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Modular alert system

White Stagg

Modular alert system

Bypass circuit for neutral-less controller in lighting control system

Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Bypass circuit for neutral-less controller in lighting control system

Bypass circuit for neutral-less controller in lighting control system


Controller, electronic apparatus, control system, and control method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Elective-related patents
 Mounting system for arranging electric devices, for example, especially in switchgear cabinets patent thumbnailMounting system for arranging electric devices, for example, especially in switchgear cabinets
The invention relates to a mounting system (1) for arranging electric devices (2), for example, especially in switchgear cabinets. Said mounting system (1) comprises at least one preferably horizontal mounting strip (3) to which at least one device (2) can be secured.
Friedrich Lütze Gmbh
 Modular alert system patent thumbnailModular alert system
The present invention provides methods and systems for a modular alert system that includes at least one module having a top portion and a bottom portion. The at least one module provides an alarm for one or more monitored conditions, and the bottom portion and the top portion of the at least one module contains mating features.
White Stagg, Llc
 Bypass circuit for neutral-less controller in lighting control system patent thumbnailBypass circuit for neutral-less controller in lighting control system
A device provides a bypass path for leakage current of a neutral-less controller in a lighting control system for selectively supplying line voltage to a load. The device includes a dummy load, a voltage sensor, a bypass switch, a switch controller and a delay timer.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.
 Controller, electronic apparatus, control system, and control method patent thumbnailController, electronic apparatus, control system, and control method
A controller includes: a communication section configured to be selectively communicable with an electronic apparatus through a first communication system or a second communication system, and configured to acquire system priority information from the electronic apparatus by communicating with the electronic apparatus through the first communication system, the electronic apparatus being capable of executing one or a plurality of functions; and a control section configured to select one of the first communication system and the second communication system, based on the system priority information, and configured to instruct the communication section to communicate with the electronic apparatus through the selected communication system.. .
Sony Corporation
 System and  limiting mobile device functionality patent thumbnailSystem and limiting mobile device functionality
The present invention relates to systems and methods that employ various mechanisms to selectively disable mobile device functionality. In general, mobile devices can be utilized to store personal and/or highly sensitive information such as bank account numbers, social security numbers, credit card numbers and the like.
Core Wireless Licensing, S.a.r.l.
 Earphone device patent thumbnailEarphone device
An earphone device includes a housing, a speaker diaphragm and a tuner. The housing has an exterior surface and defines an interior cavity.
Chiun Mai Communication Systems, Inc.
 Video information processing system with selective chroma deblock filtering patent thumbnailVideo information processing system with selective chroma deblock filtering
A video information processing system including a processing circuit and a deblocking filter. The processing circuit provides video information including a chroma component and a luma component.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
 Flash photography patent thumbnailFlash photography
Embodiments of the invention relates to cameras and flash photography, and to modulating intensity of light over time and space to subjects in an associated composition. As the composition of a photograph is created, subjects in the composition are metered and flash illumination is determined.
International Business Machines Corporation
 Communication system and camera system patent thumbnailCommunication system and camera system
The present disclosure provides a communication system which can shorten a data transfer time by realizing transmission and reception of data using two communicators. The present disclosure is a communication system which includes: a first device; and a second device, and in which the first device includes a first controller, the second device includes a second controller, the first controller and the second controller are connected through a first communicator and a second communicator, and the second controller switches and selectively executes one of a reception mode for receiving data from the first controller using the first communicator, and the second communicator and a transmission/reception mode for transmitting data to the first controller using the first communicator and receiving data from the first controller using the second communicator..
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.
 Stream sharing method, apparatus, and system patent thumbnailStream sharing method, apparatus, and system
Disclosed herein are a method and an apparatus for stream sharing, the apparatus comprising a buffer module, a sharing module, and an adjusting module. The sharing module receives a stream based on a first scheduling window and stores received segments of that stream in the buffer module, each received segment corresponding to a receiving time-point.
Industrial Technology Research Institute

Playing system and playing method

A playing system and a plying method are provided. The playing system is selectively in communication with a portable device.
Alpha Networks Inc.

Wavelength-selective cross-connect device having a variable number of common ports

A configurable wavelength-selective cross-connect (wsxc) device having an array of optical ports in which at least some of the ports are configurable to operate as common ports or as plural ports. The configurable wsxc device includes a mems mirror array whose mirrors are tiltable in a manner that enables, e.g., reconfigurations of the configurable wsxc device that result in a change of the number of common ports therein.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

Self-calibrating shared-component dual synthesizer

A self-calibrating shared-component dual synthesizer includes, for example, two frequency synthesizers that are adapted to operate (respectively) in transmit (tx) and receive (rx) modes. Each synthesizer can be selectively arranged to vary and optimize the phase noise in accordance with the tx and rx requirements associated with each mode as well as independently optimized for flexible low area floorplan to achieve low power, spectral fidelity and reduced test time, low cost built in self-calibration.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Apparatus for supporting one or more myriad objects and using same

An apparatus for supporting an object includes a top lying on a bottom. Part of the top is attached to the bottom.
Wally Products, Llc

Decoder with selective iteration scheduling

A method includes decoding a code word of an error correction code (ecc), which is representable by a set of check equations, by performing a sequence of iterations, such that each iteration involves processing of multiple variable nodes. For one or more selected variable nodes, a count of the check equations that are defined over one or more variables held respectively by the one or more selected variable nodes is evaluated, and, when the count meets a predefined skipping criterion, the one or more selected variable nodes are omitted from a given iteration in the sequence..
Apple Inc.

Apparatus and reacting to a change in supply voltage

Aspects of the disclosure provide an integrated circuit (ic). The ic includes a clock generation and supply voltage monitoring circuit configured to monitor a supply voltage to the ic and selectively modify an operating frequency of the ic in response to a sensed change in the supply voltage.
Marvell Israel (m.i.s.l) Ltd.

Metering circuit including a floating count window to determine a count

A method includes receiving a count corresponding to a number of peaks of a resonant signal that exceed a reference signal and comparing the count to a floating count window defined by a first count threshold and a second count threshold, the first count threshold is larger than the second count threshold. The method further includes selectively shifting the floating count window in a direction of the count when the count falls outside of the floating count window..
Silicon Laboratories Inc.

Systems and methods for detecting discontinuities in a solar array circuit and terminating current flow therein

The technology relates to a solar array kit useful in forming a solar array system, including a continuity signal generator and a detection circuit. The continuity signal generator has connectors for connecting to a solar array circuit and delivers a continuity signal to the solar array circuit.
Dow Global Technologies Llc

Cascaded h-bridge (chb) inverter level shift pwm with rotation

Cascade h-bridge inverters and carrier-based level shift pulse width modulation techniques are presented for generating inverter stage switching control signals, in which carrier waveform levels are selectively shifted to control thd and to mitigate power distribution imbalances within multilevel inverter elements using either complementary carrier or complementary reference modulation techniques.. .
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

Apparatus and zero voltage switching in bridgeless totem pole power factor correction converter

Power factor correction (pfc) apparatus, controllers, and methods for operating bridgeless totem pole power factor correction converters in which ac input voltage polarity is detected for designation of active and freewheeling switches of the totem pole circuit, a nominal freewheeling switch on-time is determined according to a volt×second balance relationship, and the voltage across the designated active switch is sensed and used to selectively modify or offset the nominal freewheeling switch on-time to provide a computed freewheeling switch on-time for the next switching cycle to facilitate zero voltage switching of the active switch.. .
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Dual redundant motor/ generator for an engine

An exemplary electrical system may include a power plant and a dual motor/generator assembly coupled to each other. The power plant may be a gas turbine engine, and may be operable to provide motive power.
Rolls-royce Corporation

Electrohydraulic generator systems and methods

A system includes a generator configured to be coupled to a power input of an uninterruptible power supply (ups), an engine, a hydraulic motor and a mechanical coupling mechanism configured to selectively couple the engine and the hydraulic motor to the generator. The system further includes a hydraulic accumulator and a valve configured to fluidically couple the hydraulic accumulator to the hydraulic motor.
Eaton Corporation

Power management system with selective source depletion

A power management system to manage energy sources for use with an energy-powered component includes an energy source detector to determine, between a first and a second of the energy sources, which has a lower state-of-charge and which has a higher state-of-charge, a controller to designate the energy source with the lower state-of-charge as a primary energy source and the other energy source as a secondary energy source, and an energy source selector to selectively enable the primary energy source to provide power to the energy-powered component.. .
Cameron International Corporation

Current flow controller

A current flow controller (10) comprising: a plurality of terminals (12a, 12b, 14a, 14b) for connection, in use, to a plurality of dc power transmission medium (16,18) such that each dc power transmission medium (16,18) is connected to at least one of the plurality of terminals (12a, 12b, 14a, 14b); and a current flow control unit interconnecting the plurality of terminals (12a, 12b, 14a, 14b), the current flow control unit including a plurality of current flow control sub-units (20, 22, 23) each of which is, in use, connected to a respective dc power transmission medium (16, 18), each current flow control sub-unit (20, 22, 23) including at least one switching element (24, 28), the or each switching element (24, 28) of each current flow control sub-unit (20, 22, 23) being connected to the same energy storage device (26; 56) to selectively provide a voltage source, and a switching control unit (100) to control switching of each switching element (24, 28) of the current flow control unit to selectively inject a voltage drop (v1, v2), in use, into each dc power transmission medium (16,18) so as to simultaneously regulate current flow (i1, i2) in each dc power transmission medium (16, 18) and divert energy from at least one dc power transmission medium (16, 18) into at least one other dc power transmission medium (16, 18) via the current flow control unit.. .
Alstom Technology Ltd

Locking electrical connector

An electrical connector (10) of elongate shape includes a main body (11) having a first end region (18) which includes one or more electrical contacts in use for contact with a complementary connector component and a second end region (24) opposite the first end region and from which depends a protective guide (12) through which a flexible conductor may extend, the main body of the connector including a locking mechanism (20) whereby, in use, the connector (10) may be selectively releasably secured to a complementary connector component, and the connector (10) including a release control (14) operable to act on the locking mechanism and allow release of the connector from the complementary connector component, wherein the release control (14) is operable at a position further from the first end (18) of the connector than the second end (24) as considered in the direction of the length of the connector.. .
Scolmore International Limited

Accumulator battery protected against external short-circuits

A power battery having electrochemical accumulators connected in series between two output terminals (b1, b2). There is a switch allowing one of the output terminals to be selectively isolated from an electrical load.
Commissariat à I'énergie Atomique Et Aux énergies Alternatives

Fuel cells for use at elevated temperatures and pressures

This invention provides a redox fuel cell comprising an anode and a cathode separated by an ion selective polymer electrolyte membrane; means for supplying a fuel to the anode region of the cell; means for supplying an oxidant to the cathode region of the cell; means for providing an electrical circuit between the anode and the cathode; a non-volatile catholyte solution flowing in fluid communication with the cathode, the catholyte solution comprising a polyoxometallate redox couple being at least partially reduced at the cathode in operation of the cell, and at least partially re-generated by reaction with the oxidant after such reduction at the cathode, the catholyte solution further comprising vanadium species that result from the speciation of the polyoxometallate at an elevated temperature and/or pressure.. .
Acal Energy Ltd.

Apparatus and methods to form a patterned coating on an oled substrate

An apparatus for applying a patterned coating to an oled substrate in a continuous roll-to-roll vapor based deposition process is provided comprising a vapor deposition source, a processing drum, a drive roller, and a shadow mask wherein the shadow mask comprises a mask line feature that selectively prevents deposition of the coating onto the substrate. Also presented is a method for applying the coating..
General Electric Company

Magnetoresistive random access memory (mram) differential bit cell and use

A magnetoresistive random access memory (mram) bit cell includes a first magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) connected to a first data line. The mram bit cell further includes a second mtj connected to a second data line.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Semiconductor light emitting device

A semiconductor light emitting device includes a semiconductor layer including a light emitting layer, a p-side electrode provided on a second surface of the semiconductor layer, and an n-side electrode provided on the semiconductor layer to be separated from the p-side electrode. The p-side electrode includes a plurality of contact metal selectively provided on the semiconductor layer in contact with the second surface, a transparent film provided on the semiconductor layer in contact with the second surface between the plurality of contact metal, and a reflective metal provided on the contact metal and on the transparent film in contact with the contact metal, the reflective metal including silver.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Selective gate oxide properties adjustment using fluorine

Fluorine is located in selective portions of a gate oxide to adjust characteristics of the gate oxide. In some embodiments, the fluorine promotes oxidation which increases the thickness of the selective portion of the gate oxide.
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

Semiconductor devices including multilayer source/drain stressors and methods of manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device including source drain stressors and methods of manufacturing the same are provided. The methods may include forming a recess region in the substrate at a side of a gate pattern, and an inner surface of the recess region may include a first surface of a (100) crystal plane and a second surface of one of {111} crystal planes.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Molded dielectric nanostructure

An embodiment concerns selective etching of a structure (e.g., a fin) to form a void with the shape of the original structure. This void then functions as a mold.

Fin density control of multigate devices through sidewall image transfer processes

Methods and structures for fabricating fins for multigate devices are disclosed. In accordance with one method, a plurality of sidewalls are formed in or on a plurality of mandrels over a semiconductor substrate such that each of the mandrels includes a first sidewall composed of a first material and a second sidewall composed of a second material that is different from the first material.
International Business Machines Corporation

Method for manufacturing transistor and associated device

A method for manufacturing a transistor device is provided, comprising providing a plurality of parallel nanowires on a substrate; providing a dummy gate structure over a central portion of the parallel nanowires; epitaxially growing extension portions of a second material, selectively on the parallel nanowires, outside a central portion; providing a filler layer around and on top of the dummy gate structure and the extension portions; removing the dummy gate structure to create a gate trench, exposing the central portion of the parallel nanowires; providing spacer structures on the sidewalls of the gate trench, to define a final gate trench; thinning the parallel nanowires, thereby creating free space in between the nanowires and spacer structures; and selectively growing a quantum well layer on or around the parallel nanowires, at least partially filling the free space, to thereby provide a connection between the quantum well layer and extension portions.. .
Imec Vzw

Integration of ge-containing fins and compound semiconductor fins

A stack of a germanium-containing layer and a dielectric cap layer is formed on an insulator layer. The stack is patterned to form germanium-containing semiconductor fins and germanium-containing mandrel structures with dielectric cap structures thereupon.
International Business Machines Corporation

Cobalt-containing conductive layers for control gate electrodes in a memory structure

A memory film and a semiconductor channel can be formed within each memory opening that extends through a stack including an alternating plurality of insulator layers and sacrificial material layers. After formation of backside recesses through removal of the sacrificial material layers selective to the insulator layers, a metallic barrier material portion can be formed in each backside recess.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Method of manufacturing semiconductor device

A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device comprises forming an interlayer insulating film on a semiconductor substrate, the interlayer insulating film including a trench, forming a work function metal layer in the trench, forming an insulating film on the work function metal layer, forming a sacrificial film on the insulating film and filling the trench, forming a sacrificial film pattern with a top surface disposed in the trench by etching the sacrificial film, forming an insulating film pattern by selectively etching a portion of the insulating film which is formed higher than the sacrificial film pattern, and forming a work function metal pattern with a top surface disposed in the trench by selectively etching a portion of the work function metal layer which is formed higher than the insulating film pattern.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Self-aligned under bump metal

An integrated circuit including a self-aligned under bump metal pad formed on a top metal interconnect level in a connection opening in a dielectric layer, with a solder ball formed on the self-aligned under bump metal pad. Processes of forming integrated circuits including a self-aligned under bump metal pad formed on a top metal interconnect level in a connection opening in a dielectric layer, by a process of forming one or more metal layers on the interconnect level and the dielectric layer, selectively removing the metal from over the dielectric layer, and subsequently forming a solder ball on the self-aligned under bump metal pad.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Semiconductor devices comprising edge doped graphene and methods of making the same

A method of forming an edge-doped graphene channel is described. The method involves selectively removing graphene from a graphene layer on a substrate in the presence of a dopant to form graphene channels.
Harper Laboratories, Llc

Locally raised epitaxy for improved contact by local silicon capping during trench silicide processings

A low resistance contact to a finfet source/drain can be achieved by forming a defect free surface on which to form such contact. The fins of a finfet can be exposed to epitaxial growth conditions to increase the bulk of semiconductive material in the source/drain.
International Business Machines Corporation

Technology for selectively etching titanium and titanium nitride in the presence of other materials

Methods for selectively etching titanium and titanium nitride are disclosed. In some embodiments the method involve exposing a workpiece to a first solution to remove titanium nitride, exposing the workpiece to a second solution to remove titanium, and exposing the workpiece to a third solution to remove residual titanium nitride, if any.

Formation of a masking layer on a dielectric region to facilitate formation of a capping layer on electrically conductive regions separated by the dielectric region

A masking layer is formed on a dielectric region of an electronic device so that, during subsequent formation of a capping layer on electrically conductive regions of the electronic device that are separated by the dielectric region, the masking layer inhibits formation of capping layer material on or in the dielectric region. The capping layer can be formed selectively on the electrically conductive regions or non-selectively; in either case, capping layer material formed over the dielectric region can subsequently be removed, thus ensuring that capping layer material is formed only on the electrically conductive regions.
Intermolecular, Inc.

System and non-contact wafer chucking

A non-contact wafer chucking apparatus includes a wafer chuck and a gripper assembly coupled to a portion of the wafer chuck. The wafer chuck includes pressurized gas elements configured to generate pressurized gas regions across a surface of the wafer chuck suitable for elevating the wafer above the surface of the wafer chuck.
Kla-tencor Corporation

Method of producing a semiconductor substrate product and etching liquid

A method of producing a semiconductor substrate product, having the steps of: providing an etching liquid containing water, a hydrofluoric acid compound, and a water-soluble polymer; and applying the etching liquid to a semiconductor substrate, the semiconductor substrate having a silicon layer and a silicon oxide layer, the silicon layer containing an impurity, and thereby selectively etching the silicon oxide layer.. .
Fujifilm Corporation

Multi-selective polishing slurry composition and a semiconductor element production method using the same

Provided are a multi-selective polishing slurry composition and a semiconductor element production method using the same. A silicon film provided with element patterns is formed on the uppermost part of a substrate having a first region and a second region.
Industry-university Cooperation Foundation Hanyang University

Dry-etch for selective tungsten removal

Methods of selectively etching tungsten relative to silicon-containing films (e.g. Silicon oxide, silicon carbon nitride and (poly)silicon) as well as tungsten oxide are described.
Applied Materials, Inc.

Wet capacitor cathode containing an alkyl-substituted poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)

A wet electrolytic capacitor that contains an anodically oxidized porous anode body, a cathode containing a metal substrate coated with a conductive coating, and a working electrolyte that wets the dielectric on the anode. The conductive coating contains an alkyl-substituted poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) having a certain structure.
Avx Corporation

Mitigating disturb effects for non-volatile memory

A method includes adjusting a counter value to indicate an access operation to a first portion of a non-volatile memory. The access operation is an erase operation or a write operation.
Sandisk Technologies Inc.

Monitor resolution and refreshing based on viewer distance

Techniques are disclosed for improving energy efficiency of displays, and in particular, displays capable of selective refresh. In an embodiment, the techniques include adjusting the effective resolution of a display based on the viewer's distance from the display.

Security device with dual use transformer

A security device may include an attachment assembly configured to affix the security device to an object, a locking assembly configured to lockably secure the attachment assembly and configured to transition between at least a locked state and an unlocked state, a transformer configured to drive an alarm assembly to generate an alarm, and processing circuitry. The transformer may be further configured to operate as a wireless receiver to receive a remotely transmitted wireless signal.
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

Multi-chambered earplug dispenser

A manually operable dispenser for dispensing disposable earplugs. The dispenser includes a housing, index body, and plate.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Reduced friction earplug dispenser

A manually operable dispenser for dispensing disposable earplugs. The dispenser includes a housing, an index body, and a plate.
3m Innovative Properties Company

Method and system for generating and storing data objects for multi-resolution geometry in a three dimensional model

Methods and systems for generating data objects for multi-resolution geometry in a three-dimensional model are provided. A region of high resolution geometry in the three-dimensional model having a level of detail that is higher than a level of detail associated with geometry data surrounding the region of high resolution geometry can be identified.
Google Inc.

Method and system of selective content delivery

A system and method of selectively distributing content based on verification of preferences. Access rights may be determined based on a type of content requested and type of content element which may be provided as secondary content.
Chacha Search, Inc

System for accepting a first currency for making payment for a transaction and paying for the transaction with funds in a different currency.

A method and system for transferring value to a user of a transaction system including receiving from the user a request for value, evaluating the risk involved in providing the value by evaluating information accessible to the transaction system, selectively approving the request for value based on evaluating the risk involved, and distributing the value to the user. The information that is accessible to the transaction system may be stored at the transaction system or separated from the transaction system.
Ebay Inc.

System and performing callbacks in an automated clearing house network

A system and method is provided for performing callbacks in a commercial transaction processing system. The system includes a transaction processor to receive a transaction request from a user.
Cube, Co.

Selective oligomerization catalysts and methods of identifying same

A method comprising obtaining a control catalyst set having a plurality of members each having a control characteristic, wherein the members of the control catalyst set comprise a transition metal and an organic ligand, selecting an intermediate formed during a catalytic cycle of each member of the control catalyst set, geometrically and energetically optimizing a structure of the intermediate, determining one or more characteristics of the geometrically and energetically optimized structure of the intermediate, determining a mathematical relationship between the control characteristic and the one or more characteristics of the geometrically and energetically optimized structure of the intermediate, utilizing the mathematical relationship to identify one or more members of a sample catalyst set having a control characteristic within a desired range, contacting the identified sample catalyst with a reactant under conditions suitable for the formation of product, and recovering the product.. .
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Lp

Preserving a state using snapshots with selective tuple versioning

Selective tuple versioning is used on a file system providing file system snapshots by, receiving a request for updating at least one node and at least a node identification (id) and associated attributes of the plurality of nodes, generating a new snapshot timestamp indicating the time of the updating, duplicating one of a plurality of rows of the nodes in the file system table into a new one of the rows of the file system table with an end time set equal to a new snapshot timestamp if the snapshot has the snapshot timestamp that is greater than a start time and less than the end time of the nodes, and updating the rows of the nodes in the file system table according to the update request, wherein the start time of the nodes is set equal to the new snapshot timestamp.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Executable code for constrained computing environments

A system and method for facilitating adjusting computer code running in computing environments where writing of executable memory is restricted. An example method includes using a virtual machine to generate a first executable image from software code, and employing the first executable image to selectively modify the virtual machine and the first executable image, resulting in an updated virtual machine and a second executable image.
Oracle International Corporation

Display system and method

A display system includes a plurality of light emitting units configured to float in a fluid medium such that each light emitting unit is movable, each light emitting unit including a light emitting element configured to selectively emit light, a communication element operable to receive instruction data to control operation of the light emitting element; and a power element configured to provide power to at least the light emitting element, and an image capture element configured to receive light emitted by at least one light emitting unit and to generate image data based on the light received and a controller configured to generate the instruction data based at least on a comparison of the image data to a desired image and transmit the instruction data to the communication element to control the light emitting element such that the display system provides the desired image.. .
Green Display Llc

Touch projection system

A touch projection system includes a light source device, a micromirror device, and an image-capturing device. The micromirror device can provide three reflection directions.
Qisda Corporation

Apparatus for generating driving signal

There is provided an apparatus for generating a driving signal, the apparatus including: a first driving signal generation circuit generating a first driving signal; a second driving signal generation circuit generating a second driving signal, the second driving signal generation circuit including at least two transistors and a pulse generation unit; and a control unit controlling the first and second driving signal generation circuits so that they generate the first and second driving signals selectively.. .
Samsung Electro-mechanics Co., Ltd.

Method to selectively activate power outlets in a flexible and scalable power and system management infrastructure for a data management system

A power switching system, a method, and an information handling system (ihs) enables selective activation and de-activation of respective alternating current (ac) outlets of a plurality of ac outlets within an ac switch (acs). The ac switch includes a decoder circuit that is couple via a control interface to a management controller (mc) and receives control commands from the control interface.
Dell, Inc.

Portable electronic device

Provided is a portable electronic device, including a case and a movable magnetic part. The case has a top plate, an engagement surface, and an accommodating space.
Wistron Corporation

Data storage device enclosure and module

An electronics module for a data storage device enclosure, and, data storage device enclosures. The module comprises an enclosure connector for connecting to the enclosure, at least one bay constructed and arranged to receive a data storage device, and a controller arranged to selectively provide access to storage devices to which it is connected.
Seagate Technology Llc, On Behalf Of Xyratex Technology Limited, A Seagate Company

Apparatus for reducing clutch pedal effort

An apparatus for reducing a clutch pedal effort may include a switching lever that is rotatably assembled to a pedal member and selectively engaged with a pedal arm and a reaction providing unit, a first end of which is engaged with the pedal member and a second end of which is engaged with the switching lever.. .
Dong Hee Industrial Co., Ltd.

Method of correcting control logic of selective catalytic reduction catalyst and exhaust system using the same

Disclosed are a method of correcting a control logic of a selective catalytic reduction (scr) catalyst and an exhaust system. The control logic may be adapted to calculate an injection amount of a reducing agent for the scr catalyst at the least.
Fev Gmbh

Alarm clock projector

An alarm clock is disclosed herein. In one embodiment, the alarm clock is bluetooth and/or wifi enabled and includes tablet having a touch screen thereon.

Interchangeable camera lens

An interchangeable camera lens includes a main barrel for holding a diaphragm and optical elements, wherein the optical elements define an optical axis (a), a diaphragm rotating ring, rotatable by way of a rotational movement about the optical axis (a), for setting the diaphragm to different f-number values, and a click-stop device. The click-stop device interacts with the diaphragm rotating ring in such a way that the click-stop device is effective in an active work position and the diaphragm rotating ring is therefore rotatable in a stepped manner.
Carl Zeiss Ag

Fiber optic enclosure with internal cable spool

A fiber optic enclosure assembly includes a housing having an interior region and a bearing mount disposed in the interior region of the housing. A cable spool is connectedly engaged with the bearing mount such that the cable spool selectively rotates within the housing.
Adc Telecommunications, Inc.

Subsea equipment monitoring system

Systems and methods for monitoring subsea equipment are described herein. In one embodiment, such a system can include a plurality of acoustic sensor arrays that each include at least two acoustic sensors, wherein at least a first acoustic sensor array is mounted on an outer surface of subsea equipment being monitored and at least a second acoustic sensor array is positioned remote from the subsea equipment.
General Electric Company

Optical system for tracking a target

Optical system for tracking and visually examining a target, comprising an image sensor and a lens arrangement having a variable position relative to the image sensor to project an image of the target onto the image sensor, a light source for emitting light in a predetermined wavelength range in the direction of the target and a filter switch for switching an optical filter for selectively allowing the light in the predetermined wavelength range to pass through to the image sensor into and out of the optical path to optionally perform a visual examination and monitoring of the tracking. A tracking device is provided to perform the tracking of the target using the reflected light in the predetermined wavelength range in a sequence of images held by the image sensor when the first optical filter is switched into the optical path..
Trimble Jena Gmbh

Quantum dot - polymer nanocomposite for optical sensing

A quantum dot-polymer nanocomposite for optical chemical and biological sensing is formed by stably incorporating functionalized quantum dots into a ph sensitive hydrogel polymer network. At least one monomer of the ph sensitive hydrogel has functional groups selectively chosen to correspond to functionalized groups on the quantum dots to enable conjugation between the hydrogel polymer network and the functionalized quantum dots.
The Mitre Corporation

Nanopore device for reversible ion and molecule sensing or migration

Disclosed are methods and devices for detection of ion migration and binding, utilizing a nanopipette adapted for use in an electrochemical sensing circuit. The nanopipette may be functionalized on its interior bore with metal chelators for binding and sensing metal ions or other specific binding molecules such as boronic acid for binding and sensing glucose.
The Regents Of The University Of California

Reversible detection of ions with permselective membranes

The present invention relates to an electrochemical method using a permselective membrane for detection of ions in a sample. The permselective electrode includes a lipophilic reagent such as a neutral ionophore or an ion exchanger and a lipophilic ion, the lipophilic reagent being in molar excess relative to the lipophilic ion.
Universite De Geneve

Sensor arrangement and determining orthophosphate content of a liquid

A method for determining orthophosphate content of a liquid, comprising: registering a first measurement signal (ise1) of an ion selective dihydrogen phosphate sensor; registering a second measurement signal (ise2) of an ion selective hydrogen phosphate sensor; and determining the orthophosphate content of the liquid based on the first (ise1) and second (ise2) measurement signals. The dihydrogen phosphate sensor can comprise an ion selective dihydrogen phosphate electrode and the hydrogen phosphate sensor an ion selective hydrogen phosphate electrode.
Endress + Hauser Conducta Gesellschaft Fur Mess- Und Regeltechnik Mbh + Co. Kg

Spectrometer comprising a spatial light modulator

A spectrometer comprising an input for optical radiation; a dispersion element, such as a concave focussing reflection diffraction grating, for dispersing incident optical radiation passing from the input by wavelength; an output and a spatial light modulator “slm” disposed to receive a wavelength region of in-put optical radiation dispersed by the dispersion element and operable to selectively direct wavelength portions of the received wavelength region for receipt at the output. The input is configured to provide a plurality of entrance field stops, such as entrance slits, by means of each of which the dispersion element is, in use, illuminated and each of which is positioned to cooperate with the dispersion element to generate a different dispersed wavelength region at the slm..
Foss Analytical Ab

Liquid level gauge with float guides

A liquid level gauge includes a mounting head and a sensor assembly with a support tube that extends into a tank from the mounting head. A gauge rod is positioned in a support tube for selective movement out of the tank for visually determining the liquid level.
Texas Lfp, Llc

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Elective topics: Hinge Mechanism, Control Unit, Portable Computer, Accommodation, Transceiver, Encapsulation, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, Exhaust Gas, Diesel Particulate Filter, Downstream, Selective Catalytic Reduction, Catalytic Reduction, Refrigerant, Hydrofluoroolefin, Adsorption

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