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Electrical Signal patents


This page is updated frequently with new Electrical Signal-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Electrical Signal-related patents
 Reducing impedance discontinuities on a printed circuit board ('pcb') patent thumbnailReducing impedance discontinuities on a printed circuit board ('pcb')
A printed circuit board (‘pcb’) comprising: an interior socket configured to receive a connector pin of a first electronic component, the connector pin characterized by a pin impedance; a signal trace coupled to the interior socket, the signal trace configured to transmit electrical signals between the first electronic component and other electronic components mounted on the pcb, the signal trace characterized by a trace impedance; and an insulator between the interior socket and a sleeve that surrounds the interior socket, the sleeve physically configured such that an effective pin impedance matches the trace impedance within a predetermined threshold, wherein the effective pin impedance represents the resistance experienced by electrical signals passing through the connector pin when the connector pin is inserted into the interior socket.. .
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

 Sensing circuit and  detecting an electrical signal generated by a microphone patent thumbnailSensing circuit and detecting an electrical signal generated by a microphone
A sensing circuit includes: a follower transistor, having a control terminal; a follower terminal for connection to a load; a bias-current generator, coupled to the follower terminal; and a feedback stage, configured to control the bias-current generator as a function of an input signal on the control terminal of the follower transistor.. .
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.

 Circuit module for silicon condenser microphone patent thumbnailCircuit module for silicon condenser microphone
A circuit module for a silicon condenser microphone of the present disclosure includes a transducer, a charge pump, an isolator, a first amplifier, a second amplifier, a reaction circuit, a first bias circuit, and a second bias circuit. The charge pump electrically connects to an input port of the transducer, and an output port of the transducer electrically connects to an input port of the first amplifier via the isolator.
Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.

 Acoustic input module and electronic device including the same patent thumbnailAcoustic input module and electronic device including the same
An acoustic input module and an electronic device including the same are provided. The acoustic input module of the electronic device includes a plurality of transducers mounted on one surface of a circuit board, a control module mounted on the circuit board for controlling the transducers, and a plurality of sound input holes formed in a housing of the electronic device.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Effiicient process for camera call-up patent thumbnailEffiicient process for camera call-up
A surveillance system includes one or more camera systems at least some of the camera systems including a camera element comprising optical components to capture and process light to produce images, camera processing circuitry that receives the light and processes the light into electrical signals and encodes the signals into a defined format, power management circuitry to power the camera system, the power management system including first and second power interfaces and first and second video output interfaces.. .
Sensormatic Electronics, Llc

 Reference signal presence detecton based license assisted access and reference signal sequence design patent thumbnailReference signal presence detecton based license assisted access and reference signal sequence design
A user equipment device comprises physical layer circuitry configured to transmit and receive radio frequency electrical signals with one or more nodes of a radio access network, including monitor at least one of a communication channel unlicensed to a long term evolution (lte) network (lte-u) or a communication channel of a licensed assisted access (laa) network and detect a reference signal (rs) of a subframe communicated using the at least one communication channel; and processing circuitry configured to measure a channel metric over at least a portion of the subframe that includes the rs, and process information included in the subframe according to an lte communication protocol when the measured channel metric satisfies a specified channel metric threshold value.. .

 Radio frequency transceiver with local oscillator control for multi-carrier applications patent thumbnailRadio frequency transceiver with local oscillator control for multi-carrier applications
Radio frequency (rf) communication circuitry comprises an rf transceiver and conflict detection circuitry. The rf transceiver includes a first communication path configured to down-convert received rf signals using a first local oscillator (lo) receive frequency; and a second communication path configured to down-convert received rf signals using a second lo receive frequency and to operate simultaneously with the first communication path.
Intel Corporation

 Reducing power requirements for optical links patent thumbnailReducing power requirements for optical links
An optical system includes a device selected from a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter has multiple laser cavities that each generates an optical channel at a different channel wavelength.
Mellanox Technologies Silicon Photonics Inc.

 Detection of lost wafer from spinning chuck patent thumbnailDetection of lost wafer from spinning chuck
The disclosure relates to systems and methods for detecting when a microelectronic substrate is no longer properly secured or lost from a rotating chuck. A microelectronic substrate may be secured to a rotating chuck that may rotate the substrate when exposing the substrate to the chemicals during a treatment in a process chamber.
Tel Fsi, Inc.

 Electro-optic modulator termination patent thumbnailElectro-optic modulator termination
Embodiments presented in this disclosure generally relate to an electro-optic device that includes one or more modulator portions and a terminator portion. Each modulator portion is disposed along a propagation path of an optical signal and includes a respective first doped region and one or more coupled first electrical contacts.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Adaptive persistent current compensation for photon counting detectors

An imaging system (100) includes a direct conversion detector pixel (111) that detects radiation traversing an examination region and generates an electrical signal indicative thereof, wherein the signal includes a persistent current, which is produced by a direct conversion material of the pixel and which shifts a level of the signal. A persistent current estimator (116) estimates the persistent current and generates a compensation signal based on the estimate.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Detector system of ct scanner

A detector system for a ct scanner is provided. The detector system may include a plurality of detector modules.
Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.


Optical testing system and method

An optical testing system includes: a testing probe, a collecting unit, and a processing unit, wherein the testing probe includes a plurality of spectrum photodiodes used for emitting and casting monochromatic light to a sample, wherein the wavelength of the light emitted by at least one spectrum photodiode is different from that of any other. The collecting unit collects multi-way signal light obtained after the emitted monochromatic light is reflected by the sample surface.
China Agricultural University


Tree topper with trunk attachable deformable conduit

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a tree-top ornament apparatus configured to present a removeably attachable ornament above a top of a tree and supporting the presented ornament by clamping an ornament-connected deformable conduit to a secure portion of a tree trunk below the top of the tree. In an illustrative embodiment, the conduit may be deformable and yet semi-rigid so as not to deform under the weight of the presented ornament.
Loominocity, Inc.


Through-wafer interconnects for mems double-sided fabrication process (twids)

A high-aspect ratio low resistance through-wafer interconnect for double-sided (twids) fabrication of microelectromechanical systems (mems) serves as an interconnection method and structure for co-integration of mems and integrated circuits or other microcomponent utilizing both sides of the wafer. Twids applied to a three dimensional folded timu (timing inertial measurement unit) provides a path for electrical signals from sensors on the front side of the soi wafer to electronic components on the back side of the wafer, while enabling folding of an array of sensors in a three dimensional shape..
The Regents Of The University Of California


Ink level sensor formed with an array of self-sensing piezoelectric transducers

A fluid level sensor is configured for identifying a fluid level in a small volume reservoir, such as a fluid reservoir in an ejector head. The reservoir includes a plurality of vertically arranged chambers.
Xerox Corporation


Atrial fibrillation treatment systems and methods

Methods for treating cardiac complex rhythm disorder in a patient can include receiving a plurality of electrical signals from a sensor system, wherein each electrical signal corresponds with a separate location on a cardiac wall of the heart of the patient, and wherein each electrical signal comprises an electrogram waveform; and ranking the electrical signals relative to each other based on at least a uniformity and a frequency of the electrogram waveform of each electrical signal.. .
Intermountain Invention Management, Llc


Detection and display of irregular periodic waveforms

A method for display, consisting of acquiring an electrical signal from a heart of a subject over multiple heart cycles. The electrical signal is partitioned into a succession of synchronized segments having respective start times at a selected annotation point in the heart cycles.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.


Optical communication with optical sensors

A wearable computing device includes an electro-optical sensor to translate received light into an electrical signal. During a first mode of operation of the wearable computing device, a physical parameter of a wearer of the wearable computing device is assessed from the electrical signal.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Systems and apparatus having top port integrated back cavity micro electro-mechanical system microphones and methods of fabrication of the same

A micro electro-mechanical system (mems) device is provided. The mems device includes: a first substrate having a first surface and a second surface, and a port disposed through the first substrate, wherein the port is configured to receive acoustic waves and wherein the first surface is exposed to an environment outside the mems device; and a diaphragm coupled to and facing the second surface and configured to deflect in response to pressure differential at the diaphragm in response to the received acoustic waves.
Invensense, Inc.


Lens stack arrays including adaptive optical elements

Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention incorporate adaptive optical elements into optical channels in a lens stack array. In one embodiment, an array camera module includes a lens stack array, that includes at least two lens stacks, where at least one lens stack includes an adaptive optical element that can adjust the characteristics of the transmission of light in the optical channel defined by the corresponding lens stack in response to at least one electrical signal, a sensor including a focal plane for each lens stack within the lens stack array, and circuitry configured to control at least one adaptive optical element, where the lens stack array and the sensor are configured so that each lens stack can form an image on a corresponding focal plane..
Pelican Imaging Corporation


Method and system for split voltage domain receiver circuits

Methods and systems for split voltage domain receiver circuits are disclosed and may comprise amplifying received electrical signals in a plurality of partial voltage domains, and combining the amplified received signals, utilizing a stacked cascode amplifier for each partial voltage domain, into a single differential signal in a single voltage domain. The stacked cascode amplifiers may comprise a feedback loop having a comparator which controls a current source in each domain.
Luxtera, Inc.


Method, apparatus, and system for encoding and decoding visible light signal

The present disclosure provides a method, an apparatus, and a system for encoding and decoding a visible light signal. The encoding method includes the following steps: dividing to-be-transmitted data into a plurality of data units, where each data unit includes one or more bits; converting the data units into a plurality of electrical signal units, where for each electrical signal unit, the number of level transitions is used to represent the one or more bits of a corresponding data unit, and an interval indicated by a predetermined level exists between adjacent electrical signal units, where a level in each electrical signal unit has a first level duration, and the predetermined level between adjacent electrical signal units has a second level duration; combining the electrical signal units to obtain an encoded electrical signal; and transmitting the encoded electrical signal in a visible light signal form..
Kuang-chi Intelligent Photonic Technology Ltd.


Multi-stage amplitude modulation-based methods, apparatuses and systems for coding and decoding visible light signal

The present application relates to multi-stage amplitude modulation-based methods, apparatuses, and systems for coding and decoding a visible light signal. The coding method includes the following steps: dividing to-be-transmitted information into multiple information units, where each information unit includes multiple bits; converting the multiple information units into multiple electrical signal units indicated by at least three levels, where an interval indicated by a first level in the at least three levels exists between adjacent electrical signal units, and each electrical signal unit uses a combination of other levels in the at least three levels to represent the multiple bits of a corresponding information unit; combining the electrical signal units to obtain a coded electrical signal; and transmitting the coded electrical signal in a visible light signal form..
Kuang-chi Innovative Technology Ltd.


Method and configuring a communication interface

Aspects of the subject disclosure may include, for example, a system for exchanging electrical signals and guided electromagnetic waves between customer premises equipment and service provider equipment to provide uplink and/or downlink communication services. Other embodiments are disclosed..
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


A cable suspension

A cable suspension may allow a cable to be pivoted about a pivot axis that passes through a thickness of a cable. A bend radius of the cable entering and exiting the cable suspension may be increased and/or the degree of bend by a cable entering and exiting the cable support may be decreased.
Preformed Line Products


Function generator for the delivery of electrical signals

A function generator provides a first signal unit for the delivery of a first signal at a first output. The function generator provides a second signal unit for the delivery of a second signal at a second output.
Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co. Kg


Touch input device

A touch input device capable of detecting a pressure of a touch on a touch surface includes: a display module including a display panel; a substrate which is located under the display module and is spaced apart from the display module by a spacer layer; and a pressure electrode. An electrical signal, which is changed according to a capacitance between the pressure electrode and the substrate, is detected from the pressure electrode, and the capacitance changes depend on a change of a relative distance between the pressure electrode and the substrate, such that the pressure of the touch is detected based on the capacitance..
Hideep Inc.


Cooling system leak detection

A cooling system cools one or more electrical components on a printed circuit board. A piece of bilayer tubing made of an electrically conductive outer layer and an insulating inner layer.
International Business Machines Corporation


Optical system

An optical system includes: a first lens having negative refractive power; a second lens; a third lens; a fourth lens; a fifth lens; a sixth lens; and an image sensor configured to convert an image of a subject incident through the first to sixth lenses into electrical signals, wherein the first to sixth lenses are sequentially disposed from an object side of the optical system, and wherein ttl/(imgh*2)≦0.75 is satisfied, with ttl being a distance from an object-side surface of the first lens to an image plane of the image sensor and imgh being half of a diagonal length of the image plane of the image sensor.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Fiber optic communications with subsea sensors

The present techniques are directed to systems and methods for monitoring parameter data from sensors, for example, in a subsea environment. In one method, an electrical signal including data from the subsea unit is converted into an acoustic signal.


System and metering gas

A system for metering gas is presented. The system includes a housing configured to allow a flow of the gas between an input port and an output port.
General Electric Company


System for controlling injection of fuel in engine

System for controlling an injection of fuel in an engine is disclosed. The engine includes a cylinder and a first fuel injector to inject a first fuel in the cylinder.
General Electric Company


Automated beverage generating system and operating the same

A method of operating an automated beverage generating system. The method comprises receiving one or more electrical signals representative of an order for a specified beverage.


Printhead configured for use with high viscosity materials

A printer includes a printhead configured to eject high viscosity material and refill a reservoir in the printhead with high viscosity material. The printhead includes a transducer having an electroactive element and a member to which the electroactive element is mounted.
Xerox Corporation


Gesture recognition user interface for an aerosol delivery device

An aerosol delivery device is provided that includes a housing, motion sensor and microprocessor. The motion sensor is within the housing and configured to detect a defined motion of the aerosol delivery device caused by user interaction with the housing to perform a gesture.
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company


Vagus nerve stimulation method

An implanted electrical signal generator delivers a novel exogenous electrical signal to a vagus nerve of a patient. The vagus nerve conducts action potentials originating in the heart and lungs to various structures of the brain, thereby eliciting a vagal evoked potential in those structures.
Catholic Healthcare West (d/b/a St. Joseph's Hospital And Medical Center)


Probe, ultrasound imaging apparatus, and control the ultrasound imaging apparatus

A probe includes a transducer array including a transducer element, the transducer element including cells connected in parallel to each other, and a current detector configured to apply a voltage to the cells of the transducer element, or to output an electrical signal based on currents output from the cells.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Probe for obtaining bioelectrical signals

The present invention is a device for obtaining an electrical signal from a patient that corresponds to a meridian. One embodiment of the present invention comprises an ergonomically pistol grip device that reduces fatigue by the placement of the head and motor and other key components.


Acoustic transducer

Provided is an acoustic transducer including: a semiconductor substrate; a vibrating membrane provided above the semiconductor substrate, including a vibrating electrode; and a fixed membrane provided above the semiconductor substrate, including a fixed electrode, the acoustic transducer detecting a sound wave according to changes in capacitances between the vibrating electrode and the fixed electrode, converting the sound wave into electrical signals, and outputting the electrical signals. At least one of the vibrating electrode and the fixed electrode is divided into a plurality of divided electrodes, and the plurality of divided electrodes outputting the electrical signals..
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Image sensor including nanostructure color filter

An image sensor includes an optical sensor layer including a plurality of light-sensitive cells configured to sense light to generate electrical signals, and a color filter array layer disposed on the optical sensor layer and including a plurality of color filters respectively facing the plurality of light-sensitive cells. Each of the plurality of color filters includes a nanostructure in which a first material having a first refractive index and a second material having a second refractive index higher than the first refractive index are arranged.
California Institute Of Technology


Printed circuit board and manufacturing the same

A printed circuit board includes: insulating layers and wiring layers arranged in stacked configuration; a cavity disposed in a first insulating layer among the insulating layers; a piezoelectric substrate disposed in the cavity; an electrode disposed on the piezoelectric substrate and configured to convert an electrical signal into an elastic wave or to convert an elastic wave into an electrical signal; and a sealing part disposed on the piezoelectric substrate, the sealing part enclosing the electrode and forming an air gap around the electrode.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Coaxial cable connector with integral rfi protection

A coaxial cable connector for coupling an end of a coaxial cable to a terminal is disclosed. The connector has a coupler adapted to couple the connector to a terminal, a body assembled with the coupler and a post assembled with the coupler and the body.
Corning Optical Communications Rf Llc


Method and system for germanium-on-silicon photodetectors without germanium layer contacts

Methods and systems for germanium-on-silicon photodetectors without germanium layer contacts are disclosed and may include, in a semiconductor die having a photodetector, where the photodetector includes an n-type silicon layer, a germanium layer, a p-type silicon layer, and a metal contact on each of the n-type silicon layer and the p-type silicon layer: receiving an optical signal, absorbing the optical signal in the germanium layer, generating an electrical signal from the absorbed optical signal, and communicating the electrical signal out of the photodetector via the n-type silicon layer and the p-type silicon layer. The photodetector may include a horizontal or vertical junction double heterostructure where the germanium layer is above the n-type and p-type silicon layers.
Luxtera, Inc.


Silicon-based visible and near-infrared optoelectric devices

In one aspect, the present invention provides a silicon photodetector having a surface layer that is doped with sulfur inclusions with an average concentration in a range of about 0.5 atom percent to about 1.5 atom percent. The surface layer forms a diode junction with an underlying portion of the substrate.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College


Integrated circuit package with embedded bridge

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards an integrated circuit (ic) package having first and second dies with first and second input/output (i/o) interconnect structures, respectively. The ic package may include a bridge having first and second electrical routing features coupled to a portion of the first and second i/o interconnect structures, respectively.
Intel Corporation


Surface acoustic wave touch screen and touch display device

A surface acoustic wave touch screen (10) and a touch display device are disclosed. The surface acoustic wave touch screen (10) includes a screen (11) and a driver module and the screen (11) is provided on its surface with: a surface acoustic wave emitter (13) configured to emit first surface acoustic wave signals in a first direction and emit second surface acoustic wave signals in a second direction upon being driven by periodic electrical signals provided by the driver module; a first reflecting unit (12a) and a second reflecting unit (12c); a third reflecting unit (12b) and a fourth reflecting unit (12b); a first receiving transducer (14) and a second receiving transducer (15).
Hefei Xinsheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


X-ray detector and x-ray imaging apparatus having the same

Disclosed herein are an x-ray detector, in which an active area of the x-ray detector has an improved structure for a user's convenience, and an x-ray imaging apparatus having the same, the x-ray detector is configured to detect x-rays irradiated from an x-ray source, and includes: a top frame that includes a first area, a second area which is bent from the first area, and an active area which is biased from a center of the first area; a side frame that includes a top frame resting part which is formed in an outer surface which faces an outside of the x-ray detector and on which the second area rests, the side frame being coupled with the top frame to form an accommodation space; and a sensor panel disposed in the accommodation space and configured to convert the detected x-rays into an electrical signal, the sensor panel being biased from the center of the first area to correspond to the active area.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and measuring a parameter of a vehicle electrical system

A vehicle electrical system tester for testing the electrical system of a vehicle is provided. The electrical system has a wiring harness which extends between components of the vehicle and includes a plurality of wires.
Midtronics, Inc.


Electrical signal measurement

The present invention relates to electrical measurement apparatus (10). The electrical measurement apparatus (10) comprises a measurement arrangement (20,24) configured to be disposed in relation to an electrical circuit (12,14,16,18) which bears an electrical signal, the measurement arrangement (20,24) being operative when so disposed to measure the electrical signal.
Analog Devices Global


Apparatus and measuring water quality in a water distribution system

A system for monitoring water quality in a water meter data collection system having a plurality ol metering end points (e) for measuring consumption includes a plurality of chemical biological and environmental sensors (s1, s2) disposed in a distribution system near or within the distribution end points (a, b), with the sensors (s1, s2) generating electrical signals through a network (g) that can be processed and communicated with the water meter data to a collection station (d) from the metering end points (e).. .
Badger Meter, Inc.


Slew rate detection circuit

A slew rate detection circuit connected to a sensor detects when an analog electrical signal from the sensor indicates a slew rate that exceeds a threshold value, and generates an interrupt electrical signal when the slew rate is detected as exceeding the threshold value. A control circuit determines a measurement value of the physical property in response to receiving the interrupt signal.
Invensys Systems, Inc.


Analysis device and detecting module

An analysis device including a detecting module and a main module is provided. The detecting module includes a first body having an injection opening and a sample liquid, a first connector and a detecting chip disposed at the first body and electrically connected with each other.
Htc Corporation


Deformity correction using neural integrity monitoring

A method is provided for detecting neural interference between a bone anchor and a neural element during or subsequent to the application of force on the bone anchor to adjust the orientation of one or more vertebral bodies relative to the spinal column. The method includes engaging at least one bone anchor to the vertebral body and applying force to the bone anchor to adjust the positioning or orientation of the vertebral body.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.


Methods and apparatuses for characterisation of body tissue

Methods and apparatuses for characterization of body tissue are disclosed in which bioimpedance across a tissue region of interest is determined. A first electrical signal is applied between an inner pair of current electrodes (b,c) and one or more voltages are measured between an outer pair of sensing electrodes (a,d) and/or between one of the outer pair of sensing electrodes (a,d) and one of the inner pair of current electrodes (b,c).
Ti2 Medical Pty Ltd


Subject information acquiring apparatus

A subject information acquiring apparatus includes a light source configured to radiate optical pulses coded by a predetermined number of pulse streams to a subject, a probe having a converting element configured to receive photoacoustic waves occurring from the subject, and configured to convert the received photoacoustic waves to electrical signals, and an information acquiring unit configured to decode a predetermined number of signals of the electrical signals output from the converting element and acquire characteristic information on the subject based on the decoded electrical signals, wherein the relative positions of the converting element included in the probe and the subject are changed before the radiation of the predetermined number of optical pulse streams completes, and the electrical signals to be decoded are partially redundant before and after the change of the relative positions of the converting element and the subject.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Photosensitive microphone

A microphone includes a base; a micro electro mechanical system (mems) device disposed on the base, the mems device configured to convert sound into a first electrical signal; an integrated circuit disposed on the base and coupled to the mems device; a photo diode disposed on the base, the photo diode configured to convert light into a second electrical signal. At least one of the first electrical signal and the second electrical signal is processed by the integrated circuit..
Knowles Electronics, Llc


Optical transmission system

Provided are an optical transmission system in which one can easily set a video signal cable, and an adapter that can be used in this system. There is provided an adapter for use in an optical transmission system in which an analog video signal or a digital video signal is transmitted between a pair of adapters using light.
Nihon Video System Co., Ltd.


Control of the duration of integration in a photosensitive device

A control method for a photosensitive device comprises a matrix of photosensitive pixels distributed at the intersections of rows and columns of the matrix, each of the pixels comprising a photosensitive element able to generate an electrical signal under the effect of incident radiation and a switch controlled by a row conductor, the switch allowing the electrical signal to be transferred to a column conductor, the device further comprising a readout circuit connected to the column conductor to read out successively the various pixels connected to the column conductor, the method consisting, for each of the pixels, in activating the switch a first time by deactivating the associated readout circuit and in activating the switch a second time by activating the associated readout circuit, the duration separating the first activation and the second activation of the switch being equal to a predefined duration of integration.. .


Method and apparatus to equalize acoustic response of a speaker system using multi-rate fir and all-pass iir filters

A speaker system includes an electronic signal processing unit configured to split an input audio signal into a low-pass audio component and a high-pass audio component. The electrical signal processing unit includes a multi-rate finite impulse response (fir) filter configured to downsample the low-pass audio component and sample the downsampled low-pass audio component at a first sampling rate lower than a second sampling rate used to sample the high-pass audio component.
Tymphany Hk Limited


Wiring harness

A wiring harness with a number of electrical wires, each constructed and arranged to carry electrical signals, and each having a length. There is also a security cable that is not constructed and arranged to carry electrical signals.
Bose Corporation


Nfc antenna and electronic device with the same

A near field communication (nfc) antenna includes a first loop for receiving an electrical signal from the outside and a plurality of closed loops disposed in an inner area of the first loop. The plurality of closed loops do not overlap each other..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Tamper-resistant non-volatile memory device

A non-volatile memory device includes a memory cell array including memory cells, each having a resistance value reversibly transitioning among resistance value ranges in a variable state in accordance with application of different electrical signals, a control circuit that, in operation, receives a control signal, a read circuit that, in operation, obtains pieces of resistance value information each relating to the resistance value of one of the memory cells in accordance with the control signal, and an arithmetic circuit that, in operation, calculates a binary reference value based on at least a part of the pieces of resistance value information. In operation, the read circuit selectively assigns, based on the binary reference value, one of two values to each of the pieces of resistance value information..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.


Distributed capacitive delay tracking boost-assist circuit

According to one general aspect, an apparatus may include a plurality of voltage boosted circuits. Each voltage boosted circuit may include a power gater configured to select between an array supply voltage and a second voltage, wherein the second supply voltage is greater than the array supply voltage.


Assisted labeling of devices with disaggregation

Electrical usage of devices in a building may be monitored to assist a user in labeling devices. In some implementations, an electrical signal corresponding to devices may be processed with models to determine first information about a device, and this first information may be presented to a user to receive second information about the device from the user.
Sense Labs, Inc.



A touch input device capable of detecting a pressure of a touch on a touch surface includes: a display module and a pressure electrode. The display module includes a display panel and a reference potential layer.
Hideep Inc.


Optical detection device and controlling same

An optical device is described. The device has a sensor having a light incident side, wherein the sensor is designed to convert light that is incident upon the light incident side into an electrical signal.
E.solutions Gmbh


Electromagnetic wave concentrator and absorber

An electromagnetic black hole may be fabricated as concentric shells having a permittivity whose variation is at least as great as an inverse square dependence on the radius of the structure. Such a structure concentrates electromagnetic energy incident thereon over a broad range of angles to an operational region near the center of curvature of the structure.
Purdue Research Foundation


Fluid sensor

A fluid sensor includes a core defining a fluid flow path, a confinement member located externally of the core, and a patch antenna located between the fluid flow path and the confinement member. The confinement member is configured to confine an electromagnetic field which extends into the fluid flow path.
M-flow Technologies Ltd


Method and system for monitoring a civil engineering construction

Method for monitoring a civil engineering construction, comprising a first metal reinforcement (1) contributing to the mechanical strength of said construction, and a reference conductor element (2), these being separated by dielectric material (3) and each having a first end (11, 21) that is electrically accessible, the method comprising: a—injecting an incident electrical signal which is applied differentially between the first ends of the first reinforcement (1) and of the reference conductor element (2), b—collecting reflected signals returning along the conductors in return, c—analysing the reflected signals and comparing them against reference signals in order therefrom to deduce any potential structural defect (9) in the first reinforcement.. .
Soletanche Freyssinet


Cleaning robot

A robot for cleaning submersed marine structures is provided. The robot has a drive system for traversing the robot over the submersed structure.
Rolls-royce Plc


Electrode selection for electrical stimulation therapy

In one example, a method includes selecting, by one or more processors and based on a representation of sensed electrical signals for a particular patient and a plurality of representations of sensed electrical signals for a plurality of other patients, a combination of electrodes of a plurality of combinations of one or more implantable electrodes for delivery of electrical stimulation to the particular patient.. .
Medtronic, Inc.


Apparatus and processing signals

An apparatus comprising: an electrical signal generation device configured to generate a first electrical signal, the first signal being based upon captured or expected data related to one or more human or animal subjects; and an electrical signal application device configured to apply the first electrical signal in a processed or unprocessed form to a human or animal subject.. .
Vivent SÁrl


Electronic module with electromagnetic interference protection

Various examples provide devices, systems, and techniques for dissipating electromagnetic interference (emi) induced energy in a medical device. In one example, an implantable electronic device includes a housing, at least one connector coupled to the housing and configured to at least one of receive first electrical signals or transmit second electrical signals, and an integrated circuit disposed within the housing, wherein the integrated circuit comprises at least one clamp stage coupled to a supply line of the integrated circuit, and wherein the at least one clamp stage is configured to dissipate magnetic resonance imaging (mri) induced energy from the supply line in response to at least one of a voltage or a current on the supply line exceeding a respective predetermined voltage threshold value or a current threshold value..
Medtronic Bakken Research Center B.v.


Lead and a system for medical applications

In some examples, the present disclosure relates to an implantable medical lead and medical device systems employing such leads for medical applications, such as, e.g., neural stimulation, deep brain stimulation, and/or sensing of bioelectrical signals. In one example, the lead includes a thin film configured to be secured to at least a portion of a carrier core, wherein the thin film has a distal end, a proximal end, and at least one electrode between the proximal end and the distal end; and at least one fixation element configured to secure the distal end of the thin film to the carrier core, wherein the fixation element comprises at least one of a distal extension portion of the thin film at least partially wrapped around the carrier core distal to the at least one electrode or a jacket tube located around the carrier core and the thin film..
Medtronic Bakken Research Center B.v.


Method for amplifying signals from individual nerve fascicles

The present disclosure provides methods and systems for receiving, with processing circuitry of an implant device, an electrical signal from a free tissue graft attached to a portion of a nerve (e.g., a nerve branch or fascicle) through an electrical conductor in electrical communication with the free tissue graft (e.g., muscle graft), the nerve having reinnervated the free tissue graft. The electrical signal from the free tissue graft has a voltage amplitude of greater than or equal to about 150 microvolts.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


System and sensorized user interface

A system and method for is provided for operation of an orthopedic system. The system includes a load sensor for converting an applied pressure associated with a force load on an anatomical joint, and an inertial sensing device configured to measure alignment.
Orthosensor Inc


Apparatus for measuring bioelectrical signals

An apparatus for measuring bioelectrical signals is provided. The apparatus includes a sensor electrode, a sensor support, and a main body.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Dual function magnetic door cover

An electrical product includes a housing with a movable cover and, at least one module receiving slot which can be closed by the cover. The housing carries control circuits.
Honeywell International Inc.


Signal amplifier

A hearing prosthesis circuit includes a power source, a first amplifier coupled to the power source, and a second amplifier coupled to the power source. The circuit also includes a stimulation component coupled to the first amplifier and the second amplifier.


Micro phone sensor

A microphone, that increases sensitivity without a separate circuit is provided. The microphone includes an audio detection module having a vibration film that outputs capacitance signals by vibrating audio introduced from the exterior and a piezoresistive element that outputs a piezoresistive signal by a sound pressure of the audio.
Hyundai Motor Company


Portable electronic device formeasuring a physical quantity

A portable electronic device for measuring a physical quantity has at least one sensor device that measures and converts the value or variation of a physical quantity into an analog electrical signal and an electronic device, which acquires the analog electrical signal, converts it into digital format and calculates the engineering value in real time. The device includes two distinct physical units: the first physical unit is a smart mobile electronic device, having an electrical input connecting port for a microphone jack connector, a sound card provided to receive input signals from the connecting port and send them to a processing unit, connected to the card for processing and subsequent emission and/or storage as an output by way of corresponding emission and/or storage; the second physical unit includes the at least one electrical/electronic sensor device, a jack connector corresponding to the microphone connecting port on the first unit, and an electrical/electronic component that converts the analog electrical signal into a frequency value and transmits it to the output jack connector; and wherein the first physical unit includes hardware and software that: receive the analog electrical signal, generated by the at least one sensor device, in the connecting port and convert it into a series of discrete values, the number of which in one second corresponds to the sampling frequency of the smart mobile electronic device; acquire and read the discrete sampled values, in binary data format; store the data in a buffer memory; read the buffer memory and decode the binary data into numerical data; calculate the value of the frequency of the sampled signal by way of a dedicated algorithm; convert, using dedicated software means, the calculated frequency value into a corresponding engineering value for the physical quantity measured, in real time, such that the engineering value for the physical quantity measured is emitted as an output by means of the smart mobile electronic device..


Image sensor and outputting data from the image sensor

An image sensor capable of implementing a global shutter mode and a rolling shutter mode is provided. The image sensor includes a row driver, a pixel array, an analog-to-digital converter, and an output compensating circuit.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Stabilizer for an optical device and electronic device comprising the same

There is provided a stabilizer for an optical device that forms part of an electronic device and an electronic device including the stabilizer. The stabilizer includes two first actuators, each of which includes a first coil assembly and a first block of ferromagnetic material, each of the two first coil assemblies being configured to generate, in response to a first electrical signal applied thereto, a first attraction force toward a respective first block of ferromagnetic material, the first blocks of ferromagnetic material being attached to a socket for the optical device; and a rotating device configured to rotate the socket around an optical axis of the optical device in response to the first attraction force.
Nokia Technologies Oy


Signal detection circuit and optical transmission equipment

A signal detection circuit includes: a first optical filter configured to filter an optical signal carrying a frequency modulated signal with a first transmission band; a second optical filter configured to filter the optical signal with a second transmission band; a first photo detector configured to convert the output light of the first optical filter into a first electrical signal; a second photo detector configured to convert the output light of the second optical filter into a second electrical signal; a difference circuit configured to output a signal representing a difference between the first electrical signal and the second electrical signal; and a detector configured to detect the frequency modulated signal based on the output signal of the difference circuit.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Monitoring the quality of a communication channel supported by a sliding contact

A method for monitoring the quality of a communication channel supported by a sliding contact, the method comprising the following steps: controlling (401) the application of a continuous electrical signal onto one of the elements of the sliding contact, receiving (402) a plurality of values (v(n)) of electrical signals measured on the other of the elements of the sliding contact, estimating (408) from said plurality of measured values, a variance parameter value, comparing (409) the variance parameter value with a threshold (thr) and, on the basis of the result of the comparison, generating a signal (channel_ok, channel_nok) representative of the quality of the communication channel.. .
Mersen France Amiens Sas


A device and a generating an electrical signal with a suppressed frequency band

Abstract disclosed herein is a notch filter and a method for generating an electrical signal with a suppressed frequency band. The filter generates an optical signal by modulating a modulation optical wave with an electrical signal to generate first and second sidebands.
The University Of Sydney


Electronic device including antenna

An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a body including a communication module, and at least one first conductive contact configured to transmit electrical signals to and receive electrical signals from the communication module; and at least one strap removably connected to the body, the at least one strap including an antenna therein, and at least one second conductive contact configured to transmit electrical signals to and receive electrical signals from the antenna, the one strap being configured to removably connect to the body, such that at least a portion of the at least one first conductive contact is electrically connected to the at least one second conductive contact..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Fingerprint sensors

A sensor for detecting fingerprints is provided having first and second substrates, a two-dimensional array of sensing elements formed on the first substrate, and a plurality of thin-film transistors or tfts for controlling the sensing elements at pixel location along the array. Each of the sensing elements detects one of electrical signals (e.g., capacitance, resistance, or impedance), temperature, or light via one of the first or second substrates representative of one or more fingerprints.
Cross Match Technologies, Inc.


Systems and laser voltage imaging state mapping

An apparatus and method for laser probing of a dut is disclosed. The system enables laser voltage imaging state mapping of devices within the dut.
Dcg Systems, Inc.


Determining usability of analytical test strip

A system for determining usability of an analytical test strip includes a sample chamber to receive a fluid sample, a reagent in the sample chamber having a moisture-varying impedance, and two detection electrodes contacting the reagent. A test meter applies an ac waveform across the reagent via the detection electrodes while measuring an impedance of the reagent.
Cilag Gmbh International


Media height detection system for a printing apparatus

A media height detection system is used in connection with an inkjet printer. A filament is disposed above the process path and transverse to the process direction.
Xerox Corporation


Milling system

In one example, a method including controlling milling of a component via a milling system, the milling system including a spindle, a tool holder coupled to the spindle, the tool holder configured to receive a milling tool; and the milling tool configured to remove at least a portion of the component via milling while the milling tool is rotated by the spindle and tool holder, wherein the milling system is configured to conduct an electrical signal between the milling tool and component during milling of the component when the milling tool is not broken; monitoring the electrical signal conducted between the milling tool and component; and determining whether the milling tool is broken based on the monitored electrical signal.. .
Rolls-royce Corporation


Diagnostic guidewire for cryoablation sensing and pressure monitoring

A method and system for performing pulmonary vein isolation, mapping, and assessing pulmonary vein occlusion using a single device. The device may generally include an ablation element, such as a cryoballoon, and a sensing component slidably disposed within a lumen of the device and bearing one or more mapping electrodes and one or more pressure sensors.
Medtronic Cryocath Lp


Object information acquiring apparatus

Provided is an object information acquiring apparatus including: a holding member that has a curvature and holds an object; a conversion element that receives an acoustic wave propagating from the object via the holding member and outputs an electrical signal; a driving unit that moves at least one of the conversion element and the holding member so that an acoustic wave reception surface of the conversion element is not parallel to a tangential plane of the holding member at a position at which a normal line of the acoustic wave reception surface drawn from the conversion element crosses the holding member; and an information processor that acquires specific information inside the object using the electrical signal.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Optical electro-mechanical hearing devices with separate power and signal components

A device to transmit an audio signal comprises at least one light source configured to transmit the audio signal with at least one wavelength of light. At least one detector is configured to detect the audio signal and generate at least one electrical signal in response to the at least one wavelength of light.
Earlens Corporation


Microphone with trimming

A microphone includes a microelectromechanical system (mems) device, an amplifier, and an attenuation apparatus. The mems device converts acoustic energy into electrical signals.
Knowles Electronics, Llc


Secure audio sensor

Providing security features in an audio sensor is presented herein. A micro-electro-mechanical system (mems) microphone can include an acoustic membrane that converts an acoustic signal into an electrical signal; an electronic amplifier that increases an amplitude of the electrical signal to generate an amplified signal; and switch(es) configured to prevent propagation of a direct current (dc) voltage source to the mems microphone; prevent propagation of the dc voltage source to the electronic amplifier; prevent propagation of the electrical signal to the electronic amplifier; and/or prevent propagation of the amplified signal to an external device..
Invensense, Inc.


Low noise differential microphone arrays

A differential microphone array includes a number (m) of microphone sensors for converting sound to a number of electrical signals, and a processor, operably coupled to the microphone sensors, to specify a target differential order (n) for the differential microphone array, and wherein m>n+1, specify a steering matrix d comprising n+1 steering vectors, calculate a respective one of a plurality of linearly specify a steering matrix d comprising n+1 steering vectors-constrained minimum variance filters based on the steering matrix, apply the respective one of the plurality of linearly-constrained minimum variance filters to a respective one of the electrical signals to calculate a respective frequency response of the electrical signals, wherein the respective frequency response comprises a plurality of components associated with a plurality of subbands, and sum the frequency responses of the electrical signals with respect to each subband to calculate an estimated frequency spectrum of the sound.. .


System, supporting multiple-interfaces for optical fiber communication

A multiple-interface apparatus and method and networking device including the same. The multiple-interface apparatus including: a plurality of system side lanes configured to connect to an electrical signal source; and a plurality of line side lanes, wherein the number of the plurality of line side lanes matches the number of the plurality of system side lanes, including: a first set of line side lanes configured to connect to a first optical transceiver module; and a second set of line side lanes configured to connect to a second optical transceiver module; a mode selector module that can be set to transmit the electrical signal to the first optical transceiver module on the first set of line side lanes or the second optical transceiver module on the second set of line side lanes; and an adaptation module to adapt the electrical signal for at least one of the first set of line side lanes or the second set of line side lanes..
Sandvine Incorporated Ulc


Digital sensor for a can network of a vehicle

Digital sensor for a can network of a vehicle, comprising a casing (4) which comprises a first portion (56) provided with a housing (60) capable of receiving a first electrical cable (8) and a second electrical cable (10), said first portion (56) receiving a first electrical component (24) and a second electrical component (26) respectively arranged opposite said housing (60), and which first electrical component (24) and second electrical component (26) each have a substantially flat surface adapted to constitute a capacitive element with respectively a portion (14) of said first electrical cable (8) and a portion (16) of said second electrical cable (10), such that, when said first electrical cable (8) and said second electrical cable (10) are received in said housing (60) and each carry a respective can digital signal, said first electrical component (24) and said second electrical component (26) carry an electrical signal corresponding to the digital can signal respectively carried on said first electrical cable (8) and on said second electrical cable (10), and a second portion (58) receiving an electronic circuitry (6) connected to said first electrical component (24) and said second electrical component (26), and arranged on the one hand to process the electrical signals which they carry in order to rebuild a first analogue signal and a second analogue signal which reflect the digital can signal respectively carried by the first electrical cable (8) and the second electrical cable (10), and on the other hand to transform the first analogue signal and the second analogue signal into respective digital can signals towards an output (12) connected to said electronic circuitry (6).. .
Masternaut Holdings Limited


Optical signal monitoring and control method, signal monitoring apparatus and optical network system

An optical signal monitoring and control method including receiving a first optical signal, performing optical-to-electrical conversion on the first optical signal, and outputting a converted first electrical signal, monitoring the first electrical signal, and acquiring a monitored power of the first electrical signal, adjusting the monitored power of the first electrical signal according to a target monitored power of the first electrical signal, and outputting a second electrical signal, and performing optical-to-electrical conversion on the second electrical signal according to a correspondence between the target monitored power of the first electrical signal and a target extinction ratio of the first optical signal, and outputting a converted second optical signal, where the second optical signal is an optical signal that has a target extinction ratio. The method implements precise control on an extinction ratio of an optical signal..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.


Edge-mounted coaxial connector

A coaxial connector includes a housing configured to be mounted to an edge of a circuit board, and coaxial contacts held by the housing. The coaxial contacts include coaxial contact pairs having a signal contact and a ground contact arranged coaxially with the signal contact of the same coaxial contact pair.
Tyco Electronics Corporation

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