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Gene synthesis process, gene chip and kit

Gene synthesis process, gene chip and kit

Nanostructures and methods for manufacturing the same

Qunano Ab

Nanostructures and methods for manufacturing the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Ems-related patents
 Operating system switching method and apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Operating system switching method and apparatus
Apparatuses, methods and storage media associated with switching operating systems are disclosed herewith. In embodiments, an apparatus for computing may include one or more processors; and a virtual machine manager to be operated by the one or more processors to instantiate a first virtual machine with a first operating system in a background, and a second virtual machine with a second operating system in a foreground; wherein the virtual machine manager is further to place the first virtual machine, on instantiation, in background into a standby state.
 Air quality based ventilation control for hvac systems patent thumbnailnew patent Air quality based ventilation control for hvac systems
An hvac controller and/or server may be programmed to determine if ventilation of a building is desired based, at least in part, on the one or more user-specified air quality thresholds stored in a memory, and one or more of a measure of indoor air quality and a measure of outdoor air quality. The air quality parameter threshold may relate to an air quality index, an air pollutant concentration, a smog alert, a pollen count, a dew point, a chance of precipitation, and/or the like.
Honeywell International Inc.
 Apparatus and  quantifying stability of the knee patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and quantifying stability of the knee
A wireless motion sensor platform comprising mems inertial sensors and accompanying software for classification of diverse motion characteristics and kinematics of patient anatomy at high resolution. The sensor platform comprises a low-cost, compact, and low-weight device that can be applied to a patient's upper and/or lower leg during a knee examination to measure acceleration along three axes as well as rotations about these axes..
The Regents Of The University Of California
 Sharing wireless connection profiles between multiple operating systems patent thumbnailnew patent Sharing wireless connection profiles between multiple operating systems
Embodiments of a system, apparatus and method for sharing wireless connection profiles between multiple oss are generally described herein. In some embodiments, a first wireless connection may be established between a wireless communication device and an access point of a wireless network or one or more other devices of a peer-to-peer networking group while the wireless communication device is running in an os.
 Cmos compatible mems microphone and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Cmos compatible mems microphone and manufacturing the same
The present invention relates to a cmos compatible mems microphone, comprising: an soi substrate, wherein a cmos circuitry is accommodated on its silicon device layer; a microphone diaphragm formed with a part of the silicon device layer, wherein the microphone diaphragm is doped to become conductive; a microphone backplate including cmos passivation layers with a metal layer sandwiched and a plurality of through holes, provided above the silicon device layer, wherein the plurality of through holes are formed in the portions thereof opposite to the microphone diaphragm, and the metal layer forms an electrode plate of the backplate; a plurality of dimples protruding from the lower surface of the microphone backplate opposite to the diaphragm; and an air gap, provided between the diaphragm and the microphone backplate, wherein a spacer forming a boundary of the air gap is provided outside of the diaphragm or on the edge of the diaphragm; wherein a back hole is formed to be open in substrate underneath the diaphragm so as to allow sound pass through, and the microphone diaphragm is used as an electrode plate to form a variable capacitive sensing element with the electrode plate of the microphone backplate.. .
 Mems devices and methods of forming the same patent thumbnailnew patent Mems devices and methods of forming the same
A device includes a substrate, a routing conductive line over the substrate, a dielectric layer over the routing conductive line, and an etch stop layer over the dielectric layer. A micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) device has a portion over the etch stop layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
 Mems particle sorting actuator and  manufacture patent thumbnailnew patent Mems particle sorting actuator and manufacture
A mems-based system and a method are described for separating a target particle from the remainder of a fluid stream. The system makes use of a unique, microfabricated movable structure formed on a substrate, which moves in a rotary fashion about one or more fixed points, which are all located on one side of the axis of motion.
Innovative Micro Technology
 Gene synthesis process, gene chip and kit patent thumbnailnew patent Gene synthesis process, gene chip and kit
Provided is a chip process of gene synthesis, and the process comprises incorporating the whole procedure, which comprises amplifying oligonucleotides and assembling the oligonucleotides into a gene in parallel, onto a single chip. A specific mismatch endonuclease is also used in the process to establish an error repair system in gene synthesis, and the error rate is decreased to about 0.19 mismatched bases/kb.
 Method and  designing an improved transmit signal for use in a single ended line test (selt) patent thumbnailnew patent Method and designing an improved transmit signal for use in a single ended line test (selt)
The present invention relates to methods and apparatuses of using a novel transmit signal that can be used to improve performance of various loop diagnostic features of selt. In embodiments, a novel transmit signal uses a wide contiguous band of tones that includes frequencies in both upstream and downstream bands.
Ikanos Communications, Inc.
 Backlight module and display device patent thumbnailnew patent Backlight module and display device
A backlight module and a display device having the backlight module are disclosed. The backlight module includes tricolor light sources, a light combining unit, a linear reflection unit, and a two-dimension reflection unit.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
new patent

Micro-electromechanical system (mems) carrier

A micro-electromechanical system (mems) carrier formed by a typical surface micro-machining and bulk micro-machining process on a silicon substrate, having a frame, a movable carrier element, a conductive coil, two return springs and a pair of permanent magnets. The movable carrier element is formed within the frame and movable along a path, the conductive coil is formed on or embedded in the movable carrier element.
Globalmems Taiwan Corporation Limited
new patent

Interference filter, optical filter device, optical module, electronic apparatus, manufacturing interference filter, and mems element

A wavelength variable interference filter includes a fixed substrate, a movable substrate that faces the fixed substrate, a pair of reflective films, a fixed extraction electrode provided on the fixed substrate, and a movable connection electrode that is provided on the movable substrate and is in contact with the fixed extraction electrode at a connection position, in which the movable substrate includes a first groove that is provided at the connection position in a plan view in which the fixed substrate and the movable substrate are viewed from a substrate thickness direction, and a second groove that has a larger area than an area of the first groove in the plan view and is connected to the first groove.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation
new patent

Optical filter device, optical module, electronic apparatus, and mems device

An optical filter device includes a wavelength variable interference filter that has a fixed substrate provided with a fixed reflective film and a movable substrate provided with a movable reflective film, a casing that has an inner space for storing the wavelength variable interference filter therein, and a fixation portion that fixes the wavelength variable interference filter to the casing. In addition, the fixation portion is provided between a side surface of the fixed substrate and an inner surface of the casing..
Seiko Epson Corporation
new patent

Method for varied topographic mems cap process

A device includes sidewalls formed in a wafer surface, where the sidewalls descend to a recessed surface. The recessed surface generally promotes resist coverage on the wafer surface, including corners (e.g., junctions between the wafer surface and various surface topographies, such as cavities, the recessed surface, and so forth) on the wafer.
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.
new patent

Mems device and process for producing same

There are provided a process for fabricating mems device that includes a plurality of through-holes capable being arranged at a high density, the through-holes having a tapered end portion. Through-holes having vertical side surfaces and tapered bottoms are provided by a processing method including the steps of: disposing quadrilateral patterning having desired dimensions on a silicon substrate having a flat surface of a crystal plane, etching the substrate to a desired depth by dry etching that can realize a high aspect ratio etching, and anisotropic wet etching the dry etched substrate with a koh aqueous solution containing isopropyl alcohol mixed thereinto..
Hitachi, Ltd.
new patent

Apparatus comprising and a manufacturing an embedded mems device

A system and a method for forming a packaged mems device are disclosed. In one embodiment a packaged mems device includes a mems device having a first main surface with a first area along a first direction and a second direction, a membrane disposed on the first main surface of the mems device and a backplate adjacent to the membrane.
Infineon Technologies Ag
new patent

Assembly and packaging of mems device

A micro electro mechanical systems (mems) device includes a solder bump on a substrate, a cmos-mems die comprising a cmos die and a mems die, and stud bumps on the cmos die. The mems die is disposed between the cmos die and the substrate.
Invensense, Inc.
new patent

Plug and socket pure gas insulated wall bushing for hvdc and uhv

The invention relates to the domains of power electronics and electric power transmission systems and concerns a new structure for wall bushings for high and ultra high voltage ac or dc applications. The wall bushing is remarkable as it can be assembled as a kit of two replaceable modules: a plug type module (20) and a socket type module (30) whose central conductors (15a,15b) are connected by a joint that allows their thermal expansion..
Alstom Technology Ltd.
new patent

Nanostructures and methods for manufacturing the same

A resonant tunneling diode, and other one dimensional electronic, photonic structures, and electromechanical mems devices, are formed as a heterostructure in a nanowhisker by forming length segments of the whisker with different materials having different band gaps.. .
Qunano Ab
new patent

Mems parameter identification using modulated waveforms

A sensor system includes a microelectromechanical systems (mems) sensor, control circuit, signal evaluation circuitry, a digital to analog converter, signal filters, an amplifier, demodulation circuitry and memory. The system is configured to generate high and low-frequency signals, combine them, and provide the combined input signal to a mems sensor.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

System and enforcing security policies in a virtual environment

A method in one example implementation includes intercepting a request associated with an execution of an object (e.g., a kernel module or a binary) in a computer configured to operate in a virtual machine environment. The request is associated with a privileged domain of the computer that operates logically below one or more operating systems.
Mcafee, Inc.

Integrated coax/ethernet distribution system

The present invention provides for eliminating the requirement for cable modems and routers to be installed in catv system subscriber homes, and/or establishments, by instead including the cable modems and routers in a catv provider's main distribution line, for sharing amongst a plurality of subscriber homes and/or establishments.. .

Automated test on applications or websites in mobile devices

A method and a system to test one or more applications respectfully installed in a plurality of devices at the same time are provided. The system may include a server, which is coupled to the devices and receives a test script configured to test an application of the devices.
Ebay Inc.

Mems device and manufacturing a mems device

Mems devices with a rigid backplate and a method of making a mems device with a rigid backplate are disclosed. In one embodiment, a device includes a substrate and a backplate supported by the substrate.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Two degree of freedom dithering platform for mems sensor calibration

Systems and methods for two degree of freedom dithering for micro-electromechanical system (mems) sensor calibration are provided. In one embodiment, a method for a device comprises forming a mems sensor layer, the mems sensor layer comprising a mems sensor and an in-plane rotator to rotate the mems sensor in the plane of the mems sensor layer.
Honeywell International Inc.

Mems devices, interface circuits, and methods of making thereof

In accordance with an embodiment of the present invention, a micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) device includes a first plate, a second plate disposed over the first plate, and a first moveable plate disposed between the first plate and the second plate. The mems device further includes a second moveable plate disposed between the first moveable plate and the second plate..
Infineon Technologies Ag

Vectored dsl crosstalk cancellation

A vector dsl system includes a plurality of modems, which may be multi-port devices. Unprocessed user data is extracted from the modems and passed through a private vectoring data routing apparatus to one or more vectoring modules, such as vectoring cards.
Ikanos Communications, Inc.

Method of manufacturing a mems micro-mirror assembly

According to the present invention there is provided a method of manufacturing a mems micro mirror assembly (250), comprising the step of mounting a pcb board (205) on a metallic plate (206), mounting a mems device (240) on the pcb board (205), wherein the mems device (240) comprises a mems die (241) and a magnet (230).. .
Lemoptix Sa

Computer-implemented and system for teaching an untrained observer to evaluate a gemstone

A computer-implemented method teaches a user to evaluate a gemstone, such as a cut diamond. The method includes providing a computer system connected to an apparatus capable of capturing an image of a gemstone.
Sarine Color Technologies Ltd.

Image display device

The white balance for a high brightness region and a low brightness region is improved in an image display device using mems and a laser light source. An image processing unit of the device superposes a signal based on a first measured value of a light quantity at a first temperature on a picture signal, during its blanking period, which is supplied to the laser light source, and superposes a high frequency signal on the picture signal during its effective scanning period.
Hitachi Media Electronics Co., Ltd.

Stress tolerant mems accelerometer

A micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) accelerometer employing a rotor and stator that are both released from a substrate. In embodiments, the rotor and stator are each of continuous a metal thin film.

Mechanisms for forming micro-electro mechanical system device

Embodiments of mechanisms for forming a micro-electro mechanical system (mems) device are provided. The mems device includes a substrate and a mems structure over the substrate, and the mems structure has a movable element.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Mems device

A mems device includes a membrane comprising a first plurality of fingers. A counter electrode arrangement includes a second plurality of fingers disposed in a interdigitated relationship with the first plurality of fingers of the membrane.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Integrated circuit package and method

A method of forming a packaged electronic device includes fabricating a mems structure, such as a baw structure, on a first semiconductor wafer substrate; forming a cavity in a second semiconductor wafer substrate; and mounting the second substrate on the first substrate such that the mems structure is positioned inside the cavity in the second substrate. A wafer level assembly and an integrated circuit package are also described..
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Apparatus and reduced strain on mems devices

A method and apparatus for coupling a mems device to a substrate is disclosed. The method includes providing a substrate with a conductor disposed over the substrate, adhering the mems device to the substrate, wherein a first elastomer adheres the mems device to the substrate.
Invensense, Inc.

Reducing microelectromechanical systems stiction by formation of a silicon carbide layer

A mechanism is provided for reducing stiction in a mems device by forming a near-uniform silicon carbide layer on silicon surfaces using carbon from teos-based silicon oxide sacrificial films used during fabrication. By using the teos as a source of carbon to form an antistiction coating, all silicon surfaces can be coated, including those that are difficult to coat using standard self-assembled monolayer (sam) processes (e.g., locations beneath the proof mass).

Jewelry box

An apparatus for stimulating the fluorescence of a gemstone jewelry piece is disclosed. The apparatus uses a container or box to hold all the necessary components including an ultra-violet energy source which provides the ultra-violet energy used in stimulating the gemstone jewelry piece.
Finesse Diamond Corp.

Cushion shaped hearts and arrows gemstone and method

A cushion cut diamond and method for polishing a diamond to form a cushion cut which will display a hearts and arrows pattern characteristic of the true hearts and arrows pattern in a round cut diamond when subjected to light. The cushion cut is formed by polishing a diamond into a symmetrical rounded shaped geometry having four curvilinear long sides and four curvilinear corner sides of equal radius with the four curvilinear corner sides interconnecting the four curvilinear long sides to form the rounded shape; forming 4 main crown facets of substantially equal geometry and dimension symmetrically positioned on the four long sides of the diamond with the 4 main crown facets on the four corner sides being equal in geometry and dimension and symmetrically positioned on the four corner sides and further comprising a table facet, 8 crown star facets on the main crown sides adjacent the table facet; 16 crown halve facets.
Worldwide Diamond Trademarks Ltd.

Method and system of managing and delivering various forms of content

This document describes a method and system through which various forms of content may be ingested, managed, converted, repurposed, and delivered to content-accessing users. The method and system are comprised, in essence, of a software based platform, which may be itself primarily a unique closed environment and/or accessible primarily via a more open configuration (such as via a cloud based digital ecosystem).

System and cloud capability estimation for user application in black-box environments using benchmark-based approximation

A system and method for providing cloud performance capability estimation and supporting recommender systems by simulating bottleneck and its migration for any given complex application in a cost-efficient way are provided. To do this, first, the system and method builds an abstract performance model for an application based on the resource usage pattern of the application in an in-house test-bed (i.e., a white-box environment).
Xerox Corporation

Systems biology approach to therapy

A method comprising analyzing multiple component data between or among categories of individuals to develop therapeutic lead compounds through analysis of biochemical networks linking the genome, transcriptome, proteome, metabolome, gut microbiome and environmental factors.. .
Counterpoint Health Solutions, Inc.

Portable device for determining azimuth

A device is described herein for determining azimuth comprising a mems inertial measurement unit (imu), a gps system comprising a gps antenna and receiver, and a processor configured to receive data from said imu and from said gps system, said processor being configured to process said imu data and said gps data to derive a true north reference based on said imu data and said gps data. A method for determining azimuth is also described herein..
Atlantic Inertial Systems Limited

Hemiparesis subluxation sling

This sling is designed to help reduce shoulder subluxation and forward shoulder roll in patients with shoulder problems by using the uninjured arm to support the weight of the injured arm through two arm cuffs and semi-elastic straps that cross over the back this sling was specially designed to be worn under clothing like a coat, to be slept in, to be worn while preforming daily task/therapy while holding the shoulder joint comfortably in place and still allowing full range of motion in both arms and hands. .

Gemstone inspection

There is described an apparatus and method for inspecting and optionally sorting gemstones. The apparatus includes a nozzle or array of nozzles operatively connected to a vacuum pump such that a gemstone located generally underneath one of the nozzles will be supported against that nozzle by air pressure when a vacuum is applied above the nozzle.
De Beers Centenary Ag

System and digital recording of handpainted, handdrawn and handwritten information

A system and method of digital recording of painted, drawn and written information and navigating a cursor on the display defined by free moving at least one part of a painter body has steps of providing a computing device with a display serving as a digital electronic canvas; providing an input device comprising: an interchangeable end-point; a single mems sensor of mechanical parameters integrated on a semiconductor substrate chip, which is included in the interchangeable end-point; providing any working surface suitable for moving the input device relative to the working surface in a process of painting, drawing, writing or cursor navigating; moving the input device with at least one part of a painter body such that the interchangeable end-point is interacting with the working surface while recording the change of a vectors of mechanical parameters applied to the sensor; digitizing this information and processing the data related to the change of the vectors of mechanical parameters; and providing a description in digital format of how the input device has been moved over and how it has been pressed to the working surface based on the change of the corresponding vectors of mechanical parameters.. .

Assembly for a mems environmental sensor device having improved resistance, and corresponding manufacturing process

Described herein is an assembly for a mems sensor device, which envisages: a first body made of semiconductor material, integrating a micromechanical detection structure at a first main face thereof; a cap element, set stacked on the first main face of the first body, above the micromechanical detection structure; and an adhesion structure set between the first body and the cap element, defining a gap in a position corresponding to the micromechanical detection structure. At least one first opening is defined through the adhesion structure in fluidic communication with the gap..
Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

Mems device having a microphone structure, and the production thereof

A microphone structure of an mems device has a layer construction including: a base substrate; a deflectable microphone diaphragm at least partly spanning a through-opening in the substrate; a deflectable electrode of a microphone condenser system; a stationary counter-element having ventilation openings situated in the layer construction over the microphone diaphragm and acting as a bearer for a stationary electrode of the microphone condenser system. The diaphragm is bonded into the layer construction on the substrate via a flexible beam.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Device with mems structure and ventilation path in support structure

A device includes a support structure, a sound port disposed in the support structure, and a mems structure including a membrane acoustically coupled to the sound port. The membrane separates a first space contacting a first side of the membrane from a second space contacting an opposite second side of the membrane.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Janus complementary mems transistors and circuits

A method of fabricating an electromechanical device includes the following steps. A first and a second back gate are formed over a substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation

Thermal measurements using multiple frequency atomic force microscopy

Apparatus and techniques for extracting information carried in higher eigenmodes or harmonics of an oscillating cantilever or other oscillating sensors in atomic force microscopy and related mems work are described. Similar apparatus and techniques for extracting information from piezoelectric, polymer and other materials using contact resonance with multiple excitation signals are also described..
Asylum Research Corporation

Multi-class heterogeneous clients in a clustered filesystem

A cluster of computer system nodes connected by a storage area network include two classes of nodes. The first class of nodes can act as clients or servers, while the other nodes can only be clients.
Silicon Graphics International Corp.

Switching of operating systems

Switching from a first operating system to a second operating system by re-using components that are common to the first operating system and the second operating system. The common components can be for example a kernel, file systems, drivers, protocol stack and the like..

Slave suitable for energy management systems and energy management system

The slave suitable for energy management systems in accordance with the present invention is a slave of an energy management system for collecting, from an energy meter for measuring an amount of electric energy supplied from a power source to a predetermined place through a distribution line, a meter-reading data containing the amount of electric energy. The slave includes: a first interface unit configured to communicate with an upper device; a second interface unit configured to communicate with an electric appliance installed in the predetermined place; a third interface unit configured to communicate with a communication terminal.
Panasonic Corporation

Gradient micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) microphone

In at least one embodiment, a micro-electro-mechanical systems (mems) microphone assembly is provided. The assembly includes an enclosure, a mems transducer, and a plurality of substrate layers.
Harman International Industries, Inc.

Wavelength-tunable vertical cavity surface emitting laser for swept source optical coherence tomography system

A wavelength-tunable vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (vcsel) with the use of micro-electromechanical system (mems) technology is provided as a swept source for optical coherence tomography (oct). The wavelength-tunable vcsel comprises a bottom mirror of the vcsel, an active region, and a mems tunable upper mirror movable by electrostatic deflections.
Inphenix, Inc.

Mems based swept laser source

A mems-based swept laser source is formed from two coupled cavities. The first cavity includes a first mirror and a fully reflective moveable minor and operates to tune the output wavelength of the laser.
Si-ware Systems

System for producing simultaneous multilink directional beams

A system for forming beams that are suited to a given coverage, has at least the following elements: a configuration manager, a set of modems in contact with switches, multiplexers for multiplexing the modems by group onto as many intermediate ports each corresponding to a beam, a module for forming pathways generating a number of pathways distributed about the axis of the antenna, a phase-shift module for the beams of each of the pathways, a power transposition-amplification module and at least two antennas connected to said transposition-amplification module. For the reception part, the system comprises a set of modules that are identical with the exception of the transposition-amplification module, which carries out the low-noise reception and the transposition..

Gemstone illuminator

Devices and methods are disclosed for illuminating gemstones on fashion accessories a variety of colors. The device may process certain inputs to determine the color emanating from a light source that will illuminate the gemstone.

Mems micro-mirror assembly

A mems micro-mirror assembly (250, 300, 270, 400) comprising, a mems device (240) which comprises a mems die (241) and a magnet (231); a flexible pcb board (205) to which the mems device (240) is mechanically, and electrically, connected; wherein the flexible pcb board (205) further comprises a first extension portion (205b) which comprises a least one electrical contact (259a,b) which is useable to electrically connect the mems micro-mirro rassembly (250, 300, 270, 400) to another electrical component). There is further provided a projection system comprising such a mems micro-mirror assembly (250, 300, 270, 400)..
Lemoptix Sa

Charged particle detector

A system and method comprising a charger for ionizing aerosols; a spectrometer coupled to the charger and operable to select for a predetermined particle size; a porous charge collector coupled to the spectrometer, and a mems electrometer. In some embodiments the charge collector may be a metal frit electrically coupled to the electrometer.
Brechtel Manufacturing, Inc.

Low temperature ceramic microelectromechanical structures

A method of providing microelectromechanical structures (mems) that are compatible with silicon cmos electronics is provided. The method providing for processes and manufacturing sequences limiting the maximum exposure of an integrated circuit upon which the mems is manufactured to below 350° c., and potentially to below 250° c., thereby allowing direct manufacturing of the mems devices onto electronics, such as si cmos circuits.
The Royal Institution For The Advancement Of Learning / Mcgill University

Technique for forming a mems device

An apparatus is formed on a substrate including at least one semiconductor device. The apparatus includes a microelectromechanical system (mems) device comprising at least one of a portion of a first structural layer and a portion of a second structural layer formed above the first structural layer.
Silicon Laboratories Inc.

Mems capacitive pressure sensors and fabrication method thereof

A mems capacitive pressure sensor is provided. The mems capacitive pressure sensor includes a substrate having a first region and a second region, and a first dielectric layer formed on the substrate.
Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

Mems pressure sensors and fabrication method thereof

A mems capacitive pressure sensor is provided. The pressure sensor includes a substrate having a first region and a second region, and a first dielectric layer formed on the substrate.
Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation

Mems-cmos integrated devices, and methods of integration at wafer level

A method for forming an integrated semiconductor device includes providing a first wafer, providing a second wafer, and bonding the first wafer over the second wafer. The first wafer includes a first substrate having a microelectromechanical system (mems) device layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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