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Olefin double bond isomerization catalyst with high poison resistance

Lummus Technology

Olefin double bond isomerization catalyst with high poison resistance

Production of hydrocarbon liquids

Production of hydrocarbon liquids

Date/App# patent app List of recent Enate-related patents
 Process for providing aromatics from coal tar patent thumbnailnew patent Process for providing aromatics from coal tar
A process for providing aromatics from a coal tar stream. A coal tar stream is provided, and the coal tar stream is fractionated into at least a naphtha range stream.
Uop Llc
 Process for selectively dealkylating aromatic compounds patent thumbnailnew patent Process for selectively dealkylating aromatic compounds
A process for selectively dealkylating aromatic compounds includes providing a coal tar stream comprising aromatic compounds and hydrotreating the coal tar stream to reduce a concentration of one or more of organic sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen in the coal tar stream, and to hydrogenate at least a portion of the aromatic compounds in the coal tar stream. The process further includes hydrocracking the hydrotreated coal tar stream to further hydrogenate the aromatic compounds and to crack at least one ring of multi-ring aromatic compounds to form single-ring aromatic compounds.
Uop Llc
 Olefin double bond isomerization catalyst with high poison resistance patent thumbnailnew patent Olefin double bond isomerization catalyst with high poison resistance
A process for the double-bond isomerization of olefins is disclosed. The process may include contacting a hydrocarbon stream including olefins with a γ-alumina-titania isomerization catalyst to convert at least a portion of the olefin to its positional isomer.
Lummus Technology Inc.
 Production of hydrocarbon liquids patent thumbnailnew patent Production of hydrocarbon liquids
A process to efficiently convert organic feedstock material into liquid non-oxygenated hydrocarbons in the c5 to c12 carbon skeleton range is disclosed. The process can utilize gaseous, liquid or solid organic feedstocks containing carbon, hydrogen and, optionally, oxygen.
 Bubbling bed catalytic hydropyrolysis process utilizinig larger catalyst particles and small biomass particles featuring an anti-slugging reactor patent thumbnailnew patent Bubbling bed catalytic hydropyrolysis process utilizinig larger catalyst particles and small biomass particles featuring an anti-slugging reactor
This invention relates to a process for thermochemically transforming biomass or other oxygenated feedstocks into high quality liquid hydrocarbon fuels. In particular, a catalytic hydropyrolysis reactor, containing a deep bed of fluidized catalyst particles is utilized to accept particles of biomass or other oxygenated feedstocks that are significantly smaller than the particles of catalyst in the fluidized bed.
Gas Technology Institute
 Method of producing an organic silicon compound patent thumbnailnew patent Method of producing an organic silicon compound
A method of producing an organic silicon compound includes a step of reaction of the following: (a) a reactive silane compound represented by general formula (1) below: r1msiy(4-m) (wherein r1 is a monovalent organic group (except for the group represented by y) or a hydrogen atom; y indicates a chlorine atom or a group represented by —or2; r2 indicates a monovalent hydrocarbon group having 1 to 30 carbon atoms; and m is a number in the range of 0 to 3), (b) a halogenated organic compound represented by general formula (2) below: r3-x (wherein r3 indicates a monovalent organic group; and x is a halogen atom), and (c) metallic magnesium (mg) in the presence of (d) an organic solvent containing at least one type of ether type compound.. .
Dow Corning Toray Co., Ltd.
 Diels-alder reactions catalyzed by lewis acid containing solids: renewable production of bio-plastics patent thumbnailnew patent Diels-alder reactions catalyzed by lewis acid containing solids: renewable production of bio-plastics
The present disclosure is related to silica-based lewis acid catalysts, being essentially devoid of strong brønsted acid character, and their ability to effect the [4+2] cycloaddition and dehydrative aromatization of dienes and dienophiles containing oxygenated substituents to form substituted benzene products. In some embodiments, the processes comprise contacting biomass-derived substrates with ethylene to form terephthalic acid and its derivatives..
California Institute Of Technology
 Catalysts for hydrodeoxygenation of oxygenated hydrocarbons patent thumbnailnew patent Catalysts for hydrodeoxygenation of oxygenated hydrocarbons
The present invention provides catalysts, methods, and reactor systems for converting oxygenated hydrocarbons to oxygenated compounds. The invention includes methods for producing cyclic ethers, monooxygenates, dioxygenates, ketones, aldehydes, carboxylic acids, and alcohols from oxygenated hydrocarbons, such as carbohydrates, sugars, sugar alcohols, sugar degradation products, and the like, using catalysts containing palladium, molybdenum, tin, and tungsten.
Virent, Inc.
 Gas phase heterogeneous catalytic oxidation of alkanes to aliphatic ketones and/or other oxygenates patent thumbnailnew patent Gas phase heterogeneous catalytic oxidation of alkanes to aliphatic ketones and/or other oxygenates
A catalyst, its method of preparation and its use for producing aliphatic ketones by subjecting alkanes c3 to c9 to a gas phase catalytic oxidation in the presence of air or oxygen, and, optionally, steam and/or one or more diluting gases. The catalyst comprises a catalytically active mixed metal oxide phase and a suitable support material onto and/or into which the active catalytic phase is dispersed..
Evernu Technology Llc
 Adhesive tape for use with paints having low or no volatile organic compounds patent thumbnailnew patent Adhesive tape for use with paints having low or no volatile organic compounds
An adhesive tape comprising a substrate having a top surface and a bottom surface, and an adhesive applied to the top or the bottom surface of the substrate. The adhesive comprises a tackifying resin.
Shurtape Technologies, Llc
new patent

Decubitus treatment system

The present invention includes compositions and methods for cleaning, treating, protection and resolution of decubitus ulcers comprising: a first composition comprising a wound cleaning solution comprising aloe vera gel comprising at least 5,000 mps, a balanced salt solution; and a second composition comprising a wound healing gel comprising aloe vera gel comprising at least 10,000 mps, a thickening agent, and one or more preservatives and, optionally, a third composition comprising a moisture barrier cream comprising a vegetable-based emulsifier, a cosmetic ester for dry skin that has low occlusivity, an ester-based emollient that is oxidation stable and has low occlusivity; a beeswax; a hydrogenated oil, glycerin, a buffering agent, aloe vera gel comprising at least 2,000 mps and water.. .
Aloe Bioscience, Llc
new patent

Treatment of neurological disorders

A treatment of a neurological disorder, including hypoxia, oxygen-glucose deprivation and acute brain trauma in a subject involves administering an effective amount of selenate or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof to the subject. The treatment prevents incurring a symptom, holds in check a symptom or treats an existing symptom of the neurological disorder..
Velacor Therapeutics Pty Ltd
new patent

Process for converting polycyclic aromatic compounds to monocyclic aromatic compounds

A process for converting polycyclic aromatic compounds to monocyclic aromatic compounds includes pyrolyzing a coal feed to produce a coke stream and a coal tar stream. The coal tar stream is cracked, and the cracked coal tar stream is fractionated to produce an aromatic fraction comprising the polycyclic aromatic compounds.
Uop Llc
new patent

Pose-aligned networks for deep attribute modeling

Technology is disclosed for inferring human attributes from images of people. The attributes can include, for example, gender, age, hair, and/or clothing.
Facebook, Inc.
new patent

Process for pyrolysis of coal

A process for pyrolyzing a coal feed is described. The coal feed is pyrolyzed into a coal tar stream and a coke stream in a pyrolysis zone.
Uop Llc
new patent

Process for treatment of pitch from coal tar

A process for treating a pitch fraction from coal tar is described. The pitch fraction is contacted with a solvent, an extraction agent, or an adsorbent to remove at least one contaminant, such as oxygenate compounds, nitrogen containing compounds, and sulfur containing compounds.
Uop Llc
new patent

Method for preparing a syrupy product comprising vitamins

The present invention relates to a method for preparing a syrupy product comprising vitamins, said method comprising the following steps: a) inerting all the apparatuses implemented in the method b) inserting sugar syrup into said apparatuses and adding vitamins under inert atmosphere; c) adding dehydrated and deoxygenated glucose under inert atmosphere; d) deoxygenating the syrupy product formed in this way; e) packaging the syrupy product under inert atmosphere.. .
new patent

Process for pyrolyzing coal using a recycled hydrogen donor

A process for pyrolyzing coal using a recycled hydrogen donor includes introducing a coal feed to a pyrolysis zone and heating the coal feed to a temperature of about 300° c. In the absence of hydrogen.
Uop Llc

Ventricular assist device and related methods

A method and system are provided for percutaneously gaining access to oxygenated blood with one or more anastomosis devices and pumping such oxygenated blood directly to the aorta adjacent to the right atrium or left atrium via a vad system. In one embodiment, a vad system can be implanted with open surgery..

Method of making oxygenates from a non-catalytic chemical reaction

A system and a method for forming oxygenates from a non-catalytic reaction. A hydrocarbon gas and an oxygen-containing gas are fed into a mixer and then heated to form a reactant gas stream.

Integrated steam methane reformer and hydrogenation of acetic acid to produce ethanol

A process is disclosed for integrating a steam methane reformer to produce hydrogen that is used for converting acetic acid and/or ethyl acetate to ethanol. The process may use a methane-containing stream obtained from a stranded natural gas or associated gas source.

Bio-based synthetic fluids

A method is provided involving altering the viscosity of bio-derived paraffins to produce a paraffinic fluid, where the altering step includes chlorinating the bio-derived paraffins; the bio-derived paraffins include a hydrodeoxygenated product produced by hydrodeoxygenating a bio-based feed where the bio-based feed includes bio-derived fatty acids, fatty acid esters, or a combination thereof; the bio-derived paraffins include n-paraffins; and the n-paraffins have a biodegradability of at least 40% after about 23 days of exposure to microorganisms. Also provided are methods of protecting and/or cleaning a substance by applying the paraffinic fluid..

Processes for enhancing the performance of large-scale, tank anaerobic fermentors

Processes are disclosed for the low energy, anaerobic bioconversion of hydrogen and carbon monoxide in a gaseous substrate stream to oxygenated organic compounds such as ethanol by contact with microorganisms in a deep, tank fermentation system with high conversion efficiency of both hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Gas feed to the reactor is injected using a motive liquid to form a stable dispersion of microbubbles thereby reducing energy costs, and a portion of the off-gases from the reactor are recycled to (i) achieve a conversion of the total moles of carbon monoxide and hydrogen in the gas substrate to oxygenated organic compound of at least about 80 percent and (ii) attenuate the risk of carbon monoxide inhibition of the microorganism used for the bioconversion..

Integrated processes for anaerobically bioconverting hydrogen and carbon oxides to oxygenated organic compounds

Integrated processes are provided for the bioconversion of syngas to oxygenated organic compound with the ability to recover essential compounds for the fermentation and recycle the compounds to the fermentation.. .

Flame retardant radiation curable compositions

The invention relates to a flame retardant composition comprising at least one radiation curable oligomer and at least one reactive aliphatic halogenated flame retardant additive and its use to make fire-resistant glass laminates with impact resistance.. .

Fabric channel control apparatus and method

A method for receiving packet data at a communication channel and transmitting the packet data over serial links of the communication channel. The packet data is sliced into n-bit data portions which are concatenated with a header prior to transmitting an n-bit portion across one of the serial links of the communication channel.

Method of preparing an alumina catalyst support and catalyst for dehydrogenation reactions, and its use

A method of forming a dehydrogenation catalyst support is carried out by forming a mixture comprising a bayerite aluminum hydroxide (al(oh)3) and water into a support material. The support material is particulized.
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation

Synthesis of fluorotrifluoromethylsulfonyl imide

The invention provides a method for producing fluorotrifluoromethylsulfonyl imide (ftfsi) by reacting non-fluorohalogenated trihalomethylsulfonyl imide (xtxsi) with hydrogen fluoride, where each x is independently a nonfluoro-halide, such as cl, br, or i.. .
Boulder Ionics Corporation

Preparation polyimide

The present invention provides a preparation method of polyimide, comprising the following steps: a) carrying out a dehydration polymerization reaction on a diamine and an anhydride of an organic acid in a non-polar solvent to obtain a mixture, the non-polar solvent being one or more of arene, aliphatic hydrocarbon, halogenated arene and halogenated aliphatic hydrocarbon, and the anhydride of the organic acid being one or more of dianhydride and single anhydride: and b) filtering the mixture obtained in step a) and drying to obtain the polyimide. In the present invention, the dehydration polymerization reaction between the diamine and the anhydride of the organic acid can be carried out directly in the non-polar solvent to obtain the polyimide which cannot be dissolved in the non-polar solvent.
Changchun Hipolyking Co., Ltd

Hydrocarbon conversion process

The invention relates to methods and equipment for converting c3+ olefin to, e.g., one or more of di-c3+ olefin, oligomers and polymers of c3+ olefin, branched c4+-aldehydes, c4+-carboxylic acids, and c4+ oxygenates. The invention encompasses producing methyl tert-butyl ether and diisobutylene, and converting methyl tert-butyl ether to isobutylene..
Exxonmobil Chemical Patents Inc.

Halogenated diene rubber for tires

A rubber composition is provided that includes a partially halogenated diene polymer that has a controllable microstructure, and no more than about 50% of the n repeat units are in blocks of three or more consecutive units. In embodiments, a reinforcing filler is also included in the rubber composition.
Bridgestone Corporation

Fuse molded three dimensional article and a making the same

A fuse molded modeling three dimensional article having areas of dissimilar or different hardness is described, wherein one of said areas is hard and is plastic, metal, glass, wood, concrete, rock, or mixtures thereof, and another of said areas is a less hard area comprising a controlled distribution hydrogenated styrenic block copolymer composition. Although the metal, glass, wood, concrete, and rock are not fuse moldable material, the plastic and the controlled distribution hydrogenated styrenic block copolymer composition are.
Kraton Polymers U.s. Llc

Taste-improving agent and food or drink containing same

Provided is a taste improver that improves or decreases unpleasant bitterness, astringent taste, harsh taste, bitter taste, or the like that results from potassium salts, magnesium salts, calcium salts, and ammonium salts without adversely affecting savoriness of a food or drink. The taste improver includes a vegetable extract and/or a phospholipid.
Nippon Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.

Cyclosporine-containing non-irritative nanoemulsion ophthalmic composition

Provided is an ophthalmic composition containing cyclosporine as an active ingredient and including polyethoxylated castor oil or polyethoxylated hydrogenated castor oil, and a method of preparing the same. Particularly, the ophthalmic composition is prepared as a nanoemulsion having a particle diameter of 100 nm or less simply by mixing and stirring an oil phase and an aqueous phase without using a high speed stirring or shearing machine, so that it is very physiochemically stable and storable for a long time.
Huons Co., Ltd.

Halogenated compounds for cancer imaging and treatment and methods for their use

Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, tautomer or stereoisomer thereof, wherein r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, x1, x2, x3 and x4 are as defined herein, and wherein the compound comprises at least one f, cl, br, i or 123i moiety, are provided. Uses of such compounds for imaging diagnostics in cancer and therapeutics methods for treatment of subjects in need thereof, including prostate cancer as well as methods and intermediates for preparing such compounds are also provided..

Systems and methods for improving communication sensitivity

A method for improving communication sensitivity by a wireless communication device is described. The method includes obtaining a string of bits.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Methods and systems for encapsulating and de-encapsulating provider backbone bridging inside upper layer protocols

Methods and systems for encapsulating and de-encapsulating a customer frame component of a provider backbone bridging header are provided. The customer frame component includes a customer local area network identifier and a customer destination address.
Broadcom Corporation

Image sensor and manufacturing method thereof

Provided are an image sensor and a method of manufacturing method of manufacturing the image sensor. The image sensor includes a substrate, photoelectric transducers and switching elements formed in layers on the substrate in this order.
Nlt Technologies, Ltd.

Removal of selenium from coal mining runoff water

Overburden from surface coal mining in many regions can produce a rain runoff laden with selenium, in the selenate form. This occurs from exposed selenium-containing rocks in the overburden, from which selenate is leached out by the nearly-pure rainwater.

Engine emissions control system using ion transport membrane

The engine emissions control system using an ion transport membrane incorporates an ion transport membrane unit into a closed, recirculating intake and exhaust system in the engine. The unit has a housing defining an air intake channel separated from an exhaust gas recirculation channel by an ion transport membrane.
King Fahd University Of Petroleum And Minerals

Number format pre-conversion instructions

Apparatus for processing data includes processing circuitry 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 and decoder circuitry 14 for decoding program instructions. The program instructions decoded include a floating point pre-conversion instruction which performs round-to-nearest ties to even rounding upon the mantissa field of an input floating number to generate an output floating point number with the same mantissa length but with the mantissa rounded to a position corresponding to a shorter mantissa field.
Arm Limited

Biogas purification system and methods of use thereof

The present disclosure relates to a biogas purification system and method for removal of sulfur and halogenated compounds and acidic reaction products from biogas. A contaminant removal module is supplied containing a catalytic oxidation catalyst comprising vanadium oxide (v2o5) on a metal oxide support where the catalyst oxidizes 85% or more of the sulfur and halogenated compounds.
Southwest Research Institute

Process for converting oxygenates to olefins

A process for converting oxygenates to olefins comprising: a) contacting an oxygenate containing stream with a molecular sieve catalyst in an oxygenate to olefins conversion reactor under oxygenate to olefins conversion conditions to form an effluent comprising olefins; b) quenching the effluent by contacting with water; and c) contacting the quenched olefin stream with a molecular sieve to remove at least a portion of the water from the quenched olefin stream wherein the molecular sieve has a dimethyl ether adsorption capacity of less than 0.1 wt %.. .
Shell Oil Company

Method for converting oxygenates to olefins

A method for converting oxygenates to olefins comprising: a) feeding an oxygenate containing stream to a reactor; b) contacting the oxygenate containing stream with a molecular sieve catalyst under oxygenate-to-olefin conversion conditions to form products wherein the catalyst becomes deactivated due to the formation of coke on the catalyst; c) removing the products from the reactor; d) removing at least a portion of the catalyst from the reactor and sending the catalyst to a catalyst regenerator; e) contacting the catalyst with a regeneration medium and a fuel to combust at least a portion of the coke and to heat the catalyst; and f) returning at least a portion of the heated catalyst to the reactor wherein the fuel is a light hydrocarbon gas that has been at least partially diluted with nitrogen and/or air.. .
Shell Oil Company

Gas-to-liquid technology

Gas-to-liquids processes for treating natural gas, including the steps of subjecting the natural gas to expansion through a flow restrictor so as to undergo cooling through the joule thomson effect. The processes then separate the resulting liquids from the remaining natural gas and processing the natural gas to form a synthesis gas.
Compactgtl Limited

Methods and gas stream mass transfer with a liquid

A method and system for achieving a gas-liquid mass transfer includes delivering into a compartment of a container a liquid, the liquid having an exposed top surface disposed within the compartment. A stream of a gas is passed over the top surface of the liquid so that the stream of gas produces turbulence on the top surface that is sufficient to achieve the gas-liquid mass transfer.
Life Technologies Corporation

Method for forming resist pattern and resist composition

In which r represents a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group having 1 to 5 carbon atoms, or a halogenated alkyl group having 1 to 5 carbon atoms; va0 represents a divalent hydrocarbon group; na0 is an integer of 0 to 2; r1 represents a chain or cyclic aliphatic hydrocarbon group; r2 represents a group for forming a monocyclic group together with the carbon atom to which r1 is bonded; and r3 represents an optionally substituted cyclic group.. .

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