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Electrical Signal patents


This page is updated frequently with new Electrical Signal-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Electrical Signal-related patents
 Engine sound enhancement system of a vehicle patent thumbnailEngine sound enhancement system of a vehicle
A sound enhancement system of an engine of a vehicle includes a vibration sensor disposed on the casing of the engine to generate an electrical signal indicative of the engine sound. A signal processor is connected to the vibration sensor to process the electrical signal-indicative of the engine sound and generate an output audio signal.
Ask Industries Societa' Per Azioni

 Network interface device for optical premises signals and networks patent thumbnailNetwork interface device for optical premises signals and networks
A network interface device (nid) demarcates an access network and a premises network. The nid receives a broadband signal via an access network and transmits optical device signals to pieces of premises equipment.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

 Camera module and a camera for a vehicle patent thumbnailCamera module and a camera for a vehicle
The exemplary embodiment of the present disclosure relates to a camera module including a rear-opened front body, a rear body coupled to a rear side of the front body to form an inner space, a lens part coupled to the front body, an image sensor accommodated at the inner space to convert a light having passed the lens part to an electrical signal, a pcb (printed circuit board) accommodated at the inner space and mounted with the image sensor, and a closed curve-shaped packing member interposed between the front body and the rear body, wherein the packing member includes a support part extensively formed from the packing member to an inner side, and the front body or the rear body includes a support part accommodation groove having a shape corresponding to that of the support part, whereby adhesionability during assembly of packing member can be maximized to thereby minimize an installation defect, a depressed or stamped phenomenon of a packing member that may occur during assembly process.. .
Lg Innotek Co., Ltd.

 Methods and  removing beat interference from splitters/combiners patent thumbnailMethods and removing beat interference from splitters/combiners
Methods and apparatus for removing beat interference from the splitting and/or combining of signals. In one embodiment, an active splitter/combiner receives multiple input optical signals from downstream communication resources via a number of individual point-to-point links.
Time Warner Cable Enterprises Llc

 System and  communicating high and low speed data via optical signals and power via electrical signals patent thumbnailSystem and communicating high and low speed data via optical signals and power via electrical signals
A data communication system is disclosed including a cable medium and modulator adapted to carry data and power between a high speed data source and a high speed data sink. Relatively high speed data (e.g.
Cosemi Technologies, Inc.

 Electromagnetic power measurement and reporting patent thumbnailElectromagnetic power measurement and reporting
A method to measure and report electromagnetic radiation power includes receiving electromagnetic radiation and generating an electrical signal having a magnitude based on the power of the electromagnetic radiation. An adjustable gain may be applied to the electrical signal to generate an amplified electrical signal that may be sampled to generate a digital sample.
Finisar Corporation

 Power line communication monitor patent thumbnailPower line communication monitor
Various embodiments include a monitor terminal in a data center communicating with an access node in the data center via power line communication (plc) protocol. The monitor terminal can track and manage power quality at a specific location in the data center.
Facebook, Inc.

 Electrical generator with rotational gaussian surface magnet and stationary coil patent thumbnailElectrical generator with rotational gaussian surface magnet and stationary coil
A treble quantum dot strip array comprising a red, a green and a blue photon transparent stationary colloidal epoxy suspension volume strip segment each including a plurality of red photon emitting quantum dots responsive to an electrical signal applied thereon to provide a photon emission in the red wavelength and a uv attenuating filter, wherein each of said red, blue and green segments are disposed to form a parallel treble array of segments are disposed to provide a photon path from a photon source through said uv attenuating filter. Alternate embodiments provide a quantum dot colour electrically conductive strip to emit a selected colour in response to a corresponding electric said signal applied thereacross, and including a cob (chip on board) led (light emitting diode) array apparatus..

 High frequency miniature connectors with canted coil springs and related methods patent thumbnailHigh frequency miniature connectors with canted coil springs and related methods
Coaxial connecting devices used for transmitting high frequency electrical signals having two connector elements of generally cylindrical profile, and wherein each of the connector elements has an inner conductor, an insulator, and an outer conductor. In one of the two connector elements that may be of a male or a female orientation has two canted coil spring contacts where at least one of a first spring contact can be retained within at least one first spring groove within a second inner conductor and at least one of a second spring contact is retained within at least one second spring groove within a second outer conductor.
Bal Seal Engineering, Inc.

 Electrical connector having crosstalk compensation insert patent thumbnailElectrical connector having crosstalk compensation insert
An electrical connector includes a front wire terminal and a rear wire terminal. The front wire terminal and the rear wire terminal are configured to couple to a conductor of a cable.
Commscope Technologies Llc


Bridge interconnect with air gap in package assembly

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards techniques and configurations for a bridge interconnect assembly that can be embedded in a package assembly. In one embodiment, a package assembly includes a package substrate configured to route electrical signals between a first die and a second die and a bridge embedded in the package substrate and configured to route the electrical signals between the first die and the second die, the bridge including a bridge substrate, one or more through-hole vias (thvs) formed through the bridge substrate, and one or more traces disposed on a surface of the bridge substrate to route the electrical signals between the first die and the second die.
Intel Corporation


Bypass switch for hvdc transmission

A bypass switch for high voltage direct current (hvdc) transmission is provided. The bypass switch includes a housing, a fixed contactor disposed in the housing and electrically connected to a first portion of a hvdc transmission circuit, a movable contactor movably disposed in the housing at a position spaced apart from the fixed contactor and electrically connected to a second portion of the hvdc transmission circuit, an insulation member coupled to a side of the movable contactor, an explosive actuator disposed at one side of the insulation member and exploded according to an electrical signal, and a piston mechanism which is moved by the force of gas generated due to the explosion of the explosive actuator, applies force to move the insulation member, and allows the fixed contactor and movable contactor to be electrically connected to each other..
Lsis Co., Ltd.


Shielded electrical cable

A cable for transmitting electrical signals is provided. The cable includes an elongated conducting core, a conducting shield layer disposed around the conducting core, and a capacitor electrically coupled with the conducting shield layer.
Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.


Hybrid physical-virtual reality simulation for clinical training capable of providing feedback to a physical anatomic model

Systems and methods facilitating training in clinical procedures via mixed reality simulations are disclosed. Such a system can comprise a physical model and a virtual model of an anatomic region associated with the procedure, wherein the virtual model associates tissue types with locations in the physical model.
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education


Inductance-tuned electro-optic modulators

An electro-optic modulator imparts the information contained in an electrical signal traveling along a transmission line onto an optical carrier by using signal-related variations in the electrical signal's voltage to modulate the refractive index or absorption in an electro-optic material through which the optical carrier propagates. For optimal bandwidth and modulation efficiency, the microwave and optical waves should be matched in velocity.


Photoelectric converter and photoelectric connection device

A photoelectric converter and a photoelectric connection device are provided. The photoelectric converter comprises a housing, wherein a driving controller, at least one information transmitting chip and at least one information receiving chip are provided on a substrate in the housing.
Zheijiang Rainbow Fish Communications Technology Co., Ltd.


A fault location detection system and method

A fault location detection method includes detecting an emi signal and analyzing the spectral content of the electrical signal to identify a fault. A location recorder records the location of the system when the emi signals are detected and a processor analyses the emi signals and records the location of the system to determine a location of the fault.
Eskom Holdings Soc Limited


Systems for detecting electrical faults in a vehicle

Systems are provided to determine a location of an electrical fault in an electrical system of a vehicle. A test apparatus can include a control unit and a plurality of scan circuits.
General Electric Company


Chemiresistive biosensor for the quantitative detection of human cardiac biomarker and a process thereof

The present invention disclosed a metal nanoparticles/single-walled carbon nanotube (mnp/swcnt) hybrid based chemiresistive biosensor for the quantitative detection of human cardiac biomarkers troponin i (ctni) and myoglobin (mb). The highly specific cardiac-antibody, anti-ctni (ab-ctni) or anti-mb (ab-mb), was covalently immobilized to site-specific carboxyl groups on mnp anchored over swcnt device.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research


Electromagnetic power measurement and reporting

A method to measure and report electromagnetic radiation power includes receiving electromagnetic radiation and generating an electrical signal having a magnitude based on the power of the electromagnetic radiation. An adjustable gain may be applied to the electrical signal to generate an amplified electrical signal that may be sampled to generate a digital sample.
Finisar Corporation


Coupling and control assembly including a sensor

A coupling and control assembly including a sensor for providing an electrical signal for electronic transmission control is provided. The assembly includes a first coupling member which supports the sensor and a locking element and a second coupling member supported for rotation about a rotational axis.
Means Industries, Inc.


System and animal-human neural interface

Aspects of the invention include system and method for transmitting neural data extracted from an electrical signal of a non-human mammal to a human. The system includes an electrode implantable into the animal auditory nerve, brainstem, or midbrain of the non-human mammal, configured to record the electrical signal of the non-human mammal, the electrical signal being in the form of sequences of pulses or pulse trains encoding frequency information of the non-human mammal, a processing device electrically coupled with the electrode, configured to process the electrical signal and convert the processed electrical signal into a digital signal, a transmitting device electrically coupled with the processing device, configured to transmit the digital signal, and a receiving device electrically coupled with the transmitting device, configured to receive the transmitted digital signal, convert the received digital signal into a sensory output perceptible to the human, and apply the sensory output to the human..
Northwestern University


Implantable leads with flag extensions

In one example, an implantable lead includes a substrate and an electrically conductive material disposed on the substrate to form a flexible circuit. The flexible circuit includes a proximal end adapted to electrically connect to an implantable processor, a distal portion adapted to stimulate a cochlear nerve, and a lead body extending from the proximal end to the distal portion, the lead body having a longitudinal axis and comprising a plurality of electrical traces adapted to carry electrical signals from the proximal end to the distal portion.
Advanced Bionics Ag


Magnetically insertable wire materials

A wire construct is ferromagnetic and/or biocompatible, while also having a size and geometry appropriate for use as an electrode for insertion into an in vivo implant site. In ferromagnetic embodiments, the wire is magnetically insertable via an electromagnetic driver, which uses high-speed magnetic acceleration to drive the wire material into a neural or other implant site.
Fort Wayne Metals Research Products Corp


Attenuated total reflection spectroscopic analysis apparatus having device for measuring specimen contact area and operating the same

An attenuated total reflection (atr) spectroscopic analysis apparatus includes an atr prism including: an upper surface that contacts a specimen, a lower surface facing the upper surface, a first surface that is slanted and connected to the upper surface and the lower surface, and a second surface that is slanted and connected to the upper surface and the lower surface and facing the first surface; a light source configured to emit a light towards the first surface of the atr prism; a light receiver that is provided to face the lower surface of the atr prism and configured to receive the light that is diffusely reflected and output from the lower surface and output an electrical signal based on the received light; and a computation processor configured to calculate a contact area of the specimen with the upper surface of the atr prism in response to the electrical signal.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Radiation image detection apparatus including photographic mode and irradiation detection mode, and radiation image photographing system including the same

A radiation image detection apparatus, including an image receiving unit having a two-dimensional array of a plurality of pixels that generate electrical charges when being subjected to irradiation of radiation, the plurality of pixels including a plurality of pixels for detecting an image; and one or more pixels for detecting irradiation; an image data generation unit configured to generate image data based on an electrical signal output from the respective pixels for detecting the image, an irradiation detection unit configured to detect the irradiation of radiation based on the electrical signal output from the respective pixels for detecting irradiation, a communication unit that transmits the image data generated in the image data generation unit, and a control unit configured to include a plurality of control modes including a photographing mode generating the image data, an irradiation detection mode detecting the irradiation of radiation and a standby mode.. .
Fujifilm Corporation


Methods and systems for delivering signals from cable networks to telecommunications networks

Methods and systems are disclosed for delivering electrical signals from a cable network to a telecommunications network. The electrical signals are received from a community antenna television network and communicated via the telecommunications network.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp


Camera module and electronic apparatus

A camera module includes a lens and an image sensor that converts an image formed by the lens into an electrical signal. The camera module is disposed such that the lens is exposed from an opening in a metal housing.
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Probe-type connector

A probe-type connector includes an insulating body having a receiving space and a plugging slot which both communicate with each other, a probe set received in the receiving space and including a probe terminal, an insulating part, and an elastic part, and a connecting plate plugged into the insulating body corresponding to the plugging slot and having a connecting portion. The probe terminal has a connecting segment, and a flexible connecting arm extending from the connecting segment toward the plugging slot.
Bellwether Electronic Corp.


Electrical communication with 3d-printed objects

electrical signal and power transmission between two or more 3d-printed parts, 3d-printed parts and printed circuit boards, and/or 3d-printed parts and standard wire harnesses are facilitated by inserting electrically conductive magnets in sockets formed in each of the 3d-printed parts during 3d printing; by inserting electrically conductive magnets in sockets formed in a first part and inserting a biasable, electrically conductive object in the sockets formed in a second part during 3d printing; by 3d printing an electrically conductive feature having a biasable face in a first part and forming an electrically conductive pad/socket on a second part; or by affixing a printed circuit board in a first part and connecting the first part to a second part having contact pins and contact pads formed in the second part.. .
Voxel8, Inc.


Optical medium reproduction apparatus and optical medium reproduction method

The present disclosure relates to a reproduction apparatus. The reproduction apparatus may comprise an optical filter and electric filters.
Sony Corporation


Apparatuses and methods for die seal crack detection

Apparatuses and methods can include a die seal between an integrated circuit region of a die and a periphery of the die. A via chain(s) may be arranged around an inner circumference of the die seal between the die seal and the integrated circuit region and/or around an outer circumference of the die seal between the die seal and the periphery of the die.
Micron Technology, Inc.


Optical transceiver module

Provided is a optical transceiver module. The optical transceiver module includes a printed circuit board (pcb) configured to include a plurality of dielectric layers and a plurality of metal layers stacked alternately, a photodetector disposed on the pcb to convert an optical signal into an electrical signal, a compensator disposed on one side on the pcb and including a first transmission line that delivers an electrical signal, a power supply line configured to supply power to the photodetector, and a first high frequency connector configured to connect to the first transmission line to deliver the electrical signal, wherein the pcb includes a plurality of vias that electrically connect the plurality of dielectric layers and the plurality of metal layers, and the compensator protrudes from the pcb to compensate for a height difference from the photodetector..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


Method and system for data-transfer via a drill pipe

The present invention relates to a drill-pipe communication assembly. The drill-pipe communication assembly includes a first drill pipe and an insulated tube disposed within, and generally concentric with, the first drill pipe.
Rei, Inc.


Working vehicle travel control apparatus

A working vehicle travel control apparatus, comprising: a variable displacement hydraulic pump; a variable displacement hydraulic motor connected in a closed circuit to the hydraulic pump and driven upon pressure oil from the hydraulic pump; a first control unit controls a motor displacement angle of the hydraulic motor by an electrical signal; a constant mesh transmission includes a clutch device that includes a high clutch section transmits power at a first transmission gear ratio and a low clutch section that transmits power at a second transmission gear ratio, which is greater than the first transmission gear ratio, the constant mesh transmission transmits or interrupts power from the hydraulic motor; and a second control unit controls the first control unit so as to reduce the motor displacement angle to a predetermined value when the transmission is switched from the first transmission gear ratio to the second transmission gear ratio.. .
Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd.


Vehicle visibility system

A vehicle visibility system. Implementations include a first front facing light element coupled to a vehicle on a first side of a center line of a vehicle and a second front facing light element coupled on a second side of the center line.


Synchronized image capture for welding machine vision

An automated welding device comprises a camera, processing circuitry, a welding torch, and an electromechanical subsystem. The camera is operable to capture, using visible and/or infrared wavelengths, an image of one or more workpieces.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Automated welding translation platform

An automated welding device comprises a camera, processing circuitry, a welding torch, and an electromechanical subsystem. The camera is operable to capture, using visible and/or infrared wavelengths, a high dynamic range image of one or more workpieces.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.


Systems for operating electrokinetic devices

A system for operating an electrokinetic device includes a support configured to hold and operatively couple with the electrokinetic device, an integrated electrical signal generation subsystem configured to apply a biasing voltage across a pair of electrodes in the electrokinetic device, and a light modulating subsystem configured to emit structured light onto the electrokinetic device. The system can further include a thermally controlled flow controller, and/or be configured to measure impedance across the electrokinetic device.
Berkeley Lights, Inc.


Intraluminal implants and methods

Devices and methods are described for treating maladies such as atrial fibrillation. The devices and methods, in some implementations, include implant comprising a ribbon or other structure formed into a desired helical or other shape.
Aperiam Medical, Lnc.


Capacitive textile electrode, producing it, and use

The invention relates to a capacitive textile electrode for capacitively measuring electric signals, in particular biological signals, wherein the electrode has a multilayer structure which has at least two electrically conductive layers which are composed of a textile material and has at least one insulation layer which is arranged between the at least two electrically conductive layers, characterized by one, several or all of the following features: a) the at least two electrically conductive layers are mechanically connected to one another and/or to the insulation layer by adhesive bonding, b) at least one several or all of the electrically conductive layers have a prefabricated electrically conductive textile sheet material and/or a prefabricated textile emc shielding material or comprise the same, c) at least one, several or all of the electrically conductive layers are in the form of textile pieces which have been cut by laser beam, d) at least one amplifier electronics system for amplifying the electrical signals emitted by the capacitive electrode is integrated into the multilayer structure of the capacitive electrode. The invention further relates to the use of prefabricated electrically conductive textile sheet material and/or prefabricated textile emc shielding material for producing a capacitive textile electrode, and to a method for producing a capacitive textile electrode..
Capical Gmbh


Microphone and microphone casing

A microphone includes a microphone unit having a diaphragm vibrating in response to sound. The microphone unit converts the sound into an electrical signal.


Determining efficiency of an optical signal source in distributed communication systems

Components, systems, and methods for determining efficiency of an optical signal source in distributed communication systems are disclosed. Environmentally induced variations in the performance of optical sources used to convert electrical signals to optical signals (such as laser diodes) at the transmitters within the system can be evaluated in real time.


Method and device

A method and device for user authorization is presented herein. The authorization device may be integrated in a display interface configured to receive an infrared input signal.


Ultrasonic probe apparatus and ultrasonic imaging apparatus using the same

An ultrasonic probe apparatus and an ultrasonic imaging apparatus are disclosed. The ultrasonic probe apparatus includes: an ultrasonic transducer configured to output an electrical signal upon receiving ultrasonic waves; a sound absorption unit, one surface of which is an installation surface of the ultrasonic transducer and is electrically connected to the ultrasonic transducer; a first electronic circuit electrically connected to the sound absorption unit; and a substrate connection unit disposed between the sound absorption unit and the first electronic circuit, configured to electrically interconnect the first electronic circuit and the sound absorption unit.


Non-contact infrared temperature sensor with wireless functionality

An infrared (ir) temperature sensor includes a detector element, a wireless communication element, a memory, and a processor. The detector element detects ir radiation emitted from an object and generates an electrical signal proportional to the detected ir radiation.


Apparatus, system, and detecting the presence of an intoxicated driver and controlling the operation of a vehicle

A system is disclosed to control operation of a vehicle based on a blood alcohol content of a driver. A detector includes a sensor configured to measure an alcohol content of air in a predetermined three-dimensional zone within a vehicle.


Minimally invasive implantable brain stimulation devices and methods for implanting same

A brain stimulation device includes: a threaded head portion; a needle portion connected to the threaded head portion; at least one wireless power source arranged in proximity to the threaded head portion, the at least one wireless power source being configured to generate electrical energy for the brain stimulation device responsive to a wireless power signal being received by the brain stimulation device; and at least one electrode arranged at least partially on an outside surface of the needle portion in electrical communication with the at least one wireless power source, wherein the at least one electrode is configured to transmit an electrical signal responsive to receiving the electrical energy from the at least one wireless power source. A method of using the brain stimulation device is also described..


Methods and devices for activating brown adipose tissue using electrical energy

Methods and devices are provided for activating brown adipose tissue (bat) using electrical energy. In general, the methods and devices can facilitate activation of bat to increase thermogenesis.


Methods and devices for inhibiting nerves when activating brown adipose tissue

Methods and devices are provided for inhibiting nerves when activating brown adipose tissue (bat). In general, a first nerve type (e.g., sympathetic nerves) innervating bat can be activated while at least one other nerve type (e.g., parasympathetic nerves and/or sensory nerves) innervating bat is being suppressed.


Therapy device

A therapy device comprises a light source; an irradiation unit configured to irradiate an object with light from the light source; a reception unit configured to receive an acoustic wave generated and propagated within the object due to the light, and output the acoustic wave as an electrical signal; a processing unit configured to acquire characteristic information of the object based on the electrical signal output from the reception unit; a temperature adjustment unit configured to be capable of changing a temperature of the object; and a temperature control unit configured to control the temperature adjustment unit based on the characteristic information.. .


Heart electrophysiological signal analysis system

A system automatically detects and measures st deviation of a heart wave ecg signal in the presence of noise and accommodates baseline variation of the signal and other artifacts. A system identifies a particular point in an electrophysiological signal representing heart electrical activity using an interface for receiving an electrical signal waveform comprising an r-wave and including an st segment portion associated with heart electrical activity of a patient over a heart beat cycle.


Wireless catheter system for cardiac electrophysiology study

A wireless catheter module (wcm) is adapted for attachment to a diagnostic catheter to enable the bio-electrical signals, analog signals picked up by the probing electrodes imbedded in the attached catheter, to be captured and digitized by a-to-d converter electronics in the wcm whereupon packets of the digitized signals can then be transmitted wirelessly from the wcm to a remote wireless base station (wbs) forming a receiver component of the present system. The wbs is adapted for operative connected to an ep recording and cardiac stimulation system.


A communication apparatus, a communication arrangement and a communication method

Apparatus for controlling push-to-talk communication over a professional mobile radio includes a control portion including a first optical transceiver portion for converting an optical downlink signal into an electrical downlink signal for presentation to a user and for converting an electrical uplink signal into an optical uplink signal for provision to a radio portion; one or more interface portions, each connected to the control portion by an optical link, each connectable to a respective radio portion by electrical connection, which radio portion enables communication via a respective wireless communication link over one or more communication channels, each interface portion including a second optical transceiver portion for converting a downlink signal received from the respective radio portion as an electrical signal into the optical downlink signal for provision to the control portion and for converting the optical uplink signal into an electrical uplink signal for provision to the respective radio portion.. .


Extendable synchronous low power telemetry system for distributed sensors

A bidirectional repeater for repeating an electrical signal traversing a conductive line coupled between a gateway node and a sensor, the bidirectional repeater comprising a first input-output port coupled to the gateway node, a second input-output port coupled to the sensor, a first transceiver configured to receive a synchronization signal from the first input-output port and to transmit a resynchronized data signal to the first input-output port, a second transceiver configured to transmit the synchronization signal to the second input-output port and to receive a data signal from the second input-output port, and a repeater circuit coupled to the first and second transceivers and configured to pass through the synchronization signal, and to resynchronize the data signal to generate the resynchronized data signal.. .


Image pick-up apparatus, portable terminal having the same and image pick-up method using apparatus

Embodiments provide an image pick-up apparatus including an optical unit configured to output optical information acquired from a lens having a fixed focal distance, an image sensor unit configured to convert the optical information into electrical signals and including a plurality of phase difference detection pixels, an image information processing unit configured to generate interest image information by processing the electrical signals converted by the image sensor unit, a memory unit configured to store depth values matched with reference image information, a calculation unit configured to extract the depth value matched with the reference image information corresponding to the interest image information, and an image information output unit configured to output the depth value extracted by the calculation unit and, thus, depth information may be easily acquired using only one image pick-up apparatus.. .


Image sensor system for detection and information processing

A system may include an image sensor having a pixel array that receives light in an environment. The light received at the pixel array may be transmitted by an external device that encodes information using the wavelength, spatial patterning, temporal patterning, or other characteristics of the light.


Thyristor-based optical flip-flop

An optical flip-flop circuit that includes an optical thyristor configured to receive a digital optical signal input and produce a digital signal output based on the on/off state of the digital optical signal input. The optical flip-flop circuit further includes control circuitry operably coupled to the terminals of the optical thyristor.


Rf energy harvester

Disclosed herein is an antenna apparatus for use in harvesting ambient radio frequency, rf, energy. The apparatus comprises one or more rf antenna components arranged to receive rf energy for producing electricity.


Bidirectional electrical signal converter

A bidirectional ac-to-dc and dc-to-ac circuit includes a first inductor-capacitor (lc) circuit connected to an ac power source, a transistor synchronized with the ac power source signal, a second lc circuit electrically connected to the synchronized transistor and the first inductor-capacitor circuit, a high-frequency switching transistor electrically connected to the second inductor-capacitor circuit and a direct current (dc) load, and a controller connected to the high-frequency switching transistor. The controller identifies an error between a measured dc output signal and a predetermined dc output signal that is applied to the dc load, and adjusts a duty cycle of a pulse width modulation (pwm) switching signal for the high-frequency transistor to reduce the identified error..


Cutting unit for stripping cables

A cutting unit for stripping cables in a stripping station includes a base body and a knife holder attached thereto for holding stripping knives. The knife holder is firmly glued to the base body by an epoxy-resin adhesive, whereby the stripping knives are electrically isolated from the base body.


Avalance photodiode

An avalanche photodiode includes a p-type contact layer, a light absorption layer, a compositionally-graded symmetrical multiplication layer, and an n-type contact layer. The p-type contact layer is connected to the light absorption layer, the light absorption layer is connected to the compositionally-graded symmetrical multiplication layer, and the compositionally-graded symmetrical multiplication layer is connected to the n-type contact layer.


Backside illuminated image sensor and manufacturing method therefor

The present invention relates to a backside illuminated image sensor and a manufacturing method therefor. The backside illuminated image sensor comprises: a silicon wafer layer, which comprises a photodiode for generating an electrical signal by sensing light, wherein the silicon wafer layer is provided with a front surface and a back surface; a rear-end layer, which is provided on the front surface of the silicon wafer layer, wherein the rear-end layer comprises a transistor gate, a gate oxide layer, a wire layer and a dielectric layer; a light incidence layer, which comprises a micro-lens layer and a light filtering film layer, wherein the light incidence layer is provided on the back surface of the silicon wafer layer; and the rear-end layer further comprises: a light-absorbing layer, which is provided in a pre-set position of the rear-end layer, wherein the light-absorbing layer is used for absorbing a light ray transmitted from the silicon wafer layer.


Device for measuring the distribution or impulse of a series of droplets

A device for measuring the distribution and/or impulse of a series of droplets comprises a piezoelectric sensor positioned relative to a source of droplets such that each of a plurality of droplets contacts the piezoelectric sensor in succession, thereby to generate an electrical signal. Logic circuitry is configured to calculate one or more frequencies from the electrical signal..


Contactless tactile feedback on gaming terminal with 3d display

In one aspect, there is described a method for a game to a player. The method includes: determining that a game screen provided by a game includes an interface element associated with a contactless feedback effect; identifying a location of one or more player features based on an electrical signal from a locating sensor; determining a mid-air location to be associated with the interface element associated with the contactless feedback effect based on the identified location of the one or more player features; and providing an ultrasonic field at the mid-air location..


Thyristor-based optical and gate and thyristor-based electrical and gate

In another aspect, an and gate is provided that includes a thyristor and control circuitry operably coupled to terminals of the thyristor. The control circuitry is configured to receive first and second digital electrical signal inputs and control switching operation of the thyristor in response to the levels of the first and second digital electrical signal inputs such that the thyristor produces a digital output signal that represents the and function of the first and second digital electrical signal inputs..


Display device

A display device, including a display panel to display an image by externally receiving an electrical signal applied thereto; a lower frame accommodating the display panel and including a bottom part and a side part extending from the bottom part; at least one flange extending from the side part of the lower frame outwardly thereof; and a drive circuit board connected to the display panel, the drive circuit board being on the flange, the lower frame having an opening in the bottom part and at least one protrusion protruding from the opening inwardly thereof.. .


Radiation detection apparatus and radiation imaging system

A radiation detection apparatus includes a planar detection unit which has a two-dimensional array of elements which obtain electrical signals based on radiation, and detects radiation upon irradiation, a driving circuit which drives switches for causing the elements to output the electrical signals, an obtaining circuit which obtains the electrical signals from the elements in accordance with the switches being driven, a support base on which the driving circuit and the obtaining circuit are arranged, and a conductive member having a part which is arranged in front of the detection unit when viewed from a radiation source which performs irradiation with radiation used for imaging and is electrically connected to ground of the driving circuit and ground of the obtaining circuit.. .


Radiographic image capture device

A radiographic image capture device of the present invention includes: a radiation detection panel including a photoelectric conversion element; a signal processing board that performs signal processing on electrical signals obtained by the radiation detection panel; a support member that is provided between the radiation detection panel and the signal processing board; a flexible substrate that includes a base film, wiring lines including a low wiring density region and a high wiring density region, and electronic component(s) that are electrically connected to the wiring lines; a housing that internally houses the radiation detection panel, the signal processing board, the support member and the flexible substrate; and a fixing member that fixes the low wiring density region of the flexible substrate to the at least one of the support member or the housing.. .


Lidar system

Provided is a light detection and ranging (lidar) system. The lidar system includes: a housing including a first region and a second region, the second region including a plurality of openings; a laser disposed in the first region of the housing and configured to emit light; a plurality of optical fibers disposed in the second region, and configured to receive, at one ends thereof, and transmit, at the other ends thereof, the light emitted from the laser to an outside of the housing through the plurality of openings; and a detector configured to receive the light transmitted from the plurality of optical fibers to the outside and reflected from the outside, and convert the received reflected light into an electrical signal..


Fluid monitoring semiconductor fabrication tools

A system and method provide for monitoring and controlling fluid flow in semiconductor manufacturing apparatuses. The method and system include a vortex flow meter coupled to a digital readout that displays the measured flow rate and trip point.


Cylinder-piston unit and detecting continuously the reciprocal position between cylinder and piston of such unit

A cylinder-piston unit including: at least one cylinder including a tubular body (2); at least one piston (5) liable with a respective rod (5a), said piston (5) and said rod (5a) being translatable longitudinally in said tubular body (2) of said cylinder, at least one reference codification (c) extending for at least a section (dc) on the surface of said rod (5a), along the longitudinal axis of the same; at least detecting means (7), movable anchorable to said tubular body (2), faced, in use, towards said rod (5a) and suitable to detect said at least one reference codification (c) and to emit at the output at least a corresponding output electrical signal (s7), at least a reference zone (7c) of amplitude (d7c) delimited from said detecting means (7), said at least one reference codification (c) being detectable in correspondence to said at least one detection zone (7c); said at least one reference codification (c) including at least one plurality of adjacent sectors ( . .


Vehicle composite cable and vehicle composite harness

A vehicle composite cable includes a pair of power wires for supplying a current to an electric parking brake unit that generates a braking force after stopping a vehicle, a first signal line including a twisted pair wire transmitting a first electrical signal during when the vehicle is in motion, a second signal line including a twisted pair wire for transmitting a second electrical signal also during when the vehicle is in motion, and a sheath collectively covering the pair of power wires and the first and second signal lines. The first and second signal lines are not covered with a shield conductor, and the first signal line is separated from the second signal line by the pair of power wires..


Contactless tactile feedback on gaming terminal with 3d display

An electronic gaming machine (egm) includes a display having a display surface configured to provide stereoscopic 3d viewing of at least a portion of the game. The portion of the game includes a 3d interface element.


Contactless tactile feedback on gaming terminal with 3d display

An electronic gaming machine (egm) includes a display having a display surface configured to provide stereoscopic 3d viewing of at least a portion of the game. The portion of the game includes a 3d interface element.


Systems and methods for managing tiered tachycardia therapy

Systems and methods are provided for managing tiered tachycardia therapy. The systems and methods measure a cardiac feature of interest (foi) from a cardiac electrical signal of a heart sensed from at least one electrode of a leadless cardiac pacemaker (lpm).


Reusable wireless medical sensors

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to reusable medical sensors. According to certain embodiments, the medical sensor may include a sensor housing, an emitter disposed in the sensor housing, the emitter being configured to direct light through the tissue of a patient, and a detector disposed in the sensor housing, the detector being configured to detect light from the emitter after the light has passed through the tissue of the patient and to convert the detected light to an electrical signal.


Medical instrument with sensor for use in a electromagnetic navigation

A medical instrument includes a sensor, a surface, at least one non-conductive material, and at least one pair of contacts. The sensor has at least one coil formed on a conductive material.


Real-time morphology analysis for lesion assessment

Electrodes are used to measure an electrical signal (e.g., an electrogram). One or more filters are applied to the electrical signal to generate one or more filtered signals.


Wearable apparatus, detection of cardiac arrest and alerting emergency response

The disclosure provides a wearable cardiac arrest detection and alerting device that incorporates a non-invasive sensor based on optical and/or electrical signals transmitted into and received from human tissue containing blood vessels, and that transcutaneously quantifies the wearer's heart rate. The heart-rate quantification enables the detection of the absence of any heart beat by the wearable detection and alerting device indicative of the occurrence of a cardiac arrest, wherein the heart is no longer achieving effective blood circulation in the individual wearing the device.


Reducing impedance discontinuities on a printed circuit board ('pcb')

A printed circuit board (‘pcb’) comprising: an interior socket configured to receive a connector pin of a first electronic component, the connector pin characterized by a pin impedance; a signal trace coupled to the interior socket, the signal trace configured to transmit electrical signals between the first electronic component and other electronic components mounted on the pcb, the signal trace characterized by a trace impedance; and an insulator between the interior socket and a sleeve that surrounds the interior socket, the sleeve physically configured such that an effective pin impedance matches the trace impedance within a predetermined threshold, wherein the effective pin impedance represents the resistance experienced by electrical signals passing through the connector pin when the connector pin is inserted into the interior socket.. .
Lenovo Enterprise Solutions (singapore) Pte. Ltd.


Sensing circuit and detecting an electrical signal generated by a microphone

A sensing circuit includes: a follower transistor, having a control terminal; a follower terminal for connection to a load; a bias-current generator, coupled to the follower terminal; and a feedback stage, configured to control the bias-current generator as a function of an input signal on the control terminal of the follower transistor.. .
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Circuit module for silicon condenser microphone

A circuit module for a silicon condenser microphone of the present disclosure includes a transducer, a charge pump, an isolator, a first amplifier, a second amplifier, a reaction circuit, a first bias circuit, and a second bias circuit. The charge pump electrically connects to an input port of the transducer, and an output port of the transducer electrically connects to an input port of the first amplifier via the isolator.
Aac Technologies Pte. Ltd.


Acoustic input module and electronic device including the same

An acoustic input module and an electronic device including the same are provided. The acoustic input module of the electronic device includes a plurality of transducers mounted on one surface of a circuit board, a control module mounted on the circuit board for controlling the transducers, and a plurality of sound input holes formed in a housing of the electronic device.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Effiicient process for camera call-up

A surveillance system includes one or more camera systems at least some of the camera systems including a camera element comprising optical components to capture and process light to produce images, camera processing circuitry that receives the light and processes the light into electrical signals and encodes the signals into a defined format, power management circuitry to power the camera system, the power management system including first and second power interfaces and first and second video output interfaces.. .
Sensormatic Electronics, Llc


Reference signal presence detecton based license assisted access and reference signal sequence design

A user equipment device comprises physical layer circuitry configured to transmit and receive radio frequency electrical signals with one or more nodes of a radio access network, including monitor at least one of a communication channel unlicensed to a long term evolution (lte) network (lte-u) or a communication channel of a licensed assisted access (laa) network and detect a reference signal (rs) of a subframe communicated using the at least one communication channel; and processing circuitry configured to measure a channel metric over at least a portion of the subframe that includes the rs, and process information included in the subframe according to an lte communication protocol when the measured channel metric satisfies a specified channel metric threshold value.. .


Radio frequency transceiver with local oscillator control for multi-carrier applications

Radio frequency (rf) communication circuitry comprises an rf transceiver and conflict detection circuitry. The rf transceiver includes a first communication path configured to down-convert received rf signals using a first local oscillator (lo) receive frequency; and a second communication path configured to down-convert received rf signals using a second lo receive frequency and to operate simultaneously with the first communication path.
Intel Corporation


Reducing power requirements for optical links

An optical system includes a device selected from a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter has multiple laser cavities that each generates an optical channel at a different channel wavelength.
Mellanox Technologies Silicon Photonics Inc.


Detection of lost wafer from spinning chuck

The disclosure relates to systems and methods for detecting when a microelectronic substrate is no longer properly secured or lost from a rotating chuck. A microelectronic substrate may be secured to a rotating chuck that may rotate the substrate when exposing the substrate to the chemicals during a treatment in a process chamber.
Tel Fsi, Inc.


Electro-optic modulator termination

Embodiments presented in this disclosure generally relate to an electro-optic device that includes one or more modulator portions and a terminator portion. Each modulator portion is disposed along a propagation path of an optical signal and includes a respective first doped region and one or more coupled first electrical contacts.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Adaptive persistent current compensation for photon counting detectors

An imaging system (100) includes a direct conversion detector pixel (111) that detects radiation traversing an examination region and generates an electrical signal indicative thereof, wherein the signal includes a persistent current, which is produced by a direct conversion material of the pixel and which shifts a level of the signal. A persistent current estimator (116) estimates the persistent current and generates a compensation signal based on the estimate.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Detector system of ct scanner

A detector system for a ct scanner is provided. The detector system may include a plurality of detector modules.
Shenyang Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.


Optical testing system and method

An optical testing system includes: a testing probe, a collecting unit, and a processing unit, wherein the testing probe includes a plurality of spectrum photodiodes used for emitting and casting monochromatic light to a sample, wherein the wavelength of the light emitted by at least one spectrum photodiode is different from that of any other. The collecting unit collects multi-way signal light obtained after the emitted monochromatic light is reflected by the sample surface.
China Agricultural University


Tree topper with trunk attachable deformable conduit

Apparatus and associated methods relate to a tree-top ornament apparatus configured to present a removeably attachable ornament above a top of a tree and supporting the presented ornament by clamping an ornament-connected deformable conduit to a secure portion of a tree trunk below the top of the tree. In an illustrative embodiment, the conduit may be deformable and yet semi-rigid so as not to deform under the weight of the presented ornament.
Loominocity, Inc.


Through-wafer interconnects for mems double-sided fabrication process (twids)

A high-aspect ratio low resistance through-wafer interconnect for double-sided (twids) fabrication of microelectromechanical systems (mems) serves as an interconnection method and structure for co-integration of mems and integrated circuits or other microcomponent utilizing both sides of the wafer. Twids applied to a three dimensional folded timu (timing inertial measurement unit) provides a path for electrical signals from sensors on the front side of the soi wafer to electronic components on the back side of the wafer, while enabling folding of an array of sensors in a three dimensional shape..
The Regents Of The University Of California


Ink level sensor formed with an array of self-sensing piezoelectric transducers

A fluid level sensor is configured for identifying a fluid level in a small volume reservoir, such as a fluid reservoir in an ejector head. The reservoir includes a plurality of vertically arranged chambers.
Xerox Corporation


Atrial fibrillation treatment systems and methods

Methods for treating cardiac complex rhythm disorder in a patient can include receiving a plurality of electrical signals from a sensor system, wherein each electrical signal corresponds with a separate location on a cardiac wall of the heart of the patient, and wherein each electrical signal comprises an electrogram waveform; and ranking the electrical signals relative to each other based on at least a uniformity and a frequency of the electrogram waveform of each electrical signal.. .
Intermountain Invention Management, Llc


Detection and display of irregular periodic waveforms

A method for display, consisting of acquiring an electrical signal from a heart of a subject over multiple heart cycles. The electrical signal is partitioned into a succession of synchronized segments having respective start times at a selected annotation point in the heart cycles.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.


Optical communication with optical sensors

A wearable computing device includes an electro-optical sensor to translate received light into an electrical signal. During a first mode of operation of the wearable computing device, a physical parameter of a wearer of the wearable computing device is assessed from the electrical signal.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc


Systems and apparatus having top port integrated back cavity micro electro-mechanical system microphones and methods of fabrication of the same

A micro electro-mechanical system (mems) device is provided. The mems device includes: a first substrate having a first surface and a second surface, and a port disposed through the first substrate, wherein the port is configured to receive acoustic waves and wherein the first surface is exposed to an environment outside the mems device; and a diaphragm coupled to and facing the second surface and configured to deflect in response to pressure differential at the diaphragm in response to the received acoustic waves.
Invensense, Inc.


Lens stack arrays including adaptive optical elements

Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention incorporate adaptive optical elements into optical channels in a lens stack array. In one embodiment, an array camera module includes a lens stack array, that includes at least two lens stacks, where at least one lens stack includes an adaptive optical element that can adjust the characteristics of the transmission of light in the optical channel defined by the corresponding lens stack in response to at least one electrical signal, a sensor including a focal plane for each lens stack within the lens stack array, and circuitry configured to control at least one adaptive optical element, where the lens stack array and the sensor are configured so that each lens stack can form an image on a corresponding focal plane..
Pelican Imaging Corporation

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