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Dye patents


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new patent Drug carrier and manufacturing method thereof
A drug carrier and a manufacturing method thereof are provided. The drug carrier includes a hydrophilic group, a hydrophobic group and an organic dye.
National Taiwan University Hospital

Nucleic acid amplification method
The invention relates to a method for the simultaneous detection of at least four nucleic acids labeled with a covalently attached dye in a sample comprising the step of detecting the fluorescence emission of said fluorescent dyes upon excitation, wherein the at least four dyes attached to said nucleic acids are selected from the groups of i) 6-fam or 5-fam or a blend thereof covalently attached to a first nucleic acid, ii) dy-530, hex or atto 532 or a blend thereof covalently attached to a second nucleic acid, iii) att0550 or dy-555 or a blend thereof covalently attached to a third nucleic acid, iv) att0565, dy510-xl or rox or a blend thereof covalently attached to a fourth nucleic acid, v) dy632 or dy520-xl or a blend thereof covalently attached to a fifth nucleic acid and, vi) chromeo 494 attached to a sixth nucleic acid, wherein chromeo 494 must be one of the four selected.. .
Qiagen Gmbh

Stabilization of dyes in cosmetic and dermatological preparations
And (b) combining the amino-substituted hydroxybenzophenone compound with a composition to be stabilized selected from the group consisting of cosmetic preparations and dermatological preparations, are described along with compositions containing an organic dye and an amino-substituted hydroxybenzophenone compound corresponding to the general formula (i).. .

Method for manufacturing a garment having a rigid front portion and a stretchable back portion
A method for making jeans. A material is weaved for use as a front portion of the jeans.
4 What It's Worth, Inc.

Super-resolution microscopy methods and systems enhanced by dielectric microspheres or microcylinders used in combination with metallic nanostructures
Methods and systems for the super-resolution imaging can make visible strongly subwavelength feature sizes (even below 100 nm) in the optical images of biomedical or any nanoscale structures. The main application of the proposed methods and systems is related to label-free imaging where biological or other objects are not stained with fluorescent dye molecules or with fluorophores.

Fluoroimmunoassay method
An object is to provide an immunoassay method requiring neither a solid-phase immobilization step nor a washing step, enabling quick and simple quantitative measurement of a target substance in a liquid phase and capable of visualizing an antigen. Such an object is attained by measuring the concentration of a target antigen present in a test substance by sequentially performing a step (a) of bringing an antibody light-chain variable region polypeptide and an antibody heavy-chain variable region polypeptide labeled with a fluorescent dye into contact with an antigen in a test substance in a liquid phase; or bringing an antibody heavy-chain variable region polypeptide and an antibody light-chain variable region polypeptide labeled with a fluorescent dye into contact with an antigen in a test substance in a liquid phase; a step (b) of measuring the fluorescence intensity of the fluorescent dye; and a step (c) of computationally obtaining the level of the antigen contained in the test substance with reference to a positive correlation between the concentration of the antigen in a liquid phase and the fluorescence intensity of the fluorescent dye..
Ushio Denki Kabushiki Kaisha

Fluorometric immunoassay for detection of anti-dsdna antibodies
The present invention relates to the field of immunological methods, more precisely to the field of detection methods for antibodies against double-stranded dna (dsdna) for diagnostics of chronic autoimmune diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus (sle). The fluorometric immunoassay method for detection of anti-dsdna solves the technical problem of designing a method for detection of the aforesaid antibodies, which would be faster, cheaper and less toxic as the standard farr-ria method, but would have the same diagnostic specificity (which is 100%) and improved diagnostic sensitivity (for 3%).
Univerzitetni Klinicni Center Ljubljana

Bright fluorochromes based on multimerization of fluorescent dyes
The fluorescent dyes can be conjugated to a biomolecule and used for flow cytometry and/or by fluorescence microscopy.. .

Rapid protein labeling and analysis
The present invention provides methods and compositions for labeling, separating and analyzing proteins, particularly a specific protein of interest within a cell lysate or in a mixture of proteins. The proteins are labeled with an amine reactive or thiol reactive fluorescent dye, or an amine reactive fluorogenic reagent that becomes fluorescent upon reacting to amine groups located on the protein.
Life Technologies Corporation

Polarizing plate and producing polarizing plate
A polarizing plate 1 of the present invention includes an alignment layer 3, and a polarizing layer 4 disposed on the alignment layer 3, and containing an organic dye having lyotropic liquid crystallinity, wherein the organic dye in the polarizing layer 4 is in a form of supramolecular aggregates, and the alignment layer 3 contains a cycloolefin based resin.. .

Yellow thermochromic dyes, inks composition and level indicators

A new leuco dye produces a yellow color while demonstrating also exceptional light and thermal stability under light.. .
Chromatic Technologies, Inc.

Phosphole compound and fluorescent dye containing the same

The following formula is an example of a phosphole compound of the present invention. The phosphole compound of the present invention has the characteristic of maintaining a high fluorescence quantum yield in a wide range of solvents from low-polarity solvents to high-polarity solvents, as well as the characteristic in which the fluorescence wavelength shifts to the longer wavelength side as the polarity of the solvent increases.
National University Corporation Nagoya University

Methods and articles for the detection of exposure to polyhydroxyaromatic skin irritants

A method, an article and a kit for the detection and visual indication of contact with or exposure to a polyhydroxyaromatic skin irritant found in the sap of a plant is provided herein. The article comprising a leuco dye undergoes an instantaneous visible color change when contacted with or exposed to a polyhydroxyaromatic skin irritant.
Seeleaf, Inc.

Organic electroluminescent device and manufacture thereof

The present invention discloses an organic electroluminescent device and a manufacturing method thereof. The host material of the light-emitting layer of the organic electroluminescent device is material in which the triplet state energy level of the ct excited state is higher than that of the n-π excited state by 0 to 0.3 ev; or the triplet state of the host material of the light-emitting layer is higher than that of the n-π excited state by more than 1.0 ev; in addition, the difference in energy level between the second triplet state of the n-π state and the first singlet state of the ct excited state is −0.1 to 0.1 ev; and the luminescent dye is a fluorescent dye.
Tsinghua University

Carboxy x rhodamine analogs

The present invention provides novel fluorescent dyes and kits containing the same, which are useful for labeling a wide variety of biomolecules, cells and microorganisms. The present invention also provides various methods of using the fluorescent dyes for research and development, forensic identification, environmental studies, diagnosis, prognosis and/or treatment of disease conditions..
Promega Corporation

Solid-state white light generating lighting arrangements including photoluminescence wavelength conversion components

A white light photoluminescence wavelength conversion component comprises at least one blue light excitable green to yellow light (510 nm to 570 nm) emitting yttrium aluminum garnet (yag) type phosphor material and at least one blue light excitable orange to red light (585 nm to 670 nm) emitting organic fluorescent dye.. .
Intematix Corporation

Solar energy funneling using thermoplastics for algae and cyanobacteria growth

Disclosed is a wavelength conversion material for use in a photo-bioreactor for growing phototrophic organisms. The wavelength conversion material includes an organic fluorescent dye and a polymeric matrix, wherein the organic fluorescent dye is solubilized in the polymeric matrix.
Sabic Global Technologies B.v.

Colour laser markable laminates and documents

A colour laser markable laminate includes a colour laser markable layer including a leuco dye and an infrared absorbing compound, an optional adhesive layer, a polymeric support, an optional outerlayer, wherein the colour laser markable layer further includes an acid scavenger. The support, the optional adhesive layer, or the optional outer layer includes a uv absorbing compound..
Agfa Gevaert

Fluorescent dyes and related methods

Fluorescent dyes with affinity for nucleic acids and related methods are provided. Dielectric or semiconducting films including fluorescent dyes with affinity for nucleic acids and related methods are also provided.
University Of Washington Through Its Center For Commercialization

Fluorescent dyes and methods of use thereof

One method embodiment includes contacting reactive group z of the fluorescent dye compound with the target molecule such that reactive group z reacts with the target molecule to form a covalent bond between the group and the target molecule. Another method embodiment includes contacting a fluorescent dye compound that further includes a first member of a binding pair, with a target molecule that includes a second member of the binding pair.

Modular sublimation printing apparatus

A safe, integrated dye sublimation printer apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus is configured to print one or more images.
The Hillman Group, Inc.

Leuco dyes with hot melt binding matrix

A wetness indicator composition comprising a leuco dye, a color developer, and a hot melt binding matrix.. .
The Procter & Gamble Company

Method for detecting pathogens using microbeads conjugated to biorecognition molecules

A method and system are provided for the simultaneous detection and identification of multiple pathogens in a patient sample. The sample is combined with microbeads, which have been injected with quantum dots or fluorescent dye and conjugated to pathogen-specific biorecognition molecules, such as antibodies and oligonucleotides.
Flo Corporation

Method and system for multiplexed time-resolved fluorescence detection

The present invention is directed to a novel method to multiplex long lifetime fluorescent dyes using time-resolved fluorescence (trf) detection. A combination of spectral and temporal differences in fluorescence emission is used to enhance the ability to separate signals in an assay from multiple dyes.
Molecular Devices, Llc

Uv dye sublimation decoration of complex-shaped objects

Various of the disclosed embodiments concern printing systems configured to deposit flexible dye sublimation inks onto flexible transfer materials. Together, the flexible ink and transfer material allow images to be transferred onto complex-shaped, i.e.
Electronics For Imaging, Inc.

Removable ultraviolet curable dye sublimation inks

Various of the disclosed embodiments concern removable ultraviolet (uv) curable dye sublimation ink to be used in various printing systems and printing methods. In some embodiments, the ink includes a dye component, a uv curable component, and a soluble or solvent-sensitive component.
Electronics For Imaging, Inc.

Optical filter

An optical filter, a process for producing an optical filter, and the use of the optical filter are provided. The optical filter includes a substrate and a filter layer on at least one side of the substrate.
Schott Ag

Novel fluorescent dyes, labeled conjugates and analytical methods

There are described novel fluorescent dyes, conjugates which include a radical of a dye and a biological or a synthetic moiety and diagnostic and in vivo assays utilizing such conjugates and other products including the dyes and conjugates.. .

Bioconjugates of heterocyclic compounds

The invention provides bioconjugates of heterocylic compounds such as s-adenosylmethionine and s-adenosylhomocysteine with biotin or digoxigenin. The bioconjugates also include carbon and nitrogen linker moieties of varying length that are used to attach such compounds to biotin or digoxigenin.

Method of and device for dye sublimation

A vacuum dye sublimation or dye transferring machine provides an even heating mechanism and structures for avoiding a position shifting of a dye sublimation film. A color changing coating composition comprises a first amount of polyurethane, a second amount of curing compounds/agents or hardening agent, a third amount of thermalchromic pigment, and a fourth amount of a solvent.
Imagekiwi Inc.

Monoazo dyes with cyclic amine as fluorescence quenchers

The present disclosure provides reactive quencher dyes that can be used in the detection and/or quantification of desirable target molecules, such as proteins, nucleic acids and various cellular organelles. These dyes are essentially non-fluorescent but are efficient quenchers of various fluorescent dyes.
Enzo Biochem, Inc.

Hot melt wetness indicator composition that includes a leuco dye, and articles including the same

A hot melt wetness indicator composition that includes a water insoluble thermoplastic polymer, an anionic surfactant, a leuco dye, and a component selected from the group consisting of acid, rosin-based tackifying agent, plasticizer and combinations thereof, and is homogeneous is disclosed. The hot melt wetness indicator composition exhibits a color change after contact with water..
H.b. Fuller Company

Sample analyzing method and sample analyzer

A sample analyzing method includes: denaturing dna by heating a measurement specimen; bleaching the measurement specimen to inhibit autofluorescence from the measurement specimen; binding a fluorescent dye to a test substance in the measurement specimen; and capturing an image of fluorescence originated from the fluorescent dye by irradiating the measurement specimen with light. The dna denaturation treatment is performed before the bleaching..
Sysmex Corporation

Near-infrared dye-bound transferrin, and contrast agent for photoacoustic imaging, including the near-infrared dye-bound transferrin

A novel near-infrared dye-bound transferrin exhibiting a high absorption coefficient in the near-infrared wavelength region, a high tumor accumulation property, a high tumor/blood ratio and a high imaging contrast, and a contrast agent for photoacoustic imaging, including the same are provided. A compound is provided in which transferrin and an organic dye having a specified structure that absorbs light in the near-infrared wavelength region are covalently bound..
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

Dye-tintable, abrasion resistant coating for ophthalmic lenses and application

A coating photoreactive composition comprising a hydrolyzed epoxy-silane and other active ingredients is able to provide an organic dye-tintable abrasion resistant coating without the use of traditional dye-tinting enhancing agents such as polymerizable ethers or polymerizable diethers. The compositions exhibit consistently higher abrasion resistance without significant impact on tintability..

Organic dye for a dye-sensitized solar cell

Organic dye for a dye-sensitized solar cell (dssc) comprising at least one electron-acceptor unit and at least one π-conjugated unit. Said organic dye is particularly useful in a dye-sensitized photoelectric transformation element which, in its turn, can be used in a dye-sensitized solar cell (dssc)..
Cnrs (centre National De La Recherche Scientifique)

Fluorescent dye additive for functional fluids

A fluorescent dye in combination with an aviation functional fluid. The fluorescent dye is present in the functional fluid from about 0.0001% by weight to about 1% by weight.
Spectronics Corporation

Organic dye for a dye-sensitized solar cell

Organic dye for a dye-sensitized solar cell (dssc) comprising at least one electron-acceptor unit and at least one π-conjugated unit. Said organic dye is particularly useful in a dye-sensitized photoelectric transformation element which, in its turn, can be used in a dye-sensitized solar cell (dssc)..
Cnrs (centre National De La Recherche Scientifique)

Dye sublimation fabric separated elements

A laminate that possesses dye sublimation properties, particularly for use as tagless labels and embellishments for garments, apparel, fabric items and so forth such as sportswear fabrics, clothing and accessories is provided. The laminate includes a dye sublimation ink layer that overlies a substrate in which the dye sublimation ink interacts with the substrate's chemical make-up..
Avery Dennison Corporation

Synthesis of hyperbranched amphiphilic polyester and theranostic nanoparticles thereof

A method of making a hyperbranched amphiphilic polyester compound includes drying under vacuum a mixture of 2-(4-hydroxybutyl)-malonic acid and p-toluene sulphonic acid as catalyst. The vacuum is then released with a dry inert gas after drying.
University Of Central Florida Research Foundation, Inc.

Azatriangulenium salts as pet-quenched fluorescent probes

The present invention relates to a new class of substituted aza-triangulenium fluorescent dyes having a hydroxy group attached to an aryl as quenching group. The new substituted aza-triangulenium fluorescent dyes may be attached to a linker, conjugated to carrier molecule such as e.g.
KØbenhavns Universitet

Dye topics:
  • Fluorescence
  • Lightening
  • Trichromatic
  • Dispersing Agent
  • Sensitizer
  • Conversion Efficiency
  • Lens Array
  • Electrolyte
  • Enhancement
  • Chromophore
  • Fluorescent Dyes
  • Fluorescent Label
  • Fluorescent Dye
  • Ethylene Glycol
  • Pyrrolidone

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