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Duty Cycle patents


This page is updated frequently with new Duty Cycle-related patent applications.

new patent Multi-string led driver with current balancing
The present invention discloses a current-source-output light-emitting-diode (led) driver based on lclc circuit to provide a constant output current regardless of variations in led parameters. In the lclc circuit, the number of additional capacitors is scalable with the number of led strings for current balancing.
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

new patent Signal generator adjusting a duty cycle and semiconductor apparatus using the same
A semiconductor apparatus may include a signal generator, and may operate by receiving two or more external power voltages. The signal generator may include a duty cycle circuit.
Sk Hynix Inc.

new patent Class-d amplifier circuits
Methods and apparatus for class-d amplifier circuits with improved power efficiency. The circuit has an output stage with at least first and second switches and a modulator that receives an input signal to be amplified, sin, and a first clock signal fsw.
Cirrus Logic International Semiconductor Ltd.

new patent Organic light-emitting display device and scan driving circuit thereof
A scan driving circuit includes a plurality of shift register units in cascade connection with each other. Each shift register unit includes a signal input end for receiving a first clock signal, a second clock signal, and an input signal.
Everdisplay Optronics (shanghai) Ltd.

new patent Method and determining a value of a variable parameter
A control methodology and apparatus for an engine suitable for use in capacitor discharge ignition systems for internal combustion engines or brushless dc motors is provided, which make use of a simple logic block to determine for instance an ignition timing advance angle or duty cycle signal based on actual engine speed versus engine control parameter data stored in a table, which is a read-only memory, preferably configurable. To minimise memory space, a small number of values of engine control parameter versus engine speed are stored in the table and the logic block determines the required engine control signal for a measured value of engine speed by an interpolation process, preferably linear interpolation..
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

new patent Method and providing welding type power
A method and apparatus for providing welding-type power includes an input circuit, a power circuit, and a controller. The input circuit receives input power and provides intermediate power.
Illinois Tool Works Inc.

Motor control device for estimating temperature of windings, and calculating allowable duty cycle time for machine
A motor control device according to this invention includes a correction unit which calculates a correction coefficient for correcting the temperature of windings, based on the result of a comparison between a winding estimated temperature rise profile representing the temperature of the windings estimated by a winding temperature estimation unit and a winding actual temperature rise profile representing the temperature of the windings measured by a temperature sensor, when a motor as attached to a machine is rotated at a predetermined rotational speed, to match the winding estimated temperature rise profile with the winding actual temperature rise profile, and corrects a temperature rise estimation arithmetic expression using the correction coefficient.. .
Fanuc Corporation

Low input voltage boost converter with peak inductor current control and offset compensated zero detection
The low input voltage boost converter with peak inductor current control and offset compensated zero detection provide a boost converter scheme to harvest energy from sources with small output voltages. Some embodiments described herein includes a thermoelectric boost converter that combines an ipeak control scheme with offset compensation and duty cycled comparators to enable energy harvesting from teg inputs as low as 5 mv to 10 mv, and the peak inductor current is independent to first order of the input voltage and output voltage.
University Of Virginia Patent Foundation

Open-circuit detection in a switching structure
A power supply device, including: a switching structure for controlling a continuous current in an inductive load on the basis of at least one control signal of a power switch; and anomaly detection elements, generating at least one item of information about the detection of an anomaly of the open circuit type in the wiring from the load to the switching structure. The anomaly detection elements include: elements for measuring the current flowing in the inductive load; elements for comparing the measured current continuously with a threshold value; and elements for counting a time interval during which the measured current remains continuously below the threshold value, delivering the anomaly detection information if the counted time interval>a reference time interval, which is k times greater than a period of the control signal, where k>1, and if the duty cycle of the control signal>a threshold value..
Continental Automotive Gmbh

Lighting device, vehicle illumination device, and vehicle
The lighting device includes a control circuit performing dimming control of dimming a light source device according to a desired dimming level. In the dimming control, the control circuit sets a desired current value of amplitude control to a value corresponding to the desired dimming level, and set a desired duty cycle of pulse width modulation control to a predetermined value associated with a dimming subrange containing the desired dimming level, of multiple different dimming subranges of a total dimming range of the light source device.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Low frequency ultrasound device with computer-controlled monitoring

An ultrasound device for therapeutic and aesthetic treatment is disclosed. Different types of hand probes used with the device produce different effects within biological tissues.
Eurocomponents, Inc.

Programmable frequency divider providing a fifty-percent duty-cycle output over a range of divide factors

A divider circuit determines whether an input factor (n) is an even number or an odd number. If n is an even number then the input clock is divided by n/2 to generate an intermediate clock.
Aura Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd

Voltage conversion device and operation

A voltage conversion device includes a transformer and at least one transistor. The transformer has a primary side and a secondary side, the secondary side being couplable to a load.
Texas Instruments Incorporated

Power toothbrush with a modulated drive signal

A power toothbrush includes a handle portion having a drive system therein for moving a set of bristles with a frequency and amplitude to produce clinically effective cleaning results. A modulation system modulates the drive signal by changing the frequency or duty cycle of the drive signal with a frequency varying modulation signal.
Koninklijke Philips N.v.

Electrosurgical generator for minimizing neuromuscular stimulation

A system for minimizing neuromuscular stimulation includes a converter, an inverter, and a controller. The converter is configured to output a dc waveform and includes at least one first switching element operated at a first duty cycle.
Covidien Lp

System and optimizing fundamental frequency modulation for a cascaded multilevel inverter

A system and a method for optimizing fundamental frequency modulation in a cascaded multilevel inverter (cmi) are provided. The cmi includes at least a first h-bridge module and a second h-bridge module connected in series with the first h-bridge module.
Board Of Trustees Of Michigan State University

System and starting a switched-mode power supply

In accordance with an embodiment, a method of operating a switched-mode power supply (smps) includes starting up the switched-mode power supply by determining a rate of increase of a duty cycle of a pulse width modulated (pwm) signal based on an input voltage and a switching frequency of the smps; and generating the pwm signal having the duty cycle in accordance with determined rate of increase.. .
Infineon Technologies Ag

Backlight module and liquid-crystal display device using the same

A backlight module is provided, and includes: a plurality of led strings, each of which is formed from a plurality of leds connected in series and has an led string current flowing through it, and a dimming controller which controls the duty cycle of a voltage pulse wave supplied to each of the led strings, wherein the led string current of each of the led strings multiplied by the duty cycle of the voltage pulse wave for the same led string equals a value, and the error between the values of the led strings is within 6% of any of the values.. .
Innolux Corporation

Duty-cycled high speed clock and data recovery with forward error correction assist

A method and system for duty-cycled high speed clock and data recovery with forward error correction are provided. The system operates on a first digital signal comprising a first plurality of samples and a second digital signal comprising a second plurality of samples.
Maxlinear, Inc.

Method and inverter with thermal management for controlling an electric machine

A temperature estimation module estimates each junction temperature of a corresponding semiconductor device, among a plurality of semiconductor devices, for each phase of an inverter. The temperature estimation module or the data processing system determines a hottest device with a highest junction temperature among the semiconductor devices.
Deere & Company

High voltage direct current system with improved generator excitation

According to one embodiment of the present invention, a variable frequency generator is provided. The variable frequency generator can comprise a main stator comprising multi-phase armature windings and an exciter field winding; and a rotating portion comprising an exciter multi-phase windings, a main field winding, and an amplification component between the exciter windings and the main field winding, wherein the amplification component operates at a variable duty cycle to maintain a phase voltage of the main stator armature windings near independent of a shaft speed of the variable frequency generator..
Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation

Power supplier, power supply system, and voltage adjustment method

A power supplier for generating a supply voltage is provided. The power supplier includes a pwm signal generator, a power conversion circuit, and first and second error amplifiers.
Intel Corporation

Methods for controlling operation of a valve

An electric solenoid valve, methods for operating and/or actuating the solenoid valve, valve system diagnostics, and applications for use are described. The valve may be designed to actuate in a manner so as to control liquid flow into and/or through a device, such as a spray nozzle.
Capstan Ag Systems, Inc.

Power transmission and communication between processors and energy industry devices

An embodiment of a method of communicating between a surface processing unit and an energy industry tool includes: receiving a power signal from a power source at an integrated interface device of a communication and processing system, the communication and processing system located between a surface processing unit and an energy industry tool, the interface device including a processor and a variable output power supply; receiving a communication at the processor from a surface processing unit; transmitting a control signal from the processor to the variable output power supply, the control signal including a series of pulses having a duty cycle that is varied to cause the power supply to generate a modulated direct current (dc) output signal having at least one of a frequency and an amplitude that is modulated according to a communication protocol to represent the communication; and transmitting the modulated output signal to a tool.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Non-invasive optical physiological differential pathlength sensor

An optical physiological sensor configured to perform high speed spectral sweep analysis of sample tissue being measured to non-invasively predict an analyte level of a patient. An emitter of the optical physiological sensor can be regulated to operate at different temperatures to emit radiation at different wavelengths.
Cercacor Laboratories, Inc.

Method and increasing dimming range of solid state lighting fixtures

A device for controlling levels of light output by a solid state lighting load at low dimming levels includes a bleed circuit connected in parallel with the solid state lighting load. The bleed circuit includes a resistor and a transistor connected in series, the transistor being configured to turn on and off in accordance with a duty cycle of a digital control signal when a dimming level set by a dimmer is less than a predetermined first threshold, decreasing an effective resistance of the bleed circuit as the dimming level decreases..
Philips Lighting Holding B.v.

Precision measurements and calibrations for timing generators

Described herein are methods and subsystems for use with a timing generator having an output driver at which a timing signal having timing pulses is output. A method includes controlling the timing generator to cause the output driver to output a timing signal having an expected duty cycle, and filtering the timing signal to produce a dc voltage having a magnitude indicative of an actual duty cycle of the timing signal.

Method of operating a switched mode power supply, computer program, and switched mode power supply

A method of operating a switched mode power supply comprising a switched mode converter and a control arrangement. The switched mode converter converts an input voltage to an output voltage and includes a primary winding, controllable switch based circuitry connecting the input voltage over the primary winding, a secondary winding coupled to the primary winding, and an lc filter including an inductive element and a capacitive element, wherein the output voltage is obtained as the voltage over the capacitive element and a duty cycle of the switched mode converter can be controlled by controlling the switch based circuitry.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Non-contact electric power transmitting device and electric power transfer system

A non-contact electric power transmitting device includes an electronic control unit configured to perform; i) a first control that controls a transmitted electric power to a target electric power by adjusting a duty cycle of an output voltage of an inverter, ii) a second control that controls a turn-on current representing an output current of the inverter by adjusting a drive frequency, the output current being an output current at a time when the output voltage rises, and iii) adjusting the duty and the drive frequency such that a current supplied from the inverter to an electric power transmitting unit decreases within the range in which the turn-on current is smaller than or equal to a limit value, while performing the first control.. .
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Shift register and display apparatus

A shift register and a display apparatus are provided. The shift register includes a pre-charge unit, a pull-up unit, a first pull-down unit and a second pull-down unit.
Hannstar Display Corporation

Communicating with an enhanced new carrier type

A method of wireless communication for an enhanced new carrier type cell includes transmitting downlink common signals and channels at a low duty cycle while in a dormant state. The method also includes transmitting downlink common signals and channels at a high duty cycle while in an active state.
Qualcomm Incorporated

Gps sensor control

A device comprises a global positioning system (gps) sensor and a circuit. The gps sensor is switchable between a high power state and a lower power state.
Microsoft Technology Licensing, Llc

Motor speed curve control circuit and moter thereof

The present disclosure illustrates a motor speed curve control circuit. The motor speed curve control circuit is configured for adjusting a speed of a motor according to a motor speed curve.
Anpec Electronics Corporation

Circuit and maximum duty cycle limitation in switching converters

A switching dc-to-dc converter has an adaptive duty cycle limiting circuit with an inductor current sensor to generate a sense signal indicative of magnitude of the inductor current. A replica signal is generated from the sense signal and transferred through a replica parasitic resistance circuit.
Dialog Semiconductor (uk) Limited

Dc-dc converter having digital control and reference pwm generators

A dc-dc converter operating in pulse frequency modulation (pfm) and pulse width modulation (pwm) modes includes a plurality of pwm signal generators. The pwm signal generators generate pwm signals with different duty cycles.
Endura Ip Holdings Ltd.

Dc-dc converter with low start-up power and voltage

A dc-dc converter (1) with low start-up power and voltage includes an inductor (3) connected to an input voltage source (2), a switch (11) connected to the inductor and controlled by a controller (10) and a diode (12) connected to a connection node of the inductor and the switch to provide an output voltage (vout). The controller includes an oscillator and a monostable element, which are powered by the input voltage (vin).
Em Microelectronic-marin S.a.

Turbocharger boost control system and method

A boost-control valve in a turbocharger system can be configured to update a wastegate status. The wastegate can discharge exhaust gases from a turbine chamber in the turbocharger, for example based on a pressure detected in a compressor chamber of the turbocharger.

Apparatus and efficient two-way optical communication where transmitter may interfere with receiver

A two-way optical communication apparatus includes a transmit element, a receive element and a transceive processor. The transmit and receive elements are coupled to a light pipe, and configured to transmit a first optical signal and receive a second optical signal, respectively.
Google Inc.

System and soft switching power inversion

A power inversion system includes an input and output coupleable to a dc power and an ac load, respectively, and a power inverter including a plurality of phase legs each having two bridge legs coupled in parallel with at least two switch and antiparallel diode pairs coupled in series. The system also includes a plurality of inductors, with at least one inductor coupled between a midpoint of each bridge leg and an lcl filter, the inductors in each phase leg being magnetically coupled.
General Electric Company

Multilevel multistate voltage regulator

A voltage regulator provides a regulated output voltage [108] from an input voltage [100] using control unit [106] to control a switched capacitor circuit [102] to periodically produce different output voltage levels vx followed by a low pass filter [104] to give a regulated output voltage. Phase interleaving is used where the phases of different voltage levels are interleaved allowing for increased effective switching frequency and reduced switching losses.
The American University In Cairo

Tunable wireless power architectures

Described herein are improved configurations for a wireless power transfer. The parameters of components of the wireless energy transfer system are adjusted to control the power delivered to the load at the device.
Witricity Corporation

Apparatus and image rendering based on white point correction

Systems, methods and apparatus, including computer programs encoded on computer storage media, of this disclosure allow for forming an image frame on a display device. In one aspect, a controller associated with a display device can be configured to correct for output white point shift due to variation, across separate color subfields of an image frame, in the respective number of subframes or the respective subframe weights.
Pixtronix, Inc.

Weapon mounted light and operation thereof

A flashlight assembly includes a bistable safety bail to prevent inadvertent depression of an operational push button switch. The flashlight assembly further includes a bistable pivoting mode selection lever which controls operational modes of the flashlight.
Emissive Energy Corp.

Lock device and associated method, computer program and computer program product

It is presented a lock device comprising: a controller configured to determine whether to open the lock device, wherein the controller is configured to provide an open signal when the lock device it to be opened, the open signal being a pulsating signal; a motor controllable to set the lock device in an open state or a closed state; and a motor driver connected between the controller and the motor, the motor driver comprising a capacitor providing a capacitive coupling between the controller and the motor, the motor driver being configured to provide a motor control signal to the motor to set the lock device in an open state only when a duty cycle of the open signal is less than a threshold duty cycle.. .
Assa Abloy Ab

Methods and apparatus to deliver therapeutic non-ultraviolet electromagnetic radiation to a body surface

A flexible, therapeutic wound dressing assembly is provided for placement on or in a patient, to absorb biological fluids, to protect a wound, and to deliver therapeutic electromagnetic radiation (emr) to the patient. The therapeutic wound dressing assembly comprises a wound dressing with at least an optical layer and an outer protective layer and an emr delivery system with at least one emr source that emits non-ultraviolet, therapeutic emr having intensity sufficient to activate desired therapeutic properties within the patient, at least one electronic module that controls emr output the emr sources.

System and process for neuroprotective therapy for glaucoma

Providing neuroprotective therapy for glaucoma includes generating a micropulsed laser light beam having parameters and characteristics, including pulse length, power, and duty cycle, selected to create a therapeutic effect with no visible laser lesions or tissue damage to the retina. The laser light beam is applied to retinal and/or foveal tissue of an eye having glaucoma or a risk of glaucoma to create a therapeutic effect to the retinal and/or foveal tissue exposed to the laser light beam without destroying or permanently damaging the retinal and/or foveal tissue and improve function or condition of an optic nerve and/or retinal ganglion cells of the eye..
Ojai Retinal Technology, Llc

Switched mode power supply, base station, and operating a switched mode power supply

A switched mode power supply comprising a switched mode converter and a controller for controlling the switched mode converter, the switched mode converter being provided for converting an input voltage to an output voltage and including, on a primary side, a primary winding and a controllable switch based circuitry connecting the input voltage over the primary winding; and, on a secondary side, a secondary winding coupled to the primary winding and a capacitive element connected over the secondary winding, wherein the output voltage is obtained as the voltage over the capacitive element. The primary winding comprises a first winding portion and at least one further winding portion and the switch based circuitry comprises controllable switches capable of controlling the duty cycle of the switched mode converter and capable of switching between a first operation state wherein the input voltage is connected only over the first winding portion and at least a second operation state wherein the input voltage is connected over the first and the at least one further winding portions, thereby enabling switching between two different transformer ratios.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

Electrostatic mass spectrometer with encoded frequent pulses

A method, apparatus and algorithms are disclosed for operating an open electrostatic trap (e-trap) or a multi-pass tof mass spectrometer with an extended flight path. A string of start pulses with non equal time intervals is employed for triggering ion packet injection into the analyzer, a long spectrum is acquired to accept ions from the entire string and a true spectrum is reconstructed by eliminating or accounting overlapping signals at the data analysis stage while using logical analysis of peak groups.
Leco Corporation

Memory components and controllers that calibrate multiphase synchronous timing references

A first timing reference signal and a second timing reference signal are sent to a memory device. The second timing reference signal has approximately a quadrature phase relationship with respect to the first timing reference signal.
Rambus Inc.

Microfluidic devices with integrated resistive heater electrodes including controlling and measuring the temperatures of such heater electrodes

The invention relates to methods and devices for control of an integrated thin-film device with a plurality of microfluidic channels. In one embodiment, a microfluidic device is provided that includes a microfluidic chip having a plurality of microfluidic channels and a plurality of multiplexed heater electrodes, wherein the heater electrodes are part of a multiplex circuit including a common lead connecting the heater electrodes to a power supply, each of the heater electrodes being associated with one of the microfluidic channels.
Canon U.s. Life Sciences, Inc.

Apparatus, power management in mobile devices

An apparatus, system and method for determining whether a battery alarm of a ue is asserted, reducing a transmission duty cycle of the ue to zero for a first predetermined time period when the battery alarm is asserted, determining whether the battery alarm has been de-asserted after the first predetermined time period and when the battery alarm has not been de-asserted, increasing the transmission duty cycle to a first threshold level for a second predetermined time period, wherein the first threshold level is less than a full transmission duty cycle of the ue. When the battery alarm has been de-asserted, increasing the transmission duty cycle to a second threshold level for a third predetermined time period, wherein the second threshold level is less than the full transmission duty cycle of the ue, and wherein the second threshold level is greater than the first threshold level..
Apple Inc.

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