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This page is updated frequently with new Doors-related patent applications.

Date/App# patent app List of recent Doors-related patents
 Bluetooth control system and method therefor patent thumbnailBluetooth control system and method therefor
A bluetooth control system includes a head unit for acquiring a door open or closed signal from doors of a vehicle when the doors are opened or closed. The head unit selectively turns on or off bluetooth connection of a mobile device using a set application based on the door open or closed signal..
Hyundai Motor Company

 Door panel for overhead roll-up doors and a  creating the same patent thumbnailDoor panel for overhead roll-up doors and a creating the same
A door panel for an overhead roll-up door assembly having a first face, a second face, a top edge, and a bottom edge. The door panel is constructed by butt jointing at least two sub-panels together in a horizontal direction such that neither sub-panel overlaps the other and applying at least one strip of seaming material over each horizontal butt joint, the seaming material being adhered over each butt joint on at least the first face of the door panel.
Rytec Corporation

 Hinge device for doors, shutters or the like patent thumbnailHinge device for doors, shutters or the like
A hinge device includes a first fixed tubular half-shell having a working chamber defining a longitudinal axis, a second tubular half-shell rotatable about the longitudinal axis, a pivot rotating unitary with the latter which includes a single pass-through actuating member having a helical shape, a plunger member slidable along the longitudinal axis, and a tubular bushing having a pair of guide cam slots. A pin inserted within the pass-through actuating member is provided to allow the mutual engagement of the pivot and the bushing.
In & Tec S.r.l.

 Cabinet lock patent thumbnailCabinet lock
A cabinet lock includes a first knob mount and a separate second knob mount. The first knob mount is arranged to mate with a doorknob carried on a first cabinet door.
Dorel Juvenile Group, Inc.

 Galley cart bay door latch patent thumbnailGalley cart bay door latch
A galley cart bay door latch system serves to secure catering or galley carts, as are used on commercial aircraft, within the aircraft's galley. The system relies on two substantially horizontally disposed latch levers to secure the galley door which in turn restrains a galley cart in position within the galley.
B/e Aerospace, Inc.

 Trailer overhang storage patent thumbnailTrailer overhang storage
A trailer vehicle with a forward storage compartment is provided, which maximizes usable space within the trailer vehicle and offers improved storage for the user. The trailer vehicle comprises a towed vehicle with a front overhang portion extending from the front end thereof.

 Underhanded pitch training device patent thumbnailUnderhanded pitch training device
A pitching training device generally having a platform with a generally t-shaped end and a raised pitchers rubber configured to support the pitcher during delivery of the underhanded pitch, and a pair of removable heel guides to inhibit rotation of a drive foot of the pitcher. A stride section, removably connected to and positioned to extend longitudinally from said generally t-shaped end.

 Smart postal box in support of autonomous delivery nodes patent thumbnailSmart postal box in support of autonomous delivery nodes
In one embodiment, a controller determines a particular compartment of a smart postal box in which a package is to be delivered. The controller associates the particular compartment with an authorized entity.
Cisco Technology, Inc.

 Method and  unloading live poultry patent thumbnailMethod and unloading live poultry
A method for unloading live poultry onto a horizontal receiving surface from a multi-level transportation container having an access side with an opening at each level and a door for closing each opening. The method includes receiving the transportation container within a support cradle that is rotatably supported on one or more pivot mounts, with the access side of the transportation container in a substantially vertical orientation.
Mountaire Farms Of Delaware, Inc.

 Elongated wireless sensor assembly patent thumbnailElongated wireless sensor assembly
A sensor assembly as part of a wireless alarm system for building entrances like windows and doors. An elongated sensor assembly for detecting a change of state comprising at least one sensor switch configured to detect a given state and a change of state between the given state and at least one other state, a microprocessor configured to detect the change of state of the at least one sensor switch, an antenna system, a wireless transmitter configured to receive a signal from the microprocessor identifying a change of the state of the at least one sensor switch and transmit the signal by means of the antenna system, and a power source for providing electric power, wherein the at least one sensor switch, the microprocessor, the antenna system, the wireless transmitter, and the power source are incorporated in the elongated sensor assembly having a maximum height of less than 5 mm..
Sensative Ab


Air conditioner

An air conditioner is disclosed. The air conditioner includes a suction chamber provided with an indoor suction port, through which indoor air is suctioned, an outdoor suction port, through which outdoor air is suctioned, the suction chamber being configured to selectively adjust a ratio of outdoor air to be suctioned to indoor air to be suctioned, an outdoor discharge chamber disposed at one side of the suction chamber, the outdoor discharge chamber being provided with an outdoor discharge port, through which air in the suction chamber is discharged outdoors, and an indoor discharge chamber disposed at the other side of the suction chamber, the indoor discharge chamber being provided with an indoor discharge port, through which air in the suction chamber is discharged indoors.
Lg Electronics Inc.


Lift stop iiii

The invention lift stop iii is a mechanical device that is made to lift a doorstop from its down position to its full up position. The lift stop iii is used in conjunction with a doorstop..


Bicycle mountable storage container

A bicycle mountable storage container is disclosed that includes mounting means for attaching the storage container to a bicycle, and a pair of doors on a top portion of the storage container. The storage container has an internal volume defined in party by opposing side walls, wherein the doors are movable from a closed position to an open position by generally moving away from each other, and subsequently down along the opposing side walls of the storage container..
Buca Boot Llc


Multi-chamber furnace for vacuum carburizing and quenching of gears, shafts, rings and similar workpieces

Multi-chamber furnace for vacuum carburizing and quenching of gears, shafts, rings and similar components has at least two process chambers connected in parallel, with a continuous feeding mechanism for individual workpieces. Those chambers—the first one being a heating chamber, the second being a carburizing chamber and the third one diffusion chamber—are configured in a vertical arrangement, placed in a shared vacuum space with gas-tight division, whereas at the ends of each chamber there are incorporated heating chambers with thermal insulation, with a graphite heating system and stepping feeding mechanism incorporated in the core for the purpose of continuous feeding of individual workpieces.
Seco/warwick S.a.


Anti-locking device for doors

An anti-locking device comprising a body with an inverted u-shaped channel wherein a t-shaped rod sits and can move laterally when rotated at certain configurations within the u-shaped channel, such that the t-shaped rod can move from an obstructing configuration and to an non-obstruction configuration, and vice versa. The anti-locking device is preferably attachable to a hinged door and the t-shaped rod is able to move laterally in the body of the anti-locking device.


Closure lock status display system and related method

A doorlock status display system is provided for a motor vehicle. That system includes a door module and a lock status display module.
Ford Global Technologies Llc


Automatic mitigation of vehicle wind buffeting

A vehicle includes a body defining a vehicle interior, doors attached to the body and providing access to the vehicle interior, windows, sensors, and a controller. The windows are disposed in a respective one of the doors, and each includes a window actuator.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Containment system or barrier with open/closable doors

A treatment and containment system for treating an elongate object to be treated. The system comprises surface treatment equipment or device for treating a portion of the elongate object to be treated; a housing defines an enclosed treatment area and separates the enclosed treatment area from an operator of the surface treatment equipment or device, and the housing is opened at opposed ends thereof; each opposed opened end of the housing accommodates a pair of movable doors which seal against the elongate object to be treated and thereby closing each opposed opened end of the housing; the housing has an access aperture therein through which the surface treatment device passes and communicates with the enclosed treatment area, and the access aperture facilitates manipulation of the surface treatment device within the housing; and a transparent viewing aperture facilitates viewing of the elongate object to be treated by the operator..


Apparatus and processing loose products

An apparatus for roasting and cooling loose products includes an oven with a housing including an upper and a lower section with glass doors. The apparatus has an air and a gas distribution grid connected to the upper and lower sections.
Typhoon Innovation Llc


Insect trapping and barrier compound

An improved insect trapping and barrier adhesive compound having a significantly enhanced mechanical insecticide and insect repelling action. The improved insect trapping and barrier compound is supplied in bulk to be used outdoors for the spot control of insect pests.


Device for electronically sealing container using proximity wireless communication, and operating same

The objective of the present invention is to provide a device for electronically sealing a container using proximity wireless communication for controlling the sealing of a container door from a remote distance by applying a proximity wireless communication technique to the device for electronically sealing a container, so that unlocking a container becomes more convenient, rapid, and safer, and to provide a system and a method for operating the device for electronically sealing a container. The device for electronically sealing a container is coupled to a keychain outside of the container, so that whether the container door is open or closed can be checked in real time, and various types of information related to the container can be relayed, in real time, to a shipper or persons associated with tracking the container, thereby fundamentally eliminating the possibility of illegal opening and closing of container doors associated with existing container-locking devices, and also allowing convenient, rapid, and safe unlocking of container doors..
S-winnus Co., Ltd.


Methods and fluid flow measurement

A fluid flow meter estimates the velocity of water or another fluid flowing through pipe by comparing measurements of the water velocity to one or more pre-determined templates. The fluid flow meter may collect measurement signals from one or more flow sensors, estimate the fluid velocity or flow rate by comparing the measurement signals to the template, and either store the comparison results in local memory, transmit the results to a remote memory or server, or both.
Soneter, Inc.


Afterbody for a turbojet engine comprising a nozzle provided with a thrust reverser system that incorporates a crown of noise-reducing chevrons

An afterbody for a turbojet engine having a central axis, provided with a nozzle comprising two doors mounted facing each other between two lateral beams pivoting around axes defining a pivot direction, between a retracted position, in which a middle portion of the downstream edge of said doors forms the edge of the outlet section of the nozzle combined with the downstream edges of the two lateral beams, and a deployed position, in which said middle portions of the downstream edges of the pivoting doors come together so as to block the channel between the two lateral beams in order to reverse the thrust of the turbojet engine gases, the edge of the outlet section of the nozzle further having a crown of noise-reducing chevrons alternating with indentations and the afterbody wherein each noise-reducing chevron formed on the middle portion of the downstream edge of a pivoting door is opposite an indentation in the middle portion of the other pivoting door in the direction perpendicular to said pivot direction, the shapes of the chevrons and of the indentations being defined to match in such a way that each chevron fits into the opposing indentation when the pivoting doors are deployed.. .


Closing hinge device for doors, shutters or the like

A closing hinge device includes a fixed element, a movable element and a pair of counteracting elastic members. One of the movable element or fixed element includes a generally box-shaped hinge body with a pair of working chambers to slidably house the counteracting elastic members.
In & Tec S.r.l.


Flex irrigation basin

A basin with opposing hinged doors for providing a hospital-grade basin which can be used as either a traditional, watertight basin or a modified watertight basin that includes half-moon shaped openings disposed in its side walls to allow a patient's limb to rest comfortably while positioned across the basin. The basin with opposing hinged doors defines a tub member that includes at least one side wall with a semicircle opening extending down into it from the top of the wall.


Helicopter cabin

In a helicopter cabin that can be fastened to a fuselage structure of a helicopter, encompassing a cabin floor surface, which extends from a front area to a rear area of the helicopter cabin, with front seats and pilot cabin doors arranged in the front area, and the pilot cabin doors along with a front surface and additional walls include part of an outer hull of the helicopter cabin that envelops the cabin floor surface, the comfort is to be enhanced on the ground and during flight. This is accomplished by virtue of the fact that the cabin floor surface of the helicopter cabin exhibits a cutout with a cutout depth directed toward the longitudinal axis in the area of the front seats tapered in the direction of the longitudinal axis..
Marenco Swisshelicopter Ag


Door-mounted side view camera system for a vehicle

A door-mounted side view camera system for use with a vehicle having an interior cabin and a pair of side doors selectively providing access to the interior cabin includes a first video camera mounted to an exterior surface of one of the side doors, the first video camera being directed rearwardly of the vehicle and configured to capture video footage when energized. The side view camera system includes a first visual display positioned in the interior cabin of the vehicle and in data communication with the first video camera, the first video camera configured to display the video footage captured by the first video camera.


Wash basin being transformable to be particularly adapted for wound irrigation

A hospital-grade basin holds water for washing patients, or alternatively converts easily/quickly for a patient's limb to rest comfortably within and across a portion of the basin. In a first embodiment, half-moon shaped openings on opposite sides of the basin side walks) comfortably support the limb at a reduced height with respect to adjacent side wall portions, which serve as a partial shield during wound irrigation, and aid fluid collection.


Anechoic chamber box for storing electronic apparatus

Both a forward direction and a rearward direction of storage racks 20-1 and 20-2 are set to be opening portions 23 and intake and exhaust ducts 61-1, 61-2, 62-1 and 62-2 are provided on doors 11a and 11b in the forward direction and the rearward direction of a storage container 10. Consequently, a ventilation passage linked to an outside from a wall surface in the forward direction of the storage container 10 via a wall surface in the rearward direction is formed for each of storage shelves 31-i and 32-i of the storage racks 20-1 and 20-2 so that heat generated from an electronic apparatus can be efficiently discharged to an outside of the storage container 10, and furthermore, the storage container 10 itself is configured to be isolated electrically by a radio wave absorber so that a function of an anechoic chamber can also be ensured..
Ntt Resonant Technology Inc.


Holder for mobile devices to take self-portraits or selfies remotely

A holder for mobile devices with camera including phones or tablets for taking self-portraits or selfies remotely. The holder device comprises of a receptacle to insert and clamp securely a mobile device, where the clamping also establishes an electronic connection between the holder device and the mobile device.


Remote control target and use

A remote control target and method of using same is provided. A remote control target is used outdoors or at an indoor shooting range and guided over terrain by a remote control.


Oven appliance with dual opening and closing doors

An oven appliance includes a cabinet that defines a chamber. A pair of doors is rotatably mounted to provide selective access to the chamber of the cabinet.
General Electric Company


One-way vision window system

A one-way vision system includes an indoor lighting, a light valve device, and a control module electrically connecting to the indoor lighting and the light valve device, and synchronously controlling power switch of the indoor lighting and switching frequency of the light valve device. Therefore, the higher brightness indoor still has an excellent effect of secret in the condition of lower brightness outdoors..
Benq Materials Corporation


Gas turbine engine and blocker door assembly

A blocker door assembly which may be for a cooling system that may be applied to a gas turbine engine includes a plurality of blocker doors circumferentially spaced about an engine axis. Each blocker door is constructed and arranged to move in a circumferential direction to, at least in-part, control air flow through a passage in an adjacent fixture.
United Technologies Corporation


Door assembly for storage and dispensing unit

A storage and dispensing system including a frame defining a plurality of compartments and a door assembly including a plurality of doors. Each door is sized to generally correspond to one of the compartments of the frame to selectively provide access thereto, and the door assembly is removably coupled to the frame..
Apex Industrial Technologies Llc


Door protection system

The present invention relates to a door protection system (1) for protecting the doors (5a-d) of a vehicle (3). The door protection system (1) includes a processor (7) configured to receive obstruction data identifying the position of one or more obstructions (o) in relation to the vehicle (3).
Jaguar Land Rover Limited


Device providing fluidtight connection in two enclosed volumes comprising means of holding prior to connection

Sealed connection device between a first and a second closed space, closed off by doors, first part (a) for securing the first and second flanges to one another, second part for securing the second door and the first door in a sealed manner, part for detaching the second door from the second flange, third part for releasing the first door in relation to the first flange (18), fourth part for opening a passage between the first and the second closed space, and part for controlling the first, second, third and fourth parts allowing for the sealed connection without rotation of one of the closed spaces, the device also comprising a device for maintaining by snap fitting (34) for the second closed space in relation to the first closed space prior to the securing by the first part for securing.. .
Getinge La Calhene


Lock body with adjustable strike plate for sliding doors

A dead bolt is provided in a lock shell to be drive-jointed with a drive mechanism. Two hooks are symmetrically set along an access direction of dead bolt in the shell.


Train-information management device and train-crew support method

A motorman's cab in a train is provided with a plurality of door operating switches that open and close the train doors on the station-platform side in a fully-automatic manner, in a semi-automatic manner, or in a manner that open and close doors in sections. A central device includes an information control unit that specifies a stopping station where a train stops next on the basis of train information; selects a recommended door operating switch at the stopping station from among the door operating switches on the basis of an estimated passenger-number value, which is the number of passengers at the stopping station, as a recommended door operating switch for the stopping station; and then it displays display information that prompts the train crew to operate the selected door operating switch on a display device in the control platform..
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Vehicle dent guard

A vehicle dent guard for protecting the sides or doors of a vehicle from dents and scratches. The vehicle dent guard is telescopic and includes an outer tubular member having one or more inner tubular members adjustably positioned therein.


Daily use protective vehicle cover

A disclosed daily use protective vehicle cover comprises an anchoring system configured to cover horizontal surfaces on the vehicle including all windows down to the door handles on each side of the vehicle and the hood and trunk. The cover also includes an upside down pocket with an open portion facing downward to fit over a top part of at least one door and therefore anchor the pocket to the door regardless of whether the door is open or closed.


Mobile thermal regulation facility

A mobile thermal regulation facility is a trailer mounted container defining a thermally regulated interior space in which people may walk, stand and sit. One or more doors are provided for ingress and egress.


Electrical stimulation system with intraoperative cable and methods of making and using

An operating room cable assembly for electrically coupling at least one implantable electrical stimulation lead to a trial stimulator includes an elongated body; a trial stimulator connector disposed at one end of the elongated body; and a lead connector disposed at another end of the elongated body. The lead connector can include one or more buttons that can be pushed to load a lead into the lead connector and released to retain the lead.
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corporation


System and locating an individual indoors by a combination of wireless positioning sensors

An indoor map is generated using a combination of signaling of a wireless router, and combining them with indoor location specific user walk-path data. The positioning data is sent to a network operator.


Method for mobile device to improve camera image quality by detecting whether the mobile device is indoors or outdoors

Various disclosed embodiments include methods and systems that automatically adjust camera functions of an electronic device to provide improved image quality by determining whether the electronic device is being operated indoors or outdoors.. .
Futurewei Technologies, Inc.


Systems, methods, and devices for securing cargo

Enhanced methods and systems for securing and monitoring cargo are described. Some examples provide a cargo monitoring system (“cms”) that is configured to track, identify, and report about anomalous conditions or events related to cargo shipments.
Commercial Finance Corporation, Sa De Panama


Contact laser encoding anti-theft lock

This invention provides a contact laser encoding anti-theft lock, comprising: a key for generating a set of light signals with different pulse repetition frequencies; a signal processing module for receiving a set of optical pulse signals, in which the optical signals are converted to a set of voltage signals at different voltage values, and for comparing the voltage signals with a predetermined voltage (the voltage signals within the predetermined voltage range can be output as usual otherwise the output voltage is set to be zero); an electrically controlled lock, for opening or locking anti-theft doors according to the output voltage from the signal processing module; and a power supply for the signal processing module and the electrically controlled lock. The contact laser encoding anti-theft lock of this invention shows higher security and duplication of the keys is more difficult compared with prior anti-theft locks..


Decoupled translating sleeve

A thrust reverser for a nacelle may include a translating sleeve. A plurality of lint blocker doors may be coupled to the translating sleeve.
Rohr, Inc.


Inserts for hollow structural members

A pre-formed insert with stable dimensions for mechanical insertion into a hollow member and that reduces the nusselt number and convection across the hollow member. The insert may be formed of a low heat conducting material like pvc and have extensions and internal voids that impede convection in the hollow and conduction through the insert.
Alcoa Inc.


Device providing fluidtight connection with improved operational safety

Device for the sealed connection between a first and a second closed space, with the closed spaces each comprising a flange and the first door closing off in a sealed manner an opening delimited by the flange, with the connection device comprising: first part (a) for securing the flanges, second part (b) for securing the doors in a sealed manner and of detaching of one of the doors from its flange, third part for releasing the other door in relation to the its flange, fourth part (d) for opening a passage between the first and the second closed space, the device also comprising means for locking (118) the second securing means (b) preventing the separation of the doors as long as the connection between the two closed spaces is effective, the locking means being activated automatically by the actuating of the second securing means (b).. .
Getinge La Calhene


Universal system for mounting rack doors

A mount for mounting a door to rack includes a rack including a first pair of vertically-extending supports, each support including an array of openings; a first mount coupled to the rack at a first position thereon, the first mount including: a first plate extending between the first pair of vertically-extending supports and including a first end and a second end, and a first hinge arm adjustably coupled with the first plate; a second mount coupled to the rack at a second position located below the first position, the second mount including: a second plate extending between the first pair of vertically-extending supports and including a first end and a second end, and a second hinge arm adjustably coupled with the second plate.. .
International Business Machines Corporation


Cabinet door and drawer retaining device and securing cabinet doors and drawers

A tension rod assembly that secures doors and drawers of cabinets and chests and the contents thereof from young very small children without altering the cabinet or chest and without the need for hardware or tools. The assembly fits between the underside of countertops lips and the floor, and is held in place by a tensioning means.


Multi-rotor safety shield

The multi-rotor safety shield (mrss) provides a complete and substantial encasement system which can be secured about a drone, protecting a multitude of aircraft components from contact with any outside disturbance and which can protect the sensitive components from dust, water, wind, rain, snow, fingers, toes, appendages of any kind, and atmospheric changes as example, from disabling the drone and can protect people, places or things from high velocity spinning exposed rotor/propellers. The mrss provides rigid non-permeable platform for attaching or incorporating additional safety devices as found in the drone industry (or other industries) resulting in a safety device that completely prevents the loss a drone due to the catastrophic failure of any drone system or combination of systems which would typically result in rapid decent, and/or uncontrolled flight.


Pickup box extender with access doors

The disclosure describes a box extender for a pickup truck that has a box with a bed and a tailgate, where the tailgate extends the bed's length in a longitudinal direction when open. The box extender may have access doors.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc


Ear and eye protection system

An eye and ear protection system includes a pair of ear muffs connected together by a strap, the ear muffs include a slot in their forward side that is connected to a cavity within the ear muffs. The arms of a pair of glasses are positionable within the slots and allow a user to move the glasses between an in the line-of-sight position and an out of the line-of-sight position.


Heading constraints in a particle filter

A method for computing a correction to a compass heading for a portable device worn or carried by a user is described. The method involves determining a heading for the device based on a compass reading, collecting data from one or more sensors, determining if the device is indoors or outdoors based on the collected data, and correcting the heading based on the determination of whether the device is indoors or outdoors..
Trx Systems, Inc.


Heat pump system, heat pump unit using the same, and controlling multiple functional modes thereof

The present invention discloses a heat pump system, a controlling method thereof, and a heat pump unit using the heat pump system. The heat pump system includes a compressor, a first heat exchanger, a second heat exchanger, a heat-recovery-type heat exchanger, a multi-way valve, throttling elements, and a mode-switching flow path, which has both air conditioning and water heating functions.
Carrier Corporation


Water-resistant clamshell carton

A carton suitable for packaging a coil of wire with a payout tube has a cover for selectably closing the open side of a five-sided clamshell. The carton can be loaded by placing the coil and payout tube on the cover and then closing the clamshell over the coil.


System for controlling movement of passenger train

A system for controlling movement of a passenger train having a locomotive and a plurality of doors is provided. The system includes a door status sensor to determine open and closed status of each door of the locomotive.
Electro-motive Diesel, Inc.


System for controlling the doors of a powered split tailgate

A power, split door system for a vehicle includes a first vehicle door and a second vehicle door arranged to be articulated between closed and open positions. A controller controls movement of the first and second doors between the open and closed positions.
Jaguar Land Rover Limited


Skateboard training device

A board training device for skateboards and the like comprises an elongated board having a pair of socket holes therein centered on a longitudinal axis of the board and spaced apart approximately the shoulder width of a user, each hole sized to capture and releasably hold a solid elastomeric ball of polymer, gum rubber or polyurethane. The training device enables balance training indoors over substantially the full range of pivotal motion encountered during maneuvers on a skateboard without actually skating and without damage to flooring or furniture..


Furniture module

The present invention concerns a furniture module of a cupboard, book shelf, chests of drawers and like furniture. The module (1) is formed of two opposite sides (2, 3) and a top (5) and bottom (4) placed at opposite ends of the sides (2, 3), forming a frame.
Ikea Supply Ag


Lighting device, assembly and growing horticulture indoors

A lighting device and assembly which incorporating an independently powered array of at least two types of led lights that each give off specific wavelengths of light for growing plants. The assembly includes at least two of the lighting devices in conjunction with at least one high intensity bulb commonly used for indoor horticulture, where the assembly is adjustable for dimensional changes in the subject plants as they grow.


Compact networking device for remote stations

A tower-mounted networking device facilitates deploying a remote station without having to build a custom station aside a radio tower. The networking device's chassis comprises a mounting bracket, which includes a curved contour for mounting the networking device on the radio tower.


Rear-mounted aerodynamic structure for truck cargo bodies

This invention provides a foldable/retractable and unfoldable/deployable, rearwardly tapered aerodynamic assembly for use on the rear trailer bodies and other vehicles that accommodate dual swing-out doors. The aerodynamic assembly includes a right half mounted on the right hand door and a left half mounted on a left hand door.


Automobile and anti-theft the automobile

In an anti-theft method for an automobile, each of nfc devices on the automobile is activated to detect corresponding induction coils when the automobile receives a preset door locking command. The method confirms a status of each of the plurality of doors according to detecting whether each of the nfc devices detects the corresponding induction coil, and further determines whether at least one of the doors of the automobile is opened abnormally according to the confirmed status of each of the doors.


Pelzer lift

The pelzer lift provides accessibility to a vehicle for handicapped people and others. It may comprise a vehicle seat, mounted on a telescopic trolley-like system with a hydraulic lift.


Disposable grilling set

The present invention relates to a disposable griller set which can be simply and easily used outdoors and more particularly to a disposable griller set which enables comsumers to simply and easiy grill food such as meat or fish without need for a separate heating means. The disposable griller set of the present invention stores charcoal, a grilling plate, and solid fuel for lighting the charcoal fire inside the insulation-coated paper case therein so as to enable the same to be simply and easily taken out and used, and thus manufacturing is easy due to the simple structure thereof.


Portable table with smartphone device pocket

A portable table designed to be used for outdoor activities such as sunbathing, picnics and other out-of-doors activities that provides a convenient pocket for the storage of a smartphone device. The pocket is configured in such a way as to allow the smartphone device to be situated in the pocket so that the device's owner has limited visual access to the device and the device is kept out of direct sunlight..


Low headroom curtain riser for a roll-up door, and roll-up door using the same

A roll-up door and a curtain riser for a roll-up door are disclosed. The roll-up door includes a curtain, a pair of lateral guides configured to hold sides of the curtain when lowered, and a curtain riser.


Low profile arc resistant door latching mechanism

The disclosed concept pertains generally to electrical switching apparatus, such as circuit breakers, and more particularly, to enclosures for electrical switching apparatus and the components of the enclosures, such as latching doors and latching mechanisms.. .


Aircraft nose provided with a connecting frame between the landing gear housing and the outer skin of the fuselage

In order to assist fitting of doors to the landing gear housing and adjusting their position, an aircraft nose is provided comprising a connecting frame between the landing gear housing and the outer skin of the fuselage, the connecting frame extending around an opening in the outer skin and comprising a skirt bearing against the outer skin of the fuselage and attached thereto, the skirt defining a passage for landing gear which is configured to be closed off by doors when the landing gear are in a closed position, and supporting members extending between the fuselage and the doors.. .


Screw press for separation of liquid from bulk materials

A screw press liquid separator includes a perforated screw cradle disposed within a housing. A screw is formed on a shaft within the screw cradle.


Method for forming seals on seal carriers

A method for forming seals on seal carriers, in particular vehicle doors or vehicle door frames, extrudes a sealing material strand which is to be processed to form a multiplicity of seals and has a cavity, coils or folds up the sealing material strand, forming a transportable unit that is transported to a processing site and the sealing material strand is fed continuously to a processing device by being drawn out of the transportable unit. During the processing, a section of the sealing material strand that is to be applied to the relevant seal carrier and forms the seal is in each case severed from the sealing material strand.


Wireless connected indoors slipper and wireless connected footwear and associated detection methods

This invention relates to a wireless connected indoors slipper comprising at least a sensor of at least a health or comfort parameter of said slipper user.. .


Assembly for and producing laminated products

An assembly for producing cabinet doors including a cnc machine provided with a porous worktable, means for positioning workpieces thereon, means for applying a vacuum to such porous worktable for adhering such workpieces thereto and means for machining such workpieces adhered to such worktable; and means for thermally deforming a thermally pliable foil to laminate such workpiece.. .


Unit with recovery wheel and economizer and control

Ventilating units that include a recovery wheel, a supply air outlet from the wheel, an outdoor air supply fan that moves outdoor air through the recovery wheel, an economizer damper that opens to bring outdoor air directly into the supply air outlet, and an exhaust air discharge fan that moves exhaust air through the recovery wheel and to outdoors; hvac units that include air conditioning with an air handler supply fan, a recovery wheel, an economizer section, an outdoor air supply fan, and controls; and methods of controlling airflow in an hvac unit that include controlling an economizer damper based on outdoor and return air temperature and enthalpy or dew point. Some ventilating units connect to a packaged air handler and other ventilating units include the air handler, cooling coil, and air handler supply fan.
Semco Llc


Network control electric fireplace

A network control electric fireplace includes a housing, an image screen in the housing, an imitation charcoal, an illuminating device, a flame processing device, a light reflection device, an image light source, a heater, and a control device. The light reflection device includes a light reflection assembly and a motor.
Dong Guan Song Wei Electric Technology Co., Ltd


Hand and finger protector for use with doors

This invention relates to an apparatus and to a method designed to prevent hand and finger injuries resulting from inadvertent door closures. The apparatus for use with an existing door and door surround includes a door latching mechanism mountable to the door having a reversibly extendable bolt actuated by a turning member, a striker member mountable to the door surround wherein a portion of the striker member projects beyond the door surround, and when the bolt is extended, complete door closure is impeded by the projecting portion of the striker member with a gap width created between the leading edge of the door and the door surround sufficient to protect human hands and fingers from being crushed, injured, or amputated.


Screwless mounted short-throw lock for sliding windows and doors

A screwless-mounted window/door lock may include a handle assembly and tongue assembly. The handle assembly may include a base member, a handle member pivotally mounted thereto, and an elongated arm disposed through an opening in the base member, with a central portion pivotally mounted thereto.
Vision Industries Group, Inc.


Sheet made of aluminium alloy for the structure of a motor vehicle body

The invention relates to the use of a sheet made of an aluminium alloy for manufacturing a stamped bodywork or structural part of a motor vehicle body, also referred to as a “body in white”, wherein said sheet has a yield strength rp0.2 no lower than 60 mpa and a tensile elongation ag0 no lower than 34%. The invention also relates to a method for making such a stamped bodywork or structural part for a motor vehicle body, made from said sheet and selected in the group including inner panels or linings for car doors, a passenger compartment floor, a boot floor, a spare wheel housing, or even a passenger compartment side..
Constellium Neuf-brisach


Air bubble

Embodiments of this invention relate to emergency breathing devices and more particularly relate to air containments for use while under water. In a typical water and underwater recreational activity, a user may find himself in need of air.


Electronic device holder for a vehicle seat

An electronic device holder includes a mounting surface configured to receive and retain an electronic device. First and second doors are disposed on opposite sides of the mounting surface and are gearingly engaged to one another on a rear side of the mounting surface for synchronized lateral movement between open and closed positions.
Ford Global Technologies, Llc


Adaptable multi-fold workstation

A compact workstation includes a base workstation compartment that includes a floor, a plurality of side walls, a top member, and a back member. Each of the side walls are joined to the floor, back member, and top member and form a first cavity with a first depth.
Storage Designs Llc


Automated aerial vehicle wireless communication and networks

An automated mobile vehicle configured to autonomously provide coverage for inoperable infrastructure components at various locations. For example, a plurality of automated mobile vehicles may be deployed to provide emergency lighting, a wireless network, audio, video, etc., at an event area.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


Temperature management system

Temperature management system for a private household or public building whereby there is one hot reservoir and one cold reservoir which are or can be coupled with at least one solar collector or heat exchanger that is installed outdoors for the purpose of heating or cooling the respective reservoir.. .


Evacuated tube transport system

A capsule for an evacuated tube transport system, the capsule comprising a capsule body for carrying passengers within an evacuated tube; a first door disposed in a first end of the body; and a first coupling mechanism and a first sealing mechanism arranged respectively to couple the capsule to another capsule at the end of the body while the capsules are moving and to establish a seal around the door and a corresponding door in the other capsule to enable passengers to move from one capsule to another through the doors without exposing the passengers to the pressure of the evacuated tube.. .


Split sleeve hidden door thrust reverser

A system for a thrust reverser of an aircraft includes a primary sleeve and a secondary sleeve having cascades. The secondary sleeve is coupled to a set of blocker doors.
Rohr, Inc.


Lock having a security device for an automatic storage machine and automatic storage machine

The invention relates to a lock (1) which can be actively released and locked by control technology, particularly for use in automatic storage machines having a plurality of compartments with compartment doors (2) which are to be opened individually, and to an automatic storage machine having at least one such lock (1). The lock (1) comprises a detent pawl (14), which can lock a locking element (9), which is permanently connected to a compartment door (2), in the lock such that the compartment door (2) can be held in closed position.
Keba Ag


Door arrangement of an elevator

The object of the invention is a door arrangement of an elevator, which elevator comprises at least an elevator car, an elevator car door with door panels and a suspension beam for the door panels, as well as a door motor and door coupler structure, and also landing doors, with door panels, of the floor levels and a suspension beam for the door panels, as well as a synchronization means and rollers for the door coupler. The suspension beam of the door panels of the elevator car is disposed below the motor of the door operator and the door coupler structure, and that the suspension beam of the door panels of a landing door is disposed below the synchronization means of the door panels and the rollers of the door coupler..
Kone Corporation


Method for delivery of proppant to a frac site

A cargo container is modified to carry a fracing proppant such as sand from a quarry or source to the frac site. Openings are cut in the top and bottom of a cargo container and hydraulically operated sliding doors are placed there under.
Sandcan, Llc


Processing unit for vehicle air conditioner warning, warning device and warning method

A processing unit, method, and device for vehicle air conditioner warning are disclosed. The processing unit is configured to judge a ventilation state of the current vehicle location based on positioning satellite signals, to judge an operation state of the vehicle engine based on information, to judge a running state of the vehicle based on information received, to judge a using state of the air conditioner based on information, to judge a vehicle door/window opening/closing state based on information, and to determine that there is a potential risk of poisoning and initiate the warning element when all the following conditions are met: the ventilation state at the current vehicle location is bad, the engine is in operation, the vehicle is in a stopped state or runs at a low speed, the air conditioner is being used, and all the doors and windows of the vehicle are closed..
Bosch Automotive Products (suzhou) Co., Ltd.


Amphibious unicycle

An amphibious unicycle (1), comprising an annular casing (100) having an accommodation cavity (1001); two sides of the annular casing (100) are respectively provided with openings communicating with the accommodation cavity (1001); the openings are provided with doors (101) for closing the openings; the doors (101) are rotatably connected to the annular casing (100); the two sides of the annular casing (100) are respectively provided with annularly arranged external rotor motors; the external rotors (111) of the external rotor motors are provided with a plurality of drainage holes (1111) therein arranged along the circumference of the external rotors; the accommodation cavity (1001) is provided with a power system (113) for driving the unicycle (1) to operate. The doors (101) and the annular casing (100) of the unicycle (1) form an enclosed structure, and via the external rotors (111) of the external rotor motor at the two sides of the annular casing (100), the unicycle (1) can travel on the land including the desert, and on the water surface, and have good adaptability to the environment due to the amphibious capability..
Shenzhen Zhiyou Battery Integration Technology Co., Ltd.


Method and device for generating sferics alternating field emissions having minimal meteorotropic or biotropic effect on humans etc.

The invention relates to a method and to a device for generating sferics alternating field emissions having a minimal biotropic effect for optimised application of alternating-field-type radiation to humans, animals and plants compared to naturally occurring environmental sferics that are weather-dependent or attenuated outdoors or indoors, e.g. Biotropic, and also technics or radiation forms originating from human technology, which are unfortunately largely too intensive, in particular in current times; firstly, in particular one or more alternating signals attributable to or based on natural, atmospheric impulse discharge processes in the signal propagation forms thereof are post-processed with regard to interfering, periodic duration/signal components of technical origin that are to be deleted and in addition individual impulses that are too intensive in signal-dynamic, level-related terms are deleted; secondly, said post-processed alternating signals are mixed, preferably with or without other, selected, aperiodic/periodic/impulse-like alternating signal forms are mixed; and thirdly and finally, the preferably mixed, ideal total alternating signal is radiated or emitted via alternating field transmission means such that said signal is adapted in a level-controlled manner..
Florian KÖnig Enterprises Gmbh


Outdoor exposure control of still image capture

A camera unit that captures still images determines whether the camera unit is outdoors or indoors, and in dependence on that an exposure mask of weights in respect of areas of an image to be an outdoor or indoor exposure mask is selected. The outdoor exposure mask has weights in respect of areas of the image corresponding to a lower region of a scene being imaged and weights in respect of areas of the image corresponding to an upper region of a scene being imaged in a ratio that is greater than the corresponding ratio in the indoor exposure mask.
Omg Plc


Waterproof socket

A waterproof socket includes an inner core fixing base disposed between a retention frame and a socket base. Lower insertion holes are coaxial with an output terminal and are formed in the inner core fixing base.


Firearm-mounted rescue tool

A rescue tool for removably mounting onto a firearm. The rescue tool includes a shaft having one end formed for mounting onto a firearm.


Hub of an intermediate casing for an aircraft turbojet engine comprising doors with contoured geometry

A hub of an intermediate casing for an aircraft turbojet engine, including an inner shell intended to define a primary flow space of a primary gas stream into a turbojet engine, and at least one intermediate space, the inner shell being provided with at least one primary port and at least one movable door forming a primary air passage conduit, the door being capable of collecting, from the primary port, air flowing in the primary gas space and of sending the air collected in this way, via the intermediate space, towards a secondary air passage conduit. The primary conduit has an inner surface including, from upstream to downstream, a converging upstream part, then a nonconverging downstream part, in which the downstream part includes two portions of downstream side surface, and in which the upstream portion further includes two portions of upstream side surface..


Laterally adjustable hinge for use with commercial refrigerator/freezer doors

A laterally adjustable hinge system for use on an insulated door of a commercial refrigerator or freezer including a hinge base and associated position adjustable strap relative to the door. The lateral adjustment is accomplished by rotational movement of a cam located in an adjustment bracket housed within the hinge strap attached directly to the door.


Electronic latch for vehicle doors

An electronic latch assembly secures a vehicle door to a vehicle frame with a striker and a catch assembly. The striker is attached to the vehicle frame.
Adac Plastics, Inc.

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