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Endotracheal Tube patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Endotracheal Tube-related patents
 Airway products and technique for using the same patent thumbnailAirway products and technique for using the same
An airway management device is provided that may adjust the inflation level of a cuff associated with an endotracheal tube. The cuff inflation may be adjusted in response to an increase in carbon dioxide levels above the cuff, which may indicate a poor seal of the cuff against the tracheal walls, as well in response to a measured intracuff pressure.
Covidien Lp
 Systems and methods for intubation patent thumbnailSystems and methods for intubation
An intubation device is provided. An intubation device comprises a movable guide configured to guide an insertion of an endotracheal tube into a trachea of a patient, the guide having a guide extension and a guide tip; an external trachea identifier source external to the trachea and disposed on the patient during an intubation, wherein the trachea identifier source generates and transmits a signal; at least one trachea condition sensor disposed on the guide tip to detect the signal generated by the trachea identifier source; and a guide control device operatively coupled to the guide, the guide control device configured to move the guide into the trachea in response to the detected signal..
 Scented and flavored oral airways patent thumbnailScented and flavored oral airways
An oral airway includes a first component having a first guiding surface and a second component having a second guiding surface. The first component and the second component are adapted to be removably coupled together such that the first guiding surface and the second guiding surface collectively define and encompass an interior passage through the oral airway that is dimensioned to direct, for example, a fiber-optic scope or an endotracheal tube extending through the interior passage for tracheal intubation.
Isen Innovations, Llc
 Endotracheal tubes and  evaluating breathing patent thumbnailEndotracheal tubes and evaluating breathing
The present application relates to endotracheal tubes and to systems and methods for detecting airway edema and evaluating breathing with an endotracheal tube. .
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center And Research Institute, Inc.
 Anti-fouling sleeve for indwelling catheters patent thumbnailAnti-fouling sleeve for indwelling catheters
An anti-fouling sleeve for an endotracheal tube, a method of placement, and the tools for placement. The anti-fouling sleeve occupies the entire length of endotracheal tube, and can be installed permanently or made removable and disposable.
 Glottiscope patent thumbnailGlottiscope
A glottiscope for assisting with the insertion of an endotracheal tube or an eschman like stylet into a patient is claimed. The glottiscope comprises a blade which defines an internal passage for receiving an endotracheal tube or an eschman like stylet, the blade having a proximal end and a distal end and means for viewing the patient's glottis, wherein the viewing means is disposed at the distal end and in use, below the point of emergence of an endotracheal tube or a stylet/guide (to rail road the endotracheal tube) in the internal passage to provide a view of the patient's glottis, the blade being adapted to direct the viewing means towards the centre of the patient's glottis..
The Laryngeal Mask Company Limited
 Endotracheal intubation assistance apparatus patent thumbnailEndotracheal intubation assistance apparatus
An endotracheal intubation assistance apparatus is for assisting in insertion of an endotracheal tube into the trachea of a patient, and includes a flexible movable tubular stylet, a graspable controller, and a viewing device. The stylet has a leading section, a body section, a tail section, and two slits extending through the body section and the tail section for dividing the tail section into first and second driven sheets.
Gentle And Tender Co., Ltd.
 System and  controlling and monitoring flow in an endotracheal tube patent thumbnailSystem and controlling and monitoring flow in an endotracheal tube
A system for controlling and monitoring flow in a cuffed endotracheal tube device is disclosed. The system comprises: a connector panel having at least three connectors adapted for establishing fluid communication with proximal ends of at least a first fluid line, a second fluid line and a cuff inflation line of the endotracheal tube device.
Hospitech Respiration Ltd.
 Welded cuff patent thumbnailWelded cuff
A cuff for placement on the outside surface of a first tube, for example, a tracheostomy or endotracheal tube, and a method of making the cuff. A pattern of the cuff including first and second end regions by which the cuff is to be attached to the first tube is rf welded onto second tube of a thin pliable rf weldable polymer.
 Guiding device for use with laryngoscope patent thumbnailGuiding device for use with laryngoscope
A guiding device for use with a laryngoscope for assisting in the insertion of an endotracheal tube into a patient, the device comprising a guiding means for guiding an endotracheal tube through the patient's upper airways, and an attachment means to attach the guiding means to the blade of the laryngoscope. A laryngoscope comprising the guiding device is also disclosed..

Bite block

A bite block and methods of use thereof are disclosed. The bite block may be configured to encompass a tube such as an endotracheal tube, and to protect the mouth of an intubated patient from clenching damage..

Endotracheal tube elbow connector

A connector (100) for a respiratory mask (10) including a first end portion (110) removably connected to the respiratory mask, a second end portion (120)removably connectable to a non-invasive ventilation (niv) tube (40), and an elbow portion (130) disposed between the first and second end portions. The elbow portion includes a port (140) for removably receiving an endotracheal tube (50), the port including a removable seal (450) that maintains non-invasive ventilation during insertion of the endotracheal tube into the respiratory mask through the port.

Medical device, and the methods of using same

A medical device is provided for insertion into a cavity of a patient to visual the internal membranes of the patient. The medical device can be an endotracheal tube, a suction tube, a bronchoscope, a tube changer, an esophageal tube, an intubating tube, an esophageal tube in combination with a separate intubating tube, a device for manipulating the position of the epiglottis of the patient, a stylet, or a tube insertable into the vagina of the patient.

Body-inserted tube cleaning

Systems, devices, and methods are disclosed for the cleaning of an endotracheal tube while a patient is being supported by a ventilator connected to the endotracheal tube for the purpose of increasing the available space for airflow or to prevent the build up of materials that may constrict airflow or be a potential nidus for infection. In one embodiment, a method for cleaning endotracheal tubes comprises inserting a cleaning device within an endotracheal tube while a cleaning member is in a compressed position, radially expanding the cleaning member to an expanded position within the endotracheal tube, and withdrawing the cleaning device from the endotracheal tube with the cleaning member in the expanded position..

Multi-lumen breathing tube device

A multi-lumen breathing tube device providing for separate and bidirectional gas flow for expired and inspired gas during ventilation of a lung. Embodiments of the multi-lumen breathing tube include an improved laryngeal mask airway device and an improved endotracheal tube.

Methods and systems for verifying and monitoring endotracheal tube position during intubation

An endotracheal tube positioning device includes a first hall sensor, a second hall sensor spaced a predetermined distance from the first hall sensor, a converter, and an integrated circuit board electrically connecting the first hall sensor and the second hall sensor to the converter, wherein a position range is established for the device based on a symmetry of voltage readings provided from the first and second hall sensors to the converter. An endotracheal tube positioning system includes an endotracheal tube having a magnet provided toward a distal tip end, an endotracheal tube positioning device having a first hall sensor and a second hall sensor, the positioning device configured to adhere to a skin surface, and a monitor for receiving data based on voltage values provided by the first and second hall sensors, the data indicating a position of the magnet relative to the adhered position of the positioning device..

Compliant electrode for emg endotracheal tube

An apparatus for monitoring emg signals of a patient's laryngeal muscles includes an endotracheal tube having a first cuff and a second cuff. Conductive ink electrodes are formed on an exterior surface of the first cuff.

Resuscitation device with onboard processor

A resuscitator has a patient airway interface device, a bag, a flow passage coupled between the bag and patient airway interface device, and a sensor assembly. The patient airway interface device may be a mask or an endotracheal tube.

Intubation device with video and anatomic stylet steering

A one piece, one step, steerable video intubation device has an intubation device body having a downwardly extending stylet, a proximal handle, and a video display. The flexible stylet has firming and bending tendons controlled by a trigger for controlled anatomic shaping and anatomically accurate steerage of the stylet.

Absorbent device for teeth cleaning and oral surgery

Disclosed is an endotracheal tube having an absorbent device attached so that the absorbent device is able to absorb and block any procedure produced debris. The absorbent device has strings that are attached to a device around an endotracheal tube so that the absorbent device is properly dislodged at the end of the procedure..

Endotrachael tube holding device with bite block

A bite block for an endotracheal tube has a tubular wall with a pair of opposed ends, a central opening along a length of the bite block between the pair of opposed ends, an interior wall surface, and an accessory line channel positioned between the interior wall surface and an endotracheal tube extending through the central opening. The accessory line channel is formed by a wall segment that is recessed into the interior wall surface, the wall segment being thinner than a thickness of the tubular wall adjacent the wall segment.

Endotracheal tube holding device with bite block

A device for holding an endotracheal tube has a slide track configured to fit adjacent a lip on a patient's face. The track has a face contacting side, an exposed side, and a pair of opposite ends.

Endotracheal tube retention system

A retention system for use with a bridle installed in a nose of a patient includes a member coupled to a medical device that is suspended from a nose of a patient and a connector for coupling to a bridle that is installed in a nose of a patient. The medical device extends into the mouth of a patient or is suspended adjacent the face of a patient..

Mouth guard

A mouth guard including a top mouth piece for engaging the top teeth and a bottom mouth piece for engaging the bottom teeth. The mouth guard also includes a central section having one or more ports for receiving an endotracheal tube, oral gastric tube, and/or oral suction tube.

Breathing tube holder

A faceplate assembly that includes a faceplate frame (14) that mounts on a patient's face and a bite block (30) that holds an endotracheal tube (22) that extends into a patient's trachea to assist breathing. The tube is easily mounted on the bite block, and the tube can be shifted sidewardly to reduce discomfort to the lips of the patient.

Intubation device and method

Intubation devices and method of intubation are provided for a medical provider to firmly hold an intubation stylet with the middle, the ring, and the little finger of one hand, point the tips of the intubation stylet and an endotracheal tube towards the opening of the trachea, and then advance the endotracheal tube over the stylet into the trachea with the index finger and the thumb of the same hand without an assistant to hold the stylet, while the user can use another hand to hold a laryngoscope to perform laryngoscopy to visualize the vocal cords during endotracheal intubation. The intubation device comprises a handle, a stylet holder, and an arm which is connected to both the stylet holder and the handle.

Color-coded endotracheal tube

Embodiments of the present invention generally relate to endotracheal tubes having a plurality of colored markings such as colored rings therearound. The colored markings are positioned at predetermined intervals and facilitate quick and accurate determination of intubation depth.

Pressure release means and placement indicator for inflatable catheter or respiratory gas supply retention means

Under- and overinflation of retention balloons and cuffs for catheters including foley catheters, and for endotracheal tubes, tracheostomy tubes, laryngeal mask airways and similar devices is correlated with hospital acquired infections and with patient injury. In this patent, a solution that correctly inflates inflatable retention devices is taught, whereby a pressure release means is incorporated into the inflation pathway from the fluid input syringe to the retention means while inflating.

Tracheal intubation device

A tracheal intubation device for placing an endotracheal tube in the trachea of a patient includes a bar-shaped camera, a handle portion, a guiding portion, and a display device. The bar-shaped camera for capturing images is placed inside the endotracheal tube.

Multiple-use airway mask

A flexible transparent multiple use face mask that encloses a user's face allowing the user's airway to be ventilated that includes a transparent flexible airway mask that encloses and ventilates a user's airway, an airway adaptor that directs a quantity of ventilation to the transparent flexible airway mask, a manual resuscitation bag valve that receives the airway adaptor and controls the quantity of ventilation directed to the transparent flexible airway mask and a manual resuscitation bag that produces the quantity of ventilation transmitted through the airway adaptor to the transparent flexible airway mask. The multiple-use airway mask may also be turned inside-out and be utilized in combination with an endotracheal tube or a tracheotomy tube and also includes an optional attachment strap to prevent losing the transparent flexible airway mask as an added safety measure to keep the mask and bag connected..

Devices with mouthpieces that allow for rapid change out of endotracheal (et) tubes and related methods

Tracheal assembly devices include: (a) a mouthpiece sized and configured to allow an endotracheal tube to extend outwardly therefrom; and (b) a cutting blade in communication with an outwardly facing portion of the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece can include at least one outwardly projecting substantially rigid short tube defining an open channel.

Endotracheal tube apparatus

An apparatus for monitoring emg signals of a patient's laryngeal muscles includes an endotracheal tube having an exterior surface and a first location configured to be positioned at the patient's vocal folds. A first electrode is formed on the exterior surface of the endotracheal tube substantially below the first location to receive emg signals primarily from below the vocal folds.

Closed suction cleaning devices, systems and methods

A closed suction system module is provided. In one embodiment, the closed suction system module comprises a coupling member configured to couple to a suction port of a multi-port manifold or endotracheal tube adapter (e.g., dual-port or tri-port adapter).

Endobronchial tube apparatus

Concepts presented herein include an apparatus for monitoring emg signals of a patient's laryngeal muscles. The apparatus includes an endobronchial tube having an exterior surface and two lumens for providing ventilation.

Substrate having an electron donating surface with metal particles comprising palladium on said surface

There is disclosed a substrate with an electron donating surface, characterized in having metal particles on said surface, said metal particles comprising palladium and at least one metal selected from the group consisting of gold, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, iridium, and platinum, wherein the amount of said metal particles is from about 0.001 to about 8 μg/cm2. Examples of coated objects include contact lenses, pacemakers, pacemaker electrodes, stents, dental implants, rupture nets, rupture mesh, blood centrifuge equipment, surgical instruments, gloves, blood bags, artificial heart valves, central venous catheters, peripheral venous catheters, vascular ports, haemodialysis equipment, peritoneal dialysis equipment, plasmapheresis devices, inhalation drug delivery devices, vascular grafts, arterial grafts, cardiac assist devices, wound dressings, intermittent catheters, ecg electrodes, peripheral stents, bone replacing implants, orthopaedic implants, orthopaedic devices, tissue replacing implants, intraocular lenses, sutures, needles, drug delivery devices, endotracheal tubes, shunts, drains, suction devices, hearing aid devices, urethral medical devices, and artificial blood vessels..

Cuff for use with medical tubing and making the same

A method of manufacturing more than one inflatable cuff per blow molding operation is provided. The method includes using two or more molds arranged in series and/or in parallel to simultaneously form two or more cuffs.

Apparatus and molding an endotracheal tube for tracheal intubation

A mold (form) in which an endotracheal tube, having a stylette therein, is received so as to form the overall configuration of the endotracheal tube is disclosed. The mold has a recess in the surface thereof to receive the endotracheal tube with a stylette therein.

Laryngoscope insertion section

A laryngoscope insertion section comprising a tube guide comprising at least an inferior tube guiding member and a superior tube guiding member, wherein the thickness of the insertion section in a first region is less than the external diameter of the largest diameter endotracheal tube in an operating range of endotracheal tube sizes plus the thickness of the inferior tube guiding member plus the thickness of the superior tube guiding member. Typically, the insertion section comprises an elongate member and the tube guide is lateral of the elongate member.

Endotracheal cuff and technique for using the same

An inflatable balloon cuff may be adapted to seal a patient's trachea when associated with an endotracheal tube. Configurations of these cuffs that include tapered regions with certain characteristics, such as cuff wall diameter and thickness, may provide improved sealing of the trachea..

Tube securement device

A securement device used to secure an anesthesia mask or an endotracheal tube to an animal patient during surgery, includes an elongated flexible element having two ends. A first slidable connector is threaded through the two ends and is movable along the elongated flexible element.

Reversible airway device and related ventilating a subject

One aspect of the present disclosure relates to a reversible airway device that includes a tubular guide, a laryngeal mask, an endotracheal tube, and a sealing mechanism. The tubular guide can have a distal end portion, a proximal end portion, and a first passageway extending between the distal and proximal end portions.

Devices for containing fluid and debris on endotracheal tubes, laryngeal masks, endoscopes, bronchoscopes and catheters and use thereof

Devices, methods and kits for reducing the likelihood of exposure to bodily fluid from a patient during the process of intubation and/or extubation of a tubular surgical device. Some of the bodily fluid guards can be used in conjunction with previously existing devices, while others are designed to be integrated with devices during manufacture of the devices.

Curvature-adjustable endotracheal tube

Disclosed is a curvature-adjustable endotracheal tube. The curvature-adjustable endotracheal tube includes: a hollow cylindrical tube body configured to maintain a patient's airway; and a curvature-adjusting wire configured to allow an operator to freely adjust the curvature of the tube body to correspond to the curvature of the patient's airway into which the tube body is inserted.

Visualization systems and methods

Systems, devices, and methods are disclosed for the cleaning of an endotracheal tube while a patient is being supported by a ventilator connected to the endotracheal tube for the purpose of increasing the available space for airflow or to prevent the build up of materials that may constrict airflow or be a potential nidus for infection. In one embodiment, a mechanically-actuated endotracheal tube cleaning device is configured to removably receive a visualization member to provide cleaning of the endotracheal tube under direct visualization..

Tracheal tube sensor disposed on permeable membrane

Various embodiments of an tracheal tube having a sensor coupled to a selectively permeable membrane are provided. In some embodiments, the membrane may be permeable to one or more blood gases and/or blood analytes.

Endotracheal tube with dedicated evacuation port

Various embodiments of a tracheal tube capable of suctioning accumulated mucus secretions from the airway of intubated patients are provided. Disclosed embodiments include a variety of endotracheal tubes with integral suction lumens terminating in ports optimally located at the distal end of the endotracheal tubes between a murphy's eye and a cuff.

Atraumatic introducer for nasal endotracheal tubes and its use

The present invention provides an intubation device including a nasal endotracheal tube having a proximal, relative to a person inserting the nasal endotracheal tube, end and a distal end; and an introducer including an elongated member having a proximal open end and a distal blunt end, the introducer proximal open end including a hollow mouth having sidewalls for receiving and holding the distal end of the endotracheal tube. The dilator/introducer is simply a tube, solid or hollow having a hollow proximal end that will hold a distal end of a nasal endotracheal tube in place.

Tracheostomy visualization

Systems, devices, and methods are disclosed for the cleaning of an endotracheal tube while a patient is being supported by a ventilator connected to the endotracheal tube for the purpose of increasing the available space for airflow or to prevent the build up of materials that may constrict airflow or be a potential nidus for infection. In one embodiment, a mechanically-actuated endotracheal tube cleaning device is configured to removably receive a visualization member to provide cleaning of the endotracheal tube under direct visualization..

Devices and methods for preventing tracheal aspiration

Devices and methods for preventing tracheal aspiration as described where a cuff assembly having an inflatable member with an inflation tube fluidly coupled may be placed over a proximal end of an endotracheal tube or laryngeal mask and inserted into the patient trachea with the endotracheal tube or separately after the endotracheal tube has already been positioned. In either case, the inflatable member may be positioned distal (or inferior) to the vocal cords and proximal to the endotracheal balloon via a delivery instrument which automatically positions the balloon in proximity to the vocal cords..

Airway intubation device

An airway intubation device having a one-piece molded body of biocompatible material with an ergonomically designed hand piece for left hand manipulation. The body includes a cap piece and linear-curved-linear insertion piece having a channel in one side thereof for insertion of an endotracheal tube.

Neonatal endotracheal tube with monolithic secure guard

A secure guard for an endotracheal tube includes a base ring, and a short gripper, a long gripper, and an upper lip bar each extending from the base ring. The short gripper and the long gripper each includes a flexible neck extending from the base ring and a gripping portion extending from the flexible neck.

Device comprising a set of magnetic elements particularly suitable as a support to the procedure of patient's tracheal intubation

A device particularly suitable as a support to the procedure of tracheal intubation, preferably embedded in a blade of a laryngoscope or similar instruments, and having two sets of flexible magnetic elements. The first set of magnetic elements being free to move forward or backward, under control of an operator, along the longitudinal direction of an operative channel belonging to the same device.

Capnography system for automatic diagnosis of patient condition

An improved medical capnographysystem (22) automatically determines the effect of therapy on the underlying patient. The system enable the determination of proper endotracheal tube or advanced airway placement, the effectiveness of cpr, and the occurrence of the return of spontaneous circulation (rosc) or loss of spontaneous circulation by use of a therapy analyzer (36) implementing an analyze therapy algorithm (336).

Tracheal intubation guide

An intubation guide for guiding, positioning and/or insertion of e.g. An endotracheal tube in a patients trachea, and where the intubation guide comprises a relatively flexible guide extending from the distal end of a relatively stiff positioning handle having a curved section between its distal and proximal end, wherein the guide element forms a scoop shaped guide in extension of the positioning handle, and in that the positioning handle comprises an intubation channel extending along the positioning handle, and having a first end near the proximal end of the positioning handle, and the other end at the distal end near the guide scoop..

Endotracheal tube with subglottic secretion suction and detachable suction connection line

An endotracheal tube assembly is disclosed. The endotracheal tube assembly includes an elongate tube having an outer wall, and a first connector disposed on the outer wall.


There is disclosed a laryngoscope comprising a blade having an adjustable curvature and means for adjusting the curvature which is operable during insertion of the blade into the airway of a patient such that the blade lifts the tongue and anterior structures to facilitate the insertion. There is also disclosed a laryngoscope fitting which defines a guide along which an endotracheal tube may be fed to intubate a patient following insertion of the laryngoscope into the patient's airway, the fitting being releasable from the blade to permit withdrawal of the blade from the fitting and thus from the airway..

Oral care method and kit

A method of moisturizing while decolonizing mammalian tissue, comprising applying a multi-valent cationic antiseptic composition to the tissue, and applying a moisturizer composition to at least a portion of the same tissue is provided. An oral care kit comprising a composition comprising the multi-valent cationic antiseptic and the moisturizer composition, and a method of moisturizing oral tissue of a patient requiring intubation using the moisturizer composition and an endotracheal tube coated or impregnated with a cationic antiseptic are also provided..

Endotracheal tube system

An endotracheal tube system includes an endotracheal tube having a first conduit and a second conduit, the first conduit being fluidly separable from the second conduit and a connector in communication with both the first conduit and the second conduit.. .

Airway management

The claimed subject matter provides systems and/or methods that facilitate improving visualization associated with intubation. A dynamically articulating laryngoscope blade can be controlled to configure to normal anatomic variants and pathologic abnormalities to facilitate placing of an endotracheal tube into a patient's trachea.

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