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Evaporation patents

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Floating salt farm

Pioli Systems

Floating salt farm

Organic electroluminescent materials and devices

Universal Display

Organic electroluminescent materials and devices

Organic electroluminescent materials and devices


Reversible, on-demand generation of aqueous two-phase microdroplets

Date/App# patent app List of recent Evaporation-related patents
 Flash evaporation for product purification and recovery patent thumbnailnew patent Flash evaporation for product purification and recovery
Methods and systems for producing high purity 3-hydroxypropionic acid (3-hp) from an aqueous medium, such as a fermentation broth, are described. Aqueous 3-hp solution can be purified by flash evaporation wherein the 3-hp is vaporized at an elevated temperature without conversion to acrylic acid.
 Reversible, on-demand generation of aqueous two-phase microdroplets patent thumbnailnew patent Reversible, on-demand generation of aqueous two-phase microdroplets
The present invention provides methods of on-demand, reversible generation of aqueous two-phase microdroplets core-shell microbeads, microparticle preparations comprising the core-shell microbeads, and drug delivery formulation comprising the microparticle preparations. Because these aqueous microdroplets have volumes comparable to those of cells, they provide an approach to mimicking the dynamic microcompartmentation of biomaterial that naturally occurs within the cytoplasm of cells.
Ut-battelle, Llc
 Organic electroluminescent materials and devices patent thumbnailnew patent Organic electroluminescent materials and devices
A composition formed of a mixture of two compounds having similar thermal evaporation properties that are pre-mixed into an evaporation source that can be used to co-evaporate the two compounds into an emission layer in oleds via vacuum thermal evaporation process is disclosed.. .
Universal Display Corporation
 Organic electroluminescent materials and devices patent thumbnailnew patent Organic electroluminescent materials and devices
A composition formed of a first mixture of a first compound and a second compound wherein the first compound has different chemical structure than the second compound; the first compound is capable of functioning as a hole transporting material in an organic light emitting device at room temperature; the first compound comprises at least one carbazole group; the first compound has a evaporation temperature t1 of 150 to 350° c.; the second compound has evaporation temperature t2 of 150 to 350° c.; the absolute value of t1−t2 is less than 20° c.; the first compound having a concentration c1 in said first mixture, and the first compound having a concentration c2 in a film formed by evaporating the first mixture in a vacuum deposition tool at a constant pressure between 1×10−6 torr to 1×10−9 torr, at a 2 Å/sec deposition rate on a surface positioned at a predefined distance away from the mixture being evaporated; and wherein the absolute value of (c1−c2)/c1 is less than 5%.. .
Universal Display Corporation
 Temperature-control system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Temperature-control system and method
A temperature-control and fire-suppression system is provided for a system space, which optionally houses it equipment. The system space has a ventilation system for providing controlled temperature air, for example to the it equipment.
 Floating salt farm patent thumbnailnew patent Floating salt farm
The present invention, the floating salt farm, is a system situated at offshore locations for producing crystallized salt and bittern through the evaporation of seawater. The energy storage tank, which is a floating salt farm component, is a storing component for accumulating electricity generated from various energy sources.
Pioli Systems Inc.
 Process for producing nanoparticles laden with active ingredient patent thumbnailProcess for producing nanoparticles laden with active ingredient
The present invention relates to a novel process for the production of nanoparticles laden with active compounds and to the use thereof as medicaments. The process for the production of nanoparticles comprises the steps (a) dissolution of at least one active compound and at least one polymer in an organic solvent, (b) mixing of the solution prepared in step (a) with an aqueous phase, (c) evaporation of the organic solvent, (d) purification of the nanoparticles laden with active compound obtained in step (c) by means of dialysis against aqueous dialysis solution comprising the same active compound..
Merck Patent Gmbh
 Evaporation mask and  manufacturing display unit patent thumbnailEvaporation mask and manufacturing display unit
An evaporation mask includes: a mask body including a pattern region configured of a plurality of passage holes; and an adjusting frame configured to hold the mask body and having a mechanism capable of adjusting positions of the passage holes on the mask body. The adjusting frame has a frame-like base material, and a movable member that is provided along one or more sides of the base material to be bonded with an outer edge of the mask body, and at least a part of which is deformable on the base material.
Sony Corporation
 Multilayer flexible element, preferably made of wood, and related production process by laser engraving and/or cutting patent thumbnailMultilayer flexible element, preferably made of wood, and related production process by laser engraving and/or cutting
Multilayer flexible element (10), preferably made of wood, and related production process (50) by laser engraving and/or cutting, preferably applied in fashion, furniture and design industries, characterized in that said element is composed of:—a layer of rigid material (11), supplied in sheets or plates, preferably made of wood;—a layer of flexible support material (12), in example a tissue, onto which is connected said layer of rigid material (11);—means of connection (13) of said layer of rigid material (11) to said layer of flexible support material (12), in example by glue, characterized by high elasticity and resistance to temperature changes;—a texture in vector graphics (14) which will define the cutting of the workpiece material, his flexibility and the consequent modeling and softness; wherein said process (50) comprises the following steps:—connection (51) of said layer of rigid material (11) to said layer of flexible support material (12), in example by glue;—design (52) of said texture in vector graphics (14), and download into a control system of an industrial device suitable to generate and focus a high power laser beam;—engraving (53) and/or cutting of said layer of rigid material (11), guided by the above- mentioned texture (14), by fusion and high temperature evaporation caused by a laser beam; in order to make flexible some rigid materials, like in example wood and similar materials, and suitable as decorative and/or functional elements for covering in fashion, furniture and design industries.. .
Mymantra S.r.l.
 Tool arrangement and tool receptacle for such a tool arrangement patent thumbnailTool arrangement and tool receptacle for such a tool arrangement
A tool arrangement with a tool receptacle and a tool, with at least one fluid channel for supplying a fluid to the tool provided in the tool arrangement. In order to allow an improved supply of alternative fluids to the tool, the fluid channel has at least one throttle point for maintaining the pressure in the fluid channel upstream of the throttle point, and the throttle point is suitable for keeping the pressure on the fluid sufficiently high such that no excessive premature evaporation of the fluid takes place..
Franz Haimer Maschinenbau Kg

Superconductive hypersonic liquefaction nosecone

An apparatus and method for mitigating the shock front of a rocket or aerospace plane flying at hypersonic speeds while simultaneously distilling liquid chemical elements from the ambient air. The invention employs supercooling (through a combination of superconductivity and/or superemissivity) driven by the cryogenic power of liquid hydrogen and/or regenerative evaporation of liquid hydrogen and/or liquid nitrogen to drive isothermal compression and consequentially usurp the shock front in totality at mach 1.

Desalination apparatus and desalination method

The desalination apparatus according to the present disclosure includes: a water-repellent particle layer that is located below a water tank, contains water-repellent particles, and allows passage of water vapor generated by evaporation of the liquid stored in the water tank, the water tank being a space for storing the liquid; and a liquefying layer that is located below the water-repellent particle layer, and liquefies the water vapor that has passed through the water-repellent particle layer to obtain the fresh water. The water-repellent particle layer includes an anti-migration layer provided as a surface layer that faces the water tank and containing anti-migration particles.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Modular humidification-dehumidification concentrating solutions

The present disclosure describes a modular humidification-dehumidification (hdh) apparatus and system for concentrating a solution including a plurality of internal modules coupled to each other. The plurality of internal modules includes a humidification module and a dehumidification module in gas flow communication with the humidification module.
Saltworks Technologies Inc.

Device and the catalytic depolymerization of material containing hydrocarbon

In a device for the catalytic depolymerisation of material containing hydrocarbon, containing at least one container which can be filled with the material, at least one conveyor device having a device for introducing heat into the interior of the conveyor device and having at least one inlet opening and at least one outlet opening spaced apart therefrom are provided in the container, wherein the inlet opening is or can be disposed in the lower region of the container and the outlet opening is or can be disposed in the upper region of the container for circulating and heating the material to the evaporation temperature. In a method for the catalytic depolymerisation of hydrocarbon-containing material using at least one container which can be filled with the material, at least one carrier medium is filled into the container, the material is introduced into the carrier medium, the carrier medium comprising the material is set in a rotary motion, the material is circulated through a conveyor device having a device for introducing heat and is heated until said material is brought to evaporation temperature, the rising vapour is condensed and the distillate components are discharged as product..

Flexible middle layer for rfid patch on tires

A tire mountable apparatus and a method of fabricating a tire mountable apparatus is disclosed. The tire mountable apparatus includes a first layer, a second layer and a middle layer disposed between the first layer and the second layer.
Michelin Recherche Et Technique S.a.

Apparatus and manufacturing particles

An apparatus and method for manufacturing solid particles based on inert gas evaporation. The method includes forming a continuous gaseous feed flow, and injecting the continuous gaseous feed flow through an inlet into a free-space region of a reactor chamber in the form of a feed jet flow, and forming at least one continuous jet flow of a cooling fluid and injecting the at least one jet flow of cooling fluid into the reaction chamber.
Reactive Metal Particles As

Partitioned evaporator for a reversible heat pump system operating in the heating mode

Disclosed are embodiments of a partitioned evaporator for a reversible heat pump system operating in the heating mode. Embodiments include a partitioned evaporator having a first part and a second part, the first part exchanging heat between a working fluid upstream from a reversible metering device, and the working fluid downstream from the reversible metering device.
Heat Pump Technologies, Llc

Fully regenerative liquid desiccant system for residential applications

An air dehumidification system includes a modified packed column air stripper for contacting humid air with a liquid desiccant. The dehumidification system also includes a solar distiller for regenerating the liquid desiccant through evaporation of water.
The Trustees Of The Stevens Institute Of Technology

Method for isolating polyphenols from olive mill water

The present invention relate to a highly efficient and novel method, using clean technologies, for obtaining a natural bioactive concentrate that is rich on polyphenols from olive mill water (omw). The clean technologies integrate centrifugation, a drowning-out crystallization-based separation process, and vacuum evaporation.
University Of Tsukuba

Physical vapor deposition apparatus and physical vapor deposition method

A physical vapor deposition apparatus and a physical vapor deposition method for forming a film of a substance which is hard to be made fine particles even when it is heated by plasma, arc discharge, or the like are provided. It has an evaporation chamber 10 provided inside it with an evaporation source material 15 and a heating part 16 for heating the evaporation source material 15, a powder supply source 20 provided inside it with a powder, and a film forming chamber 30, wherein the evaporation source material 15 is heated by the heating part 16 to produce fine particles (nanoparticles), the fine particles and powder are sprayed out of a supersonic nozzle 35, are placed on a supersonic gas stream, and are deposited on a substrate for film formation 33 by physical vapor deposition..
Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.k.

Potash processing with mechanical vapor recompression

A potash-extraction system and method for extracting potash from a brine containing potash without the use of water-consuming evaporation ponds or additional chemicals is disclosed. The potash processing system uses a mechanical-vapor recompression (“mvr”) cycle to separate salt and then potash from a sylvinite brine containing salt and potash.
Utah State University

Fresh water generator

There is provided a combined evaporator and condenser for a fresh water generator. The generator comprises an evaporation unit into which is introduced water to be treated (typically seawater) heated to at least a saturation temperature for the pressure in the evaporation unit for generating vapor by evaporating water from the seawater, and the condenser unit for condensing the evaporated fresh water.
Hydrofoss Aps

Solar array system for covering a body of water

Systems and methods for supporting a solar panel array are disclosed, with embodiments specifically directed to spanning bodies of water such as aqueducts, canals, or other waterways. Cable truss assemblies are used to support panel receivers and solar panels mounted over the panel receivers.
P4p Holdings, Llc

Extensometer probe and system for monitoring displacement, water level and evaporation

An extensometer probe comprising a linear variable differential transformer (lvdt) and a novel coaxial clamp and extension tube; useful for reducing thermal error, precisely measuring displacement, and deployment in tight spaces like wells or boreholes. A novel float for measuring free surface elevation of liquid; comprising an autonomous vibrator for reducing effects of bubbles, surface tension, and friction.

Refrigerator and control method thereof

Provided are a refrigerator and a control method thereof. The refrigerator includes a compressor, a condenser, a refrigerant tube guiding a flow of the refrigerant condensed in the condenser, a plurality of expansion devices, a plurality of evaporators including first and second evaporators to evaporate the refrigerant decompressed in the plurality of expansion devices, a plurality of first evaporation passages in which a portion of the plurality of expansion devices is disposed, the plurality of first evaporation passages guiding introduction of the refrigerant into the first evaporator of the plurality of evaporators, a second evaporation passage in which the other portion of the plurality of expansion devices is disposed, the second evaporation passage guiding introduction of the refrigerant into the second evaporator and a flow adjusting unit to branch the refrigerant into the plurality of first evaporation passages and the second evaporation passage..
Lg Electronics Inc.

Solar energy system

A steam condensation and water distillation system comprises an evaporation compartment in a vacuum environment in which a water source is evaporated and at least one first column in which high density water is accumulated; a steam line partly located in the evaporation compartment; a condensation pool in which steam is transferred; a condensation compartment in a vacuum environment in which steam in the evaporation compartment is transferred, a second column in which water formed by the condensation of the steam is accumulated, and a water compartment which is provided with an amount of water therein, in which condensation compartment is positioned; a first water line which is in connection with the water compartment and the second column, and by which the water coming from them are transferred to the water compartment again by being cooled; a second water line by which water is transferred for using.. .
Hse Hitit Solar Enerji Anonim Sirketi

Lithium air battery

Provided is a lithium air battery, and more particular, a lithium air battery including a buffer layer consisting of a conductive ion-exchange resin and a mesoporous carbon formed between an electrolyte and a catalyst layer configuring a cathode to prevent a contact between the catalyst layer and a large amount of electrolyte in the lithium air battery, thereby reducing occurrence of overvoltage at the time of charging and discharging the battery. At the same time, the lithium air battery of the present invention may suppress evaporation of the electrolyte solution to improve durability, thereby preventing deterioration in performance of the battery, and extending a lifespan..
Sk Innovation Co., Ltd.

Method for the production of an expanded and dehydrated protein food

A method for the production of an edible expanded dehydrated protein product which comprise submitting the pork skin pellets to a high temperature and pressure inside a sealed chamber and later to a sudden decompression in order to cause the instantaneous evaporation of the water in the pellet and produce a pork crackling having a fat content very similar to the original pellet, which is substantially lower than in the pork crackling produced by traditional methods.. .
Innovacion Sabor Y Control, S.a. De C.v.

Gas-assisted laser machining

A system of gas-assisted laser machining is provided. The system includes a nozzle that delivers a gas jet at the surface of the work piece and a laser source that can focus a laser beam on the surface of the work piece.

Solvent extraction of bitumen using heat from combustion of product cleaning streams

Described herein is a process that employs heat, derived from the combustion of product cleaning streams, such as waste streams, in a solvent-based extraction process. Solvent extraction of bitumen generally involves combining solvent with a bituminous feed to produce a cleaned bitumen product.
Exxonmobil Upstream Research Company

Apparatus and monitoring and controlling load requirements

An apparatus and method for monitoring and controlling load requirements relating to a transport refrigeration unit, including receiving one or more power information from a load: a power consumption information or a power requirement information; receiving one or more state information from the load: state of a compressor, state of a condenser, state of a compressor fan, state of an evaporation fan or state of a condenser fan; determining the following based on one or more power information and one or more state information: a) an amount of power to supply, b) a time duration for supplying power, and c) an operational frequency. In one example, one or more auxiliary information are also used for the determination: a fluid leakage measurement, a current measurement, a timer measurement, a counter measurement, a controlled environment temperature, or an environmental temperature..
Aura Systems, Inc.

Process for filling a gas storage container

A gas storage container may be filled with gas under pressure by feeding cryogenic fluid comprising liquefied gas into the container through a first conduit arrangement in a nozzle inserted into a passageway through a fluid flow control unit mounted in an opening in said container; closing the container to the passage of gas into or out of said container; and allowing said cryogenic fluid to become gaseous within the closed container. The invention involves venting displaced air and/or gaseous cryogenic fluid from said container during the feeding step through a second conduit arrangement in the nozzle.
Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.


A sock includes at least a sole portion thereof of a specialized layered fabric including a dual face or dual layer material (e.g., terry material) with a hydrophobic inner face (or layer) and a hydrophilic inner face (or layer). Moisture is adsorbed from a wearer's skin by hydrophobic yarn along the inner face or layer and is immediately absorbed by the hydrophilic yarn along the outer face or layer, with the absorbed moisture being spread along or through the outer face to promote evaporation.
Interloop Limited

Perfuming compositions and uses thereof

The present invention relates to the field of perfumery. More particularly, it provides a perfuming composition capable of prolonging the release of a perfuming component into the surrounding environment when applied on a body surface such as skin or hair.
Firmenich Sa

Crystallizable glass composition

A crystallizable glass composition containing, in % by mole in glass component composition, 40 to 70% sio2, 5 to 35% mgo, 5 to 35% bao, 5 to 35% zno, 0 to 20% cao, 0 to 20% sro, 0 to 5% b2o3, 0 to 2% al2o3, and 0 to 30% la2o3+y2o3+gd2o3+nb2o5+ta2o5. Provided is a crystallizable glass composition which has fluidity suitable for bonding, has a high coefficient of thermal expansion after undergoing thermal treatment, is less likely to degrade the power generation property of the fuel cell owing to evaporation of glass components even when exposed to high temperatures for a long period, and has excellent thermal resistance after bonding..
Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.

Process for preparing animal feed

A method for the manufacture of animal feed supplement, typically a low moisture block (a vitreous/glassy block of carbohydrate comprising additives therein). The method comprises processing a carbohydrate-containing liquid composition to induce cracking and evaporation and thereby form a concentrated liquid composition; and solidifying the concentrated liquid composition to form the animal feed supplement.
Rumenco Ltd.

Body with a metal based nitride layer and a coating the body

A hard and wear resistant coating for a body includes at least one metal based nitride layer having improved high temperature performance. The layer is (zr1-x-zsixmez)ny with 0<x<0.30, 0.90<y<1.20, 0≦z<0.25, and me is one or more of the elements y, ti, nb, ta, cr, mo, w and al, comprised of a single cubic phase, a single hexagonal phase or a mixture thereof, with a cubic phase of a sodium chloride structure and a thickness between 0.5 μm and 15 μm.
Seco Tools Ab

Systems for dampening fluid removal, vapor control and recovery for ink-based digital printing

A system for dampening fluid recovery in an ink-based digital printing system includes a seal manifold having a front seal portion, the front seal portion having an upper wall facing the imaging surface, the upper wall being configured to define an air flow channel with the imaging surface, the upper wall being contoured to form a distance between the upper wall and the imaging surface at an evaporation location that is less than distance between the upper wall and the imaging surface at locations interposing the evaporation location and a vacuum inlet channel of the seal manifold.. .
Xerox Corporation

Vapor chamber structure

A vapor chamber structure is disclosed and includes a main body and a working fluid. The main body has a condensation section and an evaporation section and a chamber.
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

Evaporation apparatus

An evaporation apparatus includes a vaporization chamber including a liquid inlet and a vapor outlet, a spray chamber which is connected to the vaporization chamber and sprays a vapor which has flowed out from the vapor outlet of the vaporization chamber, and a release chamber which is connected to the vaporization chamber and reduces a pressure of the vapor which has flowed out from the vapor outlet of the vaporization chamber.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Method to integrate regenerative rankine cycle into combined cycle applications

A system is disclosed that incorporates a regenerative rankine cycle integrated with a conventional combined cycle. An added duct firing array, typically located after the combustion turbine exhaust and before the conventionally designed heat recovery steam generator (hrsg), is used to boost enthalpy of said exhaust.

Manufacturing mehtod of vapor chamber structure

A manufacturing method of vapor chamber structure is disclosed. The vapor chamber structure includes a main body and a working fluid.
Asia Vital Components Co., Ltd.

Humidity and allergy control device

A temporary artificial environment for maintaining an increased level of humidity is created over a sleeping person by suspending a perforated netting or perforated net-type material over a supporting framework creating a restricted air volume environmental or enclosed space over said sleeping person as said person respires to retard the evaporation of moisture within the said enclosed space and thereby the unwanted drying of nasopharyngeal tissues of the sleeping person by the ambient environment, thereby increasing the healthfulness of the nasal pharyngeal membranes of the sleeping person.. .

Formulations for treating skin disorders

The present invention is drawn to adhesive solidifying formulations for treating skin disorders, such as dermatitis or psoriasis. The formulation can include a drug, a solvent vehicle, and a solidifying agent.
Nuvo Research Inc.

Fixing pressure roller and fixing device

The present invention provides a fixing pressure roller exhibiting excellent compression set and having low hardness and low heat capacity, as well as a fixing device including the fixing pressure roller. A pressure roller employed in a fixing unit of a fixing device includes a core, and an elastic layer provided around the core, wherein the elastic layer is formed of a silicone rubber product produced by mixing a silicone rubber raw material with resin microballoons and water, and then curing the silicone rubber raw material; and the silicone rubber product includes therein voids provided by breakage of the resin microballoons through application of pressure, and voids provided through evaporation of the water..
Synztec Co., Ltd.

Polyunsaturated fatty acid-containing oil product and uses and production thereof

The present invention includes a solid fat composition that includes an oil having saturated fat and a microbial oil having a long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid and an emulsifier. In particular, the solid fat composition can have high levels of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid and low amounts of emulsifiers.
Dsm Ip Assets B.v.

Apparatus and producing cigs absorber layer in solar cells

A method of forming an absorber layer of a solar cell includes forming a plurality of precursor layers over a surface of a bottom electrode of a solar cell substrate. The step of forming includes depositing a first layer comprising selenium and copper and at least one of gallium or indium over at least a portion of the surface using a sputtering source or an evaporation source, the first layer having a first concentration of copper, depositing a second layer comprising selenium and at least one of the group consisting of copper, gallium or indium over at least the portion of the surface, the second layer having a second concentration of copper less than the first concentration of copper, and annealing the precursor layers to form an absorber layer..
Tsmc Solar Ltd.

Cooling neutralized acrylic acid by means of an absorption chiller

The invention relates to a process for the preparation of water-absorbent polymer particles, comprising the process steps of preparing an aqueous monomer solution comprising at least partially neutralized, monoethylenically unsaturated monomers bearing carboxylic acid groups (α1) and at least one crosslinker (α3), and at least partially neutralizing acrylic acid by mixing acrylic acid with an aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide, thereby obtaining an aqueous solution of the at least partially neutralized acrylic acid; cooling the aqueous solution with a cooling liquid in a heat exchanger, wherein the cooling liquid used in the heat exchanger has been cooled in an absorption chiller in which at least a part of the heat of the heated cooling liquid obtained in the heat exchanger is consumed by the evaporation of a refrigerant liquid in a vacuum that is created by the absorption of a refrigerant vapor into an absorbent.. .
Evonik Degussa Gmbh

Solvent methods for preparing crystalline macrolide particulates, compositions, and articles containing particulates

The invention provides therapeutic particulates including a macrolide, such as rapamycin, in solid state crystalline form, having a size of 20 μm or less, or 10 μm or less. The particulates are formed in one method by preparing a composition with a macrolide and first (e.g., xylene) and second (e.g., an alcohol, acetone, or acetonitrile) solvents.
Surmodics, Inc.

Pixel array, display and presenting image on the display

The present disclosure provides a pixel array, a display including the pixel array and a method for presenting an image on the display. The pixel array is composed of a plurality of basic pixel units repeated in horizontal and vertical directions.
Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Limited

Semiconductor device and producing a glass-like layer

A method for producing a glass-like layer (3) on a substrate, e.g. A power semiconductor substrate (1), is disclosed.

Measurement system included in desalination system, desalination system, and desalination method

In a desalination system, a water-repellent particle layer is provided at a lower portion of a water tank and composed of water-repellent particles. A devolatilizing layer is provided below the layer.
Panasonic Corporation

Thermoelectric energy conversion using periodic thermal cycles

The invention provides systems, apparatuses, and methods for applying periodic thermal management for converting heat into electricity using thermoelectric devices. One method comprises the use of a fluid that performs periodic heating and cooling cycles of thermoelectric devices during fluid evaporation and condensation.
Pyro-e, Llc

Method for storing carbon dioxide compositions in subterranean geological formations and an arrangement for use in such methods

A method and arrangement are proposed for injecting co2 into a subterranean aquifer for storage therein. In order to reduce the effects of water evaporation from brine in the aquifer when dry co2 is injected into the aquifer, the co2 is supplied mixed with a salt-lean fluid, i.e.
Statoil Petroleum As

Optical imaging with reduced immersion liquid evaporation effects

The present disclosure relates to an optical arrangement for use in an optical imaging process. The optical arrangement includes an optical element, an immersion zone and a liquid repelling device.
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

In-vacuum rotational device

This invention relates to the in-vacuum rotational device on a cylindrical magnetron sputtering source where the target or target elements of the target construction of such device are enabled to rotate without the need of a vacuum to atmosphere or vacuum to coolant dynamic seal. This invention relates to the use of the device in vacuum plasma technology where a plasma discharge, or any other appropriate source of energy such as arcs, laser, which can be applied to the target or in its vicinity would produce suitable coating deposition or plasma treatment on components of different nature.
Gencoa Ltd.

Method for reconfiguring a cryostat configuration for recirculation cooling

A method for converting a cryostat configuration (1) having a first container (2) with a liquid helium bath (3) and a second container (6) which is filled with liquid nitrogen (7) is characterized in that a cooling medium (12) which is in a gaseous state at a temperature of 60k and a pressure of 1 bar, is introduced into the second container and is cooled by a refrigerator (16) by means of a cooling circuit (11), the coolant lines of which are guided into the second container, to an operating temperature of ≦60k. With this retrofit for existing cryostat configurations that utilize both liquid helium and also liquid nitrogen for cooling a superconducting coil, use of liquid nitrogen can be completely avoided and the evaporation rate of the liquid helium can also be considerably reduced without having to re-liquefy the cryogens used..
Bruker Biospin Ag

Method for fabricating light-emitting element and light-emitting element

A light-emitting element and its fabrication method are provided. The light-emitting element includes an el layer between a pair of electrode, and the el layer is formed by evaporation of an organic compound.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Low temperature arc ion plating coating

Coating method for arc coating or arc ion plating coating of substrates in a vacuum chamber in which using an arc evaporator solid material that functions as cathode is evaporated, during arc evaporation the motion of the cathode spot on the solid material surface is accelerated using a magnetic field for avoiding ejection of a large amount of macro-particles or droplets from the solid material surface, negative charged particles resulted from the arc evaporation flow from the cathode to an anode, characterized by the motion of the negative charged particles from the cathode to the anode fundamentally doesn't cause an additional increase of the absolute value of the potential difference between cathode and anode allowing a lower increment of the substrate temperature during coating.. .
Oerlikon Trading Ag, Trubbach

Method and recycling water

We provide an evaporation based zero-liquid discharge method for generation of steam for enhanced oil recovery (eor) processes utilizing once-through steam generators (otsgs). The method includes feeding the otsg(s) with produced water, vaporizing a fraction of this water for steam injection and blowing down the balance of the water.
Aquatech International Corporation

Preparation of nanoparticles by flash evaporation

The invention relates to the field of preparing nanoparticles. In particular, the invention provides a method for preparing organic or inorganic nanoparticles by instantaneous evaporation or flash evaporation, e.g.
Isl - Institut Franco-allemand De Recherches De Saint-louis

Evaporation apparatus with gas supply

An evaporation apparatus for depositing material on a substrate by a drum is described. The evaporation apparatus includes a first set of evaporation crucibles aligned in a first line a first direction for depositing evaporated material on the substrate; a first gas supply pipe extending in the first direction being arranged between at least one of the evaporation crucibles of the first set of evaporation crucibles and the drum; and a second gas supply pipe extending in the first direction for providing a gas between the first set of evaporation crucibles and the drum with openings shaped and positioned to improve the uniformity of the deposition of the material..
Applied Materials, Inc.

Condensation apparatus

The invention provides an apparatus for increasing the size of gas-entrained particles in order to render the gas-entrained particles detectable by a particle detector, the apparatus comprising an evaporation chamber (2) and a condenser (7); the apparatus is configured so that vapour-laden gas from the evaporation chamber can flow into the condenser and condensation of the vaporisable substance onto gas-entrained particles in the condenser takes place to increase the size of the particles so that they are capable of being detected by a particle detector.. .
Particle Measuring Systems Inc.

Patterning device

A novel miniaturized and highly automated method for the controlled printing of large arrays of nano- to femtoliter droplets is presented by actively transporting mother droplets over hydrophilic-in-hydrophobic micropatches. The proposed technology consists of single plate or double-plate devices where mother droplets can be actuated and hydrophilic-in-hydrophobic micropatches on one or both plates of the device where nano- to femtoliter droplets are printed.
Katholieke Universiteit Euven

Linear evaporation source and deposition apparatus having the same

A linear evaporation source and a deposition apparatus having the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, the linear evaporation source includes i) a crucible being open on one side thereof and configured to store a deposition material and ii) a plurality of partitions dividing an internal space of the crucible, wherein each of the partitions has at least one opening in a lower portion thereof.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods for reducing parasitic losses in closed loop systems

Embodiments of a system that configured as a closed loop system, with a pump, an evaporator, a power generator, and a condenser, the combination of which circulate a working fluid to generate electrical power. The embodiments can harvest residual energy in the working fluid to improve efficiency and to reduce power loss that can derive from the pump as well as other auxiliary loads (e.g., fans).

Dryer with a waste heat recovery means

A dryer having a waste heat recovery device includes a cabinet, a drum rotatably mounted within the cabinet and having a front surface and a rear surface, an intake duct configured to provide an intake flow path through which air flows into the drum, an exhaust duct configured to exhaust air coming from the drum out of the cabinet, a heater configured to heat air flowing into the drum, and an ambient air duct configured to inhale air from outside the cabinet and supply the air from outside the cabinet into the drum. The waste heat recovery device includes an evaporation unit configured to absorb heat from air that is exhausted from the drum, a condenser unit configured to transfer heat absorbed from the evaporation unit to ambient air that flows into the ambient air duct, and a heat transfer medium configured to transfer heat between the evaporation unit and the condenser unit.
Lg Electronics Inc.

Carrageenan gel air freshener

The present invention relates to the field of perfumery. It relates more particularly to a gel device which allows for an effective and prolonged evaporation of an active volatile ingredient.
Firmenich Sa

Evaporation apparatus and method

An evaporation apparatus comprises a chamber configured to contain at least one dispensing nozzle and at least one substrate to be coated. The chamber has at least one adjustable shielding member defining an adjustable aperture.
Tsmc Solar Ltd.

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