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This page is updated frequently with new Dye-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Dye-related patents
 Organic dyes, process for producing the same and use thereof patent thumbnailnew patent Organic dyes, process for producing the same and use thereof
The present invention provides an organic dye, a process for producing the same and the use thereof. The organic dye has the structure of formula (i) or formula (ii).
Changchun Institute Of Applied Chemistry Chinese Academy Of Sciences

 Optical selection of cells patent thumbnailnew patent Optical selection of cells
Provided herein are photochemical crosslinkers and photocleavable crosslinkers and their uses in methods for cell selection from cell cultures. The photochemical crosslinkers comprise a fluorescent dye and a radical generator.
President And Fellows Of Harvard College

 A quantum  fluorescence background removal in dna melting analysis patent thumbnailA quantum fluorescence background removal in dna melting analysis
A method of background removal from melting curves generated using a fluorescent dye is provided for analyzing a melting profile of a nucleic acid sample. The method comprises measuring the fluorescence of the nucleic acid sample as a function of temperature to produce a raw melting curve having a melting transition, the nucleic acid sample comprising a nucleic acid and a molecule that binds the nucleic acid to form a fluorescently detectable complex, the raw melting curve comprising a background fluorescence signal and a nucleic acid sample signal; and separating the background signal from the nucleic acid sample signal by use of a quantum algorithm to generate a corrected melting curve, the corrected melting curve comprising the nucleic acid sample signal..
University Of Utah Research Foundation

 Compositions comprising fluorescent dyes associated with viral components for nerve imaging patent thumbnailCompositions comprising fluorescent dyes associated with viral components for nerve imaging
Disclosed herein is a composition for imaging nerve cells. The composition includes a fluorescent dye; and a viral component including a neurotropic herpes varicellae unable to replicate in nerve cells, a viral protein of a neurotropic herpes varicellae unable to replicate in nerve cells, a capsid of a neurotropic herpes varicellae unable to replicate in nerve cells, or a combination thereof.
Novadaq Technologies Inc.

 Near-infrared fluorescent surgical dye markers patent thumbnailNear-infrared fluorescent surgical dye markers
The potential use of a pmma encapsulated near-infrared fluorescent dye includes endoscopic tattooing of intestinal neoplasms, location visualization of non-palpable breast lesions, and, but not limited to, location/visualization of soft tissue lesions in difficult anatomic regions. Commercially available fluorescent imaging systems, both open and laparoscopic, would be used in conjunction to fluoresce these marked tissues, augmenting the surgeon's ability to intraoperatively locate the correct lesion to resect..

 Display panel and manufacturing method therefor patent thumbnailDisplay panel and manufacturing method therefor
A display panel and a manufacturing method therefor are disclosed. The display panel includes a first substrate, a second substrate disposed opposite to the first substrate, and at least one of a first organic film layer disposed on the first substrate, and a second organic film layer disposed on the second substrate, where at least one of the first organic film layer or the second organic film layer is an polyimide doped with a dichromatic organic dye..

 Durable debris and alkaline resistant preformed thermoplastic runway pavement marking compositions patent thumbnailDurable debris and alkaline resistant preformed thermoplastic runway pavement marking compositions
Disclosed are pp/pe copolymer backbone based pre-manufactured thermoplastic airport signage compositions primarily applied in relatively large sections onto airport runways, taxiways, and additional paved surfaces. The composition provides alkali resistant formulations comprising at least 6 weight percent pe/pp, 20 weight percent binder resin with between 5 and 15 weight percent of a tackifier resin, between 2 and 12 weight percent titanium dioxide with an optional organic dye, wherein the intermix is at least 30 weight percent of the composition and wherein the intermix is an inorganic filler that greatly reduce or eliminate debris resistance when compared to other polymer backbone compositions..

 Plastic scintillator with effective pulse shape discrimination for neutron and gamma detection patent thumbnailPlastic scintillator with effective pulse shape discrimination for neutron and gamma detection
In one embodiment, a scintillator material includes a polymer matrix; and a primary dye in the polymer matrix, the primary dye being a fluorescent dye, the primary dye being present in an amount of 5 wt % or more; wherein the scintillator material exhibits an optical response signature for neutrons that is different than an optical response signature for gamma rays. In another embodiment, a scintillator material includes a polymer matrix comprising at least one of: polyvinyl xylene (pvx); polyvinyl diphenyl; and polyvinyl tetrahydronaphthalene; and a primary dye in the polymer matrix, the primary dye being a fluorescent dye, the primary dye being present in an amount greater than 10 wt %.

 Organic dyes having rigid donor, process for producing the same, and dye-sensitized solar cell patent thumbnailOrganic dyes having rigid donor, process for producing the same, and dye-sensitized solar cell
The present invention provides organic dyes having a rigid donor and the process for producing the same. The organic dye has the structure of formula (i) or formula (ii), wherein r1 is selected from h or c1-c18 alkyl; r5 is selected from h, c1-c18 alkyl or c1-c18 alkoxy; r6 and r7 are independently selected from h, c1-c18 alkyl, c1-c18 alkoxyphenyl or c1-c18 alkylphenyl; x is selected from any one of the groups represented by formulae (a) to (d); y is selected from a group represented by formula (e) or formula (f); in the formula (e), r2 and r3 are independently selected from h, f, c1-c18 alkyl or c1-c18 alkoxyphenyl; r4 is selected from any one of the groups represented by formulae (g) to (i).

 Fiducial-based correlative microscopy patent thumbnailFiducial-based correlative microscopy
A method is provided for preparing a sample for correlative optical and electron imaging and correcting aberrations in the imaging process due to sample deformation. dye-coated fiducial markers are distributed throughout the sample volume.


Cyanated naphthalenebenzimidazole compounds

The present invention relates to cyanated naphthalenebenzimidazole compounds of the formula (i) and mixtures thereof, in which r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, r6, r7, r8, r9 and r10 are each independently hydrogen, cyano or aryl which is unsubstituted or has one or more identical or different substituents rar, where rar is as defined in the claims and in the description, with the proviso that the compounds of the formula i comprise at least one cyano group. The invention further relates to color converters comprising at least one polymer as a matrix material and at least one cyanated naphthalenebenzimidazole compound or mixtures thereof as a fluorescent dye, to the use of the color converters and to lighting devices comprising at least one led and at least one color converter..


Image processing apparatus and image processing method

An image processing apparatus includes: an interface unit configured to input an image signal from an imaging apparatus that exposes a specimen dyed with a fluorescent dye to excitation light and images fluorescence by a color imaging element; and a color correction circuit configured to retain information on a percentage of each of a component of a second color and a component of a third color with respect to a component of a first color corresponding to the excitation light in the image signal, which is determined in advance based on color filter spectral characteristics of the color imaging element, and reduce each of an amount corresponding to the percentage of the component of the second color and an amount corresponding to the percentage of the component of the third color from the input image signal.. .
Sony Corporation


Sublimation printed clothing articles

An article of clothing may include a first layer made of a polyester fabric. The polyester fabric may have the following properties a thread count of at least 130 threads per square inch, a weft knit weave pattern, and a bird's eye mesh texture.
American Mills Intl. L.l.c.


Apparatus for correcting ballistic errors using laser induced fluorescent (strobe) tracers

A system for correcting the aim of a weapon which is operative to launch a projectile from a barrel on a ballistic path toward a target. A rear surface of the projectile is coated with a fluorescent dye that re-emits radiation when excited by laser radiation.
Kms Consulting, Llc


Near-infrared fluorescent dyes with large stokes shifts

At least one of r1/r2, r2/r3, r3/r4, r5/r6, r6/r7, and/or r7/r8 together forms a substituted or unsubstituted cycloalkyl or aryl.. .


Method for selecting desired level of dye loading and controlling loading of polymer microparticles

Solute-loaded polymer microparticles are obtained by immersing microparticles in a bath comprising a selected solute dissolved in a ternary solvent system. A first solvent of the ternary system is a strong solvent for both the solute and the polymer from which the microparticle was formed.
Bioarray Solutions, Ltd.


Method of tracing chemical quantities using encapsulated fluorescent dyes

The invention provides methods and compositions for utilizing encapsulated tracer dyes in difficult liquids such as wastewater or with highly reactive treatment chemicals such as aluminum-based coagulants. In difficult liquids or highly reactive treatment chemicals even so-called “inert” tracers end up reacting and their fluorescence changes.
Ecolab Usa Inc.


Reduced graphene oxide-silver phosphate (rgo-agp) and a process for the preparation thereof for the photodegradation of organic dyes

Rgo is coupled with agp in a novel one-pot photo-reduction technique in presence of a sacrificial agent like dry ethanol. Tests of the collected dirty green semiconducting towards adosoptive photodegradation of textile dyes showed that 4 wt.
Council Of Scientific & Industrial Research


Fluorescent fiber, its use and processes for its production

The present invention relates to a regenerated cellulosic fiber which contains an incorporated dye pigment and a fluorescent dye applied by overdying, the use of this fiber for the production of yarns and fabrics and a process for the production of these fibers. This fiber satisfies the demands of en 471 in relation to luminance factor, the chromaticity coordinates and color fastness and possesses a light fastness (iso 105-b02, process 2) of more than 5..
Lenzing Ag


Supramolecular encrypted fluorescent security ink compositions

Fluorescent dyes, ink compositions comprising the dyes, methods and devices for printing the ink compositions, images printed using the ink compositions and methods for authenticating the printed images are provided. The fluorescent dyes are heterorotaxanes that include large macrocyclic rings around fluorophores and are capable of emitting solid-state fluorescence.
Innotune Llc


Supramolecular fluorescent dyes

Fluorescent dyes are provided. The fluorescent dyes are heterorotaxanes that include large macrocyclic rings around fluorophores and are capable of emitting solid-state fluorescence..
Northwestern University


Organic dyes comprising a hydrazone moiety and their use in dye-sensitized solar cells

Furthermore, the present invention relates to the use of compounds of formula i for producing dye-sensitized solar cells and to dye-sensitized solar cells comprising compounds of formula i.. .


Preparation of visible colored insoluble carrier particles labeled with a fluorescent dye and an immunoassay method using the same

The insoluble carrier particles are visible colored insoluble carrier particles labeled with a fluorescent dye, which are used for immunoassay, wherein absorption of fluorescence by the visible colored insoluble carrier particles is low within a wavelength range of fluorescence emitted by the fluorescent dye.. .


Appliance using colored or fluorescent light guides for appearance of desired color light on user interface

The present invention provides a cooktop appliance with features for correcting the color of light passing through the cooking surface such that the light appears a desired color to a user of the cooktop appliance. More specifically, a colored or fluorescent ink may be applied to, or a colored or fluorescent dye incorporated into, one or more light guides of a user interface assembly such that reflecting off of the interior surface of the light guides and passing through the cooking surface appears a desired color to the user..
General Electric Company


Appliance using fluorescent material for appearance of desired color light on user interface

The present invention provides a cooktop appliance with features for correcting the color of light passing through the cooking surface such that the light appears a desired color to a user of the cooktop appliance. More specifically, a fluorescent ink may be applied to, or a fluorescent dye incorporated into, a light transmissive layer of a user interface assembly such that light passing through the light transmissive layer and the cooking surface appears a desired color to the user..
General Electric Company


Carbofluorescein lactone ion indicators and their applications

Fluorescent dyes useful for preparing fluorescent metal ion indicators, the fluorescent indicators themselves, and the use of the fluorescent indicators for the detection, discrimination and quantification of metal cations are provided.. .


Fluorescent solid lipid nanoparticles composition and preparation thereof

The present invention discloses a solid lipid nanoparticle (sln) comprising: a) a solid lipid core comprising at least a glyceride and/or at least a fatty acid; b) a mixture of amphiphilic components forming a shell around said core a); c) an alkaline-earth complex with a compound of formula i and/or ii: d) at least a fluorescent dye selected from: a cyanine fluorescent dye and/or a polyetherocyclic compound selected from: coumarin, pyrano, quinoline, pyranoquinoline, indole and pyranoindole derivates in acid form or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof. These nanoparticles allow a prolonged blood circulation half-life, show enhanced photostability and improved fluorescence signal.


Chlorotoxin conjugates and methods of use thereof

Compositions, formulations and kits comprising chlorotoxin conjugate compounds are provided, including native and modified variants of chlorotoxin peptide conjugated to reporter molecules including fluorescent dyes. Methods of detecting and treating cancers and tumors with chlorotoxin conjugate compounds are also provided, including methods of imaging tumor tissues and cells.
Blaze Bioscience, Inc.


Dye sublimation printing on polymer film for molded package printing

A method for printing a package substrate prior to molding the package substrate into a desired shape. The present teachings include printing an aqueous ink onto a sacrificial carrier to form an ink pattern, and then drying the ink pattern on the carrier.
Xerox Corporation


Thermosensitive recording medium

The present invention is a thermosensitive recording material having a thermosensitive recording layer containing at least a leuco dye and a developer on a support; the thermosensitive recording material containing, as the developer, a sulfonamide compound represented by general formula (1); (a) the thermosensitive recording material further having a protective layer on the thermosensitive recording layer; the protective layer containing at least one type of adhesive agent selected from the group consisting of water soluble adhesive agents and water dispersible adhesive agents; and at least one of the thermosensitive recording layer or the protective layer containing a water resistance-imparting agent; or (b) the thermosensitive recording layer further containing saturated fatty acid amide represented by general formula (2).. .


Photochromic inks

Metal deco ink formulations are improved by the use of fluorescent dyes, uv-absorbing dyes and/or ir-absorbing dyes. These may be premixed with a phenol-formaldehyde resin without microencapsulation to protect the dye from other ink ingredients that have chemistries which are incompatible with that of the dye, in order to obtain photochromic ink formulation with a good shelf life..
Chromatic Technologies, Inc.


Amphiphilic polymer

The present invention relates to an amphiphilic polymer which includes a large amount of hydrophilic structures and hydrophobic structures, and thereby effectively stabilizing a membrane protein having a hydrophobic surface in an aqueous solution. A method of preparing an amphiphilic polymer represented by formula 1 includes reacting a poly-gamma-glutamic acid with a reaction product of a fluorescent dye, biotin, an alkyl carboxylic acid having 1 to 10 carbon atoms or a cycloalkyl carboxylic acid having 5 to 20 carbon atoms having a carboxyl group, and dicyclo-hexylcarbodiimide (dcc) and reacting the poly-gamma-glutamic acid with dcc after reacting the poly-gamma-glutamic acid with the reaction product, and reacting the poly-gamma-glutamic acid with a hydrophilic amine and a hydrophobic amine..
Kookmin University Industry Academy Cooperation Foundation


Life-like, simulated, animal pelts and hides and method

A high-quality, simulated, life-like animal pelt produced by selecting a specimen and producing a detailed digital photographic array of all body areas and body parts of the pelt and merging these images to a single life-like image of the specimen. Then transferring this image to a transfer material adapted to transfer the image using dye sublimation technology in conjunction with selected, flocked base.


Rapid protein labeling and analysis

The present invention provides methods and compositions for labeling, separating and analyzing proteins, particularly a specific protein of interest within a cell lysate or in a mixture of proteins. The proteins are labeled with an amine reactive or thiol reactive fluorescent dye, or an amine reactive fluorogenic reagent that becomes fluorescent upon reacting to amine groups located on the protein.
Life Technologies Corporation


Fluorescing mchm blend for facilitating detection in the event of a spill

A 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol and fluorescent dye blend. The fluorescent dye selected from a group consisting of a naphthalimide dye, a perylene dye, and combinations thereof.
Spectronics Corporation


Molecular imaging probes for lung cancer intraoperative guidance

Molecular probes directed to the delta opioid receptor and associated methods of use as non-invasive diagnostics for lung cancer are presented. The molecular probes generally consist of a ligand (dmt-tic) that is conjugated to a detection moiety such as a fluorescent dye or a radionuclide by a linker molecule.
Arizona Board Of Regents Of Behalf Of The University Of Arizona


Method and device for immunoassay using nucleotide conjugates

A composition of matter for use in an immunoassay devices and method comprising a signal antibody, e.g., fab fragment, covalently linked to a first nucleotide; and one or more signal elements, e.g., signal enzymes such as alp or fluorescent dyes, each covalently linked to a second nucleotide, wherein the first nucleotide has one or more repeated sequences, and the second nucleotide is bound to one of the one or more repeated sequences on said first nucleotide, and wherein the ratio of the signal antibody to the signal element is controlled by the number of repeated sequences.. .
Abbott Point Of Care Inc.


Fluorescent dyes with phosphorylated hydroxymethyl groups and their use in light microscopy and imaging techniques

Wherein w=op(o)y1y2 or p(o)y1y2, where y1 and y2 independently denote any of the following residues: oh, o(−), ora and orb, nhra and nhrb, nrarb and nrcrd, ora and nhrb, ora and nrbrc, nhra and nrbrc; and any salt thereof.. .


Anti-corrosive, wear resistant and anti-uv coating for thermal transfer, and preparation method and application of the same

An anti-corrosive, wear-resistant, and uv-blocking/absorbing coating for dye sublimation, the preparation method thereof, and the application thereof are provided. The coating for dye sublimation includes the following compositions, in parts by weight: 70 to 99 parts of polyurethane, 0.4 to 10 parts of inorganic nano silicon oxides, 0.3 to 10 parts of inorganic nano aluminum oxides, and 0.3 to 10 parts of inorganic nano zirconium oxides..
Ucdisplay, Llc


Complex of mannosyl serum albumin, preparing the same, optical imaging probe and kit comprising the same

The present invention relates to a complex prepared by conjugating indocyanine green to mannosyl serum albumin in order to overcome shortcomings such as low light stability and low in vivo stability of indocyanine green that is a fluorescent dye reagent that is used during surgical operations, a preparation method thereof, an optical imaging probe comprising the same, and a kit comprising the probe.. .
Snu R&db Foundation


Identification of cd8+ t cells that are cd161hi and/or il18r(alpha)hi and have rapid drug efflux capacity

This invention provides, among other things, methods for the identification and isolation of viable putative long-lived antigen-specific memory cd8+ t cell subsets (cmhi and emhi) with high surface expression of cd161 and/or il-18rα and the capacity to rapidly efflux the fluorescent dye rh123.. .
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


Dye sensitized solar textiles and manufacturing the same

Provided is a dye-sensitized solar cell, including: an electrode assembly comprising a plurality of photoelectrodes and counter electrodes aligned in a satin weave structure with the photoelectrodes and counter electrodes as warps and wefts, respectively; an electrolyte layer adsorbed to the electrode assembly; and an upper film and a lower film for sealing the electrode assembly at the top and bottom. The dye-sensitized solar cell uses an electrode assembly including as plurality of photoelectrodes having various colored organic dyes adsorbed thereto and counter electrodes.
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation, Yonsei University


Bird anti-collision window film

A bird anti-collision film prevents birds from flying into windows by disrupting visible habitat reflections that might appear on the outside of the windows. The anti-collision film blocks and/or absorbs light that may normally be reflected by a window and also actively scatters, and fluoresces light creating an active light disturbance.
Artscape Inc.


Blood analyzing method and blood analyzer

A blood analyzing method comprises irradiating light on a measurement sample prepared using fluorescent dye so as to produce a difference in fluorescence intensity between reticulocytes and mature red blood cells in a blood sample, detecting scattered light and fluorescent light given off from blood cells in the measurement sample, and obtaining fluorescence data related to the fluorescent light and scattered light data related to the scattered light for each blood cell, determining the possibility of the presence of plasmodium falciparum parasites in the blood sample based on the distribution conditions of blood cells in the reticulocyte distribution range based on the scattered light data and the fluorescent light data.. .
Sysmex Corporation


Fluorescent compounds

The present invention relates to fluorescent dyes in general. The present invention provides a wide range of fluorescent dyes and kits containing the same, which are applicable for labeling a variety of biomolecules, cells and microorganisms.
Biotium, Inc.


Method of calibrating and correcting color-bleed factors for color separation in dna analysis

A method includes calibrating color bleed factors of optical detector channels of a sample processing apparatus through processing a color bleed calibration substance which includes a plurality of different size fragments replicated from different groups of dna loci, wherein fragments in a same group are labeled with a same fluorescent dye, and fragments in different groups are labeled with different fluorescent dyes having different emission spectra, wherein the different size fragments are processed during different acquisition times.. .
Analogic Corporation


Method for hematology analysis

A method whereby one or more fluorescent dyes are used to bind and stain nucleic acids in certain blood cells, such as, for example, white blood cells, nucleated red blood cells, and reticulocytes, and to induce fluorescent emissions upon excitation of photons from a given source of light, such as, for example, a laser, at an appropriate wavelength. More particularly, this invention provides a method whereby a fluorescent trigger is used in a data collection step for collecting events that emit strong fluorescence, in order to separate white blood cells and nucleated red blood cells from red blood cells and platelets without the need for using a lysing agent..
Abbott Laboratories


Nucleated red blood cell analysis system and method

Systems and methods for analyzing blood samples, and more specifically for performing a nucleated red blood cell (nrbc) analysis. The systems and methods screen a blood sample by means of fluorescence staining and a fluorescence triggering strategy, to identify nuclei-containing particles within the blood sample.
Abbott Laboratories


Basophil analysis system and method

Provided herein are systems and methods for analyzing blood samples, and more specifically for performing a basophil analysis. In one embodiment, the systems and methods include: (a) staining a blood sample with an exclusive cell membrane permeable fluorescent dye; and then (b) using measurements of light scatter and fluorescence emission to distinguish basophils from other wbc sub-populations.
Abbott Laboratories


White blood cell analysis system and method

Systems and methods for analyzing blood samples, and more specifically for performing a white blood cell (wbc) differential analysis. The systems and methods screen wbcs by means of fluorescence staining and a fluorescence triggering strategy.
Abbott Laboratories


Staining agent for staining tissue, production staining agent for staining tissue and tissue staining kit including staining agent for staining tissue

An object of the present invention is to provide: a staining agent for tissue staining which has an improved fluorescence signal evaluation accuracy; and a tissue staining kit comprising the staining agent. The staining agent for tissue staining contains, as a staining component, dye-resin particles comprising thermosetting resin particles and a fluorescent dye immobilized on the resin particles, wherein the resin particles contains a substituent having an electric charge opposite to that of the fluorescent dye and forms an ionic bond or a covalent bond with the fluorescent dye, and the dye-resin particles have a particle size variation coefficient of 15% or less..
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Organic dye for a dye sensitized solar cell

Organic dye for a dye sensitized solar cell (dssc) comprising at least one substituted pyrrole group. Said organic dye is particularly useful in a dye sensitized photoelectric transformation element which, in its turn, can be used in a dye sensitized solar cell (dssc)..
Eni S.p.a.


Resin particles for fluorescent labels

An object of the present invention is to provide a fluorophore having excellent initial emission intensity and light resistance, which is not easily discolored and does not affect the evaluation of the number of bright spots even when it is slightly discolored. The resin particle for fluorescence labeling is characterized by comprising a fluorescent dye immobilized in a resin particle, the fluorescent dye satisfying both of the following conditions (1) and (2): (1) the fluorescent dye alone in an aqueous solution has a concentration-dependent peak emission intensity in a range of 30 to 80 μm; and (2) the emission intensity at a concentration of 100 μm is not less than 80% of the peak emission intensity.
Konica Minolta, Inc.


Methods for identifying stem cells by detecting fluorescence of cells and syncytia

Methods are disclosed for the characterization of the stage of development or pathology of a tissue sample, and for identifying pluripotent metakaryotic stem cells, comprising detecting fluorescence of cells and syncytia in fixed samples treated with a non-fluorescent schiff's base reagent in the absence of extraneous or exogenously added fluorescent dyes.. .
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology


Pure spectrum extraction from biological samples

The disclosure features methods that include obtaining multispectral image information for a sample that includes a fluorescent dye, calculating from an image cube of the information a first spectrum and a second spectrum, and calculating a pure spectrum of the fluorescent dye in the sample based on the first and second spectra, where a relative contribution of light emission from the fluorescent dye to the second spectrum is larger than a relative contribution of light emission from the fluorescent dye to the first spectrum, where calculating the first and second spectra includes identifying corresponding first and second sets of pixel intensity values in the image cube, and where identifying the first set of pixel intensity values includes designating one or more layers of the image cube as a first layer set.. .
Caliper Life Sciences, Inc.


Detecting wheel rim cracks

A crack in a wheel rim is detected by placing a composition including a liquid carrier, such as water, and a fluorescent dye, into an interior space formed between a tire and a rim. After an interval, the exterior surface of the wheel rim is inspected using a uv light source, which causes visible light to be emitted from the fluorescent dye.
Pneumacore, Inc.


Novel heterocyclic fluorescent dyes and production thereof

The invention relates to novel compounds of formula (iii) that can be used as heterocyclic dyes of unique structure and properties. These compounds can be obtained in a three-step synthesis from simple substrates.
Basf Se


Multi-dye microparticles

The stable and precise incorporation of multiple fluorescent dyes into hydrogel microparticles. The multiple fluorescent dyes, excited with the same source, have distinct fluorescence emission spectra to enable identification of the microparticles.
Dna Medicine Institute, Inc.


Chromophore compositions and methods of making and using the same

Chromophore compositions and methods of making and using the same are provided. Aspects of the chromophore compositions include a chromophore component having a chromophore, such as a fluorescent dye moiety, stably associated with a prosthetic group binding cavity of a metalloprotein.
Becton, Dickinson And Company


Hydrogel, preparation method thereof, and ph sensor comprising the same

The present invention relates to a hydrogel, a preparation method thereof, and a ph sensor comprising the same, and more particularly, to a hydrogel, which can substitute for conventional ph paper, is continuously usable, can be used in various applications, and reversibly changes color depending on the ph of a sample, and to a ph sensor comprising the same. The hydrogel comprises: a polymer complex wherein a first organic compound containing an aromatic functional group having at least one hydroxyl group bonded thereto is joined to a carboxyl group-containing polysaccharide by a peptide bond; and an organic dye comprising a second organic compound containing an aromatic functional group having at least one hydroxyl group bonded thereto..
Industry-academic Cooperation Foundation Yonsei University


Loaded particles and the preparing thereof

The present invention relates to fluorescent dye loaded particles and the method of preparing thereof. The method includes steps of preparing the nanoparticles with layered structure having at least one interlayer space, expanding the at least one interlayer space to form at least one expanded interlayer space, introducing the dye molecules to the at least one expanded interlayer space, and covalently bonding the dye molecules with the layered structure.
City University Of Hong Kong


Colored low-polarizing films, colored low-polarizing sheets, and colored low-polarizing lenses, and methods thereof

A colored low-polarizing film of a desired color is produced by causing a polyvinyl alcohol film to swell with water, stretching, dyeing with an organic dichroic dye, and drying it; a polarizing sheet including the film and transparent sheets attached to both sides of the film by an adhesive; and an injection-molded polarizing lens obtained by causing the sheet to curve to impart spherical or aspherical surfaces to obtain a curved polarizing lens and injecting a transparent resin onto the concave surface of the lens. The dye includes a dichroic organic dye and a coloration organic dye, wherein the dichroic composition includes a combination of dichroic dyes having a dichroic ratio of 13 or higher, wherein the coloration dye composition includes a combination of dyes having an extremely low dichroic ratio, of 4 or less, or substantially having no dichroic ratio..
Mgc Filsheet Co., Ltd.


Ultraviolet-sensitive sheet, ultraviolet-sensing kit, and sensing ultraviolet

The ultraviolet-sensing kit comprises a sheet containing an ultraviolet-sensing layer and a film for adjusting ultraviolet-sensitivity, wherein the sheet containing an ultraviolet-sensing layer comprising, a support and an ultraviolet-sensing layer in this order, the ultraviolet-sensing layer comprising a capsule containing a photo-oxidant and a capable of developing color by the photo-oxidant, a mass ratio of the photo-oxidant and the leuco dye is 0.2 to 1.0:1, and the leuco dye being present in an amount of 0.1 to 1.0 g per 1 m2 of a surface area of the ultraviolet-sensing layer.. .


System and labeling essential oils

The disclosure extends to systems and methods of labeling compounds of essential oils with a marker. In an implementation, the labeling of the compounds of essential oils may comprise using a fluorescent dye that covalently links the hydroxyl group to the fluorescent dye, such that the compound may be detected using a fluorescence microscope..
Zija International, Inc.


Structural repair having optical witness and monitoring repair performance

A structural repair includes a tell-tale optical witness that allows the health of the repair to be visually monitored. The optical witness includes a stress sensitive fluorescent dye that shows changes in local strain/stress patterns when the repair is subjected to electromagnetic energy of a particular wavelength.
The Boeing Company


Automatic sublimated product customization system and process

An automatic product sublimation process is disclosed allowing for point-of-sale customization of sublimation parameters in a retail environment. A dye sublimation transfer printing system is configured to print one or more images onto transfer media, then position the media onto a substrate.
The Hillman Group, Inc.


Color tuning of electrochromic devices using an organic dye

Disclosed is a method to color tune an electrochromic device by the use of a standard dye. By following the “subtractive color mixing” theory and selecting the appropriate standard dye to compliment or accentuate the electrochromic material, tuning of the optical and colorimetric properties of the resulting electrochromic device can be achieved.
The University Of Connecticut


Cabinet capable of guiding light

A cabinet capable of guiding light, which is used for detecting a biological sample strained with a fluorescent dye, includes a main body, at least one light source, and at least one light guiding structure. The main body has a sample table to place the biological sample.
Smobio Technology, Inc.


Dye doped polymer microparticles

Various embodiments provide dye-doped polystyrene microspheres generated using dispersion polymerization. Polystyrene microspheres may be doped with fluorescent dyes, such as xanthene derivatives including kiton red 620 (kr620), using dispersion polymerization.
U.s.a. Represented By The Administrator Of The National Aeronautics And Space Administration


Pressure sensitive coating for image forming

A microencapsulated pigment including a leuco dye system is incorporated as one or more layers in a roll of adhesive tape. The tape is applied and may be rubbed by hand or another object to induce a color change.
Chromatic Technologies, Inc.


Functionalized ultrabright fluorescent silica particles

A method for synthesizing ultrabright fluorescent silica particles with hydrophilic functional groups, comprising the steps of: (i) forming a first mixture comprising a plurality of nano-sized silica particles and a gelation agent; (ii) forming a second mixture by combining the first mixture with a surfactant, a plurality of fluorescent dye molecules, and water, wherein fluorescent dye molecules are encapsulated within a plurality of pores of the nano-sized silica particles; (iii) forming a third mixture by adding a co-source of silica to the second mixture, wherein the co-source of silica prevents leakage of the encapsulated fluorescent dye molecules from the pores of the nano-sized silica particles and provides hydrophilic functional groups to the silica particles while preserving the fluorescence of the silica particles; (iv) optional further functionalization of the obtained nanoparticles with functional molecules, exemplified by carboxylic groups and folic acid, and (v) removing excess fluorescent dye from the third mixture.. .
Clarkson University


Hydrotesting and mothballing composition and using combination products for multifunctional water treatment

D) at least one organic dye.. .


Scaffold-based polymerase enzyme substrates

The invention provides a novel class of scaffold-based labeled polymerase enzyme substrates. The polymerase enzyme substrates have a multivalent core or scaffold to which is attached fluorescent dye moieties and nucleoside phosphate moities.
Pacific Biosciences Of California, Inc.


Transparent solid ink composition and preparing the same

A method of preparing a solid ink composition, comprising the steps of: reacting 15-25 parts by weight of base oil including coconut oil, palm oil and castor oil and 40-60 parts by weight of aliphatic organic acid of 10 to 20 carbon atoms with 7-15 parts by weight of a caustic soda solution (concentration: 40%) to saponify the base oil and to change the aliphatic organic acid into sodium salt thereof; mixing 3-10 by weight of glycerin, 10-20 by weight of ethanol, 0.1-1.0 by weight of a dye and 1-10 by weight of silica with the reaction product and then melting the mixture at 70-80° c.; and cooling the molten mixture. The solid ink composition prepared by the method is very transparent, and has excellent miscibility and stability because it is easily mixed with a water-soluble dye or a water-soluble fluorescent dye..


Fluorescence coloring for eye surgery

Disclosed herein is a method of use of colored dye in ophthalmic surgery. In one embodiment the colored dye is fluorescent.
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Photosensitive organic dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells

A represents an electron-withdrawing group.. .


Display device

A display device includes a first substrate, and a second substrate opposing the first substrate and including a color filter layer. The color filter layer includes a red color filter, a green color filter and a blue color filter.


Fluorescent dyes and related methods

Fluorescent dyes with affinity for nucleic acids and related methods are provided. Dielectric or semiconducting films including fluorescent dyes with affinity for nucleic acids and related methods are also provided.


Apparatus and differentiating multiple fluorescence signals by excitation wavelength

An apparatus and method are provided for differentiating multiple detectable signals by excitation wavelength. The apparatus can include a light source that can emit respective excitation light wavelengths or wavelength ranges towards a sample in a sample retaining region, for example, in a well.

Dye topics: Fluorescence, Lightening, Trichromatic, Dispersing Agent, Sensitizer, Conversion Efficiency, Lens Array, Electrolyte, Enhancement, Chromophore, Fluorescent Dyes, Fluorescent Label, Fluorescent Dye, Ethylene Glycol, Pyrrolidone

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