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Ethane patents

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Alloy comprising polyolefin and thermoplastic polyurethane

Coloplast A/s

Alloy comprising polyolefin and thermoplastic polyurethane

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ethane-related patents
 Method for preparing vinyl chloride with acetylene and dichlorethane patent thumbnailnew patent Method for preparing vinyl chloride with acetylene and dichlorethane
Provided is a method for preparing vinyl chloride with acetylene and dichlorethane for large-scale industrial production. Acetylene, dichlorethane vapor and hydrogen chloride gas at a molar ratio of 1:(0.3-1.0):(0-0.20) are mixed; the raw mixed gas is preheated; the preheated raw mixed gas passes through a reactor containing a catalyst and reacts; the resultant mixed gas is cooled to 30-50° c.
Zhongke Yigong (shanghai) Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
 Method for the preparation of thiadiazoles patent thumbnailnew patent Method for the preparation of thiadiazoles
The present invention relates to processes for preparing protected glyceraldehydes, such as (hydroxy)methanesulfonates. In addition, the invention relates to thiadiazoles, particularly 3-diooxolanyl-thiadiazoles..
Amgen Inc.
 Polyester - polyurethane elastomers from renewable sources patent thumbnailnew patent Polyester - polyurethane elastomers from renewable sources
Embodiments of the invention encompass polyurethane elastomers which are a reaction product of a reaction mixture that includes a) at least one polyester made using a dicarboxylic acid having a carbon chain of from 9 to 20; b) at least one chain extender; and c) at least one polyisocyanate. At least 20% of the total carbon content of the polyurethane elastomer is from renewable carbon..
Dow Global Technologies Llc
 Aqueous blocked polyurethane-urea dispersion patent thumbnailnew patent Aqueous blocked polyurethane-urea dispersion
The present invention relates to an aqueous blocked polyurethaneurea dispersion which is obtainable by reacting at least one polyisocyanate, one blocking agent for isocyanate groups, one polyamine having at least one carboxyl and/or carboxylate group, and water. Additionally provided by the invention are a coating composition comprising the aqueous blocked polyurethaneurea dispersion, the use of the aqueous blocked polyurethaneurea dispersion or of the coating composition for producing a coating, a coating obtainable using the aqueous blocked polyurethaneurea dispersion or the coating composition, and a method for producing the aqueous blocked polyurethaneurea dispersion..
Bayer Materialscience Ag
 Alloy comprising polyolefin and thermoplastic polyurethane patent thumbnailnew patent Alloy comprising polyolefin and thermoplastic polyurethane
This invention relates to an alloy comprising polyurethane and polyolefin. It has now surprisingly been found that a specific composition of polyolefin and polyurethane has surprising mechanical properties and at the same time has transparent characteristics and/or appearance.
Coloplast A/s
 Method for producing flame-protected polyurethane foams having low bulk densities patent thumbnailnew patent Method for producing flame-protected polyurethane foams having low bulk densities
The present invention provides a method for producing flame-retardant polyurethane foams, the resulting flame-retardant polyurethane foams having particularly low densities.. .
Bayer Materialscience Ag
 Crystalline forms of a 3-[2-methanesulfonyl-1-(4-trifluoromethyl-phenoxy)ethyl]pyrrolidine compound patent thumbnailnew patent Crystalline forms of a 3-[2-methanesulfonyl-1-(4-trifluoromethyl-phenoxy)ethyl]pyrrolidine compound
The invention provides crystalline hydrochloride salts of (s)-3-[(s)-2-methanesulfonyl-1-(4-trifluoromethylphenoxy)ethyl]pyrrolidine. This invention also provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising the crystalline salts, processes and intermediates for preparing the crystalline salts, and methods of using the crystalline salts to treat diseases..
Theravance Biopharma R&d Ip, Llc
 Key intermediates for the synthesis of rosuvastatin or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Key intermediates for the synthesis of rosuvastatin or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
The present invention relates in general to the field of organic chemistry and in particular to the preparation of n-(4-(4-fluorophenyl)-6-isopropyl-5-methylpyrimidin-2-yl)-n-methylmethanesulfonamide (i), n-(4-(4-fluorophenyl)-5-(bromomethyl)-6-isopropylpyrimidin-2-yl)-n-methylmethanesulfonamide (ii) and n-(4-(4-fluorophenyl)-5-(hydroxymethyl)-6-isopropylpyrimidin-2-yl)-n-methylmethanesulfonamide (iii), key intermediates in preparation of rosuvastatin.. .
Lek Pharmaceuticals D.d.
 Polymers for use in centrifugal separation of liquids patent thumbnailnew patent Polymers for use in centrifugal separation of liquids
Contemplated compositions and methods allow for in-situ formation of a rigid seal layer in a blood collection tube between a cell-depleted phase and a cell-enriched phase. Preferably, the seal layer is formed upon brief uv irradiation and comprises an acrylate, a methacrylate, an epoxy, a urethane, and/or a thiol-ene polymer..
The University Of Maryland
 Inkjet ink, ink cartridge, and inkjet recording device patent thumbnailnew patent Inkjet ink, ink cartridge, and inkjet recording device
An inkjet ink including: water; a water-soluble organic solvent; a pigment; polycarbonate modified urethane resin particles; an ultraviolet absorber; and a light stabilizer.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.
new patent

Insulated foam panels for refrigerated display cases

The present application provides an insulated foam panel for a refrigerated display case. The insulated foam panel may include a polyurethane foam core, a number of polystyrene support rails surrounding the polyurethane foam core in whole or in part, and a pair of liners positioned about the polyurethane foam core..
Heatcraft Refrigeration Products Llc
new patent

Anaerobic curable compositions

The invention provides anaerobic curable compositions comprising a (meth)acrylate component, at least a portion which comprises a (meth)acrylate-functionalized bio-renewable oleaginous polyurethane polymer, and methods of their production and use. These compositions provide excellent adhesion especially on oily surfaces..
Henkel Lp & Holding Gmbh
new patent

Uv-curing hot melt adhesive containing low content of oligomers

A reactive hot melt adhesive comprising a blend of a (meth)acrylate polymer, a polyurethane polymer containing (meth)acrylate groups and a polyurethane prepolymer containing nco-groups wherein the content of low molecular weight (meth)acrylate urethanes is less than 1 wt % of the adhesive. The adhesive provides a fast and improved green strength during application..
Henkel Ag & Co. Kgaa

Integrated steam methane reformer and hydrogenation of acetic acid to produce ethanol

A process is disclosed for integrating a steam methane reformer to produce hydrogen that is used for converting acetic acid and/or ethyl acetate to ethanol. The process may use a methane-containing stream obtained from a stranded natural gas or associated gas source.

Use of carbodiimide-containing compositions for controlling pot life

The invention relates to the use of carbodiimide-containing compositions for controlling pot life in the production of polyurethane (pu)-based systems, preferably pu elastomers, pu adhesives, pu casting resins or pu foams.. .

Methods for improving the resistance to hydrolysis in polyurethane (pu)-based systems

The invention relates to novel processes for improving hydrolysis resistance in polyurethane (pu) based systems, preferably pu adhesives, pu casting resins, pu elastomers or pu foams.. .

Soft thermoplastic polyurethane based on the ester of a tricarboxylic acid

The invention refers to a thermoplastic polyurethane produced from at least an organic diisocyanate and a compound which is reactive toward isocyanates, wherein the polyurethane comprises the ester of a tricarboxylic acid with at least one alcohol and wherein all acid groups of the tricarboxylic acid are esterified with an alcohol. The invention further refers to a process for producing the respective polyurethane, products comprising this thermoplastic polyurethane and the use of the ester of a tricarboxylic acid as plasticizer in thermoplastic polyurethanes..

Methanethione compounds having antiviral activity

A compound of formula (i) is useful as an antiviral agent, in particular for the treatment of influenza. A method for preparing the compound of formula (i) and a composition including the compound of formula (i) are described..

Thermo-fusible sheet material

A thermo-fusible sheet material is provided, particularly for use as a fusible interlining in the textile industry, and having a substrate layer that has a textile material that has an adhesive compound structure thereupon with a polyurethane hot-melt adhesive composition. The thermo-fusible sheet material has a high degree of adhesive strength, particularly on outer fabrics that are difficult to fuse such as, for example, outer fabrics coated with fluorocarbon, silicone or polyurethanes..

Thermoplastic polyurethane interlayer

A composition includes an isocyanate, a polyether diol, a branched short chain diol having a backbone including carbon atoms in a range of 1 to 9 and at least one branching group, and a cross-linker having a hydroxyl functionality in a range of 2.2 to 4. A films includes the composition and an interlayer includes the film.

Feed composition for reducing ruminant methanogenesis

The present invention refers to a method for reducing methane production in ruminants comprising administering to said ruminant a feed composition containing a flavanone glycoside.. .

Method for producing a plant extract and fraction, pharmaceutical compositions and use thereof

The present invention describes the obtaining process of the dichloromethane fraction and subfractions from eleutherine plicata, popularly known as “marupazinho, marupari, palmeirinha, coquinho, marupaí, marupaú, marupá-piranga, and lirio-folha-de-palmeira”. This invention comprises the obtaining process of pharmaceutical compositions that contain the dichloromethane fraction and/or naphthoquinone, as well as its use for malaria treatment.

Treating inflammatory conditions and improving oral hygiene using metal modulators with methylsulfonylmethane as transport enhancer

Oral formulations are provided for prevention and treatment of adverse oral conditions such as gingivitis, periodontal disease, removal of calculus to improve dental hygiene, and control of dental plaque and biofilm. Use of the formulations for prevention and treatment of other adverse oral conditions including inflammation and oxidative and/or free radical damage within the oral cavity are provided.

Matrix containing pigment particles and use of same in cosmetic compositions

A macroparticle pigment powder and methods of making the same. The macroparticle pigment powder comprises a plurality of macroparticle particles.

Antimicrobial polyurethane materials and methods of forming and using same

Antimicrobial quaternized polyurethane materials and methods of forming and using the materials are disclosed. The quaternized polyurethane antimicrobial materials may be synthesized from one or more diisocyanates and one or more diols or triols.

System for low-concentration-methane gas oxidation equipped with multiple oxidizers

A low-concentration methane gas oxidation system includes: a single heat source device; and an oxidation device to oxidize low-concentration methane gas by using heat from the heat source device. The oxidation device includes a plurality of individual oxidation units including respective catalyst oxidizers.

Active energy ray-curable inkjet ink, ink container, and inkjet discharging device

Provided is an active energy ray-curable inkjet ink containing at least photopolymerizable compounds. The photopolymerizable compounds include: at least one monofunctional monomer selected from the group consisting of a monofunctional monomer of which homopolymer has a glass transition temperature of 90° c.

Flipping hook manipulating food items

A flipping hook apparatus for allowing a user to reduce the number of cooking utensils needed for a given job, eliminating food dropping, moving a user's hand further away from a heating element while manipulating food, minimizing arm and wrist twisting while manipulating food, and more safely lower food onto cooking surfaces. The flipping hook apparatus comprises a hook member having an elongated shaft and a hook portion permanently attached to an elongated handle.

Non-faradaic electrochemical promotion of catalytic methane reforming for methanol production

A method of converting methane to methanol at low temperatures utilizes a reactor including an anode, a cathode, a membrane separator between the anode and cathode, a metal oxide catalyst at the anode and a hydrogen recovery catalyst at the cathode. The method can convert methane to methanol at as rate exceeding the theoretical faradaic rate due to the contribution of an electrochemical reaction occurring in tandem with a faradaic reaction..

Low density foamed article made by bead foam compression molding method

Disclosed is a molded foamed article, such as a midsole or outsole for footwear, made by a method in which a desired amount of thermoplastic polyurethane foam beads are placed in a compression mold in the shape of the article and the mold is brought to a peak temperature of from about 130° c. To about 180° c.

Flexible polyurethane and polyurethane/polyorganosiloxane foam materials that absorb impact energy

A polyurethane foam, a polyurethane/polyorganosiloxane foam, and a polyurethane foam polyurethane/polyorganosiloxane foam material are disclosed and described herein. The materials are formed in the presence of a polymerization reaction initiator (an isoprenoid compound), and a polymerization reaction accelerator.

Methods for controlling (extending) the pot life in chain-extended polyurethane (pu)-based systems

The invention relates to novel processes for controlling (extending) the pot life in polyurethane (pu) based systems that are chain-extended with diamines, preferably pu elastomers, pu adhesives, pu casting resins.. .
Rhein Chemie Rheinau Gmbh

Use of aqueous hybrid binders and alkyd systems for coating agents

The present invention relates to aqueous hybrid binders comprising an aqueous polymer dispersion (pd), and also 0.01%-5% by weight of a photoinitiator, and also to aqueous alkyd systems comprising a water-soluble alkyd resin or an aqueous alkyd or polyurethane emulsion or dispersion, and also 0.01%-5% by weight of a photoinitiator, and to the use thereof in coating compositions, more particularly in coating materials.. .
Basf Se

Method for recycling exhaust gases from fischer-tropsch synthesis

A method for recycling exhaust gas from fischer-tropsch synthesis. The method includes: 1) introducing raw gas to a shift reactor to conduct a water-gas shift reaction, and collecting shift gas; 2) introducing the shift gas to a fischer-tropsch synthesis device to yield a hydrocarbon fuel and exhaust gas, returning part of the exhaust gas as recycle gas; 3) introducing another part of the exhaust gas to a methanation reactor, allowing a methanation reaction to happen between the part of the exhaust gas and water vapor; 4) introducing a mixed gas product from the methanation reaction to a methane reforming reactor; 5) transporting the hydrogen and carbon monoxide resulting from the methane reforming reaction to a gas separator, separating the hydrogen and obtaining a mixed gas including carbon dioxide; and 6) returning the mixed gas including carbon dioxide to the methane reforming reactor..
Wuhan Kaidi Engineering Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Method and producing chemicals from a methane-containing gas

An apparatus and a method for producing chemicals from a methane-containing gas are provided. More specifically, the method and an apparatus make use of heterogeneous catalysis, beginning with the partial oxidation of methane to produce synthesis gas followed by a reaction, such as a fischer-tropsch reaction, to produce the chemicals..
Me Resource Corp.

Multicomponent crystals comprising imatinib mesilate and selected co-crystal formers

Novel solid forms of imatinib mesilate comprising as active ingredient 4-[(4-methyl-1-piperazinyl)methyl]-n-[4-methyl-3-[[4-(3-pyridinyl)-2-pyrimidinyl]amino]-phenyl]-benzamide methanesulfonic acid salt and as co-crystal former benzoic acid, fumaric acid or succinic acid are described. The said multi-component crystalline forms possess improved physical and biological properties with respect to the crystalline forms of the active pharmaceutical ingredient previously known..
Basf Se

Golf balls having silicone foam center

Multi-piece golf balls having a solid core made of a foamed silicone composition and a cover are provided. For example, three-piece, four-piece, and five-piece golf balls containing different core structures can be made.
Acushnet Company

Cleaning device comprising in-situ metal oxide dispersion

A cleaning device used in an electrophotographic image forming apparatus that provides excellent wear resistance and mechanical robustness. In particular, the cleaning device is a crosslinked elastomeric polyurethane cleaning blade that includes at least an end region contacting the surface of an imaging member to remove debris therefrom and comprising spherical silica nanoparticles dispersion present in the cleaning blade matrix by in-situ condensation precipitation process..
Xerox Corporation

Coating material, optical coating film, and optical element

A coating material for forming an optical coating film, which constitutes a reflection preventing film provided on a lens base material, includes a solvent (a), a compound (b) which contains a polymerizable functional group, and a metal oxide particle (c), in which the solvent (a) contains at least one solvent (a1) selected from the group consisting of propylene glycol monopropyl ether, propylene glycol monomethyl ether, and propylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate, and the compound (b) contains a compound (b1) which contains two or more urethane bonds in one molecule, or metal alkoxide (b2).. .
Olympus Corporation

Water treatment system

An apparatus for treating wastewater, comprising: (a) means for primary screening of solids from the wastewater to produce gross solids and screened wastewater containing waste solids, (b) means for sedimentation of solids from the screened wastewater to produce sedimented waste solids and a supernatant wastewater containing suspended solids, (c) means for filtration of solids from the supernatant wastewater to produce concentrated waste solids and a filtered wastewater containing organic material, (d) means for aerobic bioreaction of the organic material in the filtered wastewater to produce a sludge of waste solids and non-drinkable recycled water, (e) means for fixed media anaerobic bioreaction of the waste solids to produce methane gas and excess solids, (f) means for collecting and concentrating the excess solids to produce fertilizer, and/or a solid material with energy producing capacity, (g) means for remote continuous monitoring and controlling in real time of the operation of the apparatus.. .
Esa Enviro Water (australia) Pty Limited

Polyurethane-based two-component adhesive composition

The present invention relates to a polyurethane-based two-component adhesive composition. The invention also relates to the manufacture of membrane-type filtration cartridges using the two-component adhesive composition according to the invention..
Bostik Sa

Seeder tire

A tire for planting equipment is disclosed, the tire composed of a tire material and comprising: a rim-mounting surface, a first side wall having a thickness, a second side wall having a thickness, and a contact wall having a thickness and defining a contact area; the first, second, and contact walls defining a hollow channel, and the second side wall having a tapered portion and disc contact portion. A method for manufacturing a seeder tire of variable hardness is also disclosed, the method comprising the steps of: introducing a first polyurethane compound having a first hardness value into a first portion of a tire mold; allowing an amount of time to elapse wherein the first polyurethane compound will gel; and introducing a second polyurethane compound having a second hardness value into a second portion of the mold..
Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.

Valve plug for pressure regulator

A valve plug comprising a cylindrical body having an annular flange with a top surface, a bottom surface, and a circumference is disclosed. The valve plug further comprises an annular recess disposed in the bottom surface of the flange, and a plurality of holes disposed in the top surface of the flange.
Emerson Process Management Regulator Technologies, Inc.

Process and system for converting waste to energy without burning

This invention relates to a power recovery process in waste steam/co2 reformers whereby a waste stream can be made to release energy without having to burn the waste or the syngas. This invention does not make use of fuel cells as its critical component but makes use of highly exothermic chemical reactors using syngas to produce large amounts of heat, such as fischer-tropsch.
Intellergy, Inc.

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