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Electrical Signal patents

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Broken rotor bar detection based on current signature analysis of an electric machine

Broken rotor bar detection based on current signature analysis of an electric machine

Method for measuring the energy of pulses of optical radiation and device for implementing same

Rf-safe interventional or non-interventional instrument for use in an mri apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Electrical Signal-related patents
 Electronic device using data theft protection patent thumbnailElectronic device using data theft protection
An electronic device includes a washer, a printed circuit board, and a screw. The printed circuit board includes a copper foil, a detecting unit and a processing unit.
 Broken rotor bar detection based on current signature analysis of an electric machine patent thumbnailBroken rotor bar detection based on current signature analysis of an electric machine
A method for detection of rotor bar faults in an electric machine is provided. The method includes acquiring electrical signals from the electric machine that are representative of the operative condition of the machine.
 Method for measuring the energy of pulses of optical radiation and device for implementing same patent thumbnailMethod for measuring the energy of pulses of optical radiation and device for implementing same
What are described are: method and a device for measuring the energy of impulses of optical radiation, with aid of which a measurement error associated with the indeterminacy of the precise time at which impulse occurred between discrete readings of an analog-digital converter is reduced. The useful effect is, achieved by means of introducing a normalizing impulse converter which generates impulse electrical signals with a standard form which is not dependent on the form of the radiation impulses, and a corresponding procedure for digital signal processing..
 Rf-safe interventional or non-interventional instrument for use in an mri apparatus patent thumbnailRf-safe interventional or non-interventional instrument for use in an mri apparatus
An rf-safe interventional or a non-interventional instrument is disclosed for use during an mr imaging or mr examination of an examination object (a), which instrument is made of or comprises at least one longitudinal or elongated electrically conductive element (1, 3), especially in the form of a conductor or wire or line for feeding electrical signals, or in the form of the instrument itself or a component or a part thereof, which is not provided for feeding electrical signals but nevertheless electrically conductive, wherein all such elements are subject to rf common mode currents which are induced in the element when the instrument or element is exposed to an rf/mr excitation field generated during mr imaging or mr examination by means of an mr imaging apparatus. The instrument is made rf-safe by increasing the energy a loss of an oscillator which is represented by the conductor (1, 3) by means of a damping element (4; 6) in order to prevent or limit rf heating of the examination object (a) at or surrounding the conductor (1, 3)..
 Fume evacuating electrosurgical scalpel patent thumbnailFume evacuating electrosurgical scalpel
An improved electrosurgical scalpel, with fume evacuation, for generating electrical signals intended for applications to the body of a patient via an electrosurgical electrode is provided that includes a channel to evacuate fumes generated. An electrosurgical scalpel includes a handle with a receptacle portion of a conductive hollow member for mounting and retaining an electrode blade and evacuating fumes, an optional light source with a power source that may be encapsulated within the handle and a vacuum port for applying a vacuum source to draw fumes away from the electrode tip through the chanel.
 Method of fabrication of an array of graded refractive index microlenses integrated in a imager sensor patent thumbnailMethod of fabrication of an array of graded refractive index microlenses integrated in a imager sensor
Methods and devices that incorporate microlens arrays are disclosed. An image sensor includes a pixel layer and a dielectric layer.
 Power tool battery pack patent thumbnailPower tool battery pack
A power tool battery pack includes a lower side case, an upper side case fixed to the lower side case, a battery cell in the lower side case and a circuit board connected to the battery cell. A plurality of electrical signal terminals are arranged in parallel on the circuit board, and the circuit board includes at least one slit between adjacent pairs of the plurality of signal terminals to make it difficult for any water that reaches the circuit board to electrically short two of the signal terminals together.
 Fast optical receiver patent thumbnailFast optical receiver
A method for optical transmission of high speed data and an optical receiver for receiving such high speed data is provided. The method includes transmitting an optical signal having a first logic-high and first logic-low defining a first modulation amplitude that is sub-band modulated with a toggling signal having a first toggling amplitude with a first modulation index, receiving the optical signal with an optical receiver circuit and converting the optical signal to an intermediate electrical signal, ies, having: a second logic-high and a second logic-low defining a second modulation amplitude, and a second toggling amplitude having a second modulation index, providing a decision threshold relative to the ies as a function of the second modulation amplitude, and adjusting the threshold by determining the second toggling amplitude and adjusting the threshold relative to the ies based on proportionality between the second toggling amplitude and the second modulation amplitude.z..
 Optimizing optical systems using code division multiple access and/or orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing patent thumbnailOptimizing optical systems using code division multiple access and/or orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing
An optical receiver comprises an optical port configured to receive an encoded optical signal, and a demodulation block indirectly coupled to the port and comprising a multiplexer, wherein the multiplexer is configured to receive an encoded electrical signal, wherein the encoded electrical signal is associated with the encoded optical signal, and wherein the encoded electrical signal is encoded using a code division multiple access (cdma) scheme, receive a code associated with the scheme, perform a dot multiplication of the encoded electrical signal and the code, and generate a differential voltage based on the dot multiplication.. .
 Adjustable audio splitter patent thumbnailAdjustable audio splitter
An audio splitter receiving an incoming electrical signal defining an audio signal. The audio splitter receives an incoming signal and creates at least two identical channels having the same incoming signal.
High-resolution hyper-spectral orthographic imaging spectrometer
A camera concurrently produces an orthographic map and map spectral content. Illumination from an image passes through a phase modulator and the resulting rotating photo-flux phase is converted to an electrical signal by multiple adjacent sensors of detectors of array of detectors.
Solid-state image pickup element, method of driving the same, and camera system
Disclosed herein is a solid-state image pickup element, including a pixel portion in which plural pixels each including a photoelectric conversion element for converting an optical signal into an electrical signal and accumulating therein the resulting electrical signal in accordance with an exposure period of time are disposed in a matrix; and a pixel driving portion adapted to control operations of the pixels in rows so as to carry out an electronic shutter operation and a reading operation of the pixel portion.. .
Power-on reset circuit and display device using power-on reset circuit
A power-on reset circuit includes a voltage detector unit to output an electrical signal in response to a power supply voltage received from a power supply terminal, an inverter to output a reset signal according to a level of the electrical signal from the voltage detector unit, a first switch unit to be turned on or off in response to the reset signal from the inverter; a first discharge unit to discharge the electrical signal in response to the power supply voltage from the first switch unit, a second switch unit to be turned on according to a start pulse signal from an external device and to receive the power supply voltage from the power supply terminal, and a second discharge unit to discharge the electrical signal in response to the power supply voltage from the second switch.. .
Computer mouse
A computer mouse, wherein the electronic circuitry associated with the mouse is physically isolated from the outside environment by means of a sealed housing and the use of a non-physical coupling between the operating means and the movement centre which detects movement of the operating means and enables such movement to be translated into an electrical signal representative of the movement.. .
Contactless power supply and signal transmission through a cladding element for building parts
A planar cladding element(4) for surfaces of planar building parts, in particular in operating rooms, rooms prone to moisture or on building surfaces that are accessible for moisture, which cladding element is equipped with a transmission device (1) for electrical energy and/or electrical signals, which transmission device includes a supply module (5) for electrical energy and/or electrical signals and a discharge module (6) for electrical current and/or electrical signals, which modules can be releasably connected to each other in such a way that the electrical energy and/or the electrical signals can be transmitted, characterized in that in the transmission device (4) specified at the beginning the supply module (5) is arranged behind the cladding element (4) without an interruption, while the discharge module (6) is arranged in front of the cladding element (4) without an interruption, and in that both modules (5, 6) include elements for the inductive transmission of electrical energy and/or electrical signals from the supply module (5) to the discharge module (6) and/or in the case of electric signals in a reverse direction, as well as devices for fastening the discharge module (6) without an interruption and in a releasable manner. The invention also relates to correlating uses and methods..
Hermetic packaging of integrated circuit components
A method for forming an integrated circuit includes transforming at least a portion of a first substrate layer to form a conductive region within the first substrate layer. An integrated circuit device is provided proximate an outer surface of the first substrate layer.
Stress monitoring device of elasto-magneto-electric (eme) effect type
A stress monitoring device of elasto-magneto-electric (eme) effect type, for monitoring stress of a structural component of ferromagnetic materials, includes a magnetic field generating unit, a magneto-electric (me) sensing unit, a support skeleton, and a signal controlling and conditioning instrument. Under the control of the signal controlling and conditioning instrument, the magnetic field generating unit generates a magnetic field for magnetizing the structural component.
Low power test signal generator for medical equipment
A cardiac signal generator includes a portable housing, a memory, a processing device, a digital to analog converter, and at least one analog output. The memory stores programming instructions including instructions defining a plurality of mathematical relationships.
Acoustic-pulser feedback and power factor control of a hifu device
A method and system for adjusting a hifu device compensates for shifts in transducer impedance so that the acoustic output from a hifu transducer remains at a desired level. In accordance with a first aspect, the disclosure includes dynamically adjusting the tuning of a tuning network that causes the transducer/system to maintain an optimal power transfer to the acoustic output.
Pulsed infrared modulation of a photovoltaic cell cochlear implant for the multichannel electrical depolarization of spiral ganglion cells to achieve sound percept
A hearing assistance device for use with respect to a mastoid cavity and an ear canal with a tympanic membrane, external ear canal bone, incudo-stapedial joint of an ossicular chain and a cochlea having a round window membrane. The device includes a removable unit with a microphone to convert a received sound into electrical sound signals, and includes a digital audio signal processor to process the electrical sound signals into envelopes of the electrical sound signals, and includes an infrared transmitter to transmit the envelopes of sound signals as packages of infrared light pulses.
Dual-use catheter for continuous analyte measurement and drug delivery
A sensing assembly (10), including a body (12) and one or more first indicating electrodes disposed on the body (26). The first indicating electrodes include an electrochemically active layer (32) and a layer (38) of an active functioning enzyme of a first enzyme type on top of the electrochemically active layer.
Body monitoring system and method
A body monitoring system can include a wearable device, and a circuit for conducting electrical signals having an electrically conductive yarn knitted into the device. The circuit can further include a sensor circuit configured to sense a variable in an area of a body to which the device is applied.
System and method for determining proximity relative to a nerve
A system for determining proximity of a surgical device relative to nerve structure includes at least one surgical device having a sensor assembly operably coupled to a processing unit and configured to transmit at least one electrical signal generated by the processing unit through nerve structure to elicit a measurable response there from. The processing unit is configured to calculate a signature property value of nerve structure based on the measurable response and to determine proximity of the nerve structure to the surgical device based on the measurable response.
Object information acquiring apparatus and method of controlling same
Provided is an object information acquiring apparatus including a probe having a plurality of receiving elements that are arrayed along a first direction and receive an acoustic wave generated from an object irradiated with light from a light source and converting the acoustic wave into an electrical signal, a scanner that moves the probe in the first direction, a controller, and a generator that generates image data of inside of the object based on the electrical signal. The controller controls the apparatus such that light is emitted each time the probe is moved by a distance that is either (n+1/k) times or (n−1/k) times an array pitch between the receiving elements, where n is an integer of 1 or more and k is an integer of 2 or more..
High impedance signal detection systems and methods for use in electrocardiogram detection systems
A biomedical sensor system is disclosed that includes a high impedance conductive electrode having an electrode impedance of at least about 20 kω/sq-mil, and a dielectric material on a first side of the electrode for receiving a discharge of an electrical signal from the dielectric material responsive to the presence of a time varying signal adjacent a second side of the dielectric material that is opposite the first side.. .
Skin preparation device and biopotential sensor
The skin preparation device and sensor of the present invention include an array of rigid tines. The tines serve to “self-prepare” the skin at each electrode site.
Optical electro-mechanical hearing devices with separate power and signal components
A device to transmit an audio signal comprises at least one light source configured to transmit the audio signal with at least one wavelength of light. At least one detector is configured to detect the audio signal and generate at least one electrical signal in response to the at least one wavelength of light.
Device and method for predicting corrosion
The present disclosure provides a device for predicting corrosion in a tubular element that receives hydrocarbons. The device includes a housing, a first sensor, and a location tracking device.
Optical module for transferring optical signal to electrical singnal and optical module assembly used thereof
An optical module (8) set on a substrate (6) for assembling with a fiber (72) and includes a resin seat (1), an optical member (2) assembled on the resin seat (1) for receiving and transferring light signals sent by the fiber (72) to electrical signals and a connecting member (3) set on the optical member (2), the optical member (2) includes a first surface (21) perpendicular to the fiber (72) and a second surface (22) opposite to the first surface (21), the first surface (21) faces to the fiber (72), the connecting member (3) set on the first surface (21) of the optical member (2) and soldered to the substrate (6).. .
Enhanced low inductance interconnections between electronic and opto-electronic integrated circuits
A configuration for routing electrical signals between a conventional electronic integrated circuit (ic) and an opto-electronic subassembly is formed as an array of signal paths carrying oppositely-signed signals on adjacent paths to lower the inductance associated with the connection between the ic and the opto-electronic subassembly. The array of signal paths can take the form of an array of wirebonds between the ic and the subassembly, an array of conductive traces formed on the opto-electronic subassembly, or both..
Method and device for communications and for broadcasting sounds
Device for emitting acoustic signals, includes: an upstream bulb cap; a light source including at least one light-emitting diode, powered by the bulb cap; and an electroacoustic transducer, powered by the bulb cap. A reception unit for receiving radio signals representative of a sound signal emitted by the electroacoustic transducer, receives radio signals emitted by at least one first system utilizing at least the bluetooth specification.
User device having plurality of microphones and operating method thereof
A user device having a plurality of microphones and an operating method thereof are provided. The user device includes a plurality of microphones for converting sounds into electrical signals, an analysis unit for analyzing acoustic characteristics of the electrical signals outputted from the plurality of microphones, a switch unit for electrically connecting a specific microphone and a host device according to the analysis result of the analysis unit, and the host device for executing a function using an electrical signal outputted from the specific microphone.
X-ray imaging device and method of controlling the same
The x-ray imaging device includes an x-ray source to generate x-rays and emit the x-rays to an object, an x-ray detector to detect x-rays transmitted through the object and convert the x-rays into an electrical signal, an object contact area mounted on the x-ray detector a compression paddle to compress the object disposed on the object contact area, a heat source to generate heat and transfer the heat to at least one of the object contact area and the compression paddle, and an insulation member formed between the object contact area and the x-ray detector to block transfer of heat to the x-ray detector.. .
Acousto-optic image capture device
An acousto-optic image capture device includes: an acoustic wave source to irradiating an object with an acoustic wave; an acoustic lens system which transforms a scattered wave from the object into a plane acoustic wave; an acousto-optic medium portion which is arranged so that the scattered wave transmitted through the acoustic lens system is incident there; a light source to emit a light beam in which monochromatic rays of light with different traveling directions are superposed and which is incident on the acousto-optic medium portion; an imaging lens system which condenses diffracted rays of light of the plane wave monochromatic rays of light produced by the acousto-optic medium portion; and an image receiving member which detects the rays of light condensed by the imaging lens system to output an electrical signal. The acoustic lens system includes at least two reflecting mirrors..
Camera body
A camera body, to which a lens unit configured to form an optical image of a subject is attachable, comprises a body mount to which the lens unit is attachable, an imaging element configured to convert the optical image of the subject into an electrical signal, and a shutter unit. The shutter unit is disposed between the body mount and the imaging element and provided so that an optical path can be blocked between the lens unit and the imaging element.
Solid-state image sensor and camera system
There is provided a solid-state image sensor including a pixel array unit in which pixels are arrayed, the pixel including a photodiode converting an optical signal into an electrical signal, and a readout unit which reads out an analog image signal from the pixel to a signal line and processes the read out analog pixel signal in a unit of column. The readout unit includes a ΔΣ modulator which has a function to convert the analog pixel signal in to a digital signal, and an amplifier which is arranged on an input side of the ΔΣ modulator and amplifies the analog pixel signal read out to the signal line using a set gain to input the signal to the ΔΣ modulator..
Emergency traffic light system
An emergency traffic system is provided. The emergency traffic system may include a power source, a battery, an emergency traffic light, a light sensor, a mounting assemblage, a computer and an existing traffic light system.
Systems and method for laser voltage imaging state mapping
An apparatus and method for laser probing of a dut is disclosed. The system enables laser voltage imaging state mapping of devices within the dut.
Hybrid carbon-metal interconnect structures
Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards techniques and configurations for hybrid carbon-metal interconnect structures in integrated circuit assemblies. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a substrate, a metal interconnect layer disposed on the substrate and configured to serve as a growth initiation layer for a graphene layer and the graphene layer, wherein the graphene layer is formed directly on the metal interconnect layer, the metal interconnect layer and the graphene layer being configured to route electrical signals.
Optical communication module
An optical communication module has a conversion element, a bendable conductive plate, a first resin cast body, a second resin cast body, and a lens part. The conversion element converts an optical signal to an electrical signal or an electrical signal to an optical signal.
Method and system for a feedback transimpedance amplifier with sub-40khz low-frequency cutoff
A system for a feedback amplifier with sub-40khz low-frequency cutoff is disclosed and may include amplifying electrical signals received via coupling capacitors utilizing an amplifier having feedback paths comprising source followers and feedback resistors. Gate terminals of the source followers may be coupled to output terminals of the amplifier circuit.
Optical receiver with fast recovery time
A photoelectric receiver circuit for converting an optical signal to an electrical signal is presented. The receiver includes a photodetector connected between a transimpedance amplifier input and a high voltage supply providing a bias voltage to the photodetector.
First time right placement of a dbs lead
The disclosure is directed to a deep brain stimulation (dbs) lead having a distal end for providing therapeutic electrical stimulation to tissue in a stimulation target area of a patient's brain, comprising an array of one or more stimulation elements and sensing elements located at the distal end of the lead; each of the one or more stimulation elements is capable of providing electrical stimulation to the brain tissue in the target area; and each of the one or more sensing elements is capable of detecting electrical signals produced by nerve cells within the brain; wherein after the first implantation of the lead into the brain along a trajectory that is pre-determined by non-surgical procedures, the array of stimulation and sensing elements is capable of facilitating the location of the target area and the determination for each of the stimulation elements of the required stimulation parameters needed to provide the therapeutic stimulation to the brain tissue in the stimulation target area, without requiring any additional implantations of the lead after the first implantation. A stimulation system including the dbs lead and a pulse generator is disclosed.
Ablation catheter
Devices, systems and methods are disclosed for the mapping of electrical signals and the ablation of tissue. Embodiments include an ablation catheter that has an array of ablation elements attached to a deployable carrier assembly.
Heart rate detection apparatus
A heart rate detection apparatus includes a signal acquisition device for acquiring an intra-aural vibration wave signal and converting the intra-aural vibration wave signal into an intra-aural vibration electrical signal; and an arithmetic processing device for processing the intra-aural vibration electrical signal by computing to generate heart rate information. In the prior art, the heart rate detection apparatus cannot accurately and reliably detect the heart rate information due to the weak optical signal detected by a sensor.
Biometric information processing device, biometric information processing method, and control program
A biometric information processing device includes a main case that is designed to be worn on a body of a user. The main case includes a battery unit that provides power to a pulse sensor, a processing unit that determines a biometric information of the user based on information from the pulse sensor, a display unit that displays at least one of the biometric information and a calorie expenditure information spent by the user, and a rotation stop unit that is formed in unison with the main case and is disposed at a 6 o'clock side of the main case, and has an electrical circuit to send an electrical signal to the processing unit..
Heart rate data collection
One innovative aspect is directed to heart rate data collection. In some implementations, a circuit includes a light detector for generating a first electrical signal based on received light.
Pressure regulating syringe and method therefor
A pressure regulating syringe comprises a barrel assembly terminating with a tubular tip positionable in fluid communication with a fluid chamber, a plunger that is manually and axially displaceable within a barrel of the barrel assembly, a pressure sensor mounted onto the plunger adjacent to its distal end, for generating one or more electrical signals representative of a change in pressure within the fluid chamber, circuitry housed within the plunger for processing the generated signals, and a display mounted on the plunger for displaying an output indicative of the processed signals. The output is changeable upon axial displacement of the plunger when the tubular tip is positioned in fluid communication with the fluid chamber, which is for example a cuff surrounding a medical tube.
Transceiver and interface for ic package
An interconnect system includes a first circuit board, first and second connectors connected to the first circuit board, and a transceiver including an optical engine and arranged to receive and transmit electrical and optical signals through a cable, to convert optical signals received from the cable into electrical signals, and to convert electrical signals received from the first connector into optical signals to be transmitted through the cable. The transceiver is arranged to mate with the first and second connectors so that at least some converted electrical signals are transmitted to the first connector and so that at least some electrical signals received from the cable are transmitted to the second connector..
Electronic compensation of cross-phase modulation
An optical signal (116) is modulated with a transmitted electrical signal comprising an information-bearing component (122) and a pilot tone (120) having a predetermined frequency. Transmission of the signal results in distortion, including nonlinear optical transmission impairments.
Optical transceiver device
An optical transceiver device has an optical transceiver component, an o/e conversion substrate and a switch control substrate. The optical transceiver component is connected to the first, second optical fiber network equipments for the transmission of optical signal, respectively.
Imaging system
An imaging system comprises: a plurality of pixels each for converting light, converted from radiation by a conversion unit, into an electrical signal; an extracting unit that extracts, based on an image formed based on output signals from the pixels, a pixel with noise generated by the radiation that has transmitted through the conversion unit to arrive at the pixels; and a correcting unit that performs correction to remove the noise with respect to an output signal from the extracted pixel, wherein the extracting unit extracts the pixel with the noise by performing division between first and second images, the first image being formed based on the output signals from the pixels in accordance with the radiation to the conversion unit during a first period, the second image being formed based on these output signals in accordance with that radiation during a second period after the first period.. .
Infrared imaging device and infrared imaging module
An infrared imaging module according to an embodiment includes: an infrared imaging element including a semiconductor substrate having a recessed portion, and a pixel portion formed on the recessed portion, the pixel portion converting infrared rays to electrical signals; and a lid including a lens portion facing the pixel portion, and a flat plate portion surrounding the lens portion, the flat plate portion being bonded to the semiconductor substrate.. .
Vehicle glass damage detection and reporting method
A method to detect objects striking the windshield or other glass in a vehicle and report this at the conclusion of a vehicle rental transaction. A microphone or other device capable of detecting the sound of objects striking the windshield or glass of a vehicle is used to convert the sound into an electrical signal which is further processed and results of a suspected glass strikes are stored.
Capactitive switch, apparatus for transceiving signal, and manufacturing method thereof
A capacitive switch includes: a first conductive cantilever, a second conductive cantilever, a substrate, a coplanar waveguide arranged on the substrate, the coplanar waveguide includes a first conductor configured to transmit an electrical signal, a second conductor and a third conductor are arranged as ground wires on two sides of the first conductor; an insulation medium layer is arranged on the first conductor, a conducting layer is arranged on the insulation medium layer; the first conductive cantilever is connected to the second conductor by using a first fixed end, the second conductive cantilever is connected to the third conductor by using a second fixed end; when a direct-current signal is transmitted on the capacitive switch, a first free end of the first conductive cantilever and a second free end of the second conductive cantilever contact the conducting layer.. .
Signal analyzer for nuclear magnetic flowmeters
A signal analyzer for nuclear magnetic flowmeters is provided. The signal analyzer can be placed in a power signal path between a signal generator that generates an electric excitation signal and an electrical load.
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for powering electronics in smart covers
Example method, apparatus, and computer program product embodiments are disclosed for wireless powering of passive objects contained in a functional exchangeable cover of an apparatus. Example embodiments of the invention include a method comprising: receiving, by an apparatus, a signal indicating that a functional exchangeable cover attached to the apparatus requests optical powering, the signal being at least one of a mechanical signal, an electrical signal, or a wireless signal; switching on, by the apparatus, an optical energy source in the apparatus in response to received signal; and transmitting, by the apparatus, from the optical energy source, optical power to the functional exchangeable cover attached to the apparatus..

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