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 Selective segment via plating process and structure patent thumbnailSelective segment via plating process and structure
A selective segment via plating process for manufacturing a circuit board selectively interconnects inner conductive layers as separate segments within the same via. Plating resist is applied to a conductive layer of an inner core and then stripped off after an electroless plating process.
Multek Technologies Ltd.

 Selective segment via plating process and structure patent thumbnailSelective segment via plating process and structure
A selective segment via plating process for manufacturing a circuit board selectively interconnects inner conductive layers as separate segments within the same via. Plating resist is plugged into an inner core through hole and then stripped off after an electroless plating process.
Multek Technologies Ltd.

 Ac led driving circuit patent thumbnailAc led driving circuit
The present invention relates to an ac led driving circuit that can greatly improve flicker-free characteristics and implement an excellent power factor. The ac led driving circuit according to the present invention includes an led lighting unit connected to an output terminal of a power supply unit, a current channel switching unit connected to an output terminal of the led lighting unit to form a current supply channel for the led lighting unit, a voltage charging unit connected in parallel with a connection line between the power supply unit and the led lighting unit and configured to charge a voltage from the power supply unit, and have a switching function for the led lighting unit to selectively supply a charged voltage to the led lighting unit, and a charged voltage switching control unit for controlling a switching function of the voltage charging unit..
Merlot Laboratories Inc.

 Method and system for radio resource allocation patent thumbnailMethod and system for radio resource allocation
The present technology provides a computer-implemented method and system for performing frequency selective scheduling between a user equipment (ue) and a base station. The ue selects a sub-band within a predetermined system bandwidth based on observed radio conditions.
Sierra Wireless, Inc.

 Selectively utilising mobility of ip flows patent thumbnailSelectively utilising mobility of ip flows
It is presented a method for selectively utilising mobility of ip flows. The method is performed in a pgw, and comprises the steps of: establishing an ifom packet data network connection for a mobile terminal using both a first access network, being a 3gpp network, and a second access network, being a non-3gpp network; receiving an ifom recommendation message for the mobile terminal from a radio access node of the first access network or a radio access node of the second access network, the ifom recommendation message comprising an indication of recommended access network for at least one ip flow of the mobile terminal; moving at least one ip flow from the first access network to the second access network, or vice versa, in response to receiving the ifom recommendation message, wherein each one of the at least one ip flow corresponds to a routing filler..
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Methods  and  systems   for controlling congestion  in  a   communication    network patent thumbnailMethods and systems for controlling congestion in a communication network
Methods and related systems for controlling congestion in a communication network are provided. The methods generally allow a network node to receive requests for transmission from user equipments, and to selectively, and generally temporarily, block certain requests for transmission if congestion has been determined to be associated with their destination addresses.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Optical data center network system and optical switch patent thumbnailOptical data center network system and optical switch
An optical data center network system including multiple tier-1 optical switches, multiple tier-2 optical switches and multiple tier-3 optical switches is provided. A pod is formed by the tier-1 optical switches connected to each other through ribbon fibers.
National Chiao Tung University

 System and a  determining cost of application of a coding type in a video encoder patent thumbnailSystem and a determining cost of application of a coding type in a video encoder
A system for determining cost of application of a coding type in a video encoder, the video encoder comprising a context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding (cabac) module wherein the context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding module comprises a binarization module configured to assign a variable-length input string of bits to a syntax element, wherein the complete stream of bins, present at the output of the binarization module, is divided into a number of sub-streams; wherein the system comprises a selectively applied mode of operation configured to determine a cost of application of a coding type in said video encoder; and wherein upon selection of said mode, the system is configured to input the sub-streams to a “binarization output, relational table” module configured to relate each sub-stream to a bit cost and to output said bit cost for each sub-stream.. .
Politechnika Poznanska

 Image scanner and image forming apparatus incorporating the image scanner patent thumbnailImage scanner and image forming apparatus incorporating the image scanner
An image scanner, which is incorporated in an image forming apparatus, includes a stationary-document reading section, a moving-document reading section disposed at an angle to the stationary-document reading section, a reader movable between the stationary-document reading section and the moving-document reading section, and a reading element movable to different angles while contacting the stationary-document reading section and the moving-document reading section to selectively read a document placed on the stationary-document reading section and a document moving over the moving-document reading section. The image scanner further includes any one of position detector, a combination of a moving device and at least one position sensor, and a combination of at least one pressing member, a framework, and an angle changer..
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

 Image forming apparatus selectively operable in a plurality of modes patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus selectively operable in a plurality of modes
In an image forming apparatus, a communication device is selectively operable in a communication device side normal mode and a sleep mode consuming less power than the communication device side normal mode. The controller is selectively operable in a controller side normal mode, a first sleep mode consuming less power than the controller side normal mode, and a second sleep mode consuming less power than the first sleep mode.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Method and system for selective charging by recipients of in-bound communications in communication networks

A method, in the field of communications services, for linking several electronic and information components (including communication network elements, servers, databases and software) to implement a service for, dynamically and selectively, imposing supplementary call charges on behalf of subscribers to the network; whether for self-employed, competent experts, other categories of content provider, or any individuals or organizations receiving communications. Such supplementary tariffs are levied on those calling telephone numbers dynamically and selectively dedicated for this purpose, providing called parties with a way to collect fees for the information they provide to calling parties.
Arbooster Limited

Identifying and filtering incoming telephone calls to enhance privacy

A method for filtering a telephone call is provided. The method may comprise receiving from a caller the telephone call directed to a communication device associated with an intended call recipient.
Ooma, Inc.

Rotatable wrist mounted mobile device case

A mobile device case has a case configured to receive a mobile device and a wrist system configured for attachment to a wrist of a user. The case is selectively removable from the wrist system..
Whelan & Williams Industries Inc.

Video stream management for remote graphical user interfaces

Embodiments enable display updates other than a video stream in a graphical user interface (gui) to be rendered, encoded, and transmitted exclusive of the video stream. A virtual machine generates a gui that includes an encoded video stream and other display updates.
Vmware, Inc.

Selective sinkholing of malware domains by a security device via dns poisoning

Techniques for selective sinkholing of malware domains by a security device via dns poisoning are provided. In some embodiments, selective sinkholing of malware domains by a security device via dns poisoning includes intercepting a dns query for a network domain from a local dns server at the security device, in which the network domain was determined to be a bad network domain and the bad network domain was determined to be associated with malware (e.g., a malware domain); and generating a dns query response to the dns query to send to the local dns server, in which the dns query response includes a designated sinkholed ip address for the bad network domain to facilitate identification of an infected host by the security device..
Palo Alto Networks, Inc.

Geo-fence authorization provisioning

A system includes a communication module that receives a request to post content to an event gallery associated with an event. The request in turn includes geo-location data for a device sending the content, and identification data identifying the device or a user of the device.

Firewall industrial systems

Selectively enabling communication of dual protocol packets from a source device directed to a service of an object class at target devices is provided. Steps can include providing an access control database including an entry correlating a source device, an object class and a service of the object class; from a source device, receiving a dual protocol packet including a frame and a field according to a first network communication protocol and an encapsulated packet of a second network communication protocol; obtaining from the frame, an identification of the source device; obtaining from the encapsulated packet, an identification and a service of an object class to which the encapsulated packet is directed; comparing the identification of the source device, the identification and service of the object class, and the entry of the access control database; and selectively transmitting the dual protocol packet as a function of the comparison..
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

System and selectively initiating biometric authentication for enhanced security of access control transactions

A method and system of selectively initiation biometric security based on thresholds is described. The method includes retrieving an access security level associated with an access domain and an access permission level associated with an electronic portable transaction device, comparing the access security level and access permission level, and, if the access security level exceeds the access permission level, initiating a biometric authentication process..
Tactilis Sdn Bhd

Pilot pattern design for a sttd scheme in an ofdm system

A transmitting device for transmitting data symbols and pilot symbols in an ofdm transmission system; the device comprising symbol generating means for generating said data symbols and said pilot symbols, means for transmitting said data symbols and pilot symbols respectively by using a plurality of subcarriers of said ofdm transmission system, wherein said symbol generating means is designed to selectively generate a first type pilot symbol and a second type pilot symbol being orthogonal to said first type pilot symbol so that a pilot symbol pattern in the frequency dimension comprises at least said first type pilot symbol to be transmitted by using a predefined subcarrier and second type pilot symbol to be transmitted by using other predefined subcarrier, and wherein said pilot symbol pattern has a different pattern from a succeeding pilot symbol pattern in time dimension.. .
Sony Deutschland Gmbh

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Data communications troubleshooting device

A data communications troubleshooting device isolates the direction of signal interference relative to a cable splitter. The device includes a panel and a plurality of connection ports coupled to the panel.

Enhanced automatic identification system

The invention relates to method and apparatus for improving the performance of communication systems using run length limited (rll) messages such as the existing automatic identification system (ais). A binary data sequence is forward error correction (fec) coded and then the sequence is compensated, for example by bit-erasure, so that either bit-stuffing is not required, or a bit stuffer will not be activated to ensure that the coded sequence meets the rll requirement.
University Of South Australia

Tunable laser including parallel lasing cavities with a common output

A parallel cavity tunable laser generally includes a semiconductor laser body defining a plurality of parallel laser cavities with a common output. Each of the parallel laser cavities is configured to be driven independently to generate laser light at a wavelength within a different respective wavelength range.
Applied Optoelectronics, Inc.

Method for dual mode beamforming and the same

Disclosed are dual mode beamforming methods and apparatuses for the same. An exemplary embodiment of the dual mode beamforming method may comprise obtaining a boundary equation generated based on mean channel gains (mcgs) and spatial correlation coefficients (sccs) for a plurality of antennas of a plurality of base station; obtaining, from the plurality of base stations, mcgs of respective antennas equipped in each of the plurality of base stations and a scc of a plurality of antennas equipped in at least one base station of the plurality of base stations; and determining a beamforming mode based on the boundary equation, the mcgs and sccs obtained from the plurality of base stations.
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yeungnam University

System and wireless communications over fading channels

The data are communicated from a transmitter to a receiver in a wireless communications network. Data symbols are modulated using a coded modulation to produce modulated symbols and the modulated symbols are precoded using a precoder matrix to produce precoded symbols.
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc.

Systems and methods having omnipolar comparators for magnetic switches

An omnipolar magnetic sensor system includes an input stage and a behavior component. The input stage is configured to receive a source signal and to selectively chop the source signal.
Infineon Technologies Ag

Vector currents controller for salient pole synchronous machine

A control system for an alternating current (ac) machine having a rotor and a stator is disclosed. The control system may include a direct current (dc) link providing a variable dc link voltage; an inverter module operatively coupled between the dc link and the ac machine, and a controller in communication with the inverter module.
Caterpillar Inc.

Universal input electronic transformer

An electronic transformer including an input receiving an input voltage. The input voltage being at least one selected from the group consisting of a first input voltage and a second input voltage.
Hubbell Incorporated

Power transmission network

A power transmission network includes a plurality of converters. Each converter includes first and second electrical terminals, each first electrical terminal being connectable to an electrical network, each second electrical terminal being operatively connected to at least one other second electrical terminal.
General Electric Technology Gmbh

Power apparatus

A power apparatus for an external load comprises a transformer, a power coordinating unit, a control unit and an internal load. The transformer is adapted for transforming an input voltage into an output voltage and an auxiliary voltage in response to an operating signal.
Pegatron Corporation

Electric power supply system

A converter can selectively use reactors through an on-off control on relays by an electronic control unit. The first reactor is disposed as a component of the converter separately from a main battery.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Battery pack and connecting circuits of battery modules

A battery pack and connecting circuits of battery modules. The battery pack includes a plurality of battery modules connected in series, wherein each battery module is provided with a connecting circuit.
Thunder Power Hong Kong Ltd.

Battery pack and connecting circuits of battery modules

A battery pack and connecting circuits of battery modules. The battery pack includes a plurality of battery modules connected in series, wherein each battery module is provided with a connecting circuit.
Thunder Power Hong Kong Ltd.

Autonomous battery charging system and related methods

A system for charging at least one battery may include a power and data communication bus including a plurality of ac and dc power lines and data communication lines, and a plurality of modular ports coupled thereto. Charging power modules and an inverter module(s) may be coupled to respective modular ports of the power and data communication bus.
Advanced Charging Technologies Inc.

Electrochemical cell comprising an electrodeposited fuel

Provided is a rechargeable electrochemical cell system for generating electrical current using a fuel and an oxidant. The system includes a plurality of electrochemical cells.
Fluidic, Inc.

Point-of-use-activated microbattery and biocompatible electronic device incorporating the same

A biocompatible electronic device incorporating a point-of-use-activated microbattery, the biocompatible electronic device comprising: a housing; a sealed control electronics chamber formed within the housing; control electronics contained within the sealed control electronics chamber for controlling the operation of the biocompatible electronic device; a sealed electrode chamber formed within the housing; a plurality of electrodes contained within the sealed electrode chamber and connected to the control electronics; an access port formed within the housing for providing fluid access to the interior of the sealed electrode chamber; and a removable tab for selectively sealing the access port; such that, upon removal of the removable tab, a contacting fluid can contact the electrodes and act as an electrolyte for activating the microbattery, whereby to enable the microbattery to power the control electronics for the biocompatible electronic device.. .
Quantum Medical Innovations, Llc

Solar panel converter layer

A light conversion sheet for application on top of a solar cell panel. The light conversion sheet has a front surface configured to face the sun and a back surface configured to face a solar cell, and comprises a photo luminescent layer, configured to emit light at a photo luminescent wavelength upon absorption of light of shorter wavelengths; and a spectrally selective mirror arranged between the photo luminescent layer and the front surface, configured to reflect light of the photo luminescent wavelength..
Bright New World Ab

Method for making a transistor in a stack of superimposed semiconductor layers

C) the portions are removed by selectively etching a second semi-conductor material made amorphous towards the first semi-conductor material (fig. 2l)..

Output capacitance reduction in power transistors

Technologies are described for reduction of an output capacitance of a transistor. In some examples, spacing of source-to-drain metallization may be increased and a sealed air-gap may be employed in an elongated trench in the drain region to reduce a dielectric constant of a portion of the body region and thereby the output capacitance of the transistor.
Empire Technology Development Llc

Semiconductor device and testing the semiconductor device

A semiconductor device and a method for testing the semiconductor device are provided. The semiconductor device includes a diode (protection element) and a semiconductor element having a withstand voltage that is higher than that of the diode provided on one and the same first-conductive-type semiconductor substrate, the diode having a second-conductive-type first semiconductor region selectively provided in a front surface layer of the semiconductor substrate.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

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Integrated magnetically coupled devices and making the same

Devices and methods of forming a device are disclosed. The method includes providing a wafer that includes a center insulator layer sandwiched by a top substrate and a bottom substrate.
Globalfoundries Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Selective formation of metallic films on metallic surfaces

Metallic layers can be selectively deposited on surfaces of a substrate relative to a second surface of the substrate. In preferred embodiments, the metallic layers are selectively deposited on copper instead of insulating or dielectric materials.
Asm International N.v.

Semiconductor manufacturing method

A semiconductor manufacturing method in accordance with an embodiment includes feeding a first gas, which contains a component of a first film, to a reaction chamber, and forming a first film over a semiconductor substrate, which is accommodated in the reaction chamber, through plasma cvd. The semiconductor manufacturing method includes feeding a second gas to the reaction chamber after forming the first film, allowing the first gas in the reaction chamber to react on the second gas, and forming a second film, which has a composition different from that of the first film, over the surface of the first film.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Method of manufacturing semiconductor device

In one embodiment, a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device includes forming a first silicon oxide film having a first carbon content above a substrate. The method further includes forming a second silicon oxide film having a second carbon content different from the first carbon content on the first silicon oxide film.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Method for forming patterns with sharp jogs

The present disclosure provides a method for forming patterns in a semiconductor device. The method includes forming a main pattern on a substrate; forming a spacer on sidewalls of the main pattern; forming a cut pattern having an opening by a first lithography process; and performing a cut process to selectively remove portions of the spacer within the opening of the cut pattern while the main pattern remains unetched, thereby defining a circuit pattern by the main pattern and the spacer.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Dopant precursors for mono-layer doping

A doping process is described, which includes applying to a substrate a film of dopant material that bonds to the substrate by at least one of hydrogen bonding and covalent bonding; encapsulating the film on the substrate with an encapsulant material, and subjecting the encapsulated film to rapid thermal processing to cause dopant from the dopant material to migrate into the substrate. The film of dopant material is applied from a dopant composition selected from among: (i) dopant compositions comprising an aqueous or glycol solution comprising an inorganic dopant compound; (ii) dopant compositions comprising an arsenic, phosphorus, boron, or antimony compound in which ligands or moieties coordinated to an arsenic, phosphorus, boron, or antimony central atom have coordination bond energies that are lower than those associated with coordinating bonds of said central atom to oxygen or carbon; (iii) dopant compositions comprising a coordinated moiety that selectively and covalently bonds to the substrate; (iv) dopant compositions comprising a compound that undergoes hydrolysis and alcoholysis to covalently bond a dopant functionality to the substrate in said film of dopant material; (v) dopant compositions comprising precursor vapor of an organodopant compound; (vi) dopant compositions interactive with a surface functionality of the substrate to bind the dopant composition to the substrate, wherein the substrate comprises a silicon surface comprising said surface functionality; (vii) dopant compositions interactive with the substrate to covalently bond with a pretreated and/or modified silicon surface thereof; and (viii) dopant compositions interactive with the substrate to bond with the substrate on a silicon surface thereof that has been modified by a treatment comprising at least one of: (a) contacting the silicon surface with a chemical solution; (b) exposing the silicon surface to plasma; and (c) exposing the silicon surface to ultraviolet radiation..
Entegris, Inc.

Systems and methods for energy saving contactor

A control circuit for an energy saving contactor including at least one power contact is provided. The control circuit includes a power supply unit, an energy storage circuit coupled to the power supply unit, a first transducer coupled to the power supply unit and configured to switch the at least one power contact from an open armature position to a closed armature position, a latch system configured to maintain the at least one power contact in the closed armature position, a second transducer coupled to the power supply unit and configured to disengage the latch system to cause the at least one power contact to switch from the closed armature position to the open armature position, and a controller configured to control electrical power supplied from the power supply to the first and second transducers to selectively activate the first and second transducers based on monitored input voltage conditions..
General Electric Company

Memory devices and related method incorporating different biasing schemes

Memory devices comprise a plurality of memory cells, each memory cell including a memory element and a selection device. A plurality of first (e.g., row) address lines can be adjacent (e.g., under) a first side of at least some cells of the plurality.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Selective suppression of audio emitted from an audio source

Methods, apparatus, systems and articles of manufacture (e.g., physical storage media, such as storage devices and/or storage disks) to implement selective suppression of audio emitted from an audio source are disclosed. Example methods disclosed herein for audio suppression include sending, at a first time, reference audio data in a wireless format to a user device, the reference audio data corresponding to a first audio signal to be emitted by an audio source at a second time later than the first time.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc

Light emitting element display device

A light emitting element display device with a narrow frame and high light emission efficiency is provided even when high definition is achieved. The light emitting element display device includes: a light emitting element which emits light at each of a plurality of subpixels forming one pixel; a drive transistor in which one of a source and a drain is connected to an anode of the light emitting element; and an output control circuit which selectively sets the other of the source and the drain of the drive transistor into one of a state of being connected to a power-supply voltage, a state of being connected to a reset voltage that is a lower voltage than the power-supply voltage, and a high-impedance state of not being connected to any of these voltages..
Japan Display Inc.

Gaming selectively providing an elimination tournament that funds an award through expected values of unplayed tournament games of eliminated players

A gaming system including a central server operable to communicate a plurality of different commands to a plurality of gaming devices to provide non-tournament game play and provide an elimination tournament. The gaming system contributes an average expected payout value of tournament games that were determined to be subsequently played by tournament players but were then not played because the players were eliminated before the end of the tournament to a tournament award.

Image output device

Digital camera in cooperation with electronic paper calendar of known size comprises monitor smaller than electronic paper calendar and controller to have the monitor display partial picture around a desired point with scale of enlargement to attain size corresponding to that of electronic paper calendar on the basis of calendar size, ratio of picture area to entire calendar and size of digital image data. Digital camera separately stores calendar data, picture data, and event data for flexible combination thereof.
Nl Giken Incorporated

Method and system for broadcasts of event request for proposal

Systems and methods of the invention relate to a computing device that can be configured to manage communications between a merchant mobile device and a customer mobile device, wherein such communications can be utilized to communicate an event request for proposal to which a particular merchant can respond with a customized merchant proposal. The computing device and related communications afford one or more merchants to selectively respond to specific customer event requests as well as having the merchant responses be tailored to each customer event request.
Hospitality Engagement Corporation

System and selectively initiating biometric authentication for enhanced security of financial transactions

A method and system of selectively initiation biometric security based on thresholds is described. The method includes determining a transaction amount of a current transaction involving an electronic portable transaction device, retrieving a threshold amount from a data storage device, comparing the transaction amount and threshold amount, and, if the transaction amount matches or exceeds the threshold amount, initiating a biometric authentication process..
Tactilis Sdn Bhd

Feature selection for retraining classifiers

A method of managing memory usage of a stored training set for classification includes calculating one or both of a first similarity metric and a second similarity metric. The first similarity metric is associated with a new training sample and existing training samples of a same class as the new training sample.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Selectively providing personal information and access to functionality on lock screen based on biometric user authentication

A computing device is described that selectively displays or suppresses personalized information on a lock screen based on the results of a biometric user authentication process. In embodiments, a measure of confidence that a user of the computing device is an authorized user is determined based on biometric data collected by one or more biometric sensors.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Selectively blocking content on electronic displays

A method for selectively blocking content on a transparent electronic display is provided. Unstructured information is analyzed using natural language processing techniques.
International Business Machines Corporation

Secure medication transport and administration system

A portable medication dispensing system is described. In some embodiments, the system includes a portable medication tote comprising a securable compartment configured to hold medication, and a controller, responsive to access information, configured to assign a patient to the securable compartment such that medications for the patient are authorized for placement into the securable compartment.
Carefusion 303, Inc.

Interface providing decision support in complex problem environment

An interface provides decision support in complex problem environments. An interface engine selectively communicates with a database to display (e.g., in tree form) proposed decisions and various corresponding outcomes resulting from cause-effect relationships of selected decisions.

Participating station for a bus data transmission in a bus system

A participating station for a bus system and a method for data transmission in a bus system are provided. The participating station comprises a transceiver unit for transmitting a message to and/or receiving a message from a further participating station of the bus system, and a switching unit for switching a connection to at least one further participating station of the bus system between an open and a closed state, wherein the switching unit is designed for the selective connection control of the participating station to at least one further participating station of the bus system on the basis of at least a part of the message received from the transceiver unit..
Robert Bosch Gmbh

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Method and system for efficient selective backup strategy in an enterprise

The present disclosure provides systems and methods to optimize data backup in a distributed enterprise system by firstly generating a set of unique files from all the files available in the enterprise. A backup set comprising files to be backed up are then generated from the set of unique files and backup is scheduled in the order in which the files to be backed up are identified.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Hierarchical directives-based management of runtime behaviors

Support for dynamic behavior is specified while reducing reliance on jit compilation and large runtimes; semantic characteristics are selectively attached to types and type members outside source code. A directives document contains human-readable directives in a parsable format for submission to an innovative compiler.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Systems and methods for software scanning tool

Systems, methods, and non-transitory machine readable medium are provided for creating a structured report that aggregates information related to a plurality of source code files based on selective scanning of one or more repositories. A repository search request is received including a repository identifier, a project identifier, and a search term.
Wal-mart Stores, Inc.

Architecture for seamless integrated display system

Embodiments of systems and methods of seamless displays are generally described herein. In some embodiments, a backpanel device comprising display drive circuitry can be removably coupled with a display device via an array of contact members.
Intel Corporation

Image reading reducing start-up time

An image reading apparatus includes a conveyance unit, a reading unit, a carriage, a motor, a motor gear, a conveyance gear, a carriage gear, and a control device. The conveyance unit is configured to convey a document.
Brother Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha

Cpu security mechanisms employing thread-specific protection domains

A computer processor includes an instruction processing pipeline that interfaces to a hierarchical memory system employing an address space. The instruction processing pipeline includes execution logic that executes at least one thread in different protection domains over time, wherein the different protection domains are defined by region descriptors each including first data specifying a memory region of the address space employed by the hierarchical memory system and second data specifying permissions for accessing the associated memory region.
Mill Computing, Inc.

Apparatus and automatic display control in mobile terminal

An apparatus and method for automatically controlling screens displayed on two display units installed in a mobile terminal are provided. The apparatus includes a first display disposed on a front surface of the mobile device; a first user input device disposed on the front surface; a second display disposed on a rear surface of the mobile device; a second user input device disposed on the rear surface; and a controller configured to selectively operate at least one of the first display, the second display, the first user input device, and the second user input device according to detecting a user input or an operation being performed by the mobile device..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Locking adjustment knob

An adjustment apparatus for adjusting a setting of a sighting device, such as a riflescope or telescope, includes an adjustment knob operatively coupled to an adjustment mechanism, where rotation of the adjustment knob about a rotational axis drives the adjustment mechanism to adjust the setting of the sighting device. The adjustment apparatus further includes a lock mechanism including a first lock element fixed relative to the sighting device and a second lock element selectively movable relative to the first lock element.
Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

Gantry robot system with expandable workpiece feeder

A gantry robot system may include a gantry, a slide movably mounted on the gantry, an articulated arm mounted on the slide for performing a machining operation, a workpiece feeder for moving a workpiece relative to the gantry, the workpiece feeder having a first guide element mounted on and selectively positionable on the gantry, and a second guide element movably mounted on the gantry, the second guide element connected to and selectively positionable by the first guide element to engage workpieces of varying widths, and a computer control connected to actuate the slide, the articulated arm, and the workpiece feeder in a coordinated manner to perform a preselected machining operation on the workpiece.. .
Production Design Services, Inc.

Three dimensional (3d) printing and cad file quoting system

A system and method for a three dimensional (3d) printing quoting tool and system is provided for in the present invention. The 3d printing tools contemplated are capable of taking information from and presenting information to customers in order for the customer to have selective input into various aspects of such design and fabrication which affect price of a customized 3d part, and the printer to accurately price a customized 3d part..

Holographic high power illumination distribution system

An illumination distribution system for distributing high power illumination to a set of projectors. The system includes a display element, such as a spatial light modulator (slm), receiving light from a laser.
Disney Enterprises, Inc.

Fixing device, image forming apparatus, and fixing method

A fixing device includes a primary heater, a secondary heater, and a tertiary heater to heat a primary heating span, a secondary heating span, and a tertiary heating span of a fixing rotator, respectively. A primary temperature detector and a secondary temperature detector detect a temperature of the fixing rotator.

Method for forming pattern

According to an embodiment, a method for forming a pattern includes selectively forming a first film on a first region on a substrate. The first region is included in an optical interference area of a first light and a second light on the substrate.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Screen and display/imaging device

The present invention improves the light usage efficiency of image light. A screen according to one configuration of the present invention includes: a polarized light scattering layer that scatters horizontally-polarized light; a polarizing layer that blocks horizontally-polarized light and transmits vertically-polarized light; and a reflective layer that is disposed between the polarized light scattering layer and the polarizing layer.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

Latch mechanism for communication module

Latch mechanism for communication modules. In an example embodiment, a module latch mechanism includes a follower configured to be slidingly positioned relative to a housing and a driver configured to be rotatingly positioned relative to the housing.
Finisar Corporation

Mechanical fiber switch

A switch for selectively coupling light from two input fibers to a selected two of plurality of output optical fibers. The switch was designed to handle standard fiber optical connectors which have been polished and meet the specifications for the optical performance.
Nu Visions International, Inc.

Method for assessing structural spatial frequencies using hybrid sampling with non-zero gradient for enhancement of selective sampling

The disclosed embodiments provide a method for acquiring mr data at resolutions down to tens of microns for application in in-vivo diagnosis and monitoring of pathology for which changes in fine tissue textures can be used as markers of disease onset and progression. Bone diseases, tumors, neurologic diseases, and diseases involving fibrotic growth and/or destruction are all target pathologies.
Bioprotonics, Llc

Test and measurement device with a pistol-grip handle

A clamp meter configured to receive a removable and rechargeable battery pack. The clamp meter includes a main body having a first axis, a handle, a clamp, a trigger, and a display.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

One-photon and/or two-photon fluorescent probe for sensing hydrogen sulfide, imaging hydrogen sulfide using same, and manufacturing method thereof

The present invention relates to a one-photon and/or two-photon fluorescent probe for selectively detecting hydrogen sulfide in the human body using a compound including an α,β-unsaturated carbonyl group and an acedan (2-acyl-6-dimethyl-amino-naphthalene) fluorescent material; to an imaging method of hydrogen sulfide in cells using the same; and to a manufacturing method of the fluorescent probe. More specifically, in the fluorescent probe of the present invention, the α,β-unsaturated carbonyl group of the compound selectively binds to hydrogen sulfide, inducing an increase in fluorescence of the acedan fluorescent material.
Postech Academy-industry Foundation

A fluorescent chemical sensor for biological amines

The invention is provides for a variety of fluorescence sensing compounds characterized generally as having a coumarin-3-aldehyde scaffold with a pendant aryl moiety at the c4-position of the scaffold. The further provides a method for detecting primary amines in a biological sample using said compounds.
The Curators Of The University Of Missouri

Separation unit, separation method, fluid device, and composite fluid device and kit

The present invention provides a separation unit, a separation method, a fluid device, a composite fluid device and kit which are able to obtain a target analyte from a sample including the analyte. The separation unit of the present invention is characterized in being provided with a filter for selectively filtering analyte from a sample, and a structural material arranged to be movable to the secondary side of the filter so as to promote filtration while maintaining contact with the analyte filtrated by the filter..
Nikon Corporation

Separator and multiple multiphase meter systems and methods

A well test system for testing fluids produced from one or more petroleum wells has a separator and a plurality of multiphase flow metering systems, each of which has the capability, over at least a portion of its operating envelope, of separately measuring flow rates of oil, water, and gas. The well test system has a fluidic system, including gas leg conduits coupling the separator to the multiphase flow metering systems, liquid leg conduits coupling separator to the multiphase flow metering systems, and bypass conduits for directing multiphase fluid to the multiphase flow metering systems while bypassing the separator.
Invensys Systems, Inc.

Adjustable slide-action stock for firearms

A slide-action stock assembly for a semi-automatic firearm enables adjustment of the trigger pull length. An adjustable length interface interconnects a commercial off-the-shelf shoulder stock with a conjoined pistol grip and finger rest into a handle unit that slidably supports the firing unit portion of the firearm.
Slide Fire Solutions, Lp

Recoil pads including gas chambers and a base plate assembly, firearms including such recoil pads, and related methods

A recoil pad for a firearm includes at least one gas chamber, at least one access port to the gas chamber, and a base plate assembly. The access port retains gas pressure within the gas chamber, and also allows pressurization and depressurization of the gas chamber.

Laundry transport container apparatus and method

A laundry transport apparatus and method includes a container defining an interior area configured to accommodate a plurality of laundry carts, the container having a door movable between closed and open configurations to selectively allow access to the interior area. The apparatus includes a ventilation network to pass air to and from the interior area and the outside, the intake duct and the outlet duct in a thermal transfer configuration for a portion of their length to influence temperature of air passing through each duct, warmer air passing through one of the intake duct or the outlet duct becoming cooler and cooler air passing through another of the intake duct or the outlet duct becoming warmer.

Compressor crankcase heating control systems and methods

A compressor crankcase heating control method for a heat pump system includes selectively actuating a first switching device to connect and disconnect first and second power lines to and from second and third switching devices, respectively, the first and second power lines receive a first voltage. The compressor crankcase heating control method further includes, when the first and second power lines are disconnected from the second and third switching devices via the first switching device, actuating the second and third switching devices thereby connecting third and fourth power lines to ends, respectively, of at least one winding of a stator of an electric motor of a compressor.
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc.

Shelf height adjusting flippers having an integrated electrical contact

A height-adjustable shelving system for an appliance includes an appliance having a plurality of walls that define an interior cavity. The appliance has an electrical system that extends into at least one of the walls of the appliance.
Whirlpool Corporation

Daylight collectors with diffuse and direct light collection

Lighting devices and methods for providing daylight to the interior of a structure are disclosed. Some embodiments disclosed herein provide a daylighting device including a tube having a sidewall with a reflective interior surface, a light collecting structure, and a light reflector positioned to reflect daylight into the light collector.
Solatube International, Inc.

Support bracket for mounting octagonal boxes on furring channels

A support bracket for an electrical connection box is used with metal furring channels in a ceiling. A central web has a first end hole, and a plurality of top holes arrayed longitudinally adjacent a second end for selective attachment to a second furring channel.
Thomas & Betts International Llc

Cleaning of rotary valves

Disclosed is a rotary valve 1 comprising a stator 20 and a rotor 40 generally in rotary sliding engagement with the said stator about a valve axis ra, the stator including a plurality of fluid ports 22, 26, 28, the rotor 40 being operable to selectively fluidically interconnect two or more of said ports during its rotary sliding engagement. The valve further includes an actuator (70) for disengagement of the rotor from the stator to enable efficient cleaning of the valve interconnections..
Ge Healthcare Bio-sciences Ab

Manual transmission

A transmission includes a transmission housing, five co-planar gear sets, a transmission input shaft, an output member, a first and second countershaft, and five synchronizer assemblies. The five synchronizer assemblies are selectively engaged to establish one of at least seven forward speed ratios and one reverse speed ratio between the transmission input shaft member and the output member..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Use of inductive sensing to control decoupler position and switchable mount performance

A mount assembly for vibration isolation or an engine includes a housing having first and second fluid chambers that are selectively connected through an elongated, first path, and a shorter, second path. A decoupler is received in the housing, and an inductive sensor assembly senses a position of the decoupler.
Cooper-standard Automotive Inc.

Disk brake and production a disk brake

A brake including an adjustable thrust element for applying a brake force to a brake pad and an adjustment device for selectably adjusting the thrust element. The adjustment device includes a shaft having a cylindrical shaft surface, a sleeve having a cylindrical sleeve surface, wherein the shaft and the sleeve are arranged end-to-end, and a torque clutch including a wrap spring that is mounted on the cylindrical shaft surface and mounted on the cylindrical sleeve surface, the shaft including an integral drive pin for selectively rotating the shaft.

Electromechanically and hydraulically actuatable motor vehicle brake with selective self-locking

A motor vehicle brake, in particular a combined hydraulically and electromechanically actuatable motor vehicle brake, with an actuator assembly comprising: a housing, an actuator which can be moved relative to the housing for hydraulically or electromechanically moving a brake lining, a motor drive, a movement mechanism which is arranged between the motor drive and the movable actuator, a gear arrangement which is paired with the movement mechanism, and a separate self-locking device which is designed to block the movement mechanism when necessary, wherein the movement mechanism has a ball screw drive with a rotatable spindle and a nut which can be moved in the housing in a linear manner. The nut can be moved within the housing in order to move the actuator by rotating the spindle, and the gear arrangement has at least two gear stages.
Lucas Automotive Gmbh

Engine with central gear train

An engine including having a frame structure with a central longitudinal space containing a gear train in which end gears drive end crankshafts and a central gear drives a central crankshaft, a pair of dual piston and cylinder assembly are connected between each end crankshaft and central crankshaft on opposite side of the central space. The combustion chambers of cylinders on each side of the central are intercommunicated by passages extending through the hubs of gears in the gear train, a controller for the fuel injectors of the cylinders selectively causes the double pistons of each pair of passage connected to have either simultaneous internally fired power drive strokes in one mode or simultaneous internally fired and shared power drive strokes in another mode..

Fuel injection system and controlling the same

A fuel injection system of a gas turbine includes a first pilot nozzle injecting fuel in a first flow rate range, a second pilot nozzle injecting fuel in a second flow rate range that is greater than the first flow rate range, a main nozzle injecting fuel in a third flow rate range that is greater than the second flow rate range, a first valve opening or closing a first supply pipe fueling the second pilot nozzle, a second valve opening or closing a second supply pipe fueling the main nozzle, and a controller selectively opening any one of the first supply pipe and the second supply pipe or opening or closing both of the first supply pipe and the second supply pipe by reflecting a change in altitude and thus applying control signals to the first valve and the second valve.. .
Hanwha Techwin Co., Ltd.

Gas turbine system and method

A fuel supply system includes a first fuel gas compressor coupled to a fuel gas compressor shaft and configured to pressurize a fuel for a gas turbine system. A clutch is coupled to the fuel gas compressor shaft and is configured to selectively engage the fuel gas compressor shaft with a turbine shaft of the gas turbine system.
General Electric Company

Controller for exhaust heat conversion to heat and electricity

An exhaust gas heat recovery system for a vehicle is configured to selectively distribute a fluid heated by engine exhaust to a first path for generating electricity and a second path for heating one or more powertrain components of the vehicle. A controller selects a distribution of the fluid to the first and second paths based on minimizing a fuel consumption of an engine.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Scr system, scr sensor, and level sensor

A selective catalytic reduction system includes a selective catalytic reduction device on an exhaust pipe of an engine, a urea solution tank that stores a urea solution, a float-type urea solution level sensor in the urea solution tank, a dosing valve on the exhaust pipe upstream of the selective catalytic reduction device, a urea solution injection control section that controls an amount of urea solution to be injected through the dosing valve in accordance with an amount of nox discharged from the engine, an inclination sensor that detects an inclination angle of the urea solution tank relative to horizontal, and an inclination angle correcting section that corrects a liquid level of the urea solution, the liquid level being detected by a detection unit from the position of a float, with the inclination angle detected by the inclination sensor.. .
Isuzu Motors Limited

Method and plant for co-generation of heat and power

A method of operating a combined heat and power plant (10) (chp plant) includes generating hot flue gas and cooling the hot flue gas in a sequence of cooling steps to recover heat and to generate steam in a heat recovery steam generator (16) (hrsg). The hrsg (16) includes an lp steam evaporator (36) designed to generate steam at least over a pressure range of from 2 bar(g) to 18 bar(g) so that either lp steam or mp steam can selectively be generated by the lp steam generator (36), thereby to cool the hot flue gas, and an mp steam superheater (24) upstream of the lp steam evaporator (36) to superheat mp steam in heat exchange with the hot flue gas thereby to cool the hot flue gas.
Sasol Technology Proprietary Limited

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Actuation system with locking feature

A technique facilitates use of an actuator with a locking feature enabling selective locking of the actuator in a desired operational position. For example, the actuator may comprise a mandrel which can be used to shift a tool between operational positions.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Transverse sidewall coring

A system and method of gathering sample cores from a subterranean formation with coring bit assemblies, where each of the coring bit assemblies retain a sample core within. Included is a container equipped with compartments for individual storage of each coring bit assembly and coring sample, so that each sample can be stored at the pressure at which it was obtained.
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Window sash restraint device

A window sash restraint device for selectively restraining a window sash in an open or closed position relative to a window frame including a body adapted to be fixed directly to the frame or sash and coupled to the body a restraining member which in its active condition, restrains the sash in an opened or closed position relative to the frame and when inactive allows movement of the sash relative to the opened or closed positions. The device further comprises a manually releasable restraining mechanism for holding the restraining member in the active condition.

Electrical vehicle latch

An electrical vehicle latch including a support assembly, a releasable closure mechanism carried by the support assembly and adapted to releasably engage a striker, an electrically-operated actuator assembly carried by the support assembly and which can be selectively activated to release the closure mechanism from the striker or to lock the closure mechanism in a condition of engagement with the striker, and an electrical control unit having a printed circuit board for controlling operation of the actuator assembly. The support assembly including a first support body carrying at least a ratchet of the closure mechanism in a position parallel to a first plane (p1), and a second support body carrying at least the printed circuit board in a position parallel to a second plane (p2) transvere to the first plane (p1)..
Magna Closures S.p.a.

Trench shoring apparatuses

Trench shoring apparatuses configured to be moved by construction equipment and including major vertical arms, struts attached to the lower ends of the major vertical arms, connectors rigidly connected to the major vertical arms proximate the upper ends of the major vertical arms, the connectors being configured to detachably couple with the construction equipment. In some examples, struts include strut arms movably supported by the major vertical arm and strut actuators configured to selectively extend and retract the strut arm laterally across trenches, the strut arms being configured to pair with shoring plates proximate outer ends.

Laundry washing machine with detergent drawer comprising a control panel

Laundry washing machine (1) has a casing (2), a washing tub (3) with its opening facing a laundry loading/unloading opening on a the front wall (4) of the casing (2), an autodosing detergent dispenser (10) for automatically dosing, on the basis of the selected washing cycle, the suitable amount/dose of detergent, softener and/or other washing agent, and feeding said amount/dose into the washing tub (3), a fresh-water supply circuit (7) for selectively channeling a flow of fresh water from the water mains to the autodosing detergent dispenser (10) and/or to the washing tub (3), and an appliance control panel (8) allowing the user to manually select the desired washing-cycle. The appliance control panel (8) is located/arranged on a front side of the drawer-like supporting structure (16) which is fitted/inserted in extractable manner into a drawer housing (17) extending inside the casing (2) underneath the upper worktop or top wall (9) of the casing (2).
Electrolux Appliances Aktiebolag

Two-step deposition with improved selectivity

A method for providing an electroless plating over at least one copper containing layer is provided. Surfaces of the at least one copper containing layer are sealed by selectively depositing a sealing layer of catalytically active metal on the at least one copper containing layer.
Lam Research Corporation

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  • Encapsulation
  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
  • Exhaust Gas
  • Diesel Particulate Filter
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  • Hydrofluoroolefin
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