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Downstream patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Downstream-related patents
 Aggregate processing control system patent thumbnailnew patent Aggregate processing control system
An aggregate processing plant for processing aggregate to a pre-determined specification within a particular gravel pit may include: a feed hopper, at least a first screen plant having a corresponding configuration and cooperating with the feed hopper, a first conveyor set cooperating with the first screen plant for conveying screened aggregate from the first screen plant, a first aggregate processing cooperating with the first conveyor set and downstream of the screen plant in a direction of flow of the screened aggregate on the first conveyor.. .
 Cavitation evaluating device patent thumbnailnew patent Cavitation evaluating device
A downstream side fluid pressure is a fluid pressure of a fluid stagnation portion within a flow path that is internal to a regulator valve. A pressure ratio that is internal to the regulator valve is calculated from an upstream side fluid pressure, the downstream side fluid pressure, and a saturated vapor pressure for the fluid, calculated from a fluid temperature.
 Reductive biomass liquefaction patent thumbnailnew patent Reductive biomass liquefaction
The present invention provides methods, reactor systems, and catalysts for converting in a continuous process biomass to less complex oxygenated compounds for use in downstream processes to produce biofuels and chemicals. The invention includes methods of converting the components of biomass, such as hemicellulose, cellulose and lignin, to water-soluble materials, including lignocellulosic derivatives, cellulosic derivatives, hemicellulosic derivatives, carbohydrates, starches, polysaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides, sugars, sugar alcohols, alditols, polyols, diols, alcohols, ketones, cyclic ethers, esters, carboxylic acids, aldehydes, and mixtures thereof, using hydrogen and a heterogeneous liquefaction catalyst..
 After-threshing device for a combine harvester patent thumbnailnew patent After-threshing device for a combine harvester
An after-threshing device for a combine harvester (10) comprises a returns conveyor (72), which is located downstream from a returns auger (52), and an after-threshing element (74), which is located within a housing (98), with a vertical rotation axis, which can be acted on in an axial direction from above with the returns from the outlet (86) of the returns conveyor (72), and a radially situated discharge opening (118) by means of which the after-threshed returns can be supplied to a conveyor (42) for the transport of the after-threshed returns to a cleaning device (46). For the active conveyance of the returns, an impeller (90) with a horizontal rotation axis is located between the outlet (86) of the returns conveyor (72) and the after-threshing element (74)..
 Outboard motor patent thumbnailnew patent Outboard motor
An outboard motor includes an engine, an exhaust passage member, and an idle exhaust passage member. The exhaust passage member defines a main exhaust passage through which exhaust gases of the engine are guided to a main exhaust port disposed in the water, and also defines a portion of an idle exhaust passage through which exhaust gases in the main exhaust passage are guided to an idle exhaust port opened to the atmosphere.
 Capillary fluid flow measurement and capillary flow device therefore patent thumbnailnew patent Capillary fluid flow measurement and capillary flow device therefore
The present invention relates to a liquid flow device, in particular a capillary testing device provided as a chip, comprising a second pathway which intersects the first pathway at a downstream point of convergence, so that the two pathways share an outlet and when liquid in the second pathway reaches the point of convergence, liquid flow in the first pathway stops. Means for measuring the distance travelled by liquid in the first pathway are provided to determine the extent of liquid flow and to enable correlation with the amount of analyte in the liquid..
 Process for deaerating and heating vegetable product and plant therefor patent thumbnailnew patent Process for deaerating and heating vegetable product and plant therefor
A plant (1) for de-aerating and heating a vegetable product (100) comprises an extraction section (80) in which a vegetable starting product (5) is treated, in order to obtain an extracted vegetable product (100), in particular a puree, or a vegetable juice. The extracted vegetable product (100) is fed to a cold de-aeration section (10) obtaining an extracted vegetable product and de-aerated cold (105).
 Compositions and methods for treating musculoskeletal diseases and disorders patent thumbnailnew patent Compositions and methods for treating musculoskeletal diseases and disorders
Compositions and methods for modulating mirnas up-regulated or down-regulated in aged individuals and their downstream targets are disclosed. Methods of treating musculoskeletal disorders are also provided..
 Denox treatment for a regenerative pyrolysis reactor patent thumbnailnew patent Denox treatment for a regenerative pyrolysis reactor
A process of introducing a nox reduction fluid into combustion products within a downstream end of a regenerative pyrolysis reactor. This nox reduction fluid may thermally reduce nox contained therein.
 Gas turbine engine comprising three rotary bodies patent thumbnailnew patent Gas turbine engine comprising three rotary bodies
A gas turbine engine for propelling an aircraft, including a low pressure rotary body including low pressure turbine rotor blades, an intermediate rotary body including intermediate turbine rotor blades, a high pressure rotary body including high pressure turbine rotor blades, an air flow flowing through the engine from upstream to downstream. The at least one intermediate turbine rotor blade is followed directly downstream by a low pressure turbine rotor blade so as to straighten air flow deflected by the intermediate turbine rotor blade..
new patent Wave generating apparatus and method
A wave forming apparatus has a channel for containing a flow of water with an inlet end connected to a water supply, a floor, and spaced side walls, a first bed form or weir at the inlet end of the channel, and a second bed form in the channel downstream of the first bed form. Also disclosed is a wave forming apparatus has a channel for containing a flow of water, the channel having an inlet end connected to a water supply for supplying a flowing stream of water, a floor, and spaced side walls, and at least one oblique foil member adjustably mounted in the floor of the channel.
new patent Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes a roll body including a print medium wound around, the medium having an adhesive face, an image forming unit to form an image on the adhesive face, a conveyance unit having a pair of a conveyance rotor and an opposed rotor to convey the medium with the medium interposed between the conveyance rotor and the opposed rotor and an adhesive face guide unit to guide the medium when the conveyance unit returns the medium in a return direction opposite a conveyance direction of the medium. The adhesive face guide unit has a downstream rotor disposed downstream from the opposed rotor in the return direction and an endless adhesive face guide member wound around the opposed rotor and the downstream rotor.
new patent Station-side apparatus and frame transfer apparatus
Identifier information (llid) of an onu and transfer instruction information indicating a transmission system as the output destination of a downstream frame are registered in a table (22) in correspondence with each of the destination ids of the onus or user apparatuses connected to the onus. Upon receiving a downstream frame from a host apparatus, a frame transfer processing unit (20) acquires an llid and transfer instruction information corresponding to the destination id of the downstream frame from the table (22)..
new patent Optical amplification stage for otdr monitoring and related method and system for otdr monitoring of an optical communication link
Optical amplification stage (1) for otdr monitoring, comprising a first (2a) and a second optical signal path (2b), a first (3a) and a second optical amplifier (3b), a first optical coupler (4a) placed along the first optical signal path downstream the first optical amplifier, a second optical coupler (4b) placed along the second optical signal path downstream the second optical amplifier, an optical by-pass path (5) optically connecting the first and the second optical coupler, a first (11a) and a second optical reflector (11b) optically connected to respectively the first and second optical coupler, and an optical filter (10) placed along the optical by-pass path which has attenuation high on the whole wdm band and low at the otdr wavelength(s).. .
new patent Projection objective for microlithography
A projection objective for microlithography is used for imaging an object field in an object plane into an image field in an image plane. The projection objective comprises at least six mirrors of which at least one mirror has a freeform reflecting surface.
new patent Sheet conveyer and image reading apparatus
A sheet conveyer, including a first roller to rotate to convey a sheet in a conveying direction; a separator arranged to be opposed to the first roller and configured to nip the sheet and to separate the sheet from other sheets; a multiple sheet sensor arranged in a downstream position with respect to the first roller and configured to sense presence of multiple sheets, the multiple sheet sensor including an emitter and a receiver; and a second roller arranged in a downstream position with respect to the multiple sheet sensor and configured to convey the separated sheet, is provided. A component being at least one of the emitter and the receiver is arranged in an outer side position with respect to the separator, and at least a part of the component is arranged in an inner side position with respect to the second roller..
new patent Sheet conveyance device, document feeder, image forming apparatus, and multi feed detection method
A sheet conveyance device includes a paper feed section, a separation roller, a registration roller pair arranged downstream of the paper feed section, a conveyance roller pair arranged downstream of the registration roller pair, a multi feed sensor arranged between the paper feed section and the registration roller pair, and a document conveyance controller. When an original document arrives at the conveyance roller pair, the document conveyance controller suspends driving of the paper feed section and starts multi feed determination..
new patent Multi-tubular steam reformer and process for catalytic steam reforming of a hydrocarbonaceous feedstock
A multi-tubular steam reformer is disclosed, which comprises a steam reforming zone heated by an external heat source and contains a plurality of parallel steam reforming tubes (each comprising a gas supply inlet); a fixed bed of steam reforming catalyst; and a solid, inert insert having an upstream end and a downstream end and is placed in the tube downstream of the gas supply inlet and upstream of the catalyst bed the insert has a tortuous free fluid flow path and the upstream end of the catalyst bed is adjacent to the downstream end of the insert. The ratio of the length of the insert and the length of the catalyst bed is in the range of from 0.05 to 0.5.
new patent Hydraulic valve arrangement and hydraulic machine arrangement having a valve arrangement of this kind
A hydraulic valve arrangement, in particular a control valve arrangement, of a hydraulic machine, in particular a hydraulic pump, includes at least one valve with a valve body penetrated by a pressure medium passage. The pressure medium passage has a minimum cross section that gives rise, in normal operation, to a control pressure downstream of the minimum cross section in accordance with a pressure acting at a pressure port of the valve.
new patent Radiographic imaging apparatus
An electronic cassette includes a first radiation detector for still imaging and a second radiation detector for fluoroscopic imaging. The first radiation detector includes a first photo detection device and a luminous device.
new patent Mass spectrometry device
When a specimen from a specimen ionizing unit is not sufficiently ionized, is caused to remain in sites other than a pore in an introducing section and be deposited as a product such as an oxide or carbide, which causes a deterioration in the performance of the mass spectrometry device. The mass spectrometry device has a specimen ionizing section for ionizing a specimen, a specimen-introduction regulating chamber into which ions of the ionized specimen are introduced, a differential evacuation chamber located downstream of the specimen-introduction regulating chamber, and an analyzing section located at the downstream side of the differential evacuation chamber, in which a discharge generating means is formed for generating an electric discharge inside the specimen-introduction regulating chamber and/or the differential evacuation chamber.
new patent Filtration barrier
A filtration barrier includes a filter mesh that has a plurality of groups of flexible filter elements, with each group having at least a first and second flexible filter elements disposed in spaced relation. The first flexible filter element is more flexible than the second.
new patent System and method for water purification with automatic purge
The invention concerns a treated water purification system (107) comprising a water flow loop (110), said loop (110) being closed onto a tank (10) of treated water to purify, and said loop (110) successively comprising, in the direction of flow of the water downstream of the tank (10), at least one pump means (102), at least one first filtration means (103), at least one second filtration means (104) and at least one point of use (u), the system (107) being characterized in that it further comprises at least one diversionary pipe (112) linking the first filtration means (103) to the tank (10), and a loop return pipe (114) linking the second filtration means (104) to the tank (10). Method for use of such a system..
new patent Hydro-electric power plant comprising a grating assembly for taking water into the turbine, which is designed to discharge floating debris stopped by the grating
A power plant which operationally combines a downstream turbine unit (7) and an upstream grating assembly (8), includes a grating (16), a supporting structure (17), and an element (18) for associating the grating (16), which has a structure that enables movement of at least the upper portion of the grating (16) between an upright position for the debris-stopping function and a folded-down position for discharging the floating debris stopped by the grating (16).. .
new patent Reverse osmosis water-on-water control valve
Described are water-on-water valves for use in reverse osmosis filtration systems. The water-on-water valves are regulated by the pressure in a product line, which contains fluid from a product line of the filter module and/or the product side of a water-on-water storage tank.
new patent Fuel filter monitor for fuel streams
It has been discovered that the function of a fuel filter monitor can be accomplished without the use of sap. The present invention provides a fuel filter monitor comprising an eptfe membrane, a support structure adjacent to said eptfe membrane wherein the membrane is disposed upstream of the support and said monitor prevents penetration of water to the downstream of said fuel wet monitor, where the water can be in the form of discrete water drops in the fuel, or a bulk water stream which displaces the upstream fuel..
new patent Dialysis optimizing method
A method as well as an apparatus is disclosed for determining the efficiency of a currently performed kidney replacement therapy on the dialysis side making use of a dialysis machine which in a first step is operated in a hemodialysis or hemodiafiltration process and in a second step is sequentially changed over to a hemofiltration process or is changed over to a sequential mode in which merely a flow from the blood compartment via the semipermeable membrane to the dialysis fluid compartment of the dialyser is generated in which, according to a third step, a sensor for determining or measuring the concentration at least of uremic toxins in the saturated dialysate or ultra-filtrate which is connected downstream of a dialyser on the dialysis side outputs corresponding measuring signals that are representative of the current concentration at least of uremic toxins in the blood to a calculation or determination unit.. .
new patent Filter device, in particular fuel filter or oil filter
A filter device has an annular particle filter having a raw side face and a radially separated clean side face, and axially opposing end faces. An annular water separating element is arranged in a flow path downstream of the particle filter, the water separating element circumferentially surrounding the particle filter at a radial spacing.
new patent Relocatable systems and processes for recovery of bitumen from oil sands
Relocatable systems and processes for processing oil sands are described. Relocatable components are employed to permit oil sand processing to be conducted near a mine face, and relocated as the mine face recedes.
new patent Grille shutter apparatus
A grille shutter apparatus includes a shutter mechanism including plural of movable fins and at least one connection mechanism independently arranged to connect every two of the movable fins adjacent to one another. Accordingly, the shutter mechanism makes the movable fins operate in conjunction with one another.
new patent Air conditioner using cooling/dehumidifying energy recovery technology
The present invention relates to an air conditioner. The air conditioner includes: a main body 10 having an intake hole 11 and a discharge hole 12; a heat exchanger 20 disposed within the main body 10 and installed downstream from the intake hole 11; a cooling coil 30 disposed within the main body 10 and installed downstream from the heat exchanger 20; a fan 40 disposed within the main body 10 and installed downstream from the cooling coil 30 to exhaust air within the main body 10 to an indoor space; and air passages 13a, 13b, 13c and 13d for introducing air passing through the cooling coil 30 again into the heat exchanger 20.
new patent Workpiece positioning system
Embodiments provide a log positioning system configured to transport a log through one or more chipper/profiler modules to produce a cant with four chipped/profiled sides. In some embodiments, a log processing system may include an infeed, a positioning feed module downstream of the infeed, and one or more chipper/profiler modules disposed proximal to the positioning feed module.
new patent Radial vane inner air swirlers
A swirler includes a swirler body defining a diverging upstream surface defining a longitudinal axis and a plurality of swirl vanes extending from the diverging upstream surface. The swirl vanes are angled to impart swirl around the longitudinal axis on a fluid flow over the diverging upstream surface.
new patent Mixing valve
A mixing valve (10) includes a valve body (12) having a hot fluid inlet (14), a cold fluid inlet (16), a mixed fluid outlet (18), and a cavity (20) in the valve body (12) between the inlets (14, 16) and the outlet (18). Mixing valve (10) includes a liner (30, 130, 230, 430, 530, 630, 730, 830) positioned in valve body (12) and a valve member (40, 140, 240, 340, 440, 540, 640, 740, 840) movable therein between a first position restricting the flow of hot fluid and a second position.
new patent Aerodynamic radiant wall burner tip
A radiant wall burner apparatus. The apparatus includes an inlet and primary fuel tip for introduction of fuel gas and air mixing in a mixing chamber.
new patent Printing press including bowed axis rollers and method of printing
A printing press is provided. The printing press includes a first printing unit including a first plate cylinder, a first blanket cylinder and a first impression cylinder forming a first printing nip with the first blanket cylinder, a first bowed roller upstream of the first printing unit spreading a web before the web enters the first printing nip, a second printing unit downstream of the first printing unit including a second plate cylinder, a second blanket cylinder and a second impression cylinder forming a second printing nip with the second blanket cylinder, and a second bowed roller between the first printing and the second printing unit, the second bowed roller spreading the web before the web enters the second printing nip.
new patent Low pressure drop, hight efficiency spark or particulate arresting devices and methods of use
Disclosed are devices that include spark or particle arresting, features and muffler features. The disclosed devices may include: (a) an upstream inlet receiving exhaust gas flow; (b) a downstream outlet discharging exhaust gas flow; (c) a cylindrical body disposed between the upstream inlet and downstream outlet; and (d) a particle trap having an opening for collecting particulate matter in the exhaust gas flow, the particle trap disposed downstream of the cylindrical body on a wall of the device.
new patent Apparatus and method for moving logs within cutting-off machines
Apparatus for moving logs (2) within cutting-off machines. The apparatus includes a platform (1) with one or more longitudinal channels (10) inside which the logs to be cut are disposed, and a pusher device (3) acting in correspondence of the platform (1) and intended for acting on the back of the logs (2) to push them, along respective guide channels (10), toward a cutting device (4) disposed downstream.
new patent Drive train of a motor vehicle having an internal combustion engine and a starter generator
A drive train (1) of a motor vehicle has an internal combustion engine (2) with a crankshaft (6). A transmission (3) is connected downstream of the internal combustion engine (2) to drive at least one axle (5) of the motor vehicle.
new patent Degradation diagnosis device and degradation diagnosis method for exhaust gas sensor
Provided is a device for performing degradation diagnosis of a downstream-side exhaust gas sensor. When a diagnosis condition is met, an intake-air quantity is successively accumulated to obtain an intake-air-quantity accumulation value, an intake-air-quantity average value is obtained as an average of the intake-air quantity from the start of diagnosis, and, on the basis of this intake-air-quantity average value, an intake-air-quantity accumulation threshold value is set.
new patent System and method for heating combustor fuel
A system for heating combustor fuel includes a turbine exhaust plenum and a heat exchanger downstream from the turbine exhaust plenum. The heat exchanger has an exhaust inlet, an exhaust outlet, a fuel inlet, and a fuel outlet.
new patent Power generation plant and method of operating a power generation plant
A power generation plant including a solar radiation receiver for heating a medium stream and a turbine assembly being arranged to receive the heated medium stream from the solar radiation receiver, said turbine assembly being coupled to an electric power generator, wherein a combustor is positioned downstream of the solar radiation receiver and upstream of the turbine assembly, an air compressor unit having a compressed air outlet is arranged to supply compressed combustion air to the combustor, and a steam generator is arranged to extract heat from an outlet flow from the turbine assembly, and to produce steam to be transmitted to a medium stream inlet of the solar radiation receiver and subsequently to combustor. The invention also related to a method..
new patent Exhaust gas system with hc adsorber and parallel catalytic converter, and vehicle comprising such an exhaust gas system
The invention relates to an exhaust gas system (10) for an internal combustion engine (12), having an exhaust gas path which includes at least in sections two parallel exhaust gas lines (34, 36), namely a main line (34) and an auxiliary line (36), an adsorber (46) for reversible sorption of unburnt hydrocarbons (hc) and/or nitrogen oxides (nox) being situated in the auxiliary line (36); having an adjusting means (48) for selectively guiding an exhaust gas flow into the main line (34) and/or into the auxiliary line (36) and having a main catalytic converter (44) situated downstream from the parallel exhaust gas lines (33, 36). An exhaust gas flow-conducting, gas-permeable element (58) is provided upstream from the adsorber (46), which separates the auxiliary line (36) from the remaining exhaust gas flow-conducting areas.
new patent Regeneration method and motor vehicle
A regeneration method (10) for regenerating an adsorber (19), connected downstream of an internal combustion engine (13), of a motor vehicle (11) with a hybrid drive train is described. The internal combustion engine (13) is operated in a phase of rich combustion for regeneration of the adsorber (19).
new patent System and method for heating fuel in a combined cycle gas turbine
A system for heating fuel in a combined cycle gas turbine includes a fuel heat exchanger downstream from a turbine outlet, and the fuel heat exchanger has an exhaust gas inlet, an exhaust gas outlet, a fuel inlet, and a fuel outlet. A first exhaust gas plenum has a first exhaust gas inlet connection between the turbine outlet and a heat exchanger and a first exhaust gas outlet connection upstream from the exhaust gas inlet.
new patent Drying device and cigarette wrapping paper manufacturing machine using the drying device
A drying device has a travel path (2) along which a web (w) of paper travels, a plurality of drying ovens (10) arranged side by side along the travel path (2), a plurality of conveyor rolls (23) provided in each of the drying ovens (10) to convey the web (w) along the travel path (2), a plurality of roll units (28a to 28c) each constituted by one or more of the conveyor rolls (23) and separated from each other along the travel path (2), and a plurality of conveyor motors (29) connected to the respective roll units (28a to 28c) to rotate the conveyor rolls (23), wherein a downstream one of the roll units with respect to the travel path is rotated at a lower rotating speed than an upstream one of the roll units.. .
Power switching in a two-wire conductor system
In an example embodiment, a power switching circuit of an automobile audio bus (a2b) chip is provided in a bi-directional, multi-node two-wire conductor system that includes a plurality of a2b chips interconnected on a twisted wire pair bus (a2b bus), with at least one a2b chip functioning as a master and the remaining a2b chips functioning as slaves. The power switching circuit of the a2b chip powers up a next downstream a2b chip in the a2b bus sequentially according to a power switching procedure, and the power switching circuit is configured to detect faults in the a2b bus before, during, and after the power switching procedure.
Idle duration reporting for power management
For one disclosed embodiment, data corresponding to an idle duration for one or more downstream devices may be received. Power may be managed based at least in part on the received data.
Method and protocol for high-speed data channel detection control
A system capable of bi-directional data transfer, the system including a host configured to send downstream data to a peripheral and to receive upstream data from the peripheral, a main link coupled to the host and configured to transfer the downstream data from the host to the peripheral, and an auxiliary link coupled to the host and including a first auxiliary link lane for transferring the upstream data from the peripheral to the host in a first mode, and for transferring the downstream data from the host to the peripheral in a second mode, wherein the host is configured to engage in one or more handshake processes with the peripheral to cause the auxiliary link to switch between the first and second modes.. .
System and method for recursively traversing the internet and other sources to identify, gather, curate, adjudicate, and qualify business identity and related data
A system and a method used for data discovery in accordance with an inquiry in which multiple sources, which may be web sites or other data sources, are examined for data relevant to the inquiry. The process and method is performed recursively an indeterminate number of iterations, using data and metadata from multiple sources to corroborate discovered data and metadata from other sources, until no further relevant data or sources are found, or adjudication or exception rules have been met.
System and method for creating multiple versions of a descriptor file
A system (e.g., content management system, content delivery system) and method are described herein which are configured for receiving one or more source descriptor files (e.g., mpd files, hls m3u8 files, http manifest files) along with associated adaptive bit rate segments. The system and method are also configured for receiving rules (e.g., content ratings, timing information, user profiles, regional and demographic information) and then creating multiple descriptor files based on the received rules and the source descriptor file(s).
Range-change transmission with an electric engine
A group transmission device with an electric machine, a main transmission of a countershaft design, a splitter group of a countershaft design which is connected upstream of the main transmission and a range group connected downstream of the main transmission. In the area of the main transmission, the splitter group, and the range group, a gear ratio is variable by gear steps that can be engaged in, or disengaged from, the force flow by interlocking shifting elements.
Duct burner of hrsg with liner film cooling
A duct burner assembly for a hrsg having a casing that defines a combustion chamber with a liner for communicating an exhaust gas. A firing runner attaches to the liner and extends through the combustion chamber.
Melt channel geometries for an injection molding system
An injection molding system is disclosed that utilizes a melt channel wherein at least a portion of the melt channel has a noncircular cross-section for balancing shear in a melt stream of moldable material that flows therethrough. The noncircular cross-section of the melt channel portion may be, for e.g., capsule-shaped, extended egg-shaped, oval, teardrop-shaped, or peanut-shaped.
Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes, an image forming device, a transporting device, a first medium holding device, and a second medium holding device. The image forming device forms an image on a print medium unwound from a roll.
Managing downstream non-broadcast transmission in an ethernet passive optical network (epon) protocol over coax (epoc) network
An olt comprising an optical port configured to couple to an optical distribution network, a processor coupled to the optical port and configured to generate a dl-map based on non-broadcast downstream bandwidth allocations for a plurality of network units, wherein each of the downstream bandwidth allocations is not assigned to all of the network units, generate an epon mpcp downstream gate message comprising the dl-map, and embed the dl-map in the epon mpcp downstream gate message, and a transmitter coupled to the processor and the optical port, wherein the transmitter is configured to transmit the epon mpcp downstream gate message to the network units via the pon.. .
Traffic generation and analysis for onu emulation
An emulated optical network unit (onu) platform executes the functions of multiple emulated onus to enable traffic emulation in a gigabit-capable passive optical network (gpon) for data traffic, control traffic and management traffic. The emulated onu platform generates omci messages, ploam messages, dbru messages, data traffic and control traffic according to respective statistical specifications in respective profiles of the emulated onus.
Onu emulator deployment for mixed types of onu traffic
An optical network unit (onu) emulator enables traffic emulation in a gigabit-capable passive optical network (gpon) that couples an optical line termination (olt) system to the onu emulator and carries mixed types of emulated onu traffic and real onu traffic. The onu emulator includes one or more emulated onu platforms; each emulated onu platform includes multiple onu emulator blocks, and each onu emulator block includes circuitry to emulate multiple emulated onus simultaneously.
System and method for i-q imbalance correction
Systems and methods are disclosed for compensating i-q imbalance in a wireless receiver. The receiver may employ a quadrature downconverter configured to receive an rf signal input and output an in-phase component and a quadrature component at an if, an if rotation block configured to downconvert the in-phase and quadrature components to baseband and an i-q correction block configured to compensate for an i-q imbalance in the received signal, wherein the i-q correction block is positioned downstream from the if rotation block in the signal path.
Mpls traffic engineering for point-to-multipoint label switched paths
A source edge router initiates point-to-point (p2p) label switched paths (lsps) to multiple receiver edge routers, sends one or more path messages to one or more nodes downstream of the source edge router for the p2p lsps, wherein each one of the set of path messages includes a same identifier of a point-to-multipoint (p2mp) lsp that includes a session object that contains a tunnel identifier and a p2mp identifier, and receives from each of those nodes downstream of the source edge router, a set of one or more resv messages, wherein each one of the received resv messages received from a respective node downstream of the source edge router includes the identifier of the p2mp lsp and a label allocated by that node downstream of the source edge router.. .
Material kneading apparatus and material kneading method
There is provided with a screw that is inserted into a cylinder an inside of which a material is loaded, and is rotatably supported in both end portions on an upstream side and a downstream side, or in an end portion on the upstream side, in the cylinder; a first kneading blade including a plurality of first blades that are helically provided on the screw and send the material toward the downstream side with rotation of the screw; and a second kneading blade including a second blade that is helically provided on the screw and returns the material, which is sent toward the downstream side by the first kneading blade, toward the upstream side, the number of blades in the second blade being smaller than the number of blades in the first blade.. .
Protection relay system against single-phase faults for medium-voltage distribution networks
After a second time delay longer than the first time delay when the search module detects a single-phase permanent fault in an additional monitoring area located downstream of the area.. .
Method, apparatus and machine-readable medium for describing video processing
An upstream video processor may perform video processing upon video data to created processed video data. The video processing may include at least one of color correction, contrast correction, gamma correction, sharpness enhancement, and edge enhancement.
Printing device, and printing device maintenance method
A printing device includes a first ink reservoir unit configured and arranged to store a first ink having sedimentary properties, a head provided with nozzles, a plurality of first ink supply paths configured and arranged to supply the first ink to the head from the first ink reservoir unit, a stirring unit configured and arranged to stir the first ink existing inside an upstream region in a supply direction of the first ink supply paths, and a control unit configured to execute again an again stirring process after a prescribed time has elapsed from a previous stirring process of the first ink by the stirring unit, and, after execution of that the again stirring process, to eject from the nozzles the first ink that is unstirred existing inside the region further downstream in the supply direction than the upstream region of the first ink supply paths, and inside the head.. .
Event detector and medicament dispenser having such an event detector
A compact battery-free event detector having a switching element, which can be remagnetized in a bistable manner by a magnet in a sensor coil which then provides an event pulse and supplies a non-volatile memory circuit with a downstream non-volatile display, is designed to detect recurring movements by virtue of the switching element being able to be moved back and forth relative to the magnet between the activation and regeneration fields of its two poles. The manual operation of an inhalation or injection piston in a medicament dispenser can therefore be detected, in particular, and a dose of medicament, for instance, can be monitored thereby.
Nmr spinner
There is disclosed an nmr (nuclear magnetic resonance) spinner having a turbine structure and a rotor whose spinning rate can be increased. A vortical channel (44) is formed around the rotor (12).
Current parking response to transient load demands
Embodiments are disclosed relating to an electric power conversion device and methods for controlling the operation thereof. One disclosed embodiment provides an electric power conversion device comprising a first current control mechanism coupled to an electric power source and an upstream end of an inductor, where the first current control mechanism is operable to control inductor current.
Reactive power compensator
A reactive power compensator for a three-phase network having first, second and third phases includes an assembly of capacitors and electromechanical contactors electrically connected to the capacitors. Each contactor includes at least one upstream and one downstream power terminal.
Excess flow valve with flexible diaphragm member
An assembly for limiting excess flow includes a seat and a disc. The seat has an inner ring, an outer ring having a top surface tapering in a downstream direction from outer ring towards the inner ring, and a plurality of legs attaching the inner ring to the outer ring.
Method of and apparatus for casting metal slab
Embodiments of the invention relate to a method and apparatus for continuously casting a metal slab. The method involves continuously introducing molten metal into an inlet of a casting cavity defined between advancing casting surfaces, cooling the metal in the cavity to form a metal slab, and discharging the slab from the cavity through an outlet.
Twin wire press
A twin wire press for dewatering solid-liquid suspensions, such as pulp suspensions, between top and bottom webs is described herein which includes consecutive primary, secondary and tertiary dewatering sections. The primary dewatering section includes a wedge area.
Container volume control unit upstream of filling level control unit
A container-handling apparatus includes a filling machine for filling containers, a filling-level-monitoring control unit downstream of the filling machine, a first container-detection element configured to scan and relay at least a partial contour of a relevant container as inspection data, and a control-and-regulating device configured to receive inspection data about containers. The first container-detection element is separated from and upstream of the filling-level-monitoring control unit.
Gas turbine engine with a multiple fuel delivery system
The present application provides a multiple fuel delivery system for use with a gas turbine engine. The multiple fuel delivery system may include a first fuel tank with a first fuel therein, a second fuel tank with a second fuel therein, a mixing chamber, and a flow divider downstream of the mixing chamber.
Fiber bed assembly including a re-entrainment control device for a fiber bed mist eliminator
A fiber bed assembly used to remove aerosols and/or wetted soluble solids from a moving gas stream includes a fiber bed support and a fiber bed supported by the fiber bed support so that the gas stream passes through the fiber bed moving from an upstream space to a downstream space with respect to the fiber bed. A re-entrainment control device is located within a downstream space defined by the fiber bed so that at least a portion of the gas stream passes through the re-entrainment control device.
Passively energized field wire for electrically enhanced air filtration system
An air filtration system includes a frame directing an airflow through the air filtration system and a power supply. An ionization array is located in the frame across the airflow and connected to the power supply.
Gas gauge compatible with vacuum environments
In one embodiment of the present invention, there is provided a gas gauge for use in a vacuum environment having a measurement gas flow channel. The gas gauge may comprise a measurement nozzle in the measurement gas flow channel.
Method and device for tightness testing
A method for tightness testing, wherein an evacuated test object is exposed to the external influence of a test gas and wherein a gas mixture made of a test gas withdrawn from the test object and of a carrier gas, is examined for the presence of test gas by use of a test gas sensor which, when viewed in the flow direction of the gas mixture, is arranged downstream of a condensing pump for analyzing the compressed gas mixture, wherein the test object is exposed to the ambient atmosphere without being surrounded by a test chamber, and that a test gas gun is provided for generating the atmosphere containing the test gas.. .
Personal safety system and process for the operation of a personal safety system
A personal safety system in the form of a refuge chamber includes at least one main room and a cooling device provided for cooling the ambient air of the main room in the form of a co2 cooling system (10). The co2 cooling system (10) has a heat exchanger (28) and a first and a second pressure reducer (20, 32) upstream and downstream of heat exchanger (28), respectively.
Burner for a gas turbine
A burner for a gas turbine is provided. The burner has a pilot combustor, a supply module providing pilot fuel and air into a pilot combustion room enclosed by a pilot burner housing having a tapered exit throat discharging radicals and heat generated in a pilot combustion zone into a main combustion room.
Filter cartridge, dust collectors, and methods
An air filter cartridge has z-media and a gasket arrangement with a perimeter gasket member against the downstream flow face and a side gasket member adjacent to at least a partial extension of a first side panel. The side gasket member includes no portion against second, third, and fourth side panels of the air filter cartridge.
Device and method for the monitored loading of tablets into pockets in a web of plastic sheet
The device for the monitored loading of tablets into pockets in a web of plastic sheet for the production of blister packs comprises a transport device for conveying the plastic sheet and a feed unit for feeding the tablets into the pockets in the plastic sheet. The feed unit comprises a plurality of filling channels.

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