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Measurement of remote display responsiveness to application display changes


Measurement of remote display responsiveness to application display changes

Method for controlling multiple appliances powered by a common dc bus

Method for controlling multiple appliances powered by a common dc bus

Method for controlling multiple appliances powered by a common dc bus

Nitto Denko

Producing method of encapsulating layer-covered semiconductor element and producing method of semiconductor device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Embedding-related patents
 Measuring remote video display with embedded pixels patent thumbnailMeasuring remote video display with embedded pixels
Methods, systems, and computer programs are provided for managing remote display performance. One method includes an operation for determining pixel data for a group of macroblocks, each macroblock having a group of pixels.
Vmware, Inc.
 Measurement of remote display responsiveness to application display changes patent thumbnailMeasurement of remote display responsiveness to application display changes
One method for managing remote display performance includes operations for embedding pixel data in a file of an application executing on a server, and detecting an open window of a graphical user interface (gui) associated with the application. The pixel data is used to create a pixel strip in the window, while the gui is being displayed on a remote display of a remote client.
Vmware, Inc.
 Method for controlling multiple appliances powered by a common dc bus patent thumbnailMethod for controlling multiple appliances powered by a common dc bus
A method for controlling multiple appliances powered by a common dc bus, comprising acts providing a controller connected to the common dc bus with multiple appliances, wherein the multiple appliances are connected in parallel; the controller embedding a command by interrupting an ac input voltage for generating a modulated ac voltage, wherein the command comprises an instruction; providing a converter connected to the controller that converts the modulated ac voltage to a modulated dc voltage, wherein the modulated dc voltage has a ripple voltage; the appliances receiving the command embedded in modulated dc voltage from the common dc bus; and the appliances executing the instruction when the command is verified.. .
 Producing  encapsulating layer-covered semiconductor element and producing  semiconductor device patent thumbnailProducing encapsulating layer-covered semiconductor element and producing semiconductor device
A method for producing an encapsulating layer-covered semiconductor element includes a disposing step of disposing a semiconductor element on a support, an encapsulating step of embedding and encapsulating the semiconductor element by an encapsulating layer in an encapsulating sheet including a peeling layer and the encapsulating layer laminated below the peeling layer and made from a thermosetting resin before complete curing, and a heating step of heating and curing the encapsulating layer after the encapsulating step. The heating step includes a first heating step in which the encapsulating sheet is heated under a normal pressure at a first temperature, a peeling step in which the peeling layer is peeled from the encapsulating layer after the first heating step, and a second heating step in which the encapsulating layer is heated at a second temperature that is higher than the first temperature after the peeling step..
Nitto Denko Corporation
 Method and device for determining hydrophobic energy of protein patent thumbnailMethod and device for determining hydrophobic energy of protein
A method and a device for determining hydrophobic energy of protein are provided. The method for determining hydrophobic energy of the protein includes: based on space coordinates of the amino acids, determining distances of one amino acid to the remaining amino acids (s100); based on the distances, determining embedding coefficients of the amino acids (s200); and based on the embedding coefficients, determining the hydrophobic energy of the protein (s300)..
Tsinghua University
 Computation of radiating particle and wave distributions using a generalized discrete field constructed from representative ray sets patent thumbnailComputation of radiating particle and wave distributions using a generalized discrete field constructed from representative ray sets
The present system and method for simulating particles and waves is useful for calculations involving nuclear and full spectrum radiation transport, quantum particle transport, plasma transport and charged particle transport. The invention provides a mechanism for creating accurate invariants for embedding in general three-dimensional problems and describes means by which a series of simple single collision interaction finite elements can be extended to formulate a complex multi-collision finite element..
Varian Medical Systems, Inc.
 Molded electronic structures in body-mountable devices patent thumbnailMolded electronic structures in body-mountable devices
Molded electronic structures configured for use in body-mountable devices and methods for embedding molded electronic structures in a body-mountable device are described. An example method may include molding an electronic structure to have first curvature corresponding to a first radius of curvature.
Google Inc.
 Furniture structure patent thumbnailFurniture structure
A furniture structure (1) comprising at least one shoulder (2) and a back panel (6) connected to said shoulder (2), said shoulder comprising a surface opposite that of the back panel (6), wherein a decorative panel (30) is connected to at least said shoulder (2) in its surface opposite to that of the back panel (6), and wherein said shoulder comprises an embedding seat (31) which receives said decorative panel (30), by burying it flush with the seat edges, and wherein said decorative panel has a surface facing the shoulder which comprises at least one preferably blind seat (32), and said seat firmly receives a coupling pin (33) having a free end (34) and stop means for elastic means (35) fitted on said coupling pin to affect in pre-load an undercut supporting washer (36), wherein said pin (33) together with said washer (36) pre-loaded by said elastic means (35) are received in a decorative panel seat (37) provided in said shoulder (2) having an inlet opening (38) of a width capable of receiving the pin (33) and the washer (36), said opening (38) continuing with a panel coupling slit (39) suitable to allow the stem of said coupling pin (33) to slide, but capable of preventing the escape of the undercut supporting washer (36) that, when inserted in said seat (37), elastically affects said decorative panel (30) abutting against the shoulder (2), and connecting the panel (30) to the shoulder, hiding each joining means from view, and avoiding the need for permanent fixing means, such as glue or welding, wherein said decorative panel is preferably but not necessarily a slab of marble (30).. .
Unifor S.p.a.
 Quickly detachable belt fastener for handheld electric tool patent thumbnailQuickly detachable belt fastener for handheld electric tool
A belt fastener has a fastener body, a hook-shaped tongue and a triangular groove. The fastener body is embedded in a slot on the tail end of the housing of the electric tool through the hook-shaped tongue.
Metabowerke Gmbh
 Method for producing high quality animal oil with low cholesterol levels patent thumbnailMethod for producing high quality animal oil with low cholesterol levels
The invention provides a method for producing high-quality lard or beef tallow with low cholesterol content. The method of the invention uses enzyme hydrolysis, centrifugation separation and homogenization-assisted embedding technique to obtain high-quality lard or beef tallow with low cholesterol levels.
Jiangnan University

System and user authentication

Disclosed are a system and method for controlling a user log in and log out process. The system may include the use of a near field communication (“nfc”) transmitter, a bluetooth transmitter, or an rfid transmitter worn or carried by the user, such as by embedding the transmitter in a fob, bracelet or id badge, and a receiver, which may be connected to the computer, which receives user data from the transmitter.

Symmetric encryption apparatus and storage medium, and symmetric decryption apparatus and storage medium

In a symmetric encryption apparatus according to an embodiment, a storage unit stores a symmetric key formed from a plurality of elements of a first polynomial ring. A plaintext acceptance unit accepts input of plaintext information.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Integrated circuit packaging system with embedded component and manufacture thereof

An integrated circuit packaging system, and a method of manufacture of an integrated circuit packaging system thereof, including: an embedding material on a component; a mask layer on the embedding material; a buried pattern in the mask layer, the outer surface of the buried pattern coplanar with the outer surface of the mask layer, the buried pattern electrically connected to the component; a patterned dielectric on a portion of the buried pattern; and an integrated circuit die on the buried pattern.. .

Methods and embedding codes in compressed audio data streams

Example methods disclosed herein to embed a watermark in a compressed audio stream include accessing a first scale factor and a first set of mantissas for a first set of transform coefficients included in the compressed audio stream, the first set of transform coefficients corresponding to a first band of a compression standard. Such disclosed example methods also include quantizing a second set of transform coefficients based on a second scale factor corresponding to the first scale factor reduced by a unit of resolution to determine a second set of mantissas, the second set of transform coefficients corresponding to the first band of the compression standard and including the watermark.
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc

Method and providing on-board diagnostics

On-board diagnostics for fleet maintenance is improved by embedding a microprocessor programmed with a prognostication algorithm on a vehicle.. .
Bae Systems Information And Electronic Systems Integration Inc.

Apparatus and determining molecular structure

Certain disclosed embodiments concern a method and an apparatus for determining molecular structure. One embodiment comprises producing sample ions from a sample, cooling molecules of the sample ions by either embedding sample ions in superfluid droplets, such as superfluidic helium droplets, or subjecting sample ions in a cooled ion trap, to a selected temperature approaching absolute zero.
Oregon State University

Method of making structured hybrid adhesive articles

A method is provided for making structured hybrid adhesive articles comprising the steps of: a) providing an adhesive article comprising: i) a base resin comprising an epoxy resin, ii) a first epoxy curative, and iii) a second epoxy curative, by reacting the base resin with the first epoxy curative such that the first epoxy curative is substantially reacted with epoxy resin in the article and the second epoxy curative is substantially unreacted in the article; b) embossing the adhesive article with a relief pattern; and c) curing the adhesive article such that the second epoxy curative is substantially reacted with epoxy in the article. In some embodiments, the method additionally comprises a step of embedding a scrim in the adhesive.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Phototherapy gel pack

A hot/cold therapy and light therapy (phototherapy) provide synergistic effects for a user. An improved gel pack is provided wherein a flexible circuit with at least one light source is provided.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Method for producing an electrode structure

C. Applying a layer made of a polymeric material while embedding, at least in part, the electrodes and/or contact paths formed in step b..

Embedding data in stereo audio using saturation parameter modulation

In some embodiments, a method for embedding data (e.g., metadata for use during post-processing) in a stereo audio signal comprising frames. Each of the frames has a saturation value, and data are embedded in the stereo audio signal by modifying the signal to generate a modulated stereo audio signal comprising a sequence of modulated frames having modulated saturation values indicative of the embedded data.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Interpreted language translation system and method

A computer-implemented method of processing an interpreted language element for execution on a mobile communication device including receiving at a server system a request from a remote device for a first electronic document that includes an interpreted language element, executing the interpreted language element using an interpreter, creating a context for the interpreted language element, generating a second electronic document based on a result of the execution, and transmitting the second electronic document to the remote device for display. In one implementation, executing the interpreted language element may include performing an action specified by the interpreted language element.
Google Inc.

Method of measuring a physical property of a solid body

A method of measuring a physical property of a solid body is provided. The method includes remotely deploying a measurement device into a body of ice prone water.
Conocophillips Company

Automated embedding machine, and embedding a histological sample

An automated embedding machine includes at least a conveyor, a pouring station, and a cooling station. The conveyor is embodied and arranged to receive casting molds each having at least one histological sample arranged therein, and to transport them to the pouring station which fills each casting mold with an embedding medium heated to above its melting point, and then to the cooling station which cools the embedding medium of each casting mold to below its melting point.
Leica Biosystems Nussloch Gmbh

Reducing cosmetic surface interference from embedded components

The described embodiments relate to a method for embedding one or more electrical components in a flexible substrate. The method includes receiving a substrate of a flexible material, wherein the substrate includes a cosmetic surface and an opposing surface.
Apple Inc.

Implantable stimulator device having components embedded in a circuit board

An improved circuit board for an implantable stimulator device is disclosed having components embedded within the device's circuit board, and in particular having embedded components in the electrodes current paths, such as various numbers and/or combinations of dc-blocking capacitors, emi filtering capacitors, and emi filtering inductors. By embedding at least some of these components, the improved circuit board can accommodate additional ipg circuitry, or can be made smaller, which is significant given the trend to increase the number of electrodes in such devices.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

Printed circuit board and manufacturing method thereof

A printed circuit board (pcb) may include: an insulating layer; a first circuit layer including a first circuit pattern embedded therein, such that an upper surface thereof is exposed from a first surface of the insulating layer; and a metal post formed on the first circuit pattern. In the pcb, a fine pitch is implemented by embedding circuit patterns and forming metal posts, and a thickness of the pcb is reduced through a coreless structure..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Semiconductor storage device and manufacturing the semiconductor storage device

A semiconductor-storage-device manufacturing method of the present invention is a method for manufacturing a semiconductor storage device provided with a ferroelectric capacitor including a lower electrode, a ferroelectric film, and an upper electrode, and the method includes a step of embedding a first metal plug and a second metal plug in an insulating layer; a step of forming a covering layer that covers at least the second metal plug while securing a part that comes into electric contact with the first metal plug; a step of forming a deposit structure by sequentially depositing a material for the lower electrode, a material for the ferroelectric film, and a material for the upper electrode after forming the covering layer; and a step of forming the ferroelectric capacitor by etching and removing other parts except a part of the deposit structure such that the part of the deposit structure remains on the first metal plug.. .
Rohm Co., Ltd.

Bridge structure for embedding semiconductor die

A semiconductor device, and a method of its manufacture, are disclosed. The semiconductor device includes a semiconductor die, such as a controller die, mounted on a surface of a substrate.
Sandisk Information Technology (shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Haptic signal synthesis and transport in a bit stream

Techniques for synthesizing a parameterized haptic track from a multichannel audio signal and embedding the haptic track in a multichannel audio codec bit stream. The haptic track synthesis can occur while encoding the multichannel audio signal as the multichannel audio codec bit stream.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

Watermarked media content in iptv or itv networks

A method that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may embedding a watermark in media content for presentation at a rendering device using an editor to associate the watermark with one or more metadata pointers that point to additional media content according to an embedded link of the watermark to generate a group of one or more metadata pointers where the watermark includes an embedded link to additional media content used to modify the media content based on a content exchange between the rendering device and a computer. The method may further include storing the group of one or more metadata pointers, where a selection of the watermark invokes access to the altered media content containing the additional media content associated with the watermark, thereby producing the altered media content at the one or more user devices.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Information embedding device, information detecting device, information embedding method, and information detecting method

A memory stores first video information displayed on a display screen. A processor generates embedded information varying temporally and superimposes the embedded information on an image part at least corresponding to an edge of the display screen in the first video information so as to generate second video information on which the embedded information is superimposed.
Fujitsu Limited

System and providing electronic commerce data

A mechanism for providing electronic commerce data onto publisher's site. The mechanism also provides ability for a consumer to interact with that data to complete a purchase from within the publisher's website or application.
72 Lux, Inc.

Managing document revisions

Embodiments of the invention relates to tracking changes made to a document, and embedding the changes in the document while limiting access to the embedded changes. A log of the revisions is retained in a revision history, which is stored in an object library of alternative storage.
International Business Machines Corporation

Pluggable architecture for embedding analytics in clustered in-memory databases

Disclosed are pluggable, distributed computing-system architectures allowing for embedding analytics to be added or removed from nodes of a system hosting an in-memory database. The disclosed system includes an api that may be used to create customized, application specific analytics modules.
Qbase, Llc

Method and de-embedding

De-embedding apparatus and methods of de-embedding are disclosed. A de-embedding apparatus includes a test structure including a device-under-test (dut) embedded in the test structure, and a plurality of dummy test structures including an open dummy structure, a distributed open dummy structure, and a short dummy structure.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Embedding stall and event trace profiling data in the timing stream - extended timing trace circuits, processes, and systems

An electronic tracing process includes packing both stall (215) and reason (219) data into a single high priority timing information stream. An integrated circuit includes an electronic processor (110), and a tracing circuit (120) operable to pack both stall and events data into a single timing information stream.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Method and decision migration in a multi-component robot

A method and apparatus for decision migration within a multi-component robot are disclosed. The method of supporting decision migration between components for a multi-component robot may include: recognizing at least one subcomponent; generating at least one rule corresponding to a respective action of the at least one recognized subcomponent and embedding the at least one rule in at least one other component; and transmitting a decision or action migration request for a specific task to the other component if a failure occurs or synchronization with the other component is needed while the at least one subcomponent is performing the specific task by using the generated rule..
Foundation Of Soongsil University-industry Cooperation

Neural probe array having waveguide member with improved waveguide characteristics and manufacturing method thereof

A neural probe array includes a probe body that is implanted into a subject, a fixture body to support a rear end of the probe body, a cladding extending in a lengthwise direction of the probe body in an upper part of the probe body, and an optical waveguide member installed on the cladding along the cladding, and the cladding is embedded in a recessed cavity formed in the upper part of the probe body. A method for manufacturing the neural probe array includes forming the cavity in an upper part of a first substrate, embedding the cladding in the cavity, forming the optical waveguide member on the cladding along the cladding, and forming the probe body by cutting the first substrate off..
Korea Institute Science And Technology

Geofence compositions

Architecture that enables geofence combinations and compositions where multiple correlated geofences are generated for an entity such as a point of interest. The geofences can have varying radii relative to a specific entity and represent distinct areas or aspects of the entity.
Microsoft Corporation

Communication method

A communication method in the present disclosure is a communication method for obtaining information from a subject, including: taking a picture of the subject in a picture-taking mode, thereby obtaining image data; performing, after the taking, visible light communication in a visible light communication mode which is a different mode from the picture-taking mode, thereby obtaining visible light data of the subject; and embedding the visible light data obtained, into the image data, and thus saving the visible light data obtained.. .
Panasonic Corporation

In-loop fidelity enhancement for video compression

An encoder for receiving a video frame and performing encoding processes to generate an encoded bitstream includes: a fidelity enhancement block, for performing a fidelity enhancement technique on processed data utilizing a partition method, and generating fidelity enhancement information comprising at least one parameter associated with a partition structure, wherein the fidelity enhancement technique comprises applying discrepancy modeling based on dc offset; and an entropy coding block, coupled to the fidelity enhancement block, for encoding the fidelity enhancement information, and embedding the encoded fidelity enhancement information into the encoded bitstream.. .
Mediatek Inc.

Embedding information in paper forms

This disclosure provides methods and systems of embedding and extracting information in a printed document. According to one exemplary embodiment, a method is provided wherein information is encoded by one or more partial or complete gaps in a line associated with a form, and the line gaps are patterned to provide n-bit codes..
Xerox Corporation

Image forming apparatus, text data embedding method, and recording medium

An image forming apparatus includes: a scanner that obtains an image file by document scanning; a character recognition processor that obtains a text string from each line of text by performing character recognition; a text string splitter that splits each the text string into a plurality of short text strings in accordance with a predetermined rule; a font size determining portion that determines a uniform font size for each the text string; a position determining portion that determines x-axis positions for the short text strings on the basis of the x-coordinates of the characters at the forefront in the respective short text strings, the short text strings each having its x-axis in the forward and backward reading directions; and an embedding portion that embeds text data of the short text strings in the image file at the respective x-axis positions in the uniform font size for the entire text string.. .
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Fade-resistant high capacity electrodes for a lithium-ion battery

The gravimetric and volumetric efficiency of lithium ion batteries may be increased if higher capacity materials like tin and silicon are substituted for carbon as the lithium-accepting host in the negative electrode of the battery. But both tin and silicon, when fully charged with lithium, undergo expansions of up to 300% and generate appreciable internal stresses.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Solar cell protective sheet and solar cell module

A solar cell module is provided with a solar cell, a sealing member embedding the solar cell therein, a front surface protective member, and a back surface protective member. The storage modulus of the sealing member for the temperature range of 20-40° c.
Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd.

Method and system to warn the user in the event of potential confidential document security violations

A method and system to warn the user in the event of potential confidential document security violations. The method includes using a computer, electronically embedding a digital marker in an electronic document to create a marked document; storing the document on a non-removable non-transitory computer readable medium of the computer; upon a request for transmission of the marked document from the computer or for copying the marked document to a removable non-transitory computer readable medium, determining that the marked document contains the digital marker and displaying a warning on a display unit of the computer of the request based on the marked document containing the digital marker; and allowing the transmission or the copying only upon approval of release of the marked document by a human user of the computer..
International Business Machines Corporation

System, method and non-transitory computer readable medium for embedding behavior collection component into application of mobile device automatically

A system for automatically embedding behavior collection components into a mobile device application; the system includes a user interface module, a recording module, a marking module, and an embedding module. The user interface module provides an operation interface which includes tracking items.
Institute For Information Industry

Method to enable cross-origin resource sharing from a webpage inside a private network

A method of delivering content of a webpage to a web browser on a device communicating with a network through a proxy server includes embedding a first nested browsing context in a parent browsing context of the web browser where the parent browsing context is associated with a first domain and the first nested browsing context is associated with a second domain; sending a request for content from the first nested browsing context to the second domain through the proxy server; and receiving at the first nested browsing context the content from the second domain.. .
Instart Logic, Inc.

Systems for embedding information in data strings

A data processing system is provided that includes applications, databases, encryption engines, and decryption engines. Encryption and decryption engines may be used to perform format-preserving encryption on data strings stored in a database.
Voltage Security, Inc.

Method and system for content distribution

A centralized distribution server comprises converter means for embedding content data into a digital delivery stream and transmitting means for transmitting said digital delivery stream to at least one of said subscriber terminals via a forward network channel. The at least one subscriber terminal comprises receiving means for receiving said digital delivery stream from said centralized server and interface means for enabling access to said digital delivery stream and/or the content data embedded therein by a subscriber.
Flowing Content S.a.

Manufacturing method and manufacturing tool for reinforced structural elements

A manufacturing method for reinforced structural elements includes providing a reinforcement structure including a first material, and embedding the reinforcement structure in an encasing matrix comprising a second material using additive layer manufacturing, alm. A manufacturing tool for reinforced structural elements includes a positioning component including a jig for clamping a reinforcement structure including a first material and an alm robot configured to embed a reinforcement structure clamped in the jig in an encasing matrix including a second material..
Airbus Operations Gmbh

Method of embedding of an image with a color transform

The method comprises the generation of a deteriorated image associated with a first bit rate and of a deteriorated color transform associated with a second bit rate, an evaluation of a first distortion by comparison of the image with a first test image obtained by the application of the color transform to the deteriorated image, and of a second distortion by comparison of the image with a second test image obtained by the application of the deteriorated color transform to the image, and the determination of a final conjoint bit rate associated with a best trade-off between a conjoint bit rate (r=r1+r2) and a global distortion (de=de1+de2). The optimized deteriorated image and the optimized deteriorated color transform are then embedded based on this conjoint bit rate..
Thomson Licensing

Network system, interface board, controlling printing on an network system, and program

A client terminal includes a web page acquisition unit that acquires from a web application server a web page embedding a print control script that operates on a web browser and controls printing related to the web page, a display unit that displays the acquired web page as a displayed web page, a drawing process unit that accepts an input operation on the displayed web page and draws a result of the input operation in a specific drawing area, a print data generation unit that generates print data by converting image data written in the drawing area to a form enabling processing by a printer according to the print control script as a result of a print operation performed on the displayed web page, and a print command unit that commands the printer to print the print data according to the print control script.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Process of forming a rubber reinforced article with voided fibers

The process of forming a reinforced rubber article comprising, in order, slit extruding fibers having at least a first layer containing a polymer, orienting the fibers monoaxially forming monoaxially drawn fibers having a plurality of voids in the first layer in an amount of between about 3 and 15 percent by volume of the first layer, forming the monoaxially drawn fibers into a fibrous layer, and embedding the fibrous layer into rubber.. .
Milliken & Company

Manufacturing solid-state imaging device and solid-state imaging device

A method for manufacturing a solid-state imaging device comprises a first step of preparing an imaging element including a second principal surface having an electrode arranged thereon, and a photoelectric converter part configured to photoelectrically convert the incident energy line so as to generate a signal charge; a second step of preparing a support substrate, provided with at least one through hole extending in a thickness direction thereof, having a third principal surface; a third step of aligning the imaging element and the support substrate with each other so that the one electrode is exposed out of the one through hole while the second and third principal surfaces oppose each other and joining the imaging element and the support substrate to each other; and a fourth step of embedding a conductive member in the through hole after the third step.. .
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.

Method of making a membrane and a membrane for water filtration

A method of making a membrane and a membrane made from the method are provided. The method comprises coupling a vesicle to a support substrate, the vesicle comprising a plurality of water channels; and partially embedding the vesicle coupled to the support substrate in a layer of material that is substantially impermeable to water to form the membrane..
National Unibersity Of Singapore

Casting investment composition and casting process using same

The object of the present invention is to provide an embedding material composition for casting that makes it possible to conduct a favorable casting in the case where casting is conducted using a resin pattern that is different from a conventional wax pattern in disappearance temperature and disappearance behaviors through “rapid heating” excellent in treatment efficiency. The present invention relates to an embedding material composition for casting not using a heat-expandable refractory material as a main component, comprising: a binder; and a non-heat-expandable refractory material having an average particle diameter of 5 to 20 μm as main components, in which a content of the binder is 25 to 40 parts by mass and a content of the non-heat-expandable refractory material is 60 to 75 parts by mass in the case where the total amount of the main components is 100 parts by mass, and the present invention also relates to a casting process using the embedding material composition for casting..
Yoshino Gypsum Co., Ltd.

Method for manufacturing compound heat sink

The present invention provides a method for manufacturing a compound heat sink. Firstly, providing an artificial graphite sheet, and then performing a surface treatment process on the artificial graphite sheet to form a rugged structure on the artificial graphite sheet as a first embedding structure.
Hugetemp Energy Ltd.

Uiccs embedded in terminals or removable therefrom

The invention proposes several improvements related to the management of secure elements, like uiccs embedding sim applications, these secure elements being installed, fixedly or not, in terminals, like for example mobile phones. In some cases, the terminals are constituted by machines that communicate with other machines for m2m (machine to machine) applications..

Personal service providing system, information collection and analysis server, and methods thereof

A personal service providing system, an information collection and analysis server and the methods thereof are provided. The information collection and analysis server receives a record of a transaction from a service end, generates a distinct link associated with the record, and transmits the distinct link to the service end.

Printed assemblies of ultrathin, microscale inorganic light emitting diodes for deformable and semitransparent displays

Described herein are printable structures and methods for making, assembling and arranging electronic devices. A number of the methods described herein are useful for assembling electronic devices where one or more device components are embedded in a polymer which is patterned during the embedding process with trenches for electrical interconnects between device components.

System for embedding data

A method and system including receiving marking information, determining, at least in part, based on the marking 0 information, a plurality of color element additives, adding the plurality of color element additives to at least one color element of a video frame, wherein the at least one color element includes a color element r, a color element g, and a color element b. Related methods and systems are also described..

Illumination apparatus, manufaturing light guide plate, back light module and manufacturing the same

A method for manufacturing a light guide apparatus includes the following steps. A first mold and a second mold are provided.

System and 3d printing parts with additional features

An apparatus and method for multi-stage printing teaches a 3d printer in combination with one or more additional dispensing nozzles. One or more additional dispensing nozzles are combined with the 3d for filling cavities with other compounds such as foam, sterilizing parts by spraying printed mold with disinfectant or antibacterial treatments, and embedding parts or other materials such as paper, fiberglass, or carbon fiber within the printing layers for additional strength and changing mold properties of a final product.

Method, device and computer storage medium for controlling desktop

Provided are method, device and computer storage medium for controlling desktop. The method includes: creating a first interface as a sub-window of a desktop container according to a creating instruction; and embedding the first interface created as the sub-window into the desktop container.
Tencent Technology (shenzhen) Company Limited

Multi-dimensional real-time bidding

A method of selecting an advertisement (ad) network for providing promotional content to be presented in an ad spot, comprising: monitoring the performance of response to ad requests for embedding ads in ad spots for each ad networks; assigning a performance score to each ad networks based on the monitoring; constructing a ranked set of data values of the ad networks for a bidding process according to the performance score of each ad network and bid responses received by each ad network; and selecting an ad network according to the ranked set of data values.. .
Hiro Media Ltd.

Steganographic embedding of information in coding genes

The present invention relates to the storage of items of information in nucleic acid sequences. The invention also relates to nucleic acid sequences in which desired items of information are contained, and to the design, production or use of such sequences..
Geneart Ag

Encapsulation of a stiffener layer in aluminum

The described embodiments relate to methods and apparatus for increasing rigidity of a metal housing while maintaining or reducing a wall thickness of the metal housing. More particularly a method for embedding a stiffener layer within an aluminum substrate is discussed.
Apple Inc.

Systems and methods for embedding multimedia data in surgical feeds

Systems and methods for embedding and sharing video feeds captured during a surgery, to users, in real-time, including video receivers for receiving video feed from video recording equipment, a video stream distribution server receiving the video feed, a relay transferring the video feed to users by rendering the video feed in relation to bandwidth available to each of the users and selecting a protocol of rtp, rtsp, and rtmp and selecting transmission parameters of video bit rate parameters, frames per second parameters, window size(s) parameters, buffer size parameters, key frame interval parameters. Systems and methods create and transmit video feeds with full duplex communication, viewing options, and surgery-performable video frame sequence transmission at substantially reduced bandwidth between origin and end user..

Method and managing processing thread migration between clusters within a processor

A method, and corresponding apparatus, of managing processing thread migrations within a plurality of memory clusters, includes embedding, in memory components of the plurality of memory clusters, instructions indicative of processing thread migrations; storing, in one or more memory components of a particular memory cluster among the plurality of memory clusters, data configured to designate the particular memory cluster as a sink memory cluster, the sink memory cluster preventing an incoming migrated processing thread from migrating out of the sink memory cluster; and processing one or more processing threads, in one or more of the plurality of memory clusters, in accordance with at least one of the embedded migration instructions and the data stored in the one or more memory components of the sink memory cluster.. .
Cavium, Inc.

Coil component, manufacturing method thereof, coil component-embedded substrate, and voltage adjustment module having the same

A coil component may be capable of being easily manufactured and significantly decreasing direct current (dc) resistance of its wiring. The coil component may include a coil assembly including a core substrate and coil patterns formed on the core substrate; and a magnetic material part embedding the coil assembly therein..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

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Embedding topics: Electronic Device, Photovoltaic Module, Semiconductor, Semiconductor Material, Scheduling, 3d Display, Video Camera, Reproduction, Image Capture, Cell Phone, Liquid Crystal Display, Liquid Crystal, Smart Phone, Longitudinal Direction, Impact Strength

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