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Ems patents

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Distributed procedure execution and file systems on a memory interface

Local streaming proxy server

System and method for targeting data processing system(s) with data

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ems-related patents
 User interface for visualizing resource performance and managing resources in cloud or distributed systems patent thumbnailUser interface for visualizing resource performance and managing resources in cloud or distributed systems
Disclosed are methods and apparatus that allow users and organizations to access on-demand and in a personalized way to the performance and optionally flow activity measures of an end to end network of virtual resources. The system is configured to generate a ui that provides a mapping and characterization of the network of virtual resources.
 Distributed procedure execution and file systems on a memory interface patent thumbnailDistributed procedure execution and file systems on a memory interface
Nonvolatile memory (e.g., flash memory, solid-state disk) is included on memory modules that are on a dram memory channel. Nonvolatile memory residing on a dram memory channel may be integrated into the existing file system structures of operating systems.
 Local streaming proxy server patent thumbnailLocal streaming proxy server
A local application streaming proxy can create a virtual image of storage media, which allows cloud operators to rapidly deliver applications, or deliver any operating system remotely, while providing better security, network utilization, low power requirements, and consistent performance for streamed applications and operating systems. A station using its wifi/lan provides qos guarantees (or priority) for application streaming network communications to create a consistent user experience regardless of other application bandwidth utilization.
 System and method for targeting data processing system(s) with data patent thumbnailSystem and method for targeting data processing system(s) with data
Provided is a system and method for targeting one or more receiving data processing systems with data by aiming a sending data processing system at the receiving data processing system(s) and performing a shoot action. Aiming information is transmitted from the sending data processing system to the receiving data processing system(s) to facilitate determining whether or not the one or more receiving data processing systems was targeted by the sending data processing system, for example, to subsequently pull data, push data, or interact.
 Method and computer implemented system providing automatic electronic miscellaneous document reconciliation patent thumbnailMethod and computer implemented system providing automatic electronic miscellaneous document reconciliation
Methods, computer program products, and data processing systems for responding to an event that results in a modification of a passenger name record (pnr). Images of a modified pnr and a corresponding electronic miscellaneous document (emd) are received, as well as an image a establishing a matrix of links between pnr services and emd coupons.
 Method and structure for adding mass with stress isolation to mems structures patent thumbnailMethod and structure for adding mass with stress isolation to mems structures
A method and structure for adding mass with stress isolation to mems. The structure has a thickness of silicon material coupled to at least one flexible element.
 Method for accurate and low-consumption mems micropump actuation and device for carrying out said method patent thumbnailMethod for accurate and low-consumption mems micropump actuation and device for carrying out said method
The present invention describes the improvements due to alternated actuation cycles to reduce the delivery errors related to the pumping chamber elasticity, the actuator relaxation or hysteresis. The method actuates a pumping device with an optimal driving voltage profile, wherein the pumping device comprises a pumping chamber including a pumping membrane and a voltage controlled actuator connected to said membrane; the movement of said membrane being defined by three positions, namely a rest, a bottom and a top position.
 Comb mems device and method of making a comb mems device patent thumbnailComb mems device and method of making a comb mems device
A mems device and a method to manufacture a mems device are disclosed. An embodiment includes forming trenches in a first main surface of a substrate, forming conductive fingers by forming a conductive material in the trenches and forming an opening from a second main surface of the substrate thereby exposing the conductive fingers, the second main surface opposite the first main surface..
 Mems device with polymer layer, system of a mems device with a polymer layer, method of making a mems device with a polymer layer patent thumbnailMems device with polymer layer, system of a mems device with a polymer layer, method of making a mems device with a polymer layer
A mems device, a method of making a mems device and a system of a mems device are shown. In one embodiment, a mems device includes a first polymer layer, a mems substrate disposed on the first polymer layer and a mems structure supported by the mems substrate.
 Ornamental dispersion assembly patent thumbnailOrnamental dispersion assembly
An ornamental dispersion assembly that provides at least one ornamental portion positioned inside a dispersion assembly for engaging with a liquid or vapor that disperses from the dispersion assembly. The ornamental portion includes spherical gemstones configured to enhance the liquid by providing a smoothing and balancing effect to the liquid.
Safe and arm explosive train
A safe-and-arm system for the prevention of unintentional operation of an explosive device by interrupting a detonation train, the system employing an interruptive transfer assembly made of silicon and suitable for implementing in a mems device, the assembly including a silicon based transfer charge carrier on a porous explosive passageway made by etching, the passageway extending between at least two ports on the circumference of the transfer assembly, and a drive means that can mechanically bring about at least one armed state of a detonation train.. .
Adaptable hvac unit base
An adaptable base of the hvac unit can allow an hvac unit to align and seal with multiple duct opening configurations. Such opening configurations may be different footprints in different hvac systems, such as may be employed for example in different roof curbs of rooftop hvac units.
Data recovery in multi-leader distributed systems
Disclosed are a method and system for recovering a distributed system from a failure of a data storage unit. The distributed system includes a plurality of computer systems, each having a read-write computer and a data storage unit.
Bidirectional mems driving arrangement
A micro-electromechanical system (mems) driving arrangement comprising a driven wheel comprising (n) teeth about an outer periphery thereof, an actuator ring around the driven wheel, itself comprising (n)+(x) teeth about an inner periphery thereof, wherein the (n)+(x) teeth of the actuator ring progressively engage and disengage subsets of the (n) teeth of the driven wheel; a driving actuation assembly, coupled to the actuator ring, for driving the actuator ring in a hysteresis-type motion so as to cause rotation of the driven wheel, wherein after one full cycle of engagements and disengagements between selective subsets of the (n) teeth of the driven wheel with selective subsets of the (n)+(x) teeth of the actuator ring, the driven wheel rotates by (x) teeth corresponding to [(360)(x)/(n)]°.. .
Socket type mems bonding
A method for fabricating an integrated circuit device is disclosed. The method includes providing a first substrate; bonding a second substrate to the first substrate, the second substrate including a microeelectromechanical system (mems) device; and bonding a third substrate to the first substrate..
Gas turbine engine cooling systems and methods incorporating one or more cover plate assemblies having one or more apertures therein
Turbine cooling systems and methods are disclosed herein. The turbine cooling system may include a rotor disk having a bucket attached thereto.
Rapid auto-focus using classifier chains, mems and multiple object focusing
A smart-focusing technique includes identifying an object of interest, such as a face, in a digital image. A focus-generic classifier chain is applied that is trained to match both focused and unfocused faces and/or data from a face tracking module is accepted.
Mems device with sloped support
A microelectromechanical (mems) device has a movable member supported in elevated position spaced by a sloped support structure above a substrate. The movable member may be a polished metallic plate such as a mirror of a digital micromirror device (dmd) supported by a flexible hinge above an integrated circuit wafer die region.
Spatial splitting-based optical mems interferometers
A spatial splitting-based optical micro electro-mechanical systems (mems) interferometer includes a spatial splitter for spatially splitting an input beam into two interferometer beams and a spatial combiner for spatially combining the two interferometer beams. A mems moveable mirror is provided to produce an optical path difference between the first interferometer beam and the second interferometer beam..
Touchscreen displays incorporating dynamic transmitters
Systems and methods for implementing touchscreen displays that utilize a transmitter system to dynamically scan at least one light beam across a surface of interest such that substantially every point in a region above the surface of interest is dynamically scanned by a light beam from two directions, a receiver system to receive and detect the at least one dynamically scanned light beams, and a processor configured to determine locations of contact are provided. The systems and methods may utilize a transmitter system that includes dynamic transmitters, which may be in the form mems micromirrors used in conjunction with infrared semiconductor lasers..
Backlight and ambient light sensor system
Apparatuses and methods to operate a display device of an electronic device. In some embodiments, a method includes receiving a user setting or input of a display control parameter, and causing or altering, based on the user setting or input, an effect of an ambient light sensor value (als) on control of the display control parameter.
Mems switch
A mems switch has fixed support, a plate-shaped flexible beam having at least one end immovably supported by the fixed support and having an extending movable surface, a movable electric contact disposed on the movable surface of the flexible beam, a fixed electric contact facing the movable electric contact and disposed at a fixed position relative to the fixed support, first piezoelectric driver disposed above the movable surface of the flexible beam, extending from a portion above the fixed support towards the movable electric contact, and capable of displacing the movable electric contact towards the fixed electric contact by voltage driving, and second piezoelectric driver disposed at least on the movable surface of the flexible beam and capable of so driving a movable part of the flexible beam by voltage driving that the movable electric contact is separated from the fixed electric contact.. .
Mems process and device
A method of fabricating a micro-electrical-mechanical system (mems) transducer comprises the steps of forming a membrane on a substrate, and forming a back-volume in the substrate. The step of forming a back-volume in the substrate comprises the steps of forming a first back-volume portion and a second back-volume portion, the first back-volume portion being separated from the second back-volume portion by a step in a sidewall of the back-volume.
Mems sensor
There is provided a mems sensor including a signal processing lsi equipped with a temperature sensor for measuring temperature of a sensor, and a mems sensor chip overlaid on the signal processing lsi, the mems sensor chip being mounted on a heat generating part of the signal processing lsi. This mems sensor decreases the effects caused by thermally triggered changes in temperature characteristics..
Method and apparatus for a semiconductor structure
A semiconductor structure may include a first device having first surface with a first bonding layer formed thereon and a second device having a first surface with a second bonding layer formed thereon. The first bonding layer may provide an electrically conductive path to at least one electrical device in the first device.
Microphone component
A 2-chip mems microphone component includes: at least one first mems microphone structural component having at least one first microphone structure formed in the front side of the structural component; an asic structural component having evaluation electronics for the microphone signal of the mems microphone structural component; and a housing having a sound opening. The mems microphone structural component is mounted within the housing and above the sound opening in such a way that the rear side of the microphone structure is acted on by the sound pressure.
Mems apparatus
Disclosed herein is a mems apparatus comprising a substrate with an etched area, a proof mass disposed at the center of the etched area, and beams supporting the proof mass. The beams are disposed between peripheries of the substrate and the proof mass.
Mems tunneling micro seismic sensor
A tunneling accelerometer that can be implemented as a mems micro sensor provides differential sensing that minimizes large forces resulting from undesired environmental effects. Used as a seismic sensor, for example, the accelerometer exhibits maximum sensitivity for small seismic waves and suppresses very large seismic activities occurring at shallower depths.
Mems device and a method of using the same
A method of using a mems gyroscope is disclosed herein, wherein the mems gyroscope comprised a magnetic sensing mechanism. A magnetic field is generated by a magnetic source, and is detected by a magnetic sensor.
Mems mass flow sensor assembly and method of making the same
A silicon mass flow sensor manufacture process that enables the backside contacts and eliminates the conventional front side wire binding process, and the assembly of such a mass flow sensor is disclosed in the present invention. The achieved assembly enhances the reliability by eliminating the binding wire exposure to the flow medium that may lead to detrimental failure due to the wire shortage or breakage while the miniature footprint could be maintained.
Micromachined flow sensor integrated with flow inception detection and make of the same
This invention is related to a microfabricated microelectromechanical systems (a.k.a. Mems) silicon thermal mass flow sensor integrated with a micromachined thermopile temperature sensor as a flow inception detection sensor.
Diamond clusters defining various shapes
A jewelry stone cluster comprising four gemstone sections which are mounted in a setting and which are juxtaposed to each other. Each gemstone section includes a table facet and, in one form, a respective pair of adjacent cross facets, with the cross facets extending in planes that are at an angle to their respective table facet.
Method of intrusion detection in terminal device and intrusion detecting apparatus
A method of intrusion detection in a terminal device that supports driving of a plurality of operating systems, is provided. The method includes collecting at a first operating system of the plurality of operating systems intrusion detection data for analyzing whether there is an intrusion in at least a second operating system of the plurality of operating systems; and performing at the first operating system an intrusion detection with respect to the at least a second operating system using the collected intrusion detection data..
Methods and systems for producing, evaluating and simulating executable applications
A method and system for producing executable applications comprises selecting a processor type and compiling a binary code module for execution by the selected processor type. The method and system further comprise selecting one or more operating systems and linking the binary code module with a loader module for each selected operating system to produce an executable application to be executed on that operating system.
Method and system of mask data preparation for curvilinear mask patterns for a device
A method comprises: (a) transforming a layout of a layer of an integrated circuit (ic) or micro electro-mechanical system (mems) to a curvilinear mask layout; (b) replacing at least one pattern of the curvilinear mask layout with a previously stored fracturing template having approximately the same shape as the pattern, to form a fractured ic or mems layout; and (c) storing, in a non-transitory storage medium, an e-beam generation file including a representation of the fractured ic or mems layout, to be used for fabricating a photomask.. .
Visual cross-browser layout testing method and system therefor
According to the invented method, web pages are rendered on virtual pc's using different combinations of operating systems and browsers. Rendered web pages are stored as digital color images.
Manufacturing methods for micro-electromechanical system device having electrical insulating structure
The disclosure relates to a micro-electromechanical system (mems) device having an electrical insulating structure. The mems device includes at least one moving part, at least one anchor, at least one spring and an insulating layer.
Hybrid mems bump design to prevent in-process and in-use stiction
A micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) device and method for forming a mems device is provided. A proof mass is suspended a distance above a surface of a substrate by a fulcrum.
Multi directional multiplexer
Described herein is an optical transmission cross-connect for routing wavelength signals to a bank of directionless transceivers. One embodiment (1) includes an array of four common-port fibers (3) for transmitting and receiving a multiplexed optical signal and an array of sixteen add/drop fibers (5) for receiving and transmitting demultiplexed signals including individual wavelength channels.
Systems and methods for implementing soft-decision reed-solomon decoding to improve cable modem and cable gateway performance
A system and method are provided for implementing a soft reed-solomon (rs) decoding scheme, technique or algorithm to improve physical layer performance in cable modems and cable gateways. At 1024-qam, a receiver is provided in which a signal to noise ratio is reduced by at least about 1 db relaxing design considerations and specifications for other components in the system including for the tuner.
Dynamic load balancing under partial service conditions
Methods and apparatuses for controlling load balancing of modems may include receiving an indication of impairment of a channel, placing modems using the impaired channel into a partial service mode and removing the impaired channel from a list of channels available for load balancing, monitoring the quality of the impaired channel, and, responsive to detection of acceptable quality on the impaired channel, removing the modems from partial service mode and adding the channel back to the list of channels available for load balancing. Another method includes, but is not limited to, receiving an indication of a partial service mode for a modem, incrementing a partial service mode counter for a channel associated with the partial service mode indication, computing a partial service mode metric based in part upon the partial service mode counter, and responsive to a determination that the partial service mode metric meets a threshold, determining an allocation of modems to channels..
Auto-focus camera module with mems distance measurement
A mems actuator for an auto-focus camera module is coupled with a capacitance measurement component configured to determine mems actuator capacitance values to be used to determine motion and displacement of the camera module, the optical module and/or one or more movable lenses thereof, and to adapt a position and alignment of the one or more movable lenses to account for a specific focus distance.. .
Auto-focus camera module with mems capacitance estimator
A mems actuator for a compact auto-focus camera module is configured to measure physical values and to estimated values each indicative of position or motion or both of a mems component. A smart logic component determines a set of mems driver control values based on analyzing the measured physical values and substituting estimated values to more accurately position the mems component.
Auto-focus camera module with mems closed loop compensator
A mems actuator for a compact camera couples with an alignment compensation component for generating alignment compensation signals to position and align one or more movable lenses to account for a specific focus distance and for a camera module orientation and nonlinear displacement property of the one or more movable lenses.. .
Microelectronic machine-based variable resonator
A tunable resonator is provided that has a high q for each resonate frequency. The tunable resonator is a mems tunable resonator wherein the tuner is affected by moving a moveable mass, associated with the resonating portion of the resonator, form a first position to a second position such that the moveable mass is held in the first position or second position by a detent rather than a constant electromagnet magnetic or electrostatic force applied thereon..
Microelectromechanical system-based resonator device
The disclosure provides a structure for a microelectromechanical system (mems)-based resonator device. The structure for the mems-based resonator device includes at least one resonator unit.
Hybrid radio frequency component
Methods and systems may provide for a hybrid rf mems component design including an electrostatic actuation and a piezoelectric actuation. In one example, the method may include applying a first voltage to generate a first piezoelectric force to reduce a first gap between a cantilever and an actuation electrode, and applying a second voltage to generate an electrostatic force to create contact between the cantilever and a transmission electrode..
Vibrator, oscillator, electronic apparatus, moving object, and method of manufacturing vibrator
An mems vibrator includes a substrate, a fixation section disposed above a principal surface of the substrate, a support section extending from the fixation section, and a vibrating body (an upper electrode) separated from the substrate and supported by the support section in a node part of a vibration, and the vibrating body is a 2n-fold rotationally symmetric body having 2n beams radially extending from a node part of a vibration, wherein n is a natural number.. .
Fabricating polysilicon mos devices and passive esd devices
A semiconductor fabrication is described, wherein a mos device and a mems device is fabricated simultaneously in the beol process. A silicon layer is deposited and etched to form a silicon film for a mos device and a lower silicon sacrificial film for a mems device.
Optically controlled mems switch and method of using the same
The present embodiments are directed towards the optical control of switching an electrical assembly. For example, in an embodiment, an electrical package is provided.
Method of obtaining patters in an antireflective layer
The invention relates to the field of production in thin coatings of electronic devices and/or mems and relates to an improved method for forming a pattern in a thin siarc anti-reflective coating, comprising the doping by deposition of such siarc coating covered with a resist pattern through a protective coating of the resist pattern, then etching the doped zones of the siarc coating (fig. 3c)..
Inter-event control strategy for corona ignition systems
The invention provides a system and method for controlling corona discharge. A driver circuit provides energy to the corona igniter and detects any arc formation.
Vehicles incorporating tailgate energy management systems
A vehicle includes sidewalls, a tailgate located proximate to rear ends of the sidewalls, and a tailgate energy management system. The tailgate energy management system includes a governor coupled to one of the sidewalls and to the tailgate.
Method to scan a forensic image of a computer system with multiple malicious code detection engines simultaneously from a master control point
A multi-engine malicious code scanning method for scanning data sets from a storage device is provided. The method includes, among other steps obtaining at least one data set from a storage device and generating a single forensic image of the data set and also applying a recover data application to the data set to generate a single recovered data set.
Multi-platform user device malicious website protection system
A security system for defending online users against fraudsters and malicious websites comprises a back-end network server and appropriate apps for each protected user device. An otherwise conventional network server is enhanced with application software instructions for a centralized software-as-a-service (saas) to respond to network requests from user devices operating variously under android-type, apple ios-type, and microsoft windows-type operating systems.
Technique for deploying operating systems in a virtualized environment
Systems and methods are disclosed herein to a method of deploying a guest disk comprising: creating a plurality of virtual disks; partitioning each virtual disk into at least an os partition and a data partition; launching virtualization software; booting the restore environment; downloading a os partition image file and a data partition image file, wherein the os partition image file and the data partition image file are smaller than a final system's os and data partitions; expanding the os partition image file onto the guest disk's os partition to create an os file system; expanding the data partition image file onto the guest disk's data partition to create a data file system; and resizing an os file system and the data file system to access unused. Portions of the os and data partitions.
Machine learning for systems management
An apparatus, system, method, and computer program product are disclosed for systems management. The method includes receiving user information and systems management data as machine learning inputs.
Mems based membrane sensor system and method of use
A mems sensor system for monitoring membrane elements in a membrane based water filtration plant having a remote telemetry unit (rtu), a scada, and a plurality of mems sensors for measuring pressure, flow rate. And conductivity.
Module, device and method for positioning
A positioning module is disclosed. Positioning module includes a satellite selection module and a filter.
Gut microflora as biomarkers for the prognosis of cirrhosis and brain dysfunction
A systems biology approach is used to characterize and relate the intestinal (gut) microbiome of a host organism (e.g. A human) to physiological processes within the host.
System and method for transmitting multi-octave telecommunication signals by up-shifting into a sub-octave bandwidth
A system for transporting a plurality of digital data streams over an optical fiber can include a plurality of upstream quadrature amplitude modulation (qam) modems. Each qam modem encodes a digital stream onto a carrier signal by modulating both the amplitude and the phase of the carrier signal.
Digital microphone with frequency booster
A digital microphone, the microphone includes a microelectromechanical (mems) component and a frequency boost component. The mems component is configured to convert.
Multimode multicarrier modem system and method of communication over the same
An alternative approach to coping with the ever increasing demand for faster communications hardware is to design modems that are capable of operating its speeds at a higher data rate than a speed required for a single port of the standard communication rate for that modem. Basically, by utilizing a resource manager, that directs the data in and out of the various portions of the modem in an orderly manner, keeping track of which of the ports is being operated at any given point in time, a standard single port modem can be reconfigured, for example, at an over clocked rate, to manipulate the data input and output of a modem..
Correlation of synchronous and asynchronous hierarchical data in loosely-coupled data processing systems
A method, a server, and a management system correlate performance data in loosely coupled software, such as network and element management systems, with minimal overhead. The systems and methods can be used to determine performance bottlenecks and interdependencies between components by correlating and analyzing collected data.
Airflow ducting apparatus for data processing systems
A data processing system includes an enclosure, one or more airflow manifold structures within the enclosure, and a plurality of data processor cards mounted within the enclosure. Each one of the one or more airflow manifold structures has an air inlet portion and an air outlet portion.
Apparatus and method for high voltage i/o electro-static discharge protection
An electronics chip includes a charge pump and at least one high voltage (hv) electro-static discharge (esd) module. The charge pump is configured to provide a predetermined voltage across a microphone.
Oct system with bonded mems tunable mirror vcsel swept source
A microelectromechanical systems (mems)-tunable vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (vcsel) in which the mems mirror is a bonded to the active region. This allows for a separate electrostatic cavity, that is outside the laser's optical resonant cavity.
Filter that is variable by means of a capacitor that is switched using mems components
A tunable filter comprises at least two resonator circuits placed between two matching networks characterized in that: one resonator is connected at a first of its ends to the ground plane m of the filter by metallized holes and at a second end to a mems network; the distance between the two resonators forms an inter-resonator inductive coupling circuit; an inter-resonator coupling capacitor is formed by two etched lines connected to the first and second resonators; the mems networks are distributed around the ends of the resonators; the mems networks are connected between the first and second resonator and the ground plane m by means of metallized holes; and the filter comprises a number of independent electrical control voltages designed to actuate the mems.. .
Mems mass bias to track changes in bias conditions and reduce effects of flicker noise
A technique for tracking changes in bias conditions of a microelectromechanical system (mems) device includes applying an electrode bias signal to an electrode of the mems device. The technique includes applying a mass bias signal to a mass of the mems device suspended from a substrate of the mems device.
Use of electronic attenuator for mems oscillator overdrive protection
An apparatus includes a microelectromechanical system (mems) device configured as part of an oscillator. The mems device includes a mass suspended from a substrate of the mems, a first electrode configured to provide a first signal based on a displacement of the mass, and a second electrode configured to receive a second signal based on the first signal.
Circuit and method for dynamic offset compensation in a mems sensor device
An offset-compensation circuit in a mems sensor device, provided with a micromechanical detection structure that transduces a quantity to be detected into an electrical detection quantity, and with an electronic reading circuit, coupled to the micromechanical detection structure for processing the electrical detection quantity and supplying an output signal, which is a function of the quantity to be detected. A compensation structure is electrically coupled to the input of the electronic reading circuit and can be controlled for generating an electrical compensation quantity, of a trimmable value, for compensating an offset on the output signal; the compensation circuit has a control unit, which reads the output signal during operation of the mems sensor device; obtains information on the offset present on the output signal itself; and controls the compensation structure as a function of the offset information..

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