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Empirical patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Empirical-related patents
 Inexpensive solid-state storage through write throttling patent thumbnailnew patent Inexpensive solid-state storage through write throttling
Many of the benefits of solid-state-based storage devices can be obtained, while minimizing the costs associated therewith, by write-throttling solid-state storage media in accordance with empirically derived capabilities. Untested solid-state storage media can be obtained inexpensively due to the lack of waste that is otherwise been inherent in the testing and subsequent discarding of solid-state storage media whose capabilities do not meet stringent manufacturer standards.
Microsoft Corporation
 Sequence capture method using specialized capture probes (heatseq) patent thumbnailnew patent Sequence capture method using specialized capture probes (heatseq)
The present invention is a novel protocol for the massively parallel production of improved mips. The molecular improvements to the mip cover the manufacturing of the probes, the workflow, the addition of unique sequence elements which connote sample specificity, and a sequence tag which uniquely identifies a specific molecule present in the initial sample population.
Roche Nimblegen, Inc.
 Method for selecting state of a reconfigurable antenna in a communication system via machine learning patent thumbnailnew patent Method for selecting state of a reconfigurable antenna in a communication system via machine learning
A method for selecting the state of a reconfigurable antenna installed at either the receiver or transmitter of a communication system is provided. The proposed method uses online learning algorithm based on the theory of multi-armed bandit to perform antenna state selection.
Drexel University
 Method and device for ascertaining required charging time patent thumbnailMethod and device for ascertaining required charging time
A method and a device are provided for ascertaining the time required to fully charging a battery of the device. The device ascertains the type of power supply being used when charging the device by ascertaining the time required to fully charge the device based on a historical charging speed and an empirical charging speed corresponding to the power supply's type.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited
 Empirically determined search query replacement patent thumbnailEmpirically determined search query replacement
Systems and methods for automatically generating replacement query terms that offer improved search efficiency. Recommended search query terms are generated based on statistic information derived from empirical data recording prior search sessions with respect to searching on a search engine.
Kobo Incorporated
 Method and  selecting wavelengths for optical measurements of a property of a molecular analyte patent thumbnailMethod and selecting wavelengths for optical measurements of a property of a molecular analyte
A system and optimization algorithm for determining the preferred operational wavelengths of a device configured for measurement of molecular analytes in a sample. Operational wavelengths are determined by solving a system of equations linking empirically defined functions representative of these analytes, spectrally dependent coefficients corresponding to these analytes, path lengths traversed by waves probing the analytes at wavelengths corresponding to the absorption level described by the functions representative of these analytes, and, optionally, a cost-function taking into account at least one of spectral separation between the operational wavelengths, manufacturability of wave source(s) producing wave(s) at operational wavelength(s), and the noise factor associated with the operation of such wave source(s)..
Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research
 Setting gas turbine firing to maintain metal surface temperatures patent thumbnailSetting gas turbine firing to maintain metal surface temperatures
The systems, methods, and computer-readable media set a gas turbine firing temperature to maintain gas turbine metal surface temperatures. In certain embodiments, a method of setting a gas turbine firing temperature is disclosed that may comprise determining a critical temperature at which ash from ash bearing fuels becomes unremovable by conventional water wash procedures, determining hot gas path component metal surface temperatures, and adjusting the gas turbine firing temperature to maintain the metal surface temperatures below the critical temperature.
General Electric Company
 Method and  measuring metal portion in dross patent thumbnailMethod and measuring metal portion in dross
An apparatus for determination of the portion of pure metal in dross from a dross source, whereby the metal portion in the dross is determined by measuring the dross density and calculating the metal portion in accordance with the formula m% =k·ρ+a, wherein m% is percentage pure metal, p is dross density and k and a are empirical constants. The apparatus includes a closed container configured to supply and remove gas, and for reading the temperature and amount of gas supplied to the container..
Alu Innovation As
 Efficient empirical computation and utilization of acoustic confusability patent thumbnailEfficient empirical computation and utilization of acoustic confusability
Efficient empirical determination, computation, and use of an acoustic confusability measure comprises: (1) an empirically derived acoustic confusability measure, comprising a means for determining the acoustic confusability between any two textual phrases in a given language, where the measure of acoustic confusability is empirically derived from examples of the application of a specific speech recognition technology, where the procedure does not require access to the internal computational models of the speech recognition technology, and does not depend upon any particular internal structure or modeling technique, and where the procedure is based upon iterative improvement from an initial estimate; (2) techniques for efficient computation of empirically derived acoustic confusability measure, comprising means for efficient application of an acoustic confusability score, allowing practical application to very large-scale problems; and (3) a method for using acoustic confusability measures to make principled choices about which specific phrases to make recognizable by a speech recognition application.. .
Promptu Systems Corporation
 Systems and methods for developing quantifiable material standards for feedstocks and products used in additive manufactruing processes patent thumbnailSystems and methods for developing quantifiable material standards for feedstocks and products used in additive manufactruing processes
Methods and systems for enabling additive manufacturing feedstock materials to communicate with supervisory control and data acquisition (scada) systems by way of molecular markers. Markers can be dna encoded with information or other small molecules that emit a biochemical, chemical, fluorescent, or conductive signal; markers also include additives that transmit empirical data about resistivity, density, weight, volumetric information or other properties of the 3d printed object.

System and prioritizing and remediating defect risk in source code

Disclosed herein are systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for identifying and remediating risky source files. An example system configured to practice the method can gather data describing each file in a source code repository, and generate, using a weighted algorithm based on empirical relationships between the data and customer-found defects, a risk score for each file in the source code repository, wherein the weighted algorithm prioritizes factors based on predictiveness of defects.
Avaya Inc.

Feature intensity reconstruction of biological probe array

The invention provides methods and systems for reconstructing feature intensities from pixel level data. In certain embodiments, the invention uses an empirically determined transfer function to construct a theoretical estimate of pixel level data and then iteratively updates feature intensities based on a minimum multiplicative error between the pixel level data and the theoretical estimate of the pixel level data..
Affymetrix, Inc.

System and predicting memory performance

A method, computer program product, and computing system for defining an optimal execution time (t) for a concurrent memory operation to be performed on a transactional memory system. An abort probability (p) is associated with the optimal execution time (t) based, at least in part, upon a probability curve.
Emc Corporation

Non-intrusive sensor system

A non-intrusive sensor system includes an array of sensors disposed in a process to measure various input process phenomena and a logic unit that analyses the sensor measurements using an empirical model to produce an estimate of a further process phenomenon not measured directly by any of the array of sensors. The sensors within the array of sensors may be non-intrusive sensors that measure input process phenomena in an intrusive or non-intrusive manner but are non-intrusive with respect to the output process phenomenon as none of these sensors comes into direct contact with the process fluid or process element exhibiting the output process phenomenon.
Rosemount, Inc.

Signal level monitoring system that minimizes false alarms

A system for monitoring signal level of a signal in a communications network, comprising a monitor that includes (i) a receiver to receive the signal from the network, (ii) a detector for detecting signal level values of the signal, and (iii) a sensor for sensing temperatures at the monitoring point in association with the signal level values. The system further comprises (i) means for evaluating the signal level values relative to an alarm reference, (ii) means for issuing alarms based on an alarm criterion defined in terms of the signal level values and the alarm reference, (iii) means for deriving an empirical relationship between signal level and temperature from the signal level values and temperatures, and (iv) means for adjusting the alarm criterion in accordance with the empirical relationship, such that temperature-dependent variations of signal level are substantially accounted for in issuing alarms..

Commercial investment analysis

A technique for performing commercial venture analysis involves establishing an empirically-derived structure and evaluating companies using analytical techniques within that structure. The technique may involve defining jobs, or goals a customer is attempting to reach, with dozens or even hundreds of outcomes.
Strategyn Holdings, Llc

Data driven/physical hybrid model for soc determination in lithium batteries

A hybrid model to determine state-of-charge for lithium batteries includes both a physical model and an empirical or data-driven model. The physical model is an electrochemical model, based on the battery materials properties and structure and describes dynamic electrochemical reactions.
Seeo, Inc

Co-located porosity and caliper measurement for membranes and other web products

Dual mounting head scanners measure the thickness of flexible moving porous webs and employ an air clamp on the operative surface of the lower head to maintain the web in physical contact with a measurement surface. As the web is held firmly by the clamp, the vacuum level that is established is indicative of the porosity of the membrane.
Honeywell Asca Inc.

Method and system for condition monitoring of a group of plants

A system for monitoring machinery and systems in a process plant using a local monitoring and diagnostic system, the system including a plant database configured to store rule sets including at least one rule expressed as at least one of a physics-based model, a data-driven model, and a empirical model of a plant component and a relational expression of a real-time data output relative to a real-time data input, and a server grade computer configured to receive plant component data from a plant unit control panel, generate virtual sensor outputs using the at least one model associated with the plant component, transmit the plant component data and generated virtual sensor outputs to the plant database for storing and to a data visualization system for generating analytical graphics, determine using the at least one model rule set, an operating or performance condition of the plant component in near real-time.. .
Nuovo Pignone Srl

Auditing rules optimizer

Methods, systems, and computer program products for determining when to audit a transaction. An auditing rules optimizer system receives data relating to a transaction conducted by a first business entity that includes a travel product provided by a second business entity.
Amadeus S.a.s.

Estimating doppler shift using predefined autocorrelation vectors

A method includes holding in a memory of a communication terminal multiple predefined vectors, each including signal autocorrelation values computed for a respective doppler shift. A signal is received, and empirical autocorrelation values are calculated for the received signal.
Marvell World Trade Ltd.

Business process behavior conformance checking and diagnostic method and system based on theoretical and empirical process models built using probabilistic models and fuzzy logic

The present invention generally relates to systems and methods for checking the conformance of a process behavior against a theoretical process model, and for further providing a detailed diagnostic regarding the process behavior's expectedness and frequency. The provision of this detailed diagnostic includes discovering the empirical models generated by the system's business processes, and matching the defined process model to its corresponding empirical model..
Xerox Corporation

Profit-based layout determination for webpage implementation

Systems and methods for automatic generation and efficient exploration of a large number of webpage layouts to discover a layout with superior empirical performance. A set of variants are displayed to visitors in accordance with a display probability distribution.
Kobo Incorporated

Calibrated hardware sensors for estimating real-world distances

In some embodiments, methods and systems are provided for assisting a user in determining a real-world distance. Hardware-based sensors (e.g., present in a mobile electronic device) may allow for a fast low-power determination of distances.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Error measuring gear

An error measuring method of gear includes: performing the single gear flank testing to the gear pair in order to produce a testing signal graph; the operation unit decomposing the testing signal graph by empirical mode decomposition (emd) to generate a plurality of intrinsic-mode-function graphs (imfs), the intrinsic-mode-function graph (imf) having a first function graph with a first range and a second function graph with a second range, the first range is greater than the second range; the operation unit selecting a plurality of third function graph from the intrinsic-mode-function graphs (imfs), wherein the third range is greater than the second range but not greater than the first range; the operation unit combining the third function graphs to produce a graph of superposing function; the operation unit computing out a plurality of single pitch error, a plurality of adjacent pitch error and an accumulated pitch error.. .
National Central University


Roundball is a sports event that is based on the same primitive activity that forms the basis of three other games, namely, basketball, 21st century challenge america basketball game, and method for playing a basketball-type game. The latter two are patented.

Rapid thermal processing chamber with micro-positioning system

Methods and apparatus for rapid thermal processing of a planar substrate including axially aligning the substrate with a substrate support or with an empirically determined position are described. The methods and apparatus include a sensor system that determines the relative orientations of the substrate and the substrate support..
Applied Materials, Inc.

Process for making ethylene and acetic acid

A process comprising catalytically converting ethane to ethylene and acetic acid in the presence of oxygen at a temperature of 450° c. Or less in the gas phase wherein the catalyst has the empirical formula movanbbteczdon..
Rohm And Haas Company

Method and wireless communication device for using an antenna as a sensor device in guiding selection of optimized tuning networks

A method and system performs antenna tuning using detected changes in antenna self-capacitance in a wireless communication device. A modem detects changes in antenna self-capacitance by utilizing multiple antenna elements.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Method and system for empirical modeling of time-varying, parameter-varying, and nonlinear systems via iterative linear subspace computation

Methods and systems for estimating differential or difference equations that can govern a nonlinear, time-varying and parameter-varying dynamic process or system. The methods and systems for estimating the equations may be based upon estimations of observed outputs and, when desired, input data for the equations.
Adaptics, Inc.

Method and device for pneumatically driving a turbocharger rotor in a balancing machine

Disclosed is a method in which the propulsive power of a drive nozzle (2) is controlled by means of a programmable logic control device (24) having an adjustable internal controller (25) in dependence upon the rotational frequency of a turbocharger rotor (1) detected by a speed sensor (26). Parameters necessary for control are determined empirically in a tuning run which includes tuning the controller (25) to a proportional control action with high gain kp and inputting the nominal balancing speed as target value for the controller (25), monitoring and comparing the actual speed with the target value.
Schenck Rotec Gmbh

Apparatus and concentric cement bonding operations before and after cementation

Method and apparatus for deploying at least one repeatable signal to empirically measure cement bonding before and after operating a tool string assembly comprising a selectively arrangeable tool assembly of a downhole drive tool usable for operating a downhole placement tool with shaft and axial displacement member extendable and retractable therefrom to radially deploy and operate at least one conduit and downhole coupling tool for placing cement and at least one inner conduit proximally concentrically within a surrounding bore, wherein said drive coupling tool is further usable for transmitting or receiving, through a conductance well element into a memory tool, to measure cement bonding about said surrounding bore before and after concentrically cleaning and coupling cement to at least one conduit and surrounding bore.. .

Adaptive multi-dimensional data decomposition

A method of decomposing an image or video into a plurality of components. The method comprises: obtaining (10) an intensity signal of the image or video; and decomposing (30) the intensity signal into a component representing the three-dimensional structure shape of one or more objects in the scene and at least one other component.
Technische Universiteit Delft

"indima apparatus" system, method and computer program product for individualized and collaborative health care

A system and method for ‘individualized life management’ focusing on individualized and collaborative health care involving a plurality of individuals, using groups of state parameters for defining a state of each individual, and using groups of action parameters for defining ‘treatment options’ and/or ‘behavior options’ targeted at an individual. The system includes a data processor for processing input data, which are based on the groups of state parameters, into output data, which are the basis for the groups of action parameters, using defined relationships/assignments between groups of state parameters and groups of action parameters.

Dispenser for liquids

Fixed-volumes of liquid are measured and dispensed from a container by empirically determining the liquid surface height and opening a dispensing valve for a time period that is calculated using a volume of liquid specified to be dispensed and the empirically-determined liquid surface height. The liquid surface height in the container is determined empirically for initial and subsequent volumes of liquid that are dispensed.
Prince Castle Llc

Empirical expert determination and question routing system and method

The system collects location tracking data about each user and analyzes the location tracking data to determine the level of expertise a user has for a specific venue/event or a specific geographic region at a particular scale on a map. The system receives questions about a specific venue/event or about a category of venue/event in a specific geographic region at a particular scale on a map and routes those questions in real time to one or more experts for the specific venue/event or the category of venue/event in the specific geographic region.
Airbnb, Inc

System and generating real-time indicators in a trading list or portfolio

A trading platform computer system for detecting an abnormal trading condition of a security uses real-time and estimated values of one or more variables associated with the condition of the security to generate one or more analytic metrics that are compared to empirical distributions based on one or more peer groups for the security. An indicator can then be displayed to a trader as an indication of the abnormal condition..
Itg Software Solutions, Inc.

Method of advertising by user psychosocial profiling

Profiling based advertising and commerce systems are provided herein. The system statistically analyzes user activity data of social network users and normalizes the statistical data with respect to specified user populations.
Sensegon Technologies Ltd.

Automatic generation of a webpage layout with high empirical performance

Systems and methods for automatic generation and efficient exploration of a large number of webpage layouts to discover a layout with superior empirical performance. A set of variants can be automatically generated based on a baseline webpage layout by incremental modification.
Kobo Incorporated

Method and apparatus of non-linear compensation of power monitoring for power supply units

A power monitor is used to estimate the amount of input power that is supplied to a power supply. The power monitor is protected by an emi filter within the power supply.
Microchip Technology Incorporated

Methods of forming single source precursors, methods of forming polymeric single source precursors, and single source precursors formed by such methods

Methods of forming single source precursors (ssps) include forming intermediate products having the empirical formula ½{l2n(μ-x)2m′x2}2, and reacting mer with the intermediate products to form ssps of the formula l2n(μ-er)2m′(er)2, wherein l is a lewis base, m is a group ia atom, n is a group ib atom, m′ is a group iiib atom, each e is a group vib atom, each x is a group viia atom or a nitrate group, and each r group is an alkyl, aryl, vinyl, (per)fluoro alkyl, (per)fluoro aryl, silane, or carbamato group. Methods of forming polymeric or copolymeric ssps include reacting at least one of he1r1e1h and mer with one or more substances having the empirical formula l2n(μ-er)2m′(er)2 or l2n(μ-x)2m′(x)2 to form a polymeric or copolymeric ssp.
Battelle Energy Alliance, Llc

System and rapid transitioning of polyolefin processes from one product to another

A gas-phase polyolefin reactor system for rapidly transitioning from one polyolefin product to another is disclosed. The reactor system comprises a steady-state control valve, a high-flow valve, a polyolefin reactor, a flow meter, a totalizer, an online analyzer and an empirical model.
Ineos Usa, Llc

Apparatus and accurate energy device state-of-charge (soc) monitoring and control using real-time state-of-health (soh) data

A device and associated testing method for empirically determining the state-of-charge of an electrochemical energy device, comprising: applying electrical excitations to the energy device at a predetermined electrical excitation frequency ωe; applying mechanical excitations to the energy device at a predetermined mechanical excitation frequency ωm; measuring an electrically-induced phase difference Δθe(ωe) between voltage (v) and current (i) within the energy device from applying the electrical excitations; measuring a mechanically-induced phase difference Δθe(ωm) between voltage (v) and current (i) within the energy device from applying the mechanical excitations; and deducing the empirical real-time state-of-health of the energy device by comparing the electrically-induced phase difference Δθe(ωe) with the mechanically-induced phase difference Δθe(ωm); and using the deduced state of health to determine the state of charge.. .

Non-oriented electrical steel sheet and manufacturing the same

Disclosed are a non-oriented electrical steel sheet and a method of manufacturing the same. The non-oriented electrical steel sheet of the present invention includes 0.005 wt % or less of c, 1.0-4.0 wt % of si, 0.1-0.8 wt % of al, 0.01-0.1 wt % of mn, 0.02-0.3 wt % of p, 0.005 wt % or less of n.

Red phosphor, white light emitting device, display apparatus and illumination apparatus

A red phosphor includes a nitride represented by an empirical formula of sr1−x−ybaxeuyalsi4n7. A composition ratio (x) of barium (ba) satisfies 0<x≦0.3 and a composition ratio (y) of europium (eu) satisfies 0<y≦0.1..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Music searching methods based on human perception

A method for characterizing a musical recording as a set of scalar descriptors, each of which is based on human perception. A group of people listens to a large number of musical recordings and assigns to each one many scalar values, each value describing a characteristic of the music as judged by the human listeners.
Gracenote, Inc.

Method for improved oxygen saturation estimation in the presence of noise

The present disclosure relates, according to some embodiments, to devices, systems, and methods for estimating a physiological parameter in the presence of noise. For example, the disclosure relates, in some embodiments, to devices, systems, and methods for assessing (e.g., estimating, measuring, calculating) oxygen saturation (spo2).
Covidien Lp

Iterative reconstruction in image formation

The use of the channelized preconditioners in iterative reconstruction is disclosed. In certain embodiments, different channels correspond to different frequency sub-bands and the output of the different channels can be combined to update an image estimate used in the iterative reconstruction process.
General Electric Company

Gas exchange system flow configuration with thermally insulated sample chamber

System flow path, designs that minimize the impact of gas diffusion sources and sinks. By reducing the magnitude of parasitic sources and sinks, lower rates of photosynthesis and transpiration can be more accurately measured, e.g., without the need for extensive empirical compensation.

Method and detection of biological conditions

A system and method for analysis of fluids, particularly bodily fluids such as saliva, uses an active, electrically-driven substrate for supporting an amalgamate of fluid and nanoparticles selected to adhere to one or more proteins. The nanoparticles affect light that is directed on or through the amalgamate.

System and controlling ice formation on gas turbine inlet guide vanes

Gas turbine inlet guide vane ice detection and control systems and methods that utilize active infra-red monitoring of inlet guide vanes, detection of ice formation on the guide vanes and elimination of the ice by altering properties of the gas turbine inlet intake airflow, such as by introducing compressed and/or heated air bled from the turbine. Ice has lower detectable emissivity intensity in the infra-red spectrum than ice-free inlet guide vane surfaces.

Intelligent independent battery management system and method

According to an embodiment of the disclosure, a method for monitoring a battery pack is provided. The battery pack includes a plurality of modules and a pack controller, and each module includes a corresponding module controller.

Device for in-vivo determination of eye moisture

A medical diagnostic device and method, the device including: (a) an alternating current source, adapted to produce an alternating current; (b) an electrode arrangement having at least first and second electrodes, separated by an electrically insulating region, the arrangement having an at least semi-rigid region that fixes the electrodes in a spaced-apart manner, the arrangement adapted to contact the soft tissue on the inner surface of the eyelid; and (c) a processor, associated with the electrode arrangement, said electrodes electrically connected to the alternating current source; wherein, when the electrode arrangement is provided with the alternating current, and is disposed against the soft tissue, the soft tissue electrically bridges between the electrodes to form an electrical circuit, wherein an electrical signal is produced by the alternating current electrically passing between the electrodes via the soft tissue; wherein the processor is adapted to receive in-vivo based electrical information originating from the electrical signal, via the circuit, and to produce an output relating to, or derived from, the moisture parameter, based on the in-vivo electrical information; and wherein the processor is designed and configured to compute the moisture parameter in the soft tissue, at least partially based on the in-vivo electrical information, and based on an empirical correlation between the in-vivo electrical information and the moisture parameter.. .

System and determining a state of compaction

A system for determining a state of compaction of a work material includes a compactor and a compaction sensor system. A controller is configured to determine an empirical state of compaction of the work material based upon signals from the compaction sensor system and the characteristics of a machine associated with the compaction sensor system..

Shaft fitting system

A method of selecting a preferred golf shaft for a player who uses an existing golf shaft, according to one or more aspects of the present invention, may comprise gathering a plurality of empirical data sets, each data set corresponding to an individual golf shaft selected from a plurality of golf shafts; providing a plurality of specification codes, each associated with an individual empirical data set of the plurality of empirical data sets; from the plurality of specification codes, identifying a first specification code associated with the existing golf shaft; gathering feedback associated with the existing golf shaft from the player; and using the feedback to select, from the plurality of specification codes, a second specification code corresponding to the preferred golf shaft.. .

System and simulating multiple bacnet devices and objects

A method for configuring a semi-empirical or an empirical computer simulation model of a building automation and control (bac) system. The method can include a computer processor reading from a non-transitory computer-readable memory a configuration data of a building automation and control network (bacnet) device, wherein the configuration data includes a property value of the bacnet device.

Antibiotic and anti-parasitic agents that modulate class ii fructose 1, 6-bisphosphate aldolase

This invention provides a family of compounds that inhibit class ii fructose 1,6-bisphosphate aldolase (fba), which is implicated in the pathogenic activity of a broad range of bacterial and parasitic agents. The compounds were identified by empirical testing, and provide a basis for further derivatization and optimization of 8-hydroxyquinoline-2-carboxylic acid and related compounds.

Battery state estimator combining electrochemical solid-state concentration model with empirical equivalent-circuit model

A battery state estimator which combines an electrochemical solid-state concentration model with an empirical equivalent-circuit model. The battery state estimator uses a reduced-order physics-based electrochemical solid-state concentration model to calculate open circuit voltage of a battery cell, and uses the calculated open circuit voltage in an equivalent-circuit model to evaluate a diffusion voltage drop and other battery cell parameters.

Techniques to simulate statistical tests

Techniques to simulate statistical tests are described. An apparatus may comprise a simulated data component to generate simulated data for a statistical test, where statistics of the statistical test are based on parameter vectors to follow a probability distribution, a statistic simulator component to generate statistics for the parameter vectors from the simulated data, each parameter vector represented with a single point in a grid of points, the statistic simulation component to distribute portions of the simulated data or simulated statistics across multiple nodes of a distributed computing system in accordance with a column-wise or column-wise-by-group distribution algorithm, and a code generator component to create a computational representation arranged to generate an approximate probability distribution for each point in the grid of points from the simulated statistics, the approximate probability distribution to comprise an empirical cumulative distribution function (cdf).

Synthetic time series data generation

According to an example, synthetic time series data generation may include receiving empirical meter data for a plurality of users, and using the empirical meter data to estimate parameters of a markov chain. The markov chain may be used to generate the synthetic time series data having statistical properties similar to the statistical properties of the empirical meter data..

System and analyzing voltage breakdown in electrostatic chucks

A system, instructions and a method of determining when an impending failure is likely to occur absent corrective action are disclosed. The system samples the output of a power supply which powers an electrostatic chuck, and determines when that output is outside acceptable limits.

Predicting the molecular complexity of sequencing libraries

Predicting the molecular complexity of a genomic sequencing library is a critical but difficult problem in modern sequencing applications. Methods to determine how deeply to sequence to achieve complete coverage or to predict the benefits of additional sequencing are lacking.

Noninvasive measuring pulmonary ventilation

A pulmonary ventilation system comprising means for storing an empirical relationship that is designed and adapted to determine at least one pulmonary ventilation parameter as a function of a plurality of measured anatomical distances and volume-motion coefficients, means for acquiring the anatomical distances, means for determining the plurality of motion coefficients, and processing means for determining the ventilation parameter based on the acquired anatomical distances and determined plurality of volume-motion coefficients. In one embodiment, the system further includes means for acquiring base-line ventilation characteristics and means for correlating the base-line ventilation characteristics to the ventilation parameter determined with the empirical relationship..

Operational risk back-testing process using quantitative methods

Methods, computer-readable media, and apparatuses are disclosed for quantifying risk and control assessments. The risk includes both residual risk and direction of risk.

Method of producing therapeutic agent

A method for producing a therapeutic agent and the agent thus produced. This therapeutic agent, referred to as d-boramine, has the following chemical formula:[(ch3)3nch2chohch2co2h]2[o2cchohchohco2] and has the following empirical formula: c18h36n2o12.

Process and improving the operation of wet scrubbers

The description relates to improving the operation of wet scrubbers, especially those based on calcium carbonate, by reducing the quantities of soluble chlorides in the combustion gases fed to the scrubbers. By converting gaseous hcl in the combustion gases to a solid copper chloride and removing it before the chloride reaches the scrubber, the reactivity of the scrubbing slurry will be better maintained.

Processes, apparatus, compositions and systems for reducing emissions of hcl and/or sulfur oxides

The description relates to reducing emissions of hcl and sulfur oxides by treating combustion gases with an aqueous copper compound referred to as copper-based chloride remediator (cbcr). The process is preferably implemented by identifying locations within a combustor for feeding the cbcr, determining the physical form and injection parameters for the cbcr and injecting the cbcr under conditions effective to reduce hcl and/or sulfur oxides.

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