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Electrical Signal patents

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Electrode system for electrical stimulation

Halo Neuro

Electrode system for electrical stimulation

Electrode system for electrical stimulation

Keysight Technologies

Optical bandwidth interleaving

Date/App# patent app List of recent Electrical Signal-related patents
 Vehicle controlling apparatus installed on steering wheel patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle controlling apparatus installed on steering wheel
A vehicle controlling apparatus installed on a steering wheel includes an acoustic wave sensor disposed on the steering wheel of a vehicle, the sensor converting an acoustic wave signal generated by an input from the outside into an electrical signal. A controller is configured to analyze the electrical signal received from the acoustic wave sensor to recognize a pattern depending on the input from the outside and perform an operation depending on the recognized pattern..
Hyundai Motor Company
 System and  animal-human neural interface patent thumbnailnew patent System and animal-human neural interface
Aspects of the invention include system and method for transmitting neural data extracted from an electrical signal of a non-human mammal to a human. The system includes an electrode implantable into the animal auditory nerve, brainstem, or midbrain of the non-human mammal, configured to record the electrical signal of the non-human mammal, the electrical signal being in the form of sequences of pulses or pulse trains encoding frequency information of the non-human mammal, a processing device electrically coupled with the electrode, configured to process the electrical signal and convert the processed electrical signal into a digital signal, a transmitting device electrically coupled with the processing device, configured to transmit the digital signal, and a receiving device electrically coupled with the transmitting device, configured to receive the transmitted digital signal, convert the received digital signal into a sensory output perceptible to the human, and apply the sensory output to the human..
Northwestern University
 Systems and methods for treating essential tremor or restless leg syndrome using spinal cord stimulation patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for treating essential tremor or restless leg syndrome using spinal cord stimulation
A method for treating essential tremor or restless leg syndrome using spinal cord stimulation includes implanting a lead near a spinal cord of a patient. The lead includes a plurality of electrodes disposed on a distal end of the lead and electrically coupled to at least one contact terminal disposed on a proximal end of the lead.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation
 Electrode system for electrical stimulation patent thumbnailnew patent Electrode system for electrical stimulation
A system for electrically stimulating and/or detecting bioelectrical signals of a user comprising: an array of permeable bodies configured to absorb a solution that facilitates electrical coupling with a body region of the user; a housing defining an array of protrusions conforming to the body region and comprising: an array of channels distributed across the array of protrusions, each channel at least partially surrounding a permeable body, configured to deliver the solution to the permeable body, and comprising a barrier that prevents passage of the permeable body past the barrier, and a manifold configured to distribute the solution to the array of channels; and a coupling subsystem comprising a first electrical coupling region in electrical communication with an interior of the manifold, wherein the first electrical coupling region is configured to couple to a second electrical coupling region that couples the first electrical coupling region to the electronics subsystem.. .
Halo Neuro, Inc.
 Exercise apparatus capable of calculating stride length patent thumbnailnew patent Exercise apparatus capable of calculating stride length
An exercise apparatus including a drive mechanism including a first pedal and a second pedal each operable between a first position and a second position. At least one shaft in communication with the first pedal and the second pedal such that movement of either of the first or second pedal results in rotation of the shaft.
 Assay label patent thumbnailnew patent Assay label
This invention relates to an assay label comprising an amorphous carbon particle, a functionalised dextran polymer attached to the surface of the carbon particle and a first member of a complementary binding pair covalently bonded to the functionalised dextran polymer. The invention also provides a device incorporating the assay label, which further comprises a radiation source adapted to generate a series of pulses of electromagnetic radiation at a wavelength such that the absorption of the radiation by the label generates energy by non-radiative decay; a sample chamber containing a transducer having a pyroelectric or piezoelectric element and electrodes which is capable of transducing energy generated by non-radiative decay into an electrical signal; and a detector which is capable of detecting the electrical signal generated by the transducer..
Vivacta Limited
 Cross-talk reduction in a bidirectional optoelectronic device patent thumbnailnew patent Cross-talk reduction in a bidirectional optoelectronic device
A bidirectional optoelectronic device comprises a photodetector, a light source, and a drive circuit for the light source. The light source has first and second electrical leads for receiving an input electrical signal, and the drive circuit can be arranged to apply first and second portions of the input electrical signal to the first and second electrical leads, respectively, wherein the second portion of the input electrical signal is a scaled, inverted substantial replica of the first portion of the input electrical signal.
Hoya Corporation Usa
 Optical-waveguide-element module patent thumbnailnew patent Optical-waveguide-element module
An object of the present invention is to provide an optical waveguide element module where the bonding wires can be prevented from disengaging or disconnecting so as to provide high reliability. Another object is to provide an optical waveguide element module that can be made compact and where an increase in the manufacturing cost can be minimized.
Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd.
 Gaze based directional microphone patent thumbnailnew patent Gaze based directional microphone
According to the invention, a system for converting sound to electrical signals is disclosed. The system may include a gaze tracking device and a microphone.
Tobii Technology Ab
 Optical bandwidth interleaving patent thumbnailnew patent Optical bandwidth interleaving
A method of processing an optical input signal comprises transmitting the optical input signal through first and second signal paths, mixing the optical input signal with first and second local oscillator (lo) signals in the respective first and second signal paths to produce first and second electrical signals corresponding to different portions of a frequency spectrum of the optical input signal, and combining the first and second electrical signals to produce a coherent time-domain output signal.. .
Keysight Technologies, Inc.
new patent

Motor polarity testing of a dual stage actuated disk drive head suspension

Methods and apparatus concern testing a disk drive suspension. Testing includes moving a first portion of a suspension relative to a second portion.
Hutchinson Technology Incorporated
new patent

Image sensors with interconnects in cover layer

An image sensor die may include a pixel array formed in an image sensor substrate and covered by a transparent cover layer. The transparent cover layer may be attached to the image sensor substrate using adhesive.
Aptina Imaging Corporation
new patent

Terminal for electronic book content replay and electronic book content replay method

A terminal for playing electronic book content includes vibration generation elements that are subdivided and arranged along a display screen of a touch panel, a vibration generation unit that supplies an electrical signal to the vibration generation elements to generate vibration, a page position detection unit that detects a page position of a page image of electronic book content displayed on the display screen, a contact detection unit, a contact range calculation unit and a movement state calculation unit that detect a page turning manipulation for the page image in a manipulation position on the display screen, and a vibration control unit that performs control to vibrate the vibration generation element corresponding to the manipulation position at a strength corresponding to the page position of the page image when the page turning manipulation is detected.. .
Ntt Docomo, Inc.
new patent

Variable gain amplifier for bar code reader

A system and method for controlling an amplifier in a bar code reader are disclosed, wherein the method may include receiving light at a photodiode within the bar code reader from a bar code being scanned by a scan mirror powered by a scan motor; converting the received light into an initial electrical signal; determining whether the scan motor is undergoing a change in direction; establishing a gain value for the amplifier based on an outcome of the determining step; and amplifying the initial electrical signal into an amplified signal using the established gain value.. .
Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
new patent

Apparatuses and methods for manipulating droplets

Apparatuses and methods for manipulating droplets are disclosed. In one embodiment, an apparatus for manipulating droplets is provided, the apparatus including a substrate, multiple arrays of electrodes disposed on the substrate, wherein corresponding electrodes in each array are connected to a common electrical signal, and a dielectric layer disposed on the substrate first side surface and patterned to cover the electrodes..
Duke University
new patent

Measurement tape for an elevator device

A measurement tape is proposed for determining the position of a cab in an elevator shaft, wherein the measurement tape is situated vertically in the elevator shaft, and extends over at least two floors, and wherein the measurement tape includes a marking unit for marking at least two positions in the elevator shaft, wherein the marking unit runs along the length of the measurement tape. In order to improve servicing, the measurement tape includes a carrier tape and has a transmission device for transmitting information, wherein the transmission device includes at least one communication line for transmitting an information signal and/or at least one supply line for supplying power, and the at least one communication line/supply lines runs along the length of the measurement tape, wherein the communication line is designed as an electrical line for transmitting an electrical signal or as a fiberglass line for transmitting an optical signal..
Cedes Ag

Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and program

Devices, methods, and programs for monitoring electrical devices. A method for monitoring an electrical device may include obtaining data representing a sum of electrical signals of electrical devices; processing the data with a factorial hidden markov model (fhmm) to produce an estimate of an electrical signal of a first of the electrical devices; and outputting the estimate of the electrical signal of the first electrical device.
Informetis Corporation

Systems and methods for multimedia tactile augmentation

The present disclosure described methods and systems for multimedia tactile augmentation. At least one method includes identifying media content loaded on a first computer, locating instructions stored on a second computer (said instructions corresponding to the content), initiating playback of the content, and synchronizing the instructions with the content.

Dual coil loudspeaker system

A dual coil loudspeaker system having a voice coil having a first coil configured to receive a first electrical signal from a first source, and a second coil configured to receive a second electrical signal from a second source different from the first source; a field magnet configured to generate a magnetic field that interacts with magnetic fields created by the first coil and the second coil; and a diaphragm connected to the voice coil such that the diaphragm is displaced in response to energization of at least one of the first coil and the second coil.. .
The Boeing Company

Apparatus and x-ray phase contrast imaging

An x-ray phase contrast imaging apparatus and method of operating the same. The apparatus passes x-rays generated by an x-ray source through, in succession, a source grating, an object of interest, a phase grating, and an analyzer grating.
University Of Massachusetts Medical School

Hybrid relay

A relay (1) includes a motor (20) and a primary electrical switch assembly (132). Primary electrical switching attachment points (113) are switched by a moveable switching link (101) which is moved in and out of the switch on an switched off position axially by the motor (20) in response to electrical signals delivered to the coil (26) via the flexible leads (32, 33).
Zonit Structured Solutions, Llc

High-resolution imaging and processing increasing the range of a geometric dimension of a part that can be determined

A high-resolution imaging and processing method and system for increasing the range of a geometric dimension of a part that can be determined are provided. The method includes directing at least one plane of collimated radiation at a surface of the part.
Gii Acquisition, Llc Dba General Inspection, Llc

Optical coherence tomography imaging systems and methods

Optical coherence tomography imaging systems and methods are disclosed. According to an aspect, an optical coherence tomography imaging system includes a scanner configured to obtain images and to convert the images to electrical signals.

Inkjet print head health detection

A method and apparatus for self-sensing the detection of print head conditions on high resolution/multiple nozzle piezoelectric ink jet print heads resulting in increased ink jet efficiency and reduced ejection failure with no use of ink. This is done by creating a pressure wave in an ink-fillable ink jet head ejection chamber where the intensity of the induced pressure wave is below a threshold value necessary to produce ejection of a normal sized ink drop through the nozzle.
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated

Conversion of analog signal into multiple time-domain data streams corresponding to different portions of frequency spectrum and recombination of those streams into single time-domain data stream

An electrical signal is processed by digitizing the electrical signal to produce a stream of digitized data in the time domain, wherein the stream has an original frequency spectrum, transmitting the stream to n signal paths (n>1), and down-converting and filtering the stream in each of the n signal paths to produce n streams of digitized data in the time domain, wherein the n streams have n frequency spectra, respectively, and the n frequency spectra cover n different portions of the original frequency spectrum, respectively.. .
Keysight Technologies, Inc.

Multi-functional measuring and waveform-generating equipment with probe

There is provided a multi-functional measuring and waveform-generating equipment with a probe. The equipment is capable of measuring element values of electric or electronic devices and electrical quantities such as a voltage, and generating electrical signals with various waveforms.
Inje University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation

Method and system for authenticating a device

Method for authenticating a timepiece comprising measuring acoustic vibrations emitted by said timepiece to obtain an electrical signal indicating magnitude information comprising a variation of a magnitude of the measured acoustic vibrations as a function of time. The electrical signal comprises at least one specific tone associated with the presence of a quartz resonator in the timepiece.
Sicpa Holding Sa

Method and system for authenticating using a quartz oscillator

A timepiece having at least one quartz oscillator and/or at least one transducer. A method for authenticating a timepiece includes measuring acoustic vibrations emitted by the timepiece to obtain an electrical signal, performing a transform of said electrical signal into at least one domain, extracting identification information from the transformed electrical signal, comparing the extracted information with at least one reference information, and determining an authenticity of said timepiece based on the comparing..
Sicpa Holding Sa

Video configuration file editor for visual prosthesis fitting

A method of editing a video configuration file downloadable to or from a video processing unit of a fitting system for a visual prosthesis is shown. The visual prosthesis has a plurality of electrodes and the video configuration file defines mapping of a video signal captured from a camera of the visual prosthesis to an electrical signal for the electrodes.
Second Sight Medical Products, Inc.

Selective recruitment and activation of fiber types in nerves for the control of undesirable brain state changes

We disclose methods and medical device systems for selectively recruiting a nerve fiber type within a cranial nerve, a peripheral nerve or a spinal root. Such a method may comprise applying a first pressure, a heating, and/or a cooling to a second location of the nerve, the pressure, heating, or cooling sufficient to substantially block at least one of activation or conduction in at least one fiber population through the second location of the nerve for a blocking time period; and applying an electrical signal to a first location during the blocking time period..

Systems, articles and methods for signal routing in wearable electronic devices

Wearable electronic devices that employ techniques for routing signals between components are described. An exemplary wearable electronic device includes a set of pod structures with each pod structure positioned adjacent and physically coupled to at least one other pod structure.
Thalmic Labs Inc.

Modular personal watercraft

Personal watercraft and watercraft power systems that include a power pod for supporting a power plant and a propulsion unit. An engine or an electric motor and a pump assembly are enclosed in the power pod.
Bomboard Llc.

Wireless power transmission across a rotating interface

A method for enabling the transmission of power between two mutually rotating members without the use of wires or heavy inductive bundles has been invented in which the electrical signal is first converted an electro-magnetic wave, such as an optical or infrared beam, then transmit across the rotational interface using a fiber optic rotation joint, or similar device, and then finally converting that beam back into electrical power.. .
Princetel Inc.

High-reliability active optical cable (aoc) with redundant emitters

An apparatus includes an array of electro-optical transducers, control circuitry, and a connector housing. The electro-optical transducers are configured to convert between electrical signals and respective optical signals conveyed over respective optical fibers.
Mellanox Technologies Ltd.

Method and system for gas temperature measurement

A temperature measurement system includes a plurality of filaments. The plurality of filaments are configured to emit thermal radiation in a relatively broad and substantially continuous wavelength band at least partially representative of a temperature of the plurality of filaments.
General Electric Company

Spectral characteristic acquisition apparatus, image evaluation apparatus, and image forming apparatus

A spectral characteristic acquisition apparatus includes a light emitting part configured to emit light onto an object, a light dividing part configured to divide the light reflected from the object into multiple light beams by multiple aperture parts of the light dividing part, a dispersing part configured to form multiple diffraction images corresponding to the aperture parts by spectrally dispersing the light beams, a light receiving part including an array of spectral sensors that receive the diffraction images at substantially the same position on their respective light receiving surfaces and convert the received diffraction images into electrical signals, and an operation part configured to compute a spectral characteristic of the object based on the electrical signals.. .
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Dielectric biasing circuit for transformers and inductors

A transformer is configured to receive an input electrical signal at input nodes and supply an output electrical signal at output nodes. The transformer includes windings wound on the core between the input and output nodes.
The Quest Group

A device for inspecting an organic light-emitting display apparatus includes a power supply unit, a power receiving unit, a wiring location sensing unit, and a control unit. The power supply unit applies an ac signal to each of wirings arranged in the organic light-emitting display apparatus.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.

Device for the detection of the p, r, n, d, m+, m and m- positions of a control lever of a gearbox of an automotive vehicle

A device is mounted with a capability for angular movement in a mounting unit, the movement being detected by an element that is able to send electrical signals within a processing unit. The element consist of a single 2d hall-effect sensor able to measure the rotations of the magnetic field, the sensor being mounted in close proximity to a dual magnet to measure two rotations of the lever in two planes, each corresponding to the p, r, n, d and m+, m and m− positions..
Dura Automotive Systems Sas

System and providing power via a spurious-noise-free switching device

A switching power converter includes a converter input configured to receive a first electrical signal, and a converter output configured to supply a second electrical signal at a desired voltage. The switching power also converter includes a control circuit for controlling one or more switches to produce the desired voltage.
Iowa State University Research Foundation, Inc.

Methods of segmented through hole formation using dual diameter through hole edge trimming

Cost effective and efficient methods to maximize printed circuit board (pcb) utilization with minimized signal degradation are provided. The methods include electrically isolating a segmented via structure by controlling the formation of a conductive material within a plated via structure by utilizing different diameter drills within a via structure for trimming the conductive material at the via shoulder (i.e., the rim of a drilled two diameter hole boundary).
Sanmina Corporation

Inertial force sensor and electronic device using same

An inertial force sensor includes the following elements: a sensor element for converting an inertial force into an electrical signal; a sensor signal processor connected to the sensor element, for outputting an inertial force value; and a power controller for controlling electric power supply to the sensor signal processor, based on the inertial force value. When the inertial force value is maintained for a predetermined time period within a predetermined range in which a reference value is the middle value of the range, the power controller reduces the electric power supply to the sensor signal processor and updates the reference value to the inertial force value obtained after a lapse of the predetermined time period..
Panasonic Corporation

Visualization of a functional sequence of a medical apparatus

Visualization of a functional sequence of a medical apparatus includes accepting a mathematical model describing at least the medical apparatus, and accepting a log file. The log file includes at least one value of at least one electrical signal of the medical apparatus during the functional sequence.

Method for determining a brake pressure value on the basis of characteristic curves

A method for determining a value of a brake pressure modulated by a pneumatic channel of a braking value encoder having at least one electrical channel, in a braking device of a vehicle, including: (a) a first characteristic curve, in which the dependence of the signals, modulated by the at least one electrical sensor, on the degree of activation of the braking value encoder is represented, is determined and stored; (b) a second characteristic curve, in which the dependence of the brake pressure values, modulated by the channel, on the electrical signals detected by the sensor is represented, is determined and stored; and (c) the brake pressure value corresponding to a specific braking request as a result of activation of the encoder is determined based on the first and second characteristic curves.. .

Self-balance mobile carrier

A self-balance mobile carrier is provided in the present invention. The self-balance mobile carrier includes a first direction load cell, a second direction load cell, a third direction load cell, a fourth direction load cell, a motion apparatus and a control circuit.
Generalplus Technology Inc.

Hyperspectral imaging systems, units, and methods

A hyperspectral imaging system, including: at least one hyperspectral imaging unit, including: at least one lens configured to direct light scattered by, reflected by, or transmitted through a target medium to at least one hyperspectral filter arrangement configured to separate the light into discrete spectral bands; an imaging sensor to: receive the discrete spectral bands from the at least one hyperspectral filter arrangement; detect light by a plurality of pixels for each of the spectral bands; and generate electrical signals based at least in part on at least a portion of the light; and at least one image processor in communication with the at least one imaging sensor and configured to generate hyperspectral image data associated with the target medium; and at least one processor configured to determine biological data based at least partially on at least a portion of the hyperspectral image data.. .
Scanadu Incorporated

Analog optical fiber-based signal distribution system and method

In an analog, fiber-based signal distribution system, a periodic electrical signal is frequency-multiplied by a factor of n, is converted to an optical signal, is optically amplified, is split among one or more optical fibers, is delivered by fiber to one or more remote units, is converted back to an electrical signal, is frequency-divided by the factor of n back to its original frequency, and can be used to generate synchronized clock signals at the remote units. The optical amplifier imparts a phase noise that is relatively independent of frequency, so that the phase noise contribution from the optical amplifier is advantageously decreased when the frequency divider reduces the frequency of the electrical signal.
Raytheon Company

Double capacity pluggable optics

The methods, systems, and apparatuses described in this disclosure enable the use of pluggable optics such that two outgoing connections or two incoming connections can support the use of dual transmitter optics and/or dual receiver optics. The forward and/or reverse capacity of an optical network can be doubled using two transmitters and/or receivers operating in parallel.
Arris Enterprises, Inc.

Vad detection microphone and operating the same

A microphone includes a microelectromechanical system (mems) circuit and an integrated circuit. The mems circuit is configured to convert a voice signal into an electrical signal, and the integrated circuit is coupled to the mems circuit and is configured to receive the electrical signal.
Knowles Electronics, Llc

Radiographic imaging device, radiographic imaging system, control radiographic imaging device and program storage medium

A radiographic imaging device includes: a radiation detector including plural pixels, each including a sensor portion and a switching element; a detection unit that detects a radiation irradiation start if an electrical signal caused by charges generated in the sensor portion satisfies a specific irradiation detection condition, and/or if an electrical signal caused by charges generated in a radiation sensor portion that is different from the sensor portion satisfies a specific irradiation detection condition; and a control unit that determines whether or not noise caused by external disturbance has occurred after the detection unit has detected the radiation irradiation start, and if the noise has occurred, that stops a current operation of the radiation detector, and causes the detection unit to perform detection.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Power distribution device and assembling method thereof

A power distribution device for connection with a plurality of power supply units includes a signal control element, a transmission mechanism including a current transmission unit and a ground transmission unit, and a plurality of electrical connectors respectively adapted for insertion of and connection with the power supply units. Each electrical connector includes a first conductive terminals electrically connected to the signal control element for transmitting an electrical signal to the signal control element, and a plurality of second conductive terminals electrically connected to the current and ground transmission units for transmitting current to the current and ground transmission units..
Lite-on Technology Corp.

Variable-shape optical element

Provided is a variable-shape optical element including a variable-shape lens, an actuator connected to the variable-shape lens, and a support configured to support the actuator. Here, the actuator may vary in shape according to an electrical signal..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Potentiostat reference electrode interface

A method for shielding an electrical signal without substantially degrading the system speed or substantially increasing the bulk of the system is provided. The method includes applying a first signal to a conductor coupled to the electrode, applying a second signal to a shield substantially surrounding the conductor, blocking electrical interference to the first signal, and increasing an effective impedance on the electrode coupled to the conductor.
Xagenic Inc.

Systems and methods for robust and modular synthetic jet cooling

A modular synthetic cooling jet apparatus for cooling at least one electronic component and including a first synthetic cooling jet is provided. The first synthetic cooling jet includes a first piezoelectric element, and a first pair of plates coupled to the first piezoelectric element.
General Electric Company

Fluid injector and operating a fluid injector

A fluid injector includes a valve body, a valve needle and axially moveable in the valve body between a closing position that prevents a fluid injection and further positions that permit the fluid injection, an armature coupled to the valve needle for displacing the valve needle away from the closing position, and a solenoid assembly including at least a first and second coil and operable to magnetically actuate the armature via an electrical signal. A method for operating the fluid injector includes applying the electrical signal to the first coil to generate a magnetic field to move the armature for displacing the valve needle away from the closing position, evaluating a voltage across terminals of the first coil, and controlling the second coil with a further electrical signal to saturate a magnetic field in a portion of the valve body between the armature and solenoid assembly during evaluating the voltage..
Continental Automotive Gmbh

Apparatus for detecting rotational speed and manufacturing same

An apparatus for detecting rotational speed includes a lead wire having a signal line covered with a sheath layer and a rotational speed detector connected to the lead wire and outputting an electrical signal corresponding to an object rotation. The apparatus for detecting rotational speed further includes a housing having the rotational speed detector inside and a resin stay integrally holding the housing and the lead wire.
Denso Corporation

System for providing an electrical activity map

The invention relates to a system for providing an electrical cardiac activity map by means of electrical signals acquired by a plurality of surface electrodes on an outer surface of a living being (6). A cardiac structure position determination unit (12) determines a position of a cardiac structure, in particular, of the epicardial surface, based on provided projection images, wherein an anatomical cardiac model is adapted to the projection images.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Methods and systems for determining vascular bodily lumen information and guiding medical devices

Methods and systems for determining information about a vascular bodily lumen are described. An exemplary method includes generating an electrical signal, delivering the electrical signal to a plurality of excitation elements in the vicinity of the vascular bodily lumen, measuring a responsive electrical signal from a plurality of sensing elements in response to the delivered electrical signal, and determining a lumen dimension.
Angiometrix Corporation

Methods, systems and appartuses for using flexible triggered segmentation to optimize magnetic resonance imaging

A method for using flexible triggered segmentation to optimize magnetic resonance imaging includes partitioning a k-space table into a plurality of k-space segments, each respective k-space segment comprising one or more phase-encoding steps from a plurality of slice-encoding lines. A cardiac cycle is monitored using an electrical signal tracking system and used to trigger acquisition of the plurality of k-space segments over a plurality of acquisition windows..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Amperometric sensor and its manufacturing

An in vivo amperometric sensor is provided for measuring the concentration of an analyte in a body fluid. The sensor comprises a counter electrode and a working electrode, and the working electrode comprises a sensing layer which is generally water permeable and arranged on a support member adjacent to a contact pad.
Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.

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