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Frame with integrated surface attachment for drywall and drywall-like surfaces and method for installing frames
A frame and a system for mounting a plurality of frames in a grid. The frame has an axial first mounting member and a second mounting member, the first mounting member having a generally flat portion exposed to and generally flush with a perimeter surface of the frame. The alignment device...

Very high strength swivel anchor
A method and an anchor for supporting items on a substrate such as drywall. The anchor comprises a structure configured to carry the anchoring element in a minimal cross section configuration through an insertion hole and to effect a first expansion. The anchor further comprises an adjustable cap member configured to...

Support bracket for rigid panels
The support bracket for rigid panels is used for the support and/or carriage of large, heavy, rigid panels of construction materials (e.g., drywall, plywood or other processed wood panels, glass, etc.) to elevated levels in building construction or the like. The bracket has a plate having upper and lower grips extending...

Closet shield
I have found while investigating tornado damage that most houses are relatively safe until they lose their roofs. Without the roof the house looses nearly ⅔ of its strength. When the roof is gone the interior rooms of the house lose nearly all their strength making the clothes closet the safest...

Drywall patch kit systems
The drywall repair system comprises at least one drywall patch template. The drywall patch template comprises a square made of gypsum plaster as cut to a pre-determined repair-area-size, which is pressed between a first and a second paper boundary sheet layer. The first paper boundary sheet layer extends outwardly from the...

Drywall tool
An ink application tool that conveniently allows users to accurately mark surfaces for cutting without the need for measurements. The present invention makes use of an applicator with a uniquely designed dispensing mechanism that allows users to evenly mark surfaces that need to be cut by outlining the object to be...

Board mount
A board mount which can be utilized to position a board relative to a building element. In various embodiments, the board mount can include a holder for receiving at least a portion of a drywall board and, in addition, a flexible member which can be inserted intermediate first and second building...

Drywall repair prop system
A prop assembly has interior and exterior members. Each member includes a plate with distal and proximal surfaces and attachment components on the distal surface of the interior member. The distal surface of the interior member is adapted to be secured to a support surface. The interior member includes a cylindrical...

Flexible drywall mud pan
A flexible mud pan or trough constructed from a structurally supporting material, within which is held a volume of a viscous and settable compound. Upon setting and drying of remnants of the compound not applied, the pan is collapsed or otherwise folded/twisted, causing the flaked remnants to be forcibly disengaged from...

Universal tape and drywall scoring apparatus
A universal tape and drywall scoring apparatus for use with a tape measure that includes a tape measure encasement for encasing a portion of the tape measure housing, a clip assembly connected to the distal end of the measuring tape, the clip assembly comprising a hollow housing having a top wall...

Dust collecting vacuum hose attachment
A dust collecting vacuum hose attachment has a unitary, hollow, tubular body member. One end of an elongated cutting blade is secured within the body member and the second end extends out of the body member. A dust collection shroud is removeably attached to the upper end of the body member...

Mounting systems
Drywall mounting systems for accessories are shown and described. In one example, In one example, a system includes an accessory adapter plate, a fixation plate, a drywall fastener, and a second fastener. The drywall fastener is used to secure the accessory adapter plate to the drywall. The fixation plate is then...

Device and method for carrying a drywall knife
An apparatus and method for carrying a drywall knife. An embodiment may include an elongated body member that is attached to a clip that may engage a belt. Further, the body member may also include a magnetic member disposed on an end opposite the belt clip suited to magnetically engage and...

Plywood carrier
The present invention relates to the construction industry; more specifically to the homebuilding industry and the carpenter trade. The invention is an apparatus which allows one skilled in the art an easier and more ergonomically-correct method to lift and carry traditional plywood sheets (also traditionally referred to as plywood panels) and...

Plate for protecting a cable along a stud
A plate for protecting a cable along a stud is provided that prevents damage to the cable when screws or nails are inserted through drywall and into the stud. The plate comprises a channel for receiving the cable and a flange which is attached to the channel for mounting the plate....

Structure and method for carrying and accessing drywall working knives
The present invention relates to a way of supporting and transporting drywall working knives such as joint knives, in such a way that the working knives are conveniently transported during a project that involves use of the knives, and are conveniently accessible to a user when the knives are being used....

Drywall trim autofolder, mastic applicator and cutter
A drywall trim application device that can hold a large role of drywall flex corner trim material and, as the material is being dispensed, pre-crease or form the material for use on an inside or outside corner, or any angle within the range of the trim material, apply a mastic material...

Screw bit putty knife
A utility tool, such a putty knife for example, including an elongated handle for manual handling of the utility tool, a blade and a screw bit assembly. The screw bit assembly is rotatably mounted about the rear portion of the handle, has a screw bit, and is operable between a non-operating...

Surface repair patch
This invention is a method and apparatus for repairing a hole in a surface with a perforated repair patch. The repair patch, which is affixed to and substantially cover over the hole, is indented inwards by applying cement compound into its perforations and pushing the repair patch into the hole as...

Insulated drywall ceiling on steel "c" joists
A construction of elongated steel C-channel joists supporting a roof deck or floor and a drywall ceiling, fiber insulation batts disposed in cavities between the joists, the batts having a width substantially the same as the spacing between the joists and a thickness less than the depth of the joist, a...

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