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Elective patents


This page is updated frequently with new Elective-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Elective-related patents
 Display device with a detachable speaker module patent thumbnailDisplay device with a detachable speaker module
A display device includes a monitor, a stand, and a speaker module. The monitor includes a first side and a second side.
Wistron Corporation

 Selective vacuum printing machine patent thumbnailSelective vacuum printing machine
A system that may include a apertured structure that is configured to support a substrate and a vacuum supply unit that is configured to (i) prevent a supply of vacuum to a first area of the substrate during a first processing period during which the first area is processed and a second area of the substrate is not processed; (ii) provide vacuum to the second area during the first processing period; (iii) prevent the supply of vacuum to the second area during a second processing period during which the second area is processed and the first area is not processed; and (iv) provide vacuum to the first area during the second processing period.. .
Camtek Ltd.

 Electroacoustic conversion chain with selectively powered coil patent thumbnailElectroacoustic conversion chain with selectively powered coil
This electroacoustic conversion chain comprising at least one loudspeaker, this loudspeaker comprising means for generating a magnetic field in a magnetic circuit having an air gap and a membrane secured to turns of a conducting material which may move in this air gap, is characterized in that it comprises at least one control module comprising at least one input for conveying a signal to be broadcast and at least one output connected to a turn, the control module being able to apply to said or each output an excitation signal depending on the position of at least one turn relatively to the air gap.. .

 Method of encrypting, streaming, and displaying video content using selective encryption patent thumbnailMethod of encrypting, streaming, and displaying video content using selective encryption
Video may be provided at a display unit using an encrypted transport stream of a content file. During normal play operation, a plurality of transport stream packets of the encrypted transport stream may be received, where a packetized elementary stream of video frame packets including independently coded and dependently coded video frame packets is multiplexed onto the encrypted transport stream.
Thales Avionics, Inc.

 Method and system for selectively breaking prediction in video coding patent thumbnailMethod and system for selectively breaking prediction in video coding
Described are techniques in video coding and/or decoding that allow for selectively breaking prediction and/or in loop filtering across segment boundaries between different segments of a video picture. A high layer syntax element, such as a parameter set or a slice header, may contain one or more indications signalling to an encoder and/or decoder whether an associated prediction or loop filtering tool may be applied across the segment boundary.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Adaptive filtering based upon boundary strength patent thumbnailAdaptive filtering based upon boundary strength
Adjacent regions are identified in an image. Coding parameters for the adjacent regions are identified.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Adaptive filtering based upon boundary strength patent thumbnailAdaptive filtering based upon boundary strength
Adjacent regions are identified in an image. Coding parameters for the adjacent regions are identified.
Dolby Laboratories Licensing Corporation

 Communications system patent thumbnailCommunications system
A method of providing services in a communication system. The method comprises: establishing a call instance from a caller terminal to a service provider terminal in the communication system; transmitting from the service provider terminal a service proposal in the form of an electronic document via the established call instance to the caller terminal; selectively accepting or rejecting the service proposal at the caller terminal; and in the case of acceptance of the service proposal, transmitting a request for money to a backend server in the communication system from the caller terminal; transmitting electronic cash tokens from the backend server to the caller terminal in response to the request to receive money; forwarding the electronic cash tokens from the caller terminal to the service provider terminal, whereafter the service provider provides services in accordance with the service proposal..

 Message routing patent thumbnailMessage routing
Methods, devices, signals, and systems are provided in a message routing architecture which provides improved capabilities for integrating “digital” communication through email messages with “analog” communication through voice and/or fax or pager messages. Email can be addressed using nothing more than a standard telephone or fax number.

 Systems and methods for call processing patent thumbnailSystems and methods for call processing
The present invention provides flexible, user-definable call screening processes. The user can optionally define to which telecommunication terminals a screened call is to be broadcast to and under what conditions.
Callwave Communications, Llc


Electronic mail delivery apparatus, electronic mail delivery method, and program storage medium

Various embodiments prevent erroneous transmission of electronic mails and therefore forestall information leakage in an electronic mail delivery apparatus. When an electronic mail is to be transmitted, a hidden letter selection unit presents a mail address specified as a transmission destination or source of the electronic mail with a part of the mail address presented as a hidden letter part.
Qualitia Co., Ltd.


Managing communication exploitation in global organizations

Techniques disclosed herein integrate communication mechanisms of a business or government with time management/calendar systems having knowledge of an employee's work schedule and geo-location, with a set of rules usable to selectively store and/or forward work related communications to an employee, while enabling overrides for emergencies, preventing employee self-exploitation, and monitoring for compliance. When a work related communications is sent towards an employee, the system receives the communication, and evaluates the communication based on the employee's work schedule, geo-location, and any other restrictions within the set of rules.
Nagravision S.a.


Ring network including at least one subtending ring originating and terminating at a central-office node

In a wdm optical communication system that includes a plurality of nodes interconnected by communication links, a node is provided which includes an optical coupling arrangement having at least one input port for receiving a wdm signal and a plurality of output ports for selectively receiving one or more wavelength components of the wdm optical signal. The optical coupling arrangement is adaptable to reconfigure its operational state to (i) selectively direct any one of the wavelength components received on the input port to any of the output ports independently of any other of the wavelength components and (ii) selectively direct any combination of two or more of the wavelength components from the input port to at least two of the output ports that serve as wdm output ports.
Linkedin Corporation


Methods to calculate linear combination pre-coders for mimo wireless communication systems

In a wireless communication system having an antenna array selectively configured to transmit channel state information reference signals (csi-rs) using a plurality of antenna ports and basis beam vectors selected from a master beam set or retrieved from memory, a codebook enables selection of a linear combination of at least a subset of the beams and co-phases and coefficients for each selected beam, where the co-phases determine the co-phasing weights for the selected beams for a cross-polarized antenna array, and the coefficients determine the linear combination of the selected beams. Feedback contains an indication of channel state information (csi) for the set of selected or retrieved basis beam vectors, the selected beams, co-phases, and coefficients.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Electrical assembly

An electrical assembly includes a dc tap including first and second tap terminals that are respectively connectable to first and second dc power transmission media, the dc tap including a tap limb extending between the first and second tap terminals and having two limb portions separated by a third tap terminal connectable to an electrical load, each tap limb portion including a dc blocking capacitor. The assembly further includes a current return configured to electrically interconnect the or each ac terminal to the third tap terminal, a converter unit, and a controller configured to selectively control the converter unit to generate at least one first non-fundamental frequency alternating current component at the or each ac terminal and modify the or each first non-fundamental frequency alternating current component to enable the dc tap to draw power from the dc electrical network for supply to the electrical load..
General Electric Technology Gmbh



A voltage source converter includes a converter limb directly connected between first and second dc terminals. The converter limb includes an ac terminal, a first limb portion directly connected between the first dc terminal and the ac terminal, and a second limb portion directly connected between the second dc terminal and the ac terminal.
General Electric Technology Gmbh


Methods and systems for emergency lighting

Methods and systems for emergency lighting are disclosed. Embodiments of the invention provide a solid-state lighting system, light fixture or a collection of light fixtures, with a control input that is used to cause the system to dim to a specific level during an outage in order to conserve power in a building where power is backed up by an emergency inverter or a back-up generator.
Cree, Inc.


Modular charging system for game consoles

A video game controller charging device is supported directly on the top of a video game console and integrated therewith. The device includes a main body portion having a console-engaging structure for providing support to the device while positioned on top of the game console.
Nyko Technologies, Inc.


Apparatus and full-orientation over-the-air charging in portable electronic devices

An apparatus and method for full-orientation over-the-air charging includes a receiver coil associated with a portable electronic device for wireless charging; and a repeater coil associated with a device selectively configured to engage or support the portable electronic device for wireless charging, wherein the device is one of a cover, holster, or case for the portable electronic device; wherein, when the device is selectively engaged or supporting the portable electronic device, a portion of the repeater coil overlaps a portion of the receiver coil forming a magnetic coupling therebetween and supporting wireless charging of the portable electronic device in a plurality of orientations of the portable electronic device relative to a transmitter coil.. .
Motorola Solutions, Inc


Inductor-based active balancing for batteries and other power supplies

A system includes multiple power supplies connected in series and an active balancing circuit. The active balancing circuit includes an lc resonance circuit and multiple switches configured to selectively couple different ones of the power supplies to the lc resonance circuit.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Wireless power transfer method and circuit

A power circuit for wirelessly communicating power to a receiving device includes one or more switches for coupling respective ends of different coils of a group of coils together to facilitate selectively connecting the coils in a series configuration, parallel configuration, or combination thereof. The circuit includes a controller configured to control a conduction state of each of the one or more switches, and power terminals in electrical communication with the coils through which a power signal flows..
Tyco Electronics Corporation


Alternate arm converter

An alternate arm converter includes at least one converter limb that defines first and second limb portions. Each limb portion includes at least one director switch connected in series with a chain-link converter between one of two dc terminals and an ac terminal of the converter.
General Electric Technology Gmbh


Control system for power transmission within a structure

A system of electrical distribution within a building, which selectively energizes power sockets only when an appliance is connected to the socket and in need of power.. .


Zone selective interlocking and circuit protection device monitoring in a power distribution system

Circuit protection devices, power distribution systems, and circuit protection device monitoring in a zone selective interlocking (zsi) system are described. In one example, a circuit protection device for use in a zsi power distribution system includes a trip mechanism configured to interrupt current flowing through the circuit protection device, and a trip unit operatively coupled to the trip mechanism.
General Electric Company


Electrical protective device and selective disconnection of a subsystem in case of a second fault in an it power supply system

The invention is based on generating and applying a measuring signal voltage (um) between one or more phase(s) of the main system (4) or from a neutral point of the main system (4) against ground (9) using a resonant coupling circuit (22) that has a measuring signal generator (24) and a series resonant circuit (26) connected in series to the measuring signal generator (24), a resonant frequency (f0ak) of the series resonant circuit (26) being set to correspond to the measuring signal frequency.. .


Harmonic cacity resonator

Cavity resonators have a multitude of applications in radio-frequency, microwave, and vacuum electronics. Cavity resonators are used as frequency selective filters and oscillators.


Battery pack, tool battery and battery operated tool

A lithium-polymer based battery pack for power a hand held power tool or a garden tool, the battery pack has a plurality of battery cells located within housing that is selectively connectable to and supportable by a hand held power tool or a garden tool. The battery cells have a lithium-polymer based chemistry and a nominal charged internal impedance of less than or equal to approximately 5 milliohms.
Techtronic Power Tools Tecnology Limited


Selective placement of carbon nanotubes via coulombic attraction of oppositely charged carbon nanotubes and self-assembled monolayers

A method of forming a structure having selectively placed carbon nanotubes, a method of making charged carbon nanotubes, a bi-functional precursor, and a structure having a high density carbon nanotube layer with minimal bundling. Carbon nanotubes are selectively placed on a substrate having two regions.
International Business Machines Corporation


Memory device constructions, memory cell forming methods, and semiconductor construction forming methods

Memory device constructions include a first column line extending parallel to a second column line, the first column line being above the second column line; a row line above the second column line and extending perpendicular to the first column line and the second column line; memory material disposed to be selectively and reversibly configured in one of two or more different resistive states; a first diode configured to conduct a first current between the first column line and the row line via the memory material; and a second diode configured to conduct a second current between the second column line and the row line via the memory material. In some embodiments, the first diode is a schottky diode having a semiconductor anode and a metal cathode and the second diode is a schottky diode having a metal anode and a semiconductor cathode..
Micron Technology, Inc.


Process for manufacturing a semiconductor device comprising an empty trench structure and semiconductor device manufactured thereby

The process is based upon the steps of: forming a trench in a body including a substrate and at least one insulating layer; and depositing a metal layer above the body for closing the open end or mouth of the trench. The trench is formed by selectively etching the body, wherein the reaction by-products deposit on the walls of the trench and form a passivation layer along the walls of the trench and a restriction element in proximity of the mouth of the trench..
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Tunnel field-effect transistor (tfet) with supersteep sub-threshold swing

Technologies are generally described herein generally relate to tunnel field-effect transistor (tfets) structures with a gate-on-germanium source (goges) on bulk silicon substrate for sub 0.5v (vdd) operations. In some examples, the goges structure may include an increase in tunneling area and, thereby, a corresponding increases in the on-state current ion.
University Of Calcutta


Methods of manufacturing finfet semiconductor devices using sacrificial gate patterns and selective oxidization of a fin

A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device includes patterning a substrate to form an active fin, forming a sacrificial gate pattern crossing over the active fin on the substrate, forming an interlayer insulating layer on the sacrificial gate pattern, removing the sacrificial gate pattern to form a gap region exposing the active fin in the interlayer insulating layer, and oxidizing a portion of the active fin exposed by the gap region to form an insulation pattern between the active fin and the substrate.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Output capacitance reduction in power transistors

Technologies are described for reduction of an output capacitance of a transistor. In some examples, spacing of source-to-drain metallization may be increased and a sealed air-gap may be employed in an elongated trench in the drain region to reduce a dielectric constant of a portion of the body region and thereby the output capacitance of the transistor.
Empire Technology Development Llc


Iii-v semiconductor devices with selective oxidation

Embodiments of the present invention provide methods for fabricating a semiconductor device with selective oxidation. One method may include providing a semiconductor substrate including a stack of two semiconductor layers; depositing an insulating material on the semiconductor substrate; forming a set of fins; selectively oxidizing one of the semiconductor layers; forming a dummy gate structure and a set of spacers along the sides of the dummy gate structure; forming a source drain region adjacent to the dummy gate structure; removing the dummy gate structure; and releasing the selectively oxidized semiconductor layer..
International Business Machines Corporation


Method for semiconductor selective etching and bsi image sensor

A method of selectively etching a semiconductor device and manufacturing a bsi image sensor device includes etching a doped silicon substrate with an hna solution for a predetermined time duration to obtain an etching solution having a concentration c1 of nitrite ions, etching the semiconductor device using the obtained etching solution. Etching the semiconductor device requires an initial concentration c0 of nitride ions that is lower than c1.
Semiconductor Manufacturing International (shanghai) Corporation


Array substrate and manufacturing method thereof

A method of manufacturing an array substrate includes applying a first color filter and a second color filter over a first and second pixel regions respectively and the color filters have an overlapped portion in wiring region; and forming a contact hole, which partially exposes the drain electrode therethrough, by etching at least one of the overlapping first and the second color filters, and the forming the contact hole includes selectively etching an upper part of the overlapped portion during etching a photoresist layer covering the overlapped portion, the overlapped portion of first and second color filters is etched without requiring an additional masking process, preventing a decrease of liquid crystal margin due to large height difference of the overlapped color filters, preventing misalignment of color filters and mixing of colors.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Three-dimensional memory structure with multi-component contact via structure and making thereof

A contact via structure can include a ruthenium portion formed by selective deposition of ruthenium on a semiconductor surface at the bottom of a contact trench. The ruthenium-containing portion can reduce contact resistance at the interface with an underlying doped semiconductor region.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.


Through-package-via (tpv) structures on inorganic interposer and methods for fabricating same

Disclosed herein are, for instance, methods for producing through package vias in a glass interposer. For instance, disclosed herein is a method for producing through package vias in a glass interposer comprising laminating a polymer on at least a portion of a top surface of a glass interposer, removing at least a portion of the polymer and the glass interposer to form a through via, filling at least a portion of the through via with a metal conductor to form a metallization layer, and selectively removing a portion of the metallization layer to form a metalized through package via.
Georgia Tech Research Corporation


Trench having thick dielectric selectively on bottom portion

A method of fabricating a semiconductor device includes etching a semiconductor substrate having a top surface to form a trench having sidewalls and a bottom surface that extends from the top surface into the semiconductor substrate. A dielectric liner of a first dielectric material is formed on the bottom surface and sidewalls of the trench to line the trench.
Texas Instruments Incorporated


Cobalt selectivity improvement in selective cobalt process sequence

Embodiments of the invention provide processes to selectively form a cobalt layer on a copper surface over exposed dielectric surfaces. Embodiments described herein control selectivity of deposition by preventing damage to the dielectric surface, repairing damage to the dielectric surface, such as damage which can occur during the cobalt deposition process, and controlling deposition parameters for the cobalt layer..
Applied Materials, Inc.


Air gap formation in interconnection structure by implantation process

Methods for forming air gaps in an interconnection structure with desired materials formed on different locations of the interconnection structure using an ion implantation process to define an etching boundary followed by an etching process for semiconductor devices are provided. In one embodiment, a method for forming air gaps in an interconnection structure on a substrate, the method includes implanting ions in a first region of an insulating material disposed on a substrate, leaving a second region without implanted ions, the second region having a first surface interfaced with the first region and a second surface interfaced with the substrate, and performing an etching process to selectively etch the second region away from the substrate, forming an air gap between the first region and the substrate..
Applied Materials, Inc.


Dry development and image transfer of si-containing self-assembled block copolymers

Provided herein are methods of selectively etching silicon-containing block copolymer (bcp) materials. The methods involve exposing a bcp material that includes at least one silicon-containing block and at least one non-silicon-containing block to a plasma that has a reducing chemistry.
Lam Research Corporation


Selective growth for high-aspect ration metal fill

An improved conductive feature for a semiconductor device and a technique for forming the feature are provided. In an exemplary embodiment, the semiconductor device includes a substrate having a gate structure formed thereupon.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Shift register

A shift register comprises a first switch, a second switch, a third switch, and a fourth switch. The first switch selectively conducts a first clock signal to a first output terminal as a first output signal based on a voltage level over the control terminal.
Au Optronics Corporation


Boundary word line operation in nonvolatile memory

One or more word lines in a multi level cell (mlc) block are identified as being at high risk of read disturb errors and data is selectively copied from such high risk word lines to a location outside the mlc block where the copy is maintained. Subsequent read requests for the data may be directed to the copy of the data outside the mlc block..
Sandisk Technologies Inc.


Shared global read and write word lines

An apparatus includes an array of bit cells that include a first row of bit cells and a second row of bit cells. The apparatus also includes a first global read word line configured to be selectively coupled to the first row of bit cells and to the second row of bit cells.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Semiconductor memory apparatus and system including the same

A semiconductor memory apparatus includes a dbi calculation block, an inversion latch block, an inverted data selective output block, and a pipe latch block. The dbi calculation block performs a dbi calculation and outputs a dbi result signal based on a result of the dbi calculation.
Sk Hynix Inc.


Curved liquid crystal display having improved black mura characteristics

A curved liquid crystal display (lcd) includes: a curved liquid crystal panel assembly; a look-up table storing correction values, the correction values being values for selectively correcting image signals for a black mura region where black mura generated in the curved liquid crystal panel assembly; and a signal controller for generating an image data signal adjusted by the correction values of the image signals for the black mura region.. .
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


Method of controlling mirror display and electronic device for the same

A method of controlling a mirror display and an electronic device are provided. The method includes identifying whether external power is input to the electronic device; and providing operation power to the mirror display by selectively providing one of the external power and battery power to the mirror display as the operating power according to whether the external power is input to the mirror display..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Gaming device having a selectively accessible bonus scheme

A gaming device having a bonus scheme, wherein the player may choose when to play a bonus scheme, so long as the player is qualified to do so. The method of qualifying the player to enter the bonus round connects or links the base game operation of the gaming device with the bonus scheme.


Multilingual content based recommendation system

Example apparatus and methods access multiple sources of information concerning features for applications, clean the data from the multiple sources, extract features from the cleaned data, selectively weight the sources, data or extracted features and produce a feature vector. The feature vector may then be used in a single language feature space or in a multi-language feature space.
Microsoft Technology Licensing


Processing electronic tokens

Measures, including methods, apparatus and computer software are provided for processing electronic tokens. An authorization request is received in relation to processing of an electronic token.
Visa Europe Limited


Atomistic quantum dots

A quantum device is provided that includes controllably quantum mechanically coupled dangling bonds extending from a surface of a semiconductor material. Each of the controllably quantum mechanically coupled dangling bonds has a separation of at least one atom of the semiconductor material.
The Governors Of The University Of Alberta


Security coding system and marker, optoelectronic scanner and coding articles

A scanner (200) is arranged to detect a unique spectral signature acquired from a sample (230) coded with a security marker (700) made up from one or more overt or covert coloured features (704a-704b) having known and uniquely identifiable spectral characteristics. More particularly, a narrowband light source (218), operating in the middle/near ultraviolet to short/near infra-red wavelength ranges, pulses light onto the security marker fixed to or formed in the sample (230).
Gluco Technology Limited


Automatically generate attributes and access policies for securely processing outsourced audit data using attribute-based encryption

Methods, systems, and computer-readable storage media for secure storage of and selective access to encrypted audit data. Implementations include actions of receiving a set of audit data in response to occurrence of an incident, determining a set of static audit data and a set of dynamic audit data based on the set of audit data, encrypting items in the set of static audit data using a first attribute-based encryption scheme to provide a set of encrypted static audit data, and items in the set of dynamic audit data using a second attribute-based encryption scheme to provide a set of encrypted dynamic audit data, and transmitting the set of encrypted static audit data and the set of encrypted dynamic audit data to an off-premise database for storage and selective access..


Medical apparatus with selectively enabled features

A medical system includes a medical apparatus, a computer, a user input device, and at least one feature in communication with and controlled by the computer. The computer is in communication with the user input device, which is configured and arranged to allow a user to purchase the use of the feature.
Stryker Corporation


Integrated circuit modeling method

A method of modeling an integrated circuit comprises generating a schematic of an integrated circuit comprising a first circuit component. The schematic comprises a first representation of the first circuit component.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Data object classification using feature generation through crowdsourcing

In a computing device that implements a data object classification tool, a method for classifying data may include detecting change in spatial coordinates for each of at least two of a set of data objects within a canvas space. Each of the data objects may be associated with a vector of features.
Battelle Memorial Institute


System to generate related search queries

Systems and methods described herein may operate to receive, at a search service, a first query from a user device corresponding to a current user of the search service, analyze existing search queries performed by users of the search service, and selectively provide, to the user device, a second query of the existing search queries as at least one of: a refinement of the first query based on determining that the second query includes all keywords in the first query, or an alternative to the first query based on determining that the second query lacks at least one keyword in the first query.. .
Paypal, Inc.


Strategies for indexing, ranking and clustering multimedia documents

A method for a system that indexes, ranks, and clusters multimedia documents using organizing means, scoring means, and stochastic means that optimizes parameter sets comprising of object parameters. The method creates a plurality of individual parameter sets, the parameter sets comprising information sharing system object parameters for describing a model, structures, shape, design, process, search query sets, and dynamic search spaces to be optimized using selective variations, constructive variations, clustering variations, and stochastic variations.
Tapicu Inc.


Programmable validation of transaction requests

A data processor includes an input/output bridge that provides enforcement of a security status on transactions between devices across the bridge. The bridge includes circuitry to parse a received request to obtain one or more identifiers, and compare the identifiers against one or more programmable lookup tables.
Cavium, Inc.


Register access control among multiple devices

A circuit manages and controls access requests to a register, such as a control and status register (csr) among a number of devices. In particular, the circuit selectively forwards or suspends off-chip access requests and forwards on-chip access requests independent of the status of off-chip requests.
Cavium, Inc.


Instruction ordering for in-progress operations

Execution of the memory instructions is managed using memory management circuitry including a first cache that stores a plurality of the mappings in the page table, and a second cache that stores entries based on virtual addresses. The memory management circuitry executes operations from the one or more modules, including, in response to a first operation that invalidates at least a first virtual address, selectively ordering each of a plurality of in progress operations that were in progress when the first operation was received by the memory management circuitry, wherein a position in the ordering of a particular in progress operation depends on either or both of: (1) which of one or more modules initiated the particular in progress operation, or (2) whether or not the particular in progress operation provides results to the first cache or second cache..
Cavium, Inc.


Systems and methods employing unique device for generating random signals and metering and addressing, e.g., unusual deviations in said random signals

According to some embodiments, a system comprises a generator of a truly random signal is connected to an input and feedback device for the purpose of providing a user with real time feedback on the random signal. The user observes a representation of the signal in the process of an external physical event for the purpose of finding a correlation between the random output and what happens during the physical event.
Psyleron, Inc.


Distributed storage system, and data-access method therefor

Each of a plurality of storage systems in a distributed storage system is provided with: a strong-consistency-control processor which controls data synchronization that ensures consistency of duplicated data; a weak-consistency-control processor which controls data synchronization that does not necessarily ensure consistency of the duplicated data; an access-switching processor which determines a redundancy number corresponding to the number of storage systems having duplicated data stored thereon, selects in accordance with the characteristics of the duplicated data and the position of a terminal issuing the i/o request, storage systems of a number corresponding to the redundancy number, and selectively determines, as the control for the data synchronization, one from among the strong-consistency-control processor, the weak-consistency-control processor, and consistency control unnecessary; and an i/o processor which executes, on the basis of the determined control for the data synchronization, the i/o request for the duplicated data in the selected storage systems.. .
Hitachi, Ltd.


Method of driving touch panel, capacitance-type touch panel, and display apparatus with touch detection function

A capacitance-type touch panel, allowing disturbance noise and touch detection time to be reduced and having a simple configuration, is provided. The capacitance-type touch panel including: a plurality of drive electrodes each having a strip shape; a drive control circuit performing control such that a drive signal for touch detection is selectively applied to the drive electrodes; a plurality of touch detection electrodes arranged to intersect with the drive electrodes in such a manner that capacitance is formed in each intersecting part, and each outputting a detection signal in synchronization with the drive signal; and a detection circuit detecting an external proximity object based on the detection signal.
Japan Display, Inc.


Selective event reaction processing in power control

A reaction mode is selected through a user interface from a plurality of reaction modes that includes a fast reaction mode, by which each of a plurality of values assigned to a process variable over time are individually evaluated in an event decision that asserts an occurrence of a power event. The reaction modes also include a slow reaction mode by which none of the values assigned to the process variable over time are individually evaluated in the event decision.
Electronic Systems Protection, Inc.


Aircraft ground lift dump flight control function

A flight control system for an aircraft includes at least one flight control computer that carries out a ground lift dump function that selectively extends a spoiler located on a wing of the aircraft into an airflow passing over the wing. The at least one flight control computer includes arming logic that is responsive to an input signal indicative of an aircraft parameter to automatically arm the ground lift dump function during certain phases of operation of the aircraft.
Bombardier Inc.


Display device

A screen includes: a diffraction member and a scattering member. The diffraction member selectively diffracts image light and orients this light towards a viewer.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha


Electrochromic device containing metal oxide nanoparticles and ultraviolet blocking material

An electrochromic device includes a nanostructured transition metal oxide bronze layer that includes one or more transition metal oxide and one or more dopant. The electrochromic device also includes nanoparticles containing one or more transparent conducting oxide (tco), a solid state electrolyte, a counter electrode, and at least one protective layer to prevent degradation of the one or more nanostructured transition metal oxide bronze.
Heliotrope Technologies, Inc.


Comination jewelry piece with camouflaged eyeglass mount

A u-shaped resilient jewelry band configured with a pair of legs to be retained around a wearer's neck, wrist or the like and including a pair of lenses in the closed extremity of the band, the band further being constructed so the legs will act as temples to retain the band on the wearer's head with the lenses in confronting relationship with the wearer's eyes. A pair visors carried from the respective legs to be selectively shifted between covering relationship over the lenses and retracted uncovering relationship to the wearer can view through the lenses..


Visual and tactile assessment tool

A selectively attachable and removable visual and tactile assessment tool or clip for use with a mobile device is provided. Clip is an elongate member forming a curvilinear shape having a magnifying lens at a distal end thereof.
Medtronic Vascular, Inc.


Display panel assembly and electronic equipment including the same

A display panel assembly and an electronic device including the assembly are disclosed. In one aspect, the assembly includes a window cover including a display area and a non-display area and a display panel disposed on a location of a rear surface of the window cover corresponding to the display area.
Samsung Display Co., Ltd.


A system for interfacing an lc sensor includes a starter configured to selectively start an oscillation of the lc sensor. The system also includes an analog peak detector configured to determine a signal (vpeak) being indicative of a peak voltage of the oscillation of the lc sensor and a detector configured to determine a state of the lc sensor as a function of the signal (vpeak) determined by the analog peak detector..
Stmicroelectronics S.r.l.


Gnss positioning system employing a reconfigurable antenna subsystem

The system includes a reconfigurable gnss antenna subsystem that dynamically reconfigures one or more antenna parameters to change one or more operating characteristics of an antenna based on environmental conditions and/or the presence of interfering signals to improve the quality of gnss satellite signal reception. The system analyses the received signals to determine if the gnss satellite signals are sufficiently above received noise, if interfering signals are present, and/or if multipath signals are adversely impacting position calculations.
Novatel Inc.


Apparatus for testing electronic devices

An apparatus for testing electronic devices may include a test chamber, a heating unit, a cooling unit and a controller. The test chamber may include a plurality of slots configured to receive the electronic devices.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Method and apparatus determining an amount of phosphine (ph3) in an atmosphere of an enclosed area

A process is provided for determining the amount of phosphine gas in the atmosphere of an enclosed area that has been fumigated with phosphine (ph3). This process comprises: (a) sampling said atmosphere of said enclosed area to obtain a gaseous sample; (b) selectively removing water from said gaseous sample by passing said gaseous sample through an evaporation zone to obtain a dry sample, wherein said evaporation zone comprises a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoro-3,6-dioxa-4-methyl-7-octene-sulfonic acid; and (c) analyzing said per-evaporated sample in a detector to determine the amount of phosphine gas in said dry sample.


Multi-position, micro-fluidic valve assembly with multiple radial grooves to enable individual or combined flows

A rotary shear valve having a rotor device and a stator device both with planar faces. The stator face includes a central port located at a common rotational axis, a second port radially spaced a radius r1 from the central port, and a third port spaced at radius r2.
Idex Health & Science Llc


Hplc sample introduction with coupling sample reservoirs in parallel between mobile phase drive and separation unit

Disclosed is a sample dispatcher configured for individually introducing a plurality of portions of one or more sample fluids into a flow of a mobile phase of a separation system configured for separating compounds of the sample fluids. The separation system comprises a mobile phase drive configured for driving the mobile phase through a separation unit configured for separating compounds of the sample fluids in the mobile phase.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.



Disclosed is a refrigerator. The refrigerator includes a cabinet (10) defining a first storage region (2) in which food is stored, a door (20) rotatably connected to a first rotating shaft (42), located at the front of the cabinet (10), via a first hinge member (40) to open or close the first storage region (2), a gasket (26) provided at the door (20), a container (100) defining a second storage region (52) received in the first storage region (2), the container (100) being rotatably connected to a second rotating shaft, located at the door (20), via a second hinge member (200), a latch member installed to the container (100), and a fastening device (600) provided at the door (20), the fastening device (600) being caught by the latch member to selectively couple the door (20) and the container (100) to each other.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Systems for heating water used in hydraulic fracturing

A system for flameless heating of a fluid includes a hydraulic pump having an input shaft and a rotational power source coupled in torque-transmitting relationship with the input shaft of the hydraulic pump. A hydraulic fluid circuit is in fluid connection with an inlet port and an outlet port of the hydraulic pump.
Multitek North America, Llc


Self-heated enclosure with carbon fiber

Provided is a self-heated enclosure with carbon fiber. An example system can comprise an enclosure defining an interior chamber.
University Of Alaska Anchorage


Headlights having one light source module for a high beam and a low beam

A high beam and a low beam is disclosed, the headlight including: a first light source unit; a second light source unit; a first light output unit; a second light output unit; and a controller configured to adjust a light quantity irradiated from the light source in response to a low beam mode or a high beam mode, and to control a beam output of the first light output unit and the second light output unit by allowing the first optical unit to be arranged selectively on a light path between the light source unit and the second optical unit.. .
Lg Electronics Inc.


Additive manufacturing of pipes

Additive manufacturing of a pipe is disclosed. A lowering mechanism is configured to be coupled with respect to a platform and to lower a pipe through an opening in the platform.
Lockheed Martin Corporation


Support system providing precision stand-off adjustment for elongated structures

A support apparatus for an elongated structure includes a pipe flange and a base. The pipe flange has a pipe engaging structure and a base engaging structure attached to pipe engaging structure.


Rotational coupling device for bimodal selective output

A rotational coupling device drives an output synchronous with either of two inputs. The device includes a hub disposed about an axis and an output member supported on the hub for rotation about the axis.
Warner Electric Technology Llc


Multiple speed transmission

An automatic transmission 20 includes: a simpson type complex planetary gear train 25 including single pinion type first and second planetary gears 21 and 22 and single pinion type third and fourth planetary gears 23 and 24; first through fourth clutches c1 to c4; and first and second brakes b1 and b2. A first carrier 21c of the first planetary gear 21 is coupled to an input shaft 20i.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Multi-speed transmission

The present disclosure provides a multiple speed transmission having an input member, an output member, a plurality of planetary gearsets, a plurality of interconnecting members and a plurality of torque-transmitting mechanisms. The plurality of planetary gear sets includes first, second and third members.
Allison Transmission, Inc.


Multl-speed transmission

The present disclosure provides a multiple speed transmission having an input member, an output member, a plurality of planetary gearsets, a plurality of interconnecting members and a plurality of torque-transmitting mechanisms. The plurality of planetary gear sets includes first, second and third members.
Allison Transmission, Inc.


Multi-speed transmission

The present disclosure provides a multiple speed transmission having an input member, an output member, a plurality of planetary gearsets, a plurality of interconnecting members and a plurality of torque-transmitting mechanisms. The plurality of planetary gear sets includes first, second and third members.
Allison Transmission, Inc.


Variable retraction rate pump and operating same

A pump system includes a pump and a storage volume in fluid communication with a discharge port of the pump. The pump includes a housing defining a pump bore and a pump piston disposed in sliding engagement with the pump bore, the pump piston being in selective fluid communication with the discharge port of the pump.
Caterpillar Inc.


Water current power generation structure

A water current power generation structure including: a power generation unit including a main body, a mounting portion which extends from the main body and which defines a mounting axis; a support structure adapted for engagement with a bed of a body of water, and including a support housing; wherein the structure further includes a yaw mechanism for rotating the power generation unit relative to the support structure, the mechanism including: a pinion associated with the mounting portion; and a gear associated within the support housing and arranged to engage the pinion to rotate the power generation unit about the mounting axis relative to the support structure; and a selective engagement mechanism for selectively engaging the yaw mechanism.. .
Tidal Generation Limited


Spark plug fouling detection

Methods and systems are provided for detecting spark plug fouling in an ignition system of an engine. In one example, a method may include directing current flow into a primary winding of an ignition coil of the ignition system for a duration of dwell period responsive to a dwell command from a controller, reducing the current flow to discharge an initial spark, and discharging additional sparks.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Fuel filter for diesel engine

A fuel filter for a diesel engine may include an upper cover forming inflow and outflow passages of diesel fuel, a housing integrally mounted in a vehicle body, coupled to the upper cover and housing a filter assembly, and a body penetrating a central portion of the filter assembly, disposed between the upper cover and the filter assembly and integrally forming the upper cover, a heater assembly, and a moisture sensor, in which the heater assembly may be configured to selectively operate according to a detection signal of a fuel temperature sensor that is provided in the engine body.. .
Mann Hummel Korea Co., Ltd.


Fuel vapor canister heater control and diagnostic systems and methods

An energy module determines an amount of energy consumed by an electric heater of a fuel vapor canister since an ignition system of the vehicle was last transitioned from off to on. A purge valve control module controls opening a purge valve while the ignition system of the vehicle is on, wherein fuel vapor flows from the vapor canister through the purge valve to an air intake system when the purge valve is open.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Turbocharged engine employing cylinder deactivation

A method of operating a gasoline engine having a first subset of cylinders and a second subset of cylinders includes providing a flow of compressed air from a single-sequential compressor to the engine, selectively deactivating the first subset of cylinders, and igniting gasoline mixed with the compressed air in the second subset of cylinders. The single-sequential compressor includes a dual sided impeller having a first blade arrangement in fluid communication with a first air inlet, and an opposing second blade arrangement in fluid communication with a second air inlet.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Internal combustion engine provided with a selective catalytic reduction system

An internal combustion engine (ice) and method of control are provided to determine a value of a catalyst temperature and a value of a quantity of a reducing agent stored in the catalyst. The quantity of gas recirculated by an exhaust gas recirculation (egr) system of the ice is calculated on the basis of the value of the catalyst temperature and of the value of the quantity of the reducing agent stored in the catalyst.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Engine system for controlling exhaust gas flow

An engine system for controlling an exhaust gas flow includes an intake line arranged to draw in outdoor air, an engine combusting the outdoor air supplied through the intake line and fuel in a combustion chamber of the engine to generate torque, an exhaust line for exhausting exhaust gas from the combustion in the combustion chamber of the engine, a turbocharger having a turbine operated by the exhaust gas passing through the exhaust line and a compressor for compressing the outdoor air in the intake line, a catalyst unit arranged on a downstream side of the turbocharger for reducing harmful components of the exhaust gas, a bypass line branched from the exhaust line on the downstream side of the turbocharger and joined to the exhaust line on a downstream side of the catalyst unit, and a bypass valve arranged on the bypass line for selectively opening/closing the bypass line.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Condensed water treatment device for internal combustion engine

The condensed water treatment device obtains (s1) the storage water quantity (qw) of a condensed water tank, and drains (s4) condensed water in the condensed water tank when the storage water quantity (qw) is larger than a threshold value (tu) and also urea water is supplied to an exhaust passage for a selective-reduction type nox catalyst. Thereby, the condensed water is neutralized and then drained to the outside of an internal combustion engine through the exhaust passage..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Variable valve lift apparatus

A variable valve lift apparatus that changes a lift of a valve in an engine may include an outer body selectively pivoting based on rotation of a cam, having a first end configured to be connected with a valve and a second end mounted with a pivot shaft, and having an internal space formed in the outer body, an inner body pivoting based on rotation of the cam, disposed in the internal space of the outer body, and having a first end rotatably connected to the first end of the outer body, a connecting shaft disposed through the first end of the outer body and the first end of the inner body and connecting the outer body and the inner body to each other, and a lost motion spring having a portion fixed to the outer body and another portion fixed to the inner body.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Multi-probe reservoir sampling device

A tool insertable into a wellbore for sampling formation fluids includes a body, and sample probe assemblies that project radially outward from the body and into sampling contact with the wellbore wall. Packers are provided on the outer terminal ends of the sample probe assemblies and which are urged against the wellbore wall.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Constant volume temperature to pressure transducer for use with retrievable pressure sensor assemblies

A temperature sensor for measuring a temperature within a subsea installation includes a fixture portion coupled to the subsea installation and a retrievable portion that is selectively operable to couple to the fixture portion. The fixture portion includes a constant volume of a fluid disposed at a measurement point within the subsea installation.
General Electric Company


Directional drilling apparatus and methods

Apparatus for directional drilling allows an uphole section of drill string to be rotated while maintaining a desired orientation of a bent section of the drill string. In some embodiments, clutches above and below the bent section are selectively operated to rotate the bent section to a desired orientation.
Evolution Engineering Inc.


Method and selective injection

A method and apparatus for selectively treating different zones in a wellbore includes running a tubular string into the wellbore, the string having at least two housings disposed therein, the housings separated along the string, each housing having a fluid path between an interior of the housing and a zone of interest and each housing having an individual profile for mating with an individual insert and running a second, smaller diameter tubular string into the wellbore, the string including an insert, the insert constructed and arranged to mate with a predetermined one of the plurality of housings and to initially seal the fluid path.. .
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc


Controlled pressure drilling system with flow measurement and well control

A drilling system for drilling a wellbore has one or more valves or chokes to control the upstream pressure of drilling fluid flow in a controlled pressure drilling operation. A measurement is obtained of the drilling fluid flow from the wellbore.
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc


Ladders, ladder components and related methods

Ladders, ladder components and related methods are provided. In some embodiments, adjustable stepladders are provided which include locking mechanisms that enable height adjustment of the ladder through application of a force towards the rails of the ladder.
Wing Enterprises, Incorporated


Paddle latch

A paddle latch comprising a housing, a latch member and a bolt; wherein the bolt is mounted for sliding axial movement between a first, deployed, position and a second, retracted, position. The latch member is configured to move the bolt between said first and second positions upon actuation by a user.
Weston Body Hardware Limited


Jamb installation device and method

Provided herein are devices for installing jamb assemblies and like structures within a rough opening. In certain embodiments, the installation device comprises a guide portion attached to a jamb assembly and a spacer portion operatively connected to the guide portion and configured to selectively move relative to the guide portion to provide adjustment of the jamb assembly relative to the rough opening..
Therma-tru Corp.


Rotary ditcher attachment for an excavator

A rotary ditcher attachment is selectively mounted onto the bottom of an excavator implement. The rotary ditcher attachment has an attachment frame including a mounting bracket for releasable mounting onto a tool mount on the boom of the excavator implement.
Dynamic Ditchers Inc.


Traffic control marker including a reinforced retaining member

Embodiments of the invention are directed to a traffic control assembly, which includes a base selectively mountable adjacent a roadway, a flexible tubular member coupled to the base, a reinforced retaining member, and a retaining pin. In accordance with at least one embodiment, the reinforced retaining member, when positioned in a recess in the base, is configured to secure the flexible tubular member to the base..


Soft and strong engineered tissue

The disclosure provides tissue webs, and products incorporating the same, where the webs comprise two or more layers and have refined fibers selectively incorporated into one of the layers to provide a sheet that is both durable and soft. More specifically the disclosure provides soft and durable tissue webs comprising at least about 1 percent refined fiber by weight of the web incorporated into the air contacting layer of a multi-layered tissue web..
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.


Systems and methods for forming selective metal electrode layers for resistive switching memories

A method for selectively depositing a platinum layer on a substrate includes providing an electroless deposition solution including a platinum precursor and at least one of water and/or a ph balancing solution. A substrate including a patterned metal layer and one or more dielectric layers is immersed in the electroless deposition solution for a first predetermined period.
Lam Research Corporation


Methylcytosine detection method

To provide a method for selectively detecting the methylation of particular cytosines in genomic dna using a methylcytosine detection method using an anti-methylcytosine antibody to improve quantitativity and reliability. A method for detecting the methylated state of cytosine at a specific position contained in a nucleic acid, includes fragmenting the nucleic acid using a restriction enzyme; forming a double-stranded nucleic acid between the fragmented nucleic acid and a single-stranded nucleic acid having a base sequence capable of hybridizing with the fragmented nucleic acid but incapable of resulting in the formation of a base pair with cytosine at a specific position in the fragmented nucleic acid and a solid phase-binding site; binding the double-stranded nucleic acid on a solid phase using the solid phase-binding site; and measuring the amount of an antibody binding to the double-stranded nucleic acid on the solid phase..
National Institute Of Advanced Industrial Science And Technology


Mapping cytosine modifications

Methods, compositions and kits for selectively altering and detecting modified cytosine residues are provided.. .
New England Biolabs, Inc.


Effervescent compositions and uses thereof

A latent effervescent body comprising a selective agent is disclosed. A method of using the latent effervescent body in a method to selectively enrich a target microorganism is also disclosed.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Method for producing cathine

A method for producing cathine ((1s,2s)-norpseudoephedrine), in which, in a first reaction step, benzaldehyde is reacted with an acetyl donor according to formula (1), where r═h or cooh, by way of an (s)-selective lease to yield an enantiomer mixture according to formulas (2) and (3) and, in a second step, the compound according to formula (3) is reacted with an amine donor by way of an (s)-selective transaminase to yield (1s,2s)-norpseudoephedrine.. .
Forschungszentrum JÜlich Gmbh


Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of lipomyces

This disclosure provides agrobacterium-mediated transformation methods for the oil-producing (oleaginous) yeast lipomyces sp., as well as yeast produced by the method. Such methods utilize agrobacterium sp.
Battelle Memorial Institute


Rna tagging

Methods, kits, and compositions of matter suitable for use in rna tagging are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes: expressing a fusion protein within the cellular environment, the fusion protein including at least part of the protein of interest and a tagging domain, the tagging domain introducing a selective tag to an rna to which the fusion protein selectively binds, the selective tag including a selective tag sequence or a selective covalent modification; allowing the tagging domain to tag the rna to which the protein of interest selectively binds by waiting for about 1 minute to about 28 days; and identifying the tagged rna..
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation


System and selective ablation of cancer cells with cold atmospheric plasma

A method for elevating a trail-r1 expression in cancer cells to induce apoptosis. The method comprises the steps of receiving electrical energy having a specific voltage, frequency and power from an electrosurgical generator, up-converting the voltage and down-converting the frequency with a high voltage transformer having a primary coil and a secondary coil, the secondary coil having a larger number of turns than the primary coil, applying said converted electrical energy to an electrode in an electrosurgical hand piece, flowing an inert gas through said electrosurgical hand piece to produce a cold plasma at a distal end of said electrosurgical hand piece; and applying said cold plasma to cancer cells for 1 to 3 minutes.

Elective topics: Hinge Mechanism, Control Unit, Portable Computer, Accommodation, Transceiver, Encapsulation, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, Exhaust Gas, Diesel Particulate Filter, Downstream, Selective Catalytic Reduction, Catalytic Reduction, Refrigerant, Hydrofluoroolefin, Adsorption

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