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Piezoelectric device, ultrasound probe, droplet discharge device, and piezoelectric device fabrication method

Konica Minolta

Piezoelectric device, ultrasound probe, droplet discharge device, and piezoelectric device fabrication method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Excel-related patents
 Nonwoven fabric for absorbent, and absorbent article patent thumbnailNonwoven fabric for absorbent, and absorbent article
Provided is nonwoven fabric for absorbents which has excellent diffusing properties. This nonwoven fabric is for absorbents that comprise cellulosic fibers, which are hydrophilic fibers, and is characterized by having an upper surface and a lower surface which is on the reverse side therefrom and by having, in the upper surface, ridges and grooves which extend in the lengthwise direction and are arranged alternately along the width direction.
Unicharm Corporation
 Piezoelectric device, ultrasound probe, droplet discharge device, and piezoelectric device fabrication method patent thumbnailPiezoelectric device, ultrasound probe, droplet discharge device, and piezoelectric device fabrication method
In a piezoelectric device, an ultrasound probe, and a droplet discharge unit of the present invention, each of a pair of first and second electrodes is placed on a piezoelectric member having a single orientation in a direction perpendicular to a thickness direction thereof to extend in a direction perpendicular to the thickness direction or along the thickness direction and in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the orientation. Therefore, the piezoelectric device of the present invention has excellent piezoelectric properties.
Konica Minolta, Inc.
 Methods of preparing low molecular weight carbosilanes and precursors thereof patent thumbnailMethods of preparing low molecular weight carbosilanes and precursors thereof
A series of silicon compounds are provided, which are excellent precursors to small carbosilanes, such as 1,3,5-trisilapentane, 2,4,6-trisilaheptane, tris(silylmethyl)silane and tetrakis(silylmethyl)silane. A method of preparing a carbosilane involves forming a grignard, lithium, or metallic reagent from a halomethyltrialkoxysilane, reacting the grignard, lithium, or metallic reagent with a dihalodihydridosilane, a trihalohydridosilane, a tetrahalosilane, a dialkoxydihydridosilane, a trialkoxyhydridosilane, or a tetraalkoxysilane to yield a carbosilane precursor, and reducing the precursor to form the carbosilane..
Gelest Technologies, Inc.
 Production  polyarylene sulfide, cyclic polyarylene sulfide pellet and production method thereof patent thumbnailProduction polyarylene sulfide, cyclic polyarylene sulfide pellet and production method thereof
A production method includes a process (i) of heating a cyclic polyarylene sulfide composition under reduced pressure and a process (ii) of heating and polymerizing a cyclic polyarylene sulfide composition. This simple method allows for production of a polyarylene sulfide of the higher molecular weight and can produce a polyarylene sulfide having a narrow molecular weight distribution, low gas generation and high industrial usability.
Toray Industries, Inc.
 Polycarbonate-polysiloxane copolymer, and  preparing same patent thumbnailPolycarbonate-polysiloxane copolymer, and preparing same
The present invention relates to a polycarbonate-polysiloxane copolymer containing a polysiloxane unit. The polycarbonate-polysiloxane copolymer of the present invention includes an aliphatic terminal having a specific carbon number, thereby having excellent impact properties at low temperature, and high transparency..
Cheil Industries Inc.
 Prepreg comprising polyphenylene ether particles patent thumbnailPrepreg comprising polyphenylene ether particles
Provided is a prepreg suffering little resin particle fall-off and little resin peeling during prepreg production and during handling in order to have excellent dielectric properties for ppe and favorable adhesiveness. A ppe-containing prepreg constituted of a base material and a curable resin composition including ppe particles, wherein the prepreg is characterized in that (1) ppe extracted from the prepreg using a mixed solvent of toluene and methanol in a mass ratio of 95:5 includes ppe particles (a) insoluble in the mixed solvent, (2) the amount of ppe contained in the ppe particles (a) is 70 mass % or higher, and (3) the number-average molecular weight of the ppe contained in the ppe particles (a) is 8,000-40,000..
Asahi Kasei E-materials Corporation
 Polycarbonate resin composition having good chemical resistance patent thumbnailPolycarbonate resin composition having good chemical resistance
A polycarbonate resin composition includes (a) a polycarbonate resin, (b) syndiotactic polystyrene, and (c) modified polyolefin compound including a polar functional group on a polyolefin backbone. The polycarbonate resin compositions can have excellent chemical resistance, impact resistance, weathering resistance, fatigue resistance, thermal stability, mechanical properties, transparency, and/or molding processability..
Cheil Industries Inc.
 Pest control agents for honeybee parasitic pests, and pest control  honeybee parasitic pests using the pest control agents patent thumbnailPest control agents for honeybee parasitic pests, and pest control honeybee parasitic pests using the pest control agents
A pest control method for honeybee parasitic pests has been found, which is highly safe to honeybees and demonstrates excellent pest control effects against honeybee parasitic pests by using a honeybee parasitic pest control agent containing at least one of a compound represented by formula (i) and acid addition salts thereof.. .
Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd.
 Lubricating oil composition for transmissions patent thumbnailLubricating oil composition for transmissions
The present invention provides a lubricating oil composition for transmissions which is improved in fuel saving properties and has excellent metal fatigue prevention properties and heat resistance. The lubricating oil composition comprises (a) a mineral base oil having a 100° c.
Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation
 Resin composition for golf ball and golf ball patent thumbnailResin composition for golf ball and golf ball
The present invention provides a resin composition for golf balls that is excellent in resilience, flexibility, and fluidity. The present invention also provides a golf ball excellent in resilience, shot feeling, and productivity.
Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.

Diketopyrrolopyrrole polymers for use in organic field effect transistors

The present invention relates to polymers comprising a repeating unit of the formula i, or iii and their use as organic semiconductor in organic devices, especially an organic field effect transistor (ofet), or a device containing a diode and/or an organic field effect transistor. The polymers according to the invention have excellent solubility in organic solvents and excellent film-forming properties.
Basf Se

Hydrocarbon synthase gene and use thereof

A hydrocarbon synthase gene encoding protein having excellent capacity to synthesize a hydrocarbon such as alkane and novel functions is provided. The gene encodes a protein comprising an amino acid sequence comprising a motif sequence shown in seq id no: 1 and having activity of synthesizing a hydrocarbon with a carbon number one less than that of an aldehyde compound from the aldehyde compound..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Propylene/alpha-olefin copolymer and uses thereof

Provided are a propylene-based polymer useful for providing a toner that is excellent in offset resistance, can be fixed by using a low-temperature heating element and hardly has stickiness even after stored for a long period of time; and a toner including said propylene-based polymer. The present invention is directed to a propylene/α-olefin copolymer (a) which includes 60 to 90 mol % of structural units derived from propylene (a) and 10 to 40 mol % of structural units derived from α-olefins having 4 or more carbon atom (b) wherein (a)+(b)=100 mol % and which satisfies: (i) a weight average molecular weight (mw) as measured by gpc of 3,000 to 40, 000; (ii) a melting point (tm) as measured by dsc of 60 to 90° c.; and (iii) a half width of a crystalline melting point peak as measured by dsc of 1 to 20° c..
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

Electrolyte solution for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery

Disclosed is an electrolyte solution used for a lithium secondary battery having high capacity, less undergoing aging deterioration of capacity, and also excellent in life characteristic. The electrolyte solution used for a lithium secondary battery contains a compound having a trivalent or higher boron formed by incorporation of a boroxine compound represented by (ro)3(bo)3 in which r(s) each represent independently an organic group of 1 to 6 carbon atoms and lipf6, and a non-aqueous solvent..
Hitachi, Ltd.

Organic/inorganic composite porous separator and preparation method thereof and electrochemical device

The present disclosure provides an organic/inorganic composite porous separator and a preparation method thereof and an electrochemical device. The organic/inorganic composite porous separator comprises: a porous substrate; and an organic/inorganic composite porous coating coated on at least one surface of the porous substrate; the organic/inorganic composite porous coating comprises inorganic particles, an adhesive and organic particles with at least two swelling degrees, and the organic particles are swollen by a plasticizer.
Ningde Amperex Technology Limited

Tin-plated copper-alloy material for terminal having excellent insertion/extraction performance

A tin-plated copper-alloy terminal material wherein: a sn-based surface layer formed on a surface of a substrate made of cu alloy, and a cu—sn alloy layer/a ni—sn alloy layer/a ni or ni alloy layer are formed in sequence from the sn-based surface layer between the sn-based surface layer and the substrate; the cu—sn alloy layer is a compound-alloy layer containing cu6sn5 as a main component and a part of cu in the cu6sn5 is displaced by ni; the ni—sn alloy layer is a compound-alloy layer containing ni3sn4 as a main component and a part of ni in the ni3sn4 is displaced by cu; an arithmetic average roughness ra of the cu—sn alloy layer is 0.3 μm or more in at least one direction and arithmetic average roughness ra in all directions is 1.0 μm or less; an oil-sump depth rvk of the cu—sn alloy layer is 0.5 μm or more.. .
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Resin composition, prepreg, and metal foil-clad laminate

Provided are a resin composition that can realize a prepreg, a metal foil-clad laminate and the like high in light reflectance in an ultraviolet region and in a visible light region, small in the reduction in light reflectance due to a heating treatment and a light irradiation treatment, good in peel strength of metal foil, also excellent in heat resistance after moisture absorption, also good in outer appearance, and also excellent in preservation stability, and a prepreg, a metal foil-clad laminate and the like using the same. The resin composition of the present invention contains at least an epoxy-modified silicone compound (a), a branched imide resin (b) having an isocyanurate group and a carboxyl group, a phosphorus curing accelerator (c), titanium dioxide (d) and a dispersant (e).
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.

Shaped and coated metallic material, composite body produced by bonding shaped and coated metallic material to molded article of thermoplastic resin composition, and producing said composite body

The present invention relates to a shaped and coated metallic material which has excellent adhesion to a molded article of a thermoplastic resin composition and can be produced in a simple manner. The shaped and coated metallic material comprises a shaped metallic material and a coating film formed on the surface of the shaped metallic material.
Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd.

Aerated composite materials, methods of production and uses thereof

The invention provides novel aerated composite materials that possess excellent physical and performance characteristics of aerated concretes, and methods of production and uses thereof. These composite materials can be readily produced from widely available, low cost raw materials by a process suitable for large-scale production with improved energy consumption, desirable carbon footprint and minimal environmental impact..

Resin composition for fuel tubes, and fuel tube

A resin composition for fuel tubes includes an aromatic polyamide resin (a), an aliphatic polyamide resin (b), and an aminoethylated acrylic polymer (c), wherein a polyamide resin obtained by an amine-exchange reaction between (a) and (b) is contained, and at least one selected from the group consisting of the polyamide resin, (a), and (b) is bound to (c). The resin composition for fuel tubes can achieve both resistance to calcium chloride and fuel barrier properties at the same time and has excellent molding processability..
Sumitomo Riko Company Limited

Surface-treated aluminum plate, organic-resin-coated surface -treated aluminum plate, can body and can lid formed by using the same

A surface-treated aluminum plate obtained by forming, on at least one surface of an aluminum plate, a conversion-coated layer that contains a polyester resin and a zirconium compound or a titanium compound. The surface-treated aluminum plate excellently adheres to an organic resin coating and can be used as a material for producing cans featuring excellent corrosion resistance and shock resistance..
Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd.

Aqueous paint composition and manufacturing painted article

The first objective of the present invention is to provide an aqueous paint composition that can form a paint film with excellent smoothness, image clarity, adhesion and water resistance. This aqueous paint is characterized in comprising (a) an aqueous dispersion of an acrylic modified polyester resin, (b) a block polyisocyanate compound having a nonionic hydrophilic group, and (c) an aqueous dispersion of acrylic polymer fine particles..
Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.

Method for fireproofing textiles

Said method for fireproofing textiles includes the steps of immersing said textiles in said composition, and of heating, oxidising and then washing said textiles, which then have excellent human-ecological, comfort, and durable fireproofing properties.. .

Compositions and methods for sterilizing bioscaffolds

The present invention includes a composition for sterilizing a bioscaffold, comprising slightly acidic electrolyzed water (saew) as an active ingredient, and a method for sterilizing a bioscaffold using the same. The slightly acidic electrolyzed water according to the present invention has excellent effects on the sterilization of bioscaffolds and the removal of immunogenic antigens and a little effect on extracellular matrix, such as glycosaminoglycans or collagen.
Knu University-industry Cooperation Foundation

Method for producing liposome encapsulating paclitaxel monoglycoside and/or docetaxel monoglycoside

In order to reduce the side effects of paclitaxel derivatives having excellent anti-cancer effects, an attempt was made to produce a liposome encapsulating paclitaxel derivatives such as paclitaxel monoglycosides and docetaxel monoglycosides. However, the introduction efficiency of paclitaxel derivatives, etc., into a liposome was poor, and this technique was not developed to a practical level.
National University Corporation Okayama University

Method for producing inorganic oxide particles

The inorganic oxide particles obtained by the method of the present invention have high purity and are excellent in flowability.. .

Exhaust gas purification catalyst, exhaust gas purification device and filter, and production said catalyst

Provided is an exhaust gas purification catalyst having high catalytic activity enabling combustion of pm (particulate matter) at low temperatures and excellent thermal resistance, an exhaust gas purification device and filter having high combustion efficiency of pm and excellent durability, and a method for producing the catalyst. The exhaust gas purification catalyst of the present invention is composite oxide particles containing at least one alkali metal, si, and zr..
Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd.

Maraging steel excellent in fatigue characteristics

Provided is a maraging steel excellent in fatigue characteristics, including, in terms of % by mass: c: ≦0.015%, ni: from 12.0 to 20.0%, mo: from 3.0 to 6.0%, co: from 5.0 to 13.0%, al: from 0.01 to 0.3%, ti: from 0.2 to 2.0%, o: ≦0.0020%, n: ≦0.0020%, and zr: from 0.001 to 0.02%, with the balance being fe and unavoidable impurities.. .
Daido Steel Co., Ltd.

Ball end mill

A ball end mill, which includes long and short cutting edges alternately formed, shows excellent chip discharge performance without sacrificing strength. An even number of cutting edges are formed at intervals in a circumferential direction on a front end of an end mill body rotated about an axis and have rotation trajectories formed around the axis that form a hemispherical shape.
Mitsubishi Materials Corporation

Laminate-type ceramic electronic component

A laminate-type ceramic electric component such as laminated ceramic capacitor which has excellent mechanical strength and also has thermal shock resistance at the same time is provided. A laminate-type ceramic electronic component comprises an inner layer part, in which dielectric layers comprising abo3 (which represents a perovskite crystal in which a contains at least ba and b contains at least ti) as a main component and internal electrode layers are alternately laminated; and a pair of outer layer parts which sandwich the inner layer part, wherein the outer layer parts comprise a continuous film containing a ba—si—ti—o based crystal phase..
Tdk Corporation

Semiconductor testing apparatus

Provided is a probing testing apparatus of a semiconductor wafer with excellent repeatability and ease of maintenance. A gas injection port supplying oxidation preventing gas for preventing oxidation of a probe needle is provided on an inner side wall of a shielding structure mounted to a wafer probing stage within a prober so as to surround an outer side surface of a wafer.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Semiconductor light emitting device and multiple lead frame for semiconductor light emitting device

A semiconductor light emitting device that is excellent in radiating heat and that can be molded into a sealing shape having intended optical characteristics by die molding is provided. The semiconductor light emitting device includes: a lead frame including a plate-like semiconductor light emitting element mounting portion having an led chip mounted on a main surface, and a plate-like metal wire connecting portion extending over a same plane as the semiconductor light emitting element mounting portion; a metal wire electrically connecting the led chip and the metal wire connecting portion; a thermosetting resin molded by die molding or dam-sheet molding so as to completely cover the led chip and the metal wire; and a resin portion provided to surround the lead frame and having the thickness not greater than the thickness of the lead frame..
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Organic el panel and manufacturing same

An organic el panel including an organic light-emitting layer with a miniaturized structure formed by a wet process, allowing for excellent light-emitting characteristics, and a method for manufacturing the same. Specifically, the display panel includes: a substrate; first electrodes arranged above the substrate along a first and second direction intersecting with each other; a first, second, and third organic light-emitting layer arranged above the first electrodes so as to be adjacent to each other in the second direction, and each containing an organic light-emitting material corresponding to a different emission color; a first bank separating the first and the second layer; a second bank separating the second and the third layer; and a second electrode disposed above the first, the second, and the third layer and being different in polarity from the first electrodes.
Panasonic Corporation

Organic electric light emitting element, material for said element, and light emitting device, display device, and illumination device employing said element

An organic electroluminescent element including a substrate, a pair of electrodes including an anode and a cathode, disposed on the substrate, and at least one organic layer including a light emitting layer, disposed between the electrodes, in which the organic layer includes a compound represented by the following general formula (1), has high luminous efficiency, excellent blue color purity, and a small change in the chromaticity due to deterioration by driving, wherein cy, dn1, ac1, l1, l2, l3, ring z1, u1, q1, n1, m1, a11, and a12 are as defined herein.. .
Udc Ireland Limited

Heterocyclic compound and organic light- emitting device comprising the same

The heterocyclic compound represented by formula 1 has excellent light emitting characteristics and high charge transporting capabilities.. .

Charge-transporting varnish

A charge-transporting thin film having excellent flatness can be obtained with good repeatability using the charge-transporting varnish of the present invention, which contains: a charge transportation substance comprising a charge-transporting monomer or a charge-transporting oligomer or polymer having a number-average molecular weight of 200-50,000, or a charge transporting material comprising the charge transportation substance and a dopant substance; and a mixed solvent including at least one type of good solvent and at least one type of poor solvent; the absolute value of the boiling point difference Δt° c. Of the good solvent and the poor solvent satisfying the relation .

Method of preparing cathode active material precursor for lithium rechargeable battery, cathode active material precursor for lithium rechargeable battery prepared thereby, and cathode active material formed using the cathode active material precursor

According to the present invention, the method of preparing a cathode active material precursor for a lithium secondary battery controls the concentration of a concentration gradient part and a shell part in a precursor to obtain a desired concentration of a transition metal in the shell part. As a result, a metal composition is distributed in a continuous concentration gradient from the interface between the core part and the shell part to the surface of the cathode active material, thereby a cathode active material with excellent thermal stability..

Cover material for packaging container for retortion

Provided is a cover material for packaging contains for retort sterilization which comes to exhibit excellent sealing strength through low-temperature, short-time heat sealing. The cover material for packaging containers for retort sterilization is constituted of a multilayered laminate obtained by superposing a base layer, an interlayer, and a sealing layer in this order, and is characterized in that the base layer is constituted of a laminated film obtained by laminating a polyethylene terephthalate film or polybutylene terephthalate film to an aluminum foil and the aluminum foil of the base layer has been laminated to the interlayer with a polyurethane-based adhesive or a polyester-based adhesive, and that the aluminum foil has a thickness of 7-40 μm, the polyethylene terephthalate film or the polybutylene terephthalate film has a thickness of 6-18 μm, the interlayer has a thickness of 10-100 μm, and the sealing layer has a thickness of 3-20 μm..
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

Nonwoven sheet, process for producing the same, and filter

A nonwoven sheet contains a substrate layer formed from a fiber aggregate nonwoven structural member; the fiber aggregate nonwoven structural member containing a thermal adhesive fiber; the thermal adhesive fibers are melt-bonded to fix the fibers of the member. The average thickness of the substrate layer is adjusted to not less than 0.2 mm to less than 1 mm, and the thermal adhesive fibers are substantially uniformly melt-bonded in a surface direction of the substrate layer.
Kuraray Co., Ltd.

Metal container washing apparatus

The object of the present invention is to provide a metal container washing apparatus which can obtain hydrogen peroxide for generating hydroxyl radicals and electrolytes using a simple configuration and a simple method and which is small and has excellent portability and storability, and the present invention provides a washing apparatus that washes a metal container of the present invention includes a negative electrode that applies a negative voltage to a metal container to which a washing solution, in which a hydrogen peroxide generating agent generating hydrogen peroxide when dissolved in water is dissolved, is added; a positive electrode that applies a positive voltage to the washing solution; and a power supply that applies a voltage between the negative electrode and the positive electrode, and the inner surface in the container is washed with hydroxyl radicals generated at the time of application of the voltage. It is possible to obtain both of hydrogen peroxide that generates hydroxyl radicals having a strong decomposition ability with respect to stains and electrolytes that allow the washing solution to be electrolyzed with a low voltage such as a voltage that supplied by a battery..
Thermos K.k.

Synthetic suppressing metal nano-particle from having oxidized film and manufacturing conductive metal thin film via solution-processed

Provided is a method of manufacturing a conductive metal thin film, the method including: a) heating and stirring a first solution containing a metal precursor, acid, amine, and a reducing agent to synthesize metal nano-particles on which formation of a surface oxide film is suppressed; b) dispersing the metal nano-particles synthesize in step a) in a non-aqueous solvent to prepare a conductive ink composition; c) applying the conductive ink composition onto an insulating substrate; and d) heat-treating the insulating substrate applied with the ink composition to form a conductive metal thin film. With the method of manufacturing a conductive metal thin film according to the present invention, large area conductive thin film may be manufactured as compared with the existing conductive ink composition based on noble metal nano-particles.
Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology

Boron-added high strength steel for bolt and high strength bolt having excellent delayed fracture resistance

Provided are: a boron-added high strength steel for bolt excellent in delayed fracture resistance even having a tensile strength of 1100 mpa or more without addition of large amounts of expensive alloy elements such as cr and mo: and a high strength bolt made from the boron-added high strength steel for bolt. The high strength steel for bolt contains c of 0.23% to less than 0.40%, si of 0.23% to 1.50%, mn of 0.30% to 1.45%, p of 0.03% or less (excluding 0%), s of 0.03% or less (excluding 0%), cr of 0.05% to 1.5%, v of 0.02% to 0.30%, ti of 0.02% to 0.1%, b of 0.0003% to 0.0050%, al of 0.01% to 0.10%, and n of 0.002% to 0.010%, with the remainder being iron and inevitable impurities.
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

Grey cast iron having excellent durability

Disclosed is grey cast iron having an excellent durability and comprising carbon (c) in an amount of about 2.6 to 3.2 wt %, copper (cu) in an amount of about 0.7 to 0.9 wt %, phosphorus (p) in an amount of about 0.4 to 0.7 wt %, molybdenum (mo) in an amount of about 0.2 to 0.4 wt %, tin (sn) in an amount of about 0.02 to 0.08 wt %, and a balance of iron (fe) and trace amounts of unavoidable impurities, and a method for production thereof. The present invention improves tensile strength, fatigue strength, and the like and further reduces friction coefficient of the grey cast iron as compared with a conventional material.
Hyundai Motor Company

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