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Evaporation patents


This page is updated frequently with new Evaporation-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Evaporation-related patents
 Microemulsion-enabled heat transfer patent thumbnailnew patent Microemulsion-enabled heat transfer
A heat transfer apparatus (102) including: (i) an evaporation chamber (116) in heat transfer communication with a first heat source, wherein the first heat source causes a liquid in the evaporation chamber (116) to evaporate into a gas; (ii) an adsorption/absorption chamber (134) in fluid communication with the evaporation chamber (116) and in heat transfer communication with a cooling source, the adsorption/absorption chamber (134) containing a microemulsion which adsorbs/absorbs the gas, when cooled, as droplets of the liquid sequestered within the microemulsion to form a used microemulsion; and (iii) a desorption chamber (136) in fluid communication with the adsorption/absorption chamber (134) and the evaporation chamber (116), and in heat transfer communication with a second heat source capable of desorbing the liquid droplets out of the used microemulsion as the liquid, without vaporizing the liquid, to form a regenerated microemulsion. Also, methods of using the heat transfer apparatus..
University Of Maryland

 Light guiding device patent thumbnailnew patent Light guiding device
A light guiding device for an illumination device, especially for a motor vehicle or an indicator device in a rearview device of a motor vehicle includes a light coupling side for incoupling light from a light source, a reflection side having a reflection layer; and a light outcoupling side, which is disposed generally opposite the reflection side. A clearance between the reflection side and the light outcoupling side generally decreases as the distance from the light incoupling side increases.
Smr Patents S.à.r.l.

 Maturation apparatus and monitoring methods patent thumbnailnew patent Maturation apparatus and monitoring methods
The invention provides a maturation apparatus and associated method that reduces fluid loss from one or more casks during a maturation process by sealably enclosing the casks in an intermodal container. The intermodal container provides an expansion volume to receive fluid vapour from the casks which assists in reducing product loss via evaporation and in reducing the problematic effects associated with fungi that often form in the vicinity of a distillery or other spirit maturation facilities.
M Squared Lasers Limited

 Conversion and purification of biomass patent thumbnailnew patent Conversion and purification of biomass
The present invention relates to a method for synthesizing an optionally substituted furoic acid by dehydrating a biomass and oxidizing the optionally substituted furan derived from the dehydration reaction. Water extraction has been incorporated as a step between the dehydration and the oxidation in order to purify the intermediate optionally substituted furan before having it oxidized.
Agency For Science, Technology And Research

 Topical composition comprising a film-forming polymer for delivering an active ingredient to skin patent thumbnailnew patent Topical composition comprising a film-forming polymer for delivering an active ingredient to skin
A film-forming pharmaceutical composition for dermal application comprises at least one therapeutically active ingredient dissolved in a volatile solvent, the composition further comprising a film-forming polymer, a plasticizer and an oily release-enhancing agent. The composition is capable of forming, after application on skin and evaporation of the solvent, a continuous phase comprising the film-forming polymer and the plasticizer and a dispersed phase comprising droplets of the oily release-enhancing agent..
Leo Pharma A/s

 Cataplasm and  producing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Cataplasm and producing the same
A gel patch comprising a plaster layer on a support, the plaster layer comprising a mixture of at least a neutralized polyacrylic acid, a poly(methyl acrylate/2-ethylhexyl acrylate) emulsion, and water, wherein the poly(methyl acrylate/2-ethylhexyl acrylate) emulsion is an emulsion having an evaporation residue of 57 to 61% by heating at or above the boiling point of the medium and is present in an amount of at least 2.5 times and preferably at least 3 times the mass of the neutralized polyacrylic acid.. .
Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.

 Particle detection system patent thumbnailParticle detection system
A system to detect ionizing particles that includes an enclosure which holds a fluid in a tensioned metastable state. The interaction of a particle with the liquid creates a vapor pocket that can be seen and recorded, and also results in a shock wave that can be heard and recorded.
Sagamore Adams Laboratories

 Cool artificial turf patent thumbnailCool artificial turf
The present invention relates to an artificial turf comprising fibers having advantageous properties such as a tuned hydrophilicity and the ability to transport water, enabling self-cooling through water evaporation. For this the artificial turf comprises at least one fiber having a core and a shell, characterized in that an outer surface of the shell has a contact angle with water of less than 90°, and that the shell comprises at least one axially oriented groove with a width of less than 500 micrometers..
Micronext B.v.

 Stable floating device for reducing evaporation in open pools patent thumbnailStable floating device for reducing evaporation in open pools
This invention corresponds to a flotation device comprising a cylindrical body having perimetral flotation cavities; a predetermined quantity of air deposited and enclosed in each of such cavities; and covers to cover said cavities.. .
Compagnon Bernabe S.a.

 Device for preventing evaporation of cosmetic contents in cosmetic refill case patent thumbnailDevice for preventing evaporation of cosmetic contents in cosmetic refill case
The present invention relates to a device for preventing the evaporation of cosmetic contents in a cosmetic refill case including a support case (22) having, in the center thereof, a refill case accommodation space (22c) for accommodating a cosmetic refill case (10); and a coupler (24) integrated with the upper end of the support case (22) by a hinge (26), wherein the support case (22) has, in the center thereof, the refill case accommodation space (22c) for accommodating the cosmetic refill case (10) by a support case bottom (22a) and a support case side (22b), and furthermore, the coupler (24) forms an inverted upside-down “l” shape by allowing a coupler side (24a) and a coupler top (24b) to be formed at a right angle.. .


Coated cutting tool and a coating the cutting tool

A coated cutting tool and a hard and wear resistant coating for a body include at least one metal based nitride layer. The layer is (zrxcrl-x-y-zalymez)na with 0.55<x<0.85, 0.05<y<0.45, 0≦z<0.20, 0.95<a<1.10, and me is one or more of the elements: y, ti, v, nb, ta, mo, w, mn or si.
Foxyled Gmbh


Lubricating oil composition for shock absorber

Provided is a lubricating oil composition for a shock absorber, which realizes excellent riding comfort in low-temperature and high-temperature environments and can suppress worsening of riding comfort with time, which is caused by evaporation and shearing of the lubricating oil. The lubricating oil composition for a shock absorber contains (a) a base oil having a pour point of lower than −40° c.
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.


Method and controlling lightness in colored inkjet inks by means of a transparent white ink composition

A transparent white ink composition is formulated to brighten, lighten and or dilute full-tone primary inkjet colors: cyan; magenta; yellow and black, eliminating the need for ‘light ink’ primary color inks. The transparent white ink is jetted concurrently with reduced amounts of full-tone inks in lighter tonal areas conventionally supported by ‘light ink’ primary inks.
Electronics For Imaging, Inc.


High-strength cross-linked polymer photonic crystal film

The present invention provides a method for preparing high-strength cross-linked polymer photonic crystal film by core-shell polymer microspheres via evaporation-induced self assembly. Monodispersed core-shell polymer microspheres are fabricated by emulsifier-free emulsion polymerization, and then the microspheres emulsion is coated onto suitable substrates.
Xiamen University


Method and system for high-efficiency heat energy recycling applicable to plateau areas using a high-temperature concentrated solar thermal collector

The invention discloses a high efficiency thermal energy recovery method and system, and a high temperature concentrated solar thermal collector. A concentrated solar photo-thermal device is used to heat heat-transfer oil to a high temperature and the oil is used for rapid heat replenishment for decompressing evaporation.
Guangzhou Ruishi Tianqi Energy Technology Co., Ltd


Anesthetic dispensing device

An anesthetic dispensing device (1), to which a carrier gas stream is fed for enriching with anesthetic, has the gas stream split into two partial gas streams, one of which flows through a bypass channel (7) unchanged and the other of which is fed to an evaporation chamber (9), where the partial gas stream is saturated with anesthetic. In a mixing point (6), both partial gas streams are mixed to form an anesthetic gas stream, which leaves the anesthetic dispensing device through the anesthetic gas outlet (4).
Drägerwerk Ag & Co. Kgaa


Mesostructured polymer membranes and other articles

The present invention generally relates to porous membranes and other porous articles. In one aspect, the present invention is generally directed to porous membranes and other articles that have a pore size comparable to feature sizes of the extracellular matrix.
Children's Medical Center Corporation


Loop heat pipe structure with liquid and vapor separation

A loop heat pipe structure with a liquid and vapor separation includes an evaporation chamber and a loop pipe. The evaporation chamber includes two connecting ports, and an inner wall of the evaporation chamber includes a liquid-preservation capillary structure.


Droplet evaporation based self-cleaning humidification device

Disclosed herein is a self-cleaning evaporation type humidification apparatus. The self-cleaning humidification apparatus is a floating drop evaporation type humidification apparatus of a new concept using a super hydrophobic surface, which provides safe humidification and does not require maintenance and repair, such as cleaning, by naturally or forcedly evaporating floating drops through control of the floating drops in the super hydrophobic surface based on the self-cleaning function, virus reproduction inhibition function, and water-repellant function of the super hydrophobic surface..


Method and system for galvanizing by plasma evaporation

The invention relates to a method and a system for the plasma treatment of successive substrates comprising one or more steel products in which the substrates are transported, one after another, through at least one plasma treatment zone, characterized in that the electric power for generating the plasma in the treatment zone is varied according to the area of the substrate is present in this treatment zone when the substrate is running through this zone.. .


Process for complex processing of bauxite

Method for processing bauxite, including grinding the bauxite and extracting iron; separating the resulting pulp into a solid phase and a liquid phase; extracting aluminium from the liquid phase at a ph of about 7 to 8 to form a precipitate of sodium hydrogen carboaluminate; separating the precipitate of sodium hydrogen carboaluminate from the neutralized pulp; extracting iron from the neutralized liquid phase at a ph of at least about 12 using to form a precipitate of iron hydroxide; separating the precipitate of iron hydroxide from the basic pulp to form an iron ore concentrate and a mother liquor chelate; concentrating the mother liquor chelate using evaporation; cooling the concentrated solution; carbonizing the cooled solution with gaseous carbon dioxide under pressure to crystallize sodium hydrogen carbonate; and separating the crystallized sodium hydrogen carbonate from the carbonized solution to form a chelate liquid phase and a sodium hydrogen carbonate solid phase.. .


Copper substrate for deposition of graphene

Technologies are presented for growing graphene by chemical vapor deposition (cvd) on a high purity copper surface. The surface may be prepared by deposition of a high purity copper layer on a lower purity copper substrate using deposition processes such as sputtering, evaporation, electroplating, or cvd.


Two-part, wall-mountable electrochemical dispenser

A two-part, wail-mountable electrochemical dispenser. The dispenser assembly consists of a disposable fluid storage reservoir and a non-disposable dispenser.


Polymer electrolyte and preparation method thereof

Provided are a polymer electrolyte membrane used in fuel cells, and a method for producing the same, the method including a step of filling a crosslinkable ion conductor in the pores of a porous nanoweb support; and a step of crosslinking the ion conductor filled in the pores of the porous nanoweb support. The method for producing a polymer electrolyte membrane uses a relatively smaller amount of an organic solvent, can ameliorate defects of the support caused by solvent evaporation, and can enhance the impregnability of the ion conductor to the support and the convenience of the process..


Methods and cooling liquids in portable containers

An assembly for cooling a liquid inside a portable container. According to some implementations the portable container has a heat exchanger assembly disposed therein with the heat exchanger assembly including a coolant pre-cooling assembly.


Cooling shirt and making same

A cooling shirt is disclosed. The shirt is formed from a resilient fabric comprised of a first yarn of a first material and a second yarn of a second material twisted and knitted together.


Evaporation device

The present invention provides an evaporation device which contains a vacuum chamber providing a vacuum environment; an evaporation source housed in the vacuum chamber, the evaporation source providing li3n for evaporation and heating up li3n to produce li; a positioning system located oppositely to the evaporation source, the positioning system positioning a substrate for depositing li thereon; a condensation pump connected with the vacuum chamber for vacuuming the vacuum chamber; and a molecular pump connected with the vacuum chamber for maintaining a degree of vacuum in the vacuum chamber. The evaporation device is capable of achieving a high degree of vacuum in the vacuum chamber, and as such enhancing product life..


Chemical heat pump

This chemical heat pump includes two reaction sections r1 and r2 containing a thermal storage medium; an evaporation-condensation section d containing water or steam; and two fluid channels individually disposed so as to correspond to the reaction sections. A “first state in which r1 is set to a heat-storing state and r2 is set to a heat-release state” and a “second state in which r1 is set to a heat-release state and r2 is set to a heat-storing state” are alternately applied every time after a first period elapses.


Fuel cell module

A fuel cell module includes a fuel cell stack and fc peripheral equipment. The fc peripheral equipment includes an evaporator.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.


Evaporation on superhydrophobic surfaces for detection of analytes in bodily fluids

This disclosure provides a diagnostic system including a detection zone adapted to receive a volume of biological fluid. The detection zone includes a plurality of micro-scale and nano-scale features that render the detection zone superhydrophobic.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Burner arrangement for heater

A burner arrangement (1), for a mobile heater operated with liquid fuel, is provided; having a combustion chamber (2) for converting fuel with combustion air in a flaming combustion, which combustion chamber (2) extends along a longitudinal axis (z) in a main flow direction (h); a pre-mixing chamber (3), which is arranged fluidicly upstream of the combustion chamber (2), for generating a fuel-combustion air-mixture, which pre-mixing chamber (3) comprises a side wall (4); a fuel evaporation surface (o) arranged in the pre-mixing chamber; a fuel supply (10) for supplying liquid fuel; and a first combustion air supply (6) having a swirl body (7) for supplying a combustion air flow into the pre-mixing chamber (3) with a swirl such that the combustion air is guided along the fuel evaporation surface (o) with a tangential flow component. A neck portion (5) is formed at a transition from the pre-mixing chamber (3) to the combustion chamber (2) at which the flow cross-section abruptly widens in the main flow direction (h)..
Webasto Se


Method for forming a hydrophobic layer

The invention relates to a method for forming a film-forming hydrophobic layer on a substrate, which method includes: fanning an aqueous suspension of cellulose nanofibers, cnf; forming, in water and with a water-immiscible solvent having an evaporation temperature below that of water, a cationic nanoemulsion of a substance forming covalent bonds with the cellulose; mixing the suspension and the nanoemulsion such as to produce a mixture resulting from an adsorption of said substance by the cnf; coating a substrate with said mixture; and proceeding to an annealing suitable for grafting said substance to the cnf.. .
Institut Polytechnique De Grenoble


Binder composition for sublimation printing natural fibers

A binder composition for sublimation-printing natural fibers of the present invention includes: (a) an aqueous solvent; (b) a moisture evaporation retardant selected from urea, glycerine, and a mixture thereof; (c) a (meth)acrylic polymer; (d) a polyurethane; (e) a blocked polyisocyanate; and (f) a paraffin wax.. .


Salad dryer

The the salad dryer uses a de-watering process which provides very dry and crisp salad greens in an automated appliance. The general process used in the salad dryer is evaporation due to wind/air being forced through a salad tumbling perforated drum..


Carbon heat source drying method

When a kneaded mixture produced by adding a hinder-containing additive and water to carbon powder and kneading the mixture is formed into a rod-shaped carbon heat source (hs) and the carbon. Heat source (hs) is subsequently dried to manufacture a finished product, a drying method according to the present invention includes generating a dry atmosphere in which an evaporation rate (vo) at which the water evaporates through an outer surface of the carbon heat source (hs) is made approximately equal to a speed (vs) at which the water in the carbon heat source (hs) moves toward the outer surface while a weight absolute humidity (ah) is lowered in a stepwise manner, and drying the carbon heat source (hs) in the dry atmosphere..
Japan Tobacco Inc.


Apparatus for generating steam

Apparatus for generating steam is disclosed. It comprises a water inlet (19), an evaporation surface (24), and a heater (26) disposed adjacent to the evaporation surface to heat the evaporation surface.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Apparatus for generating steam

The present application relates to apparatus for generating steam. The apparatus comprises an evaporation surface (24), a heater (26) disposed adjacent to the evaporation surface to heat the evaporation surface, a water inlet (19) positioned relative to the evaporation surface so that water is fed onto the evaporation surface from the water inlet and forms a film on the evaporation surface such that the film is evaporated from the evaporation surface, and a scale collection region (23) positioned such that, during use of the apparatus, scale dislodged from the evaporation surface falls away from the evaporation surface into the scale collection region.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Fuel cooling apparatus

A fuel cooling apparatus includes a fuel cooling pipe having an inner circumferential surface and a hermetically sealed space formed therein and a heat pipe allowing a working medium to flow therein. The heat pipe includes an evaporation region inserted into the hermetically sealed space of the fuel cooling pipe so that a fuel passage is formed between the evaporation region and the inner circumferential surface of the fuel cooling pipe.
Fujikura Ltd.


System and purifying depleted brine

A system and method for removing impurities to reconstitute a nacl stream to a saturated solution salt solution and remove any impurities such as sodium bisulfate (nahso3), sodium chlorate (naclo3) and sodium iodide (nai) to improve brine quality from an electrolytic cell is disclosed, including an evaporation system connected to the electrolytic cell, a brine treatment system connected to the evaporation system and the electrolytic cell. A waste treatment system is connected to the evaporation system.
Westlake Vinyl Corporation


Medium drying device, medium drying method, recording apparatus, and vapor removing device

A medium drying device for drying a medium that is transported, the medium drying device includes a medium drying section that evaporates liquid attached to the medium; a first recovery chamber into which gas containing vapor generated by the evaporation enters; a second recovery chamber into which gas within the first recovery chamber flows; a pressure increasing section that makes the first recovery chamber be in a high pressure state to liquefy vapor by increasing a pressure within the first recovery chamber; a liquid separation section that is provided between the first recovery chamber and the second recovery chamber, and transmits gas to the second recovery chamber after separating liquid generated by the liquefaction; and a blowing section that blows dried gas within the second recovery chamber onto a surface of the medium to which the liquid is attached.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Solid/liquid separation apparatus, and same

The solid-liquid separator that uses the substance a capable of dissolving water and oil, and performs dehydration and deoiling from an object to be treated by bringing a mixture of water and a solid, oil and a solid, or water, oil and a solid that is an object to be treated, and the substance a in a liquid state into contact with each other, and subsequently evaporating the substance a, includes a substance b that circulates while causing change of state in a closed system, a compressor that compresses the substance b, a first heat exchanger that exchanges condensation heat of the substance b and evaporation heat of the substance a, an expansion valve that decompresses the substance b which is condensed, and a second heat exchanger that exchanges evaporation heat of the substance b and condensation heat of the substance a.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.


Iv access port cap for providing antimicrobial protection

A cap is configured to provide antimicrobial protection to a female luer port of an intravenous device. The cap distributes an antimicrobial solution within the intraluminal surfaces of the port when the cap is connected to the port.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Heat pipe

A heat pipe is divided into an evaporation section, an insulation section and a condensation section. The insulation section includes a pipe section and a liquid delivery structure.
Delta Electronics, Inc.


Evaporated fuel processing device

An evaporated fuel processing device includes a liquid level surface detection valve that detects a full-tank liquid level surface when refueling, and closes a canister communication hole; a fuel shutoff valve to close an evaporation hole when a liquid level surface becomes higher than the full-tank liquid level surface; and an outlet port communicating with a canister. A first communication path and a second communication path are formed in a folded back shape folded back at a first valve seat upper part in plan view.
Yachiyo Industry Co., Ltd.


Melting alloys

A method for producing metal alloys. The method allows the production of metal alloys consisting of at least two metals having a high melting point difference.
Ald Vacuum Technologies Gmbh


Organic electroluminescent materials and devices

A composition formed of a mixture of two compounds having similar thermal evaporation properties that are pre-mixed into an evaporation source that can be used to co-evaporate the two compounds into an emission layer in oleds via vacuum thermal evaporation process is disclosed. The first and second compounds can have an evaporation temperature t1 and t2, respectively, of 150 to 350° c., and the absolute value of t1−t2 can be less than 20° c.
Universal Display Corporation


Through silicon vias and thermocompression bonding using inkjet-printed nanoparticles

Apparatus and method for filling and optionally bumping through-silicon vias (tsvs) in device circuits utilizing inkjet printheads for ejecting sufficiently small droplets of conductive nanoparticle inks into the tsvs. Ejected drops are accurately impinged along the length of each tsv within a substrate being heated to drive evaporation of the solvent carrying the metal nanoparticles into the trenches while not de-encapsulating the particles.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Display panel and manufacturing method therefor, and display device

The present disclosure provides a display panel and a manufacturing method therefor, and a display device, and the display panel includes a first substrate and a second substrate disposed opposite to the first substrate; an organic light emitting layer disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate, wherein the organic light emitting layer includes a planar cathode layer; a planar cathode protection layer disposed on the cathode layer; and a first touch layer disposed on the cathode protection layer. With the technical solutions according to the present disclosure, the first touch layer is formed by evaporation processes just like the organic light emitting layer, so that the manufacture steps of the display panel are reduced as compared to forming the first touch layer by a photo etching process.
Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.


Cooling structure of sealed casing and optical apparatus using the same

A cooling structure of a sealed casing according to the present invention includes sealed containers for housing heat-generation components irradiated with light from a light source to generate heat, an evaporation unit disposed in the sealed container to store a refrigerant, a condensation unit configured to liquefy the refrigerant gasified by the heat received from the heat-generation component, a steam pipe configured to connect the evaporation unit and the condensation unit, through which the gasified refrigerant flows, and a liquid pipe configured to connect the evaporation unit and the condensation unit to each other, through which the liquefied refrigerant flows. Thus, a cooling structure capable of preventing performance deterioration of a cooling target device can be achieved..
Nec Corporation


Insertable filter for canister and canister having the filter

Disclosed are a canister and an insertable filter for a canister which collects fuel evaporation gas and emits the collected fuel evaporation gas to an intake pipe when an engine is purged. The insertable filter includes a pipe configured to be able to penetrate through a case of the canister, and meshes configured to filter foreign materials.
Hyundai Motor Company


Multi-purpose cap and drying stand

A cap for a container has two portions. The first portion attaches to and closes the mouth of the container.


Organic alloy for organic optoelectronic device, organic optoelectronic device, and display device

Disclosed are an organic alloy for an organic optoelectric device that is an organic alloy of at least two kinds of organic compounds, the at least two kinds of organic compounds includes a first organic compound and a second organic compound, a difference between evaporation temperatures of the first organic compound and the second organic compound is less than or equal to about 20° c. At less than or equal to about 10−3 torr, and a light emitting wavelength of the organic alloy is different from light emitting wavelengths of the first organic compound, the second organic compound, and a simple mixture of the first organic compound and the second organic compound, and an organic optoelectric device and a display device including the organic alloy..
Samsung Sdi Co., Ltd


High precision, high resolution collimating shadow mask and fabricating a micro-display

The method for producing an oled micro-display on a silicon wafer uses a collimating shadow mask formed on a silicon substrate. The mask is fabricated by depositing a material layer on the front side and on the back side of the substrate and etching a portion of the layer on the back side of the substrate to a reduced thickness of at least 20 microns.
Emagin Corporation


Method and apparatus determining an amount of phosphine (ph3) in an atmosphere of an enclosed area

A process is provided for determining the amount of phosphine gas in the atmosphere of an enclosed area that has been fumigated with phosphine (ph3). This process comprises: (a) sampling said atmosphere of said enclosed area to obtain a gaseous sample; (b) selectively removing water from said gaseous sample by passing said gaseous sample through an evaporation zone to obtain a dry sample, wherein said evaporation zone comprises a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoro-3,6-dioxa-4-methyl-7-octene-sulfonic acid; and (c) analyzing said per-evaporated sample in a detector to determine the amount of phosphine gas in said dry sample.


Condensate removal tower

An evaporative condensate dissipation system is configured to receive a liquid condensate from an external surface of a cooling element of a refrigeration system and to dissipate the liquid condensate by evaporation. The evaporative condensate dissipation system includes one or more walls constructed from a porous material configured to absorb the liquid condensate and to retain the liquid condensate within the porous material.
Hill Phoenix, Inc.


Isothermal-turbo-compressor-expander-condenser-evaporator device

This invention provides an isothermal turbo-compressor-expander-condenser-evaporator in a single integral arrangement that is suitable for a variety of compact arrangements, such as a window air-conditioner and/or automotive-based unit. This arrangement avoids the use of rotary fluid joints and maintains the entire fluid cycle, including compression, condensation, expansion and evaporation within a single rotating shaft-based structure, with the compressor/condenser section and the expansion/evaporator section separated from each other in separate spaces and/or plena by a rotating, insulated barrier disc and associated seal..
Appollo Wind Technologies Llc


Evaporation unit and evaporating an object with said type of evaporation unit

In order to ensure that metal is homogeneously vaporized, in particular in a vacuum-strip vaporizer plant, a vaporization unit (2) is provided which has an inner cavity (6) which is defined by a circumferential web (10) to which an outer cavity (8) is connected.. .
Kennametal Inc.


Method for manufacturing graphene using cover member and manufacturing electronic element including same

Disclosed are graphene and a method of manufacturing the same. The method of manufacturing graphene includes forming a metal catalytic layer on a substrate (step a), providing a cover member on the metal catalytic layer of step a (step b), and growing graphene on the metal catalytic layer of step b by performing chemical vapor deposition (step c), whereby the size of the micro-scale grain boundary on the surface of the metal catalyst can be reduced by simultaneously promoting the aggregation of metal catalytic molecules in a chemical vapor deposition device and preventing the evaporation of the metal catalyst due to the effect of the cover member, ultimately improving the quality of synthesized graphene, including the transparency thereof.
Center For Advanced Soft Electronics


Evaporation-controlling container inserts

An apparatus configured for mixing the contents of one or more fluid containers includes a fluid container support platform configured to hold one or more fluid containers. The fluid container support platform is configured to index the container to one or more specified locations and to be moved in an orbital path about an orbital center independently of the rotation about the central axis of rotation.
Gen-probe Incorporated


Vegetated roof systems, apparatuses and methods

The disclosed subject matter broadly involves vegetated systems, apparatuses, and methods or portions thereof having structures and configurations to intentionally hold captured water gravitationally within and above a portion of a vegetated surface thereof. The vegetated system can be configured to periodically desiccate, dry or dry out, substantially completely or partially.
Furbish Company, Llc


External modular device for autonomous regulation of the temperature of an enclosure

A modular device for temperate regulation to be associated with at least one storage enclosure. The device has a thermochemical system having a tank which contains a liquefied gas that, following evaporation, combines with a reactive product contained in a reactor.


Air conditioner and controlling the same

An air conditioner and a method of controlling the same are provided. The air conditioner includes an outdoor unit provided with a compressor, an outdoor temperature sensor, an outdoor humidity recognition part, and a control part.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Air conditioner and controlling the same

An air conditioner and a method of controlling the same are provided. The air conditioner includes an outside unit, which is provided with a compressor and an evaporator, an outside temperature sensor attached to the outside unit to sense outside temperature, an outside humidity recognition part attached to the outside unit to recognize information about outside humidity, a low pressure sensor that senses an evaporation pressure of the evaporator, and a control part that controls an operation of the compressor, based on both information about dew-point temperature sensed from the outside temperature sensor and the outside humidity recognition part and information about the evaporation pressure sensed from the low pressure sensor.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Nanowire growth system having nanoparticles aerosol generator

A nanoparticles aerosol generator is disclosed. The nanoparticles aerosol generator includes an evaporation chamber having a wall, a container containing a source material, and a heating device configured to heat the source material.
Sol Voltaics Ab


System for evaporating volatile material to recycle oil shale extraction residue, and recycling oil shale extraction residue by using same

The present invention relates to a recycling system and a method for recycling by means of same, in which sludge, an extraction residue of oil shale, is drawn into a light oil mixing tank and mixed thoroughly by means of light oil or an extractant to separate heavy oil, then heavy oil and the extractant/light oil are additionally recovered by means of a sludge separation apparatus, and the oil shale sludge, which is an extraction residue, is transported, after preliminary storage in an intermediate storage tank, to an evaporation apparatus for recovering light oil so as to maximally recover the extractant/light oil and the like which is the final organic material possible to be recovered, thereby allowing dry oil shale residue to be generated. The present invention has the benefit of increasing the amount heavy oil recovered by additionally recovering heavy oil and light oil/extractant still remaining within the sludge, an extraction residue of oil shale from which heavy oil has been recovered by means of an extractant, and of allowing an environment-friendly post-processing step of eliminating the light oil/extractant and the like, which are the final discharges, from within the oil shale residue and thus reducing the organic content therein, and of minimizing the amount of light oil and extractant in the residual sludge by passing the heavy oil through the sludge separation apparatus and an evaporation process after extracting the heavy oil from the oil shale by means of the light oil or an extractant..
Cri Co.,ltd.


Thin film using and making same

Systems and methods for generating a thin film of a fluid are described. In an embodiment, a fluid support structure may be configured to receive a fluid, such as water, at a top surface and to support the fluid over at least a portion of the top surface.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Photovoltaic device including a back contact and manufacturing

A photovoltaic device includes a substrate, a transparent conductive oxide, an n-type window layer, a p-type absorber layer and an electron reflector layer. The electron reflector layer may include zinc telluride doped with copper telluride, zinc telluride alloyed with copper telluride, or a bilayer of multiple layers containing zinc, copper, cadmium and tellurium in various compositions.
First Solar, Inc.


Photovoltaic devices and manufacturing

A photovoltaic device includes a substrate structure and at least one se-containing layer, such as a cdsete layer. A process for manufacturing the photovoltaic device includes forming the cdsete layer over a substrate by at least one of sputtering, evaporation deposition, cvd, chemical bath deposition process, and vapor transport deposition process.
First Solar, Inc.


Photovoltaic devices and manufacturing

A photovoltaic device includes a substrate structure and at least one se-containing layer, such as a cdsete layer. A process for manufacturing the photovoltaic device includes forming the cdsete layer over a substrate by at least one of sputtering, evaporation deposition, cvd, chemical bath deposition process, and vapor transport deposition process.
First Solar, Inc.


Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof

As a result of miniaturization of a pixel region associated with an improvement in definition and an increase in a substrate size associated with an increase in area, defects due to precision, bending, and the like of a mask used at the time of evaporation have become issues. A partition including portions with different thicknesses over a pixel electrode (also referred to as a first electrode) in a display region and in the vicinity of a pixel electrode layer is formed, without increasing the number of steps, by using a photomask or a reticle provided with an auxiliary pattern having a light intensity reduction function made of a diffraction grating pattern or a semi-transmissive film..
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Inc.


Processing apparatus and processing method

According to one embodiment, a processing apparatus includes a container, a processor, a supply unit, a recovery unit, a calculator, and a replenishing liquid supply unit. The container contains buffered hydrogen fluoride.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Soil moisture indicator

A soil moisture indicator including a main body that is formed in a hollow shape from a material through which water does not pass and has a water absorption opening disposed near one end in a longitudinal direction, an evaporation opening disposed near the other end, and a display section provided near the other end and formed to visualize the hollow inside; a water absorption material that is filled on the inside of the main body at least from the water absorption opening to the display section; and a water detection sheet that is disposed to cover the water absorption material at a position of the display section inside the main body and has varying color tones between a water absorption state and a dry state. The main body may have a guide line that indicates a target depth to which the main body can be inserted into the soil..
Cabinotier Co., Ltd.


Method for operating a heat pump and heat pump

A fluid is condensed by at least one condensation device and the fluid is expanded by at least one expansion device. Then, the fluid is evaporated by at least one evaporation device and the fluid is compressed by at least one compression device.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Anti-frost cap for liquid nitrogen containers or other cold condensed gases

The present invention refers to a cylindrical cavity or cap, which prevents the condensation and the crystallization of water vapor or other possible compounds present in the air, around the outlet vent of a container having condensate gas. It prevents the condensation and the crystallization of frost or other compounds because of the formation of an environment free of other compounds around the outlet vent with gases from their own evaporation of the condensate gases in the container.
Centro De Investigación En Materiales Avanzados, S.c.


Evaporation system and evaporation method

An evaporation system and an evaporation method are disclosed, which are adapted for performing an evaporation process upon a surface of an evaporation target substrate. In an embodiment, the evaporation system comprises an evaporation material and an evaporation source plate, whereas the evaporation source plate is arranged to be heated by a heater so as to evaporate the evaporation material form its solid state into its gaseous state, and then enable the gaseous state evaporation material to travel passing through holes by the use of a shutter device so as to spread toward the surface of the evaporation target substrate for forming a film thereon.
Industrial Technology Research Institute



The present invention provides a crucible, and belongs to the field of evaporation technology, for solving such problems of an existing crucible that evaporation material loss occurs in evaporation process, the crucible is inconvenient to clean, and the evaporation material filled in the crucible is not uniform. The crucible of the present invention includes a main cavity and a plurality of sub-cavities which are used for containing evaporation material and are arranged in the main cavity, each sub-cavity being provided with an opening.
Beijing Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Biomolecule drying process for long-term storage

The present invention relates to a method for producing a storable dry composition of biomolecule. First a composition is dispensed on a surface.
Biocartis Nv


Process for concentrating a mixture containing organic hydroperoxide

Method for concentrating an organic hydroperoxide mixture comprising a hydrocarbon and a hydroperoxide corresponding thereto comprises evaporating a first liquid mixture in a thin-film evaporation device followed by separation in a separation zone. Both the evaporation device and the separation zone operate at a low absolute pressure at a temperature lower than the thermal degradation temperature of the hydroperoxide to prevent thermal decomposition thereof.
Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.


Device, desalinating seawater

A device for desalinating seawater comprises at least three plates (20, 21, 22), at least two evaporation chambers, each of them delimited by two consecutive plates, and entrance means (24) to feed the evaporation chambers with seawater to be desalinated, said entrance means being suitable to feed all the evaporation chambers with seawater from a common source, so so that at least one plate is suitable to operate as a condensation surface in one chamber and as an evaporation surface in the next chamber. The device may be arranged in any coastal system that requires a heat flux of low thermal intensity between a hot source (60) and a cold sink (70).
Centre Internacional De MÉtodes NumÈrics En Enginyeria


Fluid evaporation apparatus including fuel cells

A fluid evaporation apparatus utilizes a sustainable energy source via fuel cells to evaporate large quantities of water or liquid within a predetermined time frame. This water or liquid may be in difficult to reach locations and thus, the apparatus may be mobile and sized based on any required application large or small.


Evaporation-condensation their manufacture and use

An evaporation-condensation system and methods of manufacturing and using the same are disclosed. The system may include a condensation surface having one or more wipers and a gas diffusion apparatus.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Self-warming hands free eye compress

Warm compresses are the most widely prescribed effective medical therapy for several common eye conditions namely dry eye syndrome, blepharitis and chalazia. These problems are caused by blockage of natural oil flow through pores located behind the eyelashes (meibomian glands).


Radar imaging via spatial spectrum measurement and mimo waveforms

The proposed mimo radar imaging method takes advantages of measurement techniques of spatial frequency components of an rf area image from radar returns. To minimize size, weight and power (sw&p), minimum redundancy arrays (mras) for both tx and rx with unique geometries are proposed.
Spatial Digital Systems, Inc.


Cooling device and manufacturing same

This cooling device has: an evaporation section for storing a refrigerant; a condensation section for radiating the heat of a gas-phase refrigerant, which has been gasified by the evaporation section, by condensing and liquefying the gas-phase refrigerant; a vapor pipe for transporting the gas-phase refrigerant to the condensation section; a liquid pipe for transporting a liquid-phase refrigerant, which has been condensed by the condensation section, to the evaporation section; and a mounting plate provided with a connection structure connected to the device side which is to be cooled. The evaporation section is disposed on one surface of the mounting plate, and the condensation section is disposed on the other side of the mounting plate.
Nec Corporation


Water saving cooler

An evaporative cooler has a housing with evaporative media at air inlets. A blower draws air into the inlets and through the media and then out an air outlet from the housing.
Phoenix Manufacturing, Inc.


Device and vacuum evaporating

A device for vacuum evaporating includes a thermal evaporation module that generates vapor in a vacuum chamber through a circular opening by heating a vapor evaporation material accommodated therein. A moving stage is positioned in an atmospheric area separated from the vacuum chamber and adjusts a position of the thermal evaporation module under the thermal evaporation module.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


N-propyl bromide solvent systems

A solvent composition and system is disclosed having a composition including n-propyl bromide and a propionate containing liquid and//or a butyrate containing liquid the solvent system may include approximately 35 to 92.5 weight percent propionate containing liquid and approximately 7.5 to 65 weight percent n-propyl bromide. Alternatively, the solvent system may include approximately 40 to 85 weight percent butyrate containing liquid and 15 to 60 weight percent, n-propyl bromide.
Zyp Coatings, Inc.


Fragrance compositions comprising ionic liquids

The present invention relates to a fragrance composition comprising ionic liquids for enhanced evaporation of the perfume raw materials. The invention also relates to methods of use of the fragrance compositions for perfuming suitable substrates, particularly skin and hair..
The Procter & Gamble Company


Vapor source using solutions of precursors in tertiary amines

This disclosure relates to tertiary amine solutions of metal precursors used for chemical vapor deposition or atomic layer deposition. The tertiary amine solutions have many advantages.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Method and system for quickly extracting lithium carbonate from saline lake water

The present invention discloses a method for quickly extracting lithium carbonate from saline lake water and a system for the same. The method comprises: first quick-freezing the saline lake water to obtain lithium-rich brine, then evaporating under reduced pressure to enable lithium carbonate to be rapidly precipitated out.
Tibet Jin Hao Investment Co., Ltd.

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