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Elective patents

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Power hybrid integrated management system

Component registration system for a machine

Date/App# patent app List of recent Elective-related patents
 Device and method for determining gesture, and computer-readable storage medium for computer program patent thumbnailnew patent Device and method for determining gesture, and computer-readable storage medium for computer program
A device for determining a gesture includes a display portion for selectively displaying one of screens; a storage portion for storing, for each of the screens, a rule used for distinguishing between gestures; a detection portion for detecting a motion made by a user; and a determination portion for identifying, from among the gestures, a gesture represented by the motion detected by the detection portion based on the rule for a current screen, the current screen being one of the screens and being displayed at a time when the motion has been detected.. .
 Systems and methods for managing transform points and effects in multi-state electronic content patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for managing transform points and effects in multi-state electronic content
One exemplary embodiment involves receiving input editing electronic content being edited in the electronic content creation application and identifying changes to the electronic content being edited that are required based on the input. The exemplary embodiment further involves determining one or more of the changes to be hidden effects and selectively displaying information associated with one or more effects defined for the electronic content being edited, where the information associated with the one or more effects excludes information about the hidden effects..
 Systems and methods for programmatically interacting with a media player patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for programmatically interacting with a media player
A media player can comprise a playlist parsing module configured to parse a playlist comprising a plurality of nested elements of a media presentation and select an element of the media presentation for generating output. The playlist can comprise a nested structure of objects representative of the elements of the media presentation, with at least one declared trait applicable to one or more elements.
 Selectable jtag or trace access with data store and output patent thumbnailnew patent Selectable jtag or trace access with data store and output
An address and command port interface selectively enables jtag tap domain operations and trace domain operations within an ic. The port carries tms and tdi input and tdo output on a single pin and receives a clock signal on a separate pin.
 Storage optimization in computing devices patent thumbnailnew patent Storage optimization in computing devices
Disclosed are systems, methods, and machine-readable storage mediums for selectively performing storage optimization processes in a computing device. In at least some embodiments, a method includes monitoring access patterns in association with data of one or more files accessed by a user of the computing device, determining a classification of the computing device, and utilizing the user access patterns and the device classification in determining execution of a storage optimization process based on a storage optimization policy.
 System and method for locally optimized managing of network appliances in a closed area network patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for locally optimized managing of network appliances in a closed area network
A system and method for generating an optimized operating schedule for a plurality of heterogeneous wireless network appliances managed by a gateway device in a closed area network is disclosed. An amount of energy consumed by each network appliance as well as preassigned operational priority values assigned to each network appliance per time slot over the designated time period is considered.
 Optimization of enhanced network links patent thumbnailnew patent Optimization of enhanced network links
A method and apparatus for dynamic network link acceleration provides a managed communication link for accelerated and reliable network communication between a client and other network devices. In one or more embodiments, a client computing device which generates communication packets of a first type is enhanced with a front end mechanism which selectively encodes the data packets into packets of a second type.
 In-flight computing device for aircraft cabin crew patent thumbnailnew patent In-flight computing device for aircraft cabin crew
A system for use by cabin crew on board an aircraft, comprising a server including a database, the server being at a location remote from the aircraft. The server selectively communicates with a plurality of systems external to the system to retrieve information related to a journey to be made by the aircraft.
 Promotion operable recognition system patent thumbnailnew patent Promotion operable recognition system
A recognition system is employed in conjunction with a subscriber's cellular phone and the network serving the subscriber. According to an embodiment, a subscriber can use a cellular phone to receive and capture data signals, from, for example, an audio output.
 Selective banner ad display patent thumbnailnew patent Selective banner ad display
When a user launches a service provider app on a user device, but before authentication, the user may be presented with an ad or offer, which is dependent on and relevant to the user. The service provider determines which ad to present to the user based on factors such as time of day, time of year, location of user, speed of travel of user, user purchase history, user favorites, saved offers, size of merchant, user actions from previous ads, expiration dates of saved offers, etc.
new patent Method and/or system for selective application of direction of travel
Described are a system, method and apparatus for computing a navigation solution. In a particular implementation, a direction of travel (dot) indicator or vector may be applied to augment computation of the navigation solution.
new patent Component registration system for a machine
A component registration system for a machine, is provided. The system comprises: a component installed on the machine, a data system located remote from the machine and configured to communicate with the machine, a locating device installed on the machine and configured to determine global position of the machine, a controller installed on the machine, and a cellular device including a service management tool.
new patent Control system for vehicle and control method therefor
A control system for a vehicle including a brake pedal operable by a driver and an engine includes an electronic control unit. The electronic control unit is configured to: (a) execute cruise control, the cruise control selectively executed and stopped through an operation of the driver, (b) stop the engine upon depression of the brake pedal, when the cruise control is stopped, (c) stop the engine while the vehicle is being decelerated or stopped, even when the brake pedal is not depressed, when the cruise control is executed, and (d) keep the engine stopped even when the operation to stop the cruise control is performed, after the engine is stopped and the cruise control is executed..
new patent Power hybrid integrated management system
A power interface (14) connected to an ultra capacitor (16), a power source (18), and a load (20), with a controller (22) for managing the power interface (14), and monitoring the ultra capacitor (16), power source (18), and demands of the load (20) attached thereto. The power interface (12) selectively switches the circuit between the ultra capacitor (16) and the power source (18), and between the load (20) in response to the level of demand of the load (20) attached thereto such that the ultra capacitor (16) powers peak demand and the power source (18) powers steady demand..
new patent Systems and methods for microgrid power generation management with selective disconnect
Systems and methods for coordinating selective activation of a multiplicity of emergency power generation equipment over a predetermined geographic area for distribution and/or storage to supply a microgrid of electrical power, and automatic, selective disconnect any of the at least one power generator from providing power supply to the microgrid or wider area grid.. .
new patent Textured implant device having series extendible blades
A textured bone graft or implant device includes a housing member having a bore at one end and a conduit at the other, an actuator engaged in the conduit of the housing member, and a screw engaged in the bore of the housing member and engaged with the actuator, and the housing member includes two sections each having one or more grooves for forming two or more blades each of which include a guiding member extended into the conduit of the housing member for selectively engaging with the actuator, the actuator is engaged with a closer guiding member before the other for forcing the blades to move radially and outwardly of the housing member in sequence.. .
new patent Interspinous ligament transverse connector
An interspinous cross connector system configured and designed to be implanted through the interspinous ligament by a rod that can puncture through the ligament while leaving the ligament intact. The cross connector system includes a first and second elongate rod and a third elongate rod connecting the first and second elongate rods using a cross connection assembly.
new patent Knife deployment mechanisms for surgical forceps
A surgical instrument includes an end effector assembly having jaw members movable between spaced-apart, first approximated, and second approximated positions. A knife is selectively movable relative to the end effector assembly between a retracted position, a first extended position, and a second extended position.
new patent Method for selectively elevating and separating tissue layers and surgical instrument for performing the method
A method for the selective elevation and separation of tissues comprised of multiple layers and a surgical instrument for performing the method. The method may be performed without the requirement of a solid mechanical device insertion or transection through the mucosal layer.
new patent Implantable thermal treatment method and apparatus
A long-term implantable ultrasound therapy system and method is provided that provides directional, focused ultrasound to localized regions of tissue within body joints, such as spinal joints. An ultrasound emitter or transducer is delivered to a location within the body associated with the joint and heats the target region of tissue associated with the joint from the location.
new patent Vented luer tip connector
A vented connector, used with male luer tip fitting, is disclosed. The connector includes axial and bifurcating portions.
new patent Methods and devices for treating hypertension
Devices, systems and methods are described which control blood pressure and nervous system activity by stimulating baroreceptors. By selectively and controllably activating baroreceptors and/or nerves, the present invention reduces blood pressure and alters the sympathetic nervous system; thereby minimizing deleterious effects on the heart, vasculature and other organs and tissues.
new patent Ventricular shunt system and method
A ventricular shunt systems and methods of preventing hydrocephalus are described herein. In one aspect, the ventricular shunt system has at least one pressure sensor that is configured to be selectively electromagnetically coupled to an ex-vivo source of rf energy and is variable in response to the pressure in a patient's ventricle..
new patent Apparatus for monitoring physiological condition
An apparatus for monitoring a physiological condition includes a signal-acquiring unit, an inflating-deflating unit, and a central processing system electrically coupled to the signal-acquiring unit and the inflating-deflating unit. The signal-acquiring unit is used for acquiring a first standard pulse signal and a first reactive hyperemia pulse signal at a specific part of a living being.
new patent Chopper mixer telemetry circuit
This disclosure describes a chopper mixer telemetry circuit for use in a wireless receiver. The receiver may be located in an implantable medical device (imd) or external programmer.
new patent Method of regioselective synthesis of substituted benzoates
A method of synthesis of para-substituted benzoate esters and acids is provided, wherein the para-substituted regioisomer is obtained substantially free of the meta-substituted impurity, the method comprising contacting a coumalate ester or acid and an unactivated alkene at elevated temperature in the presence of a metal oxidation catalyst and an oxidant. The metal oxidation catalyst can be palladium, such as palladium on carbon, and the oxidant can be the oxygen gas in ambient air.
new patent Cyclopropenimine catalyst compositions and processes
The present invention provides, inter alia, a cyclopropenimine brønsted base catalyst and a cyclopropenimine scaffold for use as a brønsted base catalyst. This cyclopropenimine has the structure (100).
new patent Cross-metathesis reaction of functionalized and substituted olefins using group 8 transition metal carbene complexes as metathesis catalysts
The invention pertains to the use of group 8 transition metal carbene complexes as catalysts for olefin cross-metathesis reactions. In particular, ruthenium and osmium alkylidene complexes substituted with an n-heterocyclic carbene ligand are used to catalyze cross-metathesis reactions to provide a variety of substituted and functionalized olefins, including phosphonate-substituted olefins, directly halogenated olefins, 1,1,2-trisubstituted olefins, and quaternary allylic olefins.
new patent Aryloxyanilide imaging agents
The present invention provides a novel radiolabelled aryloxyalinine derivative suitable for in vivo imaging. In comparison to known aryloxyalinine derivative in vivo imaging agents, the in vivo imaging agent of the present invention has better properties for in vivo imaging.
new patent Synthesis of cyclosporin analogs
The invention is directed to isomeric mixtures of cyclosporine analogues that are structurally similar to cyclosporine a. The mixtures possess enhanced efficacy and reduced toxicity over the individual isomers and over naturally occurring and other presently known cyclosporines and cyclosporine derivatives.
new patent Meta-substituted biphenyl peripherally restricted faah inhibitors
The present invention provides methods of making and using peripherally restricted inhibitors of fatty acid amide hydrolase (faah). The present invention provides compounds and compositions that suppress faah activity and increases anandamide levels outside the central nervous system (cns).
new patent Novel molecules that selectively inhibit histone deacetylase 6 relative to histone deacetylase 1
Or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof.. .
new patent Pyrazolopyridyl compounds as aldosterone synthase inhibitors
Or their pharmaceutically acceptable salts, wherein the variable are defined herein. The inventive compounds selectively inhibit aldosterone synthase.
new patent Therapeutic methods and agents for treating myotonic dystrophy
The invention provides compounds, compositions and methods for treating myotonic dystrophy. The compounds can selectively bind to cug repeats in rna, or to ctg repeats in dna, and inhibit replication of the nucleic acids..
new patent Selective inhibition of malt1 protease by phenothiazine derivatives
Wherein x is n or c; y is s, o, so2, so, nh, co, ch2, ch═ch, ch2═ch2; ( )z is a c1-c5 linear or branched alkyl chain; a is nr3r4, or or5, or het; r1 and r2 in each occurrence are independently selected from —h, —ch3, —oh, —och3, —sch3, —f, —cl, —cf3, —nh2, and —cooh; r3, r4, and r5 are h, or c1-c5 linear or branched alkyl groups, and het is a heterocyclic ring of 5, 6, or 7 members, wherein the ring atoms can be c, o, n, or s, the ring can be saturated or aromatic, and the ring can be substituted with h or c1-c5 linear or branched alkyl groups; or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, prodrug, enantiomer, diastereomer, racemic mixture, crystalline form, amorphous form, unsolvated form or solvate of said compound. The compound of the invention may further be used in the treatment of malt1-dependent immune diseases..
new patent Device for transdermal administration of drugs including acrylic polymers
A transdermal delivery system is provided where the drug delivery rates, onset and profiles of at least one active agent are controlled by selectively manipulating the monomeric make up of an acrylic-based polymer in the transdermal drug delivery system. The drug carrier composition may be comprised of (a) one or more acrylic-based polymers having one or more different monomers selected from the group consisting of hard and soft monomers; (b) one or more silicone-based polymers; and (c) one or more active agents where the device provides a desired solubility for the active agent and controls drug delivery rates, onset and profiles of at least one active agent..

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