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Ethylene patents

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Transparent conductive film, method of manufacturing the same, and touch panel having the same

Polyesters and articles made therefrom

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ethylene-related patents
 Phacosporacea resistant soybean plants patent thumbnailnew patent Phacosporacea resistant soybean plants
The present invention relates to a method of increasing resistance against fungal pathogens of the family phacosporaceae in transgenic plants and/or plant cells. In these plants, the ethylene signaling pathway and/or activity of the ethylene signaling compounds is changed.
 Capacitor electrolyte patent thumbnailnew patent Capacitor electrolyte
A capacitor for an implantable medical device is presented. The capacitor includes an anode, a cathode, a separator therebetween, and an electrolyte over the anode, cathode, and separator.
 Skived film for covering surface of plug for medical purposes, plug for medical purposes using said film, pre-filled syringe using said plug and method for producing said film patent thumbnailnew patent Skived film for covering surface of plug for medical purposes, plug for medical purposes using said film, pre-filled syringe using said plug and method for producing said film
Provided is a ptfe skived film capable of exhibiting, with a single layer, sliding properties, barrier properties with regard to a liquid contact surface, and excellent tear resistance during injection molding. This skived film is characterized by being obtained by cutting a polytetrafluoroethylene block or a modified polytetrafluoroethylene block subjected to a thermal fusion treatment under reduced pressure or subjected to a pressurized thermal fusion treatment after being subjected to fusion under reduced pressure..
 Method for separating ethylene or ethane from mixed gas patent thumbnailnew patent Method for separating ethylene or ethane from mixed gas
The present invention provides a method of separating ethylene or ethane from a mixed gas containing ethylene and ethane using hydroquinone. According to the present invention, hydroquinone selectively forms a clathrate with ethylene, and thus it is possible to separate ethylene with high yield and purity through a single process..
 Method for making methyl methacrylate from propionaldehyde and formaldehyde via oxidative esterification patent thumbnailnew patent Method for making methyl methacrylate from propionaldehyde and formaldehyde via oxidative esterification
A process for forming methyl methacrylate can comprise: reacting ethylene, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen, in the presence of a first catalyst comprising a metal carbonyl; removing a first reaction product comprising propionaldehyde; reacting the first reaction product with formaldehyde; removing a second reaction product comprising methacrolein; reacting the second reaction product with oxygen and methanol in the presence of a second catalyst to form a third reaction product comprising methyl methacrylate. Another process for forming methyl methacrylate can comprising: reacting ethylene with carbon monoxide to form propionaldehyde; reacting the propionaldehyde with formaldehyde to form methacrolein; and reacting the methacrolein with methanol and oxygen to form the methyl methacrylate..
 Processes for making acrylic-type monomers and products made therefrom patent thumbnailnew patent Processes for making acrylic-type monomers and products made therefrom
Presently disclosed are processes for making acrylic acid and methacrylic acid along with their respective esters, from alkylene glycols such as ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. In particular, biobased acrylic acid and acrylic acid esters, methacrylic acid and methacrylic acid esters can be made starting with bioderived glycols from the hydrogenolysis of glycerol, sorbitol and the like..
 Heterophasic copolymers patent thumbnailnew patent Heterophasic copolymers
A heterophasic polypropylene resin comprising a polypropylene homopolymer matrix phase (a) and an ethylene-propylene copolymer phase (b) dispersed within the matrix, wherein the xylene soluble fraction of the heterophasic polypropylene resin is in the range 20 to less than 50 wt %; the heterophasic polypropylene resin has an mfr2 of 0.01 to 50 g/10 min; the ethylene content of the xylene soluble fraction of the heterophasic polypropylene resin is in the range of at least 20 wt % to less than 50 wt %; the heterophasic polypropylene resin has a notched charpy impact strength at −20 c of at least 25 kj/m2, preferably at least 50 kj/m2; and wherein the mfr2 (matrix)/mfr2(xs)≧5, preferably ≧10.. .
 Thermoplastic resin composition for reduction of squeaking noises and structure of reduced squeaking noises patent thumbnailnew patent Thermoplastic resin composition for reduction of squeaking noises and structure of reduced squeaking noises
Provided is a thermoplastic resin composition [x] for reduction of squeaking noises containing a rubber-reinforced vinyl resin [a] obtained by polymerizing a vinyl monomer [b1] in the presence of an ethylene -α- olefin rubber polymer [a1] having tm (melting point) of 0° c. Or higher, wherein an amount of silicon contained in the thermoplastic resin composition [x] is 0.15% by mass or less based on 100% by mass of the thermoplastic resin composition [x].
 Polyurethane resin composition for support pad and polyurethane support pad using the same patent thumbnailnew patent Polyurethane resin composition for support pad and polyurethane support pad using the same
The present invention relates to a polyurethane resin composition for a support pad including a polyurethane resin, a dmf solvent, an anionic surfactant, and polyethylene glycol (peg), and a polyurethane support pad including the polyurethane resin composition for a support pad. According to the present invention, long and large pores may be uniformly formed therein, and thus a support pad having an excellent compression rate and compression recovery rate may be provided..
 (22e)-2-methylene-22-dehydro-1alpha,24,25-trihydroxy-19-nor-vitamin d3 analogs patent thumbnailnew patent (22e)-2-methylene-22-dehydro-1alpha,24,25-trihydroxy-19-nor-vitamin d3 analogs
Disclosed are (22e)-2-methylene-22-dehydro-1,24,25-trihydroxy-19-nor-vitamin d3 compounds, their biological activities, and various pharmaceutical uses for these compounds. Particularly disclosed are (22e)-(24r)-2-methylene-22-dehydro-1α,24,25-trihydroxy-19-nor-vitamin d3 and (22e)-(24s)-2-methylene-22-dehydro-1α,24,25-trihydroxy-19-nor-vitamin d3, their biological activities, and various pharmaceutical uses for these compounds..
new patent Isoxazoline derivatives as insecticidal compounds
The present invention provides compounds of formula (i), wherein g1 is oxygen; r1 is hydrogen; r2 is group p (p) l is a bond, methylene or ethylene; one of a1 and a2 is s, so or so2 and the other is —c(r4)r4—r3 is hydrogen or methyl; each r4 is independently hydrogen or methyl; y1 is c—r6, ch or nitrogen; y2 and y3 are independently ch or nitrogen; wherein no more than two of y1, y2 and y3 are nitrogen and wherein y2 and y3 are not both nitrogen; r5 is hydrogen, halogen, cyano, nitro, nh2, c1-c2alkyl, c1-c2haloalkyl, c3-c5cycloalkyl, c3-c5halocycloalkyl, c1-c2alkoxy, c1-c2haloalkoxy; r6 together with r5 forms a —ch═ch—ch═ch— bridge; x2 is c—x6 or nitrogen; x1, x3 and x6 are independently hydrogen, halogen or trihalomethyl, wherein at least two of x1, x3 and x6 are not hydrogen; x4 is trifluoromethyl, difluoromethyl or chlorodifluoromethyl. The invention also provides intermediates useful for the preparation of compounds of formula (i), as well as methods of controlling insects, acarines, nematodes or molluscs using the compounds of formula (i)..
new patent Paint stripping compositions
An environmental safety paint stripping composition comprising dichloroethylene, aromatic alcohols and ethers, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, thickeners, wax solvents and water. This paint stripping composition is particularly useful in stripping paint and other polymeric coatings from metal substrates such as aluminum and it alloys..
new patent Azeotrope-like compositions comprising 1-chloro-3,3,3-trifluoropropene
The present invention relates, in part, to binary azeotropic compositions and mixtures including chlorotrifluoropropene and petroleum ether and to ternary azeotropic compositions and mixtures including chlorotrifluoropropene, methanol, and a third component selected from isohexane, trans-1,2-dichloroethylene, and petroleum ether. The present invention further relates to ternary azeotropic compositions and mixtures including chlorotrifluoropropene, cyclopentane, and a alcohol selected from methanol, ethanol, and isopropanol..
new patent Lubricating composition and method for preparing same
A composition made by admixing a major amount of base oils of lubricating viscosity and minor amounts of additives. The additives can include a viscosity modifier, a dispersant, a friction modifier, an anti-oxidant, a suppressant, a tackifier, and thickeners.
new patent Biological synthesis of difunctional alkanes from carbohydrate feedstocks
Aspects of the invention relate to methods for the production of difunctional alkanes in host cells. In particular, aspects of the invention describe components of genes associated with the difunctional alkane production from carbohydrate feedstocks in host cells.
new patent Toner for developing electrostatic images
Wherein, r1 is an ethylene group or a trimethylene group; and each of r2 and r3 is independently a linear alkyl group having 11 to 25 carbons.. .
new patent Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge and electrophotographic apparatus
The charge transporting layer as the surface layer of an electrophotographic photosensitive member includes a charge transporting substances represented by any one of formulae (1) to (5), a specific compound, and a specific resin (binder resin). The specific compound is hexanol, heptanol, cyclohexanol, benzyl alcohol, ethylene glycol, 1,4-butanediol, 1,5-pentanediol, diethylene glycol, diethylene glycol ethyl methyl ether, ethylene carbonate, propylene carbonate, nitrobenzene, pyrrolidone, n-methylpyrrolidone, methyl benzoate, ethyl benzoate, benzyl acetate, ethyl 3-ethoxypropionate, acetophenone, methyl salicylate, dimethyl phthalate, or sulfolane..
new patent Electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery including the same
An electrolyte for a lithium secondary battery and a lithium secondary battery including the same are provided. The electrolyte includes a non-aqueous organic solvent, lithium salt, and an additive that is either a dicarboxylic acid anhydride and a halogenated ethylene carbonate or a diglycolic acid anhydride and a halogenated ethylene carbonate..
new patent Electrolyte for rechargeable lithium battery, and rechargeable lithium battery including same
An electrolyte for a rechargeable lithium battery includes a lithium salt and a non-aqueous organic solvent. The non-aqueous organic solvent includes about 1 volume % to about 40 volume % of ethylene carbonate, about 1 volume % to about 50 volume % of ethyl propionate, about 1 volume % to about 50 volume % of diethyl carbonate, and about 1 volume % to about 40 volume % of propylene carbonate..
new patent Process for making a polymeric film
The invention relates to a process to make films and tapes from ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (uhmwpe) in the solid state. The films and tapes according to the invention have an improved thickness whereby the coefficient of variation of the thickness of the film of at most 6%..
new patent Bioriented polyethylene film
The present invention discloses a process for forming a biaxially oriented film. The process includes first selecting a polyolefin resin wherein said polyolefin resin comprises a linear low density polyethylene resin characterized by having from 9 to 35 weight percent of the total weight of linear low density polyethylene resin eluting from a cef at a temperature greater than 97.0° c.; and further characterized by having a cdr of from 33 to 80 and a mw ratio of from 0.15 to 0.45.
new patent Modified flexible evoh for high performance films
The present invention relates to a film having a combination of good flexibility and excellent barrier properties. The film comprises at least one barrier layer.
new patent Low gloss, air permeable, abrasion resistant, printable laminate containing an asymmetric membrane and articles made therefrom
Asymmetric expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (eptfe) membranes that contain multiple layers of eptfe where at least one layer of eptfe has a microstructure different from the microstructure of a second eptfe layer. In exemplary embodiments, the asymmetric membrane contains a first eptfe layer that has an “open” microstructure and a second eptfe layer that has a less open, or “tight” microstructure.
new patent Polyesters and articles made therefrom
Disclosed herein are polyesters and articles made therefrom. The article comprising a substrate comprising a first surface and a second surface, the second surface in contact with an outside environment, wherein the substrate comprises a polymer comprising poly(trimethylene furandicarboxylate) (ptf), and wherein the polymer provides an improvement in gas barrier properties of the substrate as compared to a substrate comprising nascent polyethylene terephthalate) (pet)..
new patent Blended fluoropolymer compositions
Blended fluoropolymer compositions are provided. In one embodiment, a liquid dispersion of a first fluoropolymer is blended with a liquid dispersion of a second fluoropolymer.
new patent Stimulating agent and stimulating composition
The present invention relates to a stimulating agent comprising a pungent component having astringency, a stimulating composition including the agent, as well as a flavor or fragrance composition, a food, a drink, an oral care product and an external skin preparation containing the agent or the composition, and also relates to the use of a pungent component having astringency as a stimulating agent. Examples of the pungent component having astringency include a plant extract of asteraceae spilanthes, rutaceae zanthoxyium, rutaceae fagara, or piperaceae piper, or an amide derivative represented by general formula (1) (where r1 represents an alkenyl group having 2 to 12 carbon atoms which may be substituted by a methylenedioxyphenyl at the end, r2 and r3 may be the same or different from each other and each are a hydrogen atom or a lower alkyl group in which a hydroxyl group may be substituted, and r2 and r3, together with the nitrogen atom adjacent thereto, may form a heterocyclic ring)..
new patent Antimicrobial colloidal silver and gold products and method of making same
Gelatinous foam, coated paper, fabric, and polymer materials combined with the colloidal silver or gold additive to formulate products with antimicrobial surfaces. Some embodiments of the present invention can include gelatinous materials selected from a group consisting of thermosetting polymer, styrene-ethylene-butadiene-styrene polymer (sebs), thermoplastic elastomer (tpe), and polyurethane (pu) gelatin with and without a raised geometry on an outer surface and in any shape.
new patent Bab-type tri-block copolymer comprising polylactic acid (a) and polyethylene glycol (b), method for producing same, and drug delivery system using same
Provided are a bab-type tri-block copolymer including a polylactic acid (a) that is a hydrophobic block and polyethylene glycol (b) that is a hydrophilic block, a method of preparing the bab-type tri-block copolymer including synthesizing a polylactic acid (a)-polyethylene glycol (b) di-block copolymer by a ring opening polymerization of a lactic acid monomer using a hydroxyl group of polyethylene glycol (b) as a polymerization initiator; and synthesizing a bab-type tri-block copolymer by reacting the ab-type di-block copolymer with polyethylene glycol (b) including at least one carboxyl group at one or more terminals thereof in the presence of a coupling agent and a catalyst, and a drug delivery system using the bab-type tri-block copolymer.. .
new patent Charging member and electrophotographic apparatus
A layer of an unvulcanized rubber composition including an unvulcanized acrylonitrile butadiene rubber and n,n′-methylenebis(1,4-phenylene)dimaleimide is vulcanized.. .
new patent Easy access non-woven plastic bags
A non-woven laminated plastic bag having a weakened portion is provided. The weakened portion is generally defined by a plurality of perforations in the bag.
new patent Easy access woven plastic bags
A woven laminated plastic bag having a weakened portion is provided. The weakened portion is generally defined by a plurality of perforations in the bag.
new patent A method of treating a net made from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene
A method of treating a net (2) formed from interconnecting strands (4a, 4b) of ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (uhmwpe), the net (2) being formed with knotless intersections (6), comprising the steps of: a) heating the net (2) to a temperature of from 80° to 135° c.; b) applying tension to the net (2); c) reducing the temperature to below 80° c.; and d) removing tension from the net (2).. .
new patent Electrode for a li-ion battery having a polyether-siloxane copolymer as binder
Where r1 is a monovalent, sic-bonded c1-c18 hydrocarbon radical which is free of aliphatic carbon-carbon multiple bonds and a and b are nonnegative integers, with the proviso that 0.5<(a+b)<3.0 and 0<a<2, and that at least two silicon-bonded hydrogen atoms are present per molecule, by means of polyether macromers (p) containing at least two alkenyl groups per molecule and optionally further compounds (w) containing alkenyl groups, with polyethylene glycols functionalized by one allyl group being excepted from the compounds (w) as binder; and also a process for preparing a crosslinked polyether-siloxane copolymer (v) as binder for the electrode in a li-ion battery in a crosslinking step.. .
new patent Pushbutton switch
A pushbutton switch comprises a body including a barrel, a plunger longitudinally movable in the barrel, a ratchet coaxial with the plunger including a plurality of longitudinally extending camming teeth, and at least one longitudinally extending camming tooth on the plunger for engagement with the camming teeth on the ratchet, wherein the body and cover comprise a synthetic polymer material. The cover and body can comprise a glass-filled material.
new patent Transparent conductive film, method of manufacturing the same, and touch panel having the same
Provided are a transparent conductive film, a method of manufacturing the same, and a touch panel having the same, the transparent conductive film including: a transparent film; and a conductive layer formed on one surface of the transparent film, wherein the conductive layer includes a linear interconnecting structure layer and a pedot(poly-3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene)-pss(polystyrenesulfonate) layer. In accordance with the present invention, it can be provided with the conductive film, which has improved haze and non-resistant properties, excellent flexibility, and low costs by economic processes, even without a structural change of the transparent conductive film, and the touch panel and the display using the same..
new patent In-mould labelling
There is disclosed a method of manufacturing an in-mould labelled article, the method comprising the steps of: placing a label comprising a film having a core comprising polypropylene/polyethylene random copolymer as its principal polymeric constituent into a mould for injection moulding, thermoforming, or blow moulding; holding the label in position; injecting a polymeric melt into, or thermoforming or blowing a polymeric preform in said mould so as to bind with the label; and removing the article from the mould. A process of in-mould labelling using such a label is also disclosed..
new patent Dye composition comprising an alkoxylated fatty alcohol ether and a fatty alcohol
The present invention relates to a composition for dyeing keratin fibers, comprising: at least one nonionic ether of a polyoxyalkylenated fatty alcohol of formula (i) r—(o-alk)nor′ (i), in which: —r denotes a linear or branched, saturated or unsaturated c10-c30 hydrocarbon-based radical, —r′ denotes a linear or branched, saturated or unsaturated c10-c30 hydrocarbon-based radical, which may be substituted with a hydroxyl radical, —n is an integer between 1 and 100 inclusive, and —alk represents a linear or branched, preferably linear, (c1-c6)alkylene group such as ethylene or propylene, preferably ethylene, —at least one fatty alcohol comprising at least 20 carbon atoms; —at least one chemical oxidizing agent. The present invention also relates to a process using this composition, and to a multi-compartment device that is suitable for implementing the invention..
Forming ethylene
Form ethylene via a method that includes vaporizing elemental sulfur, providing a metal sulfide catalyst, and contacting the metal sulfide catalyst with a mixture of methane and the vaporized elemental sulfur to form ethylene. The mixture has a methane to sulfur molar ratio greater than 1.2:1.0..
Synthesis of terminal alkenes from internal alkenes and ethylene via olefin metathesis
Wherein the various substituents are as defined herein. The invention has utility, for example, in the fields of catalysis, organic synthesis, and industrial chemistry..
Formate based heat stable salt mitigation in physical solvent acid gas absorption processes
There is described a process for reducing the concentration of formate based heat stable salts formed in a physical solvent acid gas absorption process (12) wherein acid gas contaminants such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide are removed from gas mixtures (30) which include these contaminants. The process comprises the step of contacting the physical solvent containing formate based heat stable salts (46) with a metallic and/or organometallic catalyst (52), preferably the catalyst comprises palladium, zinc, platinum, nickel, or rhodium, and/or salts thereof and/or oxides thereof.
Polymorphs of darunavir
The present invention provides novel solvated forms of darunavir and processes for their preparation. The present invention also provides novel processes for the preparation of darunavir amorphous form and pharmaceutical compositions comprising it.
Bisaminoethanethiol-targeting ligand conjugates and compositions
The invention provides, in a general sense, a new labeling strategy employing 99mtc chelated with ethylenedicysteine (ec). Ec is conjugated with a variety of ligands and chelated to 99mtc for use as an imaging agent for tissue-specific diseases.
Method for preparing dialkyl magnesium compounds by ethylene polymerisation and uses thereof
A process for the preparation by ethylene polymerization of at least one dialkyl magnesium compound of formula r—(ch2—ch2)n—mg—(ch2—ch2)m—r′ in which r and r′, identical or different, represent aryl, benzyl, allyl or alkyl groups and in which the integers n and m, identical or different, represent average —ch2—ch2— chain formation numbers greater than 1, the process including a single stage of mixing the following components: at least one ligand or one ligand precursor, at least one rare earth salt, at least one dialkyl magnesium compound of formula r—mg—r′, and ethylene, in a medium allowing contact between the components of the above mixture.. .
Method for producing aqueous polytetrafluoroethylene dispersion
The present invention aims to provide a novel method for producing an aqueous dispersion containing non-melt-processable polytetrafluoroethylene particles. The present invention relates to a method for producing an aqueous dispersion containing non-melt-processable polytetrafluoroethylene particles, the method including polymerizing tetrafluoroethylene in an aqueous medium in the presence of perfluoro hexanoic acid or its salt..
Polyolefin rubber composition having surface lubricity
A polyolefin rubber composition comprising (a) an ethylene/α-olefin/nonconjugated polyene random copolymer, (b) an organohydrogenpolysiloxane containing on average from 1 to less than 2 si—h groups in a molecule, and (c) an addition reaction catalyst can be compression molded or steam vulcanized into a cured product having heat resistance and surface lubricity. The cured product is especially suited as weatherstrips and windshield wiper blades..
Pegylated lipids and their use for drug delivery
The invention provides poly(ethylene glycol)-lipid conjugates for use in drug delivery.. .
Hot melt adhesive
The present invention provides hot melt adhesives for disposable products. The hot melt adhesives may be applied at high-speed and at low temperature ranges.
Bulletproof fabric and method for producing the same
Disclosed are a bulletproof fabric and a method for producing the same that exhibit improved anti-traumaproperty and minimize deterioration in bulletproofness even after use under harsh conditions for a long period of time. The bulletproof fabric includes a fabric comprising at least one high-strength fiber selected from the group consisting of a high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, an aramid fiber, and a polybenzoxazole fiber, and a water repellent layer disposed on the high-strength fiber, wherein the water repellent layer is formed by treating the fabric with a water-repellent agent comprising fluorocarbon and a hardness-enhancing resin, and the hardness-enhancing resin is a polyvinyl acetate resin, a polyester resin, a polyacrylate resin, a melamine resin, or a mixture of two or more thereof..
Monofunctional branched polyethylene glycol and modified bio-related substance thereof
The monofunctional branched poly(ethylene glycol) (peg) has a general formula shown in formula (1), and the bio-related substance modified by the monofunctional branched peg has a general fomula shown in formula (2), wherein x1 and x2 are each independently a hydrocarbon group having 1 to 20 carbon atoms, n1 and n2 are each independently an integer selected from 1 to 1000, n3 is an integer selected from 11 to 1000, l1, l2 are each independently a linking group, p is 0 or 1, q is 0 or 1, r1 is a hydrogen atom or a hydrocarbon group having 1 to 20 carbon atoms, d is a bio-related substance, z is a linking group, and z can react with the bio-related substance to form a residue group l3. The peg-modified bio-related substance maintains good biological activity, and has better solubility and a longer half-life in vivo..
Methods of producing 6-carbon chemicals via methyl-ester shielded carbon chain elongation
This document describes biochemical pathways for producing adipic acid, 6-aminohexanoic acid, 6-hydroxhexanoic acid, hexamethylenediamine, caprolactam, or 1,6-hexanediol by forming one or two terminal functional groups, comprised of carboxyl, amine or hydroxyl group, in a c6 aliphatic backbone substrate. These pathways, metabolic engineering and cultivation strategies described herein rely on the enzymes or homologs accepting methyl ester shielded dicarboxylic acid substrates..
Stretch film product
Provided is a stretch film product with which the film itself has consistent stretchability (elasticity) and the entire film can be subjected to waste treatment by biodegradation without being incinerated at the time of waste disposal. The stretch film product has a layer adhered on at least one surface of a base film.
Flexible bismaleimide, benzoxazine, epoxy-anhydride adduct hybrid adhesive
A resin composition which has low stress, and good adhesive property in high temperature and high moisture environments and which is useful in adhesive applications in low stress, high moisture sensitivity level electronic packages. Preferably, a flexible epoxy anhydride adduct modified solid bismaleimide and solid benzoxazine resin composition that can survive high temperature and high moisture conditions and maintain good adhesion strength and minimize the stress resulting from a coefficient of thermal expansion mismatch between a silicon die and a substrate which is ball grid array solder mask or a smart card polyethylene terephthalate or silver or copper metal lead frame..
Hot melt adhesive
The present invention provides a hot melt adhesive for high-speed coating and spiral coating at low temperature. The hot melt adhesive has excellent adhesion to polyethylene and nonwoven fabric, and is suitable for disposable products.
Ink for inkjet recording, and ink cartridge, inkjet recording method, inkjet recorder, ink-recorded matter and method of producing the ink-recorded matter using the ink
An ink for inkjet recording, which is used for recording on a paper having a concentration of an eluted ca ion of from 1.0×10−4 to 5.0×10−4 g/g when dipped in pure water. The ink includes at least a pigment, a pigment dispersant, a water-soluble organic solvent and water.
Multilayer barrier film, a packaging laminate comprising the film, a packaging container formed from the packaging laminate and a method for the production of the film
The invention relates to a biaxially oriented multilayer, barrier polymer film, having gas barrier properties and consisting of polymer layers, comprising a polyolefin core layer and a barrier surface layer of ethylene vinyl alcohol (evoh) on a first side of the core layer. The invention further relates to such a vapour deposition coated film, especially a metallised such film.
Triterpene glycoside and triterpene compositions and methods of using same
In the present invention, different strategies are used to improve the bioavailability of triterpene glycosides and triterpenes including, for example, (a) a covalent approach involving modification with polyethylene glycol and (b) a formulation approach involving non-covalent encapsulation in antibody targeted pol(dl-lactic acid) nanoparticles.. .
Ethylene cracking furnace
The present disclosure provides an ethylene cracking furnace, comprising at least one radiant section provided with a bottom burner and/or a side burner, and at least one set of radiant coil arranged along a longitudinal direction of the radiant section. The radiant coil is an at least two-pass coil having an n−1 structure, wherein n is preferably a natural number from 2 to 8.

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