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Ethane patents

This page is updated frequently with new Ethane-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ethane-related patents
 Low refractive index coating with fluroelastomer encapsulated glass bubbles patent thumbnailLow refractive index coating with fluroelastomer encapsulated glass bubbles
A coating composite material spray applied to a lens that is capable of transmitting light, with little loss, diffusively through the coated lens located near a light source, particularly in an led lighting application. The coating material is formed from a polyurethane mixed with fluoroelastomer encapsulated glass bubbles and will allow for high diffusion, while also maintaining high transmission when applied to a lens near a lighting application, particularly led fixture lenses..
Whiteoptics Llc

 Resueable polyurethane projectile patent thumbnailResueable polyurethane projectile
Improvements in a reusable polyurethane projectile are presented. The reusable polyurethane projectile performs like a bullet or projectile because the projectile is essentially the same size and shape of a bullet and can be fed through a normal bullet clip into the breach of a gun, fired and ejected.

 Heat transfer fluid patent thumbnailHeat transfer fluid
Compositions which are based on tetrafluoropropene and more particularly relates to compositions including 60% to 90% by weight of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene and 10% to 40% by weight of at least one compound selected from difluoroethane and difluoromethane, which can be used as a heat transfer fluid. The compositions may include 60% to 79% by weight of 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene and 21% to 40% by weight of a compound selected from difluoroethane and difluoromethane..
Arkema France

 Fastener for garment drawstrings, laces, and the like patent thumbnailFastener for garment drawstrings, laces, and the like
A fastener connects two strings together, such as the drawstring of sweatpants or the two shoe lace strings ends of respective shoe lace strings in a pair of sneakers. The body of the fastener is made out of a material, such as highly dense polyurethane foam, that is strong, yet flexible, or of a rigid plastic, that is strong, yet flexible.

 Structural guide vane leading edge patent thumbnailStructural guide vane leading edge
A structural guide vane for use in a gas turbine engine has a leading edge section, a trailing edge, a pressure surface and a suction surface. An erosion coating such as polyurethane resin is on the pressure surface and the suction surface.
United Technologies Corporation

 Functional chromium layer with improved corrosion resistance patent thumbnailFunctional chromium layer with improved corrosion resistance
The aqueous electroplating bath according to the present invention comprises chromium(vi) ions, sulfate ions and methane-trisulfonic acid or a salt thereof as the catalyst. The functional chromium layer deposited from the aqueous electroplating bath according to the present invention has an increased corrosion resistance..
Atotech Deutschland Gmbh

 Method and  producing liquid hydrocarbon fuels patent thumbnailMethod and producing liquid hydrocarbon fuels
A method of converting carbon containing compounds such as coal, methane or other hydrocarbons into a liquid hydrocarbon fuel utilizes a high pressure, high temperature reactor which operates upon a blend of a carbon compound including co2 and a carbon source, a catalyst, and steam. Microwave power is directed into the reactor.
Ecokap Technologies Llc

 Extremely fast urethane-cellulose coating system for applications in porous and thermoplastic media patent thumbnailExtremely fast urethane-cellulose coating system for applications in porous and thermoplastic media
A nitrocellulose-based thermoplastic is provided and a urethane-cellulose system is generated that makes it possible to obtain varnishes and coatings with chemical resistance and thermal stability that maintain their polymer characteristics, without alteration of the substratum. The system generated is based on the reaction of nitrocellulose in solution and monofunctional isocyanates and shows the advantage of reducing the permeability of the dry film..
Companhia Nitro Quimica Brasileira

 Polyurethanes, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and methods of making the same patent thumbnailPolyurethanes, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and methods of making the same
The present invention provides polyurethanes including a reaction product of components including: (a) an isocyanate functional urethane prepolymer including a reaction product of components including: (i) about 1 equivalent of at least one polyisocyanate; and (ii) about 0.01 to about 0.5 equivalent of at least one polyol having 2 hydroxyl groups, based upon the about 1 equivalent of the at least one polyisocyanate; and (b) about 0.1 to about 1 equivalent of at least one polyol having 2 hydroxyl groups, based upon the about 1 equivalent of the at least one polyisocyanate, wherein the at least one polyol (ii) can be the same or different from the at least one polyol (b), and wherein the components are essentially free of polyester polyol, polyether polyol, polycarbonate polyol and amine curing agent; compositions, coatings and articles made therefrom and methods of making the same.. .
Ppg Industries Ohio, Inc.

 Article with reactive metals bound to its surface and  application patent thumbnailArticle with reactive metals bound to its surface and application
A polymeric carrier composition including a polymer synthesized from monomers selected from acrylic acids, methylacrylates and urethanes and at least one metal having an oxidation state of +1 or +2, including salts and coordination complexes thereof. The composition may be a suspension having 0.5 to 10% by weight of the polymer prepared from monomers selected from a group consisting of acrylic acids, methylacrylates and urethanes, and a viscosity less than 1,000 cps.


Liquid-applied waterproofing membrane comprising oxazolidine and aldimine

The present invention describes a one-part moisture-curing liquid-applied waterproofing membrane including a polyurethane polymer and both an aldimine and an oxazolidine as blocked amine hardeners in a specific ratio range. The membrane has a low odor, a long shelf life stability, a low viscosity at low solvent content, a sufficiently long open time to allow hand application and cures fast to a solid elastic material.
Sika Technology Ag


Low-resilience polyurethane foam and production method thereof

A low-resilience polyurethane foam is produced by allowing a low-resilience polyurethane foam composition containing polyisocyanate (a), polyol (b), catalyst (c), and blowing agent (d) to react. The polyisocyanate (a) contains bis(isocyanatomethyl)cyclohexane, and the polyol (b) contains 5 to 30 mass % of polyol (b-1) having an average functionality of 1.5 to 4.5 and a hydroxyl number of 20 to 70 mgkoh/g, and 70 to 95 mass % of polyol (b-2) having an average functionality of 1.5 to 4.5 and a hydroxyl number of 140 to 300 mgkoh/g..
Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.


Polysiloxane modified polyisocyanates for use in coatings

The invention relates to an isocyanate-terminated polysiloxane material that can preferably be used as a curing agent, hardener or co-reactant in coatings. The invention further relates to a method of manufacturing the isocyanate-terminated polysiloxane material by partially hydrolyzing a methoxy-functional polysiloxane such as a methyl phenyl polysiloxane, and reacting it with a polyisocyanate to yield the isocyanate-terminated polysiloxane hardener.
Hempel A/s


Purified pyrroloquinolinyl-pyrrolidine-2,5-dione compositions and methods for preparing and using same

The present invention relates to a (±)-trans-3-(5,6-dihydro-4h-pyrrolo[3,2,1-ij]quinolin-1-yl)-4-(1h-indol-3-yl)pyrrolidine-2,5-dione dichloromethane.. .
Arqule, Inc.


Phase-transfer catalysed formation of n-(substituted phenyl) sulfonamides in water

A new process for making agrochemically important n-[2,4-dichloro-5-[4-(difluoro methyl)-4,5-dihydro-3-methyl-5-oxo-1h-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl] phenyl]methanesulfonamide by reacting 1-(5-amino-2,4-dichlorophenyl)-4,5-dihydro-4-difluoromethyl-3-methyl-1,2,4-triazol-5(1h)-one and methanesulfonyl chloride in water using an inorganic base to dynamically control the reaction ph and in the presence of a phase transfer catalyst suspended in an 1:1 aromatic solution.. .


Hydrolysable linkers and cross-linkers for absorbable polymers

The present invention relates to the discovery of new class of linear and multiarmed hydrolysable linkers and cross linkers for use in the synthesis of biodegradable polymers such as, polyesters, polyurethanes, polyamides, polyureas and degradable epoxy amine resin. The linear and multiarmed hydrolysable linkers of the present invention include symmetrical and/or unsymmetrical ether carboxylic acids, amines, amide diols, amine polyols and isocyanates..
Bezwada Biomedical, Llc


Absorbable polyurethanes and methods of use thereof

Disclosed are novel bioabsorbable and biodegradable monomer compounds, bioabsorbable and biodegradable polymers therefrom, and methods of making such monomers and polymers, which are useful in pharmaceutical delivery systems, tissue engineering applications, tissue adhesives products, implantable medical devices, foams and reticulated foams for wound healing and drug delivery, bone hemostats and bone void fillers, adhesion prevention barriers, meshes, filters, stents, medical device coatings, pharmaceutical drug formulations, consumer product and cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging, apparel, infusion devices, blood collection tubes and devices, other medical tubes, skin care products, and transdermal drug delivery materials.. .
Bezwada Biomedical, Llc


Ethylene recovery by absorption

A process for recovery of ethylene from a polymerization product stream of a polyethylene production system, comprising separating a light gas stream from the polymerization product stream, wherein the light gas stream comprises ethane and unreacted ethylene, contacting the light gas stream with an absorption solvent system, wherein the contacting the light gas stream with the absorption solvent system occurs at a temperature in a range of from about 40° f. To about 110° f., wherein at least a portion of the unreacted ethylene from the light gas stream is absorbed by the absorption solvent system, and recovering unreacted ethylene from the absorption solvent system to yield recovered ethylene..
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp


Process and catalyst for methane conversion to aromatics

A process and catalyst for use therein for the production of aromatics via the oxidative coupling of methane and methane co-aromatization with higher hydrocarbons in a single reaction stage. First, methane is partially converted to ethane and ethylene on an ocm catalyst component, and the ocm intermediate mixture containing methane, ethane and ethylene is subsequently converted into aromatics on an aromatization catalyst component.
Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.


Recording apparatus and recording method

There is provided a recording apparatus equipped with an ejection head that ejects an ink to a surface of the undercoat layer of an impermeable recording medium that has, on at least one surface thereof, an undercoat layer containing a polymeric compound selected from the group consisting of polyurethane, polyester, polyvinyl chloride, and polyolefin, wherein the ink contains a coloring agent, a polymer particle, water, and a water-soluble organic solvent and has a static surface tension of less than 30 mn/m and, when examined for dynamic surface tension by a maximum bubble pressure method, has a width of variation in dynamic surface tension for the period from 1 msec after to 1 sec after of from 0.2 mn/m to 3.0 mn/m.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.


Multilayer composite materials which comprise a plastics foil permeable to water vapour, production of the same and use of the same

(c) a polyurethane layer with capillaries passing through the entire thickness of the polyurethane layer.. .


Environmentally friendly anti-slip floor mat

This invention provides an environmentally friendly anti-slip floor mat, includes a leather, a polyurethane middle layer, a pu self-skinning layer and an anti-slip layer stacked together. The polyurethane middle comprises non-foam polyurethane.


Metal/plastic hybrid structural parts

The invention relates to a structural part that has a metal component, a plastic component and a bonding agent system interconnecting the metal component and the plastic component. The invention is characterized in that the bonding agent system consists of a plastic bonding agent or of a plastic bonding agent combined with a primer, the plastic bonding agent being a polyester, a polyurethane or an epoxide that is modified with a diene and/or a polyene.
Huntsman Advanced Materials (switzerland) Gmbh


Composite semifinished products and mouldings produced therefrom and directly produced mouldings based on hydroxy-functionalized (meth)acrylates and uretdiones which are crosslinked by means of radiation to give thermosets

The invention relates to a process for producing storage-stable polyurethane prepregs and to mouldings (composite components) produced therefrom. The prepregs and, respectively, components are produced by mixing (meth)acrylate monomers, (meth)acrylate polymers, hydroxy-functionalised (meth)acrylate monomers and/or hydroxy-functionalised (meth)acrylate polymers with uretdione materials.
Evonik Degussa Gmbh


Grooved cmp pads

Cmp pads having novel groove configurations are described. For example, described herein are cmp pads comprising primary grooves, secondary grooves, a groove pattern center, and an optional terminal groove.


Dry primer film composite and use thereof

A dry primer film composite that includes a release carrier film and a pigmented sandable primer layer having a dry film thickness of 100 μm or greater overlying the carrier film, wherein the primer layer is a latent heat curing material; and uses of the dry primer film composite for spot repair of a substrate in need of repair. In preferred embodiments said primer layer is formed from a coating composition comprising a binder chosen from thermosetting acrylics, gma acrylics, urethanes, epoxies, polyester and combinations thereof..
Akzo Nobel Coatings International B.v.


Catalyst and process for oxychlorination of ethylene to dichloroethane

In an oxychlorination process of the type where ethylene is converted to 1,2-dichloroethane in the presence of a supported copper catalyst, the improvement comprising: the use of a supported catalyst prepared by (i) impregnating, within a first step, an alumina support with a first aqueous solution including copper, an alkaline earth metal, and an alkali metal to thereby form a first catalyst component; and (ii) impregnating, within a subsequent step, the first catalyst component with a second aqueous solution including copper and alkaline earth metal, where the second aqueous solution is substantially devoid of alkali metal, to thereby form the supported catalyst.. .
Oxy Vinyls, Lp


Albumin conjugated temperature and ph-sensitive multi-block copolymer, a preparation thereof and drug delivery system using the same

The present invention relates to a conjugate of albumin and a temperature- and ph-sensitive multi-block copolymer, a method of preparation thereof, and a sustained-release drug carrier comprising the same, and more specifically, to a conjugate in which polyethylene glycol-poly(amino urethane) (peg-pau) or polyethylene glycol-poly(amino ester urethane) (peg-paeu) multi-block copolymer is conjugated to albumin, a method of preparing the same, and a long-term sustained-release drug carrier comprising the same, capable of reducing an initial burst release of drugs and improving an affinity to drugs.. .
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University


Capsule pharmaceutical dosage form comprising a suspension formulation of an indolinone derivative

The present invention relates to a suspension formulation containing the active substance 3-z-[1-(4-(n-((4-methyl-piperazin-1-yl)-methylcarbonyl)-n-methyl-amino)-anilino)-1-phenyl-methylene]-6-methoxycarbonyl-2-indolinone-monoethanesulphonate, to a capsule pharmaceutical dosage form containing said suspension formulation, to a process for preparing said suspension formulation, to a process for preparing said to capsule comprising said suspension formulation and to the packaging material for the finished capsule.. .
Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh


Techniques to improve polyurethane membranes for implantable glucose sensors

The invention provides an implantable membrane for regulating the transport of analytes therethrough that includes a matrix including a first polymer; and a second polymer dispersed throughout the matrix, wherein the second polymer forms a network of microdomains which when hydrated are not observable using photomicroscopy at 400× magnification or less. In one aspect, the homogeneous membrane of the present invention has hydrophilic domains dispersed substantially throughout a hydrophobic matrix to provide an optimum balance between oxygen and glucose transport to an electrochemical glucose sensor..
Dexcom, Inc.


Emi gasket for shielding electromagnetic wave

The present invention provides a gasket formed by applying an adhesive on four sides of an elastic body of a closed cell polyurethane material, wrapping a copper film around the elastic body other than a bottom bonding surface, forming a coating layer by depositing or plating nickel on a surface exposing the copper film, forming a resin coating layer on the nickel coating layer, and applying a conductive adhesive on the bottom surface. The present invention may drastically decrease thickness of the gasket by using closed cell polyurethane instead of conventional open cell polyurethane and may completely prevent oxidation and corrosion of copper by depositing or plating nickel on the exposed portions of the copper film and coating resin thereon.
Ich Co., Ltd.


Composition for light diffusion film, and light diffusion film

Provided are a composition for light diffusion film which has satisfactory incident angle dependency in transmission and diffusion of light, does not easily undergo yellowing even if exposed to ultraviolet radiation for a long time, and has excellent weather resistance, and a light diffusion film formed by curing the composition. Disclosed is a composition for light diffusion film, which includes a (meth)acrylic acid ester containing plural aromatic rings as component (a), a urethane (meth)acrylate as component (b), a photopolymerization initiator as component (c), and a hindered amine-based photostabilizer as component (d), and in which the content of the component (a) has a value within a predetermined range relative to 100 parts by weight of the component (b), the content of the component (c) has a value within a predetermined range relative to the total amount (100 parts by weight) of the component (a) and the component (b), and the content of the component (d) has a value within a predetermined range relative to the total amount (100 parts by weight) of the component (a) and the component (b)..
Lintec Corporation


Capacitive sensor sheet and capacitive sensor

Provided is a capacitive sensor sheet for use in measuring at least one of an amount of strain due to elastic deformation and a distribution of strain due to elastic deformation, and the capacitive sensor sheet comprises: a dielectric layer; a top electrode layer laminated on the obverse surface of the dielectric layer; and a bottom electrode layer laminated on the reverse surface of the dielectric layer, wherein the dielectric layer is composed of an elastomer composition containing a urethane elastomer, and each of the top electrode layer and the bottom electrode layer is composed of an electroconductive composition containing carbon nanotubes.. .
Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd.


Binary refrigerating apparatus

A binary refrigerating apparatus employs a refrigerant composition that has a small global-warming potential (gwp) to be earth friendly, can be used as a refrigerant capable of achieving a low temperature of −80° c., and is excellent in refrigerating capacity and other performance. A refrigerant composition used as a low-temperature-side refrigerant is a refrigerant mixture including a non-azeotropic mixture in which 20% by mass or less of carbon dioxide (r744) is mixed to difluoroethylene (r1132a).
Panasonic Healthcare Holdings Co., Ltd.


Thermally insulated corrugated conduit

The invention relates to a corrugated, thermally insulated conduit for fluids, e.g. For district heating networks, wherein at least one medium pipe (2) made of plastic or metal is surrounded by a thermal insulation layer (14), consisting of a polyurethane foam for example.
Brugg Rohr Ag Holding


Methods and systems for energy conversion and generation

The invention relates to methods and systems of converting electrical energy to chemical energy and optionally reconverting it to produce electricity as required. In preferred embodiments the source of electrical energy is at least partially from renewable source.
Thermogas Dynamics Limited


Gas turbine unit operating mode and design

Gas turbine unit (gtv) provides compressed air and steam methane-hydrogen mixture to a combustion chamber to enrich combustion products and cooling by evaporation or superheating of water steam. The temperature of heat exchange processes of the gas turbine unit is increased by additional fuel combustion in the steam-methane-hydrogen mixture postcombustion flow extracted at the output from the additional free work gas turbine, and before supply of steam-methane-hydrogen mixture to the combustion chamber it is previously cooled to the temperature of 200+240° c.
Otkrytoe Aktsionernoe Obshchestvo Gazprom


Fabric system

A composite yarn comprising one or more ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fibres wrapped around one or more polyurethane-polyurea copolymer fibres.. .
Grt Developments Pty Limited


Compositions and methods for biological production of isoprene

The present disclosure provides compositions and methods for biologically producing isoprene using methanotrophic bacteria that utilize carbon feedstock, such as methane or natural gas.. .
Calysta, Inc.


Gas production from an oil feedstock

A system for producing a gas includes a pressure vessel containing in its interior a feedstock that is oil-based and at least one set of electrodes in which an electric arc is formed between the electrodes. The system includes a mechanism for exposing the feedstock to a plasma of the electric arc thereby converting at least some of the feedstock into a gas.
Magnegas Corporation


Structural epoxy resin adhesives containing chain-extended elastomeric tougheners capped with phenol, polyphenol or aminophenol compounds

Structural adhesives are prepared from a chain extended elastomeric toughener that contains urethane and/or urea groups, and have terminal isocyanate groups that are capped with a phenol, a polyphenol or an aminophenol compound. The adhesives have very good storage stability and cure to form cured adhesives that have good lap shear and impact peel strengths..


High-reactivity polyurethane compositions containing uretdione groups and comprising carbonate salts

A high-reactivity polyurethane composition useful in coatings and adhesives, contains the following components a)-d): a) 5 to 98.7 wt %, based on the total mass of the components, of at least one compound containing an uretdione group, and a free nco content of less than 5 wt %, and an uretdione content of 2 to 25 wt %, based on i) aliphatic and/or (cyclo)aliphatic and/or cycloaliphatic polyisocyanates and ii) compounds containing hydroxyl groups; b) 0.2 to 5 wt %, based on the total mass of the components, of at least one catalyst selected from the group consisting of a substituted carbonate salt having a quaternary ammonium counterion, a substituted carbonate salt having a quaternary phosphonium counterion and mixtures thereof; c) 0.1 to 10 wt %, based on the total mass of the components, of at least one cocatalyst having at least one epoxide group; d) 1 to 90 wt %, based on the total mass of the components, of at least one polymer containing a hydroxyl group and having an oh number of between 20 and 1000 mg koh/gram; wherein a sum of all components a)-d) is 100 wt %.. .
Evonik Degussa Gmbh


Heat-curable powder coating composition

Wherein r1 and r2 each independently stand for an optionally substituted alkyl of 1 to 30 c-atoms, wherein the 1 to 30 c-atoms do not include the c-atoms of the substituents or for an optionally substituted aryl of 6 to 18 c-atoms, wherein the 6 to 18 c-atoms do not include the c-atoms of the substituents, and a co-crosslinker chosen from the group of vinylethers, vinyletherurethanes, vinylesters, vinylamides, itaconates, enamines, vinylureas and mixtures thereof.. .


Gel sealing corrosion prevention tape

A composition comprising a deformable tacky polyurethane polymer, which is the reaction product of: a polyisocyanate, a polyol and a mono-hydroxy tackifier; and one or more non-chromated corrosion inhibitors. In addition, compositions are provided comprising a deformable tacky polyurethane polymer, which is the reaction product of: a polyisocyanate, a polyol and a mono-hydroxy tackifier; one or more of: surface modified silica nanoparticles, glass bubbles and fiber filler particles; and one or more non-chromated corrosion inhibitors.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Method for producing light-coloured tdi-polyisocantes

The invention relates to polyisocyanates comprising urethane groups, based on toluylene diisocyanate, to a method for their production, and to their use as the polyisocyanate component in one- and two-component polyurethane coatings.. .
Bayer Materialscience Ag


Isohexide monotriflates and process for synthesis thereof

Isohexide monotriflate compounds and a method of preparing the same are described. The method involves reacting a mixture of an isohexide, a trifluoromethanesulfonate anhydride, and either 1) a nucleophilic base or 2) a combination of a non-nucleophilic base and a nucleophile.
Archer Daniels Midland Company


Resins for underlayers

Polymeric reaction products of certain substituted tetraarylmethane monomers are useful as underlayers in semiconductor manufacturing processes.. .
Rohm And Haas Electronic Materials Korea Ltd.


Process for the preparation of substituted tris(2-hydroxyphenyl)methane

Described is a novel process for the preparation of substituted tris(2-hydroxyphenyl)methane derivatives and the use of tris(2-hydroxyphenyl)methane derivatives for tertiary mineral oil production.. .
Wintershall Holding Gmbh


Methane gas concentration method

Adsorption towers are filled with adsorbents that adsorb methane gas in coal mine gas and perform a psa cycle. For each of adsorption towers, a plurality of different pressure states of the internal pressure of the adsorption tower are set as an intermediate pressure state.
Osaka Gas Co., Ltd.


Methods of producing hydrogen and solid carbon

A method for producing hydrogen, includes heating a process feed gas stream, flowing the process feed gas stream into a first reaction zone, flowing the intermediate gas stream into a second reaction zone, removing the solid carbon product from the second reaction zone, removing the tail gas stream from the second reaction zone, and removing hydrogen from the tail gas stream. The process gas stream includes methane and steam.
Seerstone Llc


Vehicle interior board and manufacturing the same

Included are a first board having a hard polyurethane foam layer formed in a space sandwiched between a pair of thin plates, and a second board having a porous structure where a recessed groove is formed in one main surface, a part of the second board being arranged in the space and joined to the first board. The hard polyurethane foam layer is also formed in gaps between the thin plates and the second board to join the boards.
Moriden Co., Ltd.


Method for making skinned polyurethane composites

Skinned composites contain a plasticized polymer skin layer adhered to a layer of a polyurethane. The polyurethane is made from a reaction mixture that contains specified amounts of a polyester polyol and an acidic material.
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Fire restrictive material

A fire resistant material having boards of the same nature on the upper and lower section of a board core that useful in the manufacture of vessels and other high fire risk is provided. The core board may be made of polyurethane foam, polypropylene or a metal, preferably aluminum while the external boards adhered to the core board are made of aleatory nonwoven sheets adhered to a woven fiber sheet.


Skinned substrates with highly crosslinked polyurethane layer

Pvc-skinned composites include a substrate, a skin and an intermediate polyurethane layer. The polyurethane layer is characterized in having a low molecular weight between crosslinks, i.e., is somewhat highly crosslinked.
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Method of overmolding a polymeric material onto a microcellular polyurethane and an article made therefrom

An article is made by a method comprising the step of providing a substrate comprising a microcellular polyurethane. The method also includes the steps of placing the substrate into a mold and injecting a polymeric material into the mold and over a receiving surface of the substrate to form the overmolded element coupled to the substrate thereby making the article.
Basf Se


Cobalt-containing fischer-tropsch catalysts, methods of making, and methods of conducting fischer-tropsch synthesis

Catalyst compositions, methods of making catalysts, and methods of conducting fischer-tropsch (ft) reactions are described. It has been discovered that a combination of large crystallite size and high porosity results in catalysts and ft catalyst systems with high stability and low methane selectivity..
Velocys Technologies Limited


Water-equivalent phantom

A composition for use in radiology includes glass micro bubbles, araldite, jeffamine, magnesium oxide, and polyethylene. Another composition or use in radiology may include glass micro bubbles, an epoxy, acrylic, or polyurethane, and polyethylene.
Gammex, Inc.


Two-component adhesive for bonding artificial teeth to a denture base

A mixture containing at least one first component a and at least one second component b, characterized in that said at least one first component a comprises a methyl methacrylate, a copolymer of methyl methacrylate dissolved in excess methyl methacrylate, optionally comprising, additionally dissolved therein, at least one polyfunctional (meth)acrylate, especially ethylene glycol dimethacrylate, butanediol dimethacrylate, hexanediol dimethacrylate, triethylene glycol dimethacrylate (tegdma), tetraethylene glycol dimethacrylate, diurethane dimeth-acrylate, bis(hydroxymethacryloyloxypropoxy)phenylpropane (bis-gma), polyethylene glycol dimethacrylate, trimethylolpropane trimethacrylate, ditrimethylol-propane tetraacrylate;and a peroxide-based free-radical initiator, wherein said copolymer of methyl methacrylate is present in an amount of 30-50 parts by weight dissolved in a solution of 65-85 parts by weight of monomeric methyl methacrylate and 3-15 parts by weight of the polyfunctional (meth)acrylate, especially the triethylene glycol dimethacrylate (tegdma), mixed with a solution of 0.5 to 3 parts by weight of said peroxide-based free-radical initiator, especially dibenzoyl peroxide, in 70-90 parts by weight of monomeric methyl methacrylate, and said at least one second component b comprises methyl methacrylate and a tertiary amine.. .
Vita Zahnfabrik H.rauter Gmbh & Co. Kg


Methods and devices for treatment of vascular defects

Devices for treatment of a patient's vasculature are described. The device includes a first hub, a second hub, a support structure including a plurality of struts disposed between the first hub and the second hub, and a layer of material disposed over the plurality of struts.
Sequent Medical, Inc.


Optical sheet and edge-lit backlight unit

An optical sheet includes: a transparent substrate sheet; and a sticking preventive portion provided on the back face of the transparent substrate sheet. The sticking preventive portion includes a plurality of printed dots.
Keiwa Inc.


Photochromic polyurethane laminate

A photochromic polyurethane laminate wherein the photochromic polyurethane layer of the laminate has been crosslinked with a isocyanate-active prepolymer using a crosslinking agent. The crosslinking agent is formulated to have at least three functional groups that are reactive with functional groups of the polyurethane or of the isocyanate-active prepolymer.
Insight Equity A.p.x., Lp (dba Vision-ease Lens)


Check valve disc

Disclosed is a check valve disc including a disc flapper, the disc flapper formed with urethane, a flexing portion formed by the disc flapper, and a rigid portion including a sealing surface. Also disclosed is a check valve including a valve body, the valve body having an inlet end, an outlet end, and an inner surface defining an inlet cavity proximate the inlet end and an outlet cavity proximate the outlet end, and a check valve disc, the check valve disc including a disc flapper, the disc flapper formed with urethane..
Mueller International, Llc


Elastomeric retaining devices for joining elements

Elastomeric joining element retaining devices are disclosed. In an aspect, a retaining device is disclosed which is constructed from an elastomeric material such as polyurethane and designed to receive and align an assembly or “stack-up” of nuts, bolts, washers, and/or other joining elements.
Rtodds Engineering, Llc


Consortium and preparation of microorganisms for catalyzing cellulose hydrolysis, preparation for methane fermentation supplementation, combination preparation, use thereof and method using the same

The invention relates to a consortium of microorganisms capable of hydrolyzing cellulose, preferably lignocellulosic biomass, which may comprise the following mixtures of bacterial strains: bacillus sp. Kp7, kp20 and ochrobactrum sp.
Uniwersytet Warszawski


Scale-inhibition compositions and methods of making and using the same

Provided are scale-inhibition compositions comprising (a) a first acrylic acid polymer having an average molecular weight of about 3000 to about 6000; (b) a second acrylic acid polymer having an average molecular weight of about 6000 to about 10000; (c) an aminocarboxylic acid selected from methylglycine diacetic acid (mgda), glutamic acid diacetic acid (glda), diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid (dtpa), hydroxyethyl ethylene diamine triacetic acid (hedta), ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (edta), and a combination thereof; and (d) a phosphonic acid selected from from 1-hydroxyethane 1,1-diphosphonic acid (hedp), amino tris(methylenephosphonic acid) (atmp), ethylenediamine tetra(methylene phosphonic acid) (edtmp), tetramethylenediamine tetra(methylene phosphonic acid) (tdtmp), hexamethylenediamine tetra(methylene phosphonic acid) (hdtmp), diethylenetriamine penta(methylene phosphonic acid) (dtpmp), and a combination thereof. The scale-inhibition compositions may be useful in machine ware washing detergents and formulations..
Diversey, Inc.


Use of substituted ureas or urethanes for improvement of the use properties of mineral and synthetic nonaqueous industrial fluids

The use of substituted diureas, polyureas, bisurethanes or polyurethanes of the formula r1x—co—nr3r4 in which x is r2n or o and r1 to r4 are each independently hydrogen, alkyl radicals, alkenyl radicals, cycloalkyl radicals, aryl radicals or arylalkyl radicals, where at least one variable must be a radical having at least 4 carbon atoms and where the urea or urethane functionality must be replicated via bridging members, for improvement of the use properties of mineral and synthetic nonaqueous industrial fluids.. .
Basf Se

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This listing is a sample listing of patent applications related to Ethane for is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. There may be associated servicemarks and trademarks related to these patents. Please check with patent attorney if you need further assistance or plan to use for business purposes. This patent data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for Ethane with additional patents listed. Browse our RSS directory or Search for other possible listings.



1 - 1 - 105