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Drywall patents

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Assimilated wall system
This invention creates a superior straw bale wall by the assimilation of light gauge metal framing onto the exterior surface of typical straw bale walls. Production efficiency is increased by using standard straw bale walls constructed in an acceptable manner for that industry, in conjunction with light gauge metal framing material...

Construction panel slider
Provided is an apparatus to assist manual transport of construction panels, such as drywall panels. The construction panel apparatus is particularly suitable for moving construction panels down inclines, such as stairways, and allows a user to slide the construction panel along the apparatus rather than having to carry the construction panel....

Drywall screwdriver
A drywall screwdriver includes a housing, an element delimiting the depth of engagement, a drive unit, an outlet spindle, and a planetary gear that comprises at least one hollow wheel. The drywall screwdriver further comprises at least one support element that is different from a housing element and that at least...

Drywall sander
A sanding tool including a blade and a handle, the blade having first and second opposing faces. An attachment layer removably secures to the sanding tool at the opposing faces, thereby to provide opposing abrasive layers on opposing sides of the blade. The shape of the blade, with a wider yet...

Drywall sander
A sanding tool including a blade and a handle, the blade having first and second opposing faces. An attachment layer removably secures to the sanding tool at the opposing faces, thereby to provide opposing abrasive layers on opposing sides of the blade. The shape of the blade, with a wider yet...

Wall fastener and methods for its use
Overcoming all typical limitations of fasteners, disclosed is a fully-reusable, non-deforming, precise position, drywall fastener for heavy-weight items that works by anchoring to outside of a drywall panel using a drywall hole reinforced hollow cutter bar and a precise-fit pin wall body with outside rims, while fastener anchors beneath drywall panel...

Drywall patch kit
The present invention is directed to a drywall repair system designed to repair damage, such as holes from nails or picture hooks remaining in a wall once a picture has been removed. The system contains a handle, at least one drywall reamer configured to couple with the handle, and at least...

Drywall corner bead
A corner bead for wallboard applications comprising a polymeric core having a bonding surface for bonding to wallboard wherein the bonding surface has applied thereto a water activated adhesive which is bonded to the polymeric core by a curable adhesive having embedded therein fibers which are also embedded in the water...

Multi-directional reinforcing drywall tape
A reinforcing drywall tape and a method of making the same, the tape having a greige combined with a laid scrim constructed in situ on the greige and bonded to the greige by a resin coating, and a pressure sensitive adhesive fully covering an inward facing surface of the greige wherein...

Drywall spraying assembly
A spraying assembly is provided for delivering a coating material to a surface. The assembly of an embodiment comprises a mobile support structure, a mixing tank coupled to the support structure and a mixing device connected to the mixing tank. A mixture dispensing assembly has a conduit coupled to the mixing...

Drywall backing apparatus and method of installing same
A drywall backing apparatus for metal studding consists of a two-limb backing member, with one limb extending orthogonal to the other to present a generally L-shaped form. The metal studding comprises a plurality of U-shaped studs, the flanges of which have overturned edges for engagement and registration with grooves in the...

Electrical box layout tool
An electrical box layout tool includes a first pointed end, a first cylindrical section, a stopper, a second cylindrical section, and a second pointed end. The first cylindrical section and the second cylindrical section are concentrically connected with the stopper in such a way that the first cylindrical section and the...

Plumbing outlet box
Plumbing outlet boxes, such as for connecting washing machines, ice makers, and other plumbed appliances to plumbing systems, are provided that increase the energy efficiency of a building thermal envelope. In particular, plumbing outlet boxes are described that include a continuous flange and a compressible seal contacting the flange. The plumbing...

Backlight tile system
A backlight tile system is configured to be attached to a wall stud and to be surrounded by tile attached to drywall. The backlight tile system has a rear channel that is mechanically coupled to the wall stud and extending through the drywall. A first lighting strip is detachably coupled to...

Portable adjustable a-frame dolly drywall cart stop
A device that prevents an A-frame dolly drywall cart from rolling away from the operator during loading or unloading that is capable of adjusting to various wheel spans in order to accommodate a wide variety of drywall cart models. The device may be stored on the backside of the drywall cart...

Fire-rated wall construction product
Fire-rated wall construction components and wall systems for use in building construction. Embodiments can include tracks for holding studs which incorporate various geometries capable of receiving fire-retardant material, including but not limited to intumescent material. The fire-retardant material can be attached to the tracks such that the fire-retardant material expands and...

Drywall anchor device
A wall anchoring system is provided. The wall anchoring system includes a metal anchor and a shoulder socket screw. Using the wall anchoring system of the present invention, a wall mounted item may be securely mounted to a drywall. The shoulder socket screw may run through a bore hole of the...

Screw bit putty knife
A utility tool, such a putty knife, includes an elongated handle for manual handling of the utility tool, a blade and a screw bit assembly. The screw bit assembly is rotatably mounted about the rear portion of the handle, has a screw bit, and is operable between a non-operating configuration where...

Paper substrates useful in wallboard tape applications
This invention relates to paper products and/or substrates suitable for being made and/or converted into wallboard tape; which also may be known as joint tape and/or drywall tape, having a pH of at least 7.0 and containing a plurality of cellulose fibers, a wet strength additive, an alkaline sizing agent, and...

In-wall hydronic thermal control system and installation method
A system for installing tubing of hydronic thermal control systems in the walls, including ceilings, of buildings allows for the stable incorporation of the tubing in the walls while ensuring good thermal conductivity between the tubing and the building's room. The system features a wall including a hydronic thermal management system....

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