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Electrical Signal patents

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Charge level communications for wireless power transfer


Charge level communications for wireless power transfer

Optical transceiver


Optical transceiver

Optical transceiver

Eutelsat S A

Method for establishing radiofrequency links

Date/App# patent app List of recent Electrical Signal-related patents
 Oven appliance having resistive touchscreen and  operating same patent thumbnailOven appliance having resistive touchscreen and operating same
Oven appliances and methods for operating oven appliances are provided. An oven appliance includes a cooking assembly, the cooking assembly including a heating element.
General Electric Company

 Charge level communications for wireless power transfer patent thumbnailCharge level communications for wireless power transfer
A signal generator generates an electrical signal that is sent to an amplifier, which increases the power of the signal using power from a power source. The amplified signal is fed to a sender transducer to generate ultrasonic waves that can be focused and sent to a receiver.
Ubeam, Inc.

 Optical transceiver patent thumbnailOptical transceiver
An optical transceiver according to an exemplary aspect of the invention includes an interferometer including an input-side optical coupler, an output-side optical coupler, and two arms through which to propagate light and disposed between the input-side optical coupler and the output-side optical coupler, adding a bias phase difference of approximately π/2+2nπ, n representing an integer, between light beams propagating through the two arms; an optical phase modulator generating an optical signal obtained by modulating a phase of continuous wave light to be inputted depending on an electrical signal to be inputted; and an optical delay device making a difference in time for which the optical signal modulated by the optical phase modulator reaching the output-side optical coupler, wherein the optical phase modulator operates by changing carrier density in a silicon optical waveguide.. .
Nec Corporation

 Method for establishing radiofrequency links patent thumbnailMethod for establishing radiofrequency links
A method for establishing radiofrequency links by satellite also making it possible to assure the return link transmission of hyperfrequency radioelectrical signals in an efficient manner in terms of performances, easily adaptable to a pre-existing broadcasting system, using the same forward link and return link frequency band, enabling the use of two independent terrestrial stations for the two channels, and enabling operation of the amplification chain of the transponder of the satellite at saturation or close to saturation.. .
Eutelsat S A

 Electronic device and  transmitting data between electronic device and flip cover thereof patent thumbnailElectronic device and transmitting data between electronic device and flip cover thereof
An electronic device includes a flip cover connected thereto. The electronic device includes a first display.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

 Load cell topology network based on multi-branch cables patent thumbnailLoad cell topology network based on multi-branch cables
The present invention relates to a load cell topology network comprising at least one multi-branch cable and a plurality of load cells. Each multi-branch cable comprises at least three connectors and one or more groups of signal lines; each group of signal lines comprise at least three branch signal lines, with one end of each branch signal line connected to at least three connectors described respectively and correspondingly, and the other end of each branch signal line connected to a common node, thereby realizing the interconnection of the same kinds of electrical signals between respective connectors; each connector is adapted to be connected to another multi-branch cable or a load cell.
Mettler Toledo (changzhou) Scale & System Ltd.

 Nanopillar field-effect and junction transistors with functionalized gate and base electrodes patent thumbnailNanopillar field-effect and junction transistors with functionalized gate and base electrodes
Systems and methods for molecular sensing are described. Molecular sensors are described which are based on field-effect or bipolar junction transistors.

 Nanopillar field-effect and junction transistors with functionalized gate and base electrodes patent thumbnailNanopillar field-effect and junction transistors with functionalized gate and base electrodes
Systems and methods for molecular sensing are described. Molecular sensors are described which are based on field-effect or bipolar junction transistors.

 Memory lock system with manipulatable input device and  operation thereof patent thumbnailMemory lock system with manipulatable input device and operation thereof
A security system for an external data storage apparatus and method of control thereof includes: a data storage, in which data is stored; a high-speed serial bus, which connects the data storage with a data terminal, which reads and writes the data stored in the data storage; a key input unit, which converts an identification (id), which is input by operation of the user, to an electrical signal and outputs the converted signal; a memory, which stores and sets the id input by the key input unit; and a control circuit, which, when the id input by the key input unit is applied, compares the input id with the preset id stored in the memory and drives the data storage based on the compared results.. .
Clevx, Llc

 Touch sensor module patent thumbnailTouch sensor module
Embodiments of the invention provide a touch sensor module including a base substrate having electrode patterns formed thereon and including electrode pads transferring electrical signals of the electrode patterns to the outside, a flexible cable including an adhesive layer contacting one surface of the electrode pad and formed to transfer the electrical signal, and a curvature adhesive having an end portion of one side formed to be in contact with the base substrate and an end portion of the other side formed to be in contact with the flexible cable.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.


Phase modulation device and controlling the device

A phase modulation device including a diode-type phase modulator having a pair of side terminals connected to two sides of an optical waveguide core along an optical axis of the optical waveguide core, and a control unit that controls electrical signals to be input to the phase modulator, the side terminal of the phase modulator being divided into a plurality of portions along the optical axis of the optical waveguide core, the phase modulator having electrodes 15 respectively provided on the divided side terminals and electrically separated from each other, the control unit having switches and constant-current sources connected to the electrodes of the side terminals and controls stepwise the amount of change in phase of propagating light in the optical waveguide core according to the number of the switches turned on.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Optical waveguide, photoelectric hybrid board and manufacturing optical waveguide

An optical waveguide includes: a core through which light propagates; a first cladding covering a periphery of the core; and a second cladding optically closing part of the core in a direction perpendicular to a direction of the propagation of the light. And a photoelectric hybrid board includes: a board including an electrical part and interconnections; an electrical-to-optical conversion device mounted on the board, and configured to convert an electrical signal received from the electrical part into an optical signal; an optical waveguide mounted on the board, and configured to guide the optical signal outputted from the electrical-to-optical conversion device; an optical-to-electrical conversion device mounted on the board, and configured to convert the optical signal outputted from the optical waveguide into an electrical signal..
Fujitsu Limited


Light guide tube

The present invention relates to a light guide tube, which is formed by weaving a plurality of filaments to provide a single-hole or multi-hole tube. Further, the filaments include filaments that are made of at least one light-transmittable material.


System and the detectio of gamma radiation from a radioactive analyte

A system and method for the measurement of radiation emitted from an in-vivo administered radioactive analyte. Gamma radiation sensors may be used to determine the proper or improper administration of a radioactive analyte in some cases, the system employs a sensor having a scintillation material to convert gamma radiation to visible light, which enables embodiments of the sensor to be ex vivo.
Lucerno Dynamics, Llc


Frequency estimation

Determining a property of an electrical signal at a node instant at the current instant (instc); determining a previous function indicative of a property of the signal at the node at a previous instant; determining an error function in a previous frequency estimation at the node at a previous instant; determining a first current function indicative of the property of the signal at the node at instc in accordance with the determined property, the previous function, and the error function; receiving, from another node, a second current function indicative of a property of an electrical signal at the at least one other node at instc; combining the first current function and the second current function to produce a current combined function (ccf) indicative of a property of the signal at the node at instc; and estimating a current frequency of the signal at the node in accordance with the ccf.. .
Imperial Innovations Limited


Electrochemical biosensing meter, system and measuring analyte measurement incorporating filled sample detection

The present invention related to an electrochemical biosensing meter, a system and a measuring method for analyte measurement incorporating filled sample detection. The method comprises detecting a third electrical signal obtained from a second electrode pair on a test strip and detecting a second electrical signal obtained from a first electrode pair on the test strip.
Taidoc Technology Corporation


Mass-airflow measurement conversion internal combustion engine carburetors

A mass-airflow measurement conversion apparatus for internal combustion engine carburetors includes a plurality of pressure sensors disposed at different location along an air intake path of an internal combustion engine, each sensor adapted to sense a pressure of air flowing into the internal combustion engine and output an electrical signal as a pressure signal corresponding to the sensed air pressure; and a calculation section that receives the pressure signals and generates a mass air flow signal as an output signal based on the received pressure signals.. .
Bc Soflex Llc


Direction discrimination device, direction discrimination method, and recording medium storing direction discrimination control program

A direction discrimination device, that includes: an optical receiver section that includes a plurality of photoelectric conversion sections outputting electrical signals according to an amount of light received as light reception amount data, and a polarization section causing mutually different polarization directions for light receivable by the plurality of respective photoelectric conversion sections, and that has an established second reference direction specifying the heading of each of the photoelectric conversion sections when receiving light; and a discrimination section that discriminates an angular displacement of the second reference direction with respect to a first reference direction, based on the light reception amount data obtained by the plurality of photoelectric conversion sections in a specific region and polarization direction data extracted from received light.. .
Fujitsu Limited


Reductant quality and scr adaption control system

An exhaust gas treatment system including a reductant delivery system configured to introduce reductant solution to an exhaust gas flowing through the exhaust gas treatment system. An amount of the reductant solution injected is based on an initial control parameter.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Pulse generator medical use

An electrical pulse generator system such as a cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator system includes an impedance measuring device which measures the impedance across pacemaker leads, a display device, and a controller which controls the display device to display at least the measured impedance upon each stimulation pulse, or an image showing the relationship between a first applied electrical signal, measured impedance, and a resulting electrical signal which varies according to ohm's law. The system may include a short circuit detector and a pulse amplitude control module which switches between normal mode and safe mode operation based on short circuit detection, with different maximum stimulation pulse amplitudes in the normal and safe modes..
Osypka Medical Gmbh


Microwave field-detecting needle assemblies, methods of manufacturing same, methods of adjusting an ablation field radiating into tissue using same, and systems including same

A method of adjusting an ablation field radiating into tissue includes the initial steps of providing an energy applicator and providing one or more microwave field-detecting needle assemblies. Each microwave field-detecting needle assembly includes one or more rectifier elements capable of detecting microwave field intensity via rectification.
Covidien Lp


Sensor-activated rhythm analysis: a heuristic system for predicting arrhythmias by time-correlated electrocardiographic and non-electrocardiographic testing

A method and apparatus for monitoring biosignals (e.g. Bioelectrical signals) is disclosed.


Systems, methods and devices for acquiring and processing physiological signals

A system, method and device are described for biometric analysis using a wearable device. The device can be removeably securable to a user's skin surface and can include a plurality of electrodes positioned to acquire electrical signals from the skin surface.
Gesturelogic Inc.


Hybrid catheter system

System and method for obtaining information about a target structure. The system includes an optoelectrical element with an optical fiber having a core, a coating surrounding the core, an optical axis, a proximal end, and a distal end.


Apparatus and feedback system for optical switch controller

Embodiments are provided herein for an apparatus and method for controlling an integrated photonic switching device on a photonic lightwave circuit (plc). The apparatus includes the optical switch with a plurality of input optical signal channels and a plurality of output optical signal channels.
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method

There is provided a solid-state imaging device including an imaging unit including a plurality of image sensors, and an analog to digital (ad) conversion unit including a plurality of ad converters arranged in a row direction, each ad converter performing ad conversion of an electrical signal output by the image sensor. Each of the ad converters includes a comparator having a differential pair at an input stage, the differential pair including a first transistor and a second transistor, the first and second transistors are each divided into an equal number of a plurality of division transistors, and an arrangement pattern of the plurality of division transistors constituting the comparator in a predetermined column and an arrangement pattern of the plurality of division transistors constituting the comparator in an adjacent column adjacent to the predetermined column are different from each other..
Sony Corporation


Isolation of rf signals using optical single side band modulation combined with optical filtering

A method and apparatus for isolating an rf signal are provided. A first rf signal is received and passed to an input of a 90 degree hybrid.
Government Of The United States, As Represented By The Secretary Of The Air Force


Method and system for monolithic integration of photonics and electronics in cmos processes

Methods and systems for monolithic integration of photonics and electronics in cmos processes are disclosed and may include in an optoelectronic transceiver comprising photonic and electronic devices from two complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (cmos) die with different silicon layer thicknesses for the photonic and electronic devices, the cmos die bonded together by metal contacts: communicating optical signals and electronic signals to and from said optoelectronic transceiver utilizing a received continuous wave optical signal as a source signal. A first of the cmos die includes the photonic devices and a second includes the electronic devices.
Luxtera, Inc.


Landing gear electrical swivel

An electrical swivel system may have a movable swivel member adapted to connect to a landing gear and a fixed swivel member adapted to connect to an airframe. Each may have an interface apparatus whereby electrical signals may be conducted between components of the movable swivel member and the fixed swivel member.
Goodrich Corporation


Antenna structure for the wide-band transmission of electrical signals

The invention relates to an antenna structure for the wide-band transmission of electrical signals, which has a stripline and a probe that can be capacitively or inductively coupled to the stripline, wherein the stripline and the probe are arranged so as to be movable in relation to each other within a specified distance range between the probe and the stripline in the longitudinal direction of the stripline such that electrical signals can be transmitted between the stripline and the probe without contact, wherein the stripline comprises at least one strip electrode facing the probe, a reference electrode, and a dielectric carrier material located between the strip electrode and the reference electrode. In order to provide a wide-band and economical device for signal transmission that has a conductor structure that achieves high symmetry of the signal and low attenuation values even at high frequencies, the dielectric carrier material comprises, according to the invention, a homogeneous plastic layer containing macromolecules, said plastic layer being characterized by an orientation of the macromolecules along a preferred direction..
Gat Gesellschaft FÜr Antriebstechnik Mbh


Photosensitive imaging devices and associated methods

Photosensitive devices and associated methods are provided. In one aspect, for example, a photosensitive imager device can include a semiconductor substrate having multiple doped regions forming at least one junction, a textured region coupled to the semiconductor substrate and positioned to interact with electromagnetic radiation, and an electrical transfer element coupled to the semiconductor substrate and operable to transfer an electrical signal from the at least one junction.
Sionyx, Inc.


Image sensor with micro lens

An image sensor includes a color filter configured to pass a specific color of light; a micro lens formed under the color filter and configured with a plurality of layers in which an upper layer has a smaller area than a lower layer; and a photo device formed under the micro lens and configured to receive light passing through the micro lens and convert the received light into an electrical signal.. .
Postech Academy-industry Foundation


Metallization of fluorocarbon-based dielectric for interconnects

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards metallization of a fluorocarbon-based dielectric material for interconnect applications. In one embodiment, an apparatus includes a semiconductor substrate, a device layer disposed on the semiconductor substrate, the device layer including one or more transistor devices, and an interconnect layer disposed on the device layer, the interconnect layer comprising a fluorocarbon-based dielectric material, where x represents a stoichiometric quantity of fluorine relative to carbon in the dielectric material, and one or more interconnect structures configured to route electrical signals to or from the one or more transistor devices, the one or more interconnect structures comprising cobalt (co), or ruthenium (ru), or combinations thereof.
Intel Corporation


Interface for storage device access over memory bus

A nonvolatile storage or memory device is accessed over a memory bus. The memory bus has an electrical interface typically used for volatile memory devices.


Input device for detecting external input

An input device may include: (a) a connector that recognizes a connection of an external device; (b) a switch located at an upper end portion of the connector and that connects an electrical signal when a physical input of a threshold pressure or more is pressed; (c) a substrate connected to a connection terminal of the switch and mounted at a surface in which the switch is not located; and/or (d) a key base that presses the switch.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Adaptive persistent current compensation for photon counting detectors

An imaging system (100) includes a direct conversion detector pixel (111) that detects radiation traversing an examination region and generates an electrical signal indicative thereof, wherein the signal includes a persistent current, which is produced by a direct conversion material of the pixel and which shifts a level of the signal. A persistent current estimator (116) estimates the persistent current and generates a compensation signal based on the estimate.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.


Lipid bilayer sensor system

A sensor system (1) for measuring an electrical signal across a lipid bilayer is formed by a cell (2) and an electrical reader unit (3) which are connectable together. The cell (2) is capable of supporting a lipid bilayer across an aperture (11) in a membrane (10) and has a construction which is cheap to manufacture.
Oxford Nanopore Technologies Limited


Sensor system that uses embedded optical fibers

Sensor systems including an interferometer system are disclosed herein. In a general embodiment, the sensor system includes an optical fiber that is embedded into a sample, where the optical fiber has a reflective tip.
Sandia Corporation


Systems and methods for diagnostic testing

Described are devices, systems, and methods for performing diagnostic tests. The diagnostic systems are capable of performing analytic tests and communicating with a portable multifunctional device (pmd) or other computing device.
Apollodx, Llc


Shock absorber and a determining the level of liquid in a shock absorber

A telescopic shock absorber, having: a housing; a cavity located within the housing and containing a liquid and a gas; and a sensor for measuring the level of the liquid in the cavity. The sensor has: a first waveguide having a first end and a second end; and a communications interface operable to transfer electrical signals between the first waveguide to the exterior of the housing, wherein the first waveguide is arranged such that when the shock absorber is in normal use the first end is surrounded by the gas and the second end is immersed in the liquid..
Messier-dowty Limited


Compressed air tank water release valve sensor

A valve monitoring system used for the evacuation of condensate from a compressed air tank includes a transducer that generates an electrical signal based on the sound of material exiting the tank through a release valve. When the electrical signal generated by the transducer corresponds to the sound of air flow, indicating that the condensate has been evacuated, a trigger mechanism actuates the valve to close the valve and prevent any additional air from exiting the tank..


Downhole communication

A well installation communication system includes downhole metallic structure 2, a downhole communication unit 3, and a surface communication unit 4 arranged for electrical signal communication with the downhole communication unit via a signal channel. The signal channel includes a portion of the downhole metallic structure 2, a portion of cable 5 running within the downhole metallic structure away from said portion of the downhole metallic structure towards the surface and a connection device 6.
Expro North Sea Limited


Methods and apparatuses involving flexible cable/guidewire/interconnects

Various embodiments of the present disclosure are directed toward apparatus and methods including communication circuits for communicating between a plurality of compartments in a vehicle. An array of flexible cables provides signal-communication paths between the plurality of compartments in the vehicle, with each cable having a glass or silica core region for conveying optical signals, and communicating signals (electrical signals and optical signals) along at least one of the signal-communication paths and between the plurality of compartments in the vehicle.


Electrophysiology system

A radio frequency (rf) ablation system and methods for using the radio frequency ablation system are disclosed. The rf ablation system may include an elongated member, an rf generator, and a processor.
Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc.


Vibration transducer and implantable hearing aid device

Provided are a vibration transducer and an implantable hearing aid device. In one embodiment, the implantable hearing aid device includes a signal processing part implantable in a subject, the signal processing part processing a signal from a microphone to output a sound signal, a sound transmission tube configured for transmitting the sound signal to a round window of the subject, and a bellows member disposed at an end side of the sound transmission tube to transmit vibration due to the sound signal to the round window.
Kyungpook National University Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation


Characterization of a physical item

The present invention is directed to a method and apparatus that involves improved characterization of an object based on its surface roughness and other unique features without having to necessarily define a fixed and predetermined region of interest. In accordance with one aspect, the present invention provides a method for characterizing an object based on a pattern of the object's surface roughness.
Chromologic Llc


Electrical signal processing system for fuel cell stack

A system and method for processing the electric signals from a plurality of fuel cells in a fuel cell system is disclosed. Groups of the plurality of fuel cells, such as five bipolar plates, are electrically coupled to a conductive compressible connector or a circuit board, where some of the bipolar plates have a plate contactor for providing the electrical contact to either the conductive compressible connector or the circuit board.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc



A photocoupler includes: a light emitting element; a light receiving element; an inner resin layer; and an outer resin layer. The light emitting element is driven by an input electrical signal.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


System, foot-operated effects

A foot-operated pedal for programming audio and other effects, including an hmi or human-machine interface that digitally communicates with a cpu, providing the parameters of effects set by the user, where a pc interface is responsible for the mediation of the communication between the cpu and an external computer used to program the settings and adjustments of the device, with the audio interface having the function of promoting the compatibility between the electrical signal from the musical instrument and the cpu. A graphical user interface to facilitate the creation of an audio effect using icons, a given configuration of icons and interconnections being modeled and employed to generate a given audio effect..


In-cell touch panel and manufacturing method thereof, and display device

The present invention discloses an in-cell touch panel, a manufacturing method thereof and a display device. A plurality of nanowire arrays are added between an array substrate and an opposite substrate, nanowires in each nanowire array extend in a direction perpendicular to the array substrate and the opposite substrate; the newly-added nanowire arrays and s pacers provided between the array substrate an d the opposite substrate form piezoelectric sensitive elements.
Hefei Boe Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


System and fault isolation by emission spectra analysis

An apparatus and method for optical probing of a dut is disclosed. The system enables identifying, localizing and classifying faulty devices within the dut.
Dcg Systems, Inc.


Partial discharge detection system and method with synchronization

A partial discharge acquisition system includes: a synchronization signal sensor device including a sensor module structured to remotely detect a first synchronization electromagnetic signal generated by an alternate current electrical voltage associated with the operation of an electrical object and provide a corresponding first detected electrical signal; a transmitting device structured to irradiate a second synchronization electromagnetic signal related with the first detected electrical signal; a partial discharge detection apparatus including: a receiving device structured to receive the second synchronization electromagnetic signal and generate a corresponding received electrical signal representing at least a timing parameter of the alternate current electrical voltage, the receiving device and the transmitting device being configured to establish a wireless communication link defining a deterministic transmission delay.. .
Prysmian S.p.a


Optical tomography observation apparatus

An optical measurement apparatus has a light source that emits a laser beam that is branched into signal light and reference light. An objective lens condenses the signal light on a measurement target to cause the measurement target to be irradiated; and a condensing position of the signal light is scanned in an optical axis direction.
Hitachi - Lg Data Storage, Inc.


Ultrasonic analyte concentration and application in flow cytometry

The present invention includes an apparatus and corresponding method for concentrating analytes within a fluid flowing through a tube using acoustic radiation pressure. The apparatus includes a function generator that outputs a radio frequency electrical signal to a transducer that transforms the radio frequency electric signal to an acoustic signal and couples the acoustic signal to the tube.
Los Alamos National Security, Llc


Common mode rejection ratio control for coherent optical receivers

An optical signal is received at a coherent optical receiver. The received optical signal is converted to a first electrical signal and a second electrical signal through a first photodetector and a second photodetector, respectively.
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Method and device for producing laser emission

A method for producing laser emission, including the following steps: providing a layered semiconductor structure that includes a substrate, a lower reflector and a semiconductor collector region disposed over the substrate, a semiconductor base region disposed over the collector region, and a semiconductor emitter region disposed over the base region; providing, in the base region, at least one region exhibiting quantum size effects; depositing collector, base, and emitter electrodes respectively coupled with the collector, base, and emitter regions; disposing an insulating upper reflector over at least a portion of the emitter region; and applying electrical signals with respect to the collector, base, and emitter electrodes to produce laser emission from the base region in a vertical resonant optical cavity defined between the lower reflector and the insulating upper reflector.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The University Of Illinois


Mold chase for integrated circuit package assembly and associated techniques and configurations

Embodiments of the present disclosure are directed towards a mold chase for integrated circuit package assembly and associated techniques and configurations. In one embodiment, a method includes receiving a package substrate, the package substrate including a first die mounted on the package substrate by a plurality of first interconnect structures, and a plurality of second interconnect structures disposed on the package substrate and to route electrical signals of a second die, protecting a top surface of individual interconnect structures of the plurality of second interconnect structures from deposition of a mold material, and depositing the mold material on the package substrate between the individual interconnect structures of the plurality of second interconnect structures.
Intel Corporation


Tape media kiss-contact read verification

A supplemental module that includes one or more read elements periodically engages a magnetic recording medium, and the read elements generate an electrical signal corresponding to transitions written to the magnetic recording medium by a write element. A computer receives information representative of the electrical signal and determines if a quality metric of the magnetic recording medium derived from the electrical signal is within a defined range.
International Business Machines Corporation


Magnetic storage device with multiple read element arrays to determine quality of recorded data

Determining quality metrics of recorded data on a magnetic recording medium. Each of two or more read element arrays include one or more read elements, each including a sensor.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method and system for modeling emotion

In some embodiments, a social networking system including an internet server is provided. The internet server includes an i/o port for transmitting and receiving electrical signals to and from a client device.


System and detection and water treatment

The present invention relates to a detection system and method and a water treatment system and method. The detection system according to the present invention is capable of detecting particle state in a medium.
Ecolab Usa, Inc.


Embedded circuit in a mems device

A microelectromechanical system (mems) microphone includes a base printed circuit board (pcb), the base pcb having customer pads; at least one wall coupled to the base; a lid pcb coupled to the at least wall, the lid having a port extending there through; an electrically conductive through-hole via extending through the wall electrically connecting the lid pcb to the base pcb; an integrated circuit embedded in the lid and coupled to the electrically conductive through-hole via; and a micro electro mechanical system (mems) device coupled to the integrated circuit in the lid and disposed over the port. Sound energy is converted to an electrical signal by the mems device and transmitted to the integrated circuit.
Knowles Electronics, Llc


Wall plug system for electric vehicle

An electric vehicle charging system in described that includes an electrical energy source that includes a base with a plurality of electrical signal connectors to receive a first electrical signal, a second electrical signal and a ground signal, an adapter having a plurality of outlet connectors configured to electrically connect to at least some of the plurality of electrical signal connectors, wherein the adapter can be placed in a plurality of positions on the base to correctly orient the base to any of plurality of outlet connector orientations, and a locking ring adapted to engage the base to removable fix the adapter to the base in one of the four positions. The system can include a thermistor assembly to sense thermal energy in the source and if thermal energy exceeds a threshold to output a signal.
Lear Corporation


System and providing a table game

A system and method for providing a table game are disclosed. According to one embodiment, an apparatus comprises a playing field, a ball launcher mechanism launching a ball into the playing field, and the ball launcher mechanism allows a first player to select one or more attributes affecting a ball trajectory.
Throwmotion, Inc.


Medicament delivery device and cartridge

Described is a cartridge (200) comprising a body (205) adapted to contain a medicament, a bung (210) slidably disposed in the body (205) and having a distal face (215) and a proximal face (220), and a light element (225) coupled to a component of the cartridge (200). Further described is a medicament delivery device (100) comprising the cartridge (200), a first receiver (110) adapted to receive an optical signal from the light element (225) and convert the optical signal into a first electrical signal, and a second receiver (115) adapted to receive an optical signal from the light element (225) and convert the optical signal into a second electrical signal..
Sanofi-aventis Deutschland Gmbh


Monitoring device

A monitoring device suitable for attachment to a surface of a subject, the device having a data collector and a processor. The data collector includes a flexible foil attached to a less flexible socket, where the foil forms a dermal side surface of the data collector for adhesion to a skin surface of a subject to be monitored.
Delta, Dansk Elektronik, Lys Og Akustik


Blood oxygen saturation detection method and system

The present application relates to detection technology, it provides a detection method and detection system of blood oxygen saturation, this method includes: controlling two parallel light emitting diodes to emit a red light and an infrared light periodically to a finger; detecting the red light and infrared light passing through the finger and converting them into a red light electrical signal and an infrared light electrical signal respectively; separating pulsating components from the two electrical signals to obtain a separated variation of red light in one cycle and a separated variation of infrared light in one cycle; calculating the blood oxygen saturation based on the variations of red light and infrared light; amplifying and filtering the blood oxygen saturation prior to converting the blood oxygen saturation into digital signal by analog-to-digital converter.. .
Shenzhen Breo Technology Co., Ltd.


Emergency video camera system

A surveillance system includes one or more camera systems at least some of the camera systems including a camera element comprising optical components to capture and process light to produce images, camera processing circuitry that receives the light and processes the into electrical signals and encodes the signals into a defined format, power management circuitry to power the camera system, the power management system including first and second power interfaces and first and second video output interfaces.. .
Tyco Fire & Security Gmbh


Communication system for managing a flying operation involving two or more aircraft based on an optical link

A communication system of voice and data messages between two or more aircraft for managing a flying operation, such as a tanker aircraft and a receiver aircraft during a refueling operation, which can be used in adverse environmental and/or operational conditions. The communication system is implemented by a free space optical data link between both aircraft which is compatible with radio silence conditions since it is not based on radio frequency transmissions and comprises first and a second segments in the first and second aircraft with communication control modules adapted for converting the messages of voice and/or data into electrical signals and vice versa and optical modules adapted for emitting beams of light modulated by said electrical signals and for converting received beams of modulated light into electrical signals..
Eads Construcciones Aeronauticas S.a.


Non-volatile digital memory

A non-volatile digital memory includes: a plurality of thin film resistors; and a control circuit adapted to: program, during a first programming phase, the thin film resistors with a plurality of bits of data by passing a current through at least one of the thin film resistors to reduce its resistance; and read, during a restoration phase, the plurality of bits of data stored by the thin film resistors by generating an electrical signal associated with each thin film resistor and comparing each electrical signal with a reference signal.. .
Stmicroelectronics (grenoble 2) Sas


Calibration jig for a flat location pad

An apparatus includes a detector assembly, a positioning unit, and interface circuitry. The detector assembly includes an array of multiple magnetic field detectors.
Biosense Webster (israel) Ltd.


Information display device and control device of medical equipment

An information display device and a control device of medical equipment are provided. The information display device of medical equipment includes at least one projection unit for acquiring display information, and projecting the display information onto a housing of the medical equipment.


Detection of high impedance faults

A method detects a high-impedance fault occurring in an electric distribution circuit that distributes a three-phase alternating current. The method includes the steps of applying a plurality of electrical signal analysis techniques that provide a plurality of fault detection indicators, and generating a signal that indicates a high-impedance fault depending on the outcome of the fault detection indicators.


Wire-bonding apparatus and wire bonding

Provided is a wire-bonding apparatus 10 including a capillary 28 through which a wire 30 is inserted, a nonsticking determination circuit 36, and a controller 80. The nonsticking determination circuit 36 applies a predetermined alternating-current electrical signal between the wire held by the capillary and the bonding target, obtains a capacitance value between the wire held by the capillary and the bonding target, determines that the wire is disconnected from the bonding target when the capacitance value decreases after the first bonding operation, and determines that the disconnected wire drops down and is brought into contact with the bonding target when the capacitance value returns to an original value before reaching the second bonding point..
Shinkawa Ltd.


Radiographic imaging system, radiographic imaging device, radiographic imaging device control method, and program storage medium

A radiographic imaging system includes plural radiographic imaging devices that image a same subject. The radiographic imaging device includes: a radiation detector; a detection unit that detects whether or not application of the radiation has been started based on electrical signals indicating detection results of sensors that detect the application of the radiation and that are disposed in correspondence to the radiation detector; a determination unit that determines whether or not noise is superimposed on the electrical signals after the detection unit has detected whether or not the application of the radiation has been started; and a communication unit that is connected to another radiographic imaging device and transmits to and receives from the other connected radiographic imaging device a detection result signal indicating the detection result of the detection unit and a determination result signal indicating the determination result of the determination unit..
Fujifilm Corporation


Acoustic system

Invention relates to the field of acoustic systems used to convert electrical signal into sound, and the design of the housing where the electroacoustic loudspeaker is mounted and may be used in household and industrial applications as an acoustic system. The acoustic transducer has a housing, made from coconut endocarp, containing at least one opening for mounting a loudspeaker, and can have additional openings for wires and/or connectors to the signal source, sound-absorbing or dampening materials, mounting elements, for example, hooks for mounting with use of a flexible cord or any other similar fastening elements, connectors, phase inverter, electronics unit, protective decorative mesh or cloth.


Inline optoelectronic converter and associated methods

An inline optoelectronic converter configured to convert electrical signals to optical signals and to convert optical signals to electrical signals. The converter is external to the avionic computer and connected to the avionic computer at a location spaced apart from the avionic computer.
The Boeing Company


Method and device for generating electrical signals corresponding to a wavelength, from polychromatic optical signals

A method is provided for generating a plurality of electrical signals from polychromatic optical signals extracted from a set of optical fibers, a polychromatic signal including a plurality of predetermined wavelengths. An electrical signal is generated by using predetermined wavelengths.


Wire-bonding apparatus and manufacturing semiconductor device

Provided is a wire-bonding apparatus (10) including: a capillary (28) through which a wire (30) is inserted; a nonsticking determination circuit (36) configured to apply a predetermined electrical signal between a bonding target and the wire (30) in a clamped state and to determine whether or not the wire (30) and the bonding target is sticking as well as whether or not the wire (30) is disconnected based on a response of the application of the predetermined electrical signal; an annular projecting length detection ring (40) disposed coaxially with the capillary (28); and a projecting length determination circuit (38) configured to determine whether or not a projecting length of a wire tail projecting from the tip of the capillary (28) is appropriate based on detection on whether or not power is conductive when a predetermined inspection voltage is applied between the wire (30) and the projecting length detection ring (40) as well as a presence of a discharge spark when a predetermined inspection high voltage is applied between the wire (30) and the projecting length detection ring (40).. .
Shinkawa Ltd.


Hearing system and transmission method

A hearing system for improving intelligibility during the holding of a telephone conversation, includes a receiving device for receiving a first signal having first acoustic information and converting the first signal into electrical signals having the first acoustic information, a signal processing device for processing the electrical signals having the first acoustic information into electrical signals having second acoustic information, and an output device for outputting a second signal having the second acoustic information. A method for improving intelligibility during the holding of a telephone conversation using a hearing system is also provided..
Siemens Medical Instruments Pte. Ltd


System for passing electrical signals through a living body

A system for passing electrical signals through a living body has a transmitter on one side of a body for feeding thereto a predetermined electrical signal on at least two separate channels on respective different frequencies and a receiver on the other side of the body for receiving the signal on each of the channels. An evaluating unit connected to the receiver evaluates the received signals and selecting from them one signal for further processing..


Systems and methods for muting visual indicators in an information handling system

A chassis may include a plurality of slots each configured to receive a module having one or more information handling resources, wherein each slot is configured to electrically and communicatively couple the module to other components of the chassis. The chassis may also include a controller communicatively coupled to the plurality of slots.
Dell Products L.p.


Rfid system and associated antenna-coupler

A rfid system and an associated antenna-coupler are provided. The system may be for selectively communicating with a targeted transponder from among a group of multiple adjacent transponders is provided.
Zih Corp.


Universal serial bus repeater

A method and system for communicating data between two devices are described herein. The method detects an electrical signal of a first protocol from a first device in a repeater, wherein the first protocol comprises single-ended signaling.
Intel Corporation


Method and apparatus of monitoring and tracking optical frequency differences of modulated beams

A method of measuring beat frequency comprises modulating a first optical signal and a second optical signal, wherein the first modulated optical signal includes a first carrier frequency and a first plurality of sideband frequencies and the second modulated optical signal includes a second carrier frequency and a second plurality of sideband frequencies. The method also comprises combining a fraction of the first modulated optical signal with a fraction of the second modulated optical signal into a combined signal and determining a carrier beat frequency.
Honeywell International Inc.


System for controlling in-riser functions from out-of-riser control system

A system for controlling a blowout preventer stack and subsea test tree connected to a subsea wellhead assembly, the system comprising: a marine riser engageable with the subsea wellhead assembly; a lower marine riser package configured to be attached to the marine riser in the subsea environment, wherein the blowout preventer is configured to be removably attached to the lower marine riser package; an umbilical located outside of the marine riser adapted to communicate control fluids, electrical signals and/or fiber optic communications to a subsea controller, wherein the subsea controller is configured to receive control fluids and/or signals from the umbilical and to provide functions to the blowout preventer stack and subsea test tree, further wherein the subsea controller stabs into the system above the subsea wellhead assembly. This out-of-marine riser design provides for simplification in design criteria associated with the subsea controller and umbilical system..
Onesubsea Ip Uk Limited


Ultraviolet illuminator

A solution for disinfecting an area using ultraviolet radiation is provided. The solution can include an enclosure including at least one ultraviolet transparent window and a set of ultraviolet radiation sources located adjacent to the at least one ultraviolet transparent window.
Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.


Nerve sparing treatment systems and methods

Treatment systems are provided, which comprise a treatment element applying a treatment to a tissue, a stimulation element optically stimulating nerves in the tissue, a sensing unit sensing an electrical signal produced by nerves in the tissue in response to the optical stimulation, and a control unit controlling the application of the treatment according to the sensed signal. The systems and methods are used to avoid damaging nerves by sensing them during operation and immediately before local treatment application and preventing energy emission when the treatment tool is too close to specified nerves.


Method and apparatus of neurological feedback systems to control physical objects for therapeutic and other reasons

A method and apparatus using brainwaves to control real objects is provided. The method and apparatus comprise using sensors to detect the brain's electrical signals and transmit at least two brainwaves to an apparatus that converts the brainwaves into a format usable by a signal processor.


Microphone in speaker assembly

An apparatus, the apparatus include a housing, a micro electro mechanical system (mems) microphone, and a speaker. The mems microphone is disposed within the housing.
Knowles Electronics, Llc


Method and selecting wavelength by wavelength tunable optical receiver

Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for selecting a wavelength by a wavelength tunable optical receiver. The method of selecting a wavelength of a wavelength tunable optical receiver includes: receiving, by the wavelength tunable optical receiver, an optical signal from a wavelength tunable optical transmitter; filtering, by the wavelength tunable optical receiver, the optical signal through a low frequency band electrical signal filter, and obtaining a low frequency signal; determining, by the wavelength tunable optical receiver, whether the low frequency signal is a valid signal based on a current value of the low frequency signal; and when the low frequency signal is the valid signal, obtaining, by the wavelength tunable optical receiver, an enable condition of a wavelength tunable optical filter through which the low frequency signal is selected, in which the low frequency signal includes a control/monitoring signal..
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute


High-frequency power amplifier and manufacturing the same

A high-frequency power amplifier includes: a semiconductor substrate; transistor cells separated from each other and located on the semiconductor substrate; and testing electrodes respectively connected to individual transistor cells, wherein an electrical signal and power to individually operate each corresponding transistor cell are supplied to each transistor cell, independently, from outside, using the testing electrodes.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Reflection and hybrid reflection filters

A two-port tunable or reconfigurable network having a filter transfer function may include: a network input port; a network output port; a hybrid coupler having a hybrid input port, a hybrid isolated port, a hybrid through port, and a hybrid coupled port; a first load; a second load; a first internal two-port network connected between the between the first load and the hybrid through port; and a second internal two-port network connected between the between the second load and the hybrid coupled port. At least one of the first internal two-port network, the second internal two-port network, the hybrid coupler, the first load, and the second load may be tunable or reconfigurable in response to an electrical signal or a user-operated control in a way that tunes or reconfigures the filter transfer function of the two-port tunable or reconfigurable network..


Light emitting diode package and fabricating same

An led package comprising a submount having a top and bottom surface with a plurality of top electrically and thermally conductive elements on its top surface. An led is included on one of the top elements such that an electrical signal applied to the top elements causes the led to emit light.
Cree, Inc.


Semiconductor package with a bridge interposer

There are disclosed herein various implementations of semiconductor packages including a bridge interposer. One exemplary implementation includes a first active die having a first portion situated over the bridge interposer, and a second portion not situated over the bridge interposer.
Broadcom Corporation


Interacting with hardware interfaces of end devices using path selectors

Techniques for interacting with hardware interfaces of end devices using a hardware interface selector having a path selector and a controller are described. Path selectors may be configured to be coupled to a mechanical switch, a battery, a memory, a connector or other hardware interface of an end device.


Accessibility and testing for hardware interfaces of end devices using path selectors

Techniques for providing accessibility and testing for hardware interfaces of end devices using a hardware interface selector having a path selector and a controller are described. The path selector may be configured to route data and to sever data communication between contacts.


Touch screen system

A touch screen system includes an in-cell type optical touch device for displaying images and receiving a light signal, an out-cell type touch device for sensing a finger or a non-optical stylus, a first functional unit connected with the in-cell type optical touch device, a second functional unit connected with the out-cell type touch panel and a third functional unit connected with the first functional unit and the second functional unit. The out-cell type touch device is disposed on the in-cell type optical touch device.
Integrated Digital Technologies, Inc.


Display device

According to one embodiment, a display device includes a plurality of first lines, a plurality of second lines, a plurality of swith elements, a plurality of pixel electrodes, a plurality of third lines, a display layer, and a controller. The plurality of first lines extend in a first direction.
Japan Display Inc.


Method and device for position detection

The present invention provides a method and device for position detection. For detection of a touch position, a segment of surface acoustic wave (saw) is provided multiple times to be propagated on a saw touch panel, and the multiple saw segments are received by the saw touch panel.
Egalax_empia Technology Inc.


Electronic device and providing information thereof

An electronic device includes a pressure providing part, a fluid, and a tactile sensation providing layer. The pressure providing part generates an initial pressure by an electrical signal.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Energy harvesting interface with improved impedance matching, operating the energy harvesting interface, and energy harvesting system using the energy harvesting interface

An energy harvesting interface receives an electrical signal from an inductive transducer and supplies a supply signal. The interface includes an input branch with a first switch and a second switch connected together in series between a first input terminal and an output terminal.
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Optical lens assembly, array type lens module and making the array type lens module

An optical lens assembly includes a sensor array, a lens array, and a shading element. The sensor array has a plurality of sensors arranged as a matrix to convert optical signals into electrical signals.
Global Microptics Co., Ltd.

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