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Apparatus for concentrating solar energy

Solar Sure Pty Ltd

Apparatus for concentrating solar energy

Headlamp aimer box

Ford Global Technologies

Headlamp aimer box

Headlamp aimer box

Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Optical device, lens, lighting device, system and method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Facet-related patents
 Contact structure of semiconductor device patent thumbnailContact structure of semiconductor device
A method of fabricating a semiconductor device comprises forming a fin structure extending from a substrate, the fin structure comprising a first fin, a second fin, and a third fin between the first fin and the second fin. The method further comprises forming germanide over a first facet of the first fin, a second facet of the second fin, and a substantially planar surface of the third fin, wherein the first facet forms a first acute angle with a major surface of the substrate and is substantially mirror symmetric with the second facet, and wherein the substantially planar surface of the third fin forms a second acute angle smaller than the first acute angle with the major surface of the substrate..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

 Apparatus for concentrating solar energy patent thumbnailApparatus for concentrating solar energy
A solar concentrator comprising a transparent optical material including a first light coupling portion having an outer end and an inner end tapered so that it converges from the outer end towards the inner end; a first facet formed at the outer and and arranged to reflect light along the first light coupling portion; a first primary concentrator element arranged to focus light onto the first facet; a second light coupling portion having an outer end and an inner end tapered so that it converges from said outer end towards said inner end; a second facet formed at the outer end of the second light coupling portion and arranged to reflect light along said portion the second facet vertically overlapping the first facet; a second primary concentrator element arranged to focus light onto the second facet; a common light guide portion in optical communication with said inner ends of the first and second light coupling portions and arranged to transmit said radiation therethrough; wherein a greatest vertical thickness of the common light guide portion is less than a sum of the heights of the first and second facets.. .
Solar Sure Pty Ltd

 Headlamp aimer box patent thumbnailHeadlamp aimer box
A headlamp aimer box includes a housing defining an opening and a tunnel, a window disposed within the opening, and a whiteboard disposed at one end of the tunnel. The box further includes a mirror disposed within the tunnel.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

 Optical device, lens, lighting device, system and method patent thumbnailOptical device, lens, lighting device, system and method
An optical device comprising a first surface with a plurality of micro sized facets, each facet having a respective orientation. Said plurality of facets having an optical axis which extends parallel to the normal vector to an average orientation of all said respective orientations.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Facet joint replacement patent thumbnailFacet joint replacement
A prosthesis for the replacement of at least a portion of the bone of a facet located on a mammalian vertebra, comprising: an articulating surface that articulates with another facet; a bone contacting surface that contacts a surface of the vertebra, the articulating surface being connected to the bone contacting surface; and a fixation element that attaches the bone contacting surface to the vertebra, the fixation element being adapted for implantation into an interior bone space of a pedicle of the vertebra; wherein the prosthesis is configured so that no portion of the prosthesis contacts the posterior arch of the vertebra.. .
Gmedelaware 2 Llc

 System and  posterior cervical fusion patent thumbnailSystem and posterior cervical fusion
This application describes surgical instruments and implants for building a posterior fixation construct across one or more segments of the cervical spinal column. The construct includes a sled adapted for positioning in a facet joint and two receivers slideably mounted on the sled.
Nuvasive, Inc.

 Spinal facet implant with spherical implant apposition surface and bone bed and methods of use patent thumbnailSpinal facet implant with spherical implant apposition surface and bone bed and methods of use
Superior and/or inferior facets of one or more facet joints may be replaced by superior and/or inferior facet joint prostheses. In one embodiment, a kit of superior or inferior prostheses is provided, in which the prostheses have at least two dimensions that vary among members of the kit independently of each other.
Gmedelaware 2 Llc

 System and  facet joint replacement patent thumbnailSystem and facet joint replacement
A facet joint replacement system includes an inferior implant with an inferior articular surface, a superior implant with a superior articular surface and may include a crosslink extending across a vertebral sagittal plane. The inferior implant may comprise an inferior strut, and a polyaxially adjustable, lockable mechanism which may couple the inferior articular surface with a first end of the inferior strut, and couple the inferior articular surface with the crosslink.
Gmedelaware 2 Llc

 Measuring and displaying facets in context-based conformed dimensional data gravity wells patent thumbnailMeasuring and displaying facets in context-based conformed dimensional data gravity wells
A processor-implemented method, system, and/or computer program product measures and displays facets in context-based conformed dimensional data gravity wells. Conformed dimensional objects and synthetic context-based objects are parsed into n-tuples.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Multi facet mirror of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus patent thumbnailMulti facet mirror of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
A multi facet mirror of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus includes a plurality of mirror facet units. Each unit includes a mirror member with a body, a reflective coating provided at one end of the body and an actuating surface provided at an opposite end.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Concentrator fresnel lens with varying draft angle

The present invention relates to a fresnel lens and a respective mold, the lens comprising a plurality of draft facets, wherein the draft angle of the draft facets has at least two different angular values for two different draft facets, in particular, wherein the draft angle is bigger for a draft facet closer to the edge of the lens or, respectively, of the mold, than for a draft facet closer to the center of the lens or, respectively, of the mold.. .
Soitec Solar Gmbh


Method and reducing pointing-error noise

An apparatus having a variable angle light source characterized by a pivot point, a variable response optical receiver, and a first optical system is disclosed. The variable response optical receiver receives light generated by the light source on a receiving surface, the receiver generating a signal indicative of an intensity of light that impinges on a receiving surface.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Multiple facet joint replacement

A prosthesis for the replacement of multiple diseased or traumatized spinal facets comprises a portion that replaces at least a bony portion of the facets to be replaced and where the prosthesis attaches to the vertebra in a manner that does not require attachment to, or abutment against, the lamina. Multiple configurations of the prosthesis provide for replacement of the two inferior facets, the two superior facets, a superior and inferior facet, or all four facets.
Gmedelaware 2 Llc


Hardmask faceting for enhancing metal fill in trenches

A stack of an interlevel dielectric (ild) layer, a dielectric cap layer, and a metallic hard mask layer is formed on a substrate. The metallic hard mask layer can be patterned with a first pattern.
International Business Machines Corporation


Interactive gui for clustered search results

Typical search engines include document snippets. There is no progression from a big picture view of search results to more detailed views.


Method and system for optical power monitoring of a light source assembly coupled to a silicon photonically-enabled integrated circuit

Methods and systems for optical power monitoring of a light source assembly coupled to a silicon photonically-enabled integrated circuit (chip) are disclosed and may include, in a system comprising an optical source assembly coupled to the chip: emitting a primary beam from a front facet of a laser in the optical source assembly and a secondary beam from a back facet of the laser, directing the primary beam to an optical coupler in the chip, directing the secondary beam to a surface-illuminated photodiode in the chip, and monitoring an output power of the laser utilizing an output signal from the photodiode. The primary beam may comprise an optical source for a photonics transceiver in the chip.
Luxtera, Inc.


Lighting device, lens, system and method

A lighting device comprising at least four optical devices. Each optical device has an associated light source and comprises a first surface with a plurality of micro sized facets.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Facet joint implants and delivery tools

A spinal joint distraction system is disclosed and may include a driver assembly with a tubular shaft, a pair of implant holder arms, an implant distractor, an internal actuator, and a distractor knob, the system also including a delivery device with a tubular shaft, a receiving assembly, and a pair of forks, where the delivery device is adapted for slidable insertion of the driver assembly, the system also including an implant, a chisel, and an injector. Several embodiments of an implant are disclosed as well a method of placing an implant..
Providence Medical Technology, Inc.


Embedded source or drain region of transistor with downward tapered region under facet region

In some embodiments, a field effect transistor (fet) structure comprises a body structure, dielectric structures, a gate structure and a source or drain region. The gate structure is formed over the body structure.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.


Package definition system with non-symmetric functional elements as a function of package edge property

A package generation system creates a package definition file for creation of a package flat. The file includes dimensions for cut lines along which the package will be separated from a two dimensional substrate.
Xerox Corporation


Wide-angle led lamp with obliquely-placed led boards and manufacturing process thereof

The present invention relates to a wide-angle led lamp with obliquely-placed led boards and manufacturing process thereof. A lamp body of the led lamp is composed of a heat radiation cup, a cylinder step, a pyramidal frustum, an inner groove, an outer circular recess, two screw holes opened at the bottoms of two opposite facets of the pyramidal frustum, a round tube molded in both the heat radiation cup and the cylinder step, and a perforation opened in the pyramidal frustum and communicating with the round tube; an annular pcb sleeves the pyramidal frustum and contacts the cylinder step; led boards cover the pyramidal frustum, the bottom of the led board is inserted into the inner groove of the lamp body and the top of the led board is covered with a fixing cover; the amp body, the stopper and the base are connected by a screw..


Implantable orthopedic device component selection instrument and methods

The present invention provides tools and methods designed to aid in the placement of artificial facet joints at virtually all spinal levels. One aspect of the present invention is a measurement tool for installing an artificial cephalad facet joint including a fixation measurement element and a support arm element.
Gmedelaware 2 Llc


Dense-array concentrator photovoltaic system utilising non-imaging dish concentrator and array of crossed compound parabolic concentrators

Disclosed is a solar concentrator assembly (100) having a non-imaging dish concentrator (nidc) (110) which consists of a plurality of flat facets mirrors (160) arranged in such a way that all the mirror images are superimposed to form reasonably uniform irradiance and either square or rectangular pattern of concentrated sunlight at a common receiver without sunlight blocking and shadowing on each other. The geometry of the nidc (110) is determined using a special computational method.
Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman


Multi-faceted metadata storage

A system and method for storing and providing metadata. Metadata may be retrieved from multiple sources.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Decorative film articles utilizing fresnel lens films

First and second optical films in a stack each has a structured surface defining extended fresnel lenses. First and second fresnel lenses of the respective first and second films extend generally parallel to different first and second in-plane axes respectively.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Network manageable advanced gas sensor apparatus and method

Mechanical, electronic, algorithmic, and computer network facets are combined to create a highly integrated advanced gas sensor system. The sensor system, utilized with gas insulated high voltage switchgear products, deployed by electric utility end users in replacement and expansion cycles, function to detect and mitigate atmospheric pollution caused by leaking sf6.


Squeezable bottle including an ornamental feature

A squeezable bottle includes a panel having at least one ornamental feature thereon. The panel includes a first facet having a length and a width and a second facet having a length and width.
H.j. Heinz Company


Methods and accessing and treating the facet joint

Methods and systems are disclosed for accessing and treating the interior of the facet joint for vertebral distraction and immobilization. The systems include a number of tools that facilitate access to the facet joint, distraction of the articulating decortication of the articulating surfaces, and delivery of implants and agents into the facet joint for fusion..
Providence Medical Technology, Inc.


Cut for gemstone

The invention relates to a gemstone (1) having a chaton cut, in which a crown (2) adjoins a flat table (5) and has facets (11, 12, 13) that are inclined downwardly relative to the table (5) all the way round, wherein the crown (2) has main facets (11) that extend substantially from the table (5) as far as a girdle (4) at which the gemstone (1) has the largest transverse dimension, and wherein a pavilion (3) of facets (8, 9, 10), preferably facets converging to a point, adjoins below the girdle (4), and wherein the gemstone (1) consists preferably entirely of topaz, wherein the angle of the main facets (11) relative to a cross-sectional face (7) arranged parallel to the table (5) is between 32.5° and 34.5°.. .
D. Swarovski Kg


Light-based caustic surface calibration

A method for performing light-based calibration of optics with caustic surfaces. The method includes mapping a light detecting device to a programmable light source.
Disney Enterprises, Inc,


Displaying inbox entities as a grid of faceted tiles

Displaying inbox entities are displayed as a grid of faceted tiles includes causing a display of a tile grid that includes a faceted tile for each of a plurality of inbox entities. A first facet of each tile includes data corresponding to the inbox entity the faceted tile represents.
Hewlett Packard Development Company, L.p.


Epitaxial structures and methods of forming the same

An embodiment is a method. A first iii-v compound semiconductor is epitaxially grown in a trench on a substrate, and the epitaxial growth is performed in a chamber.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Systems and methods for an educational platform providing a multi faceted learning environment

Systems, devices, methods, computer-readable media, techniques, and methodologies are disclosed for an educational platform providing a multi-faceted learning environment. In some embodiments, one or more user devices may be authenticated based at least in part on received authentication credentials.
Cox Communications, Inc.


Method for assigning a pupil facet of a pupil facet mirror of an illumination optical unit of a projection exposure apparatus to a field facet of a field facet mirror of the illumination optical unit

Methods are disclosed for assigning a pupil facet of a pupil facet mirror of an illumination optical unit of a projection exposure apparatus to a field facet of a field facet mirror of the illumination optical unit for the definition of an illumination channel for a partial beam of illumination light.. .
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Heat management for a light fixture with an adjustable optical distribution

A light fixture includes a member having a substantially frusto-conical shape. A channel extends between a wide top end of the member and a narrower bottom end of the member.
Cooper Technologies Company


Cutting machine for window covering

A cutting machine for cutting window coverings includes a machine base, on which a cutting device and a clamping device are mounted. The cutting device has a cutter.
Nien Made Enterprise Co., Ltd.


Pulverizing apparatus and pulverizing rocks

A rock crushing assembly is provided in the form of a pulverizing tumbler. The apparatus comprises a faceted tumbler having a plurality of faceted end walls, a pair of parallel sidewalls, and an open interior.


Vertebral facet joint prosthesis and fixation

Devices and methods for altering the spacing and motion at the facet joints of the vertebral column are provided. One embodiment of the invention comprises a prosthesis with surfaces configured to articulate with the facets of the facet joint.
Spinal Elements, Inc.


High power solid-state laser with replaceable module for uv generation

There is provided an intracavity module (150) arranged to be replaceably-mounted inside a laser resonator cavity. The intracavity module comprises a first optical element (104), a second optical element (102) and a frequency conversion element (107).
Powerlase Photonics Limited


Oxygen-doped gallium nitride crystal substrate

Otherwise, oxygen can be doped into a gallium nitride crystal by preparing a c-plane gallium nitride seed crystal or a three-rotationally symmetric plane foreign material seed crystal, supplying material gases including gallium, nitrogen and oxygen to the c-plane gallium nitride seed crystal or the three-rotationally symmetric, foreign seed crystal, growing a faceted c-plane gallium nitride crystal having facets of non-c-planes on the seed crystal, maintaining the facets on the c-plane gallium nitride crystal and allowing oxygen to infiltrating via the non-c-plane facets to the gallium nitride crystal.. .


Generation of multi-faceted search results in response to query

Aspects retrieve, organize and display different classifications of sets of search results in different, respective tabbed sheets that are nested on top of one another in a web-based interface dashboard. A text string search query is classified into constituent primary search terms that are likely to return satisfactory search results as indicated by retrieved search history data as a function of search resources and language classification rules associated with the user identity indicia.
International Business Machines Corporation


Illumination optical unit for euv projection lithography

An illumination optical unit for euv projection lithography has a first and second facet mirrors, each with a plurality of reflecting facets on a support. The facets of the first facet mirror can be switched between various tilt positions.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Methods and optically detecting magnetic resonance

A light-trapping geometry enhances the sensitivity of strain, temperature, and/or electromagnetic field measurements using nitrogen vacancies in bulk diamond, which have exterior dimensions on the order of millimeters. In an example light-trapping geometry, a laser beam enters the bulk diamond, which may be at room temperature, through a facet or notch.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Methods for forming compositions for treating joints comprising bone morphogenetic protein and hyaluronic acid

Methods and compositions are disclosed for an intra-articular injection for the treatment of osteoarthritis. The methods and compositions comprising combinations of hyaluronic acid and a bone morphogenetic protein, like rhgdf-5, can be useful for any synovial joint, including the knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, hands, spinal facet, or temporomandibular joint, both for the relief of pain and for slowing disease progression..
Depuy Mitek, Llc


Liquid-transfer adapter beveled spike

A liquid-transfer adapter operatively interposable between an injector and a vial is provided. The liquid-transfer has an injector engaging portion configured for fluidly coupling to an injector and a vial coupling.
Antares Pharma, Inc.


Facet device and method

A spine implant includes an insert positioned between facets of a zygapophyseal joint. In various embodiments, the insert is configured to exert a distraction force on one or more facets of the zygapophyseal joint.
Albany Medical College


Gem setting in basket

A gem setting with a tapered basket has a width of a central gem stone plus smaller surrounding gem stones at one end. At another end, the tapered basket is narrower and the central gem stone sits there-within.


Multi-fin finfets with merged-fin source/drains and replacement gates

A semiconductor structure including semiconductor fins, a gate over a middle portion of the semiconductor fins, and faceted semiconductor regions outside of the gate separated from gaps may be formed. The semiconductor structure may be formed by forming fins on a semiconductor substrate where each fin has a pair of sidewalls aligned parallel to the length of the fin, growing dummy semiconductor regions on the sidewalls of the fins, forming a sacrificial gate that covers a center portion of the fins and the dummy semiconductor regions, removing portions of the dummy semiconductor regions not covered by the sacrificial gate, and growing faceted semiconductor regions on the sidewalls of the portions of the fins not covered by the sacrificial gate.
International Business Machines Corporation


System and urban mapping and positioning

Umaps is a multifaceted system that can be robot-mounted, human-worn, or canine carried. Umaps produces real-time, 3d mapping and localization for the user as they move throughout a gps-denied environment (e.g.


Optical lens and light source module having the same

A light source module includes a light source and an optical lens facing the light source. The optical lens includes a light incident face facing the light source, a light emitting face opposite to the light incident face, and a connecting face connecting the light incident face and the light emitting face.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Method and thermal reactor for single-valve propulsion with multiple injections and combustions per rotation cycle

The injection speed of the injection valves in an internal combustion engine is increased by using a single injection valve configured to carry out multiple fuel injections and combustions per rotation cycle. The single-valve propulsion thermal reactor has a casing with upper and lower walls consecutively defining a sleeve for taking in a pressurized air flow, a combustion chamber, and a gas discharge nozzle.


Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device

A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device and the device resulted thereof is disclosed. In one aspect, the device has a heterogeneous layer stack of one or more iii-v type materials, at least one transmission layer of the layer stack having a roughened or textured surface for enhancement of light transmission.


Heterogeneous semiconductor material integration techniques

Techniques are disclosed for heteroepitaxial growth of a layer of lattice-mismatched semiconductor material on an initial substrate, and transfer of a defect-free portion of that layer to a handle wafer or other suitable substrate for integration. In accordance with some embodiments, transfer may result in the presence of island-like oxide structures on the handle wafer/substrate, each having a defect-free island of the lattice-mismatched semiconductor material embedded within its upper surface.


Locally raised epitaxy for improved contact by local silicon capping during trench silicide processings

A low resistance contact to a finfet source/drain can be achieved by forming a defect free surface on which to form such contact. The fins of a finfet can be exposed to epitaxial growth conditions to increase the bulk of semiconductive material in the source/drain.
International Business Machines Corporation


Facet-based filtering of social network update data

A network update interface is presented to a user on a network to display network updates from other users of a mutual social-networking site. The network updates shared by the other users are gathered in a stream and supplied to a facet-filtering system including a network update interface.
Linkedln Corporation


Light directing films

Light directing films employing at least two layers forming a continuous corrugated boundary between major surfaces of the film. Light received by a major surface of the film is internally redirected by interacting with the facets of the corrugated inter-layer boundary and is emitted from the opposing major surface towards a new propagation direction which is different from the original propagation direction by up to 90 degrees.


Flow drill screw

A flow drill screw can retain a structure and includes a shank extending along a longitudinal axis. The shank includes a first shank end and a second shank end opposite the first shank end.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Cushion cut gemstone with excellent optical brilliance

A gemstone including a substantially rectangular girdle with rounded corners, a crown extending in a first direction from the girdle, and a pavilion extending in a second direction from the girdle opposite the first direction. The gemstone has 69 uniquely arranged and angled facets, 41 of which are in the crown, and 28 of which are in the pavilion.
Hasenfeld-stein, Inc.


Method to form silicide and contact at embedded epitaxial facet

An integrated circuit with an mos transistor abutting field oxide and a gate structure on the field oxide adjacent to the mos transistor and a gap between an epitaxial source/drain and the field oxide is formed with a silicon dioxide-based gap filler in the gap. Metal silicide is formed on the exposed epitaxial source/drain region.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Compact photonic platforms

Compact photonics platforms and methods of forming the same are provided. An example of a compact photonics platform includes a layered structure having an active region along a longitudinal axis, a facet having an angle no less than a critical angle formed at least one longitudinal end of the active region, and a waveguide having at least one grating coupler positioned in alignment with the angled facet to couple light out to or in from the waveguide..


Pleated woven wire filter

A removable, reusable, pleated woven wire filter comprising: (a) a stainless steel perforated core having one-half-inch stainless steel round bar reinforcement rings welded to one-half-inch stainless steel round bar cross bars to create bar-ring junctures, and having 11-gauge stainless steel attachment clips welded to each end of the perforated core; (b) a three-layer stainless steel pleated woven wire filter media wrapped around the perforated core, the filter media having spaced apart pleats with external peaks, and an external filter media surface comprising the external peaks of the pleats; (c) a stainless steel flattened expanded metal shroud adjacent to and encircling the external peaks, and (d) a stainless steel top end cap base and a stainless steel bottom end cap base connected to the metal shroud, both cap bases sealed against top and bottom ends of the filter media with a stainless steel adhesive sealant rated at 2,000 degrees fahrenheit.. .
Pecofacet (houston), Llc


Methods for facet joint treatment

A method of treating a facet joint of a patient. The facet joint has a superior facet with a superior articular face and an inferior facet with an inferior articular face.
Zyga Technology, Inc.


Crossbar spinal prosthesis having a modular design and related implantation methods

Modular spinal prosthesis having one of both of adaptable and configurable components are provided. The modular spinal prosthesis described herein provide an artificial articular configuration to replace damaged, worn or otherwise removed spinal facet elements.
Gmedelaware 2 Llc


Facet joint replacement instruments and methods

A facet joint replacement system includes an inferior implant with an inferior articular surface, a superior implant with a superior articular surface, and an optional crossbar. The inferior implant and the superior implant are each polyaxially adjustably connected to fixation elements which anchor the implants to adjacent vertebrae.
Gmedelaware 2 Llc


Vertebral facet joint drill and use

Devices and methods for creating lumens in the articular process of the vertebra are provided. An embodiment of the invention can be a tool that can cut a curved lumen through the articular process.
Spinal Elements, Inc.


System and methods for determination of potential solar installable surface area

An apparatus and method for determining a potential surface for installation of solar panels are provided. The method includes extracting, from a database of overhead images, at least one overhead image respective of a location; identifying a surface outline of at least one surface within the at least one overhead image; determining a pattern associated with the surface outline, the pattern comprising at least a facet; determining a potential installation area for solar panels based on the at least facet; and, displaying the potential installation area overlaid on the overhead image..
Solview Systems Ltd.


Light guiding plate and manufacturing the same and backlight source and display device comprising the same

A method of manufacturing a light guiding plate comprises steps of forming a protrusion array composed of a plurality of protrusions (300) on a surface of a substrate (100); and forming reflective layers (301) on side facets of the protrusions (300) respectively, in such a way that, the farther away from a side of the substrate (100) the protrusion (300) with the reflective layer is, the greater the reflectivity of the reflective layer (301) is. The light emitted from the light guiding plate made by the method is relatively uniform, and the heating issue is also avoided..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Push/pull latch with faceted paddle handle

A door handle assembly for use with a door is provided, and includes a cover; and a handle associated with the cover and pivotal relative thereto. The handle has a non planar surface and is configured for actuation from a variety of angles..
Architectural Builders Hardware Mfg., Inc.


Spinal facet compression screw with variable pitch thread zones and buttress head

A surgical implant comprising a screw element having a screw head, a first thread having a first thread pitch, a second thread having a second thread pitch and an intermediate portion coupling the first and second thread pitches with the first and second thread pitches being different. The implant has a buttressing head associated with the first thread, and it is dimensioned to be larger than a diameter of the first threads to provide external buttressing as the first and second threads compress a first bone and a second bone together..
X-spine Systems, Inc.


Method and system for social collaborative curation

A social learning and exploration platform to learn about both specific and everyday concepts by exploring an organized collection of multiple flips or media, called flips. Users of the system have the ability to explore a number of categories of content, create and assimilate curated content across those categories, define sets of questions and explore concepts with flips.


Semiconductor laser and optical semiconductor device

In the semiconductor laser including a diffraction grating in which a first diffraction grating region with a first pitch, a second diffraction grating region with a second pitch and a third diffraction grating region with the first pitch, an anti-reflection film coated on an end facet to the light-emitting side, and a reflection film coated on an opposite end facet, the first diffraction grating region is greater than the third diffraction grating region, and the second diffraction grating region is formed, in such a manner that phases of the first and third diffraction grating regions are shifted in a range of equal to or more than 0.6 π to equal to or less than 0.9 π, phases are successive on a boundary between the first and second diffraction grating regions and the phases are successive on a boundary between the second and third diffraction grating regions.. .
Oclaro Japan, Inc.


Method for facet searching and search suggestions

Methods for faceted searching within clustered in-memory databases are disclosed. Faceted searching may be used to generate search suggestions.
Qbase, Llc


Method for operating a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus

In a method for operating a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus, a facet mirror is illuminated with projection light having a center wavelength of between 5 nm and 30 nm. The facet mirror has a plurality of adjustable mirror facets, wherein groups of adjacent mirror facets form regions which are imaged by an optical unit onto an object plane of a projection objective of the projection exposure apparatus.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Light directing film

Light directing film is disclosed. The light directing film includes a first structured major surface and an opposing second major surface.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Dynamically operative keel systems and methods

The present invention comprises dynamically operative keel systems and methods of enhancing a marine vessel's directional control, linear tracking, and turn holding, among other benefits. Hull undersurface facets, laterally symmetrically configured and disposed in laterally symmetrical pairs, extend longitudinally for varying extents establish longitudinally extending recesses and/or voids of varying cross-sections and/or depths that channel water flow and/or pressure.


System and configuring an interior of a vehicle based on preferences provided with multiple mobile computing devices within the vehicle

In response to detecting the entry condition, a determination is made as to when multiple mobile computing devices are present within the vehicle. An occupancy zone is determined for each multiple mobile computing device that is determined as being present within the vehicle.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Semiconductor laser module

A semiconductor laser module includes: a semiconductor laser outputting a laser light from an output-facet side of a waveguide which has a first narrow portion identical in width, a wide portion wider than the first narrow portion, a second narrow portion narrower than the wide portion, a first tapered portion between the first narrow portion and the wide portion and increasing in width toward the wide portion, and a second tapered portion between the wide portion and the second narrow portion and decreasing in width toward the second narrow portion; and an optical fiber to which the laser light is input has an optical-feedback unit reflecting a predetermined wavelength of light. The semiconductor laser is enclosed in a package with one end of the optical fiber.
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.


Submount-integrated photodetector for monitoring a laser for a heat-assisted magnetic recording head

In a heat-assisted magnetic recording hard disk drive, a laser module includes a submount-integrated photodetector configured to receive optical energy from a laser by way of a head slider. The submount may be formed of a semiconductor material such as a crystalline silicon material, and the photodetector may be a photodiode that is integrally formed with the submount.
Hgst Netherlands B.v.


Lighting device with optical reflector, luminaire having such lighting device and manufacturing a compact optical reflector

The invention relates to a lighting device comprising: an optical reflector (200, 500) which has an interior surface (201); and a light source (205, 505); wherein the interior surface has a plurality of facets (203) that form a fresnel structure-like reflecting surface (202), and the interior surface may further have a cone (504) so as to avoid light from the light source being reflected back to the light source; wherein at least part of the light from the light resource is reflected by the optical reflector into an output direction. The invention also relates to a luminaire which comprises the lighting device according to the invention.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Illumination system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus

An illumination system includes an optical integrator having a plurality of light entrance facets, whose images at least substantially superimpose in a mask plane. A spatial light modulator transmits or reflects impinging projection light in a spatially resolved manner.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Illumination system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus

An illumination system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus includes an optical integrator having a plurality of light entrance facets each being associated with a secondary light source. A spatial light modulator has a light exit surface and transmit or to reflect impinging projection light in a spatially resolved manner.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Flexible facet screw apparatus

A novel facet screw that addresses the need to elevate facet related pain caused by the facet faces being near bone on bone and or misaligned by providing an improved facet screw apparatus, and methods for the delivering that screw, and securing the vertebral facets while allowing the center of the screw to become flexible, thereby allowing the facets to move more normal. The present invention comprises a proximal mesh engagement mechanism, an adhesion ring, a distal mesh engagement mechanism, a drive socket bonding core, a flexible mesh, a stabilizing plug and a flexible separation donut.


Stylet cutting tip for medical device, and making same

A medical device includes a housing, and a stylet within the housing having a cutting tip upon a stylet shaft. The cutting tip has a plurality of cutting edges in a regular distribution, each being formed by adjoining facets in an alternating arrangement with the cutting edges.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc


Method for providing directional therapy to skeletal joints

An ultrasound therapy system and method is provided that provides directional, focused ultrasound to localized regions of tissue within body joints, such as spinal joints. An ultrasound emitter or transducer is delivered to a location within the body associated with the joint and heats the target region of tissue associated with the joint from the location.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Dampening assembly and related making same

An assembly comprising: a powder metal outer part (22) having a radially inward facing cylindrical surface (54) with a plurality of facets (52) formed thereon that, in an alternating fashion, extend in an axial direction from an axial side of the powder metal outer part toward an opposite axial side of the powder metal outer part to a position between the opposing axial sides of the powder metal outer part; a powder metal inner part (20) having a radially outward facing cylindrical surface with a plurality of facets formed thereon that, in an alternating fashion, extend in an axial direction from an axial side of the powder metal inner part toward an opposite axial side of the powder metal inner part to a position between the opposing axial sides of the powder metal inner part; and an intermediate component (26) disposed between the cylindrical surfaces of the powder metal outer part and the powder metal inner part that connects the powder metal outer part and the powder metal inner part together.. .
Gkn Sinter Metals, Llc

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