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Drilling System patents


This page is updated frequently with new Drilling System-related patent applications.

 Rotary steerable system for vertical drilling patent thumbnailnew patent Rotary steerable system for vertical drilling
A rotary steerable drilling system that is operable to drill vertical wellbores and automatically maintain a vertical wellbore drilling path. The system includes a control module for operating solenoid valves that control an amount of fluid pressure applied to bias pad piston/cylinders.
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc

 Infiltrated diamond wear resistant bodies and tools patent thumbnailnew patent Infiltrated diamond wear resistant bodies and tools
Implementations of the present invention include infiltrated diamond tools with increased wear resistance. In particular, one or more implementations of the present invention include a body comprising at least 10% by volume diamond particles that are infiltrated with a binder.
Longyear Tm, Inc.

 Drill with remotely controlled operating modes and  providing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Drill with remotely controlled operating modes and providing the same
The present invention relates to a drilling system with a multi-function drill head used in, among other applications, oil and gas drilling. The system is used to enhance the effective permeability of an oil and/or gas reservoir by drilling or cutting new structures into the reservoir.
Ramax, Llc

 Magnetic sensor rotation and orientation about drill patent thumbnailMagnetic sensor rotation and orientation about drill
A drilling system, comprising a drill string; and a ranging tool mounted on the drill string, the ranging tool comprising a magnetic sensor pair comprising a first magnetic sensor and a second magnetic sensor mounted radially opposite one another on the ranging tool, wherein each of the magnetic sensors is structured and configured to detect at least a radial component and a tangential component of a magnetic field; a rotatable assembly, comprising a motor structured and arranged to actuate rotation of the magnetic sensor pair around the drill string; and an electronics package connected to at least one of the magnetic sensor pair, and the motor, wherein the electronics package comprises a controller and a wireless telemetry device.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Wellhead system with gasket seal patent thumbnailWellhead system with gasket seal
An offshore well system for a subsea well. The system includes a floating platform, an external riser and an internal riser nested within the external riser.
Cameron International Corporation

 A  energy efficient and fast rotary drilling in inhomogeneous and/or hard rock formations patent thumbnailA energy efficient and fast rotary drilling in inhomogeneous and/or hard rock formations
It is described a rotary drilling system (10) for drilling a borehole (12) in inhomogeneous and/or hard rock formations. The system (10) comprising: a rotary drill bit (20; 50), and at least two electrodes (21, 22, 23, 51, 52, 53) arranged for pulsing between said electrodes of at least one high voltage electro pulse (41), wherein said at least one high voltage electro pulse (41) is generated in response to a detected resistance on the drill bit (20) from a rock formation (40) in front of the drill bit (20) while rotating, in order to create small/micro-cracks (45) in the rock formation (40)..
Sintef Tto As

 Pressure amplifiers for downhole drilling tools patent thumbnailPressure amplifiers for downhole drilling tools
A drilling system includes a drill string having a bha carrying a drill bit, a steering pad carried by the bha and radially moveable relative to a longitudinal axis of the bha and a pressure amplifier connected between the steering pad and a hydraulic fluid at a first pressure, the pressure amplifier comprising a piston axially moveable in response to application of the first hydraulic pressure to move the steering pad radially at a steering force.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

 Downhole turbine tachometer patent thumbnailDownhole turbine tachometer
Drilling systems are disclosed that measure the rotational speed of a mud motor. One drilling system includes a mud motor arranged in a drill string and having a turbine shaft operatively coupled to a drill bit and a plurality of turbine stages axially arranged along a portion of the turbine shaft, a measure-while-drilling (mwd) tool operatively and communicably coupled to the mud motor and including a pressure sensor configured to detect pressure pulses generated by the mud motor and generate data signals corresponding to the pressure pulses, an electronics module communicably coupled to the pressure sensor and configured to process the data signals and thereby calculate a rotational speed of the mud motor, and a communications module communicably coupled to the electronics module and configured to transmit signals indicative of the rotational speed of the mud motor to a surface location..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Elastomeric centralizer base for rock drilling system patent thumbnailElastomeric centralizer base for rock drilling system
A rock drilling system comprising a rock drill adapted to hold a drill steel to which a drill bit is connected, a drill feed rail for slidably supporting a drill feed that displaces the rock drill along the drill feed rail, a stinger-supported centralizer assembly for centralizing the drill steel, wherein the stinger-supported centralizer assembly has a centralizer base made of an elastomeric material, and a travelling cradle centralizer assembly slidable over the drill feed rail for centralizing the drill steel, wherein the travelling cradle centralizer assembly has a cradle made of an elastomeric material.. .
1311854 Ontario Limited

 One trip liner drilling and cementing patent thumbnailOne trip liner drilling and cementing
A liner drilling system and method to at least partially drill a wellbore with a liner and cement the liner in place in the wellbore, in a single downhole trip. An example system includes a liner releasably coupled to a drill string.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Graphical indexing for life cycle management of drilling system assets

Provided is a life cycle tracking system including a memory and a processor. The memory includes instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to perform certain operations.
Hydril Usa Distribution Llc

Locking device and locking the tool holder of a drilling system

A locking device and a locking method are provided for a tool holder of a rotary drilling rig. The locking device includes a sleeve, a locking pin, a movement system, and a control system.
Stahl- Und Apparatebau Hans Leffer Gmbh & Co. Kg

Natural gas hydrate formation drilling simulation device

A natural gas hydrate drilling simulation device, includes a hydrate rock core simulation system, a drilling system, a drilling fluid injection system and a drilling fluid treatment system. The hydrate rock core simulation system includes a hydrate formation simulation wellbore, an artificial rock core, a water bath jacket and low temperature water bath.
Guangzhou Institute Of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy Of Sciences

Laser drilling method and laser drilling system

The present disclosure provides a laser drilling method and a laser drilling system. The laser drilling method includes a hole-boundary formation step of outputting a pulse laser beam and scanning a substrate to be drilled, to form a boundary cutting groove of a preformed hole; a material-in-hole heating step of outputting a co2 laser beam, aligning the co2 laser beam with the preformed hole, and heating a substrate material of the preformed hole for a predetermined period of time; and a hole formation step of cooling the substrate material of the preformed hole, to deform the substrate material and enable the substrate material to fall off from the substrate to be drilled..
Hefei Xinsheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Piezoelectric generator for hydraulic systems

The present disclosure generally relates to electrical power generation from a piezoelectric material. A piezoelectric power generator assembly is disclosed including a housing, a piezoelectric transducer located in the housing, and a piston located in the housing, wherein the piezoelectric transducer is configured to generate an electrical charge when contacted by the piston.
Cameron International Corporation

Instrument line for insertion in a drill string of a drilling system

An apparatus for delivering tools within a drill string may include an instrument line including a mechanically resistant external structure with an internal cavity. The instrument line may be configured to be deployed into the drill string.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Boring tool control using remote locator

A drilling system performs underground boring using a drill rig and a boring tool which is configured for moving through the ground under control of the drill rig to form an underground bore. A monitoring arrangement, forming part of the system, includes a detection arrangement at the drill rig for monitoring at least one operational parameter to produce a data signal relating to at least one of a utility to be installed in the underground bore, the drill rig and the boring tool.
Merlin Technology Inc.

Drilling system with top drive entry port

Apparatus and methods for drilling a wellbore. The apparatus includes a housing defining an entry port, and a shaft coupled to the housing and configured to connect to a drill string deployed into the wellbore.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Multi-segment instrument line for instrument in drill string

A drilling system and method for deploying an instrument in a drill string in a wellbore. The method includes receiving an active instrument line through a drilling device and into the drill string, the active instrument line being connected to the instrument via a shallow connection, the instrument and the shallow connection being in the drill string.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Directional drilling system and methods

A directional drilling steering system is configured to direct a tubular sleeve arranged at the bottom of a drill string adjacent the drill bit at a selected tilt angle with respect to the longitudinal axis of the uphole drill string and at a selected azimuth. Tilt angle can be achieved by axial movement of one or more pistons in engagement with the downhole tubular sleeve.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Controlling wellbore drilling systems

Techniques for controlling downhole drilling equipment include determining a nominal model of downhole drilling dynamics based on sensor measurements from the downhole drilling equipment; determining an uncertainty for the nominal model of downhole drilling dynamics; determining, based on the uncertainty for the nominal model of downhole drilling dynamics, a set of models that deviate from the nominal model of downhole drilling dynamics; and generating a virtual controller for the downhole drilling equipment based on the nominal model and the set of models that deviate from the nominal model.. .
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Drilling system and operation for same

A drilling system includes a drilling assembly and a control assembly. The control assembly is operably connected to the drilling assembly such that simultaneous movement of multiple portions of the drilling assembly is enabled..
Caterpillar Inc.

Dynamic determination of a single equivalent circulating density (ecd) using multiple ecds along a wellbore

A well drilling system and method to balance multiple equivalent circulating density (“ecd”) targets along a wellbore during drilling.. .
Halliburton Energy Services Inc.

Devices and methods of producing electrical energy for measure while drilling systems

Devices and methods for powering a measure while drilling (mwd) system, providing a reciprocating generator comprising a suspension and mass system, a pressure housing, a sliding armature having an axis of movement and mechanically coupled to the suspension and mass system and responding to mechanical shock and vibration energy experienced by the reciprocating generator from the environment, magnets mounted on the sliding armature, and a stator with coils positioned such that the magnets induce a voltage/current in one or more of the coils. The stator is held stationary with respect to the pressure housing while the sliding armature is coupled to the suspension and mass system.

Arrangement for feeding at least a part of a driling machine, drilling feeding at least a part of a drilling machine

An arrangement for feeding at least a part of a drilling machine in at least a first direction. A drilling system and a method are provided.
Construction Tools Pc Ab

Deviated drilling system utilizing steerable bias unit

A technique facilitates steering during, for example, a borehole drilling operation. The technique employs a drill string comprising a drill bit and a steering tool for controlling the trajectory of a borehole formed by rotating the drill bit.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

System for forming perforations in a barrel section

A drilling system may include a plurality of robotic drilling units. Each one of the robotic drilling units may include a drill end effector positioned inside a barrel section.
The Boeing Company

Ratio-based mode switching for optimizing weight-on-bit

drilling system and methods may employ a weight-on-bit optimization for an existing drilling mode and, upon transitioning to a different drilling mode, determine an initial weight-on-bit within a range derived from: a sinusoidal buckling ratio, a helical buckling ratio, and the weight-on-bit value for the prior drilling mode. The sinusoidal buckling ratio is the ratio of a minimum weight-on-bit to induce sinusoidal buckling in a sliding mode to a minimum weight-on-bit to induce sinusoidal buckling in a rotating mode, and the helical buckling ratio is the ratio of a minimum weight-on-bit to induce helical buckling in the sliding mode to a minimum weight-on-bit to induce helical buckling in the rotating mode.
Landmark Graphics Corporation

Automatic event detection and control while drilling in closed loop systems

Controlled pressure drilling of a borehole with a drilling system detects events and identifies the events as being one of a gas-at-surface event, a kick event, a high-pressure low-volume depletion event, and a gas expansion event. Parameters including flow-in, flow-out, density, and standpipe pressure are monitored.
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc

Deviated drilling system utilizing force offset

A technique facilitates steering during, for example, a borehole drilling operation. A steering tool is employed to control an orientation of a drill bit or other component.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Drilling automation using stochastic optimal control

An example method for drilling automation may comprise generating a model of a drilling system based, at least in part, on a first set of downhole measurements. The model may accept drilling parameters of the drilling system as inputs.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Self-lubricating seal element for rotating control device

Methods for making and using a seal element for a rotating control device used in rotary drilling systems are disclosed. In an example embodiment, the seal element has a bore, a base region, and a nose region.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Rotary steerable drilling system

A rotary steerable drilling system includes a gear box driven by a drill string having an input rotatable in a first direction and an output rotatable in an opposite direction. A drive shaft coupled to the output has a first axis of rotation, and a rotatable tubular bit sleeve annularly arranged around a distal portion of the drive shaft is pivotable to have a second axis of rotation and includes a connector assembly on a distal end of the bit sleeve for coupling the bit sleeve to a drill bit.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Rotary transformer for power transmission on a drilling rig system and method

The present disclosure is directed to a drilling system. The drilling system includes drill string actuation mechanism having a first component and a second component configured to be rotated relative to the first component by a driving mechanism of the drill string actuation mechanism.
Tesco Corporation

Logging while drilling (lwd) steering visualization tool methods and systems

A disclosed method includes acquiring ahead of bit or around bit data related to a formation from measurements by a tool. The method also includes generating a map view of the formation using the acquired data.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Proximity detection using instrumented cutting elements

A drilling system is disclosed. The drilling system includes a drill string and a drill tool coupled to the drill string.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

Control of multiple hydraulic chokes in managed pressure drilling

An assembly is used with a remote source of hydraulic power to control flow of wellbore fluid in a drilling system. At least one choke is operable to control the flow of the fluid to other portions of the system.
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc

Electric motor for laser-mechanical drilling

A high power laser drilling system utilizing an electric motor laser bottom hole assembly. A high power laser beam travels within the electric motor for performing a laser operation.

Flux plane locating in an underground drilling system

A portable locator and method for establishing the location of the cable line in a region which includes at least one generally straight electrically conductive cable line extending across the region from which cable line a locating signal includes a first arrangement for measuring a local flux intensity of the locating signal at a first above ground point within the region with the portable locator in a particular orientation at the first above ground point. A second arrangement uses the local flux intensity to establish a cable line angular orientation which limits the possible directions to the cable line relative to the particular orientation of the portable locator at the above ground point.

Systems and methods for drilling in high temperature environments using optical fiber communication

A drilling system includes a lower drill string and an upper drill string. The lower drill string includes a drill bit, a drive system coupled to the drill bit, at least one lower drill pipe coupled to the drive system, and a sensor system disposed in the at least one lower drill pipe.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

Systems and methods for managing pressure in a wellbore

A method for drilling a subsea well from a rig through a subsea wellhead below the rig includes employing a single gradient or dual gradient drilling system that includes a drill string that extends from the rig into the well and surface mud pumps for pumping drilling fluid through the drill string and into a well annulus of the well. The drilling system includes a subsea rotating device for conducting the drilling fluid from the well annulus and through a solids processing unit.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.

Drill bits including sensing packages, and related drilling systems and methods of forming a borehole in a subterranean formation

A drill bit is disclosed that in one embodiment includes a bit body having a cutting section, a shank attached to the cutting section and a neck section and at least one sensor in contact with a surface of the shank and wherein the at least one sensor provides a signal in response to a bending moment.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated

Steerable drill bit system

A steerable drilling system in accordance to an embodiment includes a bias unit integrated with the drill bit to form a steering head and an electronic control system located remote from the steering head and electrically connected to a digital valve of the bias unit.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Controlled pressure drilling system with flow measurement and well control

A drilling system for drilling a wellbore has one or more valves or chokes to control the upstream pressure of drilling fluid flow in a controlled pressure drilling operation. A measurement is obtained of the drilling fluid flow from the wellbore.
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc

Seismic while drilling system and methods

A bottom hole assembly is configured with a drill bit section connected to a pulse generation section. The pulse generation section includes a relatively long external housing, the particular housing length being selected for the particular drilling location.
Tempress Technologies, Inc.

Methods and systems for designing drilling systems

A method for designing a physical component of a drilling system includes defining input parameters of a first primitive in the drilling system, simulating the first primitive to obtain a performance parameter of the first primitive, designing, based on the performance parameter and to obtain a design, the physical component for the drilling system, and storing the design. The physical component has the input parameters of the first primitive.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

Head assembly and a valve system for use in a core drilling system

A valve system for an inner tube assembly is described. The inner tube assembly is arranged to be used in a drilling system to retrieve a core sample, and is arranged to be insertable into a drill string of the drilling system at a first end of the drill string.
Swick Mining Services Ltd

Dual circulation drilling system

A ground drill system 10 has a drill string 14 which forms first and second mutually isolated fluid paths 16 and 18 respectively. The drill string 14 has an up hole end 20 coupled to a dual circulation rotation head 22 and a down hole end 24 which is coupled to a drilling tool 12.

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