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Electromagnetic Shielding patents

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Semiconductor device, semiconductor package, and electronic device

Electromagnetic shielding gasket and manufacture method thereof

Date/App# patent app List of recent Electromagnetic Shielding-related patents
 Multi-chip package and method for manufacturing the same patent thumbnailMulti-chip package and method for manufacturing the same
A multi-chip package structure is provided, including a substrate having a grounding structure; two semiconductor elements disposed on and electrically connected to the substrate; an encapsulant formed on the substrate and encapsulating semiconductor elements, wherein the encapsulant has a plurality of round holes formed between the semiconductor elements; and an electromagnetic shielding structure formed in each of the round holes and connected to the grounding structure to achieve electromagnetic shielding effects. A method for forming the multi-chip package is also provided..
 Semiconductor device, semiconductor package, and electronic device patent thumbnailSemiconductor device, semiconductor package, and electronic device
A semiconductor device, a semiconductor package, and an electronic device are provided. The electronic device includes a first semiconductor package disposed on a circuit substrate.
 Electromagnetic shielding gasket and manufacture method thereof patent thumbnailElectromagnetic shielding gasket and manufacture method thereof
The present invention provides an electromagnetic shielding gasket and a method for making the same, wherein good electrical conductivity and magnetic diffusivity are achieved by electroplating a layer of co/ni alloy according to an appropriate ratio on an open-cell foam, and the gasket can accomplish shielding function for electrical field and magnetic field at the same time.. .
 Braid and wire harness patent thumbnailBraid and wire harness
A braid having a function as an exterior member as well as an electromagnetic shielding function is provided. Also, a wire harness including such a braid in a configuration is provided.
 Electrical conductor paths patent thumbnailElectrical conductor paths
A component, for example an aerofoil vane or other gas path structure in a gas turbine machine such as a gas turbine engine, in which an insulated electrical conductor path is embedded structurally integrally, and in which electromagnetic shielding, for the embedded electrical conductor path is provided structurally integrally.. .
 Lightning protection and enhanced emi shielding for faceted domes patent thumbnailLightning protection and enhanced emi shielding for faceted domes
A faceted dome assembly for airborne optical sensors to enhance emi shielding and lightning protection is disclosed. In one embodiment, the faceted dome assembly includes a faceted dome.
 Semiconductor device and microphone patent thumbnailSemiconductor device and microphone
A package is formed by vertically stacking a cover and a substrate. A microphone chip is mounted at the top surface of a concave portion provided to the cover, and a circuit element is mounted on the upper surface of the substrate.
 Multiple-layered electromagnetic shielding patent thumbnailMultiple-layered electromagnetic shielding
An apparatus for electromagnetic compatibility (emc) shielding, the apparatus comprising a first emc shield with a plurality of substantially parallel interconnected finger elements spaced apart from one another. A second emc shield with a plurality of substantially parallel interconnected finger elements spaced apart from one another.
 Magnetic field antenna patent thumbnailMagnetic field antenna
A magnetic field antenna that provides high efficiency and a compact form factor. Electromagnetic shielding of electrical components used in the antenna is provided, and one embodiment of the invention is a wireless battery-free communications earplug..
 Polyaniline composites and fabrication method thereof patent thumbnailPolyaniline composites and fabrication method thereof
Polyaniline composites comprise a major matrix and fillers. The major matrix is polyaniline having electrical conductivity.
Filter chip element and method of preparing the same
Disclosed herein is a filter chip element including a ferrite substrate, internal coil patterns formed on the ferrite substrate; and a ferrite composite layer filled between the internal coil patterns formed on the ferrite substrate, wherein the ferrite composite layer includes foaming resin, thereby increasing magnetic permeability and a q value which are important characteristics of a filter chip element for noise prevention among electromagnetic shielding components.. .
Structures for securing printed circuit connectors
Printed circuit substrates may be formed from rigid printed circuit material or flexible sheets of polymer. Printed circuit substrates may have conductive traces.
Infrared light enabled and electromagnetic shielding aircraft window
A flight deck aircraft window 10 has improved transparency from two layers of different types of glass and electromagnetic radiation shielding from a thin layer of indium tin oxide between the two layers of glass. The thin layer of indium tin oxide provides the required shielding without appreciably adding to the window weight or detracting from the enhanced transparency of the two layers of glass..
Polycarbonate abs composites with improved electromagnetic shielding effectiveness
Disclosed herein are methods and compositions of blended polycarbonate resins with improved electromagnetic shielding. The resulting compositions, comprising high strength stainless steel, can be used in the manufacture of articles while still retaining the advantageous physical properties of blended polycarbonate compositions.
Ic wafer having electromagnetic shielding effects and method for making the same
An ic wafer and the method of making the ic wafer, the ic wafer includes an integrated circuit layer having a plurality of solder pads and an insulated layer arranged thereon, a plurality of through holes cut through the insulated layer corresponding to the solder pads respectively for the implantation of a package layer, and an electromagnetic shielding layer formed on the top surface of the insulated layer and electrically isolated from the solder pads of the integrated circuit layer for electromagnetic shielding. Thus, the integrated circuit does not require any further shielding mask, simplifying the fabrication.
Heat sinking and electromagnetic shielding structures
An electronic device may be provided with electronic components such as radio-frequency transceiver integrated circuits and other integrated circuits that are be sensitive to electromagnetic interference. Metal structures are configured to serve both as heat sinking structures for the electrical components and electromagnetic interference shielding.
Electronic device subassemblies
An electronic device may include subassemblies such as battery structures, electromagnetic shielding structures, and button structures. The electromagnetic shielding structures may include a conductive fence and a flexible shielding layer that covers electronic components.
Wiring board with embedded device, built-in stopper and electromagnetic shielding
In a preferred embodiment, a wiring board with embedded device, built-in stopper and electromagnetic shielding includes a stopper, a semiconductor device, a stiffener with shielding sidewalls, a first build-up circuitry and a second build-up circuitry with a shielding lid. The first and second build-up circuitries cover the semiconductor device, the stopper and the stiffener in the opposite vertical directions.
Shielding structure for power conversion system and method thereof
An electromagnetic shielding structure includes a first shielding material disposed at a first location with respect to at least one radiation source and a second shielding material attached with the first shielding material by fastening means. The second shielding material is disposed at a second location with respect to the at least one electromagnetic radiation source so as to define a predetermined gap between the first shielding material and the second shielding material.
Wiring board with shielding lid and shielding slots as electromagnetic shields for embedded device
In a preferred embodiment, a wiring board with embedded device and electromagnetic shielding includes a semiconductor device, a core layer, a shielding lid, shielding slots and build-up circuitry. The build-up circuitry covers the semiconductor device and the core layer.
Wiring board with embedded device and electromagnetic shielding
In a preferred embodiment, a wiring board with embedded device and electromagnetic shielding includes a shielding frame, a semiconductor device, a stiffener, a first build-up circuitry and a second build-up circuitry with a shielding lid. The first and second build-up circuitries cover the semiconductor device, the shielding frame and the stiffener in the opposite vertical directions.
Multi-cavity wiring board for semiconductor assembly with internal electromagnetic shielding
A multi-cavity wiring board includes a coreless substrate, an adhesive, and a stiffener having a plurality of apertures with lateral shielding sidewalls. The coreless substrate covers the stiffener and includes electrical pads exposed from the apertures of the stiffener as electrical contacts for semiconductor devices packaged within the apertures.
Electromagnetic shielding for an electrosurgical unit
An electromagnetic shield apparatus is provided for an existing electrosurgical unit (esu) including a pencil assembly and return pad assembly. The pencil assembly includes a pencil, pencil-assembly cable and terminal couplable to the esu, and the return pad assembly includes a return pad, return-pad-assembly cable and return-pad-assembly terminal couplable to the esu.
Plate for a shield can for an smd process, manufacturing method thereof, and shield can using the plate
The shield can plate for a smd process in accordance with the present invention, includes: a metal conductive layer which is made of one selected from a group consisting of copper (cu), zinc (zn), nickel (ni), silver (ag), iron (fe) and chromium (cr) or an alloy thereof, or clad metal, performs an electromagnetic shielding function and maintains a physical structure when a shield can is constructed; an insulating layer which is made of one or more of polyethylene terephthalate (pet) and polyethylene naphthalate (pen), which are crystalline polymers, wherein the insulating layer is laminated on one side of the metal conductive layer; and a silane-based coupling layer interposed between the metal conductive layer and the insulating layer.. .
Method for electromagnetic shielding for a magnetic resonance system and correspondingly shielded device
In one embodiment, an electromagnetic shielding of a device is disclosed for a magnetic resonance system. The device is shielded via a conductive layer which surrounds an inner part of the device in such a manner that an electrical current path completely around the inner part can be formed in the layer.
Method for forming metal member on casing
A method for forming metal members on a casing, includes steps of providing the casing of an electron device; selecting at least two areas on a common surface of the casing; forming, by an electroplating way, a metal layer on all of the selected areas; and forming, by a patterning way, the metal layer respectively with different metal member pattern layers on different selected areas, wherein the metal member pattern layers are selected from the group consisting of an antenna member pattern, a ground wire member pattern, and an electromagnetic shielding member pattern, so as to use these members as an antenna member, a ground wire member, or an electromagnetic shielding member of the electron device.. .
Method for making an electromagnetic shielding layer
A method for making the electromagnetic shielding layer is provided. An electronic element has a surface is provided.
Electromagnetic shielding tube and structure of shielded cable, method for bending electromagnetic shielding tube, method for manufacturing electromagnetic shielding tube, and method for processing terminal of shielded cable
A shielded cable is mainly configured by an electromagnetic shielding tube, a terminal, and an electric wire or the like. An electric wire is inserted into an inside of the electromagnetic shielding tube.
Device and method for connecting a cable and a connector ensuring the continuity of the electromagnetic shielding
A device for joining the end (3a) of a shielded coaxial cable (3) and a metal connector (10), the cable including a peripheral metal braid (4) and an axial conductor (2), and including a conductive overmoulding (5) that at least partially surrounds the end of the shielded cable (3) and one end of the connector (10), the overmoulding making contact with the metal braid (4) and the connector (10), so as to ensure the continuity of the electromagnetic shielding of the connection. A method for producing such a connection is also described..
Memory card module with electromagnetic radiation shield
A memory card module includes a memory card, a socket including a connecting portion and a main body protruding from the connecting portion, two locking members, and a shielding member made of electromagnetic shielding material. The shielding member covers the memory card and the main body.
Structures for shielding and mounting components in electronic devices
An electronic device may be provided with a conductive housing. An antenna window structure may be formed in an opening in the housing.
Electromagnetic shielding case and electronic device having the same
An electromagnetic shielding case and an electronic device having the same are introduced. The electronic device includes a pcb, which has at least one electronic component mounted thereon and is provided around the electronic component with multiple positioning holes.
Cap for a microelectromechanical system device with electromagnetic shielding, and method of manufacture
A cap for a microelectromechanical system device includes a first layer of, e.g., bismaleimide triazine (bt) resin material in which a through-aperture is formed, laminated to a second layer of bt resin material that closes the aperture in the first layer, forming a cavity. The first and second layers are laminated with a thermosetting adhesive that is sufficiently thick to encapsulate particles that may remain from a routing operation for forming the apertures.
Wafer level optical sensor package and low profile camera module, and method of manufacture
A wafer-level camera sensor package includes a semiconductor substrate with an optical sensor on a front surface. Through-silicon-vias (tsv) extend through the substrate and provide i/o contact with the sensor from the back side of the substrate.
Polycarbonate composition and articles formed therefrom
A composition includes at least one poly(aliphatic ester)-polycarbonate copolymer, a polysiloxane-polycarbonate copolymer, and an electromagnetic shielding agent (such as metal fibers). The composition exhibits excellent impact properties and electromagnetic shielding properties when formed into an article.
Hybrid filler for electromagnetic shielding composite material and method of manufacturing the hybrid filler
Disclosed is a hybrid filler for an electromagnetic shielding composite material and a method of manufacturing the hybrid filler, by which electromagnetic shielding and absorbing capabilities are improved and heat generated by electromagnetic absorption is effectively removed. The hybrid filler for an electromagnetic shielding composite material includes an expandable graphite (eg) having a plurality of pores, and magnetic particles integrated with a carbon nanotube (cnt) on outer surfaces thereof in a mixed manner, wherein the magnetic particles are inserted into the pores of the eg..
Electromagnetic shielding cover and device having the same
An electromagnetic shielding cover and a device having the same are introduced. The device comprises a casing and is coupled to a base having a printed circuit board on which an electronic component is mounted.
Electromagnetic shielding cover
An electromagnetic shielding cover disposed on a printed circuit board having thereon an electronic component includes a lid and a frame which are coupled together to shield the electronic component from electromagnetic interference and allow the electronic component to be changed and tested easily during a rework process.. .
Method for making light blocking plate
An exemplary method for making a light blocking plate includes the steps of providing a flat plate-like light pervious member; forming a plurality of spaced ceramic power layers on the light pervious member; forming a light blocking layer over the light pervious member and side faces of the ceramic power layers; forming an electromagnetic shielding layer over the light blocking layer; removing top portions of the ceramic power layers with remaining portions of the ceramic power layers thus exposed; and removing the remaining portions of the ceramic power layers.. .
Electromagnetic interference shielding sheet molding composition
In accordance with the present invention, there is provided an electromagnetic shielding composition. The electromagnetic shielding composition in accordance with the broad aspects of the present invention includes from about 40% to 60% by volume of a sheet molding composition filled with an effective amount of carbon fibers for shielding of electromagnetic radiation from the electrical systems in an at least partially electrically driven vehicle..
Assembled electromagnetic shielding case
An assembled electromagnetic shielding case conducive to electromagnetic interference shielding and heat dissipation of an electronic component on a printed circuit board includes a body, a shielding element, and a fixing element. The body has an opening and an engagement portion.
Lightning protection apparatus and method for floating roof tank
The present invention relates to protection of floating roof tanks from the effects of lightning. In prior floating roof tanks, even if the floating roof is electrically connected to the tank wall shell at a number of locations by shunts and additionally with by-pass conductors above or below the liquid level, this may not prevent streamer discharges in gaps subject to induced potentials due to the penetrating electromagnetic waves and thus fires remain a real possibility.
Battery control device
A battery control device having a battery system having a plurality of cells, a first electronic unit, a second electronic unit having a ground potential operatively connected to a potential of the battery system, a communication link including an electric isolation and a communication line having an electromagnetic shielding at least in sections, the communication link being configured to operatively connect and enable communication between the first electronic unit and the second electronic unit. The electromagnetic shielding is operatively connected to the ground potential of the second electronic unit..
Electromagnetic shielding material
An electromagnetic wave isolation device includes an isolation layer, a first substrate layer and a second substrate layer. The isolation layer has a first surface and a second surface.
Semiconductor package with integrated electromagnetic shielding
There are disclosed herein various implementations of a shield interposer situated between a top active die and a bottom active die for shielding the active dies from electromagnetic noise. One implementation includes an interposer dielectric layer, a through-silicon via (tsv) within the interposer dielectric layer, and an electromagnetic shield.
Interconnection structure in electromagnetic shielding
A panel for an electromagnetic shield includes a light-weight, porous, electrically-conductive, fluid-permeable planar core layer defined between generally parallel first and second surfaces and a first face sheet laminated to the first surface of the core layer with rigidity properties superior to the rigidity properties of the core layer. The thickness of the first face sheet is substantially less than the thickness of the core layer.
Raised access floor
The instant disclosure relates to a raised access floor having electromagnetic shielding capability. The access floor is made of a metallic material.
Electronics device and a method for making the same
The disclosure relates generally to an electronics device having a first housing part connected with a second housing part. The second housing part includes a printed circuit board (pcb) with electronics components, an electromagnetic shielding cover being mounted for electromagnetic shielding (es) of the electronics components, the cover including a bottom or base wall spaced apart from the pcb and projecting walls contacting the pcb, the projecting walls being arranged to surround one or more of the electronics components.
Electromagnetic shielding composite
An electromagnetic shielding composite, comprising a copper foil having a thickness of 5 to 15 μm, a ni coating on one surface of the copper foil at a coating amount of 90 to 5000 μg/dm2, a cr oxide layer formed on the surface of the ni coating at 5 to 100 μg/dm2 based on the cr mass, and a resin layer laminated on the opposite surface of the copper foil.. .
Electromagnetic shielding composite material and method for manufacturing the same
The disclosure provides an electromagnetic shielding composite material, and a method for manufacturing the same. The electromagnetic shielding composite material includes: a polymer sheet; and an acicular carbon nanotube layer including acicular portions of carbon nanotubes fixed on the polymer sheet.
Molded radio-frequency structure with selective electromagnetic shielding and forming method thereof
A molded radio-frequency (rf) structure with electromagnetic shielding includes a substrate layer, an rf layer, a molded layer and a metal layer. The rf element is disposed on the substrate layer.
Shield cover and shield structure
The present invention is to provide a shield cover and a shield structure which can be improved according to an electromagnetic shielding means. The shield cover by processing a conductive plate slidably includes a front shield portion, a back shield portion, a side shield portion, connections, an entry and a receiving space, and covers a wiring harness 11 as a shield object.
Hearing instrument and method for manufacturing a hearing instrument
A hearing instrument has a basic frame with a cavity. A microphone is inserted in the cavity such that a back volume is defined.
Connector with thin film shielding structure
A connector with thin film shielding structure includes an insulation base and an electromagnetic shielding film. The electromagnetic shielding film covers the insulation base, thereby blocking the electromagnetic waves..
Electronic device with heat dissipating and electromagnetic shielding mask
An electronic device, including a circuit board, a communication chip, a first heat sink, a fixer and a shielding mask, is provided. The circuit board has a frame having an opening and several rims surrounding the opening.
High-rigidity electromagnetic shielding composition and molded articles thereof
A high-rigidity electromagnetic shielding composition includes: (a) about 10 to about 34 wt % of polyamide resin including an aromatic moiety in the backbone structure; (b) about 65 to about 85 wt % of carbon fiber; and (c) about 1 to about 20 wt % of metallic filler. The composition can have high modulus, electromagnetic shielding effects, and high surface conductance, and can thus be used to replace frames, brackets and the like for electronic devices..
Vent structure for electromagnetic shielding
A vent structure for electromagnetic shielding includes: a conductive shielding case having a vent formed therein: a conductive shielding duct installed on the shielding case so as to cover the vent, including a space formed perpendicular to the direction of motion of air discharged from the vent to vent the air and a discharge port connected from the space to the outside to discharge the air introduced into the space to the outside, and shielding electromagnetic waves; and an emi (electro magnetic interference) gasket installed at a bonding surface between the shielding case and the shielding duct, and electrically connecting the shielding case and the shielding duct.. .
Method for producing a plurality of electronic devices having electromagnetic shielding and in particular having heat dissipation and electronic device having electromagnetic shielding and in particular having heat dissipation
An electronic device comprises a substrate (120), at least one electronic component (171, 172, 173) arranged on the substrate, and an encapsulation (140) covering the at least one electronic component (171, 172, 173). An electromagnetic protective layer (130) covers a surface (143) of the encapsulation (140) that faces away from the substrate (120), and the side faces (121, 141; 122, 142) directed transversely with respect to the surface (143).
Super integrated circuit chip semiconductor device
The cp555 super integrated circuit chip has a ceramic package casing made from (b4-c) boron carbide: a non-conducting ceramic material. The ic is connected to connector pins by microcircuits and a custom formulated bond wire.
Connector and electronic device having same
An electrical connector is used in a thin electronic device. The electrical connector has an insulating body and a plurality of conductive terminals.
Hard disk carrier
A hard disk carrier includes a receiving frame, a plane, and an electromagnetic shielding module. The receiving frame is used to hold a hard disk.
Transparent capacitive touch panel with electromagnetic shielding effect
A transparent capacitive touch panel has electromagnetic shielding effect. No extra process and cost is increased.
Ignition lead
An ignition lead in an engine for conducting a large current and high voltage ignition pulse from an exciter to an igniter, which may then transform the pulse received from the ignition lead into an electrical spark, which ignites a fuel and air mixture in the combustor of the engine. The ignition lead may include a construction for improved electromagnetic shielding..
Method for electromagnetic shielding and product made by same
A product includes a plastic substrate; and a metal composite layer deposited on the plastic substrate. The metal composite layer includes a plurality of first metal layers and a plurality of second metal layers, the first metal layers and the second metal layers are alternate with each other.
Wire harness
A wire harness which can absorb a position shift or a dimensional tolerance related to mounting or the like sufficiently is provided. A wire harness (21) includes a harness body (22), a motor side connector (23) provided at one end of the harness body (22), and an inverter side connector (24) provided at the other end of the harness body (22).
Back frame and backlight system of flat panel display device
The present invention provides a back frame and a backlight system of a flat panel display device. The back frame includes at least two assembling pieces that are joined to form the back frame.
Flat panel display device, stereoscopic display device, and plasma display device
The present invention provides a flat panel display device, a stereoscopic display device, and a plasma display device. The flat panel display device includes a backlight system and a display panel.
Water dispersible polypyrroles made with polymeric acid colloids for electronics applications
Compositions are provided comprising aqueous dispersions of at least one polypyrrole and at least one colloid-forming polymeric acid. The colloid-forming polymeric acid may be fluorinated.
Wire harness
In order to provide with a wire harness capable of magnetic shielding for reducing restrictions of path design, a wire harness 21 is configured to include a wire harness body 23, connections 24 respectively formed on both ends of this wire harness body 23, and an exterior member 25 for protecting the wire harness body 23. The wire harness body 23 is configured to include two high-voltage electric wires 26, an electromagnetic shielding member 27 for collectively receiving the two high-voltage electric wires 26, and a magnetic shielding member 28 formed on the outside of the electromagnetic shielding member 27.
Nacelle cover
For a wind turbine, an electromagnetically shielding nacelle cover is formed of a composite material which can comprise, for example, an outer layer made of a fiber material or fiber mats such as glass fiber mats and an interposed foam layer. A conductor layer, for example a mesh, a woven fabric or a coating made of conductive material is integrated between the fiber layers of the composite material to provide electromagnetic shielding of the nacelle.
Hair dryer
A hair dryer includes a motor and a fan to generate an air current within a housing, and a heater for selectively supplying heat into air introduced from the outside of the housing by the fan. A discharge nozzle is disposed on one end of the housing.

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