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Evaporator patents


This page is updated frequently with new Evaporator-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Evaporator-related patents
 System and  thermally robust energy storage system patent thumbnailSystem and thermally robust energy storage system
Various systems for cooling a battery cell array are described. In one example an energy storage system includes a housing enclosing a battery cell array, an evaporator, and a circulating pump.
Allison Transmission, Inc.

 Fuel cell module patent thumbnailFuel cell module
An object is to provide a highly efficient and small-sized fuel cell module. To achieve this object, a cell stack 10, a reformer 20, and an evaporator 30 are accommodated together in a casing 50.
Sumitomo Precision Products Co., Ltd.

 Refrigerator and  controlling the same patent thumbnailRefrigerator and controlling the same
A refrigerator includes a main body having a storage compartment, a door provided at the main body, a refrigerating portion which refrigerates the storage compartment using a compressor, a condenser, a depressurizer and an evaporator which are connected with a refrigerant pipe, and a heat transfer portion having a first flow passage portion which is disposed adjacent to the refrigerant pipe of the refrigerating portion and receives heat from the refrigerant pipe, and a second flow passage portion which is disposed at a front surface of the main body with which the door comes in contact and to which heat of the first flow passage portion is transferred. As a first cycle for refrigerating the storage compartment and a second cycle for providing heat to the front surface of the main body are provided separately preventing a decrease in refrigerating capability and an increase in power consumption..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Water distribution system for ice-making machine patent thumbnailWater distribution system for ice-making machine
The assembly of the present disclosure includes a one-piece, molded or formed water distribution tube and an evaporator component or top. The tube connects to the evaporator component without the use of any additional fasteners such as metal screws.
Manitowoc Foodservice Companies, Llc

 Apparatuses, systems, and methods of variable frequency drive operation and control patent thumbnailApparatuses, systems, and methods of variable frequency drive operation and control
An exemplary system includes a compressor, a condenser, an expander, and an evaporator fluidly coupled to form a vapor-compression circuit, and an electric motor configured to drive the compressor. An inverter having a plurality of switching elements is configured to provide an output voltage to the electric motor through operation of the switching elements.
Trane International Inc.

 Active refrigerant charge compensation for refrigeration and air conditioning systems patent thumbnailActive refrigerant charge compensation for refrigeration and air conditioning systems
A variable refrigerant charge refrigeration/air conditioner system is described that allows the refrigerant charge for the system to be altered based on operating or environmental factors. The system includes a main refrigerant loop holding a volume of refrigerant corresponding to a first level of refrigerant charge, a compressor in the main refrigerant loop, a condenser in the main refrigerant loop, and an evaporator in the main refrigerant loop.

 Fin-coil design for dual suction air conditioning unit patent thumbnailFin-coil design for dual suction air conditioning unit
An evaporator system that includes: a first evaporator coil at a first evaporator temperature and pressure; a second evaporator coil at a second evaporator temperature and pressure that is less than the first evaporator temperature and pressure where the first evaporator and second evaporator are configured to be thermally disjointed; and a plurality of thermally conductive spaced apart evaporator fins having a plurality of spaced apart thermal break portions positioned between the first evaporator coil and the second evaporator coil that thermally disjoin the first evaporator and the second evaporator.. .
Whirlpool Corporation

 Combined condensor and evaporator patent thumbnailCombined condensor and evaporator
A combined evaporator and condenser (1100) is manufactured from a number of stacked heat exchanger plates (980) provided with a pressed pattern of ridges and grooves for keeping the plates on a distance from one another for creating interplate flow channels (1180, 1200). The evaporator portion (1120, 1150) of the combined evaporator and condenser (1100) has a coolant outlet (1210) connectable to an expansion valve (r), and a connection between the condensor portion and the expansion valve (r) runs through the evaporator portion.
Swep International Ab

 Level control in an evaporator patent thumbnailLevel control in an evaporator
A heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (hvac) a falling film evaporator in flow communication with a condenser. The falling film evaporator includes a separator to separate vapor from liquid refrigerant and a plurality of evaporator tubes through which a volume of thermal energy transfer medium is flowed.
Carrier Corporation

 Adsorption heat pump system and cooling generation method patent thumbnailAdsorption heat pump system and cooling generation method
An adsorption heat pump system comprises an evaporator that evaporates an adsorbate; a first adsorption device that adsorbs the adsorbate of the evaporator and generates cooling in the evaporator; and a second adsorption device that adsorbs the adsorbate that was adsorbed by the first adsorption device and generates cooling in the first adsorption device.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Chuo Kenkyusho


Heat pump water heater

An energy efficient heat pump system capable of operating in extreme low and high temperature environments. The heat pump system includes an evaporator, a heater operatively associated with the evaporator, compressor and condenser.
Drexel University


Showcase cooling device

There is disclosed a showcase cooling device which is capable of cooling all of a plurality of showcases with no difficulty, while suppressing a power consumption of a compressor. A showcase cooling device 1 distributes and supplies a refrigerant discharged from a compressor to evaporators disposed in a plurality of showcases 3a to 3h, and comprises chamber inside temperature sensors which detect chamber inside temperatures of the showcases 3a to 3h, respectively, and control means for controlling an operation of the compressor, and this control means controls the operation of the compressor on the basis of the chamber inside temperature of the showcase that is hardest to cool among the respective showcases 3a to 3h..
Sanden Holdings Corporation


Device for heat transport with two-phase fluid

A heat transport device with a diphasic working fluid contained in a general closed circuit, includes an evaporator having a microporous body suitable for providing capillary pumping of liquid phase fluid; a condenser; a tank having an inner space, with a liquid portion and a gas portion; and an inlet/outlet arranged at the liquid portion, wherein the volume of the liquid portion can vary between a minimum volume and a maximum volume. The gas portion of the tank contains the vapor phase of the working fluid, at a first partial pressure, and a noncondensable auxiliary gas at a second partial pressure, wherein the second partial pressure is greater than the first partial pressure, at least when the liquid portion is at the minimum volume thereo..
Euro Heat Pipes


Evaporator, rankine cycle apparatus, and combined heat and power system

An evaporator which heats working fluid with high-temperature fluid to evaporate the working fluid includes: a working fluid channel which is arranged in a flow direction of the high temperature fluid and through which the working fluid flows; and a temperature sensor which is provided for the working fluid channel. A part of the working fluid channel is exposed to outside of a housing of the evaporator, and the temperature sensor is provided in the part of the working fluid channel exposed to the outside of the housing of the evaporator in a region other than an inlet of the working fluid channel into which the working fluid flows from the outside of the evaporator and other than an outlet of the working fluid channel through which the working fluid flows out of the evaporator.
Panasonic Intellctual Property Management Co., Ltd


Process for treating waters produced or collected from the oil extraction in mining operations and reducing the tendency of calcium scaling of process equipment

Oil sands process water (ospw) is directed to an evaporator that evaporates the ospw and produces steam and a concentrated brine. The ospw includes alkalinity and calcium hardness.
Veolia Water Technologies, Inc.


Air conditioning device for vehicle and air conditioning control vehicle

An air conditioning device for vehicle includes a refrigeration cycle including a compressor for sucking, compressing and discharging a refrigerant, a condenser for condensing the high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant discharged from the compressor, an expansion valve for decompressing the refrigerant condensed in the condenser and an evaporator for evaporating the refrigerant through heat exchange between the refrigerant reduced in pressure by the expansion valve and surrounding air. This air conditioning device for vehicle increases an operation rate of the compressor more than that before a vehicle speed drops below a first permitted vehicle speed higher than a fuel cut recovery vehicle speed when an air conditioner is on, at which the compressor is actuated, when the vehicle speed drops below the first permitted vehicle speed during the deceleration of a vehicle associated with a fuel cut..
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.


Compressor diagnostic and protection system and method

A method is provided that includes installing a compressor in a refrigeration system and determining a condenser temperature difference using processing circuitry. The method also includes checking for an overcharge condition or a condenser fan blockage condition when the condenser temperature difference is greater than a high condenser temperature difference value.
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.


Capacity modulating an expansion device of a hvac system

Methods, systems and apparatuses are directed to a capacity modulating assembly configured to distribute two-phase refrigerant mixture to an evaporator of a hvac system, such as a micro-channel heat exchanger (mchex) evaporator. The capacity modulating assembly may include a plurality of expansion devices.
Trane International Inc.


Active insulation hybrid dual evaporator with rotating fan

An appliance having a fresh food storage compartment and a freezer compartment. The appliance includes a forced air coil system disposed between the fresh food storage compartment and the freezer compartment and is configured to selectively provide cooling to one or both of the at least one fresh food storage compartment and the at least one freezer compartment.
Whirlpool Corporation


Refrigeration cycle apparatus and controlling refrigeration cycle apparatus

A predicted value of a condensing temperature of refrigerant and a predicted value of an evaporating temperature of the refrigerant after a compressor is started or after an operating capacity of the compressor is changed are calculated based on a condensor suction air temperature, an evaporator suction air temperature, and a compressor operating capacity. Then, an opening degree to be set for an expansion valve is determined based on the predicted value, the predicted value, and the compressor operating capacity..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Methods and systems for detecting and recovering from control instability caused by impeller stall

Methods and systems for detecting and recovering from control instability caused by impeller stall in a chiller system are provided. In one embodiment, an impeller stall detection and recovery component of a chiller control unit calculates a control error signal frequency spectrum for an evaporator leaving water temperature, determines whether a high frequency signal content of the control error signal frequency spectrum exceeds acceptable limits, and adjusts a surge boundary control curve downward by a predetermined incremental value in order to resolve instability caused by impeller stall..
Trane International Inc.


Refrigerant cooling and lubrication system

Generally, apparatuses, systems, and methods are described to prime a refrigerant pump by decoupling or shielding from a condenser operation, such as for example the condenser water pump, so that liquid refrigerant can be appropriately sourced from the condenser and/or the evaporator using flow control device(s) such as a source valve on a source line of the condenser and/or on a source line of the evaporator and the control of such valve(s).. .
Trane International Inc.


Refrigerant cooling and lubrication system with refrigerant source access from an evaporator

Generally, apparatuses, systems, and methods are described that are directed to accessing liquid refrigerant from an evaporator to source a refrigerant pump and pump line to cool and lubricate such moving parts that may be part of the compressor, for example the compressor motor and the compressor bearings, and/or for cooling drives such as an adjustable or variable frequency drive.. .
Trane International Inc.


Air conditioning system with pre-cooler

The air conditioning system with pre-cooler includes a compressor; a condenser; an evaporator; a condensate reservoir to collect condensed water discharged from the evaporator; and a condensate pump associated with the condensate reservoir. In one embodiment, the system includes a single pre-cooler that uses condensate to precool air before it reaches the evaporator.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals


Blow through direct fired heating, a/c and erv

According to various aspects, exemplary embodiments are disclosed of blow through direct fired heaters including evaporator coils and/or energy recovery ventilation.. .
Cambridge Engineering, Inc.


Air conditioning apparatus

Art air conditioning apparatus includes a refrigerant circuit having a compressor, a radiator, an upstream side expansion valve, a receiver, a downstream side expansion valve, an evaporator, and a receiver gas vent pipe. Gas vent control is performed so that gas refrigerant is led from a receiver to the suction side of a compressor via a receiver gas vent pipe by opening a receiver gas vent valve.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.


Multi-stage duct fired heat recovery steam generator and methods of use

A high efficiency multi-stage duct fired heat recovery steam generator (hrsg) is provided to generate steam for use in thermal enhanced oil recovery (eor) applications. The hrsg is equipped with a plurality of duct burners in series and a plurality of evaporators for transferring heat from the duct burners to the water to generate steam, with at least one evaporator corresponding to each of the duct burners.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.


Control device and control vehicle

A vehicle control device includes: a controller configured to adjust a temperature of an evaporator constituting an air conditioning system of the vehicle to a target temperature; the controller being configured to automatically stop an engine when a predetermined engine automatic stop condition is satisfied; the controller being configured to automatically start the engine when at least the temperature of the evaporator reaches a predetermined temperature or higher during automatic stop of the engine, and the predetermined temperature being higher than the target temperature; and the controller being configured to set the target temperature of the evaporator to be lower when a vehicle speed is low than that when the vehicle speed is high.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Method for operating a waste heat utilization device

A method and a device for operating a waste heat utilization device for an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle is disclosed. The waste heat utilization device contains a waste heat utilization circuit in which a working medium circulates.
Daimler Ag


System and thermal management

A system includes a first unit. The first unit includes a condenser configured to condense a working fluid circulating in a rankine cycle.
General Electric Company


An evaporator for treating water

An evaporator having an external vessel and an inner cavity, and a heat exchanging tube assembly, the external vessel comprising an opening closable by a hatch, the heat exchanging tube assembly being insertable into and removable from the inner cavity through the opening. In oil production and in other industrial processes, waste water is often produced which requires treatment.
I.d.e. Technologies Ltd.


Evaporator array for a water treatment system

An evaporator array for a water treatment system, the evaporator array comprising a produced water feed and a first evaporator to receive produced water from the produced water feed, a makeup water feed and a second evaporator to receive makeup water from the makeup water feed, an output feed to receive distillate from the first evaporator and the second evaporator, and a blowdown feed to receive blowdown from the first evaporator and the second evaporator, wherein the first evaporator and the second evaporator each have a working ph, the working ph of the first evaporator being higher than that of the second evaporator.. .
I.d.e. Technologies Ltd.


Refrigerant circuit for a vehicle air-conditioning system and air-conditioning a vehicle interior

The invention relates to a refrigerant circuit (10) of a vehicle air-conditioning system (12), in particular for electric vehicles, comprising a compressor unit (14) which includes a first compressor (16) and a second compressor (18) arranged downstream for compressing a refrigerant (20), a condenser (22) for heating air (24) which can be supplied to a vehicle interior, a first pressure reducing unit (26) arranged downstream of the condenser (22) for decompressing the refrigerant (20) from the condenser (22), a heat exchanger (28) through which refrigerant flows for heat exchange with vehicle ambient air (30), an evaporator (32) for cooling air (24) which can be supplied to a vehicle interior, and a second pressure reducing unit (34) arranged upstream of the evaporator (32) for decompressing the refrigerant (20) from the heat exchanger (28), the second compressor (18), the condenser (22) and the first pressure reducing unit (26) being bypassed in a cooling mode of the vehicle air-conditioning system (12), and the evaporator (32) and the second pressure reducing unit (34) being bypassed in a heating mode of the vehicle air-conditioning system (12). The invention furthermore relates to a method of air-conditioning a vehicle interior, in particular by means of the refrigerant circuit (10) described above..
Valeo Klimasysteme Gmbh


Apparatus of hvac system for vehicle

An apparatus of a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (hvac) system for a vehicle may include a controlling unit determining whether or not a passenger may be present, a plurality of branched channels to which a fluid introduced from an air blower passes through an evaporator and may be then introduced, heaters respectively formed to correspond to the channels, and mode doors formed to allow the channels to be opened and closed between the branched channels.. .
Kia Motors Corp.


Evaporator with cool storage function

A cool storage material container of an evaporator with a cool storage function includes a container main body portion located within the range of a heat exchange core section in the air-passing direction and an outward projecting portion projecting from the container main body portion. A cool storage material containing portion provided in the cool storage material container has a first containing portion which is present in a region where only the container main body portion is provided, and a second containing portion which extends upward from the first containing portion and is present in a region where the container main body portion and the outward projecting portion are provided.
Keihin Thermal Technology Corporation


Method of fabricating a tube for an evaporator

A method of fabricating a folded evaporator tube includes providing a tube with a plurality of webs extending between interior surfaces of the tube. The webs are oriented at an angle between forty-five degrees (45°) and sixty degrees (60°) of angle relative to a bottom wall of the tube.
Mahle International Gmbh


Heat removal assembly

A heat removal assembly is provided herein. The heat removal assembly includes an evaporator block, a heat pipe, and a condenser plate.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


On-demand micro expansion valve for a refrigeration system

A refrigeration system includes a compressor, a condenser fluidly connected to the compressor, an evaporator fluidly connected to the condenser and the compressor, such that fluid may flow from the compressor through the condenser, through the evaporator, and again through the compressor. An expansion device is fluidly connected between the condenser and the evaporator, and a micro-expansion valve is also connected between the condenser and the evaporator..
Zhejiang Dunan Hetian Metal Co., Ltd.


Air conditioner with selective filtering for air purification

A split air conditioner has a cabinet with a fan and evaporator for mounting within a structure. The cabinet includes one or more movable dampers or movable filters positioned in the flow path between the air inlet and the outlet for selectively filtering contaminants from the air to provide a greater or lesser degree of filtration of the air.
Whirlpool Corporation


Refrigerant management in a hvac system

Methods and systems to manage refrigerant levels in a chiller system are provided. An evaporator of the chiller system may be configured to have a spill over port allowing oil containing refrigerant to spill over through the spill over port.
Trane International Inc.


Air conditioner with selective filtering for air purification

A split air conditioner has a cabinet with a fan and evaporator for mounting within a structure. The cabinet includes a filter or a stacked filter system positioned in the flow path between an air inlet and an air outlet for filtering contaminants from the air.
Whirlpool Corporation


Air conditioner with selective filtering for air purification

A split air conditioner has a cabinet with a fan and evaporator for mounting within a structure. The cabinet includes a filter or a stacked filter system positioned in the flow path between an air inlet and an air outlet for filtering contaminants from the air.
Whirlpool Corporation


Heat-pump automotive air conditioner and defrosting the heat-pump automotive air conditioner

A refrigerant cycle (16) for cooling as a prototype is provided with: an internal condenser (8) connected to a discharge circuit of an electric compressor (9) and disposed on a downstream of an internal evaporator (7) of an hvac unit (2); a first heating circuit (18) connected to a receiver (11) through a switching unit (17) arranged on an inlet side of the external condenser (8); and a second heating circuit (23) connected between an outlet side of the receiver (11) and a suction side of the electric compressor (9) and provided with a second expansion valve (20) and an external evaporator (21). A heat pump cycle (24) for heating is formed by a second heating circuit (23) including the electric compressor (9), the internal condenser (8), the switching unit (17), the first heating circuit (18), the receiver (11), the second expansion valve (20), and the external evaporator (21)..
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


A cooling device

By means of the present invention, a cooling device (9) is realized, that prevents the fresh food compartment (10) to be cooled unnecessarily while the door (12) of the fresh food compartment (10) is open, that prevents formation of frost on the first evaporator (7) even when the user keeps the door (12) of the fresh food compartment (10) open frequently and/or for a long time while the compressor (1) is operating, thus decreasing the requirement of performing a special defrost cycle, furthermore that directs the refrigerant fluid only to the freezing compartment (11) while the door (12) of the fresh food compartment (10) is open during the refrigeration cycle, enabling preferably to maintain additional cooling in the freezing compartment (11), that enables the compressor (1) to be used more effectively, enabling a more effective refrigeration to be performed and hence providing energy saving.. .
Arcelik Anonim Sirketi


Desiccant cooling system

A desiccant cooling system includes a desiccant cooling device partitioned into a desiccant cooling path and a regeneration path and including a desiccant rotor having one side on the desiccant cooling path and other side on the regeneration path and a cooler configured to cool high-temperature low-humidity air which has been dehumidified while passing through the one side of the desiccant rotor; and a vapor compression cooling device including a compressor configured to compress a refrigerant, a condenser configured to be cooled by the air cooled by passing through the cooler, and condenses the refrigerant compressed by the compressor, an expansion valve configured to expand the refrigerant condensed by the condenser, and an evaporator configured to evaporate the refrigerant expanded by the expansion valve and transfer the evaporated refrigerant to the compressor.. .
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology


Portable air conditioner with water evaporator heat exchange system

Embodiments of the invention include a portable air conditioner having a water evaporative type heat exchange system that delivers water onto the condenser, thereby cooling the condenser and optionally including a water cooling system, including a pump and a water diffuser in fluid communication via a conduit wherein the condenser is cooled by spraying water from the water diffuser onto the condenser thereby cooling the condenser and subsequently reducing electrical consumption.. .


Portable dc air-conditioner

A portable dc air-conditioner has a cooler circulation system inside a housing, including a dc compressor, a condenser, an expansion valve and an evaporator. The evaporator is disposed inside an air duct which has an end thereof connected to a fan and another end thereof forming a discharging exit.


Method and system for controlling operation of condenser and evaporator fans

Methods and systems for controlling the operation of the condenser and evaporator fans in a transport refrigeration system are described. The methods and systems described herein generally control dynamically a plurality of system fans needed to meet a plurality of system airflow objectives, where the objectives may sometimes be conflicting.
Thermo King Corporation


Drying system and use of the drying system in laundry drying device

A drying system and a laundry drying device are provided. The drying system includes a compressor, a draught fan, a casing, a throttling device, an evaporator and a condenser.
Hangzhou Sanhua Research Institute Co., Ltd.


Refrigerant distributor of micro-channel heat exchanger

Embodiments of a refrigerant distributor for a micro-channel heat exchanger (mchex) are described. The refrigerant distributor may be configured to have orifices and/or a flow valve that are inside a header of the mchex.
Trane International Inc.



An ejector includes a body having a nozzle passage that depressurizes a refrigerant flowing out of a swirling space in which the refrigerant is swirled, a suction passage that draws a refrigerant from an external, and a diffuser passage that mixes an ejection refrigerant jetted from the nozzle passage and a suction refrigerant drawn from the suction passage together and pressurizes the mixed refrigerant. The body also has a gas-liquid separation space that separates the refrigerant flowing out of the diffuser passage into gas and liquid by an action of a centrifugal force, and multiple liquid-phase refrigerant outflow passages through which the liquid-phase refrigerant separated by the gas-liquid separation space flows out to the multiple evaporators..
Denso Corporation


Tankless water heater

This invention is including a controller, a waterway and a heat pump circulation loop; the waterway, in the water-flowing direction, successively includes: an inlet, a heating part and an outlet; the heat pump circulation loop successively includes: a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser and a throttle device, wherein the compressor is in control connection with the controller, and the condenser includes a heating condenser and a pressure relief condenser, wherein the heating condenser is in heat conduction contact with the heating part in the waterway and is set in series with the pressure relief condenser in the heat pump circulation loop, besides, a heating condenser valve is set in the branch where the heating condenser lies and a pressure relief condenser valve in that where the pressure relief condenser stands, wherein the heating condenser valve and the pressure relief condenser valve are in control connection with the controller.. .


Plant control apparatus and plant starting-up method

In one embodiment, a plant control apparatus controls a combined cycle power generation plant. The plant includes a gas turbine, an exhaust heat recovery boiler including an evaporator to recover heat from an exhaust gas discharged from the gas turbine to generate steam and including a heat exchanger to exchange heat between the steam and an exhaust gas from the gas turbine and generate main steam, and a steam turbine driven by the main steam.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Oil recovery process including a high solids crystallizer for treating evaporator blowdown

An oil recovery process is provided where an oil-water mixture is recovered from an oil-bearing formation. Oil is separated from the oil-water mixture to yield produced water.
Veolia Water Technologies, Inc.


Oil recovery process including enhanced softening of produced water

A process is provided for treating produced water resulting from an oil recovery operation. Produced water is subjected to a softening process wherein a caustic or other softening reagent is added to the produced water to increase the ph of the produced water.
Veolia Water Technologies, Inc.


Control of sugar evaporator scale using sugar or sugar moieties

Methods of cleaning sugar evaporators with a cleaning composition comprising a sugar or sugar-moiety containing compound are disclosed. The methods are capable of improved scale and fouling removal from treated surfaces, including scale containing calcium oxalate, calcium dihydrogen phosphate, silica and/or other components from sugar evaporators.
Ecolab Usa Inc.


Evaporative cooling cycling using water condensate formed in a vapor-compression a/c system evaporator

The present disclosure describes systems and methods for controlling the temperature and humidity of the interior cabin of a vehicle by alternating the operation of an air conditioning (a/c) system between a first normal a/c mode of operation, whereby the cabin is cooled and condensate is formed, and a second evaporative mode of operation, whereby the cabin is cooled and humidified.. .
Alliance For Sustainable Energy, Llc


Motor vehicle with automatic start-stop system and with a heating system heat exchanger functioning as a cold reservoir

A motor vehicle with a drive, a control with automatic start-stop system and with an hvac device, which includes a heating system heat exchanger that can be thermally coupled to the drive and an evaporator that is embedded in a refrigerant circuit of the air-conditioning system. The heating system heat exchanger can with activated automatic start-stop system be thermally decoupled from the drive and for use as cold reservoir in a stop phase of the automatic start-stop system, can be thermally coupled to the evaporator..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Warm or cold air channel with slots to optimise control curves

A heating and air conditioning device includes a warm air path that leads through a heat exchanger to a mixing chamber and to outlets of the heating and air conditioning device, and a cold air path that leads from the evaporator to the mixing chamber and the outlets of the heating and air conditioning device. A warm air duct is located at an end of the warm air path and an entrance to the mixing chamber.
Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp.


Chilled food product dispenser and method with adaptive control of refrigeration system

An improved refrigeration compressor actuator is described for a chilled food dispensing apparatus. The actuator is connected to a temperature sensor located near or at the evaporator unit of the apparatus.
H. C. Duke & Son Llc


Turbo chiller and chiller system including the same

A turbo chiller and a chiller system are disclosed. The turbo chiller includes a compressor including an impeller for compressing a refrigerant and a motor for driving the impeller, a condenser configured to perform heat exchange between condensed water and the refrigerant introduced from the compressor, an evaporator configured to perform heat exchange between chilled water and the refrigerant discharged from the condenser, and an expansion valve disposed between the condenser and the evaporator.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Multi-compartment transport refrigeration system with economizer

A multi-compartment transport refrigeration system includes a compressor having suction port, discharge port and intermediate inlet port; a heat rejecting heat exchanger; an economizer heat exchanger having a first refrigerant flow path and a second refrigerant flow path therethrough; a first evaporator expansion device; a first evaporator having an inlet coupled to the first evaporator expansion device and an outlet coupled to a compressor inlet path, the first evaporator for cooling a first compartment of a container; a second evaporator expansion; a second evaporator having an inlet coupled to the second evaporator expansion device, the second evaporator for cooling a second compartment of the container; an economizer expansion device coupled to the first refrigerant flow path, the economizer expansion device directing refrigerant from the first refrigerant flow path to the second refrigerant flow path, the second refrigerant flow path coupled to the intermediate inlet port.. .
Carrier Corporation


Refrigeration device for container

A blown air temperature sensor detects a temperature of blown air which is being blown into a container after having passed sequentially through an evaporator and a heating device. During cooling and dehumidifying operations, a temperature control section controls a cooling section such that a detected blown air temperature detected by the blown air temperature sensor becomes equal to a target temperature.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.


Method of controlling the discharge of temperature-conditioned air

Hvac unit has a single blower fan, an evaporator downstream of the blower and a heater downstream of the evaporator, wherein each zone outlet includes a temperature mixing door for controlling portions of hot and cold air and an output valve for controlling a zonal output flow rate. A method is devised to control the discharge of temperature-conditioned air from a plurality of zone outlets of an automotive hvac system via such an hvac unit by the steps of reading an operator-requested zonal discharge blower level for each of the zone outlets; converting each zonal discharge blower level request to a zonal flowrate request; calculating a total requested output flowrate as a summation of all zonal flowrate requests; and adjusting a blower voltage to a minimum voltage required for generating the total requested output flowrate..
Mahle International Gmbh


Computer cooling cooling

Server cooling system comprising: a condenser 50, an evaporator 60, an expansion valve 80 and a compressor 90, wherein, the outlet 64 of the evaporator 60 is connected to the inlet 91 of the compressor 90 by means of a tube or conduit 75. The outlet 92 of the compressor 90 is connected to the inlet 52 of the compressor 50 by means of a conduit 76.
Psh Energia, S.a.


Evaporator, cooling device, and electronic device

An evaporator includes a housing in which an evaporator chamber configured to evaporate a refrigerant is formed; a heat transfer surface provided on an inner wall of the housing and having a hot area which is a part that becomes hot due to heat transferred from a heating element to the housing; and a supply port formed in the housing, opposed to the hot area and configured to eject the refrigerant supplied from a supply pipe to the hot area, wherein a narrow groove is formed in the heat transfer surface.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Ice making appliance

An ice making appliance is provided. The ice making appliance includes a first ice maker and a second ice maker.
General Electric Company


Liquid line charge compensator

An apparatus and method for reducing discharge pressure in a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning system. The apparatus has a compensator reservoir and a compensator line.
Lennox Industries Inc.


Direct expansion evaporator

A direct expansion evaporator includes a feeding channel having a feeding end and a dispensing end for raw material feeding therethrough, and a heat exchange channel thermally communicating with the feeding channel for guiding refrigerant passing through the heat exchange channel to heat-exchange with the raw material to form a frozen product. The heat exchange channel has a pre-cooling portion and a freezing portion, wherein the heat exchange channel is configured to ensure a traveling time of the refrigerant at the pre-cooling portion to be longer than a traveling time of the refrigerant at the freezing portion.



An evaporator used in a car air conditioner satisfies a a relation of 0.9≦p1/p2≦1.1, where p1 is the passage cross sectional area of each portion of a refrigerant discharge passage of a refrigerant inlet outlet member of the evaporator, and p2 is the passage cross sectional area of a pipe which establishes communication between a second refrigerant passage of an expansion valve and a compressor. Preferably, relations of w1>w2 and h1>h2 are satisfied, where w1 and h1 are the internal width and height of an upstream end portion of a straight portion of an outward bulged portion of a third plate of the refrigerant inlet outlet member, and w2 and h2 are the internal width and height of a downstream end portion of the outward bulged portion..
Keihin Thermal Technology Corporation


Air-conditioning and heating system for passenger boarding bridge and control system therefor

A tunnel air-conditioning and heating apparatus is provided. The tunnel air-conditioning and heating apparatus may include a condenser provided at a rotunda; a compressor provided at the rotunda and connected to the condenser; an evaporator provided at a movable tunnel and connected to each of the condenser and the compressor; and a condenser connection pipe configured to connect the condenser with the evaporator and a compressor connection pipe configured to the compressor with the evaporator each of which is formed into a flexible coil..
Korea Airports Corporation


Power generation system, and maintenance power generation system

This power generation system includes a first on-off valve that, with respect to a maintenance target device including at least one among a circulation pump, an evaporator, an expander, and a condenser that are provided in a medium circuit through which a medium with a boiling point lower than that of water circulates, is provided on the upstream side in a flow direction of the medium in the medium circuit, and is capable of shutting off the flow of the medium; a second on-off valve that is provided on the downstream side in the flow direction of the medium in the medium circuit, and is capable of shutting off the flow of the medium; a port that is communicable with the medium circuit between the first on-off valve and the second on-off valve; and a third on-off valve that is provided in the port.. .
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Evaporator topics: Evaporator, Refrigerant, Heat Exchanger, Air Conditioner, Nitric Acid, Air Conditioning, Nitrogen Dioxide, Exhaust Gas, Fossil Fuel, Phase Change Material, Ventilation, Circulation, Compressor Unit, Passenger Compartment, Power Generation System

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