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Evaporation patents

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Air conditioning apparatus

Daikin Europe N.v.

Air conditioning apparatus

Vehicle supply system and use of a thermo-hydraulic unit in a vehicle

Inergy Automotive Systems Research (societe Anonyme)

Vehicle supply system and use of a thermo-hydraulic unit in a vehicle

Vehicle supply system and use of a thermo-hydraulic unit in a vehicle


Evaporation tool

Date/App# patent app List of recent Evaporation-related patents
 Refrigerating apparatus patent thumbnailRefrigerating apparatus
In an air conditioner which is a refrigerating apparatus, a superheat degree controller is provided, which is configured to control, in an evaporation mode of an outdoor heat exchanger, the opening degree of an expansion valve such that the superheat degree of refrigerant whose flows are joined together after passing through a main heat exchange part and an auxiliary heat exchange part reaches a predetermined superheat degree. Moreover, in the air conditioner, a flow volume adjustment valve configured to adjust, in the evaporation mode of the outdoor heat exchanger, a flow ratio of refrigerant in the heat exchange parts and a flow ratio controller configured to control the flow volume adjustment valve such that refrigerant temperatures after passage through the heat exchange parts are substantially equal to each other are provided..
Daikin Industries, Ltd.

 Air conditioning apparatus patent thumbnailAir conditioning apparatus
An air conditioning apparatus has a refrigerant circuit configured as a result of plural indoor units being connected to an outdoor unit, and the air conditioning apparatus has a capacity controlling part and a target refrigerant temperature changing part. The capacity controlling part controls the air conditioning capacity of the outdoor unit in such a way that the evaporation or condensation temperature of refrigerant in the refrigerant circuit becomes a target evaporation or condensation temperature.
Daikin Europe N.v.

 Vehicle supply system and use of a thermo-hydraulic unit in a vehicle patent thumbnailVehicle supply system and use of a thermo-hydraulic unit in a vehicle
A vehicle supply system including a reservoir for storing a fluid; and a supply circuit arranged for being in fluid communication with the reservoir. The supply circuit is such that it includes a thermo-hydraulic section configured for generating a temperature difference between a first portion and a second portion of the thermo-hydraulic section, the temperature difference being capable of causing evaporation in the first portion and of causing condensation in the second portion such that an oscillating flow is generated between the first portion and the second portion.
Inergy Automotive Systems Research (societe Anonyme)

 Evaporation tool patent thumbnailEvaporation tool
An evaporation tool is provided that has an elongated evaporation source with elongated edges that run parallel to a longitudinal axis and shorter edges that run perpendicular to the longitudinal axis. The evaporation source has multiple evaporation sources formed by respective source orifices through which material is evaporated.
Apple Inc.

 Passive replacement of media patent thumbnailPassive replacement of media
Embodiments described herein generally relate to passively replacing media in a closed cell expansion system to reduce or prevent the dilution of chemical signaling used to inhibit signaling pathways that keep a cell population in the lag phase of cell growth. To prevent such dilution, active inlet fluid flow to the system may be halted.
Terumo Bct, Inc.

 Methods for disinfecting or sterilizing articles patent thumbnailMethods for disinfecting or sterilizing articles
Disclosed herein are materials and methods for reducing, preventing, or eliminating the biological contamination of surfaces in spaces that are reasonably partitioned, defined or contained. A reagent that includes peroxides or molecules that includes peroxide bonds are contacted with at least one surface of an article.
Performance Packaging Of Nevada, Llc

 Solar-powered desalination system patent thumbnailSolar-powered desalination system
The solar-powered desalination system includes a double-walled tank, the inner and outer walls defining a condensation chamber therebetween. The lower portion of the tank provides a thermally insulated storage volume for saltwater, and the upper portion forms an evaporation chamber.
Umm Al-qura University

 Encapsulated essential oils patent thumbnailEncapsulated essential oils
A process for the preparation of essential oil microcapsules including dissolving a di- or polyisocyanate into an essential oil, emulsifying the resulting mixture in an aqueous solution containing a di- or polyamine, and or a di or polyhydroxy compound to effect encapsulation of the essential oil through interfacial polymerization, whereby there is formed a polyurea and/or polyurethane film around the essential oil droplets which film enhances the stability of the essential oil, reduces its evaporation rate and controls its release rate when applied to a substrate.. .
Ben-gurion University Of The Negev Research And Development Authority

 Dispensing of food and beverage products patent thumbnailDispensing of food and beverage products
A cooler cabinet comprises: a storage compartment (130) for food or beverage products (130); a dispensing mechanism (143) for dispensing the food or beverage products (144) from the storage compartment without opening the storage compartment to ambient air; a water-retaining material (120) outside the storage compartment but in contact with it; an air channel (111) in contact with the water-retaining material; and means (114) for moving air through the air channel such that the air increases the rate of evaporation of water from the water-retaining material. It thereby withdraws heat from the water-retaining material and causes cooling of the interior of the cabinet, including the food or beverage products..
Mondelez Uk R & D Limited

 Evaporation heat transfer tube patent thumbnailEvaporation heat transfer tube
The invention relates to an evaporation heat transfer tube, which comprises a tube main body and a step-like structure; outer fins are arranged at intervals on the outer surface of the tube main body and an inter-fin groove is formed between two adjacent outer fins; the step-like structure respectively abuts against the bottom plane and one of the side walls of the inter-fin groove. The step-like structure comprises a first surface, a second surface and at least one flange formed by the intersection of the two surfaces, wherein the first and the second surface are intersected respectively with the side wall and the bottom plane.
Wieland-werke Ag


Method for reloading an evaporation cell

A method for reloading an evaporation cell intended to evaporate a material onto a substrate placed in a vacuum deposition chamber, a first crucible containing the material to be evaporated being engaged with an evaporation chamber of the cell, and elements for placing the first crucible in conditions of evaporation to generate a flow of vapor of the material, the method including: loading a second crucible containing the material to be evaporated in a loading chamber previously isolated from the adjacent evaporation chamber, the pressure in the loading chamber being then substantially higher than that in the vacuum deposition chamber; confining the pressure inside the loading chamber to a level comparable to that of the evaporation chamber during the evaporation of the first crucible; transferring the first crucible to the loading chamber, engaging the second crucible with the evaporation chamber, and placing the second crucible in conditions of evaporation.. .


Film deposition device

A film deposition device (1) is provided which forms a film by performing a pvd treatment on a surface of a substrate (w) and can enhance uniformity in thickness of the film. The film deposition device includes a vacuum chamber (2) that accommodates substrates (w), plural evaporation sources that are installed on an inner wall surface of the vacuum chamber, and a substrate support member (3) that causes the substrates (w) to move in the vacuum chamber (2) while supporting the plural substrates (w).
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)


Hybrid solar desalination system

A hydro-thermal exchange unit (hteu) for desalinating feed water in accordance with a humidification-dehumidification includes feed water, fresh water and gas conduit circuits for transporting feed water, fresh water, and gas, respectively. The unit also includes an evaporator through which a portion of the feed water conduit and the gas conduit pass.
Sunlight Photonics Inc.


Dose counters for inhalers, inhalers and methods of assembly thereof

An inhaler for inhaling medicament and having a body, the body have a main part thereof for retaining a medicament store; and a dose counter, the dose counter being located in a dose counter chamber of the body which is separated from the main part of the body, the dose counter chamber of the body having a dosage display and a perforation so as to permit the evaporation of water or aqueous matter in the dose counter chamber into the atmosphere.. .
Teva Pharmaceuticals Ireland


Latent fingerprint detection method, heating evaporation device for detecting latent fingerprint, latent fingerprint detection apparatus, and composition for detecting latent fingerprint

The present invention provides a latent fingerprint detection, method that is to handle and is capable of clearly detecting a latent fingerprint, and a heating evaporation device for detecting a latent fingerprint and a latent fingerprint detection apparatus which are capable of detecting a clear latent fingerprint by a one-time operation by heating a chemical agent at high temperatures in a short time, as well as a composition for detecting a latent fingerprint. This latent fingerprint detection method includes a heating step of heating a chemical agent to be gasified by heating so as to attach to a latent fingerprint on a specimen, and an exposure step of exposing the specimen having the latent fingerprint attached thereto to the atmosphere of the gasified chemical agent.
Earth Chemical Co., Ltd.


Energy storage system with heat pipe thermal management

An energy storage system includes: multiple cells, each cell having a first end with anode and cathode terminals, and a second end opposite the first end, the cells arranged so that the second ends are aligned; for each of the cells, electrical connections coupled to the anode and cathode terminals at the first end; and a heat pipe having a flat evaporation surface facing the second ends.. .
Tesla Motors, Inc.


Electron radiation monitoring electrode system to prevent gold spitting and resist cross-linking during evaporation

An electrode system configured to be positioned within a vacuum chamber of an electron-beam metal evaporation and deposition apparatus including a metal slug from which metal is evaporated during operation of the electron-beam metal evaporation and deposition apparatus. The electrode system includes a substantially ring-shaped electrode formed of a conductive material and a plurality of insulating standoffs configured to support the substantially ring-shaped electrode in the vacuum chamber in a position substantially surrounding the metal slug..
Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


System and cleaning a couplant during ultrasonic testing

Methods and systems for cleaning an acoustical couplant and test article before and during ultrasonic testing using components which are used for precleaning the test article as well as cleaning the acoustical couplant during the ultrasonic testing is provided. The invention also provides additional functionality such as preserving the acoustical couplant before, during, and after the ultrasonic testing from loss such as, e.g., evaporation..
United States Of America As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy


Evaporation heat transfer tube with a hollow cavity

The present invention relates to an evaporation heat transfer tube with a hollow cavity, comprising a tube main body and at least one hollow frustum structure. Outer fins are arranged at intervals on the outer surface of the tube main body and inter-fin grooves are formed between two adjacent outer fins.
Wieland-werke Ag


Multi-channel refrigerant controller with changeable refrigerant evaporation

A multi-channel refrigerant controller with changeable refrigerant evaporation implements a refrigerant-channel assembly to control refrigerant in terms of flow and direction, and, when working with a phase-change cooler, well supports both high- and low-temperature operations. The multi-channel refrigerant controller includes a refrigerant-channel assembly, a solenoid-valve assembly, a capillary-tube assembly and an execution controller.


Power electronics cooling

An exemplary evaporating unit for cooling a heat emitting device includes a cooling circuit having a stack of evaporating units arranged alternately with heat emitting devices. Each evaporating unit is connected to a condenser and includes a first inlet channel, a first plurality of evaporation channels, and a first outlet channel.
Abb Technology Ag


Apparatus and coating organic film

An apparatus and method for coating an organic film are disclosed. The apparatus comprises an evaporation device, an electron emission device and a spray device; wherein the evaporation device comprises an evaporation container, the evaporation container is a linear evaporation container, in which a uniform organic gas is generated; the electron emission device is horizontally arranged over the evaporation container such that the organic gas evaporated in the evaporation container is uniformly charged and becomes charged organic gas; the spray device is provided with an electric field, under which the charged organic gas is moved toward a substrate so as to deposit the organic film on the substrate..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Fuel injection hole cap for preventing explosion due to static electricity

Disclosed is a fuel injection hole cap for preventing explosion due to static electricity which is characterized in that it is possible to prevent any fire due to an explosion of fuel evaporation gas in such a way to instantly discharge static electricity the instant that a user touches with a hand injection hole cap before the fuel injection hole cap is opened, without carrying any device with him which is configured to prevent the occurrence of static electricity. For this, at the fuel injection hole cap of a vehicle, there is provided a static electricity discharger which is configured to discharge static electricity and flash by the current of the discharging, thus informing the use of the discharging..


Microfluidic devices and their use

Exemplary embodiments provide microfluidic devices and methods for their use. The microfluidic device can include an array of m×n reaction sites formed by intersecting a first and second plurality of fluid channels of a flow layer.
Applied Biosystems, Llc


Baby compress

A baby compress including: a strip sized to be wrapped around the abdomen of a baby; a pocket on said strip adapted to hold a liquid-soaked wipe, wherein the pocket has: an inner wall facing the baby and comprising mesh adapted to allow the liquid to permeate there through; and a back wall lined with impervious retention layer, adapted to reduce evaporation and leakage of the liquid through the back wall of the pocket; and a fastener for fastening said strip while it is wrapped around the abdomen of a baby.. .


Use of saling aqueous solution as hydrated humectant for tobacco stem

The present invention relates to the field of tobacco, and more particularly to a use of a saline aqueous solution as a hydrated humectant for tobacco stem. The present invention provides a use of a saline aqueous solution as a hydrated humectant for tobacco stem, and the saline aqueous solution is an aqueous solution of anb, wherein the cation a is selected from one of potassium, sodium, ammonium, and hydrogen, the anion b is selected from one of hydrogen phosphate, dihydrogen phosphate, oxalate, lactate, citrate, malate, gluconate, and acetate, and n is a positive integer.
Shanghai Tobacco Group Co., Ltd.


Systems for decreasing local temperature using high albedo materials

A system comprises a plurality of albedo-increasing materials distributed on a surface of a man-made structure and having an albedo that is greater than an albedo of the surface of the man-made structure, wherein the albedo of the albedo-increasing materials is at least 0.15. The plurality of albedo-increasing materials are positioned and sized to increase an evaporation rate at the surface for a given temperature and decrease a temperature characterizing the man-made structure..


Cooling sheet for photovoltaic modules, manufacturing the same and photovoltaic modules including the same

A cooling sheet for photovoltaic modules, a method of manufacturing the same, a backsheet for photovoltaic modules, a method of manufacturing the same, and a photovoltaic module are provided. The cooling sheet for photovoltaic modules which includes a resin layer can be prepared by coating or impregnating one surface of a porous substrate with a super-absorbent polymer (sap) containing a fluid.
Lg Chem, Ltd.


Polymer particle containing fluorescent molecule and producing the same

A method for preparing polymer magnetic particles comprising magnetic particles and a coating polymer layer covering the magnetic particles and containing fluorescent molecules, the method includes swelling a coating polymer layer of the polymer magnetic particles in a non-aqueous solvent-containing and absorbing the fluorescent molecules inside the swelled coating polymer layer, adding water to the non-aqueous solvent in which the polymer magnetic particles adsorbing the fluorescent molecules are present, and removing the non-aqueous solvent by evaporation; where the non-aqueous solvent has affinity with water, a lower boiling point, and a higher vapor pressure than those of water, and the fluorescent molecule is selected from rare earth metal chelate complexes.. .
Tokyo Institute Of Technology


Method of purifying sodium metal

This invention provides a method to purify sodium metal. The developed apparatus consists of a top flange, a transparent slice, a hollow flange, a vacuum distillation kettle, gaskets, and bolts.
Guizhou Province Product Quality Supervision And Inspection Institute


Novel powder injection moulding feedstock system and technology based on dual main binder concept, methods and uses

The present invention belongs to the field of technology known as powder injection moulding. It includes producing a part by powder injection moulding at low to high injection pressure and it discloses a novel binder system for optimized feedstock design.


Modifier for cellulose ester resins, cellulose ester optical film, and polarizing-plate protective film

To provide a modifier for cellulose ester resins that allows a decrease in retardation value (rth) in the thickness direction of a film, that can impart resistance to moisture permeation, and that can provide a film whose rth value tends not to vary in response to variation in humidity; a cellulose ester optical film including the modifier; and a polarizing-plate protective film including the modifier. Provided are a modifier that includes a polyester resin (a) having a structure represented by a general formula (1) or a general formula (2) below; a cellulose ester optical film including the modifier and a cellulose ester resin; and a polarizing-plate protective film obtained by casting a resin solution onto a metal support, the resin solution being prepared by dissolving in an organic solvent the modifier and a cellulose ester resin and by subsequently drying the resin solution through evaporation of the organic solvent..
Dic Corporation


Water desalination and brine volume reduction process

The present invention is an improved thermal evaporation process capable of economically producing fresh water from a high saline water. The process employs the use of a multiphase pump with a compressor for injection of hot air into a brine stream.
Aqueous Jepson Technologies, Llc


Separation of water using a membrane

This invention relates to uses of graphene oxide, and in particular graphene oxide on a porous support, and a membrane comprising these materials. This invention also relates to methods of dehydration, which include vapour phase separation and pervaporation.
The University Of Manchester


Iv access port cap for providing antimicrobial protection

A cap is configured to provide antimicrobial protection to a female luer port of an intravenous device. The cap distributes an antimicrobial solution within the intraluminal surfaces of the port when the cap is connected to the port.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Breathable footwear

Described herein is an item of footwear that reduces the problem of moisture remaining in the cavity of an item of footwear by providing a simple way for different portions of the footwear to be separated, thereby facilitating more air circulation and resulting evaporation. In some implementations, the upper portion of the footwear may be removable from a lower portion of the footwear..


Methods for decreasing local temperature using high albedo materials

A method for modifying environmental conditions comprises deploying a material having an albedo of at least 0.15 over a surface of a body of water associated with a man-made structure. The deployed material increases an albedo of the surface, increases an evaporation rate at the surface for a given temperature, and decreases a temperature characterizing the man-made structure..


Chemical analyzer

A medical apparatus for analyzing fluid samples includes an outer casing, a slide loading mechanism disposed within the outer casing for loading fluid analysis slides, a slide ejecting mechanism disposed within the outer casing for ejecting fluid analysis slides, an evaporation cap opening mechanism disposed within the outer casing for opening an evaporation cap, an evaporation cap closing mechanism disposed within the outer casing for closing an evaporation cap, a drawer locking mechanism disposed within the outer casing for locking a drawer associated with the outer casing, a camera disposed within the outer casing, and a robot disposed within the outer casing. The robot is movable in three dimensions and has means for conducting three or more of the following operations: slide loading; slide ejecting; evaporation cap opening; evaporation cap closing; drawer locking; and camera manipulation..
Idexx Laboratories, Inc.


Method for making partially metallized precision synthetic thread square mesh fabrics for aesthetic or marking applications

A method for making, by a laser etching, a partially metallized single thread fabric material for aesthetic or marking applications, does not use polymers, inks, pastes and additives. The inventive method comprises a pre-metallizing step or a partial metallizing on the fabric and a following metal removal step, being performed by a quick and localized evaporation thereof, performed either on one or both the surfaces simultaneously, by a specifically designed laser..
Saati S.p.a.


Electron beam-curable inkjet inks and use thereof in inkjet printing methods

An inkjet ink which is electron beam curable includes 10 to 40 wt.-% of at least one oligomer based on a total weight of the inkjet ink, 5 to 25 wt.-% of at least one reactive thinner based on the total weight of the inkjet ink, 25 to 84 wt.-% of a solvent mixture comprising at least two solvents based on the total weight of the inkjet ink, and 1 to 15 wt.-% of at least one pigment based on the total weight of the inkjet ink. The at least two solvents have a boiling point of from 50 to 300° c., a dielectricity constant of from 5 to 20, and an evaporation rate of 3 to 5000.
Mankiewicz Gebr. & Co. Gmbh & Co. Kg


Method and installation for concentrating aqueous hydrogen halide solutions

A method for concentrating an aqueous hydrogen halide starting solution, in particular hydrochloric acid, includes the steps of extractive distillation of the aqueous hydrogen halide starting solution in the presence of an extraction agent in a distillation device, removing hydrogen halide vapor and/or hydrogen halide gas from the upper portion of the distillation device, removing an extraction-agent-containing solution from the lower portion of the distillation device, concentrating the extraction-agent-containing solution which is removed from the lower portion of the distillation device in an evaporation device, and returning the extraction-agent-containing solution which is concentrated in the evaporation device to the distillation device, wherein the extraction-agent-containing solution removed from the lower portion of the distillation device is concentrated in the evaporation device by evaporation at a pressure which is greater than atmospheric pressure.. .
Sgl Carbon Se


Oil extractor

An oil extraction device is provided. The oil extraction device includes an evaporation chamber having a top end and a bottom end.


Handheld device with heat pipe

A handheld device including a circuit board including at least one electronic component, a heat pipe disposed on the electronic component to absorb heat generated from the electronic component and to release the absorbed heat in a direction opposite to the electronic component, and a heat sinking material configured to bond the circuit board and the heat pipe to each other. The heat pipe includes an evaporation section disposed on the main processor to absorb heat generated from the main processor, a connection section disposed on a side region of the main board to transfer the absorbed heat in a direction opposite to the main processor, and a condensation section configured to release the transferred heat..
Ttm, Co. Ltd.



A heat-wing includes: a sealed hollow chamber including two plates and a frame connecting the two plates; a capillary structure layer closely attached to an inner surface of the chamber; and a phase transition working medium sealed in the chamber. A portion of the frame or a portion of a periphery of one of the two plates serves as an evaporation area of the heat-wing, and the rest portion of the chamber serves as a condensation area of the heat-wing.
Shanghai Dazhi Heat Dissipation Technology Co., Ltd.


Thermoelectric heat exchanger capable of providing two different discharge temperatures

A thermoelectric heat exchanger and a thermoelectric heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (hvac) configured to provide a cooled fluid or air stream and a heated fluid or air stream. The thermoelectric heat exchanger may include a plurality thermoelectric devices (teds), also known as thermoelectric coolers (tecs) or peltier coolers, in thermal communication.
Delphi Technologies, Inc.


Trap and drain assembly for draining waste liquids while blocking odors

The invention provides a flush free drain trap system. The trap of the invention may be used in any trap system intended to block a back flow of odors from the waste line.


Process for producing compositions rich in crystals of mannitol in delta form, compositions and crystals obtained and uses thereof

A process for producing a composition which is particularly rich in d-mannitol, the latter being present in the form of crystals having a volume average diameter greater than 20 μm, wherein the crystals correspond to a very large extent to the δ polymorph. This process makes use of the evaporative crystallization technique, in which the seeding and then the controlled growth of the crystals is carried out at different evaporation rates.
Roquette Freres


Extruded fiber reinforced cementitious products having wood-like properties and ultrahigh strength and methods for making the same

A method of manufacturing a cementitious composite including: (1) mixing an extrudable cementitious composition by first forming a fibrous mixture comprising fibers, water and a rheology modifying agent and then adding hydraulic cement; (2) extruding the extrudable cementitious composition into a green extrudate, wherein the green extrudate is characterized by being form-stable and retaining substantially a predefined cross-sectional shape; (3) removing a portion of the water by evaporation to reduce density and increase porosity; and (4) heating the green extrudate at a temperature from greater than 65° c. To less than 99° c.
E. Kashoggi Industries, Llc


Method for producing acetylene and synthesis gas

Which is characterised in that the flow of process water i liq is subjected to purification by partial evaporation in a single-stage expansion chamber, wherein the flow of process water i liq is vaporised to a proportion of 0.01 percent by weight to 10 percent by weight, relative to the total weight of same, obtaining a purified flow of process water ii liq which is removed in the waste water.. .


Organic electroluminescent element, organic el lighting and organic el display

The object of the invention is to provide an organic electroluminescent element comprising a hole blocking layer capable of achieving a lower driving voltage. The invention relates to an organic electroluminescent element comprising: an anode, a cathode, a first luminescent layer formed by a wet film forming method, and a second luminescent layer formed by a vacuum evaporation method, wherein the first luminescent layer contains a phosphorescent material of a low-molecular-weight compound and a first charge transporting material, and the second luminescent layer contains a fluorescent material of a low-molecular-weight compound and a second charge transporting material, and the hole blocking layer, which is adjacent to the cathode side of the second luminescent layer, contains a specific compound..
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation


Process for refining impure crystallised sucrose

The invention relates to a process for refining impure crystallised sucrose which process comprises the application of multiple effect falling film evaporation to concentrate without crystallisation a runoff produced on centrifugation of massecuite arising from a sucrose crystallisation process.. .
Tongaat Hulett Limited


Motor vehicle climate control system

A vehicle climate control system includes a thermal-adsorption heat pump driven by engine exhaust heat, the heat pump including two adsorbers asynchronously switching between adsorbing and desorbing modes, each adsorber coupled with a corresponding antifreeze tank via a plurality of refrigerant-containing wick chambers. Cold heat transfer fluid (htf) flows through the adsorber during the adsorbing mode which causes evaporation of refrigerant from the wick chambers, thereby cooling antifreeze, whereas hot htf flows through the adsorber during the desorbing mode which causes condensation of refrigerant at the wick chambers, thereby heating antifreeze.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Removing bubbles in microfluidic systems

A microfluidic system includes a microfluidic device connected to a bubble trap device whereby fluid flowing to the microfluidic device passes through the bubble trap device to remove gas bubbles prior to entering the microfluidic device. The bubble trap can include a separation chamber and an exhaust chamber separated by a hydrophobic porous membrane and gas bubbles in the fluid entering the separation chamber pass through the hydrophobic porous membrane into the exhaust chamber while the fluid remains in the separation chamber.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Apparatus for inhalation of medicine

Provided is an apparatus for inhalation of medicine, in which particles in a medicinal aqueous solution, in a liquid aerosol form, are converted to dry medicinal particles by removing moisture therefrom by means of an evaporation unit so as to be inhaled by means of an inhalation device, thereby allowing medicinal particles to penetrate deeply along the respiratory track to the lungs, and thus can be used in the treatment of lung diseases or a variety of other treatments using same, and in which particles of a medicinal aqueous solution in a liquid aerosol form, flowing in from an aerosol unit, are converted to dry medicinal particles by means of a moisture absorbent, thereby allowing simplification and reduction in size of the apparatus for inhalation, and in which a continuous use thereof is possible by means of a simple swap of the moisture absorbent, thereby making maintenance convenient.. .
Korea Research Institute Of Chemical Technology


Dual-targeting drug carrier and fabricating the same

The present invention discloses a dual-targeting drug carrier and a method for fabricating the same, wherein wga- and fa-modified mpeg-pla nanoparticles of the carrier enable the anticancer drugs encapsulated thereinside to pass through bbb and target human glioblastoma cells. The dual-target drug carrier is fabricated in an emulsion-solvent evaporation technology and verified with an in-vitro bbb model formed of hbmecs, has and hbvps.
National Chung Cheng University


Multijunction organic photovoltaics incorporating solution and vacuum deposited active layers

There is disclosed an organic photovoltaic device comprising at least one first subcell comprising at least one first small molecular weight material deposited by solution processing, and at least one second subcell comprising a weight at least one second small molecular material deposited by vacuum evaporation. Also disclosed herein is a method for preparing an organic photovoltaic device comprising at least one first subcell comprising at least one first small molecular weight material and at least one second subcell comprising at least one second small molecular weight material, the method comprising depositing at least one first small weight material by solution processing; and depositing at least one second small weight material by vacuum evaporation..
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Three dimensional compositional profile in cis-based absorber layers of thin film solar cells

Provided is a structure and method for forming cis-based absorber layers for thin-film solar cells that include three-dimensional compositional profiles. The disclosure provides a patterned absorber layer with two or more different regions, each of the regions having a different concentration profile of one or more components.
Tsmc Solar Ltd.


Device for accumulation and evaporation of liquid fuel originated from condensation of fuel vapours in the vent conduit of a motor-vehicle tank

A fuel tank for a motor-vehicle comprises a vent conduit connected to a canister arranged outside of the tank for absorbing fuel vapors. The vent conduit has a portion arranged inside the tank with an intermediate portion located at a lowermost position, which creates a siphon-like zone in which liquid fuel tends to stagnate, which is originated from condensation of the vapors inside the vent conduit.
Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.a.


Evaporation of solvents from samples

Apparatus and methods are provided relating to evaporation of solvents from samples and to prolonging the time taken to carry out an evaporation procedure. A cap for engaging with an open end of a sample container comprises an engaging surface for engaging with the open end, and a body portion which extends over the open end.
Genevac Limited


Food products and systems and methods of making same

Food products and systems and methods for their production involve microfiltration (“mf”) of fluid skim to form a mf retentate, combining the mf retentate with cream and subjecting the combination to ultrafiltration (“uf”) to form a uf retentate. Prior to uf, the composition is formed of non-acidified components.
Land O'lakes, Inc.


Production technology of fat mixes with reduced fat content

A method of production of a fat mix with a decreased fat content, consisting in cream separation from milk, fat content normalisation, pasteurisation, preparation of a cream mixture with milk powder and/or other protein carriers, pasteurisation of the mixture, refrigeration, homogenisation, addition of starters, souring, introduction of the other condensing and flavour additives, thermisation, smoothing homogenisation, hot packing is characterised by the fact that pasteurised, normalised cream, supplemented or not with an addition of recombined cream, is completed with milk protein carriers and the entire mixture is submitted to thermal processing in 85-135° c. For 10-180 seconds, degassed, cooled down to 30-55° c., supplemented with transglutaminase in solution or solid form, in a quantity of 0.1-20.0 u/g of the protein, then the entire product is kept in this temperature for 15-70 minutes, followed by thermal processing in 70-92° c.
Pmt Trading Sp. Z.o.o.


Heat transfer device for high heat flux applications and related methods thereof

A device and related method that provides, but is not limited thereto, a two-phase heat transfer device with unique combination of enhanced evaporation and increased cooling capacity. An advantage associated with the device and method includes, but is not limited thereto, increased cooling capacity per unit area, controlled and optimized evaporation, 10 prevention of boiling, and prevention of drying of the evaporator.
University Of Virginia Patent Foundation


Saturated water generating device

A saturated water generating device includes a thermal receptor including a cavity inside, a liquid entrance connected into the cavity of the thermal receptor, a heat source, and a pillar disposed in the cavity of the thermal receptor. The heat source is used to heat the cavity of the thermal receptor.
Taizhou Dajiang Industry Co., Ltd.


Topical composition comprising a film-forming polymer for delivering an active ingredient to skin

A film-forming pharmaceutical composition for dermal application comprises at least one therapeutically active ingredient dissolved in a volatile solvent, the composition further comprising a film-forming polymer, a plasticizer and an oily release-enhancing agent. The composition is capable of forming, after application on skin and evaporation of the solvent, a continuous phase comprising the film-forming polymer and the plasticizer and a dispersed phase comprising droplets of the oily release-enhancing agent..
Leo Pharma A/s


Refrigerator appliance

A refrigerator appliance is provided. The refrigerator appliance includes an evaporation pan and a drain conduit for directing liquid to the evaporation pan.
General Electric Company


Method and making and concentrating an aqueous caustic alkali

A method for concentrating an aqueous caustic alkali produced by a membrane cell process by using a single or multiple effect evaporator system in which the vapor flows in a counter direction to the aqueous caustic alkali flow and the heat recovered from the catholyte circulation line is used as part of the concentration process. In one embodiment, a catholyte heat recovery heat exchanger and flash evaporation chamber are located after the last effect of a multiple effect evaporator system.
Westlake Vinyl Corporation


Method and making and concentrating an aqueous caustic alkali

A method for concentrating an aqueous caustic alkali produced by a membrane cell process by using a single or multiple effect evaporator system in which the vapor flows in a counter direction to the aqueous caustic alkali flow and the heat recovered from the catholyte circulation line is used as part of the concentration process. In one embodiment, a catholyte heat recovery heat exchanger and flash evaporation chamber are located after the last effect of a multiple effect evaporator system.
Westlake Vinyl Corporation


Process and improving the water reuse, energy efficiency, fermentation and products of a fermentation plant

A method of improving fermentation, by heating stillage to a temperature of 200 degrees f. To 350 degrees f.


Hydroxycarboxylic acids and salts

Compositions which inhibit corrosion and alter the physical properties of concrete (admixtures) are prepared from salt mixtures of hydroxycarboxylic acids, carboxylic acids, and nitric acid. The salt mixtures are prepared by neutralizing acid product mixtures from the oxidation of polyols using nitric acid and oxygen as the oxidizing agents.
Rivertop Renewables, Inc.


Process for the preparation of karanja oil-based epoxy and acyloxy compounds as lubricant basestocks

The present invention relates to preparation of epoxy karanja oil, epoxy karanja fatty acid methyl esters and their acylated derivatives. Accordingly karanja oil and karanja fatty acid methyl esters were epoxidised using performic acid method.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research


Diabatic distillation with vapor recompression

An apparatus for heat-integrated distillation comprising an evaporation chamber (1) with an inlet for feed, an outlet 6 for vapor and an outlet (9) for remanence and a condensation chamber (2) divided into a number consecutive sections (2.1; 2.2; 2.3). The apparatus further, comprises a wall (3) separating the evaporation chamber (1) from the condensation chamber (2), and a compressor (10, 13, 16) for each section of the condensation chamber, at first compressor (10) being arranged in a line connecting the evaporation chamber (1) and the first section (2.1) if the condensation chamber (1) and the additional compressors (13, 16) being arranged in respective lines connecting consecutive sections..
Ibus Innovation A/s


Subterranean well production saltwater evaporation station with iodine separator

A production saltwater evaporation apparatus, comprising a separation and storage area comprising an iodine separation unit configured to remove iodine from production saltwater and produce saltwater, and an evaporator configured to emit a stream of the saltwater along a path in air such that at least some of the water in the saltwater evaporates. Included is a production saltwater evaporation apparatus, comprising a saltwater clarifying unit configured to separate metals from production saltwater and produce saltwater, and an evaporator configured to emit a stream of the saltwater along a path in air such that at least some of the water in the saltwater evaporates..
Hudgens Holdings, Llc


Stacked type falling film evaporator, zero liquid discharge system comprising the same, and zero liquid discharging method using the same

A stacked type falling film evaporator includes a first evaporator, a second evaporator, a first vapor recovering device, a second vapor recovering device and a vapor recompressor. The first evaporator and the second evaporator respectively have evaporation tubes of a length of 5 m to 10 m, and are stacked in such a manner that wastewater passes through the first evaporator and the second evaporator in order.
Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Co., Ltd.


Liquid vehicle for suspension of undelivered particles

The present invention provides compositions comprising energy (e.g., light) absorbing submicron particles (e.g., nanoparticles comprising a silica core and a gold shell) and methods for delivering such particles via topical application. This delivery is facilitated by application of mechanical agitation (e.g.
Sebacia, Inc.


Absorption refrigeration system

An absorption refrigeration system can include: an evaporator configured to evaporate a first refrigerant; an absorber configured to contain an absorbent solution and absorb the evaporated first refrigerant; a regenerator configured to regenerate the absorbent solution by heating the absorbent solution supplied from the absorber; a condenser configured to condense the first refrigerant evaporated in the regenerator; a cooler configured to circulate a second refrigerant inside the evaporator, where the second refrigerant is cooled in the evaporator by evaporation of the first refrigerant; a hot water storage tank configured to store hot water that is heated by absorbing heat from the absorber and the condenser; one or more hot water consumption units configured to receive the hot water from the hot water storage tank; and one or more cold air consumption units configured to receive cooled second refrigerant from the evaporator via the cooler.. .
Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation


Machine and cleaning fabrics or the like

Described is a method for cleaning fabrics, such as garments and the like, comprising the following steps: a) preparing a compartment for containing fabrics; b) preparing a quantity of cleaning fluid in fluid communication with the containment compartment; c) inserting the fabrics in the compartment and isolating the containment compartment with respect to an outside environment; d) sucking air from the compartment, in a substantially continuous manner, for adjusting the pressure in the compartment for containing the fabrics to a pressure less than the atmospheric pressure so as to allow the evaporation of the cleaning fluid and the introduction into the compartment of the cleaning fluid in the vapour phase, for cleaning the fabrics.. .
F.m.b. Fabbrica Macchine Bologna S.p.a.


Microalgae culture system under external conditions

The present invention relates to a microalgae culture system under external conditions that comprises a shallow-depth culture container, a rotation system for the generation of light-darkness cycles and re-suspension, which maximises the photosynthetic efficiency of the microalgae and homogenises the nutrients supplied such that the microalgae may adequately grow in all the areas of the photobioreactor, a gas exchange and temperature control system, which makes it possible to control and maintain the culture parameters under the optimal microalgae growth conditions, a filtration and self-cleaning system, an energy control and saving system, which makes it possible to maintain the desired conditions with the lowest energy expenditure, and a cover system, which filters ultraviolet and/or infrared radiation and makes it possible to control contaminations, the temperature and the evaporation.. .


Ternary heat-transfer fluids comprising difluoromethane, pentafluoroethane and tetrafluoropropene

A ternary composition including: from 5 to 50% of difluoromethane; from 2 to 20% of pentafluoroethane; and from 30 to 90% of tetrafluoropropene. The tetrafluoropropene may be 1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene or 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene.
Arkema France


Process for producing fluorinated copolymer

A process for producing a fluorinated copolymer comprising (i) a step of polymerizing a fluorinated monomer having a carboxylic acid functional group or a sulfonic acid functional group and a fluorinated olefin in a polymerization medium to obtain a mixture containing a fluorinated copolymer, the unreacted monomer and the polymerization medium, (ii) a step of continuously or intermittently transferring the mixture to an evaporation container equipped with a stirring machine and heating the mixture in the evaporation container with stirring to evaporate and recover the unreacted monomer and the polymerization medium and to obtain the fluorinated copolymer, and (iii) a step of washing the fluorinated copolymer with a washing medium.. .


Method for aligning micro-electronic components

Alignment of a first micro-electronic component to a receiving surface of a second micro-electronic component is realized by a capillary force-induced self-alignment, combined with an electrostatic alignment. The latter is accomplished by providing at least one first electrical conductor line along the periphery of the first component, and at least one second electrical conductor along the periphery of the location on the receiving surface of the second component onto which the component is to be placed.
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Ku Leuven R&d


Sub-cooling system of a compression-refrigeration system

The present invention relates to a refrigeration facility and a method for maintaining the temperature of an isothermal enclosure (3) including: a refrigerating unit (5) comprising a compressor (7) driven by a heat engine (8) and an evaporator (13); and a 23 thermochemical cooling system (15) including a vessel (23) containing a liquefied gas capable, after evaporation, of combining with a reactive product, consisting of a mixture of a reactive salt and natural expanded graphite, contained in a reactor (17), the reaction product obtained being capable of being regenerated by a heating means, said cooling system including an evaporator (25) and a condenser (21). The facility is characterised in that: the evaporator (25) of said cooling system is in thermal contact with the refrigerant circuit of the refrigerating unit (5) upstream from the evaporator (13) thereof; the reactor of the cooling system is in thermal contact with a heating means using the heat energy dissipated by the heat engine during the operation thereof; the natural expanded graphite used has an apparent density of 100 to 120 kg/m3; and the weight percentage of the salt in the reactive product is of 50% to 75%..


Apparatus for heating fluids

The apparatus described herein uses a disc wafer-type rotor featuring channels disposed around its circumference and around the interior circumference of the rotor housing specifically to induce cavitation. The channels are shaped to control the size, oscillation, composition, duration, and implosion of the cavitation bubbles.


Lubricating oil composition for automobile engine lubrication

Provided is a lubricating oil composition that is highly fuel-efficient and has high wear resistance and is particularly suited for lubrication of a motorcycle four-cycle gasoline engine or a diesel engine vehicle having an exhaust gas after-treatment device. The lubricating oil composition, which is a lubricating oil composition having an sae viscosity grade of 5w20, comprises a base oil and predetermined amounts of additive components comprising of a nitrogen-containing ash-free dispersant, an alkali earth metal-containing detergent, a phosphorus-containing anti-wear agent, an antioxidant, and a viscosity index-improving agent, wherein the viscosity index is within a range of 140 to 230, the high-shear viscosity at 150° c.
Chevron Japan Ltd


High heat resistant composition

The invention relates to a composition that can be used as a coating and that can protect a substrate coated with this composition from high heat. The composition comprises: a polysulfide, an epoxy resin, a compound selected from compounds having a secondary and/or a tertiary amine group, and compounds having an amide group, a phosphonate, fibres and less than 1 wt.
Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.


Method for producing nitrobenzene by adiabatic nitriding

The invention provides a continuous adiabatic process for the preparation of nitrobenzene by nitrating benzene with mixtures of sulfuric and nitric acids using a stoichiometric excess of benzene, wherein the content of organic compounds in the circulating sulfuric acid, at least during the start-up period of the production plant, is always kept below 1.0 mass percent, based on the total mass of circulating sulfuric acid. This is preferably achieved by a procedure in which, either after the end or before the beginning of a production cycle, the circulating sulfuric acid is circulated at elevated temperature so that the organics contained in the sulfuric acid, preferably comprising nitrobenzene and traces of benzene, dinitrobenzene and nitrophenols, are separated off in the evaporation apparatus for concentrating the sulfuric acid..
Bayer Materialscience Ag


Persistent, targeted, optimized, soil amendment composition and method

A material for optimizing and maintaining at least one of water, nutrients, biocides, and other protectant or growth supporting chemicals in natural soils by decreasing leaching, evaporation, and volatility through application of agglomerated granules (prills) formed of engineered hydrating particles, a binder, nutrients, and protectants to the soil. Typical application is by applying prills simultaneously with seeds when drilled, broadcast, or otherwise distributed..
Aquasmart Enterprises, Llc


Method for producing alumina

The invention relates to metallurgy, in particular to acidic methods for producing alumina, and can be used in processing low-grade aluminum-containing raw material. The method for producing alumina comprises roasting an aluminum-containing raw material, treating said material with hydrochloric acid, salting out aluminum chloride by saturating the clarified chloride solution with gaseous hydrogen chloride, calcining aluminum chloride to produce aluminum oxide, and pyrohydrolyzing the mother liquor, with the return of hydrogen chloride to the acid treatment and salting out stages.
United Company Rusal Engineering And Technology Centre Llc

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