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Ethane patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Ethane-related patents
 Thermoplastic elastomer composition and use thereof patent thumbnailThermoplastic elastomer composition and use thereof
It is the aim to indicate a thermoplastic elastomer composition which is characterized by particularly good temperature stability from −40° c. To +150° c.
 Clear coat coating composition patent thumbnailClear coat coating composition
A clear coat coating composition with a resin solids content comprising a hydroxyl-functional binder component and a crosslinker component, wherein the hydroxyl-functional binder component comprises at least one hydroxyl-functional urethane component comprising at least one aliphatic polyether polyol having —och2cnf2n+1 groups with n=1 or 2 as a building block, and wherein said —och2cnf2n+1 groups provide the clear coat coating composition with a fluorine content of 0.1 to 3 wt. %, calculated on the resin solids content of the clear coat coating composition..
 Cross-linked ethylene propylene diene terpolymer latex blend for improved coatings patent thumbnailCross-linked ethylene propylene diene terpolymer latex blend for improved coatings
Latex blend formulations that include a high solids cross-linked ethylene propylene diene terpolymer latex with acrylics, polyurethane, epoxy, or alkyd resin usable as a waterproofing material for roofs or usable in paints and adhesives.. .
 Polyol formulations for improved cold temperature skin cure of polyurethane rigid foams patent thumbnailPolyol formulations for improved cold temperature skin cure of polyurethane rigid foams
A polyol formulation comprising certain type of polyester polyols useful in the preparation of rigid polyurethane foams having low surface friability is provided. In one embodiment, a reaction system for production of a rigid foam is provided.
 Low-viscosity reactive polyurethane compounds patent thumbnailLow-viscosity reactive polyurethane compounds
The present invention relates to a method for the production of low-viscosity polyurethane prepolymers (pur prepolymers) based on 2,4′-mdi, as well as the use of said polyurethane prepolymers.. .
 Melamine-polyol dispersions and uses thereof in manufacturing polyurethane patent thumbnailMelamine-polyol dispersions and uses thereof in manufacturing polyurethane
Melamine-polyol dispersions comprising ethoxylated alcohols of specific structures are disclosed. Such dispersions maintain their stability under stationary conditions for at least 24 hours and are useful in the manufacturing of polyurethane foams.
 Foam-core golf balls patent thumbnailFoam-core golf balls
A golf ball with a controlled moment of inertia and controlled spin rate is disclosed. The golf ball comprises a subassembly and a cover, the subassembly comprising an inner core and an intermediate layer, wherein the subassembly has a diameter of from about 1.45 inches to about 1.66 inches, the inner core has a diameter of less than about 0.75 inches, and the intermediate layer comprises a foamed polyurethane composition.
 Golf ball cores having foam center and thermoplastic outer layers patent thumbnailGolf ball cores having foam center and thermoplastic outer layers
Golf ball multi-layered core sub-assemblies and the resulting golf balls are provided. The core structure includes a foam inner core (center); and intermediate and outer core layers.
 Golf balls having foam inner core and themoplastic outer core patent thumbnailGolf balls having foam inner core and themoplastic outer core
Multi-piece golf balls containing a dual-core structure are provided. The core structure includes an inner core (center) comprising a foam composition, preferably foamed polyurethane.
 Polysiloxane-modified polyhydroxy polyurethane resin, method for producing same, heat-sensitive recording material using the resin, imitation leather, thermoplastic polyolefin resin skin material, material for weather strip, and weather strip patent thumbnailPolysiloxane-modified polyhydroxy polyurethane resin, method for producing same, heat-sensitive recording material using the resin, imitation leather, thermoplastic polyolefin resin skin material, material for weather strip, and weather strip
Wherein a means. .
Polyurethanes, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and methods of making the same
The present invention provides polyurethanes including a reaction product of components including: (a) an isocyanate functional urethane prepolymer comprising a reaction product of components including: (i) about 1 equivalent of at least one polyisocyanate; and (ii) about 0.1 to about 0.5 equivalents of at least one diol having 2 to 18 carbon atoms; and (b) about 0.05 to about 0.9 equivalents of at least one branched polyol having 4 to 18 carbon atoms and at least 3 hydroxyl groups; and (c) up to about 0.9 equivalents of at least one polyol different from branched polyol (b) and having 2 to 18 carbon atoms, wherein the reaction product components are essentially free of polyester polyol and polyether polyol; compositions, coatings and articles made therefrom and methods of making the same.. .
Method of forming coloured tyre portions
A tyre having at least one coloured portion having: —a highly impermeable barrier layer; and—a polyurethane paint on the barrier layer. The highly impermeable barrier layer is made by depositing on the part of the tyre to be coloured an aqueous dispersion which is eventually dried..
Polyisocyanurate foams containing dispersed non-porous silica particles
Disclosed herein are polyisocyanurate and/or polyurethane foams containing non-porous silica particles derived from mesoporous cellular foams, wherein the polyisocyanurate and/or polyurethane foams have enhanced heat and/or fire resistance. Processes for making such foams and methods of using them are also disclosed..
Novel resin composition for insulating film, and use thereof
The present invention provides a resin composition for an insulating film which resin composition is excellent in tack property after drying and allows a resultant insulating film to be excellent in flexibility and electrical insulation reliability and to be small in warpage after curing, a resin film for an insulating film, an insulating film, and a printed wiring board provided with an insulating film. The resin composition for an insulating film contains at least: a (a) binder polymer; and (b) cross-linked polymer particles, whose polymer has a urethane bond and a carbonate skeleton in its molecule..
Method and composition for topical pain relief
A method, product by process, and composition for aiding in pain relief. The user adds hot water to methylsulfonylmethane (msm), then stirs the resulting mixture until the msm is dissolved.
Gas hydrates with a high capacity and high formation rate promoted by biosurfactants
The disclosure provides an ls methane hydrate containing a plurality of methane hydrate crystals and lignosulfonate. The disclosure also provides a method of making an ls methane hydrate by combining methane gas, liquid or solid water, and ls at controlled temperature and starting pressure for a time sufficient to form ls methane hydrate.
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
An image forming apparatus, including: electrostatic latent image bearing member; electrostatic latent image forming unit; developing unit configured to develop with toner to form visible image; transferring unit; fixing unit; and discharging unit, the toner containing binder resin, colorant, and releasing agent, the binder resin containing crystalline resin containing urethane or urea bond, or both, the toner satisfying: c/(c+a)≧0.15, c being integrated intensity of part of spectrum derived from crystalline structure of the binder resin, a being integrated intensity of part of the spectrum derived from non-crystalline structure, the spectrum being diffraction spectrum of the toner as obtained by x-ray diffraction spectroscopy, storage elastic modulus g′(70) of the toner at 70° c. Being 5.0×104 pa≦g′(70)≦1.0×106 pa, and storage elastic modulus g′(160) thereof at 160° c.
Process for demulsification of crude oil in water emulsions by means of natural or synthetic amino acid-based demulsifiers
The present invention relates to a process for breaking of preferred, but not exclusive, oil-in-water emulsions (o/w) and water separation from crude oil emulsions using surfactants as demulsifying agents derived from natural or synthetic amino acids, which are water soluble. The surfactants are of the methanesulfonate series of glycine ester derivatives with hydrocarbon chains, preferably between c10 and c16, at a concentration between 450 and 900 ppm, at a temperature range of 30 to 60° c.
Continuous circulating concentric casing managed equivalent circulating density (ecd) drilling for methane gas recovery from coal seams
A method of drilling multiple boreholes within a single caisson, for recovery of methane gas from a coal bed, including the steps of drilling first and second vertical boreholes from a single location within a single caisson; drilling at least one or more horizontal wells from the several vertical bore hole, the horizontal wells drilled substantially parallel to a face cleat in the coal bed; drilling at least one or more lateral wells from the one or more horizontal wells, the lateral wells drilled substantially perpendicular to one or more face cleats in the coal bed; continuously circulating water through the drilled vertical, horizontal and lateral wells to recover the water and entrained methane gas from the coal bed; applying friction or choke manifold to the water circulating down the well bores so that the water appears to have a hydrostatic pressure within the well sufficient to maintain an equilibrium with the hydrostatic pressure in the coal bed formation; and drilling at least a third vertical borehole within the single caisson, with one or more horizontal boreholes and one or more lateral boreholes for returning water obtained from the lateral wells into a water zone beneath the surface.. .
Modified steam-methane-reformation technique for hydrogen production
A process of and system for sequestering carbon (co2) produced in coal and gas burning hydrogen production plants, resulting in the production of hydrogen at current market prices or less without carbon emission.. .
Method of organizing the working procedure in a spark ignition gas piston engine
A piston engine intakes, at the compression stage, lean gas-air mixture from a cylinder to the ignition chamber. The residual gases are at 500° c.
Azide crosslinked and physically crosslinked polymers for membrane separation
The present invention appreciates that compounds comprising ester linkages and nitrogen-containing moieties that are at least divalent (e.g., urea, urethane, amide, etc.) can be crosslinked with azides to form membranes that are resistant to c02 plasticization, that are selective for acid gases relative to nonpolar gases such as hydrocarbons, and that have high acid gas flux characteristics. The resultant membranes have stable structure and stable separation properties at higher temperatures and pressures.
Module for treatment of carbon dioxide and treatment method thereof
Liquid carbon dioxide separated from sour gas is expanded by throttling decompression and is gas-liquid separated at a low temperature so as to be supplied for shipping or the improvement of petroleum recovery. Methane generated from a stranded gas well is allowed to pass as a coolant through liquid carbon dioxide separated and discharged from sour gas generated from the stranded gas well so as to cool liquid carbon dioxide.
Compositions and use of vinylidene fluoride and blends thereof
The present technology relates to compositional blends that can be used as refrigerants, and more specifically to blends of vinylidene fluoride and at least one other component for use in very low temperature applications. In at least some examples, the second component can be selected from the group consisting of carbon dioxide and pentafluoroethane.
Removal of sulfur compounds from natural gas streams
A process for treatment of a natural gas stream, or other methane containing stream that passes through a guard bed for removal of mercury and hydrolysis of cos, followed by treatment with an absorbent unit containing an amine solvent for removal of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. The gas is then dried by a molecular sieve bed.
Synthesis of polyfunctional polyol acrylates
A method of synthesizing urethane-free polyfunctional acrylate compounds. The method includes reaction of a polyol with acrylic acid in the presence of an inhibitor.
Silyl-protected nitrogen-containing cyclic compounds and making method
Silyl-protected nitrogen-containing cyclic compounds having formula (1) are provided wherein r1, r2 and r3 each are a monovalent hydrocarbon group, r4 and r5 each are a divalent hydrocarbon group, r6, r7 and r8 each are h or a monovalent hydrocarbon group. A is —c(o)or9 or —c≡n, r9 is a monovalent hydrocarbon group, and a is 0 or 1.
Urethane-type curable organic binder for mold, and molding sand composition and mold obtained using the same
Provided are an organic binder for a mold, which can advantageously extend the pot life without causing uneven curing, reduction in mold strength and an increase in the amount of use of a catalyst; a molding sand composition which is obtained by using the organic binder for a mold, and which exhibits an extended pot life; and a mold produced by curing such a molding sand composition through gas hardening. The urethane-curable type organic binder for a mold, which is used for production of a urethane-based mold, is constituted by comprising a specific alkoxysilyl group-containing ketimine compound, together with a polyol compound and a polyisocyanate compound..
Iron(iii) complexes as catalysts for polyurethane compositions
The present invention relates to iron (iii) complexes of the formula fe(l)x(y)3-x, where the ligand l has the formula (i). Such complexes are especially suitable as a catalyst for two-component polyurethane compositions.
Waterproof silane-endcapped adhesive mixture
A polymeric matrix adhesive comprising a prepolymer urethane, a silane added to the prepolymer urethane, the silane reacts with the urethane to at least partially end-cap the urethane to produce a silane end-capped urethane, an aliphatic quencher, a reinforcing extender; and a thixotropic agent, wherein the polymeric matrix adhesive is waterproof.. .
Diluent product comprising a bis-oxazolidine, a catalyst and a polyisocyanate, and uses thereof
The invention relates to a diluent comprising: a polyisocyanate having a number of isocyanate functions strictly greater than 1 and less than or equal to 3.1; a bis-oxazolidine, and a catalyst, the amounts of bis-oxazolidine and of polyisocyanate having a number of isocyanate functions strictly greater than 1 and less than or equal to 3.1 being such that the molar ratio between the —nh functions of the bis-oxazolidine and the nco functions is from 0.3 to 0.75; the —nh functions of the bis-oxazolidine being the —nh functions derived from the amine functions formed after opening of the bis-oxazolidine ring, said diluent not comprising any solvent or any exogenous plasticizer; to polyurethane resin compositions comprising said diluent and to the uses thereof.. .
Premixed hybrid grout
Grouts, grout products and methods of applying such grouts that include a urethane-acrylic hybrid polymer dispersion (ua-hpd) and a filler material. The ua-hpd may be present in an amount of about 10-40% by weight of the composition, while the filler material may be present in an amount of about 60-90% by weight of the composition.
Amine polyether polyols and polyurethane foam compositions made from cyclic amine compounds
The present invention describes cyclic amine compounds useful for catalysts forpolyurethane form-forming compositions, as well as amine alkoxylates and amine polyether polyols formed form the cyclic amines. The cyclic amine compounds of the invention provide distinct benefits for reaction compositions, methods, and polyurethane foams based on their desirable physical and catalytic properties..
Foam expansion agent compositions containing z-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene and their uses in the preparation of polyurethane and polyisocyanurate polymer foams
A foam expansion agent composition is disclosed that includes z-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene and at least one high boiling point foam expansion agent present in an effective amount sufficient to produce a foam having a k-factor less than the k-factor of a foam produced using z-1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluoro-2-butene or the at least one high boiling point foam expansion agent alone at a given temperature. Also disclosed is a foam-forming composition that includes the foam expansion agent composition of this disclosure and an active hydrogen-containing compound having two or more active hydrogens.
Low polyunsaturated fatty acid oils and uses thereof
Provided are microalgal oils having a low polyunsaturated fatty acid profile and derivatives of the oils, including acids, esters, epoxides, hydroxylated acids and esters, urethanes, amides, and polymers thereof. Also provided are compositions comprising the oils and their derivatives and their uses in foodstuffs and in industrial and material applications.
Resilient cation exchange membranes
A resilient cation exchange membrane including a porous matrix impregnated with a cross-linked homogenous ion-transferring polymer that fills the pores and substantially covers the surfaces of the porous matrix. The cross-linked homogenous ion-transferring polymer formed by polymerizing a homogeneous solution including (i) a hydrophilic ionic monomer selected from a group consisting of 2-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propanesulfonic acid, 2-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propanesulfonic acid salts, sodium 4-vinylbenzenesulfonate, and 3-sulfopropyl acrylate potassium, with (ii) a hydrophobic cross-linking oligomer selected from a group consisting of polyurethane oligomer diacrylate, polyester oligomer diacrylate, epoxy oligomer diacrylate, polybutadiene oligomer diacrylate, silicone diacrylate, dimethacrylate counterparts thereof, polyurethane oligomers having three or more vinyl groups, polyester oligomers having three or more vinyl groups, and mixtures thereof..
Non-textile polymer compositions and methods
Included are polymer compositions such as polyurethaneureas, polyamides and polyesters. The compositions may be in a variety of forms such as dispersions, powders, fibers, and beads.
Thermoplastic multi-layer golf ball
A thermoplastic multi-layer golf ball has a thermoplastic core center, a thermoplastic core layer, and an inner cover layer and outer cover layer each including a thermoplastic polyurethane. The core center has a diameter of about 5-20 mm and a first flexural modulus of ≦about 8,000 psi.
Reinforced surf leash
A surfboard leash apparatus is disclosed. The surf leash apparatus includes a cuff for attaching to a limb of a surfer, an attachment mechanism for attaching to a surfboard, and a leash cord connected between the cuff and the attachment mechanism.
Anaerobic process
The invention relates to processes and equipment for treatment of a feedstock by anaerobic organisms to produce a methane containing biogas that can be used as a source of energy. The invention is particularly concerned with producing methane from a waste plant material such as produced by fermentation processes used in the alcoholic beverages industry, such as from brewing/distilling processes which employ grain material for fermentation..
Combined generation system and method for collecting carbon dioxide for combined generation system
A combined generation system according to one embodiment of the present invention comprises: a natural gas synthesizing apparatus for receiving coal and oxygen, generating synthetic gas by a gasifier, and permitting the synthetic gas to pass through a methanation reactor so as to synthesize methane; a fuel cell apparatus for receiving fuel that contains methane from the natural gas synthesizing apparatus and generating electrical energy; and a generating apparatus for producing electrical energy using the fluid discharged from the fuel cell apparatus. .
Free radical curable waterborne glass coating compositions
Aqueous polyurethane coating compositions are disclosed in this specification. The aqueous polyurethane coating compositions contain a polycarbonate-polyurethane resin component and a water-dilutable, ethylenically unsaturated polyurethane polyol component..
Coating material for aluminum substrate for inkjet computer-to-plate and preparation and use of same
A coating material for an aluminum substrate for inkjet computer-to-plate and preparation method and use of same. The composition of the coating material is: high polymer 5-40 wt %; nano-sized and/or micro-sized oxide particles 5-30 wt %; organic solvent constituting the remainder.
Process and apparatus for converting greenhouse gases into synthetic fuels
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to apparatus and methods for converting carbon dioxide and/or methane into higher alkanes and hydrogen gas in a single reaction chamber using a catalyst and microwave radiation.. .

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