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Dye patents

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Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Light collector device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Dye-related patents
 Electrophoresis controllers, sensors, and methods for controlling electrophoresis processes patent thumbnailnew patent Electrophoresis controllers, sensors, and methods for controlling electrophoresis processes
An electrophoresis controller for use with an electrophoresis apparatus having a gel matrix disposed between electrodes for separation of particles along with a tracking dye. The electrophoresis controller includes a sensor system and a controller.
The Research Foundation For The State University Of New York
 Light collector device patent thumbnailnew patent Light collector device
The invention provides a sheet-like light collector device comprising a light receiving side and a light exit side, and a plurality of curved structures of light guiding material comprising an organic dye configured to absorb at least part of the light of a light source and to convert at least part of the absorbed light into converted light in the visible wavelength range. Each curved structure has a convex curved part at the light receiving side, a concave part at the light exit side, and a light exit edge part at the light exit side.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.
 Fluorescence detection device patent thumbnailFluorescence detection device
A fluorescence detection device comprises: a plurality of light sources that apply an excitation light from an outside of a living body toward fluorescent dye previously injected into the living body; and a plurality of detectors that detect fluorescence emitted from the fluorescent dye by the excitation light, and output the detected fluorescence as an electric signal. The plurality of light sources and the plurality of detectors are arranged in at least one line.
Hamamatsu Photonics K.k.
 Liquid protein formulations containing water soluble organic dyes patent thumbnailLiquid protein formulations containing water soluble organic dyes
Concentrated, low-viscosity, low-volume liquid pharmaceutical formulations of proteins have been developed. Such formulations can be rapidly and conveniently administered by subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, rather than by lengthy intravenous infusion.
Arsia Therapeutics, Inc.
 Diagnostic devices, methods and systems for detecting platelet factor 4 (pf4)/heparin antibodies patent thumbnailDiagnostic devices, methods and systems for detecting platelet factor 4 (pf4)/heparin antibodies
The present invention provides a novel assay for detecting human antibodies specific for a platelet factor 4 (pf4)/heparin complex in a fluid sample. The assay utilizes an immobilized pf4/polyanion complex and an anti-human antibody conjugated to a non-particulate fluorescent dye to capture and detect human pf4/heparin antibodies.
 Heat transfers suitable for application on dye sublimation apparel patent thumbnailHeat transfers suitable for application on dye sublimation apparel
Heat transfers are provided that have indicia for enhancing the appearance of color dye sublimated fabric material, such as apparel and accessories including sportswear fabrics. The label assembly includes a transfer portion protected by a releasable support portion.
Avery Dennison Retail Information Services Llc
 Fluorescent dyes, fluorescent dye kits, and methods of preparing labeled molecules patent thumbnailFluorescent dyes, fluorescent dye kits, and methods of preparing labeled molecules
The present invention provides methods, compositions, and kits useful in preparing labeled molecules, which are useful in the detection of binding partners.. .
Biotium, Inc.
 Thermal recording material patent thumbnailThermal recording material
A thermal recording material having both of excellent coloring property and storage stability with a low cost is provided. The thermal recording material contains a leuco dye and a developer in a coloring layer, and the developer contains 2,4′-dihydroxydiphenylsulfone and 4,4′-dihydroxydiphenylsulfone with a specific ratio, and the above-mentioned two kinds of the dihydroxydiphenylsulfones are made a material obtained by sequentially undergoing a separating step for heightening the weight ratio of a 2,4′ material from a dichlorodiphenylsulfone mixture containing the 2,4′ material and a 4,4′ material, a reaction step of hydrolyzing the mixture to obtain a dihydroxydiphenylsulfone mixture, and a post-treatment step of subjecting to decolorization and purification..
Fine Ace Corporation
 Protected fluorescent reagent compounds patent thumbnailProtected fluorescent reagent compounds
Protected fluorescent reagent compounds and their methods of synthesis are provided. The compounds are useful in various fluorescence-based analytical methods, including the analysis of highly multiplexed optical reactions in large numbers at high densities, such as single molecule real time nucleic acid sequencing reactions.
Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.
 Offset print stacking tray with waste area patent thumbnailOffset print stacking tray with waste area
A receiving well for use with a thermal dye sublimation printing apparatus is disclosed. The receiving well is used to receive cut sheets printed using the thermal dye sublimation printing.
Kodak Alaris Inc.

Method of tracing chemical quantities using encapsulated fluorescent dyes

The invention provides methods and compositions for utilizing encapsulated tracer dyes in difficult liquids such as wastewater or with highly reactive treatment chemicals such as aluminum-based coagulants. In difficult liquids or highly reactive treatment chemicals even so-called “inert” tracers end up reacting and their fluorescence changes.
Ecolab Usa Inc.

Modular sublimation transfer printing apparatus

A safe, integrated dye sublimation transfer printer apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus is configured to print one or more images onto transfer media, then align the transfer media onto a substrate.
The Hillman Group, Inc.

Automatic sublimated product customization system and process

An automatic product sublimation process is disclosed allowing for point-of-sale customization of sublimation parameters in a retail environment. A dye sublimation transfer printing system is configured to print one or more images onto transfer media, then position the media onto a substrate.
The Hillman Group, Inc.

Integrated sublimation transfer printing apparatus

A safe, integrated dye sublimation transfer printer apparatus is disclosed. The apparatus is configured to print one or more images onto transfer media, then align the transfer media onto a substrate.
The Hillman Group, Inc.

Yellow thermochromic dyes, inks composition and level indicators

A new leuco dye produces a yellow color while demonstrating also exceptional light and thermal stability under light.. .
Chromatic Technologies, Inc.

Carbofluorescein lactone ion indicators and their applications

Fluorescent dyes useful for preparing fluorescent metal ion indicators, the fluorescent indicators themselves, and the use of the fluorescent indicators for the detection, discrimination and quantification of metal cations are provided.. .
Aat Bioquest, Inc.

Lubricating composition

A lubricating oil composition having improved anti-oxidation properties comprising: a base oil comprising a fischer-tropsch derived base oil; and an organic dye compound.. .
Shell Oil Company

Fluorescence intensity correcting method, fluorescence intensity calculating method, and fluorescence intensity calculating apparatus

A fluorescence intensity calculating apparatus, includes a measuring section configured to receive fluorescences generated from plural fluorescent dyes excited by radiating a light to a microparticle multiply-labeled with the plural fluorescent dyes having fluorescence wavelength bands overlapping one another by photodetectors which correspond to different received light wavelength bands, respectively, and whose number is larger than the number of fluorescent dyes, and obtain measured spectra by collecting detected values from the photodetectors, and a calculating section configured to approximate the measured spectra based on a linear sum of single-dyeing spectra obtained from the microparticle individually labeled with the fluorescent dyes, thereby calculating intensities of the fluorescences generated from the fluorescent dyes, respectively.. .

Water-based wetness-indicating composition and sensor

A color-appearing ink composition includes a surfactant blend of at least two non-ionic surfactants having hydrophilic-lipophilic balance values greater than 10, or a non-ionic surfactant having a hydrophilic-lipophilic balance value greater than 10 and a charged surfactant. The composition includes one or more water-insoluble leuco dyes, a developer and a desensitizer.

Tamper detection with microcaspule rupture

Exemplary embodiments of the present invention disclose a method for detecting a tampering event of a component. In a step, an exemplary embodiment encapsulates a fluorescent dye in one or more microcapsules.

Novel heterocyclic fluorescent dyes and production thereof

The invention relates to novel compounds of formula (iii) that can be used as heterocyclic dyes of unique structure and properties. These dyes can be obtained in a three-step synthesis from simple substrates..

Coatings for measuring ph changes

A ph detectable coating. The ph detectable coating includes a ph insensitive fluorescent dye and a ph sensitive fluorescent dye.

Derivatives of 1,2-dihydro-7-hydroxyquinolines containing fused rings

The present invention describes novel dyes, including coumarins, rhodamines, and rhodols that incorporate additional fused aromatic rings. The dyes of the invention absorb at a longer wavelength than structurally similar dyes that do not possess the fused aromatic rings.

Dye sublimated synthetic burlap flag

A dye sublimated synthetic burlap flag that includes the use of a synthetic burlap material made from polyethylene and the printing of a design upon the material using dye sublimation printing and high fastness inks. A method of creating such a flag includes creating a synthetic fabric to resemble burlap fabric using polyethylene fibers, printing a design on the synthetic fabric using high fastness ink, and incorporating the synthetic fabric into an article..

Fluorescent compositions with enhanced fluorescence and methods based thereon

Fluorescent compositions with enhanced fluorescent intensity are provided. Methods for using the fluorescent compositions in medical imaging are also provided.

Fluorescent dyes based on acridine and acridinium derivatives

The present invention relates to fluorescent dyes based on acridine and acridinium derivatives and use of such dyes in for example, biochemical and/or cell-based assays.. .

Cell permeable, fluorescent dye

The dye (i) absorbs and emits light at wavelengths above 600 nm; (ii) possesses high photostability; (iii) has high extinction coefficients and high quantum yields; (iv) can be derivatized with different molecules; and (v) is membrane-permeable and shows minimal background binding to biomolecules and biomolecular structures.. .

Bulk polymer composites

A method for the synthesis and use of transparent bulk conjugated polymers prepared from liquid monomers via bulk polymerization. The liquid monomer contains pi-electron conjugated moieties and polymerizable moieties.

Solar energy funneling using thermoplastics for agricultural applications

Disclosed is a wavelength-conversion material, and methods for its use, that includes an organic fluorescent dye and a polymeric matrix, wherein the organic fluorescent dye is solubilized in the polymeric matrix, and wherein the polymeric matrix is capable of absorbing light comprising a wavelength of 500 to 700 nm and emitting the absorbed light at a wavelength of greater than 550 to 800 nm.. .

Laminated color forming composition

A substrate coated with a markable ink formulation, comprising a thermo activated acid generator (tag) and a halochromic leuco dye. The thermo activated acid generator is selected form the group consisting of: an amine salt of an organic metal compound comprising boron or silicone and amine neutralized polyalkylnaphthalene polysulphonic acid derivatives.

Coating composition and determining the uniformity and thickness of a no-rinse silane pretreatment

The invention is directed to a detectable and stable composition comprising an organofunctional silane and/or hydrolyzate and/or partial or complete condensate thereof, a colloidal metal oxide, a water soluble organic dye having a positive charge and a counterion derived from a carboxylic acid of from 1 to 6 carbon atoms, and water. The invention is also directed to a method for determining the uniformity and film thickness of a detectable composition applied to a substrate comprising applying to the surface of the substrate the detectable composition and measuring an optical property of the applied coating, the resulting measurement being related to the uniformity of the applied composition..

Color developing colorless primer

The intense purple dye normally found in purple primers for use in the adhesive bonding of plastics is replaced with a leuco dye capable developing a visually intense color when activated through contact with the particular plastic being bonded or a complementary solvent cement.. .

Dyed textiles and producing the same

Slasher machines and rope dyeing machines are the main dyeing machine that is used to continuously dye yarn fabrics for denim using indigo dyes. In denim dyeing, indigo (blue color vat) and some sulfur dyes are mixed together to achieve blue/black/brown color denim fabrics.

Archery target with coated liner

An archery target includes an impact-absorbing core configured to arrest an incoming projectile and a multilayered bag enveloping the impact-absorbing core and defining an outer surface of the target. The multilayered bag includes a flexible fabric layer comprising a plurality of interwoven fibers and a polyurethane coating layer applied to the flexible fabric layer and at least partially overlapping the flexible fabric layer such that the polyurethane coating layer at least partially fills spaces between the plurality of interwoven fibers.

Fluorescence immunoassay using polypeptide complex containing fluoro-labeled antibody variable region

(c) calculating the amount of the antigen contained in the sample or visualizing the antigen using the positive correlation between the antigen concentration and the fluorescence intensity of the fluorescent dye(s) as an indicator, thereby measuring the concentration of the target antigen existing in the test substance.. .

Alpha-alumina flakes

The present invention relates to alumina flakes having a defined thickness and particle size distribution and to their use in varnishes, paints, automotive coatings printing inks, masterbatches, plastics and cosmetic formulations and as substrate for effect pigments. And organic dyes..

Photosensitive resin composition and color filter using the same

Disclosed are a photosensitive resin composition including a composite dye that includes a red fluorescent dye re-emitting light at a 400 to 800 nm fluorescent wavelength; and a metal complex dye including at least one metal ion selected from mg, ni, co, zn, cr, pt, and pd, and a color filter using the same.. .

Optical fluorescence-based chemical and biochemical sensors and methods for fabricating such sensors

An optical fluorescence-based sensor comprising at least one sensing element is disclosed. In one aspect, the at least one sensing element comprises a waveguide comprising a waveguide core, a light source optically coupled to an input part of the waveguide core, and a photodetector optically coupled to an output part of the waveguide core, the waveguide core being made of a material comprising a mixture of an optical material and a fluorescent dye..

Clicked somatostatin conjugated analogs for biological applications

The invention relate to the new conjugated somatostatin analogs of formula (i), wherein a- is h or tag-b—, wherein —b— is 0 or a spacer, wherein tag is a chelating agent (e.g. Dota), a fluorescent dye, (e.g.

3d covalent molecular network nanocapsule and preparing method thereof

Disclosed herein are a polymer nanocapsule and a preparing method thereof, and more particularly, a 3d covalent molecular network nanocapsule, and a preparing method thereof. According to the present invention, a nanocapsule having thermal stability and solvent resistance due to a 3d covalent molecular network structure may be easily prepared without performing an additional post-processing process such as addition of a cross-linking agent or catalyst or removal of a template or core.

Methods for production and use of substance-loaded erythrocytes (s-ies) for observation and treatment of microvascular hemodynamics

Disclosed herein are methods, kits, and compositions for medical imaging relating to fluorescent dyes entrapped in erythrocytes. Also disclosed therein are methods, and compositions further comprising erythrocytes entrapping at least one therapeutically active agent, as well as methods for releasing the entrapped therapeutically active agent(s).

Real time imaging during solid organ transplant

A method of determining the patency of a donor organ or at least one vessel to a donor organ in a donor subject includes administering a fluorescent dye to the donor subject, applying a sufficient amount of energy to the vessel such that the fluorescent dye fluoresces, obtaining a fluorescent image of the donor organ or the vessel attached to a donor organ, and observing the image to determine if a fluorescent signal is continuous through the vessel. A continuous fluorescent signal in the donor organ or vessel indicates the respective donor organ or vessel is patent.

Fluorescent dye compounds, conjugates and uses thereof

The present teachings generally relate to fluorescent dyes, linkable forms of fluorescent dyes, energy transfer dyes, reagents labeled with fluorescent dyes and uses thereof.. .

Colorant, microcapsule pigment prepared by using the same and ink composition for writing instrument

The above microcapsule pigment is characterized by comprising at least the colorant comprising the leuco dye represented by formula (i) described above, a developer and a chromic temperature controller, and the ink composition for writing instruments is characterized by comprising the above microcapsule pigment.. .

Methods for preparing thermofused laminates

A backer sheet comprising a natural fiber and impregnated with a water-based acrylate resin is thermofused with a wood cellulose sheet impregnated with the same or different water-based acrylate resin to provide a continuous laminate. The acrylate resin diffuses into the pores of the natural fiber backer sheet and the wood cellulose sheet during impregnation.

Methods and compositions for treating laundry items

A laundry treatment composition for reducing dye transfer from laundry during a treating cycle of operation in a laundry treating appliance includes a first dye transfer inhibitor (dti), a second dti, and a third dti.. .

Enzyme substrate comprising a functional dye and associated technology and methods

Enzyme substrates and associated technology of the present invention are provided. An enzyme substrate of the invention may comprise a biologically functional fluorescent dye and an enzyme-specific substrate moiety attached in such a way that the functionality of the functional dye is diminished.

Reagents, analyzing white blood cells

Aspects of the invention include wbc analysis reagents, systems and methods that can be used for analyzing a sample of whole blood to identify, classify, and/or quantify white blood cells (wbc) and wbc sub-populations in the sample. The wbc analysis reagents of the present disclosure generally include at least one membrane-permeable fluorescent dye, a wbc protecting reagent, and a surfactant.

Matrix-incorporated fluorescent porous silica particles for drug delivery

A fluorescent porous silica particle for drug delivery includes a bridged silane fluorescent dye incorporated throughout the particle's matrix. Copolymerization of a bridged silane fluorescent dye (e.g., (r′o)3si—r—si(or′)3, where r is a fluorescent organic bridging group, and where r′ is a methyl or ethyl group) and a tetralkoxysilane (e.g., si(or′)4, where r′ is a methyl or ethyl group) in the presence of a surfactant generates matrix-incorporated fluorescent porous silica particles of a predetermined size and shape.

Matrix-incorporated fluorescent porous and non-porous silica particles for medical imaging

A silica particle for medical imaging includes a bridged silane fluorescent dye incorporated throughout the particle matrix. Copolymerization of a bridged silane fluorescent dye (e.g., (r′o)3si—r—si(or′)3, where r is a fluorescent organic bridging group, and where r′ is a methyl or ethyl group) and a tetralkoxysilane (e.g., si(or′)4, where r′ is a methyl or ethyl group) generates particles of a predetermined size and shape.

Thermal transfer and dye sublimation ribbons utilizing plasma treatment to replace back coat

A method providing for the replacement of the traditional back coat of thermal transfer ribbons or dye sublimation ribbons uses a plasma treatment to chemically modify the print head side surface of a pet substrate of the ribbons. The chemically modified surface of the pet substrate provides the necessary heat resistance and coefficient of friction to allow the thermal print head to function properly without burn-through of the pet carrier film and without sticking to the thermal print head.

Sub-wavelength plasmon laser

A plasmonic laser device has resonant nanocavities filled with a gain medium containing an organic dye. The resonant plasmon frequencies of the nanocavities are tuned to align with both the absorption and emission spectra of the dye..

Image processing apparatus, microscope system, image processing method, and computer-readable recording medium

An image processing apparatus includes an image input unit configured to input a plurality of images acquired by imaging a specimen stained with non-fluorescent dye at a plurality of wavelength bands that are different from one another and a characteristic amount calculation unit configured to calculate a characteristic amount representing auto-fluorescence emitted by the specimen based on the plurality of images.. .

Simultaneous modulation of quantum dot photoluminescence using orthogonal fluorescence resonance energy transfer (fret) and charge transfer quenching (ctq)

Quantum dots are modified with varying amounts of (a) a redox-active moiety effective to perform charge transfer quenching, and (b) a fluorescent dye effective to perform fluorescence resonance energy transfer (fret), so that the modified quantum dots have a plurality of photophysical properties. The fret and charge transfer pathways operate independently, providing for two channels of control for varying luminescence of quantum dots having the same innate properties..

Active sunscreen composition

The invention relates to topical compositions comprising a fluorescent dye that absorbs uva and uvb radiation and converts it into a healing light, in combination with a dermatologically acceptable excipient. The compositions of the invention are useful for repairing photo-damaged skin cells and reducing or preventing future skin damage as a result of exposure to uv light..

Enzyme-degradable polymer and application thereof

The present invention belongs to the biomedicine field and specifically concerns an enzyme-degradable polymer and the application thereof. To solve the problem of low sensitivity of the existing assay reagents, the present invention provides an enzyme-degradable polymer and the related application of the polymer.

Water-based wetness-indicating composition and sensor

A color-appearing ink composition includes a surfactant blend of at least two non-ionic surfactants having hydrophilic-lipophilic balance values greater than 10, or a non-ionic surfactant having a hydrophilic-lipophilic balance value greater than 10 and a charged surfactant. The composition includes one or more water-insoluble leuco dyes, a developer and a desensitizer.

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