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 Computing device with nfc and active load modulation patent thumbnailComputing device with nfc and active load modulation
An rfid card includes a smartcard controller that receives power from a host device. The rfid card also includes a small inductive device capable of inductive coupling with an rfid reader.
Tyfone, Inc.

 Treatment of central nervous system disorders by intranasal administration of immunoglobulin g patent thumbnailTreatment of central nervous system disorders by intranasal administration of immunoglobulin g
The present invention provides, among other aspects, methods and compositions for treating a central nervous system (cns) disorder by delivering a therapeutically effective amount of a composition of pooled human immunoglobulin g (igg) to the brain via intranasal administration of the composition directly to the olfactory epithelium of the nasal cavity. In particular, methods and compositions for treating alzheimer's disease are provided..
Baxalta Gmbh

 Transcription factor genes and proteins from helianthus annuus, and transgenic plants including the same patent thumbnailTranscription factor genes and proteins from helianthus annuus, and transgenic plants including the same
A polynucleotide having at least 80% sequence identity with the fill-length nucleotide sequence of seq id no: 1 and substantially identical polynucleotides; an isolated polypeptide having at least 80% sequence identity with the full-length amino acid sequence of seq id no: 2 and substantially identical polypeptides; and polynucleotides encoding the ha wrky76 polypeptide and substantially identical polypeptides are described. Also described are vectors and recombinant expression cassettes containing the c dna polynucleotide, a polynucleotide encoding the ha wrky76 polypeptide, or substantially identical polynucleotides.
Plant Bioscience Limited

 Factor xia inhibitors patent thumbnailFactor xia inhibitors
The present invention provides a compound of formula (i) and pharmaceutical compositions comprising one or more said compounds, and methods for using said compounds for treating or preventing thromboses, embolisms, hypercoagulability or fibrotic changes. The compounds are selective factor xia inhibitors or dual inhibitors of factor xia and plasma kallikrein..
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.

 Inhibitors of late sv40 factor (lsf) as cancer chemotherapeutics patent thumbnailInhibitors of late sv40 factor (lsf) as cancer chemotherapeutics
The present invention is directed to methods, compositions and kits for treatment of cancer, e.g. Heptacellular carcinoma.
Trustees Of Boston University

 Nasal drug delivery device patent thumbnailNasal drug delivery device
A compound delivery device for delivering a plume derived from a propellant and a drug formulation. The drug formulation is in an intranasal dosage form in the form of powder, suspension, dispersion or liquid.
Impel Neuropharma Inc.

 Preparations containing hepatocyte growth factor and hyaluronic acid, and methods of making and using same patent thumbnailPreparations containing hepatocyte growth factor and hyaluronic acid, and methods of making and using same
Preparations containing hepatocyte growth factor (hgf) and hyaluronic acid (ha) and methods of making and using same. The hgf and ha preparations can be prepared together in solution as an injectable fluid without gelatinization, or impregnated within a porous hydrophilic matrix material with, or without, cross-linking of the ha with the matrix material.
Nutech Spine, Inc.

 Half-life extended factor fviia protein for prevention and treatment of bleeding and dosing regimens therefor patent thumbnailHalf-life extended factor fviia protein for prevention and treatment of bleeding and dosing regimens therefor
The present invention relates to dosing regimens with half-life extended factor viia (fviia) for prophylactic and “on-demand” treatment of bleeding, as well as for preventing a bleeding episode during or after surgery in patients with congenital or acquired bleeding disorders. The present invention further relates to the use of half-life extended fviia for treating or preventing blood loss in patients without bleeding disorders in situations of hemorrhage, i.e., due to trauma or surgery.
Csl Limited

 Compositions and methods for treating and preventing hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, atherosclerosis and other disorders associated with metabolic syndrome patent thumbnailCompositions and methods for treating and preventing hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, atherosclerosis and other disorders associated with metabolic syndrome
The present invention relates to compositions and methods for treating diseases associated with dyslipidemia, including hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia, steatohepatitis, atherosclerosis, obesity, hyperglycemia, metabolic syndrome, and related aspects of and conditions associated with metabolic syndrome. The compositions and methods disclosed herein are useful for regulating the lipid balance (lipid homeostasis) in a subject.
Vanderbilt University

 Liquid amnion transplant product patent thumbnailLiquid amnion transplant product
A transplant product made from human amniotic fluid has a supernatant from filtered and centrifuged amniotic fluid, the amniotic fluid when recovered aseptically having a clear, translucent to slightly pink or tan color. The supernatant had been taken from the amniotic fluid which had been passed through a 170 to 260 micron blood filter, then centrifuged for 5 minutes or more at 400 g and thereafter the supernatant was separated from a pellet of debris, leaving the biochemical properties intact, wherein the supernatant is cryofrozen in sized cryovials having 0.25 to 2.0 ml of the supernatant at a temperature of −65 degrees or less prior to use and the transplant products method of use.
Vivex Biomedical, Inc.

A pharmaceutical composition comprising a suspension of total cells obtained from hair follicle and plasma derived growth factors for promoting hair follicle regeneration

The present invention refers to a method of obtaining a composition comprising a cell suspension comprising hair progenitor cells (hpcs) from a human subject and plasma derived growth factors, which comprises the following steps: a. Incubating an isolated tissue sample comprising at least one complete hair follicle from the subject, preferably from the occipital region of the head of the subject, in a suspension of plasma derived growth factors, preferably obtained from the subject; for a period of time between 15 minutes and 1 hour at a temperature of approximately 37° c.; and b.
Gorrochategui Barrueta, Alberto

Wireless earplug with improved sensitivity and form factor

An improved wireless communications earplug for use with a magnetic field transmitter. The wireless earplug has a receiver made of a coil of wire on a magnetic bobbin, mounted in close proximity or in contact with a magnetic case of a speaker.
Red Tail Hawk Corporation

Impedance matching circuit

A circuit (4) for establishing a desired impedance value for a radio antenna (5) comprising a transistor (3) having an input (8) and an output terminal (6), and a printed radio frequency transformer comprising a first (1) and a second inductor (2), both inductors (1, 2) having a coupling factor value, and having a first and a second terminal (11, 12; 21, 22). The first terminal (11) of the first inductor (1) is adapted for connecting a radio antenna (5).
Advanced Automotive Antennas, S.l.u.

Workload-to-cloud migration analysis based on cloud aspects

Methods and systems for evaluating compatibility of a cloud of computers to perform one or more workload tasks. One or more computing solution aspects are determined that corresponding to one or more sets of workload factors, where the workload factors characterize one or more workloads, to characterize one or more computing solutions.
International Business Machines Corporation

Reconfigurable touch screen computing device

A reconfigurable touch screen computing device with folding configurations and an alignment locking mechanism. The touch screen display is made up of segments coupled to a flexible circuit and can be reconfigured from a compact state to an expanded state.

Treatment of tumors expressing mutant p53

Pdgfrb inhibitors and the use of such inhibitors to treat mutant p53-expressing tumors are described. The present disclosure encompasses the discovery that mutant p53-induced upregulation of the platelet-derived growth factor receptor b (pdgfrb) contributes to invasion and/or metastasis of tumors expressing mutant p53.
Sloan-kettering Institute For Cancer Research

Genetic modification of rats

Compositions and methods are provided for making rat pluripotent and totipotent cells, including rat embryonic stem (es) cells. Compositions and methods for improving efficiency or frequency of germline transmission of genetic modifications in rats are provided.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Host cell modification with artificial endosymbionts

The present invention is directed generally to host cells with artificial endosymbionts, wherein the artificial endosymbiont and the host cell communicate with each other to alter a phenotype of the host cell. In some embodiments, the communication comprises the secretion of a polypeptide from the artificial endosymbiont into the host cell.
Bell Biosystems, Inc.

Targeted therapy to restore radioactive iodine transport in thyroid cancer

The invention includes method, pharmaceutical compositions and uses thereof for treating patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma (ptc) using a platelet derived growth factor receptor alpha (pdgfra) inhibitor. The pdgfra inhibitor is preferably an antibody specific to pdgfra and causes an increase in the sensitivity level of ptc cells to radioiodine treatment.
The Governors Of The University Of Alberta

Fused 1,4-dihydrodioxin derivatives as inhibitors of heat shock transcription factor i

The present invention relates to compounds of formula i as defined herein. The compounds of the present invention are inhibitors of heat shock factor 1 (hsf1).
Cancer Research Technology Limited

Therapeutic compounds and compositions

The present invention provides compounds and compositions that inhibit factor xia or kallikrein and methods of using these compounds and composition.. .
Exithera Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Mineralization and biological modification of biomaterial surfaces

Disclosed are advantageous methods for patterning and/or mineralizing biomaterial surfaces. The techniques described are particularly useful for generating three-dimensional or contoured bioimplant materials with patterned surfaces or patterned, mineralized surfaces.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

Foam carrier for bone grafting

An improved osteogenic composition is provided. The composition comprises a foam that contains polymer beads having one or more growth factors such as bone morphogenic protein.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.

Bone repair product and methods of use thereof

Provided herein is a bone repair composition that is composed of periosteum containing an angiogenic growth factor(s), cancellous bone chips containing viable osteogenic cells, and, optionally, demineralized bone matrix (dbm) chips. Also provided herein are articles of manufacture and methods of use thereof to treat bone defects..
Osiris Therapeutics, Inc.

Polymer factor ix moiety conjugates

Conjugates of a factor ix moiety and one or more water-soluble polymers are provided. Typically, the water-soluble polymer is poly(ethylene glycol) or a derivative thereof.
Nektar Therapeutics

Coagulation factor ix conjugates

The present invention relates to factor ix polypeptides conjugated to heparosan (hep) polymers, methods for the manufacture thereof and uses of such conjugates. The resultant conjugates may be used—for example—in the treatment or prevention of bleeding disorders such as haemophilia b..
Novo Nordisk Health Care Ag

Methods of upregulating irs function

This invention is directed to a general method for the chronic treatment, potential cure, or prevention of various metabolic and related diseases in people, including diabetes, by modulating irs2 activity in cells and tissues in the body. Irs1 and irs2 are part of the insulin or insulin-like growth factor signaling pathway.
Hmi Medical Innovations, Llc

Substituted oxopyridine derivatives and use thereof as factor xia/plasma

The invention relates to substituted oxopyridine derivatives and to processes for their preparation, and also to their use for preparing medicaments for the treatment and/or prophylaxis of diseases, in particular cardiovascular disorders, preferably thrombotic or thromboembolic disorders, and oedemas, and also ophthalmic disorders.. .
Bayer Pharma Aktiengesellschaft

Skin treatment formulations

Dermal treatment compositions include medium recovered from an adipose-derived stem cell culture where the medium is collected under defined conditions. The medium includes growth factors and other materials that, when transported to living portions of the skin, improve the condition of damaged or aged skin.

Compositions comprising docynia delavajy extract and/or elaeagnus lancelotus extract

Disclosed is a method of treating skin in need thereof, the method comprising topically applying to the skin a composition comprising an effective amount of an ethanolic or a butanolic extract from the leaf and stem of docynia delavajy, wherein the composition reduces oxidation in the skin, reduces tumor necrosis factor-alpha (tnf-α) in the skin, or reduces metalloprotease-1 (mmp-1) activity in the skin.. .
Mary Kay Inc.

Methods and diets to protect against chemotoxicity and age related illnesses

A method of improving longevity and/or alleviating a symptom of aging or preventing age related diseases is provided. The method includes a step in which the subject's average and type of daily protein intake, igf-i, and igfbp1 levels, and risk factors for overall mortality, cancer and diabetes are determined.
University Of Southern California

Apparatus and corresponding methods for form factor and orientation modality control

An electronic device (100) includes a housing (101), one or more processors (116), and a display (102). The display, housing, and other components are flexible, stretchable, squeezable, or otherwise deformable in one or more embodiments.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Antenna for appendage-worn miniature communications device

Antennas, antenna systems, and communications devices are described that provide an antenna utilizing a fractal and/or self-similar conductive element that is novel and inventive in that its small in size and exhibits multiple-band or wideband frequency coverage which allows a miniature communications device incorporating the antenna to operate (e.g., function) with wide-band capabilities in close-proximity to a user's body and in form factor suitable for wearing by the user. As noted above, previous size and performance limitations of prior art antennas/devices were poor and made those devices either of limited utility or inoperable..
Fractal Antenna Systems, Inc.

Injury risk factor identification, prediction, and mitigation

A method and system for identifying workplace risk factors is provided. The method includes monitoring via execution of multiple geographically distributed sensor devices, workplace injury based events associated with individuals at a multisite distributed workplace environment.
International Business Machines Corporation

Mechanical attach and retention feature

A mechanical attach and retention feature is described. An apparatus may include a cover portion that is configured to cover at least a portion of a display device of a computing device having a mobile form factor that is configured to be held by one or more hands of a user.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Edge-lit stepped light guide for downlight module

A light guide 2 for a ceiling downlight module 1 provides a batwing light distribution in a compact, flat form factor using edge-lit source light injection. A plurality of solid state light sources 16 inject light from peripheral side surface 12 inward into light guide 2 which has a disc-shaped light guide body 4 having a set of concentric annular steps or faces 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52 between which inwardly-facing light-exit rings or facets 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34 are formed.
Osram Sylvania Inc.

Methods and compositions for diagnosis and prognosis of renal injury and renal failure

The present invention relates to methods and compositions for monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis, and determination of treatment regimens in subjects suffering from or suspected of having a renal injury. In particular, the invention relates to using assays that detect one or more markers selected from the group consisting of clusterin, heart-type fatty acid binding protein, hepatocyte growth factor, interferon gamma, interleukin-12 subunit beta, interleukin-16, interleukin-2, 72 kda type iv collagenase, matrix metalloproteinase-9, midkine, and serum amyloid p-component as diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in renal injuries..
Astute Medical, Inc.

Materials and methods for diagnosing and predicting the course of prostate cancer

Expression of forkhead-box protein a1 (foxa1), a transcription factor important for the normal development of the prostate gland is thought to be controlled by steroid hormones and gata-3. Expression of foxa1, gata-3 and androgen receptor (ar) was retrospectively analyzed by immunohistochemistry (ihc) in a series of 80 primary tumors and 28 metastatic prostate cancers including 15 matched paired samples.
Indiana University Research And Technology Corporation

Small form-factor led lamp with color-controlled dimming

A small form factor led lighting system provides for color-controlled dimming. Embodiments of the invention use one or more small-footprint led(s) that can emit light of different correlated color temperatures (ccts, colors or spectral outputs).
Cree, Inc.

Methods for prediction of clinical outcome to epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitors by cancer patients

Disclosed are biomarkers, methods and assay kits for the identification of cancer patients who are predicted to benefit, or not to benefit, from the therapeutic administration of an epidermal growth factor receptor (egfr) inhibitor. The biomarkers of the present invention include detection of egfr and her 2 gene amplification and polysomy, egfr protein expression, egfr mutations, phosphorylated akt protein expression, and various combinations of such biomarkers, as well as the combination of these biomarkers with mutations in the tyrosine kinase domain of the egfr gene.
The Regents Of The University Of Colorado, A Body Corporate

Method for differentiation into biocompatible keratocyte progenitor cells and keratocyte progenitor cell composition

Disclosed is a method for differentiation into biocompatible keratocyte progenitor cells, the method including: providing human turbinate mesenchymal stem cells (htmscs) from a tissue source; and culturing the provided human turbinate mesenchymal stem cells (htmscs) in a keratocyte differentiation medium supplemented with keratocyte growth factor (kgf), so that a differentiable keratocyte precursor cell composition that is impossible in the conventional art can be implemented, and the injection of the keratocyte progenitor cell composition into patients can produce a short-term treatment effect while securing the transparency of the cornea.. .
Postech Academy-industry Foundation

Chimeric fibroblast growth factor 21 proteins and methods of use

The present invention relates to a chimeric protein that includes an n-terminus coupled to a c-terminus, where the n-terminus includes a portion of a paracrine fibroblast growth factor (“fgf”) and the c-terminus includes a c-terminal portion of an fgf21 molecule. The portion of the paracrine fgf is modified to decrease binding affinity for heparin and/or heparan sulfate compared to the portion without the modification.
New York University

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