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Fastening Device patents

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Load distribution crown

Medical fastening device

Multi-component detachable jaw tools and methods of using and making same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fastening Device-related patents
 Surgical fastening device and method patent thumbnailnew patent Surgical fastening device and method
A fastening device, comprising an inner tube comprising a proximal end and a distal end and at least one fastener positioned within the inner tube and adapted to advance linearly towards the distal end of the inner tube, and an advancing element which converts rotational motion to linear pushing force on the fastener. In some embodiments of the invention, at least one fastener is adapted to not rotate at all or to rotate at a rate not necessarily the same as any other fasteners or any other elements during linear advancement..
 Load distribution crown patent thumbnailLoad distribution crown
An apparatus for distributing the load caused by the insertion of a fastening device into bony tissue is disclosed. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises a crown having a plurality of protrusions.
 Medical fastening device patent thumbnailMedical fastening device
A medical fastening device is provided. The fastening device may include a first arcuate needle adapted to rotate about a first axis in a first direction, entering through a first section of one of a tissue and a prosthetic material, and exiting through a second section of one of the tissue and the prosthetic material; a second arcuate needle adapted to rotate about a second axis in a second direction, entering through the second section of one of the tissue and the prosthetic material, and exiting through the first section of one of the tissue and the prosthetic material; and a drive mechanism operatively coupled to each of the first and second arcuate needles and configured to engage each of the first and second arcuate needles between a retracted position and an extended position..
 Multi-component detachable jaw tools and methods of using and making same patent thumbnailMulti-component detachable jaw tools and methods of using and making same
Provided is a jaw tool formed from two separable units and which includes a fastening device that attaches the two units together when the jaw tool is in use and which may automatically separate the units after the device performs its function such as clamping and/or cutting. Also provided is a jaw tool having a cutting blade wherein the contours of the device are shaped so that force is concentrated on the cutting bade when the device is closed.
 Device for holding and centering elongated objects during rotational surface treatment patent thumbnailDevice for holding and centering elongated objects during rotational surface treatment
The present invention relates to a device (1), such as a chuck intended for connection to a drive unit, intended to hold elongated objects (11) such as fishing rod parts in conjunction with surface treatment. The device (1) is comprised of at least one first inner part (9) and at least one outer second part (10) which are pivotally arranged relative to one another between at least one first position where the object (11) can be inserted into the device (1) and at least one second position where the object (11) can be fixed temporarily to the device (1) with at least three elastic bands (14).
 Motor compressor unit with removable cartridge patent thumbnailMotor compressor unit with removable cartridge
A motor compressor unit including a common housing sealed with respect to a gas to be compressed, a motor mounted to the common housing, and a compressor mounted to the common housing. The motor is mounted in an inner casing fastened in the common housing by at least one removable fastening device such that the motor and the inner casing form a removable cartridge..
 Fastening device for combining a pressure gauge on an air pump patent thumbnailFastening device for combining a pressure gauge on an air pump
A fastening device for combining a pressure gauge on an air pump has a connector, a three-way pipe, a screw and multiple fixers. The connector has a first fool-proof plane and a locating hole.
 Motor vehicle brake disc patent thumbnailMotor vehicle brake disc
A brake disk for a disk brake includes a brake disk chamber and a friction ring fastened thereto. By way of particularly six to twelve centering and/or fastening extensions directed inward from an inner diameter of the friction ring, the friction ring is placed in the axial direction on the face side on centering attachments of the brake disk chamber, and is fixed on the brake disk chamber by way of fastening devices, particularly screws and/or rivets that extend in the axial direction.
 Fastening device for a child seat in a motor vehicle patent thumbnailFastening device for a child seat in a motor vehicle
The invention relates to a fastening device for a child seat in a motor vehicle, comprising a one-piece bracket part (4) in the form of a top-tether bracket to be affixed to a support (13) on the backrest (3) of a rear seat. According to the invention, the one-piece bracket part (4) consists of a u-shaped bracket element (6) and of a fitting element (9) connected to the u-legs (7, 8).
 Steering wheel assembly for a steering wheel of a motor vehicle patent thumbnailSteering wheel assembly for a steering wheel of a motor vehicle
The invention relates to a steering wheel assembly for a steering wheel of a motor vehicle, with a gas bag accommodated by a housing, which for the protection of a driver is inflatable by means of a gas generator, with a shiftably mounted carrier for accommodating the housing, which can be positioned in a rest position and at least one deflected position, and with at least one fastening device by means of which the carrier can shiftably be fixed at a steering wheel skeleton of the steering wheel. A spring biasing the carrier into the rest position is associated to the fastening device and the fastening device includes a guiding portion on which the carrier is shiftable against the force of the spring into the deflected position along a main shifting direction, along which the distance between the carrier and the steering wheel skeleton is reduced, wherein between the carrier and the guiding portion a clearance exists in a direction transverse to the main shifting direction.
Fastening device and control method of the same
A fastening device may include a fastening tool body having a fastener on one end; a drive unit installed on the fastening tool body and providing fastening power to the fastener; a gyroscopic sensor that is installed on the fastening tool body and detects the displacement of the fastening tool body and outputs a detection signal thereof; an angle sensor that detects the angle of the fastening tool body and outputs a detection signal thereof to a controller; and the controller that receives the signals output from the gyroscopic sensor and the angle sensor and output a set actuating signal to the drive unit.. .
Portable fire extinguisher
A portable fire extinguisher includes a housing (3) and a cartridge (4) arranged within the housing (3). The cartridge (4) is fixedly connected at a bottom thereof to the housing (3) via a fastening device (40).
Easy-install toilet seat
A toilet seat hinge assembly and method of installing the assembly are described, wherein the assembly includes a hinge body having a seat and a central opening extending longitudinally through the body; a fastening hinge post having a head, a longitudinally extending body and at least one locking pin; a bushing having an upper flange portion and a longitudinally extending body defining a longitudinally extending channel therethrough, which body further has at least one transversely extending groove in or on the bushing body; and at least one fastening device for securing the hinge assembly to a toilet. The at least one locking pin locks the assembly by rotation of the fastening hinge post body within the channel in the bushing body..
Fastening device and aligning method for mounting parts of vehicles
A device for aligning mounting parts on a vehicle body having a mounting structure extending in the transverse direction of the vehicle, having a holding unit fastened to the mounting structure, to which holding unit at least one mounting part can be attached via fastening means and can be aligned via aligning means relative to a further mounting part in an adjustment direction, wherein as alignment means a linear control element is provided which is connected to the mounting structure in an axially-secure manner and is adjustable in the adjustment direction relative to a holding body of the holding unit engaged with the linear control element, and that the fastening means is arranged at a location remote from the alignment means.. .
Buckle - lace : lace fastening device
The invention is a device called buckle-lace for fastening and keeping fastened laces, ropes, strings and alike. The device includes a multiplicity of channels.
Fastening device for releasably fastening a mechanism in the region of a floor of an aircraft or space craft and arrangement for a cargo loading system
A fastening device is disclosed for releasably fastening a mechanism in the region of a floor of an aircraft or spacecraft and includes a base component and a latch component. The latch component includes at least one holding portion including a latch-component-side holding face and is movably coupled to the base component between an unlocked and a locked position.
Generating device of vehicle
A generating device of vehicle installed on a car body's bottom and comprising: at least a fastening device; at least a girder joining the fastening device and oscillating vertically; at least a strut fixed at the girder far away from the fastening device; at least an alternator under the girder; at least a roller joining the strut far away from the girder, contacting ground surfaces and oscillating vertically; at least a battery electrically connected to the alternator. As such, the rollers and the girders driven by a running vehicle oscillate vertically and the girders oscillating downward transmit kinetic energy to the alternators in which kinetic energy is constantly transformed to electric energy stored in the batteries..
Bicycle on-board device and related support and mounting method
A bicycle on-board device is disclosed having an oblong shape and comprising a cavity, the device being sized for insertion in a bicycle oblong element, wherein it has two seats for fastening devices, said two seats being spaced apart along a longitudinal direction of the on-board device, and/or a groove extending along its main longitudinal direction and sized to receive at least one protrusion projecting inwards inside said bicycle oblong element.. .
Adjustable safety gate
An adjustable safety to has a first panel, a second panel and a fastening device. The first panel has a screw hole formed therein.
Bicycle on-board device and related support and mounting method
A support (200) for removably fastening a bicycle on-board device having an oblong shape along a bicycle oblong element is disclosed, characterised in that the support (200) has at least one first opening (210) configured to receive a shank of a first device (214) for fastening to the oblong element, and a second opening (212) configured to receive a shank of a second device (216) for fastening to the oblong element, the first opening (210) and the second opening (212) being spaced along a longitudinal direction (y) of the oblong element, the first opening (210) being configured to receive the shank of the first fastening device (214) alternatively in at least two first positions spaced apart in said first opening (210), the two first positions being spaced along a direction (z) transversal to the oblong element.. .
Photovoltaic panel system, photovoltaic panel fastening device, and method of installing photovoltaic panel system
A photovoltaic panel fastening device includes a loading pedestal, a first supporting plate and a second supporting plate. The loading pedestal includes a plurality of side plates and a bottom plate.
Adapter arrangement
A first adapter arrangement includes a housing having a sealing end supporting the housing in a vertical wall opening of a casing containing an electronics device, and a connecting end extending externally of the casing for connection with the housing of a companion adapter arrangement. A pair of resilient generally-annular longitudinally-spaced seal members are mounted concentrically about the adapter housing sealing portion for sealing the space between the adapter housing outer surface and the adjacent surface of the casing wall opening.
Display device
A display device is provided. The display device may include a display panel including a front substrate and a back substrate, a frame positioned behind the display panel, an optical layer positioned between the display panel and the frame, and a supporting film attached to the display panel and connected to the frame.
Portable hand-held power tool
A portable hand held power tool (1), such as a chain saw or a power drill, having a receiving device (100) arranged on a body portion (2) of the power tool (1). The receiving device (100) is arranged for connecting/disconnecting to the portable hand held power tool (1) either a flexible elongated member, such as a rope, or a fastening device secured to the elongated member or to an operator of the portable hand held power tool (1).
Actuator for closing a beverage ingredient holder
A receptacle holding unit (1) for a device for preparing a beverage from an ingredient contained in a receptacle (2) comprises: —a first part (10); —a second part (20) that is movable towards the first part, in particular along a longitudinal axis (1′), into a closed position for holding the receptacle in such unit and relatively apart from the first part into an open position for inserting the receptacle into such unit and/or for removal therefrom; —a fastening device (11, 21) having a fastened configuration for fastening together the first and second parts (10, 20) in the closed position and an unfastened configuration such to enable movement of the first and second parts out of the closed configuration; and —an actuator (30) movable between an open configuration and a closed configuration to drive the first part and the second part between the open and the closed positions. The actuator is movable along a straight axis (1′) to drive the first part (10) and the second part (20) into the closed position and further movable along said axis (1′) to actuate the fastening device (11, 21) from the unfastened configuration to the fastened configuration..
Fastening device for circuit board
A fastening device for a circuit board includes a chassis, two mounting members, and two fasteners. The chassis includes a side plate.
Fastening device for expansion card
A fastening device for an expansion card includes a first rack, a second rack opposite to the first rack, and a fastener. The first rack defines a first opening.
Labeling device for marking a container for drinking liquids
The invention relates to a labeling device, comprising a modular base carrier (2) designed to be arranged on the container (15) and an attachment element (9) for individually marking a container (15) for drinking liquids, which attachment element has a fastening device (9b). The attachment element (9) is designed as a closure for a container opening (17) of the container (15), and the fastening device (9b) is designed in such a way that the attachment element (9) can be detachably connected in a form-closed and/or force-closed manner to the container (15) in a first position and to the base carrier (2) in a second position..
Ultrasonic irradiation apparatus
An ultrasonic irradiation device 10 includes: an ultrasonic irradiation pad 110 including at least two output elements for emitting supersonic waves with output strength in a range of 50±5 mw/cm2 to 110±5 mw/cm2 at output frequency in a range of 500±50 khz to 800±50 khz; drive control device 11 that drivingly controls the ultrasonic irradiation pad 110; and fastening device 120 that fastens the ultrasonic irradiation pad 110 in a state of being in close contact with a forearm 50 of the living body, in which the fastening device 120 is formed into a deformable strip having a removable fixed portion 120a in an end portion.. .
Methods and apparatus for securing a medical clamp to a patient
Methods and apparatus for actuating first and second fasteners to secure a medical clamp to a patient. An exemplary fastening device comprises a first rotatable member configured to rotate from an outward position to an inward position to engage the first fastener and a second rotatable member configured to rotate from an outward position to an inward position to engage the second fastener.
Tool holder
A combination is disclosed. In at least one embodiment, the combination includes a suspension bar, a tool holder adapted for attachment to the suspension bar, a hook device for suspending an object and a fastening device which enables the hook device to be releasably attached to the suspension bar.
Sterile container system comprising a transportation safety device
A sterile container system for the sterile transport and storage of medical, in particular surgical instruments and/or implants during a sterilization process, includes a closable sterile container which is formed by a lid and a trough, and at least one sieve cage which can be inserted therein, at least one fastening device being present which acts, on the one hand, on one of the medical instruments which can be inserted in the sieve cage, immobilizing the instrument on the sieve cage, and at the same time acts on the sieve cage, immobilizing the latter on the sterile container.. .
Fastening device
The present invention concerns fastening devices. More particularly, but not exclusively, this invention concerns a fastening device suitable for fastening two or more separate items together.
Battery fastening device for a seat tube of a bicycle
A battery fastening device for a seat tube of a bicycle includes a tube member, a cap member and a cover member, the tube member having a receiving channel, the cap member having an assembling portion, one end of the assembling portion assembled to the tube member, another end of the cap member having a handling block, the handling block exposed out from the seat tube, the cap member having a passage which communicating with the receiving channel, the battery assembly received into the receiving channel, the battery assembly attached to the passage, the cover member defined between the seat tube and the tube member and sleeving on the tube member tightly. Under this arrangement, the tube member is tightly positioned in the seat tube because of the cover member, so that the battery assembly is stably positioned within the seat tube..
Portable wire reel retaining apparatus
A retaining apparatus for a tool or accessory includes a first and second hanger each having a first and second end. The first ends each include an attachment member securable to a wearer.
Installation vehicle for a tidal power plant and method for the operation thereof
An installation vehicle for a nacelle of a tidal power plant having a turbine-generator unit includes at least two floating devices with a plurality of ballast tanks, the buoyancy of which is settable, a drive device acting in different directions, and a controllable fastening device for holding the nacelle. The fastening device is connected at least indirectly to a support element, which produces a connection between the floating devices.
Shell structure of a fuselage
A shell structure of a fuselage comprising a plurality of ribs arranged in predetermined intervals. An outer skin is fastened to each of the plurality of ribs.
Leak-proof fastening device
When installing a nut having such a washer onto a male fastener such as a pin (33), the spreading of the viscous layer makes it possible to fill in the gaps (36) of the assembly, the polymerization of the composition ensuring its leak-tightness afterwards.. .
Mounting device providing a pivotal interface for attachment of emergency equipment thereto and a method thereof
A mounting device which provides a pivotal interface for emergency equipment and a method of attaching the emergency equipment to a rescue transport, e.g., a foot of a litter, are disclosed. For example, the mounting device is releasably attachable to the litter and includes a fastening device operably attached to a mounting structure of the device.
Attachment device for sheet type construction siding
The present document describes a fastening device for fastening siding sheets to a surface, each one of the siding sheets comprising a first end, a second end and a projection portion, the fastening device comprising a strip for attachment to the surface; and braces spaced along the strip, at least one of the braces for engaging the first end of one of the siding sheets, wherein while fastening the one of the siding sheets to the surface, the second end of the one of the siding sheets is secured in place, then the first end of the one of the siding sheets is engaged in at least one of the braces.. .
Tissue fastening devices and related insertion tools and methods
The invention in certain aspects relates to a one-piece coil-shaped surgical fastener for fastening tissue segments, especially suitable for fastening segments of the lower esophageal sphincter and fundus in an endoscopic procedure for the treatment of gerd. The invention also relates to related methods and devices for insertion of such a fastener, especially along a juncture of the surfaces of such tissue segments..
Fastening device
A fasting device that fastens a supporting member such as a foundation plate (42) to a connecting member such as a pillar (51) is composed of a bearing body (11), shock absorbing bodies (38), anchoring implements (55), etc. The bearing body (11) is disposed at the center of a space (s) where the supporting member and the connecting member face each other, and comprises a basic plate (12) which is in surface contact with the supporting member, a mounting plate (14) which is in surface contact with the connecting member, and connecting sections which connect both of these plates.
Case fastening device
The present invention discloses a case fastening device, which is applied to a case. The switching member and the plate member are respectively pivotally coupled to two ends of the base by a first pivotal element and a second pivotal element, and rotatable above the base.
Integrated gas detector integrating with audible and visual alarms
An integrated gas detector integrating with audible and visual alarms, comprising: an explosion-proof housing; a gas detection unit disposed in the explosion-proof housing and used for detecting the concentration of gas; and a signal transducing unit disposed in the explosion-proof housing and used for receiving and processing the signal indicating the concentration of gas from the gas detection unit. Wherein, the explosion-proof housing comprises a cylinder shaped upper cover (23) having an annular inward flange (231).
Adjustable plant support assembly
An adjustable plant support assembly is provided which can be quickly and easily assembled with no tools at all. When disassembled it can be stored in a minimum space, and since there are very few different components it can be manufactured in a simple manner.
Tethered fastening device
A penetrating fastener has a fastener head and fastener tip spaced apart by a longitudinally oriented fastener shaft. A tetherable washer has a substantially planar base surface having a fastener aperture extending therethrough.
Fastening device suitable for use with needle detectors
A fastening device designed to be suitably used with needle detectors. The fastening device does not trigger alarms from needle detectors.
Fastening device for jewelry
A fastening device is disclosed as it may be used for jewelry (e.g., on a watch band). An example fastening device has a decorative top portion.
Portable diaper-changing restraint system
A portable diaper-changing restraint system is provided that includes a resilient, substantially u-shaped body having two cantilever arms and a removable cover assembly configured to fully enclose the u-shaped body. The cover assembly includes a strap having a first end attached or attachable to one arm and having a second end configured with an attached fastening device for attaching to the opposing arm.

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