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Downstream patents

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Method for producing a flow which is rich in methane and a cut which is rich in c2+ hydrocarbons from a flow of feed…

Adhesive label issuing apparatus and printer

Surface cleaning apparatus

Date/App# patent app List of recent Downstream-related patents
 Distributed computer system patent thumbnailnew patent Distributed computer system
A local computer (20) and a remote i/o device (30) are interconnected on a network (40) through an upstream side bridge (21) and a downstream side bridge (31). The upstream side bridge (21) and the downstream side bridge (31) each include a register (216, 316) for referring to or writing a signal aside from a primary data stream that runs through the network (40) from both sides, and a mechanism (217, 317) for transmitting and receiving the signal aside from the primary data stream inband when referring to or writing the signal in the register (216, 316)..
 Memory device and computer system patent thumbnailnew patent Memory device and computer system
A memory device according to an embodiment includes a non-volatile storage device from which data is read and to which data is written, an interface that is connected to the host device by a multiple upstream lanes and/or a multiple downstream lanes and performs data communication in both directions with the host device, and a memory controller. The memory controller changes a connection state of each lane on the basis of lane settings which are determined on the basis of at least one of an amount of data transmitted and the sequentiality of data when the data is transmitted between the memory device and the host device..
 Configuration snooping bridge patent thumbnailnew patent Configuration snooping bridge
Systems and methods for configuration snooping are provided. A bridge identifies an initialization message of a central processing unit (cpu) for a device that is downstream of a primary interface of the bridge.
 System for achieving real-time monitoring and state estimation in power distribution networks patent thumbnailnew patent System for achieving real-time monitoring and state estimation in power distribution networks
A method of placing pmus for distribution networks having a plurality of nodes, the network comprising: a feeder line attached to a source at a source node and at least one node with a lateral branching from the node on the feeder line, the method comprising the steps of: placing a vpmu and cpmu directly after the source node; locating a next node downstream along the feeder line; and for the located next node, determining a type of node located, a type of line between the source node and the located next node and whether the located next node is an end node of the feeder line; wherein if the located next node is branching node, placing a cpmu on all laterals between the branching node and an end of the lateral; determining if any of the located next nodes are attached to a dispersed generator and placing a cpmu.. .
 Conveyor controllers patent thumbnailnew patent Conveyor controllers
Methods, apparatuses, and program products for controlling a conveyor. One embodiment of the method includes operating a motorized roller of the conveyor to rotate in a first direction corresponding to a direction of travel, and in response to detecting that a jam has occurred, operating the motorized roller to rotate in a second direction opposite the first direction.
 Conical vena cava filter with jugular or femoral retrieval patent thumbnailnew patent Conical vena cava filter with jugular or femoral retrieval
An intravascular filter configured for upstream or downstream retrieval and a method for retrieving an intravascular filter from a patient's vena cava through the patient's femoral vein. The filter includes a downstream hub, an upstream hub, a plurality of primary struts extending from the downstream hub to the upstream hub, a plurality of secondary struts extending upstream from fixed ends housed in the downstream hub to free ends, secondary strut eyelets disposed at the free ends of the secondary struts, a loop member disposed through the secondary strut eyelets, an upstream coupling element disposed with the upstream hub, and a tether extending from the loop member to the upstream coupling element..
 Process and rotary machine type reactor patent thumbnailnew patent Process and rotary machine type reactor
A rotary machine type shock wave reactor suitable for thermal cracking of hydrocarbon-containing materials includes a casing, a rotor whose periphery contains an axial-flow blade cascade, and a directing rim, provided with at least two stationary vane cascades, adjoining an axial-flow rotor cascade, wherein the casing substantially encloses the periphery of the rotor and the directing rim. The cascades are configured to direct feedstock containing process stream to repeatedly pass the cascades in a helical trajectory while propagating within the duct between the inlet and exit and to generate stationary shock-waves to heat the feedstock.
 Multiplex compositions and methods for quantification of human nuclear dna and human male dna and detection of pcr inhibitors patent thumbnailnew patent Multiplex compositions and methods for quantification of human nuclear dna and human male dna and detection of pcr inhibitors
The invention relates to a method for simultaneous quantification of human nuclear dna and human male dna in a biological sample while also detecting the presence of pcr inhibitors in a single reaction. The multiplex quantification method also provides a ratio of human nuclear and male dna present in a biological sample.
 Multi-channel radio-frequency receiver patent thumbnailnew patent Multi-channel radio-frequency receiver
The invention relates to a multichannel radio-frequency receiver for electromagnetic waves, having a radio-frequency analogue section, which has an input for an electrical signal from a reception device, and having a lower-frequency section, which is connected downstream of the radiofrequency analogue section and has a plurality of parallel channels (6b, 6c; 7b, 7c) for in each case different signal levels and an evaluation circuit, in which, in the radiofrequency analogue section in order to split the signal in accordance with a predeterminable division ratio into signal elements which can be supplied to radio-frequency analogue channels (6a, 7a), downstream from which the channels (6b, 6c; 7b, 7c) of the lower-frequency section are respectively connected, and the channels (6b, 6c; 7b, 7c) of the lower-frequency section each have an evaluation circuit for detection of the phase and amplitude of the respective signal element.. .
 Radio to detect and compensate for frequency misalignment patent thumbnailnew patent Radio to detect and compensate for frequency misalignment
A radio includes a radio frequency (rf) subsystem to process analog information. A digital subsystem receives input from the rf subsystem, and may include a frequency error estimator and a transmitter.
new patent Substrate processing apparatus and method of supplying and exhausting gas
A substrate processing apparatus includes: a process chamber for processing a substrate; a substrate mounting member including a mounting surface on which a plurality of substrates are concentrically mounted with facing a ceiling of the process chamber; a rotation instrument for rotating the substrate mounting member in a direction parallel to the mounting surface; a gas supply unit and a gas exhaust unit which are disposed in the process chamber above the substrate mounting member upstream and downstream in the substrate mounting member rotating direction, respectively; and a controller for controlling the gas supply unit, the gas exhaust unit, and the rotation instrument to process the substrates, when the substrate passes through a predetermined region formed in the process chamber by the gas supply unit and the gas exhaust unit, by supplying a reactant gas from the gas supply unit and exhausting the reactant gas from the gas exhaust unit.. .
new patent Integrated platform for improved wafer manufacturing quality
The present disclosure relates to a method and apparatus for performing a dry plasma procedure, while mitigating internal contamination of a semiconductor substrate. In some embodiments, the apparatus includes a semiconductor processing tool having a dry process stage with one or more dry process elements that perform a dry plasma procedure on a semiconductor substrate received from an input port.
new patent System for hydrolyzing a cellulosic feedstock slurry using one or more unmixed and mixed reactors
Provided is a system for hydrolyzing a cellulosic feedstock slurry. The system comprises one or more unmixed reactors for receiving and partially hydrolyzing the cellulosic feedstock slurry so as to produce a mixture of partially hydrolyzed slurry.
new patent Method for producing alcohols and/or solvents from paper pulps with recycling of the non-hydrolysated plant material in a regeneration reactor
In which at least a portion of the cake that is obtained in stage f) is sent into at least one reactor for regeneration of cellulose, before being recycled downstream from stage a) for alkaline chemical pretreatment.. .
new patent Exhaust system for a lean burn ic engine
An exhaust system (10) for a lean-burn internal combustion engine (12) comprises a first substrate monolith (16) comprising a catalyst for oxidising nitric oxide (no) comprising a catalytic oxidation component followed downstream by a second substrate monolith (18) which is a wall-flow filter having inlet channels and outlet channels, wherein the inlet channels comprise a nox absorber catalyst (20) and the outlet channels comprise a catalyst for selective catalytic reduction (22) of nitrogen oxides with nitrogenous reductant.. .
new patent Reductant delivery system
An aftertreatment system for the transport of fluid reductant to an exhaust of a combustion engine is provided. The aftertreatment system includes a reductant tank configured to store the reductant.
new patent Exhaust section for bypass gas turbine engines
A turbine exhaust section comprises a turbine exhaust case having radially outer and inner ducts defining therebetween an annular exhaust portion for the hot exhaust gases, and an exhaust mixer projecting axially rearwardly from the turbine exhaust case for mixing the hot exhaust gases with a cooler bypass duct flow. The upstream end of the exhaust mixer surrounds a downstream end of the outer duct and defines therewith an axially extending overlap joint with a radial play between the outer duct and the exhaust mixer.
new patent Gas turbine engine systems involving tip fans
Gas turbine engine systems involving tip fans are provided. In this regard, a representative gas turbine engine system includes: a multi-stage fan having a first rotatable set of blades and a second counter-rotatable set of blades, the second rotatable set of blades defining an inner fan and a tip fan and being located downstream of the first set of rotatable blades; and an epicyclic differential gear assembly operative to receive a torque input and differentially apply the torque input to the first set of blades and the second set of blades..
new patent Air particle separator
A gas turbine engine is disclosed having a particle separator and an ejector disposed downstream of the particle separator and structured to entrain a dirty flow from the separator. A container of working fluid can be placed in flow communication with the ejector to provide an ejector flow to entrain the dirty flow from the particle separator.
new patent Cleaning member, cleaning device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
A cleaning member for removing a developer from a surface of a member to be cleaned includes a blade member configured to make contact with the member to be cleaned in a direction counter to a moving direction of the member to be cleaned, and a flexible plate-like supporting member configured to support the blade member, which includes one end with the blade member, the other end with a fixed portion fixed to a frame member, and a bent portion between the ends which is located outwardly away from the surface of the member to be cleaned relative to a segment connecting the fixed portion and a contact portion between the blade member and the member to be cleaned. The fixed portion arranged downstream of the moving direction of the member to be cleaned relative to the contact portion has a folded-back shape to nip part of the frame member..
new patent Development device and image formation apparatus
A development device includes a developer carrier, a restriction member to control a layer thickness of the developer on the developer carrier, first and second developer supply members being in contact with the developer carrier. Each of the developer supply members is configured to rotate at a speed having a constant ratio to a rotation speed of the developer carrier.
new patent Wavelength assignment for multiple operator support
An apparatus comprising a plurality of optical line terminals (olts) corresponding to different providers that share an optical distribution network (odn), a plurality of optical network units (onus) coupled to the olts via the same odn and configured to communicate with the different olts using different corresponding pairs of upstream and downstream channels, wherein the upstream and downstream channels are interleaved across a plurality of wavelength bands and comprise a sequence of alternating and contiguous upstream and downstream channels, are aligned with a plurality of wavelength division multiplexing (wdm) channels, and satisfy a plurality of design requirements for the olts and onus.. .
new patent Ultra-high power multimode combiner
An ultra-high power fiber laser system includes a multimode combiner which is configured with a plurality of low mode fibers bundled together and tapering toward its downstream end. The system further includes a clad mode absorber extending along the tapered downstream end of the combiner and extending over a portion of the combiner's output fiber.
new patent Radiation irradiation device, radiation irradiation method and program storage medium
A radiation irradiation device is provided that includes: a metal target that emits bremsstrahlung x-rays as a radiation beam due to irradiation with an electron beam; a radiation shielding member that includes a slit-shaped radiation passage portion and that is disposed downstream of the metal target in the radiation beam emission direction and is disposed such that a portion of the radiation beam passes through the radiation passage portion and the radiation beam incident to regions other than the radiation passage portion is blocked; and an electron beam generating device that irradiates, onto the metal target, an electron beam such that a diameter at a generation point of the emitted radiation beam is smaller than a length of an entry portion of the radiation passage portion along a length direction of the entry portion.. .
new patent Low-mode high power fiber combiner
A high power fiber laser system is configured with a combiner end fiber spliced to a combiner output fiber. The system further includes a light stripper extending along the combiner end and output fibers and configured with sequentially located zones which are provided with respective refractive indices.
new patent Fluidic channel device, method for mixing fluids, fluid control device, and liquid control system
Provided is a fluidic channel device which includes: at least two fluidic channels through which fluids flow; a joining fluidic channel at which the fluids flowing in the two fluidic channels are made to join to each other and form an interface therebetween; and a mixing fluidic channel disposed in the downstream of the joining fluidic channel and having a cross section with respect to a flowing direction which cross section is longer than that of the joining fluidic channel in a direction in which the interface becomes large.. .
new patent Apparatuses and methods for detecting wave front abberation of projection objective system in photolighography machine
Apparatus and methods for detecting wave front aberration of a projection objective lens in a photolithography machine are disclosed. The apparatus comprises: a light source system configured to generate an illuminating beam; a spatial filter configured to receive the illuminating beam and generate ideal spherical wave; a splitter plate arranged downstream to the spatial filter at a predetermined angle with respect to an optical axis of the spherical wave and having a transflective film being applied on a surface thereof; the projection objective lens configured to receive a beam from the splitter plate and generate an output beam; a spherical mirror configured to reflect the output beam from the projection objective lens to the projection objective lens, light passing through the projection objective lens being reflected by the splitter plate; and an interferometer configured to receive light reflected by the splitter plate and measure the wave front aberration of the projection objective lens..
new patent Adhesive label issuing apparatus and printer
An adhesive label issuing apparatus comprising: a cutter unit; an adhesive force expression unit; and a slack unit, the slack unit including: a downstream paper passing portion arranged between the cutter unit and the adhesive force expression unit along the conveyance direction so as to pass a label paper which has passed the cutter unit therethrough; and an upstream paper passing portion arranged on the upstream side of the downstream paper passing portion along the conveyance direction so as to pass the label paper therethrough, the downstream paper passing portion being arranged so as to be offset with respect to the upstream paper passing portion along a normal direction of an upstream paper passing surface in the upstream paper passing portion and so that a downstream paper passing surface in the downstream paper passing portion and the upstream paper passing surface are in parallel to each other.. .
new patent Image recording apparatus
An image recording apparatus for recording an image on a sheet includes a recording section which records the image on the sheet in a transport passage for transporting the sheet in a transport direction; and a plurality of holding members which are provided while being separated from each other in a widthwise direction of the transport passage perpendicular to the transport direction and which press the sheet transported along the transport passage, from at least one of front and back surfaces of the sheet. At lease one holding member, which is provided at a central portion in the widthwise direction of the transport passage, is arranged on a downstream side in the transport direction as compared with the other holding members..
new patent Printer with vacuum belt assembly having controlled suction
A printer includes a vacuum belt assembly for moving print media in a media feed direction along a media path. The vacuum belt assembly includes: a plurality of spaced apart endless belts tensioned between first and second pulleys; a vacuum chamber for drawing print media onto an upper surface of the belts; and a plurality of vacuum antechambers communicating with the vacuum chamber, each vacuum antechamber having a perimeter opening for suction engagement with print media, a length dimension of each perimeter opening extending longitudinally in the media feed direction.
new patent Liquid discharge apparatus
A liquid discharge apparatus includes a first head, a second head on a downstream side in the transport direction from the first head, a first irradiation section between the first head and the second head, a second irradiation section arranged on the downstream side in the transport direction, a first mist recovery section that is arranged between the first head and the first irradiation section, a second mist recovery section that is arranged between the second head and the second irradiation section, and an air flow adjustment member that is arranged between the second mist recovery section and the second irradiation section, adjusts an amount of air which is absorbed into the second mist recovery section, and decreases the air which is absorbed from the downstream side in the transport direction than the second mist recovery section in the air which is absorbed into the second mist recovery section.. .
new patent Droplet ejection apparatus
A droplet ejection apparatus including a droplet ejection head that ejects droplets onto a recording medium; a mist suction portion that sucks in mist of the droplets from a suction opening, the mist suction portion being provided downstream of the droplet ejection head in a relative movement direction between the recording medium and the droplet ejection head, and a collection portion that collects the mist sucked in from the suction opening. In the droplet ejection apparatus, a narrowing member that narrows a width of a space of the suction opening in a short direction is provided inside the mist suction portion..
new patent Techniques for low energy computation in graphics processing
Techniques and architecture are disclosed for using a latency first-in/first-out (fifo) to modally enable and disable a compute block in a graphics pipeline. In some example embodiments, the latency fifo collects valid accesses for a downstream compute and integrates invalid inputs (e.g., bubbles), while the compute is in an off state (e.g., sleep).
new patent Sheet feed apparatus, and image forming apparatus and image reading apparatus including the same
A sheet feed apparatus has sheet tray, sheet conveyance path, sheet feed roller, lift plate, and guide wall. Sheet feed roller is disposed, downstream of sheet tray in sheet conveyance direction, above central portion of sheet tray in sheet width direction perpendicular to sheet conveyance direction, so as to face central portion.
new patent Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Provided is a sheet conveying apparatus including: a pair of rollers which includes an upper roller and a lower roller and conveys a sheet in a nipping manner; a driving unit which independently drives the upper roller and the lower roller; a conveying unit which is disposed at the upstream of the pair of rollers in the sheet conveying direction and conveys the sheet to the pair of rollers; an overlapping unit which is provided between the pair of rollers and the conveying unit and overlaps a subsequent sheet on a precedent sheet in the conveying direction; and a control unit which controls the driving unit, wherein the control unit controls the driving unit so that: the upper roller and the lower roller are driven before a leading end of the precedent sheet conveyed by the conveying unit reaches the pair of rollers and the driving of the upper roller and the lower roller is stopped before a tail end of the precedent sheet passes the pair of rollers; the pair of rollers is driven again before a leading end of the subsequent sheet conveyed by the conveying unit and overlapped on the precedent sheet nipped by the pair of rollers reaches the pair of rollers and only the upper roller is driven so as to convey the subsequent sheet to the downstream in the conveying direction after the leading end of the subsequent sheet conveyed by the conveying unit reaches the pair of rollers; and the upper roller and the lower roller are driven so as to convey the precedent sheet and the subsequent sheet overlapped on the precedent sheet to the downstream in the conveying direction.. .
new patent Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus including same
A fixing device includes two rotary bodies and a recording-medium separation unit. The two rotary bodies are pressed against each other to form a nipping portion.
new patent Method for producing production gas and apparatus using same
Provided is a method for producing a production gas and an apparatus using the same with which a load may be increased in biomass treatment and the quality of the production gas may be improved. According to the present invention, a raw material fluid (f2) containing a biomass (m1) is supplied from an upstream end (22a) toward a downstream end (22b) in a raw material passage (22) separated from the outside by a reaction tube wall (21), and the raw fluid (f2) of the raw material passage (22) is heated from the outer side of the raw material passage (22) through the reaction tube wall (21) by a first heating means (f1).
new patent Seal arrangement for valve
A valve seat arrangement (4) in a hydraulic valve (1) provided with a bidirectional secondary barrier (5) including a first, upstream seal (51) and a second, downstream seal (52) and an intermediate, axially movable seal-supporting element (53), the seal-supporting element (53) including, at a first end, an annular first seal abutment (531) surrounded by a second supporting abutment surface (534) displaced in the axial direction towards a valve seat (42); and the seal-supporting element (53) including, at a second end, an annular second seal abutment (532) surrounding a first supporting abutment surface (532) displaced in the axial direction away from the valve seat (42).. .
new patent Magnetically actuated flow-rate selector
A flow-rate selector having a main body at least partially defining a duct for feeding a pourable product; a shutter body mobile, within the main body, between a relative downstream stop position, in which the shutter body at least partially engages a segment of the main body defining an outlet of the pourable product, and a relative upstream stop position in which the body leaves the outlet segment free. The shutter body having a tubular body defining internally a duct through which the pourable product can flow and which has a smaller section than the section of the feeding duct..
new patent Discrete dynode detector with dynamic gain control
A novel electron multiplier that regulates in real time the gain of downstream dynodes as the instrument receives input signals is introduced. In particular, the methods, electron multiplier structures, and coupled control circuits of the present invention enable a resultant on the fly control signal to be generated upon receiving a predetermined threshold detection signal so as to enable the voltage regulation of one or more downstream dynodes near the output of the device.
new patent Venturi fluid pump with outlet flow controller
A fuel pump for a fuel system includes a nozzle, a venturi, a pump inlet and a flow controller. The nozzle has an orifice through which fuel is ejected and the venturi is downstream of the nozzle and has an inlet through which fuel discharged from the orifice flows, a passage downstream of the venturi inlet through which fuel flows to create a drop in pressure in the area of the venturi, and an outlet through which fuel is discharged from the venturi.
new patent Two-substance nozzle and method for spraying a liquid-gas mixture
A two-substance nozzle for spraying a liquid-gas mixture, including a nozzle housing including at least one liquid inlet leading into a mixing chamber and at least one gas inlet leading into the mixing chamber, a swirl insert, an outlet chamber between the swirl insert and an outlet opening on the downstream end of the outlet chamber, wherein a restrictor is provided on the downstream end of the mixing chamber and an intermediate chamber is provided between the restrictor and the swirl insert.. .
new patent Writing apparatus, writing system, and writing method
A writing apparatus to which an external writing unit is connected comprises a writing unit that write, to a write object provided to a conveyed item, identification information thereof; a first reading unit in downstream side in a conveying direction than the writing unit, that reads identification information from the write object; a determination unit that determines whether the read identification information is consistent with identification information having to be written to the write object; and a notification unit configured to, when it is determined that identification information written to a first write object and read by the first reading unit is inconsistent with identification information having to be written to the first write object, notify the external writing unit of recovery information including the identification information having to be written to the first write object and/or a write content thereof.. .
new patent Bead feeder
A bead feeder serially delivering beads to a downstream location comprises a bead supply wheel connected to rotate about a vertical axis. The bead supply wheel includes a bead supply bowl and a plurality of radially and outwardly extending bead passageway connected to rotate with the bowl and dimensioned to receive a single line of beads.
new patent Liquid filling method, liquid filling device, and liquid container
A liquid filling device includes a supply tube, a filter capable of removing a foreign matter, a first on-off valve provided between the supply tube and the filter, a first connector provided between the first on-off valve and the filter, a second on-off valve provided downstream of the filter, a second connector connected to the second on-off valve. A first ink pack and a second ink pack are respectively connected to the first connector and the second connector.
new patent Shock absorber and vehicle using the same
A shock absorber includes a first and a second passage configured to flow a working fluid out of one chamber by movement of a piston, a first damping force generation mechanism installed at the first passage and configured to generate a damping force, a housing having at least a partial passage of the second passage formed therein, a free piston movably installed in the housing and configured to partition the second passage into an upstream side and a downstream side, and a spring member disposed in the housing and configured to hole the free piston at a neutral position, wherein a second damping force generation mechanism including a friction member installed at an inner side of the cylinder with respect to the sealing member and constituted by an annular elastic rubber section in sliding contact with the piston rod and an annular base section to which the elastic rubber section is fixed and a communication passage configured to reduce a pressure difference between both sides in an axial direction of the friction member is provided.. .
new patent Pressure reducing valve, tap and bottle provided with such a pressure reducing valve
Pressure reducing valve for compressed gas, comprising a body (1) housing a gas circuit (11) comprising an inlet (3) and an outlet (5), the gas circuit (11) comprising a mechanism for reducing the pressure of the gas between the inlet (3) and outlet (5), the reduction mechanism comprising a reduction piston (7) movable in the body (1) and sealingly delimiting a reduction chamber (16) via a gasket (15), the reduction piston (7) being able to move in translation in an upstream/downstream direction and acted on by a first return member (10), the pressure reducing valve (100) comprising a safety valve for preventing a rise in the pressure in the reduction chamber (16) beyond a given threshold, the safety valve comprising a discharge orifice (6) for the gas, the discharge orifice (6) being selectively in communication with the reduction chamber (16) when the reduction piston (7) reaches a given limit downstream position under the effect of the pressure in the reduction chamber (16), characterised in that the gasket (15) is disposed in a fixed housing of the body (1) and cooperates sealingly with the reduction piston (7) when the reduction piston (7) has not reached its given limit downstream position.. .
new patent Mixing chamber of exhaust gas recirculation system
A mixing chamber for mixing exhaust gas with intake air, in an engine is provided. The mixing chamber includes a first end, a second end and a side wall.
new patent Flame detection system for particulate filter regeneration
A flame detection system is disclosed. The system may have a flame chamber and a filter, wherein the filter includes filter media configured to collect matter from an engine exhaust.
new patent Method for producing a flow which is rich in methane and a cut which is rich in c2+ hydrocarbons from a flow of feed natural gas and an associated installation
The method comprises forming at least a second recirculation flow obtained from the head flow rich in methane downstream of the separation column and forming a dynamic expansion flow from the second recirculation flow.. .
new patent Refrigeration system having dual suction port compressor
A cooling system for appliances, air conditioners, and other spaces includes a compressor, and a condenser that receives refrigerant from the compressor. The system also includes an evaporator that receives refrigerant from the condenser.
new patent Turbomachine combustor assembly and method of operating a turbomachine
A turbomachine combustor assembly includes a combustor body having a combustor outlet, and a combustion liner arranged within the combustor body. The combustion liner defines a combustion chamber.
new patent Rich burn, quick mix, lean burn combustor
A combustor for a gas turbine includes a fuel nozzle having a central swirler that circumferentially surrounds a downstream end of the fuel nozzle. A primary combustion zone is defined within the central swirler.
new patent Burner with air-assisted fuel nozzle and vaporizing ignition system
A burner for an exhaust aftertreatment system is provided that includes a nozzle assembly having a body and a heating element. The body may include first and second cavities, a fuel inlet passage and an air inlet passage.
new patent Mounting assembly for reductant injector with thermal isolation and sealing gasket
A mounting assembly for an injector is located in a curved portion of an exhaust line having an exhaust flow from an upstream end to a downstream end. The mounting assembly includes an indent extending at least partially into the exhaust line curved portion and disposed in the exhaust flow.
new patent Exhaust apparatus for four wheeled utility vehicle
Provided is an exhaust apparatus for a utility vehicle which discharges exhaust gas from exhaust pipes connected to exhaust ports of an engine including cylinders, the apparatus including an exhaust gathering portion gathering the exhaust pipes, a catalyst portion located on a downstream side of the exhaust gathering portion and purifying the exhaust gas, and a sensor attaching pipe provided between the exhaust gathering portion and the catalyst portion and to which an exhaust gas sensor is detachably attached, wherein the sensor attaching pipe, in a state where the exhaust gas sensor is attached, has a height in which a sensing portion of the exhaust gas sensor is located in the sensor attaching pipe, and the sensor attaching pipe is provided such that a top end to which the exhaust gas sensor is detachably attached is located above a base end and away from a surrounding heat source.. .
new patent Exhaust apparatus for multi-cylinder engine
An exhaust apparatus for a multi-cylinder engine which is capable of suppressing deterioration in ejector effect with a simple configuration comprises: a plurality of independent exhaust ducts each having an upstream end connected to an exhaust port of one cylinder or exhaust ports of two or more cylinders which are non-successive in terms of exhaust order; and a merged portion configured to allow exhaust gas passing through each of the independent exhaust ducts to flow thereinto and formed to be gradually reduced in diameter toward a downstream side in an exhaust gas flow direction. The independent exhaust ducts are connected to an upstream end of the merged portion in such a manner that downstream ends thereof are bundled together.
new patent Cyclone such as for use in a surface cleaning apparatus
A cyclone comprises a cyclone chamber having an air inlet, an air outlet, a first end wall, a second end wall and a sidewall, the air inlet has an inlet end having a shape and a cross sectional area in a plane transverse to a direction of airflow through the air inlet, and the air inlet is provided at a first juncture of the sidewall and the first end wall, wherein the first juncture downstream of the inlet is configured to at least approximate a portion of the shape of the air inlet that is adjacent the first juncture.. .
new patent Expansion of fuel streams using mixed hydrocarbons
Methods and systems for blending multiple batches of mixed hydrocarbons into fuel streams downstream of the refinery are provided that do not compromise the octane value of the fuel and do not cause the volatility of the fuel to exceed volatilities imposed by government regulation.. .
new patent System and method for drying wood
A system for drying a load of wood including: a heat generating device providing heat necessary for drying the load of wood, apparatus for generating a gaseous coolant flow for treating the load of wood by combustion of biomass under o2, the gaseous coolant flow being essentially constituted by co2, a heat exchange device allowing the transfer of the heat produced by the heat generating device to the gaseous coolant flow for treating the load of wood, a unit for treating/drying the load of wood, including a central volume, known as a technical or treatment volume, dedicated to the drying of the wood, and inlet and outlet hatches for the loads of wood, situated at the upstream and downstream ends of said central volume, and a thermal device for the dehydration and condensation of the steam extracted from the wood during the drying cycle.. .
new patent Surface cleaning apparatus
A surface cleaning apparatus is provided wherein at least one of an upstream air plenum that is positioned upstream of the pre-motor filter, and a downstream air plenum that is positioned downstream of the pre-motor filter comprises an end wall spaced from the pre-motor filter and comprises a first portion having an air flow port and a second portion proximate the outer perimeter of the pre-motor filter, wherein the first portion and the second portion meet at a first juncture that extends at an angle to the first portion and the second portion.. .
new patent Surface cleaning apparatus
A hand carriable surface cleaning apparatus, such as a cyclonic hand vacuum cleaner, is provided wherein the pre-motor filter is positioned above the upper end of the cyclone chamber and downstream of a cyclone chamber.. .
new patent Surface cleaning apparatus
A surface cleaning apparatus includes a surface cleaning head having a dirty air inlet and an upper section mount and an upper portion moveably mounted to the upper section. The upper portion includes a wand.
new patent Device and system for cleaning a surface in a marine environment
A system for cleaning an underwater surface includes a cleaning head having a base with a scrubbing pad attached thereto, a hollow handle having leg portions that are connected to openings through the base and an extension tube open toward a rear portion of the cleaning head. A flexible skirt extends perpendicular to the lower surface of the base to surround the sides of the scrubbing pad.
Device-ready-status to function-ready-status conversion
A method for sending readiness notification messages to a root complex in a peripheral component interconnect express (pcie) subsystem. The method includes receiving a device-ready-status (drs) message in a downstream port that is coupled to an upstream port in a pcie component.
Systems and methods of discovering and controlling devices without explicit addressing
A method of discovering a device in a communication network having multiple interconnected nodes includes continuously monitoring, by a device to be discovered, any ip packets sent by a discoverer. The method further includes transmitting, by the discoverer, an ip packet destined for a downstream device and receiving, by the device to be discovered, the ip packet.
Dynamic quality of service for control of media streams using feedback from the local environment
Systems and methods are provided that allow a media streaming device to dynamically control the quality of service associated with streaming media content being presented to a user. To dynamically control the quality of service associated with the streaming media content, the local environment in which the media streaming device, and one or more downstream devices which may be configured to receive the streaming media content, if present, operate, is monitored.
Tester with acceleration on memory and acceleration for automatic pattern generation within a fpga block
Automated test equipment capable of performing a high-speed test of semiconductor devices is presented. The automated test equipment apparatus comprises a computer system comprising a tester processor, wherein the tester processor is communicatively coupled to a plurality of fpga components.
Method for determining power consumption of loads in ungrounded power distribution systems
A method determines power consumption of a load in a feeder section of an ungrounded power distribution system. Borders of the feeder section are defined by an importing device connecting the feeder section to an upstream feeder section, and by at least one exporting device connecting the feeder section with a downstream feeder section.
Control device of vehicle drive device
The present invention provides a control device of a vehicle drive device having an engine that is a drive power source for running, a manual transmission receiving power of the engine via a clutch, an electric motor acting as a drive power source for running disposed on the downstream side of the clutch, a release cylinder releasing the clutch depending on a supply oil pressure, and a master cylinder supplying an oil pressure to the release cylinder in accordance with a depressing operation of a clutch pedal, a shut valve being disposed that is put into a closed state to interrupt a hydraulic path between the release cylinder and the master cylinder, and the shut valve being closed if the clutch is released by the depressing operation of the clutch pedal during driving of the engine.. .
Prosthetic aortic heart valves
A prosthetic aortic valve includes an annular, annulus inflow portion that is designed to reside in or near the patient's native aortic valve annulus, and an annular, aortic outflow portion that is designed to reside in the patient's aorta downstream from at least a portion of the valsalva sinus. The annulus inflow portion and the aortic outflow portion are connected to one another by a plurality of connecting struts that are confined to regions near the commissures of the patient's native aortic valve.

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