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Downstream patents


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 Passive multi-port entry adapter and  preserving downstream catv signal strength within in-home network patent thumbnailPassive multi-port entry adapter and preserving downstream catv signal strength within in-home network
A cable television (catv) entry adapter interfaces to a catv network and serves as a hub in an in-home network for passively communicating multimedia content or information from the catv network and between subscriber devices connected to the ports of the catv entry adapter, using catv signals in a catv frequency band and network signals in a different in-home network band.. .
Ppc Broadband, Inc.

 Multicast state reduction via tunneling in a routed system patent thumbnailMulticast state reduction via tunneling in a routed system
A method is implemented by a network device in a network including a plurality of network devices. The method implements multicast forwarding configuration resulting in reduced state for the network by utilizing unicast tunneling between a root, replication points and leaves that implement each multicast distribution tree.
Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson (publ)

 Method and device for simultaneous upstream and downstream measurements in cable tv networks patent thumbnailMethod and device for simultaneous upstream and downstream measurements in cable tv networks
A cable network tester includes separate ports for receiving downstream and upstream signals, and separate signal processing circuitry for parallel processing the downstream and upstream signals. Results of the upstream and downstream testing, including upstream and downstream frequency scans and other tests related to incoming subscriber services and home wiring integrity, may be simultaneously displayed in real time.
Viavi Solutions Inc.

 Discharge of back-up capacitor by constant current patent thumbnailDischarge of back-up capacitor by constant current
An electrical arrangement includes a high-voltage battery and a number of electrical utility arrangements connected to the battery via a main switch and a downstream back-up capacitor. A discharge circuit is connected to the capacitor and has a discharge path with an ohmic discharge resistor.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

 Metal cap protection layer for gate and contact metallization patent thumbnailMetal cap protection layer for gate and contact metallization
A cmos fabrication process provides metal gates and contact metallization protected by metal cap layers resistant to reagents employed in downstream processing. Cobalt gates and contact metallization are accordingly feasible in cmos processing requiring downstream wet cleans and etch processes that would otherwise compromise or destroy them.
International Business Machines Corporation

 Substrate processing apparatus patent thumbnailSubstrate processing apparatus
A substrate processing apparatus includes process chambers configured to process substrates, process modules each including juxtaposed process chambers configured to process substrates, heat medium flow paths respectively installed in the process modules, and temperature adjustment parts individually installed in a corresponding relationship with the process modules and configured to allow a heat medium to flow through the flow paths installed in the process modules. Each of the flow paths includes: upstream and downstream flow path portions positioned at an upstream side and a downstream side of each of the process modules, a penetration flow path portion connected to the upstream flow path portion and configured to extend between the juxtaposed process chambers of each of the process modules, and an outer periphery flow path portion connected to the downstream flow path portion and configured to extend along an outer periphery of each of the process modules..
Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc.

 Integrated circuit patent thumbnailIntegrated circuit
An integrated circuit, preferably for controlling vehicle functions, having an analog-digital converter for converting an analog signal into digital measurement values, a dsp unit, connected downstream from the analog-digital converter, for pre-processing the digital measurement values, a central computing unit, connected to the dsp unit so as to transmit data, for further processing of the digital measurement values, the dsp unit being set up to control the analog-digital converter during operation.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

 Pasting device and image forming apparatus patent thumbnailPasting device and image forming apparatus
A pasting device includes a contact member disposed at a position that is downstream of a fixing unit that heats and fixes a developer transferred to a surface of a medium and that is upstream of a position at which a temperature of the heated developer decreases to a glass transition temperature with respect to a direction in which the medium is transported, the contact member contacting an image that has passed through the fixing unit; and a pasting member that is disposed downstream of the contact member with respect to the direction in which the medium is transported and that pastes a multilayered object to the surface of the medium.. .
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

 Image forming apparatus patent thumbnailImage forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes: a roller arranged in a position between a drive roller and an idle roller and downstream from the drive roller in a rotation direction of an intermediate transfer belt while pressing an outer surface of the belt; and a density measuring portion arranged between the drive roller and the roller applying pressure. The density measuring portion optically detects the density of a test patch formed on the outer surface and in a given position of a width direction of the belt.
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha

 A test strip for melamine detection patent thumbnailA test strip for melamine detection
Described here is a test strip for detection of melamine, comprising: a support configured for capillary flow of a fluid sample from a first end of the support to a second end of the support that is downstream from the first end; a conjugation pad disposed adjacent to the first end of the support and including nanoparticles configured for suspension in the sample flowing past the conjugation pad, the nanoparticles configured to produce a colorimetric effect when exposed to melamine; and a test portion downstream of the conjugation pad and including a molecular recognition agent immobilized on the support and having an affinity for melamine.. .
The University Of Miami

Method for testing a nox sensor

A method for testing a sensor positioned downstream of an engine. The method includes motoring the engine, receiving a signal indicative of a value from the sensor, and determining whether the value is inside or outside of an established range.
Deere & Company

Semiconductor analysis chip and particle inspection method

According to one embodiment, a semiconductor analysis chip for detecting a particle in a sample liquid includes a semiconductor substrate, a first flow channel provided in a surface portion of the semiconductor substrate, a second flow channel provided in a surface portion of the semiconductor substrate, part of the second flow channel contacting or intersecting the first flow channel, a micropore provided in a contact portion or an intersection of the first and second flow channels, and configured to permit the particle to pass therethrough, a first electrode provided in the first flow channels, a second electrode provided in the second passage, and a third electrode provided in the first flow channel downstream of the first electrode.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Air flow measuring device

The cross-sectional area of a reduced passage increases at a constant ratio from a maximum reduction part where a cross-sectional area of the reduced passage becomes the smallest toward a downstream side. The cross-sectional area of the reduced passage is equal to the cross-sectional area of a bypass passage at a downstream end of a cross-sectional area increasing region intersecting with a wall surface of the bypass passage.
Denso Corporation

Cooling dryer for compressed air and corresponding method

Dryer for compressed air including at least one cooling unit (28), able to cool a refrigerant fluid circulating in at least one drying unit (22), provided with an air inlet (11) and an air outlet (13) and also comprising at least one circuit (18) inside which air to be treated circulates from said air inlet (11) to said air outlet (13). The dryer for compressed air comprises, along the circuit (18), at least one cooling apparatus (12), configured to cool the compressed air to positive temperatures, a few degrees above zero and near to freezing temperature, and at least one freezing apparatus (14), disposed downstream of the cooling apparatus (12) and configured to cool the compressed air to abundantly negative values..
Officine Meccaniche Industriali S.r.l. Con Unico Socio

Methods of melting feedstock using a submerged combuston melter

Methods of maximizing mixing and melting in a submerged combustion melter (scm) are described. One method includes melting an inorganic feedstock in an scm using an arrangement of two or more submerged combustion (sc) burners, the scm having a length (l) and a width (w), a centerline (c), a north side (n) and a south side (s), and operating the arrangement of sc burners such that a progressively higher percentage of a total combustion flow from the sc burners occurs from sc burners at progressively downstream positions in the scm.
Johns Manville

Gas filling method

Provided is a gas filling method capable of accurately determining the initial pressure in a tank while minimizing increase in temperature and pressure regardless of the capacity of the tank. The gas filling method for connecting a supply source to a tank via a piping, and filling the tank with the gas, the method includes: an initial-filling initiation step of opening a flow control valve provided in the piping to start initial filling; a pressure-variation acquisition step of obtaining a pressure variation per unit time at a predetermined detection point downstream of the flow control valve in the piping; an initial-pressure detection step of obtaining a pressure at the detection point at a time specified using the pressure variation, and considering that pressure as the initial pressure in the tank; and a main-filling initiation step of starting main filling using the initial pressure..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Method for connecting a bottom pipe and a riser pipe

A facility and a method for connecting a bottom submarine pipe (14) and a riser submarine pipe. The riser submarine pipe has an upstream end (62) with a fitting (66) on the end thereof, while the bottom submarine pipe (14) has a downstream end (46) provided with a connecting end piece (50).
Technip France

Metered fluid source connection to downstream functions in pcls systems

A hydraulic control valve assembly to be integrated into a pressure compensated load sensing system including a fluid source is provided. The hydraulic control valve assembly includes a first working unit to control a first hydraulic function of a machine.
Husco International, Inc.

Fluid pressure control device for construction machine

A fluid pressure control device for a construction machine includes a first circuit system connected to the first pump; a second circuit system connected to the second pump; a switching valve having a normal position, a straight traveling position and a merging position where the working fluid of the branch section is merged into the second neutral passage; and an open/close mechanism configured to open/close the first neutral passage. In a case where at least one of the control valves, on which merging is required, on the downstream of the second traveling control valve is switched to a position other than the neutral position, by closing the first neutral passage by the open/close mechanism and switching the switching valve to the merging position, the working fluid of the first pump is merged into the working fluid of the second pump..
Kyb Corporation

Counter-rotating compressor

A compressor is described which includes a non-axial first rotor, and a second rotor disposed immediately downstream from the first rotor and being co-axial therewith about a longitudinal axis of rotation. The second rotor rotates in a direction opposite the non-axial first rotor to discharge fluid flow into an uninterrupted passage between an outlet of the second rotor and one of a downstream combustor or a further compression stage.

Engine cooling system

An engine cooling system includes a coolant circuit, a multi-way valve, a relief route and a relief valve. The coolant circuit includes a first route and a second route into which the coolant circuit is branched off at a branched position.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Cooling device and cooling engine

A cooling device for an engine includes a radiator route passing through a radiator, that are merged together after being branched on the downstream side from the inside of the engine in a coolant circuit configured to allow a coolant to flow from a pump through the inside of the engine and return to the pump. An at-stop control section provided in the cooling device controls a multiway valve that has three discharge ports, including a radiator port connected to the radiator route, so as to close the radiator port and open at least one of the other discharge ports when an ignition switch is turned off..
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Exhaust sampling system including a mixer that mixes exhaust gas and dilution gas

A mixing system for an exhaust sampling system is disclosed. In one example, the mixing system includes a mixing passage, an exhaust pipe, and a mixer.
Avl Test Systems, Inc.

Gas/liquid mixing device for exhaust aftertreatment

A mixing device for an exhaust gas conduit comprises a first, inner sleeve having an upstream end, a downstream end and an inner passage extending therethrough having a diameter “d”. A deflector fin is formed in the first, inner sleeve and extends into the inner passage.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Exhaust treatment treatment of an exhaust stream

An exhaust treatment system is provided for treatment of an exhaust stream, where the system comprises a first dosage device, arranged to supply a first additive into said exhaust stream and a first reduction catalyst device, arranged downstream for reduction of nitrogen oxides in said exhaust stream through the use of said first additive, and for the generation of heat through at least one exothermal reaction with said exhaust stream. A particulate filter arranged downstream of said first reduction catalyst device to catch soot particles.
Scania Cv Ab

Method of operating an aftertreatment system of an internal combustion engine

A method of operating an aftertreatment system of an internal combustion engine having a lean nitrogen-oxides trap and a reductant storage device placed downstream of the lean nitrogen-oxides trap is disclosed. A regeneration of the lean nitrogen-oxides trap is performed.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Method for operating an oil circuit, in particular for a vehicle

A method for operating an oil circuit for a vehicle, the oil circuit being configured to supply oil to an internal combustion engine, wherein the oil circuit includes an oil cooler, and wherein at least one temperature sensor measures the temperature of the oil flowing through the oil circuit, downstream of the oil cooler and upstream of the internal combustion engine, the temperature sensor being connected for signaling purposes to a regulating and/or control device, includes: controlling and/or regulating, by the regulating and/or control device, the temperature of the oil flowing through the oil circuit, such that the temperature measured by the temperature sensor has a defined target temperature value; and setting and/or adjusting, by the regulating and/or control device, as a function of a drive power of the internal combustion engine, the defined target temperature value so as to reduce fuel consumption of the internal combustion engine.. .
Man Truck & Bus Ag

Liquid cooling system with thermal valve deflector

The liquid cooling system has a heat exchanger having a fluid inlet and an outlet; a fluid supply conduit leading to the inlet of the heat exchanger; a fluid return conduit extending from the outlet of the heat exchanger; a bypass conduit extending between the fluid supply conduit and the fluid return conduit; a thermal valve configured for selectively closing the bypass conduit, the valve having a temperature sensing element positioned downstream of both the heat exchanger and the bypass conduit, the temperature sensing element configured to selectively move the thermal valve in response to a temperature change of the liquid which the temperature sensing element is exposed to relative to a temperature threshold of the valve; and a deflector positioned between the temperature sensing element and at least one of the bypass conduit and the heat exchanger outlet.. .
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

Nozzle module for an energy converter

A nozzle module for an energy converter, in particular for a power plant, including a first nozzle for the introduction of a motive fluid into a mixing chamber and an introduction opening for the introduction of a suction fluid into the mixing chamber, the mixing chamber having a geometry for merging the motive fluid and the suction fluid in the mixing chamber in a flow-intensifying manner. To specify a nozzle module which effects an increase in efficiency of the power plant, a vapor pressure of the motive fluid upstream of the first nozzle is lower than a vapor pressure of the suction fluid upstream of the introduction opening, and a gas pressure in the mixing chamber in a region downstream of the first nozzle is lower than a gas pressure in the mixing chamber in a region downstream of the introduction opening..

Dual check backflow preventer

A backflow preventer that includes a housing having an inlet and an outlet adapted to be mounted in a liquid flow configuration in a liquid supply circuit. An upstream check disc assembly is positioned in the housing downstream of the inlet, and includes an upstream check plate supporting a downstream diaphragm.
Conbraco Industries, Inc.

Method for differentiating between lung squamous cell carcinoma and lung adenocarcinoma

Provided is an approach for differentially determining the histological type of a lung cancer lesion objectively and rapidly with high accuracy. A method for differentially assessing a lesion in a lung cancer patient as squamous cell carcinoma or adenocarcinoma, comprising a step of measuring an expression level of an expression product of at least one dna comprising a transcription start site in a biological sample collected from the lesion, wherein the dna comprises a base at an arbitrary position in the transcription start site and at least one or more bases located immediately downstream thereof in any of nucleotide sequences represented by seq id nos: 1 to 213, and the transcription start site is a region wherein both ends thereof are defined by the first base and the 101st base counted from the 3′ end in any of the nucleotide sequences represented by seq id nos: 1 to 213..

System and delivering dilution water droplets within an oil-and-water stream

A system for desalting a crude oil stream includes vessel that has an interior piping structure that releases wash water into a crude oil flow within the vessel. The piping structure, which may have more than one level, has a plurality of spray nozzles for dispersing or releasing the wash water into the flowing crude oil stream.
Cameron Solutions, Inc.

Submerged combustion melters having an extended treatment zone and methods of producing molten glass

A submerged combustion melter includes a floor, a roof, and a sidewall structure connecting the floor and roof defining an internal space. A first portion of the internal space defines a melting zone, and a second portion defines a fining zone immediately downstream of the melting zone.
Johns Manville


A microelement includes: a base being a body of the microelement, the base including a liquid inlet for a liquid to be introduced, a liquid outlet for the liquid to be discharged, and a groove for the liquid to flow from the liquid inlet toward the liquid outlet; a cover that covers the groove of the base; and a liquid flow controller film segment that is fixed to an inner surface of the cover so as to be opposite to the groove. The liquid flow controller film segment is arc-shaped curved-band-like extending in a direction crossing a flow direction of the liquid and has a radius about a center-corresponding position of the cover corresponding to a center of the liquid outlet of the groove.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Label printer

A label printer according to an embodiment includes a support unit that supports a roll of a backless label paper; a conveying unit that conveys and reverse conveys the backless label paper along a conveying path; a printing unit positioned on the conveying path and including a print head that prints on a surface of the backless label paper; a cutting unit, positioned on the conveying path downstream of the printing unit in a conveying direction, that cuts the backless label paper; and a control unit that controls the conveying unit to reverse convey the backless label paper in a reverse conveying direction after the cutting unit cuts the backless label paper sheet so that a tip of the backless label paper is stopped at a predetermined position downstream from the print head in the conveying direction.. .
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

Part feeding device and part mounting apparatus

A part feeding device of the present disclosure includes a main body; a conveyor; and a part detector. At a positon further upstream than the part detector, the transporting passage includes a guide surface for guiding the lower surface of the part feeding tape, and a ceiling surface which faces the guide surface and is positioned at a position upwardly apart from the guide surface by the dimension larger than the thickness of the part feeding tape having the maximum thickness to be used in the part feeding device.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.

Recording method

A recording method includes a first drying step of evaporating 50 to 85 wt % of ink adhering on a recording medium, the ink being ejected from a recording head onto a surface of the recording medium back side of which is supported on a medium-supporting unit which faces the recording head, and a second drying step of drying the recording medium, which has been subjected to the first drying step, at the downstream side of the medium-supporting unit in a feeding direction of the recording medium.. .
Seiko Epson Corporation

Removing unit and removing method

Provided is a removing unit that includes: a first conveying roller, a second conveying roller, a third conveying roller, and a take-up roller. The first conveying roller conveys a stack including first and second base members which are removably stacked with respect to each other.
Oki Data Corporation

Three-dimensional printing system, control device for three-dimensional printing apparatus, and control three-dimensional printing apparatus

A three-dimensional printing system includes a reservoir, a feeder, a solidifier, and a controller. The reservoir is configured to store powder, the powder being to be solidified inside the reservoir to form a three-dimensional object.
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Method and manufacturing a bent member

A bending apparatus has (a) a first manipulator which feeds a hollow metal blank of closed cross section in its lengthwise direction, (b) a second manipulator which supports a first support means disposed at a first position and a metal blank while feeding it, a heating means disposed at a second position downstream of the first position in the blank feed direction for heating all or part of the circumference of the blank, and a cooling means disposed at a third position downstream of the second position for cooling a portion of the heated blank, and (c) a third manipulator which constitutes a second support means disposed at a fourth position downstream of the third position in the feed direction of the blank and which moves two-dimensionally or three-dimensionally while supporting at least one location of the metal blank to bend the metal blank into a desired shape.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Yaskawa Denki

Method and device for manufacturing a tubular lagging element from sheet metal

The apparatus for manufacturing a tubular, sheet metal heat-insulating element (1) from a sheet metal blank (9) successively comprises, in a direction of travel perpendicular to the axis of the heat-insulating element to be produced, a drive unit (5) for conveying the blank (9) flat in the direction of travel (f), a set of shaping rolls (61, 62) comprising shaping rollers (65, 66) for forming a relief on the edge of the blank, and a roll-bending unit (7), situated immediately downstream of the set of shaping rolls, for roll-bending the blank comprising said relief. Firstly, reliefs are shaped on the edges of the blank by means of shaping rolls, then roll-bending is performed, preferably immediately thereafter and in the same operation, the edge-forming and roll-bending being carried out in a single pass..
Interver Management S.a.

Dual component dispensing and mixing systems for marine and military paints

A device for applying a mixed component includes first and second receptacles configured to receive first and second components, respectively, a static mixing nozzle, an applicator and an operating member. The static mixing nozzle includes a plurality of mixing elements, has a first end and a second end, and is in fluid communication with the first and second receptacles.
Sulzer Mixpac Ag

Fluid transfer from digital microfluidic device

Methods and systems for processing fluids utilizing a digital microfluidic device and transferring droplets from the digital microfluidic device to a downstream analyzer are described herein. Methods and systems in accordance with the present teachings can allow for the withdrawal of fluid from a digital microfluidic device, and can in some aspects enable the integration of a digital microfluidic device as a direct, in-line sample processing platform from which a droplet can be transferred to a downstream analyzer..
Dh Technologies Development Pte Ltd.

Aftertreatment system for diesel vehicle

An aftertreatment system for a diesel vehicle includes a lean nox trap (lnt) catalyst, which is installed at a downstream of a diesel engine, absorbs nitrogen oxide (nox) in a lean atmosphere, desorbs nitrogen oxide (nox) in a rich atmosphere based on a lambda window, and converts some of the desorbed nitrogen oxide (nox) to ammonia (nh3). A selective catalytic reduction (scr) catalyst is installed at a downstream of the lnt catalyst and purifies nitrogen oxide (nox) that has passed through the lnt catalyst using ammonia (nh3) generated at the lnt catalyst..
Hyundai Motor Company

System and playing a game

A system and method for playing a game. The table can be electronic or physical.

Apparatus and rapidly cooling or heating the body temperature of a patient

An extracorporeal blood cooling or heating circuit includes an intravenous catheter for withdrawing a patient's blood coupled to a combined pump/heat exchanger device. One or more sensors are provided upstream and/or downstream of the pump/heat exchanger device for measuring pressure, temperature, fluid flow, blood oxygenation, and other parameters.
Cardiacassist, Inc.

Surface cleaning apparatus

A surface cleaning apparatus is disclosed having a forward portion and a rearward portion. The forward portion has a dirty air inlet, a front side, a rear side and a forward bridging section, the forward bridging section having a rearwardly extending air flow passage that is downstream from the dirty air inlet.
Omachron Intellectual Property Inc.

Evaporative induction cooling system for a data center

A data center cooling system includes an evaporative cooling system. The evaporative cooling system includes fans configured to circulate outside air at ambient conditions through an entry zone of a data center, and atomizers positioned upstream of the entry zone configured to spray atomized water into the circulating outside air.
Google Inc.

Environment control device providing a wi-fi hotspot for accessing the internet

An environment control device (ecd) providing a wi-fi hotspot for accessing the internet. The ecd comprises a communication module with a wi-fi hotspot functionality for establishing a wi-fi hotspot at the ecd, and a mesh client functionality for communicating over a mesh network.
Distech Controls Inc.

Multi-network seamless roaming mobile router with auto-discovery and migration of downstream devices on the mobile network

Method for discovering a mobile host that roams across wireless networks, each wireless network comprising a mobile router and the mobile routers being coupled to a gateway. The method includes receiving a packet comprising an address of the mobile host within one of the wireless networks; and determining whether the address of the mobile host resolves to be within a subnet of mobile hosts manageable by the mobile router of the one wireless network.
Netmotion Wireless, Inc.

Method for determining a connection order of nodes on a powered audio bus

A method for determining a connection order of nodes on a powered audio bus by having the nodes draw power from the powered audio bus, measure the power consumed downstream, determine who is the last node on the bus, and transmit an identifier of the last node to the bus driver.. .
Music Group Ip Ltd.

Operator movement based on memory

Systems, methods, and computer program products to perform an operation comprising providing a plurality of processing elements comprising one or more operators, the operators configured to process streaming data tuples, establishing an operator graph of a plurality of operators, the operator graph defining at least one execution path in which a first operator of the plurality of operators is configured to: (i) receive data tuples from at least one upstream operator and (ii) transmit data tuples to at least one downstream operator, wherein the first operator executes on a first compute node of a plurality of compute nodes, monitoring a memory use by the first operator on the first compute node, and upon determining that the memory use of the first operator exceeds a memory threshold, moving the first operator to a second compute node, of the plurality of compute nodes.. .
International Business Machines Corporation

Information processing method and information processing system

According to one embodiment, an information processing method includes a process to execute, using first biological data read from a medium held by a passer passing through a first position, and second biological data acquired from an image obtained by imaging the passer passing through the first position, a first authentication processing to authenticate the passer; a process to store third biological data, based on at least one of the first biological data and the second biological data used in the first authentication processing, in a memory, when the authentication of the passer by the first authentication processing has succeeded; a process to execute, using fourth biological data acquired from an image obtained by imaging a passer passing through a second position at a more downstream side than the first position in a proceeding direction of the passer, and the third biological data stored in the memory, a second authentication processing to authenticate the passer; and a process to permit passing through the second position, when the passer is authenticated by the second authentication processing.. .
Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba

Mode division multiplexed passive optical network (mdm-pon) apparatus, and transmission and reception method using the same

A mode division multiplexed passive optical network (mdm-pon) apparatus includes: a non-mode selective multiplexer which includes a first end where three or more single-mode optical fibers are spaced apart from each other by a predetermined distance, and a second end where cores of the three or more single-mode optical fibers are tapered such that a gap between the three or more single-mode optical fibers is narrower than the predetermined distance while the three or more single-mode optical fibers are spaced apart from each other by an equal distance; an optical line terminal (olt) which is connected to the second end through a few-mode fiber, and transmits a downstream optical signal; and three or more optical network units (onus) which is connected to the first end through the three or more single-mode optical fibers, and transmits upstream optical signals.. .
Electronics And Telecommunications Research Institute

Multi-mode fiber node

In a first configuration, circuitry of a fiber node may be configured to modulate an optical carrier by an analog upstream electrical signal received via the electrical network. In a second configuration, the circuitry may be configured to digitize the analog upstream electrical signal to generate a digitized upstream signal, and modulate the optical carrier with the digitized upstream signal.
Maxlinear, Inc.

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