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Evaporation patents


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 Systems and methods for generation and observation of pendant droplets by preferential condensation patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for generation and observation of pendant droplets by preferential condensation
Systems and methods for droplet generation are suitable for use in connection with goniometers. Via preferential condensation, droplets of a variety of liquids may be formed at a variety of temperatures and pressures, eliminating the need for expensive and complex conventional droplet generation systems.

 Arrangement for providing information on fluid flow rate patent thumbnailnew patent Arrangement for providing information on fluid flow rate
A fluid inlet opening, at least one flow channel, and at least one porous zone located above the at least one flow channel, wherein the surface size and position of the at least one porous zone relative to the fluid inlet opening defines the evaporation rate of a fluid, arranged such that when a fluid is injected through the fluid inlet opening the fluid flows via hydraulic pressure through the at least one flow channel and then through the respective at least one porous zone.. .

 System and  processing solids and liquids patent thumbnailSystem and processing solids and liquids
A magnetic induction heating element is used for outputting a magnetic field corresponding to an electrical current passing through the magnetic induction element. The magnetic induction element is placed close to or attached to a vessel in which a material containing a mixture of solids and liquids is to be processed to reduce the volume of liquid in the solid through evaporation.

 Light guiding device patent thumbnailLight guiding device
A light guiding device for an illumination device, especially for a motor vehicle or an indicator device in a rearview device of a motor vehicle includes a light coupling side for incoupling light from a light source, a reflection side having a reflection layer; and a light outcoupling side, which is disposed generally opposite the reflection side. A clearance between the reflection side and the light outcoupling side generally decreases as the distance from the light incoupling side increases.
Smr Patents S.à.r.i.

 High efficiency ocean thermal difference power generating system using liquid-vapor ejector and motive pump patent thumbnailHigh efficiency ocean thermal difference power generating system using liquid-vapor ejector and motive pump
There is provided a high efficiency ocean thermal difference power generating system by using liquid-vapor ejector and motive pump comprising: an evaporator for changing transferred refrigerant liquid into refrigerant vapor with high temperature and high pressure by the thermal exchange with surface seawater; a vapor-liquid divider which is installed at the outlet part of the evaporator and divides the refrigerants to liquid-state refrigerant and vapor-state refrigerant respectively; a distributor which is installed at the inlet of the evaporator and distributes the refrigerants flowed into the evaporator to multi-paths; a turbine for generating electric power by using the high pressure refrigerant vapor transferred from the liquid-vapor divider or the evaporator; a motive pump for increasing the pressure of the refrigerant liquid distributed from the distributor or the liquid-vapor divider; a liquid-vapor ejector for mixing the low pressure refrigerant vapor which passed the turbine and the high pressure refrigerant liquid which passed a motive pump, thereby proceeding expansion and compression; a condenser for condensing the refrigerants which was mixed in the liquid-vapor ejector by the thermal exchange with deep seawater; and a refrigerant circulation pump for increasing the pressure of the refrigerants which was condensed in the condenser up to the evaporation pressure and for circulating.. .
Korea Institute Of Ocean Science & Technology

 Method of coating a substrate so as to provide a controlled in-plane compositional modulation patent thumbnailMethod of coating a substrate so as to provide a controlled in-plane compositional modulation
The present disclosure provides a method of coating a substrate so as to provide a controlled in-plane compositional modulation. The method comprises providing a first target of a first material or material composition, providing a second target (104, 204, 304) of a second material or material composition, different from the first material or material composition; activating the first and second targets (103, 104; 203 204; 303, 304) to release particles by evaporation, sublimation or sputtering; and causing the released particles to impinge onto the substrate (102, 202, 302) such that the substrate is coated.
Mimsi Materials Ab

 Heat pump system for vehicle patent thumbnailHeat pump system for vehicle
The present invention relates to a heat pump system for a vehicle which includes a refrigerant-coolant heat exchanger mounted on a refrigerant circulation line of an inlet side of an external heat exchanger to exchange heat between coolant induced into the external heat exchanger and coolant circulating through electronic units of the vehicle, thereby enhancing cooling performance and reducing power consumption without an increase in size of the external heat exchanger by increasing a condensation amount because refrigerant radiates heat while passing through the refrigerant-coolant heat exchanger and the external heat exchanger in an air-conditioning mode and enhancing heating performance and reducing power consumption by increasing an evaporation amount because refrigerant absorbs heat while passing through the refrigerant-coolant heat exchanger, the external heat exchanger and a chiller in a heat pump mode, and increasing temperature of the refrigerant induced into the external heat exchanger to delay frosting of the external heat exchanger.. .
Hanon Systems

 Method of solvent recovery from a dilute solution patent thumbnailMethod of solvent recovery from a dilute solution
The method of solvent recovery includes using a plurality of solvent recovery units to recover solvent from a dilute solution. The solvent recovery units can include a plurality of reverse osmosis or forward osmosis membrane systems arranged in series.

 System and  performing tear film structure measurement and evaporation rate measurements patent thumbnailSystem and performing tear film structure measurement and evaporation rate measurements
A system and method are described for performing tear film structure measurement. A broadband light source illuminates the tear film.
Adom, Advanced Optical Technologies Ltd

 Motor vehicle heat exchanger system patent thumbnailMotor vehicle heat exchanger system
A motor vehicle heat exchanger system includes a closed circuit for a working medium and an evaporator for evaporation of the working medium. The evaporator includes at least two evaporator cassettes having an exhaust gas channel formed between the evaporator cassettes.
Benteler Automobiltechnik Gmbh

Method of alloying reactive components

Metal ingots for forming single-crystal shape-memory alloys (smas) may be fabricated with high reliability and control by alloying thin layers of material together. In this improved method, a reactive layer (e.g., aluminum) is provided in thin flat layers between layers of other materials (e.g., copper and layers of nickel).
Ormco Corporation

Working fluid for heat cycle, composition for heat cycle system, and heat cycle system

A working fluid for heat cycle, wherein the global warming potential is less than 300; the product of the relative coefficient of performance and the relative refrigerating capacity is at least 0.820 relative to r410a in a standard refrigerating cycle under conditions of an evaporation temperature of 0° c., a condensing temperature of 40° c., a supercoiling degree of 5° c. And a degree of superheat of 5° c.; the relative compressor discharge gas pressure is at most 1.100; the lower limit of the combustion range by method a in high pressure gas safety act is at least 5 vol %; and the pressure will not exceed 2.00 mpag in a combustion test by method a in high pressure gas safety act under 0.98 mpag at 250° c..

Block copolymer nanostructures formed by disturbed self-assembly and uses thereof

Block copolymer nanostructures such as nanosheets, nanoribbons, and nanotubes, are provided. The nanotructures are formed by the self-assembly of block copolymers during evaporation of solvent from a sol that has been “disturbed”, either i) by the introduction of relief (e.g.
Washington State University

Skin treatment method

A dissolvable polymer thin film of polyvinyl alcohol is manufactured and placed in contact with the skin, or through a moisturizing layer by a cream, and lightly sprayed on the exposed side with water to achieve conformal contact with the skin by transition from a solid state, to a partial liquid/solid state, and then back to solid state upon drying. After the polymer thin film dries, which undergoes a tightening effect on the surface of the skin, a number of advantages are achieved, including a smoothed appearance, firmness, prevention of loss due to evaporation of the intervening cream thereby improving residence time of the hydrating agents, deeper diffusion of hydrating elements into the skin through a reduced volume..
Transfer Devices Inc.

Article for absorbing a physiological liquid, such as a dressing

An article having physiological-fluid absorption properties, including a liquid collection zone and a transfer structure, the latter including absorbent fibers and being designed to transport the liquid from said collection zone toward at least one retention and/or evaporation zone, said transfer structure having a cross section that increases in the direction of said retention and/or evaporation zone, over at least part of the path separating said collection zone from said retention and/or evaporation zone.. .
Urgo Recherche Innovation Et Developpement

Multilayered waterproof moisture management athletic garments

A water proof moisture management garment and a method of constructing such a garment in accordance with the present invention utilizes at least three layers. An outer layer may comprise a stretch woven textile treated with a durable water repellant finish.
Nike, Inc.

Pixel structure and organic light emitting display using the pixel structure

A pixel structure and an organic light emitting display are disclosed. The pixel structure includes a plurality of pixels which includes a plurality of sub-pixels.
Kunshan New Flat Panel Display Technology Center Co., Ltd.

Direct expansion heat recovery

A direct expansion heat recovery method includes a complete refrigeration cycle including a compression process by a compressor, a condensing process by a condenser, a throttling process by an expansion valve, and an evaporation process by an evaporator. A heat output process of a condensing process of the condenser includes providing at least two condensers which are connected serially.

Gas turbine cooling system, gas turbine plant equipped with the same and cooling high-temperature section of gas turbine

A gas turbine cooling system includes an organic rankine cycle in which a cycle medium repeatedly circulates through condensation and evaporation, an air-extraction line configured to extract compressed air from a compressor of a gas turbine, a cooling apparatus for cooling the compressed air while heating and evaporating the cycle medium condensed in the organic rankine cycle using heat of the compressed air passing through the air-extraction line, and a cooling air line configured to guide the compressed air cooled by the cooling apparatus to a high temperature section of the gas turbine.. .
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

Waste water evaporation system

This invention generally relates to a method of waste water evaporation and a waste water evaporator. A waste water evaporation system having a waste water reservoir which receives waste water from a waste water source.

Device for the diffusion of volatile substances

It allows generating an air flow that is adapted to the geometry of the evaporation surface.. .

Hanging plant watering device

A hanging basket watering device is provided. The present invention includes a hook protruding from a bottom portion of a housing.

Fluid containers with integrated level sensing

Electrodes are integrated into a container design for fluid level detection in the container. The electrodes have a conductive surface, and an adhesive backing may be attached opposite the conductive surface to secure the electrodes to the container.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

Co2 cooling operating same

A co2 cooling system includes a compression stage in which co2 refrigerant is compressed; a cooling stage in which the co2 refrigerant releases heat; a co2 liquid receiver in which the co2 refrigerant is accumulated in liquid and gaseous states; an evaporation stage in which the co2 refrigerant, having released heat in the cooling stage, absorbs heat. The evaporation stage has first and second evaporation sectors; a first metering device for feeding co2 refrigerant into the first evaporation sector at a first pressure; and a second metering device for feeding co2 refrigerant into the second evaporation sector at a second pressure.

Method and controlling combustion in a furnace

This paper presents a model predictive control (mpc) strategy for biograte boiler, compensating the main disturbances caused by variations in fuel quality such as the moisture content of fuel, and variations in fuel flow. The mpc utilizes models, the fuel moisture soft-sensor to estimate water evaporation, and the fuel flow calculations to estimate the thermal decomposition of dry fuel, to handle these variations, the inherent large time constants, and long time delays of the boiler.
Aalto University Foundation

Gas adsorption means for automobile

The present invention relates to a gas adsorption means for an automobile, and provides an adsorption means formed by coupling an adsorption block including an adsorbent, which collects and separates evaporation gas introduced into a canister, and a processing body in which a vent channel is ensured.. .
Wondae Co., Ltd.

Methods to reduce evaporation during elevated temperature

A method including contacting a tissue or cellular sample with a reagent including an evaporation reducing agent(s) having the general formula x1—r—x2, wherein r is an alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl or an aromatic moiety of 1 or more carbon atoms that may be substituted with an oxygen, nitrogen or sulfur and x1 and x2 are independently selected to be moiety that is susceptible to hydrogen bonding and processing the tissue or cellular sample. A reagent used in the processing of a tissue or cellular sample with the reagent containing an evaporation reducing agent..
Sakura Finetek U.s.a., Inc.

Automatic turning ice block apparatus and method

An evaporator apparatus comprising at least one container configured to maintain liquid for freezing and a plurality of heat transfer compartments configured around the at least one container to allow for the flow of cold anti-freeze in order to freeze the liquid and warm anti-freeze in order to thaw frozen blocks of ice contained within the evaporator apparatus. A lever integrated into the body of the evaporator to allow for rotation of the evaporation in order to harvest the frozen blocks of ice.

Apparatus for stably evaporation depositing uniform thin films

In a method and apparatus for evaporation depositing uniform thin films, a film is deposited on a substrate of a vacuum environment while maintaining a constant deposition rate. A cover is installed on a wall of the evaporation vessel.
National Chung-shan Institute Of Science And Technology

Breath-powered vapor distribution device

Device embodiments use a person's exhaled breath to distribute an evaporated, sublimated, or vaporized material. The disclosure provides non-powered devices that use evaporation or sublimation to create the vapor that is distributed and the disclosure provides devices with electric vaporizers which rapidly vaporize liquid scent materials for distribution.
Fourth Arrow, Llc

Deposition source for organic light-emitting display apparatus

A deposition source for an organic light-emitting display apparatus including a deposition housing. The deposition housing includes a nozzle configured to spraying a deposition material, evaporation spaces configured to evaporate the deposition material, and a separation wall configured to partition the evaporation spaces and form a transfer path of the deposition material.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Evaporation crucible and evaporation device

An evaporation crucible and an evaporation device are provided. The evaporation crucible includes a crucible body and a plurality of nozzles connected to the crucible body, wherein at least one of the nozzles is provided with a nozzle heating structure at a periphery thereof.
Ordos Yuansheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Lubricating oil composition for spark-ignition internal combustion engine

The lubricating oil composition for spark-ignition internal combustion engine according to the present invention is a lubricating oil composition to be used for a spark-ignition internal combustion engine including a piston having a piston ring, in which a total tension per piston of tensions applied to the piston ring is 30 n or less, the lubricating oil composition being a lubricating oil composition comprising a base oil, (a) an organic metal-based additive containing an alkali metal and/or an alkaline earth metal, and (b) an organic zinc-based additive, wherein a concentration of the component (a) on a basis of the total amount of the lubricating oil composition is 0.15% by mass or less as converted into a metal content; a concentration of the component (b) on a basis of the total amount of the lubricating oil composition is 0.15% by mass or less as converted into a zinc content; the product of the concentration (% by mass) of the component (a) and a base number (mgkoh/g) of the lubricating oil composition is 1.3 or less; the product of the concentration (% by mass) of the component (b) and an acid number (mgkoh/g) of the lubricating oil composition is 1.2 or less; and the lubricating oil composition has a noack evaporation loss of 10% by mass or more and a kinematic viscosity at 100° c. Of 9.3 mm2/s or less.
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

Method for on-site aerial dissemination and atmospheric disposal or "aerosolization" of the water component of all leachates and wastewaters

A method for on-site aerial dissemination of oxidatively converted particles of contamination with substantial atmospheric disposal, commonly known as aerosolization, of the water component of all untreated or partially treated leachates and all untreated or partially treated wastewaters. These leachates and wastewaters (defined as water containing 2 or more detectable and known contaminants) are collected on site and the defined leachate or defined wastewater, having multiple defined and known contaminating suspended and perhaps precipitated solids therein, and aerially disseminating or aerially oxidizing or commonly known aerosolizing said contaminants over a chosen contaminant collections area (defined as 1-300 meters from the nozzles) and disposing of the water component of the leachate or wastewater through atmospheric disposal and lastly evaporation on the site of the leachate or wastewaters' generation.

Method of manufacturing a display device

A method for manufacturing a display device is provided including forming a light emitting element by stacking in sequence a pixel electrode, light emitting layer and common electrode above a substrate, and forming an organic material pattern including a plurality of protrusions by evaporating an organic material above the common electrode, wherein the evaporation is performed under a reduced pressure in at a substrate temperature that is equal to or less than a glass transition temperature of the organic material.. .
Japan Display Inc.

Evaporation equipment and evaporating method

The disclosed in the present disclosure is an evaporation equipment and an evaporating method. The evaporation equipment may include: a support, which is arranged for loading a substrate to be evaporated; and a zone temperature controlling device, which includes at least two temperature controlling parts and at least one temperature controlling device.
Ordos Yuansheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Flow-down type ice making machine and operation method therefor

An ice making machine includes a freezing cycle in which a compressor, a condenser, a pressure reducing valve, an evaporator, and the compressor are successively coupled, and a melting cycle in which the compressor, the evaporator, and the compressor are coupled through hot-gas introduction tubes, and the freezing cycle and the melting cycle are switchable therebetween. The ice making machine includes at least two ice making racks arranged in series on evaporation coils of the evaporator, the ice making racks including ice molds, ice making water flow-down portions connected to upper parts of the ice making racks, the ice making water flow-down portions causing ice making water to flow down to the ice making racks, and ice cube release members releasing ice cubes formed on the ice molds, and the hot-gas introduction tubes are coupled to the evaporation coils, respectively, in front of the ice making racks..

Improved air conditioning module

An air conditioning module comprises an insulated casing separated into a first air chamber and a second air chamber by an insulated divider. The first air chamber provides a sealed air passageway along the outside of a sound isolation enclosure and between two spaced locations of an inside of the sound isolation enclosure.
Silentair Group Limited

Thermic machine with thermodynamic cycle and the operation thereof

Consisting of a tank (1) of compressed subcooled liquid at room temperature, which is filled either of recoverable liquids supplied by a machine with closed thermic cycle or of new liquids supplied by thermic machines with opened thermic cycle, a suction line, a pump, a pump output line (6), a line for supplying a high temperature fluid, a fluid mixing zone, a turbine, a turbine outlet to the environment or to a closed, cycle thermic machine; a heat exchanger or a boiler can be added to said output line. Pumping the compressed liquid from the tank to the mixing zone and supplying simultaneously a high temperature fluid, increasing the velocity of the mixture obtained as a result of density change by evaporation.

A crucible device used in coating system

The present invention discloses a crucible device used in coating system. The crucible device used in coating system comprise a barrel structure, a plurality of heaters, a crucible, a plurality of temperature sensors, and a plurality of driving means, the plurality of heaters are arranged in vertical direction in the barrel structure and used to heat the materials in the crucible, the plurality of temperature sensors are arranged in vertical direction in the crucible to measure the temperature inside the crucible, the plurality of driving means are used to drive at least one of the plurality of heaters to move in vertical direction so as to control the temperature inside the crucible.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

Removal of unwanted propanol components

The present invention relates to the use of short-path evaporation for reducing from deodorized triglyceride oils the content of propanol components selected from chloropropanols, chloropropanol fatty acid esters, epoxypropanols, epoxypropanol fatty acid esters, and combinations of two or more thereof. It further relates to the use of short-path evaporation wherein further the content of acyl glycerol components is reduced and these acyl glycerol components are selected from diacyl-glycerols, triglycerides with molecular weight in the range below 730 and mixtures of two or more thereof..
Cargill, Incorporated

Vapor cell and making same

Vapor cells and methods for making the same are presented, in which a cell cavity is completely filled with aqueous alkali metal azide solution and the solution is dried at a controlled evaporation rate to substantially maintain edge contact pinning at an interface with the cavity sidewall to promote preferential evaporation in the center and outward capillary flow from an unpinned air-fluid interface toward the sidewall to form crystallized alkali metal material at the sidewall while inhibiting drying of dispersed aqueous solution on a transparent cavity bottom to provide substantially unrestricted passage of light through the cavity for atomic clock and other applications.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Reagent modifying the luminescence of lanthanide (iii) macrocyclic complexes

A spectrofluorimetrically detectable luminescent composition consists essentially of at least one energy transfer acceptor lanthanide(iii) complex having an emission spectrum maximum in the range from 300 to 2000 nanometers and a luminescence-enhancing amount of at least one energy transfer donor selected from the group consisting of a fluorophore, a lumiphore, an organic compound, a salt of an organic ion, a metal ion, a metal ion complex, or a combination thereof. Such energy transfer donor enhances the luminescence of at least one energy transfer acceptor lanthanide(iii) complex, with the conditions that the emission spectrum of any energy transfer donor differs from that of its energy transfer acceptor lanthanide(iii) complex; and such energy transfer donor can be dissolved to form a unitary solution in a solvent having an evaporation rate at least as great as that of water..

Sheath flow device for evaporation light scattering detector

A sheath flow device for an evaporation light scattering detector comprises an evaporation pipe fastener (110), an evaporation pipe heat insulating component (120), a sheath flow nozzle blocking plate (130), a sheath flow nozzle (140), a sheath flow sleeve (150), a sheath flow outlet piece (170) and a stainless steel spray needle (160). The evaporation pipe fastener, the evaporation pipe heat insulating component, the sheath flow nozzle blocking plate, the sheath flow nozzle, the sheath flow sleeve and the sheath flow outlet piece are concentrically connected orderly from front to back, and all provided with concentric inner holes.

Unique automatic-water-shedding height-adjustable three-dimensionally-adjustable post-base system, having base-height-adjusting tube-screw system, water-sealing dike system, and water-draining reservoir and channel systems

Automatic-water-shedding three-dimensionally-adjustable base system has multiple rain-water reservoirs and ducts for automatically draining rain water away from themselves to prevent corrosion and the growth of mold, and has multiple water-evaporation-inducing-and-water-draining-inducing pads for lifting the fence-post-base system, for allowing air to freely circulate therethrough, and for automatically allowing rain water to drain and evaporate away from the fence-post-base system.. .

Fluid-assisted thermal management of evaporation sources

In various embodiments, evaporation sources for deposition systems are heated and/or cooled via a fluid-based thermal management system.. .
Siva Power, Inc.

Thin-film deposition methods with fluid-assisted thermal management of evaporation sources

In various embodiments, evaporation sources are heated and/or cooled via a fluid-based thermal management system during deposition of thin films.. .
Siva Power, Inc.

Lubricating oil composition for internal combustion engines of passenger and commercial four-wheeled vehicles

A lubricating oil composition for internal combustion engines of passenger and commercial four-wheeled vehicles is provided which can exhibit excellent fuel efficiency performance and wear resistance reliability. The lubricating oil composition includes a base oil and a complex polyester mixture.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Antimicrobial chalk compositions

An embodiment includes a composition. The composition is a mixture of a chalk component and a sanitizer component.
Hand Armor Liquid Chalk Llc

Water-based ink for ink-jet recording and evaluating water-based ink for ink-jet recording

There is provided a water-based ink for ink jetrecording containing a pigment; a surfactant; and water, wherein a slope value of the water-based ink at an evaporation rate of 0% is not more than 15%/hour; and a slope value of the water-based ink at an evaporation rate of 30% is not less than 9%/hour, the slope value of the water-based ink being measured by a centrifugal transmission sedimentation method.. .
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Preparation of tert-butyl esters of aliphatic carboxylic acids

A process for continuously preparing the tert-butyl ester of an aliphatic c1-c4 carboxylic acid comprises: a) the reaction of an aliphatic c1-c4 carboxylic acid with isobutene in the presence of an acidic catalyst to give an esterification mixture (g1); b) the partial evaporation of the esterification mixture (g1), giving a liquid first high boiler phase (sph1) comprising the acidic catalyst, and a first vapor (b1) comprising tert-butyl ester; c) the fractional condensation of the first vapor (b1) by partially condensing the first vapor (b1) at a first pressure and a first temperature and obtaining a first condensate (k1), partially condensing the uncondensed second vapor (b2) at a second pressure and a second temperature and obtaining a second condensate (k2), the first temperature being 0 to 45° c. Below the condensation temperature of the tert-butyl ester at the first pressure and the second temperature being 45 to 80° c.
Basf Se

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