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This page is updated frequently with new Fish-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Fish-related patents
 Fishing equipment with blade based attractor patent thumbnailnew patent Fishing equipment with blade based attractor
The embodiments of the present invention provide a fishing equipment with a blade based attractor. The fishing equipment comprises at-least four corner blades and a central bait wire.

 Fishing-hook-retention method patent thumbnailFishing-hook-retention method
A method for forming a fishing-hook-retention system is disclosed. The method may include molding a sheet of silicone rubber to include at least one indentation.

 Treated fabric used for fishing patent thumbnailTreated fabric used for fishing
A fish attractant material is provided. The fish attractant includes a fibrous material and a coating.

 Fishing lure patent thumbnailFishing lure
A fishing lure (10) comprising a flexible frame (12) formed from first and second side walls (18, 20) defining a tubular member (14). One or more hook connections (32) are provided on the frame for receiving fishing hooks (34).

 Shielded point motion tackle patent thumbnailShielded point motion tackle
A shielded point motion fishing tackle having a twin set of springless, retractable fishing hooks shielded by the body of a live or artificial lure until activated by the force caused by the striking motion of a fish.. .

 Carrying case for ice fishing rods and tip ups patent thumbnailCarrying case for ice fishing rods and tip ups
A carrying case for ice fishing equipment allows a user to combine tip ups and fishing rods and reels in the most efficient manner. One example carrying case can be carried upon the user's back.

 Device for dispensing a fish attracting substance patent thumbnailDevice for dispensing a fish attracting substance
The invention disclosed is a fish attractant release device and methods therefore. The device has a housing having at least a first chamber which can hold a fish attracting substance.
Doris International Limited

 Rotating tackle box patent thumbnailRotating tackle box
A tackle box comprising a body and lid configured such that when the body and lid are closed, the combination forms a cavity sized and shaped for housing one or more rollers or spindles. The rollers have one or more compartments for storing fishing equipment, and a user can manipulate user controls to rotate the spindles and thereby cause different compartments to become accessible to the user when the tackle box is open..

 Fishing equipment storage device patent thumbnailFishing equipment storage device
A fishing equipment storage device that can be disposed on a support surface, such as an ice fishing sled. The fishing equipment storage device includes an elongated panel having one or more fishing rod holders thereon, wherein each fishing rod holder has a tubular construction.

 Fishing rod and reel carrying case system patent thumbnailFishing rod and reel carrying case system
A storage and carrying case for fishing equipment is provided. The case can include first and second shell halves, each having an interior compartment defined by a plurality of walls.
Angler's-friend, Llc


Composition for controlling fish

The present invention relates to a composition for controlling fish. In particular, the composition may be an incitant, functioning as either a fish attractant or a fish repellent.


Collapsible, carrying and storage case for fishing equipment

A collapsible, carrying and storage case for fishing equipment is disclosed. In an embodiment, the case includes at least one equipment retaining panel, at least one end panel, at least one reel protective cover, at least one rod protective cover, at least one retaining member for securing fishing reel and rod within the case, and a case closure mechanism for placing the case alternatively in a closed position and an open position, wherein the open position is at least one of an open, collapsed position and a partially open position.


Ice fishing equipment organizer

An ice fishing equipment organizer is disclosed. The grid is insertable into a multi-gallon container having an interior cavity.


Fishing equipment cooler device

A fishing equipment cooler device is provided having a multi-chambered cooler interior and a separable construction. An upper cooler assembly removably attaches to a lower cooler assembly, whereby each is capable of supported chilled items therein in a segregated configuration.


Scent releasing fishing lure

A scent releasing fishing lure for use in releasing a fish attractant while being reeled through a water stream includes a lure body having a continuous outer wall having a front end and a rear end opposed to the front end and defining an interior area. The front end defines an inlet and the rear end defines an outlet configured to receive and release a water stream, respectively.


Foldable frame for transporting fishing equipment

Foldable frame devices designed to transport fishing equipment and assorted items while functioning as a table and which are capable of being stored in confined spaces are disclosed. In an aspect, a foldable frame device may be carried by a user.


System and providing configuration modularity in an application server, cloud platform, or other environment

In accordance with an embodiment, described herein is a system and method for providing configuration modularity in an application server, cloud platform, or other environment. For example, in a cloud computing environment, application server modules, e.g., weblogic server or glassfish modules, can be embedded within the environment to provide various cloud platform functionalities.
Oracle International Corporation


Expandable portable tackle container and tippet dispensing

The present disclosure relates to methods and device for carrying fishing equipment and accessories and for dispensing tippet or leader from a tackle container. In at least one embodiment the portable container comprises a first housing and a second housing that are pivotably connected.


Terminal tackle holder

The present invention provides a personal terminal tackle holder for anglers that releasably retains a plurality of fishing hooks, artificial flies, lures and pre tied leader rigs which is generally carried in an angler's pocket or attached to an item of clothing, fishing vest or gear. The holder includes a generally flat rectangular base made of resilient materials where artificial flies and rigs are held by being slotted into or embedded into the base.


Weed deflector and system for use with fishing hooks and lures

A weed deflector for protection of a fishing lure is attached directly to a fishing line and is able to move about freely. The weed deflector may rest on top of the lure or partially engage the lure, and may be used with substantially any existing lure.
Arc9, Llc.


Fishing rod storage container

Described is a fishing rod storage container comprising a lid pivotally connected to a container housing by one or more hinges. The container housing comprises a pair of elongated sides and an interior volume adapted to store fishing equipment.


Net carrying device

A carrying device for carrying and storing fishing equipment comprises a front surface, a rear surface, a bottom edge, a top edge, a pair of angled opposing side edges and the pair of support straps. The front surface further comprises a main pocket and a plurality of sleeves.


Ice fishing equipment carrier

An ice fishing equipment carrier is provided that comprises a rectangular frame having an open interior and open upper, a sled lower surface, a set of shoulder straps, and an extendable handle. The rectangular frame is comprised of a pair of sidewalls, an open forward and rear wall, an open interior volume and an enclosed base.


Ice fishing hole retaining device

A hole retaining device to preserve an ice fishing hole comprising a cylinder, where the cylinder extends between an open rim and a closed bottom, and where the cylinder houses a fire ignited to melt ice surround the hole retaining device; a handle attached to the rim, where the handle serves to lift the cylinder; and a bait container attached to the bottom of the cylinder, where the bait container houses bait for ice fishing. The hole retaining device features a tapered cylinder to easily remove the device from the fishing hole..


Ice fishing tip-up and gadget holder system, kit and method

A system, kit and method for organizing and securing devices such as ice fishing equipment, in a cylindrical receptacle. The system includes at least one web, but preferably includes two webs of material having different diameters but each having an array of apertures such that when aligned and placed in a receptacle, the two webs may be used to support and carry items in a secure and organized fashion.


Controllable on-off fish reproduction

The invention discloses a method for controlling fish reproduction, the method comprises the following steps of: a, constructing a recombinant gene cmv-egfp-sv40-cmv-ga14-sv40 and establishing a gal4 transgenic zebrafish line; b, constructing a recombinant gene cmv-rfp-sv40-uas-antisense dnd and establishing a uas-antisensednd transgenic zebrafish line; and c, hybridizing by taking homozygous transgenic fish of the two lines as parents, and the hybrid generation fish was sterility. The method of the present invention takes a strategy that two fertilizable lines hybridized but hybrid generation is sterility, establishing a novel method with a universal meaning for controlling fish fertility; the method solves the contradiction of the reproductively sterility of fish and the hereditability of characters in a reproduction operation research and can be effectively applied to cultivation of new fish specie and population control..


Fishing rod carrier and cover therefor

A carrier unit for a plurality of fishing rods has a base from which first and second spaced apart legs project. First and second clip elements attach to and project from the first and second legs respectively.


Compositions and multi-step methods of using the same for the treatment of jellyfish stings

Embodiments of the invention relate to a composition containing zinc and copper and methods of using the same in treatment of exposure to a pore-forming toxin (pft) in a subject or membrane perturbant (mp).. .


Softgel encapsulated ball incorporating chum as a fish attractant

Chum balls contain liquefied, dehydrated and/or freeze dried chum encapsulated in a water soluble ball (capsule). According to alternate embodiments, the chum ball may also include one or more of the following ingredients: a releasing agent such as sodium bicarbonate, a sinking agent such as magnesium, freeze dried plant matter, fish oil.


Recombinant constructs and transgenic fluorescent ornamental fish therefrom

The present invention relates to the method and use of reef coral fluorescent proteins in making transgenic red, green and yellow fluorescent zebrafish. Preferably, such fluorescent zebrafish are fertile and used to establish a population of transgenic zebrafish and to provide to the ornamental fish industry for the purpose of marketing.


Spin and casting rod with automatic line release

Devices for automatic fishing line release during a cast using the acceleration and deceleration of the rod to automatically release the fishing line. In one embodiment, the device is in an under-the-rod position.


Fishing accessory or garment

The present invention discloses a garment or accessory worn for fishing that comprises a magnet of sufficient size and strength to hold fishing hooks or lures.. .


Chimeric gene constructs for generation of fluorescent transgenic ornamental fish

Four zebrafish gene promoters, which are skin specific, muscle specific, skeletal muscle specific and ubiquitously expressed respectively, were isolated and ligated to the 5′ end of the egfp gene. When the resulting chimeric gene constructs were introduced into zebrafish, the transgenic zebrafish emit green fluorescence under a blue light or ultraviolet light according to the specificity of the promoters used.


Lighted downrigger depth meter

The invention is a light housing with a switch that holds an led light that shines directly on the depth meter of a standard downrigger. In the present embodiment the housing is molded plastic shaped to conform to the particular downrigger that it is to be deployed on.


Method for treating disorders of the skin

A topical pharmaceutical composition for treating a skin disorder selected from the group consisting of herpes viral infection, varicella viral infection, rash, insect bites, jellyfish stings, burns, psoriasis, itching, skin allergic response, skin lesions as a result of drug or medical treatment side effects or complications, and hypopigmantation. The composition comprises a peptide of the formula pglu-x—y—z, where x, y and z are amino acids, with or without an alkyl group, and a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient..


Fishing travel tool

A tool protects fishing equipment, such as fishing rods and reels, from damage, whether the equipment is in storage or transit. The tool provides the angler with the security that their equipment will be safe.


Herbal composition and a making thereof

A topical composition is prepared using macerated leaves of st. Andrew's cross (hypericum hypericoides).


Automatic fishing apparatus

An apparatus for fishing includes a fishing rod and a separate base unit onto which the rod can be mounted and readily removed. The rod is generally conventional and includes a reel mounted on a rod body for winding in the fishing line with a spool and a hand cranked rotor for winding the line around the spool.


Ice fishing storage and transport system

An ice fishing equipment storage and transport system or kit provides easier and more organized retention of ice fishing equipment when being stored, transported, or in use. System can include a container such as a bucket having an open interior.


Recombinant constructs and transgenic fluorescent ornamental fish therefrom

The present invention relates to the method and use of reef coral fluorescent proteins in making transgenic red, green and yellow fluorescent zebrafish. Preferably, such fluorescent zebrafish are fertile and used to establish a population of transgenic zebrafish and to provide to the ornamental fish industry for the purpose of marketing.


Artificial bait featuring an overmolded fish attractant sponge and ports through which fish attractant exudes

An artificial bait features an overmolded fish attractant sponge and ports through which fish attractant exudes. The bait is comprised of a soft resilient plastic.


Autonomous lux reporter system and methods of use

Disclosed are systems for expression of an autonomous lux reporter system in a vertebrate cell, such as mammalian or fish cell. In some examples the lux reporter system is operably connected to a pollutant-inducible dna response element.


Fishing rod carrier and cover therefor

A carrier unit for a plurality of fishing rods has a base from which first and second spaced apart legs project. First and second clip elements attach to and project from the first and second legs respectively.


. .


. .

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