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Drilling System patents


This page is updated frequently with new Drilling System-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Drilling System-related patents
 Deviated drilling system utilizing force offset patent thumbnailDeviated drilling system utilizing force offset
A technique facilitates steering during, for example, a borehole drilling operation. A steering tool is employed to control an orientation of a drill bit or other component.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation

 Drilling automation using stochastic optimal control patent thumbnailDrilling automation using stochastic optimal control
An example method for drilling automation may comprise generating a model of a drilling system based, at least in part, on a first set of downhole measurements. The model may accept drilling parameters of the drilling system as inputs.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Self-lubricating seal element for rotating control device patent thumbnailSelf-lubricating seal element for rotating control device
Methods for making and using a seal element for a rotating control device used in rotary drilling systems are disclosed. In an example embodiment, the seal element has a bore, a base region, and a nose region.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Rotary steerable drilling system patent thumbnailRotary steerable drilling system
A rotary steerable drilling system includes a gear box driven by a drill string having an input rotatable in a first direction and an output rotatable in an opposite direction. A drive shaft coupled to the output has a first axis of rotation, and a rotatable tubular bit sleeve annularly arranged around a distal portion of the drive shaft is pivotable to have a second axis of rotation and includes a connector assembly on a distal end of the bit sleeve for coupling the bit sleeve to a drill bit.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Rotary transformer for power transmission on a drilling rig system and method patent thumbnailRotary transformer for power transmission on a drilling rig system and method
The present disclosure is directed to a drilling system. The drilling system includes drill string actuation mechanism having a first component and a second component configured to be rotated relative to the first component by a driving mechanism of the drill string actuation mechanism.
Tesco Corporation

 Logging while drilling (lwd) steering visualization tool methods and systems patent thumbnailLogging while drilling (lwd) steering visualization tool methods and systems
A disclosed method includes acquiring ahead of bit or around bit data related to a formation from measurements by a tool. The method also includes generating a map view of the formation using the acquired data.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Proximity detection using instrumented cutting elements patent thumbnailProximity detection using instrumented cutting elements
A drilling system is disclosed. The drilling system includes a drill string and a drill tool coupled to the drill string.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.

 Control of multiple hydraulic chokes in managed pressure drilling patent thumbnailControl of multiple hydraulic chokes in managed pressure drilling
An assembly is used with a remote source of hydraulic power to control flow of wellbore fluid in a drilling system. At least one choke is operable to control the flow of the fluid to other portions of the system.
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc

 Electric motor for laser-mechanical drilling patent thumbnailElectric motor for laser-mechanical drilling
A high power laser drilling system utilizing an electric motor laser bottom hole assembly. A high power laser beam travels within the electric motor for performing a laser operation.

 Flux plane locating in an underground drilling system patent thumbnailFlux plane locating in an underground drilling system
A portable locator and method for establishing the location of the cable line in a region which includes at least one generally straight electrically conductive cable line extending across the region from which cable line a locating signal includes a first arrangement for measuring a local flux intensity of the locating signal at a first above ground point within the region with the portable locator in a particular orientation at the first above ground point. A second arrangement uses the local flux intensity to establish a cable line angular orientation which limits the possible directions to the cable line relative to the particular orientation of the portable locator at the above ground point.


Systems and methods for drilling in high temperature environments using optical fiber communication

A drilling system includes a lower drill string and an upper drill string. The lower drill string includes a drill bit, a drive system coupled to the drill bit, at least one lower drill pipe coupled to the drive system, and a sensor system disposed in the at least one lower drill pipe.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.


Systems and methods for managing pressure in a wellbore

A method for drilling a subsea well from a rig through a subsea wellhead below the rig includes employing a single gradient or dual gradient drilling system that includes a drill string that extends from the rig into the well and surface mud pumps for pumping drilling fluid through the drill string and into a well annulus of the well. The drilling system includes a subsea rotating device for conducting the drilling fluid from the well annulus and through a solids processing unit.
Chevron U.s.a. Inc.


Drill bits including sensing packages, and related drilling systems and methods of forming a borehole in a subterranean formation

A drill bit is disclosed that in one embodiment includes a bit body having a cutting section, a shank attached to the cutting section and a neck section and at least one sensor in contact with a surface of the shank and wherein the at least one sensor provides a signal in response to a bending moment.. .
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Steerable drill bit system

A steerable drilling system in accordance to an embodiment includes a bias unit integrated with the drill bit to form a steering head and an electronic control system located remote from the steering head and electrically connected to a digital valve of the bias unit.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Controlled pressure drilling system with flow measurement and well control

A drilling system for drilling a wellbore has one or more valves or chokes to control the upstream pressure of drilling fluid flow in a controlled pressure drilling operation. A measurement is obtained of the drilling fluid flow from the wellbore.
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc


Seismic while drilling system and methods

A bottom hole assembly is configured with a drill bit section connected to a pulse generation section. The pulse generation section includes a relatively long external housing, the particular housing length being selected for the particular drilling location.
Tempress Technologies, Inc.


Methods and systems for designing drilling systems

A method for designing a physical component of a drilling system includes defining input parameters of a first primitive in the drilling system, simulating the first primitive to obtain a performance parameter of the first primitive, designing, based on the performance parameter and to obtain a design, the physical component for the drilling system, and storing the design. The physical component has the input parameters of the first primitive.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Head assembly and a valve system for use in a core drilling system

A valve system for an inner tube assembly is described. The inner tube assembly is arranged to be used in a drilling system to retrieve a core sample, and is arranged to be insertable into a drill string of the drilling system at a first end of the drill string.
Swick Mining Services Ltd


Dual circulation drilling system

A ground drill system 10 has a drill string 14 which forms first and second mutually isolated fluid paths 16 and 18 respectively. The drill string 14 has an up hole end 20 coupled to a dual circulation rotation head 22 and a down hole end 24 which is coupled to a drilling tool 12.


Well monitoring, sensing, control and mud logging on dual gradient drilling

The present disclosure provides systems and methods for tracking system parameters in each of two or more circulatory systems, such as in a dual gradient drilling system. The systems and methods may include defining each of multiple circulatory systems and simultaneously tracking one or more system parameters for each circulatory system.


Choke control tuned by flow coefficient for controlled pressure drilling

A computerized control is used in controlling a choke when drilling a wellbore with a drilling system. The computerized control obtains a measured value of a parameter in the drilling system and controls the parameter in the drilling system using the choke.


Integrated drilling control system

A computerized control system performs controlled pressure drilling in a formation with a drilling system according to a plan. A setup of at least the plan, the formation, and the drilling system is configured in the control system, and the setup is integrated with the drilling system.
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc


Wellbore drilling system

An aspect of the present invention relates to a wellbore drilling system comprising a drilling tower and a tubular racking device having at least a lower first tubular racker assembly and at least a second tubular racker assembly operable at a greater height than the first tubular racker assembly. The system further comprises one or more well center tools, each adapted for operation above the well center of the drill floor, e.g.
Itrec B.v.


Coriolis flow meter having flow tube with equalized pressure differential

A coriolis flow meter for a drilling system measures flow from a wellbore and/or from at least one pump into the wellbore. The meter can be disposed upstream of at least one choke used for controlling backpressure, and/or the meter can be disposed between at least one pump and the wellbore.
Weatherford Technology Holdings, Llc


Method and relative system for the extraction of the gases contained in drilling mud

Method and relative system for the extraction of the gases contained in drilling mud, preferably, in a managed pressure drilling system, comprising the phases of: extraction of the drilling mud from the return piping, preferably, under pressure, sending of said mud to a degasser and extraction of the gases dissolved in the drilling mud by means of said degasser; characterised in that monitoring is provided of the quantity of drilling mud extracted from said piping, and a regulation of the quantity of mud to be extracted from said piping, said regulation being performed on the basis of said monitoring in such a way that the volumetric flow rate of mud which is sent to said degasser is constant.. .
Geolog S.r.l.


Insert and directional drilling

An insert to convert a conventional rotary drill bit to a rotary steerable bit for a rotational directional drilling system. The insert comprises a cylindrical body adapted to be arranged within an intermediate space of the drill bit for receiving drilling fluid from a drill string and selectively directing the drilling fluid to nozzles of the drill bit.
Shell Oil Company


Horizontal directional drilling area network and methods

A drilling area network hub is located proximate to a drill rig and includes an uphole transceiver in bidirectional communication with a downhole transceiver by utilizing the drill string as an electrical conductor. Certain information is collected including rig-based and/or location information.
Merlin Technology, Inc


Methods for selecting and optimizing drilling systems

A method for selecting a drill bit, the method includes obtaining a plurality of data of a first well within an earth formation, correlating the plurality of data of the first well to identify a set of reduced variables of the plurality of data, segmenting the reduced set of the plurality of data into a plurality of facies based on one of drillability and steerability, performing analysis of drilling performance of each of the plurality of facies, and selecting a drill bit based on the drilling performance.. .
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Communication protocol in directional drilling system, apparatus and method utilizing multi-bit data symbol transmission

A system includes a transmitter for use in conjunction with a horizontal directional drilling system that transmits a multi-bit symbol stream that characterizes sensor symbols for receipt by an aboveground portable device. The portable device receives the symbol stream for aboveground recovery of the sensor signals.
Merlin Technology, Inc.


Laterally moving racker device on a drilling rig

Apparatus and methods include a well-center drilling opening in a drilling rig floor of a mobile drilling rig and a v-door to the drilling rig. A mast is disposed about the well-center drilling opening and carrying drilling components of a drilling system.
Nabors Industries, Inc.


High-voltage drilling methods and systems using hybrid drillstring conveyance

In at least some embodiments, a high-voltage drilling system includes a power supply to output high-voltage power to an electrical conductor, a bit that extends a borehole based on the high-voltage power, and a hybrid drillstring that transports a fluid flow from the bit to convey detached formation material out of the borehole. At least part of the electrical conductor resides within the hybrid drillstring to convey power to the bit.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Downhole steering system

A technique facilitates drilling of deviated boreholes. The technique employs a drilling system which may be disposed along a drill string.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Drilling system with adaptive steering pad actuation

A bottomhole assembly (bha) has a first section, a second section, and a drilling motor disposed along the second bha section. The first bha section is connected to the second bha section with a flex sub.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


Wellbore drilling systems with vibration subs

A bottom-hole assembly includes a drill string extendable within a wellbore and a drill bit positioned at a distal end of the drill string. A vibration sub is positioned in the drill string axially adjacent the drill bit and includes one or more vibratory devices that impart vibration to the drill bit..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Resonance-tuned drill string components

A drilling system includes a drill string extendable into a wellbore penetrating a subterranean formation. The subterranean formation exhibits a resonant frequency and a drill bit is coupled to a distal end of the drill string.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Method for the chisel-less formation of boreholes for deep bores and chisel-less drilling system for carrying out said method

The invention relates to a method for the chisel-less formation of boreholes for deep bores by means of high-pressure water jet cutting. A chisel-free drilling method that makes substantially continuous drilling operation possible is characterized, according to the invention, by a combination of the processes of high-pressure water jet cutting and high-frequency rock fragmentation.
Schwindt Hydraulik Gmbh


Drilling planning system

A drilling system has one or more drilling machines at a drilling site, in communication with a drill planning computer. The drill planning computer includes one or more processors, and a non-transitory computer readable medium in communication with the one or more processors having encoded thereon a set of instructions executable by the one or more processors to receive drill plan parameters, generate a drill plan based on the drill plan parameters, communicate the drill plan to one or more drilling machines, execute the drill plan with the one or more drilling machines, update at least one of the drill plan parameters based on an identified change in drilling conditions, update the drill plan in real-time based on an updated drill plan parameter, and adjust operation of the one or more drilling machines to reflect the changes in the updated drill plan..
Trimble Navigation Limited


Drilling system control

A method for controlling a drilling system comprising a drive system, drillstring and drill bit. The drive system rotates the drillstring during a drilling process to drill a borehole through an earth formation.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Drill string sub

The present disclosure is directed to a drilling system including a drill string with two or more drill pipes (e.g., tubular), a drive system configured to rotate the drill string, and a neutral point sub disposed proximate a neutral point of the drill string, where the neutral point sub is configured to detect motion of the drill string.. .
Tesco Corporation


Ripping and scraping cutter tool assemblies, systems, and methods for a tunnel boring machine

Embodiments of the invention generally relate to tunnel boring machine cutter assemblies, such as ripping and scraping cutter or tool assemblies, (collectively “cutter assemblies”), and related methods of use and manufacturing. The various embodiments of the cutter assemblies described herein may be used in tunnel boring machines (“tbms”), earth pressure balance machines (“epbs”), raise drilling systems, large diameter blind drilling systems, and other types of mechanical drilling and excavation systems..
Us Synthetic Corporation


Control of a managed pressure drilling system

A method for controlling a managed pressure drilling system including a drillstring located in a borehole, a pump that delivers drilling fluid, and a choke that controls the flow of the drilling fluid from an annulus formed between the drillstring and the wall of the borehole. During drilling, the drilling fluid flows downwardly through the drillstring from the pump and through a drill bit, and returns through the annulus to the choke.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Offshore well system with a subsea pressure control system movable with a remotely operated vehicle

An offshore well drilling system for drilling a subsea well is presented that includes a floating platform, a surface bop stack, a riser, and a driveable environmental safe guard system. The safe guard system includes an upper wellhead connector, a lower wellhead connector, a blowout preventer with shearing blind rams, and a subsea pressure control system.
Cameron International Corporation


System and establishing tubular connections

A drilling system includes a multi-function sub configured to be coupled to a top drive of a drilling rig and configured to be coupled to a tubular in order to selectively transfer a torque from the top drive to the tubular. The multi-function sub includes a torque sensing component configured to measure the torque provided from the top drive to the tubular via the multi-function sub, a clutch configured to suspend a transfer of torque from the top drive to the tubular when the clutch is released, and a clutch actuator communicatively coupled to the torque sensing component and configured to release the clutch when the torque measured by the torque sensing component is greater than a threshold torque value.
Tesco Corporation


Offshore well drilling system with nested drilling risers

An offshore well system for a subsea well includes an internal riser tension device configured to apply tension to an internal riser and an external riser tension device configured to apply tension to an external riser such that the external riser is supported at least partially independent of the internal riser tension device.. .
Cameron International Corporation


Surface steerable drilling system for use with rotary steerable system

A method for rotary steerable drilling, comprising calculating a first plurality of convergence plans if an estimated position of a drill bit is not within a defined margin of error of a desired point along a planned path for a borehole, calculating a second plurality of convergence plans if the estimated position of the drill bit is not within the margin of error, selecting a convergence plan that best satisfies a set of target parameters from the first and second plurality of convergence plans, producing a set of control parameters representing the selected convergence plan, transmitting one or more commands to one or more rotary steering components to actuate the one or more rotary steering components, in order to alter the planned path for the borehole in accordance with the set of control parameters, and drilling at least a portion of the borehole based on the set of control parameters.. .
Hunt Advanced Drilling Technologies, Llc


Fluid-driven power generation unit for a drill string assembly

Multi-functional fluid-driven power generation units, modular power generation units, and drilling systems with a power generation unit are presented herein. A power generation unit for powering one or more downhole tools in a drill string is disclosed.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Actively controlled rotary steerable drilling system (rss)

Aspects of the disclosure can relate to a system that includes an input shaft to be driven at a nominal uncontrolled rotational speed, and an output shaft coupled with the input shaft to drive a rotary mechanism. The prime mover can be a mud turbine or a motor, and the input shaft can be driven by, for example, drilling fluid.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Pulsed-electric drilling systems and methods with formation evaluation and/or bit position tracking

Pulsed-electric drilling systems can be augmented with multi-component electromagnetic field sensors on the drillstring, at the earth's surface, or in existing boreholes in the vicinity of the planned drilling path. The sensors detect electrical fields and/or magnetic fields caused by the electrical pulses and derive therefrom information of interest including, e.g., spark size and orientation, bit position, at-bit resistivity and permittivity, and tomographically mapped formation strictures.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


System and surface steerable drilling to provide formation mechanical analysis

A method for determining geological formation characteristics involves driving a bottom hole assembly (bha) in a borehole. At least one mechanical drilling parameter generated is detected responsive to operation of the bha in the borehole.
Hunt Advanced Drilling Technologies, Llc


Multiphase drilling systems and methods

In one embodiment, a method for drilling a wellbore includes injecting drilling fluid through a drill string disposed in the wellbore and rotating a drill bit disposed on a bottom of the drill string. The drilling fluid includes a liquid and a gas.
Lubrizol Oilfield Solutions, Inc.


Exploration drilling supplying power thereto

A drilling system, comprising: a plurality of drilling drive systems; a fracturing drive system; a centralized power supply system electrically coupled to said drilling drive systems and said fracturing drive system to supply power thereto; and a plurality of distributed power supply systems electrically coupled to said drilling drive systems to supply additional power thereto during peak loading of a respective one of the plurality of drilling drive systems.. .
General Electric Company


Roll reduction system for rotary steerable system

Roll reduction system for rotary steerable system. A well drilling system includes a tubular housing that attaches inline in a drill string and a bit drive shaft supported to rotate in the housing by a roll reduction system.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Wellhead system with gasket seal

An offshore well system for a subsea well. The system includes a floating platform, an external riser and an internal riser nested within the external riser.
Cameron International Corporation


Two phase mud flow usage with dual-string drilling system

Systems and methods for controlling fluid contact with a borehole wall during drilling operations include introducing an outer pipe into a borehole and positioning an inner pipe within the outer pipe, wherein the inner pipe may be axially disposed within the outer pipe. The annular isolator may be disposed within an annulus between the outer pipe and the borehole wall.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Bearing assemblies and apparatuses including superhard bearing elements

A bearing assembly includes a support ring circumferentially surrounding a central bearing axis and a plurality of superhard bearing elements coupled to the support ring. Each of the plurality of superhard bearing elements has a base, a superhard bearing surface, and an element side surface extending between the base and the superhard bearing surface.
Us Synthetic Corporation


Directional system drilling and method

A directional drilling system consisting of a four-motor drilling head for better steering in directional drilling and vertical/horizontal drilling is developed. The rotational speed of each motor is independently controlled.
King Abdulaziz City For Science And Technology


Telemetry system, current sensor, and related methods for a drilling system

This disclosure includes a current sensor configured to detect a signal current in a drilling system component of a drilling system, a telemetry system, and a method for detecting a signal current. The current sensor includes a magnetic body, at least one field coil positioned on the magnetic body, and at least one drive coil positioned on the magnetic body.
Aps Technology, Inc.


Drilling system with flow control valve

A technique facilitates drilling of wellbores with a steerable system having a plurality of pads which may be selectively actuated in a lateral direction to apply a side force. Application of the side force is used to steer a drill bit.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Monitoring a condition of a component in a rotating control device of a drilling system using embedded sensors

In accordance with some embodiments of the present disclosure, a drilling system comprises a drill string and a rotating control device (rcd) associated with the drill string. The rcd includes a seal element composed of an elastomeric material.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Pumps-off annular pressure while drilling system

Aspects of the disclosure can relate to a method for transmitting a pump-off pressure profile within a limited bandwidth. For example, a method may include selecting a compression protocol based upon at least one of a time length associated with the pump-off pressure data, a relative mean-squared error associated with the pump-off pressure data, or a maximum error associated with the pump-off pressure data.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Floating structure and riser systems for drilling and production

An offshore well system for a subsea well, including a floating platform, a drilling riser system connected with the well for drilling operations, and a production riser system connected with the well for production operations. The drilling system also includes a riser tension system.
Cameron International Corporation


Directional casing-while-drilling

A directional casing-while-drilling system includes a rotary steerable system disposed within a casing string used as a drill string during casing-while-drilling operations. The casing string of some embodiments may include an upper section and a lower section coupled by a swivel, which may enable the upper section of the casing string to be rotated without substantially rotating the lower section.
Halliburton Energy Services Inc.


Casing drilling system and method

A casing drilling system includes combination conduit of a casing and a pipe inside the casing. A first adapter has a flow diverter to redirect at least flow of drilling fluid returning from a bottom of a wellbore to either an interior of the pipe or an annular space between the casing and the pipe.
Reelwell, A.s.


Automated deck bushing system

A drilling system including a drill bit. A deck bushing includes an outer housing and an inner sleeve rotatably arranged in the outer housing, the inner sleeve having an inner diameter wider than a width of the drill bit.
Atlas Copco Canada Inc.


Electronically monitoring drilling conditions of a rotating control device during drilling operations

In accordance with some embodiments of the present disclosure, a drilling system comprises a rotating control device (rcd). A plurality of sensors included in or in proximity to the rcd are configured to detect drilling conditions associated with the rcd during a drilling operation.
Halliburton Energy Services Inc.


System and managed pressure drilling

The present disclosure provides a managed pressure drilling (mpd) system and methods for assessing and optimizing. For example, reliability models such as failure modes and effects analysis (fmea), fault tree analysis (fta), ishikawa diagram, pareto chart, reliability block diagram (rbd) are used in assessing the system reliability.
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation


Fiber reinforced sealing element

A method for making a sealing element for a rotating control device used in rotary drilling systems is disclosed. The sealing element has a bore, a base region, and a nose region.
Halliburton Energy Services Inc.


Control of managed pressure drilling

A method is provided for controlling a managed pressure drilling system. The method comprises providing a fast system interpretation model for the operation of the managed pressure drilling system, obtaining real-time measurements from one or more sensors regarding the operation of the managed pressure drilling system, using the measurements to calibrate the fast system interpretation model for the managed pressure drilling system in real-time and using a predictive controller to run the calibrated fast system interpretation model to a time horizon in the future..
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


System and monitoring drilling systems

The present disclosure provides methods and systems for monitoring a drilling system, including methods and systems for estimating the life consumption of downhole drilling tools. The system employs a plurality of sensors that provide sensor signals related to the status of components in the drilling system.
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation


System and managing pressure when drilling

A pressure management device of a drilling system is disclosed. The device includes a housing, a primary bearing package coupled to the housing such that the primary bearing package is not removable from the housing.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Radial clamping/sealing system and drilling system provided therewith for (semi)-continuous drilling a borehole, drilling rig comprising such system, and method there for

Invention relates to a system and associated method for continuous and/or semi-continuous drilling a borehole, comprising:—a first stationary housing;—a rotatable housing comprising a longitudinal opening for receiving a drill string; and—a radial clamping system configured for holding and clamping the box end of the drill string in substantially radial direction with respect to the rotatable housing;—a first direct sealing system in use arranged between drill pipe and the rotatable housing;—a second indirect sealing system in use arranged between the rotatable housing and the stationary housing;—a mechanical and/or hydraulic transmission configured for radial activation of the radial clamping system; and—a first drive configured for rotating the rotatable housing with the drill string.. .
Cds-ip B.v.


Drill bits with axially-tapered waterways

Drilling tools having axially-tapered waterways that can increase flushing and bit life, while also decreasing clogging. According to some implementations of the present invention, the waterways can be radially tapered in addition to being axially tapered.
Longyear Tm, Inc.


Management & control of a sealing element of a rotating control device

Managing operation of a sealing element is described. In some aspects, failure of the sealing element of a pressure drilling system may be predicted.


Aligning borehole drilling equipment

Systems and methods are provided for aligning pressure drilling system equipment. According to such methods, a longitudinal axis of a shaft of the pressure drilling system is determined.


Measurement while drilling spontaneous potential indicator using differential magnetometers

A drilling system, method and drilling apparatus for determining a parameter of a formation at a downhole location is disclosed. A member having a longitudinal axis is disposed in a borehole at the downhole location.
Baker Hughes Incorporated


System and triggering, acquiring and communicating borehole data for a mwd system

A set of instructions stored on at least one non-transitory computer readable medium running on a computer system having at least one processor. The set of instructions extract outputs from sensors of a measurement while drilling system of a drilling rig; enable a transmitter to transmit a first data stream having at least one data series including drilling data, the first data stream having an interruptible portion encompassing at least a portion of the drilling data; detect a trigger event during transmission of the first data stream; and cease transmission of the first data stream..
Bench Tree Group, Llc


Device for automatically drilling wheel rim online

The present invention provides an automatic wheel rim online drilling device, comprising a frame, an air cylinder, a profiling drill jig, a drill bush, a servo electric cylinder, a drilling power head, etc. Firstly, a sensor enables a wheel to be positioned, and the air cylinder causes left clamping blocks to move rightward by two guide rods and guide sleeves so as to clamp the wheel jointly with a right clamping block; the servo electric cylinder causes a drilling system to move toward the wheel and the profiling drill jig can first come into good contact with the wheel rim and then the servo electric cylinder moves continuously to compress upper and lower springs so that the drill bit enters the drill bush, and at this time the drilling power head drives the drill bit to rotate, thus starting drilling on the wheel rim.
Citic Dicastal Co., Ltd


Top mount dual bit well drilling system

A top mount dual bit well drilling mechanism has a rotary driven tubular housing having a top mount body within an upper end portion of the housing to which the upper end of a mud motor is mounted for support within the housing. A reamer bit is connected for rotation by the tubular housing upon rotation by a well drilling string and defines a core removing bit chamber that is recessed within the reamer bit and has communication with the core receiving receptacle.


Pressure and flow control in drilling operations

A well drilling system includes a flow control device regulating flow from a rig pump to a drill string, the flow control device being interconnected between the pump and a standpipe manifold, and another flow control device regulating flow through a line in communication with an annulus. Flow is simultaneously permitted through the flow control devices.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Toroidal link for rpm measurement

A measurement-while-drilling system includes a lower toroid, wherein the lower toroid has a lower toroid winding and is adapted to engage a mud motor shaft and is further adapted to receive a signal from one or more sensors and an upper toroid, wherein the upper toroid has a upper toroid winding; and a magnet disposed along the mud motor shaft within the lower toroid. The lower toroid and the upper toroid are disposed so that a signal from the lower toroid is induced in the upper toroid.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Drilling system and electromagnetic telemetry tool with an electrical connector assembly and associated methods

A drilling system including a drill string, an em telemetry assembly, and an electric contact assembly that defines an electrical connection with the drill string. The electric contact assembly permits a portion of the em tool to slide along a portion of the drill string during drill string assembly..
Aps Technology, Inc.


System and determining drilling parameters based on hydraulic pressure associated with a directional drilling system

A system and method for determining drilling parameters based on hydraulic pressure associated with a directional drilling system are disclosed. A drilling parameter associated with a directional drilling system may be determined by measuring hydraulic pressure associated with the directional drilling system during drilling of a wellbore, detecting a change in the hydraulic pressure, and determining a drilling parameter based on the detected change in hydraulic pressure..
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Method to optimize drilling efficiency while reducing stick slip

Reducing or eliminating stick-slip and vibrations downhole may include controlling top drive torque in order to adjust drill bit angular speed in a manner that prevents, eliminates, or reduces stick-slip and vibration. Control methods and systems may include solving one or more optimization problems including an objective function.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Pressure control in drilling operations with choke position determined by cv curve

A method of controlling pressure in a wellbore can include determining a desired position for a choke, the determining being based on a cv curve for the choke, and adjusting the choke to the desired position, thereby producing a desired backpressure. A wellbore drilling system can include a choke which variably restricts flow of fluid from the wellbore, and a control system which compares actual and desired wellbore pressures and, in response to a difference between the actual and desired wellbore pressures, adjusts the choke to a predetermined position which corresponds to a desired cv of the choke.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Enhanced plastering effect in borehole drilling

A method of drilling a borehole can include chopping drill cuttings with a drilling tool connected in a drill string, the tool receiving the drill cuttings from a drill bit, and then forcing the chopped cuttings against a borehole wall. A well system can include a drilling tool which chops drill cuttings, and another drilling tool which forces the chopped drill cuttings against a borehole wall.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Drill with remotely controlled operating modes and providing the same

The present invention relates to a drilling system with a multi-function drill head used in, among other applications, oil and gas drilling. The system is used to enhance the effective permeability of an oil and/or gas reservoir by drilling or cutting new structures into the reservoir.
Ramax, Llc


Downhole self-isolating wellbore drilling systems

One example of a downhole self-isolating wellbore drilling system to pulverize formation cuttings includes a cutting grinder tool and an isolation tool. The cutting grinder tool can be attached to a drill string uphole relative to a drill bit attached to a downhole end of the drill string.
Saudi Arabian Oil Company


Boring tool control using remote locator

A drilling system performs underground boring using a drill rig and a boring tool which is configured for moving through the ground under control of the drill rig to form an underground bore. A monitoring arrangement, forming part of the system, includes a detection arrangement at the drill rig for monitoring at least one operational parameter to produce a data signal relating to at least one of a utility to be installed in the underground bore, the drill rig and the boring tool.
Merlin Technology Inc.


Low headroom confined space geoexchange drilling system and method

A low headroom confined space drilling system is disclosed, comprising a low headroom drilling apparatus, a drilling fluid supply system, a drilling fluid collection system, and a drilling fluid recycling apparatus for supplying a recycled drilling fluid to the drilling apparatus. A method of installing a geoexchange borehole in an interior space of a building is also disclosed, comprising installing a borehole access chamber in a floor slab of a building, positioning a low headroom floor mounted rotary drilling apparatus over the borehole access chamber, providing a pressurized drilling fluid to the drill rod string and powering a rotary downhole drilling device attached to the drill rod string to advance the borehole to a desired depth, recovering a drilling fluid and drill cuttings from the borehole, removing drill cuttings from the recovered drilling fluid using the drilling fluid recycling apparatus and returning a recycled drilling fluid to the drilling apparatus..
Fenix Energy Solutions Ltd.


Bearing assemblies, apparatuses, and related methods of manufacture

In an embodiment, a bearing assembly may include a support ring to which one or more superhard bearing elements may be mounted. The support ring may include one or more relief features configured to reduce residual stresses in the superhard bearing elements that are induced by brazing the superhard bearing elements to the support ring, operational loads, other processes, or combinations of the foregoing.
Us Synthetic Corporation


Navigating to failures in drilling system displays

A plurality of data records is stored in a memory. The data records include data about a drill string in a well.
Landmark Graphics Corporation


Advanced drilling systems and methods

New systems and methods capable system for drilling are disclosed. An example system can include a vertically-moving platform supporting a gyrotron capable of transmitted electromagnetic energy down a waveguide such that, as the vertically-moving platform moves downward, energy transmitted by the gyrotron through the waveguide will progressively drill a borehole in the earth..


System and detecting hydrogen sulfide in a formation sampling tool

A drilling system includes a downhole sampling tool configured to be placed in a wellbore of a subterranean formation and configured to pump formation fluid from the subterranean formation into the downhole sampling tool. The downhole sampling tool includes internal components configured to route the formation fluid through the downhole sampling tool and drill collars configured to hold the internal components of the downhole sampling tool.
Schlumberger Technology Corporation


Drilling system and operating a drilling system

A drilling system including a riser, a pressure vessel, a source of pressurised gas, and a main flow line which extends from the riser to the pressure vessel, the pressure vessel having a liquid inlet port connected to the main flow line, a gas inlet port connected to the source of pressurised gas, a liquid outlet port located in a lowermost portion of the pressure vessel, and a gas outlet port located in an uppermost portion of the pressure vessel.. .
Managed Pressure Operations Pte. Ltd.


Dissipative surfactant aqueous-based drilling system for use in hydrocarbon recovery operations from heavy oil and tar sands

A water-based drilling fluid which includes an aqueous fluid and a water-soluble dissipative surfactant composition is described, wherein the dissipative surfactant composition includes at least one fatty acid or ester derivative of a plant or vegetable oil. Also described are methods of using such aqueous-based drilling fluids including the dissipative surfactant composition as described in hydrocarbon recovery operations associated with oil/tar sand, where such fluids act to increase the dispersant qualities of hydrocarbons within the oil/tar sand, and where such fluid exhibit a reduced coefficient of friction..
Tucc Technology, Llc


Vibratory drilling system and tool for use in downhole drilling operations and a manufacturing same

A vibratory drilling tool for use coupling to a drill string in a borehole in downhole drilling operations has a tool body having a fluid flow path extending along a longitudinal axis there through, a first pin end and an opposite box end. A cam body portion extending longitudinally along the length of said tool has a generally smooth cam arc section on an opening side with at least one elongated flat surface extending longitudinally along a closing side of the cam body portion from a pin end tapering shoulder to a box end tapering shoulder.
Drill Better ,llc


Displaceable components in drilling operations

A well drilling system can include a drilling tool with at least one component which is displaced by a material that changes shape. The material can be a shape memory material.
Halliburton Energy Services, Inc.


Cutting element apparatuses, drill bits including same, methods of cutting, and methods of rotating a cutting element

A subterranean drilling system may include a drill string and a rotary drill bit coupled to the drill string. The rotary drill bit may include a bit body and a cutting element coupled to the bit body, with the cutting element being structured to rotate in response to torque applied to the cutting element.
Us Synthetic Corporation

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