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Exponent patents

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Identity based public key cryptosystem

Identity based public key cryptosystem

Identity based public key cryptosystem

Efficient prime-number check

Date/App# patent app List of recent Exponent-related patents
 Decomposition of decimal floating point data patent thumbnailDecomposition of decimal floating point data
A decimal floating point finite number in a decimal floating point format is composed from the number in a different format. A decimal floating point format includes fields to hold information relating to the sign, exponent and significand of the decimal floating point finite number.
 Methods for cell-free protein synthesis patent thumbnailMethods for cell-free protein synthesis
Cell-free protein synthesis systems and methods of using the same for producing in vitro protein materials in high yield are disclosed. The cell-free protein synthesis platform includes (a) a saccharomyces cerevisiae cellular extract prepared from mid-exponential to late-exponential batch cultures in the range from about 6 od600 to about 18 od600 or fed-batch cultures harvested in mid-exponential to late-exponential phase; (b) a reaction buffer; and (c) a translation template or (c′) a transcription template from which a translation template can be prepared in situ with an rna polymerase.
 Identity based public key cryptosystem patent thumbnailIdentity based public key cryptosystem
A method for generating cryptographic parameters comprises generating a private_igtable based on an euler totient function of a composite number (φ(n)), where the private_igtable includes a plurality of random numbers (x). Further, a public_igtable based on the private_igtable, a composite number (n), and a group generator element (g) is generated, where the public_igtable includes a corresponding modular exponentiation under modulo n for each of the plurality of random numbers with g as base.
 Efficient prime-number check patent thumbnailEfficient prime-number check
In a method for checking whether a value represents a prime number, for a cryptographic application, a fermat test is carried out, which includes a modular exponentiation of a base with an exponent (e) and a module (m). The exponent (e) and the module (m) respectively depend on the value to be checked, and the modular exponentiation is executed employing montgomery operations.
 Sensor nodes with multicast transmissions in lighting sensory network patent thumbnailSensor nodes with multicast transmissions in lighting sensory network
An embodiment method for communicating data within a lighting sensory network may include configuring a first plurality of lighting nodes to operate as sensor nodes, configuring a second plurality of lighting nodes to operate as listening nodes, generating, by a sensor node using an encryption key, a sensor message associated with sensor data and including at least a timestamp, calculating an interval for transmitting the sensor message, wherein the interval is randomized and exponentially increasing, determining whether to transmit the sensor message based on the calculated interval, transmitting the sensor message in response to determining to transmit the sensor message based on the calculated interval, receiving, by a listening node, the sensor message at a listening node, determining whether the received sensor message is useful based on the timestamp and a predefined age threshold, and performing a lighting action in response to determining the received sensor message is useful.. .
 Borehole log data processing methods patent thumbnailBorehole log data processing methods
A method of processing borehole log data to create one or more image logs involve modeling the log data as components of an image in the form i(x, y)=l(x, y)×r(x, y) (1), in which i(x, y) is an image representative of the log data, l(x, y) denotes an illumination value of the image at two-dimensional spatial co-ordinates x, y, and r(x, y) denotes a surface reflectance value at the co-ordinates x, y. Equation (1) is transformed to a logarithmic domain, and a fourier transform is obtained of the resulting logarithmic domain expression to obtain a fourier domain expression.
 Hoist performance diagnostic, implementation and sustaining services patent thumbnailHoist performance diagnostic, implementation and sustaining services
Aspects assure the performance of a hoist system. Some aspects model different shape segments to different portions of braking pressure levels acquired over time during an emergency braking event.
 Method and apparatus for image encoding and/or decoding and related computer program products patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for image encoding and/or decoding and related computer program products
An embodiment for encoding digital images includes: partitioning the images into image blocks, subjecting the image blocks to transform into the frequency domain, and, possibly after thresholding resulting in lossy encoding, subjecting the image blocks transformed into the frequency domain to variable length coding to produce compressed encoded image blocks. Transform into the frequency domain may be, e.g., via wavelet transform, such as haar wavelet transform, and variable length coding may be via exponential-golomb codes.
 Asymmetrically masked multiplication patent thumbnailAsymmetrically masked multiplication
Methods and systems for masking certain cryptographic operations in a manner designed to defeat side-channel attacks are disclosed herein. Squaring operations can be masked to make squaring operations indistinguishable or less distinguishable from multiplication operations.
 Method and system of improved galois multiplication patent thumbnailMethod and system of improved galois multiplication
Embodiments of the invention include an apparatus for performing galois multiplication using an enhanced galois table. Galois multiplication may include converting a first and second multiplicand to exponential forms using a galois table, adding the exponential forms of the first and second multiplicands, and converting the added exponential forms of the first and second multiplicands to a decimal equivalent binary form using the galois table to decimal equivalent binary result of the galois multiplication..
Methods for monitoring changes in the core of lipoprotein particles in metabolism and disease
A method is disclosed for measuring the properties of protein and lipoprotein elements in a sample. The method includes the of placing a small volume of a sample into a nmr instrument tuned to measure a particular nucleus, applying a series of radiofrequency pulses with intermittent delays in order to measure spin-spin and/or spin-lattice relaxation time constants from the time-domain decay of the signal, without the use of chemical shifts and without converting data into the frequency domain by fourier transform or other means, at least partially suppressing the water signal prior to the beginning of a sequence used to record relaxation time constants in the time domain, optionally utilizing relaxation contrast agents or other chemical additives to perturb the solvent water or other elements of the sample, analyzing the exponentially decaying nmr signal in the time domain using multi-exponential analysis, and comparing differences in the relaxation time constants for lipoprotein- or protein-specific elements within a single human subject, or between subjects, to assess normal and abnormal metabolism reflective of increased disease risk or active disease..
T2 spectral analysis for myelin water imaging
Apparatus, methods, and other embodiments associated with the spectral analysis of t2 spectral data are described. One example magnetic resonance imaging (mri) method includes accessing a data set comprising t2 spectral data associated with a magnetic resonance imaging (mri) signal received from an object.
Method and a device for fault-resistant exponentiation in cryptographic systems
In a generalization, for an a priori selected integer t=br2 (where b is an integer) co-prime to a modulus n, the processor has a modular inverse in=n−n mod t. The processor generates the extended base by computing {circumflex over (x)}=x+n·[in(1+ar−x) mod t] and then computes an extended modulus {circumflex over (n)}=nt, computes sr={circumflex over (x)}d mod {circumflex over (n)}, verifies if sr≡1+dar(mod r2), and if and only if this is so, returns the result s=sr mod n via the interface..
Outside air temperature measurement device and method
An outside air temperature measurement device and method for vehicles derives a useable final value of the outside air temperature within seconds of the beginning of vehicle movement by developing a mathematical expression (i.e., model) for the exponential data series while discriminating against thermal noise components existing in the measurement data.. .
Multi-stage delay-locked loop phase detector
A phase detector includes a phase propagator circuit including a plurality of flip-flops. Each flip-flop includes a clock input configured to receive a clock signal having a different phase relative to phases of the clock signal received by other flip-flops in the plurality of flip-flops.
Compositional graded igzo thin film transistor
A gradient in the composition of at least one of the elements of a metal-based semiconductor layer is introduced as a function of depth through the layer. The gradient(s) influence the current density response of the device at different gate voltages.
Cool burning gas generant compositions
Cool burning gas generating compositions having minimal performance variation at temperature and pressure extremes are provided. The gas generants include a primary fuel comprising a metal salt of a dicarboxylic acid (e.g., copper adipate), a secondary fuel (e.g., guanidine nitrate), at least one oxidizer (e.g., basic copper nitrate), and a burn rate modifier (e.g., zinc oxide).
Method and system for dynamically partitioning very large database indices on write-once tables
Methods and systems for partitioning and dynamically merging a database index are described. A database index includes a single first-level index partition stored in a data cache.
Method to structure mineral aggregate gradation by using three control points and two curves
The invention involves “a method to structure mineral aggregate gradation by using three control points & two curves”, including the following steps: (1) three control points are determined according to the property of the mixtures: nominal maximum size of aggregate and its passing rate, nominal minimum size of aggregate and its passing rate, and the discontinuity point between the coarse aggregate and the fine aggregate and its passing rate. (2) the grading curves of the coarse and the fine aggregate are selected respectively with power function model, exponential function model and logarithmic function model.
Seismic image filtering machine to generate a filtered seismic image, program products, and related methods
Seismic image filtering machines, systems, program products, and computer implemented methods are provided to generate a filtered seismic image responsive to filtered seismic image data generated by attenuating coherent seismic noise from surface waves of an unfiltered wavefield constructed from unfiltered seismic image data through a single downward extrapolation of the unfiltered wavefield using a plurality of nonstationary convolution operators to perform localized filtering at each of a plurality of spatial locations of the unfiltered wavefield. Various embodiments, for example, can beneficially handle strong lateral velocity variations thus making various embodiments effective tools to remove complicated coherent seismic noise which is typically in the form of exponentially decaying evanescent waves.
Atmospheric density correlation technique
A computer-implemented sequence analysis method is provided for calculating atmospheric density. The method includes determining an altitude z within an altitude range band such that z(i)≦z≦z(i+1); identifying factor a(i) and exponential b(i) coefficients that correspond to said altitude range; and applying said factor and exponential coefficients to density equation ρ(z(i)=a(i)er(i)7(i), with specified values for the coefficients..
Hierarchical coding
A binary allocation in a hierarchical coding/decoding comprising a coding/decoding of a digital signal enhancement layer. The signal comprises a succession of l samples, each sample being represented by a mantissa and an exponent.
Apparatus, systems, and methods for providing offloading to an alternate network
This disclosure relates to a system and method for offloading selected data to an alternate communication network. The offloading provides another route for selected packet traffic that can relieve the burden on a mobile operator's network, such as the backhaul and core networks.
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and computer product
A data processing apparatus includes a computing unit that performs a matrix computation between data streams whose unit data is of a matrix format; a determining unit that for each matrix obtained by the matrix computation by the computing unit, determines based on the value of each element included in the matrix, an exponent value for expressing each element included in the matrix as a floating decimal point value; a converting unit that converts the value of each element into a significand value of the element, according to the exponent value determined by the determining unit; and an output unit that correlates and outputs the exponent value and each matrix after conversion in which the value of each element in the matrix has been converted by the converting unit.. .
Vector and scalar based modular exponentiation
An embodiment includes a method for computing operations, such as modular exponentiation, using a mix of vector and scalar instructions to accelerate various applications such as encryption protocols that rely heavily on large number arithmetic operations. The embodiment requires far fewer instructions to execute the operations than more conventional practices.
Systems and methods for increasing participation of liquidity providers on crossing system
In one aspect, the invention comprises a system for enabling a crossing system operator to calculate a rebate payment to a second participant for executing the block order of a first participant based on at least one of: (a) a difference between a benchmark price and an execution price of the block order; (b) total volume of block execution; and (c) an amount that decays exponentially with the time between the first participant's order and the order's execution by a liquidity provider.. .
Digital predistortion apparatus and method using the sum of absolute input signals for a non-identical number of delays
The present invention relates to a digital pre-distortion apparatus, including: a coefficient control unit for setting coefficients in a look-up table, the coefficients minimizing a difference of an input signal to a power amplifier and an exponentiation of the sum of a first absolute output signal having the first number of delays and a second absolute output signal having the second number of delays, for an absolute signal of an output signal of a power amplifier; an adder for receiving a first absolute input signal having the first number of delays and a second absolute input signal having the second number of delays, for an absolute signal of the input signal of the power amplifier, and outputting the sum of the first absolute input signal and the second absolute input signal; and said look-up table, connected to the adder, for outputting result values according to the set coefficients in correspondence to the sum of the first absolute input signal and the second absolute input signal.. .
Multivariate data mixture model estimation device, mixture model estimation method, and mixture model estimation program
With respect to the model selection issue of a mixture model, the present invention performs high-speed model selection under an appropriate standard regarding the number of model candidates which exponentially increases as the number and the types to be mixed increase. A mixture model estimation device comprises: a data input unit to which data of a mixture model to be estimated, candidate values of the number of mixtures which are required for estimating the mixture model of the data, and types of components configuring the mixture model and parameters thereof, are input; a processing unit which sets the number of mixtures from the candidate values, calculates, with respect to the set number of mixtures, a variation probability of a hidden variable for a random variable which becomes a target for mixture model estimation of the data, and estimates the optimal mixture model by optimizing the types of the components and the parameters therefor using the calculated variation probability of the hidden variable so that the lower bound of the posterior probabilities of the model separated for each component of the mixture model can be maximized; and a model estimation result output unit which outputs the model estimation result obtained by the processing unit..
Arterial pressure-based, automatic determination of a cardiovascular parameter
One or more cardiovascular parameters is estimated as a function of the arterial pressure waveform, in particular, using at least one statistical moment of a discrete representation pressure waveform having an order greater than one. Arterial compliance, the exponential pressure decay constant, vascular resistance, cardiac output, and stroke volume are examples of cardiovascular parameters that can be estimated using various aspects of the invention.
Device and method for estimating the heart rate during motion
The present invention relates to a portable device (10) for determining a heart rate of a person (20), comprising a heart rate measurement unit, a motion measurement unit for measuring the motion of a body part (12), and a processing unit. The processing unit is adapted to measure a signal quality of the heart rate signal and accordingly switch between two calculation modes: if the signal quality is above a predefined threshold, the heart rate is calculated based on the heart rate signal.
Scalable transport with cluster-consensus rendezvous
Embodiments disclosed herein provide advantageous methods and systems that use multicast communications via unreliable datagrams sent on a protected traffic class. These methods and systems provide effectively reliable multicast delivery while avoiding the overhead associated with point-to-point protocols.
Scalable transport with client-consensus rendezvous
Embodiments disclosed herein provide advantageous methods and systems that use multicast communications via unreliable datagrams sent on a protected traffic class. These methods and systems provide effectively reliable multicast delivery while avoiding the overhead associated with point-to-point protocols.
Methods of providing therapeutic effects using cyclosporin components
Methods of treating an eye of a human or animal include administering to an eye of a human or animal a composition in the form of an emulsion including water, a hydrophobic component and a cyclosporin component in a therapeutically effective amount of less than 0.1% by weight of the composition. The weight ratio of the cyclosporin exponent to the hydrophobic component is less than 0.8..
Scalable transport system for multicast replication
Embodiments disclosed herein provide advantageous methods and systems that use multicast communications via unreliable datagrams sent on a protected traffic class. These methods and systems provide effectively reliable multicast delivery while avoiding the overhead associated with point-to-point protocols.
Scalable transport method for multicast replication
Embodiments disclosed herein provide advantageous methods and systems that use multicast communications via unreliable datagrams sent on a protected traffic class. These methods and systems provide effectively reliable multicast delivery while avoiding the overhead associated with point-to-point protocols.
Assessing practitioner value in multi-practitioner settings
A plurality of actual outcome data points, including actual outcomes for a plurality of episodes of a process, are obtained for the process. A practitioner-independent baseline outcome is also obtained for the process.
Multi-media data rate allocation method and voice over ip data rate allocation method
A multimedia bitrate adaption method for individual users wherein only a set of predetermined bitrates may be selected as the multimedia bitrate of the user. The predetermined bitrates are quantized into exponentially distributed levels, and the users' experiences corresponding to the predetermined bitrates are with the same intervals, thereby increasing the service capacity and improving user satisfaction..
Floating-point multiply-add unit using cascade design
A floating-point fused multiply-add (fma) unit embodied in an integrated circuit includes a multiplier circuit cascaded with an adder circuit to produce a result a*c+b. To decrease latency, the fma includes accumulation bypass circuits forwarding an unrounded result of the adder to inputs of the close path and the far path circuits of the adder, and forwarding an exponent result in carry save format to an input of the exponent difference circuit.
System and method for implementing shared probabilistic counters storing update probability values
The systems and methods described herein may implement probabilistic counters and/or update mechanisms for those counters such that they are dependent on the value of a configurable accuracy parameter. The accuracy parameter value may be adjusted to provide fine-grained control over the tradeoff between the accuracy of the counters and the performance of applications that access them.
Floating-point error detection and correction
An embodiment includes a method for detecting a potential floating-point error in an addition or a subtraction instruction included in an operation. The method may include identifying a first operand and a second operand.
Carrier and sampling frequency offsets estimation method and associated apparatus applied to multi-carrier communication system
An offset estimation apparatus for a multi-carrier communication system is provided. The offset estimation apparatus includes an fft unit configured to transform a reception signal and to generate multiple symbols, a conjugate multiplier configured to receive and conjugate multiply two consecutive symbols corresponding to predetermined subcarrier indices to generate multiple correlating complex numbers, a powering unit configured to raise the correlating complex numbers by a received exponent to generate multiple powered correlating complex numbers, and a calculation unit configured to estimate a frequency offset according to the powered correlating complex numbers..
Exponent flow checking
A technique for checking an exponent calculation for an execution unit that supports floating point operations includes generating, using a residue prediction circuit, a predicted exponent residue for a result exponent of a floating point operation. The technique also includes generating, using an exponent calculation circuit, the result exponent for the floating point operation and generating, using the residue prediction circuit, a result exponent residue for the result exponent.

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