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Disk Drive patents

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Date/App# patent app List of recent Disk Drive-related patents
 Hard disk drive with integrated ethernet interface patent thumbnailHard disk drive with integrated ethernet interface
An integrated circuit of a hard disk drive includes an ethernet network interface module configured to transmit and receive data packets via an ethernet connection. The data packets respectively include packet headers and at least one of small computer system interface (scsi) commands and scsi data requests.
 Co-located gimbal-based dual stage actuation disk drive suspensions with dampers patent thumbnailCo-located gimbal-based dual stage actuation disk drive suspensions with dampers
Various embodiments concern a gimbaled flexure having a dual stage actuation structure comprising flexure which comprises a gimbal. The gimbal comprises at least one spring arm and a tongue connected to the at least one spring arm.
 Optical disk drive with storage device patent thumbnailOptical disk drive with storage device
An optical disk drive includes a disk drive body and a storage device. The drive body includes a receiving bracket and a support tray received in the receiving bracket.
 Layered decoder enhancement for retained sector reprocessing patent thumbnailLayered decoder enhancement for retained sector reprocessing
A system is described for recovering data from a number of sectors, such as the sectors of a hard disk drive (hdd) disk platter, and so forth. The system receives data from the sectors via a read channel and uses a layered data decoder to recover data from the sectors.
 Method and system for improving laser alignment and optical transmission efficiency of an energy assisted magnetic recording head patent thumbnailMethod and system for improving laser alignment and optical transmission efficiency of an energy assisted magnetic recording head
An eamr disk drive includes a media, a laser, and a slider coupled with the laser. The laser for provides energy.
 Thermal chamber partition and fan unit for computer system patent thumbnailThermal chamber partition and fan unit for computer system
A method and apparatus are configured to partition a computing system chassis (22, 222) interior into first and second thermal chambers (60, 62, 260, 262), wherein the first thermal chamber (60, 260) includes a processor (24, 224), a memory (30, 230) and a chipset (28, 228) and the second thermal chamber (62, 262) includes an optical disk drive cage (46, 246), a hard disk drive (44, 244) and a power supply (40, 240). A fan unit (110, 410) is configured to be secured within the optical disk drive cage (46, 246)..
 Base unit, motor and disk drive apparatus patent thumbnailBase unit, motor and disk drive apparatus
A base unit includes a base member including a first through-hole, a peripheral edge portion, and a thin portion, and a bushing including a bearing holding portion and first and second protrusion portions. The first and second protrusion portions respectively extend radially outward from an upper end portion and a lower end of the bearing holding portion.
 Health diagnostic compact disc patent thumbnailHealth diagnostic compact disc
A modified health diagnostic compact disc (hdcd) comprising (a) a protective layer; (b) a reflective layer; (c) a dye layer (d) a polycarbonate layer; and (e) a micro fluidic layer. In a certain aspect, the polycarbonate layer of the hdcd contains a data layer.
 Spindle motor and disk drive apparatus patent thumbnailSpindle motor and disk drive apparatus
A spindle motor includes a stationary portion and a rotating portion including a rotor hub, and includes a recording disk and a clamper mounted thereon. The rotor hub includes a hub circular plate portion whose outer circumferential portion includes a hub slanting surface, and a hub cylindrical portion whose outer circumferential portion includes a hub screw portion.
 Method and apparatus for determining a location of a feature on a storage medium patent thumbnailMethod and apparatus for determining a location of a feature on a storage medium
A counter is configured to generate counts associated with different locations, within a smallest addressable unit of data, on a storage medium of a disk drive. A detector is configured to detect a change in a property of a signal sensed from the storage medium.
Mounting device for hard disk drive
A mounting device for a hard disk drive (hdd) includes a fixing plate and two fixing members. Two protrusions and a blocking piece adjacent to one of the protrusions protrude from the fixing plate.
Disk drive suspension
A slider and a microactuator element are disposed on a gimbal portion of a flexure. The gimbal portion comprises a metal base, an electrically insulating resin layer, a conductor disposed on the resin layer, an electrically insulating adhesive block, and an electrically conductive paste.
Disk drive suspension
A slider and microactuator elements are disposed on a gimbal portion of a flexure. A tongue of the gimbal portion has a first tongue portion, a second tongue portion, and a hinge portion.
Spindle motor and disk drive apparatus
A spindle motor includes a stationary portion and a rotating portion. The stationary portion includes a shaft and an upper annular member.
Base plate for hard disk drive, method for manufacturing the same, and hard disk drive including the same
There is provided a base plate including: a base body; and a component receiving part penetrating through the base body so as to receive a circuit component mounted on a substrate therein at the time of coupling the substrate and the base body, wherein the component receiving part includes a step part formed in an outer edge thereof so that a sealing member is seated on the step part to seal the component receiving part.. .
Real time mra estimation and correction using adc samples
Methods and systems for estimating mra for a hard disk drive are described. The methods and systems described herein provide for real time estimating and correcting magneto-resistive head asymmetry (mra) in a hard disk drive using analog-to-digital convertor (adc) samples or counts.
Method of manufacturing disk drive apparatus and method of manufacturing spindle motor
A disk drive apparatus includes a rotor hub including an outer surface with a hub screw groove and a hub information mark indicative of a start position of the hub screw groove. A method of manufacturing the disk drive apparatus includes the steps of preparing a spindle motor including the rotor hub, preparing a clamper including a clamper screw groove, and fitting a recording disk to the spindle motor.
Implementing drive list mode for reads and writes for hard disk drives
A method, apparatus and a data storage device are provided for implementing drive list mode for read and write transfers on a recordable surface of a storage device. Drive list mode provides a queue in a linked list to chain together multiple independent transfers on a single track.
Bearing apparatus, spindle motor, and disk drive apparatus
A bearing apparatus includes a stationary shaft, an upper annular portion, a lower annular portion, and a sleeve. An outer circumferential surface of the upper annular portion includes a cylindrical surface and an inclined surface arranged above the cylindrical surface.
Co-located gimbal-based dual stage actuation disk drive suspensions
Various embodiments concern a suspension having a dsa structure on a gimbaled flexure. The suspension comprises a loadbeam and flexure attached thereto.
Magnetic recording head and disk drive including the same
According to one embodiment, a magnetic recording head of a disk drive includes a main pole configured to generate a magnetic field in a direction perpendicular to a recording layer of a recording medium, a write shield magnetic pole opposite to a trailing side of the main pole with a gap, a coil configured to excite a magnetic flux in a magnetic circuit, and a high-frequency oscillator provided between a tip portion of the main pole on a side of the recording medium and the write shield magnetic pole to generate a high-frequency magnetic field. The write shield magnetic pole includes an end face opposite to the high-frequency oscillator and the end face is formed so that a distance from the main pole increases with an increasing distance from the recording medium..
Hydrodynamic bearing apparatus and spindle motor and disk drive apparatus including the same
A bearing apparatus includes an upper annular portion that has a circular or substantially circular ring shape, and is arranged to project radially outward from a stationary shaft. One of an upper surface of a sleeve and a lower surface of the upper annular portion includes a first pumping groove array arranged to send a lubricating oil radially inward.
Spindle motor and hard disk drive including the same
There are provided a spindle motor and a hard disk drive including the same, the spindle motor including a lower thrust member fixed to abase member; a shaft fixed to the lower thrust member; a sleeve disposed on the lower thrust member and rotatably installed with respect to the shaft; and a rotor hub coupled to the sleeve to rotate in conjunction therewith, wherein the lower thrust member has an insertion protrusion protruding upwardly in an axial direction and inserted into a fixing groove formed in a lower end of the shaft upwardly in the axial direction.. .
Methods and devices for controlling head-to-media spacing
In certain embodiments, a system includes a controller that adjusts head-to-media spacing in response to a calculated mixing ratio of air internal to a disk drive.. .
Method and system for preventing unreliable data operations at cold temperatures
Systems and methods for reducing problems and disadvantages associated with protecting data during cold excursions are provided. A method for preventing unreliable data operations at cold temperatures may include determining whether a first internal temperature of a hard disk drive (hdd) is below a threshold temperature.
Lowest power mode for a mobile drive
A hard disk drive enters a low power mode to reduce power consumption. To maintain communication with a host device, a communication interface remains energized along with a circuit portion storing configuration data for the communication interface.
Information processing device, information processing method, and information storage medium
Recording failure area information includes information indicating an optical disk having a recording failure area in which data is missing, and indicating a position of the recording failure area in the optical disk, out of the optical disks constituting a disk array. A controller (110) includes a recording controller (121) which records data in data blocks of the optical disks by striping the data, and records, in at least one parity block, at least one parity data for use in recovering data in a data block in which the data is missing, out of the data blocks; and a management information updater (125) which records recording failure area information in a management information area of at least one of the optical disks, in the case where data is missing in at least one of optical disk drives at the time of data recording..
Storage device having degauss circuitry generating degauss signal with multiple decay segments
A hard disk drive or other disk-based storage device comprises a storage disk, a write head configured to write data to the disk, and control circuitry coupled to the write head. The control circuitry comprises a write driver and degauss circuitry associated with the write driver.
Remapping disk drive i/o in response to media errors
A method for handling media errors during a read operation on a data storage device. The method comprises detecting that a first file and a second file are duplicates, wherein the first file is stored on a first storage device.
Scalable storage protection
The disclosure is directed to protecting data of a scalable storage system. A scalable storage system includes a plurality of nodes, each of the nodes having directly-attached storage (das), such as one or more hard-disk drives and/or solid-state disk drives.
Electronic apparatus
Buffer materials 7 and a lower principal surface 6a of a hard disk case 6, and the buffer materials 7 and a hard disk drive 5, are adhesively fixed to each other by strong pressure-sensitive adhesive forces. Pressure-sensitive adhesive materials 8 are provided between the hard disk drive 5 and an upper principal surface 6b of the hard disk case 6.
Electronic apparatus and buffer material
Mounted between bottom and top surfaces of a case are: second buffer materials and first buffer materials brought in surface contact with a bottom surface of a hard disk drive (hdd) via an insulating member, and upper buffer materials brought in surface contact with the opposite side of the hdd via the insulating member. When impact f2 is applied to the hdd, the second buffer materials contract from a thickness of t0 to t2, and the first buffer materials buckle.
Damped dual stage actuation disk drive suspensions
Various embodiments concern a dsa suspension of a disk drive. The dsa suspension comprises a support configured to attach to the disk drive, the support comprising a proximal portion, a distal portion, and a linkage portion therebetween.
Rotating apparatus capable of improving the shock resistance and method for manufacturing the rotating apparatus
A disk drive device includes a hub, a base plate, and a bearing unit. The bearing unit includes a shaft housing member, joined to the hub, having a through-hole in the center, a shaft having a smaller diameter section and a larger diameter section, a radial dynamic pressure grooves, and a lubricant agent.
Methods for balancing a disk drive
In certain embodiments, a method includes radially offsetting a disk clamp to offset a static drive balance.. .
Stopper, motor, and disk drive apparatus
A motor includes a stator and a rotor including a disk portion, a cylindrical portion, and a stopper. The stopper includes a stopper protruding portion and is fixed to an inner surface of the cylindrical portion.
System and method for automatic calibration of notch filter of hard disk drive
An apparatus for use with a hard disk drive, comprising: a selectable notch filter with a selectable notch frequency; a shock sensor of the hard disk drive, coupled to the selectable notch filter, the shock sensor having at least one resonance frequency; a flip flop coupled to an output of the notch filter and an output of the shock sensor; a calibration logic coupled to an output of the flip flop, wherein an output of the calibration logic is coupled to a selection input of the selectable notch filter.. .
Pre-amplifier output stage with integrated test buffer
Disk drive pre-amplifier output stage circuitry is presented including a high pass input filter for removing dc offsets from differential read data signals and providing an input to ab drivers of the output stage, in which an offset test circuit selectively drives the high pass filter output nodes according to the offset at the filter input to facilitate measurement of the preceding circuit offset at the driver output terminals, and a common mode regulator circuit regulates common mode voltages at the first and second driver output nodes to a predetermined value in read and write modes.. .
Electronic apparatus and electronic component housing case
A slit opening 8 is formed on a lower principal surface 6a of a hard disk case 6, in the vicinity of the inner side of an angle part formed by a lower left lateral wall 6e and an opposing lower lateral wall 6c. A hard disk drive 7 is placed in the hard disk case 6.
Disc visible type disc drive apparatus
A disc-visible type disk drive apparatus is disclosed. The disk drive apparatus includes: a main body casing having a first slot provided at a first side surface to load a disc; a protection cover having a first cover provided on the first side surface of the main body casing, wherein the first cover covers a portion of the disc exposed outside the main body casing through the first slot and forms a passage through which the disc passes during loading and unloading; a disc detecting sensor disposed in the first cover which detects the disc; and a disc loading unit disposed in the main body casing and having a loading roller which is driven so as to load the disc if the disc is detected by the disc detecting sensor..
Smart scalable storage switch architecture
A method and system for providing advanced storage features using commodity, consumer-level storage devices is provided. The advanced storage system is a component that is connected between the computer system and one or more physical disk drives.
Enclosure architecture of high density, easy access, racked data storage
A side loading enclosure for a rack mount type storage unit is provided. The enclosure provides for easier access to hard disk drives (hdds) for maintenance and repair as well as the ability to increase the number of hdds that can be mounted in a single enclosure.
Real time close loop fly height control
A device includes a disk drive assembly configured to store information using a platter comprising a magnetic material surface and a magnetic head disposed above the magnetic material surface. The magnetic head is configured to move across tracks formed on the platter to write information to the magnetic material surface and read information from the magnetic material surface.
Recording regions in a shingled magnetic hard disk drive system
Described embodiments provide a method of writing data to a storage medium having a plurality of shingled magnetic recording (smr) regions and a plurality of non-smr recording regions. A host write request is generated from a hard disk controller coupled to the storage medium and a host device.
Control system and method for storage configuration
A control system for storage configuration of a first computer includes a switch apparatus and a storage module. The switch apparatus determines whether a second computer or a hard disk drive (hdd) is connected to a first interface of the switch apparatus.
Fastening device for hard disk drive
A fastening device includes a bracket, two hook devices, and an operation member. The bracket includes two parallel clamping arms sandwiching an hdd, and a connection plate connected between the clamping arms.
Mounting device for hard disk drive
A mounting device for mounting a hard disk drive (hdd) includes a motherboard forming a memory slot, a printed circuit board, and a fixing frame. The fixing frame includes a receiving portion for receiving the hdd, and a connection portion connected to the receiving portion.
Heat dissipation in computing device
A computing device is disclosed. The computing device includes a shock mount assembly that is configured to provide impact absorption to sensitive components such as a display and an optical disk drive.
High accuracy bipolar current multiplier with base current compensation
A bipolar current multiplier apparatus and method includes a group of negative feedback loop circuits for compensating base current loss, and multiple bipolar devices that communicate electronically with the negative feedback loop circuits, wherein the bipolar devices are responsive to base currents capable of being self-cancelled due to a presence of the negative feedback loop circuits, thereby ensuring that an output is stabilized over temperature and process variations while providing for a wide input dynamic range. In some embodiments, the bipolar current multiplier apparatus can be associated with a preamplifier for a hard disk drive to calculate the output power associated with a power driver that controls the flying height of read/write heads of the hard disk drive..

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