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Mobile device and service management

Mems device and method of formation thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ems-related patents
 Creating geometry for advanced driver assistance systems patent thumbnailCreating geometry for advanced driver assistance systems
A method and system for creating geometry for adas are described. Link chains, which are a sequence of segments, are created.
 Mobile device and service management patent thumbnailMobile device and service management
A wireless end-user device, comprising one or more modems enabling the wireless end-user device to communicate with a network system over a wireless access network, a touch-screen user interface, and one or more processors configured to execute one or more instructions that, when executed by the one or more processors, cause the one or more processors to detect a user input through the touch-screen user interface, the user input comprising a request to remove the wireless end-user device from an existing device group account, the existing device group account being associated with one or more devices including the wireless end-user device, and send a message to the network system over the wireless access network, the message conveying the request to remove the wireless end-user device from the existing device group account.. .
 Mems device and method of formation thereof patent thumbnailMems device and method of formation thereof
The present disclosure provides a method including providing a first substrate; and forming a microelectromechanical system (mems) device on a first surface of the first substrate. A bond pad is formed on at least one bonding site on the first surface of the first substrate.
 Bone morphogenetic protein pathway activation, compositions for ossification, and methods related thereto patent thumbnailBone morphogenetic protein pathway activation, compositions for ossification, and methods related thereto
The disclosure relates to compounds and compositions for bone formation, fracture treatment, bone grafting, bone fusion, cartilage maintenance and repair and methods related thereto. In certain embodiments, the disclosure relates to compositions comprising one or more compound(s) disclosed herein, such as clotrimazole, honokiol, magnolol, tacrolimus, pimecrolimus, sirolimus, everolimus, temsirolimus, spironolactone, fluticasone, fluticasone propionate, fluticasone furoate, linezolid, telmisartan, chlorambucil, retinol, isotretinoin, acitretin, etretinate, retinoic acid (tretinoin), teniposide, mitomycin c, cytarabine, decitabine, vinblastine, vincristine, vindesine, vinorelbine, valrubicin, doxorubicin, daunorubicin, epirubicin, idarubicin, mitoxantrone, pixantrone, plicamycin, pazopanib, topotecan, camptothecin, irinotecan, sunitinib, derivatives, or salt thereof, for use in bone growth processes.
 Image display system patent thumbnailImage display system
In an image display system, a light distribution forming lens is placed between a laser light source and a spatial light modulator or a mems mirror device for adjusting a distribution of light intensity of the laser light so that light intensity at an exit pupil of a projection lens is greater in a radially intermediate part thereof than in a central part thereof. The light distribution lens is provided with a conical incident surface and a convex exit surface so as to function also as a collimator lens.
 Mems device, electronic device, electronic apparatus, and moving object patent thumbnailMems device, electronic device, electronic apparatus, and moving object
A mems device includes a substrate and a vibrator. The vibrator includes a first conductive layer and a second conductive layer.
 Implantation of gaseous chemicals into cavities formed in intermediate dielectrics layers for subsequent thermal diffusion release patent thumbnailImplantation of gaseous chemicals into cavities formed in intermediate dielectrics layers for subsequent thermal diffusion release
The present invention generally relates to methods for increasing the lifetime of mems devices by reducing the landing velocity on switching by introducing gas into the cavity surrounding the switching element of the mems device. The gas is introduced using ion implantation into a cavity close to the cavity housing the switching element and connected to that cavity by a channel through which the gas can flow from one cavity to the other.
 Top port mems cavity package and method of manufacture thereof patent thumbnailTop port mems cavity package and method of manufacture thereof
A method for the manufacture of a package encasing a micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) device provides a cover having a lid and sidewalls with a port extending through the lid. A first base component is bonded to the sidewalls defining an internal cavity.
 Top port mems cavity package and method of manufacture thereof patent thumbnailTop port mems cavity package and method of manufacture thereof
A method for the manufacture of a package encasing a micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) device provides a cover having a lid and sidewalls with a port extending through the lid. A first base component is bonded to the sidewalls defining an internal cavity.
 Mems vibrator, method of manufacturing mems vibrator, electronic device, and moving object patent thumbnailMems vibrator, method of manufacturing mems vibrator, electronic device, and moving object
A mems vibrator includes an insulating portion, a first electrode provided on one surface of the insulating portion, a fixed portion, and a function portion, a second electrode provided so that at least a portion thereof overlaps the first electrode at a distance therefrom. The second electrode comes into contact with the function portion and extends from the fixed portion..
Mems structures and methods of forming the same
An integrated circuit device includes a first layer comprising at least two partial cavities, an intermediate layer bonded to the first layer, the intermediate layer formed to support at least two micro-electromechanical system (mems) devices, and a second layer bonded to the intermediate layer, the second layer comprising at least two partial cavities to complete the at least two partial cavities of the first layer through the intermediate layer to form at least two sealed full cavities. The at least two full cavities have different pressures within..
Gemstone processing
An indexing unit of a gemstone processing machine and a method for processing gemstones is described herein. In an embodiment, the indexing unit of the gemstone processing machine includes a base plate having a plurality of axially extending holes.
Single motor dynamic calibration unit
A calibration unit, system, and method for calibrating a device under test are provided. The calibration unit, system, and method use a single axis rotational unit to calibrate devices under test on a test head.
Memory introspection engine for integrity protection of virtual machines
Described systems and methods allow protecting a computer system from malware, such as viruses and rootkits. In some embodiments, a hypervisor configures a hardware virtualization platform hosting a set of operating systems (os).
Dynamically balanced credit for virtual functions in single root input/output virtualization
A system to allow reallocation of credit among virtual machines associated with separate operating systems includes drivers in each virtual machine to independently track credit usage and a host board adapter configured to report a false maximum to each operating system and track credit usage. The host board adapter allocates credits and reports the allocated credits to virtual functions accessed by the virtual machines.
Streaming server administration protocol
Network server information has traditionally been obtained through the use of operating systems functions and calls. By adding url protocol code to the network server, such data may be obtained by use of a url.
Direct drive fan system with variable process control
The present invention is directed to a direct-drive fan system and a variable process control system for efficiently managing the operation of fans in a cooling system such a as wet-cooling tower or air-cooled heat exchanger (ache), hvac systems, mechanical towers or chiller systems. The present invention is based on the integration of key features and characteristics such as tower thermal performance, fan speed and airflow, motor torque, fan pitch, fan speed, fan aerodynamic properties, and pump flow.
Acoustic sensor apparatus and acoustic camera for using mems microphone array
An acoustic camera for using a mems microphone array comprises: an acoustic sensor apparatus (30) comprising a print circuit board (20) on which the plural of mems microphone (10) are mounted, to send signals for the detected sound to a data collection unit (40); a data collection unit (40) connected to the acoustic sensor apparatus (30), which samples analog signals related to sound transmitted from the acoustic sensor apparatus (30) to transform into digital signals and transmit them to the central processing unit (40); a central processing unit (50) connected to the data collection unit (40), which calculates noise level based on digital signals related to sound transmitted from the data collection unit (40); and a display unit (60) which is connected to the central processing unit (50), which displays in color the noise level calculated at the central processing unit.. .
Fractal structures for mems variable capacitors
In accordance with the present disclosure, one embodiment of a fractal variable capacitor comprises a capacitor body in a microelectromechanical system (mems) structure, wherein the capacitor body has an upper first metal plate with a fractal shape separated by a vertical distance from a lower first metal plate with a complementary fractal shape; and a substrate above which the capacitor body is suspended.. .
Mems drive and beam-steering apparatus
A drive apparatus and a beam-steering apparatus fabricated from a mems process. The apparatus has a first layer, a second layer and a plurality of fluid-filled volumes defined there between.
Capacitive mems sensor devices
A packaged capacitive mems sensor device includes at least one capacitive mems sensor element with at least one capacitive mems sensor cell including a first substrate having a thick and a thin dielectric region. A second substrate with a membrane layer is bonded to the thick dielectric region and over the thin dielectric region to provide a mems cavity.
Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (cmut) device with through-substrate via (tsv)
A capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (cmut) device includes at least one cmut cell including a first substrate having a top side including a patterned dielectric layer thereon including a thick and a thin dielectric region. A membrane layer is bonded on the thick dielectric region and over the thin dielectric region to provide a movable membrane over a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) cavity.
Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (cmut) with through-substrate via (tsv) substrate plug
A capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer (cmut) device includes at least one cmut cell including a first substrate of a single crystal material having a top side including a patterned dielectric layer thereon including a thick and a thin dielectric region, and a through-substrate via (tsv) extending a full thickness of the first substrate. The tsv is formed of the single crystal material, is electrically isolated by isolation regions in the single crystal material, and is positioned under a top side contact area of the first substrate.
Fractal structures for fixed mems capacitors
An embodiment of a fractal fixed capacitor comprises a capacitor body in a microelectromechanical system (mems) structure. The capacitor body has a first plate with a fractal shape separated by a horizontal distance from a second plate with a fractal shape.
Microelectromechanical system devices having through substrate vias and methods for the fabrication thereof
Methods for the fabrication of a microelectromechanical systems (“mems”) devices are provided. In one embodiment, the mems device fabrication method forming a via opening extending through a sacrificial layer and into a substrate over which the sacrificial layer has been formed.
Surface charge mitigation layer for mems sensors
A semiconductor device includes a substrate. At least one transducer is provided on the substrate.
Method for mems structure with dual-level structural layer and acoustic port
A method for fabricating a mems device includes depositing and patterning a first sacrificial layer onto a silicon substrate, the first sacrificial layer being partially removed leaving a first remaining oxide. Further, the method includes depositing a conductive structure layer onto the silicon substrate, the conductive structure layer making physical contact with at least a portion of the silicon substrate.
Mems jetting structure for dense packing
A fluid ejector includes a fluid ejection module having a substrate and a layer separate from the substrate. The substrate includes a plurality of fluid ejection elements arranged in a matrix, each fluid ejection element configured to cause a fluid to be ejected from a nozzle.
Merged legs and semi-flexible anchoring for mems device
The present invention generally relates to a mems device having a plurality of cantilevers that are coupled together in an anchor region and/or by legs that are coupled in a center area of the cantilever. The legs ensure that each cantilever can move/release from above the rf electrode at the same voltage.
Design of a mold for forming complex 3d mems components
A mold structure having high-precision multi-dimensional components includes: depositing an oxide layer on a top surface of a plurality of semiconductor substrates, patterning a design integrated in one or more of the oxide layers; repositioning the substrates to enable the oxide layers make contact with one another; bonding in sequential order the repositioned substrates using a dielectric bonding, forming a three dimension (3d) mold; filling the 3d mold with filling material and removing the overburden filling material present on a top surface of the component.. .
Cpap system
The technology described herein provides an apparatus and associated methods for continuous positive airway pressure (cpap) systems, which can be utilized to treat breathing problems such as sleep apnea. In at least one embodiment, an airway interface mask and headgear assembly includes a mask shell housing to cover the patients nose and mouth and a pillowed, non-collapsible air cushion consisting of a continuously sealed, generally circular, and hollow cylinder which is limited in compression and which is disposed upon the mask shell housing sealingly in a generally circular manner on an underside of the mask housing to engage the patient's face.
Mems resonant accelerometer
Provided is a micro electro mechanical system (mems) resonating accelerometer. The mems resonating accelerometer according to the present invention comprises: a first inertial mass; a second inertial mass which is spaced at a predetermined distance from the first inertial mass on a first axis; an elastic body which is provided between the first and second inertial masses so as to apply elasticity; and a tuning fork which is connected to the elastic body and measures the change of frequency according to acceleration, wherein the longitudinal direction of the tuning fork is parallel to a second axis which is perpendicular to the first axis, the elastic body has an opening portion being in a circular shape with a portion thereof removed, and one end of the tuning fork penetrates the opening portion and is connected to the inner surface of the elastic body..
Intelligent home screen for mobile and desktop operating systems
An operating system executing on a computing device can move an application's icon to a prominent position within an operating system user interface in response to determining that specified conditions related to that application are currently satisfied. Alternatively, the operating system can automatically create an alias icon for the application in such a prominent position in response to determining that the specified conditions are currently satisfied, thereby leaving the original application icon in its expected position for later use.
Object oriented system for managing complex financial instruments
Object oriented design strategies and patterns are applied to financial data processing systems for processing and modeling of financial products (also referred to as financial instruments) with an emphasis being on derivative products. The system employs valuation independent, well-defined financial components (also referred to as financial events) that can be combined to build new financial structures.
Attitude estimation for pedestrian navigation using low cost mems accelerometer in mobile applications, and processing methods, apparatus and systems
A user-heading determining system (10) for pedestrian use includes a multiple-axis accelerometer (110) having acceleration sensors; a device-heading sensor circuit (115) physically situated in a fixed relationship to the accelerometer (110); an electronic circuit (100) operable to generate signals representing components of acceleration sensed by the accelerometer (110) sensors, and to electronically process at least some part of the signals to produce an estimation of attitude of a user motion with respect to the accelerometer, and further to combine the attitude estimation (750, α) with a device heading estimation (770, ψ) responsive to the device-heading sensor circuit, to produce a user heading estimation (780); and an electronic display (190) responsive to the electronic circuit (100) to display information at least in part based on the user heading estimation. Other systems, circuits and processes are also disclosed..
Single insertion trimming of highly accurate reference oscillators
A highly integrated monolithic self-compensated oscillator (sco) with high frequency stability versus temperature variations is described, together with a cost effective single insertion point trimming (spt) algorithm. The spt is utilized to adjust the phase and frequency of the sco to meet frequency stability versus temperature and frequency accuracy requirements for a reference clock.
Piezoelectric array employing integrated mems switches
Switchable micromachined transducer arrays are described where a microelectromechanical systems (mems) switch, or relay, is monolithically integrated with a transducer element. In embodiments, the mems switch is implemented in the same substrate as the transducer array to implement one or more logic, addressing, or transducer control function.
Stacked assembly of a mems integrated device having a reduced thickness
An assembly of a mems integrated device envisages: a package having a base substrate with a main surface in a horizontal plane, and a coating set on the base substrate; a first body including semiconductor material and integrating a micromechanical structure, housed within the package on the base substrate; at least one second body including semiconductor material and integrating at least one electronic component, designed to be functionally coupled to the micromechanical structure, the first body and the second body being arranged within the package stacked in a vertical direction transverse to the horizontal plane. In particular, at least one between the first body and the base substrate defines a first recess, in which the second body is housed, at least in part..
Capacitive pressure sensor and method
In one embodiment, a method of forming a mems device includes providing a silicon wafer with a base layer and an intermediate layer above an upper surface of the base layer. A first electrode is defined in the intermediate layer and an oxide portion is provided above an upper surface of the intermediate layer.
Micro-electro-mechanical device with buried conductive regions, and manufacturing process thereof
A mems device formed by a body; a cavity, extending above the body; mobile and fixed structures extending above the cavity and physically connected to the body via anchoring regions; and electrical-connection regions, extending between the body and the anchoring regions and electrically connected to the mobile and fixed structures. The electrical-connection regions are formed by a conductive multilayer including a first semiconductor material layer, a composite layer of a binary compound of the semiconductor material and of a transition metal, and a second semiconductor material layer..
Micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) and related actuator bumps, methods of manufacture and design structures
Micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) structures, methods of manufacture and design structures are provided. The method of forming a mems structure includes forming fixed actuator electrodes and a contact point on a substrate.
Method of fabricating a nanochannel system for dna sequencing and nanoparticle characterization
A process for fabricating a nanochannel system using a combination of microelectromechanical system (mems) microfabrication techniques, atomic force microscopy (afm) nanolithography, and focused ion beam (fib). The nanochannel system, fabricated on either a glass or silicon substrate, has channel heights and widths on the order of single to tens of nanometers.
Micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) capacitive ohmic switch and design structures
A micro-electro-mechanical system (mems), methods of forming the mems and design structures are provided. The method includes forming a coplanar waveguide (cpw) comprising a signal electrode and a pair of electrodes on a substrate.
Sub-millinewton capacitive mems force sensor for mechanical testing on a microscope
Most mechanical tests (compression testing, tensile testing, flexure testing, shear testing) of samples in the sub-mm size scale are performed under the observation with an optical microscope or a scanning electron microscope. However, the following problems exist with prior art force sensors as e.g they cannot be used for in-plane mechanical testing (a- and b-direction) of a sample; they cannot be used for vertical testing (c-direction) of a sample.
Three dimensional piezoelectric mems
Method and apparatus for a piezoelectric apparatus are provided. In some embodiments, a method for fabricating a piezoelectric device may include etching a series of vertical trenches in a top substrate portion, depositing a first continuous conductive layer over the trenches and substrate, depositing a continuous piezoelectric layer over the first continuous conductive layer such that the piezoelectric material has trenches and sidewalls, depositing a second continuous conductive layer over the continuous piezoelectric layer, etching through the vertical trenches of the first continuous conductive layer, continuous piezoelectric layer, second continuous conductive layer, and top substrate portion into a bottom substrate portion, etching a series of horizontal trenches in the bottom substrate portion such that the horizontal trenches and vertical trenches occupy a continuous free space and allow movement of a piezoelectric mems device created by the above method in three dimensions..
Accelerometer with low sensitivity to thermo-mechanical stress
The invention relates to a microelectro-mechanical structure (mems), and more particularly, to systems, devices and methods of compensating effect of thermo-mechanical stress on a micro-machined accelerometer by incorporating and adjusting elastic elements to couple corresponding sensing electrodes. The sensing electrodes comprise moveable electrodes and stationary electrodes that are respectively coupled on a proof mass and a substrate.
Spring system for mems device
A spring system (74) links a pair of drive masses (30, 32) of a mems device (72). The spring system (74) includes stiff beams (76, 78, 80, 82) oriented to form a parallelogram arrangement (84).
Microelectromechanical bulk acoustic wave devices and methods
Micromachined gyroscopes, such as those based upon microelectromechanical systems (mems) have the potential to dominate the rate-sensor market mainly due to their small size, low power and low cost. As mems gyroscopes are resonant devices requiring active excitation it would be beneficial to improve the resonator q-factor reducing the electrical drive power requirements for the excitation circuitry.
Browser-based application management
Systems and methods are provided for managing multiple software applications. A browser-based application interface portal provides users a single, unified portal for accessing software applications running on different operating systems, hosted servers, and third party servers, as well as web applications.
Method and electronic device of file system prefetching and boot-up method
A method of file system prefetching is provided. The method is applicable to an electronic device including a volatile storage, a non-volatile storage, and multiple processors with multiple operating systems.
Multiple platform data storage and synchronization
The disclosed technology can enable application data to be stored with an online content management system. In some embodiments, a user's application installed on a first computing device can send application data, such as current state information of the application, to be stored on the network service.
Computerized method and system for light performance grading of gemstones by one single grading scale
There are provided computerized methods and systems of producing a single grading scale, and for using it, for grading gemstones such as diamonds based on pre-defined parameters thereof, wherein each single grade in the scale is associated with unique groups of unique value ranges of the parameters in a statistically relevant sample of gemstones, the unique groups being established at least based on an aimed statistic distribution of gemstones through the grades in the grading scale. There is also provided a gemstone grading report comprising indication of a grade for the gemstone in the single grading..
Electrical computers and digital processing systems involving interprogram or interprocess communication for risks in a combined booked and pari-mutuel environment
An interaction and/or combined efforts of a pool and a book may provide an increased flexibility over a traditional book of wagers and a traditional pool of wagers. Various examples of accepting and forming one or more wagers by a book and a pool are described that enhance the ability to make wager related offers to wagerers..
Manufacturing process of mems device
A manufacturing process of a m ems device divides a substrate for fabricating u mems component into two electrically isolated regions, so that the mems component and the circuit disposed on its surface could connect electrically with another substrate below respectively through the corresponding conducing regions, whereby the configuration of the electrical conducting paths and the manufacturing process are simplified. A mems device manufactured by using the aforementioned process is also disclosed herein..
Method to package multiple mems sensors and actuators at different gases and cavity pressures
A method for fabricating a multiple mems device. A semiconductor substrate having a first and second mems device, and an encapsulation wafer with a first cavity and a second cavity, which includes at least one channel, can be provided.
Signal source separation
In one aspect, a microphone with closely spaced elements is used to acquire multiple signals from which a signal from a desired source is separated. The signal separation approach uses a combination of direction-of-arrival information or other information determined from variation such as phase, delay, and amplitude among the acquired signals, as well as structural information for the signal from the source of interest and/or for the interfering signals.
Fast crosstalk limitation between modems
A device for limiting crosstalk between vectoring modems connected to a group of communication lines comprises a subgroup determining element that obtains information of the division into subgroups, each subgroup being made up of lines experiencing cross-talk from each other, and assigns operational pilot sequences to the group according to the division, an operational sequence transmission control element that transmits the operational sequences on the lines to the modems, which sequences are mutually orthogonal to each other and each communication line receives a corresponding sequence, and a corrective action determining element that obtains cross-talk measurements related to the transmitted operational pilot sequences and determines, for each subgroup, cross-talk and corrective action based on measurements made for a number of sequence symbols, which number corresponds to the minimum number required for obtaining mutually orthogonal pilot sequences within the subgroup.. .
Micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems), systems, and operating methods thereof
A micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) includes a micro-mechanical structure that generates a first electrical signal. An analog-to-digital converter (adc) is coupled with the micro-mechanical structure.
Mems oscillator
A device comprising, a mirror which is configured to oscillate in response to an oscillation signal, wherein the device is configured such that oscillation of the mirror will induce a signal; and a circuit in operable cooperation with the mirror such that an induced signal can be measured by the circuit and wherein the circuit is configured to provide an oscillation signal proportional to the measured induced signal; wherein the device is configured such that the mirror can receive the oscillation signal so that the oscillation signal is filtered due to oscillation limitations of mirror, to provide a filtered signal.. .
Methods and systems for fabrication of low-profile mems cmos devices
A mems integrated circuit including a plurality of layers where a portion includes one or more electronic elements on a semiconductor material substrate. The circuit includes a structure of interconnection layers having a bottom layer of conductor material and a top layer of conductor material where the layers are separated by at least one layer of dielectric material.
Mems component
An mems component includes at least one metal-ceramic multilayer stack as a mechanical functional layer in the layered structure of the mems component. The metal-ceramic multilayer stack functions as a mechanical functional layer in which at least one component of the micromechanical structure of the mems component is configured..
Packages and methods for packaging mems microphone devices
Microelectromechanical systems (mems) microphone devices and methods for packaging the same include a package housing, an interior lid, and an integrated mems microphone die. The package housing includes a sound port therethrough for communicating sound from outside the package housing to an interior of the package housing.

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