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Fiber Optic patents

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Apparatus and methods for controlling and applying flash lamp radiation

Medical device insertion and exit information using distributed fiber optic temperature sensing

Fiber optic module and system including rear connectors

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fiber Optic-related patents
 Asl converter patent thumbnailAsl converter
A system for converting english sentences and/or signing in english sign language (esl) into american sign language (asl) as well as translating in reverse order is provided, including a color screen made of fiber optic filaments.. .
 Apparatus and methods for controlling and applying flash lamp radiation patent thumbnailApparatus and methods for controlling and applying flash lamp radiation
Apparatus and methods are disclosed for treating allergic rhinitis (seasonal and perennial hay fever), by application of flash lamp radiation. The nasal cavity can be illuminated in a safe and effective manner, with non-coherent light from a flash-lamp or other suitable source.
 Medical device insertion and exit information using distributed fiber optic temperature sensing patent thumbnailMedical device insertion and exit information using distributed fiber optic temperature sensing
A system, device and method include a sensing enabled device having an optical fiber configured to perform distributed sensing of temperature-induced strain. An interpretation module is configured to receive optical signals from the optical fiber within a body and interpret the optical signals to determine one or more temperatures or temperature gradients of the device..
 Fiber optic module and system including rear connectors patent thumbnailFiber optic module and system including rear connectors
A telecommunications assembly including a housing and a plurality of modules mounted within the housing. The modules includes a rear face in which is mounted at least one fiber optic connector.
 Fiber optic cables and assemblies and the performance thereof patent thumbnailFiber optic cables and assemblies and the performance thereof
A fiber optic drop cable includes an optical fiber, a tight buffer layer on the optical fiber, at least one strength member, and a jacket surrounding the tight buffer layer. The jacket is coupled to the at least one strength member by at least partial embedment of at least one of the strength members in the jacket, which facilitates coupling between the jacket and strength member.
 Fiber optic connector patent thumbnailFiber optic connector
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to a fiber optic connector and methods of assembly thereof. In one embodiment, the fiber optic connector of the present invention is designed to help decrease the stress placed on an optical fiber during the mating of a connector with a receptacle.
 Ultrahigh-density fiber distribution components patent thumbnailUltrahigh-density fiber distribution components
A pre-terminated distribution module is provided with a set of multicore fiber (mcf) connector adapters at its front end and a set of multifiber mcf connector adapters at a second end. The mcf connector adapters and multifiber mcf connector adapters are connected to each other within the module housing by means of an mcf fanout.
 Optical connections having magnetic coupling patent thumbnailOptical connections having magnetic coupling
Optical connections for optical communication having in-line optical paths and magnetic coupling portions are disclosed. In one embodiment, an optical connection includes a lens block having an optical interface portion that defines an in-line optical path without an optical turn for optical signals propagating through the lens block, and a magnetic coupling portion disposed about at least a portion of the lens block.
 Method for designing and selecting fiber for use with a transmitter optical subassembly patent thumbnailMethod for designing and selecting fiber for use with a transmitter optical subassembly
A method for compensating for both material or chromatic dispersion and modal dispersion effects in a multimode fiber transmission system is provided. The method includes, but is not limited to measuring a fiber-coupled spatial spectral distribution of the multimode fiber laser transmitter connected with a reference multimode fiber optical cable and determining the amount of chromatic dispersion and modal dispersion present in the reference multimode fiber optic cable.
 Deposition substrate temperature and monitoring patent thumbnailDeposition substrate temperature and monitoring
An apparatus for depositing a coating on one or more parts (21) has: a chamber (22); a part holder (64) for carrying the part(s); a bias voltage source (94) coupled to the part(s) to apply a bias voltage to the part(s); a source (34) of the coating material; a plurality of temperature sensors (76); and a plurality of leads (90) passing outputs of the temperature sensors out from the chamber. A temperature monitoring system (150) has a temperature data processor (300).
Methods, systems and devices for integrating wireless technology into a fiber optic network
The present disclosure relates to a fiber optic network configuration having an optical network terminal located at a subscriber location. The fiber optic network configuration also includes a drop terminal located outside the subscriber location and a wireless transceiver located outside the subscriber location.
Fiber optic ribbon cable
A fiber optic ribbon cable includes a stack of fiber optic ribbons, strength members surrounding the stack, and a jacket defining an exterior of the cable. The jacket forms a cavity through which the stack and the strength members extend.
Fiber optic connector holder and method
A fiber optic connector holder is sized to fit within an opening for mounting a fiber optic adapter. The fiber optic connector holder is configured to permit a fiber optic connector with a dust cap positioned about a ferrule and a polished end face of an optical fiber held by the ferrule to be inserted within and releasably held by the connector holder.
Fiber optic connector
A fiber optic connector includes a ferrule. The ferrule includes an inner piece including silica and an outer piece including ceramic.
Fiber optic cable with increased directional sensitivity
A distributed acoustic sensor, comprises a housing having a longitudinal bore therethrough, an optical fiber supported in the bore; and an inertial member supported within the bore, wherein the fiber is mechanically coupled to the inertial member. The inertial member may include a weight and may provides isotropic stiffness such that it deforms more readily in a first direction normal to the bore than it does in a second direction that is normal to both the bore and the first direction.
Method and apparatus for producing fiber optic gyroscope sensing coil using b-stage adhesive coated optical fiber
An optical fiber with a b-stageable hybrid adhesive coating includes an optical fiber and an outer jacket. The outer jacket includes at least one layer that includes a partially cured b-stageable hybrid adhesive..
Grade level enclosure conversion assembly
A grade level enclosure conversion assembly adapted for converting a pedestal housing between a flush-to-grade and an above-ground pedestal installation. The base of the pedestal housing carries a plug removably mounted to a swing-arm in the grade level enclosure.
System for testing passive optical lines
An optical splitter assembly including a splitter housing, a passive optical power splitter positioned within the splitter housing and a plurality of splitter output pigtails that extend outwardly from the splitter housing. Each of the splitter output pigtails including an optical fiber structure having a first end optically coupled to the passive optical power splitter and a second end on which a fiber optic connector is mounted.
Fiber optic distribution cables and structures therefor
Fiber optic distribution cables and methods for manufacturing the same are disclosed. The fiber optic distribution cables present one or more optical fibers outward of the protective covering for distribution of the same toward the subscriber.
Optical connector having a plurality of optical fibres with staggered cleaved ends coupled to associated microlenses
The disclosure generally relates to sets of optical waveguides such as optical fiber ribbons, and fiber optic connectors useful for connecting multiple optical fibers to other optical fibres or optical devices. In particular, the disclosure provides an efficient, compact and reliable optical fiber connector (100) that incorporates an optically transmissive substrate (120) receiving the optical fibers (132) in v-grooves on a first major surface thereof with their angle cleaved ends (126) arranged in a staggered arrangement so as to redirect light to an associated microlens (128) at the opposite surface of the transparent substrate (120)..
Fiber optic connector assemblies having windowed optical fibers and methods thereof
Fiber optic connector assemblies and method for assembling the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, a fiber optic connector assembly includes an optical fiber having an inner glass region, a polymer layer surrounding the inner glass region, and a windowed portion, wherein the inner glass region is exposed at the windowed portion.
Antivirus optical tap
An antiviral optical tap system for a fiber optic circuit that uses an optical circulator or an isolator or any other unidirectional optical device that is connected to the secondary optical tap output of an optical tap that prevents unwanted optical signals or optical noise from entering a fiber optic circuit through the secondary optical tap output and allows optical signals to pass to an external device through the optical circulator or isolator or any other unidirectional device.. .
Optical substrate having a plurality of staggered light redirecting features on a major surface thereof
The disclosure generally relates to sets of optical waveguides such as optical fiber ribbons, and fiber optic connectors useful for connecting multiple optical fibers. In particular, the disclosure provides an efficient, compact, and reliable optical fiber connector that incorporates a unitary substrate comprising a plurality of staggered light redirecting features on an input surface there of directing incoming light from optical fibres through the substrate towards optical elements to be coupled with..
Laser treatment for cns injury
Techniques disclosed herein include systems and methods for treating spinal cord injury. Techniques include using a diode laser assembly, a power source, a fiber optic cable, and a fenestrated tip.
Methods and devices for in vivo targeted light therapy
Catheter-based systems for in-vivo targeted light therapy include a first type of catheter configured for photo-activating photosensitive substances in tissue, and a second type of catheter configured for photo-degrading photosensitive substances in tissue. The catheters may be configured to produce light using a variety of light sources, such as light emitting diodes (leds) and fiber optics.
Methods and apparatus for measuring luminescence and absorbance
An automated chemistry analyzer includes a first fiber optic bundle that is used to guide a signal. The automated chemistry analyzer also includes a photomultiplier detector tube (pmt) that receives the guided signal from the first fiber optic bundle and produces an output pmt signal.
Self injection locked phase locked looped optoelectronic oscillator
Aspects of the disclosure relate generally to a circuit for sustaining an radio frequency (rf) modulated optical signal. The circuit may comprise a self injection locking component having a fiber optic delay line over which a portion of the optical signal propagates.
Fiber optic module housing and fiber optic module
The present disclosure provides fiber optic module housings and fiber optic modules that support fiber optic connections. In the present disclosure, a particular fiber optic module housing or fiber optic module includes a front side having a plurality rows of apertures for supporting fiber optic adapters, a rear side, a top side, a bottom side, and a base side.
Gradient index (grin) lens holders employing a recessed cover, and optical connectors and methods incorporating the same
Gradient index (grin) lens holders employing groove alignment feature(s) and a recessed cover, as well as optical connectors and methods employing such grin lens holders, are disclosed. In one embodiment, the grin lens holder contains one or more internal groove alignment features configured to secure one or more grin lenses in the grin lens holder.
Systems and methods for performing fiber node splits using remote qam modulation and demodulation
Systems and methods are provided for performing fiber node splits in docsis cable systems by performing remote modulation and/or demodulation in the fiber node. In the downstream direction, a high-speed digital fiber optic interface can be used to send data from the cmts to the fiber node, which then modulates the data onto separate downstream interfaces for subsequent distribution of the downstream data to cms and/or stbs.
Fiber optic sensor for position sensing
A system for sensing the position of a movable object includes a polarization maintaining fiber configured to receive light from a light source; an optical system configured to rotate an angle of polarization of the light by a first predetermined angle; a low birefringence fiber connected to the optical system at a first end and having a mirror connected to a second end configured to reflect the light and rotate the angle of polarization at a second predetermined angle, the second end being configured to overlap a magnetic field of the a magnet attached to the object. The angle of polarization is rotated to a third predetermined angle proportional to at least one of the strength of the magnetic field and an amount of the overlap.
Method and apparatus for direct energy conversion
A method and apparatus for direct energy conversion that combines the properties of type ii superconductor thin films, including the meissner effect to create vortices to control and modulate static flux coupled in a magnetic circuit, where the laws of induction are used to produce an electrical signal without the use of moving armatures. The dynamics of magnetic flux modulation results from suppression of superconductivity and the meissner effect by external photon irradiation.
Self-contained sterilizable surgical system
A self-contained surgical system includes a sterilizable shaft having a light source and/or an image capture device mounted at the distal end of the shaft or connected to the distal end of the shaft by fiber optics. The light source is a light emitting diode or an array of light emitting diodes, and has its own power source located at the distal end of the shaft.
System and method for transmitting multi-octave telecommunication signals by up-shifting into a sub-octave bandwidth
A system for transporting a plurality of digital data streams over an optical fiber can include a plurality of upstream quadrature amplitude modulation (qam) modems. Each qam modem encodes a digital stream onto a carrier signal by modulating both the amplitude and the phase of the carrier signal.
Fiber optic cable with electrical connectors at both ends, wall plates and control boxes
A connecting device for a fiber optic cable includes a first part having first and second electrical connectors located on its housing, and a second part having a third electrical connector located on its housing. The second and third electrical connectors are adapted to be mechanically and electrically connect with each other or disconnected from each other.
Gradient index lens assemblies, fiber optic connectors, and fiber optic cable assemblies employing lens alignment channels
Gradient index (grin) lens assemblies employing lens alignment channels, as well as fiber optic connectors and fiber optic cable assemblies employing such grin lens assemblies, are disclosed. In one embodiment, a grin lens assembly includes a lens holder body having a mating face, a surface extending from the mating face, and a lens alignment channel.
Universal hybrid electrical/fiber optic insert cap and hybrid connector and methods
Blank insert caps (pin/socket type) for use in a connector/assembly are partially manufactured or pre-formed to a generic or universal state having a plurality of prospective terminal/contacts. Minimal subsequent processing (performed when desired) configures the blank insert cap into a hybrid insert cap having a desired combination of electrical and fiber optic pin terminals (in the case of pin-style insert cap) or electrical and fiber optic socket terminals (in the case of socket-style insert caps).
Fiber optic connectors having a rotatable ferrule holder and methods for making the same
Fiber optic connectors and components for fiber optic connectors with improved side-loading performance are disclosed along with methods for making the same. The fiber optic connector includes a ferrule and a ferrule holder where the ferrule holder may be disposed within a housing.
Imaging system for inspecting a turbine
An imaging system for inspecting a turbine through an opening in a turbine casing is disclosed. The system includes a fitting installed in the opening.
Coverage for transmission of data method and apparatus
The present invention provides systems and methods which afford a technical application for insuring, bonding, and underwriting a transmission of a data set, streaming data, and/or document over the internet through tcp/ip and all other electronic media such as wap, voip, fiber optic channels, microwave channels, and through standard electrical switches, electrical outlets and power lines. The present invention includes a computer-readable medium having computer-executable instructions to cause a system perform a method for insuring, bonding, and/or underwriting data transmission.
Fiber optic connector with polarity change
A fiber optic connector includes a boot receiving an optical fiber; a connector body for receiving the optical fiber and terminating the optical fiber; and a latch coupled to the connector body, the latch for engaging an adapter for receiving the fiber optic connector, the latch repositionable relative to the connector body to enable polarity change of the fiber optic connector without changing a relative position of the connector body and the optical fiber.. .
Micromachined metal diaphragm based fabry-perot fiberoptic sensor system and data processing involving the same
The present invention relates to micro machined metal diaphragm for fabry-perot interferometer sensor and fabry perot fiber optic sensor system using said metal diaphragm and method of fabrication thereof. Fabry perot sensor with micro machined metallic diaphragms at the fiber optic end is developed ensuring accuracy, controllability by deterministic process.
Fiber-type image capturing method and apparatus thereof
A fiber-type image capturing apparatus includes a fiber optic, an optical rotating module, an outer tube, an air inlet hole, and an air outlet hole. The optical rotating module is connected to one end of the fiber optic and has a light forward exit and a light lateral exit.
Measuring operational parameters in an esp seal with fiber optic sensors
A seal section for use in a wellbore electrical submersible pump and includes an optic fiber detection arrangement wherein one or more optic fiber sensors is used to detect an operational parameter associated with the seal section. The operational parameters can include temperature, vibration and pressure..
Electronic devices with light sensors
Electronic devices may be provided with light sensors. Light sensors may be proximity sensors or ambient light sensors.
Fiber optic sensors within subsurface motor winding chambers
A motor assembly for a submersible pump which includes capability of detecting or monitoring one or more operating parameters for the motor, including temperature, pressure and strain.. .
Fiber optic assembly with loopback
A fiber optic assembly includes an optical cable supporting a plurality of optical fibers and a furcation integrated with the optical cable. The furcation separates optical fibers of the plurality into a first set and a second set.
Fiber optic termination arrangement and method of making the same
A fiber optic termination arrangement includes a first optical fiber with a core surrounded by cladding having, a first end having a first outer surface and a second end having a second outer surface. The second outer surface is sized to match that of a second optical fiber to facilitate splicing the second end of the first optical fiber to a third end of the second optical fiber.
Optical communication module with fiber submount and latching optics assembly
In an optical communication module, a fiber submount is mated with an optics assembly to optically align an optical fiber retained in a groove in the fiber submount with an optics element of the optics assembly. The fiber submount has a resiliently biased latch portion that engages the optics assembly to provide a resilient retaining force between the optics assembly and the fiber submount.
Fiber optic plug pack assembly
Embodiments of the present invention include apparatuses which may enable a simpler and/or more reliable connection or release of fiber optic connectors in multifiber optic receptacle environments. In one embodiment, a plug-pack assembly (1) according to the present invention includes a housing (45) and a plurality of sleds (25) adapted to accept a plurality of fiber optic connectors (30).
Preconnectorized cable assemblies for indoor/outdoor applications
Fiber optic cable assemblies having a preconnectorized hardened connector on at least one end of a fiber optic cable that includes a subunit cable surrounded by an upjacketed portion having strength components and method for making are disclosed. The subunit cable has the optical fiber and a plurality of tensile yarns disposed within a subunit jacket.

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