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Exponential patents


This page is updated frequently with new Exponential-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Exponential-related patents
 Content search mechanism using finite automata patent thumbnailContent search mechanism using finite automata
An improved content search mechanism uses a graph that includes intelligent nodes avoids the overhead of post processing and improves the overall performance of a content processing application. An intelligent node is similar to a node in a dfa graph but includes a command.
Cavium, Inc.

 Methods and systems for instrument validation patent thumbnailMethods and systems for instrument validation
In one exemplary embodiment, a method for validating an instrument is provided. The method includes receiving amplification data from a validation plate to generate a plurality of amplification curves.
Life Technologies Corporation

 Coding escape pixels for palette coding patent thumbnailCoding escape pixels for palette coding
In one example, a device includes a memory configured to store video data and a video decoder configured to decode an exponential golomb codeword representative of at least a portion of a value for an escape pixel of a palette-mode coded block of video data, the video decoder is configured to decode the exponential golomb codeword using exponential golomb with parameter 3 decoding, and decode the block using the value for the escape pixel.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Risk scoring for threat assessment patent thumbnailRisk scoring for threat assessment
Threat risks to an enterprise are detected and assessed by assembling singular threats identified using both direct and behavioral threat indicators into composite threats to create complex use cases across multiple domains, and to amplify risks along kill chains of known attacks for early detection. Composite threat risk scores are computed from risk scores of singular threats to exponentially increase with the number of events observed along the kill chain.
Securonix, Inc.

 Detection of r-peak point in an electrocardiogram signal patent thumbnailDetection of r-peak point in an electrocardiogram signal
Detection of r-peak signal in an electrocardiogram signal is provided. An electrocardiogram signal representing heart activity of an individual is received.

 Self-replication of nucleic acid origami tiles patent thumbnailSelf-replication of nucleic acid origami tiles
The present invention provides a method for self-replication of multimers of nucleic acid origami tiles by exponentially amplifying the multimer from initial seeds of monomeric units of nucleic acid origami tiles and also provides for the selective exponential amplification of a designated multimer, such as with specific properties or characteristics, over one or more competing multimers in the presence of a mixture of monomers for each of the possible multimers. The selection of the designated multimer based on an environmental change allows the designated multimer to outgrow all competing multimers..
New York University

 Filter media having an optimized gradient patent thumbnailFilter media having an optimized gradient
Filter media having a gradient in a property and methods associated with such media are provided. In some embodiments, a filter media may have a gradient in mean pore size.
Hollingsworth & Vose Company

 Methods and systems for identifying the quantitation cycle for a pcr amplification reaction patent thumbnailMethods and systems for identifying the quantitation cycle for a pcr amplification reaction
Methods and systems for identifying a quantitation cycle (cq) for a pcr reaction that includes fitting a line having a plurality of line segments to data points associated with a pcr amplification reaction. The data points include a cycle value associated with a pcr cycle and a product value associated with a pcr product.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Oy

 Method for quantifying the characteristics of an object treated with a contrast agent patent thumbnailMethod for quantifying the characteristics of an object treated with a contrast agent
The method comprises: a) receiving a plurality of imaging signals of the object over a period of time; b) measuring the signal intensity in each of the plurality of imaging signals corresponding to a point on the object; and c) curve fitting the measured signal intensity of the point on the object to a bi-exponential function comprising a first and a second exponential term, the first exponential term representing the decrease in concentration of the contrast agent which is free over time and the second exponential term representing a decrease in concentration of the contrast agent which is retained on the object over time.. .

 Distributed load management on network devices patent thumbnailDistributed load management on network devices
This disclosure relates to a system and method for dynamically managing load on network devices in a distributed manner. As the proliferation of data rich content and increasingly more capable mobile devices has continued, the amount of data communicated over mobile operator's networks has exponentially increased.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Trading anomaly kill switch

A system that can detect when abnormal trading activity is occurring and take action to halt the detected abnormal trading activity without human intervention using a computer-implemented anomaly detection and action stage that performs an exponential weighted averaging of trade order flow, on a per symbol basis within a sliding volume based window and a volume based exponential weighted averaging, on a per symbol basis, on trade update messages received during the sliding volume based window and checks for an inflection in covariance between them. A related method is also described..
Morgan Stanley


Method and determining a smoothed data point within a stream of data points

A method and an apparatus for determining at least one smoothed data point (tk, sk) within a stream of data points {ti, si} with 1≦i≦z, k<z is disclosed. Herein, the stream of data points {ti, si} is consecutively acquired in a manner that a data point (ti, si) is acquired after an acquisition of a preceding data point (ti-1, si-1), wherein each data point (ti, si) comprises a valid value or an invalid value or a missing value for the signal si at a time ti.
Eyesense Ag


System and correlating point-to-point sky clearness for use in photovoltaic fleet output estimation with the aid of a digital computer

Statistically representing point-to-point photovoltaic power estimation and area-to-point conversion of satellite pixel irradiance data are described. Accuracy on correlated overhead sky clearness is bounded by evaluating a mean and standard deviation between recorded irradiance measures and the forecast irradiance measures.
Clean Power Research, L.l.c.


Log-linear power detector

A power detector constituted of: a transconductance element arranged to output a rectified detection current, the magnitude thereof arranged to increase exponentially responsive to a linear increase in the amplitude of an input signal; and at least one p-n junction based device, a function of the rectified detection current arranged to flow there through. The output of the power detector is a function of the voltage across the at least one p-n junction based device..


Method and system for an adaptive software-defined networking controller (asdnc)

A method and system for the design, implementation, and operation of an adaptive software-defined networking controller (asdnc) is described. Traditional sdn controllers support stateless control of forwarding/data-path elements (logical or physical) in order to provide quasi-seamless control/management of information flows.
Zte (usa) Inc.


Determining the plus fraction of a gas chromatogram

Methods and devices for determining a plus fraction of a plus fraction of a gas chromatogram are provided. A gas chromatogram may obtained, such as from a downhole gas chromatograph module of a fluid analysis tool.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Current sensor for a vehicle

A vehicle includes a battery configured to operate at a current, during a drive cycle, in a nominal current range for a time greater than in a maximum current range. A controller is programmed to output a voltage based on the current according to a gain calibrated to be greater in the nominal current range than in the maximum current range to increase resolution in the nominal current range.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Multi-source ct systems and pre-reconstruction inversion methods

A computed tomography scanner has multiple radiation sources or source arrays, in specific geometric dimensions for optimized imaging speed. A ct system with maximum fan-angle Γ and k simultaneously active x-ray sources distributed over an angle of π-2Γ radians, the sources partially overlapping on a detector array, measures summed projection data corresponding to k or less line-integrals at each detector element.


Power injector with decay constant functionality

A power injector is disclosed having power injector control logic, which in turn includes a decay constant cross-reference, for instance in the form of a data structure. Flow rate decay constant information may be stored by the decay constant cross-reference.
Liebel-flarsheim Company Llc


Beamforming method, measurement and imaging instruments, and communication instruments

Beamforming method that allows a high speed and high accuracy beamforming with no approximate interpolations. This beamforming method includes step (a) that generates reception signals by receiving waves arrival from a measurement object; and step (b) that performs a beamforming with respect to the reception signals generated by step (a); and step (b) including without performing wavenumber matching including approximate interpolation processings with respect to the reception signals, and the reception signals are fourier's transformed in the axial direction and the calculated fourier's transform is multiplied to a complex exponential function expressed using a wavenumber of the wave and a carrier frequency to perform wavenumber matching in the lateral direction and further, the product is fourier's transformed in the lateral direction and the calculated result is multiplied to a complex exponential function, from which an effect of the lateral wavenumber matching is removed, to perform wavenumber matching in the axial direction, by which an image signal is generated..


Charge ordered vertical transistors

A vertical charge ordered transistor is disclosed. A thin charge ordered layer is employed as a tunnel barrier between two electrodes.
Drexel University


Efficient beam scanning for high-frequency wireless networks

Systems and methods relating to non-adaptive beam scanning in a wireless network are disclosed. In some embodiments, a method of operation of a transmit node to perform non-adaptive beam scanning for transmit beam patterns of the transmit node that partition a service coverage area of the transmit node into transmit partition cells is provided.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Method for combining multiple signal values in the dendritic cell algorithm

Artificial immune systems (ais) including the dendritic cell algorithm (dca) are an emerging method to detect malware in computer systems. A dca module may receive an output or signal from multiple indicators concerning the state of at least a portion of the system.
The Boeing Company


Method and system of improved galois multiplication

Embodiments of the invention include an apparatus for performing galois multiplication using an enhanced galois table. Galois multiplication may include converting a first and second multiplicand to exponential forms using a galois table, adding the exponential forms of the first and second multiplicands, and converting the added exponential forms of the first and second multiplicands to a decimal equivalent binary form using the galois table to decimal equivalent binary result of the galois multiplication..
Echelon Corporation


Fast, energy-efficient exponential computations in simd architectures

In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes receiving as input a value of a variable x and receiving as input a degree n of a polynomial function being used to evaluate an exponential function ex. A first expression a*(x−ln(2)*kn(xf))+b is evaluated, by one or more computer processors in a single instruction multiple data (simd) architecture, as an integer and is read as a double.
International Business Machines Corporation


Fast, energy-efficient exponential computations in simd architectures

In one embodiment, a computer-implemented method includes receiving as input a value of a variable x and receiving as input a degree n of a polynomial function being used to evaluate an exponential function ex. A first expression a*(x−ln(2)*kn(xf))+b is evaluated, by one or more computer processors in a single instruction multiple data (simd) architecture, as an integer and is read as a double.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and compensating thermal displacement of machine tool

Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for compensating thermal displacement of a machine tool, the apparatus including: a compensation quantity calculating unit configured to calculate a compensation quantity by using temperature data and a predetermined compensation parameter; a smoothing filter configured to exponentially smooth the calculated compensation quantity; a scaling unit configured to scale the exponentially smoothed compensation quantity; a time-dispersion compensating unit configured to calculate a final compensation quantity by time-dispersion compensation for the scaled compensation quantity according to a time-dispersion compensating period; and a control unit configured to compensate each axis of equipment according to the final compensation quantity, and adjusts the time-dispersion compensating period of the time-dispersion compensating unit according to an error absolute value representing a difference between an input value and an output value of the time-dispersion compensating unit.. .
Doosan Infracore Co., Ltd.


Method and apparatus

A signal processing method for estimating a frequency domain representation of signal from a series of samples distorted by an instrument function, the method comprising obtaining the series of samples; obtaining a set of coefficients that fit a set of basis functions to a complex exponential function wherein the set of basis functions comprises a plurality of basis functions each defined by a shifted version of the instrument function in a signal domain; estimating the frequency domain representation of the signal based on the series of samples and the coefficients. This is wherein the estimate of the instrument function is based on a characterisation of the instrument function in the frequency domain at frequencies associated with the complex exponential function..
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong


Multi-junction solar cell with dilute nitride sub-cell having graded doping

A lattice-matched solar cell having a dilute nitride-based sub-cell has exponential doping to thereby control current-carrying capacity of the solar cell. Specifically a solar cell with at least one dilute nitride sub-cell that has a variably doped base or emitter is disclosed.
Solar Junction Corporation


Apparatus for outputting protecting sound in quieting vehicle

An apparatus and method for outputting a protecting sound in a quieting vehicle is provided. The apparatus includes a storage unit that is configured to store a mapping table in which protecting sounds having frequency bands that are exponentially increased for each vehicle speed are mapped.
Hyundai Motor Company


Method and system for dynamically partitioning very large database indices on write-once tables

Methods and systems for partitioning and dynamically merging a database index are described. A database index includes a single first-level index partition stored in a data cache.
Sap Se


Measuring waveforms with the digital infinite exponential transform

A method is performed of selecting a signal of interest from a compound signal. The method includes generating a matrix and initializing a first row of the matrix to zero.


Compiler optimization for complex exponential calculations

Technologies for optimizing complex exponential calculations include a computing device with optimizing compiler. The compiler parses source code, optimizes the parsed representation of the source code, and generates output code.


Method and magnetic resonance determining a minimized echo time

In a method for determining a minimum possible echo time for a radio-frequency coil used in a magnetic resonance scanner, magnetic resonance signals are acquired with the radio-frequency coil in a magnetic resonance measurement of a free induction decay at fixed time intervals, the minimum possible echo time being determined by evaluating the time series of magnetic resonance signals as the instant from which an exponential signal decay was measured.. .


Implantable cardio defibrillator (icd), subcutaneous implantable cardio defibrillator (sicd), and waveform energy control systems

Cardiac defibrillation or cardioversion waveform energy control systems employ transvenous icds or subcutaneous sicds for treating cardiac arrhythmias. The systems comprise differentially driven amplifier circuit operational modes to control the delivery of defibrillation or cardioversion electrical shocks, wherein the shock waveforms are constant current, constant voltage, or constant energy.


Non-uniform exponential-golomb codes for palette mode coding

In an example, a method of decoding video data using palette mode may include receiving a palette mode encoded block of video data of a picture. The method may include receiving encoded palette mode information for the palette mode encoded block of video data.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Time synchronization and controlled asynchronization of remote trigger signals

A mechanism is disclosed for transmitting pulses onto respective cables so that the pulses arrive at the remote ends of the respective cables in synchronized (or controllably asynchronized) fashion. First, the round-trip time of flight of each cable is measured using speedy delivery pulses, i.e., pulses whose leading edges have exponential shape.
Board Of Regents Of The University Of Texas System


Data compression using entropy encoding

Data values can be entropy encoded, as part of a data compression process, according to a predetermined variable-length entropy coding scheme (e.g. Based on exponential golomb coding) such that they have ≧1 prefix bits and ≧0 suffix bits.
Imagination Technologies Limited


Calibration for multi-component assays

A method of analyzing a biological sample using an analyzer and an assay. The method comprises providing the assay for producing the signal.
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.


Exponential moving maximum (emm) filter for predictive analytics in network reporting

Techniques for an exponential moving maximum (emm) filter for predictive analytics in network reporting are disclosed. In some embodiments, a process for predictive analytics in network reporting using an emm filter includes pre-processing network-related data by performing exponential moving maximum (emm) filtering on the network-related data; and determining predictive analytics based on the emm filtered network-related data..
Infoblox Inc.


Modulated guided surface waves

Disclosed are various systems and methods directed to the launching of a guided surface wave embodying a modulated signal using a guided surface waveguide probe. A modulated signal is generated and coupled to a guided surface waveguide probe.
Cpg Technologies, Llc


Compensated sigma calculation based on pulsed neutron capture tool measurements

A method for determining thermal neutron decay constant for a formation includes counting radiation events corresponding to numbers of thermal neutrons with respect to time (decay spectrum) after irradiating the formation with neutrons. At least one moment of a first order of the decay spectrum or a single exponential curve to fit the decay spectrum is determined.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Exponentially fitted approximation for anisotropic semiconductor equations

Roughly described, a method for determining characteristics of a body by simulation, useful in analyzing semiconductor devices, includes imposing a delaunay mesh on a simulated body to be modeled, determining a system of node equations describing generation and flux of a set of at least a first physical quantity at each node in the mesh, and numerically solving the system of node equations to identify the physical quantities in the set at each node in the mesh, where the flux of the first physical quantity in the body, as represented in the node equations, is anisotropic. The method does not impose any limitation on the geometry of the device, on mesh elements, or on the orientation of the anisotropy..
Synopsys, Inc.


Event-driven spatio-temporal short-time fourier transform processing for asynchronous pulse-modulated sampled signals

A method of processing asynchronous event-driven input samples of a continuous time signal includes calculating a short-time fourier transform (stft) output based on the event-driven input samples. The stft output may be calculated by expressing an encoding pulse and an stft window function as a sum of complex weighted causal complex exponentials.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Production of tailored pha copolymers from natural gas

A method of producing polyhydroxyalkanoic acid (pha)-producing biomass is provided that includes obtaining a methane-oxidizing inoculum, flushing the methane-oxidizing inoculum with natural gas and oxygen, amending the flushed methane-oxidizing inoculum with a fresh growth medium, using a non-aseptic bioreactor for growing a pha-producing biomass, where the non-aseptic bioreactor is seeded with the amended methane-oxidizing inoculum, where a natural gas and oxygen mixture is added to the non-aseptic bioreactor, where a growth medium comprising ammonium and nutrients required for exponential growth is added to the non-aseptic bioreactor, harvesting a portion of the methane-oxidizing biomass and incubating the harvested portion in the absence of nitrogen and with the natural gas and oxygen mixture, where a pha-enriched biomass is produced, purifying pha from the pha-enriched biomass, and adding the fresh growth medium and the natural gas and oxygen mixture to the bioreactor to re-grow the methane-oxidizing inoculum.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University


Posture dependent time series filtering the detection of cardiac events

A device for detecting a cardiac event is disclosed. Detection of an event is based on a test applied to a parameter whose value varies according to heart rate.
Angel Medical Systems, Inc.


Physical unclonable function using augmented memory for challenge-response hashing

A technique is presented for performing a physical unclonable function (puf) using an array of sram cells. The technique can be viewed as an attempt to read multiple cells in a column at the same time, creating contention that is resolved according to process variation.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Undulator with dynamic compensation of magnetic forces

A method and apparatus for implementing dynamic compensation of magnetic forces for undulators are provided. An undulator includes a respective set of magnet arrays, each attached to a strongback, and placed on horizontal slides and positioned parallel relative to each other with a predetermined gap.
Uchicago Argonne, Llc


Reverberation suppression apparatus used for auditory device

A reverberation suppression apparatus includes: an instantaneous value calculation unit that calculates an instantaneous value/instantaneous values in an envelope of values correlating with the absolute value or the square of an input signal; a reverberation estimation unit that calculates an exponential moving average of the instantaneous value(s) as an estimated reverberation component; a gain derivation unit that derives a gain corresponding to the input signal according to the estimated reverberation component and the instantaneous value(s) when the each instantaneous value is larger than the estimated reverberation component, and derives a lower limit of the gain as the gain corresponding to the input signal when the each instantaneous value is smaller than the estimated reverberation component; a smoothing unit that performs a smoothing process on the gain; and a gain processing unit that applies the gain to amplitude adjustment of the input signal thereafter.. .
Rion Co., Ltd.


Noise reduction through democratic alpha smoothing

An iterative exponential moving average algorithm generates a smoothed output data stream from a noisy input data stream. A smoothing factor used in calculating the exponential moving average is updated with each iteration of the exponential moving average algorithm based on a cumulative vote value, which is based, at least in part, on an estimated state of the input data stream..
Microsoft Corporation


Normalized indices for feedback control loops

A feedback controller for generating and using a normalized performance index for a feedback control loop is shown and described. The feedback controller is configured to generate an input for a control process, identify an error signal representing a difference between a setpoint and a feedback signal from the control process, compute a first exponentially-weighted moving average (ewma) of a first function of the error signal and a second ewma of a second function of the error signal, and to generate a normalized performance index using the first ewma and the second ewma..
Johnson Controls Technology Company


Multimedia queuing and collaboration method

The invention relates to the use of smart media devices to communicate wirelessly with a central smart media device in a collaborative environment allowing the ability for individuals to stream media content to the central device in a social atmosphere. One of the major challenges with the exponential expansion of media content and smart devices is the ability to share in a collaborative environment media content so as not to violate copy write and trademark protections..


System and artificial gravity fueled fluid dynamic energy generator or motor

An artificial gravity fueled fluid dynamic day energy generator/motor that initially uses external power to spin a partially submerged low drag fluid distributor rotor that uses centrifugal force to cause fluid to flow from the center of rotation, through a plurality of euler contoured penstocks, in a true radial direction through a high “g” artificial gravity field, which dramatically increases the fluid's kinetic energy and releases available power, before it is guided out tangentially from the distributor via a plurality of nozzles symmetrically located at a small height just above the reservoir surface (near zero lift). As the frequency of the rotor is increased linearly the fuel artificial gravity increases exponentially, as does the fluid dynamic available power pa.


Electrical stimulation system with pulse control

An electrical stimulation system to provide pulse stimulation to an area of a living body by way of one or more electrode leads applied to the area, the area including an associated resistance element and an associated capacitance element. The system may include a pulse generating circuit having a controllable output voltage to generate constant voltage pulses to the one or more electrode leads, wherein the corresponding current signal of each constant voltage pulse includes an exponential decay to a steady state current value.
Myndtec Inc.


Charged particle accelerator systems including beam dose and energy compensation and methos therefor

A method of operating an acceleration system comprises injecting charged particles into an rf accelerator, providing rf power to the accelerator, and accelerating the injected charged particles. The accelerated charged particles may impact a target to generate radiation.
Varian Medical Systems, Inc.


Wireless communication device and controlling method

A wireless communication apparatus including: at least one antenna configured to transmit a transmission signal including radio signals in parallel, each radio signal having each frequency band, the radio signals including physical channels, each radio signal including at least one of the physical channels, a memory configured to store coefficient values, each coefficient value being associated with each first factor and each second factor, each first factor being each identity among each set of scrambling codes used in each set of specific physical channels among the physical channels, each second factor being each set of transmission formats used in each set of specific physical channels among the physical channels, and a processor configured to: obtain, for each repeated combination taken from the physical channels, each of coefficient values from the stored coefficient values, and estimate an exponential of amplitude of the transmission signal based on the obtained coefficient values.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Anemometer detecting thermal time constant of sensor

An anemometer and method for analyzing fluid flow is described. In one embodiment, a transistor sensor is heated by applying power to cause its base-emitter junction to rise from an ambient first temperature to a second temperature.
Linear Technology Corporation


Low-noise, high dynamic-range image sensor

An integrated-circuit image sensor generates, as constituent reference voltages of a first voltage ramp, a first sequence of linearly related reference voltages followed by a second sequence of exponentially related reference voltages. The integrated-circuit image sensor compares the constituent reference voltages of the first voltage ramp with a first signal level representative of photocharge integrated within a pixel of the image sensor to identify a first reference voltage of the constituent reference voltages that is exceeded by the first signal level.
Rambus Inc.


Methods for amplification of nucleic acids utilizing a circularized template prepared from a target nucleic acid

The present invention provides methods of amplifying a target nucleic acid utilizing a circularized template. Circularization may be achieved utilizing a bridging oligonucleotide or an inverter primer.


Short-gate tunneling field effect transistor having non-uniformly doped vertical channel and fabrication method thereof

The present invention discloses a short-gate tunneling field effect transistor having a non-uniformly doped vertical channel and a fabrication method thereof. The short-gate tunneling field effect transistor has a vertical channel and the channel region is doped in such a slowly-varied and non-uniform manner that a doping concentration in the channel region appears a gaussian distribution along a vertical direction and the doping concentration in the channel near the drain region is higher while the doping concentration in the channel near the source region is lower; and double control gates are formed at both sides of the vertical channel and the control gates form an l-shaped short-gate structure, so that a gate underlapped region is formed in the channel near the drain region, and a gate overlapped region is formed at the source region.
Peking University


Db-linear voltage-to-current converter

A db-linear voltage-to-current (v/i) converter is amenable to implementation in cmos technology. In a representative embodiment, the db-linear v/i converter has a voltage scaler, a current multiplier, and an exponential current converter serially connected to one another.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


Methods of determining an analyte concentration in a body fluid sample having disturbance variables, as well as computer programs and devices therefor

Methods are provided for deriving/determining an analyte concentration that include recording measurement values during a time development indicating a progress of a detection reaction of at least one test substance and a body fluid sample and providing at least one measurement curve f(t) containing the measurement values, where the detection reaction is known to be influenced by the analyte concentration and at least one disturbance variable y. The methods also include deriving an end value of the measurement curve to form a first variable x1, and deriving at least one fit parameter by taking into account an exponential characteristic of the measurement curve, and where the fit parameter forms at least one second variable x2.
Roche Diabetes Care, Inc.


Tuning fork type piezoelectric vibration piece and tuning fork type piezoelectric vibrator

A tuning fork type piezoelectric vibration piece 2 includes a base portion 25 in which a piezoelectric vibration substrate has a connection area with an external element, and a pair of leg portions 21, 22 projecting from a first end face of the base portion. The pair of leg portions has vibrating portions 212, 222 equipped with drive electrodes, wide weight portions 211, 221 formed at tip ends of the vibrating portions, and connecting portions 213, 223 between the vibrating portions and the weight portions.
Daishinku Corporation


Generic time series forecasting

A generic time series forecasting system receives historical time series data and one or more initial parameter values for one or more parameters of a predictive algorithm, such as an exponential smoothing algorithm. The generic time series forecasting system iteratively determines an optimized value for each of one or more parameters for the predictive algorithm based on the received historical time series data and the received one or more initial parameter values.


Deconstructing overlapped peaks in experimental data

To determine a peak signal corresponding to a particular part of a sample, a data signal for a cluster can be transformed into a set of localized functions. For example, the data signal can be transformed to obtain coefficients of a set of wavelets, which can span a variety of scales that define an exponential decay of the wavelet.
Bio-rad Laboratories, Inc.



An np-processor is based on a computing environment consisting of a finite set of multiple-element triggers, interconnected by common elements. According to the invention, the np-processor has interference relations between the computing environment elements and negative feedback that is independent of the specification of the problem, for dynamic leveling of the activity of the computing environment elements.


Multiphase nucleic acid amplification

Improved methods for use in nucleic acid amplification, including multiplex amplification, where the amplification is carried out in two or more distinct phases are disclosed. The first phase amplification reaction preferably lacks one or more components required for exponential amplification.
Gen-probe Incoporated


Method for motion vector difference (mvd) and intra block copy vector difference (bvd) coding of screen content video data

A method for motion vector difference (mvd) coding of screen content video data is disclosed. In one aspect, the method includes determining an mvd between a predicted motion vector and a current motion vector and generating a binary string comprising n bins via binarizing the mvd.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Estimating state of charge (soc) and uncertainty from relaxing voltage measurements in a battery

Some embodiments of the present invention provide a system that estimates a state of charge for a battery. During operation, while the battery is relaxing toward a fully rested state, the system determines if a modified state of charge of the battery is substantially consistent with a predetermined decay pattern.
Apple Inc.


Dialyzer comprising a bundle of hollow fibers and producing such hollow fiber

A dialysis membrane and a hollow fiber as pre-product as well as a method for producing the hollow fiber are disclosed. The dialysis membrane includes a distribution of the pore sizes which follows an exponential function such as an e-function.
B. Braun Avitum Ag


Porous matrix sound suppressor

Disclosed is a sound-suppressing device that employs a porous micro-channel diffusion matrix surrounding a hollow core tube that acts to exponentially increase the surface area of the suppressor and allow combustion gasses to diffuse and exit the suppressor across the entire outer surface of the suppressor.. .
Emporeum Plastics, Llc


Method and estimating time to arrival of transportation

Embodiments are directed to a method, a system, and an apparatus that estimate an arrival time of a vehicle. A method according to an embodiment includes measuring travel times of a plurality of vehicles through a section in a transportation route using location information on the plurality of vehicles, calculating travel times using at least one of a moving average, exponential smoothing, and a service pattern of the plurality of vehicles with respect to the section using the measured travel times of the plurality of vehicles, calculating an error value between a measured travel time of a first vehicle with respect to the section and each travel time calculated using at least one of the moving average, the exponential smoothing, and the service pattern, and estimating a travel time of a second vehicle with respect to the section, based on the calculated error value..
Lg Cns Co., Ltd.


Process and framework for facilitating data sharing using a distributed hypergraph

A knowledge model “overlay” for organizing and analyzing large, dynamic data volumes is implemented as a hypergraph that manifests as a result of a distributed theory-driven data source transformation process. This process maps exponentially growing data into an asymptotically limited information space.
Georgetown University


System and deriving parameters for homeostatic feedback control of an individual

A method and system of deriving a physiological homeostatic operating set point of an individual comprising the steps of: obtaining a dataset of predetermined number of homeostatic measurements of the individual; fitting the dataset of predetermined number of homeostatic measurements according to a negative exponential decay function; identifying and setting the physiological homeostatic operating set point unique to the individual as the point corresponding to the point of maximum curvature on the fitted negative exponential decay function is disclosed. The method is especially suited for determining the [ft4]-[tsh] set point, which is unique for each individual..
Agency For Science, Technology And Research


Production of red blood cells and platelets from stem cells

This disclosure provides methods of making a megakaryocyte-erythroid progenitor cell (mep), comprising differentiating a stem cell into a mep in culture in the presence of an aryl hydrocarbon receptor (ahr) agonist. In some embodiments the stem cell is a pluripotent stem cell.
Trustees Of Boston University


Production of red blood cells and platelets from stem cells

This disclosure provides methods of making a megakaryocyte-erythroid progenitor cell (mep), comprising differentiating a stem cell into a mep in culture in the presence of an aryl hydrocarbon receptor (ahr) agonist. In some embodiments the stem cell is a pluripotent stem cell.
Trustees Of Boston University


Continuous calibration of a blood pressure measurement device

Systems, methods, and devices of the various embodiments enable continuous non-invasive monitoring of blood pressure with a minimum of interference. The various embodiments may provide a method for adaptation for the calibration for continuous measurements of blood pressure, wherein the measured quantity may be related to an arterial lumen or arterial cross sectional area comprising calibrating the conversion for incremental variations of arterial properties and absolute value adaptation by exploitation of the exponential decay during the diastole.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Non-interfering blood pressure measuring

Systems, methods, and devices of various embodiments enable measurement of blood pressure from an artery. The various embodiments may measure, using a non-interfering arterial measurement sensor, a first change in distension of the artery at a measurement location without interference to an arterial pressure at the measurement location during a series of pulses.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Video quantization-parameter encoding method, video quantization-parameter decoding method, device, and program

A video quantization parameter encoding device includes: a prediction unit (11) for generating a predicted quantization parameter from a past reconstructed quantization parameter; a computing unit (12) for generating a delta quantization parameter from a quantization parameter and the predicted quantization parameter; and a quantization parameter encoding unit (13) for generating an exponential golomb bin string of a value obtained by converting the delta quantization parameter into an unsigned expression, performing adaptive binary arithmetic encoding on a first bin of the exponential golomb bin string, indicating whether the value of the unsigned expression of the delta quantization parameter is significant, and, when the first bin indicates the value is significant, performing fixed binary arithmetic encoding on other bins of the exponential golomb bin string.. .
Nec Corporation


System and microorganism effectiveness analysis using particle imaging

A system and method for determining the effectiveness of an anaerobic digestion process. The system includes a particle imaging system capable of capturing images of particles, including anaerobic microorganisms, in a fluid and counting those images.
Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.


Free-breathing myocardial t2* mapping using single-heartbeat, multi-shot, gradient echo - echo planar imaging (gre-epi) and automatic non-rigid motion correction

A novel free-breathing myocardial t2* mapping combining multiple single-shot black-blood gre-epi images with automatic non-rigid motion correction. The present disclosure describes a method of accurate myocardial t2* measurements that is insensitive to respiratory motion, and is likely to reduce sensitivity to arrhythmia as well since each image is acquired in a single heart beat.
Ohio State Innovation Foundation


Determining formation fluid variation with pressure

A downhole tool is operated to pump fluid from a subterranean formation while obtaining fluid property measurements pertaining to the pumped fluid. The downhole tool is in communication with surface equipment located at the wellsite surface.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Advanced fast autofocusing

Several autofocus techniques are disclosed. The autofocus techniques help the device to achieve focus without presenting unpleasant blurred images to the operator of the camera, e.g., by dividing image frames into technical frames and display frames, with autofocus search occurring during technical frames.


Method of detection of points of interest in a digital image

A camera (10) produces a sequence of images (12) processed by a point of interest search algorithm (14) that is parameterizable with a detection threshold (τ) such that the number (n) of points of interest detected in the image varies as a function of the threshold level. The characteristic giving the number (n) of detected points of interest as a function of the threshold (τ) is modelled by a square root decreasing exponential function, which is dynamically parameterizable with values linked to the image to be analysed.


Robust regression analysis techniques using exponential random variables

Embodiments relate to methodologies and program product is provided for conducting regression analysis. In one embodiment the method includes obtaining data related to a statistical process including a plurality of points in a plurality of dimensions and organizing the plurality of points and the plurality of dimensions in a matrix.


High dynamic range exponential current generator with mosfets

.. .


Throughput enabled rate adaptation in wireless networks

Rate adaptation in a digital wireless communication network is performed by measuring by a wireless node data throughput values attained while communicating at different data rates on a channel in the network. The node calculates from the measured throughput alone a current transmission rate without any a priori knowledge of a state of the channel.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Ultra low power temperature insensitive current source with line and load regulation

A temperature insensitive sub-na current reference is presented with pa-range power overhead. The main concept is to linearly reduce the gate voltage of a sub-threshold-biased mosfet as temperature increases, in order to compensate for exponential dependence of drain current on temperature.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Coefficient level coding in a video coding process

A device for coding video data includes a memory configured to store video data, and at least one processor configured to: determine a maximum number of bits to be used when coding a syntax element indicating absolute values of transform coefficients of a coding unit of the video data, determine a maximum number of suffix bits to be used when coding a golomb-rice/exponential-golomb coding suffix codeword of the syntax element, determine a maximum number of prefix bits to be used when coding a unary golomb-rice/exponential-golomb coding prefix codeword of the syntax element, determine the absolute values of transform coefficients for the coding unit, code a prefix codeword for one of the absolute values, and code a suffix codeword for the one of the absolute values, and code the coding unit based on the prefix codeword and the suffix codeword.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated


Security aspects of multiexponential decays

At least two luminescent materials are intermingled within a security feature. The materials are selected from among a larger set of luminescent materials each having a different individual exponential decay characteristic (decay constant and initial amplitude response to the degree of excitation) for photo-luminescent emission from the respective material following excitation.
Authentix, Inc.


Exponential rom table tuning using trim for frequency agile analog filters

A tunable and trimmable analog filter may include a tunable analog filter and a trimming circuit. The tunable analog filter may set the frequency of a characteristic of the tunable analog filter based on a digital tuning signal that is indicative of a desired frequency of the characteristic.
Linear Technology Corporation


System and pr0babilistic relational clustering

Relational clustering has attracted more and more attention due to its phenomenal impact in various important applications which involve multi-type interrelated data objects, such as web mining, search marketing, bioinformatics, citation analysis, and epidemiology. A probabilistic model is presented for relational clustering, which also provides a principal framework to unify various important clustering tasks including traditional attributes-based clustering, semi-supervised clustering, co-clustering and graph clustering.
The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York


Born to live

Born to live is use for mitigating obstacles of exponential broadening base logic, inherent in multi-levels tree formation systems, to deriving pareto efficient system solutions for scheduling fair leveraging treatment frequencies. The disclosed intellectual property know-how is use for working with pools of leveraging contributors, starting with the minimum age of eighteen (18) year old, to applying age ranges interval tabulations, whereby forming born to live relational multi-levels tree formation systems.


Multiple technique entropy coding system and method

A system, method and computer program product having optimal matching to a known or measured probability distribution encodes data without the use of an excessively large lookup table. An encoder uses two or more different encoding methods in combination.
Straight Path Ip Group, Inc.


Method and deriving a packet select probability value

A method and apparatus for deriving a packet select probability value for a data packet. The method comprises determining a queue length value for a target buffer of the data packet, calculating a queue congestion value based at least partly on the queue length value and a packet select queue length range, and calculating the packet select probability value for the data packet based at least partly on an exponential function e−x, where x is computed based at least partly on the queue congestion value..
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Method, device and computer program for correcting a frequency shift on symbols received by a receiver

The present invention concerns a method for correcting a frequency shift on symbols received by a receiver, each symbol being composed of n samples and of a cyclic prefix of a predetermined number Δ samples, the Δ samples being a copy of Δ samples of the n samples. The receiver: —calculates for each symbol, a correlation between at most the Δ samples of the cyclic prefix and the at most Δ samples among the last samples, —averages the correlations over a number of symbols and determines one smooth frequency shift estimation for each averaged correlation, —calculates an exponential from the smooth frequency shift estimation, —delays the received symbols by a delay, —multiplies the exponential by the delayed received symbols..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Antenna with diverging antenna elements

An antenna 10 comprises at least a first pair 12 of elongate radiating elements and a second pair 14 of elongate radiating elements. Each pair comprises a first element 12.1 and a second element 12.2.
Poynting Antennas (pty) Limited


Medical logistics management program

This invention are computer implementable programs and method designed as medical planning tool that (1) models the patient flow from the point of injury through more definitive care, and (2) supports operations research and systems analysis studies, operational risk assessment, and field medical services planning. The computer program of this invention comprises six individual modules, including the casualty generation module, which uses an exponential distribution to stochastically generate wounded in action, disease, and nonbattle injuries; a care providing module uses generic task sequences, simulated treatment times, and personnel, consumable supply, and equipment requirements to model patient treatment and queuing within a functional area; a network/transportation module simulates the evacuation (including queuing) and routing of patients through the network of care via transportation assets; a reporting module produces an database detailing various metrics, such as patient disposition, time-in-system data, and consumable, equipment, personnel, and transportation utilization rates, which can be filtered according to the user's needs..


Temperature modeling constrained on geophysical data and kinematic restoration

A method is disclosed for the estimation of subsurface temperature distributions from a 3-dimensional heat conductivity model for a geological formation. The method may be characterized by the following steps: (a) obtaining measured data corresponding to a geological subsurface formation of interest including seismic survey data, in-well temperature, seafloor or surface heat flux measurements and laboratory-based measurements of core porosity, (b) estimating a relationship between seismic velocity and heat conductivity, wherein seismic velocity is linearly dependent on porosity and heat conductivity is exponentially or linearly dependent on porosity, and (c) calibrating the model to the measured in-well data and laboratory-based measurements of core porosity..


Exploiting parallelism in exponential smoothing of large-scale discrete datasets

A system, and computer program product for large-scale data transformations. Embodiments include a smoothing engine within an r environment to configure at least one master task and at least two worker tasks.
Oracle International Corporation


Systems and methods for api rate limiting and distribution

An api rate limiting system may receive a client request from an api client associated with a tenant, formulate a proxied request with an internal authentication specific to the tenant, and send the proxied request to api endpoints (tenant resources) at a store. The store fulfills the request, accessing and modifying local database(s) as needed, and returns a response to the system.

Exponential topics: Exponential, Prospective, Computer System, Permutation, Test Strip, Anomaly Detection, Hierarchical, Dictionary, Communications, Visibility, Control Unit, Semiconductor, Semiconductor Material, Distributed, Network Device

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