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Dynamic distributed-sensor thermostat network for forecasting external events

System and methods for performing embedded full-stripe write operations to a data volume with data elements distributed…

Qos in heterogeneous noc by assigning weights to noc node channels and using weighted arbitration at noc nodes

Date/App# patent app List of recent Distributed-related patents
 Access to data stored in a cloud patent thumbnailnew patent Access to data stored in a cloud
It is proposed that known digital rights management (edrm: enterprise digital rights management) be extended such that control over the access to data stored in a cloud remains with the user or originator of the data. This requires the access information to be coordinated between a rights application in the cloud and a rights server in the region of the user (that is to say outside the cloud).
 Distributed non-real-time content patent thumbnailnew patent Distributed non-real-time content
A method is provided for a reception apparatus to access non-real-time (nrt) content. The method includes receiving, by the reception apparatus, a selection of the nrt content included in a digital television broadcast signal broadcast by a content source.
 Communication device and communication system patent thumbnailnew patent Communication device and communication system
The communication device is installed in a predetermined space. The communication device receives and displays content distributed only within a variable available viewing time.
 Apparatus and method for dynamically aligned source synchronous receiver patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and method for dynamically aligned source synchronous receiver
An apparatus including a synchronous lag receiver that receives one of a plurality of radially distributed strobes and a data bit, and that delays registering of the data bit by a propagation time. The synchronous lag receiver has a first plurality of matched inverters, a first mux, and a bit receiver.
 Apparatus and method for locally optimizing source synchronous data strobes patent thumbnailnew patent Apparatus and method for locally optimizing source synchronous data strobes
An apparatus is provided that compensates for misalignment on a synchronous data bus. The apparatus includes a bit lag control element and a synchronous lag receiver.
 System and methods for performing embedded full-stripe write operations to a data volume with data elements distributed across multiple modules patent thumbnailnew patent System and methods for performing embedded full-stripe write operations to a data volume with data elements distributed across multiple modules
A data storage system and methods for managing data to be transferred between a host and a data volume distributed across solid state storage modules are disclosed. A storage controller couples the host to the data volume and manages data transfers to and from the logical volume.
 System, method and computer-readable medium for providing selective protection and endurance improvements in flash-based cache patent thumbnailnew patent System, method and computer-readable medium for providing selective protection and endurance improvements in flash-based cache
A cache controller includes a cache memory distributed across multiple solid-state storage units in which cache line fill operations are applied sequentially in a defined manner and write operations are protected by a raid-5 (striping plus parity) scheme upon a stripe reaching capacity. The cache store is responsive to data from a storage controller managing a primary data store.
 Distributed association engine patent thumbnailnew patent Distributed association engine
A computer-implemented method for a distributed association engine, comprising searching, by a processor, for one or more objects of interest within a spatial bounded area, identifying, by the processor, the one or more objects of interest responsive to the search, and mapping, by the processor, one or more relationships between a user and the one or more objects of interest in a personal network.. .
 Naming system layer patent thumbnailnew patent Naming system layer
A facility for publishing information in a distributed network without a central management infrastructure is described. In various embodiments, the facility receives an indication of a new node and a destination node, the new node omitted from a contact list associated with the destination node, the contact list having an approximately logarithmic distribution of neighboring nodes; introduces the new node to the destination node via a permanent circuit; and causes the destination node to add the new node to the contact list when adding the new node improves the logarithmic distribution of neighboring nodes..
 System and method for processing real time display of changes to data triggered by changes in a data supply chain patent thumbnailnew patent System and method for processing real time display of changes to data triggered by changes in a data supply chain
The present invention is directed to a method and system for conducting one or a plurality of scenarios, simulations, games, or sport in which a plurality of participants are able to designate or “draft” or be assigned a set of assets, such a football team or basketball team or a set of military assets. Participants are further able to alter allocation of said assets according the rules and processes for reallocation of said game, sport or simulation in a real time crowd sourced pervasive computing environment.
new patent Multi-tenant system for consolidating, searching and sharing distributed user-specific digital content
This invention is a system for consolidating distributed user-specific digital content, making the content available for search through a user-specific search index, and enabling sharing of selected user-specific digital content with other users through dynamically created ad hoc shared search indexes. The preferred embodiment of this invention is a multi-tenant user subscription based service hosted on the internet.
new patent Method and system for generating a pictorial reference database using geographical information
For generating a pictorial reference database from a plurality of digital images, distributed geographical sub-areas are defined (s1). For the geographical sub-areas, selected (s2) from the plurality of digital images are images with a geo-tag located in the respective geographic sub-area.
new patent Gathering index statistics using sampling
An approach is provided in which a sample point system allocates sample point identifiers to a root node included an index tree that includes multiple leaf nodes. The sample point system distributes the sample point identifiers to the root node's child nodes, and recursively traverses through the index tree's hierarchical index levels and distributes the sample point identifiers from the child nodes to a subset of the index tree's leaf nodes.
new patent Apparatus and method for dynamic alignment of source synchronous bus signals
An apparatus that compensates for misalignment on a synchronous data bus. The apparatus includes a replica distribution network, a bit lag control element, and a synchronous lag receiver.
new patent Systems for storing data streams in a distributed environment
Systems and methods for storing and retrieving data elements transmitted via data streams received from distributed devices connected via a network. The received data elements may be stored in block stores on the distributed devices.
new patent Dynamic distributed-sensor thermostat network for forecasting external events
Systems and methods for forecasting events can be provided. A measurement database can store sensor measurements, each having been provided by a non-portable electronic device with a primary purpose unrelated to collecting measurements from a type of sensor that collected the measurement.
new patent Fairly calibrated distribution matrix modeling
The present disclosure provides for evaluating and managing multi-dimensional performance data of individual entities and their group as a whole by producing unbiased bell curved distributions according to organizational, product, manufacturing, or other goals and/or guidelines. An exemplary two dimensional performance management model may display a grid with potential along a first axis and performance along a second axis.
new patent System and method for managing a power distribution system
Disclosed herein is a system and method for managing a power distribution system in which has an improved system protection and fault section determination structure in consideration of distributed power supplies, has an improved server and communication structure for one-to-one synchronization measurement, and conducts real time system management and control. The system for managing the power distribution system uses field measurement data and an event signal to detect a protection coordination correction value of a protective device for protection of the system and a fault section of the power distribution system, performs real time system analysis using the field measurement data, and transmits control information including at least one of the protection coordination correction value, the fault section and the system analysis information to a dcp server..
new patent Medical device insertion and exit information using distributed fiber optic temperature sensing
A system, device and method include a sensing enabled device having an optical fiber configured to perform distributed sensing of temperature-induced strain. An interpretation module is configured to receive optical signals from the optical fiber within a body and interpret the optical signals to determine one or more temperatures or temperature gradients of the device..
new patent Distributed location sensor
A catheter configured for use with a magnetic field-based localization system includes a distributed location sensor that includes a plurality of individual location sensing coils electrically connected in series. The distributed location sensor has an effective magnetic center based on the individual characteristics of each location sensing coil.
new patent Software configurable distributed antenna system and method for bandwidth compression and transport of signals in noncontiguous frequency blocks
A method for transporting communications signals includes receiving an analog if signal at a first unit. The analog if signal includes a first carrier having a first frequency and a first bandwidth and a second carrier having a second frequency different from the first frequency and a second bandwidth.
new patent Microfluidic system for nucleic acid analysis
A microfluidic system for analyzing nucleic acid, the microfluidic system including a reagent supply device including a sample chamber into which a sample can be injected, one or more reagent chambers for containing one or more reagents for extracting nucleic acid from the sample, and a waste chamber in which the used reagent can be discarded; a binding-lysis chamber in which cells are captured from the sample and lysed to form a cell lysate containing nucleic acid; plurality of particles for cell binding disposed in the binding-lysis chamber; a plurality of rehydration chambers into which the cell lysate formed in the binding-lysis chamber can be distributed and mixed with a nucleic acid amplification reagent to form an amplification reaction mixture; a plurality of amplification chambers in which a nucleic acid amplification reaction is performed on the amplification reaction mixture introduced from the plurality of rehydration chambers; and a flow channel system including an outlet and a plurality of inlets connected to the reagent supply device and forming an integrated fluid flow between the binding-lysis chamber, the rehydration chambers, and the amplification chambers.. .
new patent Method for storing a gas by chemisorption on a porous material comprising expanded graphite
Method for storing a gas in solid phase so that it can be distributed in gaseous phase, that consists in introducing the gas in gaseous phase into a storage tank (1) containing a reactive mixture the apparent density of which is between 40 kg/m3 and 60 kg/m3 and preferably of the order of 50 kg/m3, and which is made up of a reactive product and of expanded natural graphite, this reactive mixture and the gas being such that, when brought into the presence of one another, the reactive product and the gas undergo a thermochemical reaction the effect of which is that the gas is absorbed by the reactive product and a solid product of reaction is produced and, conversely, undergo a reverse thermochemical reaction in which the gas absorbed by the reactive product is desorbed when this product is heated after it has absorbed the gas.. .
new patent Method and system for stabilizing an egg tray
The invention relates to an automated method for positioning eggs on a tray that comprises the automated detection of the presence/absence of eggs in the cells of a tray, and the picking-up of eggs from a supply and the placement thereof in the empty cells of a tray. The invention also relates to a system or positioning eggs on a stabilizing tray, the tray including evenly distributed cells in which the eggs are placed, one or more cells being likely not to contain eggs, this information being stored in an information processing unit, wherein said system includes a means in the form of a robot having an egg pick-up head that are driven by the information processing unit in order to pick up eggs from a supply tray and to place them in the empty cells of the stabilizing tray..
new patent System and method for visual correlation of digital images
The present invention provides a quantitative, automated system and method for assessing the correlation level of two rendered images, thereby removing subjectivity from such evaluation. The objective metric of the present invention determines whether two static images are correlated enough to be undetectable by a human observer.
new patent Processing source video for real-time enhancement of a signal of interest
What is disclosed is a system and method for real-time enhancement of an identified time-series signal of interest in a video that has a similar spatial and temporal structure to a given reference signal, as determined by a measure of closeness. A closeness measure is computed for pixels of each image frame of each channel of a multi-channel video to identify a time-series signal of interest.
new patent Method to trace video content processed by a decoder
The method traces the origin of a (illegally) distributed video material. It fingerprints a data object a having a nominal stream format f to provide a fingerprinted data object b including a pre-fingerprinting forensic luring process..
new patent System and method for differential encryption
Some embodiments include a trusted security module that creates secure connections using a set of split keys. Some embodiments include the creation of remote and local keys that are distributed to multiple devices.
new patent Fast device discovery for device to device communication
A fast device discovery protocol with a high success rate for device-to-device (d2d) communication in lte-a networks is proposed. With the proposed protocol, device discovery is done by monitoring a randomly transmitted beacon from other devices within a pre-defined period.
new patent Method of downlink signal transport over backhaul communications through distributed processing
The amount of multi-antenna signals to be transmitted over the backhaul in a coordinated multipoint (comp) system from the central processor (cp) to each base station is reduced. Embodiments of the present invention exploit characteristics of the underlying signal structure, and distribute some baseband processing functionalities—such as channel coding and the application of the multi-user precoding—from the cp to the remote base stations.
new patent Wireless communication system using distributed antennas and method for performing the same
Provided are a wireless communication system and method using distributed antennas. A physical channel and reference signal (rs) transmission/reception method for downlink and uplink communication using a plurality of points is provided for a case in which the plurality of points have different physical cell identities (pcis), or in a wireless communication environment using distributed antennas in which the plurality of points belong to the same cell and have the same pci.
new patent Distributed client steering algorithm to a best-serving access point
Network devices are steered to preferred access points using a probability function. A probe request for connection is received from a network device.
new patent Qos in heterogeneous noc by assigning weights to noc node channels and using weighted arbitration at noc nodes
Systems and methods described herein are directed to solutions for noc interconnects that provide end-to-end uniform- and weighted-fair allocation of resource bandwidths among various contenders. The example implementations are fully distributed and involve computing weights for various channels in a network on chip (noc) based on the bandwidth requirements of flows at the channels.
new patent Distributed power generation interface
Described herein are methods, systems, and apparatus for a controller for a power circuit that interfaces distributed power generation with a power distribution grid, comprising: a first portion, including a maximum power point tracker, that receives signals corresponding to the distributed power generation voltage and current, and outputs to the power circuit a signal for controlling the voltage of the distributed power generation; a second portion, including a current reference generator, a current controller, and a dc voltage controller, that receives signals corresponding to a dc voltage of the power circuit, the power distribution grid voltage and current, and the inverter current, and outputs signals for controlling the power circuit output voltage; wherein the current reference generator includes nonlinear circuit elements and generates a current reference signal from the dc voltage of the power circuit and the grid voltage and current; such that substantially harmonic-free power is injected into the power distribution grid. The distributed power generation may be, for example, a photovoltaic module or a wind turbine..
new patent Optical film having an atypical pattern, method for manufacturing the same, and backlight assembly to which the optical film is applied
The present invention relates to an optical film having an atypical pattern, a method for manufacturing same and a backlight assembly including the optical film. The optical film of the present invention includes: a base layer transmitting light incident from outside; and a pattern layer formed on one or both sides of the base layer, and having a surface structured of a continuously formed polygonal optical pattern having an irregular size and arrangement.
new patent Distributed electrostatic discharge protection for an on-package input/output architecture
An on-package interface. A first set of single-ended transmitter circuits on a first die.
new patent Mems microdisplay optical imaging and sensor systems for underwater and other scattering environments
A sensing system is provided that includes a transmitter assembly with a light source and a microdisplay device, wherein the transmitter assembly defines an optical beam transmission path to provide illumination of a substantially one-dimensional (1d) region of a target area, the microdisplay device comprising a plurality of controllable elements for causing the illumination to be a substantially 1d pattern of light along the 1d region. The system further includes a receiver assembly for defining a return optical signal transmission path from the 1d region and collecting return optical signals from the 1d region.
new patent Fibre optic distributed sensor
There is provided a distributed sensor, comprising a length of optic fibre; an interrogator unit having a detector arranged to detect light from the optic fibre, wherein the interrogator is arranged to provide distributed sensing on the optic fibre and wherein an optical path is defined between the optic fibre and the interrogator detector; a sampler coupled to the optic fibre and arranged to obtain a sample of light from the optical path of the optic fibre; a threshold detector arranged to detect the intensity of the sampled light and determine whether the intensity of the sampled light is above a threshold value; and an optical attenuator provided in the optical path and arranged to attenuate light propagating along the optical path when the intensity of the sampled light is above the threshold value. By attenuating light in the optical path if it is above a threshold value, the sensitive detector in the interrogator unit can be protected..
new patent Method and device for stabilizing video sequences, related video-capture apparatus and computer-program product
According to an embodiment, a sequence of video frames as produced in a video-capture apparatus such as a video camera is stabilized against hand shaking or vibration by:—subjecting a pair of frames in the sequence to feature extraction and matching to produce a set of matched features;—subjecting the set of matched features to an outlier removal step; and—generating stabilized frames via motion-model estimation based on features resulting from outlier removal. Motion-model estimation is performed based on matched features having passed a zone-of-interest test confirmative that the matched features passing the test are distributed over a plurality of zones across the frames..
new patent System, method, and computer program product for distributed processing of overlapping portions of pixels
A system, method, and computer program product are provided for distributed processing of overlapping portions of pixels. In use, a plurality of pixels to be processed utilizing a plurality of display processing modules across a plurality of interfaces are identified.
new patent Optical well logging
A method of logging a well can include conveying an optical waveguide and at least one signal generator with a conveyance into the well, causing the signal generator to generate at least one signal in the well, and receiving the signal as distributed along the optical waveguide. A well logging system can include a conveyance with an optical waveguide, and at least one signal generator which is conveyed by the conveyance into a well with the optical waveguide, whereby the signal generator generates at least one signal received with the optical waveguide..
new patent Alerting system using distributed notification delivery
A system and a method are disclosed for delivering an alert from a computer system using distributed notification delivery. The method comprises using a computer system to receive an alert initiation request from an alert operator, where the alert initiation request includes metadata of an alert to be delivered.
new patent Aircraft comprising a distributed electric power unit with free wheels
The invention relates to a rotary- or fixed-wing aircraft comprising one or more rotors and/or one or more propellers, in which the rotor(s) and/or propeller(s) are rotated at a variable or constant speed by at least one shaft (rp1, rp2, rp, rac, h), and the aircraft includes a power unit (gemd) configured to propel and/or lift the aircraft by rotating the shaft. The aircraft is characterised in that: the power unit (gemd) is a distributed electric power unit formed by multiple stacked electric power elements (ee1, ee2, een), each element being adapted to confer, on the rotation shaft (rp1, rp2, rp, rac, h), a fraction of the total power necessary in order to propel and/or lift the aircraft; the distributed electric power unit (gemd) is in direct engagement with the rotation shaft (rp1, rp2, rp, rac, h), with no movement transmission mechanism being inserted between the unit and the shaft; each electric power element (ee1, ee2, een) is directly connected to the rotation shaft (rp1, rp2, rp, rac, h) and comprises at least one fixed stator (st), at least one moving rotor (rt) and at least one mechanical or electromagnetic free wheel (ri) in direct engagement with the rotation shaft, said moving rotor (rt) co-operating with the free wheel (ri) such as to be coupled to the rotation shaft during normal operation of the electric power unit (ee1, ee2, een) and to be disconnected from the shaft in the event of the failure of the electric power element; and the rotation shafts of the moving rotors (rt), the free wheels (ri) and the rotation shaft (rp1, rp2, rp, rac, h) are coaxial..
new patent Distributed power generation system and method of operating the same
The distributed power generation system includes: an inverter connected to the first connection point; a first power generator; a current sensor provided on the power line between the commercial power supply and the first connection point; and a controller. In a case where a current flowing in a direction from the first connection point to the commercial power supply is a positive current, in a state where the inverter is disconnected, the controller determines that there is an abnormality in an installation state of the current sensor, or gives a notification of the abnormality in the installation state of the current sensor, if differential power that is obtained by subtracting power consumed by the electrical load from output power of the inverter is greater than a first threshold greater than 0..
new patent Track and drive sprockets for a tracked vehicle
A sprocket wheel and drive track assembly of a tracked vehicle includes at least one drive sprocket having a sprocket wheel. A plurality of internal teeth extending laterally therefrom is distributed in a circumferential direction on a periphery thereof at a sprocket pitch from each other.
new patent Laser sintering systems and methods for remote manufacture of high density pellets containing highly radioactive elements
The invention relates to remotely operated laser sintering systems and methods for manufacturing pellets containing highly radioactive elements. The highly radioactive elements can be recovered from used nuclear fuels.
new patent Anode active material for secondary battery and method of manufacturing the same
An anode active material for a lithium secondary battery having high-capacity and high-efficient charging/discharging characteristics. The anode active material includes silicon single phases, and silicon-metal alloy phases distributed around the silicon single phases.
new patent Fluid medium sensor system and method
An apparatus employs a plurality of transducers distributed along a cable to sample a medium. Some of the transducers may be operated according to various sequences which specific wavelengths and/or magnitudes of emission of electromagnetic energy.
new patent Enhanced stability crane and methods of use
An enhanced stability crane (100) is described. Embodiments include a telescoping main support mast (114) upon which a crane base (106) resides.
new patent Flow velocity and acoustic velocity measurement with distributed acoustic sensing
A well flow velocity measurement method can include transmitting an acoustic signal through at least one fluid composition in a well, detecting velocities of the acoustic signal in both opposite directions along an optical waveguide in the well, the optical waveguide being included in a distributed acoustic sensing system, and determining an acoustic velocity in the fluid composition based on the velocities of the acoustic signal. Another well flow velocity measurement method can include propagating at least one pressure pulse through at least one fluid composition in a well, detecting a velocity of the pressure pulse along an optical waveguide in the well, the optical waveguide being included in a distributed acoustic sensing system, and determining an acoustic velocity in the fluid composition based on the velocity of the pressure pulse..
new patent Fuel efficient ultra-low emission and improved pattern factor colorless distributed combustion for stationary and propulsion gas turbine applications
Colorless distributed combustion (cdc) reactors or green combustion gas turbine combustors having a combustion chamber are presented for improved performance of gas turbine combustion engines. The combustors are configured and designed for providing a superior pattern factor (uniform thermal field in the combustion zone) and a reduction or complete elimination of pollutants emission from the combustor (i.e., zero emission gas turbine combustor) and uniform thermal field in the entire combustion zone to provide significantly improved pattern factor.
Methods, a client and a server for handling an mpeg transport stream
A method for re-transmitting missing packets in an improved manner in association with transmitting an mpeg transport stream between a client and a server of a communication network is provided. New type of customized control packets are introduced which are periodically embedded into the transport stream at the server from which the mpeg transport stream is distributed, wherein each of the embedded control packets is provided with package identification data.
Mechanism for managing storage connections in a distributed virtualization environment
A host machine executing a connection agent receives a configuration identifying a set of connections to a plurality of storage servers. The host machine later receives a command to run a virtual machine.
Distributing and executing software code
Systems and methods for distributing and executing software code. In some embodiments, a method may include storing program instructions configured to invoke interactions with one or more of a plurality of automation devices, the plurality of automation devices divided into sets of one or more automation devices, each set of one or more automation devices associated with a respective distributed execution system (des) node.
Simulation environment for distributed programs
A dataflow of a distributed application is visualized in a locally simulated execution environment. A scheduler receives a job graph which includes a graph of computational vertices that are designed to be executed on multiple distributed computer systems.
System and method for server migration synchronization
A system and method for managing the migration of software components among test servers that form a distributed software test environment to ensure that the software components in each of the test servers represent a production environment except for software components being tested. The system further ensures that component changes rolled out into production are not overridden when multiple update requests are made for the same component..
Systems and methods for creating customized applications
Systems and methods for creating customized applications are provided. In particular, various embodiments of the present invention provide for systems and methods to create customized applications with user developed educational content (e.g., questions or games) around imported content.
Layout decomposition method and method for manufacturing semiconductor device applying the same
A layout decomposition method and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device applying the same are provided. According to the layout decomposition method, a design layout is received by the logic processer of a computing system.
User interface for visualizing resource performance and managing resources in cloud or distributed systems
Disclosed are methods and apparatus that allow users and organizations to access on-demand and in a personalized way to the performance and optionally flow activity measures of an end to end network of virtual resources. The system is configured to generate a ui that provides a mapping and characterization of the network of virtual resources.
Disk drive with distributed codeword blocks
Disk drives are described in which blocks of data spanning multiple sectors are encoded into a plurality of codewords which are then divided into segments that are physically separated (distributed) on the disk surface over multiple sectors in a distributed codeword block so that the codewords have an improved worst case snr in comparison to individual sectors. This results in more even snr performance for each codeword, which improves the performance for portions of a track which have lower than the average snr.
Secure online distributed data storage services
The data vaporizer provides secure online distributed data storage services that securely store and retrieve data in a public distributed storage substrate such as public cloud. The data vaporizer vaporizes (e.g., fragmented into tiny chunks of configurable sizes) data and distributes the fragments to multiple storage nodes so that the data is not vulnerable to local disk failures, secures data so that even if some of the storage nodes are compromised, the data is undecipherable to the attacker, stores data across multiple cloud storage providers and/or parties using keys (e.g., tokens) provided by multiple parties (including the owners of the data) and maintains data confidentiality and integrity even where one or more data storage provider is compromised.
Quorum-based virtual machine security
Technologies related to quorum-based virtual machine (vm) security are generally described. In some examples, vm data, such as a vm payload or other vm data, may be quorum-encrypted, such that that a quorum of decryption keys may be used to decrypt the data.
Method and system for distributed off-line logon using one-time passwords
A method and a system for extending distributed logon services to an off-line computing device includes encrypting, on the off-line computing device, a one-time password (otp), a nonce, and a unique identifier to generate an authorization request message. Using a mobile device as a proxy to forward the authorization request message to an access control server for authorization.
High bandwidth full-block write commands
A micro-architecture may provide a hardware and software of a high bandwidth write command. The micro-architecture may invoke a method to perform the high bandwidth write command.
Distributed procedure execution and file systems on a memory interface
Nonvolatile memory (e.g., flash memory, solid-state disk) is included on memory modules that are on a dram memory channel. Nonvolatile memory residing on a dram memory channel may be integrated into the existing file system structures of operating systems.
Distributed description over multiple links
Technologies are generally described for enhancing quality of service for real time media communications over wireless networks through use of multiple media streams. A wireless communication device may be associated to multiple access points and/or cellular base stations.
Method and apparatus for automated network connectivity for managed application components within a cloud
Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method performed by an application manager for automatically establishing a network connection between components of an application within a distributed cloud, the method including: establishing application components in the distributed cloud; selecting a first application component; identifying network characteristics from the network policy file associated with the first application component; determining a network connection between the first application component and a second application component according to the network characteristics associated with the first application component; associating the network connection with the first application component; and establishing the network connection between the first and second application components.. .
System and method for automatic configuration and management of home network devices
Embodiments of a method and system for automatically installing and managing consumer devices in a home network environment are described. A system implements automated configuration and maintenance of devices and their peripherals that connect to the home network, in particular the establishment of a distributed system that serves as a service platform which facilitates automated discovery and initial and ongoing deployment of a home networks and the devices that may interact with or connect to their network automatically or through manual means.
Distributed comment moderation
A distributed comment moderation service is arranged to help mediate the moderation of blog comments using a (for example) centralized moderation queue. The centralized moderation queue can be used to automatically (including semi-automatically) outsource blog comment moderation to third party resource providers.
Data placement system, distributed access node, data placement method and program
Realized is load distribution among a plurality of nodes that store data updated over a wide range with high frequency. A data placement system includes a plurality of nodes that store data transmitted by client nodes and a distributed access node arranged between the plurality of nodes and the client nodes.
Data distribution/retrieval using multi-dimensional index
A distributed data storage system uses a data distribution and location algorithm based on distance functions and hyper-spheres in a multi-dimensional space. The distributed data storage system uses the algorithm to maintain, over time, a balanced distribution across a number of computers interconnected by a network of a varying set of data items.
Global deployment of analytical methods via networked database to mobile (smart phone) technology
A method for global deployment of analytical methods and merging of data via mobile technology and remote mobile devices, the method comprising: developing analytical methods for quantification and identification to be stored in a relational database and distributed to remote mobile devices; developing execution methods to be stored in a relational database and distributed to remote mobile devices; employing a methodology incorporating gatekeeper applications to ensure full control and traceability in the development, deployment, and use of the analytical methods and the processing and distribution of data and analytical predictions; collecting field data from remote devices to a central relational database for a posterior analysis, model enhancement, and archiving; providing remote distributed access to all stored data including field data and processed data; providing a database methodology that provides for a highly level of security for the transmission of data and the storage of data; and providing a robust networking strategy to accommodate for potentially unreliable and unstable network connections. .
High availability distributed deduplicated storage system
A high availability distributed, deduplicated storage system according to certain embodiments is arranged to include multiple deduplication database media agents. The deduplication database media agents store signatures of data blocks stored in secondary storage.
High availability distributed deduplicated storage system
A high availability distributed, deduplicated storage system according to certain embodiments is arranged to include multiple deduplication database media agents. The deduplication database media agents store signatures of data blocks stored in secondary storage.
Device of managing distributed processing and method of managing distributed processing
Provided is a device of managing distributed processing, including: a selecting unit that estimates a total execution time on the basis of each of distributed-execution patterns indicating a grouping mode for plural computers and corresponding to the number of computers that are in charge of each of processes having different parameters in plural phases, this total execution time being necessary for the plural computers to execute the plural processes in a distributed manner, thereby selecting a distributed-execution pattern that makes the total execution time minimal, from among the distributed-execution patterns.. .

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