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 Electric machine patent thumbnailElectric machine
A motor includes: an annular stator attached in a housing; a rotor that is disposed in the stator and is rotatably supported by the housing; and a plurality of permanent magnets embedded in a rotor core of the rotor, in which the rotor core has embedding holes respectively in which the permanent magnets are fitted, and each of the embedding holes is formed with filling holes each continuous in an axial direction of the rotor core at diagonal positions of each of the permanent magnets.. .
Komatsu Ltd.

 Method and  embedding advertisement into file, system and terminal patent thumbnailMethod and embedding advertisement into file, system and terminal
A method for embedding an advertisement into a file where the method includes recording, when a file is processed, an advertisement slot mark for embedding an advertisement, sending the advertisement slot mark to an advertising platform, and storing the advertisement slot mark into the file that is released such that when the released file is presented, a real-time rendering system acquires, from the advertising platform, an advertisement material that matches the advertisement slot mark, and renders the advertisement material to a position that corresponds to the advertisement slot mark in the released file, to generate an advertisement. In the embodiments of the present disclosure, an advertisement slot mark for embedding an advertisement is recorded in a presented file, and an advertisement material that matches the advertisement slot mark is dynamically acquired, thereby implementing dynamic adjustment on a presented advertisement and maximizing advertisement value..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Discriminative embedding of local color names for object retrieval and classification patent thumbnailDiscriminative embedding of local color names for object retrieval and classification
A system and method enable similarity measures to be computed between pairs of images and between a color name and an image in a common feature space. Reference image representations are generated by embedding color name descriptors for each reference image in the common feature space.
Xerox Corporation

 Tool and  aligning a tissue plane for microtomy patent thumbnailTool and aligning a tissue plane for microtomy
A tool and a method are provided, for applying a correction on a resection margin of a tissue block, in order to align the resection margin with the cutting plane of a microtome. The correction is determined using an embedding block having been cut by the microtome.

 Heat-resistant composite material production method and production device patent thumbnailHeat-resistant composite material production method and production device
A mixed gas containing a precursor gas, an additive gas and a carrier gas is supplied to a preform stored in an electric furnace, and silicon carbide is deposited by chemical vapor deposition or chemical vapor phase impregnation to form a film. The preform includes multiple fiber bundles, and the fiber bundles include multiple fibers.
The University Of Tokyo

 Sealing bar patent thumbnailSealing bar
A method for providing an inductive sealing bar, comprises providing a conductive coil having at least one heating zone, embedding the coil in a supportive body such that the supportive body covers the entire coil along at least some part of the length of the at least one heating zone; and providing a sealing surface of the sealing bar by planarizing the coil and the supportive body such that the coil is exposed along the entire length of said at least one heating zone. The invention also relates to a sealing bar manufactured according to the method..
Tetra Laval Holdings & Finance S.a.

 Photostructured chemical devices and methods for making same patent thumbnailPhotostructured chemical devices and methods for making same
A photostructurable ceramic is processed using photostructuring process steps for embedding devices within a photostructurable ceramic volume, the devices may include one or more of chemical, mechanical, electronic, electromagnetic, optical, and acoustic devices, all made in part by creating device material within the ceramic or by disposing a device material through surface ports of the ceramic volume, with the devices being interconnected using internal connections and surface interfaces.. .
The Aerospace Corporation

 Producing video data patent thumbnailProducing video data
A method of incorporating additional video objects into source video data to produce output video data. The method includes retrieving source video data and data defining a segment size used by a distributor, into which video data is divided when transmitted.
Mirriad Advertising Limited

 Embedding codes in an audio signal patent thumbnailEmbedding codes in an audio signal
A method of communicating data imperceptibly in an audio signal. The method comprises, for each sub-band of the audio signal, identifying the tone in that sub-band having the highest amplitude.
Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd.

 Methods and  embedding an error correction code in memory cells patent thumbnailMethods and embedding an error correction code in memory cells
A computer-aided design (cad) tool may identify don't care bits in configuration data. The don't care bits in the configuration data may change polarity without affecting the functionality of the circuit design.
Altera Corporation

Package and antenna apparatus including package

A package for embedding one or more electronic components comprises a carrier structure a silicon-based carrier layer, one or more electronic components embedded in one or more cavities formed in the carrier layer, and a cover structure arranged on top of the carrier structure. The cover structure comprises a cover layer and one or more cavities formed in the cover layer.
Sony Corporation

Multi-mode audio recognition and auxiliary data encoding and decoding

Audio signal processing enhances audio watermark embedding and detecting processes. Audio signal processes include audio classification and adapting watermark embedding and detecting based on classification.
Digimarc Corporation

Method and system for embedding information in comupter data

Provided is a system for embedding traits in data wherein the data is stored within one or more data storage system(s), comprising: a code generator, the code generator generating a code describing the traits of the data; a rules engine, the rules engine classifying the traits into codes; an encoder coupled to the code generator, wherein the encoder encodes the data with the code describing the traits of the data, to generate encoded data; and a storage unit coupled to the encoder, the storage unit storing the encoded data; wherein the data storage systems are selected from the group consisting of: microsoft sql servers, ibm db2 servers, oracle servers, and sybase servers.. .

Context-based data classification

A method of classifying a digital document may include: identifying, by an automated data processor, a request for access to the digital document for a first user; determining user identifying information for the first user; obtaining, by the automated data processor, according to the user identifying information a first user characteristic including organizational affiliation of the first user or a job function of the first user; generating, by the automated data processor, based on the first user characteristic, a digital document classification for the digital document; associating the digital document classification with the digital document, by embedding the document classification in the digital document or logging the document classification in a log identifying the digital document. A user access determination for the digital document may be made according to the associated digital document classification..
Secude Ag

Multilayer structure for capacitive pressure sensing

A multilayer structure for a garment, optionally footwear, includes a flexible substrate film for accommodating electronics, a number of flexible sensor pads provided on the film utilizing printed electronics technology, optionally screen printing or ink jetting, at least one electronic circuit, preferably integrated circuit, further provided on the film for controlling capacitive measurements via the number of sensor pads for obtaining an indication of pressure subjected to the multilayer structure, a number of conductor traces further printed on the film for electrically connecting the at least one electronic circuit and the number of capacitive sensor pads, a power supply element for powering electricity-driven components including the at least one electronic circuit, and at least one plastic layer molded upon the film substantially embedding the number of sensor pads, conductor traces and the at least one electronic circuit therewithin. A related method of manufacture is presented..
Tacto Tek Oy

Interface between a floor panel and a panel track

An example apparatus is disclosed that may include a bottom plate, a front plate coupled along a bottom edge to a front edge of the bottom plate, a top plate coupled along a front edge to a top edge of the front plate such that a channel is formed between the bottom and top plates, a vertical stopping plate coupled along a lower edge to a back edge of the top plate, a hat channel coupled to an inner surface of the channel, wherein the hat channel runs perpendicular to a length of the channel, and a embedding material inside the hat channel, wherein the embedding material is adjacent to a bottom surface of the top plate. An example method is disclosed that may include coupling a closure piece to a floor panel and coupling a track to the closure piece..
Innovative Building Technologies, Llc

Support of location services using a positioning protocol

Protocols for location services are disclosed. For example, a method for a positioning protocol for first and second devices may comprise, at the first device: creating a message for the protocol at the first device, where the message comprises a set of included parameters from a plurality of allowed parameters, encoding the message by embedding each of the included parameters in an encoded string, and transmitting the encoded message to the second device.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Imaging systems with data encryption and embedding capabalities

An imaging system may embed encrypted data into image data. The imaging system may generate image data in response to light received at a pixel array.
Semiconductor Components Industries, Llc

Permanent-magnet-embedded electric motor and manufacturing same

A permanent-magnet-embedded electric motor includes a stator having a coil wound on a stator core, and a rotor disposed rotatably inside the stator through a gap to an inner circumferential surface of the stator core. The rotor is provided with a rotor core formed of laminated steel plates having a plurality of magnet-embedding holes, and a permanent magnet housed and retained in each of the magnet-embedding holes.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Transforming social media re-shares to track referrer history and identify influencers

Approaches are provided for tracking and measuring the influence of social networking members on groups of friends to engage in electronic commerce. An approach includes receiving unique identifier information and activity information for a user that referred a social media link to one or more other users.
International Business Machines Corporation

Dynamic checkout button apparatuses, methods and systems

The dynamic checkout button apparatuses, methods and systems (“dcb”) transforms product page checkout request input and user identification input via dcb components such as offer/discount determination component and checkout button embedding component, into dynamic checkout button outputs.. .
Visa International Service Association

Embedding electronic structure in controllable quantum systems

Generating a computing specification to be executed by a quantum processor includes: accepting a problem specification that corresponds to a second-quantized representation of a fermionic hamiltonian, and transforming the fermionic hamiltonian into a first qubit hamiltonian including a first set of qubits that encode a fermionic state specified by occupancy of spin orbitals. An occupancy of any spin orbital is encoded in a number of qubits that is logarithmic in the number of spin orbitals, and a parity for a transition between any two spin orbitals is encoded in a number of qubits that is logarithmic in the number of spin orbitals.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

Tissue array for cell spheroids and methods of use

The present invention generally features methods of preparing a microarray of cell spheroids, methods of preparing a micromold for embedding spheroids for histology, and methods of screening a library of agents.. .
The John Hopkins University

Embedding low-speed communications in a high speed wireless tunneling system

A disclosed wireless tunneling system tunnels communications between two processing apparatuses through a wireless link, while maintaining compliance of the communications between the two processing apparatuses with at least two different wired communication protocols. In one embodiment, the wireless tunneling system includes two wireless tunneling apparatuses that communicate with each other through the wireless link.
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation

Electronic component and producing an electronic component

In various embodiments, a method for producing an electronic component is provided. The method includes applying an adhesive layer to a carrier, initially curing the adhesive layer applied to the carrier, providing a chip, wherein the chip has a substrate and a layer sequence arranged on the substrate, laying the chip onto the initially cured adhesive layer by way of a top side of the layer sequence, embedding the chip into a shaped body, wherein the top side of the layer sequence and a first side of the shaped body lie substantially in a plane, separating the embedded chip from the adhesive layer and the carrier, and applying an electrically conductive structure to the first side of the shaped body, the shaped body forming a vertical electrical insulation between the electrically conductive structure and the substrate..
Osram Opto Semiconductors Gmbh

Method of embedding wlcsp components in e-wlb and e-plb

Embodiments of the invention include multi-die package and methods of making such multi-die packages. In an embodiment a mold layer has a first surface and a second surface that is opposite from the first surface.
Intel Corporation

Inductor and manufacturing the same

Disclosed is an inductor and a method of manufacturing the same. The inductor may include a core insulating layer, a coil including at least one coil pattern formed on an upper part of the core insulating layer, at least one coil pattern formed on a lower part of the core insulating layer, and a through via configured to electrically connect the at least one coil pattern on the upper part and the lower part, and an insulating layer formed on the upper part and the lower part of the core insulating layer, the insulating layer embedding the coil..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Nonwoven joint tape having low moisture expansion properties and using same

The invention is directed to a joint tape for finishing a joint between boards comprising a nonwoven substrate that does not swell substantially in the presence of water. The invention further provides a method of finishing a joint between boards comprising (i) applying a joint tape of the invention to a joint between boards by embedding the joint tape in a first coat of joint compound, (ii) applying a second coat of joint compound over the tape, wherein step (ii) is carried out before the joint tape and joint compound applied in step (i) have substantially dried, and optionally (iii) applying a third fill or finish coat of joint compound over the tape, wherein step (iii) is carried out before the joint tape and second coat have substantially dried..
United States Gypsum Company

Apparatus and embedding cable in 3d printed objects

Additive manufacturing method and apparatus for embedding cable in articles of additive manufacture in cooperation with a filament extrusion nozzle to increase their strength and functionality. This capability can be provided autonomously by integrating cable guides and cable cutters with new or existing print heads, enabling them to transition between filament-only, cable-only, and combined cable and filament printing modes to form mechanically stronger objects, integrated circuits within objects, and cable alternatives to filament scaffolding..

Data-carried control signaling mode

The present disclosure provides a data-carried control signaling mode (dcm) for communication of control information and associated data and associated switching mechanism for switching between dcm and the known legacy control signaling mode (lcm). Associated methods, devices, and systems are disclosed.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Encoding information in a graphical element of an image

In an example, a processor-readable medium stores code representing instructions that when executed by a processor cause the processor to receive an image, a graphical element, and embedding information. The processor further encodes a binary value representing the embedding information into the graphical element.
Hewlett-packard Development Company, L.p.

System and orchestrating and correlating multiple software-controlled collaborative sessions through a unified conversational interface

A method for correlating multiple collaborative sessions occurring on multiple single-modality systems includes creating a respective collaborative element containing metadata about each respective collaborative session, associating each collaborative element with a corresponding collaborative conversation, providing an overlaying control plane across the multiple single-modality systems, computing and storing conversational context of user actions within the collaborative sessions. The method further includes performing data aggregation of data within the multiple collaborative sessions, publishing one or more messages providing information regarding changes in the multiple collaborative sessions, switching modalities by entities participating in one or more of the multiple collaborative sessions, wherein the entities can follow session conversations by accessing the published one or more messages, and embedding a link in a single-modality system user interface referring to a previous session.
General Electric Company

Automated large file processing with embedded visual cues

A network-based solution for automatically processing large email attachments or other files during migration and archiving operations may involve downloading mailboxes from a source email platform and inspecting the mailboxes for emails containing attachment files. The solution may involve uploading a copy of the detected attachment to a storage server when a comparison determines that the file size of the detected attachment file exceeds a predetermined size limit.
Dell Software, Inc.

System and performing a service discovery for virtual networks

A system and method for performing a service discovery on a distributed computer system includes obtaining information of a service that is provided by a host computer in the distributed computer system and embedding the information into a link layer discovery protocol (lldp) data frame to be transmitted from the host computer to another component of the distributed computer system.. .
Vmware, Inc.

Semiconductor memory device and manufacturing same

According to one embodiment, a method for manufacturing a semiconductor memory device includes forming a first stacked portion on a conductive layer, the first stacked portion including a plurality of first layers and a plurality of second layers; forming a first slit; forming a sacrificial film in the first slit; forming a second stacked portion on the first stacked portion and the sacrificial film; forming a second slit; removing the sacrificial film; embedding a separation film; forming a select gate; forming a hole; forming a film including a charge storage film, on an inner wall of the hole; and forming a channel body on an inner side of the film including the charge storage film. The second stacked portion includes the plurality of first layers and the plurality of second layers, the first layers is separately stacked each other, the second layers is provided between the first layers..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Apparatus and embedding searchable information, encryption, transmission, storage and retrieval

A cell phone is disclosed for acquiring information to be transmitted to a receiving facility and for transmitting such thereto. A capture device captures information from an external source.
Myport Technologies, Inc.

Two dimensional barcode and authentication of such barcode

A method is disclosed for creating a 2d barcode. In an embodiment, the method includes: embedding primary information that can be read by a 2d-barcode-reader in a primary information pattern, and embedding secondary information that is made difficult to reproduce without alteration in a visible pattern.
Scantrust Sa

Systems and methods for creating user interfaces for guiding the creation of modeling applications for forming and solving problems in a multiphysics modeling system

Systems and methods generate a modified application data structure that provides a customized modeling of physical systems in response to customized user inputs received via application feature(s) for new window form(s). The modified application data structure is generated from guided user inputs received through application builder wizard graphical user interface(s).
Comsol Ab

Concealed embedded circuitry, vehicles comprising the same, and related methods

Electronic circuitry for mounting on articles, such as vehicles, is concealed by embedding the circuitry using at least an overlying polymeric material within a concealed embedded circuitry structure. The concealed embedded circuitry is capable of ready and effective application to an article and is capable of being retrofitted to articles after their fabrication..
Entrotech, Inc.

Stable powder formulation containing an anticholingeric agent

A spray-dried powder formulation comprising particles that contain the following components i) to iii): i) anticholinergic agents, in particular at least one compound of formula 1, in which x− is a negatively charged anion, ii) at least one embedding material selected from the group consisting of mono- or disaccharides, oligosaccharides, polymers, sugar alcohols and cholesterol, and iii) an organic, physiologically acceptable, sterically demanding acid, selected from the group consisting of ascorbic acid, a monovalent, divalent or trivalent carboxylic acid, with the exception of amino carboxylic acids, to preferably fumaric acid, oxalic acid, or diacetic acid, and a fruit acid or culinary acid, preferably citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, α-hydroxycaprylic acid or gluconic acid.. .
Boehringer Ingelheim International Gmbh

Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

An upper surface of a plug (pl1) is formed so as to be higher than an upper surface of an interlayer insulating film (pil) by forming the interlayer insulating film (pil) on a semiconductor substrate (1s), completing a cmp method for forming the plug (pl1) inside the interlayer insulating film (pil), and then, making the upper surface of the interlayer insulating film (pil) to recede. In this manner, reliability of connection between the plug (pl1) and a wiring (w1) in a vertical direction can be ensured.
Renesas Electronics Corporation

Apparatus and data communication through audio channel

A method is provided, which comprises: receiving a radio frequency signal; generating a first radio signal by demodulating and decoding the received radio frequency signal; detecting if a data embedding mode is used; extracting a first data signal from the first radio signal in response to the data embedding mode as being detected; and outputting the processed first radio signal after extraction.. .

Embedding content-based searchable indexes in multimedia files

Content-based analysis is performed on multimedia content prior to encoding the multimedia content in the rendering chain of processing. A content-based index stream is generated based on the content-based analysis and the content-based index stream is embedded in the multimedia file during rendering.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Diverse emojis/emoticons

The present invention provides a method of embedding, transferring and communicating custom generated emojis/emoticons having unique physical features.. .

Humidity sensor

Provided is a humidity sensor that is increased in capacitance per unit area and is improved in the close adhesiveness and ease of embedding of a humidity sensitive film, while being capable of fitting into normal semiconductor manufacturing processes. A plurality of first electrodes and a plurality of second electrodes are arranged so that each first electrode is adjacent to four of the second electrodes in four directions of up, down, right, and left when viewed in plan view, while each second electrode is adjacent to four of the first electrodes in four directions of up, down, right, and left when viewed in plan view.
Sii Semiconductor Corporation

Self-installing anchor

The self-installing anchor is configured for falling vertically through the water, embedding vertically into the soil, rotating and translating diagonally deeper through the soil in response to the anchor line load being transmitted to it, and achieving its maximum holding capacity with the anchor line acting normal to the fluke. In various implementations, a coupling mechanism at one end of the shank is engaged with a bearing surface at an entry end of the fluke to hold the shank close to the fluke while falling through the water and embedding vertically into the soil.
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System

Embedding a database in a physical object

A method and system for embedding a database in a 3d object uses a 3d dimensional printing device and a computer-readable memory that stores a build sequence comprising instructions that, when executed by a processor, will cause the 3d printing device to form a three-dimensional object with an embedded data structure by depositing layers of build material and by including, in one or more of the layers, physical representations that represent a data structure.. .
Xerox Corporation

Biocompatible graphene quantum dots for drug delivery and bioimaging applications

In this work we have targeted two aspects of gqds, size and ros to reduce their cytotoxicity. Small size can damage cell organelles and production of ros (reactive oxygen species) can hamper cell machinery in multiple ways.
Council Of Scientific And Industrial Research

Digital five-in-one implant surgery auxiliary locator

A digital five-in-one implant surgery auxiliary locator of the invention comprises a massive body formed with a penetrating first guide hole. The massive body has an edge side, on which at least one first fitting portion correspondingly resting against neighboring teeth is disposed, and a bottom portion, on which a second fitting portion having a shape capable of correspondingly embedding with the alveolar bone, is disposed.

Remote display performance measurement triggered by application display upgrade

Methods, systems, and computer programs are provided for measuring the performance of display images received on a remote computer display. One method includes an operation for detecting calls from an application to an application programming interface (api), which is provided for rendering images on a display image, each call causing an update of the display image.
Vmware, Inc.

Method and system for remote altering static video content in real time

Methods and devices for remote altering of static video content in real time are provided. A method for encoding video includes removing an attribute from a video including the attribute and static content.

Fractional ownership using digital assets

A platform and method provided for facilitating the trading of fractional ownerships of a digital representation of an asset. In one embodiment, the method includes: identifying an original physical asset for creating a corresponding digital asset; making a digital representation of the original physical asset; authenticating the digital representation; embedding or associating the digital representation with a unique identification code; storing the digital representations on a first non-transitory computer-readable storage medium; and placing the digital representation in a market for trading..

A measuring device and a measuring a high-frequency signal with deembedding

The invention relates to a measuring device for measuring a high-frequency signal and a method for correcting a high-frequency signal superposed with measurement errors by means of the measuring device. The measurement is a time-domain measurement in real-time.
Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg

Video encoding device, video decoding device, video encoding method, video decoding method, and program

A video encoding device includes: transform means 11 for transforming an image block; entropy encoding means 12 for entropy-encoding transformed data of the image block transformed by the transform means 11; pcm encoding means 13 for pcm-encoding the image block; multiplex data selection means 14 for selecting output data of the entropy encoding means 12 or the pcm encoding means 13, in a block of a block size set from the outside; and multiplexing means 15 for embedding a pcm header in a bitstream, in the block of the set from the outside block size.. .
Nec Corporation

Real-time, customized embedding of specific content into local webserver pages

In a particular embodiment, a method includes receiving, at a server from a computing device coupled to a first network, a request to access a first web page via a second network. The method includes redirecting the computing device to a second web page in response to a determination that the computing device is not permitted access to the second network.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Firmware watermarking method, firmware based on the same, and performing firmware watermarking

Disclosed herein are a firmware watermarking method, firmware based on the method, and an apparatus for performing firmware watermarking, which can provide a basis for legally preparing for firmware modification attacks by embedding a watermark for original firmware in nonvolatile memory at the time of manufacturing embedded devices. The presented method is a firmware watermarking method performed by an apparatus for performing the firmware watermarking method, the method including generating an original watermark for firmware, and embedding the generated original watermark in the firmware..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Semiconductor packages

Semiconductor packages are provided. A semiconductor package may include an embedding substrate including a cavity therein and a connection window in a bottom portion of the cavity.
Sk Hynix Inc.

Systems and methods for neural language modeling

In some aspects, the present disclosure relates to neural language modeling. In one embodiment, a computer-implemented neural network includes a plurality of neural nodes, where each of the neural nodes has a plurality of input weights corresponding to a vector of real numbers.
Digital Reasoning Systems, Inc.

Device and its use for creation, output and management of 2d barcodes with embedded images

Provided is a device, a system, applications and an associated ecosystem for the consistent and reliable production, creation, generation, management and utilization of two-dimensional (‘2d’) barcodes (‘codes’) featuring embedded images, designating the alignment position and alignment size of the embedding images in 2d codes and enabling the corresponding outputted code files by the device system to be downloaded and or showcased digitally within all forms of digital advertising, media, television, mobile telephony and the world wide web as well as integrated with the production processes for consumer products and packaged goods, printed products, merchandise and other items featuring such 2d codes creating a public telecommunications platform and or private intranet services featuring a searchable database, directory and or registry of the 2d codes with embedded images that have been created by, produced by and outputted by the device or system.. .
4gqr Llc

Method and system for implementing invocation stubs for the application programming interfaces embedding with function overload resolution for dynamic computer programming languages

Systems and methods for increasing the execution speed of external api functions invocation and runtime checks. The techniques for generating invocation stubs for an application programming interfaces embedding with functions overload resolution so that a script or program written in a dynamic high-level programming language may reuse existing code base from other high-level programming language and be more flexible than traditional approaches.

Retroreflective articles with anti-staining properties

Methods for preparing retroreflective articles include providing a thermoplastic polymeric carrier layer, partially embedding transparent microspheres into the surface of the carrier layer so that the beads partially protrude from the surface of the carrier layer, depositing a metal reflective layer on the microspheres, applying a treatment solution to the metal layer, and applying a bead bond layer to the treated metal layer, to form an intermediate article. Upon removal of the carrier layer, the deposited metal layer not in contact with the surface of the microspheres remains present on the carrier layer, to form retroreflective articles with a discontinuous layer of reflective metal disposed only on the surface of the transparent microspheres..
3m Innovative Properties Company

Method and composition for reinforcing asphalt cement concrete

Reinforcing fibers, such as aromatic polyamide (“aramid”) fibers, are treated by coating with or embedding in a binder such as a fischer-tropsch wax. The treated fibers are divided into suitably-sized units, which are added to bitumen, aggregate and other ingredients in an asphalt cement concrete mix.
Surface Tech Llc

Methods, computer programs, network nodes and communication device

A method of operating a network node arranged for cellular communication is disclosed. The network node is capable to operate according to a radio access technology, rat.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Systems and methods for embedding metadata into video contents

There is provided systems and methods for embedding data into a video content. A system includes an encoder, a memory storing the encoder, and a hardware processor configured to execute the encoder from the memory.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Semiconductor devices with shaped cavities for embedding germanium material and manufacturing processes thereof

The present invention is directed to semiconductor processes and devices. More specifically, embodiments of the present invention provide a shaped cavity that this later to be filled with sige material.
Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation

Method and system to confirm ownership of digital goods

A method and system to confirm ownership of digital goods is provided. In one embodiment, the method comprises receiving, from a client device via a data network interface, a request for a digital good, completing one or more micro transactions with respect to a financial account, generating a code utilizing information derived from the one or more micro transactions and embedding the code into a first copy of the digital good, the code to be used to confirm ownership of the digital good..
Ebay Inc.

Semantic frame identification with distributed word representations

A computer-implemented technique can include receiving, at a server, labeled training data including a plurality of groups of words, each group of words having a predicate word, each word having generic word embeddings. The technique can include extracting, at the server, the plurality of groups of words in a syntactic context of their predicate words.
Google Inc.

System and secure document embedding

The example non-limiting technology herein uses a microsoft office module or other application that automatically encrypts an office document (excel, powerpoint, word) or other software object and embeds the encrypted data within a “mule” or carrier file of the same type. On user's systems without the module installed, the “mule” file will open normally without exposing the embedded secret file.
Protected Mobility, Llc

Embedding and executing trace functions in code to gather trace data

Provided are a computer program product, system, and method for embedding and executing trace functions in code to gather trace data. A plurality of trace functions are embedded in the code.
International Business Machines Corporation

Suction anchor

A suction anchor for a remotely operated vehicle comprising a frame attachable to a remotely operated vehicle, anchor cans beneath the frame beneath and connectable to a pump. In particular the anchor can be deployed as part of a method for sampling or measuring the seabed comprising the steps of attaching a frame to the remotely operated vehicle, the frame having one or more downwardly mounted anchor cans and a mast to which sampling and/or measuring equipment is attached, placing the anchor cans on an underwater floor, and, at least in partially, evacuating the cans of water embedding them in part into the underwater floor, sampling and/or measuring the underwater floor using the sampling and/or measuring equipment.

Image data processing method and apparatus

Exemplary embodiments of the present disclosure provide an image data processing method and apparatus. The method comprises: loading preview image data input by image hardware; acquiring at least one of a feature image, current time information, and geographical location information; loading at least one of the feature image, the time information, and the geographical location information in the preview image data by using a canvas category; driving the image hardware to generate target image data; and embedding at least one of the feature image, the time information, and the geographical location information into the target image data according to a first coordination location in the preview image data by using the canvas category.
Hisense Mobile Communications Technology Co., Ltd.

Method and processing image data

Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a method and apparatus for processing image data, the method including: generating a first window and a second window; loading preview image data in the first window; acquiring at least one of a feature image, current time information and geographical location information; loading at least one of the feature image, the time information and the geographical location information in the second window; and when receiving a generation instruction of the image data, embedding the at least one of the feature image, the time information and the geographical location information into generated target image data according to a first coordinate position, the first coordinate position being a coordinate of the at least one of the feature image, the time information and the geographical location information in the second window relative to the preview image data. The embodiments of the present disclosure achieve automation of post processing of the image data, greatly increase simplicity of operation, lower the operation threshold, and reduce the processing time..
Hisense Mobile Communications Technology Co., Ltd.

Method for creating finite element model for filler-containing rubber

An objective of the present invention is to provide a method for creating a finite element model for a filler compounded rubber that can reduce the time and effort involved in creating the model. Provided is a method of using a computer to create a finite element model for a filler compounded rubber wherein a filler is dispersed in a rubber matrix, said method comprising a first step of defining a filler model wherein filler is discretized using a finite number of elements, a second step of defining, separately from the filler model, a rubber matrix model wherein at least the space occupied by the rubber matrix is discretized using a finite number of elements, and a model embedding step of overlaying the rubber matrix model and the filler model and imparting a constraint to at least a boundary between the filler model and the rubber matrix model to define a filler compounded rubber model..
Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd.

De-embedding cable effect for waveform monitoring for arbitrary waveform and function generator

A method for determining a waveform expected to be received by a device under test, the method including outputting a waveform generated by a waveform generation section of an arbitrary waveform and function generator at an output of the arbitrary waveform and function generator; sending the waveform generated by the waveform generation section to the device under test through a cable; monitoring a waveform at the output by a waveform monitoring section of the arbitrary waveform and function generator; and determining by the waveform monitoring section a transformed waveform expected to be received at the device under test based on the generated waveform being modified by the cable.. .
Tektronix, Inc.

Method for manufacturing semiconductor display panel

A manufacturing method includes: attaching a film onto a bonding surface of a wafer; performing laser cutting on the wafer to obtain a plurality of semiconductor light-emitting eutectic chips; attaching light-emitting surfaces of the plurality of eutectic chips on to an expansion film; detaching films from bonding surfaces of the plurality of eutectic chips; performing wafer expansion on the expansion film so that the plurality of eutectic chips have the same intervals as chip loading spaces on a substrate; attaching the expansion film onto a tray, and moving the tray so that positions of the plurality of eutectic chips correspond to that of the chip loading spaces; moving the tray so that the plurality of eutectic chips approach the chip loading spaces on the substrate; and embedding the plurality of eutectic chips into the chip loading spaces so that the plurality of eutectic chips are electrically connected to the substrate.. .

Power inductor

A power inductor includes: a body including a coil support layer, a coil disposed on both surfaces of the coil support layer, a sealing part embedding the coil therein, and a cover part disposed on the sealing part and including a plurality of metal thin plates; and external electrodes disposed on both end surfaces of the body. The plurality of metal thin plates are arranged perpendicularly with respect to an upper surface of the coil..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

System for embedding maps within retail store search results and using same

A system and method includes receiving a search query for a product to be located in a retail store, performing a search on a plurality of products records corresponding to a plurality of products located in the retail store, identifying one or more of the product records relevant to the product in the search query, obtaining a store map, the store map being indicative of a layout of the retail store, transmitting a representation of the store map and the one or more product records identified as one or more search results, and providing the one or more search results as a list to a mobile device, each of the one or more search results being associated with a physical location of the product in the retail store, and present the store map overlaid with an icon on a graphical display of the mobile device, wherein the store map represents the retail store and the icon is positioned overlaid on the map to designate a physical location of a corresponding one or more of the list of search results for the retail store.. .
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Smart card simultaneously having two read/write modes and producing same

A smart card with two read-write modes includes antenna layer, and an antenna and a chip module circuits on the antenna layer, wherein the antenna and the chip module circuit are electrically connected via an elastic conductive device. The invention also provides a manufacturing method of the aforesaid smart card with two read-write modes, which includes steps of: embedding an antenna on a back side or a front side of an antenna layer; after completing embedding on the antenna layer, add bedding sheets, printed sheets and protection films respectively above and underneath the antenna layer, then laminating to obtain a card base carrier; cutting card from the treated whole-sheet card base carrier to obtain a card base, and milling slots on the obtained card base, then finally encapsulating..
Golden Spring Internet Of Things Inc.

Method and system for embedding third party data into a saas business platform

Disclosed is an improved method, system, and program product to implement a business platform that assigns a server instance and dedicated database to each business customer. A connector is configured to retrieve data from an external data source.
Oracle International Corporation

Method for low-power-consumption, robust estimation of cardiovascular periodicity, contour analysis, and heart rate

A computer-implemented method for estimating a cardiovascular feature, such as heart interbeat intervals, using time-delay embedding includes receiving a quasiperiodic observational data stream from a biophysiological sensor, selecting a first delay value, and generating a first vector with a first dimensionality in a multidimensional coordinate space from the observational data stream through time-delay embedding. The method also includes selecting a first plane with a second dimensionality equal to one less than the first dimensionality and which passes through an origin of the coordinate space, identifying a plurality of crossings of the first vector through the first plane in one direction, and correlating a time value corresponding to each of the crossings.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

Reflective selfie device

Tembedding of, or attachment to the rear surface of a mobile electronic device of a reflective panel that allows the user of the mobile device to obtain a general reflection of the image that would be photographed by the rear facing camera on the mobile device without the benefit of seeing the image presentation that is displayed on the opposite side viewing screen of the electronic device. .

Multi-mode feed network for antenna array

A dual-mode feed network for an antenna array or combination antenna is provided. Two transmission line structures propagate signals according to two different electromagnetic propagation modes, such as te, tm, tem and quasi tem modes.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Single and dual stage wafer cushion and wafer separator

Improvements in a single and dual stage wafer cushion is disclosed where the wafer cushion can use an edge hinge as a single first stage cushion and a second mid span hinge for the dual stage wafer cushion. This dual stage design gives two distinctly different cushioning forces as opposed to using a single stage design where the force is linear with the amount of compression that is being applied to the outer surfaces of the wafer cushion.

Model anti-collusion watermark

embedding a watermark payload in content, including: a counter configured to store a random seed; a permutation generator configured to receive and process the watermark payload and the random seed, and generate a shuffled payload based on the random seed; and a watermark embedder configured to receive and embed the shuffled payload into the content. Key words include watermark payload and collusion..
Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.

System and embedding a discount or coupon code in personalized digital media

Disclosed are systems and methods for embedding an electronic discount within personalized digital media that is communicated to a user's media device and that is subsequently redeemable at a predetermined vendor.. .
Autography Llc

Novel preventing the unfolding of a (poly)peptide and/or inducing the (re-)folding of a (poly)peptide

The present invention relates to a method for preventing the unfolding of a (poly)peptide during drying and/or inducing the (re-)folding of a (poly)peptide after drying, comprising the step of embedding the (poly)peptide in an aqueous solution, wherein the solution comprises (i) at least three different amino acids; or (ii) at least one dipeptide or tripeptide; and wherein the solution is free or substantially free of (a) sugar; and (b-i) protein; and/or (b-ii) denaturing compounds; and (c) silanes.. .
Leukocare Ag

Method for manufacturing electronic component embedding substrate and electronic component embedding substrate

Disclosed herein are a method for manufacturing an electronic component embedding substrate and an electronic component embedding substrate. The method for manufacturing an electronic component embedding substrate includes: inserting an electronic component into a cavity formed in a core substrate; stacking a first insulating layer on one side of the core substrate into which the electronic component is inserted; performing surface treatment on the other side of the core substrate opposite to a direction in which the first insulating layer is stacked to improve a surface roughness of at least an exposed surface of the first insulating layer; and stacking a second insulating layer on the other side of the core substrate so as to be bonded to the exposed surface of the first insulating layer of which the surface roughness is improved.
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Dynamic product placement in media content

Technologies for adaptively embedding advertising content into media content include a media content server for identifying a candidate content object within the media content to be replaced with an advertisement; replacing the identified candidate content object with an advertising placeholder; and associating a placeholder identifier with the advertising placeholder. Such technologies may also include detecting the placeholder identifier associated with the advertising placeholder within the media content; selecting an advertisement of a plurality of advertisements to embed within the advertising placeholder based on the placeholder identifier; embedding the selected advertisement within the media content by replacing the advertising placeholder with the selected advertisement; and transmitting the media content with the embedded advertisement to a media consumption device..
Intel Corporation

Inter frame watermark in a digital video

Watermark data is converted to watermark coefficients, which may be embedded in an image by converting the image to a frequency domain, embedding the watermark in image coefficients corresponding to medium-frequency components, and converting the modified coefficients to the spatial domain. The watermark data is extracted from the modified image by converting the modified image to a frequency domain, extracting the watermark coefficients from the image coefficients, and determining the watermark data from the watermark coefficients.
Gopro, Inc.

Composite molding and manufacturing the same

A composite molding comprises comprising: an insulative molded body molded into a prescribed shape; an insulative transfer layer covering at least part of a front surface of the molded body; an electrode pattern layer formed between the molded body and the transfer layer; an electrically conductive contact pin having one end side buried in the molded body and fixed thereto and an other end stuck out from the molded body; and an electrically conductive bonding agent formed between the electrode pattern layer and the molded body and bonding to the electrode pattern layer and the contact pin to form an electrical connection between the electrode pattern layer and the contact pin. This arrangement prevents defects caused by embedding a contact pin in a molded body and reliably makes an electrical connection between the contact pin and an electrode pattern layer..
Nissha Printing Co., Ltd.

Electronic package

An electronic package is provided. The electronic package includes an insulator having a recessed portion formed therein; an electronic element embedded in the recessed portion and having a sensing region exposed from the insulator; and a conductive structure disposed on the insulator and electrically connected with the electronic element.
Phoenix Pioneer Technology Co., Ltd.

Audio watermark in a digital video

Watermark data is converted to watermark coefficients, which may be embedded in an image by converting the image to a frequency domain, embedding the watermark in image coefficients corresponding to medium-frequency components, and converting the modified coefficients to the spatial domain. The watermark data is extracted from the modified image by converting the modified image to a frequency domain, extracting the watermark coefficients from the image coefficients, and determining the watermark data from the watermark coefficients.
Gopro, Inc.

Watermarking digital images to increase bit depth

Watermark data is converted to watermark coefficients, which may be embedded in an image by converting the image to a frequency domain, embedding the watermark in image coefficients corresponding to medium-frequency components, and converting the modified coefficients to the spatial domain. The watermark data is extracted from the modified image by converting the modified image to a frequency domain, extracting the watermark coefficients from the image coefficients, and determining the watermark data from the watermark coefficients.
Gopro, Inc.

Method and system to perform text-to-image queries with wildcards

A system and method for comparing a text image with or without a wildcard character and a character string are provided. The method includes embedding a character string into a vectorial space by extracting a set of features from the character string and generating a character string representation based on the extracted features, such as a spatial pyramid bag of characters (spboc) representation.
Xerox Corporation

Cleaning liquid for lithography and forming wiring

A cleaning liquid for lithography, and a method for forming a wiring using the cleaning liquid for lithography. The cleaning liquid for includes an alkali or an acid, a solvent, and a silicon compound generating a silanol group through hydrolysis.
Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Water-absorbent carrier, manufacturing water-absorbent carrier, medical article, and sterilization method

A water-absorbent carrier for moist heat sterilization can be used in a narrow space and does not have a risk of generating foreign matter. The water-absorbent carrier is obtained by embedding a water-absorbent substance in a synthetic resin.
Terumo Kabushiki Kaisha

Circuit device and an object embedding the same

The present invention provides a light-emitting module and light-emitting shoes. The light-emitting module comprises an actuated switch, a controller, a light-emitting device, and a battery.

Encrypting data

A method and system. Ciphertext is generated by applying an initialization vector and an encryption key to plaintext.
International Business Machines Corporation

Self-light-emitting device and manufacturing the same

Failure light emission of an el element due to failure film formation of an organic el material in an electrode hole 46 is improved. By forming the organic el material after embedding an insulator in an electrode hole 46 on a pixel electrode and forming a protective portion 41b, failure film formation in the electrode hole 46 can be prevented.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.


A digital motor comprising a stator, an internal rotor and an external rotor; wherein the internal rotor is embedded into the external rotor, with a cavity provided between the internal and external rotors; the cavity is filled with magnetic phase-change material. The asynchronous motor comprising a rotor and a stator; the asynchronous motor adopts two groups of rotor-stator structures that are arranged coaxially; one group is a driving rotor-stator structure, including a primary stator and a primary rotor; the primary rotor is formed by embedding a primary inner rotor into a primary outer rotor, phase-change magnetic materials are filled into a cavity between the primary inner rotor and the primary outer rotor..
Shanghai Langham Automatic Co., Ltd.

Systems and methods to provide voice connections via local telephone numbers

Methods and apparatuses to dynamically allocate location dependent telephone numbers to facilitate voice connections between people. One embodiment includes: responsive to a request from a user, selecting a telephone number from a plurality of telephone numbers of a connection server to match a location indicator of the request; embedding the telephone number in an advertisement, the telephone number to be used by the user to initiate a telephone call to the connection server for further connection to an advertiser of the advertisement; and providing the advertisement with the telephone number of the connection server as a response to the request. Llc

Method and system for time-stamping a document the state of which changes over time

Method for time-stamping a document the state of which changes over time, comprising the following steps: e) performing a digital sampling of a state of the document at a certain point in time; f) creating a digital signature of the said state, constituted by, comprising or being calculated based upon an output value of a signature one-way function, an input value to which is the sampling; g) embedding the signature into the document, at a point in time which is later than the certain point in time, so that it is possible to read the embedded value from a state of the document at the said later point in time; and h) repeating from a) at the said later point in time; and in that the signature is publically published over at least one publication channel. The invention also relates to a system..
Enigio Time Ab

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