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Percutaneous arthrodesis method and system

Multi-spot laser probe with micro-structured faceted proximal surface

Expandable broadhead having tip formed as an integral portion of a steel or stainless steel ferrule

Date/App# patent app List of recent Facet-related patents
 Table of contents for search query refinement patent thumbnailTable of contents for search query refinement
Computer-implemented methods and a computing system are provided for presenting a new user interface paradigm which allows users to explore facets related to a search query term while maintaining the original state of the search query term or staying within the confines of the user defined topic. The methods and system present facets or categories of relevant topics of a user generated search query term.
 Percutaneous arthrodesis method and system patent thumbnailPercutaneous arthrodesis method and system
A method and system for percutaneous fusion to correct disc compression is presented. The method has several steps, for instance, inserting a percutaneous lumbar interbody implant; positioning guide wires for each facet screw to be implanted; performing facet arthrodesis in preparation for the facet screws; fixating the plurality of facet screws; and optionally performing foramen nerve root or central decompression.
 Multi-spot laser probe with micro-structured faceted proximal surface patent thumbnailMulti-spot laser probe with micro-structured faceted proximal surface
An optical surgical probe includes a cannula; a light guide within the cannula, configured to receive a light beam from the light source, to guide the light beam to a distal end of the light guide, and to emit the light beam at the distal end of the light guide; and a multi-spot generator at a distal end of the cannula, the multi-spot generator having a faceted proximal surface with oblique facets, configured to receive the light beam emitted at the distal end of the light guide and to split the received light beam into multiple beam-components, and a distal surface through which the multiple beam-components exit the multi-spot generator, wherein the proximal surface of the multi-spot generator is micro-structured with a modulation length smaller than a wavelength of the light beam in order to reduce the reflectance of light back into the probe.. .
 Expandable broadhead having tip formed as an integral portion of a steel or stainless steel ferrule patent thumbnailExpandable broadhead having tip formed as an integral portion of a steel or stainless steel ferrule
One embodiment of the present invention is directed to a broadhead assembly that includes a ferrule having a shaft engaging end, an opposed tip end, and an axially extending elongate body. The tip end is formed as an integral part of the ferrule and includes a plurality of facets circumferentially arranged about the axially extending elongate body.
 Lightning protection and enhanced emi shielding for faceted domes patent thumbnailLightning protection and enhanced emi shielding for faceted domes
A faceted dome assembly for airborne optical sensors to enhance emi shielding and lightning protection is disclosed. In one embodiment, the faceted dome assembly includes a faceted dome.
 Method and apparatus for shaping dynamic light beams to produce 3d perception in a transmitted light microscope patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for shaping dynamic light beams to produce 3d perception in a transmitted light microscope
An illuminator for a transmitted light microscope for producing stereo viewing as well as motion parallax 3d perception, using a generally pyramid-shaped mirror having a plurality of facets and light source adjacent a plurality of the facets and a computer-driven electronic circuit for controlling the on/off status of said light sources.. .
 Submicro-facet light-emitting device and method for fabricating the same patent thumbnailSubmicro-facet light-emitting device and method for fabricating the same
A light emitting device comprises an n-type layer, a p-type layer, and an active region sandwiched between the n-type layer and the p-type layer, wherein the active-region has a wavy structure with nano or micro fluctuations in its thickness direction. The n-type layer comprises crystal facets on its upper surface, and the active-region is conformally formed on the upper surface of the n-type layer and substantially follows the shape of the crystal facets so as to form the wavy structure.
 Beverage delivery can patent thumbnailBeverage delivery can
A beverage delivery can may comprise various configurations, including various aperture shapes, sizes, and configurations and various shapes, textures, configurations, and dimensions of the lid and surface of the can. A beverage can may comprise various exterior shapes such as a tapered shape, a faceted shape, a pint glass shape and the like.
 Smoking article wrapper patent thumbnailSmoking article wrapper
A smoking article such as a cigarette 1 has a wrapper in the form of a tube 5 that has lines of weakness 10 formed e.g. By laser cutting on the inside to define an array of visually discernable facets 12 on the outside..
 Diamond clusters defining various shapes patent thumbnailDiamond clusters defining various shapes
A jewelry stone cluster comprising four gemstone sections which are mounted in a setting and which are juxtaposed to each other. Each gemstone section includes a table facet and, in one form, a respective pair of adjacent cross facets, with the cross facets extending in planes that are at an angle to their respective table facet.
Reinforcement implant for lamina with a cantilever bridge part
A reinforcement implant comprises a cantilever part for spanning a resected area of a lamina and an anchoring part at opposite ends of the cantilever part. The first anchoring part has a pressure surface for bearing on the spinous process of the vertebra, and the second anchoring part has a transverse thrust surface for bearing on an outer face of the lamina.
Flexible torque-transferring apparatus
A flexible torque-transferring apparatus includes a first end element, a second end element and a flexible connector for interconnecting the first and second end elements. The flexible connector includes a plurality of joints, each including a ball and a socket.
Synchronized presentation of facets of a game event
Various embodiments are generally directed to use of ancillary information related to play of a game event in which actions in the game are timestamped to enable synchronized presentation alongside an audio/visual program of the game event. An apparatus includes logic to receive a program data comprising a video recording of a game event, receive ancillary data including an indication of an action related to play of the game event, a first timestamp indicating a first time for start of the video recording, and a second timestamp indicating a second time for the action; visually present the video recording in a first portion of the display; and use the first and second timestamps to synchronize a visual presentation of the action in a second portion of the display with a depiction of the action in the visual presentation of the video recording.
Enhancements to game components in gaming systems
A computer-implemented method for enhancing game components in a gaming system using various three-dimensional enhancements. The three-dimensional enhancements may involve stacks of gaming components to provide and integrate additional symbols, multi-faceted gaming components, multi-faceted gaming surfaces running multiple games in parallel, items animating to simulate real-world physics, merging components, shapes to push up or down gaming components to create stacks, and so on.
Drawing apparatus and drawing method
A drawing apparatus includes a flow line generation section configured to generate the flow line from a predetermined start position; a view setting section configured to set the viewpoint position in the 3d-space; a band-of-facets forming section configured to form a band of facets connecting a plurality of polygon facets along the flow line based on the set viewpoint position; and a texture mapping section configured to map texture onto each of the plurality of polygon facets. The texture represents reflected light on the band of facets with respect to a light source placed at a predetermined position in the 3d-space..
Methods for optimizing materials for lenses and lens arrays and devices thereof
This technology relates generally to methods for the fabrication of lenses which include a glass carrier and an at least partially transmissive layer with one or more slope facets coupled together by one or more draft facets on a surface of the glass carrier. This technology also relates to the resulting lenses and systems including lens arrays.
Collar-form, full-moment structural connection with angular, confronting, load-transfer, corner facets
A collar-form, nodal connection between the ends of beams and the outside of a column including (a) column-mount node components, joined to and distributed around the outside of the column at a defined location along its length, (b) planar beam-mount node components connected to beam ends and arranged in a collar form circumsurrounding the column-mount node components, with adjacent beam-mount node components possessing adjacent lateral sides including confronting load-compression faces that lie in planes which are disposed at angles of substantially 45-degrees relative to the respective planes of their associated beam-mount components, and (c) for each pair of adjacent beam-mount-component lateral sides, operatively connected nut-and-bolt structure extending through the associated beam-mount components' lateral sides, appropriately tightened within the overall nodal connection to produce compression in confrontingly adjacent load-compression faces which is effective within the connection to promote column-circumsurrounding load delivery from the beams through the connection to the column.. .
System and method of performing a faceted search
A content management system that enables a member of a service to search for other members whose group profiles satisfy one or more search criteria is disclosed. The system further enables the member to select one or more of the members whose profile satisfies the search criteria, and facilitates communication between the member and the selected members.
Providing application context for a conversation
A method for providing application context for a conversation includes associating a conversation with an application object. A facet of the application object is obtained from a source application.
Role-based application configuration
A role action framework allows for comprehensive control of various objects, data, and behaviors within a procurement and requisitioning application. This framework can be extended to be used by various transactions.
Mixer-ejector turbine with annular airfoils
Example embodiments are directed to fluid turbines that include a turbine shroud, a rotor and an ejector shroud. The turbine shroud includes an inlet, an outlet, a leading edge and a trialing edge.
Optical guide for collimated images with optical beam doubler, and associated optical device
The general field of the invention is that of optical guides for collimated images comprising a first and a second image conductor functioning by total reflection, each conductor comprising a plurality of plates that are planar, semi-reflective, mutually parallel and inclined with respect to the plane of the external faces of the image conductors. The two conductors are arranged so as to deliver a collimated image to a large pupil.
Faceted finfet
Among other things, a semiconductor device comprising one or more faceted surfaces and techniques for forming the semiconductor device are provided. A semiconductor device, such as a finfet, comprises a fin formed on a semiconductor substrate.
Video capture of multi-faceted documents
A system captures or otherwise receives a video and uses the video to create an electronic file corresponding to a multi-faceted printed artifact, such as a multi-page document. When the system receives the video, it selects a set of some or all of the video's image frames, determines a frame quality for each frame in the set, and identifies a subset of the frames such that the frame quality of each frame in the subset satisfies one or more image quality criteria.
Facet-free strained silicon transistor
The presence of a facet or a void in an epitaxially grown crystal indicates that crystal growth has been interrupted by defects or by certain material boundaries. Faceting can be suppressed during epitaxial growth of silicon compounds that form source and drain regions of strained silicon transistors.
Heterojunction bipolar transistor
Structures and methods of making a heterojunction bipolar transistor (hbt) device that include: an n-type collector region disposed within a crystalline silicon layer; a p-type intrinsic base comprising a boron-doped silicon germanium crystal that is disposed on a top surface of an underlying crystalline si layer, which is bounded by shallow trench isolators (stis), and that forms angled facets on interfaces of the underlying crystalline si layer with the shallow trench isolators (stis); a ge-rich, crystalline silicon germanium layer that is disposed on the angled facets and not on a top surface of the p-type intrinsic base; and an n-type crystalline emitter disposed on a top surface and not on the angled lateral facets of the p-type intrinsic base.. .
Spacerless artificial disc replacements
Spacerless artificial disc replacements (adr) are disclosed. One preferred embodiment includes two saddle-shaped components to facilitate more normal spinal flexion, extension, and lateral bending while limit axial rotation, thereby protecting the facet joints and the annulus fibrosus (af).
Member for controlling luminous flux, light-emitting device, and illumination device
A member for controlling luminous flux (100) has an incidence surface (110) and an emitting surface (120). The incidence surface (110) is a pyramidal surface having a recessed shape relative to the bottom of the member for controlling luminous flux (100), and having rounded borders between the individual facets.
Transportable power plant apparatus and method
Mechanical, electronic, and business method facets are combined to create a highly integrated transportable power plant. A vehicle system incorporates and transports and electrical system capable of using alternating current and direct current electrical power inputs to charge onboard energy storage modules.
Flexible chain implants and instrumentation
A flexible chain implant for insertion into an interior volume of a vertebral body. The implant may be implanted in an insertion position for sliding through a cannula and is flexible for packing into the interior volume in an implanted configuration.
Transistor with improved sigma-shaped embedded stressor and method of formation
A method and structure of an embedded stressor in a semiconductor transistor device having a sigma-shaped channel sidewall and a vertical isolation sidewall. The embedded stressor structure is made by a first etch to form a recess in a substrate having a gate and first and second spacers.
Ultra-high vacuum (uhv) wafer processing
One or more techniques or systems for ultra-high vacuum (uhv) wafer processing are provided herein. In some embodiments, a vacuum system includes one or more cluster tools connected via one or more bridges.
High-yield high-precision distributed feedback laser based on an array
A distributed-feedback laser with wavelength accuracy and spectral purity. An array of lasers with highly reflecting/anti reflecting facets is fabricated on a single chip with controlled variations, in for example laser gratings.
Dynamic bleed area definition for printing of multi-dimensional substrates
A method of defining a three-dimensional structure having multiple facets, such as a package, identifies an image that is to be printed on a first facet. It also identifies a second facet of the package that has a functional relationship with the first facet, determines whether the functional relationship is that of a crease, an edge, or another functional relationship, and automatically defines a bleed area by accessing a rule set and applying the rule set to the determined functional relationship.
Computer simulation of physical processes including modeling of laminar-to-turbulent transition
A computer-implemented method for simulating fluid flow using a lattice boltzmann (lb) approach that includes assigning values for the wall shear stress on a per-facet (e.g., per-surfel) basis based on whether the fluid flow is laminar or turbulent is described herein.. .
Facet screws
Facet screws comprise a lower portion have lower threads that have a constant outer or major diameter. The lower portion of the facet screws can also have a tapered or conical shape in a direction toward the lower end, and relative to a longitudinal axis, of the facet screw.
Methods and apparatus for improving shear loading capacity of a spinal segment
A method for improving shear loading capacity of a spinal segment having a superior vertebra, an inferior vertebra or sacrum, and a facet joint, includes providing a constraint device having an upper portion, a lower portion and a compliance member coupled therebetween. The constraint device is coupled with the spinal segment such that the upper portion of the constraint device is coupled with the superior vertebra and the lower portion of the constraint device is coupled with the inferior vertebra or a sacrum.
Assessment for identifying derailers of interpersonal behavior
An assessment is provided to identify an individual's derailers of interpersonal behavior and provide a fine-grained analysis of the identified derailers. The assessment provides a score for a number of potentially negative aspects, i.e., derailers, where each aspect is represented as a scale.
Strengthened glass article and touch-sensitive device
A strengthened glass article includes a glass block having at least one cut facet, a reinforcement layer, and a sheltering layer. The reinforcement layer is at least disposed on at least a part of the cut facet.
Edge illuminated photodiodes
This invention comprises plurality of edge illuminated photodiodes. More specifically, the photodiodes of the present invention comprise novel structures designed to minimize reductions in responsivity due to edge surface recombination and improve quantum efficiency.
Method for generating electron beams in a hybrid laser-plasma accelerator
A method for testing the sensitivity of electronic components and circuits against particle and photon beams using laser-plasma interaction, in which the flexibility of the multifaceted interaction can produce several types of radiation such as electron, proton, ion, neutron and photon radiation, and combinations of these types of radiation, in a wide range of parameters that are relevant to the use of electronic components in space, such as satellites, at high altitudes or in facilities that work with radioactive substances such as nuclear power plants. Relevant radiation parameter ranges are accessible by this method, which are hardly accessible with conventional accelerator technology.
Monolithic interferometric atomic force microscopy device
A fiber-facet afm probe enabling high-resolution, high sensitivity measurement of a sample surface is presented. Afm probes in accordance with the present invention include an optically resonant cavity that is defined by two mirrors, at least one of which is a photonic-crystal mirror.
Multifaceted candidate screening
A method, system and computer program product are disclosed for candidate screening. In one embodiment, the method comprises identifying a multitude of dimensions of a specified job, assigning a weight to each of the dimensions, and determining whether each of a group of candidate satisfies the weights assigned to the dimensions.
Method and apparatus for enabling targeted advertising and rewards between consumers, businesses, and developers
Methods and apparatuses in which a multi-faceted network connects game developers, businesses (both product and service oriented), at times referred to as “retailer” or “retailers” and casual gamers, at times referred to as users/consumers through a series of interfaces for the mutual benefit of all involved is disclosed. Through the use of the interfaces described, a casual gamer has the incentive to keep playing developers' games in order to attain rewards based on their own preferences, therefore ramping up advertising revenues for the developer and issuing targeted coupons and promotions from a retailer to an engaged audience..
Method and system to promote the incorporation of unused substrate areas into ornamental packages
A package generation system allows a user to add an ornamental structure to a package flat by receiving a package design file containing data representing package characteristics. The system uses the package design file to identify a two-dimensional layout of the package.
Joint arthroplasty systems, methods, and components
Surgical implant systems, methods, and components are described herein. More particularly, the disclosure relates to joint arthroplasty systems, methods, and components.
Facet joint prosthesis
A facet joint prosthesis comprising an inferior prosthetic portion and a superior prosthetic portion is disclosed. Inferior prosthetic portion includes a first anchor member and a first articulating member and superior prosthetic portion includes a second anchor member and a second articulating member.
Unicompartmental customized arthroplasty cutting jigs
Disclosed herein are unicompartmental femoral and tibial arthroplasty jigs for respectively assisting in the performance of unicompartmental femoral and tibial arthroplasty procedures on femoral and tibial arthroplasty target regions. The jigs each include a mating surface.
(al,in,b,ga)n based semipolar and nonpolar laser diodes with polished facets
An (al,in,b,ga)n or iii-nitride based laser diode epitaxially grown on orientations other than a c-plane orientation, namely various semipolar and nonpolar orientations, and having polished facets. The semipolar orientation may be a semipolar (11-22), (11-2-2), (101-1), (10-1-1), (20-21), (20-2-1), (30-31) or (30-3-1) orientation, and the nonpolar orientation may be a nonpolar (10-10) or (11-20) orientation.
Moire reducing optical substrates with irregular prism structures
An optical substrate having a structured surface that enhances brightness and reduces moire effect. The optical substrate has a three-dimensionally varying, structured light output surface that comprises an irregular prismatic structure.
Method and system for applying an adaptive perforation cut to a substrate
A method and system automatically and dynamically updates the design of perforation lines in a package design file. It identifies an edge between two facets to which a perforation line is to be applied, determines a length of the edge, and uses the length of the edge and a default cut segment length to determine a number of cut segments that will be included in the perforation line.
Wrench-based tap and die holders
A threading tool, such as a tap or die holder, is configured to be driven by a generic wrench. The tool is provided with a wrench-engageable surface, such as a faceted cylindrical surface, or a cylinder with a polyhedral cross-section perpendicular to its axis.
Method and system for avoiding package induced failure in swept semiconductor source
Dry oxygen, dry air, or other gases such as ozone are hermetically sealed within the package of the external cavity laser or ase swept source to avoid packaging-induced failure or plf. Pif due to hydrocarbon breakdown at optical interfaces with high power densities is believed to occur at the sled and/or soa facets as well as the tunable fabry-perot reflector/filter elements and/or output fiber.
Light directing films
Light directing films employing at least two layers forming a continuous corrugated boundary between major surfaces of the film. Light received by a major surface of the film is internally redirected by interacting with the facets of the corrugated inter-layer boundary and is emitted from the opposing major surface towards a new propagation direction which is different from the original propagation direction by up to 90 degrees.
Gemstone cut
A gemstone cut into a round stone and method of cutting a gemstone are disclosed herein. A crown having a table may be surrounded by eight star sets.
Cyclone device for separating sticky material from gas stream
A cyclone device for separating a sticky material from a gas stream, comprising a tin body; an introducing tube, connected to the tin body and arranged on a facet of the tin body; a central exhaust pipe, arranged within the tin body on a top position thereof, a conical tin connected to a bottom of the tin body at one end and having a particle discharging exit at the other end; a supporting wheel set, arranged within the tin body and adjacent to an end of the conical tin; and a scraping mechanism arranged movably on the supporting wheel set.. .
Facet fixation device
The invention features an implant assembly for stabilization of a facet joint including an implant having a u-shaped body. The u-shaped body comprises a rounded front end, an open back end, first and second elongated components extending from the rounded front end, forming the u-shaped body and ending at the open back end and a helical structure extending within the u-shaped body that serves as a locking mechanism..
Facet joint replacement
A prosthesis for the replacement of a diseased or traumatized facet of a mammalian vertebra includes a surface that articulates with another prosthetic facet or a natural facet, a portion that replaces at least a bony portion of the diseased or traumatized spine facet which is to be replaced, and an element to attach the prosthesis to the vertebra in a manner that does not require attachment to or abutment against the posterior arch. A method of installing the prosthesis includes the steps of resecting at least a portion of a facet and attaching the prosthesis in a manner that does not require attachment or abutment against the posterior arch..
Truncated ditetragonal gold prisms
Truncated ditetragonal gold prisms (au tdps) are synthesized by adding a dilute solution of gold seeds to a growth solution, and allowing the growth to proceed to completion. The au tdps exhibit the face-centered cubic crystal structure and are bounded by 12 high-index {310} facets.
Facet mirror device
A facet mirror device includes a facet element, a support device and a clamping device. The facet element includes a first support section, while the support device comprises a second support section contacting the first support section to support the facet element.
Semiconductor structure with reduced junction leakage and method of fabrication thereof
A semiconductor structure is formed with a nfet device and a pfet device. The nfet device is formed by masking the pfet device regions of a substrate, forming a screen layer through epitaxial growth and in-situ doping, and forming an undoped channel layer on the screen layer through epitaxial growth.
Passive infra red detector
A passive infra red detector comprises a plurality of passive infra red sensors (4, 5) and a lens member (2) arranged to direct radiation from a target area onto the sensors. The lens member (2) forms a substantially hemispherical dome about the infra red sensors (4, 5).
Beverage delivery can
A beverage delivery can may comprise various configurations. Such configurations may comprise various aperture shapes, sizes, and configurations and various shapes, textures, configurations, and dimensions of the lid and surface of the can.
Methods and systems for obtaining and presenting alumni data
Obtaining alumni data from a database includes storing standardized alumni data in alumni data profiles, receiving a selected data entity representing an institution, searching the alumni data profiles to locate the profiles of alumni of the institution, determining a plurality of ranked sets of data by searching the profiles of alumni of the institution, and displaying each of the elements of the plurality of ranked sets of data respectively as elements in a plurality of facets. The elements in the plurality of facets may be displayed visually as a graphics display.
Spinal facet cage implant
Implementations described and claimed herein provide a spinal facet cage implant for implantation in a spinal facet joint. In one implementation, the implant includes a distal leading end, a proximal trailing end, a first face, and a second face.
System and method for facet joint replacement
A system for replacing at least a portion of a natural facet joint includes a fixation member implantable in a vertebra, an inferior facet articular surface and an inferior strut which may be formed separately from the inferior articular surface. The inferior strut has a first end securable to the fixation member and a second end which may comprise a sphere with a hemispherical surface.

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