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Filter Housing patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Filter Housing-related patents
 Grounding of a fuel delivery module by means of a sprayed-on electrically conductive structure patent thumbnailnew patent Grounding of a fuel delivery module by means of a sprayed-on electrically conductive structure
A groundable fuel delivery module (1) for a fuel tank (3) is proposed. Here, the fuel delivery module (1) has a first element (5) composed of non-conductive material.
 Oil filter device patent thumbnailnew patent Oil filter device
The present invention provides a suction oil filter device for an engine or a transmission that has an oil inlet and an oil outlet on the filter housing, a suction oil pump connectable to the oil outlet, using which a partial vacuum may be generated between oil inlet and oil outlet, a fine filter medium and an ultra fine filter medium, which are situated between the oil inlet and the oil outlet. The fine filter medium is attached to the oil inlet or to the oil outlet, and the ultrafine filter medium is situated before the fine filter medium in the flow direction and in a secondary flow area of the filter housing.
 Conductive polyoxymethylene based on stainless steel fibers patent thumbnailConductive polyoxymethylene based on stainless steel fibers
Polymer compositions containing a polyoxymethylene base polymer that is compounded with a conductive filler, a polyalkylene glycol, and a metal oxide are disclosed that exhibit electrostatic dissipative (esd) capabilities while also being resistant to degradation upon exposure to aggressive fuels. For instance, the polymer compositions can have a volume resistivity of from about 1 ohm-cm to about 200 ohm-cm and a surface resistivity of about 103 ohms to about 104 ohms.
 Liquid filter with an eccentric liquid discharge channel patent thumbnailLiquid filter with an eccentric liquid discharge channel
A liquid filter with a replaceable filter insert and a housing having a raw liquid inlet, a central clean liquid outlet, and an eccentric liquid discharge channel. A standpipe extends above the liquid outlet and receives the insert.
 Filter apparatus with ejection arrangement patent thumbnailFilter apparatus with ejection arrangement
A filter cartridge including catches for ejecting the filter cartridge from a filter housing as the filter cartridge and filter housing are removed from a filter base is provided. The catches are configured to engage corresponding catches of the filter base to limit axial motion of the filter cartridge as the filter cartridge and filter housing are threadedly removed from the filter base..
 Filter device patent thumbnailFilter device
A filter device having a plurality of filter elements (23) that can be received in a filter housing (1) having a filter inlet (19) for a fluid that is to be filtered and a filter outlet (21) for the filtered fluid, wherein flow can pass through the filter elements (23) for a filtration or backwash in both directions and wherein at the same time at least one filter element (23) performs the filtration and at least one other filter element (23), for cleaning off the active filter surface thereof, can be backwashed by means of a backwash appliance which, for supporting the backwashing, contains a pressure control appliance (43) which has a pressure control element (45) by means of which, during a backwash operation, the fluid flow is controllable in a fluid connection between filter inlet (19) and the filter element (23) that is to be cleaned off, is characterized in that the fluid connection has a connection space (29) having element openings (27) each of which can be connected to an open end of the filter cavity forming the unfiltered side of each filter element (23), in that a fluid pathway (27) is provided via which, during the filtration, unfiltrate flows into the connection space (29) and in that, by means of the pressure control element (45), the flow of unfiltrate through the element opening (27) associated with the filter element (23) that is to be cleaned off can be controlled.. .
 Fluid filter element patent thumbnailFluid filter element
A filter element is removably positionable within a filter housing that includes a standpipe extending therewithin and provided with a flow control valve. The filter element comprises a tubular filter media, a first end cap, a second end cap longitudinally spaced from the first end cap, and a center tube extending between the first and second end caps.
 Filter housing and dishwasher including the same patent thumbnailFilter housing and dishwasher including the same
A filter housing for a dishwasher is provided, the dishwasher including a sump to store wash water. The filter housing may be coupled to an upper portion of the sump and include a filter coupling portion having a filter coupled thereto to filter out foreign substances contained in wash water overflowing the sump, a peripheral portion arranged outside of the filter coupling portion and provided with at least one recovery hole frame, a recovery hole allowing the wash water to pass therethrough being formed inside the at least one recovery hole frame, and an inclined rib formed at a lower surface of the peripheral portion, the inclined rib being inclined downward..
 Oil filter for a motor vehicle gearbox patent thumbnailOil filter for a motor vehicle gearbox
An oil filter of a transmission for motor vehicles has one filter housing, at least one inlet opening for unfiltered oil, at least one outlet opening for filtered oil. A filter medium is arranged in the oil flow between the at least one inlet opening and the at least one outlet opening.
 Filter arrangement with overlapping tongues patent thumbnailFilter arrangement with overlapping tongues
A filter arrangement for filtering the supply air of an engine, comprising a filter element with a folded filter medium, whereby the folded filter medium comprises longitudinal folds with fold walls and fold troughs, and a filter housing for receiving the filter element, whereby the filter housing comprises an upper part and a bottom part. A first insertion tongue is arranged on the upper part and a second insertion tongue is arranged on the bottom part, whereby at least one insertion tongue engages in a fold trough and whereby the insertion tongues press a fold wall between themselves is characterized in that, in regard to the problem of improving the sealing concept of the prior art and of preventing the passage of dust from the raw air side to the clean air side with a high degree of reliability, the filter element comprises side strips manufactured from a compressible material that can be compressed to at least 80% of its thickness in the unloaded state..
Vertically stacked or divided fluid filter system for inlet, outlet or both inlet and outlet filtering
A liquid (water) pitcher that includes a pitcher having a liquid receiving aperture configured to allow a liquid (water) to be delivered into an interior liquid storage volume defined by at least one upwardly extending wall extending upward from a base and a liquid (water) filter positioned within the pitcher that includes a filter housing and at least one gravity-driven fluid treatment medium within the filter housing where the filter housing has a plurality of fluid intake apertures and at least one treated fluid outlet configured to deliver treated fluid into an internal volume of a vessel wherein the at least one fluid filtering medium treats the liquid at a rate of at least about one liter per minute while removing at least chlorine odor and chlorine taste components from the liquid (water).. .
Respiratory therapy device and filtration units therefor
A respiratory therapy device comprises a pneumatic control unit connectable to a source of medical grade oxygen for supplying oxygen to a first control unit outlet port at a first set of conditions and to a second control unit outlet port at a second set of conditions. First and second transfer conduits are in fluid communication with the first and second outlet ports.
Filter housing for small media
A fluid treatment apparatus includes a base portion, a medium or media, and an elongated support portion. The base portion has a first end, a second end, and a side with an exterior surface.
Filter device for fluids
A filter device for fluids, in particular for low viscosity fluids such as water, comprising a filter housing (1) in which element holders (31) are provided for a plurality of filter elements (21), whose filter medium (35) in the filter housing (1) separates an unfiltered side (5) from a clean side (7), wherein the filter housing (1) can be opened for the purpose of inserting and removing the filter elements (21), is characterized in that a carrier in the form of a basket (19) is provided for the filter elements (21), said basket can be inserted into and removed from the filter housing (1), and the filter elements (21) can be releasably secured at said basket.. .
Suction-type oil filter unit for transmissions or internal combustion engines
The invention relates to a suction-type oil filter unit (1) for transmissions or internal combustion engines, having an oil filter housing (2) composed of plastic, wherein the oil filter housing has at least one suction duct (9), which can be connected to a suction pump, and at least one return duct (8) for a pressurized oil volume flow returned from the suction pump for the purpose of induction charging of the pump suction oil flow. The return duct (8) is provided, in the region of its mouth into the suction duct (9), with at least one nozzle device.
An air filter has a hollow cylindrical filter housing having a first axial terminal area and a second axial terminal area and a cylindrical outer filter housing wall and a ring-shaped flow guiding wall. The ring-shaped flow guiding wall extends coaxially to the cylindrical outer filter housing wall in the interior of the filter housing.
Filter device, in particular fuel filter or oil filter
A filter device has an annular particle filter having a raw side face and a radially separated clean side face, and axially opposing end faces. An annular water separating element is arranged in a flow path downstream of the particle filter, the water separating element circumferentially surrounding the particle filter at a radial spacing.
Servo-controlled backwash filter system
A filtration unit contains a plurality of filter housings, each filter housing having a cylindrical shell with a lower port, an upper port, and a filter element. The lower and upper ports direct fluid through the filter housing in a first direction during a filtering cycle and direct fluid through the filter housing in a second direction during a backwashing cycle.
Filter assembly
A filter assembly comprises a filter housing (23) into which a filter element is insertable. A core element (38) is provided extending within the housing (23.
Filter apparatus for an internal combustion engine
In a filter arrangement for filtering the fuel, of an internal combustion engine including a housing accommodating a filter element and having at the bottom thereof a collection space for collecting water removed from the fuel, a drain passage extends from the collection space at an angle with respect to a vertical line and a vent channel is disposed in the filter housing wall and extends to the drain passage permitting air to enter when water is drained from the collection space upon opening a drain valve which is disposed in the drain passage.. .
Filtering apparatus
A filtering apparatus with a plurality of filtering elements (11) which can be accommodated in a filter housing (1) having a filter inlet (7) for fluid to be filtered and a filter outlet (9) for the filtered fluid, wherein during the filtration operation, at least one of the filtering elements (11) can be back-flushed by means of a back-flushing device (45, 49) in order to dedust the effective filtering surface of said filtering element, the back-flushing device comprising a pressure control device (19) for assisting the back-flushing operation, is characterized in that the pressure control device comprises a hydraulic accumulator (19), the one fluid chamber (47) of which can be filled during the filtration operation with a quantity of dedusted fluid and can be connected for a back-flushing operation via a back-flushing guide (45) to the clean side (29) of the filtering element (11) to be dedusted, and in that, for a back-flushing operation, a further fluid chamber (48) of the hydraulic accumulator (19) can be subjected to a gas pressure in order, by means of a resultant movement of the separating element (59) of the hydraulic accumulator (19), to at least partially again dispense the filling amount of the dedusted fluid for the back-flushing operation from the first fluid chamber (47).. .
Flat filter element of a filter, filter and support device of a filter
A flat filter element (34), a filter (10), and a support/positioning body (72, 74, 76) are disclosed. The flat filter element (34) includes a filter medium (64) with an inflow-side raw side (62) and an outflow-side clean side (58).
Filter inlet
A filter including a filter housing with a horizontal partition wall dividing the filter housing into a dean-gas chamber and a dust chamber. The filter has an inlet part in open communication with the dust chamber.
Filter apparatus
A filter apparatus having a filter housing (1), which accommodates at least one filter element (17) having an inner filter cavity (23) enclosed by a filter medium (27), wherein the housing (1) contains an element holder (19) which interacts with the filter element (17) located in the functional position, is characterized in that the element holder (19) has a projecting accommodating part (43), of which the outer configuration is adapted to the shape of an opening (37), which is located at that end of the relevant filter element (17) which is to be secured to the element holder (19), such that the accommodating part (43) fits through the opening (37) of the filter element (17) located in the functional position.. .
A fluid filter including a fluid filter body, an optional aperture plug protrusion mounted on the fluid filter body and an insertion guide element, separate from the optional aperture plug protrusion, which guides the fluid filter body along an inner side surface of a filter housing as it is inserted into the filter housing.. .
Filter housing with integrally threaded port
A filter housing that includes a bowl formed with a single thread that is stamped directly into the housing around a port. The thread is used to connect an auxiliary element, such as a drain valve or a wif sensor, to the filter housing.
Washing device for cleaning parts, such as machine parts or the like
The washing device for cleaning parts, such as machine parts or the like, characterized in that its housing has a circular cross-sectional shape, that its tank at a distance above the bottom of the washing device has a bottom wall with a central exit opening for the cleaning liquid which is connected by a line section to the suction opening of the pump arranged under the bottom wall, that a filter housing with a filter is inserted into the connection line, and that downstream of the filter housing a two-way distributor is inserted into the connection line from which a further line is branched off that leads through the wall of the housing into the tank and introduces the cleaning agent at said place into the tank in such a manner that the cleaning agent is put into rotation.. .
Detached disposable filter for exhaled smoke
The invention discloses a smoke filter comprising a filter housing detached from a smoking apparatus, a mouth piece, an exhaled smoke intake vent, a pre-filter pouch having pores containing filter media; and a filter exit vent. The disposable filter is not used during inhalation, and only used during exhaling..
Mini metering and biological balancer control station
A water and wastewater treatment aerated mini-dosing air-lift pump system and filter housing, that replaces the conventional dosing pump, controls and additional tank. It is adaptable to all access ports and uniquely smaller than a 3″ inspection port and is integrally positioned in an existing or new raw water pretreatment or pump tank.
Air filter element, air filter housing and air filter system
A filter element (1) for an air filter (30) has a tubular filter medium (2), the annular cross-section of which encloses an interior (6) of the filter element and which has an inner wall (7) that adjoins the interior of the filter element and that extends in the form of at least one convex arch (8) and at least two concave arches (9), the concave arch (9) being located between two convex arches (8) such that the interior (6) of the filter element has a constriction (11) in the area of the concave arch (9), the constriction (11) being adjoined by two wide zones (12) of the interior of the filter element.. .
Air supply and conditioning system for a turbine system and method of supplying air
An air supply and conditioning system for a turbine system includes an atomizing air system comprising at least one conditioning component configured to receive a compressor discharge air supply at an inlet at a first temperature and a first pressure, wherein the at least one conditioning component conditions the compressor discharge air supply to a second temperature and a second pressure at an outlet. Also included is an air processing unit configured to receive the compressor discharge air supply from the outlet of the atomizing air system, wherein the air processing unit further conditions the compressor discharge air supply to a third temperature and a third pressure.
Liquid filter housing with handles
A liquid filter housing with at least one handle molded into its perimeter enclosure, used in a point of entry water filtration system, or any similar water filtration system, wherein the handles on the filter housing operate to eliminate the necessity of a separate housing wrench used to detach and reattach the water filter housing during the changing of the filter media at the time of installation or ongoing maintenance.. .
Filter element with a combined endplate/lid with a central hole
A filter element is described that includes an endplate that also serves as the lid or cover for the filter housing. The combined endplate/lid includes a central hole that is closed to fluid flow when the proper filter element-housing combination is used.
Filtering device, in particular air filter
A filter device comprises a filter element in a filter housing, wherein the filter housing is to be closed by a cover element. A friction section of the cover element, in an intermediate position between closed and open positions, is in friction contact with a friction member while in the closed position of the cover element the friction section is without friction contact with the friction member..
Water filter housing sieve
A gravity flow water filtration cartridge with a novel sieve system. The sieve system comprises an air vent and a shroud.
Top load filter with exterior drain actuation
A cartridge top load filter design and filter element useable with the filter are described that allows fluid to be drained from the filter housing, from the exterior of the housing and without first removing the filter element or the housing cover. The draining feature can be manually activated by a knob that is accessible from the exterior of the filter housing adjacent to the removable cover.
Device for cleaning contaminated air
A device for filtering contaminated air includes an air filter, an intake fan driven by an electric motor, a filter housing, to which the air filter can be fastened by means of a threaded connection, and a battery for driving the electric motor, wherein the intake fan has a guide blade and an impeller, and the intake fan is arranged in a chimney-shaped shell on the filter housing.. .
Compact filter element
The invention relates to a compact filter element (1) for exchangeable use in a filter housing (2). The compact filter element (1) has a filter body (3) with a longitudinal axis (7) and at least one seal (4) arranged in the area of a front end (5) of the filter body (3), the seal having a seal section (8) which is arranged across the width (10) of a housing wall (6), sealing same.
Self cleaning filter arrangement
A self-cleaning system for a filter includes a filter element; a filter housing with first, second, and third ports; the first port being a fluid inlet; the second port being a fluid outlet, and the third port being a recirculation outlet, the first and second ports being on the upstream side of the filter element; the third port being on the downstream side of the filter element; enabling primary and transverse flow through the filter; whereby reverse flow via the third port is used to clean the filter element; the system including a one-way valve connected to the second port to inhibit reflux of drain fluid into filter. A recirculation pump and a drain pump are controlled to periodically drain the lint removed from the filter to the system drain..
Air filter operable for filtering cabin air in vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction equipment and other work machines
The invention relates to an air filter element of a passenger compartment for the driver's cab of agricultural and work machines, in particular with spraying and atomizing devices for pesticides and fertilizers, comprising an adsorption filter layer with activated carbon, a fine filter layer in particular for separating aerosols and a circumferential sealing for separating the raw side from the clean side during installation into a filter housing.. .
Modular sand filtration-anchor system and wave energy water desalinization system incorporating the same
A filter-anchor for placement on a sea floor is provided. It includes a filter housing for filtering sea water prior to entry into a water desalinization system.
Modular snorkel system for off-road vehicles
A modular snorkel system for an off-road vehicle has a hollow main body that normally is hidden from view behind a fender of the vehicle. The main body terminates at its upper end in an intake mount that projects upwardly from an end of the forward cowl of the vehicle.
Filter device having an annular filter element
A filter device includes a lid (6) configured for detachable mounting to a filter housing, an annular filter element (2) mounted to the lid (6), a closure part (13) embodied as a separate component from the filter element and the lid (6) with the closure part (13) detachably secured to at least one of the lid (6) and the filter element (2).. .
System and method for applying reduced pressure at a tissue site
The illustrative embodiments described herein are directed to a manually-actuated pump and method for applying reduced pressure at a tissue site. The manually-actuated pump includes at least one variable volume chamber that is manually compressible into a plurality of positions.
In line top opening filter housing unit
Fluid flows from the inlet through the filter up the center shaft into and out of the cap to the housing exit passage. A filter can be easily replaced by removing the cap making the filter accessible, removing filter and replacing it with a new clean filter and replacing the cap..
Air filter system and filter element
An air filter system (30) includes a filter housing (10) with a filter element (1) received within the housing. A secondary housing is secured to and closing the filter housing.
Lube oil filter housing
A lube oil filter housing including a tubular outer shell, a pair of covers, an inlet, an outlet, a clean fluid chamber and a filter element support is provided. The tubular outer shell and pair of covers define an internal cavity.
Inline filter housing assembly
A novel filter housing assembly for use in liquid chromatography and similar fluid flow based systems capable of use at high pressure, well above 1000 psi, is disclosed. The filter housing assembly has a very low dead volume of approximately 11 μl and is capable of holding brittle ceramic filter membranes as well as flexible membranes without the support of a fit.
Reversible-flow filter with scavenging device
A reversible-flow filter with a filter insert in a filter housing, the inner space of which being connected to a fluid inlet, an outlet and a backwash device being rotatable and having a backwash body with a washing gap, reaching near the surface of the filter wall, for cleaning off the filter wall in backwash operation. The backwash device is coupled at one axial end to a rotary drive and at its other end to a sludge discharge.
Oil sump having oil filter on carrier unit
An oil sump, preferably made of plastic or metal, is provided for engines or transmissions, the oil sump comprising a filter housing including a filter housing top shell, a filter housing bottom shell, a filter medium, a filter inlet, and the filter outlet, and having an oil drain opening in a floor area of the oil sump, implemented in such a way that it is closable using an oil drain screw having external thread, which comes from the oil sump outer side. The oil sump also includes a carrier unit having a frame, on which the filter housing is fastened and which is used as a seal upon fastening of the oil sump on the associated unit, in particular on an engine block or a transmission unit..
Fuel feed device with integrated vertical ejector pump
A fuel feed device (1) for a fuel tank (3) is presented. The fuel feed device (1) has a filter (9) with a filter housing (11).
Fluted filter with axial seal
A filter element includes a filter media pack and an axial seal member configured to axially seal against a filter housing. The axial seal member may be supported by and attached to the filter media pack by a media pack seal member.
Filter element of a filter device and filter device
A filter element (32) and a filter device (10). The filter element (32) can be arranged in a filter housing (16) of the filter device.
Filter device
The invention relates to a filter device comprising at least one filter housing (1) in which at least one filter element (21) is arranged. Inside the filter housing (1), the filter element separates a clean side (9) from an untreated side (13).
Filter device
The invention relates to a filter device, in particular for fluids contaminated with water admixtures, such as diesel oil, comprising a filter housing (1), which can hold at least one filter element (9), the fiber medium (11) of which separates an untreated side (13) from a treated side (19) during the filtration process in the filter housing (1), wherein a water collecting unit (5) is provided, which holds separated water on the treated side, wherein said filter device is characterized in that water that has been separated on the untreated side (13) also reaches the collecting unit (5) and in that mutually separated collecting chambers (61, 67) are present in the collecting unit (5) for the water that is discharged both at the treated side (19) and at the untreated side (13).. .
Filters, filter assemblies, filter systems and methods for identifying installation of qualified filter elements
A filter assembly has a qualified filter element that filters fuel, o filter housing for the qualified filter element and a water-in-fuel sensor that senses presence of water in the filter housing. An electrical resistance of the water-in-fuel sensor changes based upon whether the qualified filter element is installed in the housing.
Liquid recovery filter
The liquid recovery filter includes several embodiments, each of which provides for the recovery of liquid otherwise trapped within the filter housing and element. Each embodiment includes a series of vents, purge ports, and passages that communicate fluidly with the filter housing and filter core.
Filter systems
Systems and methods for monitoring quality of filters within a filtering system are disclosed. The system includes at least one pressure sensor which monitors a force applied by a filter on a filter housing.
Breathing protector
A breathing protector for a tracheostoma is provided. The breathing protector comprises an inlet and an outlet, such that an air flow in use will pass from the surroundings of the user through said inlet to said outlet, into trachea of said user.
Coaxial double filter with integrated filter support
A filter for blood or the like provides for concentric filtration tubes of flexible permeable filtration material held concentrically for flow in parallel through the filtration material of the filtration tubes. Manufacture of the filter may in-mold support rings and pillars to flexible filtration media, the lowermost support rings which may then be assembled together and fit into a filter housing..
Filter assembly with water evacuation and methods
A filter assembly, a filter cartridge and method of filter fluid are provided. The filter assembly includes a filter base, a filter housing and a filter cartridge within the housing.
Filter element and fuel filter
The invention concerns a filter element (1), in particular of a fuel filter for motor vehicles. The filter element (1) is received in a filter housing (2) and comprises a filter body (3) with a filter material (5) that is arranged in folds (4).
Magnetic filter for refining and chemical industries
A magnetic filter employs a magnetic core assembly that incorporates a plurality of exchangeable holder sleeves, each enclosing permanent magnets. Neither the sleeves nor magnetic bars are mechanically fixed to the filter housing.
Reinforced receiver for cassette filter locking clip
A receiver for a cassette filter housing having an upper housing surface. The receiver comprises an arrow shaped elongated member having ends.
Breathing protector
A breathing protector may include an inlet and an outlet, wherein an air flow may be configured to pass from the inlet to the outlet into a trachea. A filter housing may include an inner housing part, an outer housing part, and a filter body.
Filter device
A filter device having at least one filter element (37) that can be accommodated in a filter housing that has at least one connection unit (29) for forming a fluid connection to the filter element (37), wherein the connection unit (29) is provided for the feed of the fluid that is to be purified to the dirty side (41) of the filter element (37) and is a component of the element receiver with which the filter element (37) that is situated in the functioning position interacts is characterized in that, via the connection unit (29) as a component of the filter housing, or the parts that can be associated with the filter housing, the valve arrangement (61; 67, 69) or at least parts thereof are moveable in such a manner that, on shutdown of the filter device by removing the filter element (37) from the filter housing, the valve arrangement (61; 67, 69) comes into its closed position and on starting up the filter device by insertion of the filter element (37) into its functioning position within the filter housing, the valve arrangement (61; 67, 69) comes into its open position.. .
Filter interface for multimodal surgical gas delivery system
A surgical gas delivery system is disclosed that includes a device housing supporting a control unit and a filter interface having a seat for receiving a filter cartridge, the filter cartridge having a filter housing defining an interior reservoir, wherein sensors are coupled to the control unit for sensing a level of liquid within the reservoir of the filter cartridge to prevent contamination of the device, and wherein a set of blocking valves are provided in the device housing for interacting with the filter cartridge when it is received in the filter interface to control flow through suction and pressure lines of the device, and wherein the control unit is adapted to recognize a characteristic of the filter cartridge received in the filter interface.. .
Filter device
A filter device having at least one filter element (37) that can be accommodated in a filter housing, and is fluid-connected to a fluid tank (1) and that has at least one connection appliance (29) for forming a fluid connection to the filter element (37), is characterized in that the filter housing is formed by a filter bowl (13) that is moulded into the tank (1), at the bowl bottom (17) of which is situated the connection appliance (29) associated with the element receiver.. .
Method and apparatus for tuning an engine by modifying pod filter and method of calibration
A method and apparatus for tuning an engine by a modified pod filter or velocity stack using a tunable pod air filter with base and cap members forming a housing that is joined together by a filter membrane to define a plenum or resonance chamber within the housing that contains only air drawn in through the filter. An aperture in the base member passes air to the inlet of an engine.
Filter cleaning system and method
The present invention discloses a system and method for self-cleaning filters without having to open the filter housing. Wash nozzles are integrated with the filter housings such that when the filters are clogged, both back-wash and regular washing can be performed with practically no down time.
Large volume disposable ultrafiltration systems and methods
A disposable filtration system can include a disposable filter housing having an ultrafiltration filter contained therein. The disposable filtration system can further include a feed inlet and retentate outlet in fluid communication on one side of the filter and a permeate conduit on the other side of the filter for withdrawing permeate that passes through the filter.

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