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Elective patents


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 Liquid supply device and liquid cooling system patent thumbnailLiquid supply device and liquid cooling system
A liquid supply device adapted to a liquid cooling system includes a casing, a cover, a plunger, a driving unit and a sensing unit. The casing has a liquid outlet.
Cooler Master Co., Ltd.

 Adaptive optical distribution system patent thumbnailAdaptive optical distribution system
A luminaire may include a plurality of different light engines. Light engines having different light distributions can be included in a single luminaire and a subset of the light engines selectively driven to dynamically change the light distribution of the luminaire.
Abl Ip Holding Llc

 Early decision on single-channel or dual-channel transmission mode patent thumbnailEarly decision on single-channel or dual-channel transmission mode
A wireless local area network (wlan) device includes multiple transmission/reception (tx/rx) chains, and control circuitry. The tx/rx chains include first tx/rx chains tuned to a first channel, and second tx/rx chains that are selectively tuned to the first channel or to a different second channel.
Celeno Communications (israel) Ltd.

 Cellular data testing system patent thumbnailCellular data testing system
A device may receive preferences related to performing cellular data testing in a cellular network. The preferences may identify one or more target network addresses.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.

 Selective robust header compression (rohc) for a voip call in a cellular communications network patent thumbnailSelective robust header compression (rohc) for a voip call in a cellular communications network
Systems and methods for selectively enabling robust header compression (rohc) for voice over internet protocol (voip) calls in a cellular communications network are disclosed. In one embodiment, a data radio bearer for a voip call is established between a base station and a mobile terminal.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Singal switching system and set top box using same patent thumbnailSingal switching system and set top box using same
A signal switching system includes a first connector, a second connector, a switch unit, a first comparator, and a second comparator. The first connector is electronically coupled to a television.
Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.

 Sensor assembly with selective infrared filter array patent thumbnailSensor assembly with selective infrared filter array
An image sensor includes both visible pixels and infrared pixels. The visible pixels produce signals indicative of light within a visible band received by the visible pixels, and the infrared pixels produce signals indicative of light within an infrared band received by the infrared pixels.
Dual Aperture International Co., Ltd.

 Information processing system, handheld apparatus, control method, and computer-readable storage medium patent thumbnailInformation processing system, handheld apparatus, control method, and computer-readable storage medium
An information processing system of this invention includes an image pickup apparatus, a handheld apparatus, and a wearable apparatus. The image pickup apparatus receives a pickup instruction from the handheld apparatus, executes image pickup processing in response to the pickup instruction, and transmits event information about the image pickup processing to the handheld apparatus.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Printing system incorporating multi-positional sensors patent thumbnailPrinting system incorporating multi-positional sensors
This printing system reproduces an image on various-sized surfaces by means of multi-positional sensors which automatically identify the printers' positions as they move on the surface to be printed. The printing system reproduces the image by selectively firing one or more printers at those positions corresponding to the original image.

 Method for controlling usage time of electronic device patent thumbnailMethod for controlling usage time of electronic device
A using time control method for electronic device includes the following steps. In a monitoring period, obtain a first usage datum of a first event executed by the electronic device, a second usage datum of a second event executed by the electronic device and a third usage datum of the first event and the second event both executed by electronic device.
Wistron Corp.

Client side human user indicator

A system and method for preventing web scraping which includes receiving a request between a web client and a web server for the web client to receive web content. A client side language script is injected into a response to be sent to the requesting web client, wherein the client side language script contains an event listener to detect a keystroke and/or a mouse movement at the web client.
F5 Networks, Inc.

Providing security in a communication network

Systems and methods for optimizing system resources by selectively enabling various scanning functions relating to user traffic streams based on the level of trust associated with the destination are provided. According to one embodiment, a network security device within an enterprise network receives an application protocol request directed to an external network that is originated by a client device associated with the enterprise network.
Fortinet, Inc.

System for sharing selectively ephemeral content

An electronic device that provides long-lived, but selectively ephemeral access to content is described. In particular, the electronic devices may provide secure content, which was generated based on protection information and the content, to a computer system.
Vidku, Corp.

Aggregate electronic mail message handling

Techniques for aggregating one or more electronic mail messages (e.g., a subscribed to email) are described, including receiving at an aggregating domain, electronic mail communicated from another domain, parsing the electronic mail to selectively extract content identifiers for content (e.g., text, images, audio, video, media) included in the electronic mail, generating a tile object from selectively extracted content identifiers, and displaying the tile object on a display grid for viewing by a subscriber (e.g., user) of one or more of the electronic mail messages. A plurality of tiles may be generated for a plurality of different email messages and the display grid may display all or a portion of the plurality of tiles.
Socialmail Llc

Efficient datagram segmentation and reassembly for packet-switched networks

Described herein is datagram segmentation and acknowledgment in a network. A communication node in the network may determine a length of a datagram is greater than a maximum protocol data unit (pdu) length of a protocol of the network and create a segmented message comprising the datagram and a payload length field indicating the length of the datagram.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Apparatus and applying settings, and computer-readable storage medium for computer program

An apparatus for selectively applying settings for each of items set in a first processing device to a second processing device is provided. The settings for each of the items are indicated in each file, and the file is dividable into sets of separate data having a predetermined size or smaller.
Konica Minolta, Inc.

Device with shared antenna for transceiver and rfid tag

A device includes an antenna, a transceiver, a radio frequency identification (rfid) tag, and a zero bias switch coupled to the antenna. The zero bias switch has a first path that couples the rfid tag to the antenna and isolates the rfid tag from the transceiver when the zero bias switch is in an unpowered state.
Motorola Mobility Llc

Contactless communication unit connector assemblies with signal directing structures

Contactless extremely high frequency (ehf) signal directing and blocking structures are disclosed herein. The ehf signal directing structures may focus ehf signal energy along a desired ehf signal pathway.
Keyssa, Inc.

Method of achieving robustness of the device in short circuit condition by adjusting the current limit threshold based repetitive fault condition

A circuit protective system. The system includes an output controlling enablement of a transistor and an input sensing an operational parameter associated with the transistor.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Bias circuit for low quiescent current amplifier

A bias circuit for applying bias current to a low quiescent current amplifier includes first and second transistors and a transistor pair circuit. The first transistor is connected to a supply bias voltage source and an auxiliary bias voltage source, and is controlled by a bias voltage output from the auxiliary bias voltage source, the first transistor acting as a current source.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Uninterruptible power supply and managing power flow in a grid-tied photovoltaic system

An uninterruptible power supply (ups) and method for managing power flow in a grid-tied photovoltaic system, wherein the ups provides grid-tie, backup power, voltage-frequency relay, power factor control, and load-leveling functions. The ups includes a bi-directional power converter, a switch, and a controller.
Garrity Power Services Llc

Multi-ups systems with coordinated fault response and power sharing using paralleling bus

Some embodiments of the inventive subject matter provide a system including a plurality of power supply units having ac inputs configured to be coupled to an ac power source and ac outputs coupled to respective first busses. Each of the power supply units includes an uninterruptible power supply (ups) having an output configured to be coupled to the ac output of the power supply unit, a first switch configured to selectively couple the ac input to the ac output of the power supply unit, and a second switch configured to selectively couple the ac output of the power supply unit to a second bus.
Eaton Corporation

Systems, methods, and apparatus implementing hybrid symmetric and asymmetric control for soft switching in wireless power transfer applications

Systems, methods and apparatuses implementing hybrid symmetric and asymmetric control for soft switching in wireless power transfer applications are provided. An apparatus for wirelessly transferring charging power is provided.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Single event latchup (sel) current surge mitigation

Method and system for single event latchup (sel) current surge mitigation involves monitoring data signals for a protected device and deriving from them a detected signature comprised of one or more detected signature vector components. The detected signature vector components are compared to previously stored signature vector components.
Harris Corporation

Quantum cascade laser with serially configured gain sections

An apparatus that includes a gain chip assembly, an external cavity, and a controller is disclosed. The gain chip assembly includes first and second gain chips that are coupled optically such that light travels serially between the first gain chip and the second gain chip, each gain chip is electrically biased.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.

Metamaterial substrate for circuit design

This invention enables frequency selective surface (“fss”) and artificial magnetic conductor (“amc”) which exhibits electromagnetic band gap (“ebg”) in any of the substrate's layer from a small and thin systems and sub-systems in package to a large-format pcbs. The metamaterial substrate may be integrated with electronic circuit components or buried in pcbs for circuit designs capable of transmitting, receiving and reflecting electromagnetic energy, altering electromagnetic properties of natural circuit materials, enhancing electrical characteristics of electrical components (such as filters, antennas, baluns, power dividers, transmission lines, amplifiers, power regulators, and printed circuits elements) in systems and sub-systems circuit designs.
Transsip, Inc.

Electronic device antenna with switchable return paths

An electronic device may have wireless circuitry with antennas. An antenna resonating element arm for an antenna may be formed from conductive housing structures running along the edges of a device.
Apple Inc.

Calibration and adaptive control of antenna tuners

An apparatus includes a radio-frequency (rf) path that includes an antenna tuner. The apparatus also includes calibration circuitry coupled to the antenna tuner.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Battery thermal management method and system

A method and battery system for thermal management of a battery system includes predicting a total heat generation by a battery based on determined internal conditions of the battery, and controlling a selective adjusting of a heat transfer coefficient for the battery based on the predicted total heat generation to maintain an operating temperature of the battery at a target temperature or within a target temperature range.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Device and manufacturing membrane-electrode assembly of fuel cell

A manufacturing device of a membrane-electrode assembly for a fuel cell bonds each of anode and cathode catalyst electrode layers continuously formed in upper and lower electrode films to upper and lower surfaces of an electrolyte membrane. The device includes: upper and lower bonding rolls respectively installed to upper and lower sides of a transport path of the electrolyte membrane and of the upper and lower electrode films, the bonding rolls pressing the catalyst electrode layers to the upper surface and the lower surface of the electrolyte membrane at a predetermined temperature to be transferred, and upper and lower adsorbents respectively disposed at the upper and lower sides of the transport path in an entry side of the upper and lower bonding rolls, installed to be reciprocally moved along the transport path, and selectively adsorbing the upper and lower electrode films..
Hyundai Motor Company

Photoactive birefringent materials in oleds

The invention relates to an organic light-emitting diode (oled) system comprising a multi-layered structure having at least two reflective interfaces, and a semiconducting organic layer sandwiched between first and second electrodes; wherein at least one of the reflective interfaces is semi-transparent to form a microcavity in between the two reflective interfaces; wherein a layer is provided in the microcavity between an electrode and a reflective interface that is formed of a photoactive birefringent material; and wherein the photoactive birefringent material is selectively activated.. .
Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast-natuurwe- Tenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno

Method of selective separation of semiconducting carbon nanotubes, dispersion of semiconducting carbon nanotubes, and electronic device including carbon nanotubes separated by using the method

According to example embodiments, a method includes dispersing carbon nanotubes in a mixed solution containing a solvent, the carbon nanotubes, and a dispersant, the carbon nanotubes including semiconducting carbon nanotubes, the dispersant comprising a polythiophene derivative including a thiophene ring and a hydrocarbon sidechain linked to the thiophene ring. The hydrocarbon sidechain includes an alkyl group containing a carbon number of 7 or greater.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Jr. University

Method of selectively transferring semiconductor device

A semiconductor device comprises a substrate, a first semiconductor unit on the substrate, and an first adhesion structure between the substrate and the first semiconductor unit, and directly contacting the first semiconductor unit and the substrate, wherein the first adhesion structure comprises an adhesion layer and a sacrificial layer, and the adhesion layer and the sacrificial layer are made of different materials, and wherein an adhesion between the first semiconductor unit and the adhesion layer is different from that between the first semiconductor unit and the sacrificial layer.. .
Epistar Corporation

Metal oxide tft with improved source/drain contacts and reliability

A method including providing a substrate with a gate, a layer of gate insulator material adjacent the gate, and a layer of metal oxide semiconductor material positioned on the gate insulator opposite the gate, forming a selectively patterned etch stop passivation layer and heating at elevated temperature in an oxygen-containing or nitrogen-containing or inert ambience to selectively increase the carrier concentration in regions of the metal oxide semiconductor not covered by the etch stop layer, on which overlying and spaced apart source/drain metals are formed. Subsequently heating the transistor in an oxygen-containing or nitrogen-containing or inert ambience to further improve the source/drain contacts and adjust the threshold voltage to a desired level.

Selective growth for high-aspect ratio metal fill

An improved conductive feature for a semiconductor device and a technique for forming the feature are provided. In an exemplary embodiment, the semiconductor device includes a substrate having a gate structure formed thereupon.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method

A semiconductor device and manufacturing method achieve miniaturization, prevent rise in threshold voltage and on-state voltage, and prevent decrease in breakdown resistance. N+-type emitter region and p++-type contact region are repeatedly alternately disposed in a first direction in which a trench extends in stripe form in a mesa portion sandwiched between trench gates.
Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Vertical cmos structure and method

A method for forming stacked, complementary transistors is disclosed. Selective deposition techniques are used to form a column having a lower portion that includes one type of semiconductor (e.g.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Method of forming interconnects for semiconductor devices

A method of forming interconnects for semiconductor devices includes forming a lower insulating layer and a lower interconnect on a semiconductor substrate, forming an insulating pattern layer on the lower interconnect through self-assembly, forming an interlayer insulating layer and a trench mask on the insulating pattern layer, forming a preparatory via hole allowing the insulating pattern layer to be exposed by removing a portion of the interlayer insulating layer, forming a trench by etching the interlayer insulating layer using the trench mask, forming a via hole allowing the lower interconnect to be exposed by selectively etching the insulating pattern layer within the preparatory via hole, and filling the trench and the via hole with an conductive material.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Dry etching apparatus

Disclosed are a dry etching apparatus and a method of etching a substrate using the same. The apparatus includes a base at a lower portion of process chamber in which a dry etching process is performed, a substrate holder arranged on the base and holding a substrate on which a plurality of pattern structures is formed by the etching process, a focus ring enclosing the substrate holder and uniformly focusing an etching plasma to a sheath area over the substrate, a driver driving the focus ring in a vertical direction perpendicular to the base and a position controller controlling a vertical position of the focus ring by selectively driving the driver in accordance with inspection results of the pattern structures.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Gas delivery system

A gas delivery system for a substrate processing system includes a first manifold and a second manifold. A gas delivery sub-system selectively delivers gases from gas sources.
Lam Research Corporation

Mass spectrometer

Methods and apparatus for operating a mass spectrometer are described. In various aspects, ions of a mass range of interest may be mass-selectively ejected from an accumulation ion trap into a multi-ion trap structure.
Dh Technologies Development Pte Ltd.

Capacitor with multiple elements for multiple replacement applications

A capacitor provides a plurality of selectable capacitance values, by selective connection of six capacitor sections of a capacitive element each having a capacitance value. The capacitor sections are provided in a plurality of wound cylindrical capacitive elements.
American Radionic Company, Inc.

Varainductor and operation method thereof based on mutual capacitance

A varainductor includes a spiral inductor, a ground ring, and a floating ring. The floating ring is disposed between the ground ring and the spiral inductor and surrounds a ring portion of the spiral inductor.
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.

Field regulator

The invention generally relates to a field regulator, particularly a field regulator for a resonant circuit, a transmitter including such a field regulator, a proximity detection system including such a transmitter, and a method of regulating a resonant circuit. In one aspect the invention provides a field regulator for a resonant circuit, the resonant circuit including an inductor coil around a core, the field regulator including a dc bias circuit configured to apply a dc bias current to the inductor coil for regulating an electromagnetic field generated by the inductor.
Mine Site Technologies Pty Ltd

Data driver and display device with the same

A data driver includes a digital to analog converter configured to receive a reference gray voltage and image data, and configured to generate gray voltages corresponding to the image data, and an output buffer including a plurality of buffer circuits connected to an output terminal of the digital to analog converter, and configured to selectively receive one of the gray voltages.. .
Sogang University Research Foundation

Semiconductor device and module adapted to both mipi c-phy and mipi d-phy

A semiconductor device includes first to sixth external connection terminals, a first receiver connected to the first and second external connection terminals, a second receiver connected to the third and fourth external connection terminals, a third receiver connected to the fifth and sixth external connection terminals, a c-phy block, a d-phy block and a main processing section. The c-phy block is configured to generate first reception data by performing signal processing on signals received from the first, second and third receivers in accordance with the mipi c-phy specification.
Synaptics Japan Gk

Shift register using oxide transistor and display device using the same

Disclosed is a shift register which is an embedded shift register using an oxide transistor is capable of improving output performance, operation range and output stability, and a display device using the same. In the shift register, each stage includes at least two light shielding layers individually overlapped with the transistors of the stage by dividing the transistors into at least two regions, and a connection transistor selectively applying a voltage to a first shielding layer overlapped with the pull-up transistor of the two light shielding layers to allow the first light shielding layer to float..
Lg Display Co., Ltd.

Modular alert system

The present invention provides methods and systems for a modular alert system that includes at least two modules having a top portion and a bottom portion. The modules provide an alarm for one or more monitored conditions, and the bottom portion and the top portion of one module contains mating features.
White Stagg, Llc

Noise reduction in tomograms

A method is provided for reducing noise in a tomogram and/or volume rendering of at least one object. The noise can occur when scattered radiation artefacts are corrected.
Siemens Healthcare Gmbh

Image processing device, operating the same, and endoscope system

First rgb image signals are subjected to an input process. First color information is obtained from the first rgb image signals.
Fujifilm Corporation

Image processing method and apparatus and system for dynamically adjusting frame rate

An image processing method is provided. The image processing method includes the following steps: detecting an input sequence of image frames captured using an image capturing device to generate a detection result; referring to the detection result to selectively perform frame interpolation on the input sequence of image frames to generate a to-be-encoded sequence of image frames; and encoding the to-be-encoded sequence of image frames to generate an encoded video signal..
Mediatek Inc.

Selective brightness control in photography

A computer determines one or more brightness levels associated with a first set of pixels within a light source in an image. The computer determines a brightness effect on a second set of pixels in the image based on the one or more brightness levels associated with the first set of pixels within the light source.
International Business Machines Corporation

Cell-allocation in location-selective information provision systems

Systems and methods for allocating cells within a virtual grid to content providers according to various priority and selection schemes are used to target content delivery to information playback devices in a geographically and/or application selective manner. The priority schemes, geographical selectivity, and application selectivity of the system and methods of the invention allow a content provider to specifically target a desired demographic with high cost efficiency and flexibility..
Moasis Global Corporation

Elective topics:
  • Hinge Mechanism
  • Control Unit
  • Portable Computer
  • Accommodation
  • Transceiver
  • Encapsulation
  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
  • Exhaust Gas
  • Diesel Particulate Filter
  • Downstream
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction
  • Catalytic Reduction
  • Refrigerant
  • Hydrofluoroolefin
  • Adsorption

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