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Ems patents


This page is updated frequently with new Ems-related patent applications.

 Raised shoulder micro electro mechanical system (mems) microphone patent thumbnailnew patent Raised shoulder micro electro mechanical system (mems) microphone
Microphone devices are disclosed. The microphone device includes a base, a lid, a side wall between the base and the lid, and a mems die.
Knowles Electronics, Llc

 Key agreement protocol patent thumbnailnew patent Key agreement protocol
The present invention relates to data communication systems and protocols utilized in such systems.. .
Infosec Global Inc.

 Signature protocol patent thumbnailnew patent Signature protocol
The present invention relates to data communication systems and protocols utilized in such systems.. .
Infosec Global Inc.

 Mems resonator with high quality factor patent thumbnailnew patent Mems resonator with high quality factor
A symmetrical mems resonator is disclosed with a high quality factor. The mems resonator includes a silicon layer with a top surface and bottom surface opposite the top surface.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Dynamically updated predictive modeling of systems and processes patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamically updated predictive modeling of systems and processes
Various examples are provided for dynamically updating or adapting predictive modeling for prediction of outcomes of interest for operating systems and processes. Embodiments of the disclosure may provide systems, apparatus, processes, and methods for generating and deploying dynamically updated predictive models.
Predikto, Inc

 Threat detection using reputation data patent thumbnailnew patent Threat detection using reputation data
Threat detection is improved by monitoring variations in observable events and correlating these variations to malicious activity. The disclosed techniques can be usefully employed with any attribute or other metric that can be instrumented on an endpoint and tracked over time including observable events such as changes to files, data, software configurations, operating systems, and so forth.
Sophos Limited

 Managing object identifiers patent thumbnailnew patent Managing object identifiers
A method, system, and computer program product for managing an object related to a plurality of groups of users is disclosed. The method, system, and computer program product include utilizing identifiers of objects so that a requesting user can submit an object-request for access to the object utilizing a chosen identifier of the user.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Table partitioning within distributed database systems patent thumbnailnew patent Table partitioning within distributed database systems
Techniques are disclosed for implementing a unified partitioning scheme within distributed database systems to allow a table to be horizontally partitioned and those partitions stored on and serviced by a storage group. A storage group is a subset of storage manager (sm) nodes, and each sm node is configured to persist database data in durable storage.
Nuodb, Inc.

 Disconnected operation within distributed database systems patent thumbnailnew patent Disconnected operation within distributed database systems
Techniques are disclosed for disconnected operation in a distributed database system. In an embodiment, the distributed database system implements a disconnected mode of operation allowing isolated regions of database nodes to provisionally commit transactions, with the global requirements of those transactions later satisfied by a transparent healing process after network connectivity is reestablished between the regions.
Nuodb, Inc.

 Lighting system of a microlithographic projection exposure  operating such a lighting system patent thumbnailnew patent Lighting system of a microlithographic projection exposure operating such a lighting system
An illumination system of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus includes a light source operated in a pulsed fashion and an array of optical elements which are digitally switchable between two switching positions. The array may be produced using mems technology..
Carl Zeiss Smt Gmbh

new patent

Security integrated devices

A method is provided for implementing a security mechanism in an integrated mems (micro-electro-mechanical-system) device having a mems sensor with an output register associated with a sensing operation, the integrated mems device being electrically coupled to a computing system programmed to perform the method. The method includes, in normal operation, reading from the output register an output of the sensing operation, and in a test mode, determining, by a processor disposed within the computing system, a random value.
Mcube Inc.

new patent

Apparatus and methods for photonic integrated resonant accelerometer

The accelerometers disclosed herein provide excellent sensitivity, long-term stability, and low swap-c through a combination of photonic integrated circuit technology with standard micro-electromechanical systems (mems) technology. Examples of these accelerometers use optical transduction to improve the scale factor of traditional mems resonant accelerometers by accurately measuring the resonant frequencies of very small (e.g., about 1 μm) tethers attached to a large (e.g., about 1 mm) proof mass.

new patent

Method and system for controlling antenna of mobile communication application system based on double quaternions in mems inertial navigation

A method for controlling an antenna of a mobile communication application system based on double quaternions in mems inertial navigation. The method comprises: introducing an antenna control quaternion based on a navigation attitude quaternion; in each interrupt cycle of a navigation computer, updating the two quaternions respectively using a carrier system measured by a gyroscope relative to a rotation vector of an ideal platform coordinate system; in each filter cycle, correcting the error of the navigation attitude quaternion respectively using a kalman filter; according to the relationship between the attitudes determined by the two attitude quaternions, determining the angular speed in an antenna control instruction; and finally, driving a servo system to rotate at an antenna servo control angle converted by an antenna control quaternion attitude.
Beijing Aerospace Wanda Hi-tech Ltd.

new patent

Mems device mechanical amplitude control

A system and/or method for utilizing mechanical motion limiters to control proof mass amplitude in mems devices (e.g., mems devices having resonant mems structures, for example various implementations of gyroscopes, magnetometers, accelerometers, etc.). As a non-limiting example, amplitude control for a mems gyroscope proof mass may be accomplished during normal (e.g., steady state) gyroscope operation utilizing impact stops (e.g., bump stops) of various designs.
Invensense, Inc.

new patent

Method and electrostatic mode-alignment on planar mems gyroscopes

A mems baw vibratory planar gyroscope having an in-plane electrode configuration for mode-alignment by utilizing alignment electrodes that have a height less than a full height of the gyroscope resonant body. Such alignment electrodes apply a force component that affects modes with both in-plane and out-of-plane movements.
Qualtre, Inc.

new patent

Micromachined resonating beam gyroscopes

A single-axis resonating beam gyroscope uses a special arrangement of support tethers that maximizes the q (quality factor) and minimizes stress sensitivity. The tethers are located at the nodal points of the beam with respect to a predetermined drive mode and are approximately one-fourth the length of the beam.
Analog Devices, Inc.

new patent

Mems packages and methods of manufacture thereof

Microelectromechanical systems (mems) packages and methods of manufacture thereof are described. In an embodiment, a method of manufacturing a mems package may include attaching a mems structure having a capping structure thereon to a device wafer comprising a plurality of first devices formed therein to form a wafer level mems package; and singulating the device wafer having the mems structure attached thereto to form a plurality of chip scale mems packages..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

new patent

Mems sensor with high voltage switch

A system and/or method for utilizing mems switching technology to operate mems sensors. As a non-limiting example, a mems switch may be utilized to control dc and/or ac bias applied to mems sensor structures.
Invensense, Inc.

new patent

Electronic cigarette and cigar charging and operating systems integration with various cell phone and tablet types using a common case

The present invention describes a common case that can hold, protect, and recharge both one or more electronic cigarettes and/or electronic cigars (e-cigs) and either a cell phone or a tablet computer simultaneously with a single external battery charger that plugs into a port on the common case. Once one or more e-cigs are integrated in this way using a common case with a cell phone or tablet, a number additional features can be achieved that make the user's daily routine easier, more productive, and manageable.

Radio access networks

Among other things, a communication system comprising remote units and a controller is described. Each of the remote units comprises one or more radio frequency (rf) units to exchange rf signals with mobile devices.
Airvana Lp

Dynamic frequency selection procedures in wireless modems

Aspects of the present disclosure provide a system, method, and apparatus for implementing an intelligent dynamic frequency selection (dfs) procedure that avoids unnecessary scanning of an unlicensed or shared spectrum, and hence offers efficient power utilization for user equipments (ues). In one aspect, one or more ues may periodically identify at least one of a current operating frequency, a mode of operation, and the public land mobile network (plmn) associated with the ue to determine whether the ue is operating in a dfs channel.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Multi-mems module

A multi-mems module is specified which can be produced expediently and enables a smaller design. The module comprises a housing having an interior and a first and a second opening, a first mems chip and a second mems chip.
Epcos Ag

Mems-based audio speaker system using single sideband modulation

Techniques described herein generally include methods and systems related to a mems-based audio speaker system configured with multiple speaker devices to generate an audio signal that is substantially without a high-band ultrasonic signal. Energy may be transferred to a low frequency sideband of the audio signal output and substantially eliminated from the high frequency sideband of the audio signal by passing an acoustic carrier signal through two different modulators.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Method and system for service group management in a cable network

A cable modem termination system (cmts) may determine, for a plurality of cable modems served by the cmts, a corresponding plurality of snr-related metrics. The cmts may assigning the modems among a plurality of service groups based on the snr-related metrics.
Maxlinear, Inc.

Micro-hemispherical resonators and methods of making the same

Aspects of the present disclosure relate to microelectromechanical systems (mems) and methods for fabricating mems. In some embodiments, the system includes a resonator and a support stem.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation

Method and improving performance of digital microelectromechanical systems microphones

A microphone device comprising a microelectromechanical systems (mems) acoustic sensors, an automatic gain compensation (agc) component, and a direct current (dc) offset cancellation component is described. An microphone device can be configured for agc of an analog gain stage or a digital gain stage associated with the mems acoustic sensor.
Invensense, Inc.

Method for forming polysilicon

A method for forming polysilicon on a semiconductor substrate that include providing amorphous silicon on a semiconductor substrate, exposing at least an area of the amorphous silicon to a first laser beam and a second laser beam, characterized in that during exposing the area to the second laser beam no displacement of the laser beam relative to the area occurs. In addition, the use of such method for producing large grain polysilicon.
Laser Systems & Solutions Of Europe

System and universal user interface configurations

Provided is a system and method for enabling a user to maintain a single remote instance of user interface device configurations (e.g. For large touch sensitive display devices) to prevent recreating them on many data processing systems having the same, similar, or different connected user interface devices.

Individualized multiple-day simulation model of type 1 diabetic patient decision-making for developing, testing and optimizing insulin therapies driven by glucose sensors

A mathematical model of type 1 diabetes (t1d) patient decision-making can be used to simulate, in silico, realistic glucose/insulin dynamics, for several days, in a variety of subjects who take therapeutic actions (e.g. Insulin dosing) driven by either self-monitoring blood glucose (smbg) or continuous glucose monitoring (cgm).
Dexcom, Inc.

Production printing system with document management interface

A production printing system includes a generic interface to communicate with a plurality of document management systems.. .

Apparatus and decoupling an mri receive coil

An apparatus for decoupling a receive coil from a transmit coil includes a tuning circuit connected electrically with the receive coil and a mems switch connected electrically in parallel with the tuning circuit, and operable to line up or to bypass the tuning circuit by opening or closing the mems switch. The apparatus further includes a control circuit operatively connected with the mems switch and operable to open or to close the mems within a window of time responsive to energization of the transmit coil to transmit a signal..
General Electric Company

Whole angle mems gyroscope on hexagonal crystal substrate

According to one aspect, embodiments herein provide a gyroscope comprising an axially symmetric structure, and a plurality of transducers, each configured to perform at least one of driving and sensing motion of the axially symmetric structure, wherein the plurality of transducers is configured to drive the axially symmetric structure in at least a first vibratory mode and a second vibratory mode, and wherein the gyroscope is implemented on a hexagonal crystal-based substrate.. .
The Government Of The United States, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Navy

Whole angle mems gyroscope

According to one aspect, embodiments herein provide a gyroscope comprising a central anchor, a plurality of internal flexures, a plurality of masses, each mass coupled to the central anchor via at least one of the plurality of internal flexures and configured to translate in a plane of the gyroscope, and a plurality of mass-to-mass couplers, each mass-to-mass coupler coupled between two adjacent masses of the plurality of masses, and a plurality of transducers, each configured to perform at least one of driving and sensing motion of a corresponding one of the plurality of masses, wherein the plurality of transducers is configured to drive the plurality of masses in at least a first vibratory mode and a second vibratory mode.. .
The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc.

Pressure sensor package with stress isolation features

A sensor package includes a manifold and a mems die. The manifold includes a cylindrical body, a flange, and a mounting surface.
Rosemount Aerospace Inc.

Method of lower profile mems package with stress isolations

Mems packages, modules, and methods of fabrication are described. In an embodiment, a mems package includes a mems die and an ic die mounted on a front side of a surface mount substrate, and a molding compound encapsulating the ic die and the mems die on the front side of the surface mount substrate.
Apple Inc.

Monolithic fabrication of thermally isolated microelectromechanical system (mems) devices

A method for fabricating a thermally isolated microelectromechanical system (mems) structure is provided. The method includes processing a first wafer of a first material with a glass wafer to form a composite substrate including at least one sacrificial structure of the first material and glass; forming a mems device in a second material; forming at least one temperature sensing element on at least one of: the composite substrate; and the mems device; and etching away the at least one sacrificial structure of the first material in the composite substrate to form at least one thermally isolating glass flexure.
Honeywell International Inc.

System and a mems transducer

According to an embodiment, a microelectromechanical systems (mems) transducer includes a first electrode, a second electrode fixed to an anchor at a perimeter of the second electrode, and a mechanical support separate from the anchor at the perimeter of the second electrode and mechanically connected to the first electrode and the second electrode. The mechanical support is fixed to a portion of the second electrode such that, during operation, a maximum deflection of the second electrode occurs between the mechanical structure and the perimeter of the second electrode..
Infineon Technologies Ag

Gem setting in basket

A gem setting with a tapered basket has a width of a central gem stone plus smaller surrounding gem stones at one end. At another end, the tapered basket is narrower and the central gem stone sits there-within.

Identification tag for tracking objects

An apparatus for location of objects is provided. The apparatus includes an integrated circuit including a processor, a memory, a transceiver for sending and receiving data over a cellular network, and gps receiver components for receiving gps signals.

System and sound wave triggerred content delivery

Mobile data processing systems (mss) interact with systems in their vicinity, and with each other, in communications and interoperability. Data is communicated using sound waves to carry out novel location based exchanges (lbx) of data for new mobile applications.

Tilted mems

A micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) optical sensor, method of detecting sound using the mems optical sensor and method of manufacturing. The mems optical sensor including a substrate having a base portion and a vertically extending support portion.
Apple Inc.

Microphone with coined area

A microphone includes a base and a microelectromechanical system (mems) die mounted to the base. The microphone also includes an integrated circuit fixed to the base.
Knowles Electronics, Llc

Performance and security management of applications deployed in hosted computing environments

Systems and methods for performance and security management of the computing infrastructure that supports an application deployed in a hosted computing environment are described. In one embodiment, for example, a system comprises agents installed on hosts.
Draios Inc.

Nonuniform corrugated diaphragm for mems tuners and actuators

A cavity resonator tuning diaphragm comprising a plurality of inner corrugations, the plurality of inner corrugations having a first depth. An outer corrugation located between the plurality of inner corrugations and a perimeter of the diaphragm is also included, the outer corrugation having a second depth greater than the first depth.
Purdue Research Foundation

Systems and methods for laser splitting and device layer transfer

Methods and systems are provided for the split and separation of a layer of desired thickness of crystalline semiconductor material containing optical, photovoltaic, electronic, micro-electro-mechanical system (mems), or optoelectronic devices, from a thicker donor wafer using laser irradiation.. .
Solexel, Inc.

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