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Sub-block disabling in 3d memory

Date/App# patent app List of recent Drivers-related patents
 Dynamically balanced credit for virtual functions in single root input/output virtualization patent thumbnailnew patent Dynamically balanced credit for virtual functions in single root input/output virtualization
A system to allow reallocation of credit among virtual machines associated with separate operating systems includes drivers in each virtual machine to independently track credit usage and a host board adapter configured to report a false maximum to each operating system and track credit usage. The host board adapter allocates credits and reports the allocated credits to virtual functions accessed by the virtual machines.
 Method and apparatus for prefetching peripheral device drivers for smart phones and other connected devices prior to hlos boot patent thumbnailnew patent Method and apparatus for prefetching peripheral device drivers for smart phones and other connected devices prior to hlos boot
Apparatus and methods for booting a user equipment are described. A device boot of the user equipment may be performed.
 Electro-optic silicon modulator with longitudinally nonuniform modulation patent thumbnailnew patent Electro-optic silicon modulator with longitudinally nonuniform modulation
A device, such as a silicon modulator, in accordance with the present disclosure employs pn diodes without sacrificing the modulation depth, while achieving lower loss and better impedance matching to 50-ohm drivers. In one embodiment, the device includes an input waveguide, an input optical splitter coupled to the input waveguide, first and second optical phase shifters coupled to the input optical splitter, an output optical splitter coupled to the first and second phase shifters, and an output waveguide coupled to the output optical splitter.
 Sub-block disabling in 3d memory patent thumbnailnew patent Sub-block disabling in 3d memory
Some embodiments relate to apparatuses and methods associated with blocks of memory cells. The blocks of memory cells may include two or more sub-blocks of memory cells.
 Storage device having degauss circuitry configured for generating degauss signal with asymmetric decay envelopes patent thumbnailnew patent Storage device having degauss circuitry configured for generating degauss signal with asymmetric decay envelopes
A hard disk drive or other storage device comprises a storage medium, a write head configured to write data to the storage medium, and control circuitry coupled to the write head. The control circuitry comprises degauss circuitry coupled to or otherwise associated with one or more write drivers.
 Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same patent thumbnailnew patent Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
A driving circuit for driving a liquid crystal display device having a plurality of gate lines, data lines and switch elements connected to the gate and data lines includes a data driver for applying a plurality of data signals to the date lines, a gate driver for applying a plurality of gate signals to the gate lines, a timing controller for providing a plurality of control signals to the data and gate drivers, a power supply for generating a power voltage, and a discharging circuit for applying a first signal and a second signal to the gate driver in accordance with the power voltage.. .
 Connections for memory electrode lines patent thumbnailnew patent Connections for memory electrode lines
Subject matter disclosed herein may relate to word line electrodes and/or digit line electrodes in a cross-point array memory device. One or more word line electrodes may be configured to form a socket area to provide connection points to drivers and/or other circuitry that may be located within a footprint of an array of memory cells..
 System and method for processing private messages in a contact center patent thumbnailSystem and method for processing private messages in a contact center
A system for exchanging private messages with a contact center over a network includes: a media server including a plurality of media drivers configured to interface with a plurality of social media networks, the media server being configured to maintain a session corresponding to a conversation comprising at least one message, the conversation being conducted on one of the plurality of social media networks; and a chat server configured to: maintain a chat session corresponding to the session; transmit and receive the at least one message of the conversation; and store the at least one message of the conversation in association with the chat session.. .
 Method to detect nearby aggressive drivers and adjust driving modes patent thumbnailMethod to detect nearby aggressive drivers and adjust driving modes
A computing device may be configured to receive sensor information indicative of respective characteristics of vehicles on a road of travel of a first vehicle. The computing device may be configured to identify, based on the respective characteristics, a second vehicle that exhibits an aggressive driving behavior manifested as an unsafe or unlawful driving action.
 Method and determination of cardiac activation from electrograms with multiple deflections patent thumbnailMethod and determination of cardiac activation from electrograms with multiple deflections
A method and system for determining activation times for electric potentials from complex electrograms to identify the location of arrhythmic sources or drivers. The method includes counting a number deflections in a recorded cardiac electrogram signal from at least one electrode for a predetermined amount of time.
System and method for single-phase and three-phase current determination in power converters and inverters
A system and method for capturing current information for a power converter is disclosed. The current monitoring system includes a control system operably connected to a circuit having a plurality of semiconductor switches that are controllable to convert an input power to an output power having a desired voltage and current.
M-atv driver's vision augmentation system
Video aids are disclosed to assist vehicle drivers for all phases of vehicle control and driving conditions. In one exemplary embodiment, a driver's vision augmentation system is flexibly configured for installation on virtually any vehicle for real-time video display to the vehicle driver of each tire's contact with the ground.
Driving circuit and display device of using same
In one aspect of the invention, a driving circuit has a pcb, a transmitter disposed on the pcb for providing an input signal, first and second transmission lines disposed on the pcb and electrically coupled to the transmitter for transmitting the input signal, and a plurality of source drivers formed in a cof architecture disposed between the pcb and the display panel. The input signal is an encoded signal including first and second gamma reference voltages control signals, and image data.
Display driving apparatus and method for driving display panel
A display driving apparatus configured to drive a display panel is provided. The display driving apparatus includes a plurality of source drivers.
Display device
A display device includes a display panel including gate lines which extends in a first direction, data lines which extends in a second direction, and sub-pixels connected to corresponding gate and data lines, a gate driver configured to drive the gate lines, a data driver configured to apply a gray-scale voltage to the data lines, and a timing controller configured to generate and apply control signals to the gate and data drivers, where a unit pixel of the display panel is defined by an even number of adjacent sub-pixels among the sub-pixels, each of the data lines is connected to corresponding sub-pixels of the sub-pixels, the data driver inverts a polarity of the gray-scale voltage every two data lines, and two adjacent sub-pixels in the unit pixel are applied with the gray-scale voltages having different polarities.. .
Virtualizable and forward-compatible hardware-software interface
Methods and apparatus are disclosed for virtualizable, forward-compatible hardware-software interfaces. Embodiments may be used in a driver whether it is a physical driver or a virtual driver.
Real-time core of open numeric control system and real-time control method for cutter path curve
The present invention discloses a real-time kernel of open cnc systems and a real-time control method of tool-paths. The real-time kernel translates a real-time control of the tool-paths into sending synchronous pulses into the servo drivers in accordance with the control rhythms Δti (i=1, .
Method for spatially processing multichannel signals, processing module, and virtual surround-sound systems
Embodiments of a virtual surround-sound system and methods for simulating surround-sound are generally described herein. Other embodiments may be described and claimed.
Memory device word line drivers and methods
Memory subsystems and methods, such as those involving a memory cell array formed over a semiconductor material of a first type, such as p-type substrate. In at least one such subsystem, all of the transistors used to selectively access cells within the array are transistors of a second type, such as n-type transistors.
Container handler alignment system and method
A system and method for assisting drivers of bomb carts and shuttle carriers to position their vehicles appropriately for loading and unloading containers at a gantry crane. The system uses laser scanners mounted at various levels on the gantry crane sill beams to determine the type, position, orientation and skew angle of the vehicles as well as whether the vehicles are in a loaded or unloaded condition.
High efficiency led driver circuit
A circuit arrangement for a light emitting diode (led) driver of an led is an inductor-based boost circuit arrangement with an inductor, switch, and led. Power stored inductively may be delivered to the led in the form of current through use of switching.
System for adaptively providing power from a series of fluid pumps to a series of fluid motors
A fluid energy distribution system that has three general elements; the fluid energy providers; the means for fluid energy distribution; and the fluid drivers. The fluid energy providers input energy into hydraulic fluid in the form of fluid pressure and flow.
Creation and use of virtual device drivers on a serial bus
A node on a serial bus, preferably a device such as a personal computer (pc), can emulate other devices using virtual device drivers. A pc connected to a 1394 bus exposes its crom on the bus which presents an image to other nodes on the 1394 bus and describes the functional units supported by the node.
Multi-functional weighted exercise assisting device
A multi-functional weighted exercise assisting device has a housing, a weight mounted in the housing, a first illuminating assembly mounted on one end of the housing, and an additional assembly mounted on the other end of the housing. The additional assembly may be a second illuminating assembly or a rope assembly.
Pillar speaker
A loudspeaker system including a top firing, 360 degree, time aligned, powered loudspeaker system that comprises a cylindrical body, having a top end and a bottom end, and an upper interior compartment and a lower interior compartment; a first speaker driver and a second speaker driver, each being positioned within the upper interior compartment, and each being oriented to face towards the top end of the cylindrical body; at least one subwoofer having an upper end and a lower end, the at least one subwoofer being positioned within the lower interior compartment and oriented to face towards the bottom end of the cylindrical body; and a narrow band of multiple openings on the cylindrical body, proximate the bottom end of the cylindrical body, and adjacent to the lower end of the at least one subwoofer, the narrow band of multiple openings spanning 360 degrees around the cylindrical body. The first and second speaker drivers are outwardly angled from the vertical..
Phase-unified loudspeakers: parallel crossovers
Complimentary crossovers that reduce phase distortion in loudspeaker systems, typically pairs, are described. In the fundamental embodiment, each loudspeaker possesses two drivers, a woofer and a tweeter.
Method for controlling the vehcile lighting system viewing angles synchronizing with the turning angles and system thereof
A method for controlling the vehicle lighting system viewing angles synchronizing with the turning angles and system thereof, comprising: obtaining a current vehicle turning angle signal, transforming it into current turning angle value; finding out the specific lighting system illumination angle synchronizing with a turning angle range according to the value; then controlling the lighting system switching to the found specific synchronizing illumination angle, achieving synchronization between viewing angles and turning angles. Through synchronizing with turning angles, the system automatically controls the lighting system spotlight degrees, thus controls the illumination angles, and brings a wide range visual effect to drivers.
Optical illuminator
Vcsel arrays with planar electrical contacts readily adaptable for surface mounting are provided. Monolithic vcsel arrays are configured in array patterns on two and three-dimensional surfaces for configuring optical illuminator modules.
Optical module, electronic apparatus, and spectroscopic camera
An optical module includes a fixed reflection film, a movable reflection film, a first driver having a plurality of sub-drivers that can be driven independently of each other via voltage application in a plan view, a second driver that changes the dimension of a gap between the fixed reflection film and the movable reflection film, and a voltage controller that applies first drive voltages to the sub-drivers and applies a second drive voltage to the second driver, and the voltage controller applies a first drive voltage set for each of the sub-drivers in accordance with parallelism between the fixed reflection film and the movable reflection film at the time when the dimension of the gap is changed.. .
Systems and methods for multi-level termination calibration for voltage mode drivers
A voltage mode driver system includes a plurality of vmd cells, a plurality of auxiliary cells, a control logic and an output node. The plurality of vmd cells are configured to generate a first output.
Adaptive user guidance for navigation and location-based services
A method for adaptive driver guidance for navigation and location-based services. A navigation system onboard a vehicle records errors, including both system errors and user errors, where the errors can be detected by missed turns, re-routing, and similar events.
Golf club fabricated from bulk metallic glasses with high toughness and high stiffness
Golf clubs formed from bulk-solidifying amorphous metals (i.e., metallic glasses) having high elastic modulus and fracture toughness, and to methods of forming the same are provided. Among other components, the golf club materials disclosed enable fabrication of flexural membranes or shells used in golf club heads (drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters) exhibiting enhanced flexural or bending compliance together with the ability to deform plastically and avoid brittle fracture or catastrophic failure when overloaded under bending loads.
Nonvolatile logic array with built-in test drivers
A system on chip (soc) provides a nonvolatile memory array that is configured as n rows by m columns of bit cells. Each of the bit cells is configured to store a bit of data.
Nonvolatile logic array with built-in test result signal
A system on chip (soc) provides a nonvolatile memory array that is configured as n rows by m columns of bit cells. Each of the bit cells is configured to store a bit of data.
Static random access memories (sram) with read-preferred cell structures, write drivers, related systems, and methods
Static random access memories (sram) with read-preferred cell structures and write drivers are disclosed. In one embodiment, the sram has a six transistor bit cell.
Method and apparatus for gray-scale gamma correction for electroluminescent displays
A circuit and method of driving a display panel requiring gray scale control wherein the voltage applied to a row of pixels is equal to the sum of voltages of opposite sign with respect to ground applied respectively to the row electrode and column electrodes whose intersection with the row defines the pixels. Gray scale is realized through modulation of the voltage applied to the column electrodes.
Lcd device based on dual source drivers with data writing synchronous control mechanism and related driving method
An lcd device having dual source drivers and related driving method are disclosed for performing data signal driving operation by making use of a data writing synchronous control mechanism. The operation of the data writing synchronous control mechanism includes furnishing all image data signals to both the first and second source drivers, latching odd and even image data signals by the first and second source drivers respectively, performing a signal processing process on the odd image data signals for generating a first set of analog data signals by the first source driver, performing a signal processing process on the even image data signals for generating a second set of analog data signals by the second source driver, writing the first set of analog data signals into a plurality of first pixel units, and writing the second set of analog data signals into a plurality of second pixel units..
Integrated circuit for remote keyless entry system
An integrated circuit for use in remote keyless entry (rke) applications is disclosed that integrates two drivers with a shared dual mode antenna. The drivers may be integrated on a single integrated circuit chip using high voltage (hv) complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) processes.
Emergency respondence warning system
An emergency respondence warning system for warning of the approach of emergency vehicles at roadway intersections. The warning system comprises a transmitter mountable to an emergency vehicle and a receiver situated near the roadway intersection.
Systems and methods of level shifting for voltage drivers
System and method for controlling one or more switches. The system includes a first converting circuit, a second converting circuit, and a signal processing component.
Drive circuitry compensated for manufacturing and environmental variation
Current drivers and biasing circuitry at least partly compensate for manufacturing variations and environmental variations such as supply voltage, temperature, and fabrication process.. .
Barrier system for protecting bus drivers
A barrier apparatus for protecting a bus driver including a vertically-oriented panel selectively moveable along a set of tracks between a forward position and a rearward position within a bus, the forward position including the panel positioned between a driver's seat and a passenger entryway of the bus. The panel is arranged so that, when in the forward position or the rearward position or moved between the forward position and the rearward position, the panel remains on a driver's side of the bus thus ensuring that the panel does not obstruct passenger traffic into and out of the bus during any phase of operation of the barrier system..
Apparatus and method for radio frequency transmission
A radio frequency (rf) transmission circuit includes an antenna connection terminal, a plurality of amplifiers connected to the antenna connection terminal in parallel, a plurality of drivers for driving the plurality of amplifiers, and a control circuit configured to control operation of the plurality of drivers based on information indicating a characteristic of a rf signal to be transmitted through the antenna connection terminal.. .
Aquarium lighting system
A control system for an aquarium lighting system in which motor drivers alter over time the relative inclination of a light source with respect to an ornamental feature (18) within the aquarium. The effect is that light intensity (92, 94) falling incident on an ornamental feature more accurately simulates natural light impinging on a natural environment from day and seasonal movements of the sun.
Systems and methods for auto-configuring installable device options in a windows print queue
Embodiments relate to systems and methods for auto-configuring installable device options in a windows™ print queue. Software and other resources are provided to enable print drivers based on the version 4 print architecture to perform auto-configuration of installable options for printing devices which do not support the protocols and/or queries required by the native means of auto-configuration supported by the windows™ 8 operating system.
Vehicle-side system
The present invention aims to provide a vehicle-side system capable of enhancing convenience for drivers who are driving vehicles having an auto-cruise function. A vehicle-side system of the present invention is mounted on a vehicle having an auto-cruise function and is capable of receiving traffic conditions from outside the vehicle.
Absolute acceleration sensor for use within moving vehicles
A communication system for a vehicle includes a vehicle speed sensor configured to emit a periodic function with a parameter correlated to the speed of the vehicle, an acceleration monitoring system, a braking system engagement detector to detect a braking status of the vehicle, an alerting device capable of signaling other drivers of a deceleration condition of the vehicle, and a control device. The acceleration monitoring system is configured to compute the acceleration of the vehicle from variations in the parameter of the periodic function of the vehicle speed sensor and to output a deceleration status of the vehicle.
Orientation-responsive acoustic array control
An audio device includes a casing configured for operation in a first orientation and a second orientation different from the first orientation, an orientation input device disposed on the casing to detect an orientation of the casing relative to the direction of the force of gravity, and a plurality of acoustic drivers disposed on the casing and operable to form a plurality of acoustic interference arrays, each of which is associated with one of a plurality of audio channels. The acoustic drivers of the audio device operate in a first frequency range and modify at least one of the acoustic interference arrays in response to a change in the orientation detected by the orientation input device..
Necklace-style wireless audio headset
A wireless audio headset configured to be worn as a pendant necklace, with wireless receiver, audio amplifier, controls, display and power source built into the pendant, the pendant suspended about the user's neck by wires that carry audio signals from the pendant to in-ear drivers; the pendant further containing storage compartments for storing the earphones when not in use.. .
Margin free pvt tolerant fast self-timed sense amplifier reset circuit
In described embodiments, a circuit for providing a margin free pvt tolerant fast self-timed sense amplifier reset includes a sense amplifier coupled between a complementary pair of first and second bitlines in a memory cell, a first and second pmos drivers connected to internal nodes of the sense amplifier, respectively, and outputting a first and second output signals, wherein the second output signal is inverted by an inverter to form an inverted output signal, a read detect block receiving the first and inverted output signals and generating a transition detect signal that is latched by a cross-coupled inverters and employed to generate a sense amplifier enable signal with a global sense amplifier enable signal, and a push-pull logic formed by a nmos and a pmos in series to generate an output of the circuit.. .
Domain protection and virtualization for sata
Various aspects provide for a hardware sata virtualization system without the need for backend and frontend drivers and native device drivers. A lightweight sata virtualization handler can run on a specialized co-processor and manage requests enqueued by individual vms.
Device driver detection and management system
Apparatus, systems and methods in which one can implement a legacy device management system to control and operate a legacy device coupled to the system. The system is configured to pull device attributes from the legacy device and use those attributes to obtain an inventory of possible device drivers that could be used with the legacy device.
Eco-friendly intelligent traffic detection system
An eco-friendly intelligent traffic detection system is provided, the traffic detection system is based on wireless network architecture. The system is linked to a navigation network, and reminds drivers of road conditions, the system can also be linked to mobile base station, in order to achieve a purpose of rational planning, a government department of transportation can manage and analyze the road conditions by uploading data.
Driver, vehicle, and operational analysis
Disclosed are methods, systems, and software for operation a driver analysis system which includes receiving vehicle operation data corresponding to operation of vehicles by drivers from vehicle monitoring system, processing at least a portion of the vehicle operation data to determine driving performance of at least one driver, generating a driving report which identifies the driving performance of at least one driver, and presenting the driving report, where the driving report includes a driving score and/or eye movement index.. .
Method and circuit to optimize n-line lcd power consumption
Embodiments of the invention generally provide an input device that includes one or more source drivers that are coupled to a display screen. Specifically, one of the source drivers may be coupled to a plurality of source lines (or column lines) on the display screen which the source driver uses to set voltages associated with one or more sub-pixels that determine the color displayed by the pixel.
Pixel and organic light emitting display using the same
A pixel includes an organic light emitting diode, a first driver and a second driver. The second driver controls an amount of current supplied from a first power source to the organic light emitting diode, corresponding to a previous data signal.
Display driving apparatus
A display driving apparatus, including an image processor, a timing controller, and a plurality of source drivers, is provided. The image processor determines whether an image frame corresponding to a frame data is a static image and outputs the frame data and a determination result.
Multi-bit power driver
A tool having a main barrel with an inner cavity, a tool bit holder adapted to be removably secured within the inner cavity, the tool bit holder having a first inner cavity adapted for receiving a first reversible tool bit and a second inner cavity adapted to receive a non-reversible tool bit, wherein the inner cavity of the main barrel serves as a first sized nut driver, the first inner cavity of the tool bit holder serves as a second sized nut driver, and the second inner cavity of the tool bit holder serves as third sized nut driver, where first, second, and third sized nut drivers each have a different size.. .
Capability based device driver framework
Enforcing limitations on hardware drivers. The method includes from a system kernel, assigning i/o resources to the system's root bus.
Software interface for a hardware device
Automatically generating code used with device drivers for interfacing with hardware. The method includes receiving a machine readable description of a hardware device, including at least one of hardware registers or shared memory structures of the hardware device.
High throughput low latency user mode drivers implemented in managed code
Implementing a safe driver that can support high throughput and low latency devices. The method includes receiving a hardware message from a hardware device.
Audio speaker system with semi-shared passive radiators
A multi-channel stereo speaker system includes acoustically separated but mechanically connected chambers containing active drivers to reproduce sound for each channel, and a passive radiator for each chamber to help tune the frequency response of the chamber. Passive radiators are positioned and oriented so that their movements tend to cancel each other out..
Mobile internet protocol square
The present invention provides a method and apparatus for network access for consumers in both wired and wireless environments. Multiple-interface/multiple-connections are used to support high-speed handoff and seamless roaming between different networks (wired and wireless).
Pixel, display device comprising the pixel and driving method of the display device
A display device includes a data driver; a scan driver; a compensation control signal unit configured to reset voltages of data signals transmitted to a plurality of pixels during a previous frame at a current frame, and configured to generate and transmit a first control signal to compensate for threshold voltages of driving transistors of the pixels and a second control signal to control simultaneous light emission of the pixels; a power controller configured to control and supply the voltage levels of a first and second power source voltages; a display unit including the plurality of pixels coupled to corresponding data lines, scan lines, first control lines, second control lines, first voltage lines, and second voltage lines; and a timing controller configured to generate a plurality of data signals by processing external image signals and generate a plurality of driving control signals for controlling driving of the drivers.. .
Liquid crystal display device
According to one embodiment, a liquid crystal display device includes pixel electrodes arranged in matrix, gate lines, source lines, pixel switches, gate drivers allocated at both ends of a display region, a source driver, image signal transmit lines arranged along the columns in which the pixel electrodes are arranged, each image signal transmit line supplying an image signal to each source line, switches arranged along the row direction, each switch configured to switch a connection between the source line and the image signal transmit line, and control lines configured to output source control signals to switch the switches, each control line outputting a source control signal to switch a plurality of the switches at the same time, wherein each source control signal is input to each control line at a position substantially the center of the gate line in the row direction.. .
Intelligent traffic alerting and control system
A system to alert drivers approaching a traffic intersection controlled by a traffic signal light. The system may alert about an impending change in the state of the signal from green to red, to allow them to plan ahead and stop the vehicle safely.
Interchangeable hand tool system
An integrated tool system that includes various interchangeable implements and attachments to provide functionality of pliers, wrenches, hammers, ratchets and screwdrivers. Many of the attachments are secured to rectangular jaws at the upper portion of the device.
Compression and deduplication layered driver
A method, apparatus, and system for interposed file system driver is provided, which provides a logical file system on top of an existing base file system. One such interposed file system driver is a compression and deduplication layered driver (“cold driver”).
Vehicle steerable by movement of center of gravity
A vehicle steerable by movement of the center of gravity has an auxiliary wheel. A left drive wheel is driven by a left rotary driver.
Methods for anchoring suture to bone
Methods and devices are provided for anchoring suture to bone. In one exemplary embodiment, a cannulated suture anchor is provided and it includes a suture-engaging member formed therein and configured to receive a suture therearound such that trailing ends of the suture can extend through the suture anchor.
Devices for clearing blockages in in-situ artificial lumens
Devices and methods for the effective clearing of artificial tubes, especially in-situ clearing of artificial tubes in a living being is covered in this disclosure. An elongated clearing member includes either a fixed or an adjustable element that selectively defines the portion of the elongated clearing member that is insertable within the artificial tube.

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