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Fastening Device patents


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 Fastening device patent thumbnailnew patent Fastening device
The invention relates to an aircraft structure, the aircraft structure comprising a first component and a second component. A fastening device fastens the first component to the second component, wherein the fastening device comprises a clamping member, and a fastening member.
Airbus Operations Limited

 Fastening device for a conductor rail and contact line system patent thumbnailFastening device for a conductor rail and contact line system
The invention relates to a fastening device 1 for a conductor rail 2 and to a contact line system having fastening devices 1 to which the conductor rail 2 is fastened. The fastening device according to the invention is characterised in that it is in the form of a plastics component.
Rail Power Systems Gmbh

 Device for fastening a toilet seat which can be rapidly fitted/removed patent thumbnailDevice for fastening a toilet seat which can be rapidly fitted/removed
A device for fastening a toilet seat to at least one first element of a toilet bowl, including a first locking part and wherein, for each back and forth motion of the fastening device relative to the bowl, the locking part is capable of alternately displacing between a first position where the first locking part cooperates with the first element and a second position where the fastening device may be separated from the first element.. .
Etablissements Dubourgel Grange

 Towel mate patent thumbnailTowel mate
A simple fastening tool to hold a beach towel on a chair using an all-purpose strap is disclosed. The simple fastening tool or device of the invention holds towel to chair in adverse conditions, such as wind, at the beach or poolside, or during sitting or moving in the chair by the user.

 Fastening device template patent thumbnailFastening device template
A fastening device template for joining mosaic pieces together having two variants that are easy to install by unskilled labor so as to help them achieve professional result. The device can be for assembling individual planks that together make up a floor covering such as solid wood flooring and engineered flooring, or it can be used for tiles.

 More versatile self-bonding cords patent thumbnailMore versatile self-bonding cords
New fastening devices and techniques are provided. A self-bonding cord is provided with unlimited possible divisions and self-bonding points.

 Operator compartment for a rail vehicle, assembly device for a track camera, and front window roll-up sun shield of a rail vehicle patent thumbnailOperator compartment for a rail vehicle, assembly device for a track camera, and front window roll-up sun shield of a rail vehicle
An operator compartment of a rail vehicle includes two front windows separated by a connection beam, a track monitoring camera attached in a lower region of the connection beam by a fastening device, and a front window roll-up sun shield which can be drawn in the interior of the operator compartment and has guides running along both sides of the front windows. The guides have lower retaining devices.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Solenoid valve device for a motor vehicle patent thumbnailSolenoid valve device for a motor vehicle
A solenoid valve device for a motor vehicle includes a solenoid valve having an electromagnet, and a fastening device configured to fasten the solenoid valve to a motor vehicle body of the motor vehicle. The fastening device has a carrier element for attachment of the solenoid valve, and holding arms extending from the carrier element for mounting the carrier element to the motor vehicle body.
Audi Ag

 Prosthetic knee joint patent thumbnailProsthetic knee joint
A prosthetic knee joint includes an upper part, a lower part which is arranged pivotably to the upper part, a fastening device arranged on the upper part for a proximal prosthetic element, a fastening device arranged on the lower part for a distal prosthetic element, a four-limbed joint system with four linkages articulatedly fastened to each other, which are each pivotable to each other around a pivot axis, wherein the upper part (10) is arranged on the joint system. The joint system is may be mounted pivotably on the lower part from a starting position counter to a spring force during a stance phase flexion, and the action line of the spring force is may be aligned such that a moment acting against an inflexion of the joint system is present..
Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh

 A fastening device and a fastening  reversibly assembling two vehicle components patent thumbnailA fastening device and a fastening reversibly assembling two vehicle components
A fastening device includes a male par secured to a first component and including a plate member, a female part secured to a second component and presenting a slot for inserting the plate member, a friction retainer including a friction zone and movable between a locking positiori, where each friction zone is in frictional engagement with the plate member, and a releasing position, where the plate member ma be removed from the slot, a biasing component to bias each friction retainer towards the locking position so as to prevent the plate member from moving. Each friction retainer is composed of a magnetic material so that a magnetic force can move each friction retainer towards the releasing position and against the biasing component..
Volvo Truck Corporation

Method for connectiong fiber-reinforced structural components

This pertains to a method for connecting fiber-reinforced structural components. In a first step of the method, a first fiber-reinforced structural component and a second fiber-reinforced structural component are supplied.
Airbus Operations Gmbh

Easy access garment

Easily wearable and removable garments are disclosed. The garments are designed to be easily put on and removed by a wearer having a condition, such as a shoulder, neck, or back injury that causes the wearer difficulty in putting on or removing a conventional torso-covering garment.

Electrically contacting fastening device

An electrically contacting fastening device has a threaded bolt and a nut, between which an electric contact element can be arranged. The threaded bolt has a contacting portion for creating planar contact with the contact element, and a threaded portion.
Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft

Fastening device

The invention relates to a device for fastening a first object to a second object, said device comprising a first load section having a first load-engaging means, a driving section defining a driving direction and a sealing element for creating a seal between the device and the second object, the sealing element having a width perpendicular to the driving direction and a height-in the driving direction.. .
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft

Boat bow shade cover

The shade cover assembly includes a textile contoured to the shape and size of the bow of the vessel to which applied, tautly stretched across above the bow secured by a plurality of quick release fastening devices along the peripheral reinforced edges to the port and starboard the railing/stanchion system on the bow. An insulating air space between the shade cover and the bow surface is present at all times which may require spacers to maintain.

Surgical fastener delivery and locking mechanism

The invention provides a fastening device for laparoscopic hernia repair. The coordinated operation of two insertion members stabilizes a fastener during closure and locking to ensure that the fastener is locked in the intended location before the device releases from the fastener.
Via Surgical Ltd.

Pressure sensor

The invention relates to a pressure sensor that can be used at low temperatures—in particular, at temperatures below −70° c.—comprising: a solid metal sensor body (1), having a front region (3) and a base (5) adjoining thereto, the front region (3) of which has a larger cross-sectional area than the base (5), and the front region (3) of which has an outer edge (11), which can be clamped by means of a fastening device to install the pressure sensor at the location of use; a recess (7), which is provided in the front region (3) and is open towards a front side of the front region (3) that faces away from the base (5); a metal measuring diaphragm (9, 9′), to which a pressure (p) to be measured is applied from outside during measurement operation and which can be deformed elastically depending upon the pressure, is arranged on the front side of the sensor body (1), closes off the recess (7) from the outside, consists of the same metal as the sensor body (1), and is spaced apart from the outer edge (11) of the front region (3); and an electromechanical transducer for detection, by means of measurement, of the pressure-dependent deformation of the measuring diaphragm (9, 9′), having at least one measuring element (55, 57), which is electrically insulated from the measuring diaphragm (9, 9′) and the sensor body (1) by means of an insulating element (51, 53).. .
Endress+hauser Gmbh+co. Kg

Windshield wiper device

The invention relates to a windshield wiper device (100) for a vehicle, comprising a wiper blade (2) having an elongated upper part (10) and an elongated lower part (12), which are configured to be flexible, at least in part. Furthermore, the device comprises a plurality of connecting elements (18) for connecting the upper part (10) and the lower part (12), which are spaced apart from each other along a longitudinal extension (8) of the wiper blade (2), and which are configured to allow a movement of the upper part (10) and the lower part relative to one another with a motion component along a longitudinal extension (8) of the wiper blade (2).
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Robot system judging abnormality of fastened work and abnormality judgment method

A robot system of the present invention has a disturbance torque monitoring part which monitors a disturbance torque of a servo motor which drives rotation about a joint of the robot in accordance with an operating command of a robot operation control part. Further, when a work gripped by the hand is fastened by a work fasting device, the abnormality judging part compares the disturbance torque with a predetermined first threshold value and, when the disturbance torque is over the first threshold value, judges that an abnormality has occurred in the position of the work fastened by the work fastening device..
Fanuc Corporation

Fastening device

A tamper-evident fastening device suitable for use with a wristband. The device may include a casing with two separate portions and a divider that defines two substantially parallel paths of a strap and is adapted to retain two portions of a strap.
Id&c Limited

Arrangement in a vehicle seat

An arrangement in a vehicle seat includes a support device fitted in connection with a seat of a vehicle. The support device includes a support element and fastening devices, with which the support element is fastened in connection with a backrest included in the seat.
Clepps Oy

Hitch adapter device for tow ball

A hitch adapter device for a vehicle tow ball comprises a fastening device adapted to fixedly arrange the hitch adapter device to the vehicle tow ball in a releasable manner. The hitch adapter device further comprises a receiving tube adapted to receive an object to be hitched to a vehicle comprising the vehicle tow ball..
Volvo Car Corporation

Medical fastening device

Medical immobilizing device comprising a single waved sheet member (10), wherein ribs and channels which form the waves of said sheet member are arranged in parallel, wherein the sheet member (10) comprises at least two flexible zones (a, b), wherein the waves of different zones have different orientation.. .
Orkrisz Kft.

Device for adjusting the fit and appearance of an article of apparel or hair and assembly

A fastening device and a method of manufacturing a fastening device, the fastening device comprising a flexibly deformable length of wire, the wire substantially encased in a coating, a flexible length of tube mounted to the wire and a casing mounted to the tube and wire, whereby the wire remains encased in the coating and the tube when a break occurs in the body of the wire.. .

Receptacle assembly of nema plugs

A receptacle assembly for nema plugs, comprising: a first pair of wires that run parallel to each other with a gap wide enough to form a first retention area; a second pair of wires that run parallel to each other with a gap wide enough to form a second retention area; a front face that includes two rows of fastening devices with two slots in each fastening device; wherein each wire in the first and second pair of wires is inserted into one of the slots of the fastening device of the front face, so that the first and second retention areas can receive a flat blade of the nema plug.. .
Spantik, S.a.

Methods and assembly for use in storing or transporting vehicle seats

An assembly for use in storing or transporting vehicle seats is provided. The apparatus includes a base portion, an arm portion extending from the base portion, and a conveyor mechanism coupled to the arm portion.
The Boeing Company

Tissue-acquisition and fastening devices and methods

Devices and methods for acquiring and fastening tissues folds within an internal organ, such as the stomach, and for applying the methods and devices to producing reductions in organ volume or repair of bariatric procedures, are disclosed. An exemplary method for forming a continuous laterally extending tissue fold involves forming a succession of laterally extending folds having adjacent overlapping fold portions.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

Heating-wire fastening base, a heating-wire fastener and a heating-wire fastening assembly

The present application discloses a heating-wire fastening base, a heating-wire fastening device and a heating-wire fastening assembly. The fastening base is provided with a heating-wire fastening groove at a first direction, and a fastening hole provided on the fastening base along a second direction which is unparallel with the first direction.
Nanjing Yiqing Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Fastening devices for explosion-proof enclosures

An enclosure can include a top enclosure portion having a top flange and a first top engagement feature. The enclosure can also include a bottom enclosure portion mechanically coupled to the top enclosure portion, where the bottom enclosure portion has a bottom flange that mechanically couples to the top flange and a first bottom engagement feature that mechanically couples to the first top engagement feature.

Fastening device for fastening a step or a pallet to a traction mechanism

A fastening device for connecting a step of an escalator or a pallet of a moving walkway with at least one traction means. The fastening device includes a shoulder element, a wedge type connector and a projection.
Inventio Ag

Fastening device, implant device, locking method, and operation method

The invention relates to a fastening device for implant device, the fastening device comprising at least two fastening sections, where a first fastening section is arranged with a through hole, a second fastening section is arranged with a protruding part, and where said protruding part is in place in said through hole in a fastening device locking state, where the protruding part on the second fastening section is arranged with a through channel having an inlet and an outlet, said through channel being arranged to receive an implant device feed member, said inlet and outlet being accessible from the exterior of the fastening device in said fastening device locking state, wherein the first fastening section is securely locked to the second fastening section when, in said fastening device locking state, said implant device feed member is in place in the through channel and protrudes from both the inlet and the outlet of said through channel. The invention further relates to an implant device comprising a fastening device, and a method for securely locking a first fastening section of a fastening device for an implant device to a second section of a fastening device for an implant device..

Lightweight fastener design

An improved fastening device includes a shank portion with a first end and a second end disposed from the first end. The fastening device includes a head portion disposed adjacent the second end of the shank portion the head portion of the fastening device includes a lower perimeter adjacent the second end of the shank portion, an upper perimeter disposed away from the lower perimeter and a body portion extending between the lower perimeter and the upper perimeter.
Cold Heading Company

Carrier arrangement for use in a simultaneously repairing a plurality of components

A carrier arrangement (30) comprises a carrier element (34) having a carrier surface (36) and a plurality of supporting elements (38) attached to the carrier element (34), wherein each supporting element (38) has a supporting surface (40) extending from the carrier surface (36) of the carrier element (34) and being adapted to interact with a first surface (42) of a component (32) to be repaired. The carrier arrangement (30) further comprises a plurality of clamping elements (44), wherein at least a part of the clamping elements (44) are releasably attachable to the carrier element (34) in such a manner that a clamping surface (46) of the clamping elements (44), which is adapted to interact with a second surface (48) of a component (32) to be repaired, faces the supporting surface (40) of an associated supporting element (38) so as to sandwich the component (32) to be repaired therebetween in such a manner that the component (32) is fixed to the carrier element (34) with a repair site (50) of the component (32) facing away from the carrier surface (36) of the carrier element (34).
Slm Solutions Group Ag

Shutter member for a motor vehicle control lever, and tunnel console provided with such shutter member

A shutter member that has a shutter with a substantially rigid wall, which has a substantially arc-shaped a side profile and a hole that is adapted to be engaged by a motor vehicle control lever. The substantially rigid wall is supported by a fastening device, fixing the shutter member to the control lever.
Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.a.

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