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Tissue engineering device and construction of vascularized dermis

Date/App# patent app List of recent Factor-related patents
 Method and system for processing data relating to determining subrogation recovery patent thumbnailMethod and system for processing data relating to determining subrogation recovery
A method for identifying select ones of insurance records which possess a favorable subrogation potential. The method includes receiving data indicative of a plurality of claims; automatically calculating a base score to identify select ones of the claims which demonstrate at least a given probability of expected subrogation recovery dependently upon the received data; automatically identifying risk factors for each of the select claims; and, automatically scoring each of the select claims dependently upon the base scores and identified risk factors to provide a value indicative of an expected subrogation recovery..
 Tissue engineering device and construction of vascularized dermis patent thumbnailTissue engineering device and construction of vascularized dermis
An inkjet printing method, system, and computer-usable tangible storage device to print cells and biomaterials for three-dimensional cellular scaffolds and engineered skin grafts are disclosed. The process simultaneously deposits living cells, nutrients, growth factors, therapeutic drugs along with biomaterial scaffolds at the right time and location.
 Production of oil in vegetative tissues patent thumbnailProduction of oil in vegetative tissues
The present invention relates to compositions and methods for providing rna interference (rnai) vectors comprising trigalactosyldiacylglycerol (tgd) biosynthesis enzyme constructs for increasing oil content of plants. Further, the use of tgd rnai silencing vectors in combination with co-expression of heterologous oil regulating transcription factors, such as wrinkled1, are contemplated to overcome the reduced growth and variable levels of embryonic lethality in plants with reduced tgd protein.
 Compositions of protein receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors patent thumbnailCompositions of protein receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors
The present invention relates to novel synthetic substituted heterocyclic compounds and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same that are capable of inhibiting or antagonizing a family of receptor tyrosine kinases, tropomysosin related kinases (trk), in particular the nerve growth factor (ngf) receptor, trka. The invention further concerns the use of such compounds in the treatment and/or prevention of pain, cancer, restenosis, atherosclerosis, psoriasis, thrombosis, or a disease, disorder or injury relating to dysmyelination or demyelination or the disease or disorder associated with abnormal activities of ngf receptor trka..
 Post procedure skin care gel and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailPost procedure skin care gel and methods of use thereof
Compositions and methods are provided for a post-procedure care following the treatment of skin with cosmetic skin resurfacing treatments, which include without limitation a variety of laser treatments, chemical peeling and dermabrasion, by applying a silicone-based gel formulation in combination with therapeutic peptides. Peptides of interest include one or more of transforming growth factor, epidermal growth factor, and basic fibroblast growth factor.
 Fibroblast growth factor 21 proteins patent thumbnailFibroblast growth factor 21 proteins
This present invention relates to pharmacologically potent and stable human fibroblast growth factor 21 (fgf21) proteins, pharmaceutical compositions comprising fgf21 proteins, and methods for treating type 2 diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia, and/or metabolic syndrome using such proteins.. .
 Non-invasive methods to determine vulnerable plaque burden in subjects patent thumbnailNon-invasive methods to determine vulnerable plaque burden in subjects
Methods, kits, and systems for determining vulnerable plaque burden in a subject. The methods involve measuring an amount of at least one biomarker in a blood sample from the subject, wherein the at least one biomarker is selected from the group consisting of vascular endothelial growth factor-a (vegf), cardiac troponin i (ctni), and matrix metalloproteinase-9 (mmp-9).
 Methods and diets to protect against chemotoxicity and age related illnesses patent thumbnailMethods and diets to protect against chemotoxicity and age related illnesses
A method of improving longevity and/or alleviating a symptom of aging or preventing age related diseases is provided. The method includes a step in which the subject's average and type of daily protein intake, igf-i, and igfbp1 levels, and risk factors for overall mortality, cancer and diabetes are determined.
 Device patent thumbnailDevice
The present invention relates to devices and related methods for treating fistulas such as anal or recto-vaginal fistulas, in particular by the use of a seton to secure a tissue growth promoter such as a growth factor and/or fibrin. The various devices are particularly suitable for positioning tissue growth promoters securely within a fistula.
 Compounds and methods for treating insulin resistance syndrome patent thumbnailCompounds and methods for treating insulin resistance syndrome
The present invention relates to a method of treating or preventing insulin resistance syndrome in an animal body by administering an inhibitor of protein kinase rna-like endoplasmic reticulum kinase (perk) gene, or a functional variant thereof, or an inhibitor of perk protein or a functional variant thereof or a method of reducing activity of transcription factors of the foxo family (foxo 1, 3a, 4 and 6) by administering an inhibitor of protein kinase rna-like endoplasmic reticulum kinase (perk) gene, or a functional variant thereof, or an inhibitor of perk protein or a functional variant thereof. The present invention also relates to different compounds and methods for using perk gene or perk protein..
Use of fgfr1 extra cellular domain proteins to treat cancers characterized by ligand-dependent activating mutations in fgfr2
The present invention relates to the use of fibroblast growth factor receptor i (fgfr1) extracellular domain (ecd) polypeptides for treatment of cancers characterized by ligand dependent activating mutations in fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 (fgfr2). For example, the present invention relates to the treatment of endometrial cancers and other cancers wherein tumor cells express fgfr2 mutants in the igii-igiii hinge region or igiii domain of the protein, such as at amino acid positions 252 and/or 253..
Single ubiquitous device
A portable electronic device can act as a music player, gaming device and a smart phone combined. The device has multiple panels each with a display.
Method and apparatus for cleaning photomask handling surfaces
The cleaning device may clean the handling and support interface for a reticle inside a reticle handling tool, such as a micrographic scanner/stepper printer, without opening the tool. The cleaning device may have the same or approximate form factor as either a reticle without a pellicle or a reticle with a pellicle.
Small form factor magnetic shield for magnetorestrictive random access memory (mram)
Some implementations provide a die that includes a magnetoresistive random access memory (mram) cell array that includes several mram cells. The die also includes a first ferromagnetic layer positioned above the mram cell array, a second ferromagnetic layer positioned below the mram cell array, and several vias positioned around at least one mram cell.
Energy storage technology for demanded supply optimisation
A comburant gas supply system is provided for a combustion boiler/turbine of a thermal power plant, a combustion boiler/turbine system and a thermal power plant. The gas supply system has an air separation module to separate and output an oxygen rich gas from an input air supply; a comburant gas storage module fluidly connected to the output of the air separation module for storage in liquid state of separated oxygen rich gas; a comburant gas supply module to supply the oxygen rich gas to the combustion boiler selectively from the air separation system and/or the comburant gas storage system.
Genes that increase plant oil and method for using the same
This invention is intended to be used to search for a transcription factor having novel functions of increasing the weight of an individual plant, increasing the weight of a given tissue per individual plant, or improving the productivity of a given substance per individual plant and to improve such properties in the plant. The weight of an individual plant is increased, the weight of a given tissue per individual plant is increased, the productivity of a given substance per individual plant is improved, or the content of a given substance per given tissue of a plant is increased via expression of a transcription factor that has been modified to suppress transcription accelerating activity..
Risk factor engine that determines a user health score
A method for processing risk factors for a user is disclosed. The method may include receiving protocol data for creating a risk factor engine by an application stored and executed at a computing device.
Method for calculating continuation power flow of electric power system
A method for obtaining a continuous power flow of an electric power system is provided. The method comprises: establishing first power flow equations for pq buses, and establishing second power flow equations for pv buses; establishing power flow equations according to the first flow equations, the second power flow equations, and a voltage magnitude and a voltage phase of a balance bus; choosing a bus having a fastest voltage drop as a parameterization bus, and defining a parameterization variable according to a voltage magnitude of the parameterization bus and the load growth factor; defining an equality constraint equation according to the parameterization variable, and generating an extended power flow equation according to the equality constraint equation and the power flow equations; solving the extended power flow equation by a plurality of iterations to obtain a plurality of load summations; generating a p-v curve according to the plurality of load summations..
Factor viia inhibitor
The present invention relates to novel inhibitors of factors viia, ixa, xa, xia, in particular factor viia, pharmaceutical compositions comprising these inhibitors, and methods for using these inhibitors for treating or preventing thromboembolic disorders, cancer or rheumatoid arthritis. Processes for preparing these inhibitors are also disclosed..
Binding molecules for human factor viii and factor viii-like proteins
It is an object of the present invention to provide novel binding molecules for factor viii and factor viii-like proteins. Preferred binding molecules of the present invention exhibit not only distinct characteristics for binding of the target factor viii polypeptides but also specific and desirable characteristics for release (elution) of the target polypeptides.
Novel rodent control agents and uses thereof
Provided herein is method for controlling a rodent. The method comprises contacting the rodent with a compound which is a ligand for an olfactory trace amine associated receptor (taar) or a composition comprising such a molecule.
Targeting p63 to re-activate dormant reserve stem cells in olfactory epithelium
Disclosed herein is a method for activating a dormant epithelial stem cell, or population thereof, to a state of multipotency comprising, reducing the level of Δnp63 in the cell(s). The dormant epithelial stem cell(s) may be a horizontal basal cell (hbc) of the olfactory epithelium and the level of Δnp63 may be reduced by contacting the cell or population with an effective amount of one or more agents that downmodulate Δnp63.
Differentiation modulating agents and uses therefor
The present invention is directed to methods and agents for modulating the differentiation potential and/or proliferation of preadipocytes. More particularly, the present invention discloses methods and agents for modulating a fibroblast growth factor (fgf) signaling pathway, especially the fgf-1 or fgf-2 signaling pathway, for treating or preventing adiposity-related conditions including, but not limited to, obesity, lipoma, lipomatosis, cachexia or lipodystrophy or the loss of adipose tissue in trauma or atrophic conditions..
Quinazoline based egfr inhibitors containing a zinc binding moiety
These compounds have enhanced and unexpected properties as inhibitors of epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine kinase (egfr-tk) and are useful in the treatment of egfr-tk related diseases and disorders such as cancer. These compounds may further act as hdac inhibitors..
Itraconazole analogs and use thereof
Provided herein are itraconazole analogs. Also provided herein are methods of inhibition of hedgehog pathway, vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (vegfr2) glycosylation, angiogenesis and treatment of disease with itraconazole analogs..
Novel macrocycles as factor xia inhibitors
The present invention provides compounds of formula (ia): or a stereoisomer, a tautomer, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein all the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are selective factor xia inhibitors or dual inhibitors of fxia and plasma kallikrein.
Modified binding proteins inhibiting the vegf-a receptor interaction
The present invention relates to binding proteins specific for vascular endothelial growth factor a (vegf-a), in particular to recombinant binding proteins comprising a polyethylene glycol moiety and a binding domain, which inhibits vegf-axxx (wherein xxx denotes the amino acid length of the vegf-a mature protein) binding to vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (vegfr-2). Examples of such recombinant binding proteins are proteins which comprise an ankyrin repeat domain with the desired binding specificity, and a polyethylene glycol moiety.
Compositions and methods for modulating thrombin generation
Factor v peptides and methods of use thereof are disclosed.. .
Olfactory signature and odorant mixture having the same
An odorant mixture is disclosed. The odorant mixture comprises n odorant components wherein n equals at least 20.
Thromboembolic disease markers
The invention relates to a method for a more appropriate thromboembolic event risk assessment based on the presence of different genetic variant. The invention also relates to a method for determining the risk of suffering a thromboembolism disease by combining the absence or presence of one or more polymorphic markers in a sample from the subject with conventional risk factors for thromboembolism as well as computer-implemented means for carrying out said method..
Lead frame array package with flip chip die attach
A small form factor near chip scale package is provided that includes input/output contacts not only along the periphery of the package, but also along the package bottom area. Embodiments provide these additional contacts through use of an array lead frame coupled to under die signal contacts through the use of flip chip bonding techniques.
Transcription factors for cellulosic enzyme production
Provided herein are methods and compositions for increasing the production of one or more cellulases from a fungal host cell. The disclosure is based, on the surprising discovery that mis-expression of the transcriptional regulator clr-2 in a filamentous fungal cell was able to induce expression of cellulase genes under non-inducing or starvation conditions, resulting in increased secretion of cellulases from the cell.
Blood collection devices containing contact pathway inhibition additives
Disclosed are devices for collecting blood that contain an anti-coagulant and an additive that delays clotting by inhibiting the contact pathway for thrombin generation. The additive is a coagulation contact pathway inhibitor additive that is at least one of a factor xi inhibitor, a factor xii inhibitor, a kallikrein inhibitor and combinations thereof, each in an amount effective to mediate or suppress the contact pathway for thrombin generation.
Pharmaceutical composition comprising factor vii encapsulated in micelles
The invention relates to a pharmaceutical composition comprising factor vii encapsulated in micelles formed from block copolymer molecules containing (i) a hydrophilic polymer segment consisting of a polyalkylene glycol and (ii) a hydrophobic polymer segment consisting of a polyamino acid, with said polyamino acid comprising exclusively amino acid residues selected from the group consisting of histidine, lysine, aspartic acid and glutamic acid residues, wherein a part of said amino acid residues is substituted with a hydrophobic group.. .
Method for detecting novel fgfr4 mutant
[means for solution] a method for detecting a fibroblast growth factor receptor 4 (fgfr4) mutant in a subject, which comprises a step of detecting the presence of the mutation of glycine at position 183 in a fgfr4 tyrosine kinase domain to cysteine in a sample obtained from the subject.. .
Factor ixa inhibitors
The present invention provides a compound of formula (i) as described herein, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. The present invention also provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising one or more said compounds, and methods for using said compounds for treating or preventing a thromboses, embolisms, hypercoagulability or fibrotic changes..
Tricyclic compounds as anticancer agents
Tricyclic chemical modulators of foxo transcription factor proteins are disclosed. The compounds are useful to treat cancer, age-onset proteotoxicity, stress-induced depression, inflammation, and acne.
Therapeutic agents comprising elastic peptides
The present invention provides therapeutic agents and compositions comprising elastic peptides and therapeutic proteins. Such peptides exhibit a flexible, extended conformation.
Methods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of renal injury and renal failure
The present invention relates to methods and compositions for monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis, and determination of treatment regimens in subjects suffering from or suspected of having a renal injury. In particular, the invention relates to using a one or more assays configured to detect a kidney injury marker selected from the group consisting of heat shock 70 kda protein 1, alpha-1-antitrypsin neutrophil elastase complex, stromelysin-1:metalloproteinase inhibitor 2 complex, 72 kda type iv collagenase:metalloproteinase inhibitor 2 complex, insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor, myeloid differentiation primary response protein myd88, neuronal cell adhesion molecule, and tumor necrosis factor ligand superfamily member 10 as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in renal injuries..
Method for determining a therapeutic approach for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration (amd)
Disclosed is a method for determining a supplement regime for a subject diagnosed with age-related macular degeneration (amd). The method involves determining the subject's risk of developing advanced amd based on their genetic profile for the complement factor h gene and the arms2 gene and administering a supplement containing antioxidants and/or zinc based on their risk of developing advanced amd..
Anti-tnf-alpha antibodies and their uses
The present disclosure relates to antibodies directed to the tumor necrosis factor alpha (“tnf-α”) and uses of such antibodies, for example, to treat diseases associated with the activity and/or overproduction of tnf-α.. .
Soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor treatment of medical disorders
The invention pertains to methods and compositions for treating medical disorders characterized by elevated levels or abnormal expression of tnfα by administering a tnfα antagonist, such as recombinant tnfr:fc.. .
Methods of treating tnf-alpha-mediated diseases using chimeric tnf-alpha antibodies
Anti-tnf antibodies, fragments and regions thereof which are specific for human tumor necrosis factor-α (tnfα) and are useful in vivo diagnosis and therapy of a number of tnfα-mediated pathologies and conditions, as well as polynucleotides coding for murine and chimeric antibodies, methods of producing the antibody, methods of use of the anti-tnf antibody, or fragment, region or derivative thereof, in immunoassays and immunotherapeutic approaches are provided.. .
Method of isolating human neuroepithelial precursor cells from human fetal tissue
A method for isolating human neuroepithelial precursor cells from human fetal tissue by culturing the human fetal cells in fibroblast growth factor and chick embryo extract and immunodepleting from the cultured human fetal cells any cells expressing a2b5, ng2 and encam is provided. In addition, methods for transplanting these cells into an animal are provided.
Power distribution module form factor
A modular form factor power module system with monitoring and control functions is disclosed. The power module system is configured to power, monitor and/or control telecommunications equipment at the circuit level..
Plant having complex disease resistance
The present invention relates to plants that have been transformed so as to have both disease resistance and acceptable agronomic traits. More specifically, the present invention relates to transgenic plants that have acquired disease resistance through expression in the plants of a polynucleotide encoding the transcription factor wrky45 in an infection-responsive manner, and methods for generating the transgenic plants..
Refund purchase system
A system provides a software program that receives tax return information with an anticipated tax refund and taxpayer demographic information and automatically generates optional sell offers with corresponding discounted purchase prices. The sell offers and purchase prices are calculated for a portion of the refund at different levels (high, medium, low), and the system generates the documents that the taxpayer electronically signs to authenticate the offers.
System, computer-implemented method, and non-transitory, computer-readable medium to determine relative market value of a sale group of livestock based on genetic merit and other non-genetic factors
Systems, computer-readable medium having computer program, and related computer implemented methods are provided to determine the relative market value of a sale group and to generate a genetic merit scorecard. Such systems, computer-readable medium having computer program, and related computer implemented methods utilize the genetic merit estimates of relatives of a sale group, along with associated economic weighting factors to determine the relative market value of the sale group.
Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of factor v
The invention relates to a double-stranded ribonucleic acid (dsrna) for inhibiting the expression of factor v, comprising an antisense strand having a nucleotide sequence which is less that 25 nucleotides in length and which is substantially complementary to at least a part of factor v. The invention also relates to a pharmaceutical composition comprising the dsrna together with a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier; methods for treating diseases caused by the expression of factor v using the pharmaceutical composition; and methods for inhibiting the expression of factor v in a cell..
Modulation of growth hormone receptor expression and insulin-like growth factor expression
Compounds, compositions and methods are provided for modulating the expression of growth hormone receptor and/or insulin like growth factor-i (igf-i). The compositions comprise oligonucleotides, targeted to nucleic acid encoding growth hormone receptor.
Five-membered heterocycles useful as serine protease inhibitors
Or a stereoisomer or pharmaceutically acceptable salt or solvate form thereof, wherein the variables a, l, z, r3, r4, r6, r11, x1, x2, and x3 are as defined herein. The compounds of formula (i) are useful as selective inhibitors of serine protease enzymes of the coagulation cascade and/or contact activation system; for example thrombin, factor xa, factor xia, factor ixa, factor viia and/or plasma kallikrein.
Methods, kits & antibodies for detecting intact fibroblast growth factor 21
Disclosed are methods, compositions and kits related to immunoassays for detection of fgf21 using antibodies specific to the n-terminal and/or c-terminal of fgf21. The present invention provides antibodies specific to n-terminal or c-terminal peptide of fgf21.

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