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Electrical Signal patents

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Apparatus, system and method for neurostimulation by high frequency ultrasound

Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University

Apparatus, system and method for neurostimulation by high frequency ultrasound

Image taking device and camera system


Image taking device and camera system

Image taking device and camera system

Panasonic Intellectual Property Management

Solid-state imaging device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Electrical Signal-related patents
 Liner having an integrated electrode patent thumbnailnew patent Liner having an integrated electrode
The invention relates to a liner that is intended to be pulled over an amputation stump, is made of an electrically non-conducting material, has a form that is adapted or that adapts to the amputation stump, has an inner wall that lies against the skin of the amputation stump, and is provided with at least one electrode, which is arranged between the skin of the amputation stump and the outside of the liner in order to transmit electrical signals, a high level of wearing comfort is ensured along with reliable transmission of the electrical signals in that at least one conducting section is integrated into the material of the liner in the area of the electrodes, the at least one conducting section forming a uniform and consistently oriented inner wall together with the non-conducting material of the liner.. .
Otto Bock Healthcare Gmbh
 Device and  operating a tool relative to bone tissue and detecting neural elements patent thumbnailnew patent Device and operating a tool relative to bone tissue and detecting neural elements
An apparatus for providing medical treatment includes a tool portion configured to operate relative to bone tissue, a handle portion to operate the tool portion, and a nerve monitoring system to detect neural elements. The tool portion includes an insulated shaft comprised of an electrically conductive member and a non-insulated tip.
Warsaw Orthopedic, Inc.
 Apparatus,  neurostimulation by high frequency ultrasound patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus, neurostimulation by high frequency ultrasound
An apparatus, system, and method for neurostimulation by high frequency ultrasound. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a pulse generator, an ultrasound transducer coupled to the pulse generator, and an implantable stimulator.
Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of Arizona State University
 Electrode pad for use on living organism patent thumbnailnew patent Electrode pad for use on living organism
An electrode pad for use on a living organism can measure an electrocardiographic signal without being hindered by body-motion noise. The electrode pad is attached to the skin of the living organism, detects an electrical signal, and supplies the electrical signal to an electrocardiograph.
Harada Electronics Co., Ltd.
 Cover for mobile electronic device, and mobile electronic apparatus employing same patent thumbnailnew patent Cover for mobile electronic device, and mobile electronic apparatus employing same
The cover for a mobile electronic device includes at least: a cover body formed of an elastic body capable of transmitting vibration, and attached to a mobile electronic device with a plurality of surfaces, so as to at least partially cover two or more of the plurality of surfaces; a vibrating element that is attached to the cover body and that vibrates the cover body by vibration thereof upon receiving an electrical signal; and a connector that is used to connect the vibrating element to the mobile electronic device such that transmission of an electrical signal is possible, and the mobile electronic device employing the same are provided.. .
Kyocera Corporation
 In-band osnr measurement on polarization-multiplexed signals patent thumbnailnew patent In-band osnr measurement on polarization-multiplexed signals
There is provided a system and a method for determining an in-band noise parameter representative of the optical noise contribution (such as osnr) on a polarization-multiplexed optical signal-under-test (sut) comprising two polarized phase-modulated data-carrying contributions and an optical noise contribution. For each of a multiplicity of distinct polarization-analyzer conditions, the sut is analyzed to provide at least one polarization-analyzed component of the sut and the polarization-analyzed component is detected with an electronic bandwidth at least ten times smaller than the symbol rate of the sut to obtain a corresponding acquired electrical signal; for each acquired electrical signal, a value of a statistical parameter is determined from the ac component of the acquired electrical signal, thereby providing a set of statistical-parameter values corresponding to the multiplicity of distinct polarization-analyzer conditions; and, from the set of statistical-parameter values, the in-band noise parameter is mathematically determined..
Exfo Inc.
 Radiation detection and  non-destructive modification of signals patent thumbnailnew patent Radiation detection and non-destructive modification of signals
A radiation detector, comprising: a scintillator layer; an array of active pixel sensors (aps); at least one internal temperature sensor coupled to at least one pixel; at least two feedback circuits embedded into each pixel; processing electronics configured to allow sampling of said electrical signals by the at least two feedback circuits, and configured to allow corrections corresponding to the measured temperature such that a clean image is produced; and an internal memory unit coupled to the array of aps, and configured to allow storage of correction parameters and of at least two images corresponding to the array of pixels, wherein the radiation detector is configured to acquire at least two images, corresponding to the at least two feedback circuits, and wherein the radiation detector outputs a single, merged image.. .
 Scanned image calibration device and method thereof for adjusting a scan frequency patent thumbnailnew patent Scanned image calibration device and method thereof for adjusting a scan frequency
A device for calibrating scanned image includes a scanning unit arranged in a paper transmitting path for capturing texts and images on a document and transferring into electrical signals, a set of transmitting device which includes at least a first transmitting roller arranged upstream to the scanning unit, and a second transmitting roller arranged downstream to the scanning unit. There is no other transmitting roller arranged between the first and the second transmitting rollers, the distance between the first and the second transmitting rollers is shorter than the length of the document, and the second transmitting roller is faster than the first transmitting roller.
Foxlink Image Technology Co., Ltd.
 Camera module patent thumbnailnew patent Camera module
Embodiments of the invention provide a camera module including a lens barrel part in which a plurality of lenses are stacked, a housing having the lens barrel part disposed therein, and an infrared (ir)-cut filter provided in the housing and disposed at a lower portion of the lens barrel part. According to at least one embodiment, the camera module further includes a circuit board having a window formed therein so as to penetrate through a central region thereof and supporting a bottom surface of the housing; an image sensor accommodated in the window of the circuit board and converting an external image into an electrical signal, and a plate coupled to a lower portion of the circuit board to radiate heat generated from the circuit board..
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.
 Solid-state imaging device patent thumbnailnew patent Solid-state imaging device
A solid-state imaging device according to the present disclosure includes pixels arranged two-dimensionally, each of the pixels including: a metal electrode; a photoelectric conversion layer that is on the metal electrode and converts light into an electrical signal; a transparent electrode on the photoelectric conversion layer; an electric charge accumulation region that is electrically connected to the metal electrode and accumulates electric charges from the photoelectric conversion layer; an amplifier transistor that applies a signal voltage according to an amount of the electric charges in the electric charge accumulation region; and a reset transistor that resets electrical potential of the electric charge accumulation region, in which the reset transistor includes a gate oxide film thicker than a gate oxide film of the amplifier transistor.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.
new patent

Imaging apparatus and accessory, and method and system of the same, and medium

An imaging apparatus to which an accessory is detachably attached includes an imaging unit configured to convert an object image into an electrical signal, a signal generation unit configured to generate a vertical synchronizing signal that is synchronized with a timing of exposure of the imaging unit and output the generated vertical synchronizing signal, a control unit configured to control communication with the accessory based on the vertical synchronizing signal, a first terminal configured to send a clock signal generated by the control unit to the accessory, and a second terminal configured to communicate data with the accessory based on the clock signal, in which the control unit controls a signal level at the first terminal to a predetermined level when the communication of the data ends, and then changes the signal level in synchronization with the output of the vertical synchronizing signal.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha
new patent

Electronic device

A semiconductor device and electronic device comprising the same includes at least one dummy chip having at least one through silicon via (tsv), and at least one active chip connected to the at least one dummy chip. The at least one active chip exchanges an electrical signal through the at least one tsv.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
new patent

Image taking device and camera system

An image sensor includes a plurality of pixels, a plurality of sense circuits, and a count circuit. Each sense circuit is configured to read out electrical signals from at least one pixel associated with the sense circuit in order to generate data representing whether or not photons have been received by the sense circuit.
Sony Corporation
new patent

Method and device for measuring coagulation in a sample of a blood product

This invention relates to a method for measuring coagulation in a sample of a blood product comprising: providing a transducer (3) having a pyroelectric or piezoelectric element and electrodes (4, 5) which is capable of transducing energy generated by non-radiative decay into an electrical signal; contacting the transducer with the sample; irradiating the sample with a series of pulses of electromagnetic radiation from a light source (6); and detecting with a detector (7) the electrical signal generated by the transducer 3; wherein the sample contains particles (2), such as red blood cells (2), which are capable of absorbing the electromagnetic radiation generated by the radiation source (6) to generate energy by non-radiative decay, such as heat or shock waves, and wherein the wavelength of the electromagnetic radiation is such that the absorption of the radiation by particles (2) generates energy by non-radiative decay. A device (1) is also provided..
Vivacta Limited

Systems and methods for producing asynchronous neural responses to treat pain and/or other patient conditions

Systems and methods for producing asynchronous neural responses to treat pain and/or other patient conditions are disclosed. A method in accordance with a particular embodiment includes selecting a target stimulation frequency that is above a threshold frequency, with the threshold frequency corresponding to a refractory period for neurons of a target sensory neural population.
Nevro Corporation

Systems and methods of radiometrically determining a hot-spot temperature of tissue being treated

According to some embodiments, systems for energy delivery to targeted tissue comprise a catheter with an ablation member, a radiometer configured to detect temperature data from the targeted tissue, a processor configured to determine a calculated temperature (e.g., an extreme temperature, such as a peak or trough temperature) within the tissue by applying at least one factor to the temperature data detected by the radiometer, the processor configured to compare the calculated temperature to a setpoint and an energy source configured to energize the ablation member and to regulate delivery of ablative energy to the targeted tissue of the subject based at least in part on the comparison. In some embodiments, the factor depends on at least one characteristic of the targeted tissue.
Meridian Medical Systems, Llc

Implantable electrode assembly

An electrode assembly includes a retainer, a flexible sheath, and an electrode. The retainer may include a plurality of clasping arms.
The Board Of Regents Of The University Of Oklahoma

Brush design for propeller deicing system

A brush configured to engage a rotating component to transfer an electrical signal and/or power is provided including a body formed from a core material. A coating material is disposed over a portion of the body configured to contact the rotating component.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Optical square qam signal emulation using all-optical pam to qam signal conversion

An optical communication method includes converting an optical pulse amplitude modulation (pam) signal to a square qam signal using an optical delay interferometer (di) to perform all-optical pam to qam conversion in the di; performing optical de-correlation of i and q tributaries of the qam signal to avoid frequency dependent attenuation in rf cabling which impacts signal quality; and finding optimal phase control mechanism of the di by monitoring and equalizing down-converted i and q electrical signal amplitudes, using coherent detection; and emulating a square quadrature amplitude modulation (qam) optical signal with duplicated data copies.. .
Nec Laboratories America, Inc.

X-ray imaging apparatus and control the same

An x-ray imaging apparatus and control method for the x-ray imaging apparatus are provided. The x-ray imaging apparatus includes an x-ray source configured to generate and emit x-rays having a preset broadband, an x-ray detector including a plurality of raw pixels configured to detect an average of ten photons or less in response to the x-rays which are emitted and convert the detected photons into an electrical signal, and an image processor configured to produce a plurality of single-energy images corresponding respectively to a plurality of preset energy bands by separating the plurality of raw pixels for each of the plurality of preset energy bands based on the electrical signal, and to produce a multi-energy image using the single-energy images..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Hart sampling

A method for processing an electrical signal comprises receiving an electrical signal comprising a frequency modulated signal encoding digital data, sampling a first portion of the electrical signal to provide a first sample set, and determining an intermediate value from the first sample set. A first output value is selected from a plurality of stored output values based on the intermediate value, the output value indicating a frequency modulation encoded value within the first portion of the electrical signal.
Rockwell Automation Limited

Jitter determination of noisy electrical signals

A jitter analysis system includes an electronic circuit having a noisy electrical signal with jitter along a baseline of the signal. The jitter analysis system also includes a sampling unit coupled to the noisy electrical signal that provides waveform samples of the noisy electrical timing signal and a jitter detection unit coupled to the sampling unit that provides baseline crossings of the noisy electrical signal, wherein the baseline crossings are determined from a selection of the waveform samples proximate the baseline of the signal.
Nvidia Corporation

Solenoid actuated circuit breaker

A circuit breaker includes a breaker handle that is remotely operated using a modular actuator mechanism. The actuator mechanism may be a solenoid or other electromechanical actuator that converts an electrical signal to a mechanical force which is applied to the breaker handle.

Weight sensing

A weight sensor may include a weighing platform and a load cell coupled to the platform to sense a weight applied to the platform. The load cell may include a deformable plate with one or more strain gauges arranged to provide an electrical signal representing the weight applied to the platform, and a base supporting the load cell, wherein the deformable plate is movably mounted to the base at only three contact points, the contact points allowing lateral movement of the plate relative to the base when the plate deforms in response to a weight applied to the platform.
Genetrainer Limited

Method and providing a safing function in a restraining system

An apparatus (10) is provided for controlling an actuatable restraint (14, 16) in a vehicle (12). An sensor (24) is mounted in the vehicle (12) and outputs an electrical signal having a characteristic indicative of a vehicle event.

Methods and systems to identify phase-locked high-frequency oscillations in the brain

Method and device for the automatic identification of phase-locked high-frequency oscillations (plhfo) to localize epileptogenic brain for neurosurgical intervention, including filtering brain signals into low frequency and high frequency oscillation (hfo) data streams. Applying ica to the hfo data stream, transforming the data streams to produce an hfo instantaneous amplitude (hfoia) and a low-frequency instantaneous phase (lfip) data stream.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Ultrasonic probe and medical apparatus including the same

An ultrasonic probe includes a stimulation unit which stimulates an object so that particular waves are induced, a conversion unit which receives at least one of the particular waves and ultrasound including information about the particular waves, and a circuit board including a first circuit unit that drives the stimulation unit, and a second circuit unit that receives electrical signals corresponding to the ultrasound from the conversion unit.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Regional oximetry sensor

A regional oximetry sensor has a sensor head attachable to a patient skin surface so as to transmit optical radiation into the skin and receive that optical radiation after attenuation by blood flow within the skin. The sensor includes windows that press into the skin to maximize optical transmission.
Masimo Corporation

Coherent optical receiver, detecting inter-channel skew in coherent optical receiver

In a coherent optical receiver, sufficient demodulation becomes impossible and consequently receiving performance deteriorates if an inter-channel skew arises, therefore, a coherent optical receiver according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes a local light source, a 90° hybrid circuit, an optoelectronic converter, an analog to digital converter, and a digital signal processing unit; wherein the 90° hybrid circuit makes multiplexed signal light interfere with local light from the local light source, and outputs a plurality of optical signals separated into a plurality of signal components; the optoelectronic converter detects the optical signals and outputs detected electrical signals; the analog to digital converter quantizes the detected electrical signals and outputs quantized signals; the digital signal processing unit includes a skew compensation unit for compensating a difference in propagation delay between the plurality of signal components, and an fft operation unit for performing a fast fourier transform process on the quantized signals; and wherein the difference in propagation delay is calculated on the basis of a plurality of peak values with a central focus on one peak value in the results of performing the fast fourier transform process.. .
Nec Corporation

Radiography imaging system

Apparatus for radiography is disclosed, which includes a scintillator having a first surface for being exposed to radiation and a second surface for emitting visible light in response, and an associated imaging system. The imaging system includes a plurality of scanning mirrors, each associated with a respective sub-region of the scintillator second surface, each scanning mirror being mounted and controlled so as to re-direct light from along a predetermined scan path within the respective sub-region towards a respective optical channel.
Original Design Services Limited

Systems and methods for monitoring temperature using a magnetostrictive probe

Systems and methods for monitoring temperature distribution in downhole equipment using magnetostrictive probes. In one embodiment, an esp motor has a stator with a rotor and shaft rotatably positioned within the stator.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Optical relay system and method

An optical relay system including a remote telescopic image capture device for mounting on a telescopic sight that splits off the image viewed through said sight. A camera sensor converts the split off viewed image into a corresponding electrical signal.
Mil-spec Designs, Llc

Mobile inspection system

A front-end image acquisition component acquires photographs and/or videos of various goods, vehicles, vessels, and/or real estate fixtures. In one aspect, a mobile image acquisition apparatus comprises a camera affixed to a support cord, a computer for displaying acquired images and receiving control commands, a wireless communications transceiver for transmitting the acquired images to a database, a cable for transmitting electrical power to the apparatus, and a cable for transmitting electrical signals between components of the apparatus..
Sharp Cars Detailing & More, Llc

Method and a switch device for producing an electrical signal in response to mechanical force

A switch device for producing one or more electrical signals in response to mechanical force includes a body-part (101) and one or more electric transducers (102-105) connected to the body-part and arranged to produce the one or more electrical signals in response to mechanical force directed to the body-part. The body-part includes a cavity (106), and a wall constituting the bottom of the cavity is capable of being bent by mechanical force directed to the wall from the opposite side with respect to the cavity.
Wallac Oy

Hybrid photonic and electronic integrated circuits

A sequence of processing steps presented herein is used to embed an optical signal path within an array of nanowires, using only one lithography step. Using the techniques disclosed, it is not necessary to mask electrical features while forming optical features, and vice versa.
Stmicroelectronics, Inc.

Magnetic stripe reading device

A magnetic stripe reading device including a magnetic head assembly including a mounting element defining a circumferential anti-tampering enclosure and at least one information reading sensor having output contacts, a protective layer including at least one protective grid and at least one anti-tampering contact array including at least two electrical contacts, at least one resiliently deformable conductive element arranged to selectably provide a galvanic interconnection between the electrical contacts, a closure element fixed to the assembly in a secure orientation to displace the deformable conductive element into galvanic interconnection contact with the electrical contacts, whereby tampering with the closure element causes the deformable conductive element to break the galvanic interconnection contact and a flat cable coupled to the output contacts, to the protective layer and to the electrical contacts and carrying electrical signals useful for providing a tampering alarm indication when the electrical contacts are not in galvanic contact.. .
Verifone, Inc.

Robust low profile shaker

An electrodynamic shaker apparatus is disclosed for providing shaking and/or vibrational motion. The shaker includes armature and stator assemblies as well as a distributed spring assembly.

Systems and methods for measuring levels of liquids of different densities in containers

Systems and methods for measuring or determining the level or amount of multiple immiscible liquids of different densities in containers utilize multiple floats, with each float having a density less than the density of the liquid to be measured but greater than the density of the next less dense liquid (or fluid) in the container. In this fashion, the position of each float can be determined and used to determine the levels of the various liquids using a single three-terminal potentiometer.
Spectra Symbol Corporation

Fluidic conductors for implantable electronics

Fluidic conductors deliver electrical signals to targeted locations within an organ. Both the insulating materials and conductive media components of the fluidic conductors are ultra-flexible.

Patches for bio-electrical signal processing

An embodiment of the invention provides a patch for bio-electrical signal processing. The patch for bio-electrical signal processing includes a patch main body, a set of electrodes, and a lead signal generator.
Mediatek Inc.

Transceiver module adapter device

There is provided an adapter device for connecting and interfacing a transceiver module in conformance with first mechanical specifications and first connector specifications into a host socket adapted to receive transceiver modules in conformance with second mechanical specifications and second connector specifications. The adapter device comprises: a rigid-flex circuit board having first and second levels of rigid circuit board portions and a flexible circuit board portion interconnecting the two levels to convey high-speed electrical signals therebetween, the two levels being integral with said flexible circuit board portion; a first connector mounted on the first level of rigid circuit board and in conformance with the first connector specifications, for electrically connecting the transceiver module to the adapter device to convey high-speed signals; and a second connector mounted on the second level of rigid circuit board and in conformance with the second connector specifications, for electrically connecting the adapter device into the host socket to convey high-speed signals..
Exfo Inc.

Programmable dynamic voltage control apparatus

The present invention relates to a programmable dynamic voltage control apparatus, and more particularly, to a programmable dynamic voltage control apparatus which is capable of dynamically controlling voltage conversion of an output unit using data set in programmable memories, when various pieces of information sensed by a variety of sensors mounted in a vehicle are converted into electrical signals and then transmitted.. .
Hyundai Autron Co., Ltd.

Counting digital x-ray image detector with two switchable modes

The embodiments relate to a counting digital x-ray detector for recording x-ray images of an object irradiated by x-ray radiation with at least one detector module, which includes a flat direct converter for converting x-ray radiation into an electrical signal and a matrix with a plurality of counting pixel elements, wherein each counting pixel element includes a charge or signal input, a conversion facility for converting the electrical signal into a count signal, a digital counter for detecting and storing the count signal and a control and readout unit, and wherein the x-ray image detector is embodied such that each pixel element of the x-ray image detector is connected to the corresponding electrodes of the detector material of the direct converter via contacts and in this way is embodied switchably.. .

Absolute position-measuring device

A position-measuring device includes: a first subassembly having a measuring standard on which at least one coded track is provided, and a scanning unit, which is able to generate position signals that may be used to generate an absolute digital position value by scanning the at least one coded track in a measuring direction; a second subassembly having at least one peripheral unit adapted to execute a supplementary or an auxiliary functionality of the position-measuring device; and a plurality of electrical lines, which connect the first subassembly and the second subassembly to each other for the transmission of electrical signals. The position-measuring device is able to be operated in an initialization mode and in a standard operating mode.
Dr. Johannes Heidenhain Gmbh

Apparatus for artificial cardiac stimulation and using same

A system for artificial stimulation of the heart of a subject is provided, the system comprising a controller comprising a receiver for receiving signal data, a processor for processing received signal data, and a transmitter for transmitting signal data; a sensing stent for location in the proximal coronary sinus of the subject, the sensing stent electrode comprising a sensing electrode assembly for sensing atrial and/or ventricular signals from the heart of the subject and a transmitting assembly for transmitting signal data to the receiver of the controller; and a stimulation stent for location in a vein of the subject distal of the sensing stent, the stimulation stent comprising a receiver for receiving signal data from the transmitter of the controller and an electrode assembly for providing a stimulating electrical signal to the heart of the subject in response to the data received.. .
Gloucestershire Hospital Nhs Foundation Trust

Apparatus and outputting heart sounds

An apparatus for outputting heart sounds includes an implantable system and an external system. The implantable system includes a sensor for generating sensed signals representing detected heart sounds, an interface circuit and a control circuit for receiving the sensed signals, generating data representing the heart sounds therefrom, and transmitting the data to the external system via the interface circuit.
Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc.

Live cell viability modification system and method

An apparatus, system, and method are provided for selectively altering the viability characteristics of a live cell. In some embodiments, an electrical signal acquisition array, electrically coupled to a high gain amplifier, is used in conjunction with an analog to digital converter and a computer to record natural electrical signals that a cell type may use to communicate with its neighbors, the immune system, and the organism in which it is operating, as well as the signals and waveforms that define its particular natural operational electrical signature.

X-ray imaging apparatus and control method thereof

An x-ray imaging apparatus includes an x-ray generator configured to transmit x-rays to an object, an x-ray detector configured to detect the x-rays transmitted through the object and convert the detected x-rays into electrical signals, a gantry in which the x-ray generator and the x-ray detector are installed so as to be opposite to each other, the gantry being rotatable about a bore, a controller configured to control a rotation of the gantry during bio-signal cycles of the object so that the gantry is rotated from different start positions whenever one of the bio-signal cycles is started, and an image processor configured to generate a 4d image of the object by applying a prior image-based compressed sensing image reconstruction algorithm to plural 2d projection images acquired from the electrical signals generated by converting the x-rays detected during the rotation of the gantry.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Lighting apparatus

An illuminating device includes a light source module; a heat radiator including a heat radiating plate having a cavity open toward a front surface thereof and receiving the light source module therein and ventilation holes disposed along an edge of the cavity, and heat radiating fins extending to a rear surface of the heat radiating plate, disposed in a radial manner along an edge of the heat radiating plate and positioned between the ventilation holes to form ventilation channels therebetween communicating with the ventilation holes; a cooler fixed to the heat radiator to be in contact with ends of the heat radiating fins and including air jet holes allowing air to be blown toward the heat radiator; and an electrical connector connected to the light source module and the cooler and supplying electrical signals thereto.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Controller area network node transceiver

A transceiver includes a control module and a transceiving module. The control module is configured to generate a control signal in response to a signal from a micro-control unit.
Myson Century, Inc.

Insulation inspection method and insulation inspection apparatus

An insulation test apparatus and method for a circuit board having a plurality of wiring patterns formed thereon includes: selection means for selecting wiring patterns to be tested, power supply means for sending a predetermined electrical output between a first object to be measured and a target object to be measured; measurement means for measuring an electrical signal between the first object to be measured and the target object to be measured; and calculation means for calculating the resistance of an insulation failure portion between the first object to be measured and the target object to be measured.. .
Nidec-read Corporation

Backside illumination image sensor and image-capturing device

A backside illumination image sensor that includes a semiconductor substrate with a plurality of photoelectric conversion elements and a read circuit formed on a front surface side of the semiconductor substrate, and captures an image by outputting, via the read circuit, electrical signals generated as incident light having reached a back surface side of the semiconductor substrate is received at the photoelectric conversion elements includes: a light shielding film formed on a side where incident light enters the photoelectric conversion elements, with an opening formed therein in correspondence to each photoelectric conversion element; and an on-chip lens formed at a position set apart from the light shielding film by a predetermined distance in correspondence to each photoelectric conversion element. The light shielding film and an exit pupil plane of the image forming optical system achieve a conjugate relation to each other with regard to the on-chip lens..
Nikon Corporation

Bio sensing device

The present invention relates to a bio sensing device having a reaction part and a measuring device which are integrated therein. The bio sensing device includes: a main substrate, a reaction part, a signal processing part, a screen display part, and a housing.
Ceragemmedisys Inc.

Pneumatic brake system redundancy in locomotive consists

The electrical signals generated by the brake handle in the lead locomotive are extended to at least the first trail locomotive through the communication layer in order to control the ecpbs in the trail locomotive, providing full train brake redundancy, allowing non-degraded train operation even in case of an unrecoverable failure of the brake control system in the lead locomotive.. .

Touch sensor module

Disclosed herein is a touch sensor module, including: a flexible cable provided with a terminal part; an adhesive layer formed to transfer an electrical signal by being contacted on one surface of the terminal part; a base substrate including an electrode pad which is formed to correspond to the terminal part and formed to be contact on the other surface of the adhesive layer; and a first passivation layer coating one end of the electrode pad.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Methods and robotic zipper

A robotic zipper system for joining and separating zipper halves of a zipper tape. A chassis retains an actuator that drives a zipper slide geometry along the zipper tape to join or separate the zipper tape.
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Electrical heartbeat access disconnection systems

An access disconnection system includes a venous line, an arterial line, a first electrode coupled to (i) the arterial line, (ii) a patient, or (iii) a cardiac catheter assembly; and a second electrode coupled to (i) the venous line, or (ii) the cardiac catheter assembly. The access disconnection system further includes electronic circuitry communicating electrically with the first second electrode to sense an electrical heartbeat signal generated by the patient.
Baxter Healthcare S.a.

Training simulator for mechanical ventilation

A diaphragm respiratory signal simulator is activated by skin voltage that is coupled to the simulator by many ways such as but not limited to a user sliding a finger over a conductive surface, the user sliding a finger over surfaces close to the conductive element, touch or sliding the finger over the ventilator screen. The conductive surface is electrically connected to a ring electrode at a distal part of a manikin's esophagus.
University Of Dammam

Method for implementing high-precision backdrilling stub length control

The present invention relates to a pcb drilling method including: performing a drilling motion from an initial location, and generating a first electrical signal when coming into contact with a first conductive layer of the pcb, determining a first conductive location according to the first electrical signal, and obtaining first z-coordinate information continuing to perform the drilling motion after drilling through the first conductive layer, and generating a second electrical signal when coming into contact with a second conductive layer, determining a second conductive location according to the second electrical signal, and obtaining second z-coordinate information; continuing to perform the drilling motion and drilling through the pcb to obtain a through hole; and performing backdrilling in the location of the through hole according to a preset depth, and the preset depth is a medium thickness between the second conductive layer and the first conductive layer plus a compensation depth.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Adaptive compensation circuitry for suppression of distortions generated by the dispersion-slope of optical components

A distortion compensation circuit compensates for the distortions generated by the dispersion-slope of an optical component and the frequency chirp of an optical transmitter. The dispersion compensation circuitry can be utilized in the optical transmitter, the optical receiver and/or at some intermediate point in a fiber-optic network.
Aurora Networks, Inc.

Optically balanced opto-electrical oscillator

An opto-electrical oscillator includes, in part, first and second optical phase modulators, a coupler, an optical-to-electrical signal conversion circuit, and a control circuit. The first optical phase modulator modulates the phase of a first optical signal in response to a first feedback signal to generate a first phase modulated signal.
California Institute Of Technology

Fingerprint sensors

A sensor for detecting fingerprints is provided having first and second substrates, a two-dimensional array of sensing elements formed on the first substrate, and a plurality of thin-film transistors or tfts for controlling the sensing elements at pixel location along the array. Each of the sensing elements detects one of electrical signals (e.g., capacitance, resistance, or impedance), temperature, or light via one of the first or second substrates representative of one or more fingerprints.
Cross Match Technologies, Inc.

Acoustic transducer and microphone

An acoustic transducer has a vibrating film and a fixed film formed above an opening portion of a substrate, and at least a first sensing portion and a second sensing portion that detect sound waves using change in capacitance between a vibrating electrode provided in the vibrating film and a fixed electrode provided in the fixed film, convert the sound waves into electrical signals, and output the electrical signals. In the first sensing portion and the second sensing portion, the fixed film is used in common, and the vibrating electrode is divided into a first sensing region and a second sensing region that respectively correspond to the first sensing portion and the second sensing portion.
Omron Corporation

Dental x-ray imaging system having higher spatial resolution

A dental cone beam computed tomography (cbct) system, with a photon generator configured to emit x-ray photons; a photon detector spaced apart from the photon generator so as to accommodate at least a portion of a human mouth therebetween, the photon detector configured to receive the x-ray photons; and a processor in electronic communication with the photon detector. The photon detector is a direct-conversion detector configured to convert each received x-ray photon directly to a corresponding electrical signal, to determine information corresponding to a spatial pattern of the electrical signals, and to transmit the information to the processor.

Method and device for determining the position and/or the movement of an object

In a method for determining the position and/or the movement of at least one object in the surroundings of a vehicle with the aid of at least one transmitted acoustic signal, the time behavior of at least one electrical signal of an electroacoustic transducer during the transmission of the acoustic signal and/or during a decay of the electroacoustic transducer following the transmission and/or during the reception of the acoustic signal reflected on the object is analyzed at least during a suitable fraction of a signal period in such a way that changes of the electrical signal of the electroacoustic transducer is detected.. .

Matrix matching crosstalk reduction device and method

This disclosure relates generally to devices, systems, and methods that include conductive lines configured to transmit electrical signals between a first electronic component and a second electronic component between which the conductive lines are coupled. The devices, systems, and methods further include a transmitter, configured to generate the electrical signals, the transmitter including a source impedance based, at least in part, on a resistive coupling between individual ones of the conductive lines, a source impedance matrix of the source impedance being substantially proportional to the characteristic impedance matrix of the plurality of conductive lines..

Method and remotely adjustable reactive and resistive electrical elements

Apparatus and method that includes providing a variable-parameter electrical component in a high-field environment and based on an electrical signal, automatically moving a movable portion of the electrical component in relation to another portion of the electrical component to vary at least one of its parameters. In some embodiments, the moving uses a mechanical movement device (e.g., a linear positioner, rotary motor, or pump).
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota

Compact versatile stick-slip piezoelectric motor

A motion control system that includes a base, a stage supported by the base and movable with respect to the base, and a motor coupled to the base and operable to move the stage. The motor includes a mounting base arranged to connect the motor to the base, a friction pad engageable with the stage, and a coupling portion including a first end connected to the mounting base and a second end.
Physik Instrumente (pi) Gmbh & Co., Kg


There is provided a microphone including: a thin film member including leg members extended in a direction not in parallel with a vibration direction; first supports supporting first points of the leg members, respectively; and a piezoelectric member connected to second points of the leg members and converting vibrations of the thin film member into electrical signals.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Light receiving element and optically coupled insulating device

A light receiving element includes: a semiconductor layer; an insulating layer; an interconnect layer; and a film. The semiconductor layer includes a light receiving unit configured to convert a signal light incident on the light receiving unit into an electrical signal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

System and process for measuring strain in materials at high spatial resolution

A process for measuring strain is provided that includes placing a sample of a material into a tem as a sample. The tem is energized to create a small electron beam with an incident angle to the sample.
Appfive, Llc

Wafer-shaped tool configured to monitor plasma characteristics and plasma monitoring system using the same

Provided are tools and systems to monitor plasma characteristics. The tool may include a housing, and a sensor array, a signal processor, and a data-transferring device provided in the housing.

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