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Fiber Optic patents


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 Multimode optical transmission system and method employing hom-filter fiber patent thumbnailMultimode optical transmission system and method employing hom-filter fiber
A multimode optical transmission system and method that employs a higher-order-mode (hom)-filter fiber. The system includes a transmitter has a light source that generates modulated light and that has a spatially non-uniform light emission.
Corning Incorporated

 Method for measuring bow/twist of a fuel assembly patent thumbnailMethod for measuring bow/twist of a fuel assembly
A method of determining the bow and twist of a nuclear fuel assembly that utilizes fiber optic shape sensing technology enclosed within a flexible sheath that transmits strain on the interior walls of a control rod guide thimble within the fuel assembly to a fiber cable of the shape sensing technology enclosed within the sheath. The sheath conforms to the interior dimensions of the interior walls of the guide thimble..
Westinghouse Electric Company Llc

 System and  illuminating and identifying an object patent thumbnailSystem and illuminating and identifying an object
An illumination and imaging system that is used to obtain enhanced detailed images of objects. The system utilizes a flash element that produces a flash of polychromatic light.

 System and  marking optical component at high speed patent thumbnailSystem and marking optical component at high speed
A system and method for marking a moving surface of a fiber optic cable is provided. The system includes a supply of the fiber optic cable, a laser generating device configured to generate a laser beam that forms markings by interacting with the material of the moving surface of the fiber optic cable.
Corning Optical Communications Llc

 Fiber optic enclosure with cable management drawer patent thumbnailFiber optic enclosure with cable management drawer
A fiber optic enclosure system (100) includes an enclosure (102), a plurality of fiber optic adaptors (132), and a drawer (130). The enclosure (102) defines an enclosure chamber (108).
Tyco Electronics Raychem Bvba

 Ingress protected optical fiber connector having small diameter (mini-ip connector) patent thumbnailIngress protected optical fiber connector having small diameter (mini-ip connector)
A multi-fiber optical fiber connector including a connector housing having a front portion and a rear portion is disclosed. A multi-fiber ferrule is disposed in the connector housing such that it projects from the front portion of the connector housing.
Senko Advanced Components, Inc.

 Passive optical through switches patent thumbnailPassive optical through switches
A passive optical fiber switch includes: a housing defining a plurality of ports configured to receive fiber optic connectors; a substrate positioned within the housing, the substrate defining a plurality of waveguide paths; and an arm positioned relative to one of the plurality of ports such that the arm moves as a fiber optic connector is positioned in the one port, movement of the arm causing the waveguide paths to shift to break a normal through configuration.. .
Commscope Technologies, Llc

 Portable attachment of fiber optic sensing loop patent thumbnailPortable attachment of fiber optic sensing loop
The subject matter of this specification can be embodied in, among other things, a system for removably attaching an optical fiber sensor loop onto a tubular member, which includes an optical fiber sensor loop having a continuous optical fiber positioned arranged in a plurality of loops, each of said loops having a first end turn and a second end turn, a first and a second turn guide each including a plurality of turn grooves increasing outwardly in increasing radii, each of said turn grooves configured to receive an end turn portion of the optical fiber, a first and a second supporting wedge each having a planar first surface configured to receive a turn guide and a curved second surface configured to be received on the tubular member, and a connector configured to couple the first mounting wedge to the second mounting wedge.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Methods and systems for distributing fiber optic telecommunications services to local area patent thumbnailMethods and systems for distributing fiber optic telecommunications services to local area
A fiber optic drop terminal assembly includes a housing, a spool and a fiber optic distribution cable. The housing has a first exterior surface and an oppositely disposed second exterior surface.
Commscope Technologies Llc

 Fiber optic splice protection device and  mounting the same patent thumbnailFiber optic splice protection device and mounting the same
Disclosed is a fiber optic splice protection device, comprising: a closure including a cover and a chassis; and at least one cable fixer for fixing cables to be spliced to the chassis of the closure. Wherein the cable fixer is a separate member separated from the chassis, and is removably mounted in the chassis of the closure; and all strength members of the cables to be spliced are previously fixed to the cable fixer before the cable fixer is mounted to the chassis of the closure.
Adc Telecommunications (shanghai) Distribution Co., Ltd.

Fiber optic cable assemblies for terminating a fiber optic cable and methods of making the same

A fiber optic cable assembly for terminating a cable using an interior seal component in a passage of a retention body and methods for making the same. The interior seal component inhibits a bonding material from passing through to unintended portions of the retention body, and also serves to position the cable within the retention body during termination.
Corning Optical Communications Llc

Propagation medium velocity measurement system

An apparatus measures an electromagnetic signal (e.g., light) propagation time delay that varies with system speed relative to its propagation medium. A one-way light propagation time measurement in the medium between two fixed points moving relative to the medium is used.

Detection of seismic signals using fiber optic distributed sensors

A fiber optic distributed vibration system for detecting seismic signals in an earth formation is provided. The system includes a fiber optic cable deployed in a borehole that extends into the earth formation and which is configured to react along its length to a seismic wave incident on the fiber optic cable from outside the borehole.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Image conduit for fuel nozzle assemblies

A fuel nozzle for a gas turbine engine includes a feed arm including a fuel passage for issuing a spray of fuel. A nozzle assembly is fixed at an upstream end of the feed arm having a fuel inlet in fluid communication with the fuel passage.
Delavan Inc

Fiber optic cable packaging arrangement

A fiber optic enclosure assembly is disclosed herein. The assembly includes a fiber optic enclosure defining connection locations, a fiber optic cable extending from the connection locations of the fiber optic enclosure, and a covering defining a first axial end and a second axial end, the covering defining a throughhole extending from the first axial end to the second axial end, the throughhole extending along a central longitudinal axis of the covering, the covering defining a first cavity for receiving the fiber optic enclosure.
Commscope Technologies Llc

Fiber optic splice protection device and mounting the same

Disclosed is a fiber optic splice protection device, comprising: a closure including a cover and a chassis; and a fiber routing management unit, mounted on the chassis of the closure, wherein the fiber routing management unit comprises: a bottom sheet; flexible clippers, which are removably mounted on top of the bottom sheet; and a resilient biasing member, mounted on the chassis of the closure, for applying elastic biasing force to the bottom sheet, wherein the bottom sheet is pressed against cable jackets of the cables to be spliced under the action of the elastic biasing member for preventing from winding and messy of the cable jackets; and wherein fiber optics of the cables to be spliced wind above the bottom sheet and along a no bending loss path defined by the flexible clippers, and are restrained to an appropriate location in order by the flexible clippers. The disclosed avoids the phenomenon of winding and messy of the fiber optic jacket and the fiber optic, and increases the winding space of the cable..
Tyco Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Fiber optic cables and assemblies and the performance thereof

A fiber optic drop cable includes an optical fiber, a tight buffer layer on the optical fiber, at least one strength member, and a jacket surrounding the tight buffer layer. The jacket is coupled to the at least one strength member by at least partial embedment of at least one of the strength members in the jacket, which facilitates coupling between the jacket and strength member.
Ccs Technology, Inc.

Lockable connectors and connection assemblies

Lockable connection assemblies including lockable connection components are described. A lockable connection assembly may include an assembly for connecting components in an electrical or communication system, such as a fiber optic communication network.
Senko Advanced Components, Inc.

Fiber optic cable assembly

A fiber optic cable assembly includes a distribution cable and a tether cable. The distribution cable includes a jacket having a generally flat profile such that the periphery of the distribution cable, when viewed in cross-section, includes two major surfaces of the jacket that are generally flat and are connected by arcuate end surfaces of the jacket.
Corning Optical Communications Llc

Radial scanner imaging system

A radial scanner configured to image the interior of a tube includes, in an embodiment, a housing having a transparent window, a photo-sensing array, a mirror located within the housing and oriented to direct an image around a circumference of an interior surface of the tube outside the transparent window to the photo-sensing array, and a light source configured to illuminate the interior surface of the tube, wherein the photo-sensing array is configured to receive the image around the circumference as a circular line scan. In an embodiment, the radial scanner is deployed as an ingestible capsule.
Innuvation, Inc.

Fiber optic light guide for generating illuminated indicia for an electric burner of a heating appliance

A heating appliance includes a translucent cooktop and a burner in communication with the cooktop. The burner is operable between deactive and active states.
Whirlpool Corporation

System and performing high-speed communications over fiber optical networks

Processing a received optical signal in an optical communication network includes equalizing a received optical signal to provide an equalized signal, demodulating the equalized signal according to an m-ary modulation format to provide a demodulated signal, decoding the demodulated signal according to an inner code to provide an inner-decoded signal, and decoding the inner-decoded signal according to an outer code. Other aspects include other features such as equalizing an optical channel including storing channel characteristics for the optical channel associated with a client, loading the stored channel characteristics during a waiting period between bursts on the channel, and equalizing a received burst from the client using the loaded channel characteristics..

Radio-over-fiber (rof) system for protocol-independent wired and/or wireless communication

A switched wireless system is used to increase the range of peer-to-peer communications. The optically-switched fiber optic communication system includes a head-end unit (heu) having a switch bank.
Corning Optical Communications Llc

High-definition pylon-mounted camera assembly with mounting structure

Wired portable or permanent pylon-mounted, single or multiple camera assemblies providing high-definition images, remote video parameter adjustment, real time imaging, lower camera mounting, microphone use, no overheating problems, longer run times, and installation and removal without disturbing field surface. Pylon is molded from high-density, impact resistant foam, integrated with a break-away connect providing for non-destructively breaking and remaking electrical connections.
Admiral Video, Llc

Fiber optic closure

A component for a closure is disclosed herein. The component includes a collar extending around a central axis.
Commscope Technologies Llc

Fiber optic cable

A fiber optic cable includes an optical fiber, a strength layer surrounding the optical fiber, and an outer jacket surrounding the strength layer. The strength layer includes a matrix material in which is integrated a plurality of reinforcing fibers.
Commscope Technologies Llc

Fiber optic cables and assemblies for fiber toward the subscriber applications

A fiber optic cable includes an optical fiber, strength components disposed on opposite sides of the optical fiber, and a polymeric cable jacket. The optical fiber includes a glass core, a glass cladding, and a polymer coating.
Corning Optical Communications Llc

Reversible polarity mpo fiber optic connector with a removable key

A multi-fiber, fiber optic connector has a housing having a first end for receiving a multi-fiber fiber optic cable and a second end having openings for said fibers from said cable. First and second key slots are provided for accepting a removable key for setting the polarity of the fibers within the connector, with the first and second key slots located on opposing sides of the connector.

Fiber optic adapter with integrally molded ferrule alignment structure

A fiber optic adapter is disclosed. The fiber optic adapter includes a main body configured to receive a first fiber optic connector through a first end and a second fiber optic connector through a second end for mating with the first fiber optic connector.
Commscope Technologies Llc

Scalable and modular automated fiber optic cross-connect systems

This invention discloses patch-panel systems for organized configuration management of large numbers of fiber optic interconnection strands, wherein each strand transmits high bandwidth signals between devices. In particular, a system for the programmable interconnection of large numbers of optical fiber strands is provided, whereby strands connecting a two-dimensional array of connectors are mapped in an ordered and rule based fashion into a one-dimensional array with substantially straight lines strands there between.
Telescent Inc.

Fiber optic transducers, fiber optic accelerometers and fiber optic sensing systems

A fiber optic transducer is provided. The fiber optic transducer includes a fixed portion configured to be secured to a body of interest, a moveable portion having a range of motion with respect to the fixed portion, a spring positioned between the fixed portion and the moveable portion, and a length of fiber wound between the fixed portion and the moveable portion.
Avalon Sciences Ltd

Fiber optic sensing and control system

An improved flight control system comprising a flight control surface of an aircraft or spacecraft, a first optical fiber having a fiber optic sensor configured to sense a first parameter associated with the flight control surface at a first position and a second fiber optic sensor configured to sense a second parameter associated with the flight control surface at a second location, an interrogator connected to the first optical fiber and configured to convert the sensed parameters from both the first fiber optic sensor and the second fiber optic sensor into an electrical signal, and the interrogator communicating with a flight control computer.. .
Moog Inc.

Mechanically and/or magnetically navigable catheter with fiber optic position or shape sensors

A mechanically and/or magnetically navigable catheter has an elongate body having a proximal and a distal end. At least one mechanically or magnetically responsive element is associated with the distal end of the elongate body for navigating the distal end in the body.
Stereotaxis, Inc.

Nonlinearity cancellation in fiber optic transmission based on frequency-mutually-referenced carriers

A system and method for mitigating nonlinearity in an optical communication link with multiple carriers uses mutual frequency referencing to stabilize at least a portion of the multiple carriers. Using at least one frequency-referenced signal, carrier nonlinearity can be determined and compensated within the link by pre-distortion, back-propagation, or a combination of both.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Methods and systems relating to optical networks

Data center interconnections, which encompass wscs as well as traditional data centers, have become both a bottleneck and a cost/power issue for cloud computing providers, cloud service providers and the users of the cloud generally. fiber optic technologies already play critical roles in data center operations and will increasingly in the future.
Aeponyx Inc.

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