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Method and apparatus for selective silencing of telephone ringing

Method to print contact holes at high resolution

Graphical representation of ports of multiple types

Date/App# patent app List of recent Discrete-related patents
 Method of conditioning communication network data relating to a distribution of network entities across a space patent thumbnailnew patent Method of conditioning communication network data relating to a distribution of network entities across a space
A method and apparatus for conditioning communication network data relating to a distribution of network entities across a space, for subsequent processing of the network data, is disclosed. The method comprises dividing the space into a grid comprising a plurality of discrete cells, so that each cell comprises a unique location within the space.
 Virtual machine file-level restoration patent thumbnailnew patent Virtual machine file-level restoration
Disclosed is a method and system for selectively restoring file-level data from a disk image backup. In embodiments, a virtual machine backup may be performed by dividing a virtual machine virtual disk file into a plurality of discrete fixed-sized data blocks sharing a common index file that is stored on a backup medium, such as a hard drive, to form a backup set.
 Graphical representation of ports of multiple types patent thumbnailnew patent Graphical representation of ports of multiple types
A system and method graphically display ports in a discrete event system (des) environment. A graphical representation of a model having at least one des component is provided in the des environment.
 Mesh delivery system patent thumbnailnew patent Mesh delivery system
A mesh delivery system for controlling electricity supplied to one or more electrical devices from a power source are disclosed. Signals relating to characteristics of the electrical devices are uniformly or non-uniformly sampled at discrete intervals are provided along with associated sampling time indications via the mesh network to a destination controller.
 Computer-implemented electrocardiograhic data processor with time stamp correlation patent thumbnailnew patent Computer-implemented electrocardiograhic data processor with time stamp correlation
A computer-implemented electrocardiographic data processor with time stamp correlation is provided. A monitoring circuit includes a persistent memory and power supply that powers an encoder that determines a differential voltage between a current discrete digital voltage value and a prior voltage value.
 Systems and methods for gathering information about discrete wireless terminals patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for gathering information about discrete wireless terminals
The present invention is broadly directed to systems and methods for gathering information about wireless transceiver devices in a defined boundary region. To this end, the disclosure is more particularly directed to gathering movement information (e.g., via detection and location) about two-way end-user wireless terminals within three-dimensional boundaries of defined local space (“dls”) to allow for selective control of the terminals and other subsystems, as desired.
 Magnetic platforms for biomolecule trappings, manipulations, and sorting patent thumbnailnew patent Magnetic platforms for biomolecule trappings, manipulations, and sorting
A magnetic platform is provided and includes a patterned array of discrete magnetic elements positioned on a substrate, a plurality of first electromagnets for creating a first magnetic field substantially in the plane of the substrate, an electromagnetic coil for creating a second magnetic field substantially perpendicular to the plane of the substrate, and a control device for controlling the application of the magnetic fields. Processes for manipulating, transporting, separating and sorting micro- or nano-scale particles and biomolecules are also described..
 Method to print contact holes at high resolution patent thumbnailnew patent Method to print contact holes at high resolution
A two-dimensional dense array of contact holes can be printed on a negative photoresist employing a combination of a quadrupole illumination lens and a lithographic mask including a criss-cross pattern of opaque lines. The openings in the quadrupole illumination lens are aligned along the perpendicular directions of the opaque lines.
 Methods of production for corrosion-resistant bit patterned media (bpm) and discrete track media (dtm) patent thumbnailnew patent Methods of production for corrosion-resistant bit patterned media (bpm) and discrete track media (dtm)
A method for producing a magnetic recording medium in one embodiment includes forming a magnetic material layer above a substrate, transferring an uneven pattern to the magnetic material layer to form concave portions and convex portions, the convex portions being magnetic regions, depositing a nonmagnetic material above the concave portions to form nonmagnetic regions, forming an oxide layer and/or hydroxide layer above the magnetic regions of the recording layer, and forming an organic material layer which exhibits a corrosion-inhibiting characteristic with respect to cobalt or cobalt alloy above the oxide layer and/or hydroxide layer.. .
 Ejection volume correction method for inkjet head, ejection volume correction apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Ejection volume correction method for inkjet head, ejection volume correction apparatus
An aspect of the present invention provides an ejection volume correction method for an inkjet head, including: an arranging step of ejecting functional ink as ink droplets from nozzles of an inkjet head so as to discretely arrange the ink droplets on a front surface of a substrate; a contacting step of filling the functional ink in between a mold and the substrate by causing the mold to contact the ink droplets arranged on the front surface of the substrate; a curing step of curing the filled functional ink so as to generate a functional film ; a separating step of separating the mold from the functional film; a measuring step of measuring a thickness of the functional film; and a correcting step of correcting an ejection volume from the nozzles based on the measured thickness.. .
new patent Method and apparatus for selective silencing of telephone ringing
A system and method for a selective ring silencer that prevents people from having to listen to the telephone ring on and on with nuisance calls. The ringer silencer can be: (1) discretely constructed from a telephone, (2) part of a telecommunication device, or (3) part of a central telephone network construction.
new patent Discrete signal synchronization based on a known bit pattern
Systems and methods for discrete signal synchronization based on a known bit pattern are described. In one aspect of the present subject matter, a discrete signal synchronization system is configured to synchronize a preprocessed discrete signal with a modified discrete signal.
new patent Polynomial phases for multi-carrier modulation schemes with time domain windowing
In one aspect, a method includes performing a mapping on bits to form a complex data symbol, applying a frequency rotation mask to the complex data symbol based on a polynomial phase, performing an inverse discrete fourier transform (idft) after applying the frequency rotation mask, applying a time domain window after performing the idft, converting digital data to analog data after applying the time window and transmitting the analog data as an analog signal.. .
new patent Led flexible hanging display screen
An led flexible hanging display screen comprises several discrete led modules (1) and a flexible mesh (2). The led modules (1) are arrange and fixed on the flexible mesh (2) in matrix form.
new patent Low profile antenna
There is provided a low profile antenna comprising a line source, a corporate feed network, and a plurality of radiating elements. The radiating elements are arranged in a linear array so as to be discrete in a first direction and each continuous in a second direction substantially perpendicular to the first direction.
new patent Damping device with adjustable spring rate
A spring and damping device for a wheel suspension in motor vehicles includes an upper region, a lower region, and a damping element arranged between the upper region and the lower region. The device further includes a coil spring element and a rubber spring element.
new patent Organic light emitting device with improved light extraction
The invention provides an organic light-emitting device (oled) comprising: a transparent substrate; a first, transparent electrode layer arranged on said substrate; one or more organic light-active layers arranged on said first electrode layer; a second electrode layer arranged on said one or more organic light-active layers; and a discontinuous layer comprising discrete, randomly distributed nanometer-sized domains of a low refractive index material, arranged between said first electrode layer and said one or more organic light-active layers. The discontinuous layer of discrete, randomly distributed nano-sized domains increases the light extraction efficiency of the oled..
new patent Cmos nanowire structure
Complimentary metal-oxide-semiconductor nanowire structures are described. For example, a semiconductor structure includes a first semiconductor device.
new patent Positive displacement dispenser for dispensing discrete amounts of liquid
A dispenser for applying small amounts of liquid to a substrate. The dispenser includes a dispenser body, an actuator in the dispenser body, and a dispensing element including a dispensing element body removably coupled to the dispenser body.
new patent Width-adjustable storage module for cabinets
A modular storage apparatus includes an expandable frame adjustably expandable to fit a storage space in an existing cabinet. The frame has adjustable-width cross members and uprights defining u-shapes, extendable glides attached to the uprights, and an expandable pullout module operably mounted on the glides for movement.
new patent Tire traction device
A device to enhance tire traction comprises a two sided strip, one side of which is adhesive to the surface of a tire and the other side of which has affixed pebbles or similar discrete hard objects such as gravel, providing a traction surface for the tire. The discrete objects are roughly 5 to 12 millimeters along major axes and are as thin as 2 to 3 millimeters.
new patent Method of providing sectional control during seeding of a field using a farm implement
A seed metering assembly for a farm implement has a meter roller that can be accessed and removed in a relatively quick manner. The seed metering assembly includes a fluted meter roller that is segmented into a number of discrete fluted sections.
new patent Seed delivery apparatus for a farm implement
A seed metering assembly for a farm implement has a meter roller that can be accessed and removed in a relatively quick manner. The seed metering assembly includes a fluted meter roller that is segmented into a number of discrete fluted sections.
Appearance objects for configuring and graphically displaying programmed/configured process control
Enhancements to a strategy object editor for creating and modifying control strategies for process control systems (both distributed and discrete) is described. The improvements include: supporting a set of graphical depictions for individual control object (modified by an appearance object editor), drag and drop connections for declarations that connect control strategies to other control strategies, gui-based designation of object execution order, automatically applied line styles based upon connection data type, and automatic modification of elements within an appearance object to accommodate a moved attribute..
Method and apparatus for using a finger swipe interface to control a system
A method for using a finger swipe interface to control the functionality of a system comprises the following steps: storing a key swipe pattern; storing a key indicia; sensing a pick swipe pattern using a finger swipe interface; comparing the pick swipe pattern to the key swipe pattern; storing a positive result if the pick pattern is the key pattern; displaying, an array of different indicia at a plurality of discrete display locations. If a positive result, the array of indicia includes the key indicia, whereas if a negative result, the array does not include the key indicia.
Systems and methods for identifying the relationships between a plurality of genes
The present invention relates to a method and system for the evaluation of differential dependencies of a set of discrete random variables between two conditions. In some embodiments, the system and method compares two conditions by evaluating the probability distributions of the likely dependency networks from random variables..
Supporting a heart
A heart support system featuring a sleeve sized to fit about at least a portion of an adult human heart in a living body, the sleeve having an inner surface arranged to contact the heart in use and a sheath extending about and constraining the sleeve. At least one of the sheath and sleeve carry a discrete mark detectable from outside the body with the sheath and sleeve implanted within the body.
Method and/or system for obtaining signatures for use in navigation
Disclosed are systems, methods and techniques for obtaining round trip time (rtt) measurements from acquisition of signals at one or more mobile devices, the signals being transmitted by one or more transmitters; approximating locations of the one or more mobile devices while obtaining the rtt measurements; and combining the measurements to determine expected rtt signature values at discrete positions in the area based, at least in part, on the obtained rtt measurements and the approximated locations.. .
Superheterodyne receiver
The invention relates to a superheterodyne receiver, comprising: a sampling mixer being configured to sample an analog radio frequency signal using a certain sampling rate (fs) to obtain a discrete-time sampled signal, and to shift the discrete-time sampled signal towards a first intermediate frequency (. .
Polyelectrolyte multilayers having salt-controlled internal structures
A method, and an article made therefrom, of: contacting a substrate with a first solution of first polyelectrolyte chains to form a layer of the first polyelectrolyte on the substrate; and contacting the layer of the first polyelectrolyte with a second solution of second polyelectrolyte chains to form a layer of the second polyelectrolyte. The first polyelectrolyte has a polyanion or polycation chain.
Correction of over-focus in digital images using centered discrete imaginary-power fractional fourier transformations with high-accuracy orthonormal eigenvectors
A method for correcting overfocus of a digital image created from coherent imaging using centered fractional fourier transforms or mathematical equivalents is described. A received image is presented to a numerical processor, and a first numerical value for an imaginary power variable is selected and used in an iterative algorithm, numerical procedure, system architecture, etc.
Biometric authentication using the eye
An apparatus and method for authenticating a subject using the eye as an identifying biometric, in particular the shape of the cornea. An image projection device generates and projects an image of a pattern, of plural discrete points, onto at least a part of the cornea of the eye.
Method and apparatus for improved sampling resolution in x-ray imaging systems
The present invention pertains to an apparatus and method for x-ray imaging wherein a radiation source comprising rows of discrete emissive locations can be positioned such that these rows are angularly offset relative to rows of sensing elements on a radiation sensor. A processor can process and allocate responses of the sensing elements in appropriate memory locations given the angular offset between source and sensor.
Receiver filter for dc-wander removal in a contactless smartcard
Embodiments of a method for processing a baseband signal in a direct current (dc)-suppressed system, a system for processing a baseband signal in a dc-suppressed system, and a smart card are described. In one embodiment, a method for processing a baseband signal in a dc-suppressed system involves processing the baseband signal in the analog domain with a first high pass filter (hpf), converting the processed baseband signal to a digital signal, and processing the digital signal in the digital domain with a second hpf to provide a discrete-time differentiation of the baseband signal.
Demodulator for frequency-shift keyed signals by using the goertzel algorithm
With the sampling frequency fs and the specified frequency fg. To reduce the mathematical complexity in feed-power-limited devices, it is proposed that the sampling frequency fs is an integral multiple of the frequency fg of a specified discrete spectral component..
Method of and apparatus for reducing papr in filter-bank multi-carrier system
The invention relates to a method of reducing peak-to-average. Power ratio in a transmitting device of a filter-hank multi-carrier system, which includes the steps of: performing constellation modulation (210) on data to be transmitted; performing k-point discrete fourier transform (220) on a vector composed of k constellation symbols resulting from the constellation modulation: and performing offset-quadrature amplitude modulation (230) on a data vector resulting from the discrete fourier transform, wherein the parameter k represents the number of subcarriers allocated for transmission of the data to be transmitted.
Systems and methods for selective filtering of inbound mobile communications
Various implementations of the disclosed technology relate to selectively filtering inbound communications. An example implementation may send filtered incoming calls directly to an alternate voicemail account based on a list of pre-approved contacts.
Method and device for elastic registration between a two-dimensional digital image and a slice of a three-dimensional volume with overlapping content
The invention concerns a method and device for elastic registration of a two-dimensional source digital image of an object of interest with a slice of a three dimensional target volume of the object of interest, comprising defining a markov random field framework comprising at least one undirected pairwise graph superimposed on the two-dimensional image domain comprising at least a set of regular vertices and at least a set of edges, defining at least a grid of control points, each control point corresponding to a vertex of the set of vertices, and a neighborhood system of edges associated with vertices. The method of the invention comprises defining a set of multi-dimensional labels of a discrete space to apply a displacement to each control point, a control point displacement defining a transformation adapted to obtain a plane slice of the target volume and an in-plane deformation transformation of the source digital image.
Redox method of forming a coaxial probe structure of elongated electrical conductors projecting from a support structure
The present invention is directed to structures having a plurality of discrete insulated elongated electrical conductors projecting from a support surface which are useful as probes for testing of electrical interconnections to electronic devices, such as integrated circuit devices and other electronic components and particularly for testing of integrated circuit devices with rigid interconnection pads and multi-chip module packages with high density interconnection pads and the apparatus for use thereof and to methods of fabrication thereof. Coaxial probe structures are fabricated by the methods described providing a high density coaxial probe..
Vehicle seat assembly having a permeable cushion with a colored coating and method of making the same
In at least one embodiment, the present disclosure provides a vehicle seat assembly comprising a frame, a flexible foam cushion supported on the frame, the cushion having an outer surface comprising a major surface portion and a colored minor surface portion, a trim material secured over the cushion to cover the major portion of the surface, the colored minor portion of the outer surface being uncovered by the trim material, and the major surface portion of the cushion having a first permeability of 5 to 30 ml/cm2/min. And the colored minor surface portion having a second permeability of at least 80% of the first permeability and the colored minor portion comprising a plurality of dried flexible in-mold colored coating disposed on discrete surface areas of the cushion..
Modular load support and attachment apparatus and system for a vehicle
The apparatus and system for supporting and attaching loads on a vehicle, is adapted for installation on side walls of pick up truck beds, providing discrete attachment points for ratcheting straps and the like for securing the loads. The attachment points include attachment slots incorporated along rails on or incorporated with the tops of the walls.
Microfluidic devices and methods of fabrication
The present invention relates to microfluidic devices that comprise a 3-d microfluidic network of microchannels of arbitrary complexity and to a method for fabricating such devices. In particular, the invention relates to a method of forming microfluidic devices having 3-d microfluidic networks that contain open or closed loop microchannels using a single-step molding process without the need for layer-by-layer fabrication, and to the resultant microfluidic devices.
Integrated circuit package
An integrated circuit (ic) package including a bottom leadframe, an interposer mounted on the bottom leadframe, a flipchip die mounted on the interposer and a top leadframe electrically connected to the interposer. Also, a method of making an integrated circuit (ic) package including electrically and physically attaching a die to an interposer, attaching the interposer to a bottom leadframe, attaching a discrete circuit component to the interposer and attaching a top leadframe to the bottom leadframe..
Light emitting device and light emitting device package
A light emitting device includes a light emitting layer, a substrate that is transparent to an emission wavelength of the light emitting layer and positioned to receive an emission wavelength from the light emitting layer, a convex pattern including a collection of a plurality of convex portions discretely arranged on a front surface of the substrate with a first pitch, an n type nitride semiconductor layer located on the front surface of the substrate to cover the convex pattern and a p type nitride semiconductor layer located on the light emitting layer. The light emitting layer is located on the n type semiconductor layer.
Memory cells
Some embodiments include a method of forming a memory cell. A first portion of a switching region is formed over a first electrode.
Fluid cleaning medium and a fluid cleaning device
A fluid cleaning device is disclosed for cleaning pond water and the like. The device comprises a flow path for conveying a fluid flow between a device inlet and a device outlet, the path comprising a cleaning chamber having an inlet for receiving fluid into the chamber and an outlet for passing fluid from the chamber.
Impregnated bit with improved cutting structure and blade geometry
A rotary drag bit for drilling subterranean formations includes a bit body having a face extending from a centerline to a gage. A plurality of blades may be disposed on the face, and may generally extend radially outwardly toward the gage.
Protective film with release surface
Films (10) for use in protecting surfaces are disclosed and comprise at least one release layer (14) and optionally an adhesion layer (12) and/or an intermediate layer, the release layer (14) having a plurality of three-dimensional protrusions (13) that are either formed integral with the release layer or are discrete polymer beads applied to the release layer.. .
Method of distributing processor loading between real-time processor threads
A method of distributing processor loading in a real-time operating system between a high frequency processing task and a lower frequency processing task, the method including: making a processing request to the high frequency processing task from the lower frequency processing task, the processing request including a plurality of discrete processing commands; queuing the plurality of discrete processing commands; and executing a subset of the queued processing commands with the execution of each of a plurality of high frequency processing tasks such that the execution of the plurality of discrete processing commands is distributed across the plurality of high frequency processing tasks.. .
Estimation algorithm for discrete-time uncertain stochastic systems and device relating thereto
An apparatus and method for estimation of a system having state variables representing the state of the system comprising predicting the estimate of the state variables along with the uncertainties in the state variables; observing a measurement of at least one state variable corrupted with some amount of error; updating the estimates of the state variables using a weighted average, with more weight being given to estimates with higher certainty; and providing an estimator input to update the estimates of the state variables, the estimator input operating to provide asymptotic convergence of the mean estimation error in all of the state variables in the presence of persistent excitation or disturbance that is not asymptotically decaying to zero.. .
Control method for mobile parallel manipulators
In the control method for mobile parallel manipulators, kinematic singularity and redundancy are solved through joint limits avoidance and manipulability criteria. By taking the mpm self-motion into consideration due to its redundancy, the inverse kinematic is derived using a hybrid neuro-fuzzy system, such as nefik.
Method and apparatus for catheter-based annuloplasty using local plications
The present invention relates to a minimally invasive method of performing annuloplasty. According to one aspect of the present invention, a method for performing annuloplasty includes accessing a left ventricle of a heart to provide a discrete plication element to the left ventricle, and engaging the plication element to tissue near a mitral valve of the heart.
Instruments for minimally invasive surgery total knee arthroplasty
An anti-backout stylus comprising a stylus and a locking stylus holder. The locking stylus holder engages the stylus at a series of discrete positions during insertion of the stylus into the holder.
Device and method for applying pressure to mammalian limb
A therapeutic pressure strap for applying pressure across a muscle or muscle groups on a mammalian limb is described. The strap is particularly well suited for treating “tennis elbow”.
Methods and compositions
Wherein said connector compound is attached to the polypeptide by at least three discrete covalent bonds. The invention also relates to libraries, and to methods for making complexes and to methods of screening using same..
Corrosion-inhibiting microgels and non-chromated primer compositions incorporating the same
Corrosion-inhibiting microgels that are suitable for use in non-chromated primer compositions. Each discrete microgel is composed of a cross-linked polymer network and organic corrosion-inhibiting compounds entrapped or immobilized within the polymer network..
Substituted anionic compounds consisting of a backbone made up of a discrete number of saccharide units
The invention relates to substituted anionic compounds consisting of a backbone made up of a discrete number u of between 1 and 8 (1≦u≦8) of identical or different saccharide units, linked via identical or different glycosidic bonds, said saccharide units being chosen from the group consisting of pentoses, hexoses, uronic acids, n-acetylhexosamines in cyclic form or in open reduced form, which are randomly substituted. It also relates to the process for the preparation thereof and to the pharmaceutical compositions comprising same..
Method and apparatus for forming discrete adjustable pant-like disposable undergarments
A method and apparatus for producing a pre-fastened adjustable pant-like disposable absorbent undergarment including a fully or partially severed front body panel is disclosed. The method includes first providing a discrete undergarment moving longitudinally in a machine direction.
Methods of patterning block copolymer layers
A method of patterning a block copolymer layer includes: providing a guide pattern on a surface of a substrate, the guide pattern including sidewalls each elongated in a longitudinal direction and spaced apart from each other, a trench defined by a bottom surface and facing surfaces of the sidewalls, and having a uniform width over an entire length thereof in the longitudinal direction, and a latitudinal wall perpendicular to the longitudinal direction of the trench; providing a block copolymer layer on the surface of the substrate; and annealing the block copolymer to cause self-assembly of the block copolymer and to direct the same in the trench. The block copolymer has a microphase-separation into anisotropic discrete domains aligned with a period λo in the trench by the annealing..
Precipitated calcium carbonate from pulp mill waste having an improved brightness, method for the production and use thereof
The present invention relates to a process for the production of a precipitated divalent metal ion carbonate product from a divalent metalion carbonate which was recovered from waste, the precipitated divalent metal ion carbonate product having an improved brightness, the process comprising the steps of: providing a low-purity divalent metal ion carbonate material, the divalent metal ion carbonate material being recovered from waste; calcining the divalent metal ion carbonate material in order to obtain a divalent metal ion oxide; slaking the divalent metal ion oxide in order to obtain an aqueous suspension of a divalent metal ion hydroxide; carbonating the aqueous suspension of the divalent metal ion hydroxide with a carbon dioxide containing compound in order to obtain fine precipitated divalent metal ion carbonate particles; posttreating the fine precipitated divalent metal ion carbonate particles to obtain fine discrete precipitated divalent metal ion carbonate particles; adding the fine discrete precipitated divalent metal ion carbonate particles to an aqueous suspension of divalent metal ion hydroxide that was obtained by slaking high-purity divalent metal ion hydroxide in order to obtain a resulting reaction mixture; and carbonating the resulting reaction mixture in order to obtain the precipitated divalent metal ion carbonate product having an improved brightness.. .
Method of demodulating a phase modulated optical signal
Proposed is a method of demodulating a phase modulated optical signal received from an optical channel. A time-discrete electrical signal is derived from the phase modulated optical signal, using a local optical signal, which has a frequency that is essentially equal to a carrier frequency of the phase modulated optical signal.
Ambient audio injection
An exemplary system comprises a device including a memory with an audio injection application installed thereon. The application comprises an equalizer module that analyzes sound characteristics of individual digital audio samples including a discrete signal, a selector module that applies a selection heuristic to select the discrete signal from the individual digital audio samples based on the sound characteristics, and an audio module that supplies to an output an insert signal generated according to the discrete signal selected by the selection heuristic..
Back scatterning inspection systems for human body
A human body back-scattering inspection system is disclosed. The system comprises a flying-spot forming unit configured to output beams of x-rays, a plurality of discrete detectors which are arranged vertically along a human body to be inspected, and a controlling unit coupled to the flying-spot forming unit and the plurality of detectors, and configured to generate a control signal to control the flying-spot forming unit and the plurality of detectors to perform a partition synchronous scan on the human body to be inspected vertically.
System and method for discrete gain control in hybrid mimo/rf beamforming
A system for selectively and discretely amplifying or attenuating antennas in a hybrid multiple-input-multiple-output (mimo) radio distribution network (rdn) receiving system is provided herein. The system includes a mimo receiving system comprising a mimo baseband module having n branches; an rdn connected to the mimo receiving system, the rdn comprising at least one beamformer fed by two or more antennas, so that a total number of antennas in the system is m, wherein m is greater than n, wherein each one of the beamformers include a passive combiner configured to combine signals coming from the antennas coupled to a respective beamformer into a combined signal, wherein the at least one beamformer is further configured to selectively amplify or attenuate in discrete steps, one or more of the signals coming from the m antennas, based on qualitative metrics measured by the mimo baseband module..
Methods and apparatuses for multiple access in a wireless communication network using dct-ofdm
The present invention provides an advantageous transmitter apparatus and associated method, for generating a single-carrier discrete cosine transform (sc-dct) ofdm signal for transmission. These transmit-side innovations include circuit configuration and signal processing methods for mapping ku “input subcarriers” to n “output subcarriers,” where the “output subcarriers” are some or all of the subcarriers defined for the sc-dct ofdm signal.
Orthogonal freequency division multiplexing-code division multiple access system
An orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm)-code division multiple access (cdma) system is disclosed. The system includes a transmitter and a receiver.
Radio communication system, radio communication method, radio communication device, reception device, and program
A communication device comprising a transmission unit and a reception unit. The transmission unit is configured to transmit, to a first communication device, first information indicating a first set of subcarriers comprising of a plurality of subcarriers, and to a second communication device, second information indicating a second set of subcarriers comprising of a plurality of subcarriers.
Radio base station and user equipment and methods therein
The ue maps the block of bits to a sequence of complex valued modulation symbols. The ue block spreads the sequence across discrete fourier transform spread-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (dfts-ofdm) symbols.
Tolerance ring with discrete tolerance ring panels
A tolerance ring for a hard disc drive assembly is disclosed and can include a plurality of discrete tolerance ring panels. Each tolerance ring panel can include an arcuate sidewall that can include an unformed portion and at least one projection extending from the arcuate sidewall.

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