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Apparatus, system and method for secure payment

Data highlighting and extraction

Identifying and throttling tasks based on task interactivity

Date/App# patent app List of recent Elective-related patents
 Method for isolating cell-type specific mrnas patent thumbnailMethod for isolating cell-type specific mrnas
The invention provides methods for isolating cell-type specific mrnas by selectively isolating ribosomes or proteins that bind mrna in a cell type specific manner, and, thereby, the mrna hound to the ribosomes or proteins that bind mrna. Ribosomes, which are riboprotein complexes, bind mrna that is being actively translated in cells.
 Apparatus, system and method for secure payment patent thumbnailApparatus, system and method for secure payment
Embodiments of the invention generally relate to apparatus, systems and methods for authentication, in particular, apparatus, systems and methods for authenticating an entity for computer and/or network security, secure authorization of a payment or for funds transfer and for selectively granting privileges and providing other services in response to such authentications. In addition, embodiments of the invention relate generally to apparatus, systems and methods for the communication of information between a mobile user-device and a point-of-sale device to securely provide authorization for a financial transaction..
 Data highlighting and extraction patent thumbnailData highlighting and extraction
We are facing an explosion in availability of online content, in particular accessing audio, video, and other data is considered to be driving the expansion of the internet to accommodate access needs. However, time availability for accessing such data remains constrained and it is becoming more imperative that a technology be utilized to package the data for example, as a collective cut, to facilitate its consumption by pre-identifying portions of the data that are expected to be interesting to a consumer.
 Identifying and throttling tasks based on task interactivity patent thumbnailIdentifying and throttling tasks based on task interactivity
The described implementations relate to processing of electronic data. One implementation is manifest as a system that can include logic and at least one processing device configured to execute the logic.
 Display apparatus, method for ui display thereof and computer-readable recording medium patent thumbnailDisplay apparatus, method for ui display thereof and computer-readable recording medium
A display apparatus is provided. The display apparatus includes a display configured to display a user interface window for receiving a letter input; a communication interface configured to receive a control instruction for inputting letters from a control device; and a controller configured to control the display to selectively display an on-screen keypad for inputting letters on the user interface window based on whether the control device includes letter keys for inputting letters..
 Memory testing with selective use of an error correction code decoder patent thumbnailMemory testing with selective use of an error correction code decoder
A method includes directing an access of a memory location of a memory device to an error correction code (ecc) decoder in response to receiving a test activation request indicating the memory location. The method also includes writing a test pattern to the memory location and reading a value from the memory location.
 Apparatus for generating a decryption key for use to decrypt a block of encrypted instruction data being fetched from an instruction cache in a microprocessor patent thumbnailApparatus for generating a decryption key for use to decrypt a block of encrypted instruction data being fetched from an instruction cache in a microprocessor
An apparatus for generating a decryption key for use to decrypt a block of encrypted instruction data being fetched from an instruction cache in a microprocessor at a fetch address includes a first multiplexer that selects a first key value from a plurality of key values based on a first portion of the fetch address. A second multiplexer selects a second key value from the plurality of key values based on the first portion of the fetch address.
 Line termination methods and apparatus patent thumbnailLine termination methods and apparatus
Methods and apparatus for termination of signal lines coupled to a number of memory devices are disclosed. One such method includes adjusting an input impedance of one or more terminals of an interface of a memory device in response to the memory device receiving a particular address.
 Data accessing method and electronic apparatus utilizing the data accessing method patent thumbnailData accessing method and electronic apparatus utilizing the data accessing method
A data access method applicable on an electronic apparatus is provided. The electronic apparatus comprises a control unit, a first storage apparatus, and a second storage apparatus.
 Methods and structure for buffering host requests in serial attached scsi expanders patent thumbnailMethods and structure for buffering host requests in serial attached scsi expanders
Methods and structure are provided for “spoofing” an active connection between a serial attached scsi (sas) initiator and a sas target. The structure includes a sas expander, comprising multiple physical links with associated transceivers (phys), switching hardware, a memory, and a control unit.
Communication method of host apparatus capable of connecting with device by using wireless universal serial bus and wireless connection system including host apparatus and device
A communication method of a host apparatus capable of connecting with a device by using a wireless universal serial bus (wusb) includes operations of receiving a connection request signal from the device to be connected to the host apparatus, according to a determination of whether a request to perform an operation in the device occurs in the host apparatus, selectively responding to the connection request signal to connect the device thereto, and performing data communication with the device to perform the operation. According to the communication method, the host apparatus is connected to the device when the host apparatus uses the device, to improve effective and convenient use of the device..
System and method for session control in converged networks
A system for managing network information is provided that includes a policy database that defines handling both application and network resources in both a network space and an application space. A queue control program (qcp) manages both application and network resources in the application.
Customer experience monitor
A network monitoring system is provided that includes a plurality of tiers being arranged in a network having a plurality of hardware and software resources for executing a selective number of applications. The tiers include disparate technology stack formats.
Selective push system for user data and confidential information management with high precision matching
A computer implemented selective push system and method for user data and confidential information management with high precision matching based on user-defined values. The process is carried out by a user using a computer having a central processor unit, memory, a graphics user interface, input device, and communication device.
Sharing and collaboration of search results in a travel search engine
A travel search engine enables a user to share his or her search results with one or more other users in real time. Each of the users has a common set of search results and any user can select share a specific result within the common set.
Systems and methods for presenting content items in a collections view
Systems, methods, and computer-readable media are provided for managing, creating, and presenting a virtual collection. In some embodiments, a content management system can receive a request to display a virtual collection of content items from a first user account, whereupon at least one content identifier stored for the virtual collection can be retrieved.
System and method for generating suggestions by a search engine in response to search queries
As disclosed herein, a computer-implemented method within a server system generates suggestions by a search engine in response to search queries. The method uses a database associated with the search engine, the database storing digital media items each selectively associated with queries, terms and/or objects.
Auditor's toolbox
A system and method for managing and providing selective access to automated data regarding daily valued defined contribution plans. More particularly, the present invention relates to systems and methods for managing accounting data between one or more clients and one or more administrators and one or more users (e.g., auditors, vendors, sub-vendors, etc.) and preferably presented to a third party via an interface which collects the information in a first format and displays the information in second format.
Inventory management system
A statistical inventory management system may optimize inventory investment using historical usage and/or consumption of an inventory component by determining one or more target inventory levels (e.g., replenishment levels). Historical usage data may be summed for a plurality of at least partially non-overlapping time periods that may be each equal in duration to a supplier lead-time period for the component to create lead-time usage data.
Method and system for predicting viral adverts to affect investment strategies
A system for determining a viral entity in a networking environment is provided that includes a presentation tier module that includes a front end user interface to make application calls to start a service. A data tier module receives a selective application call from the presentation tier module and gathers known viral information to be benchmarked for further analysis.
Computational design of ideotypically modulated pharmacoeffectors for selective cell treatment
In system and method embodiments, an embodiment includes the collection, input, and organization of target nucleotide source or sources; the identification of potential target sequences for ideotypically modulated pharmacoeffectors (imp); the exclusion, prioritization, or deprioritization of target sequences on the basis of undesirable binding for ideotypically modulated pharmacoeffectors (imp); and/or the design of targeting sequences on the basis of reverse complementarity or sequence complementarity. Imps are designed for optimal use in respective applications, including cancers, autoimmune diseases, infectious diseases, cellular diseases, and other applications..
Upshift control of a dry dual-clutch transmission
A vehicle includes an engine, a dry dual-clutch transmission (ddct) having a pair of input clutches and a gearbox containing oddly- and evenly-numbered gear sets, and a transmission control module (tcm). Application of one of input clutches connects the engine to a corresponding one of the oddly- or evenly-numbered gear sets.
Dual clutch transmission vehicle launch control
A vehicle includes an engine, an engine control module (ecm), and a dual clutch transmission (dct) assembly. The dct assembly has first and second input clutches, first and second gear sets selectively connected to the engine via the respective first and second input clutches, and a transmission control module (tcm).
Computer implemented blend control system and method for preparation of a hydrocarbon blend
A computer implemented blend control system and method for preparation of a hydrocarbon blend from a plurality of component streams have been disclosed. The system includes a product tank for receiving a mixture comprising the plurality of component streams.
Rapid exchange temporary blood flow cessation device for large bore closure
A blood flow cessation device includes a catheter, an expandable member, and a rapid exchange port. The catheter includes a distal end portion and a proximal end portion.
Systems and methods for attaching a prosthesis within a body lumen or hollow organ
Systems and methods introduce and deploy prosthesis into a blood vessel or hollow body organ by intra-vascular access. The prosthesis is secured in place by fasteners which are implanted by an applier that is also deployed by intra-vascular access.
Robotic catheter system input device
An input device for a robotic medical system includes a handle configured to be rotatable about a center axis, and to be longitudinally displaceable along the center axis. The input device also includes a deflection control element disposed on the handle and configured to selectively control deflection of the distal end of a flexible medical instrument electrically coupled to the input device.
Instruments for total knee arthroplasty
An instrument assembly for resecting a distal femur for receipt of a knee implant, comprising an intramedullary rod and resection instruments. A valgus portion of the intramedullary rod has series of engagement members positioned to provide a plurality of engagement positions for use in fixing the resection instruments on the valgus portion.
In-line vessel sealer and divider
An endoscopic forceps includes a housing having a shaft attached thereto, the shaft including a pair of jaw members disposed at a distal end thereof. The forceps also includes a drive assembly disposed in the housing which moves the jaw members relative to one another from a first position wherein the jaw members are disposed in spaced relation relative to one another to a second position wherein the jaw members are closer to one another for manipulating tissue.
Infusion pump drug delivery system for delivering at least two medicaments
The infusion pump drug delivery system and corresponding method disclosed herein allow for continuous delivery of a first fluid and/or medicament from a reservoir operably connected to a pump and selective delivery of a second fluid and/or medicament from a separate reservoir, where the second fluid and/or medicament may be delivered sequentially or simultaneously with the first fluid and/or medicament at the command of the user. Both fluids and/or medicaments are delivered via a single dispense interface..
Heel protector and corresponding rehabilitation systems and methods for using the same
A device (900) includes a leg engaging section (101) and a foot engaging section (102 intersecting at a heel receiver (103). The leg engaging section and the foot engaging section defining a leg insertion aperture (104).
Syringe enabled for aspirating blood into a sampling site in a closed manner and method
An in-line sampling syringe for selectively introducing and aspirating a fluid from a downstream fluid conduit connected to a catheterized patient. The syringe includes a housing with a distal component defining a distal chamber having a proximal opening and a distal outlet port to be coupled to a downstream fluid conduit; and a pair of proximal wall components assembled together in an airtight manner defining a proximal chamber having a proximal opening for coupling to an external source of fluid and a distal opening that is coupled to the proximal opening of the distal component.
Method and apparatus for selecting differential input leads
An physiological data acquisition apparatus includes three or more leads, at least one ac current source, a switching mechanism structured to selectively couple the current source to selected lead pairs to inject an ac current across the selected lead pairs which produces an ac voltage across the selected lead pair, and a processing device. The processing device is structured to (i) determine an impedance across the current selected lead pair based on the ac voltage, (ii) determine whether the impedance is less than a predetermined threshold, (iii) if the impedance is less than the predetermined impedance threshold cause the current selected lead pair to be used for generating physiological parameter data, and (iv) if the impedance is not less than the threshold cause the switching mechanism to couple the at least one ac current source to a new selected pair of the leads..
Electrophysiological analysis system
The invention provides an electrophysiological analysis system, in particular for detecting pathological states. This system comprises: electrodes intended to be placed in different regions of the body that are well away from each other; an adjustable dc voltage source for generating successive dc voltage pulses varying in magnitude from one pulse to another, the duration of the pulses being equal to or greater than about 0.2 seconds; a switching circuit for selectively connecting a pair of active electrodes to the voltage source and for connecting at least one other high-impedance electrode; and a measurement circuit for recording data representative of the current in the active electrodes and potentials on at least certain high-impedance connected electrodes in response to the application of said pulses.
Access assembly including inflatable seal member
An access assembly for insertion through an opening in tissue is provided. The access assembly includes a flexible outer sleeve having an upper rim formed on a proximal end, a lower rim formed on a distal end and defining a longitudinal opening extending therebetween.
Chemically-selective, label free, microendoscopic system based on coherent anti-stokes raman scattering
An endoscopic microscopic system for collecting and processing a sequence of images.. .
System and method for preparing hydrocarbon blend from multiple component streams
A computer implemented blend control system and method for preparation of a hydrocarbon blend from a plurality of components drawn from respective component tanks have been disclosed. The system, in accordance with the present disclosure includes at least one sensing and analyzing means adapted to sense and analyze a first attribute of at least one of the components for obtaining first attribute data.
Method for screening for compounds selectively interacting with rad9
Natural and synthetic compounds of formulae ia-ie having a lactone structure, in particular securolide, have been determined to be effective anti-tumor compounds which target the hrad9 gene and/or protein encoded thereby or complex containing the protein and/or the p53 gene and/or protein. Securolide is cytoselective for mutants of hrad9 based on studies conducted in rad9 mutant yeast strains.
Buffer solutions having selective bactericidal activity against gram negative bacteria and methods of using same
Buffer solutions for pharmaceutical preparations that have bactericidal activity preferentially against gram negative bacteria are provided. The buffers have a ph of greater than about 10 or less than about 4.5 with low buffer capacity.
Cytotoxin compounds and methods of isolation
The present invention concerns groups of compounds derived from tunicates of the synoicum species, as well as to pharmaceutical compositions comprising these compounds, and uses thereof. Extracts from tunicates show selective toxicity against several different cancer cell lines in the nci 60 cell line panel.
Compositions and methods for treating mood disorders
The present invention provides, inter alia, methods for enhancing the anti-depressant efficacy of a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (ssri) in a patient being treated for a mood disorder. These methods include administering to a patient in need thereof a therapeutically effective amount of an ssri and a therapeutically effective amount of a modulator of histone expression.
Compounds that suppress cancer cells and exhibit antitumor activity
The present invention provides compounds s3i-201.1066 (formula 1) and s3i-201.2096 (formula 2) as selective stat3 binding agents that block stat3 association with cognate receptor ptyr motifs, stat3 phosphorylation and nuclear translocation, stat3 transcriptional function, and consequently induced stat3-specific antitumor cell effects in vitro and antitumor response in vivo.. .
Sophorolactone production
The present invention relates to a process for selectively producing sophorolactone without use of organic solvent, comprising the steps of: -pre-cultivating cells of a candida species capable of producing sophorolactone, in absence of an oily substrate until a stationary growth phase is obtained, -cultivating said pre-cultivated cells in an aqueous medium in the presence of at least one fermentable sugar and substrate; the reaction mixture of sugar, substrate and pre-cultivated cells being present in an amount and conditions such that the cells metabolize the sugar and substrate thereby forming sophorolactone and fatty acid, -continuously feeding said substrate to said cells thereby suppressing the formation of fatty acid and keeping fatty acid levels in the reaction mixture below 10 g/l, resulting in the crystallization of at least part of the sophorolactone present in the reaction mixture, -warming the reaction mixture to a temperature between 60° c. And 90° c., thereby melting the sophorolactone crystals, -allowing the molten sophorolactone to settle and to provide a crude sophorolactone composition, and -removing the crude sophorolactone composition from the remainder of the reaction mixture without use of an organic solvent..
Multi-color nanoscale imaging based on nanoparticle cathodoluminescence
Multi-color cl images of nanoparticle samples may be generated, by irradiating with a scanning electron beam a nanoparticle sample that containing a plurality of spectrally distinct optical emitters configured to generate cl light at respective different color channels, then detecting the cl light from the nanoparticles to generate multi-color np-cl images of the nanoparticle sample. In some embodiments, se (secondary electron) images of the sample may be acquire, substantially simultaneously with the acquisition of the cl images, so as to generate correlative np-cl and se images of the nanoparticle sample.
Substituted (3r,4r)-4-cyan-3,4-diphenylbutanoates, method for the production thereof and use thereof as herbicides and plant growth regulators
Are suitable for use as herbicides and growth regulators, in particular for the selective use in plant crops, and can be prepared by the process of claim 9.. .
Adjustable assembly for exercise apparatus
Exercise apparatus and method with selectively variable stabilization enabling a user to progressively increase his/her core body muscular strength. In various embodiments, the exercise apparatus includes a resistance cabling system providing a user defined line of motion, and a partial stabilizer pad being adjustably positionable offset from the line of motion, wherein the user's core body is positionable against the pad and required to resist the torque created by the offset.
Bidirectional mems driving arrangement
A micro-electromechanical system (mems) driving arrangement comprising a driven wheel comprising (n) teeth about an outer periphery thereof, an actuator ring around the driven wheel, itself comprising (n)+(x) teeth about an inner periphery thereof, wherein the (n)+(x) teeth of the actuator ring progressively engage and disengage subsets of the (n) teeth of the driven wheel; a driving actuation assembly, coupled to the actuator ring, for driving the actuator ring in a hysteresis-type motion so as to cause rotation of the driven wheel, wherein after one full cycle of engagements and disengagements between selective subsets of the (n) teeth of the driven wheel with selective subsets of the (n)+(x) teeth of the actuator ring, the driven wheel rotates by (x) teeth corresponding to [(360)(x)/(n)]°.. .
Golf club stand arrangement
A stand arrangement for a golf club having a club head and club shaft may include a plunger rod movably secured within the club shaft and displaceable between a retracted position entirely within the club shaft and an extended position. In the extended position, at least a portion of the plunger rod extends from a channel in the club shaft to an exterior of the golf club.
Wireless charger circuit and method
A charging system for a mobile device includes a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter includes (a) a first interface to a power source; (b) a second interface to the receiver; (c) a polarity detection circuit for detecting polarities of the; and (d) first and second switches controlled by the polarity detection circuit, wherein each switch selectively connects a terminal of the first interface to a terminal of the second interface.
Fabrication method of semiconductor device and fabrication method of dynamic threshold transistor
A method includes: etching a silicon substrate except for a silicon substrate portion on which a channel region is to be formed to form first and second trenches respectively at a first side and a second side of the silicon substrate portion; filling the first and second trenches by epitaxially growing a semiconductor layer having etching selectivity against silicon and further a silicon layer; removing the semiconductor layer selectivity by a selective etching process to form voids underneath the silicon layer respectively at the first side and the second side of the substrate portion; burying the voids at least partially with a buried insulation film; forming a gate insulation film and a gate electrode on the silicon substrate portion; and forming a source region in the silicon layer at the first side of the silicon substrate portion and a drain region at the second side of the silicon substrate portion.. .
Methods for metal bump die assembly
Methods for assembling metal bump dies. In an embodiment, a method includes providing an integrated circuit die having a plurality of conductive terminals; depositing solder to form solder depositions on the conductive terminals; providing a substrate having a die attach region on a surface for receiving the integrated circuit die, the substrate having a plurality of conductive traces formed in the die attach region; aligning the integrated circuit die and the substrate and bringing the plurality of conductive terminals and the conductive traces into contact, so that the solder depositions physically contact the conductive traces; and selectively heating the integrated circuit die and the conductive terminals to a temperature sufficient to cause the solder depositions to melt and reflow, forming solder connections between the conductive traces on the substrate and the conductive terminals on the integrated circuit die.
Method for manufacturing semiconductor optical device
A method for manufacturing a semiconductor optical device includes the steps of preparing a mold having an imprint pattern; forming a substrate product including a semiconductor layer; forming a first resin layer on the semiconductor layer; forming a diffraction grating pattern having periodic projections and recesses in the first resin layer using the mold, the projection of the diffraction grating pattern having a top portion and a base portion; changing a duty ratio of the diffraction grating pattern by dry-etching the first resin layer; forming a second resin layer on the first resin layer so as to cover the projection and the recess; removing the top portion by etching back the first and second resin layers; and selectively etching the first resin layer so as to have a reverse pattern to the diffraction grating pattern; and etching the semiconductor layer through the first resin layer.. .
Optical biosensors
Provided are biosensors, compositions comprising biosensors, and methods of using biosensors in living cells and organisms. The biosensors are able to be selectively targeted to certain regions or structures within a cell.
Heat treatment furnace
A heat treatment furnace, also referred to as a multi-chamber furnace, that includes a plurality of treatment chambers, each having heating and cooling dampers and being controllable to adjust a flow rate into the treatment chamber, the dampers of each treatment chamber being selectively and independently adjustable with respect to one another so as to allow simultaneous heat processing of a plurality of products in different treatment chambers at different respective heat treatment states depending on the amount of heating and cooling flow rates allowed to enter in each treatment chamber via the dampers.. .
Polarity switching flow battery system and method
A flow battery system and method are provided. The flow battery system may include a feed system feeding positive electrolyte from a first storage tank to a positive inlet of a battery stack and negative electrolyte from a second storage tank to a negative inlet of the battery stack, a return system returning charged electrolyte from the battery stack to the first and second storage tanks, and a controller to selectively control at least one of the feed system and the return system so positive electrolyte, from the first storage tank, is applied a negative charge by the battery stack and then returned by the return system to the second storage tank, and so negative electrolyte, from the second storage tank, is applied a positive charge by the battery stack and then returned by the return system to the first storage tank..
Multilayer hydrogels with ph-responsive swelling and surface wettability
A novel type of ultrathin cationic hydrogel coatings are provided that have high, quick and reversible swelling/shrinkage transitions and surface wettability in response to ph changes. The poly(4-vinyl pyridine) (pvp) hydrogel films are produced by selective cross-linking of pvp copolymers in layer-by-layer (lbl) films assembled by spin-assisted method.
Methods and systems for thermal printing of photonic crystal materials, and thermally printable photonic crystal materials and assemblies
Methods and systems for thermal printing of thermally printable photonic crystal materials and assemblies. The photonic crystal materials and assemblies are responsive to thermal stimuli, wherein temperatures above a thermal threshold results in an optically detectable change in the appearance of the materials and assemblies.
Electro-spun fibers and applications therefore
A supported nanofiber medium useful for segregating chemical species is provided by selecting a polymer, selecting a substrate; and electrospinning the polymer to form a nanofiber medium on the supporting substrate. When the substrate is a planar surface, the nanofiber medium will be a mat suitable for conducting chromatographic separation.
Egg yolk separator device and method
An egg yolk separator device comprises uniquely configured structures for selectively grabbing an egg yolk from an egg albumen as supported upon a surface. A suction bulb and a tubular structure coupled to the suction bulb enable a user to selectively provide a suction force directed away from the inlet-outlet orifice toward the suction bulb for directing an egg yolk into the tubular structure.
Polymer-drug systems
The present disclosure generally relates to polymer-drug systems, and more particularly to nanoscopic particles comprising amphiphilic block copolymers conjugated, physically encapsulated, or otherwise combined with chemotherapeutic agents along a selective region or regions of the backbone of the copolymer, so as to package the chemotherapeutic agent in selective domains within each nanoscopic particle, as well as to methods for making such particles, and applications and methods for using such particles, including in the formation of polymer micelles.. .
Markers of alzheimers disease
An inflammatory process is suggested to be involved in the pathogenesis of alzheimer's disease (ad), a neurodegenerative disorder characterized by the presence of neuritic plaques within the cerebral cortex that are mainly composed of a small insoluble protein of 40-42 aminoacids (amyloid protein). Amyloid-specific interleukin-10 (il-10) generation is found to be selectively and significantly reduced in ad patients (p=0.023).
Method and compositions for improving selective catabolysis and viability in cells of keratin surfaces
A composition for treating keratin surfaces to stimulate selective catabolysis and improve cellular viability comprising at least one autophagy activator and at least one dna repair enzyme, and a method for improving selective catabolysis and cellular viability by treating with the composition.. .
Reducing short-chain fatty acids and energy uptake in obese humans by managing their intestinal microbial communities
The present invention provides for microbial compositions and methods for reducing the concentration of short-chain fatty acids in the gut as a way to reduce energy uptake and manage obesity. More specifically, the invention provides for decreasing short-chain fatty acids available for absorption in the human gut, such as acetate, using one or more of: a probiotic including a homo-acetogenic, acetate oxidizing bacterium that converts acetate to h2; a probiotic including an acetoclastic methanogen; a microbial electrolysis cell comprising a homo-acetogenic bacterium and/or an acetoclastic methanogen; a prebiotic that enhances the growth or function of acetate-scavenging microbiota; or a highly selective antibiotic that targets h2-oxidizing methanogens..
Methods of recovering scandium from titanium residue streams
A method for selectively removing scandium from a scandium-containing feed solution includes contacting the scandium-containing feed solution with a solvent stream in plural stages using cross current extraction, in which the solvent is loaded with at least a portion of the scandium from the feed solution, and/or ion exchange, and separating the loaded solvent from remaining scandium-containing feed solution.. .
Catalytic converter for confined areas
The catalytic converter for confined areas is installed with a vehicular tunnel, parking garage, or other confined area subject to motor vehicle operation therein. The converter catalyzes internal combustion engine exhaust by-products by selective catalytic reduction.
Ozone sanitizing system
A device for sanitizing objects using ozone is disclosed having a container defining an enclosed space and a selectively closeable opening for enclosing the space, an ozone generator, an ozone converter, a controller, and a timer working together to generate a predetermined concentration of ozone within the enclosed space and maintain approximately the same concentration for a predetermined period of time. Also disclosed are assemblies and methods detecting and warning of entrapment within the enclosure and halting ozone production when it occurs.
Locking device for cooling fan assembly
A locking device is provided for a cooling fan assembly. The assembly includes a central hub.
Coastal recovery utilizing repositionable shoal module
A coastal recovery module including a body portion defining an interior compartment. The coastal recovery module may also include a selectively sealable fluid conduit.
Communication system, station-side communication device, user-side communication device, communication method, and control device
An olt includes an olt control unit that generates a control signal for controlling a power saving operation of an onu by specifying a different idle period with respect to a first power saving operation in which an optical receiver is operated while an optical transmitter of the onu is controlled to a power saving state and a second power saving operation for controlling the optical transmitter and the optical receiver to the power saving state, and a station-side transmitter that transmits the control signal generated by the olt control unit to the onu. The onu includes an onu control unit that receives the control signal via the optical receiver to selectively perform the first power saving operation and the second power saving operation based on the idle period specified by the control signal..
Method and apparatus to highlight information in complex visual environments
An image processing system is described which is arranged to highlight information in image displays by selectively blurring less important areas of an image. By generating such displays comprising areas which are in focus and areas which are out of focus, a viewer's attention is preferentially drawn towards those areas of an image which appear sharp.
Gesture pre-processing of video stream with hold-off period to reduce platform power
Techniques are disclosed for processing a video stream to reduce platform power by employing a stepped and distributed pipeline process, wherein cpu-intensive processing is selectively performed. In one example case, the techniques are implemented in a user's computer system wherein initial threshold detection (image disturbance) and optionally user presence (e.g., hand image) processing components are proximate to or within the system's camera, and the camera is located in or proximate to the system's primary display.

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