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Electronic holder for reading books
A book support and optical scanner assembly for converting printed text to an audio output includes a support for supporting an open book and a pair of optical scanners adapted to scan opposite pages. The assembly also includes means for moving the scanners from the top of the page to the...

Agent-side traveler application for mobile computing devices
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for generating passenger bookings along transportation routes. In some implementations, actions include generating a request at a mobile computing device, the request including route data corresponding to a route, transmitting the request to a server system, receiving route...

Method and system for interactive fantasy gambling contest
A server hosting a website and method thereto for managing an interactive system for a plurality of users connected via a communication network, wherein each user may play as a bettor and/or as a bookie on a real life scheduled competition, such as a sporting event. The user who is assigned...

Dynamically loadable contact center bookmarks in co-browsing environments
Methods and systems of co-browsing may provide for establishing a co-browsing session for a local peer device, generating a navigation window associated with the co-browsing session, and loading a set of bookmarks into the navigation window. The bookmarks may also be dynamically updated based on the browsing sequence as well as...

Method, system and apparatus for dynamic book registry of books and for modeling real-time demand for books within academic sectors
A system provides a connection between education administration, particularly as such administration assigns or selects books, and the marketing and use of those books. Such marketing and use of those books and information related to those books can include, without limitation, consumer product information, the publishing industry and specifically book publishing,...

Personal transaction number
The Personal Transaction Number, (PTN), will cease fraudulent Activity in the banking industry and even some secured web sites. It is a series of numbers which shall be offered by banking, credit and Insurance industries, to their customers. A series of (PTN) in check size booklets, with each individual page displaying...

Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system
A sheet processing apparatus includes a conveying unit that conveys a booklet formed by folding a sheet bundle; a processing unit that performs a predetermined process on the booklet; a booklet holding unit that includes first and second holding members to hold the booklet and varies a gap distance between the...

Method of detecting and correcting digital images of books in the book spine area
An image of a scanned book is segmented using a feature image to map pixels corresponding to a page area and to create page objects and detect borders of the page. A book spine region is detected by locating a plain background area between two of the page objects, analyzing the...

Method and system for implementing an on-demand scheduler in a mobile device
Disclosed is an improved approach for implementing an on-demand scheduler in a mobile device and the structures to support realtime on-demand schedulers. A lightweight word-based structure is disclosed for storing scheduling-related data on the mobile device. Using this lightweight word-based structure enables on-demand and real-time scheduling. This type of lightweight structure...

Method and system for implementing an on-demand scheduler
Disclosed is an improved approach for implementing an on-demand scheduler and the structures to support realtime on-demand schedulers. A lightweight word-based structure is disclosed for storing scheduling-related data. Using this lightweight word-based structure enables on-demand and real-time scheduling. This type of lightweight structure also permits scheduling activities to be performed in...

Audio decoding using variable-length codebook application ranges
Provided are, among other things, systems, methods and techniques for decoding an audio signal from a frame-based bit stream. At least one frame includes processing information pertaining to the frame and entropy-encoded quantization indexes representing audio data within the frame. The processing information includes: (i) code book indexes, and (ii) code...

Book for illustrating and describing activities
An interactive personalized activity book for illustrating and describing activities is disclosed. The book is a children's book, the subject is a child and the user is a child's parent or caregiver. The activities are directed to attending preschool or childcare, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. The book's objective is to help a...

Rfid-based book tagging device and method
The present invention relates to a radio frequency identification (RFID) device and method for book tagging, using which a RFID tag which is designed to attach to a book is first being scanned and detected in view of optimizing the RFID tag's signal strength and its effective reading rate as well...

Reader with enhanced user functionality
A bookmarking system including a reader interface configured to cause content to be displayed on an electronic device having a touch-sensitive screen. The system includes a bookmark module configured to add a bookmark when a user swipes downwardly on the screen, wherein the bookmark is a record relating to the content...

System and method for searching a bookmark and tag database for relevant bookmarks
A method comprises receiving a search request to search a bookmark package database storing bookmarks and tag information, e.g., user-generated keywords; using the search request to search the tag information in the bookmark package database to locate relevant bookmarks and to generate search results; and presenting the search results to a...

Mobile terminal and method of controlling operation of the mobile terminal
A method of controlling an operation of a mobile terminal having a display screen, and which includes displaying a plurality of avatar images on the display screen, wherein at least a first avatar image represents a first party registered in a phone book of the mobile phone; detecting, via a controller...

Device for joining book block and book cover
Device for joining book block and book cover includes conveyor device, embodied to lift a book block from a lower position into an upper position, and an adhesive application station applying adhesive to the outsides of the book block. Conveyor device and the adhesive application station are arranged so adhesive is...

Collapsible book holder
The present invention includes a collapsible book holder adapted to hold a book in an open position. The present invention preferably is adapted to be folded into a flat or substantially flat position where it may be conveniently placed in a pocket or purse, or placed in a book as a...

Bookmarks including ribbon holding features and related methods
Bookmarks can include separate components that are attached to each other. Some bookmarks include a base that is configured to be attached to a book and a ribbon that is configured to serve as a placeholder between pages of the book. The ribbon can be attached to the base via attachment...

Bookmarks including coupling features and related methods
Bookmarks can include a base that can couple with a cover of a book and a ribbon that can be attached to the base. For some bookmarks, the base includes a display body that can be positioned at an exterior of a cover of a book when the bookmark is coupled...

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