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Automatic bookmark and paper clip
A bookmark which automatically holds a reader's place in a book, which may serve also as a decorative paper clip. The bookmark is made of two flat plates, on which an elastic band is mounted. When used as an automatic bookmark, the plates are mounted on a corner of the book's...

System and method for providing a secure book device using cryptographically secure communications across secure networks
A gateway device is used to control the flow of data to and from a network. To ensure that a message is not transmitted beyond the edge of an intranet without authorization such as outside of a private network, or to a device within the private network without authorization, a gateway...

Implied volatility based pricing and risk tool and conditional sub-order books
The Book Order Management (BOM) system provides a fully automated and efficient electronic trading environment for derivatives trading. The BOM system allows traders to electronically, in real time, both make two sided markets in any option or combination of options, and issue quotations for immediate use, so that the trader providing...

Device for feeding book blocks into the infeed channel of a subsequent processing arrangement
In a device for feeding book blocks () into the infeed channel () of a subsequent processing arrangement with a book block feeder () that essentially feeds the book blocks () into the infeed channel () vertically from above transverse to the conveying direction of the infeed channel (), at least...

Device for feeding book blocks into the infeed channel of a subsequent processing arrangement
In a device for feeding book blocks () into the infeed channel () of a subsequent processing arrangement with an intermittently rotating star feeder () that features several block receptacles () that are arranged on a roller divided into disks () in a star-shaped fashion and respectively feature perpendicularly aligned first...

Processing binary options in future exchange clearing
Systems and methods are disclosed for processing binary options (also referred to as digital options) in existing clearing systems, such as futures clearing systems. The binary option is treated, or processed, similar to standard options on a non-tradeable cash-settled underlying futures contract. A hypothetical instrument, referred to as a book instrument...

Flexible booking of a shared vehicle
A method, apparatus and computer program product for providing flexible booking of a shared vehicle is presented. An application for a mobile device is provided having an interface to allow a user of the mobile device to make a reservation of a shared vehicle by selecting a date the user desires...

Method, electronic map, and mobile terminal for generating map phone book
Embodiments of the present invention disclose a method, an electronic map, and a mobile terminal for generating a map phone book. The method includes: obtaining location related information of a contact; matching the location related information with location information in an electronic map; if the matching succeeds, adding the contact information...

Systems and methods for producing, reproducing, and maintaining electronic books
Systems and methods for producing, reproducing, and maintaining electronic books are provided. In one aspect, a system () may include a book producing device () configured to create at least one page image () for an electronic book including reproducible content, where the page image () includes a selectable portion having...

Presenting structured book search results
Methods, systems, and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on a computer storage medium, for presenting book search results. A query is received requesting a search of text of a book resource. A presentation of search results that satisfy the query is generated, wherein each of the search results identifies a portion...

Method and device for exchanging an adhesive application roller
A method and apparatus for exchanging an application roller which is aligned with a duct roller used to apply glue to a spine of a book block by rolling off the book block spine. The duct roller removes glue from a glue container to transfer glue to the application roller. At...

Book production system, method and program storage medium
The disclosed book production system and method allow a book block and flexible book cover for that book block to be printed in the same print job immediately prior to binding. Specifically, a user-selection indicates that a book print job contains both the book block and the cover. Raster image processing...

Ensuring validity of the bookmark reference in a collaborative bookmarking system
A method, system and computer program product for ensuring that the tags accurately describe a resource referenced by a bookmark in a collaborative bookmarking system. A user bookmarking an Internet resource that is referenced by a bookmark is detected. The user provides a description of the bookmark in the form of...

Systems, methods, and machine-readable storage media for interfacing with a computer flight system
Provided herein are systems, methods and machine-readable media for interfacing with computer flight systems. For example, in one embodiment, a method includes: maintaining, via a data processing system, a pool of provisional flights; receiving a bid or a booking; and in response to receiving the bid or the booking, modifying at...

Bookbinding control device, non-transitory computer readable medium, bookbinding system, and bookbinding control method
A bookbinding control device includes an acquisition unit that acquires print data including post-processing unnecessary pages and post-processing necessary pages, a printing controller that, after post-processed sheets on which post-processing is performed on sheets with the printed post-processing necessary pages are supplied to a sheet feed unit, prints the post-processing unnecessary...

System, method and computer readable medium for identifying the likelihood of a student failing a particular course
Systems and methods for assessing the likelihood of a student of an educational institution failing a particular course taken by the student. Configuration data that identifies, for a particular course, a plurality of grade book applications, a plurality of student information systems, and a plurality of learning management systems is stored...

Instant electronic book club
An electronic book club system prompts a user ordering a book to join a club that corresponds to various characteristics of the user, such as the user's reading pace, geography and other interests. A social networking facility manages various aspects of the operation of the book club. Roles for book club...

Method for providing phone book service and associated electronic device thereof
A method for providing a phone book service and an electronic device thereof are provided. In the method, an attempted call to a specific phone number is detected. Whether the specific phone number invalid is determined. When the specific phone number is invalid, information associated with the specific phone number is...

Apparatus and method for providing hybrid fairy tale book in mobile terminal
An apparatus and method for providing a hybrid fairy tale book in a mobile terminal are provided. The apparatus for providing a hybrid fairy tale book in a mobile terminal includes a downloader which downloads a book application selected by a terminal user from a storage server, a processor which displays...

Folding chair riser
A set of extenders attach to chair legs, such as folding chair legs, to safely and easily increase the height of the chair. The extenders can be designed as blocks that attach to the chair legs and can provide two different height adjustment positions. The blocks do not restrict movement of...

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