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Wall texturing tool
A tool and method for applying a texture material to a surface is provided. The tool comprises a body having a flat surface for mating to a smooth surface, such as a repaired portion of drywall. The body is formed of a rigid plastic material, that is optionally transparent, to enable...

Drywall sander
A drywall sander includes a replaceable sanding pad having a layer of resilient material, and an abrasive surface. The sanding pad includes one or more edge portions that project beyond the edges of a sander head. The edges of the sanding pad can be deformed during use when the sander is...

Acoustical and firestop rated track for wall assemblies having resilient channel members
Metal profiles used as top and bottom tracks with legs spaced apart a width to accommodate wall stud framing and resilient channel attached to at least one side of the stud framing One of the profile legs having a minimum of one return flange aiding in holding studs in place during...

Speed sand 90
Speed Sand 90 is a device designed to quickly and efficiently create accurate ninety-degree angles while sanding new drywall. It may comprise two main parts: a replacement pad and a tool portion (a perpendicularly-angled mounting beam and manipulator securer). The replacement pad may be a ninety-degree sponge with two aggregated. The...

Drywall sponge sander
A sanding device for use with an abrasive sponge includes a base, at least one retaining mechanism, and at least one engaging mechanism. The base has opposite supporting and working surfaces, the working surface being shaped and sized for receiving the abrasive sponge. Each retaining mechanism is mountable onto the base,...

Method for building remediation caused by defective drywall
A method of remediating at least a portion of a building that contains defective drywall is presented. The method comprises removal of the defective drywall and cross-contaminated drywall, actively desorbing volatile compounds from the building materials exposed after removal of the drywall and passively desorbing remaining contaminants by depositing a film...

Drywall mud pump with clamp or improved foot valve
Drywall mud pumps for pumping drywall joint compound from buckets into drywall tools that each include a body or main cylinder, a driver or piston, and a handle. A structural component may be in rigid relation to the body and the handle may include two members that slidably or telescopically engage...

Drywall mud pump with improved handle
Drywall mud pumps for pumping drywall joint compound from buckets into drywall tools that each include a body or main cylinder, a driver or piston, and a handle. A structural component may be in rigid relation to the body and the handle may include two members that slidably or telescopically engage...

Securing device for an automatic taper
An automatic drywall taper is provided. The automatic drywall taper has a securing device for securing drywall tape to the body of the taper during use. The securing device has an elongated bar which runs substantially parallel to the body of the taper. The elongated bar is spring activated to lock...

Built-in interior wall cavity drying and filtration system
A permanently installed wall cavity and filtration system provides molded base dry block members that install along the base of a wall between the floor and a bottom edge of drywall, gypsum board or other conventional interior wall construction material. The base block members have connection ports at opposite ends that...

Rotary knife for drywall and the like
A utility knife with a replaceable circular blade mounted to rotate on the end of the handle. The upper half of the blade is shrouded by the end of the handle, and freely rotates therein. A spacer with a roller end is mounted to be adjusted toward and away from a...

In-wall hydronic thermal control system and installation method
A system for installing tubing of hydronic thermal control systems in the walls of buildings. It allows for the stable incorporation of the tubing in the walls while ensuring good thermal conductivity between the tubing and the building's room. The system features a wall including a hydronic thermal management system. The...

Recessed fitting installation tool
This tool may include, but not limited to, use in installation of fire sprinkler heads from overhead sprinkler systems in commercial and all types of buildings during routine installation, renovation, and repair work. The Head adapter is the CPVC or PVC fitting that adapts from the slip and glue method of CPVC...

Fire-rated wall construction product
The present application is directed toward fire-rated wall construction components and wall systems for use in building construction. Embodiments can include tracks for holding studs which incorporate various geometries capable of receiving fire-retardant material, including but not limited to intumescent material. The fire-retardant material can be attached to the tracks such...

Insulation panel system
A wall system includes a first wall section a structural portion, such as concrete block construction. A second wall section mounts to the first wall section and includes insulating panels connected in an edge to edge relationship to form a continuous insulating layer. A third wall section of conventional finishing materials...

Drywall finishing method
The invention provides a drywall finishing method. The method may include the steps of taping one or more drywall joints with drywall tape and allowing drying; applying a coat of joint compound composition covering substantially all of the drywall tape and allowing to dry; and applying a finishing coat of joint...

Reusable low cost drill for drywall
A reusable low cost drill bit element for operative, removable attachment to a turning implement for drilling anchor installation holes, particularly of at least ½″ diameter, in drywall. The drill bit is comprised of a section to be engaged with the turning implement and to be turned therewith, a drilling section...

Drywall exterior corner simultaneous setting and wiping tool
The present invention is a tool for use with drywall exterior paper-faced metal corner bead application which sets and wipes the corner bead in one motion. It is a roller tool having equal number wheels on each side of a rigid frame bent vertically on an axis to the angle desired....

Multipurpose apparatus for mounting objects and repairing drywall
A mounting apparatus includes a releasable adhesive layer and an engaging layer. In one embodiment the mounting apparatus includes an elongate support member having an attaching face comprising a removable protective layer and an adhesive layer that is exposed when the protective layer is removed. The engagable layer may include a...

Particulate materials for acoustic texture material
A composition for forming a textured coating on drywall material, where the textured coating substantially matches a pre-existing acoustic texture material on the drywall material, comprises acoustic texture material and propellant material. The acoustic texture material comprises a base portion the base portion is capable of existing in a flowable state...

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