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Date/App# patent app List of recent Factor-related patents
 Use of the soybean sucrose synthase promoter to increase plant seed lipid content patent thumbnailnew patent Use of the soybean sucrose synthase promoter to increase plant seed lipid content
Recombinant dna constructs comprising the soybean sucrose synthase promoter operably linked to polynucleotides encoding transcription factors such as odp1, lec1 and fusca3 are disclosed. These constructs are used for increasing oil content while maintaining normal germination in oilseed plants.
Pioneer Hi-bred International Inc
 Biocontrol patent thumbnailnew patent Biocontrol
Provided is an arthropod male germline gene expression system suitable for conditional expression of an effector gene in an arthropod male germline. The system comprises a first expression unit comprising an effector gene and a promoter therefor operably linked thereto; and a second expression unit.
Oxitec Limited
 Development of multiple classes of user interfaces for a software application patent thumbnailnew patent Development of multiple classes of user interfaces for a software application
Methods and systems for developing multiple classes of user interfaces for a software application are disclosed. A master view of a software application is displayed, at a computer system, for use in developing multiple classes of user interfaces for the software application wherein each of the multiple classes pertain to at least one form factor for a device to execute the software application.
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
 Removable memory card discrimination systems and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Removable memory card discrimination systems and methods
Removable memory card discrimination systems and methods are disclosed. In particular, exemplary embodiments discriminate between secure digital (sd) cards and other removable memory cards that comply with the sd form factor, but support the universal flash storage (ufs) protocol.
Qualcomm Incorporated
 Therapeutic electrospun fiber compositions patent thumbnailnew patent Therapeutic electrospun fiber compositions
The instant invention provides electrospun fiber compositions comprising one or more polymers and one or more biologically active agents. In specific embodiments, the biologically active agents are nerve growth factors.
The Johns Hopkins University
 Treatement of vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) related diseases by inhibition of natural antisense transcript to vegf patent thumbnailnew patent Treatement of vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) related diseases by inhibition of natural antisense transcript to vegf
Oligonucleotide compounds modulate expression and/or function of vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) polynucleotides and encoded products thereof. Methods for treating diseases associated with vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) comprise administering one or more oligonucleotide compounds designed to inhibit the vegf natural antisense transcript to patients..
Curna, Inc.
 Trka kinase inhibitors, compositions and methods thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Trka kinase inhibitors, compositions and methods thereof
The present invention is directed to benzyl urea compounds, which are tropomyosin-related kinase (trk) family protein kinase inhibitors, and hence may be useful in the treatment of pain, inflammation, cancer, restenosis, atherosclerosis, psoriasis, thrombosis, a disease, disorder, injury, or malfunction relating to dysmyelination or demyelination or a disease or disorder associated with abnormal activities of nerve growth factor (ngf) receptor trk-a, trk-b and/or trk-c.. .
Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp.
 Use of vitamin k to decrease allograft failure and patient mortality after organ transplantation patent thumbnailnew patent Use of vitamin k to decrease allograft failure and patient mortality after organ transplantation
Poor vitamin k status is provided as an independent risk factor for allograft failure and mortality in patients who received organ transplantation and who are under immunosuppressive medication. Various forms and recommended dosages of vitamin k, optionally combined with vitamin d and/or other immunosuppressive medication, are provided to optimize the treatment of such patients resulting in decreased allograft failure and improved patient survival..
Vitak B.v.
 Method of using nutritional compounds dihydroquercetin (taxifolin) and arabinogalactan in combination with dihydroquercetin (taxifolin) to reduce and control cardiometabolic risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome and hypercholesterolemia patent thumbnailnew patent Method of using nutritional compounds dihydroquercetin (taxifolin) and arabinogalactan in combination with dihydroquercetin (taxifolin) to reduce and control cardiometabolic risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome and hypercholesterolemia
A composition for use in a human by oral administration to reduce or control cardiometabolic risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome or hypercholesterolemia, or reduce risk of developing metabolic syndrome or hypercholesterolemia. The composition includes a combination of arabinogalactan and dihydroquercetin (taxifolin), where the arabinogalactan is present in the combination as a fiber matrix in an amount higher than 70% as determined by weight on dry matter basis, and the dihydroquercetin is present in the fiber matrix..
Flavitpure, Inc.
 Compositions including triciribine and epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor compounds or salts thereof and methods of use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions including triciribine and epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor compounds or salts thereof and methods of use thereof
This application relates to combination therapies including triciribine compounds and epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor compounds, particularly erlotinib-like compounds and compositions with reduced toxicity for the treatment and prevention of tumors, cancer, and other disorders associated with abnormal cell proliferation.. .
University Of South Florida
new patent

Therapeutic uses of fibroblast growth factor 21 proteins

The present invention relates to therapeutic uses of human fibroblast growth factor 21 (fgf21) proteins.. .
Eli Lilly And Company
new patent

Methods for diagnosing osteoarthritis

Methods for managing osteoarthritis, in a human or other mammalian subject, comprising the measurement of certain cytokines and growth factors in a tissue sample of a subject, including one or more of platelet-derived growth factor ab (pdgf-ab), platelet-derived growth factor bb (pdgf-bb), and epidermal growth factor (egf). Tissue samples may be whole blood, blood fractions, urine, saliva, and synovial fluid.
Biomet Biologics, Llc
new patent

Fibroblast growth factor 21 variants

This present invention relates to pharmacologically potent and stable human fibroblast growth factor 21 (fgf21) variants, pharmaceutical compositions comprising fgf21 variants, and methods for treating type 2 diabetes, obesity, dyslipidemia, and/or metabolic syndrome using such variants.. .
Eli Lilly And Company
new patent

Identification of inhibitors of a bacterial stress response

A system, a composition, a method and a kit for identifying anti-bacterial agents are provided. The invention described herein is useful in identifying inhibitors of any bacterial stress response.
new patent

Connector receptacle with side ground contacts

Connector receptacles having a contoured form factor that allows their use in stylized enclosures. These receptacles may also be contoured to avoid circuitry internal to the device enclosure.
Apple Inc.
new patent

Method of identifying foetal erythroblast

There is provided a method for identifying at least one foetal erythroblast the method comprising: (a) detecting the expression of at least one foetal erythroblast specific marker selected from the group consisting of neutral amino acid transporter b (slc1a5), solute carrier family 3 (activators of dibasic and neutral amino acid transport) member 2 isoform a (slc3a2), splice isoform a of chloride channel protein 6, transferrin receptor protein 1, splice isoform 3 of protein gpr107 precursor, olfactory receptor 11h4, splice isoform 1 of protein c9orf5, cleft lip and palate transmembrane protein 1, bcg induced integral membrane protein bigm103, antibacterial protein fall-39 precursor, caax prenyl protease 1 homolog, splice isoform 2 of synaptophysin-like protein, vitamin k epoxide reductase complex subunit 1-like protein 1, splice isoform 1 of protein c20orf22 (abhd12), hypothetical protein dkfzp564k247 (hypoxia induced gene 1 protein) (ipi accession no. Ipi00295621), hypothetical protein dk-fzp586c1924 (ipi accession no.
National University Of Singapore
new patent

Stabilized aptamers to platelet derived growth factor and their use as oncology therapeutics

Materials and methods are provided for producing and using aptamers useful as oncology therapeutics capable of binding to pdgf, pdgf isoforms, pdgf receptor, vegf, and vegf receptor or any combination thereof with great affinity and specificity. The compositions of the present invention are particularly useful in solid tumor therapy and can be used one or in combination with known cytotoxic agents for the treatment of solid tumors.
Archemix Llc
new patent

Antibody recognizing human leukemia inhibitory factor (lif) and use of anti-lif antibodies in the treatment of diseases associated with unwanted cell proliferation

The invention relates to antibodies directed against human leukemia inhibitory factor (lif) and to a hybridoma cell line producing said antibodies. The invention also relates to a method for blocking/inhibiting the proliferation of stem cells, and to an in vitro method for the diagnosis of diseases associated with unwanted cell proliferation in a subject or for determining the predisposition of a subject to suffer from said disease associated with unwanted cell proliferation, or for prognosis of average life expectancy of a subject suffering from said disease.
Fundacio Privada Institucio Catalana De Recerca I Estudis Avancats (icrea)
new patent

Compositions and methods for treating or preventing osteoarthritis

The present invention relates to the field of osteoarthritis. More specifically, the present invention provides compositions and methods useful for treating or preventing osteoarthritis.
The Johns Hopkins University
new patent

Apparatus, systems and processes for reducing a hard disk drive's access time and concomitant power optimization

Rotational latency is reduced in a standard conventional form factor hdd system by replacing, for example—the prior art rotary arm actuator of a conventional hdd, with one or more belts and pulleys and one or more read/write heads mounted on, or otherwise associated with the belts. Multiple scaled iterations facilitate energy savings and power optimized systems, without compromise to data access performance..
new patent

Agent interfaces for interactive electronics that support social cues

An anthropomorphic device, perhaps in the form factor of a doll or toy, may be configured to control one or more media devices. Upon reception or a detection of a social cue, such as movement and/or a spoken word or phrase, the anthropomorphic device may aim its gaze at the source of the social cue.
Google Inc.
new patent

Deposited three-dimensional antenna apparatus and methods

A “thin” and cost-effective three-dimensional antenna assembly and methods of use and manufacturing thereof. In one exemplary embodiment, the solution of the present disclosure is particularly adapted for small form-factor portable radio devices, and comprises an antenna (or array of antennas) deposited on a thin preformed flexible or deformable structure using a conductive fluid.
Pulse Finland Oy

Stress tolerance in plants

Transcription factor polynucleotides and polypeptides incorporated into nucleic acid constructs, including expression vectors, have been introduced into plants and were ectopically expressed. Transgenic plants transformed with many of these constructs have been shown to be more resistant to disease (in some cases, to more than one pathogen), or more tolerant to an abiotic stress (in some cases, to more than one abiotic stress).

Socket interposer having a multi-modal i/o interface

Exemplary embodiments include a socket interposer having a plurality of connectors configured to attach to a server board, the server board including: a first processor socket having a processor form factor, and a first memory associated with the first processor socket, a processor inserted into the at least first processor socket, the processor having access to the first memory, and a second processor socket having the processor form factor, and a second memory associated with the second processor socket, wherein the plurality of connectors are configured to fit the processor form factor; and a multi-modal i/o interface having a first mode and a second mode, wherein in the first mode provides processor-to-processor communication, and the second mode provides the first processor with accessibility to the second memory associated with the second processor socket.. .

Kiosks for storing, charging and exchanging batteries usable in electric vehicles and servers and applications for locating kiosks and accessing batteries

Electric vehicles that use replaceable and exchangeable batteries, applications for communicating with a service that provides access to kiosks of batteries, and methods and systems for finding charged batteries, reserving batteries, and paying for use of the batteries, are disclosed. One example is a system for managing access to and exchange of batteries for use by electric vehicles.

Medical image importer and method

Provided are a medical information importer and method for importing medical information into a network-accessible database. The medical information importer includes a housing includes with an external stand-alone form factor, the housing including an interface for receiving a portable computer-readable medium storing medical information.

Methods and devices to reduce the likelihood of injury from concussive or blast forces

A method and device for reducing the damaging effects of radiant energy, blast, or concussive events includes applying pressure to at least one jugular vein to reduce the egress of blood from the cranial cavity during or before the incidence of the imparting event. Reducing blood outflow from the cranial cavity increases intracranial volume and/or pressure of the cerebrospinal fluid to reduce the risk of traumatic brain injury and injuries to the spinal column.

Csla9 gluco-mannan synthase gene

The invention relates to plants that contain higher proportions of mannans. Such plants express transcription factors that increase the expression of csla9, a mannan synthase..

Methods for the diagnosis and the treatment of familial thoracic aortic aneurysms caused by tgfb2 loss of function mutations

The present invention relates to methods for the diagnosis and the treatment of familial thoracic aortic aneurysms caused by tgfb2 loss of function mutations. More particularly, the present invention relates to a method for determining whether a subject is predisposed to thoracic aortic aneurysms comprising detecting a tgfb2 loss of function mutation wherein the presence of the mutation indicated that the subject is predisposed to thoracic aortic aneurysms.

Evaluation of cancer diagnosis following cancer radiotherapy and potentiation of cancer radiotherapy

A method for evaluation of cancer diagnosis following cancer radiotherapy, comprising: providing a serum sample of a cancer patient prior to the cancer radiotherapy; and measuring a leukemia inhibitory factor concentration in the serum sample. Also provided is a method for potentiation of cancer radiotherapy, comprising: administrating a leukemia inhibitory factor inhibitor or a leukemia inhibitory factor receptor inhibitor to a subject in need of the cancer radiotherapy..

Chimeric truncated tissue plasminogen activator (t-pa) resiatant to plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 and improved biochemical properties

The present invention discloses a thrombolytic therapy for acute myocardial infarction by t-pa. A chimeric truncated form of t-pa is designed and expressed in pichia pastoris.

Combination of spla2 activity and lp(a) cardiovascular risk factors for the diagnosis/prognosis of a cardiovascular disease/event

The present invention related to a method of identifying a subject having or at risk of having or developing a cardiovascular disease and/or a cardiovascular event, comprising: —measuring, in a sample obtained from said subject, at least two cardiovascular risk factors: a) s pla2 activity and b) lipoprotein(a), —combining said measurements, the combined value of s pla2 activity and lp(a) being indicative of having or a risk of having or developing a cardiovascular disease and/or cardiovascular event.. .

Tissue scaffolds having bone growth factors

The invention provides a novel composite bone graft system utilizing a porous collagen scaffold having a matrix impregnated with calcium phosphate particles and more than one bioactive agent, one of which is conjugated to the matrix. The graft system exhibits increased mechanical strength and osteogenic properties by providing sites for tissue attachment and propagation.

Tgf-beta1 specific antibodies and methods and uses thereof

Specific binding members, particularly antibodies and fragments thereof, which bind to transforming growth factor beta 1 (tgf-β1) are provided, particularly recognizing human and mouse tgf-β1 and not recognizing or binding tgf-β2 or tgf-β3. Particular antibodies are provided which specifically recognize and neutralize tgf-β1.

Tumor necrosis factor-like ligand 1a specific antibodies and compositions and uses thereof

The present invention provides antibodies, or antigen-binding fragment thereof, which specifically bind to tl1a. The invention further provides a method of obtaining such antibodies and nucleic acids encoding the same.

Methods of preventing or treating pain using anti-ngf antibodies that selectively inhibit the association of ngf with trka, without affecting the association of ngf with p75

Ngf antagonists including antibodies and antibody fragments thereof having binding specificity to human nerve growth factor (“ngf”), and methods of treating pain. Methods of treating pain or eliciting an analgesic effect in an individual comprising administering an effective amount of an ngf antagonist inhibits the association of ngf with trka without inhibiting the association of ngf with p75.

System and selective auditing of mobile commerce baskets

The invention relates to systems and methods of selective auditing of mobile commerce baskets based on real-time behavior, profile information, event information, and/or other information in self-scan and other self-serve retail systems. The system may make a comprehensive, real-time, audit decision based on various risk factors that indicate a probability that a given shopping trip in a self-scan system includes a scan error.
Catalina Marketing Corporation

Multielectrode array and fabrication

A multielectrode array with a fluidic channel and its method of fabrication are presented here. In accordance with various embodiments, the present invention allows for scalability, reproducibility, and precision dimension control by utilizing a lithography dependent process.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Vascular endothelial growth factor antagonists and methods for their use

The present invention provides variant vegf polypeptides which have been altered in their c-terminal heparin binding region to lower their heparin binding affinity. These variants have been found to act as receptor antagonists for vegf receptors and antagonize angiogenesis.
The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary, Dept. Of Health & Human Services

Growth factors for the treatment of mycobacterial infection

Described herein are novel methods and kits for treating mycobacterium infections with kgf. The methods include administering an amount of kgf effective to treat the mycobacterium infection.
University Of Cincinnati

Composition for maturing dendritic cells, and preparing antigen-specific dendritic cells using same

The present invention relates to a composition for maturing dendritic cells, comprising, as a maturation-promoting factor, interleukin-1β (il-1β), interleukin-6 (il-6), tumor necrosis factor-α (tnf-α), interferon-γ (ifn-γ), prostaglandin e2 (pge2), picibanil (ok432) and/or poly ic. The composition for maturing dendritic cells of the present invention may have the effects of not only improving the ability of dendritic cells to induce an immune response, but also of decreasing the antigen non-specific immune response of dendritic cells and increasing antigen-specific immune response of dendritic cells, thus maximizing the effects of immunotherapy..
Jw Creagene Inc.

Pleuropterus multiflorus extract and dipsacus asperoides extract for secreting insulin-like growth factor and promoting bone structure growth, and preparing same

The present invention relates to a purified aqueous extract material and to a method for preparing same, wherein the purified aqueous extract material includes, as a major ingredient, a glycoside ingredient of pleuropterus multiflorus and dipsacus asperoides which have the effect of increasing the secretion of an insulin-like growth factor and promoting bone structure growth.. .

Tie2 activator, vascular endothelial growth factor (vegf) inhibitor, angiogenesis inhibitor, vascular maturing agent, vascular normalizing agent and vascular stabilizing agent, and pharmaceutical composition

A tie2 activator containing, as an active ingredient, a hawthorn extract, a starfruit extract, a shellflower extract, a lotus extract, a rooibos extract, an indian date extract, a chinese quince extract, a psidium guava extract, a long pepper extract, a quillaja extract, a kouki extract, a ginkgo extract, an oyster extract, a turmeric extract, a chrysanthemum extract, a jujube extract, a chinese wolfberry extract, a chamomile extract, or a butcher's broom extract, or any combination thereof.. .
Maruzen Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

Bioactive grafts and composites

Disclosed are various bioactive grafts and/or biocompatible materials and methods of making the same. In one embodiment, bone material is harvested from a donor.

Anti-fgfr2 antibody

The present invention provides an antibody which binds to a fibroblast growth factor receptor.. .
Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited

Combination treatments comprising c-met antagonists and b-raf antagonists

The present invention relates generally to the fields of molecular biology and growth factor regulation. More specifically, the invention relates to therapies for the treatment of pathological conditions, such as cancer..
Genentech, Inc.

Glycopegylated factor ix

Conjugates between factor ix and peg moieties. Are disclosed in the present application.
Novo Nordisk A/s

Wireless powering of electronic devices with selective delivery range

The present disclosure describes a methodology for wireless power transmission based on pocket-forming. This methodology may include one transmitter and at least one or more receivers, being the transmitter the sender of energy and the receiver the device that is desired to charge or power.
Dvinewave Inc.

Screen-oriented computing program refactoring

Techniques for refactoring a screen-oriented computing program are described herein. The techniques include a method that identifies screens of the computing program, and determines a starting point of the computing program based on the identified screens.
International Business Machines Corporation

Energy control via power requirement analysis and power source enablement

Disclosed are systems and methods to provide energy control via power-requirement analysis and power-source enablement. Both demand-side and supply-side techniques are used alone or in conjunction to determine an optimal number of power sources to supply power to one or more loads.
Virtual Power Systems, Inc.

Impact sensing mouth guard and method

A mouth guard senses concussive forces, calculates risk factors for head injury, and displays status of risk and potential injury. The mouth guard may be used to identify, treat and prevent exacerbating injury.
Merrigon, Llc

Method of therapy and diagnosis of endothelial dysfunction

The invention discloses a method of therapy of endothelial dysfunction, by administering microrna let-7g to a subject in need, wherein the microrna let-7g inhibits smad2 transcription factor from activation and translocation into nucleus, thereby decreasing monocyte cell adhesion, inflammation and thrombosis and increasing angiogenesis.. .
Kaohsiung Medical University

Compositions and methods for the treatment of blood clotting disorders

The invention relates to the compounds of formula i and formula ii or its pharmaceutical acceptable salts, as well as polymorphs, solvates, enantiomers, stereoisomers and hydrates thereof. The pharmaceutical compositions comprising an effective amount of compounds of formula i or formula ii; and methods for treating or preventing blood clotting disorders may be formulated for oral, buccal, rectal, topical, transdermal, transmucosal, intravenous, parenteral administration, syrup, or injection.

Inhibitors of the fibroblast growth factor receptor

Described herein are inhibitors of fgfr-4, pharmaceutical compositions including such compounds, and methods of using such compounds and compositions.. .
Blueprint Medicines Corporation

Insulin-like growth factor-1 receptor inhibitors

The present invention relates to compounds that are capable of inhibiting, modulating and/or regulating insulin-like-growth factor i receptor and insulin receptor. The compounds of the instant invention possess a core structure that comprises a sulfonyl indole moiety.
Piramal Enterprises Limited

2-(2,4,5-substituted-anilino)pyrimidine compounds

The present invention relates to certain 2-(2,4,5-substituted-anilino)pyrimidine compounds and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof which may be useful in the treatment or prevention of a disease or medical condition mediated through certain mutated forms of epidermal growth factor receptor (for example the l858r activating mutant, the exon19 deletion activating mutant and the t790m resistance mutant). Such compounds and salts thereof may be useful in the treatment or prevention of a number of different cancers.
Astrazeneca Ab

Cholesterol absorption inhibitor and omega 3 fatty acids for the reduction of cholesterol and for the prevention or reduction of cardiovascular, cardiac and vascular events

A composition and a method of treatment for the reduction of risk factors for cardiovascular disease utilizing a combination of lipid lowering cholesterol absorption inhibitors, e.g. Azetidinones, with mixtures of an omega-3 fatty acid formulation containing about 90% or more omega 3 fatty acids by weight including a combination of eicosapentaenoic acid (epa), docosapentaenoic acid (dpa) and docosahexaenoic acid (dha) in a weight ratio of epa:dha of from 5.7 to 6.3, wherein the sum of the epa, dha and dpa represent about 82% by weight of the total formulation and about 92% of the total omega 3 fatty acid content of the composition are taught..
Pivotal Therapeutics Inc.

Uses of modified human tumor necrosis factor receptor-1 polypeptide

The present invention relates to new uses of modified human tumor necrosis factor receptor-1 (tnfri) polypeptide, and more particularly, to uses thereof for prevention and treatment of dry eye syndrome. The modified tnfri or modified tnfri fragment of the present invention has excellent tnfα neutralizing activity, and inhibits tnfα activity on the ocular surface of the patient to suppress inflammation induction effects related to dry eye.
Hanall Biopharma Co., Ltd.

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