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Fastening Device patents

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Reusable quick release fastener systems and articles including the same

Cornerstone Research Group

Reusable quick release fastener systems and articles including the same

Attachment device


Attachment device

Attachment device

Abus August Bremicker Sohne Kg

Lockout box

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fastening Device-related patents
 Vehicle seat for a motor vehicle patent thumbnailVehicle seat for a motor vehicle
A vehicle seat for a motor vehicle is disclosed which includes a seat part having a seat cushion, a seat cover and a fastening device for fixing the seat cover to the seat part. The vehicle seat also includes a back part with a seat cushion, a seat cover and a fastening device for fixing the seat cover to the seat back.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Reusable quick release fastener systems and articles including the same patent thumbnailReusable quick release fastener systems and articles including the same
Reusable quick-release fastener systems include fasteners composed of a neat polymer such as an elastomer or a shape memory polymer. The fasteners may be of any number of geometrical shapes, with each pair of fastening devices having mating geometries that are compatible with one another.
Cornerstone Research Group, Inc.

 Attachment device patent thumbnailAttachment device
A fastening device has a female component having a female opening featuring a broader female width at a first depth and a narrower female width at a second depth. The female component also has a female attachment surface with an interior slope rising away from the female opening.
Wrdt, Llc

 Lockout box patent thumbnailLockout box
A lockout box for locking in objects, in particular keys, comprises a container having an upwardly open reception space for the objects and comprises a cover attached, in particular pivotably, to the container for closing the reception space, wherein the cover is adjustable from a closed position in which the reception space is closed into at least one open position in which the reception space is open, with a plurality of securing openings being provided in the cover and in the container for attaching a plurality of locking elements, in particular padlocks, and with at least one fastening device being provided at the container and being designed to attach the container to a wall.. .
Abus August Bremicker Sohne Kg

 Structural connection mechanisms for providing discontinuous elastic behavior in structural framing systems patent thumbnailStructural connection mechanisms for providing discontinuous elastic behavior in structural framing systems
A structural frame for a building includes first and second structural members, with a discontinuous elastic zone at locations where the first and second structural members are coupled and through which a load passes therebetween. Discontinuous elastic zone connections couple the first and second structural members and are configured to provide elasticity in the structural frame and dampen the effects of transient loads on the structural frame.

 Elevator installation patent thumbnailElevator installation
An elevator installation has a car at least partially supported by a support including several electrically conductive tension-bearing elements, which elements are arranged parallel to each other and which are substantially surrounded by a jacket. The support is fastened to fastening devices, wherein the fastening devices each include a housing and a clamping element.
Inventio Ag

 Rotary fastener patent thumbnailRotary fastener
A rotary fastener includes a mounting base member including an inner barrel and an outer barrel fixedly fastened together, a fastening device including a spring-loaded pin member inserted through the mounting base member and a head member affixed to the pin member outside the mounting base member, an operating cap member fixedly mounted with the head member and rotatable relative to the mounting base member between an upper-limit position and a lower-limit position to move the pin member in and out of the bottom side of the mounting base member between a locking position and an unlocking position, and a guide track unit for guiding movement of the operating cap member relative to the mounting base member between the upper-limit position and the lower-limit position upon a rotary motion.. .
Hanwit Precision Industries Ltd.

 Fastening device, fastening system and furniture assembly patent thumbnailFastening device, fastening system and furniture assembly
A fastening device (2;20) for assembling panels (170;180) in furniture, the device (2;20) having an axial extension along an axial direction and a lateral extension along a lateral direction, said device (2;20) comprising an upper part (4;40), and a lower part (5;50) a circumferential extending peripheral surface (10;110), the device (2;20) having an axially extending through passage (8;80) for the insertion of a pin the in the axial direction, wherein the fastening device (2;20) comprises elements for taking up forces along both the axial and lateral direction.. .
Inter Ikea Systems B.v.

 Fan fastener patent thumbnailFan fastener
A fastening system is provided with a wall ring as fastening device, a ventilator and a holding means, wherein the fastening device is provided in radial direction around the ventilator and the ventilator is connected to the fastening device via the holding means. The fastening device encompasses a first fastening geometry.
Ebm-papst Mulfingen Gmbh & Co. Kg

 Staple cartridge comprising staples positioned within a compressible portion thereof patent thumbnailStaple cartridge comprising staples positioned within a compressible portion thereof
A fastener cartridge can comprise a support portion, a tissue thickness compensator positioned relative to the support portion, and a plurality of fasteners positioned within the support portion and/or the tissue thickness compensator which can be utilized to fasten tissue. In use, the fastener cartridge can be positioned in a first jaw of a surgical fastening device, wherein a second jaw, or anvil, can be positioned opposite the first jaw.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Boot fastening device

A fastening device for ski boots. The device has a control means, an adjustment means and a strap assembly.


Heat sink fastening device and thermal module assembly using same

A heat sink fastening device includes an operating member and a retaining member axially extended through the operating member and associated with the latter via a pivot shaft. The operating member includes a cylindrical cam portion, which has an elastic element received therein to provide the cam portion with an elastic force.


Fastening device for an electric guitar

String fastener in the guitar body of an electric guitar, includes a bridge, carrying one saddle per string located at the upper side of the bridge, across which a string is arranged to run, one saddle per string fastened to the upper side, a downwards directed, pivoted lever arranged at each saddle, at which lever one string end is fastened, a tuning spring fastened with one of its ends to the lever and with its other end to the guitar body, which tuning spring strives to maintain a constant pulling force in a string, and which string fastener is provided with a vibrato arm, which when activated results in the bridge angling towards the guitar body, the vibrato arm being pivotally fastened to and running through the bridge. A fastening element maintains each lever in position, and a release device cooperates with the fastening element to release the levers..


Fastening device, hanging device, and mounting a hanging device

A fastening device for fastening an elastic hang-on part for hanging at least a part of an exhaust system on a motor vehicle is provided. The fastening device includes a flange part having a first holding pin, and a mounting part having a second holding pin, wherein the first holding pin and the second holding pin are adapted to, together, hold the elastic hang-on part, wherein the flange part includes a first side portion and a flange plate, wherein the first holding pin extends substantially perpendicular away from the first side portion and the flange plate extends substantially perpendicular in the same direction as the first holding pin away from the first side portion, and wherein the mounting part includes a second side portion and a mounting plate..


Device for fastening an anti-skid chain

The invention relates to a fastening device for an anti-skid chain (3), said device comprising a washer (23) having a clamping device (25) arranged thereon. The clamping device (25) is designed to draw a tension element (27) through a bore (31) lying at radial distance from the centre of the washer (23).


Patient positioning table having a transfer plate

A patient positioning table has a transfer plate that is reversibly transferable from the patient positioning table to a table associated with an imaging modality, and a headrest-forming extension component having a fastening section and a supporting section is provided, which can be detachably fastened to fastening devices provided on the transfer plate in exchange for a framework-like head immobilizing fixture, which can be detachably fastened to the same fastening devices.. .


Fastening device for fastening a structural part consisting of a carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic to a component, in particular a chassis component of a vehicle

A fastening device is provided for fastening a structural part consisting of a carbon-fiber reinforced plastic, in particular a cell of a vehicle, to a component, in particular a chassis component of a vehicle. In order to provide a fastening device which ensures a secure fastening of structural parts consisting of a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic to other vehicle components, a first connecting element is mounted on the structural part, on which first connecting element a second connecting element can be mounted.


Fastening device for fastening a ventilation array to a seat

A mounting apparatus (30) for mounting a fan arrangement (40) on a seat (100), for example a vehicle seat, features a cylindrical sleeve or installation element (10) which secures within the seat, and a fan housing (50) for the fan arrangement or module (40), which slides into, and latches within, the cylindrical sleeve (10). The fan housing (50) has a tubular housing part (54) having a first housing part end (51) and a second housing part end (52) located axially opposite it.


Multi-track beam modular assembly system

Embodiments of a multi-track beam for use in modular assembly systems for office and industrial work stations. The embodiments have four corner tubes, bars, or channels arranged in a rectangular pattern in cross-section and connected in ways that provide improved ability to transmit torque along a long axis of the multi-track beam while providing improved resistance to bending under the forces of the torque.


Fastening device of plug-socket combination

A fastening device of a plug-socket combination includes a plug structure and a socket structure. The socket structure has a side wall in which an insertion slot is formed.
Rong Feng Industrial Co. Ltd.


Calibrating station with external gas routing track

A gas routing element (20) for gassing at least one gas-measuring device (90.1-90.x), whereby each gas-measuring device (90.x-90.x) can be arranged in a test module (30.1-30.x) of a calibrating station (100). The gas-measuring devices (90.1-90.x) have a first gas inlet opening (1.1-1.x), a communicating feed duct (2.1-2.x) and a communicating first gas outlet openings (3.1-3.x, 13.1-13.x).
Dräger Safety Ag & Co. Kgaa


Wheel fastening inspection method, wheel fastening method, wheel fastening inspection device and wheel fastening device

An wheel fastening inspection method includes: directly or indirectly applying vibration to a turbine shaft to be inserted to a bearing housing, the turbine shaft being provided with wheels at both ends protruding from the bearing housing, at least one of the wheels being fastened by a fastening member, and a rotary member being fastened by a fastening force generated by the fastening member to the turbine shaft to be integrally rotated with the wheel; measuring the vibration of the turbine shaft; and determining whether or not a vibration frequency at which a peak of the measured vibration of the turbine shaft is given is included in a setting range previously set.. .
Ihi Corporation


Roof rack assembly for a motor vehicle

A roof rack assembly for a motor vehicle includes a roof railing that can be fastened to a vehicle roof of the motor vehicle, and a load carrier that can be mounted to the roof railing. The load carrier is provided with at least one fastening device which after installation of the load carrier encompasses the roof railing on both sides, at least in sections, and which is provided with a latching projection, which after installation engages through a passage with a latching recess of the roof railing.
Audi Ag


Robot system

A robot system comprising a transport device and a robot, wherein the transport device has a receiving means for receiving a robot and a movement device connected with the receiving device. The robot comprises a robot base, wherein at least one manipulator element is connected with the robot base.
Deutsches Zentrum Fur Luft-und Raumfahrt E.v.


Fastening device for lamp apparatus and fastening device for apparatus installed on ceiling

Provided is a fastening device for fixing an apparatus such as a lamp installed on a ceiling to a ceiling channel. The fastening device may be commonly installed on ceilings having various structures and has a simplified structure..


Cast cover

A cast cover is formed in a shape of a sheath including a closed first end, an open second end, and a side opening. The side opening includes a first side edge and a second side edge.


Structural unit for arrangement on a hydraulic fluid tank of a jet engine

The present invention proposes a structural unit (21) for arrangement on a hydraulic fluid tank of a jet engine having a vision device (23) and a sensor device (25), which can independently of one another determine a level of a hydraulic fluid present in a hydraulic fluid tank (1) when the structural unit (21) is arranged on a hydraulic fluid tank. A fastening device (27) is provided to fix the structural unit (21) on the hydraulic fluid tank..
Rolls-royce Deutschland Ltd & Co Kg


Connection controlling the temperature of battery cells, and temperature-control apparatus, battery module, battery pack, battery and battery system

Connection apparatus (500; 5001, 5002) for controlling the temperature of a battery cell (1001, 1002), characterized by: a fastening device for fastening the connection apparatus (500; 5001, 5002) to a temperature-control element (400; 4001, 4002) which comprises a channel for accommodating a temperature-control medium, and a connection device (510; 5101, 5102), which comprises a channel for accommodating the temperature-control medium, for connection of a connecting line (60011, 60012, 60021, 60022) to an opening in the channel of the connection device (510; 5101, 5102), wherein: the connection apparatus (500; 5001, 5002) can be fastened to the temperature-control element (400; 4001, 4002) in such a way that a further opening in the channel of the connection device (510; 5101, 5102) is aligned with an opening in the channel of the temperature-control element (400; 4001, 4002).. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Roller blind assembly

A roller blind assembly includes a roller, a generally rectangular panel formed from a flexible sheet material having an upper marginal edge secured to the roller and a free lower marginal edge, a screen in the form of a web of flexible material being detachably mounted on the free lower marginal of the panel edge via a releasable fastening device, the releasable fastening device comprising cooperating first and second fastening components being respectively provided on the lower marginal edge of the panel and an upper edge of the screen, wherein the first and second fastening components comprise mating elongate members each having a substantially u shaped cross section to define cooperating hook-like members adapted to releasably engage one another to support the screen from the panel.. .
Fourds Limited


Pan for baking bread

It comprises a plurality of baking moulds (2), a plate (3) acting as a cover of said pan (1), and means to prevent the raising of said plate as the bread is baked inside said moulds, and is characterized in that said means to prevent the raising of said plate comprise a fastening device (12) associated to a structure (9, 22) of said pan (1), said fastening device (12) including at least one hook (11) which is hingedly joined to a shaft (23) of said structure (9, 22), said hook (11) being susceptible of catching a portion (3a, 3b) of said plate (3) when it tilts on said shaft (23).. .
Magar Invest, S.l.


Surgical fastening device with mesh retaining means

The invention provides a surgical fastening or suturing device. The device of the invention has a slender shaft and an actuating mechanism configured to eject a surgical fastener from the distal end of the shaft or configured to perform suturing at the distal end of the shaft.
I.b.i. Israel Biomedical Innovations Ltd.


Current and voltage module and methods of monitoring current and voltage in power distribution systems

A current and voltage module is provided that includes a housing having an opening extending at least partially therethrough in an axial direction. The housing is configured to receive a conductor within the opening.
General Electric Company


Building panel for ceilings or walls

A building panel for a wall or ceiling is provided. The panel comprises a first plate forming a front of the panel, a second plate forming a rear of the panel, and a core structure positioned between the first plate and the second plate and being adhesively bonded to the first plate and the second plate.
Hunter Douglas Industries B.v.


Flood bag

An apparatus, system, and method for creating a flood barrier by use of an open-top fabric bag device or series of connected bag devices that can be filled with materials to create the barrier. Each bag has a bottom panel, a front panel, a back panel, a four-sided neck, an opening in the neck, and lifting loops at the neck for lifting the bag.


Furniture frame, particularly a chair or a table frame, and chair or table furniture containing such a furniture frame

A furniture frame contains a support column, a furniture leg to support the support column, a foot ring, and a fastening device affixing the foot ring to the support column. The fastening device contains a first threaded bushing being non-rotatably connected to the support column and has an external thread, and a second threaded bushing being non-rotatably connected to the foot ring and has an internal thread.
Vs Vereinigte Spezialmoebelfabriken Gmbh & Co Kg


Strain transmitter

A strain transmitter for detecting strain of a structure includes a strain body, which has a strain axis with fastening devices for fastening the strain body on a structure, and a measurement element, which is arranged centrally between the fastening devices on the strain axis. The measurement element includes a metal sheet.
Kistler Holding Ag



An appliance handle assembly is comprised of a base which is the mounting structure and may also the back or under side of the curved handle. It is fastened to the appliance door by a various fastening methods.


Advancing unit for positioning a current collector unit

An advancing unit for positioning a current collector unit having at least one extension, which is guided in a fastening unit so that the extension can be moved linearly and which has a cavity, open on a longitudinal side extending in the advancing direction and the inner surface of which forms a contact surface for guiding elements arranged on the fastening unit. A flexible band is arranged on the extension.
Conductix-wampfler Gmbh


Fastening device and method

A fastening device includes a fastening needle system, which is guided in a base body of the fastening device. The fastening needle system is configured to be led through a drilling hole of one or more components.
Airbus Operations Gmbh


Surgical cutting and fastening device with descendible second trigger arrangement

A surgical instrument is disclosed. The surgical instrument can include an end effector, a shaft, and a handle.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Hair band

A linear hair fastening device with a loop at one end and a ball or cone shape at the other end. A small tab protrudes from the distal end of the loop.


Mold made of a composite material and process employing this mold

A mold for manufacturing products made of composite materials, which comprises at least one functional portion made of a composite material joined to at least one interface made of a composite material which projects at least partially around the functional portion, said mold being provided with one or more mechanic fastening devices for the coupling with at least another mold.. .
Automobili Lamborghini S.p.a.


Fastening device

The present invention provides a fastening device that allows an attachment operation to be simply and easily performed even by a single person, is capable of fastening and fixing with certainty, and is capable of reducing cost. A fastening device is configured by: a bolt in which a right screw is formed on one end portion and a left screw is formed on another end portion; a jig engaging section that is formed on one end portion or both end portions of the bolt such as to be capable of being rotated using a jig that rotates the bolt; and a right screw nut and a left screw nut that respectively screw onto the right screw in the one end portion of the bolt and the left screw in the other end portion..


Cinch fastening device

A fastening device and method thereof is described. According to an embodiment of the present invention there is a fastening device comprising an insertion component and a receptacle component.
Lockdowel, Inc.


Heavy duty adjustable gooseneck coupler

A gooseneck coupler is shown and described. The gooseneck coupler may include a first member having at least one aperture, a second member having at least one aperture, the second member telescopingly engaged with the first member where the aperture of the first member is generally aligned with the aperture of the second member, and a base member attached with the second member, the base plate having a socket shaped to accept a hitch ball.
Cequent Performance Products, Inc.


Slip on groove coupling with multiple sealing gasket

Couplings and gaskets are disclosed. Couplings may include an upper housing, a lower housing, at least one fastening device coupling the upper housing to the lower housing, and a gasket positioned within the upper and lower housings, the gasket including two primary seals and a rib protruding from an inner surface of the gasket and between the two primary seals..
Mueller International, Llc


Propulsion unit for maritime vessel

Propulsion unit (11) for propulsion and maneuvering of a maritime vessel, which includes a nozzle (12) wherein a propeller section (13, 13a) is arranged, which propeller section (13, 13a) is electrically or hydraulically driven, which propulsion unit (11) includes a fastening device (16) arranged for arrangement to hull of the vessel or to a steering device arranged for steering and/or moving the propulsion unit (11). The fastening se device (16) is formed by two stems (17a-b) extending in parallel or laterally reversed about an vertical central axis from an upper surface of the nozzle (12) of the propulsion unit, which stems (17a-b) end in a fixing flange (18) for thereby providing an opening (19) which provides the propulsion unit (11) with improved hydrodynamic performance..
Rolls-royce Marine As


Vehicle floor mat

Provided is a vehicle floor mat reducing a load on a mat main body. The vehicle floor mat includes at least one fastening device for fastening the mat main body to a vehicle.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Range hood with an easily assembled and disassembled lamp

A range hood with an easily assembled and disassembled lamp includes a main body, a lamp seat, a lamp plug, a lamp, and a fastening device. Therein, the main body has a bottom board having an outer surface and an opposite inner surface with a combining hole in between.
Long Industry Inc.


Solar panel mounting methods

Methods of solar panel mounting include a method of making a support apparatus for solar panels. The support apparatus is made by attaching an elongated clamp apparatus to an upper portion of a purlin for supporting a row of adjacent solar panels from below.
Ri Enterprises, Llc


Fastening device for a lamp

A fastening device is described for at least one lighting means, comprising at least one rope and at least one carrier embodied for fastening at least one lighting means, comprising at least one fastening means for fastening at the ropes and connection means for connecting at least one lighting means to at least one electric supply line. The particular feature of the invention is the fact that at least one rope comprises at least one ultra-strong fiber or is made from at least one ultra-strong fiber..
Paulmann Licht Gmbh


Method for the production of a strip for fastening elements

Disclosed is a method for producing a strip for fastening elements, said strip comprising a plurality of interconnected holders, each of which accommodates a shaft of a fastening element. The holders define a fastening direction in which the fastening element can be driven from the holder into a support by a fastening device.
Hilti Aktiengesellschaft


Accessory fastening device

The present disclosure provides systems and methods for a fastening device for selectively securing an accessory, such as gloves. The fastening device may include an upper clamping member, a lower clamping member, and a biasing member manufactured as a single integral component.
Chums, Inc.


Fastening device for people with reduced mobility conditions

fastening device for people with reduced mobility conditions, of the variety employed in chairs or arm chairs in domestic, geriatric, care or hospital environments, comprising fixation means (50), which can be adapted to the back of the chair or arm chair and containing means (100) to contain the person to be fastened. Said device (1) comprises a portable support body (10) in which said fixation means (50) and containing means (100) are located and the containing means (100) comprise at least one containing strap (101, 102, 103) connected to an emergency locking retractor (104, 105, 106) which is configured in order to facilitate the free movement of the person fastened to said chair or arm chair and to prevent falling movement of the same..
Corporacio Sanitaria Parc Tauli


Steering column including a protective cover

A steering column for a motor vehicle may include a steering spindle and a cover. The steering spindle may include an input shaft configured to rotate with a steering wheel, an output shaft rotatably mounted in a steering gear housing, and a swivel joint arranged between the shaft and the output shaft.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Pre-fastened and refastenable pant-type absorbent sanitary article and manufacturing the same

Pre-fastened and refastenable pant-type absorbent sanitary article, comprising: a central body having two opposite side edges and including: a topsheet having an inner surface, a backsheet, and an absorbent core sandwiched between the topsheet and the backsheet, wherein the topsheet and the backsheet are welded together along a perimeter of the central body, and wherein the central body is folded along a transverse folding line (a) orthogonal to said side edges, at least two side panels extending from respective lateral edges of said central body, each of said side panels having at least one folded portion which extends inwards from the respective side edge and a fastening element of an openable and refastenable fastening device, and at least one strip of sheet material fixed on said inner surface of said topsheet.. . S.p.a.


Hidden fastening device for boards

A hidden fastening device for boards comprises a female fastening part attached to a board, and a rotatable male fastening part attached to another board to engage with the female fastening part. The rotatable male fastening part further comprises a rotatable male fastening base with a base opening, a lock end opening, and a receiving groove, and a rotatable male lock disposed in the base opening with a male lock end at a front side thereof.


Object fastening device for fastening object to receiving part, machine tool, robot, and fastening object to receiving part

An object fastening device which can prevent foreign matter from ending up damaging an object when confirming the object is properly seated, which object fastening device is provided with a receiving part, a pushing part which pushes the object against the receiving part, a first drive part which makes the pushing part generate a first force, a second drive part which is provided separate from the first drive part and makes the pushing part generate a second force which is smaller than the first force, and a foreign matter detecting part which detects foreign matter which is interposed between the object and receiving part while the second drive part is being used to cause the pushing part to push the object against the receiving part.. .
Fanuc Corporation


Recessed surgical fastening devices

Novel recessed surgical fastening devices are disclosed. The fastening devices have a compressible member and a fastening element disposed at least partially within the compressible member.
Ethicon, Inc.


Light-emitting diode wave guide down light retrofit fixtures

A system for mounting a light emitting diode (led) wave guide down light retrofit fixture. The system can include a mounting plate having a number of apertures symmetrically positioned around a center of the mounting plate.


Body structure having a roof rail

A body structure of a motor vehicle, having a side part, having a vehicle roof, having a fastening device which acts on an underside of the vehicle roof, and having a roof rail which is mounted on an upper side of the vehicle roof via a plurality of mounting elements, a plurality of hollow rivets extending through the fastening device, which is configured as a reinforcing element for the vehicle roof, and the vehicle roof, and the roof rail being fastened to the upper side of the vehicle roof via the mounting elements in such a way that a threaded section of each mounting element extends through in each case one of the hollow rivets and protrudes out of the respective hollow rivet, a nut acting on that threaded section of the respective mounting element which protrudes out of the hollow rivet.. .
Dr. Ing. H.c.f. Porsche Aktiengesellschaft


Assembly for mounting shades

The present embodiments provide for a system of fastening devices, e.g., mounts, brackets, and assemblies for installing roller window shades. In one embodiment, the fastening device system comprises two one-piece, disk-shaped mounting brackets, one for each end of a shade tube, wherein the mounting brackets are configured such that, in use, the outer circumference of the brackets are visible; the mounting means being largely hidden within the bracket or by the shade.
Geigtech East Bay Llc


Manual and automatic fastening device for a bonding element and method therefor

A manual and an automatic fastening device for fastening a bonding element to a surface by means of a light-curing adhesive is disclosed. The fastening devices apply the bonding element to the surface with a specific contact pressure, before the light is irradiated onto the bonding element for curing the adhesive.
Böllhoff Verbindungstechnik Gmbh


Skid device attachable to a bucket, bucket assembly for moving material, and forming the skid device

A bucket assembly and a skid device and a method of manufacturing thereof has a ski-shaped member and is configured to be attachable to a front end portion of a loading bucket. Two or more skid devices can be attached to the front edge portion of the bucket to enable the bucket to move materials on the ground.
R2 Manufacturing Llc


Exhaust-gas aftertreatment system

An exhaust-gas aftertreatment system including an exhaust-gas module which has an inlet section and an outlet section. The exhaust-gas aftertreatment system has at least one sensor fastening device which comprises at least two, preferably at least three, sensor fastening means that are angularly spaced apart from one another..
Man Truck & Bus Ag


Fastening device, robot system, and fastening fastening plurality of fastening members

A fastening device enabling a plurality of fastening tools to be arranged at a plurality of fastening locations quickly. The fastening device includes a plurality of fastening tools, a movement mechanism for making the plurality of fastening tools move relative to each other, an imaging part imaging of a plurality of fastening locations, a fastening position calculating part calculating the positions of a plurality of fastening locations based on the image data, and a movement controller control the movement mechanism so as to make at least one fastening tool move so that the individual fastening tools are arranged at positions enabling the fastening members to be fastened to the corresponding fastening locations, based on the calculated plurality of fastening locations..
Fanuc Corporation

Fastening Device topics: Fastening Device, A Fastening Device, Hard Disk Drive, Disk Drive, Accessibility, Airbag Module, Accommodation, Control Unit, Cross Section, Trapezoidal, Circulation, Accumulator, Immobilize

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