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Ethylene patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Ethylene-related patents
 Polymerization process patent thumbnailnew patent Polymerization process
The present invention relates to a polymerization process of producing ethylene-alpha-olefin polymer. The polymerization process comprises supplying at a feed temperature a feed containing ethylene, at least one alpha-olefin and optionally, a diene in a solvent, the solvent is supplied at a solvent feed rate; supplying at a catalyst feed rate a catalyst to a reactor, and contacting the feed with the catalyst to produce a reaction mixture containing the polymer.
 Functionalized polyethylene terephthalate polymers, functionalized derivative polymers of polyethylene terephthalate, methods of making and using same patent thumbnailnew patent Functionalized polyethylene terephthalate polymers, functionalized derivative polymers of polyethylene terephthalate, methods of making and using same
The presently disclosed and claimed inventive concept(s) relates generally to the functionalized polyethylene terephthalate polymers and functionalized derivatives of pet. More particularly, but not to be construed as limiting, the presently disclosed and claimed inventive concept(s) relate to lower molecular weight functionalized digested pet materials from digesting recycled and methods of making and using same..
 Hexafluorodimethylcarbinol terminated alkane- and alkenethiols patent thumbnailnew patent Hexafluorodimethylcarbinol terminated alkane- and alkenethiols
A hexafluorodimethylcarbinol terminated compound, method of making it, and a composition of matter are disclosed. The compound may have the formula (cf3)2c(oh)-l-m-r.
 Hydrophilic polyester polycarbonate polyols for high temperature diesel applications patent thumbnailnew patent Hydrophilic polyester polycarbonate polyols for high temperature diesel applications
Embodiments of the invention generally relate to polyols having resistance to hydrocarbons and articles made therefrom. More specifically, embodiments of the invention generally relate to hydrophilic polyester-polycarbonate polyols having resistance to hydrocarbons at high temperatures and articles made therefrom.
 Polyethylene compositions comprising polypropylene patent thumbnailnew patent Polyethylene compositions comprising polypropylene
A composition can comprise: linear low density polyethylene having a melt mass flow rate as determined using astm d-1238 (190° c./2.16 kg) in the range from 4 to 125 g/10 min or high density polyethylene having a melt mass flow rate as determined using astm d-1238 (190° c./2.16 kg) in the range from 4 to 125 g/10 min and polypropylene, wherein the amount of polypropylene is from 0.005 to 10 wt % based on the total weight of the linear low density polyethylene or the high density polyethylene and the polypropylene, wherein the polypropylene has a melt temperature (tm) from 140° c. To 200° c.
 Epoxy resin composition for fiber-reinforced composite material patent thumbnailnew patent Epoxy resin composition for fiber-reinforced composite material
The present technology is an epoxy resin composition for a fiber-reinforced composite material comprising a phosphorus-containing epoxy resin containing phosphorus in the skeleton thereof, a dicyandiamide, and a curing promoter containing at least one selected from 1,1′-(4-methyl-1,3-phenylene)bis(3,3-dimethylurea), phenyl-dimethylurea represented by the following formula (1), and methylene-diphenyl-bisdimethylurea represented by the following formula (2); wherein the phosphorus content of the phosphorus-containing epoxy resin is at least 1.0 mass % and at most 5.0 mass % in the epoxy resin composition.. .
 Fixing member, method for manufacturing the same, fixing apparatus, and image forming apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Fixing member, method for manufacturing the same, fixing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
The present invention relates to a fixing member including a surface layer containing pfa, the fixing member being excellent in wear resistance and having high release properties to a toner. The fixing member includes a base member, an elastic layer provided on the surface of the base member, and a surface layer, wherein the surface layer contains a tetrafluoroethylene-perfluoroalkyl vinyl ether copolymer having a particular partial structure, and has a surface having a contact angle of 67 degrees or more as measured in a mixed liquid for a wetting tension test having a wetting tension of 31.0 mn/m..
 Hydrophilic polyurethane foam with low volume swelling patent thumbnailnew patent Hydrophilic polyurethane foam with low volume swelling
The invention relates to a specific composition comprising a) isocyanate-functional prepolymers obtainable by reaction of a1) aliphatic diisocyanates with a2) di- to hexa-functional polyalkylene oxides having an ethylene oxide content of 50 to 100 mol %, based on the total amount of the oxyalkylene groups present, b) an aqueous polyurethane suspension, an aqueous polyacrylate suspension or aqueous silica sols, especially for production of hydrophilic, aliphatic polyurethane foams. The invention further provides a process for producing a hydrophilic, aliphatic polyurethane foam, based on the inventive composition, a polyurethane foam obtainable by the process and a wound dressing comprising the polyurethane foam..
 Composition and method for irrigation of a prepared dental root canal patent thumbnailnew patent Composition and method for irrigation of a prepared dental root canal
Composition and method for irrigating a prepared dental root canal. The composition is an aqueous composition of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, chlorhexidine or orally acceptable addition salt, and n-cetyl-n,n,n-trimethylammonium bromide, and is effective for simultaneous smear layer removal and disinfection..
 Water-swellable polymers patent thumbnailnew patent Water-swellable polymers
A water-swellable linear polyurethane polymer is formed by reacting a polyethylene oxide (e.g. Peg 4000 to 35,000), a difunctional compound (e.g.
new patent Methylene linked quinolinyl modulators of roryt
The invention also comprises a method of treating or ameliorating a syndrome, disorder or disease, wherein said syndrome, disorder or disease is rheumatoid arthritis or psoriasis. The invention also comprises a method of modulating rorγt activity in a mammal by administration of a therapeutically effective amount of at least one compound of claim 1..
new patent Compounds and methods for inhibiting nhe-mediated antiport in the treatment of disorders associated with fluid retention or salt overload and gastrointestinal tract disorders
Y is selected from the group consisting of a bond, optionally substituted c1-6 alkylene, optionally substituted benzene, pyridinyl, a polyethylene glycol linker and —(ch2)1-6o(ch2)1-6—, and methods of using such compounds for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, chronic kidney disease and end-stage renal disease.. .
new patent Natural and synthetic ester-containing lubricants having enhanced hydrolytic stability
A lubricant composition comprising (a) from 0.1 to 10 percent by weight of one or more polyalkylene glycols (pag); and (2) one or more ester base oils selected from the group of natural esters, synthetic esters and combinations thereof; wherein the one or more pag has a molecular weight in the range 1500 to 5000 g/mole, comprises from 10 to 40 percent by weight of units derived from ethylene oxide and from 90 to 60 percent by weight of units derived from propylene oxide; and wherein the one or more pags are in the form of block copolymer, reverse block copolymer or combinations thereof is provided. Also provided is a method of enhancing the hydrolytic stability of an ester base oil..
new patent Substituted 2'-thio-bicyclic nucleosides and oligomeric compounds prepared therefrom
Provided herein are novel bicyclic nucleosides, oligomeric compounds that include such bicyclic nucleosides and methods of using the oligomeric compounds. More particularly, the novel bicyclic nucleosides comprise a furanose ring system having a bridge comprising a 4′-methylene group attached to a 2′-sulfoxide or sulfone group and optionally including one or more substituent groups attached to the 4′-methylene and or the 5′-position.
new patent Liquid electrolyte for a lithium battery, containing a quaternary mixture of non-aqueous organic solvents
A liquid electrolyte for a lithium battery including lithium perchlorate (liclo4) dissolved in a quaternary mixture of ethylene carbonate (ec), diethyl carbonate (dec), tetrahydrofurane (thf) and ethyl methyl carbonate (emc). The liquid electrolyte advantageously contains between: 10% and 30% by mass of ethylene carbonate (ec), 10% and 30% by mass of diethyl carbonate (dec), 10% and 30% by mass of tetrahydrofurane (thf) and, 10% and 70% by mass of ethyl methyl carbonate (emc).
new patent Lithium secondary battery including water-dispersible binder, conduction agent, and fluoroethylenecarbonate
The present invention relates to a lithium secondary battery. The present invention provides the lithium secondary battery including a positive electrode, a negative electrode, and a non-aqueous electrolyte solution.
new patent Creep-optimized uhmwpe fiber
The invention relates to a creep-optimized ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (uhmwpe) fiber obtained by spinning an uhmwpe comprising olefinic branches (ob) and having an elongational stress (es), and a ratio (ob/1000 c/es) between the number of olefinic branches per thousand carbon atoms (ob/1000 c) and the elongational stress (es) of at least 0.2, wherein said uhmwpe fiber when subjected to a load of 600 mpa at a temperature of 70° c., has a creep lifetime of at least 90 hours.. .
new patent Printing ink, transfers, and methods of decorating polyolefin articles
The transfer of the invention is prepared by printing a layer onto a carrier substrate with an ink that comprises a mixture of finely subdivided polyethylene powder, an aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbon solvent, a dispersing agent, and an additive material such as a dye or pigment indicia material and/or a physical property enhancing material such as alumina, glass beads, silica, metal flakes, etc. Preferably high and very high molecular weight polyethylene is used, alone or in mixture with lower density polyethylene in amounts from 25 to 45 weight percent in the ink.
new patent Fluorocarbon resin composite, cookware, cooker, roller for office automation equipment, belt for office automation equipment , and method for producing them
A fluorocarbon resin composite includes a fluorocarbon resin layer on a base, in which a fluorocarbon resin constituting the fluorocarbon resin layer is crosslinked by electron beam irradiation, and the base has a desired shape obtained by machining. The fluorocarbon resin is composed of a tetrafluoroethylene-perfluoro(alkyl vinyl ether) copolymer, polytetrafluoroethylene, or a mixture of the tetrafluoroethylene-perfluoro(alkyl vinyl ether) copolymer and polytetrafluoroethylene.
new patent Method and extrusion line for producing peroxide-cross-linked polyethylene pipes
A method and extrusion line for producing peroxide-cross-linked polyethylene pipes in an extrusion line having an extruder, a cross-linking furnace and a flue. The extruded tube is subjected to a stretching process, and the cross-linking furnace has a first heating section that extends from its inlet to an actuated deflection roller and a second heating section from the deflection roller to its outlet.
new patent Thermoplastic fluoropolymer-coated medical devices
A medical device provided with at least a partial surface coating of a thermoplastic copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoroalkylvinylether that is free of cross-linking monomers and curing agents. The fluoropolymer coating is preferably an amorphous thermoplastic, is highly inert and biocompatible, has elastomeric characteristics that provide desirable mechanical properties such as good flexibility and durability.
new patent Lipstick and other cosmetics and method of making
Inventive subject matter disclosed herein relates to a lipstick. The lipstick includes a colorant paste comprising one or more dry pigments and fractionated coconut oil; a coconut gel comprising vegetable oil, cocos nucifera oil, a styrene/butadiene copolymer and polyethylene; and polyethylene, caprylyl glycol, and a mixture of acacia decurrens/jojoba/sunflower seed wax/polyglyceryl 3-ester in concentrations effective for ensuring coconut gel and fractionated coconut oil are melted and homogeneous..
new patent Polymeric bags with easy access features attached to the bags without adhesives
A woven laminated plastic bag having an easy access or re-sealable feature and methods for making the same are provided. In certain aspects the easy access or re-sealable feature is attached to the bag without the use of an adhesive.
new patent Nanobiomimetic supercapacitors with high rate high energy storage
Nanobiomimetic supercapacitors comprise an “electron well” and an “electron-dam” membrane electrode assembling (mea); the “electron-well” mea compromises an electrode comprising a substrate of glassy carbon; a self-assembling membrane comprises a polymer matrix; wherein the polymer matrix is comprised of an electrically conductive copolymer; wherein the copolymer is further comprised of one or more first β-cyclodextrin molecules having at least one or more free acetyl groups; one or more polyethylene glycol molecules; one or more poly(4-vinylpyridine) molecules; and one or more second β-cyclodextrin molecules; the self-assembling membrane having a surface structure comprising one or more nanopores and pillars; the nanopores and pillars are vertically oriented on the substrate to form nanopore and pillar array; the “electron-dam” mea compromises the nanopore/pillar layer sealed with an embedded hydrophobic aromatic substance having a flat lid structure; wherein the mea can be as either said positive or negative electrode; wherein the “electron-well” also can be either said as positive or negative electrode; separated by a porous insulator wetted by an electrolyte-free and air-independent organic solution; at least two current collectors are at each of the end of the meas.. .
new patent Aliphatic amine based nanocarbons for the absorption of carbon dioxide
A composition of matter, and method to make same, for a nano-based material including a nanocarbon support to which is attached an aliphatic amine. In particular, the composition of matter is an aliphatic amine-nanocarbon material that includes a nanocarbon (nc) support, such as c60, nano-graphite, graphene, nanocarbon ribbons, graphite intercalation compounds, graphite oxide, nano-coal, nanohorns, and combinations thereof, and further includes an aliphatic amine, such as polyethyleneimine (pei)..
Non-resorbable plugs
A non-resorbable wound dressing can include a plug made from polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe). The plug can have a three-dimensional shape.
Recovery of olefins from para-xylene process
A process for producing para-xylene, by (a) contacting toluene with methanol in the presence of an alkylation catalyst under conditions effective to produce an alkylation effluent comprising xylenes and a by-product mixture comprising water, dimethyl ether and c4− hydrocarbons; (b) separating the alkylation effluent into a first fraction containing xylenes and a second fraction containing the by-product mixture; (c) removing water from the second fraction to produce a dried by-product mixture; (d) fractionating the dried by-product mixture to separate the mixture into a bottoms stream containing dimethyl ether and an overhead stream containing at least some of the c4- hydrocarbons; and (e) recovering ethylene and propylene from the overhead stream.. .
Silicic acid (hetero) polycondensates comprising organically polymerisable groups and either sulphonate groups or sulphate groups, organic polymerisates produced therefrom, and a method for producing said polycondensates
The invention relates to silicic acid (hetero) polycondensates consisting of at least one silane that has a group bonded to silicon by a carbon atom and that carries an organically polymerisable c═c double bond, and at least one silane that has a group bonded to silicon by a carbon atom and that carries a sulphonate group or a sulphate group of the formula —(o)d-so3m wherein d=0 or 1 and m=hydrogen, or a monovalent metal cation, or the corresponding quantity of a polyvalent metal cation, yet not including polycondensates in which the c═c double bonds are formed exclusively by methacrylic esters that are bound, in the form of a methylene acryl ester group, to the groups bonded to silicon by carbon. The invention also relates to composites that consist of such silicic acid (hetero) polycondensates in combination with fillers, and to polymers produced by organically polymerising the c═c double bonds in the polycondensates or composites.
Ethylene copolymer compositions, film and polymerization processes
Ethylene copolymers having a relatively high melt flow ratio and a multimodal profile in a temperature rising elution fractionation (tref) plot are disclosed. The copolymers can be made into film having good dart impact values and good stiffness properties under decreased extruder pressures..
Fractional melt index polyethylene composition and films made therefrom
A reactor blend polyethylene composition comprising: from 35 to 70 percent by weight of a first polyethylene component; and a second polyethylene component; wherein the polyethylene resin has a melt index i2 of less than 1 dg/min and greater than or equal to 0.25 dg/min and exhibits a v0.1/v100 of greater than or equal to 9; and wherein the first and second polyethylene components are produced in continuous dual solution polymerization reactors, wherein the second polyethylene component is produced in the presence of the first polyethylene component and wherein a ziegler-natta catalyst is present in each of the first and second polymerization reactors is provided. Also provided are methods for producing the polyethylene resin and films made therefrom..
Polyvinyl acetal with high flowability and pacticizer-containing films produced therewith
The invention relates to polyvinyl acetals obtainable by reacting polyvinyl alcohol with at least one aldehyde with a degree of acetalisation of at least 75 mol %, characterised by an oh blockiness of the polyvinyl acetal, defined as a quotient from the number of methylene groups of two adjacent alcohol sequences (vv) and the sum of the number of methylene groups of adjacent alcohol/acetal sequences and acetal/acetal sequences (vb+bb), of more than 0.151, as well as a process for the preparation thereof.. .
(meth)acrylic acid-based copolymer
The present invention provides an hase polymer which produces a high thickening effect in a small amount at low costs. More specifically, the present invention provides a (meth) acrylic acid-based copolymer obtained by polymerizing (meth) acrylic acid, an alkyl (meth)acrylate with an alkyl group of having 1 to 4 carbon atoms, and a (polyoxyethylene stearyl ether) ester of (meth) acrylic acid..
Sponge polymer with controlled long chain branching and broad molecular weight distribution
A process and the resultant product from the process for continuously making an epdm utilizing ethylene, propylene, and dienes. This process allows for the creation of products with high diene contents and broad molecular weight distributions while utilizing a continuous flow reactor and a known catalyst.
Process for creating an ethylene elastomer
A process for continuously making a terpolymer or a tetrapolymer utilizing ethylene, an alpha olefin, and at least one polyene. This process allows for the creation of products with high polyene contents and broad molecular weight distributions while utilizing a continuous flow reactor and a known catalyst.
Methacrylic resin composition and molded article
The invention is a methacrylic resin composition which includes a methacrylic resin (a) and a saponified polymer (b) that is an alkaline-saponified product of an ethylene-unsaturated carboxylic acid ester copolymer, and the methacrylic resin composition has a concentration of alkali ions of from 0.03 mol/kg to 2.8 mol/kg.. .
Atmospheric plasma treatment of reinforcement cords and use in rubber articles
(d) contacting the treated reinforcement cord with a rubber composition comprising a diene based elastomer and at least one member of the group consisting of methylene donors and methylene acceptors.. .
Biocompatible polycaprolactone fumarate formulations
A polycaprolactone fumarate polymer useful as a matrix material for a biocompatible scaffold for tissue engineering applications is disclosed. The polycaprolactone fumarate polymer can be prepared by reacting caprolactone with an alkane polyol to prepare a polycaprolactone precursor, and then reacting the polycaprolactone precursor with fumaric acid or a salt thereof to prepare the polycaprolactone fumarate polymer.
Method for preparing of spinel lithium titanium oxide nanofiber for negative electrode of lithium secondary battery
Disclosed is a method of preparing spinel lithium titanium oxide nanofibers for a negative electrode of a lithium secondary battery, including (s1) mixing an organic material selected from the group consisting of polyvinylpyrrolidone, polymethylmethacrylate, polyethylene, polyethylene oxide and polyvinyl alcohol, a lithium precursor, and a titanium precursor with a solvent, thus preparing a mixture solution, (s2) electrospinning the mixture solution, thus preparing composite nanofibers, and (s3) heat-treating the composite nanofibers, thus removing the organic material. In the spinel lithium titanium oxide nanofibers for a negative electrode of a lithium secondary battery prepared using the method according to the present invention, the spinel lithium titanium oxide nanofibers can provide a large surface area per unit volume, thus increasing the contact area between the electrolyte and the conductor and decreasing the lithium ion diffusion distance, thereby greatly contributing to improving electronic conductivity and ionic conductivity..
Phosphor sheet-forming resin composition
A phosphor sheet-forming resin composition uses a low-cost resin material having high light fastness and low visible light absorption and is capable of providing a phosphor sheet at low cost with deterioration of a phosphor due to moisture being suppressed. The phosphor sheet-forming resin composition contains a film-forming resin composition and a powdery phosphor that emits fluorescence when irradiated with excitation light.
Process for preparing crosslinked polymer-carbon sorbent
A polymer-carbon sorbent for removing at least one of carbon dioxide, heavy metals or toxic materials from a flue gas from a combustion process, such as coal-fired power plants, is described. The sorbent comprises a carbonaceous sorbent material and a cured amine-containing polymer, and sulfur.
Multi-layer material for application to a vehicle underbody
A dual layer material adapted to being applied to a vehicle underbody including a panel shaped body formed by a moldable polyethylene terephthalate (pet) layer joined with a polypropylene and glass composite layer in order to provide at least one of improved wear and abrasion resistance on an outer facing surface and acoustic noise attenuation on an inner vehicle facing surface. The dual layer material can also incorporate a bonding agent for adhering the layers together..
Salt-tolerant anionic surfactant compositions for enhanced oil recovery (eor) applications
Wherein r1 and r2 are identical or different and may independently be alkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, alkylene, aryl, propylene oxide, ethylene oxide or hydrogen groups in a straight or branched chain with 16 or more carbon atoms, x1 and x2 are identical or different and are selected from the group consisting of phosphate, sulfate, carboxylate, sulfonate or other suitable anionic groups, s is a spacer group selected from short or long arkyl, alkenyl, alkynyl, alkylene, stilbene, polyethers, and other suitable aliphatic or aromatic groups comprising 2 to 12 carbon atoms.. .
Green coalescent agent composition containing mixtures of monoesters and diesters
In particular, the invention is directed to a composition of coalescing agents comprising: (i) mixtures of (rcoo(eo)nh) monoesters and diesters; and, (ii) mixtures of (rcoo(eo)nh) monoesters and diesters obtained from the ethoxylation of fatty acids, and/or direct esterification of fatty acids with ethylene glycol derivatives, and/or transesterification, wherein the monoesters are present in an amount of 90 to 10 mass % and diesters are present in an amount of 10 to 90 mass %.. .
Fluorinated surfactants and stabilization of polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) particles in hollow fiber spin solutions
Methods and apparatus relate to recovery of carbon dioxide and/or hydrogen sulfide from a gas mixture. Separating of the carbon dioxide, for example, from the gas mixture utilizes a liquid sorbent for the carbon dioxide.
Contact lens products
The present invention relates to improved contact lens products which not only have initial insertion comfort but also are comfortable to wear for more than about 6 hours. The invention is achieved by packaging and storing a hydrogel lens with two or more leachable polymeric lubricants incorporated therein in a relatively viscous packaging solution including a relatively low molecular weight polyethylene glycol (peg) and a viscosity-enhancing hydrophilic polymer.
Paint applicator
An applicator includes a cylindrical core having an interior surface and an exterior surface. A backing layer is attached to at least a portion of the exterior surface of the cylindrical core.
Method for isolating nucleic acids comprising the use of ethylene glycol multimers
The present invention provides a method of isolating nucleic acid from a sample, said method comprising contacting said sample with a solid support, preferably magnetic beads, in the presence of an ethylene glycol multimer consisting of from 2 to 70 ethylene oxide monomers, preferably tetraethylene glycol, whereby soluble nucleic acid in said sample is bound to the surface of the support, and separating said support with bound nucleic acid from the sample. Kits for performance of the invention are also provided..
Ethylene-based polymers and processes to make the same
D) a gpcbr value from 1.50 to 2.25.. .
Ethylene-alpha-olefin copolymer
(e) the ea is 60 to 90 kj/mol.. .
Expandable tfe copolymers, method of making, and porous, expanded articles thereof
A true tetrafluoroethylene (tfe) copolymer of the fine powder type is provided, wherein the copolymer contains polymerized comonomer units of at least one comonomer other than tfe in concentrations of at least or exceeding 1.0 weight percent, and which can exceed 5.0 weight percent, wherein the copolymer is expandable, that is, the copolymer may be expanded to produce strong, useful, expanded tfe copolymeric articles having a microstructure of nodes interconnected by fibrils. Articles made from the expandable copolymer may include tapes, membranes, films, fibers, and are suitable in a variety of end applications, including medical devices..
Reinforced hdpe compounds with improved mechanical properties and methods of making same
A thermoplastic polyolefin composition comprising, based on the total mass of the composition, 10-75% by mass of high density polyethylene (hdpe), 8-30% by mass of elastomer, and 5-45% by mass of filler, wherein the composition has a melt flow rate of 1.0-20 g/10 min according to iso 1133 at 190° c./2.16 kg. The thermoplastic polyolefin composition is produced in a method comprising batch mixing or continuous mixing the hdpe, elastomer, and filler to form a melt blend, and cooling the melt blend to give the product.
Thermoplastic elastomer compounds exhibiting superior compression set properties
A blend of polyisobutylene-based thermoplastic vulcanizate, styrene-ethylene-ethylene-propylene-styrene, low molecular weight liquid polybutene, polyolefin, polyphenylene ether, and, optionally, filler is disclosed which has good processability, lower compression set, and more effective barrier properties for oxygen than the same blend without the styrene-ethylene-ethylene-propylene-styrene and the polyphenylene ether. The blend is superior in oxygen transmission rate properties than a conventional styrenic block copolymer containing thermoplastic elastomer..
Aqueous pour point depressant dispersion composition
The present invention relates to an aqueous pour point depressant dispersion composition comprising a thermoplastic polymer, preferably ethylene vinyl acetate (eva); a dispersing agent; water; optionally an aqueous freezing point depressant; and optionally a stabilizing agent wherein the volume average particle size of the dispersed thermoplastic polymer is equal to or less than 1 micrometers and a method to make and use said composition.. .
Ethylene-based polymers and processes to make the same
D) a melt strength (ms) greater than 20 cn.. .
Rigid polyurethane and polyisocyanurate foams based on fatty acid modified polyetherpolyols
A process for producing rigid polyurethane foams or rigid polyisocyanurate foams is provided. The process contains the reaction of polyisocyanate, fatty acid modified polyetherpolyol, polyetherpolyol, optionally flame retardant, blowing agent, catalyst, and optionally further auxiliary and/or admixture agent, wherein the polyetherpolyol is obtained by a process containing reacting orthotolylenediamine and optionally further co-starters with alkylene oxide containing ethylene oxide wherein the ethylene oxide content is more than 20 wt %, and then reacting the reaction product with alkylene oxide containing propylene oxide wherein the 1,2-propylene oxide content is more than 20 wt %, in the presence of a catalyst..
Delivery of ethylene blocking and/or promoting agents
A composition including an ethylene blocking agent complex formed from the product of an ethylene blocking agent and a host, and at least one water-soluble polymer, wherein the ethylene blocking agent complex and the at least one water-soluble polymer are intermingled is disclosed.. .

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