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Date/App# patent app List of recent Embedding-related patents
 Circuit arrangement and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Circuit arrangement and manufacturing the same
A circuit arrangement is provided, which may include: an embedding package chip carrier; a first chip and a second chip arranged over the embedding package chip carrier, each of the first chip and the second chip comprising: a control terminal, a first controlled terminal, and a second controlled terminal, wherein the control terminal and the first controlled terminal are arranged on a first side of the chip, and wherein the second controlled terminal is arranged on a second side of the chip, wherein the second side is opposite the first side; wherein the first chip is arranged on the embedding package chip carrier such that its first side is facing towards the embedding package chip carrier; and wherein the second chip is arranged on the embedding package chip carrier such that its first side is facing away from the embedding package chip carrier.. .
Infineon Technologies Ag

 Doping of a substrate via a dopant containing polymer film patent thumbnailnew patent Doping of a substrate via a dopant containing polymer film
Disclosed herein is a method for doping a substrate, comprising disposing a coating of a composition comprising a copolymer, a dopant precursor and a solvent on a substrate; where the copolymer is capable of phase segregating and embedding the dopant precursor while in solution; and annealing the substrate at a temperature of 750 to 1300° c. For 0.1 second to 24 hours to diffuse the dopant into the substrate.
Dow Global Technologies Llc

 Methods involving maps, imagery, video and steganography patent thumbnailnew patent Methods involving maps, imagery, video and steganography
The disclosure describes methods and apparatus of providing steganographic indicia or digital watermarking in image or video data. One implementation provides a method of embedding a digital watermark in image data captured by an imager, with watermark embedding occurring on-chip with the imager.
Digimarc Corporation

 Digital watermarking patent thumbnailnew patent Digital watermarking
System(s) and method(s) for embedding and extracting a watermark from a digital media are described. The method may include embedding a set of watermark bits in a n*n block of the digital media based on a local binary pattern (lbp) synthesis process.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

 Determining test case priorities based on tagged execution paths patent thumbnailnew patent Determining test case priorities based on tagged execution paths
Test case priorities are automatically determined based on the execution path of a software application that includes priority tags. By embedding the priority tags in the source code of the software application, the consistency and reliability of the test case priorities is improved compared to conventional, primarily manual approaches to determining test case priorities.
Vmware, Inc.

 Building management system analysis patent thumbnailnew patent Building management system analysis
Devices, methods, and systems for building management system analysis are described herein. One method includes embedding a plurality of statistics associated with a building within a graphical display of the building and displaying a timeline of the plurality of statistics within the graphical display..
Honeywell International Inc.

 Fano resonance microwave spectroscopy of high absorption matter patent thumbnailnew patent Fano resonance microwave spectroscopy of high absorption matter
The invention is a method of fano resonance microwave spectroscopy of high absorption matter. The method comprises: embedding a magnetic-dipolar-mode (mdm) ferrite disk in the microwave cavity, loading a sample of the high absorption matter in the microwave cavity, using a bias magnetic field to tune the mdm resonance frequency of the ferrite disk to the resonance frequency of the cavity; and observing the symmetric lorentz-like lineshape of the resonance peaks that are obtained..
B.g. Negev Technologies And Applications Ltd., At Ben-gurion University

 Amorphous steel composites with enhanced strengths, elastic properties and ductilities patent thumbnailnew patent Amorphous steel composites with enhanced strengths, elastic properties and ductilities
Amorphous steel composites with enhanced mechanical properties and related methods for toughening amorphous steel alloys. The composites are formed from monolithic amorphous steel and hard ceramic particulates, which must be embedded in the glass matrix through melting at a temperature above the melting point for the steel but below the melting point for the ceramic.
University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

 Noise power estimation in digital communications systems with fast fading channels patent thumbnailNoise power estimation in digital communications systems with fast fading channels
An accurate and fast method for estimation of noise power in digital communication systems is presented. Exemplary embodiments of the present invention do not rely upon the need for embedding reference sequences in the transmitted data.
Sirius Xm Radio Inc.

 Method for producing superconductive conductor and superconductive conductor patent thumbnailMethod for producing superconductive conductor and superconductive conductor
A superconductive wire conductor is produced by: embedding a plurality of deposition substrates formed into to have a predetermined size in parallel with each other to a connection base material to connect and integrate therewith; depositing an intermediate layer, a superconductive layer and a protective layer on a deposition surface side of the deposition substrate; and winding a single or multiple integrated superconductive conductors around a desired core material, separating each single superconductive wire from the integrated superconductive conductor and winding each superconductive wire around the core material or winding the integrated or separated wire alternately, whereby a superconductive conductor having a good superconductive characteristic without a problem regarding a shape thereof such as local protrusions.. .
Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.


Adhesive articles having repositionability or slidability characteristics

An adhesive article exhibiting air release or egress, repositionability, and/or slidability characteristics. An adhesive article comprises an adhesive layer comprising an adhesive surface comprising discrete forms of non-adhesive material randomly distributed on the patterned surface and at least partially embedded in the adhesive layer.
Avery Dennison Corporation


Method of manufacturing a functional inlay

The method of manufacturing a functional inlay comprises the steps of: —providing a support layer with at least a first and a second side —embedding a wire antenna in said support layer —processing said support layer with said embedded wire antenna to a connection station in which —said support layer is approached on said first side by a holding device holding a chip with a surface comprising connection pads; —said support layer is approached on said second side by a connection device; and —said antenna wire is connected to said connection pads by means of a reciprocal pressure exerted between said holding device and said connection device.. .
Assa Abloy Ab


Method and system for hosting and running user configured dynamic applications through a software container on a computing device

The embodiments herein provide a method and system for hosting and running user configured dynamic applications through a software container on a computing device. The system comprises a first program component for embedding a program interpreter along with a program logic for running a dynamic application; a second program component for processing the user interactions with the dynamic applications; a third program component for interacting with several computing device capabilities to provide an interface between the dynamic applications and several computing device capabilities; and a rendering engine program for rendering the dynamic applications.


Embedded authentication systems in an electronic device

This invention is directed to an electronic device with an embedded authentication system for restricting access to device resources. The authentication system may include one or more sensors operative to detect biometric information of a user.
Apple Inc.


Modulator and production method thereof

A modulator including: a mach-zehnder modulator that includes an optical waveguide disposed on a substrate, the optical waveguide including an electrode thereon; a resin layer disposed on the substrate, the resin layer embedding the optical waveguide, the resin layer having a groove arranged besides the optical waveguide; a termination resistor disposed on the substrate in the groove of the resin layer; and a first wiring disposed on the resin layer, the first wiring being connected to the termination resistor and the electrode of the optical waveguide.. .
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Sector mold, manufacturing same, and jig for processing pattern block

A pattern block can be easily attached to a sector with high positional accuracy, and furthermore, the strength thereof is enhanced. The present invention provides a sector mold constituted by attaching a pattern block to a sector, and the sector mold includes: the sector including an embedding groove and holes for positioning pins; and the pattern block including a convex portion for an embedding groove and positioning pins, on a back body surface, corresponding to the embedding groove and the holes for the positioning pins, respectively..
Bridgestone Corporation


Semi-finished product for the production of a printed circuit board and producing the same

In a semi-finished product for the production of a printed circuit board, the semi-finished product comprising a plurality of having multiple insulating layers of a prepreg material and conductive layers (2, 2′) of a conductive material and further comprising having at least one electronic component embedded in at least one insulating layer the at least one electronic component is attached to a corresponding conductive layer by the aid of an anisotropic conductive film and the anisotropic conductive film as well as the prepreg material are in an unprocessed state. The method for producing a printed circuit board comprises the following steps: providing at least one conductive layer (2), applying an anisotropic conductive film on the conductive layer, affixing at least one electronic component on the anisotropic conductive film, embedding the electronic component in at least one insulating layer of prepreg material to obtain a semi-finished product, laminating the semi-finished product to process the prepreg material and the anisotropic conductive film..
At&s Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaft


Embedding information in generated acoustic signals

Methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture (e.g., physical storage media) to embed information in generated acoustic signals are disclosed. Example methods disclosed herein to embed information in an acoustic signal output from an electric vehicle include obtaining a first audio signal to be used to generate the acoustic signal.
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc


Dynamic internet advertising system

Methods and apparatus are provided for the dynamic placement, management and monitoring of internet advertising. A provider of internet content distributes the internet content by embedding an advertisement placeholder in the internet content; and provides the internet content to an aggregator web site.
International Business Machines Corporation


Sealing frame, backlight module, display device

A sealing frame, a backlight module and a display device. The sealing frame includes a frame made of hard materials and barrier wall portions made of soft materials.
Chengdu Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


Prosthetic mitral valve with adjustable support

Disclosed is an implantable mitral valve having an adjustable support. The support comprises a plurality of pairs of adjacent struts joined at apexes and a plurality of anchors for tissue engagement.
Millipede, Inc.


Heat dissipating module and combining the same

In a heat dissipating module and a method of combining the heat dissipating module, the heat dissipating module includes a circuit board, a heat generating component, a heat dissipating element, and a surface mount layer. The circuit board has a through hole, and the heat generating component is corresponsive to the through hole and installed on the circuit board, and the heat dissipating element has a protruding embedding portion formed on the other side of the circuit board and embedded into the through hole.
Delta Electronics, Inc.


Method for manufacturing semiconductor device

After embedding a silicon oxide film within a second trench that opens in a semiconductor substrate using a silicon nitride film as a hard mask, the silicon oxide film over the silicon nitride film is polished, and then, wet etching is performed before a step for removing the silicon nitride film, and thereby the upper surface of the silicon oxide film within a first trench opened in the silicon nitride film is retreated.. .
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Method for embedding and extracting multi-scale space based watermark

A method for embedding and extracting a multi-scale space based watermark, comprises: constructing a pyramid structure of an original image by dividing each carrier image layer into m square carrier image blocks of the same size; constructing a multi-scale structure of a watermark image; embedding a watermark by embedding each watermark image into a corresponding carrier image block to obtain the original image containing the watermark; locating in the pyramid structure of the original image a target image from which a watermark will be extracted; extracting the watermark by obtaining an estimated watermark by means of the target image block and the reference image block; comparing watermarks by evaluating similarity between the estimated watermark and a watermark image to which the reference image block corresponds. Due to the multi-resolution block pyramid data structure in the present invention, a large scale attack is decomposed into a multi-level small scale attack..


Scoring concept terms using a deep network

Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, for scoring concept terms using a deep network. One of the methods includes receiving an input comprising a plurality of features of a resource, wherein each feature is a value of a respective attribute of the resource; processing each of the features using a respective embedding function to generate one or more numeric values; processing the numeric values to generate an alternative representation of the features of the resource, wherein processing the floating point values comprises applying one or more non-linear transformations to the floating point values; and processing the alternative representation of the input to generate a respective relevance score for each concept term in a pre-determined set of concept terms, wherein each of the respective relevance scores measures a predicted relevance of the corresponding concept term to the resource..
Google Inc.


Methods, systems, and media for baiting inside attackers

Methods, systems, and media for providing trap-based defenses are provided. In accordance with some embodiments, a method for providing trap-based defenses is provided, the method comprising: generating decoy information based at least in part on actual information in a computing environment, wherein the decoy information is generated to comply with one or more document properties; embedding a beacon into the decoy information; and inserting the decoy information with the embedded beacon into the computing environment, wherein the embedded beacon provides a first indication that the decoy information has been accessed by an attacker and wherein the embedded beacon provides a second indication that differentiates between the decoy information and the actual information..
The Trustees Of Columbia University In The City Of New York


Phone and tablet applications for cardiac implantable electronic devices (my pacer app)

This invention concerns embedding patient data of cardiac implantable electronic devices, namely: pacemakers, defibrillators, combination of the these two devices, cardiac resynchronization therapy, implantable cardioverter defibrillators, and combination of this with a defibrillator into a phone and tablet application for ios, android and other phone platforms my pacer app.. .


Embedding analytics within transaction search

A system and method facilitating data search, analysis, and/or related actions or data modifications in an enterprise computing environment. An example method includes providing a first user option to specify a transaction search; providing a second user option to specify an analytic; and employing an integrated analytics and search framework to present one or more search results via the analytic in response to user selection of the first user option.
Oracle International Corporation


Information processing device, information processing method, information processing program, display control device, and display control program

An information processing device according to one embodiment includes a receiving unit, a frame generation unit, an acquisition unit, an embedding unit and a transmitting unit. The receiving unit receives a request for a full size frame from a user terminal.
Rakuten, Inc.


Semiconductor optical modulator and manufacturing semiconductor optical modulator

A semiconductor optical modulator includes a substrate having a principal surface; a waveguide disposed on the principal surface of the substrate, the waveguide extending in a first direction; a first electrode disposed on the waveguide, the first electrode being in contact with an upper surface of the waveguide; a first wiring connected to the first electrode, the first wiring extending in a second direction intersecting the first direction; a build-up portion connected to the first wiring; a second wiring connected to the build-up portion, the second wiring extending in a plane parallel to the principal surface of the substrate; and a resin layer disposed on the substrate, the resin layer embedding the first wiring and the build-up portion. The build-up portion extends along a third direction, the third direction intersecting perpendicularly to the principal surface of the substrate.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


Composite casting part

A process for producing a composite cast part containing an insert part and casting material, wherein the insert part is integrally bonded to the casting material and the process comprises the following steps: producing the insert part formed of an exothermic material; encapsulating or embedding the insert part; inserting the encapsulated/embedded insert part into a casting mould; filling the mould with molten mass; and flowing a casting material on the insert part wherein the exothermic material ignites through contact with the flowing casting material or as a result of the ignition temperature of the exothermic mass being reached, whereby a temperature gradient between the cast material solidifying molten mass the insert part is reduced.. .
Georg Fischer Automotive (kunshan) Co Ltd


Substrates coated with wear resistant layers and methods of applying wear resistant layers to same

Components with improved erosion resistance are disclosed. A surface of the component or a substrate of the component is modified by coating the substrate with an elastomer layer.
United Technologies Corporation


A phase reference symbol format for ofdm phase synchronization

The present invention describes an orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing, ofdm, transmitter and a method for embedding phase reference symbols into an ofdm symbol. The invention comprises a single-carrier pre-processing unit arranged to receive phase reference symbols and provide pre-processed phase reference samples as output and an ofdm modulator arranged to receive data symbols and the pre-processed phase reference samples as input and map the data symbols to sub-carriers and embed the single-carrier samples into a frequency sub-band of the ofdm symbol.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)


Method of manufacturing wound stator for alternating-current generator

The present invention relates to a method of manufacturing a wound stator. The method promises the following steps: (1) providing a stator, which has a plurality of radial grooves arranged at an inner circumference of the stator, (2) providing a plurality of wires for the stator, and (3) sequentially embedding the straight portions of each wire in corresponding grooves of the stator so that each of the grooves is embedded with the wires.
Victory Industrial Corporation


Hkmg high voltage cmos for embedded non-volatile memory

The present disclosure relates to a structure and method for embedding a non-volatile memory (nvm) in a hkmg (high-κ metal gate) integrated circuit which includes a high voltage (hv) hkmg transistor. Nvm devices (e.g., flash memory) are operated at high voltages for its read and write operations and hence a hv device is necessary for integrated circuits involving non-volatile embedded memory and hkmg logic circuits.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Versatile music distribution

Methods and devices are described whereby a representation of an original pcm signal may be reversibly degraded in a controlled manner and information losslessly embedded to produce a streamable pcm signal, which provides a controlled audio quality when played on standard players and conditional access to a lossless presentation of the original pcm signal. Using such techniques allows control over the level of degradation of the signal and also flexibility in the type information of information embedded.
Meridian Audio Limited


Measuring glomerular number from kidney mri images

Measuring the number of glomeruli in the entire, intact kidney using non-destructive techniques is of immense importance in studying several renal and systemic diseases. In particular, a recent magnetic resonance imaging (mri) technique, based on injection of a contrast agent, cationic ferritin, has been effective in identifying glomerular regions in the kidney.
Arizona Board Of Regents, A Body Corporate Of The State Of Arizona, Acting For And On Behalf Of Ariz


System for targeting location-based communications

Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods and computer program products for providing targeted location-based communications. An exemplary apparatus is configured to receive an encoded signal, decode the encoded signal such that embedded data is retrieved, send the embedded data a remote server; and receive a message based at least partially on sending the embedded data.
Muzak Llc


System for targeting location-based communications

Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods and computer program products for providing targeted location-based communications. An exemplary apparatus is configured to receive an encoded signal, decode the encoded signal such that embedded data is retrieved, send the embedded data a remote server; and receive a message based at least partially on sending the embedded data.
Muzak Llc


Dynamic checkout button apparatuses, methods and systems

The dynamic checkout button apparatuses, methods and systems (“dcb”) transforms product page checkout request input and user identification input via dcb components such as offer/discount determination component and checkout button embedding component, into dynamic checkout button outputs.. .
Visa International Service Association


System for providing identification and information, and for scheduling alerts

A device and system for providing identification and medical information are disclosed. The device includes a readable code that contains medical biographical information of the subject, a programmable reporter element that is programmed to electronically store at least one particular event relating to the subject, and a signal producing element functionally related to the programmable reporter element.
Solomon Systems, Inc.


Aluminum films having hardening particles

The described embodiments relate generally to aluminum layer and methods for forming aluminum layer onto metal substrates. Methods involve increasing the hardness of the aluminum layers by embedding hardening particles therein.
Alumiplate, Inc.


Outdoor sanitation seat

The present invention is a sanitation seat for assisting urinating and defecating outdoors. The sanitation seat has a top ring comprised of an outer rim around a vacuous region.


Printed circuit board (pcb) with wrapped conductor

A printed circuit board (pcb) includes a wrapped conductor enabling transmission of a radio frequency (rf) signal, the wrapped conductor including a conductor core and a conductive wrap disposed on top and side surfaces of the conductor core. The pcb further includes a top dielectric layer disposed on the conductive wrap of the wrapped conductor, at least partially embedding the wrapped conductor.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


System and real-time aggregation of images

A method, system and computer program product for embedding news agency specific information into an image data stream, including a server configured to process and route an image file according to information included in a data stream corresponding to the image file; a cloud based database configured to transmit news agency specific information; and a computer device including a software application configured to receive the news agency specific information from the cloud based database, embed the news agency specific information into the image file, and transmit the data stream corresponding to the image file to the server.. .
Celer Images Inc.


Embedded permanent magnet type rotating electric machine

An embedded permanent magnet type motor, which has one pole configured of two permanent magnets and has a plurality of poles of permanent magnets embedded in a rotor, includes a rotor whose magnet embedding holes communicate with a rotor outer periphery. The rotor has, between adjacent poles, a q-axis projection projecting in a direction away from a rotor rotation center.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


System and embedding codes in mutlimedia content elements

A method and system for embedding a code in a multimedia content item are provided. The method comprises identifying multimedia content elements existing in the multimedia content item; generating a new multimedia content element based on the identified existing multimedia content elements; and adding the at least one new multimedia content element to the multimedia content item..
Cortica, Ltd.


System and embedding data

In one embodiment, a watermark is embedded in a sequence of video frames, for each one of the video frames, a set of n rectangular patches, two palettes of pixel values in a selected color space, such that the two palettes are denoted as p0 and p1, and p0≠p1, and in each one of the n patches a processor which chooses one of p0 and p1 according to a value of a payload bit to be encoded, a calculator which calculates one of a variance of pixel values in the frame, and edginess for the pixel values in the frame, thereby determining a calculated value, and a processor which determines if the calculated value is beneath a given threshold value, if the calculated value is beneath the given threshold value the processor is operative to calculate a function of the pixel values, the closest value to a result of the calculation of the function in the chosen palette is chosen, and a replacer which replaces the pixel values within the patch with the chosen closest value. Related systems, apparatus and methods are also described..
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Platform integrating adapting third-party web page in application

The invention discloses a platform integrating method for adapting a third-party web page in an application, comprising a first step of embedding a control for browsing the web page in a client of the application; a second step of establishing a correlation between the control and a custom module of an application generation platform; and a third step of receiving by a custom module a command input for adapting the third-party web page, thereby enabling the client to access the third-party web page by using the control. The invention further discloses a platform integrating system for adapting a third-party web page in an application, comprising: a client, in which a control for browsing the web page and an application are embedded; an application generation platform, which is used for generating an application, and in which a custom module correlated with the control is provided..
Beijing Jinher Software Co.,ltd


Method and system for embedding an enrichment application file into a host application file

A method for embedding an enrichment application file into a host application file may include: decompiling the enrichment application file and the target application file, to yield data files and intermediate language files; copying layout files from the enrichment application file, to folders of the decompiled host application file; merging the data files of the decompiled enrichment application file, with values folders of said host application file; changing application permissions file of the host decompiled application file; scanning all intermediate language files and mapping at least one of: activities and screens; and compiling the merged files back to an application file format, to yield an enriched host application file.. .
Outmobile Ltd.


A method and an providing a tapered edge on a sheet comprising a fibrous material

The invention provides a method of providing a tapered edge on a sheet comprising a fibrous material, comprising moving the sheet while carrying out the following steps: —moving the sheet past a freezing device, which sheet is provided with a substance embedding the fibrous material, at least at a first edge of the sheet, which substance is in a non-solid state at room temperature, in particular at 20 degrees celsius, and cooling the first edge using the freezing device, so that the substance at the first edge becomes solid, —moving the sheet past a machining device while the substance is solid from the cooling using the freezing device, and —machining, during the step of moving the sheet past a machining device, the first edge with the machining device to provide a first tapered edge.. .
Vestas Wind Systems A/s


Process for producing moulded micrometirc, submicrometric or nanometric sized elements made of monocrystalline diamond or of diamond with a very low density of grain boundaries

A process for producing moulded elements made of diamond of nanometric, submicrometric or micrometric sizes, the process comprising the following steps: a) forming beads of nanometric, submicrometric or micrometric sizes, each bead comprising a diamond nanoparticle embedded in an embedding material, by contacting diamond particles of nanometric sizes with an embedding material; b) introducing a bead into cavities of a sacrificial mould, the cavities forming a replica of the elements to be produced; c) removing the embedding material; d) forming diamond elements in the cavities containing a nanoparticle, by growing diamond from nanoparticles; e) releasing the diamond elements, by partially or totally removing the sacrificial mould.. .
Commissariat à L'énergie Atomique Et Aux énergies Alternatives,


Curable resin composition containing aromatic polyester, and cured article thereof

Provided is a curable resin composition which: has high levels of dielectric characteristics required in an electrically insulating material application compatible with a high frequency; provides a cured article excellent in low water absorption rate and low linear expansion rate; and is excellent in wire embedding flatness and resin fluidity. Specifically, provided is an aromatic polyester obtained by condensing (a) an aromatic oxycarboxylic acid, (b) an aromatic polyvalent carboxylic acid or an aromatic polyhydric hydroxy compound, and (c) an aromatic monohydroxy compound or an aromatic monocarboxylic acid.
Nippon Steel & Sumikin Chemical Co., Ltd.


Schemes for forming barrier layers for copper in interconnect structures

A method of forming a semiconductor structure includes providing a substrate; forming a low-k dielectric layer over the substrate; embedding a conductive wiring into the low-k dielectric layer; and thermal soaking the conductive wiring in a carbon-containing silane-based chemical to form a barrier layer on the conductive wiring. A lining barrier layer is formed in the opening for embedding the conductive wiring.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


E-mailed receipt grab and storage for consumer tracking of expenditures

A computer-implemented method and system for recording a consumer's historical expenditures includes accessing incoming email associated with a consumer, identifying a receipt in the incoming email that was emailed from a merchant to the consumer in response to completing a cashless transaction associated with a payment network, linking the receipt to a transaction record generated by an acquirer within the payment network based on an indicator that the receipt and the transaction record were generated in response to the cashless transaction, and embedding the receipt with data from the transaction record associated with the payment network.. .
Mastercard International Incorporated


Apparatus and methods for embedding, retrieving, modifying, and using topic-suggested media in a review request

A system including a review server connected to a global computer network that enables a user related to a topic to create a review request related to said topic, and to include suggested media in said review request. The system further enables a reviewing user to retrieve said review request, and create a review using all, some, or none of the suggested media.
Diamond Review, Inc.


Photostructured optical devices and methods for making same

A photostructurable ceramic is processed using photostructuring process steps for embedding devices within a photostructurable ceramic volume, the devices including chemical, mechanical, electronic, electromagnetic, optical, and acoustic devices, all made in part by creating device material within the ceramic or by disposing a device material through surface ports of the ceramic volume, with the devices being interconnected using internal connections and surface interfaces.. .
The Aerospace Corporation


Embedding fiber optic cables in rotorcraft composites

Some examples of techniques to cost-effectively embed fiber optic cables in laminate structures and to terminate the fiber optic cables on the surface of the laminate for robust and easily-repairable connections can be implemented in rotorcraft composites. To position a cable in the rotorcraft composite, a length of a fiber optic cable is embedded between layers of a composite rotorcraft material.
Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.


Automated systems for composite part fabrication

A method includes: providing a matrix material and a fiber material separate from the matrix material to a fused deposition modelling (fdm) three dimensional (3d) printer; and delivering the matrix material and the fiber material to a printing location of the fdm 3d printer while maintaining separation of the fiber material from the matrix material up to the printing location of the fdm 3d printer, wherein the delivering includes melting the matrix material and embedding the fiber material within the matrix material. Further, a system includes: a build platform; and two or more tools associated with the build platform; wherein the two or more tools are configured and arranged with respect to the build platform to add matrix material and fiber material in non-planar layers to build the object..
Autodesk, Inc.


Umbrella draining assembly

An umbrella draining assembly mainly includes a cylindrical containing cistern body, a flinging device disposed in an inner section of the containing cistern body, and a bearing plate disposed at a bottom edge of the containing cistern body. A positioning component is disposed in the containing cistern body.


Cooling and heating cup holder

A cooling and heating cup holder may include a plurality of holder bodies having a container shape, a plurality of thermoelectric elements each provided to sides of the plurality of holder bodies, a heat dissipating part installed to be thermally connected to a heat dissipating surface of the plurality of thermoelectric elements, a housing embedding the heat dissipating part and having an air inlet formed at an upper portion thereof, and a blower being embedded in the housing and positioned at an upper portion or a lower portion of the heat dissipating part to allow the air discharged from a bent part and introduced through the air inlet to be heat-exchanged.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Apparatus and method embedding a camera in an led streetlight

Apparatus and method embedding a camera in a street light includes structure and/or function whereby the street light, comprising has a first compartment having an led array configured to illuminate an area beneath the street light. A second compartment is coupled to the first compartment and has a camera directed toward the area beneath the street light.
Owls Ag International Marketing & Consulting


Removable motion sensor embedded in a sport instrument

A solution is provided to enhance motion detection and recognition of moving objects associated with various sports by intelligently embedding motion sensors into sport instruments such as tennis rackets, badminton rackets, baseball bats and golf clubs, that are swung in a three-dimensional (3d) space. The motion sensors embedded inside the sport instruments are securely locked and are detachable for replacement.
Zepp Labs, Inc.


Circuit board having interposer embedded therein, electronic module using same, and manufacturing same

The present invention relates to a circuit board having an interposer embedded therein, including: an interposer, the top side and back side of which are electrically connected by a first through-electrode; and a molding member having the interposer embedded therein and the top side and back side of the interposer exposed. According to the present invention, the molding member of an insulator and the interposer of a semiconductor can be appropriately selected and coupled according to the required fine pitch of a through-hole, and the interposer is molded on substantially the same level as a semiconductor chip, and thus no additional process for embedding the interposer needs to be added..
Hana Micron Inc.


Circuit board having interior space

A circuit board having an interior space includes a multi-layer structure and a compartmentalized frame embedded in the multi-layer structure. The multi-layer structure has a plurality of plates stacked along a stacking direction and a gel combining any two adjacent plates.
Boardtek Electronics Corporation


Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

This semiconductor device is provided with: a silicon pillar that is provided by digging from a main surface of a semiconductor substrate; a first diffusion layer that is provided above the silicon pillar; a second diffusion layer, that is provided from a bottom portion of the silicon pillar to one region of the semiconductor substrate, said one region being continuous to the silicon pillar; a gate electrode in contact with at least a first side surface of the silicon pillar with a gate insulating film therebetween; a first embedding insulating film that surrounds the gate electrode; a second embedding insulating film in contact with a second side surface of the silicon pillar, said second side surface facing the first side surface of the silicon pillar; and a conductive layer, which is electrically connected to the second diffusion layer, and which is in contact with the second embedding insulating film at a position separated from the silicon pillar.. .
Ps5 Luxco S.a.r.l.


Embedding semiconductor devices in silicon-on-insulator wafers connected using through silicon vias

In an approach to fabricating a silicon on insulator wafer, one or more semiconductor device elements are implanted and one or more shallow trench isolations are formed on a top surface of a first semiconductor wafer. A first dielectric material layer is deposited over the top surface of the first semiconductor wafer, filling the shallow trench isolations.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and system for tracking and analyzing browser session data within online video via the vixel delivery mechanism

Disclosed herein are methods and systems for new analytic pathways for collecting information regarding video playback by human (and automated) users. This is achieved in part by placing certain elements (vixels) within the code of a video file prior to it being uploaded by a user who shares the video.
White Ops, Inc.


Methods and embedding wire in substrates for secure documents

A booster antenna (ba) for a smart card comprises a card antenna (ca) component extending around a periphery of a card body (cb), a coupler coil (cc) component at a location for an antenna module (am), and an extension antenna (ea) contributing to the inductance of the booster antenna (ba). A method of wire embedding is also disclosed, by controlling a force and ultrasonic power applied by an embedding tool at different positions on the card body (cb)..


Method and system for replaying a voice message and displaying a signed digital photograph contemporaneously

Systems and methods for generating authentic digital memorabilia are described. A signor may be provided a digital photograph.
Autography, Llc


Embedding cassette, embedding mold and embedding assembly for biopsy

Disclosed is an embedding cassette for biopsy to embed tissue received in an embedding mold provided with a space to receive the tissue when the embedding cassette is combined with the embedding mold, including a body provided with a space communicating with the receipt space of the combined embedding mold so that an injected paraffin solution may coagulate therein during embedding of the tissue and at least one paraffin barrier groove formed at the edge of the lower surface of the body, and, when the embedding cassette is combined with the embedding mold and embedding of the tissue is carried out, the injected paraffin solution flows into the at least one paraffin barrier groove and forms a barrier and, thereby, leakage of the paraffin solution between the embedding cassette and embedding mold is prevented.. .


Method for embedding product information in video using radio frequencey information

Embodiments are directed towards tracking physical objects' pixel locations in a stream of video frames. Radio frequency (rf) readers may be positioned relative to a scene.
Cambridge Silicon Radio Limited


Method for producing semiconductor device

A method for producing a semiconductor device includes preparing a wafer having plural portions and having an insulator having plural openings thereon, forming an embedding member in each of the plural openings and on the insulator, removing at least a part of the embedding member, and planarizing the embedding member. The plural portions have a first portion and a second portion and each of the first portion and the second portion has a first region and a second region.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Data embedding in run length encoded streams

One or more system, apparatus, method, and computer readable media for embedding supplemental data into a compressed data stream to form a supplemented compressed data stream. In embodiments, supplemental data is embedded at a run-length encoded (rle) compression stage.


Embedding a guest module within an embedder module

Systems and methods embedding a guest module within an embedder module are disclosed. According to some aspects, an embedder module is executed at a computer.
Google Inc.


Prelinked embedding

This application discloses a computing system configured to perform a pre-linked embedding process during build-time of a root-kernel application. The computing system can pre-link one or more dynamically-linkable executable modules against exported symbols of a root-kernel image, and embed the pre-linked executable modules into the root-kernel image.
Mentor Graphics Corporation


Interactive media object development system and method

Systems and methods are described herein that enable a user (e.g., a developer) to develop an interactive media object. The interactive media object may be suitable for embedding in a digital book, a web page, or other application.
Rowan Technology Solutions, Llc


De-embedding and calibration of mirror symmetric reciprocal networks

A method for characterization of fixture utilizes a mirror symmetric thru structure and either a half-thru with a load shunted to ground or a thru with a load shunted to ground located at the mirror reference plane. The method extracts the short, open, and thru measurements from the thru structure due to the mirror symmetry.
Oracle International Corpoaration


Gradient magnetic field coil device and magnetic resonance imaging device

A gradient magnetic field coil device has a main coil arrangement formed by embedding into first resin multiple main coils for generating a gradient magnetic field and a leakage magnetic field, and a shield coil arrangement formed by embedding into second resin multiple shield coils for suppressing the leakage magnetic field, wherein the shield coil arrangement includes a facing area that faces the main coil arrangement and is fixed to the main coil arrangement, and a protruding area that protrudes beyond the main coil arrangement, wherein insulated reinforcing members are embedded into the second resin in the protruding area. Multiple reinforcing members are arranged in a circumferential direction of the shield coil arrangement, and the second resin is preferably filled between the adjacent-to-each-other reinforcing members.
Hitachi Medical Corporation


Press nut designs to minimize stack thickness

The described embodiments relate to embedding a threaded insert into a thin-walled housing. A recess can be formed with a machining tool that forms a recess in a thickened portion of the thin-walled housing.
Apple Inc.


Self-assembling cell aggregates and methods of making engineered tissue using the same

A composition comprising a plurality of cell aggregates for use in the production of engineered organotypic tissue by organ printing. A method of making a plurality of cell aggregates comprises centrifuging a cell suspension to form a pellet, extruding the pellet through an orifice, and cutting the extruded pellet into pieces.
The Curators Of The University Of Missouri


Device for absorbing heat

A device for absorbing heat generated by curing of a curable matrix material, particularly heat generated by curing of a curable matrix material embedding a textile structure including a number of reinforcing fibres is provided. The device includes at least one envelope element defining at least one inner volume, and at least one thermally conductive heat absorbing element disposed within the at least one inner volume of the at least one envelope element.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Online business method, system and apparatus based on open application programming interface

The present disclosure introduces a method, a system and an apparatus of implementing online transaction according to open api. In one aspect, a method includes: receiving a first invocation request to invoke an open api from a third party development server according to a user's transaction request; determining an isp server corresponding to the open api as requested to be invoked in the invocation request; sending the first invocation request to the determined isp server; receiving a service page returned by the isp server according to the first invocation request; and sending the service page to the third party development server for processing the service page and sending the processed service page to the user, the processing comprising embedding the service page into a page corresponding to the transaction request..
Alibaba Group Holding Limited


Semiconductor device manufacturing method

One semiconductor device manufacturing method includes forming, on a principal surface of a semiconductor substrate, multiple active regions which extend in an x-direction within the principal surface and are repeatedly arranged in a y-direction, forming multiple trenches which extend in the y-direction and define multiple active regions (silicon pillars) by respectively dividing the multiple active regions in the x-direction, forming element isolation regions by embedding an insulating film in the multiple trenches (t1), forming trenches which extend in the y-direction after the element isolation regions are formed, and forming word lines by forming a gate insulating film, which covers the inner surfaces of the trenches, and further embedding a conductive film in the trenches. The trenches are formed by means of mutual self-alignment in the x-direction..
Ps4 Luxco S.a.r.l.


Audio watermarking via phase modification

An audio watermarking system conveys information using an audio channel by modulating an audio signal to produce a modulated signal by embedding additional information into the audio signal. Modulating the audio signal includes segmenting the audio signal into overlapping time segments using a non-rectangular analysis window function produce a windowed audio signal, processing the windowed audio signal for a time segment to produce frequency coefficients representing the windowed time segment and having phase values and magnitude values, selecting one or more of the frequency coefficients, modifying phase values of the selected frequency coefficients using the additional information to map the phase values onto a known phase constellation, and processing the frequency coefficients including the modified phase values to produce the modulated signal..
Digital Voice Systems, Inc.


Online classified website for specific geographic regions and marketing the same

A computer implemented method for operating an online classified advertisement which includes creating a plurality of online classified websites, each website corresponding to a specific geographic location and having a corresponding administrator, embedding each online classified website with a code including identification information corresponding to the administrator and a targeted advertising program, selling advertising rights of each website to a website manager, the website manager selling advertising space on each purchased website to a business merchant located in the specific geographic location, measuring online web traffic for each website, calculating first profits generated based on the embedded code and the measured online web traffic for each website, transmitting the first profits to the administrator identified in the identification information, calculating second profits generated based on the measured online web traffic and the sold advertising space for each website, and transmitting the second profits generated to the website manager.. .


System for referring to and/or embedding posts, videos or digital media within other posts, videos or digital media and posts within any part of another posts, videos or digital media

There is disclosed herein a system of managing posts for interacting with web based digital video. The system comprises a user interface application operating on one or more user devices which are operative to view web based digital video, the user interface application creating posts that refer to web based digital video.
Pixured, Inc.


Optical package and a process for its preparation

The present invention is directed to a package including optical components, comprising: (i) at least one structure, the structure having at least one optical input or output, (ii) at least one optical interconnection, optically connected to the at least one optical input or output, and (iii) a component in which the at least one optical interconnection and the at least one optical input or output is embedded, wherein (a) the component (iii) embedding the at least one optical interconnection and the at least one optical input or output and the at least one optical interconnection (ii) are made from a chemically identical material, wherein the material of the at least one optical interconnection has a different primary and/or secondary structure, compared to the material of the component embedding the at least one optical interconnection and the at least one optical input or output, (b) the component (iii) embedding the at least one optical interconnection and the at least one optical input or output and the at least one optical interconnection (ii) have a difference in their refractive indices of at least 0.0004 to 0.0015 at 850, 1310, and 1550 nm, respectively, and (c) the at least one optical interconnection (ii) is mechanically fixed by the component (iii) embedding the at least one optical interconnection and the at least one optical input or output. Further, the invention provides methods for the preparation of the said package..
Fraunhofer-gesellschaft Zur FÖrderung Der Angewandten Forschung E.v.


Faucet outlet structure

A faucet outlet structure comprises: an outlet tube, having an inlet section, an outlet section, and a bending section fluidly connected between the inlet section and the outlet section, and a first embedding portion is arranged inside the bending section; a first hollow duct, accommodated in the outlet section and having a pipe portion, a second embedding portion, and a first connecting portion, the pipe portion is accommodated in the outlet section, the second embedding portion is connected onto the pipe portion and detachably connected with the first embedding portion, and the first connecting portion is connected onto the pipe portion and arranged toward the inlet section; and a second hollow duct, accommodated in the inlet section and having a second connecting portion, the second connecting portion is fluidly connected with the first connecting portion of the first hollow duct.. .


Graphene functionalized carbon nanotube polymer composites and methods for their preparation and use

Methods of forming graphene functionalized carbon nanotube polymer composites are provided. The methods can include functionalizing a plurality of carbon nanotubes using conducting functional molecules to form a composite nanofiller and embedding the composite nanofiller within a polymer material to form the graphene functionalized carbon nanotube polymer composite..
Indian Institute Of Technology Madras


Electronic component module

An electronic component module includes a substrate, an electronic component mounted on the substrate, and a resin sealing portion that seals the electronic component and covers a principal surface of the substrate. The resin sealing portion includes a film-shaped resin layer that covers upper and side surfaces of the electronic component and the principal surface of the substrate, and an embedding resin layer that covers the film-shaped resin layer.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Printed circuit board, and manufacturing same

Provided are a printed circuit board and a method of manufacturing the printed circuit board, the printed circuit board including: a first element and a second element a first base substrate including an embedding part in which the first element is embedded and a cavity into which the second element is mounted; and a second base substrate bonded to one surface of the first base substrate and including a first via for the second element.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.


Send2mobile cloud system

The present invention is a cloud-based remote platform as a service (paas) system, which utilizes a short message service (sms), multi-media message service (mms) and enhanced messaging service (ems) based platforms to create an interactive communication and a reverse marketing system, providing merchants, retailers and/or sellers the means to rapidly and effectively communicate with their respective customers or customer base. By embedding the present invention onto each product page of the merchant or retailer's website, the merchant and/or retailer is providing its respective customers with the ability to directly communicate with the merchant and/or retailer, in nearly real time.


Method and embedding secret information in digital certificates

A method and system is provided for embedding cryptographically modified versions of secret in digital certificates for use in authenticating devices and in providing services subject to conditional access conditions.. .
Arris Technology, Inc.


Method for high-frequency amplifier using power gain-boosting technique

embedding the transistor into the linear, lossless, reciprocal network; and constructing simultaneous conjugate matching.. .


Light emitting device and manufacturing the same

To provide a method of manufacturing at low cost a light emitting device that converts the wavelength of light radiated by a light emitting element and emits, the method includes: forming a phosphor layer on a translucent substrate; arranging a plurality of light emitting elements with a predetermined spacing, the light emitting elements having an electrode formed face provided with positive and negative electrodes respectively and arranged with the electrode formed faces on the top; embedding a resin containing phosphor particles so that an upper face of the embedded resin does not bulge over a plane containing the electrode formed faces; and curing the resin, and then cutting and dividing the cured resin, the phosphor layer and the translucent substrate into a plurality of light emitting devices each including one or more of the light emitting elements.. .
Nichia Corporation


Semiconductor device having vertical mosfet with super junction structure, and manufacturing the same

A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device includes: preparing a semiconductor substrate, in which a first semiconductor layer is formed on a substrate; forming a first concave portion in the first semiconductor layer; forming trenches on the first semiconductor layer in the first concave portion; epitaxially growing a second semiconductor layer for embedding in each trench and the first concave portion; forming a sj structure having pn columns including the second semiconductor layer in each trench and the first semiconductor layer between the trenches; and forming the vertical mosfet by: forming a channel layer and a source region contacting the channel layer on the sj structure; forming a gate electrode over the channel layer through a gate insulating film; forming a source electrode connected to the source region; and forming a drain electrode on a rear of the substrate.. .
Denso Corporation


The present disclosure relates to a structure and method for embedding a non-volatile memory (nvm) in a high-k metal gate (hkmg) integrated circuit that utilizes a replacement gate technology with low poly resistance and high program/erase speed. A silicide layer formed over top surfaces of the nvm device, after replacement gate process of the hkmg circuit prevents poly damage during contact formation and provides low gate resistance, thereby improving program/erase speed of the nvm device..
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


System for targeting location-based communications

Embodiments of the invention are directed to systems, methods and computer program products for providing targeted location-based communications. An exemplary apparatus is configured to receive an encoded signal, decode the encoded signal such that embedded data is retrieved, send the embedded data a remote server; and receive a message based at least partially on sending the embedded data.
Muzak Llc


Method and system for replaying a voice message and displaying a signed digital photograph contemporaneously

Disclosed are methods and systems for generating digital fantasy sports memorabilia including: providing a digital fantasy sports memorabilia signor with a digital fantasy sports photograph, a digital fantasy sports jersey, or a combination thereof; receiving at least one of an electronic signature or an electronic written message from the fantasy sports digital memorabilia signor to be embedded in the digital fantasy sports photograph, the digital fantasy sports jersey, or the combination thereof; embedding the at least one of an electronic signature or an electronic written message from the digital fantasy sports memorabilia signor into the digital fantasy sports photograph, the digital fantasy sports jersey, or a combination thereof to form the generated digital fantasy sports memorabilia; sending the generated digital fantasy sports memorabilia including the electronic signature and the electronic written message to a verification service to verify authenticity of the electronic signature and electronic written message in the generated digital fantasy sports memorabilia; and delivering the generated fantasy sports memorabilia to a digital fantasy sports receiver.. .
Autography, Llc


Visual interactive search

Roughly described, a system and method for user identification of a desired document, in which a database is provided which identifies a collection of documents in an embedding space, the database identifying a distance between each pair of the documents in the embedding space corresponding to a predetermined measure of dissimilarity between the pair of documents. In dependence upon a user query, the system constrains the embedding space geometrically to develop a first candidate space, and identifies toward the user a first set of n1>1 candidate documents from the first candidate space, the first set of candidate documents being more discriminative than the average discriminativeness of set size n1 documents in the first candidate space.
Genetic Finance (barbados) Limited


System and hyperlink badges with dynamically updated pop-up summary information

Methods, systems, and media are directed to providing a pop-up display having dynamically updated summary data on a website, is presented. In particular, electronically submitting updated informational content to a third party source repository and providing a graphical item having embedding linking instructions configured to bilaterally communicate with the third party source repository and render a pop-up display containing the updated informational content.
Shocase, Inc.


Method and embedding radiated elements in a touch panel

Radiated elements are embedded in in a touch panel that includes a plurality of layers including at least one conductive layer and at least one silver layer. The plurality of layers are configured a stack up configuration.
Motorola Solutions, Inc


Semiconductor optical integrated device

A semiconductor optical integrated device including: a substrate having a first area, a second area and a third area arranged in a waveguiding direction; a laser portion disposed on the third area the laser portion including a laser waveguide and a heater thereon; a semiconductor waveguide disposed on the second area, the semiconductor waveguide including a core layer and a cladding layer disposed on the core layer; a mach-zehnder modulator portion disposed on the first area, the mach-zehnder modulator portion including a first arm and a second arm; a buried region embedding the laser waveguide, the semiconductor waveguide, and the first and second arms; a groove disposed on the second area, the groove extending in a direction intersecting the waveguiding direction to across the semiconductor waveguide to the buried region; and a resin body disposed on the mach-zehnder modulator portion. The laser portion is optically coupled to the mach-zehnder modulator portion via the semiconductor waveguide.
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

Embedding topics: Electronic Device, Photovoltaic Module, Semiconductor, Semiconductor Material, Scheduling, 3d Display, Video Camera, Reproduction, Image Capture, Cell Phone, Liquid Crystal Display, Liquid Crystal, Smart Phone, Longitudinal Direction, Impact Strength

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