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Mechanism for managing storage connections in a distributed virtualization environment

Distributing and executing software code

Simulation environment for distributed programs

Date/App# patent app List of recent Distributed-related patents
 Methods, a client and a server for handling an mpeg transport stream patent thumbnailMethods, a client and a server for handling an mpeg transport stream
A method for re-transmitting missing packets in an improved manner in association with transmitting an mpeg transport stream between a client and a server of a communication network is provided. New type of customized control packets are introduced which are periodically embedded into the transport stream at the server from which the mpeg transport stream is distributed, wherein each of the embedded control packets is provided with package identification data.
 Mechanism for managing storage connections in a distributed virtualization environment patent thumbnailMechanism for managing storage connections in a distributed virtualization environment
A host machine executing a connection agent receives a configuration identifying a set of connections to a plurality of storage servers. The host machine later receives a command to run a virtual machine.
 Distributing and executing software code patent thumbnailDistributing and executing software code
Systems and methods for distributing and executing software code. In some embodiments, a method may include storing program instructions configured to invoke interactions with one or more of a plurality of automation devices, the plurality of automation devices divided into sets of one or more automation devices, each set of one or more automation devices associated with a respective distributed execution system (des) node.
 Simulation environment for distributed programs patent thumbnailSimulation environment for distributed programs
A dataflow of a distributed application is visualized in a locally simulated execution environment. A scheduler receives a job graph which includes a graph of computational vertices that are designed to be executed on multiple distributed computer systems.
 System and method for server migration synchronization patent thumbnailSystem and method for server migration synchronization
A system and method for managing the migration of software components among test servers that form a distributed software test environment to ensure that the software components in each of the test servers represent a production environment except for software components being tested. The system further ensures that component changes rolled out into production are not overridden when multiple update requests are made for the same component..
 Systems and methods for creating customized applications patent thumbnailSystems and methods for creating customized applications
Systems and methods for creating customized applications are provided. In particular, various embodiments of the present invention provide for systems and methods to create customized applications with user developed educational content (e.g., questions or games) around imported content.
 Layout decomposition method and method for manufacturing semiconductor device applying the same patent thumbnailLayout decomposition method and method for manufacturing semiconductor device applying the same
A layout decomposition method and a method for manufacturing a semiconductor device applying the same are provided. According to the layout decomposition method, a design layout is received by the logic processer of a computing system.
 User interface for visualizing resource performance and managing resources in cloud or distributed systems patent thumbnailUser interface for visualizing resource performance and managing resources in cloud or distributed systems
Disclosed are methods and apparatus that allow users and organizations to access on-demand and in a personalized way to the performance and optionally flow activity measures of an end to end network of virtual resources. The system is configured to generate a ui that provides a mapping and characterization of the network of virtual resources.
 Disk drive with distributed codeword blocks patent thumbnailDisk drive with distributed codeword blocks
Disk drives are described in which blocks of data spanning multiple sectors are encoded into a plurality of codewords which are then divided into segments that are physically separated (distributed) on the disk surface over multiple sectors in a distributed codeword block so that the codewords have an improved worst case snr in comparison to individual sectors. This results in more even snr performance for each codeword, which improves the performance for portions of a track which have lower than the average snr.
 Secure online distributed data storage services patent thumbnailSecure online distributed data storage services
The data vaporizer provides secure online distributed data storage services that securely store and retrieve data in a public distributed storage substrate such as public cloud. The data vaporizer vaporizes (e.g., fragmented into tiny chunks of configurable sizes) data and distributes the fragments to multiple storage nodes so that the data is not vulnerable to local disk failures, secures data so that even if some of the storage nodes are compromised, the data is undecipherable to the attacker, stores data across multiple cloud storage providers and/or parties using keys (e.g., tokens) provided by multiple parties (including the owners of the data) and maintains data confidentiality and integrity even where one or more data storage provider is compromised.
Quorum-based virtual machine security
Technologies related to quorum-based virtual machine (vm) security are generally described. In some examples, vm data, such as a vm payload or other vm data, may be quorum-encrypted, such that that a quorum of decryption keys may be used to decrypt the data.
Method and system for distributed off-line logon using one-time passwords
A method and a system for extending distributed logon services to an off-line computing device includes encrypting, on the off-line computing device, a one-time password (otp), a nonce, and a unique identifier to generate an authorization request message. Using a mobile device as a proxy to forward the authorization request message to an access control server for authorization.
High bandwidth full-block write commands
A micro-architecture may provide a hardware and software of a high bandwidth write command. The micro-architecture may invoke a method to perform the high bandwidth write command.
Distributed procedure execution and file systems on a memory interface
Nonvolatile memory (e.g., flash memory, solid-state disk) is included on memory modules that are on a dram memory channel. Nonvolatile memory residing on a dram memory channel may be integrated into the existing file system structures of operating systems.
Distributed description over multiple links
Technologies are generally described for enhancing quality of service for real time media communications over wireless networks through use of multiple media streams. A wireless communication device may be associated to multiple access points and/or cellular base stations.
Method and apparatus for automated network connectivity for managed application components within a cloud
Various exemplary embodiments relate to a method performed by an application manager for automatically establishing a network connection between components of an application within a distributed cloud, the method including: establishing application components in the distributed cloud; selecting a first application component; identifying network characteristics from the network policy file associated with the first application component; determining a network connection between the first application component and a second application component according to the network characteristics associated with the first application component; associating the network connection with the first application component; and establishing the network connection between the first and second application components.. .
System and method for automatic configuration and management of home network devices
Embodiments of a method and system for automatically installing and managing consumer devices in a home network environment are described. A system implements automated configuration and maintenance of devices and their peripherals that connect to the home network, in particular the establishment of a distributed system that serves as a service platform which facilitates automated discovery and initial and ongoing deployment of a home networks and the devices that may interact with or connect to their network automatically or through manual means.
Distributed comment moderation
A distributed comment moderation service is arranged to help mediate the moderation of blog comments using a (for example) centralized moderation queue. The centralized moderation queue can be used to automatically (including semi-automatically) outsource blog comment moderation to third party resource providers.
Data placement system, distributed access node, data placement method and program
Realized is load distribution among a plurality of nodes that store data updated over a wide range with high frequency. A data placement system includes a plurality of nodes that store data transmitted by client nodes and a distributed access node arranged between the plurality of nodes and the client nodes.
Data distribution/retrieval using multi-dimensional index
A distributed data storage system uses a data distribution and location algorithm based on distance functions and hyper-spheres in a multi-dimensional space. The distributed data storage system uses the algorithm to maintain, over time, a balanced distribution across a number of computers interconnected by a network of a varying set of data items.
Global deployment of analytical methods via networked database to mobile (smart phone) technology
A method for global deployment of analytical methods and merging of data via mobile technology and remote mobile devices, the method comprising: developing analytical methods for quantification and identification to be stored in a relational database and distributed to remote mobile devices; developing execution methods to be stored in a relational database and distributed to remote mobile devices; employing a methodology incorporating gatekeeper applications to ensure full control and traceability in the development, deployment, and use of the analytical methods and the processing and distribution of data and analytical predictions; collecting field data from remote devices to a central relational database for a posterior analysis, model enhancement, and archiving; providing remote distributed access to all stored data including field data and processed data; providing a database methodology that provides for a highly level of security for the transmission of data and the storage of data; and providing a robust networking strategy to accommodate for potentially unreliable and unstable network connections. .
High availability distributed deduplicated storage system
A high availability distributed, deduplicated storage system according to certain embodiments is arranged to include multiple deduplication database media agents. The deduplication database media agents store signatures of data blocks stored in secondary storage.
High availability distributed deduplicated storage system
A high availability distributed, deduplicated storage system according to certain embodiments is arranged to include multiple deduplication database media agents. The deduplication database media agents store signatures of data blocks stored in secondary storage.
Device of managing distributed processing and method of managing distributed processing
Provided is a device of managing distributed processing, including: a selecting unit that estimates a total execution time on the basis of each of distributed-execution patterns indicating a grouping mode for plural computers and corresponding to the number of computers that are in charge of each of processes having different parameters in plural phases, this total execution time being necessary for the plural computers to execute the plural processes in a distributed manner, thereby selecting a distributed-execution pattern that makes the total execution time minimal, from among the distributed-execution patterns.. .
Distributed speech unit inventory for tts systems
In a text-to-speech (tts) system, a database including sample speech units for unit selection may be configured for use by a local device. The local unit database may be created from a more comprehensive unit database.
Coremicro reconfigurable embedded smart sensor node
A coremicro reconfigurable embedded smart sensor node has the capability of hosting intelligent algorithms to support health monitoring applications and has optional standardized software communications stack. The purpose of this present invention is to provide a flexible low power distributed computational platform to deploy intelligent software elements (based on artificial intelligence techniques) among the system architecture to result in a reconfigurable scheme for distributed intelligence granularity.
Mri-safe implantable lead
A stimulation lead is configured to be implanted into a patient's body and includes at least one distal stimulation electrode and at least one conductive filer electrically coupled to the distal stimulation electrode. A jacket is provided for housing the conductive filer and providing a path distributed along at least a portion of the length of the lead for conducting induced rf energy from the filer to the patient's body..
Systems and methods for applying a novel antimicrobial coating material to a medical device
An antimicrobial composition, generally comprising a biocidal agent, such as chlorhexidine gluconate, a lubricant, such as a modified siloxane, and a solvent, such as an alcohol and/or water. The biocidal agent acts as a highly effective biocide while the lubricant reduces friction between various components of a medical device during assembly.
Focal point identification and mapping
A method can determine one or more origins of focal activation. The method can include computing phase for the electrical signals at a plurality of nodes distributed across a geometric surface based on the electrical data across time.
Lte/hsdpa carrier aggregation
It is provided an apparatus, including deciding means adapted to decide, based on an availability indication received directly from a slave base station of a second radio access technology, if data to be transmitted to a user equipment are to be transmitted by the slave base station; distributing means adapted to distribute, based on the decision by the deciding means, the data to the slave base station for a transmission to the user equipment; transmitting means adapted to transmit the data to the user equipment according to a base station functionality of a first radio access technology if the data are not to be distributed to the slave base station.. .
Distributed mobile access point acquisition
Providing for distributed access point management for access to a mobile network is described herein. By way of example, an interface application maintained at a femto cell base station (bs) can facilitate initial power up and/or acquisition for a femto user terminal (ut).
Multiplication table training tool and method
A visual tool and method used to learn the multiplication tables of two single digit numbers, 1-9. The tool is a graphic grid divided into eighty-one equal size squares by nine vertical columns and nine vertical rows.
Methods of measuring overlay errors in area-imaging e-beam lithography
One embodiment relates to a method of measuring overlay errors for a programmable pattern, area-imaging electron beam lithography apparatus. Patterned cells of an overlay measurement target array may be printed in swaths such that they are superposed on patterned cells of a first (base) array.
Fuel cell limiting the phenomenon of corrosion
A fuel cell includes three membrane-electrode assemblies. And first and second bipolar metal plates interposed between the membrane-electrode assemblies.
Anode active material for secondary battery and method of manufacturing the same
An anode active material for a lithium secondary battery having high-capacity and high-efficient charge/discharge characteristics. The anode active material includes silicon single phases; and silicon-metal alloy phases surrounding the silicon single phases.
Electric storage device and manufacturing method thereof
Provided is an electric storage device including: a first electrode plate; a second electrode plate having a polarity opposite to that of the first electrode plate; and a separator interposed between the first electrode plate and the second electrode plate, wherein the first electrode plate includes a current collector and a mixture layer laminated onto the current collector, the mixture layer contains at least one of the binder and the conductive additive, primary particles of an active material, and secondary particles each having a hollow region formed therein by aggregation of a plurality of the primary particles, and the at least one of the binder and the conductive additive is partially distributed in the hollow region.. .
Aerated fiber cement building products and methods of making the same
Disclosed herein are low density fiber cement articles, such as fiber cement building panels and sheets, comprised of multiple overlaying fiber cement substrate layers having small and uniform entrained air pockets distributed throughout. Also disclosed herein are air entrainment systems and methods for manufacturing aerated low density fiber cement panels or sheets with consistent air void content and uniform air void distribution.
Decoupling sheet
A decoupling sheet as a support for a covering that is to be mounted on a substructure, comprising at least two interconnected layers that include a foil-type bottom layer for disposition on the substructure, and a support layer for receiving the covering. The support layer is disposed on, and connected to, the bottom layer, and is comprised of an open-pore water resistant, and non-deformable foam material that is provided with apertures that extend from the bottom layer to the opposite, free surface of the foam layer, and which are distributed over the surface of the foam layer..
Method and apparatus for storing and dispensing bagged ice
An article storage and dispensing apparatus and method in which articles made by series production are distributed from an article supplier into a storage compartment of predetermined dimensions for storage of articles in front and rear rows of article storage positions. An article distributor in an upper portion of the storage compartment has a carriage, a carriage drive which is configured to drive the carriage in a reversible horizontal carriage drive direction across at least part of the width of the storage compartment, and an article support mounted on the carriage and configured to receive articles from the article supplier above the support when the carriage is in a start position.
Fixing member for electrophotographic fixing, fixing device, and image forming apparatus
A fixing member for electrophotographic fixing includes a base body; an elastic layer; and an outermost surface releasing layer. The elastic layer and the outermost surface releasing layer are laminated on the base body.
Fiber optic cable with increased directional sensitivity
A distributed acoustic sensor, comprises a housing having a longitudinal bore therethrough, an optical fiber supported in the bore; and an inertial member supported within the bore, wherein the fiber is mechanically coupled to the inertial member. The inertial member may include a weight and may provides isotropic stiffness such that it deforms more readily in a first direction normal to the bore than it does in a second direction that is normal to both the bore and the first direction.
Sharing a secret via linear interpolation
A method and system distributes shares of a secret among cooperating entities using linear interpolation. In one embodiment, a linear equation is formed using the secret and random elements.
System and method for dynamic phone extension synchronization between call control devices
Systems and methods described herein may allow for the sharing of routing information among call control devices. The routing information may be stored in an information repository, where call control devices may access the routing information as needed.
Temperature sensor
A temperature sensor comprises a body of polycrystalline superhard material comprising a plurality of intergrown grains and a binder phase, the polycrystalline material defining a plurality of interstices between the grains, the binder phase being distributed in a plurality of the interstices; and two or more electrodes attached to or embedded in the body of polycrystalline material arranged to measure bulk resistance of the polycrystalline superhard material between the electrodes, the measured resistance being indicative of the temperature of the body of polycrystalline material.. .
Methods and arrangements for synch frame transmissions
Logic to “loosely” manage synch frame transmissions in a synch network via the devices synced to the network that implement the logic. Logic may distributedly adjust the frequency of attempting synch frame transmissions without estimating the size of the neighborhood.
Communication system, base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus, and communication method
Provided are a communication system, a base station apparatus, a mobile station apparatus, and a communication method for reducing interference between uncoordinated adjacent cells. The communication system of the present invention comprises a base station apparatus and a mobile station apparatus.
Distributed satcom aperture on fishing boat
Embodiments of a mobile communications system to service multiple users in fishing boats over same spectrum in a communication satellite network and a method for the system are generally described herein. Signals of data streams for transmission to user equipment (ue) in spoke-and-hub configurations will utilize multiple transponders of satellites.
Management of distributed network switching cluster
Management of a network may be provided by moving management functions from each switch in a network cluster into a locally controlled server. The management functions may be organized into an ethernet distributed fabric switching protocol (e-dfp) based management plane.
Method and apparatus for channel estimation in a distributed multi-node system
Disclosed are a method and an apparatus for channel estimation in a multi-node distributed system. A method for channel state estimation comprises the steps of: a terminal receiving channel state information reference signal (csi-rs) set-up information; and the terminal calculating interference on the basis of the csi-rs set-up information and then transmitting channel state information (csi) based on the interference, wherein the csi-rs set-up information may include at least one of an external interference measurement field and an internal interference measurement field.
Stress-relief elastic structure of hairspring collet
A hairspring collet for a hairspring for interference engagement and an interference fit with the cylindrical outer surface of the staff of a balance wheel for a timepiece movement, said hairspring collet portion comprising a plurality of circumferentially extending elastically deformable interconnected arm portions, the arm portions forming an annulus having a central axis and providing an aperture therebetween, wherein each arm portion including a curved concave engagement portion for engagement with the outer surface of a staff of a balance wheel, wherein each engagement portion has substantially the same radius of curvature as each other and are equally spaced from said central axis at a first distance and wherein said first distance is less than the radius of the staff of the balance wheel; said engagement portions have a radius of curvature such that upon deformation of the arm portions and engagement with the outer surface of said staff the engagement portions substantially conform with the outer surface of said staff and an interference fit is formed therebetween, wherein stress induced from said interference fit is transferred and distributed from along the engagement portions to the arm portions adjacent the engagement portions and distributed therein; and wherein the interference fit of the engagement portions with the staff substantially prevents relative movement between the hairspring collet and the staff of the balance wheel upon application of load from a hairspring in use in a timepiece movement.. .
Video processing apparatus, display apparatus, and video processing method
A video input section acquires a video signal formed of a plurality of frames. A frame separator separates the video signal acquired by the video input section on a frame basis and distributes the separated video signals.
Inkjet printer having an image drum heating and cooling system
An inkjet offset printer includes an image receiving drum assembly having a hollow drum with an external surface and an internal surface defining an internal cavity. A heating and a cooling system located in the internal cavity provides distributed heating and cooling to the internal surface of the drum.
Synchronization of distributed measurements in a borehole
A system and method to synchronize distributed measurements in a borehole are described. The system includes a plurality of wired segments coupled together by couplers and a plurality of nodes configured to measure, process, or relay information obtained in the borehole to a surface processing system, each of the plurality of nodes comprising a local clock and being disposed at one of the couplers or between couplers.
Films of nitrides of group 13 elements and layered body including the same
A film 3 of a nitride of a group 13 element is grown on a seed crystal substrate 11 by flux process from a melt containing a flux and a group 13 element under nitrogen containing atmosphere. The film 3 of a nitride of a group 13 element includes an inclusion distributed layer 3a in a region distant from an interface of the film of a nitride of group 13 element on the side of the seed crystal substrate 11 and containing inclusions derived from components of the melt, and an inclusion depleted layer 3b, with the inclusion depleted.
Organic light emitting device with improved light extraction
The invention provides an organic light-emitting device (oled) comprising: a transparent substrate; a first, transparent electrode layer arranged on said substrate; one or more organic light-active layers arranged on said first electrode layer; a second electrode layer arranged on said one or more organic light-active layers; and a discontinuous layer comprising discrete, randomly distributed nanometer-sized domains of a low refractive index material, arranged between said first electrode layer and said one or more organic light-active layers. The discontinuous layer of discrete, randomly distributed nano-sized domains increases the light extraction efficiency of the oled..
Methods for the remediation of algal blooms
In one embodiment, a remediation agent and method of remediation of an algae bloom are disclosed. The remediation agent contains light absorbing compounds in a buoyant water semi-insoluble and biodegradable casein product.
Downhole sinusoidal vibrational apparatus
A device in place as, or suitable for use as, a vibrational tool of or in a downhole assembly, the device having a first magnetic assembly which is to be, or can be, rotated relative to a second magnetic assembly and which, when so rotated, causes the second magnetic assembly to oscillate and/or reciprocate at least substantially in an axial manner; wherein the oscillating and/or reciprocating magnetic assembly, at least substantially, at either one end, or both ends, is attached to and constrained in its oscillations and/or reciprocation by a compliant member thereby allowing the output force to be distributed to the outer body of the vibrational tool and/or any attached uphole and/or downhole tooling, from the compression and extension of the compliant member in a substantially sinusoidal manner.. .
Degradable ball sealer
High strength, degradable ball sealer for temporarily sealing off lower zones in a wellbore from the flow of a fluid injected into the well. The degradable ball sealer may also seal openings formed through slidable packers or sleeves received within a tubing string in the well, from the flow of a fluid injected into the well.
Foundry mold insulating coating
Tubular metal articles such as pipe and cylinder liners are produced by centrifugal casting on a permanent metal mold coated by refractory glass on the active surface. A coating suspension mix is evenly distributed onto the mold to form a uniform layer of insulation on the surface of the mold.
Assembly for an electrically operated valve
The invention relates to an assembly for an electrically operated valve in the automotive field aimed to increase the injection pressure of fuel distributed to combustion chambers, said assembly comprising both a coil unit, wherein a solenoid can control the movements of the electrically operated valve in a housing along a given axis, and an hydraulic unit to provide fuel at the injection pressure, a clip ring being located into a cavity of the coil unit and a cavity of the hydraulic unit to maintain the coil unit and the hydraulic unit associated. The invention is characterized in that the coil unit presents a plurality of slots providing access to the clip ring, across the coil unit, from the exterior of the assembly..
Solar powered iluminated boat cleat
The boat cleats of the invention are typically mounted on the watercraft and docks adjacent to the water for tying watercraft to piers as well as to other watercraft and disclose a solar powered modular structure supported within a boat cleat mechanical housing support structure. This arrangement provides savings associated with the provision of through-the-dock wiring access, easy removability for replacement, maintenance and servicing, and which is sealed against the environment.
Collection and distribution of plant material
A method of reclaiming disturbed land including designating an area of land with propagules as a source area and collecting a portion of the propagules from the area. A portion of the propagules are distributed on disturbed land.
Ink wiping system for an intaglio printing press
There is described an ink wiping system (100) for an intaglio printing press comprising a rotatable wiping roller assembly (102) designed to wipe excess ink from the surface of a rotatable intaglio printing cylinder (80). The rotatable wiping roller assembly (102) comprises a rotatable hollow cylindrical body (110) having an outer surface (110a) positioned to wipe the surface of the printing cylinder (80), and a pressing device (130) disposed inside the cylindrical body (110) and designed lo exert pressure on an inner surface (110b) of the cylindrical body (110) and to allow adjustment of a wiping pressure between the cylindrical body and the intaglio printing cylinder (80).
A screwdriver, including driver bit sleeve, revolving wheel-shaped driver bit holder and pushrod, the revolving wheel-shaped screwdriver bit holder is rotatably arranged at the rear side of the driver bit sleeve, the revolving wheel-shaped driver bit holder is distributed with axial containing hole containing driver bit and the containing hole can be turned to axially coincide with the inner hole of the driver bit sleeve; pushrod is arranged at the rear side of the revolving wheel-shaped driver bit holder and axially coincides with the inner hole of the driver bit sleeve, the inner hole of the driver bit sleeve includes torque transmission segment at the front part and guiding segment at the rear part, the hole wall of the guiding segment is arranged as guiding surface; and it can also include handle, pushbutton set, pushrod which extends into one of containing holes of driver bit holder when pushbutton set is positioned at first positioning portion of the front part of slideway on the handle, pushing the driver bit in the containing hole toward the driver bit sleeve on the handle until the driver bit extends out of the driver bit sleeve, and the pushrod is positioned at the rear side of the driver bit holder when the pushbutton set is positioned at the rear part of the slideway on the handle and take the corresponding driver bit back into the corresponding containing hole. Fewer constituent parts, simple structured, easy to replace the driver bit..
Rotor having a squirrel cage
A rotor (11) with a squirrel cage and permanent magnets (19) mounted on and distributed around the circumference of the rotor, including a core stack extending over the entire rotor region with longitudinally continuous rotor slots extending over the length of the core stack. The squirrel cage is constructed with cage bars disposed, and preferably cast, in the rotor slots; short circuit rings connect the cage bars at both end faces of the core; and the radius of the rotor region is reduced by at least the radial thickness of the magnets.
Techniques for credential generation
Systems and methods for managing credentials distribute the credentials to subsets of a set of collectively managed computing resources. The collectively managed computing resources may include one or more virtual machine instances.
Systems and methods for distributed authentication of video services
Various embodiments of the present invention provide systems and methods for providing distributed authentication of subscribers of a content operator to a content provider. In particular instances, a subscriber of the content operator may visit a website of the content provider and various embodiments of the systems and methods facilitate providing the subscriber with a customized website based on the subscription of the subscriber with the content operator and/or content provider.
Systems and methods for deploying rich internet applications in a secure computing environment
Systems and methods for deploying rich internet applications in a secure computing environment. An example distributed computer system may comprise: a first computer system comprising a run-time environment executing one or more rich internet applications; a second computer system communicatively coupled to the first computer system, the second computer system executing an administration server; wherein the run-time environment is configured to query the administration server to perform at least one of: authenticating a user of the first computer system, determining whether an application is allowed to be executed within the run-time environment, or determining whether an application being executed by the run-time environment is allowed to access a certain function exposed by an application-programming interface (api) of the run-time environment..
Monitoring of authorization-exceeding activity in distributed networks
A network security layer with a role mapping component with a current role mapping between services and access permissions is provided between a user and the services. A multi-tenancy module with current membership mapping is also provided.
Systems and methods utilizing highly dynamic wireless ad-hoc networks
Systems and methods for propagating a mesh network are disclosed. In embodiments, an api for participation in a mesh network stored on a first device may be distributed without a central provider.
Systems and methods for firmware distribution and update over remote application
Described herein are firmware update systems and methods for providing a update/upgrade path for a plurality of products. An exemplary firmware update system may comprise application store providing applications to commonly available consumer devices like cell phones, tables and/or laptops, whose application provides a method of carrying with it a payload of firmware that can be distributed to a plurality of products.
Appearance objects for configuring and graphically displaying programmed/configured process control
Enhancements to a strategy object editor for creating and modifying control strategies for process control systems (both distributed and discrete) is described. The improvements include: supporting a set of graphical depictions for individual control object (modified by an appearance object editor), drag and drop connections for declarations that connect control strategies to other control strategies, gui-based designation of object execution order, automatically applied line styles based upon connection data type, and automatic modification of elements within an appearance object to accommodate a moved attribute..

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