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Sliding door system for glass doors

Groupe Vfg

Sliding door system for glass doors

Ultrasound transducer connector

Siemens Medical Solutions Usa

Ultrasound transducer connector

Ultrasound transducer connector

Wrapped hydraulic elevator suspension machine

Date/App# patent app List of recent Doors-related patents
 Physical activity monitoring systems patent thumbnailnew patent Physical activity monitoring systems
A system for monitoring physical activity, in which activity data for an individual is be captured and stored whether the activity takes place in a health club or away from the health club (e.g. Outdoors).
Myzone Limited
 Ultrasound transducer connector patent thumbnailnew patent Ultrasound transducer connector
A reversible transducer connector allows the connector to be inserted within the receptacle in more than one orientation. The electrical connections between the receptacle and connector are reprogrammed based on the orientation.
Siemens Medical Solutions Usa, Inc.
 Method and  determining whether or not a mobile device is indoors patent thumbnailnew patent Method and determining whether or not a mobile device is indoors
The disclosure is directed to determining whether or not a mobile device is indoors. The mobile device obtains a position fix based, at least in part, on an outdoor positioning system, and obtains one or more shape-files for one or more objects that are in proximity of the position fix..
Qualcomm Incorporated
 Latch assembly for multiple doors patent thumbnailnew patent Latch assembly for multiple doors
A self-contained latch module in combination with a pusher and catch (collectively “latch assembly”) allows for the locking of two doors with a single lock. The latch module contains two spring-loaded bolts, one active and one passive.
Compx International Inc.
 Vehicle door latch system and method patent thumbnailnew patent Vehicle door latch system and method
A door latch system for a vehicle having a front door and a back door includes electric latch mechanisms associated with each door. Open switches are associated with each door to request opening of the doors.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc
 Cylindrical valve assembly patent thumbnailnew patent Cylindrical valve assembly
A cylindrical valve assembly, including: a housing defining a fluid flow channel there through; a cylindrical core disposed within the housing and defining a fluid flow channel there through; and at least one cylindrical valve door disposed between the housing and the cylindrical core; wherein, when the at least one cylindrical valve door is actuated, the fluid flow channels through the housing and the cylindrical core are one of opened and closed; and wherein the at least one cylindrical valve door does not protrude into any portion of the interior of the cylindrical core when actuated. Preferably, the at least one cylindrical valve door includes a pair of cylindrical valve doors..
 Wrapped hydraulic elevator suspension machine patent thumbnailnew patent Wrapped hydraulic elevator suspension machine
An integral auxiliary hydraulic actuator, with linear or rotor motion “(car top arraignment only)”, attached to the frame, and the door header, and serves as a door operating device for the opening and closing of the elevator car doors, wherefore, eliminating the needs for traditional motors and door operators.. .
 Sprocket-driven door patent thumbnailnew patent Sprocket-driven door
Where access doors are used for pets, poultry, farm animals, traps, or human access, this invention describes a drive mechanism for moving the door. The access door panel could be applied to a cage, house, coop, trap, feed receptacle, or other application.
 Field mulling system for windows and doors patent thumbnailnew patent Field mulling system for windows and doors
A system for field mulling a plurality of fenestration assemblies in an opening includes a first fenestration assembly positioned in the opening. The first fenestration assembly has a mull halve.
Milgard Manufacturing Incorporated
 Sliding door system for glass doors patent thumbnailnew patent Sliding door system for glass doors
A sliding door system comprises a door made of a glass panel. One or more roller units are connected to the door and project from a plane of the door.
Groupe Vfg Inc.

System and locating, tracking, and/or monitoring the status of personnel and/or assets both indoors and outdoors

A system and method for locating, tracking, and/or monitoring the status of personnel and/or assets (collectively “trackees”), both indoors and outdoors, is provided. Tracking data obtained from any number of sources utilizing any number of tracking methods may be provided as input to a mapping application.

Base station system

A base station system includes a base station device (1), a wireless transmission device (2) and a data transfer device (3), each of which can be installed outdoors. Enclosures (12, 22 and 32) of the devices (1-3) each provide a degree of protection from water and dust ingress necessary for being installed outdoors.
Nec Corporation

Ventilation device

A ventilation device performs ventilation by supplying outdoor air indoors as supply air and exhausting room air outdoors as exhaust air. The ventilation device includes a heat exchange unit provided with a heat exchange element that performs heat exchange between the supply air and the exhaust air and a humidification unit provided with a humidification element that humidifies the supply air.
Daikin Industries, Ltd.

Articles including anticondensation and/or low-e coatings and/or methods of making the same

Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to articles including anticondensation and/or low-e coatings that are exposed to an external environment, and/or methods of making the same. In certain example embodiments, the anticondensation and/or low-e coatings may be survivable in an outside environment.
Guardian Industries Corp.

Object recognition and visualization

A method is disclosed for identifying and presenting a 3d model for an object appearing in a picture or image. The method is used with pictures in printed materials such as books, newspapers, magazines and also used with images presented on a display of a computer, tablet, mobile phone or the like.

Mobile-radio-based additional electronic immobilizer having a door opener having a theft alarm

The present invention relates to a device and a method for an additional electronic immobilizer (10) having a door-opener and theft-alarm function for a vehicle, comprising: a) a micro-controller; b) a mobile radio interface (1); c) a second interface (2) to a central locking system for doors of the vehicle; d) a near-field radio interface (3) such as rfid or nfc; e) a smart relay interface (4) for transmitting a control signal (s1) for a smart relay (8) and for receiving a receiving signal (s2) of the smart relay (8).. .

Concealed fastener lockset

Locksets primarily intended for use in interior residential doors and that have a concealed fastener mechanism positioned on one side of the lockset, the mechanism including connecting a first handle connected to a second handle through a spindle with the concealed fastener mechanism comprising a generally cylindrical housing including a torsion spring, a timing plate and a cover plate, the housing including an internally threaded central aperture, the timing plate including at least one tab adapted to cooperate with said torsion spring to return the handle to its at-rest position after rotation.. .

Wind cure band folder

This invention, the wind cure band folder, replaces the common band folder, which offers the singular utility of providing a place to store sheet music. The wind cure band folder not only stores sheet music but also provides a solution to the perennial problem of how to keep one's sheet music from blowing away when rehearsing or performing outdoors.

Device for protecting passenger of vehicle

Present invention relates to a device for protecting a passenger of a vehicle which includes curtain air bag (cab) modules disposed at left and right sides of a roof panel inside the vehicle, a driver air bag (dab) module disposed at a steering wheel inside the vehicle, and an eccentric impact preventing air bag module disposed to be unfolded toward an a-pillar disposed so as to divide a windshield glass disposed at a front side of the vehicle and side doors disposed at lateral sides of the vehicle, thereby effectively protects a driver seat passenger even when an unexpected front collision accident of a vehicle occurs.. .
Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd.

Microwave oven with dual doors

Novel microwave ovens and methods of using and manufacturing the same. Some microwave ovens include multiple doors and/or control keypads..
Bemon, Llc

Camping accessory doors for utility trailer

An accessory for changing a utility trailer to a camping trailer. The accessory may include attachable canvas panels that may be formed to fit and cover the door openings of a trailer.

Window cover for automobile

A window cover for an automobile integrally includes: a front sheet to cover an outer surface of an automobile windshield; and a pair of side sheets to cover outer surfaces of left and right front door glasses, respectively. The side sheets are fixed to a vehicle body by a fixing device.
Honda Access Corp.

Tube lancing machine

A pair of parallel metal lances is driven by a transversal drive into and out of heat exchanger tubes. The lances are supported by a plurality of spaced apart, retractable door supports so that the transversal drive mechanism can approach the tube sheet of the heat exchanger tubes as closely as possible.
Aquajet Ltd.

Sliding door systems, apparatus and methods

The present invention relates to sliding door systems, apparatus and methods of using and making the same. Specifically, the present invention relates to systems for opening horizontally sliding doors on a structure, such as, for example, a barn, warehouse, hangar, or other building or structure.
Propel Doors Llc

Yoga mat

The invention is directed toward an improved yoga mat for use on uneven surfaces and outdoors. The invention is a yoga mat comprising a top layer of pliable material, a bottom layer of pliable material, and a plurality of rigid slats positioned between the top layer of pliable material and the bottom layer of pliable material.
Balanced Path, Llc

Bicycle trainer

Provided is a bicycle trainer that provides a riding sensation such as that when actually riding a bicycle outdoors. The bicycle trainer is for training by using a detachably installed bicycle (21) and is provided with the following: a main body (3) placed on the floor; a support shaft (5) in which one end is movably inserted into the main body and the other end is fixed to a fork end support means (7) that supports a fork end part (23) of the bicycle; and an elastic part disposed so as to surround at least a part of the support shaft from the center in the longitudinal center thereof to the other end.

Method and system for virtual hiking

A virtual biking system and a virtual hiking method by which a user can bike indoors while simulating actually being outdoors are provided. The virtual hiking system includes a personal computer (pc) configured to display a simulation screen, a motion platform configured to move corresponding to a state of a road of the simulation screen displayed on the pc, and a bicycle fixed onto the motion platform such that the simulation screen is changed corresponding to a movement and a speed of a handle..
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Electromagnetic door lock particularly for doors in escape routes

An electromagnetic door lock has an electromagnet which cooperates with an armature plate. The armature plate has an adjusting unit fastened to the armature plate so as to be freely rotatable and which cooperates with a threaded rod that is secured to the door or to the door frame..

System and improving efficiency of aircraft gate services and turnaround

A system and method is provided for improving efficiency of aircraft gate services and reducing time spent by an aircraft parked parallel to an airport terminal wherein aircraft utilities and gate services provided during turnaround are supported by an arrangement of flexibly movable, service and utility-carrying extendable passenger boarding bridges that enable passenger and baggage exchange concurrently with connection of utilities and provision of gate services to the aircraft. Aircraft are maneuvered by a pilot into and out of a parallel parking location in a forward direction by an engines-off electric taxi system that does not rely on the use of aircraft main engines to drive the aircraft, enabling loading bridge, utility, and service connections to be made to multiple aircraft doors as soon as the aircraft arrives at a parking space and then quickly disconnected upon departure..
Borealis Technical Limited

Outdoor grill, oven and fire pit unit

A multi-purpose unit configured for fire usage having a body with an interior volume selectively closable by doors attached to sidewalls spaced between a base and a top. The interior volume contains spaces for grilling, baking, and heating.
Hephaestus Bbq, Inc.

Apparatus and method to retrofit a sliding door opening of a van

A van includes an interface element and one or more doors. The interface element can be a frame or connector that is configured to fit a sliding door opening of the van.

Vehicle protector

A car protector dimensioned and configured to protect car side panels from dings and dents caused by other cars, especially when the doors of the other cars are opened in a car parking lot. The protector is made of a durable, weather resistant outer material that encapsulates a foam type or inner material.

Latch assembly for cargo door

A latch assembly for a cargo door assembly that accommodates for dimensional and structure variations is cargo door assemblies to ensure a secure latching mechanism. The latch assembly uses a two piece design that includes a handle unit and a separate plunger unit to enable its use with cargo doors of varying thickness.
Kencon Hardware Corporation

Curved door

A curved bypass door suitable for a shower or bath comprising a first door, a second door set back from the first door, and an upper track made of aluminum. In one aspect, the upper track has a lower rail adapted to receive a first roller for the first door to slide on and an upper rail adapted to receive a second roller for the second door to slide on.
As Ip Holdco, Llc

Planter for hybrid container-gardening system

A low-maintenance and water-conserving container-gardening system used indoors or outdoors to grow plants, vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers. Combining the advantages/benefits of natural bacteria-enriched soil with the advantages/benefits of hydroponics to feed plant roots oxygenated nutrient/fluid precisely at the time of need, the system uses one or more gardening containers each having water-elevating structure causing slow and consistent upward flow of nutrient/fluid into the soil, and nutrient/fluid drainage-facilitating structure that directs surplus nutrient/fluid away from plant roots when the pump stops.

Textiles having antimicrobial properties and methods for producing the same

A method for inhibiting the spread of nosocomial infections in institutional health care settings comprises treating outer garments, worn indoors by employed staff of the institution, to impart antimicrobial properties to those garments by immersing the garments in a solution of glyxol, eugenol and water, squeezing the solution out of the garments, curing the wetted garments under heat, and drying the cured garments; and thereafter requiring employed staff to wear the treated garments while working at the institution; laundering the garments after being worn by the staff, for further wear by the staff, and requiring employed staff to wear the treated garments after the garments have been laundered for so long as the garments retain their antimicrobial properties.. .
Philadelphia University

Augmented reality technology

A method is disclosed for determining the user's position by analyzing a picture of buildings located in front of the user and comparing the picture content with a database that stores a 3d model of the buildings. The method is utilized in various indoors and outdoors augmented reality applications.


A refrigerator in which a rotating bar installed to one of a pair of doors is rotated when the other door is opened or closed. The refrigerator includes a rotating bar to seal a gap between doors, and a guide device to guide rotation of the rotating bar.
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Doors for console boxes

Embodiments of the present invention may include a door for a console box having a door outer, a door inner and a lock mechanism. The door inner is mounted to the door outer, and has a pair of mounting walls.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

Segmented wind lock configuration for overhead roll-up doors and constructing the same

An overhead roll-up door assembly for a vertically moving door to permit and prohibit access to an opening, the door assembly having a door panel with two faces and opposing marginal and lateral edges, and at least two wind locks attached proximate each marginal edge. The at least two wind locks extend away from one face of the door panel in a direction substantially perpendicular thereto, and are spaced apart vertically along each respective side edge of the door panel.
Rytec Corporation

Folding table

Provided is a folding table, which has high portability, can be set up easily, and still has sufficient rigidity to be used in outdoors. The folding table of the invention includes: two tabletop members that are coupled to each other pivotably with one edges of the tabletop members serving as an axis, and are able to be folded such that lower surface sides thereof face each other; a plurality of leg members that are disposed on a lower surface of a tabletop formed by unfolding the two tabletop members right and left, in order to support the tabletop; a separation biasing unit that causes two leg members, disposed on the lower surface of the tabletop and positioned in opposition across an axis of pivot of the tabletop members, to move away from each other; and a movably coupling unit that couples the leg members to the tabletop members in such a manner as to be moveable from the one edge side, serving as the axis of pivot, of the tabletop members, to the other edge side thereof.
Newtec Japan Co., Ltd.

Machine protection device

A protection mechanism for a machine, used for monitoring and securing the position of doors and/or positionable machine parts, having a central safety bracket movably supported relative to the doors and/or the positionable machine parts, and configured such that it can only be closed when all the doors are closed and all the machine parts are at an operating position, and a central safety switch which monitors the position of the central safety bracket.. .
Krones Ag

Sealing systems and associated devices for sealing loading dock doors and the like

Systems, devices and components for the sealing of doors, including overhead doors at loading docks, and associated methods of manufacture and use are disclosed herein. A door sealing system configured in accordance with one embodiment of the disclosure includes a seal extension having a body with a first edge and a second edge.
4front Engineered Solutions, Inc.

Systems and methods for a bonus game

Systems, methods, and articles of manufacture provide for bonus symbols and/or other reel symbols in a slot-style game that may be associated with (e.g., functionally connected to) a plurality of bonus areas or elements. In some embodiments, each reel of a slot-style game may be specifically associated with and/or tied-to one of the bonus areas or elements.
Gamesys Ltd

Providing indoor location of a mobile computer by combining sensor data and network related information

Providing indoor location, position, or tracking of a mobile computer using combined sensor data and network related information is disclosed. Outdoor location, indoor location, and determined motion information may be combined to track the mobile computer indoors..
Hj Laboratories, Llc

Touch field compound field detector i.d. cell phone

Finding power to operate electronics on or near a cell phone usually requires a wired power connection making it difficult to add useful and desired electronics to the cell phone. Harvesting power from the cell phone's transmission using this herein described invention eliminates wiring opening up markets for these optional types of cell phone gadgets.

Flat panel console/cabinet entertainment center

A slim profile wall mounted cabinet used in conjunction with a wall hanging flat panel television set having a door or doors opening downward at 90 degrees from the frame of the unit becoming a shelf upon which various electronic devices and other arc safely secured and contained within the unit.. .

Roman shield armored vehicle (rsav)

A mechanically-operated vehicle that has a bullet-resistant shield comprising bullet resistant glass panels that allows full-enclosure of an operator and passengers on all sides and top, at least four wheels, a steering wheel that controls the vehicle, and the vehicle can fit through ada compliant double doors and freight or service elevators.. .

Roman shield trike (rst)

A mechanically-operated vehicle that has a bullet-resistant shield comprising of bullet resistant glass panels and ballistic panels that allow full-enclosure of an operator on all sides and top, at least three wheels, a single hand-controlled apparatus that controls the vehicle, and the vehicle can fit through ada compliant double size doors and 4000-lb service/freight elevators.. .

Anchor fastener repair system and method

The invention could be a repair system and method for re-securing doors to their respective door frames when a screw fastener that originally used to secure the door to the respective door frame no longer engages and secures to the screw fastener's original screw hole in the door or frame, comprising a fastener anchor comprising a double open-ended hollow cylinder having a threaded exterior side and a hollow interior, the hollow interior forming a threaded lengthwise center channel that is continuously connected to the two open ends, one open end being tapered while the remaining other open end being shaped to receive a portion of a rotating instrument; a securing fastener having a threaded portion that can removably engage the threaded lengthwise center channel; wherein the threaded exterior side is capable of engaging and securing to the respective screw hole after the screw hole has been enlarged.. .

Method and system for refuelling

A dispensing system and a method for dispensing a fluid such as hydrogen to a hydrogen powered vehicle. The dispensing system contains a source of fluid, a valve block, a programmable logic controller and a dispenser.

Intrusion detection system and method thereof

An intrusion detection system and method for sliding windows and doors is disclosed. The present invention is installed in the casing of a sliding window or door and allows for the selectively positional opening and closing allowing for fresh air ventilation and initiates an alarm condition if the window or door is opened far enough to allow for the admittance of an intruder.

Gun shot detector

A gunshot detection system provides an audio and visual surveillance system, embodied within a gunshot detector (gsd) attached to a building's walls and ceilings and a firearm event detector (fed) worn on a person's outer clothing. In both embodiments, the system of the invention detects the physical signatures of a firearm discharge, specifically sound from a muzzle blast and light from a muzzle flash.

Guide for sliding doors

A guide device for sliding doors for shelves has at least one guide rail, each guide rail have a guide region for guiding sliding doors and at least one fastening region connected to the guide region for fastening the guide device to shelves. The guide regions in their cooperation form a guide arrangement and all the fastening regions in their cooperation form a fastening arrangement.

Apparatus and method to retrofit a sliding door opening of a van

A van includes an interface element and one or more doors. The interface element can be a frame or connector that is configured to fit a sliding door opening of the van.

Method and system for release of game animals

Described are an apparatus and method for remotely releasing one or more game animals. The apparatus includes one or more doors that enclose an inside of a game-release box.

System and powered railcar doors

Systems and methods for powered rail car doors are disclosed. In one embodiment, a system includes a first door assembly operable to at least partially cover an opening of a rail car.

Twin-door thrust reverser

A thrust reverser for aircraft turbojet engine nacelle includes at least one upstream door and a downstream door. The upstream and downstream doors move in concert between a direct jet position and a reverse jet position.

Windows and doors assembly structure having a joint portion of 45 degrees

Accordingly, since the horizontal bar and the vertical bar are simply attached to and/or detached from each other, it is easy to install and repair the window/door. Further, since the thickness of the horizontal bar and the vertical bar is able to be minimized, the window/door is light in weight.

Seal members for thin-panel swinging doors

A seal member (20) for selectively sealing the space between a thin swinging door panel (23l) and an adjacent structure (21l), includes: a u-shaped portion (33) adapted to embrace a marginal end portion of the panel adjacent the end face, having a web (34) arranged to face toward the panel end face, having a first and second legs (35, 37) extending away from the web; a boss or lug (53) extending outwardly from the u-shaped portion in a direction away from the proximate panel surface; a first seal lip (42) having proximal portion (43) extending outwardly from the boss or lug and away from the proximate leg, and a second seal lip (39) extending away from the web. The seal lips have a distal marginal end portions (41, 44) adapted to selectively engage portions of the adjacent structure when the door is moved to its closed position..

Door arrester for vehicle doors of motor vehicles

A door arrester for vehicle doors of motor vehicles, comprising a retaining part for fastening to a door or door pillar and a housing. A door retaining bar passes through a through-opening in the housing in a longitudinally displaceable manner.

Train guidance-display system and train guidance-display method

After latest door opening-side information is received from an operational management server on a ground after a train starts an operation, train-information managing apparatuses output the door opening-side information to display control apparatuses as guidance data, the display control apparatuses create video data indicating an opening side of doors for all stops at least between a next stop and a terminal station of the train using the door opening-side information, and displays perform display using the video data.. .

Orientation of mobile device measuring earth's magnetic field indoors

There is provided an apparatus configured to: acquire earth's magnetic field, emf, measurement results indicating the emf measured by a mobile device in a building, wherein the emf measurements are performed by the mobile device in an unknown three-dimensional orientation in a three-dimensional coordinate system of a person carrying the mobile device along a movement direction of the person; acquire motion data of the mobile device, wherein the motion data is measured by at least one inertial measurement unit comprised in the mobile device; determine at least one angle estimate of a difference between the three-dimensional orientation of the mobile device and at least one dominant movement direction on the basis of at least one feature related to the at least one dominant movement direction of the mobile device; and adjust the acquired emf measurement results on the basis of the determined at least one angle estimate.. .

Thrust reverser system with translating-rotating blocker doors and operation

A thrust reverser system and operation suitable for turbofan engines. Blocker doors of the thrust reverser system have stowed positions in which each door is disposed between a fixed structure and a translating cowl of the engine.

Raised litter tray enclosure with sliding sub-floor

A raised and sealed litter tray enclosure appropriate for placement indoors or connected to the exterior of a dwelling. The raised litter enclosure improves ergonomics during maintenance and cleaning by raising the litter tray/s and placing them on ball bearing drawer slides.

Framework serving as structural support and utility space

A framework for a building structure. The framework is constructed of two open-walled structures, an inner core structure and an outer core structure.

Trailer door seal

A one-piece seal is used between the rear doors of a semi-trailer truck and the rear frame of the truck, the seal having a good compression set resistance. The seal is made from multiple extrusion members that are fused, welded, or otherwise integrally, monolithically connected at corner joints to form a central opening.

Module unit for opening and closing of wings

A modular unit for opening and closing doors, in particular of motor vehicles, includes a first module which has at least one actuating unit and a second module which has at least one lock assembly. The first module and the second module are coupled together via a coupling member in order to actuate a lock of the lock assembly when the first module, in particular the actuating unit, is actuated in order to initiate the opening and/or closing procedure of the door.

Sliding door structure having sliding doors and pivoting doors

A sliding panel structure. The sliding panel structure includes a frame having an upper support track and a lower guide rail.

Security insert panels for sliding glass doors and windows

Security insert panels for sliding glass doors and windows. The panels include rigid elements appropriately spaced to allow air ventilation and to prevent human entry.

Joints for shutter frames and methods for forming same

A louvered shutter panel, such as for windows and doors, includes a pair of spaced-apart stiles, each stile having a longitudinally extending groove. The groove in each stile includes a first portion having a first cross-sectional shape and an adjacent second portion having a second cross-sectional shape.

Frame with fasteners securing aligned members and methods for forming same

A frame assembly for windows and doors includes a pair of side members and a pair of generally parallel cross members, each extending along a unique member axis. The cross members include a first frame portion and a second frame portion that extend generally along the member axis and are connected by a camming fastener that draws together and secures the first and second frame portions.

Vehicle doors closer and working unit for a vehicle doors closer

Disclosed is a vehicle doors closer comprising a working unit of a vehicle doors closer, comprising a housing, having at least two mounts with clamping holes; at least two guiding elements fixed within the housing; a movable rack with a lock plate, placed within the housing of the door closer so as to move along the guiding elements; an actuation mechanism, transmission element transmitting power from the actuation mechanism to the working unit, connected with one end to the movable rack with a lock plate of the working unit, and connected to the actuation mechanism with the other end; a state detector; a control unit; and a bracket placed on the car body.. .

Universal system for mounting rack doors

A mount for mounting a door to rack includes a plate including a first end and a second end opposite the first end, and a hinge arm adjustably coupled with the plate and extending at an angle from a first side of the plate adjacent to the first end, the hinge arm including a door pin receptacle to receive a door pin therein for coupling the door to the rack via the plate.. .

Apparatus to interface a boarding bridge and a low doorsill airplane

Provided is an apparatus to interface a boarding bridge having a first deck and an airplane having a second deck. The apparatus includes a lower-frame assembly, upper-frame assembly, bridge gangplank assembly, and airplane gangplank assembly.

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