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Duty Cycle patents

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Method of multi-coil operation and optimization

Digital clock placement engine apparatus and method with duty cycle correction and quadrature placement

Zero-voltage-switching contour based outphasing power amplifier

Date/App# patent app List of recent Duty Cycle-related patents
 Methods and arrangements for channel access in wireless networks patent thumbnailnew patent Methods and arrangements for channel access in wireless networks
Some embodiments provide a normal rate preamble detector to detect a signal transmitted in accordance with a first set of modulation and coding schemes and a low rate preamble detector to detect a signal transmitted in accordance with a second set of modulation and coding schemes. Embodiments may comprise channel traffic logic to determine a traffic indicator indicative of traffic on a communications channel.
 Zero-voltage-switching contour based outphasing power amplifier patent thumbnailnew patent Zero-voltage-switching contour based outphasing power amplifier
A zero-voltage-switching contour based outphasing power amplifier having two class-e power amplifiers connected in an out-phasing architecture coupled on opposite sides of a load being driven. The pair of class-e power amplifiers receive separate digital drive signals with an amount of phase difference that is adjusted based on the load.
 Digital clock placement engine apparatus and method with duty cycle correction and quadrature placement patent thumbnailnew patent Digital clock placement engine apparatus and method with duty cycle correction and quadrature placement
A digital clock placement engine has circuitry that adjusts a duty cycle of a clock signal and adjusts the locations of the rising/falling edges of the clock signal for purposes of data sampling or other operations. In a forwarded-clock interface implementation, a clock signal is received along with a data signal, and the received clock signal may be distorted to due various factors.
 Electric vehicle supply equipment with temperature controlled current patent thumbnailnew patent Electric vehicle supply equipment with temperature controlled current
In electric vehicle supply equipment (evse), interruption of charging due to overheating is prevented by adjusting the pulse duty cycle on the control pilot conductor communicating the maximum allowed current level to the electric vehicle, the adjustment being performed whenever the evse temperature exceeds a predetermined threshold temperature below the maximum operating temperature as a function of the approach of the temperature to the maximum operating temperature.. .
 Method of multi-coil operation and optimization patent thumbnailnew patent Method of multi-coil operation and optimization
This disclosure provides systems, methods and apparatus for wireless power transfer and particularly wireless power transfer to remote systems such as electric vehicles. In one aspect, a system comprises substantially co-planar first and second receiver coils.
 Drive apparatus and drive method for brushless motor patent thumbnailnew patent Drive apparatus and drive method for brushless motor
The present invention relates to a drive apparatus that drives a brushless motor with a square wave, and relates to a drive method thereof. The drive apparatus limits a duty cycle of once in n times of pulse width modulation periods so that the duty cycle does not fall below a set value, and increases the n value according to a rotation speed of the brushless motor, and then obtains position information in a period in which the duty cycle is limited to the predetermined duty cycle.
 Occupancy sensor for controlling an led light patent thumbnailnew patent Occupancy sensor for controlling an led light
An occupancy sensor for an led module has an occupancy sensing module, a main control module and a current control module. The occupancy sensing module has capability of sensing occupancy status of a specific area.
 Efficient external charger for charging a plurality of implantable medical devices patent thumbnailEfficient external charger for charging a plurality of implantable medical devices
An external charger for a battery in an implantable medical device (implant), and technique for charging batteries in multiple implants using such improved external charger, is disclosed. During charging, values for a parameter measured in the implants are reported from the implants to the external charger.
 System for stimulating bone growth, tissue healing and/or pain control, and method of use patent thumbnailSystem for stimulating bone growth, tissue healing and/or pain control, and method of use
A system for use in stimulating bone growth, tissue healing, and/or pain control is described. The system includes a screw, a battery, a controller, and means for connecting the battery such that current is routed from the battery through the screw and thence to a target area of interest requiring treatment.
 Resistance determination for temperature control of heated automotive components patent thumbnailResistance determination for temperature control of heated automotive components
Electrical resistance of a heated component is determined for temperature control and monitoring. A voltage-representation signal, which is proportional to a voltage across a heater component, is received.
Constant on time control circuit and dc-dc converting circuit
A constant on time control circuit, configured to control a converting circuit to transform an input voltage into a stable output voltage, is disclosed. The constant on time control circuit comprises a comparing circuit and a logic circuit.
Multi-phase dc-dc converter and controlling method thereof
A multi-phase dc-dc converter and a controlling method thereof are provided. The multi-phase dc-dc converter includes a plurality of output units, a sensing unit, and a pulse width modulation (pwm) controller.
Lighting control system and method
A lighting system provides for control of the perceived color of the light emitted by the light fixture. The light fixture has two light sources, a control circuit pulses the two light sources and changes relative duty cycles of the light sources to alter a perceived color output of the lighting fixture, in response to a control signal.
Filament detection circuit
A ballast including a driver circuit, a filament heating circuit, a current detector circuit, and a control circuit is provided. The driver circuit generates an oscillating current signal.
Systems and methods for protecting switching elements in an induction heating system
The present disclosure provides systems and methods for protecting switching elements in an induction heating system. A switching power loss associated with a switching element of the induction heating system can be calculated and an operating frequency of the induction heating system can be adjusted based upon the switching power loss.
Systems and methods for minimizing spurs through duty cycle adjustment
A frequency source, such as for a wireless communications device, configured to have a duty cycle adjustment. A selected harmonic spur resulting from operation of the frequency source at one duty cycle may be avoided or minimized by operating the frequency source at a second duty cycle.
Milk emulsifying method and unit
A milk emulsifying method and unit, whereby a first flow of milk, fed along a first feed line (7) to an emulsifying chamber (5), draws a second flow of air from the outside along a second feed line (8) converging with the first feed line (7) upstream from the emulsifying chamber (5); the second flow being subjected to a repeat chopping operation, in which chopping is regulated in both frequency and duty cycle.. .
Methods for controlling electrical inverters and electrical inverters and systems using the same
A system for generating a duty cycle control signal for controlling an inverter power train providing an output current waveform to a grid operating with a grid voltage waveform compares a reference current waveform shaped to the grid voltage waveform with the output current waveform to generate an error signal. The error signal is used to generate a corrective control action signal, which is combined with a feed-forward signal representing a nominal duty cycle generated with a feed-forward function.
Duty cycle balance module for switch mode power converter
A duty cycle balance module (dcbm) for use with a switch mode power converter. One possible half-bridge converter embodiment includes a transformer driven to conduct current in first and second directions by first and second signals during and second half-cycles, respectively.
Digital duty cycle controller for a switching mode power supply
Disclosed are methods, devices, and systems to digitally control a duty cycle of a switching mode power supply. In one embodiment, a method comprises calculating a base duty cycle using a power management unit of a high-speed processing unit, calculating a dynamic offset duty cycle using the power management unit to apply a transfer function to a sampled feedback voltage signal, and adding the base duty cycle to the dynamic offset duty cycle to obtain a duty cycle of the switching mode power supply.
Circuitry for current regulated, externally controlled led driving
A current driver circuit for regulating a light emitting diode (led) is disclosed. An example driver circuit uses one input node of the driver circuit for controlling both maximum brightness and dimming of an led coupled to an output node of the driver circuit.
Dimming circuit and lighting device using the same
A dimming circuit and a lighting device using the same are provided. The dimming circuit comprises an interface trigger unit, an average duty cycle calculating unit, a control voltage calculating unit and a comparing unit.
Seat belt apparatus
A seat belt apparatus includes a reel, a motor, a clutch member, a belt reacher, a door opening/closing detection section, a wearing detection section and a motor control section. Once a change from an opened state to a closed state of a vehicle door is detected by the opening/closing detection section, the control section controls the motor so that the webbing is pulled out from the reel at a predetermined speed.
Method, system, and device for adjusting operation of washing machine based on system modeling
Devices and methods to adjust the operation of a washing machine based on system modeling include a motor, a control board, a heater, a number of sensors, and an electronic controller. The controller receives a selected wash cycle program and determines an operating condition of the selected wash cycle program, using data from the sensors.
Techniques for platform duty cycling
Various embodiments are generally directed to an apparatus, method and other techniques for detecting active and semi-active workloads during execution on a platform processing device and enabling a duty cycle process to reduce thermal output and power consumption, and align unaligned activity. In various embodiments, the duty cycle processing may be enabled during an active workload when thermal output or power consumption is above a thermal threshold or power consumption threshold that is below an efficient operating point for the platform processing device.
Fan test device
A fan test device is connected to an interface of a fan under test on a motherboard. The fan test device includes a connector, a power test unit, a signal test unit, a single chip microcontroller (scm), and a keyboard.
Hybrid power devices and switching circuits for high power load sourcing applications
A hybrid switching circuit includes first and second switching devices containing first and second unequal bandgap semiconductor materials. These switching devices, which support parallel conduction in response to first and second control signals, are three or more terminal switching devices of different type.
Adjustable spectral transmittance eyewear
Embodiments of the present invention relate to eyewear having an electrically switchable spectral transmittance lens(es). The eyewear includes a lens driver that controls the variable spectral transmittance lens(es).
Duty cycle correction circuit and operation method thereof
A duty cycle correction circuit includes a clock adjustment unit configured to adjust a duty ratio of an input clock signal in response to a duty control signal and generate an output clock signal, a tracking type setting unit configured to generate an tracking type selection signal for setting a first or second tracking type based on a duty locking state of the output clock signal, and a control signal generation unit configured to generate the duty control signal, into which the first or second tracking type is incorporated, in response to the tracking type selection signal and the output clock signal.. .
Duty cycle detection and correction circuit in an integrated circuit
A duty cycle detection and correction circuit includes a clock generator, a clock tree, and a duty cycle correction circuit. The clock generator is configured to generate a first clock signal and a second clock signal, and the first clock signal and the second clock signal have a predetermined phase difference.
Phase lock loop controlled current mode buck converter
A current mode buck converter has a power stage and a feedback stage. The power stage converts a higher power supply voltage level to a lower output voltage level.
Computing device and method for protecting fan of computing device
In a method for protecting a fan of a computing device, firstly, a current supplied to the fan is read. Secondly, if the current supplied to the fan is more than or equal to a predefined current, a baseboard management controller(bmc) is controlled to send a pulse width modulation (pwm) signal to decrease a duty cycle of the fan by a predefined proportion, so that the current supplied to the fan is decreased.
Renal injury inhibiting devices, systems, and methods employing low-frequency ultrasound or other cyclical pressure energies
Improved devices, systems, and methods treatment of patients can be used to help mitigate injury to the kidneys by applying cyclical mechanical pressure energy at low intensities. The energy often be selectively directed from non-invasive transducers disposed outside the patients.
Signal component rejection
A method includes providing a first local oscillator signal having a first duty cycle to a first mixer unit and providing a second local oscillator signal having a second duty cycle to a second mixer unit. At least one of the first duty cycle or the second duty cycle is greater than fifty percent.
Signal coupling circuit and associated method
A signal coupling circuit for generating an output signal according to an input signal is provided. The signal coupling circuit includes: a coupling capacitor, configured to generate a coupling signal according to the input signal; a clock generating circuit, configured to generate a clock and determine a duty cycle of the clock by the coupling capacitor; a discharge circuit, configured to intermittently discharge the coupling capacitor according to the duty cycle of the clock; and an output circuit, coupled to the coupling capacitor, for generating the output signal according to the coupling signal..
Solar power supply device
A solar power supply device includes a solar panel converting solar energy to electrical power with a dc voltage, a voltage convertor connected to the solar panel, a control unit, and a pwm signal processing unit. The voltage convertor converts the dc voltage to a power voltage to power the electrical equipment.
System and method for adaptive current limit of a switching regulator
An adaptive current limiter including a conversion network and an amplifier network developing an adaptive current limit signal for use by a switching regulator to limit peak current through an inductor of the switching regulator. The switching regulator develops a pulse control signal for controlling switching of current through the inductor to convert an input voltage to an output voltage.
Systems and methods for dimming of a light source
In embodiments, improved capabilities are described for dimming performance of lighting methods and systems, such as the improvement of dimming led lamps that are dimmed from standard external dimming devices. Methods and systems for improving dimming performance include a fast startup override facility for overriding a default dimming function of the lamp's electronics through forcing the lamp electronics to operate with a higher than normal duty cycle to ensure the lamp electronics can deliver higher than normal power to an led module during a dimming current level startup condition.
Circuit for driving lighting devices
The inventive subject matter provides a circuit and a method for efficiently operating a lighting device, such as a light-emitting diode and a fluorescent lamp. In one aspect of the invention, the circuit includes an oscillator that generates a series of current pulses at a frequency that is at least 50,000 hz and that corresponds to a resonant frequency of the circuit including the lighting device.
Measured value transmitting device
The invention relates to measured value transmitting devices for serially transmitting data in accordance with the ssi method, synchronous serial interface. At least one slave is provided which provides the data bits of a measured value detected by at least one sensor for the purpose of a serial bit-by-bit transmission to a master.
Optical amplifier controller
A controller is configured to determine a first amount of current associated with a first power level. The controller is configured further to generate a digital pulse signal based on the first amount of current, where the digital pulse signal may have a second power level and an associated duty cycle.
Electronic device and method for adjusting volume levels of audio signal outputted by the electronic device
An electronic device includes an audio sensor, an audio output unit, a pulse width modulation (pwm) unit connected to the audio output unit, and a control chip. When the audio output unit outputs the audio signal, the audio sensor detects a volume level of the environment sound.
Device and method for correcting duty cycle, and receiver including the same
A duty cycle correcting device is provided which includes a pulse width adjusting unit which adjusts a pulse width of an input signal according to a pulse width control code; a comparison unit which compares an output signal of the pulse width control unit with a plurality of reference voltages; and a control unit which selects one of a plurality of pulse width control codes based on comparison data from the comparison unit and provides the selected pulse width control code to the pulse width adjusting unit.. .
Controller for a power converter and method of operating the same
A controller for a power converter and method of operating the same. In one embodiment, the controller includes a current-sense device couplable in series with switched terminals of power switches of interleaved switching regulators and configured to produce a current-sense signal.
Power converter for generating both positive and negative output signals
A power converting system is responsive to an input signal to produce an output signal regulated with respect to the input signal. The power converting system has an input node for receiving the input signal, an output node for producing the output signal, and first and second inductive elements.
Method and apparatus of current balancing for multiple phase power converter
In some embodiments described herein, proposed schemes utilize a duty-cycle sensing technique to detect load current imbalance in each individual inductor, and then adjusts the duty cycles for the specific phases through a digital duty cycle tuner.. .
Load driving apparatus and driving method thereof
A load driving apparatus and a driving method thereof are provided. The load driving apparatus includes a power conversion circuit and a control chip.
Method and apparatus for driving light emitting diode
An led driving method is provided. The method includes the steps of: receiving a brightness control signal, wherein the brightness control signal represents a duty cycle of an led within a pulse width modulation cycle, and the duty cycle is indicated by a plurality of illuminating clocks; dividing the pwm cycle into a plurality of sub-pwm cycles; and equally distributing the illuminating clocks to each of the sub-pwm cycles..
Dc/dc converter with resonant converter stage and buck stage and method of controlling the same
A direct current to direct current (dc/dc) converter includes a resonant converter stage, a buck stage, and a processor apparatus. The resonant converter stage includes a bridge circuit.
Rf-dac cell and method for providing an rf output signal
An rf-dac cell is configured to generate an rf output signal based on a baseband signal, a first signal and a second signal. The first signal has a first duty cycle and toggles between first predefined amplitude values, and the second signal has a second duty cycle smaller than the first duty cycle and toggles between second predefined amplitude values..
Heat utilizing circuit, electronic device, and method
A method for utilizing heat includes steps: converting heat to electrical power, and converting the electrical power to a pwm voltage signal to power a function module. Obtaining an input voltage of the function module and comparing the input voltage with a reference voltage.
Methods and apparatus for improving backlight driver efficiency
An electronic device may be provided with display circuitry that includes a display timing controller, a backlight driver, a light source, and other associated backlight structures. The backlight control circuitry may generate a control signal having an adjustable duty cycle to the backlight driver.
Wireless power system
A higher power wireless power transmitter (hpwpt) including a first, second and third circuit and a transmit coil for wirelessly powering a lower power wireless power receiver (lpwpr) is provided. The first circuit is a switch network.
Welding power supply with digital controller
A welding power supply including power conversion circuitry adapted to receive a primary source of power, to utilize one or more power semiconductor switches to chop the primary source of power, and to convert the chopped power to a welding output is provided. The provided welding power supply includes a pulse width modulated (pwm) digital controller including gate drive circuitry that generates a pwm output signal that controls the switching of the one or more power semiconductor switches.
Enforcing a power consumption duty cycle in a processor
In an embodiment, a processor includes a plurality of cores each to independently execute instructions, a plurality of graphics engines each to independently perform graphics operations; and, a power control unit coupled to the plurality of cores to control power consumption of the processor, where the power control unit includes a power excursion control logic to limit a power consumption level of the processor from being above a defined power limit for more than a duty cycle portion of an operating period. Other embodiments are described and claimed..
Method and system for adjusting source impedance and maximizing output by rf generator
An electrosurgical system includes an electrosurgical probe connected to a control console, wherein the probe is capable of coagulating and ablating tissue depending on a selected operating mode. Before operating the system, probe-specific data stored in a memory device associated with the probe is read by a processing device in the console.
Clock regeneration circuit, light receiving circuit, photocoupler, and frequency synthesizer
A clock regeneration circuit includes: a signal input terminal; a d flip-flop circuit; a reset signal generation circuit; a delay circuit; a comparator; a first capacitor; and a feed back circuit. The signal input terminal is inputted with a pulse width modulation signal.
High temperature furnace having reconfigurable heater circuits
The core of a high temperature furnace has an elongated central test cavity for testing/calibration of a temperature-sensitive component, such as the probe of a thermocouple. At least three electrical heating elements as positioned adjacent to the test cavity, including two elements adjacent to the opposite end portions of the test cavity, respectively, and a center element between the end elements.
Method and system for aggregating wifi signal data and non-wifi signal data
Methods of aggregating spectrum data captured from a narrowband radio to form a spectrum covering a much wider frequency band. Frequency data, such as fft spectrum data captured from a narrowband receiver such as an ieee 802.11 wi-fi receiver are combined to display representative real-time fft, average fft, and fft duty cycle data of a wideband spectrum.
High linearity mixer using a 33% duty cycle clock for unwanted harmonic suppression
One mixer circuit includes mixer elements having 3n pairs of differential inputs. There are non-overlapping clock signals provided to the mixer elements which have a duty cycle equal to or less than 33⅓ percent, and n is a positive integer.
Duty cycle adjusting circuit and adjusting method
The present invention relates to a square wave generator circuit, an integrated circuit, a dc/dc converter and an ac/dc converter. The square wave generator circuit comprises a first mirror current branch which is connected with ground via a first switching element and a first capacitor in parallel with the first switching element, wherein the first switching element is operable to be opened or closed periodically under control of a first clock signal so as to generate a first sawtooth wave signal at a non-grounded terminal of the first capacitor; a second mirror current branch which is connected with ground via a second switching element and a second capacitor in parallel with the second switching element, wherein the second switching element is operable to be opened or closed periodically under control of a second clock signal synchronous with the first clock signal so as to generate a second sawtooth wave signal at a non-grounded terminal of the second capacitor; and a comparator, one input terminal of which is connected to the non-grounded terminal of the first capacitor and the other input terminal of which is connected to the non-grounded terminal of the second capacitor, so that a square wave signal can be outputted at an output terminal of the comparator, wherein a duty cycle of the square wave signal depends on a ratio of a capacitance of the second capacitor to a capacitance of the first capacitor..
Semiconductor apparatus and duty cycle correction method thereof
A semiconductor apparatus includes a duty cycle correction block and a delay locked loop. The duty cycle correction block generates a duty corrected clock by correcting a duty cycle of an internal clock, adjusts a phase of a rising edge of the duty corrected clock when a delay locked loop is reset, and adjusts a phase of a falling edge of the duty corrected clock when the delay locked loop is locked.
Average load current detector for a multi-mode switching converter
An average load current detector for a multi-mode switching converter is disclosed. The average load current detector includes a sense voltage generator that generates an average sense voltage that is proportional to an average load current delivered by the multi-mode switching converter.
Systems and methods for switched-inductor integrated voltage regulators
Power controller includes an output terminal having an output voltage, at least one clock generator to generate a plurality of clock signals and a plurality of hardware phases. Each hardware phase is coupled to the at least one clock generator and the output terminal and includes a comparator.
Automatic buck/boost mode selection system for dc-dc converter
A reconfigurable dc-dc converter including a controller is disclosed which automatically adjusts the mode of operation (buck mode or boost mode) depending on the system requirements and is able to achieve the maximum efficiency and the lowest inductance current. The method of switching between buck and boost mode allows the converter to operate to 100% duty cycle for buck mode and 0% duty cycle for boost mode.
System and method for controlling output power in a contactless power transfer system
A power conversion system including a power source configured to provide input power is disclosed. The power conversion system also includes a first power converter comprising switches configured to convert the input power to an intermediate converted power.
Electronic induction heating cooker and output level control method thereof
An electronic induction heating cooker is provided. The electronic induction heating cooker may include a rectifier that rectifies an input voltage into a direct current (dc) voltage and output the dc voltage, an inverter including first, second and third switches connected in series between a positive power source terminal and a negative power source terminal to generate an alternating current (ac) voltage by switching the dc voltage, a first heater driven by the ac voltage so as to heat a first cooking container, a second heater connected in parallel to the first heater and driven by the ac voltage so as to heat a second cooking container, and a switching controller that generates a switching signal for controlling the first and second heaters in accordance with a set of operating conditions input thereto and adjusts a duty cycle of the switching signal..
Gated voltammetry methods
A sensor system, device, and methods for determining the concentration of an analyte in a sample is described. Gated voltammetric pulse sequences including multiple duty cycles of sequential excitations and relaxations may provide a shorter analysis time and/or improve the accuracy and/or precision of the analysis.

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