal outputs of the image recording modules.. .
Leica Camera Ag


Easy parking finder

The mobile phone application displays and audio broadcasts the response. The driver pays a fee and reserves an available parking space to exclude it from responses to other requests..


Digital angle finder

A digital angle finder is disclosed and comprises a hollow housing, having a rectangular cross section; a power supply assembly, insertably arranged at a first end of the hollow housing; a digital display screen assembly, arranged on the hollow housing and electrically connected with the power supply assembly; and an angle checking assembly, movably arranged at a second end of the hollow housing opposite to the first end, the angle checking assembly including a contacting surface, an elastic sleeve, and a variable resistor member, the variable resistor member is disposed inside the elastic sleeve, the elastic sleeve is electrically connecting with the digital display screen assembly and the power supply assembly and also movably arranged between the second end of the hollow housing and the contacting surface, and the contacting surface is contacting an angle-checking object.. .


Callpath finder

Techniques and systems for creating a function call graph for a codebase are disclosed. Graph creation includes identifying functions in the codebase by a function signature and representing a function as a first node in the call graph.
Google Inc.


Dna and fingerprint authentication of mobile devices

User generated and processed deoxyribose nucleic acid (dna) or fingerprint signal is used for authentication of a mobile device. A touch screen generated processed control signal is used for control of mobile device operated in a cellular system and a wi-fi network.


Video signal and tally signal switcher system

Relating to a switcher system that is capable of reducing time and trouble of setting video equipment. According to the present invention, there is provided a switcher system having a switcher and a plurality of view finders.
Nihon Video System Co., Ltd.


Method of finding a minimum and minimum finder utilizing the same

A method of finding a minimum and a minimum finder utilizing the same are provided. The method, adopted by the minimum finder, determining a minimum and a probabilistic second minimum from a plurality of inputs, includes: providing a plurality of minimum-value generators (mvg) to form a binary tree, wherein each mvg receives two of the plurality of inputs, compares the values of the two inputs to output a comparison result; and receiving, by a minimum-and-second-minimum generator, the comparison results of two of the plurality of mvgs to generate the minimum and the probabilistic second minimum; wherein the minimum-and-second-minimum generator is not connected to a mvg in a top layer of the binary tree..
National Tsing Hua University


Elevator shaft inner dimension measuring device, elevator shaft inner dimension measurement controller, and elevator shaft inner dimension measurement method

According to one embodiment, an elevator shaft inner dimension measuring device includes a distance measuring instrument, an imaging device and a controller. The distance measuring instrument includes a first laser rangefinder mounted to a moving object moving through an interior of an elevator shaft, and irradiating laser light on an inner wall of the elevator shaft.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Pictures using voice commands

A system and method is disclosed for enabling user friendly interaction with a camera system. Specifically, the inventive system and method has several aspects to improve the interaction with a camera system, including voice recognition, gaze tracking, touch sensitive inputs and others.
Cutting Edge Vision Llc


Collaborative synchronized multi-device photography

Techniques are disclosed for collaborative and synchronized photography across multiple digital camera devices. A panoramic photograph of a scene can be generated from separate photographs taken by each of the cameras simultaneously.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Compact 3d direction finder

An apparatus that includes two non-coinciding arrangements disposed in an two axes cartesian coordinate system such that each arrangement having a non-zero projection on a respective axis from among the two axes. Each one of the arrangements includes a pair of oppositely directed, spaced apart, co-axial radiating-capable elements, each of the elements being hollow with internal space, and being slotted throughout its entire extent.
Elta Systems Ltd.


Thermal-assisted golf rangefinder systems and methods

Methods, apparatuses, and systems for determining a range on a golf course are disclosed. Methods may utilize infrared imaging to assist in determining a range.
Flir Systems, Inc.


Photographing apparatus and photographing method

A photographing apparatus and a photographing method are provided. The photographing apparatus includes: a viewfinder configured to display a live image; a display configured to display the live image and receive a touch input; and a controller configured to activate at least one selected from the viewfinder and the display according to whether a user approaches the photographing apparatus and activate a set area of a display area of the display for performing an autofocusing function in response to the viewfinder being activated.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


System for finding code in a data flow

A code finder system deployed as a software module, a web service or as part of a larger security system, identifies and processes well-formed code sequences. For a data flow that is expected to be free of executable or interpreted code, or free of one or more known styles of executable or interpreted code, the code finder system can protect participants in the communications network.
Shape Security, Inc.


Range finder case

A case for a photographic device with a primary visual interface comprising a screen is disclosed. The case comprises a body, an optical viewfinder assembly having a top portion and a bottom portion, the bottom portion being recessed into the body, and the top portion configured to slide between a closed position, where a top plane of the top portion is substantially flush with a top of the body, and an open position where the top portion is above the top of the body, thereby exposing an aperture in the viewfinder assembly; and a track and a track guide in mechanical communication, wherein one of the track and the track guide is attached to the optical viewfinder, to permit the top portion of the optical viewfinder assembly to slide between the closed position and the open position..


System and providing a distance to target for remote keyless entry

A method and system for providing a distance to target vehicle finder function for remote keyless entry is provided. The method and system include enabling a vehicle finder function from a portable device and transmitting a low power signal from the portable device to a vehicle onboard receiver.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Viewfinder with real-time tracking for intraoral scanning

Methods and systems for scanning an intraoral cavity of a patient provide capturing one or more viewfinder images of the intraoral cavity and scanning the intraoral cavity with an intraoral scanner to generate one or more topography scans of the intraoral cavity. The one or more topography scans may correspond to the one or more viewfinder images.
Align Technology, Inc.


Imaging apparatus

An imaging apparatus for performing efficient signal processing depending on the operational mode. In the finder mode, a ccd interface 21a decimates horizontal components of image data supplied from an image generating unit 10 to one-third and moreover processes the decimated image data with data conversion and resolution conversion to produce y, cb and cr image data which are routed to and written in an image memory 32 over a memory controller 22.
Sony Corporation


Plasma device

A plasma device is proposed, the plasma device including: a chamber configured to accommodate a processed article; a plasma source configured to generate a plasma applied to the processed article accommodated in the chamber; a chuck unit configured to support the processed article accommodated in the chamber; and a cooling channel formed inside the chamber to allow flowing cooling water.. .
Allied Techfinders Co., Ltd.


Orientation system for image recording devices

An image recording device having a projected viewfinder is described that projects individual, or multiple sets of synchronized framing beams onto a target image that are coaxially aligned with the field of view of the camera. The set of framing beams is projected onto the target image beyond the scope of the field of view being recorded by the image recording device but still within the field of vision of the operator of the device.


Finder system and optical apparatus using the same

Provided is a finder system, including: an observation optical system configured to convert a subject image formed on a predetermined surface into an erect image via an erect image forming member, and cause the erect image to be transmitted through a first optical surface that is inclined with respect to an optical axis, thereby observing the erect image via an eyepiece lens; and a display optical system configured to cause an image indicating display information of a display member to be reflected on the first optical surface, thereby observing the image via the eyepiece lens in the same field of view as the subject image. The display optical system includes an optical member including at least two reflection surfaces and a lens unit having a positive refractive power, along an optical path between the display member and the eyepiece lens in the stated order..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Photometric controlling same

A photometric apparatus includes a photometry unit (ae sensor) configured to measure object light, and a first display unit (intra-viewfinder liquid crystal display unit) arranged on an optical path of the object light to the photometry unit and configured to display a plurality of display items. The first display unit is configured to display a first display item (automatic white balance) among the plurality of display items in a position farther from a center of a photometry range by the photometry unit than a position of a second display item (incandescent lamp display) having a display area smaller than a display area of the first display item..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Mobile device and executing application based on particular zone

Provided is a mobile terminal that executes an application in a predetermined area, and a method performed by the mobile terminal. The mobile terminal that executes the application in the predetermined area may include a memory; a location finder configured to obtain location information of the mobile terminal; a communicator configured to communicate with a server; and a controller configured to receive, via the communicator, the application that is executable in a predetermined area corresponding to the obtained location information and an operating system (os) for executing the application from a server that corresponds to the obtained location information, and to install the application and the os in the memory..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Linear mode computational sensing ladar

Laser light pulsed to illuminate and reflect from at least one object is received at a digital micro-mirror device including an array of mirrors each of which may be selectively controlled to be oriented to either reflect incident light onto a detector or not. The detector outputs a signal representative of an amount of light sensed.
Raytheon Company


Non-saturating receiver design and clamping structure for high power laser based rangefinding instruments

A non-saturating receiver design and clamping structure for high power laser rangefinders of especial utility with respect to pumped, monoblock lasers. The receiver comprises a photodiode and a transimpedance amplifier having at least first and second stages.
Kama-tech (hk) Limited


Laser rangefinder

A laser rangefinder includes a light source, a scanning mirror that scans laser light emitted from the light source by oscillating about an axis of oscillation j extending in a predetermined direction, a first lens that is disposed on an optical path of reflected light from a target object and condenses the reflected light onto the scanning mirror, a second lens that is disposed on an optical path of and condenses reflected light from the scanning mirror, and a photodetector that receives the reflected light condensed by the second lens. The first lens and the second lens are disposed in positions other than positions on an optical path of the laser light between a point of emission from the light source and a point of exit from the laser rangefinder..
Kyoto University


Enhanced golf ball and its construction

The present invention relates to a new, improved, technologically enhanced golf ball and a method for its construction. The new technologically enhanced golf ball will be an improvement over existing golf balls and will be used in conjunction with other enhanced golf equipment to capture, analyze, score (i.e.


Imaging device and image display method

The imaging device includes: a first display section that functions as an electronic view finder; an illuminance detection sensor that detects an illuminance of the first display section; a display luminance detection section; a subject luminance detection section; a target luminance calculation section; and a corrected luminance calculation section. The display luminance detection section detects an actual display luminance of the first display section on the basis of a detected value of the illuminance detection sensor.
Fujifilm Corporation


Imaging apparatus and controlling method therefore

In one shooting mode in a case where a flicker is detected by a flicker detecting unit, it is determined whether anti-flicker shooting is set, and a flicker icon is lighted and displayed on an in-viewfinder display unit in a different displaying form between when the anti-flicker shooting is set and when it is not set. In another shooting mode, in the case where the flicker is detected by the flicker detecting unit, the flicker icon is hidden..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Carpool finder assistance

A method of determining ride share compatibility. Vehicle data acquisition devices are employed to collect user attribute information relating to a travel route and locations traveled by the operator.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Imaging device

The imaging device includes: a first display section that functions as an electronic view finder; a viewing angle setting section that sets a viewing angle of a live view image; a display image generation section that generates a display image which uses the live view image reduced in accordance the viewing angle; a display timing control section; and a blanking time period setting section. The display timing control section synchronizes the image sensor and the first display section in a delay time shorter than a single frame period.
Fujifilm Corporation


Range finder with image split prism for golf course hole

Disclosed is a rangefinder comprising: a housing shaped like a cylinder and opened frontward and backward; an object lens comprising one or more lenses arranged in a front end portion of the housing and facing an object targeted for distance measurement; a display providing a user with an image from the object lens; an image split prism arranged in between the object lens and the display, making the image from the object lens be split and focused, and installed movably along an optical axis within the housing so that a space between split images can be adjusted; and a distance indicator indicating distance from the targeted object in accordance with positions of the image split prism, in a state that the position of the image split prism is adjusted to set up the space between the split images to a reference position.. .


Unmanned aerial delivery device

An unmanned aerial delivery device has a plurality of rotors for propulsion and control, including redundant rotors in case of failure of a primary rotor, and uses a laser rangefinder system to guide the delivery device around an obstacle in its path until an acceptable straight-line path to a recipient is found, detect when a rotor is inoperable, and detect the distance from a take-off or landing surface to retract or extend support legs. The device has an insulated payload chamber that can only be opened by entering an unlock code on a touchscreen.
Umm Al-qura University


Method and implementing a digital graduated filter for an imaging apparatus

A digital graduated filter is implemented in an imaging device by combining multiple images of the subject wherein the combining may include combining different numbers of images for highlights and for shadows of the subject. The imaging device may present a user with a set of pre-defined graduated filter configurations to choose from.


A viewfinder utility

Disclosed is a viewfinder utility. The viewfinder receives image information from a camera and displays it on a screen of the user's device.
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Method for extracting curb of road using laser range finder and localizing of mobile robot using curb informaiton of road

The invention relates to a method for extracting a curb of a road using a laser range finder and a method for localizing of a mobile robot using curb information of a road. The method for extracting the curb of the road using the laser range finder includes extracting a road surface and line segments from scan data of the laser range finder, extracting a plurality of curb candidate line segments among the line segments on the basis of an angle between the road surface and the line segment, extracting a plurality of curb candidates having a plurality of curb properties, wherein each of the plurality of curb candidates is generated by combining the couple of the curb candidate line segments, and applying the plurality of the curb candidates to a kernel fisher discriminant analysis to extract a final curb..
Korea University Research And Business Foundation


Compensation for depth finders

System and methods for compensating a depth signal for a depth finder of a boat. In one embodiment, a compensation system is implemented between the depth finder and a transducer mounted on the boat.


Modular sighting assembly and method

A laser sighting system can be used in combination with a range finder for determining a distance to a target. An onboard ballistics computer processor in the laser sighting system calculates a trajectory and automatically rotates a pointing laser to the proper angle for causing the trajectory path of a fired projectile to intersect with the position of the target.
Wilcox Industries Corp.


Method and system for stabilization and reframing

A method and apparatus for dynamically maintaining a horizontal framing of a video. The system permits the user to freely rotate the device while filming, while visualizing the 5 final output in an overly on the device viewfinder or screen during shooting.
Thomson Licensing


Reconfigurable radio direction finder system and method

.. .


Laser rangefinder and measuring distance and direction

A laser rangefinder includes: a mems mirror that changes a traveling direction of laser light; a first photodetector that reflects a portion of the laser light directed in a predetermined direction by the mems mirror and receives another portion of the laser light; a second photodetector that receives first reflected light that is reflection of the laser light from a target object outside an enclosure and second reflected light that is reflection of the portion of the laser light from the first photodetector; and a signal processor that calculates a distance from the laser rangefinder to the target object by subtracting, from a first distance from the laser diode to the target object calculated using the first reflected light, a second distance from the laser diode to the first photodetector calculated using the second reflected light, and calculates a direction of the target object with respect to the laser rangefinder.. .
Kyoto University


Single-platform integrated aquatic species and habitat sampling system

Low or no disturbance sampling can be accomplished such as through a single-platform aquatic species and habitat sampling system with data integration and rapid processing capabilities that can address the need for sampling at variable depths over varied habitats, along with the simultaneous collection of linked physical and biological data. The platform may be based on a 24-36 foot boat, and may include a net mouth opener brace for an adjustable concentrator net and smaller drift net which may be attached to an adjustable sample chamber, perhaps containing variable mesh capture nets as well as cameras, water sampling equipment, and water quality sensors integrated with a fish finder, gps, and other monitoring and data recording equipment.
S. P. Cramer & Associates D/b/a Cramer Fish Sciences


Mirror drive device capable of high-speed forward and backward driving of mirror

A mirror drive device in which the speed of forward and backward movement of a mirror is increased while reducing a power amount required therefor without affecting a finder image and a focus distance of an image viewed through a finder. A mirror-down cam is cam-engaged with a drive shaft provided in a mirror holder, and causes the mirror holder to enter a finder observation position of a photographing optical path.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Extracting card data from multiple cards

Extracting financial card information with relaxed alignment comprises a method to receive an image of a card, determine one or more edge finder zones in locations of the image, and identify lines in the one or more edge finder zones. The method further identifies one or more quadrilaterals formed by intersections of extrapolations of the identified lines, determines an aspect ratio of the one or more quadrilateral, and compares the determined aspect ratios of the quadrilateral to an expected aspect ratio.
Google Inc.


Beam splitting system for laser ranging

A beam splitting system for laser ranging includes a roof half-pentaprism, an isosceles prism and a compensating prism. Due to different compensating prisms, there are four light splitting combinations in total.
Jinhua Lanhai Photoelectricity Technology Co., Ltd.


Targeting auxiliary system for a rangefinder

A targeting auxiliary system for a rangefinder comprises a range finding apparatus and an electronic device. The range finding apparatus has a first signal transmission unit.


Optical device having a light separation element

An optical device, such as a firearm scope or telescope, may comprise an aperture to receive light, and a light separation element to split the light received from the aperture into a plurality of light paths directed to a plurality of sensors. Sensors may include bright light sensors, low light sensors, range-finder sensors, or other sensors.


Audio direction distance detection

A laser device, finder of range(s), and an inclinometer are used to figure a sound producing device's position adjustment(s). Laser beam(s) of the laser device and the inclinometer characterize direction(s) of sound produced by the sound producing device.
Sound Services, Llc


Method and system for stabilization and reframing

A method and apparatus for dynamically maintaining a horizontal framing of a video. The system permits the user to freely rotate the device while filming, while visualizing the final output in an overly on the device viewfinder or screen during shooting.
Thomson Licensing


Fish finder device housing and system

A fish finder device housing having a watertight shell housing capable of containing an electronic load having a transducer within an interior space, the housing have oppositely opposed extension members, each of the extension members having a keel, the oppositely opposed extension members and keels helping maintain the fish finder device housing and contained transducer in a stable condition such as in a substantially upright vertical position and preventing the housing from rocking back-and-forth and rolling side-to-side during normal fishing conditions including choppy or wavy water, when an angler is fishing in a body of water having a current, or when the angler is pulling the fish finder device housing behind a watercraft during trolling. The fish finder device housing may have an aperture in at least one of the extension members for connecting a fishing line, such as that of a fishing pole, or a line for tethering the fish finder device housing behind a watercraft..
Vexilar, Inc.


Infrared camera systems and methods

Systems and methods disclosed herein provide, for some embodiments, infrared cameras and target position acquisition techniques for various applications. For example, in one embodiment, a system may include a portable imaging/viewing subsystem having a target position finder and may also include a fixed mount camera subsystem having a camera and a camera positioner.
Flir Systems, Inc.


Compact riflescope display adapter

This disclosure describes a compact and lightweight riflescope display adapter configured to be affixed in front of the objective lens of a riflescope. The display adapter includes a receptacle that enables the adapter to be electrically connected to a ballistic computer, rangefinder or other targeting mechanism.
Cubic Corporation


Particle separator

A particle separator includes a particle separation member having a plurality of conical cavities for separating particles from unclean liquid; a fluid distribution member for distributing the unclean liquid to the cavities; a particle collection member for collecting the separated particles; and a fluid guiding member for guiding cleaned liquid to an outlet. Each cavity has a narrow open end and a wide open end.
Johnson Electric S.a.


Pet data management and information storage and exchange system

The present invention is directed to a specialized pet tag which integrates with a mobile software application developed for a smart phone or mobile device, such as an iphone, ipad, android, or blackberry personal digital assistant, equipped with a camera, image sensor, rfid detector, or nfc sensor, that which facilitates data management and communication to a finder and/or the owner of a pet.. .


System for providing personalized information and providing the personalized information

A system and method for providing location-based personalized information by using user location history information, whereby battery consumption of a computing device is reduced. The computing device includes: a location finder configured to obtain user location information of a user of the computing device; a display configured to display information indicating a route of the user of the computing device; and a controller configured to track a location of the user by controlling the location finder as the controller senses a change in the location of the user based on the obtained user location information, obtain information corresponding to an initial route of the user based on the tracked location of the user, detect a predicted route of the user from user location history information based on the information corresponding to the initial route of the user, and display on the display unit the predicted route..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Sight mechanism with integrated range finder

The disclosed subject matter relates to a sight device can include an integrated range finder and/or a camera with an associated display device. The display device can present a field of view associated with the target and an aiming element such as a dot or crosshairs.


Rangefinder for targeting device and aligning rangefinder to targeting device

Embodiments of the present concept are directed to a rangefinder that can be aligned to a fixed sight on a shooting device so that a range can be accurately taken that corresponds to a fixed sight that is used to align the shooting device to a target. Other embodiments of this concept provide methods of aligning the rangefinder to the fixed sight of the shooting device..
Leupold & Stevens, Inc.


Optical sensing a distance from a range sensing apparatus and method

A method and a system for determining horizontal velocity of a construction vehicle and a distance from a range sensing apparatus to a surface is provided. In an embodiment, a plurality of video images of the surface generated by a video camera is received, an angular velocity is calculated by video processing, a distance from each of a plurality of laser rangefinders to the surface is measured, and linear horizontal velocity is calculated from angular velocity and distances..
Topcon Positioning Systems, Inc.


Three dimensional image capture system for imaging building facades using a digital camera, a near-infrared camera, and laser range finder

A system that facilitates collecting data is described herein. The system includes a digital camera that is configured to capture images in a visible light spectrum and a near-infrared camera that is configured to capture near infrared images, wherein a field of view of the digital camera and the field of view of the near-infrared camera are substantially similar.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Information input apparatus and method

An electronic camera is capable of recording image, voice, text, line-drawn information and the like. A release switch in the electronic camera is operated to photograph a subject image.
Nikon Corporation


Systems and methods for determining pupillary distance and scale

A computer-implemented method for scaling an object is described. A distance of an object from the computing device is measured via a processor of a computing device in conjunction with a rangefinder.


Systems and methods for using multple hypotheses in a visual simultaneous localization and mapping system

The invention is related to methods and apparatus that use a visual sensor and dead reckoning sensors to process simultaneous localization and mapping (slam). These techniques can be used in robot navigation.
Irobot Corporation


Identification training vehicle accessory

A method for identifying a vehicle accessory with a mobile device is disclosed. The method comprises receiving an input in the mobile device and activating an identification function in a control circuit of the mobile device in response to the input.
Gentex Corporation


System and measuring sensory response of tissue

A system for measuring sensation or sensory responses of a tissue of a subject (or patient) by delivering air pulses of controlled pressure, duration, and frequency to the tissue surface. The system can include an endoscope having a range finder component to determine the distance between the distal end of the endoscope and a target tissue surface.


Device orientation correction panorama images

The invention relates to a method, comprising: providing orientation measurement data of a gyroscope and accelerometer for a device, performing a sensor fusion algorithm for provided orientation measurement data for determining a sensor-based estimate of orientation of the device, and performing a correction step, wherein an viewfinder image matching algorithm is performed for aligning viewfinder frames captured by a camera sensor of the device for determining an error of sensor-based estimate of orientation of the device. The invention further relates to an apparatus and a computer program product that perform the method..
Nokia Technologies Oy


Method and controlling camera devices

A method and apparatus for controlling camera devices are described. The method includes: reading a current data frame of a viewfinder of a started camera device; judging whether the started camera device is a front camera device; judging whether a beautification function of the started camera device is turned on if the started camera device is the front camera device; if the beautification function of the camera device is started, performing a beautifying process on data of the viewfinder, and drawing a data frame obtained through the beautifying process on a screen for displaying..


Mirror mounting assembly for mounting a mirror in a laser rangefinder

A mirror mounting assembly for mounting a mirror in a laser rangefinder, comprising: a mirror mount configured for receiving and mounting a mirror and configured such that when connected to the laser rangefinder, the position and/or orientation of the mirror mount relative to the body of the laser rangefinder can be adjusted.. .


Az/el gimbal housing characterization

Methods, devices, and systems are presented for calibrating or otherwise correcting the pointing accuracy of a gimbal. Measurements of the actual planes of rotation of each of a gimbal's rotatable elements is made using an off-board measurement device, such as a coordinate measuring machine (cmm).


Apparatus responsive to at least zoom-in user input, a method and a computer program

An apparatus comprising: a camera; a camera viewfinder comprising a display configured to display an image in a display area; wherein the apparatus is configured, in response to a zoom-in user input, to control the display to display an image in the display area and decrease a demarcated frame area within the display area relative to the display area, and in response to a selection event, to control a portion of the image within the frame area at that time to be re-sized to occupy the display area.. .
Nokia Corporation


Non-saturating receiver design and clamping structure for high power laser based rangefinding instruments

A non-saturating receiver design and clamping structure for high power laser rangefinders of especial utility with respect to pumped, monoblock lasers. The receiver comprises a photodiode and a transimpedance amplifier having at least first and second stages.
Laser Technology, Inc.


Imaging apparatus,imaging method, recording medium, and program

Disclosed herein are an imaging apparatus, an imaging method, a recording medium, and a program which are capable of processing imaging data in a manner similar to that of a normal frame rate. Image data captured by a solid-state imaging element capable of performing imaging at a high resolution and a high frame rate is supplied to a memory control.
Sony Corporation


Photographing starting built-in camera of portable data processing device

A photography initiation apparatus and method for a built-in camera of a portable data processing device includes creating a shortcut icon for starting a photography apparatus on a locked screen of a portable data processing device. The method includes starting a photography process after the photography initiation apparatus is started.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited


Systems and methods for facilitating the return of lost items to owners

Disclosed herein are systems and methods for having lost items returned to their owners. The system includes a tag, having an identification code affixed to the items.


Systems and methods for facilitating the return of lost items to owners

Disclosed herein are systems and methods for having lost items returned to their owners. The system includes a tag, having an identification code affixed to the items.


Range finder, mobile object and range-finding method

A range finder which irradiates a subject by emission of a light source, and receives reflected light from the subject so as to measure a distance to the subject, the range finder includes a plurality of light-source-driving circuits supplying a driving current to the light source when a light-emitting signal that controls the emission of the light source is input, wherein the light-emitting signal is output to one of the light-source-driving circuits, and each of the light-source-driving circuits has a different response speed to the light-emitting signal.. .


Passive ranging of a target

In an embodiment, an apparatus includes a detector and a range finder. The detector is configured to determine a direction to a target in response to a signal received from the target, and the range finder is configured to determine a range to the target in response to the direction and independently of an amplitude of the signal.
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.


Pool cleaner with laser range finder system and method

A swimming pool cleaner includes a chassis that supports a motor and a camera that is associated with the chassis and configured to identify at least one object. A controller is in communication with the camera and is configured to control movement of the pool cleaner based on output from the camera..


Image blurring method and apparatus, and electronic devices

An image blurring method and apparatus, and an electronic device, and pertains to the field of image processing. The method includes acquiring a first image and a second image that are captured by a same camera and have a same viewfinder coverage; acquiring depth information according to the first image and the second image; determining a background area of the first image according to the depth information; and performing blurring processing on content in the background area of the first image.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Optical distance measurement device

Optical range finders are configured to transmit optical bursts toward a target and detect a corresponding received burst. Dc offset in the received burst due to square law detection can be offset based on a difference between high pass and low pass filtered portions of the received burst.
Pulsedlight, Inc.


Compact 3d direction finder

An apparatus that includes two non-coinciding arrangements disposed in an two axes cartesian coordinate system such that each arrangement having a non-zero projection on a respective axis from among the two axes. Each one of the arrangements includes a pair of oppositely directed, spaced apart, co-axial radiating-capable elements, each of the elements being hollow with internal space, and being slotted throughout its entire extent.
Elta Systems Ltd.


Providing a frame of reference for images

A method may include receiving a selection of an area of a body. The method may also include generating one or more gridlines in a viewfinder associated with a field of view of a camera based on the selected area.
North Main Group, Inc.


Optical configuration for a compact integrated day/night viewing and laser range finding system

A compact integrated optical system including an eyepiece, a reflective telescope, and a multi-spectral combiner optically coupled between the reflective telescope and the eyepiece, and configured to direct visible light received via the reflective telescope assembly along a direct view optical path to the eyepiece assembly. In one example, the multi-spectral combiner includes a display that displays a visual representation of the imagery of the viewed scene, and laser range-finder transceiver that transmits and receives a laser beam via the reflective telescope.
Raytheon Company


Combined laser range finder and sighting apparatus having dual function laser and method

A combined range finding and sighting apparatus for a weapon includes a housing therein supporting one or more laser emitters, an optical detector for detecting an optical signal reflected from the target, and a processor. The one or more laser emitters includes a first laser emitter operable in a first mode for emitting an optical signal toward the target a second mode for projecting a first beam onto the target.
Wilcox Industries Corp.


Electronic device having multiple sides

An electronic device has an imaging device (such as a still camera or video camera) and is capable of displaying a viewfinder on one side or multiple sides of the device. The device may determine the side or sides on which to display the viewfinder based on factors such as user input, object proximity, grip detection, accelerometer data, and gyroscope data.
Motorola Mobility Llc


Strengths recogition system

A system extracts strengths attributable to persons from a database containing recognition transactions within a company communication system and provides metrics that reflect skills attributable to the persons for performance reviews, evaluations and talent management. A skills finder feature searches words from a predefined dictionary comprising words associated with strengths.
O.c. Tanner Company


Display indicating aiming point relative to target size indicator

An improved display provides information regarding a projectile trajectory so that a user is informed whether or not there is a clear shot. In some embodiments, an intermediate point in the projectile trajectory is an aiming point and is indicated in relation to the visualized target or target reference.
Evrio, Inc.


Apparatus, system, and roadway monitoring

An apparatus, system, and method for monitoring traffic and roadway water conditions. Traffic flow and roadway flooding is monitored concurrently through a wireless sensor network.
King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology


Detecting device, fish finder and detecting method

A detecting device is provided. The detecting device detects target objects.
Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.


Display indicating aiming point using intermediate point in trajectory path

An improved display provides information regarding a projectile trajectory so that a user is informed whether or not there is a clear shot. The improved display provides one or more path indicators shown over the cross hairs.
Evrio, Inc.


Smart camera user interface

Implementations of the present disclosure include actions of receiving image data, the image data being provided from a camera and corresponding to a scene viewed by the camera, receiving one or more annotations, the one or more annotations being provided based on one or more entities determined from the scene, each annotation being associated with at least one entity, determining one or more actions based on the one or more annotations, and providing instructions to display an action interface including one or more action elements, each action element being selectable to induce execution of a respective action, the action interface being displayed in a viewfinder.. .
Google Inc.

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