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Facet patents


This page is updated frequently with new Facet-related patent applications.

 Generalized faceted browser decision support tool patent thumbnailGeneralized faceted browser decision support tool
Embodiments of the present invention provide a faceted browser for decision-making that enables interactive visualization of a decision space as choices are made. According to one embodiment, a computer-implemented method comprises receiving a selection of a first choice from a user.
Oracle International Corporation

 Crafting a response based on sentiment identification patent thumbnailCrafting a response based on sentiment identification
Examples described herein provide a digital assistant crafting a response based on target sentiment identification from user input. The digital assistant receives unstructured data input and identifies a segment of the input that includes a facet item.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

 Image-based faceted system and method patent thumbnailImage-based faceted system and method
Disclosed herein is a system and method that facilitate searching and/or browsing of images by &lustering, or grouping, the images into a set of image clusters using facets, such as without limitation visual properties or visual characteristics, of the images, and representing each image cluster by a representative image selected for the image cluster. A map-reduce based probabilistic topic model may be used to identify one or more images belonging to each image cluster and update model parameters..
Yahoo! Inc.

 Near-identical multi-faceted entity identification in search patent thumbnailNear-identical multi-faceted entity identification in search
Example embodiments described herein disclose systems and methods for near-identical multi-faceted entity identification within search results from an online marketplace. The online marketplace may be or include a group of one or more server machines configured to provide one or more online marketplace services, including the near-identical multi-faceted entity identification system.
Ebay Inc.

 Method for illuminating an object field of a projection exposure system patent thumbnailMethod for illuminating an object field of a projection exposure system
A method for illuminating an object field of a projection exposure apparatus includes providing a subset of first facets to be positioned in park positions, which are each spaced apart from an associated target position, but at most by a maximum distance.. .
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

 Method and system for generating light pattern using polygons patent thumbnailMethod and system for generating light pattern using polygons
A method and system for generating light pattern using reflective polygons are provided herein. The method may include: rotating at least one polygon having a plurality of reflective facets along a rotation axis parallel to the facets; transmitting a light beam on the facets of the polygon; tilting the light beam relative to the polygon in parallel to the rotation axis so that the light beam hits each of the facets at a different tilt angle, thereby producing a light pattern comprising a plurality of lines; and controlling at least one of: the light intensity, the rotating, and the tilting, so as to produce an adjustable light pattern transmitted at a scene..
Oculus Vr, Llc

 Cutting burr shank configuration patent thumbnailCutting burr shank configuration
A cutting burr that includes a pair of axially spaced diamond-shaped portions designed to be keyed into a spindle of a locking mechanism of a high speed surgical drilling instrument and adapted to fit into a single pawl thereof to lock said cutting burr in place so as to prevent axial movement thereof and provide concentric rotation of said cutting burr without any wobbling. The orientation of both portions may be identical with respect to a center plan and diamond shape in the portion at the proximal end of the shank of the cutting tool may be larger than the intermediately located diamond shape of the other portion.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

 Gem setting in basket patent thumbnailGem setting in basket
A gem setting with a tapered basket has a width of a central gem stone plus smaller surrounding gem stones at one end. At another end, the tapered basket is narrower and the central gem stone sits there-within.

 System and  multifaceted publisher management of marketing activities patent thumbnailSystem and multifaceted publisher management of marketing activities
A system and method defining advertiser's objectives and measure performance of various components of a marketing engagement along those objectives to drive actions. One may measure the performance of different audience groups being exposed to the said campaign or may measure the performance of different publishers who participate in the campaign.
Groupm Worldwide Llc

 Radiation source patent thumbnailRadiation source
A faceted reflector (32, 32″) for receiving an incident radiation beam (2) and directing a reflected radiation beam at a target. The faceted reflector comprises a plurality of facets, each of the plurality of facets comprising a reflective surface.
Asml Netherlands B.v.

Back-side etching and cleaving of substrates

A fabrication technique for cleaving a substrate in an integrated circuit is described. During this fabrication technique, a trench is defined on a back side of a substrate.
Oracle International Corporation

Display panel, multi-facet display structure and display device

Disclosed are display panel, multi-facet display structure and display device. Display panel includes a backlight unit and a display screen, backlight unit includes a back plate, a light-guide and a light-source, and light-guide and screen are sequentially disposed on the back plate.
Beijing Boe Chatani Electronics Co., Ltd.

Lightguide device with outcoupling structures

A lightguide assembly including structures to provide for outcoupling of light from an internal reflection structure. In an embodiment, a lightguide assembly includes light transmissive bodies forming respective corrugations which are coupled to one another.
Google Inc.

Novel optical package providing efficient coupling between dfb-ld and silicon pic edge couplers with low return loss

An optical package for providing efficient coupling between a distributed feedback laser diode (dfb-ld) and a silicon photonic integrated-circuit chip (si pic) edge couplers with low return loss, as well as variations thereof, is described. The optical package may include a dfb-ld, a si pic, a single mode fiber or fiber array assembly, a lens and a spacer.
Sifotonics Technologies Co., Ltd.

Techniques for configurable part generation

Certain example embodiments relate to techniques generating a database of virtual families for real-time generation of part numbers for configurable products. For instance, certain example embodiments may include receiving a search request for part numbers and determining virtual families including entities matching the search request.
Partfiniti Inc.

Illumination optical unit for projection lithography

An illumination optical unit for projection lithography serves for illuminating an object field. A first transmission optical unit serves to guide illumination light emanating from a light source.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

Light diffuser, led lamp arrangement using the same, and manufacturing method

A light diffuser is formed of a slab of material which has opposing first and second main surfaces, wherein each surface comprises an array of light directing facets. Each light directing facet of the first surface directs incident light through the slab predominantly to a corresponding paired light directing facet of the second surface, and at least some different light directing facets of the first surface direct incident light to their corresponding paired light directing facets of the second surface in different directions.
Philips Lighting Holding B.v.

Adjustable spine distraction implant

An adjustable spine distraction implant alleviates pain associated with spinal stenosis and facet arthropathy by expanding the volume and/or cross sectional area in the spinal canal and/or neural foramen. The adjustable implant provides a spinal extension inhibitor.
Life Spine, Inc.

Angled facet broad-ridge quantum cascade laser

A particular quantum cascade laser includes a ridge-guide. The ridge-guide includes an angled facet that extends across a width of the ridge-guide and a flat facet that extends across the width of the ridge-guide.
The Boeing Company

Semiconductor laser element and near-field light output device using same

A semiconductor laser element is provided with: a substrate formed of a semiconductor; a semiconductor laminated film, which is laminated on the substrate, and which includes an active layer; a first electrode and a second electrode, which are provided on surfaces parallel to the active layer on the side where the semiconductor laminated film is formed on the substrate; and a facet protection film that is provided on both the facets, which are perpendicular to the active layer, and which face each other. In the semiconductor laser element, the facet is used as a fixing surface for the semiconductor laser element, said facet having the facet protection film formed thereon..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Method and system for optical power monitoring of a light source assembly coupled to a silicon photonically-enabled integrated circuit

Methods and systems for optical power monitoring of a light source assembly coupled to a silicon photonically-enabled integrated circuit (chip) are disclosed and may include, in a system comprising an optical source assembly coupled to the chip: emitting a primary beam from a front facet of a laser in the optical source assembly and a secondary beam from a back facet of the laser, directing the primary beam to an optical coupler in the chip, directing the secondary beam to a surface-illuminated photodiode in the chip, and monitoring an output power of the laser utilizing an output signal from the photodiode. The primary beam may comprise an optical source for a photonics transceiver in the chip.
Luxtera, Inc.

Spinal facet cage implant

Implementations described and claimed herein provide a spinal facet cage implant for implantation in a spinal facet joint. In one implementation, the implant includes a distal leading end, a proximal trailing end, a first face, and a second face.
Providence Medical Technology, Inc.

Facet mirror for use in a projection exposure microlithography

A facet mirror is to be used as a bundle-guiding optical component in a projection exposure apparatus for microlithography. The facet mirror has a plurality of separate mirrors.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

Optical element and display device with such an optical element

An optical element includes a reflective fresnel element for deflecting light bundles which are incident on the fresnel element along a direction of incidence, into a direction of emergence. The fresnel element includes a plurality of reflective facets arranged next to each other, which are formed curved, and in each case, comprise a first reflective section and an adjoining second reflective section.
Carl Zeiss Smart Optics Gmbh

Fixation device and method

An implantable orthopedic stability device is disclosed. The device can have a contracted and an expanded configuration.
Stout Medical Group, L.p.

Terahertz quantum cascade laser implementing a cerenkov difference-frequency generation scheme

A terahertz source implementing a {hacek over (c)}erenkov difference-frequency generation scheme in a quantum cascade laser. The laser includes an undoped or semi-insulating inp substrate with an exit facet that is polished at an angle between 10° to 40°.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof

A semiconductor device includes a gate electrode formed on a silicon substrate via a gate insulation film in correspondence to a channel region, source and drain regions of a p-type diffusion region formed in the silicon substrate at respective outer sides of sidewall insulation films of the gate electrode, and a pair of sige mixed crystal regions formed in the silicon substrate at respective outer sides of the sidewall insulation films in epitaxial relationship to the silicon substrate, the sige mixed crystal regions being defined by respective sidewall surfaces facing with each other, wherein, in each of the sige mixed crystal regions, the sidewall surface is defined by a plurality of facets forming respective, mutually different angles with respect to a principal surface of the silicon substrate.. .
Socionext Inc.

Wide angle imaging directional backlights

An imaging directional backlight apparatus including a waveguide, a light source array, for providing large area directed illumination from localized light sources. The waveguide may include a stepped structure, in which the steps may further include extraction features optically hidden to guided light, propagating in a first forward direction.
Reald Inc.

Apparatus, systems, and methods for the fixation or fusion of bone

Assemblies of one or more implant structures make possible the achievement of diverse interventions involving the fusion and/or stabilization of the si-joint and/or lumbar and sacral vertebra in a non-invasive manner, with minimal incision, and without the necessitating the removing the intervertebral disc. The representative lumbar spine interventions, which can be performed on adults or children, include, but are not limited to, si-joint fusion or fixation; lumbar interbody fusion; translaminar lumbar fusion; lumbar facet fusion; trans-iliac lumbar fusion; and the stabilization of a spondylolisthesis..

Devices and methods for minimally invasive spinal stablization and instrumentation

Described herein are devices and methods for fusion of adjacent vertebral bones using distractor platforms for exposure and resection of at least a portion of the facet joint, such as in performance of a tlif procedure. In one embodiment, the distractor platform contains at least a first receptacle and/or extension adapted to couple to the implanted screw/bone marker and the method includes advancing a threaded segment of a bone fastener assembly into the identified first pedicle of the first vertebral bone, the first bone fastener assembly further comprises a second segment adapted to couple with a distraction platform adapted to concurrently attach onto at least one tissue retention blade and adapted to retain the tissue retention blade in the displaced position.

Lighting fixture

A light emitting diode (led) lighting arrangement for a lighting fixture includes: a lighting strip comprising a plurality of light emitting diodes (leds) arranged along a length of the lighting strip; a first multi-faceted side wall reflector extending from a first side of the lighting strip at an angle such that the first multi-faceted side wall reflector extends along an entire length of the lighting strip and away from a bottom portion of a light emitting portion of each of the light emitting diodes (leds); and a second multi-faceted side wall reflector extending from a second, opposite side of the lighting strip at an angle such that the second multi-faceted side wall reflector extends along an entire length of the lighting strip away from the bottom portion of the light emitting portion of each of the light emitting diodes (leds). The first and second multi-faceted side wall reflectors cause light produced by the plurality of light emitting diodes (leds) to be amplified and formed into a uniform beam..
Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc.

Measuring and displaying facets in context-based conformed dimensional data gravity wells

A processor-implemented method, system, and/or computer program product measures and displays facets in context-based conformed dimensional data gravity wells. Conformed dimensional objects and synthetic context-based objects are parsed into n-tuples.
International Business Machines Corporation

Expandable articulating intervertebral implant with limited articulation

An artificial functional spinal unit including an expandable intervertebral implant that can be inserted via a posterior surgical approach and used with one or more facet replacement devices to provide an anatomically correct range of motion is described. Lordotic and non-lordotic expandable, articulating implants and cages are described, along with embodiments of facet replacement devices and instruments for insertion.
Flexuspine, Inc.

Semiconductor structure having enlarged regrowth regions and manufacturing the same

The present disclosure provides a semiconductor structure, including: an insulation region including a top surface; a semiconductor fin protruding from the top surface of the insulation region; a gate over the semiconductor fin; and a regrowth region partially positioned in the semiconductor fin, and the regrowth region forming a source/drain region of the semiconductor structure; wherein a profile of the regrowth region taken along a plane perpendicular to a direction of the semiconductor fin and top surfaces of the insulation region includes a girdle, an upper girdle facet facing away from the insulation region, and a lower girdle facet facing toward the insulation region, and an angle between the upper girdle facet and the girdle is greater than about 54.7 degrees.. .
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Partial etch memorization via flash addition

Provided is a method of creating structure profiles on a substrate using faceting and passivation layers. A first plasma etch process performed generating a faceted sidewall and a desired inflection point; a second plasma etch process is performed using an oxygen, nitrogen, or combined oxygen and nitrogen plasma, generating a passivation layer; and a third plasma etch process using operating variables of an etch chemistry on the faceted sidewall and the passivation layer to induce differential etch rates to achieve a breakthrough on near-horizontal surfaces of the structure, wherein the third plasma etch used is configured to produce a target sidewall profile on the substrate down to the underlying stop layer.
Tokyo Electron Limited

Wafer level testing of optical devices

A wafer includes multiple optical devices. One of the devices includes a waveguide that terminates at a facet that is included in a testing port.
Kotura, Inc.

Devices, kits and methods relating to treatment of facet joints

A facet joint surgical tool for treating a facet joint synovial cyst includes rotatable members disposed side-by-side through a minimally invasive sheath and rotatable to reconfigure distal end portions between a facet joint penetration configuration with a tissue piercing tip and a facet joint retraction configuration. Facet joint synovial cysts located to an anterior side of the facet joint are treated by a posterior approach with access to the cyst through the facet joint retracted by the surgical tool.
Thixos Llc

Multi-camera system using folded optics free from parallax artifacts

Aspects relate to an array camera exhibiting little or no parallax artifacts in captured images. For example, the planes of the central mirror surfaces of the array camera can be located at a midpoint along, and orthogonally to, a line between the corresponding camera location and the virtual camera location.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Faceted finfet

Among other things, a semiconductor device comprising one or more faceted surfaces and techniques for forming the semiconductor device are provided. A semiconductor device, such as a finfet, comprises a fin formed on a semiconductor substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited

System and creating and transitioning to multiple facets of a social media object in a social network

Systems and methods for facilitating users to create multi-faceted social media objects (e.g., text, images, videos, etc.) with one public facing front side and multiple secondary facets that have optional privacy controls are provided. Users can scroll down a feed and perform gestures on each social media object to transition them to flipsides to view optionally private content in an intuitive manner.
Flypfeed, Inc.

Leveraging enterprise content

A method and system for leveraging content is provided. The method includes receiving, data associated with a subscriber and registering the subscriber with an ecm computing system.
International Business Machines Corporation

System and implementing multi-faceted search queries

A computer-implemented method of guiding a user during the construction of a search query to locate an item of interest in a database, wherein a search index of the database is a hierarchical data structure that includes at least one aspect of items with the aspect having facets. The method includes receiving a search query from a user, building a search expression data structure according to the search query, expanding the search expression data structure to determine the results for at least one facet available to refine the user's search query and presenting a representation of the results of the user's search query along with the result for the at least one facet to the user, thus providing guidance to the user for development of the search query regarding the existence of valid results. Ltd

Structured abrasive articles and methods of using the same

Structured abrasive articles include a backing and shaped abrasive composites secured to the backing. The shaped abrasive composites include abrasive grits dispersed in a binder matrix.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Apparatus for holding, securing and styling hair

Hair styling accessories are disclosed herein for holding, securing and styling hair. The accessories provide a mechanism for holding a ponytail in a wearer's hair, and/or for allowing hair to be secured, pulled, rolled and styled in a desirable manner.
Ljl, Inc.

Multifaceted assertion directory system

A method of providing one or more assertions about a subject is provided. The method includes obtaining, at an assertion directory access server and over a network, a first assertion about a first attribute of the subject from a first assertion issuer; obtaining, at the assertion directory access server and over a network, a second assertion about a second attribute of the subject from a second assertion issuer; and providing, from the assertion directory access server, the first assertion and the second assertion to an assertion directory authority server over a network..
Verisign, Inc.

Tunable laser including parallel lasing cavities with a common output

A parallel cavity tunable laser generally includes a semiconductor laser body defining a plurality of parallel laser cavities with a common output. Each of the parallel laser cavities is configured to be driven independently to generate laser light at a wavelength within a different respective wavelength range.
Applied Optoelectronics, Inc.

Interface providing decision support in complex problem environment

An interface provides decision support in complex problem environments. An interface engine selectively communicates with a database to display (e.g., in tree form) proposed decisions and various corresponding outcomes resulting from cause-effect relationships of selected decisions.

Faceted turbine blade damper-seal

A damper seal received in a cavity of a turbine blade includes a central body with two ends and a two sides. A portion extends from each end, one side has a faceted edge, and a projection extends from the other side to receive a lug of the turbine blade to align the damper seal relative to the turbine blade..
United Technologies Corporation

Presenting content items based on received facet value scores

In a content item feed, such as a news feed associated with a user in a social network, facet values for multiple facets are determined for the content items in the feed. These facets may include a topic or subject associated with the content item, an author of the content item, and the number of comments associated with the content item.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Optical die packaging

An optical package includes a laser die a photonics die. The laser die generates light and includes a laser facet that emits light.
Global Foundries Inc.

Bidirectional photonic integrated circuit with suppressed reflection

A photonic integrated circuit is presented that includes a substrate, and a first and second waveguide patterned on the substrate. The first waveguide guides an input beam of radiation.
Medlumics S.l.

Self-pivoting spinal implant and associated instrumentation

An intervertebral implant includes an insertion end, an opposing engagement end, and first and second opposed main surfaces configured to contact respective adjacent vertebral endplates. Each of the first and second main surfaces has an anterior edge, a posterior edge, and extends between the insertion and engagement ends.
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

Adjacent level facet arthoroplasty devices, spine stabilization systems, and methods

The invention discloses an implantable facet arthroplasty device suitable for treating adjacent level disease. The device is designed for implantation between a first vertebra and a second vertebra.
Globus Medical, Inc.

Cartridge dispenser

A cartridge dispenser filled with a plurality of cartridges having enclosed contents is disclosed. Cartridges are inserted into and retained by a cartridge interface on one end of the cartridge dispenser.

Heat sink-based single-board computer holder assembly

A heat sink-based single-board computer holder assembly includes heat sink including base, mounting flanges located at opposing top and bottom sides of base, insertion slot unit located at mounting flange, first slot and second slots located at front side of mounting flange, a plurality of third slots located at back side of mounting flange between first slot and second slots, and bevel guide facets located at two distal ends of first slot, and positioning mechanism including two fastening members inserted through bevel guide facets and first slot and second slots at two mounting flanges, and two pair of wedge-shaped sliding blocks mounted on fastening members and abutted against bevel guide facets and movable along bevel guide facets upon rotating fastening members. The structural design of insertion slot units can easily be made by using computer numerically controlled machine tool to perform linear milling process, simplifying manufacturing process and reducing cost..
Adlink Technology Inc.

Applications of electro-optic displays

Electro-optic, especially electrophoretic, displays are used in variety of architectural and furniture applications, including a tile (100) comprising an electro-optic layer (110) capable of changing the color of the file, front and multiple rear electrodes and a light-transmissive polymeric layer (102), the exposed surface of which is textured to provide a plurality of facets inclined to the plane of the tile (100), the rear electrodes being aligned with the facets. A variable color writable board is also provided..
E Ink Corporation

Method for mode control in multimode semiconductor waveguide lasers

One embodiment is a wide stripe semiconductor waveguide, which is cleaved at a talbot length thereof, the wide stripe semiconductor waveguide having facets with mirror coatings. A system provides for selective pumping the wide stripe semiconductor waveguide to create and support a talbot mode.
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

Fast calibration and programming optical components

A method and apparatus for calibrating and controlling tunable lasers are disclosed. Multiple methodologies disclosed herein may be used, alone or in combination, which significantly speed up a calibration time and thus provide a significant advantage over existing technology in calibrating the tunable lasers.
Oe Solutions America, Inc.

Gem having a stellar appearance

Disclosed is a gem (1) that has a stellar appearance. Said gem (1) comprises a crown (2) having a plurality of crown facets, including a first group (6) of crown facets that taper in the direction of a girdle (4) and extend at an angle (a) of 22.5°±3°, preferably 22.5°+2° from the girdle plane (e), and a second group (7) of crown facets that adjoin the girdle (4) by their large side and extend at an angle (13) of 34°±3°, preferably 34°±2° from the girdle plane (e).
D. Swarovski Kg

Chip-scale power scalable ultraviolet optical source

A chip scale ultra violet laser source includes a plurality of laser elements on a substrate each including a back cavity mirror, a tapered gain medium, an outcoupler, a nonlinear crystal coupled to the outcoupler with a front facet that has a first coating that is anti-reflectivity (ar) to a fundamental wavelength of the laser element and high reflectivity (hr) to ultra violet wavelengths, and has an exit facet that has a second coating that has hr to a fundamental wavelength of the laser element and ar to the ultra violet wavelengths, a photodetector coupled to the outcoupler, a phase modulator coupled to the photodetector and coupled to the back cavity mirror, and a master laser diode on the substrate coupled to the phase modulator of each laser element. Each laser element emits an ultra violet beamlet and is frequency and phase locked to the master laser diode..
Hrl Laboratories, Llc

Spectacle lens for a display device that can be fitted on the head of a user and generates an image, and display device with such a spectacle lens

A spectacle lens for a display device that can be fitted on the head of a user and generate an image guides light bundles of pixels of the generated image, which are coupled into the spectacle lens via the coupling-in section of the spectacle lens, in the spectacle lens by reflections on the rear side and a reflecting surface lying opposite this to the coupling-out section and coupling them out of the spectacle lens via the coupling-out section. A splitter layer reflects a portion of light bundles reflected by the rear side towards the rear side and transmits a portion, wherein after reflection on the rear side the reflected portion strikes the splitter layer again and there, once again, is partially reflected towards the rear side and partially transmitted.
Carl Zeiss Smart Optics Gmbh

Cervical distraction/implant delivery device

Systems for distracting a facet joint and positioning a permanent implant in the joint are disclosed. The implants serve to retain a distracted position of the facet joint which is achieved with positioning of the leading end of a distraction tool in the facet joint and then distracting or enlarging the joint a desired amount.
Providence Medical Technology, Inc.

Systems and methods for illuminating and viewing objects

A light source contains a laser having a radiating facet that radiates light with an intrinsic or acquired intensity profile. The light is received by an optical scrambler comprising a bundle of optical fibers having and input surface and an output surface.

Systems and methods of multidimensional encrypted data transfer

Example embodiments of the systems and methods of multidimensional encrypted data transfer disclosed herein also introduce novel and unobvious methods to store and access information. In example embodiments of the systems and methods of multidimensional encrypted data transfer disclosed herein, a multidimensional data structure is developed.

Spectacle lens for a display device that can be fitted on the head of a user and generates an image, and display device with such a spectacle lens

A spectacle lens for a display device can be fitted on the head of a user and generate an image. The spectacle lens body can include a front side, a rear side, a coupling-in section in an edge area of the spectacle lens and a coupling-out section in a central area of the spectacle lens, two opposing reflecting surfaces in the area of the coupling-in section, and facets embedded in the area of the coupling-in section in the spectacle lens body between the two reflecting surfaces and arranged next to each other in the direction from the coupling-in to the coupling-out section in a first and an adjoining second area.
Carl Zeiss Smart Optics Gmbh

Moire reducing optical substrates with irregular prism structures

An optical substrate has a structured surface that enhances brightness and reduces moire effect. The optical substrate has a three-dimensionally varying, structured light output surface that comprises an irregular prismatic structure.
Ubright Optronics Corporation

Multi-faceted appliance height-adjustment mechanism

An appliance height-adjustment mechanism includes a support block having a plurality of supporting faces, a plurality of height-adjustment surfaces defined by at least a portion of the supporting faces of the support block, each height-adjustment surface being further defined by a lateral spacing flange extending perpendicularly from each height-adjustment surface and a plurality of support surfaces defined by at least a portion of the plurality of supporting faces, wherein each support surface corresponds to a cooperating height-adjustment surface of the plurality of height-adjustment surfaces, wherein the support block includes a plurality of support positions, and wherein each of the plurality of support positions is defined by one of the support surfaces being a respective base of the support block and the corresponding height-adjustment surface defining a dedicated appliance height above the respective base.. .
Whirlpool Corporation

Three-dimensional curing light

A curing light may include a housing sized and configured for placement over a tooth. A first facet positioned within the housing may have a first led mounted thereon, a second facet positioned within the housing may have a second led mounted thereon, and a third facet positioned within the housing may have a third led mounted thereon..
Cao Group, Inc.

Reflective fly repellent ball device of bead facets and multiple water molecules that repel flies

Fly balls repel files because flies are frightened and confused by the multiple thousands of reflective images they see whenever they are in a fly balls' no flies zone. A combination of a flies 4,000 eyes; faceted bead(s) reflections; and multiple water molecule reflections create a visual reflective predator threat to a fly..

Constructs for expressing biological molecules that integrate into bacterial microcompartments

A conserved region of sequence in bacterial microcompartment (bmc) enzymes and proteins was identified. Peptide sequences derived from this conserved region of native bmc proteins and enzymes appear to target the hexameric facets of bmc shell proteins.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Defect reduction using aspect ratio trapping

Lattice-mismatched epitaxial films formed proximate non-crystalline sidewalls. Embodiments of the invention include formation of facets that direct dislocations in the films to the sidewalls..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Systems and methods for haptically-enabled conformed and multifaceted displays

One illustrative system disclosed herein includes a touch-sensitive surface, which includes: a first surface on a first plane; and a second surface adjacent to the first surface, wherein the second surface is on a second plane different from the first plane. The illustrative system also includes a haptic output device configured to receive a haptic signal and output a haptic effect.
Immersion Corporation

Identification value of a rotatable element having a plurality of mirror facets

A method determines an identification value of a rotatable element having a plurality of mirror facets. The identification value is determined based on a facet scan duration obtained of the mirror facets or based on a prismatic error of the mirror facets..
Hewlett-packard Indigo, B.v.

Interleaving angled hexagonal tile for flexible armor

An interleaving hexagonal tile (aht) is provided for incorporation onto a liner in an array for a personnel armor clothing article. The aht includes a hexagonally-symmetric solid object composed of a homogeneous material.
Chief Of Naval Research, Office Of Counsel

Autoinjector having an end-of-dose visual indicator

An autoinjector that automatically retracts a needle contained therein includes an injection assembly, having a plunger and a movable piston coupled to the plunger, a retraction assembly coupled to the injection assembly, and an end-of-dose visual indicator disposed within the retraction assembly. The retraction assembly includes an opaque section, a transparent or translucent section coupled to the opaque section, and a drug container having a hypodermic needle.
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

Facet joint implant

Methods and devices are disclosed for treating the facet joint. An implant for treating the facet joint is provided comprising a fixation plate having an access surface and a bone facing surface, a spacer configured to be inserted into the facet joint, and at least one hinge between the spacer and the bone facing surface of the fixation plate.
Spinal Elements, Inc.

Surgical tools for spinal facet therapy to alleviate pain and related methods

Methods and surgical tools for treating back pain use a spinal facet debridement tool with cautery and denuding action and minimally invasive protocol that can denude and cauterize soft tissue associated with a synovial capsule of the spinal facet joint.. .
Medovex Corp.

Method and system for gemstones

A gemstone cut into a round stone and method of cutting a gemstone are disclosed herein. A gemstone having a crown having a table surrounded by eight star facets surrounded by eight bezel facets, each bezel facet having a primary and secondary bezel facet, surrounded by sixteen upper girdle facets is described here..

Edge-emitting laser chip wafer layout that facilitates on-wafer testing of the lasers

Edge-emitting laser chip wafer layouts are provided that enable a variety of tests to be performed while the chips are on the wafer, including side-mode suppression ratio (smsr) tests. The laser chip wafer layouts include turning mirrors that direct light passing out of at least one of the facets of the chips away from the wafer.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd

A data processing system for adaptive visualisation of faceted search results

A system for adaptive visualisation of faceted search results comprises a visualisation module configured to adapt a predetermined visualisation correlation between the data types of the search result facets and the visualisation types in function of the aggregated visualisation type modifications.. .
Ontoforce Nv

Deep linking and state preservation via a url

The technology disclosed relates to a platform for ultra-fast, ad-hoc data exploration and faceted navigation on integrated, heterogeneous data sets. The disclosed apparatus and methods for deep linking and state preservation via a url make it possible to share live data as rendered on a live dashboard, without saving a new state on a server every time data and dashboard elements are updated.., Inc.

Illumination system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus

An illumination system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus includes a pupil forming unit directing light on a spatial light modulator that transmits or reflects impinging light in a spatially resolved manner. An objective images a light exit surface of the spatial light modulator on light entrance facets of an optical integrator so that an image of an object area on the light exit surface completely coincides with one of the light entrance facets.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

Optical coupler

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed toward techniques and configurations for an optical coupler. In some embodiments, the device may include an optical waveguide to transmit light input from a light source.
Intel Corporation

Reflective non-paraboloidal beam-shaping optics

A lighting device may include a light source and a reflective optical element. The reflective optical element may have a reflective internal surface that defines a cavity.
Surefire, Llc

Reinforced composite game stick handle

An improved lacrosse stick shaft for attachment to a lacrosse stick head is provided. The stick is formed from a composite base shaft body with reinforcement features embedded or adhered to the surface thereof at selected locations to improve the resistance of the shaft to impacts and breakage without adding significant weight.

Injection needle

An injection needle includes a needle tube having a proximal end and a distal end, and an edge surface provided at the distal end of the needle tube. The edge surface includes a first ground facet, a second ground facet, and a third ground facet.
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

Compositions and methods for treating joints

Compositions and methods are disclosed for the treatment of osteoarthritis. The compositions comprising combinations of hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate, can be useful for any synovial joint, including the knee, shoulder, hip, ankle, hands, spinal facet, or temporomandibular joint, both for the relief of pain and for slowing disease progression..
Depuy Synthes Products, Inc.

Systems and methods for guiding anchors for facet fixation

Apparatus and methods for spinal surgery include a retractor with an elongated body extending along a longitudinal axis between a distal end and an opposite proximal end, the retractor defines a passage between the distal and proximal ends and a window opening into the passage adjacent to the distal end. The apparatus also includes a guide member extending laterally from the proximal end of the retractor and the guide member includes a body extending along an arc.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc

Generating visualizations of facet values for facets defined over a collection of objects

Provided are a computer program product, system, and method for generating visualizations of facet values for facets defined over a collection of objects. The objects are processed to determine facet values for the objects for a specified facet.
International Business Machines Corporation

Novel passive stylus

The present disclosure pertains to stylus' for electronic devices, and in particular, to passive stylus' with multi-faceted functionality. A passive stylus has a first end and a second end wherein at the first end, a first nib is present, and at the second end, a second nib is present.
Intel Corporation

Optical coupler

An optical assembly includes first (102) and second (103) housings configured to move relative to each other. The first housing includes an attachment area (124) configured to permanently attach an optical waveguide (122) and having a facet (634) that optically couples the optical waveguide to the first housing.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Horizontal coupling to silicon waveguides

Techniques for forming a facet optical coupler that includes a waveguide formed over a trench of a silicon substrate are described. The trench is formed in a silicon substrate and then filled with a dielectric material.
Acacia Communications, Inc.

Device for embossing packaging material with a set of embossing rollers of the male-female die type

The embossing device for embossing packaging material comprises a set of embossing rollers with male die and female die rollers co-operating with one another, the surface of which is provided with texture elements, wherein the texture elements (m6r6) on the surface of the female die roller (m6), which are assigned to the texture elements (p6e6) on the surface of the male die roller (p6) are not inversely congruent by an amount of above 15 μm in axial and radial direction and the texture elements of the male die and female roller associated with one another comprise facets (f) for the purpose of local pressure elevation. A facet (f) comprises faces (fn), which with respect to the imaginary, continuous surface of the texture is inclined.
Boegli-gravures Sa

Facet topics:
  • Semiconductor
  • Semiconductor Material
  • Interbody Fusion
  • Lumbar Facet Fusion
  • Facet Fusion
  • Lumbar Spine
  • Intervertebral Disc
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • User Interface
  • Annotations
  • Graphical User Interface
  • Annotation
  • Data Element
  • Juxtaposition
  • Synovial Fluid

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