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 Apparatus and  protection in a data center patent thumbnailApparatus and protection in a data center
A manner of providing redundancy protection for a data center network that is both reliable and low-cost. In a data center network where the data traffic between numerous access nodes and a network core layer via primary aggregation nodes, an optical network device such as and olt (optical line terminal) is provided as a backup aggregation node for one or more of the primary aggregation nodes.
Alcatel-lucent Usa Inc.

 Method, device, and system for canceling crosstalk between lines in dsl system patent thumbnailMethod, device, and system for canceling crosstalk between lines in dsl system
A method for canceling crosstalk between lines in a dsl system is presented. The method includes obtaining an upstream signal that is sent by corresponding customer premises equipment (cpe) and that is received by each central office (co), forming an upstream signal sequence including upstream signals of all cos, obtaining a downstream signal that is sent by each co to the cpe corresponding to each co, and forming a downstream signal sequence including downstream signals of all the cos; performing fext cancellation processing on the upstream signal sequence to obtain a first signal sequence, and processing the downstream signal sequence to determine next signals in the upstream signals of all the cos; and performing next cancellation processing on the first signal sequence using the determined next signals, to obtain a second signal sequence, and sending upstream signals in the second signal sequence to all the cos..
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

 Solid-oxide fuel cell system and  stopping same patent thumbnailSolid-oxide fuel cell system and stopping same
A solid-oxide fuel cell system includes: a fuel cell unit including a solid-oxide fuel cell including an anode gas channel and a cathode gas channel and a mixer; an electric power generation raw material supplier; a combustible gas channel extending from the electric power generation raw material supplier to a downstream end of the anode gas channel; an oxidizing gas supplier; and a controller operative to, after electric power generation of the fuel cell unit is stopped, control the electric power generation raw material supplier to supply to the combustible gas channel the electric power generation raw material, the amount of which compensates for contraction of gas in the combustible gas channel due to temperature decrease of the fuel cell unit and also control the oxidizing gas supplier to supply the oxidizing gas to the cathode gas channel in accordance with the supply of the electric power generation raw material.. .
Toto Ltd.

 Mass spectrometer with interleaved acquistion patent thumbnailMass spectrometer with interleaved acquistion
A method of mass spectrometry is disclosed comprising passing ions through a first stage and a second stage of a mass spectrometer and monitoring a first ion acquisition for a first dwell time extending from a time t1 to a time t1+tdwell1. The method further comprises reconfiguring the mass spectrometer or one or more components of the mass spectrometer to monitor a second ion acquisition and setting the first stage to transmit ions of the second ion acquisition at a time t, wherein t<t1+tdwell1.
Micromass Limited Uk

 Data processing graph compilation patent thumbnailData processing graph compilation
A received graph-based program specification includes: a plurality of components, each corresponding to at least one operation; and a plurality of directed links each connecting an upstream component to a downstream component. Processed code is generated representing one or more groups of operations by: identifying a possible level of concurrency in a first group of operations based at least in part on a topology of the graph, such that multiple operations in the first group are not prevented by the topology of the graph from executing concurrently; analyzing at least some of the operations in the first group to determine runtime characteristics associated with the analyzed operations; and generating processed code for executing the operations, where the processed code enforces a reduced level of concurrency in the first group, lower than the identified possible level of concurrency, based at least in part on the determined runtime characteristics..
Ab Initio Technology Llc

 Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus patent thumbnailSheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
A sheet feeding apparatus includes a controller for shifting a sheet attractor from a stand-by state in which the attractor is away from a sheet accommodated in a sheet stacking device to an attraction state in which the attractor is elastically deformed to surface-contact with the sheet stacked on the stacker to electrostatically attract the sheet, to a separating state for separating the sheet from a lower sheet by lifting a downstream end of the sheet with respect to the feeding direction, and to a spaced state in which the attractor spaces the attracted sheet from the lower sheet, the controller changing a slackness of the attractor in the separating state on the basis of a stiffness information of the sheet.. .
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha

 Developer-supplying container patent thumbnailDeveloper-supplying container
According to an embodiment, a developer-supplying container includes a container and a paddle. The container includes an opening for supplying the image forming apparatus with developer contained in the container.
Toshiba Tec Kabushiki Kaisha

 Off-axis optical telescope patent thumbnailOff-axis optical telescope
An optical telescope is provided that includes a steering mirror configured to receive and redirect optical signals. The steering mirror is configured to be controllably oriented so as to control a direction in which the optical signals are redirected and to correspondingly control a line of sight.
The Boeing Company

 Air sensor with downstream facing ingress to prevent condensation patent thumbnailAir sensor with downstream facing ingress to prevent condensation
An air flow sensor is provided with an opening facing downstream and having a thin downstream facing edge to prevent condensation or buildup of moisture thereon. The sensor has been found to reduce entrainment of particles in a mixed phase stream.
National Research Council Of Canada

 Water extractor device using scuppers patent thumbnailWater extractor device using scuppers
A heat exchange system includes a core of cross flow passages having a reheater, and a condenser that is downstream of and directly interfaces the reheater. A first water extractor is downstream of the condenser, wherein the first water extractor turns a first fluid from the first pass of the condenser back towards the condenser and produces a second fluid that flows into the second pass of the condenser.
Honeywell International Inc.

Combustion chamber and a combustion chamber segment

A combustion chamber includes at least one annular wall which includes at least one box like structure and each box like structure includes an inner wall, outer wall, upstream end wall and downstream end wall. The inner wall is spaced radially from the outer wall and the outer wall has a plurality of apertures for the supply of coolant into the box like structure.
Rolls-royce Plc

Ventilation device and vehicular lamp

A ventilation device that discharges water vapor within a housing of a vehicular lamp to the outside, and includes: an attachment part attached in communication with ventilation opening in the housing; and a ventilation path that is a hollow formed from upstream toward downstream side, and that has a bent part which bends from a first to a second direction. In ventilation path: cross-sectional area s3 of a cross section orthogonal to second direction on downstream side is constituted by making cross-sectional area s2 of a cross section orthogonal to the first direction on the entrance side of bent part larger than the cross-sectional area s1 of a cross section orthogonal to first direction on upstream side, and making the length, in first direction, on exit side of bent part shorter than the length, in second direction, of the cross-sectional area s1; thereby, cross-sectional area s1≦ cross-sectional area s3..
Nitto Denko Corporation

Hydraulic system of a transmission with a plurality of pressure regulating valves

A hydraulic system (1) of a transmission (2) with a multiple number of pressure control valves (62 to 29) is described, in the area of which an applied pressure (p_sys) can be adjusted to a pressure level to be set downstream as a function of a total force component acting on a valve slide depending on the operating state. The total force component is adjusted as a function of a pilot force component that can be applied to the valve slide, an actuating force component and a control force component that exists as a function of the pressure level prevailing downstream.
Zf Friedrichshafen Ag

Exhaust gas recirculation control device and exhaust gas recirculation control method

An exhaust gas recirculation control device controls an exhaust gas recirculation device that includes an exhaust gas recirculation passage adapted to circulate a portion of exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine from an exhaust passage downstream of a turbine of a turbo supercharger along an exhaust flow to an intake passage upstream of a compressor of the turbo supercharger along an intake flow and downstream of an air flow meter along the intake flow, and a recirculation control valve adapted to adjust an amount of exhaust gas circulated to the intake passage. Furthermore, the exhaust gas recirculation control device includes recirculation ratio setting means adapted to set a lower target recirculation ratio for a smaller intake air amount of the internal combustion engine..
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Fuel meter protected from icing

A fuel metering unit including a movable element including at least one fuel passage section opening upstream towards a fuel supply conduit and opening downstream towards a conduit of use through a metering slot with a flared profile having a narrow passage section flaring as far as a wide passage section, the movable element being able to be moved with respect to a fixed element between a low flow rate position in which the metering slot is for a large part obstructed and a high flow rate position in which the metering slot is for a large part exposed, the metering slot being made in the fixed element or in the movable element and its obstruction being obtained by covering the slot with a wall of the movable element or of the fixed element.. .

Gas turbine combustor and gas turbine provided with same

A gas turbine combustor comprising a plurality of cooling air passages (27a) through which bled pressurized air flows from downstream of a combustion gas flow toward upstream, the plurality of cooling air passages (27a) being disposed in a wall portion (26) side by side and aligned in a flow direction of a combustion gas; wherein the plurality of cooling air passages (27a) are divided via a passage transition groove portion (33) into upstream cooling air passages (27a1) disposed closer to bled pressurized air inlet holes (30a) and downstream cooling air passages (27a2) disposed closer to bled pressurized air outlet holes (30b), and center lines (c1) of the upstream cooling air passages are non-collinear with center lines (c2) of the downstream cooling air passages.. .
Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, Ltd.

Method for detecting the aging of a heterogeneous catalytic converter, exhaust after-treatment system for an internal combustion engine, and internal combustion engine

A method for detecting the aging of a heterogeneous catalytic converter, including the following steps: acquiring at least one measurement signal in a media flow passing through the catalytic converter downstream of the catalytic converter; applying a time-variant input signal to the media flow and/or the catalytic converter; evaluating a behavior of the at least one measurement signal as a function of the time-variant input signal; and detecting a state of aging of the catalytic converter.. .
Mtu Friedrichshafen Gmbh

Determining the conversion efficiency of an exhaust gas catalytic converter

In order to determine the conversion efficiency of at least one component of a catalytic converter box comprising at least one scr catalytic converter and an oxides of nitrogen storage catalytic converter for the aftertreatment of the exhaust gases of an internal combustion engine, wherein the catalytic converter box is associated at the downstream end with a nox sensor, at least for a limited period of time the internal combustion engine is operated such that a first of the two components does not affect the signal detected by means of the nox sensor and the conversion efficiency of the second component is determined depending on the signal of the nox sensor that is not affected by the first component.. .
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Mixing structure

A lattice board 7 is obliquely arranged in a bent portion 1a (a flow changing portion) halfway in an exhaust pipe 1 where exhaust gas 4 flows curvedly so as to substantially bisect an angle made by inflow and outflow directions (see arrows x and y in the figure) of the exhaust gas entered upstream of and discharged downstream of the bent portion 1a, respectively. An injector 3 is arranged in the outflow direction of the exhaust gas 4 to inject urea water 5 (additive) to an entry side of the lattice board 7 such that flow passage walls of the lattice board 7 on which hit is the exhaust gas 4 from upstream has rear surfaces on which hit is a spray of urea water 5 from the injector 3..
Hino Motors, Ltd.

Oil feed member and lubricant feed mechanism for engine provided with same

There is provided an oil feed member capable of preventing lubricant from being excessively fed from an oil feed member to lubrication portions of valve gears, and a lubricant feed mechanism for an engine provided with the same. An oil feed member for feeding lubricant to lubrication portions of valve gears for opening and closing intake valves and exhaust valves of an engine, the oil feed member including: an upper panel member and a lower panel member laid over each other; and an oil feed passage formed by recessing laid surfaces of the upper panel member and the lower panel member, wherein the oil feed passage includes basis oil passages formed on a downstream side, and an introduction oil passage formed on an upstream side and having a smaller lubricant flow area than that of the basis oil passages..
Taiho Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Steam cycle, and operating a steam cycle

A steam cycle for a power station, and to a method for operating, in particular for starting, a steam cycle. The steam cycle has a high-pressure turbine, a condenser and a steam generator.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Turbine shroud segment sealing

An integrated shroud structure surrounds a circumferential array of stator vanes and a circumferential array of rotor blades of a gas turbine engine. The shroud structure includes a plurality of vane shroud segments and a plurality of blade shroud segments.
Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.

Gas turbine cooling systems and methods

A gas turbine having a compressor, a combustor downstream from the compressor in a gas flow direction, and a turbine downstream from the combustor in the gas flow direction is described herein. The turbine includes a rotating part and a stationary part arranged around the rotating part.
Ansaldo Energia Switzerland Ag

Method of sealing a fracture in a wellbore and sealing system

In a method of sealing a fracture (1) in a formation (2) surrounding a wellbore provided with a non-cemented perforated liner (4), a placement tool (6) is introduced into the liner and so positioned that a sealing fluid outlet (7) of the placement tool is located at the fracture (1). A placement section (8) including the sealing fluid outlet is pressed against the liner.
Maersk Olie Og Gas A/s

Residue hydrocracking

A process for upgrading residuum hydrocarbons and decreasing tendency of the resulting products toward asphaltenic sediment formation in downstream processes is disclosed. The process may include: contacting a residuum hydrocarbon fraction and hydrogen with a hydroconversion catalyst in a hydrocracking reaction zone to convert at least a portion of the residuum hydrocarbon fraction to lighter hydrocarbons; recovering an effluent from the hydrocracking reaction zone; contacting hydrogen and at least a portion of the effluent with a resid hydrotreating catalyst; and separating the effluent to recover two or more hydrocarbon fractions..
Lummus Technology Inc.

Gasoline production process comprising an isomerization step followed by at least two separation steps

The present invention describes a process for the production of high octane number gasoline by isomerization of a light naphtha cut, comprising two separation steps located downstream of the reaction step which can be used to improve the energy efficiency of said process.. .

Catalytic converter arrangement with optimized surface for producing phthalic anhydride

A catalytic converter arrangement for producing phthalic anhydride by means of a gas phase oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons, comprising a reactor with a gas inlet side for a reactant gas, a gas outlet side for a product gas, a first catalytic converter layer made of catalytic converter elements, and at least one second catalytic converter layer made of catalytic converter elements. The first catalytic converter layer is arranged on the gas inlet side, and the second catalytic converter layer is arranged downstream of the first catalytic converter layer in the gas flow direction.
Clariant International Ltd.

Method and device for dewatering sludge on a screen

The invention relates to a method for the dewatering of sludge on a screen, wherein a flocculant is admixed with sludge, whereafter the sludge is at least partially dewatered, the flow behaviour of the sludge on the screen being optically detected and the amount of flocculant to be admixed being set according to the free screen surface in a control region. The invention is primarily characterized in that the control region is arranged at a point of the cleaned screen in the inlet area of the sludge, for example at the edge.
Andritz Ag

Combined-blade-type open flow path device and joined body thereof

A combined-blade-type open flow path device being a fluid flow path device where a plurality of flow paths are adjacent to each other, the combined-blade-type open flow path device comprising: a substrate configured to constitute a bottom portion of the flow paths; and a plurality of blades erected on a surface of the substrate, the plurality of blades configured to constitute side walls of the flow paths, wherein the plurality of blades are erected in a plurality of numbers at a space in a direction from an upstream side to a downstream side of a flow of the fluid, and conduction of the fluid between the flow paths adjacent at the space is made possible, and wherein the flow of the fluid is made possible by one end of the flow path being in contact with the fluid.. .
Japan Science And Technology Agency

Paper case and paper feed system

A paper case includes a paper ejection opening, side walls, and a front wall. When the paper case is mounted on a paper stand, the paper ejection opening is positioned at a front end facing a downstream side.
Seiko Epson Corporation

Low-energy roller-belt accumulator

A conveyor system and method for cascaded accumulation on a series of in-line roller belts. An accumulation system comprises a series of roller belts that can be actuated in contiguous zones to accelerate conveyed articles forward at twice the belt speed.
Laitram, L.l.c.

Sheet stacking apparatus having adjustable length conveyor section

A sheet stacking system for transporting sheets and depositing them in a stack includes a layboy, a transport conveyor downstream of the layboy, and a main conveyor downstream of the transport conveyor, the main conveyor having a frame and being supported by a conveyor support, a discharge end of the main conveyor being movable between a lowered position and a raised position relative to the conveyor support. The main conveyor intake end is configured to move from a first position when the main conveyor discharge end is in the lowered position to a second position when the main conveyor discharge end is in the raised position, and also a variable length conveyor between the transport conveyor and the main conveyor, the variable length conveyor having a discharge end connected to and movable with the main conveyor intake end and movable relative to the transport conveyor discharge end..
A. G. Stacker, Inc.

Slip-controllable vehicle brake system

A slip-controllable vehicle brake system includes a drivable pressure generator configured to supply at least one wheel brake of a brake circuit with pressure medium. The pressure generator has a pump inlet valve and a pump outlet valve to control the throughput of the pressure medium.
Robert Bosch Gmbh

Air guide and air guide module

The invention relates to an air guide for a motor vehicle comprising at least one downstream main duct (7) intended to be positioned in front of a heat exchange device (5) of the motor vehicle (2) and at least one air inlet upstream duct (8, 9) intended to be connected to an air inlet (10, 11), the at least one air inlet upstream duct (8, 9) being connected to the downstream main duct (7) to guide the air from the air inlet (10, 11) toward the heat exchange device (5), characterized in that the air guide is made as a single piece.. .
Valeo Systemes Thermiques

Electric vehicle

A compressor, an intercooler, and a fuel cell stack are housed in a housing compartment. The compressor and the intercooler are connected with each other by upstream side piping, and the intercooler and the fuel cell stack are connected with each other by downstream side piping.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Belt assembly for high-speed inkjet printing

A printer includes: a printhead assembly having a print zone and a belt assembly for feeding print media past the print zone in a media feed direction. The belt assembly includes: an endless belt tensioned between a first roller upstream of the print zone and a second roller downstream of the print zone; a drive mechanism for moving the endless belt in the media feed direction; and a fixed platen positioned in the print zone.
Memjet Technology Ltd.

Printing device and control a printing device

A printer that partially cuts roll paper to leave an uncut portion prevents paper jams from reversing the roll paper. A printer 1 has a print unit 41 for printing images on roll paper r; a cutter unit 46 disposed downstream in the conveyance direction from the print unit for cutting the roll paper and leaving an uncut portion; a conveyance unit 42 for conveying the roll paper in the conveyance direction or a reverse direction that is the opposite of the conveyance direction; and a controller 40 that executes a reversing process conveying the roll paper in reverse by the conveyance unit 42 when the roll paper is separated from the paper roll at the uncut portion after the cutter unit 46 cuts the roll paper, and not executing the reversing process in specific circumstances in which the roll paper remains connected through the uncut portion..
Seiko Epson Corporation

Nox trap

A nox trap comprises components comprising at least one platinum group metal, at least one nox storage material and bulk ceria or a bulk cerium-containing mixed oxide deposited uniformly in a first layer on a honeycombed substrate monolith, the components in the first layer having a first, upstream, zone having increased activity relative to a second, downstream zone for oxidising hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide, and a second, downstream, zone having increased activity to generate heat during a desulphation event, relative to the first zone, wherein the second zone comprises a dispersion of rare earth oxide, wherein the rare earth oxide loading in the second zone is greater than the loading in the first zone. An exhaust system for a lean burn internal combustion engine, a vehicle comprising a lean burn internal combustion engine and the exhaust system and methods of making the nox trap are also disclosed..
Johnson Matthey Public Limited Company

Exhaust gas purification system

The exhaust gas purification system includes a scr, an nox sensor which is provided on a downstream side of the scr, and an nox purifying controller which controls an amount of urea water being ejected to the scr and performs an abnormality diagnosis based on a detection value of the nox sensor, wherein the exhaust gas purification system includes an exhaust gas temperature sensor which acquires temperature of the exhaust gas flowing into the scr, a temperature increasing rate calculating unit which calculates a temperature increasing rate at which the exhaust gas temperature acquired by the exhaust gas temperature sensor reaches a second temperature from a predetermined first temperature, and a prohibiting unit which prohibits abnormality diagnosis by the nox purifying controller in a case in which the temperature increasing rate calculated by the temperature increasing rate calculating unit is higher than a predetermined determination threshold value.. .
Isuzu Motors Limited

Air filter assemblies and carrier frames having vortex-generating flow guide

Air filter assemblies and carrier frames have a plurality of vortex-generating flow guides normalizing air flow to a uniform velocity profile downstream thereof. The airflow having the uniform velocity profile travels across a mass airflow sensor..
Cummins Filtration Ip, Inc.

Process liquid supply apparatus operating method, process liquid supply apparatus and non-transitory storage medium

According to an embodiment of the present disclosure, a process liquid supply apparatus operating method is provided. The method includes filling a filter unit with a process liquid from an upstream side of the filter unit to a downstream side of the filter unit after newly mounting or replacing the filter unit and repeating a depressurization filtering process and a pressurization filtering process for a predetermined number of times.
Tokyo Electron Limited

Asymmetric opening and closing prosthetic valve leaflet

Described embodiments are directed toward prosthetic valves having leaflets that move asymmetrically in that a leaflet second side region of the leaflet initially moves toward the open position before a leaflet first side region and the leaflet first side region initially moves toward the closed position before the leaflet second side region. In the fully open position, the leaflet first side region opens less than the leaflet second side region.
W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

Automatic towel dispenser

Dispensing towels includes, using a motor assembly configured to cause a leading edge of the toweling to be extended from a housing of the dispenser and to cause the toweling to be subsequently retracted back into the housing, (a) the step of extending the toweling exterior of the housing for grasping by a user; and (b) subsequent thereto, the steps of (1) retracting the toweling into the housing using the motor assembly; (2) sensing a leading edge of the toweling, using a sensor, while retracting the toweling; and (3) ceasing retracting of the toweling into the housing using the motor assembly as a function of sensing the leading edge of the toweling using the sensor. The toweling is advanced by the motor assembly such that a line of perforations in the toweling, along which the user tears the toweling, is located downstream of the sensor..
Innovia Intellectual Properties, Llc


A dispenser for dispensing at least one perforated web from a storage of web material, the dispenser including: a housing arranged to hold a storage of perforated web material, wherein a web path extends along a feeding direction in an interior of the housing from a storage position to a dispensing opening of the dispenser, and a separation arrangement being arranged along said web path, for separating the at least one perforated web along the perforations thereof, said separation arrangement including a first unit and a second unit, the second unit being arranged downstream of said first unit. The first unit is arranged to provide a tensioning force on said web, said tensioning force being at least 2 n/m, and the second unit being arranged to stretch the web material along the length of the web and along the width of the web..
Sca Hygiene Products Ab

Foam producing apparatus and method

A foam dispenser includes a dispensing outlet, a pre-mixing chamber receiving liquid from a liquid source and air from an air source, a mixing chamber downstream of the pre-mixing chamber and proximate the dispenser outlet, and a first conduit coupling the pre-mixing chamber to the mixing chamber.. .
Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc.

Smoking article with ventilated mouth end cavity

A smoking article comprises a tobacco rod and a filter connected to the tobacco rod. The filter comprises a first filter segment and a hollow tube segment downstream of the first filter segment.
Philip Morris Products S.a.

System, making frozen beverages

Systems, apparatuses, and methods for making a frozen beverage are disclosed. In the systems, a mixing stage mixes water and syrup to form a mixture.
Hi Tec Metal Group, Inc.

A reefer container for transporting and storing a plurality of produce

The present invention relates to a reefer container for transporting and storing a plurality of produce at a predetermined temperature, the produce generating ethylene and other organic compounds during transport and storage, said reefer container comprising a substantially closed room having an atmosphere, a cooling device for maintaining the room at the predetermined temperature, and an atmosphere-controlling system (14) for controlling the atmosphere in the room of the reefer container, the atmosphere-controlling system comprising a system inlet (161) and a system outlet (162), a flow direction (165) of an airstream being defined between the system inlet and the system outlet, a fan (160) arranged at the system outlet, an ethylene reduction unit (100) for reducing a content of ethylene of the atmosphere in the room, a catalyst unit (150) arranged downstream the ethylene reduction unit, the catalyst unit being adapted to reduce a content of ozone generated during the reduction of ethylene, the catalyst unit having a catalyst inlet (153), a catalyst outlet (154) and a catalyst midsection (155) arranged substantially between the catalyst inlet and catalyst outlet, and a control unit (200), wherein a first measuring point (103) is arranged upstream the catalyst inlet and a second measuring point (151) is arranged at the catalyst midsection, the first measuring point and the second measuring point being connected with at least a first ozone sensor (170) so that via the first measuring point a first ozone concentration (c1) of the air before the air enters the catalyst unit can be measured, and via the second measuring point a second ozone concentration (c2) of the air present in the catalyst midsection of the catalyst unit can be measured, the first ozone sensor being connected with the control unit, and wherein the first ozone concentration (c1) is compared to the second ozone concentration (c2) in the control unit in order to calculate the expected ozone concentration of the air downstream the catalyst unit and the efficiency of the catalyst section. Further, the present invention relates to a method for measuring an ozone concentration in an airstream in a reefer container according to the present invention..
KjÆrulf Pedersen A/s

Relay device and data transfer method

The relay device includes: a frame determination unit that determines a received frame between a high-priority frame and a low-priority frame for each output port on a basis of an identifier; a fixed-delay queue that delays the high-priority frame for a time equal to or longer than the sum of a specified transmission gap and a frame length long enough for a downstream device to be capable of correctly receiving and transferring or discarding a frame, and that transmits the high-priority frame; a low-priority frame storing unit that stores therein the low-priority frame; a transmission-frame selection unit that executes control to discontinue transmission of the low-priority frame when transmitting the high-priority frame, and to retransmit the low-priority frame; and an output control unit that selects a frame to be transmitted to the downstream device on a basis of the control by the transmission-frame selection unit.. .
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Systems and methods of discovering and controlling devices without explicit addressing

A method of discovering a device in a communication network having multiple interconnected nodes includes continuously monitoring, by a device to be discovered, any ip packets sent by a discoverer. The method further includes transmitting, by the discoverer, an ip packet destined for a downstream device and receiving, by the device to be discovered, the ip packet.
Accedian Networks Inc.

Fuel cell purge line system

A fuel cell system including a fuel cell stack, separator and a scavenging reservoir. The fuel cell stack is configured to generate water and reusable fuel.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc

Electrode plate manufacturing method and electrode plate manufacturing apparatus

At a first position, an active material layer material is pressurized by first and second rolls, so as to form an active material layer on the second roll. Further, at a third position on a downstream side relative to the first position but on an upstream side relative to, in a rotation direction of the second roll, a second position where a third roll is opposed to the second roll, a part corresponding to a non-formation region in the active material layer is pressurized between a removal surface of the removal portion and the second roll, thereby transferring the pressurized part to the removal surface from the second roll so as to remove the pressurized part.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

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