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Mid-ir microchip laser: zns:cr2+ laser with saturable absorber material


Creation of variable cut files for package design

Date/App# patent app List of recent Facet-related patents
 Claw rotor with a reduced cross-section, and alternator, in particular for a motor vehicle comprising a rotor of this type patent thumbnailClaw rotor with a reduced cross-section, and alternator, in particular for a motor vehicle comprising a rotor of this type
Rotor an alternator or alternator-starter type comprises two pole wheels including a series of axial claws having a generally trapezoidal shape that extend axially from the edge of the outer radial end of one pole wheel towards the other pole wheel. The rotor comprises an interpolar magnetic assembly in the interpolar space between a first claw of a first pole wheel and a second claw of a second pole wheel.
Valeo Equipements Electriques Moteur

 Bidirectional long cavity semiconductor laser for improved power and efficiency patent thumbnailBidirectional long cavity semiconductor laser for improved power and efficiency
The invention relates to bi-directional long-cavity semiconductor lasers for high power applications having two ar coated facets (2ar) to provide an un-folded cavity with enhanced output power. The lasers exhibit more uniform photon and carrier density distributions along the cavity than conventional uni-directional high-power lasers, enabling longer lasers with greater output power and lasing efficiency due to reduced longitudinal hole burning.
Jds Uniphase Corporation

 Mid-ir microchip laser: zns:cr2+ laser with saturable absorber material patent thumbnailMid-ir microchip laser: zns:cr2+ laser with saturable absorber material
A method of fabrication of laser gain material and utilization of such media includes the steps of introducing a transitional metal, preferably cr2+ thin film of controllable thickness on the zns crystal facets after crystal growth by means of pulse laser deposition or plasma sputtering, thermal annealing of the crystals for effective thermal diffusion of the dopant into the crystal volume with a temperature and exposition time providing the highest concentration of the dopant in the volume without degrading laser performance due to scattering and concentration quenching, and formation of a microchip laser either by means of direct deposition of mirrors on flat and parallel polished facets of a thin cr:zns wafer or by relying on the internal reflectance of such facets.. .
The Uab Research Foundation

 Creation of variable cut files for package design patent thumbnailCreation of variable cut files for package design
A package design system creates a package design file. The file includes comprises a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional structure having a plurality of facets having alternative design scenarios that can be selected based on conditions of the cutting and/or folding device that is used to create the package.
Xerox Corporation

 Method and system for intent centric multi-facet content presentation patent thumbnailMethod and system for intent centric multi-facet content presentation
Methods, systems, and programming for presenting personalized content. In one example, a plurality pieces of content are retrieved in accordance with an estimated intent determined with respect to a user.
Yahoo! Inc.

 System and  evaluating sentiment patent thumbnailSystem and evaluating sentiment
An example system and method elicits reviews and opinions from users via an online system or a web crawl. Opinions on topics are processed in real time to determine orientation.
Twitter, Inc.

 Thermal management for high-power optical fibers patent thumbnailThermal management for high-power optical fibers
A method includes obtaining a substrate having at least one exposed metal surface. The method also includes electro-depositing metal onto the at least one exposed metal surface of the substrate and around at least a portion of an optical fiber to secure the optical fiber to the substrate.
Raytheon Company

 Multi faceted shower head mechanism patent thumbnailMulti faceted shower head mechanism
An enhanced shower head mechanism comprises a chamber for collecting and distributing water; one or more long pipes connected to the chamber and one short pipe connected to each of a top and the bottom of the chambers. Preferably, the number of the long pipes is four.

 Single-facet spindle implementation for a laser scanner system patent thumbnailSingle-facet spindle implementation for a laser scanner system
A system includes a laser scanner system. The system includes a scanner laser to generate an optical scanning beam.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

 Germainium pin photodiode for integration into a cmos or bicmos technology patent thumbnailGermainium pin photodiode for integration into a cmos or bicmos technology
A diode comprising a light-sensitive germanium region which is totally embedded in silicon and forms with the silicon a lower interface and lateral interfaces, wherein the lateral interfaces do not extend perpendicularly, but obliquely to the lower interface and therefore produce a faceted form.. .
Ihp Gmbh - Innovations For High Performance Microelectronics Leibniz-institut FÜr Innovative


Mixed heliostat field

Mixed heliostat field combining, in the same field, heliostats of different sizes and/or with different types of facets, all of them having at least one facet and being canted or not, and either having spherical, cylindrical, flat or quasi-flat (spherical with a high curvature radius) facets, such that the solar field is optimised in order to minimise shadows and blockages between heliostats, as a result of correct positioning of the heliostats in the field.. .
Abengoa Solar New Technologies, S.a.


Ultra compact combustor

Embodiments of a combustor for a gas turbine engine are provided herein. In some embodiments, a combustion chamber for a gas turbine engine comprising may include a combustor having an inner volume defined at least partially by a front wall, wherein the wall comprises a plurality of facets each having a through hole fluidly coupled to the inner volume, and wherein the plurality of facets are oriented such that an axis of each of the plurality of facets is offset from a central axis of the combustor by an angle..
General Electric Company


Multiple beam shaping illumination system

The invention provides a multiplicity of light sources—such as a planar array of leds—and a corresponding multiplicity of primary optic lenses, the primary optic lenses being curved and positioned to narrow a source light beam emitted from each of the light sources, and a beam shaper—which could be a beam shaping micro-refractive film or films, or a segmented refractor lens with multiple facets—that is shaped and positioned to receive a light source distribution emitted from the multiplicity of primary optic lenses and to emit an output light path having an angle of distribution different than a corresponding angle of the light source distribution.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Ultraviolet discharge lamp apparatuses having optical filters which attenuate visible light

The apparatuses disclosed herein include a discharge lamp configured to emit ultraviolet and visible light, an optical filter configured to attenuate visible light, and a power circuit configured to operate the discharge lamp. Some embodiments of the apparatuses are configured such that ultraviolet light emitted from the discharge lamp and passed through the optical filter encircles an exterior surface of the apparatus.
Xenex Disinfection Services, Llc


Blade insert illuminator

A blade insert illumination system includes one or more illumination elements composed of a transparent or semitransparent polymer that is preferably biocompatible and sterilizable. The illumination elements operate as a waveguide and may incorporate optical components such as, for example, facets, lenses, gratings, prisms and or diffusers to operate as precision optics for customized delivery of the light energy.
Invuity, Inc.


Circular cut diamond

A circular cut diamond (10) comprising a girdle (20), a crown (30), and a pavilion (40). The crown (30) comprises a circumferential succession of eight main crown facets which extend upward from an upper edge (23) of the girdle at a crown angle which is greater than 19° and less than 25°.


Quantum cascade laser and manufacturing quantum cascade laser

A quantum cascade laser includes a substrate having first and second regions; a stacked semiconductor layer disposed on the second region, the stacked semiconductor layer including an active layer, the stacked semiconductor layer having a first end facet and a second end facet that constitute a laser cavity; an insulating layer disposed on the first end facet and an upper surface of the stacked semiconductor layer, the insulating layer having an opening on the upper surface; a conductive layer disposed on the insulating layer and in the opening, the conductive layer being in contact with the upper surface through the opening; and a metal layer disposed on the conductive layer on the first end facet and an upper surface. The first end facet of the stacked semiconductor layer is retreated from an end facet of the substrate to a boundary between the first and second regions..
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Solar panel enclosure unit

A solar energy enclosure unit having a housing defining a central cavity in which there is located a turntable upon which is mounted a solar panel; the turntable and solar panel rotated at low revolutions per minute by an associated electric motor, the enclosure having a convex transparent dome covering the solar panel, the transparent convex dome having prismatic facets formed thereon for magnifying, concentrating, and focusing solar rays onto the solar panel regardless of the position of the sun, in the sky, relative to the housing.. .


Textured multi-junction solar cell and fabrication method

A method for forming a multi-junction photovoltaic device includes providing a germanium layer and etching pyramidal shapes in the germanium layer such that (111) facets are exposed to form a textured surface. A first p-n junction is formed on or over the textured surface from iii-v semiconductor materials.
International Business Machines Corporation


Edge illuminated photodiodes

This invention comprises plurality of edge illuminated photodiodes. More specifically, the photodiodes of the present invention comprise novel structures designed to minimize reductions in responsivity due to edge surface recombination and improve quantum efficiency.
Osi Optoelectronics


Field effect transistors including contoured channels and planar channels

Disposable gate structures and a planarization dielectric layer are formed over doped semiconductor material portions on a crystalline insulator layer. Gate cavities are formed by removing the disposable gate structures selective to the planarization dielectric layer.
International Business Machines Corporation


Eyewear with faceted lenses

An eyewear with faceted lenses includes an eyewear frame, and a pair of lenses fitted against the eyewear frame. Each lens has a first surface and a second surface.


Method and spinal facet joint fusion using irregularly shaped cortical bone implants

A method and apparatus for spinal fusion at the facet joint using an irregularly shaped implant where the orientation of the implant can be preselected before implantation.. .


Source/drain profile for finfet

An embodiment is a finfet device. The finfet device comprises a fin, a first source/drain region, a second source/drain region, and a channel region.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Computing devices

Two computing elements (1) are located in a tank (2) containing impure water (3), which acts as a coolant. Two electrodes (4) receive electrical power from terminals (5) and supply an electric current to the water (3).
Cybula Ltd.


Gas insulated switchgear monitoring apparatus and method

Mechanical, electronic, algorithmic, and computer network facets are combined to create a highly integrated advanced sensor that monitors the gas density, state-of-repair, and events associated with switchgear. Measurements of gas pressure, atmospheric pressure, gas temperature, are used with models of the non-ideal behavior of a particular gas to realistically estimate gas density.


Sic single crystal, sic wafer, sic substrate, and sic device

A sic single crystal includes, in a plane substantially parallel to a c-plane thereof, a region (a) in which edge dislocations having a burgers vector (a) in a specific direction are unevenly distributed, and a region (b) in which basal plane dislocations having a burgers vector (b) in a specific direction are unevenly distributed. The region (a) is located in a <1-100> direction with respect to a facet portion, while the region (b) is located in a <11-20> direction with respect to the facet portion.
Showa Denko K.k.


Spinal stabilization system and method

A spinal stabilization system may include a pair of structural members coupled to at least a portion of a human vertebra with connectors. Connectors may couple structural members to spinous processes.
Zimmer Spine, Inc.


Novel arched gemstone and manufacture

A diamond, which has a step-cut arched configuration on one end and a baguette-style configuration on the other, comprising a girdle, a top or crown above the girdle, and a pavilion or base below the girdle. The crown terminates in an upper planar surface known as a “table,” which is generally parallel to the girdle plane.
Davidor Llc


Oscillation device, reception device and sample information acquisition apparatus

An oscillation device 100 for electromagnetic wave oscillation includes: a resonator section 101 that causes an electromagnetic wave to resonate; and an antenna section 102 that is arranged at an end facet of the resonator section 101 and has a multilayer structure including two conductor layers 104 and 105 for causing the electromagnetic wave to be emitted the from the resonator section 101, the two conductor layers 104 and 105 being separated from each other by a gap in the stacking direction of the multilayer structure and having a at least partly overlapping matching area 110 for impedance matching; the matching area 110 having a tapered profile of being tapered in the extending direction thereof from the resonator section 101 toward the antenna section 102 as viewed in the stacking direction.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Retaining ring having inner surfaces with facets

A retaining ring comprises a generally annular body. The body comprises a top surface, a bottom surface, an outer surface connected to the top surface at an outer top perimeter and the bottom surface at an outer bottom perimeter, and an inner surface connected to the top surface at an inner top perimeter and the bottom surface at an inner bottom perimeter.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Method and system for filtering of a website

A method for facetted filtering of a plurality of webpages (20) of a website (10) is disclosed. The method comprises creating a subset of the plurality of webpages (20). Gmbh


Adapter for interfacing optical fiber connectors with one another, and a method

An adapter is provided for interfacing mof connectors with one another where the mof connectors have optical pathways that bend by a non-zero-degree angle (e.g., 90°±15°) in between the ends of the optical fibers held in the connectors and the output facets of the connectors. The adapter is configured to mate with two such connectors and to bring their optical pathways into precise optical alignment with one another..
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd


Method for decorating wood surfaces

A method for generating a novel, decorative and finished visual effect on a surface of common engineered wood-based products is provided. The method may include smoothing the surface; establishing a multifaceted refractory quality; sealing the established multifaceted refractory quality; prepping the surface for adhesion of a plurality of visual material; adhering at least one visual material along a portion of the surface; complementarily coloring the at least one visual material; and uniformly protecting the generated visual effect on the surface..


System and facet joint replacement with detachable coupler

A facet joint replacement system includes an inferior implant with an inferior articular surface, and a superior implant with a superior articular surface. The implants may be coupled together by a detachable coupler which can align and rigidly hold the inferior and superior articular surfaces in a preferred alignment relative to one another.
Gmedelaware 2 Llc


A diamond with eighty-one facets having a ten hearts and ten arrows inner structure

The present invention relates to a diamond with eighty-one facets having a ten hearts and ten arrows inner structure, it includes ten main crown facets and ten main pavilion facets; said diamond also has one table facet; crown star facets are provided at the junction of said main crown facets with the table facet, the number of said crown star facets is ten; crown small facets are provided at the junction of main crown facet edge with the crown star facets, the number of said crown small facets are ten; small sectors are provided at the junction of the main crown facets with the crown small facets, the number of said small sectors are twenty; the main pavilion facet auxiliary surfaces are provided at the junction of said main pavilion facets, the number of the auxiliary surfaces of said main pavilion facets is 20. The beneficial effect of the invention is that: by cutting the diamond into eighty-one facets and having the ten hearts and ten arrows inner structure, not only endowing the diamond with higher quality and value by an advanced cutting technology, but also improving the brilliance of the diamond under sunlight, and its brilliance can be improved by 20-30%.


Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof

A semiconductor device includes a gate electrode formed on a silicon substrate via a gate insulation film in correspondence to a channel region, source and drain regions of a p-type diffusion region formed in the silicon substrate at respective outer sides of sidewall insulation films of the gate electrode, and a pair of sige mixed crystal regions formed in the silicon substrate at respective outer sides of the sidewall insulation films in epitaxial relationship to the silicon substrate, the sige mixed crystal regions being defined by respective sidewall surfaces facing with each other, wherein, in each of the sige mixed crystal regions, the sidewall surface is defined by a plurality of facets forming respective, mutually different angles with respect to a principal surface of the silicon substrate.. .


Multifaceted application resource interleaved wagering system

A multifaceted application resource interleaved wagering system is disclosed, including an interactive controller configured to: communicate application telemetry; receive application resource instructions; communicate additional application telemetry; receive application resource availability instructions; a wager controller constructed to: receive wager request instructions; determine a wager outcome; and communicate wager outcome data to the application controller; and the application controller operatively connecting the interactive controller and the wager controller, the application controller constructed to: receive the application telemetry; determine whether a wager is triggered; generate wager request instructions; instruct the wager controller by communicating the wager request instructions to the wager controller; receive the wager outcome data; determine application resources to award; generate application resource instructions; communicate the application resource instructions; receive the additional application telemetry; determine whether to make the application resource available to the user; generate application resource availability instructions; and communicate the application resource availability instructions.. .


Integrated wavelength beam combining laser systems

In various embodiments, an integrated laser apparatus includes a substrate, portions of which define a plurality of input waveguides, a dispersive element, and an output waveguide, an output facet of the output waveguide being partially reflective so as to transmit a multi-wavelength output beam.. .


Rotary fourier transform interferometer spectrometer including a multi-faceted optical element

This disclosure provides an optical interferometer including a multi-faceted optical element that is rotated to introduce an optical path length difference between two different optical paths in the interferometer. The multi-faceted optical element can be configured to be rotated about an axis such that the optical path length difference between the first and second optical paths varies between a first value and a second value several times during one complete rotation of the optical element.


Faceted housing for axial turbomachine compressor

The invention relates to an external composite housing for a compressor of an axial turbomachine, the housing having a generally circular wall with a matrix and fiber reinforcement. The housing includes a circular wall with an internal surface having a continuous curve around the circumference of the wall.


Heavy bag support stand system

A compact heavy bag support stand system occupies a relatively small surface area and allows for the quick and convenient, installation of a multi-faceted exercise regime system. The system may include a spine having an arm extending outwardly and perpendicularly from a first end, and a dual support limb extending in a downward vertical direction along the spine and a support limb extending outwardly at an angle from a mounting end, the mounting end being fixedly secured to the floor..


Prothesis for the replacement of a posterior element of a vertebra

Prosthetic replacement for a posterior element of a vertebra comprising portions that replace the natural lamina and the four natural facets. The prosthetic replacement may also include portions that replace one or more of the natural spinous process and the two natural transverse processes.


Laser device, light modulation device, and optical semiconductor device

A laser device includes an optical semiconductor device formed of a compound semiconductor material; and a wavelength-selective reflection device including optical waveguides. Further, the optical semiconductor device includes first and second gain waveguides, a dbr waveguide formed between the first and the second gain waveguides, first and second electrodes to inject current in the first and the second gain waveguides, and an antireflection film formed on a device facet to which the second gain waveguide is connected.


Deployable antenna frame

A multi-faceted deployable antenna frame including a six-bar linkage structure in a lateral facet of the antenna frame, the six-bar linkage structure being convertible from a folded state into a deployed state and having two first bars and four second bars, each bar being coupled to two others by a hinge to form a closed loop, where in the deployed state, the six-bar linkage structure has a quadrilateral shape. The antenna frame also includes a deployment means for deploying the antenna frame by moving the six-bar linkage structures from the folded state into the deployed state, the deployment means including: a flexible, elongated member of a substantially inextensible material; a first guiding means provided at an end portion of one of the first bars and coupled to the elongated member; a storage means provided at the first bar that includes the first guiding means for storing a part of the elongated member; a driving means that is coupled to the elongated member to pull the elongated member to the storing means when deploying the antenna frame; and a second guiding means between two adjacent second bars, the elongated member being coupled to the second guiding means.


Silicide formation due to improved sige faceting

An integrated circuit includes a pmos gate structure and a gate structure on adjacent field oxide. An epitaxy hard mask is formed over the gate structure on the field oxide so that the epitaxy hard mask overlaps the semiconductor material in pmos source/drain region.


Method and aligning a laser diode on a slider

A structure includes a channel waveguide and a pocket adjacent to an input facet of the channel waveguide. A laser having an output facet is positioned in the pocket.


Device and omnidirectional image display

The invention generally relates to the display of images viewable from any direction and devices therefor. In some aspects, the invention provides an apparatus for displaying a hologram-like image.


Multi-taper optical coupler

An optical coupler includes a plurality of tapers, each of the taper-bases arranged substantially in a first plane to form a base of the optical coupler for connecting to a first optical waveguide, and the taper-tips arranged substantially non-overlapping in a second plane corresponding to a coupling facet for coupling with a second optical waveguide. This multi-taper coupler overcomes the energy loss of conventional techniques, allowing optical coupling between a variety of optical devices including optical fibers, waveguides, diodes, and switches.


Vertebral fusion device and system

A vertebral fusion device having a support element configured for insertion between two corresponding vertebral portions of two adjacent vertebrae, such as spinous processes and transverse processes, or joint surfaces of the vertebral bodies or of the facets, comprising a granular osteosynthesis material, preferably in cortico-spongeous chips made of bone bank human bone, which is plastically deformable, and a hollow container body that contains the osteosynthesis material and has a side wall, for example made with a network of interlaced meshes, and two open end portions to allow a contact between the osteosynthesis material and respective surfaces of said corresponding vertebral portions, so that the osteosynthesis material is kept in a compressed condition between said corresponding vertebral portions and receives mechanical loads therefrom which promote osteosynthesis.. .


Tagging of facet elements in a facet tree

Returning a tagged facet tree to an end user who is only authorized to access an authorized portion of the facet tree is provided. A facet tree is received from a facet tree database.
International Business Machines Corporation


Actuation mechanism, optical apparatus, lithography apparatus and manufacturing devices

An actuator to displace, for example a mirror, provides movement with at least two degrees of freedom by varying the currents in two electromagnets. A moving part includes a permanent magnet with a magnetic face constrained to move over a working area lying substantially in a first plane perpendicular to a direction of magnetization of the magnet.
Asml Netherlands B.v.


Faceted, germanium slotted waveguide

A waveguide having a substrate, a first germanium sidewall and a second germanium sidewall. The waveguide is formed by growing the first germanium sidewall and second germanium sidewall on the substrate..
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.


Seed crystal for sic single-crystal growth, sic single crystal, and manufacturing the sic single crystal

A seed crystal for sic single-crystal growth includes a facet formation region containing a {0001}-plane uppermost portion and n (n>=3) planes provided enclosing the periphery of the facet formation region. The seed crystal for sic single-crystal growth satisfies the relationships represented by formula (a): bkk-1<=cos−1(sin(2.3 degrees)/sin ck), formula (b): bkk<=cos−1(sin(2.3 degrees)/sin ck), and formula (c): min(ck)<=20 degrees.
Showa Denko K.k.


Methods and instruments for use in vertebral treatment

Embodiments of the invention include instruments, implants, and methods for surgically treating facet joints of vertebrae. An instrument may be advanced into one or more facet joints to one or both separate vertebrae and remove tissue from one or more articular processes.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.


Frictional tissue sampling and collection

In an embodiment of the invention, a frictional tissue sampling device with a head designed to be rotated without rotating off the designated site can be used to obtain tissue biopsy samples. A frictional tissue sampling device with a head designed to be rotated without rotating off the designated site can be used to obtain an epithelial tissue biopsy sample from lesions.
Histologics, Llc


Group iii nitride semiconductor laser device, producing group iii nitride semiconductor laser device, evaluating end facet for optical cavity of group iii nitride semiconductor laser device, and evaluating scribe groove

A group iii nitride semiconductor laser device comprises a laser structure including a support base of the group iii nitride and first and second end facets for a laser cavity, and the first and second end facets intersect with an m-n plane defined by the m-axis of the group iii nitride and an axis normal to a semipolar primary surface of the support base. A +c axis vector for a c-axis of the group iii nitride forms an angle alpha in a range of 71 to 79 degrees with the normal axis.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Optical scanning unit and image forming apparatus

An optical scanning unit includes a rotatable multi-faceted mirror having a plurality of faces reflecting light flux emitted from a light source to scan a scanning area in a main scanning direction. A width of the light flux striking the rotatable multi-faceted mirror is smaller than a length of a face of the rotatable multi-faceted mirror.


Method for optical coupling between a photonic integrated circuit and an external optical element

The present disclosure generally relates to a method of optically coupling a photonic integrated circuit and an external optical component. In one aspect, a method comprises: providing a photonic integrated circuit comprising at least one integrated optical waveguide, the photonic integrated circuit having a cover layer; providing at least one optical component external to the photonic integrated circuit, the at least one optical component having an optical coupling facet and configured to be optically coupled to the at least one integrated optical waveguide, thereby forming an assembly; determining a position of the optical coupling facet of the at least one optical component in the assembly; determining a position of the at least one integrated optical waveguide; designing an optical interface pattern between the optical coupling facet of the at least one optical component in the assembly and the at least one integrated optical waveguide; and writing the interface pattern in the cover layer of the photonic integrated circuit by means of a femtosecond laser, thereby forming an optical interface for optically coupling the optical coupling facet and the at least one integrated optical waveguide..
Universiteit Gent


Alpha adreneric receptor agonists for treatment of degenerative disc disease

Effective treatments of pain and/or inflammation from degenerative disc disease and/or facet joint are provided. Through the administration of an effective amount of at least one alpha adrenergic agonist at or near a degenerative disc and/or facet joint, one can reduce, prevent or treat pain and/or inflammation caused by the degenerative disc disease and/or facet joint..
Warsaw Orthopedic Inc.


Methods and treating spinal stenosis

Surgical implants are configured for placement posteriorly to a spinal canal between vertebral bodies to distract the spine and enlarge the spinal canal. In the preferred embodiments the device permits spinal flexion while limiting spinal extension, thereby providing an effective treatment for treating spinal stenosis without the need for laminectomy.
Nuvasive, Inc.


Facet shape and distribution pattern for lensless imaging

Aspects of the invention are related to a method and apparatus for capturing an image without a lens. Ambient light reflected off of objects are received through a surface of a light guide substrate and reflected off of reflective features included therein toward a plurality of photodetectors arranged on edges of the substrate.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Laser diode side pumping of an elongated solid-state laser without focusing/optics

A side pumped laser comprises an elongated gain medium (10) provided between an output coupler (20) and a counter reflector (15) and a pump source (65) configured to provide radiation to the gain medium (10) along a side axis of the gain medium, wherein the laser is configured such that radiation from the pump source is directly incident on the gain medium; and the pump source is provided proximate, adjacent or in contact with the gain medium. The laser material and compositions, geometries and dimensions are designed to both maximise laser performance and to permit the use of construction techniques commonplace in the production of equipment designed for optical telecoms systems to facilitate low cost high volume and miniaturisation.
Thales Holdings Uk Plc


Multi-faceted social network system for use with plural applications

A social network system (or other type of hosting system) is described herein which allows different types of applications to interact with the common resources of the system via respective application-specific channels. Through an application-specific channel, a user may obtain a filtered set of content items (e.g., posts) and notifications that pertain to a particular application with which the user is currently interacting.
Microsoft Corporation


Lighting system with improved illumination distribution

Optically patterned waveguides and systems employing optically patterned waveguides are provided. The optically patterned waveguide is configured for use in a lighting system and arranged perpendicular to an overhead structure, such as a ceiling.
General Electric Company Global Research


Expandable broadhead having tip formed as an integral portion of a steel or stainless steel ferrule

One embodiment of the present invention is directed to a broadhead assembly that includes a ferrule having a shaft engaging end, an opposed tip end, and an axially extending elongate body. The tip end is formed as an integral part of the ferrule and includes a plurality of facets circumferentially arranged about the axially extending elongate body.
Out Rage, Llc


Concrete anchor driver tool

The disclosed concrete anchor driver tool is coupled to a rotary hammer drill to install a concrete anchor. The tool includes a rod having multi-faceted bolt head end, such as a hexagonal bolt head end, and a socket having a multi-faceted opening in the socket end of the socket.


Electric sharpener for ceramic and metal blades

An electric sharpener for sharpening ceramic blades includes at least one stage. The stage is a finishing station having a sharpening member in the form of a disc which comprises a rigid support having a flexible abrasive matrix which both sharpens and polishes the facet of the ceramic blade.
Edgecraft Corporation


Vertebral facet joint drill and use

Devices and methods for creating holes in the articular process of the vertebra are provided. One embodiment of the invention comprises a drill head comprising a frame, punch arm with punch tip and opposing plate.
Spinal Elements, Inc.


Platinum alloy nano catalyst with a non-platinum core

According to one embodiment, a platinum alloy particle includes a core comprising a material that is different from platinum. A shell on the core comprises platinum.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Cmos transistors with identical active semiconductor region shapes

A disposable semiconductor material is deposited to form disposable semiconductor material portions on semiconductor fins. A first dielectric liner is deposited and patterned to form openings above a first set of disposable semiconductor material portions on a first semiconductor fin.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and system for monitoring social media and analyzing text to automate classification of user posts using a facet based relevance assessment model

A social media monitoring and text analysis method for automated classification of user posts on the web, using a facet based relevance assessment model, comprise a semantic indexing server, which builds a faceted classification index of text objects, and a query server, which receives and analyzes the user's query. A query thus processed is then sent from the query server to the semantic indexing server through an interface in order to perform a search in the faceted classification index.


Phase and amplitude control for optical fiber output

A method for shaping an output light beam from an optical fiber by controlling the phase and amplitude of the beam by producing beam shaping elements on an exit facet of the optical fiber by direct surface texturing of the exit facet, where a controlled phase difference is achieved across the fiber cross-section over a predefined pattern. The optical fiber can be a single mode fiber or a multi-mode fiber.


Product container having narrowed waist portion

A product container includes a top portion defining an opening, a bottom portion defining a base, and a central portion including a plurality of sidewalls extending between the top and bottom portions. Three of the sidewalls include discrete planar facets that collectively define a narrowed waist portion, at which the product container has smaller dimensions or a smaller cross sectional area compared to the top portion and the bottom portion.
Fisher Scientific Company L.l.c.


Folding knife with a thumb plate

A folding knife having a rotary blade, a handle and a thumb plate. The rotary blade includes a cutting edge, a non-cutting edge and a tip.
Sport Manufacturing Group Inc.


Decorative shoes and methods for making the same

A decorative shoe includes a sole, an upper attached to the sole, in which the upper has an interior lining, a decorative outer layer fixed to the interior lining, and a decorative semi-transparent pattern film fixed to a surface of the outer layer. The decorative outer layer is composed of a contiguous transparent or translucent plastic material, in which the surface of the outer layer includes a first multiple of raised, close-packed jewel-shaped elements.


Nonlinear transmission rate between operating handle and operated mechanism

Device and method are disclosed for transforming an angular movement changing linearly to a linear movement changing non-linearly with respect to the linear change of the angular movement. Embodiments of the device and method may be useful for on providing better and more accurate control of a user of the amount of fluid flowing from a faucet at the low flow rates.
Ergonomix Concept E.g Ltd


Devices and methods for minimally invasive spinal stablization and instrumentation

Described herein are devices and methods for fusion of adjacent vertebral bones using distractor platforms for exposure and resection of at least a portion of the facet joint, such as in performance of a tlif procedure. In one embodiment, the distractor platform contains at least a first receptacle and/or extension adapted to couple to the implanted screw/bone marker and the method includes advancing a threaded segment of a bone fastener assembly into the identified first pedicle of the first vertebral bone, the first bone fastener assembly further comprises a second segment adapted to couple with a distraction platform adapted to concurrently attach onto at least one tissue retention blade and adapted to retain the tissue retention blade in the displaced position.


Method for producing a semiconductor laser diode, and semiconductor laser diode

A method for producing a semiconductor laser diode is specified, comprising the following steps:—epitaxial iv growing a semiconductor layer sequence (2) having at least one active layer (3) on a growth substrate (1)—forming a front facet (5) on the semiconductor layer sequence (2) and the growth. Substrate (1), wherein the front facet (5) is designed as a main.
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh


Processes to enable individuals to opt out (or be opted out) of various facial recognition and other schemes and enable businesses and other entities to comply with such decisions

Falling costs of imaging technologies, processing, data storage, and networking have led to an explosion in the use of facial recognition technologies previously used almost exclusively by governments at border checkpoints and around other high value and sensitive locations. Increasingly, private companies are using these technologies, usually paired with other technologies and data for commercial purposes.
Donotgeotrack, Inc.


Telescope, comprising a spherical primary mirror, with wide field of view and high optical resolution

Telescope with wide field of view, high optical resolution and continuity of the field of view comprising a spherical primary mirror, wherein a) said telescope is equipped with a system of repartitioning of the field of view, b) that said system of repartitioning of the field of view is placed in proximity of the focus of the primary mirror, and is constituted by a secondary mirror composed by n planar reflective surfaces, c) said n planar reflective surfaces are contiguous one to the other and form a continuous multifaceted prismatic reflector, in such a way as to obtain the continuity of the field of view over the whole field, d) said n planar reflective surfaces are followed by a corresponding number of optical cameras that form n portions of immage in n distinct focal planes, e) a collecting and recording element is positioned on each n-th focal plane. .
Cgs Spa Compagnia Generale Per Lo Spazio


Lightguide device with outcoupling structures

A lightguide assembly including structures to provide for outcoupling of light from an internal reflection structure. In an embodiment, a lightguide assembly includes light transmissive bodies forming respective corrugations which are coupled to one another.
Google Inc.


Optical device, lens, lighting device, system and method

An optical device comprising a first surface with a plurality of micro sized facets, each facet having a respective orientation. Said plurality of facets having an optical axis which extends parallel to the normal vector to an average orientation of all said respective orientations.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Optical reflective encoder systems, devices and methods

Disclosed are various embodiments of high-speed, high-performance, low-noise, low-cost, compact, optical encoders having a multi-faceted flat-faced lens disposed over the light emitters and light detectors thereof. Disclosed also are various means for preventing undesired stray light from reaching light detectors incorporated therein.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd


Novel barnstar assembly

A barnstar includes a plurality of star arms, each of the plurality of star arms formed of first and second facets, each first and second facet presenting an exterior surface, each of the first and second facets being triangular and having a flush periphery edge, an inclined arm length periphery and an inclined assembly edge, with each first and second facet of a star arm being joined at the inclined arm length periphery, each inclined assembly edge providing a interior mounting flange having at least one aperture therein, wherein each interior mounting flange of each of the first facets lies flush against an interior mounting flange of a neighboring one of the second facets such that the apertures therein are aligned and have fasteners therethrough that secure neighboring facets together, with the fasteners being hidden from view at the exterior surface of each first and second facet. .


Polyaxial adjustment of facet joint prostheses

Prostheses, systems, and methods are provided for replacement of natural facet joints between adjacent vertebrae using polyaxial attachment mechanisms for securing the prostheses to the vertebrae. A cephalad prosthesis attached to a superior adjacent vertebra replaces the inferior half of a natural facet joint.
Gmedelaware 2 Llc


Contact structure of semiconductor device

A method of fabricating a semiconductor device comprises forming a fin structure extending from a substrate, the fin structure comprising a first fin, a second fin, and a third fin between the first fin and the second fin. The method further comprises forming germanide over a first facet of the first fin, a second facet of the second fin, and a substantially planar surface of the third fin, wherein the first facet forms a first acute angle with a major surface of the substrate and is substantially mirror symmetric with the second facet, and wherein the substantially planar surface of the third fin forms a second acute angle smaller than the first acute angle with the major surface of the substrate..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Apparatus for concentrating solar energy

A solar concentrator comprising a transparent optical material including a first light coupling portion having an outer end and an inner end tapered so that it converges from the outer end towards the inner end; a first facet formed at the outer and and arranged to reflect light along the first light coupling portion; a first primary concentrator element arranged to focus light onto the first facet; a second light coupling portion having an outer end and an inner end tapered so that it converges from said outer end towards said inner end; a second facet formed at the outer end of the second light coupling portion and arranged to reflect light along said portion the second facet vertically overlapping the first facet; a second primary concentrator element arranged to focus light onto the second facet; a common light guide portion in optical communication with said inner ends of the first and second light coupling portions and arranged to transmit said radiation therethrough; wherein a greatest vertical thickness of the common light guide portion is less than a sum of the heights of the first and second facets.. .
Solar Sure Pty Ltd


Headlamp aimer box

A headlamp aimer box includes a housing defining an opening and a tunnel, a window disposed within the opening, and a whiteboard disposed at one end of the tunnel. The box further includes a mirror disposed within the tunnel.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Optical device, lens, lighting device, system and method

An optical device comprising a first surface with a plurality of micro sized facets, each facet having a respective orientation. Said plurality of facets having an optical axis which extends parallel to the normal vector to an average orientation of all said respective orientations.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Facet joint replacement

A prosthesis for the replacement of at least a portion of the bone of a facet located on a mammalian vertebra, comprising: an articulating surface that articulates with another facet; a bone contacting surface that contacts a surface of the vertebra, the articulating surface being connected to the bone contacting surface; and a fixation element that attaches the bone contacting surface to the vertebra, the fixation element being adapted for implantation into an interior bone space of a pedicle of the vertebra; wherein the prosthesis is configured so that no portion of the prosthesis contacts the posterior arch of the vertebra.. .
Gmedelaware 2 Llc


System and posterior cervical fusion

This application describes surgical instruments and implants for building a posterior fixation construct across one or more segments of the cervical spinal column. The construct includes a sled adapted for positioning in a facet joint and two receivers slideably mounted on the sled.
Nuvasive, Inc.


Spinal facet implant with spherical implant apposition surface and bone bed and methods of use

Superior and/or inferior facets of one or more facet joints may be replaced by superior and/or inferior facet joint prostheses. In one embodiment, a kit of superior or inferior prostheses is provided, in which the prostheses have at least two dimensions that vary among members of the kit independently of each other.
Gmedelaware 2 Llc


System and facet joint replacement

A facet joint replacement system includes an inferior implant with an inferior articular surface, a superior implant with a superior articular surface and may include a crosslink extending across a vertebral sagittal plane. The inferior implant may comprise an inferior strut, and a polyaxially adjustable, lockable mechanism which may couple the inferior articular surface with a first end of the inferior strut, and couple the inferior articular surface with the crosslink.
Gmedelaware 2 Llc

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