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This page is updated frequently with new Facet-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Facet-related patents
 External cavity with a pair of two fiber bragg gratings at the front and back facet of a laser diode patent thumbnailExternal cavity with a pair of two fiber bragg gratings at the front and back facet of a laser diode
The first fbg is placed at the front facet of the laser chip, while the second fbg is placed on the back facet of the chip. The two fbgs are used to form an external cavity.

 Self-aligned dual-metal silicide and germanide formation patent thumbnailSelf-aligned dual-metal silicide and germanide formation
A device having an epitaxial region and dual metal-semiconductor alloy surfaces is provided. The epitaxial region includes an upward facing facet and a downward facing facet.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

 Method for facet searching and search suggestions patent thumbnailMethod for facet searching and search suggestions
Methods for faceted searching within clustered in-memory databases are disclosed. Faceted searching may be used to generate search suggestions.
Qbase, Llc

 Ingot and methods for ingot grinding patent thumbnailIngot and methods for ingot grinding
A method of grinding an ingot for use in manufacturing a semiconductor or solar wafer is disclosed. The method includes providing an ingot including four flat sides and four rounded corner portions, each corner portion extending between an adjacent pair of the flat sides, and grinding a plurality of planar facets on each corner portion, each planar facet of the corner portion joined to an adjacent facet at a juncture and oriented such that each corner portion has a substantially arcuate shape.
Memc Singapore Pte. Ltd. (uen200614794d)

 Quantum cascade laser patent thumbnailQuantum cascade laser
A quantum cascade laser includes a substrate having a principal surface including first and second regions arranged along a first axis; a laser structure disposed on the principal surface in the second region, the laser structure having an end facet intersecting the first axis, the laser structure including a stripe-shaped stacked semiconductor layer extending along the first axis; and a distributed bragg reflection structure disposed on the principal surface in the first region, the distributed bragg reflection structure including a semiconductor wall made of a single semiconductor material, the distributed bragg reflection structure being optically coupled to the end facet of the laser structure. The semiconductor wall has first and second side surfaces that intersect the first axis and extend along a second axis intersecting the principal surface.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd

 Uniform junction formation in finfets patent thumbnailUniform junction formation in finfets
The present invention relates generally to semiconductor devices and more particularly, to a structure and method of forming an abrupt junction in the channel regions of high density technologies, such as tight pitch finfet devices, using recessed source-drain (s-d) regions and annealing techniques. In an embodiment, a faceted buffer layer, deposited before the s-d region is formed, may be used to control the profile and dopant concentration of the junction under the channel.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Ophthalmic lens assemblies and methods of assembly and use patent thumbnailOphthalmic lens assemblies and methods of assembly and use
Ophthalmic lens assemblies and methods of assembly and use may include a lens assembly including a lens element and a protective cover. The lens element includes a contact lens surface and a faceted optical body including a distal portion and a faceted portion including one or more mirror facets to form a tir activity pathway.
Volk Optical, Inc.

 Mos devices having epitaxy regions with reduced facets patent thumbnailMos devices having epitaxy regions with reduced facets
An integrated circuit structure includes a gate stack over a semiconductor substrate, and an opening extending into the semiconductor substrate, wherein the opening is adjacent to the gate stack. A first silicon germanium region is disposed in the opening, wherein the first silicon germanium region has a first germanium percentage.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

 Three dimensional targeting structure for augmented reality applications patent thumbnailThree dimensional targeting structure for augmented reality applications
A method is provided for obtaining ar information for display on a mobile interface device. The method comprises placing a three dimensional targeting structure in a target space, the targeting structure comprising a plurality of planar, polygonal facets each having a unique target pattern applied thereto.
Huntington Ingalls Incorporated

 Method for classifying a known object in a field of view of a camera patent thumbnailMethod for classifying a known object in a field of view of a camera
A method for classifying a known object in a field of view of a digital camera includes developing a plurality of classifier feature vectors, each classifier feature vector associated with one of a plurality of facet viewing angles of the known object. The digital camera captures an image in a field of view including the known object and an image feature vector is generated based upon said captured image.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program

Provided is an information processing apparatus including a control section that provides, to a terminal of a user, a relationship among a plurality of keywords each as an element constituting a facet that is used as an index for searching for a content, as a facet map, and a facet selection environment that is based on at least one keyword addable to the facet map as a new element of the facet, calculates a usage frequency of each of the keywords in the terminal, and adds a keyword whose calculated usage frequency satisfies a predetermined condition to the facet map as the new element of the facet.. .
Sony Corporation


A preparing pure precious metal nanoparticles with large fraction of (100) facets, nanoparticles obtained by this method and their use

The invention provides a method of preparing pure precious metal nanoparticles of controlled sizes and having (100) facets, wherein a precursor substance contained in a reagent solution is subjected to a reduction reaction using a reducing agent contained in the reagent solution to provide nanoparticles, and the reduction reaction is stopped by rapid lowering of the reaction solution temperature. In the process of the invention, the need to use surfactants or other organic particles to stabilize the (100) facets is eliminated..
Uniwersytet Warszawski


Flexible pillow device

A flexible pillow device is provided that is formed of a plurality of pillow members connected in an aligned arrangement. The pillow members are connected along their sides and are pivotable relative to one another to form either a flat or arch configuration.


Oriented bottom-up growth of armchair graphene nanoribbons on germanium

Graphene nanoribbon arrays, methods of growing graphene nanoribbon arrays and electronic and photonic devices incorporating the graphene nanoribbon arrays are provided. The graphene nanoribbons in the arrays are formed using a scalable, bottom-up, chemical vapor deposition (cvd) technique in which the (001) facet of the germanium is used to orient the graphene nanoribbon crystals along the [110] directions of the germanium..
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


V trench dry etch

Methods of producing v-shaped trenches in crystalline substrates are described. The methods involve processing a patterned substrate with etch masking materials defining each side of exposed silicon (100).
Applied Materials, Inc.


Valve seats for cylinder heads in aircraft engines

Intake and exhaust valve seat inserts for aircraft cylinder heads. The inserts are configured for low pressure loss as inlet air and hot exhaust gas passes through the respective valve seat inserts.


Fracturing a shell of a three-dimensional object

An apparatus is provided for fracturing a shell of a three-dimensional object. The apparatus may be caused to receive a shell of a three-dimensional object composed of a plurality of facets including first facets and distinct second facets, and form layer data defining a plurality of layers of the shell for use in forming the three-dimensional object on a layer-by-layer basis.
3d Systems, Inc.


Spacing for footwear ground-engaging member support features

The present disclosure is directed to an article of footwear including an upper configured to receive a foot and a sole component fixedly attached to a bottom portion of the upper. The sole component may include a baseplate having a bottom surface and at least a first ground engaging member extending substantially downward from the bottom surface of the baseplate, and a first elongate support member extending substantially downward from the bottom surface of the baseplate, abutting the first ground engaging member at a side portion, and extending horizontally from the side portion of the first ground engaging member.
Nike, Inc.


Method and a multi i/o modality language independent user-interaction platform

Automated user-machine interaction is gaining attraction in many applications and services. However, implementing and offering smart automated user-machine interaction services still present technical challenges.
Nuance Communications, Inc.


Laser die and photonics die package

A multi semiconductor device package includes a laser die and a photonics die. The laser die generates light and includes a laser facet that emits light from a light emitting surface.
International Business Machines Corporation


Optical waveguide with a reflective pattern for propogating a light beam

An optical waveguide for the propagation of a light beam adapted to travel by successive total reflections off the faces of the waveguide to an output face where the light beam is refracted. One of the faces of the waveguide forms, facing towards the output face, a support face for a pattern extending across the main direction of the beam to divert same towards the output face.
Valeo Vision


Fresnel piggyback intraocular lens that improves overall vision where there is a local loss of retinal function

Systems and methods are provided for improving overall vision in patients suffering from a loss of vision in a portion of the retina (e.g., loss of central vision) by providing a piggyback lens which in combination with the cornea and an existing lens in the patient's eye redirects and/or focuses light incident on the eye at oblique angles onto a peripheral retinal location. The piggyback lens can include a redirection element (e.g., a prism, a diffractive element, or an optical component with a decentered grin profile) configured to direct incident light along a deflected optical axis and to focus an image at a location on the peripheral retina.
Amo Groningen B.v.


Semiconductor structure having a source and a drain with reverse facets

A semiconductor structure including a semiconductor wafer. The semiconductor wafer includes a gate structure, a first trench in the semiconductor wafer adjacent to a first side of the gate structure and a second trench adjacent to a second side of the gate structure, the first and second trenches filled with a doped epitaxial silicon to form a source in the filled first trench and a drain in the filled second trench such that each of the source and drain are recessed and have an inverted facet.
Globalfoundries Inc.


Facet recommendations from sentiment-bearing content

A “facet recommender” creates conversational recommendations for facets of particular conversational topics, and optionally for things associated with those facets, from consumer reviews or other social media content. The facet recommender applies a machine-learned facet model and optional sentiment-model, to identify facets associated with spans or segments of the content and to determine neutral, positive, or negative consumer sentiment associated with those facets and, optionally, things associated with those facets.
Microsoft Corporation


Faceting search results

A business networking system receives a user a first search query that includes search criteria. The system executes the first search query to retrieve information relating to members of the business networking system based on the search criteria and to retrieve additional information relating to one or more facet values of the business networking system based on the search criteria and a scoring of a relevance of the facet values to the user.
Linkedln Corporation


Leveraging enterprise content

A method and system for leveraging content is provided. The method includes receiving, data associated with a subscriber and registering the subscriber with an ecm computing system.
International Business Machines Corporation


Network manageable advanced gas sensor apparatus and method

Mechanical, electronic, algorithmic, and computer network facets are combined to create a highly integrated advanced gas sensor. A sensor is integrated into switchgear housings.
Solon Manufacturing Company


Method for analysing a fracture face of a part of a turbine engine

Process for analysing a fracture or crack surface of a tial turbomachine part, comprising at least one of the steps consisting in: a) marking on the surface the position and the orientation of cleavage facets, so as to identify a region of fracture or crack initiation and to determine the direction of propagation of this fracture or crack, b) examining the surface and detecting the regions with the presence of equiaxed grains and/or lamellar grains, so as to evaluate the temperature at which the fracture or crack has taken place, and c) comparing the heat tintings of the surface with those of samples from a heat tinting colour chart so as to evaluate the speed of propagation of the fracture or crack.. .


Methods and apparatuses for reinforcing structural members

In an exemplary embodiment, a method of reinforcing a round structural member of a lattice structure comprises locating a reinforcement member having at least four facets on the round structural member, wherein each of the at least four facets forms a point of contact with the round structural member; and securing the reinforcement member to the round structural member.. .
Structural Components Llc


Torque wrench

As torque wrench (10) including a handle grip (11) and at least one head (12) that holds a clamping tool (13, 14) in the form of a rotary socket (16) located at one extremity of a handle grip (11) on of the torque wrench (10). The rotary socket (16) is housed in an annular element (17) integral with the head and comprises a central opening (18) defined by a hexagonal wall with facets (19).
Hl Technology Sa


Polymer osteosynthesis/translaminar screw for surgical spine treatment

A translaminar screw is formed from a polymer material (such as peek, plla, pcl, carbon fiber peek, and the like) so that the screw does not come loose, even after an extended period of mobilization. Spinal implants, instrumentation, and methods relating to stabilization and/or fusion of a facet joint via trans-facet and intra-facet delivery of the implants are disclosed herein.


Semiconductor laser diode with shortened cavity length

A semiconductor laser diode (ld) with a shortened cavity length is disclosed. The ld provides a rectangular substrate and, on the substrate, a cavity structure including a mesa with facets forming the laser cavity.
Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, Inc.


Heterogeneous semiconductor material integration techniques

Techniques are disclosed for heteroepitaxial growth of a layer of lattice-mismatched semiconductor material on an initial substrate, and transfer of a defect-free portion of that layer to a handle wafer or other suitable substrate for integration. In accordance with some embodiments, transfer may result in the presence of island-like oxide structures on the handle wafer/substrate, each having a defect-free island of the lattice-mismatched semiconductor material embedded within its upper surface.
Intel Corporation


Game display arrangement and system for displaying a game result from a game result generator

A roulette wheel display arrangement and system is disclosed for displaying a winning result from the roulette wheel. The arrangement comprises a display screen which is arranged to extend around a periphery of the wheel, and a plurality of screen facets, each facet being arranged to extend adjacent a corresponding player wagering position.
Novomatic Ag


Components with cooling channels and methods of manufacture

A manufacturing method includes forming one or more grooves in a component that comprises a substrate with an outer surface. The substrate has at least one interior space.
General Electric Company


Contoured calcaneal plate and a percutaneous drill guide for use therewith

This invention provides a calcaneal plate implanted using a sinus tarsi approach and comprises an anterior section having two locking screw holes, an s-shaped posterior facet section having a four locking holes and which rounds toward the bone at both the inferior and superior edges and is reinforced at the superior edge, and a blade shaped posterior portion having three linearly aligned locking holes and terminating in a tapered portion. There is also, a drill guide assembly having a drill guide column inserted through a hole in a targeting guide and locking to one of the locking holes in the plate, and cannulated drill guide sleeves that lock into holes in the targeting guide in a spaced relation whereby when the targeting guide is locked into the plate, the targeting guide can be used as a handle and wherein locking screws can be implanted percutaneously..
Orthohelix Surgical Designs, Inc.


Connecting rod for spinal surgery

An interconnecting spinal rod with a flanged end permits the surgeon to specifically locate the superior end, screw/rod position thereby minimizing the connecting rod overhang. This minimal overhang reduces interference with the adjacent facet of a vertebra in a spinal interbody fusion surgical procedure..
Spineology Inc.


Encapsulated led lens with bottom reflectors

A lens is affixed over an led die mounted on a substrate to encapsulate the led die. The lens may have a top surface shaped as a dome or other shape to achieve the desired light pattern.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Bipolar junction transistors with reduced epitaxial base facets effect for low parasitic collector-base capacitance

Fabrication methods, device structures, and design structures for a bipolar junction transistor. A dielectric structure is formed that is coextensive with a single crystal semiconductor material of a substrate in an active device region.
Globalfoundries Inc.


Thermally conductive ceramic-polymer composite and preparing the same

Provided are a thermally conductive ceramic-polymer composite in which thermoplastic polymers form a matrix, and planar fragments of thermally conductive ceramic or thermally conductive ceramic powder is uniformly dispersed on a grain boundary between thermoplastic polymer particles, thereby forming a thermal pathway, wherein the thermoplastic polymer particles are formed in a faceted shape, and the average size of the planar fragments of thermally conductive ceramic or thermally conductive ceramic powder is smaller than 1/10 of that of the thermoplastic polymer particles, and a method of preparing the same. Accordingly, since dispersion and interfacial affinity of a thermally conductive ceramic filler are maximized, excellent electrical insulation and excellent thermal conductivity can be exhibited even with a small content of the thermally conductive ceramic filler..
Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University Erica Campus


Rearview mirror with selective refelction and manufacture

An optic assembly for an automotive rearview mirror including a reflector having facets for managing light from a light source in the optic assembly and for lighting an illuminated feature in the rearview mirror. The reflector is selectively reflective, such that not all surface areas within the reflector are reflective.
Muth Mirror Systems, Llc


Spacerless artificial disc replacements

Spacerless artificial disc replacements (adr) are disclosed. One preferred embodiment includes two saddle-shaped components to facilitate more normal spinal flexion, extension, and lateral bending while limit axial rotation, thereby protecting the facet joints and the annulus fibrosus (af).
Spinecore, Inc.


Interspinous spacer

An implantable spacer for placement between adjacent spinous processes is provided. The spacer includes a body and a wing rotatably connected to the body.
Vertiflex, Inc.


Method of modifying epitaxial growth shape on source drain area of transistor

Methods for forming semiconductor devices, such as finfets, are provided. An epitaxial film is formed over a semiconductor fin, and the epitaxial film includes a top surface having two facets.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Gemstone viewer

An apparatus for viewing images of a gemstone is described. The apparatus comprises a support structure for supporting the gemstone at an observation position.
De Beers Uk Ltd


Flowable composition that hardens on delivery to a target tissue site beneath the skin

Flowable compositions and methods are provided for delivering a therapeutic agent at or near a target tissue site beneath the skin of a patient, the flowable composition comprising (i) a solvent and (ii) an effective amount of the therapeutic agent, the flowable composition being capable of hardening to form a drug depot at a physiological temperature or as solvent contacts bodily fluid at or near the target tissue site, wherein the drug depot is capable of releasing the therapeutic agent over a period of at least one day and the target tissue site comprises at least one muscle, ligament, tendon, cartilage, spinal disc, spinal foraminal space near the spinal nerve root, facet or synovial joint, or spinal canal. In some embodiments, an implantable drug depot for delivering a therapeutic agent is provided, the implantable drug depot comprising (i) a chamber; and (ii) a flowable composition comprising an effective amount of a therapeutic agent disposed within the chamber of the drug depot, the flowable composition capable of hardening when the drug depot is delivered at or near the target tissue site..
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.


Device for tissue removal

Improved device and method for safe, accurate, efficient surgical procedures are disclosed. A preferred device is a waveguide assembly for delivering electromagnetic radiation to a tissue comprising a waveguide with a multi-facetted tip and a cap over the 5 multi-facetted tip.
Biolitec Pharma Marketing Ltd.


Hologram generation apparatus and method

Provided is a hologram generation apparatus based on a hologram imaging system, which includes an object space, where an object is situated, and a retina space or region, where an image is formed within an eyeball of an observer. The hologram generation apparatus comprises: a modeling unit for generating first graphic data by transforming a 3d image of a 3d object to a set of polygonal facets; a data transformation unit for generating second graphic data by transforming the first graphic data from the modeling unit to normal/reference coordinates in the retina region; a hologram generation unit for generating a first computer generated hologram (cgh1), which is light wave analysis data for the second graphic data; and a hologram transformation unit for transforming the first computer generated hologram (cgh1) in the retina region to a second computer generated hologram (cgh2) in the object space..
Korea University Research And Business Foundation


Method of establishing a genetic risk stratificastion for genetic addiction risk analysis

Methods and kits for assessing severity index for alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and other reward deficiency syndromes. It has been discovered that a multifaceted non-specific rds behaviors should be considered as the true “reward” phenotype (endophenotype) instead of a single subset rds behavior such as alcoholism.
Synaptamine, Inc.


Method and kit for genetic analysis

Methods and kits for assessing severity index for alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and other reward deficiency syndromes. It has been discovered that a multifaceted non-specific rds behaviors should be considered as the true “reward” phenotype (endophenotype) instead of a single subset rds behavior such as alcoholism.
Synaptamine, Inc.


Artificial disc replacements with natural kinematics

This invention improves upon prior art total disc replacements (tdrs) by more closely replicating the kinematics of a natural disc. The preferred embodiments feature two or more fixed centers of rotation (cors) and an optional variable cor (vcor) as the artificial disk replacement (adr) translates from a fixed posterior cor that lies posterior to the cor of the tdr to facilitate normal disc motion.
Spinecore, Inc.


Surgical tools for spinal facet therapy to alleviate pain and related methods

Methods and surgical tools for treating back pain use a spinal facet debridement tool with cautery and denuding action and minimally invasive protocol that can denude and cauterize soft tissue associated with a synovial capsule of the spinal facet joint.. .
Medovex Corp.


Silicide formation due to improved sige faceting

An integrated circuit includes a pmos gate structure and a gate structure on adjacent field oxide. An epitaxy hard mask is formed over the gate structure on the field oxide so that the epitaxy hard mask overlaps the semiconductor material in pmos source/drain region.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Method for forming a germanium channel layer for an nmos transistor device, nmos transistor device and cmos device

The disclosed technology generally relates to complementary metal-oxide-silicon (cmos) devices, and more particularly to a transistor device comprising a germanium channel layer, such as an n-channel metal-oxide-silicon (nmos) transistor device. In one aspect, a method of forming a germanium channel layer for an nmos transistor device comprises providing a trench having sidewalls defined by a dielectric material structure and abutting on a silicon substrate's surface, and growing a seed layer in the trench on the surface, where the seed layer has a front surface comprising facets having a (111) orientation.
Imec Vzw


Presenting suggested facets

Method and system to present suggested facets is described. The system includes a search request detector, a search results generator, a facet selector, and a presentation module.
Linkedin Corporation


Optical module

The present invention relates to an optical module, in particular facet mirror, comprising an optical element and a supporting structure for supporting the optical element, wherein the supporting structure comprises a positioning device for actively setting a position and/or orientation of the optical element in at least one degree of freedom. The supporting structure comprises a selectively activatable contacting device having at least one contacting unit having a first contact section, wherein the first contact section, in an activated state of the contacting device, contacts a second contact section of the optical element in order to exert a contact force on the optical element, while the first contact section, in a deactivated state of the contacting device is removed from the second contact section..
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Semiconductor optical device

A semiconductor optical device including: a substrate including a first region and a second region; a first optical waveguide disposed on the first region, the first optical waveguide including a core layer and a cladding layer disposed on the core layer, the cladding layer including a first cladding region and a semiconductor layer disposed on the first cladding region, the first optical waveguide extending from an end facet of the semiconductor optical device to a boundary between the first region and the second region; a second optical waveguide disposed on the second region; and a region disposed on the cladding layer, the region having a lower refractive index than that of the first cladding region. The semiconductor layer has a higher refractive index than that of the first cladding region.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


System and localizing two or more moving nodes

Umaps is a multifaceted system that can be robot-mounted, human-worn, or canine carried. Umaps produces real-time, 3d mapping and localization for the user as they move throughout a gps-denied environment (e.g.


System and replacement of spinal motion segment

A system for flexibly stabilizing a vertebral motion segment of the facet joint by connecting a first vertebra and a second vertebra is disclosed. The system includes an elongate connection element with end portions interconnected by a flexible coupling member.
Globus Medical, Inc.


Optical coupler

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed toward techniques and configurations for an optical coupler. In some embodiments, the device may include an optical waveguide to transmit light input from a light source.
Intel Corporation


Led luminaire

A luminaire having an array of light emitting diodes on a circuit board, and a generally planar lens element adjacent each of the leds, wherein each lens element has a plurality of concentric ridges projecting from a surface of the lens member to define fresnel facets for redirecting light emitted from the corresponding led, providing more uniform light distribution in a compact configuration.. .
Coreled Systems, Llc


Optical receiver module providing semiconductor optical amplifier

An optical receiver module that provides a semiconductor optical amplifier (soa) is disclosed. The optical receiver module provides the soa in another housing and a photodiode (pd) enclosed in another housing.
Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations, Inc.


Genetic addiction risk analysis for rds severity index

Methods and kits for assessing severity index for alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and other reward deficiency syndromes. It has been discovered that a multifaceted non-specific rds behaviors should be considered as the true “reward” phenotype (endophenotype) instead of a single subset rds behavior such as alcoholism.
Synaptamine, Inc.


Integrated optimization and control for production plants

The present invention provides novel techniques for optimizing and controlling production plants using parametric multifaceted models. In particular, the parametric multifaceted models may be configured to convert a first set of parameters (e.g., control parameters) relating to a production plant into a second set of parameters (e.g., optimization parameters) relating to the production plant.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.


Fresnel lens with reduced draft facet visibility

A curved fresnel lens is provided. The fresnel lens includes a grooved surface and a smooth surface.
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Locking pin for a t-rail mount for a portable light and movable, lockable handles for the same

A locking pin for a mount for receiving a t-rail includes a bolt for engagement with the mount, a plurality of facets defined on the bolt, and a locking leaf spring having a first end fixed to the mount and a second distal end with a planar lip. A movable and lockable handle for a portable light includes a hand grip, a pair of arms and a pair of hinges.
Surefire Llc


Compounds and methods of prophylaxis and treatment regarding nicotinic receptor antagonists

It is an object of the present invention that the novel nicotinic receptor antagonists disclosed herein may be used in a broad array of clinical or medicinal facets. For example, it is a contemplated use of the present invention that the novel nicotinic receptor antagonists be used to inhibit the growth cycle of non-small cell lung cancer cells.


Facet joint implants and delivery tools

A spinal joint distraction system is disclosed and may include a delivery device, a driver assembly, and an internal actuator, where the driver assembly is adapted to be hold an implant and be sleevably inserted into the delivery device and the internal actuator is adapted to advance an implant distractor to distract the implant, the system also including an implant, a chisel, an injector, a gripping tool, and a dilator set. Several embodiments of an implant are disclosed as well a method of placing an implant..
Providence Medical Technology, Inc.


System and stabilizing a posterior fusion over motion segments

A system and method for stabilizing adjacent vertebral bodies that have been fused is provided. The system and method involves transversely securing the bony segments of fused vertebral bodies together.
Centinel Spine, Inc.


Square princess cut gemstone

A square princess cut gemstone (100) comprises a crown (300) having thirteen facets (310, 321-324, 331-334, 345-348). The crown facets include a square table facet (310) forming the top of the crown's truncated pyramid shape.


Optical device structure using gan substrates for laser applications

An optical device includes a gallium nitride substrate member having an m-plane nonpolar crystalline surface region characterized by an orientation of about −1 degree towards (000-1) and less than about +/−0.3 degrees towards (11-20). The device also has a laser stripe region formed overlying a portion of the m-plane nonpolar crystalline orientation surface region.
Soraa Laser Diode, Inc.


Flared laser oscillator waveguide

A broad area semiconductor diode laser device includes a multimode high reflector facet, a partial reflector facet spaced from said multimode high reflector facet, and a flared current injection region extending and widening between the multimode high reflector facet and the partial reflector facet, wherein the ratio of a partial reflector facet width to a high reflector facet width is n:1, where n>1. The broad area semiconductor laser device is a flared laser oscillator waveguide delivering improved beam brightness and beam parameter product over conventional straight waveguide configurations..
Nlight Photonics Corporation


Computer systems and user interfaces for learning, talent discovery, relationship management, and campaign development

The present disclosure provides computer systems and user interfaces for learning and/or talent discovery. A computer system can include a user interface that includes a search field and a facet field for refining a search directed to a query inputted in the search field.
Piazza Technologies, Inc.


System for accurate 3d modeling of gemstones

A computerized system, kit and method for producing an accurate 3d-model of a gemstone by obtaining an original 3d-model of an external surface of the gemstone; imaging at least one selected junction with only portions of its associated facets and edges disposed adjacent the junction, the location of the junction being determined based on information obtained at least partially by using the original 3d model; analyzing results of the imaging to obtain information regarding details of the gemstone at the junction; and using the information for producing an accurate 3d-model of said external surface of the gemstone, which is more accurate than the original 3-d model.. .
Sarine Technologies Ltd.


Illumination system for an euv lithography device and facet mirror therefor

The invention relates to an illumination system for an euv lithography device, comprising: a first facet mirror having facet elements that reflect euv radiation, and a second facet mirror having facet elements for reflecting the euv radiation reflected by the first facet mirror onto an illumination field. At least one of the facet elements of the first facet mirror or of the second facet mirror is designed as a diffractive optical element for diffracting the euv radiation.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh


Panelized structure improvement

A panelized complex polyhedron structure can be constructed quickly and inexpensively from a plurality panels. According to one embodiment, the structure includes a plurality of panels, wherein a first panel comprises an integrated connecting feature formed unitarily with the first panel and including a faceted feature connected to a plain end of a second panel.


High strength, integrally pre-stressed monoblock concrete crosstie with optimal geometry for use in ballasted railways

A monoblock concrete crosstie for railway tracks that achieves a high performance in operation includes a steel structure that is formed from ultra-resistant high strength steel plates embedded in a concrete element and having pre-stressed cold rolled wires with ends that form button head knots which are anchored to the steel plates. A faceted geometry allows optimal material usage and in turn increases the crosstie-ballast interlocking and stability with respect to the support surface..
Sumacano Real Estate Llc


High strength, integrally pre-stressed monoblock concrete crosstie with optimal geometry for use in ballasted railways

A monoblock concrete crosstie for railway tracks that achieves a high performance in operation includes a steel structure that is formed from ultra-resistant high strength steel plates embedded in a concrete element and having pre-stressed cold rolled wires with ends that form button head knots which are anchored to the steel plates. A faceted geometry allows optimal material usage and in turn increases the crosstie-ballast interlocking and stability with respect to the support surface..
Sumacano Real Estate Llc


Rail mounting system

The invention relates to a watercraft mounting system that embodies a multi-faceted tube and a mating clamp system adapted to carry an accessory. The designs of the railing and clamp have geometry to prevent rotation while allowing flexibility of adjustment in multiple positions..
Hobie Cat Company


Anisotropic deposition in nanoscale wires

The present invention generally relates to nanoscale wires, including anisotropic deposition in nanoscale wires. In one set of embodiments, material may be deposited on certain portions of a nanoscale wire, e.g., anisotropically.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Contact engagement analysis for target group definition

Processing power of a database may be leveraged to perform contact engagement analysis efficiently defining target groups. A person-centric data model allows rapid segmentation based upon details of individual contacts, and the nature of their interactions.


Non-parametric microfacet factor models for isotropic bidirectional reflectance distribution functions

A plurality of measured sample data points associated with reflectance on a surface of a material is obtained. A non-parametric densely tabulated one-dimensional representation for a plurality of factors in a microfacet model is generated, using the obtained sample data points..
Microsoft Corporation


See-through ir frontlight with embedded partially reflective facets

A flat illuminator having substantially reduced or no diffractive artifacts may be realized by using a partially reflective, embedded layer of extraction features, such as partially reflective facets or partially reflective bumpy surface, buried with substantially matching refractive index on both sides of layer. Implementations may be used in creating infrared (ir) illumination, either as a frontlight unit (flu) or backlight unit (blu), as well as for supporting a floating image of ir illumination in a retroreflective, reconvergent imaging or a retroimaging application..
Microsoft Corporation


Single chip scanning lidar and producing the same

A chip-scale scanning lidar includes a two dimensional (2d) scanning micromirror for a transmit beam and a 2d scanning micromirror for a receive beam, a laser diode and a photodetector, a first waveguide and first grating outcoupler coupled to a front facet of the laser diode, a second waveguide and a second grating outcoupler coupled to a rear facet of the laser diode on a substrate. A first fixed micromirror, a second micromirror, a third micromirror, and a focusing component are in a dielectric layer bonded to the substrate over the laser diode and photodetector.
Hrl Laboratories Llc


Story sticks and methods of making and using the same

Embodiments are described herein that provide recitation assistance devices and methods of using them. Such methods may include the steps of providing at least one hand-held physical media, and marking the at least one physical media with a clear sequence of letters, each letter representing a word such that the sequence is the first letters of a series of words imparting a particular meaning.


Method of forming oriented block copolymer line patterns, block copolymer line patterns formed thereby, and their use to form patterned articles

A block copolymer film having a line pattern with a high degree of long-range order is formed by a method that includes forming a block copolymer film on a substrate surface with parallel facets, and annealing the block copolymer film to form an annealed block copolymer film having linear microdomains parallel to the substrate surface and orthogonal to the parallel facets of the substrate. The line-patterned block copolymer films are useful for the fabrication of magnetic storage media, polarizing devices, and arrays of nanowires..
The Regents Of The University Of California


Facet arthoplasty devices and methods

Surgically installed prostheses replace either the caudal portion of a natural facet joint, the cephalad portion of a natural facet joint, or both. The prostheses are readily attached to the pedicles of a vertebral body and support at least one element that defines an artificial facet joint structure.
Gmedelaware 2 Llc


Spine stabilization device

Technologies are generally provided for devices, systems, and methods to provide spinal fixation, spinal stabilization, and/or spinal fusion. Example devices may include a first end and a second end with a middle portion extending between the first and second end.
Newsouth Innovations Pty Limited


Multi-camera system using folded optics free from parallax artifacts

Aspects relate to an array camera exhibiting little or no parallax artifacts in captured images. For example, the planes of the central mirror surfaces of the array camera can be located at a midpoint along, and orthogonally to, a line between the corresponding camera location and the virtual camera location.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Multi-camera system using folded optics free from parallax and tilt artifacts

Aspects relate to an array camera exhibiting little or no parallax artifacts in captured images. For example, the planes of the central mirror prism of the array camera can intersect at an apex defining the vertical axis of symmetry of the system.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Folded optic array camera using refractive prisms

Aspects relate to a prism array camera having a wide field of view. For example, the prism array camera can use a central refractive prism, for example with multiple surfaces or facets, to split incoming light comprising the target image into multiple portions for capture by the sensors in the array.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Nanoscale structures on optical fiber for surface enhanced raman scattering and methods related thereto

A nanoscale structure fabricated on a planar end facet of an optic fiber is described, to enable detection of molecules by surface-enhanced raman scattering. The nanoscale structure may comprise an array of nanopillars.
Lawrence Livermore National Security, Llc


Lens having densely-distributed convex facets on its entrance and exit surfaces

Optical lens (3) for a led comprising a lens body (10) having: —a light-entering section (1), where light from the led enters the lens (3), having a cross-sectional dimension (d2) and recessed to accommodate a led; —a light-emitting front face (2); —a frusto-conical shape (4), extending along a central axis between the light-entering section (1) and the light-emitting front face (2), the outer surface of which incorporating a plurality of densely-distributed convex facets (24); —a height (h) along said central axis; —a cross-sectional width (d1) at the level of the light-emitting front face (2). This optical lens enhances light utilisation efficiency, avoids creating spots with chromatic aberration hence greatly improves colour rendering..
Aurora Limited


Exposure posterior spinal minimally invasive screw placement surgery

An exposure apparatus for posterior spinal minimally invasive screw placement surgery includes a transverse process refractor and a facet joint retractor, is provided. The apparatus separates a gap between a multifidus muscle and a longissimus muscle, easily and atraumatically reach a screw placement position on a pedicle, accurately place the retractors, and thereafter locally form a screw placement tunnel space that externally extends 10 to 15 degrees.
The First Affiliated Hospital Of Nanjing Medical University


System and dynamic provisioning of applications

Disclosed is a system and method for the automatic, dynamic provisioning of applications configured to provide users with applications and network communications specifically designed to support their particular task. The provisioning of such capabilities is based on the type of event the user is responding to, such that every time a particular event occurs, a specific set of applications and other toolsets will be provisioned to that user (e.g., onto their individual mobile communication devices, such as tablets, smartphones, or the like) on an ad-hoc basis tailored to that particular event.
Cyber Reliant Corporation

Facet topics: Semiconductor, Semiconductor Material, Interbody Fusion, Lumbar Facet Fusion, Facet Fusion, Lumbar Spine, Intervertebral Disc, Spondylolisthesis, User Interface, Annotations, Graphical User Interface, Annotation, Data Element, Juxtaposition, Synovial Fluid

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