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Evaporation patents

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Cooling apparatus and method of using the same

Occunomix International

Cooling apparatus and method of using the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Evaporation-related patents
 Method for aligning micro-electronic components patent thumbnailnew patent Method for aligning micro-electronic components
Alignment of a first micro-electronic component to a receiving surface of a second micro-electronic component is realized by a capillary force-induced self-alignment, combined with an electrostatic alignment. The latter is accomplished by providing at least one first electrical conductor line along the periphery of the first component, and at least one second electrical conductor along the periphery of the location on the receiving surface of the second component onto which the component is to be placed.
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Ku Leuven R&d
 Sub-cooling system of a compression-refrigeration system patent thumbnailnew patent Sub-cooling system of a compression-refrigeration system
The present invention relates to a refrigeration facility and a method for maintaining the temperature of an isothermal enclosure (3) including: a refrigerating unit (5) comprising a compressor (7) driven by a heat engine (8) and an evaporator (13); and a 23 thermochemical cooling system (15) including a vessel (23) containing a liquefied gas capable, after evaporation, of combining with a reactive product, consisting of a mixture of a reactive salt and natural expanded graphite, contained in a reactor (17), the reaction product obtained being capable of being regenerated by a heating means, said cooling system including an evaporator (25) and a condenser (21). The facility is characterised in that: the evaporator (25) of said cooling system is in thermal contact with the refrigerant circuit of the refrigerating unit (5) upstream from the evaporator (13) thereof; the reactor of the cooling system is in thermal contact with a heating means using the heat energy dissipated by the heat engine during the operation thereof; the natural expanded graphite used has an apparent density of 100 to 120 kg/m3; and the weight percentage of the salt in the reactive product is of 50% to 75%..
 Apparatus for heating fluids patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus for heating fluids
The apparatus described herein uses a disc wafer-type rotor featuring channels disposed around its circumference and around the interior circumference of the rotor housing specifically to induce cavitation. The channels are shaped to control the size, oscillation, composition, duration, and implosion of the cavitation bubbles.
 Lubricating oil composition for automobile engine lubrication patent thumbnailnew patent Lubricating oil composition for automobile engine lubrication
Provided is a lubricating oil composition that is highly fuel-efficient and has high wear resistance and is particularly suited for lubrication of a motorcycle four-cycle gasoline engine or a diesel engine vehicle having an exhaust gas after-treatment device. The lubricating oil composition, which is a lubricating oil composition having an sae viscosity grade of 5w20, comprises a base oil and predetermined amounts of additive components comprising of a nitrogen-containing ash-free dispersant, an alkali earth metal-containing detergent, a phosphorus-containing anti-wear agent, an antioxidant, and a viscosity index-improving agent, wherein the viscosity index is within a range of 140 to 230, the high-shear viscosity at 150° c.
Chevron Japan Ltd
 High heat resistant composition patent thumbnailnew patent High heat resistant composition
The invention relates to a composition that can be used as a coating and that can protect a substrate coated with this composition from high heat. The composition comprises: a polysulfide, an epoxy resin, a compound selected from compounds having a secondary and/or a tertiary amine group, and compounds having an amide group, a phosphonate, fibres and less than 1 wt.
Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.
 Method for  producing nitrobenzene by adiabatic nitriding patent thumbnailnew patent Method for producing nitrobenzene by adiabatic nitriding
The invention provides a continuous adiabatic process for the preparation of nitrobenzene by nitrating benzene with mixtures of sulfuric and nitric acids using a stoichiometric excess of benzene, wherein the content of organic compounds in the circulating sulfuric acid, at least during the start-up period of the production plant, is always kept below 1.0 mass percent, based on the total mass of circulating sulfuric acid. This is preferably achieved by a procedure in which, either after the end or before the beginning of a production cycle, the circulating sulfuric acid is circulated at elevated temperature so that the organics contained in the sulfuric acid, preferably comprising nitrobenzene and traces of benzene, dinitrobenzene and nitrophenols, are separated off in the evaporation apparatus for concentrating the sulfuric acid..
Bayer Materialscience Ag
 Persistent, targeted, optimized, soil amendment composition and method patent thumbnailnew patent Persistent, targeted, optimized, soil amendment composition and method
A material for optimizing and maintaining at least one of water, nutrients, biocides, and other protectant or growth supporting chemicals in natural soils by decreasing leaching, evaporation, and volatility through application of agglomerated granules (prills) formed of engineered hydrating particles, a binder, nutrients, and protectants to the soil. Typical application is by applying prills simultaneously with seeds when drilled, broadcast, or otherwise distributed..
Aquasmart Enterprises, Llc
 Method for producing alumina patent thumbnailnew patent Method for producing alumina
The invention relates to metallurgy, in particular to acidic methods for producing alumina, and can be used in processing low-grade aluminum-containing raw material. The method for producing alumina comprises roasting an aluminum-containing raw material, treating said material with hydrochloric acid, salting out aluminum chloride by saturating the clarified chloride solution with gaseous hydrogen chloride, calcining aluminum chloride to produce aluminum oxide, and pyrohydrolyzing the mother liquor, with the return of hydrogen chloride to the acid treatment and salting out stages.
United Company Rusal Engineering And Technology Centre Llc
 Cooling apparatus and  using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Cooling apparatus and using the same
A cooling apparatus is disclosed, and comprises one or more liquid permeable enclosures, an absorbent material that facilitates controlled evaporation of fluid, and at least one tab extending from the enclosure. The enclosure defines an enclosed cavity and an absorbent material is disposed within the cavity.
Occunomix International Llc
 Film formation  forming a film patent thumbnailFilm formation forming a film
An apparatus for forming a film having high uniformity in its film thickness distribution is provided. An evaporation source is used in which an evaporation cell, or a plurality of evaporation cells, having a longitudinal direction is formed, and by moving the evaporation source in a direction perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the evaporation source, a thin film is deposited on a substrate.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Polymer formation and simulation thereof

A simulation method solves multiple differential equations to estimate concentration, degree of polymerization, and viscosity profiles for thermoset polymer forming reactions. For foam-forming reactions, the blowing agent evaporation to form foam cells is estimated.
Homeland Technologies Research, Llc

Thermal evaporation sources for wide-area deposition

A thermal evaporation sources are described. These thermal evaporation sources include a crucible configured to contain a volume of evaporant and a vapor space above the evaporant..
Jln Solar, Inc.

System for improving the purifying liquid evaporation in an axially symmetric dosing module for an scr device

Device for improving the purifying liquid evaporation in an axially symmetric dosing module for an scr device. The dosing module is able to dose a urea-based reducing agent into a gas exhaust stream generated by a combustion engine.
Fpt Motorenforschung Ag

Fabric treatment apparatus

A fabric treatment apparatus including a fabric receiving unit having a fabric receiving space formed therein, a steam spray device for supplying evaporation heat to water introduced thereinto to generate steam to be sprayed to the fabric receiving unit, and an additive supply device for receiving an additive to be dissolved in water flowing to the steam spray device, the additive supply device having a hole, through which water to be mixed with the additive is introduced, the hole being opened by fluid pressure of water flowing to the steam spray device.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Movable evaporation source

A moveable evaporation source system may have an insulator disposed above a cathode support member, and a cathode support member disposed beneath the insulator and exerting an upward force on the insulator so that the upward force exerted by the cathode support member urges the insulator toward a down force source. A cathode may be placed between the insulator and the down force source and translated so that material liberated from the cathode may strike different portions of a workpiece as the cathode is translated..
United Technologies Corporation

Polycarbonate-polyorganosiloxane copolymer and continuously producing same

Provided are a polycarbonate-polyorganosiloxane copolymer having a carbon tetrachloride concentration of less than 4 ppm by mass, and the following production method for producing the polycarbonate-polyorganosiloxane copolymer. More specifically, provided is a method of continuously producing a polycarbonate-polyorganosiloxane copolymer, the method comprising the steps of: (a) continuously or intermittently taking a polymerization reaction liquid, which is obtained by polymerizing a dihydric phenol compound, a carbonate precursor, and a specific polyorganosiloxane in the presence of an alkaline compound aqueous solution and a water-insoluble organic solvent, out of a reactor; (b) separating the polymerization reaction liquid taken out in the step (a) into an aqueous phase and a water-insoluble organic solvent phase; (c) washing the water-insoluble organic solvent phase separated in the step (b), followed by separation thereof into an aqueous phase and a water-insoluble organic solvent phase; (d) concentrating the water-insoluble organic solvent phase separated in the step (c); and (e) recovering part or all of the water-insoluble organic solvent removed by evaporation in the step (d), followed by distillation purification thereof in a distillation column, the water-insoluble organic solvent obtained in the step (e) being reused as at least part of the water-insoluble organic solvent in the step (a) or as an extraction solvent for the aqueous phase separated in the step (b), or as both thereof, in the step (e), the distillation purification being performed while a concentration of the polycarbonate-polyorganosiloxane copolymer in a column bottom liquid of the distillation column is controlled to 6% by mass or less..
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

Methods, systems, and disposal of oilfield waste water

Systems and methods for disposing of produced water as steam released into the atmosphere. After wastewater is prepared for disposal by suitable filtering and/or treatment, it flows into a preheating tank where it is heated prior to disposal by liquid filled preheating coils extending from the heating tank which are heated by burner boxes.

Glass film conveying device

A glass film conveying device in which a glass film is properly cooled to suppress breakage when the glass film is placed on a protective film and taken up is provided. A glass film conveying device (100) that continuously conveys a long glass film includes a feeding unit (2) that feeds a glass film from a roll, a glass film conveying unit (3) that conveys the glass film fed from the feeding unit (2), a take-up unit (4) that takes up the glass film conveyed by the glass film conveying unit (3) in a roll shape while laminating the glass film and a protective film r2, and a laminating roller (12) provided in front of the take-up unit (4).
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel. Ltd.)

Method for dissolving carbon dioxide without pressurizing and cooling and carbonated beverage using the same

The present invention relates to a method for introducing carbon dioxide for preparation of carbonated beverage, which method includes placing a beverage composition having a temperature of 10 to 30° c. In a container, introducing solid or liquid carbon dioxide having a temperature of −78.5 to −5° c.

Apparatus and coating organic film

An apparatus and method for coating an organic film are disclosed. The apparatus comprises an evaporation device, an electron emission device and a spray device; wherein the evaporation device comprises an evaporation container, the evaporation container is a linear evaporation container, in which a uniform organic gas is generated; the electron emission device is horizontally arranged over the evaporation container such that the organic gas evaporated in the evaporation container is uniformly charged and becomes charged organic gas; the spray device is provided with an electric field, under which the charged organic gas is moved toward a substrate so as to deposit the organic film on the substrate..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd

Evaporation device

The present disclosure relates to an evaporation device, including an evaporation device body, within which a plurality of thermal conductors that are contacted with one another for thermal conduction is disposed, wherein several holes are provided in each of the thermal conductors, and coating material for evaporation are provided within the holes of the thermal conductors, the spaces formed between the thermal conductors and the evaporation device body, and/or the spaces formed among the thermal conductors. With this evaporation device, better heat transfer can be achieved so that the overall heating temperature can be reduced, thus minimizing decomposition of organic material..
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Vehicular air conditioner

A vehicular air conditioner includes an evaporator bypass passage through which air is guided to a vehicle-compartment inside outlet with bypassing an evaporator, an inflow-side open-close door and an outflow-side open-close door that open or close the evaporator bypass passage and a cool-air passage through which air is guided to the vehicle-compartment inside outlet through the evaporator, an air-outlet door that opens or closes the vehicle-compartment inside outlet, and a controller. The controller controls the respective open-close doors to open the evaporator bypass passage and to substantially close the cool-air passage, and controls the air-outlet door to open the vehicle-compartment inside outlet, when an evaporation condition for evaporation of condensed water attached to the evaporator is satisfied..
Denso Corporation

Method for controlling substances by meniscus evaporation

The method serves to control substances present in a liquid; a liquid mass is brought to temperature and pressure conditions such as to give rise to an appreciable evaporation of the liquid mass; at least one solid surface is arranged, in part inside the liquid mass and in part outside the liquid mass so as to establish at least a meniscus of the liquid on this solid surface; the shape and/or the size and/or the extension and/or the position and/or the temperature of this meniscus is controlled so that the evaporation of the liquid through said meniscus is controlled; any deposition of these substances is also controlled.. .
Wow Technology S.p.a.

Methods of drying sheets of tissue

Embodiments of the technology may involve a method of processing the human donor tissue for administration to a recipient. This method may include the step of contacting the human donor tissue with a backing layer, where the human donor tissue and the backing layer contain a saline solution.

Method for converting thermal energy into mechanical energy, organic rankine cycle device, and replacing working fluid

Provided is a method for converting thermal energy into mechanical energy by use of an organic rankine cycle system that accommodates a working fluid composition. The method includes sequentially performing: evaporating the working fluid composition; expanding the working fluid composition; condensing the working fluid composition; and transferring the working fluid composition, while raising a pressure thereof, by a pump.
Central Glass Company, Limited

Systems, devices and methods related to reactive evaporation of refractory materials

Systems, devices and methods related to reactive evaporation of refractory materials. In some embodiments, a method for performing reactive evaporation can include positioning a volume of refractory material such as tantalum within an evaporation chamber and forming a vacuum environment therein.
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Bio-based binders including carbohydrates and a pre-reacted product of an alcohol or polyol and a monomeric or polymeric polycarboxylic acid

An environmentally friendly, formaldehyde-free, aqueous binder composition that includes a carbohydrate, a crosslinking agent, and a pre-reacted product of an alcohol or polyol and monomeric or polymeric polycarboxylic acid or polyglycerol is provided. The pre-reacted product may include glycerol and esters of citric acid such a monoglyceryl citrate, diglyceryl citrate, and triglyceryl citrate as well as other higher molecular weight citric acid-based esters.
Owens Corning Intellectual Capital, Llc

Method for producing transparent gas barrier film and producing transparent gas barrier film

A method for producing a transparent gas barrier film is performed using a roll-to-roll method. The method includes laminating a plurality of thin films of two or more types having different components on a long belt-shaped resin substrate 8 while feeding the resin substrate 8, wherein a plurality of evaporation sources 91 and 92 are disposed in the thin film formation area, the number of evaporation sources being the same as the number of types of the thin films, and the long belt-shaped resin substrate 8 is passed through the thin film formation area and a non-formation area alternately, and materials included in the plurality of evaporation sources 91 and 92 are each deposited on the resin substrate 8 in the thin film formation area to form on the resin substrate 8 a transparent gas barrier layer having the plurality of laminated thin films of two or more types..
Nitto Denko Corporation

Electronic apparatus

There is provided an electronic apparatus having a novel means capable of suppressing temperature rise of a heat generating element. The electronic apparatus (20), which includes a heat generating element, is provided with a device (or a chemical heat pump) (10) comprising: a reaction chamber (1) containing a chemical heat storage material showing an endothermic reaction in response to heat emitted by the heat generating element (11); a condensation/evaporation chamber (3) for condensing or evaporating a condensable component produced from the endothermic reaction of the chemical heat storage material; and a communication part (5) communicating the reaction chamber (1) with the condensation/evaporation chamber (3) such that the condensable component is movable between the reaction chamber (1) and the condensation/evaporation chamber (3)..
National University Corporation Chiba University

Method for determining weight concentration of a polymer penetrated into a porous medium

A polymer solution is dried until full evaporation of water. The polymer formed after drying the polymer solution is heated up and active degradation temperature range at a given heating rate and a degree of polymer degradation within this temperature range are determined.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Film deposition system

A rotary table unit in a film deposition system according to the present invention includes a rotary table and first interchangeable units and second interchangeable units detachably attachable to the rotary table. A workpiece to be mounted on each second interchangeable unit differs in diameter from a workpiece to be mounted on each first interchangeable unit.
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)

Flow rate adjustment valve for refrigeration cycle

A flow rate regulation valve is used for a refrigeration cycle device for air conditioning. The flow rate regulation valve is constituted by: an inlet flow rate control valve connected to the inlet side of an inside evaporator and functioning in the refrigeration cycle device as an expansion valve for depressurizing and expanding a refrigerant flowing into the inside evaporator; and an outlet flow rate adjustment valve connected to the outlet side of the inside evaporator and functioning as an evaporation pressure adjustment valve for adjusting evaporation pressure in the inside evaporator to a predetermined target pressure at which frost is not formed.
Denso Corporation

Urea production plant

Disclosed is a plant for the production of urea. The plant comprises conventional sections for synthesis and recovery, for evaporation and condensation, for urea finishing, and for dust scrubbing.

One part, storage stable polymerization formulation

A one part, storage stable polymerizable formulation is provided that includes an ethenically unsaturated polymerizable compound intermixed with a free radical polymerization initiator and an organic solvent. The organic solvent provides storage stability and upon evaporation of the solvent, the rate of polymerization of the compound accelerates independent of addition of a second part.
Chemical Dynamics, Llc

Fixing pressure roller and fixing device

To provide a fixing pressure roller having low roller hardness, low heat capacity, and low thermal expansion coefficient, and a fixing device including the fixing pressure roller. The fixing pressure roller of the invention for employment in a fixing unit of a fixing device has a core, and an elastic layer provided around the core, wherein the elastic layer is formed of a silicone rubber product formed by mixing a raw silicone rubber with resin microballoons and water, to thereby prepare a dispersion, and then curing the raw silicone rubber; and the silicone rubber product includes therein first voids provided from the resin microballoons and second voids which are smaller than the first voids and which are provided by evaporation of water..
Synztec Co., Ltd.

Method for purification of spent sulfuric acid from titanium dioxide rutile industry

A method for the purification of spent sulfuric acid and particularly the purification of spent acid, from titanium dioxide rutile manufacture through a chloride route, is provided. In the chloride route of titanium dioxide manufacture, sulfuric acid is used to clean the un-reacted gaseous flow coming out of the oxidizer, so the spent acid mainly contains un-reacted ti4+ ions, trace amounts of fe3+ ions, and no2 gas.
The National Titanium Dioxide Co. Ltd. (cristal)

Arc evaporation source

Provided is an arc evaporation source equipped with a target, a ring-shaped magnetic field guide magnet and a back side magnetic field generation source. The magnetic field guide magnet is aligned in a direction perpendicular to the evaporation face of the target and has a polarity that is the magnetization direction facing forward or backward.
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)


A refrigerator includes a compressor compressing a refrigerant, a condenser condensing the refrigerant compressed in the compressor, a refrigerant tube guiding a flow of the refrigerant condensed in the condenser, an expansion device decompressing the refrigerant condensed in the condenser, and an evaporator evaporating the refrigerant decompressed in the expansion device. The evaporator includes an evaporation tube through which the refrigerant decompressed in the expansion device flows, a coupling tube through a refrigerant heat-exchanged with the refrigerant of the evaporator flows, and a heat-exchange fin coupled to the evaporation tube and the coupling tube..
Lg Electronics Inc.


A refrigerator is provided that may include at least one compressor that compresses a refrigerant, a condenser that condenses the refrigerant compressed in the at least one compressor, a refrigerant tube that guides the refrigerant condensed in the condenser, a plurality of evaporation passages, in which expansion devices may be respectively disposed, the plurality of evaporation passages branching from the refrigerant tube, a flow adjuster disposed in the refrigerant tube to supply the refrigerant into at least one evaporation passage of the plurality of evaporation passages, a plurality of evaporators, respectively, connected to the plurality of evaporation passages to evaporate the refrigerant decompressed in the plurality of expansion devices, and a liquid refrigerant supply device disposed at an outlet-side of the condenser to separate a liquid refrigerant of the refrigerant heat-exchanged in the condenser, thereby supplying the liquid refrigerant into the flow adjuster.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.

Liquid diagnostic assays utilizing marangoni flow

The present invention provides simple and inexpensive assays for the detection of virtually any analyte in any sample that is in liquid form or that can be solubilized. The assays utilize the fluid dynamics of drop evaporation whereby soluble materials, including analytes and particles binding thereto, are drawn to the center of the drop by marangoni flow and ultimately form a concentrated residual spot.
Vanderbilt University

Inhaler component

This disclosure relates to an inhaler component for the formation of a vapor-air mixture and/or a condensation aerosol by evaporation of a liquid material and optionally the condensation of the formed vapor. In one example, the inhaler component includes an electrical heater to evaporate liquid, a capillary wick that together with the electrical heater defines a compound structure that supplies liquid to the electrical heater, and a carrier supporting the compound structure.
Batmark Limited

Heat pump water heater with heat utilization balance processor and heat utilization balance processor thereof

A heat pump water heater with a heat utilization balance processor and a heat utilization balance processor thereof relate to a fluid heater using a heat pump and an accessory thereof, the heat pump water heater comprises the heat utilization balance processor; which comprises a housing, a heat exchange pipe, a main heat exchange cavity, a sub heat exchange cavity and a steam-liquid separator. The heat utilization balance exchange is carried out for a working substance through the sub heat exchange cavity of the heat utilization balance processor during a condensing process and an evaporation process, so as to carry out the heat comprehensive utilization, thus increasing condensing effect, decreasing high pressure and exhaust temperature, decreasing the power consumption of a compressor, and increasing the energy efficient of a unit..
Jiangsu Tenesun Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Heat pump system

In a heat pump system according to the present invention, at least part of a plurality of outdoor heat-exchanging flow paths that pass through an outdoor heat exchanger is alternately selected as a flow path for defrosting and is used, and the other flow path is used as a flow path for evaporation so that defrosting and a heating operation can be simultaneously performed. In addition, the refrigerant in which a defrosting action is performed, while passing through the outdoor heat exchanger, is throttled and then is used for an evaporation action so that the structure of the heat pump system is simple and both heating and defrosting can be performed..
Korea Institute Of Energy Research

Refrigeration-cycle equipment

The disclosed refrigeration-cycle equipment comprises a main circuit and an evaporation-side circulation circuit. The main circuit includes i) a compressor that compresses refrigerant vapor, ii) a condensation mechanism that condenses the refrigerant vapor, and iii) an evaporative mechanism that stores refrigerant liquid and that evaporates the refrigerant liquid.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Crucible of coating machine

The present invention provides a crucible of a coating machine the crucible includes a heat conduction device installed inside the crucible. The heat conduction device includes one or multiple radial metal wires or metal strips disposed along a radial direction of the crucible, and one or multiple axial metal wires or metal strips disposed along an axial direction of the crucible.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

Low stress silicon cladding for optical surface finishing

A process for a low temperature, ion-assisted, evaporation technique (iad), whereby the coating stress of a silicon film may be manipulated from compressive to tensile, in order to produce a near-zero net stress for the complete layer. A si cladding with little intrinsic stress is essential to allow thick coatings to be manufactured without cracking.

Catalytic converter device with injection section

An injection section (12) of an exhaust system for an internal combustion engine, with a channel (13) for guiding an exhaust gas flow (3), with an injection port (14), laterally on the channel to which a liquid or gas injector (15) can be connected, and with an injection chamber (16), formed in the channel in the area of the injector port. The chamber is defined by a perforated, first flow through partition (17), arranged in the channel upstream of the injector port relative to the exhaust gas flow and, and by a perforated, second flow through partition, arranged in the channel downstream of the injector port relative to the exhaust gas flow.
Eberspacher Exhaust Technology Gmbh & Co. Kg

Thin film with negative temperature coefficient behavior and making thereof

A conductive thin film including a binder matrix and semiconductor nanowires dispersed therein is disclosed. The semiconductor nanowires are in the range of 30% to 50% by weight percentage of the thin film.
Nano And Advanced Materials Institute Limited

Internal cleaning agent for diesel engine and cleaning system using the same

The cleaning agent for a diesel engine includes a mixed solution obtained by blending a solvent that exhibits solubility and has an ignition point of 238° c. Or more, and lubricating oil such as mineral oil in a predetermined ratio.
O2 Engineering., Ltd.

Design for storage of surfactant concentrate solution

To minimize headspace in a storage container and thereby reduce or eliminate alcohol evaporation, concentrated surfactant solutions stabilized by a diluent of higher volatility than the surfactant, such as alcohol, are stored in a flexible bladder fabricated from fabric including an impermeable or semipermeable membrane, such as polyurethane coated fabric. Because the bladder automatically deflates as the fluid level decreases, minimal head space is maintained and evaporation of the alcohol is thus constrained.
Chemical Flooding Technologies, Llc

Hho system, high production of hydrogen gas

The invention discloses a hydrogen/oxygen (hho) system containing a hho generator and a zeer pot which is configured to reduce a temperature inside the hho generator by evaporation of water on a surface of the zeer pot. The zeer pot contains a radiator which cools an electrolytic solution for the hho generator.

Alcohol evaporation consumption device

An apparatus and method for permitting consumption of alcohol vapors is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a heating chamber, a vessel disposed above the heating chamber, the vessel including an aperture, the aperture adapted to receive alcohol in liquid form to be placed in the vessel an to receive a straw and a heating element disposed in the heating chamber the heating element heats the liquid alcohol in the vessel, converting the liquid into a vapor to be inhaled via the straw..
37 Investment, Llc

Method for leak testing and leak testing apparatus

For leak testing closed containers (9) which are filled with a filling product containing at least one liquid component the container is introduced in a test cavity (1) which is evacuated at least down to vapour pressure of that liquid component. The pressure in the surrounding of the container (9) and thus within test cavity (1) is monitored.
Wilco Ag

Systems for producing a plurality of coating compositions having predetermined voc contents and methods for making such systems

A method of making a system for producing coating compositions having a predetermined voc content includes preparing a paint comprising a resin and a solvent and having the predetermined voc content or less. Temperature adjusters are prepared containing a resin and having the predetermined voc content or less.
Axalta Coating Systems Ip Co., Llc

Method of concentrating waste liquid produced by development, and recycling waste liquid produced by development

The invention provides a method of concentrating a waste liquid produced by development, the method including: obtaining a waste liquid produced by: exposing a planographic printing plate precursor, including: an image recording layer including: an infrared absorbing dye, a polymerization initiator, and a polymerizable compound, and a protective layer on a support, and performing a development process by using a developer liquid that contains an anionic surfactant having a naphthalene skeleton and/or a nonionic surfactant having a naphthalene skeleton in an amount of 1-10% by mass, that contains an organic solvent that has a boiling temperature in a range of 100-300° c. In an amount of 2% by mass or less, and that has a ph of 6.0-9.5; and evaporation-concentrating the waste liquid such that [an amount of the waste liquid after the concentration/an amount of the waste liquid before the concentration] is from 1/10 to 1/2 on a volume basis..
Fujifilm Corporation

Method and manufacturing organic el device

The invention allows evaporation materials discharged from evaporation sources to deposit on a substrate with a desired pattern, while eliminating the need for the conventional strip-shaped shadow mask, and enables correction of the effects due to the substrate being displaced during conveyance. In the apparatus for manufacturing an organic el device, a first drive section rotates a roller at a specific rotational speed, thereby conveying the substrate that is in contact with the roller.
Nitto Denko Corporation

Lens, optical imaging lens set and forming a lens

A lens includes: a lens body, including an optical effective part and an extending part, wherein the extending part surrounds a periphery region of the optical effective part, and the extending part has at least one annular surface; and an opaque layer, disposed on the annular surface of the extending part. An optical imaging lens set includes a barrel; and an imaging component is disposed in the barrel.

Heat pipe with ultra-thin flat wick structure

A heat pipe with an ultra-thin flat wick structure includes a shell and a wick structure disposed in the shell. The wick structure includes heat exchange zones and at least one liquid channel connected between the heat exchange zones which are divided into an evaporation portion and a condensation portion.

Heat dissipation module

A heat dissipation module includes a heat conducting plate having an upper surface, a stacked fins heat sink in thermal contact with and disposed on the upper surface of the heat conducting plate, at least one heat pipe and multiple fins. The evaporation end is in thermal contact with and disposed on the upper surface.
Inventec (pudong) Technology Corporation

Method for gas metal arc welding

A method and device for gas metal arc welding, wherein a current-carrying wire electrode is melted by an arc, and wherein gas metal arc welding is performed using a filler metal, which contains at least one constituent that releases deleterious emissions through evaporation, wherein a composition that does not contain this constituent is selected for the wire electrode, and a dead weld metal containing this constituent is fed to the arc and/or a molten bath without a current.. .

Method for the renewal of biological tissues and device for the implementation thereof (embodiments)

The invention relates to medicine and can be used in surgery, including cosmetic surgery, for example, for treating trophic and slowly healing ulcers, bed sores, burns, scars, etc., as well as for biological tissue rejuvenation, including skin, in different locations. The proposed method is for the regeneration of biological tissues with restoration of functional properties, characteristics and structure thereof, in which tissues are subjected to a predetermined degree of mechanically-induced trauma through the creation, in the desired areas, of at least one region of interference between acoustic waves generated by at least two sources and propagating in the tissues to be regenerated, with the possibility of subsequent natural regeneration of the corresponding biological tissues in said areas.

Production of ethanol and recycle water in a cellulosic fermentation process

Processes for producing ethanol from fermentation systems employing cellulosic feedstocks are provided, where water is processed for recycle. The water handling portion of the process employs multi-effect evaporators where the first effect evaporator is maintained at temperatures in excess of 105° c., and the evaporation train, beer column form a heat integrated system..
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

Method for applying a foaming cosmetic composition

The invention relates to a method for applying a cosmetic composition to hair. The method comprises the steps of removing a cosmetic composition from a sealed container, the composition comprising: a post-foaming emulsion comprising a weak acid, a weak base, a fatty acid, and a volatile buffering agent; a film forming agent; and an aqueous carrier; applying said composition to one or more eyelashes; and during or after said application to said one or more eyelashes, said cosmetic composition forms a foam, said foam resulting from the release of a gas, said gas being a reaction product of said post-foaming emulsion, and said reaction commencing after the evaporation of said volatile buffering agent, upon exposure of said cosmetic composition to atmospheric conditions..
Elc Management Llc

Process for manufacture of sodium hydroxide and sodium chloride products from waste brine

The present invention provides a process for the manufacture of sodium hydroxide and sodium chloride products from a waste brine stream containing sodium chloride, and at least sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate. The method of this invention comprises converting the sodium carbonate and/or sodium bicarbonate to sodium hydroxide through addition of lime to the brine, while simultaneously converting impurities to less soluble forms to facilitate their removal.

Water desalination system using geothermal energy

The water desalination system using geothermal energy includes a plurality of stepped evaporation trays. Salt water flows into the uppermost tray and cascades to each successively lower tray to overflow from the lowermost tray when all trays are full.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

High temperature ester hydrolysis operating at high ester to water ratios

A process for recovering alcohol from a fatty acid and/or diacid alcohol ester using water in an equal or lesser amount than oil on a mass basis. The process uses multiple reactors with separation of the alcohol product of hydrolysis between successive reactors.
Butamax Advanced Biofuels Llc

Aerosol coating process based on volatile, non-flammable solvents

A method for coating target surfaces by spraying an atomized liquid formulation of a volatile solvent, a dispersant, and adhesion promoter, a polymer, a plasticizer and particulates of an active material and vaporizing the solvent from the spray droplets to form deformable solid particles in flight that impact the target surface to form a coating. The temperature of the atomizing gas used to form the spray and the liquid formulation temperatures can be manipulated to accelerate or decelerate the evaporation of solvent and balance the heat of vaporization of the solvent in the spray liquid so that condensation of ambient vapors in the atmosphere surrounding the deposition target is prevented..
The Regents Of The University Of California

Transducer comprising moisture transporting element

A hearing aid or a transducer for use in a hearing aid, having a housing with an opening from an inner chamber thereof to surroundings thereof. A moisture transporting element is positioned in the opening.
Sonion Nederland Bv

Electrochromic device and making electrochromic device

A method for lithiating an electrochromic device comprise forming a first transparent conductive layer on a substrate, forming an electrochromic structure on the first transparent conductive layer, forming a second transparent conductive layer on the electrochromic structure, and lithiating the electrochromic structure through the second transparent conductive layer. In one exemplary embodiment lithiating the electrochromic structure comprises lithiating the electrochromic structure at a temperature range of between about room temperature and about 500 c for the duration of the lithiation process.
View, Inc.

Multiwell plate lid for improved optical measurements

A lid for a multiwell plates which allows improved light scattering measurement of liquid samples within the wells of a multiwell plate, and which at the same time mitigates evaporation from said samples is disclosed. A surface element protrudes from the bottom of the lid into the fluid in a well.
Wyatt Technology Corporation

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