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Ethane patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Ethane-related patents
 Backing element and ultrasound probe including same patent thumbnailBacking element and ultrasound probe including same
The present disclosure in some embodiment provides a backing member for an ultrasonic probe that is disposed on a rear surface of a piezoelectric element constituting the ultrasonic probe to attenuate ultrasonic waves radiated from the rear surface of the piezoelectric element, the backing member including a mixture of a base member and a filler, wherein the base member is a polyurethane resin and the filler is manganese powder, whereby the backing member has appropriate sound absorption function and excellent dicing processability and provides an ultrasonic probe including the backing member.. .
 Non-porous thermoformable polyurethane solid patent thumbnailNon-porous thermoformable polyurethane solid
The subject disclosure presents systems and methods for manufacturing a non-porous thermoformable polyurethane solid by combining an uncured polyurethane resin with aluminum trihydrate (ath), a plurality of particulates, molecular sieves, and color particulates. This combination is mixed in a vacuum for a time period sufficient to initiate an exothermic reaction within the mixture.
 Aqueous ink-jet inks containing branched polyurethanes as binders patent thumbnailAqueous ink-jet inks containing branched polyurethanes as binders
The present disclosure provides novel aqueous ink jet inks containing an aqueous vehicle, a pigment and a branched polyurethane as a binder.. .
 Aqueous polyacrylate copolymer dispersions with high oh group content patent thumbnailAqueous polyacrylate copolymer dispersions with high oh group content
The present invention relates to aqueous secondary copolymer dispersion comprising a copolymer (p) synthesized from a mixture of free-radically polymerizable monomers (m) comprising: (m1) cycloaliphatic esters of acrylic and/or methylacrylic acid; (m3) hydroxy-functional, free-radically polymerizable monomers; (m4) carboxyl-functional, free-radically polymerizable monomers and (m5) hydroxyl- and carboxyl-free (meth)acrylic esters having c1 to c12 hydrocarbon radicals in the alcohol moiety and/or vinylaromatics, wherein the mixture further comprises polyols (po) selected from the group of polyester polyols and/or polycarbonate polyols, the polyols having an average hydroxyl group functionality of at least 2. The invention also relates to a method for the production of such a dispersion, to the use of the dispersion as a coating and as a binder in 2k polyurethane coatings..
 Low-solvent polyacrylate copolymer dispersions patent thumbnailLow-solvent polyacrylate copolymer dispersions
The present invention relates to an aqueous secondary copolymer dispersion comprising a copolymer (p) synthesized from a mixture of free-radically polymerizable monomers (m) comprising (m1) cycloaliphatic esters of acrylic and/or methylacrylic acid; (m2) vinyl esters of aliphatic carboxylic acids; (m3) hydroxy-functional, free-radically polymerizable monomers; (m4) carboxyl-functional, free-radically polymerizable monomers and (m5) hydroxyl- and carboxyl-free (meth)acrylic esters having c1 to c12 hydrocarbon radicals in the alcohol moiety and/or vinylaromatics. The mixture further comprises glycidyl esters of aliphatic carboxylic acids.
 Self-adaptive cements patent thumbnailSelf-adaptive cements
A self-adaptive cement formulation includes cement, water, block copolymer and asphaltite-mineral particles. The set cement demonstrates self-healing properties when exposed to methane, and is particularly suited for well-cementing applications.
 Topical pharmaceutical compositions of thiocolchicoside and methylsulfonylmethane patent thumbnailTopical pharmaceutical compositions of thiocolchicoside and methylsulfonylmethane
The present invention relates to a topical pharmaceutical composition of thiocolchicoside and methylsulfonylmethane comprising at least one penetration enhancer and one or more gelling agent. Furthermore, the invention relates to process for preparing the said topical pharmaceutical composition and its use for the treatment of pain and inflammatory symptoms associated with muscle-skeletal system and osteoarthritis..
 Catalysts for producing hydrogen and synthesis gas patent thumbnailCatalysts for producing hydrogen and synthesis gas
A catalyst which comprises nickel and/or cobalt supported on a support that includes a mixed oxide containing metals, such as aluminum, zirconium, lanthanum, magnesium, cerium, calcium, and yttrium. Such catalysts are useful for converting carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide, and for converting methane to hydrogen..
 Process for the conversion of lower alkanes to aromatic hydrocarbons patent thumbnailProcess for the conversion of lower alkanes to aromatic hydrocarbons
A process for producing aromatic hydrocarbons which comprises (a) contacting one or more lower alkanes with a dehyroaromatization aromatic catalyst which is comprised of 0.005 to 0.1% wt platinum, not more than 0.2% wt of an amount of an attenuating metal wherein the amount of platinum is not more than about 0.02% wt more than the amount of the attenuating metal, from about 10 to about 99.9% wt of an aluminosilicate, and a binder, and (b) separating methane, hydrogen, and c2-5 hydrocarbons from the reaction products of step (a) to produce aromatic reaction products including benzene.. .
 Clay- based energy storage compositions for high temperature applications patent thumbnailClay- based energy storage compositions for high temperature applications
In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to energy storage compositions that comprise a clay and an ionic liquid. In some embodiments, the clay is a bentonite clay and the ionic liquid is a room temperature ionic liquid (rtil).
Soft touch laminates constructed with improved fire retardant properties for transportation
Soft touch fire retardant laminates with pvc middle layers, foamed or unfoamed, and multiblock copolymer or polyurethane or silicone top layers which meet faa requirements are disclosed.. .
Liner and liner system for machine body
A liner for a machine body includes a first layer including a first polyurethane having first material characteristics, and a second layer coupled to the first layer. The second layer includes a second polyurethane having second material characteristics different than the first material characteristics, and the first layer and the second layer are chemically bonded to one another.
Spring isolator
A spring isolator may include a first portion and second portion joined together or integrally formed and configured to dampen and absorb loads from a coil spring. The first portion may be a microcellular polyurethane material and the second portion may be a thermoplastic polyurethane material.
Vapor-trapping growth of single-crystalline graphene flowers
A method for growing a graphene layer on a metal foil includes placing a vessel into a chemical vapor deposition chamber, the vessel having a metal foil positioned therein. The method includes evacuating the chemical vapor deposition chamber, introducing hydrogen gas into the chamber to achieve a first pressure less than atmospheric pressure, heating the atmosphere in the chamber to anneal the metal foil, introducing methane and hydrogen into the chamber to achieve a second pressure less than atmospheric pressure..
Foams and articles made from foams containing hcfo or hfo blowing agents
Polyurethane foams having a polymeric foam structure including a plurality of closed cells therein; and an hfo or hcfo blowing agent, including hcfo-1233zd or hfo-1234ze. In certain aspects, foam premixes, and the resulting foam structures, that include hcfo-1233zd as blowing agent used alone, or in certain aspects, in blend with a co-blowing agent such as methyl formate are disclosed..
Photocurable electroconductive ink composition
Disclosed is a photocurable electroconductive ink composition including: (a) an oligomer of urethane acrylates, (b) three types of acrylates composed of either tetrafunctional acrylates or trifunctional acrylates, difunctional acrylates and monofunctional acrylates, (c) an electroconductive filler, (d) two or more types of photopolymerization initiators and (e) a polymeric dispersing agent, wherein the amount of the electroconductive filler (c) to be mixed is from 77 to 85% by mass based on the total mass of the photocurable electroconductive ink composition, and 80% by mass or more of the electroconductive filler (c) is a scaly, foil-like or flakey silver powder having a particle size corresponding to a particle size distribution at 50% of more than 5 μm.. .
Cross-linkable masses based on organyl-oxysilane-terminated polyurethanes
Adhesives having high tensile strength are prepared from moisture-curable alkoxysilyl-terminated polyurethanes.. .
Molded tire having different tread material
A molded tire may include a support structure having an inner circumferential portion and an outer circumferential portion. The inner circumferential portion may be configured to be associated with a hub.
Detergent compositions for endoscope washers
Wherein r represents a branched-chain alkyl group having not less than 7 and not more than 9 carbon atoms; eo represents an ethanediyloxy group; po represents a propanediyloxy group; m and n each represent an average molar number of addition of the ethanediyloxy or propanediyloxy group in which m is a number of not less than 1 and not more than 30, and n is a number of not less than 2 and not more than 50; and the mark “/” represents that eo and po may be added either in a random form or in a block form, and an order of addition of eo and po is optional; and [2] a method of washing an endoscope using an endoscope washer, including the step of washing the endoscope with a mixture including the detergent composition for endoscope washers as described in the above [1], and a protease. The present invention provides a detergent composition for endoscope washers which is less foamed even at a low temperature and is excellent in detergency and storage stability, and a method of washing an endoscope using an endoscope washer in which the above detergent composition is used..
Apparatus and methods for providing blended natural gas to at least one engine
Apparatus and methods for providing natural gas possessing at least one desired quality to at least one engine include providing raw natural gas and methane gas through first and second conduits, respectively. Based upon measurements of the desired quality or qualities of the raw natural gas, the electronic controller selectively varies the flow of methane gas to provide a blend of raw natural gas and methane gas that possesses desired quality or qualities to the engine(s)..
Polaniline based membranes for separation of carbon dioxide and methane
Various embodiments demonstrate that an in-situ polymerization enables deposition of a homogeneous polyaniline layer with a controlled thickness on top of a porous polypropylene support. Photografting and subsequent modification with diamines affords composite membranes featuring both high permeability and selectivity that are well suited for applications such as separation of carbon dioxide from a natural gas..
Sorbent compositions, sorbent articles, methods for preparing sorbent articles, and methods for capturing target gases using the sorbent articles
Articles for capturing or separating a target gas from a gas stream may include a porous substrate such as a flexible sheet or mat, or a rigid ceramic monolith impregnated or coated with a sorbent composition. The sorbent composition may include a polyamine and a coexistent polymer chemically bonded to the polyamine.
Manufacture of ethylene
Ethylene is produced from ethane in two steps: first, ethane is oxychlorinated to ethyl chloride; and second, ethyl chloride from the first step is cracked to produce ethylene and hydrogen chloride. The process defined in claim 1 further including the step of recycling hydrogen chloride from the second step to the first (chlorination) step..
Polyurethane elastomers based on tdi prepolymers enriched in the 2,6-tdi isomer cured with trimethylene glycol di-(para amino benzoate)
Polyurethane/urea elastomer compositions which retain their dimensions at elevated temperatures. These polyurethane/urea elastomers surprisingly have improved green strength or dimensional stability upon demolding at typical mold temperatures of 80 to 130 c and remain dimensionally stable throughout the post cure process which is typically overnight at about 100 c.
Polymer for contact lenses
The present invention relates to polyurethane polymer compositions prepared by reacting a mixture comprising: a) at least one poly(ethylene glycol), b) at least one polyoxyalkylene diol (typically ppg or a copolymer of ethylene oxide and propylene oxide), c) at least one di- or poly-isocyanate, d) at least one polyol or macropolyol having a functionality greater than 2, or a mixture of such polyols or macropolyols having a functionality greater than 2, e) optionally an additional compound comprising at least one hydroxyl group and at least one primary or secondary amine group. The present invention also relates to an article comprising such a polymer, in particular a medical device such as a contact lens.
Process for making a flexible polyurethane foam
Process for making a flexible polyurethane foam by reacting a polyisocyanate and a polyol composition in the presence of water, a reactive amine catalyst and a specific metal salt. The foams have a low level of volatile organic compounds (vocs) and a desirable combination of mechanical and durability properties.
Polyurethane foam composition
Further disclosed is a suitable prepolymer, production methods and uses.. .
Processes for obtaining a polyol from palm oil, polyols obtained from said processes, products derived from said polyol and method for preparing same
The present invention relates to the process for production of a polyol from palm oil and of rigid polyurethane foams prepared from said polyol derived from palm oil. On the one hand, this invention provides a method for obtaining monomeric polyols from palm oil that have hydroxyl number between 50 450 mgkoh/g sample.
Method of making hydroxymethylphosphonate, polyurethane foam-forming compositions, polyurethane foam and articles made therefrom
A method of making hydroxymethylphosphonate comprising heating paraformaldehyde in a solvent to a desired reaction temperature, wherein the solvent is present in at least an amount necessary to solvate or suspend the paraformaldehyde; adding at least one alkyl phosphite to the heated paraformaldehyde, to provide hydroxymethylphosphonate, the alkyl phosphite being added to the heated paraformaldehyde at a rate which will avoid or inhibit the production of a significant exotherm and resulting high/significant level of acid by-product(s), there being present in the reaction medium at least one hindered amine catalyst in which the nitrogen in the amine is directly bound to a secondary and/or tertiary carbon of an organic group; and, optionally, following the completion of the addition, heating the reaction mixture to an elevated temperature.. .
Salt and polymorph of pyrazolopyrimidinone compound, and pharmaceutical composition containing the same, preparation method and use thereof
The present invention relates to new salts of pyrazolopyrimidinone represented by formula (i), and pharmaceutically acceptable polymorph, solvate, hydrate, dehydrate, co-crystallization, anhydrous, or amorphous form thereof, the pharmaceutical compositions, and a pharmaceutical unit dosage form containing the same, wherein x represents organic or inorganic acids, preferable maleic acid, succinic acid, methanesulfonic acid, hydrochloric acid, etc. The invention further relates to co-crystals or complexes of compounds of pyrazolopyrimidinone and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same.
Golf ball cores having foam center and thermoset outer layers with hardness gradients
Multi-layered golf ball core sub-assemblies and the resulting golf balls are provided. The core structure includes an inner core (center) comprising a foam composition, preferably foamed polyurethane.
Multi-layered coes for golf balls having foam and thermoset layers
Multi-layered golf ball core sub-assemblies and the resulting golf balls are provided. The core structure includes an inner core (center) comprising a foam composition, preferably foamed polyurethane.
Reactive fluorine-containing hghly branched polymer and curable composition containing same
A material for a surface modifying agent with which the problems of insufficient durability as abrasion and chemical resistances of surface modification effect in polyurethane surface modification by the prior surface modifying agent are resolved, and is immobilized in a matrix resin firmly and improved in durability. A reactive fluorine-containing highly branched polymer obtained by: polymerizing monomer a having in a molecule two or more radically polymerizable double bonds, monomer b having in a molecule a fluoroalkyl group and at least one radically polymerizable double bond, and monomer c having in a molecule an alcoholic hydroxy group and minimum, one radically polymerizable double bond, in presence of a polymerization initiator d in an amount of 5% to 200% by mole with respect to the number of moles of the monomer a; a curable composition containing the reactive fluorine-containing highly branched polymer; and a cured film obtained from the composition..
Thermoplastic polyurethane compound composition for coated yarn and method for manufacturing coated yarn using the thermoplastic polyurethane compound
The present invention provides a method for manufacturing a coated yarn having outstanding physical properties, the method comprising: collecting thermoplastic polyurethane in virgin form, as scraps remaining after being suitably used for airbag patterns in a shoe manufacturing process, or as scraps remaining after other thermoplastic polyurethane is processed; mixing the various kinds of thermoplastic polyurethane with various additives; compounding the resultant mixture using an extruder to prepare a thermoplastic polyurethane compound for a coated yarn; and coating the surface of a yarn made from polyester, nylon, spandex, etc. With the compound using an extruder..
Polyurethane coating material composition, multistage coating methods using these coating material compositions, and also the use of the coating material composition as clearcoat material and pigmented coating material, and application of the coating method for automotive refinish and/or for the coating of plastics substrates and/or of utility vehicles
Where r5=hydrogen and r1, r2, r3, and r4 are each identical or different radicals, r1 and r3 being hydrogen or an alkyl radical or an aryl radical, and r2 and r4 being an alkyl radical or an aryl radical.. .
Methods for making polyurea and polyurethane polymers and golf balls prepared therefrom
Methods for making golf balls having a cover made from polyurea and polyurethane compositions are provided. The methods for making the polyurea and polyurethane composition involve preparing an amine-terminated or hydroxyl-terminated first prepolymer by reacting a first isocyanate compound with a stoichiometric excess of polyamine or polyol (depending on the type of prepolymer desired).
Dietary supplement system for multifunctional anti-aging management and method of use
A dietary supplement system includes a dietary supplement composition for oral administration by an individual in the morning, the composition, including (a) a telomere maintenance complex including: purslane extract (aerial parts); turmeric rhizome extract (95% curcuminoids); quercetin dehydrate, cayenne pepper fruit; vanadium (as vanadyl sulfate); fenugreek seed; astragalus root extract, omega fatty acid complex including linoleic acid; alpha-linolenic acid; oleic acid borage seed oil gamma-linolenic acid), evening primrose oil fish body oil (eicosapentaenoic acid; docosahexaenoic acid); (b) a calorie restriction mimetics and gene expression complex including trans-resveratrol (from polygonum cuspidatum root extract); pterostilbene fisetin 50% (buxus microphlla sieb (stem and leaf; alpha lipoic acid, coenzyme q-10, betaine hcl, sulfur (from methylsulfonylmethane); l-carnitine tartrate; l-carnitine hcl, and (c) a free radical scavenger complex, including green tea leaf extract catechin and polyphenols); anthocyanins (from bilberry fruit and grape skin extracts).. .
Ionic liquid for desulfurization of light fuels
The compound is prepared by mixing 1-methyl-3-pentyl 1h-imidazolium tetrafluoroborate with sodium periodate in dichloromethane and water, stirring the mixture for 24 hours, and extracting the compound from the product with dichloromethane. The ionic liquid may be used for the desulfurization of light fuels by bringing the ionic liquid into contact with the crude light petroleum oil at a temperature of about 50° c.
Cushion for crossed-ankle and other body part support
A support and cushioning structure is disclosed. The support and cushioning structure is capable of supporting and cushioning the ankles in crossed-ankle positions.

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