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Cic hearing aid seal and method of manufacturing the same

Phonak Ag

Cic hearing aid seal and method of manufacturing the same

Method for performing an encryption with look-up tables, and corresponding encryption apparatus and computer program…

Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

Method for performing an encryption with look-up tables, and corresponding encryption apparatus and computer program…

Method for performing an encryption with look-up tables, and corresponding encryption apparatus and computer program…

Universiteit Gent

Calibration of monolithic crystal-based detectors

Date/App# patent app List of recent Embedding-related patents
 Differential transmission circuit, optical module and manufacturing  differential transmission circuit patent thumbnailDifferential transmission circuit, optical module and manufacturing differential transmission circuit
A differential transmission circuit includes: a dielectric layer for embedding a plurality of first strip conductor pairs arranged side by side in the same layer above a ground conductor layer, each of the plurality of first strip conductor pairs including a first right strip conductor and a first left strip conductor, the dielectric layer being formed from an upper side of the ground conductor layer up to a region above the plurality of first strip conductor pairs, the dielectric layer having a flat upper surface. A region between adjacent two of the plurality of first strip conductor pairs is embedded in the dielectric layer without arranging a conductor in the region..
Oclaro Japan, Inc.

 Cic hearing aid seal and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailCic hearing aid seal and manufacturing the same
A method of manufacturing an acoustic seal for a cic hearing aid has the steps of: embedding sacrificial particles of 50 μm to 250 μm into a silicone rubber matrix, the concentration and size of the sacrificial particles being selected to achieve a porosity of at least 40%; molding the silicone rubber matrix using a mold and curing the silicone rubber matrix; removing the sacrificial particles from the silicone rubber matrix by leaching out the sacrificial particles in a solvent; and drying the silicone rubber matrix. The seal is to surround at least part of the hearing aid and by selection of the size and/or concentration and/or the distribution of the sacrificial particles, to provide for an acoustic attenuation of at least 20 db in a frequency range between 200 hz and 6 khz, with a compliance of at least 50 mm/n when the hearing aid is inserted into the ear canal..
Phonak Ag

 Method for performing an encryption with look-up tables, and corresponding encryption apparatus and computer program product patent thumbnailMethod for performing an encryption with look-up tables, and corresponding encryption apparatus and computer program product
An encryption method includes accessing a look-up table (lut) to implement countermeasures against side-channel attacks, such as embedding masks. The lut is initialized by writing initialization values in the lut by applying an address-mask to input data that identify a location of said lut and a data-mask to data to be stored at a location of the lut.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

 Calibration of monolithic crystal-based detectors patent thumbnailCalibration of monolithic crystal-based detectors
A calibration method for calibrating at least one gamma radiation detector includes a monolithic scintillation crystal. The calibration method comprises obtaining event data for a plurality of scintillation events.
Universiteit Gent

 Cell analysis method patent thumbnailCell analysis method
A cell analysis method is provided that comprises (a) removing embedding medium from a sample obtained from the tissue specimen which is aldehyde-fixed and embedded in the water-insoluble embedding medium, thereby obtaining the sample comprising the tissue from which the embedding medium is removed; (b) heating the sample obtained from step (a) in the presence of a divalent carboxylic acid compound to obtain a heat-treated sample comprising the tissue; (c) contacting the heat-treated sample from step (b) with an enzyme having a cell dispersion activity to separate the sample into individual cells, thereby obtaining the sample comprising the individual cells dispersed in a solvent; (d) subjecting the separated cells from step (c) to flow cytometry to obtain optical information; and (e) analyzing the cells based on the optical information obtained in the step (d).. .
Sysmex Corporation

 Method for producing a component of a fibre-reinforced plastics material patent thumbnailMethod for producing a component of a fibre-reinforced plastics material
A method for producing a component made of fiber-reinforced plastic includes comprises the steps of providing at least one insert part, placing the insert part in a mold and embedding the insert part using a matrix material and at least one fiber mat in the mold. The insert part is provided as a closed capsule..

 Molding apparatus patent thumbnailMolding apparatus
An in-mold shutter for embedding in an injection mold is described herein. The in-mold shutter includes a shutter actuator that is configured to selectively engage a first mold shoe of the injection mold with a platen of a mold clamping assembly to hold the first mold shoe in an extended position, along a mold-stroke axis, during a step of molding a first molded article in the injection mold.
Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.

 Epos printing patent thumbnailEpos printing
A script language compatible with html is used to define methods or objects capable of communicating directly with an intelligent module for printing operations without going through a web browser's print selection option. A print api library provides the needed methods/objects for embedding into a web page.
Seiko Epson Corporation

 Method, light module and receiving unit for light coding patent thumbnailMethod, light module and receiving unit for light coding
A method for embedding data in light, wherein the method comprises the step of operating at least two light sources (a, b) arranged to emit light (101) having color coordinates (x, y) and luminous intensity (y), wherein each light source is arranged to emit light (101a, 101b) which is distinguishable from the light of at least one other light source, and embedding data in the light emitted from the at least two light sources. The method further comprises the step of operating the at least two light sources such that the color coordinates of the light emitted from the at least two light sources are maintained over time within a first, bounded interval (115), and the luminous intensity of the light emitted from the at least two light sources is maintained over time within a second, bounded interval (116)..
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

 Embedded permanent magnet type rotating electric machine patent thumbnailEmbedded permanent magnet type rotating electric machine
An embedded permanent magnet type motor, which has one pole configured of two permanent magnets and has a plurality of poles of permanent magnets embedded in a rotor, includes a rotor whose magnet embedding holes communicate with a rotor outer periphery. The rotor has between adjacent poles a q-axis projection projecting in a direction away from a rotor rotation center.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, electronic device and vehicle

A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device, includes forming a recess over a surface of an n-type semiconductor substrate, forming a gate insulation film over an inner wall and a bottom face of the recess, embedding a gate electrode into the recess, forming a p-type base layer in a surface layer of the semiconductor substrate so as to be shallower than the recess, and forming an n-type source layer in the p-type base layer so as to be shallower than the p-type base layer. An impurity profile of the p-type base layer in a thickness direction includes a first peak, a second peak being located closer to a bottom face side of the semiconductor substrate than the first peak and being higher than the first peak, and a third peak located between the first peak and the second peak by implanting impurity ions three times or more at ion implantation energies different from each other in the forming of the p-type base layer..
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Automatic thin section sample preparation device

An automatic thin section sample preparation device includes: a reading portion which reads the id data; a first imaging portion which images a surface image of an embedding block; a sample preparation mechanism which prepares a thin section by thinly cutting the embedding block, fixes the thin section to a substrate, and prepares a thin section sample; a second imaging portion which images a thin section image of the thin section in the thin section sample; a recording portion which records individual data on the substrate in the thin section sample; and a control portion. The control portion includes a determination portion which determines whether or not the thin section is prepared from an original embedding block by collating the surface image and the thin section image, and a storage portion which stores the determination result from the determination portion in association with the id data, as the individual data..
Sakura Finetek Japan Co., Ltd.


Watercraft anchoring system

A watercraft anchoring system is a system for anchoring and preventing the drifting and movement of a small to medium-sized watercraft in a body of water. The system includes an anchor pole with an auger drill bit and a seabed-penetrating tip for embedding into the bed of the body of water.


Methods for embedding an out-of-band signal into a usb capture stream

One or more out-of-band input signals (gpio) are handled and efficiently embedded into a usb capture stream. In order to conserve resources, the state of the input signals can be sent only when a change occurs.
Total Phase, Inc.


Si recess method in hkmg replacement gate technology

The present disclosure relates to a method of embedding an esf3 memory in a hkmg integrated circuit that utilizes a replacement gate technology. The esf3 memory is formed over a recessed substrate which prevents damage of the memory control gates during the cmp process performed on the ild layer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Substrate bonding with diffusion barrier structures

A metallic dopant element having a greater oxygen-affinity than copper is introduced into, and/or over, surface portions of copper-based metal pads and/or surfaces of a dielectric material layer embedding the copper-based metal pads in each of two substrates to be subsequently bonded. A dopant-metal silicate layer may be formed at the interface between the two substrates to contact portions of metal pads not in contact with a surface of another metal pad, thereby functioning as an oxygen barrier layer, and optionally as an adhesion material layer.
International Business Machines Corporation


Automatically instantiating an organizational workflow across different geographical locations

Disclosed is a novel system and method for continual simulation of the optimal deployment of selecting one or more geographic locations for production of a good or service. Synthetic nodes and hypothetical configurations may be introduced into the mapping, or existing nodes removed, and the estimated communication, and thus performance, cost of these changes automatically and continuously calculated.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method for manufacturing semiconductor optical waveguide device, and semiconductor optical waveguide device

A method for manufacturing a semiconductor optical waveguide device includes the steps of forming a waveguide mesa having first and second portions by etching a stacked semiconductor layer through a first mask; forming a dummy buried region embedding a top surface and side surfaces of the waveguide mesa; forming a second mask on the dummy buried region, the second mask having an opening on the first portion and having a pattern on the second portion; forming a third mask having an opening that reaches a top surface of the first portion, the third mask including a dummy buried mask formed by etching the dummy buried region through the second mask; forming an upper mesa by etching the waveguide mesa through the third mask; and after removing the third mask, forming a lower mesa by etching the stacked semiconductor layer, the lower mesa having a greater width than that of the upper mesa.. .
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Electronic component built-in multi-layer wiring board and manufacturing the same

An electronic component built-in multi-layer wiring board that is configured by collectively stacking a plurality of printed wiring boards therein by thermal compression bonding and that has a plurality of electronic components built in thereto, wherein the electronic components include a first electronic component and a second electronic component having a thickness which is greater than that of the first electronic component, the first electronic component is built in to an embedding-dedicated board set to a thickness which is 80% to 125% of the thickness of the second electronic component, and the embedding-dedicated board and the second electronic component are then mounted on the printed wiring board and thereby built in to the electronic component built-in multi-layer wiring board, and the embedding-dedicated board is formed by an identical material to that of the printed wiring board.. .
Fujikura Ltd.


Asymmetric wireless system

A method and apparatus is disclosed herein for sensor node and access point communication. In one embodiment, the method comprises embedding, by a sensor node, data from one or more sensor readings in a field of a first message, the field being designated as part of a standardized protocol to send information other than the data sensor readings; determining without the use of a receiver, by the sensor node, whether a wireless communication channel is at a predetermined quality level to send the first message; and broadcasting the first message wirelessly to a component according to the standardized protocol..


Semiconductor device, and manufacturing same

This method for manufacturing a semiconductor device comprises: a step for forming a first groove (51) that extends in a prescribed direction in a first insulating layer (25) on a semiconductor substrate (1); a step for forming an electrically conductive embedded layer (127) in the first groove; a step for forming a first and second plug (27b, 27c) by dividing the embedded layer in a prescribed direction; a step for forming a first conductive film (55), having lower resistance than the embedded layer, on the exposed side surfaces of the first and second plugs; a step for embedding a second insulating layer (29) in a second groove that is located between the first conductive films of the first and second plugs; and a step for forming a second conductive film (37), having lower resistance than the embedded layer, on the exposed top surfaces of the first and second plugs.. .


Ultra-thin embedded semiconductor device package and manufacturing thereof

A package structure includes a first dielectric layer, semiconductor device(s) attached to the first dielectric layer, and an embedding material applied to the first dielectric layer so as to embed the semiconductor device therein, the embedding material comprising one or more additional dielectric layers. Vias are formed through the first dielectric layer to the at least one semiconductor device, with metal interconnects formed in the vias to form electrical interconnections to the semiconductor device.
General Electric Company


Embedded die flip-chip package assembly

Embodiments of the present disclosure describe integrated circuit (ic) package assemblies and methods of fabricating ic package assemblies. These embodiments include dies embedded in embedding substrates to provide larger pitch interconnects to facilitate coupling to substrates or circuit boards through flip chip techniques.


Method of manufacturing a wind turbine blade by embedding a layer of pre-cured fibre reinforced resin

The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a wind turbine blade or a part of a wind turbine blade. The method comprises arranging at least one of layer of uncured resin pre-impregnated fibres, called prepregs, and at least one layer of cured fibre reinforced resin in an at least partly overlaying relationship, and curing the resin of the at least one layer comprising uncured resin.
Vestas Wind Systems A/s


Automated below ground cable installation within a select fill

The cable embedding device is used to install a cable, such as a copper cable, together with filler material within a void trenched into the surrounding land area. The cable embedding device has a hopper, and a chute extending from a lower end of the hopper.
Quanta Associates, Lp


System and extracting triggered data from a variable data string and embedding the triggered data into a secure barcode

A system and method for securing a data stream containing data to be embedded in a bar code. The system comprising a printer, having a nontransitory storage medium, configured to: receive a data stream from a host computer, the data stream having at least one trigger identifying at least one portion of data to be embedded in a bar code; identify each trigger in the received data stream; extract each data portion identified by the trigger; and print a secured bar code embedded with the extracted data portions..
Ctpg Operating, Llc


High-temperature-resistant metal-packaged fiber bragg grating sensor and manufacturing method therefor

A manufacturing method for a high-temperature-resistant metal-packaged fiber bragg grating sensor includes using a regenerated fiber bragg grating obtained via high-temperature annealing as a sensitive element so that the grating will not be erased when used at high temperature. The method also includes using a magnetron sputtering method which makes an optical fiber and metal combine better to form on the surface of the optical fiber an adhesive layer and a conductive layer, thereby causing little damage to optical fiber because of the absence of the processes of coarsening, sensitization, etc.
East China University Of Science And Technology


Method and device for manufacturing of a fibre-reinforced polymer composition

The present invention is directed to a method of manufacturing a fibre-reinforced polymer composition comprising the steps of providing at least one multifilament strand comprising a plurality of continuous fibre filaments (5), applying an impregnating agent (10) to said strand to form an impregnated continuous multifilament strand, and embedding the impregnated continuous multifilament strand in a thermoplastic polymer material (3) for providing said fibre reinforced polymer composition, wherein said impregnating agent has a low viscosity at application temperature and is applied by jetting said impregnating agent onto the at least one continuous multifilament strand. The invention is further directed to a device (20) for use in such a method..
Saudi Basic Industries Corporation


Molded leadframe for pcb-to-pcb connection

A method for making a leadframe includes removing a group of parallel, strip-shaped electrical conductors from a metal sheet, embedding end portions of the conductors in molding compound defining a leadframe body, and separating the conductors from each other, such that portions of the conductors remain encapsulated in the molding compound while other portions remain exterior to the molding compound and define leads of the resulting leadframe.. .
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd


Assessment of camera phone distortion for digital watermarking

The present disclosure relates generally to cell phones and cameras, and to digital watermarking involving such cell phones and cameras. One claim recites a method comprising: measuring distortion introduced by a cell phone camera; using a programmed electronic processor, quantifying the distortion; and providing quantified distortion as feedback to adjust a digital watermark embedding process in view of the distortion introduced by the cell phone camera.
Digimarc Corporation


Embedding and decoding three-dimensional watermarks into stereoscopic images

Disclosed inventions relates to methods and systems for encoding at least one watermark into a stereoscopic conjugate pair of images. An example method comprises the step of encoding the at least one watermark by shifting selected pixels of said pair of images in one or more directions.
Virginia Venture Industries, Llc


System for referring to and/or embedding posts within other post and posts within any part of another post

A computer implemented system and method uses real time interaction of information relating to digital media, people, communities, organizations and things. A database stores a plurality of digital media items each having associated data relating to features of the item.
Pixured, Inc.


Fire and smoke suppressing surface for substrates

This invention relates generally to fabrics, films, sheets and other supporting media that contain and transport fire retarding materials. These transport media deliver fire retarding and smoke suppressing constituents to the surface of fiber reinforced polymer (frp) composite substrates during a manufacturing process.
Avtec Industries, Inc.


Attaching structure of insert member to blow molded article

An attaching structure for attaching an insert member to an outer wall of a blow molded article by embedding the insert member therein, which is readily produced and exhibits a great holding strength against the insert member. In an attaching structure of an insert member for attaching the insert member to an outer wall of a blow molded article by embedding at least one part of the insert member therein, the insert member includes a cylinder part adapted to penetrate the outer wall of the blow molded article, and a flange part protruding from an exterior surface of the cylinder part in a width direction thereof.
Fts Co., Ltd.


3d video representation using information embedding

Layered depth image (ldi) and other more complicated 3d formats contain color, depth, and/or alpha channel information for visible pixels (base layer) and occluded pixels (occluded layers) of 3d video data. The present principles form 2d+depth/2d+delta representation using the information for the visible pixels, and embed the information for the occluded pixels into the 2d+depth/2d+delta content.
Thomlson Licensing


Creation, sharing and embedding of interactive charts

Systems and methods for generating and sharing interactive charts are described. The interactive charts are generated in an online portal that allows users to customize the interactive features of the chart.
Icharts. Inc.


Method for securely configuring customer premise equipment

A method for securely configuring a customer premise equipment in a network. The network including a configuration server, a dhcp server, and the customer premise equipment.
Ciena Corporation


Solar cell and fabricating same

A solar cell device and a method of fabricating the device is described. The solar cell is fabricated by providing a substrate, depositing a back contact over the substrate, depositing an absorber over the back contact, depositing a front contact over the absorber, and embedding a highly thermally conductive material within the solar cell.
Tsmc Solar Ltd.


Semiconductor device

A semiconductor device is provided in which reliability of the semiconductor device is improved by improving an em characteristic, a tddb characteristic, and a withstand voltage characteristic of the semiconductor device. An average diameter of first vacancies in a lower insulating layer which configures an interlayer insulating film of a porous low-k film for embedding a wiring therein, is made smaller than an average diameter of second vacancies in an upper insulating layer, and thereby an elastic modulus is increased in the lower insulating layer.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Embedding digital content within a digital photograph during capture of the digital photograph

A wireless communication device comprises position determining system, a digital imaging system and a photograph customization system coupled to the position locating system and the digital imaging system. The position determining system is configured to provide information indicating a current position of the wireless communication device.
Pixmarx The Spot, Llc


Engagement tool for a website

A method of collecting and analyzing data over a network is disclosed which for embedding in webpages and which collects feedback from a plurality of users, and processes the feedback to detect sentiment, which may be presented in a chart. Processing may comprise parsing the feedback, breaking it down into parts, labelling the parts and assigning a numerical value depending on sentiment.
Sentiment 360 Ltd.


Systems and methods for dynamically embedding a creative data file within a web page

A system and method of advertising for determining a network location associated with a physical location. In one aspect, a system for performing this function is described which includes an advertiser module for accepting advertisements and a targeting criterion and computing a plurality of restricted identifiers satisfying the targeting criterion, an association module for receiving the plurality of restricted identifiers, associating the plurality of restricted identifiers with a plurality of non-restricted identifiers, and an intermediate module for associating the advertisement identifier with the plurality of non-restricted identifiers..
Audience Partners, Llc


Thread optimized multiprocessor architecture

In one aspect, the invention comprises a thread optimized multiprocessor prepared by a semiconductor manufacturing process, comprising the steps of: (a) interconnecting less than 4 layers of metal on at least one die; (b) embedding at least one processor in said at least one die; and (c) mounting said at least one die on a dual inline memory module.. .


Epos printing

A script language compatible with html is used to define methods or objects capable of communicating directly with an intelligent module for printing operations without going through a web browser's print selection option. A print api library provides the needed methods/objects for embedding into a web page.
Seiko Epson Corporation


Battery module and the production thereof

A method for producing a battery module having a plurality of individual electrochemical cells, includes the following steps:—arranging cell cans;—embedding the cell cans in a metal foam; and—inserting cell coils into the cell cans. The metal foam is used hereby as common negative pole or positive pole of the single cells..
Audi Ag


Semiconductor device manufacturing method, and photoelectric conversion device

A semiconductor device manufacturing method includes a step of forming a hole reaching a first insulating layer over a first conductive member; a step of forming a trench reaching a second insulating layer and in communication with the hole; a step of forming an opening exposing the first conductive member in the hole; and a step of forming a second conductive member connected to the first conductive member by embedding a conductive material in the opening, the hole, and the trench. The trench is formed under an etching condition such that the etching rate with respect to the second insulating layer is lower than the etching rate with respect to the third insulating layer..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Semiconductor device and embedding thermally conductive layer in interconnect structure for heat dissipation

A semiconductor device has a first thermally conductive layer formed over a first surface of a semiconductor die. A second surface of the semiconductor die is mounted to a sacrificial carrier.
Stats Chippac, Ltd.


Methods for embedding and extracting a watermark in a text document and devices thereof

Method, apparatus and non-transitory computer readable medium for embedding and extracting a watermark in a text document using digital watermarking processes is disclosed. When the text document is watermarked, the following steps are performed.
Infosys Limited


Methods and arrangements for smartphone payments and transactions

The disclosure relates to digital signal processing such as digital watermarking, and the utilization of portable devices for such signal processing. One claim recites a portable device comprising a touch screen display; memory for storing a payload, and for storing portions of imagery; means for processing the payload with an erasure code generator, in which the erasure code generator produces a plurality of outputs corresponding to the payload; means for embedding a first of the plurality of outputs in a first portion of the imagery and proceeding with embedding until each of the plurality of outputs is embedded in portions of the imagery; and means for causing the touch screen display to display embedded portions of imagery so that a digital watermark reader analyzing captured image data representing the touch screen display can recover the payload.
Digimarc Corporation


Methods and arrangements for smartphone payments and transactions

The disclosure relates to a smartphone-based virtual wallet, that manages payment options available to a user. One claim recites a portable device comprising: a touch screen display; a microphone for capturing ambient audio; memory for storing an image; and one or more processors.
Digimarc Corporation


Method and system for providing an interactive user guide on a webpage

A method and system for providing an interactive user guide on a webpage includes extracting attributes of one or more elements in a webpage. Further, the method includes enabling a user to define steps for the one or more elements in the webpage.
Quicko Technosoft Labs Private Limited


Flame-retardant optical cable for air-blown installation

An optical cable has a cable core including at least one tube loosely accommodating optical fibers, the at least one tube being accommodated within a jacket embedding at least two strength members, the cable core and the jacket comprising combustible material. A ratio of core combustible material/jacket combustible material is lower than 60 vol %.
Prysmian S.p.a.


Hybrid noise-insulating structures and applications thereof

The invention relates to structures that are made of hard materials, similar to a skeleton, which are embedded in softer materials (e.g., elastomer). Not only can the sound transmission be greatly limited thereby, but also other functional advantages can be achieved thereby, such as the reduction of the number of parts, because formations can be produced from the embedding material, such as seals, cable passages, membranes, and elastic suspension elements, etc.


Method and embedding a 2-dimensional image in a 3-dimensional model

A computer implemented method and apparatus for embedding a 2d image in a 3d model. The method comprises generating a 3-dimensional (3d) print matrix representing a 2-dimensional (2d) image, wherein the print matrix comprises a plurality of sub-regions, the base plane of each sub-region angled with respect to a top surface of the print matrix so as to produce a plurality of shades, each shade representing a shade of the 2d image; and embedding the print matrix in a (3d) model..
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Manufacturing component incorporated substrate and component incorporated substrate manufactured using the method

A manufacturing method for a component incorporated substrate according to the present invention includes positioning an electronic component with reference to a mark formed on a copper layer, the mark consisting of a material less easily etched than copper by a copper etching agent used for etching of copper, after mounting the electronic component on the copper layer with an adhesive layer-interposed therebetween, embedding the electronic component and the mark in an insulating substrate, thereafter, etching and removing a part of the copper layer to form a window for exposing the mark, forming an lvh reaching a terminal of the electronic component with reference to the exposed mark, electrically connecting the terminal and the copper layer via a conduction via formed by applying copper plating to the lvh, and, thereafter, forming the copper layer into a wiring pattern.. .
C/o Meiko Electronics Co., Ltd.


Methods and message prioritization and gps mapping during instant messaging sessions.

An enhancement to allow additional instant messaging functionality based on a set of instant message capable devices. Devices are set up to identify their contacts and the functionality they will receive.


Wafer based beol process for chip embedding

In various embodiments a semiconductor device is provided, including a semiconductor body including a drift region and a gate electrode arranged adjacent to the drift region; and a contact structure provided over the drift region of the semiconductor body and having a first metal layer, an adhesion layer over the first metal layer and a second metal layer over the adhesion layer.. .
Infineon Technologies Ag


Semiconductor device including independent film layer for embedding and/or spacing semiconductor die

A semiconductor package including a plurality of stacked semiconductor die, and methods of forming the semiconductor package, are disclosed. In order to ease wirebonding requirements on the controller die, the controller die may be mounted directly to the substrate in a flip chip arrangement requiring no wire bonds or footprint outside of the controller die.
Sandisk Information Technology (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Embedded pole part with an isolating housing

An exemplary embedded pole part with an isolating housing, which accommodates a vacuum interrupter as well as electric terminals by an injected embedding material, wherein the injected embedding material is filled with silica based on silicon dioxide as filler material, and the silica is silica fume, which includes amorphous, non-porous spheres of silicon dioxide and agglomerates thereof.. .
Abb Technology Ag


Embedding thumbnail information into video streams

Methods and systems may provide for embedding thumbnail information into a video file such as a clip, stream, recording, and so forth. The thumbnail information may include, for example, a representative image of the video content in the file, an index to a key frame in the video content, or any combination thereof.
Intel Corporation


Method and watermarking successive sections of an audio signal

Audio watermarking is the process of embedding watermark information items into an audio signal in an in-audible manner. In a first embodiment, in case the original audio signal has parts of low signal energy, an alternative signal having a level or strength given by the psycho-acoustic model is combined with the original audio signal.
Thomson Licensing


Cloud service embedding with shared protection in software-defined flexible-grid optical transport networks

A method and apparatus are provided for embedding cloud demands with shared protection in a software-defined flexible-grid optical transport network. The method includes mapping working virtual nodes of the cloud demands over physical nodes of the network.
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.


Method for embedding voice mail in a spoken utterance using a natural language processing computer system

A method for processing a voice message in a computerized system. The method receives and records a speech utterance including a message portion and a communication portion.
Soundhound, Inc.


Radiofrequency perforation apparatus

Medical devices are disclosed having improved visualization of a portion of the medical device insertable into a patient's body while minimizing obstruction of fluid flow through a lumen of the device and while minimizing an increase in the outer diameter of the device attributable to the feature providing improved visualization. The device can include, for example, an imaging marker distal to lumen openings (exit ports), or, where the device comprises a tube, such as a metallic tube, an imaging marker embedded into a wall of the tube.
Baylis Medical Company Inc.


Methods and systems for synchronizing media stream presentations

A system synchronizes one or more media streams, such as video stream or audio streams, by embedding frame identifiers in each compressed media stream, and then by using synchronizing signals to render each frame simultaneously by referencing the embedded frame identifier. Since the frame identifier is embedded in between encoded frames of the compressed media stream without altering any of the compressed, encoded data, the frame identifier information could be rapidly embedded without creating lag associated with manipulating existing data.
Hiperwall, Inc.


Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

An upper surface of a plug (pl1) is formed so as to be higher than an upper surface of an interlayer insulating film (pil) by forming the interlayer insulating film (pil) on a semiconductor substrate (1s), completing a cmp method for forming the plug (pl1) inside the interlayer insulating film (pil), and then, making the upper surface of the interlayer insulating film (pil) to recede. In this manner, reliability of connection between the plug (pl1) and a wiring (w1) in a vertical direction can be ensured.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Methods and systems for advertising using scrollable refresh trigger

One aspect of the invention provides an advertising system using a user interface mechanism technically referred to as a ‘scrollable refresh trigger’ also known as a ‘pull-to-refresh’, to deliver advertisement. The invention presents improved methods, systems, computer readable media and apparatuses for providing responsive advertising using a scrollable refresh trigger.


Methods and systems for conducting ad research

A method for conducting ad research is provided. The method includes identifying a plurality of panelists, wherein each panelist has a user device, embedding a first object in digital content that will be viewed by the plurality of panelists, using the first object to place a cookie on a respective user device when each panelist views the digital content, wherein the cookie enables a server to identify the respective user device, embedding a second object in a test advertisement, serving the test advertisement to at least some of the plurality of panelists using the cookies, generating data related to the serving of the test advertisement using the second object, and collecting ad effectiveness data from the plurality of panelists regarding the test advertisement..
Ipsos America, Inc.


System and expediting legal access of emergency medical record of patient utilizing two dimentinal information-embedding scannable code and proprietary scanner application therefor

A system and method of enabling expedited legal access of emr record of a patient is provided. The system comprises means for receiving emr data of a patient.


Means and operating an mri device within a rf-magnetic environment

An mri device and method that reduce radio-frequency (rf) interference and the effect of the mri's magnet, within an active rf-magnetic environment. The device includes a non-fringing magnetic field resonance mri device having rf shielding means.
Aspect Imaging Ltd.


Anchoring devices for rail fastening clips

This invention relates to an anchoring device for use in retaining a railway rail fastening clip, the device comprising a stem for embedding in a rail support member, a head extending from the stem and comprising a generally hook-shaped portion for extending over a portion of the clip to effect retention and terminating at an end apart from the stem, and wherein in use, said end terminates at a sealing plate for bridging the end of the hook-shaped portion and the stem. An associated anchoring device assembly and railway rail fastening assembly are also disclosed..
Pandrol Australia Pty Ltd


Sacrificial anode and treatment of concrete

A method of protecting a metal section in concrete. The method comprises the steps of providing a sacrificial anode and embedding the sacrificial anode in a porous matrix in the cavity; providing a source of dc power with positive and negative connections and electrically connecting one of the connections of the source of dc power to the metal section to be protected; electrically connecting the a sacrificial anode in series with the other connection of the source of dc power and spacing the source of dc power from the cavity and the connections to the source of dc power which comprise at least one of wires and cables; and driving an anode current density from the sacrificial anode in excess of 500 mnm2.


Caption extraction and analysis

Methods and systems are disclosed for real-time metatagging and captioning of an event and caption extraction and analysis for such event. The method for the real-time metatagging and captioning and caption extraction and analysis of an event may include embedding metatag information in a caption file provided by a captioner.
Caption Colorado Llc


Embedding content in java archives

The present disclosure includes, among other things, systems, methods and program products for embedding content in java archives.. .
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Integral drip irrigation emitter with an easy spreadable exit pool

An integral, discrete, drip irrigation emitter that comprises means for facilitating spreading of its water exit “pool” u configured, in cross section, “legs”, so that after affixing the drip emitter onto the inner wall surface of the hose, and following water pressure increase within the hose, an elastic movement of a sector of the hose's wall that is framed and delineated as a consequence of affixing the circumferential rim of the exit pool onto the inner wall of the hose, will take place onto opening a water outlet opening, and from the time the water pressure in the hose decreases, closing of the water outlet opening would occur, and a drip irrigation hose embedding at least one such emitter in it, and a general method for opening and closing water outlet openings in such hose, wherein the opening and closing is performed in accordance with and in correlation to the water pressure prevailing in the hose.. .
Rivulis Irrigation Ltd.


System and embedding first party widgets in third-party applications

Methods and systems provide embeddable user interface widgets to third-party applications so that the widgets can be securely embedded in, and securely used from within, the third-party applications. An embeddable widget may be authorized to access a first-party cloud storage system from a third-party application based on the cloud storage system authenticating a request received from the widget.
Google Inc.


Systems and methods for watermarking software and other media

Systems and methods are disclosed for embedding information in software and/or other electronic content such that the information is difficult for an unauthorized party to detect, remove, insert, forge, and/or corrupt. The embedded information can be used to protect electronic content by identifying the content's source, thus enabling unauthorized copies or derivatives to be reliably traced, and thus facilitating effective legal recourse by the content owner.
Intertrust Technologies Corp.


Silicon nanowire structure embedded in nickel silicide nanowires for lithium-based battery anodes

The present invention provides a silicon nanowire structure embedded in nickel silicide nanowires for lithium-based battery anodes and anodes including the same. In particular, a si nanowire structure embedded in nisix nanowires according to the present invention may provide a solution to a problem, such as disconnection of si nanowires from a current collector shown when the si nanowires are expanded by alloying with li or contracted during the use of a battery, and the like, by flexibly embedding the si nanowires in the nisix nanowires..
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University


System and document embedding in collaborative editors

A device embeds a first frame in a second frame. A first mutation defining a first change made to a document within the first frame is generated.


Recursive embedding by url parameterization

Methods, systems, and apparatus for performing recursive embedding by url parameterization are provided. Recursive embedding by url parameterization may be performed by receiving a display parameter for defining a window display area within a portion of a first document associated with a first application having a first format, and a url-based identifier specifying a portion of a second document associated with a second application having a second format.


Reflective optical objective

The present invention relates to a reflective optical objective (1) comprising: —a first reflecting element (3) including a front surface (3a) and a hack surface (3b), the front surface (3a) including a convex reflecting surface (11); and —a second reflecting element (5) including a concave reflecting surface (13) facing the convex reflecting surface (11) of the first reflecting element (3), the second reflecting element (5) including a transmissive section (7) permitting electromagnetic radiation to pass through the concave reflecting surface (13) of the second reflecting element (5) to the first reflecting element (3). The reflective optical objective (1) is characterised in that the reflective optical objective (1) includes a carrier material (9) embedding at least the front surface (3a) of the first reflecting element (3) and defining the distance (d) between the first (3) and second (5) reflecting elements..
Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (epfl)


Method for automated processing and embedding of tissue samples

An automated machine for handling and embedding tissue samples contained on microtome sectionable supports. The machine includes an input member configured to hold a plurality of the microtome sectionable supports prior to a tissue embedding operation.
Biopath Automation, L.l.c.


Method for producing single-sided mold and double-sided coining mold thereof

A method for producing a single-sided mold and a double-sided coining mold are provided. The method comprises the following steps: s1.
Duraflex Hong Kong Limited


Providing control information to a multimedia server

A method may include receiving, at a mobile computing device comprising a processor, input identifying control information to be sent from the mobile computing device to a media server. The method may include determining, at the mobile computing device, whether the computing device is sending a media stream to the media server.
Wowza Media Systems, Llc


Producing encapsulating layer-covered semiconductor element and producing semiconductor device

A method for producing an encapsulating layer-covered semiconductor element includes a disposing step of disposing a semiconductor element on a support, an encapsulating step of embedding and encapsulating the semiconductor element by an encapsulating layer in an encapsulating sheet including a peeling layer and the encapsulating layer laminated below the peeling layer and made from a thermosetting resin before complete curing, and a heating step of heating and curing the encapsulating layer after the encapsulating step. The heating step includes a first heating step in which the encapsulating sheet is heated at a first temperature, while being mechanically pressurized toward the support and a second heating step in which the encapsulating sheet is heated at a second temperature that is higher than the first temperature after the first heating step..
Nitto Denko Corporation


Template directories for cartridges in a multi-tenant platform-as-a-service (paas) system

Implementations for template directories for cartridges in a multi-tenant platform-as-a-service (paas) system are disclosed. A method of the disclosure includes maintaining, by a node executed by a processing device, a cartridge library comprising cartridge packages that provide functionality for applications executed by the node for a multi-tenant platform-as-a-service (paas) system, embedding, by the node, a cartridge instance from the cartridge library in a gear of the node, providing, via the cartridge instance, a template directory to an application utilizing the cartridge instance on the node, and executing, by the node, a sample application from the template directory to demonstrate functionality of the cartridge instance to an application developer of the application..
Red Hat, Inc.


Mountable earth-embedding anchor with removable underground conduit panels and installation apparatus

Methods and apparatuses are disclosed for the rapid and precise removable installation of a substrate-penetrating device that facilitates underground delivery of various utilities to and/or from devices mounted thereon.. .


Transparent composite material and manufacturing the same

A method for manufacturing a transparent composite material including preparing a film coated with a transparent resin, unidirectionally aligning glass fiber filaments and manufacturing a glass fiber plate by embedding the unidirectionally aligned glass fiber filaments in the transparent resin, wherein the transparent resin includes si—o—si bond and one of methyl, ethyl and phenyl.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Method for embedding at least one component in a printed circuit board

The invention relates to a method for embedding at least one component in a printed circuit board, comprising the steps of providing a lower metal conductor foil applied to a first metal supporting layer, forming recessed alignment marks in the conductor foil, applying an adhesive layer in a registered manner in relation to the alignment marks and fitting a component via the rear face thereof on the adhesive layer with upwardly pointing connection areas, curing the adhesive layer, embedding the component in an insulting layer, applying a metal upper conductor foil and an upper metal supporting layer, consolidating the structure, removing the supporting layers, exposing the alignment marks of the lower conductor foil by removing the insulating layer, producing cutouts ending at the lower conductor foil, producing bores to the connection areas of the component in a registered manner in relation to the alignment marks, and applying a conductor layer to the upper face of the structure, producing contact connections in the bores to the connection areas of the component, and structuring the conductor layer in order to produce conductive tracks.. .
At&s Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaft

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