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File Management patents

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Extended oled operational lifetime through phosphorescent dopant profile management

Regents Of University Of Michigan

Extended oled operational lifetime through phosphorescent dopant profile management

File management system and method

Inwellcom Technology

File management system and method

File management system and method

Konica Minolta

Profile management system, information device, profile updating method, and recording medium storing computer programs

Date/App# patent app List of recent File Management-related patents
 Patient health management portal patent thumbnailPatient health management portal
A secure online patient health management portal for patient and payer/provider communication, documentation and improved workflow efficiency. A payer/provider portal provides patient and file management, patient tasking and reminders, calendaring, creation and management of medical condition templates, aggregate report generation and electronic informed consent.
Visiontree Software, Inc.
 Extended oled operational lifetime through phosphorescent dopant profile management patent thumbnailExtended oled operational lifetime through phosphorescent dopant profile management
This disclosure relates, at least in part, an organic light emitting device, which in some embodiments comprises an anode; a cathode; a first emissive layer disposed between the anode and the cathode, the first emissive layer comprising an electron transporting compound and a phosphorescent emissive dopant compound; and wherein the phosphorescent emissive dopant compound has a concentration gradient, in the emissive layer, which varies from the cathode side of the first emissive layer to the anode side of the emissive layer.. .
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan
 File management system and method patent thumbnailFile management system and method
A file management system comprises an identification device, an administration device, and a supervisory device. A first computing processor of the administration device generates an encrypted file from an original file and encryption information, and stores the encryption information into the identification device.
Inwellcom Technology Co., Ltd.
 Profile management system, information device, profile updating method, and recording medium storing computer programs patent thumbnailProfile management system, information device, profile updating method, and recording medium storing computer programs
A profile management system managing a profile created for an individual person, includes: a document separation unit that separates documents specified as targets of processing by a user of a device handling document data, into event documents related to events scheduled to be held or having been already held and other documents; an importance determination unit that determines whether an event related to the event document separated by the document separation unit is important for the user, based on information recorded in a personal profile corresponding to the user and information recorded in an event profile corresponding to the event; and a personal profile edit unit that extracts words from an event document related to an event determined as important by the importance determination unit, out of the event documents separated by the document separation unit, and records the words as keywords in the personal profile corresponding to the user.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.
 Balanced physiological monitoring and treatment system patent thumbnailBalanced physiological monitoring and treatment system
A system and method for providing balanced, automated regulation of a patient's physiological condition by monitoring at least one physiological parameter and, optionally, monitoring and controlling additional physiological parameters, is disclosed. The system includes a physiological parameter monitor, an intelligent control device and a multi-channel delivery device for providing controlled intravenous delivery of at least two medications that affect the physiological condition being controlled.
 Document link previewing and permissioning while composing an email patent thumbnailDocument link previewing and permissioning while composing an email
Enhanced links in a message composition surface are described. A uniform resource locator (url) may be identified while a user is composing a message in a message composition surface of an electronic message such as an email.
Microsoft Corporation
 Systems and methods for media file management patent thumbnailSystems and methods for media file management
Systems, apparatus, methods, articles of manufacture, and interfaces for electronic media file (e.g., e-book) management are provided. Data descriptive of electronic media files (e.g., e-books, video, and/or audio files) may be searched, scanned, looked-up, and/or otherwise acquired.
Versapub, Inc.
 Geospatial based management of configuration profiles patent thumbnailGeospatial based management of configuration profiles
A system, method and program product for managing profiles for devices in a network. A computer system is disclosed having a configuration management system for managing configuration profiles for a set of devices within a network, and includes: a boundary definition system that employs a computerized process for defining a plurality of geospatial boundaries; a device manager that employs a computerized process for interfacing with remote agents associated with respective devices to recognize when a device has migrated into a new geospatial boundary; and a profile management system that employs a computerized process for uploading an updated configuration profile to the remote agent in response to the device being migrated to the new geospatial boundary..
 Using chronology as the primary system interface for files, their related meta-data, and their related files patent thumbnailUsing chronology as the primary system interface for files, their related meta-data, and their related files
Methods, apparatuses, and storage medium associated with chronology based file management are disclosed herein. In embodiments, a method may include receiving a selection of a plurality of files or the plurality of files, and generating association data selectively associating the plurality of files with a plurality of events scheduled in a calendar of a user or time periods of the user.
Skychron, Inc.
 Method, apparatus, and electronic device for file management patent thumbnailMethod, apparatus, and electronic device for file management
Methods, apparatus, and electronic devices for file management are provided. On a touch screen, whether a duration time of a first pre-set operation to a target file is greater than a first pre-set threshold value can be detected.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Headset device and a device profile management system and method thereof

Most computer operating systems are able to automatically configure the coupled computer peripheral audio device for use with the computer operating system without the need for installation of a specific driver. However, when these computer peripheral audio devices are detected by the computing system, a generic audio device control configuration is often assigned to them and whatever customised settings previously configured by the user will be lost and replaced with a new set of unfamiliar setting.
Razer (asia-pacific) Pte. Ltd.

Information processing apparatus, file management method, and computer-readable recording medium having stored therein file management program

An information processing apparatus which manages a file which holds information including a plurality of items, includes a processor, the processor configured to: search for a file satisfying a requested search condition based on item information obtained by associating the items and the number of files including the items, and file information indicating whether or not each of the files includes each item, and upon receipt of a deletion request of a file, update the number of files of items included in the file of a deletion target in the item information, and, when the number of files becomes 0, deletes an item whose number of files becomes 0 and the number of files including the item from the item information.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Method and file management

A method in an electronic device is provided, the method including: connecting to a storage device; transmitting a first file to the storage device; when the first file is transmitted to the storage device, generating, a second file based on the first file and replacing the first file with the second file, wherein the second file is an optimized version of the first file.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Paperless application

Systems, methods, and programs of processing and transmitting information between devices are disclosed. A receiving device may generate a key.
Fasetto, Llc

Secure virtual file management system

Virtual file management is disclosed. Managed content from multiple separate storage domains is organized into a virtual file system that maintains with respect to each of at least a subset of said separate storage domains information of storage domain specific file system primitives to perform primitive operations with respect to content stored in that storage domain.
Mobile Iron, Inc.

Profile management via multi-dimensional relationship

A method, a device, and a non-transitory storage medium having instructions stored thereon provide for the provisioning and management of user profiles of any given system by indicating the identity of the user as a set of properties and properties values rather than indicating the identity of the user by the functions that the user can and cannot do. The method, the device, and the non-transitory storage medium include attribute data that define permissions and non-permissions.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

Method and providing online content management and e-commerce solution

An approach is provided for providing an online product catalog framework that enables a business to manage and deploy up-to-date and personalized products and/or services to customers using cross-channel commerce without dependency on it specialists or it releases, including providing an online product catalog framework, wherein the online product catalog framework includes a catalog management module, a pricing engine, a content management module, and a profile management module; managing the catalog and content modules and pricing engine separately; and generating a personalized product catalog by using rules-based targeters and/or rules-based templates along with the modules and/or pricing engine. The approach also including determining pricing data based on customer sales zones and determining one or more data feeds based on a product catalog system, wherein the pricing engine causes a generation of the personalized product catalog based on the pricing data, the one or more data feeds, or a combination thereof..
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

File management apparatus and file management method

In accordance with one embodiment, a file management apparatus for managing a file name of a file of an image information includes a title name extraction section configured to extract a plurality of different individual title names, a combined title name generation section configured to combine the plurality of individual title names extracted by the title name extraction section to generate a combined title name, an individual title name selection section configured to select one individual title name from the plurality of individual title names extracted by the title name extraction section, a file name determination section configured to select processes which determine the combined title name generated by the combined title name generation section as a file name or processes which determine the individual title name selected by the individual title name selection section as a file name and add the determined file name to the original image information.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

System and self-protecting data

Disclosed is a system comprising a physical memory, a processor and a software component. The software component includes a policy/domain handler for receiving data and a policy associated with the data; a hypervisor; and a file management module.
Teleputers, Llc

Computer system and device driver installation method

A computer system includes: storing a first file management table that stores a record associating a device driver that can be installed in the computer system with identification information of a logic area in which the particular device driver is stored; reading a second file management table stored in a recording medium placed in the drive, generating a third table by inserting the record in the first management table into the second management table, and generating a virtual file management table that associates the third table with the device driver stored in the first table as well as the device driver stored in the second table, and searching for the device driver requested, install the requested device driver.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.

Encapsulated file management systems

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer program products, for processing element access requests in a computing environment having a plurality of applications, by managing versions of elements of a first set of applications as belonging to respective application execution groups of a first group type, each application execution group of the first group type having a unique group identifier; identifying a source of a first element access request as being associated with the first set of applications, the first element access request including a first element identifier; based on the identified source of the first element access request, selecting a version of an element stored in association with the first element identifier from amongst the managed versions of the elements of the first set of applications; and processing the first element access request using data representative of the selected version of the element.. .
Viewfinity Inc.

Undo system

Systems and methods for undo mechanism are provided. Computer systems can have many different software elements, including application elements and file management elements.
Apple Inc.

Non-transitory computer-readable media storing file management program, file management apparatus, and file management method

A non-transitory computer-readable storage medium that stores a file management program for causing a computer to execute a file management process including: transmitting a file search request based on a search condition from a currently operating information processing apparatus to a plurality of other information processing apparatuses, receiving file information searched by the respective other information processing apparatuses, and displaying the file information in the search result; selecting another information processing apparatus to be a transfer source out of a plurality of other information processing apparatuses that store a same file as a file which is selected from the search result, based on the transfer time of the selected file to the currently operating information processing apparatus; and requesting transfer of the selected file to the selected other information processing apparatus to be the transfer source, receiving the transferred selected file and displaying the selected file.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Historical view of open files

Managing versions of an electronic entity comprising many independently managed, but mutually-dependent, subcomponents can be challenging. file management functionality is provided for use with an integrated development environment to produce a visual indication of the relationships among the subcomponents.
Oracle International Corporation

Machine, computer readable medium, and computer-implemented file management, storage, and display

file management machines, computer readable media, and methods of file management, are provided. An exemplary file management machine includes a file management server configured to receive or retrieve user files through an electronic communication/computer network to provide categorical organization and establishment of albums.

Interface for extending functionality of memory cards

An enhanced flash memory card, including a memory including a file management system for storing files within directories, the files and directories being identified by respective file names and directory names, and a controller that interfaces with a host device and that reports to the host device names of files and directories stored in the memory, although no files and directories having the reported names actually exist in the memory.. .
Google Inc.

Exclusive control request allocation method and system

A management server specifies processes that make exclusive control requests of files in a predetermined time slot, based on an execution schedule of a plurality of processes. Then, the management server specifies files that are the subjects of exclusive control in the predetermined time slot, based on utilization file information indicating files that are used by the respective processes.
Fujitsu Limited

Storage disk file subsystem and defect management systems and methods

In accordance with one or more embodiments of the present invention, methods and systems disclosed herein provide for storage disk file and defect management. According to an aspect, a method includes communicating, to a first computing device, an identifier associated with a storage device.
International Business Machines Corporation

Information device, server, recording medium with image file recorded thereon, image file generating method, image file management method, and computer readable recording medium

The information device includes an imaging unit that images a subject and generates image data of the subject, a meta information generating unit that generates meta information related to the image data generated by the imaging unit, a possibility information generating unit that generates, with respect to the meta information, possibility information setting whether or not change of original information is possible by an external device when the meta information is transmitted to the external device, and an image file generating unit that generates an image file associating the image data generated by the imaging unit, the meta information generated by the meta information generating unit, and the possibility information generated by the possibility information generating unit with one another.. .
Olympus Imaging Corp.

Virtual private cloud that provides enterprise grade functionality and compliance

Techniques to enforce policies with respect to managed files and/or endpoints are disclosed. A policy to be applied with respect to a synchronization set is received at a file management system.
Emc Corporation

Methods and systems for media file management

Methods and systems for media file management are provided. A music file including music samples is provided.

Methods and systems for media file management

Methods and systems for media file management are provided. A music file is provided.

Methods and systems for dynamic spectrum arbitrage user profile management

A dynamic spectrum arbitrage (dsa) system includes a home subscriber server (hss), a mobility management entity (mme), an enodeb, a dynamic spectrum controller (dsc), and a dynamic spectrum policy controller (dpc). The dsc may receive resource allocation information from the dpc, and send updated information and instructions to the hss.

System and processing song, music, and/or lyric information for copyright registration

A system including a processing service device that processes song, music, or lyric information; a mobile device that records the information; a profile management device that manages profile information related to the information; a recognition and feature extraction device that recognizes lyrics or extracts attributes or features of the information; and a content management and submission device that combines or formats the information and the profile information. A method including accessing or preparing a mobile device for recording song, music, or lyric information; recording the information; transmitting the recorded information; setting or updating a processing status of the recorded information; searching for the recorded information; recognizing the lyrics or extracting the attributes or features of the recorded information; storing the recognized lyrics or extracted attributes or features; and updating a processing status of the recognized lyrics or extracted attributes or features..

Visualizing digital images on a map

A computer based, digital image management system that visually presents an entire archive in a manner that facilitates easy, non-textual, searching for specific images. In one embodiment, the system includes two elements: a file management methodology and a graphical user interface.

File management with placeholders

Aspects of the subject matter described herein relate to file system placeholders. In aspects, placeholders may be used by a client to represent remote file system objects.

Information communication apparatus

An information communication apparatus includes: a communication portion; a storage apparatus connection portion that performs input and output operations with respect to a storage apparatus; a storage region management portion configured to provide, in the storage apparatus, a public region that makes an electronic file publicly accessible through the communication portion, and a private region that does not make an electronic file publicly accessible; and a file management portion that is capable of moving an electronic file that is stored in the storage apparatus, and is configured to move a predetermined electronic file to the private region.. .

Management of file storage locations

The embodiments described may be directed toward a file management system for managing a file folder location, a method for managing one or more data clusters, and a method of recommending a file storage location. The method of recommending a file storage location may also include plotting one or more data points onto one or more vectors.

Internet-based graphics application profile management system for updating graphic application profiles stored within the multi-gpu graphics rendering subsystems of client machines running graphics-based applications

An application profile server system to upload graphic application profiles (gaps) to one or more client computing devices connected over a communications network, the system including at least one communication network server, at least one database server, and at least one application server to distribute the gaps.. .

Device and cloud file management

Provided are a file management method and a mobile device to perform file management. The file management method includes receiving a request to retrieve a first file stored in the mobile device, determining whether a second file corresponding to the first file is stored in a cloud storage server, generating the second file for storage in the cloud storage server if the second file is determined not to be stored in the cloud storage server, and outputting cloud federation information corresponding to the first file if the second file is determined to be stored in the cloud storage server, in which the second file is capable of being unedited regardless of the first file..

Computing device having optimized file use therein

A computing device having an optimized file system and methods for use therein. File system optimizations include sector-aligned writes, anchored cluster searches, anchored index searches, companion caches dedicated to particular file management data types and predictive cache updates, all of which expedite processing on the computing device.

Method and managing sensor data

Provided is a method and apparatus for managing sensor data by determining an appropriate sensor data collection cycle for each service in view of a weighting such as an amount of energy saved by data collection cycles, a data storage space and data processing time, and a probability of an error happening, and collecting and manage sensor data based on the sensor data collection cycle. The apparatus for managing the sensor data includes a profile management unit to manage a sensor profile defining each senor, a sensor system and a characteristic of a service, a service management unit to manage a preinstalled service and to collect and recommend a service based on the sensor profile from the sensor system, and a data collection cycle determination unit to determine a necessary sensor data collection cycle for the service.

Information processing device, storage medium, and file management system

An information processing device includes an acceptance unit, a specification unit, and a naming unit. The acceptance unit accepts a name of a file.

Log file management tool

A system includes: a processor; and a memory, wherein the memory stores instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to: retrieve a first log over a network from a first server of a plurality of servers for at least one contact center; generate an index of values in the first log; update an index database based on the index; and save the first log on a storage device.. .

Virtual storage gate system

An example embodiment includes a distributed file management system. The distributed file management system includes a central storage device that is communicatively coupled to data repositories configured to store one or more files.

Transaction-safe fat file system improvements

Concepts for enhancing operation of transaction-safe file allocation table systems are described. The concepts include writing a file to non-volatile memory media and rendering an update of file size to the tfat storage medium; and receiving a request to locate data in a non-volatile memory having a tfat file management system, selecting a sector of the memory to parse to locate the data, determining when the selected sector is a first sector of a directory or subdirectory of the memory and when determining reveals that the selected sector is a first sector, skipping reading data from the selected sector.

Preserving and reusing intermediate data

Preservation and reuse of intermediate data generated in a render setup graph for computer animation is disclosed. A processing node in the graph can generate intermediate data and, rather than send it directly to a downstream node in the graph, preserve it for reuse during subsequent processing.

Power integrity control through active current profile management

An apparatus having one or more of a plurality of circuits in a first level of a hierarchy and two or more of the circuits in a second level of the hierarchy is disclosed. The circuits are configured to (i) allocate a profile from the first level down to the second level, (ii) manage from the second level a respective power consumed by each of a plurality of blocks based on the profile and (iii) maintain a sum of the powers approximately constant by increasing the power consumed by a first of the blocks while decreasing the power consumed by a second of the blocks..

Profile management method, embedded uicc, and device provided with the embedded uicc

The present invention relates to a method for managing a profile in an embedded uicc, and more particularly, to a method for managing a profile in an embedded uicc that enables management information on the profile provided within the embedded uicc to play an essential role for providing communication and additional services, to be provided to a device existing outside the embedded uicc. The present invention also relates to an embedded uicc and to a device provided with the embedded uicc for the method..

Repository content analysis and management

A repository content analysis and management system includes a periodic searching device connected to a repository, a content analysis heuristic engine for non-trivial assessment of content returned by the searching device, a processing engine to transform content detected through assessment, and a file management device to manage the operations on content to and from the repository.. .

User interface for secure virtual document management system

A user interface for a virtual file management system that provides user access to managed content on mobile devices. The system comprises storage domains storing the managed content distributively using file systems, and a data infrastructure that organizes the managed content into a virtual file system.

Apparatus and managing files in hybrid storage system

An apparatus for managing files in a hybrid storage system establishes a file management policy based on a directory unit using files stored in first and second storage devices and manages the files of the first storage device and the second storage device in accordance with the established file management policy based on the directory unit.. .

Method of file sharing for portable mobile devices

For sharing, viewing and downloading of contents through a mobile device, a file management and sharing program is installed on the mobile device. The file management and sharing program is able to link the mobile device to a backend server having a privately accessible memory a team may use to save a plurality of shared contents.

Recording medium for data file management, data file management, handling image data, and image capturing system

When a shutter release operation is performed at an electronic still camera, an mpu records image data output from an image capturing element into a cf card. The mpu also stores the image data in a transfer buffer memory of an interface circuit.

System and creating and posting media lists for purposes of subsequent playback

A method and apparatus for creating and posting media is provided. For example, the invention allows a user to quickly create, signal process, encode, and transfer media files to a server for storage, posting, distribution, and retrieval.

Storage container for electronically addressable file folders and documents

A storage container for use in a documents management system with remote location of file folders positioned on support members mounted between walls of the storage container. The support members are electrically connected to an electrical input connector which supplies file folder search signals to the container and receives response signals from address decoder circuits located in each file folder removably received in the container.

Hierarchical storage system and file management method

The present invention makes it possible to execute file management efficiently even if a situation occurs that real data cannot be acquired because metadata in a lower level system cannot be accessed. In a hierarchical storage system, a higher level system acquires available metadata range information indicative of available and unavailable ranges of metadata, from the lower level system, and identifies inaccessible files that are in a state that reading of substantial data in accordance with a stub file is impossible on the lower level, on the basis of the available metadata range information.

Recording medium, information management method, and information management device

The file management server refers, when file information on at least two files targeted for association is acquired, to a storing unit that stores therein condition information, in which conditions for determining whether association between files is permitted are set, and determines whether the two files in the file information satisfy a condition that is set in the condition information and associates, when the condition is satisfied, the two files.. .

Computer-readable storage medium, file management apparatus, and file management method

A storage unit stores therein information for specifying a cell contained in a file in a table format and attribute information on the file in an associated manner. When first information is stored in the storage unit in association with attribute information on a first file in a table format and second information is stored in the storage unit in association with attribute information on a second file in a table format, whether there is a relevance between the first file and the second file is determined by comparing the first information and the second information by referring to the storage unit..

Computer-readable storage medium, file management apparatus, and file management method

A storage unit stores therein an association relationship between information for specifying a first portion of a file in a first table format and information for specifying a second portion of a file in a second table format. The control unit extracts, upon receiving a search request for an area to be influenced by the first portion, the information for specifying the second portion associated with the information for specifying the first portion by referring to the storage unit, and outputs the information for specifying the second portion and information for specifying the file in the second table format containing the second portion, as a reply to the search request..

Recording medium, search method, and information processing apparatus

A file management server displays, according to selection order of first information and second information, either a relationship that the first information is subordinate to the second information or a relationship that the second information is subordinate to the first information as a subordinate relationship to be set.. .

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