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Fiber Optic patents


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new patent Nonlinearity cancellation in fiber optic transmission based on frequency-mutually-referenced carriers
A system and method for mitigating nonlinearity in an optical communication link with multiple carriers uses mutual frequency referencing to stabilize at least a portion of the multiple carriers. Using at least one frequency-referenced signal, carrier nonlinearity can be determined and compensated within the link by pre-distortion, back-propagation, or a combination of both.
The Regents Of The University Of California

new patent Methods and systems relating to optical networks
Data center interconnections, which encompass wscs as well as traditional data centers, have become both a bottleneck and a cost/power issue for cloud computing providers, cloud service providers and the users of the cloud generally. fiber optic technologies already play critical roles in data center operations and will increasingly in the future.
Aeponyx Inc.

new patent Multi-player, multi-touch gaming table and using the same
A touch screen player interface includes a fiber optic plate, high-resolution infrared camera and projector. The fiber optic plate acts as a display surface for the output of the projector as well as a fingerprint and/or item scanner.
Novomatic Ag

new patent Optical connector attachment tool having light transmissive wedge
A wedge device for use with a fiber optic connector comprises an insert body comprising a light transmissive material. The insert body defines a wedge portion integrally extending into a light pass structure, the light pass structure terminating in a single upper face distal from the wedge portion.
Alf Telecommunications Llc

new patent Multiple environment fiber optic cable
A fiber optic cable is presented having a pressure fitting at an end of the cable. The pressure fitting can create a pressure and/or chemical seal to prevent migration of environmental elements into or out of the cable.
Fiberoptic Components, Llc

new patent Collimating lens
A collimating rod lens for fiber optic communication with a cylindrical envelope surface, and a spherical convex front surface, wherein the lens has a particular length l and a particular radius r of the curvature of the lens, and the spherical convex front surface is given by r=a*l+b, wherein a is a first optical glass parameter from 0.3 to 0.6; b is a second optical glass parameter from −0.1 to +0.1; the length l is from 2 to 8 mm; and the radius r of the curvature is from 0.5 to 3.5 mm.. .
Aktiebolaget Micropol Fiberoptic

new patent Electronically illuminated open sight for handguns and rifles
An electronically illuminated open sight for handguns and rifles utilizes one or more light-emitting diodes to illuminate fiber optic rods held within rid compartments within a plurality of sight posts, including a front sight post and a rear sight post. Each fiber optic rod is viewable through a rod viewing port in the rear surface of each housing, making the illuminated fiber optic rods viewable only to the user of the handgun or rifle.

Container tamper-proof protection by use of printed fiber optics manufacturing and integrated sensors
The disclosed embodiments provide a method for tamper-proof protection of containers used for shipment of goods. An optical fiber is embedded in an optical shield wallpaper which lines all interior surfaces of any size of a shipping container, package, box, barrel or other shaped container.
Opticallock, Inc.

Fiber optic cable assembly
A cable assembly includes a distribution cable, a tether cable, and a network access point (nap) assembly having a cavity defined therein. The distribution cable includes optical fibers and the tether cable includes an optical fiber.
Corning Optical Communications Llc

Fiber module rack system
The present disclosure illustrates to a fiber module rack system in which a rack includes receiving spaces which each is formed by two frame plates of a base panel. Shell bodies of fiber optic cassettes are mounted in the receiving spaces, and a fiber module is disposed at a front part of the shell body, and a resilient locking member is disposed between the sliding track and at least one side of the shell body, so that the user can quickly and easily dismount the fiber optic cassettes from the rack without using tool..
Alliance Fiber Optic Products, Inc.

Multi-fiber fiber optic connector

A fiber optic cable assembly includes a fiber optic cable and a fiber optic connector. The cable includes a jacket having an elongated transverse cross-sectional profile that defines a major axis and a minor axis.
Commscope Technologies Llc

Fiber optic ferrule with rear holes to align a guide pin clamp with field changeable guide pins

A fiber optic ferrule with rear holes and a guide pin clamp allows for changing guide pins in the field. The guide pin clamp has a forward clamp portion to engage the rear face of the fiber optic ferrule, a rearward clamp portion configured to engage the biasing spring, and a guide pin retaining plate.
Us Conec, Ltd

Fiber optic array having densely spaced, weak reflectors

A fiber optic sensing system includes a fiber optic sensor having a plurality of densely spaced, non-naturally occurring discrete reflectors having a weak reflectivity of less than 1% and, in some cases, even less than 0.0001% depending on the density of the reflectors. The fiber optic sensor is configured so that the spatial resolution of the backscattered signal generated in response to a probe signal is greater than the separation between at least two discrete reflectors, so that backscatter generated by the at least two reflectors overlaps at the receiver.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Tire health monitoring system

A health monitoring system for a tire is provided. The health monitoring system includes a fiber optic strain sensor array.
Caterpillar Inc.

Spectroscopic mapping system and method

A system and method for spectroscopic mapping, with configurable spatial resolution, of an object include a fiber optic bundle having a plurality of optical fibers arranged in a first array at an input end with each of the plurality of optical fibers spaced one from another and arranged in at least one linear array at an output end. A first mask defining a plurality of apertures equal to or greater in number than the plurality of optical fibers is positioned between an object to be imaged and the input end of the fiber optic bundle.
Horiba Instruments Incorporated

Photo-catalytic oxidation reaction system

A novel photocatalytic oxidation system that combines long lifetime, high-power light emitting diodes (leds) with efficient, visible light-activated photocatalysts for the destruction of volatile organic compounds (vocs) and other pathogens in air and water flow systems under ambient conditions of temperature and pressure is described. The technology uses the combination of visible photocatalysts with robust visible leds, uniform side emission fiber optics, and efficient catalyst surface illumination technologies to create a photocatalytic oxidation unit for air and water purification.
Pioneer Astronautics

Optical fiber conductor

An apparatus includes a length of flexible tape defined between a first end of the tape and a second end of the tape, the flexible tape including an adhesive surface that extends lengthwise between the first and second ends of the tape; and a fiber optic strand embedded within a volume of the flexible tape and extending between the first and second ends of the tape.. .
Google Inc.

Unitary fiber optic ferrule and adapter therefor

A unitary fiber optic ferrule reflects light off an interior lens and through the fiber optic ferrule. Optical fibers can be easily secured in the unitary fiber optic ferrule.
Us Conec, Ltd.

Device cover and electronic port extender for an electronic device

A dongle or port extender and a cover design for electronic devices is provided. The port extender replicates a port on a given electronic device, and port extenders may be provided for all ports, including electrical and fiber optic ports.

Two-ended pumping of a composite fiber optic amplifier

Exemplary embodiments of the disclosure include a fiber optic amplifier system and a fiber optic oscillator system having a first stage, comprising a first core fiber having a first core diameter and a first cladding size; a second stage, comprising a second core fiber having a second core diameter and a second cladding size; and a double mode adapter connecting the first stage to the second stage, wherein the double mode adapter is configured to provide transitions for the cores and the claddings of the first and second core fibers.. .
Optical Engines, Inc.

Electromagnetic pulse protected cable

A computer storage system protected from electromagnetic pulses is described. The storage system utilizes either a hard drive or a solid state drive to hold the data.
Twin Harbor Labs, Llc

Stable, high efficiency, wavelength tunable fiber optic parametric oscillator

An optical apparatus comprising: a source and a loop. The source generates a pump.
The Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona

Head mounted display

An apparatus and a system are disclosed for a head mounted display utilizing fiber optic cables to feed a projection device. The apparatus includes a head mounted display (hmd) that includes a frame supporting at least one projection surface, the frame configured to maintain the at least one projection surface in a position adjacent to and viewable by at least one eye of a user.
Mobius Virtual Foundry Llc

Optical fiber conductor

An apparatus includes a length of flexible tape defined between a first end of the tape and a second end of the tape, the flexible tape including an adhesive surface that extends lengthwise between the first and second ends of the tape; and a fiber optic strand embedded within a volume of the flexible tape and extending between the first and second ends of the tape.. .
Google Inc.

Jacket for a fiber optic cable

A fiber optic cable includes a core and a jacket surrounding the core. The jacket includes a base layer, a surface layer defining an exterior surface of the fiber optic cable, and an interface between the surface and base layers.
Corning Optical Communications Llc

Coupling system for a fiber optic cable

A fiber optic cable includes a jacket forming a cavity therein, the jacket having an indentation on the exterior thereof that forms a ridge extending into the cavity along the length of the jacket; and a stack of fiber optic ribbons located in the cavity, each ribbon having a plurality of optical fibers arranged side-by-side with one another and coupled to one another in a common matrix, wherein corners of the ribbon stack pass by the ridge at intermittent locations along the length of the jacket, and wherein interaction between the ridge and the ribbon stack facilitates coupling of the ribbon stack to the jacket.. .
Corning Optical Communications Llc

Fiber-optic sensor and method

A fiber optic sensor and related method are described, with the sensor including a cross-coupling element in the optical path between a polarizing element and a sensing element, but separated from the sensing element itself; with the cross-coupling element generating a defined cross-coupling between the two orthogonal polarization states of the fundamental mode of a polarization maintaining fiber guiding light from the light source to the sensing element thus introducing a wavelength-dependent or temperature-dependent sensor signal shift to balance wavelength-dependent or temperature-dependent signal shifts due to other elements of the sensor, particularly signal shifts due to the wavelength dependence of the faraday effect or the electro-optic effect constant.. .
Abb Technology Ag

Detecting broadside acoustic signals with a fiber optical distributed acoustic sensing (das) assembly

A distributed fiber optic acoustic sensing system comprises an elongate body having an outer surface, an optical fiber disposed on the outer surface at a first predetermined wrap angle, and light transmitting and receiving means optically connected to the fiber for. The elongate body may include at least one substantially flat face, and/or a layer of swellable elastomer surrounding the body, and/or an outer elastomeric tube surrounding the elastomer layer.
Shell Oil Company

Method and an measuring a deflection of a rotor of a turbomachine

A method and an apparatus for measuring a deflection of a rotor of a turbomachine are presented. An optical fiber is inserted through a central bore of the rotor such that the optical fiber extends lengthwise through the bore along an axial direction of the rotor.
Siemens Energy, Inc.

Methods, systems, and apparatuses for variable-depth microtrenching

Methods, systems and apparatus for variable-depth microtrenching (e.g., for burying fiber optic cables, electrical conductors, and conduits beneath a ground surface of a road or other byway). An automated blade adjustment mechanism coupled to a cutting blade adjusts a depth of the microtrench by raising or lowering the cutting blade during the microtrenching operation.
Certusview Technologies, Llc

Fiber optic opaque face shield

A system, method, and helmet includes a collection optic configured to collect light from a scene and create an image; a fiber optic bundle configured to receive the image from the collection optic; an opaque ballistic face shield configured adjacent to the fiber optic bundle; and a projection optic configured to receive the image from the fiber optic bundle and project the image to a viewer. The collection optic includes a field of view (fov) of greater than 30 degrees, and preferably greater than 50 degrees.
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Fiber optic network design method

A computer-implemented method and system for designing a fiber optic network for a plurality of premises in a geographic area that has existing infrastructure. The system includes an input module arranged to electronically receive design outputs comprising geographic locations of nodes in the fiber optic network and arcs extending between the nodes, relative to at least elements of existing infrastructure used as geographic locations for the nodes and the arcs, the elements of the existing infrastructure being associated with characterizing data that characterizes the elements of existing infrastructure; the input module is further arranged to electronically receive validation data corresponding to the elements of the existing infrastructure, the validation data being indicative of validity of the characterizing data.
Biarri Networks Pty Ltd

Compensating for optical signal degradation

A method includes a first optical transmitter generating a first data signal at a first end of a fiber optic cable, wherein the first optical transmitter and a first photodetector are included in a first optical transceiver. The method further includes a second photodetector receiving a second data signal at a second end of the fiber optic cable.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Fiber optic cable anchoring device for use with fiber optic connectors and methods of using the same

A fiber-optic connector housing (50) and cable (20, 20′) are attached together by an anchor (100, 200). The anchor includes a one-piece main body, a passage (110, 210), and an injection port (130, 230).
Adc Czech Republic, S.r.o.

Systems and methods for determining shape and/or position

Systems and methods for determining the shape and/or position of an object are described. A fiber optic shape sensor (foss) may be used in combination with one or more inertial measurement units (imus) to mutually cross-correct for errors in the sensors' measurements of position and/or orientation.
Luna Innovations Incorporated

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