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Date/App# patent app List of recent Excel-related patents
 Flexible substrate patent thumbnailFlexible substrate
There is provided a flexible substrate having excellent flexibility and gas barrier properties. A flexible substrate 100 according to the present invention includes: a base material 20 including an inorganic glass 10 and resin layers 11 and 11′ placed on both sides of the inorganic glass 10; and an inorganic thin film 12 placed on a side of one of the resin layers where the inorganic glass is not placed, wherein the inorganic thin film 12 is formed on at least a peripheral edge of one surface of the base material..
Nitto Denko Corporation

 Sodium ion secondary battery patent thumbnailSodium ion secondary battery
Provided is a sodium ion secondary battery excellent in a cycle characteristic. A sodium ion secondary battery includes a cathode, an anode and an electrolytic solution, wherein the cathode includes a composite oxide including na as a cathode active material, and no less than 0.03 mol/l and no more than 0.35 mol/l of a compound including bf4 anion is added to the electrolytic solution..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

 Positive electrode mixture and all-solid-state lithium sulfur cell patent thumbnailPositive electrode mixture and all-solid-state lithium sulfur cell
The present invention aims to maximize the advantageous physical properties of sulfur and provide a cathode mixture that can be suitably used in a cathode mixture layer of an all-solid-state lithium sulfur battery exhibiting excellent charge/discharge capacity. The present invention also aims to provide an all-solid-state lithium sulfur battery including a cathode mixture layer containing the cathode mixture.
Nagase Chemtex Corporation

 Cathode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailCathode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and manufacturing method thereof
The purpose of the present invention is to easily provide at low cost, a cathode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary batteries, which exhibits high particle strength and high weather resistance, while enabling achievement of excellent charge and discharge capacity and excellent output characteristics in cases where the cathode active material is used as a cathode material of a non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery. A slurry of from 500 g/l to 2000 g/l is formed by adding water to a powder of a lithium nickel composite oxide represented by the general formula (a): lizni1-x-ycoxmyo2, where 0.10≦x≦0.20, 0≦y≦0.10, 0.97≦z≦1.20, and m represents at least one element selected from among mn, v, mg, mo, nb, ti and al); the slurry is washed with water by stirring; and after filtration, the resulting material is subjected to a heat treatment at a temperature of from 120° c.
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.

 Multilayer, microporous polyolefin membrane, and production method thereof patent thumbnailMultilayer, microporous polyolefin membrane, and production method thereof
Provided is a microporous polyolefin membrane which has excellent oxidation resistance and electrolyte injection performance and further has excellent permeability and strength balance. The multilayer, microporous polyolefin membrane has a first microporous layer containing polypropylene.
Toray Battery Separator Film Co., Ltd.

 Organic electroluminescent device patent thumbnailOrganic electroluminescent device
An organic electroluminescent device having high efficiency, low driving voltage and a long lifetime is provided by combining various materials for an organic electroluminescent device, which are excellent, as materials for an organic electroluminescent device having high efficiency and high durability, in hole and electron injection/transport performances, electron blocking ability, stability in a thin-film state and durability, so as to allow the respective materials to effectively reveal their characteristics. In the organic electroluminescent device having at least an anode, a hole injection layer, a first hole transport layer, a second hole transport layer, a light emitting layer, an electron transport layer and a cathode in this order, the second hole transport layer includes an arylamine compound represented by the following general formula (1)..
Hodogaya Chemical Co., Ltd.

 Diketopyrrolopyrrole polymer and organic electronic device containing same patent thumbnailDiketopyrrolopyrrole polymer and organic electronic device containing same
The present invention relates to a diketopyrrolopyrrole polymer, which is an organic semiconductor compound for an organic electronic device, and a use thereof. The diketopyrrolopyrrole polymer according to the present invention is a novel organic semiconductor compound having high π-electron stacking by introducing an electron donor compound, and an organic electronic device employing the same has excellent charge mobility and on/off ratio..
Industry-aca-demic Cooperation Foundation Gyeong- Sang National University

 Imaging device and electronic device patent thumbnailImaging device and electronic device
An imaging device with excellent imaging performance is provided. In the imaging device, a first layer, a second layer, and a third layer have a region overlapping with one another, the first layer and the second layer each include transistors, and the third layer includes a photoelectric conversion element.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

 Sputtering target and  producing the same patent thumbnailSputtering target and producing the same
A sputtering target, which has excellent mechanical workability; and makes it possible to deposit a film of a compound including cu and ga as major components, is provided. The sputtering target includes: with respect to an all of metal elements in the sputtering target, 15.0 to 50.0 atomic % of ga; 0.1 to 10.0 total atomic % of one or more metal elements selected from al, zn, sn, ag, and mg; and the cu balance and inevitable impurities..
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

 Insulated electrical wire and coaxial cable patent thumbnailInsulated electrical wire and coaxial cable
An object is to provide an insulated electrical wire and a coaxial cable that have good adhesion between a conductor and an insulating layer and excellent properties such as low dielectric constant and high heat resistance, and are suitable for reducing the diameter. The present invention provides an insulated electrical wire that includes a conductor and an insulating layer covering a circumferential surface of the conductor, in which the insulating layer is composed of a resin composition that contains poly(4-methyl-1-pentene) as a main component and a melt mass flow rate of the poly(4-methyl-1-pentene) measured at a temperature of 300° c.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Silicon/carbon composite, silicon alloy/carbon composite, and methods for producing the same

A silicon/carbon composite or a silicon alloy/carbon composite is formed with a homogeneous silicon-containing thin film or silicon-containing alloy thin film on the surface of a conductive carbon material, where the composite may be used for a large-capacity electrical storage device when used as a negative electrode material for forming an electrical storage device negative electrode, and exhibits excellent charge-discharge cycle characteristics. A carbon-containing thin film is formed on a surface of a conductive carbon material by chemical vapor deposition (cvd) that utilizes a carbon-containing gas and a silicon-containing thin film or a silicon-containing alloy thin film is formed on the conductive carbon material by chemical vapor deposition (cvd) that utilizes a silicon-containing gas alone, or utilizes a silicon-containing gas and a carbon-containing gas..
L'air Liquide, Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude


Infrared-light-blocking composition, infrared-light-blocking layer, infrared cut-off filter, and camera module

Provided are an infrared-light-blocking composition capable of forming an infrared-light-blocking layer having excellent light-transmitting performance in the visible region and having excellent light-blocking performance in the infrared region; an infrared-light-blocking layer; an infrared cut-off filter; and a camera module. An infrared-light-blocking composition of the invention contains inorganic microparticles and a dispersing agent, and the infrared-light-blocking layer formed from the infrared-light-blocking composition has a transmittance at a wavelength of 1,000 nm of 60% or less, a transmittance at a wavelength of 1,100 nm of 50% or less, and a transmittance at a wavelength of 500 nm of 80% or more..
Fujifilm Corporation


Optical layered body, producing optical layered body, polarizer and image display device

The present invention provides an optical layered body which stably keeps light resistance such as ultraviolet resistance and oxidation resistance while keeping conventional physical properties and optical properties as the outermost surface material of an image display device, which is excellent in an antistatic property and which is capable of providing high image contrast when employed for an image display device. The optical layered body has a light transmitting substrate and a resin layer formed on one surface of the light transmitting substrate and is characterized in that the resin layer contains a binder resin, a polythiophene, an auxiliary conductive agent, and a leveling agent..
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.


Anti-scattering film with excellent optical and scratch-resistant properties and manufacturing same

Disclosed are an anti-scattering film with excellent optical and scratch-resistant properties and a method for manufacturing the same. The anti-scattering film according to the present invention comprises: a transparent film; and a hard coating layer formed on the top of the transparent film, wherein the hard coating layer comprises 1-30 parts by weight of inorganic nanoparticles, 1-70 parts by weight of a uv-curable acrylate resin, 1-15 parts by weight of a photo-initiator, and 0.2-5 parts by weight of azo-based dyes, with respect to 100 parts by weight of solids..
Lg Hausys, Ltd.


Led light core structure

An led light core structure, which has better mechanical strength and good heat dissipation effect and is able to 360-degree project light. The led light core structure includes a metal-made substrate having at least two faces.
Edison Opto Corporation


Heat-bondable conjugate fiber with excellent softness and nonwoven fabric using the same

The present invention are a heat-bondable conjugate fiber ensuring that the crimp configuration stability can be maintained even in the state of leaving elongation of the fiber and bulkiness and softness are imparted to the nonwoven fabric, and a nonwoven fabric using the same. A heat-bondable conjugate fiber comprises a first component containing a polyester-based resin and a second component containing a polyolefin-based resin having a melting point lower than the melting point of said polyester-based resin, wherein said second component is a heat-bondable conjugate fiber accounting for a specific range of the outer fiber circumference and having a side-by-side or eccentric sheath-core structure and the fiber has a specific elongation, a specific range of a three-dimensional actualized crimp and a specific range of a crimp modulus..
Es Fibervisions Aps


Aluminum alloy products and a preparation

The present invention relates to aluminum alloy products that can be riveted and possess excellent ductility and toughness properties. The present invention also relates to a method of producing the aluminum alloy products.
Novelis Inc.


Fragrance composition

The present invention provides a method of using, as a fragrance component, a compound that is excellent in fragrance retention and that has green floral and fruity like odors, which are useful as fragrances, and a fragrance composition with sweetness and voluminousness containing the compound. The present invention relates to a fragrance composition containing 2-n-pentyl cyclopentanone oxime and a method of using 2-n-pentyl cyclopentanone oxime as a fragrance component..
Kao Corporation


Lubricant base oil and preparing the same

The present invention relates to a lubricant base oil containing an aromatic ester lubricant represented by chemical formula 1 and to a method for preparing the aromatic ester lubricant. By containing an aromatic ester lubricant, the lubricant base oil exhibits an excellent dispersibility and fluidity and is ecofriendly due to a high biodegradability.
Sk Lubricants Co., Ltd.


Thermoplastic resin-coated metal sheet, can body and can lid made from the same metal sheet

A thermoplastic resin-coated metal sheet obtained by coating at least one surface of a metal sheet with a thermoplastic resin via a polyester type primer, wherein the polyester type primer, if it is in the form of a 10 μm-thick dry primer sheet, has a breaking elongation in a range of 9 to 200% at a tension speed of 1000 mm/min. And an mek extractability in a range of 3 to 40%.
Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.


Thermosetting resin composition, producing thermal conductive sheet, and power module

A thermosetting resin composition containing a thermosetting resin and an inorganic filler, in which the inorganic filler contains secondary sintered particles (a) formed of primary particles of boron nitride, which have an aspect ratio of 10 to 20, and secondary sintered particles (b) formed of the primary particles of boron nitride, which have an aspect ratio of 2 to 9. The thermosetting resin composition can produce a thermal conductive sheet that has excellent filling property of the inorganic filler, and excellent thermal conductivity, adhesiveness and electrical insulating properties..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Aqueous hydrophilic coating composition capable of forming coating film having excellent self-cleaning ability against stains adhered thereon, and surface-treated material having formed thereon coating film having excellent self-cleaning ability against stains adhered thereon

A water-based hydrophilic coating composition is characterized in that it is obtained by adding to a liquid medium: an inorganic compound (a) with colloidal silica (a) modified with at least one or more of organoalkoxysilane compounds (b) having one or more groups selected from the group consisting of a glycidyl group, a vinyl group and an amino group; a water-soluble resin (b); and amorphous silica (c) represented by m2o.sio2, where the mass ratio of m2o/sio2 is from 0.05 to 0.3.. .
Nihon Parkerizing Co., Ltd.


Durable, water resistant wood and wood composites

The invention provides a novel product and method to coat wood and wood composite products and improves their durability and service life in outdoor conditions. The method comprises coating a type i waterborne adhesive, crosslinking polyvinyl acetate (xpvac or x-pvac), on wood and applying sufficient heat to dry and cure the coating to form a durable bond on wood or wood composites.


Olefin-based paint containing propylene/a-olefin copolymer

The present invention relates to an olefin-based paint. The purpose of the present invention is to provide a paint with excellent organic solvent solubility or dispersibility, low paint viscosity, minimal coating irregularities even at high concentrations, excellent handling and storage stability, and excellent blocking resistance and coated film stability.
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.


Radiation-curable coating composition

The present invention relates to a coating composition comprising (a) at least one thermoplastic polymer having a mean molar mass mw of at least 100 000 g/mol in a content of at least 30% by weight of the solids content of the coating composition, (b) at least one uv-curable reactive diluent in a content of at least 30% by weight of the solids content of the coating composition, (c) at least one photoinitiator in a content of ≧0.1 to ≦10 parts by weight of the solids content of the coating composition, and (d) at least one organic solvent, where the proportion of ethylenically unsaturated groups is at least 3 mol per kg of the solids content of the coating composition. It further relates to a process for producing such coating compositions, to films coated therewith, to the use of such films for production of shaped bodies, to a process for producing shaped bodies having a radiation-cured coating, and to shaped bodies producible by this process.
Covestro Deutschland Ag


(meth)acrylate-based resin composition having excellent impact resistance and transparency

Disclosed is a (meth)acrylate-based resin composition comprising a poly(alkyl(meth)acrylate-phenyl(meth)acrylate) copolymer comprising phenyl(meth)acrylate having excellent surface hardness and a high refractive index, as a base resin and a (conjugated diene (meth)acrylate) graft copolymer having excellent impact absorption efficiency, the (meth)acrylate-based resin composition providing excellent transparency by exhibiting excellent impact resistance even using a small amount of impact modifier. The (meth)acrylate-based resin composition having excellent impact resistance and transparency comprises 1 to 29 wt % of the (conjugated diene-(meth)acrylate) graft copolymer and 71 to 99 wt % of the poly(alkyl(meth)acrylate-phenyl(meth)acrylate) copolymer..
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Tire rubber composition and manufacturing method therefor

The present invention provides a tire rubber composition prepared by mixing at least one rubber component selected from natural rubbers and synthetic diene rubbers (a), a filler including an inorganic filler (b), a silane coupling agent (c) and a thiosemicarbazone derivative (d), and provides a production method for a tire rubber composition, wherein the tire rubber composition is kneaded in plural stages, and in the first stage of kneading, the rubber component (a), all or part of the inorganic filler (b), all or part of the silane coupling agent (c), and the thiosemicarbazone derivative (d) are kneaded, therefore providing a tire rubber composition having improved reactivity between the coupling agent and the rubber component and excellent in low-heat-generation property and a production method for the composition.. .
Bridgestone Corporation


Transparent polyimide and precursor thereof

Provided is a polyimide excellent in heat resistance and colorless transparency and also excellent in flexibility and ultraviolet ray transmittance. The polyimide includes a structural unit represented by formula (1a) and a structural unit represented by formula (1b) wherein r is a specific aromatic group..
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.


Novel acid dianhydride, preparing same, and polyimide prepared therefrom

The present invention relates to a novel acid dianhydride, a method for preparing the same, and a polyimide prepared therefrom. More specifically, the acid dianhydride according to the present invention is useful as a colorless transparent polyimide unit exhibiting excellent thermal stability and a low dielectric ratio, and the polyimide of the present invention has excellent solubility to an organic solvent compared with the conventional polyimide..
Kolon Industries, Inc.


Method for manufacturing bearing ring member

Provided is a method for manufacturing a bearing ring member, whereby processing cost can be reduced and a high degree of freedom in design is obtained, by disposing a metal material of a raw material (13a), the metal material having excellent metal characteristics such as fatigue strength and wear resistance and excellent processing characteristics such as hardenability, in a portion that flows to a portion (raceway surface, etc.) where the characteristics of the metal material are required during use or forging of a bearing ring member. The present invention is configured from a first metal part (23) in which the raw material (13a) is formed in a cylindrical shape, and a second metal part (24) formed in a columnar shape by a metal material having more excellent metal characteristics or processing characteristics than the first metal part (23).
Nsk Ltd.


Method for producing a stainless steel diffusion-bonded product

A method for producing a stainless steel diffusion-bonded product provides a stainless steel material diffusion-bonded product having excellent reliability of the bonded portion by using a direct method, which includes directly contacting stainless steel materials with each other to unify the materials together by diffusion bonding. At least one of the stainless steel materials to be contacted is dual-phase steel having an austenite transformation starting temperature ac1 point of 650 to 950° c.
Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.


Methods of manufacturing nested balloons utilizing pressurized constrained annealing

A nested balloon is provided where each balloon is formed from tubing that optimizes the inner wall stretch thus providing maximum balloon strength. The high pressure, nested balloon is provided with layers that allow for slipping, such that the balloon has a very high pressure rating and toughness, yet excellent folding characteristics.
Interface Associates, Inc.


Odor barrier film

A multilayer film for ostomy and bowel management applications includes a barrier layer comprising at least about 90% wt. Nylon 6/69.
Hollister Incorporated


Medical material employing carboxymethyl cellulose

The purpose of the present invention is to provide a medical material which, while retaining high liquid absorbency and styptic properties through gelation of cmc, can maintain shape stability even after absorbing a liquid; which has excellent conformance to the skin; and through which the body surface to which it is to be applied is visible. This medical material is a structure comprising regenerated cellulose fibers including carboxymethyl cellulose fibers in which the degree of substitution of the hydroxyl groups in the glucose units making up the cellulose molecule is at least 0.1 but less than 0.5, wherein the medical material is characterised in that the structure has the form of a woven and/or nonwoven fabric, and when the structure is impregnated with physiological saline, the range of the 10% modulus in both the longitudinal direction and the lateral direction of the structure is 0.2 n/50 mm-5.0 n/50 nm, inclusive..
Asahi Kasei Fibers Corporation


Composition containing herbal medicine extracts of pinellia and scutellaria for reducing side effects due to anticancer drugs

The present invention relates to a composition containing a pinelliae rhizoma and scutellariae radix extract as an active ingredient to reduce side effects caused by an anticancer drug, and more particularly, a composition for reducing side effects such as damage to the gastrointestinal tract and a gastrointestinal motility disorder by administering an anticancer drug. The composition of the present invention has an excellent effect of reducing side effects in administration of the anticancer drug through an antioxidative function, and synthesis, secretion and control of the functions of gastrin and serotonin producing gastrointestinal endocrine cells..
Comprehensive And Integrative Medicine Institute


Alkyl cellulose for use in tableting and solid preparation comprising same

Provided is an alkyl cellulose excellent in formability when added even in a small amount and not causing marked delay in disintegration; a solid preparation including it; and a method for producing the solid preparation. More specifically, provided is an alkyl cellulose for use in tableting, the alkyl cellulose having a specific surface area of from 0.5 to 10.0 m2/g as measured by bet method and a solid preparation including the alkyl cellulose.
Shin-etsu Chemical Co., Ltd.


Polyurethane foam for seat pad

A polyurethane foam for a seat pad that simultaneously achieves higher levels of shakiness-reducing properties and stress relaxation-reducing properties, thus providing good ride comfort, and is excellent in durability, and a seat pad using the polyurethane foam are provided. Specifically, the polyurethane foam for a seat pad is formed by foam-molding a foaming liquid containing (a) a polyol component, (b) a polyisocyanate component, and (c) a crosslinking agent..
Bridgestone Corporation


Shoe sole member

The invention aims to provide a shoe sole member capable of achieving comfort when using shoes and exhibiting excellent shape-recovering properties after using the shoes. Provided is a shoe sole member formed using a polymer foam, and the polymer foam contains fibers dispersed therein..
Asics Corporation


Method for preparing organic coating porous granules for fish feed or assorted feed aid using blood of livestock and clay minerals

The present invention is to provide granules for a fish feed or an assorted feed aid, wherein the granule contains useful minerals, such as zeolite and bentonite, suitable to be used for a feed, and includes an organic coating layer mainly composed of proteins formed on a surface of the granule by using the blood (let blood) of livestock, so that the time while water infiltrates into pores inside the granule mainly composed of inorganic substances is delayed, thereby obtaining having excellent fluidity.. .


Thermoplastic resin composition for molded article having capability of shielding millimeter waves

The present invention is to provide a thermoplastic resin composition capable of providing a molded article that is excellent in capability of shielding millimeter waves. A thermoplastic resin composition for a molded article having a capability of shielding millimeter waves, containing (a) a thermoplastic resin and (b) carbon long fibers having a fiber length of from 3 to 30 mm in an amount of from 0.5 to 5% by mass.


Positive electrode active substance precursor particles, positive electrode active substance particles and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery

The present invention relates to positive electrode active substance particles comprising a compound having a spinel type structure comprising at least li, ni and mn, and having an li content which is controlled such that a molar ratio of li(ni+mn) therein is 0.3 to 0.65, an ni content of 5 to 25% by weight, an na content of 0.05 to 1.9% by weight and an s content of 0.0005 to 0.16% by weight, a sum of the na content and the s content being 0.09 to 1.9005% by weight. The positive electrode active substance particles according to the present invention can be suitably used as positive electrode active substance particles for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary batteries which can exhibit a high discharge voltage and an excellent discharge capacity..


Organic light-emitting device

The oled in the present invention comprises an anode, a cathode, and one or multiple organic layers, and the organic layer at least contains one kind of material with the following chemical formula i. The oleds made by this organic light emitting material have advantages such as good light emitting efficiency, excellent color purity and long lifetime..


Spirally configured cis-stilbene/fluorene hybrid materials for organic light-emitting diode

The present invention provides a series of spirally configured cis-stilbene/fluorene hybrid materials, which are spirally-configured cis-stilbene/fluorene derivatives having glass transition temperatures ranged from 105° c. To 130° c., decomposition temperatures ranged from 385° c.


Switching element, switching element manufacturing method, semiconductor device, and semiconductor device manufacturing method

To provide a switching element having excellent operational stability and a high production yield, and a semiconductor device using the switching element, a switching element according to this invention includes a non-volatile resistive-change element, a rectifying element, and an insulating material. The non-volatile resistive-change element includes a first electrode, a second electrode, and a non-volatile resistive-change layer provided between the first electrode and the second electrode.


Flexible conductive material and transducer

A flexible conductive material of the present invention is formed by dispersing a conductive agent containing carbon nanotubes in a matrix that contains a polymer formed by amide bond formation or imide bond formation of a polycyclic aromatic component and an oligomer component and that has a glass transition point of 20° c. Or less.


Epoxy resin composition for optical semiconductor device, and lead frame for optical semiconductor device, encapsulation type optical semiconductor element unit and optical semiconductor device each obtainable by using the epoxy resin composition

An optical semiconductor device includes a metal lead frame including first and second plate portions, an optical semiconductor element mounted on the metal lead frame, and a reflector provided around the optical semiconductor element. A material for the reflector is an epoxy resin composition containing: (a) an epoxy resin; (b) a curing agent; (c) a white pigment; (d) an inorganic filler; and (e) at least one of a carboxylic acid and water.


Manufacturing semiconductor film, manufacturing semiconductor device, and manufacturing photoelectric conversion device

A method for forming an amorphous semiconductor which contains an impurity element and has low resistivity and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device with excellent electrical characteristics with high yield are provided. In the method for forming an amorphous semiconductor containing an impurity element, which utilizes a plasma cvd method, pulse-modulated discharge inception voltage is applied to electrodes under the pressure and electrode distance with which the minimum discharge inception voltage according to paschen's law can be obtained, whereby the amorphous semiconductor which contains an impurity element and has low resistivity is formed..


Display device and electronic device

A novel display device capable of excellent reflective display is provided. The display device includes a transistor including a gate electrode layer, a gate insulating layer over the gate electrode layer, a semiconductor layer over the gate insulating layer, and a source electrode layer and a drain electrode layer over the gate insulating layer and the semiconductor layer; a reflective electrode layer on the same plane as the source electrode layer and the drain electrode layer; a coloring layer overlapping with the reflective electrode layer; a pixel electrode layer overlapping with the coloring layer; and an anti-oxidation conductive layer connected to one of the source electrode layer and the drain electrode layer.


Vapor deposition of metal oxides, silicates and phosphates, and silicon dioxide

Metal silicates or phosphates are deposited on a heated substrate by the reaction of vapors of alkoxysilanols or alkylphosphates along with reactive metal amides, alkyls or alkoxides. For example, vapors of tris(tert-butoxy)silanol react with vapors of tetrakis(ethylmethylamido)hafnium to deposit hafnium silicate on surfaces heated to 300° c.


Semiconductor device, electronic apparatus, and image processing method

A semiconductor device 1 includes an image input unit 11 and an image output unit 12. The image input unit 11 receives first image data from a camera 91 and outputs second image data to a memory unit 93 through a shared bus 130.



Provided is a toner that has excellent low-temperature fixability, hot offset resistance, high image glossiness and fixing wraparound resistance, as well as high durable stability. The toner includes toner particles that contain a binder resin, a colorant and a wax, and fine inorganic particles on a surface of the toner particles, wherein the binder resin contains a polyester resin a and a styrene resin b, and a content ratio a/b of the polyester resin a and the styrene resin b is 85/15 or more and 98/2 or less based on mass, the styrene resin b has a weight average molecular weight mw of a tetrahydrofuran soluble component of 2,000 or more and 5,000 or less, and the toner has been subjected to a hot-air surface treatment..


Phthalocyanine crystal, and electrophotographic photoreceptor, electrophotographic photoreceptor cartridge and image-forming device using the same

Provided is an excellent phthalocyanine crystal having high sensitivity and little fluctuation in sensitivity for a humidity change in a use environment and applicable to the martial for solar battery, electronic paper, electrophotographic photoreceptor, etc. Namely, phthalocyanine crystal obtained by bringing a phthalocyanine crystal precursor into contact with an aromatic aldehyde compound to convert the crystal form.


Optical film, polarization plate, transparent conductive film, surface protection film, and liquid crystal display apparatus

Disclosed is an optical film in which heat resistance or moisture resistance is excellent, and visibility is able to be sufficiently ensured. In the optical film used in a display apparatus including a polarizer, re is 1,000 nm to 30,000 nm, and rth is −30,000 nm to −1,000 nm.

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