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Date/App# patent app List of recent Facet-related patents
 Facet joint replacement patent thumbnailnew patent Facet joint replacement
A prosthesis for the replacement of a diseased or traumatized facet of a mammalian vertebra includes a surface that articulates with another prosthetic facet or a natural facet, a portion that replaces at least a bony portion of the diseased or traumatized spine facet which is to be replaced, and an element to attach the prosthesis to the vertebra in a manner that does not require attachment to or abutment against the posterior arch. A method of installing the prosthesis includes the steps of resecting at least a portion of a facet and attaching the prosthesis in a manner that does not require attachment or abutment against the posterior arch..
 Truncated ditetragonal gold prisms patent thumbnailnew patent Truncated ditetragonal gold prisms
Truncated ditetragonal gold prisms (au tdps) are synthesized by adding a dilute solution of gold seeds to a growth solution, and allowing the growth to proceed to completion. The au tdps exhibit the face-centered cubic crystal structure and are bounded by 12 high-index {310} facets.
 Facet mirror device patent thumbnailnew patent Facet mirror device
A facet mirror device includes a facet element, a support device and a clamping device. The facet element includes a first support section, while the support device comprises a second support section contacting the first support section to support the facet element.
 Semiconductor structure with reduced junction leakage and method of fabrication thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor structure with reduced junction leakage and method of fabrication thereof
A semiconductor structure is formed with a nfet device and a pfet device. The nfet device is formed by masking the pfet device regions of a substrate, forming a screen layer through epitaxial growth and in-situ doping, and forming an undoped channel layer on the screen layer through epitaxial growth.
 Passive infra red detector patent thumbnailnew patent Passive infra red detector
A passive infra red detector comprises a plurality of passive infra red sensors (4, 5) and a lens member (2) arranged to direct radiation from a target area onto the sensors. The lens member (2) forms a substantially hemispherical dome about the infra red sensors (4, 5).
 Beverage delivery can patent thumbnailnew patent Beverage delivery can
A beverage delivery can may comprise various configurations. Such configurations may comprise various aperture shapes, sizes, and configurations and various shapes, textures, configurations, and dimensions of the lid and surface of the can.
 Methods and systems for obtaining and presenting alumni data patent thumbnailMethods and systems for obtaining and presenting alumni data
Obtaining alumni data from a database includes storing standardized alumni data in alumni data profiles, receiving a selected data entity representing an institution, searching the alumni data profiles to locate the profiles of alumni of the institution, determining a plurality of ranked sets of data by searching the profiles of alumni of the institution, and displaying each of the elements of the plurality of ranked sets of data respectively as elements in a plurality of facets. The elements in the plurality of facets may be displayed visually as a graphics display.
 Spinal facet cage implant patent thumbnailSpinal facet cage implant
Implementations described and claimed herein provide a spinal facet cage implant for implantation in a spinal facet joint. In one implementation, the implant includes a distal leading end, a proximal trailing end, a first face, and a second face.
 System and method for facet joint replacement patent thumbnailSystem and method for facet joint replacement
A system for replacing at least a portion of a natural facet joint includes a fixation member implantable in a vertebra, an inferior facet articular surface and an inferior strut which may be formed separately from the inferior articular surface. The inferior strut has a first end securable to the fixation member and a second end which may comprise a sphere with a hemispherical surface.
 Low and high beam headlamp patent thumbnailLow and high beam headlamp
A vehicle headlamp system having a headlamp module and a processor. The headlamp module may include a light source and a reflector.
System and method for multi-domain problem solving on the web
A system and method for problem solving in multiple domains on the web is provided. Two facets of preference are applied regardless of domain: first, criteria selected by the user which indicates which elements relate to the user, and second, level of importance to the user.
Business process global searching
Embodiments of the invention provide for performing a search across business objects of one or more business processes. More specifically, embodiments of the present invention provide for performing a search across business objects of one or more business processes based on an index of business objects and additional information supplementing the index.
Medical fastener
A dual-start fastener is disclosed having two threads helically wound about its shaft. The thread tooth profile (in section) constitutes substantially parallel upper and lower facets on each thread flank.
Motor control system and method for a laser scanning unit of an imaging apparatus
A scanning system for use in an imaging apparatus includes a mirror assembly having a rotating mirror with a plurality of facets, a motor operatively coupled to the rotating mirror and closed loop control circuitry coupled to the motor. The minor assembly generates a lock signal indicative of whether or not the motor is substantially at a target speed.
End members, gas spring assemblies and suspension systems
An end member for a gas spring assembly can include a first end, a second end opposite the first end and a plurality of reflector surfaces formed along the first end. A first reflector surface can extend from the first end toward the second end.
Sic single crystal, production method therefor, sic wafer and semiconductor device
When an sic single crystal having a large diameter of a {0001} plane is produced by repeating a-plane growth, the a-plane growth of the sic single crystal is carried out so that a ratio sfacet (=s1×100/s2) of an area (s1) of a si-plane side facet region to a total area (s2) of the growth plane is maintained at 20% or less.. .
Partnering mirrors and reflective material with growing lights to enhance plant growth for maximizing indoor plant production
Agribusiness like most markets is very competitive. In particular, agricultural products that have a short shelf life create an added pressure to sell and ship more quickly.
Management system and method
Systems and methods for providing a graphical interface and application for managing assets and products in and between shipper/receiver facilities. A shipper/receiver management application manages assets and products and provides selectable options to a user to control operations across the shipper/receiver facility and between shipper/receiver facilities.
Good healthy cells found in proteins, their applications, and process of making a medium to harvest the cells
Good healthy dragon, snake, different size double rings, lightning, square pixel, beaming rays, reconstruction background, facet, crater, yellow, leer cells were found in new proteins (among them 27 new ones and their sequences (under a different patent application) or in the existing discovered proteins and their applications. The process of making the medium derived from any source to harvest any cell—named kh cells—kh cells are good healthy cells in which the rna synthesizes good proteins that: 1—send signal to the damaged, sick, and bad cells that triggers that synthesis of good proteins that transform these cells to become good healthy cells.
Beam scanning based on two-dimensional polygon scanner for display and other applications
Scanning beam systems based on a two-dimensional polygon scanner with different reflective polygon facets tilted at different tilt facet angles to use rotations of the polygon scanner to scan one or more optical beams both horizontally and vertically on a surface which can be a display screen or a printing surface.. .
Social network based mapping
A method and system for mapping in accordance with social networking data. The method includes receiving data associated with a user.
Crossbar spinal prosthesis having a modular design and related implantationmethods
Modular spinal prosthesis having one of both of adaptable and configurable components are provided. The modular spinal prosthesis described herein provide an artificial articular configuration to replace damaged, worn or otherwise removed spinal facet elements.
Unicompartmental customized arthroplasty cutting jigs
Disclosed herein are unicompartmental femoral and tibial arthroplasty jigs for respectively assisting in the performance of unicompartmental femoral and tibial arthroplasty procedures on femoral and tibial arthroplasty target regions. The femoral and tibial unicompartmental arthroplasty jigs each include a first side, a second side and a mating surface.
Method for producing optical connector and optical connector
A method for producing an optical connector includes making only the core jut spherically from an end facet of an optical fiber by arc discharge, the optical fiber having a difference in index of refraction between a core and a clad at 1% to 3% by adding dopant that increases an index of refraction of the core and lowers a melting point of the core, and mounting the optical fiber processed by the arc discharge in a ferrule.. .
Vertical axis wind turbine with cambered airfoil blades
A wind turbine having blades that rotate in a horizontal plane about a vertical axis. A single output shaft is directly connected by one-way bearings to the driven shaft of a permanent magnet generator.
Methods, systems, and computer-readable media for semantically enriching content and for semantic navigation
Content of different formats may be sourced from various data sources such as content servers and ingested into a data integration server by an ingestion broker embodied on a non-transitory computer readable medium. The ingestion broker may normalize the content of different formats into a uniform representation that can be indexed and delivered across multiple digital channels for a variety of applications.
Fly's eye optical mirror with a plurality of optical elements rotationally aligned along two axes
A fly's eye mirror including first and second complementary m×n arrays, each including a plurality of faceted reflective surfaces arranged along both the first and the second axes. When assembled, the two complementary arrays are integrated together and mounted onto a common base plate.
Leveraging enterprise content
A method and system for leveraging content is provided. The method includes receiving, data associated with a subscriber and registering the subscriber with an ecm computing system.
Gemstone cut grading method and apparatus
A system for controlling the cut of a gemstone includes a gemstone scanner adapted to scan a plurality of facets of an actual gemstone so as to determine facet parameters pertaining to each one of the plurality of facets. The system also includes a control module operatively coupled to the gem scanner and adapted to receive the determined facet parameters of the plurality of facets of the gemstone.
Contoured calcaneal plate and a percutaneous drill guide for use therewith
This invention provides a calcaneal plate implanted using a sinus tarsi approach and comprises an anterior section having two locking screw holes, an s-shaped posterior facet section having a four locking holes and which rounds toward the bone at both the inferior and superior edges and is reinforced at the superior edge, and a blade shaped posterior portion having three linearly aligned locking holes and terminating in a tapered portion. There is also, a drill guide assembly having a drill guide column inserted through a hole in a targeting guide and locking to one of the locking holes in the plate, and cannulated drill guide sleeves that lock into holes in the targeting guide in a spaced relation whereby when the targeting guide is locked into the plate, the targeting guide can be used as a handle and wherein locking screws can be implanted percutaneously..
Adjacent level facet arthroplasty devices, spine stabilization systems, and methods
The invention discloses an implantable facet arthroplasty device suitable for treating adjacent level disease. The device is designed for implantation between a first vertebra and a second vertebra.
Percutaneous facet fixation system
Percutaneous facet fixation implants. In some embodiments, the implant may comprise fasteners and/or fastener portions configured to be coupled on opposite sides of a facet joint such that a portion of one fastener is configured to be positioned adjacent to one of a superior articular process and an inferior articular process of a facet joint and a portion of another fastener is configured to be positioned adjacent to one of the other of an inferior articular process and a superior articular process of the facet joint so as to engage a surface of the respective articular process.
Multimode fiber for spatial scanning
A method for imaging a scan region by controlling at least one of the relative phase and relative amplitude of multiple optical modes propagating through a multimode optical fiber to control the position of an output beam emitted from the output facet of the optical fiber is disclosed.. .
Epitaxial growth of in-plane nanowires and nanowire devices
Exemplary embodiments provide semiconductor nanowires and nanowire devices/applications and methods for their formation. In embodiments, in-plane nanowires can be epitaxially grown on a patterned substrate, which are more favorable than vertical ones for device processing and three-dimensional (3d) integrated circuits.
Lighting device
A lighting device, in particular in the form of a ceiling, wall, floor or outside light, having a punctiform light source, preferably in the form of an led, and a lens assigned to the light source, which has a light entry recess in the form of a bowl or blind hole, which deflects at least part of the incident light, indirectly or directly, onto a totally reflecting and/or mirrored lateral surface, which in turn deflects the light onto a light exit surface, which forms a front side of the lens located opposite the light entry recess. The lateral surface of the lens, which deflects the light coming directly or indirectly from the light entry surface onto the light exit surface by means of total reflection and/or mirroring, is provided with a multiplicity of facets..
Wall-wash fixture for directional light sources
A downlight reflector assembly for a light-emitting diode (led) light source includes a kicker reflector and an upper scoop. The kicker reflector has a reflector wall extending between a small top opening and a large bottom opening along a transverse axis.
Linked bilateral spinal facet implants and methods of use
Superior and/or inferior facets of one or more facet joints may be replaced by superior and/or inferior facet joint prostheses. In one embodiment, a kit of superior or inferior prostheses is provided, in which the prostheses have at least two dimensions that vary among members of the kit independently of each other.
Minimally invasive spine restoration systems, devices, methods and kits
The invention discloses methods, devices, systems and kits for repairing, replacing and/or augmenting natural facet joint surfaces and/or facet capsules. An implantable facet joint device of one embodiment comprises a cephalad facet joint element and a caudal facet joint element.
Spinal facet implants with mating articulating bearing surface and methods of use
Superior and/or inferior facets of one or more facet joints may be replaced by superior and/or inferior facet joint prostheses. In one embodiment, a kit of superior or inferior prostheses is provided, in which the prostheses have at least two dimensions that vary among members of the kit independently of each other.
Lamp module for a glare-free motor vehicle high beam
A lamp module for a motor-vehicle headlamp. The lamp module comprises a light source defining at least one light-emitting surface that emits a luminous flux and defines a horizontally oriented longitudinal edge and at least one other edge running at a right angle thereto.
Non-uniform multi-facted reflector for rear combination lamp providing sparkle effect
A rear combination lamp for a vehicle is disclosed, in which facets on a reflective surface impart relatively large angular deviations to their respective reflected beams. Reflected light from each facet is only visible over a particular angular range.
Crossbar spinal prosthesis having a modular design and related implantation methods
Modular spinal prosthesis having one of both of adaptable and configurable components are provided. The modular spinal prosthesis described herein provide an artificial articular configuration to replace damaged, worn or otherwise removed spinal facet elements..
Linked bilateral spinal facet implants and methods of use
Superior and/or inferior facets of one or more facet joints may be replaced by superior and/or inferior facet joint prostheses. In one embodiment, a kit of superior or inferior prostheses is provided, in which the prostheses have at least two dimensions that vary among members of the kit independently of each other.
Device and method for omnidirectional image display
The invention generally relates to the display of images viewable from any direction and devices therefor. In some aspects, the invention provides an apparatus for displaying a hologram-like image.
Systems and methods for searching genomic databases
The invention described herein solves the challenges encountered in searching for clinical and genomic information from multiple data sources. Systems, methods, and devices of the invention allow a user to search a number of dissimilar information sources simultaneously, and view, process, and perform correlations on the information.
Facet joint replacement
A prosthesis for the replacement of at least a portion of the bone of a facet located on a mammalian vertebra, comprising: an articulating surface that articulates with another facet; a bone contacting surface that contacts a surface of the vertebra, the articulating surface being connected to the bone contacting surface; and a fixation element that attaches the bone contacting surface to the vertebra, the fixation element being adapted for implantation into an interior bone space of a pedicle of the vertebra; wherein the prosthesis is configured so that no portion of the prosthesis contacts the posterior arch of the vertebra.. .
Facetted browsing
Concepts and technologies are described herein for facetted browsing. In accordance with the concepts and technologies disclosed herein, data can be obtained at a computer system.
Package definition system
A method and system for defining a package uses a graph representation of the package to create and implement a package generation rule set. The graph representation uses links and nodes to represent the relationships between various facet, edges and functional elements of the package,.
Multi-layer body
The invention relates to a multi-layer body (10) and a process for the production thereof. The multi-layer body has a first layer (23) with a first surface (231) and a second surface (232) opposite the first surface (231).
Multi-angle screw top
A material processing machine having a rotating element formed of a core rotatable about a generally vertical axis, and a top cap having a pair of facets which abut together at a join line. The join line extends downward from perpendicular to the generally vertical axis at an angle.
Illumination optical unit
An illumination optical unit for an euv projection exposure apparatus has a diaphragm comprising a radiation-transmissive region having a discrete symmetry group. The form of the diaphragm is adapted to the form of the facets of a pupil facet mirror or to the form of the radiation source.
System and method for irradiating an etem-sample with light
A system and method for transmission electron microscopy (tem) of a photocatalyst sample exposed to uv and/or visible light at irradiance levels comparable to those provided by irradiation with sunlight or at least 1,000 w/cm2 while maintaining the spatial resolution of interrogation of at least 0.14 nm. Light is delivered to the sample substantially transversely to the sample's surface from an external broadband source through an optical fiber with an output facet formed at an acute angle with respect to the fiber axis.
Bone implant device
An osteoimplant device is provided. The osteoimplant device includes a body of nondemineralized cortical bone and an outer surface having at least one region including demineralized bone.
Bone screw and method for manufacturing the same
A bone screw and a method for manufacturing the same includes a screw thread configuration having one or more grooves cut into a leading face of the thread, a trailing face of the thread, and/or the shaft between the threads. Other implementations include the incorporation of facets into the one or more grooves.
Optical assembly with diffractive optical element
An optical assembly comprising: (a) a crystalline substrate having a top planar surface and a crystalline plane angle; (b) at least one groove defined in the top planar surface and having side walls extending from an edge of the substrate to a terminal end, the groove having a first facet at the terminal, the first facet having a first angle relative to the top planar surface, the first facet being reflective; (c) an optical conduit having an optical axis and an end face optically coupled with the first facet; (d) a waveguide; and (e) a diffractive optical element (doe) disposed above the first facet and configured to couple light between the waveguide and the optical conduit as reflected by the first facet.. .
Forming facet-less epitaxy with self-aligned isolation
A method of forming a semiconductor structure may include preparing a continuous active layer in a region of the substrate and forming a plurality of adjacent gates on the continuous active layer. A first raised epitaxial layer may be deposited on a recessed region of the continuous active layer between a first and a second one of the plurality of gates, whereby the first and second gates are adjacent.
Splash-retarding fluid collection system
A fluid collection container (1500) includes a vessel (901) and a lid (1300). A splash retarding cover (100) can be attached to a mouth (501) of the vessel (901).
Decagonal shaped diamond which displays hearts and arrows pattern
A decagonal shaped diamond, adapted to display a hearts and arrows pattern when exposed to light comparable to the hearts and arrows pattern in a round diamond. The decagonal shaped diamond should be cut to form ten main crown facets of substantially equal size symmetrically arranged relative to one another surrounding a table facet twenty star facets with two star facets polished on every main crown facet, ten main pavilion facets, an equal number of crown half facets as pavilion half facets, ten subsidiary pavilion half facets, twenty subsidiary pavilion facets and ten main girdle facets with the girdle facets polished at a given angle relative to one another for forming the decagonal shape of the diamond..
Efficient xml interchange schema document encoding
A method of reducing the size of a simpletype element in an efficient xml interchange (exi) schema document may include modifying each simpletype element in an xsd document by eliminating one or more facets from each simpletype element. The method may also include encoding the xsd document into an exi schema document by transforming each modified simpletype element in the xsd document from an xsd simpletype element with start and end tags to an encoded exi simpletype element expressed as a sequence of bits..
Method of using search engine facet indexes to enable search-enhanced business intelligence analysis
A query technique and interactive tool for analyzing unstructured data and structured data together through an easy-to-use interface. The query technique uses field indexes within a search engine to enable fast response times, scalability across large data sets, and availability to large audiences.
Systems and methods for guiding anchors for facet fixation
Apparatus and methods for spinal surgery include a retractor with an elongated body extending along a longitudinal axis between a distal end and an opposite proximal end. The retractor defines a passage between the distal and proximal ends and a window opening into the passage adjacent to the distal end.
Composite spinal facet implant with textured surfaces
Implementations described and claimed herein provide a distal leading portion of a composite spinal implant for implantation in a spinal facet joint. In one implementation, the distal leading portion includes a distal leading end, a proximal trailing end, a first face, and a second face.

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