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Training device

Training device

Low specific gravity and high stiffness sandwich type steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same

Hyundai Motor

Low specific gravity and high stiffness sandwich type steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same

Low specific gravity and high stiffness sandwich type steel sheet and method for manufacturing the same

General Electric

System for extracting matter through variable bleed valves in turbines

Date/App# patent app List of recent Doors-related patents
 Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating composition patent thumbnailnew patent Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating composition
The present disclosure provides a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating composition, which comprises the following components based on weight percentage: 0.1-15% of a fluorosiloxane, 1-30% of a polyacrylic resin, 0.1-15% of a silane coupler, 33-98% of an organic solvent, and 0.05-15% of an acid. By combining the polyacrylic resin and the fluorosiloxane which exhibits hydrophobic property, the present composition not only provides good hydrophobic property but also ensures durable hydrophobic property of the coating with the help of good adhesion of polyacrylic resin.
3m Innovative Properties Company
 Training device patent thumbnailnew patent Training device
Disclosed is a portable target training device that offers a versatile means of conducting target training, which may be adapted for use on varying terrain, outdoors, indoors, in scenario training, and in conjunction with accessories that affect both the exterior and interior conditions of the training device. The present invention houses a plurality of targets and/or obstacles that may be positioned in a manner that suits users' requirements.
 Low specific gravity and high stiffness sandwich type steel sheet and  manufacturing the same patent thumbnailnew patent Low specific gravity and high stiffness sandwich type steel sheet and manufacturing the same
Disclosed is a sandwich type steel sheet having low specific gravity and high stiffness which may be applied to an exterior plate of a vehicle and the like, which require excellent strength, dent resistance and the like. Further, a method of manufacturing the sandwich type steel sheet having a low specific gravity and high stiffness is also disclosed.
Hyundai Motor Company
 System for extracting matter through variable bleed valves in turbines patent thumbnailnew patent System for extracting matter through variable bleed valves in turbines
A system for extracting foreign matter in a gas turbine includes multiple variable bleed valve (vbv) doors disposed on the outer engine casing between a low pressure compressor and a high pressure compressor for bleeding a portion of flow from a core engine flow path into a bypass flow path. The system includes an outlet guide vane (ogv) assembly having multiple guide vanes disposed within the core flow path and multiple support struts positioned downstream from the multiple guide vanes.
General Electric Company
 Temperature-sensitive vehicle occupancy detection and alert system patent thumbnailnew patent Temperature-sensitive vehicle occupancy detection and alert system
A temperature-sensitive vehicle occupancy detection and alert system. The system alerts users when a young child is left unattended in a vehicle in order to prevent the young child from being exposed to dangerously high or low temperatures within the interior of the vehicle.
 Oven appliance with dual opening and closing doors patent thumbnailnew patent Oven appliance with dual opening and closing doors
An oven appliance includes a cabinet that defines a chamber. A pair of doors is rotatably mounted to provide selective access to the chamber of the cabinet.
General Electric Company
 Swivelling assembly for a vehicle seat patent thumbnailnew patent Swivelling assembly for a vehicle seat
A swivelling assembly comprising a swivel, the swivel comprising a swivel bottom element and a swivel top element rotatable relative thereto; a gear provided with gear teeth along at least a portion thereof, the gear being mounted to the swivel top element; an actuator operatively coupled to the gear teeth for selectively rotating the gear relative to the swivel bottom element; at least one spacer element mounted to the gear and extending away therefrom; and a seat support mounted to the at least one spacer element so as to be spaced apart from the gear, a vehicle seat being mountable to the seat support. The at least one spacer element raises the seat support so that the vehicle seat is above a doorstep when the swivelling assembly is operatively mounted to a vehicle floor and the vehicle seat is operatively mounted to the swivelling assembly..
 Door latching and lock assembly with quick-connect devices and methods of assembling door handles, escutcheon plates and lock bodies utilizing quick-connect devices patent thumbnailnew patent Door latching and lock assembly with quick-connect devices and methods of assembling door handles, escutcheon plates and lock bodies utilizing quick-connect devices
Latching and lock mechanisms for doors are developed that are particularly designed to improve assembly of the door latching and lock mechanisms along with a door and include methods of and features for connecting inside and outside escutcheon plates together and to a lock body by way of a quick-connect connection and release mechanism. Also, features and methods permit better alignment and assembly of lock bodies, and escutcheon plates to one another and to a door..
Larson Manufacturing Company Of South Dakota, Inc.
 Universal barricade for entry doors patent thumbnailnew patent Universal barricade for entry doors
A portable entry door barricade is provided to temporarily hold a door shut against a corresponding doorframe. The entry door barricade comprises in general, an elongate bar and a channel lock.
 Twin trawl geometry patent thumbnailnew patent Twin trawl geometry
A system for monitoring a twin trawl being towed by a vessel, the twin trawl comprising two trawl bags, two trawl doors and a clump, comprises at least one sensor arrangement for measuring distance between the doors and between one door and the clump, and a processing unit for computing geometric indicators based on the measured values. By means of the transmission of acoustic signals, the distances between the doors and the doors and the clump can be calculated and compared, and thus provide geometric indicators..
Scantrawl As

Electric lock for doors

An electric lock for doors has a housing with an opening, including a first catch and a second catch, an overlap formed by which enables the operation of the present invention. A blocking element connected to a driving device is displaced between an opening position and a closing position whereby the blocking element would stop the first catch from turning when being in the closing position, therefore controlling the turning of the second catch, rendering the opening a locked status and locking up the latch; when the blocking element is in the opening position, the blocking against the first catch would be eliminated, therefore turning the second catch together and rendering the opening an unlocked status, allowing the latch to be unlocked..

System and controlling locks

A system and method for opening locks, primarily door locks like the locks on hotel room doors using a handheld mobile device and a qr code. A mobile user can be provided with a qr code either via email or from a mobile phone application (app.).

Container for transport of products, especially in the form of coils

The present invention is a container for the transport of products, particularly in the form of coils, comprising a floor (1), two side walls (2), a front wall (3), two doors (4) and a removable rigid roof (5) with a fastening mechanism. The floor (1) is equipped with movable supports with a fastening mechanism, grouped in at least one pair, located along its longer axis of symmetry, opposite to each other.

Unit for preventing body part of user from being caught in door

The present invention relates to a unit for preventing a body part of a user from being caught. The prevention unit according to the present invention is to be coupled to a door and to a door frame, a floor hinge being connected to the lower surface of the door and the upper surface of the door being hinged onto a horizontal frame of the door frame such that the door can rotate about a hinge shaft, the door frame having the horizontal frame and a pair of vertical frames fixed to a wall.

Automatic door with emergency rescue system

Automatic doors have become commonplace in hospitals or retirement homes to facilitate entry into auxiliary rooms, such as bathrooms. Unfortunately, when a patient becomes incapacitated inside the bathroom, the door often becomes obstructed by the patient, making entry into the bathroom through the door impossible without further injuring the patient.

Microwave vacuum-drying of organic materials

An apparatus and method for microwave vacuum-drying of organic materials such as food products. The dehydration apparatus (20) has a vacuum chamber (24) with an input module (28) at one end and a discharge module (32) at the other.

Controlled retention and removal of biomaterials and microbes

A system for removing microbes from a surface, where the microbes are retained by a film, or a film that can prevent microbes from attaching on a surface are described, where the film is electrically connected to a voltage source via surface electrodes. The film can include a tunable dielectric material, and the dielectric constant of the dielectric material can be adjusted to alter the attachment of microbes on the surface when the surface is contacted by the dielectric material.
Kimberly-clark Worldwide, Inc.

Integral air vent and lamp assembly

An integral air vent and lamp assembly for a vehicle passenger cabin includes a rotary vent housing and a hub defining an opening centered on a center axis of the vent housing having vent doors which open and close to admit or block airflow into the cabin. A lamp subassembly is disposed within the opening.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Arc resistant electrical enclosure

Electrical enclosures are provided that include arc resistant features designed to add structural strength for arc containment, to inhibit arc propagation, and/or to direct the release of pressure within and/or from the enclosure in order to provide arc resistant electrical enclosures. In general, the arc resistant features may be designed to provide enclosures where in the event of an arc fault, the doors and covers remain closed, parts are not ejected from the enclosure, holes are not produced in the enclosure, indicators located in close proximity to the enclosure do not ignite, and/or grounding connections remain effective.
Rockwell Automation Technologies, Inc.

Method and means to prevent the formation of visible lines and other image artifacts on illuminated displays

A method and a system to decrease the appearance of undesirable straight lines on a picture which are not part of the intended image, on announcement surfaces as street announcing boards, airport and train station announcers, street and indoors announcing boards, conference displays, tv and computer monitors and the like, which discloses a hexagonal module populated with individual pixels of light origination, the combination of many such hexagonal modules being able to substantially cover the desired surface. Within each module the light pixels are arranged in row-column, hexagonal close-packed or other industrially easy to produce order, yet breaking the display edge-to-edge row-column matrix arrangement used by previous display devices.

Refrigeration units and door systems for refrigeration units

Refrigeration units and door systems for refrigeration units are provided. A door system for a refrigeration unit includes an outer frame and at least two sliding doors having the same size.
RefrigeraciÓn Ojeda, S.a De C.v.

Collapsible wardrobe and method

A collapsible wardrobe includes a pair of doors hingedly connected to a pair of folding side portions, fixed side sections, and top and bottom floors pivotally disposed relative to the fixed side portions. The wardrobe is reconfigurable between a collapsed orientation and an expanded orientation..
Blockhouse Company, Inc.

Fixed outside handle with multi-functions and protected switches

Vehicles, vehicle doors, and door handle systems are provided. In one embodiment, a vehicle includes a vehicle door, a fixed door handle, and at least one pressure switch.
Gm Global Technology Operations Llc

Aerial beneficial insect distribution vehicle

A remotely-piloted aircraft for distributing beneficial insects on a target area is provided. The aircraft includes an enclosure, including a top lid, one or more internal compartments, a door for each of the one or more internal compartments, and an actuator to open and close each of the doors.

Refrigerator storage compartment assembly

A storage compartment assembly is located within the interior of a compartment of a refrigerator such as a fresh food compartment of a refrigerator. The storage compartment assembly includes a storage container the temperature of which can be controlled independently of the temperature in the fresh food compartment.
Electrolux Home Products, Inc.

Bracket and a method to attach protective covers

This disclosure provides a device and a method to protect building openings with plywood panels during storm. The device and method is also provided to protect inside of buildings when windows or doors are broken.

Method and device for refining pellets

A method for refining pellets, in which, in a first step, pellets that have been pressed from a biomass are provided. A heat treatment is carried out, involving heating the pellets to a temperature between 210° c.
Amandus Kahl Gmbh &

Replaceable door, window, and furniture covering

Methods and articles of manufacture are disclosed for easily changing the look and appearance of doors, windows, furniture, appliances and the like. The protection, refurbishing, and/or redecoration of items may be permanent or temporary, partial or complete.

Hall monitor system

A hall monitor system includes a telephone system, a video surveillance system, and an access control system that work together to provide a fully-integrated system that can respond to a number of different emergency events. Interfaces between these systems are defined, emergency events are defined, and each of these systems is programmed with customized functions that support the defined emergency events.
I3 Holdings Group Llc

Systems and methods to control locking and unlocking of doors using powerline and radio frequency communications

An electronic door lock system automatically controls locking and unlocking of a door. A door lock controller interfaces with an electronic door lock, sends messages including door lock data to a local receiver, and receives messages including door lock commands from the local receiver.
Smartlabs, Inc.

Multiple access aircraft galley chiller

A chiller for an aircraft galley is disclosed having a housing defining an interior space, the housing including dividers to segregate the interior space into separate chambers. The chambers are enclosed by a pair of doors on a front of the housing that allow a user to gain access to the chambers, a first door providing access to at least one chamber and a second door providing access to at least one different chamber.
B/e Aerospace, Inc.

Railroad hopper car and door mechanism therefor

A railroad hopper car discharge outflow is controlled by closure members, at least one of which is movable. The closure members (or doors) are hingeless, being mounted on four bar linkages, such that the distal edge of the doors sweeps predominantly horizontally while the proximal edge of the door moves predominantly upwardly.
National Steel Car Limited

Thrust reverser doors having side openings

A door for a door-type thrust reverser is able to move between a direct jet mode of a nacelle and a reverse jet mode. The door includes an inner wall being integrated into a flow path of an air flow generated by a turbojet engine, an outer wall, at least one side wall connecting the inner wall to the outer wall of the door, and a deflector to deflect the air flow.

Corner assembly for metal framed glass panel doors, windows and wall partitions

An improved corner assembly for use with metal framed, floating panel glass doors, windows or wall partitions is provided. The design provides improved structural integrity of frame corner joints such that rail twist and frame racking are minimized.
C.r. Laurence Co., Inc.

Drying cabinet for clothing and sports equipment

The present invention relates to a cabinet for storage and drying of sports equipment and/or clothes. This cabinet has doors, an air circulation fan and an exhaust vent at the bottom, an intake vent at the top, and suspending means for suspending articles such as sports equipment or clothes.

Drying cabinet for clothing and sports equipment

The present invention relates to a cabinet for storage and drying of sports equipment and/or clothes. This cabinet has doors, an air circulation fan and an exhaust vent at the bottom, an intake vent at the top, and suspending means for suspending articles such as sports equipment or clothes.
Adaptive Storage Systems Inc.

Movable security mechanism for the handles of motor vehicle doors

The present invention relates to an automatic method to strengthen security at external door handles of cars. This would ensure that handles a few inches to slide back (or into the inside of the door) to cover cap then a close and completely seal the hole in the outside handle.

Cooling wind power generator and wind power generator set

A cooling system and method for a wind power generator and a wind power generator set. The cooling system for a wind power generator includes air extraction pipelines and air discharge devices.
Beijing Goldwind Science & Creation Windpower Equipment Co., Ltd.

Subject specific calendar with daily consumable and/or gift

A calendar/dispenser apparatus comprises a tray and cover. The tray has a plurality of recesses and a sufficient thickness such that a consumable and/or gift may be contained within a respective recess.

Systems and methods for manufacturing a carriage style sectional door

Systems and methods for manufacturing carriage house style sectional doors. A plurality of fabricated door sections, each section having a length that spans the garage opening.
Martin Garage Doors

Core cowl thrust reverser system and apparatus

A thrust reverser system deployable from a core cowl is provided. The thrust reverser system may comprise one or more doors that are configured to overlap to reduce leakage and increate reverse thrust while deployed.
Rohr, Inc.

Sealing system for refrigerator

The present invention discloses a sealing system for a refrigerator and, more particularly, a sealing system located between the doors of a refrigerator and its acclimatized chambers and of the kind that comprises a gasket to be inserted in a receiving channel existing also between the doors of a refrigerator and its acclimatized chambers. The sealing system for refrigerator herein reported consists of at least one gasket comprising a tubular body formed by at least one attaching end and by at least one sealing body; at least one groove defined in at least one movable door or at least one fixed cabinet; and by at least one rib defined in at least one movable door or at least one fixed cabinet..
Whirlpool S.a.

Sliding door fitting

The invention relates to a sliding door fitting for the coupling of a door, which is fastened to at least one hinge, of a refrigerator to a door, which is fastened to at least one further single- or multi-axis hinge, of a furniture carcass in which the refrigerator is installed, wherein the sliding door fitting has a guide element and a slider guided by the guide element, and wherein the guide element can be arranged on one of the doors and the slider can be arranged on the other of the doors. The sliding door fitting is distinguished by having at least one damping device for damping a relative movement between the slider and the guide element over at least one defined portion of the relative movement..
Hettich-oni Gmbh & Co. Kg

Software analysis framework

Presently described is a decompilation method of operation and system for parsing executable code, identifying and recursively modeling data flows, identifying and recursively modeling control flow, and iteratively refining these models to provide a complete model at the nanocode level. The nanocode decompiler may be used to determine if flaws, security vulnerabilities, or general quality issues exist in the code.
Veracode, Inc.

Seamless consumer service delivery system

A computer-implemented process operating on a server comprises: receiving user information into server memory; receiving a deposit notification into server memory; sending a pickup notification from the server to a service provider; receiving a deposit notification from a locker control device; sending a completion notification from the server to a user identified by the user information; receiving a removal notification; and billing the user identified by the user information for a service provided by the service provider. A locker system comprises: a plurality of lockers having doors and locks; a locker control device connected to the plurality of lockers to sense and control states of the locker doors and locks, the locker control device also connected to a communication network; a system control server connected to the communication network; a vendor server connected to the system control server through the communication network, the vendor server configured and arranged to communicate with a vendor interactions between a user and the vendor occurring through use of the plurality of lockers; and a user system connected to the system control server through the communication network, the user system configured and arranged to communicate with a user interactions between the user and the vendor occurring through use of the plurality of lockers..
Clean Cube Llc

Vent cover

A vent cover is configured for attachment to a downwardly-facing surface, such as a soffit panel of a building roof overhang. The vent cover includes a housing coupled to a base portion, the housing defining a fluid discharge outlet and fluid passageway, with the outlet being selectively blocked by at least one movable door.
P-tec Products, Inc.

Trawl height indicator

A trawl sensor device for monitoring trawl doors and the distance of the trawl to the boom during trawling operations comprises at least one acoustic transmitter and receiver, the transmitter being adapted to be positioned such that an acoustic signal is transmitted towards the seabed at a forward-pointing angle, and means for communication between the sensor device and a vessel. The transmitted acoustic signal is reflected from the seabed and is received at this position and the distance between the acoustic transmitter and the seabed is calculated based on the difference in time between transmission and reception of the acoustic signal and the forward-pointing angle..
Scantrawl As

System and retrofitting coin-operated lockers

A method of manufacturing an electromechanical locker system may include providing a set of lockers with coin-operated locks. The coin-operated locks may be removed from the set of lockers.
Best Lockers, Llc

Rear spoiler system for a vehicle

A rear spoiler system for a vehicle has at least one roof spoiler comprising a roof air-deflector element. The roof spoiler is configured to be secured only on a rear door of the vehicle without being secured on the vehicle structure.
Wabco Gmbh

Recreation vehicles with nesting expansion chambers

A recreational vehicle body structure having expandable body defined by two nesting chambers housed within an enclosed rigid body shell with openings on both side walls for the chambers to extend out. One of the chamber is an enclosed box with interior and exterior entry doors.

Power generating device

Provided is a power generating device capable of effectively cooling an expander, a power generator, and a control device even in the outdoors. In the power generating device, an expander driven by steam, a power generator coupled with and driven by the output shaft of the expander, and a control device are placed on a base and housed in a storage box.
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Wind lock configuration for overhead roll-up doors

An overhead roll-up door assembly for a vertically moving door to permit and prohibit access to an opening, the door assembly having a pair of spaced apart, parallel side columns for vertically guiding a door panel, the door panel having at least one wind lock attached proximate each marginal edge of the door panel, each of the wind locks having an angled portion facing the interior of the opening having a first durometer and a substantially rectangular portion having a second durometer different from the first durometer, the wind locks engaging the side column to prevent disengagement of the door panel from the side columns when a wind load is applied to the door panel.. .
Rytec Corporation

Windows, stops, glazing rings, and related assemblies, systems, and methods

Stops, glazing rings, windows, doors, etc. Some embodiments provide stops for securing window panes in windows.
Rehme Custom Doors And Lighting Inc.

Water resistant outdoor electronics cabinet

The present invention includes a water resistant outdoor storage cabinet for housing electronics equipment, telecommunications equipment or other water sensitive apparatus sought to be stored outdoors and protected from environmental elements such as extreme heat and cold, wind, snow weight, pest destruction and in particular water ingress. More specifically, the present invention is a double gasket system and complementary perimeter flange for water resistant outdoor storage cabinets that meet the water ingress testing requirements of nebs gr-47-core by incorporating two gaskets around the perimeter of an access port in a storage cabinet and between the door and the storage cabinet..

Latch guard device and method

A safety device for use with exteriorly locked doors. The safety device provides a temporary barrier between the latch and the strike plate hole to allow ingress and egress through the door while the door is in a constant locked position.

Skeet shooting target game

A target game having a stationary display that provides the capabilities to mimic moving targets. The target game generally comprises a game board, a control panel and a dart gun which may be used both indoors and outdoors.
Eastpoint Sports Ltd., Llc

Swing closure for doors, windows or the like

A swing closure element (1), comprising: —a fixed structure (10) rigidly constrainable to an opening (11) of a door or window or the like, —a first movable wing (20) constrained to said fixed structure (10) by a first hinge constraint (21) so as to be pivotable about a first rotation axis (z1), according to a predetermined opening rotation direction (w1), —a second movable wing (30) constrained to said first wing by said second hinge constraint (31) so as to be pivotable with respect to the first wing (20) about a second rotation axis (z2), the first and the second wing (20, 30) being movable between a first closed configuration wherein they are coplanarly arranged to close the opening (11) and a second open configuration, —an articulated, quadrilateral mechanism (50, 50′) connected to the fixed structure (10) and to the second wing (30) comprising at least one stiffening member (61, 61′, 62, 62′) pivotably constrained to said first wing (20) and to a movable member (53, 53′) of said mechanism (50, 50′) connected to the fixed structure (10) and to said second movable wing (30).. .
Celgon S.r.l.

Motorised door lock actuator

Actuation system for a door lock, where the door lock comprises a lock bolt driven by rotation of a lock pin that is functionally connected to the lock bolt. The actuation system comprises a cylindrical handle (5) with an outer diameter of between 6 and 9 cm.
Poly-care Aps

Device that maintains the open position of a window that is hinged at the bottom

The device that maintains the open position of a window that is hinged at the bottom is a secure, portable and easy-to-use device. It is manually inserted in the side opening of the window to block the window's closure.

Systems and methods for high precision indoor location tracking

A radio frequency signal mediator configured indoors passively receives signals from a user wireless device and determines layer two radio access network measurement data from the signals. At least one other radio frequency signal mediator in the same space also passively receives signals from the user wireless device and determines layer two radio access network measurement data from the signals.
At&t Intellectual Property I, Lp

Storage structure of off-road vehicle

A storage structure of an off-road vehicle includes a front row seat, a back row seat capable of switching between a usage position where a passenger sits, and a stowed position, a back row floor where a passenger seated in the back row seat places his feet when the back row seat is in the usage position or forms a portion of the storage structure, creating a storage space when the back row seat is in the stowed position, and rear doors. In the stowed position, the back row seat covers an upper part of the upper space of the back row floor, and the rear doors cover a side part of the upper space of the back row floor forming a rear storage section and the back row seat concurrently provide a load-carrying platform..
Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Safety device for lockable receptacles

A safety device for doors of lockable receptacles and a method of use are disclosed herein. The disclosed safety device generally comprises a base member attachable to a lockable receptacle; an arm member having a proximal end and a distal end, wherein the proximal end is attached to the base member; and a wedge member forming a portion of the arm member.

Thrust reverser hydraulic actuation system with servo synchronization

A thrust reverser system and method for controlling actuation thereof. The thrust reverser system may have a control system, two thrust reverser doors actuatable between an open position and a closed position, hydraulic actuators attached to and used to actuate each of the thrust reverser doors, servo valves each communicatively coupled with one of the hydraulic actuators to control hydraulic flow to and from the hydraulic actuators, and position sensors mounted on each of the thrust reverser doors to provide signals associated with a position thereof to the control system.
Spirit Aerosystems, Inc.

Interior safe door overlays

Overlays for the interior of safe doors, such as doors of metal gun safes. In some embodiments, the safe may comprise a door frame comprising an interior surface.
Rhino Metals, Inc.

Compartmented cushioning device and method

The present application is directed to a compartmented cushioning device and method offering one or more cool or warm feeling compartments, formed between or surrounded by one or more components, with each component, including filler material encased in surface material. The presence of one or more compartment openings provide access to the one or more compartments; whereby a user has multiple options when placing all or part of one or more of their fingers, hands, wrists, or arms into either the same or separate compartments to cushion, insulate, or protect them; while in addition, allowing the user to cushion, insulate, or protect, as well as support, adjust, or precisely position their head, face, or other parts of their body.

Undershield roof jacket

The undershield roof jacket, is a stylist outdoors jacket. An anytime wear jacket clothing with a anytime convertible cloth roof cover, that can be worn outdoors in good or bad weather conditions.

Element modular furniture system

An element modular furniture system utilizes a plurality of base frame elements to construct modular furniture pieces. Base frame elements are usually rectangular in shape and utilize a plurality of struts.

Apparatus and methods to operate laminar flow control doors

Apparatus and methods to operate laminar flow control system doors with improved reliability and serviceability are described herein. One described example apparatus includes a fin of an aircraft, a door assembly on a first side of the fin having a first door defining a first opening and second door defining a second opening.
The Boeing Company

Prenatal calendar with daily pill holders

A calendar/dispenser apparatus comprises a tray and cover. The tray has a plurality of recesses and a sufficient thickness such that a pharmaceutical agent may be contained within a respective recess.

Trailer door seal

A sealing system seals the perimeter of insulated hinged double doors. The sealing system includes first and second exterior seals made of a monolithic, resilient and elastically deformable material.
Press-seal Gasket Corporation

Roll-up door seal

A roll-up door seal arrangement includes side seals, an upper seal and a lower seal to completely seal the periphery of a roll-up door when the door is in a closed position. The seals are sized and adapted to assemble to a standard roll-up door frame without a separate or dedicated frame structure.
Press-seal Gasket Corporation

Planter or gardening container

A low-maintenance and water-conserving container-gardening system used indoors or outdoors to grow plants, vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers. Combining the advantages/benefits of natural bacteria-enriched soil with the advantages/benefits of hydroponics to feed plant roots oxygenated nutrient/fluid precisely at the time of need, the system uses one or more gardening containers each having water-elevating structure causing slow and consistent upward flow of nutrient/fluid into the soil, and nutrient/fluid drainage-facilitating structure that directs surplus nutrient/fluid away from plant roots when the pump stops.

Auto mounting system of door hinge for vehicle and method thereof

The present disclosure relates to an auto mounting system of a door hinge for a vehicle and a method thereof, and more particularly, to an auto mounting system of a door hinge for the vehicle and a method thereof capable of automatically mounting the door hinges on side panels of the vehicle using an auto mounting apparatus of a door hinge to automatically mount the door hinges for front and rear doors on the side panels of the vehicle, thereby improving operation convenience due to the minimization of the number of workers, assembling quality, operating ratio.. .
Kia Motors Corporation

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