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Filter Housing patents


This page is updated frequently with new Filter Housing-related patent applications.

new patent Replaceable water filter and memory device for appliance
A water filter communication system and method of using the system. A method of periodically reading water filter data associated with a water filter and retained by the water filter that has been positioned in an appliance includes the steps of: installing a water filter into an engaged position in a filter head assembly within an interior of a cabinet of an appliance that includes a water inlet and a water outlet and periodically, based upon and after a user's interaction with the appliance or the water filter, supplying power from the appliance to the filter read-write memory device engaged to the filter housing; transmitting water filter data to the appliance from the filter read-write memory device, which retains filter information..
Whirlpool Corporation

new patent Filter, filter element, and filter housing
Disclosed is a filter (10) for liquid fluid, in particular lubricant, particularly motor oil, or fuel, in particular of an internal combustion engine, a filter element (16) and a filter housing (12). The filter housing (12) has at least one inlet (24) for fluid to be cleaned and at least one outlet (22) for cleaned fluid.
Mann+hummel Gmbh

new patent Filter element and filter system with partial-flow filtering
A filter element (10) has at least a first filter body (12) that is separated in a fluid-tight fashion from a second filter body (14) and is arranged above the second filter body (14) in an axial direction (l). A first flow outlet (24) proceeds from the first filter body (12) and a second flow outlet (26), proceeding from the second filter body (14), is arranged outside the first flow outlet (24) in a transverse direction (q) perpendicular to the axial direction (l).
Mann+hummel Gmbh

new patent Embedded influent diffuser for floating media filter
A floating media filter including a filter housing having an influent inlet and an effluent outlet. A floating media is positioned in the housing and forms a static media bed when the filter is in a filtration stage.

new patent Cold brew espresso manufacturing process
A new method and system cold brewing espresso is described. The system employs an in-line percolator filter housing and a liquid pump.

Sealing element, annular filter element, oil separator, and opening filter housing of oil separator
A sealing element (60) for an annular filter element (100) of an oil separator (200) of a crankcase ventilation system, wherein the annular filter element (100) is configured to separate oil from fluid. The sealing element (60) fulfills more than one sealing function and yet is easy to use and replace.
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Clothing dryer
A clothing dryer includes a drying tub configured to hold laundry and having an opening to load laundry; a filter housing disposed at a front of the opening and configured to accommodate a filter; and a first sensor and a second sensor disposed at the filter housing such that the first sensor is electrically connected to the second sensor through wet laundry contacting the first sensor and the second sensor simultaneously. Each of the first sensor and the second sensor includes a sensing part exposed to an inside of the drying tub and a bent part inserted to the filter housing.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

External pass-through filters for optical micronodes and related assemblies and methods
Assemblies include a micronode having an optical connector, a coaxial connector port and a housing that includes a plurality of mounting bores. The assembly further includes a filter having a housing that underlies the micronode housing, the filter housing including a plurality of mounting bores, the mounting bores of the filter housing aligning with the mounting bores of the micronode housing.
Commscope, Inc. Of North Carolina

Filter cartridge for clean servicing
A filter cartridge for use within a filter housing of a filter assembly that includes a filter media, a first endplate attached to a first end of the filter media, and a second endplate attached to a second end of the filter media. The second endplate includes a plurality of extensions extending axially away from a surface of the second endplate.
Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

Filtration system with anti drain valve and drain x-seal
Various embodiments disclosed herein relate to a filter element having a seal that functions as an anti-drain seal. The seal prevents fluid being filtered (e.g., fuel) from flowing back to a fluid storage tank (e.g., a fuel tank) through a drain in the filter housing when the filter element is in an installed position within the filter housing.
Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

Filter for a respiratory air analyzer, respiratory air analyzer and monitoring a filter

A filter for a respiratory air analyzer includes a filter housing, a converter material, and a sensor arranged in the filter housing. The converter material is arranged in the filter housing between a gas inlet opening and a gas outlet opening.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Filter assembly for a fuel injector

The present disclosure concerns a filter assembly for a fuel injector. In some embodiments, the filter assembly has a longitudinal axis and comprises a filter element, a filter housing, and a cap.
Continental Automotive Gmbh

Filter housing having vanes for filter optimization

The present teachings provide for a housing for a panel filter, the housing including a main body, a plurality of first vanes, and a plurality of second vanes. The main body can define a chamber and a central aperture.
Denso International America, Inc.

Modular filter capsule apparatus

Disclosed is a capsule apparatus having a filter housing defining a filter chamber with a top cap having a plurality of ports extending substantially laterally from a top end of the top cap. The lateral and substantially uniform orientation of the ports facilitates connection to panel mount assemblies and improves filter maintenance processes.
Saint-gobain Performance Plastics Corporation

Air-powered filter for aquarium

An air-powered filter for an aquarium includes a base component configured to be coupled to a surface of the aquarium, the base component including a suction cup. The air-powered filter also includes a filter component releasably coupled to the base component, the filter component including a filter housing having at least one opening.
Elive Llc

Fuel filter and cartridge for such a filter with an onboard additive tank

In a filter cartridge (cc) for a fuel filter, the filter element (4) and the additive module are connected and typically stacked so as to allow them to be integrally inserted into a filter housing. The substantially annular filter medium (5) delimits an inner space (9) into which at least one part (24) of the attachment end of the additive module can be engaged.
Rhodia Operations

Filter element with multi-stage water-separating action and with bayonet connection, and fuel filter having a filter element of said type

Disclosed is a filter element (86) with multi-stage cleaning, and a fuel filter (84) having such a filter element (86). The filter element (86) has a particle filter medium, a coalescer medium, a sediment gap (98) and a final separator screen.
Mann+hummel Gmbh

A filter holder for beverage producing machines

The invention relates to a filter holder comprising a filter housing having a bottom and a dispensing duct or aperture through said bottom. A valve with a valve stopper is arranged for selectively opening and closing the dispensing duct or aperture, the valve stopper being supported by a pivoting arm and resiliently biased towards a closed position.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Fuel filter housing

A housing for use in a fuel system component comprises a body defining an interior and having an inlet leading into the interior and an outlet leading from the interior, wherein at least one of the inlet and the outlet is defined by a port through a wall of the body and a fitting defining a passage open to the port, the fitting have a portion extending from the port that is not circular in cross-section. The body includes a cap with the fitting extending axially from the cap.
Ti Group Automotive Systems, L.l.c.

Filters, filter assemblies, filter identifying installation of qualified filter elements

A filter assembly has a qualified filter element that filters fuel, a filter housing for the qualified filter element and a water-in-fuel sensor that senses presence of water in the filter housing. An electrical resistance of the water-in-fuel sensor changes based upon whether the qualified filter element is installed in the housing.
Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

Filter assembly

A pre-cleaner for a filter assembly having a main filter housing is provided. The pre-cleaner includes a pre-cleaner housing that includes a first wall and a second wall opposite to the first wall.
Caterpillar Inc.

Methods for integrating bond pad structures with light shielding structures on an image sensor

An imaging system may include an image sensor that may be a backside illuminated (bsi) image sensor. The bsi sensor may be bonded to an inactive silicon substrate or bonded to an active silicon substrate like a digital signal processor (dsp).
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc

Fuel filter

A fuel filter comprises a filter housing having a fuel inlet and a fuel outlet, and a laminate positioned within said filter housing, the laminate comprising a first layer and a second layer having methyl hydroxyethyl cellulose between said first layer and said second layer, wherein the fuel filter is configured to direct fuel received at the fuel inlet to the fuel outlet through the laminate.. .
Central Illinois Manufacturing Company

Multipath filter assembly with integrated gaseous seal for multimodal surgical gas delivery system

A gas conditioning unit for a surgical gas delivery device is disclosed, which includes a filter housing having an insufflation gas flow path for delivering insufflation gas to a body cavity and for facilitating pressure measurements from the body cavity, a pressurized gas flow path for delivering pressurized gas from a pump in the surgical gas delivery device to an internal nozzle in the filter housing that accelerates the pressurized gas and thereby generates a continuous pressure barrier that inhibits egress of insufflation gas from the body cavity, a vacuum return flow path for returning depressurized gas spent by the internal nozzle back to the pump under vacuum, an air entrainment flow path for drawing air into the body cavity to maintain a given pressure therein, and a smoke evacuation flow path for conveying smoke from the body cavity.. .
Surgiquest, Inc.

Cabin air filter and filter assembly

A cabin air filter is provided with a filter medium and a filter element frame that frames the filter medium and is configured to attach the cabin air filter to a filter housing. The filter element frame is provided with at least one engagement element configured to engage pivotably at least one receiving element of the filter housing for pivoting the cabin air filter relative to the filter housing about a pivot axis.
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Air filter and filter element of an air filter

An air filter has a filter housing and a filter element inserted in the interior of the filter housing. The filter element has an inflow surface and an outflow surface and a filter medium that extends between inflow and outflow surfaces.
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Filter system and filter element having a sealing device

Disclosed is a filter system having a filter element (10), a filter housing and a sealing device (20) sealing off a housing interior space (120) from a surrounding environment (122). The sealing device (20) has a seal (24) arranged on a seal carrier (22).
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Flexible filter element with a plastic frame formed thereon by injection molding

A filter element to be inserted into a filter housing, has a filter medium with a rim, wherein the rim is connected to an injection-molded frame or at least one injection-molded frame element, providing a flexibly bendable filter element using a frame made of plastic attached by injection molding, wherein the frame or at least one frame element is made of plastics of different hardnesses in alternation in at least one extension direction, such that the filter element can be bent flexibly at least in part by deforming the filter medium and the frame or frame element.. .
Carl Freudenberg Kg

Filter device

Disclosed is a filter device. The filter device includes a filter housing including an inflow port through which water flows in and an outflow port through which the water flowed in through the inflow port flows out, a plurality of filter members installed in the filter housing, an inflow unit installed in the filter housing and provided in each of both sides of each of the plurality of filter members for the water flowed in from the inflow port to be supplied to a plurality of openings respectively provided in the both sides of each of the plurality of filter members, and a backwashing unit coupled to both sides of at least one of the plurality of filter members for foreign substances filtered out by the plurality of filter members to be backwashed from the plurality of filter members.
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.

System for air temperature maintenance with air cleaning feature

In a system for cleaning, and for maintaining a desired temperature in, the air within the interior of a building, an activated carbon filter is disposed in a filter housing forming part of a conduit connected from a supply duct to a return duct. Air flows through the activated carbon filter as a result of the difference between the pressures of the air in the respective ducts, and substantially the entire quantity of air within the building is passed through the carbon filter in a short time..

Hearing device with a wax guard, and wax guard

A hearing device contains a hearing device housing, which is insertable into an auditory canal of a person wearing the hearing device and which has a through-opening leading to the interior of the hearing device housing. The hearing device has a wax guard which is inserted into the through-opening and serves to protect against dirt, and wax, entering the hearing device housing.
Sivantos Pte. Ltd.

Filter device

Disclosed is a filter device. The filter device includes a filter housing including an inflow port, through which ballast water flows in, and an outflow port through which the ballast water flows out, a plurality of filter members provided in the filter housing to filter out a foreign substance included in the ballast water, and a backwashing unit coupled to at least one of the plurality of filter members to filter out the foreign substance by using a difference internal pressure and atmospheric pressure.
Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.

Fuel water separator filter

A fuel water separator filter that is configured as a filter-in-filter construction with multiple water separating layers to separate water from the fuel. The fuel water separator filter is configured for use on a suction side of a fuel pump, and includes a neck with a radially outward facing seal that in use seals with the filter housing.
Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

Surface cleaning apparatus

A hand vacuum cleaner has a main body housing a suction motor and fan assembly and, a cyclone unit comprising a cyclone and a pre-motor filter housing. The pre-motor filter housing has an openable pre-motor filter housing door.
Omachron Intellectual Property Inc.

Method and system for replacing air filter

An air intake of an air handling or hvac system, such as located in a ceiling of a structure, includes a movable filter housing. The filter housing comprises a grate configured to support one or more air filters at a top side thereof.
Jpl Investments, Llc

Filter element and air cleaner assembly

A filter element may include first and second pairs of opposing walls extending along a longitudinal axis of the filter element. The first and second pairs of opposing walls may create a flow passage between an inlet end and an outlet end of the filter element.
Caterpillar Inc.

Filter device, in particular for gas filtration

A filter device having a filter housing and a filter element having a first and a second filter media body at a common filter element housing. Cooperating positive-locking elements are disposed at the filter housing and a the filter element housing, which engage in a positive-locking manner..
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Filter endplate having variable hardness

A filter cartridge having an endplate formed of polyurethane having a varying hardness is described. A first portion of the endplate is harder than a second portion of the endplate.
Cummins Filtration Sarl

Fuel water separator filter

A fuel water separator filter is described that is configured as a filter-in-filter construction with multiple water separating layers to separate water from the fuel. The fuel water separator filter is configured for use on a suction side of a fuel pump, and includes a neck with a radially outward facing seal that in use seals with the filter housing.
Cummins Feltration Ip, Inc.

Air filter

An exemplary air filter may include an air-permeable filter body for cleaning air, and a filter housing for holding the filter body. The air filter may also include a clean-air port fluidically connected to the filter body and mechanically connected to the filter housing for attaching the air filter to a clean-air channel.
Mahle International Gmbh

Reverse osmosis membrane filter having fluid channel formed on side surface thereof

Disclosed is a reverse osmosis membrane filter for increasing a recovery rate of purified water by extending a residence time of raw water on a reverse osmosis sheet. The reverse osmosis membrane filter having a fluid channel formed on a side surface thereof, according to the present invention, comprises: a central tube having a purified water inflow hole radially formed therein; a guide tube that is coupled to the outside of the central tube and has a raw water moving passage formed in the longitudinal direction thereof and a raw water outflow hole radially formed therein which communicates with the raw water moving passage; a reverse osmosis membrane sheet that filters a foreign substance contained in raw water and supplies the filtered purified water into the central tube through the purified water inflow hole; and a filter housing that accommodates the reverse osmosis membrane sheet..
Picogram Co., Ltd.

Hollow filter element, grip device of a hollow filter element, and filter device with at least one hollow filter element

A hollow filter element of a filter device for filtering air is arranged exchangeably in a filter housing of the filter device so that at least one air inlet of the filter housing for air to be filtered is separated from at least one air outlet of the filter housing for filtered air. The hollow filter element is provided with at least one filter bellows made of at least one filter medium surrounding at least one element interior circumferentially relative to an element axis of the hollow filter element.
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Filter having a filter bypass valve, and filter insert therefor

A filter having a filter housing, an inlet for liquid to be filtered and an outlet for filtered liquid. An exchangeable filter insert separates an unfiltered side and a filtered side of the filter.
Hengst Se & Co. Kg

Multi-purpose stud mount apparatus

A multi-purpose stud mounting apparatus is provided to mountably and detachably couple a threaded mounting stud of a motor vehicle body or internal combustion engine and a functional component, such as an air filter housing air intake duct or air intake resonator so as to releaseably and supportively mount the functional component to the vehicle.. .
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Hand carriable surface cleaning apparatus

A hand vacuum cleaner comprises an air flow passage extending from a dirty air inlet to a clean air outlet. A suction motor is positioned in the air flow path.
Omachron Intellectual Property Inc.

Air filter operable for filtering cabin air in vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction equipment and other work machines

The invention relates to an air filter element of a passenger compartment for the driver's cab of agricultural and work machines, in particular with spraying and atomizing devices for pesticides and fertilizers, having an adsorption filter layer with activated carbon, a fine filter layer in particular for separating aerosols and a circumferential sealing for separating the raw side from the clean side during installation into a filter housing.. .
Mann+hummel Gmbh

Exchangeable filter of a filter device for fluid, filter device, and filter head of a filter device

An exchangeable filter has a filter housing, a filter element, and a connecting member arranged at a filter housing end face. A filter-associated connecting part of a connecting device detachably connects the exchangeable filter with a filter head of a filter device by a plug-in/rotary movement.
Mann+hummel Gmbh

No filter no run fluid filter with integration of low pressure fluid system

A no filter no run (nfnr) fluid filter and fluid filter assembly are provided. The nfnr fluid filter assembly includes a fluid filter, a filter head or filter housing, and a bypass flow path.
Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

Device for measuring the overfill of filter elements comprising filter cakes in pressure filters

A filter device for preventing the overfill of filter elements with filter cake includes a filter housing and filtrate collection tubes. Sensors for measuring force are provided within the filter housing.
Drm, Dr. MÜller Ag

Fresh air system

A fresh air system for an internal combustion engine may include an inlet section, an air filter and a connecting section fluidly connecting the inlet section to the air filter. The air filter may include a filter element arranged in a filter housing, and a housing cover closing the filter housing and configured to be removable from the filter housing to change the filter element.

Filter device with releasably securable end cap and sealing arrangement

A filter device for fluids, especially for fuels such as diesel fuel, includes a filter housing (1) defining a longitudinal axis (19). The filter housing has a fluid inlet (14) and a fluid outlet (24) and can accommodate at least one filter element (9).

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