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Method and system for controlling a user requested shift in a hybrid vehicle

Flexible intra-vascular aneurysm treatment stent

Method and system for producing olefins from dimethyl ether

Date/App# patent app List of recent Downstream-related patents
 Methods and structure for fast context switching among a plurality of expanders in a serial attached scsi domain patent thumbnailMethods and structure for fast context switching among a plurality of expanders in a serial attached scsi domain
Methods and structure for enabling fast context switching (fcs) among a plurality of fcs enhanced serial attached scsi (sas) expanders of a sas domain. The fcs enhanced sas expander is further adapted to detect completion of utilization of the first connection that utilizes an upstream phy and a downstream phy of the expander.
 Method and system for controlling a user requested shift in a hybrid vehicle patent thumbnailMethod and system for controlling a user requested shift in a hybrid vehicle
A hybrid vehicle has an engine, an electric machine connected to the engine by an upstream clutch, a transmission gearbox connected to the electric machine by a downstream clutch, and a controller. The controller is configured to, in response to a user commanded shift of the transmission, control the electric machine speed to a designated speed based on gearbox output speed and the transmission gear ratio after the shift, thereby synchronizing speeds across the gearbox for the shift.
 Flexible intra-vascular aneurysm treatment stent patent thumbnailFlexible intra-vascular aneurysm treatment stent
An intra-vascular aneurysm-treatment stent and a method for lowering pressure within an aneurysm bubble in a blood vessel. A stent coil is insertable into a blood vessel, the coil made of a material sufficiently flexible to move around curves, loops, and corners in the blood vessel.
 Method and system for producing olefins from dimethyl ether patent thumbnailMethod and system for producing olefins from dimethyl ether
To render the temperature profile over the catalyst stages as flat as possible, but close to the optimum operating temperature, gaseous dimethyl ether in a purity of 70-100 wt-% together with recycle gas, which contains olefinic, paraffinic and aromatic hydrocarbons, is charged to at least one downstream catalyst stage, wherein this downstream catalyst stage additionally is fed with product gas from the upstream catalyst stage.. .
 Conversion of plastics to olefin and aromatic products with product recycle patent thumbnailConversion of plastics to olefin and aromatic products with product recycle
A method of producing olefins and aromatic compounds from a feedstock is accomplished by introducing a hydrocarbon feedstock and a catalyst composition within a reactor. At least a portion of the reactor is at a reactor temperature of from 470° c.
 Reagent zone deposition pattern patent thumbnailReagent zone deposition pattern
An assay device includes: a liquid sample zone; a reagent zone downstream and in fluid communication with the sample zone that includes a reagent cell having a line of symmetry in the direction of fluid flow; a reagent material in the reagent cell, wherein the reagent material includes a first reagent material located at the axis of symmetry and is left-right symmetric, and a second and third reagent material having a substantially identical shape and volume and located in mirror locations from the line of symmetry; a detection zone in fluid communication with the reagent zone; and a wicking zone in fluid communication with the detection zone having a capacity to receive liquid sample flowing from the detection zone. The sample addition zone, the detection zone and the wicking zone define a fluid flow path..
 Apparatus for manufacturing a fine porous film for a separation film of a battery and method for manufacturing a film using the same patent thumbnailApparatus for manufacturing a fine porous film for a separation film of a battery and method for manufacturing a film using the same
The present invention relates to an apparatus and method for manufacturing a fine porous film to be used as a separation film of a secondary battery. The apparatus for manufacturing the fine porous film of the present invention includes: a t-shaped die (20) for molding a precursor film by extruding a molten resin generated by melting a partially crystalline resin through the front end of a nozzle; a guide roller (50) arranged at a downstream side of the extrusion direction of the t-shaped die (20) so as to move and guide the precursor film (f1) at a predetermined draft ratio; a precursor film cooling unit (40) for providing, in the moving direction of the precursor film, a flow of cooling air over either or both of the front and back surfaces of the precursor film so as to cool the precursor film; and a film stretching unit for applying a tensile force, in an axial direction or in biaxial directions, to the cooled film while same is passing through the precursor film cooling means (40)..
 Device for monitoring an electrical accumulation battery and associated method patent thumbnailDevice for monitoring an electrical accumulation battery and associated method
A device is provided for monitoring an electrical accumulation battery that includes a set of cells connected in series. The device includes means for measuring a current intensity delivered by the battery; means for measuring an electrical voltage between an upstream connection point and a downstream connection point of each cell of the battery; a recorder that records a zero-current electrical voltage between the upstream connection point and the downstream connection point of each cell of the battery; and an electrical resistance estimator configured to periodically estimate an electrical resistance of each cell in the battery, between the upstream connection point and the downstream connection point..
 Method for operating a feed pump operating in a pulsating manner and motor vehicle having a feed pump patent thumbnailMethod for operating a feed pump operating in a pulsating manner and motor vehicle having a feed pump
A method for operating a feed pump operating in a pulsating manner in a feed unit to feed a liquid operating substance in a feeding direction, is used in a motor vehicle. The feed pump has a feed piston and a drive coil for driving the feed piston.
 Rotating machine blade with reinforced modular structure patent thumbnailRotating machine blade with reinforced modular structure
The invention concerns a blade (1) designed to be fitted to the rotor of a rotating machine, said blade being characterized in that it exhibits a modular construction including: a rigid, median module (4) formed by a coffer (12), which is itself formed by joining two side panels (13, 14) that are connected to one another by at least one side rail (15), the side panels (13, 14) being connected by at least one weld executed on an internal protuberance on the said side panels that is set back from the intrados (11) and the extrados (1e) of the blade (1), an upstream module (7) forming a leading edge and added onto the upstream portion of the median module, a downstream module (8) forming a trailing edge and added onto the downstream portion of the median module blades for rotating machines and corresponding fabrication methods.. .
Diffuser augmented wind turbines
An example wind turbine diffuser has an expanded outlet area where the diffuser outlet area is greater than it's cross sectional area. The diffuser may be formed of one or more diffuser rings, at least one of which may form a turbine cowling.
Assembly formed by a turbine nozzle or a compressor diffuser made of cmc for a turbine engine and by an abradable material support ring, and a turbine or a compressor incorporating such an assembly
A turbine nozzle or a compressor diffuser includes sectors made of cmc material, each having an inner platform, an outer platform, and airfoils. An abradable material support ring is made up of sectors, each presenting upstream and downstream attachment tabs.
Variable geometry turbine
A variable geometry turbine comprising: a housing; a turbine wheel supported within said housing for rotation about a turbine axis; an annular inlet passage within said housing upstream of said turbine wheel and defined between respective radial inlet surfaces of first and second wall members; an outlet passage within said housing downstream of said turbine wheel; an array of vanes extending across the inlet passage, said vanes being connected to said first wall member; at least one of said first and second wall members being moveable along the turbine axis to vary the size of the inlet passage and/or at least one of said vanes being rotationally moveable about an axis that is substantially parallel to said turbine axis to vary the size of the inlet passage; wherein at least one particulate filter is provided within said housing at a location such that said particulate filter can be contacted by particulate matter flowing through said turbine during use.. .
Separator, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
A separator is provided for a fixing device including a rotary fixing member that fixes a toner image on a recording medium and a rotary pressure member pressed against the rotary fixing member to form a fixing nip portion for nipping the recording medium. The separator includes a separation plate and plate-shaped spacers.
Port based redundant link protection
The present disclosure provides for avoiding packet loss and delay that occurs during conventional link switchover by moving link switchover logic from a downstream port (protocol independent multicast over reliable transport) routing element to an upstream port routing element. An upstream port routing element detects the failure of a forwarding interface for a multicast datastream, where the forwarding interface is coupled to a downstream port routing element.
Liquid ejecting apparatus
A liquid ejecting apparatus includes: a liquid ejecting head for ejecting liquid; a first flow path through which liquid is supplied from a first container provided at an upstream to the liquid ejecting head provided at a downstream; a second flow path that forms a circulation flow path in which the liquid is capable of circulating through the circulating flow path including the first flow path and the second flow path; and a third flow path through which liquid is supplied from a second container provided at an upstream to the circulation flow path provided at a downstream, and a downstream end of the third flow path is coupled to one of the second flow path and a section on an upstream side of the downstream joint with the second flow path in the first flow path.. .
Current detection device
A current detector for detecting a current that flows through a busbar is provided. A current detector includes a magnetic core, a current detection busbar, and an insulating casing.
Method and apparatus for controlling gas flow via a gas shut-off valve assembly
The present invention comprises a method and apparatus for controlling gas flow via a gas shut-off valve assembly. In at least one embodiment, the assembly is configured to drive its shut-off valve from an open position to a closed position, in response to detecting a valve closure condition.
Method and apparatus for controlling gas flow via a gas shut-off valve assembly
The present invention comprises a method and apparatus for controlling gas flow via a gas shut-off valve assembly. In at least one embodiment, the assembly is configured to drive its shut-off valve from an open position to a closed position, in response to detecting a valve closure condition.
Mass spectrometer
A mass spectrometer is disclosed comprising an ion mobility spectrometer or separator and an ion guide arranged downstream of the ion mobility spectrometer or separator. A plurality of axial potential wells are created in the ion guide so that ions received from the ion mobility spectrometer or separator become confined in separate axial potential wells.
Method of operating a mass filter in mass spectrometry
Disclosed herein is a mass spectrometry method having steps of: transmitting ions from an ion source through a mass filter; processing ions received from the mass filter in a discontinuous ion optical device downstream of the mass filter; operating the mass filter for a plurality of periods in a mass/charge ratio (m/z) filtering mode to transmit ions in one or more selected ranges of m/z to the discontinuous ion optical device; and operating the mass filter in a broad mass range mode transmitting ions of a mass range substantially wider than any mass range transmitted in the m/z filtering mode during one or more periods in which the discontinuous ion optical device is not processing ions from the mass filter. Utilization of this method assists to reduce contamination in the mass filter..
Protective device for the laser machining of holes in components
The invention relates to a protective device (1) for the laser machining of holes (3) in at least one component (2) by means of a laser beam (5), wherein the protective device (1) is positionable in the beam direction downstream of the beam-exit-side end (8) of a hole (3) to be machined in the component wall (10), in order to protect an adjoining rear space having a component wall (11), opposite the hole (3), of the component (2) from the incident laser beam. The protective device (1) according to the invention is formed from a composite made of a matrix composed of polyether ether ketone plastics material and fibres embedded therein, wherein the fibres are embedded such that, with respect to their particular fibre extending direction, they extend in a criss-cross manner in the plastics material and are distributed at approximately the same density in the volume of the plastics material of the protective device (1).
Devices and methods for shape-based particle separation
A particle sorting system includes an inlet and an inertial focusing microchannel disposed in a substrate and having a downstream expanding region at a distal end, wherein the inlet is connected to an upstream end of the microchannel. A source of different shaped particles is connected to the inlet, wherein the source of different shaped particles are configured for continuous introduction into the inlet.
Fuel cell vehicle
An object of the present invention is to efficiently mount a fuel cell system below a floor of a vehicle rear portion and to protect the fuel cell system when a forward impact force acts on a vehicle rear portion. To achieve this, a fuel cell vehicle in which a fuel cell system includes a gas tank is configured to store a fuel gas and a fuel cell unit formed by integrating a fuel cell stack, an intake duct, and an exhaust duct, the gas tank is disposed in a space below a rear floor connected to a front floor via a vertical wall portion and adjacent to the vertical wall portion, and the fuel cell unit is disposed behind the gas tank.
System and method to improve operation of hydraulic pump for subsea service
The operating performance and reliability of a pump, e.g. A hydraulic pump, can be significantly improved by incorporating an actively controlled positive displacement control valve in fluid communication with a fixed displacement pump, supply fluid line, and return fluid line.
Fuel filtration system
A fuel filtration system is provided. The fuel filtration system includes a pump configured to receive a flow of fuel from a fuel storage tank and at least one filter positioned downstream to the fuel filtration system and fluidly coupled to the pump.
Injection valve for internal combustion engines
An injection valve is indicated for internal combustion engines, having a sealing seat formed by a valve seat and a closing head of a valve needle, and having a plurality of spray holes situated downstream from the sealing seat. The spray holes, which are stepped in cross-section, each have at least one upstream hole inlet section having a very small hole cross-section and a hole inlet opening, and a downstream hole outlet section having a very large hole cross-section and a hole outlet opening.
Rotary internal combustion engine with variable volumetric compression ratio
A method and apparatus for controlling an air input in a rotary engine, including selectively controlling a plurality of inlet ports communicating with an internal combustion cavity of the engine, the ports located serially downstream of the exhaust port relative direction of a revolution of a rotor of the engine. The inlet ports are controlled to alter air intake at various engine operational stages, such as start up, idle, etc., to allow for varying operational requirements to be met.
Dust collector with spark arrester
A spark arrestor and dust arrestor for same are provided. In one embodiment, the spark arrestor includes a housing having an inlet and an outlet, wherein the outlet is positioned on a dust arrestor mounting side of the housing, and a turn baffle disposed in the housing in a position that creates a tortuous flow path through the housing between the inlet and the outlet.
Thermal air flow meter
A thermal air flow meter comprises: a bridge circuit unit that incorporates a bridge circuit including a heating resistor and supplies a current to the heating resistor so that the temperature of the resistor is always set higher by a predetermined temperature than the temperature of intake air detected by an intake-air temperature detection resistor, and outputs an output signal vm based on the current value supplied to the heating resistor, in accordance with a flow rate of the intake air; a differential amplifier unit that amplifies a voltage dependent on difference in temperature between an upstream heating resistor and downstream heating resistor; and a subtraction processor that subtracts from the output signal vm a constant times an output voltage vd1 from the differential amplifier unit, and outputs a correction output signal vout.. .
Particulate collection filter state detection device
A particulate collection filter state detection device for detecting a state of a filter for collecting particulates in an exhaust gas, according to the present invention, includes first pressure detection means for detecting a first pressure produced at an upstream side of the filter on an exhaust gas flow path, second pressure detection means for detecting a second pressure produced at a downstream side of the filter on the exhaust gas flow path, and filter state determination means for determining a state of the filter, wherein the filter state determination means are composed of an operation part and a storage part, wherein values of the first and second pressures detected by the first and second pressure detection means are stored in the storage part, wherein values of the first and second pressures detected by the first and second pressure detection means are transmitted from the storage part to the operation part, and wherein a state of the filter is determined in the operation part by applying fourier transformation to each of values of the first and second pressures and comparing spectral intensities and/or phases at a predetermined frequency obtained by the fourier transformation, so as to conduct determination of a state of such a filter at a good precision.. .
Water-assisted air cooling for a row of cabinets
A cooling apparatus and method including a plurality of heat-producing devices positioned in a plurality of cabinets arranged in a row that allows flow of a first fluid through the heat-producing devices and cabinets where the flow is directed from an upstream end of the row to a downstream end of the row. The cabinets have a space therebetween wherein a heat exchanger is positioned between and adjacent to the cabinets, thereby the cabinets and heat exchangers alternate in the row.
Gas turbine
A gas turbine includes a compressor, an annular combustion chamber, and a turbine, a combustion chamber shell of the combustion chamber adjoining the turbine inlet in a transition region in order to introduce the hot gases generated in the combustion chamber into the downstream turbine such that a thermal expansion-induced relative movement between the combustion chamber and the turbine inlet is possible. Combustion chamber shell support elements distributed on the periphery come into contact with a conical contour on the shaft cover due to the thermal expansion that occurs during operation and are supported on said contour.
Turbine engine combustion chamber
An annular combustion chamber for a turbine engine, the chamber including an inner wall and an outer wall forming surfaces of revolution, the walls being connected together by a chamber end wall fitted with a fuel injection mechanism, each of the inner and outer walls including primary holes and dilution holes situated downstream from the primary holes in a gas flow direction, the primary and dilution holes being regularly distributed around the circumference of the inner and outer walls. The outer wall has a greater number of dilution holes than the inner wall..
Solar/gas hybrid power system configurations and methods of use
Solar/gas hybrid concentrating solar power (csp) systems and methods of using the csp systems are described. The hybrid csp systems are highly efficient due, at least in part, to a solar segment comprising a first heat transfer fluid and a thermal storage segment comprising a second heat transfer fluid.
Method and device for measuring the concentration of soot particles in an exhaust gas, in particular from an internal combustion engine
Generate a turbulent flow and reduce the speed of the gas stream downstream from the planar probe so as to select soot particles as a function of their size.. .
Systems and methods for aftertreatment system diagnostics
Methods and systems for diagnosing inadequate performance and/or degradation of one or more components of an aftertreatment system are disclosed, the components including at least an oxidation catalyst that is positioned upstream from an scr catalyst. A performance degradation analysis of the oxidation catalyst is based on a comparison of measurements received from a first nitrous oxide (nox) sensor located upstream of the oxidation catalyst and a second nox sensor located downstream from the oxidation catalyst..
Apparatus and method for producing feed
An apparatus and method for producing an aquatically grown feed include at least one length of conduit having therein stratified water and gas. The water is periodically circulated through the conduit and the aquatic feed grows on the surface of the water.
Cable distribution networks
Methods and systems are provided for cable distribution networks, in which a headend may generate one or more downstream signals for communication in a distribution network associated with the headend. The generating of the one or more downstream signals may comprise combining data and/or video for one or more service groups, from signals corresponding to a plurality of services, with the combining being performed in digital domain.
Bus system
The invention relates to a bus system for transmitting data between data processing units (20) in a network, by means of a bus (14) that consists of two signal lines. The signals at said bus (14) are analog signals which lie within a plurality of non-overlapping frequency bands assigned to the individual data processing units (20), and these data processing units (20) use a digital communication protocol to communicate with a signal processor unit (24) that comprises a polyphase filter bank, a d/a converter (26) and a bus-coupling unit (30) being connected downstream of said bank in order to couple the data signal into the bus (14) in a galvanically-isolated manner.
Occlusion devices including dual balloons and related methods
An occlusion device may comprise a first tube having a first balloon positioned at a distal end, and a second tube having a second balloon positioned at a distal end. The first balloon may be sized and configured to occlude a vascular lumen upstream of a vascular puncture, and the second balloon may be sized and configured to simultaneously occlude the vascular lumen downstream of the vascular puncture.
Residue hydrocracking processing
A process for upgrading residuum hydrocarbons and decreasing tendency of the resulting products toward asphaltenic sediment formation in downstream processes is disclosed. The process may include: contacting a residuum hydrocarbon fraction and hydrogen with a hydroconversion catalyst in a hydrocracking reaction zone to convert at least a portion of the residuum hydrocarbon fraction to lighter hydrocarbons; recovering an effluent from the hydrocracking reaction zone; contacting hydrogen and at least a portion of the effluent with a resid hydrotreating catalyst; and separating the effluent to recover two or more hydrocarbon fractions..
Drive train of a fluid flow power plant
A drive train of a fluid flow power plant, in particular of a wind power plant or of a tidal power plant, includes a rotor hub that bears at least one rotor blade and a transmission that has a plurality of planetary stages. The transmission is configured to transmit a rotational movement of a rotor shaft connected to the rotor hub to a drive of a downstream generator in a stepped-up fashion.
Method for secretory production of protein
A novel technique for improving secretory production of a heterologous protein by coryneform bacteria is described, and thereby a method for secretory production of a heterologous protein is provided. A coryneform bacterium is cultured so that it secretes a heterologous protein, the bacterium having a genetic construct which includes a promoter sequence that functions in the coryneform bacterium, a nucleic acid sequence coding for a signal peptide that functions in the coryneform bacterium, which is ligated downstream from the promoter sequence, and a nucleic acid sequence coding for a fusion protein having an amino acid sequence that includes gln-glu-thr and the heterologous protein, which is ligated downstream from the nucleic acid sequence coding for the signal peptide..
Apparatus, system and method for conditioning and preserving an organ from a donor
A donor organ treatment apparatus has a container for holding an organ and a perfusion liquid circuit. The perfusion circuit includes a supply conduit downstream of an oxygenator and a heat exchanger for supplying perfusion liquid from the oxygenator and the heat exchanger to an organ in the container and a return conduit upstream of the oxygenator and the heat exchanger for guiding perfusion liquid from the organ inside the container to the oxygenator and the heat exchanger.
Thermal process control
A thermal processing and control system (10) includes a thermal processing station (12) for receiving food products (14) being carried on a conveyor system (16). A first scanning station (18) is located upstream from a similar processing station (12) for scanning the food products being carried by the conveyor (16).
Sulphuric acid production with recycle of desulphurized gas
The invention relates to a process for oxidation of so2 to so3 comprising the steps of (a) directing a stream of feed gas comprising so2 and o2 to a catalytically active material, (b) oxidizing an amount of said so2 in said process gas to so3 in the presence of the catalytically active material, providing a first oxidized process gas, (c) reacting so3 with water, (d) condensing h2so4, (e) withdrawing a first desulphurized process gas and a first stream of sulphuric acid, (f) from the desulphurized process gas withdrawing a recycle stream of desulphurized process gas, wherein the recycle stream is added to said stream of feed gas or said first oxidized process gas with the associated benefit of reducing the molar flow of process gas downstream withdrawal of the recycle stream and upstream the mixing point.. .
Fuel system using dual pressure hi-speed centrifugal pump arrangement
An improved system for providing fuel uses a centrifugal pump arrangement that provides dual pressure. The dual pressure pump assembly includes a centrifugal pump for supplying pressurized fluid to an associated downstream use, and an auxiliary pump stage for selectively boosting pressure of delivered flow.
Multi-lobed cooling hole
A gas turbine engine component subjected to a flow of high temperature gas includes a wall having first and second wall surfaces and a cooling hole extending through the wall. The cooling hole includes an inlet located at the first wall surface, an outlet located at the second wall surface, a metering section extending downstream from the inlet and a diffusing section extending from the metering section to the outlet.
Film-cooled turbine blade for a turbomachine
A turbine blade for a turbomachine has an outer wall which delimits an inner cavity. Cooling fluid flows in the inner cavity.
Gas turbine engine serpentine cooling passage
A gas turbine engine component includes a structure having a cooling passage providing upstream and downstream portions separated from one another by an inner wall and fluidly connected by a bend. The downstream portion includes an outer wall opposite the inner wall to provide a downstream region extending between the inner and outer walls.
Pylon matched fan exit guide vane for noise reduction in a geared turbofan engine
A disclosed fan section of a gas turbine engine includes a fan rotor having a plurality of fan blades and a duct defining a passageway aft of the fan rotor. A fan exit guide vane is disposed within the duct downstream of the fan blades.
An inlet portion (31) of a compressor housing (30) forms part of an intake passage, and a drawing passage (35), which extends through the inlet portion (31), draws blow-by gas from outside the inlet portion (31) to inside the inlet portion (31). A throttling portion (47) is formed inside the inlet portion (31) and arranged at a joined portion of the intake passage and the drawing passage (35) so that a cross-sectional passage area at the joined portion is smaller than a cross-sectional passage area of a portion located at an intake air upstream side of the joined portion and a cross-sectional passage area of a portion located at an intake air downstream side of the joined portion..
Internal mixing of a portion of fan exhaust flow and full core exhaust flow in aircraft turbofan engines
A method of controlling plume exhaust heat and/or noise radiation from a turbofan engine assembly having a short nacelle. A mixer duct shell is supported such that a downstream edge of the short nacelle overlays an upstream portion of the mixer duct shell.
Curl correction apparatus, sheet conveying apparatus, and image forming apparatus
A curl correction apparatus that corrects a curl of a sheet includes: a hard roller that is disposed in the downstream in a sheet conveying direction of a heating apparatus; a soft roller that is disposed in the downstream in the sheet conveying direction of the heating apparatus; and a guide member that is disposed in the immediate upstream in the sheet conveying direction with respect to the hard roller, and guides the sheet; wherein a nip width in the sheet conveying direction of a nip portion between the hard roller and the soft roller is set to be narrower in a central portion in an axial direction than end portions in the axial direction, and the guide member is configured to protrude in the central portion in the axial direction toward the downstream in the sheet conveying direction from the both end portions in the axial direction.. .
Cooling device and image forming apparatus including same
A cooling device including at least two cooling members to cool a recording medium passing thereover, a coolant circulation unit to circulate a coolant, and tubing that connects the coolant circulation unit to the cooling members and through which the coolant circulates. Each of the cooling members includes a heat-absorbing surface that directly contacts the recording medium or indirectly contacts the recording medium via a thermal transmission member, an internal channel provided within each of the cooling members through which the coolant circulates, and a channel inlet and outlet formed at downstream and upstream ends of each of the cooling members in a direction of conveyance of the recording medium, respectively.
Belt unit and image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus 100 includes an intermediate transfer belt 21, a reading section 25, and an intermediate transfer unit 2 having a supplementary roller 26. The intermediate transfer belt 21 is passed over a drive roller 22 and an idle roller 23, and moves along a predetermined circulating path.
Method of selecting wavelength of optical network unit in passive optical network
Provided is a method of selecting a wavelength of an optical network unit including selecting a pre-loaded default wavelength as an available wavelength candidate or the wavelength that has been changed when a preset wavelength changing condition is satisfied as the available wavelength candidate, acquiring frame synchronization for a downstream signal having the same wavelength as the selected available wavelength candidate, and transmitting a registration request message to an optical line terminal (olt) from which the downstream signal has been transmitted when the frame synchronization is acquired, assigning the available wavelength candidate to an available wavelength used for communication with the olt and registering the terminal in the olt when a registration allowance message is received from the olt.. .
Method and system of shortest path bridging (spb) enhanced resilience with loop mitigation
A method forward ethernet frames at a node in a network supporting an implementation of shortest path bridging (spb) protocol is disclosed. The method starts with a shortest path computation for the node (referred to as the computing node).
Systems and methods for layer-2 traffic polarization during failures in a virtual link trunking domain
An information handling system is provided. The information handling system includes a first network switch configurable, the first network switch having a computer processor in communication with a plurality of ports for receiving and sending frames and a memory coupled to the computer processor and including a media access control (mac) address table.
Seeded optical amplifier apparatus for producing femtosecond pulses
A source of femtosecond optical pulses comprises a seed pulse source arranged to generate seed pulses; an optical amplifier downstream of the seed pulse source, the optical amplifier having a gain bandwidth; a nonlinear optical element downstream of the amplifier, the optical element spectrally broadening optical pulses via a non linear process to have a spectral bandwidth that exceeds the gain bandwidth of the optical amplifier; and a pulse compressor downstream of the nonlinear optical element and arranged to reduce the temporal duration of optical pulses so as to provide output optical pulses having a femtoseconds time duration.. .
Method and system for achieving higher video throughput and/or quality
Digital data, including audio and video, may be communicated at increased data rates by utilizing non-data signal channels in cables to communicate additional data. For data transmission, a reformatter receives data in a first format adapted for communication over the data signal channels of a cable.
System and method to aggregate control of multiple devices
A method and apparatus wherein the method includes the steps of a downstream controller of a security system advertising a service type of the downstream controller on a sub-network, a gateway controller of the security system detecting the advertisement and authenticating the downstream controller as being part of a group that also includes the gateway controller, the gateway controller sending a connection request to the downstream controller, the gateway and downstream controllers establishing an l4 connection based upon the connection request and the gateway and downstream controller establishing a l5 session channel through the l4 connection.. .
System for guiding media past media width printhead
A system for guiding media past a media width printhead. The system includes: a media width printhead having printhead ics defining respective print zones; input and output rollers; and an elongate platen for guiding the media as the media is transported through the print zone.
Controlled cooling of print media for a printing system
Systems and methods control the rate of cooling of a print media downstream of a drying process. One embodiment comprises a printing system.
Meter collar for plug-in connection of distributed power generation
An electric power meter collar with external electrical connection points enables expedited connection of distributed energy resources to the customer premises or the electric power grid. The meter collar is installed between an electric meter and the meter socket box that the meter would otherwise plug into at the site of a customer who receives two-phase service from an electrical utility company, and has electrical connection points that are electrically upstream and downstream of the meter.
Current-parking switching regulator downstream controller pre-driver
A system and method are provided for generating non-overlapping enable signals. A peak voltage level is measured at an output of a current source that is configured to provide current to a voltage control mechanism.
Plasma generator and plasma generating device
A plasma generator has a dielectric with a through hole and has a first electrode and a second electrode provided in the dielectric. The first electrode surrounds the through hole when viewed in the penetrating direction of the through hole.
Aerodynamic drag reducing apparatus
An aerodynamic drag reducing apparatus is adaptable for use with vehicles having downstream surfaces that are not streamlined. The apparatus consists of a series of nesting shapes and/or frameworks that extend rearward for use in a drag reducing configuration and collapse for use in a space saving configuration..
Optoelectronic semiconductor unit and module comprising a plurality of such units
A semiconductor unit (10) is provided which comprises a first semiconductor chip (1a) and a second semiconductor chip (1b). The first and second semiconductor chip (1a, 1b) each have an active layer (1a, 1b) suitable for generating radiation.
Continuous fastener feeding apparatus and method
Methods and apparatuses for continuous fastener feeding for sequentially delivering single fasteners to a fastener installation device are disclosed. In one embodiment the apparatus includes a first fastener reel for supporting a first fastener tape securing a plurality of fasteners and a second fastener reel for supporting a second fastener tape for securing a plurality of fasteners.
Wear tip holder for vsi crusher, and method of reducing wear of vsi crusher rotor
A wear tip holder for holding a wear tip adjacent to an outflow opening of a vertical rotor wall of a rotor of a vsi crusher includes a mounting plate for mounting the wear tip holder to the rotor wall. The mounting plate has a mounting face for facing the rotor wall to which it is to be mounted, and opposite the mounting face, a wear face for facing the interior of the rotor.
Methods and devices for open-bed atmospheric collection for supercritical fluid chromatography
A supercritical fluid chromatography system comprises a first pump for pumping a first flow stream comprising a compressible fluid and a second pump for pumping a second flow stream comprising a modifier fluid. The second pump is in parallel with the first pump.
Water purification cartridge and water purifier
The objective of the present invention is to provide a water purification cartridge with excellent water permeability and processing capability. The present invention relates to a water purification cartridge positioned between a raw water reservoir and a purified water reservoir of a water purifier and having a container to accommodate an adsorbent and a hollow-fiber membrane for filtering raw water.

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