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Electrophoresis patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Electrophoresis-related patents
 Image capture for large analyte arrays patent thumbnailImage capture for large analyte arrays
Analyte arrays such as solutes in a slab-shaped gel following electrophoresis, and particularly arrays that are in excess of 3 cm square and up to 25 cm square and higher, are imaged at distances of 5 cm or less by either forming sub-images of the entire array and stitching together the sub-images by computer-based stitching technology, or by using an array of thin-film photoresponsive elements that is coextensive with the analyte array to form a single image of the array.. .
 Dishwashing liquid having bleaching catalyst and protease patent thumbnailDishwashing liquid having bleaching catalyst and protease
In a dishwashing liquid, the cleaning performance, in particular on bleachable stains such as, for example, tea stains, is to be improved. This succeeds using a dishwashing liquid which comprises a hydrogen peroxide source, a bleaching catalyst and a protease that, in native electrophoresis on a polyacrylamide gel, has a migration distance that is longer than the migration distance of the protease as per seq id no.
 Method for forming microcapsules for electrophoresis display patent thumbnailMethod for forming microcapsules for electrophoresis display
An embodiment of the invention provides a method for forming microcapsules for electrophoresis display by forming microcapsules through a complex coacervation reaction between a sulfonated styrene maleic anhydride copolymer and gelatin, wherein a mass ratio of the sulfonated styrene maleic anhydride copolymer to the gelatin is 1:10˜10:1. The method of the embodiment of the invention not only can obtain microcapsules with good sealability and stability, but also can obtain microcapsules having evenly distributed particle sizes and low cost..
 High efficiency particle separating apparatus and method patent thumbnailHigh efficiency particle separating apparatus and method
A particle separating apparatus and method are provided, which pass a fluid sample such as blood through a filter to remove foreign matter, and separate target particles by using a moff channel, and re-separate the separated target particles through dielectrophoresis. The particle separating apparatus includes a moff (multi orifice flow fractionation) channel including a multi orifice segment through which a fluid sample passes to discharge a primarily separated material that are target particles separated from the fluid sample, through a central passage; a dielectrophoresis channel including a pair of electrodes to which ac power is applied and forming an electric field in a flow channel connected to the central passage of the moff channel to re-separate the target particles from the primarily separated material discharged from the central passage of the moff channel through dielectrophoresis..
 Negative dielectrophoresis for selective elution of immumo-bound particles patent thumbnailNegative dielectrophoresis for selective elution of immumo-bound particles
The procedure of dielectric electrophoresis (dielectrophoresis or dep) utilizes field-polarized particles that move under the application of positive (attractive) and/or negative (repulsive) applied forces. This invention uses negative dielectric electrophoresis (negative dielectrophoresis or ndep) within a microchannel separation apparatus to make particles move (detached) or remain stationary (attached).
 Crosslinked swellable polymer patent thumbnailCrosslinked swellable polymer
The invention is directed to stable crosslinked water-soluble swellable polymers, methods for making same, and their various uses in the hygiene and medical arts, gel electrophoresis, packaging, agriculture, the cable industry, information technology, in the food industry, papermaking, use as flocculation aids, and the like. More particularly, the invention relates to a composition comprising expandable polymeric microparticles having labile crosslinkers and stable crosslinkers, said microparticle mixed with a fluid and an unreacted tertiary crosslinker that is capable of further crosslinking the microparticle on degradation of the labile crosslinker so as to form a stable gel.
 Recombinase polymerase amplification patent thumbnailRecombinase polymerase amplification
This disclosure describes related novel methods for recombinase-polymerase amplification (rpa) of a target dna that exploit the properties of recombinase and related proteins, to invade double-stranded dna with single stranded homologous dna permitting sequence specific priming of dna polymerase reactions. The disclosed methods have the advantage of not requiring thermocycling or thermophilic enzymes, thus offering easy and affordable implementation and portability relative to other amplification methods.
 Detection of mirna using capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection patent thumbnailDetection of mirna using capillary electrophoresis with laser-induced fluorescence detection
Disclosed is a method for detecting a mirna present in a sample in trace amounts and a kit for detecting the same. According to the present invention, the mirna present in the sample in trace amounts can be quantitatively analyzed in short time.
 Methods for production of proteins patent thumbnailMethods for production of proteins
The current invention provides methods for producing a polypeptide as inclusion bodies in bacterial host cells. The present methods are carried out by forming a gene construct comprising the genetic sequence encoding a polypeptide operatively linked to that of an inclusion partner protein, such that host cells comprising the gene construct produce the polypeptide as intracellular inclusion bodies thereby facilitating rapid isolation and purification of recombinant proteins.
 Reagent applying device and reagent applying method for electrophoresis analysis patent thumbnailReagent applying device and reagent applying method for electrophoresis analysis
To provide a reagent applying device and a reagent applying method for electrophoresis analysis which make it possible to apply a reagent with a simple configuration at low cost. A reagent supplying device for supplying a reagent to the surface of a gel in electrophoresis analysis includes a reagent applying tool which is a plate-shaped body.
Microbial cell and particle selection system and method of use
The invention comprises two key components: dielectrophoresis (dep) and reversible binding surfaces. Dep has become an important tool for trapping dielectric particles.
Method of mutation detection in blood cell-free dna using primer extension (pe) and pcr
A method of detecting mutation in blood cell-free dna, includes providing a serum sample, isolating dna from the serum sample, amplifying the dna by polymerase chain reaction (pcr), subjecting the pcr product to primer extension (pe), and separating the pe reaction product and identifying the mutation by gel electrophoresis. In order to improve accuracy and sensitivity, the pe reaction can be carried out by using a primer that blocks the extension of the wild or non-mutated sequence..
Axial illumination for capillary electrophoresis
System and method for fluorescent light excitation and detection from samples to enhance the numerical aperture and/or reduce the cross-talk of the fluorescent light.. .
High speed, high resolution compositions, methods and kits for capillary electrophoresis
The invention provides compositions, methods and kits for high speed, high resolution of analytes by capillary electrophoresis starting with uncoated capillaries. The compositions comprise a sieving component, comprising a non-crosslinked acrylamide polymer, and a surface interaction component, comprising at least one uncharged and non-crosslinked water-soluble silica-adsorbing polymer.
Extended risk assessment panel for individualized treatment of cardiovascular disease, and methods related thereto
Disclosed is a personalized diagnostic and treatment solution for cardiovascular disease. The invention comprises an extended cvd risk assessment panel, combining tests for traditional and new important risk markers, and methods for devising a personalized treatment plan for a patient via the use of a cvd diagnosis and treatment protocol algorithm.
Software for the display of chromatographic separation data
Techniques and systems for displaying chromatographic data using a graphical user interface are provided. Chromatographic separation data that represent multiple series of measurements for multiple samples can be displayed on a display device of a computer system as a series of bands, the bands being arranged to resemble output from an electrophoresis gel.
Electrophoresis-gel-forming monomer solution, solution ejecting method, method for forming electrophoresis gel, electrophoresis gel, and electrophoresis reaction instrument
A solution ejecting method includes a first ejection step of ejecting an electrophoresis-gel-forming monomer solution containing at least a monomer that forms a gel structure and a gel polymerization accelerator that activates a gel polymerization initiator and a second ejection step of ejecting a gel polymerization initiating solution containing the gel polymerization initiator onto the electrophoresis-gel-forming monomer solution.. .
Plasmid-encoded neurotoxin genes in clostridium botulinum serotype a subtypes
The present invention provides a novel isolated plasmid, wherein the plasmid is a native plasmid found in unique c. Botulinum type a strains and encode either bont/a3 or bont/a4 and bont/b.
Methods and devices for multi-color, out-of-phase detection in electrophoresis
The disclosure provides methods and devices for separating and detecting nucleic acid fragments labeled with a plurality of spectrally resolvable dyes using a single light source or multiple light sources. Use of a greater number of light sources increases the number of spectrally resolvable dyes that can be interrogated.
Expanding cam lock for sealing slab gels in an electrophoresis apparatus
An expanding cam lock for use with an electrophoresis system is disclosed herein. The cam lock allows the simultaneous use of multiple slab gel cassettes in first and second buffer core assemblies in an electrophoresis system while maintaining the necessary compressive force to create a liquid-tight seal between the anode and cathode buffer solutions.
System for rapid high-resolution gel electrophoresis
Electrophoretic systems, formulations and methods are described which allow a user to perform electrophoresis experiments under conditions of high voltage and with reduced run time. An electrophoretic system, formulation or method may be run at 50% higher field strength than comparable systems already in use in the art.
Microfluidics with wirelessly powered electronic circuits
Techniques, devices and systems are described for incorporating a printed circuit with a microfluidic device and wirelessly powering the microfluidic device. In one aspect, a microfluidic device includes a substrate with a fluidic channel to provide a path for a fluid with particles.
Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis apparatus and method
Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis apparatus includes an electrophoresis zone having four edges defined by a plurality of electrodes. A pair of opposed edges are defined by groups of discrete electrodes.
High-throughput multi laser wave mixing detection methods and apparatus
This invention relates to methods and apparatus of a combination of multi-laser wave mixing technology with diagnostic flow technologies with embodiments describing capillary electrophoresis. The unique combination of these technologies along with minute detection levels not yet been seen in the field..
High-throughput single laser wave mixing detection methods and apparatus
This invention relates to methods and apparatus of a combination of a single laser wave mixing technology with a diagnostic flow technologies with embodiments describing capillary electrophoresis. The unique combination of these technologies along with minute detection levels not yet been seen in the field..
Ex-vivo multi-dimensional system for the separation and isolation of cells, vesicles, nanoparticles, and biomarkers
Devices and techniques are described that involve a combination of multidimensional electrokinetic, dielectrophoretic, electrophoretic and fluidic forces and effects for separating cells, nanovesicles, nanoparticulates and biomarkers (dna, rna, antibodies, proteins) in high conductance (ionic) strength biological samples and buffers. In disclosed embodiments, a combination of continuous and/or pulsed dielectrophoretic (dep) forces, continuous and/or pulsed field dc electrophoretic forces, microelectrophoresis and controlled fluidics are utilized with arrays of electrodes.
Modified electrode buffers for stain-free protein detection in electrophoresis
Proteins that are electrophoretically separated in a gel are derivatized to produce fluorescent emissions by incorporating halo-substituted organic compounds into one or both of the electrode buffer solutions at the two ends of the gel. The halo-substituted compounds used are ones that bear an electric charge at the ph of the buffer solutions and gel, and the polarity of the charge on the compounds is such that the compounds migrate from the electrode buffer into the gel under the electrophoretic influence concurrently with the migration of the proteins into the gel.
Particle transporter
A particle transporter based on travelling-wave dielectrophoresis is provided. The particle transporter includes a first collection electrode and a second collection electrode on a substrate.
Particle transporter
A particle transporter based on travelling-wave dielectrophoresis is provided. The particle transporter includes a common electrode, a plurality of left switch electrodes and a plurality of right switch electrodes.
Capillary tubes for electrophoresis
The present invention relates to a plastic capillary tube for capillary electrophoresis, in which the plastic capillary tube has an inlet opening and an outlet opening and, furthermore, has at least one hole in the capillary tube wall and the diameter of the hole on the inside of the capillary tube wall dl(innen) lies in the range from 0.5 μm to 30 μm.. .
Method of electrophoresing nucleic acids, method of concentrating and purifying nucleic acids, cartridge for nucleic acid electrophoresis, and method of producing cartridge for nucleic acid electrophoresis
[solving means] a method of electrophoresis includes electrophoresing a nucleic acid in which an intercalator having an anionic functional group has been inserted. The method includes mixing a sample containing a nucleic acid, a compound having a functional group which undergoes dehydration condensation reaction with carboxyl groups included in substances contained in the sample and a condensing agent of dehydration condensation reaction; and electrophoresing the nucleic acid.
Method for detecting biomolecules using a capacitive touch screen
A method of detecting biomolecule according to the present invention uses a capacitive touch screen capable of being cheaply manufactured on a large scale, such that the method may have advantages such as cheap cost and a short analysis time and simply detect biomolecules in a personal terminal such as a smart phone, a tablet pc, and the like, on which a capacitive touch screen is mounted, as compared to the existing method requiring an expensive exclusive analysis apparatus based on absorbance or fluorescence having a large volume, a skilled experimental technique such as electrophoresis, or a long analysis time to thereby be performed only in an experimental room equipped with specialists and equipment.. .
Reduced artifact denaturing capillary electrophoresis of nucleic acids
Described are methods of reducing the incidence and/or magnitude of artifacts in denaturing nucleic acid capillary electrophoresis (ce). Methods and systems described serve to dismiss non-denatured dna from the tip of the capillary after sample injection and prior to electrophoretic separation of loaded nucleic acids.
Method for making cu2-xse nanoparticles and method for making deposited cu2-xse thin film by electrophoresis
In the present invention, copper(i) selenide (cu2-xse) nanoparticles are fabricated by pyrolysis in an inert atmosphere. Uniformly dispersed cu2-xse particles are synthesized by altering cu/se ratio, the concentration of se precursors (top se), reaction time and temperature.
Electrophoretic material, electrophoresis display device, and electronic apparatus
In an electrophoretic material, first particles which are charged with a first polarity and second particles which are charged with a second polarity are dispersed in a solvent. A volume, which is obtained by dividing a volume of the solvent by a total number of particles, is called free volume, and a radius of a spherical space, which is occupied by sum of an average volume of the particles and the free volume, is called a free volume radius.
Aqueous transfer buffer
The present invention relates to an aqueous transfer buffer that provides superior efficiency in transferring polypeptides of a broad range of molecular weight from a matrix used in electrophoresis to another immobilized surface. Also disclosed are electrophoretic methods and devices in which the aqueous transfer solution of this invention is used..
Axial illumination for capillary electrophoresis
System and method for fluorescent light excitation and detection from samples to enhance the numerical aperture and/or reduce the cross-talk of the fluorescent light.. .
Method for producing a semiconductor chip emitting radiation, semiconductor chip emitting radiation, and component emitting radiation
A method is provided for producing a radiation-emitting semiconductor chip, in which a first wavelength-converting layer is applied over the radiation exit face of a semiconductor body. The application method is selected from the following group: sedimentation, electrophoresis.
Optically-induced dielectrophoresis device
An optically-induced dielectrophoresis device includes a first substrate, a first conductive layer, a first patterned photoconductor layer, a first patterned layer, a second substrate, a second conductive layer, and a spacer. The first conductive layer is disposed on the first substrate.
Method and microsystem for detecting analytes which are present in drops of liquid
A detection method of detecting analytes of interest which are present in a liquid. The detection method including the steps of forming drops of liquid on a first surface by capillary breaking of a finger of liquid, which is initially formed by liquid dielectrophoresis.
Lensed optical fiber for illuminating capillary tube
An optical fiber (500) illuminates the bore (520) of a capillary tube (515) that is used for separating chemicals by capillary electrophoresis (ce). The fiber terminates in either two sloped regions (525) and a curved region (530) or two sloped regions (705) and a flat region (700).
Electrophoresis device and display
An electrophoresis device includes: a plurality of electrophoretic particles included in insulating liquid and configured of a first particle and a second particle, in which the first particle and the second particle have respective charging characteristics that are different from each other; and a porous layer included in the insulating liquid and formed of a fibrous structure.. .
Analysis of microbes from microcolonies by maldi mass spectrometry
The invention relates to the cell disruption of microbes and the preparation of the microbe proteins for mass spectrometric analysis. The cells of microbes from microcolonies are disrupted by physical or chemical means directly on the nutrient medium.
Electrophoresis device and display unit
There are provided an electrophoresis device and a display unit which are capable of realizing high contrast. The electrophoresis device includes a plurality of electrophoretic particles and a porous layer that are contained in an insulating liquid, the porous layer being formed using a fibrous structure including a plurality of non-migrating particles.
Main body of electrophoresis device having glass gel cell fast assemble structure
A electrophoresis device having glass gel cell fast assemble structure is provided, including a main body, a pair of electrode connection terminals attached to the main body, and side clamping parts pivotally connected to the main body on respective side of the main body for maintaining at least one glass gel cell to a surface of the main body. At least one sealing and positioning structure is provided on a surface of the main body including a u-shaped sealing strip partially inlayed on at least one surface of the main body, and at least a pair of positioning poles perpendicularly attached to the main body, wherein the u-shaped sealing strip having a u-shaped body to form a seal between the main body and the gel cell, and positioning protrusions formed on the respective free end of the u-shaped body..
Multi-color detection system for multiplexed capillary electrophoresis
A multi-wavelength detector for a multiplex capillary electrophoresis system comprising a linear filter placed in between the capillary detection windows and a 2-dimensional detector. The linear filter is oriented such that the change in wavelength of the filter is in the direction of flow of the fluid within the capillary detection windows.
Expulsion of trapped matter
Herein is described a process method and device used for nonporous, or porous media, that is metallic, ceramic, or of rock based compositions, such as geologic materials which may house inclusions such that under electromigration, thermophoresis, electrophoresis, magnetophoresis, electromagnetics, leads to combined advection, convection, electro-magnetic kinetics, osmosis, and diffusion. Meaning that under the influence of a solvent, cell, enclosure, contacts, and second enclosure material, yields the expulsion of trapped housed matter such as kerogen, oil, gas condensates, water-oil mixtures, hydrocarbons, terpenes, organic compounds, methane, inorganic material, solvent, or other organic material(s), or oil-gas-water type natural resource material.
Microchannel gel electrophoretic separation systems and methods for preparing and using
A micro-analytical platform for performing electrophoresis-based immunoassays was developed by integrating photopolymerized cross-linked polyacrylamide gels within a microfluidic device. The microfluidic immunoassays are performed by gel electrophoretic separation and quantifying analyte concentration based upon conventional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (page).
Methods of analyzing plaque
The invention provides a method of measuring ammonia and/or calcium in a sample of dental plaque, comprising obtaining the sample of plaque and measuring ammonium and calcium ions using capillary electrophoresis, together with methods of diagnosis, treatment and screening based on evaluation of plaque.. .
Composition and method for gel electrophoresis with in-situ calibration
The invention relates to, among other things, a method for performing electrophoresis with in-situ calibration. The method includes combining a volume of a test sample with a volume or quantity of a calibrating sample to form a final volume, where the volume of the calibrating sample includes a known concentration of a calibrator and the final volume includes a known ratio of test sample to calibrating sample.
Leakage current sense circuit for error detection in an improved capillary electrophoresis-electrospray ionization- mass spectrometry system
Aspects of the present innovations relate to improved systems that may perform capillary electrophoresis (ce) and ce in conjunction with electrospray ionization (esi) as an input to a mass spectrometry system (ms). Embodiments may use a current sense circuit at a high voltage output from an ms-esi power supply in conjunction with additional elements to identify fault conditions associated with leakage current, to confirm the continuity of ce connections, and to provide improved system protection..
Capillary electrophoresis method for fine structural analysis of enoxaparin sodium
A capillary electrophoresis method for quantitatively analyzing characteristic oligosaccharide present in enoxaparin sodium is provided in this invention. The method may be used for quantitatively determining the contents of disaccharides, trisaccharides, tetrasaccharides and in particular oligosaccharides having a 1,6-anhydro ring, which are unique compounds for enoxaparin sodium, within an exhaustively digested enoxaparin sodium sample with a mixture of heparinase i, ii, and iii, so as to quantitatively determine the molar percentage of oligosaccharides having 1,6-anhydro ring in enoxaparin sodium.
High-resolution biosensor
A high-resolution biosensor for analysis of biomolecules is provided. The high-resolution biosensor comprises a functional unit comprising a conducting material with an atomic-scale thickness and a micro-nano fluidic system unit.
Gelc-ms using stain free technology
Disclosed herein is a method of preparing a protein sample for mass spectroscopy. The method includes separating proteins of the sample on an electrophoresis gel; contacting the proteins with a halo-substituted organic compound; exposing the gel to uv light; detecting fluorescence emitted from the electrophoresis gel; excising at least one portion of the electrophoresis gel based upon the detected fluorescence, wherein said at least one portion contains proteins of the protein sample; and subjecting proteins from the at least one portion to mass spectroscopy.
Three dimensional microelectrode system for dielectrophoresis
A dielectrophoresis apparatus for separating particles from a sample, including an apparatus body; a dielectrophoresis channel in the apparatus body, the dielectrophoresis channel having a central axis, a bottom, a top, a first side, and a second side; a first mesa projecting into the dielectrophoresis channel from the bottom and extending from the first side across the dielectrophoresis channel to the second side, the first mesa extending at an angle to the central axis of the dielectrophoresis channel; a first electrode extending along the first mesa; a second mesa projecting into the dielectrophoresis channel from the bottom and extending from the first side across the dielectrophoresis channel to the second side, the second mesa extending at an angle to the central axis of the dielectrophoresis channel; a space between at least one of the first electrode and the second side or the second electrode and the second side; and a gap between the first electrode and the second electrode.. .

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