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Fiber Optic patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Fiber Optic-related patents
 System and method for component material addition patent thumbnailSystem and method for component material addition
A system is disclosed for depositing material on a component. The system includes a deposition device operatively coupled to a fiber optic nd:yag laser.
 Light powered communication systems and methods of using the same patent thumbnailLight powered communication systems and methods of using the same
A light powered communications system. The light powered communications system includes an audio control center having at least one optical source and at least one optical receiver.
 Ferrule for a fiber optic connector patent thumbnailFerrule for a fiber optic connector
A connector assembly for an optical waveguide includes an optical waveguide and a ferrule for receiving the optical waveguide. The ferrule has an exterior and a bore defined by an interior surface of the ferrule.
 Fiber optic enclosure with internal cable spool patent thumbnailFiber optic enclosure with internal cable spool
A fiber optic enclosure assembly includes a housing having an interior region and a bearing mount disposed in the interior region of the housing. A cable spool is connectedly engaged with the bearing mount such that the cable spool selectively rotates within the housing.
 Reconfigurable liquid metal fiber optic mirror patent thumbnailReconfigurable liquid metal fiber optic mirror
A true time delay system for optical signals includes a hollow core optical waveguide, a droplet of reflective liquid metal disposed in the hollow core, and an actuator coupled to a first end of the waveguide to move the droplet longitudinally within the hollow core. In one example, the waveguide is a hollow core photonic bandgap fiber.
 Fiber optic connectors, cable assemblies, and method for making the same patent thumbnailFiber optic connectors, cable assemblies, and method for making the same
A fiber optic connector has a mechanical splice assembly and a mechanical splice assembly holder. The mechanical splice assembly holder includes a body section and a cable retention section.
 Ferrule system for fiber optic connectors patent thumbnailFerrule system for fiber optic connectors
An optical waveguide ferrule includes a body and a low-expansion material on one end of the body. The body of the ferrule is formed from a first material and has a bore extending lengthwise therethrough.
 Fiber optic modules having a fiber tray, optical-to-optical fiber optic connectors, and methods thereof patent thumbnailFiber optic modules having a fiber tray, optical-to-optical fiber optic connectors, and methods thereof
Fiber optic modules, fiber optic connectors, and methods are disclosed. In one embodiment, a fiber optic module includes a body and a fiber tray.
 Fiber optic connector structure patent thumbnailFiber optic connector structure
A fiber optic connector structure contains: a base, a covering member, and a fitting sleeve. The base includes: a holding face, two contacting portions, and at least one slot, wherein a respective one of the at least one slot has an opening and has a bottom portion, the bottom portion of the respective one of the at least one slot has at least one notch, and a respective one of the at least one notch has a first inserting segment and a second inserting segment.
 Port mapping in fiber optic network devices patent thumbnailPort mapping in fiber optic network devices
A fiber optic network device comprising an input port adapted to receive a multi-fiber cable having active optical fibers designated in a consecutive sequence is disclosed. A first plurality and a second plurality of optical fibers are disposed within the fiber optic network device.
Fiber optic display apparatus and methods of osillating illuminated optical fibers
A fiber optic display device reciprocates fiber optics to create decorative optical fiber light displays. The device can include one or more optical fibers contained at one end by a holding member and left suspended freely at the other end.
Laser based projection display system
A laser projection system including one or more pluralities of laser sources, each plurality of laser sources emitting light having substantially a different predetermined wavelength in the visible range, a fiber optic laser beam combiner combining outputs of at least one of the pluralities of laser sources into one optical fiber, a fiber-optic delivery component coupled to the one optical fiber and one or more spatial light modulators, and one or more homogenizing optical elements, and one or more optical lens system for projecting the associated images on a screen.. .
Polarization scrambling for intra-body fiber optic sensor
In an example, an optical system can include a polarization scrambler coupleable to a tunable first optical source configured to generate a coherent optical output. The system can include an intra-body optical sensor such as a an intravascularly-deliverable optical fiber transducer, configured to be coupled to the tunable first optical source through the polarization scrambler, the polarization scrambler configured to vary a polarization state of the optical energy provided by the tunable first optical source, the intravascularly-deliverable optical fiber transducer configured to reflect a portion of the optical energy modulated in response to a vibration, pressure, or strain.
Resource-efficient digital chromatic dispersioin compensation in fiber optical communication using spectral-shaping subcarrier modulation
An optical receiver comprising a frontend configured to receive an optical signal and convert the optical signal into a plurality of digital electrical signals comprising a plurality of spectrally shaped subcarrier signals carrying symbol mapped data information, and a digital signal processor (dsp) unit coupled to the frontend and configured to receive the digital signals from the frontend, demulitplex the digital signals into the subcarrier signals, and compensate chromatic dispersion (cd) for each of the subcarrier signals by applying an equalizer, wherein each of the subcarrier signals is associated with a unique tone frequency and a unique spectral shape. Also disclosed is an optical transmitter comprising a digital signal processor (dsp) unit configured to map data symbols onto a plurality of electrical subcarrier signals that are non-overlapping and spectrally shaped in a frequency domain..
Reconfigurable fiber optic cable assemblies and optical connectors
Reconfigurable fiber optic cable assemblies and optical connectors are disclosed. According to one embodiment, a fiber optic cable assembly includes an optical cable having a connector end and a plurality of optical fibers, a connector housing wherein the plurality of optical fibers are disposed within the connector housing, and an optical interface to which the plurality of optical fibers is optically coupled.
Compact optical package made with planar structures
A device structure and system for connecting optical waveguides to optical transmit and receive components is described. The structure is made of two parts.
Fiber trays, fiber optical modules, and methods of processing optical fibers
Fiber trays and fiber optic modules and assemblies using the same are disclosed, wherein optical fibers are secured to a fiber tray that is then secured to a body of the fiber module. The body defines a plurality of lenses that reflect light using a total-internal-reflection surface to direct light to active optical components.
Interferometric sensing apparatus including adjustable coupling and associated methods
A sensing apparatus comprises an excitation source configured to induce waves in a target, and a fiber optic interferometer configured to sense the induced waves in the target. The fiber optic interferometer comprises a probe segment having a probe segment end, and an adjustable coupler configured to permit setting a gap between the probe segment end and the target.
Method and apparatus for lithographic manufacture of multi-component polymeric fiber plates
Embodiments of the invention relate to microfabrication of three dimensional polymeric structures incorporating a large number of identical elements each having one or more materials. In specific embodiments, the structures are large area fiber optic plates and associated structures, wherein the fibers are precisely located relative to each other and can serve as optical readout, such as optical readout for high density microarrays of biomaterial and other chemicals or pharmaceuticals.
Water incursion resistant cable using spaced plugs
A fiber optic cable comprises a jacket defining an outer peripheral surface and a radial thickness terminating at an inner periphery defining a surface, a multiplicity of optical fibers which are enclosed by and extend longitudinally through the jacket within the volume defined by the inner periphery of the jacket, and a plurality of plugs longitudinally spaced within the jacket, where each of the plugs envelops the optical fibers along a fixed longitudinal extent while being closely adjacent he surface defined by the inner periphery of the jacket. The system may further comprise the plugs being of a silicone-based material, and absorbent material disposed within the jacket between the plugs..
Molded ferrules for optical fibers
A method of manufacturing fiber optic connectors includes precision molding optical ferrule assemblies around optical fibers for use in the connectors. The optical ferrule assemblies are over-molded in two-parts: a ferrule and a hub.
Fiber optic connector assembly
A fiber optic connector assembly includes a first electrically insulating body having a contact hole and a guide hole both formed in the first insulating body. A first fiber optic adapter is mounted in the contact hole of the first insulating body.
Single-fiber bi-directional optical transceiver
A single-fiber bi-directional optical transceiver includes a laser diode, a photodiode, a splitter, a band filter between the splitter and the photodiode, a fiber optic connector, a first coupling lens between the laser diode and the splitter, a second coupling lens between the splitter and the fiber optic connector, and a shield plate having a run-through hole therein. The laser diode, the first coupling lens, the splitter, the second coupling lens and the fiber optic connector are coaxial and/or in series, and the photodiode, the band filter and the reflection path of the splitter are coaxial and/or in series.
Monitoring and management for energy storage devices
A monitoring and management system (mms) includes one or more fiber optic cables arranged within or on portions of an energy storage device. Each fiber optic cable includes multiple optical sensors.
Systems and methods for secure alarmed armored protective distribution systems and management
A fiber optic network has alarmed fiber optic lines in the cables connecting a secured junction box to plural user lock boxes. An outgoing alarm line and return alarm line in each cable connect the junction box to each user box.
Long distance optical fiber sensing system and method
A long-distance fiber optic monitoring system having a sensing unit and an analyzer that is remotely located from the sensing unit is provided. The sensing unit comprises a source of optical energy for injecting optical energy into the fiber optical cable and an optical detector configured to detect an optical return signal from the optical fiber.
Force sensor temperature compensation
A force sensor apparatus includes a tube portion having a plurality of radial ribs and at least one fiber optic strain gauge positioned over each of the plurality of radial ribs. The strain gauges comprise a negative thermo-optic coefficient optical fiber material.
Novel devices for effective and uniform shrinkage of tissues and their unique methods of use
A fiber optical device suitable for treating a wide variety of medical conditions that involve shrinking or tightening of cartilaginous tissue, connective tissue, or muscle tissue comprises an optical fiber capable of laser energy delivery to a predetermined tissue site along with a biocompatible cooling fluid. Illustrative treatable medical conditions are female and male unitary incontinence, female stress urinary incontinence, gastro esophageal reflux disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, fecal incontinence, and the like.
Illuminated suction apparatus
An illuminated suction apparatus including a hand-held surgical device combining a high-performance non-fiber optic optical waveguide with suction. This device is useful in a wide array of surgical procedures including open and minimally invasive orthopedics..
Multimode optical fiber systems with adjustable chromatic modal dispersion compensation
Multimode optical fiber systems with adjustable chromatic modal dispersion compensation are disclosed, wherein the system includes a vcsel light source and primary and secondary optically coupled multimode optical fibers. Because the vcsel light source has a wavelength spectrum that radially varies, its use with the primary multimode optical fiber creates chromatic modal dispersion that reduces bandwidth.
Multimode optical fiber systems with adjustable chromatic modal dispersion compensation
Multimode optical fiber systems with adjustable chromatic modal dispersion compensation are disclosed, wherein the system includes a vcsel light source and primary and secondary optically coupled multimode optical fibers. Because the vcsel light source has a wavelength spectrum that radially varies, its use with the primary multimode optical fiber creates chromatic modal dispersion that reduces bandwidth.
Slidable fiber optic connection module with cable slack management
A fiber optic telecommunications device includes a frame and a fiber optic module including a rack mount portion, a center portion, and a main housing portion. The rack mount portion is stationarily coupled to the frame, the center portion is slidably coupled to the rack mount portion along a sliding direction, and the main housing portion is slidably coupled to the center portion along the sliding direction.
Binder film for a fiber optic cable
A fiber optic cable includes a core and a binder film surrounding the core. The core includes a central strength member and core elements, such as buffer tubes containing optical fibers, where the core elements are stranded around the central strength member in a pattern of stranding including reversals in lay direction of the core elements.
Ruggedized multi-fiber fiber optic connector with sealed dust cap
A fiber optic connector and fiber optic cable assembly is disclosed. The assembly includes a fiber optic cable having a plurality of optical fibers.
Insertion and removal tool for a fiber optic ferrule alignment sleeve
A tool is disclosed. The tool is for inserting a ferrule alignment sleeve within a sleeve mount of a fiber optic adapter, wherein the sleeve mount defines an axial bore and radially inwardly extending fingers for retaining the ferrule alignment sleeve therewithin.
Frame formatting for high rate optical communications
Methods, systems, and devices are described for formatting of data streams to be transmitted over fiber optic channels, and for processing received optical signals. A data transmission device may include a digital coding and modulation module that encodes a digital data stream, inserts unique words into the digital data stream, and modulates the encoded data stream and unique words onto optical channels for transmission over an optical fiber.
Fiber optic data networks that simultaneously carry network data and control signals over the same fiber optic links and related methods and apparatus
Fiber optic data networks have a first network device that has a first optical transmitter that is configured to transmit an optical signal having a first wavelength. A fiber optic communications channel provides a data connection between the first network device and a second network device.
Architecture to communicate with standard hybrid fiber coaxial rf signals over a passive optical network (hfc pon)
One or more overlay wavelengths are applied to a gpon architecture to provide sufficient, cost-effective forward bandwidth per home for targeted, unique narrowcast services to allow traditional hfc operators to use a pon architecture with their existing hfc equipment. A separate return path capability using a separate coaxial cable with rf signals to the gpon may also be used.
Platforms and systems for fiber optic cable attachment
Platforms for connecting fiber optic cable assemblies to fiber optic equipment using a universal footprint are disclosed. In one embodiment, a platform for connecting at least one fiber optic cable assembly to fiber optic equipment includes a coupling surface having at least one cable engagement feature, wherein the at least one cable engagement feature is configured to couple the at least one fiber optic cable assembly to the coupling surface, and a plurality of plate engagement features configured to be removably coupled to a plurality of equipment engagement features positioned on the fiber optic equipment.
Braided fiber optic cross-connect switches
This invention discloses a highly scalable and modular automated optical cross connect switch comprised of large numbers of densely packed fiber strands suspended within a common volume. In particular, apparatus and methods enabling programmable interconnection of large numbers of optical fibers (100's-1000's) having structured and coherent braid representations are provided..
Nanotube fiber optic cable
A fiber optic cable is disclosed that includes an optic fiber contained within a nanotube. A graphene layer covers an end-surface of the optic fiber for wear protection..
Illuminated vest
An illuminated vest comprises an enclosure including a light-emitting diode and control electronics that control the light emitting diode. Coupled to the enclosure is a belt made of passive material.
Devices and methods for measuring light
The invention features devices and methods for collecting and measuring light from external light sources. In general, the devices of the invention feature a light diffusing element, e.g., as a component of a light collector, connected by a light conducting conduit, e.g., a fiber optic cable, to a light measuring device, e.g., a spectrometer.
Optics sensor structure for detecting water or oil leakage inside a conservator having a bladder or membrane
Optical sensor structure senses the presence of liquid in a sealed conservator tank. The sensor structure includes a sensor head having a body with first and second opposing ends, a plurality of perforations through the body and spaced between the first and second ends, and a mirror disposed at the second end.
Fiber optic cable protection in a mining system
A chain link assembly, a cable chain assembly and a mining system. The cable handler individual links may include an enclosed section for the fiber optic cable separate from other services for the machine.
3d visualization and management of reservoir monitoring data
Data collected during reservoir monitoring may include fiber optic measurements utilizing a distributed sensing system. Downhole monitoring with the distributed sensing system may generate large amounts of data.
Managed connectivity in fiber optic systems and methods thereof
A fiber optic connector arrangement includes a printed circuit board coupled to a connector housing. The printed circuit board includes a memory storage device that is configured to store physical layer information pertaining to the fiber optic connector arrangement.
Docking stations, electronic devices, and fiber optic cable assemblies having a magnetic optical connection
Docking stations, electronic devices, fiber optic cable assemblies, and display devices incorporating optical connections including a magnetic coupling portion are disclosed. One embodiment of the disclosure relates to a docking station for an electronic device having a major surface.

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