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 Method of manufacturing a display device patent thumbnailMethod of manufacturing a display device
A method for manufacturing a display device is provided including forming a light emitting element by stacking in sequence a pixel electrode, light emitting layer and common electrode above a substrate, and forming an organic material pattern including a plurality of protrusions by evaporating an organic material above the common electrode, wherein the evaporation is performed under a reduced pressure in at a substrate temperature that is equal to or less than a glass transition temperature of the organic material.. .
Japan Display Inc.

 Evaporation equipment and evaporating method patent thumbnailEvaporation equipment and evaporating method
The disclosed in the present disclosure is an evaporation equipment and an evaporating method. The evaporation equipment may include: a support, which is arranged for loading a substrate to be evaporated; and a zone temperature controlling device, which includes at least two temperature controlling parts and at least one temperature controlling device.
Ordos Yuansheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

 Flow-down type ice making machine and operation method therefor patent thumbnailFlow-down type ice making machine and operation method therefor
An ice making machine includes a freezing cycle in which a compressor, a condenser, a pressure reducing valve, an evaporator, and the compressor are successively coupled, and a melting cycle in which the compressor, the evaporator, and the compressor are coupled through hot-gas introduction tubes, and the freezing cycle and the melting cycle are switchable therebetween. The ice making machine includes at least two ice making racks arranged in series on evaporation coils of the evaporator, the ice making racks including ice molds, ice making water flow-down portions connected to upper parts of the ice making racks, the ice making water flow-down portions causing ice making water to flow down to the ice making racks, and ice cube release members releasing ice cubes formed on the ice molds, and the hot-gas introduction tubes are coupled to the evaporation coils, respectively, in front of the ice making racks..

 Improved air conditioning module patent thumbnailImproved air conditioning module
An air conditioning module comprises an insulated casing separated into a first air chamber and a second air chamber by an insulated divider. The first air chamber provides a sealed air passageway along the outside of a sound isolation enclosure and between two spaced locations of an inside of the sound isolation enclosure.
Silentair Group Limited

 Thermic machine with thermodynamic cycle and the operation thereof patent thumbnailThermic machine with thermodynamic cycle and the operation thereof
Consisting of a tank (1) of compressed subcooled liquid at room temperature, which is filled either of recoverable liquids supplied by a machine with closed thermic cycle or of new liquids supplied by thermic machines with opened thermic cycle, a suction line, a pump, a pump output line (6), a line for supplying a high temperature fluid, a fluid mixing zone, a turbine, a turbine outlet to the environment or to a closed, cycle thermic machine; a heat exchanger or a boiler can be added to said output line. Pumping the compressed liquid from the tank to the mixing zone and supplying simultaneously a high temperature fluid, increasing the velocity of the mixture obtained as a result of density change by evaporation.

 A crucible device used in coating system patent thumbnailA crucible device used in coating system
The present invention discloses a crucible device used in coating system. The crucible device used in coating system comprise a barrel structure, a plurality of heaters, a crucible, a plurality of temperature sensors, and a plurality of driving means, the plurality of heaters are arranged in vertical direction in the barrel structure and used to heat the materials in the crucible, the plurality of temperature sensors are arranged in vertical direction in the crucible to measure the temperature inside the crucible, the plurality of driving means are used to drive at least one of the plurality of heaters to move in vertical direction so as to control the temperature inside the crucible.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd

 Removal of unwanted propanol components patent thumbnailRemoval of unwanted propanol components
The present invention relates to the use of short-path evaporation for reducing from deodorized triglyceride oils the content of propanol components selected from chloropropanols, chloropropanol fatty acid esters, epoxypropanols, epoxypropanol fatty acid esters, and combinations of two or more thereof. It further relates to the use of short-path evaporation wherein further the content of acyl glycerol components is reduced and these acyl glycerol components are selected from diacyl-glycerols, triglycerides with molecular weight in the range below 730 and mixtures of two or more thereof..
Cargill, Incorporated

 Vapor cell and  making same patent thumbnailVapor cell and making same
Vapor cells and methods for making the same are presented, in which a cell cavity is completely filled with aqueous alkali metal azide solution and the solution is dried at a controlled evaporation rate to substantially maintain edge contact pinning at an interface with the cavity sidewall to promote preferential evaporation in the center and outward capillary flow from an unpinned air-fluid interface toward the sidewall to form crystallized alkali metal material at the sidewall while inhibiting drying of dispersed aqueous solution on a transparent cavity bottom to provide substantially unrestricted passage of light through the cavity for atomic clock and other applications.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

 Reagent  modifying the luminescence of lanthanide (iii) macrocyclic complexes patent thumbnailReagent modifying the luminescence of lanthanide (iii) macrocyclic complexes
A spectrofluorimetrically detectable luminescent composition consists essentially of at least one energy transfer acceptor lanthanide(iii) complex having an emission spectrum maximum in the range from 300 to 2000 nanometers and a luminescence-enhancing amount of at least one energy transfer donor selected from the group consisting of a fluorophore, a lumiphore, an organic compound, a salt of an organic ion, a metal ion, a metal ion complex, or a combination thereof. Such energy transfer donor enhances the luminescence of at least one energy transfer acceptor lanthanide(iii) complex, with the conditions that the emission spectrum of any energy transfer donor differs from that of its energy transfer acceptor lanthanide(iii) complex; and such energy transfer donor can be dissolved to form a unitary solution in a solvent having an evaporation rate at least as great as that of water..

 Sheath flow device for evaporation light scattering detector patent thumbnailSheath flow device for evaporation light scattering detector
A sheath flow device for an evaporation light scattering detector comprises an evaporation pipe fastener (110), an evaporation pipe heat insulating component (120), a sheath flow nozzle blocking plate (130), a sheath flow nozzle (140), a sheath flow sleeve (150), a sheath flow outlet piece (170) and a stainless steel spray needle (160). The evaporation pipe fastener, the evaporation pipe heat insulating component, the sheath flow nozzle blocking plate, the sheath flow nozzle, the sheath flow sleeve and the sheath flow outlet piece are concentrically connected orderly from front to back, and all provided with concentric inner holes.

Unique automatic-water-shedding height-adjustable three-dimensionally-adjustable post-base system, having base-height-adjusting tube-screw system, water-sealing dike system, and water-draining reservoir and channel systems

Automatic-water-shedding three-dimensionally-adjustable base system has multiple rain-water reservoirs and ducts for automatically draining rain water away from themselves to prevent corrosion and the growth of mold, and has multiple water-evaporation-inducing-and-water-draining-inducing pads for lifting the fence-post-base system, for allowing air to freely circulate therethrough, and for automatically allowing rain water to drain and evaporate away from the fence-post-base system.. .

Fluid-assisted thermal management of evaporation sources

In various embodiments, evaporation sources for deposition systems are heated and/or cooled via a fluid-based thermal management system.. .
Siva Power, Inc.

Thin-film deposition methods with fluid-assisted thermal management of evaporation sources

In various embodiments, evaporation sources are heated and/or cooled via a fluid-based thermal management system during deposition of thin films.. .
Siva Power, Inc.

Lubricating oil composition for internal combustion engines of passenger and commercial four-wheeled vehicles

A lubricating oil composition for internal combustion engines of passenger and commercial four-wheeled vehicles is provided which can exhibit excellent fuel efficiency performance and wear resistance reliability. The lubricating oil composition includes a base oil and a complex polyester mixture.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Antimicrobial chalk compositions

An embodiment includes a composition. The composition is a mixture of a chalk component and a sanitizer component.
Hand Armor Liquid Chalk Llc

Water-based ink for ink-jet recording and evaluating water-based ink for ink-jet recording

There is provided a water-based ink for ink jetrecording containing a pigment; a surfactant; and water, wherein a slope value of the water-based ink at an evaporation rate of 0% is not more than 15%/hour; and a slope value of the water-based ink at an evaporation rate of 30% is not less than 9%/hour, the slope value of the water-based ink being measured by a centrifugal transmission sedimentation method.. .
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Preparation of tert-butyl esters of aliphatic carboxylic acids

A process for continuously preparing the tert-butyl ester of an aliphatic c1-c4 carboxylic acid comprises: a) the reaction of an aliphatic c1-c4 carboxylic acid with isobutene in the presence of an acidic catalyst to give an esterification mixture (g1); b) the partial evaporation of the esterification mixture (g1), giving a liquid first high boiler phase (sph1) comprising the acidic catalyst, and a first vapor (b1) comprising tert-butyl ester; c) the fractional condensation of the first vapor (b1) by partially condensing the first vapor (b1) at a first pressure and a first temperature and obtaining a first condensate (k1), partially condensing the uncondensed second vapor (b2) at a second pressure and a second temperature and obtaining a second condensate (k2), the first temperature being 0 to 45° c. Below the condensation temperature of the tert-butyl ester at the first pressure and the second temperature being 45 to 80° c.
Basf Se

Method for fabricating light-emitting element and light-emitting element

A light-emitting element and its fabrication method are provided. The light-emitting element includes an el layer between a pair of electrode, and the el layer is formed by evaporation of an organic compound.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Energy efficient copper wire production system

Systems are provided for processing copper wires. In one embodiment, a system for processing copper with coating material is provided.
Y Generation Technologies Company Limited

Portable self-refrigerating autonomous system

A portable self-refrigerating autonomous system comprises a leak-tight tank in which a pressurized liquefied gas is stored, at least one evaporation control valve and a filling valve, all the valves being connected to the leak-tight tank. The at least one evaporation control valve also cooperates with a temperature and/or pressure sensor, and an actuator is intended for controlling the opening of the at least one evaporation control valve..

Substrate processing apparatus, substrate processing method and non-transitory storage medium

There is provided a substrate processing apparatus to perform a predetermined process on a substrate on which a pattern mask is formed, comprising a compartment mechanism configured to switch between a compartmented state and an open state. The compartmented state includes a first section having the evaporation source formation part, and a second section configured to transfer the substrate between an outside of processing vessel and a mounting table.
Tokyo Electron Limited

Thermal management of evaporation sources

In various embodiments, evaporation sources for deposition processes have disposed therearound an insulation material configurable to fit snugly around the source body of the evaporation source and to be at least partially distanced away from the source body to expedite heat transfer therefrom.. .
Siva Power, Inc.

Thin-film deposition methods with thermal management of evaporation sources

In various embodiments, evaporation sources for deposition processes have disposed therearound an insulation material configurable to fit snugly around the source body of the evaporation source and to be at least partially distanced away from the source body to expedite heat transfer therefrom.. .
Siva Power, Inc.

Metal mask

Disclosed is a metal mask configured to act as a mask of a substrate in a vacuum evaporation process. The metal mask comprises a mask pattern and a plurality of alignment openings, wherein an extending direction of the alignment openings in the metal mask is not coincident with a perpendicular direction (m) of a plane where the metal mask is located, and the alignment openings do not penetrate through the metal mask (100).
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Method for producing rna membrane and rna membrane procuced thereby

Disclosed are a method of manufacturing an rna membrane and an rna membrane manufactured thereby, wherein the rna membrane can be produced at lower cost, in which the rna membrane is composed exclusively of rna, and thus has no toxicity in vivo, is controllable, and can be effectively applied to bio-organs such as the pericardium, as well as the production of peptides or proteins, and particularly, long linear rna strands, which have not yet formed particles, are concentrated on the surface of a tube by inducing an evaporation process to thus activate the bonding of base pairs thereof, and the roughness and thickness of the rna membrane can be controlled by changing the manufacturing conditions.. .
University Of Seoul Industry Coorperation Foundation

Bioreactor outlet air conditioning systems and associated methods

A bioreactor outlet air conditioning system (10) has a bioreactor vessel (100) and a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger has a fluid flow path (196) from a headspace (108) in the vessel for venting air from the vessel, and a temperature control element (300) in thermal contact with the fluid flow path (196).
Tap Biosystems (phc) Limited

Vermiculite alternative for packaging material

An apparatus and a method are provided for a latex-based packaging material configured to provide a dust-free alternative to vermiculite packaging materials. The latex-based packaging material comprises a portion of a latex-based waste formulated into a recycled latex emulsion, and a portion of particulate material into which the recycled latex emulsion is mixed so as to form a latex-based pulp.

The use of evaporative coolants to manufacture filled polyurethane composites

Polyurethane composites and methods of preparation are described herein. The methods of making the polyurethane composite can include mixing (1) at least one isocyanate selected from the group consisting of diisocyanates, polyisocyanates, and mixtures thereof, (2) at least one polyol, (3) an inorganic filler, and (4) an evaporative coolant in an extruder to form a mixture.
Boral Ip Holdings (australia) Pty Limited

Liquid-liquid extraction process and apparatus

This invention provides processes for extracting organic compounds from aqueous samples by using relatively small amounts of extraction solvent and of the aqueous sample to be extracted. This is accomplished by increasing the surface area of the extraction solvent while preventing evaporation of the extraction solvent, which allows for greater extraction efficiency.

Ingestible compositions and processes of preparation

One or more of hydrolysed wheat flour, soluble dietary fibre, prebiotic dietary fibre, polydextrose and soluble corn fibre are used as basic matrix-forming ingredients in an expanded food product. The matrix-forming ingredients are mixed together with water, plus a whey protein isolate or whey protein concentrate, to increase the protein content of the food.
Carritech Research Limited

Managing water leakage from a water cooling system within a compute node

Water is circulated through a cooling system within a compute node to remove heat from a heat-generating component within the compute node. Water leakage from the cooling system is collected into a containment reservoir within the compute node.
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Cooling of turbine engine by evaporation

An axial turbine engine for an aircraft, in particular a ducted fan turbine engine. The engine comprises an oil circuit with a cooler fitted with a first heat exchange surface in contact with oil of the oil circuit, and a second heat exchange surface in contact with a secondary air flow entering the turbine engine.
Techspace Aero S.a.

Processes for producing hydrocarbons from a reservoir

There is provided a process for producing hydrocarbons from a reservoir. The process includes within the hydrocarbon reservoir, electrically heating a liquid heating fluid such that the liquid heating fluid is evaporated to produce a gaseous heating fluid, heating hydrocarbon-comprising material with the gaseous heating fluid such that the heated hydrocarbon-comprising material is mobilized and such that the gaseous heating fluid is condensed to produce a condensed heating fluid, and electrically heating at least a fraction of the condensed heating fluid such that the at least a condensed heating fluid fraction is re-evaporated, and while the evaporation, the condensing, and the re-evaporation are being effected, producing a produced fluid including at least the mobilized hydrocarbon-comprising material..
Nexen Energy Ulc

Apparatus for reducing water evaporation and method therefor

A floating cover has a plurality of upper tubular members. The plurality of upper tubular members is attached widthwise together to cover the waterway to reduce water in the waterway from evaporating.

Polyoxymethylene nanoparticles

The synthesis of nanoparticles based on hyperbranched-linear-hyperbranched aba triblock copolymers with hyperbranched polyglycerol (hbpg) as a-block and linear poly(oxymethylene) as b-block is described. The acid-degradable nanoparticles were formed in a facile process, combining a solvent evaporation process with the miniemulsion technique resulting in particles with a diameter in the range of 190 to 250 nm and a standard deviation of ˜30% determined with dls and sem.
Ticona Gmbh

Method for zero-discharge treatment of high-concentration organic wastewater via bioevaporation

Disclosed herein is a method for zero-discharge treatment of high-concentration organic wastewater by mixing sludge with high-concentration organic wastewater. The sludge is biodried sludge prepared by a method including preparing a sludge mixture consisting of belt-pressed sludge and dried sludge; and collecting the sludge mixture when its temperature finally becomes stable by returning to room temperature.
Myongji University Industry And Academia Cooperation Foundation

Fixing pressure roller and fixing device

To provide a fixing pressure roller having low roller hardness, low heat capacity, and low thermal expansion coefficient, and a fixing device including the fixing pressure roller. The fixing pressure roller of the invention for employment in a fixing unit of a fixing device has a core, and an elastic layer provided around the core, wherein the elastic layer is formed of a silicone rubber product formed by mixing a raw silicone rubber with resin microballoons and water, to thereby prepare a dispersion, and then curing the raw silicone rubber; and the silicone rubber product includes therein first voids provided from the resin microballoons and second voids which are smaller than the first voids and which are provided by evaporation of water..
Synztec Co., Ltd.

Reagent container anti-evaporation tube

An anti-evaporation tube for use with an in vitro diagnostics automation system is provided. The anti-evaporation tube includes an anti-evaporation tube body configured to be automatically inserted in a container and to limit evaporation of one or more fluids in the container and an alignment portion disposed on the anti-evaporation tube body.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.

Purification method and purification system for water polluted with accompanying substances

Purification methods for polluted water and a purification system needed to carry out the same. At least one respective evaporation device and at least one condensation region are disposed in a flow channel, and an air flow flows around both.
WÄtas WÄrmetauscher Sachsen Gmbh

Method for manufacturing a double-sided printed circuit board

The method for manufacturing printed circuit boards includes providing through hole vias in a non-conductive substrate at given coordinates in a printed circuit board topology, then an adhesive undercoat, a conductive layer and a metal mask layer are applied, in a single process, to the surface of the substrate and to the walls of the vias. A soluble protective layer is applied to the mask layer and to the walls of the vias, then a circuit board pattern is formed by laser evaporation, then the conductive layer and the adhesive undercoat in the regions exposed by laser evaporation are removed by selective chemical etching.
Obschchestvo S Ogranichennoy Otvetstvennostyu "kompaniya Rmt"

Crucible for evapration of sublimate oled material

The present invention provides a crucible for evaporation of a sublimate oled material, which includes a body (1) and a top cover (2) connected to the body (1). The top cover (2) includes a gas outlet opening (21) formed in a top center thereof.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Closed evaporation system

The present invention provides a system for evaporating a radioactive fluid, a method for the synthesis of a radiolabelled compound including this system, and a cassette for the synthesis of a radiolabelled compound comprising this system. The present invention provides advantages over known methods for evaporation of a radioactive fluid as it reduces drastically the amount of radioactive gaseous chemicals that are released in the hot cell.
Ge Healthcare Limited

Combined electricity, heat, and chill generation for a rankine engine

A generator uses a working fluid in a single-cycle rankine engine for up to three purposes: generation of electricity; generation of hot water from heat exchanger; and generation of chill by the evaporation of liquefied working fluid. The working fluid, which may be carbon dioxide, goes through a single rankine cycle for both heat engine and heat pump.
Monarch Power Corp

Rotary evaporation source oled evaporation

The present disclosure discloses a rotary evaporation source apparatus for oled evaporation, comprising a crucible for containing evaporation material, an evaporation source body for heating the crucible, a rotary disk for rotating the crucible, and a driving source member for driving the rotary disk to rotate; wherein the evaporation source body is provided with a receiving space for receiving the crucible therein, a through hole is disposed on the rotary disk, the rotary disk is movably laid over the evaporation source body, the crucible passes through the through hole disposed on the rotary disk and is placed in the receiving space, the crucible and the rotary disk are disposed in a relatively stationary manner; the driving source member is disposed at outside of the evaporation source body and drives the rotary disk to rotate about a central axis of the evaporation source body, the crucible rotates about the central axis of the evaporation source body along with the rotary disk.. .
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Heating device for evaporation of oled material

The present invention provides a heating device for evaporation of an oled material, which includes a crucible (1) for receiving and containing therein an oled material (10), a lower heating coil (2) surrounding outside an outer circumference of the body section (11) of the crucible (1), an upper heating coil (3) surrounding outside an outer circumference of the top cover section (13) of the crucible (1), a lower thermally conductive temperature homogenizing sleeve (4) arranged between the body section (11) and the lower heating coil (2), an upper thermally conductive temperature homogenizing sleeve (5) arranged between the top cover section (13) and the upper heating coil (3), and a thermal insulation ring (6) arranged between the upper and lower thermally conductive temperature homogenizing sleeves (5, 4). The upper and lower heating coils (3, 2) are each connected to a power supply for individually controlling a heating temperature of each of the top cover section (13) and the body section (11).
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

Light filter coating and production

The present disclosure provides methods of applying a filtering coating to a substrate, comprising: depositing a solution on a surface of a substrate, wherein the solution comprises an organic solvent with nanorods dispersed within the solvent. evaporation of the solution is allowed and/or controlled to increase a volume fraction of the nanorods in the solution as a function of the evaporation.
Howard University

Polycarbonate-polyorganosiloxane copolymer and continuously producing same

Provided are a polycarbonate-polyorganosiloxane copolymer having a carbon tetrachloride concentration of less than 4 ppm by mass, and the following production method for producing the polycarbonate-polyorganosiloxane copolymer. More specifically, provided is a method of continuously producing a polycarbonate-polyorganosiloxane copolymer, the method comprising the steps of: (a) continuously or intermittently taking a polymerization reaction liquid, which is obtained by polymerizing a dihydric phenol compound, a carbonate precursor, and a specific polyorganosiloxane in the presence of an alkaline compound aqueous solution and a water-insoluble organic solvent, out of a reactor; (b) separating the polymerization reaction liquid taken out in the step (a) into an aqueous phase and a water-insoluble organic solvent phase; (c) washing the water-insoluble organic solvent phase separated in the step (b), followed by separation thereof into an aqueous phase and a water-insoluble organic solvent phase; (d) concentrating the water-insoluble organic solvent phase separated in the step (c); and (e) recovering part or all of the water-insoluble organic solvent removed by evaporation in the step (d), followed by distillation purification thereof in a distillation column, the water-insoluble organic solvent obtained in the step (e) being reused as at least part of the water-insoluble organic solvent in the step (a) or as an extraction solvent for the aqueous phase separated in the step (b), or as both thereof, in the step (e), the distillation purification being performed while a concentration of the polycarbonate-polyorganosiloxane copolymer in a column bottom liquid of the distillation column is controlled to 6% by mass or less..
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.

Inkjet printing method, inkjet printing device, and manufacturing display substrate

The present disclosure provides an inkjet printing device includes a first sprayer and a second sprayer; a first alignment unit configured to align the first sprayer to be above a display region of a display substrate; a second alignment unit configured to align the second sprayer to be above a peripheral region of the display substrate, the peripheral region surrounding the display region; a control unit configured to control the first sprayer to spray a solution toward the display region of the display substrate and control the second sprayer to spray a second solvent toward the peripheral region of the display substrate, the solution being obtained by dissolving a film-forming material in a first solvent; and an evaporation unit configured to evaporate the first solvent and the second solvent so as to form a film at the display region of the display substrate.. .
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Histo-equivalent bioplastic material

The invention relates to medicine and specifically to combustiology, to surgery, and to cosmetology and can be used as a bioplastic material for replacing defects in epithelial tissues (protecting against evaporation and infection) and for stimulating regeneration. The technical result is increased efficacy in healing wounds.
G-group Llc

Light-emitting diode (led) display panel, manufacturing method thereof and display device

A light-emitting diode (led) display panel, a manufacturing method thereof and a display device are disclosed. The led display panel comprises a thin-film transistor (tft) backplane, a light-emitting structure and an overcoat (oc) layer (10).
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Ternary heat-transfer fluids comprising difluoromethane, pentafluoroethane and tetrafluoropropene

A ternary composition including: from 5 to 50% of difluoromethane; from 2 to 20% of pentafluoroethane; and from 30 to 90% of tetrafluoropropene. The tetrafluoropropene may be 1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene or 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene.
Arkema France

Quad generation of electricity, heat, chill, and clean water

An apparatus focuses solar power to provide clean energy, water, heat, and chill. Using ammonium carbonate salt for four purposes: first generating electricity using carbon dioxide as working fluid for a heat engine; second generating hot water from heat exchanges; third generating chill by evaporation of liquefied ammonia; and fourth generating purified water by forward osmosis with ammonium carbonate salt as draw solution..
Monarch Power Corp

Linear evaporation source

The invention has disclosed an linear evaporation source comprising a shell and a crucible provided in the shell, wherein the crucible comprises a crucible body and a nozzle, a heating device for heating the crucible body is provided outside the crucible body, and a heat-insulation device for preventing heat from dissipating to the shell is provided between the shell and the heating device. In the linear evaporation source of the invention, a heat-insulation device for preventing heat from dissipating to the shell is provided between the shell and the heating device, thus the energy dissipation of the heating device during heating may be reduced effectively, and since the thermal radiation of the heating device to the inner wall of the shell is reduced, the service life may be prolonged..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Evaporation coating apparatus

An evaporation coating apparatus comprising a heating unit (3) and a cylindrical member (1) disposed within the heating unit (3), wherein the cylindrical member (1) comprises a hollow sleeve (13) and a barrel (12) disposed at an inner side of the hollow sleeve (13) in a fitting manner; wherein a top end area of the hollow sleeve (13) is provided with a first evaporation hole (131), and an external surface of the hollow sleeve (13) is provided with an internal heater strip (4) connected to a control unit ; wherein an external surface of the barrel (12) is provided with a groove (1′) extending along an axial central line of the barrel (12), the groove (1′) is provided with a plurality of compartments (11) arranged at interval space, and each of the compartments (11) is provided with a crucible (2); wherein the crucible (2) comprises a main body (21) which is disposed within the compartment (11) and sealed all around with one side opened, and a cover (22) which is connected to the main body (21) in a fitting manner and provided with a second evaporation hole (221) corresponding to the first evaporation hole (131); and wherein the heating unit (3) has a hollow columnar structure, and an external surface of the heating unit (3) is provided with an external heater strip (5) and a nozzle (31) which is corresponding to the first evaporation hole (131). The evaporation coating apparatus is mainly configured to manufacture large-sized displays and can improve the uniformity of film-forming with organic material on the surface of the substrate..
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.

An evaporating crucible and an evaporating device

There are provided an evaporating crucible and an evaporating device in the invention. The evaporating crucible includes a crucible body in which a containing chamber is formed.
Ordos Yuansheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Solvent decontamination system and method

A system and method for decontaminating a fluid like a non-azeotrope solvent such as water, wherein a transport gas is maintained at a temperature between the freezing point and boiling point at atmospheric pressure of the solvent and continuously circulated between an evaporation chamber and a condensation chamber, a contaminated solvent is introduced into the transport gas in the evaporation chamber under process heat and contaminant precipitates out, and the cleaned solvent cools in the condensation chamber releasing heat to be used in the evaporation chamber. A heat pump is used to promote evaporation and condensation within the system..
Innocorps Research Corporation

Fitted lid for multi-well plate

A lid for a multi-well plate having apertures, each aperture having a gas permeable membrane, and fittings extending from the bottom surface of the lid to fit with a multi-well plate to reduce evaporation of liquid contents from within the wells of the multi-well plate, protect the contents of a multi-well plate from spilling or from mingling with the contents of a neighboring well in a multi-well plate is disclosed. The gas permeable membrane comprises one or more of (i) a continuous or discontinuous thin film associated with each aperture, (ii) a locally-thinned portion of the main body, and (iii) a quantity of material at least partially filling each aperture..
Corning Incorporated

Reinforced microplate

A reinforced microplate has reinforcing members that enhance stiffness and minimize deformation of the microplate, especially thermally-induced deformation. The reinforcing members include dots, ribs or struts that are integrally formed on a bottom surface of the microplate.
Corning Incorporated

Balance for calibrating pipettes

A balance including a weighing chamber (16); a draft shield (23), which surrounds the weighing chamber; a climate module (34), which is detachably disposed in the weighing chamber; a processor (32), which is programmed to provide an evaporation rate correction value; a data input unit; and a data transmission path, over which data is exchanged between the climate module and the processor. Also disclosed are a climate module configured to electrically yet detachably couple to a balance, wherein the climate module forms a self-contained modular unit and includes various sensors (52, 54, 62) and a path over which data is transmitted to an external processor, and to a method for calibrating a pipette using a balance, wherein an evaporation rate is determined during the calibration process, and the measurement is corrected in accordance with the determined evaporation rate..
Sartorius Lab Instruments Gmbh & Co. Kg

Diketopiperazine salts for drug delivery and related methods

Drug delivery systems have been developed based on the formation of diketopiperazine carboxylate salts and microparticles containing the same. The systems may further comprise a bioactive agent.
Mannkind Corporation

Co2 refrigeration system for ice-playing surfaces

A co2 refrigeration system comprises a condensation reservoir. Co2 refrigerant is accumulated in the reservoir.

Cooling device and cooling a medium

A cooling device for cooling a medium; by which a large amount of heat can be dissipated in an efficient manner. The cooling device includes: an evaporation device evaporating water; a vacuum device generating a negative pressure in an evaporation chamber of the evaporation device; a charging device including a charging chamber which is fluidically connected to the evaporation chamber of the evaporation device and which is at least partially filled with an absorption medium for absorbing the evaporated water; and a discharging device by which the water absorbed by the absorption medium can be removed from the absorption medium and released to surroundings of the cooling device..
Evonik Degussa Gmbh

Enrichment of triterpine esters

A new process for enriching triterpene esters comprising: providing a mixture comprising a non-distilled vegetable oil and/or a non-distilled vegetable fat, further comprising triterpene esters, performing a mild transesterification with a lower alcohol, removing lower alcohol esters by deodorization, physical refining, evaporation or distillation, and recovering the remaining fraction rich in triterpene esters. Triterpene esters enriched with the method as well as uses of the same are also provided.
Aak Ab (publ)

Magnesium glass

A method of making magnesium glass including depositing a film of transparent crystalline mgo on glass at a temperature between 550° c. And 1000° c.
Solar-tectic Llc

Device and producing quantitative-diameter spray droplets of pesticide

In a device for producing quantitative-diameter spray droplets of pesticide, a driving motor is controlled by a control center, the driving motor drives a lead screw, the lead screw drives a sliding device to achieve a designated accurate position on a guide track, and a piston moves slowly along with the sliding device to extrude chemicals in a droplet generator quantitatively, the chemicals extruded by the piston through the motion in a droplet cavity forms small single droplets through a guide pipe, the droplets with specific particle size are further generated by precisely controlling the extrusion amount of the chemicals, so that the device can be widely used for studies about diffusion of the droplets evaporation property of the single droplets and the like tested by water-sensitive paper, as well as tests of the properties of the pesticide, and further has broad application prospects.. .
Beijing Research Center For Information Technology In Agriculture

Method for clearing water from acoustic port and membrane

A sealed acoustic port in the housing of an electronic device facilitating the elimination of liquid within the port. The acoustic port may include a heating element that when actuated can expedite the evaporation process of liquids accumulated within the port..
Apple Inc.

Thermal energy harvesting device

A first closed enclosure defines a cavity having an inner dimension smaller than 5 mm. At least one second resiliently deformable closed enclosure is connected in fluid communication with the first enclosure.
Socpra Sciences Et Génie S.e.c.

System and rapid evaporative ionization of liquid phase samples

According to some embodiments, systems and methods for rapid evaporation of liquid phase samples are provided. The method includes directing liquid samples to a thermal evaporation ionizing device, thermally evaporating the liquid samples to create gaseous molecular ions, and directing the gaseous molecular ions to an ion analyzer to analyze and provide information regarding the chemical composition of the liquid samples..
Micromass Uk Limited

Air conditioner

A cpu 210 receives suction pressure pl and a suction temperature te, calculates a saturation temperature corresponding to the evaporation pressure ts1 by using the suction pressure pl, and calculates a suction superheating degree shs of a compressor 21 by using the suction temperature te and the saturation temperature corresponding to the evaporation pressure ts1. The cpu 210 reads a current opening degree de of an outdoor expansion valve 24.
Fujitsu General Limited

Device for extracting water from atmospheric air

An apparatus for extracting water from atmospheric air by means of a flowable sorbent for the sorption of the water, wherein the sorption by way of the flowable sorbent (3) is provided at least along a sorption path (2) of the sorbent (3), wherein a sorbent (4) diluted with sorbed water (17) is provided at the end of the sorption path (2), wherein a separation unit (12) for at least partially separating the sorbed water (17) from the flowable sorbent (3, 4) is provided, wherein the separation unit (12) has at least one evaporator (12) for the evaporation of the sorbed water (17), is proposed, which apparatus can be operated in an energy-efficient manner and is not imperatively reliant on the presence of solar energy. This is achieved according to the invention in that the separation unit (12) has at least one negative-pressure compressor (16) for subjecting the diluted sorbent (4) to negative pressure..
Logos-innovationen Gmbh

Method of fabricating anisotropic optical interference filter

In a method of manufacturing a one-dimensionally varying optical filter, a substrate is coated to form a stack of layers of two or more different types. The coating may, for example, employ sputtering, electron-beam evaporation, or thermal evaporation.
Materion Corporation

Process for deoxidizing silicon

The invention relates to a process of use for deoxidizing silicon particles comprising at least the steps consisting in: (i) having surface-oxidized silicon particles that have a mean size of less than or equal to 10 μm, (ii) formulating said particles into the form of aggregates having a mean size ranging from 20 to 300 μm, (iii) bringing said aggregates from step (ii) into contact with a thermal plasma conveying hydrogen radicals under conditions suitable for the deoxidation thereof and for the non-evaporation thereof, and (iv) recovering a material deoxidized according to step (iii) in a liquid silicon bath.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Blasting machining method and blast machining device

The disclosure concerns a blasting method achieving antistatic effect and increasing processing amount. In the method, 0.06 cc/min to 150 cc/min, that is, a relatively small amount of liquid is introduced into the blast nozzle and atomized by causing it to strike with the compressed gas flowing through the blast nozzle or the compressed gas ejected from the blast nozzle, and the atomized liquid is ejected together with the compressed gas and the abrasive onto the workpiece.
Fuji Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Gas collecting plant and gas condensing device with reflux separator

A gas condensing device may be configured to condense regeneration gas and separate target gas from condensate. The gas condensing device may include: a housing; a condenser mounted in an upper portion of the housing and configured to condense the regeneration gas; and a reflux apparatus mounted in the housing below the condenser and configured to temporarily store the condensate and discharge evaporation gas evaporated from the condensate back to the condenser..
Hyundai Motor Company

Method for manufacturing a silicon ingot having uniform phosphorus concentration

A method for manufacturing a silicon ingot having uniform phosphorus concentration. The method includes at least the steps of: (i) providing a quasi-uniform molten silicon bath containing at least phosphorus; and (ii) proceeding to the directional solidification of the silicon, wherein a speed (vi) for solidifying the silicon and a rate (jlv) of evaporation of the phosphorus at the liquid/vapor interface of the bath are controlled such that, at each moment of the directional solidification, the following equation is verified: vi=k′/(2−k) (e), wherein k′ is the phosphorus transfer coefficient, and k is the distribution coefficient of the phosphorus in the silicon.
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives

Evaporation source heating device

The present invention provides an evaporation source heating device, which includes: a base, a housing coupled to the base, a heating element arranged inside the housing, a plurality of metal barrels arranged inside the heating element and mounted to the base, and a crucible arranged inside the metal barrels. The evaporation source heating device according to the present invention is structured to set the plurality of metal barrels between the heating element and the crucible and the plurality of metal barrels is mounted to the base, whereby during heating, through a process of transmitting the heat from the heating element through the plurality of metal barrels in a step by step manner, the heat is transmitted to the crucible.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co. Ltd.

Method of oxidation using nitric acid

A controlled nitric acid process employing oxygen and nitric acid as co-oxidants is used to oxidize organic compounds subject to nitric acid oxidation, to their corresponding carboxylic acids. Oxidation of some carbohydrates by this process can produce one or more of their corresponding acid forms.
The University Of Montana

Waste compactor system for vehicles

A vehicle for collecting and compacting waste for disposal including a compaction chamber, configured to receive and compact waste, having an opening for inserting waste to be compacted and a plurality of apertures in at least one internal surface of the compaction chamber. The compactor is configured to apply pressure to the waste in the compaction chamber to reduce the volume of the waste.
Msw Power Corporation

Electromagnetic processing line

A film-processing apparatus for manufacturing a film in a continuous process includes a continuous carrier belt; a film-casting zone depositing a cast film on the carrier belt; a shearing zone; an electric-field zone; a magnetic-field zone; an ultraviolet-radiation zone; an annealing zone; and a solvent-evaporation zone, wherein the continuous carrier belt is operable to move a cast film deposited thereon from the film-casting zone through the shearing zone, the electric-field zone, the magnetic-field zone, the ultraviolet-radiation zone, the annealing zone, and the solvent-evaporation zone such that the cast film is selectively treated in one or more of the zones in a continuous process. A pick up roll receives the cast film after the continuous carrier belt moves the cast film through the zones and is selectively treated..

Flux and manufacturing electronic device

A flux used for bonding a solder includes: 75 wt % or more of ethylene glycol polymer represented by the following formula: ho(ch2ch2o)nh [n is an integer of 4 or more], wherein an evaporation of the ethylene glycol polymer while being heated is terminated at a temperature equal to or greater than a bonding temperature of the solder.. .
Fujitsu Limited

Process and plant for the production of a urea solution for use in scr process for reduction of nox

A process and a plant for the preparation of an acqueous solution of urea suitable for use in a scr process for nitrogen oxides removal, wherein the urea solution from the recovery section of a urea plant is subject to at least one step of evaporation, separating a vapour stream containing water and ammonia, and obtaining a concentrated and substantially ammonia-free solution, and said concentrated solution is diluted to the concentration of urea suitable for use in the scr process.. .
Casale Sa

Method and closing the eyes of persons with nocturnal lagophthalmos

This invention provides a method and apparatus for closing the eyelids of persons suffering from nocturnal lagophthalmos (the inability to close the eyelids when sleeping), so as to keep their eyes moist and to protect their eyes from contacting the bedding while they sleep. The method is to apply gentle pressure on the inner ends of the eyelids with soft fingerlike protrusions affixed to a support that spans the nose and is held in place by adjustable, elastic headbands.

Vented cooling garment

Concepts provided are directed to garments and methods of making garments with enhanced cooling and airflow. The garments created are provided with airflow channels by lifting the garment off from the skin of a wearer.
Nike, Inc.

Cooling device for an electric motor

A cooling device for an electric motor includes at least one closed capillary tube, within which a cooling fluid is located and which is introduced into an opening of a lamination stack of the electric motor such that the capillary tube is connected to the lamination stack to conduct heat and partially projects out of the lamination stack, such that the capillary tube has a cold end disposed outside and a hot end disposed inside the lamination stack. The cooling fluid and the degree of filling of the capillary tube with the cooling fluid is chosen such that an input of heat from the lamination stack into the capillary tube leads to evaporation of the cooling fluid, and the cold end of the capillary tube is cooled such that vapour produced during the evaporation condenses and heat input into the capillary tube is dissipated out of the capillary tube..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Organic light-emitting diode device, manufacturing method thereof and evaporation equipment

The present disclosure provides an organic light-emitting diode (oled) device, comprising at least two electron transport layers between a cathode and a light-emitting layer of the device, wherein energy barrier of different electron transport layers successively increase from the cathode to the light-emitting layer. The present disclosure also provides an evaporation equipment and an oled device manufacturing method, wherein the electron transport layers of the oled device are formed by an evaporation process using the evaporation equipment.
Ordos Yuansheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Defect reduction in iii-v semiconductor epitaxy through capped high temperature annealing

A structure and method for reducing defects within a iii-v compound semiconductor layer grown epitaxially on a mismatched crystalline substrate is provided. The iii-v compound semiconductor layer may be surrounded by a thermally stable layer on its sides and a thermally stable capping layer on its upper surface.
International Business Machines Corporation

Ion beam device and emitter tip adjustment method

The objective of the present invention is to provide an ion beam device capable of forming a nanopyramid stably having one atom at the front end of an emitter tip even when the cooling temperature is lowered in order to observe a sample with a high signal-to-noise ratio. In the present invention, the ion beam device, wherein an ion beam generated from an electric field-ionized gas ion source is irradiated onto the sample to observe or process the sample, holds the temperature of the emitter tip at a second temperature higher than a first temperature for generating the ion beam and lower than room temperature, sets the extraction voltage to a second voltage higher than the first voltage used when generating the ion beam, and causes field evaporation of atoms at the front end of the emitter tip, when forming the nanopyramid having one atom at the front end of the emitter tip..
Hitachi High-technologies Corporation

Measurement apparatus

A centrifugal separation unit that performs centrifugal separation on a sample that has been injected into a container by rotating the container about a center axis of the container, as a rotation axis, a measurement unit that measures a sample component in the container that has been centrifugally separated by the centrifugal separation unit, and a correction unit that performs, on a result of the measurement, correction operation processing based on a change in concentration caused by evaporation of the sample during the centrifugal separation are provided.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Trigeneration energy supply system

The present invention relates to a trigeneration energy supply system having improved cooling and system use efficiency. The trigeneration energy supply system according to one embodiment of the present invention can comprise: a vacuum pump; a vacuum chamber inside which a vacuum is created by the vacuum pump; a condensed water storage tank positioned higher than the vacuum chamber, and prepared so as to store condensed water formed when steam generated by evaporating water brought inside the vacuum chamber is transferred to the inside of the tank by the vacuum pump; a cooling pipeline arranged to pass through the inside of the vacuum chamber cooled during the water evaporation and prepared to deliver cool air to a cooling load; and a small hydroelectric power generation system for generating electrical power by allowing the condensed water stored in the condensed water storage tank to be poured from at least the height of the condensed water storage tank..
Korea Institute Of Energy Research

Concrete curing blanket

A concrete curing blanket includes an absorbent sheet having a wicking layer, super absorbent materials, and a tissue layer, which are laminated together to form the absorbent sheet. The absorbent sheet is sized for being spread over a curing concrete slab.
Ramshorn Corporation

Method for preparing eptifibatide

Provided is a method for preparing eptifibatide, wherein the method comprises: obtaining an eptifibatide refined peptide solution; and obtaining and freeze-drying an eptifibatide refined peptide concentrate after rotary evaporation of the eptifibatide refined peptide solution, wherein the concentration of the eptifibatide refined peptide concentrate is 15-30 mg/ml and the temperature of rotary evaporation is 251° c.-35° c. The preparation method of the eptifibatide refined peptide solution is as follows: coupling cys with a resin to obtain a cys-resin; obtaining a polypeptide having a sequence as represented by seq id no: 1 by gradually coupling the cys-resin with pro, trp, asp, gly, har and mpa; and obtaining the eptifibatide refined peptide solution through oxidation, cleavage, purification and transfer to salt..
Hybio Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Evaporation mask and manufacturing evaporation mask

An evaporation mask for vapor deposition to form pixels on a display substrate is disclosed. The evaporation mask includes a main body made of resin.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

Method for producing a reflection-reducing layer system and reflection-reducing layer system

A method for producing a reflection-reducing layer system on a substrate and a reflection-reducing layer system are disclosed. According to an embodiment the method includes depositing a refractive index gradient layer on the substrate by co-evaporation of an inorganic material and an organic material, wherein the refractive index gradient layer has a refractive index which decreases in a growth direction, depositing an organic layer above the refractive index gradient layer, and producing a nanostructure in the organic layer by a plasma etching process..
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur Förderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.

Device for recovering vapours from a cryogenic tank

This device comprises: a compression unit (4) having a plurality of stages, said unit being supplied with gas from the cryogenic tank (2) and delivering gas at an engine supply pressure, a reliquefaction system (20) having an outlet for liquid to the cryogenic tank (2), and an exchanger (10) arranged between the cryogenic tank (2) and the compression unit (4), in order to heat the evaporation gas coming from the tank (2) before it enters the compression unit (4). The evaporation gas coming from the cryogenic tank (2) is heated by gas compressed inside the compression unit (4) to a pressure lower than the engine supply pressure.
Cryostar Sas

Two-component natural polymeric water-based glues, obtained from derivatives of cork

The preset invention is related to a new method to produce natural water-based glues made of two components, designed to glue lignocellulosic surfaces, mainly cork and wood. The mentioned process comprises the extraction of the aqueous phase of a mixture resulting from liquefying cork dust and/or cork granules, process that is commonly referred to as depolimerization process of cork; evaporation of the aqueous phase, therefore obtaining a first component consisting of a gel composed by the soluble components of the liquefying mixture; mixing and homogenizing of this gel with the second component that consists of a curing aliphatic compound; and, optionally, addition and mixture to “cork dust” to the previously mentioned mix..
Instituto Superior TÉcnico

Closures which contain reservoirs and allow acoustic ejection

In an aspect of this invention, a closure for a well plate is provided which has a reservoir. The closure has openings through which acoustic ejection of fluid droplets can take place without removing the closure.
Labcyte Inc.

Device and fragrancing an inner space of a motor vehicle

A vehicle system includes a container adapted to hold a fluid fragrance substance, a pump connected to the container, a capillary pipe connected to the pump and sized to retain the fluid fragrance substance within the capillary pipe when the pump is off, and an evaporation grid connected to the capillary pipe. The evaporation grid may have open porosity and be at least partially positioned within a vehicle ventilation channel to selectively provide fragrance to the vehicle..
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Valve and p trap for a waterless urinal

The inventive subject matter provides apparatus, systems and methods in which a skirt valve mechanism is supplied that can easily ret to an existing, prior art waterless urinal fixture. The skirt valve reduces or prevents evaporation from a p trap and does not present a barrier to liquid flow through the inlet to the outlet of the device, but prevents the passage of fluids (gases or liquids) from the outlet to the inlet.
Green Drain Inc.

Microemulsion-enabled heat transfer

A heat transfer apparatus (102) including: (i) an evaporation chamber (116) in heat transfer communication with a first heat source, wherein the first heat source causes a liquid in the evaporation chamber (116) to evaporate into a gas; (ii) an adsorption/absorption chamber (134) in fluid communication with the evaporation chamber (116) and in heat transfer communication with a cooling source, the adsorption/absorption chamber (134) containing a microemulsion which adsorbs/absorbs the gas, when cooled, as droplets of the liquid sequestered within the microemulsion to form a used microemulsion; and (iii) a desorption chamber (136) in fluid communication with the adsorption/absorption chamber (134) and the evaporation chamber (116), and in heat transfer communication with a second heat source capable of desorbing the liquid droplets out of the used microemulsion as the liquid, without vaporizing the liquid, to form a regenerated microemulsion. Also, methods of using the heat transfer apparatus..
University Of Maryland

Light guiding device

A light guiding device for an illumination device, especially for a motor vehicle or an indicator device in a rearview device of a motor vehicle includes a light coupling side for incoupling light from a light source, a reflection side having a reflection layer; and a light outcoupling side, which is disposed generally opposite the reflection side. A clearance between the reflection side and the light outcoupling side generally decreases as the distance from the light incoupling side increases.
Smr Patents S.à.r.l.

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