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Fastening Device patents


This page is updated frequently with new Fastening Device-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fastening Device-related patents
 Modular charging system for game consoles patent thumbnailModular charging system for game consoles
A video game controller charging device is supported directly on the top of a video game console and integrated therewith. The device includes a main body portion having a console-engaging structure for providing support to the device while positioned on top of the game console.
Nyko Technologies, Inc.

 Fastening device for an electronic component, in particular an acceleration sensor for airbag systems patent thumbnailFastening device for an electronic component, in particular an acceleration sensor for airbag systems
A fastening device for an electronic component, in particular an acceleration sensor for airbag systems, in which the electronic component is fixable in a motor vehicle with the aid of fastening elements, a first connection pair being present both on the motor vehicle and on the housing of the electronic component, which interlocks in a form-locked and/or force-fit manner for a pre-mounting of the electronic component and a second connection pair is present on the housing of the electronic component and on the motor vehicle, with the aid of which the electronic component may be fastened and positioned on the vehicle. The second connection pair is made up of a clip connection..
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 Refrigerator patent thumbnailRefrigerator
Disclosed is a refrigerator. The refrigerator includes a cabinet (10) defining a first storage region (2) in which food is stored, a door (20) rotatably connected to a first rotating shaft (42), located at the front of the cabinet (10), via a first hinge member (40) to open or close the first storage region (2), a gasket (26) provided at the door (20), a container (100) defining a second storage region (52) received in the first storage region (2), the container (100) being rotatably connected to a second rotating shaft, located at the door (20), via a second hinge member (200), a latch member installed to the container (100), and a fastening device (600) provided at the door (20), the fastening device (600) being caught by the latch member to selectively couple the door (20) and the container (100) to each other.
Lg Electronics Inc.

 Gasket and  manufacturing gasket patent thumbnailGasket and manufacturing gasket
A gasket includes at least one metal plate to be clamped between two members fastened by fastening devices, an opening portion corresponding to a sealing hole provided in the at least one metal member, a seal bead protruding outwardly from a flat surface of the at least one metal plate, and annularly surrounding the opening portion, and insertion holes through which the fastening devices pass. At least one metal plate is formed by a martensitic stainless steel plate, and a high hardness portion having a hardness higher than that of the stainless steel plate is formed in at least one portion of the seal bead formed in the stainless steel plate..
Ishikawa Gasket Co., Ltd.

 Lifting arm assembly and  changing a holder in said lifting arm assembly patent thumbnailLifting arm assembly and changing a holder in said lifting arm assembly
A lifting arm assembly for lifting an elongate element includes a lifting arm comprising a complementary fastener and at least one fastening element, and a holder for at least one tool which comprises a first complementary fastening device. The holder is configured to be replaceable.
Mhwirth As

 Multipart fastening device for fastening a device to a reinforcing element and to the outer skin of a vehicle patent thumbnailMultipart fastening device for fastening a device to a reinforcing element and to the outer skin of a vehicle
This relates to a multi-part attachment device for attaching a device to a stiffening element and to an outer skin of a vehicle. The multi-part attachment device comprises a base body having an angular profile for attaching the attachment device to the stiffening element and to the outer skin of the vehicle.
Airbus Operations Gmbh

 Transportation system for tanks of compressed gas patent thumbnailTransportation system for tanks of compressed gas
A system to transport a cylindrical tank via a seat of a vehicle includes a body forming a hollow cavity configured to receive the cylindrical tank therein and a fastening device on the body and configured to secure the body to a seatbelt of the seat. The body has an elongated length configured to completely enclose the length of the cylindrical tank..

 Fastening device patent thumbnailFastening device
A fastening device for mounting a stabilizer on a motor vehicle body, having a stabilizer mount, which can be placed around the stabilizer, for transferring torsional forces from the stabilizer to the vehicle body, a fastening body for receiving the stabilizer mount, and a fastener for fastening the fastening body on a subframe, wherein the fastening body and the fastener are designed in such a way that the fastener serves to fasten the subframe on the motor vehicle body.. .
Volkswagen Ag

 Releasable interlocking fastening device for attaching adjacent parts patent thumbnailReleasable interlocking fastening device for attaching adjacent parts
A releasable interlocking device includes a pair of interactive plates, for fastening to apparel utilizing a system of two interactive pistes which when slid together diagonally utilizes the thickness of the apparel and, stud of a male plate to engage through a single angled flexible vane or lip to snap fit and lock over a solid edge of a female plate without damage to the aforesaid apparel.. .

 Suction teat arrangement for an automatic feeder patent thumbnailSuction teat arrangement for an automatic feeder
Suction teat arrangement for an automatic feeder for feeding livestock, in particular calves, with a suction teat holder, which has a suction teat receiver for receiving a suction teat, a fastening device for fastening the suction teat holder on a feed stand and a supply connection for connection with a supply line, a valve, with which a liquid supply from the supply line to the suction teat can be released and blocked, and a branch connection for connection with a branch line, characterized in that the valve and the branch connection are integrated into the suction teat holder.. .


Ratchet locking mechanism for threaded fastener

A fastening device including a fastener having a head portion and an elongated threaded body portion extending axially from the head portion. The threaded body portion includes opposing flat sections.
Enduralock, Llc


Swivel notebook pad

A rotatable notebook including at least one cover portion and a notepad having a stack of paper and a bottom rigid support portion. A fastening device connects the first rigid support portion of the notepad to one of the at least one notebook cover portion, the fastening device permitting rotation of the notepad relative to the at least one out cover portion.


Witness enabled fasteners and related systems and methods

A fastening device may include a first member configured for forceful engagement with a second member. The first member may include a sensor configured to emit at least a first photo-luminescent signal to a detector when at least a predetermined first torque level is applied to the first member when the first and second members are engaged..
The Boeing Company


Fastening device for installing a fitting in a holed thin wall

The description relates to a fastening device (10) for installing a fitting such as a hook, a grip, a hinge or a thin wall part or for installing a holding clamp (12) in a hole (16) in a thin wall (14), which fastening device (10) comprises a head area (18) with fitting parts attached thereto such as hook end, grip, hinge part or holding ears (20, 20′) for clamping or enclosing two clamp areas (22, 22′) of the holding clamp (12) between the holding ears (20, 20′) and the thin wall (14) or for clamping the thin wall part between the head and the thin wall, and comprises a body area (24) which proceeds from the head area (18) and which penetrates the hole (16) in installed condition, proceeding from the end (26) of which body area (24) are two spring legs (28, 28′) which are directed rearward toward the thin wall (14) and which are supported by sloping foot-like ends (30) on two diametrically opposite, parallel edges (32, 32′) of the hole (16). The fastening device (10) forms guide strips (38, 38′) which protrude laterally from the body area (24) and which are guided into suitable notches (40, 40′) between the opposite edges (32, 32′) of the hole (16) in the thin wall (14)..


Device for fastening objects together, and hair enhancement apparatus incorporating same

A device usable for fastening objects together includes a substrate, at least one attachment member facilitating attachment to a first object, at least one attachment member retainer attached to a first side of the substrate, and an adhesive layer attached to a second side of the substrate. Each attachment member retainer (e.g., strap, pocket, specially configured stitching) secures one or more attachment members, such as hair clips, to the first side of the substrate.


Adjusting device having an adjusting mechanism arranged on a guide rail

An adjusting device for adjusting two vehicle parts relative to each other is provided. The adjusting device comprising a first guide rail, which is longitudinally extended along a longitudinal axis and which is formed by a base and lateral legs connected to the base, a second guide rail, which is movably arranged on the first guide rail and which is longitudinally extended along the longitudinal axis, an adjusting mechanism, which is arranged between the legs on the first guide rail and which comprises a spindle nut, which can be rotated about the longitudinal axis in order to drive the adjusting device, a spindle, which is arranged in a rotationally fixed manner on the second guide rail and which is longitudinally extended along the longitudinal axis and which engages with the spindle nut in such a way that, when the spinal nut is rotated, the first guide rail is moved along the longitudinal axis relative to the second guide rail, and a fastening device for fastening the adjusting mechanism to the first guide rail..
Brose Fahrzeugteile Gmbh & Co. Kg, Coburg


Boring bar fastening device for single or double blade

A boring bar fastening device for a single or double blade is provided with a body, a first fastening device releasably mounted to the body, a first boring bar fastening member releasably mounted on the first fastening device, a first blade releasably mounted on the first boring bar fastening member, a second fastening device releasably mounted to the body, and a second blade releasably mounted on the second boring bar fastening member. Alternatively, both the second boring bar fastening member and the second blade are replaced by a balance weight.
X'pole Precision Tools Inc.


Method and improving connector security and device coexistance

Embodiments of the present disclosure include an apparatus and a method for connecting a first device and second device. An apparatus includes an angled connector configured to connect to a first device to a second device, the first device and the second device configured to communicate through signal paths in the connector, the signal paths configured to pass digital data signals, a fastening device configured to secure the angled connector to the first device..


Fastening device

Novel fastening devices and methods are disclosed. An example of the disclosed fastening device includes an elastomeric cord having a diameter dr in its normal relaxed state.


Fifth wheel hitch mounting system

A hitch mount configured to be selectively attached to a vehicle, the vehicle having an under bed hitch mounting system is shown and described. The hitch mount may include at least one transverse member, at least one longitudinal member attached with the at least one transverse member, the at least one longitudinal member including first and second apertures, the first and second apertures of different size, and first and second fastening devices configured to selectively engage the under bed hitch mounting system and the first and second apertures, respectively.


Modular saddle tree with a gullet plate

Instant invention relates to a modular saddle tree for a riding saddle with a gullet plate comprising a gullet plate element and a shank, wherein a supporting element is attached to the shank of the gullet plate by means of a fastening device, particularly moveably supported, a saddle comprising the modular saddle tree according to the invention, a shank comprising a fastening device for a supporting element and a supporting element as well, and a gullet plate comprising a gullet plate element and a shank according to the invention.. .


Vertebral implant, vertebral fastening device of the implant and implant instrumentation

This disclosure provides vertebral implants, fastening devices for vertebral implants, and implant instrumentation, and various combinations thereof. In some embodiments, the implant comprises a peripheral wall extending according to a vertical axis between upper and lower surfaces of the implant, with each such surface configured to be placed in contact with a vertebral structure, respectively, at the top and the bottom of the vertebral segment replaced by the implant.


Safety arm band for mobile devices

A safety arm band for use with a mobile phone case is made from an elastic material and has a first end and a second end. The first end has a reflective device and the second end has a fastening device.


Combination countertop leveling and connecting device and method

A combination leveler and fastening device for mounting a countertop to a floor cabinet. The device includes a body with a longitudinally aligned bore, a continuous external threads formed on the outside surface of the body, two opposite ends perpendicularly aligned with the body's longitudinal axis and a plurality of radially slots formed on each end.


Fastening device and locking device

In order to provide a fastening device for fastening a workpiece (104) to a moving device (116) for moving the workpiece, this fastening device having a small space requirement and enabling the workpiece to be securely fastened to the moving device, it is proposed that the fastening device should include a receiving element (110) for receiving the workpiece and a locking device (122) for releasably fixing the receiving element on the moving device.. .
DÜrr Systems Gmbh


Hair fastening device and use

A hair fastening device including a spring arm and pressuring curve for maintaining the fastening device in a desire location in a user's hair.. .


Tie bar withdrawing device

A post-extracting device for at least one post (7a, 7b, 7c, 7d) of a molding machine (1) having a fixed clamping plate (2) with a first casting-mold half (3) arranged thereon and a movable clamping plate (4) with a second casting-mold half (5) arranged thereon. The movable clamping plate can be moved on posts detachably fastened in the fixed clamping plate.
BÜhler Ag


Circular fastener cartridges for applying radially expandable fastener lines

A fastener cartridge assembly for use with a circular surgical fastening device. The fastener cartridge assembly includes a cartridge body that has a circular deck.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Circular fastener cartridges for applying radially expandable fastener lines

A fastener cartridge assembly for use with a circular surgical fastening device. The fastener cartridge assembly includes a cartridge body that has a circular deck.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Fastening device and hook part

A hook part includes a hook main body; a latch for closing the hook main body; and a shaft to which the base end of the latch is integrally coupled, the shaft extending away from the hook main body along the rotational axis such that coupling between the attachment part and the hook part is ensured. A latch includes a spring portion provided closer to the base end of the latch; and a latch main body coupled with the coupled portion via the spring portion.
Ykk Corporation


Fastening device for fastening trailer connectors

A fastening device for fastening trailer connectors includes a hitch penetrating through the trailer connectors. The hitch has a first locating member detachably connected to the hitch for preventing the hitch from coming off the trailer connectors and a second locating member having a first combining portion and a second combining portion.


Fastening device

A fastening device that easily fixes a member to be fixed and a base member made of resin to each other. A fastening device 100 is provided with an embedded nut 120 that is inserted through a through hole a1 of a base member a from below so as to be formed in the base member a and a bolt 110 that is inserted through a through hole b1 of a member b to be fixed and meshed with the embedded nut 120 of the base member a from above, and the embedded nut 120 has a shaft portion 121 formed into a cylindrical shape, an inner peripheral side screw portion 122 that is formed on the inner periphery of the shaft portion 121 and meshed with the bolt 110 that is inserted from the tip toward the base end of the shaft portion 121, and an outer peripheral side screw portion 123 that is formed on the outer periphery of the shaft portion 121 and meshed with the through hole a1 of the base member a..
Benriner Co., Ltd


Devices and methods for manually retracting a drive shaft, drive beam, and associated components of a surgical fastening device

A surgical fastening device provides a mechanism for manually retracting the drive shaft, drive beam, and associated components in the event of a jamming or misfiring condition. The device includes a handle housing from which an elongate shaft extends and an end effector at a distal end of the shaft.
Ethicon Endo-surgery, Inc.


Endoscope bending section control mechanism

An endoscope with a control handle, the endoscope comprising: a housing having a main housing part and a cover part; an insertion portion extending from the housing; a bending portion extending from the insertion portion; control wires operable to control bending of the bending portion; a control mechanism connected to the control wires, the control mechanism including an axle located within the housing and defining a pivot axis, a lever member connected to the axle, and a user control member external of the housing and connected to the lever member, the user control member displaceable about the pivot axis to rotate the lever member and control movement of the control wires; and a fastening device adapted to retain a tube disposed over the insertion portion.. .
Ambu A/s


Jewelry display hanger with cable tie

A jewelry display hanger is provided that includes: a body, a hook, a bracket and one or more fastening devices. The body has a hook or an aperture for attaching the hanger to a display case or display rod.
B&g Plastics, Inc.


Accessory fastening devices and methods

An accessory fastening device can include a first clamping member having a first clamping surface, a second clamping member having a second clamping surface that faces the first clamping surface, and a locking arm that is rotatable between an unlocked state and a locked state. Rotation of the locking arm to transition the locking arm from the unlocked state to the locked state causes the second clamping surface of the second clamping member to advance toward the first clamping surface of the first clamping member..
Chums, Inc.


Uv lamp module with exchangeable lamp units

A uv lamp module having a frame and at least two lamp units, wherein each lamp unit includes a uv lamp extending in an axial direction, a jacket tube enclosing the uv lamp, electrical connections and a head section for fastening the lamp unit to the frame, wherein for each lamp unit, a fastening device is provided by which the lamp unit can be separably connected to the frame in the region of the head section.. .
Xylem Ip Holdings Llc


Ball-bearing-supported attachment point

The invention relates to an attachment point (1) comprising a connecting element (3) which comprises a section (5) for connecting an attachment device, a seat (9) for a fastening device (11) and at least one pair of rolling bearings (23) between the seat (9) and the connecting element (9), wherein the connecting element (3) is rotatable relative to the seat (9) and wherein the rolling bearings (25, 27) of the pair of rolling bearings each comprise at least one rolling element (29). In order to provide an attachment point that exhibits little wear, is easily rotated also when lifting heavy loads and is easy to install, it is according to the invention provided that the rolling bearings (25, 27) of the pair of rolling bearings (23) comprise an outer race (39, 41) attached to the connecting element (3)..
Rud Ketten Rieger & Dietz Gmbh U. Co. Kg


Label device

An improved advertising and labeling method comprising forming a substantially planar label, die-cutting a plurality of openings in at least two opposing locations on the label, such that the openings are configured to align with a plurality of openings on a display device and locating a fastening device within at least one of the plurality of openings.. .
Multi Packaging Solutions, Inc.


Fastening device

In general, embodiments of the present invention relate to fastening device assemblies. Specifically, the present invention provides a fastening device configured to couple a first object with a second object.
Jangpyoung Construction Co., Ltd.


Ground milling machine having a replaceable milling part and replacing a milling part of a ground milling machine

The present invention relates to a ground milling machine, in particular, a road cold milling machine, having a replaceable milling drum unit. To make this replacement procedure easier, the present invention proposes a fastening device between the milling part and the machine part of the ground milling machine.
Bomag Gmbh


Fastening device and system

A fastening device includes a base member having a plurality of apertures, wherein the apertures are spaced apart substantially the same distance; and a plurality of nut receiver coupled to the base member at the apertures, wherein the nut receiver includes an alignment member having an aperture corresponding to the aperture of the base member, and a side member, wherein the side member is coupled between the base member and the alignment member. The nut receiver includes an opening between the base member and alignment member to removably receive a nut therein.


Retainer for a rolling bearing

A fastening device for a rolling bearing includes a bearing mounting portion disposed at an end of a motor housing, a rolling bearing received in the mounting portion, and a retainer ring disposed between an inner peripheral surface of the mounting portion and a peripheral surface of an outer ring of the rolling bearing. The rolling bearing is fastened to the motor housing by the retainer ring.
Johnson Electric S.a.


Washer liquid heating apparatus integrated into washer reservoir

A washer liquid heating apparatus integrated into a reservoir may include a plate-type heater that may be installed in a hole of the reservoir to heat a washer liquid within the reservoir, a protect cover that may be assembled into the reservoir to surround the heater, and a fastening device for fixing the heater and the protect cover to the reservoir, wherein the plate-type heater may be fixed to be exposed to an inside of the reservoir through the hole such that a heating surface where heating may be performed heats the washer liquid within the reservoir.. .
Denso Korea Automotive Corporation


Motor vehicle with a storage bag for a bicycle

A storage bag for a motor vehicle is disclosed for stowing a bicycle inside an accommodation space bounded by the storage bag within the vehicle. The storage bag includes a bag with an opening for introducing and removing a bicycle through the opening, and at least one fastening device for attaching the bag to the motor vehicle..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Optical fiber fastening device

An optical fiber fastening device holds an optical fiber which includes a core and a cladding layer surrounding the core. The cladding layer includes strips peeled from the core.
Hon Hai Precison Industry Co., Ltd.


Method for assembling optical fiber connector

A method for assembling an optical fiber connector is disclosed. According to the method, an optical fiber including strips is provided.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Power tool drive mechanism

A cantilevered flywheel for a motor having an inner rotor. A power tool having an electric motor which drives a cantilevered flywheel.
Black & Decker Inc.


Arm immobilization apparatus

An arm immobilization apparatus may at least partially envelope both a patient's torso and the patient's injured arm. The apparatus may include a front flap configured to cover the injured arm and secure it against the patient's torso using at least one fastening device.


Systems and methods for customizable, embellishments

A fastening device according to various aspects of the present technology is configured to provide a mounting system for allowing various articles to be selectively customized with an embellishment. The fastening device may comprise a frame and top portion having through holes to attach a removable decorative accessory to a backing element.
Tizzi, Inc.


Counterweight assembly

A counterweight assembly includes a tubular grip shaft attached to a golf club, a bearing member mounted in the tubular grip shaft and having a first fastening device, a locating member having a second fastening device fastened to the first fastening device of the bearing member, and a counterweight having an outer thread threaded into an inner thread in the locating member. Through the relative arrangement of the bearing member, locating member and counterweight of the counterweight assembly, every user can replace the counterweight to adjust the overall weight of the golf club for best fit for swinging.
High Cedar Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Devices, systems, and methods for securing a component to a surface

Devices, systems, and methods for securing a component to a surface are disclosed. The fastening device can include a base member having a threaded projection extending from a base plate.
Sunrun South Llc


Bidet spray

A bidet spray includes a fastening device for fastening the bidet spray to an associated water closet (wc) bowl, wherein the fastening device includes two openings. Also provided are a valve and a nozzle, which is connected to the valve by a pipe.
Carsten Willers Consulting Gmbh


Fastening device for sealing a fluid product reservoir

The fastener device being characterized in that the peripheral skirt (21) forms vertical blades (22) that are separated by axial slots (23), the blocking hoop (3) forming vertical branches (33) that are arranged in the axial slots (23) between two vertical blades (22), in the final mounted position.. .


Roof rail retainer, roof rail assembly, and vehicle having the roof rail assembly

A roof rail retainer with an adapter component, has a fastening apparatus for mounting on a roof of a vehicle and a fastening device for mounting a roof rail of the vehicle. The fastening apparatus has a bolt element which is preferably provided with a thread and is surrounded by a compressible sealing ring.
Hans Und Ottmar Binder Gmbh & Co. Kg


Support device for electronic display units

A support device for an electronic display unit includes a holding device for holding an electronic display unit on the support device, and a fastening device for fastening the support device onto a user's head. The support device is foldable and designed so as to be able to assume at least two operating states.
I-mmersive Ug (haftungsbeschränkt)


Fastening device for fixing a cable

fastening device for fixing at least one cable, wherein the fastening device includes a clip for receiving and/or fixing a cable, wherein the clip is designed such that it can at least partially surround the cable and clamp the cable in a force-fitting and/or interlocking manner, and wherein the fastening device has a fixing element which includes a guide element and a retaining element, wherein the guide element is mechanically connected to the clip, and the retaining element is designed such that it allows the fastening device to be mounted in a fixed position, wherein the guide element is mounted in the clip in a mount which at least partially surrounds the clip in respect of its casing surface.. .
Continental Teves Ag & Co. Ohg


Lacrosse stick head fastening fitting lacrosse stick with same

A lacrosse stick head fastening system is disclosed that prevents loosening of a lacrosse stick head from a lacrosse stick shaft. The lacrosse stick head fastening system generally includes a fastener body that is located in a head fastening end of a lacrosse stick shaft.
W. Mcjames, Llc


Alternating compression pelvic trauma binder

The present disclosure is generally directed to systems, devices, and methods for compressing the pelvis with alternating pressurized/depressurized air/fluid chambers by encircling the hip region of the patient. In some examples, a device may be applied to a person with a traumatic pelvic injury.


Fastening device

A fastening device is disclosed. The fastening device has a vertical protrusion for fastening.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions ( Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

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