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Embedding patents

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Printed circuit board, and method for manufacturing same

Lg Innotek

Printed circuit board, and method for manufacturing same

Send2mobile cloud system

Send2mobile cloud system

Send2mobile cloud system

Arris Technology

Method and apparatus for embedding secret information in digital certificates

Date/App# patent app List of recent Embedding-related patents
 Electronic component module patent thumbnailElectronic component module
An electronic component module includes a substrate, an electronic component mounted on the substrate, and a resin sealing portion that seals the electronic component and covers a principal surface of the substrate. The resin sealing portion includes a film-shaped resin layer that covers upper and side surfaces of the electronic component and the principal surface of the substrate, and an embedding resin layer that covers the film-shaped resin layer.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 Printed circuit board, and  manufacturing same patent thumbnailPrinted circuit board, and manufacturing same
Provided are a printed circuit board and a method of manufacturing the printed circuit board, the printed circuit board including: a first element and a second element a first base substrate including an embedding part in which the first element is embedded and a cavity into which the second element is mounted; and a second base substrate bonded to one surface of the first base substrate and including a first via for the second element.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

 Send2mobile cloud system patent thumbnailSend2mobile cloud system
The present invention is a cloud-based remote platform as a service (paas) system, which utilizes a short message service (sms), multi-media message service (mms) and enhanced messaging service (ems) based platforms to create an interactive communication and a reverse marketing system, providing merchants, retailers and/or sellers the means to rapidly and effectively communicate with their respective customers or customer base. By embedding the present invention onto each product page of the merchant or retailer's website, the merchant and/or retailer is providing its respective customers with the ability to directly communicate with the merchant and/or retailer, in nearly real time.

 Method and  embedding secret information in digital certificates patent thumbnailMethod and embedding secret information in digital certificates
A method and system is provided for embedding cryptographically modified versions of secret in digital certificates for use in authenticating devices and in providing services subject to conditional access conditions.. .
Arris Technology, Inc.

 Method for high-frequency amplifier using power gain-boosting technique patent thumbnailMethod for high-frequency amplifier using power gain-boosting technique
embedding the transistor into the linear, lossless, reciprocal network; and constructing simultaneous conjugate matching.. .

 Light emitting device and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailLight emitting device and manufacturing the same
To provide a method of manufacturing at low cost a light emitting device that converts the wavelength of light radiated by a light emitting element and emits, the method includes: forming a phosphor layer on a translucent substrate; arranging a plurality of light emitting elements with a predetermined spacing, the light emitting elements having an electrode formed face provided with positive and negative electrodes respectively and arranged with the electrode formed faces on the top; embedding a resin containing phosphor particles so that an upper face of the embedded resin does not bulge over a plane containing the electrode formed faces; and curing the resin, and then cutting and dividing the cured resin, the phosphor layer and the translucent substrate into a plurality of light emitting devices each including one or more of the light emitting elements.. .
Nichia Corporation

 Semiconductor device having vertical mosfet with super junction structure, and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailSemiconductor device having vertical mosfet with super junction structure, and manufacturing the same
A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device includes: preparing a semiconductor substrate, in which a first semiconductor layer is formed on a substrate; forming a first concave portion in the first semiconductor layer; forming trenches on the first semiconductor layer in the first concave portion; epitaxially growing a second semiconductor layer for embedding in each trench and the first concave portion; forming a sj structure having pn columns including the second semiconductor layer in each trench and the first semiconductor layer between the trenches; and forming the vertical mosfet by: forming a channel layer and a source region contacting the channel layer on the sj structure; forming a gate electrode over the channel layer through a gate insulating film; forming a source electrode connected to the source region; and forming a drain electrode on a rear of the substrate.. .
Denso Corporation

  patent thumbnail
The present disclosure relates to a structure and method for embedding a non-volatile memory (nvm) in a high-k metal gate (hkmg) integrated circuit that utilizes a replacement gate technology with low poly resistance and high program/erase speed. A silicide layer formed over top surfaces of the nvm device, after replacement gate process of the hkmg circuit prevents poly damage during contact formation and provides low gate resistance, thereby improving program/erase speed of the nvm device..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

 System for targeting location-based communications patent thumbnailSystem for targeting location-based communications
Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods and computer program products for providing targeted location-based communications. An exemplary apparatus is configured to receive an encoded signal, decode the encoded signal such that embedded data is retrieved, send the embedded data a remote server; and receive a message based at least partially on sending the embedded data.
Muzak Llc

 Method and system for replaying a voice message and displaying a signed digital photograph contemporaneously patent thumbnailMethod and system for replaying a voice message and displaying a signed digital photograph contemporaneously
Disclosed are methods and systems for generating digital fantasy sports memorabilia including: providing a digital fantasy sports memorabilia signor with a digital fantasy sports photograph, a digital fantasy sports jersey, or a combination thereof; receiving at least one of an electronic signature or an electronic written message from the fantasy sports digital memorabilia signor to be embedded in the digital fantasy sports photograph, the digital fantasy sports jersey, or the combination thereof; embedding the at least one of an electronic signature or an electronic written message from the digital fantasy sports memorabilia signor into the digital fantasy sports photograph, the digital fantasy sports jersey, or a combination thereof to form the generated digital fantasy sports memorabilia; sending the generated digital fantasy sports memorabilia including the electronic signature and the electronic written message to a verification service to verify authenticity of the electronic signature and electronic written message in the generated digital fantasy sports memorabilia; and delivering the generated fantasy sports memorabilia to a digital fantasy sports receiver.. .
Autography, Llc


Visual interactive search

Roughly described, a system and method for user identification of a desired document, in which a database is provided which identifies a collection of documents in an embedding space, the database identifying a distance between each pair of the documents in the embedding space corresponding to a predetermined measure of dissimilarity between the pair of documents. In dependence upon a user query, the system constrains the embedding space geometrically to develop a first candidate space, and identifies toward the user a first set of n1>1 candidate documents from the first candidate space, the first set of candidate documents being more discriminative than the average discriminativeness of set size n1 documents in the first candidate space.
Genetic Finance (barbados) Limited


System and hyperlink badges with dynamically updated pop-up summary information

Methods, systems, and media are directed to providing a pop-up display having dynamically updated summary data on a website, is presented. In particular, electronically submitting updated informational content to a third party source repository and providing a graphical item having embedding linking instructions configured to bilaterally communicate with the third party source repository and render a pop-up display containing the updated informational content.
Shocase, Inc.


Method and embedding radiated elements in a touch panel

Radiated elements are embedded in in a touch panel that includes a plurality of layers including at least one conductive layer and at least one silver layer. The plurality of layers are configured a stack up configuration.
Motorola Solutions, Inc


Semiconductor optical integrated device

A semiconductor optical integrated device including: a substrate having a first area, a second area and a third area arranged in a waveguiding direction; a laser portion disposed on the third area the laser portion including a laser waveguide and a heater thereon; a semiconductor waveguide disposed on the second area, the semiconductor waveguide including a core layer and a cladding layer disposed on the core layer; a mach-zehnder modulator portion disposed on the first area, the mach-zehnder modulator portion including a first arm and a second arm; a buried region embedding the laser waveguide, the semiconductor waveguide, and the first and second arms; a groove disposed on the second area, the groove extending in a direction intersecting the waveguiding direction to across the semiconductor waveguide to the buried region; and a resin body disposed on the mach-zehnder modulator portion. The laser portion is optically coupled to the mach-zehnder modulator portion via the semiconductor waveguide.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Biocomposite materials derived from animal protein

Biocomposite materials are derived from animal proteins, and, in particular, animal proteins derived from byproducts such as specified risk material. The composite materials are created by embedding a fibrous material with a polymer matrix comprising a hydrolysate from the animal protein and a crosslinking reagent such as an epoxy..
The Governors Of The University Of Alberta


Product and treatment of a biofilm, including control of substrate colonization and treatment of infection

An antimicrobial product and methods of use are provided. The antimicrobial product includes a water-soluble antimicrobial organosilane and various additional compound, including antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medications, antiseptics, and/or detergents.


Product and delivery system for application of antimicrobial treatment designed to inhibit pathegens from entering or leaving a respitory system and to remove pathogens from wounds, ears or other body cavities, and methods of use

An antimicrobial product and methods of use are provided. The antimicrobial product includes a water-soluble antimicrobial organosilane and the product delivered in an alcohol, foam or gel state in some cases including various additional compounds including antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medications, antiseptics, and/or detergents.


Encoding and decoding in-text graphic elements in short messages

A method of embedding zero width (zw) unicode sequence indicative of in-text graphic elements. The method comprises retrieving at a message transmitting client terminal a message content inputted by a user.
Aniways Advertising Solutions Ltd.


Embedding interactive objects into a video session

A method includes receiving, at a media device, overlay data associated with media content. The overlay data includes information indicating a time and a position at which a particular object is represented within the media content, and the overlay data includes information associating the particular object with supplemental information.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.


Enforcement of network-wide context aware policies

A method implemented in an edge router, the method comprising receiving an authentication request from a device, forwarding the authentication request to an authentication and policy server, receiving an authentication response and an indication of a device tag from the authentication and policy server, wherein the device tag is based on a characteristic of the device, a location, a destination, or a user of the device, forwarding the authentication response to the device, receiving a policy associated with the device tag from the authentication and policy server, receiving a packet from the device, embedding the device tag in the packet to form a tagged packet, and executing the policy.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Semiconductor device and embedding tsv semiconductor die within substrate for vertical interconnect in pop

A semiconductor device has a substrate with a first conductive layer over a surface of the substrate and a plurality of cavities exposing the first conductive layer. A first semiconductor die having conductive tsv is mounted into the cavities of the substrate.
Stats Chippac, Ltd.


Reversible audio data hiding

The present invention provides a method of reversible audio data hiding. The method of data hiding and restoring comprises the steps of: protecting audio by embedding information into the audio according to variance calculation associated to the audio, wherein the quality of the protected audio is degraded after embedding the information into the audio; publishing the protected audio widely as a trial for listen version; and decoding the protected audio for a user who purchased the copyright of the audio by extracting the original audio from the protected audio..
University Of Macau


Scheme for embedding a control signal in an audio signal using pseudo white noise

A method includes generating an audio signal, generating a control signal that is configured to control a haptic feedback device that is incorporated into a device for delivering audio based on the audio signal to a user, and embedding the control signal in the audio signal by using a pseudorandom signal to form an encoded audio signal. Another method includes receiving a signal that includes an audio signal having an embedded control signal, recovering the control signal from the received signal by using a pseudorandom signal, using the recovered control signal to control a haptic feedback device that is incorporated into a device for delivering audio, recovering the audio signal from the received signal, and using the recovered audio signal to generate audio in the device for delivering audio.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Scheme for embedding a control signal in an audio signal

A method includes generating an audio signal, generating a control signal that is configured to control a haptic feedback device that is incorporated into a device for delivering audio based on the audio signal to a user, and embedding the control signal in the audio signal. Another method includes receiving a signal that includes an audio signal having an embedded control signal, recovering the audio signal from the received signal, using the recovered audio signal to generate audio in a device for delivering audio, recovering the control signal from the received signal, and using the recovered control signal to control a haptic feedback device that is incorporated into the device for delivering audio.
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


System and embedding data

In one embodiment, a watermark is embedded in a sequence of video frames, for each one of the video frames, a set of n rectangular patches, two palettes of pixel values in a selected color space, such that the two palettes are denoted as p0 and p1, and p0≠p1, and in each one of the n patches a processor which chooses one of p0 and p1 according to a value of a payload bit to be encoded, a calculator which calculates one of a variance of pixel values in the frame, and edginess for the pixel values in the frame, thereby determining a calculated value, and a processor which determines if the calculated value is beneath a given threshold value, if the calculated value is beneath the given threshold value the processor is operative to calculate a function of the pixel values, the closest value to a result of the calculation of the function in the chosen palette is chosen, and a replacer which replaces the pixel values within the patch with the chosen closest value. Related systems, apparatus and methods are also described..
Cisco Technology Inc.


System and embedding of a two dimensional code with an image

Disclosed are a method and apparatus for embedding a graphic image representation into a two dimensional matrix code by modifying the characteristic values of individual pixels in the image according the values of a provided two dimensional matrix code image. The modified character pixel values are determined using an optimization procedure that minimizes a visual distortion with respect to the original graphic image representation while maintaining the value of a probability of error model below a specified limit..
Graphiclead Llc


Messaging with greeting card and gift option

A messaging solution that provides for creating and embedding gift cards into a text message or multi-media message. The inclusion of the gift card may be invoked when a user is sending a greeting card or, a user may directly invoke the sending of a gift card, or similarly a subscription..


Composite lumen with reinforcing textile and matrix

A composite hollow lumen and a method for producing the lumen are provided. The lumen includes a tubular textile formed of yarns having a first tensile strength and a matrix material in which the tubular textile is embedded to form a conduit having a bore and a sidewall substantially impermeable to liquid.
Secant Medical, Inc.


High efficiency embedding technology

Representative implementations of devices and techniques provide improved electrical access to components, such as chip dice, for example, disposed within layers of a multi-layer printed circuit board (pcb). One or more insulating layers may be located on either side of a spacer layer containing the components.
Infineon Technologies Austria Ag


Multi-layer virtual infrastructure embedding in software-defined flexible-grid transport networks

Methods and systems for embedding vi demands in a software-defined network include mapping virtual nodes over physical nodes in a network topology. An auxiliary graph including virtual links between physical nodes that have a residual capacity sufficient to meet a virtual infrastructure demand is constructed.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.


Enhanced mems vibrating device

A mems vibrating device includes a substrate, at least one anchor on a surface of the substrate, and a vibrating body suspended over the substrate by the at least one anchor. The vibrating body includes a first piezoelectric thin-film layer, a second piezoelectric thin-film layer over the first piezoelectric thin-film layer, and an inter-digital transducer embedded between the first piezoelectric thin-film layer and the second piezoelectric thin-film layer.
Rf Micro Devices, Inc.


Down-mixing compensation for audio watermarking

Example methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture to implement down-mixing compensation for audio watermarking are disclosed. Example watermark embedding methods disclosed herein include determining respective attenuation factors for a plurality of audio bands based on energy values associated with down-mixed audio samples corresponding to a first audio channel of a multi-channel audio signal and a second audio channel of the multi-channel audio signal.
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc


Certificate verification system and methods of performing the same

A system for generating certificates, the system include a certification generation unit having a processor and a memory with an application in the memory executing the steps of generating a digital certificate, retrieving verification information from a user where the verification information are unique to the user, appending a certificate content onto the verification information, appending an issuing authority identifier to the verification information, appending metadata to the verification information, embedding the appended verification information into the digital certificate, encoding the digital certificate with the embedded information, and issuing the encoded digital certificate.. .
Verificient Technologies, Inc.


Coordinating replication of data stored in a non-volatile memory-based system

A technique includes, in response to a first stream of writes to a first non-volatile memory system, generating a second stream of writes for a second non-volatile memory system; and coordinating replication of data stored in the first non-volatile memory system. The coordinating includes embedding at least one command in the second stream of writes to create a synchronization point for data storage in the second non-volatile memory system in response to at least one corresponding command in the first stream to create a synchronization point for data storage in the first non-volatile memory system..
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.


De-embedding on-wafer devices

An apparatus includes three components. The first component includes a first transmission line; the second component is coupled with the first component and includes a second transmission line; and the third component electrically coupled with the first component and/or the second component.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Thermophoresis measurements in nanoliterdroplets

The present invention relates generally to a system and a method for thermo-optical measurements in a droplet of aqueous solution comprising particles of interest, the method comprising the following steps: providing the droplet of aqueous solution with a volume of less than 200 nl, wherein the aqueous solution is a first liquid and at least a part of the particles of interest are fluorescent particles; embedding the droplet of aqueous solution at least partly in a second liquid; irradiating a laser light beam into the droplet to obtain a spatial temperature distribution in the droplet around the irradiated laser light beam; exciting fluorescently said fluorescent particles and detecting fluorescence at least at one position or at around one position in the droplet or detecting the fluorescence distribution of said fluorescently excited particles, wherein said detection of fluorescence is performed at least once at a predetermined time after the start of the laser irradiation; and determining a characteristic of the particles of interest from the detected fluorescence intensity or fluorescence intensity distribution.. .
Nanotemper Technologies Gmbh


Concrete mosaic and forming the same

A mosaic concrete product, methods of creating the same, and methods of fabricating a module for use in creating the mosaic are provided. The methods of installing the mosaic upon an uncured concrete surface utilize the module.
Lithocrete, Inc.


Ceramic manufactures

A ceramic body prosthetic implant or prosthetic implant component of a magnesium oxide stabilized transformation toughened zirconia (mg-ttz) ceramic can be made by providing a bisqued initial green body of ceramic by providing a powdered ceramic material, which substantially is a monoclinic zirconia having magnesium oxide for a stabilizer, and, without employing a binder additional to the powdered ceramic to do so, compressing the material in its powder form through a cold isostatic press operation to form a raw, pressed initial green body, and then heating the raw, pressed initial green body to a bisque stage to provide the bisqued initial green body. Then, the following further steps are carried out: without embedding the bisqued initial green body of ceramic in an embedding mass, machining the bisqued initial green body to provide a machined, bisqued green ceramic body such that the machined, bisqued green ceramic body has a shape, which is a precursor shape essentially analogous to, being of the same proportions as, the shape of, but larger than, the ceramic portion of a fired predetermined finished ceramic body prosthetic implant or prosthetic implant component; and then firing the machined, bisqued green ceramic body to provide a fired mg-ttz ceramic body product, which is the same size and shape or essentially the same size and shape as the ceramic portion of the fired predetermined finished ceramic body prosthetic implant or prosthetic implant component..
Xylon, L.l.c.


System and providing individualized portable asset applications

In one aspect, a computer-implemented method for providing individualized portable asset applications may generally include providing access to a master geospatial asset and receiving a user input associated with generating a portable geospatial asset based on the master geospatial asset, wherein the portable geospatial asset corresponds to a data subset of the master geospatial asset. The method may also include generating the portable geospatial asset based on the user input and embedding the portable geospatial asset within an asset application, wherein the asset application includes computer-readable instructions for rendering the portable geospatial asset.
Google Inc.


Method and system for information exchange and processing

An system and method for processing and transferring documents of any protocol between nodes in a distributed system, the system including an apparatus having a computer processor, and one of an encoding module and a decoding module corresponding to a schema of a document to be processed by the apparatus. Each of the encoding and decoding modules having a unique identifier corresponding to the schema and any process associated with the schema, the encoding module being configured to encode the document including embedding the unique identifier into the document for processing via the apparatus.


Method and system for encrypting data

A method and system for encrypting data. Ciphertext is generated from plaintext by applying an initialization vector and an encryption key to the plaintext.
International Business Machines Corporation


Encoding and decoding of data

An apparatus run-length encodes data to obtain a sequence of records. The data are associate to grid points of a grid and the records are defined such that they allow embedding data associated to a same grid point and representing pieces of information of at least two different types in a same record.
Nokia Corporation


Led light system

A light system, wherein a first device that partly converts radiation of a first group is disposed in front of a portion of the first group, wherein the first device includes a phosphor-containing layer that converts a portion of primary radiation into secondary radiation having a longer wavelength, wherein the second group emits radiation having a greater wavelength than the first group, a second device that partly converts primary radiation of the first group, the second device being in front of a portion of the first group, wherein a converter exhibits a temperature dependence based on a different temperature dependence of the refractive index of a phosphor and a matrix embedding the phosphor, and the phosphor and matrix have at room temperature a difference in the refractive index is small and at operating temperature the difference in the refractive index is at least 1.5 times that at room temperature.. .
Osram Gmbh


Deep learning for semantic parsing including semantic utterance classification

One or more aspects of the subject disclosure are directed towards performing a semantic parsing task, such as classifying text corresponding to a spoken utterance into a class. Feature data representative of input data is provided to a semantic parsing mechanism that uses a deep model trained at least in part via unsupervised learning using unlabeled data.
Microsoft Corporation


Steganographic encoding and decoding

This patent document relates generally to steganography and digital watermarking. One claim recites an apparatus comprising: memory for storing data representing an image or video, in which the data comprises first data corresponding to first color data, second data corresponding to second color data and third data corresponding to third color data, the image or video to host auxiliary information; a processor programmed for: weighting the first data, the second data and the third data according to at least the following two factors: i) a color direction associated with an expected embedding direction; and ii) expected image capture or signal processing; and determining from weighted first data, weighted second data and weighted third data, changes in one or more image or video attribute(s), in which the auxiliary information is conveyed through the changes.
Digimarc Corporation


Method and system for providing support services using interactive media documents

According to one embodiment, in response to a user document received from a client, an interactive media document is fabricated based on the user document, including embedding one or more controls in the interactive media document and adding additional information in the interactive media document based on information obtained from a backend system of the client. The controls, when activated from the interactive media, transmit a request to the support center for obtaining support services.


Embedding information in an image for fast retrieval

A binary bit-string is encoded in a circular image. The circular image encodes substrings of the bit-string in sectors of the circular image and includes redundant bits, error correcting codes, and metadata pertaining to the encoding scheme.
Minkasu, Inc.


Social medical network for diagnosis assistance

A method for diagnosis assistance exploits similarity between a new medical case and existing medical cases and experts when embedded in a common embedding space. Different types of queries are provided for, including a query-by-cases and a query-by-experts.
Xerox Corporation


Systems and methods for embedding antenna array structures in an information handling system display

In accordance with embodiments of the present disclosure, an information handling system may include a processor, a user interface, and a flexible integrated circuit. The user interface may include a user interface comprising a display, a touch sensor overlaid on the display and configured to detect tactile touches on the user interface, a cover overlaid on the touch sensor, and an antenna array comprising a plurality of antennas.
Dell Products L.p.


Contour encryption and decryption

A method of encrypting information includes converting an information sequence represented as a strings of bits into a curvilinear coding system, where each element of the curvilinear coding system corresponds to a sub-sequence of successive same-valued bits, converting said curvilinear coding system into a at least one closed curve, and embedding said at least one closed curve in a 2-dimensional pattern. A method for decrypting information includes extracting at least one closed curve from a digitized 2-dimensional pattern, and converting the at least one closed curve into an information sequence represented as a string of bits..
Apdn (b.v.i.) Inc. (vg)


Multiple access spread spectrum switching methodology

A low-cost, low-power, low-complexity, small, high-reliability, robust, seamless satellite communication network is described. The network performs encoding of a user signal at the customer premises to enable routing of the user signal to an appropriate destination beam at the satellite requiring low power user signal processing.
At&t Intellectual Property Ii, L.p.


Thin section preparation device

A thin section preparation device includes: a cutting blade (21) which cuts out a thin section (m) from an embedding block (b); a storage tank (7) in which the thin section (m) is floated on a liquid (w) and is spread; a thin-section-conveying-mechanism (8) which conveys the thin section (m) in a direction intersecting in an x axis direction in a state where a first side of the thin section (m) is parallel with the x axis direction; a slide-glass-handling-mechanism (9) which places the thin section (m) floating in the storage tank (7) on a slide glass (g) in a state where a first side of the slide glass (g) is parallel with the x axis direction; and a rotary body (61) which is rotated in a state where the thin section (m) is placed on an outer surface and conveys the thin section (m) toward the slide-glass-handling-mechanism (9).. .
Sakura Finetek Japan Co., Ltd.


Method and system for electronically shaping detonated charges

A method of controlling the shape and direction of an explosion may include embedding a plurality of detonators in an explosive, and arranging the detonators in the explosive to produce a shaped explosion of the explosive in a pre-set direction and having a pre-set intensity when triggered in a selected sequence; sensing a direction of an incoming threat relative to a protected region, calculating an intercept vector for the incoming threat, and sending a signal in response thereto by a sensor; receiving information from the sensor pertaining to the intercept vector and determining a sequential firing pattern for the detonators in response to the information from the sensor by a firing sequence calculator connected to trigger the detonators; and activating the firing sequence calculator to trigger the detonators in the sequential firing pattern to generate a counteracting force substantially along the intercept vector.. .
The Boeing Company


Bumper component with embedded sensor

Exemplary methods of making a bumper component are disclosed, along with exemplary bumper assemblies and vehicles. An exemplary method may include providing a first mold portion defining at least in part a front surface, and positioning at least one sensor in the first mold portion.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Light-emitting module and shoe embedding the same

The present invention discloses a light-emitting module. The light-emitting module comprises a light-emitting unit set and a control module.


Circuit device and an object embedding the same

The present invention provides a circuit device for controlling a plurality of light-emitting devices disposed on an object to light in a sequence. The circuit device includes a motion actuated switch, a controller, and a battery.


Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device

A semiconductor device according to the present invention includes a first conductive-type semiconductor layer, a second conductive-type base region that is arranged in the front surface portion of the semiconductor layer, a plurality of trenches that extend from a front surface of the semiconductor layer beyond a bottom portion of the base region with an active region being defined therebetween, a plurality of first conductive-type emitter regions that are arranged in the active region, each connecting the trenches adjacent to each other, a gate electrode that is embedded in the trench, an embedding insulating film that is embedded in the trench on the gate electrode and that has an upper surface in the same height position as the front surface of the semiconductor layer or in a height position lower than the front surface and an emitter electrode that covers the active region and the embedding insulating film and that is electrically connected to the base region and the emitter region.. .


Systems and methods for creating application interfaces for forming and solving problems in a modeling system

An apparatus for generating an application data structure includes a physical computing system comprising processor(s), input device(s), display(s), and memor(ies). The memory includes executable instructions that cause a processor to perform the acts of embedding a multiphysics model data structure for a physical system in an application data structure.


Multimedia device and controlling a cursor thereof

A multimedia device and method of controlling a cursor thereof are disclosed, by which a frequency of the cursor can be increased without system extension. The present invention includes receiving a cursor display signal from an input device, generating a location information of a cursor and an image information of the cursor in accordance with the received cursor display signal, embedding the generated location information of the cursor in the video signal, and displaying the image information of the cursor based on the location information of the cursor embedded in the video signal..


Board connector

A connector mounted on a board. The connector includes one or more elements mounted on the board by means of a cured adhesive, which is at least partly present between the element and at least one anchoring element, e.g., the board -mounted element may include one or more holes filled, with the cured adhesive embedding one or more of the at least one anchoring elements.


Block storage device and automatic thin-cutting device

A block storage device includes: a magazine which accommodates embedding blocks to be inserted into or removed from the magazine in a state where the embedding blocks held in a cassette to which id data is attached are arranged vertically in one row; a magazine holding portion which detachably holds each of the magazines; and a reading portion which reads the id data. The magazine holding portion includes a rotary body which is rotatable around a rotation axis o, a holding mechanism which is multiply provided on a circumferential wall portion in the rotary body and detachably holds the magazines individually, and a rotation drive portion which positions one of the magazines at a block extraction position facing the reading portion by rotating the rotary body, and the magazine positioned at the block extraction position and the reading portion are movable relative to each other along the vertical direction..


Electronic key system

An electronic key system enabling to improve security against vehicle theft is provided. A smart ecu acquires encrypted data from an electronic key.


Embedded regulator for pneumatic nailer supplemental air tank

A pneumatic power system utilizing compressed air provided by a compressor is provided, including a supplemental air tank having an inlet port and defining an internal cavity, an embedding piece engaged in the inlet port, a regulator is connected to the embedding piece for fluid connection to the compressor, and the regulator being substantially enclosed within the cavity.. .


Sulfated alginate hydrogels for cell culture and therapy

The present invention relates to a method for providing an embedded mammalian cell, comprising the steps of providing an alginate sulfate in aqueous solution; reacting the alginate sulfate to form a hydrogel in a gelation step, providing a precursor cell, and embedding the precursor cell in the sulfated alginate hydrogel in an embedding step, thus yielding an sulfated alginate hydrogel embedded cell. The invention further relates to sulfated alginate hydrogels, and cellular grafts comprising a mammalian cell embedded in sulfated alginate hydrogel..


System and embedding dynamic marks into visual images in a detectable manner

Systems (100) and methods (500) for providing a dynamic mark (112, 900) with a video. The methods comprise: receiving a sequence of symbols (“1234”) uniquely identifying an entity and video; mapping each symbol to an image pattern of a plurality of different image patterns to form a sequence of first active image patterns (“faips”).


Methods and assisted radio access technology self-organizing network configuration

The present methods and apparatus relate to managing interference associated with a configuration of a self-organizing network (son) during wireless communication, comprising receiving, at a first radio access technology (rat) entity, measurement information from a user equipment (ue) for assisting with interference management at a second rat entity, wherein the first rat entity is collocated with the second rat entity; and configuring the second rat entity based at least in part on the measurement information received by the first rat entity. In a further aspect, the present methods and apparatus comprise embedding, by a first rat entity, rat entity-specific information of a second rat entity in a management indication, wherein the first rat entity and the second rat entity are collocated; and transmitting the management indication to one or both of a ue and another first rat entity..


Semiconductor assembly comprising chip arrays

A semiconductor assembly includes a frame having at least one opening, an identical number of electrically conductive first contact plates, and an identical number of chip arrays. Each chip array has a number of semiconductor chips that are cohesively connected to one another by an embedding compound.


Methods and apparatuses for robust watermarking in multimedia content

Methods and apparatuses for embedding watermark information into multimedia contents like audio, imagery or video, and for detection of such watermarks from embedded multimedia content. A two step embedding approach is proposed wherein the watermark bits are first used to construct a modulation signal.


System and embedding a physiological signal into a video

What is disclosed is a system and method for embedding a time-varying physiological signal corresponding to a physiological function of a subject into a video. In one embodiment, a video of a subject is received along with a time-varying signal corresponding to a physiological function of the subject.


Techniques for incorporating design elements in a fabric product

Techniques disclosed in application relates to incorporating design element during manufacturing stage of a fabric thereby enabling the design element to form hem of a finished fabric product such as bedding sheets, pillow cases, shams etc. A method comprising: constructing one or more jacquards at one or more positions on fabric manufacturing machine for controlling yarn.


Conveyor with improved cleaning capabilities

A conveyor with enhanced cleanability includes a belt for conveying objects above a floor and having a forward run and a return run. A conveyor bed for supporting the belt provides an upper support for supporting the forward run of the belt and a lower support for supporting a return run of the belt.


Differential transmission circuit, optical module and manufacturing differential transmission circuit

A differential transmission circuit includes: a dielectric layer for embedding a plurality of first strip conductor pairs arranged side by side in the same layer above a ground conductor layer, each of the plurality of first strip conductor pairs including a first right strip conductor and a first left strip conductor, the dielectric layer being formed from an upper side of the ground conductor layer up to a region above the plurality of first strip conductor pairs, the dielectric layer having a flat upper surface. A region between adjacent two of the plurality of first strip conductor pairs is embedded in the dielectric layer without arranging a conductor in the region..
Oclaro Japan, Inc.


Cic hearing aid seal and manufacturing the same

A method of manufacturing an acoustic seal for a cic hearing aid has the steps of: embedding sacrificial particles of 50 μm to 250 μm into a silicone rubber matrix, the concentration and size of the sacrificial particles being selected to achieve a porosity of at least 40%; molding the silicone rubber matrix using a mold and curing the silicone rubber matrix; removing the sacrificial particles from the silicone rubber matrix by leaching out the sacrificial particles in a solvent; and drying the silicone rubber matrix. The seal is to surround at least part of the hearing aid and by selection of the size and/or concentration and/or the distribution of the sacrificial particles, to provide for an acoustic attenuation of at least 20 db in a frequency range between 200 hz and 6 khz, with a compliance of at least 50 mm/n when the hearing aid is inserted into the ear canal..
Phonak Ag


Method for performing an encryption with look-up tables, and corresponding encryption apparatus and computer program product

An encryption method includes accessing a look-up table (lut) to implement countermeasures against side-channel attacks, such as embedding masks. The lut is initialized by writing initialization values in the lut by applying an address-mask to input data that identify a location of said lut and a data-mask to data to be stored at a location of the lut.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Calibration of monolithic crystal-based detectors

A calibration method for calibrating at least one gamma radiation detector includes a monolithic scintillation crystal. The calibration method comprises obtaining event data for a plurality of scintillation events.
Universiteit Gent


Cell analysis method

A cell analysis method is provided that comprises (a) removing embedding medium from a sample obtained from the tissue specimen which is aldehyde-fixed and embedded in the water-insoluble embedding medium, thereby obtaining the sample comprising the tissue from which the embedding medium is removed; (b) heating the sample obtained from step (a) in the presence of a divalent carboxylic acid compound to obtain a heat-treated sample comprising the tissue; (c) contacting the heat-treated sample from step (b) with an enzyme having a cell dispersion activity to separate the sample into individual cells, thereby obtaining the sample comprising the individual cells dispersed in a solvent; (d) subjecting the separated cells from step (c) to flow cytometry to obtain optical information; and (e) analyzing the cells based on the optical information obtained in the step (d).. .
Sysmex Corporation


Method for producing a component of a fibre-reinforced plastics material

A method for producing a component made of fiber-reinforced plastic includes comprises the steps of providing at least one insert part, placing the insert part in a mold and embedding the insert part using a matrix material and at least one fiber mat in the mold. The insert part is provided as a closed capsule..


Molding apparatus

An in-mold shutter for embedding in an injection mold is described herein. The in-mold shutter includes a shutter actuator that is configured to selectively engage a first mold shoe of the injection mold with a platen of a mold clamping assembly to hold the first mold shoe in an extended position, along a mold-stroke axis, during a step of molding a first molded article in the injection mold.
Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.


Epos printing

A script language compatible with html is used to define methods or objects capable of communicating directly with an intelligent module for printing operations without going through a web browser's print selection option. A print api library provides the needed methods/objects for embedding into a web page.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Method, light module and receiving unit for light coding

A method for embedding data in light, wherein the method comprises the step of operating at least two light sources (a, b) arranged to emit light (101) having color coordinates (x, y) and luminous intensity (y), wherein each light source is arranged to emit light (101a, 101b) which is distinguishable from the light of at least one other light source, and embedding data in the light emitted from the at least two light sources. The method further comprises the step of operating the at least two light sources such that the color coordinates of the light emitted from the at least two light sources are maintained over time within a first, bounded interval (115), and the luminous intensity of the light emitted from the at least two light sources is maintained over time within a second, bounded interval (116)..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Embedded permanent magnet type rotating electric machine

An embedded permanent magnet type motor, which has one pole configured of two permanent magnets and has a plurality of poles of permanent magnets embedded in a rotor, includes a rotor whose magnet embedding holes communicate with a rotor outer periphery. The rotor has between adjacent poles a q-axis projection projecting in a direction away from a rotor rotation center.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, electronic device and vehicle

A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, includes forming a recess over a surface of an n-type semiconductor substrate, forming a gate insulation film over an inner wall and a bottom face of the recess, embedding a gate electrode into the recess, forming a p-type base layer in a surface layer of the semiconductor substrate so as to be shallower than the recess, and forming an n-type source layer in the p-type base layer so as to be shallower than the p-type base layer. An impurity profile of the p-type base layer in a thickness direction includes a first peak, a second peak being located closer to a bottom face side of the semiconductor substrate than the first peak and being higher than the first peak, and a third peak located between the first peak and the second peak by implanting impurity ions three times or more at ion implantation energies different from each other in the forming of the p-type base layer..
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Automatic thin section sample preparation device

An automatic thin section sample preparation device includes: a reading portion which reads the id data; a first imaging portion which images a surface image of an embedding block; a sample preparation mechanism which prepares a thin section by thinly cutting the embedding block, fixes the thin section to a substrate, and prepares a thin section sample; a second imaging portion which images a thin section image of the thin section in the thin section sample; a recording portion which records individual data on the substrate in the thin section sample; and a control portion. The control portion includes a determination portion which determines whether or not the thin section is prepared from an original embedding block by collating the surface image and the thin section image, and a storage portion which stores the determination result from the determination portion in association with the id data, as the individual data..
Sakura Finetek Japan Co., Ltd.


Watercraft anchoring system

A watercraft anchoring system is a system for anchoring and preventing the drifting and movement of a small to medium-sized watercraft in a body of water. The system includes an anchor pole with an auger drill bit and a seabed-penetrating tip for embedding into the bed of the body of water.


Methods for embedding an out-of-band signal into a usb capture stream

One or more out-of-band input signals (gpio) are handled and efficiently embedded into a usb capture stream. In order to conserve resources, the state of the input signals can be sent only when a change occurs.
Total Phase, Inc.


Si recess method in hkmg replacement gate technology

The present disclosure relates to a method of embedding an esf3 memory in a hkmg integrated circuit that utilizes a replacement gate technology. The esf3 memory is formed over a recessed substrate which prevents damage of the memory control gates during the cmp process performed on the ild layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Substrate bonding with diffusion barrier structures

A metallic dopant element having a greater oxygen-affinity than copper is introduced into, and/or over, surface portions of copper-based metal pads and/or surfaces of a dielectric material layer embedding the copper-based metal pads in each of two substrates to be subsequently bonded. A dopant-metal silicate layer may be formed at the interface between the two substrates to contact portions of metal pads not in contact with a surface of another metal pad, thereby functioning as an oxygen barrier layer, and optionally as an adhesion material layer.
International Business Machines Corporation


Automatically instantiating an organizational workflow across different geographical locations

Disclosed is a novel system and method for continual simulation of the optimal deployment of selecting one or more geographic locations for production of a good or service. Synthetic nodes and hypothetical configurations may be introduced into the mapping, or existing nodes removed, and the estimated communication, and thus performance, cost of these changes automatically and continuously calculated.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method for manufacturing semiconductor optical waveguide device, and semiconductor optical waveguide device

A method for manufacturing a semiconductor optical waveguide device includes the steps of forming a waveguide mesa having first and second portions by etching a stacked semiconductor layer through a first mask; forming a dummy buried region embedding a top surface and side surfaces of the waveguide mesa; forming a second mask on the dummy buried region, the second mask having an opening on the first portion and having a pattern on the second portion; forming a third mask having an opening that reaches a top surface of the first portion, the third mask including a dummy buried mask formed by etching the dummy buried region through the second mask; forming an upper mesa by etching the waveguide mesa through the third mask; and after removing the third mask, forming a lower mesa by etching the stacked semiconductor layer, the lower mesa having a greater width than that of the upper mesa.. .
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Electronic component built-in multi-layer wiring board and manufacturing the same

An electronic component built-in multi-layer wiring board that is configured by collectively stacking a plurality of printed wiring boards therein by thermal compression bonding and that has a plurality of electronic components built in thereto, wherein the electronic components include a first electronic component and a second electronic component having a thickness which is greater than that of the first electronic component, the first electronic component is built in to an embedding-dedicated board set to a thickness which is 80% to 125% of the thickness of the second electronic component, and the embedding-dedicated board and the second electronic component are then mounted on the printed wiring board and thereby built in to the electronic component built-in multi-layer wiring board, and the embedding-dedicated board is formed by an identical material to that of the printed wiring board.. .
Fujikura Ltd.


Asymmetric wireless system

A method and apparatus is disclosed herein for sensor node and access point communication. In one embodiment, the method comprises embedding, by a sensor node, data from one or more sensor readings in a field of a first message, the field being designated as part of a standardized protocol to send information other than the data sensor readings; determining without the use of a receiver, by the sensor node, whether a wireless communication channel is at a predetermined quality level to send the first message; and broadcasting the first message wirelessly to a component according to the standardized protocol..


Semiconductor device, and manufacturing same

This method for manufacturing a semiconductor device comprises: a step for forming a first groove (51) that extends in a prescribed direction in a first insulating layer (25) on a semiconductor substrate (1); a step for forming an electrically conductive embedded layer (127) in the first groove; a step for forming a first and second plug (27b, 27c) by dividing the embedded layer in a prescribed direction; a step for forming a first conductive film (55), having lower resistance than the embedded layer, on the exposed side surfaces of the first and second plugs; a step for embedding a second insulating layer (29) in a second groove that is located between the first conductive films of the first and second plugs; and a step for forming a second conductive film (37), having lower resistance than the embedded layer, on the exposed top surfaces of the first and second plugs.. .


Ultra-thin embedded semiconductor device package and manufacturing thereof

A package structure includes a first dielectric layer, semiconductor device(s) attached to the first dielectric layer, and an embedding material applied to the first dielectric layer so as to embed the semiconductor device therein, the embedding material comprising one or more additional dielectric layers. Vias are formed through the first dielectric layer to the at least one semiconductor device, with metal interconnects formed in the vias to form electrical interconnections to the semiconductor device.
General Electric Company


Embedded die flip-chip package assembly

Embodiments of the present disclosure describe integrated circuit (ic) package assemblies and methods of fabricating ic package assemblies. These embodiments include dies embedded in embedding substrates to provide larger pitch interconnects to facilitate coupling to substrates or circuit boards through flip chip techniques.


Method of manufacturing a wind turbine blade by embedding a layer of pre-cured fibre reinforced resin

The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a wind turbine blade or a part of a wind turbine blade. The method comprises arranging at least one of layer of uncured resin pre-impregnated fibres, called prepregs, and at least one layer of cured fibre reinforced resin in an at least partly overlaying relationship, and curing the resin of the at least one layer comprising uncured resin.
Vestas Wind Systems A/s


Automated below ground cable installation within a select fill

The cable embedding device is used to install a cable, such as a copper cable, together with filler material within a void trenched into the surrounding land area. The cable embedding device has a hopper, and a chute extending from a lower end of the hopper.
Quanta Associates, Lp


System and extracting triggered data from a variable data string and embedding the triggered data into a secure barcode

A system and method for securing a data stream containing data to be embedded in a bar code. The system comprising a printer, having a nontransitory storage medium, configured to: receive a data stream from a host computer, the data stream having at least one trigger identifying at least one portion of data to be embedded in a bar code; identify each trigger in the received data stream; extract each data portion identified by the trigger; and print a secured bar code embedded with the extracted data portions..
Ctpg Operating, Llc


High-temperature-resistant metal-packaged fiber bragg grating sensor and manufacturing method therefor

A manufacturing method for a high-temperature-resistant metal-packaged fiber bragg grating sensor includes using a regenerated fiber bragg grating obtained via high-temperature annealing as a sensitive element so that the grating will not be erased when used at high temperature. The method also includes using a magnetron sputtering method which makes an optical fiber and metal combine better to form on the surface of the optical fiber an adhesive layer and a conductive layer, thereby causing little damage to optical fiber because of the absence of the processes of coarsening, sensitization, etc.
East China University Of Science And Technology


Method and device for manufacturing of a fibre-reinforced polymer composition

The present invention is directed to a method of manufacturing a fibre-reinforced polymer composition comprising the steps of providing at least one multifilament strand comprising a plurality of continuous fibre filaments (5), applying an impregnating agent (10) to said strand to form an impregnated continuous multifilament strand, and embedding the impregnated continuous multifilament strand in a thermoplastic polymer material (3) for providing said fibre reinforced polymer composition, wherein said impregnating agent has a low viscosity at application temperature and is applied by jetting said impregnating agent onto the at least one continuous multifilament strand. The invention is further directed to a device (20) for use in such a method..
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation


Molded leadframe for pcb-to-pcb connection

A method for making a leadframe includes removing a group of parallel, strip-shaped electrical conductors from a metal sheet, embedding end portions of the conductors in molding compound defining a leadframe body, and separating the conductors from each other, such that portions of the conductors remain encapsulated in the molding compound while other portions remain exterior to the molding compound and define leads of the resulting leadframe.. .
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd


Assessment of camera phone distortion for digital watermarking

The present disclosure relates generally to cell phones and cameras, and to digital watermarking involving such cell phones and cameras. One claim recites a method comprising: measuring distortion introduced by a cell phone camera; using a programmed electronic processor, quantifying the distortion; and providing quantified distortion as feedback to adjust a digital watermark embedding process in view of the distortion introduced by the cell phone camera.
Digimarc Corporation


Embedding and decoding three-dimensional watermarks into stereoscopic images

Disclosed inventions relates to methods and systems for encoding at least one watermark into a stereoscopic conjugate pair of images. An example method comprises the step of encoding the at least one watermark by shifting selected pixels of said pair of images in one or more directions.
Virginia Venture Industries, Llc


System for referring to and/or embedding posts within other post and posts within any part of another post

A computer implemented system and method uses real time interaction of information relating to digital media, people, communities, organizations and things. A database stores a plurality of digital media items each having associated data relating to features of the item.
Pixured, Inc.

Embedding topics: Electronic Device, Photovoltaic Module, Semiconductor, Semiconductor Material, Scheduling, 3d Display, Video Camera, Reproduction, Image Capture, Cell Phone, Liquid Crystal Display, Liquid Crystal, Smart Phone, Longitudinal Direction, Impact Strength

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