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Necklace-style wireless audio headset

Vehicle-side system

Date/App# patent app List of recent Drivers-related patents
 Systems and methods for auto-configuring installable device options in a windows print queue patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for auto-configuring installable device options in a windows print queue
Embodiments relate to systems and methods for auto-configuring installable device options in a windows™ print queue. Software and other resources are provided to enable print drivers based on the version 4 print architecture to perform auto-configuration of installable options for printing devices which do not support the protocols and/or queries required by the native means of auto-configuration supported by the windows™ 8 operating system.
 Vehicle-side system patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle-side system
The present invention aims to provide a vehicle-side system capable of enhancing convenience for drivers who are driving vehicles having an auto-cruise function. A vehicle-side system of the present invention is mounted on a vehicle having an auto-cruise function and is capable of receiving traffic conditions from outside the vehicle.
 Absolute acceleration sensor for use within moving vehicles patent thumbnailnew patent Absolute acceleration sensor for use within moving vehicles
A communication system for a vehicle includes a vehicle speed sensor configured to emit a periodic function with a parameter correlated to the speed of the vehicle, an acceleration monitoring system, a braking system engagement detector to detect a braking status of the vehicle, an alerting device capable of signaling other drivers of a deceleration condition of the vehicle, and a control device. The acceleration monitoring system is configured to compute the acceleration of the vehicle from variations in the parameter of the periodic function of the vehicle speed sensor and to output a deceleration status of the vehicle.
 Orientation-responsive acoustic array control patent thumbnailnew patent Orientation-responsive acoustic array control
An audio device includes a casing configured for operation in a first orientation and a second orientation different from the first orientation, an orientation input device disposed on the casing to detect an orientation of the casing relative to the direction of the force of gravity, and a plurality of acoustic drivers disposed on the casing and operable to form a plurality of acoustic interference arrays, each of which is associated with one of a plurality of audio channels. The acoustic drivers of the audio device operate in a first frequency range and modify at least one of the acoustic interference arrays in response to a change in the orientation detected by the orientation input device..
 Necklace-style wireless audio headset patent thumbnailnew patent Necklace-style wireless audio headset
A wireless audio headset configured to be worn as a pendant necklace, with wireless receiver, audio amplifier, controls, display and power source built into the pendant, the pendant suspended about the user's neck by wires that carry audio signals from the pendant to in-ear drivers; the pendant further containing storage compartments for storing the earphones when not in use.. .
 Margin free pvt tolerant fast self-timed sense amplifier reset circuit patent thumbnailnew patent Margin free pvt tolerant fast self-timed sense amplifier reset circuit
In described embodiments, a circuit for providing a margin free pvt tolerant fast self-timed sense amplifier reset includes a sense amplifier coupled between a complementary pair of first and second bitlines in a memory cell, a first and second pmos drivers connected to internal nodes of the sense amplifier, respectively, and outputting a first and second output signals, wherein the second output signal is inverted by an inverter to form an inverted output signal, a read detect block receiving the first and inverted output signals and generating a transition detect signal that is latched by a cross-coupled inverters and employed to generate a sense amplifier enable signal with a global sense amplifier enable signal, and a push-pull logic formed by a nmos and a pmos in series to generate an output of the circuit.. .
 Domain protection and virtualization for sata patent thumbnailDomain protection and virtualization for sata
Various aspects provide for a hardware sata virtualization system without the need for backend and frontend drivers and native device drivers. A lightweight sata virtualization handler can run on a specialized co-processor and manage requests enqueued by individual vms.
 Device driver detection and management system patent thumbnailDevice driver detection and management system
Apparatus, systems and methods in which one can implement a legacy device management system to control and operate a legacy device coupled to the system. The system is configured to pull device attributes from the legacy device and use those attributes to obtain an inventory of possible device drivers that could be used with the legacy device.
 Eco-friendly intelligent traffic detection system patent thumbnailEco-friendly intelligent traffic detection system
An eco-friendly intelligent traffic detection system is provided, the traffic detection system is based on wireless network architecture. The system is linked to a navigation network, and reminds drivers of road conditions, the system can also be linked to mobile base station, in order to achieve a purpose of rational planning, a government department of transportation can manage and analyze the road conditions by uploading data.
 Driver, vehicle, and operational analysis patent thumbnailDriver, vehicle, and operational analysis
Disclosed are methods, systems, and software for operation a driver analysis system which includes receiving vehicle operation data corresponding to operation of vehicles by drivers from vehicle monitoring system, processing at least a portion of the vehicle operation data to determine driving performance of at least one driver, generating a driving report which identifies the driving performance of at least one driver, and presenting the driving report, where the driving report includes a driving score and/or eye movement index.. .
Method and circuit to optimize n-line lcd power consumption
Embodiments of the invention generally provide an input device that includes one or more source drivers that are coupled to a display screen. Specifically, one of the source drivers may be coupled to a plurality of source lines (or column lines) on the display screen which the source driver uses to set voltages associated with one or more sub-pixels that determine the color displayed by the pixel.
Pixel and organic light emitting display using the same
A pixel includes an organic light emitting diode, a first driver and a second driver. The second driver controls an amount of current supplied from a first power source to the organic light emitting diode, corresponding to a previous data signal.
Display driving apparatus
A display driving apparatus, including an image processor, a timing controller, and a plurality of source drivers, is provided. The image processor determines whether an image frame corresponding to a frame data is a static image and outputs the frame data and a determination result.
Multi-bit power driver
A tool having a main barrel with an inner cavity, a tool bit holder adapted to be removably secured within the inner cavity, the tool bit holder having a first inner cavity adapted for receiving a first reversible tool bit and a second inner cavity adapted to receive a non-reversible tool bit, wherein the inner cavity of the main barrel serves as a first sized nut driver, the first inner cavity of the tool bit holder serves as a second sized nut driver, and the second inner cavity of the tool bit holder serves as third sized nut driver, where first, second, and third sized nut drivers each have a different size.. .
Capability based device driver framework
Enforcing limitations on hardware drivers. The method includes from a system kernel, assigning i/o resources to the system's root bus.
Software interface for a hardware device
Automatically generating code used with device drivers for interfacing with hardware. The method includes receiving a machine readable description of a hardware device, including at least one of hardware registers or shared memory structures of the hardware device.
High throughput low latency user mode drivers implemented in managed code
Implementing a safe driver that can support high throughput and low latency devices. The method includes receiving a hardware message from a hardware device.
Audio speaker system with semi-shared passive radiators
A multi-channel stereo speaker system includes acoustically separated but mechanically connected chambers containing active drivers to reproduce sound for each channel, and a passive radiator for each chamber to help tune the frequency response of the chamber. Passive radiators are positioned and oriented so that their movements tend to cancel each other out..
Mobile internet protocol square
The present invention provides a method and apparatus for network access for consumers in both wired and wireless environments. Multiple-interface/multiple-connections are used to support high-speed handoff and seamless roaming between different networks (wired and wireless).
Pixel, display device comprising the pixel and driving method of the display device
A display device includes a data driver; a scan driver; a compensation control signal unit configured to reset voltages of data signals transmitted to a plurality of pixels during a previous frame at a current frame, and configured to generate and transmit a first control signal to compensate for threshold voltages of driving transistors of the pixels and a second control signal to control simultaneous light emission of the pixels; a power controller configured to control and supply the voltage levels of a first and second power source voltages; a display unit including the plurality of pixels coupled to corresponding data lines, scan lines, first control lines, second control lines, first voltage lines, and second voltage lines; and a timing controller configured to generate a plurality of data signals by processing external image signals and generate a plurality of driving control signals for controlling driving of the drivers.. .
Liquid crystal display device
According to one embodiment, a liquid crystal display device includes pixel electrodes arranged in matrix, gate lines, source lines, pixel switches, gate drivers allocated at both ends of a display region, a source driver, image signal transmit lines arranged along the columns in which the pixel electrodes are arranged, each image signal transmit line supplying an image signal to each source line, switches arranged along the row direction, each switch configured to switch a connection between the source line and the image signal transmit line, and control lines configured to output source control signals to switch the switches, each control line outputting a source control signal to switch a plurality of the switches at the same time, wherein each source control signal is input to each control line at a position substantially the center of the gate line in the row direction.. .
Intelligent traffic alerting and control system
A system to alert drivers approaching a traffic intersection controlled by a traffic signal light. The system may alert about an impending change in the state of the signal from green to red, to allow them to plan ahead and stop the vehicle safely.
Interchangeable hand tool system
An integrated tool system that includes various interchangeable implements and attachments to provide functionality of pliers, wrenches, hammers, ratchets and screwdrivers. Many of the attachments are secured to rectangular jaws at the upper portion of the device.
Compression and deduplication layered driver
A method, apparatus, and system for interposed file system driver is provided, which provides a logical file system on top of an existing base file system. One such interposed file system driver is a compression and deduplication layered driver (“cold driver”).
Vehicle steerable by movement of center of gravity
A vehicle steerable by movement of the center of gravity has an auxiliary wheel. A left drive wheel is driven by a left rotary driver.
Methods for anchoring suture to bone
Methods and devices are provided for anchoring suture to bone. In one exemplary embodiment, a cannulated suture anchor is provided and it includes a suture-engaging member formed therein and configured to receive a suture therearound such that trailing ends of the suture can extend through the suture anchor.
Devices for clearing blockages in in-situ artificial lumens
Devices and methods for the effective clearing of artificial tubes, especially in-situ clearing of artificial tubes in a living being is covered in this disclosure. An elongated clearing member includes either a fixed or an adjustable element that selectively defines the portion of the elongated clearing member that is insertable within the artificial tube.
Method and system for encoding multi-level pulse amplitude modulated signals using integrated optoelectronic devices
Methods and systems for encoding multi-level pulse amplitude modulated signals using integrated optoelectronics are disclosed and may include generating generating a multi-level, amplitude-modulated optical signal utilizing an optical modulator driven by two or more of a plurality of electrical input signals. The optical modulator may configure levels in the multi-level amplitude modulated optical signal.
Traffic signal mapping and detection
A system and method provides maps identifying the 3d location of traffic lights. The position, location, and orientation of a traffic light may be automatically extrapolated from two or more images.
Antenna, shielding and grounding
A portable computing device is disclosed. The portable computing device can take many forms such as a laptop computer, a tablet computer, and so on.
Non-volatile storage system with dual block programming
A non-volatile storage system is disclosed that includes a plurality of blocks of non-volatile storage elements, a plurality of word lines connected to the blocks of non-volatile storage elements such that each word line is connected to adjacent blocks of non-volatile storage elements, a plurality of bit lines connected to the blocks of non-volatile storage elements, multiple sets of word lines drivers such that each set of word line drivers is positioned between two adjacent blocks for driving word lines connected to the two adjacent blocks, global data lines, local data lines in selective communication with the bit lines, one or more selection circuits that selectively connect the global data lines to selected local data lines and connect unselected local data lines to one or more unselected bit line signals and control circuitry in communication with the one or more selection circuits and the global data lines. The control circuitry concurrently programs non-volatile storage elements of two adjacent blocks by applying programming signals on word lines connected to the two adjacent blocks and applying programming signals on appropriate bit lines via the global data lines and the one or more selection circuits..
Flat panel display
A display includes an array of pixel circuits and data drivers to drive the pixel circuits. The data drivers include a first data driver to receive pixel data according to a first clock frequency and to forward some of the pixel data to a second data driver according to a second clock frequency, the second clock frequency being different from the first clock frequency..
Minimized color shift lighting arrangement during dimming
An illumination device, system, and method are disclosed. The illumination system includes a first set of light sources and a second set of light sources, driven by a first driver and second driver, respectively.
Light emitting diode driving device
There is provided a light emitting diode driving device capable of preventing a number of switches from being turned on simultaneously when a plurality of light emitting diodes are respectively driven using a plurality of switches, the light emitting diode driving device, including: a light emitting diode unit having a plurality of light emitting diodes connected to one another in series and emitting light through receiving rectified power; and a driving unit having a plurality of drivers driving the plurality of light emitting diodes of the light emitting diode unit, respectively, wherein each of the plurality of drivers selects a maximum voltage from among a plurality of detection voltages with respect to current flowing in at least one light emitting diode corresponding thereto and compares the maximum voltage with a preset reference voltage to thereby drive the corresponding light emitting diode.. .
Low intensity dimming circuit for an led lamp and method of controlling an led
A driver is connectable to an external power supply and configured to output a variable driving current for one or more loads, such as leds. A low intensity dimming module is operable to divert some or all of the driving current away from the leds when a user selects a very low level of light intensity so that the driver has a constant minimum load.
Super n-phase switching mode power supply
A power supply system. The power system includes a power supply controller for supplying a control signal.
Single ratchet actuator with dual air drivers
An air driven actuator (100) uses oppositely disposed reciprocating air drivers (122, 124) to cause a single ratchet (146) to rotate via a drive plate (150) and a pawl (170). The ratchet (146) rotates a drive tube (144) that can further extend or retract landing gear on a semi-trailer..
Configuration space with pseudo device identifier
Techniques for loading device drivers are provided. A configuration space may contain a device identifier.
Instruction cache having a multi-bit way prediction mask
In a particular embodiment, an apparatus includes control logic configured to selectively set bits of a multi-bit way prediction mask based on a prediction mask value. The control logic is associated with an instruction cache including a data array.
Identifying, assessing, and tracking black swan risks for an engineering and construction program
A risk analysis system having a risk analysis engine that can identify a set of risks for a program based on a constructed program model. The program model can be based on known, historical programs using current program attribute information.
Metrics-based transport vehicle fleet safety
Vehicle operations data is received from a plurality of data capturing devices installed at a plurality of transport vehicles. The vehicle operations data is representative of sensor output captured by the data capturing devices.
System and method for controlling electronic device using another electronic device
An electronic device is controlled by another electronic device which is installed with same operating system as the electronic device. An interface corresponding to an interface of the another electronic device, receives control signals generated by the another electronic device.
Loading apparatus for transport container
An apparatus (10) for loading a transport container with a load of bulk material has a load bin (20) positioned for axial movement atop a base assembly (40). A packer blade (90) is positioned inside the load bin for movement relative to the load bin in the same axial direction.
Generation of polarization-alternated qpsk format
Methods, structures and systems for generating different polarization multiplexed signals wherein the drivers of the modulators are generic while a software-controlled manager allows the carrying of any standard 10 g/40 g/100 g data while—at the same time—being adaptively adjustable according to specific link requirements and users' requests in both dispersion-managed and uncompensated links.. .
Exterior mirror system for a vehicle
An exterior mirror system for a vehicle includes exterior rearview mirror assemblies mounted at respective sides of the vehicle. The mirror assemblies include a light module and a camera.
Internal voltage generation circuits
An internal voltage generation circuit utilizing dual comparison signal generators and dual drivers to drive the internal voltage to a selected level. The second driver is responsive to a control signal derived from both of the comparison signal generators.
Method for synchronizing at least one multimedia peripheral of a portable communication device with an audio file, and corresponding portable communication device
A method for synchronizing a number r greater than or equal to 1 of multimedia peripherals (6) of a portable communication device with an audio file (1), comprising the steps of extracting a number p greater than or equal to 1 of basic synchronization signals (synci) according to a first sat of parameters (20); generating from said p basic synchronization signals, a number q greater than or equal to 1 of synchronization command signals (comk) according to a second set of parameters (30) defining rules to convert basic synchronization signals into signals adapted to the type of peripheral to be synchronized; and selecting, among said q synchronization commend signals, r synchronization signals (psynck) for controlling r peripheral drivers (5) driving said r multimedia peripherals (40), according to a third set of parameters (40).. .
Firmware generated register file for use in hardware validation
When testing or validating a hardware system, a script file representing a portion of the firmware may be used to test the system instead of using the firmware code itself. For example, the script file may be plurality of register commands that perform the same initialization sequence as the firmware.
Firmware generated register file for use in hardware validation
When testing or validating a hardware system, a script file representing a portion of the firmware may be used to test the system instead of using the firmware code itself. For example, the script file may be plurality of register commands that perform the same initialization sequence as the firmware.
Re-driver power management
The present disclosure provides techniques for increasing the power efficiency of re-drivers by providing a technique for a re-driver to recognize a variety of power states. A message generator may be located in a host device and may encode a signal indicating a change in a power state.
Unmanned autonomous traveling service apparatus and method based on driving information database
An unmanned autonomous traveling service apparatus and method based on driving information database that allows an unmanned autonomous traveling vehicle to be autonomously operated stably without performing a large scale computing process in real time by allowing the unmanned autonomous traveling vehicle to be autonomously operated based on driving information generated in a database and allowing the unmanned autonomous traveling vehicle to be autonomously operated based on an installed sensor at the time of a traffic lane change or an unexpected situation. In particular, the driving information is collected from drivers throughout the world to create the database for the driving information..
Nonvolatile memory device having variable resistive elements and method of driving the same
A method is provided for driving a nonvolatile memory device. The method includes selecting first write drivers based on a predetermined current, performing a first program operation on resistive memory cells corresponding to the first write drivers, verifying whether the resistive memory cells have passed or failed in the first program operation and sorting information regarding failed bit memory cells that failed in the first program operation, selecting second write drivers based on the sorted failed bit memory cell information, and performing a second program operation on resistive memory cells corresponding to the second write drivers..
Semiconductor device and data processing system
Disclosed herein is a semiconductor device comprising local bit lines, a global bit line, local switch control lines, main switch control lines, hierarchical switches controlling electrical connections between the local bit lines and the global bit line in response to potentials of the local switch control lines, local switch drivers driving the local switch control lines in response to potentials of the main switch control lines, and main switch drivers selectively activating the main switch control lines.. .
Power reduction technique for digital display panel with point to point intra panel interface
A system and method are disclosed to control the power consumption of column drivers in a display system. A video input signal is received which has an active video period and a vertical blanking period between frames.
Driver and vehicle analysis
Methods, systems, and software are disclosed for operating a driver analysis system, including receiving vehicle operation data corresponding to operation of vehicles by drivers, identifying a peer group associated with a target driver, processing at least a portion of the vehicle operation data to determine driving performance of the target driver relative to driving performance of the peer group, generating a driving report which identifies the driving performance of the target driver, and transferring the driving report to a target device for viewing by an entity, where the driving report includes an indication of status of a safety device.. .
Staple cartridge including a barbed staple
An end effector for fastening tissue including a cartridge having a longitudinal row of staple cavities and a plurality of staples removably stored in the staple cavities. The staple includes a base, a pair of legs extending from the base, and a plane formed by the pair of legs, wherein at least one of the legs has a barb extending therefrom.
Staple cartridge including a barbed staple.
An end effector for fastening tissue including an anvil having a deck to support tissue. The deck has a first surface with a first longitudinal row of staple forming pockets, and a second surface, having a second longitudinal row of staple forming pockets wherein the first surface is positioned vertically above the second surface.
Inclined conveyor assembly with improved pendulum shaft
An inclined conveyor assembly for a combine has a housing, an upper inclined conveyor roller rotatably mounted at the rear of the housing, and a lower inclined conveyor roller positioned at the front end of the housing. An endless conveying element has drivers and rotates about the lower and upper inclined conveyor rollers.
Method and apparatus for loading a landing page
A universal serial bus (usb) modem/wireless wide area network (wwan) device is provided that when connected to a host device, presents itself as an ethernet endpoint to the host device, without requiring additional software/drivers to be downloaded to the host device. Embedded in the usb modem/wwan device are various modules that provide functionality allowing either automatic connection to the internet or redirection to a local web user interface (ui) that a user may employ to configure the usb modem/wwan device and/or manually connect to the internet.
Electroacoustical transducing
Electroacoustical apparatus includes at least first and second acoustically coupled electroacoustical drivers. An electrical network couples their inputs so that an electrical drive signal applied to one reduces the effect of acoustic coupling from that one to the other..
Non-volatile memory device, driving method of memory controller controlling the non-volatile memory device and memory system including the memory controller and the non-volatile memory device
The present inventive concept provides a driving method of memory controller controlling nonvolatile memory device using variable resistive element. The memory controller may control a plurality of first memory devices and a second memory device.
Display device in which feature data are exchanged between drivers
A display device includes a display panel including a display region and first and second drivers. Feature data indicating feature values of first and second images displayed on first and second portions of the display region are exchanged between the first and second drivers, and the first and second drivers drive the first and second portions of the display region in response to the feature data..
Liquid crystal display device and display driving method thereof
The present invention provides a liquid crystal display device (lcd) and display driving method thereof. The lcd includes display panel; scan driver; a plurality of data drivers; first timing controller, for controlling scan driver, receiving and processing first signal, outputting synchronization signal and first driving control signal, the first driving control signal controlling first data driver to drive display of all pixels in a part of pixel rows of n pixel rows; and second timing controller, for receiving synchronization signal and second data signal, processing second data signal, outputting second driving control signal, second driving control signal controlling second data driver to drive display of all pixels in the other part of pixel rows of the n pixel rows.
Programmable equalization with compensated impedance
Described is a chip comprising: a pull-up driver with a first impedance, the pull-up driver coupled to a node; a pull-down driver with a second impedance, the pull-down driver coupled to the node; and an equalizer coupled to the pull-up and pull-down drivers, wherein the equalizer is operable to be trained to deemphasize a signal driven on the node while maintaining the first and second impedances substantially constant.. .
Bootability with multiple logical unit numbers
Bootability of a computer system with multiple luns. A flash device powers-on into a default lun, from which the system boots, maintaining any other luns unavailable.
Polling of i/o devices on host initiated communication transports
A disclosed data processing system includes a processor and an operating system kernel that includes communication drivers to support sideband interrupt deferring of polling associated with i/o requests. The communication drivers may implement a driver stack that includes a sideband miniport driver to detect an application program read request for device data from an input/output (i/o) device.
Load control system and load driving system
A load control system has a plurality of drivers provided correspondingly to a plurality of load driving elements in order to control driving of the respective load driving elements for driving loads. Each of the plurality of drivers includes a control unit that controls the load driving element directly associated with a subject driver.
Semiconductor device including gate drivers around a periphery thereof
A semiconductor device and method of forming the same including, in one embodiment, a semiconductor die formed with a plurality of laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (“ldmos”) cells, and a metallic layer electrically coupled to the plurality of ldmos cells. The semiconductor device also includes a plurality of gate drivers positioned along a periphery of the semiconductor die and electrically coupled to gates of the plurality of ldmos cells through the metallic layer..
Ejector devices, methods, drivers, and circuits therefor
In a piezoelectric ejector assembly, a piezoelectric actuator is attached to an ejector mechanism, while a drive signal generator and a controller are coupled to the actuator. The drive signal generator is configured to generate a drive signal for driving the actuator to oscillate the ejector assembly.
Multiple speed gear box
A gear box includes an output shaft defining multiple output drivers and includes a plurality of gear sets having the same diametral pitch. A common input shaft is operatively attached to each of the plurality of gear sets such that the gear sets rotate continuously and concurrently with rotation of the input shaft.
Location sharing and tracking using mobile phones or other wireless devices
A system for exchanging gps or other position data between wireless devices for purposes of group activities, child location monitoring, work group coordination, dispatching of employees etc. Cell phones and other wireless devices with gps receivers have loaded therein a buddy watch application and a talkcontrol application.

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