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Electro Acoustic Transducer topics
Electro Acoustic Transducer
Condenser Microphone

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Electro Acoustic Transducer patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Electro Acoustic Transducer-related patents
 Low frequency electro acoustic transducer and method of generating acoustic waves patent thumbnailLow frequency electro acoustic transducer and method of generating acoustic waves
An electroacoustic transducer submersible in an immersion fluid (8) for underwater acoustic communications, includes two horns (3a, 3b), a counterweight (4), two electroacoustic motors (1a, 1b), aligned along an axis of symmetry (6), the opposite ends of the motors being respectively connected to a horn, the unit consisted by the electroacoustic motors, the counterweight and the horns being able to generate a longitudinal electroacoustic resonance mode. The transducer includes a rigid and hollow cylindrical part (5) extending around the counterweight, the cylindrical part having an axis merged with the symmetry axis of the transducer, the inside of the cylindrical part forming a fluid cavity able to be filled with the immersion fluid, the electroacoustic motors and the cylindrical part being so dimensioned that the fluid cavity forms an acoustic coupling between the longitudinal electroacoustic resonance mode and a circumferential resonance mode of the cylindrical part..

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Electro Acoustic Transducer topics: Electro Acoustic Transducer, Condenser Microphone

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