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Insulated drywall ceiling on steel "c" joists
A construction of elongated steel C-channel joists supporting a roof deck or floor and a drywall ceiling, fiber insulation batts disposed in cavities between the joists, the batts having a width substantially the same as the spacing between the joists and a thickness less than the depth of the joist, a...

Method and apparatus for a loudspeaker assembly
A method and apparatus for providing a loudspeaker assembly is provided. In accordance with at least one embodiment, apparatus is provided comprising a ground plane, a loudspeaker driver mounted in a loudspeaker driver aperture of the ground plane, and a grille positioned relative to the ground plane such that a distance...

Drywall track system
The present invention is direction to systems for assembling drywall tracks that support drywall above the floor....

Drywall finisher's precision cutout template
Interchangeable template set for precisely and quickly cutting openings in gypsum, tile, wood paneling or other wall covering material. Floating design and wide variety of available templates (electrical outlets, round water pipe pass-throughs, HVAC duct openings, etc., allows the desired opening to be clearly and quickly marked and the hole cut...

Paper substrates useful in wallboard tape applications
This invention relates to paper products and/or substrates suitable for being made and/or converted into wallboard tape; which also may be known as joint tape and/or drywall tape, having a pH of at least 7.0 and containing a plurality of cellulose fibers, a wet strength additive, an alkaline sizing agent, and...

Line element lead-through
In order to produce a line element lead-through that is resistant to fire and flue gas for simple installation into one or more paneled drywalls, whereby the line element lead-through can be used in a matching component opening and is also sealed against fire and flue gas when empty, a line...

In-wall pipe and conduit location indicator apparatus and methods of using the same
An apparatus aids in indicating the location of pipe and conduit that may be within or behind walls. Specifically, an in-wall pipe and conduit location indicator apparatus helps to indicate the presence and location of pipes and conduit disposed behind drywall wallboard within a room in a building. Methods of using...

Thin-walled, cold formed lightweight structural profile element and method for producing such a profile element
The invention relates to a thin-walled, cold-formed profile element, in particular a structural profile, for example a drywall construction, facade, plaster, screed, tile or cable carrier profile or a shelf or drain rail. The profile element has an elongated profile body, in particular metallic or consisting of plastic, in which a...

Drywall apparatus and method
Described herein is a drywall apparatus for constructing planar partitions and corners. The drywall apparatus includes a first drywall panel having a first edge and a second drywall panel having a second edge. An elongating hinge connects the first edge to the second edge, and allows the first drywall panel and...

30-minute residential fire protection of floors
A fire protective barrier for a residential floor and a method of its construction, the construction involving a floor supported on lightweight joists of a type susceptible to early failure once exposed to a fire existing in the space below the floor, an array of elongated steel main tees suspended below...

Reflective drywall panel to reduce radiant heat transfer
The reflective drywall panel to reduce radiant heat transfer is a drywall panel constructed with a reflective surface on one side thereof. The reflective surface functions to reflect radiant heat waves into a space during heating season or away from the space during cooling season. The reflective surface is fabricated from...

Method and device for drying sheets of drywall
A method and device for drying sheets is described. The sheets are guided through a drier divided into drying chambers and brought in contact with the drying air by means of impinging jet aeration. The impinging-jet aeration utilizes cross-aerated nozzle boxes and the main drying stage exhaust air is introduced in...

Plastic anchor for drywall, plaster, brick and concrete
An anchoring device for insertion in a hole provided in a structure such as a wall (hollow or solid) comprises proximal and distal sections. The proximal section includes a head defining an aperture for receiving a fastener, and the distal section includes a pair of expandable wings displaceable between collapsed and...

Flush mount panels with multiple aligned receiving brackets
A panel with multiple openings and brackets can be used to flush-mount multiple components in a wallboard. The panel is installed flush with the wallboard and the junction between the panel and the wallboard is plastered or drywalled to create a uniform appearance. Wall-mounted components can then be installed into the...

Drywall knife with brace
A drywall knife with a retractable brace is disclosed. The knife comprises a handle; a substantially planar, flexible blade hingedly attached to the handle; and a brace having a cross-member wherein the brace is attached to the handle and wherein the cross-member defines at least one substantially non-linear profile wherein the...

Arch drywall trim product
A notched drywall trim piece that can take the form of a bead, hinged trim piece or bullnose piece that generally is constructed from a semi-rigid core that forms two flanges. At least one of the flanges is notched allowing the piece to follow the shape of an arch or arbitrarily...

Control joint backer and support member associated with structural assmeblies
The present invention is directed to a profile used to support fire retardant and or wall sheathing behind opposing wall sheathing edges, horizontally at head of walls, and behind control/reveal joint profiles. The profiles are shaped to support wall sheathing, intumescent stopping, and fire rated “rips” of wall sheathing and work...

Line element lead-through with support structure
In order to produce a line element lead-through that is resistant to fire and flue gas for simple installation into one or more paneled drywalls, whereby the line element lead-through can be used in a matching component opening and is also sealed against fire and flue gas when empty, a line...

Dual seal tubular anchor for cavity walls
An anchoring system for cavity walls is disclosed. The system includes a stud-type wall anchor and a wire formative veneer tie. The stud has a driver head, a dual-diameter barrel, and a driven tip. A flange at the juncture of the two barrels houses an interior seal; and a flange under...

Wet/dry vacuum appliance, dust filtration attachment therefore, and methods of use
A wet/dry vacuum assembly is described which includes a powerhead assembly capable of removable attachment to the open upper end of a container, the powerhead assembly including a housing, a motor, a fan, and air inlet, and an air exhaust port; and, a container having an open upper end, a closed...

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