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Ems patents

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Microphone with aligned apertures


Microphone with aligned apertures

Efficient software for transcoding to hevc on multi-core processors

Nanjing Yuyan Information Technology

Efficient software for transcoding to hevc on multi-core processors

Efficient software for transcoding to hevc on multi-core processors

Method and apparatus to produce re-focusable vision by direct retinal projection with mirror array

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ems-related patents
 System and  targeting data processing system(s) with data patent thumbnailSystem and targeting data processing system(s) with data
Provided is a system and method for targeting one or more receiving data processing systems with data by aiming a sending data processing system at the receiving data processing system(s) and performing a shoot action. Aiming information is transmitted from the sending data processing system to the receiving data processing system(s) to facilitate determining whether or not the one or more receiving data processing systems was targeted by the sending data processing system, for example, to subsequently pull data, push data, or interact.

 Microphone with aligned apertures patent thumbnailMicrophone with aligned apertures
A mems microphone has a backplate with a given backplate aperture, and a diaphragm having a diaphragm aperture. The given backplate aperture is substantially aligned with the diaphragm aperture..
Invensense, Inc.

 Efficient software for transcoding to hevc on multi-core processors patent thumbnailEfficient software for transcoding to hevc on multi-core processors
The latest high efficiency video coding (hevc) standard achieves significant compression efficiency improvement over the h.264 standard, at a much higher cost of computational complexity. A framework for software-based h.264 to hevc transcoding on multicore processors and distributed systems is provided.
Nanjing Yuyan Information Technology Ltd.

 Method and apparatus to produce re-focusable vision by direct retinal projection with mirror array patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus to produce re-focusable vision by direct retinal projection with mirror array
The current invention relates to the method to achieve artificial vision with using mems based mirror array to directly project image upon the retina of a human eye. Further, it relates to the method to detect the real-time focal length change of the eye lens and modify the mems based mirror array angular position configurations to change image projected upon the retina to achieve re-focusable artificial vision..

 Advanced real-time ip communication in a mobile terminal patent thumbnailAdvanced real-time ip communication in a mobile terminal
A method of making voice over internet protocol (voip) calls, legacy circuit calls, sending/receiving short message service (sms) over long term evolution (lte) modem or a legacy modem on a mobile terminal with both kinds of modems, and providing all legacy modem functions is disclosed. In addition, methods for dynamic selection of radio in a mobile terminal capable of rich communications services (rcs) capabilities, and a method for redirecting rcs traffic to an alternate network interface is also disclosed.
D2 Technologies, Inc.

 Systems and methods for motion two dimensional codes patent thumbnailSystems and methods for motion two dimensional codes
Systems and method of the present solution are directed to a motion qr code. In general a motion qr code is a 2d code that evolves over time.
Cellum Innovacios Es Szolgaltato Zrt.

 Selectively enabling platform-specific features patent thumbnailSelectively enabling platform-specific features
Technologies for selectively enabling platform-specific features includes a computing device that initializes virtual device driver logic to interface with a virtual device of an advanced configuration and power interface (acpi) subsystem. The acpi subsystem includes an operating system (os)-specific function specification associated with the virtual device.

 Techniques for switching between operating systems patent thumbnailTechniques for switching between operating systems
Various embodiments are generally directed to an apparatus, method and other techniques for receiving information to invoke a transition from a first operating system to a second operating system, copying a system context for the second operating system from a location of a non-volatile memory to a volatile memory, the location associated with the second operating system and transitioning from the first operating system to the second operating system using the system context for the second operating system.. .

 Wireless, motion and position-sensing, integrating radiation sensor for occupational and environmental dosimetry patent thumbnailWireless, motion and position-sensing, integrating radiation sensor for occupational and environmental dosimetry
Described is a radiation dosimeter including multiple sensor devices (including one or more passive integrating electronic radiation sensor, a mems accelerometers, a wireless transmitters and, optionally, a gps, a thermistor, or other chemical, biological or emf sensors) and a computer program for the simultaneous detection and wireless transmission of ionizing radiation, motion and global position for use in occupational and environmental dosimetry. The described dosimeter utilizes new processes and algorithms to create a self-contained, passive, integrating dosimeter.
Landauer, Inc.

 Apparatus and  extending analog front end sense range of a high-q mems sensor patent thumbnailApparatus and extending analog front end sense range of a high-q mems sensor
Apparatus and methods for interfacing with a micro-electromechanical system (mems) sensor are provided. In an example, an apparatus can interface circuit including an integrator circuit, a sample switch circuit, a saturation detector and a controller.
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation


Sensor with combined sense elements for multiple axis sensing

A mems sensor includes a movable element spaced apart from a surface of a substrate and fixed sense elements attached to the substrate, where all of the fixed sense elements are oriented parallel to one another. The movable element includes movable sense elements adjacent to the fixed sense elements.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Drive and compensation circuit for capacitive mems structures

A circuit for activating a capacitive mems structure is provided, with the capacitive mems structure having an oscillator element and an electrostatic excitation unit with a first input connection and a second input connection. The circuit includes a high voltage generator, a first pump capacitor, a second pump capacitor, a control unit, and a low voltage operation amplifier.
Albert-ludwigs-universitat Freiburg


Microelectromechanical and/or nanoelectromechanical differential pressure measurement sensor

Mems and/or nems differential pressure measurement sensor comprising at least one first membrane and at least one second membrane, each suspended from a substrate, the first membrane having a face subjected to a reference pressure and a second face subjected to a first pressure to be detected, the second membrane having a first face subjected to the reference pressure and a second face subjected to a second pressure to be detected, a rigid beam of longitudinal axis articulated with respect to the substrate by a pivot link around an axis, said beam being solidly connected by a first zone to the first membrane and by a second zone to the second membrane such that the pivot link is situated between the first zone and the second zone of the beam, a sensor of measuring the movement of the beam around the axis, said sensor being arranged at least in part on the substrate.. .
Commissariat A L'energie Atomique Et Aux Energies Alternatives


Method and system for quadrature error compensation

The present invention concerns an mems sensor and a method for compensation of a quadrature error on an mems sensor, which is intended for detection of movements of a substrate, especially accelerations and/or rotation rates. At least one mass arranged on the substrate and mounted to move relative to it is driven by means of drive electrodes.
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.


Mems-based proximity sensor device and method

A portable proximity device and method of operation thereof. The method for proximity detection implemented on a portable device can include determining an initial perturbation data, a tracking point data, and a stable position data with a physical sensor of the portable device.
Mcube Inc.


Stress buffer layer for integrated microelectromechanical systems (mems)

Stress buffer layers for integrated microelectromechanical systems (mems) are described. For example, a semiconductor package includes a substrate having first and second surfaces, the second surface having an array of external conductive contacts.


Mems device with non-planar features

A mems device is formed with facing surfaces of a contoured substrate and a layer of material having complementary contours. In one fabrication approach, a first photoresist layer is formed over a substrate.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Methods of forming buried electromechanical structures coupled with device substrates and structures formed thereby

Methods of forming integrated mems structures are described. Those methods and structures may include forming at least one mems structure on a first substrate, forming a first bonding layer on a top surface of the first substrate, and then coupling the first bonding layer disposed on the first substrate to a second substrate, wherein the second substrate comprises a device layer.


Method for temperature compensation in mems resonators with isolated regions of distinct material

Mems resonators containing a first material and a second material to tailor the resonator's temperature coefficient of frequency (tcf). The first material has a different young's modulus temperature coefficient than the second material.
Silicon Laboratories Inc.


Differential sensing acoustic sensor

A mems device includes a first plate coupled to a second plate and a fixed third plate formed on a first substrate. The first and second plates are displaced in the presence of an acoustic pressure differential across the surfaces of the first plate.
Invensense, Inc.


Mems structures and methods for forming the same

A method includes forming a mems device, forming a bond layer adjacent the mems device, and forming a protection layer over the bond layer. The steps of forming the bond layer and the protection layer include in-situ deposition of the bond layer and the protection layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Mems device

A mems device includes a semiconductor substrate having a main surface with a first region in which a trench is formed and a second region in which an impurity diffusion region of a semiconductor circuit element is formed; a functional element provided, either directly or via an insulating film, on a bottom surface of the trench of the semiconductor substrate; a wall portion in the trench of the semiconductor substrate and forming a cavity surrounding the functional element; a lid portion that covers the cavity; and a pillar in the cavity and in contact with either the bottom surface of the trench of the semiconductor substrate or the insulating film, and with a back surface of the lid portion.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Mems device and manufacturing the same

A present mems device includes: a semiconductor substrate in which a trench is formed; a functional element that is provided in the trench of the semiconductor substrate and includes a connection electrode; a structural member that forms a cavity surrounding the functional element; a lid portion that includes a conductive member electrically connected to the connection electrode and covers the cavity; an insulating layer that covers the main surface of the semiconductor substrate provided with the lid portion and a semiconductor circuit element; a first electrode that penetrates the insulating layer and is electrically connected to the conductive member; a second electrode that penetrates the insulating layer and is electrically connected to the semiconductor circuit element; and wiring that is provided on a surface of the insulating layer and brings the first electrode and the second electrode into electrical connection to each other.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Semiconductor structures provided within a cavity and related design structures

Micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) structures, methods of manufacture and design structures are disclosed. The method includes forming at least one micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) cavity.
Wispry, Inc.


Method and generating an indicator of a risk level in operating systems

A method and apparatus for generating an indicator of a risk level in motor vehicle and notifying vehicle systems when a risk level is above a specific threshold includes, receiving a plurality of driver distraction indicators, assigning a weighting value to each indicator, applying a scaling factor to the weighting value assigned to those indicators which are identified as being related, and summing the weighting values to produce an output value indicating a risk level. Distraction indicators can include on-board system and sensor outputs and stored data relating to driver attributes.
Freescale Semiconductor, In.


Combination therapy of an afucosylated cd20 antibody with a mtor inhibitor

The present invention is directed to the combination therapy of an afucosylated anti-cd20 antibody with a mtor inhibitor for the treatment of cancer, especially to the combination therapy of cd20 expressing cancers with an afucosylated humanized b-ly1 antibody and a mtor inhibitor such as temsirolimus or everolimus.. .
Roche Glycart Ag


Modems for mobile internet and cellular systems

Methods used in modulator and demodulator (modem) for mobile internet and cellular system connected mobile devices and phones for reception of global positioning system (gps) modulated signal, video orthogonal frequency division multiplexed (ofdm) modulated signal and spread spectrum signals controlled by touch screen generated signals and using fingerprint authentication. Methods for generating in mobile devices and in phones in-phase and quadrature phase cross-correlated time constrained (tcs) waveforms and cascaded long response (lr) filter filtered signals for modulation and transmission of these cross-correlated signals..


Mems microphone with springs and interior support

A mems microphone has a stationary portion with a backplate having a plurality of apertures, and a diaphragm spaced from the backplate and having an outer periphery. As a condenser microphone, the diaphragm and backplate form a variable capacitor.
Invensense, Inc.



A microphone has a mems acoustic transducer having a frame-shaped support, and a membrane including a diaphragm as a movable electrode, covering an opening in the support, an integrated circuit that amplifies the output from the mems acoustic transducer, and a housing that houses the mems acoustic transducer and the integrated circuit. The housing includes a sound port bearing partition with a sound port formed therein.
Omron Corporation


Method and system for providing secure communication between multiple operating systems in a communication device

Present disclosure provides a method and system for providing a secure communication between multiple operating systems in a communication device. A primary operating system in the communication device is loaded.
Agreeya Mobility, Inc.


Integrating operating systems with content offered by web based entities

Example embodiments are provided for integrating operating systems with content offered by internet based entities.. .
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Direct internet plug-in without modem

New computer system to allow high speed cable or dial-up cable to be plugged into cpu directly to avoid resistance from routers and modems to access or dial-up internet service from within computer.. .


Mems device

According to one embodiment, a mems device includes a first variable capacitor including a first lower electrode fixed to a substrate, and a movable first upper electrode provided above the first lower electrode, a second variable capacitor including a second lower electrode fixed to the substrate, and a movable second upper electrode provided above the second lower electrode, and a connection part configured to electrically and mechanically connect the first upper electrode and the second upper electrode to each other.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Mems device

According to one embodiment, a mems device includes a lower electrode, a movable upper electrode having a portion facing the lower electrode, and a first member connected to the upper electrode. At least a part of a connecting portion of the upper electrode and the first member does not overlap the lower electrode when viewed from a direction vertical to a main surface of the lower electrode..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Enhanced security for offsite data storage

Systems and methods for enhancing security, reliability, and availability of data stored on distributed systems using error-correction codes and n-choose-m error recovery, where no single storage system contains a recoverable portion of the data. The systems and methods are particularly suited for mitigating the risk of loss or compromise of data stored on cloud storage systems and for securely storing critical information such as credit-card information, medical data, financial information, etc..


Method, apparatus, and system for mutual communication between processes of many-core processor

A method, an apparatus, and a system for mutual communication between processes of a many-core processor are provided that relate to the field of many-core operating systems the method is executed by a target kernel, where the target kernel corresponds to a target processor core. The method includes acquiring a message header of a message from a quick message channel (qmc); executing a central processing unit (cpu) pre-fetching command according to the message header, so that a message body that is in the message stored in a shared memory and corresponds to the message header is loaded to a cache that corresponds to the target processor core; and switching to a target process, so that the target process acquires the message body from the cache.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Optimizing memory sharing in a virtualized computer system with address space layout randomization enabled in guest operating systems

Systems and techniques are described for optimizing memory sharing. A described technique includes grouping virtual machines (vms) into groups including a first group; initializing a first vm in the first group, wherein initializing the first vm includes identifying, for each of one or more first memory pages for the first vm, a respective base address for storing the first memory page using an address randomization technique, and storing, for each of the one or more first memory pages, data associating the first memory page with the respective base address for the first group, and initializing a second vm while the first vm is active, wherein initializing the second vm includes determining that the second vm is a member of the first group, and in response, storing one or more second memory pages for the second vm using the respective base addresses stored for the first group..
Vmware, Inc.


Systems and methods for implementing automated confirmation of completion of repair services on environmental control systems in monitored buildings

A system and method are provided for implementing an automated scheme for consistently confirming completion of repair and post-repair operating parameters for a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (hvac) system to improve consistency of diagnostic analyses, services provided by available or pre-selected hvac repair facilities or contractors and confirmation of repair services performed by those hvac repair facilities or contractors. A system-based automated solution is provided for confirmation of completion and efficacy of repairs in hvac systems.
Lars Energy Analytics, Llc


Eyewear device and use

Embodiments of the disclosure include an eyewear device detachable and removable from a pair of eyeglasses. The eyewear device can be an accessory and a functional device such that any electronics integral with the device are interconnected with wireless and/or satellite communications.
Dobbe Enterprise, Inc.


Detector module for mems sensor and mems sensor having the same

Embodiments of the invention provide a detector module for a mems sensor. The detector module includes a mass body, a fixed part disposed to be spaced apart from the mass body, and a flexible part configured to connect the mass body to the fixed part.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Mems motion sensor and manufacturing

A mems motion sensor and its manufacturing method are provided. The sensor includes a mems wafer including a proof mass and flexible springs suspending the proof mass and enabling the proof mass to move relative to an outer frame along mutually orthogonal x, y and z axes.
Motion Engine Inc.


Hybrid mems microfluidic gyroscope

A hybrid mems microfluidic gyroscope is disclosed. The hybrid mems microfluidic gyroscope may include a micro-machined base enclosure having a top fluid enclosure, a fluid sensing enclosure and a bottom fluid enclosure.


Method and system of using a reversing valve to control at least two hvac systems

An hvac system, including a reversing valve including a first port, a second port, and a third port, wherein the reversing valve may be placed into a first position in which the first port is operably coupled to the second port for the flow of refrigerant therebetween, and a second position in which the second port is operably coupled to the third port for the flow of refrigerant therebetween, a first hvac component operably coupled to the first port, a second hvac component operably coupled to the second port, and a third hvac component operably coupled to the third port.. .
Carrier Corporation


Methods of forming mems device

A method of forming a micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) device includes: providing a substrate; forming a tantalum nitride (tan) layer on the substrate; forming a dielectric anti-reflective coating (darc) layer on the tan layer; coating photoresist on the darc layer and etching the darc: and tan layers to form a trench; performing intensified ashing and wet cleaning processes to remove the photoresist and the darc layer. The darc layer can prevent the formation of tantalum-containing polymeric substances from a reaction between the tan layer and the photoresist during the intensified ashing process..
Shanghai Huahong Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation


Mems device and manufacturing the same

According to one embodiment, a mems device is disclosed. The device includes a substrate, a mems element provided on the substrate, a first film having a plurality of through holes.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Mirco-electro-mechanical system module and manufacturing method thereof

The invention provides a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) module, which includes a mems die stacked on an electronic circuit die. The electronic circuit die includes a substrate, the substrate including at least one through-silicon via (tsv) penetrating through the substrate; and at least one electronic circuit.
Richtek Technology Corporation


Semiconductor device and forming microelectromechanical systems (mems) package

A semiconductor device has a first semiconductor die and a modular interconnect structure adjacent to the first semiconductor die. An encapsulant is deposited over the first semiconductor die and modular interconnect structure as a reconstituted panel.
Stats Chippac, Ltd.


Mems device and manufacturing the same

A present mems device includes: a functional element with a connection electrode; a structural member that forms a cavity surrounding the functional element; a second insulating film provided so as to surround a predetermined region on a first surface of the connection electrode; a first lid portion that has a third insulating film, is provided with an opening, and covers a part of the cavity; a second lid portion that has a first conductive member and a sealing portion, the first conductive member being electrically connected to the predetermined region of the connection electrode, and the sealing portion sealing the opening of the first lid portion; a fourth insulating film that insulates the first conductive member from the sealing portion; and a second conductive member that penetrates the fourth insulating film and is electrically connected to the first conductive member.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation


Mems device and manufacturing the same

According to one embodiment, a mems device is disclosed. The device includes a substrate, a mems element as a first component provided on the substrate, a first film having a plurality of through holes.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Throughput in multi-rat devices

Methods, systems, and devices are described for optimizing measurement scheduling for devices capable of operating according to several radio access technologies (rats). Mobile devices, including devices with dual-sim, dual-standby (dsds) capability, may be equipped with multi-rat modems, which, according to the techniques described herein, may be scheduled to conduct measurements to improve throughput to the device.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Double diaphragm mems microphone without a backplate element

A sensor structure, is disclosed. The sensor structure may include a first suspended structure and a second suspended structure disposed from the first suspended structure to form a volume.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Mems device and process

This application relates to mems devices, especially mems capacitive transducers and to processes for forming such mems transducer that provide increased robustness and resilience to acoustic shock. The application describes a mems transducer having a flexible membrane (101) supported relative to a first surface of a substrate (105) which has one or more cavities therein, e.g.
Cirrus Logic International (uk) Ltd.


Component having a microphone and media sensor function

A concept is provided for the cost-effective and space-saving implementation of multisensor modules having a high-quality acoustic microphone function and having at least one further sensor function which requires a media application. A component of this type includes at least one mems microphone element which is mounted inside a housing across at least one sound opening formed in the housing wall so that the sound pressure application of the microphone structure of the mems microphone element takes place via this sound opening and the housing interior functions as the back side volume for the microphone structure.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Programmable acoustic device and programming the same

A micro electro mechanical system (mems) microphone includes a mems device, a flash memory coupled to the mems device, and an external port coupled to the flash memory. The external port is configured to be selectively coupled to an external programming device.
Knowles Electronics, Llc


Mems device and process

This application relates to mems devices, especially mems capacitive transducers and to processes for forming such mems transducer that provide increased robustness and resilience to acoustic shock. The application describes a mems transducer (400) having at least one membrane layer (101) supported so as to define a flexible membrane.
Cirrus Logic International (u.k.) Ltd


Mems sensor structure for sensing pressure waves and a change in ambient pressure

A sensor structure, including: a first diaphragm structure, an electrode element, and a second diaphragm structure arranged on an opposite side of the electrode element from the first diaphragm structure is disclosed. The sensor structure may also include a chamber formed by the first and second diaphragm structures, where the pressure in the chamber is lower than the pressure outside of the chamber.
Infineon Technologies Ag


Data processing systems and methods

Embodiments of the present invention relate to data processing systems and methods for supporting data source integration, such as, for example, real-time web-site modification within a preserved security context by using a substitute an ip address of a desired resource to redirect a request for that resource to a proxy that can provide any such integration.. .
Pierbridge Limited


Resonator with a staggered electrode configuration

An integrated circuit device includes a piezoelectric substrate having a first surface and a second surface opposite the first surface. The device also includes a first electrode and a second electrode on the first surface of the piezoelectric substrate, the first electrode having a first width and the second electrode having a second width.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Dynamic reassignment for multi-operating system devices

The present application is directed to dynamic reassignment for multi-os devices. An example device may comprise equipment, at least two operating systems, a kernel for each os to provide an interface between the os and the equipment and a virtual machine manager (vmm).
Intel Corporation


Movable barrier operator employing mems-based inertial measuring unit for gathering barrier parameter data

The invention relates to a movable barrier operator with a microelectromechanical positioning sensor, or a movable barrier operator that employs an inertial measuring unit to receive a signal associated with a barrier position, and communicate that signal to one or more devices. A device in communication with the movable barrier operator may be enabled for receiving information pertaining to the barrier and for providing commands that actuate the barrier at precise barrier parameters.
Viking Access Systems, Llc


Airflow balancing valve for hvac systems

An automatic airflow balancing valve (10), including: a housing (12) having an inlet (14) and an outlet (16) and defining a flow path (18) there through; a valve disc (30) operatively connected to the housing and disposed within the flow path; and an airflow volume calibrating assembly (92) disposed in the flow path and operatively connected to the valve disc and the housing to pivot the valve disc to a home position associated with a desired constant airflow volume. The airflow volume calibrating assembly includes an adjustment element that extends toward at least one of the inlet or the outlet..
Automatic Airflow Balancing Llc


Device and micro-electro-mechanical-system photonic switch

In one embodiment, micro-electro-mechanical-system (mems) mirror structure includes an electrode plate including a first deflection electrode and a second deflection electrode, where the second deflection electrode is opposite the first deflection electrode, where the first deflection electrode is configured to receive a first drive voltage, and where the second deflection electrode is configured to receive a second drive voltage. The mems mirror structure also includes a mirror support pillar disposed on the electrode plate, where the mirror support pillar has a bearing surface and a mirror disposed above the bearing surface of the support pillar, where the mirror has a deflection angle, and where the first voltage is nonzero when the deflection angle is zero..
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Method and beam control with optical mems beam waveguide

A high density, low power, high performance information system, method and apparatus are described in which perpendicularly oriented processor and memory die stacks (130, 140, 150, 160, 170) include integrated deflectable mems optical beam waveguides (e.g., 190) at each die edge (e.g., 151) to provide optical communications (184) in and between die stacks by using a beam control method and circuit to maintain and adjust alignment over time by calibrating and updating x and y counter values stored in deflection registers (541-542) to control dac circuitry (546, 548) which generates and supplies deflection voltages to charging capacitors (551, 552) connected to deflection electrodes (195-197) positioned on and around each mems optical beam waveguide (193-194) to provide two-dimensional alignment and controlled feedback to adjust beam alignment and establish optical communication links between die stacks.. .
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


Molecular analysis using micro electro-mechanical sensor devices

Analysis instruments and sensors, particularly micro-electro mechanical sensor (mems) devices, for molecular analysis of chemicals and other materials, including, for example, polymers, drugs, nanomaterials, biological samples including proteins, and environmental samples including water suspected of contamination, and the like in vapor, liquid, and/or solid form.. .
Nevada Nanotech Systems, Inc.


Engraved gemstone viewer for personal communications devices

A gemstone viewer for personal communications devices for viewing a gemstone surface on which has been formed an image or inscription such as an identification number. In one embodiment, the viewer is mounted to employ the camera and led light source of the personal communications device.
Gemex Systems, Inc.


Mems-based single particle separation system

A particle separation system uses a mems-based, microfabricated particle manipulation device which has an inlet channel, output channels, and a movable member formed on a substrate to sort one or more target particle from a sample stream. The system may include an interposer that receives the sorted particle and dispenses a carrier fluid with it to form a liquid droplet containing the particle.
Owl Biomedical, Inc.


Mems device

According to one embodiment, a mems device includes a variable capacitor including a lower electrode fixed to a substrate and a movable upper electrode provided above the lower electrode, a pressure-sensitive section covering the variable capacitor and connected to the upper electrode, configured to displace according to a pressure applied, and a protective structure provided on an outer side of the pressure-sensitive section.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Oscillating voltage of sense electrodes in a mems tuning fork gyroscope

Embodiments of the subject application provide a method for operating a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) tuning fork gyroscope. The method includes oscillating a voltage on a first sense electrode out-of-plane from and proximate a first side of a first proof mass between a first voltage and a second voltage at a first frequency.
Honeywell International Inc.


Clean zone hvac system

A single-pass hvac systems to isolate zones and to maintain a required clean air quality standard is provided that operates by producing a positive pressure in all zones, while exhausting on a minimal quantity of air required by law. The zones are kept clean by a recirculating fan filter in each zone.
Therapeutic Proteins International, Llc


System to enable geothermal field interaction with existing hvac systems, method to enable geothermal field interaction with existing hvac system

A system for adapting an hvac system in an existing building for utilizing geothermal energy is described. The system uses an incoming flux of geothermal energy, along with a plurality of heat exchange surfaces adapted to receive the incoming flux of geothermal energy.
Geothermal Technologies, Inc.


Mems device chip manufacturing method

A mems device chip manufacturing method including a grinding step of grinding a device forming area of a wafer to thereby form a recess and an annular reinforcing portion surrounding the recess, a mems device forming step of performing any processing including etching to the wafer after performing the grinding step to thereby form a plurality of mems devices partitioned by a plurality of crossing division lines in the device forming area, and a dividing step of dividing the wafer along the division lines after performing the mems device forming step to thereby manufacture a plurality of mems device chips.. .
Disco Corporation


Semiconductor arrangement with stress release and thermal insulation

Among other things, one or more semiconductor arrangements and techniques for forming such semiconductor arrangements are provided herein. A semiconductor arrangement comprises a cap wafer, a microelectromechanical systems (mems) wafer, and a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) wafer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited


Semiconductor arrangement with stress release configuration

Among other things, one or more semiconductor arrangements and techniques for forming such semiconductor arrangements are provided herein. A semiconductor arrangement comprises a cap wafer, a microelectromechanical systems (mems) wafer, and a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) wafer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited


Embedded circuit in a mems device

A microelectromechanical system (mems) microphone includes a base printed circuit board (pcb), the base pcb having customer pads; at least one wall coupled to the base; a lid pcb coupled to the at least wall, the lid having a port extending there through; an electrically conductive through-hole via extending through the wall electrically connecting the lid pcb to the base pcb; an integrated circuit embedded in the lid and coupled to the electrically conductive through-hole via; and a micro electro mechanical system (mems) device coupled to the integrated circuit in the lid and disposed over the port. Sound energy is converted to an electrical signal by the mems device and transmitted to the integrated circuit.
Knowles Electronics, Llc


Inertia sensors with multi-directional shock protection

A mems sensor including: a base structure; at least one component formed from the base structure which moves relative to the base structure; and one or more locking mechanisms for locking the at least one component in a predetermined stationary position in response to external stimuli exceeding predetermined thresholds in at least first and second directions, where the first direction is different from the second direction.. .
Omnitek Partners Llc


Pressurized viscous condiment dispenser

User-selectable volumes of a viscous condiment such as ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise are consistently dispensed from a pressurized vessel. The vessel is pressurized using a small air pump, a cylinder of compressed gas or an external gas source.
Prince Castle, Llc.


Double ended hand tool

A double ended hand tool created to pick up place and position flatback crystals, gems or other tiny items is disclosed. The tool contains a hollow, conical end which securely encases each crystal allowing the operator to easily position the crystal with no slip.


Jewelry item with cosmetic container and indicia

A jewelry item, such as a ring, combines promotional indicia or artistic designs with a concealed cosmetic container. In some embodiments, the invention may be an item of casual or costume jewelry, for example a ring featuring a flexible plastic or rubber band, rather than a metallic one that features a decoratively shaped compartment on top to conceal the container.


Grounding circuit for alternate audio plug designs

Circuits, methods, and apparatus for grounding contacts in an audio jack. One example may provide a driver, such as a charge pump, driving a first transistor or switch coupled between a first contact in an audio jack and ground, and a second transistor or switch coupled between a second contact in the audio jack and ground.
Apple Inc.


Projection apparatus and projection method

A projection apparatus including a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) mirror module and a control unit is provided. The mems mirror module drives an image beam to scan along a first direction and a second direction on an imaging region.
Lite-on Technology Corporation


Service governance for distributed systems

Example systems and methods for service governance for distributed and cloud-based systems are described. In one implementation, a method extracts a plurality of service manifest files associated with a web service from a service artifact.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.


Dc power transmission systems and assembling the same

A dc power transmission system is configured to generate an electric field including components substantially constant with respect to time and varying with time. The dc power transmission system includes an ac stage configured to receive ac electrical power.
General Electric Company


System and below-operating system trapping and securing loading of code into memory

A system for protecting an electronic device against malware includes a memory, an operating system configured to execute on the electronic device, and a below-operating-system security agent. The below-operating-system security agent is configured to trap an attempted access of a resource of the electronic device, access one or more security rules to determine whether the attempted access is indicative of malware, and operate at a level below all of the operating systems of the electronic device accessing the memory.
Mcafee, Inc.


Spring probe

A spring probe includes a spring sleeve and a needle having a body located inside the spring sleeve and a head protruded out of a lower non-spring section of the spring sleeve and having a stopping block. The lower non-spring section is abutted against and fixed to the stopping block, facilitating assembly of the spring probe.
Mpi Corporation


Process for production of graphene/silicon carbide ceramic composites

We provide a method for the in situ development of graphene containing silicon carbide (sic) matrix ceramic composites, and more particularly to the in situ graphene growth within the bulk ceramic through a single-step approach during sic ceramics densification using an electric current activated/assisted sintering (ecas) technique. This approach allows processing dense, robust, highly electrical conducting and well dispersed nanocomposites having a percolated graphene network, eliminating the handling of potentially hazardous nanostructures.
Consejo Superior De Investigaciones Ciientificas (csic)


Infrared sensor design using an epoxy film as an infrared absorption layer

A mems ir sensor, with a cavity in a substrate underlapping an overlying layer and a temperature sensing component disposed in the overlying layer over the cavity, may be formed by forming an ir-absorbing sealing layer on the overlying layer so as to cover access holes to the cavity. The sealing layer is may include a photosensitive material, and the sealing layer may be patterned using a photolithographic process to form an ir-absorbing seal.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Mems integrated pressure sensor devices and methods of forming same

A method embodiment includes providing a micro-electromechanical (mems) wafer including a polysilicon layer having a first and a second portion. A carrier wafer is bonded to a first surface of the mems wafer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Mems microphone device

A micro-electro-mechanical-system (mems) microphone device includes a substrate, a mems microphone thin film, oxide layer. The substrate has a first penetrating portion.
Sensor Tek Co., Ltd.

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