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Ergonomic patents

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Ergonomic seating assemblies and methods

Foldable keyboard with adjustable ergonomic features

Backpack system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ergonomic-related patents
 Elliptical trainer with variable track patent thumbnailnew patent Elliptical trainer with variable track
An elliptical trainer with a variable track is disclosed. The elliptical trainer has a base, a left and a right linkage, a transmission and a left and a right adjusting assembly.
 Tennis racquet grip accessory for enhanced grip ergonomics patent thumbnailnew patent Tennis racquet grip accessory for enhanced grip ergonomics
A tennis racquet grip accessory for adjustable, customizable grip ergonomics is disclosed. This grip accessory system enables the user to precisely tune their grip contours via rings (size, shape, quantity, positioning) for preferred finger and hand traction and leverage.
 Adjustable ergonomic keyboard patent thumbnailnew patent Adjustable ergonomic keyboard
An input system includes at least one base portion. A plurality of multi-function keys, a function lock key, and a function activation key are located on the at least one base portion and coupled to a key function engine.
 Adjustable ergonomic keyboard patent thumbnailnew patent Adjustable ergonomic keyboard
An input system includes a first base portion and a second base portion that each include a keying surface. A base portion manipulation mechanism couples the first base portion to the second base portion.
 Foldable keyboard with adjustable ergonomic features patent thumbnailnew patent Foldable keyboard with adjustable ergonomic features
An input system includes a first base portion including a keying surface and a second base portion including a keying surface. For example, the input system may be a keyboard with a first keyboard segment and a second keyboard segment.
 Ergonomic seating assemblies and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Ergonomic seating assemblies and methods
Seating assemblies and methods are disclosed. A seating assembly (100) can comprise a seat, a back support (114), and a frame component (110).
 Anti-ligative doorknob patent thumbnailnew patent Anti-ligative doorknob
An anti-ligative ergonomic type door-knob primarily of the institutional type, essentially serving to defeat the effort of a temporarily mentally-depressed room occupant from succeeding in committing self-hanging via contrived ensnaring by which to secure a cord like hanging-noose. Generic-variant embodiments of my anti-ligative doorknob are set forth, including both a circular and semi-circular escutcheon-plate for i-shaped v-shaped y-shaped x-shaped fin-levers, and also a non-finned hemispherical iteration.
 Backpack system patent thumbnailnew patent Backpack system
The present disclosure provides a lightweight, ergonomically improved backpack system comprising a storage section, an upper harness, a lower harness and an ergonomic backpack frame, that may be configured to facilitate the carrying of loads that may substantially exceed the weight of the ergonomic backpack frame. The ergonomic backpack frame may include a flex portion that includes at least one flex region.
 Medically inspired tick removal instrument patent thumbnailMedically inspired tick removal instrument
It is of utmost importance an embedded tick is removed promptly after attachment, without causing distress to prevent possible infection from harmful diseases. Problems are created when the cheliceral digits (ref #17) and barbed hypostome (ref #18) are disassociated and left within the host's dermis.
 Optical redirection adapter patent thumbnailOptical redirection adapter
An optical redirection adapter for an electronic device having a camera includes a housing and an optical element. The optical element is attached to the housing and positioned such that, when the adapter is attached the electronic device, the optical element is positioned in the camera's field of view.
Integrated safety rail protection system
A unique safety rail system with integrated ergonomically effective hand-grip projections, structures for affixing said system for the safe and easy egress and ingress through an opening, such as roof or floor access holes. Said safety rail system is designed to reduce the risk of falls while ascending or descending a ladder through an access hole while providing additional protection and prevention of personnel accidentally falling through an open access.
Multi-functional flat lid
A lid is presented that is configured for placement onto the upstanding wall of a pot. The lid includes a pair of platforms that create a flat lid surface and a recessed handle that provides an ergonomic grasping area for easy placement and removal of the lid while maintaining a flat stacking surface.
Ergonomic armrests for use with hotplate
An ergonomic armrest includes an outer surface layer formed of a pliable electrostatic discharge (esd)-safe material. The ergonomic armrest also includes a first metal layer configured to structurally support the outer surface layer and transfer heat from a first edge of the ergonomic armrest proximate to a heat source to a second edge of the ergonomic armrest opposite the heat source.
Filtration element and assembly for bioprocess applications
Provided are filtration devices for purifying fluids from bioprocess applications and processes for using the same. The fluid filter elements or cells and fluid filter assemblies or capsules minimize upstream and residual volumes by the use of substantially flat interior surfaces.
Ergonomic work operation method and apparatus
A method and apparatus for ergonomically supporting a worker while performing a work operation includes an automatic guided vehicle capable of moving a seat carrying the worker between a first non-work position relative to a work piece and a second work position at which the worker performs the work operation. The automatic guided vehicle includes controls to enable the worker to ergonomically position the angle of a seatback relative to a seat bottom and the height of the seat relative to the automatic guided vehicle for ergonomic support of the worker while performing the work operation.
Fluid dispenser with a scrubbing surface
A garden hose with a nail brush provides a nozzle that receives a nail brush along a top portion. The nail brush can be permanently or removably connected to the nozzle.
Elliptical trainer
An elliptical trainer includes a base, a pair of foot-oriented elliptical mechanisms, and a pair of hand-oriented elliptical mechanisms. The base is anteriorly provided with a frame having a first axle and a second axle.
Tennis racquet throat "triple-asymmetrical-yokes"
With the principal objective is to improving the overall playability characteristics from conventional tennis racquets (in-line-symmetry) to a full ergonomic concept in all ways.. .
Ergonomically designed multi-handled tool
Described is a multi-handled tool that is ergonomically designed to maximize the efficiency of the tool by the use of a handle, optionally rotating, affixed to the shaft of the tool. The rotating handle may be rotated and locked into any desired position so the user can adjust the tool to create maximum efficiency.
Movable utility rack
A movable utility rack is provided. The utility rack presents an ergonomic and easily accessible configuration to a user.
Ergonomic bottle display
A product display displays bottles each suspended by its neck. The apparatus is usually a rack display with several shelf frames that each has a number of sliding bottle support structures with left and right slide structures spaced laterally so as to define a slot of substantially uniform width over at least a lengthwise portion of the slide structures.
Fire-fighting apparatus
The present patent application relates to a fire fighting apparatus comprising an ergonomic setting for simple, fast and safe handling during supply and use even under the most adverse conditions.. .
Tool for installing wires in a wire harness conduit
A wire handheld tool including a handle contiguous to a shank with a wire securing portion. The wire securing portion may be a relatively flat portion with one or more wire passageways used to secure one or more wires thereto.
Dual-use steam-vacuum cleaner in parallel structure
A dual-use steam-vacuum cleaner is provided in a parallel structure having a vertical frame and a floor brush connected to a lower end of the vertical frame, as well as a dust cup fixed in front of the vertical frame and a water tank fixed in front of the vertical frame in parallel with the dust cup. The dust cup and the water tank are arranged in the front of the vertical frame in parallel, thereby providing good visualization and conforming to ergonomics.
Ergonomic glove for medical procedures
Disclosed is a surgical glove that alleviates the biasing force associated with bending or abducting the hand and fingers when wearing a surgical glove.. .
Surgical glove with ergonomic features
Disclosed is a surgical glove that alleviates the biasing force associated with bending or abducting the hand and fingers when wearing a surgical glove.. .
Coupling system including a receptacle housing with a rotating domed door
Coupling system housings including a receptacle housing with a domed protective door and a male coupler housing that may be used to actuate the receptacle housing door are disclosed. The receptacle housing may be mounted in a receiving structure.
Safety glasses for blocking harmful electromagnetic radiation and preventing dazzling
Disclosed are safety glasses for blocking of harmful electromagnetic radiation and prevention of dazzling which protect eyes from harmful electromagnetic radiation and are ergonomically balanced by arranging the lens portion at the front and the adjuster and battery at the rear side of the temple to ensure convenient wearing of the glasses. The safety glasses include an inner/outer hosing formed of a soft material to closely contact the face of the user and fabricated through double injection molding, thereby ensuring convenient wearing of the glasses..
Paint pal assembly
The main components of the paint pal assembly is an oversized an inner paint pan, an organizer tool tray for storing tools, and a storage container with an airtight sealed lid. The container is adapted and dimensioned to store the inner paint tray and the organizer tool tray therein.
Ergonomic keyboard
An ergonomic keyboard comprises a right hand module and a left hand module. Each of the modules comprises multiple parallel adjacent banks of four aligned keys.
Ergonomic rearward keyboard
A keyboard that is attached on to the back of a mobile computing device, having keys that are facing rearward away from the user as the user holds and faces the display screen of the mobile computing device. When the user holds the mobile computing device with both hands at the bottom or side edges, his/her fingers are free to press the rearward-facing keys of the attached keyboard.
Hand-held power tool with an ergonomic handle
A hand-held power tool includes a tool housing on which an ergonomic handle is formed for a user's hand, including the user's thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, and small finger. The handle includes a first region for the index finger and the thumb, a second region for the middle finger, a third region for the ring finger, and a fourth region for the small finger.
Bed with ergonomic bed making position
A bed is described that has an ergonomic bed making position. The bed has a lower portion and an upper portion.
Auto-illuminating walking assistant
A walking cane is provided having an elongated length, a handle grip, a forward-directed illumination source, and an ambient light sensor. The device provides a cane-user with forward illumination during twilight and dark periods, whereby the ambient light sensor operably energizes the light source when in an appropriate operational mode.
Object holder band
It adjusts to the body in an ergonomic way allowing the person feel free to move in any position.. .
Ecological and ergonomic kettle
A kettle includes a water receiving chamber; a water heating chamber; and a water transfer siphon. The water transfer siphon has a siphon inlet aperture in communication with the water receiving chamber, and a siphon outlet aperture in communication with the water heating chamber.
Bicycle handle
A bicycle handle which is suitable in particular for curved handlebars has an inner part which has an opening for receiving the handlebar. The inner part merges into an outer part.
Ultrasound probe
An ultrasound probe (10) comprises a pair of one dimensional transducer modules (1, 2) arranged in-line but set apart from each other in a shallow “v” shape. This allows a wide gap for needle manipulation while maintaining the ability to compute a good acoustic image of the target area (4) on an ultrasound scan engine.
Configurable ergonomic keyboard for computing devices
A configurable keyboard. The configurable keyboard includes a base with a top face, and a first edge.
Wire handheld tool
A wire handheld tool including a handle contiguous to a shank with a wire engaging end. The wire engaging end may be a helically shaped portion used to engage one or more wires thereto.
Ergonomic garment with cut and shearing resistant strapping and an adjustable girth and lock
A protective garment of elastic ergonomic material covering a wearer from his or her waist to their thighs comprises waist and thighs straps, and a central panel of cut resistant fabrics and comprise knife cut resistant and scissors shearing obstacles in various patterns and combinations in order to delay, impede and deflect such tools' blades. Both waist and thigh structures enable adjustable girth via a lock and as such create a flexible and a non-elastic rigid and connected overall protective structure resistant to forcible attempts of undressing by pulling and or by cutting or shearing the garment..
Touch sensor contact information
Apparatus and methods are disclosed for simultaneously tracking multiple finger and palm contacts as hands approach, touch, and slide across a proximity-sensing, multi-touch surface. Identification and classification of intuitive hand configurations and motions enables unprecedented integration of typing, resting, pointing, scrolling, 3d manipulation, and handwriting into a versatile, ergonomic computer input device..
Aircraft cockpit with an adjustable ergonomic instrument panel
The invention concerns an aircraft cockpit comprising at least one instrument panel (4) and a seat (2) for a pilot characterized in that the instrument panel forms a single unit and is carried by a hinged support (6) enabling the pilot to adjust the position of the instrument panel (4) relative to the pilot seat (2). Preferably, the instrument panel forms a single unit and is curved, for example along the arc of a circle, around the pilot seat..
Modular actuator for vehicle transmissions
An actuator for selecting shift stages of a vehicle transmission comprises a lever housing, a selector lever, as well as a transfer device for transferring switching commands to the speed change gear. The actuator is characterized by am exchangeable module adapter which is arranged between the lever housing and the transfer device.
Method and device for supplying data relating to a flight plan on a human-machine interface
A method and a device is provided for supplying, in summary fashion on a single page of a screen for each point, the data relating to a flight plan. The method makes it possible to establish relevant groups of information according to the situation of the flight and to summarize the display of the data in folded-up mode or in an unfolded lateral mode.
Ecg electrode connector
Disclosed is an ecg electrode lead wire connector which provides improved electrical and mechanical coupling of the ecg electrode press stud to the lead wire, provides enhanced ergonomics to the clinician, and may alleviate patient discomfort associated with the attachment and removal of ecg leads. The connector may be engaged and disengaged with little or no force imparted to the patient or the ecg pad, which significantly minimizes the risk of inadvertent dislodgement of the pad.
Seat back structure
A seat back structure is provided, which has a plurality of bumps and a plurality of gaps arranged alternately as an array on a seat back body. Further, the bumps and the gaps of adjacent rows are arranged in staggered manner.
Ultrasonic soldering process for electrically powered igus
The present invention relates to an ultrasonic soldering tool for soldering wires to a solder tab of an electrochromic device located between the layers of an insulated glass unit. The soldering tool includes an ergonomically designed handle and soldering tip head to increase operator comfort during use while also providing features to ensure that the surface of the insulated glass unit is not contacted by the soldering tip.
Ergonomic surgical glove
Disclosed is a surgical glove that alleviates the biasing force associated with bending or abducting the hand and fingers when wearing a surgical glove.. .
Portable matrix phased array spot weld inspection system
A portable system for non-destructively characterizing spot welds that includes at least one matrix phased array probe and a body, wherein the body is designed to be hand-held and further includes an ergonomically designed outer casing; at least one input for connecting to the at least one matrix phased array probe; ultrasonic phased array transmitting and receiving circuitry in electrical communication with the at least one input; a touch screen computer that further includes at least one data processor running software that includes at least one imaging algorithm for processing data received from the probe and generating color coded ultrasonic c-scan images of characterized welds; and at least one monitor for displaying the color coded ultrasonic c-scan images of the characterized welds in real time.. .
Packing apparatus in a sterile environment with a loading and supply system of articles
A packing apparatus for use in a sterile environment has an article loading and supply system. The loading system has a hatch in a first wall (p1) positioned at a height corresponding to a normal and ergonomic working height for an operator.
Method and apparatus for magnetic induction therapy
An energy emitting apparatus for providing a medical therapy includes one or more energy generators, a logic controller electrically connected to the one or more energy generators, and one or more sensors for detecting electric conduction in a target nerve that are connected to the logic controller. The one or more energy generators produce energy focused on the target nerve upon receiving a signal from the logic controller, and the energy is varied by the logic controller according to an input provided by the one or more sensors.
Sensor arrangement for use with a touch sensor that identifies hand parts
Apparatus and methods are disclosed for simultaneously tracking multiple finger and palm contacts as hands approach, touch, and slide across a proximity-sensing, multi-touch surface. Identification and classification of intuitive hand configurations and motions enables unprecedented integration of typing, resting, pointing, scrolling, 3d manipulation, and handwriting into a versatile, ergonomic computer input device..
Ergonomic chair
An ergonomic chair having a cooperatively adjustable seat is herein disclosed. The seat may be adjusted to position a user of the chair in a physiologic attitude that approaches the neutral position.
Ergonomic and adjustable respiratory mask assembly with cushion
A respiratory mask assembly for delivering breathable gas to a patient includes a frame having a front surface and a rear surface adapted in use to face the patient. A cushion having a side wall is removably attachable to the frame.
Ergonomic surgical instruments
A surgical instrument comprising a trigger configured to be actuated by a proximally directed force and by a distally directed force. The trigger may comprise a proximal trigger portion having a first length and a distal trigger hook comprising a distal portion having a second length.
Medical cream applying apparatus
A medical cream applying apparatus includes an internal cream applicator which includes a handle member and an inserting head member. The handle member is ergonomically designed to allow a user's hand to grab thereon.
Ergonomic trolley handle
A trolley handle is configured for placement upon a handle stock for a trolley or wheelbarrow and gripped by an operator for a transit grip to transport a load, a dump grip to dump a load, and a transition grip for transition between the transit and dump grips. The trolley handle includes: a closed loop handle housing; a first grip zone defined upon the closed loop handle housing at a first predetermined position, and configured to ergonomically aid an operator to transit a wheelbarrow load; a second grip zone defined upon the closed loop handle housing at a second predetermined position, and configured to ergonomically aid an operator to dump the wheelbarrow load; and a third grip zone defined upon the closed loop handle housing at a third predetermined position, and configured to ergonomically aid an operator to transition between the first grip zone and the second grip zone..
Trash compacting device
The invention is a trash compacting device with a handle configured horizontally, so a person can grip the handle with the palm of their hand facing downward to maximize compression force and minimize slippage. The frame supports one or more smite plate receivers that may extends horizontally from the frame to increase the distance between center regions of two smite plates.
Novel ergonomic ice scraper for joint damage prevention and ease of use
An ice scraper is designed in such a way as to minimize stress on joints and allows ergonomic use of muscles and joints during ice removal from vehicle windows by handicapped and elderly consumers and prevents carpel tunnel syndrome and other repetitive use injuries in healthy users. A stock and shoulder brace allow for more force delivery to the surface where the removal is occurring, while relieving forces usually generated from wrists and elbows to accomplish the task.
Methods and devices for performing electrical stimulation to treat various conditions
In certain variations, systems and/or methods for electromagnetic induction therapy are provided. One or more ergonomic or body contoured applicators may be included.
Card-handling devices and systems
Playing card-handling devices, such as shufflers, dealing shoes, discard racks and verification systems, are rotatably secured to a gaming table to allow for functional and ergonomic adjustment of the card-handling device, without removal from the gaming table. One end of the device, preferably a front end of the device from which playing cards may be removed, has a structure that extends through an aperture in the gaming table.
Improving the longevity and ergonomics of hybrid solar modules
At best, photovoltaic solar modules only convert 20% of solar energy into electrical energy, the rest of this energy being dissipated. This heat stored in the photovoltaic module reduces efficiency, which decreases in an inversely proportional manner to the temperature of the photovoltaic module.
Wire basket having an ergonomic wire handle
A fry basket is provided with an ergonomic handle. The handle is ergonomic by being formed from linear or substantially linear sections of rigid wires, which are laterally and vertically spaced away from each other to provide a structure formed of rigid wires that resembles or similar to a large-diameter cylindrical handle or dowel..
Modular rifle handguard
The present disclosure provides an ergonomic handguard that supports rail mounted weapon accessories in a variety of different orientations. The handguard includes sides and bottom surfaces that are ergonomic.
Ergonomic pistol grip for rifles
An angled pistol grip for a user's trigger hand , mounted on an automatic or semiautomatic rifle. Said pistol grip oriented asymmetrically from the centerline of the rifle body thereby reducing the stress on the shooter's wrist of the trigger hand said pistol grip while firing.

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