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Disk Drive patents

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Temperature-defined data-storage policy for a hybrid disk drive

Creating logical disk drives for raid subsystems

Removable speaker structure for electronic device

Date/App# patent app List of recent Disk Drive-related patents
 Solid state drive cache recovery in a clustered storage system patent thumbnailSolid state drive cache recovery in a clustered storage system
A storage system that includes multiple nodes, each node comprises a ssd cache and a management module and hard disk drives that are coupled to the nodes. The management module of each node is arranged to manage a ssd cache map that comprises multiple entries for storing mappings from logical addresses to ssd cache physical addresses and to physical addresses in the hard disk drives.
 Temperature-defined data-storage policy for a hybrid disk drive patent thumbnailTemperature-defined data-storage policy for a hybrid disk drive
Data is stored in a hybrid drive that includes a magnetic storage medium and a non-volatile solid-state device using a temperature-defined data-storage policy. According to the temperature-defined data storage policy, the drive can perform operations for modulating the temperature of the drive, minimizing increased wear on memory cells in the non-volatile solid-state device, and/or preventing data stored in the non-volatile solid-state device from being lost..
 Creating logical disk drives for raid subsystems patent thumbnailCreating logical disk drives for raid subsystems
A computer storage system includes multiple disk trays, each disk tray holding two or more physical disks. The disks on a single tray are virtualized into a single logical disk.
 Removable speaker structure for electronic device patent thumbnailRemovable speaker structure for electronic device
The present invention provides a removable speaker structure for electronic device, which uses the space for the optical disk drives in electronic devices such as notebook computers or in docking stations. After removing the optical disk drive, the removable speaker can be placed.
 Disk drive unit patent thumbnailDisk drive unit
A disk drive unit includes a base, a hub rotatably supported on the base and including a setting part on which a recording disk is to be set, and a bearing unit having one end fixed to the base and another end holding the hub. The hub includes a cut surface formed by cutting a nonferrous metal or a steel material, and the cut surface includes a surface treatment layer formed thereon and preventing peeling of micro residue adhered on the cut surface..
 System and method for providing controllable steady state current waveshaping in a hard disk drive (hdd) preamplifier patent thumbnailSystem and method for providing controllable steady state current waveshaping in a hard disk drive (hdd) preamplifier
Aspects of the disclosure pertain to a system and method for providing controllable steady state current waveshaping in a preamplifier of a data storage system (e.g., hard disk drive). The preamplifier provides an output including a write current waveform having a steady state current level that is controllable via the write block circuitry of the preamplifier.
 Storage device with reflection compensation circuitry patent thumbnailStorage device with reflection compensation circuitry
A hard disk drive or other storage device comprises a storage medium, a write head configured to write data to the storage medium, and control circuitry coupled to the write head. The control circuitry comprises a write driver configured to generate a write signal comprising a write pulse, and reflection compensation circuitry coupled to or otherwise associated with the write driver and configured to provide one or more reflection compensation pulses in the write pulse..
 Calibration of ramp location in a disk drive employing spiral-based self servo writing patent thumbnailCalibration of ramp location in a disk drive employing spiral-based self servo writing
The location of a load/unload ramp in a disk drive is calibrated by monitoring servo spirals that are crossed by a magnetic read/write head during an unload process. Monitoring the number servo spirals crossed allows an accurate velocity of the read/write head to be determined.
 Button mechanism and related electronic device patent thumbnailButton mechanism and related electronic device
A button mechanism includes a base, a button and two resilient components. The base includes an accommodating slot structure and two guiding pillars, the pillars are disposed by sides of the accommodating slot structure.
 Procedure on bonding using mechanically-controlled bonding tool patent thumbnailProcedure on bonding using mechanically-controlled bonding tool
Embodiments herein disclose a mounting device for attaching a quad to an extender during a hard disk drive manufacturing process. Specifically, the mounting device includes a quad clamp for fastening the quad onto the surface of the mounting device and an extender clamp for fastening the extender to the mounting device.
Optical disk drive including spindle unit and chucking structure
Provided is a spindle unit. The spindle unit includes: a spindle motor having a rotation shaft; a turntable that is coupled to the rotation shaft and supports a data storage device; and a sliding cone coupled to the turntable so as to elastically move up and down and to be inserted into a hole formed at the data storage device.
Storage system
A controller for controlling data i/o to and from the drive updates first redundant data and block data of a corresponding data stripe in the disk drive in correspondence with an update of block data of the logical volume, and the controller updates second redundant data on the basis of a predetermined number of block data which belong to the same data stripe as the updated block data with different timing from the update of the block data.. .
System for cooling hard disk drives using vapor momentum driven by boiling of dielectric liquid
A system for cooling hard disk drives (hdds) includes: an enclosure having a lower volume within which a cooling liquid is heated to a boiling point temperature to cause some of the cooling liquid to evaporate into a plume of rising vapor; a hdd cooling area with at least one hdd placed in the direct path of the rising vapor, which cools the at least one hdd during functional operation of the at least one hdd; and a heat source that dissipates heat into the lower volume of the enclosure, sufficient to heat the cooling liquid to the boiling point temperature. The system can also include a condenser located above both the hdd cooling area.
Multipiece deck for hard disk drive
An apparatus is provided, including a base-deck floor; a base-deck frame, overlying the base-deck floor; a top cover, overlying the base-deck frame; and an affixing means operable to attach the base-deck frame to the base-deck floor, wherein the base-deck frame is operable to be fastened to both the base-deck floor and the top cover to provide a housing for a hard disk drive. A method is also provided, including assembling at least a portion of a hard disk drive assembly on a base-deck floor; affixing a base-deck frame to the base-deck floor; and securing a top cover to the base-deck frame..
Methods for implementation of an archiving system which uses removable disk storage system
According to the disclosure, embodiments of archival storage system are disclosed. The archival storage system includes two or more removable disk drives that provide random access and are readily expandable.
Ejection mechanism
An ejection mechanism has a base, a rotation disk and a feeding station. The base is configured for mounting of the rotation disk and the feeding station, the base further includes an arched guiding track, and the arched guiding track is disposed around the rotating gear.
Disk drive unit
A disk drive unit includes a rotor including a disk setting part on which a disk is set, a bearing unit configured to rotatably support the rotor, wherein the bearing unit includes a shaft member and a bearing member surrounding the shaft member, and a lubricant provided in a gap between the shaft member and the bearing member, a fixed body configured to support the bearing unit, and a capturing body, provided in a space communicating from a gas-liquid interface of the lubricant to a disk accommodating space in which the disk is accommodated, configured to capture the lubricant vaporizing from the gas-liquid interface.. .
Hard drive cooling for fluid submersion cooling systems
Hard disk drives and computing systems to which they are connected are cooled by submerging the computing systems into a dielectric liquid coolant in a tank and by thermally coupling the hard disk drives to a heat conductive extension that is partly submerged into the coolant and partly out of the coolant. To keep the hard disks drives out of the coolant, they are mounted to the part of the heat conductive extension that is out of the coolant.
Storage device and motherboard for supporting the storage device
A motherboard assembly includes a motherboard and a storage device. The motherboard includes an expansion slot, a platform controller hub (pch), a power circuit, a central processing unit (cpu), and a switch unit.
Disk drive device and manufacturing method thereof
A disk drive device includes a stationary body, a rotating body on which a recording disk is to be mounted, and a fluid bearing unit that supports the rotating body in a freely rotatable manner relative to the stationary body. The fluid bearing unit includes a lubricant that is fluorescent..
Spindle motor with hydrodynamic bearing structure having capillary seal and disk drive apparatus including same
A lubricating oil is arranged between stationary and rotating portions of a spindle motor. When the motor is stationary, upper and lower surfaces of the lubricating oil are respectively located in upper and lower capillary seal portions.
Disk drive device
A disk drive device comprises a chassis, an annular hub having an outer periphery on which a recording disk is to be mounted, and having an inner periphery to which an annular magnet is fastened, a fluid bearing unit that supports the hub in a manner freely rotatable relative to the chassis, an opposing wall formed annularly on the surface of the chassis at the hub side, and facing with at least partially the inner periphery of the hub in the radial direction, a first gap that extends in the axial direction between the inner periphery of the hub and the opposing wall, and a second gap that is continuous from the first gap and extends in the radial direction between the end face of the hub and the chassis.. .
Method and apparatus housing a hard-disk drive using a tray with anchoring strips
A method and apparatus discloses a tray configured to house a hard-disk drive (“hdd”) using at least one semi-flexible anchoring strip. An hdd assembly device, in one aspect, includes a tray, a u-shaped semi-flexible anchoring frame, and an hdd.
Rebuilding drive data
A method that includes identifying an inaccessible portion of a first disk drive. The method also includes regenerating data corresponding to the inaccessible portion of the first disk drive and storing the regenerated data to a second disk drive.
Hybrid hard disk drive having a flash storage processor
An apparatus is described that is configured to control operations in a hybrid hard disk drive. In an implementation, the apparatus includes a hybrid flash storage processor connected to the host interface that is configured to communicatively couple a flash storage component and to a hard disk integrated circuit chip.
Portable computer with data storage device
A portable computer includes a motherboard and an optical disk drive (odd) which itself houses a usb connector. The motherboard includes a south bridge (sb) chip.
Motor and disk drive apparatus
A motor for use in a disk drive apparatus includes a bearing, a rotary unit, a stator, a thin flat base member, and a cylindrical holder extending in an axial direction. The base member includes a first through-hole, a peripheral edge portion, and a thin portion.
Disk drive with distributed codeword blocks
Disk drives are described in which blocks of data spanning multiple sectors are encoded into a plurality of codewords which are then divided into segments that are physically separated (distributed) on the disk surface over multiple sectors in a distributed codeword block so that the codewords have an improved worst case snr in comparison to individual sectors. This results in more even snr performance for each codeword, which improves the performance for portions of a track which have lower than the average snr.
Method and system for governing an enterprise level green storage system drive technique
A method and system for manipulating a spin state of each disk in a drive array is disclosed. In one embodiment, a method includes monitoring input/output (i/o) requests to each disk drive in a disk array and identifying any disk drive as an inactive disk drive based on a number of i/o requests directed to said any disk drive for a given time interval.
Co-located gimbal-based dual stage actuation disk drive suspensions
Various embodiments concern a suspension having a dsa structure on a gimbaled flexure. The suspension comprises a loadbeam and flexure attached thereto.
Magnetic head, head gimbal assembly and disk drive unit with the same, and manufacturing method thereof
A magnetic head includes a slider substrate having a trailing edge and multiple bonding pads arranged on the trailing edge in a row. Each of the bonding pads includes a seed layer adhered to the trailing edge and electrically connected with the slider substrate, a soldering layer formed on the seed layer and adapted for connecting with a suspension, and at least one solder nonwettable layer adhered to the trailing edge and connected with at least one side of the seed layer.
Storage device, sweep operation control method and sweep operation control program
A storage device which includes a plurality of magnetic disk drives has a storage unit that stores, for each of the plurality of magnetic disk drives, information of whether or not the magnetic disk drive is incorporated in a redundant structure, a specifying unit that specifies, among the plurality of magnetic disk drives, a plurality of magnetic disk drives which have a redundant structure on the basis of the information stored in the storage unit, and a control unit that controls, for the plurality of magnetic disk drives specified by the specifying unit, an execution timing of sweep operation in which a head smoothes a lubricant material such that the sweep operation is executed for a single magnetic disk drive at a time.. .
Motor and disk drive apparatus
A motor includes a shaft component, an upper plate portion, a lower plate portion, and a sleeve portion. The shaft component includes an inner shaft portion and an outer shaft portion.
Method and system for hard disk drive throughput optimization using position error signaling
Systems and methods are provided for throughput optimization of a hard disk drive (hdd) using position error signaling (pes) that includes determining a pes for a hdd mounted in a chassis based on a dynamic disturbance. The method also includes calculating a critical parameter of the pes.
Hard disk drive module having indicating device
A hard disk drive module comprises a hard disk drive, a bracket to support the hard disk drive, and an indicating device. The indicating device indicates a working status of the hard disk drive.
Disk rotating motor and disk drive device provided with the same
The bracket includes a cylindrical portion extending along the rotary shaft, and a folded portion formed by folding the upper end of the cylindrical portion onto the outer diameter side such that at least a coaxial part of the folded portion extends coaxially along an outer surface of the cylindrical portion. The cylindrical portion and the folded portion are sandwiched by the stator core and the bearing in a radial direction..
Base plate, and method of manufacturing the same and disk drive including the same
There is provided a base plate including a body part formed of a metal plate, a pocket part including a recess formed in one surface of the body part by decreasing a thickness of the body part, a center plate part forming the pocket part and corresponding to the recess, a pocket periphery part forming the body part in a periphery of the pocket part, and a pocket edge part formed between the pocket periphery part and the center plate part and having a thickness different from that of the center plate part, wherein a height from a bottom surface of the body part to a top surface of the center plate part is identical to a height of the pocket periphery part, and a thickness of the pocket periphery part is greater than a thickness of the center plate part.. .
Base assembly and hard disk drive including the same
There is provided a base assembly including a motor mounting part, and a base body including a disk mounting part coupled to the motor mounting part and having a disk disposed thereon, the disk having data stored therein, and a head seating part formed in a position lower than that of the disk mounting part, wherein the motor mounting part is formed of a non-magnetic material, and the base body is formed of a magnetic material.. .
Spindle motor having coupling member between base member and core and hard disk drive including the same
There is provided a spindle motor including: a fluid dynamic pressure bearing assembly; a base member coupled to the fluid dynamic pressure bearing assembly; and a core fixedly coupled to the base member and having a coil wound therearound, wherein the base member has a disk portion and a coupling portion extending from an inner edge of the disk portion upwardly in an axial direction, one surface of the core is in contact with an outer circumferential surface of the overall coupling portion, and an upper end of the coupling portion is protruded upwardly, relative to an upper surface of the core.. .
Sync mark detection using branch metrics from data detector
Methods and apparatus are provided for detecting a sync mark in a storage system, such as a hard disk drive. A sync mark is detected in a storage system by obtaining one or more branch metrics from a data detector in the storage system; generating one or more sync mark metrics using the one or more branch metrics from the data detector; and identifying the sync mark based on the sync mark metrics.
Fly height control for hard disk drives
A fly height control circuit includes an input node to receive a digital control signal, an output node to output a control current to a resistive heater element to adjust a spacing between a read/write head and a surface of a storage medium, and control circuitry to process the digital control signal and generate the output control current based on the digital control signal. The control circuitry generates a first reference current based at least in part on the control current output from the output node.
Utilization of disk buffer for background replication processes
Embodiments of the present invention utilize a hard disk drive buffer to minimize seek delays during background replication of a first volume and fulfillment of application input/output requests. According to one aspect of the present invention, a requested first sector of data is read along with one or more additional sectors of data.
Computing device and method for installing computer programs in virtual machines
In a method for installing computer programs in virtual machines of a computing device, one or more virtual hard disk drives are created in a storage device connected to the computing device. Each of the virtual hard disk drives includes one or more computer programs.
System, method and computer-readable medium for spool cache management
A system, method, and computer-readable medium that facilitate efficient use of cache memory in a massively parallel processing system are provided. A residency time of a data block to be stored in cache memory or a disk drive is estimated.
Reliability scheme using hybrid ssd/hdd replication with log structured management
In one embodiment, a method of managing data includes managing a first copy of data in a solid state memory using a controller of the solid state memory, and managing a second copy of the data in a hard disk drive memory using the controller. In another embodiment, a system for storing data includes a solid state memory, at least one hard disk drive memory, and a controller for controlling storage of data in both the solid state memory and the hard disk drive memory.
Methods for controlling remote archiving systems
Embodiments of the present disclosure provide a unique and novel archiving system that includes two or more network storage systems, each network storage system including removable hard disk drives embedded in removable disk cartridges, referred to simply as removable disk drives. The removable disk drives allow for expandability and replacement such that the archiving system need not be duplicated to add new or more storage capacity.
Temperature detecting device for hard disk drive module
A temperature detecting device is arranged on a hard disk drive module. The temperature detecting device comprises a temperature detecting unit and a connection unit.
Magnetic data recording system with mirror image asymmetric magnetic write elements
A magnetic disk drive system configured for shingled magnetic data recording wherein data tracks are recorded in an overlapping fashion on a magnetic media. The disk drive system includes magnetic write heads that are asymmetric so as to have increased writing at one side of the write head.
Hard disk drive module having temperature detecting function
A hard disk drive module comprises a hard disk drive, a bracket, a hard disk drive backplane, and a temperature detecting circuit. The bracket supports the hard disk drive.
Spindle motor and hard disk drive including the same
There is provided a spindle motor, including: a shaft having a fixing groove formed in a lower portion thereof; a lower thrust member including a fixing part inserted into the fixing groove, a disk part extending from the fixing part in an outer radial direction, and an extension part extending from the disk part in an axial direction; a base member coupled to the extension part; a rotating member forming a bearing clearance with the shaft and rotatably provided with respect to the shaft; a first sealing part provided between an upper surface of the extension part and the rotating member; and a second sealing part provided between an inner circumferential surface of the base member and an outer circumferential surface of the rotating member.. .
Spindle motor and hard disk drive including the same
There is provided a spindle motor including a sleeve rotatably supporting a shaft, a rotor coupled to an upper end of the shaft and rotating together with the shaft, a stopper part coupled to a main wall part protruding from one surface of the rotor and facing an outer peripheral surface of the sleeve, a cover plate coupled to the sleeve while maintaining a clearance between the cover plate and lower portions of the shaft and the sleeve, a base member coupled to the cover plate, and a stator holder fixedly disposed on the base member.. .
Media topography driven flying height modulation sensing using embedded contact sensor
Approaches for a flying height control scheme in a hard-disk drive (hdd) device. The flying height control scheme utilizes an embedded contact sensor (ecs) to characterize the topography of a magnetic-recording disk at various flying heights of a head slider over a corresponding disk.
Disk drive with servo system with timing adjustments to master timer for sam detection errors
A disk drive is described with a single servo master timer that is used to control timing critical signals such as servo gate, sam windows, channel power save, preamp power save and so on. The master timer is adjusted to compensate for sam detection errors (early, late or missed) and provides improved servo timing quality.

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