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Fastening Device patents

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Fastening device

Fastening device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fastening Device-related patents
 Device for dental prostehsis patent thumbnailnew patent Device for dental prostehsis
A device adapted for adjusting the inclination of an entire articulator in relation to a support plane includes a support element on the support plane, a fastening device attached to the articulator, and a mechanism configured to adjust the distance between the fastening device and the support element.. .
 Fastening device patent thumbnailnew patent Fastening device
A fastening device for connecting a unit (120) to two mutually spaced headrest bars (101b, 101c) of a vehicle seat (101) has a first coupling element (102,102a) for receiving a second coupling element (103, 103a) arranged on the unit (120) as well as a first fastening element (105) arranged on the first coupling element (102,102a) and a second fastening element (106) movable connected to the first fastening element (105). The fastening elements are used to fasten the first coupling element (102,102a) to the headrest bars (101b, 101c).
 Roof window with a covering fastening device patent thumbnailnew patent Roof window with a covering fastening device
A roof window (1) comprising a frame (2) with a top member (5), a bottom member (6) and two side members (7, 8) defining a frame plane, and a sash (3) having a top member (9), a bottom member (10) and two side members (11, 12) defining a sash plane, the sash (3) being connected to the frame (2) by a pivot hinge (200) provided between the side members (7, 11; 8, 12) of the frame (2) and sash (3), respectively, the roof window (1) further comprising a covering (217, 201) and at least one fastening device (208, 209) for fastening the covering (217, 201) to the roof window (1). The at least one fastening device comprises a male (208) and a female (209) part arranged one on the covering (217, 201) and the other on the roof window (1) and adapted for mutual snap locking engagement..
 Deck board fastener and arrangement patent thumbnailnew patent Deck board fastener and arrangement
A fastening device includes a receptor portion having an angled through hole extending from a first surface of the receptor portion to a second surface of the receptor portion, wherein the angled through hole has an angled axis. The fastening device further includes a top portion having at least a first flange and a second flange extending generally outwardly from the receptor portion.
 Fastening device for window patent thumbnailFastening device for window
A fastening assembly for a window of a pressurized fuselage of an aircraft includes a fastener received through a mounting hole defined in the window, an edge attachment member fixing the window to the fuselage, and a bushing assembly embedded in the mounting hole. The bushing assembly includes an inner sleeve bushing radially interposed between the fastener and the window and an outer sleeve bushing radially interposed between the inner sleeve bushing and the window.
 Fastening device for heat sink patent thumbnailFastening device for heat sink
A fastening device for a heat sink includes a circuit board, four fasteners, two slide poles, four resilient members, and two wrenches. An electronic component is attached to the circuit board.
 Modular panels for protecting a structure patent thumbnailModular panels for protecting a structure
An innovative, low-density, highly-insulating modular panel for use in many applications and industries. The panel consists of a frame that may be preformed or bent and may be made of rigid or flexible material, and a panel covering comprising at least one pocket of thin, low-density shade fabric that has the capability of sufficiently stretching to surround the frame when the pocket is pulled onto it.
 Tools and ratchet locking mechanisms for threaded fasteners patent thumbnailTools and ratchet locking mechanisms for threaded fasteners
A fastening device having a fastener with a head portion and an elongated threaded body portion extending axially from the head portion. The fastening device also includes a lock washer and a threaded lock nut for rotatably mating with the fastener.
 Fastening device patent thumbnailFastening device
A fastening device includes a resilient clamping member and a holder cup respectively stopped at opposing inner wall and outer wall of a support structure, a rubber female connector accommodated in the holder cup, a fastening member adjustably inserted through the rubber female connector, the holder cup and the resilient clamping member to control the relatively clamping position between the resilient clamping member and the holder cup, and a male connector fastened to a decorative ornamental panel and detachably fastenable to the rubber female connector for enabling the decorative ornamental panel to be quickly and firmly secured to the support structure.. .
 Fastening device for backplane patent thumbnailFastening device for backplane
A fastening device for fastening a backplane includes an enclosure, a fastening member, and a pivoting member. The enclosure includes a bottom plate, a top plate opposite to the bottom plate, and a number of partition plates connected to the bottom plate and the top plate.
Method and device for assessing muscular capacities of athletes using short tests
A device (1) for measuring muscular capacity. The device includes removable fastening device (12) for fastening the device to the athlete or to the moved weight (3; 2).
Display device
A display device is provided. The display device may include a display panel including a front substrate and a back substrate, a frame positioned behind the display panel, an optical layer positioned between the display panel and the frame, and a supporting film attached to the display panel and connected to the frame.
Methods and devices for manipulating and fastening tissue
A tissue displacing and fastening device is provided for manipulating and fastening tissue together. The device includes a tissue displacing elements, which displaces tissue.
Tissue fastening devices and processes that promote tissue adhesion
The invention in certain aspects relates to a surgical fastener for fastening tissue segments having tissue surfaces. The fastener includes a first fastener member having a base and a piercing element connected to the base for piercing the tissue segments to be fastened, a second fastener member having an opening for receiving and retaining the piercing element of the first fastener member such that the tissue segments to be fastened are retained between the first and second fastening members, and means for promoting adhesion between the tissue surfaces.
Training system for skill development
A training system for skill development may include a device that includes a casing having an internal housing and an outside surface. A plurality of number displays may be enclosed within the internal housing of the casing.
Fastening device for driving double-headed fasteners
An automatic fastening device includes a driving mechanism for driving a double-headed fastener and a magazine for receiving and delivering the double-headed fastener to the driving mechanism. The magazine includes a first channel that receives a first head of the fastener and a second channel that receives a second head of the same fastener.
Fastening devices for explosion-proof enclosures
A system for fastening a cover to a body of an explosion-proof enclosure using a plurality of fastening devices. Each fastening device can include a first load distributing member disposed on a body flange of a body of the explosion-proof enclosure.
Fastening devices for explosion-proof enclosures
A system for fastening a cover to a body of an explosion-proof enclosure using a plurality of fastening devices. Each fastening device can include a first load distributing member disposed on a body flange of a body of the explosion-proof enclosure.
Fastening device for a component on a motor vehicle
A fastening apparatus for a component on a motor vehicle, in particular for a receiving aerial for a tire control device, including a receptacle for the receiving aerial and a holder for fastening the receptacle to the motor vehicle in the vicinity of the wheel, the holder which is connected to the receptacle having an attachment part, via which the holder can be fastened to a vehicle-side screw connection.. .
Pcb connector
The invention relates to a pcb connector for fastening a first printed circuit board on a second printed circuit board. The pcb connector may have a longitudinal base body with a clamping and fastening device for tool-free fastening of the pcb connector on a printed circuit board.
Threaded component locking mechanism
A threaded fastening device is provided which utilizes a plurality of retractable pawls (46,38) positioned in a first register (22) surface of the fastening device. The pawls ratchet against a plurality of teeth (28) formed on a second register surface (32) when the first register surface is rotated in a tightening direction against the second register surface.
Cargo securing device for securing cargo
A cargo securing device for securing cargo is provided. The device includes an attachment means having a first and a second end portion; a peripherally rotatable storage spool onto which the first end portion of the attachment means is fastened and is spoolable upon; a lockable and releasable tightening device connected to the attachment means for the tightening thereof; and a common support structure for supporting said storage spool and tightening device.
Inner ring for a spherical roller bearing assembly with induction annealing and method thereof
An inner ring for a bearing, including: a first portion having a first hardness; and a second portion including an axial end of the inner ring with an axial circumferential edge, a slot for receiving a mounting or fastening device, or a hole for receiving a mounting fastener, an inner portion axially between the first portion and the slot or hole, and an outer portion axially between the slot or hole and the axial circumferential edge. At least one of the inner or outer portions has a second hardness less than the first hardness..
Intake manifold with an intercooler
An intake manifold for a charged internal combustion engine has an intercooler provided with coolant connectors that is disposed in an intake manifold housing. The intake manifold housing has at least two housing parts including a basic housing part.
Ratchet locking mechanism for threaded fastener
A fastening device including a fastener having a head portion and an elongated threaded body portion extending axially from the head portion. The threaded body portion includes opposing flat sections.
Fastening device for expansion card
A fastening device for an expansion card includes a chassis and a fastener. The chassis includes a first rack, and a second rack behind the first rack.
Interior trim panel and interior equipment system
The invention relates to an interior trim panel (1) and to an interior equipment system (8) with an interior trim panel (1) for the interior (2) of a motor vehicle and with an airbag module which is fastened to said interior trim panel, wherein the interior equipment system comprises: the interior trim panel (1) which, when installed according to the specifications in a motor vehicle, has a first surface (11) facing an interior (2) of the motor vehicle and a second surface (12) placed opposite said first surface, and furthermore comprises: an interior trim panel basic body (4) with a recess (34) and with a fastening device (36) for the fastening of a display-covering device (300) of a display device (301), an airbag module holder (64) for the fastening of an airbag module (60), the airbag module (60) with an airbag module base part (61) and an airbag (62) which can be filled with gas, wherein the airbag module base part (61) is attached to the airbag module holder (64) on the second surface (12) of the interior trim panel (1).. .
Portable hand-held power tool
A portable handheld power tool includes a receiving device arranged on a body portion of the tool. The receiving device is arranged for connecting/disconnecting to the portable handheld power tool either a flexible elongated member or a fastening device secured to the elongated member or to an operator of the portable handheld power tool.
Fastening device and fasterner for fan
A fastener includes a resilient head, a position pole extending out from a first end of the head, and a resilient latching portion protruding out from the position pole away from the head. A circumference of the head defines a mounting slot.
Fastening device
A device comprising a shaft and a fastener. The device requires substantially no tools to apply while generally maintaining the basic shape of a common clevis pin and the robustness of a common cotter pin.
Robotically-controlled surgical instrument with selectively articulatable end effector
Devices and systems are provided for controlling movement of a working end of a surgical device by means of a robotic system. In one embodiment, systems and devices are provided for moving an end effector on a distal end of a surgical fastening device.
Fastener cartridge comprising a tissue thickness compensator and a gap setting element
A fastener cartridge can comprise a support portion, a tissue thickness compensator positioned relative to the support portion, and a plurality of fasteners positioned within the support portion and/or the tissue thickness compensator which can be utilized to fasten tissue. In use, the fastener cartridge can be arranged in a first jaw of a surgical fastening device, wherein a second jaw, or anvil, can be positioned opposite the first jaw.
Tissue thickness compensator comprising a cutting member path
A fastener cartridge can comprise a support portion, a tissue thickness compensator positioned relative to the support portion, and a plurality of fasteners. In use, the fastener cartridge can be arranged in a jaw of a surgical fastening device.
Adjusting apparatus for self-service devices and adjusting method
An apparatus is provided for adjusting an installation position of modules in a self-service device that has a first module, a second module and a transfer module with a transfer slot for transferring notes of pecuniary value from the first module to the second module or vice versa. The transfer module is held in an operating position by a fastening device and forms a spacing to the second module.
Guide bar fastening device for chain saw
To provide an operation lever including a first lever that has a base end portion swingably supported to a peripheral portion of a nut member for fastening a guide bar in a chain saw, and a second lever that is engaged with the first lever in a manner slidable in an axial direction. The operation lever can be placed in a receiving portion of the nut member with an axial length thereof shortened, and can be manipulated to rotate the nut member by being gripped on an outer end portion of the second lever in a state in which the operation lever is lifted out from the receiving portion and the axial length is lengthened.
Decorative re-usable zip-tie shoelaces
A shoe fastening device for use with lace-up shoes is disclosed. The device comprises a locking head having an aperture through a first side and a locking tab extending from the first side and below the aperture.
Holder for casting into a concrete element
A holder in particular for fastening a lining, for at least partially casting into a concrete element which is cast using a formwork, wherein the holder is aligned by an outer surface with the surface of the concrete element pointing towards the formwork, in particular for use in tunnel-building and engineering construction. The holder for casting into a concrete element is made available which can be handled simply for preparation purposes and during the concreting operation and using which a lining can be fastened simply to the concrete element.
Method and system for securing a pipeline to the bed of a body of water
A method of securing a pipeline to the bed of a body of water includes moving an underwater vehicle selectively, on the bed of the body of water, along the pipeline; transporting a plurality of fastening devices on the underwater vehicle; and driving each fastening device partly into the bed of the body of water, close to the pipeline, by a handling device mounted on the underwater vehicle, to confine the pipeline between the bed of the body of water and the fastening device.. .
Mounting plate
A mounting plate is disclosed for supporting a circuit breaker accessory part. In an embodiment, the mounting plate includes a holding device, configured to hold the mounting plate on a wall of a housing of a circuit breaker and a fastening device, configured to fasten the circuit breaker accessory part to the mounting plate..
Flexible fastener for removable attachment to fabric
A fastening device configured for an easy removable attachment to fabric that is employable with one hand to form a compressive engagement with a mounting point on fabric that is easy to use and non-damaging to fabric. The device can be easily operated by users with limited hand or finger dexterity or only having a single useable hand.
Selectable-length zip tie and tape
New fastening devices and techniques are provided. In some aspects of the invention, a new self-ratcheting cord is provided, with unlimited possible divisions and insertion points for self-threading and -ratcheting along its length.
Arthrodesis device and method of use
A fastening device for compressing first and second bones together includes a first member configured to extend entirely through the first bone and having a shaft that includes a distal threaded portion and an unthreaded portion. The threaded portion has an outer diameter that is not larger than the diameter of the unthreaded portion.
Implantable medical devices comprising biodegradable alloys
The invention provides medical devices comprising high-strength alloys which degrade over time in the body of a human or animal, at controlled degradation rates, without generating emboli. In one embodiment the alloy is formed into a bone fixation device such as an anchor, screw, plate, support or rod.
Implantable medical devices comprising bio-degradable alloys with enhanced degradation rates
The invention provides medical devices comprising high-strength alloys which degrade over time in the body of a human or animal, at controlled degradation rates, without generating emboli and which have enhanced degradation due to the presence of a halogen component. In one embodiment the alloy is formed into a bone fixation device such as an anchor, screw, plate, support or rod.
Scroll compressor with a bypass
An upper back pressure type scroll compressor having a bypass is provided. The scroll compressor may include a casing, a discharge cover, a main frame, a first scroll supported by the main frame, and a second scroll that forms a suction chamber, an intermediate pressure chamber, and a discharge chamber together with the first scroll.

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