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This page is updated frequently with new Extensible-related patent applications.

 Global speech user interface patent thumbnailGlobal speech user interface
A global speech user interface (gsui) comprises an input system to receive a user's spoken command, a feedback system along with a set of feedback overlays to give the user information on the progress of his spoken requests, a set of visual cues on the television screen to help the user understand what he can say, a help system, and a model for navigation among applications. The interface is extensible to make it easy to add new applications..
Promptu Systems Corporation

 Application load adaptive multi-stage parallel data processing architecture patent thumbnailApplication load adaptive multi-stage parallel data processing architecture
Systems and methods provide an extensible, multi-stage, realtime application program processing load adaptive, manycore data processing architecture shared dynamically among instances of parallelized and pipelined application software programs, according to processing load variations of said programs and their tasks and instances, as well as contractual policies. The invented techniques provide, at the same time, both application software development productivity, through presenting for software a simple, virtual static view of the actually dynamically allocated and assigned processing hardware resources, together with high program runtime performance, through scalable pipelined and parallelized program execution with minimized overhead, as well as high resource efficiency, through adaptively optimized processing resource allocation..

 Supporting structure for a container cargo patent thumbnailSupporting structure for a container cargo
Object of the present invention is a new supporting structure for a container cargo comprising a plurality of pre-tensioned belts coupled to an elastically deformable and not extensible element in composite material.. .
Eceplast S.r.l.

 Cutter  cutting composite sheet associated with an absorbent article, manufacturing  absorbent article, and  cutting composite sheet associated with absorbent article patent thumbnailCutter cutting composite sheet associated with an absorbent article, manufacturing absorbent article, and cutting composite sheet associated with absorbent article
There is provided a cutter apparatus for cutting a composite sheet including a stretchable sheet and a low-extensible sheet, the low-extensible sheet being stacked on the stretchable sheet from a thickness direction and fixed to the stretchable sheet, the low-extensible sheet having an extensibility lower than that of the stretchable sheet. The cutter apparatus includes: a cutter blade that abuts the composite sheet from a side closer to the stretchable sheet; and a receiving section that have a surface area and that receives the cutter blade while abutting the composite sheet from a side closer to the low-extensible sheet..
Unicharm Corporation

 Intercommunication for asset health monitoring devices patent thumbnailIntercommunication for asset health monitoring devices
An extensible computing system for integrating asset health data and user control of devices made by different manufacturers, using a computer and program structures including a common platform application structure and a common platform services structure. A services bus communicates device signals in a standardized format from the common platform services structure to a proprietary extension services structure.
Computational Systems, Inc.

 System for copybook flat data conversion and inline transformation patent thumbnailSystem for copybook flat data conversion and inline transformation
The present invention provides copybook flat data conversion with inline transformation. Specifically, a streaming intermediary formatted data message is generated as a result of converting/transforming a flat file format (non-xml (extensible markup language) format), such as raw fixed-length field cobol (common business-oriented language) copybook format or the like.
Bank Of America Corporation

 Extensible asset classes in a monitoring system having a common platform patent thumbnailExtensible asset classes in a monitoring system having a common platform
An application software platform is provided for use in a process plant or other environment to enable various different applications to run, to obtain access to, and to use data from various different assets in the plant or other asset environment in a consistent and easily understood manner. The software platform includes a class-based object structure or model that is set up and used to organize and to efficiently provide access to data about, generated by, or obtained from the assets in the plant.
Computational Systems, Inc.

 Foldable stroller to form a trolley patent thumbnailFoldable stroller to form a trolley
A foldable stroller capable of being formed into a trolley, comprising a front tube, a rear tube, a seat frame, an armrest, a pushing lever, and a handle connected to the pushing lever via a second joint assembly which allows pivotal movement of the handle relative to the pushing lever; the front tube having an extensible draw bar; wherein when the rear tube, seat frame, armrest and pushing lever are folded toward the front tube by joints, the handle is pivotally moved at 90-100 degrees relative to the pushing lever through the second joint assembly, and then the draw bar is pulled out of the front tube, whereby the trolley is formed; the foldable stroller can be folded in a small size and is easy to carry and store, moreover, if the baby has grown up, the stroller can be used as the trolley to avoid unnecessary waste.. .
Dongguan Master Kids Products Co., Ltd.

 Method for authenticating firmware volume and system therefor patent thumbnailMethod for authenticating firmware volume and system therefor
A first firmware volume of a unified extensible firmware interface (uefi) compliant information handling system is accessed. Authentication information is retrieved from the first firmware volume using a uefi secure architecture protocol.
Dell Products, Lp

 Extensible hose and hose assembly patent thumbnailExtensible hose and hose assembly
An extensible hose, comprising an inner tubular element (2) suitable, in use, for being passed through by a fluid, said inner tubular element (2) being made from a first elastically extensible material and suitable for lengthening and widening under the action of the pressure of the fluid. The hose (1) also comprises at least one extensible outer tubular element (3) overlying, and coaxial to, said inner tubular element (2), comprising at least one surface portion (4) made from a second material resistant to external stresses, and the like..

Concrete dowel placement system and making the same

A concrete dowel placement system and methods for making the same. The system allows for accurate and easy substantially-parallel or parallel placement of slip dowels within sections of concrete so that adjacent sections of concrete may be allowed to undergo thermal expansion and contraction while remaining in a common plane without cracking or faulting.
Shaw & Sons, Inc.

Situational awareness and position location information interface system

An efficient and reliable way to send various information including position location information (pli) and emergency messages (em) using or within a mobile satellite system (mss) using different message formats including short message (e.g., short burst data (sbd), etc.), between mobile users as provided. Embodiments also use global positioning systems (gps) used in some cases with the pli system.
The United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Mapping non-generic markup language elements to generic object-oriented programming language objects

A system extends functionality of java architecture for xml (extensible markup language) binding, (jaxb). Represents non-generic elements of a markup language (for example, xml) document in an object oriented programming language (for example, java).
International Business Machines Corporation

Interoperability of transforms under a unified platform and extensible transformation library of those interoperable transforms

A system and method for facilitating interoperability of data transformations developed in different programming platforms under a unified platform including receiving a first transformation utilizing a first programming platform; receiving information about the first transformation; wrapping the first transformation; including the wrapped, first transformation in a transformation pipeline, the transformation pipeline including a second transformation that is wrapped, the second transformation utilizing a second programming platform different from the first programming platform; and executing the transformation pipeline including the wrapped, first transformation and the wrapped, second transformation in batch mode or real-time streaming mode.. .
Skytree, Inc.

Electronic device

An electronic device is described that includes a first body; a second body; and a connection member through which the first body is connected with the second body.the connection member includes a rotary connection part for supporting the first body to rotate around an axis line of the rotary connection part and an extensible connection part for supporting the first body to be close to or away from the second body.. .
Lenovo (beijing) Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods to support vxlan in partition environment where a single system acts as multiple logical systems to support multitenancy

The present disclosure is directed towards systems and methods for supporting virtual extensible local area network (vxlan) in a network environment in which a single system is partitioned to establish multiple logical systems to support multi-tenancy.. .
Citrix Systems, Inc.

Blank key, a lock set with a security mechanism and producing same

A lock set comprising a cylinder lock having a stator and a rotatable member rotatable in the stator and having a key slot and at least one side; a security element with protrusions, pivotally connected to the rotatable member; and one or more fitting keys, each having one or more recesses and one or more extensible members. The distances between the protrusions of the security element correspond to locations of the recess(es) and extendible member(s) of the fitting key for engagement therewith, such that using the fitting key will have the security element positioned in a non-obstructing position allowing free rotation of the rotatable member in the stator and using an unfitting key will cause a portion of the security element to protrude from the outer wall of the rotatable member engaging the inner wall of the stator thereby preventing rotation of the rotatable member in the stator..

Digital printing system

A printing system for printing on a substrate, comprises a movable intermediate transfer member in the form of a flexible, substantially inextensible, belt guided to follow a closed path, an image forming station for depositing droplets of a liquid ink onto an outer surface of the belt to form an ink image, a drying station for drying the ink image on the belt to leave an ink residue film on the outer surface of the belt, first and second impression stations spaced from one another in the direction of movement of the belt, each impression station comprising an impression cylinder for supporting and transporting the substrate and a pressure cylinder carrying a compressible blanket for urging the belt against the substrate supported on the impression cylinder, and a transport system for transporting the substrate from the first impression station to the second impression station .the pressure cylinder of at least the first impression station is movable between a first position in which the belt is urged towards the impression cylinder to cause the residue film on the outer surface of the belt to be transferred onto the front side of the substrate supported on the impression cylinder, and a second position in which the belt is spaced from the impression cylinder to allow the ink image on the bell to pass through the first impression station and arrive intact at the second impression station for transfer onto the reverse side of the substrate supported on the second impression cylinder.. .
Landa Corporation Ltd.

Method and system for collecting digital media data and metadata and audience data

Collecting media content data such as media content metadata, and audience viewing data, such as a list of videos whose statistics needs to be fetched from one or more repositories from a large number of data sources is implemented according to extensible multi-threaded data gathering framework, which involves utilizing a plugin-based extensible architecture, which delegates the site-specific responsibility to the plugin while at the core providing a fault-tolerant multi-threaded service on which the plugins are run to gather the data from the web.. .
The Aleph Group Pte., Ltd.

Active antenna associated device and system, and transmitting and receiving calibration method

An active antenna associated device and system, and a transmitting and receiving calibration method, used for implementing extensible design of an antenna array, reducing construction implementation difficulty, and ensuring construction implementation reliability. The active antenna unit comprises: n active antenna arrays, a main calibration coupling circuit unit, a transmitting and receiving calibrating unit, a calibration parameter storage unit, and a radio over fiber (rof) photoelectric conversion unit, wherein n is larger than 1.
China Academy Of Telecommunications Technology

Verification of semantic constraints in multimedia data and in its announcement, signaling and interchange

A collection of well-formed, but possibly semantically invalid, binary encoded multimedia data components or packages as well as the binary encoded announcement, signaling, and interchange protocols used in their transmission are converted into one or more well-formed extensible markup language (xml) files. Such xml files may then be validated according to one or more pre-defined xml schemas, or similar schema languages, in order to verify that the data and protocol structures and substructures adhere to prior defined semantic constraints..
Tvworks, Llc

Method and device for secure access control based on on-chip bus protocol

A method for secure access control based on an on-chip bus (advanced extensible interface, axi) protocol is disclosed and comprises dividing a bus address space into more than one area, then determining the security attributes of each area; and, determining whether the security type of an access request, sent by a primary device, to access a target area matches the security attributes of said target area; if a match, sending said access request to a target secondary device. A device for secure access control based on the axi protocol is also disclosed..
Sanechips Technology Co., Ltd.

Method for out of band device configuration deployment and system therefor

An information handling system includes a non-volatile memory device for storing basic input-output system (bios) firmware. The system also includes a service processor that is coupled to the first non-volatile memory.
Dell Products, Lp

Extensible video game time limiter

A video gaming system includes a motherboard with video display output, a usb and video switching board and a single board computer. The single board computer connects to the front panel power and reset switches, the switching board and the motherboard power switch input.

Service layer dynamic authorization

An extensible policy-based service layer dynamic authorization framework can allow a service layer to determine whether or not to grant or deny a registrant access to a resource or service hosted by the service layer for which the registrant currently lacks the proper privileges to access. This method can also enable a service layer to dynamically update its statically configured authorization privileges (by leveraging its dynamic authorization results) such that future requests from the same registrant and to the same resource and service do not require dynamic authorization to be performed..
Convida Wireless, Llc

Application service architecture

Described herein are various technologies pertaining an extensible, cloud-based service for creating and executing applications (e.g., business or industry-specific workflows). A user knowledgeable about a particular field can utilize a client-hosted design studio or a web-based portal to create an application (“app”) (e.g., data transform) relevant to the particular field.
Microsoft Licensing Technology, Llc

Deriving logical justification in an extensible logical reasoning system

Mechanisms are provided for implementing a logical reasoning and justification engine that operates to receive a logical parse data structure of natural language content. The logical parse data structure comprises nodes and edges linking nodes and identifies latent logical terms within the natural language content indicative of logical relationships between elements of the natural language content.
International Business Machines Corporation

System and efficiently managing enterprise architecture using resource description framework

A system, computer-implemented method and computer program product for efficiently managing enterprise architecture using resource description framework is provided. The system comprises a solution configurator configured to facilitate defining one or more resource description framework (rdf)/extensible markup language (xml) models corresponding to one or more applications.
Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

System and approach for validating conditions of a space

A system and approach for verifying and validating a room condition and its behavior in a critical environment. The system and approach may be a room controller built on top of a niagara™ framework or launched from a niagara workbench, and leverages extensible of niagara.
Honeywell International Inc.

Aircraft landing gear assembly

An aircraft landing gear assembly having a main strut configured to move between a deployed condition and a stowed condition, a damping device to oppose movement of the main strut as it approaches the deployed condition, a retraction actuator and a mechanical retraction linkage coupled between the aircraft and the main strut, and a locking device. The locking device is operable to change the retraction linkage between a locking condition in which the retraction actuator can apply a stowing force to the main strut through the retraction linkage to move the main strut from the deployed condition to the stowed condition, and an extensible condition in which the retraction linkage permits the main strut to be deployed by way of gravity..
Messier-dowty Limited

Desoldering apparatus and method

Disclosed is a solder punch tool and method of using the same. The solder punch tool includes an extensible rod, such as a graphite rod, extensible from a first end of the solder punch tool, and a metal punch on an opposite end of the solder punch tool.
Power To The Pcb, Llc

Quint configuration fire apparatus

A quint configuration fire apparatus includes a ladder assembly and a single rear axle coupled to a chassis. The single rear axle includes either a single solid axle configuration extending laterally across the chassis or a first axle having a first constant velocity joint and a second axle having a second constant velocity joint.
Oshkosh Corporation

Suitcase with removable walking-stick extensible rod

A suitcase with a removable walking-stick extensible rod includes a suitcase body having a receiving chamber and a mouth, with the mouth disposed at the top of the suitcase body to communicate with the receiving chamber; a fastening and releasing element fixedly disposed in the receiving chamber; and a walking-stick extensible rod having an extensible rod body and a handle, with the extensible rod body received in the receiving chamber and disposed at the fastening and releasing element, and the handle connected to an end of the extensible rod body and disposed at the mouth.. .

Agentless security of virtual machines using a filtering platform

An agentless intrusion detection and prevention digital processing system and environment, or virtual firewall is disclosed. The agentless, virtual firewall monitors and controls digital data communications between a digital communications network and one or more virtual digital processing machines.

Agentless security of virtual machines using a network interface controller

An agentless intrusion detection and prevention digital processing system and environment, or virtual firewall is disclosed. The agentless, virtual firewall monitors and controls digital data communications between a digital communications network and one or more virtual digital processing machines.

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