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Embedding patents


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 Automated embedding and blending head images patent thumbnailAutomated embedding and blending head images
An automated process of transferring an object (e.g., the head with hair) from an image into another image, or to a different location in the same image is described. The implementation is a comprehensive and fully automated approach enabling the object's transfer without intermediate intervention and support from the user.
Sony Corporation

 System relating to 3d, 360 degree or spherical for refering to and/or embedding posts, videos or digital media within other  posts, videos, digital data or digital media and posts within anypart of another posts, videos, digital data or digital media patent thumbnailSystem relating to 3d, 360 degree or spherical for refering to and/or embedding posts, videos or digital media within other posts, videos, digital data or digital media and posts within anypart of another posts, videos, digital data or digital media
There is disclosed herein a system of managing posts for interacting with web based digital video. The system comprises a user interface application operating on one or more user devices which are operative to view web based digital video, the user interface application creating posts that refer to 3d, 360 degree, geocoded or spherical digital image and video.
Pixured, Inc.

 Connectivity-aware virtual network embedding patent thumbnailConnectivity-aware virtual network embedding
embedding a virtual network onto a physical network may be done in such a manner to ensure that the embedded virtual network maintains connectivity in the event of failure of k links in the physical network. The embedding determines virtual links that must be embedded onto disjoint paths in the physical network and then embeds the virtual network according to ensure the determined virtual links are embedded on disjoint paths..
Huawei Technologies Canada Co., Ltd.

 Dynamic checkout button apparatuses, methods and systems patent thumbnailDynamic checkout button apparatuses, methods and systems
The dynamic checkout button apparatuses, methods and systems (dcb) transforms product page checkout request input and user identification input via dcb components such as offer/discount determination component and checkout button embedding component, into dynamic checkout button outputs.. .

 Modeling personal entities patent thumbnailModeling personal entities
Systems and methods are provided for a personal entity modeling for computing devices. For example, a computing device comprises at least one processor and memory storing instructions that, when executed by the at least one processor, cause the mobile device to perform operations including identifying a personal entity in content generated for display on the mobile device, generating training examples for the personal entity from the content, and updating an embedding used to model the personal entity using the training examples.
Google Inc.

 Selection of initial document collection for visual interactive search patent thumbnailSelection of initial document collection for visual interactive search
Roughly described, a system for user identification of a desired document. A database identifies a catalog of documents in an embedding space, in which the distance between documents corresponds to a measure of their dissimilarity.
Sentient Technologies (barbados) Limited

 Method of dispersing anatase titanium dioxide for penetration in concrete structures to reduce pollutants patent thumbnailMethod of dispersing anatase titanium dioxide for penetration in concrete structures to reduce pollutants
Methods for embedding photocatalytic titanium dioxide in concrete surfaces to reduce pollutants via photocatalytic reactions are provided herein. One method includes mixing a solvent compound with an anatase titanium dioxide (tio2) photocatalyst, applying an amount of concrete treatment compound to an upper surface of the concrete, the concrete treatment compound comprising a mixture of a liquid carrier compound with the anatase titanium dioxide (tio2) photocatalyst..
Pavement Technology, Inc.

 Tire monitoring based on inductive sensing using embedded circumferential tire inductor coil(s) patent thumbnailTire monitoring based on inductive sensing using embedded circumferential tire inductor coil(s)
A vehicle tire monitoring methodology is based on embedding into a tire at least one tire inductor coil with multiple circumferential windings. A tire condition that causes deformation of the tire, causes deformation of the tire inductor coil.
Texas Instruments Deutschland, Gmbh

 Resistive random access memory device embedding tunnel insulating layer and memory array using the same and fabrication method thereof patent thumbnailResistive random access memory device embedding tunnel insulating layer and memory array using the same and fabrication method thereof
A resistive random access memory device is provided with a tunneling insulator layer between a resistance change layer and a bottom electrode. Thus, it is possible: to raise the selection (on/off) ratio by the current of a direct tunneling induced by low voltage in the unselected cell and the current of an f-n tunneling induced by high voltage in the selected cell, to efficiently suppress the leakage current in the read operation, to make a low current operation less μa level by controlling the thickness of the tunneling insulator layer, and to be simultaneously fabricated together with circuit devices by forming the bottom electrodes (word lines) with a semiconductor material..
Gachon University Of Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

 Photovoltaic element with optically functional conversion layer for improving the conversion of the incident light and  producing said photovoltaic element patent thumbnailPhotovoltaic element with optically functional conversion layer for improving the conversion of the incident light and producing said photovoltaic element
The invention relates to a photovoltaic element including an optically functional surface layer for improving a conversion of the incident light. The functioning of the layer involves absorbing incident sunlight having a low wavelength and emitting it again as light radiation having a higher wavelength, so that this light spectrum becomes usable for solar cells.
Calyxo Gmbh

Method and system for vorticle fluid simulation

The disclosure provides an approach for animating gases. A dynamic model is employed that accounts for stretching of gas vorticles in a stable manner, handles isolated particles and buoyancy, permits deformable boundaries of objects the gas flows past, and accounts for vortex shedding.

Serialized digital watermarking for variable data printing

Digital watermarking is adapted for the variable data printing. A reference signal serves as a proxy for optimizing the embedding a watermark in a host image to be printed.
Digimarc Corporation

Obfuscation and protection of data rights

Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, computer program product, and system for data obfuscation and right-protection. An initial matrix xi, represents the initial data set of the application and final matrix xf is obtained from xi.
International Business Machines Corporation

System for providing identification and information, and for scheduling alerts

A device and system for providing identification and medical information are disclosed. The device includes a readable code that contains medical biographical information of the subject, a programmable reporter element that is programmed to electronically store at least one particular event relating to the subject, and a signal producing element functionally related to the programmable reporter element.
Solomon Systems, Inc.

Lens and frame assembly structure for glasses

This invention is related to a lens and frame assembly structure for glasses. A lens assembly slot for assembling a lens is formed on a frame.
Prohero Group Co., Ltd.

Support for embedding object in concrete

A system for supporting and holding in place an object (for example and not by way of limitation, anchor bolts, steel plates and the like) to be embedded in concrete. A device having a shaft and a tower can be used to support the object, by inserting the shaft into an opening in the tower and rotatably locking the shaft in place at the desired height, an embed can be supported in the desired position.

Monolithic ceramic transducers with embedded electrodes

Transducers and processes of forming the transducers are described. The transducers are produced as a monolithic body of a ceramic material and electrodes embedded in and encased by the ceramic material, with the ceramic material and the electrodes being co-fired to produce the monolithic body.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

Down-mixing compensation for audio watermarking

Example methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture to implement down-mixing compensation for audio watermarking are disclosed. Example watermark embedding methods disclosed herein include determining a first attenuation factor associated with a first audio channel of a multi-channel audio signal based on first down-mixed audio samples obtained from down-mixing the first audio channel and a second audio channel of the multi-channel audio signal, determining a second attenuation factor associated with a third audio channel of the multi-channel audio signal based on second down-mixed audio samples obtained from down-mixing the second audio channel and the third audio channel of the multi-channel audio signal, selecting one of the first attenuation factor or the second attenuation factor to be a third attenuation factor associated with the second audio channel of the multi-channel audio signal, and embedding a watermark in the second audio channel based on the third attenuation factor..
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc

Infrastructure-to-vehicle communication system and method

The system and methods according to the present invention advantageously provide redundant, confirmatory or control signals or information or data capture, for motorist and/or autonomous or driverless vehicles. These control, confirmatory or redundant signals or information may be used by driverless vehicles, trucks, motorist, pedestrians and cyclist to navigate roadways or receive or validate infrastructure information or make decisions based on conditions.

Method and system for identifying potentially successful dating relationship

A method for identifying people who are potentially to have a successful dating relationship including embedding an application within a mobile computing device, having at least a first user and a second user to sign in into each's respective mobile device application to initiate a session; allowing the application to generate a question to the first user and the second user; deciding either the first user or the second user is in command mode; answering the question with response to each other by the first user and the second user; allowing the first user or the second user in command mode to decide if the received response is satisfactory; moving the first user or the second user forward or backward from an end point depending on whether the response is satisfactory.. .

Open cavity package using chip-embedding technology

A method for fabricating packaged semiconductor devices (100) with an open cavity (110a) in panel format; placing (process 201) on an adhesive carrier tape a panel-sized grid of metallic pieces having a flat pad (230) and symmetrically placed vertical pillars (231); attaching (process 202) semiconductor chips (101) with sensor systems face-down onto the tape; laminating (process 203) and thinning (process 204) low cte insulating material (234) to fill gaps between chips and grid; turning over (process 205) assembly to remove tape; plasma-cleaning assembly front side, sputtering and patterning (process 206) uniform metal layer across assembly and optionally plating (process 209) metal layer to form rerouting traces and extended contact pads for assembly; laminating (process 212) insulating stiffener across panel; opening (process 213) cavities in stiffener to access the sensor system; and singulating (process 214) packaged devices by cutting metallic pieces.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Computed tomography radiation dose checker

Devices and methods for embedding a standard dose checker feature within existing ct systems by obtaining and analyzing information from the existing ct system, detecting a radiation parameter value therefrom, comparing the detected radiation parameter with a predetermined threshold, and generating an operation-signal to affect the operation of the ct system based on the comparison between the detected radiation parameter and the predetermined threshold and the state of the ct system.. .
Medic Vision Imaging Solutions Ltd.

Embedded die-down package-on-package device

An apparatus including a die; and a build-up carrier including alternating layers of conductive material and dielectric material disposed on a device side of the die and dielectric material embedding a portion of a thickness dimension of the die; and a plurality of carrier contact points disposed at a gradation between the device side of the die and the embedded thickness dimension of the die and configured for connecting the carrier to a substrate. A method including disposing a die on a sacrificial substrate with a device side of the die opposite the sacrificial substrate; forming a build-up carrier adjacent a device side of a die, wherein the build-up carrier includes a dielectric material defining a gradation between the device side of the die and a backside of the die, the gradation including a plurality of carrier contact points; and separating the die and the carrier from the sacrificial substrate..
Intel Corporation

Embedding digital content within a digital photograph during capture of the digital photograph

A wireless communication device comprises position determining system, a digital imaging system and a photograph customization system coupled to the position locating system and the digital imaging system. The position determining system is configured to provide information indicating a current position of the wireless communication device.
Pixmarx The Spot Llc

Methods and systems of a commission-plan document design application

In one aspect, a method implementing a commission-plan document designer application includes the step of providing a sales-commission plan document. The sales-commission plan document comprises a digital document.

Transfer learning techniques for disparate label sets

Examples of the present disclosure describe systems and methods of transfer learning techniques for disparate label sets. In aspects, a data set may be accessed on a server device.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Learning word embedding using morphological knowledge

In some examples, a machine learning system may use morphological knowledge to enhance a deep learning framework for learning word embedding. The system may consider, among other things, morphological similarities between and among words in a learning process so as to handle new or rare words, edit distances, longest common substring similarities, morpheme similarities, and syllable similarities as morphological knowledge to build a relation matrix between or among words.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Latent embeddings for word images and their semantics

A system and method enable semantic comparisons to be made between word images and concepts. Training word images and their concept labels are used to learn parameters of a neural network for embedding word images and concepts in a semantic subspace in which comparisons can be made between word images and concepts without the need for transcribing the text content of the word image.
Xerox Corporation

Mpeg-2 video watermarking technique

In one embodiment, a method, system and apparatus for watermarking mpeg-2 compressed video is described, the method, system and apparatus including detecting a pair of neighboring blocks in a mpeg-2 encoded i-frame, determining if the pair of neighboring blocks have dct_dc_differential fields with different values that are within a given threshold value of each other, and embedding a watermark payload bit in the neighboring blocks as a positive result of the determining, the embedding including ordering dct_dc_differential fields of the neighboring blocks such that ordering the dct_dc_differential fields in a first manner encodes a one bit and ordering the dct_dc_differential fields in a second manner encodes a zero bit. Related embodiments of methods, systems, and apparatuses are also described..
Cisco Technology, Inc.

Methods and apparatus to perform audio watermarking and watermark detection and extraction

Encoding and decoding methods and apparatus are described. An example method is described for embedding information into audio by determining a first set of frequency components to represent a synchronization block, the synchronization block representing one of a plurality of different message types, one frequency component from each set of frequency components being located in a respective code band, and spacing between adjacent code bands is equal to or less than the spacing between adjacent frequency components of each code band.
The Nielsen Company (us), Llc

Gaze tracking device and a head mounted device embedding said gaze tracking device

The present disclosure generally relates to a gaze tracking device. Gaze tracking is a process of measuring either the point of regard or the motion of an eye relatively to the head of a person.
Thomson Licensing

Generating a domain ontology using word embeddings

A device may receive a text, from a text source, in association with a request to generate an ontology for the text. The device may generate a set of word vectors from a list of terms determined from the text.
Accenture Global Solutions Limited

Memory array and link error correction in a low power memory sub-system

A method of memory array and link error correction in a low power memory sub-system includes embedding error correction code (ecc) parity bits within unused data mask bits during a normal write operation and during a read operation. The method also includes embedding the ecc parity bits in a mask write data byte corresponding to an asserted data mask bit during a mask write operation..
Qualcomm Incorporated

System and obtaining the powerflow in dc grids with constant power loads and devices with algebraic nonlinearities

A system and method for analyzing steady-state powerflow in dc electrical networks in the presence of constant power loads and other nonlinear devices whose i-v characteristics can be modeled using algebraic functions. The networks include high power utility-size grids and microgrids, as well as vehicular, aircraft, and spacecraft power management and distribution systems.
Aplicaciones En Informatica Avanzada, S.a.

System and determining cell adequacy in a cytological analysis system

A cytological analysis test for 3d cell classification from a specimen. The method includes isolating and preserving a cell from the specimen and enriching the cell before embedding the enriched cell into an optical medium.
Visiongate, Inc.

Smart braking devices, systems, and methods

Various braking devices, systems, and methods are disclosed. In some embodiments, the braking device includes a support element, a block of friction material supported by the support element, at least one piezoceramic sensor supported by the support element and interposed between the block of friction material (and the support element, and a protective element located at the piezoceramic sensor and embedding the latter.
Itt Italia S.r.l.

Curtain rail

A curtain rail includes a tube and a decoration bar. A rail groove allowing hooks arranged therein is defined on a side of the tube.
Arlinea Industries Co.

Motion sensor in a sports instrument

A solution is provided to enhance motion detection and recognition of moving objects associated with various sports by embedding motion sensors into sports instruments such as tennis rackets, badminton rackets, baseball bats and golf clubs, that are swung in a three-dimensional (3d) space. A motion sensor device inserted and locked inside a sports instrument is configured to detect motions associated with movements associated with the sports instrument.
Zepp Labs, Inc.

Bulb apparatus

A bulb apparatus includes a driver plate and a bulb head body. The bulb head body is a housing structure with top opening.
Xiamen Lee Brothers Co. Ltd.

Laminated interposers and packages with embedded trace interconnects

Laminated interposers and packages, with embedded trace interconnects are provided. An example process for making an interposer or package achieves vertical conductive vias in the package by depositing conductive traces on multiple wafers or panes, then laminating these substrates into a stack, thereby embedding the conductive traces.
Invensas Corporation

Uiccs embedded in terminals or removable therefrom

The invention proposes several improvements related to the management of secure elements, like uiccs embedding sim applications, these secure elements being installed, fixedly or not, in terminals, like for example mobile phones. In some cases, the terminals are constituted by machines that communicate with other machines for m2m (machine to machine) applications..
Gemalto Sa

Methods and embedding an error correction code in storage circuits

A computer-aided design (cad) tool may identify don't care bits in configuration data. The don't care bits in the configuration data may change polarity without affecting the functionality of the circuit design.
Altera Corporation

Operation of a communication unit in a wireless local area network, wlan, environment

There is provided a method of operation of a communication unit in a wireless local area network, wlan, environment. The method comprises the step (s1) of the communication unit embedding identification information into at least the physical, phy, preamble of the phy header of a wlan frame.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Embedded wake-up signaling

When embedding a signal into a selected subcarrier of a multicarrier downlink waveform of regular data/control signaling, a base station modulates the embedded signal with a different modulation scheme than the other data in the downlink waveform. The base station nulls adjacent subcarriers to minimize interference at a low-power wake-up receiver of an ioe device(s).
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method for embedding interactive multimedia into electronic books

A method for embedding interactive multimedia into an electronic book is provided with a pc device. The electronic book is stored within the pc device in a foreign computer-readable format.

Accumulator battery monitoring over power circuit

The invention is in the field of monitoring and controlling of rechargeable battery arrays as used in telecommunications power plants and vehicles equipped with all-electrical or hybrid-electrical power train. The invention presents a method of embedding a microcontroller into each individual cell in the array, which executes measurements of cell voltage, temperature and optionally instantaneous current.

Wind turnbine

According to one embodiment a wind turbine drive train with a nacelle in a tower with a big diameter which allows embedding the generator inside and reducing the loads in the support connectors of the rotation system and in the tower. The mainframe of the nacelle has a triangular shape based on structural frames or ribs, taking profit of the big reaction arm with a compact solution.
Nabrawind Sl

Time released caffeine

A pill that increases the availability of caffeine in the bloodstream of a user by delaying release of the drug from the stomach for the treatment of neurological, cognitive, dementia, anxiety, panic, depression, eating, bi-polar, attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and sleep related disorders. The delay can be enacted by several known means for creating extended release tablets including, polymer based tablets, microencapsulation, and matrix embedding, such that the caffeine is administered to a patient in an effective amount in a time released pill form.

Method of manufacturing a package for embedding one or more electronic components

The present invention relates to the field of integrating electronic systems that operate at mm-wave and thz frequencies. A monolithic multichip package, a carrier structure for such a package as well as manufacturing methods for manufacturing such a package and such a carrier structure are proposed to obtain a package that fully shields different functions of the mm-wave/thz system.
Sony Corporation

Embedding encoded audio into transport stream for perfect splicing

Methods for generating a transport stream (e.g., an mpeg-2 transport stream) such that the transport stream has at least one perfect splicing property, and/or such that the transport stream is indicative of at least one audio/video program and includes metadata indicative of whether the program has a perfect splicing property. Other aspects are methods for splicing such a transport stream, audio/video processing units (e.g., splicers) configured to perform any embodiment of the inventive method, and audio/video processing units which include a buffer memory which stores at least one segment of transport stream generated in accordance with any embodiment of the inventive method..
Dolby International Ab

Prevention of cross site request forgery attacks

A method is provided for preventing cross-site request forgery (csrf) attacks at a server that includes embedding a hidden cryptographic nonce in a response from a server to a client that is authorized to access the server. The response with the hidden cryptographic nonce is sent to the client.
Arris Enterprises Llc

Token-based authentication and authorization information signaling and exchange for adaptive streaming

A method implemented by a network element (ne) configured as a streaming client, the method comprising obtaining, via a processor of the ne, a first authorization token for accessing a first media segment located on a content server, embedding, via the processor, the first authorization token in a first content request message for accessing the first media segment located on the content server, sending, via a transmitter of the ne to the content server, the first content request message comprising the first authorization token to request the first media segment, and receiving, via a receiver of the ne from the content server, the first media segment when the first authorization token is valid for accessing the first media segment located on the content server.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.

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  • 3d Display
  • Video Camera
  • Reproduction
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