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Electronic Device patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Electronic Device-related patents
 Electronic device and method for creating virtual folder and managing stored applications patent thumbnailElectronic device and method for creating virtual folder and managing stored applications
An electronic device and method for creating a virtual folder and managing stored applications capable of displaying a list of at least one application associated with a selected virtual folder based on metadata information of an application. A method of an electronic device can include receiving a touch input of any one of at least one virtual folder, calling at least one application registered to the touch-input virtual folder, and displaying the called at least one application..
 Ad-hoc connection between electronic devices patent thumbnailAd-hoc connection between electronic devices
The invention relates to a method of creating an ad-hoc connection between two electronic devices. In order to enable a particularly user-friendly creation of such a connection, it is proposed that a first device detects a hugging state between the first device and a second device, in which the first device and the second device are in close vicinity and a piece of information is received at the first device directly from the second device.
 Storage device and controlling method thereof patent thumbnailStorage device and controlling method thereof
A controlling method of a storage device is provided. The storage device is in communication with a handheld electronic device.
 Keyword-based user interface in electronic device patent thumbnailKeyword-based user interface in electronic device
A method for providing a user interface (ui) in an electronic device includes determining at least a starting keyword from a given target database, and associating each said starting keyword with a function of the electronic device; determining at least a linking keyword from a user profile database; creating a keyword tree from the at least a starting keyword and the at least a linking keyword, wherein the keyword tree has at least two layers, and the at least a linking keyword is placed in an upper layer relative to the at least a starting keyword; and providing the keyword tree on the electronic device for a user to browse and thereby select at least a said starting keyword by at least a said linking keyword on the keyword tree, thus starting the function.. .
 User interface operating method and electronic device with the user interface and program product storing program for operating the user interface patent thumbnailUser interface operating method and electronic device with the user interface and program product storing program for operating the user interface
A user interface operating method, an electronic device with the user interface and a program product storing a program for operating the user interface are disclosed. A user interface operating method includes steps of displaying a time image, a multimedia object corresponding to a time point in the time image, and first information of the multimedia object corresponding to the time point on a user interface of an electronic device; triggering a search process if the time image and the multimedia object corresponding to the time point in the time image overlap with each other on the user interface, the search process including searching for, based on the first information, multimedia objects corresponding to other time points in the time image related to the first information; and displaying on the user interface the multimedia objects corresponding to other time points in the time image and found in the search process..
 Electronic device and multimedia file sorting method patent thumbnailElectronic device and multimedia file sorting method
A multimedia file sorting method for use in an electronic device is provided. The method has the following steps of: retrieving time information and location information of multimedia files stored in the electronic device; filtering the multimedia files according to the retrieved time information and the retrieved location information; and sorting the multimedia files into multiple groups according to similarities within both the retrieved time information and the retrieved location information..
 Redemption recordation and verification patent thumbnailRedemption recordation and verification
The collection of voucher redemption information may reduce instances of redemption error or redemption fraud, which benefits both consumers and merchants. The collection of voucher redemption information may involve a service receiving a selection of a voucher for redemption from an application on an electronic device, in which the voucher was previously acquired by a consumer through a deal offered by a merchant.
 Systems and methods for estimating sales and marketing parameters for a product patent thumbnailSystems and methods for estimating sales and marketing parameters for a product
Systems and methods are provided for determining sales estimates and budget parameters associated with a release of a product. According to certain aspects, an electronic device identifies (505) a total available market (tam) for a product over specified time periods.
 Diet planning system and method patent thumbnailDiet planning system and method
A diet planning system and method that provide a user an electronic device for inputting food items that represent a partial diet menu for a time period. The system computes the difference between the nutritional values of the user specified food items and a pre-established user-specifiable set of target intake nutritional values.
 Smart switch with voice operated function and smart control system using the same patent thumbnailSmart switch with voice operated function and smart control system using the same
A smart switch applied to a smart control system in a smart house, includes a storage, a voice input unit configured to receive vocal commands and convert the vocal commands to electronic data, and a remote control unit. A processor unit which includes a voice identifying module, a determining module, and a control module is also included.
Intelligent electronic device and method thereof
An intelligent electronic device (ied) having a gain control unit adapted to selectively regulate operating ranges of output signals of a sensing circuit of the device is described. In one embodiment, the ied is a digital electric power and energy meter, which operating ranges for supply voltages and supply currents of electrical services may be adjusted to match pre-determined ranges for input signals of a data acquisition system or a data processing module of the meter..
Vehicle user interface systems and methods
A control system for mounting in a vehicle and for providing information to a portable electronic device for processing by the portable electronic device is shown and described. The control system includes a first interface for communicating with the portable electronic device and a memory device.
Electronic system, electronic system control method, and recording medium
A monitoring processor controls a plurality of electronic devices that each include a cooling fan that cools inside of a casing and a fan controller that controls the cooling fan. The monitoring processor includes a fan speed controller that performs control on the fan controllers of the respective electronic devices to change rotation speed of at least any cooling fan based on pieces of sound pressure information of sounds emitted by the respective electronic devices measured by a sound pressure measuring device..
Devices for managing data associated with an audio communication
An electronic device for managing data associated with an audio communication is described. The electronic device includes a processor memory in electronic communication with the processor.
Network searching method and mobile electronic device using the same
A network searching method adapted to a mobile electronic device in a no service state is provided. In the method, a first timer is activated.
Telephony interruption handling
The specification and drawings present a new method, apparatus and software related product for handling interruptions, specifically passive interruption (or unintended interruption) for telephone communications (e.g., wireless) between users or user equipments (e.g., in lte wireless systems). At least one monitoring electronic device can detect one or more unintended interruptions in an audio communication between at least two ues in one or both communication directions before each of the one or more unintended interruptions occur.
Accessibility in dynamic cellular networks
In order to facilitate communication in a dynamic cellular network, an accessibility issue in the dynamic cellular network may be detected. For example, if an electronic device is near the boundary between two adjacent cells in the dynamic cellular-telephone network, the signal power of signals from the adjacent cell may be higher than that of signals from the current servicing cell, which may offer an opportunity to improve communication performance.
Method and system for update of network-related information, and electronic device supporting the same
A system and method for network-related information is provided. In a method for updating network-related information, an electronic device determines whether the network-related information is received from a currently accessed service network, and accesses another service network if the network-related information is not received, and receives the network-related information from the newly accessed service network..
Method and device for screen unlocking of electronic device
A method for authentication in an electronic device is provided, comprising: receiving a touch pattern, the touch pattern including a set of points; determining, by a processor, whether the touch pattern is valid by validating a first portion of the touch pattern, the first portion not including at least one of the set of points; when the touch pattern is determined to be valid, unlocking the screen; and when the touch pattern is determined to be invalid, holding the screen locked.. .
Information processing apparatus and information processing method having communication function
The present invention is an information processing apparatus which obtains identification information of an electronic device and makes communication with the electronic device via a network based on the identification information. When a portable telephone (11) is placed on an input display section (2) of a personal computer (1), a reader/writer built in the personal computer (1) reads a telephone number of the portable telephone (11) stored in an rf tag built in the portable telephone (11).
Graphene device including a pva layer or formed using a pva layer
An apparatus or method can include forming a graphene layer including a working surface, forming a polyvinyl alcohol (pva) layer upon the working surface of the graphene layer, and forming a dielectric layer upon the pva layer. In an example, the pva layer can be activated and the dielectric layer can be deposited on an activated portion of the pva layer.
Hand-held electronic device accessory that facilitates rapid battery replacement
An accessory for a hand-held electronic device includes a protective case and a battery. The electronic device is insertable into the protective case.
Glass for chemical strengthening
There is provided a glass for chemical strengthening having a black color tone and excelling in characteristics preferred for the purposes of housing or decoration of an electronic device, that is, bubble quality, strength, and light transmittance characteristics. A glass for chemical strengthening contains, in mole percentage based on following oxides, 55% to 80% of sio2, 3% to 16% of al2o3, 0% to 12% of b2o3, 5% to 16% of na2o, 0% to 4% of k2o, 0% to 15% of mgo, 0% to 3% of cao, 0% to 18% of Σro (where r represents mg, ca, sr, ba or zn), 0% to 1% of zro2, and 0.1% to 7% of a coloring component having at least one metal oxide selected from the group consisting of oxides of co, mn, fe, ni, cu, cr, v and bi..
Conductive leather materials and methods for making the same
Conductive leather materials and methods for making the same are provided. The conductive leather materials may have a conductivity suitable to operate touch-sensitive electronic devices without a conductive path to the human body..
Clamping component and electronic device using the same
A clamping component and an electronic device using the same are provided. The clamping component includes a base and a combining portion.
Electronic device and method for recognizing features of objects
An electronic device stores haar-like features and geometrical features of an object. A reference image of the object is created according to the geometrical features of the object.
Image processing method for removing moving object and electronic device
An image processing method for removing a moving object includes an input step of inputting input images; a matching step of matching the input images according to corresponding positions; a determining step of determining a background image from the input images; a marking step of marking at least one moving object from at least one of the input images; and a replacing step of replacing a region, occupied by the moving object in at least one of the input images with a corresponding regional background in another input image.. .
Motion-controlled electronic device and method therefor
An electronic device obtains a motion of a displaced object in two captured video frames utilizing phase correlation of the two frames. The electronic device identifies a magnitude of the motion and an area in a phase correlation surface corresponding to an area of the object, and accordingly determines if the motion is a qualified motion operable to trigger a gesture command of the electronic device.
Electronic divice, selection method, acquisition method, electronic appratus, synthesis method and synthesis program
An electronic device (1) includes an imaging unit (10), and an extraction unit (20) that is configured to extracts rhythm information indicating a pattern of a spatial change in an image captured by the imaging unit (10). The extraction unit (20) includes a first storage unit (22), a calculation unit (24), and a selection unit (26), the first storage unit being storing rhythm information associated with a pattern of a spatial change in a unit region in an image, the calculation unit being calculating a pattern of a spatial change in a unit region in the image captured by the imaging unit (10), the selection unit being selecting the rhythm information corresponding to the pattern of the spatial change in the unit region calculated by the calculation unit (24), from the first storage unit (22)..
Electronic circuit and electronic device including the same
A counter includes: a count processing circuit including a nonvolatile register; a regulator receiving voltage from a direct current power supply, generating power supply voltage based on the received voltage for the count processing circuit, and supplying the power supply voltage to the count processing circuit; and a delay circuit receiving the power supply voltage and supplying a count signal to the count processing circuit after the power supply voltage is supplied to the count processing circuit. After having received the power supply voltage from the regulator, the count processing circuit updates a count value in response to the count signal and holds the updated count value in the nonvolatile register in a non-volatile manner..
Semi-rigid electronic device with a flexible display
A semi-rigid electronic device is disclosed that includes a flexible panel and a housing. The housing may have a physical dimension l, such as length, height, or a diagonal.
Lightweight electronic device for automotive applications and method
A lightweight radio/cd player for vehicular application is virtually “fastenerless” and includes a case and frontal interface formed of polymer based material that is molded to provide details to accept audio devices such as playback mechanisms (if desired) and radio receivers, as well as the circuit boards required for electrical control and display. The case and frontal interface are of composite structure, including an insert molded electrically conductive wire mesh screen that has been pre-formed to contour with the molding operation.
Displaying apparatus and mobile electronic device and displaying frame thereof
Disclosed are a displaying apparatus, a mobile electronic device, and a displaying frame. The displaying apparatus includes a mobile electronic device and a displaying frame.
Electronic device and fixing structure thereof
An electronic device includes a fixing structure and an electronic component. The fixing structure includes a base, a locking element, and a fixing element.
Electronic device and method for manufacturing thereof
An electronic device includes a first substrate, a second substrate that is disposed to be superposed over the first substrate, a connector that connects the first substrate to the second substrate, an inter-substrate frame that is disposed between the first substrate and the second substrate and includes a wall portion, and a wall member that is disposed on at least one of the first substrate and the second substrate to be opposed to the wall portion and locks the wall portion of the inter-substrate frame in response to displacement that is generated between the first substrate and the second substrate.. .
Heterogeneous encapsulation
An improved method for producing a pcb assembly requiring at least two different encapsulants is disclosed. The pcb assembly may have two or more separate regions in which electronic devices are attached.
Electronic device
An electronic device includes a casing, a circuit board, an electronic component and a plurality of conductive elements. The circuit board is disposed in the casing.
Metallization and anodization of plastic and conductive parts of the body of an apparatus
A method of fabricating at least a portion of the body of an apparatus, such as a portable electronic device, that includes both plastic and conductive parts is provided with the body appearing relatively seamless such that the interface between the plastic and conductive parts is indistinguishable. In this regard, a plastic part may be combined with a conductive part to form at least a portion of the body of the portable electronic device.
Electronic device, structure, and heat sink
An electronic device includes a substrate (101), a conductor plane (104) which is provided on an inner layer of the substrate (101), an electronic circuit (102) which is mounted on the substrate (101), a heat sink (103) which is mounted on an upper surface of the electronic circuit (102), includes a portion which does not overlap with the electronic circuit (102) when seen in a plan view, faces the conductor plane (104), and is configured of a conductive material, a conductor via (105) which is connected to the heat sink (103) on a surface of the heat sink (103) contacting the electronic circuit (102), and extends toward the conductor plane (104), and a stub (106) which is connected to the conductor via (105) and extends to face the conductor plane (104).. .
Electronic device, accessory and method of operating electronic device and accessory
An electronic device and an accessory are provided. The electronic device is installed on the accessory and identifies a type of the accessory.
Heat dissipating module with enhanced heat dissipation efficiency and electronic device therewith
A heat dissipating module includes a main body, a heat dissipating unit and at least one resilient engaging unit. A side of the heat dissipating unit is connected to the main body and the other side of the heat dissipating unit contacts against at least one heat component.
Heat dissipating apparatus for folding electronic devices
Some implementations provide a folding electronic device that includes a base portion, a cover portion and a coupler. The base portion includes a region configured to generate heat.
Portable electronic device case accessories and related systems and methods
Case accessories for portable electronic devices are disclosed. In some embodiments, a case accessory may include a base configured to sit on a working surface, a support coupled to the base and configured to support a portable electronic device in an elevated position, a rotational mechanism coupled to the support configured to allow the holder to rotate in one or more directions relative to the support, and a holder coupled to the rotational mechanism and configured to secure the portable electronic device..
Electronic device cover
A protective cover assembly having a tray having a concave surface and a perimeter, the concave surface defining a volume sufficient to accommodate a portable electronic device; and an elastomeric collar having an internal rim that reversibly engages and wraps around the perimeter of the tray.. .
Locking hinge assembly for electronic device
In one embodiment an electronic device comprises a housing having a first section and a second section comprising a display coupled to the first section by a hinge assembly, a rotation control assembly to control rotation of the hinge assembly, and a controller to activate the rotation control assembly in response to detection of a force condition at a second section of the housing of an electronic device. Other embodiments may be described..
Glass enclosure body having mechanical resistance to impact damage
An enclosure for a portable electronic device includes a glass sleeve having an oblong cross-sectional profile and a wall defining a cavity for an electronic insert. The wall comprises a first wall segment with a first thickness and a local radius or curvature of 10 mm or less and a second wall segment with a second thickness, where the first thickness is 20 to 50% greater than the first thickness..
Electronic device and image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes: a sensor section, an oscillation mechanism, a control section, and an object determination section. The sensor section has a pyroelectric infrared sensor detecting presence of an object based on an infrared ray change.
Displays with logos and alignment marks
An electronic device may be provided with a display mounted in a housing. The display may include a color filter layer, a liquid crystal layer, and a thin-film transistor layer.
Video entertainment system
A video entertainment system includes a master handset electronic device for generating a first control signal, receiving a second control signal, and processing the first control signal and the second control signal, to generate and transmit a video data; and a slave handset electronic device for generating and transmitting a second control signal to the master handset electronic device.. .
Vector data conversion output device, vector data conversion output method, and vector data conversion output program
In order for an electronic device not equipped with flash playback software to reproduce swf format vector data, the present invention provides a connection search unit that searches for a connection between terminal points of line segments forming swf format vector data, searching being performed for each fill style pertaining to the line segments; an confined space determination control unit that determines whether line segments determined to be connected form an confined space, and when the line segments form an confined space, establishes the line segments as line segments of the confined space and the fill style pertaining to the line segments as a fill style of the confined space; and a vector data output unit that outputs vector data based on the line segments and the fill style established for the confined space.. .
Customer facing imaging systems and methods for obtaining images
An imaging system for obtaining an image of a display of an electronic device presented by a presenter holding the electronic device includes a housing having an imaging subsystem disposed in the housing. The imaging subsystem comprising an image sensor array and an imaging assembly operative for focusing an image of the display on the electronic device onto the image sensor array.
Electronic device
Included is a flat box shaped housing 1 having, on a main surface la thereof, a rectangular image display surface 2. Two images whose vertical directions are different from each other by 90 degrees are displayed on the image display surface 2.
Electronic device, driving method of the same, and computer readable recording medium
An electronic device includes: a display unit capable of displaying a rotational pathway which rotates on a screen and with which an operation of the electronic device is associated according to a position on the rotational pathway; a touch screen that detects a touch from an outside and receives an input of a positional signal according to a position of the touch; a display controller that converts the position of the touch corresponding to the positional signal received by the touch screen into a position on the rotational pathway and causes a mark to be displayed at the position converted; and an operation controller that controls an operation of the electronic device according to a display position of the mark on the rotational pathway.. .
Communication apparatus
A communication apparatus includes a receiver that receives an instruction to switch off the communication apparatus, an obtaining unit that obtains data from a recording medium, a communication unit that sends the obtained data to an other electronic device, and a controller that controls power supply of the communication apparatus. The controller continuously supplies power at least to a predetermined component which needs power to be supplied to establish communication with the other electronic device for a predetermined period of time when the receiver receives the instruction to switch off the communication apparatus..
Image pickup apparatus and electronic device using the same
An image pickup device constituted by a bare chip is mounted to a flexible substrate including an opening portion and a wiring pattern, so that a light receiving area is positioned at the opening portion and so as to be electrically connected to the wiring pattern. A rigid substrate having a concave portion capable of housing the image pickup device is connected to the flexible substrate.
Methods and devices for generating a stereoscopic image
Methods and devices for generating a stereoscopic image are described. In one aspect, the electronic device includes a first camera for generating first camera data, a second camera for generating second camera data and a third camera for generating third camera data.
Methods and devices for generating a stereoscopic image
Methods and devices for generating a stereoscopic image are described. In one aspect, the electronic device includes a main body and a support rotatably coupled with the main body about an axis of rotation.
Imaging device and method
A display is disclosed that comprises an array of display pixels, in which light sensing pixels are interspersed with the display pixels substantially across the area of the display. At least one colour display sub-pixel is arranged to be switched off when the corresponding colour light sensor pixel closest to that display sub-pixel is detecting light to generate an image.
Comparison-based selection of video resolutions in a video call
A method that includes determining input-resolution parameters for an input resolution, receiving first and second output resolutions from an electronic device, wherein the first output resolution includes first output-resolution parameters and the second output resolution includes second output-resolution parameters, calculating a first value by using the input-resolution parameters and the first output-resolution parameters, calculating a second value by using the input-resolution parameters and the second output-resolution parameters, selecting one of the first and second output resolutions based on a comparison between the first and second values, providing the selected output resolution to the electronic device, and receiving a video stream from the electronic device, wherein the video stream has a resolution corresponding to the selected output resolution.. .
Systems and methods for creating multi-dimensional images on demand for the creation of customized products
A case system for an electronic device includes a case body, the case body shaped to hold an electronic device. The case system further includes a multidimensional image located on the case body.
Graphical display of content on a display device in a spiral pattern
Graphical display content on a display of an electronic device includes retrieving a plurality of objects comprising the content; and displaying the plurality of objects within a plurality of panels tiled in a spiral, wherein the panels are tiled so that a size of each of the panels changes with geometric progression, and wherein relative sizes of the panels indicates an order or relevance of the plurality of objects.. .
Method and system for augmented reality based smart classroom environment
A method and system provide an augmented reality based environment using a portable electronic device. The method includes capturing an image of users, recognizing the users in the image, and fetching information associated with the recognized users.
Electronic device with proximity sensing
Apparatus (20) and methods (600, 700, 800) for sensing proximity of an object (22) to an electronic device (10) are disclosed. The apparatus (20) may comprise an infrared source (30) configured to emit electromagnetic energy in the infrared frequency range (ir energy 24) for reflection by an object (22) in proximity to the electronic device (10).
Electronic device and method for controlling zooming of displayed object
An electronic device and a method for controlling zooming of a displayed object are disclosed. The method includes: receiving a single-point slide operation performed by a user on a displayed object of a touch screen, and generating a slide signal; parsing the slide signal to obtain a slide track and a feature value of the single-point slide operation; determining whether the feature value of at least one point in the single-point slide operation is greater than a preset value; and when the feature value is greater than the preset value, controlling zooming of the displayed object according to the slide track.
Electronic device, control method of electronic device, program, and storage medium
An electronic device having a plurality of electrodes arranged to detect a touch operation onto an operation plane has a control unit for effecting control such that in a case where a capacity of an electrode arranged at an end portion of an arrangement of the plurality of electrodes is equal to or greater than a first capacity, a process corresponding to the touch operation is executed, and in a case where a capacity of another electrode different from the electrode arranged at the end portion is equal to or greater than a second capacity greater than the first capacity, the process corresponding to the touch operation is executed.. .
Electronic device, method for viewing desktop thereof, and computer-readable medium
An electronic device, a method for viewing a desktop thereof, and a computer-readable medium are provided. One of n continuous areas of the desktop and a navigation bar are displayed in a touch screen of the electronic device.
Method and apparatus of data transfer dynamic adjustment in response to usage scenarios, and associated computer program product
A method and apparatus of data transfer dynamic adjustment in response to usage scenarios and associated computer program product are provided. The method includes: utilizing at least one communication port of a display control device to receive data packets from at least one electronic device, and utilizing at least one output port of the display control device to output display data or derivative information thereof to at least one display device for display, where the display control device is utilized for performing display control for the at least one electronic device, and the data packets carry display data which represents a video output of the at least one electronic device; and dynamically detecting usage scenarios of the at least one electronic device to generate usage scenario information, and dynamically switching data transfer modes between the display control device and the electronic device according to the usage scenario information..

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