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Energy consumption simulation and evaluation system for embedded device


Date/App# patent app List of recent Elective-related patents
 System and methodology for selectively controlling the transmission of content patent thumbnailnew patent System and methodology for selectively controlling the transmission of content
According to one aspect of the present invention, a system and methodology is provided which controls whether or not content is permitted to be transmitted from a source device depending upon the nature of the content and/or other factors more fully described herein. Source devices may include devices such as mobile phones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, desktop computers, and any other devices which are capable of transmitting content which is resident on such device.
 Automatic protection of partial document content patent thumbnailnew patent Automatic protection of partial document content
Protecting a fragment of a document includes automatically detecting the fragment without user intervention based on the content of the fragment and/or the context of the fragment within a set of documents, selectively encrypting the fragment to prevent unauthorized access, and providing an alternative view of the fragment that prevents viewing and access of content corresponding to the fragment unless a decryption password is provided. Automatically detecting the fragment may include detecting numbers and alphanumeric sequences of sufficient length that do not represent commonly known abbreviations, detecting generic terms, detecting proper names, detecting terms signifying a type of content, detecting mutual location of terms and sensitive content, and/or detecting user defined terms.
 Two-factor authentication patent thumbnailnew patent Two-factor authentication
Systems and processes for providing two-factor authentication to systems capable of implementing varying levels of access control are disclosed. The system may include an authentication and access control system that selectively grants access to a secured system or network.
 Advertising apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Advertising apparatus
An advertising apparatus 10 including a generally flat base 12 and a broad face 14 which forms an acute angle 16 with the generally flat base 12. Further, the broad face 14 includes several display-portions 20, 22, and 18 which, in one non-limiting embodiment of the invention, are programmable.
 System and method for selectively receiving required satellite television channels patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for selectively receiving required satellite television channels
A system includes a video-on-demand server and an authentication server. The video-on-demand server is configured to provide video-on-demand content through a broadband connection to a set-top box device.
 Energy consumption simulation and evaluation system for embedded device patent thumbnailnew patent Energy consumption simulation and evaluation system for embedded device
An energy consumption simulation and evaluation system for embedded device in energy consumption evaluation technology for electronic devices, which solves the problem that the energy consumption cannot be simulated under tasks operation condition with the existing systems. The present invention includes a graphical configuration management module for inputting graphical configuration parameters, a device energy consumption model building block for obtaining the aadl description model for software and hardware components through aadl abstract description of software and hardware at system-level, a model transformation module for aadl to gspn model transformation; and a gspn simulation module which utilizes qpme tool to simulate gspn model; selectively loads an external energy-consuming event from the energy-consuming events sequence; and perform energy consumption simulation for the gspn model in response to the external energy-consuming event by qpme tool to obtain a simulation result of the residual energy and lifetime of the system..
 Dynamic access to external media content based on speaker content patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamic access to external media content based on speaker content
An interactive conference based is supplemented based on terminology content. Terminology content from a plurality of interactive conference participants is monitored.
 Dynamic information management system and method for content delivery and sharing in content-, metadata- & viewer-based, live social networking among users concurrently engaged in the same and/or similar content patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamic information management system and method for content delivery and sharing in content-, metadata- & viewer-based, live social networking among users concurrently engaged in the same and/or similar content
Disclosed are tools, methods, and systems for establishing generally live, content-based social networks, and for concurrently sharing content and content-relevant information within a social network. A service registers viewers and/or n-users, and provides tools that enable a viewer to identify n-users concurrently viewing the same or similar content, or having an interest in the same or similar content.
 Method and apparatus for intelligent capture of document object model events patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for intelligent capture of document object model events
A monitoring system intelligently captures document object model (dom) events. The dom events may provide state information that may not usually be captured during a web session.
 Memory access methods and apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Memory access methods and apparatus
A disclosed example apparatus includes a row address register (412) to store a row address corresponding to a row (608) in a memory array (602). The example apparatus also includes a row decoder (604) coupled to the row address register to assert a signal on a wordline (704) of the row after the memory receives a column address.
new patent Near field communication (nfc) device and method for selectively securing records in a near field communication data exchange format (ndef) message
A method and apparatus for selectively securing records in a near field communication data exchange format (ndef) message in a near field communication (nfc) device are provided. The method includes generating a place marker signature record by setting a uri_present field to ‘0’ and setting a signature_type field to a predefined value, wherein a combination of the uri_present field set to ‘0’ and the signature_type field set to the predefined value indicates that a signature record type definition (rtd) is a place marker signature record; and placing the place marker signature record in the ndef message, wherein a set of records following the place marker signature record are secured..
new patent Service plane encryption in ip/mpls networks
A method for providing service plane encryption in ip/mpls and gre networks is disclosed. The method for providing service plane encryption in ip/mpls and gre networks includes receiving a first security parameter index with associated first encryption key and associated first authentication key at a first network element supporting the first service distribution point; receiving an instruction at the first network element to encrypt data entering the first service distribution point with the first encryption key; receiving an instruction at the first network element to associate a data communication service provided at the first network element to the first service distribution point; providing an encryption label; and providing data associated with the first communication service to the first service distribution point for transmission to the second service distribution point.
new patent Apparatus and method for extending memory in terminal
An apparatus and a method capable of selectively extending a memory in a terminal are provided. The apparatus includes a socket unit into which an external memory having a built-in random access memory (ram) is inserted, and a controller that performs a control operation for moving data stored in a ram of the terminal to the ram of the external memory and for securing available space of the ram of the terminal, when the external memory having the built-in ram is inserted into the socket unit..
new patent System, method and computer-readable medium for providing selective protection and endurance improvements in flash-based cache
A cache controller includes a cache memory distributed across multiple solid-state storage units in which cache line fill operations are applied sequentially in a defined manner and write operations are protected by a raid-5 (striping plus parity) scheme upon a stripe reaching capacity. The cache store is responsive to data from a storage controller managing a primary data store.
new patent Selective content pre-warming in content delivery networks based on user actions and content categorizations
Systems and methods are provided for streaming content over the internet via a cdn to an end user system. Requests from end user systems for streaming content objects being handled by the cdn are tracked to identify, for each request the tracked requests, a first content object being requested.
new patent Systems and methods for selectively providing messages in telecommunications systems
A telecommunications advertising means is disclosed. The telecommunication advertising means includes an advertisement database coupled to a processing means.
new patent Method and system for facilitating merchant-customer retail events using a financial transaction facilitation system
Method and system is disclosed for facilitating merchant-customer retail events using a financial transaction facilitation system. The system selectively registers merchant-vendors and system-users.
new patent Arrangement for facilitating selection and activation of a voice control system by a vehicle operator
An arrangement is provided for facilitating selection and activation of a voice control system by a vehicle operator. The arrangement may include a switch selectively switchable between a first switch position (p1) and a second switch position (p2) and arranged to emit a signal when switched between the switch positions (p1, p2).
new patent Car a/v system with text message voice output function
A car a/v system head unit includes a text message receiving and decoding device for receiving a text message sent by an external communication device and decoding the text message into a decoded data signal, a display device including a display zone for display the decoded data signal and function selection touch zones selectively touchable by a person to select different functions, a text/voice converter for converting the decoded data signal into a voice signal, and a voice output system for outputting the voice signal. Thus, the car a/v system head unit can convert each received text message into a voice signal and output the voice signal directly in the car, avoiding distracted driving and enhancing driver safety..
new patent Virtual model merging systems and methods
A method includes: indicating a first and second virtual models selected by a user; and generating a list including: a first set of names of object blocks that are in the first virtual model but that are not in the second virtual model; and a second set of names of object blocks that are in the second virtual model but that are not in the first virtual model. The method further includes: selectively displaying the first and second sets of names on a display; and, in response to user input to merge object blocks from the first virtual model to the second virtual model: copying the object blocks from the first virtual model to the second virtual model; and connecting the object blocks in the second virtual model based on connections between the object blocks in the first virtual model..
new patent Method and apparatus for data acquisition, data management, and report generation for tractor trailer subsystem testing and maintenance
Techniques for operating, testing, and generating a testing report for the electrical and air subsystems of a vehicular trailer, without the use of an associated truck tractor are disclosed. The system includes a portable testing unit with self-powered electrical and air subsystems which are interconnected to the corresponding subsystems of the vehicular trailer under test.
new patent Line projection system
A laser-based line projection system that is suitable for selectively placing lines on a floor surface, such as a factory floor. Several projectors are used in a typical installation.
new patent Energy storage control system and method
A system for providing power to a power network includes an energy storage device connected to the power network, a sensor connected with the energy storage device for measuring a state of the energy storage device during a rest period, which corresponds to a time span during which a current through the energy storage device is reduced to a level that enables an estimation of a state of the energy storage device. The system further includes a controller connected to the sensor for measuring a state of the energy storage device.
new patent Firearm locking system user interface
A locking system for a firearm is disclosed. A lock has a set state and an unset state, and substantial movement of any one or more fire control group components is inhibited with in the set state.
new patent Bio-selective surface textures
Bio-selective textured surfaces are described which mediate foreign body response, bacterial adhesion, and tissue adhesion on devices implanted in a mammalian body. Hierarchical levels of texture, some capable of establishing a wenzel state others a cassie state, are employed to interface with living structures, either to promote or discourage a particular biological response/interaction.
new patent Medical instrument handle
A medical instrument handle assembly, for holding a medical instrument configured for preparing a bone to receive an implant, includes: a housing including a housing pin; an elongate arm including a proximal end; a lever subassembly including a lever body and a lever latch, the lever body being pivotally connected to the proximal end of the elongate arm, the lever body and the lever latch being pivotally connected to one another and thereby being selectively positionable relative to one another between a first position and a second position, the first position being when the lever body and the lever latch are clamped about the housing pin, the second position being when the lever body and the lever latch are unclamped relative to the housing pin.. .
new patent Ultrasonic device for cutting and coagulating
Apparatus and method to permit selective cutting and coagulation required in fine and delicate surgical procedures. The apparatus includes two body members having proximal ends and distal ends with jaw members located adjacent the body member's distal ends.
new patent Surgical instrument with selectable integral or external power source
A surgical instrument includes a body, a shaft, and an end effector. The shaft extends distally from the body.
new patent Enteral syringe
The present invention is an enteral syringe for use with a support hook. The enteral syringe includes an elongated body having a hollow cavity therein and a plunger operable to selectively travel within the hollow cavity.
new patent Conduit management device
A conduit management device and method for quickly and easily securing a conduit and reducing the risk of conduit disruption is disclosed. A selectively securable cleat is arranged for selective encirclement and securement of at least a portion of a conduit by wrapping the conduit around the cleat.
new patent Non-balloon low profile feed device with insertion/removal tool
A device for inserting a non-balloon gastrostomic device through an opening in the wall of the abdomen and stomach or other viscera of a patient is provided. The insertion device comprises a body, a stylus, and a trigger device being adapted to selectively maintain a selected position of the stylus relative to the body without the use of an external force.
new patent Biopsy device with discrete tissue chambers
A biopsy device includes a probe, a holster, and a tissue sample holder for collecting tissue samples. The probe includes a needle and a hollow cutter.
new patent Apparatus and method for spatially selective interventional neuroparticles
An apparatus and method are provided for spatially-selective administration of actions by at least one device in the body using a transducer that is sensitive to a spatially-variant energy field imposed on the at least one device by a source external to a subject's body; and at least one component in the at least one device, wherein interaction of the transducer with the imposed spatially-variant energy field causes or enables at least one component in the at least one device to affect nearby tissues in the body.. .
new patent Method for separating ethylene or ethane from mixed gas
The present invention provides a method of separating ethylene or ethane from a mixed gas containing ethylene and ethane using hydroquinone. According to the present invention, hydroquinone selectively forms a clathrate with ethylene, and thus it is possible to separate ethylene with high yield and purity through a single process..
new patent Selective hydrogenation catalyst and methods of making and using same
A composition comprising an extruded inorganic support comprising an oxide of a metal or metalloid, and at least one catalytically active metal, wherein the extruded inorganic support has pores, a total pore volume, and a pore size distribution, wherein the pore size distribution displays at least two peaks of pore diameters, each peak having a maximum, wherein a first peak has a first maximum of pore diameters of equal to or greater than about 120 nm and a second peak has a second maximum of pore diameters of less than about 120 nm, and wherein greater than or equal to about 5% of a total pore volume of the extruded inorganic support is contained within the first peak of pore diameters.. .
new patent Method for producing polycyclic aromatic compound substituted by aryl group
Pah is subjected to c—h/c—b coupling using a specific boron compound, a palladium compound, and o-chloranil to produce a compound in which a c—h bond of the pah is directly arylated regioselectively in a simple manner. When the substrate and the boron compound are appropriately selected, a larger pah can also be obtained by further performing an annulation reaction after the coupling reaction.
new patent Enantioselective n-heterocyclic carbene-catalyzed annulation reactions with imidazolidinones
Enantiomeric bicyclic lactone compounds as can be prepared via an n-heterocyclic carbene-catalyzed annulation reaction.. .
new patent Compositions and methods for recognition of rna using triple helical peptide nucleic acids
Peptide nucleic acids containing thymidine and 2-aminopyridine (m) nucleobases formed stable and sequence selective triple helices with double stranded rna at physiologically relevant conditions. The m-modified pna displayed unique rna selectivity by having two orders of magnitude higher affinity for the double stranded rnas than for the same dna sequences.
new patent Isoselective polymerization of epoxides
The present invention provides novel bimetallic complexes and methods of using the same in the isoselective polymerization of epoxides. The invention also provides methods of kinetic resolution of epoxides.
new patent Methods of use of phenoxypropylamine compounds to treat depression
Disclosed herein are compositions and methods for treating depression using compositions comprising a compound of formula i. Disclosed herein are compositions and methods for treating depression using compositions comprising phenoxypropylamine compounds and derivatives having selective affinity for and antagonistic activity against the 5-ht1a receptor, as well as 5-ht reuptake inhibitory activity.
new patent Five-membered heterocycles useful as serine protease inhibitors
Or a stereoisomer or pharmaceutically acceptable salt or solvate form thereof, wherein the variables a, l, z, r3, r4, r6, r11, x1, x2, and x3 are as defined herein. The compounds of formula (i) are useful as selective inhibitors of serine protease enzymes of the coagulation cascade and/or contact activation system; for example thrombin, factor xa, factor xia, factor ixa, factor viia and/or plasma kallikrein.
new patent Selective subtype alpha 2 adrenergic agents and methods for use thereof
The invention provides well-defined heterocyclic compounds that are useful as subtype selective alpha 2 adrenergic agonists. As such, the compounds described herein are useful in treating a wide variety of disorders associated with selective subtype modulation of alpha 2 adrenergic receptor..
new patent Phthalazinones and isoquinolinones as rock inhibitors
Or stereoisomers, tautomers, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein all the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are selective rock inhibitors.
new patent Combinations comprising alpha-2-delta ligands
The instant invention relates to a combination, particularly a synergistic combination, of an alpha-2-delta ligand and a dual serotonin-noradrenaline re-uptake inhibitor (dsnri) or one or both of a selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor (ssri) and a selective noradrenaline re-uptake inhibitor (snri), and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, pharmaceutical compositions thereof and their use in the treatment of pain, particularly neuropathic pain.. .
new patent Selective glycosidase inhibitors and uses thereof
The invention is directed to compounds for selectively inhibiting glycosidases, uses of the compounds and pharmaceutical compositions including the compounds, and methods of treating diseases and disorders related to deficiency or overexpression of o-glcnacase, and/or accumulation or deficiency of o-glcnac.. .
new patent 4-amino-4-oxobutanoyl peptide cyclic analogues, inhibitors of viral replication
The variables are defined herein. Certain compounds of formula i are useful as antiviral agents.
new patent Methods for preimplantation genetic diagnosis by sequencing
The present disclosure provides methods for determining the ploidy status of an embryo at a chromosome from a sample of dna from an embryo. The ploidy state is determined by sequencing the dna from one or more cells biopsied from the embryo, and analyzing the relative amounts of each allele at a plurality of polymorphic loci on the chromosome.
new patent Method for the identification of the clonal source of a restriction fragment
The present invention relates to a high throughput method for the identification and detection of molecular markers wherein restriction fragments are generated and suitable adaptors comprising (sample-specific) identifiers are ligated. The adapter-ligated restriction fragments may be selectively amplified with adaptor compatible primers carrying selective nucleotides at their 3′ end.
new patent Convertible rocking toys
A convertible toy includes a body portion and a base selectively coupled to the body portion. The body portion includes a seat portion, a first pair of leg portions extending from the seat portion, and a first axle extending between the first pair of leg portions.
new patent Mounting assemblies for a gaming device and associated methods
A mounting bracket includes a substantially planar panel defining a first edge, a second edge opposite the first edge, a first surface, and a second surface opposite the first surface. The substantially planar panel defines a tapered slot open at the first edge, extending from the first edge toward the second edge, and terminating in a slot apex opposite the first edge.
new patent Terminal
A terminal to be carried into a moving object includes a first information obtaining unit, a time stamp adding unit, a second information obtaining unit, and an integration unit. The first information obtaining unit obtains positional information of the terminal.
new patent Object navigation
The present disclosure provides a system for locating objects. The system includes a set of passive tags such that each tag is being exclusively associated with each object.
new patent Wireless messaging systems and methods
A messaging system for selectively performing an action on information, for remote retrieval of messages, for performing action on information at different times, for selective paging, for providing a user interface for message access and having integrated audio visual messaging.. .
new patent Transceiver with an integrated rx/tx configurable passive network
Disclosed is an apparatus including a transmitter amplifier having an output terminal communicatively coupled to a transmission line to output a first set of radio frequency (rf) signals to an antenna. The apparatus may include a receiver amplifier having an input terminal communicatively coupled to the transmission line to receive a second set of rf signals from the antenna.
new patent Dryer vent stabilizing apparatus
A dryer vent stabilizing apparatus for use with a dryer appliance having a vent tube includes a base member having opposed front and rear edges and an upper surface on which to secure the dryer appliance. A first support member is operatively coupled to the rear edge of the base member, the first support member having opposed first support member ends and defining a lateral channel extending substantially between respective first support member ends.
new patent Process for removing carbon material from substrates
A method of removing carbon materials, preferably amorphous carbon, from a substrate includes dispensing a liquid sulfuric acid composition including sulfuric acid and/or its desiccating species and precursors and having a water/sulfuric acid molar ratio of no greater than 5:1 onto an material coated substrate in an amount effective to substantially uniformly coat the carbon material coated substrate. The liquid sulfuric acid composition is exposed to water vapor in an amount effective to increase the temperature of the liquid sulfuric acid composition above the temperature of the liquid sulfuric acid composition prior to exposure to the water vapor.
new patent High resolution printing technique
A pattern having exceptionally small features is printed on a partially fabricated integrated circuit during integrated circuit fabrication. The pattern is printed using an array of probes, each probe having: 1) a photocatalytic nanodot at its tip; and 2) an individually controlled light source.
new patent Method of laser separation of the epitaxial film or of the epitaxial film layer from the growth substrate of the epitaxial semiconductor structure (variations)
The present invention proposes variations of the laser separation method allowing separating homoepitaxial films from the substrates made from the same crystalline material as the epitaxial film this new method of laser separation is based on using the selective doping of the substrate and epitaxial film with fine donor and acceptor impurities. In selective doping, concentration of free carries in the epitaxial film and substrate may essentially differ and this can lead to strong difference between the light absorption factors in the infrared region near the residual beams region where free carriers and phonon-plasmon interaction of the optical phonons with free carriers make an essential contribution to infrared absorption of the optical phonons.
new patent Method of forming a semiconductor structure including a vertical nanowire
A method comprises providing a semiconductor structure comprising a substrate and a nanowire above the substrate. The nanowire comprises a first semiconductor material and extends in a vertical direction of the substrate.
new patent Apparatus and method for manufacturing an integrated circuit
The present invention relates to an apparatus for manufacturing an integrated circuit (10) having a thick film metal layer (14). A layer of metal paste (14) is applied via an application means (24) onto a heat-conducting substrate (12).
new patent Avalanche photodiodes and methods of fabricating the same
Provided are an avalanche photodiode and a method of fabricating the same. The method of fabricating the avalanche photodiode includes sequentially forming a compound semiconductor absorption layer, a compound semiconductor grading layer, a charge sheet layer, a compound semiconductor amplification layer, a selective wet etch layer, and a p-type conductive layer on an n-type substrate through a metal organic chemical vapor deposition process..
new patent Fluorescence detection of cysteine and homocysteine
Embodiments of probes for selectively detecting compounds having a thiol group and an amino group, e.g., cysteine and/or homocysteine, are disclosed, along with methods and kits for detecting the compounds in neutral media with the probes. The probes have a structure according to the general formula where r1-r4 independently are hydrogen hydroxyl, halogen, thiol, thioether, lower aliphatic, or lower alkoxy, x is an integer from 0 to 4, and each r5 independently is halogen, hydroxyl, thiol, thioether, lower aliphatic, or lower alkoxy.
new patent Orthodontic bracket
An orthodontic bracket is described and which includes a bracket base which is releasably affixed to a patient's tooth; a bracket body borne on the bracket base and which defines a transversely disposed arch wire slot; and an arch wire received within the arch wire slot, and wherein the orthodontic bracket, acting in combination with the arch wire, is adjustable while affixed to the patient's tooth, to provide a multiplicity of selective torque and/or rotation expressions which individually, forcibly act upon the patient's tooth.. .
new patent Mask blank for reflection-type exposure, and mask for reflection-type exposure
A reflective exposure mask blank and a reflective exposure mask are provided, and the mask enables accurate exposure and transcription without having light being reflected from areas other than a circuit pattern area. The reflective mask blank has, on a substrate (11), a multilayer reflective film (12), a protective film (13), an absorption film (14), and a reverse-surface conductive film (15).
new patent Selectively reacting to the minimum cell voltage drop rate in a fuel cell system
A system and method that monitor the rate of a voltage drop of fuel cells in a fuel cell stack to determine whether the voltage drop is a result of cathode reactant starvation or anode reactant starvation. The method looks at a falling voltage of a fuel cell to determine whether the rate of the fall in voltage indicates that hydrogen starvation of the anode of the fuel cell is occurring.
new patent Graphene hybrid structures for energy storage applications
Aspects of the invention are directed to a method for forming a hybrid structure. Initially, a wire is received and an encapsulating film is deposited on the wire.
new patent Incised composite material for selective, multispectral reflection
Geometrically incised fabrics that control reflectance and transmission in the visible, thermal, nir, swir, and microwave/millimeter bands of the electromagnetic spectrum are provided. The incised fabrics include incised flaps that move about a hinged attachment portion into open and closed configurations.
new patent Multiple-resin composite structures and methods of producing the same
Solid, flexible composite structures may include a textile arrangement of at least one textile layer constructed of textile fibers and having a distribution of pores formed therein, with a first resin filling pores having a pore diameter equal to or less than a pore diameter threshold, and a second resin bonded to the first resin and substantially filling pores having a pore diameter greater than the pore diameter threshold. Some embodiments include a rigid first resin such as an epoxy, and a flexible second resin such as a silicone.
new patent Modified cationic liposome adjuvants
The present invention relates to the use of vaccines with adjuvants comprising cationic liposomes where neutral lipids has been incorporated into the liposomes to change the gel-liquid phase transition and thereby modifying the igg sub-type response and enhancing the cd8 response of the liposomal adjuvant. This technology can be used to increase the production of igg2 antibodies.
new patent Human immunodeficiency virus (hiv)-neutralizing antibodies
The invention provides a method for obtaining a broadly neutralizing antibody (bnab), including screening memory b cell cultures from a donor pbmc sample for neutralization activity against a plurality of hiv-1 species, cloning a memory b cell that exhibits broad neutralization activity; and rescuing a monoclonal antibody from that memory b cell culture. The resultant monoclonal antibodies may be characterized by their ability to selectively bind epitopes from the env proteins in native or monomeric form, as well as to inhibit infection of hiv-1 species from a plurality of clades.
new patent Polypeptide that binds aberrant cells and induces apoptosis
Described are proteinaceous molecules comprising at least a domain that comprises an amino acid sequence that specifically binds to an mhc-peptide complex on an aberrant cell, functionally connected with a substance that induces apoptosis in aberrant cells, but not in normal cells. These proteinaceous molecules are preferably used in selectively modulating biological processes.
new patent Compounds and methods of prophylaxis and treatment regarding nicotinic receptor antagonists
It is an object of the present invention that the novel nicotinic receptor antagonists disclosed herein may be used in a broad array of clinical or medicinal facets. For example, it is a contemplated use of the present invention that the novel nicotinic receptor antagonists be used to inhibit the growth cycle of non-small cell lung cancer cells.
new patent Porous carbon particle and producing method of the same
The present disclosure relates to a porous carbon particle of which a pore size can be controlled by using a copolymer that allows selective cross-linking of a polymer particle and selective carbonization of a polymer particle, and a producing method of the porous carbon particle and a photo electrode including a porous layer containing the porous carbon particle and a dye-sensitized solar cell including the photo electrode.. .
new patent Transfer case utilizing an on-demand centrifugally governed hydraulic power supply to perform both range shift and on-demand four wheel drive
A control system (100) for an all-wheel-drive torque transfer case (102) coupling of a motor vehicle (104) including a power unit (130) having a centrifugally governed fluid pump (132) and a flow valve (134) movable between recirculation and diverter positions (134a, 134b). A control valve (136) located between the fluid pump (132), the all-wheel-drive clutch assembly (112), and the range shift assembly (120).
new patent Machine having dipper actuator system
An actuator system for a machine includes a linear hydraulic actuator connected to a dipper of the machine, and a hydraulic system fluidly connected to the actuator and configured to selectively direct fluid to the actuator. A component of the hydraulic system is mounted on the dipper.
new patent Power shovel having isolated hydraulic dipper actuator
A hydraulic system for a power shovel is disclosed. The hydraulic system may have a cylinder operatively connectable to a dipper door of the power shovel, a reservoir located at and fluidly connected to the cylinder, and an accumulator located at and fluidly connected to the cylinder in parallel with the reservoir.
new patent Automated truck unloader for unloading/unpacking product from trailers and containers
An automatic truck unloader for unloading/unpacking product, such as boxes or cases, from trailers and containers is disclosed. In one embodiment, a mobile base structure provides a support framework for a drive subassembly, conveyance subassembly, an industrial robot, a distance measurement subassembly, and a control subassembly.
new patent Systems and methods for tracking and detecting a target object
A method for detecting and tracking a target object is described. The method includes performing motion-based tracking for a current video frame by comparing a previous video frame and the current video frame.
new patent Systems and methods for providing override control for a feedwater pump recirculation valve
Systems and methods for providing override control for a feedwater pump recirculation valve are provided. According to one embodiment, a system may include a controller and a processor communicatively coupled to the controller.

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