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Ethernet patents


This page is updated frequently with new Ethernet-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ethernet-related patents
 Credit-based flow control for multicast packets in lossless ethernet networks patent thumbnailCredit-based flow control for multicast packets in lossless ethernet networks
Methods and systems presented herein provide for self-routing multicast. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving, using a switch controller, a multicast data stream join request from a source in a network, and creating, using the switch controller, a multipath identifier (id) for a multicast data stream.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Method and  priority flow and congestion control in ethernet network patent thumbnailMethod and priority flow and congestion control in ethernet network
An apparatus is configured to perform a method for congestion control in an ethernet network. The method includes determining an egress queue congestion state for each of a plurality of egress queues.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

 Ethernet fault management systems and methods patent thumbnailEthernet fault management systems and methods
ethernet fault management systems and methods using programmable type-length-value (tlv) offsets combine software-based operations, administration, and maintenance (oam) protocol support with hardware-based fault management support to delegate generation and processing of oam protocol messages to hardware devices with the software-based protocol support used to program hardware based on fixed offsets in the oam protocol messages. The hardware can be designed to be flexible since the hardware can be agnostic to the logic within the oam protocol which would reside in the software.
Ciena Corporation

 Monitoring and diagnosis of a control device patent thumbnailMonitoring and diagnosis of a control device
A method for monitoring a control device of a vehicle, the control device having an ethernet transceiver with a link led output configured to display a network status by an led connectable thereto, includes: determining a settable diagnosis state of the control device; selecting a signal sequence on the basis of the determined diagnosis state; and controlling the link led output with the selected signal sequence to output the diagnosis state.. .
Continental Automotive Gmbh

 Methods, systems, and computer readable media for modeling packet technology services using a packet virtual network (pvn) patent thumbnailMethods, systems, and computer readable media for modeling packet technology services using a packet virtual network (pvn)
Methods, systems, and computer readable media for modeling packet technology services using a packet virtual network (pvn) are provided. In some aspects, and at a computing platform, a method includes providing a plurality of flow interface objects.
Oracle International Corporation

 Method and  controlling audio/video bridging stream for in-vehicle ethernet patent thumbnailMethod and controlling audio/video bridging stream for in-vehicle ethernet
The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for controlling an audio/video bridging (avb) stream in an in-vehicle ethernet communication network. A method for controlling an audio/video bridging (avb) stream in an in-vehicle ethernet communication network may include configuring an avb frame using audio/video (av) data received from an upper application layer, acquiring a stream subtype identifier (id) corresponding to the configured avb frame, identifying a host having generated the avb frame, identifying a domain including the identified host, identifying a stream class of the avb frame, generating an avb stream id based on the acquired stream subtype id, the identified host, the identified domain and the identified stream class, and transmitting the generated avb stream id in the avb frame to a sub layer..
Hyundai Motor Company

 Methods and apparatuses for improved ethernet path selection using optical levels patent thumbnailMethods and apparatuses for improved ethernet path selection using optical levels
Methods and apparatuses are provided to employ an enhanced loss of signal (elos) function in network equipment (ne) such as an ethernet switch that is coupled to an optical path by a transceiver (e.g., an sfp). Diagnostics such as optical path receive (rx) level from the transceiver are used by the elos function to regenerate los status from the transceiver when either los or designated low rx level conditions exist.
Hubbell Incorporated

 Provisioning power for non-poe device patent thumbnailProvisioning power for non-poe device
Some embodiments provide a device that includes a connection manager module and a power manager module. The connection manager module may be configured to establish a connection with a power sourcing power over ethernet (poe) device.
Allied Telesis, Inc.

 System and  backchannel closed loop feedback for channel equalization over ethernet patent thumbnailSystem and backchannel closed loop feedback for channel equalization over ethernet
A system and method for backchannel closed loop feedback for channel equalization over ethernet. Closed loop backchannel feedback for real-time transmitter adaptive equalization is provided for a pair of non-ideal duplex communication channels.
Broadcom Corporation

 Power-over-ethernet powered inverter patent thumbnailPower-over-ethernet powered inverter
An apparatus may include a data management assembly and a dc to ac inverter assembly. The data management assembly may include a data input, a data output, and a power port.
Ant Lamp Corp.


Multimedia faceplates having ethernet conversion circuitry

A multimedia faceplate includes a frame having a front face and a rear face and at least one connector mounting aperture therein, a non-ethernet connector mounted in the connector mounting aperture, an ethernet conversion unit that is electrically connected to the non-ethernet connector and a plurality of wire connection contacts that are electrically connected to the ethernet conversion unit. The ethernet conversion unit is configured to draw an electrical power signal from either an ac to dc power conversion unit or from a power-over-ethernet power signal received from an ethernet cable that is connected to the wire connection contacts..
Commscope, Inc. Of North Carolina


Remote lock system

A lock system for monitoring and controlling the individual locks on cells in a prison. The lock system has a client component and a server component connected by means of an ethernet network.
Southern Folger Detention Equipment Company


Ltr/obff design scheme for ethernet adapter application

A method of reducing power consumption in a computing platform is disclosed. An endpoint-device that is coupled to the computing platform includes a first data buffer and a second data buffer.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Virtualized optical transport network systems and methods

The present disclosure provides an optical transceiver, method of mapping, and method of management utilizing a plurality of optical channel transport unit layer k (otuk) links to form an aggregate signal, such as, for example, 10 otu2s to provide a single 100 gigabit ethernet (100 gbe) signal. Specifically, the present invention enables use of existing circuitry and methods at lower speed signals, e.g.
Menara Networks, Inc.


Systems and methods for dynamic operations, administration, and management

Systems and methods with dynamic connectivity fault management (cfm) and continuity check messages (ccms) that enable dynamic configurations to avoid limitations associated with static reconfigurations. Variously, a network, a method, and a network element are configured to implement a dynamic cfm method for dynamic notifications and actions taken based thereon between maintenance end points (meps).
Ciena Corporation


2 x 40 gbps bidi optical transceiver

An apparatus, system and method for facilitating higher bandwidth communication in a data center using existing multi-mode fibers. A first transceiver within a first device transmits ethernet traffic to a second device over first and second optical fibers and receives return optical signals over the same first and second optical devices.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Providing i2c bus over ethernet

In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a request from a remote distributed fabric protocol (dfp) system master, using a dedicated processor of a dfp system member, to register local i2c devices on the dfp system member, and sending an acknowledgement including a list of local i2c bus devices back to the dfp system master using the dedicated processor of the dfp system member. The acknowledgement present on the dfp system member.
International Business Machines Corporation


Techniques to support heterogeneous network data path discovery

Methods, systems, and devices are described for discovering and establishing an optimal data path between a source device and a destination device of a first network by employing one or more other networks having a network protocol different from the first network. The techniques of the present disclosure may include receiving a route request message from the source device at an edge device connected to both a first network and a second network, and forwarding the route request message via the second network.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Loop avoidance method, device and system

A loop avoidance method, device and system. The system includes a first network device and a second network device in an internal network, a first ethernet port and a second ethernet port of the two network devices are of a first type, and loop avoidance priorities of the ethernet ports are different from each other; root media access control (mac) addresses of the two network devices are the same, and are different from respective network bridge mac addresses; the second network device receives a loop detection frame from the first ethernet port through the second ethernet port, where a source address of the loop detection frame is the root mac address, and blocks the second ethernet port according to the loop avoidance priority.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Packet forwarding

A gateway rb may search for an arp entry of the destination ip address of an ip packet. The gateway rb may generate an ethernet header based on a vlan identification and a mac address in the found arp entry and a first local mac address.
Hangzhou H3c Technologies Co., Ltd.


Method and providing time synchronization in in-vehicle ethernet communication network

A method for providing time synchronization in a node connected to an audio video bridging (avb) ethernet communication network includes steps of receiving static announcement messages from adjacent nodes and constituting a static grandmaster table, reselecting a grandmaster with reference to the static grandmaster table when a synchronization message timer expires, and updating the static grandmaster table according to reselection of the grandmaster. The method may rapidly time synchronization in the audio video bridging (avb) ethernet communication network and minimize network load..
Iucf-hyu (industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University)


Ethernet magnetics package wire terminations

In one implementation, an apparatus is configured to aid in the manufacturing or assembling of electronic surface mount packages. The apparatus includes a common mode choke base configured to support a common mode choke.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Processor apparatus with programmable multi port serial communication interconnections

A computing and communication chip architecture is provided wherein the interfaces of processor access to the memory chips are implemented as a high-speed packet switched serial interface as part of each chip. In one embodiment, the interface is accomplished through a gigabit ethernet interface provided by protocol processor integrated as part of the chip.
Psimast, Inc


Time synchronizing avb in vehicle and system thereof

Disclosed are a time synchronizing method under a vehicle avb environment and a system using the same. An avn, which communicates with at least one device which is provided in a vehicle and performs a predetermined operation under an ethernet avb environment, synchronizes the at least one device by receiving a rtc time information message in the form of a rtc protocol packet which applies an ip protocol.
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd


Method of data delivery across a network

The present invention relates to a method of managing congestion in a multi-path network, the network having a plurality of network elements arranged in a plurality of switch stages and a plurality of network links interconnecting the network elements, the method comprising the steps of detecting congestion on a network link, the congested network link interconnecting the output port of a first network element with a first input port of a second network element in a subsequent switch stage; identifying an uncongested network link connected to a second input port of said second network element; and directing future data packets on a route across the multi-path network which includes the identified uncongested network link. Also provided is a multi-path network and an ethernet bridge or router incorporating such a multi-path network..
Cray Uk Limited


Packet forwarding

Ecmps are selected from multiple trill paths to a gateway. The source mac address of a received ethernet packet whose destination mac address is the mac address of the gateway is replaced with a local mac address.
Hangzhou H3c Technologies Co., Ltd.


Openflow switch and packet exchanging thereof, sdn controller and data flow control method thereof

An openflow switch, a packet exchanging method thereof, an sdn controller and a data flow control method thereof are provided. The openflow switch includes a network unit, a storage unit and a processing unit.
Industrial Technology Research Institute


Mobile computing device and application configuring same to rapidly provision and monitor services and redundancy in a network

Disclosed embodiments include applications, computing devices configured with the applications, and computer implemented methods to manage, set-up, configure and/or monitor ethernet virtual private line services.. .
Transition Networks, Inc.


Detecting ground isolation fault in ethernet podl system

Circuits and techniques are described for detecting a ground fault leak between the pse and the pd. Prior to podl voltage being applied to the pd, a test switch is temporarily closed for sensing a voltage drop in a loop between the positive terminal of the pse voltage source and any ground leakage path between the pse and the pd.
Linear Technology Corporation


Using modulation-transcendent rf sampled digital data over an ip connection

The apparatus and methodologies used herein leverages roip to generically transport either conventional modulation (e.g., am, fm, phase or pulse) or complex modulation (e.g., gmsk, cdma, tdma, ofdm, etc.) in real time or near real time across an internet protocol link, such as gigabit ethernet (gbe). The purpose of the invention is a method of creating a live, virtual, modulation transcendent link by using an internet protocol (ip) link to extend the natural range of a connection between an rf signal source (e.g.


Radiation imaging control apparatus, radiation imaging system and radiation imaging apparatus, and controlling the same

A radiation imaging control apparatus, which is communicable with a radiation imaging apparatus including a radiation sensor and capable of acquiring an x-ray moving image, includes a first communication unit configured to communicate with the radiation imaging apparatus via ethernet communication, a second communication unit configured to communicate with the radiation imaging apparatus via at least a pair of bidirectional serial optical communication lines, a first control unit configured to cause the first communication unit to transmit a first signal for setting at least one parameter to the radiation imaging apparatus, a second control unit configured to cause the second communication unit to output data of the x-ray moving image received from the radiation imaging apparatus to an image processing unit, and transmit a second signal for some settings to the radiation imaging apparatus.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Digital domain content processing and distribution apparatus and methods

Methods and apparatus for distributing content using a spectrum generation device. In one embodiment, digital content is received via a time-multiplexed network transport (such as gigabit ethernet), and converted to frequency channels suitable for transmission over a content distribution (e.g., hybrid fiber coaxial (hfc)) network.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc


System and providing an ethernet interface

In more particular embodiments, v>=n>=m. The communication media interfaces can be electrical and optical.


Authentication and initial key exchange in ethernet passive optical network over coaxial network

A method comprising generating an updated security key upon expiration of a key exchange timer, transferring the updated security key to a coaxial network unit (cnu), retaining an original key, wherein the updated security key comprises a different key identification number than the original key, accepting and decrypting upstream traffic that employs either the original key or the updated key, after transferring the updated security key to the cnu, creating a key switchover timer, before the key switchover timer expires, verify that upstream traffic transferred from the cnu on a logical link uses the updated security key, and when upstream traffic is encrypted using the updated security key, begin using the updated security key to encrypt downstream traffic and clear the key switchover timer.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc


Signaling aliasing capability in data centers

Techniques are described for signaling aliasing capability between routers in a multi-tenant data center that uses vpns, such as ethernet vpns. In the multi-tenant data center, two or more pe routers may be connected to a ce router by a multi-homed l2 segment in an all-active mode.
Juniper Networks, Inc.


Data center inbound routing optimization in the event of virtual machine mobility

Methods and apparatus for optimizing data center routing in the event of virtual machine (vm) mobility are provided. In one embodiment, a first gateway router, acting as an interface between an ethernet virtual private network (evpn) domain and a locator/id separation protocol (lisp) domain, detects evpn mobility messages advertised when a vm that has moved connects to a gateway router at a data center.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Packet forwarding method, apparatus, and system

The present application discloses a packet forwarding method, including: determining, by an ingress pe in an ethernet virtual private network instance (evi), that a state of the evi on a first egress pe is active, where an ethernet virtual private network (evpn) corresponding to the evi includes a first ce; determining, by the ingress pe, that a state of the evi on a second egress pe is inactive; skipping, by the ingress pe, forwarding a broadcast, unknown unicast, and multicast bum packet to the second egress pe, where the bum packet is from the first ce; and forwarding, by the ingress pe, the bum packet to the first egress pe. Repeated bum traffic that is transmitted in a bearer network and is not finally sent to a remote site is reduced; therefore, a waste of bandwidth in the bearer network is reduced..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Avoiding data traffic loss in a ring multihomed, in an active-standby manner, to a transport network

Data traffic loss in a an ethernet ring that is multihomed, in an active-standby manner, to a vpls transport network (such as a border gateway protocol (bgp) multihomed ethernet ring, an mc-lag multihomed ethernet ring, or some other type of active-standby multihomed ethernet ring, etc.) (ring) is avoided. The exemplary multihomed ring running ethernet ring protection (erp) protocol includes a ring protection link (rpl), a first node and a second node linked with a designated border router and a standby border router of the network, respectively.
Juniper Networks, Inc.


High-speed optical transceiver systems and methods

A high-speed 100 g optical transceiver, such as for infiniband and ethernet, with associated mapping to frame various different protocols. The optical transceiver utilizes an architecture which relies on standards-compliant (i.e., multi-sourced) physical client interfaces.
Ciena Corporation


Using a power over ethernet device to supply multiple dc power to connected devices and application thereof

The present invention disclosed a using a poe (power over ethernet) device to supply multiple dc (direct current) power to connected devices and application thereof, which is enables supplying different dc (direct current) voltages produced by a pd (powered device) module from a pse (power source equipment) of a poe (power over ethernet) device. The different dc voltage output is supplied for use by external devices, and uses a single poe power connection to enable supplying power to separated or interconnected type external devices..
In Win Development, Inc.


Compositions for compounding, extrusion and melt processing of foamable and cellular halogen-free polymers

Described herein are foamable compositions and methods of making foamed compositions. The foamable composition comprises at least one polymer and a foaming agent.
Cable Components Group, Llc


Portable license plate reader, speed sensor and face recognition system

The invention provides a portable apparatus for reading a license plate, sensing speed and recognizing a face, which comprises a camera placed on the front right and front left and both sides of the system which enables the system to capture images and recognize faces, led lighting located around the cameras which are directed towards a visual direction and which enable capturing of legible images even at night time, police lights placed at the front and rear faces of the base which can flash on and off when necessary, an alarm control device, ethernet connection forming the network, cooling device which eliminates the heat formed inside the apparatus, a control card which operates the police lights, modem which continuously provide wireless communication and a top cover which encloses the entire system.. .
Ekin Teknoloji Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi


Universal ethernet solution

A monolithic integrated circuit that supports multiple industrial ethernet protocols, fieldbus protocols, and industrial application processing, providing a single hardware platform usable to build different automation devices/equipment implemented in an industrial network, such as controllers, field devices, network communication nodes, etc. The monolithic integrated circuit includes: one application processor core operable to execute an industrial application and ethernet connectivity/management code, including standard ethernet connectivity/management code and industrial ethernet connectivity/management code; a real time processor configured to support a plurality of industrial ethernet data link layers; an interface configured to be coupled to an external non volatile memory from which the at least one application processor is configured for execute in place processing; and an on-chip ram having a capacity sufficient to eliminate the need for external ram in execution by the at least one application processor core of an operating system, the industrial application, and the ethernet connectivity/management code..
Schneider Electric Industries Sas


Display device and display system

The display system (2) comprising a host (20) and a display device (30) is provided. The display device (30) comprises a first transmission unit (32) and a display module (340).
Avalue Technology Inc.


Non-volatile memory express over ethernet

A processing device receives a message encapsulating an input/output (i/o) command from a remote computing device. The processing device identifies one or more physical storage devices to be accessed to satisfy the i/o command.
Pavilion Data Systems, Inc.


Systems and methods for transmitting and receiving broadcast data

Systems and methods for transmitting and receiving broadcast data are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system includes a modulator configured to receive a stream of ethernet packets and modulate the stream of ethernet packets to produce a baseband signal, where each ethernet data packet includes broadcast data that is encapsulated in a ip/udp packet.


Proxy forwarding of local traffic by edge devices in a multi-homed overlay virtual private network

A first provider edge network device that is configured in a multi-homed virtual private network for a data center in which there are one or more peer edge network devices including a second edge network device, receives from the second edge network device a message indicating that a link for a particular ethernet segment of the second edge network device in the data center is down. Information is stored at the first edge network device indicating state of links for ethernet segments associated with each of the one or more other edge network devices at the data center.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Apparatus and deferring asynchronous events notifications

Embodiments of apparatuses and methods for self-service payment based on location and time information are described. In embodiments, a device may include a data module to store one or more asynchronous events notifications (aens) or ethernet frames.
Intel Corporation


Negotiable poe voltage for improved efficiency based on cable and powered device losses

A powered device (pd) receives a power-over-ethernet (poe) voltage to power the pd over a cable from power source equipment (pse) configured to output a requested one of multiple candidate poe voltages to the cable. The pd determines a preferred poe voltage among the multiple candidate poe voltages that minimizes a total power loss due to (i) the cable, and (ii) a power loss of the pd that would result if the pd were powered through the cable.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Method and system for scheduling data message in pon and eoc networking, and related device

Disclosed is method for scheduling a data message in a passive optical network (pon) and ethernet over cable (eoc) networking, which may include: an optical coax unit (ocu) allocating a coaxial side logical link identifier (llid) for a coaxial network unit (cnu) which accessed the ocu, and acquiring an optical network side llid allocated for the ocu by an optical line terminal (olt); and establishing a mapping relationship between the coaxial side llid and the optical network side llid, and scheduling a data message of the cnu according to the mapping relationship. Also disclosed are a system for scheduling a data message in a pon and eoc networking and a related device.
Zte Corporation


Multi-user display system and method

A system and method implementing a multi-user display linking multiple independent software processes with remote mobile devices is disclosed. The system/method augments multiple planes of conventional video graphics memory (vgm) controlled by a video graphics controller (vgc) in a host computing context (hcc) with a plane selection register (psr) that enables isolation of individual planes of video memory within the vgm.
Gazoo, Inc.


Source routing with fabric switches in an ethernet fabric network

In one embodiment, a computer program product includes a computer readable storage medium having program instructions embodied therewith. The embodied program instructions are readable/executable by a processor to receive, by the processor, a packet via a network fabric, the network fabric having a plurality of interconnected fabric switches.
International Business Machines Corporation


Multiple ring identification and configuration protocol

A protocol identifies and configures rings in a network topology automatically in order to simplify and quicken the actions that need to be performed in response to addition, deletion and shuffle of network nodes in that topology. Such rings do not need to be identified and configured manually.
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.


End host physical connection on a switch port using multiple ethernet frames

Machine logic (for example, software) that performs the following steps: (i) providing a system including a first hypervisor and a first topology agent; (ii) running the topology agent on the hypervisor; (iii) dynamically creating a first unique address for the first topology agent; and (iv) storing the first unique address in a set of forwarding database (fdb) table(s) located on a set of network switch(es). Also, lightweight mechanisms on network switches for finding and/or clearing media access controller (mac) addresses from fdb tables..
International Business Machines Corporation


Component and managing communication

A communication management component for organizing data exchanges between communicating devices of an ethernet type network, the management component having interface means, distribution means adapted to acquire incoming data coming from each communicating device via interface means and to distribute it via the interface means to the other communicating devices, and processor means arranged to control the distribution means in such a manner that the incoming data coming from a sender device is distributed to the other devices, each communicating device in turn becoming the sender device in a first predefined sequence that is repeated cyclically.. .
Sagem Defense Securite


Protocol independent multicast sparse mode (pim-sm) support for data center interconnect

Techniques are described for utilizing protocol independent multicast sparse mode (pim-sm) to transport bum (broadcast, unknown unicast, and multicast) traffic in a virtual extensible lan (vxlan) underlay of a data center, where the bum traffic is received on active-active, multi-homed ethernet virtual private network (evpn) interconnects between multiple physical data centers. For example, the techniques may readily be applied to support usage of pim-sm where provider edge (pe) routers of the evpn operate as gateways between the evpn and the vxlan spanning the data center interconnect..
Juniper Networks, Inc .


Flexible ethernet and multi link gearbox mapping procedure to optical transport network

A flexible mapping method to map a physical coding sublayer (pcs) structure from flexible ethernet and/or multi link gearbox (mlg) to optical transport network (otn), includes receiving one or more virtual lanes; and mapping each of the one or more virtual lanes into a tributary slot, wherein a rate and number of the tributary slot(s) in otn is set based on a rate and number of the one or more virtual lanes. A transport system and a flexible de-mapping method are also described.
Ciena Corporation


Multi-hop relay maritime communication apparatus

A multi-hop relay maritime communication apparatus installed in a ship is disclosed. The maritime communication apparatus includes a first access module configured to comprise a plurality of directional antennas integrally formed; a second access module configured to comprise an omni-directional antenna; and a bridge configured to be connected to the first access module and the second access module via an ethernet interface..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Method and system for implementing ethernet oam in a software-defined networking (sdn) system

A method for implementing ethernet operation, administration, and management (oam) function in a network element coupled to a software-defined networking (sdn) system is disclosed. The method comprises adding a flow table entry for an oam traffic flow to a flow table of the network element.


Sparse graph coding scheduling for deterministic ethernet

Embodiments provide techniques for transmitting data packets across a deterministic ethernet network. Embodiments receive, at a first device in the deterministic ethernet network, a deterministic binary schedule specifying timing information for transmitting data fragments relating to a plurality of data flows.


Docsis provisioning of point-to-point ethernet

A system for provisioning of point-to-point ethernet data services via a cable provisioning infrastructure, including cpes, and floor switches that include customer-facing ports, each cpe being connected to a customer-facing port, and a cable operator distribution hub, including aggregation switches, each floor switch being connected to one aggregation switch, a gateway server, and an operations support system server provisioning cable data services to the subscribers, including a host configuration server dynamically allocating network addresses to the cpes, wherein the aggregation switches and the gateway server are configured to intermediate as a double-relay for initial network address request messages between the cpes and the host configuration server, whereby the aggregation switches relay the messages to the gateway server, and the gateway server relays the messages to the host configuration server, and wherein the gateway server is operable to add host configuration server options to messages that it relays.. .


System and controlling an electrically actuated device

Systems and methods for powering and controlling an electrically actuated device, such as a door lock, via a structured cable, such as an ethernet cable, are disclosed. The system may include a receiver which transmits internet protocol (ip) control signals and non-ip alarm trigger signals over a structured cable to a transceiver.


Ethernet and usb powered printers and methods for supplying ethernet and usb power to a printer

ethernet and universal serial bus (usb) powered printing devices are provided. In particular, ethernet and usb powered printers and methods of ethernet powering of printers that support high speed printing and/or data intensive printing.


Extending data over cable service interface specification (docsis) provisioning of ethernet passive optical network (epon) (dpoe) to epon over coax (epoc) multicast key management

Disclosed herein are mechanisms to support the management of multicast keys for a multicast group comprising one or more optical line terminals (olts), one or more fiber to coax units (fcus), and a plurality of coax network units (cnus). The disclosed embodiments may support the management of multicast keys over optical and coaxial networks.


Mep configuration method and network device

In the communications field, an mep configuration method and an ethernet device are provided. The method includes: receiving, by an ethernet device, a ccm message and parsing the ccm message to acquire configuration information in the ccm message and a virtual local area network vlan of the ccm message; and determining, by the ethernet device according to configuration information, whether the ccm message is mep configuration that needs to be configured, and if it is determined that the ccm message is the mep configuration that needs to be configured, complete the mep configuration according to the configuration information and the vlan of the ccm message.


Line driver circuit and method

A driver circuit for driving a transmission line includes a voltage driver and a current driver. The voltage driver is for driving the transmission line with a first voltage gain in a first operation mode.


Adhesive-backed communications media cabling and system

An adhesive-backed communications media cable includes a duct having a conduit portion with a lengthwise bore formed therein. The conduit portion includes an ethernet over twisted pair communication line.


System and remotely managing security and configuration of compute devices

The present invention relates to a system that manages security of one or more computer systems and/or one or more different types of i/o channels such as usb, ethernet, sata, and sas. According to certain aspects, the management system is distributed.
Janus Technologies, Inc.


Systems and methods for performing layer one link aggregation over wireless links

A first layer one link aggregation master comprises a first port coupled to receive customer traffic; a first channel; a second channel; an aggregation engine coupled to the first and second channels; a first switch circuit coupled to the first port and to the first channel, and configured to communicate the customer traffic from the first port over the first channel to the aggregation engine, the aggregation engine including a splitter circuit configured to use layer one information to segment at least a portion of the customer traffic into a first virtual container and a second virtual container, the aggregation engine further including an encapsulation circuit configured to encapsulate the second virtual container using ethernet standards for transport over the second channel; a radio access card configured to generate an air frame based on the first virtual container for wireless transmission over a first wireless link of a link aggregation group to the receiver; and a second switch circuit coupled to the second channel, and configured to communicate the ethernet-encapsulated second virtual container over an ethernet cable to a slave for wireless transmission over a second wireless link of the link aggregation group to the receiver.. .
Aviat U.s., Inc.


Fiber channel 1:n redundancy

Network devices, systems, and methods, including executable instructions and/or logic thereon to achieve fiber channel one for n (1:n) redundancy. A network device includes a processing resource coupled to a memory.


Technologies for exchanging host loss and forward error correction capabilities on a 25g ethernet link

Technologies for capabilities exchange include a network port logic having a communication link coupled to a remote link partner. The port logic transmits local host loss information to the link partner and receives remote host loss information from the link partner.


Time to time-frequency mapping and demapping for ethernet passive optical network over coax (epoc)

Embodiments include, but are not limited to, systems and methods for enabling orthogonal frequency division multiple access (ofdma) in the upstream in an ethernet passive optical network over coax (epoc) network. Embodiments include systems and methods for translating ethernet passive optical network (epon) upstream time grants to ofdma resources represented by individual subcarriers of an upstream ofdma frame.
Broadcom Corporation


Power over ethernet midspan injection apparatus and method

A midspan injector constituted of: a circuit board; a power injection circuit; a plurality of electrical paths without crossover; a first jack comprising a plurality of pins; and a second jack comprising a plurality of pins, each in communication with a respective pin of the first jack via a respective electrical path, wherein each of the first jack and the second jack exhibits a receptacle with a protrusion of the receptacle extending from a side thereof, wherein the receptacle protrusion of the first jack extends along a first vector and the receptacle protrusion of the second jack extends along a second vector, the direction of the second vector opposing the direction of the first vector, and wherein the power injection circuit is arranged to: receive common mode dc power from a power source; and inject the received power into the plurality of electrical paths.. .
Microsemi Corp. - Analog Mixed Signal Group, Ltd.


Systems and methods for lighting control

Lighting units, systems, and methods are described herein for determining whether occupancy detections are legitimate or not. Methods and systems are further described herein for powering down a network of power over ethernet (poe) components..
Koninklijke Philips N.v


Poe pd automatic mps

In a power over ethernet (poe) system, a powered device (pd) having circuitry to measure the load current from a power sourcing equipment (pse) in the pd. Circuitry compares the measured load current with a first threshold.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


System and method to measure available bandwidth in ethernet transmission system using train of ethernet frames

A method of measuring available bandwidth of a radio frequency (rf) transmission link, said method comprising: transmitting a train comprising a plurality of frames over said link; receiving said train; measuring time taken to receive said train; and estimating the available bandwidth, said estimating comprising dividing the number of bits transmitted by the difference between the receiving time of the leading frame in the train and the receiving time of the last frame of the train.. .
Accedian Networks Inc.


Automatic power budget management for power-over-ethernet apparatus

A power-over-ethernet (poe) apparatus is provided with pse controllers that are cooperable to manage a global power budget of the poe apparatus automatically. Information indicative of the global power budget is conveyed to a group of pse controllers.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Ethernet data processing method, physical layer chip and ethernet equipment

Embodiments of the present invention disclose an ethernet data processing method, an ethernet physical layer chip, and ethernet equipment. Applicable to data processing at a transmit end, the method includes: performing line coding on data from a media access control layer, so as to obtain serial data code blocks; performing forward error correction fec coding on the serial data code blocks, so as to obtain fec frames, which specifically includes: inserting y check bits every x consecutive data bits, where the y check bits are generated when fec coding is performed on the x consecutive data bits; and distributing, at a distribution granularity of a bits, the fec frames successively to n virtual channels, where a and n are both positive integers, and a is less than a quantity of bits included in one fec frame..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Remote communications protocol

A format for controlling information between multiple masters and clients uses each of a plurality of ports over a specified line, where the specified line can be ethernet, and where the ports can be opened and closed, and where the ports are calculated based on the number assigned to the console, a console multiplier, and at least one increment that represents the kind of information where there are multiple kinds of information.. .
Production Resource Group, Llc


Network camera system and network camera thereof

A network camera system includes a network camera and a power-over-ethernet switch for providing a network power. The network camera is connected to the power-over-ethernet switch via a network cable and includes a casing, a main board, and a splitting circuit board.
Vivotek Inc.


Ethernet interface module

An ethernet interface module comprises a first full duplex port, a second duplex port, a first path coupling the first duplex port and the second full duplex port, a second path coupling the second full duplex port and the first full duplex port, a first queue disposed in the first path, a second queue disposed in the second path, a third path comprising at least a portion of the first queue coupling the receive and transmit portions of the first port, a fourth path comprising at least a portion of the second queue coupling the receive and transmit portions of the second port, execution apparatus operable responsive to a command to alter the state of said ethernet interface module, or the contents of said received frame to produce a return frame comprising fields of a received frame that are modified, or both.. .
Innovasic, Inc.


Flow to port affinity management for link aggregation in a fabric switch

Implementations of the present disclosure involve an apparatus, device, component, and/or method for a hardware efficient flow to port affinity management table for link aggregation for a network fabric switch with ethernet gateway functionality. Rather than maintaining a state per traffic flow list, the present disclosure utilizes a handle or hash value derived from the traffic flow and associates an output port state to the hash value.
Oracle International Corporation


Routing fabric

A system and method of using a switch fabric of commodity ethernet switches to produce a scalable router is disclosed. A special-format media access control (mac) address is assigned to each switch.


Fibre channel over ethernet switch system

An fcoe switch system includes a switch ihs that is directly connected to a first endpoint ihs through a first edge port and to a second endpoint ihs through a second edge port. The switch ihs is receives an fcoe communication through the first edge port from the first endpoint ihs that includes an fc header, a source mac address, and a destination mac address.
Dell Products L.p.


Support for converged fiber channel over ethernet (fcoe) traffic on software defined networks (sdns)

In one embodiment, a system includes a software defined network (sdn) controller connected to sdn-capable switch(es), the sdn controller being configured to communicate with and program the sdn-capable switches, wherein each of the sdn-capable switches is configured to communicate with the sdn controller, one or more fiber channel forwarders (fcfs) connected to the sdn-capable switches, storage area network (san) fabric(s), and local area network (lan) fabric(s), and at least one end node connected directly or indirectly to the sdn-capable switches and/or the one or more fcfs, wherein the sdn controller is configured to collect information from the one or more fcfs that corresponds with each of the one or more fcfs via fiber channel initialization protocol (fip) advertisement frames, and create and manage a fcf database, the fcf database including the information that corresponds with each of the one or more fcfs.. .
Lenovo Entrerprise Solutions (singapore) Pte, Ltd.


Network port and ethernet device integrating powered device and power sourcing equivalent in a port

A network port includes a connection port, a pd unit, a pse unit, a control unit, and a switch unit. The connection port is connected to an external ethernet port.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.


Ethernet interface module

An ethernet interface module comprises a duplex port operable to transfer frames between said ethernet network and a device and a path coupling a receive portion of the duplex port to a transmit portion of said first full duplex port. A queue is disposed in said first path.
Innovasic, Inc.

Ethernet topics: Network Device, Communications, Computing Device, Transceiver, Network Communication, Multiplexing, Mesh Network, Communication System, Wireless Mesh Network, It Infrastructure, Spanning Tree, Clos Network, Addressing, Shortest Path, Computational Complexity

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