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Electrical Signal patents

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Method of locating the tip of a central venous catheter

Bard Access Systems

Method of locating the tip of a central venous catheter

Electrode with guide tunnel for a cannula, and kit comprising electrode and cannula

Biotronik Se & Kg

Electrode with guide tunnel for a cannula, and kit comprising electrode and cannula

Electrode with guide tunnel for a cannula, and kit comprising electrode and cannula

System and method employing a thermocouple junction for monitoring of physiological parameters

Date/App# patent app List of recent Electrical Signal-related patents
 Managing slave devices patent thumbnailManaging slave devices
A hardware system comprises a digital signal generator, which generates a digital electrical signal that describes a first physical state of a first device; an analog electrical signal generator, which generates an analog electrical signal that describes a second physical state of the first device; a hybrid digital state signal generator, which generates a hybrid digital state signal that comprises the analog electrical signal overlaid onto the initial digital electric signal; and a hybrid signal transmitter, which transmits the hybrid digital state signal from the first device to a second device, wherein the second device comprises a hybrid signal receiver/decoder that extracts the analog electrical signal from the hybrid digital state signal.. .
International Business Machines Corporation
 Method of locating the tip of a central venous catheter patent thumbnailMethod of locating the tip of a central venous catheter
A method of locating a tip of a central venous catheter (“cvc”) having a distal and proximal pair of electrodes disposed within the superior vena cava, right atrium, and/or right ventricle. The method includes obtaining a distal and proximal electrical signal from the distal and proximal pair of electrodes and using those signals to generate a distal and proximal p wave, respectively.
Bard Access Systems, Inc.
 Electrode with guide tunnel for a cannula, and kit comprising electrode and cannula patent thumbnailElectrode with guide tunnel for a cannula, and kit comprising electrode and cannula
An electrode for conducting electrical signals from or to an organ, and also to a kit for examining or treating an organ, said kit including an electrode that can be anchored to the organ. In order to reduce the risk of inflammation of the organ caused by the treatment or examination thereof, the electrode is formed in accordance with the present disclosure with a guide tunnel for a cannula for the administration of an active ingredient..
Biotronik Se & Co. Kg
 System and method employing a thermocouple junction for monitoring of physiological parameters patent thumbnailSystem and method employing a thermocouple junction for monitoring of physiological parameters
Disclosed are systems and methods for enabling the acquisition of physiological parameters of a mammal or other specimen using thermo-mechanical responses (e.g., temperature, pressure and alternatively acceleration, pulse, position). In accordance with one example embodiment, a monitoring device for wired and/or wireless sensors is used to acquire a series of sensor signals that are attached to achieve the physiological measurements of a mammal vital signs is provided.
 Light sensor having partially opaque optic patent thumbnailLight sensor having partially opaque optic
A rearview assembly for a vehicle is provided that includes: a housing configured for mounting to the vehicle; a rearview element disposed in the housing that displays images of a scene exterior of the vehicle; a light sensor assembly disposed in the housing; and a controller for receiving the electrical signal of the light sensor and for adjusting a brightness of the images displayed by the rearview element. The light sensor includes a light sensor for outputting an electrical signal representing intensity of light impinging upon a light-receiving surface of the light sensor, and a secondary optical element configured to receive light, wherein the light passes through the secondary optical element to the light sensor, the secondary optical element including a tint material that is substantially color neutral for attenuating light passing therethrough..
Gentex Corporation
 Body mind machine interface and method patent thumbnailBody mind machine interface and method
A body mind machine interface has a neural interface grid operably printed or implanted in or on the user, and a sensor pad for receiving conducted electrical currents from the neural interface grid and generating an electrical signal that is transmitted to an interface computer. The interface computer has a computer processor and a computer memory, and an interface program operably installed on the computer memory for processing the electrical signal from the sensor pad and determining a direction from the brain..
 Phase compensation circuit and phase compensating method patent thumbnailPhase compensation circuit and phase compensating method
A phase compensation circuit includes: a first circuit that increases phase characteristic of a specific frequency of an electrical signal; a second circuit that decreases the phase characteristic of the specific frequency of the electrical signal; and a limiting amplifier that amplifies an electrical signal that is processed by at least one of the first circuit and the second circuit.. .
Fujitsu Limited
 Systems and methods for conforming test tooling to integrated circuit device profiles with coaxial socket patent thumbnailSystems and methods for conforming test tooling to integrated circuit device profiles with coaxial socket
A coaxial socket useful in association with an integrated circuit (ic) device tester and having a conducting pin surrounded by an insulating layer and embedded in a conducting base. This coaxial pin configuration allows for good thermal conductivity and better electrical signal transmission specially for testing high-speed integrated circuits..
Essai, Inc.
 Current sensor patent thumbnailCurrent sensor
A current sensor includes: four magnetic sensor elements arranged within a plane orthogonal to a measured current, having a symmetrical magnetic characteristics curve, and adapted to convert a magnitude of a magnetic field into an electrical signal and output the electrical signal; a bridge circuit including the four magnetic sensor elements; and a bias magnetic field application member adapted to applying a bias magnetic field to the magnetic sensor elements.. .
Yokogawa Electric Corporation
 Cmos image sensor having optical block area patent thumbnailCmos image sensor having optical block area
A cmos image sensor includes an active pixel structure suitable for sensing light incident from outside and converting a sensed light into an electrical signal, and an optical block structure suitable for blocking a visible light and passing a uv light to check and evaluate an electrical characteristic of the active pixel area. The uv pass filter includes first and second insulation layers comprising an insulator, and a metal layer formed between the first and second insulation layers..
Sk Hynix Inc.

Modulated opto-acoustic converter

An opto-acoustic subsystem is provided. The subsystem includes an optical transmitter and an actuator device.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Ultrasonic probe having auxiliary monitor mounted thereon, and ultrasonic diagnostic device comprising same

Disclosed are an ultrasonic probe having an auxiliary monitor mounted thereon and an ultrasonic diagnostic device comprising the same. According to the present invention, the ultrasonic diagnostic device includes: an ultrasonic probe for scanning ultrasonic waves, converting the returned ultrasonic waves into an electric signal, and outputting, on an auxiliary monitor mounted on one side thereof, a part of or the entire image corresponding to the converted electric signal; a main body of the ultrasonic diagnostic device which is provided with the converted electric signal; and a display device which is provided with the image corresponding to the electrical signal from the main body of an ultrasonic diagnostic device so as to output the entirety of the provided image, wherein the ultrasonic probe comprises an injection device for sucking from or injecting blood or an injection liquid into a predetermined target point within the image outputted on the auxiliary monitor..

Ina cabled memory appliance

According to one general aspect, an apparatus may include an expansion memory device, a connection printed circuit board, and a connection cable. The expansion memory device may include a plurality of memory chips.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Electronically adjustable long-range optical device

A long-range optical apparatus includes an optical unit defined by lenses and an eyepiece and has at least one manually operable adjusting device for adjusting an optical unit defined by the lenses. With the adjusting device, the optical unit can be adjusted relative to a mounting device.
Carl Zeiss Sports Optics Gmbh

Solid-state imaging sensor, ranging device, and imaging apparatus

A solid-state imaging sensor provided with a plurality of pixels which convert an object image formed by an imaging optical system into an electrical signal, at least a part of the pixels being ranging pixels in which a first and a second photoelectric conversion unit are provided in alignment in a first direction, and in more than half of the ranging pixels in one of peripheral region of the solid-state sensor, the capacitance of the first photoelectric conversion unit being greater than the capacitance of the second photoelectric conversion unit; and in more than half of the ranging pixels in the other of peripheral region of the solid-state sensor, the capacitance of the second photoelectric conversion unit being greater than the capacitance of the first photoelectric conversion unit.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Downhole telemetry systems and methods with time-reversal pre-equalization

Specific embodiments of disclosed downhole telemetry systems and methods employ time-reversal pre-equalization. One downhole telemetry system embodiment includes an acoustic transducer and a digital signal processor.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Translators coupleable to opposing surfaces of microelectronic substrates for testing, and associated systems and methods

Translators coupleable to opposing surfaces of microelectronic substrates for testing, and associated systems and methods are disclosed. An arrangement in accordance with one embodiment includes a microelectronic substrate having a first major surface, a second major face facing opposite from the first major surface, and electrically conductive through-substrate vias extending through the substrate and electrically accessible from both the first and second surfaces.
Advanced Inquiry Systems, Inc.

Adapter for ultrasonic transducer assembly

Ultrasonic transducer coupling adapters, ultrasonic transducer assemblies with an adapter, and methods for making and for using ultrasonic transducer adapter components are disclosed. An ultrasonic transducer assembly is disclosed for generating and transmitting ultrasonic energy to a work piece (e.g., non-resonant structures).
Dukane Corporation

Package assembly configurations for multiple dies and associated techniques

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards package assembly configurations for multiple dies and associated techniques. In one embodiment, a package assembly includes a package substrate having a first side and a second side disposed opposite to the first side, a first die mounted on the first side and electrically coupled with the package substrate by one or more first die-level interconnects, a second die mounted on the second side and electrically coupled with the package substrate by one or more second die-level interconnects and package-level interconnect structures disposed on the first side of the package substrate and configured to route electrical signals between the first die and an electrical device external to the package substrate and between the second die and the external device.

Scintillation detector

A scintillation detector, especially one for a radiometric measuring device for measuring and/or monitoring a measured variable, especially a fill level of a fill substance located in a container, for covering a predeterminable measuring range as flexibly as possible in shape and length. To this end, the scintillation detector comprises two or more scintillators arranged in series relative to one another for converting thereon falling, radioactive radiation into light flashes, whose light propagates in the respective scintillator toward its ends.
Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg

Method of controlling a variable delivery pump fitted to a heating system

Method of controlling a variable delivery pump fitted to a heating system comprising: a heat exchanger connected to two circuits of fluids, the variable delivery pump making it possible to vary the flow-rate of the first fluid inside the heat exchanger; a return loop on the primary circuit allowing the first fluid reaching the input of the heat exchanger to mix with a portion of the first fluid coming from the output of the exchanger; a first temperature sensor measuring a temperature of the second fluid coming from the secondary circuit; a second temperature sensor measuring a temperature of the first fluid coming from a primary circuit; a control unit electrically connected to the first and second temperature sensors, the sensors generating electrical signals as functions of the temperatures and constituting electrical input signals of the control unit.. .
Alfa Laval Corporate Ab

Electrode band system and methods of using the system to treat obesity

At least one of a plurality of disorders of a patient characterized at least in part by vagal activity innervating at least one of a plurality of organs of the patient is treated by a method that includes positioning an electrode on a vagus nerve. An electrical signal is applied to the electrode to modulate vagal activity by an amount selected to treat the disorder.
Enteromedics Inc.

Device for cochlear implant with sensor and electrode

Disclosed is a device for a cochlear implant with a sensor and an electrode to sense vibration of a sound and stimulate the auditory nerve, the device comprising a sensor unit inserted in a scala tympani of the cochlea, sensing vibration caused by a sound from the cochlea, converting the sensed vibration into an electrical signal, and transmitting the converted electrical signal to the outside of the cochlea.. .
Snu R&db Foundation

Electrosurgical pencil

An electrosurgical pencil adapted to receive an electrode controllable by an electrical signal for performing surgical operations. This pencil includes a housing, a circuit, and switch that is activatable from outside the housing for closing the circuit.
Cimpax Aps

Methods and devices for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes

Methods and devices for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes are disclosed in which an analyte concentration within a peritoneal fluid of a human subject may be determined by implanting an analyte sensor apparatus in the subject where the apparatus may comprise a housing and a flexible sensing catheter which has a lumen with a plurality of apertures and an exterior surface with an analyte sensor affixed thereto. The catheter may comprise a proximal end attached to the housing and the remaining end may be positioned freely within the peritoneal space to contact peritoneal fluid where an analyte concentration in the peritoneal fluid may be sensed.
Theranova, Llc

Device and screening congenital heart disease

An apparatus including a main processing unit. The apparatus further including a precordial patch coupled to the main processing unit, the precordial patch having a plurality of sensors for detecting heart sounds and cardiac electrical signals (ecg).
Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute At Harbor-ucla Medical Center

Remote display for communications device

Provided in one aspect are headphones. The headphones, in accordance with this disclosure, include one or more electro-acoustic transducers operable to convert electrical signals into sounds.
Nvidia Corporation

Bridge interconnect with air gap in package assembly

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards techniques and configurations for a bridge interconnect assembly that can be embedded in a package assembly. In one embodiment, a package assembly includes a package substrate configured to route electrical signals between a first die and a second die and a bridge embedded in the package substrate and configured to route the electrical signals between the first die and the second die, the bridge including a bridge substrate, one or more through-hole vias (thvs) formed through the bridge substrate, and one or more traces disposed on a surface of the bridge substrate to route the electrical signals between the first die and the second die.
Intel Corporation

Microchip-based examining platelet composite functions

There is provided a microchip-based platelet multi-function test apparatus. The apparatus includes a sample container configured to accommodate a blood sample therein, a stirrer that is installed inside the sample container and induces a shear flow in the blood sample, a parallel channel configured to divide and flow the blood stirred by the stirrer into a plurality of paths, a vacuum device that is connected to an end of each parallel channel, maintains constant pressure, allows the stirred blood to flow along the parallel channel, a light source that is installed in a rear side of the parallel channel and radiates light to the parallel channel, and an image sensor that receives light transmitted through the blood in the parallel channel, converts the light into an electrical signal, and measures a flowing distance of a blood flow..
Korea University Research And Business Foundation

Magnetically one-side driven planar transducer with improved electro-magnetic circuit

A single-ended planar transducer device for generating a sound signal based on an electrical signal comprising at least two primary rows of primary magnets, at least one return row of at least one return structure, a diaphragm, a conductive trace formed on the diaphragm, and a frame. The frame supports two primary rows to define at least one core set comprising no more than two primary rows.

Hearing device and identifying hearing situations having different signal sources

A hearing aid has an acoustoelectric transducer, a pickup device for picking up an electrical or electromagnetic signal and converting it into an electrical signal. The hearing aid further has a signal processing device, an electromechanical transducer for outputting an acoustic signal, and a signal estimation device.
Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd.

Method for communication and validation of electrical signals

The various embodiments herein provide an improved system for communicating data over a wired connection. The system comprising a transmitting end, a switching circuit provided at the transmitting end to generate a propagating signal disturbance according to an input signal data received from a source network, a receiving end and a receiver circuit provided at the receiving end to detect the propagating signal disturbance and to regenerate the transmitted signal data from the received signal.
Kfx Circuits And Systems Private Limited

Solid-state imaging device, manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus

Provided is a solid-state imaging device including an imaging area where a plurality of unit pixels are disposed to capture a color image, wherein each of the unit pixels includes: a plurality of photoelectric conversion portions; a plurality of transfer gates, each of which is disposed in each of the photoelectric conversion portions to transfer signal charges from the photoelectric conversion portion; and a floating diffusion to which the signal charges are transferred from the plurality of the photoelectric conversion portions by the plurality of the transfer gates, wherein the plurality of the photoelectric conversion portions receive light of the same color to generate the signal charges, and wherein the signal charges transferred from the plurality of the photoelectric conversion portions to the floating diffusion are added to be output as an electrical signal.. .
Sony Corporation

Portable electronic device

A portable electronic device includes a housing, a touch panel, and a circuit board accommodated in the housing of the device. The housing includes a frame, a connecting member, and a base.
Fih (hong Kong) Limited

Apparatus and methods for through substrate via test

A stack of vertically-connected, horizontally-oriented integrated circuits (ics) may have electrical connections from the front side of one ic to the back side of another ic. Electrical signals may be transferred from the back side of one ic to the front side of the same ic by means of through substrate vias (tsvs), which may include through silicon vias.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Apparatus and methods for testing of acoustic devices and systems

Methods and devices are disclosed for testing an acoustic probe having transducing elements for converting between acoustic and electrical signals. An electrical signal is generated at a frequency with a testing device capable of generating electrical signals over a range of frequencies.
General Electric Company

Apparatus for sensing current from electrical appliances

Disclosed is an apparatus for sensing current flowing the electric cord of an electric appliance. The electric cord includes at least two current carrying wires.

Electronic circuit arrangement for use in an explosive area

An electronic circuit arrangement for use in an explosive area may include an electrical signal line, which connects an electrical input connector to an electrical output connector, and an electrical earth line, which can be or is electrically connected to the electrical signal line by at least one electrical earthing line. An inductive component and a semiconductor switch may be arranged in the at least one earthing line.
Ecom Instruments Gmbh

Devices and methods for determining the length of biopolymers and distances between probes bound thereto

Devices and methods for detecting the length of analytes and/or sequencing analytes are provided in which two or more electrical signals are obtained as an analyte traverses a fluidic channel. Detection of the relative position of probes hybridized to a biopolymer and/or the length of the analyte (e.g., a biopolymer) does not rely on the absolute time between detection events of a given electrical signal to determine a distance associated with the biopolymer.
Nabsys, Inc.

Electrical determination of the local physiological environment in spinal cord stimulation

A medical system configured for performing a medical function in a patient comprises a medical lead configured for being implanted adjacent a tissue region of the patient, and an electrode configured for being implanted adjacent the tissue region. The medical system further comprises analog output circuitry configured for delivering one or more electrical signals having a plurality of different sinusoidal frequency components to the tissue region via the electrode, monitoring circuitry configured for measuring a plurality of different frequency-dependent or other basis function electrical parameter values in response to the delivery of the one or more electrical signals to the tissue region, and at least one controller/processor configured for analyzing the different electrical parameter values, and performing a function based on the different analyzed electrical parameter values..
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

Vector-cardio-graphic signal analyzer

The current subject matter relates to indicating extent and location of myocardial ischemia in a patient. Electrodes can be placed on a body of the patient.

Low power biological sensing system

It is recognized that, because of its unique properties, graphene can serve as an interface with biological cells that communicate by an electrical impulse, or action potential. Responding to a sensed signal can be accomplished by coupling a graphene sensor to a low power digital electronic switch that is activatable by the sensed low power electrical signals.
Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

Electrostatic discharge protection

An apparatus comprising: a connector for providing an electrical interface, the connector comprising an opening configured to receive a suitable member; at least one conductive contact located at least partially within the connector and configured to operate as a switch such that when the connector is in an unplugged to partially plugged state the at least one conductive contact is grounded and when the connector is in a partially plugged to a fully plugged state the at least one conductive contact is coupled to an electrical terminal channel interfacing an electrical signal between the connector and the member.. .
Nokia Corporation

Hybrid electro-optical package for an opto-electronic engine

A hybrid electro-optical package for an opto-electronic engine. The package includes a carrier substrate, and a package base.

Optical-electrical converter

An optical-electrical converter includes a converter body, two optical-electrical conversion modules and a housing. One end of the converter body is provided with an optical fiber insertion port.
Formerica Optoelectronics Inc.

Semiconductor integrated circuit

A semiconductor integrated circuit according to an example of the present invention includes a chip substrate, first and second switches arranged on the chip substrate in which on/off of an electrical signal path is directly controlled by an optical signal, a first light shielding layer arranged above the chip substrate, an optical waveguide layer arranged on the first light shielding layer, a second light shielding layer arranged on the optical waveguide layer, a reflecting plate arranged in the optical waveguide layer to change an advancing direction of the optical signal, and means for leading the optical signal to the first and second switches from an inside of the optical waveguide layer. The first and second light shielding layers reflect the optical signal, and the optical waveguide layer transmits the optical signal radially..
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Acoustic generator, acoustic generating device, and electronic device

An acoustic generator according to an embodiment includes a vibrating body and an exciter. The exciter is provided on the vibrating body, and vibrates by an input of an electrical signal.
Kyocera Corporation

Method and measuring the temperature of rotating machining tools

A method for measuring the temperature of rotating machining tools, comprising providing an optical fiber sensor; inserting said optical fiber sensor into the rotating machining tool; directing light from a light source into said optical fiber of said fiber sensor; detecting changes of optical properties of said optical fiber sensor as a function of temperature in the reflected light leaving said optical fiber; and correlating said changes of optical properties to the temperature of the machining tool. The apparatus comprises the respective elements.
Rueger Sa

Integrated photonic frequency converter and mixer

A system and methods for electro-optical modulation are presented. A first optical signal and a second optical signal are optically coupled to produce a local oscillator signal propagated in two signal paths.
The Boeing Company

Integrated lens barrel, actuator, and mems snubber systems and methods

Techniques are disclosed for systems and methods to provide concomitant mechanical motion inhibition and electrical distribution for actuator modules, such as microelectromechanical systems (mems) based optical actuators adapted to move and/or orient one or more lenses and/or optical devices of a camera module. A mechanical motion inhibition and electrical distribution system may include one or more flexible snubber structures disposed substantially adjacent a mems structure and between the mems structure and another component of a camera module.
Digitaloptics Corporation

Method for controlling a touch sensor

The present invention relates to a method for controlling a touch sensor. The touch sensor comprises a support layer and an electrically conductive sensor structure thereon.
Sony Mobile Communications Ab

Semiconductor device, transmission system, manufacturing semiconductor device, and manufacturing transmission system

Disclosed herein is a semiconductor device including: a semiconductor circuit element configured to process an electrical signal having a predetermined frequency; and a transmission line configured to be connected to the semiconductor circuit element via a wire and transmit the electrical signal. An impedance matching pattern having a symmetric shape with respect to a direction of the transmission line is provided in the transmission line..
Sony Corporation

Methods, equipment and systems for measuring radio frequency crosstalk

Method, equipment and systems for measuring a radio frequency crosstalk are disclosed. The method includes: adjusting an impedance value of a matching network associated with a radio frequency electrode (including an anode and a cathode) in a plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (pecvd) system, and/or adjusting an impedance value of a radio frequency energy generating equipment associated with the radio frequency electrode, so that the sum of the impedance value of the matching network and the impedance value of the radio frequency electrode is the same as the impedance value of the radio frequency energy generating equipment; measuring an electrical signal received by the radio frequency electrode by the reversibility of energy transfer between the radio frequency electrode and the radio frequency energy generating equipment; and determining the energy of radio frequency crosstalk that the radio frequency electrode is subjected to according to the measured electrical signal..
Tianma Micro-electronics Co., Ltd.

Controlled resonance in electrical power devices

Systems for controlled resonance in electrical power devices are described. A programmed signal processor generates output control signals from input electrical signals based on resonant control parameters for a target power device.
Opto Generic Devices, Inc.

Driver device and driving driving a load, in particular a led unit comprising one or more leds

The present invention relates to a driver device (60) for driving a load (12), in particular an led unit comprising one or more leds, said driver device comprising input terminals (28, 30) for receiving an input voltage (v12) from an external power supply (16), output terminals for providing an output voltage to the load (12) for driving the load (12), a converter unit (34) for converting the input voltage (vi 2) to a converted voltage (vi 4) and for providing the converted voltage (vi 4) to internal connection elements (63, 64) of the driver device (60), a signal control device (62) for applying an electrical signal (i) to at least one of the connection elements (63, 64), and a detection circuit for detecting a phase angle of the input voltage (vi 2) by measuring a voltage drop of the converted voltage (vi 4) caused by the electrical signal (i).. .
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Power management circuitry in peripheral accessories of audio devices

A power management circuitry for a peripheral electronic device includes a power regeneration circuitry, a power selector, a power switch and an audio signal detection circuitry. The power regeneration circuitry receives a continuous periodic sound wave from an audio device and converts the continuous periodic sound wave into an amplified dc electrical signal.
Bbpos Limited

Magnetically enhanced electrical signal conduction cables and methods

An embodiment electrical cable includes an elongated sheath, and a first chain of permanent magnet spheroids disposed within the sheath, wherein the spheroids are physically and electrically coupled in series with each other. The electrical cable further includes a first connector body mechanically attached to a first end of the sheath, and a first active signal contact mechanically attached to the first connector body, and electrically connected to the chain of permanent magnet spheroids..
Magnetic Innovations Llc

Decorative drum pad and cymbal cover

A decorative drum pad and cymbal cover that includes a back plate with a back side and a top side, the back plate is secured in position by a cymbal or drum stand and a mounting, the mounting removably secures the back plate to the cymbal stand and an image holding area placed on the top side of the back plate. The decorative drum pad and cymbal cover also includes a protective cover placed on top of the image holding area, the protective cover protects the image holding area from a plurality of drumstick strikes from a user and an drum trigger that includes a back side and an electrical signal outlet jack, the electrical signal outlet jack is attached to the back side of the back plate with one or more fasteners and the electrical signal outlet jack is disposed on the back side of the drum trigger..

Liquid surface detecting apparatus

Provided is a thin liquid surface detecting apparatus wherein a thickness of a holder is suppressed. A liquid surface detecting apparatus is provided with: a holder rotatably held to a main body section; a magnet fixed to the holder; an arm, which connects the holder and a float floating on the liquid surface of a liquid, and which converts an up-and-down motion of the float into a rotation motion of the holder; and a magnetic detecting element, which is positioned at a rotation center portion of the holder, and is fixed to the main body section such that the magnetic detecting element intersects a magnetic flux of the magnet, and which detects a magnetic change generated with displacement of the magnet and converts the change into electrical signals.
Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd.

Medical mask device which uses optical fibers

Disclosed is a medical mask apparatus using optical fibers which can selectively project a laser beam to an entire treated portion or a local portion of skin. A medical mask apparatus using optical fibers for projecting a fine laser beam to the skin to activate skin cells and expedite circulation of blood in the skin includes: a laser light source generator for generating and supplying a laser beam having a predetermined wavelength band; a plurality of optical fibers branched from the laser light source generator; and a mask body having a cover portion having a predetermined area such that the cover portion covers a portion of a face and in which a portion of a distal end of the optical fiber is exposed along the entire cover.
Korea Institute Of Industrial Technology

Method and quantitative hyperspectral fluorescence and reflectance imaging for surgical guidance

An imaging system includes an illumination device for illuminating a target. A surgical microscope receives light from the target, the surgical microscope comprising at least one optical output port at which at least a portion of the received light is provided as an output from the surgical microscope.
The Trustees Of Dartmouth College

Method and simultaneously removing multiple conductive materials from microelectronic substrates

A method and apparatus for simultaneously removing conductive materials from a microelectronic substrate. A method in accordance with one embodiment of the invention includes contacting a surface of a microelectronic substrate with an electrolytic liquid, the microelectronic substrate having first and second different conductive materials.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Selective amorphization for signal isolation and linearity

Provided is a structure for improved electrical signal isolation between adjacent devices situated in a top semiconductor layer of the structure and a method for the structure's fabrication. The structure comprises a gate situated on the top semiconductor layer, the top semiconductor layer situated over a base oxide layer, and the base oxide layer situated over a handle wafer.
Newport Fab, Llc Dba Jazz Semiconductor

System and removing far field limitations in microwave photonic arbitrary waveform generators

A photonic waveform generator and a method of generating an electrical waveform based on a photonic signal are disclosed. The generator includes an input port for receiving an optical signal, a pulse shaper coupled to the input port and configured to fourier transform the optical signal and apply a pre-distort waveform onto optical spectrum of the optical signal, a dispersive pulse stretcher coupled to the pulse shaper, an optical-to-electrical converter coupled to the dispersive pulse stretcher, and an output port coupled to the optical-to-electrical converter, the pre-distortion removes distortion of the electrical signal that exists in the absence of the pre-distortion caused by violation of far field limitation between the optical signal and the electrical signal..
Purdue Research Foundation

System and generating optical output from an electronic device

An optical processing system for an electronic device is provided. The optical processing system includes a digital component for generating digital signals based on received signals from the electronic device.

Method for normalizing the power of a sound signal and associated processing device

A method and device for normalizing the power of an electrical signal, referred to as an original sound signal s1. The method detects the envelope of the original sound signal s1 and compares the power value of the envelope signal s2 with a threshold value k1.

Image capture apparatus and image capture method in which an image is processed by a plurality of image processing devices

An image capture system is provided that increases processing speed after an image is captured and also increases the rate at which data is read from an image capture device during a shooting sequence. The image capture system includes an image capture device for capturing an object image and converting the captured object image into an electrical signal, a plurality of image processing devices, and a distribution device for distributing the electrical signal from the image capture device to the plurality of image processing devices.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Image sensor with integrated orientation indicator

An image sensor system for a medical procedure system includes a sensor array for generating image data for a scene and an orientation sensor directly mechanically connected to the image sensor. The orientation sensor generates an electrical signal indicative of orientation of the sensor array.
Omnivision Technologies, Inc.

Handheld multisensor contraband detector to improve inspection of personnel at checkpoints

A handheld apparatus for measuring natural microwave electromagnetic radiation emanating from a human body to detect areas of anomalous emissions indicating concealed contraband is disclosed. In a particular embodiment the apparatus includes at least two radiometers directed toward a common viewing plane.
Spectral Labs Incorporated

Ultrasound transducer and manufacturing an ultrasound transducer

An ultrasound transducer includes an acoustic layer having a front side and an opposite back side. The acoustic layer is configured to convert electrical signals into ultrasound waves to be transmitted from the front side toward a target.
General Electric Company

Radiation detecting element using oxide crystal and manufacturing oxide crystal

Provided is a radiation detecting element, including: a semiconductor layer including a tin oxide crystal; and a detecting unit configured to detect, as an electrical signal, charges generated in the semiconductor layer when the semiconductor layer is irradiated with radiation, in which a resistivity of the semiconductor layer is 107 Ω·cm or more.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Spatial frequency reproducing apparatus and optical distance measuring apparatus

A spatial frequency reproducing apparatus includes a light source, a first means for modulating a light emitted from the light source into two lights having different frequencies and separately irradiated adjacently, a second means for two-dimensionally scanning the two lights, a third means for irradiating an object under measurement with the two lights, a fourth means for receiving and converting into an electrical signal at least two or more divided lights from the object under measurement with a boundary line being interposed therebetween in a direction substantially perpendicular to the direction separating the two lights, a fifth means for amplifying respective photoelectrically converted electrical signals while varying a degree of amplification according to frequencies thereof and generating a difference signal or a summation signal of the amplified signals, and a sixth means for obtaining a phase difference or an intensity difference of these signals to obtain a measurement value.. .
Astrodesign, Inc.

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