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This page is updated frequently with new Elective-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Elective-related patents
 Light emitting diode driving circuit and lighting apparatus having the same patent thumbnailLight emitting diode driving circuit and lighting apparatus having the same
A light emitting diode (led) driving circuit includes a flicker elimination unit configured to perform a flicker removal for led modules and a driving control unit configured to pause a procedure of the flicker removal based on an ac input voltage that is regulated through a triode for alternating current (triac) dimmer, so as to cause a brightness of the led modules to be dimmed. Therefore, the led driving circuit selectively adjusts an led brightness level and removes led flicker by using a triac dimmer and controls the brightness level of the led module based on a dimming level..
Magnachip Semiconductor, Ltd.

 Methods and arrangements for frequency selective transmission patent thumbnailMethods and arrangements for frequency selective transmission
Logic may comprise hardware and/or code to select a narrow band from a wider channel bandwidth. Logic of communications between devices may select, e.g., a 1 or 2 mhz sub-channel from a wider channel bandwidth such as 4, 8, and 16 mhz and transmit packets on the selected 1 or 2 mhz channel.
Intel Corporation

 Server-push service in heterogeneous network environment patent thumbnailServer-push service in heterogeneous network environment
The disclosure is related identifying a push content frame at a transport layer and dynamically and selectively controlling a transmission path of a server push service by a server in a heterogeneous multipath transmission environment. The method may include determining whether frames are associated with the server push service when the frames are provided from an application layer to be transmitted to a user equipment, selecting at least one transmission path based on predetermined selection conditions from multiple transmission paths between the server and the user equipment, and transmitting, through the selected at least one transmission path, packetized frames associated with the server push service to the user equipment..
Kt Corporation

 Mobile data communication using biometric encryption patent thumbnailMobile data communication using biometric encryption
A mobile app using biometric encryption and decryption for privacy and security having both authentication and recognition functions. It utilizes the built-in camera of the mobile device to provide facial images for authentication purposes.
Washington Software, Inc.

 Method and  detecting location changes and monitoring assistance data via scanning patent thumbnailMethod and detecting location changes and monitoring assistance data via scanning
Example methods, apparatuses, or articles of manufacture are disclosed herein that may be utilized, in whole or in part, to facilitate or support one or more operations or techniques for detecting location changes and monitoring assistance data via scanning for use in or with a mobile device. Briefly, in accordance with at least one implementation, a method may include obtaining, at a mobile device, a rough estimate of a location of the mobile device; identifying a plurality of transmitters within a signal acquisition range of the roughly estimated location; transmitting probe requests addressed to at least some of the transmitters; and selectively initiating a passive scan at a receiver of the mobile device if a number of responses to the probe requests received from the transmitters is less than a threshold number..
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Headset power supply and input voltage recognition patent thumbnailHeadset power supply and input voltage recognition
A method and an apparatus for operating an electronic sensor and an electronic user input are provided. In one configuration, the apparatus includes a detection circuit configured to recognize a user input voltage generated by an electronic user input and a power supply configured to supply power to a detection circuit continuous without polling.
Qualcomm Incorporated

 Headset amplification circuit with error voltage suppression patent thumbnailHeadset amplification circuit with error voltage suppression
A headset driver circuit is described which comprises a connector interface. The connector interface comprises a first terminal, a second terminal and a third terminal for establishing respective electrical connections to a first speaker, a microphone and a common ground node of a headphone, earphone or headset, respectively.
Analog Devices Technology

 Client driven video presentation for public venues patent thumbnailClient driven video presentation for public venues
Selective delivery of video channel content to audiences of users at plural venues through the internet. A channel server receives video channel content including url of streaming video server files, banner text, and server messages, which are organized by discrete video channel identities.

 Method and  motion vector predictor derivation patent thumbnailMethod and motion vector predictor derivation
A method for motion vector predictor derivation of a block includes following steps: during a same-reference-frame stage of the motion vector predictor derivation, scanning a plurality of candidate motion vector predictors derived from neighbors of the block, and generating a determination result by determining if any candidate motion vector predictor is qualified for a different-reference-frame stage of the motion vector predictor derivation; and referring to the determination result to selectively enable the different-reference-frame stage following the same-reference-frame stage.. .
Mediatek Inc.

 Deblock filtering for intra block copying patent thumbnailDeblock filtering for intra block copying
Techniques are described for determining boundary strength value for an intra-block copy (ibc)-coded block and for selective storage of unfiltered pixel values of a region of a picture based on whether the region will be used as reference for ibc coding.. .
Qualcomm Incorporated


Selective sign language location

Content substitution and/or picture-in-picture technology is used to provide a sign language window that provides a sign language interpretation of audio content in main program audio/video content. The sign language window can be selectively disabled by a user that does not wish to view the sign language video.
Sony Corporation


Video recording device and associated video recording method

A video recording device and an associated video recording method are provided. The video recording device includes a main capturing module, a supplementary capturing module and a controller.
Wistron Corporation


Extending organizational boundaries throughout a cloud architecture

An information sharing paradigm for a cloud computing solution enables flexible organizational boundaries with respect to cloud resources. Cloud service customers manage their own organization boundary but can extend that boundary selectively by associating cloud resources they own with sets of domain names that may be associated with requests for cloud resources that the organization may be willing to share with other organizations that are using the cloud environment, and by ensuring that any such requests for resources that are shared in this manner are associated with one or more message handling policies that have been defined by (or otherwise associated with) the resource-owning organization.
International Business Machines Corporation


Application attack monitoring

Implementations of the present disclosure include methods, systems, and computer-readable storage mediums for providing application attack monitoring. Actions can include: obtaining a security graph model associated with an attack vulnerability of a distributed application, the security graph model comprising a plurality of rule parts; screening log data obtained by a plurality of connectors to selectively obtain relevant log data corresponding to one or more of the rule parts, each connector being in communication with a respective components of the distributed application; evaluating the relevant log data based on the security graph model to provide an evaluation score; and in response to determining that the evaluation score is greater than a predetermined threshold, providing output indicating an attack on the distributed application..


Shut off mechanism for all internet traffic

A client device providing enhanced network traffic security. The client device includes a processor and a network connection element selectively operable to provide two-way data traffic between the client device and a digital communications network such as the internet.
Strong Bear Llc


Selective service bypass in service function chaining

In one embodiment, a method includes identifying a failure of a service function at a service node in a service chain, receiving a packet at the service node, and processing the packet at the service node according to a flag associated with the service function and set based on a criticality of the service function. An apparatus is also disclosed herein..
Cisco Technology, Inc.


Method and system of media programming to provide an integrated entertainment experience

Embodiments of the present invention are described in which a plurality of mediums are selectively programmed with media content to provide an integrated entertainment experience to consumers. The content that is provided on different mediums is synchronized to provide different events, perspectives or experiences associated with a common storyline.


Apparatus and methods for biasing radio frequency switches

Apparatus and methods for radio frequency (rf) switches are provided herein. In certain implementations, an rf switching circuit includes an adaptive switch bias circuit that controls gate and/or channel voltages of one or more field effect transistor (fet) switches.
Analog Devices Global


Method for performing phase shift control in an electronic device, and associated apparatus

A method for performing phase shift control in an electronic device and an associated apparatus are provided, where the method includes: obtaining a set of clock signals corresponding to a set of phases; and controlling a phase shift of an output signal of an oscillator by selectively mixing the set of clock signals into the oscillator according to a set of digital control signals, wherein the phase shift corresponds to the set of digital control signals, and the set of digital control signals carries a set of digital weightings for selectively mixing the set of clock signals. More particularly, the method may include: selectively mixing the set of clock signals into a specific stage of a plurality of stages of the oscillator according to the set of digital control signals..
Mediatek Inc.


Fixed gain amplifier circuit

An instrumentation amplifier includes first and second resistors for gain setting. The operational amplifiers within the instrumentation amplifier include selectively enabled current drive sources coupled to the amplifier output.
Stmicroelectronics, Inc.


Wireless power transmission with selective range

The embodiments described herein include a transmitter that transmits a power transmission signal (e.g., radio frequency (rf) signal waves) to create a three-dimensional pocket of energy. At least one receiver can be connected to or integrated into electronic devices and receive power from the pocket of energy.
Energous Corporation


Cabinet and battery management and monitoring system for use with uninterruptible power supplies

A battery management and monitoring system for monitoring a lithium battery module is provided. The battery management and monitoring system may include a memory configured to retrievably store one or more algorithms, and a controller in communication with the memory.
Liion, Llc


Battery with internal current limiter that is selectively actuated as a function of the device to which the battery is connected

A battery including a housing that contains at least one cell, a current limiter and a control circuit. When a device is first connected to the battery, the control circuit actuates the current limiter so that only a current limited voltage is sourced to the device.
Stryker Corporation


Portable power supply

The present disclosure is directed to a portable power supply system for providing power to corded power tools. The portable power supply is configured to receive ac power through an ac power connector from an ac power source and dc power through a dc power connector from a dc power source.
Black & Decker Inc.


Arrangement providing a 3-phase or 1-phase power stream

An arrangement is provided for alternatively providing a 3-phase or a 1-phase power stream. In an embodiment, the arrangement includes a 3-phase power source including a first, a second and a third power source output terminal; a switching section adapted to selectively provide, from the three power source output terminals of the 3-phase power source, either: a 3-phase power stream at three arrangement output terminals or a 1-phase power stream at two arrangement output terminals, different from the three arrangement output terminals..
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft


Organic photoelectronic device and image sensor

Provided is an organic photoelectronic device including a first light-transmitting electrode positioned at a light incidence side, a second light-transmitting electrode facing the first light-transmitting electrode, a photoactive layer positioned between the first light-transmitting electrode and the second light-transmitting electrode and selectively absorbing light in a given (or, alternatively, desired or predetermined) wavelength region, and a selective light transmittance layer positioned between the first light-transmitting electrode and the photoactive layer, between the second light-transmitting electrode and the photoactive layer, or between the first light-transmitting electrode and the photoactive layer and between the second light-transmitting electrode and the photoactive layer and increasing transmittance of the light in a wavelength region other than the given (or, alternatively, desired or predetermined) wavelength region absorbed by the photoactive layer, and an electronic device including the image sensor is also provided.. .
Snu R&db Foundation


Wafer level packaging, optical detection sensor and forming same

An optical detection sensor functions as a proximity detection sensor that includes an optical system and a selectively transmissive structure. Electromagnetic radiation such as laser light can be emitted through a transmissive portion of the selectively transmissive structure.
Stmicroelectronics Pte Ltd


Method of manufacturing semiconductor device

A semiconductor device including a nonvolatile memory cell and a field effect transistor together is improved in performance. In a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device, a hydrogen-containing insulating film is formed before heat treatment of a semiconductor wafer, the hydrogen-containing insulating film covering a gate electrode and agate insulating film in a region that will have a memory cell therein, and exposing a region that will have therein a misfet configuring a peripheral circuit.
Renesas Electronics Corporation


Facilitating fabricating gate-all-around nanowire field-effect transistors

Methods are presented for facilitating fabrication of a semiconductor device, such as a gate-all-around nanowire field-effect transistor. The methods include, for instance: providing at least one stack structure including at least one layer or bump extending above the substrate structure; selectively oxidizing at least a portion of the at least one stack structure to form at least one nanowire extending within the stack structure(s) surrounded by oxidized material of the stack structure(s); and removing the oxidized material from the stack structure(s), exposing the nanowire(s).
Globalfoundries Inc.


Suspended body field effect transistor

A semiconductor fin including a vertical stack, from bottom to top, of a second semiconductor material and a first semiconductor material is formed on a substrate. A disposable gate structure straddling the semiconductor fin is formed.
Globalfoundries Inc.


Integrated fin and strap structure for an access transistor of a trench capacitor

At least one dielectric pad layer is formed on a semiconductor-on-insulator (soi) substrate. A deep trench is formed in the soi substrate, and a combination of an outer electrode, a node dielectric, and an inner electrode are formed such that the top surface of the inner electrode is recessed below the top surface of a buried insulator layer of the soi substrate.
International Business Machines Corporation


Fin structure formation by selective etching

Methods and apparatus for forming finfet structures are provided. Selective etching and deposition processes described herein may provide for finfet manufacturing without the utilization of multiple patterning processes.
Applied Materials, Inc.


Method for removing metal oxide

The present invention relates to a method of selectively removing metal oxide, particularly tungsten oxide without etching the un-oxidized metal. The method removes metal oxide with little or no loss of the clean metal to improve the contact resistance for contact metal in semiconductor device fabrication.
International Business Machines Corporation


Ultra-high speed anisotropic reactive ion etching

A system and method for reactive ion etching (rie) system of a material is provided. The system includes a plasma chamber comprising a plasma source and a gas inlet, a diffusion chamber comprising a substrate holder for supporting a substrate with a surface comprising the material and a gas diffuser, and a source of a processing gas coupled to the gas diffuser.
The Penn State Research Foundation


Actuation system for an electrical switching device

An actuation system for a switch assembly having at least one switch includes a linear actuator drivable for actuating the switch, and a handle configured for selectively driving the linear actuator. The handle is operable in a first state in which the handle is coupled to the linear actuator such that turning the handle does not drive the linear actuator, and a second state in which the handle is coupled to the linear actuator such that turning the handle drives the linear actuator..
Cooper Technologies Company


Systems, devices, and methods to reduce dielectric charging in micro-electro-mechanical systems devices

The present subject matter relates to devices, systems, and methods for isolation of electrostatic actuators in mems devices to reduce or minimize dielectric charging. A tunable component can include a fixed actuator electrode positioned on a substrate, a movable actuator electrode carried on a movable component that is suspended over the substrate, one or more isolation bumps positioned between the fixed actuator electrode and the movable actuator electrode, and a fixed isolation landing that is isolated within a portion of the fixed actuator electrode that is at, near, and/or substantially aligned with each of the one or more isolation bumps.
Wispry, Inc. .


Test system simultaneously testing semiconductor devices

Individual memory chips are simultaneously tested by a tester using selectively enabled stress modules that apply a corresponding stress test to memory cells, wherein each stress test is associated with a corresponding failure attribute for the memory cells. Built-in self-test (bist)/built-in self-stress (biss) circuitry is provided in each stress module and may configured to selectively apply one or more stress test(s) during the simultaneous testing of a plurality of memory chips..


Automatic gain control for speech recognition

This specification describes, among other things, a computer-implemented method. The method can include receiving a stream of audio data at a computing device.
Google Inc.


Source driver with low operating power and liquid crystal display device having the same

Provided are a source driver configured to drive a data line of a display panel and a liquid crystal display (lcd) device including the same. The source drive configured to compare whether data of consecutive gate lines in the display panel and data of adjacent data lines in the display panel are identical or not, and selectively disable output amplifiers connected to the data line having identical data..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.


Concussion rehabilitation device and method

A cognitive/multisensory stimulation system simulates real sports action/job task scenarios for assessing, profiling, practicing, improving or rehabilitating cognitive function performance of athletes or individuals. Cognitive function improvement can be provided by: establishing with a subject a sensory semantic language for relating a number of sensory signals to corresponding possible actions, the sensory semantic language being essentially new to the subject; instructing the athlete to perform an task involving sport/job skills; providing to the subject during the task sensory signals requiring rapid discernment by the subject of the semantic meaning of the sensory signal to correctly chose one possible action; and determining whether the subject correctly responds to the selected sensory signal during the task; obtaining a cognitive-sensor reaction-time map over a visual field of the subject; and repeating the steps over multiple repeated tasks using selectively randomized sensory signals selected to progressively restore the cognitive-sensor reaction-time map a normal profile..
Apexk Inc.


Intermediary play adjustment apparatus performing modification, extension, or adjustment of functionality in wagering games

A gaming system includes an intermediary play adjustment apparatus intercepting original messages from a gaming client process destined for a primary gaming server performing one or more functions related to a primary game. The intermediary play adjustment apparatus analyzes whether the original message impacts one or more secondary features related to the primary game and selectively generates messages by modifying the original message, potentially including one or more modified primary messages for the primary gaming server and one or more secondary messages for one or more secondary gaming servers providing secondary features.
Wms Gaming Inc.


Sign language window using picture-in-picture

Content substitution and/or picture-in-picture technology is used to provide a sign language window that provides a sign language interpretation of audio content in main program audio/video content. The sign language window can be selectively disabled by a user that does not wish to view the sign language video.
Sony Corporation


Selective enablement of sign language display

Content substitution and/or picture-in-picture technology is used to provide a sign language window that provides a sign language interpretation of audio content in main program audio/video content. The sign language window can be selectively disabled by a user that does not wish to view the sign language video.
Sony Corporation


Application processor sharing resource based on image resolution and devices including same

An application processor includes a first scaler including a first vertical scaler and a first horizontal scaler, and a second scaler including a second vertical scaler and a second horizontal scaler, wherein the second vertical scaler is selectively shared between the first scaler and the second scaler in response to a determination of resolution for an image being processed.. .


Mitigation of failures in an online advertising network

Access requests to a database are monitored for average time taken to fulfill the requests and whether a queue of unfulfilled requests is building up beyond an acceptable threshold. When the queue has built up beyond the acceptable threshold and/or when the average time taken to fulfill the requests has exceeded a delay threshold value, database access requests may be rejected.
Yahoo! Inc.


Agent quality and performance monitoring based on non-primary skill evaluation

Contact centers continually monitor the performance of their resources (e.g., human and automated agents) used for processing work items. An agent with a primary skill receives a flow of work items each having an attribute associated with that particular primary skill.
Avaya Inc.


Neuromorphic circuit that facilitates information routing and processing

The disclosed embodiments relate to a system that selectively propagates information through a neuromorphic circuit comprising a set of interconnected neurons. During operation, a neuron in the set of neurons receives information-carrying current pulses from one or more upstream information-carrying neurons, wherein the information-carrying current pulses are insufficient to cause the neuron to generate output current pulses.
The Regents Of The University Of California


Hla typing using selective amplification and sequencing

Presented herein are methods and compositions for determining haplotypes in a sample. The methods are useful for obtaining sequence information regarding, for example, hla type and haplotype.
Illumina, Inc.


Managing write accesses during database upgrade procedure

As part of an upgrade procedure transitioning from a source system to a target system, table entries used by both the source system and the target system can be selectively locked on a row-by-row basis using a lock table and one or more select triggers. Related apparatus, systems, techniques and articles are also described..


Smart harness

A smart harness may comprise a connector configured to selectively plug into and be removable from an electronic control unit (“ecu”) of a vehicle, a first on-board diagnostics device (“first obd device”), and a second on-board diagnostics device (“second obd device”). The smart harness may further comprise at least one transceiver configured to receive and send diagnostic information between the ecu and the first obd device and the second obd device.
Verizon Patent And Licensing Inc.


Methods and systems to update a vehicle computing system

A vehicle computing system for a vehicle includes a first and second memory device (e.g., erasable programmable read only memory (eeprom)). The system further includes a circuit that selectively switches between the first and second memory device.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Foil printing

In one example, a foil printer includes a press configured to press together a foil and an image printed on a substrate and an imaging laser configured to selectively direct a laser beam on to the foil or on to the substrate in a pattern of an image to be transferred from the foil to the substrate.. .
Hewlett-packard Indigo, B.v.


Polarization conversion element, polarization-conversion-element manufacturing method, light-source unit, and optical device

This invention provides a polarization conversion element that is highly resistant to the heat and light that result from increased brightness levels. In said polarization conversion element, inorganic half-wave plates provided selectively on the output surface of a polarizing beam-splitter array have obliquely deposited layers comprising a dielectric material and the side surfaces of said obliquely deposited layers are covered by protective films..
Dexerials Corporation


Built in test circuit for transient voltage suppressor devices

A built-in test system includes a control circuit, a transient voltage suppressor circuit, and a test switch. The control circuit is configured to receive a signal, and the transient voltage suppressor circuit includes first and second transient voltage suppressors connected in series between the signal and ground.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Method for detecting, capturing and/or releasing chemical elements

The invention relates to a method suitable for detecting, capturing and/or selectively releasing chemical elements selected from poor metals, alkalines, alkaline earths, actinides and rare earths. Said method involves a molecular assembly formed by at least one amine, and at least one aldehyde and/or an imine and/or co2, or an adduct formed by the contact between an amine and co2, and at least one of said chemical elements.
Universite Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (ucbl)


Electromagnetic flowmeter with voltage-amplitude conductivity-sensing function for a liquid in a tube

An electromagnetic flowmeter with voltage-amplitude conductivity-sensing function for a liquid in a tube includes a first microprocessor, a transducer, flow-sensing device, an exciting-current generating device, a voltage-amplitude conductivity-sensing device, and a switch. The transducer includes coils and sensing electrodes.
Finetek Co., Ltd.


Coordinate measurement machine with configurable articulated arm bus

An articulated arm coordinate measurement machine is provided with a configurable arm bus. The arm bus being comprised of a plurality of busses that may be selectively coupled to form one or more logical data communications busses.
Faro Technologies, Inc


Heat exchanger for vehicle

A heat exchanger for a vehicle may include a heat radiating portion provided with first and second connecting lines formed alternately by stacking plates, and receiving first and second operating fluids into the first and second connecting lines, a bifurcating portion connecting an inflow hole for flowing one operating fluid of the first and second operating fluids with an exhaust hole for exhausting the one operating fluid, and adapted for the one operating fluid to bypass the heat radiating portion according to a temperature of the one operating fluid, and a valve unit mounted corresponding to the inflow hole and adapted to flow the one operating fluid selectively to the heat radiating portion or the bifurcating portion according to the temperature of the one operating fluid flowing in the inflow hole.. .
Kia Motors Corporation


Toxic gas expelling assembly

A toxic gas expelling assembly for detecting and eliminating a toxic gas from a structure includes a furnace structured to provide heated air in the structure. A ventilator is provided.


Led projection night light

An led projection night light for night time or dark area use includes a plug-in wall outlet night light or direct current operated night light with projection features to project an image, message, data, logo, or time on a ceiling, walls, floor, or other desired surface. The led night light incorporates optics-lens and object with preferred focus calculation to create bigger image to shown on locations.


Hoist system

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to providing a hoist system that raises and lowers a cable car on a hoist cable next to a mast. A monitoring device such as a microphone may be positioned on the cable car, and the hoist system raises the monitoring device on the cable car to an elevated position above a ground surface to better monitor the surrounding environment.
Kb Energy, Llc


Driveline component having differential and park lock mechanism

A driveline component with a housing, a differential case in the housing that is rotatable about an axis, and a park lock mechanism with first, second and third lock elements. The first lock element is coupled to the differential case for common rotation about the axis and has a plurality of first face teeth.
E-aam Driveline Systems Ab


Segmented outer ring for a bearing for mitigating torque degradation

An outer ring for a bearing includes an outer sleeve that defines a first exterior surface and a first interior area. The first interior area is defined by a first inner surface.
Roller Bearing Company Of America, Inc.


Combination countertop leveling and connecting device and method

A combination leveler and fastening device for mounting a countertop to a floor cabinet. The device includes a body with a longitudinally aligned bore, a continuous external threads formed on the outside surface of the body, two opposite ends perpendicularly aligned with the body's longitudinal axis and a plurality of radially slots formed on each end.


Adapter assembly for an inflating device

An adapter assembly for an inflating device has a case body and a warning unit. The case body has a first chamber and a second chamber.
Jiao Hsiung Industry Corp.


Control of internal combustion engine with two-stage turbocharging

An internal combustion engine includes a cylinder block defining a cylinder, a cylinder head, an intake valve, an exhaust valve, and a variable exhaust valve timing mechanism. The engine also includes a turbocharging system configured to pressurize ambient airflow for delivery to the cylinder.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Accessory drive system for a gas turbine engine

The described accessory drive system for a gas turbine engine includes a gearbox driving a plurality of accessories including a cabin air compressor to provide cabin air and an engine starter to start the gas turbine engine. An electrical power supply separate from a main electrical power supply of the gas turbine engine is electrically coupled to the accessories.
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.


Process for the crystallisation of a water-soluble compound

A process for the crystallisation of a water-soluble compound is disclosed. The process comprises (a) providing, in a crystallisation vessel, a solution of the water-soluble compound in a mixture of water and a solvent in which the water-soluble compound has a lower solubility than in water; (b) passing vapour phase of the mixture through a sorption zone containing a water vapour sorbent to selectively adsorb water from the vapour phase; (c) recycling a part of the vapour phase to the crystallisation vessel or withdrawing vapour phase depleted in water from the process and adding solvent to the crystallisation vessel; (d) allowing solid crystals of the water-soluble compound to precipitate from the solution; and (e) discharging precipitated solid crystals of the water-soluble compound from the crystallisation vessel and discharging a solution of non-crystallised water-soluble compound in water-solvent mixture from the crystallisation vessel..
Wageningen Universiteit


Internal subsurface safety valve for rotating downhole pumps

A subsurface safety valve and method for sealing an annulus within a tubular, including a valve housing having a first section having a hollow cylinder for receiving a piston, the hollow cylinder having a first portion, a second portion and a first circumferential ledge; a piston positioned within the hollow cylinder, the piston having a first end, a second end, a first radially extending circumferential land positioned therebetween, and a first reservoir for receiving a first fluid; a biasing element to assist in placing the valve in a sealed condition, the biasing element positioned between the first circumferential ledge of the hollow cylinder and the first radially extending circumferential land; and a flexible sealing member for selectively sealing the annular space when a hydraulic force is exerted thereupon.. .


Non-parallel multi-bore sealing device

An apparatus for sealing at least one hub bore of a multi-bore fluid hub associated with a wellhead assembly includes a plug body having a plug bore opening on an outer mating surface. A plug bore extends from a first end of the plug body to the plug bore opening.
Ge Oil & Gas Pressure Control Lp


Drill bit with extendable gauge pads

A drill bit for use in a wellbore is disclosed, including a bit body having a longitudinal axis; and at least one moveable member associated with a lateral extent of the bit body, wherein the at least one moveable member is configured to translate in a member axis that is substantially longitudinal. Further, a method of drilling a wellbore is disclosed, including providing a drill bit including a bit body having a longitudinal axis and at least one movable member associated with a lateral extent of the bit body; conveying a drill string into a formation, the drill string having the drill bit at the end thereof; drilling the wellbore using the drill string; and selectively translating at least one movable member in a member axis that is substantially longitudinal..
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Protective device for a culvert pipe

A protective device for a culvert pipe has a generally conical screen portion extending between a base member at one end and an apex member at the other end. The base member is annular about an opening sized to receive the open end of the culvert pipe therein.
Westman Steel Industries


System and monitoring position of machine implement

A system for monitoring a position of an implement of a motor grader relative to a frame thereof is provided. The motor grader includes an actuation system to selectively move the implement relative to the frame.
Caterpillar Inc.


Nanotin catalysts for electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide to formate

High surface area tin oxide nanoparticles prepared by a facile hydrothermal method followed by electroreduction to tin act as electrocatalysts toward co2 reduction to formate, in some embodiments. At certain of these nano-structured tin catalysts, co2 reduction occurs selectively to formate at low overpotentials and with high faradaic efficiencies, with high stability and significant current densities..
The University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill


Production of enantiopure alpha-hydroxy carboxylic acids from alkenes by cascade biocatalysis

The invention provides compositions comprising an alkene epoxidase and a selective epoxide hydrolase, such as a recombinant microorganism comprising a first heterologous nucleic acid encoding an alkene epoxidase and a second heterologous nucleic acid encoding a selective epoxide hydrolase. Exemplary alkene epoxidases include styab, while exemplary selective epoxide hydrolases include epoxide hydrolases from sphingomonas, solanum tuberosum, or aspergillus.
National University Of Singapore


Induction medium and methods for stem cell culture and therapy

Novel msc stem-cell culture and therapy methods and culture medium compositions for the purpose of inducing, activating, or priming discrete uniform cell phenotypes to selectively promote or suppress inflammation and immunity, yielding polarized, primed, activated, or induced cells used in cell-based therapy.. .
Wibiworks Therapeutics, Inc.


Bacteria culture medium and applications thereof

The present invention has publicized a bacteria culture medium. In common bacteria culture medium, one kind or several kinds of β-lactam antibiotics and/or the salts thereof were premixed.
Shanghai Promoton Biotechnology Co., Ltd.


Microfluidic device for cell spheroid culture and analysis

The invention relates to a microfluidic device for culturing spheroids of human or animal body cells. The device can generate ample numbers (e.g., 5000) of uniform-sized spheroids, and the spheroids can be harvested for conventional biochemistry analysis (e.g.
Academia Sinica


Chimeric antigen receptor-targeting monoclonal antibodies

Provided are monoclonal antibodies that detect cd 19 car-modified immune cells and car-modified immune cells irrespective of the tumor associated antigen they target. Methods of using these functional monoclonal antibodies include, but are not limited to, detection, quantification, activation, and selective propagation of car-modified immune cells..
Board Of Regents, The University Of Texas System


Selective glycosidase inhibitors and uses thereof

The invention provides compounds with enhanced permeability for selectively inhibiting glycosidases, prodrugs of the compounds, and pharmaceutical compositions including the compounds or prodrugs of the compounds. The invention also provides methods of treating diseases and disorders related to deficiency or overexpression of o-glcnacase, accumulation or deficiency of o-glcnac..
Alectos Therapeutics Inc.


Synthesis of 4-(pentafluorosulfanyl)benzenediazonium tetrafluoroborate and analogs

4-(pentafluorosulfanyl)benzenediazonium tetrafluoroborate salt was synthesized and isolated. The pentafluorosulfanyl salt was examined in a wide assortment of reactions to form novel sf5-bearing alkenes, alkynes, and biaryl derivatives using heck-matsuda, sonogashira, and suzuki coupling protocols.
University Of North Florida


Selective inhibitors for protein kinases and pharmaceutical composition and use thereof

Wherein r is at least one selected from the group consisting of unsubstituted c1-4 alkyl, c1-4 alkyl substituted by c6-18 aryl or —or1, and —c(═o)z. The compound is a type-s protein kinase inhibitor, which binds to an atp-binding site and a substrate-recognition site of a protein kinase simultaneously.


Pyrimidinones as factor xia inhibitors

Or stereoisomers, tautomers, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein all the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are selective factor xia inhibitors or dual inhibitors of fxia and plasma kallikrein.


Chiral synthesis of pyrrolidine core compounds en route to neuronal nitric oxide synthase inhibitors

A chiral synthesis of pyrrolidine compounds en route to selective neuronal nitric oxide synthase inhibitors, and representative inhibitor compounds heretofore unattainable.. .


Enantioselective synthesis of dialkylated n,o-heterocycles by palladium-catalyzed allylic alkylation

With a transition metal catalyst under alkylation conditions.. .


2-aminoquinoline-based compounds for potent and selective neuronal nitric oxide synthase inhibition

Various 2-aminoquinoline compounds as can be used, in vivo or in vitro, for selective inhibition of neuronal nitric oxide synthase.. .


Selective hydrogenation process

A process for reducing the diene content of an olefin by feeding hydrogen to the process in stages.. .
Dow Technology Investments Llc


Method for selectively treating sludge to remove components therefrom

A system comprising method and apparatus for separating biologically-digestible materials from an influent sewage stream. The system may comprise a primary clarification tank to capture sixty percent or more of the total solids from an influent stream; a sludge classifying press (scp) to isolate and concentrate biologically digestible materials from sludge formed in the primary clarification tank, releasing valuable organics, such as are found in corn kernels, by fracturing the protective casings; a grit capture mechanism in a chamber within the primary clarification tank and isolated from the bulk of the sludge containing biologically-degradable materials; a grit trap to remove grit from the sludge prior to classifying the sludge with the scp; apparatus for adding thickener to the sludge after classification and prior to digestion; and automation of one or more elements of the process for separating and digesting the biologically digestible materials in an influent stream..
Clearcove Systems, Inc.


Compositions and methods for selective anion removal

Methods for removing a target anion entity, such as a phosphate ion, from fluids by treating the fluid with a substrate containing an immobilized rare earth, the substrate being either a first loaded substrate including a first immobilized cationic rare earth, the first loaded substrate being formed by precipitating a rare earth in a clay such that the rare earth is fixed inside a porous structure of the clay and/or fixed on the surface of the clay; or a second loaded substrate comprising a second immobilized cationic rare earth that is bonded to the second loaded substrate via a chelating ligand.. .
Chemtreat, Inc.


Data collection water/fluids

A system and method for controlling a fluid or specifically water treatment system having a plurality of multiple module treatment sites utilizing both low latency local control and higher latency global operational control is provided. Said multiple module treatment site comprises one or more multitude pulse effect distillation™ (ped) modules, one or more pretreatment units, and one or more sludge concentration and storage units.


Wireless control system for dispensing beverages from a bottle

A pour spout, for attaching to a bottle, has a first wireless transceiver and a valve for selectively controlling flow of a beverage from the bottle. A server interface, adapted to be carried by a person who serves beverages, has a second wireless transceiver.
Berg Company, Llc


System for delivering cold beverages to a vehicle cabin

A beverage delivery system is provided. The system allows a user to easily and repeatedly retrieve a desired volume of refrigerated beverage at a desired temperature and at a desired time all by using one hand and without the need to leave their seat.


Articulating enclosed lift apparatus and a operating the same

A multi-articulating enclosed lift assembly is described having an adjustable work platform, a guardrail system on the platform, and a flexible enclosure. The work platform generally includes a base, a lift, and an operator platform supporting the guardrail system.
Batchelor & Kimball, Inc.


Sheet processing apparatus, controlling the same, and storage medium

The present invention is directed to selectively switching binding processing according to a remaining amount of consumable materials required for the binding processing even in a case where the binding processing for binding sheets by using consumable materials is specified. To achieve this purpose, a sheet processing apparatus includes a first binding unit configured to bind sheets by using a consumable material, a second binding unit configured to bind sheets without using the consumable material, and a control unit configured to control the sheet processing apparatus to perform binding processing on sheets by using the first or the second binding unit, wherein the control unit determines whether to perform the binding processing by using the first binding unit or by using the second binding unit according at least to a remaining amount of the consumable materials..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Powdered sugar scoop

A scoop for use in scooping and dispensing a powdered item such as powdered sugar includes a first bowl or spoon connected to a second bowl or spoon by a stem. A lid is attached to the top of the scoop, and is selectively movable to cover the first or second spoon.
Progresssive International Corporation


Packaging for tool handle with internal storage cavity and removable cap

A tool packaged for retail sale has a tool handle including a handle outer surface and an internal storage channel within the handle and having a channel opening facilitating selective access to the storage channel. A removable handle cap with a cap-exterior surface is installed over the channel opening in order to close off the storage channel.
Hyde Tools, Inc.


Electric architecture with power storage cells

An architecture for providing power to an aircraft comprises a power supply. The power supply provides power to a plurality of components.
Goodrich Corporation


Aircraft taxiing system

An aircraft taxiing system includes a drive wheel, mounted between the wheels of an aircraft's landing gear. The drive wheel is selectively deployable through an actuation system into a position in which it engages the ground in order to move the aircraft.
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation


Bicycle shock assemblies with plunger operated valve arrangement

A shock absorber, which is particularly applicable to bicycles, includes a secondary chamber whose volume selectively contributes to a volume associated with a primary chamber of the shock. A piston is supported by a compression rod and cooperates with a shock tube to define the primary chamber.
Trek Bicycle Corporation


Mounted child bicycle seat assembly

A mounted child bicycle seat assembly for providing a selectively attachable auxiliary seat for a conventional bicycle that is in front of the base bicycle seat. The mounted child bicycle seat assembly includes an attachable seat having a seat portion for receiving the rear of a passenger and an attachment pole that attaches to a clamp assembly, defined by a upper clamp section, a lower clamp section and two clamp screws, connected to a bracket assembly that is defined by two mirror image elongated bracket members, each having a foot peg extending therefrom.


Powersplit hybrid powertrain with overdrive clutch

A hybrid vehicle powertrain includes an internal combustion engine, first and second electric machines, traction wheels, and an output shaft having meshing gears configured to establish a final drive ratio between the output shaft and the traction wheels. The powertrain additionally includes a first mechanical linkage and a second mechanical linkage.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Expandable vehicle rack device

An expandable vehicle rack device expands to allow secure attachment to variously sized vehicles. The device includes each of a plurality of brackets having a base flange extending from a connection flange.


Removable calf support for a child safety seat

A selectively installable calf support having a seat portion for overlay on the lower seating surface of a child safety seat and a moveably connected extension portion extending forwardly therefrom that is retained in a forwardly and downwardly angled position by contact between the extension portion and the forward portion of the seating portion of the safety seat to support an occupant's legs. The extension portion may include stiffening elements to limit the amount of deflection thereof during use and a folding joint enabling the extension portion to be folded to position above and adjacent to the seat portion for storage when the seat is not occupied.
Artsana Usa, Inc.


Mechanism for locking and fault detection in the electrical vehicle supply equipment cord reel

An electric vehicle charging assembly includes a cord reel, a cord reel locking mechanism, and a master control unit for selectively unlocking the cord reel in response to an authorization signal. The electric vehicle charging assembly monitors the rotational position of the cord reel to prevent unauthorized use, and to record or relay information related to the improper use or malfunction of the electric vehicle charging assembly..


Vehicle back door device with damper stay storage structure

A back door device includes a hinge, a back door, and a damper stay. The hinge is provided on a roof of a vehicle and arranged at a position forward of a rear edge of the roof.
Kabushiki Kaisha Toyota Jidoshokki


Selective zone temperature control build plate

A build plate for use in an additive manufacturing process, such as a three-dimensional printing process. The build plate includes multiple elements which have contact plates and temperature control modules.
Tyco Electronics Corporation


Three dimensional printer

A powder sintering lamination molding method which can improve the quality of the molded product without extending the time required for the lamination molding. A powder sintering lamination molding method, including the steps of, irradiating an irradiation region of the sliced layer of a molded product surrounded by an outline profile with a laser to selectively sinter the material powder of the material powder layer within the irradiation region; wherein a cooling period is provided after the laser is irradiated along the first line and before the laser is irradiated along the second line..
Sodick Co., Ltd.


Part assembling vehicle

A part assembling apparatus for a vehicle is provided. The part assembling apparatus for a vehicle that assembles constituent elements in a part that is transferred using a part transfer line to be received by a jig and that automatically assembles the part by selectively mounting various applications that test the part of which assembly is complete includes: a base frame and a mounting plate.
Hyundai Motor Company


System and facilitating manual sorting of objects

An apparatus that facilitates the manual sorting of objects is disclosed. The apparatus includes a display surface having a surface that can be selectively illuminated and that is adapted for receiving the objects.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.


Water treatment system

A water treatment system (1) includes a deionization unit (10) and an ion-selective removing unit (20). The deionization unit (10) includes a pair of opposing electrodes charged to have polarities opposite to each other, a flow passageway positioned between the electrodes and enabling passage of water containing ions, and an ion-exchange membrane disposed on the flow passageway side of each of the electrodes, and performs a deionization process of deionizing the water containing the ions by allowing the ions to be adsorbed onto the electrodes and a regeneration process of eliminating the ions from the electrodes.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.


Dehumidifier and breather configured for operation during regeneration

A dehydrator for dehydrating air supplied to a power related or mechanical device includes a first container configured to hold a desiccant, a first heater arranged with the first container configured to heat the desiccant in the first container, a second container configured to hold a desiccant, and a second heater arranged with the second container configured to heat the desiccant in the second container. The dehydrator further includes a conduit configured to selectively connect one of the first container and the second container to the power related or mechanical device and a controller configured to selectively operate one of the first heater and the second heater..
Wauskesha Electric Systems, Inc.


Door assembly with scanning mechanism, and containment system with same

An access door that includes a scanning mechanism for a containment system, a containment system having the same, and a method for leak testing a filter installed in the containment system are described herein. In one embodiment, a containment system is disclosed that includes a housing having a downstream test section access port selectively sealed by a downstream test section access door.
Camfil Usa, Inc.


Systems and methods for protecting golf bag contents

A system is delineated for protecting golf bag contents. The system may comprise a golf bag; a telescopic member coupled to the golf bag, wherein the telescopic member resides in a stowed state substantially within the golf bag and is selectively moved to a deployed state to facilitate protecting the contents of the golf bag; and a cover coupled to the telescopic member, wherein the cover resides in a stowed state when the telescopic member is in its stowed state and is selectively moved by movement of the telescopic member to a deployed state for the cover to protect the contents of the golf bag.


Club length adjustment device

A golf club length adjustment device for use in a golf club, including a first member affixed to a main shaft, a second member slideably coupled to the first member, the second member adapted to couple to a golf club grip, wherein the first member is configured to slide relative to the second member to change the length of the golf club; a locking system having a locked position and an unlocked position; wherein the locking system includes at least one locking member and a plurality of detents, wherein the locking member is configured to selectively engage at least one of the plurality of detents; wherein the first member is formed of a first material having a first density; wherein the locking member is formed of a second material having a second density; wherein the second density is greater than the first density.. .
Acushnet Company


Aircraft fire suppression system and method

A fire suppression system for an aircraft having a compartment, the fire suppression system including an inert gas source in selective fluid communication with the compartment and a fire suppression agent source in selective fluid communication with the compartment, wherein an inert gas from the inert gas source and a fire suppression agent from the fire suppression agent source are at least partially combined to form a fire suppression mixture.. .
The Boeing Comapny


Sealed self-retracting lifeline

A self-retracting lifeline assembly (10) includes a housing (12), a shaft (14) fixed to the housing (12) against rotation, a drum (18) mounted for rotation on the shaft (14) and including a compartment (20) within the drum (18), a lifeline (22) wound on the drum (18), a brake module (24) carried on the shaft (14) and mounted within the compartment (20), and a pawl mechanism (26) mounted on the drum (18) for rotation therewith. The pawl mechanism (26) is mounted within the compartment (20) and configured to selectively engage the brake module (24)..
Honeywell International Inc.

Elective topics: Hinge Mechanism, Control Unit, Portable Computer, Accommodation, Transceiver, Encapsulation, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, Exhaust Gas, Diesel Particulate Filter, Downstream, Selective Catalytic Reduction, Catalytic Reduction, Refrigerant, Hydrofluoroolefin, Adsorption

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