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Electrical Signal patents

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Live cell viability modification system and method

Live cell viability modification system and method

Bio sensing device


Bio sensing device

Bio sensing device

Pneumatic brake system redundancy in locomotive consists

Date/App# patent app List of recent Electrical Signal-related patents
 Absolute position-measuring device patent thumbnailnew patent Absolute position-measuring device
A position-measuring device includes: a first subassembly having a measuring standard on which at least one coded track is provided, and a scanning unit, which is able to generate position signals that may be used to generate an absolute digital position value by scanning the at least one coded track in a measuring direction; a second subassembly having at least one peripheral unit adapted to execute a supplementary or an auxiliary functionality of the position-measuring device; and a plurality of electrical lines, which connect the first subassembly and the second subassembly to each other for the transmission of electrical signals. The position-measuring device is able to be operated in an initialization mode and in a standard operating mode.
Dr. Johannes Heidenhain Gmbh
 Apparatus for artificial cardiac stimulation and  using same patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus for artificial cardiac stimulation and using same
A system for artificial stimulation of the heart of a subject is provided, the system comprising a controller comprising a receiver for receiving signal data, a processor for processing received signal data, and a transmitter for transmitting signal data; a sensing stent for location in the proximal coronary sinus of the subject, the sensing stent electrode comprising a sensing electrode assembly for sensing atrial and/or ventricular signals from the heart of the subject and a transmitting assembly for transmitting signal data to the receiver of the controller; and a stimulation stent for location in a vein of the subject distal of the sensing stent, the stimulation stent comprising a receiver for receiving signal data from the transmitter of the controller and an electrode assembly for providing a stimulating electrical signal to the heart of the subject in response to the data received.. .
Gloucestershire Hospital Nhs Foundation Trust
 Apparatus and  outputting heart sounds patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and outputting heart sounds
An apparatus for outputting heart sounds includes an implantable system and an external system. The implantable system includes a sensor for generating sensed signals representing detected heart sounds, an interface circuit and a control circuit for receiving the sensed signals, generating data representing the heart sounds therefrom, and transmitting the data to the external system via the interface circuit.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.
 Live cell viability modification system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Live cell viability modification system and method
An apparatus, system, and method are provided for selectively altering the viability characteristics of a live cell. In some embodiments, an electrical signal acquisition array, electrically coupled to a high gain amplifier, is used in conjunction with an analog to digital converter and a computer to record natural electrical signals that a cell type may use to communicate with its neighbors, the immune system, and the organism in which it is operating, as well as the signals and waveforms that define its particular natural operational electrical signature.
 X-ray imaging apparatus and control method thereof patent thumbnailnew patent X-ray imaging apparatus and control method thereof
An x-ray imaging apparatus includes an x-ray generator configured to transmit x-rays to an object, an x-ray detector configured to detect the x-rays transmitted through the object and convert the detected x-rays into electrical signals, a gantry in which the x-ray generator and the x-ray detector are installed so as to be opposite to each other, the gantry being rotatable about a bore, a controller configured to control a rotation of the gantry during bio-signal cycles of the object so that the gantry is rotated from different start positions whenever one of the bio-signal cycles is started, and an image processor configured to generate a 4d image of the object by applying a prior image-based compressed sensing image reconstruction algorithm to plural 2d projection images acquired from the electrical signals generated by converting the x-rays detected during the rotation of the gantry.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Lighting apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Lighting apparatus
An illuminating device includes a light source module; a heat radiator including a heat radiating plate having a cavity open toward a front surface thereof and receiving the light source module therein and ventilation holes disposed along an edge of the cavity, and heat radiating fins extending to a rear surface of the heat radiating plate, disposed in a radial manner along an edge of the heat radiating plate and positioned between the ventilation holes to form ventilation channels therebetween communicating with the ventilation holes; a cooler fixed to the heat radiator to be in contact with ends of the heat radiating fins and including air jet holes allowing air to be blown toward the heat radiator; and an electrical connector connected to the light source module and the cooler and supplying electrical signals thereto.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Controller area network node transceiver patent thumbnailnew patent Controller area network node transceiver
A transceiver includes a control module and a transceiving module. The control module is configured to generate a control signal in response to a signal from a micro-control unit.
Myson Century, Inc.
 Insulation inspection method and insulation inspection apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Insulation inspection method and insulation inspection apparatus
An insulation test apparatus and method for a circuit board having a plurality of wiring patterns formed thereon includes: selection means for selecting wiring patterns to be tested, power supply means for sending a predetermined electrical output between a first object to be measured and a target object to be measured; measurement means for measuring an electrical signal between the first object to be measured and the target object to be measured; and calculation means for calculating the resistance of an insulation failure portion between the first object to be measured and the target object to be measured.. .
Nidec-read Corporation
 Backside illumination image sensor and image-capturing device patent thumbnailnew patent Backside illumination image sensor and image-capturing device
A backside illumination image sensor that includes a semiconductor substrate with a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements and a read circuit formed on a front surface side of the semiconductor substrate, and captures an image by outputting, via the read circuit, electrical signals generated as incident light having reached a back surface side of the semiconductor substrate is received at the photoelectric conversion elements includes: a light shielding film formed on a side where incident light enters the photoelectric conversion elements, with an opening formed therein in correspondence to each photoelectric conversion element; and an on-chip lens formed at a position set apart from the light shielding film by a predetermined distance in correspondence to each photoelectric conversion element. The light shielding film and an exit pupil plane of the image forming optical system achieve a conjugate relation to each other with regard to the on-chip lens..
Nikon Corporation
 Bio sensing device patent thumbnailnew patent Bio sensing device
The present invention relates to a bio sensing device having a reaction part and a measuring device which are integrated therein. The bio sensing device includes: a main substrate, a reaction part, a signal processing part, a screen display part, and a housing.
Ceragemmedisys Inc.
new patent

Pneumatic brake system redundancy in locomotive consists

The electrical signals generated by the brake handle in the lead locomotive are extended to at least the first trail locomotive through the communication layer in order to control the ecpbs in the trail locomotive, providing full train brake redundancy, allowing non-degraded train operation even in case of an unrecoverable failure of the brake control system in the lead locomotive.. .
new patent

Touch sensor module

Disclosed herein is a touch sensor module, including: a flexible cable provided with a terminal part; an adhesive layer formed to transfer an electrical signal by being contacted on one surface of the terminal part; a base substrate including an electrode pad which is formed to correspond to the terminal part and formed to be contact on the other surface of the adhesive layer; and a first passivation layer coating one end of the electrode pad.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.
new patent

Methods and robotic zipper

A robotic zipper system for joining and separating zipper halves of a zipper tape. A chassis retains an actuator that drives a zipper slide geometry along the zipper tape to join or separate the zipper tape.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Electrical heartbeat access disconnection systems

An access disconnection system includes a venous line, an arterial line, a first electrode coupled to (i) the arterial line, (ii) a patient, or (iii) a cardiac catheter assembly; and a second electrode coupled to (i) the venous line, or (ii) the cardiac catheter assembly. The access disconnection system further includes electronic circuitry communicating electrically with the first second electrode to sense an electrical heartbeat signal generated by the patient.
Baxter Healthcare S.a.

Training simulator for mechanical ventilation

A diaphragm respiratory signal simulator is activated by skin voltage that is coupled to the simulator by many ways such as but not limited to a user sliding a finger over a conductive surface, the user sliding a finger over surfaces close to the conductive element, touch or sliding the finger over the ventilator screen. The conductive surface is electrically connected to a ring electrode at a distal part of a manikin's esophagus.
University Of Dammam

Method for implementing high-precision backdrilling stub length control

The present invention relates to a pcb drilling method including: performing a drilling motion from an initial location, and generating a first electrical signal when coming into contact with a first conductive layer of the pcb, determining a first conductive location according to the first electrical signal, and obtaining first z-coordinate information continuing to perform the drilling motion after drilling through the first conductive layer, and generating a second electrical signal when coming into contact with a second conductive layer, determining a second conductive location according to the second electrical signal, and obtaining second z-coordinate information; continuing to perform the drilling motion and drilling through the pcb to obtain a through hole; and performing backdrilling in the location of the through hole according to a preset depth, and the preset depth is a medium thickness between the second conductive layer and the first conductive layer plus a compensation depth.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Adaptive compensation circuitry for suppression of distortions generated by the dispersion-slope of optical components

A distortion compensation circuit compensates for the distortions generated by the dispersion-slope of an optical component and the frequency chirp of an optical transmitter. The dispersion compensation circuitry can be utilized in the optical transmitter, the optical receiver and/or at some intermediate point in a fiber-optic network.
Aurora Networks, Inc.

Optically balanced opto-electrical oscillator

An opto-electrical oscillator includes, in part, first and second optical phase modulators, a coupler, an optical-to-electrical signal conversion circuit, and a control circuit. The first optical phase modulator modulates the phase of a first optical signal in response to a first feedback signal to generate a first phase modulated signal.
California Institute Of Technology

Fingerprint sensors

A sensor for detecting fingerprints is provided having first and second substrates, a two-dimensional array of sensing elements formed on the first substrate, and a plurality of thin-film transistors or tfts for controlling the sensing elements at pixel location along the array. Each of the sensing elements detects one of electrical signals (e.g., capacitance, resistance, or impedance), temperature, or light via one of the first or second substrates representative of one or more fingerprints.
Cross Match Technologies, Inc.

Acoustic transducer and microphone

An acoustic transducer has a vibrating film and a fixed film formed above an opening portion of a substrate, and at least a first sensing portion and a second sensing portion that detect sound waves using change in capacitance between a vibrating electrode provided in the vibrating film and a fixed electrode provided in the fixed film, convert the sound waves into electrical signals, and output the electrical signals. In the first sensing portion and the second sensing portion, the fixed film is used in common, and the vibrating electrode is divided into a first sensing region and a second sensing region that respectively correspond to the first sensing portion and the second sensing portion.
Omron Corporation

Dental x-ray imaging system having higher spatial resolution

A dental cone beam computed tomography (cbct) system, with a photon generator configured to emit x-ray photons; a photon detector spaced apart from the photon generator so as to accommodate at least a portion of a human mouth therebetween, the photon detector configured to receive the x-ray photons; and a processor in electronic communication with the photon detector. The photon detector is a direct-conversion detector configured to convert each received x-ray photon directly to a corresponding electrical signal, to determine information corresponding to a spatial pattern of the electrical signals, and to transmit the information to the processor.

Method and device for determining the position and/or the movement of an object

In a method for determining the position and/or the movement of at least one object in the surroundings of a vehicle with the aid of at least one transmitted acoustic signal, the time behavior of at least one electrical signal of an electroacoustic transducer during the transmission of the acoustic signal and/or during a decay of the electroacoustic transducer following the transmission and/or during the reception of the acoustic signal reflected on the object is analyzed at least during a suitable fraction of a signal period in such a way that changes of the electrical signal of the electroacoustic transducer is detected.. .

Matrix matching crosstalk reduction device and method

This disclosure relates generally to devices, systems, and methods that include conductive lines configured to transmit electrical signals between a first electronic component and a second electronic component between which the conductive lines are coupled. The devices, systems, and methods further include a transmitter, configured to generate the electrical signals, the transmitter including a source impedance based, at least in part, on a resistive coupling between individual ones of the conductive lines, a source impedance matrix of the source impedance being substantially proportional to the characteristic impedance matrix of the plurality of conductive lines..

Method and remotely adjustable reactive and resistive electrical elements

Apparatus and method that includes providing a variable-parameter electrical component in a high-field environment and based on an electrical signal, automatically moving a movable portion of the electrical component in relation to another portion of the electrical component to vary at least one of its parameters. In some embodiments, the moving uses a mechanical movement device (e.g., a linear positioner, rotary motor, or pump).
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

Compact versatile stick-slip piezoelectric motor

A motion control system that includes a base, a stage supported by the base and movable with respect to the base, and a motor coupled to the base and operable to move the stage. The motor includes a mounting base arranged to connect the motor to the base, a friction pad engageable with the stage, and a coupling portion including a first end connected to the mounting base and a second end.
Physik Instrumente (pi) Gmbh & Co., Kg


There is provided a microphone including: a thin film member including leg members extended in a direction not in parallel with a vibration direction; first supports supporting first points of the leg members, respectively; and a piezoelectric member connected to second points of the leg members and converting vibrations of the thin film member into electrical signals.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Light receiving element and optically coupled insulating device

A light receiving element includes: a semiconductor layer; an insulating layer; an interconnect layer; and a film. The semiconductor layer includes a light receiving unit configured to convert a signal light incident on the light receiving unit into an electrical signal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

System and process for measuring strain in materials at high spatial resolution

A process for measuring strain is provided that includes placing a sample of a material into a tem as a sample. The tem is energized to create a small electron beam with an incident angle to the sample.
Appfive, Llc

Wafer-shaped tool configured to monitor plasma characteristics and plasma monitoring system using the same

Provided are tools and systems to monitor plasma characteristics. The tool may include a housing, and a sensor array, a signal processor, and a data-transferring device provided in the housing.

Sensor device

A sensor device includes a semiconductor substrate and multiple sensing portions that are placed on one side of the semiconductor substrate and convert a physical quantity into an electrical signal. The one side is parallel to a reference plane defined by an x-direction and a y-direction perpendicular to each other.
Denso Corporation

Fluid level detector

A transducer for use in a fluid detector for determining a presence of a fluid within a container, the transducer comprising a piezoelectric element that outputs an ultrasonic signal in response to an input electrical signal, characterized in that said transducer further comprises, a lens with an upper portion, a lower portion, and a focal point, the upper portion including a curved surface with convex side. The piezoelectric element is coupled to the upper portion of the lens so that, when the lens is disposed adjacent an outer surface of a wall of the container such that the lens is intermediate the piezoelectric element and the wall, the lens focuses the ultrasonic signal toward the focal point of the lens and on the inner surface of the wall..
Gems Sensors, Inc.

Reconfigurable modular computing device

A configurable computing device comprising a housing, a printed circuit board disposed within the housing, a first microcontroller and a second microcontroller each coupled to the pcb, wherein the first microcontroller and the second microcontroller are in electrical signal communication with each other, a computer-on-module (com) coupled to the pcb, wherein the com is in electrical signal communication with the first microcontroller and the second microcontroller, and one or more peripheral modules coupled to the pcb, wherein, the peripheral modules are each in electrical signal communication with the first microcontroller and wherein, the peripheral modules are each in electrical signal communication with the com via the second microcontroller.. .
Entegra Technologies, Inc.

Systems and methods for selection and displaying of images using an intravascular ultrasound imaging system

A method for real-time displaying of cross-sectional images during an intravascular ultrasound (ivus) imaging procedure includes, during an intravascular ultrasound imaging procedure, receiving electrical signals from at least one transducer in a catheter as the at least one transducer rotates and moves longitudinally along a lumen of a patient blood vessel; during the intravascular ultrasound imaging procedure, processing the received electrical signals to form a series of cross-sectional images that are longitudinally-offset from one another along a length of the lumen; during the intravascular ultrasound imaging procedure, concurrently displaying i) a most recent image and ii) a previous image that is either a) selected by the operator or b) automatically selected as having a maximum or minimum of a selected image characteristic; and, during the intravascular ultrasound imaging procedure, updating the display of the most recent image as a new image from the series of cross-sectional images is processed.. .
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.

High-bandwidth optical communications relay architecture

A free space optical communication system (100) and method including a constellation of several satellites (102). Each of satellites including: several inter-satellite optical telescopes (204) for optical communication with multiple neighboring satellites, each inter-satellite optical telescope is capable of adjusting its elevation angle to accommodate changes in the number of satellites in the constellation; and several up/down link optical telescopes (206) for optical communication with multiple ground sites, where each ground site has several ground optical telescopes.
Raytheon Company

Electronic extracting the amplitude and phase of a signal in a synchronous detector and application thereof in interferometric circuits

The invention concerns an electronic method for extracting the amplitude es and the phase φs of an electrical signal in a synchronous detector, the signal containing a modulated part imod of the form imod∝es f(t)*cos(φs−φr(t)), where φr(t) and f(t) are two known temporal modulation functions. The method comprises the following steps: multiplying the signal by two reference signals c(t) and s(t) constructed from φr(t) and f(t); integrating the resulting signals over a time tint; determining the amplitude and phase of said signal from the quantities x and y resulting from the previous integrations.
Universite De Technologie De Troyes


A camera including an image capture module, and at least one other module. The image capture module is a sealed module and includes: a housing; at least one image sensor to convert light into electrical signals; an optical system associated with the image sensor and arranged to transmit light through the housing to the at least one image sensor; the image capture module and the at least one other module being directly or indirectly mounted to each other, and interoperable with each other to capture images.
Blackmagic Design Pty Ltd.

Dry running detection system

The dry running detection system for a pump includes an ultrasonic transducer (8) designed for arrangement inside a pump housing (24) and electrically connected to a frequency generator (2) producing an electrical signal having a predefined frequency. An analyzing unit (10) of the system analyses the electrical signal applied to the ultrasonic transducer (8) and is designed to detect whether the ultrasonic transducer (8) is in contact with a liquid or not on basis of the signal level of the electrical signal..
Grundfos Holding A/s

Photocoupler and light emitting element

According to one embodiment, a photocoupler includes: an input terminal; a light emitting unit; a light receiving unit and an output terminal. An input electrical signal having a prescribed voltage is input into an input terminal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Unit pixels, depth sensors and three-dimensional image sensors including the same

A unit pixel of a depth sensor includes a light-receiver configured to perform photoelectric conversion of an incident light to output an electrical signal and at least two sensors adjacent to the light-receiver to receive the electrical signal from the light-receiver such that a line connecting the sensors forms an angle greater than zero degrees with respect to a first line, the first line passing through a center of the light-receiver in a horizontal direction.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Electrical impedance hematocrit and hba1c biosensor comprising sample plate and sample apparatus

A sampling plate (1) is provided comprising a sample zone (2) for receiving a liquid sample, and two drive electrodes (3, 4) with separate respective electrode terminals spaced by a spacing for receiving a the liquid sample within the sample zone for use in driving an electrical signal through the sample. Two sensing electrodes (5, 6) are provided with separate respective electrode terminals spaced between the electrode terminals of the two drive electrodes for use in sensing an electrical signal generated by the drive electrodes within a the sample.
Smartcare Technologies Ltd

Sensor control device

A gas sensor control device (2) includes a digital control unit (31) (cpu 91 in detail) functioning as a digital filter unit (99). Even when high-frequency noise components are superimposed on an electrical signal transmitted to a digital control unit (31) from the electromotive force cell (24), the high-frequency noise components are eliminated by the digital filter unit (99).
Ngk Spark Plug Co., Ltd.

In-line adapter for a perforating gun

A plug and shoot assembly including a perforating gun to perforate a subterranean wellbore, a setting tool to install a plug within the wellbore, and an adapter configured to connect to each of the perforating gun and the setting tool. The adapter includes a single outer housing, the outer housing further including a first end to directly connect to the perforating gun, a second end to directly connect to the setting tool, and an internal passage extending between the first and second ends of the outer housing.
G&h Diversified Manufacturing Lp

Inflatable cover and control system

An inflatable cover assembly includes a tarp body having an integral bladder with an air chamber. A tube is coupled to the bladder.

System to reproduce the sound of a stringed instrument

A system used to reproduce the sound of a stringed instrument provided with hammers striking the strings is disclosed. The system comprises speed detection means coupled with each hammer to detect the percussion velocity on the string, a plurality of note modules receiving in input a signal representative of the hammer velocity and generating a force signal (ftot) representative of the global partial components of the string vibration, and a soundboard-instrument body module receiving in input said signal of the global partial components (ftot) from each note module and generating two electrical signals (left, right) adapted to drive two electroacoustic transducers for sound emission..
Viscount International S.p.a.

Sensor with oblique-angle display

A sensor comprises a detector defining a zone axis and adapted to receive a signal from within a zone around the zone axis and to generate an electrical signal, and a display module defining a display plane and adapted to display a pattern in the display plane based on the electrical signal, the display being oriented along an axis forming an angle with the zone axis such that the pattern is visible both from a direction parallel to the zone axis and from a direction perpendicular to the zone axis. In certain examples, the angle is about 45°, 40°-50°, 35°-55° or 25°-65°..
Banner Engineering Corporation

Fill-level measuring device

Fill-level measuring device having an oscillatory system, which has at least one external, tubular, oscillatory element and an inner oscillatory element. The outer oscillatory element at least sectionally coaxially surrounds the inner oscillatory element.
Endress + Hauser Gmbh + Co. Kg

Vehicle controlling apparatus installed on steering wheel

A vehicle controlling apparatus installed on a steering wheel includes an acoustic wave sensor disposed on the steering wheel of a vehicle, the sensor converting an acoustic wave signal generated by an input from the outside into an electrical signal. A controller is configured to analyze the electrical signal received from the acoustic wave sensor to recognize a pattern depending on the input from the outside and perform an operation depending on the recognized pattern..
Hyundai Motor Company

System and animal-human neural interface

Aspects of the invention include system and method for transmitting neural data extracted from an electrical signal of a non-human mammal to a human. The system includes an electrode implantable into the animal auditory nerve, brainstem, or midbrain of the non-human mammal, configured to record the electrical signal of the non-human mammal, the electrical signal being in the form of sequences of pulses or pulse trains encoding frequency information of the non-human mammal, a processing device electrically coupled with the electrode, configured to process the electrical signal and convert the processed electrical signal into a digital signal, a transmitting device electrically coupled with the processing device, configured to transmit the digital signal, and a receiving device electrically coupled with the transmitting device, configured to receive the transmitted digital signal, convert the received digital signal into a sensory output perceptible to the human, and apply the sensory output to the human..
Northwestern University

Systems and methods for treating essential tremor or restless leg syndrome using spinal cord stimulation

A method for treating essential tremor or restless leg syndrome using spinal cord stimulation includes implanting a lead near a spinal cord of a patient. The lead includes a plurality of electrodes disposed on a distal end of the lead and electrically coupled to at least one contact terminal disposed on a proximal end of the lead.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation

Electrode system for electrical stimulation

A system for electrically stimulating and/or detecting bioelectrical signals of a user comprising: an array of permeable bodies configured to absorb a solution that facilitates electrical coupling with a body region of the user; a housing defining an array of protrusions conforming to the body region and comprising: an array of channels distributed across the array of protrusions, each channel at least partially surrounding a permeable body, configured to deliver the solution to the permeable body, and comprising a barrier that prevents passage of the permeable body past the barrier, and a manifold configured to distribute the solution to the array of channels; and a coupling subsystem comprising a first electrical coupling region in electrical communication with an interior of the manifold, wherein the first electrical coupling region is configured to couple to a second electrical coupling region that couples the first electrical coupling region to the electronics subsystem.. .
Halo Neuro, Inc.

Exercise apparatus capable of calculating stride length

An exercise apparatus including a drive mechanism including a first pedal and a second pedal each operable between a first position and a second position. At least one shaft in communication with the first pedal and the second pedal such that movement of either of the first or second pedal results in rotation of the shaft.

Assay label

This invention relates to an assay label comprising an amorphous carbon particle, a functionalised dextran polymer attached to the surface of the carbon particle and a first member of a complementary binding pair covalently bonded to the functionalised dextran polymer. The invention also provides a device incorporating the assay label, which further comprises a radiation source adapted to generate a series of pulses of electromagnetic radiation at a wavelength such that the absorption of the radiation by the label generates energy by non-radiative decay; a sample chamber containing a transducer having a pyroelectric or piezoelectric element and electrodes which is capable of transducing energy generated by non-radiative decay into an electrical signal; and a detector which is capable of detecting the electrical signal generated by the transducer..
Vivacta Limited

Cross-talk reduction in a bidirectional optoelectronic device

A bidirectional optoelectronic device comprises a photodetector, a light source, and a drive circuit for the light source. The light source has first and second electrical leads for receiving an input electrical signal, and the drive circuit can be arranged to apply first and second portions of the input electrical signal to the first and second electrical leads, respectively, wherein the second portion of the input electrical signal is a scaled, inverted substantial replica of the first portion of the input electrical signal.
Hoya Corporation Usa

Optical-waveguide-element module

An object of the present invention is to provide an optical waveguide element module where the bonding wires can be prevented from disengaging or disconnecting so as to provide high reliability. Another object is to provide an optical waveguide element module that can be made compact and where an increase in the manufacturing cost can be minimized.
Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.

Gaze based directional microphone

According to the invention, a system for converting sound to electrical signals is disclosed. The system may include a gaze tracking device and a microphone.
Tobii Technology Ab

Optical bandwidth interleaving

A method of processing an optical input signal comprises transmitting the optical input signal through first and second signal paths, mixing the optical input signal with first and second local oscillator (lo) signals in the respective first and second signal paths to produce first and second electrical signals corresponding to different portions of a frequency spectrum of the optical input signal, and combining the first and second electrical signals to produce a coherent time-domain output signal.. .
Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Motor polarity testing of a dual stage actuated disk drive head suspension

Methods and apparatus concern testing a disk drive suspension. Testing includes moving a first portion of a suspension relative to a second portion.
Hutchinson Technology Incorporated

Image sensors with interconnects in cover layer

An image sensor die may include a pixel array formed in an image sensor substrate and covered by a transparent cover layer. The transparent cover layer may be attached to the image sensor substrate using adhesive.
Aptina Imaging Corporation

Terminal for electronic book content replay and electronic book content replay method

A terminal for playing electronic book content includes vibration generation elements that are subdivided and arranged along a display screen of a touch panel, a vibration generation unit that supplies an electrical signal to the vibration generation elements to generate vibration, a page position detection unit that detects a page position of a page image of electronic book content displayed on the display screen, a contact detection unit, a contact range calculation unit and a movement state calculation unit that detect a page turning manipulation for the page image in a manipulation position on the display screen, and a vibration control unit that performs control to vibrate the vibration generation element corresponding to the manipulation position at a strength corresponding to the page position of the page image when the page turning manipulation is detected.. .
Ntt Docomo, Inc.

Variable gain amplifier for bar code reader

A system and method for controlling an amplifier in a bar code reader are disclosed, wherein the method may include receiving light at a photodiode within the bar code reader from a bar code being scanned by a scan mirror powered by a scan motor; converting the received light into an initial electrical signal; determining whether the scan motor is undergoing a change in direction; establishing a gain value for the amplifier based on an outcome of the determining step; and amplifying the initial electrical signal into an amplified signal using the established gain value.. .
Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

Apparatuses and methods for manipulating droplets

Apparatuses and methods for manipulating droplets are disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus for manipulating droplets is provided, the apparatus including a substrate, multiple arrays of electrodes disposed on the substrate, wherein corresponding electrodes in each array are connected to a common electrical signal, and a dielectric layer disposed on the substrate first side surface and patterned to cover the electrodes..
Duke University

Measurement tape for an elevator device

A measurement tape is proposed for determining the position of a cab in an elevator shaft, wherein the measurement tape is situated vertically in the elevator shaft, and extends over at least two floors, and wherein the measurement tape includes a marking unit for marking at least two positions in the elevator shaft, wherein the marking unit runs along the length of the measurement tape. In order to improve servicing, the measurement tape includes a carrier tape and has a transmission device for transmitting information, wherein the transmission device includes at least one communication line for transmitting an information signal and/or at least one supply line for supplying power, and the at least one communication line/supply lines runs along the length of the measurement tape, wherein the communication line is designed as an electrical line for transmitting an electrical signal or as a fiberglass line for transmitting an optical signal..
Cedes Ag

Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and program

Devices, methods, and programs for monitoring electrical devices. A method for monitoring an electrical device may include obtaining data representing a sum of electrical signals of electrical devices; processing the data with a factorial hidden markov model (fhmm) to produce an estimate of an electrical signal of a first of the electrical devices; and outputting the estimate of the electrical signal of the first electrical device.
Informetis Corporation

Systems and methods for multimedia tactile augmentation

The present disclosure described methods and systems for multimedia tactile augmentation. At least one method includes identifying media content loaded on a first computer, locating instructions stored on a second computer (said instructions corresponding to the content), initiating playback of the content, and synchronizing the instructions with the content.

Dual coil loudspeaker system

A dual coil loudspeaker system having a voice coil having a first coil configured to receive a first electrical signal from a first source, and a second coil configured to receive a second electrical signal from a second source different from the first source; a field magnet configured to generate a magnetic field that interacts with magnetic fields created by the first coil and the second coil; and a diaphragm connected to the voice coil such that the diaphragm is displaced in response to energization of at least one of the first coil and the second coil.. .
The Boeing Company

Apparatus and x-ray phase contrast imaging

An x-ray phase contrast imaging apparatus and method of operating the same. The apparatus passes x-rays generated by an x-ray source through, in succession, a source grating, an object of interest, a phase grating, and an analyzer grating.
University Of Massachusetts Medical School

Hybrid relay

A relay (1) includes a motor (20) and a primary electrical switch assembly (132). Primary electrical switching attachment points (113) are switched by a moveable switching link (101) which is moved in and out of the switch on an switched off position axially by the motor (20) in response to electrical signals delivered to the coil (26) via the flexible leads (32, 33).
Zonit Structured Solutions, Llc

High-resolution imaging and processing increasing the range of a geometric dimension of a part that can be determined

A high-resolution imaging and processing method and system for increasing the range of a geometric dimension of a part that can be determined are provided. The method includes directing at least one plane of collimated radiation at a surface of the part.
Gii Acquisition, Llc Dba General Inspection, Llc

Optical coherence tomography imaging systems and methods

Optical coherence tomography imaging systems and methods are disclosed. According to an aspect, an optical coherence tomography imaging system includes a scanner configured to obtain images and to convert the images to electrical signals.

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