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System and method for terminal capacity management

Method for integrating and fusing heterogeneous data types to perform predictive analysis

Systems and methods for presenting and delivering content

Date/App# patent app List of recent Discrete-related patents
 Discrete wavelet transform method for document structure similarity patent thumbnailDiscrete wavelet transform method for document structure similarity
Examples of the present disclosure may include methods, systems, and computer readable media with executable instructions. An example method for determining document structure similarity can include segmenting path sequences (206) of document object model (dom) trees (120, 462) from a number of web pages (202) into b components (561).
 System and method for terminal capacity management patent thumbnailSystem and method for terminal capacity management
A system and method for determining rail terminal capacity needs. In one embodiment, terminal railcar inventory is determined periodically throughout a specific time interval based on terminal traffic data.
 Method for integrating and fusing heterogeneous data types to perform predictive analysis patent thumbnailMethod for integrating and fusing heterogeneous data types to perform predictive analysis
A method and system for predicting the onset of a disease is provided. According to one example, the method includes receiving patient data including a first input sample of a first data type and a second input sample of a second data type, the first data type including discrete data and the second data type including continuous data, receiving a training data set including a first plurality of training samples of the first data type and a corresponding second plurality of training samples of the second data type, providing the first input sample and the first plurality of training samples to a first kernel function of a multiple kernel decision function, providing the second input sample and the second plurality of training samples to a second kernel function of the multiple kernel decision function, performing at least one calculation using the multiple kernel decision function to produce at least one result, and determining a probability of whether the patient data indicates that the patient will develop the disease based on the at least one result of the multiple kernel decision function..
 Systems and methods for presenting and delivering content patent thumbnailSystems and methods for presenting and delivering content
Systems and methods are provided for presenting information about discrete geographical areas and the use of such information by content providers to facilitate delivery of targeted or geographically relevant content to information playback devices located in one or more particular discrete geographical areas. Data (e.g., contextual, behavioral, predictive, trending, geo-consumer patterns) can be collected and associated with relevant virtual cells within a grid.
 Mobile discrete data documentation patent thumbnailMobile discrete data documentation
Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for transferring data from a medical device to a patient's electronic medical record are provided. Initially, a medical device and a patient are identified, such as by scanning a barcode or searching in an electronically-searchable database.
 Synthesizing vowels and consonants of speech patent thumbnailSynthesizing vowels and consonants of speech
For speech synthesis, a vowel module sequentially applies a vowel filter set to form a vowel with a source signal. The vowel filter set is selected from a logical arc traversing a vowel filter array.
 Apparatus for detecting faults in battery system patent thumbnailApparatus for detecting faults in battery system
An apparatus for detecting a fault in a battery system, the apparatus including: a voltage detector configured to receive a voltage signal from the battery system and to digitize the voltage signal to generate voltage data; a discrete wavelet transformer configured to receive the voltage data and to perform a discrete wavelet transformation of the voltage data to generate transformation data; a statistical processor configured to receive the transformation data and to process the transformation data to generate statistical data, the statistical data including an average value of the transformation data; and a fault diagnosing unit configured to detect the fault in the battery system based on the statistical data and to transmit a fault signal when the fault is detected.. .
 Multi-mode editor for configuring process control blocks including both logical functions and arithmetic computations patent thumbnailMulti-mode editor for configuring process control blocks including both logical functions and arithmetic computations
A multi-editing mode logic block object editor is disclosed for creating and modifying logic block objects that are incorporated into control strategies for process control systems (both distributed and discrete). The editor includes an rpn text editing mode wherein logic incorporated into a logic block is represented by a list of text instructions.
 Photochromic double-fused naphthopyrans patent thumbnailPhotochromic double-fused naphthopyrans
The present invention relates to photochromic double-fused naphthopyrans of the general formula (i) or (ii) and the use thereof in plastics of all kinds, particularly for ophthalmic purposes. The photochromic compounds according to the invention are characterized by two distinct absorption bands of the open form in the visible wavelength range, i.e.
 High throughput miniaturized assay system and methods patent thumbnailHigh throughput miniaturized assay system and methods
The present invention provides an apparatus for conducting biological assays which employs “virtual wells” in lieu of the physical wells of conventional array plates. Also provided are methods of processing a sample and/or culturing cells using the apparatus and systems described herein.
Seal with energy-absorbing filler and method of manufacture
A method for sealing an interface to attenuate high energy currents and voltages traveling thereacross may include forming a cover defining an inner volume shaped to enclose the interface; forming a filled sealant including a semi-rigid sealant mixed with a filler having a multiplicity of discrete particles of different composition than the semi-rigid sealant; placing the filled sealant within the inner volume; and placing the cover containing the filled sealant over the interface such that the filled sealant is adjacent the interface.. .
Method and device for removing particles from liquid and placing them into a holding device
Methods, devices, and systems are disclosed for collecting or gathering samples, such as zebrafish or zebrafish eggs or embryos, dispersed in a liquid and transferring the collected or gathered samples into discrete receptacles of a holding fixture (e.g. The wells of a multi-well plate, a petri dish, or any other suitable fixture having one or more receptacles).
Syringeless filter device compressor
The disclosure relates to an in-hand operable compressor 200 for compressing syringeless filter devices 100. The compressor 200 includes a base 220 having a receiving well 222 adapted to receive a bottom portion of the uncompressed device 100, and a discrete top 210 having a receiving recess (212 fig.
Optical modulator module and modulation method for optical signal
An optical modulator module includes an optical modulator including an optical waveguide which conducts an inputted optical signal, and m modulator regions on the optical waveguide; and m discrete driving circuits serially connected to one another. The discrete driving circuits include a driving circuit which outputs a signal obtained from a digital input signal with a synchronization signal to one of the modulator regions, and a phase shifting circuit which outputs a signal resulting from giving a delay to a signal branched from the synchronization signal.
Charge sharing analog computation circuitry and applications
In one aspect, reduced power consumption and/or circuit area of a discrete time analog signal processing module is achieved in an approach that makes use of entirely, or largely, passive charge sharing circuitry, which may include configurable (e.g., after fabrication, at runtime) multiplicative scaling stages that do not require active devices in the signal path. In some examples, multiplicative coefficients are represented digitally, and are transformed to configure the reconfigurable circuitry to achieve a linear relationship between a desired coefficient and a degree of charge transfer.
Method and device for sending and receiving downlink control information
Disclosed are a method and a device for sending and receiving downlink control information. The method comprises: discrete user-specific search space is determined, control channel resources corresponding to the discrete user-specific search spaces being distributed discretely; and the downlink control information on the discrete user-specific search space is sent.
Spectrum allocation system and method for multi-band wireless rf data communications
A dual band spectrum allocation system and method for wireless data communications uses discrete bands for upstream and downstream data communications. A preferred embodiment uses unlicensed unii bands for license-free data transmissions from a subscriber to a hub, and uses relatively interference free licensed bands for data transmissions from a hub to subscribers, thereby allowing use of greater bandwidth, simplifying system licensing and reducing filtering requirements for subscribers..
Lamp and illuminated hardscape
A lamp and a hardscape structure illuminated by the lamp are disclosed. The lamp is formed from a plate to which a light fixture is attached.
Device and method for displaying full azimuth angle domain image data
A device, system, and method for displaying seismic image data may include computing, from a wide-azimuth data set, a discrete data set associated with an image function at a seismic image point. The discrete data set may be mapped onto a continuous curved three-dimensional surface.
Terahertz imaging devices and systems, and related methods, for detection of materials
Terahertz imaging devices may comprise a focal plane array including a substrate and a plurality of resonance elements. The plurality of resonance elements may comprise a conductive material coupled to the substrate.
Electrolytic production of powder
A method of producing metallic powder comprises steps of arranging a volume of feedstock comprising a plurality of non-metallic particles within an electrolysis cell, causing a molten salt to flow through the volume of feedstock, and applying a potential between a cathode and an anode such that the feedstock is reduced to metal. In preferred embodiments the feedstock is a plurality of discrete powder particles and these particles are reduced to a corresponding plurality of discrete metallic particles.
Automatic stability determination and deployment of discrete parts of a profile representing normal behavior to provide fast protection of web applications
A system for automatic stability determination and deployment of discrete parts of a profile representing normal behavior to provide fast protection of web applications is disclosed. The system, in response to a sensor collecting from http requests sent by the clients to the web application installed on the protected device, automatically creates for a web application a profile with discrete parts that will represent normal behavior so that deviations from the profile can be considered anomalous.
Ieee 1149.1 and p1500 test interfaces combined circuits and processes
In a first embodiment a test access port (tap) of ieee standard 1149.1 is allowed to commandeer control from a wrapper serial port (wsp) of ieee standard p1500 such that the p1500 architecture, normally controlled by the wsp, is rendered controllable by the tap. In a second embodiment (1) the tap and wsp based architectures are merged together such that the sharing of the previously described architectural elements are possible, and (2) the tap and wsp test interfaces are merged into a single optimized test interface that is operable to perform all operations of each separate test interface.
Fragmenting media content
Systems and methods relating to fragmenting content based on metadata are disclosed. In one embodiment, metadata is obtained from data that is accessible from an interface.
Using polling results as discrete metrics for content quality prediction model
A social networking system presents content items to users, who then provide feedback regarding pairs of content items. The feedback includes a selection of a content item of the pair of content items that was preferred by the user over the other content item.
Corridor modeling system, apparatus, and method
A corridor modelling system models a corridor to be constructed along an existing terrain. The system obtains an electronic representation of the existing terrain, an electronic representation of a typical cross-section of the corridor, and an electronic representation of a 3d baseline of the corridor that aligns the typical cross-section relative to the existing terrain.
Material modification assembly and method for use in the modification of material substrates
A material modification assembly comprises an energy source for generating light beams to modify a substrate. A computing device generates pattern script(s) based on at least one parameter of the modification.
Vestibular stimulation electrode
A vestibular stimulation electrode lead is described for conducting electrical stimulation signals generated by an implanted vestibular stimulation module. An extra-vestibular lead branch carries the stimulation signals from the stimulation module to a vestibular entry location.
Apparatus for dilating bodily tissue and for monitoring neural activity in the dilated bodily tissue
An apparatus is provided herein for dilating bodily tissue and for monitoring neural activity in the distracted bodily tissue. In one aspect of the invention, the apparatus includes a first dilator having a tubular body with a distal end, a proximal end, and at least one electrode mounted about a circumference thereof; and, a second dilator having a tubular body of electrically-insulative material, the tubular body having a distal end, a proximal end, and a lumen extending therebetween sized to permit the second dilator to subsequently telescopically slide over the first dilator and come into overlapping coaxial alignment with the first dilator.
Ecg rhythym advisory method
A method of automatically determining which type of treatment is most appropriate for a cardiac arrest victim, the method comprising transforming one or more time domain electrocardiogram (ecg) signals into a frequency domain representation comprising a plurality of discrete frequency bands, combining the discrete frequency bands into a plurality of analysis bands, wherein there are fewer analysis bands than discrete frequency bands, determining the content of the analysis bands, and determining the type of treatment based on the content of the analysis bands.. .
Discrete phosphor chips for light-emitting devices and related methods
In accordance with certain embodiments, phosphor chips are formed and subsequently attached to light-emitting elements.. .
Probe with multiple target region specificity and of tripartite character
Probes and methods are described for detecting polymorphisms, including short tandem repeats, in a target nucleotide sequence. The probes include first and second regions separated by a linker sequence, with the first and second regions having discrete melting temperatures with their respective target sequences.
Physics-based key generation
In some examples, a controller is configured to generate a key based on a physics-based output of a component. The controller may, for example, use the key to authenticate communication between at least two nodes, to encrypt data, or to decrypt data, may be generated based on a physics-based output generated a component.
Nuclear reactor target assemblies, nuclear reactor configurations, and methods for producing isotopes, modifying materials within target material, and/or characterizing material within a target material
Target assemblies are provided that can include a uranium-comprising annulus. The assemblies can include target material consisting essentially of non-uranium material within the volume of the annulus.
Reduced wiring requirements with signal slope manipulation
A method includes manipulating at least one electric signal received from one or more electronic components to provide a slope substantially proportional to a discrete integer data value of n discrete integer data values, n being a positive integer greater than or equal to 3, said discrete integer data value represented by using one of n distinct slopes, said one of n distinct slopes to be transmitted utilizing a particular reference voltage of n predetermined reference voltages. The method further includes transmitting data as the particular reference voltage of the n predetermined reference voltages to at least one electronic component utilizing slope manipulation..
4tx codebook enhancement in lte
Channel state information (csi) feedback in a wireless communication system is disclosed. A precoding matrix is generated for multi-antenna transmission based on precoding matrix indicator (pmi) feedback, wherein the pmi indicates a choice of precoding matrix derived from a matrix multiplication of two matrices from a first codebook and a second codebook.
Graphical system with enhanced stereopsis
A computer system that provides stereoscopic images is described. During operation, the computer system generates the stereoscopic images at a location corresponding to a viewing plane based on data having a discrete spatial resolution, where the stereoscopic images include image parallax.
Substrate-less discrete coupled inductor structure
Some novel features pertain to an inductor structure that includes a first inductor winding, a second inductor winding and a filler. The first inductor winding includes an electrically conductive material.
Output slew rate control
This document discusses, among other things, output slew rate control. Methods and structures are described to provide slew rate control of an output driver circuit such as a dram output driver on a die.
Three dimensional nand device with semiconductor, metal or silicide floating gates and method of making thereof
A method of making a monolithic three dimensional nand string includes forming a stack of alternating layers of a first material and a second material, etching the stack to form a front side opening in the stack, selectively forming a plurality of discrete semiconductor, metal or silicide charge storage regions on portions of the second material layers exposed in the front side opening, forming a tunnel dielectric layer and semiconductor channel layer in the front side opening, etching the stack to form a back side opening in the stack, removing at least a portion of the second material layers through the back side opening to form back side recesses between the first material layers, forming a blocking dielectric in the back side recesses through the back side opening, and forming control gates over the blocking dielectric in the back side recesses through the back side opening.. .
Continuous-flow solar ultraviolet disinfection system for drinking water
Potable drinking water is a scarce resource in many parts of developing countries, especially rural areas. Due to limited financial means of these countries, low cost point-of-use systems are thought to be appropriate technology to treat water.
Low impedance interface circuit to maximize bandwidth and provide bias control
A multichannel application specific integrated circuit (asic) for interfacing with an array of photodetectors in a positron emission tomography (pet) imaging system includes a front end circuit configured to be coupled to the photodetectors and to receive discrete analog signals therefrom. The asic further includes a time discriminating circuit operably coupled to the front end circuit and configured to generate a hit signal based on a combination of the discrete analog signals, and an energy discriminating circuit operably coupled to the front end circuit and configured to generate a summed energy output signal based on each of the discrete analog signals and summed row and column output signals based on each of the discrete analog signals.
Air vehicle with bilateral steering thrusters
An air vehicle, such as a missile or a steerable submunition released from a missile or another air vehicle, has a bilateral thrust system for steering. The thrust system includes a pair of diametrically-opposed divert thrusters that provide thrust having radial components in opposite radial directions.
Bag-in-box system for use in dispensing a pumpable product
A bag-in-box system for use in dispensing a pumpable product includes a carton, a flexible thermoplastic pouch disposed in the carton, a spout joined to the pouch, a spout closure, and a pumpable product disposed in the pouch, the flexible thermoplastic pouch including an outer wall including a coextruded film having a polyethylene layer, a tie layer, and a polyamide layer, and a discrete inner wall including an ethylene polymer or copolymer, or a composition like that of the outer wall, the outer wall sealed to the inner wall at the perimeter of the pouch. Optionally, a discrete intermediate wall can be disposed between the outer wall and inner discrete wall of the pouch.
Downhole actuating apparatus
A downhole tool comprises a housing defining a main bore and an actuatable member moveable from a first configuration to a second configuration to permit actuation of the tool. The tool includes an indexer mounted within the housing and arranged to progress linearly in a first direction along the main bore of the housing in a predetermined number of discrete sequential and progressive steps of linear movement in said first direction by passage of a corresponding number of objects through the indexer to cause said actuatable member to move towards its second configuration..
Thermoelectric conversion element
A thermoelectric conversion element includes: a magnetic layer; a conductive film formed on the magnetic layer and configured to generate an electromotive force in an in-plane direction by inverse spin-hall effect; and two terminal sections formed to contact with the conductive film at two portions whose potentials are different to each other by the electromotive force. Each of the two terminal sections contacts with the conductive film in a continuous or discrete contact surface.
Protection member for a protection device and a vehicle with such a device
The present invention relates to a protection device for a military vehicle comprising in a drapery configuration at least along the respective vehicle side arranged to a position close to the ground hanging down discrete protection members for protection against projectiles, wherein said discrete protection members comprise a wire element, wherein said wire elements are arranged at a distance from each other. The present invention also relates to a protection device and a vehicle..
High-frequency vlsi interconnect and intentional inductor impedance extraction in the presence of a multi-layer conductive substrate
Embodiments of methods, apparatus, and systems for extracting impedance for a circuit design are disclosed herein. Some of the disclosed embodiments are computationally efficient and can accurately compute the frequency-dependent impedance of vlsi interconnects and/or intentional inductors in the presence of multi-layer conductive substrates.
Numerical delay model for a technology library cell type
Methods and systems for determining a numerical delay model based on one or more discretized delay models are described. A discretized delay model is a delay model in which the delay behavior is represented using a set of discrete data points of delay behavior.
Dynamic topology transitions in a content delivery framework
A first group is defined from an arbitrary set of nodes comprising service instances. Each node in the first group assumes one or more responsibilities in processing a request across the first group.
Systems and methods for utilizing and searching social network information
Methods and systems for indexing, storing, recalling and displaying social network user profiles, event calendar postings and user feed postings are described. A single, discrete set of keywords, can be utilized and assigned to both user profiles and postings and can operate as a method of indexing.
A network system for generating application specific hypermedia content from multiple sources
A network system for generating application specific hypermedia content from multiple sources. The system comprises a harvesting module operable for harvesting hypermedia content on the internet from a plurality of hypermedia sources.
System and method for trading options
A system and method for interactive trading of option contracts is described. Users of the system provide volatility runs of currency options, deal on existing offers to sell or bids to buy, or may improve on existing offers to sell or bids to buy.
Detecting patterns that increase the risk of late delivery of a software project
Historic and current development data associated with the project may be gathered. A catalog of patterns, each pattern associated with a data measure and an analysis routine capable of detecting the pattern according to the data measure in a given data set may be obtained.
Dynamic workflow approvals
A dynamic approval system, capable of integration with enterprise software systems, where approval requests are generated from within application programs and processed using one or more dynamic approval rules comprising discrete rule steps and step criteria. For each approval request, only those rule steps applicable to the requestor and type of request are processed.
Dynamic workflow approvals
A dynamic approval system, capable of integration with enterprise software systems, where approval requests are generated from within application programs and processed using one or more dynamic approval rules comprising discrete rule steps and step criteria. For each approval request, only those rule steps applicable to the requestor and type of request are processed.
Modeling subterranean rock blocks in an injection treatment simulation
Systems, methods, and software can be used to simulate a fracture treatment. In some aspects, physically separate rock blocks of a subterranean zone are modeled by separate block models.
System and methods for pharmacogenomic classification
The invention provides a system and methods for the determination of the pharmacogenomic phenotype of any individual or group of individuals, ideally classified to a discrete, specific and defined pharmacogenomic population(s) using machine learning and population structure. Specifically, the invention provides a system that integrates several subsystems, including (1) a system to classify an individual as to pharmacogenomic cohort status using properties of underlying structural elements of the human population based on differences in the variations of specific genes that encode proteins and enzymes involved in the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (adme) of drugs and xenobiotics, (2) the use of a pre-trained learning machine for classification of a set of electronic health records (ehrs) as to pharmacogenomic phenotype in lieu of genotype data contained in the set of ehrs, (3) a system for prediction of pharmacological risk within an inpatient setting using the system of the invention, (4) a method of drug discovery and development using pattern-matching of previous drugs based on pharmacogenomic phenotype population clusters, and (5) a method to build an optimal pharmacogenomics knowledge base through derivatives of private databases contained in pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and academic research centers without the risk of exposing raw data contained in such databases.
Smart phone application for providing neuro/muscular electro-stimulation
An application downloadable to a mobile device is provided for facilitating muscle therapy, the applicable programmed and configurable to generate waveform signals, the waveform signals configured to be employed by a power circuit to generate energy, conforming to the signals, to a muscle pad. The application may be combined as a system with a muscle pad electrically interfacing with the downloadable application, as well as a discrete device in electrical communication with the mobile device and the muscle pad.
Application of energy with cooling elements for skin treatment
A system and method for simultaneously heating a plurality of discrete skin volumes to a coagulation temperature. The system comprises an applicator containing an electrode having a plurality of spaced apart protruding conducting elements configured to contact the skin surface at a plurality of discrete locations.
Non-kinking self-wrapping woven sleeve and method of construction thereof
A wrappable textile sleeve and method of construction thereof is provided. The wrappable textile sleeve includes an elongate wall extending along a longitudinal axis between opposite ends with lengthwise extending edges extending parallel or substantially parallel with the longitudinal axis between the opposite ends.
Tile with magnetic type material and covered with a layer of parchment and process thereof
The present invention relates generally to a tile or panel having at least one magnetic material embedded therein, and fully or partially covered with at least one layer of parchment. The invention also encompasses at least one discrete permanent magnet that is placed at an appropriate location within a panel or tile, and wherein at least a portion of the panel or tile and the at least one magnet are then optionally covered with at least one layer of at least one barrier material, and then at least one parchment layer partially or fully envelopes this assembly.
Under-root spacer for gas turbine engine fan blade
A gas turbine engine rotor includes a hub having a slot. A blade includes a root received in the slot.
Wireless communication system, control station apparatus and terminal apparatus
A control station apparatus comprising a transmitter that is configured to transmit, to a terminal apparatus, information indicating an allocation method for allocating frequency signals to a plurality of subcarriers, where the information indicates a communication scheme which is one of single carrier frequency division multiple access (sc-fdma) scheme and clustered discrete fourier transform-spread-ofdm (clustered dft-s-ofdm) scheme.. .
Synchronization mechanism
A method for synchronising a receiving device with a transmitting device in a wireless communication network comprising forming a synchronisation sequence that has a frequency spectrum comprising peaks at multiple discrete fundamental frequencies, a signal power of the synchronisation sequence being concentrated at those frequencies, and transmitting said synchronisation sequence from the transmitting device to the receiving device.. .
Image forming apparatus, memory management method for image forming apparatus, and program
An image forming apparatus that performs image processing using information stored in a semiconductor memory includes an obtaining unit configured to obtain from the semiconductor memory a block size used for data reading and writing, and a management unit configured to discretely arrange and manage, with respect to a specific region set in the semiconductor memory, use-based information to be updated along with execution of the image processing, included in the stored information, according to the obtained block size.. .
Inkjet printer and method for acquiring gap information
An inkjet printer is provided that is configured to store a plurality of pieces of gap information respectively corresponding to a plurality of examined sections discretely arranged along a head moving direction on a recording sheet, each of the plurality of examined sections including a corresponding one portion of top portions and bottom portions on the recording sheet, and calculate interpolation gap information to be interpolated over a whole width in the head moving direction of at least one of a plurality of segments, each of which has a width in the head moving direction defined by two adjacent sections of the plurality of examined sections, based on the stored gap information.. .
Method for estimating the state of charge of a battery, and battery management system using the method
A method of estimating a state of charge (soc) of a battery and a battery management system (bms) using the method. According to the method of estimating the soc of the battery, terminal voltage data is collected by periodically measuring a terminal voltage of the battery.
Supply system and method for supplying an electric load
A system for supplying an electric load, in particular for charging a battery device, including a charging station with an accommodation unit for the battery device and a detection unit for the battery device. The detection unit includes a first optical transmitting device for transmitting a first optical signal and an optical receiving device for receiving the first optical signal.
Diaphragm valve with welded diaphragm seat carrier
A diaphragm valve with an assembly or cartridge that facilitates replacement of the diaphragm, the valve seat or both. The assembly may be a valve assembly having a diaphragm, a seat carrier and a valve seat that are combined into a discrete subassembly or cartridge for a diaphragm valve.

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