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Duty Cycle patents

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Device, method and system for controlling rotation speed of motor

Delta Electronics (dongguan)

Device, method and system for controlling rotation speed of motor

Light emitting diode driving apparatus and light emitting diode driving method

Beyond Innovation Technology

Light emitting diode driving apparatus and light emitting diode driving method

Date/App# patent app List of recent Duty Cycle-related patents
 Electrosurgical generators patent thumbnailnew patent Electrosurgical generators
An electrosurgical generator is provided. The electrosurgical generator includes at least one converter configured to output a dc waveform and a nonlinear carrier control current.
Covidien Lp
 Device,  controlling rotation speed of motor patent thumbnailnew patent Device, controlling rotation speed of motor
The present application discloses a device, method and system for controlling a rotation speed of a motor. The device includes: a reference voltage generating module generating a reference voltage; a pwm signal converting module converting a pwm signal into a voltage signal; a first comparator outputting a first level or a second level; a first switching element having a control terminal connected with an output terminal of the first comparator and a first terminal input with a first signal, and being turned on when receiving the second level and being turned off when receiving the first level; a follower having an input terminal connected with the pwm signal converting module; and a control signal outputting terminal outputting the first signal or the voltage signal.
Delta Electronics (dongguan) Co., Ltd.
 Light emitting diode driving apparatus and light emitting diode driving method patent thumbnailnew patent Light emitting diode driving apparatus and light emitting diode driving method
A light emitting diode (led) driving apparatus and an led driving method suitable for driving an led load are provided. The led driving apparatus includes a driving circuit, a feedback circuit, and a control chip.
Beyond Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.
 Electrostatic mass spectrometer with encoded frequent pulses patent thumbnailnew patent Electrostatic mass spectrometer with encoded frequent pulses
A method, apparatus and algorithms are disclosed for operating an open electrostatic trap (e-trap) or a multi-pass tof mass spectrometer with an extended flight path. A string of start pulses with non equal time intervals is employed for triggering ion packet injection into the analyzer, a long spectrum is acquired to accept ions from the entire string and a true spectrum is reconstructed by eliminating or accounting overlapping signals at the data analysis stage while using logical analysis of peak groups.
Leco Corporation
 Bias setting in a scent delivery system patent thumbnailBias setting in a scent delivery system
A scent delivery system includes scent delivery units that are configured to deliver scent at a variable scent level by being turned on and off successively according to a variable duty cycle. The scent delivery units are associated with corresponding base scent settings.
Scentair Technologies, Inc.
 Signal filtering patent thumbnailSignal filtering
A signal filter (100) comprises a first transferred impedance filter, tif, (tifa) having four differential signal paths (pa,1, pa,2, pa,3, pa,4) and a second tif (tifb) having four differential signal paths (pb,1, pb,2, pb,3, pb,4)−. A first differential signal port of the first tif (32a) is coupled to a first differential signal port of the second tif (32b).
St-ericsson Sa
 Photovoltaic inverter with swinging line filter inductors patent thumbnailPhotovoltaic inverter with swinging line filter inductors
The invention is a high efficiency single-phase or poly-phase dc-to-ac power converter apparatus and power conversion method which includes a line filter inductor or line filter inductors to integrate or filter pulse modulated waveforms into substantially sinusoidal waveforms wherein (i) the line filter inductor or inductors have inductance values that swing substantially from zero current to peak rated current and (ii) a pulse width modulation technique is used that varies both pulse width modulation duty cycles and periods as a function of the predicted instantaneous line filter inductance and the predicted di/dt across the line filter inductor or inductors in order to minimize power converter switching losses while maintaining ac power quality. With the invention, substantial cec power conversion efficiency enhancements should be achievable and with an overall reduction in power converter parts cost..
Renewable Power Conversion, Inc.
 Method and  duty cycle distortion compensation patent thumbnailMethod and duty cycle distortion compensation
A method and apparatus for duty cycle distortion compensation is disclosed. In one embodiment, an integrated circuit includes a differential signal transmitter having a main data path and a compensation data path.
Oracle International Corporation
 Integer frequency divider and programmable frequency divider capable of achieving 50% duty cycle patent thumbnailInteger frequency divider and programmable frequency divider capable of achieving 50% duty cycle
An integer frequency divider capable of achieving a 50% duty cycle includes a source clock input end that provides a source clock, and two or more latches connected in series according to a connection order. Each of the latches includes: a signal input stage, configured to receive an input signal; a clock receiving stage, configured to treat the source clock as an input clock and an inverted clock of the source clock as an inverted signal of the input clock when the latch corresponds to an odd number in the connection order, and to treat the inverted clock as the input clock and the source clock as the inverted signal of the input clock when the latch corresponds to an even number in the connection order; and a signal output stage, configured to output an output signal according to the input signal and the source clock..
Mstar Semiconductor, Inc.
 Active vibration damping using alternator patent thumbnailActive vibration damping using alternator
A method of performing active vibration damping in a front end accessory drive (fead) system of an automobile using an alternator of the fead system and an alternator are described. The method includes determining a resonance to be counteracted, determining a counteracting forcing function to counteract the resonance, and determining a duty cycle change to apply to a field voltage to obtain an output voltage with the counteracting forcing function, wherein the field voltage results in a field current supplied to a rotor that causes a stator to generate the output voltage.
Remy Technologies, L.l.c.

Capacitive dc power transformer

The present document relates to power transformers for electronic computing devices. In particular, a power converter configured to convert electrical power at a dc input voltage vin into electrical power at a dc output voltage is described.
Dialog Semiconductor Gmbh

Boost converter deadtime compensation

A hybrid powertrain system may include an electric machine, a battery back, a boost converter and at least one controller. The boost converter may include an inductor and be configured to receive input voltage from the battery back and provide an output voltage to the electric machine.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

System and generating a drive signal

A method and computer program product for defining a pwm drive signal having a defined voltage potential. The pwm drive signal has a plurality of “on” portions and a plurality of “off” portions that define a first duty cycle for regulating, at least in part, a flow rate of a pump assembly.
Deka Products Limited Partnership

Implantable electroacupuncture device for reducing hypertension

Disclosed is an implantable, coin-sized, self-contained, leadless electroacupuncture (ea) device having at least two electrode contacts attached to the surface of its housing. The electrodes include a central cathode electrode on a bottom side of the housing, and a circumferential anode electrode that surrounds the cathode electrode.
Valencia Technologies Corporation

Method for reducing hypertension using an implantable electroacupuncture device

Disclosed is an implantable, coin-sized, self-contained, leadless electroacupuncture (ea) device having at least two electrode contacts attached to the surface of its housing. The electrodes include a central cathode electrode on a bottom side of the housing, and a circumferential anode electrode that surrounds the cathode electrode.
Valencia Technologies Corporation

Method and controlling the maximum output power of a power converter

An example control circuit for use in a power converter includes an input voltage sensor, a current sensor, and a drive signal generator. The input voltage sensor generates a first signal representative of an input voltage (vin) of the power converter.
Power Integrations, Inc.

Display device

A display device includes a backlight module, a backlight control module and a flicker removing module. The backlight module electrically connected between an input pin and an output pin which belong to the backlight control module, provides a backlight source to a display panel.
Micro-star Int'l Co., Ltd.

System and physically detecting, identifying, diagnosing and geolocating electronic devices connectable to a network

An emissions detection apparatus for at least one of detecting, identifying, diagnosing and geolocating an electronic device or an information transmitted from the electronic device includes an emissions collections device connected to an antenna receiving emission of an electromagnetic energy emitted from the electronic device and collecting a spectral data emitted from the electronic device; one or more algorithms processing the collected spectral data, algorithms selected from a group consisting of a peak detection algorithm, a multiple peak detection algorithm, a harmonic correlation algorithm, a non-harmonic correlation algorithm, a time correlation algorithm, a phase correlation algorithm, and a duty cycle timing correlation algorithm; and one or more algorithms matching the processed spectral data to an emissions template, wherein a match of the processed spectral data with the emissions template at least one of detects, identifies, diagnoses and geolocates the electronic device or the information transmitted from the electronic device.. .

Apparatuses and methods for phase interpolating clock signals and for providing duty cycle corrected clock signals

Apparatuses and methods for phase interpolating clock signals and for providing duty cycle corrected clock signals are described. An example apparatus includes a first inverter configured to receive first and second clock signals and further includes a second inverter configured to receive the first and second clock signals.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Current mode dc-dc conversion device with fast transient response

A current mode dc-dc conversion device with fast transient response is provided. The device includes a dc-dc converter, a pulse width control unit, a current feedback circuit, a fast transient feedback circuit, a first error amplifier, an adder, and a comparator.
Anpec Electronics Corporation

Charge pump battery charging

Charge pump battery charging is disclosed. Charge pump battery charging can include accumulating charge on a charge storage device.
At&t Intellectual Property I, L.p.

Transdermal electrical stimulation devices for modifying or inducing cognitive state

Portable transdermal electrical stimulation (tes) applicators for modifying a subject's cognitive state. In general, the portable applicators described are specifically configured and adapted to be lightweight and may be wearable, and to deliver a high-intensity tes able to evoke or enhance a predetermined cognitive effect.

Current limit module and control module for power converters and associated method

A power converter having a current limit module and a method for controlling the power converter. The power converter converts an input voltage to an output voltage based at least on driving a main switch to switch on and off and regulates the output voltage through regulating a duty cycle of the main switch.
Chengdu Monolithic Power Systems Co., Ltd.

Control of transformer flux density in an isolated switched mode power supply

A control circuit generates a control signal to control a duty cycle of a switched mode power supply such that the magnetic flux density in the transformer is balanced, thereby preventing saturation of the transformer core. This permits the use of unsymmetrical duty cycles within the switch cycle.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Semiconductor device having duty correction circuit

Disclosed herein is a device includes a duty correction circuit adjusting a duty ratio of a first clock signal based on a duty control signal to generate a second clock signal; a delay line delaying the second clock signal to generate a third clock signal; and a duty cycle detector detecting the duty ratio of the second clock signal to generate the duty control signal in a first mode, and detecting the duty ratio of the third clock signal to generate the duty control signal in a second mode.. .
Micron Technology, Inc.

Adjustment circuit and electronic device thereof

An electronic device includes a power supply, a switching element, and an adjustment circuit. The power supply provides a working voltage to the adjustment circuit.
Hong Fu Jin Precision Industry (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Lighting assembly, apparatus and associated maintaining light intensities

In accordance with one embodiment, a lighting assembly is provided. The lighting assembly includes a first light unit configured to operate at a first duty cycle and a second light unit configured to operate at a second duty cycle.
General Electric Company

Down-conversion circuit

A down-conversion circuit for a receiver circuit is disclosed, the down-conversion circuit comprises a first passive switching mixer arranged to down-convert a received radio frequency, rf, signal with a first local oscillator, lo, signal (lo1) having a first duty cycle for generating a first down-converted signal at an output port of the first passive switching mixer. The down-conversion circuit further comprises a second passive switching mixer arranged to down-convert the received rf signal with a second lo signal (lo2) having the same lo frequency as the first lo signal (lo1) and a second duty cycle, different from the first duty cycle, for generating a second down-converted signal at an output port of the second passive switching mixer.
Teelfonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Dynamic divider having interlocking circuit

A high-speed and low power divider includes a ring of four dynamic latches, an interlocking circuit, and four output inverters. Each latch has a first dynamic node m and a second dynamic node n.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Managing power consumption of transmission circuitry in a wireless communication device

Methods, apparatuses and computer readable media are described that manage transmit power levels for a wireless device connected to a network access system of a wireless network. Processing circuitry in the wireless device obtains a target average transmit power level.
Apple Inc.

Metal working power supply converter system and method

A power supply for welding, cutting and similar operations includes a dual two-switch forward converter. The converter has two inverter circuits coupled in parallel but controlled to provide output power in an interleaved fashion.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Power supply fuse alarm circuit and alarm apparatus

The present invention provides a power supply fuse alarm circuit and an alarm apparatus, where the alarm circuit is connected to a power access module of multiple combined paths and includes multiple groups of alarm units, and each of the alarm units includes: a voltage step-down module, which performs step-down processing on a voltage provided by the power access module, to output a working voltage applicable to the alarm circuit; a control module, which outputs a pulse control signal with a certain duty cycle in a case of normal power supply; a power consumption module, which generates an alarm blowing current according to the pulse control signal, so that the alarm blowing current serves as a virtual load to blow an alarm fuse by using the alarm blowing current after a main fuse is blown; and a protection module, which disconnects the power consumption module after a control circuit fails.. .
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

Dual duty cycle oled to enable dynamic control for reduced motion blur control with constant brightness in augmented reality experiences

A head-mounted display (hmd) device is provided with reduced motion blur by reducing row duty cycle for an organic light-emitting diode (led) panel as a function of a detected movement of a user's head. Further, a panel duty cycle of the panel is increased in concert with the decrease in the row duty cycle to maintain a constant brightness.

Frequency divider with duty cycle adjustment within feedback loop

A frequency divider with duty cycle adjustment within a feedback loop is disclosed. In an exemplary design, an apparatus includes at least one divider circuit and at least one duty cycle adjustment circuit coupled in a feedback loop.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Welding power supply extended range system and method

A power supply for welding, cutting and similar operations includes one or more power converters that are controlled by pwm signals applied by control circuitry. The signals may be applied for a period greater than 50% duty cycle.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Electronic ophthalmoscope for selective retinal photodisruption of the photoreceptor mosaic

An electronic slo/oct ophthalmoscope is equipped with a femtosecond (fs) laser for intra- or preretinal therapeutic use in the posterior segment of the eye. In one application the retina photoreceptor mosaic or bruch's membrane is disrupted in such pattern that minimizes loss of visual functioning but reduces metabolic load of the outer retina.

Down-conversion circuit with interference detection

A down-conversion circuit for a receiver circuit is disclosed. It comprises a first mixer arranged to down-convert an rf signal with a first lo signal (lo1), thereby generating a first down-converted signal.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Apparatuses and methods for duty cycle adjustment

Apparatuses and methods for duty cycle adjustment are disclosed herein. An example apparatus may include a node, a phase mixer, and a duty cycle adjuster circuit.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Capacitive proximity detection using delta-sigma conversion

Capacitive proximity detection is provided by combining a delta-sigma modulator and a capacitive voltage divider circuit to create a high resolution capacitive-to-digital converter. Period and duty cycle counters provide duty cycle ratios from the delta-sigma modulator for comparison of changes in capacitance values of a capacitive sensor when an object is in proximity thereto..
Microchip Technology Incorporated

Controller for a brushless motor

A controller for a brushless motor that includes a pwm module configured in half-bridge or full-bridge mode. The pwm module outputs control signals for controlling the excitation of a winding of the motor, and one of the duty cycle and the period of the pwm module defines a time at which the winding is commutated..
Dyson Technology Limited

Systems and methods for controlling electrochemical processes

A system is disclosed for controlling an electrochemical process. The system has a power source that is coupled to a power amplifier.

Performance regulation for a personal care appliance

The compensating/performance regulation system includes a power skin brush having a handle, an oscillating brushhead workpiece and a drive system, wherein the brushhead workpiece has an rfid tag. An rfid reader is provided in the handle and is responsive to the rfid tag moving past the reader to produce an indication of use of the brushhead.

Surface cleaning appliance

A surface cleaning appliance having a cleaner head that includes an agitator and a motor for driving the agitator. The appliance includes a switch coupling the motor to a supply voltage, a voltage sensor for measuring the magnitude of the supply voltage, a current sensor for measuring the magnitude of current through the motor, and a controller configured to output a pwm signal for controlling the switch.
Dyson Technology Limited

Distributed control system for parallel-connected dc boost converters

The disclosed invention is a distributed control system for operating a dc bus fed by disparate dc power sources that service a known or unknown load. The voltage sources vary in v-i characteristics and have time-varying, maximum supply capacities.

Method and incoming call detection in a dual sim single rf communication device

A method and apparatus to co-ordinate detection of incoming calls in a multimode dual-sim single rf chain wireless communications device. Incoming voice over lte calls cannot be detected by monitoring lte paging messages.

Short-circuit protection structure

A short-circuit protection structure comprises first and second high-voltage transistors, a control circuit, a first current sampling resistor for the first transistor and a second current sampling resistor for the second transistor. The control circuit controls switching period and duty cycle of the first transistor and the second transistor, a drain terminal of the first transistor is connected to a drain terminal of the second transistor, a source terminal of the first transistor is connected to the first current sampling resistor, and a source terminal of the second transistor is connected to the second current sampling resistor; a gate terminal of the first transistor and a gate terminal of the second transistor are connected to a driver stage of the control circuit.

System and pulse width modulation

A circuit for use with pwm signal having first pulse and a second pulse, wherein the first pulse has a period and a first duty cycle, and the second pulse has the period and a second duty cycle. The period has clock information therein, the first duty cycle has first data information therein, and the second duty cycle has second data information therein.

Pulse width modulation control of solenoid motor

A drive mechanism configured to drive a thermally isolated actuator between two positions. The drive mechanism includes a rotary actuated motor configured to rotatably drive a motor member, and a drive member coupled to the motor member and having a drive arm configured to responsively move from a first position to a second position upon rotation of the motor member.

Signal duty cycle reduction

A method may include receiving a positive in-phase (“i”)-channel signal (“i+ signal”), a negative i-channel signal (“i− signal”), a positive quadrature-phase (“q”)-channel signal (“q+ signal”), and a negative q-channel signal (“q− signal”). The method may further include outputting a truncated i+ signal, a truncated i− signal, a truncated q+ signal, and a truncated q− signal.

Gradient amplifier with compensation for dead time and forward voltage

The present invention relates to a method for compensating non-linearities of a gradient amplifier (1) for powering a gradient coil (16), wherein the non-linearities are caused by the finite dead time of the amplifier and/or by a forward voltage drop, the gradient amplifier (1) comprising a controllable full bridge (8) and an output filter (9), whereby the full bridge (8) is controlled to provide a desired coil current (ic), comprising the steps of receiving a desired duty cycle (aeff) of the gradient amplifier (1), measuring an input current (ifilt) and an output voltage (ucfilt) of the output filter (9), evaluating an modulator duty cycle (amod) as a function of the desired duty cycle (aeff) and the measured input current (ifilt) and the measured output voltage (ucfilt), and providing the modulator duty cycle (amod) for controlling the full bridge (8). The present invention further relates to a gradient amplifier (1) for powering a gradient coil (16) comprising a controllable full bridge (8) comprising at least two half bridges (10), each half bridge (10) having at least two power switches (11) connected in series, whereby each half bridge (10) is tapped at its center point between two the power switches (11), and an output filter (9) connected to the tapped center points of the half bridges (10), a controller unit (4) for providing a desired duty cycle (aeff) of the gradient amplifier (1), a compensation block (5) for providing an modulator duty cycle (amod) as a compensation of the desired duty cycle (aeff) according to any of the above method claims, and a modulator (6) for controlling the power switches (11) according to the modulator duty cycle (amod) provided by the compensation unit (5)..

Rotation speed control impact type fastening tools

A rotation speed control method for impact type fastening tools has a presetting step and a dynamic control step. The presetting step includes setting a plurality of working positions, and setting a pwm signal with a larger duty cycle as a driving signal in a period after energization so that a motor can rotate at a higher speed and improve work efficiency.

Transducer access point

The invention relates to a method and apparatus for exposing (i.e. Bridging) data and services offered by low power, low duty cycle transducers (e.g.

Pneumatic pressure output control by drive valve duty cycle calibration

In various embodiments, a surgical console may include a pneumatic valve to drive a pneumatic tool coupled to the surgical console. The console may further include a controller operable to control and adjust the valve open/close cycle times according to a valve duty cycle.

Methods and apparatuses for energetic neutral flux generation for processing a substrate

Apparatuses and methods for processing substrates are disclosed. A processing apparatus includes a chamber for generating a plasma therein, an electrode associated with the chamber, and a signal generator coupled to the electrode.

Variable pulse width signal generator

The present invention concerns a signal generator circuit powered by a supply voltage and including flip flop means including a first input to which is connected a continuous input signal whose amplitude is defined, a second input to which is connected a clock signal whose duty cycle is defined, and a third, reset input, and outputting an output signal whose duty cycle is that of the clock signal and whose amplitude is that of the input signal, characterized in that said circuit further includes regulating means arranged to compare the output signal to a set point signal representative of the desired duty cycle and to deliver a control signal connected to the third input of the flip flop means so as to activate the reset to modify the duty cycle of the output signal.. .

Anti-shoot-through automatic multiple feedback gate drive control circuit

Automatic and robust anti-shoot-through glitch-free operation of half-bridge control pre-driver and power stage circuits have been achieved by using multiple feedback control signals. These feedback signals are taken both from the gates of power devices on high side and low sides and from the gates of one or more devices on both high side and low side that enable power device on state.

Predictive pulse width modulation for an open delta h-bridge driven high efficiency ironless permanent magnet machine

Embodiments of the present method and system permit an effective method for determining the optimum selection of pulse width modulation polarity and type including determining machine parameters, inputting the machine parameters into a predicted duty cycle module, determining the optimum polarity of the pulse width modulation for a predicted duty cycle based on a pulse width modulation generation algorithm, and determining the optimum type of the pulse width modulation for a predicted duty cycle based on the pulse width modulation generation algorithm.. .

Genetic regulation of bone and cells by electromagnetic stimulation fields and uses thereof

The present invention provides methods to modify the genetic regulation of mammalian tissue, bone, cells or any combination thereof by preferential activation, up-regulation and/or down-regulation. The method comprises steps of tuning the predetermined profiles of one or more time-varying stimulation fields by manipulating the b-field magnitude, rising slew rate, rise time, falling slew rate, fall time, frequency, wavelength, and duty cycle, and exposing mammalian cells or tissues to one or more tuned time-varying stimulation fields with predetermined profiles.

Active valley fill power factor correction

A power converter is disclosed that includes an active valley fill (avf) capacitor that is actively switched to provide current to a load during a portion of an alternating current (ac) input cycle. The current supplied to the load includes some current supplied by the ac input and some current supplied by the avf capacitor.

Laser marker

A laser marker/pointer for projecting circular or elliptical laser beam patterns onto a target surface such as a portion of a presentation screen or to assist in the aiming of a firearm, comprises a handheld shell body in which is mounted a laser light source, a rotating optical mirror driven by a motor, and an electronic drive circuit, whereby the aspect ratio of the marking pattern is determined by the geometric relationship of the motor shaft axis, the laser beam, and the mirror surface. The motor drive circuit when initially powered (along with the laser diode), applies full power (a continuous dc voltage to the motor to overcome inertia), followed by a pulsed voltage to lower the duty cycle of the motor, increase battery life, and reduce rotational noise..

Optical detecting device and related synchronization adjustment

A method of synchronization adjustment is applied to an optical detecting device, so as to synchronize an exposure timing sequence of an image detector with a light emitting timing sequence of an indicating light source. The method includes acquiring a continued image set, analyzing intensity of each image of the continued image set, and adjusting the exposure timing sequence according to duty cycle of the image detector and intensity ratio of at least two images.

Dynamic level shifter circuit

A level shifter does not require any dc (standby) current consumption and has a fast operation with low propagation delay. The level shifting from input to output voltage ranges is performed by a pair of level shifting capacitors.

Backlight driving circuit, lcd device, and driving the backlight driving circuit

A backlight driving circuit includes a constant current driving chip, a power module, and a light emitting diode (led) lightbar coupled with the power module. The constant current driving chip includes a control module that controls switching frequency of the power module, and an adjusting module that adjusts duty cycle of effective current flowing through the led lightbar.

Method and detecting a target keyword

A method of detecting a target keyword for activating a function in an electronic device is disclosed. The method includes receiving an input sound starting from one of the plurality of portions of the target keyword.

Responsive load control method

The responsive load control method manages the allocation and adjustment of service triggering grid frequencies across a population of responsive loads. The responsive load control method is particularly suited to responsive loads that have substantially no duty cycle or which have a long duration (>1 hr) duty cycle.

Current source rectifier modulation in discontinuous modes of operation

Systems and methods disclosed herein include a controller for a current source rectifier that is configured to facilitate operation in both continuous and discontinuous conduction modes. The controller comprises a discontinuous mode detection unit configured to determine when input current of the current source rectifier becomes discontinuous and a duty cycle calculation unit adapted to calculate duty cycles for the current source rectifier differently for operation in continuous or discontinuous mode.

Method for balancing capacitors in an inverter

The pwm modulating method comprises the following steps: detecting actual voltage values (vc1, vc1, vc2, vc3 . .

Vehicular safety assistive device

A vehicular assistive safety device that couples between a vehicular brake light and the vehicle's brake pedal switch, having a logic responsive to each activation of the brake pedal switch to initiate a duty cycle of a plurality of periods of various output intensity and duration of said brake light. Sequential period durations and intensities are unequal, respectively, to their predecessors.

Event-driven clock duty cycle control

Duty cycle error vectors that indicate both the magnitude and direction of the duty cycle error relative to a desired duty cycle are generated within a duty cycle measurement circuit, enabling threshold-based determination of whether duty cycle adjustment is necessary, refraining from power-consuming adjustment and follow-up measurement in those cases where the duty cycle is within a target range. When duty cycle adjustment is deemed necessary, the magnitude of the duty cycle error indicated by the duty cycle error vector may be applied to effect proportional rather than incremental duty cycle adjustment, quickly returning the clock duty cycle to a target range..

Duty cycling to reduce average transmit power

A user device receives a command to transmit information at a transmit power level specified by a wireless carrier. The user device determines whether transmitting the information at the specified transmit power level using a first duty cycle will cause the user device to violate a condition.

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