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This page is updated frequently with new Ems-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ems-related patents
 Method for the integration of a microelectromechanical systems (mems) microphone device with a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) device patent thumbnailMethod for the integration of a microelectromechanical systems (mems) microphone device with a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) device
A microelectromechanical systems (mems) package includes a mems device and an integrated circuit (ic) device connected by a through silicon via (tsv). A conductive mems structure is arranged in a dielectric layer and includes a membrane region extending across a first volume arranged in the dielectric layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems), apparatus, and operating methods thereof patent thumbnailMicro-electro-mechanical systems (mems), apparatus, and operating methods thereof
A method that comprises converting a first electrical signal to a second electrical signal using a converter coupled between a micro-mechanical structure and an analog-to-digital converter (adc). The method also comprises actuating a switch to selectively interpolate at least one datum between two neighboring converted second electrical signals based on a selected clock signal, wherein the selected clock signal is one of a plurality of clock signals, each clock signals of the plurality of clock signals has a corresponding frequency, and the selected clock signal corresponds to an operating mode of the micro-mechanical structure..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

 Multiple coil spring mems resonator patent thumbnailMultiple coil spring mems resonator
A multiple coil spring mems resonator includes a center anchor and a resonator body including two or more coil springs extending in a spiral pattern from the center anchor to an outer closed ring. Each pair of coil springs originates from opposing points on the center anchor and extends in the spiral pattern to opposing points on the outer ring.
Micrel, Inc.

 Compound spring mems resonators for frequency and timing generation patent thumbnailCompound spring mems resonators for frequency and timing generation
A compound spring mems resonator includes a resonator body constructed using one or more spring unit cells forming a compound spring block and one or more compound spring blocks forming the resonator body. Each compound spring block is anchored at nodal points to ensure a high quality factor.
Micrel, Inc.

 Methods and systems for storefront generation patent thumbnailMethods and systems for storefront generation
An embodiment includes a system comprising an initialization module and a platform module. The initialization module provides an initialization interface to a merchant that receives an indication from the merchant to initialize creation of a storefront application.
Ebay Inc.

 Mut fingerprint id system patent thumbnailMut fingerprint id system
Mems ultrasound fingerprint id systems are provided. Aspects of the systems include the capability of detecting both epidermis and dermis fingerprint patterns in three dimensions.
The Regents Of The University Of California

 Oscillator circuit, phase locked loop, and electronic device patent thumbnailOscillator circuit, phase locked loop, and electronic device
An oscillator circuit includes a mems switch, a transistor, a buffer circuit, and an analog memory. The mems switch includes a fixed electrode and a movable electrode.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

 System for wafer-level testing of mems pressure sensors patent thumbnailSystem for wafer-level testing of mems pressure sensors
A system for testing pressure sensors on a device wafer includes a tray for holding the device wafer. The tray includes a base having a surface, a spacer extending from the surface, and a tacky material disposed on the surface.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

 Film induced interface roughening and  producing the same patent thumbnailFilm induced interface roughening and producing the same
Various embodiments provide for a method for roughening a surface of a mems device or the surface of a cmos surface. A first material can be deposited in a thin layer over a surface made of a second material.
Invensense, Inc.

 Semiconductor device, display module, and electronic device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device, display module, and electronic device
A semiconductor device includes a mems device, a first transistor that supplies a first voltage to a first electrode of the mems device, a second transistor that supplies a second voltage to the first electrode of the mems device, a third transistor that supplies a first video signal to a gate of the first transistor, a fourth transistor that supplies the first voltage to a second electrode of the mems device, a fifth transistor that supplies the second voltage to the second electrode of the mems device, and a sixth transistor that supplies a second video signal to a gate of the fourth transistor. A gate of the second transistor is connected to the gate of the fourth transistor.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Non-symmetric arrays of mems digital variable capacitor with uniform operating characteristics

The present invention generally relates to a mems dvc. The mems dvc has an rf electrode and is formed above a cmos substrate.
Cavendish Kinetics, Inc.


Actively-controlled superhydrophobic surfaces

Active superhydrophobic surface structures are actively-controlled surface structures exhibiting a superhydrophobic state and an ordinary state. Active superhydrophobic surface structures comprise an outer elastomeric covering defining an exposed surface, a controlled group of mems (micro-electro-mechanical system) actuators at least covered by the elastomeric covering, and, a controlled region of the exposed surface corresponding to the controlled group.
The Boeing Company


Items of jewelry and a producing such items

A method of producing a jewelry item. The method comprises producing an annular or partially annular substrate formed with a plurality of slots extending from its inner periphery towards its outer periphery.


Package-level electromagnetic interference shielding structures for a substrate

A electromagnetic interference shielding device is disclosed having a first substrate one or more surfaces. One or more laminates are operatively attached to the one or more surfaces of the first substrate.


Mesh in mesh backplate for micromechanical microphone

A mems backplate. The mems backplate includes a first mesh pattern having a first height and a first arrangement of openings, and a second mesh pattern having a second height and a second arrangement of vent hole apertures.


Mems microphone modules and wafer-level techniques for fabricating the same

A method of fabricating a plurality of mems microphone modules by providing a first substrate wafer 62 on which are mounted a plurality of sets comprising an led 102, an ic chip 22 and a mem microphone device 24, where the led 102 and ic chip 22 are surrounded and separated by first spacers 104, 64a, 64, the spacer 104 being much taller, attaching a second substrate on top of the first spacer elements above the ic chip 22, mounting a mems microphone device 24 to the second substrate 60, the second substrate not extending over the led 102, surrounding the mems microphone device by second spacers 32a, 32, attaching a cover wafer 28 across the whole first substrate wafer 62 covering all the plurality of sets, forming openings 30 to the mems cavities, dividing the substrate wafer 62 into individual mems microphone modules through the width of the separating spacers 104, 32, 64. Conductive traces may extend through the spacers.


Mems microphone structure and manufacturing the same

A mems microphone structure, comprising a semiconductor substrate having a cavity, a first dielectric layer having a through-hole communicating with the cavity, a lower diaphragm electrode formed above the through-hole and at least partially attached to the upper surface of the first dielectric layer, and an upper electrode structure with an insulating layer. The upper electrode structure comprises an annular supporter, a back plate having multiple holes, and an upper electrode connection.


Mems microphone element

A concept is provided which permits the implementation of mems microphone elements having a very good snr, high microphone sensitivity and a large frequency bandwidth. The microphone structure of the mems element is implemented in a layer structure and includes at least one sound pressure-sensitive diaphragm (210), an acoustically permeable counter element (220) and a capacitor system for detecting the diaphragm deflections, the diaphragm (210) and the counter element (220) being situated on top of each other and a distance apart from one another in the layer structure and each bring equipped with at least one electrode of the capacitor system.


Hardware resource accessing accessing hardware resources in browser-based operating systems and machine-readable storage medium thereof

Methods for accessing hardware resources in an electronic device with a browser-based operating system (os) which includes a user interface running in a browser are provided. A local server is first provided on the electronic device, wherein the local server has a corresponding url and a dedicated network port.


Use of gemstones with embedded near field communication chips for communication with nfc enabled devices

Jewelry incorporating gemstones embedded with near field communication (nfc) chips. Methods of sharing electronic messages using nfc gems by using an nfc enabled device to wirelessly upload an electronic file to a remote computer system over the internet, wirelessly writing information to an nfc chip embedded in a gemstone, the information including mapping information for accessing the uploaded electronic file and executable instructions to launch and direct a web browser to the electronic file; providing the nfc gem in close proximity to a same or different nfc device to establish near field communication; transferring the information from the nfc chip to the same or different nfc device; and executing the instructions to wirelessly access the electronic file over the internet..


Blower motor for hvac systems

A blower motor assembly having a variable speed motor that is suitable for replacing a psc motor in a residential hvac (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. The blower motor assembly includes a variable speed motor and motor controller; a first power input for receiving a plurality of ac power signals from a control device for use in determining an operating parameter for the motor; and a second power input for receiving ac power from an ac power source for powering the motor controller even when no ac power signals are received by the first power input..


Method of fabricating piezoelectric mems devices

A single photo mask can be used to define the three critical layers for the piezoelectric mems device, specifically the top electrode layer, the piezoelectric material layer, and the bottom electrode layer. Using a single photo mask removes the misalignment source caused by using multiple photo masks.


Switch device for an ignition system

The present invention relates to a switch device for ignition systems and, more particularly, for use in cooking equipment or heating systems in general, such as to obtain the electrical contact necessary to generate the spark for activating the burner. More preferably, the present invention includes innovative functional and technical aspects capable of promoting the electrical contact necessary to activate the burner, but principally to increase the levels of safety in relation to movement of the controls of cooking equipment/heating equipment, principally in connection with the return movement of said control.


Data processing systems, devices, and methods for content analysis

Systems, devices and methods operative for identifying a reference within a figure and an identifier in a text associated with the figure, the reference referring to an element depicted in the figure, the reference corresponding to the identifier, the identifier identifying the element in the text, placing the identifier on the figure at a distance from the reference, the identifier visually associated with the reference upon the placing, the placing of the identifier on the figure is irrespective of the distance between the identifier and the reference.. .


Web-based interactive process facilities and systems management

Web-based interactive process facilities and systems management apparatus and methods are described, which have general applicability to industrial facilities and equipment utilized to carry out unit or sequential operations in the specific processing application. The apparatus and methods of the present disclosure have particular applicability to the management and operation of commercial high pressure liquid chromatography installations, and enable a substantial simplification of chromatography instruments to be employed in networked arrangements..


System for measuring shear stress of a fluid with enhanced sensitivity

A measurement system of a tangential force applied by a fluid is provided. The system includes a pipe in which the fluid flows, the pipe includes an inner surface contacting the fluid, and a cavity arranged in the inner surface of the pipe: and a mems and/or nems device measuring the tangential force including a support, a moving plate suspended from the support by a pivot link, the moving plate including a first face on which the fluid applies a tangential force.


Compensated pressure sensors

Compensated pressure sensor includes a mems pressure sensor die having resistors ra and rd connected in series in a first leg of a wheatstone bridge and resistors rb and rc connected in series in a second leg of the wheatstone bridge; a first and second fuse; and a first, second third, fourth, fifth and sixth resistor; wherein: a first end of the first resistor is connected in series with the first leg of the bridge and a first end of the second resistor is connected in series with the second leg of the bridge; the first fuse is connected, at a first end, to a first output of the bridge, and at a second end, to a second end of the third resistor and to a first end of the second fuse; the second fuse is connected, at a second end, to a second output of the bridge; a first end of the third resistor is connected to an input to the bridge and to a first end of the fourth resistor; a second end of the fourth resistor is connected to a second end of the first resistor, a second end of the second resistor and a first end of the sixth resistor; and the fifth resistor is connected, at a first end, to the input to the bridge.. .


Methodology and system for wafer-level testing of mems pressure sensors

A method for testing a plurality of pressure sensors on a device wafer includes placing a diaphragm of one of the pressure sensors on the device wafer in proximity to a nozzle of a test system. A pneumatic pressure stimulus is applied to the diaphragm via an outlet of the nozzle and a cavity pressure is measured within a cavity associated with the pressure sensor in response to application of the pneumatic pressure stimulus.


Package for a mems sensor and manufacturing process thereof

A packaged mems device, wherein at least two support structures are stacked on each other and are formed both by a support layer and a wall layer coupled to each other and delimiting a respective chamber. The chamber of the first support structure is upwardly delimited by the support layer of the second support structure.


Method and device of mems process control monitoring and packaged mems with different cavity pressures

A method for fabricating an integrated mems device and the resulting structure therefore. A control process monitor comprising a mems membrane cover can be provided within an integrated cmos-mems package to monitor package leaking or outgassing.


Mems device with getter layer

A mems device comprises a first layer (1), a second layer (2) and a third layer (3) sealed together. A mobile structure (7.1, 7.2) in the second layer (2) is defined by openings (8.1, 8.2) in the second layer (2).


Internal electrical contact for enclosed mems devices

A method of fabricating electrical connections in an integrated mems device is disclosed. The method comprises providing a mems substrate which includes forming one or more cavities in a first semiconductor layer; forming a second semiconductor layer; and providing a dielectric layer between the first semiconductor layer and the second semiconductor layer the mems substrate providing step further includes bonding the first semiconductor layer to a second semiconductor layer; etching at least one via through the second semiconductor layer and the dielectric layer; and depositing a first conductive material onto the second semiconductor layer surface and filling the at least one via.


Substrate for diaphragm-type resonant mems devices, diaphragm-type resonant mems device and manufacturing same

R2≧0.70.. .


Signal processing for an acoustic sensor bi-directional communication channel

Signal processing for an acoustic sensor bi-directional communication channel is presented herein. The acoustic sensor can comprise a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) transducer configured to generate, based on an acoustic pressure, an audio output; and a bi-directional communication component configured to send and/or receive data that has been superimposed on the audio output using common mode signaling, time division multiplexing, or frequency separation.


Method and system for real-time modeling of communication, virtualization and transaction execution related topological aspects of monitored software applications and hardware entities

A system and method for real-time discovery and monitoring of multidimensional topology models describing structural aspects of applications and of computing infrastructure used to execute those applications is disclosed. Different types of agents are deployed to the monitored application execution infrastructure dedicated to capture specific topological aspects of the monitored system.


Piezoelectric multiplexer

A piezoelectric multiplexer includes an actuator and multiple piezo-morph beams. The actuator includes an actuator conducting head and an actuator stem, and each piezo-morph beam includes a conducting beam contact head and a beam stem manufactured out of piezo-morph material.


Synchronizing updates across cluster filesystems

The embodiments described herein relate to synchronization of data in a shared pool of configurable computer resources. One or more consistency points are created in a source filesystem.


Method for using shared device in apparatus capable of operating two operating systems

The invention discloses a method for using a shared apparatus in a device capable of running two operating systems, which includes using a first application in a first operating system to communicate with the share apparatus, and when the first operating system is switched to a second operating system, sending associated information on the shared apparatus to a second application in the second operating system so that the second application can use the associated information to communicate with the shared apparatus.. .


Receiver for receiving a plurality of gnss (global navigation satellite system) signals

A receiver is arranged to receive a plurality of global navigation satellite system (gnss) signals from up to four different satellite navigation systems including a glonass system, a beidou system, a gps system, and a galileo system. Received gnss signals are mixed with a first local frequency signal to generate a plurality of mixed signals.


Gemstone sparkle analysis

A system is described for obtaining images of a gemstone, and performing quantitative analysis on the images to obtain measures of properties of the gemstone. The system comprises a support structure for supporting the gemstone at an observation position.


System and mems sensor system synchronization

Various aspects of this disclosure comprise systems and methods for synchronizing sensor data acquisition and/or output. For example, various aspects of this disclosure provide for achieving a desired level of timing accuracy in a mems sensor system, even in an implementation in which timer drift is substantial..


Method of improving getter efficiency by increasing superficial area

In some embodiments, the present disclosure relates to a mems (micro-electromechanical system) package device having a getter layer. The mems package includes a first substrate having a cavity located within an upper surface of the first substrate.


Resonance frequency adjustment module

A resonance frequency adjustment module is disclosed forming a mems sensor for detecting an angular velocity. The resonance frequency adjustment module includes a movable electrode; a fixed electrode facing the movable electrode to form a capacitor; and an elastic body supporting the movable electrode so as to be displaceable in one direction.


Low-stress doped ultrananocrystalline diamond

Nanocrystalline diamond coatings exhibit stress in nano/micro-electro mechanical systems (mems). Doped nanocrstalline diamond coatings exhibit increased stress.


Sang gems fashion accessory system and method

A fashion accessory system for attachment to clothing that provides a limitless assortment of combinations of gems or jewelry items to be attached to the sang gems pin. The pin can be worn by itself as adornment or provide a platform for attachment of color coordinated, or style coordinated jewelry items to achieve a unique and variable look for an existing wardrobe, or a complimentary sparkle to a new article of clothing..


Signal processing platform in an acoustic capture device

A microphone includes a base, a micro electro mechanical system (mems) device disposed on the base, and a front end processing apparatus disposed on the base and coupled to the mems device, the front end processing apparatus being configured to convert analog signals received from the mems device into digital signals. The microphone also includes a dsp apparatus, the dsp apparatus being a digital programmed device with a computer memory, the dsp apparatus configured to process the digital signals received from the front end processing apparatus.
Knowles Electronics, Llc


Acoustic assembly and manufacturing the same

A microelectromechanical system (mems) microphone includes a base; a cover having a port extending therethrough; a mems die coupled to the cover, the mems die including a diaphragm and a back plate; an application specific integrated circuit (asic) coupled to the cover and the mems die; and an electrical interconnection from the asic to the base, the electrical interconnection being disposed on an inside surface of the cover. The base includes customer pads, the customer pads on the base being connected electrically to the asic via the electrical interconnection.
Knowles Electronics, Llc


Smart audio and video capture systems for data processing systems

A computation system comprising an orientation detection device configured to detect position information comprising a position and an orientation of the computation system, a multi-sensor system coupled to the orientation detection device, wherein the multi-sensor system is configured to capture environmental input data, wherein the multi-sensor system comprises at least one of an audio capturing system and a three-dimensional (3d) image capturing system, and wherein the environmental input data comprises at least one of audio and an image, and at least one signal processing component coupled to the orientation detection device and to the multi-sensor system, wherein the processor is configured to modify the captured environmental input data based on the position information.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Mechanism for universal parallel information access

Inventive aspects include one or more local servers each including a local universal access logic section, one or more remote servers each including a remote universal access logic section, and a coherency node to provide coherent access to first data that is stored on the one or more local servers to the one or more remote servers, and to provide coherent access to second data that is stored on the one or more remote servers to the one or more local servers. Embodiments of the inventive concept herein can use hardware and/or software mechanism to unify direct and remote attached devices via command, data, status, and completion memory queues.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Cmos tuner and related tuning algorithm for a passive adaptive antenna matching network suitable for use with agile rf transceivers

A novel and useful adaptive antenna tuner and associated calibration mechanism for passive adaptive antenna matching networks. The tuner is suitable for use with cellular antennas and in one embodiment uses mems based tunable devices.


Using mems fabrication incorporating into led device mounting and assembly

Led chip packaging assembly that facilitates an integrated method for mounting led chips as a group to be pre-wired to be electrically connected to each other through a pattern of extendable metal wiring lines is provided. Led chips which are electrically connected to each other through extendable metal wiring lines, replace pick and place mounting and the wire bonding processes of the led chips, respectively.
Imec Taiwan Co.


Planar cavity mems and related structures, methods of manufacture and design structures

A method of forming a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) includes forming a lower electrode on a first insulator layer within a cavity of the mems. The method further includes forming an upper electrode over another insulator material on top of the lower electrode which is at least partially in contact with the lower electrode.
International Business Machines Corporation


Systems, devices, and methods to reduce dielectric charging in micro-electro-mechanical systems devices

The present subject matter relates to devices, systems, and methods for isolation of electrostatic actuators in mems devices to reduce or minimize dielectric charging. A tunable component can include a fixed actuator electrode positioned on a substrate, a movable actuator electrode carried on a movable component that is suspended over the substrate, one or more isolation bumps positioned between the fixed actuator electrode and the movable actuator electrode, and a fixed isolation landing that is isolated within a portion of the fixed actuator electrode that is at, near, and/or substantially aligned with each of the one or more isolation bumps.
Wispry, Inc. .


Distributed indexing system for data storage

A distributed indexing system spreads out the load on an index of stored data in a data storage system. Rather than maintain a single index, the distributed indexing system maintains an index in each media agent of a federated data storage system and a master index that points to the index in each media agent.
Commvault Systems, Inc.


Device and micro-electro-mechanical-system photonic switch

In one embodiment, a method of controlling a micro-electro-mechanical-system (mems) photonic switch includes applying a voltage to an electrode of an initial mirror of a first mirror array of the mems photonic switch and illuminating a control beam. The method also includes reflecting the control beam off the initial mirror to form a control beam spot on a second mirror array of the mems photonic switch and detecting an initial location of the control beam spot to produce an initial optical response.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Acoustic apparatus with dual mems devices

In accordance with one aspect of the disclosure, an acoustic apparatus is provided including a first transducer, a second transducer, a signal generator coupled to the first transducer, and a proximity detection module coupled to the second transducer. A buffering module is coupled to the first and second transducers and is configured to process analog signals received from the second transducer..
Knowles Electronics, Llc


Portable sound source searching sensor and manufacturing the same

A portable sound source searching sensor comprising: a front body (10) in which acoustic sensors of mems microphones (20) are arranged to face forward; mems microphones (20) of which acoustic sensors are exposed to the front body (10) in a fixed state to the substrate (30); a substrate (30) on which the microphones (20) are mounted; an image photographing unit (40) of which a photographing lens (41) is exposed through a lens hole of the front body (10); and a rear body (50) for surrounding a rear side of the substrate (30) and a rear side of the image photographing unit in a state that the substrate (30) is positioned at a rear side of the front body (10).. .
Sm Instrument Co., Ltd.


Three-axis microelectromechanical systems device with single proof mass

A microelectromechanical systems (mems) device, such as a three-axis mems device can sense acceleration in three orthogonal axes. The mems device includes a single proof mass and suspension spring systems that movably couple the proof mass to a substrate.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Mems accelerometer with z axis anchor tracking

In some exemplary embodiments, a mems accelerometer includes a device wafer having a proof mass and a plurality of tracking anchor points attached to a substrate. Each tracking anchor is configured to deflect in response to asymmetrical deformation in the substrate, and transfer mechanical forces generated in response to the deflection to tilt the proof mass in a direction of the deformation..
Analog Devices, Inc.


Performance improvement of mems devices

A microelectromechanical-systems (mems) device includes a driven mass and has a natural stiffness or damping. An actuator applies force to the mass, movement of which is measured by a sensing capacitor.
Purdue Research Foundation


Mems sensor module, vibration driving module, and mems sensor

A mems sensor module of the present invention, in particular, a vibration driving module includes: a movable electrode supported such that the movable electrode is able to be vibrated, the movable electrode extending in a vibration direction; a fixed electrode provided substantially in parallel with the movable electrode and extending in the vibration direction; a plurality of projection portions provided side by side on a facing wall surface of the movable electrode in the vibration direction, the facing wall surface of the movable electrode facing the fixed electrode; and a plurality of projection portions provided on a facing wall surface of the fixed electrode, the facing wall surface of the fixed electrode facing the movable electrode, the plurality of projection portions of the fixed electrode facing the projection portions of the movable electrode.. .
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Mems chip and manufacturing method thereof

A mems chip includes a cap layer and a composite device layer. The cap layer includes a substrate.
Richtek Technology Corporation


Integrated circuit package method

A method of forming a packaged electronic device includes fabricating a mems structure, such as a baw structure, on a first semiconductor wafer substrate; forming a cavity in a second semiconductor wafer substrate; and mounting the second substrate on the first substrate such that the mems structure is positioned inside the cavity in the second substrate using epoxy die attachment film. A wafer level assembly and an integrated circuit package are also described..
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Mems device and making a mems device

A mems device and a method of making a mems device are disclosed. In one embodiment a semiconductor device comprises a substrate, a moveable electrode and a counter electrode, wherein the moveable electrode and the counter electrode are mechanically connected to the substrate.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Semiconductor device, display module, and electronic device

To reduce the amplitude voltage of control signals of a mems device. A semiconductor device includes a mems device, a first transistor, a second transistor whose source or drain is electrically connected to a source or a drain of the first transistor, a third transistor which sets the potential of a gate of the first transistor to a value at which the first transistor is turned on, a fourth transistor which sets the potential of the gate of the first transistor to a value at which the first transistor is turned off, and a fifth transistor which supplies a signal to a gate of the second transistor and a gate of the fourth transistor..
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Stress isolation for mems device

A microelectromechanical systems (mems) die includes a substrate having a recess formed therein and a cantilevered platform structure. The cantilevered platform structure has a platform and an arm extending from the platform, wherein the platform and arm are suspended over the recess.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Mems die and methods with multiple-pressure sealing

The present subject matter relates to systems and methods for sealing one or more mems devices within an encapsulated cavity. A first material layer can be positioned on a substrate, the first material layer comprising a first cavity and a second cavity that each have one or more openings out of the first material layer.


Planar cavity mems and related structures, methods of manufacture and design structures

A method of forming a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) includes forming a lower electrode on a first insulator layer within a cavity of the mems. The method further includes forming an upper electrode over another insulator material on top of the lower electrode which is at least partially in contact with the lower electrode.
International Business Machines Corporation


Mems sensor including an over-travel stop and manufacture

A mems sensor is disclosed. The mems sensor includes a mems structure and a substrate coupled to the mems structure.
Invensense, Inc.


Apparatus and sealing a mems device

A method and apparatus for sealing a device with a mems device with an active region is disclosed. A substrate with an opening is disposed relative to the mems device so as to align the active region of the mems device with the opening.
Invensense, Inc.


Microelectromechanical system (mems) bond release structure and wafer transfer for three-dimensional integrated circuit (3d ic) integration

A microelectromechanical system (mems) bond release structure is provided for manufacturing of three-dimensional integrated circuit (3d ic) devices with two or more tiers. The mems bond release structure includes a mems sacrificial release layer which may have a pillar or post structure, or alternatively, a continuous sacrificial layer for bonding and release..
Qualcomm Incorporated


Methods of authorizing a computer license

Systems and methods use features of an inode's or file identifier's (id) assignment, uniqueness and randomness, to fingerprint an end user device or system for authorization of a license. During the installation process of an operating system on an end user device certain directories and files created, that remain in place for the life of the installation, result in inodes or file ids that will be largely random as they depend, for example, on which files are installed and in what order their installation takes place.
Nalpeiron Inc.


General framework for cross-validation of machine learning algorithms using sql on distributed systems

A general framework for cross-validation of any supervised learning algorithm on a distributed database comprises a multi-layer software architecture that implements training, prediction and metric functions in a c++ layer and iterates processing of different subsets of a data set with a plurality of different models in a python layer. The best model is determined to be the one with the smallest average prediction error across all database segments..
Emc Corporation


Method and system for an accurate and energy efficient vehicle lane detection

Knowledge of the vehicle's lane position is required for several location-based services such as advanced driver assistance systems, driverless cars, and predicting driver's intent, among many other emerging applications. We present lanequest: a system and method that leverages the ubiquitous and low-energy inertial sensors available in commodity smart-phones to provide an accurate estimate of the vehicle's current lane.
Umm-al-qura University


Acceleration sensor

An acceleration sensor that achieves a simultaneous operation method of a signal detection and a servo control is provided as an alternative to a time-division processing method. The acceleration sensor is a mems capacitive acceleration sensor.
Hitachi, Ltd.


Inertial sensor

On the assumption that a movable portion vu1 and a movable portion vu2 are formed in the same soi layer, the movable portion vu1 and the movable portion vu2 are mechanically connected to each other by a mechanical coupling portion mcu even while these movable portions are electrically isolated from each other. Thereby, according to a sensor element se in the invention, it is possible to further suppress a shift between the capacitance of a mems capacitor 1 and the capacitance of a mems capacitor 2..


Microelectromechanical systems (mems) pressure sensor having a leakage path to a cavity

Microelectromechanical systems (mems) pressure sensors having a leakage path are described. Provided implementations can comprise a mems pressure sensor system associated with a back cavity and a membrane that separates the back cavity and an ambient atmosphere.
Invensense, Inc.


Microelectromechanical systems (mems) acoustic sensor-based gesture recognition

Microelectromechanical systems (mems) acoustic sensor-based gesture recognition associated with detecting gestures is described. Provided implementations can comprise mems acoustic sensor elements that receive signals reflected off an object.
Invensense, Inc.


Monolithic cmos-mems microphones and manufacturing

Systems and methods are disclosed for manufacturing a cmos-mems device (100). A partial protective layer (401) is deposited on a top surface of a layered structure to cover a circuit region.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Packages for semiconductor devices and methods for assembling same

One or more embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to packages that include a stacked microelectromechanical sensor mems die and an application-specific integrated circuit (asic) die. The smaller of the mems die and the asic die is stacked on the larger of the mems die and the asic die.
Stmicroelectronics (malta) Ltd


Piezoelectric microphone with integrated cmos

A piezoelectric microphone and/or a piezoelectric microphone system is presented herein. In an implementation, a piezoelectric microphone includes a microelectromechanical systems (mems) layer and a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) layer.
Invensense, Inc.


Stress isolation platform for mems devices

A mems product includes a stress-isolated mems platform surrounded by a stress-relief gap and suspended from a substrate. The stress-relief gap provides a barrier against the transmission of mechanical stress from the substrate to the platform..
Analog Devices, Inc.


Micro-electro-mechanical system device with low substrate capacitive coupling effect

The present invention discloses a mems device with low substrate capacitive coupling effect, which is manufactured by a cmos manufacturing process. The mems device includes: a substrate; at least one anchor, including an oxide layer connected with the substrate and a connecting structure on the oxide layer; and at least one micro-electro-mechanical structure, connected with the connecting structure.
Pixart Imaging Incorporation


Microelectromechanical systems (mems) audio sensor-based proximity sensor

Microelectromechanical systems (mems) acoustic sensors associated with proximity detection are described. Provided implementations can comprise a mems acoustic sensor element associated with a transmitter and a receiver.
Invensense, Inc.


Semiconductor device, display module, and electronic device

An object is to continuously apply voltage to a mems device using first to fifth or sixth transistors. One of a source and a drain of the first transistor is electrically connected to one of a source and a drain of the second transistor.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

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