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This page is updated frequently with new Facet-related patent applications.

new patent Emoji as facetracking video masks
The system disclosed herein allows a user to select and/or create a mask using emoji or other expressions and to add the selected mask to track a face or other elements of a video. By utilizing the existing emoji character set, users are familiar with the expressiveness of the masks they can create and can quickly find them.
String Theory, Inc.

new patent Phase and amplitude control for optical fiber output
A method for shaping an output light beam from an optical fiber by controlling the phase and amplitude of the beam by producing beam shaping elements on an exit facet of the optical fiber by direct surface texturing of the exit facet, where a controlled phase difference is achieved across the fiber cross-section over a predefined pattern. The optical fiber can be a single mode fiber or a multi-mode fiber.
The Government Of The United States Of America, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Quantum cascade laser
A quantum cascade laser includes a substrate having a principal surface; a laser body region disposed on the principal surface, the laser body region including a semiconductor laminate structure having an end facet, the laser body region having a waveguide structure extending along a waveguide axis; and a distributed bragg reflection region disposed on the principal surface, the distributed bragg reflection region including low and high refractive index portions that are alternately arranged in a direction of the waveguide axis. The end facet of the semiconductor laminate structure is optically coupled to the distributed bragg reflection region.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Automatic analysis of repository structure to facilitate natural language queries
Techniques for analyzing a repository are described herein. A method for analyzing a repository may include obtaining a list of known persons in a repository based on objects, users, and groups retrieved from the repository.
International Business Machines Corporation

Automatic analysis of repository structure to facilitate natural language queries
Techniques for analyzing a repository are described herein. A method for analyzing a repository may include obtaining a list of known persons in a repository based on objects, users, and groups retrieved from the repository.
International Business Machines Corporation

Composite focus tubes
A composite focus tube for a cutting head of an abrasive waterjet cutting machine includes a chemical vapor deposition diamond (cvdd) tube retained within a holder. The cvdd tube is held within a passage extending through the holder by filling the volume between walls of the cvdd tube and walls of the passage with a polymer, ideally an adhesive, or with a low-melting point metal or alloy, which support and hold the cvdd tube in position without exerting significant stress on it.

High dose dehydroepiandrosterone as anticancer treatment with multi-faceted reconstitution of otherwise depleted metabolites
It has been authoritatively noted that after 100 years of cancer research, the life expectancy in most cancers has only increased by about 3 months. New, effective treatments for cancer are badly needed.

Linked bilateral spinal facet implants and methods of use
Superior and/or inferior facets of one or more facet joints may be replaced by superior and/or inferior facet joint prostheses. In one embodiment, a kit of superior or inferior prostheses is provided, in which the prostheses have at least two dimensions that vary among members of the kit independently of each other.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Facet joint prosthesis
The present application relates to a facet joint prosthesis comprising a first component having a first disc with a first outer face for engagement of a first bone. The first outer face has an opposed first inner face, which includes a first post connecting said first disc to a tongue.
Rios Medical Ag

Minimally invasive spine restoration systems, devices, methods and kits
The disclosure discloses methods, devices, systems and kits for repairing, replacing and/or augmenting natural facet joint surfaces and/or facet capsules. An implantable facet joint device of one embodiment comprises a cephalad facet joint element and a caudal facet joint element.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Golf putter

A golf putter comprised of a shaft having an axis, a hosel attached to the shaft and a head attached to the hosel. The head of the putter has a face, a top and a sole.
4321 Holding Company, Llc

Facet lamina plate system

An apparatus for securing facet joints of a spine of a patient is provided. The apparatus may include a first connection device configured to be positioned directly through a first facet joint of the spine of the patient.
Thunder Road Properties, Lp

Method of placing an implant between bone portions

Devices and methods for placing an implant between two bone portions are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method comprises disposing a portion of a flexible member through a first bone portion, through an aperture in a trial implant, and through a second bone portion.
Spinal Elements, Inc.

Finfet devices having silicon germanium channel fin structures with uniform thickness

Methods are provided to fabricate semiconductor devices, e.g., finfet devices, having fin channel structures formed of silicon-germanium alloy layers with uniform thickness. For example, a method includes forming a semiconductor fin structure having sidewalls that define a first width of the semiconductor fins structure, and a hard mask layer disposed on a top surface of the semiconductor fin structure.
International Business Machines Corporation

System for displaying a system status for a plurality of objects of interest

A system and method for creating a visual perspective of operational information that facilitates rapid decision making. The system and method merges existing data sources from any number of computer-fed external data sources through an applications server to display data set in easily recognizable, repeatable images (tiles) uniquely designed for a user's application.
Visualcue Technologies, Llc

Prism effect system for light fixture with inverted multi-facet prisms

The present invention relates to a light fixture comprising at least one light source generating light; a light collector configured to collect at least a part of the light and to convert the light into a light beam propagating a long an optical axis, where the light beam is concentrated at an optical gate arranged along the optical axis and an optical assembly comprising at least one optical front lens. The optical assembly is configured to project at least a part of said light beam along said optical axis and the light fixture comprises a prism effect system.
Martin Professional Aps

Prism effect system comprising multi-regional color filter and multi-faceted prism

The present invention relates to a light fixture comprising at least one light source generating light; a light collector configured to collect at least a part of the light and to convert the light into a light beam propagating a long an optical axis, where the light beam is concentrated at an optical gate arranged along the optical axis and an optical assembly comprising at least one optical front lens. The optical assembly is configured to project at least a part of said light beam along said optical axis and the light fixture comprises a prism effect system.
Martin Professional Aps

Composite spinal facet implant with textured surfaces

Implementations described and claimed herein provide a distal leading portion of a composite spinal implant for implantation in a spinal facet joint. In one implementation, the distal leading portion includes a distal leading end, a proximal trailing end, a first face, and a second face.
Providence Medical Technology, Inc.

Facet joint prosthesis

A facet joint prosthesis comprising an inferior prosthetic portion and a superior prosthetic portion is disclosed. Inferior prosthetic portion includes a first anchor member and a first articulating member and superior prosthetic portion includes a second anchor member and a second articulating member.
Globus Medical, Inc.

User network system with selective user facet connections

The present invention provides high flexibility and efficiency for creating and managing network connections, with full control on what is disclosed or not or the network.. .

Contextual navigation facets panel

A computer-implemented method for generating a contextual panel interface with a first interactive display portion for depicting a plurality of selectable datasets associated with the query context, a second interactive display portion for depicting a plurality of selectable measures associated with the query context and with at least one of the plurality of selectable datasets, a third interactive display portion for depicting a plurality of selectable dimensions associated with the query context and with at least one of the plurality of selectable datasets, and an interactive tool display portion configured to determine a query context in response to receiving a search query and to populate the first, second, and third interactive display portions.. .
Business Objects Software, Ltd.

Executing a faceted search within a semi-structured database using a bloom filter

In an embodiment, a server executes a first query in a semi-structured database to determine a first list of nodes that each include at least one node-specific data entry that satisfies the first query. The server initializes a bloom filter with the first list of nodes.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Optical component

An optical component for a projection exposure apparatus includes a multiplicity of variably positionable beam-guiding elements which serve as pupil facets. The optical component can be arranged in the beam path of the projection optical unit..
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

Firearm cartridge

The firearm cartridge has an upper chamber adapted to house gunpowder and a bullet, a lower pocket adapted to house a primer, and a flash hole extending there between. The lower pocket has a ledge disposed generally perpendicularly to the flash hole.

Trapezoidal pir sensor lens

A sensor module for a lighting fixture includes a housing configured to be mounted to a lighting fixture, a light sensor mounted in the housing, and a sensor cover over the light sensor. The sensor cover includes a parallel surface and an angled surface.
Cree, Inc.

Oval shaped diamond cut having hearts and arrows pattern

An oval shaped diamond, adapted to display a hearts and arrows pattern when exposed to light characteristic of the hearts and arrows pattern in a round diamond, comprising: an oval shape having two long sides symmetrical to each other, two short sides symmetrical to each other and four diagonal sides symmetrically located between the long sides and the short sides respectively, eight main crown facets, eight main pavilion facets, sixteen pavilion half facets; a uniform girdle of varying thickness separating the crown and pavilion facets, twelve subsidiary pavilion facets and eight crown star facets with each crown star facet including two facet sections of equal size and geometry on each of the two long and two short sides of the oval shaped diamond and two facet sections of non-equal size and geometry in each of the four diagonal or shoulder sides of the oval shaped diamond.. .
Worldwide Diamond Trademarks, Ltd.

Laser diode chip having coated laser facet

A laser diode chip has a laser facet, which includes a coating. The coating includes an inorganic layer and an organic layer.
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

Semiconductor structure having enlarged regrowth regions and manufacturing the same

The present disclosure provides a semiconductor structure, including: an insulation region including a top surface; a semiconductor fin protruding from the top surface of the insulation region; a gate over the semiconductor fin; and a regrowth region partially positioned in the semiconductor fin, and the regrowth region forming a source/drain region of the semiconductor structure; wherein a profile of the regrowth region taken along a plane perpendicular to a direction of the semiconductor fin and top surfaces of the insulation region includes a girdle, an upper girdle facet facing away from the insulation region, and a lower girdle facet facing toward the insulation region, and an angle between the upper girdle facet and the girdle is greater than about 54.7 degrees.. .
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

System and predictive pre-employment screening

A computerized method and system for pre-employment predictive screening is disclosed. The method comprises aggregating a plurality of employee testing and demographic data in a database, mapping each data in the plurality of employee testing and demographic data to a faceted feature space, selecting a classifying facet group from the faceted feature space, training a classifier model based at least in part on the classifying facet group, and saving the classifier model to a memory..

Carrying case with electrochromic panels

This invention relates to a carrying case with at least one electrochromic panel that can reversibly change from an opaque “off-state” to a highly transparent “on-state” when a button, dial, switch, snap, voice command, remote device, toggle, proximity sensor, other pocket, pouch, or flap on the carrying case, temperature sensor, or any other type of actuator that applies a charge to the electrochromic panel is activated. The electrochromic panel can be on any facet of the carrying case or multiple electrochromic panels can layer on top of each other to create various effects.
Mohawk Innovations Limited

Friction reducing oil additive and mixing

A nano-fluid mixture of an ilsac gf-5 resource-conserving motor oil (api sn) of 10w-30 viscosity mixed with a quantity of closed faceted non-shells carbon, formed by moving amorphous carbon through a plasma arc providing a heat greater than 5000° c., and a non-ionic surfactant having a hydrophilic polyethylene oxide chain and an aromatic hydrocarbon lipophilic group, then mixing this nano-dispersant mixture with an ester of glycerol providing at least one free hydroxyl group, provides a friction-reducing oil additive beyond the friction reduction experienced by any of these elements alone or in other combinations.. .

Method and system for matching appropriate content with users by matching content tags and profiles

A method and system is provided for classifying and labeling information content and also for profiling a user for accessing the information content, both using a coordinated labeling technique so that content from multiple sources may be searched, identified and/or presented to the user according to the user's profile. This technique provides an ongoing update of information content and sources while filtering out unnecessary information that is irrelevant to the user's profile, resulting in focused availability of information to the user.
International Business Machines Corporation

Bottle kaleidoscope

A kaleidoscope is made by installing a kit of parts within a beverage bottle that has been altered by cutting off the bottom of the bottle. The kit includes multiple lens systems and reflective tubes that are sized, shaped and arranged to create a dazzling composite image.

Optical waveguiding part

Optical waveguiding part (300), which waveguiding part is arranged to convey light through an output facet (30) of the waveguiding part, which waveguiding part comprises a ridge waveguide comprising a semiconductor substrate (320) and a semiconductor light-conveying ridge, wherein the output facet is set at an angle (α) in relation to a main direction (z) of light along the said waveguide, so that light travelling in the waveguide along said main direction has an angle of incidence towards the facet of between 2° and 14° and is reflected towards a first side (301) of the said ridge, wherein the waveguide comprises an mmi (multi mode interferometer) (310), arranged to create an output image substantially at the output facet.. .
Finisar Sweden Ab

Lighting device having a compact lighting dome for forming an illumination spot of variable diameter and of variable color temperature

A lighting device for illuminating an operative field comprises, in an axial lighting dome, a first ring of leds at a first color temperature, and a second ring of leds at a second color temperature different from said first color temperature, and an annular facetted mirror having semi-reflective facets and arranged about the same axis as said rings of leds. Collimation optical systems are provided between each ring of leds and the annular facetted mirror having semi-reflective facets.
Maquet Sas

Game controller with faceted finger pad

A finger pad for a game controller includes a first side and a second side opposite the first side. The first side includes a finger interface.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Optical element with a fresnel structure, and display device with such an optical element

Provided is an optical element with a fresnel structure with several fresnel segments. Each fresnel segment has an optically active facet, the shape of which is part of a predetermined surface.
Carl Zeiss Ag

Retaining ring having inner surfaces with features

Some implementations of a retaining ring has an inner surface having a first portion formed of multiple planar facets and a second portion that adjoins the first portion along a boundary and includes a frustoconical surface that is sloped downwardly from outside in. Some implementations of the retaining ring have a crenellated or serpentine inner surface, and/or an inner surface with alternating region of different surface properties or different tilt angles..
Applied Materials, Inc.

Dovetailed building block

A dovetailed building block includes a block body having a regular polygonal shape having side surfaces in which dovetailed recesses and dovetailed projections are alternately formed. To join two building blocks in a transverse direction, one dovetailed projection of one building block is received in and retained by one dovetailed recess of the other building block.

Contoured calcaneal plate and a percutaneous drill guide for use therewith

This invention provides a calcaneal plate implanted using a sinus tarsi approach and comprises an anterior section having two locking screw holes, an s-shaped posterior facet section having a four locking holes and which rounds toward the bone at both the inferior and superior edges and is reinforced at the superior edge, and a blade shaped posterior portion having three linearly aligned locking holes and terminating in a tapered portion. There is also, a drill guide assembly having a drill guide column inserted through a hole in a targeting guide and locking to one of the locking holes in the plate, and cannulated drill guide sleeves that lock into holes in the targeting guide in a spaced relation whereby when the targeting guide is locked into the plate, the targeting guide can be used as a handle and wherein locking screws can be implanted percutaneously..
Orthohelix Surgical Designs, Inc.

System and multiple level facet joint arthroplasty and fusion

facet joint replacement implants may be designed for use on multiple adjacent vertebral levels. Each superior implant may have a substantially semispherical concave surface, and each inferior implant may have a cooperating semispherical convex surface that is deformable to enable it to be pressed into the superior implant concave surface to fix the relative orientations of the superior and inferior implants.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Facet fixation prosthesis

A facet screw system for surgical implantation into bone tissue having a shaft, a compression member and a washer. The shaft includes a shaft having a bone engaging portion and a compression member engaging portion.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Cervical minimal access fusion system

A cervical minimal access fusion system is presented. The system has a plate with a longitudinal axis and defining at least two bone screw bores therethrough and an inter-vertebral cage configured to be positioned between two adjacent cervical vertebrae.
Spectrum Spine Ip Holdings, Llc

Generalized faceted browser decision support tool

Embodiments of the present invention provide a faceted browser for decision-making that enables interactive visualization of a decision space as choices are made. According to one embodiment, a computer-implemented method comprises receiving a selection of a first choice from a user.
Oracle International Corporation

Crafting a response based on sentiment identification

Examples described herein provide a digital assistant crafting a response based on target sentiment identification from user input. The digital assistant receives unstructured data input and identifies a segment of the input that includes a facet item.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Image-based faceted system and method

Disclosed herein is a system and method that facilitate searching and/or browsing of images by &lustering, or grouping, the images into a set of image clusters using facets, such as without limitation visual properties or visual characteristics, of the images, and representing each image cluster by a representative image selected for the image cluster. A map-reduce based probabilistic topic model may be used to identify one or more images belonging to each image cluster and update model parameters..
Yahoo! Inc.

Near-identical multi-faceted entity identification in search

Example embodiments described herein disclose systems and methods for near-identical multi-faceted entity identification within search results from an online marketplace. The online marketplace may be or include a group of one or more server machines configured to provide one or more online marketplace services, including the near-identical multi-faceted entity identification system.
Ebay Inc.

Method for illuminating an object field of a projection exposure system

A method for illuminating an object field of a projection exposure apparatus includes providing a subset of first facets to be positioned in park positions, which are each spaced apart from an associated target position, but at most by a maximum distance.. .
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

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