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Electronic Device patents

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Method for managing a list and electronic device thereof

Method and apparatus for manipulating data on electronic device display

Page operating method and electronic device thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Electronic Device-related patents
 Real-time management system for mobile electronic devices patent thumbnailReal-time management system for mobile electronic devices
Disclosed are a real-time management system for mobile electronic devices and its operating method. The real-time management system includes a mobile electronic device and a main system.
 Method for managing a list and electronic device thereof patent thumbnailMethod for managing a list and electronic device thereof
A method of managing a list in an electronic device is provided. The method includes displaying the list, determining whether scrolling on the list occurs, determining whether there is at least one item that satisfies a reference condition for displaying a shortcut on the upper end of the list, if the scrolling on the list occurs, and displaying, on the upper end of the list, the shortcut for the at least one item that satisfies the reference condition, if there is at least one item that satisfies the reference condition..
 Method and apparatus for manipulating data on electronic device display patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for manipulating data on electronic device display
A data processing method and apparatus of an electronic device for manipulating data presented on a page displayed on a display includes displaying the page for receiving a user input, forming an area on the page in response to the user input, providing, on a perimeter of the formed area, at least one mark configured to adjust the formed area, and displaying data in the formed area.. .
 Page operating method and electronic device thereof patent thumbnailPage operating method and electronic device thereof
An electronic device and method for operating a page displayed on the electronic device is provided. The method includes determining whether the electronic device is in an editing mode; displaying a current page; and displaying a page indicator using a thumbnail scheme including at least a thumbnail corresponding to the current page in a separate region than the displayed current page..
 Variable i/o interface for portable media device patent thumbnailVariable i/o interface for portable media device
The present invention can include electronic devices having variable input/output interfaces that can allow a user to interact with the devices with greater efficiency and in a more ergonomic manner. An electronic device of the present invention can display icons associated with user-programmable parameters of a media file.
 Remotely testing electronic devices using messaging and presence protocol patent thumbnailRemotely testing electronic devices using messaging and presence protocol
Remotely testing a client device, the method including: implementing an interface of a messaging and presence protocol; starting a connection of the messaging and presence protocol between the client device and a server; initiating a test to execute steps of the test over the messaging and presence protocol connection; indicating information regarding results of the test to send over the messaging and presence protocol connection. Key words include remote testing and xmpp..
 Apparatus and method for providing a modular power supply with multiple adjustable output voltages patent thumbnailApparatus and method for providing a modular power supply with multiple adjustable output voltages
An apparatus and method for supplying operating voltages to a plurality of electronic devices is disclosed. A plurality of power supply modules of a modular power supply may output voltages to at least two electronic devices.
 Method for software anti-rollback recovery patent thumbnailMethod for software anti-rollback recovery
A temporary anti-rollback table—which is cryptographically signed, unique to a specific device, and includes a version number—is provided to an electronic device requiring a replacement anti-rollback table. The table is verified by the device, and loaded to memory following a reboot.
 Usb storage device patent thumbnailUsb storage device
A usb storage device includes a pcie connector, usb flash drives, usb buses, a usb controller, and a voltage conversion unit. The pcie connector connects to a motherboard of an electronic device and includes a power pin and at least on data pin.
 Electronic devices having semiconductor magnetic memory units patent thumbnailElectronic devices having semiconductor magnetic memory units
A semiconductor device includes a resistance variable element including a free magnetic layer, a tunnel barrier layer and a pinned magnetic layer; and a magnetic correction layer disposed over the resistance variable element to be separated from the resistance variable element, and having a magnetization direction which is opposite to a magnetization direction of the pinned magnetic layer.. .
Method for managng transmission information and electronic device thereof
A method and apparatus for managing transmission information about data in an electronic include transmitting data using a first application program, generating transmission information about the data transmitted using the first application program, and displaying the transmission information about the data.. .
Reliable content recommendations
A method and/or system for reliable content recommendations may include receiving, from an electronic device, a request for one or more content recommendations. An indicator associated with the electronic device may be determined.
Transaction processing method, apparatus and system
The present invention relates to a transaction processing and method. A device associated with a payer, which may be a suitably adapted mobile telephone is involved in the payment transaction process.
System and method for facilitating secure self payment transactions of retail goods
Disclosed herein are various embodiments for systems and methods for self-payment and verification of the purchase of retail goods and services. According to an embodiment of the invention, a method for verifying the purchase using a mobile electronic device in wireless communication with a payment verification system and a code generating system is provided, the method comprising the steps of: receiving from a consumer information identifying an item for purchase; receiving from a consumer information identifying payment means for purchasing the item for purchase; processing the information identifying the item for purchase and information identifying payment means and generating a unique qr code indicating a purchase of the item; sending the unique qr code to a mobile device for display by a consumer to the vendor of the item for purchase..
Method and apparatus for electronic product information and business transactions
A shopping aid for electronically supplying product information is provided. In one aspect of the invention, product, sales, status, availability and/or other related product information may be transmitted locally from a computer system associated with a merchant or from the internet to a portable electronic device of the consumer.
Providing advertisements in response to idle time during navigation on an electronic device
Certain embodiments involve providing advertisements during navigation on an electronic device. For example, when the device is left idle for a period of time because the user of the device has not given a navigation command, the mobile device may present an advertisement.
Providing advertisements in response to navigation on an electronic device
Certain embodiments involve providing advertisements in response to navigation on an electronic device. On a mobile or other electronic device navigation may be controlled by moving a focus indicator amongst a group of displayed items.
System and method for processing multi-modal device interactions in a natural language voice services environment
A system and method for processing multi-modal device interactions in a natural language voice services environment may be provided. In particular, one or more multi-modal device interactions may be received in a natural language voice services environment that includes one or more electronic devices.
Language processing method and electronic device
A language processing method is provided comprising forming a feature from at least one word from an input sequence of words; generating an address of a memory cell storing a weight for the feature based on a hash function using the feature as argument; retrieving the weight for the feature from the memory cell with the address; and generating a dependency tree for the input sequence based on the weight and a second order dependency parsing algorithm. A corresponding electronic device is provided as well..
Thermal management of an electronic device based on sensation model
Some implementations provide a method for performing thermal management of an electronic device. The method determines a sensation value based on (i) a temperature of the electronic device, and (ii) a temperature rate change of the electronic device.
Hybrid bioelectrical interface device
A hybrid bioelectrical interface (hbi) device can be an implantable device comprising an abiotic component operable to transmit charge via electrons or ions; a biological component interfacing with the neural tissue, the biological component being sourced from biologic, biologically-derived, or bio-functionalized material; and a conjugated polymer component that together provide a means to chronically interface living neural tissue with electronic devices for extended durations (e.g. Greater than 10 years).
Organic ionic compounds, compositions and electronic devices
The present invention relates inter alia to novel compositions, compounds and formulations of multi-charged organic cations or anions having a functional organic group or a non-functional organic group. The present invention further relates to devices comprising the these compositions, compounds or formulations..
Electronic device, information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
An exemplary electronic device is in a housing to be gripped by a right hand and a left hand of a user, and has a plurality of manipulable portions. The electronic device includes: electrodes placed at positions which come in contact with the right hand and left hand of the user gripping the housing; an extractor for extracting an electrocardiographic component of the user from a potential difference between the electrodes; a determination section for determining whether the extracted electrocardiographic component is in a positive direction or a negative direction by referring to a prestored criterion; and a change section for, in accordance with a result of determination by the determination section, changing assignment between each of the plurality of manipulable portions and a manipulation signal generated in response to a manipulation..
Organic electroluminescent device
The present invention relates to electronic devices, in particular organic electroluminescent devices, comprising compounds of the formula (1), to the corresponding compounds, and to a process for the preparation of these compounds.. .
Portable electronic device having mobile communication capability
An example portable electronic device includes a display; user controls; a camera for capturing images; wireless communication circuitry for mobile communication; memory; and a processing system for controlling the portable electronic device. The processing system controls the portable electronic device to permit composing of an outgoing message and to permit viewing of an incoming message.
Subject matter based tour guide
A method for communicating tour information to a user of a mobile electronic device is disclosed. The mobile device receives from a global positioning satellite (gps) system geographic coordinates of the mobile device, compares them with coordinates stored in a database having associated with them a point-of-interest.
Method of determining user intent to use services based on proximity
A method for accessing functionality of a mobile electronic device through a vehicle system onboard a motor vehicle. The method includes making functionality of the mobile electronic device accessible through the vehicle system based on where a sensor that the mobile electronic device is paired with is physically located about the vehicle..
Optoelectronic device with light directing arrangement and method of forming the arrangement
An optoelectronic device comprises a body of an indirect bandgap semiconductor material having a surface and a photon active region on one side of the surface. A light directing arrangement is formed integrally with the body on an opposite side of the surface..
Portable device to control simulated aircraft in air traffic control training system
A portable electronic device (1410) for controlling a simulated aircraft in a training exercise executing in an air traffic control (atc) system having a simulator, a method of doing the same using a portable electronic device (1410), and a computer program product are disclosed. The device is capable of wirelessly communicating with the simulator (1420, 1430) also suitable adapted for wireless communications.
Pattern forming method, actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition, resist film, method for manufacturing electronic device, and electronic device
A pattern forming method including: (i) forming a film using an actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition containing a resin (a) having a repeating unit having a group generating a polar group upon being decomposed by the action of an acid, and a repeating unit having an aromatic group, a compound (b) generating an acid upon irradiation with actinic rays or radiation, and a solvent (c); (ii) exposing the film; and (iii) developing the exposed film using a developer including an organic solvent to form a negative tone pattern, wherein the resin (a) is a resin having a repeating unit having a naphthyl group, and the like, and/or the actinic ray-sensitive or radiation-sensitive resin composition contains a compound (d) having a naphthalene ring, and the like.. .
Compositions and methods of making thin wall housings for electronic devices
Provided herein are high flow and ductile thermoplastic resin compositions for the formation of thin wall articles and articles with desirable impact strengths. These compositions are useful in the manufacture of various shaped, formed and/or molded articles..
Combination electronic device dock and dissinfector
Disclosed is a disinfecting docking station for at least one portable electronic device, such as a medical technician's tablet computer, that has at least one recharging connector. An enclosure is adapted to receive the at least one portable electronic device therein through an openable side that includes a selectively closable door.
Sound amplifying device and electronic product using the same
A sound amplifying device includes a base part and an amplifying part. The amplifying part is mounted on the base part.
System and method for implementing do-not-disturb during playback of media content
The disclosed embodiments include a system, method, and computer program product for implementing do-not-disturb feature during media content. For example, in one embodiment, the do-not-disturb feature is implemented on an electronic device during the playback of the media content based on user preferences, where the user preferences specify the media content that triggers the do-not-disturb feature on the electronic device.
Electronic device
An electronic device includes a first electrode, a second electrode spaced apart from the first electrode, a resistance variable element interposed between the first electrode and the second electrode, and a conductor arranged at least one of a first side and a second side of the resistance variable element to apply an electric field to the resistance variable element while being spaced apart from the resistance variable element, the first side facing the second side.. .
Electronic device and method for fabricating the same
Electronic devices having semiconductor elements and methods for fabricating such devices including, a method for fabricating an electronic device including a semiconductor memory, which includes: forming a sacrificial layer on a substrate including a first region and a second region; selectively etching the sacrificial layer and the substrate of the first region to form a trench; forming a first gate that fills a part of the trench in the first region; forming a gate protection layer on the first gate to fill the remaining part of the trench; removing the sacrificial layer of the first region to form a grooved portion surrounded by the gate protection layer; forming a conductive plug to cover the grooved portion; removing the sacrificial layer of the second region; and forming a second gate on the substrate of the second region.. .
Illuminous sole
An illuminous sole (10) is configured with a sole body (20) and electronic device (30). The sole body (20) defines a compartment (25) and a transparent portion (26) surrounding the compartment (25).
Electronic device
An electronic device includes a case, a switch, a connecting tray and a moving member. The case has an opening.
Ejectable component assemblies in electronic devices
Electronic devices are provided with ejectable component assemblies that can be substantially flush with the external surfaces of the housings of the devices, despite variations in their manufacture. The ejectable component assemblies may include connectors coupled to circuit boards of the devices, and trays that can be loaded with removable modules, inserted through openings in the housings of the devices, and into the connectors for functionally aligning the removable modules with the circuit boards.
Shielding structure for electronic device
The invention provides an electromagnetic shielding for electronic device. The electromagnetic shielding comprises: an opening provided at a position corresponding to the electronic device, through which a heat sink passes to be in contact directly with the electronic device; and at least one elastic arm made of conductive material provided at the circumference of the opening which are extending in a direction away from the shielding to be in a conductive contact with the side surface of the heat sink when the heat sink is mounted in position..
Phase-change chamber with patterned regions of high and low affinity to a phase-change medium for electronic device cooling
A phase-change chamber, a method for fabricating a phase-change chamber and a heat dissipation apparatus for electronic device cooling are disclosed. The phase-change chamber includes: a phase-change medium capable of transitioning between a plurality of phases; a first surface for transitioning a portion of the phase-change medium from a first phase into a second phase; a second surface for transitioning a portion of the phase-change medium from the second phase into the first phase; and at least one supporting member along the circumference of the first surface and the second surface for separating and enclosing the first surface and the second surface.
Security apparatus
A security apparatus for securing a portable electronic device to an immovable object includes a head having a base. The head also includes a plurality of engagement elements extending from the base and configured to be inserted into an aperture of the portable electronic device.
Electronic device and docking station
An electronic device, including: a first body, a second body, a first coupling member and a second coupling member; in the case where the first body and the second body are located in a first relative position, the first body and the second body are coupled together by cooperation between the first coupling member and the second coupling member; and in the case where the first body and the second body are located in a second relative position different from the first relative position, the first body and the second body are decoupled from each other by cooperation between the first coupling member and the second coupling member.. .
Electronic device with mounting apparatus for solid state disk
A mounting apparatus for a solid state disk includes a bracket and a latching module. The bracket includes a connecting pole and a supporting member mounted to the connecting pole.
Protective enclosure for electronic device
A protective cover for an electronic device that has an interactive control panel and one or more electrical contacts includes a protective shell having a first member and a second member. The first member has a first coil arranged to convey electromagnetic energy with respect to a second, external coil.
Apparatus and method for water protection of an electronic device
An apparatus comprises a sensor having a sensing film and at least two electrodes; and a plurality of electronic components operably associated with the sensor. The sensing film is configured to provide a signal based on humidity immediately prior to contact with liquid water.
Switching regulator and electronic device
There is provided a switching regulator including an overcurrent protection circuit which is able to automatically return from an overcurrent state. The switching regulator includes an error amplification circuit which amplifies a difference between a feedback voltage and a reference voltage based on an output voltage and outputs the amplified difference; a pwm comparator which compares an output of the error amplification circuit with an output of a triangular wave oscillation circuit, and controls an output transistor; an overcurrent detection circuit which monitors a load current flowing through a load connected to an output terminal, detects that the load current is an overcurrent, and outputs an overcurrent detection signal causing a switching operation to stop; and a negative feedback control circuit which receives the overcurrent detection signal, and controls the load current to a predetermined current value..
Portable electronic device
Portable electronic devices are provided. A device may include cover glass with a light mask.
Television and method for displaying program images and video images simultaneously
A method for displaying video image of a television includes processing video signals corresponding to video images transmitted from an electronic device and determining whether the tv programs are displayed on a full displaying window or on a partial displaying window. The display is controlled to provide a first video image displaying window overlaying the full displaying window if the tv programs are displayed on the full displaying window or provide a second video image displaying window spaced from the partial displaying window if the tv programs are displayed on the partial displaying window.
Approaches for device location and communication
An electronic device can utilize image capture technology to detect the presence and location of another device. Using this information, the electronic device can display, in a user interface, a graphical element representing a detected device, along with identity information and the location of the detected device relative to the electronic device.
Control apparatus, electro-optical apparatus, electronic device, and control method
In order to achieve a desired gray level in an optical state of a bi-stable display element, voltage application is carried out so that the gray level follows a predetermined gray level change loop through a erasing period, a reset period, and a write period.. .
Information processing method and electronic device
An information processing method and an electronic device are provided. First image information of the first projection plane is collected by an image collection unit at a first time; a set of color information of the first projection plane in the first image information which indicates color of the first projection plane is acquired; a first color adjusting template is generated based on the set of color information of the first projection plane, and the first color adjusting template includes a set of second color information; color adjustment is performed on each of m projection images after the first time in the electronic device based on the first color adjusting template, to generate m second projection images; the second projection image is then projected onto the first projection plane..
System and method for dual mode stylus detection
A system and method for improved accuracy in the detection of a stylus on a touch sensitive surface of an electronic device, such as a tablet. A dual method of detection is employed including electromagnetic induction detection of the stylus as it is in the vicinity of the screen of the electronic device, as well as capacitive detection of the stylus tip as it contacts the touch screen.
Mobile communication terminal case and tablet pc case
The present invention relates to a mobile communication terminal case capable of accurately measuring the position of an electronic pen tip. The mobile communication terminal case comprises: a main body unit arranged at an outer surface of the mobile communication terminal such that a touch screen of an electronic device may be exposed outwardly; a position measuring unit including an electronic pen for inputting a content to be displayed on the touch screen, and position measuring means arranged at one side of the main body unit to measure the position of the electronic pen tip; and a communication unit which transmits information on the position of the electronic pen tip measured by the position measuring unit to the mobile communication terminal.
System and method of determining stylus location on touch-sensitive display
An electronic device includes a touch-sensitive display including a plurality of touch sensors configured to detect touches on the touch-sensitive display. The touch sensors include a plurality of touch sensor jumpers that are spaced apart in the touch-sensitive display.
Handheld electronic device with text disambiguation
A handheld electronic device includes a reduced qwerty keyboard and is enabled with disambiguation software. The device provides output in the form of a default output and a number of variants.
Energy extraction
This disclosure describes techniques and systems for extracting energy from the endocochlear potential (ep) in animal subjects (e.g., human subjects) and using the extracted energy to operate circuits (e.g., electronic device, sensors, and transmitters). The subject matter of this disclosure is embodied, for example, in a system for extracting energy from an endocochlear potential of an animal, wherein the system includes a pair of electrodes, and a circuit coupled to the pair of electrodes.
Battery of portable electronic device and operating method thereof
A battery is provided. The battery includes a battery cell, a connector, a universal serial bus, a first micro control unit and a second micro control unit.
Mems device, electronic device, electronic apparatus, and moving object
A mems device includes a substrate and a vibrator. The vibrator includes a first conductive layer and a second conductive layer.
Power-saving device
A power saving device includes a first switch coupled between an input node and an output node, wherein the input node is coupled to a power source and the output node is coupled to an electronic device, a detection unit detecting the magnitude of a current, a charge unit coupled to the output node, wherein the charge unit correspondingly generates a detection signal in response to magnitude of the current, a battery pack coupled to the charge unit, a second switch disposed between the output node and the battery pack and a controller. When magnitude of the current in response to the detection signal is lower than a threshold current and battery capacity of the battery back is higher than a predetermined capacity, the controller outputs a set of control signals to turn off the first switch and turn on the second switch..
Mems vibrator, method of manufacturing mems vibrator, electronic device, and moving object
A mems vibrator includes an insulating portion, a first electrode provided on one surface of the insulating portion, a fixed portion, and a function portion, a second electrode provided so that at least a portion thereof overlaps the first electrode at a distance therefrom. The second electrode comes into contact with the function portion and extends from the fixed portion..
Encapsulation for an organic electronic device
An organic electronic device and a method of making an organic electronic device are provided. An embodiment of an electronic device includes a substrate, an active layer disposed on the substrate and a thin-layer encapsulation disposed on the active layer.
Organometallic complex, light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, and lighting device
As a novel substance having a novel skeleton, an organometallic complex having high emission efficiency and improved color purity is provided. The color purity is improved by reducing the half width of an emission spectrum.
Electronic device
An electronic device includes a laser beam scanner, a light detector, a mirror, and an adjuster. The laser beam scanner is configured to scan a laser beam over a projection surface.
Cup holders for electronic devices
Devices for removably supporting a cell phone above a disposable beverage cup while a user sips the beverage, include a looped straw and a phone supporting bracket formed on the top surface of a lid for the cup.. .
Protective covering for personal electronic device
A personal electronic device protective wallet covering. A main housing is dimensioned to fit securely and snugly around a personal electronic device.
Protective cover for electronic device
A protective cover for protecting and supporting a portable electronic device includes a bottom cover and a top cover including three segments. One of the segments at a first side of the top cover is pivotably attached to the bottom cover.
Methods for bonding substrates using liquid adhesive
Structures in an electronic device such as substrates associated with a display may be bonded together using liquid adhesive. Fiber-based equipment may be used to apply ultraviolet light to peripheral edges of an adhesive layer during bonding.
Method of making delaminated resistant assemblies
The present application is directed to a method of reducing delamination in an assembly. The method comprises providing an assembly and limiting visible light exposure to parts of the assembly to maintain a peel force of 20 grams/inch or greater where the light is limited.
Photovoltaic converter device and electronic device
A photovoltaic converter device includes a photovoltaic conversion layer containing a plurality of nanoparticles in a first material in a dispersed state, wherein the nanoparticles include a second material in particles and a third material that coats the second material, the third material having a band gap e3 that is greater than a band gap e1 of the first material, and greater than a band gap e2 of the second material.. .

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