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Gate with fan out opening system

Gate with fan out opening system

Hinge device for doors, shutters and the like

In & Tec S.r.l.

Hinge device for doors, shutters and the like

Hinge device for doors, shutters and the like

Kronoplus Technical Ag

Floor panel for outdoors

Date/App# patent app List of recent Doors-related patents
 System and  communicating with a vehicle patent thumbnailSystem and communicating with a vehicle
A system and method for using a portable device to communicate with a vehicle to authorize one or more vehicle operations. The portable device may authorize the vehicle to unlock/lock doors, start the vehicle engine, or mobilize the vehicle, or a combination thereof.
Spindance, Inc.

 Gate with fan out opening system patent thumbnailGate with fan out opening system
In the opening phase the problem which often arises with gates and window frames is the space they occupy, whether they have hinged doors, whether it be of sliding doors in horizontal or vertical direction. The invention applied to gates and windows consists of a system of opening as a hand fan that makes disappear the doors in a minimum of space such that they can be integrated in the column of a gate or in the section of a wall..

 Hinge device for doors, shutters and the like patent thumbnailHinge device for doors, shutters and the like
A hinge device includes a first fixed tubular half-shell having a working chamber defining a longitudinal axis, a second tubular half-shell rotatable about the longitudinal axis, a pivot rotating unitarily with the latter which includes a single pass-through actuating member having a helical shape, a plunger member slidable along the longitudinal axis, and a tubular bushing having a pair of guide cam slots. A pin inserted within the pass-through actuating member is provided to allow the mutual engagement of the pivot and the bushing.
In & Tec S.r.l.

 Floor panel for outdoors patent thumbnailFloor panel for outdoors
The present invention relates to floor panels for outdoor use, which front side is provided with a decorative—respectively protective layer and which comprises at its sides coupling means inform of groove and tongue elements. The material of the carrier plate is thereby mdf or hdf board of acetylated wood, a fiber cement board or is based on polyvinylchloride and the decorative—respectively protective layer consisting of a radiation cured acrylate-containing film or a polymeric layer with hardness gradient, wherein the hardness of the polymeric layer decreases in particular continuously with increasing depth seen from the surface of the polymeric layer..
Kronoplus Technical Ag

 Packaging system for insulation materials patent thumbnailPackaging system for insulation materials
The present invention relates to a packaging system to enclose, protect, store and transport insulation materials, with the possibility to pack with no to low or high compression, to provide ventilation when packaged and to enable indoors or outdoors storage, exhibiting easy and economic as well as ecologic application, storage and transport as well as easy opening, the manufacture of such packaging and the use of such packaging.. .
Kaimann Gmbh

 Sport seating system and method patent thumbnailSport seating system and method
A transformable sporting chair system which can be transformed from a working seat for use in the outdoors, to a transportable configuration for carrying the chair to or from an outdoor location. The chair features a frame which can be nearly entirely disassembled and reassembled into the working or transport configuration.

 Screen window for garage door patent thumbnailScreen window for garage door
A sliding screen window for a garage door may be built into new garage doors or may be sold separately for installation on existing garage doors. The window would generally, but not necessarily, be installed on the top panel of a garage door.

 Pneumatic door opening and security system patent thumbnailPneumatic door opening and security system
A pneumatic door system and a method of using the same are disclosed herein. According to one embodiment, a trailer may include a seamless main door and at least one side door.
Cold Chain, Llc

 System for controlling the doors of a powered split tailgate patent thumbnailSystem for controlling the doors of a powered split tailgate
A power, split door system for a vehicle, comprising a first vehicle door arranged to articulate between a closed position and an open position and a second vehicle door arranged to articulate between a closed position and an open position. First and second drive means are provided for articulating the first and second vehicle doors, respectively, between the closed and open positions.
Jaguar Land Rover Limited

 Method and means for acclimatizing seedlings for outdoor life patent thumbnailMethod and means for acclimatizing seedlings for outdoor life
Lighting method and devices can be used to treat a seedling in a growth chamber or greenhouse prior to the introduction of the seedling to outdoors. A light by which the plants can be prepared for the outdoors, by giving them certain wavelengths of light they do not currently receive from the light in the greenhouse or growth chambers.
Valoya Oy


Assembly for opening/closing of wings through synchronized motion

An assembly for opening/closing doors including at least a first wing, a second wing and a mechanism adapted to move the wings from a closing position wherein they lie in a vertical plane, to an opening position wherein they are arranged facing each other and lying onto parallel and substantially horizontal planes, and vice versa. The passage from the closing position to the opening position and vice versa occurs through a synchronized and simultaneous rotary-translating motion of the wings.
Grass Gmbh & Co. Kg


Absolute position door zone device

An elevator moves through a hoistway with one or more sensors positioned so that they pass by one or more targets that are in fixed positions relative to the hoistway. As they pass, an inductive current is generated, giving the elevator's control circuitry precise information as to the vertical position of the elevator car.
Thyssenkrupp Elevator Corporation


Airport terminal traffic and parking management system

An airport terminal traffic and parking management system, which can be automated, is provided wherein one or more and preferably a plurality of the aircraft at an airport are moved on the ground between landing and takeoff without operation of aircraft engines or risks from jet blast and engine ingestion. Aircraft can be moved in a forward direction by tow vehicles, aircraft-moving transfer apparatus, or the like after landing to park in an efficient orientation relative to an airport terminal.


Couch coach

The couch coach is a new game for football fans that can be used indoors or outdoors. It allows fans to be more involved with the game on a more personal basis when viewing the game indoors or during the actual game being played on the field.


Magnetically mounted shower mirror

A two-piece magnetically mounted shower mirror of the present invention comprises a mirror housing apparatus with magnets and lighting capability, and a magnetic mount with magnets aligned and corresponding to the magnets on the mirror. The present invention is a significant improvement to current suction cup mounted shower mirrors.


Divot for blocker doors of thrust reverser system

A gas turbine engine includes a thrust reverser including a plurality of blocker doors moveable between a deployed position and a stowed position. A gap is defined between adjacent blocker doors when in the stowed position.
United Technologies Corporation


Support bracket for sliding doors with side locking and adjustment

A support bracket (10) with side locking and adjustment for sliding doors and leaves (22) is positioned and stabilised in a metal profile (14) attached with screws (26) in the cavity (18) formed along the upper edge of said doors or leaves and protrudes from the top of said profile with a threaded pin (54) designed to engage with a carriage (56) sliding in a rail (56′). The bracket comprises a body (12) of a substantially parallelepiped shape extending in a horizontal direction and with an open lower face, in the rear part of which opposite the mouth (14″) of the profile (14) a slider (28)is placed, fitted at the bottom with opposite projecting and inclined lugs(34) designed to abut with corresponding inclined portions (36) made in the lower part of the opposite sides of said body (12) for moving said slider.
Terno Scorrevoli Srl


Doorstop assembly

A doorstop assembly includes a sleeve having a top end and an opened bottom end. The sleeve has a longitudinal pin groove extending therethrough between the top and bottom ends.


Spring operated doorstop with foot release

A spring-operated doorstop for holding a door in an open position. The doorstop has a flat thin base plate for permanent attachment on a floor, and a top plate hinged to the base plate.


Electronic cam lock for cabinet doors, drawers and other applications

A cam lock for cabinets, drawers, drug cabinets, credenzas, sliding doors, lockers, mail boxes and other door type applications is compact in size, fits an existing cam lock opening and provides electronic access via a keypad or other electronic access. Using batteries, such as aaa size batteries or smaller, the lock has electronics that release a lock turn knob or handle when the correct code is entered.
Security People, Inc.


Door assembly for aircraft interior

Door assemblies for aircraft interiors are described. Such door assemblies may comprise a door for opening and closing an aperture between zones of the aircraft interior and an interface configured to couple the door to the aircraft interior.
Bombardier Inc.


Koo taylor automobile side visor

This automobile devise is a rectangular box, hereafter referred to as the box. The box is designed to protect the automobile vehicle driver and the front seat passenger from the sun's glare and heat when the sun is on either side of the vehicle.


Continuous film and camera and method thereof

A dual camera for continuous transmission of radio wave image data to outside picture processing devices and continuous capture of images on frames of camera film rolls, the dual camera including a camera body, a cable for transmitting radio wave image data to outside picture processing devices, a camera antenna for receiving electrical signals, a camera lens mounted on the camera body for capturing images on frames of camera film rolls, a plurality of housing compartments for receiving camera film rolls, a plurality of detachable housing compartment doors operable for simultaneous removal of at least one camera film roll in a non-filming position when images are captured on all frames of the at least one camera film roll, without exposing remaining camera film roll in filming position is provided.. .
First Principles, Inc.


Automatic door opening mechanism of an analytical balance's weighing chamber

A balance base (5), under the weighing mechanism (4), features automatic mechanism for opening door of the weighing chamber. An electric motor (6) is coupled through a gear (8) with an arm (10) connected with the moveable frame (11) structure, that moves on rails (12, 13).
Radwag Wagi Elektroniczne Witold Lewandowski


Guiding method and guiding system

A commodity layout database (101) retains commodity arrangement information in which a plurality of kinds of commodity identification information for identifying a plurality of commodities arranged indoors and indoor arrangement positions of the plurality of commodities are associated with each other. A photographing unit (201) photographs the periphery of an indoor.
Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation Of America


Crowd-sourcing indoor locations

Aspects of the present disclosure provide techniques for constructing a scalable model of an indoor space using crowd-sourced inertial navigation system (ins) signals from mobile devices. By tracking ins signals from a number of participating users, the user's trajectories can be estimated as they move their mobile devices indoors.
Google Inc.


Electronic moulding trim

A permanent installation of electronic moulding trim system device and method comprising a plurality of hidden multicolored led lights or color changing leds (light emitting diodes), inside that flashes, fades, chases, dimmable and steady lightings when turned on, controlled via a wireless remote. The device can be attached with a mounting brackets to eaves, fascia, gutters, around windows and doors or any exterior/interior surface, the power source to the electronic moulding trim may be hardwired or pulls directly to a power outlet.


Garage door venting system and method

A ventilation system for sectional-type garage doors, utilizing rollers and axle pins with device bodies of adjustable geometry to hold the upper section of the sectional door at an inwardly-rotated angle to facilitate venting of the space. Component installation and operation does not impact normal operation and is completely reversible, requiring no modifications to the door itself..


Forced entry resistance system for wooden doors and manufacturing doors with such system

A forced entry resistance system for a wooden door built with a lock-stile and a hinge-stile includes one or more metal mounts pre-installed inside the door stiles and concealed by door panels. A doorframe mount may be pre-installed inside the lock-jamb at the lock-strike-plate and multiple doorframe mounts may be installed inside the hinge-jamb in the vicinity where door-stile fracture-resistant mounts and hinge reinforcement latch bolts are installed.


Airport hangar door

A door assembly for providing access to an enclosed space such as an airplane hangar. The door assembly includes a door panel configured to open and close an opening is provided.


Hinge device for doors, shutters and the like

A hinge device includes a first fixed tubular half-shell having a working chamber defining a longitudinal axis, a second tubular half-shell rotatable about the longitudinal axis, a pivot rotating unitary with the latter which includes a single pass-through actuating member having a helical shape, a plunger member slidable along the longitudinal axis, and a tubular bushing having a pair of guide cam slots. A pin-inserted within the pass-through actuating member is provided to allow the mutual engagement of the pivot and the bushing.
In & Tec S.r.l.


Dimension adjustable composite doors, bi-fold doors, and methods of construction thereof

Composite bi-fold doors and other composite closures having improved assemblies are described, wherein the assemblies provide enhanced strength and durability of the doors and their construction while simultaneously maintaining their aesthetics. Additional improved bi-fold door and semi-solid door assemblies are also provided, which allow for the dimensional adjustment of the height of the doors by the installer as necessary, while simultaneously maintaining the structural integrity of the doors following the height adjustment..
Home Fashion Technologies, Inc.


Portable lock-down system

A portable lock-down device, comprising of a loop or clasping device encircling or grasping a door handle or other fixed object on the door, a cable or other flexible material extending to a loop or cable attachment device allowing easy attachment and detachment to the fixed primary eyebolt via a spring coupling device, said portable lockdown device passes through an eyebolt or collapsible ring adjacent to the doors edge, coupling to the primary eyebolt, mounted in the wall, well out of reach of an intruder, provides classroom security.. .


Snap-closing device for doors and hatches, comprising means for releasing the handle from the lock block

A snap-closing device for doors and hatches, with particular reference to the doors and hatches of motor vehicles such as vans, caravans, motorcaravans and the like, which allows, under the condition of lock closed, the activation handle to be released from the closing sliding bar.. .
F.a.p. S.r.l.


Method and system for mitigating the effects of an active shooter

A victim initiated mitigation (vim) system is capable of mitigating the effects of an active shooter in a facility such as a high occupancy facility. The vim system initiates an immediate automated facility lock-down once activated through the use of one or more victim initiated units.


Lift cages with improved blocking/releasing devices

Lift cages are provided which include a crosspiece which houses drive mechanisms, an access aperture and two cage doors which are operatively connected to a first motor element which moves the cage doors from an open position to a closed position. Such cage doors may include a second motor element mechanically and operatively separate from the first motor element, wherein said second motor element is connected to a blocking/releasing carriage of the cage doors.
Sematic S.p.a.


Waterproof structures of vehicle doors

A waterproofing structure for a vehicle door having a cover member for closing a service hole formed in an inner panel, and a clip for detachably mounting the cover member to the inner panel. The cover member includes a seat portion and a tool hole.
Daiwa Kasei Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha


Modular wall furniture system

A modular wall system having an integrated air flow path that provides cooling of heat generating component housed within the system. In one embodiment, the modular wall system includes wall vertical brackets that create one or more vertical flues, as well as ventilated base cabinets that are configured to direct the flow of air over component stores within.


Automated device identification

Various techniques are provided to facilitate the identification of devices, such as smart light bulbs, ceiling fans, security systems, garage doors, and other devices whose functions may be automated or controlled remotely. Identification is done through visible light using existing light sources on target devices and existing image sensors on control devices.


Projection image display device

A projection image display device includes an indoor unit to be located indoors and an outdoor unit to be located outdoors. The outdoor unit includes a second refrigerant piping that forms a loop refrigerant path in combination with a first refrigerant piping, a cooling device, and a cooling control circuit that controls cooling for r, g, b laser heat sinks by the cooling device.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


Hand guard with three dimensional end profile

A semi-automatic or automatic firearm comprising a hand guard that includes a three dimensional end profile. The three dimensional end profile can depict subject matter related to sporting, outdoors, military, and hunting-related interests, such as the head and face of a warthog or peccary.
Patriot Ordnance Factory, Inc.


Variable area exhaust mixer for a gas turbine engine

A variable area exhaust mixer is provided for a gas turbine engine. The variable area exhaust mixer includes an outer wall with a multiple of doors.
United Technologies Corporation


Double-pivot synchronization mechanism for opening and closing two leaves

A first embodiment has a rail and is particularly suitable for manufacturers of furniture and cabinets who use custom-made components. A second embodiment, with rail, is better suited to a shallow frame and simplifies the adjustment to the width of the leaves.


Push/pull operating device for driving a latch device

A push/pull operating device includes first and second operational devices mounted to two sides of a door. The first operational device includes a first bracket having two slots.
I-tek Metal Mfg. Co., Ltd.


Blue field express door opener (bfxdo)

The purpose of this invention is to provide a means for the system to disengage the doors of the vehicle when the motorist accidentally leaves the child in the car with the key locked inside of the vehicle. This system also provides a bypass to attach to the key ring.


Apparatus for outdoorsmen

A multi-use apparatus for outdoorsmen including a tub and first, second, third and fourth adjustable legs. The adjustable legs are mounted to the tub.
Nes World Group


Configurable portable sound systems with interchangeable enclosures

Embodiments of disclosed portable speakers can be enclosed in interchangeable speaker enclosures (or “jackets”). In some embodiments, jackets can protect a portable speaker from potential damage resulting from moving the speaker, which can be moved around indoors or used outdoors.
Fugoo Corporation


Cooling device comprising a door opening mechanism

The present invention relates to a cooling device (1) comprising a body (2) wherein the objects to be cooled are placed, two doors (3) providing access into the body (2) and which remain side by side when closed, two door opening mechanisms (4), each situated on one door (3) and wherein the distance between the doors (3) is decreased.. .
Arcelik Anonim Sirketi


Locking system for sliding and pivoting doors systems

A locking and unlocking mechanism of the panels (18 and 19) composed of a “u” shape profile (1) fixed to the wall, “u” shape moving profile (4) a pair of elbow shape parts (2), a handle (3), two blocks (5) and two plates (6) being the width of the base (23) of the profile (1) slightly bigger than the base (22) of the moving profile (4) and fitting the “u” moving profile (4) into the profile (1).. .


Digital door lock device

A digital door lock is disclosed. More particularly, a digital door lock is provided that digitally operates and can be easily installed on all kinds of doors with a door knob such as interior and exterior doors and chassis doors, without damaging existing doors with a mechanical door lock..
Segos Co., Ltd.


Latches for gates and doors

A latch has a displaceable latching element in a housing for engagement with a separate striker arm to be latched behind an engagement shoulder of the latching element. The housing mounts a cylinder lock to receive a key from the front.
D & D Group Pty Ltd


Security and automation system

A security and automation system that is very simple and does not require any phone or device applications is disclosed. The system simply looks for an ip/mac address that is registered onto a local wi-fi network and a response to a communication, such as a ping.


Rod guide

A rod guide for guiding lock rods at sheet metal cabinet doors or the like, including a carrier which can be fixed on the inner surface of the door leaf, and a guide element which can be mounted on the carrier. The guide element forms a housing and has a guide surface having an adjustable distance from the inner surface of the door leaf when the rod is assembled.


Modular privacy booth for cooperative use with teller station, atm, or the like

A privacy booth for isolating a user from the surrounding environment so as to provide acoustical and possibly visual privacy to the user. A single privacy booth may be utilized when a user must interact with an electronic device or terminal, for example, an atm.



Vehicle is configured to supply power to outside of a vehicle. Vehicle includes an engine, a battery, a first mg configured to generate power with use of motive power of the engine, a switching unit configured to switch power supplied to outside of the vehicle between power generated by the first mg and power stored in the battery, an ecu configured to control the switching unit, and a detection unit configured to allow the ecu to determine whether or not the vehicle is located indoors.
Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha


Air conditioner for vehicles

An air conditioner for a vehicle may has mode doors that are installed on an air conditioning case and have a vent door and a floor door that are connected to each other by a connecting link, and cools, heats, and ventilates an interior room through various operation modes, and a sub door, which distributes supplied air while being rotated about a separate drive shaft, is installed between the vent door and the floor door.. .
Hyundai Motor Company


Method of estimating position of a device

The invention provides a method of estimating the position of a device, the method comprising: providing a database of location specific geographical descriptive data; obtaining location data relating to the position of the device; retrieving geographical descriptive data specific to an indoor region from the said database, the indoor region being selected dependent on the location data; and subsequently estimating the position of the device taking into account the retrieved data. The method can be used with existing or new positioning systems to improve the execution of the said positioning systems, particularly when the positioning system is being used indoors..
Sensewhere Limited


Recommendation agent using a personality model determined from mobile device data

A user's context history is analyzed to build a personality model describing the user's personality and interests. The personality model includes a plurality of metrics indicating the user's position on a plurality of personality dimensions, such as desire for novelty, tendency for extravagance, willingness to travel, love of the outdoors, preference for physical activity, and desire for solitude.
Aro, Inc.


Tracking a mobile computer indoors using wi-fi, motion, and environmental sensors

A mobile computer determines its initial indoor location in a building. The initial indoor location may be associated with probability related accuracy and selectively determined with satellite related positioning information.
Hj Laboratories, Llc


Method and system for measuring a vehicle position indoors

A method and system for measuring a vehicle position indoors are provided. The method includes continuously determining, by a controller, whether a vehicle is present within a range captured by a closed circuit television (cctv).
Hyundai Motor Company


Air-conditioning system for an aircraft, and an aircraft

An aircraft air conditioning system comprises a plurality of temperature zones and at least one door. Comprises an air-conditioning unit configured to condition and provide air to at least one of the plurality of temperature zones, temperature zone sensors each associated with a temperature zone for measuring the temperature therein, and a control unit.
Airbus Operations Gmbh


Automatic hopper car gate opening and closing system

A hopper car gate with a frame, a door supported by the frame and horizontally moveable between open and closed positions, a rack mounted to the door, and first and second shafts supported by the frame. A first gear mounted to the first shaft engages the rack.
Aero Transportation Products, Inc.


Relay locations for mobile automated vehicles

This disclosure describes an automated mobile vehicle configured to autonomously provide coverage for inoperable infrastructure components at various locations. For example, a plurality of automated mobile vehicles may be deployed to provide emergency lighting, a wireless network, audio, video, etc., at an event area.
Amazon Technologies, Inc.


System and methods for protecting computing devices from malware attacks

An online protection system and method for actively filtering webpages using a rule-based protective agent such that internet connectable communication devices receive a clean copy of the webpage. The protective agent may be operable to perform rule based filtering of static and web-generated pages.
Six Scan Ltd.


Solar powered cart

A solar powered cart is provided with a cabinet including a plurality of drawers, a plurality of doors, and a plurality of wheels mounted under the cabinet; a pivotal solar photovoltaic panel disposed on the cabinet and being capable of converting energy of light directly into electricity; a plurality of rechargeable batteries disposed in the drawers and capable of storing the electricity supplied from the solar photovoltaic panel; a controller electrically connected to the rechargeable batteries and capable of regulating charging and discharging of the rechargeable batteries and protecting overload; a transformer electrically connected to the controller for outputting dc voltage or ac voltage; and an air compressor disposed in the cabinet and electrically connected to the transformer, the air compressor being configured to output pressurized air.. .


Anti-sputtering sill system and method

An anti-sputtering sill system for windows and doors and methods of controlling sputtering associated with sills in connection with windows and doors are described herein. The anti-sputtering sill systems may reduce or prevent sputtering by preferentially allowing air bubbles formed in the water in a containment tank in the sill to pass into a vent cavity in the sill that is vented to the interior of a building..
Andersen Corporation


Fastening bolt and digital door lock device having fastening bolt

A fastening bolt and a digital door lock with the fastening bolt is disclosed. More particularly, a fastening bolt is provided that can be easily installed on all kinds of doors with a door knob such as interior and exterior doors and chassis doors, without damaging existing doors with a mechanical door lock, and a door lock with the fastening bolt..
Segos Co., Ltd.


Highly formable and intercrystalline corrosion-resistant aimg strip

The invention relates to a cold-rolled aluminium alloy strip made of an almg aluminium alloy as well as a method for producing the same. Furthermore, corresponding components made from said aluminium alloy strips are also proposed.
Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products Gmbh


Liquid crystal composition having negative dielectric anisotropy, and liquid crystal display device using the liquid crystal composition

Provided are a liquid crystal composition having negative dielectric anisotropy and a liquid crystal display device that uses the liquid crystal composition. The present invention relates to a liquid crystal composition having a negative dielectric anisotropy (Δ∈) and useful as an electro-optic liquid crystal display material, and a liquid crystal display device that uses the liquid crystal composition.
Dic Corporation


Articles including anticondensation coatings and/or methods of making the same

Certain example embodiments of this invention relate to articles including anticondensation coatings that are exposed to an external environment, and/or methods of making the same. In certain example embodiments, the anticondensation coatings may be survivable in an outside environment.
Guardian Industries Corp


Vehicular air conditioner

A vehicular air conditioner includes an evaporator bypass passage through which air is guided to a vehicle-compartment inside outlet with bypassing an evaporator, an inflow-side open-close door and an outflow-side open-close door that open or close the evaporator bypass passage and a cool-air passage through which air is guided to the vehicle-compartment inside outlet through the evaporator, an air-outlet door that opens or closes the vehicle-compartment inside outlet, and a controller. The controller controls the respective open-close doors to open the evaporator bypass passage and to substantially close the cool-air passage, and controls the air-outlet door to open the vehicle-compartment inside outlet, when an evaporation condition for evaporation of condensed water attached to the evaporator is satisfied..
Denso Corporation


Demister apparatus and method

A demister apparatus for machine tools having an enclosure booth for confining mist in which a varying outflow of air is drawn from the booth and directed to a remote demister apparatus from a minimum when the access doors to the enclosure are closed to a maximum when one or more of the doors are opened. The air flow may also be varied with the number of machine tools in operation as well with the state of filters in the remote demister apparatus.


Wastewater concentration system

A wastewater concentrator system is portable and scalable to effectively process up to forty thousand gallons of wastewater per day and more. The system has a portable assembly including a liquid evaporator assembly, gas-liquid separator, and exhaust assembly carried by a skid, which can be carried as a single unit on a mobile platform.
Heartland Technology Partners Llc


Scalable attribute-driven image retrieval and re-ranking

Retrieval of images of objects from a large-scale database of object images, based on a query image. The database may, for example, contain images of objects such as faces, vehicles, people and luggage.
Canon Kabushiki Kaisha


Liquid crystal display device

It is an object of the present invention to provide a liquid crystal display device which has a wide viewing angle and less color-shift depending on an angle at which a display screen is seen and can display an image favorably recognized both outdoors in sunlight and dark indoors (or outdoors at night). The liquid crystal display device includes a first portion where display is performed by transmission of light and a second portion where display is performed by reflection of light.
Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.



Dimming shield is designed to adapt the windshield of any motorized vehicle from clear to tint when exposed to direct sun light. Once the windshield is away from sunlight (for example the vehicle enters a parking garage or is outdoors after sunset) it will return to its clear state.


Safety device and method

The present invention relates to a safety device suitable for use with hinged doors or windows, and to door or window systems incorporating such a safety device. The invention also relates to methods of installing such a device.
Safehinge Limited


Through-wall metal flashing having thermal breaks

A through-wall flashing device includes a metal exterior surrounding a polymeric core, wherein the metal exterior is substantially non-continuous or otherwise interrupted by thermal breaks disposed about the metal exterior. In assembly, the thermal breaks help to reduce or all together eliminate thermal bridging from an exterior of a building construction to the interior of a building or building wall.
Advanced Architectural Products, Llc


Hinge for doors of domestic appliances

A hinge for doors of domestic appliances such as ovens or the like, comprises a first member fixable to a frame of the domestic appliance, a second hinge member fixable to a door and kinematic connection means between the first and the second hinge member to make them tiltably movable relative to each other so that the door can move relative to the frame between a closed position and at least one open position.. .
Nuova Star S.p.a.


Fireproof refuges

A dry refuge for a group of people in the event of a large fire front like a bush fire is a chamber with a roof, walls and doors made of a steel outer shell, a non-metal inner shell to accommodate people and a multi-layer ceramic fibre insulation layer between the shells capable of withstanding 1100ec difference in temperature. When the refuge is mobile in order to accompany firefighters into a fire zone, it is built as an insulated water tank with entry hatches for personnel and a quick release water valve for dumping water from the inner shell.


Autoclave apparatus used during high-pressure acid leaching process

In an autoclave apparatus for a high-pressure acid leaching process which advances leaching by stirring heated and pressurized material slurry and sulfuric acid by stirrers in compartments in an autoclave main body of a plurality of compartments, transfers slurry from an upstream side compartment to a downstream one to advance leaching, liquid flow ports for slurry transfer that open and close by doors are provided on the partition walls, the liquid flow ports for slurry transfer are installed at positions where the heights from the lowermost portion the autoclave to the center of gravity are 0.1 to 0.3 times an autoclave diameter and distances from the center lines of the partition walls to the center of gravity are 0.05 to 0.25 times the autoclave diameter, and the liquid flow ports for slurry transfer have shapes which do not reach end portions of the partition walls.. .
Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd.


Airport terminal aircraft gate traffic management system and method

An airport terminal gate traffic management system is provided that maximizes efficiency and safety of passenger transfer and aircraft servicing and minimizes aircraft time parked at a terminal. Aircraft are driven forward into and out of gates by controllable landing gear wheel non-engine drive means and parked in a parallel or perpendicular orientation relative to the terminal that facilitates passenger transfer through a maximum number of aircraft doors.


Emergency gravity free-fall deployment systems for retractable aircraft landing gear assemblies

Systems are disclosed to allow for the landing gear doors to be opened in the event of an emergency gravity free-fall landing gear deployment with little or no contact with the landing gear tires. The emergency gear extension systems according to the embodiments disclosed herein thus permit the free-fall movement of the landing gear to be synchronized with the opening of the associated gear doors.
Embraer S.a.


Electronic electromagnetic wave emitter, for repelling plague insects and animals

It is a device designed to eradicate plague insects and animals, preventing their reentry and to repel new infestations; suitable for being applied in both internal and dosed environments such as large warehouses and industrial plants, as well as outdoors. It comprises an electromagnetic waves generator with double emitter, which combines a wave emitter with fixed antenna and other wave emitter with flexible antenna, both amplified.


Fishing equipment cooler device

A fishing equipment cooler device is provided having a multi-chambered cooler interior and a separable construction. An upper cooler assembly removably attaches to a lower cooler assembly, whereby each is capable of supported chilled items therein in a segregated configuration.


Door with security features and integrated system

Devices and systems according to the present disclosure include doors with integrated security features, for example, surveillance devices, observation interfaces and locking mechanisms. In some embodiments, these doors can include cameras integrated into the doors, surfaces connected to the doors, or surfaces adjacent to the doors such as adjacent walls.


Tracking a mobile computer indoors using wi-fi and motion sensor information

A mobile computer may receive a bluetooth signal from a wireless sensor to determine entrance to a building. The mobile computer may track, on a floor of the building, its indoor position by utilization of a combination of wi-fi information and accelerometer information.
Hj Laboratories, Llc


Method for reducing the apparent manoeuvring time for landing gear of an aircraft

The invention relates to a method for controlling the manoeuvring of the landing gear of an aircraft, in which at least one of the steps of pulling on the doors of the bay to relieve the door retaining hook, actuating the door hook or hooks to free the doors and opening the doors is executed in response to the detection of a flight situation suitable for the occurrence of a manoeuvre order, even before the manoeuvre order is received.. .


System and captured inner fixed structure

A propulsion system of an aircraft includes an inner fixed structure (ifs) and the outer sleeve that may be separately coupled to the pylon. For instance, the inner fixed structure and the outer sleeve may move independently with respect to each other.
Rohr, Inc.


Method and system for providing preidentified pets selective access to a predetermined location or object

A method and system is provided that controls pet access to various different locations and/or objects. In a preferred embodiment, the present invention provides an automated system whereby pets are identified by sensors and allowed access to various locations and/or objects, such as food contained within a feeder dish for example.
Vet Innovations, Llc


Apparatus for a door frame reinforcement and installing

The invention provides a reinforcement for a door hingedly connected to a surrounding door frame mounted in a wall structure not normally made of 2×4 wall studs; said structures being smaller in thickness end depth such as in doors with sidelight glass. A male pin member, positioned within a recess drilled into either or both a hinge side and knob side of a door edge, extends laterally past the door edge surface.


Hydrophobic and oleophobic coating composition

The present disclosure provides a hydrophobic and oleophobic coating composition, which comprises the following components based on weight percentage: 0.1-15% of a fluorosiloxane, 1-30% of a polyacrylic resin, 0.1-15% of a silane coupler, 33-98% of an organic solvent, and 0.05-15% of an acid. By combining the polyacrylic resin and the fluorosiloxane which exhibits hydrophobic property, the present composition not only provides good hydrophobic property but also ensures durable hydrophobic property of the coating with the help of good adhesion of polyacrylic resin.
3m Innovative Properties Company


Training device

Disclosed is a portable target training device that offers a versatile means of conducting target training, which may be adapted for use on varying terrain, outdoors, indoors, in scenario training, and in conjunction with accessories that affect both the exterior and interior conditions of the training device. The present invention houses a plurality of targets and/or obstacles that may be positioned in a manner that suits users' requirements.


Low specific gravity and high stiffness sandwich type steel sheet and manufacturing the same

Disclosed is a sandwich type steel sheet having low specific gravity and high stiffness which may be applied to an exterior plate of a vehicle and the like, which require excellent strength, dent resistance and the like. Further, a method of manufacturing the sandwich type steel sheet having a low specific gravity and high stiffness is also disclosed.
Hyundai Motor Company

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