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Binding plant for hardcover books and binding method for these books
A binding plant for hardcover books comprising a binding equipment and a false cover forming equipment. The false cover forming equipment carries out false covers, by positioning a pair of endpapers in correspondence of lateral binding flaps of a respective backstrip, arranging folds of the endpapers at a pre-assembling distance associated...

Online booking method and system
A computer-implemented method for listing available resources in a client-server e-commerce system. The method comprises receiving from a first seller a first listing of at least one resource offered by the first seller and receiving from a second seller a second listing of at least one resource offered by the second...

System and method for digital evidence analysis and authentication
The system disclosed provides an efficient mechanism for acquiring email and other data from remote systems in a forensically sound manner. Email for users can be requested by investigators from email servers across the country. It is then be automatically acquired and made available to the examiner, subject to approval, and...

Interactive media device and method
An interactive media device and method allows a user to select a format by which stored text of a book or stored audio of a book or combinations thereof are presented to the user. For example, if the user wishes to read the book, the user may select display of the...

Calculating booklet sheet length using toner thickness
A booklet is produced including an outer sheet and an inner sheet folded and nested together. A print image having a thickness is printed where it is between the two sheets when they nest together. A cut length is calculated using the thicknesses of the sheets and the thickness of the...

Producing booklet by cutting before printing
A method of producing a booklet including an outer sheet and an inner sheet nested together. A processor calculates a cut length in a specific direction of the inner sheet using the thicknesses of the sheets, so that when the sheets are folded and the inner sheet is nested into the...

Probabilistic linking approach for serving impressions in guaranteed delivery advertising
A computer-implemented method and display advertising server network for serving impression opportunities to a frequency-capped guaranteed delivery contract in a system for delivery of display advertising to a user. The method includes steps for receiving, from a computer, an event predicate and a user ID corresponding to the user, retrieving, from...

Creating and managing reference elements of deployable web archive files
In some embodiments a mechanism creates a bookmark of a deployable web archives. In some embodiments, the bookmark includes deployment and runtime information of current and prior invocations of the deployable web archive, at least one user- and/or author-defined external specified tag describing the deployable web archive, and/or reference/link/access information to...

Speaker size adapting method
A method for adapting a small stereo speaker for mounting in a hole designed for a larger speaker (the hole being in a mounting wall). A pair of adapters are provided. These are plates which include an inner perimeter and an outer perimeter. When the two plates are placed together (like...

Online bookmarking system
An online bookmarking system enabling a logged-in user to assemble, organize and access personal web links from any online location through a user-specific uniform resource locator is disclosed. The system comprises a bookmark adding button enabling the Internet user to add a currently visited webpage to a user-specific database of server-stored...

Communication method and apparatus, server and client on network, and program codes realizing communication thereof
An end user is provided with an environment to easily remote-control a video camera via a general network such as the Internet. For this purpose, on a client side, the content of camera control is described in file-transfer protocol description, and the description is transferred to a camera server on the...

Retrieval system, image forming apparatus, and recording medium
A retrieval system comprises an image forming apparatus having a box which is a data storage area and a terminal device for retrieval, which is connected to the image forming apparatus via a network, and retrieves information stored in the image forming apparatus. The image forming apparatus has a storage part...

Image processing apparatus, image processing method, defect detection method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and program
An image processing apparatus which compresses an image, the apparatus includes: a storage unit which stores a code book, the code book being prepared by allocating identification codes to code blocks, the code blocks being formed by executing quantization processing regarding a plurality of first image blocks as multidimensional vectors, the...

Making booklet by iteratively folding and cutting
A booklet with a cover sheet and a plurality of inner sheets is produced. The cover sheet is folded to begin the booklet. One at a time, the inner sheets are selectively printed, folded, and nested into the booklet. When each inner sheet is nested in the booklet, an edge of...

Method and apparatus for providing a stack composed of book covers for book production and a book production line provided with the apparatus
A method and apparatus provides for a stack composed of book covers for production of finished books. The book covers are compiled, stacked one above another in an unknown or known sequence and provided with unknown cover information to form a task stack. The book covers of the task stack have...

Cover feeder for supplying book covers to a book production line, a method for stacking book covers on a cover feeder and a book production line utilizing the cover feeder
A book cover feeder to supply book covers to a production unit of a book production line. The feeder has a guiding side and a driving side for conveying the book covers in a production direction. The book cover feeder comprising includes a feeding device onto which book covers of a...

System and method for contextualized, interactive maps for finding and booking services
In one embodiment, a method that can be performed on a system, is provided for contextualized interactive maps for finding and booking services. In one embodiment, the method comprises receiving a user's request for one or more services related to an identified location; presenting a map to the user, the map...

System and method for improved order entry using market depth
Market depth information pertaining to the hedging side is utilized to intelligently break a non-hedging order into multiple orders, such that the orders rest at cascading price levels. This way, the trader can benefit from sweeps in the book and still properly account for the market depth on the hedging side....

Editable bookmarks shared via a social network
Editable bookmarks shared via a social network are described. In embodiments, a bookmark is received from a client device at a media content service. The bookmark corresponds to a media asset and includes an identifier of the media asset. Metadata associated with the media asset is added to the bookmark to...

Information processing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium
An apparatus includes a storage unit configured to, if an instruction to interrupt an operation of a bookbinding application that sets print setting information is received, store operation contents of the bookbinding application at a point of interruption, a creation unit configured to create a shortcut icon to reproduce the operation...

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