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Electrical Signal patents

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Image capturing apparatus

Image capturing apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Electrical Signal-related patents
 Systems and methods for data communication patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for data communication
A data communication system is provided. The data communication system includes a data bus, and a line replacement unit including a terminal controller, and a plastic optical fiber serial interface module (pofsim) coupled between the terminal controller and the data bus.
 Method and system for modulating eating behavior by means of neuro-electrical coded signals patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for modulating eating behavior by means of neuro-electrical coded signals
Method and systems modulating eating behavior comprising (i) generating at least one confounding neuro-electrical signal that is adapted to modulate the sense of taste in the body, (ii) generating at least one confounding neuro-electrical signal that is adapted to modulate the sense of smell in the body, and (ii) transmitting at least one of the confounding neuro-electrical signals to a subject to modulate the subject's sense of taste or smell. In a preferred embodiment, both confounding neuro-electrical signals are transmitted to the subject to modulate the subject's sense of taste and smell..
 Methods and systems for automatically turning on and off drg stimulation and adjusting drg stimulation parameters patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and systems for automatically turning on and off drg stimulation and adjusting drg stimulation parameters
Methods and systems described herein can be used to automatically turn on and off stimulation of a target dorsal root ganglion (drg) and/or adjust stimulation parameters. At least one of an input signal (indicative of an electrical field resulting from an electrical signal propagated by adjacent distal sensory nerve fibers toward the target drg), an output signal (indicative of an electrical field resulting from an electrical signal propagated by adjacent proximal sensory nerve fibers away from the target drg) or a drg signal (indicative of an electrical field produced by cell bodies of primary sensory neurons within the target drg and resulting from an electrical signal propagated by sensory nerve fibers within the target drg) is/are obtained and analyzed.
 Electrical isolation of catheter with embedded memory in ivus systems patent thumbnailnew patent Electrical isolation of catheter with embedded memory in ivus systems
An intravenous ultrasound (ivus) system can include a catheter which can include memory. Because portions of the catheter are in intimate contact with the patient, electrical signals are isolated for safety.
 Methods for purifying nucleic acids and devices thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Methods for purifying nucleic acids and devices thereof
A nucleic acid purification device includes a housing and an adapter operatively attached to the housing. The adapter is configured to receive at least one well plate which includes a plurality of wells for receiving contents including at least a sample and a plurality of paramagnetic particles.
 Coaxial cable connector with integral rfi protection patent thumbnailnew patent Coaxial cable connector with integral rfi protection
A coaxial cable connector for coupling an end of a coaxial cable to a terminal is disclosed. The connector has a coupler, a body assembled with the coupler, and a post assembled with the coupler and the body.
 Device and method for particle complex handling patent thumbnailnew patent Device and method for particle complex handling
An embodiment of the invention relates to a device for detecting an analyte in a sample. The device comprises a fluidic network and an integrated circuitry component.
 Method and system for common-mode-rejection-ratio (cmrr) characterization of an integrated coherent receiver patent thumbnailnew patent Method and system for common-mode-rejection-ratio (cmrr) characterization of an integrated coherent receiver
There are provided a method and a system for characterizing the cmrr of an icr under test, which employ highly coherent light from two continuous-wave (cw) single-frequency lasers whose respective optical frequencies mutually differ by an offset defining an “intermediate frequency” (fif) in the rf electrical baseband. The method involves the coherent mixing of light from these two lasers in the icr under test.
 Cooperative multi-point (comp) in a passive optical network (pon) patent thumbnailnew patent Cooperative multi-point (comp) in a passive optical network (pon)
A method for error detection within a passive optical network (pon), the method comprising receiving a first upstream optical signal that is copied at an optical splitter, converting the first upstream optical signal to a first electrical signal, receiving a second electrical signal that is converted from a second upstream optical signal that is copied at the optical splitter, and determining a corrected transmitted data stream using at least the first electrical signal and the second electrical signal, wherein the first upstream optical signal and the second upstream optical signal are copies of an upstream optical signal generated from a plurality of optical network units (onus).. .
 X-ray imaging apparatus and control method for the same patent thumbnailnew patent X-ray imaging apparatus and control method for the same
An x-ray imaging apparatus and method for controlling the x-ray imaging apparatus are provided. The x-ray imaging apparatus includes an x-ray source configured to generate and emit x-rays onto an object, an x-ray detector configured to detect the x-rays transmitted through the object and convert the x-rays into an electrical signal, a heating portion located at an upper portion of the x-ray detector configured to contact a lower part of the object, a heat transfer portion configured to transfer heat produced in the x-ray source to the heating portion, and a thermal insulation member located between the x-ray detector and the heating portion configured to block heat from being transferred to the x-ray detector..
new patent Underwater communication system
A reception unit 10 that receives an electrical signal wirelessly transmitted from the transmission unit 9 from the other end portion of the propagation medium 4 that is located distally from the shell body 5.. .
new patent Photoreceptor protein-based spectrophotometer, method for manufacturing the same and method for light detection using the same
A photoreceptor protein-based spectrophotometer may include a field-effect transistor and a photoreceptor protein on the field-effect transistor (fet), the photoreceptor protein exhibiting change in electrical properties by absorbing light and being activated. Since the spectrophotometer can convert the light absorbed by the photoreceptor protein to an electrical signal using the fet, it can mimic human vision by using human photoreceptor proteins.
new patent Surgical microscope with positioning aid
A microscope comprises an imaging system comprising an objective having an objective lens and producing a magnified image of a focal plane of the imaging system, an image sensor disposed in the focal plane and outputting an electrical signal to the controller, and a display communicating with the controller. The controller converts signals of the image sensor into digital single images of the object, outputs the same to the display, detects a displacement of the microscope transverse to an optical axis of the objective lens relative to an object imaged, and compares the displacement with a threshold.
new patent Imaging apparatus and imaging system
An imaging apparatus includes: a sensor unit having a light receiving unit provided with a plurality of pixels for photoelectrically converting received light to generate an electrical signal after photoelectric conversion, and capable of reading the electrical signal generated by the light receiving unit as image information; a control unit configured to control an output mode of the electrical signal on a pixel-by-pixel basis such that a pixel signal level generated by photoelectrically converting the light and a reset level of the pixels are alternately output, and configured to output the electrical signal corresponding to a specified display pattern; a signal processing unit configured to perform signal processing on the electrical signal output from the sensor unit; and a transmission unit configured to transmit a processed signal processed by the signal processing unit to outside.. .
new patent Image capturing apparatus
In order to provide an image capturing apparatus with a simple configuration that can acquire a parallax image, the image capturing apparatus comprises an image capturing element including photoelectric converting elements that are arranged two-dimensionally and photoelectrically convert incident light into an electrical signal, and an aperture mask including apertures provided to correspond one-to-one with the photoelectric converting elements and positioned in a manner to pass light from different partial regions in a cross-sectional region of the incident light, and a diaphragm that changes shape while maintaining a state in which width of a diaphragm aperture in an arrangement direction of the different partial regions is greater than width of the diaphragm aperture in a direction orthogonal to the arrangement direction.. .
new patent Assembly and method for testing an electronic circuit test fixture
A method provides testing of an electronic circuit test system that includes a test fixture having headed and headless test probes, a shorting plate and a test probe verification plate with apertures. A probe verification test includes: moving the test probe verification plate and the shorting plate into position, where the shorting plate engages any test probe that extends through an aperture of the verification plate; and transmitting an electrical signal to each of the test probes.
new patent Multi-output terminal connector
A connector includes an input terminal, a light splitting module, and a number of output terminals. The input terminal is electrically connected to a first electrical device, and receives a first electrical signal from a first electrical device, and converts the first electrical signal to a first optical signal.
new patent Measurement transducer
A measurement transducer having a sensor for converting a physical or chemical variable into an electrical signal which can be further processed, and an electronics unit proximate the sensor, for pre-processing the electrical signal and generating a measurement signal, wherein an evaluation device is connected to the receiver by an interface for transmitting the measurement signal and serves to determine a measurement value as a function of the measurement signal and output the measurement value, and so that the sensor can be operated at a relatively high temperature and the electronics unit arranged proximate the sensor, for reducing measurement noise is operable at a relatively low temperature, the electronics unit proximate the sensor, is provided with a thermal insulation with respect to the sensor and is cooled by a heat pipe, and where the evaluation device housing approximately at ambient temperature preferably serves as a heat sink.. .
new patent Acoustic sensor
An acoustic sensor includes a side wall, closed at each end by an end wall, to form a substantially cylindrical cavity, a transmitter and a receiver operatively associated with first and second respective end walls. Properties of the relative dimensions of the cavity are configured to create a desired oscillatory motion of the end walls, and oscillations of a fluid pressure in the cavity, to generate an electrical signal via the receiver to be output from the sensor.
Method and neuroprosthetic device for monitoring and suppression of pathological tremors through neurostimulation of the afferent pathways
Method and neuroprosthetic device for monitoring and suppression of pathological tremors in a user through the neurostimulation of the afferent pathways to the brain, which comprises wearable elements placed over the parts of the body affected by tremor, wherein said wearable elements (1) have sensors selected from bioelectric sensors (3) generating a bioelectrical signal characterization of tremor, biomechanical sensors (4) generating a biomechanical signal characterization of tremor and a combination thereof, a programmable electronic device (9) comprised of a control, acquisition and processing module of the characterization signals, and a signal generator for the afferent stimulation based on the bioelectrical, biomechanical or combination of both signal characterization and stimulation electrodes (8) which transmit the neuromodulation signals to the afferent pathways projecting into the central nervous system to modulate the activity of the neural structures responsible for tremor generation.. .
Systems and methods for electrically detecting the presence of exudate in dressings
Systems and methods are provided for sensing fluid in a dressing on a patient and producing an electrical signal. In one instance, a galvanic cell is used as an electronic detection device.
Intracardiac impedance and its applications
A system to measure intracardiac impedance includes implantable electrodes and a medical device. The electrodes sense electrical signals of a heart of a subject.
Localized physiologic status from luminosity around fingertip or toe
Systems and methods are directed to generating and analyzing light. Spatial light response around a human fingertip in response to electrical stimulation is associated with the status of various body organs.
Cardiac event monitoring system
A cardiac event monitoring system may include a base unit including a base connector, a wearable electrode system, and a plug-in adapter. The wearable electrode system includes a cable, an electrode at one end of the cable, and a cable connector at the other end of the cable.
Intracortical-detection device and corresponding control method
An intracortical-detection device including: at least one electrode (6) that contacts a group of neurons; a first body (3), forming a surface (30) that contacts a portion of a cerebral region; a first motor (8) that moves the electrode with respect to the first body; a second motor (10); and a second body (4), operatively connected to the second motor, the first and second bodies being able to slide with respect to one another in a first direction (x), under the action of the second motor. The detection device moreover includes a sensor (42, 44, 55) generating an electrical signal indicating a pressure exerted by the portion of cerebral region on the surface..
Electrical connector having ribbed ground plate
An electrical connector includes a dielectric housing, a plurality of electrical signal contacts carried by the dielectric housing, and a ground plate carried by the dielectric housing. The electrical signal contacts are arranged along a first plane, wherein the signal contacts define signal pairs such that a respective gap is disposed between adjacent signal pairs.
Membrane for use with implantable devices
The present invention provides a biointerface membrane for use with an implantable device that interferes with the formation of a barrier cell layer including; a first domain distal to the implantable device wherein the first domain supports tissue attachment and interferes with barrier cell layer formation and a second domain proximal to the implantable device wherein the second domain is resistant to cellular attachment and is impermeable to cells. In addition, the present invention provides sensors including the biointerface membrane, implantable devices including these sensors or biointerface membranes, and methods of monitoring glucose levels in a host utilizing the analyte detection implantable device of the invention.
Method and system for a narrowband, non-linear optoelectronic receiver
Methods and systems for a narrowband, non-linear optoelectronic receiver are disclosed and may include amplifying a received signal, limiting a bandwidth of the received signal, and restoring the signal utilizing a level restorer, which may include a non-return to zero (nrz) level restorer comprising two parallel inverters, with one being a feedback path for the other. The inverters may be single-ended or differential.
Fiber optic receiver, transmitter, and transceiver systems and methods of operating the same
A fiber optic receiver system is provided. The fiber optic receiver system includes: (1) a host node including an optical source for transmitting an optical signal; (2) a remote node away from the host node for receiving the optical signal, the remote node including a radio frequency receiver, the remote node also including a converter for converting the optical signal into an electrical signal, the electrical signal providing electrical power for the radio frequency receiver; and (3) a fiber optic cable between the host node and the remote node, the fiber optic cable including an optical fiber for carrying the optical signal..
Digital microphone device with extended dynamic range
The present disclosure refers to a digital microphone device providing a single-bit pulse density modulation pdm output signal. The digital microphone comprises a microphone, arranged to convert an acoustic input signal into an analog electrical signal, and a preamplifier, having a variable gain, arranged to receive the analog electrical signal and to provide an amplified analog electrical signal, depending on the variable gain.
Highly accurate distance measurement device
Highly accurate electro-optical time of flight distance measuring device for determining a distance to a target, including a transmitter for sending out a pulse shaped optical radiation to the target as well as a receiver for an optical signal built for turning the optical signal to an electrical signal, and a filter with a transfer function for filtering the electrical signal whereby the filter is built in such a way that its transfer-function is of at least 4th order, in particular 5th or 7th or higher order, so that aliasing is suppressed. Further a waveform-sampler, as an analog-to-digital-converter, for digitalizing the pulse shape from the filtered electrical signal as time- and value-quantized digital data, and a computation means for a numerical evaluation of the distance according to the pulse shape or a pulse shape representing numerical signature from the digital data..
System and method for assessing retinal functionality
A system and method for assessing the functionality of a visual system, especially b generate a coded pattern which is illuminated by the light source. Optics project an image of the coded pattern onto the retina of the eye.
Image pickup apparatus
An image pickup apparatus comprising a pixel configured to convert optical signal into an electrical signal, a comparison unit configured to compare a pixel signal from the pixel with a reference voltage, an a/d conversion unit configured to analog/digital (a/d)-convert the pixel signal in a conversion mode selected based on a comparison result of the comparison unit, and a correction unit configured to correct at least one of an offset and a gain generated by the a/d conversion for an output data of the a/d conversion unit, wherein a value for offset correction or gain correction performed by the correction unit is changed according to the selected conversion mode.. .
System and method for processing a very wide angle image
Provided is an optical device such as a camera having an image sensor and a lens/mirror system or the like for capturing a very wide angle image such as a panoramic image and directing it towards a planar photo-sensitive surface of the image sensor. The image sensor converts the captured image, which may be a moving image, into an electrical or electronic signal or signals.
Cantilevered micro-valve and inkjet printer using said valve
A micro-valve includes an orifice plate including an orifice and a cantilevered beam coupled in spaced relation to the orifice plate and moveable between positions where the orifice is closed and opened by the cantilevered beam. The cantilevered beam includes one or more piezoelectric layers that facilitate bending of the cantilevered beam in response to the application of one or more electrical signals to the one or more piezoelectric layers.
Testing of electronic devices through capacitive interface
An embodiment of a test apparatus for executing a test of a set of electronic devices having a plurality of electrically conductive terminals, the test apparatus including a plurality of electrically conductive test probes for exchanging electrical signals with the terminals, and coupling means for mechanically coupling the test probes with the electronic devices. In an embodiment, the coupling means includes insulating means for keeping each one of at least part of the test probes electrically insulated from at least one corresponding terminal during the execution of the test.
Substrate evaluation apparatus and substrate evaluation method using the same
A substrate evaluation apparatus and method which includes a substrate storage portion accommodating a substrate, first and second fastening portions are arranged in the substrate storage portion and are each fastened to a side of the substrate, a driving portion driving the first and second fastening portions, and a measurement portion measuring electrical characteristics of the substrate through application of an electrical signal to the substrate.. .
Method and apparatus for identifying locations of solar panels
System and method for identifying solar panels. In accordance with exemplary embodiments, an electrical signal within one or more solar cells of the solar panel is detected and processed to provide a detection signal corresponding to a distinguishing characteristic associated with the solar panel.
Fault detection and correction in valve assemblies
A method of controlling a valve assembly includes calculating, by a controller of the valve assembly, one or more electrical signals to move a valve element of the valve assembly dependent on an actual and a desired position of the valve element. The method also includes sending, by the controller, the one or more electrical signals to an electrical actuator of the valve assembly.
Photon counting controller, radiographic imaging apparatus, and control method of photon counting controller
The photon counting controller includes an amplification controller to charge an input electrical signal, to amplify the input electrical signal, and to discharge the charged electrical signal, a charge controller to control a charge and a discharge of the electrical signal of the amplification controller based on a received feedback signal, and a measuring controller to compare voltage of the amplified electrical signal with reference voltage and to count photons based on a result of comparison.. .
Weighing apparatus
A weighing apparatus is provided that quantifies an impact load based on an electrical output from a mass sensor to prevent damage to the mass sensor by disclosing the degree of impact to a user. The weighing apparatus includes a weighing unit on which an object is placed and a mass sensor that receives the mass×acceleration of gravity of the object as a load and measures mass from an electrical signal corresponding to displacement of an internal structure of the apparatus.
Methods and systems for electric field deposition of nanowires and other devices
Methods, systems, and apparatuses for nanowire deposition are provided. A deposition system includes an enclosed flow channel, an inlet port, and an electrical signal source.
Combined sensor arrays for relief print imaging
One or more techniques and/or systems are disclosed for producing a relief print image. Two or more sensor arrays can be combined, and an electroluminescent layer can be deposited over the combined arrays.
Actuating device having keys
This invention relates to a system for selecting switching steps of a shift-by-wire gear change drive, which features a key arrangement with at least two keys and means for generating electrical signals for transmission to the shift-by-wire gear change drive. This invention specifies an activation control system with which can prevent errors and can lift out a key from a lowered position.
Filling level indicator
A filling level indicator includes a retainer, a bow rotatably supported on the retainer and having a lever arm fastened thereto, a float fastened to the lever arm, and a filling level sensor arranged in the retainer. The filling level sensor has a substrate, a resistance network arranged thereon, a contact spring structure, and a cover, connected to the substrate, that covers the resistance network and the contact spring structure.
Diagnostic guidewire for cryoablation sensing and pressure monitoring
A method and system for performing pulmonary vein isolation, mapping, and assessing pulmonary vein occlusion using a single device. The device may generally include an ablation element, such as a cryoballoon, and a sensing component slidably disposed within a lumen of the device and bearing one or more mapping electrodes and one or more pressure sensors.
Digital coherent receiver, optical reception system, and optical reception method
A digital coherent receiver, includes: an acquisition circuit configured to acquire a plurality of digital electrical signals obtained by sampling a plurality of analog electrical signals by using a sampling signal and digitally converting the plurality of analog electrical signals, the plurality of analog electrical signals being obtained by subjecting a plurality of optical signals to photoelectric conversion; a phase deviation detector configured to output a detection value corresponding to a phase deviation between the sampling signal and the optical signals by using the digital electrical signals; a determination circuit configured to determine whether or not a variation amount of the detection value is equal to or less than a first variation amount; and a compensation circuit configured to compensate wavelength dispersion of the digital electrical signals based on the detection value when the variation amount is equal to or less than the first variation amount.. .
Signal processing method, optical receiver and optical network system
A signal processing method, an optical receiver and optical network system is provided. The method includes: receiving a first optical signal sent by an optical network unit, generating a second optical signal and modulating a phase of the second optical signal, obtaining at least one path of electrical signals after the first optical signal and the second optical signal separately undergo polarization splitting, frequency mixing, and optical-electrical conversion, outputting a third electrical signal after performing operation processing on the at least one path of electrical signals, and restoring a data signal according to the third electrical signal and performing sending.
Reconfigurable optical transmitter
Embodiments of the invention describe apparatuses, optical systems, and methods for utilizing a dynamically reconfigurable optical transmitter. A laser array outputs a plurality of laser signals (which may further be modulated based on electrical signals), each of the plurality of laser signals having a wavelength, wherein the wavelength of each of the plurality of laser signals is tunable based on other electrical signals.
Reducing phase noise associated with optical sources
An optical transmitter may include an optical source to provide a first optical signal having a varying frequency; an optical circuit to receive a portion of the first optical signal and provide a second optical signal corresponding to a change in frequency of the first optical signal; a photodetector to receive the first optical signal and provide an electrical signal that is indicative of the change in frequency of the first optical signal; an integrator to receive the electrical signal and provide an inverted electrical signal; and a controller to process the inverted electrical signal and provide a current, associated with the inverted electrical signal, to the optical source. The optical source may reduce the phase noise associated with the first optical signal based on the current..
Flexible temperature sensor and sensor array
Techniques described herein generally relate to methods of manufacturing devices and systems including devices including a substrate with a surface, a conductive polymer film arranged on the surface of the substrate, wherein the conductive polymer film has one or more temperature reactive characteristics, and a pair of electrodes coupled to the polymer film, wherein the pair of electrodes are configured to communicate electrical signals to the conductive polymer film effective to measure the one or more temperature reactive characteristics. The conductive polymer film may be arranged on the surface of the substrate such that a thickness and dopant ratio of the conductive polymer film on the substrate is configurable..
Integrated gimbal assembly
A gimbal assembly including a gimbal housing having opposed first and second yoke portions dimensioned and configured to receive a surveillance device therebetween, the yoke portions defining a gimbal axis about which the surveillance device can rotate relative to the gimbal housing, and a drive assembly disposed within the first yoke portion of the gimbal housing for driving the surveillance device about the gimbal axis, the drive assembly having a connector adapted and configured to mate with and pass electrical signals to and from a corresponding connector on the surveillance device, wherein the second yoke portion is detachable from the gimbal housing to gain access to the surveillance device and the surveillance device is removably connected to the drive assembly.. .
Display device and method for adjusting display device
According to one embodiment, a method is disclosed for adjusting a display device. The device includes light sources, light guides, light extraction units, and a controller.
Test socket providing mechanical stabilization for pogo pin connections
A test socket for electrically connecting a device under test (dut) to an electrical signal source comprises a plurality of pogo pins spaced apart from each other, a stabilizing plate supporting the plurality of pogo pins, a plurality of conductive lines passing through the stabilizing plate and configured to electrically connect the electrical signal source to the pogo pins, and at least one inner stabilizer disposed in the stabilizing plate between the conductive lines and configured to apply an elastic force toward the dut where the dut is brought into contact with the pogo pins.. .
Method and apparatus for removal of harmonic noise
An apparatus for removing harmonic noise from a power transmission line transmitting electricity at a primary frequency includes a filter and a controller coupled to the sensor and to an actuator-generator. The filter separates electricity at a harmonic of a primary frequency from the electrical signal transmitted by the power transmission line.
Imager of an isotropic light source exhibiting enhanced detection efficiency
A radiation imager including: a detector block including at least one detector configured to emit an optical signal from incident radiation to be imaged; a reading block that converts the optical signal into an electrical signal, including a plurality of photodetectors; a plurality of resin portions between the detector block and the photodetectors, in contact with the detector block and in contact with the photodetectors, the resin portions being separated by air, the resin portions including at least a part with cross-section increasing from the detector block to the reading block.. .
Composite structure
A composite structure is provided. The structure is formed of rigid composite material in which particulates or fibres reinforce a polymer matrix.
Vibration sensor device for musical instruments
The present invention relates to a sensor device (2) for measuring a movement and/or a vibration of at least one object of interest, in particular for musical instruments, said device comprising (i) at least two excitation inductance coils (11, 12) electrically connected to at least one electric excitation source, and capable of generating excitation magnetic fluxes, and (ii) at least one measuring inductance coil (13), electrically connected to electrical measuring means capable of measuring induced electrical signals, (iii) a magnetic circuit (10) magnetically connecting the excitation coils (11, 12) and measuring (13) coils, and comprising a measuring area (17) wherein the presence of objects of interest affects magnetic fluxes coming from excitation coils (11, 12) and passing through said measuring coil or coils (13), and (iv) excitation coils (11, 12) arranged in such a way as to generate, in the absence of an object of interest in the measuring area (17), magnetic fluxes which substantially cancel each other out in the at least one measuring coil (13). The invention also relates to a sound system implementing said device..
Direct-flow coriolis mass flowmeter
The direct-flow coriolis mass flowmeter comprises a tensioned section of string, along which a substance to be measured flows, a device for tensioning the section of string, a device for exciting a transverse circular oscillatory movement in the string, two sensors which are spaced apart along the string and which convert the magnitude of a transverse deflection of the string in two mutually perpendicular directions into electrical signals, wherein these signals are coupled to inputs of a microprocessor device which calculates the flowrate as a function of the difference in phases of the signals from the sensors.. .
Composite structure
A composite structure is provided. The structure is formed of rigid composite material in which non-metallic continuous fibres reinforce a polymer matrix.
Method for measuring the thickness of a coating layer by inducing magnetic fields
A method of measuring the thickness of a coating layer of a workpiece, the layer being formed on a substrate of the workpiece. The method comprises several steps.
Coatings for active implantable medical devices
The present invention relates to active implantable medical stimulation devices. An active implantable medical stimulation device comprises an electrically non-conductive support member, one or more electrically conductive stimulation electrodes disposed on the support member and a cover covering the support member and the one or more electrodes.
Method and system for signal analyzing and processing module
Embodiments of the invention disclose a method and a system for signal analyzing and a processing module of the system. The signal analyzing system includes a plurality of first electrodes, a plurality of second electrodes, and a processing module.
Headphones measuring heart-rate
The invention relates to headphones and a method for listening to music or some other audio signal, which headphones comprise at least one sound source such as a an earphone to be placed in the vicinity of the ear, for producing sound, and a galvanic conductor for feeding an electrical signal from a signal source, such as a music player or similar, to the sound source. In accordance with the invention at least one sound source is equipped with means for measuring heart rate, as well as means for forwarding heart-rate information wirelessly..
Systems, devices and methods for monitoring hemodynamics
Systems, devices and methods for monitoring hemodynamics are described. The systems and methods generally involve directing light toward an area of the body and detecting the resulting scattered light.
Networked sonar observation of selected seabed environments
A sonar transducer network for observing a seabed includes a controller. A first transducer assembly includes a first acoustic transducer to convert a first ping to a first electrical signal; and a first transducer processor to receive a first electrical signal from the first acoustic transducer to generate the first transducer data.
Tree topper with trunk attachable deformable conduit
Apparatus and associated methods relate to a tree-top ornament apparatus configured to present a removeably attachable ornament above a top of a tree and supporting the presented ornament by clamping an ornament-connected deformable conduit to a secure portion of a tree trunk below the top of the tree. In an illustrative embodiment, the conduit may be deformable and yet semi-rigid so as not to deform under the weight of the presented ornament.
Package substrate with high density interconnect design to capture conductive features on embedded die
Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards techniques and configurations for interconnect structures embedded in a package assembly including a bridge. In one embodiment, a package assembly may include a package substrate, a bridge embedded in the package substrate and including a bridge substrate, and an interconnect structure including a via extending through the package substrate into a surface of the bridge substrate and configured to interface with a conductive feature disposed on or beneath the surface of the bridge substrate.
Solid-state image device, method for driving same, and camera system
Provided is a solid-state image device including a pixel unit adapted to have a plurality of pixels arrayed in a matrix form, the plurality of pixels including a photoelectric conversion element which converts an optical signal into an electrical signal and stores signal charge corresponding to exposure time, peripheral circuits adapted to be arranged adjacent to edge portions of the pixel unit that face each other and adapted to be driven in association with at least read operation of a pixel signal, and a pixel signal readout unit adapted to read the pixel signal from the pixel unit in a unit of a plurality of pixels.. .
Apparatus and method for detecting adjacent object and method of driving electronic device
Provided are an apparatus and method for detecting an adjacent object, and a method of driving an electronic device. The apparatus includes a substrate, a plurality of first electrodes including a plurality of first electrodes disposed to extend in a first direction on one surface of the substrate, a plurality of second electrodes disposed alternately and in parallel with the first electrodes on the surface of the substrate to form capacitors together with the first electrodes, a signal source configured to generate electrical signals, a detector configured to detect current signals output when the electrical signals are applied to the capacitors, and a controller configured to connect the signal source to the first electrodes and the detector to the second electrodes..
Distributed feeding circuit for antenna beamforming array
A distributed feeding circuit for antenna beamforming array comprises a plurality n of inputs and a plurality n of outputs, wherein the said circuit is adapted for receiving, on at least one input, an electrical signal at a microwave frequency, modulated on at least one optical carrier, the circuit comprising at least one assembly of at least two optical dividers, two delay lines of length zero or substantially equal to a fraction of the wavelength of the signal at its microwave frequency and two means for combining two optical signals, the assembly being arranged and the delay lines being configured so that the theoretical transfer function of the circuit is an orthogonal matrix.. .
Footwear scanning systems and methods
Methods and apparatus for scanning articles, such as footwear, to provide information regarding the contents of the articles are described. According to one aspect, a footwear scanning system includes a platform configured to contact footwear to be scanned, an antenna array configured to transmit electromagnetic waves through the platform into the footwear and to receive electromagnetic waves from the footwear and the platform, a transceiver coupled with antennas of the antenna array and configured to apply electrical signals to at least one of the antennas to generate the transmitted electromagnetic waves and to receive electrical signals from at least another of the antennas corresponding to the electromagnetic waves received by the others of the antennas, and processing circuitry configured to process the received electrical signals from the transceiver to provide information regarding contents within the footwear..
System and method for supplying power to transmission tower using optical power transmission device and method for transmitting and receiving data using the optical power transmission device
There is provided a system and method for supplying power to a transmission tower using an optical power transmission device including a transmission line, an optical power transmission device which is mounted on the transmission line and converts power obtained in the transmission line into an optical signal, a transmission tower, an optical power reception device which is mounted on the transmission tower and converts the optical signal into an electrical signal to supply power to various devices mounted on the transmission tower, and an optical fiber which has one end connected to the optical power transmission device and another end connected to the optical power reception device and transmits the optical signal of the optical power transmission device to the optical power reception device, wherein the optical fiber is insulated with an insulator string.. .
Inspection method and inspection apparatus
An inspection method including following steps is provided. A pixel array substrate including a plurality of pixel units is in contact with a photoelectric inspection device.
Method for diagnosing a variable reluctance magnetic detection head, and detection circuit
A variable-reluctance magnetic detection head delivers an electrical signal (uin) and a rising wavefront of the electrical signal is compared with a first threshold (th) in order to switch from a first state (b0) to a second state (b1), and a falling wavefront is compared with a second threshold (tb) lower than the first threshold (th) in order to switch from the second state (b1) to the first state (b0). In a diagnostics step, the first threshold (th) or the second threshold (tb) is modified, bringing these thresholds closer together, and a magnetic detection head is diagnosed as being defective if the duty cycle of the second state (b1) is modified during the diagnostics step by a value higher than a diagnostics threshold predetermined in relation to a reference level..

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