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Feedback Signal patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Feedback Signal-related patents
 Auditory feedback device and method for swimming speed patent thumbnailAuditory feedback device and method for swimming speed
There is provided an auditory feedback swim training device for use by a swimmer. The device includes a flow meter connectable to the swimmer and configured to measure a flow rate of fluid while the swimmer is swimming.
 Radio communication for reducing the signaling amount in selecting a plurality of beams in pre-coding for enhancing throughput patent thumbnailRadio communication for reducing the signaling amount in selecting a plurality of beams in pre-coding for enhancing throughput
The signaling amount in selecting a plurality of beams is reduced in pre-coding to enhance throughput. When notification of a beam number is provided in a feedback signal from an user equipment to a radio base station, a superior beam number, having a high quality rank with small time variation, is bound up and fixed for a predetermined time period and notification of only a inferior beam number is provided within the predetermined time period.
 Control device for dc-dc converter and control method controlling the same patent thumbnailControl device for dc-dc converter and control method controlling the same
A control device for a dc-dc converter, which receives an input power and generates an output voltage, includes a first error amplifier for comparing a reference voltage signal and the output voltage to generate a feedback signal, a sampling and holding control circuit coupled to the first error amplifier for generating a reference current signal according to the feedback signal and an input current associated with the input power, a filter for receiving the input current associated with the input power and generating an average current value according to the input current, a second error amplifier coupled to the sampling and holding and the filter for comparing the reference current signal and the average current value before generating a control signal, and a switching control circuit coupled to the second error amplifier for generating a switching signal according to the control signal from the second error amplifier.. .
 Method and apparatus for regulator control patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for regulator control
Aspects of the disclosure provide an integrated circuit (ic) chip that includes a feedback control circuit and a detecting circuit. The feedback control circuit is configured to govern a feedback signal to a first regulator that regulates a first power supply to the ic chip based on the feedback signal.
 Method and system for dynamically adjusting the relative position of internal content material in a mailpiece fabrication system patent thumbnailMethod and system for dynamically adjusting the relative position of internal content material in a mailpiece fabrication system
A method and system for dynamically adjusting the placement of internal content material to optimally position the content material relative to a wrapped enclosure, and obviate the requirement to out-sort the assembled envelope. Upon assembly, a detection system visually images each envelope in predetermined regions of interest (rois).
 Method for wifi beamforming,feedback, and sounding (wibeam) patent thumbnailMethod for wifi beamforming,feedback, and sounding (wibeam)
Methods for wifi beamforming, feedback, and sounding (wibeam) are described. Codebook based beamforming feedback signaling and sounding mechanisms for use in wireless communications are disclosed.
 Method for transmitting a signal from a transmitter to a receiver in a power line communication network, transmitter, receiver, power line communication modem and power line communication system patent thumbnailMethod for transmitting a signal from a transmitter to a receiver in a power line communication network, transmitter, receiver, power line communication modem and power line communication system
A method for transmitting a signal from a transmitter over a channel to a receiver on a power line network, wherein said signal is ofdm-modulated on a set of sub-carriers, is proposed, wherein an ofdm tonemap and an eigenbeamforming encoding matrix are determined based on a channel estimation for each sub-carrier, a tonemap feedback signal and an eigenbeamforming feedback signal are generated, which are descriptive of said ofdm tonemap and said eigenbeamforming encoding matrix, respectively, and transmitted to the transmitter. A corresponding receiver, a transmitter, a power line communication and a power line communication system are described as well..
 Wireless power transmission device patent thumbnailWireless power transmission device
A wireless power transmission device includes a power transmitter, a first transmission unit, a power receiver, a feedback regulator, a receive controller, and a second transmission unit. The power transmitter is for generating power, and the first transmission unit is for wirelessly transmitting power generated by the power transmitter.
 Apparatus and methods for tuning a voltage controlled oscillator patent thumbnailApparatus and methods for tuning a voltage controlled oscillator
Apparatus and methods for tuning a voltage controlled oscillator (vco) are provided. In one aspect, a method of auto-tuning in a phase-locked loop includes generating a vco clock signal using a vco coupled to a capacitor array, dividing the vco clock signal to generate a divided clock signal using a prescaler circuit having a selectable division ratio, controlling a value of the selectable division ratio using a first counter and a second counter of a counter module, generating a phase-frequency detector feedback signal based on a division control signal m and the divided clock signal using the counter module, counting a number of cycles of the divided clock signal that occur during a calibration interval using a cycle counter of a digital processing logic circuit, and determining the value of a capacitor array control signal based on the number of cycles counted during the calibration interval..
 Driver circuit with emi immunity patent thumbnailDriver circuit with emi immunity
A driver circuit suitable for outputting a signal onto an output line affected by conducted emi, has a slope control circuit and an output circuit, (op-amp, mo, m13 to m21). It can be used for driving a lin network.
Solid state light source driver establishing buck or boost operation
A solid state light source driver circuit that operates in either a buck convertor or a boost convertor configuration is provided. The driver circuit includes a controller, a boost switch circuit and a buck switch circuit, each coupled to the controller, and a feedback circuit, coupled to the light source.
Methods and systems for detecting an oscillatory event
Methods and systems for detecting an oscillatory event are provided. According to one embodiment, a system may include a controller configured to provide a command signal to a positioning device and a processor communicatively coupled to the controller.
Neural stimulation system for cardiac fat pads
Various aspects relate to a device which, in various embodiments, comprises a header, a neural stimulator, a detector and a controller. The header includes at least one port to connect to at least one lead, and includes first and second channels for use to provide neural stimulation to first and second neural stimulation sites for a heart.
Optical fiber sensing for determining real time changes in applicator geometry for interventional therapy
A system for monitoring changes during therapy includes a first probing segment (112) having an optical fiber sensor disposed therein. The first segment is percutaneously inserted in or near a target area and providing a local reference for one or more treatment devices.
Dynamic constraining with optical shape sensing
A system, device and method for measuring dynamic movement of a subject include a mesh configured to flexibly and snuggly fit over at least a portion of the subject. The mesh includes one or more shape sensing optical fibers disposed therein, and a second feedback modality of measurement that includes sensors or detectors incorporated therein such that the one or more shape sensing optical fibers monitors movement of the sensors or detectors on a subject.
Pulse width modulation receiver circuitry
Mechanisms and techniques to evaluate data for a high speed i/o receiver logic. In an embodiment, a receiver circuit shifts a bit into a shift circuit in response to a rising edge of a data signal, where a count is started in response to the bit being subsequently shifted out of the shift circuit.
Chopper-stabilization method and apparatus for sigma delta modulators
An embodiment of the invention includes an analog to digital converter including a sigma delta modulator that generates a feedback signal. The sigma delta modulator includes a quantizer responsive to an input signal and the feedback signal and generates a quantizer output.
Display device and method for detecting line defects of the display device
A display device, which can prevent defects in a drive power transmission line and damage which is caused to a common electrode by such defects, and a method for detecting line defects of the display device are provided. The display device includes a plurality of drive power transmission lines for transmitting drive power to pixels, at least one defect detection line that crosses at least one drive power transmission line, and a defect detector for outputting a defect detection signal to the at least one defect detection line, collecting a feedback signal generated from the defect detection line according to the defect detection signal, and determining whether or not there is a defect in the at least one drive power transmission line based on comparison between the defect detection signal and the feedback signal..
System and method for correlating historical attacks with diverse indicators to generate indicator profiles for detecting and predicting future network attacks
An apparatus and method predict and detect network attacks by using a diverse set of indicators to measure aspects of the traffic and by encoding traffic characteristics using these indicators of potential attacks or anomalous behavior. The set of indicators is analyzed by supervised learning to automatically learn a decision rule which examines the temporal patterns in the coded values of the set of indicators to accurately detect and predict network attacks.
Apparatus and method for controlling tape movement in a rotary head data storage system and retrieval system
A method is provided for controlling movement of a tape in a data storage and retrieval system having a tape roller servo subsystem for controlling movement of a tape, and a head servo subsystem for controlling position of a head element mounted on a rotatable carriage unit. The method includes receiving, from the head servo subsystem, a head element position feedback signal at the tape roller servo subsystem; and controlling movement of the tape by the tape roller servo subsystem based, at least in part, on the head element position feedback signal..
Current balance control in converter for doubly fed induction generator wind turbine system
Systems and methods for reducing current imbalance between parallel bridge circuits used in a power converter of a doubly fed induction generator (dfig) system are provided. A control system can monitor the bridge current of each of the bridge circuits coupled in parallel and generate a feedback signal indicative of the difference in bridge current between the parallel bridge circuits.
Switching power converter with secondary-side dynamic load detection and primary-side feedback and control
A power converter includes a transformer with a primary and a secondary winding. Feedback and control is maintained on the primary-side while a separate load detection circuit detects dynamic load conditions on the secondary-side.
Delay line off-state control with power reduction
A method and apparatus is provided for controlling a delay line for achieving power reduction. The device comprises a delay lock loop to provide an output signal based upon a phase difference between a reference signal and a feedback signal, said delay lock loop comprising at least one delay circuit comprising a plurality of logic gates configured to provide for substantially uniform degradation of a plurality of nand gates in a static state..
Digitally controlled power supply having failure detection function
A digitally controlled power supply of the present invention comprises: a power unit outputting an output voltage, first and second feedback signals; a first a/d converter outputting a digital feedback signal and a first monitoring signal; a second a/d converter outputting a second monitoring signal; a driver outputting the gate signal; a digital controller for power supply control comprising a pwm circuit and a first failure detection signal output unit outputting a first failure detection signal when the first monitoring signal is not within a predetermined range; a digital controller for monitoring comprising a second failure detection signal output unit which outputs a second failure detection signal when the second monitoring signal is not within a predetermined range; and an alarm output unit outputting an alarm when at least either the first or second failure detection signal is output.. .
Inductively coupled ballast circuit
A ballast circuit is disclosed for inductively providing power to a load. The ballast circuit includes an oscillator, a driver, a switching circuit, a resonant tank circuit and a current sensing circuit.
Assistant system for the tour guide
The invention relates to an assistant system for the tour guide, comprising a tour guide roll-call device, a plurality of labels for tourists and an intelligent mobile phone. The tourist guide roll-call device communicates with the labels tourists wearing via wireless network; the intelligent mobile phone communicates with the roll-call device via bluetooth.
Fan control system
A fan control system for a fan on a motherboard includes an i/o controller installed on the motherboard and a control circuit electrically connected to the i/o controller. The fan includes a motor and a rotation speed detecting chip.
Hearing aid system for removing feedback noise and control method thereof
Provided is a hearing aid system including: a first processor that fast fourier transforms n input signal tone data output from an input buffer memory, and then executes nonlinear compression; a second processor that inverse fast fourier transforms amplitude spectrum data; an output buffer memory that stores the voice signal tone data, until the number of the voice signal tone data is n; and a digital-to-analog (d/a) converter that converts the digital voice signal tone data into an analog signal, to then output the analog signal to a receiver. Thus, certain ambient noise due to an acoustic feedback signal and a narrow frequency band that occur in a hearing aid is removed, to thus reduce discomforts due to the acoustic feedback noise of the hearing aid for hearing aid users, and to thereby significantly improve speech discrimination..
Using power factor control to optimize power generation and allocation
The disclosed technology performs power factor correction involving rectifying and adjusting an input power supply signal with a pwm signal. The pwm signal is generated based on a closed feedback signal obtained from a load, as well as adjusted harmonic content retrieved from a sensed input power supply signal.
Switching power supply apparatus and semiconductor device
A switching power supply apparatus includes: an input terminal; an output terminal; a switching element; an input and output converting unit which converts input voltage applied through the switching element into output voltage to supply output power to a load; an output voltage feedback unit which outputs a feedback signal, based on the output voltage; a switch current detecting unit which detects current flowing through the switching element; an oscillating frequency setting unit which sets the switching frequency of the switching element, based on the feedback signal; a peak current setting unit which controls turn-off of the switching element by setting a current threshold such that a switch current peak (i) is constant regardless of a change in the output power and (ii) increases as the input voltage increases; and a switching control unit which controls switching operation of the switching element.. .
Amplifier with voltage and current feedback error correction
Amplifiers with voltage and current feedback error correction are provided. In one embodiment, an amplifier includes a first input terminal, a second input terminal, an output terminal, a first stage, and a voltage feedback amplification circuit.
Driving circuit having voltage dividing circuits and coupling circuit for controlling duty cycle of transistor and related circuit driving method thereof
A driving circuit includes: a first voltage dividing circuit arranged to generate a first voltage-divided signal according to a supply voltage; a second voltage dividing circuit arranged to generate a second voltage-divided signal according to specific voltage; a coupling circuit coupled between the first voltage dividing circuit and the second voltage dividing circuit, and arranged to couple the first voltage-divided signal into the second voltage-divided signal to generate a coupling signal; and a control circuit arranged to generate a control signal at least according to the coupling signal and a feedback signal to control a duty cycle of a transistor, wherein the feedback is generated by the transistor.. .
Electro-hydraulic system for controlling multiple functions
Electro-hydraulic systems (10, 110, 210, 310, 410, 510, 610 and 710) control multiple hydraulic motors without objectionable erratic or jerky motion. The system (10) includes a variable displacement pump (20), an electronic controller (30), a direction control valve (40), first and second pump outlet valves (60) and (70), and a fluid reservoir (80).
Power switch system and method thereof
A power switch system for a computer system includes a power supply module for generating a system operational power source and a power transistor driving source according to an external power source, a control module for generating a control signal according to a feedback signal, and a power switch module coupled to the power supply module and a control module for adjustably outputting the system operational power source and the power transistor driving source to a power source module, wherein the feedback signal is utilized to determine an operational mode of the computer system to be a high performance operational mode or a power saving operational mode.. .
Method and apparatus for hybrid automatic repeat request signaling
In one aspect, the teachings herein provide a method and apparatus for extending certain harq feedback procedures introduced in lte rel-10, which were defined for ca configurations involving tdd serving cells of the same ul/dl configuration, to the new, more complex ca configurations introduced in rel-11, which involve the aggregation of interband tdd serving cells with differing ul/dl configurations. Such reuse enables reliant and efficient harq feedback signaling in lte rel-11, without substantially increasing the specification or implementation complexity of harq feedback signaling in lte rel-11, despite the decidedly more complex ca configurations introduced in lte rel-11..
Remote control unit for an objective and for a camera
A remote control unit for an objective and a camera comprises a base part, an operating element movable relative to the base part, an evaluation and control unit for generating a control signal in accordance with the position of the operating element and an output device for outputting the control signal to an associated camera. The evaluation and control device is adapted to control a feedback device of the control unit in dependence on the position of the operating element to generate at least one feedback signal perceivable by a user..
Analog to digital converter with noise reducing feedback path
An analog to digital converter including a low pass filter element, a quantizer, and a digital to analog converter provide in a feedback path. The low pass filter element is configured to filter an analog input signal.
External programmable dfe strength
A decision feedback equalizer is disclosed. The decision feedback equalizer comprises an amplifier circuit and a latch.
Digital pll with dynamic loop gain control
The disclosed embodiments relate to a digital phase-locked loop (pll) with dynamic gain control. This digital pll includes a phase detector which receives a reference signal and a feedback signal as inputs and produces an output signal comprising up/down values.
Distortion-compensated rf transmitter and method therefor
An rf transmitter (10) includes an rf amplifier (28) that generates an amplified rf signal (36) including a linear rf signal (92) and a spurious baseband signal (94). The spurious baseband signal (94) interacts with bias feed networks (56, 66) to cause the rf amplifier (28) to generate an unwanted rf distortion at or near the allocated rf bandwidth.
Delta-sigma a/d converter, limiter circuit and television receiver
There is provided a delta-sigma a/d converter including a first integrator, a second integrator located on an output side of the first integrator, a quantizer located on an output side of the second integrator, and a first current d/a converter receiving an output of the quantizer and providing a negative feedback signal to an input side of the quantizer.. .
Universal remote control system
A universal remote control system is disclosed. The universal remote control includes a receiver that has a wireless signal receiver unit, an electric motor that drives a mechanical arm and a microprocessor.
Low dropout voltage regulator with a floating voltage reference
An embodiment of a voltage regulator includes a pass device, a feedback circuit, and an operational amplifier (opamp). A first current conducting terminal of the opamp is coupled to an input voltage node, and a second current conducting terminal of the opamp is coupled to a regulated voltage node.
Motor control device
A motor control device according to an embodiment includes a first subtractor, a speed controller, and a phase compensating speed observer. The first subtractor subtracts a speed reference from a speed feedback signal to obtain a speed deviation.
Frequency determination circuit and method
Circuits and methods for identifying or verifying frequencies are disclosed herein. A frequency verification circuit comprises: an input port for receiving an input signal; a phase frequency difference detector for determining a difference in phase and frequency between the input signal and a feedback signal and for providing a control signal based on the detected difference; a voltage controlled crystal oscillator for producing an output signal based on the control signal; and a feedback loop including a feedback divider for frequency dividing the output signal by a factor r to produce the feedback signal, the feedback divider being programmable to a plurality of values of the factor r to correspond to a plurality of different test frequencies..
Burner installations and methods of commissioning and operating burner installations
A burner installation includes a stack, a burner, a fuel valve, an air valve and a control device including a store storing burner pairs of values of air and fuel valve settings at firing rates and for controlling air and fuel valve settings. A stack flow regulator adjusts flow of combustion products through the stack and a pressure sensing arrangement monitors pressure of combustion products downstream of the burner.
Assisting listening device having audiometry function
An assisting listening device having audiometry function includes an earphone, a testing signal generator, a feedback generator and a control box. The testing signal generator is controlled by a digital signal processor of the control box to provide a testing signal to a speaker of the earphone.
Vswr measurement circuit, radio communication apparatus, vswr measurement method, and recording medium having vswr measurement program stored thereon
In this vswr measurement circuit, a power measurement unit measures the power level of a reflected signal which is included in a feedback signal which has been extracted at a second cpl which has been deployed at a position connecting to an antenna end via a cable. To this end, the vswr measurement circuit is provided with a main signal component removal circuit, wherein the main signal which has been extracted from the prestage of a digital pre-distortion circuit, and a signal in which the feedback signal that had been extracted at the second cpl has been converted to a digital signal at an a/d conv, are provided as inputs, the main signal component included in the feedback signal is removed, and only the reflected signal is extracted so as to be output to the power measurement unit..
Method for dynamic change of downlink/uplink allocation in lte-tdd systems
A method of dynamically adjusting the downlink-uplink allocation in a tdd system, includes: transmitting a downlink-uplink allocation signal to at least one user device, wherein the allocation signals specifies a set of flexible subframes within a radio frame that can be flexibly configured as either downlink or uplink subframes; determining if a harq feedback signal falls within a flexible subframe; and re-assigning the harq feedback signal to be transmitted in a non-flexible subframe within the radio frame.. .
Three dimensional image projector stabilization circuit
A method for providing a feedback circuit for a three dimensional projector. First and second input devices and a sensor for determining the rotational speed of the second input device are provided.
Phase-locked loop and method for clock delay adjustment
In a phase frequency detector, a control signal is generated in accordance with a phase difference and a frequency difference between the output clock signal and a feedback signal generated by a voltage controlled oscillator coupled to the phase frequency detector. The control signal is then fed through a charge pump and a loop filter to generate a voltage control signal according to the control signal.
Dimming control for a switching power supply
An example controller includes a measurement block and a drive block. The measurement block determines an amount of time that a dimmer circuit, that is coupled to an input of a power supply, disconnects an ac input voltage.
Switching regulator and the method thereof
A switching regulator including: a power stage having a first power switch and a second power switch coupled in series; a filter circuit having an inductor and an output capacitor; a feedback circuit configured to provide a feedback signal indicating an output voltage of the regulator; and a control circuit configured to provide a switching signal to control the on and off of the first power switch so as to regulate the energy supplied to a load; wherein the control circuit has a peak current generator configured to generate a peak current signal, wherein the gain of a variation of the peak current signal between the contiguous switching cycles is less than one.. .
High efficiency and low loss ac-dc power supply circuit and control method
Disclosed herein are high efficiency, low loss ac-dc power supply circuits, and associated control methods. In one embodiment, an ac-dc power supply circuit can include: (i) a rectifier configured to rectify an ac power supply to generate a dc input voltage; (ii) a first stage voltage converter configured to convert the dc input voltage to a first output voltage, and to convert a first control signal to a feedback signal that represents the first output voltage; and (iii) a second stage voltage converter configured to convert the first output voltage to a constant dc output signal, where the first control signal represents a duty cycle of the second stage voltage converter..
Control circuit with deep burst mode for power converter
A control circuit with deep burst mode for power converter according to the present invention comprises a load detection circuit and a pwm circuit. The load detection circuit generates a switching control signal in response to a feedback signal.
Power control system for current regulated light sources
A light emitting diode (led) lighting system includes a pfc and output voltage controller and a led lighting power system. The controller advantageously operates from an auxiliary voltage less than a link voltage generated by the led lighting power system.
Accelerometer having multiple feedback systems operating on a given proof mass
Certain disclosed accelerometer sensors and methods employ a proof mass that is acted upon by multiple feedback paths. One illustrative sensor embodiment includes an electrode arrangement proximate to a proof mass, the electrode arrangement providing multiple electrostatic force centroids on the proof mass.
Test device to measure coating thickness and test system
A test device includes a test port, a storage unit, and a processing unit. The test port connects to a test line including a test probe.
Coarse phase estimation for highly-spectrally-efficient communications
Methods and systems are provided for coarse phase estimation for highly-spectrally efficient communications. An example method may include, equalizing, in a receiver, a received inter-symbol correlated (isc) signal to generate an equalized isc signal.
Method and apparatus for on/off control of a power converter
A power converter includes an energy transfer element coupled between a power converter input and a power converter output. A power switch is coupled to the energy transfer element and the power converter input.
Control circuit of flyback power converter with bidirectional communicaiton channel
A control circuit of an isolated flyback power converter providing bidirectional communication. The control circuit includes a pulse width modulation circuit, an oscillator, a primary transceiver, a secondary error amplifier and a secondary transceiver.
Low distortion feed-forward delta-sigma modulator
A low distortion feed forward delta sigma modulator includes a first adder configured to receive a feedback signal and an input signal. The modulator also includes a first integrator configured to receive an output from the first adder, and a second integrator configured to receive an output from the first integrator.
Level shifting circuit with adaptive feedback
An amplifier has a first pull-up path coupled between a voltage supply node and an output node, and a pull-down path coupled between the output node and a ground supply node. A second pull-up path is coupled between the voltage supply node and the output node.
Regulator using smart partitioning
A disclosed apparatus includes a converter for receiving a supply and regulating a load. The converter uses a gate driver that is controlled by a controller via a control loop.
Phase doubling for switching power supply
A switching power supply control system may include logic to generate a greater number of second switching control signals in response to a first number of original switching control signals. For example, the logic may increase the number of phases that may be controlled by an existing switching power supply controller.
Machine tool having rotary table
A machine tool includes a rotary table on which a workpiece is mounted, a clamping mechanism for clamping the rotary table against rotation, and a sensor for detecting completion of a clamping operation of the clamping mechanism. A numerical controller for controlling the machine tool calculates the time required for actual operations of the clamping mechanism, taking into account beforehand the processing time for processing a feedback signal from a sensor and the time until the next operation of the machine tool.
Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
To suppress concentration of channel quality information requests and reports in a case of discontinuously transmitting reference signals at specific resources in a time domain, and thereby preventing degradation in throughput. A transmission apparatus transmits an instruction of csi request distributed for each reception apparatus in a subframe concurrently with or earlier than a reference signal csi-rs to each of reception apparatuses.
Systems and methods for current control of power conversion systems
System and method for regulating an output current of a power conversion system. An example system controller for regulating an output current of a power conversion system includes a driving component, a demagnetization detector, a current-regulation component, and a signal processing component.
Low-power sigma-delta converter
A sigma-delta converter may include an input node, a switched capacitor input stage integrating a difference signal between an input signal from the input node and a feedback signal representing an output signal, and a switched capacitor adder coupled downstream from the switched capacitor input stage and generating a sum signal based upon the input signal with a signal generated by the switched capacitor input stage. The sigma-delta converter may include a switched capacitor output stage amplifying the sum signal and generating an analog amplified signal, a quantization stage coupled in cascade to the switched capacitor output stage and generating the output signal as a digital replica of the analog amplified signal, and a circuit generating the feedback signal as an analog replica of the output signal..
Level shifter having feedback signal from high voltage circuit
According to an exemplary implementation, a level shifter includes a low voltage circuit and a high voltage circuit. The low voltage circuit is configured to provide a differential signal to the high voltage circuit.
Level shifter utilizing bidirectional signaling through a capacitive isolation barrier
According to an exemplary implementation, a level shifter includes a low voltage circuit and a high voltage circuit. The low voltage circuit is configured to provide a differential signal to the high voltage circuit through a capacitive isolation barrier.

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