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Enterprise price quote generation

Verizon Patent And Licensing

Enterprise price quote generation

System and methods for enabling sponsored data access across multiple carriers

Tata Communications (america)

System and methods for enabling sponsored data access across multiple carriers

System and methods for enabling sponsored data access across multiple carriers


Concatenating data objects for storage in a dispersed storage network

Date/App# patent app List of recent Enate-related patents
 Method and  sintering ndfeb rare earth permanent magnet patent thumbnailMethod and sintering ndfeb rare earth permanent magnet
A method for sintering ndfeb rare earth permanent magnet includes steps of: providing a continuous vacuum sintering furnace to sinter; loading a sintering box with compacted magnet blocks onto a loading frame; while driving by a transmission apparatus, sending the loading frame orderly through a preparation chamber, a pre-heating and degreasing chamber, a first degassing chamber, a second degassing chamber, a pre-sintering chamber, a sintering chamber, an aging chamber and a cooling chamber of the continuous vacuum sintering furnace, respectively for pre-heating to remove organic impurities, and further for heating to dehydrogenate and degas, pre-sintering, sintering, aging and cooling. A continuous vacuum sintering apparatus is also provided..
Shenyang General Magnetic Co., Ltd.

 Enterprise price quote generation patent thumbnailEnterprise price quote generation
A method includes receiving, from a client enterprise, at a provider computing device, a request for price quote for products provided by a provider enterprise and determining a plurality of discrete processing units based on the request for price quote. The method includes assigning each of the plurality of discrete processing units to a single one of a plurality of parallel processing devices.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

 System and methods for enabling sponsored data access across multiple carriers patent thumbnailSystem and methods for enabling sponsored data access across multiple carriers
A service and system for providing sponsored data, wherein the data usage is not charged to a mobile subscriber but, rather, paid for by a sponsor. The system and service is mobile-operator neutral and exists separate and apart from any given mobile network.
Tata Communications (america) Inc.

 Concatenating data objects for storage in a dispersed storage network patent thumbnailConcatenating data objects for storage in a dispersed storage network
A method begins by a processing module of a dispersed storage network (dsn) concatenating a plurality of independent data objects into a concatenated data object and performing a dispersed storage error encoding function on the concatenated data object to produce a set of data-based encoded data slices and a set of redundancy-based encoded data slices. The method continues with the processing module outputting the set of data-based encoded data slices to a first set of storage units for storage and outputting the set of redundancy-based encoded data slices to a second set of storage units for storage..
Cleversafe, Inc.

 Green fluid catalytic cracking process patent thumbnailGreen fluid catalytic cracking process
A process and apparatus for co-processing a hydrocarbon feedstock and a renewable biomass feedstock are described. Solid particles of biomass are introduced into the riser reactor zone and mixed with catalyst.
Uop Llc

 Rejuvenation of reclaimed asphalt patent thumbnailRejuvenation of reclaimed asphalt
Asphalt compositions comprising reclaimed asphalt and an ester-functional rejuvenating agent derived from tall oil are disclosed. Rejuvenated binder compositions are also included.
Arizona Chemical Company, Llc

 Hydrolytically stable functionalized polyphosphonate flame retardant patent thumbnailHydrolytically stable functionalized polyphosphonate flame retardant
Functionalized non-halogenated flame retardants are disclosed having improved hydrolytic stability, represented by decreased conductivity measured in units of ? s/cm when immersed in distilled water and heated to 80 c. The functionalized flame retardant comprises polyphosphonate functionalized by epoxy-functional styrene-acrylic oligomer or aromatic carbodiimide, and optionally antioxidant.
Polyone Corporation

 Method for producing end-modified polybutadiene or end-modified hydrogenated polybutadiene and composition containing same patent thumbnailMethod for producing end-modified polybutadiene or end-modified hydrogenated polybutadiene and composition containing same
It is an object of the present invention to provide a method for producing a terminal-modified polybutadiene or terminal-modified hydrogenated polybutadiene that does not become colored or white and turbid, without using an organotin compound. The production method of the present invention includes reacting an acrylate or methacrylate represented by formula (i), a diisocyanate compound represented by formula (ii), and a polybutadiene or hydrogenated polybutadiene having a hydroxyl group at a polymer terminal, represented by formula (iii), in the presence of at least one selected from an organoaluminum compound and an organozinc compound (with the proviso that zinc naphthenate is excluded)..
Nippon Soda Co., Ltd.

 Catalysts and methods for ring opening metathesis polymerization patent thumbnailCatalysts and methods for ring opening metathesis polymerization
The present invention, among other things, provides highly syndiotactic poly(dicyclopentadiene) and/or hydrogenated poly(dicyclopentadiene), compositions thereof, and compounds and methods for preparing the same. In some embodiments, a provided compound is a compound of formula i, ii or iii.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

 Process for the manufacture of alkenones patent thumbnailProcess for the manufacture of alkenones
A process for the manufacture of an alkenone comprising the steps of: (a) providing a halogenated precursor of the alkenone and (b) subjecting at least a fraction of the halogenated precursor of step (a) to a thermolysis reaction to form a reaction mixture comprising the alkenone and a hydrogen halide wherein the hydrogen halide is removed from the reaction mixture by cyclonic separation is described.. .
Solvay Sa


Whippable topping with high freeze-thaw stability

A whippable topping composition comprising: (a) water-soluble carbohydrates, (b1) hydrogenated vegetable fat, (b2) optionally milk fat, (c) an emulsifier formulation having an hlbformulation value of less than 9, (d1) a first hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, (d2) a second hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, (e) protein, (f) optionally a non-protein hydrocolloid stabilizer, and (g) water, wherein the weight ratio of first hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (d1) to second hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (d2) is within the range of from 3:1 to 13:1.. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Powder, powder composition, use thereof and use of the powder and powder composition

An iron-boron alloy powder or an iron-boron alloy powder composition suitable for remediation of halogenated hydrocarbon polluted soil, water or groundwater as well as the use of the powder or powder composition. The boron-iron alloy powder suitable for remediation of polluted soil or waters may have 0.1-40% by weight of boron and inevitable impurities up to a content of 10% by weight.
Hoganas Ab (publ)


Methods for producing rejuvenated red blood cells

Methods for treating blood. The methods comprise obtaining whole blood from a donor, mixing the whole blood with a red blood cell enhancement composition, and incubating the mixture of whole blood and red blood cell enhancement composition.
Biomet Biologics, Llc


Slush molding composition

A thermoplastic polypropylene composition comprising polypropylene, a hydrogenated block copolymer, 3 to 6 wt % high density polyethylene, 5 to 10 wt % of a processing oil, and greater than or equal to 3 wt % of a surface modifier comprising an ultra high molecular weight polydialkyl siloxane, an ultra-high molecular weight polydialkyl siloxane in combination with silica, a polyolefin siloxane or a combination thereof, wherein weight percent is based on the total weight of the composition.. .
Inteva Products, Llc


Composition of organic peroxide without a colloid agent

An aqueous emulsion composition of organic peroxide without a protective colloid agent wherein the emulsifying agent is a nonionic surfactant chosen exclusively from a block copolymer including at least one alkylene oxide block, a block copolymer including at least two alkylene oxide blocks, an alkoxylated fatty alcohol, an alkoxylated fatty acid, an alkoxylated vegetable or animal oil (hydrogenated or not) or a mixture of a plurality of these elements. Also, a method for producing this composition and specific uses thereof..
Arkema France


Method of preparing halogenated silahydrocarbylenes

A method comprises separate and consecutive steps (i) and (ii). Step (i) includes contacting a copper catalyst with hydrogen gas and a halogenated silane monomer at a temperature of 500° c.
Dow Corning Corporation


Pyridone derivatives as acid secretion inhibitors and process for preparation thereof

The present invention relates to the preparation of stable pyridone disulphide derivatives having general formula (i) and its stereoisomers, which are useful in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders. Pyridone disulphide derivatives (i) wherein, r1, r2 and r3 are independently alkyl, alkoxy, halogen, halogenated alkoxy, halogenated alkyl, hydrogen and could be the same or different and x is ch or n.
Emcure Pharmaceuticals Limited


Compounds and methods for the production of long chain hydrocarbons from biological sources

The present invention is directed to the preparation of oxygenated, unsaturated hydrocarbon compounds, such as derivatives of furfural or hydroxymethyl furfural produced by aldol condensation with a ketone or a ketoester, as well as methods of deoxidatively reducing those compounds with hydrogen under acidic conditions to provide saturated hydrocarbons useful as fuels.. .
The Procter & Gamble Plaza


Sapo-34 molecular sieve and preparing the same

The present invention concerns a sapo-34 molecular sieve and method for preparing the same, whose chemical composition in the anhydrous state is expressed as: mdipa·(sixalypz)o2, wherein, dipa is diisopropylamine existing in cages and pore channels of said molecular sieve, wherein m is the molar number of diisopropylamine per one mole of (sixalypz)o2, and m is from 0.03 to 0.25; x, y, z respectively represents the molar number of si, al, p, and x is from 0.01 to 0.30, and y is from 0.40 to 0.60, and z is from 0.25 to 0.49, and x+y+z=1. The sapo-34 molecular sieve can be used as catalysts for acid-catalyzed reaction or oxygenate to olefins reaction..
Dalian Institute Of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Sapo-34 molecular sieve and preparing the same

A sapo-34 molecular sieve and method for preparing the same, whose chemical composition in the anhydrous state is expressed as: msda.(sixalypz)o2, wherein m is 0.08-0.3, x is 0.01-0.60, y is 0.2-0.60, z is 0.2-0.60, and x+y+z=1. The template agent sda is in micropores of the molecular sieve.
Dalian Institute Of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Oxidized and partially hydrogenated oil or fat

An oil or fat composition described herein has a hydrogenated aroma and flavor as a conventional oil or fat composition and a long lasting hydrogenated aroma, while having trans-fatty acid content reduced to the same extent as that in a general liquid salad oil, and the starting material thereof. The oxidized and partially hydrogenated oil or fat contains c18:2 trans-isomer from 10 to 60 wt.
J-oil Mills, Inc.


Compositions and methods for organ preservation

Disclosed herein are solutions for use with machine perfusion of one or more organs. In some embodiments, the solutions comprise acellular cross-linked hemoglobin in a physiologically acceptable medium.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education


Impulse and/or burst noise signal to noise ratio (snr) aware concatenated forward error correction (fec)

Impulse and/or burst noise signal to noise ratio (snr) aware concatenated forward error correction (fec). Adaptive processing is performed on a signal based on one or more effects which may deleteriously modify a signal.
Broadcom Corporation


Enhancing search capacity of global navigation satellite system (gnss) receivers

Enhancing search capacity of global navigation satellite system (gnss) receivers. A method for searching satellite signals in a receiver includes performing a plurality of searches sequentially.
Texas Instrument Incorporated


Processes for anaerobic bioconversion of hydrogen-containing gases to oxygenated organic compounds

Anaerobic processes for the bioconversion of syngas to oxygenated organic compounds in an aqueous menstruum are disclosed where exogenous carbon dioxide is used to provide a syngas-containing substrate gas having a desired electron to carbon ratio. The exogenous carbon dioxide contains free oxygen, and the aqueous menstruum withdrawn for product recovery is contacted with the exogenous carbon dioxide to reduce its oxygen concentration before being supplied as part of the substrate gas..


System and introducing an additive with a unique catalyst to a coking process

Gas oil components, coking process recycle, and heavier hydrocarbons are cracked or coked in the coking vessel by injecting an additive into the vapors of traditional coking processes in the coking vessel. The additive contains catalyst(s), seeding agent(s), excess reactant(s), quenching agent(s), carrier(s), or any combination thereof to modify reaction kinetics to preferentially crack or coke these components.


Modified hydrogenated polysiloxazane, composition comprising same for forming silica-based insulation layer, preparing composition for forming silica-based insulation layer, silica-based insulation layer, and preparing silica-based insulation layer

Disclosed is modified hydrogenated polysiloxazane prepared by reacting hydrogenated polysiloxazane with a silane compound selected from polysilane, polycyclosilane, and a silane oligomer. The modified hydrogenated polysiloxazane has a small mole ratio of nitrogen atoms relative to silicon atoms and may remarkably deteriorate a film shrinkage ratio when included in a composition for forming a silica-based insulation layer to form a silica-based insulation layer..
Cheil Industries Inc.


Crystalline solid and amorphous forms of (-)-halofenate and methods related thereto

The present invention provides crystalline solid and amorphous forms of (−)-halofenate. The crystalline solid forms may be used in various pharmaceutical compositions, and are particularly effective for the prevention and/or treatment of conditions associated with blood lipid deposition in a mammal, particularly those diseases related to type 2 diabetes and hyperlipidemia.
Diatex, Inc.


Oxidation of hydrocarbons

A process for oxidizing a first hydrocarbon to a corresponding first oxygenate by feeding a first feedstock comprising the first hydrocarbon into an oxidation reactor, contacting the reaction medium with a gas stream comprising o2 in the oxidation reactor, and supplying a hydroperoxide additive to the oxidation reactor. By including the hydroperoxide additive in the reaction medium, foaming at and/or close to the beginning of the oxidation reaction can be significantly reduced..
Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.


Method for producing renewable fuels

According to the present invention, organic material is converted to biogas through anaerobic digestion and the biogas is purified to yield a combustible fluid feedstock comprising methane. A fuel production facility utilizes or arranges to utilize combustible fluid feedstock to generate renewable hydrogen that is used to hydrogenate crude oil derived hydrocarbons in a process to make transportation or heating fuel.
Logen Corporation


Lubrication system for warm forming

Sheet metal workpieces are preheated to a temperature in the range of about 100° c. To about 500° c.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Method for scrubbing sulfur-containing gases with a circulated ammoniacal scrubbing solution

A method for scrubbing sulfur-containing gases with a circulated ammoniacal scrubbing solution is described. A sulfur-containing and nitrogen-containing gas is freed from sulfur compounds and nitrogen compounds with an aqueous alkaline solvent suchthat a purified industrial gas and a solvent loaded with nitrogen compounds and sulfur compounds is obtained, which is then passed into a desorption column.
Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Ag


Antimicrobial composition

Provided herein is an antimicrobial composition having at least one free fatty acid or a derivative and/or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein the free fatty acid has from 6 to 16 carbon atoms, at least one carboxylic acid or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof and/or at least one carbohydrate or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, wherein the carbohydrate is selected from a hydrogenated carbohydrate, a monosaccharide, a disaccharide, a polysaccharide and combinations thereof. The antimicrobial composition provides enhanced anti-adhesion and/or disinfecting properties.
Dutch Renewable Energy B.v.


Devices and methods for vascular recanalization

In some embodiments, a medical device for recanalizing a vessel having a blockage and restoring blood flow through an obstructed blood vessel includes an expandable member coupled to a core wire and a hypotube that are movable relative to each other to manipulate the expandable member between various configurations. The expandable member having a capture structure in an expanded configuration.
Medina Medical, Inc.


Method and data security and automatic repeat request implementation in a wireless communication system

A method and apparatus for implementing data security and automatic repeat request (arq) in a wireless communication system are disclosed. Cipher entities are included in a wireless transmit/receive unit (wtru) and an access gateway (agw), and outer arq, (or radio link control (rlc)), entities are included in the wtru and an evolved node-b (enode-b).
Interdigital Technology Corporation


Guest-compound-enveloping polymer-metal-complex crystal, producing same, preparing crystal structure analysis sample, and determining molecular structure of organic compound

The present invention is: a guest-compound-enveloping polymer-metal-complex crystal characterized by at least one selected from an aliphatic hydrocarbon, an alicyclic hydrocarbon, an ether, an ester, an aromatic hydrocarbon, a halogenated hydrocarbon, and a nitrile being enveloped as a guest compound (a) in the minute pores or the like of a polymer-metal complex that contains a metal ion as a central metal and a ligand having at least two ligating sites, has a 3d network structure formed by the ligand being ligated to the metal ion, and has the minute pores or the like regularly arranged three-dimensionally within the 3d network structure, the amount of the guest compound (a) present within the minute pores or the like being at least 60 mol % of all the guest compounds enveloped in the minute pores or the like; a method for producing the guest-compound-enveloping polymer-metal-complex crystal; a method for preparing a crystal structure analysis sample using the crystal; and a method for determining the molecular structure of an organic compound using the sample obtained by said method.. .
Japan Science And Technology Agency


Lubricating oil composition

The lubricating oil composition according to the present invention contains a viscosity index improver and a metallic detergent in at least one base oil selected from mineral oils and synthetic oils therein, wherein the viscosity index improver contains a polymethacrylate viscosity index improver and an olefin copolymer viscosity index improver, the polymethacrylate viscosity index improver is contained in an amount of from 3.0% by mass to 9.5% by mass based on the total amount of the lubricating oil composition, the metallic detergent is at least one selected from calcium sulfonate, calcium phenate and calcium salicylate, the calcium amount derived from the metallic detergent is from 500 ppm to 1500 ppm based on the total amount of the lubricating oil composition, the high-temperature high-shear viscosity at 150° c. Of the lubricating oil composition is 2.6 mpa·s or more, the high-temperature high-shear viscosity at 80° c.


Partially hydrogenated phenolic resin, rubber composition and pneumatic tire

The present invention provides a novel partially hydrogenated phenolic resin being prepared by selectively hydrogenating double bonds other than those on aromatic rings of a phenolic resin and having a hydrogenation ratio of the double bonds of from 30 to 100% and a hydroxyl value of from 30 to 500 mgkoh/g, a rubber composition comprising the resin and exhibiting excellent grip performance and abrasion resistance, and a pneumatic tire produced using the rubber composition.. .
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.


Perfluoroalkylation of carbonyl compounds

The present invention provides a process for producing a compound comprising a perfluorinated alkyl group moiety from a carbonyl compound. Typically, the process includes contacting a carbonyl compound with a silane compound in the presence of a fluorohydrogenate ionic liquid under conditions sufficient to produce a compound comprising a perfluorinated alkyl group.
Boulder Ionics Corporation


Removal of aqueous phase selenite and selenate using artifical and solar radiation energized photocatalysis

A method for the removal of aqueous phase selenite and selenate species using tio2 assisted photocatalysis employing the use of artificial light, or solar radiation, in conjunction with edta as a hole scavenger. Among the two processes, uv-lamp assisted photocatalysis has the highest efficiency comparatively followed by solar light assisted photocatalysis.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals


System and process for extraction of products from apple peel

The present document describes a system and a process for the extraction of several products from apple peel. There are several unit operations involved including an ultrafiltration unit, concentration unit, and a three stage counter current separator centrifuge wherein water is used as the solvent.
Leahy Orchards Inc.


Synergistic microbicidal combinations

Antimicrobial compositions based on the synergistic combination of 2-methyl-3-isothiazolone and selected commercial microbicides where the compositions are substantially free of halogenated 3-isothiazolone, are disclosed. Particularly preferred are combinations of 2-methyl-3-isothiazolone together with benzoic acid, citric acid, sorbic acid, 1,2-dibromo-2,4-dicyanobutane, 1,3-dimethylol-5,5-dimethylhydantoin, phenoxyethanol, benzyl alcohol, zinc pyrithione or climbazole, that provide enhanced microbicidal efficacy at a combined active ingredient level lower than that of the combined individual 3-isothiazolone and commercial microbicide effective use levels..
Rohm And Haas Company


Wiring board and manufacturing the same

To provide a wiring board in which wiring conductors are securely protected by a precise and rigid dam portion formed on an outermost layer of a laminate and that is excellent in connection reliability with a semiconductor chip. A laminate that configures this wiring board includes multiple connection terminal portions and wiring conductors as a conductor layer of the outermost layer.
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.


Nanowire article and processes for making and using same

A nanowire article includes a substrate; a plurality of nanowires disposed on the substrate, the nanowires comprising a semiconductor nitride, the semiconductor comprising an element selected from group 3 of the periodic table; and a superlattice layer interposed between the substrate and the plurality of gallium nitride nanowires. A process for producing a nanowire article includes disposing a superlattice layer on a substrate; disposing a first buffer layer on the superlattice layer; contacting the first buffer layer with a precursor; and forming a plurality of nanowires from the precursor on the first buffer layer to form the nanowire article, the nanowires comprising a semiconductor nitride, the semiconductor comprising an element selected from group 3 of the periodic table.
National Institute Of Standards And Technology


Polyisocyanate composition and isocyanate polymer composition

The present invention relates to a polyisocyanate composition comprising, on the basis of the total mass of the polyisocyanate composition, 97 weight % or more of a polyisocyanate, and 2.0 mass ppm or more and 1.0×104 mass ppm or less of a compound having at least one unsaturated bond in which the compound is a different compound from the polyisocyanate, or 5.0 mass ppm or more and 2.0×104 mass ppm or less of at least one inactive compound selected from the group consisting of a hydrocarbon compound, an ether compound, a sulfide compound, a halogenated hydrocarbon compound, a si-containing hydrocarbon compound, a si-containing ether compound, and a si-containing sulfide compound.. .
Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation


Method for reducing energy consumption in a process to produce styrene via dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene

The present invention is directed to improved methods and systems for increasing the efficiency of a dehydrogenation section of an alkenyl aromatic hydrocarbon production facility, wherein an alkyl aromatic hydrocarbon, such as ethylbenzene, is dehydrogenated to produce an alkenyl aromatic hydrocarbon, such as styrene. The disclosed methods are more energy-efficient and cost effective than currently known methods for manufacturing styrene.
Technip Process Technology, Inc.


Methods for selectively hydrogenating benzene with supported organometallic catalysts and reducing benzene in gasoline using such catalysts

Methods and systems for selectively hydrogenating benzene with a supported organometallic hydrogenating catalyst are provided. An exemplary method includes contacting an arene-containing reaction stream comprising benzene and one or more additional arenes with hydrogen in the presence of a supported organometallic hydrogenating catalyst under reaction conditions effective to hydrogenate at least benzene in the arene-containing reaction stream to produce a reaction effluent having a ratio of benzene to additional arenes that is lower than a ratio of benzene to additional arenes in the reaction stream.
Uop Llc


Silicon oxynitride materials having particular surface energies and articles including the same, and methods for making and using them

The present disclosure relates to silicon oxynitride materials having a variety of surface energies. One aspect of the disclosure is a method for forming a ceramic/substrate interface comprising forming a layer of substantially perhydrogenated polysilazane on a surface of a substrate; exposing the layer of substantially perhydrogenated polysilazane to energy sufficient to form a silicon oxynitride layer having an exposed surface, the exposed surface of the silicon oxynitride layer having a surface energy of at least about 50 mn/m; disposing a ceramic material or a precursor thereof on the silicon oxynitride layer; and heat treating to form the ceramic/substrate interface.
University Of Washington


Oxygenated oil ointment

An oxygenated oil ointment is made, for example, by stirring or agitating plant-based oil while injecting a gas into the plant-based oil, resulting in a coagulated ointment that is beneficial for topical application. In one example, the plant-based oil is olive oil and the gas includes ozone, which is known to kill pathogens.


Magnolia extract containing compositions

Disclosed is a composition and method for its use that includes magnolia bark extract, vitis vinifera extract, tocopherol or tocopherol acetate, and hydrogenated lecithin, lecithin, or dextrin.. .
Mary Kay Inc.


New fat blend composition

Fat blend composition having 20% or less saturated fatty acids among which: 38% or less are palmitic acid; and 20% or more stearic acid; the fat blend being made at 5% to 100% hardstock containing 5% to 100% one or further hard fat and at least 5% stearic acid. Hardstock composition free of palm oil and its fractions having: 20% to 100% one or further hard fat being a fully hydrogenated oil, fractionated oil or fat, and/or interesterified oil or fat containing more than 15% stearic acid; and 0% to 80% of one or further natural or fractionated oil or fat chosen among canola, sunflower, low erucic acid rapeseed, high oleic sunflower, soybean, corn, peanut, olive, high oleic canola, low linolenic soybean, and high stearic sunflower oils, shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut fat, the natural or fractionated oil or fat being mixed and/or interesterified with the hard fat..
Bunge NÖvÉnylajipari ZÁrtkÖruen MukÖdo RÉszvÉnytÁrsasÁg


Method and system for shielding data in untrusted environments

Described herein are techniques related to shielding data. A method and system for generating a transformation knowledge key (tkk) may include a tkk generator operable to generate a tkk used to shield the data.
Cofactor Computing Llc


Selectively deoxygenated stored fuel system

A gas turbine engine includes a multi-stage fuel injection system including at least a first fuel injection stage and a second fuel injection stage, a first fuel reservoir fluidly connected to the first fuel injection stage and fluidly connected to a selective valve, and a second fuel reservoir fluidly connected to the selective valve. The selective valve connects one of the first fuel reservoir and the second fuel reservoir to the second fuel injection stage..
United Technologies Corporation


Artificial turf filaments, and articles made therefrom

An artificial turf filament comprising a polyolefin, a polyamide, a polyester, or a combination thereof, wherein the filament has a surface area, with at least a portion of the surface area being halogenated to form a halogenated surface. .
Dow Global Technologies Llc


Method for removing oxygen from a gas stream

A process for removing oxygen from a gas stream and a method of controlling the process are provided herein. The deoxygenation process of the present invention may include the steps of combining a feed stream, such as a natural gas feed stream, with hydrogen and contacting the combined stream with a catalyst composition under conditions sufficient to remove at least a portion of the oxygen from the combined gas.
Badger Midstream Energy, Lp


Non-halogen flame retardant as coatings for fibrous filter media

Non-halogenated monomers that can be polymerized into flame retardant polymers, and processes to produce the monomers and polymers is provided. In a simplest aspect, there is provided a monomer composition that can comprise a) a group derived from one of a (meth)acrylic acid, (meth)acrylamide, or vinylbenzene, b) a polyphosphate moiety, and c) an amine species.
Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.


Oxygen-absorbing resin composition and oxygen-absorbing multilayer body using the same

(wherein r1 to r7 each represent —h, —ch3, —ch2r, —chr2, —cr3, —or, —coor, —sir3, —o—sir3, —cocl or a halogen atom, and may be the same as each other or different from each other, and r represents a linear or cyclic alkyl, alkenyl, halogenated alkyl, halogenated alkenyl or aryl group.). .


Process for the production of water and solvent-free polymers

The present invention relates to water and solvent-free polymers, in particular water and solvent-free synthetic rubber products like non-halogenated and halogenated butyl rubber products as well as a process for the production thereof. The invention further relates to a device suitable to accomplish said process..
Lanxess International Sa


Process for producing cyclohexylbenzene

In a process for producing cyclohexylbenzene, benzene is reacted with cyclohexene under alkylation conditions effective to produce an alkylation effluent comprising cyclohexylbenzene and a polycyclohexylbenzene. A first feed comprising at least a portion of the alkylation effluent is then fed to a first separation device, where the first feed is separated into at least a first fraction containing cyclohexylbenzene and a second fraction containing the polycyclohexylbenzene, the second fraction also comprising an oxygenated hydrocarbon.
Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.


Golf ball and coating a cover of the golf ball

A golf ball comprises a core, a cover formed from an ionomer resin and disposed on the core, and a cured coating layer disposed on and in direct contact with the cover. The cured coating layer is formed from a topcoat coating composition comprising a polymeric component and a halogenated component.
Nike, Inc.

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