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Elective patents

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Three-way solid-state light bulb


Three-way solid-state light bulb

Electrically heated garment

Milwaukee Electric Tool

Electrically heated garment

Electrically heated garment

Electronic device, audio device, and method for supplying power to the audio device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Elective-related patents
 Enhanced chip board package structure patent thumbnailEnhanced chip board package structure
An enhanced chip board package structure includes a chip board and a plurality of enhanced structures, which are formed in the blind openings of the non-effective region of the chip board. Each enhanced structure has an opening.
Kinsus Interconnect Technology Corp.

 Three-way solid-state light bulb patent thumbnailThree-way solid-state light bulb
A three-way solid-state light bulb is disclosed. Embodiments of the present invention provide power supply circuitry that allows a solid-state lamp or light bulb to work in a manner similar to that of a common three-way incandescent light bulb.
Cree, Inc.

 Electrically heated garment patent thumbnailElectrically heated garment
An article of clothing including a garment body and a heating system coupled to the garment body. The heating system includes a plurality of heating zones configured to heat different portions of the garment body.
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation

 Electronic device, audio device, and  supplying power to the audio device patent thumbnailElectronic device, audio device, and supplying power to the audio device
An apparatus and method for supplying power to an audio device is provided. An electronic device includes an audio device connector comprising a microphone terminal configured to receive an audio signal of a microphone from an audio device, at least one audio terminal configured to output the audio signal to the audio device, a ground terminal, a power supply unit configured to selectively generate one of a first power and a second power to be supplied to the audio device through the microphone terminal, and a controller configured to identify whether the audio device has a type that includes an additional function unit based on a voltage at the microphone terminal, and to control the power supply unit to apply one of the first power and the second power to the microphone terminal correspondingly to the type of the audio device..

 Unified rating  selectively blocking content patent thumbnailUnified rating selectively blocking content
A universal content rating scheme that involves defining a set of universal rating categories, each configured with at least a lock bit associated therewith, and mapping each universal rating category to at least one rating category of a content rating system available with respect to content from one or more content sources. The universal rating categories may be selectively blocked and/or unblocked by appropriately configuring lock bit logic associated therewith, which blocking/unblocking settings may be applied to all existing content rating categories based on their mapping to corresponding universal rating categories.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Moving picture coding method, moving picture coding apparatus, moving picture decoding method, moving picture decoding apparatus, and moving picture coding and decoding apparatus patent thumbnailMoving picture coding method, moving picture coding apparatus, moving picture decoding method, moving picture decoding apparatus, and moving picture coding and decoding apparatus
A moving picture coding apparatus includes an intra-inter prediction unit which calculates a second motion vector by performing a scaling process on a first motion vector of a temporally neighboring corresponding block, when selectively adding, to a list, a motion vector of each of one or more corresponding blocks each of which is either a block included in a current picture to be coded and spatially neighboring a current block to be coded or a block included in a picture other than the current picture and temporally neighboring the current block, determines whether the second motion vector has a magnitude that is within a predetermined magnitude or not within the predetermined magnitude, and adds the second motion vector to the list when the intra-inter prediction unit determines that the second motion vector has a magnitude that is within the predetermined magnitude range.. .
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America

 Projection device patent thumbnailProjection device
A projection device includes a light source, a galvano-mirror, a polarizing selector, an optical module, a light modulator, a lens, and a prism group. The light source is configured to provide a light beam.
Delta Electronics, Inc.

 Apparatus, method, and medium patent thumbnailApparatus, method, and medium
The present invention is a control apparatus for controlling an image capturing sensor, the control apparatus comprising: a generation unit configured to selectively determine an exposure time from at least two or more different exposure times for each pixel constituting image data and to generate exposure time data indicative of an exposure time for each pixel; and a gain adjustment processing unit configured to make a gain adjustment to the image data based on the determined exposure time, wherein the generation unit calculates an output value from acquired image data, determines an exposure time for each pixel based on the calculated output value, calculates an error related to the calculated output value, and diffuses the calculated error to pixels adjacent to a processing-target pixel, thereby turning a pixel switching pattern into a blue noise pattern.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 User device with laser etched camouflage sensor aperture patent thumbnailUser device with laser etched camouflage sensor aperture
A user device and method are provided for visually camouflaging a lens. A housing of the user device having at least one outer layer of opaque material with a pattern of small holes laser etched into the at least one outer layer of opaque material.
Motorola Mobility Llc

 Multi-mode computer with selector patent thumbnailMulti-mode computer with selector
There is disclosed a computing apparatus including a first context within which first processing activity may be performed and a second context within which second processing activity may be performed independent of the first processing activity, the apparatus further may include input and/or output channels with which the first and second contexts may communicate and a switch function operated by a selector; whereby operation of the selector by a user selectively allows communication between the first context and/or the second context (of the first part) and the input and/or output channels (of the second part). An indicator is provided to indicate which context is in communication with the input/output channels..
Universitetet I Oslo


Devices and methods for selective enablement of data communication

A communication device includes a communication circuit, one or more processors operable with the communication circuit, and one or more memory devices to store one or more applications. The one or more processors can enable data messaging communication through the communication circuit and disable other data communication through the communication circuit.
Google Technology Holdings Llc


Selective high-priority bandwidth allocation for time-division multiple access communications

To allocate bandwidth in a system that includes a master device coupled to a plurality of slave devices, the status of a low-priority queue and a high-priority queue in a slave device of the plurality of slave devices is monitored. The low-priority queue stores low-priority upstream traffic and the high-priority queue stores high-priority upstream traffic.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Methods and systems for detection of data anomalies

The disclosure presents computational methods and systems for detecting and correcting, or deleting, data anomalies in data generated by information technology business management (“itbm”) systems. In one aspect, a method receives a record of data generated by an itbm system.
Vmware, Inc.


Automatic configuration of new components by infrastructure management software

A method for managing a cluster of nodes in a networked system includes detecting the presence of a new node as it is added into the network. A hardware configuration of the new node is automatically determined.
Onyx Ccs


Transport accelerator implementing selective utilization of redundant encoded content data functionality

Transport accelerator (ta) systems and methods for delivery of content to a user agent (ua) of a client device are provided according to embodiments of the present disclosure. Embodiments receive, by a request manager (rm) of the ta, fragment requests provided by the ua for requesting content from a content server, and determine an amount of redundant encoded content data to request for a fragment request of the fragment requests for use by the rm in recovering the fragment..
Qualcomm Incorporated


Fiber optic rotary joints, methods practiced thereby, and fiber optic devices

This invention provides a fiber optic rotary joint (20) for enabling the transmission of digital optical signals across the interface between facing surfaces (26, 29) of a rotor and a stator (21, 22), comprising: a plurality of light sources (42a, 42b, 42c, . .
Moog Inc.


Docking station for inductively charged portable electronic device

A docking station that securely holds a portable electronic device in a desired location with respect to a primary power coil for inductive charging of a battery of the portable electronic device is provided. In one embodiment the docking station includes a pair of opposed end stops spaced apart longitudinally along a base and a primary coil of an inductive charging system positioned below the base.
L & P Property Management Company


Dynamically adjustable power amplifier load tuner

An apparatus includes a power amplifier and a power amplifier load tuner. The power amplifier load tuner includes multiple input ports.
Qualcomm Incorporated


Energy storage device, system comprising an energy storage device, and actuating an energy storage device

The invention relates to an energy storage device (1) for generating an n-phase supply voltage, wherein n≧1, comprising n energy supply branches connected in parallel, which are each coupled to a respective output connection (1a, 1b, 1c) of the energy storage device (1), wherein each of the energy supply branches has a plurality of energy storage modules (3) connected in series. The energy supply branches each have a respective energy storage cell module (5), which has at least one energy storage cell (5a, 5n), and a respective coupling device (7) having first coupling elements (7a, 7b, 7c, 7d), which are designed to selectively connect the energy storage cell module (5) into the respective energy supply branch or bypass the energy storage cell module.
Robert Bosch Gmbh


Method for stabilizing a diode laser

The invention relates to a method for stabilizing a diode laser with a semiconductor laser diode and an external resonator (ecdl), wherein the external resonator is comprised of at least one angle-dispersive, frequency-selective element and wherein the frequency of the diode laser is essentially determined by the length of the external resonator and by the position of the angle-dispersive, frequency-selective element, and wherein these two frequency-selective elements or one element thereof can be detuned by way of a correction means (10) for harmonization to each other, which is characterized in that the portion of the light reflected from the external resonator with the angle-dispersive, frequency-selective element back to the semiconductor laser diode and not optically coupled into the semiconductor laser diode (designated as “non-optically coupled light”) or part thereof, is measured and that from the relevant measuring values, after comparison with a reference value, a fault signal is generated which as control variable activates the correction means for synchronization of the frequency-selective elements. Furthermore, the invention relates to device for implementing the method..
Toptica Photonics Ag


Battery thermal management system including bimetallic member

A battery thermal management system according to an exemplary aspect of the present disclosure includes, among other things, a bimetallic member moveable between a first position and a second position in response to a temperature change to selectively restrict flow of a coolant through a duct.. .
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Photoelectric conversion element and manufacturing photoelectric conversion element

A photoelectric conversion element includes: a photoelectric conversion layer; and first and second electrodes formed on surfaces of the photoelectric conversion layer, wherein at least one of the first and second electrodes includes a translucent conductive base layer made of a translucent conductive material, and a translucent conductive mesh layer selectively buried in the translucent conductive base layer, having electrical resistivity lower than electrical resistivity of the translucent conductive base layer, and formed in a translucent conductive film pattern.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device includes a first semiconductor layer on one main surface of a semiconductor substrate; a plurality of trench gates in the first semiconductor layer extending to reach the inside of the semiconductor substrate; a second semiconductor layer selectively provided in an upper portion of the first semiconductor layer between the trench gates; an isolation layer in contact with a side surface of the second semiconductor layer and extends in the first semiconductor; and a third semiconductor layer in the upper portion of the first semiconductor layer between the trench gates and has at least one side surface in contact with the trench gate. The isolation layer is between and separates the second semiconductor layer and the third semiconductor layer from each other and is formed to extend to the same depth as, or to a position deeper than the second semiconductor layer..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Flash gate air gap

Flash memory cells and methods of formation are described for flash memory cells having air gaps through which electrons may pass to alter the charge state of the floating gate. A dummy gate is initially deposited and a polysilicon gate is deposited on the dummy gate.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Selective dielectric spacer deposition for exposing sidewalls of a finfet

Angled directional ion beams are directed to sidewalls of a gate structure that straddles at least one semiconductor fin. The directions of the angled directional ion beams are contained within a vertical plane that is parallel to the sidewalls of the at least one semiconductor.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method for manufacturing semiconductor device

A method for manufacturing a semiconductor device includes steps of forming a trench in a surface of a semiconductor substrate of a first conductivity type in a depth direction; forming a conductive layer in the trench, with a first insulating film interposed therebetween; dividing the conductive layer into a gate electrode and an in-trench wiring layer which face each other in the trench and filling a gap between the gate electrode and the in-trench wiring layer with a second insulating film; introducing second-conductivity-type impurities into the entire surface of the semiconductor substrate to form a channel forming region of a second conductivity type; and selectively forming a main electrode region of the first conductivity type in a portion of the channel forming region which is provided along an opening portion of the trench so as to come into contact with the opening portion.. .
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.


Stressed nanowire stack for field effect transistor

A disposable gate structure is formed over the alternating stack of first semiconductor material portions and second semiconductor material portions. The second semiconductor material portions are removed selective to the first semiconductor material portions to form suspended semiconductor nanowires.
International Business Machines Corporation


Method for producing organic electronic devices with bank structures, bank structures and electronic devices produced therewith

The present invention relates to a process for producing an organic electronic device, wherein a layer is selectively swelled with a swelling solvent so as to form bank structures allowing the deposition of the semiconductor material in a specific and well-defined area. The present invention further relates to bank structures, organic electronic devices and products or assemblies produced by said process..
Merck Patent Gmbh


Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same

A semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same are disclosed. In one aspect, the method includes forming a first semiconductor layer and a second semiconductor layer sequentially on a substrate.
Institute Of Microlectronics, Chinese Academy Of Sciences


Scalable interconnect structures with selective via posts

Interconnect structures including a selective via post disposed on a top surface of a lower level interconnect feature, and fabrication techniques to selectively form such a post. Following embodiments herein, a minimum interconnect line spacing may be maintained independent of registration error in a via opening.


Method for forming fine patterns of semiconductor device

A method for forming fine patterns includes: forming a sacrificial layer over an etch target layer; forming a plurality of sacrificial patterns each of which has at least one tapered point at each end of each sacrificial pattern by selectively etching the sacrificial layer; forming spacers at sides of each of the sacrificial patterns; removing the sacrificial layer; and forming the fine patterns by using the spacers as etch barriers and etching the etch target layer.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.


Methods of forming a metal-insulator-semiconductor (mis) structure and a dual contact device

A method includes forming a first metal layer on source/drain regions of an n-type metal-oxide-semiconductor (nmos) device and on source/drain regions of a p-type mos (pmos) device by chemical vapor deposition (cvd) or non-energetic physical vapor deposition (pvd). The method further includes selectively performing a rapid thermal anneal (rta) process on the first metal layer after forming the first metal layer..
Qualcomm Incorporated


Patterning semiconductor device fabrication

A method includes forming a first pattern having a first feature of a first material on a semiconductor substrate. A second pattern with a second feature and third feature of a second material, interposed by the first feature, is formed on the semiconductor substrate.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Injection locked magnetron microwave generator with recycle of spurious energy

An injection locked magnetron microwave generator with a recycle of spurious energy, relating to a microwave power source, includes a frequency selective reflector for recycling the spurious energy of a magnetron and satisfies locking requirements of an output frequency of a high-output-power magnetron with a low-power injection signal. The microwave generator includes n magnetrons and n locking devices.
Sichuan University


Solenoid assembly for friction clutch

A solenoid assembly having a solenoid core, coil and flux plate. The flux plate has inner and outer ring members connected by connecting members.
Borgwarner Inc.


Fault detection and prediction for data storage elements

A circuit, configured to detect faults in an array of data storage elements, comprises: a resistor network; a switching network for selectively coupling a specified portion of the resistor network to the array of data storage elements; a current monitoring module, where the current monitoring module is operable to monitor current flow through the specified portion of the resistor network; and a control module coupled to the switching network and the current monitoring module. The control module is operable to control the switching network, so as to couple the specified portion of the resistor network to the array of data storage elements, and to determine whether one or more predefined characteristics of the output of the current monitoring module meet predetermined fault criteria.
Sandisk Enterprise Ip Llc


Nonvolatile memory device and operating the same

In a method of operating a nonvolatile memory device, an impedance calibration verifying operation is performed based on a data read command. The impedance calibration verifying operation ascertains whether an impedance calibration operation is normally performed for a data input/output (i/o) terminal of the nonvolatile memory device.


Memory unit and testing the same

A memory unit that includes a tracking unit, a scan chain and a scan chain control unit. The tracking unit includes a tracking bit line, wherein the tracking unit is configured to receive a tracking control signal, selectively charge or discharge a voltage on the tracking bit line in response to the tracking control signal and generate a sense amplifier signal.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.


Semiconductor device having a memory and calibration circuit that selectively adjusts an impedance of an output buffer dependent upon refresh commands

A semiconductor device having a circuit that selectively adjusts an impedance of an output buffer. A calibration operation can be performed automatically without issuing a calibration command from a controller.
Ps4 Luxco S.a.r.l.


Mechanized take-up reel and loading and unloading a tape storage medium

Various embodiments relate to apparatuses and methods for loading and unloading a tape storage medium. In one embodiment, an apparatus for such purpose includes a mechanized take-up reel.
International Business Machines Corporation


Selective monitor control

Reducing energy usage by a monitor includes a map manager between a monitor interface and a processor that divides a display area of a monitor into areas and stores display information in a staging area. The map manager distinguishes an active window selected by a user from the remainder inactive, unselected areas of a display, and further determines a used subset of areas within the active window distinguished from the remainder unused areas as a function of a user preference.
International Business Machines Corporation


Maintenance circuit for display panel

A maintenance circuit for a display panel, the display panel being divided by a plurality of source driver integrated circuits into a plurality of partitions(x1-x8) corresponding thereto, wherein each of source driver integrated circuits controls one partition, each four of adjacent partitions form a group of partitions, each of the maintenance circuit units comprises: a first maintenance line(rp1, rp3) and a second maintenance line(rp2, rp4) each provided with a half-turn shape surrounding around a group of partitions corresponding thereto; a first operational amplifier(op1, op3) and a second operational amplifier(op2, op4), the inverting input terminal of each of which is connected to an output terminal thereof and is connected to a corresponding maintenance line; and a plurality of resistors(r1-r8, l1-l8) selectively connected in accordance with two partitions of the group of the partitions to be maintained, so as to respectively import the two partitions to non-inverting input terminals of the two operational amplifiers via signals outputted from a corresponding source driver integrated circuits, and to feed the signals outputted from the two operational amplifiers back to the corresponding partitions.. .
Beijing Boe Display Technology Co., Ltd.


Clinical signage system with reversible information cards and associated use

Clinical signage systems with reversible, reusable information cards with warnings, precautions, status, or other information printed on one side assembled into a card holder and methods for using same. The reversible signs can be selectively turned to make the warnings, precautions, or other information visible or hidden to tailor the signage to a particular patient or patient room condition or area of a medical facility.
Michael Graves & Associates


Personal self-defense device

A self-defense device includes a housing structure, a spray apparatus and a sound generating mechanism. The housing structure includes an interior space accessible though an opening within a first end portion thereof.


Trading-themed game

Trading-themed games are disclosed. An electronic trading-themed video gaming system includes a game controller in electronic communication with a network that provides for data communication between the game controller and one or more game clients.


System and selective access to an animal food container utilizing an embedded rfid microchip

A system for providing selective access to a food cavity including a base defining the food cavity. A cover is connected to the base and moveable between a closed condition wherein the cover prevents access to the food cavity and an open condition wherein access to the food cavity is available.


Method, apparatus and computer program product for filtering of media content

In an example embodiment, a method, apparatus and computer program product are provided. The method includes defining a plurality of depth layers of a depth map.
Nokia Technologies Oy


Deforming a surface via a control point

Methods and apparatus for manipulating digital images. A warping module is described that enables the manipulation of a surface by selectively deforming portions of the surface while maintaining local rigidity.
Adobe Systems Incorporated


Controlling ecommerce authentication based on comparing merchant information of ecommerce authentication requests

A method of operating a computer system is disclosed. An ecommerce authentication request is received from a merchant node.
Ca, Inc.


Controlling ecommerce authentication based on comparing cardholder information among ecommerce authentication requests from merchant nodes

A method of operating a computer system is disclosed. An ecommerce authentication request is received from a merchant node.
Ca, Inc.


Controlling ecommerce authentication with non-linear analytical models

A method of operating a computer system is disclosed. An ecommerce authentication request is received.
Ca, Inc.


Method and system for matching a jobseeker and a job provider

A method and system for matching a jobseeker and a job provider. Particularly, the application provides a web based method and system for deriving at least one unique match between at least one qualification attributes of a jobseeker and attributes of job specification defined by a hiring manager.
Nxmoov Llc


Dynamic hand gesture recognition with selective enabling based on detected hand velocity

An image processing system comprises an image processor configured to determine velocity of a hand in a plurality of images, and to selectively enable dynamic gesture recognition for at least one image responsive to the determined velocity. By way of example, the image processor illustratively includes a dynamic gesture preprocessing detector and a dynamic gesture recognizer, with the dynamic gesture preprocessing detector being configured to determine the velocity of the hand for a current frame and to compare the determined velocity to a specified velocity threshold.
Lsi Corporation


Method and architecture for accessing digitally protected web content

The present disclosure provides method for accessing digital web content. It provides for selective access rights for users, to a web content.
Infosys Limited


Computer system for medical triage determinations and related system interactions

According to some embodiments, historical claim data may be stored in a computer storage unit. The historical claim data may be used to train and verify a predictive model, the predictive model being associated with an evaluation of transactions to determine whether to refer each transaction to an intervention program.


Method and computing device for restricting access to information regarding an encounter

A method, a computing device and a computer program product are provided in order to selectively restrict access to information regarding an encounter. In the context of a method, a request is received from a patient to restrict access to records and documentation associated with at least a portion of an encounter.
Mckesson Financial Holdings


Automated dynamic reprioritization of presentation materials

A first selectable slide presentation priority level assigned to a slide presentation is determined responsive to detecting an indication from a user using an input device to start the slide presentation. Individual slides of the slide presentation determined to include an assigned individual slide priority level equal to or higher than the assigned first selectable slide presentation priority level are selectively presented.
International Business Machines Corporation


Selective purging of pci i/o address translation buffer

A method of enhancing a refresh pci translation (rpcit) operation to refresh a translation lookaside buffer (tlb) includes determining, by a computer processor, a request to perform at least one rpcit instruction for purging at least one translation from the tlb. The method further includes purging, by the computer processor, the at least one translation from the tlb in response to executing the at least one rpcit instruction.
International Business Machines Corporation


Selective purging of pci i/o address translation buffer

Embodiments relate to enhancing a refresh pci translation (rpcit) instruction to refresh a translation lookaside buffer (tlb). A computer processor determines a request to purge a translation for a single frame of the tlb in response to executing an enhanced rpcit instruction.
International Business Machines Corporation


Selective constant complexity dismissal in task scheduling

A strictly increasing function is implemented to generate a plurality of unique creation stamps, each of the plurality of unique creation stamps increasing over time pursuant to the strictly increasing function. A new task to be placed with the plurality of tasks is labeled with a new unique creation stamp of the plurality of unique creation stamps.
International Business Machines Corporation


Selectively enabling platform-specific features

Technologies for selectively enabling platform-specific features includes a computing device that initializes virtual device driver logic to interface with a virtual device of an advanced configuration and power interface (acpi) subsystem. The acpi subsystem includes an operating system (os)-specific function specification associated with the virtual device.


Multiple screen arrangement for mobile device

A multiple screen arrangement for a mobile device that includes a screen module and a communication module for communicatively linking the screen module with the mobile device. The screen module includes first and second screens movably coupled with each other between a first state and a second state, wherein at the first state, the second screen is overlapped behind the first screen in a single screen size manner, and at the second state, the first and second screens are moved side-by-side to provide two viewing windows.


Mobile terminal and control method thereof

Disclosed are a mobile terminal and a control method thereof, which has a display unit for displaying a virtual keypad and texts input by the virtual keypad. The mobile terminal includes a display unit and a controller.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Home screen user interface for electronic device display

A user interface overlay is presented over a native graphical user interface (gui) of a device. By way of example, the overlay can include a graphical presentation layer (gpl) that can selectively mask and/or expose functionality of the native gui of the device.
At&t Mobility Ii Llc


Desktop information processing apparatus and control input device

In accordance with one embodiment, a desktop information processing apparatus comprises a display section, a touch panel, a device controller and a control section. The display section has a display surface on the top plate of the desktop information processing apparatus.
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha


Flexible displays with strengthened pad area

An electronic device may have a flexible display with portions that can be bent. The display may include an array of display pixels in an active area.
Apple Inc.


Hold-up energy storage and management

Power management circuitry initiates storage of backup energy in an energy storage resource. The backup energy is stored to power an electronic circuitry during a power failure condition in which primary power is unavailable to power the electronic circuit.


Schedule making device, substrate processing apparatus, schedule making program, schedule making method, and substrate processing method

To provide a technique capable of making a schedule with good time efficiency in schedule making for the transport of substrates. A schedule making device makes a judgment as to whether a batch carrying-out procedure can complete the transport earlier than a sequential carrying-out procedure or not, and selectively employs these procedures in accordance with a result of the judgment.
Screen Holdings Co., Ltd.


Method for fluorescence microscopy of a sample

A method for fluorescence microscopy of a sample. The method includes illuminating the sample with excitation radiation of a microscope through an illumination beam path and imaging along an optical axis to an image field on a camera chip, the illumination beam path having an adjustable diaphragm for selective illumination of a target area; selecting an area on the sample as a target area; and adjusting an adjustable diaphragm for selective illumination of the target area such that parts of the sample lying outside of the selected area are not illuminated with excitation radiation..
Carl Zeiss Microscopy Gmbh


Filter-array-equipped microlens and solid-state imaging device

According to an embodiment, a filter-array-equipped microlens includes a filter array and a microlens array. The filter array includes a plurality of first optical filters for selectively transmitting light of an infrared region and a plurality of second optical filters for selectively transmitting light of a first visible wavelength region.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba


Method and magnetic resonance the acquisition of mr data of a slice within a subject

In a method and magnetic resonance (mr) apparatus for acquisition of mr data from a slice in a subject, a first slice selection gradient is activated in a first direction perpendicular to the slice, and an rf excitation pulse then selectively excites nuclear spins in the slice. A second slice selection gradient is activated along the first direction, and a refocusing pulse is radiated.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Cell selective proteome labeling

The invention relates to a method for the cell type specific labeling with amino acid precursors (ctap). In particular, the disclosed method permits the incorporation of stable isotope-labeled amino acids into the proteome of a vertebrate cell that has been engineered to express an exogenous enzyme that enables the cell to produce an essential amino acid from its amino acid substrate.
Memorial Sloan-kettering Cancer Center


Functionalized polydiacetylene sensors

A microarray includes a solid substrate having a surface, the surface having a plurality of binding spots and a plurality of reaction moieties bound to the binding spots. A reaction moiety includes a plurality of polyacetylene monomers, the polyacetylene monomers having a first coupling region and a second coupling region, the first coupling region having a first functional group operable to bind to the binding spot and the second coupling region comprising a second functional group operable to bind to an accessory molecule; and an accessory molecule having a binding region and an analyte reaction region, the analyte reaction region operable to selectively bind to the target analyte, and the binding region operable to bind to the second coupling region of the polyacetylene monomer.
The Regents Of The University Of Michigan


Hybrid sensor array

The present invention provides devices, methods and systems to selectively detect the binding of a molecular species to a biomolecule. In its olfactory sensing application, the hybrid sensor arrays of the present invention provide a high dimensional signature of odorants present that is also readily reversible, together enabling the identification and localization of a source analyte in the presence of the background odorant landscape inherent in a real-world setting..
Nanosense Inc.


Highly selective nanostructure sensors and methods of detecting target analytes

A nanostructure sensing device comprises a semiconductor nanostructure having an outer surface, and at least one of metal or metal-oxide nanoparticle clusters functionalizing the outer surface of the nanostructure and forming a photoconductive nanostructure/nanocluster hybrid sensor enabling light-assisted sensing of a target analyte.. .


Selective electrical coupling based on environmental conditions

An environmental monitoring device that includes a switching mechanism is described. During operation of the environmental monitoring device, the switching mechanism (such as a switch) selectively electrically couples a first electrical-connection node and a second electrical-connection node.
Leeo, Inc.


System and air sampling in controlled environments

A system and method for sampling air in a controlled environment that includes two or more air sampling devices at different locations within the controlled environment. A controller is provided at a location outside of the controlled environment and in separate air flow communication with each of the two or more air sampling devices via separate first vacuum tubes, the controller having a manifold configured to separately control a rate of air flow from the two or more air sampling devices to the controller via each of the separate first vacuum tubes and to selectively direct the air flow from each of the separate first vacuum tubes to one or more second vacuum tubes.
Veltek Associates, Inc.


System and fabricating miniature structures on a flexible substrate

A system for the fabrication of patterned miniature structures, such integrated circuits, includes a continuous, flexible substrate that is transported by rollers to a series of processing stations. To ensure proper alignment amongst the various stations, the substrate is provided with at least one fiducial that is raised above its top surface a height that maximizes optical contrast when viewed interferometrically.
Carpe Diem Technologies, Inc.


Interlocking turret system

A turret system for use with a firearm scope is provided, wherein the turret system comprises a plurality of turrets connected in an interlocked and telescoping orientation. The system may include a first turret having a hollow body and a second turret that may be at least partially received within the hollow body of the first turret.
Huskemaw Optics, Llc


Illuminated aiming devices and related methods

An aiming device including a thermoelectric module, a light source and a sight element. The thermoelectric module generates electricity from a thermal gradient, produced from a user's body heat that is transferred to the module.
Grace Engineering Corp.


Air conditioner and controlling an air conditioner

An air conditioner and a method for controlling an air conditioner are provided that efficiently inject a refrigerant into a compressor. The air conditioner may include a compressor to compress a refrigerant; a condenser to condense the refrigerant compressed at the compressor; an evaporator to evaporate the refrigerant condensed at the condenser; and an injection module to selectively or simultaneously inject some or a portion of the refrigerant flowing from the condenser to the evaporator into a high pressure side and a low pressure side of the compressor..
Lg Electronics Inc.


Installation aid for water pipeline repair clamp

A repair clamp assembly is provided which includes a clamp member, a lug, and a bolt. The clamp member is configured to wrap around a pipe.
The Ford Meter Box Company, Inc.


Safety gas valve capable to attain a blocking condition when subjected to a flow in excess of its nominal working conditions, interposed between a source of gas under pressure and the device or equipment to which said source of gas is being supplied

In a body, a first passage (6) is practiced within which houses a first piston (8) able to be selectively driven by the excess gas flow towards a blocking position and seal. The valve body has a second through-cut (17) arranged under water intersecting the seal seat (7) of the first frustoconical piston (8).


Method and driveline softening in a vehicle

A vehicle includes a power source, such as an engine, an electric machine, or combination thereof. A torque converter is selectively coupled to the power source such that drive torque can be altered before being distributed into a transmission of the vehicle.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Pneumatically assisted continuously variable transmission

A cvt pulley includes a shaft having disposed thereon, a first and second sheave, and a spider. A spring biases the sheaves away from one another.
Brp-powertrain Gmbh & Co. Kg


Multiple speed transmission with integrated low range

A transmission gearing arrangement includes four simple planetary gear sets, a range selection clutch, and five other clutches including one brake. The transmission is operated in high range by engaging the range selection clutch and in low range by disengaging the range selection clutch.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Multi speed transmission

A multi-speed transmission includes a housing; an input member and an output member; four planetary gear trains including a first planetary gear train, a second planetary gear train, a third planetary gear train and a fourth planetary gear train, wherein each of the planetary gear trains includes a ring gear, a planetary carrier and a sun gear; and six control elements. Each of the six control elements is operatively connected to at least one of the planetary gear trains and selectively engageable to produce a set of different speeds between the input member and the output member.
Caterpillar Inc.


Multi speed transmission

A multi-speed transmission includes a housing; an input member and an output member; four planetary gear trains including a first planetary gear train, a second planetary gear train, a third planetary gear train and a fourth planetary gear train, wherein each of the planetary gear trains includes a ring gear, a planetary carrier and a sun gear; and six control elements. Each of the six control elements is operatively connected to at least one of the planetary gear trains and selectively engageable to produce a set of different speeds between the input member and the output member.
Caterpillar Inc.


Heavy duty transmission architecture

A transmission includes a main shaft having two or more main shaft clutches that couple gears to at least one countershaft, and an automated manual transmission coupled to the main shaft via the at least one countershaft. The automated manual transmission includes a front input shaft coupled directly to a main clutch and having a first clutch coupleable to the at least one countershaft, and a rear input shaft coupled to the front input shaft and having a second clutch coupleable to the at least one countershaft.
Eaton Corporation


Spring clip apparatus

A spring clip fastener includes a body member, a base member, first and second carrier members on opposite edges of the base member, first and second positioning members carried by the first and second carrier members, and first and second locking members carried by the first and second carrier members. The body member is configured to receive an associated joining fastener along a first body member axis to selectively couple a first panel with the spring clip apparatus.
Ramco Specialties, Inc.


Variable capacity centrifugal pump assembly

A variable capacity centrifugal pump assembly including a bearing housing, an impeller shaft rotatably mounted within the bearing housing and projecting therefrom, a volute circumscribing a cavity therein, a plurality of differently sized impellers for mounting on the impeller shaft within the cavity, a wear plate secured to the bearing housing and a volute and defining a downstream end portion of the cavity, a plurality of differently configured annular front covers for mounting to an upstream end of the volute for varying the size and configuration of the cavity to accommodate one of a selected plurality of differently sized impellers. The suction intake is mounted to the upstream end of the selected cover for communicating the pipe assembly with inlet hoses of varying size whereby the capacity of the pump assembly can be varied by the selective matching of the front covers with the impellers..
Western Oilfields Supply Company


Method and system for tuning a turbine using a secondary injection valve

A turbine and method of operating a turbine includes a housing having an inlet, a volute and an outlet. The inlet is coupled to the volute through a primary fluid path and a secondary fluid path.
Fluid Equipment Development Company, Llc


Multi-port metering pump assembly and related methods

A multi-port metering pump assembly may include a manifold coupled to a metering pump. The manifold may define a central passage in fluid communication with a plurality of intermediate passages defined in the manifold.
Simmons Development Llc


Actuator with deadbeat control

An electromagnetic actuation system includes an actuator having an electrical coil, a magnetic core, and an armature. The system further includes a controllable bi-directional drive circuit for selectively driving current through the electrical coil in either of two directions.
Gm Global Technoloby Operations Llc


Actuator with feed forward control

An electromagnetic actuation system includes an actuator having an electrical coil, a magnetic core, and an armature. The system further includes a controllable bi-directional drive circuit for selectively driving current through the electrical coil in either of two directions.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Magnetic force based actuator control

An electromagnetic actuation system includes an actuator having an electrical coil, a magnetic core, and an armature. The system further includes a controllable drive circuit for selectively driving current through the electrical coil.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Actuator with residual magnetic hysteresis reset

An electromagnetic actuation system includes an electrical coil, a magnetic core, an armature, a controllable bi-directional drive circuit for selectively driving current through the coil in either of two directions, and a control module providing an actuator command to the drive circuit. Current is driven though the electrical coil in a first direction when an actuation is desired.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Gas engine assembly

Gas engine arrangement having a gas engine, a gas rail, via which a first gas in the form of fuel gas can be supplied to at least one gas metering device of the gas engine, and a gas control section, which is designed to supply fuel gas to the gas rail via a supply path on the outflow side. A purge line is passed into the gas rail.
Mtu Friedrichshafen Gmbh


Autostop customer alert feature

A system includes a stop-start module that determines, based on characteristics of a vehicle, whether to deactivate an engine of the vehicle, that selectively deactivates the engine based on the characteristics, that, subsequent to deactivating the engine, selectively reactivates the engine based on the characteristics, and that generates an indication signal corresponding to the determination. A driver alert module receives the indication signal and selectively generates, based on the indication signal, a masking sound to be played by an audio system of the vehicle while the engine is deactivated..
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Integrated thermal system for a gas turbine engine

A thermal system for a gas turbine engine includes a bypass flow duct and a compressor flow duct which meets with the bypass flow duct at an intersection. A valve is located within the intersection and is movable between a first position and a second position.
United Technologies Corporation


System to monitor regeneration frequency of particulate filter

An exhaust treatment system to treat exhaust gas includes a particulate filter configured to trap soot contained in the exhaust gas, and a pressure sensor that outputs a pressure signal indicative of a pressure differential of the particulate filter. A soot mass module is configured to determine a soot mass indicative of an amount of soot stored in the particulate filter based on the pressure differential.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Development of a switching roller finger follower for cylinder deactivation in internal combustion engines

A system for selectively deactivating engine valves of a cylinder of an internal combustion engine. The system employs switching rocker assemblies between the valves of the engine and rotating cam lobes.
Eaton Corporation


Exhaust gas collector and gas turbine

An exhaust collector for gas turbines, the exhaust collector comprises a plenum with a gas inlet wall, a gas inlet aperture provided in the gas inlet wall, and a gas discharge aperture. The exhaust collector further comprises a plurality of first connectors arranged around the gas inlet aperture and a plurality of second connectors, arranged around the gas inlet aperture.
Nuovo Pignone Srl


Auxiliary device for three air flow path gas turbine engine

A gas turbine engine has a fan rotor including at least one stage, with the at least one stage delivering a portion of air into a low pressure duct, and another portion of air into a compressor. The compressor is driven by a turbine rotor, and the fan rotor is driven by a fan drive turbine.
United Technologies Corporation


Pressure actuated flow control in an abrasive jet perforating tool

There is disclosed herein a method and apparatus for using rupture pins to selectively open jets on a jet perforating tool. Rupture pins inserted in jets within a jet perforating tool are configured to rupture at pre-designed thresholds, thereby opening the jet to begin a perforating job, or to circulate fluid through the tool.
Td Tools, Inc.


Selector valve for high pressure hydrocarbon production operations

An apparatus for directing a fluid from an inlet to one of a plurality of outlets that are associated with a wellhead assembly includes a block body having a block inlet and a plurality of block outlets. A selector plug is located within the block body, the selector plug having a plug inlet aligned with the block inlet along a central axis, a plug outlet at an angle relative to the central axis, and a plug bore extending from the plug inlet to the plug outlet.
Ge Oil & Gas Pressure Control Lp


Wear bushing with hanger lockdown

A wear bushing assembly protects and locks down a hanger in a wellhead housing; and which includes a wear bushing body that inserts into a wear bushing sleeve. A lock ring extends into registered recesses on the body and sleeve to couple together the body and sleeve.
Vetco Gray Inc.


Disposal assembly and operating same

Disposal assemblies and methods for operating disposal assemblies are provided. A disposal assembly includes an inlet conduit defining an inlet passage, and a housing defining a chamber, the chamber in fluid communication with the inlet passage.
General Electric Company


Woven shielding textile impervious to visible and ultraviolet electromagnetic radiation

A woven shielding textile includes a set of weft yarns and a plurality of warp yarns, including a set of primary warp yarns and a set of secondary warp yarns. The set of primary warp yarns and the set of secondary warp yarns are selectively interlaced with the set of weft yarns using a double beam weaving system such that the woven shielding textile is warp-faced.


Electrochemical ion separation in molten salts

A purification method that uses ion-selective ceramics to electrochemically filter waste products from a molten salt. The electrochemical method uses ion-conducting ceramics that are selective for the molten salt cations desired in the final purified melt, and selective against any contaminant ions.
Sandia Corporation


Selective solar absorbing coating and manufacturing method

Selective solar absorbent coating and manufacturing method, with solar absorption and low emissivity properties. The coating comprises a substrate (1) of metal, dielectric or ceramic material, at least one highly reflective metal layer (2) in mid-far infrared applied to the substrate itself which provides low emissivity properties, a mufti-layer structure of alternating dielectric and metallic layers (3) of subnanometric thickness applied to the reflective metal layer and at least one dielectric layer (4) that acts as an anti-reflective layer for the solar spectrum.
Abengoa Solar New Technologies, S.a.


Removal of arsenic using a dissimilatory arsenic reductase

The object of the invention is the plasmid psheb, particularly a plasmid which may comprise a fragment of psheb including the arr module and functional derivatives thereof, and strains containing such a plasmid, preferably the shewanella sp. Strain, deposited as kkp 2045p, which are capable of removing arsenic by dissolution of minerals and reduction of arsenates to arsenites.
Uniwersytet Warszawski


Methods and cap management and mitigation of selected undersirable matter during fermentation

Methods and apparatus are disclosed for: 1) the gentle, controlled mixing of solid and liquid botanical components during fermentation; and 2) the regulation of parameters in cap material and juice during primary fermentation to optimize attributes such as expressive organoleptic characteristics including bouquet, texture and flavor, while simultaneously and selectively monitoring and mitigating the deleterious effects of reduced sulfur compounds, harmful bacteria, multicellular fungi, and/or biogenic amines during the artisan creation of ultra-premium fine wines and other alcoholic libations according to a customized schedule.. .
Loos Family Winery, Llc


Synthesis of c3-c7 alcohol fuel compositions

In one embodiment, the present application discloses methods to selectively synthesize higher alcohols and hydrocarbons useful as fuels and industrial chemicals from syngas and biomass. Ketene and ketonization chemistry along with hydrogenation reactions are used to synthesize fuels and chemicals.
Pioneer Energy, Inc.


Integrated process for production of high octane gasoline, high aromatic naphtha and high cetane diesel from high aromatic middle distillate range streams

An integrated process for production of ultra low sulfur products of high octane gasoline, high aromatic naphtha and high cetane diesel from high aromatic middle distillate range streams from any cracker units such as light cycle oil (lco) stream of fluid catalytic cracking (fcc) units and comprising of subjecting the feed boiling between 200 to 400° c. And having at least 30 wt % multi-ring aromatics content subjected to hydrotreating for removal of heteroatoms like sulfur and nitrogen and at a pressure sufficient only for saturation of one ring of multi-ring aromatics.
Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.


Nanocomposites of copolymers and dielectric materials

A composition comprising a phase separated block copolymer and an inorganic dielectric nanoparticle, wherein the nanoparticle is dispersed in the copolymer and is present primarily in one phase. For example, a ti02 nanocomposite can be created via the in situ formation of ti02 within a silane-grafted obc.
Dow Global Technologies Llc

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