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Ethane patents


This page is updated frequently with new Ethane-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ethane-related patents
 Transparent laminates comprising inkjet printed conductive lines and methods of forming the same patent thumbnailnew patent Transparent laminates comprising inkjet printed conductive lines and methods of forming the same
A transparency including a conductive mesh is disclosed. The conductive mesh is formed by a plurality of inkjet printed electrically conductive lines on a polymer film or a glass, polyacrylate, polycarbonate, or polyurethane substrate, wherein at least one inkjet printed electrically conductive line intersects at least one other inkjet printed electrically conductive line.
Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

 Electroconductive laminate and touch panel using thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Electroconductive laminate and touch panel using thereof
The present invention is an electroconductive laminate characterized in that the hard coat layer is formed from a hard coating composition which contains (a) a phenolic novolac acrylate having two or more acrylate groups, (b) a bisphenol structure-containing diacrylate having 2 to 4 moles of alkylene oxide structure with two or three carbon atoms in each molecule, (c) a polyfunctional acrylate having three or more acrylate groups, and (d) a polyfunctional urethane acrylate having three or more acrylate groups and an ester structure.. .
Nippon Paint Automotive Coatings Co., Ltd

 Eyewear material, eyewear frame, and eyewear patent thumbnailnew patent Eyewear material, eyewear frame, and eyewear
The eyewear material is an eyewear material containing thermoplastic polyurethane. The eyewear material has a tan δ peak at both less than 0° c.
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

 Resin film and  producing resin film patent thumbnailnew patent Resin film and producing resin film
A resin film according to an embodiment of the present invention includes: a substrate film; and an antistatic layer formed on one side of the substrate film and including a binder resin and a conductive material. The binder resin includes a polyurethane-based resin; the antistatic layer has an arithmetic average surface roughness ra of 10 nm or more; and the conductive material includes a conductive polymer..
Nitto Denko Corporation

 Biosensor membrane composition, biosensor, and methods for making same patent thumbnailnew patent Biosensor membrane composition, biosensor, and methods for making same
Selectively permeable membranes for biosensors are provided. In one embodiment, the membrane includes a polymer mixture that includes a polyurethane component, a siloxane component, and a hydrogel component, the components in the mixture in amounts of about 60 to about 80 wt % polyurethane, about 10 to about 20 wt % siloxane, and about 10 to about 20 wt % hydrogel.
Microchips Biotech, Inc.

 Optopairs with temperature compensable electroluminescence for use in optical gas absorption analyzers patent thumbnailnew patent Optopairs with temperature compensable electroluminescence for use in optical gas absorption analyzers
Optopair for use in sensors and analyzers of gases such as methane, and a fabrication method therefor is disclosed. It comprises: a) an led, either cascaded or not, having at least one radiation emitting area, whose spectral maximum is de-tuned from the maximum absorption spectrum line of the gas absorption spectral band; and b) a photodetector, whose responsivity spectral maximum can be either de-tuned from, or alternatively completely correspond to the maximum absorption spectrum line of the absorption spectral band of the gas.
Bah Holdings Llc

 Liquefied gas producing facility and liquefied gas producing method patent thumbnailnew patent Liquefied gas producing facility and liquefied gas producing method
A liquefied gas producing facility is provided and includes: a first heat exchanger, a first refrigerant compressor, a second heat exchanger, a second refrigerant compressor, air-cooling heat exchangers for a first refrigerant, air-cooling condensers for a first refrigerant, air-cooling heat exchangers for a second refrigerant, air-cooling condensers for a second refrigerant and a mist spraying device. The liquefied gas producing facility can produce liquefied gas by liquefying feed gas which contains methane as a main component..
Elbrons B.v.

 Method for using an environmentally friendly fuel gas within a refillable gas container patent thumbnailnew patent Method for using an environmentally friendly fuel gas within a refillable gas container
An article is provided that can be used as a heating source for various applications. The article includes an environmentally friendly gaseous fuel mixture within a gas cylinder that is both non-corrosive and refillable.
Pro-cyl, Llc

 Modified group i methanotrophic bacteria and uses thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Modified group i methanotrophic bacteria and uses thereof
Described herein are methods and compositions relating to engineered methanotrophic bacterium and the production of carbon products from methane.. .
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

 Methods of microbial production of excreted products from methane and related bacterial strains patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of microbial production of excreted products from methane and related bacterial strains
The present disclosure is directed to methods of producing excreted products through the fermentation of methane with methanotrophs. In certain embodiments, the methods are performed at low oxygen levels..
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

new patent

Solvent-free polyurethane 100% solids coating

The present disclosure provides coating compositions free of acrylates and epoxies for use in dry-erase surface preparations and protective floor coverings.. .
Seagrave Coatings Corp.

new patent

Transparent hydrophobic coating materials with improved durability and methods of making same

Durable, transparent, inorganic-organic hybrid hydrophobic coating materials for glass, metal or plastic substrates are provided. The coating materials are generally an acid catalyzed condensation reaction product comprised of an organic polymeric silane (e.g., a polyol functionalized with a silane through a urethane linkage or a polyamine functionalized with a silane through a urea linkage, such as isocyanatopropyltrimethoxysilane or isocyanatopropyltriethoxysilane), an inorganic metal alkoxide (e.g., silicon alkoxides such as tetraethoxysilane or tetramethoxysilane) and a fluorinated silane (e.g., (3,3,3-trifluoropropyl)trimethoxysilane or nonafluorohexyltrimethoxysilane)..
Luna Innovations Incorporated

new patent

Styrene-carboxylic acid copolymer foam

Prepare a polymer foam by expanding a foamable polymer composition of a copolymer component and a blowing agent where the copolymer component accounts for more than 50 weight-percent of the total polymer weight in the foamable polymer composition and is one or more than one styrene-carboxylic acid copolymer having an acid number of 20 or higher while the blowing agent comprises a fluorinated blowing agent, less than 70 weight-percent of which is 1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethane and less than five weight-percent is carbon dioxide and c3-c5 hydrocarbons make up less than 30 mole-percent of the blowing agent; expand the foamable polymer composition into a polymer foam having an average cell size of less than 0.5 millimeters where the copolymer composition is a continuous phase in the polymer foam.. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc

new patent

Thermoplastic polyurethanes made with tin-free catalysts

Thermoplastic polyurethanes, including those based on aliphatic isocyanates, are of great interest for industrial applications that require uv-stability. To overcome the low reactivity of some diisocyanates a catalyst is usually added to accelerate urethane formation.
Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

new patent

Dispersants with multiple aromatic imide anchor groups

A polyurethane dispersant is described that comprises a reaction product of a polyisocyanate with a) a component supplying a anchoring imide group wherein the carbonyl groups of the imide are bonded to a fused or non-fused aromatic ring, b) at least one solvent-solubilising chain, and other optional components to build molecular weight or modify the interaction of the dispersant with various particulates or continuous media.. .
Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

new patent

Method for processing cellulose-containing biomass

Described are a method for processing cellulose-containing biomass and the use of methanesulfonic acid for processing cellulose-containing biomass, especially for the pretreatment of cellulose-containing biomass prior to saccharification.. .
Basf Se

new patent

Method for preparing abiraterone acetate

A method for preparing abiraterone acetate. The steps are: dehydroepiandrosterone acetate and trifluoromethanesulphonic anhydride undergo a sulfonylation reaction under the catalysis of an organic base to obtain a compound as represented by formula ii; the compound is reacted with a 3-pyridine organoboron compound or a 3-pyridine organosilicone compound under the catalysis of bis(triphenylphosphine) palladium(ii) dichloride to obtain a crude abiraterone acetate product; the crude product is recrystallized in a protic or aprotic solvent to obtain an abiraterone acetate crystal; the crystal is further put into a solvent which easily dissolves the crystal and dissolved under heating, and the solution is dropwise added into a solvent which does not easily dissolve the crystal until a solid is precipitated under stirring, such that a micro powder abiraterone acetate is obtained; and the solvent which easily dissolves the crystal is a mixture of any two or more of acetone, ethanol and water, and the solvent which does not easily dissolve the crystal is water.
Wuhan Biocause Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

new patent

Crystalline bromodomain inhibitors

N-[4-(2,4-difluorophenoxy)-3-(6-methyl-7-oxo-6,7-dihydro-1h-pyrrolo[2,3-c]pyridin-4-yl)phenyl]ethanesulfonamide and crystalline forms thereof are suitable pharmaceutical ingredients for pharmaceutical compositions useful in the treatment of disease, for example, cancer.. .
Abbvie Inc.

new patent

Landfill gas treatment method with polishing

A method for recovering methane gas from a landfill involves the use of a main absorber, a flash system, an optional ancillary absorber and an optional polishing absorber. The recovered gas is maintained at a temperature that enhances a solvent's ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the recovered gas.

new patent

Process for the oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene

The present invention provides a process for the oxidative dehydrogenation of ethane to ethylene, the process at least comprising the steps of: (a) providing an ethane-containing stream (10); (b) subjecting the ethane-containing stream (10) provided in step (a) to oxidative dehydrogenation, thereby obtaining a stream (20) containing at least ethylene, water and acetic acid; (c) separating acetic acid from the stream (20) obtained in step (b), thereby obtaining a concentrated acetic acid stream (60) and a first ethylene-enriched stream (40); (d) subjecting the concentrated acetic acid stream (60) obtained in step (c) to hydrogenation thereby obtaining an ethanol-containing stream (80); and (e) subjecting the ethanol-containing stream (80) obtained in step (d) to dehydration thereby obtaining a second ethylene-enriched stream (90).. .
Shell Oil Company

new patent

Method for converting methane to ethylene

In an embodiment, a process for producing ethylene comprising: introducing a methane stream comprising methane, oxygen, and water to a methane coupling zone; reacting the methane, the oxygen, and the water in the methane coupling zone via a methane oxidative coupling reaction to produce a first product stream; introducing the first product stream to a pyrolysis zone; and pyrolyzing ethane in the first product stream in the pyrolysis zone to produce a second product stream comprising ethylene. A heat from the methane coupling reaction is used in the pyrolysis reaction..
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

new patent

Methanation reactor for reacting hydrogen with at least one carbon-based compound and producing methane and water

A methanation reactor for reacting dihydrogen with a carbon-based compound and producing methane. The reactor has a hollow body configured to receive a fluidized bed of catalytic particles, an inlet for each carbon-based compound and dihydrogen, and an outlet for methane and water.
Gdf Suez

new patent

Blanket for transferring a paste image from engraved plate to substrate

A blanket for transferring a paste image from an engraved plate to a substrate is provided. The blanket includes a foam, a pet layer on the foam, and an paste transfer layer on the pet layer.
Lee Chang Yung Chemical Industry Corporation

new patent

Thermosensitive recording medium

Provided is a thermosensitive recording medium having a thermosensitive recording layer comprising a colorless or pale colored basic leuco dye and an electron accepting developing agent, an intermediate layer and a gloss layer as an outermost layer in this order on a substrate, wherein the intermediate layer is formed by containing a carboxyl group-containing resin and the gloss layer is formed by containing a long chain alkyl group-containing resin and an emulsion type silicone copolymer resin. The long chain alkyl group-containing resin is preferably an acrylic resin containing long-chain alkyl group(s) and the silicone copolymer resin is preferably a silicone-acryl copolymer resin and/or a silicone-urethane copolymer resin..

new patent

Method for producing a multicoat paint system

The present invention relates to a method for producing a multicoat paint system on a metallic substrate, in which a basecoat or a plurality of directly successive basecoats are produced directly on a metallic substrate coated with a cured electrocoat, a clearcoat is produced directly on the one basecoat or the uppermost of the plurality of basecoats, and then the one or more basecoats and the clearcoat are jointly cured, and wherein at least one basecoat material used for production of the basecoats comprises at least one aqueous dispersion comprising at least one copolymer (cp), said copolymer (cp) being preparable by initially charging an aqueous dispersion of at least one polyurethane, and then polymerizing a mixture of olefinically unsaturated monomers in the presence of the polyurethane from (i), in which a water-soluble initiator is used, the olefinically unsaturated monomers are metered in such that a concentration of 6.0% by weight, based on the total amount of olefinically unsaturated monomers used for polymerization, in the reaction solution is not exceeded over the entire reaction time, and the mixture of the olefinically unsaturated monomers comprises at least one polyolefinically unsaturated monomer, and comprises at least one linear hydroxy-functional reaction product (r) having an acid number less than 20 mg koh/g, the preparation of which involves using at least one compound (v) containing two functional groups (v.1) and an aliphatic or araliphatic hydrocarbyl radical (v.2) which is arranged between the functional groups and has 12 to 70 carbon atoms.. .
Basf Coatings Gmbh

new patent

Golf balls comprising medium hardness gradient core

A golf ball includes a core having an outer surface and a geometric center. The core is formed from a substantially homogenous rubber composition.
Acushnet Company

new patent

Eo/po block copolymers useful as stabilizers for pur foams

The invention relates to compositions for producing hydrophilicized polyurethane foams, in particular for wound management, wherein the composition, containing a polyurethane dispersion and specific additives, is frothed and dried.. .
Covestro Deutschland Ag

new patent

Cosmetic formulation incorporating a uv-triggered self-healing material

A cosmetic composition for treating hair, nails and skin, including the lips, is provided, which composition comprises a uv activated self-repair film forming material, for example, a polymer, such as a polyurethane polymer, containing a polysaccharide substituted with a uv active oxetane, or a metallo-supramolecular film-former capable of reforming polymeric like chains via metal ligand complexation.. .
Avon Products, Inc

new patent

Support film

An ultra-thin highly conformable arc-shaped support film for a flange extender for an ostomy bag comprises a polyurethane film having an adhesive applied to at least one of a body facing surface and an ostomy bag facing surface, wherein the film has a thickness of about 5 pm to about 100 μm and exhibits a high moisture vapour transmission rate even compared to thin films used for film dressings.. .
Welland Medical Limited

new patent

Sofa seat cushion core

An apparatus and method are provided for a sofa seat cushion comprising a cushion core including a multiplicity of pocketed springs enclosed within an upholstery foam envelope. The pocketed springs are positioned side by side in a spring layer arrangement and are independently operable.


Method for assessing the damage to a paint-covered composite material, measuring two separate criteria on the spectrogram

A method for assessing damage to a composite material covered with a polyurethane-type paint is provided. Two separate criteria are measured on a spectrogram obtained by infrared spectrometry, thereby characterizing thermal ageing of the paint, each separate criteria being a measurement on a curve of a spectrum of the spectrogram of a height of a particular peak, thereby giving two independent assessments of the thermal ageing.


Methods and configuration of an ngl recovery process for low pressure rich feed gas

Separating propane and heavier hydrocarbons from a feed stream by cooling the feed stream, introducing the chilled feed stream into a feed stream separation unit, pumping the separator bottom stream, introducing the pressurized separator bottom stream into a stripper column, reducing the pressure of the separator overhead stream, introducing the letdown separator overhead stream into an absorber column, collecting a stripper overhead stream from the stripper column, chilling the stripper overhead stream, reducing the pressure of the chilled stripper overhead stream, introducing the letdown stripper overhead stream into the absorber column, collecting an absorber bottom stream, pumping the absorber bottom stream, heating the absorber bottom stream, introducing the heated absorber bottom stream into the stripper column, and collecting the stripper bottom stream from the stripper column. The stripper column bottom stream includes the propane and heavier hydrocarbons and less than about 2.0% of ethane by volume..
Fluor Technologies Corporation


Method for producing sizing agent-coated carbon fibers, and sizing agent-coated carbon fibers

Disclosed is a method for producing a sizing agent-coated carbon fibers, wherein at least one kind of sizing agent that is selected from the group consisting of sizing agents (a), (b) and (c) is used for coating, in each of the sizing agents a bi- or higher functional epoxy compound (a1) and/or an epoxy compound (a2) being used as a component (a), and the epoxy compound (a2) having a mono- or higher functional epoxy group and at least one functional group that is selected from among a hydroxyl group, an amide group, an imide group, a urethane group, a urea group, a sulfonyl group and a sulfo group. The sizing agent is applied to carbon fibers and the resulting is subjected to a heat treatment within the temperature range of 160-260° c.
Toray Industries, Inc.


Method of producing a synthetic diamond

A method of producing a synthetic diamond is disclosed, the method comprising: (a) capturing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere; (b) conducting electrolysis of water to provide hydrogen; (c) reacting the carbon dioxide obtained from step (a) with the hydrogen obtained from step (b) to produce methane; and (d) using the hydrogen obtained from step (b) and the methane obtained from step (c) to produce a synthetic diamond by chemical vapour deposition (cvd).. .
Ecotricity Group Limited


Haloolefin-based composition

The haloolefin-based composition comprising (a) a haloolefin; (b) at least one compound selected from the group consisting of hfo-1234ze, hfc-254eb, hfo-1243zf, hfc-245eb, hfc-245fa, hfc-245cb, hfc-236ea, hfc-236fa, hfo-1225ye, 3,3,3-trifluoropropine, hfc-23, hfc-32, hfc-125, hfc-143a, hfc-134a, fc-1216, hcfo-1233xf, hcfo-1233zd, hcfo-1232xf, hcfo-1223xd, and chloromethane; and (c) water.. .


A combined hot-melt adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive system and composite materials made from the same

The disclosed technology relates to a system and approach to achieve temporary adhesion of a hot-melt bonding film to a substrate, including for example a textile, leather, synthetic leather, or nonwoven substrate, so that the hot-melt film stays in place before and during the hot-melt bonding of the substrate to one or more other parts, and can even be re-positioned if needed, and then still stay in place before and during the hot-melt bonding process. In particular, an adhesive system is disclosed comprising a hot-melt adhesive and (ii) a pressure sensitive adhesive, where the hot-melt adhesive is in the form of a continuous film and where the pressure sensitive adhesive is distributed on at least one surface of said continuous film in a discontinuous pattern.
Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.


Method of making laminates having reduced oxygen permeability

Laminates of polymeric films and solvent-based polyurethane adhesive formulations for preparing them are provided. The adhesive formulations include a hydroxyl-terminated polyester that forms crystalline polyester domains after reaction with an appropriate polyisocyanate, but prior to completion of cure.
Rohm And Haas Company


Curable compositions

A grout compositions, storable with the exclusion of water, and crosslinkable upon ingress of water at room temperature is prepared by admixing a relatively minor proportion of a moisture-curable organopolysiloxanes, composition containing an alkoxysilyl-terminated, urethane-group-containing polymer and a silicone resin, with a major proportion of aggregate.. .
Wacker Chemical Corporation


Transparent ballistic resistant composite

A composition comprising clear urethane polymer that has elastomeric properties provides resistance to damage by impact from ballistic projectiles. The composition can be monolithic urethane polymer or a composite with a urethane polymer core layer and a transparent protective substrate layer adjacent one or both planar surfaces of the polymer..
Milspray Llc


Syntactic polyurethane elastomers based on low unsaturation polyols for use in subsea pipeline insulation

Syntactic polyurethane elastomers are made using a non-mercury catalyst. The elastomer is made from a reaction mixture containing a polyether polyol having a low amount of terminal unsaturation, a chain extender, a polyisocyanate and microspheres the elastomer adheres well to itself, which makes it very useful as thermal insulation for pipelines and other structures that have a complex geometry..
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Syntactic polyurethane elastomer based on soft segment prepolymer and non-mercury catalyst for use in subsea pipeline insulation

Syntactic polyurethane elastomers are made using a non-mercury catalyst. The elastomer is made from a reaction mixture containing a prepolymer made from a polyether polyol and a polyisocyanate, a chain extender, a polyisocyanate and microspheres.
Dow Global Technologies Llc


A co-polymer polyol

The present invention provides a co-polymer polyol which has an aba block structure wherein each a block comprises a plurality of hydroxy-carboxylic acid residues and the b block comprises at least one dimer fatty residue selected from a dimer fatty diacid residue, a dimer fatty diol residue and a dimer fatty diamine residue, wherein the co-polymer polyol comprises at least two hydroxyl end groups. The invention also provides a method of making the co-polymer polyol and a polyurethane comprising the co-polymer polyol..
Croda International Plc


Polyurethane catalysts from sulfur based salts

This invention discloses the use of sulfite salts as catalysts to make polyurethane polymers. In particular, this invention discloses the use of metal salts such as alkali metal salts as well as alkyl ammonium salts such as tetralkyl ammonium salts as catalysts to make polyurethane polymers.
Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.


Improved manufacturing process for dihydroxydiphenylmethane with high selectivity for 2,4'- dihydroxydiphenylmethane

The invention relates to an improved manufacturing process for the preparation of high 2, 4′-dihydroxydiphenylmethane, by a process involving reaction of phenol and formaldehyde, in the presence of an inorganic polyprotic acid. According to this process, the reaction conditions are selected to favour a high yield of dihydroxydiphenylmethane, with a relatively high concentration of the 2,4′-isomer, by using a relatively low molar excess of phenol than conventional methods..
Aditya Birla Chemicals (thailand) Ltd.


Method for the final purification of biogas for producing biomethane

A four-stage membrane separation unit purification process, especially for prepurified biogas, in which a retentate from the first stage is fed as feed gas to a second stage, a permeate from the first stage is fed as feed gas to a third stage, a retentate from the third stage is fed as feed gas to a fourth stage.. .
L'air Liquide, Societe Anonyme Pour L'etude Et L'exploitation Des Procedes Georges Claude


Methane conversion apparatus and process using a supersonic flow reactor

Apparatus and methods are provided for converting methane in a feed stream to acetylene. A hydrocarbon stream is introduced into a supersonic reactor and pyrolyzed to convert at least a portion of the methane to acetylene.
Uop Llc


Reactor with honeycomb catalyst for fuel reformation

A reactor using honeycomb catalyst is provided for fuel reformation with high activity and heat stability. The reactor comprises a heating tube, a methane gas inlet, a three-way steam inlet and a hydrogen-rich gas outlet.
Institute Of Nuclear Energy Research, Atomic Energy Council, Executive Yuan, R.o.c.


Process for removing methane from a gas

In a method for removing methane from feed gas having a methane concentration of 2 mole % or less, the feed gas is optionally mixed with make-up methane or air and passed through a heat exchanger to heat the gas to an oxidation reactor inlet temperature t1. The heated stream is passed to the reactor where the methane is oxidised.
Johnson Matthey Davy Technologies Limited


Filter endplate having variable hardness

A filter cartridge having an endplate formed of polyurethane having a varying hardness is described. A first portion of the endplate is harder than a second portion of the endplate.
Cummins Filtration Sarl


Biocompatible crosslinked hydrogels, drug-loaded hydrogels and methods of using the same

Disclosed are hydrogel compositions formed by the mixture of a tetramethylmethane substituted with one or more polyethylene glycols, and wherein each polyethylene glycol substituent is independently further substituted with one or more electrophilic groups, and a tetramethylmethane substituted with one or more polyethylene glycols, and wherein each polyethylene glycol substituent is independently further substituted with one or more nucleophilic groups. Disclosed are also methods of preparing the above hydrogels.


Bacteriostatic and fungistatic additive in masterbatch for application in plastics, and producing same

Disclosed is an additive of zno/ag° with a bacteriostatic and fungistatic action in the production of plastic items based on resins such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene, high-impact polystyrene, polyurethanes, etc., especially for producing automotive products, electrical appliances, products for washing, for storing and conducting water, for packaging, etc. The additive is prepared by mixing nanometric silver concentrates and pre-treated zinc oxide with a polymer resin compatible with the target application as a vehicle, obtaining pellets of the additive in a ratio of between 10:90 and 90:10 in weight of zno/ag° : vehicle.
Servicios Administrativos PeÑoles, S.a. De C.v.


Method and system for storing electric energy

Wherein the soot formed in the dissociation of methane or in the cyclic bromination-oxidation process in step c) is collected and, in a renewed pass through the method, is used for methane production in step a), so that a closed carbon circuit is formed, and also a system comprising a power-methane conversion plant in which electric power is converted together with soot and water into methane and also a methane-power conversion plant in which methane is converted into hydrogen with elimination of soot.. .


Electrically insulating oil composition, and oil-impregnated electrical equipment

It is an object to provide an electrically insulating oil composition that can maintain dielectric breakdown voltage high in a wide temperature range of −50° c. To 65° c., and can suppress a decrease in dielectric breakdown voltage even in the case of use at high temperature for a long time, and there is provided an electrically insulating oil composition comprising 1,1-diphenylethane and benzyltoluene, wherein the proportion of a para isomer in the benzyltoluene is 45% by mass or more based on a total amount of the benzyltoluene..
Jx Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation


Colorized retroreflective material and method

A colorized retroreflective materials for use on clothing are colorized by including a substantially transparent colorizing overlayer composition applied to a retroreflective layer, the overlayer further comprising an amount of a suitable pigmented ink; an amount of at least one species of polyurethane material; and an amount of a silane material.. .
Safe Reflections, Inc.


Process and converting greenhouse gases into synthetic fuels

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to apparatus and methods for converting carbon dioxide and/or methane into higher alkanes and hydrogen gas in a single reaction chamber using a catalyst and microwave radiation.. .
Ecokap Technologies Llc


Luminescent composite comprising a polymer and a luminophore and use of this composite in a photovoltaic cell

The composite of the invention comprises (a) a polymer selected from ethylene/vinyl acetate, polyethylene terephthalate, ethylene tetrafluoroethylene, ethylene trifluorochloroethylene, perfluorinated ethylene-propylene, polyvinyl butyral, polyurethane and silicones; (b) an inorganic phosphor based on at least one element selected from rare earth elements, zinc and manganese, which has an external quantum efficiency of greater than or equal to 40% for at least one excitation wavelength of between 350 nm and 440 nm; an absorption of less than or equal to 10% for a wavelength of greater than 440 nm; a mean particle size of less than 1 μm; and this phosphor has an emission maximum in a range of wavelengths between 440 nm and 900 nm.. .
Rhodia Operations


Heat transfer fluids comprising difluoromethane, pentafluoroethane, tetrafluoropropene and optionally propane

A composition includes between 11 and 13 wt. % of difluoromethane; between 58 and 62 wt.
Arkema France


Stain-resistant fluorochemical compositions

The invention features a coating composition that comprises a non-urethane acrylate or methacrylate compound in combination with a fluorochemical. Typically, the non-urethane (meth)acrylate is an aliphatic or aromatic (meth)acrylate compound and the fluorochemical typically comprises a monofunctional (per)fluoropolyether (meth)acrylate compound.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Tertiary amine composition and making the composition

A composition and method for producing a tertiary amine is disclosed. The tertiary amine is contacted with an inert gas.
Air Products And Chemicals, Inc.


Active energy ray curable resin composition, and cured product

The present invention provides an active energy ray-curable resin composition containing: (a) a monofunctional ethylenically unsaturated monomer free of urethane groups; (b) a polyfunctional ethylenically unsaturated monomer free of urethane groups; (c) a urethane group-containing ethylenically unsaturated monomer; (d) a photopolymerization initiator; (e) a polymerization inhibitor; and (f) a surfactant, wherein relative to the total weight of (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), and (f), the weight ratio of (a) is 45 to 90% by weight, the weight ratio of (b) is 3 to 25% by weight, the weight ratio of (c) is 3 to 35% by weight, the weight ratio of (d) is 0.1 to 10% by weight, the weight ratio of (e) is 0.01 to 5% by weight, and the weight ratio of (f) is 0.1 to 10% by weight, and the resin composition has a surface tension of 20 to 30 mn/m.. .
Sanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.


Method for the preparation of thiadiazoles

The present invention relates to processes for preparing protected glyceraldehydes, such as (hydroxy)methanesulfonates. In addition, the invention relates to thiadiazoles, particularly 3-diooxolanyl-thiadiazoles..


Method for producing 1,1-dibromo-1-fluoroethane

The present invention provides a method for producing 1,1-dibromo-1-fluoroethane, the method comprising step a of reacting 1,1-dibromoethylene with hydrogen fluoride to obtain 1,1-dibromo-1-fluoroethane.. .


Premixed hybrid grout

Grouts, grout products and methods of applying such grouts that include a urethane-acrylic hybrid polymer dispersion (ua-hpd) and a filler material. The ua-hpd may be present in an amount of about 10-40% by weight of the composition, while the filler material may be present in an amount of about 60-90% by weight of the composition.
Laticrete International, Inc.


Film and composite fabric

The provision of a film which is comfortable when worn on the human body, both when the body is at rest as well as when the body is in motion and which is also capable of reinforcing the movement of the human body, particularly during exercise, as well as a composite fabric containing said film. A composite fabric composed of a fabric, as well as a synthetic resin layer which covers part of the surface of at least one side of said fabric, wherein the synthetic resin layer is composed primarily of a polyurethane elastomer produced by via the polymerization of a bifunctional diisocyanate, bifunctional polyol and bifunctional chain extender using the pre-polymer method at a molar ratio of 2.00 to 1.10:1.00:1.00 to 0.10, and the coverage ratio of the synthetic resin layer relative to the surface of the fabric ranges from 10 to 90% (inclusive)..
Smp Technologies Inc.


Low density polishing pad

Low density polishing pads and methods of fabricating low density polishing pads are described. In an example, a polishing pad for polishing a substrate includes a polishing body having a density approximately in the range of 0.4-0.55 g/cc.

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