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Molecular malignancy in melanocytic lesions

John Wayne Cancer Institute

Molecular malignancy in melanocytic lesions

Breaker fluid


Breaker fluid

Breaker fluid

Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Active rfid tag with integrated electrical pass-through connection

Date/App# patent app List of recent Elan-related patents
 Methods and systems for processing a reaction product mixture of cellulosic biomass material patent thumbnailMethods and systems for processing a reaction product mixture of cellulosic biomass material
Processing of a reaction product mixture of cellulosic biomass material containing at least one volatile organic compound at least one of lignin, a lignin-derived compound, unextracted cellulose, unextracted hemicellulose, a caramelan, and any combination thereof by vaporizing the at least one volatile organic compound using at least thermal energy generated by combusting at least a portion of the reaction product mixture. In a particular embodiment, the reaction product mixture comes from reactions involving deconstruction (or digestion) of cellulosic biomass which contains various polysaccharides (e.g., carbohydrates) and lignin..
Shell Oil Company
 Molecular malignancy in melanocytic lesions patent thumbnailMolecular malignancy in melanocytic lesions
Disclosed are methods for determining whether a melanocyte-containing sample (such as a nevus or other pigmented lesion) is benign or a primary melanoma. These methods can include detecting (at the molecular level, e.g., mrna, mirna, or protein) the expression of at least two disclosed genes in a biological sample obtained from a subject.
John Wayne Cancer Institute
 Breaker fluid patent thumbnailBreaker fluid
A breaker fluid composition and methods for using said breaker fluid composition are provided, where the breaker fluid includes a non-aqueous base fluid, a precipitated silica, an acid source, and, in some embodiments, a chelant.. .
M-i, L.l.c.
 Active rfid tag with integrated electrical pass-through connection patent thumbnailActive rfid tag with integrated electrical pass-through connection
An active radio frequency identification (rfid) tag is provided that can include an input power connector, an output power connector and a wireless transceiver. The input power connector can be configured to receive an input electrical power signal from an external power source.
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
 Active rfid tag with integrated electrical pass-through connection patent thumbnailActive rfid tag with integrated electrical pass-through connection
An active radio frequency identification (rfid) tag is provided that can include an input power connector, an output power connector and a wireless transceiver. The input power connector can be configured to receive an input electrical power signal from an external power source.
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
 Polymer formation and simulation thereof patent thumbnailPolymer formation and simulation thereof
A simulation method solves multiple differential equations to estimate concentration, degree of polymerization, and viscosity profiles for thermoset polymer forming reactions. For foam-forming reactions, the blowing agent evaporation to form foam cells is estimated.
Homeland Technologies Research, Llc
 Spectral imaging system and method patent thumbnailSpectral imaging system and method
Spectral x-ray imaging using a photon counting x-ray detector (pcxd) transmits a broad spectrum x-ray beam through an object, detects the transmitted x-ray beam with the pcxd and processes the detected signals to determine material characteristics of the object using both the detected signals as a function of detector layer and the detected signals as a function of the particular energy band. Each detector layer of the multiple detector layers produces at least two signals, each signal representing a detected x-ray intensity in a particular energy band, and the depth information contained in the separate read-out channels..
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University
 Prediction of a small-for-gestational age (sga) infant patent thumbnailPrediction of a small-for-gestational age (sga) infant
A method of predicting a sga infant in a patient at a pre-symptomatic gestational stage is described. The method comprises a step of assaying a biological sample from the patient for an abundance of a plurality of metabolite biomarkers selected from the 19 metabolite biomarkers of table iv, correlating the abundance of the plurality of metabolite biomarkers with a metabolite fingerprint of sga shown in table iv, and predicting sga based on the level of correlation between the abundance of the plurality of metabolite biomarkers and the metabolite fingerprint of table iv..
University College Cork - National University Of Ireland, Cork
 Surface area-based pressure sensing patent thumbnailSurface area-based pressure sensing
Various aspects of the instant disclosure relate to pressure sensing methods and apparatuses. As may be implemented in accordance with one or more embodiments, an apparatus includes a plurality of structures having respective surface areas that are implemented to contact at least one of an electrode and other ones of the structures.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University
 Beta-lactamase substrates and methods of their use for the diagnosis of tuberculosis patent thumbnailBeta-lactamase substrates and methods of their use for the diagnosis of tuberculosis
β-lactamase substrates and methods for using the substrates to detect β-lactamase diagnose tuberculosis.. .
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Methods and compositions for treating or diagnosing melanoma

Methods and compositions are provided for treating melanoma in a mammalian subject by reducing, inhibiting or down-regulating tumor-associated macrophage (tam) production or activity in the subject. The methods can involve a combination of reducing macrophage production and number while administering an anti-cancer therapy.
The Wistar Institute Of Anatomy And Biology

Host targeted inhibitors of dengue virus and other viruses

Novel antiviral compounds of formulae (i)-(iii) are provided: (i) (ii) (iii) the inventive compounds, pharmaceutical compositions thereof, and kits including the inventive compounds are useful for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases caused by viruses, for example, by flaviviridae virus (e.g., dengue virus (deny)), kunjin virus, japanese encephalitis virus, vesicular stomatitis virus (vsv), herpes simplex virus 1 (hsv-1), human cytomegalovirus (hcmv), poliovirus, junin virus, ebola virus, marburg virus (marv), lassa fever virus (lasv), venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (veev), or rift valley fever virus (rvfv).. .
Dana-farber Cancer Institute, Inc.

Shaped parts made from corrosion-resistant copper alloys

The invention relates to metal formed parts, a method for producing the formed parts, use of the formed parts and the use of alloys to produce formed parts. Formed parts are produced from copper alloys with the composition (percent by weight) sn: 2 to 8%, zn: 2.5 to 13%, pb: less than 0.25%, ni: maximum 0.6%, optionally phosphorous, remainder cu, but at least 84%, and unavoidable impurities, wherein the production of the formed parts includes at least one hot pressing process.
Wieland-werke Ag

Hydrogenation catalysts with cobalt-modified supports

The present invention relates to catalysts, to processes for making catalysts and to chemical processes employing such catalysts. The catalysts are preferably used for converting acetic acid to ethanol.
Celanese International Corporation

Light-activated cation channel and uses thereof

The present invention provides compositions and methods for light-activated cation channel proteins and their uses within cell membranes and subcellular regions. The invention provides for proteins, nucleic acids, vectors and methods for genetically targeted expression of light-activated cation channels to specific cells or defined cell populations.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Targeting a non-canonical notch signaling pathway for cancer treatment

Methods and compositions are provided for treating an individual having cancer. Aspects of the methods include administering to the individual an inhibitor of a non-canonical notch signaling pathway gene in an amount effective to treat the cancer.
The Board Of Trustees Of The Leland Stanford Junior University

Histone demethylase inhibitors

Provided herein are substituted pyrazolylpyridine, pyrazolylpyridazine, and pyrazolylpyrimidine derivative compounds and pharmaceutical compositions comprising said compounds. The subject compounds and compositions are useful for inhibition histone demethylase.
Quanticel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Compositions and methods for lowering triglycerides without raising ldl-c levels in a subject on concomitant statin therapy

In various embodiments, the present invention provides compositions and methods for treating and/or preventing cardiovascular-related diseases in subject in need thereof.. .
Amarin Pharmaceuticals Ireland Limited

Low profile mobile/fixed prosthetic knee systems

A knee prosthesis system has a tibial component with frame with medial and lateral openings to receive the medial and lateral bearing components. The bearing components have distal surfaces that are exposed when assembled with the frame and pegs extending distally from the distal surfaces.
Deputy (ireland)

Orthopaedic tibial prosthesis having tibial augments

A tibial orthopaedic prosthesis assembly for use during performance of a knee replacement procedure includes one or more tibial augments configured to be coupled to a tibial tray. Each tibial augment includes an exterior side surface of varying angulation relative to a top surface of the tibial augment..
Depuy (ireland)

Surgical instruments

A kit of parts for inserting a deformable implant into a cavity in a bone of a patient is described. An inserter instrument (1) comprises a body (100) having a cavity extending along a longitudinal axis from a distal end to a proximal end.
Depuy (ireland)

Apparatus and providing a reference indication to a patient tissue

An apparatus for providing a reference indication to a patient tissue includes a primary locating block having a patient-specific primary mating surface contoured for mating contact with a portion of the patient tissue in a predetermined primary mating orientation custom-configured responsive to preoperative imaging of the patient tissue. At least one mounting feature is provided to the primary locating block.
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Devices and methods for treating medical conditions associated with sacroiliac joint abnormalities

Device and methods for treating conditions caused by or associated with a sacroiliac joint abnormality using radiofrequency ablation. A surgical jig is provided that facilitates safe, easy, and quick placement of electrodes in a patient's spinal region for radiofrequency ablation of a set of spinal nerves and/or sacroiliac ligaments..
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Food supplement composition

A dietary supplement for promoting increased vitality, supporting mood, improving heart health, improving immune strength, improving antioxidant balance, protecting against free radical damage, improving bowel function, and enhancing flavonoid intake. The dietary supplement is a combination of cacao, chia seeds, goji berries, and maca root.
Homeland Housewares, Llc

Uveal melanoma prognosis

Methods and kits for monitoring or providing a prognosis for a subject having uveal melanoma are described. The methods include obtaining a biological sample from the subject, determining the expression level of one or more uveal melanoma-associated mirs and/or mir biogenesis factors in the biological sample, and characterizing the subject as high risk if one or more uveal melanoma-associated mirs and/or mir biogenesis factors are differentially expressed as compared with a corresponding control..
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Radiation therapy device for ocular melanoma

The present invention advantageously provides a method and system for providing accurately localized, non-invasive radiation treatment for ocular melanoma or other intraocular indications through the completion of specified research tasks. The present invention further provides for dynamic localization of tumors associated with such indications.
University Of Miami

Compounds with reduced ring size for use in diagnosing and treating melanoma, including metastatic melanoma and methods related to same

The present invention is directed to novel non-invasive diagnostic tools/compounds to image cancers, especially, melanoma, including metastatic melanoma in vivo. The present compounds exhibit enhanced uptake in cancerous cells and tissue and decreased renal uptake in kidney, evidencing favorable pharmacokinetics of compounds of the present invention.

Peptide tyrosinase activators

Peptides that increase melanin synthesis are provided. These peptides include pentapeptides ysswy, yrsrk, and their variants.
Escape Therapeutics, Inc.

Transgenic mouse models for mc4r

There are provided herein transgenic non-human animals and cells comprising a transgene encoding either a mutated human melanocortin type-4 receptor (hmc4r) protein, wherein the mutated protein is misfolded and retained intracellularly, or a wild-type human melanocortin type-4 receptor (hmc4r) protein. Transgenes and targeting constructs used to produce such transgenic animals and cells are also provided, as well as methods for using the transgenic animals in pharmaceutical screening and as commercial research animals for modeling obesity..
Universite De Montreal

Seriniquinones, melanoma-specific anticancer agents

There are provided, inter alia, derivatives of seriniquinone and methods useful for the treatment of cancer, and in particular treatment of melanoma and prostate cancer.. .
The Regents Of The University Of California, A California Corporation

Polymer sheet

The invention is directed to a polymer sheet and its use as part of a solar paneland glass element. The sheet comprises multiple coextruded polymer layers, wherein at least two or more layers of the polymer sheet comprise a luminescence downshifting compound for at least partially absorbing radiation having a certain wavelength and re-emitting radiation at a longer wavelength than the wavelength of the absorbed radiation, and wherein a luminescence downshifting compound in a first polymer layer can absorb more radiation at a lower wavelength than the luminescence downshifting compound present in a next layer..
Novopolymers N.v

Method and system for predicting recurrence and non-recurrence of melanoma using sentinel lymph node biomarkers

A method of characterizing melanoma in a subject involves determining the presence or level of one or more bio-markers in a sample obtained from a sentenal lymph node (sln) of a subject.. .
University Of Louisville Research Foundation, Inc.

Melanoma chemoprevention

Disclosed herein are methods and uses for preventing melanoma, reducing progression of atypical nevi, and inducing cell cycle arrest and/or apoptosis in a melanoma cell through oral and enteral administration of sulforaphane to subjects indicated to be at risk due to factor(s) such as medical history of atypical nevi, melanoma, or uv exposure. Sulforaphane can be administered orally as a safe and well-tolerated natural agent as a chemopreventive strategy in individuals with atypical melanocytic nevi..
University Of Pittsburgh - Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education

Compositions for affecting weight loss

Disclosed are compositions for affecting weight loss comprising a first compound and a second compound, where the first compound is an opioid antagonist and the second compound causes increased agonism of a melanocortin 3 receptor (mc3-r) or a melanocortin 4 receptor (mc4-r) compared to normal physiological conditions. Also disclosed are methods of affecting weight loss, increasing energy expenditure, increasing satiety in an individual, or suppressing the appetite of an individual, comprising identifying an individual in need thereof and treating that individual to antagonize opioid receptor activity and to enhance α-msh activity..
Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc.

Salacia compositions, methods of treatment by their administration, and methods of their preparation

A salacia composition described herein significantly reduces appetite, activates hormone sensitive lipase, and manages a healthy lipid profile through inhibition of hmg-coa reductase enzyme. Salacia compositions described herein include of at least 12% of polyphenols, 2% of mangiferin and 1% of 25,26-oxidofriedelane-1,3-dione by weight of the composition in the form of extract.
Omniactive Health Technologies (canada) Limited

Formulation of dual cycloxygenase (cox) and lipoxygenase (lox) inhibitors for mammal skin care

The present invention provides a novel composition of matter comprised of a mixture of two specific classes of compounds—free-b-ring flavonoids and flavans—for use in the prevention and treatment of diseases and conditions associated with the skin. This composition of matter simultaneously inhibits cyclooxygenase (cox) and lipoxygenase (lox) enzymatic activity in normal, aged and damaged dermal cells and tissues.
Unigen, Inc.

Immunological markers for adjuvant therapy in melanoma

The present invention concerns embodiments for determining whether an individual in need of immunotherapy will be responsive to the immunotherapy. Determination of one or more snps in particular genes is predictive of responsiveness to immunotherapy, particularly in individuals that have melanoma, for example.
John Wayne Cancer Institute

Contrast-enhancing agent for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging comprising melanin nanoparticles stably dispersed in water

The present invention relates to a contrast agent for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, and more particularly, to a contrast agent for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging containing melanin nanoparticles having a uniform shape and size, thereby providing good dispersibility in water, no cell toxicity, and a long retention time in vivo.. .
Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University

Peptide compounds derived from melanotransferrin and uses thereof

Peptide compounds derived from human melanotransferrin, and compositions thereof, are described. Uses of these peptide compounds, for example to modulate angiogenesis and/or cell migration, and/or to treat angiogenesis-related disorders (e.g., cancer), are also described..

Mrm-ms signature assay

The present invention relates to mass spectrometry methods employing multiple reaction monitoring (mrm) in the field of cancer therapeutics, specifically prostate cancer and melanoma.. .

Lycopene and resveratrol dietary supplement

A dietary supplement is disclosed comprising lycopene and resveratrol in a range of ratio of lycopene:resveratrol from 1:10 to 10:1. Preferably, the ratio is 1:2 to 1:4.

Novel melanoma antigen peptide and uses thereof

The present invention relates to a melanoma antigen peptide comprising the amino acids sequence selected in the group consisting of seq id no: 10, seq id no: 11, seq id no: 12, seq id no: 13, seq id no: 14 or seq id no: 15 or a function-conservative variant thereof. Moreover the invention also relates to a melanoma antigen peptide according to the invention for use in the prevention or the treatment of melanoma in patient..

Method for predicting recurrence of melanoma using mirna alterations

Described herein are mirna-based methods for prognosis of recurrence of melanoma and related methods and kits. The present invention addresses these and other needs by providing a method for predicting the likelihood of recurrence of melanoma (including distal metastasis and locoregional recurrence) in a subject diagnosed with melanoma.
New York University

Hyaluronic acid production promoter and melanin production inhibitor

A hyaluronic acid production promoter and a melanin synthesis inhibitor include soybean saponin as an active ingredient. The soybean saponin can be a soybean saponin aglycone, such as soyasapogenol a and/or soyasapogenol b.
J-oil Mills, Inc.

Administration of a raf inhibitor and a mek inhibitor in the treatment of melanoma

Disclosed are methods for the treatment of non-brafv600e mutant melanoma in patients in need of such treatment. The methods comprise administering to such a patient a mek inhibitor such as (r)-3-(2,3-dihydroxypropyl)-6-fluoro-5-((2-fluoro-4-iodophenyl)amino)-8-methylpyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidine-4,7(3h,8h)-dione (tak-733) and a raf inhibitor selected from n-{7-cyano-6-[4-fluoro-3-({[3-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]acetyl}amino)phenoxy]-1,3-benzothiazol-2-yl}cyclopropanecarboxamide (tak-632) and (r)-2-(1-(6-amino-5-chloropyrimidine-4-carboxamido)ethyl)-n-(5-chloro-4-(trifluoromethyl)pyridin-2-yl)thiazole-5-carboxamide (mln2480).
Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Modulators of the prostacyclin (pgi2) receptor useful for the treatment of disorders related thereto

The present invention relates to amide derivatives of formula (xiiia) and pharmaceutical compositions thereof that modulate the activity of the pgi2 receptor. Compounds of the present invention and pharmaceutical compositions thereof are directed to methods useful in the treatment of: pulmonary arterial hypertension (pah); idiopathic pah; familial pah; pah associated with a collagen vascular disease, a congenital heart disease, portal hypertension, hiv infection, ingestion of a drug or toxin, hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia, splenectomy, pulmonary veno-occlusive disease (pvod) or pulmonary capillary hemangiomatosis (pch); pah with significant venous or capillary involvement; platelet aggregation; coronary artery disease; myocardial infarction; transient ischemic attack, angina; stroke; ischemia-reperfusion injury; restenosis; atrial fibrillation; blood clot formation in an angioplasty or coronary bypass surgery individual or in an individual suffering from atrial fibrillation; atherosclerosis; atherothrombosis; asthma or a symptom thereof; a diabetic-related disorder such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy or diabetic retinopathy; glaucoma or other disease of the eye with abnormal intraocular pressure; hypertension; inflammation; psoriasis; psoriatic arthritis; rheumatoid arthritis; crohn's disease; transplant rejection; multiple sclerosis; systemic lupus erythematosus (sle); ulcerative colitis; ischemia-reperfusion injury; restenosis; atherosclerosis; acne; type 1 diabetes; type 2 diabetes; sepsis; and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (copd)..

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