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Hydraulic apparatus, handle, and method of prividing an extendable handle
Handles, extendable handles, and linkage mechanisms are examples of apparatuses that include a body; a pivotably attached head; cylinder, actuator, or hydraulic actuator; a fluid passage or hose; and a valve, blocking means, or hydraulic control device. The valve, blocking means, or hydraulic control device may be normally open and may...

Fire retardant
A method for creating a fire retardant mixture. The method may include grinding an exoskeleton of an aquatic invertebrate into a powder. Once the exoskeleton has been ground, mixing the ground exoskeleton with a mixing material. Finally, applying the mixture to a base material to increase the fire retardant properties of...

Drywall construction material mounting tool
The invention describes a mounting system which is used for lifting, shifting, altering, and final placement of construction material, such as dry wall, sheetrock, Durock, wood paneling, and ceiling panels, to overhead to ceiling joists and\or stud wall(s) by a single individual without any assistance. The device is portable, light-weight, and...

Drywall corner or a transition corner
A transition corner or drywall corner which transitions from a rounded exterior corner to a right angle corner at the trim. The transition corner has an exterior side with depressions which receive mud, an elevated longitudinal bead along an apex of an acute angle of the exterior side which facilitates the...

Drywall spray gun
The present invention is a drywall spray gun that disperses drywall material that includes a funnel-shaped hopper, a casing that houses a flip lever and a fan, a slide lock trigger and a trigger shield that protects the slide lock trigger from being struck or touched unintentionally and a rechargeable battery...

Paper substrates useful in wallboard tape applications
This invention relates to paper products and/or substrates suitable for being made and/or converted into wallboard tape; which also may be known as joint tape and/or drywall tape, having a pH of at least 7.0 and containing a plurality of cellulose fibers, a wet strength additive, an alkaline sizing agent, and...

Drywall screwdriver
A drywall screwdriver includes a housing, a screw-in depth limiting element, and a gearing unit. The drywall screwdriver further includes a coupling unit, an output spindle, an electric motor, and a battery receptacle region. The housing of the screwdriver has at least one hand grip region. An overall weight of the...

Reconfigurable bucket or cylinder mixer and method of assembly
A reconfigurable bucket mixer and method of assembly are disclosed. An example reconfigurable bucket mixer includes a bucket, a handle attached to the bucket, and a removable insert sized to fit inside the bucket to perform mixing functions. The bucket can also be reconfigured with the different inserts to mix grout,...

Air register seal
A seal for covering or blocking airflow through a gap between a boot can and an access opening formed in a dry wall of a vent is disclosed. The seal may define inner and outer perimeter wherein the inner perimeter is disposable inside of a front edge of the boot can....

Preservative composition and method
Aqueous silane formulations for treatment of an article or material such as wood, concrete, drywall, cotton fabric or wool fabric, and methods of treating the article or material with the formulation. The aqueous medium comprises an alkoxysilane or a combination of a halosilane a high concentration of a salt component. Optionally,...

Mesh-type drywall tape having an indexing pattern for indicating a tape edge
A mesh-type drywall tape includes a scrim layer of a plurality of lengthwise strands coupled to a plurality of crosswise strands, wherein the scrim layer includes an indexing pattern for indicating a tape edge. To form the indexing pattern, markings are disposed on multiple strands. In one embodiment, the indexing pattern...

Doorframe jig and method
A portable doorframe installation jig is disclosed, adapted to allow a construction worker to readily install a new doorframe plum, level, and in plane. It also may be used as a brace to retain doorframe position during installation of framing and/or drywall. It may also be used as a reinspection tool...

Chinese drywall fix
Odor emissions from improperly prepared Chinese drywall commonly termed “Chinese drywall” are reduced by the use of a hydrophobic coating on preferably both sides of the drywall, and by positively ventilating air from between the joists onto which the drywall is mounted....

Panel installation support apparatus
A panel installation support apparatus versatile and convenient for temporary attachment of the panel to a frame member includes an adjustable support surface for accommodating various panel thicknesses, a sloped surface to support the leading edge of the panel when positioning in place, and an alignment support shelf to properly align...

Drywall joint finishing tool
A tool for applying a cementitious mixture to a flat surface includes a head assembly for delivering the mixture to the flat surface. A housing is provided for containing a supply of the mixture and a control assembly is interposed between the housing and the head assembly for controlling the flow...

Window buck having right trapezoid cross-section
A window buck/drywall panel assembly comprising a window buck having a cross-section where the cross-section defines a right trapezoid, where the window buck includes a window buck beveled edge; and a drywall panel having a cross-section where the cross-section defines a right trapezoid, where the drywall panel includes a drywall beveled...

Particulate materials for acoustic texture material
An acoustic texture material adapted to be dispensed from an aerosol assembly using bi-phase propellant materials to form a textured coating on drywall material such that the textured coating substantially matches a pre-existing acoustic texture material on the drywall material. The acoustic texture material has a base portion capable of existing...

Wallgrip screw
A fastener for securing drywall to wood or metal substrate. The fastener includes a dual threaded head drywall fastener with hexagon driving collar. The longer threaded side of fastener is driven directly into wood or metal substrate, the driving collar acts as a stopper, leaving the shorter threaded fastener side protruding...

In-wall hydronic thermal control system and installation method
A system for installing tubing of hydronic thermal control systems in the walls, including ceilings, of buildings. It allows for the stable incorporation of the tubing in the walls while ensuring good thermal conductivity between the tubing and the building's room. The system features a wall including a hydronic thermal management...

Sanding system with vacuum
A sanding system suitable for drywall sanding has a foam sanding block that fits into a hollow housing such that a gap is left around most of the perimeter of the sanding block and the housing near the plane of sanding. Some regions of the perimeter are dimensioned relative to the...

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