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Needle protecting module of an injecting device and an injection device with a needle protecting module

Method of selectively reporting measurement result in wireless communication system and apparatus for the same

Date/App# patent app List of recent Elective-related patents
 Regulating access to and protecting portions of applications of virtual machines patent thumbnailnew patent Regulating access to and protecting portions of applications of virtual machines
Embodiments of apparatus, computer-implemented methods, systems, and computer-readable media are described herein for a virtual machine manager, wherein the virtual machine manager is configured to selectively employ different views with different permissions to map guest physical memory of a virtual machine of the apparatus to host physical memory of the apparatus, to regulate access to and protect different portions of an application of the virtual machine that resides in different portions of the physical memory. Other embodiments may be described and/or claimed..
 Progressive download or streaming of digital media securely through a localized container and communication protocol proxy patent thumbnailnew patent Progressive download or streaming of digital media securely through a localized container and communication protocol proxy
Various embodiments are directed towards employing a container and communication protocol proxy component within a client device to receive securely real-time streamed, progressively downloaded, or adaptively streamed container over a network using one container and communication protocol, and to securely decrypt the container and provide it to a media player using a different container and communications protocol. In one embodiment, the container is in flash video (flv) file format.
 Configuring a programmable logic device using a configuration bit stream without phantom bits patent thumbnailnew patent Configuring a programmable logic device using a configuration bit stream without phantom bits
Techniques and mechanisms generate a configuration bit stream to load into a circuit such as a programmable logic device (pld). A configuration bit stream may have a reduced size if “phantom bits” not corresponding to configuration elements are removed.
 Selective data downloading and presentation based on user interaction patent thumbnailnew patent Selective data downloading and presentation based on user interaction
Some embodiments of the invention are directed to, among other things, systems, computer readable media, methods and any other means for using a handheld device to present information to a user. The handheld device and server(s) can be configured to differentiate among inexpensive and expensive information.
 Parallel scan distributors and collectors and process of testing integrated circuits patent thumbnailnew patent Parallel scan distributors and collectors and process of testing integrated circuits
An integrated circuit (70) having parallel scan paths (824-842, 924-942) includes a pair or pairs of scan distributor (800,900) and scan collector (844,944) circuits. The scan paths apply stimulus test data to functional circuits (702) on the integrated circuit and receive response test data from the functional circuits.
 Method and device for storing an item of wake-up information in users of a can bus system patent thumbnailnew patent Method and device for storing an item of wake-up information in users of a can bus system
A device for connecting a user station to a can bus, the user station in the active state being able to exchange messages with other user stations via the can bus using the device, according to the standard iso 11898; the user station in the at-rest state being able to be activated using the device, in response to the reception of a wake-up information; the wake-up information configured as a can message according to the standard iso 11898; in the device, a suitable first arrangement selectively evaluating the wake-up information received, so that the wake-up process is initiated only in response to the presence of wake-up information that is specified or specifiable for the respective user station which is characterized in that a storage arrangement is provided in the device in order, in case the wake-up process is initiated, which store the wake-up information evaluated for this entirely or partially.. .
 Method and apparatus for providing power to an electronic device patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for providing power to an electronic device
In an embodiment, set forth by way of example and not limitation a usb power converter for an electronic device includes a usb bus including vbus power line, a d− data line and a d+ data line, a variable voltage converter, a processor clock, a usb transceiver coupled to the d− data line and the d+ data line, and a processor coupled to processor clock and to the usb transceiver. Preferably, the variable voltage converter has an alternating current (ac) input, a direct current (dc) output coupled to the vbus power line, and a voltage control input responsive to a voltage control signal to provide a plurality of voltage levels at the dc output.
 Online content management system with undo and redo operations patent thumbnailnew patent Online content management system with undo and redo operations
Techniques are disclosed for facilitating the process of undoing and redoing modifications that are made to content using an online content management system (cms). As a user makes changes to content, such as by editing a webpage using a web-based cms, a history of the user's modifications is generated and stored locally on the client.
 Apparatus and methods for selective location and duplication of relevant data patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and methods for selective location and duplication of relevant data
Apparatus and methods are provided for performing a digital forensic investigation. Aspects of the apparatus and methods determine the location of forensically relevant data on a data source and copy this relevant data to a storage device in a forensically sound manner.
 Integrity checking and selective deduplication based on network parameters patent thumbnailnew patent Integrity checking and selective deduplication based on network parameters
An approach for managing a data package is provided. Network utilization is determined to exceed a threshold.
new patent Apparatus and methods for selective location and duplication of relevant data
Apparatus and methods are provided for performing a digital forensic investigation. Aspects of the apparatus and methods determine the location of forensically relevant data on a data source and copy this relevant data to a storage device in a forensically sound manner.
new patent Predictive storage service
A predictive storage application selectively determines files from a computing system to send to a predictive storage service that makes the files available for use in another computing system. The predictive storage application may receive events indicating a use of files.
new patent System for selectively displaying content
A system for selectively displaying content may include one or more processors and a memory. The one or more processors may display a graphical object at a first location on a map, determine a user interaction with the graphical object, and display, in response to the determining, a first content item on the map at a second location that is proximal to the first location, the first content item being associated with the graphical object.
new patent Apparatus and method for network based remote mobile monitoring of a medical event
A server includes a processor and a memory connected to the processor. The memory stores instructions executed by the processor.
new patent Voice-controlled communication connections
Systems and methods for voice-controlled communication connections are provided. An example system includes a mobile device being operated consecutively in listen, wakeup, authentication, and connect modes.
new patent Method for soundproofing an audio signal by an algorithm with a variable spectral gain and a dynamically modulatable hardness
The method comprises, in the frequency domain: estimating (18), for each frequency band of the spectrum (y(k,l)) of each current time frame (y(k)), a speech presence probability in the signal (p(k,l)); calculating (16) a spectral gain (gomlsa(k,l)), proper to each frequency band of each current time frame, as a function i) of an estimation of the noise energy in each frequency band, ii) of the speech presence probability estimated at step c1), and iii) of a scalar minimal gain value; and selectively reducing the noise (14) by applying the calculated gain at each frequency band. The scalar minimal gain value, representative of a parameter of soundproofing hardness, is a value (gmin(k)) that can be dynamically modulated at each successive time frame, calculated for the current time frame as a function of a global variable linked to this current time frame with application of an increment/decrement to a parameterized nominal value (gmin) of the minimal gain..
new patent Selective exchange of vehicle operational data
Velocity information can be beneficial to various entities including other vehicles and a central traffic monitoring and routing system. Vehicles with sensors can serve as velocity probes to update speeds that are shared via a more global service.
new patent Delivery system having stent locking structure
A drainage stent delivery system including an elongate shaft of a medial device, a drainage catheter or stent, and a locking mechanism for selectively coupling the drainage stent to the elongate shaft. The drainage stent is selectively coupled to a distal portion of the elongate shaft such that the proximal end of the stent is positioned proximal of the distal end of the elongate shaft.
new patent Method and apparatus for application of a neural stimulus
A method of applying a neural stimulus with an implanted electrode array involves applying a sequence of stimuli configured to yield a therapeutic effect while suppressing psychophysical side effects. The stimuli sequence is configured such that a first stimulus recruits a portion of the fibre population, and a second stimulus is delivered within the refractory period following the first stimulus and the second stimulus being configured to recruit a further portion of the fibre population.
new patent Methods for treating sinus ostia using balloon catheter devices having a bendable balloon portion
A method for use with a balloon catheter device that includes a selectively bendable portion with a balloon disposed thereon, a control device for controlling bending of the selectively bendable portion, and a camera located at an end of a distal portion, includes inserting the distal portion into the nostril while the distal portion is straight; viewing an image provided by the camera; stopping insertion of the distal portion after the ethmoidal bulla is viewed in the image; articulating the distal portion in an upward direction to view the opening to the frontal sinus ostium or a downward direction to view the opening to the maxillary sinus ostium using the control device; inserting the distal portion into the frontal sinus ostium or the maxillary sinus ostium while the distal portion remains in the bent position; and inflating the balloon in the frontal sinus ostium or the maxillary sinus ostium.. .
new patent Fluoroscopy-independent balloon guided occlusion catheter and methods
A system for deploying and selectively inflating a balloon at a desired location, without the aid of fluoroscopy is described.. .
new patent Reusable sinus dilation instrument and method of use
The invention is directed to a system and method for a less invasive surgical tool and operation to correct sinus disease called balloon sinuplasty. The reusable sinus dilation instrument has a guide seeker constructed from a sterilizable material with a bended terminal end offset from an attachment terminal end and a central grip intermediate of the terminal ends.
new patent Actuation mechanism for use with an ultrasonic surgical instrument
An ultrasonic clamp coagulator assembly that is configured to permit selective cutting, coagulation and clamping of tissue during surgical procedures. An elongated portion of the instrument can be configured for endoscopic applications and has an outside diameter of less than 6 mm.
new patent Method and apparatus for occluding a blood vessel and/or for occluding other tubular structures and/or for closing openings in structures and/or for securing at least two objects together
Wherein said locking shaft of said distal implant is slidably receivable within said opening in said body of said proximal implant, and further wherein said first locking element of said distal implant and said third locking element of said proximal implant are selectively engagable with one another so as to hold said distal implant and said proximal implant in fixed position relative to one another.. .
new patent System and method for selectively energizing catheter electrodes
The present invention is directed to a system, a method and a catheter that provide improved ablation capabilities and improved energy efficiency by selectively energizing catheter electrodes on the basis of impedance measurements. In particular, the invention is directed to the selective energization of catheter radial electrodes that together with a tip electrode form a generally continuous tissue contact surface, wherein the selection is made on the basis of impedance measurement as an indication of the amount of tissue contact of each radial electrode..
new patent Catheter assembly for treatment of hypertrophic tissue
The present invention teaches a new apparatus and process of selective ablation of the hypertrophic tissue to treat hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The apparatus and process involve percutaneously delivering radiofrequency energy through a manipulable catheter to irradiate the thickened septum to reduce tissue volume of the septum and enhance myocardial function.
new patent Extensible internal bolster for a medical device
An internal bolster for use securing a medical device, such as a feeding tube, within a body of a patient is disclosed. In one embodiment, a feeding tube includes an internal bolster, comprising one or more bolster arms that each include a first end hingedly connected to a distal end of the medical device and a free second end.
new patent Systems and methods for reducing mucin hypersecretion
Device methods and systems for ablating a mucosal surface to treat patients with mucin hypersecretion is disclosed. An ablation device having a balloon membrane with a plurality of electrodes arranged on an external surface thereof is disclosed.
new patent Needle protecting module of an injecting device and an injection device with a needle protecting module
A needle protecting module of an injection device in connecting with a syringe has a needle base, a needle body a tube module, a mounting tube, an elastic unit, and a stopping unit. The syringe has a tube body and an axis.
new patent Method and apparatus for closed-loop control of nerve activation
The present disclosure is directed to a method and apparatus to autonomously stimulate a plurality of nerve fiber groups. The method and apparatus predicts stimulus parameters that can activate 0-100% of the nerve fiber groups selectively according to a patient's characteristics and proportional to therapeutic outcomes, such as determined by experimental data.
new patent Dermatoscope devices
A dermatoscope has a generally circular viewing opening, a plurality of light sources including first and second groups of light sources arranged about the viewing opening, a first polarizer for polarizing light passing through the viewing opening, and a second polarizer for polarizing light emitted from the first group of light sources, wherein the first and second groups of light sources are arranged at different distances from a center of the viewing opening so that light from the second group of light sources is not polarized by the second polarizer. A further dermatoscope has a head portion including a generally circular viewing opening, and at least one light source arranged proximate to the viewing opening; and a body portion including an image capture device, wherein the head portion is pivotally attached to the body portion selectively allowing alignment of the center of the viewing opening with the center of the field of view of the image capture device.
new patent Ecg lead system
An ecg lead system for use with a plurality of unique diverse ecg floor monitors for when a patient is substantially immobile and/or a plurality of unique diverse ecg telemetry monitors, is provided. The ecg lead system includes a plurality of unique adapters, wherein each adapter includes an input receptacle configured for selective electrical connection with a device connector of an ecg lead set assembly; and at least one unique monitor plug electrically connected to the input receptacle.
new patent Surgical access tube
Implementations of the present disclosure provide an access tube including a wall structure and an optional handle extending from the wall structure. Selectively weakened areas facilitate selective resection of the wall structure to reveal windows that accommodate lateral intrusions by surrounding anatomical structures and/or provide increased access to an intervertebral disc.
new patent Flexible access assembly
A cannula assembly includes a cannula and an obturator. The cannula includes an elongated shaft dimensioned to access tissue.
new patent Surgical tool introducer
A tool introducer is configured for introduction in an elongated body including a straight tube, wherein the tube encloses a tube lumen opened at its distal end with a tube opening. The tool introducer includes locking means to selectively lock or unlock an interchangeable surgical tool to the tube from displacing axially and/or rotationally in the tube lumen, the locking means being configured such that, at the locking, a tool connector of the tool projects towards the tube opening and is distanced therefrom by at least 3 cm.
new patent System for performing a minimally invasive surgical procedure
A surgical system for performing a surgical procedure includes an ex-vivo positioning mechanism and an in-vivo instrument magnetically attracted to the ex-vivo positioning mechanism. The in-vivo instrument can be positioned within a patient by moving the ex-vivo positioning mechanism.
new patent Dual-energy image suppression method
An imaging process capable of selectively enhancing visualization of soft tissues, for example, a tumor. The imaging process includes producing a hard tissue-enhanced image of a body containing both soft and hard tissues, wherein the hard tissue-enhanced image contains images of the hard tissues that are enhanced relative to the soft tissues.
new patent Process for the preparation of oseltamivir and methyl 3-epi-shikimate
The present invention discloses high yielding enantioselective process for synthesis of oseltamivir from readily available starting material, cis-1,4-butene diol. The process features incorporation of chirality using sharpless asymmetric epoxidation (ae) and diastereoselective barbier allylation and construction of cyclohexene carboxylic acid ester core through a ring closing metathesis (rcm) reaction.
new patent Halogenated compounds for photodynamic therapy
Halo-organic heterocyclic compounds are described, in which at least two halogen atoms are bound to a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic terminal moiety of the compound, with at least one of such halogen atoms being iodine or bromine. Also described are polymethine dyes based on these heterocyclic compounds, and dendrimeric compounds and conjugates of such polymethine dyes.
new patent Selective hydrogenation of aldehyde with ru/bidentate ligands complexes
The present invention relates to processes for the reduction by hydrogenation, using molecular h2, of a c5-c20 substrate containing one or two aldehydes functional groups into the corresponding alcohol or diol, characterized in that said process is carried out in the presence of —at least one catalyst or pre-catalyst in the form of a ruthenium complex having a coordination sphere of the n2p2o2, wherein the coordinating atoms n2 are provided by a first bidentate ligand, the coordinating atoms p2 are provided by a second bidentate ligand and the coordinating atoms o2 are provided by two non-linear carboxylate ligands; and —optionally of an acidic additive.. .
new patent Reusable homogeneous cobalt pyridine diimine catalysts for dehydrogenative silylation and tandem dehydrogenative-silylation-hydrogenation
Disclosed herein are cobalt complexes containing terdentate pyridine di-imine ligands and their use as efficient, reusable, and selective dehydrogenative silylation, crosslinking, and tandem dehydrogenative silylation-hydrogenation catalysts.. .
new patent Compositions for use in surgery
A method is provided for treating a subject in need of medication as an adjunct to elective surgery, comprising administration of a ketogenic material sufficient to produce a physiologically acceptable ketosis in the patient. Preferably the surgery is selected from the groups consisting of removal or section of tumours, removal of redundant organs such as lymph nodes and appendix, open heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, joint and bone surgery..
new patent Polymorphs of arry-380, a selective herb2 inhibitor and pharmaceutical compositions contianing them
Polymorphs of n4-(4-([1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a]pyridin-7-yloxy)-3-methylphenyl)-n6-(4,4-dimethyl-4,5-dihydrooxazol-2-yl)quinazoline-4,6-diamine are provided herein. Processes for preparing the polymorphs and pharmaceutical composition comprising the polymorphs are also disclosed..
new patent Selective hdac3 inhibitors
Provided herein are hdac3 inhibitors, as well as methods of treatment comprising administering these compounds to a subject in need thereof.. .
new patent Phenylpyrazole derivatives as potent rock1 and rock2 inhibitors
Or stereoisomers, tautomers, or pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof, wherein all the variables are as defined herein. These compounds are selective rock inhibitors.
new patent Methods and compositions for targeting adipose cells in mammals
Methods and compositions are presented for use in diagnostic, imaging or targeting of therapeutic agents to treat obesity/adiposity-associated disorders, where such as compositions and methods identify and use peptides to selectively target adipose tissue stromal cells in mammals, both in vitro and in vivo.. .
new patent Polishing slurry for cobalt removal
Provided herein are polishing compositions for removal of co, for example, selectively over cu, and methods of their use. A polishing composition comprising an abrasive and one or more co complexors, where the polishing composition has a ph of 9 or more, and the co complexor comprises one or more of functional groups selected from phosphonic acid (—p(═o)(oh)2) group or carboxyl (—c(═o)oh) group..
new patent Fitness chair
A fitness device includes a chair body carrying a rotating wheel, and parallel support frame bars fixedly mounted at the bottom side of the chair body, each support frame bar defining a first base frame bar portion and a second base frame bar portion that are longitudinally connected in a line and define therebetween a predetermined contained angle facing toward the chair body and smaller than 180 degrees for selectively supporting the fitness device on the floor in two reversed directions for different types of exercises.. .
new patent Hybrid vehicle with power-split and parallel hybrid transmission and method of controlling same
A hybrid vehicle has a powertrain that includes a transmission with a planetary gear set that has a first, a second, and a third member. An engine is connected for unitary rotation with the first member.
new patent Deployable elevated maintenance platform for round ride
A round ride adapted for efficient and safe maintenance of elevated components. The ride includes a central hub assembly with a hub and a hub drive adapted for selectively rotating the hub about a central axis.
new patent Systems, methods, and devices for providing instances of a secondary game
A gaming machine is configured to selectively provide instances of a primary game and instances of a secondary game. Instances of the secondary game may be provided based at least on outcomes of primary games.
new patent Paging a mobile entity in mobile networks
The present invention relates to a method for paging, by a network mobility management unit, a mobile entity in a cellular network. The method includes receiving plural location reports, each respectively including an indicator indicating a position of the mobile entity, determining whether indicators included in at least two successive location reports indicate a position in a same second area, selectively setting paging control information for the mobile entity to a first area mode or to a second area mode based on said determining, paging the mobile entity in a first area of the cellular network when the paging control information is set to the first area mode, or paging the mobile entity in said second area when the paging control information is set to the second area mode.
new patent Selected restriction of wireless communication services
Wireless communications services on a wireless communications device are selectively restricted in accordance with a location of the wireless device and specific permission and/or restrictions assigned to the wireless device while within/at the location. Services can be selectively blocked (denied), selectively modified, or selectively allowed on a wireless device based on lists indicating permissibility for specific services for specific devices at/within specific locations.
new patent Charging method, charging device, charging system, and authentication device
Embodiments of the present application provide a charging method, a charging device, a charging system, and an authentication device. According to the technical solutions provided in the embodiments of the present application, when the available service volume of the user is not enough at the time close to the tariff switch point, the operation of forcing a user to go offline may be performed selectively, depending on the specific situation.
new patent Selective metalization of electrical connector or socket housing
A electrical interconnect adapted to provide an interface between contact pads on an ic device and a pcb. The electrical interconnect includes a multi-layered substrate with a first surface with a plurality of first openings having first cross-sections, a second surface with a plurality of second openings having second cross-sections, and center openings connecting the first and second openings.
new patent Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
To improve a semiconductor device having a nonvolatile memory. A first misfet, a second misfet, and a memory cell are formed, and a stopper film made of a silicon oxide film is formed thereover.
new patent Apparatus for selective excitation of microparticles
Nucleic acid microparticles are sequenced by performing a sequencing reaction on the microparticles using one or more reagents, selectively exciting the microparticles in an excitation pattern, optically imaging the microparticles at a resolution insufficient to resolve individual microparticles, and processing the optical images of the microparticles using information on the excitation pattern to determine the presence or absence of the optical signature, which indicates the sequence information of the nucleic acid. An apparatus for optical excitation of the microparticles comprises an interference pattern generation module that splits a first laser beam into second and third laser beams and generates the excitation pattern for selectively exciting the microparticles by interference between the second and third laser beams..
new patent Enzymatically catalyzed method of preparing mono-acylated polyols
The present invention relates to a biocatalytic method of preparing a mono-acylated polyol catalyzed by triacylglycerol lipase mutants, as for example derived from candida antarctica lipase b (calb); a biocatalytic method of enantioselectively preparing an asymmetric mono-acylated polyol, catalyzed by the same enzyme mutants; as well as the use of a mutated triacylglycerol lipase in a method of preparing mono-acylated polyols. The invention also provides novel mutants, coding sequences thereof, and recombinant microorganisms carrying said coding sequences..
new patent Method for obtaining an open phototrophic culture with improved storage compound production capacity
In accordance with the invention, a starting culture is submitted to selective pressure, thus giving a competitive advantage to storage compound producing species, by subjecting said starting culture to a cycle of alternating dark phases and light phases and providing limitation of availability of essential growth nutrients in one or more of said light phases. The resulting culture can be used to provide storage compounds in improved yields..
new patent Braille display device and method of constructing same
Disclosed is a braille display device. The device supports an array of individual braille cells with corresponding tactile pins.
new patent Systems and methods for control of a current interruption component in a battery system
Disclosed herein are systems and methods for control of a current interruption component in a battery system. Various embodiments consistent with the present disclosure may include a detection system configured to detect an event (e.g., an impact event, a resistive short, a coolant leak, etc.) and a control system configured to receive information from the detection system and to generate a control signal based upon detection of the event.
new patent Laminated glass articles with phase-separated claddings and methods for forming the same
Laminated glass articles and methods for making the same are disclosed. In one embodiment, a laminated glass article may include a glass core layer and at least one glass cladding layer fused to the glass core layer.
new patent Structure with surface for seasonal selectiveness of solar irradiation absorption and reflection
Disclosed are various structure surface configurations and related methods. An exemplary structure includes a facade that has grooved cavities that are configured in a manner that reflects summer (cooling season) insolation and absorbs winter (heating season) insolation.
new patent Clarification and selective binding of phenolic compounds from liquid foodstuff or beverages using smart polymers
The present invention corresponds to a method for the removal of unwanted phenolic compounds from foodstuffs, more particularly beverages. The method comprising contacting a selected polymer with the foodstuff.
new patent Infuser with solid region to selectively stop infusion, vessel for infuser, and methods
An infuser having a non-porous region to selectively stop infusion. The infuser may be used in a vessel, such as a portable beverage mug suitable for preparing and drinking tea and other beverages.
new patent Dynamic control system and method for controlled atmosphere room
A control system for a controlled atmosphere room (“ca room”) for storing perishable commodities, such as fruits and vegetables. The control system includes an enclosure that can be placed within the ca room to store a representative sample of the commodities in the ca room.
new patent Refrigerator and method of controlling the same
A refrigerator may include a carbonated water tank in which carbonated water is stored; a water tank supplying filtered water to the carbonated water tank; a carbon dioxide cylinder supplying carbon dioxide to the carbonated water tank; a dispenser discharging the carbonated water or the filtered water; and a controller, if the filtered water is supplied to the carbonated water tank and supply of the filtered water is completed, supplying the carbon dioxide to the carbonated water tank so as to produce the carbonated water, wherein the controller stops producing the carbonated water if a discharge instruction of the filtered water is input from a user or if a door of the refrigerator is opened while the carbonated water is produced. Filtered water and carbonated water can be selectively taken, and when a user wants to use filtered water or opens a door of a refrigerator while carbonated water is produced, the refrigerator that stops production of carbonated water is provided so that the user can be prevented from misunderstanding that the refrigerator is broken..
new patent Combination therapy for treating hcv infection in an hcv-hiv coinfected patient population
The present invention relates to therapeutic combinations comprising (a) compound (1), or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, as herein described, (b) an interferon alfa and (c) ribavirin. Compound (1) is a selective and potent inhibitor of the hcv ns3 serine protease.
new patent Exhaust system for a lean burn ic engine
An exhaust system (10) for a lean-burn internal combustion engine (12) comprises a first substrate monolith (16) comprising a catalyst for oxidising nitric oxide (no) comprising a catalytic oxidation component followed downstream by a second substrate monolith (18) which is a wall-flow filter having inlet channels and outlet channels, wherein the inlet channels comprise a nox absorber catalyst (20) and the outlet channels comprise a catalyst for selective catalytic reduction (22) of nitrogen oxides with nitrogenous reductant.. .
new patent System, method, and apparatus for treating a platinum contaminated catalytic component
An example method includes determining that a selective catalytic reduction (scr) component having a zeolite-based catalyst is contaminated with platinum (pt). The method further includes elevating the temperature of the scr component to at least 600° c.
new patent Active turbine or compressor tip clearance control
A gas turbine engine includes an annular plenum defined with an outer skin and a perforated inner skin for receiving selective air flow to impinge a support case which supports shrouds of the rotor assemblies of the engine therein for active tip clearance control of the rotor assemblies. In one embodiment a bobbin-type transfer tube for supplying cooling air into the plenum, is provided between an outer case of the engine an the plenum such that the thermally induced relative movement of the outer case and the plenum is permitted..
new patent Cart with a support surface having a selectively adjustable contour and a printing system sheet stacker incorporating the cart
Disclosed is a cart having a support surface with a selectively adjustable contour for providing essentially uniform support to a load (e.g., a stack of print media sheets) during receiving and storing modes and for facilitating transfer of the load to another support surface during a transferring mode. The cart can comprise a support surface with alternating fixed and movable sections.
new patent Multi-function winch system for securing cargo to a transport vehicle
A ratchet drive winch for securing cargo to a transport vehicle includes a shaft rotatably mounted on the vehicle, the shaft receiving one end of a flexible tie down member. A lever arm, rotatably mounted on the shaft, controls a ratchet gear fixed to the shaft through a pawl.
new patent Automated inspection system
A system for inspecting an aperture is disclosed. The aperture has an axis, a design geometric parameter, an actual geometric parameter, and a depth.
new patent Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes a printing portion, an ordinary printing controller, and an energy-saving printing controller. The ordinary printing controller causes the printing portion to perform ordinary printing at a first fixing temperature.
new patent Latching optical switch and subsystem using bistable liquid crystal
A submarine network includes a submarine network with a branching unit bu for splitting or combining a signal between a main trunk path and a branch path for allowing signals from different paths to share a same fiber optic path, said bu and submarine network normally having a fixed and predetermined wavelength arrangement preventing reconfigurability of the submarine network, and a latching wavelength selective switch wss or wavelength blocker wb in the branching unit for splitting or combining the signals between the main trunk path and branch path to enable a latching capability and enable reconfigurability of the branching unit bu, the latching wsss being a bistable liquid crystal based material without moving parts for increased stability and lower power consumption over use of conventional mono-stable liquid crystal lc switches in a submarine network.. .
new patent Semiconductor device and signal processing method thereof
A semiconductor device includes a one-segment tuner i/f that is connected to a one-segment tuner, a tuner i/f that is connected to a digital terrestrial tuner, a decoder that selectively decodes a first broadcast signal supplied from the one-segment tuner i/f and a second broadcast signal supplied from the tuner i/f, a general purpose processor that is provided separately from the decoder and decodes the first broadcast signal, and a switch unit that, based on signal intensity of the second broadcast wave, switches the decoding by the decoder between the first broadcast signal and the second broadcast signal while the general purpose processor is decoding the first broadcast signal. The one-segment tuner i/f, the tuner i/f, the decoder, the general purpose processor, and the switch unit are integrated on one chip..
new patent Iterative interference suppressor for wireless multiple-access systems with multiple receive antennas
This invention teaches to the details of an interference suppressing receiver for suppressing intra-cell and inter-cell interference in coded, multiple-access, spread spectrum transmissions that propagate through frequency selective communication channels to a multiplicity of receive antennas. The receiver is designed or adapted through the repeated use of symbol-estimate weighting, subtractive suppression with a stabilizing step-size, and mixed-decision symbol estimates.
new patent Method of selectively reporting measurement result in wireless communication system and apparatus for the same
A method of reporting measurement results performed by a user equipment in a wireless communication system is provided. The method includes: measuring at least one cell; checking whether interference occurs during the measurement; and transmitting a measurement report to a network.
new patent Apparatus and method for selectively delaying network data flows
A control system managing data flows between a sender data processor and a recipient data processor. The data flows originate at the recipient data processor and pass through at least one telecommunications network gateway.
new patent Systems and methods for prioritization of data for intelligent discard in a communication network
Capacity and spectrum constrained, multiple-access communication systems optimize performance by selectively discarding packets. Changes in the communication systems may be driven using control responses.
new patent Vertically-integrated nonvolatile memory devices having laterally-integrated ground select transistors
Nonvolatile memory devices utilize vertically-stacked strings of nonvolatile memory cells (e.g., nand-type strings) that can be selectively coupled to common source lines within a substrate. This selective coupling may be provided by lateral ground select transistors having different threshold voltages that account for different lateral spacings between the vertically-stacked strings of nonvolatile memory cells and the common source lines..
new patent Memory dies, stacked memories, memory devices and methods
Memory die, stacks of memory dies, memory devices and methods, such as those to construct and operate such die, stacks and/or memory devices are provided. One such memory die includes an identification configured to be selectively coupled to an external select connection node depending on how the die is arranged in a stack.
new patent Multi-level rectifiers
Multi-level rectifiers are provided. A multi-level rectifier may convert a medium ac voltage to a medium dc voltage.

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Elective topics: Hinge Mechanism, Control Unit, Portable Computer, Accommodation, Transceiver, Encapsulation, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, Exhaust Gas, Diesel Particulate Filter, Downstream, Selective Catalytic Reduction, Catalytic Reduction, Refrigerant, Hydrofluoroolefin, Adsorption

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