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new patent Method and big data cloud storage resource management
A system and method for storage resource management that improves the efficiency of big data cloud storage management using copy-on-write/read snapshots to redirect the i/o requests without moving the virtual disk is disclosed herein. The system includes storage pools, a virtualized server, and a centralized data center management server.
University Of Florida Research Foundation, Incorporated

new patent Dna methylation analysis
Disclosed herein are methods for determining whether one or more cpg dinucleotides are methylated using linear after the exponential polymerase chain reaction (“late-pcr”) or linear-expo-linear polymerase chain reaction (“lel-pcr”).. .
Brandeis University

Server-assisted secure exponentiation
In one embodiment, a method for secure computation, includes receiving in a server, over a communication channel from a device external to the server a request to perform a modular exponentiation operation in which an exponent of the operation comprises a secret value, wherein the secret value is not provided to the server, and at least two parameters that encode the secret value in accordance with a polynomial or matrix homomorphic encryption of the secret value computed by the device, and performing in the server, in response to the request, a homomorphic exponentiation using the at least two parameters received from the device without decrypting the secret value in the server, so as to generate an output that is indicative of a result of the modular exponentiation operation.. .
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Estimating a tempo metric from an audio bit-stream
The invention relates to estimating tempo information directly from a bitstream encoding audio information, preferably music. Said tempo information is derived from at least one periodicity derived from a detection of at least two onsets included in the audio information.
Dolby International Ab

Thermal oscillator
A temperature dependent oscillator charges a capacitance from a voltage source through a switch. The switch is opened and the capacitance discharges through a transistor having a temperature dependent resistance.
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Plasma processing apparatus, data processing apparatus and data processing method
According to an embodiment of the present invention, a plasma processing apparatus includes: a processing chamber in which plasma processing is performed to a sample; a radio frequency power source that supplies radio frequency power for generating plasma in the processing chamber; and a data processing apparatus that performs processing to light emission data of the plasma. The data processing apparatus performs the processing to the light emission by using an adaptive double exponential smoothing method for varying a smoothing parameter based on an error between input data and a predicted value of smoothed data.
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Method for inverse tone mapping of an image
Method comprising, for each pixel, obtaining a pixel expansion exponent value (e′(p)) by low pass filtering luminance values of colors of pixels in its spatial neighborhood, obtaining a pixel luminance-enhancement value (yenhance(p)) by extraction of high frequencies of luminance values of colors of pixels in its spatial neighborhood, and then inverse tone mapping the luminance (y(p)) according to the equation yexp(p)=y(p)e′(p)×[yenhance(p)]c.. .
Thomson Licensing

Protecting the input/output of modular encoded white-box rsa
A method of obscuring the input and output of a modular exponentiation function, including: receiving modular exponentiation parameters including an exponent e having n bits and a modulus m; generating randomly a pre-multiplier; calculating a post-multiplier based upon the pre-multiplier, exponent e, and modulus m; multiplying an input to the modular exponentiation function by the pre-multiplier; performing the modular exponentiation function; and multiplying the output of the modular exponentiation function by the post-multiplier, wherein multiplying an input to the modular exponentiation function by the pre-multiplier, performing the modular exponentiation function, and multiplying the output of the modular exponentiation function by the post-multiplier are split variable operations.. .
Nxp, B.v.

White-box modular exponentiation
A method of obscuring software code implementing a modular exponentiation function, including: receiving modular exponentiation parameters including an exponent e having n bits; generating a bitwise exponent array and inverse bitwise exponent array; and generating modular exponentiation function operations using the bitwise exponent array, inverse bitwise exponent array, and n, wherein the generated modular exponentiation function operations are split variable operations.. .
Nxp B.v.

Euv mirror and optical system comprising euv mirror
An euv mirror has a multilayer arrangement applied on a substrate. The multilayer arrangement includes a first layer group having ten or more first layer pairs.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

Radiography flat panel detector having a low weight x-ray shield and the production thereof

And ae(am241 60 kev) represents the absorption exponent of the x-ray absorbing layer relative to the about 60 kev gamma ray emission of am241; t represents the a thickness of the x-ray absorbing layer; e1, e2, e3, . .

Medium composition for culturing microalgae colony and use thereof

A medium composition for increasing the colony number or colony size of microalgae includes, as an effective component, a conditioned medium derived from culture solution during the exponential phase of microalgae in culture. A solid medium contains the medium composition.
Advanced Biomass R&d Center

Heating element powered by alternating current and heat generator accomplished by the heating element

Heating element (1) powered by alternating current and heat generator (43) comprising the heating element (1) and control electronics (9). The heating element has a hollow body housing (3) which is closed or provided with one or more openings, and at least two electrodes (5) which are insulated from said housing (1) and from each other by means of an insulating element (4).

Magnetic disk device and controlling magnetic disk

According to one embodiment, a controller of a magnetic disk device is configured to manage a first value representing the number of times of writing for each track on a magnetic disk. The controller detects a first off-track amount during writing for a first track that is a writing target track, calculates a second value exponentially increasing according to the detected first off-track amount, and adds the calculated second value to the first values of tracks adjacent to both sides of the first track..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Extended use of logarithm and exponent instructions

Embodiments of the present disclosure are based on a recognition that some processors are configured with instructions to compute logarithms and exponents (i.e. Some processors include log and exp circuits).
Analog Devices, Inc.

Accumulation of floating-point values

An apparatus and method for generating a sum of floating-point input values are provided. To sum the values multiple partial sum floating-point values are maintained and the partial sum to which an input value may be added is selected by a least significant portion of the exponent of the input value.
Arm Limited

Thz radiation detection in standard cmos technologies based on thermionic emission

A detector of terahertz (thz) energy includes a mosfet having an extended source region, and a channel region depleted of free carriers, which mosfet operates in a sub-threshold voltage state and has an output that is an exponential function of thz energy supplied to the gate.. .
University Of Rochester

Method and distributing media content

A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, initializing a boundary estimate for an optimization of a linear programming model describing a network of media servers for servicing requests for media content items from subscriber devices, where the boundary estimate is an estimate of an infeasible solution of the linear programming model, and calculating iteratively, using an exponential potential function, additional boundary estimates for the linear programming model, wherein the calculating resolves to an improved boundary estimate that corresponds to placement of copies of the media content items at the media servers subject to a set of constraints on storage capacity of media servers and on bandwidth for communication links in the network. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Control device for controlling at least one manipulator of a projection lens

The disclosure provides a control device for controlling at least one manipulator of a microlithographic projection lens by generating a travel command, which defines a change to be undertaken, of an optical effect of at least one optical element of the projection lens by manipulating a property of the optical element via the at least one manipulator along a travel. The control device is configured to generate the travel command for the at least one manipulator from a state characterization of the projection lens by optimizing a merit function.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

High-throughput sequencing detection methylated cpg islands

A high-throughput sequencing method for detecting methylated cpg islands includes: processing a dna sample by using a modifier, and converting cytosine in the dna sample into uracil, and keeping 5′methylcytosine unchanged; amplifying the obtained segment by using a primer a and dna polymerase, to obtain a segment having one end being capable of anchoring a junction primer c; amplifying the obtained segment by using a primer b and dna polymerase, to obtain a segment gathering methylated cpg islands and having two ends being capable of separately anchoring junction primers c and d; amplifying the obtained segment at a pcr exponent by using the junction primers c and d and the dna polymerase, to obtain the amplified product; and separating and purifying the amplified product, to form a high-throughput sequencing library and perform computer sequencing, and data analysis.. .
Peking University

Optimal allocation of hardware inventory procurements

In various embodiments, methods, computer-storage media, and systems for generating optimal allocation of hardware inventory procurements are provided. An adjusted total cost, based on assessment properties for hardware providers is determined.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Floating-point adder circuitry

An integrated circuit is provided that performs floating-point addition or subtraction operations involving at least three floating-point numbers. The floating-point numbers are pre-processed by dynamically extending the number of mantissa bits, determining the floating-point number with the biggest exponent, and shifting the mantissa of the other floating-point numbers to the right.
Altera Corporation

Technologies for offloading and on-loading data for processor/coprocessor arrangements

Technologies for transferring offloading or on-loading data or tasks between a processor and a coprocessor include a computing device having a processor and a sensor hub that includes a coprocessor. The coprocessor receives sensor data associated with one or more sensors and detects events associated with the sensor data.

Multiplicative blinding for cryptographic operations

A value corresponding to an input for a cryptographic operation may be received. The value may blinded by multiplying the value based on an exponentiation of a random number raised to an exponent value that is associated with a public key.
Cryptography Research, Inc.

T2 spectral analysis for myelin water imaging

Apparatus, methods, and other embodiments associated with the spectral analysis of t2 spectral data are described. One example magnetic resonance imaging (mri) method includes accessing a data set comprising t2 spectral data associated with a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) signal received from an object.
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

System and detecting precursors to control blowout in combustion systems

A method and system for determining one or more precursors to control blowout in a combustor is provided. The method includes obtaining a time series signal corresponding to a dynamic state variable of the combustor.
Indian Institute Of Technology, Madras

Methods and systems for managing network activity using biometrics

The present disclosure describes systems and methods for managing network traffic using biometrics. A server may store a first value n, a primitive root modulo n, and a plurality of verification codes generated using the primitive root modulo n to the power of a hash function result of a respective portion of a first biometric template acquired from the user during enrollment.
Eyelock Llc

Compound having exponential temperature dependent electrical resistivity, use of such compound in a self-regulating heating element, self-regulating heating element comprising such compound, and forming such compound

A novel compound having exponential temperature dependent electrical resistivity comprises an electrically insulating bulk material (11), electrically conductive particles (12) of a first kind, and electrically conductive particles (13) of a second kind covered by a lubricant. The bulk material holds the particles of the first and second kinds in place therein; the particles of the second kind are smaller than the particles of the first kind; the particles of the second kind are more in number than the particles of the first kind; and the particles of the second kind have higher surface roughness than the particles of the first kind, wherein the particles of the second kind comprise tips (13a) and the particles of the first kind comprise even surface portions (12a).
Conflux Ab

Cryptographic apparatus and method

A cryptographic apparatus and method is provided with which the circuit scale does not become large, even if a circuit that makes exposure of the secret key difficult by using differential power analysis is equipped. First key data (dq) representing a quotient obtained by exponentiating, with respect to respect prime data (pi), using respective random number setting data representing exponents (rpi) corresponding to respective prime data, and then obtaining multiplication data by multiplying the respective exponentiated data, and then dividing secret key data (d) by the multiplication data, and second key data (dr) representing a reminder obtained by dividing the secret key data by the multiplication data are stored in a storing unit in advance, and using the first key data and the second key data, a decryption process using rsa or ecc having a countermeasure against differential power analysis (dpa) is performed..
Fujitsu Limited

Calculation framework utilizing fragmentation of expressions

A calculation engine computes equation(s) based upon dependencies between variables, both initially input and as calculated from various fragmented sub expressions. The calculation engine accommodates relationships between equations, with output variable(s) of one equation possibly serving as input to another equation in a chain.

Method and evaluating the state of health of a lithium battery

A method for assessing the health of a lithium battery comprising: a first step of recharging the battery at constant current, until the voltage at its terminals reaches a limit value; a second step of recharging the battery at constant voltage equal to the limit value, until the charging current drops below a threshold value, a plurality of measurements of the charging current being acquired during the second recharging step; and a step of estimating the state of health of the battery from at least one parameter of the second step of recharging at constant voltage, such as the parameter expressing the decrease of an exponential function interpolating charging current measurements, the energy supplied to the battery during the second step of recharging at constant voltage or the duration of the step of charging at constant voltage. A battery management system comprising an apparatus for implementing the method is provided..
Institut Polytechnique De Bordeaux

Heat release rate waveform calculation apparatus and heat release rate waveform calculation internal combustion engine

A period from ignition timing to maximum heat release rate timing, at which a heat release rate is maximum, within a combustion period of air-fuel mixture is defined as a first combustion period that is one of characteristic values of a heat release rate waveform. The first combustion period is estimated based on a cylinder volume at the maximum heat release rate timing (maximum heat release rate cylinder volume) irrespective of any of an engine load factor, an egr rate, an air-fuel ratio, an oil or coolant temperature and opening and closing timing of an exhaust valve through correction by the use of the exponential function of an engine rotation speed with an exponent of a value commensurate with a tumble ratio.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Modular multiplication using look-up tables

Various embodiments relate to a method, system, and non-transitory machine-readable medium encoded with instructions for execution by a processor for performing modular exponentiation, the non-transitory machine-readable medium including: instructions for iteratively calculating a modular exponentiation, bd mod n, including: instructions for squaring a working value, c; and instructions for conditionally multiplying the working value, c, by a base value, b, dependent on a bit of an exponent, d, including: instructions for unconditionally multiplying the working value, c, by a lookup table entry associated with the base value.. .
Nxp B.v.

Content search mechanism using finite automata

An improved content search mechanism uses a graph that includes intelligent nodes avoids the overhead of post processing and improves the overall performance of a content processing application. An intelligent node is similar to a node in a dfa graph but includes a command.
Cavium, Inc.

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