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Date/App# patent app List of recent Fish-related patents
 Spin and casting rod with automatic line release patent thumbnailSpin and casting rod with automatic line release
Devices for automatic fishing line release during a cast using the acceleration and deceleration of the rod to automatically release the fishing line. In one embodiment, the device is in an under-the-rod position.
 Fishing accessory or garment patent thumbnailFishing accessory or garment
The present invention discloses a garment or accessory worn for fishing that comprises a magnet of sufficient size and strength to hold fishing hooks or lures.. .
 Chimeric gene constructs for generation of fluorescent transgenic ornamental fish patent thumbnailChimeric gene constructs for generation of fluorescent transgenic ornamental fish
Four zebrafish gene promoters, which are skin specific, muscle specific, skeletal muscle specific and ubiquitously expressed respectively, were isolated and ligated to the 5′ end of the egfp gene. When the resulting chimeric gene constructs were introduced into zebrafish, the transgenic zebrafish emit green fluorescence under a blue light or ultraviolet light according to the specificity of the promoters used.
 Lighted downrigger depth meter patent thumbnailLighted downrigger depth meter
The invention is a light housing with a switch that holds an led light that shines directly on the depth meter of a standard downrigger. In the present embodiment the housing is molded plastic shaped to conform to the particular downrigger that it is to be deployed on.
 Method for treating disorders of the skin patent thumbnailMethod for treating disorders of the skin
A topical pharmaceutical composition for treating a skin disorder selected from the group consisting of herpes viral infection, varicella viral infection, rash, insect bites, jellyfish stings, burns, psoriasis, itching, skin allergic response, skin lesions as a result of drug or medical treatment side effects or complications, and hypopigmantation. The composition comprises a peptide of the formula pglu-x—y—z, where x, y and z are amino acids, with or without an alkyl group, and a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient..
 Fishing travel tool patent thumbnailFishing travel tool
A tool protects fishing equipment, such as fishing rods and reels, from damage, whether the equipment is in storage or transit. The tool provides the angler with the security that their equipment will be safe.
 Herbal composition and a method of making thereof patent thumbnailHerbal composition and a method of making thereof
A topical composition is prepared using macerated leaves of st. Andrew's cross (hypericum hypericoides).
 Automatic fishing apparatus patent thumbnailAutomatic fishing apparatus
An apparatus for fishing includes a fishing rod and a separate base unit onto which the rod can be mounted and readily removed. The rod is generally conventional and includes a reel mounted on a rod body for winding in the fishing line with a spool and a hand cranked rotor for winding the line around the spool.
 Ice fishing storage and transport system patent thumbnailIce fishing storage and transport system
An ice fishing equipment storage and transport system or kit provides easier and more organized retention of ice fishing equipment when being stored, transported, or in use. System can include a container such as a bucket having an open interior.
 Recombinant constructs and transgenic fluorescent ornamental fish therefrom patent thumbnailRecombinant constructs and transgenic fluorescent ornamental fish therefrom
The present invention relates to the method and use of reef coral fluorescent proteins in making transgenic red, green and yellow fluorescent zebrafish. Preferably, such fluorescent zebrafish are fertile and used to establish a population of transgenic zebrafish and to provide to the ornamental fish industry for the purpose of marketing.
Artificial bait featuring an overmolded fish attractant sponge and ports through which fish attractant exudes
An artificial bait features an overmolded fish attractant sponge and ports through which fish attractant exudes. The bait is comprised of a soft resilient plastic.
Autonomous lux reporter system and methods of use
Disclosed are systems for expression of an autonomous lux reporter system in a vertebrate cell, such as mammalian or fish cell. In some examples the lux reporter system is operably connected to a pollutant-inducible dna response element.
Fishing rod carrier and cover therefor
A carrier unit for a plurality of fishing rods has a base from which first and second spaced apart legs project. First and second clip elements attach to and project from the first and second legs respectively.

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