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Insulated wall module

Dual door fan air modulating valve

Date/App# patent app List of recent Doors-related patents
 Globally referenced positioning in a shielded environment patent thumbnailnew patent Globally referenced positioning in a shielded environment
A method, apparatus and system for globally referenced positioning in a shielded environment includes integrating and correlating information from a uwb receiver, a gps receiver, and a bent-path gps receiver adapted to extract a gps radio frequency wave from a heterodyned gps signal. The method, apparatus, and system is resistant to interference and can be used in a shielded environment such as indoors or behind a line-of-sight barrier..
 Outside-mounted frame for refrigeration systems patent thumbnailnew patent Outside-mounted frame for refrigeration systems
A frame assembly can be configured to couple one or more doors to a refrigeration case having an opening. The frame assembly can be mounted outside the opening of the refrigeration case, which can reduce the amount of energy needed for heating the frame assembly and doors to prevent condensation.
 Coke oven assemblies, doors therefor, and methods patent thumbnailnew patent Coke oven assemblies, doors therefor, and methods
A coke oven door includes a mainframe, a diaphragm assembly coupled with the mainframe, and a plurality of load-exerting assemblies attached to the mainframe. The diaphragm assembly includes a pan and a sealing edge structure attached to the pan.
 Dual door fan air modulating valve patent thumbnailnew patent Dual door fan air modulating valve
A fan air modulating valve (famv) employs a pair of doors rotatably attached at the fan bypass air exit of a precooler. An actuator engages the doors for simultaneous rotation through a range of motion from a first closed position to a second open position, wherein trailing edges of said doors sealingly engage an exit plenum extending from the precooler in the first closed position and fan bypass air flow is modulated by positioning the doors within the range of motion between the first and second positions..
 Insulated wall module patent thumbnailnew patent Insulated wall module
The construction of a wall module of superior insulation properties required for passive buildings, the method of its industrial production for easy to install at erection site as technical design of the load bearing steel truss of the defined height, width and thickness, made of appropriate shaped steel elements, of appropriate dimensions, positioned appropriately to form the structure and fixed in compliance with all relevant requirements of the professional building practice and regulations. Steel elements are mostly c elements, horizontal (1.1) and vertical (1.2) c elements with fastening mechanisms fastened on the outside horizontally (2.1) and vertically (2.2) with internal (1.3) and external (1.4) spacers positioned on their sides of low thermal conductivity, on which internal (6.2) and external (6.3) lining panels are placed of the appropriate thickness defining in such manner the total thickness of the wall.
 Modified axe patent thumbnailnew patent Modified axe
A modified axe head with a front-end containing a double-beveled axe blade and a back end containing a straight flat blade with a beveled blade edge. The back end blade contains a flexible hinge that allows the blade to pivot upwards and downwards as a result of applied force.
 Electronic device patent thumbnailElectronic device
To provide an electronic device having high capacity and high reliability. To provide an electronic device with a small size which can be provided indoors even when it has high capacity.
 Thermal insulating material patent thumbnailThermal insulating material
A thermal insulating material that is superior to blown-in polyurethane foam that has vertical insulating properties and lateral thermal conducting properties, and is made of alternating layers of aluminum metal foil and insulating foam that causes the temperature of a cold spot to increase at least 3 degrees f. When compared to an equivalent amount of blown-in polyurethane foam.
 Electric generator powered by bucket conveyor driven by massive buoyant objects patent thumbnailElectric generator powered by bucket conveyor driven by massive buoyant objects
An electric generation system includes a plurality of connected water filled chambers, each having a pivoting door that sequentially covers and exposes an access port through which buoyant objects travel to an ascending water filled tube leading to a bucket conveyor that drives a generator. The pivoting doors are synchronized so that one is opened while the other is closed.
 Covered parking structure adjustable solar energy collector holder and parking lot thereof patent thumbnailCovered parking structure adjustable solar energy collector holder and parking lot thereof
A covered parking structure has a frame with first and second opposing surfaces. The surface has at least one solar energy collection panel therein.
Screen window for garage door
A sliding screen window for a garage door may be built into new garage doors or may be sold separately for installation on existing garage doors. The window would generally, but not necessarily, be installed on the top panel of a garage door.
Power producing device with control mechanism
A power-producing device, such as a ram air turbine, includes a controller that is used to control operation of a turbine of the power-producing device. The controller uses an input based on an airspeed of the aircraft as part of a control mechanism in the controller for controlling the turbine.
A method of making a locker (10) uses a cabinet (20) having a rear wall, a top (24), a base and opposed side walls (22). The side walls defining support means (40) for supporting and preferably engaging the side edges of a shelf or cabinet divider, projecting into the cabinet.
Removable vehicle door security lock
A device for use by a commercial driver in securing the doors of the vehicle while in another part of the vehicle would be inserted inside of the vehicle door on each side. The device would consist of a telescoping bar with an internal spring that automatically collapses the bar when released.
Two-door cage trap with over-center set mechanism
A cage-type animal trap with two opposed animal access openings that can operate in a one-door-opening configuration or a two-door-opening configuration. The trap has a set mechanism for holding one or both doors open to allow access through the corresponding trap access openings.
Method and apparatus for secure advertising
A method, apparatus, and computer program product are provided to serve advertisements based upon the current context of the user in a manner that both ensures the relevancy of the advertisements and maintains the privacy of the contextual information of the user. In this regard, a method, apparatus and computer program product are provided to receive encrypted context data from one or more users including one or more trapdoors associated with one or more keywords and to receive advertisement information from one or more advertisers including a searchable encryption.
System and method for targeted advertisement and improving customer satisfaction
A comprehensive suite of tools to ensure improved customer satisfaction. Tools are provided for designing a room; obtaining blogger information to help in product selections (influence of bloggers); selecting furniture—see it in your space; sharing the design for comment by others; making sure furniture fits through doors and room passages and shipping the furniture with targeted third party advertisements..
Icomfort: method to measure and control your micro-climate using a smart phone
Temperature, relative humidity and air quality define comfort indoors. Individuals judge comfort by how the environment feels and smells.
Door and doorstop for portable one use drug delivery apparatus
An aspect of some embodiments of the current application is a doorstop to a drug delivery apparatus that encourages a user of the apparatus to perform the proper usage steps in the proper order. For example, a user may be expected to receive an injector in a transport state, open it to an open state, insert a cartridge, and/or close the cartridge before operation.
Suspension basketball board
A suspension basketball board has a backboard, a basketball hoop and at least one hanging device. The at least one hanging device is mounted on the back surface of the backboard.
System for low profile translation of high level radioactive waste
An apparatus system and method for handling and translating high level radioactive waste. The apparatus comprises a body for supporting the cask close to the ground so that the cask and the apparatus can pass underneath over head doors.
Liquid crystal display device
It is an object of the present invention to provide a liquid crystal display device which has a wide viewing angle and less color-shift depending on an angle at which a display screen is seen and can display an image favorably recognized both outdoors in sunlight and dark indoors (or outdoors at night). The liquid crystal display device includes a first portion where display is performed by transmission of light and a second portion where display is performed by reflection of light.
Illumination method and light-emitting device
To provide an illumination method and a light-emitting device which are capable of achieving, under an indoor illumination environment where illuminance is around 5000 lx or lower when performing detailed work and generally around 1500 lx or lower, a color appearance or an object appearance as perceived by a person, will be as natural, vivid, highly visible, and comfortable as though perceived outdoors in a high-illuminance environment, regardless of scores of various color rendition metric. Light emitted from the light-emitting device illuminates an object such that light measured at a position of the object satisfies specific requirements.
Dispensing mechanism for centralized robotic gantry
A vending arrangement for computerized vending machines, retail displays, automated retail stores, utilizes a centralized, robotic gantry associated with companion modules for vending a plurality of selectable products. The modularized design enables deployment of half-sized or larger, full sized machines.
Iso standard-compliant container
A container is an iso standard-compliant container that has at least: a freight chamber in which freight is loaded; and side doors that are provided on the sides of the freight chamber in the longitudinal direction and are obtained from pairs of doors that open to the left and right from near the center of the longitudinal direction of the freight chamber. Each of the pairs of doors that configure the side doors are obtained from: sub-doors near the center; and sub-doors that are mounted to rotate freely on the sides of the freight chamber via hinges and support the sub-doors to rotate freely via hinges.
Ultra low-profile spice rack
A spice rack for attaching to the inner surface of kitchen cabinet doors provides a low profile support and spice containers that may fit substantially within the gap between the cabinet door and the front of the shelves defined by a thickness of the face frame and a small clearance gap between the shelves in the rear of the face frame.. .
Safety lock for doors
(ii) a second lock member comprising a protruding section, wherein the protruding section is configured for being inserted into the opening of the first lock member, installed at the doorframe, for allowing thereby pulling of the movable element for allowing partial opening of the door and removing the protruding section from the opening for opening the door.. .
Rivet/bolt injection system with ejection mechanism
A machine includes a feed system for moving fasteners to a track-type fastener injector system and a pusher for moving the fasteners along the track. A rivet ejector assembly comprises a pair of bombay-type doors which support a portion of the track feed system and a mechanism for recognizing misfed rivets as they approach the bombay doors.
Rope clasp
A rope clasp device for securing a rope eliminates the need for a knot in a rope by selectively clasping and encasing at least one portion of a rope in a toothed clamp. The rope clasp device comprises a base, at least one, but generally two swinging doors, and a lock.
Method for mr-guided brachytherapy with consistent patient positioning
In a method for guiding brachytherapy radiation treatment the patient is supported on a table and an mr magnet is brought into the treatment bunker through doors for imaging while the after-loader for the radiation source delivery is stored away in a storage location outside the rf shield. A safety system controls movement of the after-loader and the magnet.
Powder coating booth
A powder spray for lengthy parts includes a booth wall structure comprised primarily of doors. A moveable roof may be raised and lowered to clean powder overspray from the interior surfaces of the booth.
Anti-ballistic shelters
The present invention is directed to methods of manufacturing anti-ballistic shelters such as tents and other frame structures, doors, room dividers, furniture, cots, pads and umbrellas using soft armor fabric or hard armor materials. Soft armor consists of flexible high-strength layered anti-ballistic material attached to a frame and layered in at least two directions.
Safety interlock system with side area detection
A safety interlock system for a motor vehicle has a plurality of object sensors capable of detecting the presence of an object such as a pedestrian in the danger zone at the front of the vehicle, rear the vehicle or proximate to the wheels. A door sensor is capable of detecting the open or closed state of the vehicle doors.
Connector and coating member used for the same
A connector includes a housing formed with a plurality of terminal insertion holes into which a plurality of terminal metal fittings is inserted, respectively, and a spacer arranged inside the housing and coating the plurality of terminal metal fittings. The spacer includes main bodies fixed inside the housing, and a plurality of slit doors provided in the main bodies and divided into a plurality of small pieces by a plurality of slits.
Vehicle snow & ice removal system/cover
A cover for a motor vehicle or other objects having a top surface and generally used or stored outdoors. The cover includes two sides that together substantially cover the top surface.
Truck bed panel attached to door hinge mounting plate
A conversion system that converts a four-door style vehicle into a pick-up style vehicle. The conversion system converts the four-door style vehicle into a pick-up style vehicle when rear doors of the vehicle are removed and replaced by inner and outer side panels that form a side panel assembly for the bed of the vehicle.
Recreational vehicle refrigerator
An rv refrigerator is provided with vertical walls and access doors on opposing sides. The refrigerator is installed through the wall of an rv such that one side with doors can be accessed from the outside and the opposing door can be accessed from the inside of the rv.
Side container
The side container includes one oblong under-frame; one oblong upper-frame; corner posts be installed on the four corners between under-frame and upper-frame; top surface panel, front end panel, back end panel and two side panels installed on the corner posts. The side panel has two side doors.
Deadbolt knob security device
A deadbolt knob security device is provided, whereby rotation of the deadbolt knob is linked to motion of an intermediate member assembly secured to a door element positioned next to the deadbolt knob. The device comprises several embodiments for surrounding the exposed interior knob of a deadbolt, as well as several embodiments for the adjustable intermediate member assembly between the deadbolt knob attachment and door knob attachment, wherein a door knob attachment member is provided in a u-shaped configuration to surround a door knob stem.
Modular door assembly
The invention pertains to a technology of manufacturing and assembling modular doors, which can be assembled on site, and specifically to modular doors, which can be assembled without a use of glue, by mortise and tenons.. .
Solar powered insect trap
A device for trapping insects that includes a roof or cover and a trap or cage that are disposed at opposite ends of a housing. One or more solar cell(s) that convert uv rays into solar energy for powering one or more trap components is/are attached to the cover.
Self-adaptive method for mounting side doors on motor-vehicle bodies
Method for mounting side doors on motor-vehicle bodies, wherein the doors are connected to the body by means of a pair of hinges each providing a pivot for support and articulation of the door. Each hinge is constituted by a body (fixed) element connected to the body and a door (movable) element connected to the door, as well as by a pin for their mutual rotational articulation.
Cavity door rollers
The specification discloses a wheel carriage assembly (10) for supporting sliding doors or other similar panels with the wheel carriage assembly (10) rolling along a fixed guide track (11), the wheel carriage assembly (10) having at least one and often multiple pairs (17, 18) of laterally spaced wheels (19, 20) adapted to roll along the fixed guide track (11), the wheels (19, 20) of the or each said pair of wheels (17, 18) being mounted to a shaft (21) and at least one of the wheels (19, 20) being capable of limited axial movement relative to the shaft (21).. .
Daisy chain array of medications cabinets
A group of locking medical storage are connected together using a daisy-chain connection based on i2c protocol. Each of the storage cabinets has one or more locking compartments.
A refrigerator includes a main body having a storage compartment, first and second doors opening or closing the storage compartment, and a pillar configured to block cool air from leaking between the first and second doors. The refrigerator also includes a hinge that rotatably connects the pillar to the first door and a holder disposed on the storage compartment and configured to guide rotation of the pillar.
Concealed fastener lockset
Locksets primarily intended for use in interior residential doors and that have a concealed fastener mechanism positioned on one side of the lockset, the mechanism including connecting a first handle connected to a second handle through a spindle with the concealed fastener mechanism comprising a generally cylindrical housing including a torsion spring, a timing plate and a cover plate, the housing including an internally threaded central aperture, the timing plate including at least one tab adapted to cooperate with said torsion spring to return the handle to its at-rest position after rotation, a spindle expansion and stabilizing screw adapted to eliminate any gap between the spindle and the timing plate and a spindle set screw that, when engaged eliminates any gap between the spindle and its handle to thereby eliminate the “wobble” that otherwise could be in the lockset.. .
Outside handle for sliding door
An outside handle for a sliding door includes a base member, a grip member, and a lever. The base member is mounted on a door panel and has a first hole formed at one end thereof.
Aircraft aisle partition with swinging doors
A partition configured to be positioned within an aircraft. The partition includes a first divider assembly that includes a first wall portion having a first jamb member secured to an inboard surface thereof and a first door hingedly connected to the first jamb member.
Device for preventing travel of an elevator with its doors open
An exemplary device for preventing travel of an elevator car when a car door is open includes a receiver that remains in a fixed position relative to a hoistway wall. A stop member moves responsive to the car door moving toward an open position such that the stop member engages the receiver to prevent movement of the elevator car when the door is open..
Milking box and cow stable comprising such a milking box
Milking box or boxes for cows, each milking box having two entrance fences for entry and two exit fences, wherein one first entrance fence and one first exit fence form a first pair of fences positioned at a first side, and one second entrance fence and one second exit fence form a second pair of fences at a second side which is opposite the first side. This type of milking box used in a cow stable further comprises resting boxes, at least one feeder trough, a separation zone or zones, and walking paths, wherein at least the resting boxes are placed at the first side of the milking box or boxes, and that at the second side of the milking box or boxes at least one is placed selected from the group comprising at least one feeder trough, a separation zone or zones, or outdoors..
Open top hopper railcar with biased door seal and enlarged contoured end door
A railroad open top hopper car comprises a pair of spaced trucks a railcar body, the body comprising a pair of side structures railcar, wherein each including (i) a top chord extending the side structure length, (ii) a plurality of upper side stakes extending from the top chord, (iii) an intermediate side chord extending the side structure length and below the top chord and coupled to the upper side stakes, (iv) a plurality of lower side stakes extending from the intermediate side chord, and (v) a side sill extending the length and below the intermediate side chord and coupled to the lower side stakes. The body forms discharge chutes forming pockets for the body with a plurality of intermediate doors and end doors, wherein the end doors are larger than the intermediate doors.
Device and method for testing pressure of hydraulic tools
Devices and methods are provided for testing and maintaining hydraulic tools and, in particular, devices and methods for testing and maintaining hydraulic forcible entry tools that are used to forcibly open locked doors, for example, in emergency situations.. .
Laundering systems incorporating visual displays
Laundering systems that incorporate visual display units into hatch doors are disclosed. In one embodiment, the laundering system (10) includes a cabinet unit (12) for housing laundering elements; an outer door assembly (42), which includes a handle element (48) and control and/or monitoring elements (60), an inner door assembly (44), which includes a display unit (90); and an electrical system (140) for the display unit.
Utility routing for a door-mounted icemaker
Utility routing for door-mounted operations are disclosed. An appliance may include a cabinet and one or more doors connected to the cabinet.
Rollo-flex assembly
A rolling mechanism encompassing various sets of rollo-flex assemblies, as defined in the specification, within a customer supplied track, inside a retractable truck tarpaulin system and rolling and sliding doors. The invention improves on single roller and wheels presently used in retractable tarp system and rolling doors, particularly in moving vehicles by providing substantial savings over current systems, ensuring longer service life, providing a stronger and more stable covering system while protecting the wheels and rollers from the shock loads of road travel..
System for monitoring installed infrastructure
The present patent of invention application relates to a system allowing monitoring and alarming several types of installed infrastructures, such as optical telephone closets, batteries, installed equipment, opening of environments doors and telephone closets, electrical and telephone cables. The need of that type of equipment is due to the large number of cables theft, mostly telephone ones, which causes, in addition to the loss for the providers, a great loss to society in general, as the lack of telecommunications and electrical services interrupts services in hospitals, government departments, banks, among others, causing great trouble..
Refrigerator door/window
Refrigerator doors (which includes freezer doors) are provided for use in display areas where refrigerated merchandise (e.g., frozen or chilled food) is displayed. It is desired to increase energy efficiency of the doors and thus of the refrigerated display system, while at the same time reducing visible reflectance from the doors to make it easier for customers to see merchandise which is being displayed behind the transparent doors.
Dolly charger
This present invention provides a compact and portable dolly charger with amusing appearance, particularly for use outdoors. It has the following features; an interesting and specific pattern of appearance, a doll body having a major accommodating space and a secondary accommodating space, a charging socket located across the major accommodating space and the surface of the doll body for fitting of a power line to a portable electronic device, a modular battery box located in the secondary accommodating space and electrically connected to the charging socket and a printed circuit board, a printed circuit board electrically connected to the charging socket and capable of outputting the electric power of the modular battery box to a portable electronic device via the charging socket and a power line, the secondary accommodating space having an opening for installing the modular battery box and a capping plate for closing the opening..
Galley cart bay door latch
A galley cart bay door latch system serves to secure catering or galley carts, as are used on commercial aircraft, within the aircraft's galley. The system relies on two substantially horizontally disposed latch levers to secure the galley door which in turn restrains a galley cart in position within the galley.
Door for household pet carrier
A door is provided for a household pet carrier having a substantially parallelepiped box shape, with an opening on one of the sides of the box structure allowing the animal to enter and exit the carrier. Said opening can be closed reversibly by means of a door which prevents the animal inside from leaving the carrier.
Refrigerator providing air flow to door
A refrigerator includes a refrigerator cabinet, a fresh food compartment disposed within the refrigerator cabinet, a freezer compartment disposed within the refrigerator cabinet below the fresh food compartment, and first and second french doors operatively connected to the refrigerator cabinet to provide access to the fresh food compartment. There is also a mullion between the fresh food compartment and the freezer compartment, an air inlet and an air outlet proximate a bottom of the first french door, and an air outlet and an air inlet on a front face of the mullion.
Door frame having durable wood portions
A frame for doors, windows, and the like of buildings includes upper and lower portions that are both made of wood. The upper portion of the frame is made of a conventional wood, and at least a portion of the lower portion of the frame is made of a wood that is naturally resistant to weathering, decay, rot, insects, or the like.
Reusable shoe cover
A reusable shoe cover that allows indoor cheerleading shoes to be worn outdoors without compromising the grip or structural stability of the indoor cheerleading shoe. The reusable shoe cover features an upper casing constructed from a stretchable material, such as elastane.
A refrigerator is provided. The refrigerator includes a cabinet having a first storage chamber, a plurality of doors which open and close an access opening formed at a front surface of the first storage chamber, a hinge assembly which rotatably couples each door to the cabinet, and a basket assembly rotatably coupled to the cabinet with respect to the hinge assembly, the basket assembly being configured to define a second storage chamber which is received in the first storage chamber.
Brick moulding system for window frames and door frames and method of manufacture of same
A method of manufacture of a brick moulding system for window frames and door frames includes providing a frame member which is used to form a frame to accommodate a variety of styles of window or doors in accordance with customer requirements. The frame member has a female brick moulding attachment receptacle.
Cluster box mail delivery unit having security features
An apparatus and method for enhancing the security of a cluster box unit which includes a protective enclosure, internal cabinetry, door, hinge and locking system. The cluster box unit may also include outgoing mail compartment doors that are heavily constructed and rigidly reinforced, with the locks carried thereon protectively shielded, and with the extensible bolts of these locks being engaged by brackets that not only lock the outgoing mail compartment doors but also the master loading doors of the cluster box units.
Rapid deployable packaged wastewater treatment system
The rapid deployable packaged wastewater treatment system is a low-energy demanding, portable, rapidly deployable and operational wastewater treatment system utilizing a plastic vessel including an aerobic pretreatment and screening chamber that feeds wastewater to a moving bed biological reactor (mbbr) chamber. Immediately downstream from the mbbr bioreactor is a secondary clarifier, which feeds a media polishing filtration system.
Power disconnect switch
The present invention is a mechanical device used in the mining industry. The switching device is attached to air lock doors preventing air-changes in mines thus providing a safer work environment for miners.
Positioning element for motor vehicle doors and panels
The invention relates to a positioning element (1), with the aid of which the panel (2) or engine bonnet of a motor vehicle can be brought from the closed position (4) into a position in which a gap (9) forms between the upper edge (8) of the opening and the lower edge of the panel (2). The panel (2) can thus easily be unlocked and fully opened.
Modular ramp construction and wedge elements herefore
The present invention relates to a modular ramp constructions that facilitate the passage of objects over obstacles on a surface such as a doorstep or a flight of stairs. Specifically the present invention relates to a construction that facilitates the passage of a wheelchair or other appliances used by physically handicapped persons over such obstacles.

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