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Disconnect patents

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Apparatus and method for containing fluid or gas released from a pipe

Method for operating a driver assistance system of a motor vehicle with a combined longitudinal and transverse guidance…

Method and apparatus for tracking device connection and state change

Date/App# patent app List of recent Disconnect-related patents
 Content streaming between devices patent thumbnailnew patent Content streaming between devices
Methods and systems for streaming content from a first device to a second device may include streaming content from the first device to the second device over a first connection. Next, it may be determined that the first device is connected to the second device by a second connection.
 Method for operating a driver assistance system of a motor vehicle with a combined longitudinal and transverse guidance function patent thumbnailnew patent Method for operating a driver assistance system of a motor vehicle with a combined longitudinal and transverse guidance function
Method for operating a driver assistance system of a motor vehicle having a combined longitudinal and transverse guidance function, wherein, starting from the combined operation of the longitudinal and transverse guidance function, the longitudinal guidance function is disconnected in response to the presence of at least one determined first disconnection condition, whereas the transverse guidance function is maintained.. .
 Control system equipped with detachable control panel patent thumbnailnew patent Control system equipped with detachable control panel
A control system (100) comprises a control apparatus (2) for controlling a driven body, and a pendant (1) having an emergency stop switch (11), wherein the control apparatus (2) includes an emergency stop circuit (21) which causes the operation of the driven body to stop when the emergency stop switch (11) is operated, a detach-ready setting switch (23) which switches detach-ready setting information to “detach mode” when connecting or disconnecting the pendant (1) to or from the control apparatus (2) and otherwise to “normal mode”, and a connection state monitoring unit (24) which sends information concerning the connection state of the pendant (1) to the emergency stop circuit (21), and wherein the control apparatus (2) disables the operation of the emergency stop circuit (21) when the detach-ready setting information is set to “detach mode” and when the pendant (1) is disconnected from the control apparatus (2).. .
 Measuring end user activity of software on a mobile or disconnected device patent thumbnailnew patent Measuring end user activity of software on a mobile or disconnected device
A hardware and/or software facility measures end user activity associated with a software application or service on a mobile phone or other mobile device. The facility tracks and stores usage data associated with a mobile user's use of the application or service.
 Electrode assembly with tape and electrochemical device comprising the same patent thumbnailnew patent Electrode assembly with tape and electrochemical device comprising the same
The present disclosure relates to an electrode assembly for preventing a phenomenon of a separator being pressed and/or disconnected from occurring when a free edge electrode is wound into a jelly roll, and an electrochemical device comprising the electrode assembly.. .
 Wireless access point terminal and connection control method patent thumbnailnew patent Wireless access point terminal and connection control method
A wireless access point terminal capable of reducing power consumption even if housed terminals are present. This device is a wireless access point terminal (200) individually connecting a plurality of housed terminals to a network, using a wireless communications unit capable of individual wireless communications with the plurality of housed terminals; and has: a housed terminal management unit (203) that determines whether or not to continue connection, for each connected housed terminal; and a connection control unit (208) that controls the wireless communications unit such that wireless communication is disconnected for a housed terminal for which a determination has been made to not continue the connection..
 Systems and methods for avoiding interference for a peer-to-peer network connection patent thumbnailnew patent Systems and methods for avoiding interference for a peer-to-peer network connection
Systems and methods are described herein for avoiding interfering with 5 ghz frequency band signals with a peer-to-peer wireless local area network connection. A peer-to-peer client is notified of radar signals in proximity to the client over a master-to-client wireless local area connection with an enterprise access point.
 Semiconductor device having complementary bit line pair patent thumbnailnew patent Semiconductor device having complementary bit line pair
Disclosed herein is a semiconductor device comprising complementary pair of bit lines, memory cells connected to the bit lines, dummy cells having the same structure as the memory cells, a differential sense amplifier, an equalizing circuit equalizing potentials of the bit lines, and a control circuit. The memory cells are disconnected from the bit lines and the dummy cells are connected to the bit lines, and subsequently the bit lines are equalized by the equalizing circuit.
 Worksite power distribution box patent thumbnailnew patent Worksite power distribution box
A power distribution box apparatus and method for implementing a priority disconnect scheme and a network communication bridge at a worksite, where the power distribution box distributes temporary power. The power distribution box includes a housing portion and a base portion elevating the housing portion off of the ground or another surface.
 Image forming apparatus patent thumbnailnew patent Image forming apparatus
An image forming apparatus includes: a motor unit configured to give a rotary drive force to rotary members for conveying a recording medium; a switch circuit provided in a power supply line connecting a power source and the motor unit to supply electric power, connecting the motor unit to the power source upon closure of the body cover, and disconnecting the motor unit from the power source upon opening of the body cover; a power-off detecting section; a rate-of-voltage-change calculating section; and a control section. The control section deactivates each of mechanisms in the image forming apparatus when the power-off detecting section detects shutoff of power supply from the power source, and reactivates each of the mechanisms, provided that the rate of change of voltage calculated by the rate-of-voltage-change calculating section has reached a predetermined threshold, when the power-off detecting section detects electric power is supplied from the power source..
new patent Touch panel, and touch panel display device
Provided is a touch panel configured to minimize electrode disconnection caused by swelling of the insulating layer during the production process. The touch panel is equipped with: an insulating substrate; first island-shaped electrodes (111) disposed along a first direction; second island-shaped electrodes (121) disposed along a second direction intersecting the first direction; a connecting member (112) for connecting together the first island-shaped electrodes (111); an insulating film (15) formed covering a portion of the connecting member (112); and a relay electrode (122) for connecting together the second island-shaped electrodes (121) over the insulating film (15).
new patent Portable terminal with antenna device for display element or display assembly including flexible functional region
A portable terminal is provided. The portable terminal includes a flexible display element, a first antenna element disposed at a first region on the display element, a second antenna element disposed at a foldable second region on the display element to face the first region, and a switch element configured to selectively connect the second antenna element.
new patent Method and apparatus for tracking device connection and state change
A system includes a processor configured to determine if a vehicle computing system (vcs) has been placed in a monitoring mode. The processor is also configured to detect and log the connection or disconnection of any remote devices.
new patent Modular exoskeletal force feedback controller
Portable force feedback controllers (pffcs) designed to be worn on a user's limb, track the movement of the user's limb, and provide force feedback capability. In some embodiments, the pffcs may include interchangeable modules that can be quickly and easily connected and disconnected so that the pffc may be easily modified for a particular application.
new patent Test apparatus having a probe card and connector mechanism
A test apparatus for testing a semiconductor device includes a circuit board having a contact pattern on one side and an opening therethrough, and a probe card supporting a probe needle array. The probe needle array is insertable into the opening of the circuit board and is configured to probe a device under test.
new patent Battery system and management method
A system and method for monitoring the status of a system of battery strings is described. The battery string current is measured by a current sensor urged into contact with a metallic element in which the battery string current is flowing.
new patent Energy harvesting system with selectively activatable harvesting interface, and method of energy harvesting
An energy-harvesting system includes a transducer to convert environmental energy into a harvesting electrical signal. A storage element stores electrical energy derived from conversion of the harvested environmental energy.
new patent Charging device for electric vehicle
A charging device is provided that can terminate charging an onboard battery at a charging completion time point which is set by an user. The charging device includes: an ac-dc converter that converts ac power supplied from the external power source to dc power; an ac relay that connects and disconnects the ac-dc converter to and from the external power source; a dc relay that connects and disconnects the ac-dc converter to and from the battery; and a controller that controls the ac and dc relays.
new patent Electric drive with reconfigurable winding
An electric drive system for a pm electric machine, where the machine includes a stator, a rotor and an inverter. Each phase of the machine includes a stator winding separated into a first winding section and a second winding section and two switches in the inverter electrically coupled to the winding sections.
new patent Occupancy sensor with modular disconnect
A system has a lighting fixture has a first connector electrically coupled to a power supply, the first connector being separately electrically coupled to a load, an occupancy sensor having a second connector adapted and configured to engage the first connector, the occupancy sensor being capable of detecting a presence of a person within a monitored space, the first and second connectors forming a disconnect for the lighting fixture, and a switch located in the occupancy sensor arranged to electrically couple the power supply and the load when the first connector is coupled to the second connector and when the occupancy sensor detected a person's presence within the monitored space.. .
new patent Electrical control system
There is provided a semiconductor device including a power compensation circuit in an apparatus in order to notify of a power supply disconnection failure that a user of the apparatus may not recognize. The power compensation circuit includes a rectifier circuit and a detection circuit.
new patent Disconnect device for suspended lines
A disconnect device for suspended lines has: (1) a ground member that provides a supporting structure for mechanically grounding and/or tying the device to a supporting pole and (2) a disconnect member to which a suspended line or cable is attached that is movable or rotatable for detachment from the ground member.. .
new patent Canard-locked oblique wing aircraft
An aircraft includes a fuselage, a main wing pivotally coupled to an aft portion of the fuselage, and a canard coupled to a forward portion of fuselage, wherein the main wing and the canard are configured to be connected together for supersonic flight and disconnected from each other for subsonic flight.. .
new patent Support device for use in a wellbore and a method for deploying a barrier in a wellbore
The present invention relates to a downhole support device (100) for use in a wellbore and which is adapted to be run into the wellbore through or run on an elongate member string (2) such as on a string of tubulars, a coiled tubing string or a slickline. The downhole support device comprises an inflatable element (102), which in use is adapted to be selectively connectable to the elongate member string and is further adapted to apply a biasing force in the direction of the wellbore walls.
new patent Apparatus and method for containing fluid or gas released from a pipe
An apparatus and method is provided for containing fluid or gas that is released when two adjoining sections of pipe are disconnected. The apparatus can comprise two or more arcuate sections hinged together to form a generally cylindrical or tubular containment chute that can be releasably enclosed around a pipe joint.
new patent Apparatus and method for disengaging a motor from an actuator gear train
A clutch mechanism for coupling and decoupling a motor to a rack is disclosed herein. The clutch mechanism having: a clutch lever pivotally mounted to an axis for movement from a first position to a second position; a cam gear having a cam surface, wherein rotational movement of the cam gear causes the cam surface to move the clutch lever from the first position to the second position; and a gear train configured to cause linear movement of the rack in response to rotational movement of the motor, wherein movement of the clutch lever from the first position to the second position disconnects a pair of gears of the gear train..
new patent Snow removal apparatus and related methods
An exemplary aspect comprises an apparatus comprising: a brush component comprising a handle on a first end of a shaft and a brush on a second end of the shaft; and a shovel component removably connected to the brush component; wherein the brush is at least partially enclosed within the shovel component when the shovel component is connected to the brush component, and wherein the brush is exposed when the shovel component is disconnected from the brush component.. .
Portal authentication method and access controller
In a portal authentication method, a dhcp request message sent by a terminal is received by an ac. In response to finding that a user of the terminal is an unauthenticated user, a private network ip address is assigned to the terminal.
Mobile communication system implementing integration of multiple logins of mobile device applications
In existing mobile implementations, there is a disconnect between the mobile device accessing the network and the applicative services inasmuch as the entity responsible for network access, such as the vpn gateway, differs from the entity governing access to applications, such as email servers and sharepoint repositories. Therefore existing solutions typically employ two authentication methods.
Multi-lumen connector
Apparatus is disclosed for applying negative pressure to a wound site to promote healing. The apparatus includes a porous pad for application to the wound, a suction tube linking the porous pad to a source of negative pressure, a container for collecting fluid exudate from the wound interposed between the porous pad and the source of negative pressure and a quick disconnect connector linking a first section of the suction tube leading to the porous pad with a second section leading to the container, said connector comprising two separable and non-interchangeable parts, said first section of the suction tube comprising a multi-lumen tube, one lumen being provided for applying suction to the porous pad and another being provided for monitoring pressure, said multi-lumen tube being fixedly attached at one end to the container and at the other end to one of said separable parts, said one separable part including sealing means whereby the lumens are connected in air-tight manner to said second section of the suction tube..
Vehicle drive device
A vehicle drive device comprises: an electric motor as a drive force source for running, the vehicle drive device further comprising one end portion of an output rotating member of the electric motor being coupled to first drive wheels via a first power connecting/disconnecting device selectively interrupting power transmission, the other end portion of the output rotating member being coupled to second drive wheels through a second power connecting/disconnecting device selectively interrupting power transmission at a shift ratio different from a shift ratio between the one end portion and the first drive wheels, and the first power connecting/disconnecting device and the second power connecting/disconnecting device being alternatively put into a power transmittable state of transmitting power so as to shift gears between the first drive wheels or the second drive wheels and the electric motor.. .
Charging port locking device
A charging port locking device is provided with an engagement member provided in a charging connector, for regulating the removal of the charging connector by engagement with an engagement part provided in a charging port, a restriction member provided in a vehicle, for restricting the disengagement of the engagement member, and a lock actuator for driving the restriction member. By virtue of the charging port locking device, the unintentional disconnection of the charging connector from the charging port can be avoided during charging in a state in which the charging port and the charging connector are connected..
Methods for fabricating semiconductor devices having through electrodes
Methods for fabricating semiconductor devices having through electrodes are provided. The method may comprise forming a via hole which opens towards an upper surface of a substrate and disconnects with a lower surface of the substrate; forming a via isolation layer which extends along an inner surface of the via hole and covers the upper surface of the substrate; forming a seed layer on the via isolation layer which extends along the via isolation layer; annealing the seed layer in-situ after forming the seed layer; forming a conductive layer, filling the via hole, by an electroplating using the seed layer; and planarizing the upper surface of the substrate to form a through electrode surrounded by the via isolation layer in the via hole..
Apparatus for steam-methane reforming
Apparatuses for use in plants for processing methane, the apparatuses comprising a plurality of reaction modules each including a plurality of fischer-tropsch reactors operable to convert a gaseous mixture including carbon monoxide and hydrogen to a liquid hydrocarbon. Each module may be disconnected and taken away for servicing while allowing the plant to continue to operate.
Quick-disconnect handle for lifting and carrying large flat planar objects
A method of moving a large, flat planar object with a pair of quick-disconnect wide handles attached to an elongated handle rod, to enable a person to quickly lift the large, flat planar object, such as moving plywood panels or table-tops, doors, or other large flat items. The quick-disconnect feature uses a quick disconnect clamp with the addition of an elongated handle and attachment of a rod attachment to it; whereby one such clamp is used at each rod end attaching the handle to the large, flat planar object being carried..
Method and apparatus for self-testing to improve factory throughput
A method and apparatus for self-testing of a radio frequency (rf) chipset is provided. The method requires that a set of test instructions be loaded into a software load station.
Write assist circuit, memory device and method
A write assist circuit includes a first switch, a second switch and a bias voltage circuit. The first switch connects a cell supply voltage node of a memory cell to a power supply voltage node in response to a write control signal having a first state, and disconnects the cell supply voltage node from the power supply voltage node in response to the write control signal having a second state.
Ground fault circuit interrupter
A ground fault circuit interrupter (gfci) includes a sense coil to determine a current flow in a power circuit coupled between a power source and a load. The gfci also includes a switching device configured to disconnect the power source from the load.
Compensation technique for luminance degradation in electro-luminance devices
A method and system for compensation for luminance degradation in electro-luminance devices is provided. The system includes a pixel circuit having a light emitting device, a storage capacitor, a plurality of transistors, and control signal lines to operate the pixel circuit.
Semiconductor integrated circuit
A semiconductor integrated circuit including: a circuit block having an internal voltage line; an annular rail line forming a closed annular line around the circuit block and supplied with one of a power supply voltage and a reference voltage; and a plurality of switch blocks arranged around the circuit block along the annular rail line, the plurality of switch blocks each including a voltage line segment forming a part of the annular rail line and a switch for controlling connection and disconnection between the voltage line segment and the internal voltage line.. .
Electrical lighting system power control
A network switch (5) for example a poe switch, is operable to control supply of electrical power to individual luminaires (1,2) in a lighting network. The luminaires receive both electrical power for operation and signals to switch on and off through a common cable connection (9) such as an ethernet connection.

A reclosable food tray is disclosed comprising a receptacle portion and two pairs of opposing closure flaps. The receptacle portion has substantially trapezoidal volume defined by a rectangular shaped bottom panel and two substantially upstanding pair of opposing side panels.
Locking disconnect clutch
A disconnect clutch includes a hub, a carrier, a wedge plate, a friction plate, a pressure plate, and a pin. The hub has a radially outer surface with a ramp and the carrier has a radially inner surface.
Lightweight and compact subsea intervention package and method
The present invention discloses apparatus and methods for a lightweight subsea intervention package that may be installed using vessels with a smaller lifting capacity than semi-submersible platforms so that the subsea intervention package can be transported, installed, and removed from a subsea well in less time and with less cost. In one embodiment, the present invention comprises a lower riser package for controlling the subsea well which utilizes two hydraulically activated gate valves.
Plasma etching apparatus
A plasma etching apparatus includes a process chamber, a susceptor, microwave permeable plate that is made of a dielectric material that allows microwaves to pass therethrough, a microwave supplying portion including a microwave generation apparatus that generates microwaves of a predetermined frequency, a gas supplying portion for supplying a process gas, an evacuation portion, a bias electric power supplying portion; and an alternating bias electric power control portion that controls the alternating bias electric power, wherein the alternating bias electric power control portion controls the alternating bias electric power so that supplying and disconnecting the alternating bias electric power to the susceptor are repeated to allow a ratio of a time period of supplying the alternating bias electric power with respect to a total time period of supplying the alternating bias electric power and disconnecting the alternating bias electric power to be 0.1 or more and 0.5 or less.. .
Linearly retractable pressure hose structure
A self-actuated linearly retractable and extendible hose for use in transporting fluids (liquids, gases, solid particles, and combinations of these) between a source location and an output location can be implemented as an extendible hose comprising a biasing means, a sealing layer, and a reinforced cover layer. The sealing layer forms a sealed conduit for transporting the fluids, and the reinforced cover layer on the outside provides radial and longitudinal strength for the sealing layer.
Sensing, interlocking solar module system and installation method
A frameless photovoltaic (pv) module system and methods secure solar panels directly to a fixed structure either individually or collectively as an array. Universal mounting brackets attached to the back of each solar panel module connect to one another and to mounting feet that anchor to the fixed structure.
Kitchenware item with a handle which works electrically with a removable accessory
Provided is a kitchenware item for cooking food, comprising a pan provided with a side wall, a handle comprising attachment means for attaching said handle to the side wall, and a removable accessory of the kitchenware item, said accessory or lid comprising an electromechanical device. The handle comprises an electrical energy source and the electrical energy source feeds the electromechanical device arranged on the accessory by means of an electrical circuit comprising electrical connection-disconnection means..
Safety timer for cooking appliance
A safety timer device, for a cooking appliance connected to an energy source, the cooking appliance having a heat generating component in communication with a heat controller. A timer communicates with the heat controller configured to count down a predetermined cooking time.
Convertible knife/fore grip for a firearm
A device is convertible between a knife and a fore grip of a firearm. The device has a grip body operatively connected to a blade, and an attachment member connecting the grip body to a longitudinally extending rail of a firearm.
Internal notebook microsd reader with read-only switch
A computing device can include a connector to connect with a removable storage device. A switch can control the connector to prevent in a first state and allow in a second state at least one of the writing and erasing of a removable storage device connected to the connector.
Climate control system
The invention relates to an improved climate control system in which a climate controlling equipment (1) has a control line (2) arranged to be connected to climate influenced impedance means (3). According to the invention, relay means (4) are arranged to disconnect the climate influenced impedance means from the control line under influence from an output (5) of a control unit (6) and to instead connect substituting means (7) providing an impedance controlled by a second output (8) of the control unit.
System and method for optimizing use of plug-in air conditioners and portable heaters
Thermostatic hvac and other energy management controls that are connected to a computer network. For instance, remotely managed load switches incorporating thermostatic controllers inform an energy management system, to provide enhanced efficiency, and to verify demand response with plug-in air conditioners and heaters.
Intermittent coating of moving surfaces
A method of intermittently coating a moving surface with paste containing electrochemically active particles by a nozzle having a slot-shaped delivery opening includes supplying paste to the delivery opening from a paste reservoir via a transport channel and regulating paste supply to the delivery opening with a rotatably mounted control axle which enables the paste supply to the delivery opening in a first switching position and, in a second switching position, blocks the transport channel and disconnects a section of the transport channel extending as far as the delivery opening from the paste supply, wherein the rotatably mounted control axle comprises a passage via which the paste reservoir is in communicating connection with the delivery opening in the first switching position and the disconnected section of the transport channel is in communicating connection with the reduced pressure source in the second switching position.. .
Cognitive hub for self-healing and self-forming network with hybrid communication technologies
The present invention relates to the development of a device, cognitive communication hub (cch) that combines multiple and hybrid physical layers to collaborate and establish a unified network. The heterogeneous network so formed supports a whole range of bandwidth and spectrum while providing quality of service and class of service.
Power conversion device and power conversion method
A power conversion device generates drive command signals for switch elements of multiple phases, the drive command signals designed to control connecting and disconnecting operations of the multiple phase switch elements in such a way that a direction of a current change attributed to a connecting or disconnecting operation of one switch element and a direction of a current change attributed to a connecting or disconnecting operation of another switch element are opposite to each other. Furthermore, the power conversion device corrects output timings of the drive command signals to be outputted to the switch elements so as to synchronize connecting and disconnecting timings of the switch elements with each other..
Method and apparatus for operating an electricity meter
A method and apparatus that monitors and controls the operation of an electricity meter, and modifies at least one temperature threshold for determining when an alarm message should be transmitted or an electrical connection in the meter should be disconnected. The method and apparatus includes a plurality of sensors that detect temperatures in various locations within the electricity meter.
Overload protection for shape memory alloy actuators
An overloading protection system adapted for use with a shape memory alloy actuator, includes at least one shape memory alloy switching element congruently activated with the actuator, and further includes a releasable connector configured to automatically disconnect the actuator from its activation source and/or release a latch, so as to effect a secondary work output path for the actuator, when an overloading condition occurs.. .
Test systems with a probe apparatus and index mechanism
A probe apparatus has probe wires with a contact pattern on one side. The contact pattern is for contacting a respective contact pattern on another test equipment or component, such as a circuit board.
Control apparatus for ac motor
A control apparatus includes an inverter for driving a three-phase ac motor when connected to a dc power source, a smoothing capacitor interposed between the dc power source and an input side of the inverter and connected in parallel to the dc power source, a current sensor for detecting a current of one phase of the motor, and a controller for controlling the motor through the inverter. The controller performs a discharge process to discharge the capacitor, when the dc power source is disconnected from the capacitor.
Power control device
It is presented a power control device. The device comprises a power input; a power output; a switch arranged between the power input and the power output to thereby control power supply on the power output; a controller connected to the switch, the controller having a signal input; and a timer arranged to run when power is supplied on the power output.
Earth fault detection device, earth fault detection method, solar power generation system, and earth fault detection program
In a ground fault detection device, two photovoltaic strings are disconnected from a photovoltaic power generation system, a measurement of a first voltage value is performed for the one photovoltaic string by a first measurement unit, and in parallel therewith, a measurement of a second voltage value is performed for the other photovoltaic string by the second measurement unit by executing various functions of a calculation control unit. Thus, a capacitance relative to a ground of a measurement target is reduced.
Generating auxiliary power for a wind turbine
A method and a system for generating auxiliary power for an islanded wind turbine are described, wherein the wind turbine may comprise a generator configured to provide power to a main grid. The method comprises: detecting an island mode of operation wherein said wind turbine is electrically disconnected from said main grid; in response to said disconnection, adjusting the rotational speed of said wind turbine to a value within a range of low rotational speeds; converting said generator output to a value suitable for charging said auxiliary power distribution system; and, connecting the output of said converter to said auxiliary power distribution system..
Fuel line connector assembly
A fuel line connector assembly that includes a connector, collar, and insert. The connector has a first interconnector, and the collar has a second interconnector and is constructed for attachment to a conduit of a fuel line assembly.
Solenoid valve
A coil (96) attracting an armature (80) is housed in a main body part (70). A valve part (82) adapted to rest on and move off a valve seat (74) is formed integral with the armature (80).
Mobile device and method for supply of ozonated liquid
A device and method for supplying ozonated liquid is disclosed. Liquid in a reservoir is pumped from the reservoir to a separate ozone generator and is thereby ozonated.
Power transfer unit disconnect
A power transfer unit in a front-wheel-drive based all-wheel-drive vehicle is operatively coupled to a transmission to continuously transfer rotational movement through a link shaft to a front wheel when the vehicle is in motion. The power transfer unit also selectively transfers rotational movement from the transmission to a rear driveline system.
System and method for scan chain re-ordering
A system for re-ordering a scan chain of an electronic circuit design using an electronic design automation (eda) tool includes a processor and a memory in communication with the processor. The scan chain includes a plurality of scan cells.
Methods for migrating data in a server that remains substantially available for use during such migration
Methods and software are provided for “hot migration” of data an original storage unit for a target system to destination storage unit. In one embodiment, a virtual storage device is provided, having a control block mapped to both the original storage unit, as well as to the destination storage unit.

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