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Ethane patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Ethane-related patents
 Liquid crystal display device and  manufacturing same patent thumbnailLiquid crystal display device and manufacturing same
Provided is a liquid crystal display device which exhibits power saving property and high display quality and is capable of suppressing the time-dependent degradation in display quality. The above problem is solved by providing a liquid crystal display device comprising a liquid crystal cell unit including a color filter having a transparent substrate and a plurality of coloring layers formed on the transparent substrate, a counter substrate and a liquid crystal layer formed between the color filter and the counter substrate and a backlight unit including a light emitting device having a blue light emitting element, and a red fluorescent substance and a green fluorescent substance, and the plurality of coloring layers has a blue coloring layer containing a color material of a specific triarylmethane-based compound and the red fluorescent substance is a surface-treated m12[m21-xmn4+xf6] (for example, m1 represents k+ and m2 represents si)..
Nichia Corporation

 Apparatus and  knock control patent thumbnailApparatus and knock control
An arrangement in a vehicle engine includes an intake air manifold, an exhaust gas manifold and a plurality of cylinders, and is adapted for being operated by a dual fuel including diesel and gas fuel. The arrangement further includes an exhaust gas recirculation line connecting the exhaust gas manifold with the intake, air manifold, an exhaust gas recirculation valve arranged in the exhaust gas recirculation line, and a control unit arranged for controlling the operation of the exhaust gas recirculation valve.
Volvo Lastvagnar Ab

 Flame resistant fabric for aviation airbags patent thumbnailFlame resistant fabric for aviation airbags
A flame resistant fabric for the use in the construction of aviation airbags comprises a polyester fiber substrate which is treated with a first flame retardant. A polyurethane coating is applied to the polyester fiber substrate, which has been treated with the first flame retardant, to impart high pressure permeability resistance to the flame resistant fabric.

 Biodegradable hydrogel for polynucleotide delivery patent thumbnailBiodegradable hydrogel for polynucleotide delivery
A composition includes a biodegradable hydrogel that includes a hydrogel forming base polymer and a plurality of physiologically degradable ester linkages, amide linkages, azide-alkyne cycloaddition linkages, acrylate-thiol linkages, urethane linkages, and/or methacrylate-thiol linkages, a polynucleotide coupling polymeric molecule; and a polynucleotide. The polynucleotide is released under physiological conditions in a spatial and/or temporally controlled or predetermined manner from the composition..
Case Western Reserve University

 Flame-retardant coating material and flame-retardant substrate patent thumbnailFlame-retardant coating material and flame-retardant substrate
A flame-retardant coating material and a flame-retardant substrate are provided. The flame-retardant coating material comprises: a polyurethane resin, an isocyanate compound has a plurality of isocyanate (—nco) groups, and at least one metal hydroxide.
Chi Lin Technology Co., Ltd.

 Extrudable pressure sensitive adhesive composition and methods for preparing the same patent thumbnailExtrudable pressure sensitive adhesive composition and methods for preparing the same
A phase-separated polymeric composition comprising a first phase including polyurethane domains; and a second phase including a butyl rubber matrix.. .
Firestone Building Products Company, Llc

 Coated metal substrates and methods of preparing them patent thumbnailCoated metal substrates and methods of preparing them
(b) applying a second, transparent coating composition to the first coating formed in step (a) to form a secondary coating thereon and yielding a composite coating; wherein the first coating composition comprises an aqueous dispersion of polymeric microparticles having a core-shell morphology and having reactive functional groups, wherein the core of the polymeric microparticles is prepared from a monomer mixture comprising substantially hydrophobic ethylenically unsaturated monomers and wherein the shell of the polymeric microparticles comprises a polyurethane polymer containing acid functional groups and/or a polyurethane-urea polymer containing acid functional groups. Coated metal substrates prepared by this method are also provided..

 Coating compositions and articles made therefrom patent thumbnailCoating compositions and articles made therefrom
There is provided a coating composition comprising: (a) a one part moisture cure polyurethane comprising: an aromatic polyurethane prepolymer having backbone derived from polyether and at least one aromatic end group, wherein the coating composition comprises about 8 wt % to 90 wt % polyurethane prepolymer based on the total weight of the coating composition; (b) 2 to 60 wt % of an inorganic filler based on the total weight of the coating composition; and (c) 2 to 60 wt % of a solvent based on the total weight of the coating composition, wherein the coating composition, when cured, is a water-vapor semi-permeable, air and water barrier film. There is also provided a cured coating composition and articles made therefrom..
3m Innovative Properties Company

 Waterborne anticorrosion coating composition and process for providing a corrosion-resistant coating on a metal surface patent thumbnailWaterborne anticorrosion coating composition and process for providing a corrosion-resistant coating on a metal surface
A waterborne coating composition, a process for providing a corrosion-resistant coating on a corrodible metal surface, an anticorrosion film formed by the composition, as well as an anticorrosive article, are disclosed. The coating composition comprises 10-35% by weight of one or more fluoropolymer; 30-65% by weight of one or more phenoxy resin; one or more crosslinking agent; a liquid carrier medium; and 0-40% by weight of an auxiliary binder consisting of one or more of polyethersulfone, polyphenylene sulfide, polyamide, polyimide, polyamideimide, polyether ether ketone, polyetherimide, polyurethane, alkyd resin, polyester, or acrylic polymers..
E I Du Pont De Nemours And Company

 Composites formed from an absorptive filler and a polyurethane patent thumbnailComposites formed from an absorptive filler and a polyurethane
Composite materials and methods for their preparation are described herein. The composite materials can comprise a polyurethane and an absorptive filler.
Boral Ip Holdings (australia) Pty Limited


Component separations in polymerization

A process for component separation in a polymer production system, comprising separating a polymerization product stream into a gas stream and a polymer stream, wherein the gas stream comprises ethane and unreacted ethylene, distilling the gas stream into a light hydrocarbon stream, wherein the light hydrocarbon stream comprises ethane and unreacted ethylene, contacting the light hydrocarbon stream with an absorption solvent system, wherein at least a portion of the unreacted ethylene from the light hydrocarbon stream is absorbed by the absorption solvent system, and recovering a waste gas stream from the absorption solvent system, wherein the waste gas stream comprises ethane, hydrogen, or combinations thereof.. .
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp


Porous polyurethane networks and methods of preparation

Nanoporous three-dimensional networks of polyurethane particles, e.g., polyurethane aerogels, and methods of preparation are presented herein. Such nanoporous networks may include polyurethane particles made up of linked polyisocyanate and polyol monomers.
Aerogel Technologies, Llc


Isocyantate-free preparing poly(carbonate-urethane) or poly(ester-urethane)

Poly(carbonate-urethane) or poly(ester-urethane) may be characterised in that of carbonate soft segments have molecular weights mn ranging between 10,000 and 250,000 g/mol. The segments' length may be monitored by the ring-opening polymerisation condition.
Centre National De La Recherche Scientifique (cnrs)


Low viscosity dimethoxy amino silane polyurethane with triethoxy silyl groups for sealants and adhesives with easy processing, high tensile strength and low methanol emissions on curing

The present method relates to the production of low viscosity dimethoxy amino silane polyurethane with triethoxy silyl groups, as well as the production of sealants, adhesive and paint compositions using the alcoxysilane capped polymers formed from the present method. The method of production results in final alcoxysilane capped polymers that have a low viscosity and are safer for manufacturers, and end users..


Amine catalyst for improving the stability of polyurethane systems having halogen containing blowing agents

Catalyst compositions useful in the production of insulating polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam are disclosed. The catalyst compositions impart increased stability of a mixture of the catalyst, a halogen-containing blowing agent, and a polyol.
Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.


Flame retarded slabstock polyurethane foam composition for flame lamination

The present disclosure provides a flame retarded slabstock polyurethane foam composition for flame lamination, which does not need to add a separate flame retardant additive because the polyurethane itself has flame retardancy. The flame retarded slabstock polyurethane foam composition for flame lamination according to the present disclosure, wherein the foam itself has flame retardancy by comprising methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (mdi), polymethylene diphenyl diisocyanate (pmdi), or a mixture thereof as an isocyanate compound, thereby obtaining an epochal effect that it does not need to add a separate flame retardant and an effect of solving a problem that physical properties of the conventional flame retarded slabstock polyurethane foam composition are reduced by adding a flame retardant..
Hyundai Motor Company


Flexible to rigid nanoporous polyurethane-acrylate (puac) type materials for structural and thermal insulation applications

Novel urethane-acrylate (uac) star monomers and polyurethane-acrylate (puac) aerogel polymers derived therefrom are described herein, along with other novel, related monomers and polymers. Also described herein are processes for preparing the uac star monomers, the puac aerogel polymers, and the other related monomers and polymers.
The Curators Of The University Of Missouri


Methods to synthesize nipt bimetallic nanoparticles by a reversed-phase microemulsion, deposition of nipt bimetallic nanoparticles on a support, and application of the supported catalyst for co2 reforming of methane

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide for nipt nanoparticles, compositions and supports including nipt nanoparticles, methods of making nipt nanoparticles, methods of supporting nipt nanoparticles, methods of using nipt nanoparticles, and the like.. .
King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology


No drip tray liner

The present invention is directed to a two-ply absorbent liner for use in a sterilization process and, more particularly, to an absorbent liner having a foam layer and a paper layer for cushioning sterilization trays and surgical instruments in a sterilization pack and providing advantageous moisture absorption functionality during and after completion of a sterilization process. The absorbent liner functions advantageously with steam or ethylene oxide gas as the sterilization agent.


Printing medium and composition for printing medium

Provided is a composition for a printing medium and a printing medium that can be suitably used for a plurality of printing methods, including a plurality of plateless printing methods such as thermal transfer printing, electrophotographic printing, and inkjet printing methods. A coating layer is provided on at least one surface of a support body, and includes (a) a cationic urethane-based resin, (b) an olefin copolymer emulsion, and (c) an ethyleneimine-based resin.
Yupo Corporation


Interception device made from thermoplastic polyurethane

The invention relates to an interception device for moving articles or persons based on thermoplastic polyurethane which is obtained via the reaction in each case of at least one of the following starting materials: (a) diisocyanate, (b) compound which is reactive toward isocyanate and which has a number-average molar mass (mw) of from 0.500×103 g/mol to 10×103 g/mol, (c) chain extender which has a molar mass of from 50 g/mol to 499 g/mol, and also optionally (d) with use of catalyst, of conventional auxiliaries and/or (f) of additives, where the interception device comprises a foil or a network made of the thermoplastic polyurethane and retention devices between which the foil or the network has been stretched flat, and the thermoplastic polyurethane is transparent. The invention further relates to the use of thermoplastic urethane for producing interception devices, and to a production process for an interception device made of thermoplastic polyurethane..
Basf Se


Nonwoven fabric laminate for foam molding, urethane foam molding composite including said nonwoven fabric laminate, and manufacturing non-woven fabric laminates for foam molding

A nonwoven fabric laminate for foam molding includes a reinforcing layer on at least one side of a dense layer. The dense layer is a nonwoven fabric including polyester continuous fibers with a fiber diameter of 10 to 30 μm and having a bulk density of not less than 0.1 g/cm3, the fibers being fusion bonded together by a hot air treatment.
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.


Golf balls having multi-layered covers based on aromatic and aliphatic polyurethanes

Golf balls having multi-layered covers are provided. The cover includes an inner cover layer made of an ionomer composition; an intermediate cover layer made of an aromatic polyurethane composition; and outer cover layer made of an aliphatic polyurethane composition, wherein the total thickness of the multi-layered cover is no greater than 0.110 inches.
Acushnet Company


Multi-layered cores having foam inner core for golf balls

Multi-layered golf ball core sub-assemblies and the resulting golf balls are provided. The core structure includes an inner core (center) comprising a foam composition, preferably foamed polyurethane.
Acushnet Company


Pharmaceutical composition on the basis of phyto-nutrients with increased bioavailability, having anti-tumor activity, and producing said composition (alternatives)

A pharmaceutical composition for peroral delivery of phyto-nutrients includes at least one phyto-nutrient from the following series: epigallocatechin-3-gallate, diindolylmethane, genestein, resveratrol, curcumine, and a solubilizer—a polyvinylcaprolactam/polyvinylacetate/polyethyleneglycol graft copolymer with an average molecular mass of 90000-140000 g/mol at a mass ratio of at least one phyto-nutrient and solubilizer of 1/5 to 1/1. The composition can additionally include a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.
Nordic Labs Limited


Interchangeable shoe skin

A durable, decorative, and interchangeable shoe skin for a basic flat shoe is provided. The interchangeable shoe skin includes a covering material, typically a decorative fabric.
Lauria Designs


Sole assembly with thermoplastic polyurethane component thereon and and manufacturing same

An article of footwear has a sole assembly that includes a midsole. The midsole has a bottom with a bottom surface, and an outer wall with a side surface.
Nike, Inc.


Encapsulated essential oils

A process for the preparation of essential oil microcapsules including dissolving a di- or polyisocyanate into an essential oil, emulsifying the resulting mixture in an aqueous solution containing a di- or polyamine, and or a di or polyhydroxy compound to effect encapsulation of the essential oil through interfacial polymerization, whereby there is formed a polyurea and/or polyurethane film around the essential oil droplets which film enhances the stability of the essential oil, reduces its evaporation rate and controls its release rate when applied to a substrate.. .
Ben-gurion University Of The Negev Research And Development Authority


P-static charge drain layer including carbon nanotubes

A coating including a carbon nanotube layer including carbon nanotubes; and a coating layer on the carbon nanotube layer is disclosed. The coating layer may include a polyurethane polymer, a polyacrylate polymer, a polysiloxane polymer, an epoxy polymer, or a combination thereof.
Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.


Heat-insulating material and manufacturing process therefor, and insulating method

A insulation panel including a rigid polyurethane foam and a vacuum insulation panel embedded in the rigid polyurethane foam; the vacuum insulation panel including an outer sheath having an airtight property, and a molded product having a core material; the core material containing fumed silica and fumed silica with a binder, which has a binder applied to the surface of the fumed silica; the molded product being decompressed and encapsulated in the outer sheath; and the rigid polyurethane foam having open cells formed therein. A process for mounting the insulation panel to a mounting surface..


Ice-resistant paint for wind turbine blades

Ice-resistant paint for wind turbine blades comprising a paint base, which in turn comprises a solvent and a hydrophobe component, which comprises nanoparticles, in which the base paint is a polyurethane high solid paint, and the nanoparticles are substantially spherical compounds comprising a silica core and a hydrophobe organosilicone coating compatible with the blade.. .
Gamesa Innovation & Technology, S.l.


Polyurethane based synthetic leathers comprising nanoparticles and having improved peel strength

Disclosed herein are methods of producing externally stabilized, poromeric synthetic leathers having improved peel strength, the methods comprising: preparing a prepolymer from a mixture comprising at least one polyester polyol, at least one polyether polyol, at least one isocyanate and optionally in a solvent; mixing the prepolymer, water, and a first surfactant; optionally add a second chain extender to form a pud; preparing a mixture comprising said pud, at least one surfactant, and at least one thickener; frothing said mixture; applying the frothed mixture to a fabric and thereby forming a coated fabric; adjusting the thickness of the frothed mixture on the coated fabric; drying the coated fabric. Methods of improving the peel strength of poromeric synthetic leathers are also disclosed.
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Fabric structure

A fabric structure is provided. The fabric structure includes an upper fabric layer knitted with a plurality of first pet (polyethylene terephthalate) fibers and a plurality of first pu (polyurethane) fibers; a lower fabric layer 100% knitted with a plurality of second pu fibers; and a central fabric layer interposed between said upper fabric layer and said lower fabric layer, knitted with a plurality of wave-like second pet fibers, wherein crests of the wave-like second pet fibers are intertwined with the upper fabric layer, and wherein troughs of the wave-like second pet fibers are intertwined with the lower fabric layer.
Mackent Fabrics Co., Ltd.


Microbial electrosynthetic cells

Methods are provided for microbial electrosynthesis of h2 and organic compounds such as methane and acetate. Method of producing mature electrosynthetic microbial populations by continuous culture is also provided.
Musc Foundation For Research Development


Fischer-tropsch synthesis using microchannel technology and novel catalyst and microchannel reactor

The disclosed invention relates to a process for converting a reactant composition comprising h2 and co to a product comprising at least one aliphatic hydrocarbon having at least about 5 carbon atoms, the process comprising: flowing the reactant composition through a microchannel reactor in contact with a fischer-tropsch catalyst to convert the reactant composition to the product, the microchannel reactor comprising a plurality of process microchannels containing the catalyst; transferring heat from the process microchannels to a heat exchanger; and removing the product from the microchannel reactor; the process producing at least about 0.5 gram of aliphatic hydrocarbon having at least about 5 carbon atoms per gram of catalyst per hour; the selectivity to methane in the product being less than about 25%. The disclosed invention also relates to a supported catalyst comprising co, and a microchannel reactor comprising at least one process microchannel and at least one adjacent heat exchange zone..
Velocys, Inc.


Polyurethane adhesives for reverse osmosis modules

An adhesive composition suitable for reverse osmosis modules, the adhesive composition includes (i) a polyurethane composition that includes (a) an isocyanate group-containing pre-polymer comprising a reaction product of (i) castor oil or a derivative thereof; and (ii) a polyisocyanate; and (iii) optionally a second polyol; and (b) an isocyanate-reactive polyol mixture comprising: (i) a polybutadiene polyol; and (ii) a urethane catalyst; and (iii) optionally the second polyol; and (ii) a plasticizer wherein the adhesive composition is essentially free from diluent oils and solvents.. .
Cytec Industries Inc.


Polyol compositions for hot melt adhesives

Disclosed are polyether and polyesters polyol condensations. The polyols are uniquely suited for ease of manufacture and improved adhesive characteristics particularly for low surface energy materials.
Ifs Industries Inc.


Radiation-curable aqueous polyurethane dispersions

The present invention relates to aqueous polyurethane dispersions that are curable with uv radiation, to a process for preparing them, and to the use thereof.. .
Basf Se


Overcoating liquid, ink set, image forming method, and image forming apparatus

An overcoating liquid contains a hydrodispersible polyurethane; a compound represented by chemical formula 1: c6f13—ch2ch2o(ch2ch2o)nh, where n represents an integer of from 1 to 40; a compound represented by chemical formula 2: hor1r3c—(ch2)n—cr2r4oh, where r1 and r2 each, independently represent alkyl groups having three to six carbon atoms, r3 and r4 each, independently represent methyl groups or ethyl groups, and n represents an integer of from 1 to 6; and water, wherein the overcoating liquid is applied to the surface of a recording medium onto which inkjet ink is already discharged.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.


Methods for providing a low gloss polyurethane coating on a substrate

Disclosed are methods for coating a substrate. These methods include: (a) preparing a two-component coating composition by mixing a first component and a second component to make a mixture thereof, and (b) depositing the mixture over the substrate to form a film having a 60° gloss of no more than 35 gloss units (measured according to astm d523-89).
Bayer Materialscience Llc


Peelable flexible coatings, compositions and methods thereof

A peelable, flexible coating for a surface is provided, comprising a polymer blend that comprises polyurethane as a major component, and at least a polymer p2 having in comparison to polyurethane a higher peel strength to the surface to be coated and a higher percent elongation at break when cured for imparting a flexible and a peelable quality to the coating.. .
3m Innovative Properties Company


Method for the production of polyurethane foam using emulsified blowing agent

Wherein the average size of the droplets of the physical blowing agent t is ≧0.1 μm to ≦20 μm, the droplet size being determined by using an optical microscope operating in bright field transmission mode.. .


Low-molar-mass polymers comprising at least one 4-methylether-1,3-dioxolan-2-one end group

Process for preparing polyurethanes, by reaction of a polymer of formula (i) with a compound, having an amine group, and also polyurethanes that may be thus obtained.. .


Two-component polyurethane composition

The invention relates to a two-component polyurethane composition containing a polyol, a polyisocyanate, a blocked amine and a bismuth(iii)- or zirconium(iv)-catalyst. The composition is easy to process, cures quickly and without bubbles, and has unexpectedly high strengths when in its cured state.
Sika Technology Ag


Aqueous prepolymer dispersions

Aqueous prepolymer dispersions are provided, as are methods for making aqueous prepolymer dispersions. For example, an aqueous polyurethane prepolymer dispersion may be prepared by a process.
Battelle Memorial Institute


Silane functional binder with thiourethane structure

The invention relates to a method for producing polyurethanes containing silane groups by reacting at least a) a composition containing a) one or more compounds containing isocyanate and silane groups of general formula (i) and b)<=1 percent by weight, relative to the total mass of composition a), one or more monomeric diisocyanates with aliphatically, cycloaliphatically, araliphatically and/or aromatically bonded isocyanate groups of general formula (ii), where r1, r2 and r3 are the same or different radicals and respectively indicate a saturated or unsaturated, linear or branched, aliphatic or cycloaliphatic or an optionally substituted aromatic or araliphatic radical with up to 18 carbon atoms, which can contain optionally up to 3 heteroatoms from the series oxygen, sulphur, nitrogen, x is a linear or branched organic radical with at least 2 carbon atoms and y is a linear or branched, aliphatic or cycloaliphatic radical with 4 to 18 carbon atoms or an optionally substituted aromatic or araliphatic radical with 6 to 18 carbon atoms, with b) an at least difunctional polyol with a numerically average molecular weight mn of 62 to 22000 g/mol, preferably 90 to 12000 g/mol, while maintaining an equivalent ratio of isocyanate groups to hydroxyl groups of 0.7:1 to 1.2:1. The invention further relates to the products which can be obtained using the method according to the invention.
Bayer Materialscience Ag


Process for producing a low density free-rise polyurethane foam

There is described a process for producing a free-rise polyurethane foam having a density of less than or equal to about 0.75 pcf. The the process comprises the steps of: (a) contacting: (i) an isocyanate, (ii) a first polyol comprising a first polymer chain consisting essentially of propylene oxide units and alkylene oxide units selected from ethylene oxide, butylene oxide and mixtures thereof in a weight ratio of propylene oxide units to alkylene oxide units in the range of from about 90:10 to about 25:75, the polymer chain being terminally capped with the ethylene oxide units, the first polyol having a primary hydroxyl content of at least about 70% based on the total hydroxyl content of the first polyol, (iii) water (iv) a surfactant and (v) a catalyst to form a foamable reaction mixture; and (b) expanding the foamable reaction mixture to produce the free-rise polyurethane foam..
Proprietect L.p.


Methods for preparing d-threo methylphenidate using diazomethane, and compositions thereof

Novel methods and systems for producing a substantially pure d-threo stereoisomer of methylphenidate or a salt thereof are provided. In particular, methods and systems for producing d-threo-methylphenidate hydrochloride in pure stereoisomeric form from d-threo-ritalinic acid hydrochloride using diazomethane are described.
Ampac Fine Chemicals Llc


Process for the synthesis of tetrafluoroethanesulfonic acid

The present invention provides a process for preparation of tetrafluoroethanesulfonic acid.. .
Srf Limited


Hydrolysable linkers and cross-linkers for absorbable polymers

The present invention relates to the discovery of new class of linear and multiarmed hydrolysable linkers and cross linkers for use in the synthesis of biodegradable polymers such as, polyesters, polyurethanes, polyamides, polyureas and degradable epoxy amine resin. The linear and multiarmed hydrolysable linkers of the present invention include symmetrical and/or unsymmetrical ether carboxylic acids, amines, amide diols, amine polyols and isocyanates..
Bezwada Biomedical, Llc


Paint composition and method

There is provided a paint composition including, by weight 62 to 89 weight % water based urethane copolymer latex having a polymer solids content of from 30% to 70% by weight, 1 to 3 weight % of a lower-alkylene glycol, 8 to 23 weight % microsphere filler, 1 to 9 weight % colorant, and 1 to 3 weight % of a shear viscosity reducing rheological modifier, providing improved finishing of repairs.. .
Yesnil Pty Ltd.


System for processing hydrocarbon fuels using surfaguide

A system for processing hydrocarbon materials, comprising a hydrocarbon feedstock source; a process gas source; a waveguide; and a reaction tube structure. The process gas source comprises one or more sources of gases selected from the group consisting of helium, argon, krypton, neon, xenon, methane, propane, butane, ethane, acetylene, propylene, butylene, ethylene, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water vapor, hydrogen, and nitrogen.
H Quest Partners, Lp


Anterior cervical disc replacement

Disclosed is a cervical plate having a polyester staple fiber laminated within a polycarbonate urethane. The polyurethane provides a flexible, high resilience structure with a dacron® material providing a flexible skeleton.
Atlas Spine, Inc.


Pressure variable thermal adaptive microclimate surface and thermoelectric cells for microclimate surface

A pressure variable thermal adaptive microclimate surface is provided. The microclimate surface may be a pad, pillow, mattress or the like.


Single-layer padding system

An impact-absorbing padding system made of a single-layer thermoplastic polyurethane sheet. The bottom of the sheet is flat, and the top side is also flat and has multiple, spaced apart projections.
Kranos Ip Corporation

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