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Date/App# patent app List of recent Excel-related patents
 System and method for converting between data formats patent thumbnailSystem and method for converting between data formats
A system and a method for converting between data formats converts air flow data from a thermal simulation tool into a format readable by a dc power analyzing tool. Air flow data associated with the locations of certain points on a printed circuit board are taken and an excel document including main, data, and final worksheets is created.
 Novel crystalline polymorphs of acetyl-glycine-beta-alanine and process of making the same patent thumbnailNovel crystalline polymorphs of acetyl-glycine-beta-alanine and process of making the same
This invention discloses novel crystalline polymorphs of acetyl-glycine-beta-alanine and process of making the same. The mentioned crystalline polymorphs can exhibit excellent purity and storage stability according to this invention.
 Novel benzamide derivative and use thereof patent thumbnailNovel benzamide derivative and use thereof
Disclosed are a novel benzamide derivative and pharmaceutical use thereof, and more particularly, a novel benzamide derivative having a structure of formula 1 or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, and a composition for prevention or treatment of pain or itching including the above material. The novel benzamide derivative and pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof according to the present invention exhibit excellent pain-suppressive effect and, in particular, pain-suppressive effect in not only a neuropathic animal model but also other models such as a formalin model, and therefore, may be used in suppression of different pains such as nociceptive pain, chronic pain, etc.
 Method of preparing ester plasticizer and ester plasticizer prepared therefrom patent thumbnailMethod of preparing ester plasticizer and ester plasticizer prepared therefrom
According to the preparation method according to an embodiment of the present invention, an ester plasticizer having high purity, yield, and process efficiency as well as excellent plasticizer properties such as processability and absorption rate may be easily prepared even under no catalyst.. .
 Dripping inhibitor and resin compound patent thumbnailDripping inhibitor and resin compound
Provided is a dripping inhibitor excellent in handling characteristics. The present invention provides a dripping inhibitor including a modified polytetrafluoroethylene, the inhibitor having an average particle size of 300 to 800 μm, an apparent density of 0.40 to 0.52 g/ml, a compression ratio of 1.20 or less, an aggregate disintegration degree with 50-sec vibration of 70% or more, a cylinder extrusion pressure at a reduction ratio 1500 of 80 mpa or less, and a standard specific gravity (ssg) of 2.140 to 2.230..
 Composition for preventing or treating obesity comprising rebamipide patent thumbnailComposition for preventing or treating obesity comprising rebamipide
The present disclosure relates to a composition and a health functional food for preventing or treating obesity comprising a rebamipide compound or its pharmaceutically acceptable salt as an active component. It is confirmed that when a rebamipide compound of the present disclosure is administered to a mouse model induced with obesity, it shows excellent effects of reducing weight, reducing adipocyte, and reducing a total cholesterol content in the body, as compared with a non-administered control group, and also, it shows an excellent effect of suppressing differentiation of cytotoxic th17 cells that generate and secrets inflammatory cytokine and an excellent effect of improving activity of regulatory t cells (treg) capable of suppressing a function of abnormally activated immune cells and controlling an inflammatory reaction.
 Novel use of rhododendrin patent thumbnailNovel use of rhododendrin
The present invention relates to a novel use of rhododendrin, and more particularly to a composition for antioxidant purposes or for the prevention or treatment of hyperproliferative skin disorders, which comprises rhododendrin as an active ingredient; and a method for inhibiting reactive oxygen species or for preventing and treating a hyperproliferative skin disorder, which comprises administering an effective amount of rhododendrin to a subject in need thereof. Rhododendrin is not cytotoxic and has an excellent effect of eliminating a large amount of reactive oxygen species (ros) generated by tnf-α/ifn-γ or uv light, and thus is effectively used to prepare an antioxidant cosmetic composition or an antioxidant food composition.
 Oxygen absorbing agent patent thumbnailOxygen absorbing agent
An oxygen absorbing agent has excellent oxygen absorbing properties and can absorb oxygen in an atmosphere, even under a moisture-free or substantially moisture-free atmosphere. The oxygen absorbing agent includes an alloy obtained by subjecting an alloy (x) including (a) at least one transition metal selected from the group consisting of manganese, iron, platinum, and copper group metals and (b) at least one metal selected from the group consisting of aluminum, zinc, tin, lead, magnesium, and silicon, to treatment with an alkali aqueous solution to elute and remove at least a part of the component (b) in the alloy (x), wherein the alloy (y) has an x-ray diffraction profile satisfying a diffraction peak relationship..
 Composite oxide, method for producing the same, and catalyst for exhaust gas purification patent thumbnailComposite oxide, method for producing the same, and catalyst for exhaust gas purification
A composite oxide and a catalyst for purifying exhaust gas using the same are provided, which oxide has excellent heat resistance, including that a large specific surface area is maintained even when the composite oxide is used in a high temperature environment, and that, even after calcination at 800° c. For 2 hours, no aeceo3 phase is detected and increase in ceo2 crystallite size is inhibited.
 Method for forming a resist under layer film and patterning process patent thumbnailMethod for forming a resist under layer film and patterning process
The present invention provides a method for forming a resist under layer film used in a lithography process, comprising: a process for applying a composition for forming a resist under layer film containing an organic compound having an aromatic unit on a substrate; and a process for heat-treating the resist under layer film applied in an atmosphere whose oxygen concentration is 10% or more at 150° c. To 600° c.
Magnetic toner
A magnetic toner is provided that exhibits an excellent electrostatic offset resistance both initially and after long-term use. The magnetic toner contains: magnetic toner particles containing a binder resin and a magnetic body; and inorganic fine particles present on the surface of the magnetic toner particles, wherein the inorganic fine particles present on the surface of the magnetic toner particles contain a prescribed metal oxide fine particle in a prescribed proportion; the magnetic toner has prescribed numerical value ranges for a coverage ratio a of the magnetic toner particle surface covered by the inorganic fine particles and for a coverage ratio b by the inorganic fine particles that are fixed to the magnetic toner particle surface; the magnetic toner particle contains a crystalline polyester; and measurement of the magnetic toner with a differential scanning calorimeter provides a characteristic differential scanning calorimetric curve..
Molded article of polymer electrolyte composition and solid polymer type fuel cell using same
To provide a formed article of polymer electrolyte composition which exhibits excellent proton conductivity even under low-humidification conditions and under low-temperature conditions, which is excellent in chemical stability, mechanical strength, fuel shutoff properties, and which can achieve high output, high energy density, and excellent long-term durability when used in a polymer electrolyte fuel cell; and also to provide a polymer electrolyte fuel cell using thereof. The formed article of polymer electrolyte composition includes: a block copolymer having one or more of each of a hydrophilic segment (a1) containing an ionic group and a hydrophobic segment (a2) not containing an ionic group; and an additive, wherein the formed article forms co-continuous or lamellar phase separation structure, and the additive is hydrophilic..
Negative-electrode material for rechargeable batteries with nonaqueous electrolyte, and process for producing the same
There is provided a negative-electrode material for rechargeable batteries with a nonaqueous electrolyte which have a high charge/discharge capacity and excellent rate characteristics. The negative-electrode material for rechargeable batteries with a nonaqueous electrolyte comprises: carbon material having a carbon atom content of not less than 98.0% in terms of mass and a lattice spacing (d002) of not more than 3.370 angstroms in the c-axis direction; and a boron compound represented by general formula hxboy wherein x represents a real number of 0 to 1.0; and y represents a real number of 1.5 to 3.0, wherein the boron compound is bonded to a portion of the carbon atoms of the carbon material..
Electrochemical cell packaging material
Provided is an electrochemical cell packaging material with excellent electrolyte resistance. An electrochemical cell packaging material includes the following in a laminated structure: a substrate layer that, at a minimum, includes resin film; a protective layer that is arranged as the outermost layer and protects the substrate layer; a thermal adhesion layer that is arranged as the innermost layer and which includes thermal adhesion resin; and a barrier layer that includes metal foil and is arranged between the substrate layer and the thermal adhesion layer.
Molding packaging material
A molding packaging material including a matte coat layer having excellent formability, chemical resistance, solvent resistance, and printability is provided. The molding packaging material 1 includes an outer base material 13 made of a heat-resistant resin, an inner sealant layer 16 made of a thermoplastic resin, a metal foil layer 11 arranged between the outer base material 13 and the inner sealant layer 16, and a matte coat layer 14 formed on one side of the outer base material opposite to the other side thereof to which the metal foil layer 11 is arranged.
Organic electronic material, ink composition, and organic electronic element
Provided is an organic electronic material which is excellent in curability at low temperatures in the case as an ink composition, and able to prepare an organic electronic element capable of reducing the driving voltage and of being driven stably for a long time. The organic electronic material is characterized by containing at least an ionic compound represented by the following general formula (1), and a compound including a charge transporting unit.
High tensile strength galvanized steel sheets excellent in formability and methods of manufacturing the same
A formable galvanized steel sheet includes, in terms of % by mass, 0.05 to 0.3% of c, 0.01 to 2.5% of si, 0.5 to 3.5% of mn, 0.003 to 0.100% of p, 0.02% or less of s, 0.010 to 1.5% of al, and 0.01 to 0.2% in total of at least one element selected from ti, nb and v, the remainder being fe and unavoidable impurities, having a microstructure composed of, in terms of area fraction, 20 to 87% of ferrite, 3 to 10% in total of martensite and residual austenite, and 10 to 60% of tempered martensite, and a second phase composed of the martensite, residual austenite, and tempered martensite having an average crystal grain diameter of 3 μm or less, and having a ratio of absorption energy ae to tensile strength ts (ae/ts) not less than 0.063.. .
Heat-ray shielding film, heat-ray shielding transparent laminated base material, and automobile mounted with the heat-ray shielding transparent laminated base material as window material, and building using the heat-ray shielding transparent laminated base material as window material
There is provided a heat-ray shielding film mainly composed of polyvinyl acetal resin and capable of exhibiting excellent heat shielding properties, and a heat-ray shielding transparent laminated base material using the heat-ray shielding film, the heat-ray shielding film including: a compound having a heat-ray shielding function; a selective wavelength absorbing material; polyvinyl acetal resin, and a plasticizer; wherein the selective wavelength absorbing material has a transmittance profile in which a transmittance of a light having a wavelength of 550 nm is 90% or more, and a transmittance of a light having a wavelength of 450 nm is 40% or less.. .
C.i. pigment yellow 74 (insoluble azo pigment), and coloring composition using same
A c.i. Pigment yellow 74 as an insoluble azo pigment is provided.
Polyester composite fiber with excellent heat-shielding property and coloration
To provide a polyester composite fiber having a heat-shielding property due to high reflectance in an infrared wavelength range (800 to 3000 nm) easy to be changed into thermal energy, and having color development property comparable to that of conventional polyester fibers. The composite fiber is a core-sheath type composite fiber including a core component and a sheath component of 10:90 to 30:70 (mass ratio).
Viscoelastic body
Provided is a viscoelastic body that has small tack, is excellent in handleability, and generates a small amount of outgas even under a high-temperature condition. Also provided is a viscoelastic body that has small tack, is excellent in handleability, and exhibits excellent viscoelasticity in a wide temperature range of from low temperature to high temperature.
Oxygen-absorbing resin composition
And a polymer having a constituent unit stemming from the acid anhydride. An oxygen-absorbing polyester resin composition exhibits excellent oxygen-absorbing property even in the absence of transition metal catalyst without accompanied by the deterioration of the polyester resin used as a the base resin, the oxygen-absorbing property being strong enough for maintaining gas-barrier properties..
Nanoparticle assembly, preparation thereof, and active material delivering composite comprising the same
Provided are a nanoparticle assembly including a dna hydrogel and gold nanoparticles, methods of preparing thereof, and an active material delivering composite including the same. The nanoparticle assembly has an excellent biocompatibility, an ability to prevent an accumulation of the nanoparticle assembly in a body, and is capable of being used to provide physical and chemical treatment..
Wear resistant steel having excellent toughness and weldability
Provided is a wear resistant steel including 2.6 wt % to 4.5 wt % of manganese (mn), carbon (c) satisfying (6-mn)/50≦c≦(10-mn)/50, 0.05 wt % to 1.0 wt % of silicon (si), and iron (fe) as well as other unavoidable impurities as a remainder, wherein a brinell hardness of a surface portion is in a range of 360 to 440. The wear resistant steel further includes at least one component selected from the group consisting of 0.1 wt % or less (excluding 0 wt %) of niobium (nb), 0.1 wt % or less (excluding 0 wt %) of vanadium (v), 0.1 wt % or less (excluding 0 wt %) of titanium (ti), and 0.02 wt % or less (excluding 0 wt %) of boron (b) to complement the performance thereof.
Hot-rolled steel sheet for nitriding, cold-rolled steel sheet for nitriding excellent in fatigue strength, manufacturing method thereof, and automobile part excellent in fatigue strength using the same
A hot-rolled steel sheet for nitriding or a cold-rolled steel sheet for nitriding excellent in fatigue strength contains a steel particularly containing appropriate amounts of cr, v, and b, in which a dislocation density within 50 μm in the sheet thickness direction from the surface is not less than 2.0 times nor more than 10.0 times as compared to a dislocation density at the position of ¼ in the sheet thickness direction, its manufacturing method includes: on a hot-rolled steel sheet or a cold-rolled steel sheet having the previously described components, performing pickling; and then performing skin pass rolling under the condition that a reduction ratio is 0.5 to 5.0% and f/t, being a ratio of a line load f (kg/mm) of a rolling mill load divided by a sheet width of the steel sheet and a load t (kg/mm2) per unit area to be applied in the longitudinal direction of the steel sheet, is 8000 or more, and further an automobile part is that the hot-rolled steel sheet or the cold-rolled steel sheet is formed to be nitriding treated.. .
Electronic device
A single-crystal semiconductor layer is separated from a single-crystal semiconductor substrate and is fixed to an insulating substrate to form a tft over the insulating substrate. Then, a driver circuit is formed using the tft.
Receive only smart ground-terminal antenna for geostationary satellites in slightly inclined orbits
A receive only smart antenna with a command pointing option for communicating with geostationary satellites that autonomously detects the directions from which desired signal are received, and steer the multiple beams accordingly. An array feed is used to illuminate a parabolic reflector.
Led fluorescent tube
The invention relates to an led fluorescent tube, characterized in that the tube comprises: a light guide column; two round aluminum substrates or round copper-aluminum bases distributed symmetrically at both sides of the light guide column in the axial direction of the light guide column, gradually far away from the light guide column; two cylindrical hollow column radiators equipped with wire passing holes; and two holders. The led fluorescent tube of the invention has not only good heat dissipation, but also light weight and excellent energy-saving effect due to the structural advantages..
Polyester-based primer composition, optical film and polarizing plate comprising the same
There is provided a polyester-based primer composition including 100 parts by weight of a polyester resin, 1 to 20 parts by weight of water-dispersible particles, and water as a remainder. Since a polyester-based primer composition of the present disclosure is excellent in water resistance and solvent resistance differently from a urethane primer composition, the polyester-based primer composition may obtain sufficient adhesive strength between a protection film and a functional coating layer even without assistance from additives such as a cross-linking agent, and may retain stable adhesive strength for a long period of time..
Optical film
To provide an optical film that shows small change in color over time and is excellent in infrared reflectance and durability. An optical film having a laminated body including a high-refractive index layer and a low-refractive index layer on a substrate, wherein the layer adjacent to the substrate contains at least one kind selected from the group consisting of a modified polyvinyl alcohol and an aqueous polyester resin modified with a vinyl monomer..
Electrochromic gel, method for producing the gel, method for controlling electronic printing and erasing on electrochromic gel, and stretchable display
The problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide an electrochromic gel which is excellent in flexibility and which is stretchable, a method for producing the gel, a method for controlling electronic printing and erasing, and a stretchable display. The problem is solved by using an electrochromic gel obtained by laminating an electrolyte-containing gel layer consisting only of an electrolyte-containing gel and an organic-metallic hybrid polymer-containing layer obtained by containing an organic-metallic hybrid polymer in the electrolyte-containing gel..
Liquid crystal display device and method for producing same
The present invention provides a liquid crystal display device that is less likely to have display failures and has high reliability and excellent light resistance in aging. The present invention relates to a liquid crystal display device, including: a pair of substrates; a liquid crystal layer containing liquid crystal molecules and interposed between the pair of substrates; and an alignment control layer for perpendicularly aligning the liquid crystal molecules, the alignment control layer being formed by polymerizing a monofunctional monomer and a polyfunctional monomer in a liquid crystal composition containing the liquid crystal molecules, the monofunctional monomer, and the polyfunctional monomer, the polyfunctional monomer generating a radical by annealing and irradiation with light at not less than 340 nm, the monofunctional monomer having a biphenyl skeleton as a core and a polymerizable group bonded to the biphenyl skeleton directly or indirectly via a spacer..
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium
An image processing apparatus can correct the influence of contrast caused by a difference between a photopic vision and a scotopic vision to provide an image excellent in image quality. An averaged within-visual-field luminance calculation unit calculates a luminance value in the visual field based on at least one of environmental luminance in the visual field and luminance in a screen on which image data can be displayed.
Bumper back beam being equipped with a fiber composite reinforcing material with hollow section inside and a bumper having the same
A bumper back beam according to the present invention comprised as described above has high reliability, by having excellent ability to absorb impact energy because cracks almost do not occur during collision since it not only provides satisfactory strength and stiffness but also has high elongation with synthetic resin and fiber composite reinforcing materials generating synergies, and especially by having excellent impact resistance since fiber composite reinforcing materials take the shape of a hollow section.. .
Curable resin composition and cured product thereof
Provided is a curable resin composition capable of forming a cured product which has excellent heat resistance, transparency, and flexibility and particularly excels in reflow resistance and barrier properties to a corrosive gas. The curable resin composition includes a ladder-type polyorganosilsesquioxane and an isocyanurate compound such as a triglycidyl isocyanurate compound, a monoallyl diglycidyl isocyanurate compound, a diallyl monoglycidyl isocyanurate compound, or a triallyl isocyanurate compound..
Compound for optoelectronic device, organic light-emitting diode including same, and display device including organic light-emitting diode
Disclosed are a compound for an organic optoelectronic device, an organic light emitting diode including the same, and a display device including the organic light emitting diode. The compound for an organic optoelectronic device represented by a combination of the following chemical formula 1 and chemical formula 2 provides an organic light emitting diode having life-span characteristics due to excellent electrochemical and thermal stability, and high luminous efficiency at a low driving voltage..
Organic electroluminescent display device and circularly polarizing plate
The objective of the present invention is to provide: a circularly polarizing plate which comprises a λ/4 retardation film and has excellent visibility, excellent durability (resistance to image unevenness) and excellent resistance to panel deterioration (flatness) after storage in a high-temperature high-humidity environment for a long period of time; and an organic electroluminescent display device which uses the circularly polarizing plate. This organic electroluminescent display device comprises, from the viewing side, a protective film, a polarizer, a λ/4 retardation film and an organic electroluminescent element in this order, and is characterized in that at least one surface of the λ/4 retardation film has a layer a which has a storage modulus of from 100 mpa to 500 mpa (inclusive)..
Method of preparing organic light-emitting device, substrate for transiting inorganic layer, and organic light-emitting device
A method of preparing an organic light-emitting device having excellent sealing characteristics against external environment and flexibility.. .
Adhesive film
An adhesive film, a method for preparing an adhesive film, and an organic electronic device are provided. According to the adhesive film in exemplary embodiments of the present invention, fluidity of an adhesive can be controlled in the case of applying the adhesive between objects to be subsequently adhered to each other and then thermal-compressing by including an adhesive layer with cured side faces contacting with the outside.
Colored photosensitive composition
The present invention provides a dye that is excellent in solubility and heat-resistance, and a novel compound that is suitable for the dye, and specifically provides a yellow dye having a maximum absorption wavelength in the region of 420 to 470 nm. Furthermore, the present invention provides a colored (alkali-developable) photosensitive composition and an optical filter using the dye, and specifically provides a color filter that does not decrease luminance and thus is preferable for an image display device such as a liquid crystal display panel.
Diketopyrrolopyrrole polymers for use in organic semiconductor devices
The present invention relates to polymers (i), or (ii), and their use as organic semiconductor in organic devices, especially in organic photovoltaics (solar cells) and photodiodes, or in a device containing a diode and/or an organic field effect transistor. The polymers according to the invention have excellent solubility in organic solvents and excellent film-forming properties.
Unsaturated polyester resin composition and encapsulated motor
The present invention is an unsaturated polyester resin composition comprising an unsaturated polyester (a), a monomer (b) having one polymerizable carbon-carbon double bond, a monomer (c) having two or more of (meth)acrylate groups, a filler (d) having high thermal conductivity, a glass fiber (e), a low profile additive (f), a curing agent (g), and a polymerization inhibitor (h), wherein the ratio by weight of the ingredient (b) to the ingredient (c) is from 50:50 to 75:25 and the unsaturated polyester resin composition comprises 400 to 1400 parts by weight of the ingredient (d) based on the total 100 parts by weight of the ingredients (a), (b), and (c). This unsaturated polyester resin composition has excellent curing properties without losing storage stability which can be used to provide a cured product having a low mold shrinkage ratio and high thermal conductivity..
Composite cup structure
An improved composite cup structure, which comprising: an inner plastic cup and an outer paper cup; of which the composite cup is manufactured from paper and plastics by a ratio of 7:3; the rims of both inner plastic cup and outer paper cup are provided with outwards curled edges, in particular, the curled edge of the inner plastic cup is slightly larger than that of the outer paper cup, and a flat surface is formed on the top; besides, an extension sheet of any shape is formed on the curled edge towards the cup bottom; when the inner and outer cups are overlapped, the curled edge of the inner plastic cup could cover the curled edge of the outer paper cup, thus forming a heat-insulating, leak-proofing composite cup of excellent strength; the extension sheet contributes to the separation of inner and outer cups for classification and recycling.. .
Pentaerythritol core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer and its preparation method
A pentaerythritol core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer, its preparation method and application are provided. A preparation method of the pentaerythritol core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer (peta-ada-12po3h2) comprises steps of processing michael addition reaction on pentaerythritol tetraacrylate (c(ch2ococh2=ch2)4) and alkylidene diamine (nh2ch2(ch2)nnh2), wherein n is an integer from 1 to 5, so as to obtain pentaerythritol core, amino group terminated dendrimer, and modifying the amino group by methylene phosphonic acid to obtain the peta-ada-12po3h2 having a chemical formula of c[ch2ococh2ch2n(ch2po3h2)ch2(ch2)nn(ch2po3h2)2]4, wherein n is an integer from 1 to 5.
Trimethylolpropane core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer and its preparation method
A trimethylolpropane core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer and its preparation method are provided, and a preparation method thereof comprises steps of processing michael addition reaction on trimethylolpropane triacrylate (ch3ch2c(ch2ococh2═ch2)3) and alkylidene diamine (nh2ch2(ch2)nnh2), wherein n is an integer from 1 to 5, so as to obtain trimethylolpropane core, amino group terminated dendrimer, and modifying the amino group by methylene phosphonic acid to obtain the trimethylolpropane core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer having a chemical formula of ch3ch2c[ch2ococh2ch2n(ch2po3h2)ch2(ch2)nn(ch2po3h2)2]3, wherein n is an integer from 1 to 5. The trimethylolpropane core, phosphonic acid terminated dendrimer has high calcium tolerance, and excellent inhibiting efficiency of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and barium sulfate, which is applied in inhibiting the formation and deposition in industrial water systems of circulating cooling water, oilfield flooding and reverse osmosis, and particularly suitable for water treatment with high calcium tolerance..
Bath for surface treatment, method of producing surface-treated steel plate by using the bath for surface treatment, and surface-treated steel plate produced by the same method
To provide a bath for surface treatment capable of forming a surface-treating film having excellent corrosion resistance by a high-speed electrolytic treatment, and a method of producing a surface-treated steel plate having excellent corrosion resistance and closely adhering property to the coating maintaining good productivity. A bath for surface treatment used for forming a surface-treating film on the surface of a steel plate by cathodic electrolysis, the bath for surface treatment containing zr and/or ti, and a polycarboxylic acid..
Waterproof sound transmitting sheet, and method for producing same
Disclosed herein is a waterproof sound-transmitting sheet, the thickness of which can easily be adjusted and which has a high sound transmitting efficiency and excellent waterproofness, and a method for producing same. The waterproof sound-transmitting sheet, which is attached to a sound hole of a case, includes: a support layer made of a film-shaped porous material and formed in the case; and a waterproofing layer formed on one side of the support layer in the shape of a porous nanoweb in which fine fiber strands are crosswisely layered and exposed to the outside of the case..
Polyol for improving sweep efficiency in oil reservoirs
The proposed method is an improved chemical flooding of an oil reservoir, especially one containing heavy oil or bitumen, that is cheaper than traditional chemical flooding techniques. This is obtained by viscosifying the displacing phase with a polyol, such as glycerol and/or its derivatives.
Heavy-duty tire
Disclosed is a heavy duty tire exhibiting satisfactory anti-cut resistance and low heat generation property, as well as excellent resistance to crack growth toward inside of the tire. This invention is characterized by a tire side portion (2) containing a rubber composition that includes 0.1-30 parts by mass of an orientation material oriented in a circumferential direction of the tire, per 100 parts by mass of a rubber component.
Semiconductor electrode comprising a blocking layer
The present invention provides a porous semiconductor electrode passivated by way of a layer applied by an atomic layer deposition (ald) process. The semiconductor electrode can be advantageously used in dye-sensitized solar cells (dscs) having increase open current voltages (voc).
False eyelashes and manufacturing method therefor
One aspect of the present invention relates to a method for manufacturing false eyelashes, and the false eyelashes in which an false eyelash part and an attachment part are integrally formed by injection molding, wherein the method comprises the steps of: preparing a mold; preparing a thermoplastic elastomer resin; and injecting the thermoplastic elastomer resin into an injection molding machine on which the mold is mounted so as to perform injection molding. The method for manufacturing the false eyelashes of the present invention has excellent production and economic feasibility, the quality of the manufactured false eyelashes is uniform, and the false eyelashes manufactured by the manufacturing method have excellent shape stability, elasticity, and can be provided in various colors and designs..

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