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Endotracheal Tube patents


This page is updated frequently with new Endotracheal Tube-related patent applications.

 Methods of removing biofilm from endotracheal tubes patent thumbnailMethods of removing biofilm from endotracheal tubes
Systems, devices, and methods are disclosed for the cleaning of an endotracheal tube while a patient is being supported by a ventilator connected to the endotracheal tube for the purpose of increasing the available space for airflow or to prevent the build up of materials that may constrict airflow or be a potential nidus for infection. In one embodiment, a mechanically-actuated endotracheal tube cleaning device is configured to removably receive a visualization member to provide cleaning of the endotracheal tube under direct visualization..
Endoclear Llc

 Apparatus for delivering aerosolized medication patent thumbnailApparatus for delivering aerosolized medication
An apparatus for delivering an aerosolized medication to a patient on a ventilation circuit. The apparatus comprise a multi dose metered syringe preloaded with the aerosolized medication such as albuterol.

 Endotracheal tube system patent thumbnailEndotracheal tube system
An endotracheal tube (ett) system is provided. The ett system includes a monitoring device and an ett including at least one sensor disposed thereon.

 Systems and methods for treating an airway patent thumbnailSystems and methods for treating an airway
Some embodiments described herein may include a system or a method in which an air delivery lumen of an endotracheal tube, a laryngeal mask, or other airway device is configured to optionally provide a suction effect.. .
Hoyt Medical Llc

 Prevention of ventilator associated pneumonia (vap) patent thumbnailPrevention of ventilator associated pneumonia (vap)
Ventilator associated pneumonia (vap) may be prevented in a patient, or its occurrence reduced in a population of patients, by using an anti-vap device or an anti-vap material such as an anti-vap mouthpiece that absorbs secretions. By reducing the problem of bacterial-containing secretions that otherwise build up in the airway of, and elsewhere in, the intubated patient, vap can be prevented from occurring in intubated patients, such as patients intubated with an endotracheal tube (ett) or a nasogastric tube.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan

 Resuscitation device with onboard processor patent thumbnailResuscitation device with onboard processor
A resuscitator has a patient airway interface device, a bag, a flow passage coupled between the bag and patient airway interface device, and a sensor assembly. The patient airway interface device may be a mask or an endotracheal tube.
Carefusion 2200, Inc.

 Endotracheal tube retention system patent thumbnailEndotracheal tube retention system
A retention system for use with a bridle installed in a nose of a patient includes a member coupled to a medical device that is suspended from a nose of a patient and a connector for coupling to a bridle that is installed in a nose of a patient. The medical device extends into the mouth of a patient or is suspended adjacent the face of a patient..
Applied Medical Technology, Inc.

 Securing mechanisms for endotracheal tubes patent thumbnailSecuring mechanisms for endotracheal tubes
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide an endotracheal tube holder and a band-locking mechanism. The endotracheal tube holder has an elongated body portion and a tube-grasping portion.
Dale Medical Products, Inc.

 Endobronchial tube apparatus patent thumbnailEndobronchial tube apparatus
Concepts presented herein include an apparatus for monitoring emg signals of a patient's laryngeal muscles. The apparatus includes an endobronchial tube having an exterior surface and two lumens for providing ventilation.
Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

 Laryngoscope patent thumbnailLaryngoscope
Disclosed is a laryngoscope comprising a handle and an insertion section which extends from the handle, wherein the insertion section comprises a tube guide for retaining and guiding an endotracheal tube during intubation, wherein the handle comprises at least one external tube engaging formation, such as a tube guiding member or tube retaining member. There is also disclosed a laryngoscope having a handle and insertion section which adapted to detachably retain and guide an endotracheal tube along a lateral side of the insertion section and handle such that a retained endotracheal tube is continuously curved, and preferably under flexural tension, from the most proximal location where the handle contacts the retained endotracheal tube to the most distal location where the insertion section contacts the superior side of a retained endotracheal tube..
Aircraft Medical Limited

Endotracheal tube apparatus

An apparatus for monitoring emg signals of a patient's laryngeal muscles includes an endotracheal tube having an exterior surface and a first location configured to be positioned at the patient's vocal folds. A first electrode is formed on the exterior surface of the endotracheal tube substantially below the first location to receive emg signals primarily from below the vocal folds.
Medtronic Xomed, Inc.

Methods and apparatus to deliver therapeutic non-ultraviolet electromagnetic radiation for an endotracheal tube

A therapeutic endotracheal tube assembly is provided for insertion into a patient's trachea to ventilate, to maintain patency of the patient's airway, and to deliver therapeutic electromagnetic radiation (emr) to the patient. The therapeutic endotracheal tube assembly has an endotracheal tube and an emr delivery system.

Medical device, and the methods of using same

A medical device is provided for insertion into a cavity of a patient to visual the internal membranes of the patient. The medical device can be an endotracheal tube, a suction tube, a bronchoscope, a tube changer, an esophageal tube, an intubating tube, an esophageal tube in combination with a separate intubating tube, a device for manipulating the position of the epiglottis of the patient, a stylet, or a tube insertable into the vagina of the patient.
Wm & Dg, Inc.

Insertion section for laryngoscope with lateral tube guide

A laryngoscope insertion section for a laryngoscope, which is typically a video laryngoscope, includes a lateral tube guide configured to retain an endotracheal tube in a plane. A viewing port for a camera or other image collector is laterally displaced from the plane of the endotracheal tube.
Aircraft Medical Limited

Device, providing ventilatory assist to a patient

A device for providing ventilatory assist to a patient is disclosed. The device comprises a manifold having an inspiratory port to receive an inspiratory flow from an inspiratory supply line, an interface port connectable to an external end of an endotracheal tube inserted in a patient's trachea and an expiratory port configured to receive an expiratory flow from the endotracheal tube via the interface port.
St. Michael's Hospital

Medical tube apparatus

An endotracheal tube apparatus to treat a patient comprising an endotracheal tube and a hub connection fitting; the endotracheal tube insertable into a trachea of the patient; the hub connection fitting connectable to the endotracheal tube; a ventilation passageway extending through the hub connection fitting and a ventilation lumen of the endotracheal tube; a plurality of ports joined with the hub connection fitting, the plurality of ports comprising at least a first port and a second port; a first passageway extending within the hub connection fitting, the first passageway in fluid communication with the first port; a second passageway extending within the hub connection fitting, the second passageway in fluid communication with the second port; a third passageway extending within the hub connection fitting and a secondary lumen of the endotracheal tube.. .
Monitoring For Life, Llc

Endotracheal tube holder device

The present disclosure relates to a device for holding an endotracheal tube. The device includes a rail having opposite ends and a plurality of grooves at least partially along the length of the rail between the opposite ends.
Teleflex Medical Incorporated

Indirect measurement in a total liquid ventilation system

A method, connector and system for obtaining an indirect measurement of a parameter in a patient with a total liquid ventilation (tlv) system. At least one parameter measurement is obtained of a liquid taken in the tlv system comprising an endotracheal tube having a distal end inserted in a patient's trachea.
Socpra Sciences Et GÉnie S.e.c.

Endotracheal tube for nerve monitoring

An endotracheal tube for nerve monitoring including one or more ground, reference, or laryngeal-monitoring electrode wires that run in a direction parallel to the central axis of the tube, each such electrode wire having an insulated first wire portion and an uninsulated second wire portion, and further including one or more ground, reference, or hypoglossal-monitoring electrode wires wrapped around the outer surface of the endotracheal tube in a helical, circular, or interposed pattern. .

Airway device with camera

An airway device is provided for opening a patient's airway. In an embodiment, the airway device provides dual tubes which allow the patient to breathe on his/her own, to be ventilated, or to be intubated.
Wm & Dg Inc.

Method and multi-camera intubation

Exemplary embodiments of the present invention disclose a multi-camera intubation device for video-guided intubation. Video-guided intubation enhances the safety and success of intubation in medical practice by allowing practitioners to observe obstructions during intubation techniques, such as oropharygolaryngoscopy.

Bi-lateral endobronchial suctioning device and medical suctioning system for intubated patients

A bi-lateral endobronchial suctioning device includes actuating and articulating components that allow a provider to accurately suction both right and left bronchi as well as the trachea in a controlled and safe manner. A control mechanism is used to manipulate the actuating components in tubes forming a suction catheter to flex the tip of the bi-lateral endobronchial suctioning device to the left and to the right when the device is inserted through an endotracheal tube or other similar device, to enable directional control of a catheter for suctioning the lungs or trachea.

Substrate having an electron donating surface with metal particles comprising palladium on said surface

There is disclosed a substrate with an electron donating surface, characterized in having metal particles on said surface, said metal particles comprising palladium and at least one metal selected from the group consisting of gold, ruthenium, rhodium, osmium, iridium, and platinum, wherein the amount of said metal particles is from about 0.001 to about 8 μg/cm2. Examples of coated objects include contact lenses, pacemakers, pacemaker electrodes, stents, dental implants, rupture nets, rupture mesh, blood centrifuge equipment, surgical instruments, gloves, blood bags, artificial heart valves, central venous catheters, peripheral venous catheters, vascular ports, haemodialysis equipment, peritoneal dialysis equipment, plasmapheresis devices, inhalation drug delivery devices, vascular grafts, arterial grafts, cardiac assist devices, wound dressings, intermittent catheters, ecg electrodes, peripheral stents, bone replacing implants, orthopaedic implants, orthopaedic devices, tissue replacing implants, intraocular lenses, sutures, needles, drug delivery devices, endotracheal tubes, shunts, drains, suction devices, hearing aid devices, urethral medical devices, and artificial blood vessels..
Bactiguard Ab

Single lung/lobe ventilation endotracheal tube

Techniques for single lung ventilation (slv) include a hollow main tube with outer diameter sized to fit inside a bronchus of a patient. The length of the main tube is sufficient for a distal end of the main tube to reach a first side bronchus from a proximal end configured to be located in a vicinity of a mouth of the patient.

Endotracheal tube securement device

An endotracheal tube securement device is disclosed. The device provides a sanitary and secure way to retain aft endotracheal tube.
University Of Rochester

Devices and methods for airway suctioning

Described here are devices, systems, and methods for positioning a suction catheter in the airway of a patient. The systems may comprise a suction catheter, a delivery device, and/or a stylet.
Ciel Medical, Inc.

Low maintenance endotracheal tube device and preventing ventilator associated pneumonia and tracheal ischemia

A method of sealing a trachea is provided that includes inserting a tracheal tube having an inflatable cuff made of a compliant material into a trachea. The method includes inflating the inflatable cuff with a fluid to a first pressure that exceeds a second pressure necessary to create a seal between the inflatable cuff and the tracheal wall.
Cook Medical Technologies Llc

Endotracheal tube and use

This disclosure provides an endotracheal tube with a tip suitable for traversing the laryngeal inlet and with a guiding channel having a proximal opening adjacent a proximal end portion and a distal opening adjacent to a tip, wherein the guiding channel is adjacent a sidewall of the main lumen of the tube, which allows more accurate wire-guided intubation of a patient, a method and a kit relating to the same.. .
Naga Wire-tracking Tracheal Tube Pty Ltd

Laryngeal mask airway

A laryngeal mask airway is provided. The laryngeal mask airway mainly includes a handle.

Orogastric tube guide

Provided is an orogastric tube guide that can be used to accurately and quickly place an into the esophagus of a subject. In some embodiments, the orogastric tube guide is placed into the mouth of the subject after the subject has been intubated with an endotracheal tube.
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center And Research Institute, Inc.

Facilitating tracheal intubation using an articulating airway management apparatus

The claimed subject matter provides systems and/or methods that facilitate improving intubating a patient. An airway management apparatus is provided having an articulating blade comprising a plurality of articulation points and a channel configured to receive an endotracheal tube and facilitate passage of the endotracheal tube through the channel.
Amin, Turocy & Watson, Llp

System and expediting weaning from ventilator support including an artificial airway cleaning apparatus

A cleaning apparatus including an elongate tubular member utilized by extending into an artificial airway such as, but not limited to, an endotracheal tube which may be used in a method and system for expediting a patient's weaning from ventilator support. A cleaning assembly provided at a distal end of the elongate tubular member radially expands to engage the interior wall of the endotracheal tube, for cleaning thereof by an outer periphery, achieving an effective cleaning engagement.

Body-inserted tube cleaning

Systems, devices, and methods are disclosed for the cleaning of an endotracheal tube while a patient is being supported by a ventilator connected to the endotracheal tube for the purpose of increasing the available space for airflow or to prevent the build up of materials that may constrict airflow or be a potential nidus for infection. In one embodiment, a method for cleaning endotracheal tubes comprises inserting a cleaning device within an endotracheal tube while a cleaning member is in a compressed position, radially expanding the cleaning member to an expanded position within the endotracheal tube, and withdrawing the cleaning device from the endotracheal tube with the cleaning member in the expanded position..
Endoclear Llc

Endotracheal cuff and technique for using the same

An inflatable balloon cuff may be adapted to seal a patient's trachea when associated with an endotracheal tube. Configurations of these cuffs that include tapered regions with certain characteristics, such as cuff wall diameter and thickness, may provide improved sealing of the trachea..

Flexible tube holding device and intubation system with methods of use

A flexible tube holding device includes a handle having a groove along a length of a back side thereof, the groove being sized to at least partially accept a desired flexible tube, such as an endotracheal tube. The device is generally j-shaped from the side, and further includes a blade connected to the handle, the blade having a proximal blade section connected to the handle and having an opening along a back side thereof, and a tube retention section connected to the proximal blade section at an end thereof opposite the handle and along the opening.

Ventilator-endotracheal tube-lung benchtop model

Disclosed herein is a ventilator text fixture comprising a ventilator port that connects to a ventilator through a breathing circuit; where the ventilator delivers air through the ventilator port to a ventilator test fixture at a rate and pressure that can be controlled by a user to simulate inhalation; an input port; where the input port is in fluid communication with the ventilator port; where the input port permits additional simulated secretions or test liquids to be pumped into the ventilator text fixture; one or more bent supports; a liquid reservoir; where the liquid reservoir is operative to hold test fluids; and one or more tubes; where the one or more tubes are in fluid communication with the ventilator port and the input port via the liquid reservoir; and where the one or more bent supports are operative to mimic an anatomy of the trachea.. .
Sharklet Technologies, Inc.

Medical tube holder and related methods

A medical tubing holder system including a connector, a holding assembly and a retainer block. The holding assembly has an arm, and optional flanges to capture part of medical tubing, such as an endotracheal tube.
Spectrum Health Innovations, Llc

Video laryngoscope and video laryngoscope insertion section

A video laryngoscope and elongate laryngoscope insertion section for a video laryngoscope, comprising a viewing port through which an imaging device within the insertion section can obtain images of a larynx, the insertion section extending between a distal end for insertion into a subject and an opposite proximal end, and having an inferior surface and an opposed superior surface, wherein the insertion section comprises a proximal region where the insertion section extends through a subject's teeth in use, a distal region extending to the distal end and an intermediate region therebetween, wherein the inferior surface of the insertion section comprises or consists of a curved region which extends from the proximal region through the intermediate region to the distal region, wherein the curved region of the inferior surface is continuously longitudinally curved along the length of the longitudinally curved region and wherein the longitudinal curvature of the curved region of the inferior surface varies in the intermediate region. Markings on an elongate laryngoscope insertion can be used to monitor depth of insertion and to indicate a path by which an endotracheal tube should be inserted..
Aircraft Medical Limited

Airway tube and visualisation device assembly

A video introducer (2) is inserted in an endotracheal tube (1) and is retained by engagement of a connector (28) at the rear end of the introducer with a connector (16) inserted in the rear end (13) of the tube. The introducer (2) includes a shaft (21) integral with the connector (28) and having a channel (22) along its length.

Protective endotracheal tube

Embodiments include a tracheal tube having a proximal end and a distal end. In certain embodiments, a plurality of spaced-apart cuffs disposed around the tracheal tube.

Bite block

A bite block and methods of use thereof are disclosed. The bite block includes a body and a tube clamp attached thereto.
Haider Biologics Llc

Endotracheal tube with dedicated evacuation port

Various embodiments of a tracheal tube capable of suctioning accumulated mucus secretions from the airway of intubated patients are provided. Disclosed embodiments include a variety of endotracheal tubes with integral suction lumens terminating in ports optimally located at the distal end of the endotracheal tubes between a murphy's eye and a cuff.
Covidien Lp

Adaptable viewing port for endotracheal tube

This disclosure provides a medical device adaptable to current endotracheal tubes having a first segment defining a first lumen with both a distal and proximal end, and a second segment defining a second lumen with both a distal and a proximal end. The first segment and the second segment may be attached to one another.
The Administrators Of The Tulane Educational Fund

Laryngoscope insertion section

A laryngoscope insertion section comprising a tube guide including at least an inferior tube guiding member and a superior tube guiding member, wherein the thickness of the insertion section in a first region is less than the external diameter of the largest diameter endotracheal tube in an operating range of endotracheal tube sizes plus the thickness of the inferior tube guiding member plus the thickness of the superior tube guiding member. Typically, the insertion section comprises an elongate member and the tube guide is lateral of the elongate member.
Aircraft Medical Limited

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