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Evaporation patents


This page is updated frequently with new Evaporation-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Evaporation-related patents
 Electrode component with pretreated layers patent thumbnailElectrode component with pretreated layers
An electrode component with pretreated layers includes a ceramic substrate, two pretreated layers formed on two opposite surfaces of the ceramic substrate, two electrode layers respectively formed on the two pretreated layers, two pins respectively connected to the electrode layers, and an insulating layer enclosing the ceramic substrate, the pretreated layers, the electrode layers, and portions of the two pins. The pretreated layer formed between the ceramic substrate and the electrode layer replaces the fabrication means for conventional silver electrode layer to provide good binding strength between the ceramic substrate and the electrode layer.
Thinking Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.

 Process for precipitation of carnallite from aqueous solutions patent thumbnailProcess for precipitation of carnallite from aqueous solutions
There is provided a process for extracting carnallite from an aqueous solution, the process comprising steps of pre-heating the solution comprising said carnallite in a series of at least two heat exchangers, thereby obtaining a pre-heated solution; and concentrating said pre-heated solution in a series of at least two evaporation units, whereby forming a concentrated solution and hot vapors; wherein at least one of said evaporation units employs steam for indirect heating, and wherein at least one of said heat exchanger units employs the heat of said hot vapors formed in said evaporation units.. .
Dead Sea Works Ltd.

 Apparatus for manufacturing salt patent thumbnailApparatus for manufacturing salt
The present invention relates to an apparatus for manufacturing salt, and more particularly to an apparatus for manufacturing salt, which is capable of obtaining mineral salt containing a high concentration of minerals, manufacturing salt at relatively low cost in a relatively small space, and exhibiting maximum efficiency of drying or evaporation since seawater is heated and sprayed onto a cloth or net.. .

 Distillation reactor module patent thumbnailDistillation reactor module
The distillation reactor consists of a reactor apparatus with corresponding method of upstream distilling and purification of carbon based liquid or liquidized streams for use as fuels, lubricating oils and or gaseous energy and electricity production. The distillation reactor consolidates the atmospheric and vacuum distillation processes along with desalting, defueling, deasphalting, fractionation, thin/wiped film evaporation and hydro finishing into an advanced high velocity, high volume single reactor system.
Transtar Group, Ltd

 Evaporative structures, particularly for body cooling patent thumbnailEvaporative structures, particularly for body cooling
A generally planar, conformable evaporative structure, particularly for incorporation in a garment or an item of personal protective equipment as part of a system to cool the wearer's body, includes an envelope of substantially impermeable, flexible material containing: a layer of flexible wick material disposed adjacent to a major face of the envelope and adapted to hold a working fluid in liquid phase for evaporation by heat conducted through the envelope; a layer of flexible, breathable fabric in parallel with the layer of wick material; and an array of flexible ribs such as open helical coils within the layer of breathable fabric adapted to maintain pathways for the flow of working fluid in vapour phase towards a condensation zone.. .
Qinetiq Limited

 Mask plate and manufacturing method thereof patent thumbnailMask plate and manufacturing method thereof
An embodiment of the present disclosure provides a mask plate and a manufacturing method thereof. The present disclosure belongs to the field of organic electroluminescence device manufacturing, and aims to improve a quality of a pattern generated during an evaporation process.
Ordos Yuansheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

 Passive organic working fluid ejector refrigeration method patent thumbnailPassive organic working fluid ejector refrigeration method
The present invention relates to a passive type organic working fluid ejector refrigeration method. The liquid organic working fluid of the reservoir is added to evaporator using gravity.
Shanghai Jiaotong University

 Steam generator and  generating steam patent thumbnailSteam generator and generating steam
A steam generator apparatus for generating steam from a feedwater inlet stream including impurities is disclosed. The apparatus includes a tubing circuit in communication with an inlet for receiving the feedwater stream, the tubing circuit having a substantially unrifled bore defined by a metal wall, and a heat source operable to deliver a heat flux to the feedwater stream through the metal wall of the tubing circuit, the heat flux being operable to cause evaporation of feedwater within the tubing circuit and to produce an outlet stream at an outlet of the tubing circuit, the outlet stream includes a steam portion and liquid phase portion, the steam portion being greater than about 80% of the outlet stream by mass, the steam portion providing sufficient cooling of the metal wall to maintain a wall temperature at less than a threshold temperature associated with safe operation of the steam generator apparatus..
Fccl Partnership

 System and  gas/liquid mixing in an exhaust aftertreatment system patent thumbnailSystem and gas/liquid mixing in an exhaust aftertreatment system
An exhaust treatment system for an internal combustion engine having improved mixing of an injected fluid comprises an exhaust gas conduit configured to receive exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine and to deliver the exhaust gas to the exhaust treatment system. A fluid injector in fluid communication with the exhaust gas conduit configured delivers a fluid into the exhaust gas and an evaporation volume disposed in the exhaust conduit downstream of the fluid injector is configured to slow the bulk velocity of the fluid and exhaust gas mixture to thereby increase the residence time of the exhaust gas mixture therein.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

 Passive low temperature heat sources organic working fluid power generation method patent thumbnailPassive low temperature heat sources organic working fluid power generation method
The present invention relates to a passive type low-temperature heat sources organic working fluid power generation method. The organic working fluid absorbs heat and evaporates in the first evaporator and the second in turn evaporator.
Shanghai Jiaotong University


System and process for aluminization of metal-containing substrates

A system and method are detailed for aluminizing surfaces of metallic substrates, parts, and components with a protective alumina layer in-situ. Aluminum (al) foil sandwiched between the metallic components and a refractory material when heated in an oxidizing gas under a compression load at a selected temperature forms the protective alumina coating on the surface of the metallic components.
Battelle Memorial Institute



A dishwasher includes a tub having an air outlet, an airflow conduit fluidly coupling the tub air outlet to ambient air, a blower assembly forcing air to flow from the tub and through the tub air outlet into the airflow conduit, a first reservoir associated with the airflow conduit and collecting liquid condensed from the air forced through the airflow conduit, the first reservoir fluidly coupled to the tub for draining the collected liquid into the tub, and a second reservoir associated with the airflow conduit downstream of the first reservoir and collecting liquid condensed from the air prior to the exhaustion of the air to the ambient air, wherein any liquid not collected by the first reservoir is collected by the second reservoir for evaporation.. .
Whirlpool Corporation


Magnetic tunnel junction device

The output voltage of an mram is increased by means of an fe(001)/mgo(001)/fe(001) mtj device, which is formed by microfabrication of a sample prepared as follows: a single-crystalline mgo (001) substrate is prepared. An epitaxial fe(001) lower electrode (a first electrode) is grown on a mgo(001) seed layer at room temperature, followed by annealing under ultrahigh vacuum.
National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology


Two step transparent conductive film deposition method and gan nanowire devices made by the method

A method of making a semiconductor device includes depositing a first transparent conductive film (tcf) contact layer on a sidewall of a iii-nitride semiconductor nanostructure by evaporation, and depositing a second tcf contact layer over the first tcf contact layer by sputtering or chemical vapor deposition (cvd).. .
Glo Ab


Cooling system for stored nuclear fuel

A cooling system for cooling nuclear fuel stored in a pool that can prevent a lowering of water level resulting from evaporation is provided. The cooling system cools the nuclear fuels 3 stored in a bottom of the pool 2 filled with cooling water 4.
Fujikura Ltd.


System and methods for ionizing compounds using matrix-assistance for mass spectrometry and ion mobility spectrometry

An ionization method for use with mass spectrometry or ion mobility spectrometry is a small molecule compound(s) as a matrix into which is incorporated analyte. The matrix has attributes of sublimation or evaporation when placed in vacuum at or near room temperature and produces both positive and negative charges.


Monolayer of nanorods on a substrate and forming the same

Provided is a method of forming a monolayer of nanorods on a substrate, wherein the nanorods are at least substantially vertically aligned, the method including providing a droplet of a solution including the nanorods on a substrate, and controlling the temperature and the evaporation of the solution such that the internal region of the droplet is kept at near equilibrium status to allow formation of the monolayer of nanorods. Also provided is a monolayer of nanorods on the substrate thus obtained.
Nanyang Technological University


Gas device with increased fuel evaporation efficiency

A gas device with increased fuel evaporation efficiency includes a fuel reservoir with an outlet and a combustion device connecting to the fuel reservoir with a joint, with the joint engaging with the outlet of the fuel reservoir. The combustion device includes a burner head for fuel combustion disposed apart from the joint, with the burner head disposed at different horizontal positions and different vertical positions, and with the burner head disposed at a height from the fuel reservoir lower than a height of the burner head from the fuel reservoir.
Pro-iroda Industries, Inc.


Abnormality sensing device for evaporation fuel purge system

An abnormality sensing device for an evaporation fuel purge system is equipped with a purge passage that connects a canister to an intake passage of an internal combustion engine, a purge pump, a purge control valve, and a valve component that closes and opens the purge passage at a target passage including at least a first purge passage defined between the purge control valve and the intake passage. An abnormality determining portion detects a physical quantity relevant to a pressure change in the target passage in a determination possible state where the purge control valve allows the evaporation fuel to flow through the first purge passage and where the valve component prohibits the evaporation fuel from being supplied to the intake passage..
Denso Corporation


Gas turbine unit operating mode and design

Gas turbine unit (gtv) provides compressed air and steam methane-hydrogen mixture to a combustion chamber to enrich combustion products and cooling by evaporation or superheating of water steam. The temperature of heat exchange processes of the gas turbine unit is increased by additional fuel combustion in the steam-methane-hydrogen mixture postcombustion flow extracted at the output from the additional free work gas turbine, and before supply of steam-methane-hydrogen mixture to the combustion chamber it is previously cooled to the temperature of 200+240° c.
Otkrytoe Aktsionernoe Obshchestvo Gazprom


Gas doping systems for controlled doping of a melt of semiconductor or solar-grade material

A crystal pulling apparatus for producing an ingot is provided. The apparatus includes a furnace and a gas doping system.
Memc Electronic Materials S.p.a.


Self aligning wedge container with anti-evaporation tube

A fluid container includes a container body configured to hold one or more fluids. The container body has a first side wall and an opposing second side wall.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc.


Cooling apparatus

The purpose of this invention is to provide a liquid-cooled cooling apparatus including a heat pipe that allows a working fluid to be stably moved regardless of the magnitude of a temperature difference between a heat-dissipating portion and a condensing portion of the heat pipe. A heat sink (10) of a cooling apparatus includes a heat pipe (11), a heat-receiving member (12), and a heat-dissipating member (13).
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.


Film forming device

A film forming device includes a cylindrical evaporation source, closing members, and an auxiliary electrode. The cylindrical evaporation source is configured to accommodate a workpiece in an internal space of the cylindrical evaporation source.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Vacuum evaporation device

The invention provides a vacuum evaporation device, belongs to the field of vacuum evaporation and can solve the problem of non-uniform thickness of a coating film formed by an existing vacuum evaporation device. The vacuum evaporation device provided by the present invention comprises an evaporation chamber, at least one evaporation source device disposed in the evaporation chamber, and a baffle assembly disposed between the evaporation source device and a substrate to be evaporated.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Vacuum evaporation apparatus and evaporation method

The present invention provides a vacuum evaporation apparatus. The apparatus comprises a vacuum chamber; an evaporation source disposed in the interior of the vacuum chamber, and having an inner heat unit and an outer heat unit located outside; a material container formed at an inner wall of the inner heat unit; a vacuum intermediate layer formed between an outer wall of the inner heat unit and the inner wall of the outer heat unit; a first branch at the inner heat unit for allowing a vapor to pass through; and a second branch at the outer heat unit for allowing the vapor to pass through.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Maple or birch water evaporator system

A system for producing maple syrup or birch syrup from maple or birch water, comprising an evaporating pan under controlled pressure, a condenser immersed in maple or birch water in the evaporating pan, and a compressor, pressurizing vapor generated by evaporation of maple or birch water in the evaporating pan, the condenser directing the pressurized vapor provided by the compressor to the maple or birch water within the evaporating pan, thereby further evaporating the maple or birch water and further generating vapor.. .
Tole Inox Inc.


Method for preparing macroporous polymethyl methacrylate

A method for preparing macroporous polymethyl methacrylate (pmma) particles includes the steps of: (a) dissolving a polymethyl methacrylate polymer and pluronic polymer into an organic solvent; (b) introducing the mixed solution of step (a) to an aqueous solution containing a surfactant to carry out emulsion polymerization; (c) heating the resultant product of step (b) to allow evaporation of the organic solvent; and (d) washing and drying the porous polymethyl methacrylate particles remaining after the evaporation.. .
Cosmax Co., Ltd.


Direct reforming catalyst for molten carbonate fuel cells, preparing the same and improving long-term stability thereof by wettability control on molten carbonate electrolyte

Disclosed is a homogeneous catalyst having a single phase of perovskite oxide, wherein at least one doping element is substituted at site a, site b or sites a and b in abo3 perovskite type oxide so that the wettability with a liquid molten carbonate electrolyte may be decreased. The catalyst may have high catalytic activity, inhibit catalyst poisoning caused by creepage and evaporation of a liquid molten carbonate electrolyte, maintain high reaction activity for a long time, provide high methane conversion, and allow production of synthetic gas having a high proportion of hydrogen..
Korea Institute Of Science And Technology


Microplate reader with incubation device

Microplate reader has measuring space, action source, measuring device for biological structure signals of microplate wells, transport support for positioning wells in relation to an optical axis of the device and controller for the action source, the measuring device and the transport support. An incubation apparatus with a frame accommodates a microplate with wells having bottoms for reducing liquid evaporation.
Tecan Trading Ag


Method and device for generating gaseous compressed nitrogen

Method and device for generating gaseous compressed nitrogen by the low-temperature separation of air in a distillation column system, having a pre-column, a high-pressure column and a low-pressure column. The feed air is compressed, purified in a purification apparatus and cooled.
Linde Aktiengesellschaft


Method for structuring layer surfaces and device therefor

A coating method based on gas phase deposition by arc evaporation, with the steps: selecting a first target as a material source for the coating; providing a coating chamber with an arc evaporation source including the selected target; loading the chamber with substrates to be coated; pumping down the chamber to a process pressure suitable for the arc evaporation; and igniting and operating the arc such that material is evaporated from the first target and is then deposited on the substrates to be coated, optionally after reaction with a reactive gas admitted into the coating chamber. The first target includes at least one matrix component and one doping component such that the doping component has a melting point at least 500° c.
Oerlikon Surface Solutions Ag, TrÜbbach


Novel process for generating hemp oil with a high cannabidiol (cbd) content

A method for producing hemp oil, comprising decarboxylation of cbda in hemp oil; short-path evaporation of cbd from the decarboxylated hemp oil to produce cbd oil; selective thc to cbn conversion performed on the decarboxylated hemp oil.. .
Cannavest Corp.


Process for the preparation of ni-cemgal2o4 catalyst for dry reforming of methane with carbon dioxide

The present invention provides a process and catalyst system for the production of synthesis gas (a mixture of co and h2) from greenhouse gases like methane and carbon di oxide. The process provide a single step selective reforming of methane with carbon dioxide to produce synthesis gas over ce—ni—mgal2o4 catalyst prepared by using combination of two methods evaporation induced self-assembly and organic matrix combustion method.
Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research


Thin-film treatment of high-value glycol and amine solvents to remove contaminants

A method cleaning a contaminate solvent used to treat a gas stream, for example a contaminated glycol or a contaminated amine stream, by vacuum evaporation using a mechanically-maintained horizontally-orientated thin film evaporator, where the contaminant material is recovered from the thin film in solvent- free form, as either a heavy organic material or as free flowing salts.. .
Mpr Services, Inc.


Water dispenser for cats with accessories

A pet watering apparatus which can be refilled as water is removed by evaporation or by a thirsty animal, which apparatus has a vessel, overlaid by a platform having a base and at least one leg, which platform has at least 2 apertures therein of one size and a central smaller aperture therein. Disposed in one aperture is a bottle capable of holding water, having a modified yorker cap thereon, disposed in an inverted position; said yorker cap's spout having been cut off at about a 45 degree angle.


Test device

A test device including a closeable cavity and a water flow groove with a water transmission channel existing between the water flow groove and the internal part of the cavity. The water flow groove includes a water inlet and a water outlet with the depth of the water inlet being greater than the depth of the water outlet.
Shijiazhuang Tiedao University


Analog floating-gate atmometer

An atmometer system based on an analog floating-gate structure and circuit. The floating-gate circuit includes a floating-gate electrode that serves as a gate electrode for a transistor and a plate of a storage capacitor.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Level measurement system

A level measurement system configured to measure minute changes in fluid level. The system integrates a linear variable differential transformer (lvdt) to provide highly accurate level measurement.


Coated high pressure gasoline injector seat to reduce particle emissions

A fuel injector has a seat and at least one seat passage. The seat includes an outer tip surface through which the seat passage extends.
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc.


Method for producing residue coal

In a method for producing residue coal according to the present invention, a solvent is separated by evaporation from a solid material concentrate, which has been separated in a gravity settling vessel (7), in a solvent separator (10), thereby producing a residue coal mixture in which the solvent is remained in the residue coal. Subsequently, the remaining solvent is separated by evaporation from the residue coal mixture in a drier (11), thereby producing the residue coal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Kobe Seiko Sho (kobe Steel, Ltd.)


Hydroxycarboxylic acids and salts

Compositions which inhibit corrosion and alter the physical properties of concrete (admixtures) are prepared from salt mixtures of hydroxycarboxylic acids, carboxylic acids, and nitric acid. The salt mixtures are prepared by neutralizing acid product mixtures from the oxidation of polyols using nitric acid and oxygen as the oxidizing agents.
The University Of Montana


Process and device for particle synthesis on a superamphiphobic or superoleophobic surface

The present invention relates to a process for particle synthesis on a superamphiphobic or superoleophobic surface comprising at least the followings steps: a) providing a substrate having at least one superamphiphobic or superoleophobic surface, i.e. A surface exhibiting an apparent macroscopic contact angle of at least 140° with respect to 10 μl sized drops of liquids having a surface tension of not more than 0.06 n/m, in particular oils, alkanes, and aromatic compounds; b) providing drops of a liquid material to be solidified on said superamphiphobic or superoleophobic surface; c) maintaining the drops of a liquid material in contact with said at least one superamphiphobic or superoleophobic surface while the solidification of the liquid material to be solidified takes place and particles are formed, wherein the solidification of the liquid material is induced by at least one of the following: evaporation of at least one organic component of the liquid material, one or more phase transitions, cooling, exposure to radiation, e.g.
Max-planck-gesellschaft Zur FÖrderung Der Wissenschaften E.v.


Integrated micro/nanogenerator and fabricating the same

The present disclosure discloses an integrated micro/nanogenerator and a method of fabricating the same the integrated micro/nanogenerator has a structure comprising a conducting layer, a pet layer, a pdms layer, a micro-nano hierarchical pdms array and a metal film layer, the conducting layer being manufactured on a surface of the pet layer, the pet layer being made of polyethylene terephthalate; the pdms layer being made of polydimethylsiloxane, and the micro-nano hierarchical pdms array being manufactured on a surface of the pdms layer. The method comprises steps of: 1) fabricating a micro-scale structure on a substrate through a combination of lithography and chemical etching or physical etching; 2) fabricating a nano-scale structure with high density and high depth-to-width ratio directly on a surface of the micro-scale structure through a mask-free optimized deep reactive ion etching process; 3) using a pdms casting film transfer process by adjusting and controlling process parameters, by means of using the mold of mirco-nano hierarchical array structure as a template; 4) fabricating a conducting layer on a surface of the pet layer by using an evaporation or sputtering or chemical vapor deposition process; 5) bonding the pdms layer and the pet layer through high temperature bonding or normal temperature physical pressing; and 6) assembling in sequence and packaging the bonded structure obtained in step 5), the metal film layer, and another bonded structure obtained in step 5)..
Peking University


Plasma device, carbon thin film manufacturing method and coating method using plasma device

A plasma device including a vacuum container, an arc-type evaporation source, a negative electrode member, a shutter, a power source, and a trigger electrode is described. The arc-type evaporation source is fixed to the side wall of the vacuum container so as to face the substrate.
Nissin Electric Co., Ltd.


Anti-newton-ring film and touch panel

An anti-newton-ring film for effectively preventing generation of newton rings in a resistive touch panel is provided. The anti-newton-ring film is obtained, with the use of a liquid phase containing one or more polymers, one or more curable resin-precursors, and a solvent, through a step for forming a phase-separation structure by spinodal decomposition of (i) a plurality of polymers, (ii) a combination of a polymer and a curable resin-precursor, or (iii) a plurality of curable resin-precursors, from the liquid phase concurrent with evaporation of the solvent, and a step for curing the resin-precursor to form an anti-newton-ring layer.
Daicel Corporation


Systems and methods for managing conditions in enclosed space

Systems and methods for controlling temperature in an enclosed space can include an air-to-air heat exchanger (aahx) and a direct evaporative cooler (dec). The dec can be located in a scavenger or outdoor air stream such that the dec cools the outdoor air, which is then used to cool or reject heat from a process air stream passing through the aahx.


Air conditioner

The present invention relates to an air conditioner that adjusts room temperature to a set temperature, and the problem to be solved thereby is to reduce the frequency of occurrence of situations in which the room temperature does not approach the set temperature. In the air conditioner, a target suction pressure is set to a value obtained by subtracting, from an evaporation pressure of an indoor heat exchanger, a pressure loss estimation value from an inlet of the indoor heat exchanger to a suction port of a compressor so that an evaporation temperature of the indoor heat exchanger is maintained constant.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.


Purification of cadaverine using high boiling point solvent

One aspect of the invention relates to a method for the purification of cadaverine from an aqueous cadaverine composition comprising one or more involatile impurities, the method comprising obtaining cadaverine from evaporation or distillation of the aqueous cadaverine composition wherein one or more solvents are added to the evaporation/distillation system before the evaporation/distillation starts, during the evaporation/distillation and/or after the evaporation/distillation substantially stops when no more evaporation/distillation is observed; wherein the one or more solvents comprise at least one or more high boiling point (hbp) solvents. In certain embodiments, cadaverine may be evaporated/distilled at an unexpectedly lower heating temperature for an unexpectedly shorter heating time to provide a desired yield.
Cathay Industrial Biotech Ltd.


Evaporation element and process using same

A process for production of minerals using an evaporation unit comprising an evaporation element for exposing thereof to the atmosphere for evaporation of a liquid solution therefrom. The evaporation element comprises an evaporation surface and a texture for deflecting the solution during movement along the surface, leaving minerals on the surface as a result of evaporation of the solution.
Lesico Technologies Ltd.


Fabrication of nanowires and hierarchically porous materials through supercritical co2 assisted nebulization

A processing technique for creating nanowires and hierarchically porous micro/nano structures of ceramic materials is provided. The process includes evaporation of micron-sized water droplets containing dissolved organic salts on heated substrates followed by thermal decomposition of the deposited material.
New York University


Slurry powder cosmetic compositions and methods

Slurry powder cosmetic composition comprising particulates coated with a binder composition and the evaporation residue of an aqueous based composition comprising at least one water soluble or water dispersible polymer, and a method for making the composition.. .
Estee Lauder International, Inc.


Ta based au-free ohmic contacts in advanced aigan/gan based hfets and/or moshfets for power switch applications

A method of forming an ohmic contact including forming a ta layer in a contact area of a barrier layer by evaporation at an evaporation rate of 1 Å/second, forming a ti layer on the first ta layer, and forming an al layer on the ti layer, wherein the barrier layer comprises algan having a 25% al composition and a thickness in a range between 30 Å to 100 Å, and wherein the barrier layer is on a channel layer comprising gan.. .
Hrl Laboratories Llc


Abnormality diagnosis device for evaporated-gas purging system

An abnormality diagnosis device introduces a pressure into a reference-pressure detecting portion by utilizing a pressure introducing portion to detect a reference pressure correlative to a reference orifice, detects a purge-valve closed pressure that is a pressure in an evaporation system of when a pressure is introduced into the evaporation system by the pressure introducing portion after the purge valve is controlled to be closed, and detects a purge-valve open pressure that is a pressure in the evaporation system of when a pressure is introduced into the evaporation system by the pressure introducing portion after the purge valve is controlled to be open. The abnormality diagnosis device determines whether a leakage abnormality of the evaporation system and a fixed open abnormality are generated, based on a magnitude relation between the reference pressure, the purge-valve closed pressure, and the purge-valve open pressure..
Denso Corporation


Concentrator and crystallizer evaporation system

An aqueous stream cleaning system including a circulation pump to receive a waste fluid and/or a concentrated liquid bottoms stream, and expel a circulation stream. The aqueous stream cleaning system can also include a primary heat exchanger to receive the circulation stream from the circulation pump.


Creation a fishhook with attractant

The creation method of a fishhook with attractant covers the following steps: (1) pour attractant and clad material into ethanol, then stir them uniformly to form suspension. The solid content of suspension should be controlled between 10% and 50%; (2) by means of spray or soak, make suspension hang and stick to the surface of fishhook, then realize solvent evaporation via blowing hot wind.


Semiconductor substrate, semiconductor device, imaging element, and imaging device

A semiconductor substrate includes a semiconductor substrate body in which a wiring is formed and a bonding electrode provided to protrude from a first surface of the semiconductor substrate body. The bonding electrode comprises a composite including a first metal portion which is provided to protrude from the first surface of the semiconductor substrate body and of which a base end portion in a protrusion direction is electrically connected to the wiring, and a second metal portion which is formed of a second metal which has lower hardness than first metal of which the first metal portion is formed and which is provided to be bonded to the first metal portion in a range equal to or less than a protrusion height of the first metal portion, the first metal portion is formed on the second metal portion by sputtering or evaporation the first metal..
Olympus Corporation


Manufacturing methods of a powder for rare earth magnet and the rare earth magnet based on evaporation treatment

A manufacturing method of a powder for rare earth magnet and the rare earth magnet based on evaporation treatment, includes the steps of: coarsely crushing an alloy for the rare earth magnet and then finely crushing to obtain a fine powder; and evaporating the fine powder and an evaporation material in vacuum or in inert gas atmosphere; wherein the weight ratio of the evaporation material evaporated to the fine powder and the fine powder is 10-6˜0.05:1. By adding the process of evaporation treatment of fine powder before the process of compacting under a magnetic field and after the process of fine crushing, the sintering property of the powder is changed drastically; a magnet with a high coercivity, a high squareness and a high heat resistance is obtained..
Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd.



Embodiments of the invention disclose a crucible. The crucible comprises: a crucible body; and at least one heat conductive sheet disposed on an inner side wall of the crucible body.
Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd.


Reduction of benzyl alcohol emissions from epoxy amine formulations by adding cyclodextrin

A reactive resin compositions include at least one polymerizable system, at least one volatile organic compound, cyclodextrin, and optionally at least one curing agent, which are obtainable by mixing the polymerizable system with the volatile organic compound and the cyclodextrin and storing the mixture for a period of time until an equilibrium is established between the volatile organic compound and the cyclodextrin. By adding cyclodextrin it is possible to reduce the voc emissions of corresponding reactive resin compositions significantly, the observed effect being greater than would be expected on the basis of the molar ratio of the volatile organic compound to the cyclodextrin.
Sika Technology Ag


Techniques for increasing the evaporation rate in evaporation ponds

A system for enhancing evaporation from a body of liquid, in which heated or unheated air is distributed through a pipe network that is submerged in the evaporation pond, with the air being injected into the pond to produce air bubbles in the water. The air may be combined with water prior to the injection.
Solar Multiple, Llc


Method and system for controlling operation of condenser and evaporator fans

Methods and systems for controlling the operation of the condenser and evaporator fans in a transport refrigeration system are described. The methods and systems described herein generally control dynamically a plurality of system fans needed to meet a plurality of system airflow objectives, where the objectives may sometimes be conflicting.
Thermo King Corporation


Bi-functional electrode for metal-air batteries and producing same

A method of producing a bi-functional electrode for a metal-air battery or fuel cell comprises growing metal oxide nanowires directly on a metal support using a chemical deposition process. Preferably, the chemical process comprises an ammonium evaporation process.


Thermal evaporation process for manufacture of solid state battery devices

A method for manufacturing a solid-state battery device. The method can include providing a substrate within a process region of an apparatus.
Sakti3, Inc.


Evaporation fuel processing apparatus

In an evaporation fuel processing apparatus, a canister holds an evaporation fuel evaporated in a fuel tank, a purge passage communicates with the canister and an intake passage of an engine, a purge pump disposed in the purge passage pressurizes and feeds an air in the canister toward the intake passage, a bypass passage disposed in the purge passage bypasses the purge pump, and an on-off valve disposed in the purge passage opens and closes the bypass passage. When an intake negative pressure of the intake passage is low, the purge pump is activated, and the bypass passage is closed by the on-off valve.
Denso Corporation


Multimodal rock disintegration by thermal effect and system for performing the method

Multimodal rock disintegration by non-contact thermal effect, spallation, melting, evaporation of a rock through a movable electric arc, arc thermal expansion and subsequent shock pressure wave allows in comparison with currently available and known technologies to drill into the rock by direct action of the electric arc and heat flows generated by the electric arc. The principle of the disintegration is based on the electric arc generation, force action to it and pressing it towards the rock intended to disintegrate, which causes heating of the rock so that a phase change and thermal disintegration of the rock occurs.
Ga Drilling, A.s.


Combination vapor deposition chamber

This application relates to a combination vapor deposition process chamber. In, some embodiments, a combination vapor deposition process chamber can be used to apply an optical coating to a substrate such as glass, as well as an anti-smudge coating to the same substrate.
Apple Inc.


Article comprising a cohesive carbon assembly

Cohesive carbon assemblies are prepared by obtaining a functionalized carbon starting material in the form of powder, particles, flakes, loose agglomerates, aqueous wet cake, or aqueous slurry, dispersing the carbon in water by mechanical agitation and/or refluxing, and substantially removing the water, typically by evaporation, whereby the cohesive assembly of carbon is formed. The method is suitable for preparing free-standing, monolithic assemblies of carbon nanotubes in the form of films, wafers, discs, fiber, or wire, having high carbon packing density and low electrical resistivity.
Yazaki Corporation


Method for purifying carboxylic acids from fermentation broths

Method and devices for separating and purifying carboxylic acids from fermentation broths comprising carboxylic acid ammonium salts are disclosed herein. The method includes (a) removing biomass and any solids present from the fermentation broth; (b) preparing a solution comprising the desired carboxylic acid and an additional solution comprising ammonium salts, by carrying out simulated moving bed chromatography (smb); (c) ultra-purifying the solution comprising the desired carboxylic acid from method step (b); (d) concentrating the purified carboxylic acid solution from method to step (c); (e) crystallizing the concentrated carboxylic acid solution from method step (d); and (f) concentrating the additional solution comprising ammonium salts from method step (b).
Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Ag


Method of making cohesive carbon assembly and its applications

Cohesive carbon assemblies are prepared by obtaining a functionalized carbon starting material in the form of powder, particles, flakes, loose agglomerates, aqueous wet cake, or aqueous slurry, dispersing the carbon in water by mechanical agitation and/or refluxing, and substantially removing the water, typically by evaporation, whereby the cohesive assembly of carbon is formed. The method is suitable for preparing free-standing, monolithic assemblies of carbon nanotubes in the form of films, wafers, discs, fiber, or wire, having high carbon packing density and low electrical resistivity.
Yazaki Corporation


Membrane comprising self-assembled block copolymer and process for producing the same by hybrid casting (ib)

Wherein r1-r4, n, and m are as described herein, which find use in preparing porous membranes. Embodiments of the membranes contain the diblock copolymer that self-assembles into a cylindrical morphology.


Membrane comprising self-assembled block copolymer and process for producing the same by hybrid casting (iib)

Wherein r1-r4, n, and m are as described herein, which find use in preparing nanoporous membranes. Embodiments of the membranes contain the block copolymer that self-assembles into a cylindrical morphology.


Wound treatment apparatus with exudate volume reduction by heat

Apparatus (130) for use in wound therapy of mammals is described, the apparatus (130) comprising: a dressing covering the wound, the dressing being substantially sealed to prevent ingress of ambient atmospheric air to the wound; aspiration means (132) operably connected to a space between the dressing and the wound by an aspiration conduit (142) sealed to the point of entry between wound and dressing against ingress of ambient atmosphere, said conduit (142) being for aspiration of said wound and for removal of fluid from said space between said wound and said dressing; a waste container (148) for receiving aspirated fluid to be discarded operably connected to said aspiration conduit; and heating means (144) for heating said fluid in order to increase the vapour pressure thereof and to cause evaporation to reduce the volume of the fluid in the waste container (148). In a preferred embodiment of the present invention the waste fluid is also provided with a sparge gas..
Smith & Nephew Plc


Anode for a cell of a lithium-ion battery, its manufacturing process and the battery incorporating it

An anode usable in a cell of a lithium-ion battery comprising an electrolyte based on a lithium salt and a non-aqueous solvent, to a process for manufacturing this anode and to a lithium-ion battery having one or more cells incorporating this anode. This anode is based on a polymer composition, obtained by melt processing and without solvent evaporation, that is the product of a hot compounding reaction between an active material and additives having a polymer binder and an electrically conductive filler.


Method for producing acetylenes and syngas

The invention relates to a continuous method for producing acetylenes and syngas by partially oxidizing hydrocarbons with oxygen. A first feed stream (1) containing one or more hydrocarbons and a second feed stream (2) containing oxygen are mixed in a ratio of the mass flows of the second feed stream (2) to the first feed stream (1) corresponding to an oxygen number of less than or equal to 0.31, said streams being heated separately from each other, and fed to a combustion chamber (fr) via a burner block (br), the partial oxidation of the hydrocarbons being carried out in said combustion chamber, thereby obtaining a first cracked gas stream ig.
Basf Se


Compound distiller

A distiller for processing liquid influent, including a heating chamber. An evaporation arrangement can be positioned above the heating chamber and can include spaced apart evaporation surfaces forming a bottom evaporation stage, multiple intermediate evaporation stages, and an upper evaporation stage.
Aquaback Technologies, Inc.


Nose clip

A nose clip includes an outer support member adapted to contact an outside surface of a nose; a bridge connected at a first end to the outer support member; and an inner support member connected to a second end of the bridge and adapted to be inserted into the nostril and to contact an inner surface of the nostril. When inserted, tension generated between the outer support member and the inner support member causes lateral movement of a surface within the nostril and opens a nasal airway.


Ant bait dispenser

An insect toxic bait dispenser has a top with a downwardly opening compartments in which toxic bait fluids may be retained by an underlying foil barrier. The top is supported on a base with posts positioned beneath the barrier.
Bell Laboratories, Inc.


Computer cooling cooling

Server cooling system comprising: a condenser 50, an evaporator 60, an expansion valve 80 and a compressor 90, wherein, the outlet 64 of the evaporator 60 is connected to the inlet 91 of the compressor 90 by means of a tube or conduit 75. The outlet 92 of the compressor 90 is connected to the inlet 52 of the compressor 50 by means of a conduit 76.
Psh Energia, S.a.


Exhaust gas analyzing apparatus

An exhaust gas analyzing apparatus of a vehicle mounted type equipped with an analyzer that is configured to analyze components contained in exhaust gas includes a sampling line that is an exhaust gas flow path extending from an exhaust gas introduction terminal that is configured to introduce the exhaust gas from the outside to the analyzer; a pressure reduction source that is configured to reduce a pressure in the sampling line to a predetermined pressure; and a temperature-regulating mechanism that is configured to regulate a temperature of the exhaust gas flowing in the sampling line to be at least a first temperature. The first temperature is set to be a temperature equal to or higher than an evaporation temperature of moisture at the reduced predetermined pressure and lower than an evaporation temperature of moisture at one atmospheric pressure..
Horiba, Ltd.


Evaporation source for transporting chemical precursors and evaporation for transporting the same which uses said source

The invention also presents a method of evaporation for transporting chemical precursors in which introducing and extracting the carrier gases from the principal tube (1) is carried out in alignment in a direction transversal to the lateral surface (7) of the latter.. .


Continuous separating salts in the production of dimethylacetamide

The recycling of the volatile components of the product mixture obtained after the flash evaporation and of the solid, salt-containing phase comprising alkali metal acetates and/or alkaline earth metal acetates into the evaporation vessel is effected via an introduction section which ends within a range from 30 cm above the level surface to 20 cm below the level surface of the fill level of the evaporation vessel.. .


Photovoltaic device with a zinc magnesium oxide window layer

Methods and devices are described for a photovoltaic device and substrate structure. In one embodiment, a photovoltaic device includes a substrate structure and a cdte absorber layer, the substrate structure including a zn1-xmgxo window layer and a low conductivity buffer layer.
First Solar, Inc.


Hydrophobic and oleophobic surfaces and uses thereof

A methodology is provided for generating hydrophobic superhydrophobic, oleophobic and/or superoleophobic surfaces. Compositions of matter made of a substrate having deposited on a surface thereof (e.g., by thermal evaporation) hydrocarbon waxes, including fluorinated waxes, are disclosed.
Technion Research & Development Foundation Limited


Method and system for producing a binder foam for producing asphalt

The invention relates to a method for producing a binder foam for producing asphalt. In a pressurized stream of heated binder, preferably bitumen, a liquid, which has a lower evaporation temperature under atmospheric pressure than the temperature of the heated binder stream, preferably water, is injected at an angle (α) of greater than 90° relative to the flow direction (s) of the binder stream such that a pressurized mixture stream of the binder with drops of liquid distributed therein or with drops of liquid distributed therein and vapour bubbles resulting from said drops is provided downstream of the injection point (d).
Ammann Schweiz Ag


Method for adsorbing propellant gas for a beer dispensing system

A method of filling a canister containing activated carbon having a first temperature with a propellant gas, wherein the method includes (a) providing a volume of liquefied propellant gas at a second temperature and a first elevated pressure that prevents it from evaporating; (b) evacuating the canister to create a vacuum within the canister, thereby cooling the activated carbon to a third temperature lower than the second temperature; (c) injecting the volume of liquefied propellant gas into the canister at a second elevated pressure that prevents it from evaporating; and (d) allowing the liquefied propellant gas to evaporate, consuming energy as evaporation heat, the energy being generated due to the propellant gas being adsorbed by the activated carbon, thereby reducing the heating of the activated carbon.. .
Carlsberg Breweries A/s


Compact type of airtight cosmetic container

Disclosed herein is a compact type of airtight cosmetic container. A shoulder cap (40) to which a mesh is coupled and a puff storage cap (50) which stores a puff are successively placed onto and coupled to a medial body (30) which contains a cosmetic therein.
Ctk Co., Ltd.


Heat fixing apparatus and grease composition for the heat fixing apparatus

Provided is a heat fixing apparatus, which suppresses the depletion of a lubricant applied to an inside of the heat fixing apparatus and which has long life and high reliability, the heat fixing apparatus including a heating rotary member and a pressurizing rotary member, and containing, as a lubricant in a sliding portion, (a) perfluoropolyether oil having a kinetic viscosity at 40° c. Of from 100 to 200 mm2/s and an evaporation loss being 1.2 mass % or less in a case where 10 g of a sample of the perfluoropolyether oil is placed in a petri dish having an inner diameter of 41 mm and allowed to stand still at 250° c.
Dow Corning Toray Co., Ltd.


Method for forming a liquid film on a substrate

This method for forming a liquid film on a substrate comprises the steps of placing the substrate in a chamber, and depositing a composition on the substrate, the composition including water, introducing a volatile liquid into the chamber, and closing the chamber for a predetermined period, the volatile liquid evaporating in the chamber during this closing step. The method further comprises at least partial extraction, out of the chamber, vapor formed by the evaporation of the volatile liquid, this extraction producing spreading out of the composition on the substrate, said spread composition then forming the liquid film on the substrate..
Commissariat À L'Énergie Atomique Et Aux Énergies Alternatives


Drying of organic materials

This invention relates to a method and apparatus for drying organic material using the energy contained in the organic material to be dried to drive the drying process. The organic material could be sewage sludge, food scraps, manure, wood, bagasse etc.


Water relocation apparatus

A water relocation apparatus is provided which uses water as a means for transferring energy from the wind and sun into electricity. Wind and the sun may be used to displace water from a water container means.


Water evaporator enhancer

A solar assisted water evaporator that includes a hollow elongate member and drive mechanism for enhancing water evaporation from a waste water source optimized to maintain a quantity of waste water about an exterior of the hollow elongate member to minimize scaling during the evaporative process.. .


Membranes for gas separation synthesized from polyimides containing 2-fluoro-2',2''-diaminotriphenylmethane in their chemical structure

The present invention relates to the synthesis of linear aromatic polyimides and the production of membranes for the separation of gases. Specifically, polyimides featuring in their chemical structure, in the part derived from a diamine, 4-fluoro-4′,4″-diaminotriphenylmethane, and an aromatic dianhydride derived from tetracarboxylic acid.
Instituto Mexicano Del Petroleo


Rice dough composition, and rice dough prepared therefrom

Provided is a rice dough composition and a rice dough prepared therefrom. The rice dough composition includes rice flour, cellulose ether, gums, and emulsifier.
Samsung Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd.


Blue-light-inhibiting resin lens and manufacturing method therefor

A blue-light-inhibiting resin lens includes a reinforcing protective substrate and a reinforcing layer which comprises eight layers coating on a surface of a reinforcing protective substrate from lower to upper by a vacuum evaporation method; wherein reinforcing layer comprises a first layer, which is a nano-composite coating layer mixing with polyurethane acrylate and sio2, a second layer, which is a sio2 layer i, a third layer, which is a zro2 layer i, a fourth layer, which is a sio2 layer ii, a fifth layer, which is a zro2 layer ii, a sixth layer, which is an indium-tin-metal oxide nano-coating layer, and a seventh layer, which is a sio2 layer iii, and an eighth layer, which is a waterproof-medicine layer. And, a manufacturing method for the blue-light-inhibiting resin lens is provided..
Megalowmart Holdings Llc.

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