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This page is updated frequently with new Factor-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Factor-related patents
 Quantum dot solar cell performance with a metal salt treatment patent thumbnailQuantum dot solar cell performance with a metal salt treatment
The performance of lead sulfide quantum dot (qd) photovoltaic cells is improved by exposing a qd layer to a solution containing metal salts after the synthesis of the qds is completed. The halide ions from the salt solution passivate surface lead (pb) sites and alkali metal ions mend pb vacancies.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Bridge lines for powering a small form factor oled display device patent thumbnailBridge lines for powering a small form factor oled display device
An organic light emitting diode (oled) display device includes a substrate including a circular arc portion and a driving circuit connecting portion connected to the top of the circular arc portion. The circular arc portion is substantially circular around a center point.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

 Directional optical receiver patent thumbnailDirectional optical receiver
An optical phased array (opa) receiver selectively detects, measures and differentiates between the amplitudes and directions of signals received from different directions. Because the opa changes the direction that it looks toward electronically and without the use of any mechanical movements, the opa is fast, has an enhanced sensitivity, and can be used in a wide variety applications, such as lens-free imaging systems.
California Institute Of Technology

 Measurement of fgf21 as a biomarker of fructose metabolism and metabolic disease patent thumbnailMeasurement of fgf21 as a biomarker of fructose metabolism and metabolic disease
The invention provides, inter alia, methods of monitoring the fructose response of a subject by determining the level of fibroblast growth factor 21 (fgf21) gene expression product in a biological sample (such as a serum sample) from the subject, where the subject was previously administered a fructose bolus. The invention also provides methods of monitoring the response of a subject to a treatment for a disorder of metabolism, for discriminating fructose intolerance from other gastrointestinal disorders not associated with fructose intolerance, for identifying a subject at risk for developing a disorder of metabolism, as well as methods of treatment for a disorder of metabolism..
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Inc.

 Elisa for vegf patent thumbnailElisa for vegf
The vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) activity in a patient's bloodstream or other biological sample can serve as a diagnostic and prognostic index for cancer, diabetes, heart conditions, and other pathologies. Antibody-sandwich elisa methods and kits for vegf as an antigen are provided to detect types of vegf levels in biological samples from animal models and human patients and can be used as a diagnostic/prognostic index..
Genentech, Inc.

 Methods of measuring adamts 13-mediated in vivo cleavage of von willebrand factor and uses thereof patent thumbnailMethods of measuring adamts 13-mediated in vivo cleavage of von willebrand factor and uses thereof
The invention generally relates to methods of measuring cleaved von willebrand factor (vwf) fragments. More specifically, the invention relates to methods of measuring the ability of a disintegrin and metalloproteinase with a thrombospondin type 1 motif, member 13 (adamts13) to cleave vwf in vivo.
Baxter Healthcare Sa

 Multifactorial hydrogen reactor patent thumbnailMultifactorial hydrogen reactor
The present application provides a device for generating hydrogen gas having a plurality of discharge electrode pairs, at least a first oxidation element and a second oxidation element, and at least one electrolysis electrode pair. The at least one electrolysis electrode pair is configured to perform electrolysis by flowing an electric current through the water and using heat generated by the oxidation of the first and second oxidation elements..
Solar Hydrogen Holdings, Inc.

 Detection and classification of an anticoagulant using a clotting assay patent thumbnailDetection and classification of an anticoagulant using a clotting assay
In some embodiments, the invention provides methods for detecting and/or classifying an anticoagulant at a therapeutically relevant amount or higher in a patient, including subjecting a sample of a control blood component (known not to contain the anticoagulant) to a clotting assay in the presence of a factor xa reagent to obtain a control clotting measurement; and subjecting a sample of a blood component from a patient suspected of having the anticoagulant to the clotting assay in the presence of the factor xa reagent to obtain a patient clotting measurement, wherein the patient clotting measurement sample greater than the control clotting measurement indicates the presence of the anticoagulant at a therapeutically relevant amount or higher in the patient. In some embodiments, the invention includes methods for classifying an anticoagulant as an anti-factor xa or a direct thrombin inhibitor anticoagulant using a clotting assay in the presence of an ecarin reagent..
Haemonetics Corporation

 Glycosylated vegf decoy receptor fusion protein patent thumbnailGlycosylated vegf decoy receptor fusion protein
The present application describes an isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding a polypeptide capable of synchronously binding vegf polypeptide and placenta growth factor (pigf) polypeptide comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding a vegfr1 component.. .
Korea Advanced Institute Of Science And Technology (kaist)

 Differentiation-inducing culture medium additive and use thereof patent thumbnailDifferentiation-inducing culture medium additive and use thereof
Provided is a differentiation-inducing culture medium additive for inducing bone differentiation of at least one type of cell selected from the group consisting of a stem cell, a dental pulp cell, a periodontal ligament cell, a placenta, an amnion, and a fibroblast under a serum-free condition, and a use of the differentiation-inducing culture medium additive. The differentiation-inducing culture medium additive of the present invention for inducing differentiation of a stem cell under a serum-free condition at least contains at least one growth factor selected from the group consisting of egf, fgf, and pdgf; dexamethasone; and β-glycerophosphate.
Two Cells Co., Ltd.


Compositions and methods for growth factor modulation

Provided herein are proteins, antibodies, assays and methods useful for modulating growth factor levels and/or activities. In some embodiments, such growth factors are members of the tgf-β superfamily of proteins..
Scholar Rock, Inc.


Methods for treating osteogenesis imperfecta

The present invention provides methods for treating and improving the symptoms of osteogenesis imperfecta (oi) in a subject by administering to the subject a therapeutically effective amount of a binding agent that binds to transforming growth factor beta (tgfβ).. .
Baylor College Of Medicine


Variant factor viii polypeptides and methods of their production and use

This disclosure relates to variant factor viii polypeptides comprising an amino acid substitution at one or more positions within one or both of the thrombin cleavage site and the activation loop. In certain embodiments, the variant factor viii polypeptide comprises one or more amino acid substitutions within both the thrombin cleavage site and the activation loop.
Bayer Healthcare Llc


Methods and compositions useful in manipulating the stability of re1 silencing transcription factor

Disclosed are methods of screening for compounds that promote rest degradation by inhibiting the activity of the cdtsp1 phosphorylase including fluorescent and antibody based screens. Also disclosed are peptides that promote rest stabilization as well as antibodies that recognize rest phosphorylated at serine 861 and serine 864..
Oregon Health & Science University


Curcumin analogues as zinc chelators and their uses

Wherein α, β, x, y, and r1-r11 are defined herein. This invention also provides a pharmaceutical composition comprising the above compounds, a method of inhibiting the activity and/or levels of a matrix metalloproteinase (mmp), a method of inhibiting the production of a cytokine in a population of cells, a method of inhibiting the production of a growth factor in a population of cells, and a method of inhibiting nfκ-b activation in a population of cells..


Method for preserving and stabilising proteins, which can be used for industrial development of formulations of sanitary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products

A method for preserving and stabilising proteins is disclosed which can be used for the industrial development of formulations of sanitary, pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, particularly cell growth factors and/or proteins such as epidermal growth factor (egf) and fibroblast growth factor (bfgf). The method includes a dispersion phase, under normal pressure and temperature conditions, in which the proteins are incorporated into an anhydrous medium formed by oily components that have hydrophilic residues and that guarantee interactions with the proteins, while maintaining the native conformation of the proteins, such components being grape seed oil, a base of different components and butylhydroxytoluene..
Sani-red, S.l.


Targeted elimination of factor viii immune cells

This disclosure relates to composition and methods for improving blood clotting in a subject that developed anti-factor viii antibodies. In certain embodiments, this disclosure contemplates a conjugate comprising a toxin, e.g., ricin, abrin, saporin, coupled to factor viii or functional variant thereof either through a linking group or as a fusion protein..
Emory University


Recombinant factor viii formulations

Provided are liquid and lyophilized recombinant factor viii formulations, including formulations for polymer-conjugated fviii such as pegylated factor viii.. .
Bayer Healthcare Llc


Therapeutic agents comprising elastin-like peptides

The present invention provides therapeutic agents and compositions comprising elastin-like peptides (elps) and therapeutic proteins. In some embodiments, the therapeutic protein is a glp-1 receptor agonist, insulin, or factor vii/viia, including functional analogs.
Duke University


Compositions and methods of using (r)-pramipexole

Pharmaceutical compositions of (r)-pramipexole and one or more secondary therapeutic agents such as, for example, dopamine agonists, dopaminergic agonists, comt inhibitors, moa inhibitors, excitatory amino acid antagonists, growth factors, neurotrophic factors, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, immunomodulators, anti-glutamatergics, ion channel blockers, α-amino-3-hydroxy-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionic acid (ampa) receptor antagonists, heat shock protein inducers/protein disaggregators and downregulators, monoamine oxidase type b (moab) inhibitors, multi-target agents, kinase inhibitors, bcl inducers, histone deacetylase (hdac) mediators, glial modulators, mitochondrial energy promoting agents, myostatin inhibitors, caspase inhibitors and combinations thereof or those related to mitochondrial dysfunction or increased oxidative stress are disclosed.. .
Knopp Biosciences Llc


Device of crest factor reduction

The present disclosure provides a device (300) of crest factor reduction for a multi-carrier signal. The device (300) includes: a peak detector (320) adapted to receive a sampled representation of the multi-carrier signal, detect a peak from the sampled representation and obtain a value and a time domain location of a cancellation peak for cancelling the peak; a plurality of peak cancellation signal generators (330) each corresponding to a carrier of the multi-carrier signal and adapted to generate a peak cancellation signal within a frequency band of its corresponding carrier based on the value and time domain location of the cancellation peak; and a subtractor (350) adapted to subtract the peak cancellation signals from the sampled representation after being delayed.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Multi-lane n-factorial (n!) and other multi-wire communication systems

System, methods and apparatus are described that facilitate communication of data over a multi-wire data communications link, particularly between two devices within an electronic apparatus. A receiving device receives a sequence of symbols over a multi-wire link.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Power sharing lines for powering a small form factor oled display device

An organic light emitting diode (oled) display device includes a substrate including a circular arc portion and a driving circuit connecting portion connected to the top of the circular arc portion. A circular display area is formed in the circular arc portion.
Lg Display Co., Ltd.


System, computer-implemented method, and non-trnsitory, computer-readable medium to determine relative market value of a sale group of livestock based on genetic merit and other non-genetic factors

Systems, computer-readable medium having computer program, and related computer implemented methods are provided to determine the relative market value of a sale group and to generate a genetic merit scorecard. Such systems, computer-readable medium having computer program, and related computer implemented methods utilize the genetic merit estimates of relatives of a sale group, along with associated economic weighting factors to determine the relative market value of the sale group.
Leachman Cattle Of Colorado, Llc


Transformation weighted indexes offering concentrated multi-risk factor exposure

Computer-based systems, software, and computer-implemented methods for creating an index of securities based upon various data transformations of risk factor metrics regarding entities or securities associated with the entities and weighting each index member in proportion to its combined transformed weighting value.. .
Factor Technologies Inc.


Use of urinary protein biomarkers to distinguish between neoplastic and non-neoplastic disease of the prostate

The disclosure provides methods to facilitate the diagnosis of prostate cancer. In particular, the methods disclosed herein can be used to distinguish prostate cancer from benign prostatic hyperplasia.
The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.


Point of care analytical processing system

A point of care testing system includes a reader having an incubator disposed within a reader housing, the incubator having a rotor supported for rotation and having a plurality of circumferentially disposed slots. A drive mechanism is configured to rotate the rotor about a center axis a plurality of analytical test elements are sized for fitting in the slots of the incubator either manually or on demand.
Ortho-clinical Diagnostics, Inc.


Maize stress related transcription factor 18 and uses thereof

A truncated stress-responsive transcription factor can be overexpressed without causing unfavorable pleiotropic effects. The truncation may result in deletion of a nuclear localization signal.
Pioneer Hi-bred International Inc.


Method for preparing a concentrate of factor xi

The invention concerns a concentrate of human factor xi having high specific activity prepared using a method comprising a filtration-adsorption step and a chromatography step on cation exchange resin. The concentrate obtained is fully adapted for therapeutic use as substitution therapy in cases of factor xi deficiency..
Laboratoire Francais Du Fractionnement Et Des Biotechnologies


Thrombin sensitive coagulation factor x molecules

The present invention relates to thrombin sensitive coagulation factor x (fx), as well as use thereof in medicine. In particular the invention relates to fx molecules comprising 2 to 10 amino acid modifications in the activation peptide n-terminally of the fx “ivgg” motif as well as compositions comprising such molecules and use thereof.
Novo Nordisk A/s


Method of treating eye disease using glycosylated vegf decoy receptor fusion protein

The present application describes an isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding a polypeptide capable of synchronously binding vegf polypeptide and placenta growth factor (pigf) polypeptide comprising a nucleotide sequence encoding a vegfr1 component.. .
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital


Human monoclonal antibodies that bind insulin-like growth factor (igf) i and ii

Disclosed herein are human monoclonal antibodies that specifically bind both igf-i and igf-ii with picomolar affinity and potently inhibit the igf-ir signal transduction function. These antibodies are active in both an igg and a scfv format.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Department Of Health And Human


Connective tissue growth factor antibodies

The present invention relates to antibodies that bind to ctgf. The antibodies are particularly directed to regions of ctgf involved in biological activities associated with fibrosis.
Fibrogen, Inc.


Purification of vwf

The present invention provides a method of purifying multimeric von willebrand factor (vwf) from a solution comprising multimeric vwf and contaminants. The method comprises passing the solution through a chromatography column comprising beads of a mixed mode chromatography resin coated with a size-exclusion inactive shell and collecting the multimeric vwf which passes through the column without binding to the resin..
Csl Limited


Novel epitope for switching to th1 cell and use thereof

The present invention relates to a novel epitope that converts t cell to type 1 helper t (th1) cell. Specifically, the present invention relates to an epitope constituting the 56th to 65th amino acids (seq id no.2) of extracellular domain (ecd) of activation-inducible tumor necrosis factor receptor (aitr), an antibody recognizing the epitope, a polynucleotide encoding the epitope, a polynucleotide encoding the antibody, an expression vector comprising the polynucleotide encoding the epitope or antibody, a transformant introduced with the vector, a composition comprising the antibody for converting t cell to th1 cell and a method for converting t cell to th1 cell, a pharmaceutical composition comprising the antibody for preventing or treating cancer, a method for treating cancer using the antibody, a composition comprising the antibody for enhancing immunity, and a method for enhancing immunity using the antibody..


Methods of promoting cardiac repair using growth factors fused to heparin binding sequences

The present invention is directed to proteins in which a heparin binding peptide is fused to a growth factor that promotes cell growth and survival. The compound thus formed is bound to the surface of cells which are then administered to damaged tissue.
The Brigham And Women's Hospital, Inc.


Semi-synthetic mithramycin derivatives with anti-cancer activity

Mithramycin derivatives and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts are disclosed. The mithramycin derivatives can be used in the treatment of ewing sarcoma or other cancer or neuro-disease associated with an aberrant erythroblast transformation-specific transcription factor..
University Of Kentucky Research Foundation


Compositions and methods relating to heat shock transcription factor activating compounds and targets thereof

The present invention relates to hsf activating compounds, methods for their discovery, and their research and therapeutic uses, as well as pharmaceutically acceptable salts, solvates, chelates, non-covalent complexes, prodrugs, mixtures (including both r and s enantiomeric forms and racemic mixtures thereof), and pharmaceutical formulations thereof. In particular, the present invention provides compounds capable of facilitating hsf1 homotrimerization, and methods of using such compounds as therapeutic agents to treat a number of conditions associated with irregular hsf1 activity..
Chaperone Therapeutics, Inc.


Method and system for controlling the flight of an aircraft

The system comprises at least one lift generator element that is able to modify directly the lift of the aircraft and means for defining a deflection instruction upon actuation by a pilot of the aircraft of a control column of the aircraft generating a vertical load factor control value and applying it to an elevator and simultaneously defining a command instruction and applying it to the lift generator element to generate a direct lift.. .
Airbus Operations S.a.s.


Methods and compositions for treating hemophilia b

Disclosed herein are methods and compositions for insertion of factor ix (fix) sequences into the genome of a cell for treating hemophilia b.. .
The Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia


Activators of cxcr3 for the treatment of angiopathies of the eye

The present disclosure describes methods of treating angiogenic disorders of the eye, such as macular degeneration, restenosis following glaucoma treatment or diabetic retinopathy, by administering an activator of c-x-c chemokine receptor 3 (cxcr3). In some embodiments, the activator of cxcr3 is interferon-γ-inducible 10 kda protein (ip-10) or a fragment or variant thereof, such as a fragment comprising or consisting of the c-terminal α-helix of ip-10.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education


Methods for promoting wound healing and hair growth

The present invention generally relates to uses of glial cell line-derived growth factor (gdnf) in cutaneous wound healing and hair growth. Methods of effecting hair growth and/or wound healing which feature administration of gdnf, or a biologically active fragment thereof, to subjects, e.g., human subject, are disclosed herein.
The Jackson Laboratory


Plant extracts with anti-diabetic and other useful activities

This invention relates to plant extracts containing nutritionally beneficial or medicinally active compounds. Some of these extracts, or the purified compounds contained therein, may be used for the nutritional support, prevention, treatment, or possible cure of various metabolic and other diseases and disorders in human beings and animals, including type 1 and type 2 diabetes, by regulating insulin signaling.
Hmi Medical Innovations, Llc


Solid forms of an epidermal growth factor receptor kinase inhibitor

The present invention provides a solid form and compositions thereof, which are useful as an inhibitor of egfr kinases and which exhibit desirable characteristics for the same.. .
Celgene Avilomics Research, Inc.


Treatment of insulin resistance associated with prolonged physical inactivity

Insulin resistance biomarkers and related methods of using the biomarkers are provided. The biomarkers may be blood biomarkers and include c-peptide, insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 2 (igfbp-2), and leptin.
Abbott Laboratories


Method for treating a pulmonary disease state in mammals by up regulating indigenous in vivo levels of inflammatory agents in mammalian cells

The present invention provides novel methods for treating a pulmonary disease state in mammals by up-regulating indigenous in vivo levels of an inflammatory agent in mammalian cells comprising contacting the mammalian cells with a therapeutically effective amount of an inflammatory regulator and a pharmaceutical agent. The inflammatory agent is selected from the group consisting of cytokines, transforming growth factor-β, elastase, and white blood cells, and wherein the inflammatory regulator is selected from the group consisting of pyruvates and pyruvate precursors.


System and integrating participant biometrics within an event timing system

A system and method for collecting biometric data from a participant in an event including a sensor positioned on the participant for sensing a current biometric factor of the participant, the sensor including an interface for communicating the sensed current value of the biometric factor, a biometric data collector communicatively coupled to the sensor for receiving the current sensed biometric factor value as biometric data and further communicatively coupled to an rfid tag, and the rfid tag receive the biometric data from the collector and transmitting the received biometric data to an rfid tag reader responsive to a tag read from the tag reader. The system and method can also include the rfid tag reader and the timing system support for the biometric data communication, analysis and reporting..
Innovative Timing Systems Llc


Integrated miniature pifa with artificial magnetic conductor metamaterials

Integrated antenna structures described herein may include planar inverted-f antennas (pifas) integrated with artificial magnetic conductor (amc) metamaterials. The integrated metamaterial operatively coupled with the pifa may function as an artificial magnetic reflector, sending all the energy radiated upwards, and thereby changing the original omnidirectional radiation pattern of the pifa to a directional radiation pattern.
Energous Corporation


Integrated antenna structure arrays for wireless power transmission

A plurality of integrated antenna structures described herein may be formed in a flat panel antenna arrays which may be arranged in equally spaced grid and may be used in transmitters for sending focused rf waves towards a receiver for wireless power charging or powering. Each of the integrated antenna structures may include planar inverted-f antennas (pifas) integrated with artificial magnetic conductor (amc) metamaterials.
Energous Corporation


Quick connect interface

A quick connect adaptor for conveying data signals and power from a first electronic module to a second electronic module, where the two modules are detachable at the connector. The connector includes a bi-directionally connectable interface between a first male body part and a second female body part, wherein the parts may be coupled in either a right-handed or left-handed orientation relative to the long axis of the body, eliminating the need for checking alignment when making a connection.


Lens assemblies and actuators for optical systems and methods therefor

An optical zoom in a small form factor suitable for use in mobile devices such as cell phones, security cameras, and other small-scale imaging systems. One or more alvarez lens pairs are provided, and moved transversely to the optical axis.
Dynaoptics Pte Ltd, A Singapore Private Limited Company


Transcription factors

The invention provides polynucleotide sequences isolated from plants encoding transcription factors. Polypeptides encoded by the polynucleotides are also provided.
Arborgen Inc.


Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of factor vii gene

The invention relates to a double-stranded ribonucleic acid (dsrna) for inhibiting the expression of the factor vii gene.. .
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Cell culture media composition and methods of producing thereof

A serum free cell culture media, wherein the media is adapted to be conditioned by culturing a first set of eukaryotic cells in the media, wherein the first set of eukaryotic cells use an expression vector to excrete levels of desired complex proteins into the media; wherein said desired complex proteins include human growth hormone (hgh), growth hormone-like growth factors, insulin-like growth factors, insulin, modified insulins, cytokines, mitogenic proteases and mixtures thereof; and wherein the media is adapted to grow a set of eukaryotic cells.. .
Neuclone Biologics Pty Ltd


Epidermal growth factor receptor antibody

Provided are an improved egfr antibody or a functional segment thereof, comprising an engineered heavy chain and light chain. Specifically, the antibody is an engineered whole human-source monoclonal antibody.
Genrix (shanghai) Biopharmacertical Co., Ltd.


Stabilized formulations containing anti-ngf antibodies

The present invention provides pharmaceutical formulations comprising a human antibody that specifically binds to human nerve growth factor (hngf). The formulations may contain, in addition to an anti-hngf antibody, at least one non-ionic surfactant, at least one sugar, and acetate.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Hybridoma clones and monoclonal antibodies to fibroblast growth factor 4

The present invention is directed to a monoclonal antibody that recognizes human fgfr4 in its native form. The invention is also directed to a hybridoma cell line that produces the monoclonal antibody and methods of use thereof..
The Translational Genomics Research Institute


Engineered anti-tgf-beta antibodies and antigen-binding fragments

Antibodies or antigen-binding fragments thereof are engineered to bind transforming growth factor-β (tgfβ). Tgfβ-isoform selective antibodies or antigen-binding fragments thereof may selectively bind human tgfβ1, compared to human tgfβ2 and human tgfβ3, or may selectively bind human tgfβ3, compared to human tgfβ1 and human tgfβ2.
Genzyme Corporation


Positive and negative extraction device and extraction method

Provided is a pressure-cycling type of extraction device comprising: an extraction unit for accommodating and extracting an extraction target substance; a compression unit for increasing the pressure inside the extraction unit; and a decompression unit for decreasing the pressure inside the extraction unit; wherein the pressure inside the extraction unit is increased and decreased by alternately operating the compression unit and the decompression unit, and the extraction unit comprises a bubbling nozzle for supplying bubbles into the extraction target substance. Further provided is a pressure-cycling type of extraction method in which a compression process and a decompression process are carried out alternately, and compositions produced by the method.
Amorepacific Corporation


Intranasal administration of guanidinylated aminoglycosides

This disclosure relates to intranasal administration of conjugates comprising guanidinylated aminoglycosides (“guanidinoglycosides”) and a polypeptide (e.g., an enzyme, antibody, or polypeptide growth factor). For example, such administration methods are useful for delivering a polypeptide to the brain and/or cerebrospinal fluid.
Regents Of The University Of California


Modulation of factor xa inhibitor mediated blood loss by partial and transient administration of antidote

The present disclosure provides unit dose formulations and methods to reduce, stop or prevent bleeding in a patient undergoing anticoagulant therapy with a factor xa inhibitor. The methods entail at least partial neutralization of the factor xa inhibitors.
Portola Pharmacueticals, Inc.


Immunomodulating tumor necrosis factor receptor 25 (tnfr25) agonists, antagonists, and immunotoxins

This document provides novel compositions and methods utilizing immunomodulating agents that can stimulate or indirectly augment the immune system, or can have an immunosuppressive effect. Tnfr25 agonists disclosed herein have an anti-inflammatory and healing effect.
University Of Miami


Compositions and methods for treating cancer and diseases and conditions responsive to cell growth inhibition

In alternative embodiments, the invention provides compositions and methods for overcoming or diminishing or preventing growth factor inhibitor resistance in a cell, or, a method for increasing the growth-inhibiting effectiveness of a growth factor inhibitor on a cell, or, a method for re-sensitizing a cell to a growth factor inhibitor, comprising for example, administration of a combination of a tbk1 inhibitor and an rtk inhibitor. In alternative embodiments, the cell is a tumor cell, a cancer cell or a dysfunctional cell.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Affinity medicant conjugate

In an embodiment of the invention, a composition for treating a cell population comprises an affinity medicant conjugate (amc). The medicant moiety can be a toxin including an acylfulvene or a drug moiety.
Af Chemicals, Llc


Devices, detecting a bilateral differential in olfactory detection threshold for pure odorants

The present system is directed in various embodiments to devices, systems and methods for detection, evaluation and/or monitoring olfactory dysfunction by measuring and determining the patient's olfactory detection threshold for the left and the right nostril. More specifically, the present invention relates to devices, systems and methods for detecting an asymmetric differential in a patient's olfactory detection threshold (left vs right nostril) which, when present, may be used as a tool to screen, detect, diagnose and/or monitor relative olfactory deterioration resulting from alzheimer's disease.
Inspired Technologies, Inc.


Form factors for the multi-modal physiological assessment of brain health

A multi-modal physiological assessment device and method enables the simultaneous recording and then subsequent analysis of multiple data streams of biological signal measurements to assess the health and function of the brain. The multi-modal assessment system includes at least one channel of eeg brainwave data in combination with cognitive information that provide a two-dimensional data stream of (x(t), y(t)) of cognitive information; voice recordings; motion, position, and stability data; galvanic skin conductance; temperature of the subject; pulse-oximetry data, cerebral blood perfusion data, vaso-motor reactivity data, and the like.
Cerora, Inc.


Implantable micro-fluidic device for monitoring of intra-ocular pressure

Glaucoma is the second most common cause of blindness in the global world. It is a multifactorial disease with several risk factors, of which intraocular pressure (iop) is the most important.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Handheld communication device with a multi-electroacousitc transducer configuration and a reduced form factor

Systems (300) and methods (1100) for providing audio output from a handheld communication device (“cd”). The methods comprise: receiving an audio signal at cd; and dividing the audio signal into a first audio signal with a first frequency bandwidth and a second audio signal with a second frequency bandwidth exclusive of and lower than the first frequency bandwidth.
Harris Corporation


Methods and compact series linear actuators

Serial linear actuators that are compact in size and can operate at high speeds with reduced failure rates. The disclosed linear actuators may be used in sub micron positioning applications such as, for example, in semiconductor or biotechnology scanning applications.
Systems, Machines, Automation Components Corporation


System and cognitive and sensory stimulation

A system and method for cognitive and sensory stimulation, which facilitates the personalised and coordinated stimulation of users at a sensory and cognitive level, in order to prevent any type of dementia or pathology, or any type of dementia developed with normal or pathological ageing, said system comprising a processing unit in data communication with display means, at least one user interface and sensory stimulation means, the processing unit being configured to store and manage a plurality of operating sequences from the sensory stimulation means based on a number of signals received from the user interface and cognitive and/or sensory interaction with a user, in which the sensory stimulation means are configured to stimulate at least one visual, tactile, olfactory or sound field, or a combination thereof, of the user.. .
Neurobai, S.l.


Methods and systems for addressing convexity in automated valuation of financial contracts

Methods and systems for addressing convexity in automated valuation of financial contracts comprising payment functions are provided. The absence of convexity in a payment function may be detected and, where an absence of convexity is determined, the payment function based on an intrinsic value of the payment function may be valuated.
Financialcad Corporation


System and securing an input/output port using shape memory alloys in a locking mechanism

Described herein are systems and methods for securing and regulating access to physical input/output (“i/o”) ports on a computing or network device. Novel devices and methods for physically securing an i/o port using a memory shape alloy is disclosed.
Portal Locks, Llc


Device characteristics detection and emulation

A system and method for facilitating characterizing a computing device or representation thereof. An example method includes obtaining information associated with a computing device that will be rendering a user interface display screen; providing a user option to adjust the information; and displaying the user interface display screen in accordance with adjusted information.
Oracle International Corporation


Analysis of direct factor xa inhibitors

The present invention relates to a method for detecting at least one direct factor xa inhibitor in a sample other than citrate plasma, comprising the step of mixing a sample containing a factor xa inhibitor with a composition containing factor xa under conditions which allow the factor xa to release a detectable substance from a chromogenic substrate.. .
Ruprecht-karls-universitÄt Heidelberg


Diagnosis and therapy of chronic inflammation-induced disorders

Methods and compositions for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic inflammation (obesity)-induced disorders such as insulin resistance, diabetes, cancer and various metabolic disorders, are provided. The methods and compositions detect both full-blown disease and early stage disease by detecting proteolysis, by neutrophil proteases, of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 (igfbp3).
Virginia Commonwealth University

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