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Ethernet patents


This page is updated frequently with new Ethernet-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ethernet-related patents
 Removable digital photo frame with multi-network cordless handset patent thumbnailRemovable digital photo frame with multi-network cordless handset
A removable digital photo frame with multi-network cordless handset on a charging base unit housing a computer with a multi-tasking operating system (os) executing the seven-layer osi model of computer networking, coupled to voip and cti for wired ethernet or wireless circuits bridging communication with standard digital telephones, the computer networking voice-over internet protocol phone interface and computer-telephony integrated standards communication protocol for the purposes of computer telephony of mobile and internet integrated with a handset and photo frame display unit.. .

 Protocol independent storage discovery and enablement patent thumbnailProtocol independent storage discovery and enablement
A manager node provides discovery, translation, and mapping services for supported ethernet protocol layers. The manager node discovers other nodes within the cloud environment and issues commands to each of the discovered nodes to obtain storage device specific information associated to storage devices communicatively connected to the discovered nodes.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Data transmission system providing improved failure resilience patent thumbnailData transmission system providing improved failure resilience
A transmission system and method with improved failure resilience is disclosed. The transmission system for transmitting data includes an ethernet network portion, a transport network portion and a switching component coupling said ethernet network portion with said transport network portion.
Alcatel Lucent

 Home network signal relay device in access network and home network signal relay method in access network using same patent thumbnailHome network signal relay device in access network and home network signal relay method in access network using same
Provided is a method for converting an optical signal into a home network signal to transmit it in a home network signal relay device. The method includes: receiving an optical signal via an optical cable and converting the received optical signal to an ethernet signal; classifying and storing the converted ethernet signal according to a type of data; converting a frame of the stored ethernet signal to a frame of a home network signal; and distributing the converted home network signal to one or more relay terminals or user terminals via transmission lines..
Kt Corporation

 Small form-factor pluggable module with ground fault detection circuitry patent thumbnailSmall form-factor pluggable module with ground fault detection circuitry
A fire control panel including an ethernet network interface card comprising a card ground fault detection circuit, and a small form-factor pluggable module in communication with the ethernet network interface card, the small form-factor pluggable module comprising a module ground fault detection circuit configured to detect a ground connection in field wiring. A method of detecting a ground fault within a fire control panel, the fire control panel including an ethernet network interface card, including a processor and a network ground fault detection circuit in communication with the processor, and a small form-factor pluggable module in communication with the ethernet network interface card, the small form-factor pluggable module including a module ground fault detection circuit, the method including the steps: operating the card ground fault detection circuit to enter a detection mode, and operating the module ground fault detection circuit to enter a detection mode..
Carrier Corporation

 Vehicle-mounted video system with distributed processing patent thumbnailVehicle-mounted video system with distributed processing
A vehicle-mounted system for recording video and audio. The system uses distributed processing, including encoding the video and audio at their source(s), and a high-speed, e.g., ethernet, bus connecting the various system components and external devices.
Digital Ally, Inc.

 Method and apparatus of lwa pdu routing patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus of lwa pdu routing
Apparatus and methods are provided for lwa pdu routing. In one novel aspect, lte pdu packets are routed through a wlan ap to a ue by encapsulation of the data packets.
Mediatek Inc.

 Method and system for redundancy in a passive optical network patent thumbnailMethod and system for redundancy in a passive optical network
The present invention is related to redundancy within a passive optical network and may include a first optical line terminal (olt), a second optical line terminal, a first optical networking terminal (ont) including an optical port and at least one ethernet port; and a first two-to-many passive optical splitter. In operation, the first ont may be registered with the first olt and the second olt may have the transmit function of the first optical port turned off.

 Active antenna element (aae) implementation for facilitating 6lowpan data access patent thumbnailActive antenna element (aae) implementation for facilitating 6lowpan data access
A scheme for providing access to 6lowpan data in a wireless access network comprising a digital unit (du) coupled to one or more radio units (ru) via cpri links, each ru in turn coupled to one or more radio dot (rd) elements via ethernet cable links. In one embodiment, an rd element includes a cable front-end interfaced with the ethernet cable link, a radio front-end interfaced between the cable front-end and an antenna or a suitable access point.
Telefonaktiebolaget Lm Ericsson (publ)

 Transporting fibre channel over ethernet patent thumbnailTransporting fibre channel over ethernet
Methods and apparatus for the transporting of fibre channel data over ethernet are disclosed. In one embodiment of the invention, fibre channel data frame and primitive signals are transported over ethernet instead of using the fibre channel fc-1 and fc-0 protocols.


Method and system for virtual and physical network integration

The disclosure herein describes a virtual extensible local area network (vxlan) gateway. During operation, the vxlan gateway receives, from a physical host, an ethernet packet destined for a virtual machine residing in a remote layer-2 network broadcast domain that is different from a local layer-2 network broadcast domain where the physical host resides.
Vmware, Inc.


Medialink interconnection box

Novel tools and techniques are provided for implementing medialink interconnection boxes (“mibs”). In some embodiments, a plurality of medialink interconnection boxes (“mibs”) or media interconnection devices, which may be disposed throughout a recreational vehicle (“rv”) park or other bulk service provider application sites, or the like, may serve as demarcation units designed to each provide an accessible indoor or outdoor interface where long-term or temporary/transient customers can directly connect to land line service (e.g., pots service), video or television service, and/or ethernet or internet services provided by one or more service providers.
Centurylink Intellectual Property Llc


System, method, and powering intelligent lighting networks

The present invention relates to a system, method, and apparatus for powering intelligent lighting networks. The power for the intelligent lighting network is supplied by power-over-ethernet (poe) switches and/or mid-spans, which are conditioned by a powered device to distribute power tuned specifically for each, at least one light emitting diode (led) fixture.
615 Ip Holding Company, Llc


Electrical transceiver for synchronous ethernet

Disclosed is an electrical transceiver for synchronous ethernet, including: a first interface connected with a host; a second interface including a physical layer (phy) transceiver connected with a serial link; and a processor connected with the first interface and the second interface, wherein the processor includes a timing control unit controlling a transmission signal transmitted to the second interface from the first interface and a reception signal transmitted to the first interface from the second interface to have the same time delay.. .
Aimvalley B.v.


Power over ethernet lighting system

A system for controlling a plurality of led lighting fixtures includes a power over ethernet (poe) led driver coupleable to a poe switch via a first power and communication link. The poe led driver includes a microcontroller for receiving first power and control signals from the poe switch and for controlling a first led driver chip to operate an led lighting fixture in response thereto.
Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.


Wireless ethernet network controlling method and wireless ethernet network system

The present disclosure provides a wireless ethernet network controlling method, for connecting a mobile device to an ethernet through a wireless dock, comprising: connecting an ethernet phy of a wireless dock to an ethernet; wirelessly linking a first wireless nic of the wireless dock to a second wireless nic of a mobile device; a control server unit of the wireless dock receiving an operation status setting signal through the first wireless nic generated by a virtual ethernet nic, and the control server unit transmitting the operation status setting signal to the ethernet phy for setting-up the operation status of the ethernet phy; and a vlan unit processing the data packets transmitted between the ethernet phy and the first wireless nic. Accordingly, the user of the mobile device can experience the complete functions of the ethernet device..
Universal Scientific Industrial (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Dynamic power management scheme in wireless networks based on power over ethernet (poe)

A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for managing power of a connection point in a wireless communication system are provided. A connection point may discover a mobile node, send to a gateway a request to increase an amount of power that the connection point can consume to service the discovered mobile node, and receive from the gateway a response related to the request to increase the amount of power.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Method and controlling sychronization of camera shutters in in-vehicle ethernet communication network

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for controlling synchronization of camera shutters in an in-vehicle ethernet communication network. A method for controlling synchronization of a camera shutter by a camera controller cooperating with a grandmaster through ethernet communication may include performing a time synchronization procedure with the grandmaster, reducing a preset pulses per second (pps) down counter if the time synchronization procedure is successfully completed, and operating the camera shutter when the pps down counter reaches 0.
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.


Dynamic link aggregation

At least two ethernet sub-interfaces are established on a first ethernet interface and a second ethernet interface of a first device, and each ethernet sub-interface is assigned to a vlan. The ethernet sub-interfaces on the same ethernet interface are assigned to different vlans, and ethernet sub-interfaces of the first ethernet interface and the second ethernet interface which belong to the same vlan are added into a link-aggregation group to establish an aggregated link with a second device..
Hangzhou H3c Technologies Co., Ltd.


Passive device to receive a control input and supply output power

Examples disclose a passive device comprising a relay to receive a control input from a networking switch. The control input is received based on an identification of the passive device as power over ethernet (poe) compliant.
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Development Lp


Analog distributed antenna system for processing ethernet signal

A device included in an analog distributed antenna system includes a first analog signal processing unit for receiving an analog communication signal, a first modulation/demodulation unit for converting a digital ethernet signal received from an ethernet network into an analog ethernet signal, a multiplexing unit for multiplexing the analog communication signal signal-processed by the analog signal processing unit and the analog ethernet signal converted by the modulation/demodulation unit, and a transmission unit for transmitting, to other devices included in the analog distributed antenna system, the analog communication signal and the analog ethernet signal, which are multiplexed by the multiplexing unit.. .
Solid, Inc.


Method for transmitting messages in a computer network and computer network

The invention concerns a method for transmitting messages in a computer network, wherein the computer network comprises a first set of computing nodes (101-105), which computing nodes (101-105) are connected to each other by means of at least one star coupler (201, 202) and/or at least one multi-hop network (1000), wherein each of the computing nodes of the first set of computing nodes (101-105) is connected by means of at least one communication line (110) to the at least one star coupler (201, 201) or the at least one multi-hop network (1000), and wherein the computing nodes (101-105) exchange ethernet messages with each other and the exchange of at least some of the ethernet messages of the computing nodes (101-105) occurs in time controlled manner. It is provided that a) the computer network comprises a second set of computing nodes (106-108), which are connected to each other by a bus (210), and wherein the bus (210) is connected to the at least one star coupler (201) and/or the at least one multi-hop network (1000), and wherein b) the second set of computing nodes (106-108) exchange ethernet messages with each other and the exchange of at least some of the ethernet messages of the computing nodes (106-108) occurs in time controlled manner, and wherein preferably c) the second set of computing nodes (106-108) exchange ethernet messages with the first set of computing nodes (101-105) and the exchange of at least some of the ethernet messages of the computing nodes (101-108) occurs in time controlled manner..
Fts Computertechnik Gmbh


Network switch system and operating method thereof

A network switch system includes a power-over-ethernet (poe) controller, a power sourcing equipment (pse) controller, and a host computer. The poe controller is electrically connected to the pse controller, and stores a loader and a firmware image.
Accton Technology Corporation


Method for transporting ethernet and non-ethernet traffic over the same medium

Network elements within a network are configured to transport ethernet traffic and non-ethernet traffic over a same medium. The network elements can generate and process multi-frames that include the ethernet traffic and non-ethernet traffic.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.


Identifying the absence and presence of a ring protection link owner node in an ethernet network

A method and system for identifying the absence and presence of a ring protection link in ethernet networks are disclosed. The method may include sending, by a node in a ring of an ethernet network having a plurality of nodes and an rpl, an aps message.


Enhanced loop-breaking protocol to support connectionless and connection-oriented ethernet

A method and system for breaking loops in an ethernet network that supports connectionless and connection-oriented ethernet. A loop-breaking protocol may be used to detect a loop among a plurality of network elements and to identify a port to block in order to break the loop.


Robust low rate data channel in lpi mode for energy-efficient ethernet applications

A communication technique for energy efficient ethernet (eee) employs a systematic block forward error correcting code (fec). The technique aligns a low power idle (lpi) refresh signal with the fec frame.
Broadcom Corporation


Two-level coset coding scheme for gigabit ethernet over plastic optical fiber

An efficient coding and modulation system for transmission of digital data over plastic optical fibers with low latency. In particular, the digital signal is coded by means of a two-level coset coding.
Knowledge Development For Pof, S.l.


Point of sale (pos) docking station a mobile barcode scanner gun system with mobile tablet device or stand alone mobile tablet device

A pos docking station for a mobile scanner gun system or mobile tablet (tablet) processes pos sales transactions. An upper housing assembly enclosure houses the “tablet” in a “cradle fashion” fitting snuggly around the “tablet”, providing stability and form fit integration.
Retail Technologies Corporation


Real-time data acquisition and management equipment

A real-time data acquisition and management equipment includes: a body; an industrial ethernet switch; a 24v power; an ipc; a solid-state disk; a memory; a ups; a ups battery; and a plurality of rails and terminals for installing above elements. If an industrial ethernet environment is wireless network, a wireless network access point is added to the body.


System and control of remote wireless data devices

A device that that is difficult to access may have procedures remotely initiated by the generation of signal patterns over an ethernet network. The signal patterns include status of the ethernet link (active, down), the duration of an active link and a down link, and the speed of data during the active link..
Proxim Wireless Corporation


Data transmission method and apparatus

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a data transmission method, which can meet a requirement for an ethernet network with diversified rate levels. The method includes: grouping media access control (mac) layer data into a plurality of mac layer data groups; allocating, according to a bandwidth required by a target mac layer data group and a reference bandwidth of a logical channel, at least one target logical channel to the target mac layer data group; encoding the target mac layer data group to generate target physical layer data, where the target logical channel corresponds to the target mac layer data group and the target physical layer data; and sending the target physical layer data and first indication information, where the first indication information is used to indicate a relationship between the target physical layer data and the target logical channel..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Ethernet ring protection node with node-level redundancy

Systems and methods are disclosed for providing redundancy in a network node implementing a ring protection protocol. Each of the two ring ports connecting the node to other nodes in a ring supporting the protocol may be maintained by a separate line card.
Ciena Corporation


Poe four pair active detection apparatus and method

A power over ethernet (poe) connection check method comprising: for a first time period, generating a first detection power over the first set of wires while not generating a second detection power over the second set of wires and obtaining a first indication of a power attribute over the first set of wires; during a second time period, generating the first detection power and generating a second detection power, greater than the first detection power, over the first set of wires; during the second time period, obtaining a second indication of the power attribute over the first set of wires; determining a first difference between the first indication and the second indication; and controlling a first power enable circuit and a second power enable circuit to provide power to the powered device over the first and second sets of wires respectively, responsive to the determined difference.. .
Microsemi Corp. - Analog Mixed Signal Group, Ltd.


Portable power over ethernet supply device

Embodiments of the present invention provide a device, system, and method for providing portable battery power to a power of ethernet-enabled device. The portable poe supply device includes a battery component configured for supplying poe via an ethernet interface to a poe-enabled device.


Flat ethernet cables and associated systems, devices, and methods

Flat ethernet cables and associated systems, devices, and methods are disclosed, particularly as applied to home security system implementations. For example, disclosed herein is a flat ethernet cable that includes an interior, female connection end, an exterior, female connection end, opposite the interior end, and including a weather-proofing clamshell enclosing the female connection end, and a flat cable portion that runs between the interior end and the exterior end.
Echostar Technologies L.l.c.


Unitary electronic speaker device for receiving digital audio data and rendering the digital audio data

An unitary electronic speaker device and method for rendering digital audio data are provided. A list comprising an ordered sequence of audio item indicators indicating a plurality of audio items stored on at least one other device.
Black Hills Media, Llc


Mechanism to provide lte voice, internet and embms services over ethernet for connected home architecture

A method, an apparatus, and a computer program product for communication in a network. The apparatus sends a multicast message to a network device.


Digital media distribution system

A digital media distribution system, for use in several different spaces or rooms each of which is provided with electric power from a common supply system, and the system operable using ethernet-over-powerline. The system comprises a digital media source device, such as a computer, which holds digital media files, and a signal transmission means.


Software defined networking in a cable tv system

Systems and methods presented herein provide for a software defined network (sdn) controller in a cable television system that virtualizes network elements in the cable television system to provide content delivery and data services through the virtualized network elements. In one embodiment, the sdn controller is operable in a cloud computing environment to balance data traffic through the virtualized network elements.


Voip analog telephone system

A multi-port voip telecommunications system that allows the user to gain access to telephone connectivity through the internet by connecting directly to the internet or by connecting to the internet through the existing internet connection of a computer or cell phone device. The present system includes an ethernet port, a wi-fi receiver to facilitate the transmission and receipt of internet protocol signals wirelessly, a usb plug connectable to the ata, connectivity to a home monitoring network and connectivity to bluetooth devices..


Ethernet avb for time-sensitive networks

Embodiments are disclosed for a device for handling communications from avb and non-avb networks. In some embodiments, a device includes a gateway interface communicatively connectable to one or more devices and configured to transmit and receive data from an avb network and at least one other, non-avb network, a processor, and a storage device that stores instructions executable by the processor to receive first data from a first device in the at least one other network, and receive second data from a second device in the avb network.


Network-based ethernet switching packet switch, network, and method

Embodiments of the disclosure are directed to implementing a router media access control (mac) ethernet switch in a network. An ethernet-over-dense wave division multiplexing (dwdm) packet switch system includes a transport switching element communicatively coupled to one or more routers in a client layer and communicatively coupled via a photonic switching layer with a plurality of transport switching elements forming a transport layer; wherein the transport switching element is configured to flood addresses, in the transport layer, associated with the one or more routers to disseminate learned end-point addresses of the one or more routers so that service-based addressing is resolved by the transport layer.


Fast convergence on link failure in multi-homed ethernet virtual private networks

Techniques are described for providing fast convergence in the event of a link failure in an all-active multi-homed ethernet virtual private network. A provide edge (pe) network device may pre-configure an interface next hop and secondary next hops.


Work mode negotiation

A work mode negotiation method is disclosed. A core backbone (cb) device transmits a mode negotiate request packet through an ethernet port to a port extender (pe) device, wherein the mode negotiate request packet carries a set of identifications of the pe devices for cascade.


System and integrating and adapting security control systems

A system for controlling access to one or more enclosed areas comprises at least one access card reader and controller powered via a power-over-ethernet (poe) interface, each access card reader and controller being capable of controlling access through a particular entrance to a particular enclosed area and an access control server in communication with the at least one access card reader and controller, the access control server being capable of controlling the operation of the at least one access card reader and controller, and a signal converter disposed between the access card reader and the access control server. In a network mode of operation, the access control server is configured to perform authentication of a card identifier (id) received from the at least one access card reader and controller and to signal the at least one access card reader and controller to unlock a door at the particular entrance to the particular enclosed area when the access control server has successfully authenticated the received card id.


Methods and systems to achieve multi-tenancy in rdma over converged ethernet

A method for providing multi-tenancy support for rdma in a system that includes a plurality of physical hosts. Each physical host hosts a set of data compute nodes (dcns).


Pass-through converged network adaptor (cna) using existing ethernet switching device

According to one embodiment, a method includes performing functionality of a management plane and a control plane for a switch system using a processor of an external host coupled to the switch system via one or more peripheral component interconnect express (pcie) ports. The method also includes providing a direct memory access (dma) facility between the external host and switching logic of the switch system.


Power over ethernet for 10gbase-t ethernet

A power over ethernet (poe) interface for 10gbase-t ethernet includes at least one communication channel ethernet interface including an autotransformer having a center tap for coupling direct current (dc) power. A combination of the geometry of the toroid core of the autotransformer and in some embodiments of a common mode choke, as well as the wire twisting, the wire distribution and the wire routing allow maximizing bandwidth up to or greater than 500 mhz for 10gbase-t performance by increasing the coupling and reducing capacitance across the wires, and results in return and insertion losses and ocl that meet anticipated standards..


System, method, and powering intelligent lighting networks

The present invention relates to a system, method, and apparatus for powering intelligent lighting networks. The power for the intelligent lighting network is supplied by power-over-ethernet (poe) switches and/or mid-spans, which are conditioned by a powered device to distribute power tuned specifically for each, at least one light emitting diode (led) fixture.


System and dynamic rate control in ethernet fabrics

An ethernet device includes receive buffers and transmit buffers of a port, and a processor. The buffers are each associated with a respective class of service.


Method and network interconnection

A method and apparatus for facilitating protection in a communication network or portion thereof. In a network such as an ethernet snc, an intermediate node is provided for connecting the east and west node to form a working transport entity.


Switching over the mode of a control unit between a diagnostic bus and an external ethernet connection

For the transmission of large data quantities to a control unit of the vehicle, a method is provided for transmitting data from an external transmitter to a control unit of the vehicle. The control unit is connected to the external transmitter via an ethernet network of the vehicle and via a diagnostic bus of the vehicle.


Method and determining ethernet clock source

A method and an apparatus for determining an ethernet clock source are provided. The method includes: receiving a first clock information packet sent by a first clock device, where the first clock information packet is used to indicate clock source information of the first clock device; based on clock source device identifiers and at least one type of information of the following information: clock source device quality grades, clock source information transfer hop counts, clock source information receiving port numbers, and clock source information sending device identifiers, determining a target clock source; and determining the target clock source as a clock source of the second clock device.


Technologies for ethernet link robustness for deep sleep low power applications

Technologies for robust data transmission include a network port logic having a physical coding sublayer (pcs). The pcs may transmit a series of rapid alignment markers (rams) to a link partner, with each ram indicative of a counter value.


Determining the signal quality of an electrical interconnect

One embodiment provides a network device that includes phy circuitry comprising transmit circuitry (tx) and receive circuitry (rx), wherein the tx and rx circuitry are configured to be coupled to a respective channel to communicate with an external device via the channels, wherein the network device configured to communicate with the external device using an ethernet communications protocol; and test circuitry. The test circuitry is configured to: designate a through channel and at least one crosstalk channel from among the channels; determine, in the time domain, an approximate available signal voltage of a first response signal, wherein the first response signal is in response to a test signal applied to the through channel; determine a first noise profile of the first response signal in response to the test signal applied on the through channel; determine a second noise profile of a second response signal, wherein the second response signal is in response to the test signal applied on a crosstalk channel and measured on the through channel; and determine a signal-to-noise ratio of the through channel based on, at least in part, the approximate available signal voltage and the first and second noise profiles..


Credit-based flow control for multicast packets in lossless ethernet networks

Methods and systems presented herein provide for self-routing multicast. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving, using a switch controller, a multicast data stream join request from a source in a network, and creating, using the switch controller, a multipath identifier (id) for a multicast data stream.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and priority flow and congestion control in ethernet network

An apparatus is configured to perform a method for congestion control in an ethernet network. The method includes determining an egress queue congestion state for each of a plurality of egress queues.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Ethernet fault management systems and methods

ethernet fault management systems and methods using programmable type-length-value (tlv) offsets combine software-based operations, administration, and maintenance (oam) protocol support with hardware-based fault management support to delegate generation and processing of oam protocol messages to hardware devices with the software-based protocol support used to program hardware based on fixed offsets in the oam protocol messages. The hardware can be designed to be flexible since the hardware can be agnostic to the logic within the oam protocol which would reside in the software.
Ciena Corporation


Monitoring and diagnosis of a control device

A method for monitoring a control device of a vehicle, the control device having an ethernet transceiver with a link led output configured to display a network status by an led connectable thereto, includes: determining a settable diagnosis state of the control device; selecting a signal sequence on the basis of the determined diagnosis state; and controlling the link led output with the selected signal sequence to output the diagnosis state.. .
Continental Automotive Gmbh


Methods, systems, and computer readable media for modeling packet technology services using a packet virtual network (pvn)

Methods, systems, and computer readable media for modeling packet technology services using a packet virtual network (pvn) are provided. In some aspects, and at a computing platform, a method includes providing a plurality of flow interface objects.
Oracle International Corporation


Method and controlling audio/video bridging stream for in-vehicle ethernet

The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for controlling an audio/video bridging (avb) stream in an in-vehicle ethernet communication network. A method for controlling an audio/video bridging (avb) stream in an in-vehicle ethernet communication network may include configuring an avb frame using audio/video (av) data received from an upper application layer, acquiring a stream subtype identifier (id) corresponding to the configured avb frame, identifying a host having generated the avb frame, identifying a domain including the identified host, identifying a stream class of the avb frame, generating an avb stream id based on the acquired stream subtype id, the identified host, the identified domain and the identified stream class, and transmitting the generated avb stream id in the avb frame to a sub layer..
Hyundai Motor Company


Methods and apparatuses for improved ethernet path selection using optical levels

Methods and apparatuses are provided to employ an enhanced loss of signal (elos) function in network equipment (ne) such as an ethernet switch that is coupled to an optical path by a transceiver (e.g., an sfp). Diagnostics such as optical path receive (rx) level from the transceiver are used by the elos function to regenerate los status from the transceiver when either los or designated low rx level conditions exist.
Hubbell Incorporated


Provisioning power for non-poe device

Some embodiments provide a device that includes a connection manager module and a power manager module. The connection manager module may be configured to establish a connection with a power sourcing power over ethernet (poe) device.
Allied Telesis, Inc.


System and backchannel closed loop feedback for channel equalization over ethernet

A system and method for backchannel closed loop feedback for channel equalization over ethernet. Closed loop backchannel feedback for real-time transmitter adaptive equalization is provided for a pair of non-ideal duplex communication channels.
Broadcom Corporation


Power-over-ethernet powered inverter

An apparatus may include a data management assembly and a dc to ac inverter assembly. The data management assembly may include a data input, a data output, and a power port.
Ant Lamp Corp.


Multimedia faceplates having ethernet conversion circuitry

A multimedia faceplate includes a frame having a front face and a rear face and at least one connector mounting aperture therein, a non-ethernet connector mounted in the connector mounting aperture, an ethernet conversion unit that is electrically connected to the non-ethernet connector and a plurality of wire connection contacts that are electrically connected to the ethernet conversion unit. The ethernet conversion unit is configured to draw an electrical power signal from either an ac to dc power conversion unit or from a power-over-ethernet power signal received from an ethernet cable that is connected to the wire connection contacts..
Commscope, Inc. Of North Carolina


Remote lock system

A lock system for monitoring and controlling the individual locks on cells in a prison. The lock system has a client component and a server component connected by means of an ethernet network.
Southern Folger Detention Equipment Company


Ltr/obff design scheme for ethernet adapter application

A method of reducing power consumption in a computing platform is disclosed. An endpoint-device that is coupled to the computing platform includes a first data buffer and a second data buffer.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Virtualized optical transport network systems and methods

The present disclosure provides an optical transceiver, method of mapping, and method of management utilizing a plurality of optical channel transport unit layer k (otuk) links to form an aggregate signal, such as, for example, 10 otu2s to provide a single 100 gigabit ethernet (100 gbe) signal. Specifically, the present invention enables use of existing circuitry and methods at lower speed signals, e.g.
Menara Networks, Inc.


Systems and methods for dynamic operations, administration, and management

Systems and methods with dynamic connectivity fault management (cfm) and continuity check messages (ccms) that enable dynamic configurations to avoid limitations associated with static reconfigurations. Variously, a network, a method, and a network element are configured to implement a dynamic cfm method for dynamic notifications and actions taken based thereon between maintenance end points (meps).
Ciena Corporation


2 x 40 gbps bidi optical transceiver

An apparatus, system and method for facilitating higher bandwidth communication in a data center using existing multi-mode fibers. A first transceiver within a first device transmits ethernet traffic to a second device over first and second optical fibers and receives return optical signals over the same first and second optical devices.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Providing i2c bus over ethernet

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a request from a remote distributed fabric protocol (dfp) system master, using a dedicated processor of a dfp system member, to register local i2c devices on the dfp system member, and sending an acknowledgement including a list of local i2c bus devices back to the dfp system master using the dedicated processor of the dfp system member. The acknowledgement present on the dfp system member.
International Business Machines Corporation


Techniques to support heterogeneous network data path discovery

Methods, systems, and devices are described for discovering and establishing an optimal data path between a source device and a destination device of a first network by employing one or more other networks having a network protocol different from the first network. The techniques of the present disclosure may include receiving a route request message from the source device at an edge device connected to both a first network and a second network, and forwarding the route request message via the second network.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Loop avoidance method, device and system

A loop avoidance method, device and system. The system includes a first network device and a second network device in an internal network, a first ethernet port and a second ethernet port of the two network devices are of a first type, and loop avoidance priorities of the ethernet ports are different from each other; root media access control (mac) addresses of the two network devices are the same, and are different from respective network bridge mac addresses; the second network device receives a loop detection frame from the first ethernet port through the second ethernet port, where a source address of the loop detection frame is the root mac address, and blocks the second ethernet port according to the loop avoidance priority.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Packet forwarding

A gateway rb may search for an arp entry of the destination ip address of an ip packet. The gateway rb may generate an ethernet header based on a vlan identification and a mac address in the found arp entry and a first local mac address.
Hangzhou H3c Technologies Co., Ltd.


Method and providing time synchronization in in-vehicle ethernet communication network

A method for providing time synchronization in a node connected to an audio video bridging (avb) ethernet communication network includes steps of receiving static announcement messages from adjacent nodes and constituting a static grandmaster table, reselecting a grandmaster with reference to the static grandmaster table when a synchronization message timer expires, and updating the static grandmaster table according to reselection of the grandmaster. The method may rapidly time synchronization in the audio video bridging (avb) ethernet communication network and minimize network load..
Iucf-hyu (industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University)


Ethernet magnetics package wire terminations

In one implementation, an apparatus is configured to aid in the manufacturing or assembling of electronic surface mount packages. The apparatus includes a common mode choke base configured to support a common mode choke.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Processor apparatus with programmable multi port serial communication interconnections

A computing and communication chip architecture is provided wherein the interfaces of processor access to the memory chips are implemented as a high-speed packet switched serial interface as part of each chip. In one embodiment, the interface is accomplished through a gigabit ethernet interface provided by protocol processor integrated as part of the chip.
Psimast, Inc


Time synchronizing avb in vehicle and system thereof

Disclosed are a time synchronizing method under a vehicle avb environment and a system using the same. An avn, which communicates with at least one device which is provided in a vehicle and performs a predetermined operation under an ethernet avb environment, synchronizes the at least one device by receiving a rtc time information message in the form of a rtc protocol packet which applies an ip protocol.
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd


Method of data delivery across a network

The present invention relates to a method of managing congestion in a multi-path network, the network having a plurality of network elements arranged in a plurality of switch stages and a plurality of network links interconnecting the network elements, the method comprising the steps of detecting congestion on a network link, the congested network link interconnecting the output port of a first network element with a first input port of a second network element in a subsequent switch stage; identifying an uncongested network link connected to a second input port of said second network element; and directing future data packets on a route across the multi-path network which includes the identified uncongested network link. Also provided is a multi-path network and an ethernet bridge or router incorporating such a multi-path network..
Cray Uk Limited


Packet forwarding

Ecmps are selected from multiple trill paths to a gateway. The source mac address of a received ethernet packet whose destination mac address is the mac address of the gateway is replaced with a local mac address.
Hangzhou H3c Technologies Co., Ltd.


Openflow switch and packet exchanging thereof, sdn controller and data flow control method thereof

An openflow switch, a packet exchanging method thereof, an sdn controller and a data flow control method thereof are provided. The openflow switch includes a network unit, a storage unit and a processing unit.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Mobile computing device and application configuring same to rapidly provision and monitor services and redundancy in a network

Disclosed embodiments include applications, computing devices configured with the applications, and computer implemented methods to manage, set-up, configure and/or monitor ethernet virtual private line services.. .
Transition Networks, Inc.


Detecting ground isolation fault in ethernet podl system

Circuits and techniques are described for detecting a ground fault leak between the pse and the pd. Prior to podl voltage being applied to the pd, a test switch is temporarily closed for sensing a voltage drop in a loop between the positive terminal of the pse voltage source and any ground leakage path between the pse and the pd.
Linear Technology Corporation


Using modulation-transcendent rf sampled digital data over an ip connection

The apparatus and methodologies used herein leverages roip to generically transport either conventional modulation (e.g., am, fm, phase or pulse) or complex modulation (e.g., gmsk, cdma, tdma, ofdm, etc.) in real time or near real time across an internet protocol link, such as gigabit ethernet (gbe). The purpose of the invention is a method of creating a live, virtual, modulation transcendent link by using an internet protocol (ip) link to extend the natural range of a connection between an rf signal source (e.g.


Radiation imaging control apparatus, radiation imaging system and radiation imaging apparatus, and controlling the same

A radiation imaging control apparatus, which is communicable with a radiation imaging apparatus including a radiation sensor and capable of acquiring an x-ray moving image, includes a first communication unit configured to communicate with the radiation imaging apparatus via ethernet communication, a second communication unit configured to communicate with the radiation imaging apparatus via at least a pair of bidirectional serial optical communication lines, a first control unit configured to cause the first communication unit to transmit a first signal for setting at least one parameter to the radiation imaging apparatus, a second control unit configured to cause the second communication unit to output data of the x-ray moving image received from the radiation imaging apparatus to an image processing unit, and transmit a second signal for some settings to the radiation imaging apparatus.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Digital domain content processing and distribution apparatus and methods

Methods and apparatus for distributing content using a spectrum generation device. In one embodiment, digital content is received via a time-multiplexed network transport (such as gigabit ethernet), and converted to frequency channels suitable for transmission over a content distribution (e.g., hybrid fiber coaxial (hfc)) network.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


System and providing an ethernet interface

In more particular embodiments, v>=n>=m. The communication media interfaces can be electrical and optical.


Authentication and initial key exchange in ethernet passive optical network over coaxial network

A method comprising generating an updated security key upon expiration of a key exchange timer, transferring the updated security key to a coaxial network unit (cnu), retaining an original key, wherein the updated security key comprises a different key identification number than the original key, accepting and decrypting upstream traffic that employs either the original key or the updated key, after transferring the updated security key to the cnu, creating a key switchover timer, before the key switchover timer expires, verify that upstream traffic transferred from the cnu on a logical link uses the updated security key, and when upstream traffic is encrypted using the updated security key, begin using the updated security key to encrypt downstream traffic and clear the key switchover timer.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc


Signaling aliasing capability in data centers

Techniques are described for signaling aliasing capability between routers in a multi-tenant data center that uses vpns, such as ethernet vpns. In the multi-tenant data center, two or more pe routers may be connected to a ce router by a multi-homed l2 segment in an all-active mode.
Juniper Networks, Inc.


Data center inbound routing optimization in the event of virtual machine mobility

Methods and apparatus for optimizing data center routing in the event of virtual machine (vm) mobility are provided. In one embodiment, a first gateway router, acting as an interface between an ethernet virtual private network (evpn) domain and a locator/id separation protocol (lisp) domain, detects evpn mobility messages advertised when a vm that has moved connects to a gateway router at a data center.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Packet forwarding method, apparatus, and system

The present application discloses a packet forwarding method, including: determining, by an ingress pe in an ethernet virtual private network instance (evi), that a state of the evi on a first egress pe is active, where an ethernet virtual private network (evpn) corresponding to the evi includes a first ce; determining, by the ingress pe, that a state of the evi on a second egress pe is inactive; skipping, by the ingress pe, forwarding a broadcast, unknown unicast, and multicast bum packet to the second egress pe, where the bum packet is from the first ce; and forwarding, by the ingress pe, the bum packet to the first egress pe. Repeated bum traffic that is transmitted in a bearer network and is not finally sent to a remote site is reduced; therefore, a waste of bandwidth in the bearer network is reduced..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Avoiding data traffic loss in a ring multihomed, in an active-standby manner, to a transport network

Data traffic loss in a an ethernet ring that is multihomed, in an active-standby manner, to a vpls transport network (such as a border gateway protocol (bgp) multihomed ethernet ring, an mc-lag multihomed ethernet ring, or some other type of active-standby multihomed ethernet ring, etc.) (ring) is avoided. The exemplary multihomed ring running ethernet ring protection (erp) protocol includes a ring protection link (rpl), a first node and a second node linked with a designated border router and a standby border router of the network, respectively.
Juniper Networks, Inc.


High-speed optical transceiver systems and methods

A high-speed 100 g optical transceiver, such as for infiniband and ethernet, with associated mapping to frame various different protocols. The optical transceiver utilizes an architecture which relies on standards-compliant (i.e., multi-sourced) physical client interfaces.
Ciena Corporation


Using a power over ethernet device to supply multiple dc power to connected devices and application thereof

The present invention disclosed a using a poe (power over ethernet) device to supply multiple dc (direct current) power to connected devices and application thereof, which is enables supplying different dc (direct current) voltages produced by a pd (powered device) module from a pse (power source equipment) of a poe (power over ethernet) device. The different dc voltage output is supplied for use by external devices, and uses a single poe power connection to enable supplying power to separated or interconnected type external devices..
In Win Development, Inc.

Ethernet topics: Network Device, Communications, Computing Device, Transceiver, Network Communication, Multiplexing, Mesh Network, Communication System, Wireless Mesh Network, It Infrastructure, Spanning Tree, Clos Network, Addressing, Shortest Path, Computational Complexity

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