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System and method for facilitating an interactive story
A method for facilitating an interactive story includes a computer receiving data representative of an event in a story, the event corresponding to a first page number of a book. A computer communicates a task based on the event. A computer receives data representative of a response to the task. A...

Apparatus and method for early decoding of tfci in umts
Disclosed are systems, methods, and computer program products for decoding of transport format combination indicator (TFCI) in a universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS). In one aspect, a method includes receiving by a UE coded TFCI bit sequence on a physical channel, determining a range of TFCI bits that contain information, performing...

Page-turning device and document camera system
A page-turning device turning a page of a book includes a turning unit and a blower. The turning unit holds the page at a departure position of the page of the book being opened and releases the holding of the page at a destination position of the page. The blower sends...

Print control method and apparatus
Upon designating bookbinding print, preview images are displayed in a layout after bookbinding. When “store” of intermediate data is designated in a print process, a spooler () stores intermediate data and an output job setup file in a spool file (). When the stored job is selected, a previewer () displays...

Methods and systems for generating a mid-point periodic mark pool tradeable index
A computerized method provides periodic mark trading of financial instruments on a computerized trading system having one or more server computers. The method comprises at least one of the server computers: receiving a communication from a customer computer on a trading date, the communication including at least one periodic mark limit...

Scheduling management environment for cordinating allocation of external resources to a plurality of competing company activities
A method for coordinating limited resources selected from a plurality of limited resources and distributed within a pair of scheduled time periods, the method for execution on a computer processor using stored instructions. The method includes receiving a request for calendar access by a first company; displaying a first time period...

System and method for arranging aggregated unscheduled transport service
A method for booking transport on an aggregated transport service comprises receiving an indication of an origin, a destination, and a date of transport for transport on an aggregated transport service, determining a price for the indicated transport, transmitting information relating to the origin, destination, price, and the date of transport,...

Paper sheet having a hinge adjacent to its spine edge, a plurality of the sheets being bound into a book whereby the sheets lay flat when the book opened
A method for binding a plurality of paper sheets to form a book, grooves being formed in both surfaces of each sheet adjacent the sheet spine. The sheets lay flat when the book is opened....

Image-reading device, image-reading method and computer readable storage medium
An image-reading device images each page of a book as a basic image and cuts out a predetermined area of the basic image. The device includes an initial-parameter specification unit, a final-parameter specification unit, a determination unit and a correction unit. The initial-parameter specification unit specifies a parameter for the predetermined...

Image processing apparatus and image scanning apparatus
An image processing apparatus includes a local maximum point identifying unit, a distribution deriving unit, and a binding position identifying unit. The local maximum point identifying unit is configured to identify positions of local maximum points of densities along a first scanning direction in an input image of a book. The...

Book binding adhesive application controller
A device for controlling the application of glue on the spine of a book. The device consists of a computerized controller that tracks the precise location of the book in the binding system, and a servo motor that controls a doctor blade, the servo motor is connected to the controller and...

Video bookmarking
The video bookmark feature allows a user to tag an item or segment of interest within audio/video content being watched. Each tag, or bookmark, can contain within it metadata associated with the content captured by the receiver at the time the bookmark was recorded; further information can be derived via interaction...

Process and system for authenticating ownership of a physical book to a third party via a mobile application
A user's mobile device has an application that, when employed, verifies and authenticates to a third party that the user has ownership of a physical book. Use of the application's process allows unique identification of each book by means of ISBN lookup in conjunction with a) signature image analysis or b)...

Cover assembly
A cover assembly joins with a book to enable a sheet to display from the book, and to provide protection to the sheets within the book. The book includes a check book. The sheet slides between a transparent upper cover and a transparent lower cover through a sheet reception portion. The...

Apparatus for holding and displaying articles
An assembly for holding and displaying books, or items having a book-like structure includes a book attached to a hinged book-holding device, which displays the book in various positions. The hinge allows the book to move in at least two positions, a first standing position and a second, inclined position. The...

Consistent bookmark
A request to generate a snapshot of the master file system for replication is received. The master file system is frozen and a freeze callback function is invoked to generate a consistent point in time. The freeze callback function initiates generation of a bookmark event based on a current time. The...

Multimedia keepsakes and method and system for their manufacture
An audio or multimedia unit is provided which may be attached to or mounted within an existing book. In a record mode of operation, it permits a user to select a particular page of the book and record audio or multimedia information relative to that page. In a playback mode of...

Combined curriculum and grade book manager with integrated student/teacher evaluation functions based on adopted standards
A combined curriculum and grade book manager with integrated student/teacher evaluation functions based on adopted standards is described. A curriculum managing module is configured to provide for display a plurality of course identifiers for courses taught by a teacher and a curriculum associated with each course identifier. Each curriculum includes a...

Glue application unit for perfect binding machine
The gluing unit is provided with a sideways glue-applying member which can engage with throat regions (s) on both sides of a spine (r) of a book body (P), and the lateral glue-applying member is provided with a pair of scrapers (). Each scraper of the pair of scrapers is...

Outward calling method for public telephone networks
A call management device is connected between a standard push button or rotary dial telephone and a public telephone network, and it operates to place (dial) calls on the public telephone network. The call management device maintains a telephone book that can be used to look up a phone number by...

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