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Duty Cycle patents

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System and method providing over current protection based on duty cycle information for power converter

On-bright Electronics (shanghai)

System and method providing over current protection based on duty cycle information for power converter

Methods for forming crystalline igzo through processing condition optimization


Methods for forming crystalline igzo through processing condition optimization

Methods for forming crystalline igzo through processing condition optimization

Texas Instruments

Waveform calibration using built in self test mechanism

Date/App# patent app List of recent Duty Cycle-related patents
 Method and system for controlling a charge pump patent thumbnailMethod and system for controlling a charge pump
Embodiments of a method for controlling a charge pump and a control device for a charge pump are described. In one embodiment, a method for controlling a charge pump involves monitoring a power-on status of the charge pump, calculating a duty cycle of the charge pump within a time period based on the power-on status of the charge pump, and adjusting at least one of a clock frequency setting and a capacitance setting of the charge pump in based on the duty cycle of the charge pump.
Nxp B.v.
 System and method providing over current protection based on duty cycle information for power converter patent thumbnailSystem and method providing over current protection based on duty cycle information for power converter
System and method for protecting a power converter. An example system controller for protecting a power converter includes a signal generator, a comparator, and a modulation and drive component.
On-bright Electronics (shanghai) Co., Ltd.
 Methods for forming crystalline igzo through processing condition optimization patent thumbnailMethods for forming crystalline igzo through processing condition optimization
Embodiments described herein provide method for forming crystalline indium-gallium-zinc oxide (igzo). A substrate is provided.
Intermolecular, Inc.
 Waveform calibration using built in self test mechanism patent thumbnailWaveform calibration using built in self test mechanism
A system on a chip (soc) includes a transceiver comprising a transmitter having a power amplifier and a receiver having a signal buffer. At least one of the transmitter and receiver has a configurable portion that can be configured to produce a range of waveforms (both in waveshape as well as duty cycle).
Texas Instruments Incorporated
 Method of controlling parking control device of transmission patent thumbnailMethod of controlling parking control device of transmission
A method of controlling a parking control device of a transmission may include a) inputting data about a state of a vehicle, b) determining, based on the data input at a step of the a), whether a current situation is a first situation in which an actuator of the parking control device of the transmission is to be promptly controlled, a second situation in which noise is controlled to be minimized, or a third situation which is a normal situation, and c) controlling a pulse width modulation (pwm) duty cycle required to control the actuator to different values depending on the first, second, and situations determined at a step of the b), thus driving the actuator.. .
Kia Motors Corp.
 Methods and systems for employing a duty cycle in electrical stimulation of patient tissue patent thumbnailMethods and systems for employing a duty cycle in electrical stimulation of patient tissue
A method of delivering electrical stimulation energy includes receiving stimulation parameters such as a selection of one or more electrodes, a stimulation amplitude, and a stimulation frequency. The stimulation parameters define, at least in part, an electrical stimulation energy deliverable as a series of electrical pulses at the stimulation frequency.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation
 Transdermal electrical stimulation devices for modifying or inducing cognitive state patent thumbnailTransdermal electrical stimulation devices for modifying or inducing cognitive state
Portable transdermal electrical stimulation (tes) applicators for modifying a subject's cognitive state. In general, the portable applicators described are specifically configured and adapted to be lightweight and may be wearable, and to deliver a high-intensity tes able to evoke or enhance a predetermined cognitive effect.
 Methods and systems for power optimization in a medical device patent thumbnailMethods and systems for power optimization in a medical device
A physiological monitoring system may use photonic signals to determine physiological parameters. The system may vary parameters of a light drive signal used to generate the photonic signal from a light source such that power consumption is reduced or optimized.
Covidien Lp
 High-resolution pulse width modulation signal generation circuit and method patent thumbnailHigh-resolution pulse width modulation signal generation circuit and method
A pulse width modulation (pwm) signal generation circuit and method are disclosed herein. The pwm signal generation circuit includes an integer part pulse generation circuit, and a fractional part pulse generation circuit.
Abov Semiconductor Co., Ltd.
 Duty cycle correction circuit patent thumbnailDuty cycle correction circuit
A duty cycle correction circuit may include an error booster suitable for amplifying an input clock duty error, a driver suitable for driving an output clock based on the input clock, and a duty corrector suitable for correcting the output clock duty based on the duty error amplified by the error booster.. .
Sk Hynix Inc.

Integrated circuit failure prediction using clock duty cycle recording and analysis

A system is disclosed, which may include a clock distribution circuit. The clock distribution circuit may include a duty cycle controller to distribute a clock output signal to a plurality of remote locations on a clock grid.
International Business Machines Corporation

Duty cycle adjustment with error resiliency

The present disclosure regards adjusting a duty cycle, which includes generating a duty cycle signal having a voltage representing a duty cycle of a clock signal; adjusting a reference voltage generated by an adjustable reference voltage generator to match the duty cycle signal to produce a first matched value; inverting voltage sources of the reference voltage generator; adjusting, while the voltage sources are inverted, the reference voltage to produce a second matched value; and calculating a duty cycle value based on the first and second matched values.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Buck-boost converter and regulation

A buck-boost converter includes a buck-boost voltage converter circuit, an error controller and a buck-boost mode controller. The buck-boost voltage converter includes switches.
General Electric Company

Rescheduling workloads to enforce and maintain a duty cycle

In an embodiment, a processor includes a plurality of cores to independently execute instructions, at least one graphics engine to independently execute graphics instructions, and a power controller including an alignment logic to cause at least one workload to be executed on a first core to be rescheduled to a different time to enable the plurality of cores to be active during an active time window and to be in a low power state during an idle time window. Other embodiments are described and claimed..

Plasma generation apparatus

The present invention addresses the issue of improving generation efficiency of plasma in relation to usage power in a plasma generation apparatus. The present invention is directed to a plasma generation apparatus provided with an electromagnetic wave emission antenna and a discharge electrode.
Imagineering, Inc.

Carrier sense adaptive transmission (csat) communication scheme detection and mitigation in unlicensed spectrum

Systems and methods for carrier sense adaptive transmission (csat) communication scheme identification and mitigation in unlicensed spectrum are disclosed. The identification may comprise, for example, identifying csat communication based on a presence of a first signal and an absence of a second signal of a radio access technology (rat) during a period of time.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Method and balancing currents

A method and apparatus are provided for balancing currents of two or more parallel-connected power semiconductor switches during an on-state of the switches. A control terminal of each switch is driven by a driver unit.
Abb Oy

Dual-mode voltage doubling buck converter with smooth mode transition

Devices and methods provide a voltage regulating device including voltage supply circuitry configured to receive a first voltage, generate at least a second voltage based on the first voltage, and output an output voltage, the output voltage being one of the first voltage and the second voltage based on a voltage selection signal; regulator circuitry configured to switch between the output voltage and a reference potential based on a control signal; and control circuitry configured to generate the control signal, the control signal having a first duty cycle if the output voltage is the first voltage and a second duty cycle if the output voltage is the second voltage, the control circuitry configured to adjust the second duty cycle based on, at least in part, a droop voltage in the regulator circuitry.. .
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

Backlight driving circuit, liquid crystal display device and drive method

The present invention provides a backlight drive circuit, and a liquid crystal display and a drive method for the same, wherein the backlight drive circuit includes: an error amplification unit configured to receive a feedback voltage from the backlight, and used for comparing the feedback voltage with a basis voltage, adjusting the amplification coefficient and the amplification speed for a comparison result based on the magnitude of the comparison result, and outputting an amplification result as a control signal; and a drive control unit configured to receive the control signal from the error amplification unit, and used for outputting, according to the control signal, a pulse width modulation dimming signal with a corresponding duty cycle to modulate a voltage signal output to the backlight from a power supply. The backlight drive circuit may be applied to driving operation for various display devises and capable of automatically adjusting response rate under different loading modes.
Shenzhen China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Adaptive learning of duty cycle for a high pressure fuel pump

Methods and systems are provided for closed loop operation of a high pressure fuel pump connected to the direct injectors of an internal combustion engine. During operation of the high pressure pump a dead zone may exist where a substantial change in the pump duty cycle does not correspond to a substantial change in the fuel rail pressure.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

System and controlling heater of environmentally-friendly vehicle

A system for controlling a heater of an environmentally-friendly vehicle includes a signal input configured to input a heating demand. A positive temperature coefficient (ptc) heater is a heat source for heating.
Hyundai Motor Company

Apparatuses and methods for duty cycle adjustments

Apparatuses and methods have been disclosed. One such apparatus includes a plurality of gates coupled together in series.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Reducing crosstalk and matched output power audio amplfiers

A multi-channel class d audio amplifier is provided to substantially reduce channel-to-channel crosstalk by employing in each channel a local triangle ramp generator controlled by a single global digital timing signal. The noise critical timing/integrating capacitor for the triangle ramp generator resides locally in each channel and adjacent to the pwm comparator of that channel and referenced to the local ground of that channel.
Crestron Electronics, Inc.

Method and device for frequency generation for a resonance converter

A method and an activation circuit for frequency generation for a resonance converter that is driven by a half bridge or a full bridge. An activation circuit with a controller excites a resonance circuit belonging to the resonance converter.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Multi-level medium voltage data center static synchronous compensator (dcstatcom) for active and reactive power control of data centers connected with grid energy storage and smart green distributed energy sources

Systems and methods for supplying power (both active and reactive) at a medium voltage from a dcstatcom to an it load without using a transformer are disclosed. The dcstatcom includes an energy storage device, a two-stage dc-dc converter, and a multi-level inverter, each of which are electrically coupled to a common negative bus.
Inertech Ip Llc

Method and pulse electrochemical polishing

A method and apparatus for pulse electrochemical polishing a wafer are disclosed. The method comprises steps of: establishing a duty cycle table showing all points on the wafer, a removal thickness corresponding to every point and a duty cycle corresponding to the removal thickness; driving a wafer chuck holding and positioning the wafer to move at a preset speed so that a special point on the wafer is right above a nozzle ejecting charged electrolyte onto the wafer; looking up the duty cycle table and obtaining the removal thickness and the duty cycle corresponding to the special point; and applying a preset pulse power source to the wafer and the nozzle and the actual polishing power source for polishing the special point being equal to the duty cycle multiplying by the preset power source..
Acm Research (shanghai) Inc.

Fan control method, apparatus, and sytem

A fan control method, apparatus, and system, so as to implement speed regulation and rotation direction control on a four-wire system counter-rotating fan with a conventional four-wire fan interface by using a pwm control bus. The method provided by the embodiments of the present invention includes: receiving a first fan regulation and control signal sent by a system control module; converting the first fan regulation and control signal to a forward-rotating control signal, a counter-rotating control signal, or a rotation direction switchover control signal according to a duty cycle range of the first fan regulation and control signal and a current rotation direction of the fan; and sending a control signal obtained by the conversion to a fan driving module, so that the fan driving module drives, according to the control signal obtained by the conversion, the fan to operate..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

High frequency low-gain noise ring-type vco oscillator leading to a low-noise/area pll

A phase locked loop includes a voltage-controlled oscillator and a current mirror circuit that supplies a drive current to the voltage-controlled oscillator. The current mirror circuit includes a filter between a bias current generator and current mirror transistor.
Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

Pre-charging inductor in switching converter to achieve high pwm dimming ratio in led drivers

In a method for controlling a current regulator for dimming an led load, a dimming signal has a duty cycle that controls the led on-time and led off time at a fixed frequency. The regulator is controlled by the dimming signal to only supply current to the led load during the led on-time.
Linear Technology Corporation

Driver circuit with a semiconductor light source and operating a driver circuit

A driver circuit for a semiconductor light source and to a method for controlling the brightness thereof are provided. When a pulse width modulated semiconductor light source reaches a duty cycle threshold value, the voltage is increased or decreased through a variable voltage source in order to achieve a higher dynamic range..
Schott Ag

Low power consumption ac load switches

A circuit for ensuring ultra-low power relay switching to control an ac load and extend a battery's lifetime. A control circuit may be designed to work where power is provides at very low duty cycle in that the on-time of applied voltage is quite short compared to its off-time.
Honeywell International Inc.

Power sharing device and method thereof

A power sharing device and method thereof are disclosed herein. The power sharing device includes a control unit, multiple regulators and multiple feedback circuits.
Accton Technology Corporation

Welding or cutting power supply using phase shift double forward converter circuit (psdf)

A technique for dynamically adjusting an output voltage for a welding or cutting operation is provided. The technique allows for varying output voltage at the welding or cutting torch by manipulating the duty cycles of two forward converter circuits.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Parallel modules for in-line recharging of sorbents using alternate duty cycles

Parallel modules for in-line recharging of sorbent materials using alternate duty cycles for a sorbent cartridge. The sorbent cartridge can have two or more modules contained therein having connectors connecting each of the modules.
Medtronic, Inc.

Recirculating bath with global voltage compatibility

A recirculating bath includes a main power input configured to receive an alternating current and a heating element that is selectively coupled to the main power input. The heating element is selectively coupled to the main power input in response to an activation signal having a duty cycle.
Thermo Fisher Scientific (asheville) Llc

Methods for managing power consumption for a hands-free dispenser

Methods for managing power consumption of a battery-powered device such as a fluid dispenser are disclosed. One method includes setting a duty cycle of a sensor used by the device to a first range and setting a timer upon detection of a triggering event and also setting the duty cycle to a triggering event and also setting the duty cycle to a second range.
Gojo Industries, Inc.

System and method to reduce the energy storage requirements of a cascaded converter system

A method and system for controlling a cascaded converter has an upstream converter and a downstream converter coupled in series. An energy storage element is provided between the two converters for providing constant energy and to respond to a load step in the load of the system.
The Governing Council Of The University Of Toronto

Constant current control circuit for power converter and constant current control method thereof

A constant current control circuit includes a sample and hold unit coupled to a current sensing resistor of a power converter, for storing a current sensing voltage of the current sensing resistor; a first capacitor for storing a comparison voltage; a discharge unit coupled between the sample and hold unit and the first capacitor, for controlling a discharge current of the first capacitor according to a reference voltage and the current sensing voltage stored in the sample and hold unit; a charge unit coupled to the first capacitor, for controlling a charging current of the first capacitor according to the reference voltage and a ground voltage; and a comparator for comparing the comparison voltage with the reference voltage to generate a comparison result, and outputting a control signal according to the comparison result, in order to control a duty cycle of the power converter.. .
Advanced Analog Technology, Inc.

Apparatuses and methods for duty cycle adjustment

Apparatuses and methods for duty cycle adjustment are disclosed herein. An example apparatus may include a node, a phase mixer, and a duty cycle adjuster circuit.
Micron Technology, Inc.

High speed sampling front-end circuit

A high-speed sampling front-end circuit is presented that includes a mdac sampling network, a reference voltage generator circuit, a comparator array, an operational amplifier, an output short-circuit switch, an adjustable clock duty cycle stabilizer, a status control module and a feedback control module. The circuit features low power, high sampling rate and high input bandwidth of sampling network.
No. 24 Research Institute Of China Electronic Technology Corporation

Dc-dc converter with enhanced automatic switching between ccm and dcm operating modes

A dc-dc converter transitions between continuous conduction mode (ccm) and discontinuous conduction mode (dcm) without causing any overshoot or undershoot deviation output voltage. The dc-dc converter operates in a pwm mode in ccm.
Stmicroelectronics International N.v.

System of controlling treatment liquid dispense for spinning substrates

Provided is a method for cleaning an ion implanted resist layer or a substrate after an ashing process. A duty cycle for turning on and turning off flows of a treatment liquid in two or more nozzles is generated.
Tokyo Electron Limited

Systems and methods for remaining useful life predictions in drivetrains

Systems and methods for continually determining the remaining useful life of a drivetrain. The remaining useful life is continually determined during real-time operation of the drivetrain by determining a duty cycle based on torque and rotary speed measurements of the drivetrain.

Component temperature control by coolant flow control and heater duty cycle control

Methods and systems for controlling temperatures in plasma processing chamber for a wide range of setpoint temperatures and reduced energy consumption. Temperature control is coordinated between a coolant liquid loop and a heat source by a control algorithm implemented by the plasma processing module controller.

System and channel selection to reduce impact to an existing network

Described herein are techniques for reducing interference to non-cellular communications on an unlicensed band by a network entity sending/receiving cellular communications on the unlicensed band. For example, the technique may involve accessing a list of channels for cellular communication on the unlicensed band, the list having the channels in an order of priority for reducing interference to non-cellular communication on the unlicensed band.

Driving device and driving motor, cooling device and electronic machine

The present disclosure provides a device and a method for driving a motor that demonstrates low noise and/or low vibration. A pulse-modulated control pulse signal s2 is generated by a driving signal generation portion 310 at each phase.

Active front steering system lock

A vehicle including an active front steer system including a locking mechanism having a solenoid actuated locking pin and a spring for biasing the pin toward an extended or locked position for engaging a locking disc of the active front steer system wherein the active front steer system further includes a current sensor for sensing the motion of the pin of the solenoid when the engine of the vehicle is shut down and pulse width modulated current to the solenoid is reduced and when the pin movement is sensed, the pulse width modulated current is increased (fed forward duty cycle) to reduce the movement of the pin to reduce the noise made when the metal pin makes when contacting the metal locking disc. The end of the pin and/or the locking disc may also include an insulating material to further reduce any remaining noise made when the metal pin makes when contacting the metal locking disc..

Portable vaporizer and temperature control

A vaporizer and method of vaporizing a botanical material is described. Embodiments of the apparatus include a self-contained, fully enclosed, battery operated vaporizer having an air inlet and a mouthpiece.

Electronic device having a charging circuit

An electronic device is provided including: an electronic device comprising: a charging circuit including a battery coupled to a first end of an inductor, a first switch coupling a second end of the inductor to ground, and a second switch coupled to the second end of the inductor; and a controller configured to alternately close the first switch and the second switch in accordance with a duty cycle d, and increase a voltage transmitted to at least one system from the battery by using the inductor.. .
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Apparatus with sensor functionality and power management and associated methods

In an exemplary embodiment, an apparatus includes a sensor integrated circuit (ic) that is adapted for ambient light sensing (als) and/or proximity detection. The sensor integrated circuit (ic) includes an integrated analog-to-digital converter (adc) that is adapted to convert at least one signal related to ambient light sensing (als) and/or proximity detection to at least one digital signal, and an integrated light emitting diode (led) driver that is adapted to drive at least one led.
Silicon Laboratories Inc.

Micro-current sensing auto-adjusting heater system for eye-shield

Eye-shield condensation prevention system for use in a ski goggle, dive mask, medical or testing face shield or the like, that prevents undesirable hot spots on the eye-shield and maintains constant heat, with the ability to compensate for variations in resistance encountered from one eye-shield region to another, and/or one eye-shield to another, comprising a power source, a pulse-width modulator, a microcomputer, a heating element, and a sensing circuit. The microcomputer uses the sensing circuit to sense voltage and determine a value of resistance of the heating element.
Abominable Labs, Llc

Implantable neurostimulator-implemented method utilizing multi-modal stimulation parameters

Multi-modal stimulation therapy may be utilized in which two or more stimulation therapies having different stimulation parameters may be delivered to a single patient. This can preferentially stimulate different nerve fiber types and drive different functional responses in the target organs.
Cyberonics, Inc.

Electrosurgical medical system and method

A system for controlling an electrosurgical electrode of a medical device includes a hand-held electrosurgical electrode having cutting probe. A return electrode is positioned remote from the electrosurgical electrode.
Senorx, Inc.

Method for trimming carbon-containing film at reduced trimming rate

A method for trimming a carbon-containing film includes: (i) providing a substrate having a carbon-containing film formed thereon; (ii) supplying a trimming gas and a rare gas to the reaction space, which trimming gas includes an oxygen-containing gas; and (iii) applying rf power between the electrodes to generate a plasma using the trimming gas and the rare gas and to thereby trim the carbon-containing film while controlling a trimming rate at 55 nm/min or less as a function of at least one parameter selected from the group consisting of a flow rate of an oxygen-containing gas, a flow rate of nitrogen-containing gas to be added to the oxygen-containing gas, pressure in the reaction space, rf power, a duty cycle of rf power, a distance between the electrodes, and a temperature of a susceptor on which the substrate is placed.. .
Asm Ip Holding B.v.

Inductor-less 50% duty cycle wide-range divide-by-3 circuit

Certain aspects of the present disclosure provide apparatus for producing an output signal having a duty cycle of 50% and a frequency that is one third that of an input signal. One example frequency dividing circuit for producing such an output signal generally includes first and second flip-flops; first, second, and third logic circuits, each configured to function equivalently to a logic or gate; and an internal frequency dividing circuit configured to generate an output waveform having a frequency that is one half that of an input waveform..
Qualcomm Incorporated

High-speed divide-by-1.5 circuit with 50 percent duty cycle

A divide-by-1.5 circuit includes a divide-by-3 circuit that and a frequency doubler circuit. The divide-by-3 circuit has few logic elements and provides glitch-free operation with a 50 percent duty cycle output.
Avago Technologies General Ip (singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Grease gun with sensing capability and variable speed

Systems, methods, and apparatus for dispensing a lubricant are provided, in which the apparatus includes a chamber having an inlet through which the lubricant is received and an outlet through which the lubricant is ejected, and a piston movably positioned in the chamber. The apparatus also includes a motor coupled with the piston, and a power source coupled with the motor.
Aktiebolaget Skf

Adjustable impedance laser driver

An assembly that includes a laser diode and a driver circuit that operates to give the assembly an adjustable impedance. The driver circuit adjusts impedance by repeatedly alternating between two operational phases.
Xtera Communications, Inc.

Controlling a switched mode power supply with maximised power efficiency

A control circuit (200) operable to generate a control signal (d) to control the duty cycle of a switched mode power supply (100). The control circuit (200) comprises a reference signal generator (210) operable to receive a signal indicative of an input voltage (vin) of the switched mode power supply (100) and generate a reference signal (vr) that is a function of the input voltage (vin), and an offset reference signal generator (220) operable to generate an offset reference signal (vr—offset) “by’ combining the reference signal (vr) with an offset signal (voffset), the offset signal (voffset) being independent of the input voltage (vin), the control circuit (200) further comprises an error signal, generator (230) arranged to receive a signal indicative of an output voltage (vout) of the switched mode power supply (100) and operable to generate an error signal (ve) based on the offset reference signal (vr—offset) and based on the output voltage (vout).
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Class-d amplifier circuits

Methods and apparatus for class-d amplifier circuits with improved power efficiency. The circuit has an output stage with at least first and second switches and a modulator that receives an input signal to be amplified, sin, and a first clock signal fsw.
Wolfson Microelectronics Plc

Methods and apparatuses for duty cycle preservation

Methods and apparatuses are disclosed for preserving duty cycle at voltage domain boundaries. One example apparatus includes a complement generation circuit configured to generate a complementary signal responsive to an input signal.
Micron Technology, Inc.

Distributed fan control

A device for processing graphics data may include a plurality of graphics processing units. The device may include a fan to dissipate thermal energy generated during the operation of the plurality of graphics processing units.
Nvidia Corporation

Systems and speed and torque control of a dc motor

A method for operating a direct current (dc) motor is shown and described. The method includes generating a first pulse width modulated (pwm) signal having a first duty cycle, providing the first pwm signal as a pwm dc output for the dc motor, and adjusting the first duty cycle to control a speed of the dc motor.
Johnson Controls Technology Company

Driving a multi-color luminaire

Embodiments are disclosed for driving a multi-color solid state light source luminaire so as to maintain a color point as temperature varies within a given range. An array of solid state light sources includes two or more strings and is driven by a single constant current source.
Osram Sylvania Inc.

Wireless power communication

A remote device in accordance with the present invention includes an adaptive power receiver that receives wireless power from the wireless power supply by induction. The adaptive power receiver may be switched among two or more modes of operation, including, for example, a high-q mode and a low-q mode.
Access Business Group International Llc

Lithium ion battery heater systems and methods

A battery heater system for a battery used in cold weather operations and methods for using the battery heater system are described. Embodiments of the battery heater system may incorporate a heater switch with an indicator, a timer circuit, a controller, a voltage meter, a temperature transducer, and a heating element.
Cessna Aircraft Company

Throttling to control thermal properties through a node

The invention relates to a method for controlling thermal properties of a node. The method steps include calculating, using a temperature reading, a transmission duty cycle of the node, calculating a data amount capable of being transmitted with the transmission duty cycle, and transmitting, from a network interface of the node, a plurality of available data at a rate less than the data amount based on a priority of the plurality of available data..
Silver Spring Networks

Radio frequency carrier generation architecture

A method of compensating carrier tone generation between duty cycles includes receiving a carrier frequency signal and a reference frequency signal, where the carrier frequency signal is mixed with a communication signal in a signal path. The method includes determining a first and second time differences between the carrier frequency signal and the reference frequency signal at respective clock edges of the reference frequency signal.
Broadcom Corporation

Thermal protection circuit for an led bulb

A light-emitting diode (led) bulb has an led within a shell. The led bulb includes a driver circuit for providing current to the led.
Switch Bulb Company, Inc.

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