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Electroactive polymer-based flow sensor and methods related thereto
An apparatus includes an electroactive polymer member and a first electric terminal and a second electric terminal. The electroactive polymer member has a free portion configured to change position relative to a fixed portion in response to an external stimulus corresponding to at least one of a flow parameter or a...

Electroactive polymer transducers for tactile feedback devices
Electroactive transducers as well as methods of producing a haptic effect in a user interface device simultaneously with a sound generated by a separately generated audio signal and electroactive polymer transducers for sensory feedback applications in user interface devices are disclosed....

Methods of fabricating multi-degree of freedom shaped electroactive polymer actuators/sensors for catheters
Disclosed is a method of fabricating a multiple degree of freedom actuator with inter-digitated electrodes including molding an electroactive polymer membrane so that a plurality of projections are formed around a cross section of an outer surface of the polymer membrane; depositing a metal electrode layer onto the outer surface of...

Electroactive polymer based pressure sensor
A sensor including a buffer material layer configured to at least partially deflect when a force or pressure is imparted on the buffer material layer; and an electroactive polymer (EAP) cartridge in operative contact with the buffer material layer, wherein the EAP cartridge is configured to generate an output signal that...

Implantable actuator for hearing stimulatioin
There is provided an implantable actuator for stimulating a patient's hearing, comprising a support frame (), a dielectric electroactive polymer membrane () fixed and tensioned on the support frame, with the polymer membrane being provided with a first electrode () on one side and a second electrode () on the other...

Fluid conduit with variable flow resistance
A fluid-carrying conduit achieves variable resistance to flow. An elongate, hollow body casing has at least one chamber containing either a dilatant fluid or an electroactive polymer. In the case of the dilatant fluid, a reduction in an effective flow cross section of the fluid line occurs in reaction to an...

Wind turbine system and method using voltage generating material
A system for a wind turbine comprises: one or more devices ()() operatively mounted on a wind turbine () for generating an output signal during use; and a voltage source ()() in electrical connection with the one or more devices ()() for powering the one or more devices during use. The...

Ice protection for aircraft using electroactive polymer surfaces
An electro-active polymer (EAP) surface having a plurality of actuators adapted to prevent the formation of ice on an external surface, such as a leading edge of an aircraft. The EAP surface may also be adapted to remove ice formed on the external surface. The actuators of the EAP surface may...

Polymeric hydrogel compositions which release active agents in response to electrical stimulus
A polymeric hydrogel composition is described for the delivery of a pharmaceutically active agent when an electrical stimulus is applied to the composition. The composition comprises a polymer which forms the hydrogel, such as poly vinyl alcohol (PVA) cross-linked with diethyl acetamidomalonate (DAA), an electroactive polymer such as polyaniline and a...

Flexible display device
A flexible display device includes a flexible display panel, a plurality of supports on a first surface of the flexible display panel, the plurality of supports being spaced apart from each other, and an actuator on the first surface of the flexible display panel, the actuator being between the supports. The...

Electroactive polymer actuator feedback apparatus system and method
An electronic damping feedback control system for an electroactive polymer module, an electroactive polymer device, and a computer-implemented method for creating realistic effects are provided. The electronic damping controller is coupled in a feedback loop between a user interface device and an electroactive polymer actuator, where the actuator is coupled to...

Electroactive polymer energy converter
An energy conversion apparatus configured to convert energy from a mechanical energy source into electrical energy is provided. The energy conversion apparatus includes a transducer comprising a dielectric elastomer module made of stretchable electroactive polymer material. The dielectric elastomer module comprising at least one dielectric elastomer film layer is disposed between...

System and method for guidewire control
The invention generally relates to guidewires for intravascular procedures that include an electroactive polymer. An electroactive polymer can be at one or a number of locations on or within a guidewire. The polymer reacts to an applied electrical potential by changing a dimension (e.g., contracting or expanding). Electroactive polymers can be...

Electroactive polymer systems
A device includes a core, a membrane, at least one first electrode coupled to the core, at least one second electrode coupled to the core or the membrane and a collapsible electroactive polymer element. The collapsible polymer element is configured to extend from or extend around at least a portion of...

Electroactive polymer energy converter
A balanced multi-phase energy conversion apparatus configured to convert energy from a mechanical energy source into electrical energy is disclosed. The energy conversion apparatus may comprise a plurality of transducers. Each of the plurality of transducers comprises a dielectric elastomer module comprising at least one dielectric elastomer film layer disposed between...

Method for producing flexible eap generators
In a method for manufacturing electroactive polymer generators, a strip, including one layer of an electroactive polymer and electrodes applied to sections of this layer, is spirally wound in such a way that multiple electrodes are situated congruently on top of each other, in each case two electrodes situated on top...

Electroactive polymer coating for improved battery safety
A single or multi-component polymer coating is applied to components used in fabrication of electrochemical cells to protect the cells from damages that can result in cell imbalance or cell performance reduction. The polymer coating is electrically conductive under normal operating conditions but, when operated at low voltages, functions as an...

Automated manufacturing processes for producing deformable polymer devices and films
A process for producing a patterned deformable polymer film for use in a deformable polymer device is disclosed. The process includes positioning an intermediary layer between a deformable film and a process tooling and printing at least one electrode on the deformable film by depositing an ink to form the at...

Flexible structure for generating electrical energy from wave motions
A device for generating electrical energy from the motion of waves includes: at least one flexible, floatable tube which is closed at its two ends and includes a wall having at least one horizontal stack, which extends in the longitudinal direction of the tube and has at least one layer having...

Electroactive polymer actuator haptic grip assembly
The present invention provides a housing to allow for removable coupling of electroactive polymer transducer with an electronic media device, where the housing produces an improved haptic effect in the electronic media device....

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